Newspaper of True American, April 18, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated April 18, 1839 Page 2
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S ad4 rgerwere ap. i to r l ll e a-etn . lo e of M r. eqt 4 the 9'd ward. Said said Alderman duly elected, t nts of. the' Treasurer .for ai it,, were submitted. That of ijlthe bance at Ieas report to 1;l eil-8,415 54; City Bank, S ,49 54; notes redeem , . 4,379 19. oteI6th, howing the balance last. re 719. eipt, $7,433 00; City Bank, 3 de4.$9,504 73; City Bank de. *, nots redeemed, $8,580 08; bal Sthis ditci3,10' 05. ý m af1iotcaltn was received from the Trea. @*uiMctttl g gn account of the disbursement haray Fund: when en motion,-tlo rules be ', e with, it was, y That the sum of Five Hondred Dol.. e t he ame is hereby appropriated to the ind, to be disbursed on the orders of the r nungiation from theCollector of taxei on drays, and htawker and pedlarsa,trans Sdotilode accnoat of colecltion for the sec r. nd furth quartors,, referred-to the Fi -hi os.ofieitteo, " - qon ln ationa from the Cdmriinsary of Poy: drslMelte,t e refetsfred to the Committee on atndaLatnding.. S 1ab -te oFnt" the'. New Orleans Navigation wPi n as.referred to the Committee on Fi. A pel inm John-Minturn -was referred to nlSa Stretta and Landings. niuber,'and one from Bergen, to f 8t " IRinhard*, to Stroets and Landings. RlLtorddeplaid before the Council a copy ofa t" f the Parish Court of the New Orleans mipanry, which on motion, was refor O feib llt.&orneo, wiltb instructions to appeal ,tec tiubmitted citation from the qtfet.Court, in relation to the opening of Reoffig Lstreet, which wast also, -referred to the Attor. ?e e. Chairman of the Finance Commit. eltbitwo following resolutions,which on s hi ieu bqing dispenped with, were Nev. Tho ' t',.the'' Treasurer .pay to Nathan warrant of the. Mayor, the'sum of do lae;. for excavating the spaces be. e "t. d.Tl Treasurer pay to McDonnel drmati' on tl ivarreant of the Mayor, the ita.-l0ir, lfo e'refreshment furnishod the r of theelctioin eonthe firet instant, Roj.esCslsOuimon of the Police Committle, ly folowgilteport, ahcompanied by the tio, wnich was ad -pled. The ani yjwae cailled for, which resulted in a .EeseNlahdi -Hll, 'L, -kett, P.eters, Rogers t rka witt| I' the ueiflirmativi, a.d Measrs. l.e4t d el1to eIl, in the negative. [he iti-Comonlttoe to whom o as referred the ettit e, ta Brand, would respectfully Ileporta ' Ti -t it Waqid appear from the statloemenltsmad sttliuitVaged sulnmoneod- by your Committee, .'haUiM IsBrand'' housa hod sus.ained dilaiage to asiulitalolo 3138 50 :" Tie uantonin aof Chlarivarying" has been practi .td frodmthe earlieat sottlementlof the couentry, and :Fia coneiqu-ntly Imon looked upon as one of those pe. y ad innocent amusements, and nmarks of at. i witeh wich the police haiv neot enterfe . under these old established usages, it d'most m prudent by the heads of the Po i non toilntrfere upon that ecension ; but as it S".to st rnahit'at at sonn depredations were corn. .iilniul, either by evil disposed or thoughltless per sees on thritevening, we are of the opinion that the rightsofa eitizon to protection fromu injury are :.pramount, and i uoririt.etly is Mr. Brand itas no. .ally elmaoendl d 5138 50 for those repairs--l. {.la yea.your Comnmittee alter a careful inspoetion -. lod dok, doer, &c. werenout epert enou gh to lJtim.over Ihat such all amosunt of dalnage hald heen susalinedl--we 'ou d therefore Report the. follow. lng Rsolaution : . oResolvedl, T'lat l: surn of a 138 50 be paid to "William Brand, on the warrant of the Mayor, being - lso'amoont of reptirs in furl done to his house in : ach, 1838. : - DAVID JNO. ROGERS. S H. LOCKETT. JOHN IIALL. The same Chairman also introduced the follow. lag, which; on motion, waus made the order of the day. for themnext meeting: Whefreas4he speedy and impartial administra. tip. ofjnstice in.criminal matters, is necessary to thelaparity of property and to the presorvatii of -ae, good order' and individual safety within this l.niot : and whereas to ensure this administra., ch a sum should be paid the prosecuting at. . Soy as will remunerato him for the faithful die. 4 of his arduous publinservices: and whereas $ee cry now provided hy law for the District a.. a of this District is insufficient to com. m-td' the time and talents of any individual com. S tnZodlisahrge the duties of that office; be it ,ie y, That.this Municipality will contribute o papneyear towards the remuneration of the s.r vaae f'the District Attorney, for the first District, ie a.m. f ons thousand dollars, and the year to ;n. pposaifted' from this day. - r.:ibelved, .That the said sum of one thousand :b l ehe paid by the Treasurer of this Municipal. ty, ti the District tttorney on his warrant, in .ei. i'uarterly instalinonte. tlJaeolved, That ineonsideratioi of said salary, ;.W'eil V &rtalAttorney shall attend at the Re egerder.i io t any time when the Recorder shall " uqo"o thea id'of sad District Attorney, or it may "-b Yleqsdareeessary by the Recorder, to give c.jj-lt unymnatter touching the criminals who 'b, hon gllroht before naid Recorder. Mir. Pete.riep Chairman of the special Commit. se, u whom was referred the subject, made the Srport, which, after some discussion, th: Al conoideration of satma was postponed to he epeoal ommittee to whom was referred a neaamtlesand refton providing for the appoint. natof ra p.emit ,o sonter with committees of -h0 F rast'n l t rhdlddinicipalities, in order to ds ifes means by.wrhioh thiNow Orleans and Naeh. to ,Rail Road Company may be enabled to con. 'leo theirm w. k until the next meeting of the i-. tu=a. ee-t- spectfully report: b?. 4 Yify ire of opinion that the sixth Section Inbsest,,ntitle n en.act authorizing an em.ission se the State to the city of Now Or. ppro#ed' 8th of March, 1839, prohibits the is of New Orleans frorn giving the kid Rail Road Comnpany, contemnplated pipalnble and resolution under consideration. Words of tiib section are *i That hereafter it 0ot be lawful for either of the Councils of the ipalities of Now Orleoans to endorse or guan teeay bond or other obligation, for any Incoer. Insny, association or individual; nor to lnterested in any manner, directly or indi. in the responsibilities or undertakings of oo nipnsese, asociations or individuals, with. tg st sanctioned by law; provided that S