Newspaper of True American, April 17, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated April 17, 1839 Page 2
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~~IAL. btalatkaz.Aprl .......... . V.AI.i.,tnn.Aprl ......4 N..i Mark. d ...... 1 Ci,.i.tia.i ApiI ...... ID Pb1M~alh   do.... ..... F I Iliuisilla In ............11 Iknllaav I~n ..,...... FI flt, I.oui., do .... .....10 ...... ... LiverpoI.ln. Ma..........4 Heu~nr rl't*·,...April.,_::1....,Pvi ........ ...... s 3.8... A l.. , ...:e...., Sr.......... 4 Ffu Anlhv. .. ........15 II n.e ....... .8 $JIIT OP NEW ORLEANS. CLEARANCES. April II6, 1839. bus. Aehb., f Ne. York. A Cohb. U0 mJr . Tlyros for, fe No. Yort. S RJ P Whitney ,RBhbtt..f.. LiIerpo.l, Iat~t., *W-;,.,i Fer rmloe, Wanls piMebe. ftr Now Yeek. J R Hul'In Weeielstbe. At.,.. foe ven., J P Fotherinebgl iru rehe Joh Walker. (',.kin, for Liverpoot. P Maxwell Or, ie.. CaIedoni.. Pih. for LiLeeepool, H Williams ilfebe White. fee SttIfbhe., Whltedee 4 c WP* W lek.I. iei for Boston..., 5 J PWhitney sit Converl, Grdner, for Pruulclme, Me-ta Ucbe. Ca.le, Pilestly, fee Moblte J H Aeblsidge ARRIVALS. April 16.1839 Tswh (ite. pet&, artin,. froe theN P. p.... having bro' up brig liry Ave.y. Let the baon 15th inet., at 68 mI Nothlg .08.. bar. Ono berqee it the ri..,. Mg`iiri Eay Ave.y, IIrdwell. I day. ftom Ne.. York. to the Brig Mau, No..ll, 10 day. from lt.Rggd, to Fagg 4¢ atleek. Uehe Viteorli. Stephl,,, from Attubepa., to matter. SI..amr South, Ott.ey. from Port Ponch.,utit, vi. the rieer. Sum or Yazoo, Latham. from Wllililll' Loading.. ShMdmer Norm., HIyoet.. from Opllnet,.. ,,tumor Ambassador, J~mc,from i.nuiaville. P.,t er Diana C(rte.rfettt.Le.jieille. SIc.... Ctemeeh.. H.ail.. from William.' Lteding. Keel Water Witbh. feo, Alt.heeu. R..l Erin, White. letro. DGeread. EXPOLTS. NEW YORK..Per ship Panthea. `C 3tgo hId. our. 1001 hiL pork, 242 hd tobacco,, O93 bides and mer ehandlse. *..:.......... ipNerhip rmandle. .Cargo; 440 hlel etnn. . 6 hBidtoblcco. 1070 hi. pork. 5l5 Ads nc d 511 hi ham.. 31h bds tobacco. I:6 ha eo moes. 1I1 hl E loar., 92 hdn jowl, 7. scksh cornc, 04 keg lard. S.....O ..... Per hip Mislascippi..Cg. 41 hh Is tobeceo. 900 hI. pork, 9700 hee flour, 3.9 hnles rotton, khd.c and I cl suer. 51 Iales nd 47 pock. deer skin.. 4 package.sclothing, 1357 pigs lead, 60 I. coran me:l. LIVERPOOL..Pership Persi.n--Cargo, £0) h.ales of cot ton. "........... ... Pr brqe John W.Ilker..Crgo, 2009 bales of proton. ..............Per harque Cledonia..Ccrgo, P202 hales of cotlon. E1HFTON..Per shil Alcinpe..Cr.,o ho ma... erottnn. ............. Precr V' nrwlcek--Cro. 257 Ills pork, 475 ke.s and 70 bIt lard,7do beef, 4541 lck. ch rn 164 ,sr ,klin.. IIlVANA..Per ship balllst ST TJIOMAS..P.oe e trGlohe..Cargo. 0035 b1. lour, 534 k.e ared. RONIDEN ..CPershr Convert..cnrfr.C , 15 hIlo cotton, 75 Ea hpork.90 bg r m.,953.acks cornG . 3 NORILE..Per chr Caoi.,s..C.rge, 125l h hl. eonn. 200 coils r'io, 320 boxes g.ll., 60 p's ailgillg. IMPORTS rAOlg D ISLAND..P.r Ibrig Mail--Cargro. i 6,0 bushel. ull., Foe. I4 lark. ATTAKAPIAR..Prerchr Victorin.. ro, 75 hd..lgr, lar. .er A& I ynoe, 17 do. 1il - U ilcl.75 si mi les. . . to . . Mir.. ........... keelboat Water Witrh..Cnrgo, 123 bales entmot., n r rder. NEW YORK. Per hrI , Mary tie mster,.ne t chn powder maahzine. RECEIPTS OF PRODUCE OptionsI..Per eteazmar Norma..Cargo, 347 hole. co'ton. 39 rllll. ether, Pcdlaiu. kell cq iloeIles, 2.9 bales. uotton, Ad Msa & Whilall, 179 4do, C' Loi-vill~.. Per sealller A ..lnh.emor.. Crgc. 101 hSls tine'r co, A . Addison 4 c, 11349 sacks corn, Pierre SBhannn & broth. ouiev.ll-i-Per tieanler Dicnn--Caren . 88 pieces hl.gillg. P3 oils rop. , c..crkey & Wldtii.cllm. 440 coilis rpn l.nvet * Amelon.i. II als rotion. A S Addi4,n & rc :roi Ids four,. 104 do pork, do ndd I Iid jule. 27O h.i0 . tlhe owrrs nu Williams' I,.ndi,+..Per steamer Cumnnche--Cnrgo. 19 hales orton. N " J Iii.k. 17 do. Ilirkr, Wcilt & co, O de. Frlsrron. Dale . c., 174 Il. Armlor,. 4' Walker. 27 do. W M Ileal. 151 do, Iracder n4 Wrighl, I do. Ricker HdleI, D.avis & co.d. Wdo W M Curn.ess 6 do. Mrret,, Je cilg. & oa, . Williams' Lnndinc..p7r creamer Ynznn..Cnrcro, 412 Ihole cotion, Lawrence & Chnmers. 1160 do, A & J Denostous, 46 do.c Go Bercrot,. 3 do, J oRBcil o, o7 do Armour, SWalker. 14 do Lyons. Harris 4 co, N I J Dick, 6 do, elhasr & Rrenhem. iGrlcda.. Kael Erin, towed stcensr Yezoo.. Caro. 80, bales cotion, 0 k J P Whitncey., Kirknlmn. AIlerathy & lica o, 4? do. Acmour. L.ako 4 Walker. II dac. Frerson, Dale & c., .d no. Marr, ewit & co. I do. I,nne. Fonluine & co. 9 do, 9 do. Presott, Jones &. co, 20 do Bckner, Stallon c co. PASSENGERS Per steamer Nnrma..lMrs Oliver. Pntrooreh 8 Iady. Gicn niel cmily. Chreticn; Ned.; Icnrclry; Nasac: Posey; Jamel; Dunbri Garlcc; Spenccr.SlydcI, Parry, S11 8 Urian, Ia11 & Lady. Peristeamer Ahac..dnr. c pIe.nn P o Lad4y, Mi. James, iMr as. me tain.o T 1ill. Ierry. Prlre, WillsCC GUgc, Merlln KeOy.C.etei, Pulen. Ruddork. (rice, Jmns, ililson and Me Cullum. Per cstemer Diana.. G E II Gray & fa.mily. lis OraGv li.. .reCartwrlht. II Bridgesu, Smithlin, W Chclhire, DC Itan del; H Laird, M.rirfield and Bell. Per ste.mer Curnnnehi..ion. Henry Johnslon, Meo.N Jon Suvertow, C c Alien, W ylvelon,. Prier, J S Den n, Blringi.r hanry;. V Ronnr, Dunbar D R Pollard. Per steamer Yzoo..Mr 8 W U Logan nd family, Messr. U Poltets, Ambler, M G Singleton, Harrison J P Landry, II Rkks. IMEMORANDA Diana le New Orleans oc her cpwcrd trip, on iLe 3rd lost. at IiA i m.,ncd arrived at this ciy yanin on tIhe Ith. at 9 0 m., thus making the whole trip, in tIlhe sllort spce of12 days ond 921 bnrl. SAlabama rcportsone barque, 3 Ibrigs and several hooll-. Scs ic the river. Mooit.c, April 73. COto0. Market.--We notice tco dsv eosilueirahle *nimlotlon in the mirket-monre tIo.I'for cole days pest. SNlee to the n19Jocnt of 1.500 nales v. be hen madle, withotl .ny metorial change in prices. On ithe whole, he mnrket in i a very uns.ettled ecndilion.- -Je. =No St. Charles Theatre. FOR THE BENEFIT OF Mr. J. S. BROWNE. On Thursday, AprillRth, Will be presented Slheridao' comedy of the THE RIVAI.S. Characters Iy Merres. r. H Brrett, Johlnson, ;reene, Barton G F rren. J M Bron.J II Scoll, null J Browne; Meadames G H Barrett and Greene. After wliclh,a New Piece. written by a Gentleman of this City,rnlled) THE OLD CLOCK: Iitr MH CE OEB-THIERE SHE GOES. To eonclde wilth Coleman' Force of spt THE REVIEW. ti117 It TO RENT. S A comfortnhlb dlwelling honee in Coron: drl't streret, helwetlan tC'oonl and Comoino l sts. n Alto. three tenements, wilth vea l0ree lot in it t Apply to I)OYLI;& MAY, apt 16 No 3 Crendelet e H.A¥---:lotin alesNonrn:, lIndit.g from brig Mary Penitl, opposite Suzetlo street,l d lunicippality, and for nale by SHALL & B1OWN, api 16 96 Magazine t ADFN CORN--conetently on hlanod, nod forIsule h SHALI. & BROWN. api 16 9. Magazine st R OSIN-70 hZeblo:nnoaonresin, landing freon brig l Mar Pelal, npponite. .uOte stret, for nle hy apI16 SHAi L & BROWN, 96 Magzine ast IOR ALE A first rate Solky, with n daifting i mather too, mnade to order. Apply to W H Kerl y'aLiver nd sale table, No. 18 Gir tier t orNo 3 nr Trrhl s. Friopll 16 ' HrI'TY N IN It INTRACTS-A new and impmro . nedediton of Chilly on Contracts, toine the 4th American edition., to whieh are roTw adlded opious tainoa of the American decisions Ito the present time. B1 J C Perkins, Esq. ye I A HaEw nopplV of PothiPer n ohllientiot ; ale of Chitv'n Blackstone. Jut reerirved ol for snle hyby alt6 AL.EX 'tItVAR. 