Newspaper of True American, 17 Nisan 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated 17 Nisan 1839 Page 4
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Weýewe efpe F~reý ard Agec.ý crdll e isrove.d anheere l thei 'Tnata Mia e ppe ri em t th e o rd i na r d re d o o f re a tingA teares eap er r'rsl~ it,adtrela.elVe 47(0 leadA ayh. I the r eee mel Afe, . t re. thepirer . ii,, d i aae rrttnarlqo F helid. tite .Eeeatt,~ieea iveonedtlrrer landant.ite, treeeah- . , atrd I au id par nanet apýrrite, byatreitetating Gltrlh,aed tire redith oteienjoymeeiof taste. ta tt1leZ4zuliar a Ina gv agaarttYUrt quality; it reama Ie rl ethotot1re wela ta iaetea(l i this disorder, or rtr create ;i.ar4dtaeeeau.,ert,b attiMghlry elarartere the revere I or u-1,ue.} tlgeetieir and tira benefvits the r.aterr s ewhaiteter other aifrrtia , it merv be airprersard. I-leldaralar ater thie ars a flh t "rioea liaiitcare, tare .'. ela, tot ell the nettllrt eartalhse of the detase, facdrteare ecaped ute syomptorrae of retru'a whereas by ..i4 Weeftheeoateln reractniar, them is always cree t dn inceretased liabtility to reaurrete. The daner Siheqgtent retnparsa ofihe Agae, is very ev ti, nr. for -h.a eytem r witll anan bcomte too murli prrsrre torr be ablae ta mrat with medicine, rad speedily fall a vic* hira to tbch irreaanet viulecee The 'Tricr tliaturre is SFaed at such a reasonable price, as to vace it t irhiar reach ofeverv 're!-seo that the pilat and destitute eerehby ytfurnisherd with assistsarne, wirtirrt soliciting ;the aid 'steld tetdance whichr frequertly drenied to ftelt. or else very reluratntly besrowed. Tirh public arererpretlt v riurmrrd ngrnrrt the ais reioa imit rattraof this mecdicite, tr l, are daily aoffered oro #u.. It Isprepaetd onely b7 Dlr. Jeoi R. Rrvand, rt his l tCotry, Marketetrelsr, PhieraIphiia. Tile rsubsrecriersr are the lr irlealIe anlerta frr lie Setth W'eeterrtrates, ert wdtill sell by te.ll s ar tIre Philadelphia pricat. ':r he had at rerai alar, at meetr, tate Apolheelartie ir, hita oiy. JAR\I'I & ANDREWS, \'htiale raic i ttrnrhirr, vl v| car Corrnr.r &r rr h;ira.rr.t sa fire~l l ...... . ,...: ...r cil~ · Ilassasnippi anld Louisiana iotel, t . : vt ,;.cn v r,. 4 RS. MARY KIIIKLAND respectfilly an. rouncer to her friends and the public gone ally that she is prepared to accommod;tto them at he above establishlment, and hrpes from her Ipertions to render visitors comnlri:ble, to receive Scontinuance of f.rmer favors. Sihe f.els confi. dent that persons visiting Covi:lgioa during the lummer moethe, cannot find better accoilntlodations. than she can afford them, on mnor,; liberal terns. Her houso is plrasantly situated, and well sapplied with every convenience; the bar is fliurished with the most choice liquors, &e. in rslrt,srhe pronises `'at nothing shall hI, wanting on her part to give , aireo satisaclion to all who may patronize the Misii i and Lruisiana [lrtel. jr3 F ThE PUPDLIC.-'Iho unideroignad. avrg studied under Dr. Sclmnidt of Charleston, aeoth Caroline, and for some years his oasistant in .the practice of mediecno and sulrlgry, has the honor to offer his professional services in this city. He assures tihe ladies and gentlemen lthat the most p-omnpt attenltion will be paid to the calls which - -im'mna;dg; and also otfars hies services to tie holdersbfslavoes, being well aequainted with tihe dieaemil common to themi, having attended them in theieangr house in Cliarleston. Thefanmous anti.hilious pills a ter the composition -frProfessor Smollrrte, woith dirtcions, canl be had "'f the undersigned. 'The el":et whicsh they have 'produced in thii and other cities, has been attended willh the greatest success, to which the best ofl Sferences can hbe given. Apply at No. 166I MNago. ,ine street. JNO. M'LORING. IRONS, &c. T IE IIOWELL WVORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near r;roktlanr strucr, New Yoerk,. have received the part lsearo, anld are rnlls!antly receiving Ih.rge adl extensive addltionsr tr o the rstolk of the above gootsi, 'Iwhh now conisrll.r s of the allowing assortment, suitable for the southernLI arrd wostern maiii.ets. Hiollonw ware of supereor qssUl;ty, cornsisting of about 15110 tnsr, viz, Pots of 22 dibffront sizet , from 2.8 to. 5:) gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes,, froml 3:8 Io :| gdllon., Kettles, 15 izne, froar 3:8 to 18 g.u.lns, B iktpans tr t )tl.n dfar Jit1rtl rr, Tea Kettles, {; d, Skilleto, . . 5 dl Flat Spiders . n ; do Covered Spiders, ' do Oriddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, do Wagon boxes fromr 1 .4 Lu 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. 4 Wood Screw., 20,00 grruss, iron and brass, from :9 inch, No. 3 t, 3:9 inch, No, s 4 of a .-uperior quality and fiishr, and less than Jale's isitportsr ed p.ices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 Ibs for retailing. Tailor's and hatter's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 1110 tuns, aresonted fro:m 4.4 to 0lbs, Bells for Plantations, steamboats, ciurches, &c. made to order, Also steamboats and other machinery made to order. Tihe above assortment of goods is particularly recommendedo o the attentl io of Southern andi Western merchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms ; it is be. lieved to be the largest and best assortment ever :tiered for sale by any one establishment in the Unted States. Morchants, by torwnrrling a request by mail, can' have a prin'ed circular, with descriptio of goodsa, prices and terms, f-reom whic:h no devlatioe is ever made, furnished by return of mail, All orders will receive immetliateo attention. Neow York, 1838. _ i13 No MERCURY NOR COPAIVA 1,7w e t noo:, Nov. 14, t8.7. A BOL~' six months g I had thoe isiorliune to got a s cret disease, for which I have applied to sete ieal doctors for a ellre, tad they did not cure me. so nnow on the above date 1 put Iynvelf utnder th tc tae of I)Dooto Huet, and [L' tot hoi to cure tm. ainlln t that time the disease gc worse, so as to break out in largCe tcers to the nu othr of six or eight on re t leg, and all over my face, and sore tlroat, and not ,oble to work at h, present lln O ct i ottf to d dlisease; l:rge l lcer ori tile right side ot'tho throat. I ole no." putting ollynell conoldently ulnder tihe care of Dr. II net, of PtiNe, to hb perfietly eared JOHIN DEAN. foe 1.4 v T DO CERTIFY that tlhe above ntllnel disooit is 1 quite well cured to tIy owlo sati,.fctioot, Ihr wh icl 1 thank Dr. ltuet; and moretver I o;,nsret that the nledi eble I have taken Illohca Io ttlt, and did i ot inljre Irni nealth at till; tlerefire I odvit tnyo f low sutliorer's to lose notine auR l npply to I)r A. Ihlero, 124 Canal afiet, betweenO Daltuplinttnl anId oill'bon ottcos. l)r. ionet ie at l0l.n t-roit 9 tt'lhol;, A lt, ontil d P .11. They will find a truel dootor liar thin comoo aint. JOIIN I)E'AN.