Newspaper of True American, April 17, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated April 17, 1839 Page 1
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l4 _ _ _ _ 1je _ _ _ _ __ON A P\ucu 1 OAtAerCONYI7 c-Prlco: _1_2. CENTs.___ NEW_~_ _LT ORLEANS WEDINI:]SDAY MORNING, APR~I IL 17, 13:i9. .~ _ . ~_OL.--VI No eE Torn,, of the Neip'eper Press of New Or/can ,naioiloonelv agreed tort ll a lldjourllnel InOetieg fit, the Proprietors, hit ontllhe 131lh olf March, 18:17. ORscRIPrr0,a.-'Tlwelv Mnlgre for the doily pt 'or nouait, payable teni-Iull hlly ill alnlle: tel dollars for the twi-wee/ly euaalry papeer, opyahle one year in allvlale, when, 1le itv referenee i givge. No a tlttlriptioll will be dlioeollliaed until 01 rrenreeger are selttle. In cnae of di Illotinllulane, one week's noltice it oeritlnS 1ma101 0 invoin/b'y giveoll, prrevious 10 ill xpieatioll of " bteriplion. AnvUrlrstx.O.-Oli0 aiollar per a llnlu for t1a fleet ,osertillend half thlt prieofor eae Coe etlloqlerrt oee: an; material altertion Croma the oeigillnl advorliblelelll will h elatrged s a n11w one. YtAttt.r AovnlrrnoOeo.-Merelnktlo and l ' rc'm, orty lollart f,, Eogqlth alono, and sixty foer 1oth Ion Ilnoks, Isrclllllranee O:fleee, t oIlher in pnbh intitutions, fify dollars i n Englishl only, nod~ tighty for bolb languageo; hill and Slternleoal FIe ors, or Coenmissiol lurellhnmll. 010ty dollars ill Ellgillh n0, and eigllty lar betlI langullages. Manozsnae, Ooneeotoe NOoaces, and nrticles eall ing the attention of the prllie to eales of properly, curds of ptsocllger, hillcit.o, &e. Ste. will hathurgred one dollar per oquaro for tile heal insertion in each Ian CnMMul0ICZATlO8, or Adevertieemlott, of any peroln. at onture, whoe ndeiooi/ele, shall lie charged dauble, and in ddanceo. A dedulctien of tweelyifer percent. will be mlede to Auctioneeor, Slterif, llagiOlee of WiIIIIIII and t Mrshl onoales of real estate. 10li1he d in l ullllIlIll lllanlguage and 5k per cntl. iln ngllll llone:l 11ipercent. un salvo of other prloperly, Auvorlorioc: 000' 01o1t ol IlI, drecet line bl/oirst.,, of the odeertisee, such as legal, 01/ti0ll, o,'l 7/1 p11s lotn iolet, ruelnally nlave, stray a l,.iieomals, Pe r. will be ehurged for eelln.ploly, andlIt thle rliulry 01,es. Aiereoeroosttoeo 1101 e/lcllefiplOlPe Ip ti,0e,1 ciii be .o.ealelihedll one month, an lll eeeelled nerlcl y No ,dvertiseellllto lltslo lllobrlcietle will lbe lbllllel 00ay tIter, 1011e00 pllill- previous to insertion, or pacyment ul yi r penrsonl ibe town i'I olrItr n othe1 r plans /l f jlleeeo :nl nII verliil' daily itrilia ealillll. tl, le cllrged $ll/lilfr lnlgll sha lone, and $150 in bath longue-yrs.'a All anoeoa ol'l000011o l''0Ies for elit~cel lll/i '0 will be cllhargd doublt,1iIr 0 Ice of lotlher a'vette I110llOIC 100111 p llrl '11ecl1r ln lll .'1 11 ll I I~ ll(ll lll '01 i 181111 plnrpil ter?, they hove root' 1a IIIr 1((11 1ion lout the wit i/l nl/IlC hlhl l l r il/I h l 11111 'll hu/i' gg ltlillq lll 11110t no to I d rII (I or A ri fo1 r 1 sh X~ii,.tais ,*N 1~l iar/l1n rar ole til ntr "111110/1/' J. IIA011 ll N, J'. 11. I'l E tll;.S'' J411tN (IIIRSON, lVI'i'il~i Theta.-We, ill" lldrrAr 0,',1,13(1( to abide ll bly the arosll(e Pllllelitild( as Inc o n they 1101' Illlilalllr to 5Q,1 ..\a -h-e-iriptionr ar ,Moon. falr It- then lI i nx111w.11 d "AY'S i NIt NT. NN Felion.-aThi ex I .raorduinly chaw icd e~nmp u i, itnt, the rei,, i ! c inrii.nlll e el thet ieIa I l i l i u l i hi ratiO eullll. i oatl inal, tle ilatll til a, it of whit ;h l o t hle, t la it was ilveotrd wiu:ll the i t:lllllll y If a delthhela a oequenllt, lhas tillne :ined a rlputllll tion unparall eled, i i fttly a taioiang lil ,rlertne' s ' of the lam'n;ttd Dr Gridlhy's la't c 'ia n '-la, that a he dared niot I (hi o'itahout gi'ia' tie pateritr y tih btro it Iat lia knowh'lldge o tina ra iijt itd e tilljrrcl afir I bJquoatlhed Lto his aii.t and attendant, Siloaa Ilays, til.r e irt of his discovery. It is ilow aced in the pril cii pal hospitls und Ithe privatl pretIa cIc ill our Illlllitry, rsl and m •ertrinly liar tih clare l' the 1'111e, iand o exteni.: eively and tefrictuaily as to iill, i cr'dulity, alaea I whereu its itrell:c ata witlnaiil Iat.l 'r'lillar iy 1 11 0 ollowing coiillaanati ll '1 Faor lr.pey- Jriating oextrorirtnary aba.iorptio, at .m:,. All wrevellings-Rl ducing tlhemn ina 'faw hours i \l Rhaoumatisi--Aelute or tlhronr, giving eiia, , " tee. i l Sore Throal-lity Canerrsa, UlIcers or C(ioll. Group and Lho'tiicag Cough-lexterneally, and over tie Cle!. All Itruleas', ,lu'rains, and Ilurns-Cu-rin ieg a a Sories ani I.I r'-\\' arhetheir fres!i or lona ii.dalg ll;, naiol I'V!r s'l rcs. t !