Newspaper of True American, April 16, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated April 16, 1839 Page 4
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1 ©t v#ew;t It,.Yb' thc ieaa r . l., Sr tis lstem et tes is ereyar. vbk uc n or Viahis to pce. hit ae ofet ims hoteal, by ,tt s co malways tcha- a iatrran . thts doml ere l r. omfohn rtl to reie r fawvoes. ce rvo:ls cfr it f r f } iingObv on durfoil e The on mor l~iiltn, tos t.I atnitd atie, als plwae i suit ai nriiene h ar i~s urihd wnlIritht no!-rseo. that bi phor ath prtlisot h hich,, *wanin oonty he atd to eOatyhsasired. itt rls iia, whol ayr dtry olie t DrcJhn. cL Itowtid, athis ta, nd hr omleeats hoias nt tie So dJARVtin , ArDRI.,Wh )de Whoatlemdat thIretm os, ~tt1O ,co Coo~na &rctto,italrll as dloaasaplaa Lotnlalatt ilutac, M MARY" K]KKLAND reepsotfully an. = tieh toluls ffetd attod the public gne. ndealsoa Is hicmsm risto thottt at niad .hepoa frn m hher t . ttata t tat~r vial|ort comformtle, to rccivo * eafhatifaqeof fqraaorfoa'ioa. sh foeIos cont. ' hat~rao h msitving. Coitogtan during the aahtl sat'coanotusn btlntor nte commdosittiona Iht.:sm+·oeIott'iord, thonm, oa mre liherol tarmbas. 11pm bttme U npl qnthyrittattteted, and well atpplicdd er-over senuuenea; tim bar is Furtaisheod wilht .toat ejee mlqltora, & .ltsrtahe protnisne iPn.ali ae wanting onA her part to give tmfato to al wite nay patrotnino tit 4 e am C id L;tminnt Hotel. jr3 .froWluttt.u.der;-----'r., havie I ."1 attalande Dr. BcLmnidt .of Chmrletai.... --.-'isCarslna, and 'or somne years his assistant int - rkapctioe or medicine and surg.ry, han tIme ihtaor t ihi peoleaasi ervices in thia city. ~iIsittstledi taad geolttemen thmt. tite nOoot . tih'attimen wilt ha paid to thie collo wniihoI .s h. b adt;and.alas offers his sorvices to tim iIoeltseia being Cell aoetnmintod whith te ojlrl tot thors, hamvin uttended tlwmln io m'*.L.. . ni~bilioul pills~ mlter thle nmpo~itionn ]I(cjnjaor lctte, with mirectiomm, cant be tIad ~It~tslj~lged.Tia r)tct whicim aitoy Itovo ,ta cod idttlmisaad qttlmr cities, hmas been a·ttemdad ;Wt te a tetatsaceos, to whticl ttt heat of' cqleta he givena. Apply at Na. Ii6 Mags. .le - - J,'N'o. ,,ttLJINj . AaPW _ WW 3lstwdw SAD S IRONS, c. 3wlI. HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 3t' .W. ter, none Beekmman street, New York, 1itre rdai.ived til past season, and are constantly tsrivtiig lorge and eoxgniveo additions to the slock ? thqumbovse goods, which now consists of the dIwnp as ortmmnmint, suitable for the southern land imtnarn ,mimakets. 0 'c , Iellw'e ware of m poeriar qmality, consisting of ' in nt ;I;tro mt , via, . Pa .-tpl. different size,. from 2:8 to 50 gallons,, . e.2ies, 15 "szee, frome 3:8 to 30 galloits, eitlmes, 15 mizica, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, 3 miepa or Ovens, 7 ditfreunt sizes, lE m, 6 do il ,. . 5 do vuysviqr piders, 2 do S dmllo . - 4 do fi Tlg, 6 do Walgae boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. .aoL lo- S to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, fromn A4 adh, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior sality and finish, and less than Jamo's imported I d Irons, ssorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for Tailor's and hlttor's Irons, assorted. Ush weiglahs, 100 tonls, assorted from 1 4.4 to ls. for Plntations,, lchurches, &c. m 49 oldesr, Also ateambstes and other machinery made to Irler. 'f.elm above assortment of goods is particularly r.oessmeeded to then attention of Southern and Weetoers merchants, and are offered for sale at low prin... nmd apis m'th most lilmral terms ; it is be. i- t. o hle largest and beat assortment ever flsered for sale by any one establishment in tihe uinsted States. Mermlhanta, by forwarding a request by mail', can r - aprintsod cireaubr, with descriptmon of goods, Wiseladml terms, f omn which no deviation is over farnished by return of mail. All orders will roeive- immediate attention. Neks Yo rk; 1838. ir3 A OO-RT-si monmlir ago I aed Ihe mmiofrme Io geat a . erel ileseasr, for which I aive mIplied to wsce eore for cure, tthey did me cusre i a e, m o now b.e. nbose date I-pul myself under ti comae of I)oe:da .i tri.satndad [ i tI cim re m rme. Sitce lst timem Itan gotwerse, mt as to break olm mi large lcers . Ormb.lrof six'or eight on ca Im ler, esg ail over S..f..amd.sore tlaet, mand ot able i wourk I hrin : st hnsi oil omccoesnt of the disease; large uleer oa /l e I ofg the tllroea. I amsrt ro eomatting llmyseli es i tly-hmdersime ureout'Dr. Ilet,.fPLarmie, · lb5re fe.dyc re rd JohIN DoEAN. I' O ClURrI 'v thial lime atbove mmermonedl ldiease is rauietse rl well o mul o my aineit le e lie, foIr witicl i Molt lr.lifet; aal mnorever I as.inre iat die meadi ".e iya teke atmmanes-nme ,i i, al didI not injure nmy asllei at all; tlcersClre I advise mlm f Ilow ssalrers ine meno imneals apply. to Dr A. Ileson,. 124 Leaoel ia. g1mqeteaa".Dim nmihm-" sld Bourbmn lmreeme lIr. i- atenhone fromn-9 o'clock, A MI, emnmil 4i P A. wsey lltaind a ctrne doeot for lhim cmeplmin. JOHN I)EAN,4in Grttier street. If"iy onie wants to s& mer, c.ll at N.-4n (Hmariv, JOh1N DEAN. iew Orleans. Feymb 1838. feil 14 ly ijT iaEGsuiue ndlmml Ilatelemm of Liverwr-m Itmd Ild oe £ h liomsi i ptii mup in bottles at time low price of 541 -.eM eatInh, commmimdng the strengmmh of three elmmmes vof ivimelworti las lea tih b irteel tlm many oolier rono amnd .rb ka bms n amm noga i lmli mg cs s m eficaaeious im curing pslmah ry mmpl.nihts. tlth ua :rtvlkml uccess whbich man attended lhe tee of alsop 'it. ttable Italnm whererer im, bas beemm illmlo d I 6 qbtslmtmel mba conmlclomca smmd reeolonieclmmo c. 1emitb.r amllmysieaios, far bhe urse of comgvo, ia the'sids, want of rest, rPitliing or blosmoi STo it mnavy eoncern. 'rhis is to certiry Imlat we -tali .or iraeice frresemeeily prescribed Mrs Gard r mmpdItnl.mulfluoI.tverwort a dl |lonrmmmmd,with " d tofd gdmd effect: we can Itherefor frmet the know Smei - n nterialtis mIn wads from, aid mtmversmmatn l S allljUsa , reeomuaamd it as eaulerio, prrlratioo silr i aitesilionsof lem lungsfefrtwhlch it is re nrjclsedl; : I,.BEK P WIILI AMS, M. D. CALVIN ELLIS M. D. I"ndsbe.s, ofshe Boston Medical Association. 1imi0 October 25. . Jeby J.tRVIS & ANI)IEWi, - rl- 19 il CI n mm. 11, Pcl'htnisit,lrlno tes BE AR' SSeien s . .f.P...l..ip .reeived, mid fo ale iot their Iernmanemm WVritmng Aeamiemiucs Ue.' 8 (Chatrs a ream, New t)leansa, ioJ Biolmdway Iew Ymnlsb Dainmhimme at., MIblel. - idit. irllscldy demsigned hlia privets learnsera. aid i1' . cmsealelatedl fitr pern of Faull apsa. . nll. are invited lucall mlid exanmine ren given am seLm houses as moay sait lilt S otl,~ and to elamase Ifrmsied ium any part . WIo plsffer bekn revoire eesons at tleirown rcl a [ pnviisg .a ,, sine of lessons are lesired S.A.Li rt" s" ' teo -ell astbey welm. .I-.I BROTIII-.IL. 15bLa tba fat;y " t kunuaI )sr ua ize '~~~FSrpi~l and'lu~2 ,a. ileaaud qualiues. Otb.5OUboitnuUrpliguaeuo, will be nneui agey.umuaeota ofnifayh' ooursnl and My A W. CAjFE.J. ' i~ .. tpJ6 t'aypl slusuol. quaiwn Ni lb rl jl Miuiuilupi if a, R µirwbadierulr r 3 garde, *l i#fprai thuur teue * f~el)~~ Wauuuuouly , .. P~uý:a Iucouualr~ Val * P aah and M$ji sill Z"We11d lintuula uuy ,w yir tN a e uuuuu F1 tt i' gdtioreracket.. _&CKfKFkIIQR NEW YORK,-Now bec K ..T4 asil) puoetill',s overy soond Mondas ifng hr ,ean, full dr not full. hip Oleans,. 159'9 tosr Capt. S. Sears, -Nhjp Alahrma,, 474 do C. C. Berro ' /p Arkansas. (697 do - E S Dennis hiop: rltogasgt 542 do Wl Hathaway, ;,i.=JXashrille,. 541) do L) J.ekson, S.hip:Koentucky, 621 d J Booker The above s hips are of the first else. enppereo and copper 'iatened, and having been built in Now York exiressly for this trade, they ore of light draft of water an and lmost invariably crossl the bsur without any detention. The coilmanders are imen of great experienee, and the shllip will alw ays be towed up and down the Mississippi by steaihoao s P They have hacsoome furnisheld accommnnodatlion, and stores of the best description will always beu furnished. 