-ll iroyvier street. If any one wants to dca melnrcall tOt No. - .ll ootio, JOIIN I)EAN. New Orleans. Foh I, 1838. Poll Idl v Till lenuine Indtllt Itelottoto lttvrttrttto -tt i jt ole i ound,i puit up in botlles at tilh low price olf , enteetnech, containig thie strength of three notottoes of I.ivotwort, btai les rIll irtlllon t o many other rotots and herbs known amon t he lnditn as elioiecious in curing pdltnonary cotllllalnts. Tle u rivalledD .as whicb hsarttenJed Ithe use of this illoeattmable * .mle whclrover it has been intlo dnced, has oltainidl the eoolfidce l and rccomnutonda tiona of respectatlle phlysician., for tile uore of conlgns, colds, pain in the sidle, w% ant if rest, spitiling o bluood, liver eotiphiint, &c. To whomi t mnv cn meror. This in to certrli that wet have in ourctictiee frneqetloloy trescribedl Alro taort neter'setIq iialsnml of Liverwort , d Ihqrhmn d ,wi;h daecided effect: we 0,canl t t'tfotre, fo thel lit kolllw llge of the materials it is ttmade trot, anI to bervattton ad3 xtelmrienoc, reotlntood it as a ' lltlto io preparalttiotn cortl ihose aftloaiioo of thle tlooms r whlh it is re mooendedl. AI.IlR I' W't ,I.IIiSl M. D. CALVIN E.IIS l. 1). IrMember, of tLIt Bostoll Medical Assoeiation. Boston, October 25. suleby JARIVIS & ANI)RIEWS, 1 1l, It 1) It to a l ' ot ' nit )lni sis D OLBIEAR'i .9cience oft Penn.t,-.,shtip receive.d,andol for .ale tit their operntlielt W\ritling Atladinies No. 8 Clteoo OOrot, Now tI)rleano, 18t lot Itway Now York, IDholtioe s0t., .11obloil . It isparirtellaolv doo eiloin fi, private l learne.s, aod c;hools, alln i.+ cah-Ulate:t file p 'roius of all tes.8 Latieis atol gelltlentcL are in;ted Itocall and sonamle thb oylten) for t hemyerns. L_.eno-s are given at s eh Ihlhloues an "Inv stit til: e411 le fall, and to ehasses 'ormld ill anoy part iladl oe prefer ritcan receive ..esson. at their own ref mals paving e , us of lePs.ons are desired o *~irl, " 't+' t5 ell uscev wish .'y 3O.-A B'fROTHlIR. W MITlE LE:AII-lbl6 , 15911 teh 0 keg do 25 , English dIo-A5 1-4 hble, 400 " t 100 'aint Brushlol vori, us izoes; I ca.o Vermillirt; 5 bbls Copal Va:nnih; 2o Japan I " osolt 20 packs (Gold l.eef; 50 do Hilver do; 100 do Duteh Metal. WINDOW GI.ASS, Almericall. E.glish tand French 1000boxes, vrious sizes and qualiites. Beoton Lrown do.-500 hloxes, consignmeot, o ill be old low Alo, 'a general asortmetniot of arlit' coloorsa and cole, for sale by A W' SCA'I Eo, No I6 Contnl stret." N I. Alabltma notes ,ak0 n at p r, and elialisoippi notea will tbe received at 10 per cent discountj for goods. or in payment uf debts. jo I lw M ARBLE CIIMNEY PIECE WAsntoune, Custoolhouse street, opposite the posltofice. The eubscrilers are now receiving from their fee torie iun New York, and will keep eonstantly on band a general assortntont.lf .larblo Mantle Pieces efouperior workltunship, and of the latent patterns, made of the best Egyyptian, Italian, Irilsh and Amnerican marbio. Also, Montumonti , Tombs iand Grave Stonoes, mouled and plain sills and lntelo, marhbloe tings, hearths and boundary stone, plaster of Pari, Rienn & Ilydraulie Centout and Plaster. lag Hair, together with a splendid asnortment of bsrIe mounted and Itplin (Grates and Russia Iron (tes ftclhi newest 0n00d 01most 0 p poved pottern.. SLatering done in the tatest imanner and at lie artest notice. Tlhey hove first rate workmen to . work. 'A1MES RAIN & S1Q'ILOUD M Tork dt Baltimore Packet, lAGIKT8 FOR N FW 'ORK.-Now line. -Tn sail punctuall. every second Monday . duringc the season, full or not Full. Shi'p-OrJl s, 599-tons CuapI. S. Sears, Ship Alabhama, 474 do - C. C. Borr Ship Arkanema, 657 do E t Dennis Ship S.r.ioga, 542 do W ltithaway, Ship Nashville, 540 do D Jiakson, Ship Kentucky, 629 do J ulnlkrr The above rhips are of the first class, copplre and copper aistened, and having been built in Noa York expressly fbr this trIde. they are of light draft of water and almost invariably cross the bar without any detention. Tlhe commanders ure men of great experience, and tie ships will always be, towed up and down the Mississippi by steamboats They have handsnmer furnished accommodations, and stores of the best description will always be furnished. The cabin passage is $90 without wine or liquor, and there is no liquor furnished to the officers or crew. For freight or passage opp'y on hoard, or to 1t C AMES, 48 Camp st. The ships are not accountable for brealage ofn Cglass, hollow ware, marble or granite, cooperage of tin,or rust ot'iron or steel, nor respon.ibile lir any I package or pare~l, unleos a regular bill of lading is executed thle:rl'or at th o clloo of the ents. S nov:27 NEW ORLEANS eau BIALTIMORE IINE OF PACKETS. This bino will consist of the fillowing vessels, which have been built or purchased expisssly for the trade, viz: Ship ..teamau, Capt. Miner, Ilirlk Mary, " Niekerso,, Slrol ferry, inew Stevulls, " Soloion iRtus, Lalliham, ( rig Areilhterl, L Gray. These vc.selc. are of the first class, have hand. =otlo luriolled i cconte nodations, and are of a light draft of water, so as to admit of their receiving and disehariring their cargoes in iBdalimole, at the city. Freighlt will Ii takeL for ports on the C(hesapeak or JamBes' lttivtr, and thrwarded by the l aigts, Messrs. CLARKEL & KELI,tLGG, at Balltllmre: expenses on goods shipped will he ttdvauled when requiredl. The price of paslage is fixel at $60, I ample stores of the b st quaity will be provided. Steam ui and down tihe Mississippi wll be tllken I oil oi casioH s. For freight or passage, apply to CEO. BEDFORD, novt7 22 tlienvil!e st. ,IOR NEW YORK. loisinana and New York l ine of Packets ] IIIE Ships comnpusing this line will sail iroIn New Orleants tond Now York on every othler Mon day-comlrinllilg o Iillthe 20th November-en--dUI to ilsure lhc punictuality in tithe lime oflsailittg, the lin. will hereafter eo sist office ships, viz: SShip Y\Tzo1111, Glptain Trask, to leavc on the 2i0th - 111 8t Il ll1e r.1 Slhip [tI /ll]e, pl i (' tlill PaIlitel-, to l ave on the1 b lShip Iliols illo, ti latt ini Eldridge, to leave oni tII he l1th 1Dicember. Ship Vioknhur·g, Captlain Wodbtlse, Ito ILuv o the 1st Janmary. Shi i lc.Iipclpi, Captain Dvis, to leave on the 15th of J.anualy. The Iayoe are all new, o tlhe firstl lxa's, c pp 1 r Ih :id cr plrllll 'ellen d, and ll ; :erdtl of 5P0' II sll hi! the, ,,re ofI light diraught or wnlter, bein, built in Nett Yurk exprers>h li r the tr.d.e. 