( t r i l l l, lUta l ls d 'el, i l il rllo ll: ing rltu .llit t .i . le' I ii ,11 u lll 'll rl i In 11 i ;li i i" heIral c ,i a l i ii i y ' o th I, I, iar tallt l li. r ii. l y'l i l IA ci . l l ,la 11 i ,. ' ,, nil Sold. l h lell dl" ! em at I:llt h vle ilSed it 1, tilt ('dei ,t " I t , ,t,. . ' ipr llaia tal': ll l, i- i at.. .( i v ; pors v.ih, il' t ll I ,, a b iiy i |in: aec,: yl li b -tnga trtia t tla'i T l, "i~,r-' t i ti ' ra' 't, ' .rota r.a ; d i ieha ro le e ,'Yeah t ail l by. alia ta ill il"yac t hleit C ' -oI . n, : l l,,. II-, o I V' irih, lt' ii, l-:,-- , bu t town at h W "hll e , ,' c. ofi Cominoflr & I T i. oatii a ,lla Ithirtlele , ah ay tid u b ApotcU r N-irie r h.:er ginv. ra a v - 1 pid alltu ( lti.h A I t t. ie I the,0.11, Nn u1:nero Sold wh.ll ole e anld. rel lin, k l 'iltl, by c K 'C & I , l ,r lllw o t Ir , un tl I .l lo in e t) to Jn in ti". U i rii. i ei loe r alai ai ti-a!e t, \ li' 't,l e A.eniat 'ra:t t e t C arnoll n tlr i tell l '.i tillll t heelia i l ss ti tae rnal have been~111' ctu l m re or i lt'l I wii, il titel' o n th' A iotaeca ria. tgenelrasitlty. . ' l 'ta ai tin illea u l ir tablrlela.- It ii i rlllle irll tat Iraittitrltyii a al ohInb t, titan 'iarim iSt I alec ta at t Jatc neno nt how tLe xpres tmy !t of t Dise a .e , in all iis dta 'll bir l u i ase r. pi s cin e rr ,', htlr ' at- tr t r:, I. n tliar ,NOf i o .tter-l Cicea"' titro d as 1 ll a Ptil h P' n pA , n t l oill " iirna od'st ar ra:in ilrrl of pI' Iore- oll, rl, nl ce Aalcr t di' rnr vCi ell (-it r l to tarh I ati s ' a i olf , "o I I\ w al l Ilh s ;ee lilslt n , - ivre 'a.? : l. ei.aagacea, cater st iC oe a n:a ttaa'nai tt (-Semina W1,. n.1. ,f Iiuu. oryla+ Proa , ilia orelral tege r . ri llac al R .wll, I R T e ll C ewo l row eililt a oit thc Skii Sarc-i aT aro , I ale r in thcl I AtI NmerTi hh:i tIsir ay folw i ' iec tie tts- crtre it ta o or Ialtei di a witho t the T tilane o a erirIi tllrlll r lin ,roall Ih n.lh ll i, or a lher. - tion ire the aeit.l of ' h 'in a e medr in ti ar ti irm. eal relt~e;1l)iealle can t' +" ara tined of atr.Jute nill. Ia ialr io Ihe iriptel of tIhill liarirLarry IIL, Ieatrn bret ld Fraie h t i l iria eill tItatd used by t e in tio t e aa lt r Iilteira I It int .llL, I jtatillaIeltl'e ha-a-ee tir rllllat ee uia 'I', i lattle c ic ,! ll Wllll. do w;11 v g Ih'g JIll Julln 1 a 'l l, as , aper metool wath wriate ireId N(11ot hfur ttti IIi I et itie. l SOtcel pnroall nt feqrCiT r Ill oridin unll I a 0t 'Ilkat araig eil. ic t AI(EII,.NTilY',d SUi)SP'I1 (', II:;it.. I ar. aa.aetetrael'q' ro ,te a e'a i :ale 'it'it rgoa yw'ie ae i lt.lill a eiein r lallt Itria t oh eta ly i.r'r aMit rlaetic drllt lluadell rtltIu hr aeItnt haill lti'a da.:li teir ev niUI Ia I wt Ia"e"d"th II e li l ia t nrede c"itatl ti'd lltl"eeh ri' yuiar llaria t ir te rI v ert of . ah faillow t i , llr .. . ..a rctod iia .ta .Its'e Iletttrelit.nt if II , t ltt haaat llt a lia ealri tia tee Iaia I'irret r ti'ic tlle hato itllllt idall ai T h i s R I . i c i .e . m o t m i n h) ai m m olthiei) l : mlsll l l l t i l h , otf iklldt mlkmi rloUn 111% 11f( e the uhi:, i tlllh Is1I it lhe sol l I hve In 1 1 o1 1111 ".h·sR and Item sei 1i,111" urgl eon !ry a tec claret' uh ,treaiitge Iyw vee Ie CarrorditY cc I rehetlll!hi ( li 1 l tre el l 1, l ira . em, ll, .lid chcrl'thoSs tO the. iii , l rn it fw iettlee l tCaleI tlle. moa Il tI) ,lnr llere d cass .1 a)tierlei a ttr tigetirlt al d pert va't la re tllritt ti elly fcuaure ioa dn ea. . N ah ty a al ie t,et a. J i5 teeiea ilIil't i-atoirltu . itt:-- idaconria t eqlineaia etr at it sedlentalir lifet , I h iaie. beelntlrul le, more or les, h Ith llligctiol in. I:'mlh inp rib ill Ital'e t id .verll t lhctiet ta (1 a liet uerofqte null iledicinrs. wichtct deeeee il aty Andldth. I t'aire of ever obliaan. o i.lne rli n rs i tled Fnyelf &o CIe at iii Clara l ir I was i rsuaded by Ilt y fied t 'iite .itlttuhv' ie eii 1tr 'ea eat erathw l eee ho t i . ll rllrral o te i, r telto ri., in ti llil a, e ,it ha W llth w I : e Ig l lIoi t fta ' e 1ver. S .no hii hlf :e dtam bottles a I e. a iiid exc t py t eIkll lllgu tl Iaeaings lloltar l C a tsl red bl y l t he agent a.i. li- i i' e e'sit (ave htndred te s tiOi.ei ere'ti. m (ato i aita icei, rc ITh meIx il-hSr y %'Ie J Iosll sl , Il ll a i d. ili, hi'hrtlp . uo v . 