'The cabhi passage is $19(1 wnitioul wine or liquor, and there is no liquor furisblld to ( the officers or crew. For freight or passage apply on Iboard, or to 11 C AMES, 48 Camp st. bThe ships are not accountabln for breakage ol glass, hollow ware, marble or granite, coplerage of u tin, or rlot of iron or steel, nor reslp.nsibll lihr any 1 package or parcel, unless a regular billof lading is executed therefor at the ollico of the onts. nov27 NEW ORLEANS coo IIALTIORE LINE OF PAC K ETS. Thin line will consist of the hilolwing vessels, which have been built or purchased expressly for the trade, vie: Ship Seaman, Capt. Miner, Bark Mary, " Nickerson, 1" Ird lurry, new ' SLovtven, " SolomIn Suiltus, . Latliani, BIrig Architect, i' Gray. 0 These versela are of lho first elnss, have hlnd. some lurnialied :,ceoeinudstiottil, and are of a light draft of water, so ans to adlnit of their receiving and dischlarging their cargoes in Baltimoe at lthre city. Freight will be taken fur ports on thIe Clhesalmake or Jinmes' River, anld f0orwarded by the agents, Messrs. CLARKE & KELLitGG, at Baltimore: expenses on goods shipped will be addvawed when required. The irico of passage is fixed at $110, eample stores of the b st quality will be provided. Steaml up and down the Mississippi will be taken Son llll occasions. For freight or ,pasago, o:,*-y to GEO. BEDFORD, nov27 2 IlienviU st. FOR N-WV YORK. IL fouisina and Now York Line of Packets ] '111 ; Sliips c gmposig this line will sail Iveni New Orleans antd New York on every other Moon d dsy-cnoiteoenig on the 211th Nivemlber--and to iensure thle pllnetlulity in.thim lie nfsLailing, the d lii will irenalter cnsisot f five sllips, viz: .Ship Y;.zon, Cailltain Trask, to leave on the 2U0th November. Ship Louiwv!le, Captain Paltmer, to leave on the Illi Deceimber. a Ship Si Illlstvillo, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 181h ticteiui.r. Ship Vick.hllrg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the lot .l-linlcry. y Slhip lissisipli, Captain Davis, to leave oil the h 15th if January. iThe alb:,ve are all new, of tihe first clacss, coppere d : and copper altenlll and illwards of 5!1 tones liurthen, are of light lralllght of water, being uilt in New York expressly tIr the trde . The price 1I pliaoae is lixued at 100 dollarc: their cahins are littd IIIt ii thlie ml t ii -proved and cevenitict ilIan, ail finishliedi in a uet aod elegant style - I Alple stores of the first quality will be providcd, and every regard paid to tile comfort and ectire ntisfalction ofl astsengers, who will please take no. tice tlhat no berth can be secured until paid for at tihe oWec of the consignees. These vessels are comlnlanded by captains well experienced in the trado, who will give every at tention and iexert themselves to acommodato. They will at all times be towed up and down the Missis sippi by steaciboats, eand theo trictest punctualhty Sobrerved is tChe tiue of sailing. i T'ire owners of these ships will not be responsi. d ble for any letter, parcel or package, sent by or put on boanrd of tien, inless a regular bill of lading c be signed therelfor, at the counting ioluse of tihe agent or owners. For tlirller particulars napply to J D) REIN & A COIEN, 0 Lnov7 l90 Ctomimon st . i'3W OIRLEANS L CIIAII,IE'STON PACKETS 'l les lille consistsofflll r veursels,all of t lhe lirst els. , clt)prled and alpper last. Ined, and of ahout 200 ions eurtheun, y with handsome oacomo:rdartions for IOesceners. d Thoee vessels anr c eoll natldd Iby ienpliis Cel w experienced ill Ithe rade, wieo will give every at tenalllioU, el .rl thmlll lves to nare-,iwnl u ia . Ii Sshlipper:. T'lhell will h towl lp ai d diic wn the s Misaissilpi, and leave NIew Orleans i ll or before Ithe 1011h iland 1l1 oif ev ry iutiih, iThe lullowilug vessels a colllplo-Ce d! lal, Vi : Bric Arnhina,tChailrhs l riJun, naoter. Ilri, C Iptnloan,J. II. 'TtIomlpstoon, InasIer. lBrl Allllella,. I l-one,tllmas r. Bdar Ri.g,:r ittilliatus,.I. Allihers, n ollner. Foer Ireight or pao iaipply toi J. A. IIAIR,1.LII -. C.,, (1 Comoan st. New Otleana, or l1. C Mirl rsi. (Clih ,l.sni . .1i`r I it L lBAIL) & CO'S 1tnIIi, aid Ne..w Orierais Li e of Packet Ships.-TIts new line of ships has been expressly built to run betweon tiln abovu ports, and will be found of suitable draft of water: enlecolmmodations for ptcaneligera, and every effort will be made to give general iis'airction, The honl is cal pufsed of the ii lowinlg ships: Cllherokee. 415 tons Capt. J Harding, II' Carolina, 4ii00 iu S letnist, Charleston, 374 do D) Elirlige, olumbti na, 2I115 do G alBrker, Seaman, 24110 di J lliowa, Bomlbay, (125 do 1) lluiphlirey. TiThe above slils c re all new, of tie first h lass, cI opper fastilnedoand ollppered, colmmanded by men of great expericence, lhave larluge acorlnlodations, v with, a separate ladies cabit; every aUtnOtion i ill be l raid io Ipa-ongers, and thi very enst of stores pro ! vided lee treic. Tile packets will be towed op and down the Mis eissippi, and tie strictest punctuli' y o' served in thie time of sailinig, and should the regular veselas be detained in arriving, other ships equally as good irwill in all caoes be iulhaillcted. A shoare f patIron aog io solieited, andl tle agllin piledge tlhemselves to onelolmodate as much as practicable, to receive if and' 1rward goods by Raid line at the most mioder. teC olharges, aild to advance all UipcnseS no goods g shipped, if requlird. 'ITile ships will leave the Ist and 16ith of every if molitth. For freight or pasagro, ati ily to the agent.. J AM Al cIRRITT, 82 Common ll ll t. N. B'i Adlvaetllenes la oIde on cooinigan:u..ts i to Messrs. oA. C. Lumnbard & Co. nov27 S on board ship Or Ielanro. Kagle, llihiaudtir, i'kher Slonry Adl'iaew, Prerh aei r htrlit iia lclay ailoIs; nRck - gnltiion lhtricr"l (:lerssnlc, i . I-24 Lccli ilrlln ll: Ilil clrlatllc- "il!r lIhc and I' intelitlhil:e Itlwh: Kiivero Lealher ltu.ich ellllr IrItonlilillwrcing I'oSc; Ilell, single bclrrelled GCrio; nIrme lingo; Shlt lleh; liowder and Pistdl Flokos; Iirai BolirdneF iIi I)rilking (Cllli; Pereucoen Caps stid (Cal Ileldoro; Cllcth, Ilair, ol; and Noil Ihunsloh; Orri( l rid Chwloriie Til'tecr Vnizi 'o'trh Powiler;'Toilel tnllll tllb:vih glp,h i cgrerat v. nrIe lI; III lleri Iteallr , bIIi:: elor mo r iztIf ll Pelar and 'oile. P lwder; P'atirera oIbo r Iv ran Teill ltiuseni 'ar-droll; RWnist linekl;; \iVr i l : lrnch :i I'eill teckin l.r ll .t ia i:i l l Will Tle iic c IsTlold ; illi liil IIrell CIolih; which~lin aditlIlio inll Ihlbrir limner stolk nl i aIvdli;l. talke, s rleir asc orti ti oery i'ec plllllrllIP, mil ill lp :nll • own ld onliberaild trus, i tha ri.o of the fobltec SIlbi.'ell, ,ritcrr, Acti.n foe r hl i'xen.iv, loic ceof e I o'. & e-. tutle Cr, Sie'li'h. Enliland, hIvi.. jItL Poackel, Icit, nod lSpr clhill ilill oehne"or% ..lo lore. Eldl- Toitlo, &e. &e. Ae. c Iliic I teV niP ellrtIFaretI - exhilit to tche rlale Ir onnlsa. Terti'ns itd cricditilolni will nLe d kmiows oI rhi Li lte. slfi 3. I.0l, IN & A Cr ill EN .tIi Centatetn .t. NEW CII(hS. IIOSMM(OS, H.AR"I'& CO.-r-.\e ow vreeiviiog '7 ership lmlsville., E.glir, lMenT Anrlle, Hiih der e h.nlllh sld f'erman do nlle Iin plll¥ uier,'.it iod noiket pistols; plain, rilmbd nod split lllsion caps; cap hIlnllerls; siss rs,l IaLors, tIill. vesi illk's unmeremial liai, otlhr steeC lIeUis Vio *is; Violin .tiinlgs; shell, ivoijam,,l horlo w'lic;nolov 'rs k, b.ll oal leatlher llre.s;i liir ulelli+R, fi; cnue ack ringletsig negrlo pul; euoll o and F.rienclllll colognl e water, Rowlallnds mnelas.r oil, imitatil do; n:llllell oc Ilurs oil; por;able dleske and drlessig soes: pasti blacking; stalinmld toilet gilnss. convex tilrlra; nop cal ghlesantisd views; btuin i d., bellsaol plones: cmntennl ; whitltwine; cr an.l d lshaviig gojps; toilet Soder, cosmetie wash haills; seetetd siti olshlliols; pool smtols; bcrw ,slsioeo; f',oty lNd cIehtiis ntI aeeklces; bi eii pI-ket lbooks sitd wullelu i - Jor -" a oro Slloops; file sodl columlon Ilu. a tolsllooipoon, osierno't~; Ueliiuetlolr mtlottes; sil ver .penils;'ml dec. d&O. ohe asllotoalildiltto to oIr former stock of fancy rsihss,.osmkssoor ,slo.C. nl. t very 0 ,m,leti. or isole w|olesukle or r..til;s iise sit of isc Golden Co.tb, 7 lacrrtr cc. - - , MnIArrnA.AA*S -nd. • . L si V cticlesTforic niesso s subel wilh drafness, A] (rallld cbe .Er Trotoptl,) hab )olt ble received, b Ise tto o, of Wlich. the atgl-ts nreulatiioiio of thei hu lsii voice is tiustietlv c.iuteeedp! to site eor.- Anll llr Sall eru r.i s Elisgsg to srwlveor, with s very des tieýro omli(e foliyc ,ihse of lhe dlitFioity and rou rtsie neot o xiiineicrl d both lry tlemeelesod tho e i ,srlludls to unfootuie:it 'lvslietio llydhe Usl sa lha ar i'mtiepst EliL obljeclion is otimliy oivialid. lThe Ssoat setptisal elon sI yseaooli stoxi'ltbeir duiht. sier lisebtpteid sits TrtiptL. iursosk l F'anycy roe..,rc r uer(o:·ol-naed.'*Ckarls e fIrulte u:11rilia .:it::su i Hotel. t b III - 0. i BIN -RY. ULnder the Picayune Ofice, 7t' C'orp st. ,BilNSEMA'& ilWSON bel leaveto inform II theircullltomnrs and te plblic generally, theil heyhaveo removed their establishlenl to No. 72 lamp street, i'ledliately under the office oi the Pineavllne-wahero they are prepared to execute allci orders in their line. Hv ing reerived fromn the North a luplyly of pi ' 't'r nod mlatrials of a ruperior quality. for the nanulacture of illank Books, they ioffer th, ir et rees inIr merlir htes ntd nthiere, wisho may wish n work of thatr kin ;d; anIl hvinir the advepge of e aeveral yarnts's experiene in that line, they are P confident of iiving etrielectrtn to those who may e ivr them withl their rurstm. For nornries, architees and othrersa,rpso and d plans will hle pealed till linen. varnished and d ionunted in the IIeIIotua mannerI & at the shortest noicer. Plain and fancy hinling, in all its varieties el. 3I Chanrre street, New Orleans. a WITM. SERIGEANT & Co. ilmportere of French WV and Erni fls Clilln and Earllthn ware. are f Iov opllini nrrew a:id rich patterns of breakfasl, Sdliinn and steat services, ttilet sets, pitchers, tea S'ind clffee cups, trrpares, sulars, creams, bowler, Ililee. disJlle, turecrs, wash basins irma ewers, i.t.h boatli, etc. etc. - Rich cut atnd plain French andt Anrerican glnsr. war.