'T'he prio ,0 p'. ,:, I.. lixned at Ilia dollar-: tl: r e ,in", are 1ti ,,l up il ti+ ri tt ,pr . llov Iad ,rl llV llrn l plan, aud liniAh.!l in a i et.1.1 a dl eler '::ntl 1 o-"" Ample m .. s 1l '1the 1 ir-t gu:nhty v,,.ll beI p, and nvely reltmd paid to Ihe ;cm fort and vntirc satisfbetin it flsentge's, who will Ipla . lake no 'ict'that ol berllh can be slciured until paid ftr at the oltco tof tilhe cosionees i 'l'hel e vesaIlsair1 eolm'anded by c1.p1ains well experienced in the trade, who will give every at tetiotl and exert ltcmt.lvtes to acoli nlldate. Tho will at all ' tle be toe ir up and downi the 111s is Iippi by steaOlbats, nd the sitrictest punctuality nubrerd in tm lime of sailing. The owners of these sqins will not be responsi ble for any letter, parcel or package, sent by or putl ol hoard of toiem, unless a regular ill of Ildinog be sigml tllerelor, at the counting hou1e of the agent or owners. Fir ftrthar parricular:, apply to J D DCIlIN & A C(OItIN, nov27 90 Con11111 St \ I;1': O(ULIA\S &t.11ARIA.,TON 1'..\|.KI(:TS ''1114 lino con skis ofl0 i -vosel , all oi thl fit" cld s, i coppeld nul t i i d i er Inst. l ie:li, and of) iabout O0 tni ls bI tlhe , with hnodsom, acco i modaNtions for p-slengers. ''hese v s .el= er o. rnlllltln ttd d lby c Itanllls w l I expertenced il the trade, wn n will .ive every ,at Ict lll , lal eld rxt i nllt. elo ve-s to nr c m dl a:- I Il,. shipper-. '|'hey w ll bh" , towed up and ,''l In, ,li0=is'iippi, and leve N .w Orlhans ur ,r 1n-ln+1 ves t-ilS conItpI oiiii Ih11' fi:.e I .Ii : fir- .irabin'loCh .jttotii luoido, ijattr. l ISI C nupri nnd. l . I ilps.0 , Iti t . Linog Ahlont,. Il)alnr, imast I. i Ih ar, Ii n gel \o 'IllInoo , J. All;b rte v't o o n s For ,it ight ior hIo sne,aIpIv to J. A. iAIIt ILI i Ci,,i i i :1it nn I. Nw iw Oln:Iis, or 91o . t I M ,i,'i enii. tuth'otl, oi. . l, .' I SLi ot' Packet Ships.-Tht new line of .hips hns been expressly built to run betwe n the above ports, andl will be lfound of suitable draft of' ovatll': accommllllodations for IIpaso.ngers, and every et ll rl will be nmdh to give gn'ural satish'aetion, Tbhe line iy composed of the fiA lowing ships: Iilnuote,. 415 tons Capt. J iiardiing, C:rlihln, 40¢111 o I l o banil, Chatorleon, 374l do .1D Et:rigei,, (125 di ii | iirk tr, Seanman, I40 do J ilhwe,, Ilotmbay, 1;25 do 1) l Unluplrey. '1he 0above ships .rlle all nro., of the tlrt , loss, q copper I'th.ened Plll! enppere'd, omn mlandled by mull it of gruat i.xp.lrl. lc , have ]largle accl mdllalllll tioens, with 11 sepalrate hludes.eabin; every attention will be paid o. pia-sngoer, and thi very t10t of itures pro vided for thoei. 1'The1 packets will be towed up and idown the i i sissiplu, andr Ihe; .trietest punctuali y o' crved in t the time of.ailing, anod shotlud the regular vesselO c be dt!aieiid in arriving, other oships equally as good t wall inll :! eiasta boe rlobstitunted. A shiare of put roil age is so,:icitrl, nnd lo ,~ gents pledge theimselves to aconlllltdale las much as practiclable, to receivei and Iorwaird goods btly iid line ait tie most modo- . lto ehaglnes, andl tIo advance all e.penltes on groods , shipped, if required. T'he ships will leave the lst and 10th of every i month. 'For i'riglti or pasiu aie, apply to the agents. J A MIF'RIIlTT, 89 Common st. N. P. Advtancenlmlt ItSole onl consignnno:;ts to Mlessro. A. C. Lombard & Co. n o ,27 ,+.ut., lle I I Om CO are tlO.,v n 'rt 'tlvl nlro'l on board ship OrIrens. Engle, ilighlanler, I'oker Ieiry .oiidrew, F'renh and Gerlman poinii htrs o Ik gnnEmn Boaru:trs; CIhtssmon, 2 1-4 ond " 3-R inlsf I,1 nard Rlls; , 9,10 ind 12 incLh il.ade Bowie ( ; Leuter i elo ioulter traiioltini 1)orosnlog Cauin; Belt. Pocket, limiomon's, ond Dullint I'i.iut,; diilloie tauli single hnrrolled Gn.; Licnr Bos; iShot ichi. ; I Powder and Pistol FlIns; )1ranm itttle and Drinking Ci;lp Perclint CI and C'op luolderr Clolh, lair, 'I'pnto; t nd Niil rol.htn.-- Oloo;n i id itChhirine 'lroot \VuitWll 7'holht 'lwdi e:t 'nloilont -Lnio iiha in S. ap, in gr it vit.l Piet e g I lair lraid<, iLrnglet.i . nn rnl r LI11zot Pear, nnd Toiht Piiror ;m,'r ll-:; Iory b Caooton'i Powder ol t Inl. nd Bux''i ; Gilt l h tait, S'ul" and Keyili; Wanist lh,-kll n: lItraeole.; (lead Net kl:ttos and ('hnins: Gilt i nt d :n Sii rd le'ls it ldian ,: llls, utills and Plu'es; Sihell T'wi-; Si, ni Ii So ssio Co(,i whichin ardition it) iho irforoer eto,' on h,' i d. mlies" their as sorthnnt v-ry .- e tmpleto, al1 will frhe II S al onu, it lihernl rlIs atI the i th ('oflr l , n ceive, i ni very ext-nlivre syet ol n ' n11 i , O ' l si-lll . on f Tnbl. and D)esoirt Knivens of ...n- doerlt ini , I'en, Pocketi, uirk, luand Spear point tnive,s; lor, is nors. .dle 'l'nolsr. &. &e. which . they re prepred oexhouii to theitrnlade for orde. Term'lu and colliti1'o will t n l klomd , nk UIll th te H(;!P. o NEWi.u...... .ni. S1111 .1NS, ItA -"TT &A CO.-Are now riceiving oV stiil i utsilll,, s ierry Andrew, Iligh tnder, Frin.h and Germi:i n doidi ihead plvl criari: ster, it all poctket k istols: 1i ini, ribbed and split clssion esp; cap; cissotrs, lRaziors, won. y-es; ( iiott's inmmrciitl andi l otler steel pens: Vio !s; violin strings; shell, ivory and hoti sotbs; walers; k, Ihead and leather plrSes; hair Ihvaidsi, front aid ack rinlglef; negielo pulfs; German lIPntI' Prrl, h coigllo water, Rlnowlatlns moi csser t it ilmittion do; o til.itlq sld |ieursoil; portable deske ane dreshlug 0xses: last bl acking taiulllnulod toiplet glbtni; convex mili rror op cal glstse amdl views; ludiad n hal, bells and plnn-is; rralon,1 whit.* twine; toilet a1n,| .allhing soaps; toilet node,', eosoetic wash balls; o we'ttil atit oootlsina; noclk rliois; hllhnid iiitot; pocket ntiinks oi w:dultolu; (eripi ione.o izr s0p0 f0 e and ilon l1n ge -lnstic tU nnopon'ern, garterrdos Bolts onkcioonr Intheo; nil TI n Tione i addiio to ur former of.mltey ,eti lo-sa m ke so t . nssn. rtoinet p p v -iio d I e l' | i- e | saol wholueosle no retai|;wu tie Sign ofile hoIt.d Cudi h, 7 iChartr, v nreel. nat.t.t, oNEW article fir permos mronbled willt demnun, A (eadI1Tm Ithe Ert'iiun't,) has juat theoa e, i-e- 'd. v ihe o- of tin hhu 1toinon igo test artin ulation of te 1h11 ntalt voice t., ahil io.iv t. t te B -ot. AlIV oit wIho ln ev er Iru obilget o l t r to " wih n h .'ri dt el r er I', oai t I t1 e fill u jei. te of fil diitnilitt ni d ui fu ivniit n i t ittlni~rluntilt.. ' n li it ott ty the use oifi i hi I I r T r o n p c t . t tl i - ,o j e ,tii in o n i - I r e l y n i al e l. 