5 S T E El, 1 1 I:N . L '.ht. N . 1 . !7 ..1 a "it e, a - atrr iel Vc slr ate ,e h' ho i'a bar l pe 1r c m' ll d h do ' tir do S ullItItI & (Co, No. 3!1 Chartres lteet, are re. eCivng daily from their house in Philadellphia, an clegant and cnomplete tis sorment of substtnntinl and (lvshionaohlt clothing. They invite the roten tion of the pulllic, as they ore warranted in saying that strangers and citizens. cannot frnish therm. snlves mnoto advanltago0usly in any city in the N. D. A few d zen elegant ivory handle um brellhs, frontm to 36 inches. Also, i Ihrge lot whiltrpine packing boxes, vrioue sizes, very low T THEill: *ADI)I E -A kinsoni's De pll ry torn, ure -- toving" wti rlholis hair from the ihars, tw'ak iand atollr , wilvh oCl III o lf ltt ltyln l o .t int, hlt ':avio ng tie. hkiu liInr IIIIl n td erCo Ite th ltl IitlIn.e the otrp lioliotn. A freshl anpply just receised at lthe lBazar. iu2I HU38Ill & ALLEN, 1, I":xrhlnn go lntoel, rnr Si t C . lclll n lt & Comlot n St 1 7 L EII A N 'I' I +ilT'H i I N+ - I- illi"n- 1lell,1- hi - -r ? treis t., hta thi. lay received it sma1ll IsrtI m nlt o large ennamelled and mnoa.ic breastlpins, slet up in iio Ii stvot. e by nototionol 'ANlooCoY vtArlln l toto nt onationgoneotltooio F lamhdig ria hfi p Alexiaon r olt n Bromoi n, ll furn ulo thy A T ' Iei I Ife ver row I) t in2'2 a Ih io zll : sl-i ll t 'll, t S m i n \Ill l lh il' n ll ' i t I'I h -li r c, r ne e l y wil l fI a lllln .lln. Pitt( i t t nllllr. . : l l ' I" tI t o rs rroivel t I t hIt e o Gas ()'io oe, t h1ntr Al, t v. ja:tl l i r \Y's \Yr H .rc r l :I. , rp .e'y. Ji- dlc over, hd bf ily irll. wr i teh ani hars veo uel, oln(ot l e to h-nit car,-t lul t t Otto rr\tto n fll r ltuLny .iIt A i1 o oV y lo n to , pllo ltoOn n i t 11 l e doiott t.It loilt ' d ivirsoe it l h lod t i nto n t ll J lint i s ilt it-'I ri t ov illlot i lnh.., tie ut,n,nt lnot' o ,l llt, riotod h lili nv t t hat it i to.h a n,- m t tla arl art 'il, in Ihl tell ver t nilott wii n loth e roatt ' 0 ,o ao l t ase t o f :neiet/'. li n w~iltho tto-to ,Iel oirtctliot o ntn in iill thl' "lli l w hichh IIl ahit tl he llllllll 1 r i ce, lrol Ih a 01 00 the Ihtot-l tof Ite o ls ¢, , ito her t l e oolo l taill c l( ii u ni (,li0 oio! IrI , t i y'c 0 1111 '1 cil I: t oont l)' tr l to o aisnt) io , i t i rt luu. leil ihrt IIh-,%" ,if, n ,t lo, ilm m d on lo i:t nlo - , h0,0 v: i h vx.,i, itt ihO l ,lin i I-,t iy 0,;v i,),aýl i",+ l, ;e, ,. n oi, ,, rF .: ., t. itt t,' h to,'ali, , ihic t he ll -it ,p -o It Fi t n, . , h a lah tl Itoo.t It it it ot-'-li - u . tii ' L' Vul ellUl(d The O buvv n: :,i".hu. i' - ,, ',a'oh ite and rntaol D e'. l '. 3h 33' :-3 3 N3 ,,3 l ' ' M 'l- h'; ' 31' 3 C e;. a v ,t ii .,! I" , 3 I3 3 '3 r31::3 3V3i I ; 3ad.,; .3 I(l3leir3 ah 3 3 3 d 1ityut M tria n,"leh'"r th e t1h 01 L' 1i·· in III, I)afn 3l3{.1,n3 ri , 3,1 3'Ir II ',ll 1 ." Il, l t',, I",, - I|t l.tlllll -()llt I"' -Ii " l t V llll I I+,. i-.l 'l I., l i.l lpur-i ' S'h,, .+ 1' 1(tn,"tt. or·, a 1 ! i oot i, _ i i i,.I 'l, J i lro, , of it Io . h i" ll,', h 1 II l l-..I; I...... .a.1 , , 1 lh , ,. ,,it to U . rl I-,* w:1'l3'h',in f I 3, 1h ' 3 t3. In ,3 . ,' a I.:;"r 3(',3, t . 1 ll 3t l i ll hi 33 ' \th,' 3.:3t,3.I , : :,+ l +hi: l'h,,h '-nu h33nl3 l I' lk ' tn\ uiill,, , ,1,I',-"',I ,,, ,Ir 1 h ,',"y Y,+ 'I' l.'.l,:trt.". ._ I, tl~} to 1 lt, , il t, .\ II(' u ';( If t , ,la n, 1 ,r 10.' : ,rt fill lrItl:] .... . It "l- r. "+,",,\,'d , ;o \ I,. ; .l." v , ill I L( 33 .. Iit (In~ile h ill EI \loh In (.",t t' ' 3 .3.333t33 33 , ' ' or |'. .i (i i . l t'llllle +ll I :. n. \`11 per the l , unto l+ hak'I lll ie *1, hl ·:, ', - 0 , i i i i i l I', , ohr.+ L ':uou:+,lt+ t,,.v per day, ,or S, ,'l, . h.o.uI: InlU 0 3' 31tt fll3, tI'l e i"l(3,3. m 3;h1," 3 I, li.t33b li:. o\l: v'i,, l h,,, C h: . , h , <h, Iwa , ,:, ,\!,Ir l \! , I n l,,n ) l ll:, o I. , II ']"" ,.I,1.t we; ,, I I . , +.d! Il n ,i". l un',, n,,t, ln, or, a t ing: r g: : : I ,s, ,t h , c ath, I+' sp 1, ir.: ouII, I I lhUN..S ( l3 3 .3 ' I ,'dl, , , I atei r at. e , li:am e.- t ch.: la.t, dr II .. e i ,i, is , ,'t., the s,, lt h erl t, cnn , . Th nisb,, t, . hl ,,nr pt.1;, ·, . , , . 