--golets, champaignee, lerllonade.s jellies, clarees, wines, cordials, eontre howlrs, docalites,. tumblers,preserve dlstes,celeries, pitchern, lamtps, lam ip shade and glasses, candle shalus, sialt cel crs, tic. SStilver plated, bronzed and britania wares--ear Stlry, liquor stands, coke hunskelats,cndlelsicks, Iranhes , sollltI ions, lades, coilfeasd tepio, selgarr, icrpnllla. lm nplanned traes, nstral estnd, sand ltOging itrrls, lpin e tlery, .rentant silver sp tlnrs anlld lorks, togetlher with a great variety of articles ior fianliy use. Merchants, itlters, het. Is, and stenllbhnll, ifurnished wtl goods at the ltost ten Sstallllle Ilrices, and packed so as to be clllvuyy'd t lwith soalely toiny part 'f tlhe cton ry. ti A'e'. ,norrtretnrier' lnsonwarer. not 2 S 'I'IE FLORIDA LINE a, From Mobile to Augusta, Ges'. : leaves Mobile every day at three n o',cick. pm per U S mail rboat , for iinll's I.,ltdln , above Blakely,--thien: e foutr plst coaches to Pe:sarola-lhenle e amlnll las to to Logre nce, where lthe land route is reurned-thences via Marianls and l lrlwnsville, Flo. Bainltidgle, Prtndernow n, IIwkineville. Saunderaville & Lttunie. ville t A ingusm, (n, conneecing rerulnrly with t. tlhe rail troad ecrs o (Charl'ston, and the steano - packets Ito Now York, Nnriinlk, P.,iladelphii, etc. The scalnbnats are the Iets for tihe service, and the nir.vigation presells nmore advantages lalnn ecal he foulnd upon ayll stearlboat route in thire south. rl rer _gitr.. 'rTie lcrest inlrlrrtventenls in tle rmltle have been ' produlccl by lhei clnlet rlluction l tfiftv iles of' new e-ond, by. the pr,priltorn, viz : fro ,lnt laGrange on to Lnlayetle aloeou, no ari of Sntafll Rosa Bry, to It Bryanl's Ferry, on the Chntalliouclle river, ten mil abovr e the Cwlrd, or 14 arbove Cedar Illuff, Lit wherclby the tnaviarllon of the river, and rth con sequent dleltentionl, and sIare recenlly the incll to venient crsil illat the Ciwfrli, are entirely avoidd, anl a line rload frol Marialnna direct te to liinbridge, itatr.ard oI the rlundablul roud vie Clharalhltchre, lesOciioinlg Iliediornnce about fLrty rn miles, and ilcrnosinrg the facilities nmorr thun once a day. ire Alv, a branooh line of two Inrse stages every thi. r day flrn II twkiilavlle, via P rry to Maco, *r Ga. conllrcering wail tihe linle to Savanllna and on Dtret,tGeit. it A malll eItromlilonn.l lli. s regularlv hlie wren co il.intlideo andI A,,alachi'eoln. 'Travll rs w isii p re to rea Ia rny potint ton C.lhnlro hlt i lor Am tlach - it cola, oin take sti'eo.l,oitvt at llrt oensville. - Mobile to l'r.reanscrIa-Lointd Rou e-l)uring the I ti e lccuplcil y Ihie relpairs of bto'ls, the prolrie. re tLrs of' thi Florila lne will run a line ol four o. hrse prsr coaches every other day between M~.u at bile and Pensacoln. Psssengers a ili leave Muhrilo at 3 o',:lock, p m, all in tie U S mail hoent, and proceed to Ilall's Land. C ine, where a lour horse coach will o In waniting to , conIvey lthem to tile excellent house of lMr. Charles is. Hall, 1 14 mile distant, where they will find ty pleasant accommodllions for the night--lcaving next morning, they will arrive in Pensacola early i_ in the evening, thuas avoidig the discomfort of or night Iravellini. l Ollice at the Mansion Hiruse, Mobile, and Col. Ie lil.s' Iluorl, PItsacol, where sents tmul be secu to red. STOlK'I'ON & C(o. nov I Piano Forle hItlrulrton. Ws William Smih Lellders his services to the cisi, rg zens of New Orleans as a teacher of thlle piano of lore. Mr S laving been cmplolyd severnl years i as n inler rf musie it private lalnloca in B .ston, Sand also aot several of the feianle seminaries in its e. vitill.t, cannllll but hople to nmerit Iheir confidcnce. cl flu is permitted to refer to Rev Dr Cl.pp, Mearsr it Slelson & Avery. liondersntn & to ail es. ih For termsle, c pllasle aUlply at rlec buukstore of Ire Alexanderwr'l'.wer.49U (ll l e l2 L'Drugs oard .'ledieiree. J B lProevast hals Ieaued t illself in this ciry tor the puIrlnrse "nf Iranlsactinl n general Whitolesalt I)rulloe biuines s. lie is now receiving a lull supiply ol Iresh ianld genlitine rrielcs, whlich he will sell on liberall Irlna 'TI city drlggistr , and Illosl o 1.1 it intt , rir,. r iphlysicians, mert harts and iplanter, Slie will offl r induceneen's such as have never Ie. lor, ' been oilred in Thin city. His inotntion is ti s don rstrictly legitimtlnie busoiness. Hits srick will sootrn fIt celplete, trnd it n few weeks will Ie rea. i ly I or llusiless. All orders Itrelm ite countll ry, andi fr: frot ierc hlrrle of i i' city, receiving such orders rtwill I lpromptly allended to. S ct 2 No 39 Casmp at W f 1 fl 1ALI ANT? ILISTll;i UMIW AND VA SV R.ITY STORE--at the sign of the golden comb, Mo9 qClhartres sleetr. 'I'ltesalscrilers have re ceivedl, ia ilitil to thIllirpreviouls stock on hand, I fall auld coaplet.: assotrtint of artic:les in tllheir line; vio: Econbt, iperlinerY, Jewellrv, bIrusheO, lacking glasses, tite' ariclee, ,'b t.consiititg it part e felltwr: ( I()l8-ltrltire thell, wrortlt tid plait luttck,twint, t;illed back, lott roadl, dressing, sitl purll; curl and ec-k, ltrazilianl combs of every description amongst which are somen Mexien patters, Ivory eottls of every (driscilt t borll, dresirr.i an1I pickel tIgcltor with a gL e-IIr. tt Its-ormeit of Freutth ttlt Atrericrn. IPERFIUMUIRY- doge, I ave ler, er loridao, honey, hay, rase, and oran,m flower walsire of every size and des cripll ioll campllhlorateCd ColobgIIR exlruet of JCrnl llOt, lantry stt tt.t':tll kintt, tlehtvitcitt t titt ctken tidl polts, cressm| it)lll 1'tll rdt' vcrettbler lair til, Ia;rsr a nllltt lirlauedo. IPrcell's smellfing salts, ilain lad perfumedl tllcltpowder,tperl Ipwder, pon Jer ·pIiL andboxcl po altunt ill pts and rolls,orrts and chlorine tooth wash ald tIowdeas, Witlh a genellrai ssIerttellnt of J IEWUIl.,lt'-some oflthe latelst ad most ftlshiona lie setts, consisting of whiter la red cornelirl, tolpu 4At jet clrdrlops), et ill lilgree, breas it i ~ ol'a gretr l te ly Of )lttit'trn, etlt trileeerittt gilt mIIdl ilve ttcekles, 'ilver vhiuahle·, silver Rl gull pt xrils and guard clhains BIIRUSIIHES-Cloth, hair, dust. iu,crumb,hearth,lloor, Iat, fleslI, talt, pluate, ceomb, Nail, shaving, shoue lnd LOOKING iGLASSEIS-Genrmn statia and toilet glilossr, ltirglifvlg lend FtteeIlt Ltressig glareos, Ihtme do:, willl it vuri'iv olother k Inds nt e emllnlnrle. IFANCY AND) VARI1ETY ART''ICI.ES-Frenelh alld Alllerican prtible leoks iretl iressing carnese, soe very rite atllt Itiely tfiished iadieH work Iboxtenend dres sillg ecses witlt nlt d without t ltusic, maical huoxes, Ac eordiuoncu Ivoarilon kitls, violins alid gciters, silverI nd plated caeiltlsttdrleads,twoid pincils elot earenters eatd rIetayOllsc ii:tleilocks,g uRs eaId stols witt and withoute erret, tt'rctteetttcit , tet rct.tittectptdttte, tttttitli tsrnw strivers, llot Iille,bgntne Ig, poste blaekillg, lty le.o sls, Intdiane bieaiof everry kitrd, bells and pIumea, llteaend erinien klives, rtzore attet eeriesors ohimrbles, tlees, , ilcer pllted, steel col e lon elo peta r ele, r nlset b loks led wallet tll vLitritos kinllds, viitillg urd.l salrd asesplt illotig cardls of reictt, Germtani luid Atliriae, lltltiilrtti re, dti lls.I itlititten fruitr.r t bolxes, prlits t" va'rioulls kilds, Solllllders' Poalerlv's, Elalillloaer(ls Joill , I hill asn rI lawksl rzor straps mud U ttIll e ic edirks, fltei tead o reckblces, d with i r h oplt, atchesr, trl l lhn tt, owuder fltsko ehu and dollt etal fie ds guill lled ilvere toell1, u eUity llllelra del's , lll a llrg llllrt s pllnllland sword I.illllbs, llllkgaUU llllll b tards, dice, o]1tiuiit es,ijewshartis, litrthtnto match e and dr likilg CuiI, wtil a greCit vrity r o olher t lir hteo all tllclih hI will lie told liar coth rliyaltyccelltutll. ct. Oll itiotlir credit. 111 S &I llINS, & co. d4I ,70 MOtC::trtroert. 1 0lll.' ttlediCl tloItb-lk-I.etitullt Iltlubir; do. oil LIuuIoUlllLtlhltk, a itle l e sanly, ree'l Il y fi A TOWAAIt, 49 Cam S I+ ItIM 01.-l-t10 gitlist puore whilnter d Slrit ll il it caeks sald iles, titr rale ,by JARIVIS & ANI)REWSC, l'ltle.ial ) rugg sor, couner C. naltitto and 'eohap ]lll sireeICs, lltwe + Cologti, f iewter, iutructuero, &e.