48 Cmtrp st TIlSH-lla~otoo nn:lt'I'ttorllooetnelende itn somall . psckagns, and pilklrl forl io i is fior a e by apt 16 MS k J P WHITNEIY. 73'ampost -'bLP ýperetanter Oil, 6 iosT"ifellaifl otke - s, me., tt oil 20 hhla; tanoer , oil. 2 Iohle; caitr o 10ih 111; in store and for n le on rotsonlhle terill, hb JAIiRS9 & ANDREWS, Wltoleolenl IDrllotgite rpl I roe (tlont ton & l'ehnpihnlllna at "L_ TAR s . ri---ndiong rotm echr plendlid from I oae.tfar ratle by A TRIER. Plat 14 34 Gr ierst S. G -6"0 tronoo lending froe rh.ti ler. dildf.frnm lotona fur sale ty A TIIER. aplI 34 Grevier t U TU E E !.ndine fann tnth Slendil rot Boe. IMalje canf anioe Chairs; do (reNoin cnone sert: l". ajla, 9 Sf h etanlli;a, Ruckleng chais and round --tu anh cbaao., fr sale Iry A l'RIlER, pIlS is34 Grevier s W HI -IRI --t-iO; ea resrtiiled, insate ore toe - by IIORSEY. apid E 44 New Lvee v ib( G SIORSEY, l d"4 New Lve,. LOURE hl' brl-nd-lilg in::: isroueor LexingtonO frulae by G DORSEY, SlalpI 44 New Levree - E O LiY'S NAT-U rOMlainRE, at' ead nl ttil etl ral on the lorincilira of modern phil aophy, in 3 role, with footlv ix plates. Metrnire tf Williamn Sulapon, iuletiang partlculara ofbiaadveeltnrsn in cnritnn parts of Euro'pe; his ton Ianarnat it thedllngcoea of tha Inqtnilolnc in h Liston, &c &c. For are by ALEX T'OWAII, ap16 oer Cnamp gnd Commomt sis I- llanagalteut kl.wledge is hllltatf to know. FH IF.NOtLOGY. W 1. 1!. COLI.YEtt cillt nomen-er n toteerof demnatstradans ton bhe oto::::rt. at tie Hall ufRrp. eruelntimra. ('neil trreton.n Weda edyv erening, April I-tb t 8 o'clLc nelle contintle theat every We •neoday ail Fritar craioigs, until ecoapleted. Tbeeohje.ct will 8larneaed hy atetnoeonu and choice collection of sttaorae, tranwing, &r. Tao persona, thoren fettt: Msslia ndi e, wilBlbe reioamined nch erettine. A41'iota-e as to tr si rtgnrtle, 541 ent, to the nursee$3 Awealcorte peeea* bfitr n getotletan antI latr. Tinn ala ct tle coneaer . he t" tleitad at the aran· of Menra Ix apA (!tnrl·aeta r a lintel: t. Meret. ne.nntblStrl &6l.. IUctetaent awp stteet, tr at tIne Ve-nntlta.. 610D TAUI AME|RIAN OFFISE. III connection with this Otlice is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE rFa THE PRINTING OF Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues. Bills of Lading Labels, Dray o ceipts, Legal Notices Auction lls, Bill Porms, Show Bills Steam Bef t Bills Circulars And every descriptioo efJob work that may be required. THE TRUE AMERICAN. Ias'hl'gl) liy .J5osw slII)NqiYf. AIrrIIKUI AND BOLD. NEV OR LEANS: WEDNESDAY APRIL 17, I 839. AN IIONEST Se TREuASUEtn. -e are informed that the suit uniainsat Manurie Cannon, formerly re ceiver of the Public Moneys in this city, was tried on Monday last, in the UI- . IDistrict Court, presided by Judge Lawrence. The Jury, after thoroughly ilvesti gating the accounts between tihe Government andlcr. Cannom, acquitted the latter of all indebrteanesu. It will be remembered that Mr. Cannon was reported by the Secretary of the Treasury, as odefaulter to a very large sum-tmore than one hundred thousand dollars, we believe. It now turns out that no such sum is due, nay, not one cent. Well, who has the ntonet ?. Levi Woodbury or some of his creditors, or clerks, no doubt. A transcript of Mr. Cannon's account, sent from the T'rreasury Ofice, was read on the trial. It bears evi dence on its face of the most shamieful inacculney, ne glect, and false charging. Sams paid out by Mr. Cun non by direct orders from tile Department, were not cre dited to him ; deposits made and which have been used by the Department are also left uncradited. Tle great bjeetn of the accoantants in Washington, seems to be to show thile fns n of the Government to be in ally other hands but their own. At the next Congress a new vein must he opened we Innst see how much onev leas been pocketed by Levi himsnelf, and with whllill he thinks proper to charge others. But what is most vexatious, is to see an inno cent Sub Treasurer iso rare, preeious end wonderful a creature) harrassed with suits biy his unlgratefiu Govern ment. Moreover, we are told that lie was sued, without any previous amicable demand, or direct information of the balance against him. An exception to the slit was taken, on tile ground, that the law enaeted, that suit should be instituted only aw hen n party " reafses or ne.. glects to pay na balance reported against him," 'shll be sued Ac. Now Mlr. Cannon says that lie nrver ne glected or lefnsed to pay, for no demanld wa ever made, and consegnently tile itclecet was on tile other idre. He hlas received no omunllcllltionsl from thie Treasury Departmnt, thlough its iooks three years ago showed a alnllc:e nglin.l hinl oftwo hulldre thoulsalld dollars! But this is lnt all, Mr. Cannotn intends to move for a new trial with i hope of goring ri ghie overnmet ox; for, lre ns.erts that there is a hulanre in his flvor, amounting to reverae hundred dollars, We particularly contolend this rase to the lion. 11 A. Wise. We hope it will find aruconpicnou place in his memoreruolurio bh k. I).AiH iof AN E:trtro.--1Y,'terdr.I we briefly noliced theil decrase ol (larles I. Il'. u-ny, IEsq., ut (;aheston. the int'lligruen i.of which was rer ieitd Iv Ihr Civilian of ithe h. A. Ir. Ituatsuy was well knowl to thie w.ite. of this article. uor several earsr past, ihe has been cnnected with tile Cincinnati Republiean which lie rodrhted wirh vigor and judgment. lie Ihrl been a wasrl but decurous and liberal advocate of tihe administration of Gen. Jackson, and supported Marlin Van Bluren, till convince,I thuat his course was imlpolitic and osbrersive of tile intelress of his country. At tile ime tile Conaservalive party was finrmed, Mr. Itrulisay expressed his views in aecordatnce witll tile sentimlnents of that pirty, nnrt brought all his energies to Iie advo cacy of Genenal Ilarrison to tile iresidency. AMore re centle, he assor itted with hitm Mr. ilradbury, flrmerly of the Cincinnati News, anut under their anslpices, the Republican Ihas been one of tile ablest and very best papers in tlhe country. A few weeks since, he erane to Ilis city on his way to T'exas, wrici country lie was about to visit, with a view of establishirg a press at some one of tl nmost important points. It .seeln as but yesterday, when we grasped him by the hand, andi called up obl a.sserintions and ngreanldle hours e.joyed togRotl'er. Shortly ifer!l reaching Galveston hre was ta ken ill, and on tile 9th, b iade this world good night." ' le was an ecomllish ed and spirited writer, and deeply versed in political affairs. His loss will lie itll by thie friends of the coun try, and his death will be lmourned by an inlcresting fulaily and a large circle of frireds. A citizen of (il veston might well say: "A lone to nr villoee the slranger eiuli, Brighltest hopes then illnmin'uf his+ e Ir Iirow; Birt the iiilllsatie look alrd tlit vigr-oroa fent'i (f tihat haplers stranger--ir, wisrne are titev now lie slees tihsl lee of tle dreramies eii l , And tile IlIt ofrlho rvIil now pIillowis is hear." ........ - - RlAYn ONt, T'lIta.8.-E· . (recn Nortl, Esq. favoraIly knuwn iti thinsc ile as otn of the dilors of the l'icuyne, and more recently as tle Jackron correspondent of the Naltllez Coulier, lhis crinneted hiillself willt thIe Ray tnd, Mlas. 