1 Ii A I , , . n, ". , 1 bil to Au,. lut, .vi ,,f i, Luv ei Mol bil' I T" ii<'Rs, d Iy 'lsThrs. (ays, an aitur1.ts,' , pr ;I thI t.3 I 33 ,n i., , k "t 3 N.w '0 3le:..+id st , ! i mr ,, . ila~3'3!L," ("3. slIl'oSr Le h oy to LS Grtlllang, _:," . hnc ln r2 hpors posthv% c acIs twn Lh:lrih', flrom li'dklg.,Pll. a ,le t h c , vI;, l il ,l Ii i ll , S l tt I , l arltl , ] l, ll; .. Ott ( ie :II \I,++t .|:lll iln l ll(*IU.. It.,i!,: S 1 I~ isL:Ila . ,,, N t (-I t l t, \ l,. i i,+ 15.. I I nilt ' r ldt ihc t l \Ao t 0 .Ito , o 0 i3 n ,I A 3Am on'a to 3 ( 3h 3t , (I,3 3 n r Lo 1,h l.3t3, 3 to \G . w ' (" 3k, (''i3- ISO) The 1t"wo to Itay o b n hro S llewr , Th 3 (3l,3* ' l - t' o( ht3h- 3n3, a 1 3 3133" [G[as t.h1y3 mles ('r3t3 y, or 7 3 lh.3er' S ute, | (si3, , i. j(tIp l3 h . 3 3ge(- 3, "uet3 m NI . . eIg.!a" are 1t' s.J. ll'rsr i (.ey r in tlh:le bcountry ; 1ge ethe (vrs, to h 3e3amn, ca id l. 'd knat3,3 , d htellten o w a' gt od Is l nl an ll r ohd i.h ll S.utih' .l'l4 , .I i13c3rt 3le3e3." ll kl: n ta i t tl e re uov cd; ulnd ale3 th 33a(dllae3 o' I33311, 3 c-ds33 1 Ir3( , hr allb h3 . e311u l so3;-. Isoei t:o k:e. lint evlr a s t d Tl'S Sot Is wte 'I'll tt m is neaw a rr' in a its pflr, it is froit. teAu1dby33 to t (i3 3e 3 pa l3ed Iln it to d he t.s id tl3e3333, i . elur ls, or to Nwa Olty and s ia fty.our lyhe illes hrnugl 033n1 (3 3e3' re33a3reil. J 31 C( .3I'3il3 3 I urs. (3Mobil to Al (lugusta, ' 3ia Florida. i d I , sve e hoLre. s Mobih .u ' .sdtys, Thurs. n .e dl~-~l r nc dayt ti tt a. t Saturdays, .. e. t iy ll tie op o(tu,.tyr it 1' i opi, (ex. t u avln r L Roy to olt S ralnIue, and ho:,et. Ihre I 'tr133 3ot 1333333e 3 ,3 f 3r,t 33t::1, 33.t 33rilge, 1'3. t t v l i l.h e via Millegs at 1ille, and Sparta:i t \Vt war. Lentlon. th l,:is arrail . it ui irs to A tlllu tl l .t h Y ..e frOm ~ltlli il l to AUgltal aS rt i, n>w ille us TAier Ad irt ire,1l33 3 c, ll3 i ns a pldi: att3:l 3(enl 3 'o f In: t y has t,,3,, t re ncurcy ' y w t:c I d rd, or o r - e33 dztbnotn c 3(i 3 i l are 033 (3,3l3on 3 t, i. any 3o3'. 3 vigatour ntcto cil3 'allcol-ncig i t t l, e p , tl .t o eis ptnl,'o tly lot t l, ketl. Taito3 'opae arire tmay b3 p seen d o any rote in te Icuntelry ; the drl s, tod at tLn, ca fuiol ud atte Mobile. Thre hrlgeou- hfretm ,bie ]tuoL' A llula', .17 hl0 33'y Iill, A .3 that hoigh 33033l3ters do iul3 int.r 3o Tll l5 ating houseds, by abr3 3 ll 1i, ll4.y 11Uanged, a td CIar tll oo . o, gt i lio clnIy I 3 Ii til h3 llth It is gemb et carryn tk w n thail to ike .cjicull3 3 and St. J333eph3's . Office at h pe M .si 'rhcir iontle.. , O 130'TWICK, Agoat, lobilng. 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BlIILOWN,S6 Matgazine st T1.lU1'1I IS2 MIGHTYI' AND WILL PRevAIL. r 1' isn 1,1l11 that 1:l,0 ll o Srrr.iprillrr Blourd Pills have 1 Irene ·ulll during the punP.t sex ntnnth+,· Obhiiatu I III elrrrl tha misichlllrau and had . ;fret 111,' quacke p'ills alit[ other lliteel medicillr.P, by wllicb Inunly lives are It Is I, Ilrcl--Tibil al qulck me lir·ines contain minerals orn Ilrrcarr wlllull Illlnek. think ''lllsr loll orr cureu," an~d trust !i . a lilel-·1'hut I llifllruus IlI1nrl<a all RIorciI llpP~tors calll th11·51555 d., tloc~tllat Ive Illnll l? · I) (IC PIGI1IHIly Imlpose theirll vile 11111 II IiipIII' Iou", pmpuraisn 11 the p ulLlI)I, CIIIIlI nullllinl· for III,1 canIIIP.IU ncIC , so thalt the(y eau onIllly pIUCker I tliir I. Iijnst g11 in.· Ilr iv 1,ct-Tha,:t the quacks ulnld Fomigll inlposorun. wlln new Iul'es o nor enllnlry kcnow nothing o fl the : Iltlllr o f Iede 5111r. In~lck l - , lllutdiseilEPI of the II11 in can ystlll. 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I II hXI I I N. ll f It, )Ia l 16i 1 oa " t . 11.1 1 1 11 ,1, ., L" 1C. o,1 arl lin J1. N' N' :It hi aRTSI . ha " I;I r . .. aar , aaei lt,, la n n 1R a J , l 'h, nth',,., I ,+. ; I ,I vIIr. , ',l 1111t 'l l'r lll I I Sfrant and P ate.l i P XlJI.Ica ITNEX --ll'a'ler ana . 1I aMWE I I IAll INEforllman.i aI NO. P:,!27 REAI ( uDr le,. l&'IlA rtrain R alnl It n , la) Pllut am.litd nav..y Jbreald, .oth!. \\'i11 l isuiit, "1 i ilryI r, l3utter, MIilr,i rd and \rltLer CraC k rs. i firs, quality, and to keep in any cIiiatc, being eom lfetely kinI dried. "" a Ah.1,-K- hl dried corn meal. s +; corner Magazino and Poydras street+, will recetiv irompt attention. Sall kegs put up ezpresely I-er i amity uac. m15ov i ::llllllls ofi mf erer deselilln .