-A m tioentd iarlie ll eti o tlle, puit lp exprsoly lot ihe reteil Intld'; ler lthe purenl F eh Perficnlcr, rolbra eillg v,-ry virielty lot te toile', ifr sile by ret. R2 EER S & D'LANG. ''l +c.iU Iotfy p liIreanlIs alld n'lanlers. Nleru clrills, hlakelt to l ,niell, liltoes, lowell sitiri!or, ch eke, liltels. eolicure, lhaldrtlkerhiefs &l" ic rleelved allrd lUsale oCiw t t oe le rabcri. he c Li7A & Co. ort. rorner Canal and Chartres t t L S - .luttUlt, No 54i Cttde 'tlrelt, between l)urmain and Si PIilip, kelts citntaltntly on habld an titlltsive aslltlll tlllt oflbools aUd Ibrogans, ali hlttit, iatNew York inanucf,elllre, fLr men, womoen ilid cthildren of all ager, wlehich Ie will dispue of ilt very moderale priet e. Font llien ofuhi. quliltlanie on ending an rdter will thove teir wilhes altlended o L B SEI;OUR J LAN MARIE FARINA'S COLOGNE WATER 2l eeo ninre of hllis rtllerir Cologne water, just received tcd fir salleIly tile dozIen ior igle bottlev. Also Ailericalt and Ftleeh toilet cluwdero, Ipowder n uffa anidl txa, sharing nal toilet csrpt,eotson ee wash Itllo, milt of ruet, rttnni aCodl erem, extrhc o nillok, kepltloa, WVarnl's vegotable hlr oil, potoottll, erelle de itere, Florida.luvedor, roel cld bay lwater, fro'.tcts saltt, Nlrasellec ;crf,,ter,, in trtnk...c iee. . ailt Id liluld rtoe", C:lloriil otdtl rrei t oolh wnsh, +Iotlboir, tttlo, tieil ttitl Ileh bl iuileit tuogetlher with to aluitioaIl eopltly of fClthinlulo hotte nd shell :,,til.und jrwelry,tr sartlow b t wlho=!ae or r. tail lty - SI.MONS, II.KII' &c(, ju!Jy 6 70 UClwtC a tUerl. IAT DE LA IOUISIANE--Ciour do a rocine por is paroiile at villa de Ia Nouvelle i)rl6h--L'tato do Ia Louisiano, a toura eax quo acs presentes concernent,alut : Attendu quo James Copeland Parker de cetta ville , yant achtlb a nee vents faite per Hewlett at Co. to nu, enantours public de eodite valleola piropridt6 t cniapt deerite, e.est adrcsad an Greffo deo etteo te coiur, pour on avi aonformamant a un mate de la Iegisllature de 'etolde la I.ouilane, intituld "Aelct Il pour confirmer lea titres ds aecquereuro mux vantos judiciaire ;" approuvd to 10 Mare 1834. Qu'il soit connu, at toutes peronnes intdresdas seon par eos to presooente somms au non de I'otat do Ia Louisiane et de la cour du Parotise, qui pourraient avoir droit 00 a Ia propri6t6 ci.aprbe decrate, cn consequence d'un or ddfaut do forme dans Pordre, le docret ou ie jugement or do la Iour, on ver duquol Ia vento a dt6 laite, on to de toute irrogularit6 ou illdgalild dana I'eitantiaon, n l'avis ou to temtpset le mode do Ia vento, ou pour of uno antre cause quelcoqnoe, do flaire voir, danos ( trento jour I dater do Ia publication do colic avis, Pr pmurquoi n ventse ainsi aIite tno serait pas confirm6o ' et holnnltgu.o. of La dite propridti fut vendne par lea susdits on. eonteurs to 2Sisco jour de Ddcomnbrs, de I'anIad: 18,J8, on vortu d'un d6eiet do cot Court, rendu l I 23 do Juillet do l'anndo 1838, dans I'affairo de Wm. in Vance sem crbntuci ra at lea ordanciora do Vance ct to Miller. U No 10,961 du docket de cetto Cour, i laqella to vento to di J. C. Parker 'est rendu acqudreur tit pour le prix do $11,700 payable do tl manitbr sui- A vant savoir : eo. En an b!illet do J. C. Parker do la enmme "a de $650 & I'urdr., et endoaed par John 'Mitchel, C portant Ia date du 28 ddcombao 1838, o, payable a &n six main. io. En un billet du asudit J. C. Parker do la m-lmos eomme, a I'ordro dio ot ndnand pir to susdit John Mitchell, de la immai date, et payable It donuz Ite moil. 3o. En on billet du suslit J. C. Parker, do la - m6.o nomine, i I'erdro do at o ndussed par l seuadit Johln Mitcheboll, do aIn amom date, it payable a dix. bait mons. 4o. En ln billet du susdit J. C. Parker, do in somme do 5650, at I'urdro do ct edosi 6 iar le sus. aa mit John Mitchell, de la memo date, ot payablea & six mais. r So Ea un billot du susdit J. C. Parker, de Ia I . meme montne, I I'ordre do ot endost6 par to sumdit ai r John Mitchell, do la meme date, at payable Adouzs i S o. En un billet do.suadit J. C Parker, do la I'a memo somme, it P'rdro de, at endosmd par le suadit Joln Mitchcl, do ia mmono date, ct payable a dishuit n-eis. 7u. En un billet du eusdit J C. Parker, do la sommelo do $650, it Pordre do, ot endoasd par le eus. I dit Julhn Mitchell, do Ias mnuo date, ot payable t six 80. En un billet du suedit J. C. Parker, do in i. meaIndi, asotine i I'ordrdo do et endoard par Ito sualitl a Joham Mitchell, de la tmOano date, et payable a donna mtoio. a 9u. Eu utn billet du susdll J C Parker do la memo a somme, t I,ordre do ct endosed par le usdit Joht I a Mitchelil, do la. marntn date, ct payable It dixhuiti 10a. Ei an billet du eusdi' J. C. Parker do Is somme dae $650, t Pl'ordre do at endossd par to sus l dil Jun Mitchell, do l memo date, at payable a aix 6" nlu. En un bill!t du suedit J. C. Parker, do la a Snleoe oeOnlille It t'ordre do et elldossa par lo susdi t a Johu Mitchell, dos la I em date, at p yayyble & Li douza miois. VY lo. E.l on billetdu ausdit J. C. Par;,er de la nlenulou sull , aIl'rldro de e nlosi. ipar len suadat Joithn Mitchell, do Ia l,eane date, et payable aI dix Ibuit Inuis. 130. Eull n billet du suJdit J. C. Parker, do In soluill de .650, ait 'ordre do ct ellused par le sus Sdit John Mitchell, de la maloae datllit payable t six 14. En uan billet du susdit J. C. Parker, de la memo soultnle, a l'ordre do, ot endueod par Io susdlt - John Mitchel, do Ia lmemo dale, et payable It douzeo i 1mo. Eu un billetdl onsdit J. C. Parker, do In memo tmenue, a I'ordro do at endesed par to susdit t SJolhn Mitchell, do la motlo date, pt payable a dx. huit mois. i16. En un billet du susdit J. C. Parker do la eomme doe65l1, a I'erdre do, ot endousa par pt sue it dit John Mitchell, do nla memo dat, ct payable it r six meol. 17o. En un billet du susdit J. C Parker, do la d eoerne sonune, a l'ordre ot endos6ed par lo suedit Johlln Mitchell, do Ia nleo date, oet payable douze 18o. Eu un moilot du eusdit J. C. Parker do la i memo solllll aet, I'ordre do et eldoae. par ladit Jllllh Mitclell, do Ia naolne date, et payable Li dixhuit l mois-lefiant ensemble la suadite sanumeo do on.z - mille, soept cent piastres. 1, Description d't Ia propridet6 1' prad lo transfer judiciaire, navoir: ro lo. Un certain lot do terro silue dae a o faiu. bour,, Saunet, d6siga6d lar le No. 8 do lilot boe.d ., par le' rues St. TIalliat, tlloenjamin, I'ehoup'toUala et Suz.lto menurtaut 6i pleae 7 piuces do tl iee it la rue St. Tomataa, cur 100 plds do profondour, entre lea ligean paralleles, In tout Uteurtt anglaise: , ollnsclbbittle oUe lo anllliluratslell utIUi lauu Lou It lea droit et privtldgei 1tli y aIrtarlcntiOit. It 20. U1 auatru l.,t to Io re .ntio, daills l us.. diit faxboaur, d6Esigtd par le No. 9, do i'ile't bLorn ol par Ip s iaoudles riera, elt nourautit 2 i ieds 7 plouces ., de lace it i rie St. 'ITomall, eur 10 ilt ds dti p u. , fonlldur clttr Ice ligleas lral.iles, lit toou llcurO t to anglisi;i esaoetiae touute leaUl dlioratis et tons I ill lee droits ot privilbges y llppartneat. a. 3. Un autre lot do terra situc e dan lo sud.t id faubourg, desigi6 par to No. 10, do I'ilot compril r ontulr le. suadite rues, et meauranti 21 pidtl 7 pouces do face ita In toe St. T'iouae, o r 100 pieds a do prolundur entre des lignas parallhles, le tout, i lesure alglaise; oenselble Luutes lea ali.lio r. sn ations, at lous leadruit, et privilgoe y aplprtueiu. a. nant. 11a 40. U autre lotul do terre situeo daas to susdit z: faubourg, ddaigan6 par to No. II du Iilot bourtl par , Icae lusdltes rues, et inesurauti 26 piods 7 poueea do race it in rue St. 'Thomnas, siur 100 Ipieds de prolfnl - deor eatra lee Ilgnos p ,rallelea, Ie tuul, me ure an ua glaiso; enscmble toute loa aml,.liorationa et tnus rytea druite et ptrivilgea y a 5. U nautroe lot do terra ailu6e dacns l susdil faubourg, d6aiguad par lU No. 12, do Pilot bored par T ole as dites rues, et forment I'encoignure des rues e' St. Thomalnet ci onj Iain, nesuranti 27 pieds truis pioueas ot 4 ligocne do fae i la rue St. 'I ionas sur cent pieds do profundeur ct do face Ia la ruon Ben. oi jalllill, le tout, esnure anglaise ; ceecomble toutes - Ic allltnliurations, ot Lous lea droites at privileges y als appartenant. io. Un lot do terre sitade daens lo iame f u. ' Lbourg, ddcign. par io N. 13 do I lint bornlt par lee l ilimoes rues, muaiurant 27 pieds, 10 pouces Ct 4 e lignocs do race i In rue lBenjamllin, sour 133 Iieds 7 ci tlouees ot 4 lignes do profontdour, entro des lignes ur, paralilee, lo tout, lo ure anilglai e; iusuleblu ad toutae les amilioratlosu, ot tous les droita ct privi. letioan e apparteitnaet. lOt Ailki qul a out appcrt dlu iplan dread par F. n Wilkinson, ddjputd arpouteur gdunrale do cat, cllt dald te 26 Dacenbre 18339, auncxa a un aete an Sgretfu of Wallisl Young Dewia, latd ta e 2tme a jour de Jacvier 1839, lie suadits lotsa tant des sub. 0. divisions des lota Nos, 3, 41, et uno partie du lot cd No., 5 ainsi quil aplpert d'nin pla dIrec. d piar Chs. d F, Zi pol, .dp.llu.d voyer, dadl le 4 evrler 18.13, et aoexlrd a elt acts, au grlble do williatt YVuang aLewisdat let 23 de Mars do lae motlte t1aodo. Buresa du Grolfior, de la Nouvelle .Orleians, 8 Avril, ;li:9. _ ale0 J. OLLIE, DOl, Greftlr. ug S1 TOICI'--'The irtnsrslildi of Killey, Masonn &Cit 1ý of New Orlen-,; Mason, Ifiuris &~u.., of Neteherz; nd Ilarris, Kelley eCo., of Rothey, was n issolnved on Ihe lIt of May hnlt, ly the dleth icl duIt uol A Mison, toe of the pnrtnera oft ile fiIas. 