'l'ilms, which is to Ihi enlarged and inipra ved. Mr. North is an agreeable and forcible writer, and an inldlustrious editor. Thile plapcr lllnst llnie un der his auspices. We copy the following ipnrgraphla from thile first number, inlir tile Inew ariangetnrt: 'ITo our distant editoriani friellds, to whol we aend our sheet, and wih lllw niii a saltiCit an excaal ge te would nmake a hricf sttelnenllt us to our lo cality. aymondl isn a eautiihi little ill age, the tant of j.s tine of Hilnds ollnty, nillllltad aln the genst thialrogh fare fiot Jacks to tothe ir ssissi pi rmer Atthis un it the rundsdivnerge oe leading t d i g lack, iB lies lisalln, whlenc tohere are rail rIoed ars, allntkig two trips auduy to Vicksblrg. tile rand tenl tetheen e two pantta, 15 miles, ieing finise nel n slths fial IIr der. ile other folnrk goesn to Gralnl (;tll, Part Uihnst and Naetche. On the letter tihere in t triweekly line ofainges; bntl on tile fornler ne have every lay two tages n s each direction nail re uetlv lithree. The stages are frelllnently crowded with pansnege t. The contractore, Areasrs. Jelfelrsonn, leearv great credit fur tihe spirit with wlch tlley contriutae to tile pulic con. Sveim Bnce. Jackson thle ceat at the State (;overnmenl, is IR miles from Raytmond, and is also in Hilds county. Clinton, aentlher ae lini timo anlt tllwn, is in ar hIlutVi only 8 miles fro nlis place, and wena re 1averal smalnll I rillagea whicll all be oted in due season. Two riverao vigoble Ic steamoulas, fornt a great lnrt of oan ondaries, he Pearl on tie east adt;l the itig Iliac i Iie west. iThe inherent waenlh ul a the county ltommenhe-ar nrdiile the Iestatistics e hra seen,wel had tnder cltivution, o " n arean af91 ,,grnre nile. . abint 66,11111 i c +, it n .nton ere f tearly 3,011,1k balis. 'I"l Itopulatiitr era 22 , aof hm 15,000 are slaves.nd. THInna-THEATRIrarr t .ne understand thaint J. R. Seott's Benefit ait the St. Charles, takes place on Fridany evening neat. HiT laims are of .o ordinary kind, lie is an orllllent to the sotae--lsaesned of gnreat phvsinal characters r dinte.teS--taw American h liy cirth anti in reeling,and a gentle nie n ill nf Ild private relauiae -he is just sch ll a aoar as delangces liberal paro nge. ler.. Brrettr will prntlhaly take her Benefite o:e titne nergent aext week. liar llainls will nIever he d, ied in New Orleans. J. S. Breane's Benefit will take ilaoi on lnThursay. \While we ate ready tinle alit that Mr. lrowa is iterahetly anf ai, or ralhrereta, n the stage, a ndl is frequently diverting, yet i ltakes eo tiiityl lieorlies witih his audi eno; and "overesteps tIle anodlely nnaturl" so oftena aulue ad uansenma, thatm lie has not made hal fanevoralo impresit Ia tle, lwhicn h a well-dlirected taste and a pro per de!indation of charaeter, woaul heav isec red. lHe oherrdoes, and frequently in piih lag Ilimsclf and stir ring up the grnundlinga, he degatnerate into i ile valgar --a thing ltlogetlller inlmnisaibl. At ihe tile, it iniay create a laugh, bat like many lotiona, a hitler flavor re tains, after tile weet has deported. Air. Furrest elned his engageleant evaningl blefre last, antwd ok his UenlIit in the parts Ilf Cludle ialnratle and Williaim oI ll. During lMr. Irlteat'a regngaenint at tie Catp, we spoke Oa f pb fhis Cl:adle . h aere m pa tions of it wit!t lwhich we were ther hlighlly pleased. Muchl of the In auty of the play was inerrd on .londny night, ly ti very indillferint acting of fire. Smithl, whl, piersonated Madame I)escalppelle, andl of tile exquisile Mr. Ilelir, who discardedi tie lanrllage of IBInre's Bereauant, and sulstitulted his on- gibberish, lie should haverrelllembered that tfre piece has ben repro. seted here r lit last lilly tilsa lhi neaitnao, at llie ('nip, and tile play-ginr are nearly an perfect as the a etar. in lie nut aware that a well-brel Frielch gent+matat would blush il he di-coveated that ih had neglected tl take nff his IIt in a room or in the presence ofu lady d Itl never sees a rudentess of tih. kind in the Orleans lthaltr. Why did not Ihe Orchestra play the iMarseille's Hymn at thli end of the 4th act. It was axpected by lhe audience, and dds greatly to the general sfhict of the pieee.m - Ile part ,f \Villiat Toll wa well perfnrmed by Mr. Forarst. II in admuirably mudaiptd to Its ipeculiarpoaw. era and his feelitngs. .ie bold and fearless Swies, panting for liberty and daring every danger to be free inorepid, generous, full of ire and startling energy, and yet so subdued nod nottenod when that daniger threat ens lia domestic Ihorthl-feeling all for others toes anod litloregardIul of his own pereonal ealanities, found a powerful delineator in Mr. Forrest. It must have been very annoying to him, in that stirring scene, with Male tal, when the fires of his nature are all kindled up, at discovering that the old nman's eyes have been torn from their sockets. by the cruel order of Gealer, to becompel led to speak the port of Mr. Burke, as well as his own. It was plainly pereeptible to the audience, who, al though the illusion was greatly marred, were not a lit tie surprised to see Mr. Forrest preserve the individual ity *rfTell's character, whlile he was putting words into the mouth of Mulctal. Is Mr. Burke too young to be tought, or too old to Jleron single length? Some pa tent instructor should lhe invented for his especial bete fit. Mr. Peret had but a line tosay, and he did not sey that correctly. Where was your memory, Mr. P.? Mrs. Dufftakes her benefit to-nilght, nd closes her engagement. She has stood eminent in the theatrical world, and though passed her meridian, still preserving u portion of her former powers. We hope she will be reworded for her efforts to please. BOAT RAIcNc.-A writer in the Mobile Chronicle, who signs himselfa member of one of the Mobile Club., denounces the Regatta, which took place between the Hamblin and Celeste, as a diseraceful affair. From the article we arbthr, that the chief objectiens to the Regnttc were that the contest was for money, and came eil on Sunday. The crew ofthe Ctelesteare called stragglers picked up for the purpose, and not n Regular Mobile Club. In the first place, ti.e Regatta was one of the most beautiful we have ever seen; and if we are not greatly mistaken, some of the rowers were the same, tllat eme aver Ist winter, to contenl in the Fairy against the Ariel of this city. As for the matcll coming off on Sunday, it is in accordance with our usages, and we trust never to see a hide-bound nd con tracted spirit grew up in this enmmunity, which would restrict the holidayc with which each week commences AccEDrENT.-At tile ire which occurred at 54 Leree street, on Mollday night, a young mlan by the name of Smith, attached to Company No. 9, had his leg broken by flling from the roofo anll adjoining building. It will he rcmelmberd thallt Dr. Collyer, tihe Piren. oloaist, resumes his course of lectures this evening, at the Stale Howae. Wctte CONVENTION.-'The WiVigs of Missouri are to hold a convention at Fayette, on the first Monday of July next. The Secretary of the'lTreasury hoas alt yielded to tile ilmplerious voice of public sentiment, and selected the State Bank of Illinois as depositories for tile public money collected in the Land Offices of that State. STEAcIERS SUNKI.