'T'ht havil, ui ' to e E 'rninaso . For I s- e at BOUOK BINDI)RY. Under the Picayune Office, 72 Ctotp at. RRONSEMA '& HOW,,-4 box leave to i'if:'nn y thtir cust C et aItt) the puthio geenrally, that they taveo ecmtted their establislhmentl It Nit. 72 tnet)p aierct, jahincili ttly untder the effice of the Picayuno-y whee they are prepjired ta ixecute all ordlecrs in theirline. IInigi'rriced troem tie Nortlh it suplcy if pat ier nd ntaictinis of a supneiiior quni y, for the ionniatuirieeiflilt t ldeiltlliityoIffeIicr ttheirser ii t cirsiliiieie inlt nd otlter', who IIay with woirk fthat iiid ; niii vinc he lie edvogige of 'evtruIl ylaRtit ec eien e in tait lini, leCy orc confllident of r LivinR s t I;fIalll to those who maylil ftvort hecn ith rlefrrrusls ltnn For nrtihies, cl c:iiiltIcti and other!, nln*snd planeitill he pencild in li en. varonielld aid mtiaunitei inthlie Ilcillc ititicr, E at ihe cinrtelc Pa novie ll SPlain and l Tolcv Ihindinaa, in all its variertire nl. lG Chiatres er ret, New Orleaie. i W T., .818lGEANT & Col. Imrprters of French Snd Il:nbsis China and Earthen wore. are e now olnineg new nfld rich Iatterns of', dlninL and tea serviCes, trilel sets, pithclhrs, ta tId cofe cupsll P,'itrl ts, ll lars, creamsl , howles , plate i, dishes, .lrens, wasVth businJ nll iewts, toil ba hl,, etc. etlc. lnch cut and planin F'rench and Allltricnn itlass waar-gobllets, chantpaignes, lelson ate, jellies, clanres, wines, cordials, centre bowhls, doclumters. tumblers,, preesredishels, celeries, )ptIhersl Ips, lamp shade and glasses, candle shades, salt eel lers, ete. 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Ito s of tl he J'It, a rida lt ilt raI t ii tt h ,t hl lo r srae ptst l coahehts Cnsly other day Ibtwutn AlM tlulharid I'ensacola. PtR-en ler"s wall hwllet e r I ,llle nt :3 o'elaclt , p m, in tilhe iT S stui l bnt, anld proceed to lh sll'e | tnd illn , where a lollr hors coah w ll lI e In waiting io ainvEytha nil to the exiele'ni t Iltale- it Ar. Charles F Malll I 14 mite di.sllt, where they will find i pleasalll nemOlitdll lntl S Iflr the a ght-leavi iinett nmorning, lhey \ II arrive in Pelanralo etly) It thl ev' l ing, thuas av iding the dt. l acOlllort o I IttI itt . r v. lll g S Olice at lie Alansion liuise, olhili,, . ndllC ; tin,-' I"lut , 1cns.ir1 n, ..t here as h ust i e T it red. -- - ,ti N & CIo. n- v I P jl ], I-e l I sasltrulo . - i W ill Iam Sm th trad11 s his s, rvi ces to tie citi, o zens ol N~ew I)rlea as as a teacher of the pianI, i f lorIe. 1 r hb Ii;ivi . !ccll smld-,ed sveral )y ars In :.Is laichur of mlll ie ifn paivatl flunllle ill Dj.stnn, ' I( as" o I "veral o f ie t • al e si minaril ers in i i " i illl\ , callnnlot Ihut oI les Il I uli l ll cirt onlfi.dtIe1. S. l. tat Avery, l ln a .rs. ... . nI- a a.s.i Io',r Ur s, lll c plll sr appI l at Ihe boiokstore of M P Alhxandr Twer.49 Ii re at alt ' ? 1)'lti;s and .,lsdiial c.. u . 1 3 Prv3 hev,I. I h er. ed l l himself I1 this city lor a tieC Ic' rl 5'l o III II:c .i011 ng a lleneraill s h\Vll' l) ll I' I) .. .. . i...... He is . . rec s,:vinl . I ll supple I ic wll cItin11 ti lla 'il liltsc1e. such , ihave n1ivcr I.r. tillt lbel',, (, ,ll ( io o 1i ci) His. is 1ld hnoiti1n i t d ih a IIl 11iil, ,l_ la'.III I nll s11 . 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SEl. S& os a otas mr: of tlis, 11 llu eio Co011 p o e lt w te r. j l it Ales'r. n lad I racls tl' l , Oil In 'rs, Io dr Ibt lr i n lu o,: r, II" ii l'. slum d O rii V ihe do wh w- it t orti, r tow waotDch',, p1ut u exp'li , sclowlie theUkLm, re te.lld islu ls't'l'i't, d.ll'.,ri .d Ilrsltlloci tllstsl1 551li515tlI - Cti iesd ' ls lirepelst t ehis cIlls. a 1 o1 it , hlll r ailI jin G vey0 (o,' it liii ls hto i tt resi s'so iiscehs shii, td rtillki cu , 1 ih to5 rota tts balos eteral(ii o.i l, l-edt, o o 1 ' i It It t",s"0, st. I O 1.1 I'dh0 t No , --I nlau s s i.e, P l, eli lomtas 'sdl St kit il tp , 5eel if 'itio tttly ,ii h oad 05 I 55s'it 10 55t51 ' 1 Ttsftls soto let'si isitol, ttisooln c i ar n o i i Ilsi.l whietalie or dipos0 0. . 'hillasv s atir .ishes t.orn esr alld ll'to n TeS505is I: SN 51 S Ari)'IŽ A'. i CUIION IV WATER ra'2 eonsi asti-s sI Isis isuperior sas.'i jot sre i l la ' is saIe Is lii sliti ar 5 thgle raetil tlls awd l taris, ir thd ts ilttt slt lo,. 't t s la's, os slol ss, ,i ol'ru "s,"~ eleh cl d maanttxt.. sit)) .'sitole, k c'tslslh, W iil' . gs Itleil s h as.ov', lo well rshr' o crts, lllsaaillt' lcahi , lol e fl-ii elsko tre i.c. as .s's it) ittl sass-a ' , il s is oul' Oils u ..t ri slslo ad -1i c1tlail sillwlItswlli for sti s. .rtl al icy hr f SINONih, Ill dTT' r TTAT DE LA LOIIlSIANL-Cour do Pa 'rouism pour Io paroisso ot ville do la Nouveole a m )rlians-L'ctat tsu Ia Louisiana, It tous ccux qua 0es proaentes concerlent, salt : she 4ttendu quo James Copoland Parker de cetoe ville crp yoantachtt6 i toneo vootoe tito par Ilowleolt t Cto o i nos, oncantours public do cotta vltlela propridtd f'lho oi.npro0 deerito, se'st adros6d au Grt do det ti lnu tour, pour tilt uvis coll'ormdlllnt Un naote do In Legislature do 'etat de In ouisiane, intituld ' "Acore ex pour confirmer lob titres dea acquerrurs nux vauos Man judiciair ;" approuv6 le 10 Mars 1834. Qu'il suit s ist onnuu, ettoutes personnes intdreodu ros snt par ces liCil presentles somm6s au nnom do Ietat tie la Louisiana slaI et de la clor du Paroisse, qui pourraient avoir droit 0o,1 Snla propri6td ci.apros docrite, en consequence d'un aris dd6ftut do torme dans l'ordre, le deorot o0 to jugoulont eos do Ia eour, en ver.u duqlel la vento a t dd uste, ou prol do toute irrogularitd ou illtgatitd dons I'cstiilatinn, loet I'avis ou lo tempset le mode di la vocnt, ln pour af usno antrc cause, qolcollqno, do faire voir, duns doll tron to jour . t dater de Ia ,ublicotion do atto avis, 1: pourquaoi Ia oaito aiasi thits no serait pas confirlnde on et homologueo. cho La dite propridl aul vendle par les susdits on.- cot Ir.S b8no jour do Dd.ccmbre, do I'an:ed IV t 18:18, on vertu d'un dderet do cette Cour, rond l 't J lo 23 du Jollet do I'an6de 1838, dans I'ulffaire do Win,. tio V;lac seos cr.olleia ra at lea crdanciors do Vance at tub Miller. tn No 10,9(t1 do ducklt do catto Cour, t laquello tog vento le dit J. C. Patrker s'st reudu acqudrour the pour le prix de $11,7100 payable do In uaunitre sui. AL vaatto savnir : 'a' lo. Esnar tu billet do J. C. Parker do sla soomme0 0 do $650 it Pordr.-, tt endoes0 par John Mitchel, Gli portalat Ia date du 28 ddcomlb.o 1838, o, payable A nt six mois. io. En un billet du susdit .1. C. Parker do la m/nilos soUml, att 'ordro de et cndoss6 par lto ssdit John Mitchell, do la miand date, et payable to douze hy moi. it_ 3o. fir uin billet hdo sosdit J. C. Partker, do la mnome samame, It l'ordro do et endot[s6 par tle rdIh John "Mitrholl, do la mnio:o dato, it payable to dix. hbot mois. do. En uat billet lo susalit J. C. Parker, dra ita omnain do .$1i30, to I'ordre dt ot ettos:o par lU suss. o 'it John itclhell, dola imemo date, et payable t toa 5o. Ea un billet du surdit J. C. ttParker, it In l