'The iulnlereignell, vurviving ipartners, will he chvlrged wihith he siettling and cl)sinlg snid l nll e ss as f ollows: Levi C Ihlrris will attend to the nettruling of the business of lanio, llarris& Nttnch:ller; and Ilnrris, Kel or & Co.,at Itllodnelv and hlenrv Keilley will ntelld lto hle nettling of tits busiess of Kelley, iMasonl C&o., Iit New Orleans. The uniutle of tie several firms will lie used in liqtihtatioonulv. 'Those iiudcbted to rinid fiert are earnestly requested ocrtoe fiLrward iid inclake eirliy adtllements; anld dlose having claims will iplease iEVI llt helnR wiloullt dcelay. .EI. HIARR IS, IIENIL. KELLEY. New Orleans, June 27, 1837. ,FESHI GARDEN S:EI)-The lhbsenher l-t'gs to express his grateful lhanks to Ile pubk lie, for the libernl support lie hlac'ceived since ihe coitiieneced buhiness is this city. thing sole pro priet'r of the seed store, 17 Ciomns streei, lihe i not and never was agent lfr any norlhern seed vender; neither is lie connrelcd wildt aln house ill this cuntery--but he asuures the public lint his connections ill every deplirtlln of I lhe seed busin iess, in tbe dillerent oulrinell oif Ei tpe are equal no that l any' Iouse ill Lt:h' lJilnell MSitr. lHi ilt. porls sedse, plants, &c. froll rie moll PXeensive anlld respectable nnurseries nld seeJsleln i France, Iolland, EniglandI, Sn land, and thie no thern stules-an- d it will at all time. be his ilrreresl, as it is his study, to receive, in addition to ha present stock, large ar.ivels of every dlecription, really the growth II 1t838; also, ensral'ed fruit Ires, of all kiind. The pubhit may rely on finding a full as. slrtluent of every article in t o seed line,l f genue tne quality, and impurted direct by n Wm. DINN. VARNISIIES-The Subslrithe, having lateily sta blished a vrnmihl ilanfanctur in New Orleans, is a ready to eu1pply t1i painters and the public in general, I by whtleatlesor relil. hIli prices are roderates, nd tihe quality of his pn.dtuts superior to any ever bruught ta tllt plsce. 'lth gntsllesllnt eltploesl to superintend the Illauuflreltlr ha been n| ih i head oC a etf ni xlive seaussteluein oI ltih kih d in t r.etps. 'l'htc dispued to cnll at lthecorneer od Nateles cutn Tet apiitiula t eta shall Ie presnaald with a fair sample otf any varuish thety isi wish to iry. Atnltiae theI varnies ari e tie th easerl Ni. 1,warated ,ntI is tltange even is Ishilitl wtater. Thi blaL.k VnihIi tir enurel"ist nile ul vs bo.t leiulaies. Tlhuouaapqsent vasiisi witholst tistll, n" cr. s. i -tUNNAnt. % toyal CoIllege of Pliysic-ns, Loildon.. f.lll original Vegllablde li cin Ulliversal Mcii LI se, ire ol .Iy VW M lnnl, la. Memarco. i he .lal College of illrgretn. .ic..tlate of .iAptile eci-'scLmncpcy, Fellow of Hhlt CoIII.t Society, Surgeon ti tlhe lIoyal Union Pension Amnciation, Lanccasoer Place, WaVterim lridge, mid Peirpetal Pupi oi (;ucy' and St. 1'ihonas'sI los ltl.s, Lonldon. This valuable mdietcne, tile result of twenty years' experirnce anid tnlarieallel success in tle extensive all highly resiectable praclice of the prolriety, letro oised by tii foeillty cin olliliy, mal ili now iltrwacesl to the notice of the American jInllic, at tile earnest so licilltioa f ia number o'geatlemen of long and high standing in tlhe rrofssion. It is hoped as a pawlicni nary step, tol check lthe evils and fatal conseqlences arising from the use of the numoerous anld deleterioUII nostrums loisted uponl thie public by the aid of fabrieated I iroofsof miraculous cares, mul othler firdlls, bya set of rcceoontry, ncprinciplei pretenders, so totally ignooant ol rr.cdical science, that it impossible thle monstrous dleiIsitn can niy longer go downi with Ile intalligent peolde ofthlis Eountiry. iheUo, Pills, mild nodl agrealmile in their atlure, should be kept in every family tn cases of sudden illess, for, by their promull adminitirali tion, chlera, euiamps, ehsoc, fesr ian etlher aircniong comlalintl, wicis toe olien crO fetal, may be speedi Iv coured or ievented. I fact, all those who vlue good health, should never be witheit Ihenm. They are soh: tin ckets at 511 cents, $1 Bid $i each. by every respc table drggist, bm.kseller, Ic vendclor of mediicie it tlo United Scates us I n d C.anasit with copious directions, with: ecstnmmitls of prnl.ssional ability from tile fillowing eminent gentleon: Sir Astley Cic oer, J AberLetiiy, James Ihlollcli, ,i. I)., WV. lock, M. I)., .I. Aston Key, A. Frampton, Mi. II., and naulerouas others. 'he originals may be seen n tosselsion of the General Agent, by wlhom tihe medicinea is imported into this coulntry, lld to whom all applications Itoragenicio must be mnde. JNO. ilIlI.Ii.IN, 129 Wliterly Place, N. York, Sole (cllne:al Agent for thie United States, tc. For sale by alplointtmnent of tite lriginil pl.ellrietor. Ivby SWs & llacTnen, )rubggitS, No I i Ccmmi stret, .ennec9 Agent Itor Stlatllcu of Louislinlo. jul vR tlIItY It L'le & co, No iloagazlne street,are .:nw receiving lroin ships Ntshaille, Iouisville, ict.lcky, Foglranld other bIte arrivals raRn the thern cities a ilrgoe and new eaieited assortment Ia rai*, oocs, Sholes nild Ilrogans, eonsiltilg of gentletmen's fine calf 1nd Morocco boots h no Mo qualii;i do bulPdl, tdll stout wax pebgged boots vrtionll qulities; men's fine cslf seal ands Moroccol a lhs v patnips and brogans, bnckskin shoes, brogans am t alqeiats: men's ine calf anti kippedi peggied sloesandl a I rotlas; do botsi; io nlMIc kip a dl wa leggeid loes a ci hbroanli; gentlemen's Ista qulalily cfllsewe l dilocs, a ipi9iiots an Jac k DIownais; lid calf and Morccoe i lreli slhos and brogans; le cnlf, seal as MioroccEn : I adian shoeOs nsd sliplp.'s, do Ecalf, InIf ummt sear wnmgs, saew article; do fine calf, set l alc moroccoqurter ros; boys', munses'anmolcilhlren'l pelgedl cclil ewedc ' b.cmios, mil sIoes of Cvery quality anl kinil. Also a generld assortnlent l men's stout wax and ell u broglis and shioe, together witk 10,t001 tipair lgO Ibrnt quaclity, rtssett brogluns, nailed in tilt Inska, Ienlc expressly for plntation use; a goodl cs-+ tL I cmeot of men's fine and stout kip riussetl brlg:ois, i c w articltl an ao ago qumtity of ani intecrior quality r, sret inlc wax bl3gaons. Ladies' filne dal; scal, morocco and welts, and pomp sole shlocs; ldo lite Frecillolh .lulrocont i kidl run ,,nd.ul slipqpelrs; do ro:, sloe., wihh and without hecals I edf, seal tamwl u Icsw tu her Imtecs; do Prlunella shlm. I lu kinds landl qalities; do lastinig blrogan:s; oi g:itel r'anld fbxedl bootees. Misses' lasillng springllll se:ll u c lns. Childle.n's colored 1Moreloc ac n lasting bro ; 6 lnbheots, l.e. S;entlenn's lilne fishionxl i black ik hiallc; dIo Ilack in ltcsihl beaver ldo fi a sllrcrior ll unlily; do illitatim t1 it un- do; broad anl narrow brin min's tll e drl b ndll -. I t'k Rcssin sllhort ioqitcl lats, a new alrticle. Yolthls il ;e size Ihats of diillernt quatLics; do chi'ren's. ai lsa n'lsu hl ' black Bld dab wlool lits of vlrious slr ptes, wilu l general aaslmllet t of bojys' adI men's s !l aps. htis usolslent will Ih e replenistd Illb the arrival of SIhto paekrt Irlnull the lnlmue Il led ic ;ties, all of which Sil w ldl ill solo lllr)cmirttlai toeila. i - u -Itf oi retiod fthlcoe enllt-ieenmlu ly to il fer this an /ainrltel reli:e It alsd rerrtati tl eontll. ti l crletivn Se itm, an id rli this elcitc tlol r iedly tl'.cht ai epol orllerer r tonh t ltmll lle Tublic. Arragllcltsi ullv reict towle n i the Uii iitoo tales, stio stu i to citt iu Scte lrgectucl tho.e otllerllg Innl to ' tlt r IItliti lit Iroic ienllg ofellc mieitetti-eloi etc-Itehc ti. tllt Whvllen a+pplited tIcutrling ittcdirecniois g.oe aonl Sbort et, ii t t never fat e i liit lll llllt reli1f. It lso Itrsis lllthe dltlclrV lli dcil lv SteciOll rUNelieves X IlY t 11 1c I Icu l (lb.-A ei.entlvy rremiely are sll erml)l tt¢ u enlt lnout unpleastnid frolll tl large nulmlber of r .ersl. li ilicn.:ltcetit.Iies f Icc l celltry, tlet llle il 1832i ylv erx lla lod Clh delighIti rectie .llauluit i li city, o if u h alo elad C in foe r-tuitedly Io bt.;ar (to1 the 111p uablic .oo)l Ihallcr telill lll o ils li-l a i lort-ilictitl ei t Srivalled ,ielidill. It i ull Ianly rramededv, lta hindS sial anrly in I utiaxletilv, imlth anov bi re.ard,! wh et sc t dii-ed r:iu'ld oer: cs, that l t.he a roricu tor oi ite idmiant of th relelvig mitts. y oF oe o ro It i eoring unler btle Scourge oue ooiirty. It ib J. a\ idi\oieI psseeSio greatvirtoe, Ail) th\~ll. d 7 nccoritig to ite dir(ctl it on c 1 s cover l idled of or ctfeticig eIA're, even in :the ilm obtinuote \t lge ti of the disorder. It is iot ot all cialgreoable, otid r- Irsons of t ale olCul t ItoINaoII d cildron I ay l. rake it itt irinpucity. II strengIltheio bite dCigrotiv orgoni, craotc 0n cptetite, cnd & cldeti ruequircs lit core tihoic our, or ini obctinote coses, two boletit Sto C ffcot a surN.' TNcere is irtIh:.