-The Gen. LeavelWortll Ilus een lnagged in the Missouri River, and sunek in eleven feet water. h'ibat is one report. Anotller is that she was only aground below Arrow Rock. and nat of wood. It is reported tiht the saning of lhe hall of tim Gen Brady, is very doubtll l, as she as sulink seven feet deeper since the necident occerred. The St. Loluis Theatre opened on the night o;f the fth inst. with the comedy of thet Haney Moon, Juliana by Mrs Mcleann. Ar. Fonlkce was to conlclluce anll engagelltent tllt ensuing evenine,as llcmtlet. Five dollar notes of the Girard Ilonk, hlav been lltered to fifty. The work in well done. h 'lcas l.gishc tre of lnlicic, Ipistied during their wiOll I1 u2 aces lcind joint resclotit tt. Mulberry seeds have lately been sold in IIatfiehl, Sluss. f,. $50+ co oine'O Every paper in the Union naost, is advertisillg cit sale cfcluttings, rggs, &c. IlIston or TEnAS.--Thl Riaymond Times says, that t"Genl. II. . Foet, of Iliin:ls county, is about to write a history of Texas. Iacilities ihave been tendered him for procuring tie most ample and authentic mate. rinl, ulbracir ngi tile annals of the Meliean government, i ic reeltiou tlh Texian Territory, for tceInty years pfeviolls Io the revohicilon by wlicll its independience w;'as achieved. %Vilh somle oif tilh getltlmemn .slo have iu'ict'erle themnlsplves in Ie CoonteICplated histiory, we huppen to be well acquainted-and we know that they Ilhave ellnjl ved superior opportunities folr collecting cor eet infonrmation. 'lt materialsare so n abundant, that the (iGeoercl's chief dililculty will be tile luborious pro cooe of condelsationll." HIcow THEY DO THlINGS IN SlssseSlrPI.--The last ciumberclof the Iliowiei Knife, says:--"(Ge. Arthur Fox lihas een fined ill tile suae cl thirtyfcive dollars, for whipling Smulleil Jayne, Of Lawro.nuce county. They were bothl nembellll;rs of the last Legislattlre. A ciEoASON.L.Y PoII.ITg TIIEFcc.-On the 7thinsllant, I manto naliied l;cs; Ilochchllargced with searling,rmade Ilis escllpe frontl Ililns county, lite. Hli e left a polite l c.t! tic. cic.Ed tcci.ld-onll Jc ilr, e jicc requePsliog tihat his pislol anti soLit other Ilihle liiClct of pierrsonl property Iht bl sent ton ic place in Viclsbirg, I lwhere lie would he Pnableld to proclure them. Whether Mr. E. hls clm plied with this nmiest demlland, is very d.libtfiil. A rnllwy Ilegro, nllled "Cudjo," made aio escape ati the i lll liccce. Three Utbelr also got out of thle prison, but ithii have been re-taken. ---. _. 'nttrlaEr.---(lette Rlke her Ibelflit thins evenil, andl preselt, t u tlot powcrfnl and ttractiveh bill for the +trn,,ione of ]lor tIltlorrmllf Jriellds rnit llanlirers. T'he crlwded lll I ol ellta a b il lnicnlei, of Friday itnd Sa tlrday I'nl'llill at thlat olur llteatri eLtil blic are not befialhllind d ill a pprecialing th•e olrttell and Ieriter ft, populllllr hldy, ullll thllbogll rll rd limes ouly prevent i l bllth ol o1r pl111lltinln b ein present thiis eve ing, i+ opt+lhe olCctieio1of hor lhithbeefit, stillwe lope tiere ill he t t room eilhr let in fe lose, orr Ior e1plaint Iy tile Iair benefieitr..-Mobil¢e JorlJ.l. l'l{1rrltN RAcES.--T'l seconl uy's races pro dlled less sport tlin Wlts raletd, faron the fact of Ithre hi tg lltt nntl heat ir tie big r parse. 'lThe atriet were Greenwirh 3llid, aR vcry ,el hrate, gll t,,n New Tork, wlho hall mlde so)e ut f le bet t tiIr oil n recnrd, bhilg cloe lie p ro.VbiWigtOn i1,5 Ir. Phewa thlere. fur., ill luch greater flvor tlha Rolla, but when they starte', it Fspeedily b.came a ettlell thing, that the old hrse Wollhl heat her nr 1CrdeelJingly after im ly very bad Ibraks she walst Int bhlijtd the tact, ting dirtaneed ill m. 4lG. 'The'lr ld grey Iend" mnie his thlid nmile i 2 2;,--le lfrst two iln:l ; cacr . IFlt the 'ecoll race, a swcrpstike, mile t lclalsi i d ad ille, lct 3 i rIe lld Tat tad Pailhr lo3 t earedr ilut tile itter was t r1.aredel stCff Iron1 his preyior0 labrs,ndnrl cou| not Srlic k tai lin gait. ILady 'IOt took tw helalls in, 248 alld 2 46, listuneing Sailor ill tile s.a cond.--Alolt.e ldvertlier. A IRE-VOLUTIO1lARY ]EReO ONt..-Among tile for uig1 volunllters in tle tartly of the revolutiot, tihe renader call best relellttler tile narme of Blaro Stlellben. After the trealhery u' Arnold lie cou ld not hear to hear the nte of tlte laltl er itty nlltsion to hbtt. Once, while revcwille g a regient otf light Irorse, he incident all Ihelarnl tile n,,tr wbcIchI he so lltch abtllrrel. He srdored tile person betlrirg it to tile lnnt, and wat a. toilshedl at lthe allearleitce of a yolltrg alid gallant rider of lortly bearinrgexcellettlr eqlripaPd. "Callnge your Imla I brother Isoldier," aid lie 1 aron" "you are too _pectblle ti bear the trlal ofn a tirtnr." "What •ll I take, ,et.:ril " said th, solldier. "Any ynl 1a'-e, ille i ati your sarvioe.' An ofOr so Iltitna ws tlunakfi:lly accepted, and the nalie of tetltben wals litertiil ho the roll. 'I' soldier wlho" itaie wllr Ilun ehlttllged, cllrridr his inew ranle uittiilthe day if hi deathl,. ' Ilidh ettllrred rlst Jallll.ry. lie died at Pttllbcllb, i, thli Mtlte, taged 1S.--NV Y ua. Ele.rtordirey lfsaniten of nfStpreltiolt.-A renpe. itde, dre.eel lertUlle crns-d tile river, witlt tw elil. droll, ni d Ivor twor aseo, iairl haid no 'atirer liled at the 1lttmk' Felrry. tltt findinlg a lhe no e bkitg Ied, she ndm'prd the filalwilf 1e P.Ili;d o f euring hler ehildren, Iho were afflietedl with tlhe IItnpoilru. tieih. ThIt child w tes first lloved ullderneall tile tldy of the ins IonI the en!d altIne rIavemelit, and haring lecteed in safely rawliingout tile llier sile, wans rai.dll y a man palnrt - erl ton reerive it and giill it t lte llttlher oor tle back tfthe anirtal, who itiledieio ly reltenlted the proene ; whh It was to lie encllredl ine tines hboire tie child cttld Ie buried. TIhe nwuitn witn uoderstoorl to any, "that tle ,rosed fthIe river for tliln en peio ial Itrposi , and ler erelulitv nppenlred sirengllrl id by the circuil-. stlallte llstnhe feelllrg Ib I on tle slip at the tile oelhfe arrival--Liverpuol Ciron. Alatioany.-A lrle arrival t New York from felize, brinns ilni,,lltlion thllt a law was to gt into olperation tile Iot of April, prohibfiting Ihln, exportnti it ol any ma Iil,1y tre, wlhich on beiog uu firt. rerl ro a leather edge will cot yield Iby iternallteett it log oftne or oth er of tire tlderleltttln di,' mi,,nsi,s,t z : a io g of IS itches sqraro elcl to eldc tlhl it ai ty, tltat it hallbhe Illlili sqluareat lihe catnllent ard. A plank of 24 nicts ie lt2, or a planhk of greel e width, butii i wiohi 'lie tireiltli antl delpth sltall rno he lcte thtan 'li inches tenttinttolicdorl Ctrlatof2 inlcresin width and up. wrilels, arellnred as caustomary to bhe hipled an Ihere i'lltlo.-.doel. Coue. Ni, ToTsr or ARSotclc.