Newspaper of True American, April 16, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated April 16, 1839 Page 3
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HITE LI.AD a d.-eUoon Company white leal •vq eelnd oil ktp now slIdding Irlo.m cails slio and ] ublican, i500 kegs Union 'ampony white lead itesW ]mNis n n Mole.411 kgs Lewis' 1 hilodelphia wilite Iid, lJOtgallons Linseed oil of superior quality, in tilerema filiIrfls, for sale b ., JARVIS & ANDREWS, "8 corner.Commoun & T'ehnpitoulan at BUREAU. DE L\ COMPIAGNIi D'INSU. S .TRANCE DES POMPIERS. De lI Nouvelle Orldons, T : reniideut et Dircoteurn de dnete Institution, - gntdeclard6 ee jour, un dividends do dix sa" e i-i apital ddjh sn,urcrit. Payable aun. Soua. netlp nU on lear Iteprsolittns,, alr on aprea I. h rhlilt ant. Avril 1, 1839. l: _ E~, L. "itACY, Sedr6taire,. Wi HISilKEY-igilbb landing 8am fr cmsteomer mV anImn, for sole-by . ti. I)118EY,. 1"14 41. New Levee . 1V BAliS-40 slesoe in sm for sale by. it' 2i • G IIO0SEVY, 41 New Lovesie ,RN4TITIURE! FURNITURE!! " VT rIetlived at the Louisiana Furniture Ware ie, a. large supply fiomn New York and Boo 45', d nOM in the watl of furnitl.e would do n~ell toS- Mlnd set 'heir articles arom one of lien best and -a itUkii ks now in the ity. W It CABRNE N Particular attention paid to packing and ship i Ptilnidtuire, freepn ofexnes. d 2w 'TO COUNTRIY lIERCIIAN ,'S q0 )D asortllnsnt of sichool and mitds!lanenRs A12inbke. Alto s rppin of Blank Books, writihc -c Iletter Polar. Quiods, lk, &c constantly on and a-fr le Olls good ternn, by AILEX ' OWAIt, mar 19 49 Camp at TfHI L t ENCII & lIAR OF ENGL.AND--By the 1I s lthlor of Ralnom recllctdEion of the Lords nod commonr, and the irent Ale ltpolie, il 2 vols. Neal Malloe lld other tales of Ireland by W it VtTyelOt , outlhor of trains and storie of lthe Irish pea nr vole. Jult received nlld for sale b ,N2. A TOWAIR, 49 Camp at i'l'ls-:,0 Il;l kotflxe redovi 5r ro 1100 atllon per snhip Cou Iian11u m :,10 dr erate by i. e 2. , i IIAL.I.&R IROWN, 96 Magine st C A lL.S- 51 boes sperm candies, just reoei, ed iipOrleanr, llr iale lby ml hiIAI I. 1& IEIIWN. 96 Mlegaine at -JEIBTEIL'o spelling Ioks, copy books and r Notes and for alo-by - " - inT 1 and FELT & Co, 21 Chartres at I,, Ol--O -easoke winter Rnd s llt r u ejenerd 1 l.t'm OIFl, fur sn e'by. 1 BRI(LDE r. Co." h ale, *li . 134 Magazine at A AITP ROI' -'210coil, o aierlone ly, fir Sink by ISAAC ItIII)GE & Co, 9| 134 Mogazine it SA ON-S cooks hams an0i sides, fIr sale by Jimi $li I I0IIIItIUE, li Magazilo it 'J'ACON SIIDES-I.50 ,asko Cincinnati cured in Mere, for sale by i D NORSEY, april * 44 New Levee U A-=i0l.hals Nortleru, slldlllgtram ohip Uas -Ltono, for eale by SHALI & BIU)WN, 96i . lugazine street 1 ol7, D .-O igalo I in altm uoaI or ao e 2 911 Magazine R A - Il bale No 1, Russia, landing bom - t hlp Ga Ion, and fr sale yWN ne ajNl 2 811 11.I. & BI1OWN, 9R Mae,.zine et CUII'Y RANK. N New (crlelan, I5 Altreh Ilx9 ¶ (tr Ills Bank wil purachklo menhn" e al Etlland i. i_ ,It I PAI'FI.-Y., (n-hi.l . 'l'Y ISA K. New Orleans. 1S blMch 11139. by II15 Inatits ant wih I pn::hae bills of exchange 'an16 ItJ I'ALFEY, Cahbier - *r ..W CANt).ES-liltt tnane ' d tallow - u ondies, f.ritla n by I I111I) .E & .Co ar mar 21 134 Meagazine at l -J Iu- fiol ,is Pll.aur, an ator.tmret - S tl'Jar, Vuials, and Wi,dw (ills, at wholesalce r tid retisl, at It lONNAIEL, tear 2I Ce of Natlclhe nd Tchapnittula ans - BlAR I3O 0 Molsanes tarrele in sre and or S 3r 91CCnmmon at by A b.2I-' in l tre, n fIu t rl y 2 -ril2 A tltt.llAit 'ttt:IIt,..31 6arvtr t lOAi-ltosttn No I,---lI it st ore, for sale s ' lay AItAttAM "I'tl.t, 1 ap1ril __ 14 Otanier It ttblworktanllthip, nttI al a trnil to this nlrket, ha In sele by AIIRAII+t M TRIIt.Etl1 attrll 31 tarvater sl ' .Pl--Ibtn c,,ila lur euls fV P auril2 A TItl1:ER:,4 (rvier___ T'IlU 'b t.LLtERtt' t OWN 1xK- I J Comtly (iran wtir-L.eie'srnl collkeb y Slaoh,'( t key I. rtn alpntr I IaiglinI n l ' l.tllr l IIland hi ll b nd libell', a ithnlent:- . il ,ai the nerves (Fi ICE O IF TlE iitMAr IeiN' INS. k I Hol t Ii (Lltiten. I A smewtinl ad f," %p,, I,,ft ,' t l,,h'. wlrks i~t=it tr- N ,nd·vtl Slid oieln t forIll" th l e Ban, goiodl ti e lllt* bv mlklt, A 'l'rlowa, 49"C(aint at an the ir ti'ntant, the Allitwing ,ngene n weree duly elected rm, ,ors i l this in, illi ;n: (iGere Ildllbord, it IlI ltranel, Anlbouy P'rker, I. Spnnncllhn g. JaImns F Ilic' t e, j I Knelila, S tiillit;tg it . A W Iniill', H lt Ilennert CFlt c I y, I J tN llalwt.lrn I S Deaweitc , iaolmllll n tel t. Antles a seling f the. I)ianrelrs held on tihe Eve tig of tibe 2.I1 lltlntl, (onlre BIelllurd was elected President. D e Wuudrnfll lllnltalallr tf Mlutnae. Inatnea ltekonk Inigcntr ,f VFessels, Boutn, &c.and jl SI. Trcay, Secreary. rnlin 4t 'A t "liiE -i)T IA t'MPtp ,;luIIt D'lNSUIttANCE I DES POtII'IERS, Ir Ila Ntouvelle Orleans. A 1l.amla e desIn Sonerilaaur de entre Instilu 1 ti toters Ie premlier courant, les eouanomntb J ntalent elas Dhectelre ds celtt Cllpagnie : Georgtn tedfalr, R H Brulet, Alnthony Parker. I. Inlegeaberg, £ F Bisee J Knet)e, S Gillinghlm, sto A W lienoes, I, C IF Hat-, I N Ilawetlrn ) S l)ntweeae, S Stewart. A L'Asmna blble des Directeurs tele ne soir du e leorge Redford Manit nommbi PrFsident D l Woodruff; Inspecteur des matsons J .loekton, lapeclatir des vailreaux, ate. Avril., 1289 E L. TRACY, 4 Secrbtllire Cill, IAR andl l'(tK--I50 hhdd Cinelennti cured Sidee and Sliouldern 2000 keges frst aunliv I.lrd 100brle Mesa Pork, enr tile Iy apI 5 I'I'E'PSON & AVERIY, I Utlrnvier st U AVANA SUGAI--37 loxes Havann whiteeugarl a 40 d do brown do In ling,r for tale by ein Sh& JP WHITNEY, 7ICanmpst SPLENDID LONDON BOOKS. With Superb Steel Egrtramiegs. IELTON'S Parndise Lost, illustrated by John Views of tie Himnaly loulnlnlaS, in India. ttelatt illustrated 'opography of London. liahiare elasni lihbranry, in 53 vol.. Iletnane of lturet--Fhbran' Gelts la boknelt Itoynlty--le dtners de Byron Andrew's nlernis flower ianinlineg. SIlyro tiallery--'lt I'adent by MiShltridn, elopetRlia af popular stngn l'e kof Tkradca or e'cle at lseful arts. And. variety of;(plendld anltuals, albums and works t art ad literature. EI JtOHINS 4 C,, .t9 - er St Chsrles and Comlmonn st trHIlSKEY--.I barrels whinikey, landing from asteamer Fusilier, fr sale Iby mseW STl'Tl'SON & AVERY,88 Gravier at I-'NSED Oll.--3 ns ....ceivg fram New York - U perdp Misissippi and for sale by a. __ SALI.a BROWN,9i Magasine st EWNE5ET. AUtO- 7bhd-of ile quaI Sy, landing froem t Homefr sale by at AIIAM TlEs, 34 Grouver s 1P.C0 IBANDY--10arrels old peach brandy, r. EAD& BARSTOW,7 Iakplee a ICHOLAS NICKLEIlY--Nos. 7, 8 and 9: also *f the first six ss a one part: with a variety of war~ linirting booksljut recelved; for roale by l7? A TOWAR, 49 Cap pr lM ,LI.ANo' i.iTHUtIltAb'IIIU btitlvTlal. lIE. . FLEE. 5:1 Magazine street, opposits uBaoks' Ar WOEE.NE tobakes Ipleosre in announcing to his e dnod the citizers of New Orleaosb that he has at Ilrlgtabblt Lithlgrophl on a pIrt ith copper plate iuqit.s frohm t Ihtifities the art bho over copper p.l gtavi, hecans e xecute all onler entrusted to s. t one half the eaeus of engrlvilng sad nearly au tiea.e a0.t0ye printingS. oambuhantls wuliigimularse sentout is mhir owe nsd *f.tirl,eilao o Ive any quasntioty a. few onurs oolltei r tirsy will lbeesecuted fuir them in a Ieautiil St.orIcltsa has heroaofore given general satisfaction * tiol the mnst respectable eon nisslon housors in this etnw. (eutlemen dslrqous l' having Visiting or Itusil UNN Crih Gllilhsd iai lhe botest lansr, ill duo well bo llin'at e lie olice laud oie rpecrime..' " NI J Flank soles nutlyr execuled, atla cirousear, pritiSd at one hour's netic.i. 1L(LIjJS'TR'ATEI) eliloti of J oamssa hbePnsnior, 16 Ssl easllil..Enerovinh, " MelhIaos of.CI.,rlnes Matlewe, omMnedia0, by Mrs. Mathdwe, in 2 volt. just Ireeiveed d for ls by . ninri _ " _ ALIT 'roWARV' IUNNY BAGS-1L00 Ialesa 20 bpsoltql'guy-bags, .i W iu site lnd fit -a r hv ffll J .Tlf.iYER&'co;, LPoydrs'lueet C DEPOT' OF CELEBRATED W.V ES. ONSTAN'I.LY no hind and se. so onpplied with the moal nelehtrated Y'inea,- *aniatted puren nported, Cordials, London HNBr; Sec. • RI'NIMH.WJNES. , Oldos