eloans or emissiont of bonds of either of the iphll now authorized by ordinance or re nerior to the Pssaaige of this act, shall ty any of t.e provisions contained SAMUEL J. PETERS, Chairman. " AVID J. -ROGERS. :M.t°pg e ie~roi~od the follawilg, which was aen ade. thin ordiC of the. day for next meet. TIut finma ;and t, this dete, any ,g ollctor of tas or. officer of police, lplityyshall be prqlibited from being a an any businis in whIch any part of 1fis" Sbe nqorad., to:dhlmiish ler satention to I d, 'e any ofice froumnd in contriven. I aboe ardinance, shall be imiteoiately i al nttrodneed the annenot a lsa4?) rulae bueingt dispsteed with, c Shi Coimittee of Strcu and t.",'* sted to "poprt an epioeth bohaof thespace Se ilspa flow Or. th being disf to eqairets ril 6ire iqaore f t.$ ste tar etbdoof e. 1. r een 3ýoeaeiurmew am otNsehse {1 '4.j ++.+=.t .n+, ý tl+, W,1"o Keyno tables "dow i1oi+|p o ntt i whioh w 1. epted. v t te Polio Comilittee be requested ieoetael the number o'Keyno tables, end Ten pils allbeys ho established in tit. Municipality the hburs of opening them, .lf4 the hours until whein ithey are kept open in- te nighi time-and report to the Counnil, at its next meeting, arid what action in relatioh to them may be necessary. On inotihm, the Council proceeded to the election of two Commissioners of the General Sinking Fund, upon counting the dilfferent ballotings it appeared that Mesr Yorke and Peters were duly elected. On motion the Council adjournedl to Tuesday next the' a3d April instiant at 5 o'clock, P. M. JOHN GIBSON; Secretary, COMMERCIAL. Latest Dates. Chesleson,'Apr| ..........0 I W tliuoon, .ow. YorkTde .............. 7 Cineinnati, Apil.........l0 Philadelphia do ........... I Louisville, do...........11 Baltimore do .·.. ......... 8 ISt. Louis, do..........I0 Sat rsn e.), do... ....... t.... eeet I. rpool, M.r .......... 4 Houston ('llces)April..i...10 Paris Feb............... c8 . .ste, 4el ............. 6I oLdoc, far.......... 4 Nashri. do .. ...... i lr ..... . 28 PORT OF NEW ORLEANS. CLEARANCES. April 17, 1839. Ehip Robert Bruce, Ilerkness, for Liverpool, Konlledy, Doe ''& e Ship Craton, Whiting, for Muattltmorls. S&'1J P Whitnep Ship Merchnt, Jorden. Chaae & Diaer SrigS Otranto. Fonder. hir Nne, York, ls rlar Fehbr Septotrier, Dooalr for Chalrlesto. Mester Chr.b Roy, Ity. M irer, for Savnellth, T C Jenkins Sotil Mry Elle, IEllis, for t'eillscole. alster Schr Lion, Flail, for Mobile, T C Jerlkinc ARRIVALS. April 17,1839 Toe boat Grarmprs, Morrison, from tile N E pass, hbvin towed tor eo ships Actrres ul alaetmorn, brig LUlS polne. cc Aliorensso, Deuoriers, returned to he oily witll packet sllipArkanes. tshes Byrn srod Lorier. Letaoe bar oe tieo 16th snt, al noollr. Nothlih now. Teow boat Shark, Thoans.frrm tile passes, with brig Joseph and schooner Fox. L.eftr thr N pss on 0il0 16th iltbst. at 4 P I. Reportssoel ship on A W Cat boord. Barque Virgicia and one brig in the river. Srlr Cortiee. Iitellcoeck, 5 days from Golverton,to tile ms ter. Brig Joseop, EKlnolt, from Key West, 7thr ult, via Golan. ton 10tu int.. J [ Freothionlorh. Shre Fox, Itorrows. 4 dlays from Veirco, to . V rpenn. Sehr Byron. Penrtall. 