--T'le elelbraltel Orfila Ihlas lately real a aller to tll. Aenrithy tf heiencae, prov illi cllent Iil: ilitlt, t lttlt8 d ntt Iy allny inflalatliaon it xcites ntt tIle straoeg it f tile stolntael, or elsewhere. to whihtl it is efi..cnd, bit lty its itljpfion into the IIrii, lI fitllld a grain ani a illf Itnllsbsoredh on Ihe l-lldd skill ofil It tIn, sUflieittly to cause deathlll. IT t ceet the ri iilte-t litttit1 of alttorehd arsenic, lie slnlieta tie fleslt mit Iteilli ./rcesse, ani tlhen passes ltlrtllgl tle e io f Itllll f ....reed Ih.Yd...n l1 tr e.nler.iorn of li gati nit is inf.llel nmf n tlire re Nide,, deositcd Uli the cllrft e of a Iturecelain plate. N Y Stnr. I'rv ,I)t)I.I.ArIS Ir:WAR Ir .h above rt Iward will I'e Itid hVy tlie slhoeriber, fr euclI in. foroatitrl asa will Ieal i, thile dlircoverv of tlhe driver ol a shay numhered I..92 (lslplpoedll to foe n falle numlbelr) Shot haiil.d 2 casoa antd I bale inldze A. Iotsthip ari.litz. I.II, (AL.E, _7 13 t l lll l l l l l l at MARRIED, On, the 6tch ifet~. by tLe R.,. Mr. Manhaet, Mr. J. II. WIL. sox, Pit".r, to Mrs. MaRa ator, both of thi city. DIED Of cttam.trlloo. thL 11th ift., t thl Exchange Iltil, Mr. DAVID OREEI.Y.tlat. o.tRlsgr, Main. Hiet milyartI frittad smy be ts.surd that bintd fried. rsar n hir htl de. rind him sickness end.last moments. Every atteeta st ould add It hi. cssertt, were extsended t hism. sad his re mait. respertfully interrse in the Prot.tsttt Burial trottd. NEW ORLEANS & NASIIVII.LE R. R. Co. WetvIlsODAovt. iN consequence ofthe leliting offof some Balloonn, at . the PRAIRIE COTTAGE, a train of care will leave the fir of Catnl street, at 4 o'clock, p It this day, r.turning at mix o'clock. p 17 JAN 11 CALIDWEI.L, President. TUIK'M ISLAND SALT--0SHi bushels superior Torl k Island Salt, jont received per brig James, for sale, ifimmediately applied nfor hv ap 17 ABIJAH FINK, 57 Commonat TO IMPORTERS OF PATENT LEVER WATCH ES AND MOVEMENTS. F SAMUEL & Co. Wholesale Paotent Lever WVatch Manufacturere, Clarence Buildings, North John street, Liverpool, inrorm the inporters of the above ar ticles that theirrnangement flir solely supplying Metesr Olcott, Heyer & Co. of New York, hoaving aow ceOased, they are open to receive orders for'First Quality Work, on the best pessible terms. Patterns forwarded, on a respectable refreence being given. apl 17 H AVANA SUGAR.-40 boxes white and 3P buoes brown Hnvana Sugar, in atore a soles by apl 17 5 & J P WHITNEY. 73 Camp rt T AW CUTTERS-costanetly on hand and for Sale by SHALL & BROWN; apI 17 96 Mavnzinlet 1 t MIL --Orere received f rorn mills, by p np&117 SHALL & BROWN, 96 Magzine et POTATOES--10 hbsl whitre and red landing from SotbreSplendid, from Boston. for sale by apl17 A TRIER, I4 Gravier et TEA--c-60 ehests anooenng and poehonr, anoding Sfrom eclr Splendid, from Bnoton, fivr sale by apl7 A TRIER, 34 Granser at OAP-2-0i boxes, landing from echr Splendid, from RBoton, for sale by A IRIER, ap 17 34 Groevier at l.ATEI' PUiL.tICATIONS. STERLING & PENRUDDOCK, by the author of lie Vete, Eloira. or the Nahob'a Wife; the Prince and tihe Pedlar, by the author of rhe Heiress ; the Bra, bia. of Canada, by the auther of Sam Slick; the Wo. men of England, by Mrs Ellis, (late Sarah Stickney); Jck Sheppard, No. I, to be completed in 8 numbers, by W II Ain aworth, Eeq. aathorof Roekwood, Crich ton, &e ; Wisdom and Genlus of Shakespeare ; Coa Werner, by G immtn, author of Gua RiersN iele champ, &cl; Soutlhern Passages nd 'ictuere, I'Poemsnn by Mr Slais; Captain Kyd, by tIe nethor of Lanfite ; the Hunenty James, with a great variety ofmiscel Inneoo. books, just received olfor rale hby ap17 AI.EX TOWAR. 49 namp st ST. CHARLES THEATRE. AIRS DUFF AS thle honor to iniirnn her friends and the poblie Iat hettr IIENEFIT takes place To-Night, atl the StClarlec Theatre, when she will omake Ir Iesrt ep pearance in the celebrated and intenetlv interesting charaeter of IsAnal.LA, in the FATAL MARRIAGE. apl 17 It NEW N(VEI.S. T IE Anerican in Pnris, by John Sanderson RIotnaace if the Harlne, lby Miss Paerdue, author of" tie City oe Ihe Siditan.' etc. Tittflcisiorl,a tale of the Far West, aid other P'oemes. E JOHNS & Co, ao 17 2w corneer ofSt Cllharles and Comngan st J OUltLOON4-Spclalnrlsi and Meicil, for sale by opl 17 A TRIEIR, 34 Grevier at Drawing- hr eg ( rand Stol e Lottery,-Class r.i etrt. '7 3. 75 73 5 65 13 31 16 2 GG 63 NunIeIrc 27 32 75, The Capitlal rI'ri of $12,0110, wtns soaid or the Iifel corner lt Itllsin Iaii I hInelreS letil half ticket, to a getlcllalln lirll Albarna. THIS DIAY. Capital Prize, $9,0001 Tickets only 12 50 GRAND STATE LOTTERY. CLASS No. 30, Extroa. Auhorizod by it Leg iisatmre of the State, To he Drawn This l)av, April 17, 1839. at half paot6 o'clock, at Bictropa Hlrtel Coanln aoll . S DAVIS & Co, lonnrgers 75 Numbers--12 Drawn Balalos. Saplendid ,Srherne. 27,814 Plizes, oanmtinz to $119,688 'rickhels $2 5n-ll nl-loe 1 t -- 5-lnarteers 11 etr Pat:k geo of - 5 tickets for $62 59, warranted to drraw at len.t $3:0. Shnrec iii proportion. For Packages or sinrloe 'Ii keie. aIppl at a17 At Managers office 16 Clhrtren at FORL AI.EXANitILIA.NACI4 ItCII E C. CA B.i l'E, SHLRKWVEI'(tlL'', IFUIT''ON & JON F:StOIrO'. Sonth AtIramR, Fllrtler, latler, will -- leave lrit le aRoYv nllrd ilterrlmediore |aodr' oo."tnioalnt her 2th. at 4 o'r.nk, i pa. For frei lim lps.ege, ajpply on board, or to 'iTileS It IEE & Co. apli 17 "B" anl 29 New Ler ""c" ei :~u 01i11 mtfooeoon eejoC And, water permifting, nutesbor O'. " . %. piassenger ilertnbool (AM11''TE \V I1 CarroK lltir, will Ie fr the a huvc port an, ieruediate, landiage, rto thio day, 17th i tlt, tat l l 'clerk,a ii. IFor Ipsilige t u , l v Ii V (oil hoard, ur to '1'11)0 It IR,1 & t,. ap 17 2_8 anid 21 Now Le.vee T. W. COLLENS United States' Coamissioner. Aplpointelli by the Federal Cioirt t New Orlaois.

OFFI(0 . No. 109 COIJMMION S'TRE.T, (Exclhange Hotel Ilttidings.) AII) Coommisoaor takes affidavits onder and hy ~virlut of tIle ActsofC"01gress, passed 7,lh Iebruo ary, 1820; lot Merchl 1817; tie Ju diciary Act of 1789t and oter alct of Congress, ill sch cases nmade and provided. Said Clolleirsioneor his conosideroalle experisence; and iles f rile of caitlon nt ertifieate wltichl stood lth severest scrlliny of thlle ablest Lawyers. april 12 I)OSITI7'ELY THE LASTi' WEEIK. GREAT ATTRILACTION!! 43 Orleans Street, oppoxithe Theatre. ,IIR (itLELI respectfully informs tile public that JOl ti0e0celer00ehd Statue of CLEOPA TRA, Queen of Egypt, W hieh hat been exhibited in most of the principal cities of the Union, to the lively admisatiot1 of malty tlliiitsnd viaitters,la arrived in this city, and is now being exhiobitedilr suhort timle only, lirom 9 o'e:ock A r,to 9o'clock, P M. CitAdntitancre, 50 cents; Season tickets, $1. o9--tf. TAItCII nod AL OIIOI--Colgate's Starch, 30 3 boxes; Bneh'J Aleoholt30 boxes, for sale by JARVIS & ANDR\WS, apl 16 corner Common and Tenapitoulas sts M-ATS-200 bushels landig from steamner Homer Sfor salel by ABRAHAM TRIIER, a9 34 Gravier at EAS--10 bags English green peas, landing from b arque Cb antieleer, fr rle by q12 SHALL & BROWN, 96 Magnziae st J L. BROWN'S Patent Platform Balooee.