Inenle soumre, a lt'ordro do et oadosda par to susdit th Jr ohn Mitheoll, do lai mme date, et payable a douz Go. En nn billet do susdit J. C Parker, do li moirne so5Iea, a I'ordre do, et eadosad par lo susdit Juo!a alitchcl, do Ito imte datltte, et payable tdisah nittt 7o. Ef un billet du suodit J C. Parker, do la bt slsorno do t(ii.0, a l'ordrt dto, et eiiost6 par lo sus dit John tltchell, ela Ioan lm date, e payablu at six 80e,. n on billot du susdit J. C. Parker, ido la t mOl.le, soalle ln'ordrd do et endosds par tle tsndit tJollll Mitchell, do Ia m6mu date, at payable ia aouzo d osoao 9o. Ela un billet du susditJ C Parker doI la mes soutilne, au I,ordrt do elt a alaoo86 piar ltI sasdit Johtt11 Mlitchelil, do la mntt;n dats, t payable a dxltuit 10o. lln un billet al snsdit J. C. Parker do la asontiiate l. .tt5l, it l'ordro die ot eldOst par toe - s. ) dit.luo Mulachell, tode t rlllo date, et payable a six I11. Io an bile at ad ssdit .J. C. P',lotr, do la oaa ih11 aitIuel, deta la miath date, tat p.yayle it i douze Inmns. Io. E1. n. . bi! t t .lit J. t .l ar: cr d0t , 1ellch, solllllU , a I'tP lcde tid eLo e llos6 I par to e 1uit ra at ao a aao 1J1. t00 un blahtt du slodit .1. C. Parker, .: la Ss oL at a ill tlt , l0,i t aI'rdre dI artJt .C . lt t t d. aato dit Joh1 ltiltell, do o aIta to dolt, et pu~a.t' ia .doo a 1 . lton I u bilt tt t s tidl t J. C. P aIser, it la .metai solteir, ia t'ordro It, et endoert par 1 susdit t I 1 Jolln Mt ll, d to tol molUi date, ot p.tya~lu a do' at Io . Elt un bllt dt.a susadit J. C. P'arker, do lI 'nlelllme slo iclt a l'ordro doie el cnduss6 par to susdnt i toalcoll, ' la Ittola date, att payailo a dix. ' im10 C, toon billet do susdit J. C. Parker dJ la omrue d-aGt, aItoatrdrt d., Lat edtslo' ar Ilt susta dit John Mitchell, i la I mene date, tt payable a1u 1 six 11101'. 17 sl ol n a ll billet a t(lt udt oJ. Ca IsLtrk r, doi la laet)n salllllniu, a 1'ordil tat Ct~ullsd lpar 1o bauditaI Juhlatc. lIe tll, do It mlt. : dale, et payi~ dt t ouz . 13,0 E tir un ai aht d t risdit J. C. 'a, ker d o la tameaor toutat, ta i'ordre do et endoa 6 ptr t leoN t ,obu i, Mithell, do lto a lIee date, il t paII alei a dl haatl . e, Uis-ir :lat l stoUllle lat s, t dite ta oUlu do i 1zt s Wille, bept cltLs piatTUS. 1 )Description d, la propri6t6 d'..p r6a lte Iranser jlldciatlre, savoitr : lo. 111 c;ertaion ht de terrO siludo dllas ht t'u. Lboaur Sulott, 'dtsignd par Il No. 8 dI I'ihot b, l.l, Spar los uleos St. 'Thoomaaa , Iaenjaoaiaa 'al htloi aaIas et Su't:oa Illellt r;!a t tai: plaeds 7 ptt cret s tile Iaa 'ac i le 11e nc . Tuma,)d r 1010 p1L,,t do pltolOndot1r, laro 1 os llig es partllelo s, lo lto t is ltula angllt i ir ensombbllte toiti s : 1 ra5 .iuralll l on l tlll a ta ll io l lsdr ot i l.i Io d ,1i a sis, ar y t ppat a l'ao.ntl . t of o' 2,, IJolCl ltrcl It de it r.0 .iL 'It; doll IS al s " a l ait t;abour , sti'.d par tl N i. 9, ds: ilat tta t l 'i or 0, 5 : Ia tls s itts rt:;, It allesartlll lll i d 7 o,, t: l loo lce i t lolo N , ''t i T ou s, .r 100 lit) piI .s d ip o tl. indoutr cntl lets Ig0.e par.anche-, tu, i, : h lngl~I, w ; l ~ein blh, u lo{i s tlosaunit3tlort louseLt tlus ll als drllts rt privi-le' s ) appt trtenal it 3. Uin autro lot to trre saituao dlaln lto dl t fltuurglr , adign6 parr le No. 10, d bo I'tlla]:t +;,rls reo re loto a ulsd.Les rues, tiat iraeot rat t t pltedo t ioloce, t do trlce S. Itaa rue St. 't'h, las, sti 10 I pred ,tdo arulndtlr entr dtes lincea plaralchI , I toi.out, me lelare ahglai-e; OllsaeSuble tlles les ainctlior a tiots, e at uas leadriit, ct privdl' geo y apparlen ,- I. U. n aUstre lot doe terre situi dans It susdit f: ubourg, d6i'igon par to No. 1t dc l'let bort d par i, es tulSd!teo rugs, et lmestralin IU piedIs 7 pouceTs de sa ee it aa rue S. T'l'lolas, stur 101 poido i o pr, om dt' ur eutre lea la, lne p arlt lles, It a tot I, i ir all o glaiso; ia cusmlible ots Lou s e admlioratiols e tcou toi dt;ti s t tal t r apriviub tos y prtiaLoot ot to. I'tt tlO t ie l Jorrra situe o duons ol susdit f ubuurg, ddsign6 par io No. 12, tile 'i!et born6 par , los sus dites rues, et formant I'uucoignure des rues - St. Thomas ot Beulmraot s7 parant 27 piads troi ipouts dt , lignos d ie to lajitaI rue St. is imls stur cent plods tdei pron denr et do face t la roe Bein. tj.tull t, t J to ot t, esure loglais ; eemllbla toutes aod to ats ior! atioaai, st t tus lJo droits e pt pivileges y algs ppartopat- sal. Go. Uo lot do terrm situde dans l mnlemo fu. oaurg, d6sig l par io N. 1o3 dl e 1 ilet p br6t par le. plumes iUce,, melurant 27 prods, 10 polices et 4 lig0es di in ee o la rue loenjalin, sg r 133d plods 7 es dpouces t 4 lignes dd-a profud3.ur, entro dos r i, parallblo, 1o tout, meo-ur ungilaire; t lu 2blo id toutes les am6liorao 33 , t tousit lots droils et privi led No aisi qu tout appd du pla dress6 par Co. "d Fw ilkinso , dpuid arpeltur gdIudr lo Ialo Iet EtAt, ltgr tt oilsValliam Youtt, rg Ir)ewis, doai le 26uYoe ple L'owis,o datd le 3 do Mars de la mtile annEdo. i IBureaut du Grollier, de la Nouvelle Orlatuas, 8 Avril, 1819. "t o0 J. OLLIE, liep (tratlttr. and Ilnrri=, 0(o"tlhy &Co., of Roodnev, 00, n00 doio w' ou0 hb' lsl ofl'lty last, y? thl death ot .almllel A blusolu, mc of the partners of the fior s. Fll undrr;itrn d, tur.vivin partner,, i%.ill he lh'irtred with thl nettlin, uand cloiný suaid bt ime,.s as filIows: LeviC llrrii will ttllll-d to the settlit of the busin.~ or holon, ,11+1rri& Coo., ot N atohto ; ald Ithnir, Kel eo . Co'n., it I t.ohrev; a ot k Ilerv K II -00v will a orl oll, o h1e -tiolioo ,othe huroines. ofKto lho , oiron' & Cu., ri Sew O()rl.u'n. The nmes of t the ,cvcera lirons will he a io t i t li t ridatio -m ly. 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S ealll <l' r l , t ,o ,Ir ll. t , 0.. 10 l l ,000l l"' lh l've Iis 1.1 d+sp ci l ,r nit ++, :illil- l l' I It,:: e:: . 1 ::t it.I tf, Hot.:rd, 1o0oloorooopoooeolondl t.t, -ll tl It w ill at a;+ll tlo -s Ill' hii LItrt e r, s a II is hit, stu Illy , ito r c ' i io rahi rI ottll tlr .. o ,-11 sl0t l 00. larg+ nrtivar s if ,vewry lo sjrliotl l0, r a0l trhe _r+.t lb of M tll; :0. so,, e gr llrcd fruit t le , l aill kind-. Tl'he pull:ct :.ny t )ly on folir not; a hull us Elrtolllllo f IL 'vry o rocll h in t:re n et d l il l _ 0 nul. I oo q u at lt , anid II oported lt -et by V ]A l N\1O,1'oo- Tlo h e rioor, h a v ihtlo lt, Iv ooto b hliched It varnish Inltnllk lro;'" in .N I'V t llll.n is readv In -: 'ply !1t cuin ; mred tlh pub hr is grohe l, hv I ts ,lalhs " o tm|i[. Ili, I ce, are 1ntll 'ramtudn tol isp I'la n. Thi'b _ mmolemau ci+plo, ell m nist p erintLgl ib Lmqant i t rt y rv s blit" Lit ill ' Ih 'I eall u t' t x ltersive e~teblid i"n't ut o1+zhi' i.' ., in bEurop'. "'hlTu e' dir pst tr. Ill at the oeo. r of NoatchItIz It el'r oln ito uIIs &f, 0hall be ptr;entd with a fair sample of ally varnish they lana wish to try. .l+o.nst 1h^ varni +hes are the c,,ach No. I, ,vw rauied no, r to han/ -' even in boilina wa, r". '1' " l I.hult v:trlfish Gi r b inrl.