4 oeys frolr Volaeto to W Cryan. Steenn sll Cir ub, Carlon, 4 hiours, fren Galveasto, to So gort & lawthlorn. Piacet ship Atlolas, Dellni, 13 diays troo N.w Yorek, to A blueli. fit oe r rmone, y Wr rtmore, fronl I.efurehe. Steaer Somaphore, Clarke, frron Opesloues. Steamer Tiber. Straler, fnro Cireinnti. Steamerrr PnFrnee, Carlisle,. frrom St Louis. Steao er Webiruitlton, Sirerk, flro I.afoIchCiie. Steamer i ceola, Robinson, froI Gtranld Gi ulf. ESXtOR'To. LIVERPOOL.. Per ship Merehrnt.. Cargo, n087 bales cotton 51 , llr tolrenr. MATANZAO.. t'r shlop (rIdIornI-CRrLgn,411(J bis flour. . ... 3t rcrlei..Ctrgoo, 1.56 tore ballst. NFi\W - It;. r,""r b itr(Oorroo... Crrgo. 3111 pigs Irral. 1350 " ,- 150b hit floar, Itt hidet, 116 doer CIIAItIF.i'IJ' ,r tier rIeplcrtber..Cargo, tea hbgeireado SAVANNAlII..I'' ,rhr Rob ny..; ,con, 115 dils bacon, 150 br'ks coru, 50 r.r . molrs.... PENSACOI A..',o otr llr Clory 3llii..Cergo, 350 bushels corn pi, l. hoar, I do pork. JIOBlLE..Per*Ll,, I.ou..Cnrgo, 1O('. pieces, barging, 4,39 coris roqrr. 13 biridles toele,.0 hbli pulk. * liMPOIITS NIFW' Y()RK--Pr si i ArkAnho--sre sorted me r c mr . dize. GALVESTON. Po ship Crllrl I..Coro., 8 prckroes merehne. dize, hilt peltrie, nltl(ars oil boa ard. .............. Per oehr Crrrhe..Cargo,. 7 Luci, rotton, 1It. nuit. b110 hides, 7 hae deder klllr, Owner on KEY WVE11T..Per hlig Joerpllh ..Caro, 145 tollse groite, J P FProtillrrrillll V'EI.ASCO.o.Prrchr Fox..Cargo,. 33 hobes lolte., 40 Ieerl hilo.s irrrdhrlrdreer skins,. I bilt rerollr, 4 neule., 7 ja-ks, \V lrvan. .............. Per rechr yron..lo ir lryon. tREl('ItPTS O1 I'ROI)L'UC tfolorllrh..Per rorre rndlePv..l:ereo, 61 flIl subl r rorllllir, IeKelln k p\ right. 41 Ihda suger, 51 bl Ie ulaeso.. .t oarell & co, 179 hoInl.s'llrrIrei & Tirnnlpor, I bhrp rocael, Ar r J DeonoistoUlI h5 dl Iiruluaee. to N J D)ick tiprirtrres..Per FtUolrer Sroplahorn..('aorgo. 62 I,-ler rLt. toll, C 'oleri lOr,. 1:19 ll d,. noroi 1rr. oddle tree,. Fol:,lll,. rel. Ionq ,: D80eser, El hei cutilo, bIales of nos,111 C t |iouhile Cirllnllali. Per Tlber-Ctrr.O, e his park. 112 bkegs lrd, J A terree, 14 his wlrkey. 144 do ror., llougert. & Ilewl horu, 7:1 iirIiherlo. Stet . r.n & Avery, l20 his flour. Jo. Iandlr.s & ro, 3inO hl tirr, John tordor, 1 box Iwin , I o lo tlrgor, At Gerlot i eo. 40 hls eggl. t1lrae b SCierrsono. 20 do, G F Stewrrt, 12 do,J Dappler. 31 ibls egl..54 kegs and 3 bi lard, owner ol board, 3 kee lard, J W FergUlson. St Lo.uis..Por sletmar Pawnee-Carne, 158 bege oats, J Baldwio, LO bags potatoes. Tole M ttoptki.s. 130 bales hemp, J 'Thyere & ro, 191 bag.s crtl, Itaddleu &o& hell, IS lds bacon, 30 koxs lard, Rogert 4 Ieawothorn, 12 hos ltobacco, R It McGill, 844 tbas outs,6l1 do wheat, 720 pigs lead, order. ireond (ioull-per stteamerrrt ¢.eo-rlo- Ilble cotton, N r J flick & co. 21L do I. Mrdlrrt, O ito Ilcennelt, Fur sedep . co. iteynorrld,, Core \co. e.6L doll W 3 Curlcrs, 113 do Ilobse on u rl roo!t, Il S do llnie, rPl.enter aid co. 1II do WV Bogrt, :.11 j o d lerreiiield, I'earso and ce. 4 ldo. owner on boirl, r 4 buxeo r.lz. b.V"' G ogen. Lnfonche--per stconlr WV ieashhirgton--er aro, Si lltlhd sugar P II (GoIllwny, i0 bllhd dlr Frnl:ois 4r bahleo ils00 