-Gro. Scera can tld at 53 B.ienvil le street, Patent Plot tIrm Bamnees,.auperior to ally ever offered in this city. fell W R CARNES. B13RANDY-f ter Ceskeitnh¥;-0-ninrahigeii2.. mbne of 1830,just rceived per ship Louie ill an, foroale by SHALL H BROWN, a12 96 Magazione ast EXCHANGI; IRIEADING ROOtM. T HE proprietor has re-fitted 'is Reading Roonm, in Sthe St. Charles Exclnge, Corner ot Grnrier and St. Charles street, In ste t oleanal manner. Besides iall the orincipal tapers of the Unitod States,. of every city and state, the Canodln, exat und Mexi co tni Invanna., tilt, room is regulnr,Y anl extensive Iv supplied with the latest Eoripean papers, tIovd's Lis ,l mid Pico's Price Cltrrent. Also wilt ene ly all tbh Literary Per;idicals of the tiny, and hits o re pobllciatons if ith London, Edlinluerg, IVesttineter Metr opultan .eviews and Blactkwonol ltagcaine. T"ie North A merican Review; the Soutern L.iter llo , Ktic bocker,T'rhAmleeic Journal aof sienceo nod Arts Cabinet Miscellany IDe aoraotil Review, Gentlemn's a gazite, Auterieon imottlv, Bentlv' Miscellceay, the Meieco Chirurgica Reiew, and a variety of others. All these works ar regularly he oserioed a r and craie red. ''he or0ni is also spplied witlh t .rge vatiety ofsoaps and etlases, Niles Register, Ievy's Price Cur Tretfrom its commencemlnt, GaMateers, and a variets of waorks ofreferenee. Tie most active & intelligeni news collectors ate em ploved, to give the e rliest acrivatr, atd no pals tnor s pente will be epored to render this Reading RIOm tlhe firslt tte United States. Subscriptions are respectfully receives. oell --tf -II6HlE uhsetiber begs leave to infiorm ht tirerlnds and the public, thit havins obtained trmn the Council of ile eeondl Mnnizipetitp the use of tlat portintp of groond aiaated in Canal street. between Magazine and Levee straisI, for the purpose of effecting sales ofroeeries andl biulky articles, is tow prepared to sell them every Wedneodav and Sntorday, at It o'clock A. M. eomnlencing on Wednesday next, the 111th inst. All limited gndls sent for sale anid not dispused of, to be removl -by their respeetive, owners im uediatelh after the stle, or to remin there at their own risk stut petil; all sanples to be sild to the higheslt bi tilr. A salte ofGrneries will also take place every Motdny at 10 c'olock A. MI. atlsin auclion store no. 29 Conti Street. n9 3tow 2w J 11 BLACIIHE TItIE public are reopeetfulle inforned that tils instl _rtion is erdetd on the tioat improved planu, on in an airy anl nlmoat all'Lirable sitllation, in the fatIour Franklina upon the railhsrd, one tnile from abe Mitois 1'he building in large. an I moetomtlmodimslvdivided intl apartments, for koeepta separate different classes, and dfferent diseases. The insltitltion is trppli'tl witllh to mlost okilftl and attentive male antl reiale nutaeo,and speuaking tire va cints inmtere languages. -rivate rooms nay be hlad by gentlemen at fivbe dot loars per day, inhlttdin, attendottlc, &e. Terto is the ordlintary wiardst to dollars per day. Slaves also two dollars. Smtll Pox in the ordinary nards, five dollarIn. All capital surgical operatinns eten. "T'he reitesnt pbksleian in Dr Weddenan, to whom spplkation fIr aultlission Inust he iado. or to IDr : A Luzeutlllberg, No 17 Italmlrt atrtct. spil9 Iv ST. CHARLES THEATRE. BENEFIT OF MR. DUFF. Ths venaing, April 4, Will be presented the Irged r ISABELLA, or tihe FATAL MARRIAGE. Pirou, Mr A R Scott Count Baldwin, Sbayron, SCowell looltells, Mr Doft Overture, by Orchestr To conclude (by desire,) with o TOM NODDY'S bND CIYE''. Toni Noddy, Mr Johnson Ormnotl, G Borret (isbielle, Mr G Barrett To-Morrow, Benefit of Mr. JS BROWNE NOTICE. Mr. GEORGE MIU~11ICK hvmng resilgned the of fice ofehief Engineer of the New'Orleans and Carroll. ton Rail Road, Mr. John Hamnpsot has been eppoint ed in his place, to wh:no all persons having business with, or wishing ialormation regarding said Rail Road will apply at the Rail Road Oflice, Poydras street, By older of the Board. (Signed) JOHIN NICIIOLSON, n,,v7--t Calier. COTTON CIRCULARS I~ PRINTED wih Ithe Gretlest .xpedition, and n a style unsurpassed in NEW ORLEANS, Or else where. ORDERS left atCoMrrriTo Room in St. Charles Es change, (Corner of Graveir S. ) or at T R U E AMERICAN PRINTING OFFICE, corner of Poydras and St Charles Streets, will be promptly attended to. TO ,7ImERCIII.JTrS. Bank Checks, Bills of Lading, Auction Bills, PamphletS, Show bills, Cata logues, &c. &e. lDORDERSfor the Above, and everr other des eriptionof JPRINT''ING(gD receieed at Compting Room of'TRUE AMERICAN," in ST. CttARLES Ex CHANGE, 3d door from Gracvir street, or at the Printitng Office, corner of Poydran and St. Charles streets. Extensive and beatliful Iool and Jo n FOUNTS from the best Foundries in the United States, have jus been added to the alreadym well-stocked Establishment; -anul ORDERns will be eeracted as Low, as Cheaply, Expeditiously and ileautifully, neat anyother Olfice in the City. VALUABLE ENGLISII- bVO ' - EMOIRS of Count GlranuOmu, iby A Hamilton, translated from the Frenelh, with notes and illus tratiuna, inl 3 volumes. Memoirs of Philip Do Comminesn: contn iing tile his. torn of Lotnis the Ilth. and (:harle l the dh oa Frittee, and ofChIrtles tie (iold, l)ake of Bur gunmvy, toL whichl Princes. le was seeretarl : as also ihe history of Edwarnd the 4th, and HIenry 7th nf ngcland. in 2 vols. Memoirso I,sdaly hamihon, wilb illllstratlos, once. dotes nf Inallv fller most It, rtlcunr filiends and disltiguishh ehll slmpornries, elbellished with a fine portaIn aflter Retomne. The l)ecameron, or tell day eat lainment, If Bocenrio, inteldlig tile Oulillp'esed no1els tr sntrll fnillro tltllllial, to lllwllnh are Irefixell rellarks t. i uai the lif" mod wnraicga IIg I. aenccio, in voI. Fornale by W MIcKEAN, cr eCalmp & Colmlomn alt TO M~IRCHlANTS. [DMERCIIANTS can hase a IaEAUTIFUL t. CIcU struck of alfour boers NoTert, by Icall+g oa the Compting Boone of TRUE AMERICAN I'NtCTING: O.rFIr, St. (Charles ExchIangIIe, adjoa.intg the hoAI. INn Roost at Corner of Grivir strnr, or a lthe Irint ing Office, crner of Poydras and St. Cllarle streets. LONDON STATIONARY &FANCY ARTICIES SJnatl received per \Vashilglon, fronm Lt,,n. 1)A PEI-tEIIglisl Drnwin gofl l ioeso lir A rcnulelts SSuperior blue laid, bllue and yellow wowe eltar 'Copying pporn, lnrge andvexIoea acas Enalgoedtl 40 and super satia 8vo gill edlgeld lte & lokllo paper, e ah ased& god & silverbin ITr e l Enoncllopo'e whit. tillell, encllIletd, enkblossed gold rind silver blordere, anlili ll W rriters: Wedentl.od and Ackeuman''. tesr ink and arnid Carbonitcoks oI.ond made folio eonl,ing Inlro:ine London pocket buneks anfti wtIII s reIa I llaa Eli orad anl sal lhel ,Ilirtle shrell lenhoisl Io lunriunled Ilnrk:eo envehor r cases Illlolnll 1111rp d ivore111 , II frm bll, an. grh" I.ond ter co ainll xes Itnd Iy tie osigl cake Oxybrd and rllesIIu drawingboloksi Aekerlnllns dwi, E g a luilt , in cl r s Noiri, in I Statl IPeln: erry' sextrn fi lr, filed , i.u, briol i lk: Ackermn'slhI· laidl. r lnhli u h. ph ' v rirlng miry) ilng ilnk. prmnelllnt hlhe locowl red 1 iyV ce Ore lll , IlI O El alE inkre sl nodr alnd ,gtrh rles nlhrlalmt eellllrn; ,tax Rl Ntil,:red.11.1 all ll ,l.r erli Cle r lal NtelC l nt Io r anll l o ue olllollll THllllEl l of firsl qIllalily. . JlIINS. h to. OiIer 18 :w r of3ydrsI (' S i Crlesalt stlihC .r lll11 STEAM BOAT' BILLS. - WNEIIO-, .t;(I':.TnS, t" It l I'TA IN, ofSTE 91I ' 11A0'I'S can haret Ulir lills hrh",, o,#; i,, on or more 'olored Inkls, otet lailI or (eIIlIIIllrlI'per, eill despatch. and an favorable !'vran, by /caving th/eir OnlRsatT'1RUE AIMERIICAN OFFICEl, ctorner ofl toydras and Sr. Clhrlos streets. Navo9-tf CARDS - PRIINTEEID at the shortest Nolce, in the ,oast elegant ,ooa,ne. in Illaek or Colored INKS, on Ennlel. lend, lite F'lake, or tPlain S rfcl, Cnll l. 1 anrd Prices very reosonable a T1RUE AMIIIICAN oi FILE, eoraer of Poydrs arnd St. Charlee ale. evernal New and Iieautifull Founts of 'l'ope hore just been added to the Establishmeot. Orders received at Coptinlg Rollm, 1. Clarles Exchange, 3nrd dor ftO Graonvier s t.,or at the I'rinting Officr corner of Poyda, & St. Charles treets. naoutl-if No HiALE It on el t urhak ilf e in tg,3 re for sale ly S & J P WUII I'NAEY, ni9 73 CCmpp ap IF l SALE--Twenty likely, ncclilloted negr-e. SIell and women, on good elas for cashl or good panpr that can ie negltiated. Ap1ly al199 St. Joupph streel. 