Leinten and Siein Wine; Steoiolr rger Our I.noy's Milk; Jolanonirlergerk RKodeeimer" . *Sparkliog hck; HDon Htoak, of 1.5 Horkhelonir, 187i; Marobrokeoner, iraefenbergerO | Nterenarleinel Rlyn wine le or Chlateau Margaux and Clhnttean Labitte; I.arose Leovilte; Palmer Margaux Superior 91 Julien and St Emilm . . St EslciIh ad St Juiio l excelleln table claret A few hlflhoglhenads of StJulion Medn o , WIIITE WINES. Hermitage, Sauterne, Baraco and Graves |l DESERT VWINES. Genuilne Lunel d Fronoignuc Musaatu CHAMPAIGNE WINIES. White and Red, Sillrv iand onil de Perdrix BURGUNDY WINFES. Romanee, Chamberlin, Clla do Vougeot Nouis, Sparkling Burgundy mar 18 E GG-- bble landing from steanboat St Louir, for oslo by ABRAHAM TRIER, mar 8 34' roviler I - - THE Sulscrntlers ofter at wUlmlsute It the following goods. HATS--100 cases moleskF silks, as sorted sizee and brims. l1110 do best No I do do 1l0 do do No2 do do 100 canes beer No 3, nasorted Cizex antd brims. - 20 'do Hoaver, a ooporior article; 51l do File Nutria; 5f11 do Extra do 200 do Black andl Wli:e Russa; 50 do Eatra Black Itteoeoa 100 do Mukrat& Cuaey r broad and narrow P' brmls, for Larree lod ountry trlde; " dab All ranks ofmilitary & navel Chk lane; " de Childrena silk and Russia hlalolla Rnice. Caps-Far, Ofter, fur Seal, Natra, AMnsorat, r lnd hiar S&t, intro deore cases. Senlitte. Clot . Coran--Pickwick, Polish Avril's blu shape, solt top, F.rel Intforag,, Military elonoress, do Lnather folenaginc. hildmon' Panoy'l l, Iolo , Plaid and Vlve. Caps, FPeroh paooorns. Stocka-Salio, Silk and Bombazine, ol dthe neatent stvles. Ijmbrel-aa.-ilk and cottom. Military Plun.oe, oiled ,ilk. Silk Handkoorehiel-Poogee and SpinalOfiells. Bandloese for hatters, wood caoes, doaule for dry goodes. The alove oalonpn a largo saock, ad a ll af tile aIntest attUaln, nd will be nold at a small ad- - vance, with cost and charges on Now York plrices. 'IThe aelttribers will take ordera for outheran, western and Ternas anrkts, for ale lomlae ofA II iGosp & Co., Hat Msanufactrers, New York, and at tle shlortost losnible notice. (German and French Plushesla ought. (tlilSIl' & CO., Naval, Military, and Faohionablol Ilaers, - Exchange Ilotel, noll4 So Cl.hnrloe . I'ARCI - 1001 belt' lonxe, laoding fromoh.,.n -io. ot - lemagne, and far aBml by mar Yc IIAI.I, & DROWN,96F Ma.r.inetP T OAF SUIAR--various ololali io, .ooltalltlv ill s otrto nod fIr ableby SHIIALL IIIt W)\VNE, nmr 29 Sri MMugnxiee at A'T'CIIES-A large insxoie i na received and for L P olo by SIhALI. & ijlt,' l\N, slur `.O '96 .lagazie at S CUIMER CL.OTHING( 9 cases, compriaing a ciom, phlte oasoltment, landing frot alsip lColuolliana loeroo b yy I BRII)I.E & Co mar 2t 131 .iazn.i st IIICHAR5I)N'S New English lictiooary. oomo pI tiul in fuar pnrto, for sale at nIetolll:rio ti price ntoar 23 or tof .'nmp and Commnon N l IMtE JtillE-5 rlrts adl 30I dlrijollnms of thi Ilirlio IA II, pll-llone a I c ntalllcell ld, hoave, ho'tn lately illn p rit li l t ubscrier, wi to will di , N f it u 0. Itodotioiogo.orars. it IIoONNAltIt., nour 13l cur Natchez andl TilolllloiotUllS Ms UXCHANGE ON OSI'TON-fr.- rle by Li otor2 I II(tIItit], tAt 1 itgoine nO PERM CANDLES-58 inoea 2d quaolity ospero SaCaoolloe, landillg from ship COioaloornII for ale yar b I IlRIDtiE S Clo, 2mar 1314 Mnanzine at I 3Al'lE:i' NOVEL.TIES-Mon moiro ofCharles MaIt L IhewIa, te comedien, by lo oa .1lltlto'ew, itn ' vols. 'IlTe loook to the F'stiuets, by J'oeo, till shpledid I.ondoon altgrotivlltr. NPII Mlo o niiii othelr tlats of I eland, lhv orleton. Iloech land olar, by tlhe l tdior uo recollections lo the boole ofcnuo'+, mn, -I. cool,. Cnllouaiuo Ktd, the Winnrd of Ihe ton. by professor In gr hanI. And other noveltivO , E:J IIlNS & Coo, co? ert , St lloo I to oiid Clo am os, coo 37 IN '--. coa.k lnrifi l htoomy, loanding frot Co E hna, fur hlloesaleinod retllil by nl~ IIONNA 11I.. Tooutio nlis tl I 1I11: JI'It E--In carks, lnllilu l 111n 7 Il ft NN ItMl., '1T'hlnuoo nllt rt - At tI)N ll)lI:S--ilt( rakoi i erlloo rio r i(lor Ilill i 0 Ie II redl ito store auld fur sale by G. to ItlI'iY, mr tr,17 1 I ;erw l.rvrt , [ 11ltN r,,wn >mI- n..d i'P rier, ,f dir C, ih +put. 4 tl,,ll n t oot rllt t 0y tiiootr 7 ooAolo 15 & IItR'TOW, 7 iik iioitha SNI 0111.17 ( I.:ANS AND N i\tll t. It ll.. I11),1D Cotill'INY. N V AilR INl I:\ INT. T oll"t: loomoo.,tiwc io l dray ilo , I IhIma 11 o o I ";. h l rr.el' v r l. t , IV rlt H A. 11. il.d r ,' turn tt l V I'. M. eaee,. 'uudar'a, w,\l;,+i she silt I I ,,i ii " Ilelilrn I li . A. ' tI. 1 1. i ] A Car f,r pfxivalc Imrli.'., Irncid ,I i.1 I l ilo i he, | ittsu . ·lllr, -i . : sm ... d Iu ........l .. .. i 1e ]1|% +' |4jl.I,,.""+_ 18 . .... .. JAS II C.\\VEI:.I., I'reaidrl .... ' ,I.l'":' PATENT FilRE AIMS-Just recived -jper hit Misiaipl,si, ,from en' w It,rk, n Itl1 "t ........... L p..... I l ee ...... belt, I'itlll.. ,. i'or i' att lr 28 (;it)ISSlI' & o. St Cl harls Ilutel D) RUGS-Jut landtng mn Ftexl ic, a i iutply of L tlttiullls, , bitter and sweea lillu rite root, lllme juiee, onencr ol'lrlrgntiot, eseuc'. I thlle Joll u Ic, b tp Fllt tUlclatury nrda.l lIltllalltls m , Ike, ald SllllllnhillBl,., tn brinlatlt, oral.nge l)wel ater &c, . tlr wholenale and 'ge retail in stare yl II BONNABI, , i 1n.t19 ear Natehez & l'clhonlitoults tt IN EW l.AW- ItlitK-Edenn' Chancery repirts S volunmesa in one, alsat an additinal supply eo CIt11y'ncritmina l law-Steplen's a n Ileading [trk enhornglh's reporta--Jus received and atr sale by m9J A 'I')WA R,49C a.r 11jg iCINrS-A full and ,are ,-pply ofi-1" ! itupotied by the subscriber tram Europe and' North, constantly on hand, and for sale to councdn t dealers and planters on tile Ilwest btrlnE. JAlVBIS & AND)RIEW,, Li m'29 cVr Co lmen & T.onapito ls at I3 ICE-90casksprimeCarolina rice, landing from C aehnerl BIlack Llawk urd Ir sale Ihy mn7 J''IlAY ER, & Co, V UNNY BAGS--25,1t) (Gany Blags 2 1.2 *and %3 bushel sizea, in bnale s nd tbundles fUr sale by maar' l I BnRrIt)IE & C, 131 i eaguilt a SL ENCiH rlaying C-crds-Jut a.netv.a m-nt New York, a full grace ol very supcrior double head Cartd, fin o sle by do.eb or .rTce by iDAVID FELT & ConN Y Stationers' Ihll, april 3 _24 _Ihrtrca st SITALIAN swirngSilk--tn atsmall ble rel Ilalinb, SSewing Sil, for sale by PETER. L.AILAWV, aplril I g n ic1nap at mLOltl-y l l I rla supterite; 510 1I fine, .l slaure sal Sfair sale by G I)ORSKE', m april 3 4 New Lraeve SUTTER-lO ketags superior Wendern Renerne iu. ter, for sale by G. LDORSEY, spril 3 44 New Levee Ci UN - -NY IIAGt--i.-ij-as in nire i.r sae b i apr 3 G I)ORSKEY, 41 New Lev ee SHIRTING--150 bales of Jackaon or llian I Hlead rShirtings, lor aleby oTIE'SON & AVERY, april 3 88 Grsvier st ta O nd EHInavana COFFEE-3-tI bags Rio Cofalee, 1 of primne quality. Alsa, tl 6 bags Havana do nlr tale on favuorble terns in Ila to aitit buyers. Apply lto SIT l'sON & AVEAI, i aspril3d 88t iravier st oW r.nKEV-- 2 m bbls, landing from steam boat Malnninn,far sale by A r 14 A TRIEIl,31 Grravier at OM iUL CANII)I.ES-175 tboxes atsorted sizes re coived irem Beatn per allip Coinbianu a mld or sale by SIIALL& BROWN, m.:5 96 Magazine st e at HITE BEANS--7 bris landiag front atealua n Vaarli, fotar ale by AIRAIIAM TRIEIR, p m pell 34 Grvier sl WISDOM AND GENIUS OFP IIAKSPEARE, r OMPRISING Moral Philosophy, I)elinetilosa f 1f .J Character. Paintilgs ofNaluret n al tha Pasiens- teven iundrad Apholnrisms and lls.e.launtaa piet.e., It wilth slts, &c. The whole making a 'l'otl Botk for th iluaoe P hil er, Mloralist, Statesnlnll Poon and tile Ito Painter. of i'lie Spiritof tile En.t, llusarated it a Jurnmal ol Travelst thtounh I(lnmeli,duringtin eveltful period by t ) Url9uhart, b q. Jistt received thd for enltI by , april I A.EX. OWV.