TVYrtie,tt h3bale eOllro rt Ilervrdle . co., 2t imlrs ownler 11rl toootil0l .17 rolel' rIo.loreS I-rnddert . IIall, 110 brlo do L.lmbleth 4 'llomporon, t lllhdo sugat Illrandelr, McKenia & \Virighlt, 16 I rds olo d 2 trlIo sutnr 22 brls ioludnses 1 liogert, 7i brlh do Cnpt. Stpedk, 07 hldos, 8 brll toilesael+ nIuil rlndries to owncr on board, 3 hales cotton atn i 13 empty brls Davisoln S. Dessert, I piano forte F lBodo. PASSENC ERS SPASSENGERS Per Iteamer BRorney..G IV Squires R Grisham, A Lufarct J A Lcbnre. J Bltaler, Georg Gtorden; JJ Bsr, W VI Robe Son, PovT,'r C Selmple, S Ludluow;J S ioore, It Verrce, Mi Verret. R .nndry. PerslhpCubu.. Mrs Barns. Muims Barns. The Bnrne., Clhoun. Itlynno. iau,rilgtron. Cr.wfs BIrnh, Giruv, hVilliums, 'Turner, Iteckford. CIa I'ollar. U D llllrin. Pr schr Coric e.. S Lupton, C Smith, Broa Per sachr Fonx..Flilm, i ais, IV ,,aon, J Goa f foot, NA Clark, J Cranlvel, ll Smlllth. IPer staeler Tlhr..a Cerlpbcll., 'r Ilur, J Swain, Dellorn. C...celllre, Ul'hrntha. |cCullap Hart. Wyatt, BlierG Newhaous, J ]ne~rpln e in errick, W Gnhrom and nrphew. Crrnlltbe Beo, sail1, Coll ,in. Etwarlr l. ;' lrrorn and 'Irloala. Per rstemer Ioawnee-J F kellInull. J Mroran, nohinson, Johnso , J K Rnybllrn. D B trloora, Ohalrd Juns rlL.n Johnston, , Spring, Sparks Crnmnlp. Ml Carlisle. l.arfourlte-Perr r' teamr \VWalinc.ln--.J i J J Mlore und A cdy,J It I. il)urus w \V 1W Pr and 3 srms, A , B hlanchlrd, P Jew.ell, , Isiras, Hlbert, A IPerrc t,l.,Trorn,Jnstin, l .aoderv. J Teller, 1i Lan erlx, I A Ittcuut.,rsoo anl ladv,.l F I. alrtm and ladly, hlry1er S Pullet, Mnss Frier', Mrs. Moor,, 4)r. Fr.ler, ,'irV. T'eron. Per ship Arkaosan-Mssrs. Goodwin, J I) Harri, W H lunt, Mlr. TIutl, tra. IL.n rd, '2t chldren Qn ser'tI. CONSIGNEES. New York--per ship Arknrtuat-J Iled & co. Laomen &cu. Clrrlne.l. Icut oan & co. V lr lenct, V DHavid, Lrbeth & Tl'hrlpo err, Am stead & .lriag, S W (Jakey & co. S C Piaoeto,. irilil & V ororos, Lyonw. Ilarrison & ct,. J l Fioll . co. C E Bernard, Gfsriip & co. I 1Ii Furmnir, 11 II Lee & roo.CGlnver& Bran. hutm, J I(iollv,'I' Whaly, n Couhen. Laflin, Sttephsrs, M S B Mullele {.i ,lnrAhl & co. Noelles & Specver 11 Bltuurr, Ht E Tlhraruos. 'I toa, Dwcilht & Growhrrde. (H Allenr, Deio, lons o &t. co (iodmou & LevvyP Sotmnere, lroot & co. E e.itIns~on Amne, A Grant &co. Iinsoo & (ioudman, J Bl Digsc, S & 3J \Vhitney, J Mlugn, Sntlod & Itankin,' Tolea& Barriert I Olhyd 4J o. J (: Mrllasoll, J I.,ttl, B Blrown, P Tularro, J :wuin,J I. artldisa co. J Belle, Bouw & ClennShu, Pet & Northl, CJ Meokecr (C I Laurence price, Rauy rumn & co. \Vell. Phillips & eo. E Storw r cat. Lully & Cnerken, ii It Hgrlden, A Fulto & co.J Ilutmplhrier, R Irrso, W Alli Follaiut, Bellooq & Degolre, J B Black, J 4 S Brew.ure, .Lavtt & Artotoog, Major A Maekay, Taylor &. (uGoodlit, (C Doltte. G. Pulrdow, Fleer son, Dla. i co. Woolsry & Montagtte, Iolnrbeo nad Brown, J II Pe'rrauIt, Taylor & Maledley, Richardson, Wuaterman t Wood, Martin, IPleasentl & co. Comstoko, Hyde & eo.J Fabaem, Nuget, 'Turpkin 4' Wltt, Lam beth & Tlhtompson, Brutsle & Lessaeps, & Tlcker, B Levsy, J IPo., It lroning & co. J A lMernertt, Ilub bsrd & Lasuy, A Morse, J Newlham, W