· on pl" di ,, c va Uand t wal lllll lt rl)+ l "'f or trr it pintlile;l l l'la r ih', l b rll',ll it I In io li 1t' 1 l IlI,rlin ;lice'. hoxel, f'll i nIeII artIII .ith 'o r, "r, li e," l tihqulnt] i l tlet 1I, c c.\ u l l) ,l , · t l"II i :l do 0,1 t lll I ie': il'l t 1 t l it L t "I % lb:r II !Iiii i111iir lll;l-. il l , l i 'l . e dI , ';+ .' l 111.5 " '+ <,'+~ ll' ""? "; 1.1:..... ' (', ;1 ",1 . II` i \Iutter in fan--,htoll 11' tlllar bil a, Piao 1il.lirt,-' lDl t": API'I'I; (,,IIiES: I :ni ,1.h( Ituit,+r l ni , S slm: null lit sale hI y RI.-t T· . tP'iT()\V, " n lear ^0 " 7 11n11ik l'la,'e 161.(000 fort ,(`l(r;l ('0 It qo.aity, (rom 1XNil ti SOXdO 3(111 hr (1(1w0t Irnd, pore'; 350 In g, roo eint, in `..'5 li((r. hro_ s; _d Joz boitbo'1 hnioo Isrnigu;6s((I(001). lohooro'; (11) d0z nplnldi1)0011 ((01n:I Itr30r(0(( rso ofgroO0 null do11 doL in cans; a 1 r": a Iortinen r f mutto(ls((I ofroery size amt gonali RIn; wllllle pencirln (Sr -tinny lint (I·(·king Ihrusheas fiar mrrclallol,; IIrtisl' ( 01l11. in oIil wady \ ()P hmi,; o (ores, fille(d ;'p witRhl lbII dI brn ne oti'('0 10t1rol, &0. Flake ,ml: i f('-, n( (wlhir'; 60 orks (ooho lr; I', itO, nortlttolt of Bai ilt t , dry colors, n Iil, tollentiný, varnishl~ll &o.,hoor salo, wlorooeiloonod r'Iri, ltte looesl (rie by IlIUNUI":.l I -O ()~'1SIt;::1II o(0lo JONESY, I I I LOTTON (h 1 N 11l re I''00r0((', \o. 5. hOio.r ((1' norrlt, Nell ()llelro ft 10E.4 .IANUIJAC'1'lItt;0F IN NEWth 1'OiU 13Y ROOBERIl' HUE & CO. SC.GI3L OR PRICICS-Dllolhb Gins. For dIohblteGin(,(fOO lo 0 oormor (s((r(0k glihoho, oilhking 161) 01(0s in ((h0(11)ld, with fecdt"I y(wonk, &o. ot $6 prexsao(, or $910 ((0 P'orn Il~oh((, (((00(600(100(1(11(0% (((oder', or 120 saws0 in( t(( s0n,1, ('olorI, &h. a $0 Per cow, of 726 00 Forho. o'40 anurs no dn.oor i saws in staind, :t $6 25 pc o(((0, or 000 00) Fnr (((I. 0) so(01 ololl do. 01' 4o1 saWs InI ln I, v_1i(i.S0lpere saw, rr 06(1 01 iOINO T. : ( INS. ;r'on singlregin of . 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A( right will he stmt with theI.1.1i: I Irri,s to pit tloYilnl op w lore de (0 (0 I(((.0 ((3(1''l:1,! · 000(0 (((I l ((.oo !t ('2 lll) I si red; if (11(('((((((('0, wh 0 ((('el' (hoe ll lnh o (ho, on reabonahl 1wlm.1 ;lct ( ill h:ol l extho . 1( ll'(II Cl (1 0(eo'l'n des il' I ((lolblo, an l's'k0001 1 (((06 kle 100 (01(1( Sluue (olllo' engn' can((00' also l(( III~e (1(1( (Iti '(((('(((00'( .1(lte)''('l ioomr i(0(e(3.000I0" (0 Gns N (I (((1h ('((eep~l (liht, forl ((((0' 0(1s (In 1((1at 1001 In (0''((( alp: ' " 0(r1 tows 001oll'l'o.oO l((0, s On. _____________________ill" ___pinion __________de _ires_ ws__ SU C1INA C O Ii DIAL. .. EIClll~ill 1' I ll Ii ll ll ll'l ' r ' ý I I.'(·I 1,11 ,!' 1(.='I'ii'I 'l ' t tlii '' 'I a'u il' I·I h lt. l:,: 10lth . r i-lke, ] P Ill l r a ld i t I.,I a l' -l' l ofo-t lull {',iou- rllr til ,l of Ih+ l l1e n i t, ' dhnl,l o n- h' l ire. 'hle, .~<H h·to l [ ll; i r o, ! !nliT 1 , th, IL.",hil (b'eir ,l uale..ItH~, Ifo h' e b oI,: l ti o l hl r b-i g i nln I g bi e t.tI..:.. ''IIl. ',, ); II l·l i(: P]11 bili]; 111 t h bl-t l,.-ii '. , Illa' i ' i' Ia y t h '"'il uto': ... ,, it " 1 l1:,t, ,eh, wouhd vi ,li,:ill, tnll rilt it < Dr. :11 i:ui::' eIlo a- , 11 , ~ tl· the.ufn . d -r h n ' ! .-etio lul. illr . e.- T'hial it sa0d, r l " ti ' vt".l" io rtsr, .i Ma o lily' IhI;ee bi'+l ' iioo iI aah a ca-'' ' I !, i I' O tloh e ar~ i-r, all, s fh tan tioll ollnl, t. in;t ,rtll i lo LIut.:l allr;lly L it i. allln olf4tnal etli " fr the n l ,ur .lbn-; nod alhov, till Imlr t it is the ih re<i oln exthr, .at the red d l klemo of $,f biht i l e r, t o ill I :h flni l f I. pnr l c"ll .. nhl ghedl , (f t inon at N a.v 6 r 'ca.t a ,t alet 1,ae'at'. a atel s ohii h tr. tiea, Neaw lrl',a ca. Ian l ' i: t e d. It lt ru lto, ilioiulr i ng, r aih a c tllre t or ilm. illlnro ti],ill"PI of'lh 1 Ill mz1 or in oltwJl(atrv di l=e!lll'gt Itlll l l 'lre l ll l chron ic ll - option: o l te k[in, d-t . icatl !eulle M aliro iate l h. I,,d, \ l i. I lli ll l ir, ll Ilt aill a t i i. o re at iil re eive the, a r.It l of lIr. a le tmiri' d ti-t lit' ta , hi ' A m rt' an i i l I - puri, tur 1 t0 eontnh - te that the l',rtiol ball Ie s)lt] in I ll lhtl ll ' ia nI tlln"ll, ':nitl , It hll, 'i b ille r u tie of $ l , if r Itl s thaj in u "a the ri lr d fo it t o JU1a N 1C.ll+ U 1'4tS : aaaall'in lle . :tI, t . li. aa Wit'd i'nc t ' r in' etor Tilnr .