\R, 49 (:amp at hr- / II1 M IE-RA-ttl1 1il ciii ellickbultn'i Maditirn, h o Jb sal. by LEVI Ii (;ALE, h aprl I 93 CtillnIll at a AVANA mSUtARS--27 ltana while and 41 do nc browI saogar, landing fromtn sc nller Wruinik, n nfr sale by S &J P WII'TNEY, tr 73 ICamp at SOFieEE.5t" bags Manilla and Rio er; e, for sale bw C by SHALL & BROWN, n a*9 96 Magazine at ion VALUABLE ENGLISH WORKS. this NEWTON'S Frineipia, ii two volumes usi- 1 Wrighta Coniuleetury oni New toln's Princilpia, in Vital's Practical and Scientitl Treatie ca Calcsrioua Mortars soda Cemetls, In vl. ae, tmilh'n Panmrani of Scienc and Art; eanbracig the printeipal aieocea end artn c ahe methods at nor. . ag its w a. d n esln ; and a ltin'elltseouta leae *l| tian of uaseful and interectlng ipricesae smud exlari " aI" t a"ROiacil2 vtls, with illnlatritive engraving. l . Huttotann..llhthemats ical Tabesn; manta,•l g the rena taci, bhemrlltc, and togestic I.ogaiithmis. Ala 't Siaes, Tm4tat- Secats and tVersad.- SimnIblotl an,!metaeii mic, and tltentoetlfta denarip. ,ag, itib..nsd u nifthe tahblea. Simpeoias' IbDtrine iud ApIlitation of Fltnxitie, it'S atl c ' glt, Fufanle by W Al MkIEAN, april I t cbt C pll al tuciuatituat - :bHIPPING. Forw Europe. _ S OR LIVI.I.POOL. The ship ItOIKFIT IIIUCI, Ci pt lanrk. In.·et wicclel. For leucnce o fieight t neNaagit withI d cch. e hr parage apply to ml6 L H G.\LE, 93 Conuncn s: FOR MAItEII.LIES. S The well known and very fast sailing ship ELEANOII, UCapt Pemlberton, having the greeter part of her enrgo eneaged, will fr iecet with dipatch. For hblance of frceight ur pssauge apply on boardc, or to L GAL, f. mar 19 93 Colnm,,nt ci . The A I nd fital soiling ship NES'I'OR, Capt Moses, will receive imnlediateIdelpatcl. P For h.i., ce oa f fi leiglc or lasage,.t pply III apricl2 I, Iý cALI 91 grcicmineeil ci LORlt IIAVIKE. r The A I and fol sailing ship ALI.[ANCE, ailCuptain I rley, wi receive imemediate dcs aJIltch. Forfreigliht of 2110 bales of cotton, of piasse, aplply ti L A (GALL, i* P- a oge oinly. The ship CRES'CENI, Captain Bulls, will haye illnmdiate desmptch. For passage, hlaving gocd acconlt maliens, clcpl c.oI apl 3 I. IH GAI.E, i3 oliac c _lcccc F. il LIVKI(l'icilL. A The A I new sailic p CII4 ellA RI ;S, ('opl. Ccln, will meetC with imtlcielicc dec patchl. Fur Iretight of 111 hboles cicitcn, or passate, apply to L H (AI E, april 93 Colnciin st FOR IIAVRE. The A I and foat soiling ship CilRIO I i ANUS, Captain Tener,e will haveinm, dinitrlepiiutlirh, hving Il,+ greater pirt cl' her i cargcelnl gllle . l , f urfreightl I 10 l tlc l s cc Iticn ,cor clcas sog , ipply to L, II a ALI at , ap md I 9 io1n'tii L ln 3 i stAn IFORI I.lIRMIIAVUR. h l'ien p bri V lNN, Cclaptai Ici kin, s, cccci w ciciilcts " c'i cc l ilctton i fill ip. For Irecighi it apc 14 I. 11 GAIE, 93 Ccitiiwewcc r a ti all IVKIt I'i t.. S Thre epericr A I shili ZOTOFIn , Calplt. Medrrill, having thel greer part of her ecargo -ig.aeged, will have inlmeIelite iTlcpntch. For freight of 300 bales cotton, er isscgc, apply to 1 p'ril 4 I. II fGAil:, 9.1 Common at FuIL (iLAlyIOV. I Ps=age only. cdc The Al and very fas t sf iiug lh h lie I EfINIIUILIIll Capi ThMer lcel, will lave l despiatch. .eor passang oe ly. hviellg tllnadsulee aceommoaldtii.c+,aplly to L II GAIE, clprl 5 13 ('Oclciccr r FOR IIfAVRF. . c. he fine ehilt (IUAI)IUS, CaptScc.iLii, I having all I.r earegoe ngedl will mill in ten deays I'r nliasa.ce uilly, Capply on Sbo cd olposite postl 7, 3d tllllciiPlllilty or l i a9 '1' I'EON & AVEIiY, 11c GrClvier t i _._ The ie lincchclnlcr Sce I'T1.'.I'i: li':, (capl. hm'lea Ivinag the mst part of Iet eargo cr ecngaef ,i will n el wi llCaIh. F rli fceighti ilcc 1 ielag, aIp)cly It llt: C lllll l cicii bo rd, c o hilc tilcl''l ianlc llc r blrldilings or i) cA 0 I 'RISO &. A'EIRlY,Vll Gra vier c icc F it IIAVItE. Ic. Tie ileganit ship RI'EPULICAN,Captain J l c Blirunl, will iil on oirlbefor e fc irst cc proximol. Her iecimmodatiillcis Ior pac.l Sge ts are e ilia firlt order, tn I every utteotinm will le l to heir nf.rlc. Fcr freelglt or psage apply to Copra ci Wiluic, olppsith' tie Miut, oii II alp i;; Colccir et. Sl c cIi V cc cccI ccc ll+,lc Al: i- Th 1 n t IInt ,( i'n It u ll lI tr rn IAI.' IIII-N, (n l ia Ih ic lrlccccll. will lv iml - ciiite ls c. c liirthe i oive cirit, Ic bii g the 't greater pirt f her cllrcio engaigedl. Fle Ibalialce of ifreiglt Ir iasslCge, applcy to I. II GAILE, , 9:.~lCc,.onee sl very oll "73 Campt t Filt N lW-ttE.V -_RK_., htso FoNew Yok ,and New Orl.ans. Line, or h. r carg, o bore. For t freigiht of the re t ti ertior p.sngttttpy toi Captaia Smih, Ot ttosi tht Vttgetllle tlarket,tor to PETEt t.AIDLAt W iO apt tin Crmp street. 1 .}.,..++ T h e A l ip elo B T i NOl.l E A SKN A , tC apt S. awk, will o hae rlr1t 'th. iFor f toreie -or I l ljLJ, itor n. a Je, hi- tlliN t '-diilri h, ldi , FO R L . J VIi N . upll| 7:i /*llt'o It S FOR NE -W YORE. . ill f lho too+)1 0 l htor tIIaro PII ,II.P IIIl to lill in e 1,-" I_. _ lr, o + l basa l l JIII ; le nCIIC h. Flor freight o ar { nog ,apjI l 'oant d o pa'ttnle toO t!7 t 3 t ; N( 0 , It'Yt tf I'I IN. o't 1 ' T'1111 1 ),J'onoo Motalay th [3hist Apr i l r k e B k\\ I I 1 ICiE h:un m % - lOR NF;W lK YOR.K 'Ie A Y. T m, nud lfrv irs t sa i ling brii IS C I N, 'o imkr,ean Ik t l llo k o f l aa . Mlt g l rri rI, hanio t to he re atc r Iarbt o t her for N .l I l .r A I. C , tt attlll l r at lour _3 I * II ( CmAI.o. ot3 pro0or t FOOR NEW YORK. Ilop or ,nm ; oat Io tr it to o il 'oo r ot rs tly .lodty t the 1l1ha ianst. f rg t H-_ Tt i toe ietw, ler t ll, l very 'tept at liI o l-ll packtt ttir PANTIorT. AIh v T .T + r, u lhavio g two o ldttd .(I her o ,.o n .o gd [. co Sm lg u o buurd dl ~oil on 3hmoav Ihe It C :1Ith i's'ual. - - ur Ir tighl Uo r ok tilo t; o sto ro tltgllt-itot I1,.ta 111 od lllS, iipplvtu IbIIte catllla ol bII hoard two liers below tilt \eggtnhle £lsrket, or to ten Sp 0i A COIIEN, 9o1 Coolnmn st tt I..1=5l0 deospeth. -For fruig t of200 atnle o o, atoly to L o GAIFo e a ot i lo t r i t it ot ,2III tot o t h eU rior first clsr s ship CI.AUI IIIUS, I rie o , Capt _obl', of toe bnrden of' 2I K0 bales eat- I- it ot n1 is now reedy to receive cargo , t ltller for g.t o Lice5 tor Havre. ply toI Capt Sbie on bord ct Posl 7, d Ar uni ripel[), nr c.. t l e apl 3 the'l'l'lY N AVEIY, r .3 Gravir st SIIOLEALE DIRU;er.'I'S t cornNer Cam ton oollo 'l'chapilooos slreet- offer fr sale- '25 bhld nnnblbr 1 castor oil oIt casks stalurtus; :0 boxes Itnglisha mustard 10 imlls alcohol; 50 bill n w aln lllal d he 1 c Ass a lpo thecaries glass w ire |w 3o r blr sptts lurptiilllo; i1i bbls t onnPrs oril o .a1 20 casks ullre so tnow oil; S rte.tos I:ailcb Ileet oil ca ot batv oil kilrtol, which thy eatlhr hor slld oik l A f or r mo 131 lngarioe t ole i o N E P u b lic a re rA ls ec t lly in f ir meL th et t ih e ab o v e / a Ieoseeon e for s0 le at GISIP 0 d ) tCo. E ro h rtuongoe tel, tSt l Illtlr i o5 If th KSI ND&N-- - tP o 5io reonttio Alntirs' Dr o mill letter pot lletr, frio o 2541 do do tpierfine It l5l1 do blue eoolal eial post i t' S50 do hire. don t t o 150 do green post ct or- ic oa , ter li llei pat do t do S 150 o n do s updrione a t p , Ititing 'oto dto fhia ooo ,p do o to oo0t do fil 0 oo royail t dor I 20 du mediumn do) l or 1 bl ca anbo liopworldi.stso oo oh aed wto Henyloora Koa eokyncn; by iag aag plaesu ailihe New Volk concerts, . i [t ' oi do 0roMoroCr, - d - t4 corner St Charles & Common erap til -cses ann and Ginghtei Umd 02 . brAe Raco- prisingEi a qo pre assort'ntio, ladine ,frombrlg J Pahneirort ale by IprAAC BRIIHiE o . t fo lir't 134 &all nlcN 1 be H .lt o -" y From Clrreolltolh I FIaIUin OrlY an . Mlolt us , Iltr t 4 o'c elhk, A. M.;i , e 'llar l 5 o't .hck A. I uh i n o l Ottive 8 ,i '" ll olltl lllleltiVu 7 " L t . s .. .. M -. i It lam for the Trip. I.eaveCuai stetl jI Aes . M . rudllrn hondly. 