Vanoe, Conner & Gi'ltey, Simton%, Hart R c. c.outross 4 d Sniff'on, Alln, Aslier err. Peters 4. Willard, J V Ordeln, F IH Quick, l'Ihorn McGrath, Mrs. lHeart, W V l.von 4 co. Noornnn, Steel , co. Wood 4 Suutott, Haddln it English, Steotson 4. Arery, Burk, Watt .j c4.J B inar tin, R H Mcodl, order ald captain. , MEMORANDA Steamer O.eeola taed doan from GandGulf.arqe .aI, waa, oaded with ctaun. I.OUIltiLL., MARXET, April 1i. The river lelow thu Falls cutintepuat, i dl tatusne. It i-slowly ofalling, and theea.nell raetween this ilaoe and Pitsunhtrhi i. grttitg ratherddlllrr. It is iraioing. at rreretc, a-,,; ru waterr i/lot gnticipkted for awus Thle r1,so mi , ". r": etk.kd, and we Ianruf good Rio and lHur:... , 13j eents lots. Flour is tnoo.ionlly rrehrt $5 75. Snles of tu hlikeay frdm wagolua at 43 cits. *Ureae-gal .Mone,.-Alsllutot rtnee. hit1 .'r cmnt. dis; Teoiwerao,5; Miisasissippi ionia hlank aul Nat .elrzr, tpn ble ol n tlemaond, I0 per clrt ; rayakle in Act..tst,.12" ;. Narahtz hrunehoiR [1t.1. sA-latihracer atd I Gain. . ull (nrle v, l j: .Other ldescripaions of l issia ippi arglnietlr-Juuernaal. !'Mal'agreatet knorrwledge is himsiolftt kaow.' PHIF.NOI.OGY. TD R. R. H. COI.I.YELt will crttmmene a couere of Sdemonatratiotna on ir liun;uct, at tle Hall orflela aeaiottivir, Canuul streaet.. Wedo-aday eoenotag, April I'tha5t S o'cluck, aad arrtktinue tlarrtavary Wr'blmesdav yarn Fridyn eeaitngs, until comtnttleteld. 'I'aatauhjera will he illustraite Ity A nutuerouenund elinioc colictitn uof' akilsouomssa, tiruringu, &.e. 'rsu perssata, clata,, fromr tise antisa e. aill In rlralitly ernmintr elact rvasninus. Attrs~tia' am to airtls lecture, 50 cernr; t tltoe cnuer)$3 Ilanuipjlr & (allrnt. r t ila ; Mesorn. Naptan, Sthil & o. .ontkt Camp street, i r at Ihe Verrandah.L STEAM BOAT BILLS. S.4W n .-.AGENTS- s"r OA4N3 .PSTEAM V..v.ioAIrs- .liW"p qt4g..;* o., , Ira llu ~ q T' Alt,.· a setai OUfafetwo n c.onnection with this Osice is a: .gTkNDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE "IPR THE PRIITthO OI .Pampahlet. Blak Cheeks cateletses " I m of Lading Labels, .. Drhay-deeit Legal Notices Aee B ills, Uill Pam,' . Show Bills Steam Boat Bills aircllar . And every descriptalem eFJe W~ rk hats aomy.brelquired. THEI TRUE AMERICAN. IaDITraCs YV Jassw 43flBl N. FAITLNLrUL AND BOLD. NEWV OR LEANS: THURSDAY APRIL 18, IF39. NEW BOOKS. We acknowledge the recipt of a number of new works, througj the politeness of Mr. Johns, bookseller, corner of St. Charles and Common streets. .WISDOM ArN GENIUS OF 0Se(AKiPEARE, in One so lmne.-This handsome volume comprises, brief selec.. tions front toe great toaster, arrang~d under appropri ate heoads comprising moral philosophy, delineations of 'character, paintings of nature and the passions, seven hundred aphorisms and miscellaneous pieces. The compilersays that his" principal object has been to ex hibit the WVisdom and Genius of our author, as these are reflected ii hisnlucid pages, which have been justly characterised the richest, the purest, the fairest which genius uninspired, ver laid open." STERLING -AND PFNRUDDoca, by the author of Tre mnine, &c, in two volumes.