+ "tll -!elnl low, A Tac, . vohl III I cT " oyanl College of Physicans, London. Hi. original V'getdable II geian Universatll edi S inle, trepaltel by IV i islin, EImi. Memuelo ."' lc Iv:l UColhge oft Surgeoln, l.ieetiiate of 4p.ltle ary'a(tonllny, Fellow of Iluhll Uonet Society, Sur gcl the tIoyad Union Peosinlc Asociotilo, l, tttietittr 'ice, Vuterloo BIridge, stl P'erpletal Pupil of y(it' i1l St. 'Ihomas'cs I lospiltl, lllondon.i 'This t:uhlelie medlicie, tile result of Iweetr years' :periwce and unstllllaleled rlecess in the extenlsive ill liihlit- respr"teble prlctice of the tllroleict), pats l tie nottice of tlhe Ameriicn ublic, at thIe earlest so iciltio ,t'f a ilinumber o'lgetlemeto of long aned lhilti tllsitlng in the eprofessioi. It is hopled, as a 'l elimit - tary stnep, to cheek the evils and fatal cotselllluce •is li. l the use o of tlhe ltlnerourl aIld ldelelteriols toeslrtis toisted Illntit thie public by the aid of It'bricnted roul of mirnculousellitrs,and othlelr flas, by:l set o lrcnall1y-, unprincipled pretlenders, so totally igonIcnt I Iteolical scienlce, thilt it imlossilile the monstrolls elousion canl aiy longer igo downl with the illtellig.lnt colple ofthis couettr. 'T'lhse pills, mild and ;lleaille I their natllre, should be kept in every ftuily ito cses Of.Sil.en illness, for, their 'promptl l nldntliiistIation, holer·a, rampsl, llspasmlls, lei'ers and other larmingil complaints, wchtich ton oitlen plrove tiltll, iav he speedi v oellcll or irevented. In tilet, all those wlho vltitle good I;enltll, solidlll niver be w.titllou thlie. 'hey are so ielckcts c t 51) ecentl , t al it$1i2 o eehI y evely Cesi Iepe tclblec tlgit si, bnlokseller, tnul vellleof tnedicllne ie Ilit nitiel States t I e , Cnl, llu s, wiill col Illst Ihlectlio s, together with: estulnliinls of proli:ssiolnl ability tfroml thle f'ollowig einilent gelltlelret Sir Actler Cooper, J Abelel'lehe, Jneies IttdeiillC, M1. I., W. lbek, Ai. i. t., 1. Aston Kev, A. Framilpton, l. 1J., clI iumerous o3liers. The origiil.da ll ie seel n i pllssession ol'tle tenerl Agent, bty wholitt the lelOicl ie iitimporlted into lhis country, ond to whol Ail applications foreagencies mullsle im1adie. JNO. Hle t.IItEIN, 12I WaVerly Pl'lee, N. York, Sole ceIrl Agent fIor the Uinited States, o. For tile biv pqpoih:tment of the oriigilhl proprirtor. by iwcts & IUttrneti , ln iteggints, No 1 I iCanail street, (:.elwe. Agentofor StilthiiLe tof Ltois'illa. jult I .l, ItY It IAF5 i co, No J 'itg ttie sotrelo,t ' - r c'itvili.: f'io l shipis N, 0ti'lle, .lo itt.lh, Ientc l i}, En..'agle, . ((tier late lrrlv:lls tr mll :"},. - ciie ti ., I'grti al new si letted :Is ototte' (Iisci, ooi, its' IIttI lBrgiOtsllc, consitilnl ol' 'llrelllnll's tin,,l I:l "f andi lll lrlc o bIo ts to 2;1,111:;lity; du hu11', and stoat war peg",ed boot n curio'its tlyities; men's lion colf otot and ioreocet - e e m s l'lgt iu it' Ilu ' :olti "i l l t , lli ict shppaI s: mn 's i ll 11:1% lllt killpiil gllgk'5} shl'Oemulll. l llogansill ll ack i1o nigs; do ia l f Ii dIt'll Mii' iovllen I'a tll" ,ieII Iton Ei Ill ',li lloas; ldo .lf, sE:c al itii l iornccI I uli(, shoe ;ms t lipp,. s, dl, calf, Un~tlilllll, . win s a..iew i'ncrle; do li110 I tll :l :i c it tllt mt"rcoio iII arth weto; tili ','00l 0 :mI ul alu ,Itc ihhLy's pegge< wilri lIUd L 1ilt l d si s el eatlit. tnei kind. Also at ticniid ii ssinei'i ofltol NLnI 's I nI wat aind tutu I ilrogans n ,i l siiluti Iittlltlw. i th ii,l a I ,i lit pairlll sgri best t luinity, ru ii to l tes ti ilc l it, 16, I rtmen of men's (li n d stllllt kip rul0,1 hll hn, I w cte., "t t a ci ge quanly ill I e r /Itlivs' fill ralt1 si al, Illllmorocco l dl 1 II wll1s. 111~ 1 talll kilnds llt Iu l llloa6 (; do Ia lin lll ilogl : sill; m lt lah ii - e ga.s. ('hiilre,' culored |orc100o 1nl1 lnds tiI.g hlm S i.i- t. l l i e, hiol:ll t'i Iil'kl ( lk Iliats; 1do ile: l l~ . k l it, i utll i Sh . i llll li lli I illld IiIiI ' 11 Ilr :rInl; l l lnllo -llIl, \ arr i' i 0 ut.h ,,i,'h ,. iu iu lir lt ')il l l ;. size I'tats oftll " 1 !0 11. "1' .'1: '/ tilt. ii II' I~ht , i'l ll i lli lll , lllll:ll Ill!. tt1 - llY a . lrl LI'I, : Lt 1,; s ,ii , h i nul 1,01 wold , I,1 1 . t ' II 111:11 , llt''' d :1- wI i o } :11 Initc s I nr u t b -iil i I.I1·I ' Iii t LtiU * .('i'_illt u itllil I' Iw 'iII Iil llt 'I Inn a tholtinwn )' !" '1 l", ln l , ·( e ih 1,60, arrial 0h ShI rIi r" Il l ,l " l .oht ii m iii t i I, I l i ul n I- 11: '1? r0% ii .f. 110h , s li" I l,'e I, I 111, II X; 1 0h' ., 1 :III aplpill.ed I1.11lint' lo Ii-, T /11: TH.l"n 111 tl~" tar~.;' nno"I..rt ~, ha,,- imberll,. , J ,..,i ~"-o1. h, cl .1r \IL\1 o ,: 1, 11) W,... ir" 5 r (l 1 . ,. ,I i h : i ' ; ,I ' l ,; id 1(111 I UN N. heft N 'XLi'.' 1 ;I) 1IClli N l) (·IIi·II t NI I\'ii tt;. .1C deY r el I I ea fu lis 1," "r:sel A n+ n',". it t,":n nn! ~ ii i!" n, "I1111 I p ,I -d I n ttIlly Crl %l CI' Ir" I It. Ci'". . I CCI CCC rl lyn beilly' LI clbyt Cl. . 111 0. v. Lit,,l.', .I, lllile llk . the Yll Ccc(, (I I I' 'r 1 1 1 111i c Illlllr l a-es, Ile i i i 11, 11'I IIII , ,' IiC IlTIII''IIio 1 i t it l11;? 1 Ill cib ll i th lf li I tl-very Iill' o IC' tsjllwho IC rt a I 'd 11)(111: ilLc ' irIiiir'. tin tic, iCVl ' Cusedi A 01rUrdiing t Ill dRCccincICI fc NIl IebiCm. Io of the di li~urdlCr. It is nl ntil :+11 IIL·Ia rvvkblel', andr i"er,,im of thle weakeetr tlunllrcll, andII children mayll. takle it withll impunity.i!· It strengthens the digestive~i\.l organs, creates an :ap lirtte~lll, and . !d ~j~lit Ire(Juiri·Y arsenic inl thle IllllliCln", nor an~lly thin-, mitt iuuslli to the human c nIItllli h k IL . 