-r i percuryor do a lrtnie in ell loedici te, soer coy tiniilg iljurigou S o thle orirlma cnllti. tion. Te',! lIralict and Uli ce so pell cnvi ced otf its tllicacy, they allgree us to rlcfUid tice prie hof o ely bottle ,n hicdd an haen taeon in a ucordllla l ccewil thla dithe proprietor s lt cot e ffected ana poerfeut ce ur of t.o fever t & age. Ir A. i .LIVEIr, soleent fori t te New Onrlans, at c is wbeons oalc reeving udry of Ilthoeio who are, is mcire of iin posesslleg gra t virL, a tee w e usedstc r or isg to it A rencis ll neer to ailed , of the. IV. Stol' il, 48 Conl i at. PEINS.ACOL.A MANSION HOUSE NEW CITY, PIENSACOILA. VIlilE subtcriber Ia.igpg irchased the lease and far itureo' tlhis wtll knowt actlubli.ntill, tt, frot Mrt Taylor, h lte pr riehe will be ready to receive ti tetes biy the let l" Ap 1il IIext. Nlllterutl and cottly itllllrovtctlel will be follnd in the arrangeltllets of the Altlllnsioulle se. New lld Iorel colUllllious athing housll es will le buil, i oll wares hIlth will be proviled lat tll hours. A stable will be alacllhed to Ilae hllouse, withlll goold accowlleldu- tions flr orses land carriages. lilst rual, horses tand carriages will ual he kIlpt flitr tire ct lodetaten pIrice, al ail R d ow ll wilh tdrwbe It rs8 Illllt llummge tlhete for timh ute of visttlrs. lilardi land other aultmements usutally fliumld at watering places, will alsob e furnished, anld so clusllucted as not to irhrlifre with the ColonrlI and luietol'lhe lbordter. 'lThe dl lqtrs ill Ibe of the I.ueItlltliltv, lutd to eltsUre u ell supvl of c it,-, a cargo lies lreutv belu oradered, wltiti, sill arive abolut the lnt ol May." AltMr Fe'rdrik llerllar, hllo lformerly kllet tll plular a thotel at Wtashingtonl city, trill conldct tlhin lu el for the prpnrieror, who, with such niisconfideutly assures tihe riiters of last year, eld his fricdi ge cerully, [hat they will receive esery pls-ile I;ttllntitU; and thereby exlcett to gite ge*ntrel siutitlactiul. 'l'lie local udvutlllllgu* hitoue llrl tee etoo wll tknown to ued a hlu g. eetd tde.crilptie lre. Ttee flct tlhat Prlluellhlt is the Inrt..:l tnail atiioLn of tlhe So++rullllpnlll; lhe getlerall rtthucnlte of tle Iittlfsqull. rul; tlhe telluItiy ut il tlidlllllI rl.tler.lhdllt tOlll ly du lihg lhte stllllter ltlttltlth b the ctolettl I reet .r from rile titlt; tile be.tttv of th bar ntc d tihe t eighbtrhittg islandt ad rivers; the abultldatIe tied de.licacv Uf IIlt hill with "lnch lhe wateis .hotlOl; ld 111,l i s. .:oximit, to tl" est Idutltern titrtets, give l'etsaula tte tlIe flrece. Uover all atier pilces in t le latitullle, as a healthv anl delighhlill sunurretIlll. Flrsl rule bolals will ar i bhtweet Pensanlvl aned Mlo bile, aud will al all imes Ih ntLl to ltake lhe plsalenglr frtl tlhe New Orletansu luua. I N B ARNOLD. Pens.cutla, Feb. 15th, 1:18. 7i (inetletllll wi.ihitg to engage rms tefr hlleir fmtiliese, ean atdlre thle proprieltor, at I',tieMolt, ,. ilr Sewell I Iaylor, llte furlter itqrt Ilor a, lt e.v Or. Reftrettes. T Sn :fierd, Prsq, Ar C C(:llutttt, McAlgpin, Esq., Lt. Kibty, in Melub.le 8 T Taylor, Pi' R':u, Esq, in Net. Orlelld. I' S-A letter lhag, to receive emlllttlltt tilntit for persos at the labove hotel, i pilaced at lGeu IVhillntan' .lliee, 51 St Charles E:ch lge. FLORIDA IROU'IE FOR NEW YORK. T' 'Travellers dlesirols of taking the Florida route, via lPensacole,tl thls North, ire infrned that first rate bout will consltantlv runllll rl,. nrMobile ito 'ensalrcln, leaving Mobile d Penslcola lell very other inv after the let of May. Goodl stages will aleaye be provided lr tile ailbsurlrr to ie in realitaess Ito lke paeusse ere frau luhbile, in case lof the failure olf the Ilttet N B AtuNOI.D. Tihe atentnlonl Champion loaves Mobile for Penes ela twice a week feb ':i Iv ANNDRW SMITHi & CO., respectfully inform A their frihets and tIhe public in tmeeral, that they occupy the nee brick shlop, 219 Tclhoulpitunle street, where they keep constantly on hand Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, of every description, stch as copper stills, kettles, and p tmups, tin bath. ing to a, and oil cans, of all sorts and sizes, and all other brace casting doto at shortest notice. Grto bliars of very doeoription, etch a steam. bost stirrups, hog h aint. scrow bolts, and other kind ofdteanboat works iuch as cltimngs, breach. e,, steam piPpc / 'I'lmy wilJ. dL do all kinds of out door work, uohhc'm-mti. etppe and tin rmtfi t amid gutterilg, .'JPky .hvs ald ulall otlher kinds Il work ill their line of busineuu, they will execute at the sioMreat notice. decj7 JUOSTPUABlSHL)I'D OIMTo ' RHiLGTITL|' PI'l ,Jmg S The 0ich Edition of - IIOWI.TT'B TAIt,.S OF INi ' RREU.T : fr whichll is w added all Avnelge Tinw ilCaeula J tos, or easy melthods Sir· filolimmg mie vea le ime 1n g seloyg, notes f' hel ora bills of g, nilmen u.m' ellaem Mt mli dii'eet dates, an die'offent remlits, and' I;r vri'mos M.nlonmmtsI; beilerm mfall mmi comiplete hankilg Time Talle, tie beS Ihat eal ime eontriled. r tIalt fi gmreecan er.iee within tile same emldesened comleas, and siee oft) 31 A a :velliasemenl in the book is in nearly the follow ing werds: isRe ilgh dlistinction lhis work has reeelved dnmighi tile ten leislalotive a.ets premxedo to tim tilelag, is a rse eommenlnmti.onm ill itself, so unloommon,, and so eoonclu sive, lm t nothing is neenensry more daon by waynel I velqtiacm.eml, lm giveoe.nomeetmllem view of some of its pe enlitrimiel: amo for insnaeea, the lnterest met been eoamsm Ied freomand compnred wilm, what is eqiivalent to four memn selm femeiclatione, exnaminued in tie pmeess thilry II five tilmes, anml r'immed Irleml mtereoeype pilates esral thir(lyy-onee timels, from all whlic it mnt be evident even to the tke mtie (ele'tislly o. tile pe.tonl etfhe me tnil e" proofin mtme lre'mee) tllat tile wem'k mosi me nritm emetieally itmflllble, olmmm ill confimation ofthims helief Sremium olf two hummli and liftv dolla·r, is now ofie ed r the Ildeteetioml of an eor eloa cenlt in the resllmet om fifth eldition, as exl sedi in time preaee, mkinmg five l iaeelnemint ll ereed for the ameerror saincethefirst twhicmtieni in tie year 15 12. One of tle moat ewnmiceoas featmores of thIe tables is ainte erangemelll t ollf tile Tilne ami Amounnts, whiell fer exvpemiimtmmo rmference ondl.l~qieomilj', wimh time imlp oftime simietont ileieX. emnom ie eomellema n mel the sliy tyo ml ease willt wmih thie in:creol ean be fomnml totme eexne of general bmsilness, wilhmot doublimg o/ismms i besioides a convenience s, essential, that in the estima leonof some oi the most competenlt aml ramtimal bhsi. nness menmmell mnmmblie mmnlmes who emve madmegmeatasie of the week, it ihas been mistimmnishim by tlim imommmable pilwimllelniefofa "mmmer ilmo.em. And eonsmlleilmmg the infeililmilyin of the mmelmlmot Olnieilgmmy metlalem, ill econlmlsillv mhmevolk, and llihe extlaoelillry uunmllier anl vI, iety ofllle exmiamtions, onli tesls of every etdiltion it Ihsl psedimn lle press eOmwimlstaimding ithe wlomle is ill stereoyl)pe, eonsidering in dsnh't, dhe lositive accu rny Meell Its ytile nn nlr~eedellted Inleill elnlpioyo~ll the vo I muoehas hlee n~ hlehdl n andl emplhatically Ilyledl " be .Jost wo.lerlill hook Il I1he wstlkl" molst eertainly no mmm nan omeeo tfigmre work ofthe eme extenm , whici mince lime hmektmmlgmmig molim .eton lines hmam lime oommme loami ber maim ormiely of mecmi ill Ihe samee nmmber of emilores no, illnorllne Ialflthe nunlmber, s isl dearly sdlown it the Imelmhhee. S Ileimlls, altest anll stainamird, its beerntricland girmeed in nearly all tie bsmnk tmm pblie offlices in tie U0item mI .telS mi b¥ tlepai lim i m onmrallely, imllmmimg the om nag imemilrd ofthmirtv:fit c.rna, yes Inmeeor of ihe eal mcolin o ils e beems flmmd illd atl ant bhogh en Ollilln ally nIe mlctmgrmi by tile eilieofm very lrge p e rminm. Tlime kcbhk.iill (het enmrmseiy admiomltemi by ali theeonmla eflaw ot eVeeOmmlll etme Sloles cM tile "r alme of emmhomllllmm ml irelmalllte illmmeroet," alllce imy tow for bmm kiemtesm'1, aooemdnimgcl mie immek mi ias eomi, end asoran. imesee in inter't, by .ue names of tile lubsoriber, ad a few of he asubsellent puIiriEhaers, il tie list ot limenm id of tlm book, isn s"easiln l ml'evcly teass of eitirclll ill every 1qua0 to tefIlme Unitmll Stales. It is llmorever well kmnown tlllt hy its rermly check, it las so Ilmmllle dleteial lrge merrsm mlimng otter ithey were 1 mllem 'ev'll Im Illme mmmlocemlil mi d most om lmlellelelt aerihn ltciav s Iel its clsefiillemss, mmmm Ihe mbsolmle ne cessit¥ for its use, have been extensiylyel inlsisled upon,, so evLlellt, inc,:d, iavo been its imeai;ytnlim , aind its 'uvilg, Illmit, seerrel y.nangoll, whlilst tile fir(st edition Wmas Imuleem allll lmntof mm illllt:m greUt of seeOlmmi llllll i enli os Wele MiighK l m l, sllle Io a gre t Ilis;tailee. ill iiil'lrl imm i niiklle l .m|i us, f s Ilm y $oulll nc lmmnmll .llyIIIISII pick ted. R~ll. IS'o e .ll I+.lI [il.JliarEolytro somlll |,e persons Iheurecnll. y dw e rlllledi, Ellll ialllltlances soeli heo' ll.oted leht Ida woid i ai d 5im , ~I$In and l $em l lolr m emoml, immf noIe mIme had m le'os, almi..l immimCidulm ill mime