-Perhaps there is not a writer in our lunguage who in some particulars, has greater powe ImtoL Mr. Ward, the author of thele sto ries. tHis Tremaina, a rare book in this country, posa sessesa depth ofphoilosoplhy and feeling rarely to be met with. The fitct is he stands alinost alone in his pe culiar style of writing, for it is a school in which shal low mnnds and slnatnorers find that they are not com petent to chine. Those wtho delight in a truly phtiloso phical novel, in striking pictures of hnuman character, in profunalityofthought, and lucid language, in astute criticism, in beautitul descriptions and high wrought passages of life, will be pleased to learn that the author ofTr'emaine, lie Vere, and Fielding, has another work ready for perusal. ROMANCEa OF TIlE ItAREM BY MISS PARDOE, in 2 volumes.-We read Miss Pardoe's city of tile Sultan, with great pleasure. She writes with great ease and elegance,and lshowsthat she has the eye of an artist. Hier descriptions are vivid and tasteftillydrawn. The IpreCent volumes consist of a series of novellettes which the allthorss says "tire genuine tales related by the professional Massaldjhes or story tellers of the East, in the harems of the wealthy Turks during seasones o festivity, and particularly in that of the Ramaznn." They are writtan with spirit and a great deal of poetry, especially in those portions, which are strictly deserip Je.c SHIrEPAnt--. Romance, by IV. ldarrison ,lirrsrI t,t aulthor of Rockrrood, `ec. " cols.-Who does not remembier the romance of Crichtan? Therewas enough of incident crowded into thie two volumes, as an irdinary wreilr wonhld hae spun out into seven voluntesn Indeed, it was overflowing with llaterials for a more extensive work. Mr. Ainsworth has a brilliant imtagi nation, is a ripe scholar, writres with great elegance and strength, and has already taken an enviable stand in the rcpublie of letters. Jack Sheppard is to hbe pu lished in numbers as the productions of nz Ihave ap pea-ed, and is to be illiitrated by Cruiklhank in like mutnnrr. It in to be conlu.dtd in eight numbers. ittt, lPIRIir or TriE Ea.r,illetratcdin aJournal of Tr aelse tirough Ronitele, by Dr. Urquhart, 2 rolts. This ool; is writteni in a pleasing, easy style, and gives an excellent pictur of lhe east-its tnatlnere, custonms, poll y, &c., contrasted with thius of Europe. It takes a philosophical view of the subject of which it treats and cannot fail to deeply interest the reader. rTErn SHIes. A company has been formed at Bordeaux. In France, with a capital of three millions of francs. to astab lish steam shipl between that port and New York. It is car culaited to have at Ilordeaux a steam ship of about 000 ton., toearry near 300 tons freight and 150 passengers...The es sel with a 450 horse power engine, to cost about $10,00. AUusrTA is dancing at Louisville, where ilse is very much admired. They tall, however, of wishing to see Celeste, who twill doubtles gratify the Kentucks with her peerless grace and personations. GEN. SCTer. Tie osaton Courier aysr: "We entertain a deep respect far Gce Scott, and the country is under someobi ligations to him; but as to inaking a President of him-we go for Webster first, and then for Clay. Beyond that we