11127 R 'I'ERRELL A V NDREwVingt negres, h1n5 nes et s bfhll83 A I on marcbll pour de ['argenl oil de papiorquc 'on peat metlore 'escompte. S'addressem r la rue St Joseph. No. 197. no27 It 'I'ERRELI. WASU NGDON BOALL ROO Dress & Mlaquerade Banll St. Phlilipstret, between Royal & Itlltrlon. MIIE lManager of ie above namelld Ball Rlmln,grate Sfol to Illt friends and tihe public fi r tide onparal. lulled atlonalge bestowed on hit for several seasons, respeetfally iltforns Ihena that th establiahlent lian seeit enlrged for tile amusement of visitorsn and ul dergooe inntuese repairs. 'TIe bar will be Surpassel by none ill quality of liquors, an.d thie iesaurat Iill he kept bIy tie ablest lleataurlaeler It tlhe Ci.i!eo States. The rool will re-open on Satulllrday evenitg, 3rd of November next, Ih a GRAND DRESS & MAASQUERADE BALL. and will Inke ylacens 00 s0ad every ]IeltlonV WelilIes doa and llllllrIav ovoning, . Onilrg the st,'.lol,alhCell will an tI o tile Iot of Mny, 139.. N.B. The goeItat attll ioelll t ill be paid to keep. inlg perfect order thliroulglol ln theeslailsblll.nt, us ulI done nat sea P on. oct24 JOHN V. CHIIDS, ENGRAVER AND CO PI'ER-PA'I.A V PRINTER, ,No. 3, Camp M. W ILL engrave and print t order, lank olelos. ,ila • of eltonge, bills of laditg, dittluilas, ll'r !an tile and vii:ing card. ontrii, conseulanr ld co;nmin-g house soalo, door plates, silver ware, d'e. nlwayso l hand, an assortnenat of silver platendand brass 'door •P e Cards printed from plates alreadly elgrnved. novae CITY BA~K,?- New Orleans, 15 Marchl 1839. I.1t 5 Inotinlltao will purlhase billn of ehnglillge Sotihe nnrtlh.. m ItO J PALFREY, Cnslhtr CIT'Y BANK. . New Orleans, 15 Ma~r1 1839 TI[HIS Bank will purehase exchla'ge ont Etnglnd. .L m16 RI I'ALFItEI', Coalier BUREAU DE L\ COMPAGNIE D'INSU RANCE DES POMPIERS. De la Nouvelle Orleans, L E President ctDirectours de cetlo institution, I ontdoolar6as ee jour ,no dividonds do din sour cent du capital djh .louscrit. Payable aux Soun. ncripteuro o0 leur Reprnsontant, sur on aprbs le huit courant. Aveil 1, 1839. .3 E, L. TIACY, Secr6tnaire,.. FOR LIVERPOOL. Tite Ship, ILOBERT' IIBRUCE, Capt Hark. ness havitg partof her cargo enaneed, will Inert witt ldespatchl. Flnr lbalnee of freiglit or passage apply to 016 . Ht GALE, 93 Calnmen o0 FOR MAItSEIL..LES. S Thn well km.lwn aind very fast sailng ship ELEANOR, Capt Pembertonu, loving tLe tgreater part of her canrgo enaged, will meet witdipatch. For latlaneo of freight or paMage apply on hoarnd,orto L H GAI.E, mar 19 93 Commntal t S The now and very fat ailing brig 111S TIORIAN. C.le TiuLer, ean take the Itatk ot 9l.I barrels, having the treater part of her rargo 0n httrd. Foeotrtrl, oe patlssog, nety (It lear :.J L 11 (.lt, .qm Luulumon . OST'Pln aIhe one of the D)ieriet Conut for the L First Judiiill DimnDet, ; note drawn anld ub- ried by Henry H. Foetlls , to the oader of Ferayth, t ooadwin & Co, and by thornm endoreed dontd .rw (r lean, Jan. 25. 103, panyhleon 13th day of ME , 18 18, at the Meltmaies' and Tradara' ank, parngplhaed No. rarietnr New Orleans, Jan. 27.1837, lDarvl L. McCoy Notary Publie, th nte noeare alsno tih endrsament o Ueorge Iletaan and Jtohtn llnge rjr. Tie notle wan neclo rd in a prmtest and ptitian, and wap lost front Ite 0 lert'a tanle, apr 10 7iiEPrincetand tlhe Pedlar, or ta etege shiptol; . I thIe hrnthaoaO'the "Ileir ," 'Vit "Mler"Mrcaront'a L)aurgl0er," (e.. in 2 vols. Publieannd I'rivnte Economny; illttrtnted by obnerva lionas made in New IEngland in the year tt1836, by Thea dora Sedgewiek; pnrt 2nd, I vol. The Many Talesof Ihe Three Wise men of Gotbamt ity the author tflhe Dttcthtmtt' Fireside, &c Ac. A new supply ofJames' Novel the "Hueenol," just recetid anndfor sale by ALiX. 'I'OWAR, I0t ai 49 Camp st. SIOfOOtANe--1 rwer men and hnoys kilt brogans L landing from sbip Charleston, fir sale by 10 1 IBRIT(I, & Co, 13I Malgnine st FF IFiC ) TiO RENtI'--In Coatln n Street, alltlpoite lisbtp'e linltel. Applyto WM. MIeKEAN, apr 10 Corner Camp ltd Comtlntl sat. AFE R CANN--Jusreceived, a fea w dtzens a of Tin WafeVLr Cans--lIoxny 1-4 1-2 nnd I I t. For sale by DAVID FELT & Co. napr 10 New York Sltatlioners' Iali,4 (.'Chartrea at. u1 ANILLA ROPE--0 coil, nemerted sizes, receit L1 ing lfrom New York, per ship Warsaw. For sanle by SHALL & BROWN, pr10 96 Mlegazinoe W INE--13 l pipes Sicily Mad , rceingipr sh Cltarlealon. Fur sale bty"L; SHAL, & lBRitWN, apr 10 96 Magazine st. C. W. BELL, Attorney And Counsellor at Latw. AS Loecated hin.elf in Houston, nud will practice iH l the S.plreme and aome of the District Courts of the Iepublic of'rexew. Office on Congress street, two doors below he rei dsnes ofJ. A. Newloud, Isq. uvIl if T3'The P'incynnue and 'i rue As nerian woll please paldish the above until forbid, and forward Ilthe eeunt to me at Hoousto for paynment. C. W. I. 11 Jack Shepplrd, no I. hedgewick'N public and private reonnanwy, il. rated v olservutsllo anlre in Englndl, its the velr 18Rl6-Port 3--Conmvrsatio on Nature and l t, willi cuts, in I v rl. The aPrie und the Pedlar, os thea eetige of Bristol by thle uthor of the Heiress, the Merchont's IDughter, &c'. in . ols. Elvira Ithe N.Bho's Wilte hry nlrs Monkland, ol: tior of Vallge Reloiniscences, in 2 tolna. received oal for sale by Wos Md(IeAN, sIt c oos rrha ofC (oClommon eti "WiETHL''ir ItlnA7at---3 hrlse, rrccivend mrlRhiSe l tnula, for olh by A IIF, all t4 Grllsvir et A IEXANIKIlt 'r'W\VAll, Iokseller 4) Camsp et, having llltehal ed Ihelee nrcsie enud wellr ssorted stlock of putmr. blansk boohk, &e. of site Ilte foroltlh Thrinsg, Greenr & Co& invites ha oltern tieon of those wanting to purc'ntse pa cr, to an -xlluntslouin of Iliu stack. Ile heand will keep eonartntly on lend a full assortmant ofkae follownil artielhs ; Printing papler, el all sizes for news tnd look work. FoJlur p ufvariue qutnlities, ruled and plait. Lelt er Rpepr do do do (ootloereial and packet pont, lue and white. atlls post do dls IbrussU. sse uium. recui, snouri royal. Writillg terrs ro blanlk uwrk: Folio Iusl t I la& w'uitl bf voriollN qrllities. IRINiINf It'RESSI.S. Of which hi, his now nrn halnd one Duouble Iendine onf· Il Iper'slll Itwo ulller roty l si uus, a ll .VW \VtIt --u lell' h -i·' I'iu etturuttck, or 11w higil lssiUdI l lhy lue siuhr of I ereteuine, ItN lesu, i., wton ie.iie,.vol. Te S.rit of she b e t, illust redrI it jo uIrnul of tluelu sluiIorough tu, Inhre I. nlus 5 hart, in 2 ruols S omail inits s ticd, i n l Vy t. A descriptuiu uf Stu,, ulusutiintuuu ne rlu t leeuru'uuuu e el ciue, wielslugrusnese I.o editio. STrIs'lisi oelsul'f itu siuttiu of civil engineers vols2 Isuondoun edition. Juot receivedtl sall for ale Iu IV IcKIEAN, all orner olf(lo (Cu& Cll _ soIs BIACN 1 (; I)OtISI:', 4u 1 New uI.'eve ThlKs ,.-'lTICS2:l ' lusti.' . (trt u'o " ".ui 1 "ut ... J rheelunge ell 2a IIIIes JIukt l Sn4kut ic htw sheetings, Ilbudiug frotml hip Ch'rlhsrtmlo , fur usi" Iby nil I Itllil & (o, I1 J IJH l.;l ' ?l t ·l't'IN(; --I'5 i It s n rte c l oltil I eul CSulhilotig, lu(ligllu frolU shipu (tlluu'esluOll, fuur wle Iu) lOA P--!IIt IIuboxes sls,, Iuiis froel ship ('hnrl.e Ic C-unrsl,furseule ty S&,11h Wilt.l 73 CuTup, 'DEF'INEDa WHItE t.