-ioil e p' t itrill , io l(r tle tilt htil l e. filllean r i i't', i ' iNew (rl r,,s, IIa l 'i jilii' l A P-IA ci I ' ll Pl a'ialOi' l (,ct l i.i.l llitsC - T'i ': tre't ce'erIt, o: th' u1rivall ed ri jsia'iiaa'ti i ' ially Iin enor r, lleeiiviiiersaiStat b' li, 11. 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Prepared oinily by T. 1 W ' i Iner, - :- r i.,'. dst to Jetfelrson (Collte,, ran lds o .v o, . , reail by CA RLE I'ON & Co. 31 Canal 1. b , sie n eents for i eX," ,,,r's (dendin I ADDLE!lRY WAIII;.-flhe sub-criher-. ,nno ' lacturers and 'whlcsale dcalhrs i n ic ddcle gM nds, are inow receivii'in iby liic arrivals rn tilhe iirt i, i tll iin Ii to their lorl er stock, lin exten sive assortmi ent of' articles in their liine, ttorg which are the tollowi;n , viz : Ltdies and misses plium and quilted saddles,, entel's do ipanish do d.i do Creole do c Sdo, An,. do tho (rdo 1: , gl ! Ido Y mt.lle's do t I .ll n sh1 d,) , dI do i Creoi e do :1mer. nn, l I; , brdtel nod brid'e I outlll; i, do do n .:,in 'us. Plate d. I rasI, ll n d ji u.anted C l ach Ihtc.h. 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Fr r rr., rr":rl ut y ulr-I rurtru u., nn1 il p,::1 .11.· 1(·0 1(j lllllll Iul, rlr"i', I: r:JI t" unJ Flnu.nn :[ nVJrurnnr r.l'r ri~l·" ul ;f F·""` ' 1IIi, I ·IIII1II Ic l lllil u lll ýr[In h,":1 -1 1111 1 1')·:11u">.1 1: 11-r Lir, 1uI I IIP lhllr ,I ·Lli T llll il m it rt.; t n Frr ·1l p 1 ux u I~ l 1;,, to· trlr II lilh an!, ! nikl c them f. jrrvl~ntiy, ii 11I1I1I . Ila rr, ·l-u n sllrr ll:* rrv llil nut' u'ilsl l IIl l(· . l ll\ 1 r, l:II1 1I I: II\F·I1I1(Y ( rvýlr ..acl nl' Jirl. '1'Frt "hu nli? '.r lirl"I li try' 1'u u·11 OIS i-I n 1 rIi~rrn Ill l 111 r F""' of ,,,m- li l n (; fur. y rrl-Irllnim Vr :ninon 1-trpnuuF"' , r: lllrrr li inu II ( rrnm V,, .V,~r, n., 1,- 11-11 fllll In t p- 11 I"Irlnul, ru,1 l .l Iunlr, only Fr nl nrlll· rural to l llrl rlln: 1.IE SAII-ISlnlA ARii1LIA ; r'I·1. LL OF*. IIn (I(Lllll' C. ; OR, RUUD E"Ililt· I... IR\11 "'" rC, rlirlll In`!,!v VIII I.:i In,!i, ';.r a'Iu' " t n.J runi- r t "rt' "rrr-l u (rrt lrtl ol JlF :Ili 11- 1i thill,* (·r iEI~l: tllll v ;,t,, -rorl; l'··I( i r . ~ lla; . .:f 11I1I Li l .-llv r O[· t-,li.,talcn- t !,., " 1 IIIII t r ,..I u l .ll u'II 1. 111 : 11{r 1I(I I. Il u, u,,; :I . lll IrIjl. tn"fIV, l r . "1. rn-.:lr tle itt ty"l [ riu R. I c lu! ~nsy; lillP il(.·nll· Ilon of 11 · :) lr 81d n1 Cll l$ .Clil* x111 ' h~ bclll~, in tin, m`"1r r I I, rr " xroi r, i * ?Il r V x I!··I. ý bA .,l'oWir;J dl H& F'AU ItJ a u.t.f . CINE. jTIhORN'S Compoumind Extraet of Copihba SIrilla -A eerlaion, salie, ind oneat ilic.t Iy ever tliso.veed f the cue of Gioororheall sts, Siri.tures, White'i, Pains inl the" back alt o l tO, nlf.cliros kilduies, gravel, lie 'rulltions, &e. ii tliw itilodlnciion of a medicine possessing the usefu i .ad active virtue of the onae now iofftrel to the public, tle proprietor *has bt tore i:lto the- numerous recom Inlatllltionv received tronm he Irust emilrlnl of the me dol:d tireuhly i.moif, believing ihat it will be duly ap+'ii'intced Whlrtll iili tl'it ellt alre lt'o ft!!y kaloWi. heli ltalsam ooil ;orl:iio a v+t-llraival)y hd, wallto kslt moch ,if its credit i om thi e dislike whirlt pal is ormerly exreosaw o. reg:riiig its ldisigihrinitle iioas llsturhance i tle hooelrs ait stom.l, anid lll heretofore ilnflieicllr v e hrli lcd in lhe ilfimmlluroy stage. The ra.lpriet'lor Is mln e al nnldysis el' the lialralol, conltie Ih. tiilt the irolue r itti' qallltliihnielfl Ilthreb)r ie tnamch Inote imleenralted sr.el mora usetillly lhndiistelrd thuan inll the preiit slate. 'The above mcl ine conmbinesin gr'ldies whlich are in the lhihest reputle amot the most scientific and leanled n the plrolession. F.aelo drug in the composit is aio il' Iiis p nli on increases ithe eilic:fac of the other, prdiucing a operation truly a!to nishing, :id surpassingl the mst osanguaie e:pctatilons; Iposse, ~giilit the same time the idvantolge of its being :lhuilnisterd a ith Iperilect uucess in Ilr diolitrfoit stages of' Ithe bovIte 'isas. lTlhe most eminent plystltianon ld srllg eons of the presenrft lay exprels tleir decided ap pro hn ion fit t, ll| iarsuparilla, whiialst its use in lthe iprilncil hlositals alind iobli medical institutions has Sn, anld still ntioiii vriir.r extensive. It was a fhv rl!e iremedlny