'At ealf asit? o'clock this car will coll enr e rul igll every half from the helld ofJIsckon itreat. ti poydras street JOIIN HA PSON. ion" b o rt Chief I'. ll N. .O C. O R. tLe LONDON, PO r R, COPPER - 511 cnlke London porter, 7 donen ench 3 0 sheets, braziers copper ,03 1511 do, Rumba rope tFr sale by CHARLES I NitE.," m16 " w 591;racier e1 tun o lvý just roseveda per ship .. M.lielle. fns olye . hyv S 2l , -1ALL? & BROW N 9 6 M abazine et . FOR NEW YORK: New lJor \ h"err O)rlcos Line. A '.NEW LINE if packets has been establilihed to IP -L- run belween Neif Orleans and New York, to clielistol'friv firset le ships, viz: silip St. lrv, Ist W Fuster, master, "Repullican, J (1 luseell " . SAuburnl, P Durfey, S new building, Three ships wrle Ibult in New li oriexpresely fuor tils Ilrade;er of a liglt draeiglltl nftses.r,andl will nou be G subject toldeteulion lt the hle Their a,,conmmodations fr easseegers 'eco prise all lthat ily lie relluired fhr elofllrt and convenirence; anild their commianderi a re l meni of exp iiii/ncc. IU nil ele ship1sa nw huildihn, are eopleted, two first c!Asl rlbis will suppily te:eir l't gelte-ti eurtuaility will he Cohervled in the ticl oif seiling, aud every '.nreiasolbl aecclumiodtiion V exe tiled to sliipperri ililnteirellgr. .a sor furtleri Ilrtilllar appll to MsePre. Jolnon a J loilde, No. 86 Wall streer, New Yekor, or to ja PEI''l t I.A I )L.1W, 66 Camp as st e FOR NEW YORK. desl [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets.] star 'To sail regulatly as asdvertisedJ f'iot each Port. r.llllE line is at tllis moolllllt t: ined i)'f Ihe cllow- (1 I. i pz thhls, oIrI IIIIIla)' I00 'v vrs1I';* will pollntmaiinl oan erly day. mking 1ic ni bler twel..: in all, w hi.,I ii t' will allow eaf one being dilput.hiedlfromi lis port every i week aluriesr Ih yearn, Itis elli Illig facilities eXr flr tran lorlteiin and at tie lnwest rates feiglt, ine, Ship 1 l0e, Cautin oiTrebk. ales ,Misiscllpi, " Ierbs. ex lorlneivi.le, r Altic. .al Huntpro ille, Iel:lrioe t S Sh espuaeo lre, " lhi ryer 1'ie abae shiisr are ai llcor li'. fio't rlh-', cec.ecd inod coppr gn+ ,Iteed, of a lir lln h ."lut of 10110, mod teilh i'rll c ir y Ik retr, rs-ly rl r liac leaed ,withf e legalt itol'l bItlil onll lll.l icr f tl-F'inegerrce pie Cc illc i ccilldeili by cicle 'T'e irice .if Il.srge is fixed st $ill, witblot wine. . or liqiortI aml, tolles in every oib'e prell ular PrI will C be eprovided, silt every ttellctilln pgi/ei teI polleote hb Ce lifort altlitoe passilg t anti flro in the Ii e. Thle shilce will at all times tie towell up tl down tie river, andi the greatest punteltsipl oeiutfred as teo Ier dy if sailing u Neither tse owners r oandtnile f tllese vessels sill be rt!spnsible tior jewelry, Iellioms, uleaiond stones, sil. vre or plated wire, nbreakage Ic I gnsr, hbllow ware, tisrhle, or glanite, coolerage or n rill, rust orf ill or KI stdeel, ofurrneey lettersc, illec cII. Iek.erl ea et iby r Ce puit on blllhrd o;f thanl, unlehss regalal-r hills ao lading are f", tukeur fr tile rolle , allte thlc rle ItherIfexpres.ed. Fr freight or h lthge, aiig y te, - mar2| JAiMES IUl l.IN, 74 CemIp st FOR NEW YORK. HOLMElS' 1.1N1 OF IPACKETrS. ee rnO sail punelnally eoerv llday frol eol:ll pert. I 'hl Li ,lle of Palcketsl ave Iloell il ert.eed no on en e .lt class )hil, ,oWllsiTillg of hip Nsv.illTe, C1ta1i) WYondi. Adrkaslrs , e api , Ceptle I lic nleis, ,ltahac,en. Ceiipns C C Ilerry, orleans, C1il eilS SPrur, Viekeburg, C e slln J n ronker, leabc, Coatarin AshlHy. A'auseille, Ca tihn o. end. A l.oisa. Canptin Thrulac,. feJeuuc, Criltuil loons. SI Omecn/cee Coenliin I.enailt. .e Shlbp ---- (.nllcain \VWIoclhusee. ANiw kccip -- Celleill Nicolts. Tile ihole Lills i r Id l of the tfirls k/lcure nickppered, ad eI,.p mr faismined, nd were .Luilt in New 1'rk el l/ie.h i c IhrIeht circte-ihey l i roe t ,irac e hit acerf Wec e, mid lnoft invrtriabl cess iet beieAll without delei 'llere peckets lrs rieleniallc d by Captains well ex- c per eeicsd iiohe trlel.itdels will always exerrt themseles CI to anelemmodalteo . IThe will alirys ltowed stlreld Id down the river, anld will ptelnlply sail as adverisedl. They haIe ialndreolely funihed iconeonnlnd tions, and e stores of ihe first uality will always be furni.hed, lld 01 - every ateltion paidue the comfort and salisfetion orf pasorngere The price of the cabin is fixed at tUIl, wielboet wine or liquor. ieFor furt/ier plariieulars uale ito At COIiE, , m1r`."J 90 CtIlllnlup n street [lY"I'lel ships arei not rceOlletalle ficr Irelkilge of glass, holilw ware,, ea ble or graeite, c'oiperaee. 'if tirc or ruet if ion alr seeel: nour respeonsibi fir ahy pcknage cor parcel put ol hoard, lulesan ireg nlar ill oflading be o/gesiltbned lrelflr, rill ill offitr, oflhe rgenes. For the Interior. FOR a IAYOU SIARA liegel.r Paisel. li sli ' i.ell" r n 'delll sesenllg rr stalllell o Fltll"tl"-l- ' ll l +' k A. '| ta \e Orle ai (I-I (ItI- ll stay sua11 t'" t or c'hlt ur 1111 II ge tpply to CJpi . He a t,"I?5 j..J1,%1 & WIIITAI I, ht "tl Th w, mnnch nnd slpndi4l .. .. e.i , 1,,. 1 wl hc iorece e I ii lv ucd ille iro hdinIn !o" d ur<Jn, -l 11e-day h 141 latnit 0i l i '-hlck, i. 11. F llIe hicl Jl nc/pl lld board ::r 1, 'illll' lAs1 11:1S B (lb. , - ! o ll i ieec I i- i lcct Icr ,e ,,c rid t 1 .1.\ 11.1. 111li ,.\ , I I. lbllilll'. ' r I' .ekic lt i e, .l i /or cl ' u cil ,' rte d hair i ,l i c clh ce cd,' r /hi cccl-kt'rs, ieof 0 ,' I cc Is , ccc shiele nic c i/isioe, o a I eroon,,m bo',,it', varih,. tma ccuplete black, wsle ; ! aeieiesiniig tilhcr lf'i Iclds ir Ir ilccc, jlluct rc/,ell rlit lte. Baztlr, cor er c `l. ('r 'lh s le {ieillllln streets. l- BU:IHl & Al.l.AN, fel Exclllilge totel _ ric.e Ihat lie Inay Ibe eonllslilted lnltiuu lly ill Ne'w.. lllls, durill the Iinteti o eullh f .rr, tiMillcI Undi iApril. liis ilr.eueihil in ihe Iracliccc I)l- l.Iin, oslne tag c| b nierlll ll kill IIiand ex ,lilll'e b ttl in tile ti.Li c l lr i ecnd Iied ecihllll/iic cllclll-lleli'i, i cs tllleIIIi sseel r ill hlii . fel" OUffice. 59 c('anal IIreel. N j 1(jl3l1Ol..iS NIt'Kl.hlli--Neic7,c ;cii lSOhe very interestilng ollks jllst riec ved and for sale e ly mle A rOWAR,.49 Cnmp st CARD '10'I'llE LADIES. SW ILLIAM ItI1:t., No. I0 Chartres street, eonlin lies t, I ucihase old1 blr.el JCuelrv, old gold or silver in lnv librl wihatever, and pay thie higlhest t prie in Orhemes. I-ldies wero miv lsver Iid fl.shloned gold jewelr, viz: er ornellltees, rlllic, eecll rid, llbuckles, lioler IS, rings, oir ill luact ally icnhies of Ihe /lle, wllh/I is I. t1g li- lle and of no ue to thrlll, ccnii eXIIchlgng tihe 0ulci to forgood aelsllcluh e,iv lilli'r ills ibeve. e goodNB--bVItcbhe Jeelh''v Iad leItaielee repaired in Ibe best liOtnecr--chergescoiiderate. eat J0dI, 18tcD9 IAZAR . Corner of SS . Charles 5. Common street, Ex.'t AN EA linT EL. B USI & ALLAN woUlI respectfllly call the at tentioll of cilizees atT slranger to tieir tono plete asenrtmellt 1 (i;entlenle's linen rhirts, di ,:o.bric, witi Ilnn Irollts. Itlshionabl linen frant s: hltrn CI 'ars: silk, rlottn ,nod marinl nhder Slirs and drawers: callric and silk I iudlkercliefl: black all flancy eta vaot in .rlrt varielly: olraka o)reverl drrl'.rilptinlo r lgun ellstie rill cottoll j r lllecnder: silk, crtier tild thread gloves: enlls tokin gloves: umInnilll altd ernes gold imonoted. Also,-Splendid ssortment of lahdrs and gents wri- W tig desks, dressing cases, port olios, perfunmery, cut- io lery, and rich fancy goods. novl 1 TO TUE LADIES. DR HULL'S UTERO ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER F llIS now iustruoent for the radlcal cure of Pro. I a1sus Uteri, or Fullnrg of thlr Womb, by ex ternal application, supersedinlg the ue of tle ub. I jeclionable preseary, is confidelltly recommended rd to lie afflicted as the means of a perfect restor .tlon to health, it never having failed of perfirming a - core, cven under the rIost aggravated circurnstan. ces. It has received the decided approbation of e Sir Astloy Cooper of London ; Sir Benjamin C Brode ; Sir James Clark, Physician to the Qucen; Dr Ashwell. Lretnror on midwifery to Guy's Iloe. ao pital ; Dr Rigby, lecturer to St Bartholomews; Dr dr Griffith, lecturer to Woetmin-ter Hospital; Dr I lRtamsbolham, lecturer to I.ondon hospital ; Robert' Ferguson,lecturer to Westminster hospit. al ; Dr Sweatman, lecturer to Middlesex hospital, "' nd senior acroucheu r to Queen Clharlotte's lying. . in-hospital; also by Hionry Davies, Conquest; l- Blundell, L:e, Merriman, surgeon Keates, &c. by i Dr Morreau, president of the Agademie Roayale de Medicine, Paris, and Accouoher to the Duchess D'Orleans; professora Velposu, Marjolin, Paul Si Dubois, Ba son and others--and in New York by 19 professor J W Francis, G S Bedford, M .D profle. ' sor of midwifery in the university of the cify of D New York, pro's. Delflinld, and Francis, U John. U ston, president County Mad Socioey, Laurens lull l I resident mrd society State of N York, proels Ja P McNaughton of Albany, prAif March, Cyrus Per. Ir u, L) a le-Drs Thus Boyd, Grlberl Smith, Ioseack, Stearns, Ludlow, Kissat, VachIe, Power, Grayson, Van Runssralaer, and many other distin. 