ltlmmr imi mmc ll rm lll iolll el.l , itimmg ci timhe mmmr iimlll rxhieirl .i'sr:ml m rlieemmem Imo ilmlll .pmrsoylmlmmm setl llllllh Ilo hil il wasl readl worl tihllat i l)' itlll nmre tlaough the ,avimg oflhis very vaimablm i ime, Ie bcingm m.rl rich nm.ioi n. in MoImlic office. It is likok. wor,*tlrhy ofl noit ce, nnll imiced prope t, I in llrelll , h lde l such is the u tuI ll O 1" i llgne w ork generalleC l Smi i a sll ke c i cell w m e l I 1 h I ll i e lIn 11 1 t1 1 im m i rrlll aiin e illo ihese mI mill mm ill ml ha ll llmis lmlmk mr im les l ike hllmn m rel' ell in Ih.e IsI iiilllller viollc h t mlsil t comlpl ell caicumlmor in tile world, mmmi mfmel'mreards primm'dmi entiuly ide emr his own orre'tlioemof prooim mhmets, it wolllll, ellllmlt a I c t:millly, ilivte bieml 11mmmn f r li re ferellleo,lml mierll rt n ll' ill'ie, as tle plmmeie dlriicn lrl i explaimsl. Iuil so leelCct and vailmablee have the stelremly'j illlmtes mmf imis ehlmwmkllleen millmc, tmimmt to lceormC lIlemll, willlthir iilnmec ande exllnlrdinal'v elamlillm tions,egainst fire, lfor tIle general Ieeleti, tliey are (by ndvertiemmnll) eonlslalltly kept in a Iece of simeeil m:lli ,'ly. oxee l dlw ile Ilmei lm l.'i lln. Ae mmmm'rti etmilme to imIimmmi b:immmkl and smtlltme illlmn eat wilt ulsel| otles, follow the irtface, whllhillSc, int1his l fitlh lis i lltllh Wetwo l'reeding ediim .osl, co e mImnllem l il i ocomcmellilog Ilee Iwi l mohminodes of compem iUn illtere LS, tee dIo 's lli lo ce, he. t l elllllllmll v lo rmnlmckm ll, ll mi lllmwil llls ig ltils olllmmllm.O monlm Ielmoi wolk m whmmie was ilhliilml hmelmre I imllherem almfes Wilne itlllOllllcl ill Idllrs InII ellls Is elll11 B thnin m 'mll mm, h ll mh( memti 1 1 e mmemsiv me.llll m 1 lim meelllly |)lllr'Ill·ll HIIII ilI··I~l IlllS(~ Iii yl .lllllili. |li~l· (ilb lilllel:tM tec m eim'mmmm m s of eliorlY Imrimmr ogll Imily illmllmrm m sllel six melil'sel immmle mtonm 1"l9t1 18i5, mlstiiii mImchm.l.mst dim , of m rmmmm am emiml g rioimm m himlly mrmmmi ime m nmmi lica tio i ' ' 'hmm ti'me, rt mmi llllhmrm rill. e. io imy n ll1inm lf > cmp l mi l " ii m t mm mikeom lilt.mimn o .f·. lr , til, ald sIcrIi ae. W\'heel'ir tlh nuthoIr still r..lies on lhe disve llnlld Kt-rllsithi & ofmlhe lmm.lic mm' acontillnu: mmml mininmouc. i mutcm'" iell'mimum m mm,1 il ol ge, r le h" le 2 ' itr;immmm o,' tlJl·.li im Ic m .mmemRm Stamm.. ,c m mi'mm1.1.'mm NI.W W.i. lm,&m . 1'Tllh AlNeri. i m pI'Chtl, by lh m mmmehrol"A ur in mirm," iommm llhlllll.. " Ile t N ,I,. lhl mm mmmncIn, m l cllmi. ! Thi' \momm Wilb lyk, a naIl lm ,nemrl reli y 1 i . mlllllllt ilmm mm nlm , llmm c I ore , timmm l'ai.tyTm, No mm Car 'tree1 twm dmmmrm m hmcolll~ inoe ttmmcoem " oom l, Amcwn(cy me tomme'lemi·)k in L·himms Imimein.limS me he fmlmtwtil wmeds imlt.l 1mmiaell, a g mecultel lmma m mehsterI) mI d onml. e lo. woll m . l M at:s. 1Mahoguny, 'Egyptia bl ack :.,d gold, t Oak, G luhl lad Antico, a I ollalrd oirl, ( niblll ir rd artl'.liqe, a /Iirds m t e 0, i y ,hwnite a Satin WVood, I Pothmle, I Iair \Vend, 1 )osc or Itardello, a Yew Tree, l hinlnO Wh'lite, r I (orolmtumlle or Illack : ,innlnl:s ih. Ih'recella, a I r.e Wood, A,.erian (Gre)y, o AI ^. \\ahil Oak, k el~. k. kl. a Slpecimen~s to be seclu atl tih shop. lPaintsl, hils, .. glass, colpel veirnisl,, ke. on haend leior sale. ,.., ml_ ITRON,STEElI.& IIEAVY ,iOUIJ)S-llut, sqars. anlll bundle iron, well alollrtled, llon,, aroll and roil ironi, aioil rodsaol lulngllh mnouhls CU.t, Oerman, shealr, blistered, spring, sheet and Crowley steel IIollow ware, cut anll wrolught lils nid spikes Zinc, blick til, mill lllll grind tones, sailt kettles Chain atles, anchors, hoes Ox, lig ainl trace hains, corn mills A vils, nices, I lluerllllll blUlows Wire, sheet, pig and lar lelli sliot Cerl, anad cooking stores WAnlm s, Itlowlland's nal oilier padiesl anild hovels SIlook and pilate inges, door anil winollw oolks Collins, llllsl, Sna pi, eaol slltier axes l'eir' ll llalaila cnlliaie, linles ainll twilne SlHlt anld slhitllthig copper; Naval stoais Itaitis, liisllsani iin1 Sllrni oil A fullassoirtment oT nlardware iandI shlipllchandlery, always on tlnld, and which are ottered fr salnesl t whole sale or retail, on the imoslt avorable ternms, by m4 LAYTON h Co. 53 Old Levee. ml IWV G((h)I)IS-Simmons n llna & co lirla , w'r l •eivioio fro.a oaoil linrd nhi Ylanzooal ndSrlonggl -dil rig Cil.onlrdna, fFronln N Ya Yrk, a grenat varieiy l goods in their line, whict h together wlth their fiirine nllllk Ie IhInd, onlkes It ir aasiortitreati'iyJn Iipte. i: k l iii(I il rilik l lio u l, l |rl, bih I f ll cke d.l' i, i:g 'ieto la;liiusil ranniinorea pnat,nvia tlns, Bowie kive, dtin nnlb 'r,sik taooned wInteirtns aiiunn'rn , ianoaan& ine elani l tn ., ri l lnIdleltl, I tii foii illl I.neiir ltl hll lithllhz iowd l' olrill·uf. lilill ai lxesn lihi· alewlI(r, pomiket hook and nleltri, .rellle llolkt, slill ,iotlrl, ivory a rroreol casesrd rases, hIta ntw-reezep laehdc rad "hlllala eeilsoiin ii.i gligie.e , el'I (lnllilt ,sieail oneklitnde, t ilgtsrl lat tiand iaon ,,ile, r oladl giltIeadn, toiiaat Leadi, ltell ale d ilun.ana pistolanod large piw. elr lltsalnnhotl la.ta, hiorne, hell. pionetn aniid ihiilg i i.tlle; iluhltllll mlain glL iiarrteltle.I ia, Ilowii klives,i and dirkso. ecisao, t lshtnr'ra , oIkeit kniiene gunrd chahia, ', waisali ieklns, ntiililinihr, h iiiioi, ilicoial, rulll. slloe, at le, lolr anin l.ttillg hrusalma, Couign, Flor ida, lavlromr, re anl haiy wlerlsaio rld esnllres, ant nxlrntHEtillirelotalr, hiear, amtio'nm lltlld W\ard'n ' gesailtle hair lile, lemil ing mild tiilet Sailta of all le eriltionlls, landiit iemmteam'a e ' desk. laa l dressi.g anesl, hlair,rizeliesi iasel Iiids, plaitn, faney and mus eal wrk noxs, l hlill alllI gilt, finlgired l,. all vest ,lttoiln, peirii ilad ivory shiih dii:, liii tutdhls, gldl and siltnm'rsi l crasa, tIniiht rnikn and ltweezaPelnplled and gill hliketn, ilhlunre allld, nitnre, lrnaas anl steel ir nhllle, h inlii a co il ,e, a ii ilnilatiiao frli, blk altl ruelimk,luan ilnckinllg, vhnlia ola d gnlitinin,rlnihed and plain iereu.siln 1ops, lisn twinecentlled tllsl teas,gohl and iter laci aad frange, hlatter l:lper, gaam irago, ridihg 'wlial, wailkitig ealnes,lmlavlag aidnl, ainl gldl, naltd mId snil ji'wellry &m. m'lme laove, tlootller with a great nvaritev f ltlhr arti lea are lleed il at wolesale or rletail oil acOUiiantOlllah lerms. N I1 Slhell eonmliarepaired HARROWGATE SPRINGS \.l0mmeenmoirVy cmlnti', Aliata. . THREE DA 1I. JO)URANEY FRO. NE IV ORI.IE.1iN'. IlE Itmrsroprietr f tlits estailishment haianthluplea Surt an nltllllll'ilg lto Ilia liieldli,,an tIe putlit in gelnetail,lhnt lie will in in reailine.sliy thle first lda of Sla' to receive visiirsn. lie will leo iltate lr i sler. eorit olftis at alitairnalltl lt tlnere houve blenllarg. imptroveeniosenniade, anl Ithiers niIIW goin oil land at rapid irogreass fotr umilplliun, hliclh will elnialle hie subafieer to altumeaallmOnte a ltlmllh htlrgr atal. thall heretfle, and at tle anllll timlne llutch aitelr. Yullmilie cull ie acalollllllulllntql a i t golo mons, or slhae who prlfer eala liave large cbiIs danialated fruai sie miail biildlihlg. It it dPIlellei id iante.'r.sry oill a* nyho il prtio. fr uof ihe charaeler ill tlhesa wniersa, fr it is gatrrllly selinevd tlha they are not ihfrior o aila it, tie Suutlh erl Statens. All the atsiltaitela siha ars geistanily ou llln l Wlatalerlng Places, will le fonsd a Ilits. 1T lat aasic thllt his lart a" tnl - utItry al ril'ntts, l tao onmgagsd, anl will ha itlastlllllntl atteldace anl'a Springs duriung srh whele slslea . 'I hsoa.etiliel will iavil hlinselfnf tIlli imrleunll in reltrniang htitlltifisihol sInta l fir she ne"y liberaI asUtnsss glant Itit lulstl .nahut. atls toltle ltv itIe e.x'r tioa, thaal s ae e ies r udo in inlprvin .wl, extruding sIe a.tlwnetss latsittau in h a s libaial inuattltnst Ithe psaes salallUo. JVU' CelL. u . . S 'MAPL AIANliltl - . Nrhr +l, n. e Every Ishe t 112 M. Worhe M. Cles , very be ay at 101 A: M . Due every -ui, ~ n We dn'eday .Westrn M . s. bPryl h .P. M." ., oyF.y e i Claeuimevery Monlay Wednesda tried 9 P. M . TheLake ail Dat a SerTl TPu.edI5, K v Closes every Monday, Wednesday EXPRES- ----. - TIMES OF ARRIVAI DEPARTUKRI .DITW..sCB &e. of the Express Mail, betwen Moolls a.k:,NiW York-leari g Mobile dalljht l P.. -M. erthwCar New York daily at 5 P.M bouthward, Arrives Arnie Nqrhwrd. Distance. Tlime. keaom'g ,Montgomery, Ala. 2 pm. 198 tn'n 23 I 12i olumbus, G. 114 8 1 91 31 am illedgeville .Ga. 133 14 p.m o Coiuda. S.C. 7tjam. 13 171 laleigh, N C. 5 215 2 12 t Warrenton, Va. 12 m. .55 It n e- Iteburg, Va. 10 pn. 83 10 9sa. a liehmond, Va. In mot. p21 3 6 " Fredcrickabnrag, 8 67 7 11 p m. Wnathington city, 2 pm. 61 6 a lltior, 64 38 4. 