ih othe ceil rated lIe Abernethy in all t ll-nt-retl a {|lC ih s,andinobstiint. rcual eousierlaptli0ot, vising t!ml a diseirdelrted state 'f theidigesive functions. I tat tl . a+ofiou nuloialtdlto tlhe nst altd explr'ierpe of the Iiit iiliitfh 'if tell Iai'|!ty, t" lii tia" h al¢trxened their suiac:i iini of its erxtlnrdliirlu e·fficacy in every se us IIIr ltheir ciharg, by adopting it both in their ,ib!i a private praclicr. Theirc ob creations will he lirI:t lfiiicr: e I. liPrepared by J B Thorn, Chemist l r.fndo. l'rice $lif 5-i of fIit. .... lrr.s sA ! S9llnln, Esc. it t, St.lgeon to the ;t 'Thmmana slsit:d, sss Il. sa-r on Anatomy. Th'l trial a hich I vet:\ me of your Iprrle ation in a lauirl.t fclars, Illut miale :rod female, in its results have pa sd s, highsil sy Itsraml'bled, that I do not hesitate in iernllo+iaug it ote of thie most valisable ad ernllmioss 'ldies i+ er oel;rn:ed to the lpuhbli, asld onle in which, hfrm experie1 tc, I (an place every reliance, whilst it rdotc |lo oduolt the same utll tileIsasaIt effects usually ex p,-rkeneId from copaiba. Frolm G II Hsavinasd, . t R' C S, Physician to the St 1hol le blne Dispensary. SIt5sak gstc l psensurae in ading m- testimanytothe whlna!,hl, prop,,rtius of yolr .. epara1io,1 wishingyouthe sleuess pou so fall; deserve, aii an tmple reward for the lahm" ed ext ope se uIncrred iln inging it to such cem ,1" u lel.h.Cr tlon. I'!.-s, \\ tj oea;r, F It S, Sur-geon to Guy's Iins The uifow n s)etss thictl las as acuded lthe adminis t-li: your iltedicinl Iamong nsy patients afflicted with It," :oo, dis:eases, has fill' satislied me that it has only to )e nwa. n to b,1 truly oll e l'terlatle . MIIR) the success you so w-lI der'slte, amply asnd speedily repysyou for l'rotSi Sr A Co'lpers, F 1 ' SPRC S, &a. kc. llsisl-i bets itsahed Io tby yosr E Ltract in sevetal ·:lnsestf ciott (;lurrntisa, wshici habe Iitherta saftled every pr'ssrilstisl sismillistered Iy ale, hlaving lbeand sure snd sps}' corses's 't.svd by it, ia a few days I elt m s.-lfi dutlly hounld to state that I now in my Inray tice both puhlie :and priesa recomnmend asld lse nou other. IFrom - (:\" Ilsir, 3 1), Ph'lysician to Guy's Heo T I 'h 'rict ct which I have given your medicine Ilotlf my patients, antl its invlarsible success thus fasl, will iduces tle Ito'vare ill its usce, asll deem it bt :l at lf josltice u suld o1' duty to aadd my feeble teati ilol idl in co nsirI datin of il. tirtues. FIrom, I. C Tlhopson, .11 ) 1 It S L. I ietlirln you tl I re tilshaks flor t e valuable pre L snt s1' oI I 'xt(rct af,-the cure of Gonlorissoec, k&. I Iil graIeful t' hat 1o have at last brougsht a medicins ie use which will prove a desiidesl ua lou.ssought fore ill lle s nt Isih: a llsl-- n suer, speedy and eflectual cure ill ss'iss ts- lla'v'ilt el: is. It tliortds me great pleasure lin stsishing to the to a Id tile valuable qualities of your W ere5 it torioscnry, the propl etor could here furnish loi.s mlel te.ilmlials equally is colmrlndaO torl as the :,-siss bsat ts:.tslss that itss reat surclresshitherto the care € tp, txe at wlhich it has bern r elareId, will provelts olr:t.+ft renconneltldaltion anlol.g a: discerning public. Olts lsac ,lnsltselatlion this plelnr:lationl elvys above all othes iitsit nt, portas) s u1tao-psut uls is pots-th adtev ill \,liclt it syls bet tiken, beintg both easy awl plea - at--is tastal msature, with os sastriction is. diet or ,lllenot,,t f'rm lTravellers especially ' Isis`ouIn! di meIdicine highly usell, snil onught neve ato h,- un.oill:,l s ith a prespasration )Ossessing the ad vatl gi .. whscllhl til s lrr it ole colaili Acacna,a sIhl' ds e .eildici,, is a iamphlet cxplina alap ofltlie shtssltasl-t slaires (1 51" l liaaanst, without any a n'tta coh. s l ont in .lh.i. s a sid t slhI "octiosi . i-as'ars!e I SI LSCO.:vlK (. mr 11 .i:.t t40 Canal steet. `TI: 'I s RsItis oil_' it' IIFE, IS IHEAI.TII. W E'/ KNOW that health and lte ability to labor, constitutes the wealth of the great mass otfthie pcop e in this, asn in 1A st other eoun. tri~. ''o preserve, th.reifobre, that health by natu. ral meran is na r ld, moral and political scheme, to i fulfil which, rilquires ael utnost attention. 