-tou uule to IU o ell ," JPWIIITN'E\', 7t ;1 l p st I OSI'I's)N IUM-I1001 ut-tt l Irufio nl,- r.l llind lld salehoy S & J ' llt'Ne, S ral 7: I Co " il, u1 PAII.IING'S IAS'IT-- NOVI.'l'TIES. Tn t hirvTuo lh sof h lThr 'co wise 3 'lluiusilutinu 'I'bbo I'rimi cllan ou wo:I'rks. v the " me or. of hit ' iTh e riu.u ' u lu I uiuu nl , II tur' lat' 'igu' ufr thu I tino', bloy othe llth lir l l O lle M irhu ' a n11 ehtleu h ,,Ifwiek'.. pahied privtI,. ·J On11( vlpl :lr . , .h0 u'lk Aull uu thuou e II u ''r, by t'l1ut. tluh on ti'u. t'pCuuittn uu.d, ' Inc luug.u, u clu . l 's'u .l ui, i ll ut I o ir ull iesl 11 u.. it'w ' 'u u ttoiditul, Auds a ily , t....... ,r l il,' and " ,rtim: plhiy . (.1111 A I',. all su rI,' llt ru Iitt+t lt tu harlu t r fI I Al -lll ,-l- ll ll l . tilhtu I till ki 1 u lso zint e sl R IV.A (:I EIUS3 hFa'KE-71 had'. lo di rg Into, y 1 ., i il ndtIr ltie by d "it II&BROiWN, fll I Ii; l-t, lilloiZll e t A. -2:1 ba n ia Nton ary a, edi e h inl Inll t( New ti York, pr ship Emtorbm. hle ainr stile hy 11 SII A 1, , ItllOWV ,"( i \liGll7G ziin e -t tfAA1., OIL--J lelltis Ih n A111, li Nttl r'aiil fr .'e) SIIAI.I & III o WN, al I U!li Magalzine, St all 1111.IIA & II li- %%N, !V1. \ll; 1 7,ga lle St O Al(U-ul-lti-I llrhls Nuilt I, tut, uu s iakuuI iu store a dtuu r lo l fulu allI SIIAI.Io. igio u \, n15 .lilnziae It jjl --I;(t-t k A V rle. ir il hild, iu 'ulr, luld s' I J l hil , by - J T ItI.'u ' 't g Iu & s C o, u(JC:KET.-a-III disz,,n in stern nail fr sale by B ll J 'rI AYFI{ & Co, 71 I1o?.1rIrs ct Sit3 Eo1LS-r J ut ree.ived ahIrge .la+ ortrlWn Tusitta ntd pluis umlelhrla bs f v'i riols e izt, fof sole wloieauleBsuln retail by titS1 I' 1, t o 1tt1 Exchtutuu hotel, $t o ts' rht s it Y RltK-26'1li barrels uteoist e iudi 1lu It urie pork,tu n s. euore sodbu for aeI ty J 'TiAYEII & ('o, all _ _ _ 7. I'oydo, st D ICE-Elull sksCarolib ice, hudhig Irotus bret rtArebian, and for solm ryic all J TIIAYEI & C,', 74 Itt..s at lli agtora for sule isy "J:tlslAcj l drills, landing frosm uhip lsi NEV, EINGLISH EDITIONS OF S'TANlt.ttR WOtORKS Ben Johnron'a works, whh a iselmoir f his litfe an writings, by Htlrry Corswall. (libbon's ntiscellaneous wuorks vsitu memoirs nl uip, life nsd writine, csusoruueedl hu hii.suclf--ils troed lfroum Ids llers u'e Ih ' lsc't-itlltl notes, asd narrotiae, by Johnl, I.ord Sheltirel. The Art Of Rearilng silk Wsoro., transltled fronm lwe work of'Coluse Inuololo. Giilhert's tiologv ofEo.nhgtnd and wtualseu, ilo h us t i I lGoldsmith's Ili.tory O'f mlntsi ioId (Ioodlrsllued, withl OurarorousllRl orijginal moties Ac &cu, witlh illus. tratioll celorcud iio it slriur uIvsl, ii I ',Iol. Forl.'es at 1l' cKt:AN. il0 ,lurrlae- ('ouull & Cuuloouuc Setc RANII'tF:-'Tbhe Sblst.iher is irepared Io rcrri. C1u lrPu rs for s llsltanit., a Iilt u r ill t l' truih il' for all l r.urpiuse IfhurfClit ,rls te ; fisnllu:u of sl 'on-. btllU - I aot tr, and t'rluitic', Ir dltelits1. tes, w oel o soiuu wc ill. alnd lintel--'Tmllnhl Au(.. ofllr belrt inllot'riu lllld stuOt ulllerior style oftwtI ks uushti, set Ip tomlnlletle al sh)or otoice, and aI the lo)wPl rates. N EW'rON iICIIAIIIIS, 147 Custoalnholuse ss between tlouplis &ic Iurgtuuldy sl.o N. It. 'the lowe.r sturv of :.rick b lilhliuugecn hr mllve.d stll (iltoire isertel witlth perfect a.eth-, si little inlleOOvt llience Iltus o Clll t II all It '.w Ssalts, 20 barruls glulsur olle, forsl- Ity I ""JItV & ANIIIIEWS, s12 _ earner IomsUmon & 'T'sehupissuluhsn ot VELtI. WAN'TI-'' take 11100Iu barruls flo r to ,ltelifax, Noaa t Scoia.l Apl1l to atl 'C'I'E''TSON & '.LA' '1, 0' isravisr ol --U O Fli.-Ilt_ý$O Ibs ohl Copp fu sole -r I H DIEVIti'EUX,' april 4 tO l'sehnpitolelo st ` UsIsu 1 CLOT'IHItN-ticonr cass~e-olsieuusg svon. Srielt oalkinds and qaultin, ualanpled so 11. eIasonl for slc'by I llIR)IDGE & Co, nliril 13 1ftt Mgtzino st It LI'CHI.' Iturl I.stier Prsesesu-A fe-'of nlos. 'very' nuitersir Lettcr Itresseot~, i)t ole hy a=lgit l I lAVID FEL','i L-)JI :llarln s CIEMIENt'--lhsdrolic nnrs lltltloss for osle hsr iJtIIl 1KA1 & ISA "AD lLAItTO(\VII , 7Ionk Pla.ce -' ICA ItS-- 0U I0'rincisuf (S'igacr, illaltl hoxeB "O ssale by ISAAC ltit(1las & Co. aisl 5 1:11 'Iage-iiie us I1USSIA SIIEEETIINlIJ--31o Ilosluc ui-r s Ie Itvs apl5 t ttII.I &lio.j " thliek; Nicholas Niokhloe, No li Wolell of Elglaldl, tlheir esiciul douiaa asld dooessic Iuhhils, by Ellia Cupt-lin Kyd by' norahe, s ssjlise Sculi'rsoelic' \Wurks it I vI sl Iso the onlveolo plete Anerrisan sditilo--Car-'s eul ii-an-a s othurb stssnieIi. E JOHNS & I Co opril " eer it Charles and C:onlololl oa W ANTE'l-[--rorhe erslssbsss tb s Lrllh'5 ItO sIC andtesOataaIeasrplohylIs el..tu.s.copso il Ihlt ovt bhlrsI,ao hIt AIAMS . WIIITt.\II.,. all i7lsair,'s T OAF SU(iAIIR-Vnrios qnlilee in store, and foa L. snlv by SFIAI. & IBROWN, l 96ngagzine street, Agents to Iafyette sugar refinery g10 REWARD. A 11RNTED Ihlorelf lost evening, the stave idl MAIKY JANE,.nhaut 2 yentrs of age. and-re. morkably while fEra slave, but whirn spoked to its the accent oas negrd4s. It iseppesed she las been ea tliced awaiv ov some white person. The abore rewald will he iid for her apprehension, on cupllctlion to a8 It W COLIAERTONI I H.04fANS & 110OTISf- 718f1 costs, omaprisIanaii extensive aessortnmen of mlle's antd sy'e kip and russet br.og.s; mnn's caif ald kip hooms; ladien atis° see, and children's pumps, shors, slippers, nad fbueue ties, feor saleby I BlIi)GE & Co, all 1,4Il Magzine.t. CITY BANK, New Orleane 61h1 April, 183). A T A fteeling of the board e lhectose held teis A. Dty, the fiolliowing esolmien was unanimonuly ndopte,l, viz- IResolve, thait all notes ttndctl rentewnl in tIh Bank, may be renewed until tn first day of )December neat, on thepnyuent ofa clsrtailmnat of 'I'wenty pr cent, cnd tine usonl discount. The hoard of Drectors me servincog riglht to reguire additional secrity in all Ccseo,'wlsero they maydeem it o lecsstry. atO I J PAL IdEY, Uaehicg. S-LLL I) BAILN & 7EK,-J- t recei. e . F spltoendid article of IBillinard Illls and 'hocks. BUstl & ALLEN, aprll Exchange tIoeel, cor St CharleL &oomnon st S AL':'-511 esch 'torks Isbond Sn.l, in eeks of 2 bhelsel seach for a leby LEVII H GALE, april I fS Ccommon a I. EIISES-Y-O Ilea Negro cloth, pllitnll to tase Is noasee,for sale by LEVI H GAL.E, alril 1 93 Cnammone 1tsUC0K'8A t'ANA;EA. 1IT18 msedicine Ils been Iligihly snccesasfal i the, -curi eof the sIbowing liuscnses: dypsp in, liver dliecse, inligestlion, loss ofppetlie, nervous sMl'ctiour, cutaueonar eruplinne, esondlnry a ypisilir, Mercurisl dli ease, gelerll debility, and Ill oslmr diasesen arising from omlpllriy of Ihe bloold; it a raie tularly recom saended asa n spring snd fall medicine, to renovatle is: paired s'svtsita iosi. it iA extreliely l r:ew le I5 lse, rcenetlilg i taster a rich .cordall, nalbinlg [palrely a vogesable vcs1as)i tila, ally ba taken wisi ilrsfels cafesy by the meat deli cate pierlns.a A slpply' of lhe above receroived nslltr sole by S IUKI.CKL &L CO, vDruggets, april 1 4 Canal at Jl'', A'l' \VWIIOLENA..E.... 5)tM. tEI.I., N Cit , Chartre rt, hs tlli i ay r II. eelvrrn full alRRllrs llna of Watolele, Jeolre; Spi l asslla.Ivolml S nlic (;es Ware, Ihey will lie onbs ed r endil Ithe lwest markel prhie. api 1 N F.-The snpertlurlite existing beteenn tne V •Slitrherr, se de.r tle firm o f Yorke Blrethren, wma dlia.otlvedl by slllllsltl tiacetl, n Illtse 71h iis r nary 2128. 's'h,. ,aIttc of ic Starm will be sead by Edward Yorky, i It lqllalaian vl' ta llalirso. P. VOtKE, april I i F, YORKE,. aI ~ ~ ¥'P ORKS. 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