1 Philodelptiia, 6 am. 100I 11 A New York, 2 pm. 90 8 0N ior 1305 143 .. or 5 2. SNorthward. Coming Solthwar I, the ie is iix hor Ileor; brings days and 1 Ihouro. TEN DOI.L.AIS REWARDI). SANAWVAY from 169 Crmoadeletl orner of lHeit i n trets,na the night of 31h of Auguet, and wae Been :ie next morning In Poydras street, negro boy inaed CI1ARI.ES, abn 17 yaT r o oe oge, sanl 5 fei Ir t heretbtl t in eiheht, rr blol and k alnenas ime le ient ih hia speece; onl of his legsa ins mr, ie sn noe.r Sby a recent hbrt lmhadl on whln he went away a whitl cotton or alien shlir slld white cotanI intalounTa. maatero lf rveaels anil tealn boeats ae eanutiho d a it inst receiving or hnrborlig elid negro, as well as ala other per.snta, a tbhe itmsit rigar of stie law will he " esnforced against them. The aovme rewerd will be paia y fordPlivcoing hil into any of the jails of either oafth Snluicipslities, or at o16 Ccarmdclct, corner of Hecvi htorer. wpr1mt s NU'l'Itrl'--'l'lle lyarlrhllip l r I ,rtolrer exiaing nodllrteIr lfirn of Dhboi t ao arreltson, hay heel itissolvcel. Tle eauhcriber will liqlulato tlse ala irso tile concern in this city, soad reqauiree all persons indeb. I e to ankei payeni t to him Aoly,i ad ll thiose oving c d tlaiii, tpMd a e nlt lhint forsetnleoionit. nti 8--ts H (uARRETSON. CAIPTAIN MfRt YA'rVIS NEW NOVELS SRnllis the Reefer, by this author nl Peter Simlple, &it Crumiigs, or a Winter at Slhleaa taislfiehil in Lewn Stvil, by Captain Iasil Hall, Royal Navy, P.L S. is. I T ol. /rd Ro/dnie, s romnne, kby Alltm Cutniighanl, I co Sheppard Lee, written liy himself in '2 vols. I Compeitdilia IislarsrfoltaIp, translated frm tit original Italh•., by Nntlmnlel Greene, in I vol. for min Na. 79 of Hsrper's imatily Lillrary. Volt. t & 4 oll'l rsnw empilete eal uniform eaition of tVnrahirtou Irrisne' t ('orks. Roaer'er FPreh nod Eag/ish I vol, 3us Nufel't's F r'eorh send Enofli s Dlclionary. few more elatleeof Cmnle'a Phrenology "Rieoi" I, lrge ntrveyore pComnases iofaulperior rqu itv, with ehtii us, Bilialrd Ialnlscdf 21-4 snnl 1-2 ineshe tdilloitl' improved iletalice Iene,jlnedullls pers, weight ao&c. &c, &r. it J rat receved, a uid fr esoal by hI31 BENJ. I.EVY. P'INNOCK'S I15MEE &c. iINNOCK'S IMPt'ROVEII EDITION OF DR Go1 (ilsmih's Alridg nt of tile Ilistry of Roe. Io sblcb is prefini sl hlrtnti-tin io IttIe Mtdy a it RoIIin Illicry oalid great variety of valuale info, e lation , added rIlnutwalnl tbth work. on itie Manoers Insrtiatlilns i fat Ar t ellstlie t of. he e Iornael; with as it lrltllTs biogrlinhicoe andt b tisoriel Notes; and qoena lionlls fsr eXllllnllllltin lat th. end of elaci oectiia. II. Ilaislted wilh IldrtvenFcvillgs ont w ,otl, bi Atherton aI'itrnti,'sa Ih r tliotvdi Ellitiin of Ir lIn oltoitl'a History of Eniitlld. ul ttllhe lCiin of Jii t tlen i Ceaar to thld tfl el lho tiicglrge id, with n tostinutlhm to the yea I tIl. Wiltl iietiits t'ir iIIeximinIUtion at the eud ia ,ari(' stiei. Bt"ides o vrliety of vetltaiblu i fUrmai itin adIIll trotghot tthe I work. Consisting of table fIfs' ltreprlilrayi ovrcigest ntl eminen a pner8mu .oe illots ipiantoiry itilee. Rel.arks on tie polt tis, iilaslln'rs ihllll liertlomt, of the age. An u dtJinrs the Contilulon, &c. &c. tllstruted by miany enEgS Gvuy' or Ansoassc, and an Aoridgmee of Keitli's New l'reatise sn the Use of Globes. Now I Americi• idiioii, with addtilillts and imlprovemenl an r all explation of time astrOllnical tpat offtih Alm rice• Almasac. Just received soil for sale by WVI M'KEAN ieuv 21 ceur or otC.alnp lad cuiotna ns I OItECl,lrailitail by Plhillip Francis, 1) I), with ' i ls II I Ip lllix, clltitilnilg tIriilebatIioin of Vcrilou c",&c, hy lino Jiason, Ctwley, Miltitt, Drydo. - lPle Adiliate, Swift ClIimttecrta, , OVakekelt, Ioc;reu yIlrt.a, &c, itia aollle sl'the iiireclnitinl poietts of tie l'tItEllt)ISIj,, with tie nypei tin f itiultil tanstal tt hid ' Clhriaiililcr eti,•nrt, ii 2 yule titrnil vsluateS ' Itnd otlt"llltlrer's Ic.clfl icilll.ibrarv lh Isvxe E tlai.f uti IIUA I'II2Y CIl.INKIi.R by Stnulblvl, I`I Il, wi th .im .istr il'th, itliirc by ''I,"is SI ope,, E t., new ediioi wiili lhitricieu, by hUs 'I'IIE II'V Tcn "l,tbc ikeuithr if " Iicoeltme IMry ell/ lcgarty," Su:.,t,e w uilitill, P eatem pil 1'.iT t. ý'lltIFF't)It b tic o etlimr aI " his Ith i I , &lai.,'&, l llu i lJlls it iol Iti uie re Iof"l: rrllllJ h 'It C psIu kle o 1ek Juslrtct"ied . iale,, W3 McKliam j AIltN (It' )E."-g ut.lek ti'icanai asIlta ' ltut;-:.tTl .h I1IA W r at I1 iifatter.igncd hitsut ruci m "uItatirotcll bains . i u T as it ltr"¢l_-i atlil Aplth clilry, i tIhe storm a oet'llI y M. J cab ()it, att Iie coroe'r of Tivli circle ;ile Trit,, Vnilk, respoecilhllmilieus a •share of the }un irI pttllplo e aitdi retnewal of tli fesvrs of hit frtileer cestolners. The entire eatiik ol Druca, inictli-iiesntd lsenv srticles i0 fresh mnd carclnlly socltcid. t'ie lloluwiug only are par: tlcslumrizedi, viz : iPre Seidi, Selltlliez all Saraloga Powdera. Y, set Ia wd,-lirit, blitlg a wihttltesoe ndil elegant suatlitutlle Ir cuslt, in raiting bread, buckwhlet cab e&', , flul lc' f If-rrveseent lngnesian Alpperiont--l plle.snal s nsd geste purgative is dyspepiat or ndi. geatitn, iervus debilityr, giddite-s, leadleche. sedity oif ie iausaci, habit ual eustIveclsl, eults. I;,leos reliltions, &o. Cnrpealcer' Fluid Extract ofi asrsapnrilla I turith tg Iie blosi, bde lrou c o l estelle,b &e. ti- Swn1.'s Iui cc and Verlnllluge ; Briliish an Illalleml oils, Opodelduc, &e. gk I fi-eed Lq ,tricr, jinjbe nd Guhlauave pastse l'uitll brllelllao, N S Prentica's cerbooic dentris il rice, elirle ts)UItii wiisu, powder pulff and bexes. Ireltiec. acorbalile denlrllirc, rlilrlllo tooth wanlts powdcr il ho es od b.ixre, Prelticc's nenteld nnd lpill illil pawder, iomtnln croene de Perle, orante I ,wte, rTitr, lastllV, er and Florida walers, of .ie best qitliies, Ita lnd'sa eIncaesaur Oil, Old. rid.te' bau.t ol C'uolulllbia, beat's til, a variel.y of lucifer llld ollther motlcles, indilible nlrkig ink euperior Ileck ilk, &e. Spcrim and reftied whale oil. llay'a Lininlent. A ireah tsoartulsent o 'Jhurltnrn'slsrden Seeds oct 2 GEORGE JONES. WlOWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, FOR FEVER AND AGoE. T EN yenrs hlave not yet olaimodoince it was Sfirst regularly subsmittod to the public; but it has attained the highest reputation; and has sup. planted every other medicine for the Ague, whroev. or it has been known and appreciated. Already has it been carried in every diroction throughout the United States, andl still realizes more than could have beeon anticipated by its moost sanguine friends. Thousands of persons have not only been relioved, hut restored t. bhelthi and vigor through its age. cy; and they now choorfully testify, at overy op portunity, to its deoided and supreme efficacy. It is cosnpos.d of such medicinal principles as are calculated to renew the healthy action ofthe atom ach, liver, and other important digestive tihe los of whlic harmony is the immenodiate ause of the disease. It is apipront also, that it produ. cos an uantir change in thile condition of the system, and certainly destroys the native liability to relap ses of the tffcetion. When the Agoe is attended wilth any other couaplaiut, the empyloyment ofthe Tonic Miature will not interfebr with the treat. snent oftlse other di.erse, but wilt even afford as. satllnco by lurnisbihg strength and vigor to the body during the course of treatment. Thaee who Imake use oh this medieinue iny be assMured that toiera is no Arensic, Barks, n.lrrury, or any other article in its colmposition unfriend'y to the unman constitution; beilg entirely a geobble extract; and they may have additional confidence ia tLe use thereof, when they perceive that it has the ef fectol a geento laxative about the time half a bot tie full has been taken--in coneaquonce of which, there is no part of the mondiciln left to linger in the bowels to causl obstructions, and other evils, arising from tihe use of many of the remedies now offered for the cure of this affection. It lhas been used also as n preventive, by manoly who were sub ject to a periodical recurrence of the Chills, and it ohas inrvriably warded fufthe apprehended attack. Observe! The Proprietor, fully satisfied ,with the onparalclsed and universal ensucess which has con stantly attended a punctual and regular use of the Touio Mixture, in all eases of Fever and Ague. eeula warranted in engaging to refnad the price to all those who have taken tihe medicine in strict ao cordanco with the prescribed directions. having been perfectly and lastingly cured. The subscribers are the wholesale agents for the South Western States, and have now on bhad-fix ty cases of this modicine, which is warranted fresh and genuine. For sale at the manufacetured pices JAltVit , ANIIREWs, Wlsslessle lrtygiets, inova . ao Contionmem t 't'on mIsitosulas street. TeLOUIL- - 'l auliig fn ni, toeamr aldepeed e, e . 1e bN heliJr., Eon.rsip'm Rae ot .ro, a--'Thee Casne iri the genuini, atti;lo, jest received by m". 3. REEtll & o'LAYG., 18 Camp at M.-allIisiiom mt,--cOltJ cOle mtanmUi itle supe, unade all , henmp, an mro, a "d imr tl.: by a 3 UOU W t t' . jA, .T.IOR. ,.6 f.iJ trt t

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