01 C· CC, su we·1 con~lvinced l it its cllirnry,: · lhrt Icy agreerl~l to, refund t hle plrier of every hu llte wh~!ich ti re beenn cokrnr ci 13111 ticam .1111 CIlcsc dirctreeIL dhL is w ll e .acin (II' A C c ndifo 1131j1 e ,LII corner of rlienllf lie and Cli~rrr~re streets. ty 'I'. w. -tuIi rlI 48 (481ti c t. PENS_1COLAI MANSJOS N IIOLUSI \11'I(TI'', Pi2,$.CILLA. r '¶ ure111 L lip'iII'IIII y l\I naI(IIIcIlI~birmrc l lCill AifC' y3' r '1, r lute prop I orwillll il b111 IIIICl ti"IIIIII i ve 1 I..1 lets bty thle list of April rexl.. I.II lrrt I 111' IIIII Ia I' tlIII'I/ l IIFI' IIll he fiound ic Iore cIC ll te l a i wilhlill ICIt, lm e ill he Iuiltan ,,·itr l llhtl t ill h~e pruridet d t it a1I ll hors. A alnnbi? cill rl lciutl I a IdIcIIyICI1I.IIyI-h I icllC CCiIw h g icfC111 a 1111) carriages w :Lil also he kept for hl I re I t 1111 u pr ,,C 'i r t lll' III o u re t e rs . III B ill a r d ba nI iI ci 4 yll ' CrIu ts ,).r Illyllon l.1r Irraivriu. pl'Iwes~willl· obc11irnishedlil ,il 1 ·11.1 llu w l at tilehoarder1 hlii 11"d 11 i br o I h,: c best epee tile, to ld n .mein .,llil~l(· It all r II 1·1 of ic e r111 a1r I as ulrr I l 1 li Idere.1, whir II wil aeri LI 1ItIIiCII \·l ncC ~iII i- 'I · I I II 111111r I ;II .IIi'Ci- 11 11 il Il III) 'bI Il - f lter. 1' e 1bol1 aII I eI-il II n II e, I' i''l1 11111 II IlCi l III · 1 rie C 1111), t er r t 1111 C l alII~'Iid, eau idt I'I'-'lll i the ,kite re I c ittma I , fil I nidI:t;l kill I" 1 than111111 CIIIv till .,1 t 111111 *, f r ll' IICI Il;l ui d I i'' v I . l 's pee III--I Iilgrl;; I I raI LL td '.:lill s Ill I I l ll 114i 1111111' IollC III s hu lls.' ore too tr l I1 u nd n deIlli n h tree '11l'" '" Icir.illllm Pru earolll i, the L' rllr ( pct nav al m ilion of the rl Itecucc i' g. rura Iud:N UII·'G o'h Ii fcc Illei r In; i i1 '11r i'1-1 1 CII i lt I ll L t aIc l',b rII nllautlt de the lial.lf, lheIL,Iye.IL f II(ltch iL'IIXIheIIllhcIf Ii (islandII Atold lf . Ie IIk lmotlnf, an d1 iayo i i ,II~ CfC 'lu ii f' (111*11111 t. ei, IC 11111 11C LXl~il 111111 - ~~l;~lll ILh 111,1h Xbc foiyvl''e,; mield al'ire pe' rnt Illo d Iclbe tl rIII i'tmI.lrlk ,i IteI iiII I"'cn -riu the It 1111 1111 iw 1111111 C' 111. IvIt ''ll It i 1111 XI(iI fIlli CICi.'I'cl iiii III~liB l C II-P. Li C.i I ` 'I' llat ' Cint is I 'll ' I helnlC I r l. ern IeiI .I''i' ccal Mo-I bilel, n II ' ll t-I meI f el it ll to talcthe pI a- i agi ' I N Ii ARNIlLD. Ir erir III et,. 1113 n'IICIIIII 3tI '11C 3141 NII&4X p31F111.TPS &O ('lllIt, r~IL': iLIClIty, i LcCIPl t.- il l Ic f cl 111 I III I llltc LL yClcyia i, LIIILL CI r ll1Cy le'll'CC -lPll, k,'llii'c, ilrdi 1111. C aNer 11or11 , II 'lI'l L ifCIC el fesr lI l r iC( eiGlli.,. ll, It 'C 1 l cE .'Il, -. KIIIl, CII jLC, l o g cTI 'C.Lalo , tC III (' I t1 0 11,1 ill 0111 'lle :ltleal dag, o al iLd. rIf l au:ltJi3c 1 s ,tie. 1'ilcSylILnL, ':che'mlIlI I'. LLIri 1111 CCXIIICSI toe 11i1g CChCe e Vo Cd .ite' JUST'PiUBLISII'I)FRO)AI STEREOTIT' PLATEN, The f'lh Edition of ItOWlhETT'S TABIS OFP IN'I'RtET: No F.O lhich ie new alllld n Average Time Caleula lo t, r esy tnr:thods for finding tile averag e lime W oi sto6alg, noites.t hlad or hill of goods, when le- atby chnnsd at ii'ffrant aites, on different credits, ande ft'r vaionllsatulmlatl; lesiden ui s eful end completetalnking 7'I Time T'lale, the Imet thnion hle icontrived, or that fi glues canl ir.duce withil the same condesmail aompase, ntd size ol type. Aun l:verl'isement in the blook is in nearly the follow ing words: I The ligll distintion this work has receivel throagl the tei gislative nets prefixed to tilhe title pnge, is a re Ollledltlion in itsel, on uiommn,, a. so concllu* site, tIt l nothing is n.ecssanry more tlant by waly of ad ertlisereittl to give colndensed view of ome a n its ipe ir cliaritirtes:ls ilris itme, the nteraest hil been coCpta),n. Sed firiom,a.d comparsd with, whatis erquivancutto four- 11 t teen lltrsef eleilatione, exmilnedlill tie priesslhirty- : s five timne, tiil printed itro aterieotyle pllaltes tsteti I it llirtyty-one tiames, riiom all which it minat Ie evident \ a veet It the skeptic (espeeially on tile lpe.soul oelthe de- P stil ll' ti oofi thie presicee) that the work must he rith- II cmetically iultallible, indi il confinrmation orthlis telisi' ig temium of twl hulnhed le d flltiv dollart, i9 now otltr- ' e- ed foi the detection of an error olfa ent in tile preesent a or fifth edition, ait explrssett it tile ptreilce, mlaking live hlCue ipl''iotla fle'redt for the same error sincethl first ' Iahltiletii in the yenr 1802. It ()te Ofi tihe tmot consliicuons fcatures of theI tables is S, itthe irllrnngemteltt of' tile 'Time olll A0mounts, wthichl for expceditins,l rollb ienrce nol ersplieuity, with the hel Softhea sie ntd index, eanint ie excelled; and the sally ' ty andl ale with which the interesl ent Its foull(i to tIe as extent tof gr:lltl' bltsilless, witlhon doubling t'suams ie in eills it ronstceienite sno essenltial, thait in tie esltian to toion tefome oi lhe most competent and prlcticld'busi es nites ment and public ofle iurs who hale matle grnt use of the uork, it his lbeen dictitiilguished l ' te Ilolloillle apelltieatinl eIrln ilmnster piece". And considering the intilllibilit i of tile melthod originlly allopited in v composing the work, ind the xtraIorllir nlll|er lnll 't variety ofthe i xa ni: ltions, aliti ests of eve'r)d'itio it lha passed tin the lirssi erteitlehsta:lling itie whole is in stereotype, csiatlirng. in shiirt, the ipositive itlectney l"'" ' s 121el Isl, iI( tlnp, '111r • slll Ima, s e'ti ll 't"l , the si- I htme l t li''l 'll iht ( ll l l " es l h ; ti lly styled "i tile mllt wonittcll'hlgll iok i te w\asilk " must cl:llinly it' tllnell Illnmilllt ilg.m'e wOI rk i f thie anin1 exht l, which sio e tihe btginn* ileta i rtlio , ha l hi t tth s:ule A n its rtl i a iiln v ritly it' tests i llt samlle lll erlli I o editors;l I no, ,r one hall the i mstr, as is clea ly shoun in the c| prel:bre. i i de.. u:lsIst inil sl tllla d, t Iithas beeni ric l and prt'ltd ii t l''l :all the tnik nld puii -'tli ofilfes iin tihe 'Unlit i S t ie, lt ' thie cii glut,'lltly, a hiit test Is+ l, g p riold of tlllilll'\-11Y r',:ls, yct to erro 1 ill' h eai en nll ionl s hI:s ,'ler bo. n We lle l Id iln pri , il nt!l gh conlit - : illh ihllo e g'd by the I lI'ollll '.(.o llarge prentil:lls. Theb im t',teq er (ssh i t ed by all 1e, ! srnfl it ti sl o l u nthe Sta its tlie "rti nf c Illr dlllonli e'l l lrtltnl illtl.le t,"' asils y I i a. lor bank interest, Iltlrdilng as ith Iho k is siLt'd, and I s tII tI y e "'ll nlle i r ti, It . ,11 l, io s o,1 ' itt e l bll h et t'o'ibirS :l, nI ,i t a fiw of theI s inhs i 'r l llt I 1'. , inlthei ll t *a thecul if'the b o k, i ill ,.i ,, n t (rtl , iI oitsi of ilizt 'ns in vc'i tlil,' I-" Iill' I ii i ti i ntt d lltrs It islI l l v li. ,1 Iii it I e it it ll t,s , h" its relorive heck, Si.t ihas i lit o i t. e'etd(l l t".'' errors, i lng aft'er illy lil e oti -I v e' bI Ih' must en1ili'l and "most eompelenl ill ' lii:lu t-it its n=i ll' ss, ait t ld the absin lh e ie Icosslv rur its isi', hi t, hi rn txthnsivloy insisted upiii !.ll ilitl I I \'t i II Illl V )11' 11 titti' tiiii'il'ti ' i lllllS Is; ii n e to iiitii, iott i bo n it, lti' g s, not its s lii s l, 11. th t it, sII 'llll . 