1 gurshld physicew as in tlhe U States.' A G Ilull, Office 4 Vessey at, Astor House ,N York. .JT A constant supply of the above instruments, with Dr Hull's improved 'russes for Hernia, will be kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, At A G Carpenter, Natchez; Steonl & Marsh, Wood. ir ville; Booth and Mallory, Memphis; W D Wilkin. II seon, Sonmerville; fl, Il and Washington, Nashville; as McNairay and Hi amiltot d,,; It i. fIss. Fllrorenc Ala; J C Spotswood, Athens; Irby and Mastin, ,i Hunlltsville; Do Bore and Roll, Mobilo. aplt 1 Ir, . . LAL. h WI fNTII CLO'.]itiNG. J P. FREEMAN & CO., Pn o, Magaines treel, Sare rrceir iMg their supplies of Fll anod Winter Clolthing, nd ill eoutlinun to receive ebipmerrte regu larly throtgloutt tire sensonr. Their aortmesut being large will easble lhre to supply uw mvite frol. the ountry. at ire slortest nollce; elro sale wholesale &retail, on neeormnootlitig terms. SI ESI'f IlTRUNKS- Juot received an sstrl mlenat f the above arltcle, Iihevetetatives agnins )dieses dr oter for holding ihoiers &c, btiiie extremely gr ngh adt hnrna te ltos, er a tiUSIP &. tro, a.6 Er hrnge hrtel b t St. lior, s 6t BUSINESS- CARDS. N JOB PRINTING-. -" O. EVERY DESU.IPTION, I SPEEDILY,IfAND~S MEI.Y AND CJIEAPLY EXIC(:I.TED.i n AT TRE OFFICN OP THE [r True .Jiserican, C S'1'. CHARILES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. or n,23" - CIAMPIIN & COOPER, I GROCEIS ANI) ')EAIERS IN PiIOVISI(iN kip AND FEEI', No. 79 anld .' J li1. .ieei, New Orleans. []'Ship ad I amilyv ..tares p,,t up. nir 5 - .. . i t. i lA ANA FURNITURE WAREROOMS N.,. 53, lien vlie ntlr.e . IWI.IA,1 It. CARINE'a, aaultl reoarecffly in- x V Y ,rl 't I ts Aihteait d tihe jiIriltlh1i h I i hol slantiv receiving fromn New YoroH aHd lI)lenii a goad - assori tent of Furniture, s: II as IIaI Igiiy chirHs, ofu, I ed-tend :nalple and painted chairs, niple and - cherry bedsteaui, naulorenv anl cherry Inales f.all N description., nIureau,, .lilets, soeelehrv., trT;i a dhiks, wllrllr'es of mahgany a chllrry, waIs ihanis, Iiliokig glhshh.s, Fe ithers, iiddihg,i': & i. 5r ii. FI ir ihelu" packed fir irilii l. tiul withii l jih care., hot I3 a FRED WILEINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL Gr tUUISIANA, ,,h () FII L. is srvices to ii publllic i:. II depart l- • mets tIt .+irr evain aei Civil I":nghle rillg, othI his prifesi ldl. anil bY poi peHhAlll e h 1111 irhl ,iii h ineeull n of ine.hs elitrs.l edl to hilll. ll llles to me iat hhileceive a sh are of i uih l pi trihi ue e, h ih wi £' 1 - IhOle rcT t a nd heiah leri h in. th e c lli teh h aIii li;. m Ii xciaUvlhllioh . Odiice Nh 8 Clllrtrei :lrel,aehihiiiduOy i i hi. BZAAR. 1 rUSH L& ALLEN, i NO. i, LXIIANiGI IIt ITiL, t FT c ner f z t1. ('1. raes nm 1 mion 1rast. NEW OillANS. I i n'OI 'lERS and Deailler in French a, English ti Pierfiln rv" I )lh sillchg C =iei.I Iti PJIrtihleII li kis lutlerkv, All,,..y. Gloves Shirls, Stoks, Umbrellas, Chile,,illd Fanliy Arlticle. d5 I IeaCOLII/ I & D)OS% , I Factors & General Commission Mercihant, ilia II 11", (. Refiren5es, ill Ne Kirk,imn, IAbernathylh & IIMnna, ) Caldhrell A& it irk, oI'rpe, we're'i &Ch. C , ,lt--hot E, JOHlN ST 'E WART, . .NO. 5, PI.ll Slrree, .Acwe IarkN, COMMIISSl N MRII:ITCIIANT, I.i IMI'OReI'ER and c dealer tn lhtteri I'luihel urlI [II iliiimming. Aiimple Ihtoage hiy li hi hh. mhid- ti, erte Ier ihs, ahd iiry attuei Iill pid to d uI ds th rarTd. I 1,l to Illa ('.re. Mlessrs. l.arue & IProvost. N O. nov22 1:8.3-. ly I A CARD. CHRISTIE & SIOTT , D Wolerale Ghrocers and Comnmisslio Ierhaults, No. 7 oll,'Ill Street. e . P, Orlens. YPartic. lartit tenti, iiaid tio Ih citing hip of `eIu n bolat aUd Sllhip stare. iI BANK NOIIR I& EN( AVINI(. RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON J LI .AI,, girad ahilloce in NNew irleaus. l.hihtiicI f, the iur 'ue i llaft grahi i lg ull w lill g i ui k Nllli OS 11 Bi I s, BiL s of Excllhnge', Celtiticaes of elput ite, Chltks l d otl er ilnllor talllt f t lp er, rell t lrilg C e a nurltv aghinstl Forgerle; ah d lih ve ihlahde ihlellii Visinii i r th r the safe keepiig of all ilateh hInd illl)preishhi eutrust Sed to thleir care; tih eir speei i n e lllraeae lhe iees iof Sover five hundied imnkiiih ihtiiutiohei and all ildrs will be executed with i ,flnlhii . li d, ii a l til tetlsual crnci. Oflice, cornerhfRoyal h . Cl trel . SAMU1ElI.. "I'OIY. 1 Jlerchandise IBroker .I Cohmmissiii .hllerit ciN!a C td13 e t.- ,r th preet. SIIIPBROKflR & ('O.MMIh'ŽION eMERCHANT, No. 63, Po)dras Street, ' J. I. . FREEMAN & CO., llhlolIeale Cklothhlng uCl.blilhnifn .iNo. 3, lauazelll i streel ri Vl i iit'l llill ill hailld U Iitr i i iuply if ClIIIth illr , o ;alIcrl ,l,·d l ,l+ h.r et lllllllr Il lctdl+, t d !lrir ats. solllll~ll t Iri."l , u lrnl l'T·lhr l lll. liFom te count canr n It n he slllli -d a' thi-.t :te it lioticie. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING 'AYI.OIL & HA1)1,D:N, NI. 14 Chw4 te.,i Mrleel , IIAVE. i , lllte llt antsllql p f every alrtICle tr,,lllili, rId 1 2ewlllLllll ll'l t II t. tll t I e th e t1u i Ic, it Nei. YoNrk d par,.s dh L211 J.B.Ross aJ SURGEON DENTIST SNo.lt3, hoonl otreet. _ und ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ed to :'STAA ILISii IN'I, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Ilanks' Arione. IV.LLIA.M. GJ REEN&E, PROPRIETOR J II. PARKER Iii Comnlision anId Forwarding Merchanllt, ; No. 6, FRONT LEVE'\'lIE1, Ut , 'I'A M',S.· . New -leaeI. Fs, bh. t2t, JARVIS & ANI)IREW\S, WIIOLE ALE. AND ILET.AI. I)D'A I.EILS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DIE STLIUFFS ./.VD IWINDOW GLASS,4 uCrner of Cotunoln anid thoupltoulua streets . ct NATIllAN JARVIS. JOIHN W. ANIDREWS. \V.. A large apply o Garden Seest. 0arranoted the brt ;wth of 11137. DOVEI.R ir BLA.1, - I)EAI.EIt" IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, No. 3 CaaONIEoaaEr SrultE vaT. oo Flk: I EN 8 INSUIRAN E COMPANY OF NE\\ ORLEANS. This Companly are now prelatred to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No. 24 1usson's BuLding, Canai l st.tet. tI E L 1.11.5 y, Noew O(.leanM, Sl.y . 11:l3.. tcroetary. I( RItttEtI{' CIANNON. HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER tot No. 12 Camp streetr. SWholesale Dealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishe+, Brushes, be .130O Window .a. nd Picture i A. Ac. _ c_ Sr . . FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. RODLYSo &O. " GOOD ^II,7., I INo. I, C'hnrlrss .s N5tll, el, One Loor below rt ienville, u e lG AVE conotnntly on hand every article appoelotki h rer hadll t loas[fithltunable .t3 1e, Bc]lle they odfcr tinl u' cashl, t ucedn prices. dec4--18.8 t, I. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC OFFICE ir No. 53 Magatlne a Irt et, opposite I lonks' Arcmie i, C L8TABI.ISHIII fr the peecuotiotlon o mls, ilans i; CJ and drawings, Ierchtlts' cirellhtr, Iolsilness, and I a. addiess cards of evety deslcrition, futieti l circuhtar Otl )r eep mountnring Io ,.er,, opotteoory ontd h nggists'l tolef; tr obl checkstc drayreeipts, &c.ltitt.d a txttt d i0 . g +a heap anld: ..editiuna sty le, by the illoprirtr. W!.l.IA.tM GL.'tENE i" N I tan Notes .atav execulel om24 i iy g. A .,ad. 1 ORLEANS LI7'ITOGRAPII!IC EPT''4IIL II- at by ME T, 5:3 MAGAZINE $STR1:EET, sle OPPrOITE BANKES ASCa' E 1l LT GRf.ENth rlllls his sillcere tlhtks to hls I .l rine als and the piliea of New Ore' rleta,. toe f i t by trone stowed onl ll Ior Ithe last two cears. ad begs leave . i-s lre thocm thoot all ordelrs Cotllie ted tot ' o his chlagep stl be po ll+.llt llylttett dedl l t; he il It of u nl, keep ilhe office op)en dtri{ the I mtttttlllC ,,om r, utul in. halll ie al a.s rladyv tIo ctrikt t d t tnerccant's, irt u ull Inars, ius iess ,and adlrelss I:llrds ftleal niltices% Imope, L tis tao, roando tpoct ot ic e'vtry itt " ,'pl lil, nr i bt " 0' or a lt ier n u ot il . t, a 1 1 t Itn l n ltthe ma r(e a solt n abi le t er, s , II li titeooasitted hv arti000lopoo tran ether eo lo-totniip h p r lithgrapht line, he feels contident tof giing latitn: N It Apoothecaries and drggistts' ltbekls exeouted ino N as gord style as copperplate engraoung, aond at oe- t Itiird ofthe eaparse. j___ 4 t its, GEOIGE C. IIILDS, Ita, t Es alid rill ArroAtlY AT LAW, r h, IL. atteod the otoireot. Comtt, ao th 01t Il -cri000 dI. W Caorts, of Haribburgc ado m a djootoaootilaatldocent in. eatltirs-Otc he at teh City of IlosItn. lt Clatit t e00 gtl t rottl ito d lor tor B oot y lo 'erto or ooooaey, ai lb Ito otttottrtottt 00001 ootoo1 t l ( elu too either tbr Aot resroilento1le ti rtilOts la Ioexrr. i Adidreo fom l tihe Otoijypl Siator-t4il ot Houtoit too, it, the cra ret 6. Richer. Ijr rot'eoo Poet Otice Ageotto New Orleans. . n Inor a eel, FiAN loI t bids lndllinA Itlr Auar llt l l .t Lllte u mar 18 134 wdoazine rt : taei flltordeIa. bIo the Illt . J laler Iitonhnktlti ex' lcAdresso Li'rl tlteolo e; itanlleolfrtt.tishe Ilnealh ltoy 1 ittrtui Woalf O . JuAi reteiale otVUot for aicthe oe -16 A 1OWAIR,49 Camp at ins ANIL.LA.ctOttD.AGE-A comploete. nreu nent lit illf ,itailtas Corrie ato Hat serT. tT tCie i tl1 otoar S SAL J I' W II EN h 13 C ootittot A°`-11 rII tilk silk ptooe NaAir, for rate by KU"I -naar 9 SAL & BLOWN, 14 Moagozine st N A/i.s1-lb k- g kus SIL A .and IIr k eale by - IIALL & BROWN, mar 210. 