'Thio s upre(ce eato i )nopularity and universal ap. iapprobatL i n which this medicine has achieved throughossut the United States, the Canadas, Texas, .llslxico, cu:l the West Inldies, fully justify Dr. Petlrs' in warlltlly sansd con.e entiousli reeommen lin sc then, to the sprcial otice of the afflietod. Peters' Vegetable l)i Is aro th.e safil't, most effec. tual and ecclsnmnical remasdy for diseases of the ishllitnol eonstltut oas, that Ih s ever beenl discovered. Dr. Pterso, the inrentor of this invaluable medi ciste, friom Iis hnowledge of the I numan systein, derive.l from a long and extensive practice, has arrived to t. is conclusion, tiat the great and pri mary causes of most diseases is a derangement in the hcialtions of the liver, or il uther words an iu creosed or diminished secretion of tile bile. So weli is this understood, that it is cummon for persons to say when they licl unwell, that they are biaous, meaning that they have too much bile on tihe stomach. On the other hand, when the flow of bile is dinsimssled, the process of digestionis imperfectly Iprtfirms d, the patient becomes weak an:d emaciated, besausci nourishment eontained in the food taken into the st.,mach is not properly ox. Iralted., and tho lfod is ejected in a crndo state. )r. Peters is confident t that the famous Hygean 'Tiheory, No called, that, -" impurity of the blood is the cause of all diseases," is a great absurdity. lEvry onse ws a rcflcits on the subject a moment, will perceive that uspurity ofl th blood is a socon. day n:ot a prime ry cornllaint--th i ffet and nos Ihet c,,u., o' i'+e.,:; e. \'V:en the fu nationsofthe I;ver are dT:ransed, and . tile flow of bile increased, it is s . taken up Iy the absor: ent vessels ane al-ri,,, into the rs'i.rl'l. lilt, and Ibecomes sming'ed a\si ists'h. blll , as ill j-nslllll , srr s.ll tlso patient hows n in !.is cosuste t's'e. Now this impurity , tW.,,. is eused ,~b an srilt:sllsed flowa of blte, n:;l to sate It, ,l llratt correct the seerotions othe hve , atd it to a lel.lthy state. l)r. Pet'ir h.o e0r lt much n ime in experiment ing with dfi'cront vgslah e meds ,sies, tor diseases of the.. I vwr; ad I:cw oellrs his VegetablO PiFll, as the be-t, mIost stsvs.wisent, andl choapcst luedi emLt' that can Iss prpsared Ibr general uee. lI. Polera fl ,tters hi'lnsslft'hat his long exporie slsnting with v,,gs-tablth muedicines has enabled him to diac,rver lho traot :nlsd sonly subLsittslt answOrilg all the p'urp.oss ael mseslaeits without any of their atteldasht evils. Onle graat qus.aty of his vogetable ,ills is that they have Ite altsratvo plrinciple com hbisned with their cat.artic., or operative qualities, tso slht they not only ceanse the stomlacl and hwels by py urging, but thiey regulate lihe liver, eltntaii: thIe ileorbid seeretionsl, strensthens thI dicestire oraans, spurify the ilood, ilvigorate tlb c;rcula:tinr, aldi Live tIne and enorgy to the ners. l'tey us llillliandIsprasant ils their operation, and e naerry slllost nlwilll:dlate onviction of their utility fr'ntom the lsint iose. They can ie taken with satety by pursols ol's asny ago.; and the feeble, the infirm;, the t.crvans, and tile delicate, are strengthenlS ' Iay tl'er ol"-r alti,s. because they cleaf lith svystecrt I -I i a tcil':rs, qualt l5trvnus irrite absty, and invari.hly produce sooual healthl. 'i'e Vegtoail' illa si ale i sa reaemdy for ja% die,, sick ncsd latrvoun ecad:ache, dyn epsia, coativee noss, siclkess of t 'a s!oaIuc.', heartburn, all bililtaC omcpiints, I0v0rs a ' all kinds, and if taken attht cnumelceac'nt tsall inva riabhly check their pro. gross, and savIs the paIth.t frton a protracted and dange'nos' . "'lth y lre invaluable in ner. ,ous5 atlnd ilypoeond.,e:tl uathtion.e, loss ol apl.e+ tile, and i' cIo 'plainls t, which femaslales bcne are ;',j ,ct. They oplrle u ua mild and espedy purtge alnd ace a ,saf an; d cl t.r.t llamlrdy for worms in chi dren. Since 1 ilavs, iatroduend soy Vegetable Pailit ths pcu' ie is-ivn r.ceaived numerous certifl.vlae of their euperltir slieasry in curing dlsUssee, ass lmany - ttIlr s aon reps c a ta1 I physicianals, havt uIaed theau In themir practiso with the S1 0"lht publish a smanll volune. o'csartifesattem isat cncishslssr it is'ns.sary, sa the 'lUein.le sp..V SThe ntau e plls. are a lsbsa ,i'aln in. i dlrs 4i pill, Etach. " Prie. . i . at . 1 p r? s hn. t . SDrnLgia .in d csioasunsg asr+Pebete a_ o u:1,, ., .a shh: ca.o crr atl,a .. - a' '|, s} -, ca,. Papsydsaales'slshtlt.Im igl

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