'sl-la , 'whi ils to icil't i ll itiom II , eL I n t "of p'intl,a g'lat I.hmlnbel r 1of secolnd Ilhlll I'lll tS w1('1 smig t 1111"r, tInerr to :1s t gie t dl i.hltin . a Im ll tl" :- ,1 t i Imi . o 1 1 iisl, ot thyll could oici i ill it :l . , lMi e Ii i l li:t'i.d ' h l, frp Pe "n i i t i$r lil.,m ii i tit' I, I',Ii ha1t.,, I r: h.llt l ilc l i), l dIvi i i"it s ll A l llill toI tiI ii ,,i I nr ;dl h :I h ltlll ,al Il t tllo l ,t , ih t ilt ~ titi h IIiI ls ii Iat i. oacilt . nt S.i, d e. \t' t . i': ''o i it i ? ,li,''l tt hi l.'t'' t mom . , 1 l :l 1, , Ii o , 1 r1t1 1 II . , t. o fr oot f eltlll , I l lll l 'i i: II e, Iillc a i", i ll , 'l t of Alt . i .., llt til o li lln t illlnIn l·i l oll llp t' . ,l IIs. l ILt l .I , i o'iiii t l i ll h' Iit i Il llte eih i. tell m" l I t'n1 " is wiklinhii Illill, that LImoers l 1 li ll~i l~ l inl Io wIoiiil , l tll C ia liirtt ll'l lltr (2llllis-t iol l, ,t: instlh I , f t'i i . I llt r i h b 't ' I ll , t lirl (li floot'l.,a it) d o.I l lqmt iy kr e.t hi 1 p, fwte ofil il I l;n'I t xly tl \ 9 . B sel il l 1 I fh nl i l i m h intivi I, SIore lllh :1. h t, I ,ll 'il It( hc. I' ofl:l lb ;)k· II·ltllt illle h llils"Inml', lit",, for Iho gt'nt'l":tl bo il.l Ihoy are (1,v it 'lp,.i i' on,.,,t) t',o i..i,: oth l,o ks m d, slh iter intr 1%- l" ,1b\t. i h l l , tti r et ll i,, l ,1 11,ei p ,' sa.l l, lhich, in l'tis lt l i i- -' ll I t hduo III t.o, t ' t ,. , im 'h . iI Ithh i'' d i Jil l, 1,il 1. , :11 .1(it It. i ·il!.'I, l \inld l l- illis l: , hl,, -- ll lo i l,'li rll mt 1 ": ' , 1r pai ., r .i ' l l , iW Em .'it ?., t '. , e !- . m : f oft',i. h h i pan I - o s l n n :l-,ih I i ,ti !h.·," ,1', "'., 7% ',i I. f , _I I.. , s r~s ,. twod oorsIsh:; , m u I'ut-.'i t :s ,o ,h'l !I I..,*"' v. a l vk .1 11,i . tl. l1.: als. 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Northern Mail, Closes Eaery day at 10 tA. Al I)un avrv altuayn, Wdrdn,,dny WeakraH Mail, Fridy, by .i, P. M. lis y Closes evrry illlr·, Wdor"" t I The lAke MailI aaaa'.l vrt' 'Ia,'ad ', a Saturday, iv 51'. Illy. \ vi Cloaaa avery Mitniray, Wedamedaj EXPRE;3 US iiM;ll.. TIMES OF ARRIVAI,iDEPARTUItla I)ISTANCt &a. oftthe Eaxpt-a Mail, Intw-,n, ~tonil nntd Ncw Yok--lenin lt ile dlily nt I'. M. Nthtltar New York daily at 5 P.S1 Soutlwnalrd. Arrivee Arrtve NorIthard, Distanta. Time. Itatr'g Montgomer.,Alt. 1 pmn. 19 m's "ia h It . Colubust., I.a. 114 - 81 !, :14 a. a Milaldgertilie. Gn. 2 133 144 12 p. a Cou nif. .C. 74 atn. l(;t 17& I itieig'it, N C. 34 125 3'2 Il Wrrenron, Va. 1i mn. Si at Peter'tittg. Ott. 1)f pin. 83 III ia. m iithon ,n lim 1 3 fip . F·redrlie:ksl~r nl·, 8 Ci 7 I m, \Vnshllngton city. '. pro. (;.' : ]]ahimore Ii Ill lltiltadelphiap 8 , am. 100 I 11 New Yarkt a ir. 10 t, 1305 143 h. or .r1 S3 Nortlhward. 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Iý *,h i,l c t , Iit , I C ' H 1 i'e. y \ a I:!:,'t, u:: E II stv.", i:s,., n,'e , ra t, ", , . +li , hi . t w ,, r.,in . I,}" e n nII ,i '. I'(al r t ' Pl l l E trat. v lb o, ... I'r " r ,' aI'nn0 i .} ciiI" I, I IIl,,Cl itiu.,lt . ii , .unl, ink.S Al li Iictil its'd l l, ni.t tha _ \ctc cI ": Iri to w h - 5 i , ,i 5 , i ! tnd x. I ,aer ,. , sn . t. . .. .. , in . . ,i , o i t l'. .iinlo , ws I5rcl , ,pu -!",",l- s t re r nn , !nv, roll , ,I n c ),I ll the "ar-i Ili , ",-, .h be t-,!.r, tq :, i nh',-,, an',.,, t i, l I l d1 I I'lcr an,: o rhlr m e:sla :incdibc .l'atngc: a. i rasnaln and ;!" i,, " l , ;t ill ,I s or inlm tl A,+twiell airrt i dnen'al' , T Jlat iern " brhd a eie. o1[.11(111 et, g insR. c. A; Ires itl!tte lo ; viJ e ,lg ROW\VAND'S TONIC MIXT'URE, FoI FEVER AND A-e i. r EN years have not yet elapsed since it was first regularly submilted to the public; but it has attained thle highest reputation; and has sup planted every other Inedlraine for tihe Age, wherev. er it has been known and oplpreciateld. Already has it born carried in every directiro throughout the United States, and still realizes msore than could have boee anoicipated by its most s:aiegine friends. l'l1'ousalld s at persorns have inot only been relieved, but re.trned t he llth sal veigr tihrugh its agOn. cy; and tihey now chlierllily tetly, at every op portlnity, to its dcroiderd cand sprrllr o eflicacy. It is compored of such medicinal principles as are calcelaterd to renew the healthy ne tion of the stonm aoh, lIver, and other imp retail; digestive organs, tih loss orf which hairiny is the iaeloelliate cause of thire dier:ae. It is apparent also, that it irodu. cos aen Eonir- change in toe ecmiditin of thire system, alndl cerlrrlv des.roys the native liahlliit to rciap ses of the ailr:etiou. When tile Age is attended with any other complaint, the omeplfryment of the Tonic rlixtue will nt intierlbre iwili the treat menr t el' the other direesr, but wil even afford as sistance iy furnishing strength and vigor to the bodly during the course of trulatment. Those who make use of this nedicine may ie assured that there is no Arseaic, liarks, Mlertury, or any other article in its Ompllositin ufiriend'y to t te human constitution; being entircly a reretable extract; and they maiy have addillsolal culild.lenlee in the use thereof, when they pereeivo that it has tile cr feet of a gentl: Iaxative about the time half a bot tile full has been taieon---in conrsqueneo of which, there is no part of the imedicine lult to linger in thle bowels to causes oblstructiins, and other evils, arising from the use of many of the remedies now olfered for tihe cure fl' this allietion. It has beenl used also as a preventive, by Imanry who were sub jester to a periodical reecrrner n ofl the Chills, and it has invariably warded olf' the apprehlrnded atteaK. Observe! IThe Proprietor, ilily syatistlied i ith the unpararllelil trlid utlliversal ellncess wbhicsh has cull stantly attended a punctnal and regular use of the Tonic Mlixture, in all cea.. of evcer and Ague, thel warranted ill enggillg to srfunrld ite price to all tlhse who have tallel the medicine in strict nc. cordance wiilh the prescribed directions, without having been perfectly and lastingly cured. The sub.cribers are the a holesale agents for the South Western States, and have Iow on hand six ty cases of thin medicine, llhihll is warrlarrltel fresh anrd g'lenuine. For sala at the inamlulclured prices JAM iS le A"r\rllI:.',S tnY'3.7 runh ('ll lu! lllll ·'l''l .:lllpilllulllhl .or l f.' I I i Nr w I.vetr. 1Eners-n's R tz:,r tre;.s--'hree cases of the genutre artal, .t1 Se receclv, e I h a,,t 3. , RIP;ISa" & i)'IANt:, I:: Camp st Si- ears hr I1w -'il - I - .- aul halo rope. I lid." ::II It : I rm ;,, In .'- , a l)' li.t l." by n 3 LOGiERT I IIA: 1\ T1OKN, 63 CGaver st