913 Magrazine at S)USSIA H EE''IN lS-241 bales,aof aul.rior qual Sity, lnding Ires ship Forumn, for a .le by --nar 18 ISAAC BtIDG)E &c, 134 MIgazine at ('LOTHINIG -.i cases Saummer Clothing, cl.mpri c aing a good assaortsrt, [andihg froa ahia Iorum,4 18_ _13 Magasine a sip( 'I1GiANS ANl) 130U)'4S--34 caesr cauaining ( s In's 's anlld IB,,r 'is qualily ki. Br.gase a isa. lell. kip nl c f Uo;Ir tr .l Mi ai*au f P fr ai _b I s :nor Ih 1. ipitl ara & Cl,131 laaine ai I 1.T1 I;, n-, 6 )1 ' 'II.)' , 'T anl -h NaviO ing rar aSr l.. ,ant's \natilcl Allonne, Ian sale by pel a I I) I3'11 ,ELT & Co, I 'hal trc. -ast c, H I 4.'l4-l 111 I4 ceo,.ut a'd. cnhi,.N"d plaster cl fr Sale by " u I FEll . -11111 I 4,. Il.av.,a ,ofde ae. ',lr ba t r 44 al S & J I' \W II II'.\NES, 7.I E_'ap t 1__ u II I. S--3.40 kehga I Mallnl, s n.has- i d .ize4 land-nr 1)1 `ing flue KiN! 244 i411 S 1 1 10 H I'I'' .el I 11 4 p 4s Ibi ,A ITE DI11,\CKIN(--2i, pate llacin- ca r . r1 l'o-" 1 bralI l. lip .ale by , 1t I I IRIDIGE (& t 114 la, 3 9 gnzinp ge il AN I AC1'I'UN I) '. I lACCO- 1-:a b a ,xa h 8, ll I's, (1, and 3., of lvaliou' brandsX aI, a: 134 Magzie I of' rarhle by . I 1 3.)IS\Y, l(p1K4 .44 N.,.44ra a v,,e. -I ACK RS--,iU hbh u hater :nd Water ;,i,i nl Cl.t ia '4s.lre.'4 fr. l,,, h (14 431]. 1 'I a, adril 4 44 41w4 Il"vel' to i) 11 O.11. G A1 ""~1 n I Lm .1.1 O il. t N ew Y rk l. . ,i:( rl e it talk1. I cais te N l .1.:l 4 lt ( ! ,. I)4, I' a . N A +\ ll1 [+]' I ".l I;I'i" Ih o al 'rl 4 *aMlries ami, Te'h aul:tuass-s st l ipl 1 II 11 I)l'.VE'l l',LX,( ;'l'rbhapilhl uesst tI' S/ t.r ule by AIlKlit AII 1 TlIt ll, a i " I ;rn , r st I I SXCHA. I.E-ON BO !':,-lr i, it .id aid 6 I IfII IIGI': & C', 134 .Mag,.zine at th I" ic,~, ee, al r.+ sale by mlar 19 1-1H1.. I~ BROWN, 91i Magazine 1r1 S I' . iuIA USi Inhle. . . nd nlldle., for, ,le by in ( aid 4 I 4 I34 II)(4 GE & d i ,. 1:34 t II I.'l' OIULE.1\S AND l .,1aIfl.l 11.8 . .1.4U41 . ' CO:PA .\NY. APr II t. 3, 1839.1 I I Extract finl thile Milnlute of the l rlcetedJils of th, al Resolved, That the nlmen of all .le St1ockhuhl,, , 1 the`4th day , Match hst, .s well as t4e 4u.4es of all those who c'In, t I- so to ditributle their sl 'ck, lie pub i li-hd. JAMES I. CAI1)W'iELL, s pr 4--3t lPresident.l j V l 5.,GA3434 .414,41, is41 L `sa a by A H..IIAM Ti'1" ',' it aprl 1 3 (rv r 'AILS-i50 keg.-. Itusaln Nuai,, fine .ne b) S apI 4. I 4 D12414 , & Co, 1:3.4 \4 Ig4ziln, st ` ' f rsal ly U, i)4I :1Y, t pl4 o .II New L..vcer 4 I 1',h " a I'4- l' 4 , 4ti 4 4' 1 . 4)4.44I 4 4e ' lu .lnd, . \ l, h r 'itl du ,-'.n ', di." ,l-, (ic thabits, hv +M r I l 4i4, i 1, . , f t I' . , , , f Li , I'il4t4.c4 u&f p4i-4 l, lIi,4,, I'.4rtt4-i 1i &c. it 4.., t . I S lJack Ad4 s, h4 , . 4 5',er, by t 4 , ,ai, 304l a N' i.r II. N. i tJack r Ada - C . ilh of li suiior bti.-, Bell Irlal. c in IThe IH lhubble o.f(anada, by the author of Sn Salitk, tihe hlukmakelr, ce bc, ulso Au. 10 ul" Nichoulas Si, kl+bv. r mast receivtd and Ifr sale by 411429 \' MI:KEAN, oar of Cmlnp & Comnmon as 'I B U3l\-1110 barrels Blston Ku Mila shiN Collbianla. and fa r ,ant hb .m4.i2 S & J P WHITNEI',73Camp s J)OaEl '"1'('-311 bales 4-4 Midilesex 4nd North --Jr horU ber tn sllhe ,, aIndnl g fio.r slll4 4 eal.Or 4ir sale bvy faAAC BII411);E & C, 3 il.'lA T i'l-l' 1111.E-.ll: y v-+ el wonting il II r70 tl. I, Afc Il as. .allall t I 4 thlvea 4ay 4 4o4t, 4tlr wlch a lair i'·eight will be given, aPply to 14ox o4,lPe, St Chaales. 3t I,129 ( N 314.% 1 -10 of Slater', com .bined, c 4r 4 s 4e[ I} I rs a nld llllders anit.lhle for pla lil,, ut,, in s4re.fur sa4e by (CLIA3lI'LIN & COIOPEI, illi - 79 & 82 Jaliit st "rru7 'I'r-4bl Igl , d. Alla+ A otmi .lle, lllly b Slli 3i4 3 I 4I )(.111 , & ,,, :I Mat rl usz4ll44 t n ISi I ' . e d tiA ,\' I iE S -: - 4 Ii a , , >4 4a p 4 a t i i u nii. e 4 , /J i..llr e ll lllallt fior sa'e by nlpl 21 3 IItIIl)GI'I & (' I:134 Mnnzi ne at S 'A E,,bsentaheroilbr- f ,orale 150 bhls htlur; I4tU S Ibbls Whiskev; 51) casks Bncoa Sides; 50 casks BaU ,,on i laul.erl s 10 ea4 ks anitiv1sed lam4. alL t ''144IS4 II 4C .I.L .N, 74 ('mp at NEW 4O(OKS. rk F LVIA, .. the ,'..IoI's 1Vi4e ; by Mr 5 Monhul4d, Juck .Shplrllh l, No I. bIy W H AiA swolth1, tu Ib cto plate in 7i parts : whilh uts. cl'lovPrnaliloutu on NiurIe and Art: in llIntereC ti ng um.d ualblubl solumewitlh numerous cut'. Ju-1 rei ed 4I4b AIzX T'loaai.1 ui _ril 4') 4ah4. . t I c 1 I"1- '14' E I4L3,-3 -4 - 4. .'I . j3,.4j 11· e.+.F --d k I for ~ale Iby SHALl, ,3. ll3 I)\VN, ~a, ril !.. ; aO , .l I o .ti o it' . ii, oo 1191i11 Goo.Iilo'E tt,'t.ootlti~tS A oyINoLtio.E,o ritooto~Y rlit F11t1 itt r:.o ii h. t ''Itc olgr out "le t . , l It.l l to o id a v ud th,. all~llll' lllt m t "u I.+t' l-t va e remedy ill .dy to l. u (dr.d bons (,+l-+., IIrteI 1 the\\r-t1 I ,,llitel. 'ty i (il iiiia. Fi t llo the tVe tll.d lu,) tllr it tllh lallllr. iilCo,111 l l tkl i illinll h i Iutu )d b . e. i'r i) Il.r 31 1), trollltllt I;llolll 'olglo.i lhttl. no l the t t o.llet ll teis I It hIa, nudst, Ira I l Ili, Iti Iu)al .5 h in' il'Mcdlcmc I r t Purr., I p lp, worioII u,o l tfrup'r ll.e l oull wlrg medICltoCtt ootl ,tl tll IIli e tal-re tIy, Sir Atley Cuulper, Drs l .utox, Curti-., Drake t lhdl . S Ti ooolaio, Iiriyt , o l . ilnd oti er .rtiitt rnd t etiil l, is llo rlor o l io gloll. ill IlilllnIIdCu aUielruCe who hlttle used uulldl rle Ullllcullded it. |th Tihe fullu ofthll(i:ttul Ve..eutbilis, thlrouglollt Frlllac e lld In I liurn,:lu! I calllrel it., speedy Inlrrud elllnl rllu Irlnlor .t try llclr cerlllnlry Inlll 1tl o, tthd addrcesses ware I rto llltd In Dr Tar- mlats Iil In'rulll all airrlt, co grlglU illlu ry to le i iri lncit lllll.. i Tile tertuinty witlhwl lc h the Ilt"aull Vrgelelllis oe couI t mmually 11.1I d _all he ;lfet d bym Il shoes-clli Sllllll.'lllnd tn cnll l thle reno l lUltuoo i ltOil, til.r nilo.jti. t.ouis Philllippe, Kit otif tillh i Fren.lihlno Iolohld Kingz if itio RIlgiati t, cill'ered ou Ile d 'eli '.) lot 111 lilo t o l'hl Iiurt ry I Ali rl o t h u lteir ltljeutiet , o la i rec. e. .... I enu u tot1· nlallYI r('.tred to ll' r.lrto o sthewi.*i cur etd sluti. ly thll ., lp l ,ild I. it.. I o.o tiled trioa Vogelthoo ilit. Thou, t , i t'da otlllf ll fIvllr will hp e hlc e .. illiclent to la irull l' I ill ,IoI.e uI'cted wiiio ll defnitti , io l:illug fron a1iry c. to'l Splty h1is remnedy. li'll 'luull, Paris anid Brussels tile nunllber cured )y (lint is ilttt o o ti litcluible, i 40 0ell U, m thei CI toot to deoi e to e e killee - ti tl toi iotylubIiutlio UIO tInmre or Ic s oornfbiere rtrtort d Ills [u hrurilg lby ill|n, ull ' wlw Iloli hd lbeenu i ulrable ful1 Y elrl, !ls. i It o he cl.y of llyIII (tPrue..) J o tre ler Io'r. l lit r inrl olP owtiwoln wis W ye:rs otio g adil onto.l i. Ill the ilst )ur, oo.. l it+', tecures ptlll ned ill te1ihitil , 1 t11 ilth o1lto5 tf Fa t .,o1t tore aurtfll .. lieb their g ub, r t iled h leotth of Lttle Iht t lii Ih ure . a tll l t ttlo. Ftrluuool'itsuillcrucy, weiwill sulhuit itte ftoihinlg- loseo ld ll --'|'lw llt.¥ J'Luhnli rllgp (·l {.1!% ' Jrof aDll. t (h 11rCh, ntllll ittsllt r, latSt, Iirld ilo.t i fill f Ii'ituil ll ; l eth, t lllll i fell. hlh Iud lr Ib a h tld us, I ititotieloiltrol .,iitola ditnt. itolatteooiitiun thad Itogvd. mo ll Idlly r.I Utvre 111111 lI folr u rllu"lllr f yturs, du tlUT wlu CI 1C W nIme'he plied to thistly celuh rati d . ri ,:lr. a lld 11| ysi, zYllual, who o erated mid a i plied every tlll iLg then uired ii ; Clskill lihd wrtg llst, witilllt Il, II·.e. .h'tdow of rehel: 1)1 Diike l rlrcull lneleud d a91npphrd '].yltlr'il:,.ttu Veglnll Ilt. noId atl inl e to tel lls had .t,t used 1 aaeeull' Ind.. ulllll It sould I..lll as T" twell is eotlil did. Fur ltrtooullr of otilts-e, soc Loudol till Ned Jo t tou l f.r Oct I tu..:. Dr Atlriwo of Editdnburg. says of the ,itotuVegtelthilius-ii E lly ptira 1 ce, . iwell as iiI tile Iopltllt-- tilld ti., i, Alit llllt ifUloileo remnedy I I clioofdofolrw artilg i to mtoo toi In detility ii rllo ulllll of Ieelir, o lotlle d oty cotlt , aI wd u I Id IIotl -kulatntoll t1i ,lc i ,:h glull ,llrl d ,llJ sel llbe r olnI , l) lit to lu it p lll.r,1 IulslItllll! K illdlll1 I ily t t. pil iittis well tioi t i L to ottu.ll-.,lll illi IIi h I.tllu ltoi wdi l mi hi ouiooo ll olt tir thn 1 alutlthlti, h-t ' -y, ull lI J..illl p ,of. llllll, i I.. ll lo iril , It It letter o Drl Tilotl , I )et l111=illrle+lll ile I iiw.) m % i+ . Ia- ,f pe ple willll ti ml 1r+ ile tile, Sluttg li tr l.l ,h l c llllh ep llll ,I fruail llly ihtr Il.l.Cr., gull itot to i gtio t l., opru t tol iii. rl' l1l-i tUll o i luu tt lu iltl-tO h tr t oi ootIll" uIrL, itlledd o IICh ilirit..rgit i rili lhe eltitlll iit goll' ..,h,: . rso el lllndra n , irll iltlI ti,..JEr , ol ,ron/ 1,.ev w itb si te the riniiug Ui llO l l .II L.lle. .y tii iomi wert rtIlul) llo 5ti t Y olgtllth lh.oo r i.ulord t l he.inlg ly ti e I. i " Iofli o t. httl,.i-I'Iw. -t At .ioIiutlil I llll:llli lr r t i lPrl .iIo .I lll ,lu 0 Itro T.lit l r wO l ,I, Iull nlta +i,hl rs*' II ii sli - - I h.le 1I ntll lil ll, I l n d i ~I a - Ile IIo e tlllo. t l i l l out t. U tlt Iltepl tll u Ito rlie 1 r. e a ll.oIt d eulre i ar It U., omo.t, iul.. I must .oilemtltuii.iOtiiiy k tIodtve ter/ I u,'tl oi thtl f, i i.iug o i t j.otd . l ull u elit.ailll us Ur T- ' i l t' Iit'(iu uu \I;to utltlu . ti oioly olu r i i n e lr l Ilint i, l'~lii cxplil'rl+ii dl It, thatl In limsaemlel as uryi'.virl'll ll dosst j llt uitly It o .., lt ltltd I to . tll ethIlc otlll r tlht ointrea.,ll ý-1 Vllol. li .Illliti toyoll doe I ot1 oLodiciuC totI uiprt olo:itFIt cyttudoi'iti , iottottooitttlhe+ idottoooolote y ..ti o'It. o .,.o lule.o I_ wilh defne t., tlter ro ytll vcry t o hlll I··r ....ld h..oar itotnod -' her Ihl) -e iullral d lre-crlhlu,u bottlt e t f DI 'l')l tl'l. ( ulia Vegetltbuii r.Inrr edo ilor clit eribloo ald o liore I lh utm.llheoi ot Itlrd tttle f wal iprrl'etly reo.taed utt Ito tetIe o" Ihr emo to hetrd t. oot lT ''hua ilurnby, :8F.I rhluttm n.t el., who was a Iieu'etlaUl i ll ' t o t . it lobi t ot t.o ii eoo itr tsioe . t A o. O othtte us I uiu oo Lu . o Btuit N, V .tittoo "e tpttt peftl ct' Ito us Ii l~e~iab.w ftAt~II~ flog tol oihttt fodtg to Ito~ I Il th, ,4,l orl tt ertlat+, a r " Wlii t Ai bothe.. u- '', t~* f i~t. dil ll,+it+' n11,it. t+ uu llll,, ,i¥;ill rrted w lh dnuftl+'s, v+ th-prel~lr't~t,~s~lll~ht logr t iot e itoooi'IL',Zitlitifitofo itOe t.t l RIt I Ry llAl t N S Rrl, el at tI, t, I u, it Iteettif'r of l IIý.1~1t " when wiy by fre.ts t & a Ifftge 1s.. h t,,, .* , t.r h.dJ ur drrIalll+[ lrIout Ic r Iinx ul..ill9. =I l'u lh .e lCtll l c Ilod f,1111 u r ii. ll tg I..1 ol dll(h I, prep" p oti .1rlllllll prt vie illl !u. l telle uo u will rtai tIllh w. llto e r A, Ill ll tie oooI O t oitut of' ch. meet p ire /'Its lit. la \' rrrt:1ht11a is prepared in , n'.l1 .cnoleith Pi d inutl:ic irscilth. l:nrt iTotlfoit efnpritem ild it wAseillr in Iuf d ou t trill ).lorriy its own rTcCl)inllduiidiii ilh It i ila 11 e- Iatppy e slcl It ptioucrs i 'o 'tlltrlllf . Ii.Lo It Ilrlll· wlo hiu e Aeitn d, o Iurte Li. tO be detriYed of taIl k Oen ' for 1 ....fy y )' .... ,,-, No 9_ _ ...... ,,o.. SolFFrE-llZutr sad rfoail o oot rotcySi No fo CusN o ouwe nl tre~t. New U.I ricali. \ Iprl4 fi eitl I ANA KE, larte a-ok ..ttfllf fe. . fitso, no de-b -nd ItoO ILNFl'wV , t' te I ap I4 corner MOltzine bole'd Tliliile.rC t o t " fr 4rI.or ORNAMENT8 -Rare thet o . l h! l bb, S otllrtllnit, Ir lsLe uoly by RBe & L& 'I.lLge,to /nid i I Pligll'lw Museum. 1O1' All .t1|hele .rlna S consilsl uof Ihe most lphsnw .I/ did lID iulll-.i .I1 oIrlthin'tlogy Italo EYrnt Ate h.1 A fri', at,,i ,lur wn ,, ,.un ltr). of 1 Approved il~ltes at 60 days willbe tlakt al' ex " LFFF--7'I' hags itlunilla lust ilccised fmrot !tllt t York, per hlhi t)rletlsi. ftr wlelby . € mll SIIALL& Jim )W ,9 98 Ynlr~riar to .iLL & KERSEYf--8. hh!n.'l'unnera' Oil . ' " " 1 /t `I I :4 CaIsks sperm Oil t5 halas N etlr CIoth, .+Jlsble" Y for he bea.elln, L.1.YI N klUAI, l 0tl inllt L8 03.{ut llu IiUVY n TIlE INl)I41so PANAAUAP SOLE 0? S. flE. 9 EIMBIN. , No, 40 OcauiS#et uBI. N fllU\iNs, , . ('or. . f Ntecliec and Tsla itelopiti. O ) theetire ofi4etlrh.tism,' crntil orki s..tgll p ,S . ncitic or hip igou int,i h .etei..anoers, .!*a siphilltii ast nimeacrllrle s di nes,: particularly u psfillaHitiRttte bf the bomes, uleeracdtlhlrust - d l o, o.iers of every ilescrlttion, fever sors, amliatsi .sesses, fistulas, ;iles, slll head, scurvy, hitesr ati sore e res, eis, h , , ,i+iIl~ltil; , vei I syI m fl l .tt toamtas 0afectin0 , .horllimi l t:illrdh. tard º.W . i,,g fion any acrid hinmor, pein in.the stmnoih ! .'ni fe l si: oloePelling fol'oll i ioliil t, atflollotio ofl cllhroni in.lamnalftin of the kidieys, and gtrtte ty coused by: anrpid action ofl tle vessea slthe is silogualtla eottioius ill rtiosvatitg those w liieoft hiave iteei brioken down byi iijtlctios -I juvenile i'.egularities. In geenmul tefmel..,isl'ir mndled lit ll nthose diSms hith a'iso from i of the blood, or initiationi of ths huoors, of wl t name orki.d. Some of the above comllaintsmany regq.i;r fliag; asislant appllications, whioch thceirscua case will licota-; but for a geaeral remedy or to removerhecause, the INI)IAN'S.P ANAS w gcneelally be found stillioient. TO THE PUIILIC. olnw tre hit1 Is, that mldern Physioians, aDlCheisr mIdL Iition to exeti il, thrir professioni ; exilre the snalields of science by the aid of'heilistry, ald seek ost s; rI - medial .agets; in shoret, to arrive. at perfectioh in-se practice bYI eans of art alone,-entirely ovearlok dmn4i ieglect, ass lbentlh thei llrotice, the rich andl ho.ontllt stores ofmelicil, lwhich the Alshightly loos muised tO spring intil of the enrl in every ditne,! And slowsnuelI mre tote isit that hiilethe Amet.ieao PhyIie)iE looksL to irreign t oltties fir mIttY of his ilos cominma and n:lessl.: atil:les, ll, pepetlly changing as they ae na tihe ,octates olfhshion oir llh, he is surrouotol lit hit I wl contry with, ni enIlessi ,rof'usio ofI inuelical lpkmts,l sulticin:lt to t oswer any indiCition ilitlsoease or rto . any culo:bl, lisldr;al; Hllt hIt is ignortnt of their vi tesl,, "nl I l.- areall. ltereiito 'w:stotheirhsaling on ti(e I des rt ailr.' The eSietoat'.'gehtable ml;eoinoisupOn dte.sytem s.t' temptra l c-tzeut of ,: ianernlds lanting. Thtl'onrtn."r tieunllr, at l t.lounealy tito tfhll solids, doeompods the bolls antd utnollillinig the eCtantiut ino layslot all sllte destOruction. The congeniallity, etfic.iecy andRA SFETY ofivgela 11he remedies over tlillerl, InM tei estilmased bv Lgotaas . ilgthe ancient ptwctice wih th te molern; or, ito ring il mllc immtedittely un.leOt or olwn obseoreatin,, th- lidies ll It' rtice with that of the whites. 1Who, in An.e.iob, nas not kllowlllll henr of rewateol instances wIhewisO some del'ritid, inl,iretet.litirj fololod l, tlishy mey spot het. sirle o Iieedli esialoae has afetlledl the most il HIll astOll:lill g cures, lfter the .lltilrl Medica of e -mmnn practice, direlted in tihe most skilftl manner, lle floiled? And wilo has not been surprit'ssed attheeom. i riti ecase aml lthcilo ith which ilheiliao ftiees himo .el tl'l alny disease, oaid it the allmlost l ito aststinenee of oeloi idisease among them? Who has eves heanl I a. lolian with a olstiutioin rithoktn oasl rtfioed by ill treatmentt AdI eni a doubt exist that this haipy e-. enqfiton ofthe savage from most ofthe. ills which the flesh ofrm: is heir to, is chiefly owin to snore gei . Sad sale remedinlhes which he employs. This altolilsh Silog diTferene io success, is a fair exemplliftstion of the i inte superiorits of thle iiiplaool sofe mians of coire Shich inl ;s .crea edor thel: the belnelt of his tllmen, ,r holuse bhili the pride maoid the art of nlhn hae in I rom a long reslecid e :aoo g a portihm of theshsorigin. a itlalihaitattsof tlhi. conlIiy, andlo qulau llaCe with the mellhdls of cure of somne of theirJeoa successlid pr:,atitioners, the proltrietom ot 'The I.eIli . Il'atcesa,'acnired a klotll slge nl so.lll of the miea Sou.wrliliand litilter~lSlsmedl s. From tllhtlse ho.sels.e isui sc aIs were. n.t l icncious lil i ppritriatels, and iite : ions experilnw.ts t llest their l-iililtlesanil ssLrengl he hascombined them in the foitrm here plesemnted a.te is lrmmCulll llell 1I he ,proprietor. ouflier·his preplration Io the. pmNI wi.h the eonscioulmess lthat he isplaocing withithelltir c a remedy capable ol'rclieving many of his aftlicsteds el low beings, wol are sulfelrilg under the \atious slsessir and iostilolecomplaints to w0I h it is applicabl To' . achl it will prove of inoalculable vasle, as tthe itheen' sndl il mlay cases, tilhe oly meansoleflievintgtheiratl " lerilgs and restoring them once or e to health anod he Sllless. 'Thiiss Intootesltl as sa ctonlllo remedy, sht.. may per chance he esully gool with amny others now i use, but:is ond whlmh iaemquble of sa'ing may extreime caseswhicOl all the ulnusul remediesfail. TIrll it has dlolne repeatiely; and this is the relutatfok ithasob Silleedl wherever it has been intrlloded. r It Is onlly Iout three years sice thllis pire.sesatldn was , Iresented to the publii buhit.i that short alMoe of ti soIIe htnldredls of persons might be Itotal,s wh ould esolelnlty deolare that te)iy helievell that tiel' lives were Ssaved bIy it, alt iln mosl t ,.ases aftel Ihey had tried toaa. an0d Iehaps Lall the common remedies ht vain. Wher ever it is known it isrlapdll comlig into sie, and this -afooldsthe most substanttlalallFd coininig )proof of. it . I erlits. Thloe value, f e Panacea i -nmost conqpiousin those long staolintg anil syphilitic and scrofulous idhetioan w hlis Rav1e dfiled all othellr tr.ndies, and lprtieulacy in those cases where merecul has bIeenso lavitsl.y IlUs t as to cause distressing l:ins il thle holies, nodes, mss I' ial ulerso, ielaltgentslt of tlhe digeative o gadn, de. Ts Ihese it comttletiO 0ely es1a, ottl t all. oxes it stire; ly eldlieates the diseases ad effects of met'cuty,, no _t 0tesltie costitutlinn, nd leaver the patiellntound slid' well. In 1iho matsisl aSlll il uleelrtetd sore tlroat, its ih, tffly ersftae notLo leIs giving almolst imme 1 l'aken in prop.- doses, thelmlian's Panaser orsiad as a allrnative dt detergent; al diapharetie, dstlh. g anrd laxatives, an anti-spasmlic oal anodmlyne; and ih lpropel. r cases, usastloachic and emu ellnagogue.. -Gener ally e.lasseld, it inllrases all the seeretatlois anol l st I lctions, gives tone to the stom"-hll, oilll exlitesaction in a Lhe glanols 1inoa plticulalrlatmer. Fro : these priuie ileo itsolpelrationls may be undel'stood. St llhismedifine has beel li'lltd highly useful in anrry - nlbiglo.s diseases not hller secifiell, and it lha been tlsed wOithl wonderful eoss as ao Sprinlguol ait Fall Pu )Y riierl, by those haesuleettolcolplaintlofthelell t sel d- and wohoseol ititutionre.luilre.llw tigor. Such per ld sons will io well to use t vo or t.hrlee bottlesil smlall do . se.. Whenever a dliet lI,ink is considere.d necesrar, this 'auancel,taktn i a small dmse; will answer all uis , purposes, in mlch less time, tt less expense, natli in a Star nmolre agreeabll lle lanter than the ommllnon diet thndrk. 'iThe fo'llowing cerltifiates, out of himlldredi similar. 0 hIch might be pro ured,'are given to show the ae'et ie the llldlan's Ialnacea, in the various ry teltioned;and o itso to exhibit in the most satisastoriy +toeo itssup.ierinily o\etr. the dolOtm auoe. 'c CASES OF IIIEUMA'lI5M1. C ARLESTotr, -Nov. IS, 1..i. Ih During tlielast winter and sprinig, I was aliotedl with ir a very severe and diatressaitog ri' 1nt5llism, oceaoionael by - exposLr inl b1d weoatheor. I now tukeglrat pleasuresI i rut slating, tlat six Ilnilt e of lhe I cdil's Pracmea; itstoreml 0I0 e to pelflct hlealhi, oid I eofiddcnlllly reoomlaesd it to f fallsimilarly aflhieted.. JOl.N FEIGUSON, King at. C aitmIroc, M1arch 27, 18342. I wassse:ed aout tiheeyetarssi ioe, with adistre-silt g rheumatisim, causel b) takinlg o severe cold, while unml the intlelec ef merceir, , ul whick, has dtlrblcii atr iromln businss nearly ever stintl. tlingthis lie riod ihae bes na paltient in the Miine I (ollpital, i this cit Ilwardls f Iour llnths, and Ilnearly the same length. time in the Illtilmorle lieospitu ll" u tlniel almostl ever; renetll , with little bencft. OIl tle t16tho-f *h midoar Islt, a t tt iime sarcell atileto mtove about uponqlreutlch el, I cnuteneced the uset of Inldi:,'s Paunace. ltI uem month I litl mevllv entirelt Ivtedl homn plamn, and ale llow lppl to slatt til u elet o lel tv el' eritetl well. W.vl. .I'U'iil KiIl,1. MIrket at. CA'.1ES OF SCIIOIULOUS ULCERIIS NEw YuIe , Sept. I),.8310 This mm:n ermil) 'hat in the Il11 of 10iS', 1 waeisiet with a st ehilli in m nmeit anld .ite, thich afterwlee. celratcd iuni bet llnte htt ge ghastl3 ulersl in .nty neck. Alier ryingl vertal.physi:tLeto no althantlg, I wenC to ltlilatlcldphl, anld ptl.tell ill self under the caret lmIa. Ph~ atlteildl liech, hoet, altter ielpeltel l livlatsno to to etHclt, I was prmtloaneell utterly ilemable. Atiet. wars I olokti ehy bolil eoleSwtim's Patleeoulig e I hottles of Potter'is C.ltolicont, a ith lo material beteilt I)espairiglig' life, which hall low .become a blur:llhe e, I retlurnel to atiy ipaien in New lolk, it 8l I as " gae tlt selll up to a lit ming deatlh: lieaching o thi g. .at .lucss uof 1T'l Ilmlin's Pltticet- hlowever, in coe <t li Own, li was i.ersuaded Inltry it, laslast nog stmt.. itllll) t uittltltenc t w.ll at satisactitionmi lolllliuullllal n~. . . toll'lihl eeovetnotg, anml mpon lakmmUm t teiv l bottles;tlte lcvcrle:lemletl I h ecetme etei well in tlhe cours oftwo ontlls, al Ihave reuLhlmai " meersinlce. I makethislsanienlen antd washitpublishel let ti tbenefit of tholtewtho are suffering o unle.r inmilar. snrlulus or syphrllltitle alfetiotll, tIhat they my know what hn ettretl one who hlas sultted every..ltg hl-u.. dleathl, nO who euosider Ihis lifle Sed by thetlive Say. WM. fniH Al Ceomot.Tom . July 19, 1 1., I wasnflicte,, for yeas wilh an uler l the leg, oa. casionully accomnpanied with erysipelatous i lmatlm and exesslive toin in the leg land amnte joint. Sevesil enminent ihysicians exerted theirakill upom it, but with out perntalent elnefit. lu this case fivebottle ldiau's 'Panacea moade a let feet eure. hi ltGAllET A WE\STi, 1f Market Ap. 12-2 m Lady .l4lntaguce's Compdutd Chiaese Soap re llimlltlteed bo Ithe ,eludte f Madrid and. Charles ion, ildeed rovality, notility, Ihe preens,.nid the uitalltic balance of all thbing . public opinion hia eulnlated it and placed ithe efiterticy of Lady L. SMnltlague's codtpound Chinesenesp beyond So- . h I piciln for letter or rine worm, pimpileon tihe fye., m| sun bulrntan, etiption, prickly heat'and alcl.o ti t.tnla of the skin, the healing qualities of thli soap Swill soon eradicate. It i reecoitimitdll.d ao Wn emolllient aibllvng so.p Or coimttlmt Jgente. men, for belutilyinl the einiplst freckles, end imparting freshtees icid "6 y m - the complexion. The lrstlioorstgeig olmif ei soft end while hand, is wilth mn! y .i 'e consideabhle ntere.. Exposurte f wam Ri a the neck face and haond bcomrtuntned ce . ered, and the ilhvenliilo of modereiellmmmli bee*n rendsresd suhbser . vie.elutt ime tiii I sery every day tarmi rlife, liut liis lno d elesanels. -' ; Solid whmdesole and rel il it " !" nknose at;, Preel. Iw 'A ';y < ,-; at 0 t La ne. ',W~l0 ~ t 0

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