make no pledge." Portt.oo. At the luniceipal election. Levi Cutter was reselected Mtayor of Portland. The Whigs carried every warJ il the city, except the 7th. PorPU.ATrON oar oaron. It is stated that the increase of Boston has been rapid for several years past. In 1820, the population was 43,000; in 180O, it was 63.000; and in 1835. £18,00U0,a0 sterling in 1830. WE DON'T LIKE to see a lady on a bright sun-shiny day, as was yesterday, promenading the banquette when she exitibits such a want of taste as we shall de scribe. We saw one, who had rather a pretty face, end apassing fair person--some might exaclaim in their ed. tiration, quel taille! but the orrangement of her attire was rather outre. Imprimis, she wore a white bonnet and black veill-2dly, a black dress, with black cape, fringed with black lace-3-lly, white shoes, and lastly walked under a snul-colored parasol. Black shoes are becoming with a whit, dress, but fot wire verso. We looked at the lady's face, and hoped site was ugly. Wewere disappointed, for it had a sweet expression, and as if a better display of taste wouhl have helped it considerably. A heavy black veil is no more fit to ac company a thlin, white summer bonnet, than while satin shoes to set ao' a coarse black homhaest dress. COMM.ERCIAL AFFttas.-Referring to the present condition of commercial affairs, the N. Y. Commercial Advertiser says: It is not t. be denied that the present is a time of severe commercial tri!l--especally it this city, and also at tihe South. The batks have been curtailing, stocks are depressed, money is scarce, and there have bean a few suspenwions. A variety ofcauses have con tributed to this pressure-and amontg them not a little, Itoe seneless panic that hie existed in connexion v ith the Maine buuodary question. Anothe eauuse may be fuund Iy looking back a few months, in the premature resumptitn of specie payments by the Bantik of the, United Statet. T'lht batki was forced into that reaumption by the late executive of Penneysva nia. to serve a political object before, in tahe Bound judgment of Mr Biddle, it ogti to hlve esn. Not, haowever, because of the condition of the Ilank itself, e cause, as the event proved, th. bank was abt dsantly able to resume. But it was the desire of the direction oflthat bank, Ihtt tithe resumpttion at ilte south and eoulh west should he sitmultanetos, and the Bank of tilhe U. States was thet exertittg ito energi-e, at it had been fort moaltoe before, to etoble the bluks in thoee directions to resume with it. '1 he coanseqellces of this forced enasure'are now seen at the south, where the batks are tgaill yieling to tlie tlastts.e Yet another cause ,of tie ressaure, Ioth in this city and at the south, is foundb ithe fert that we have utxt tauch cotton nit hand. The' south western banks as well as individuals, have been playing at the hazardous ga" ' nf monopoly, and in order it. affect a rise ien lie maeket i:'. .,!, Ito tulch uafile article itsn been bought up and kepl ;k lt othl.ilr. \Voere infornmed that there are !H1in0t hales It ilt hnl. One tf two things naust take place-either tihe cotton or time specie must be sent for. ward. Maerine lasoraure Caee-'lte New York Jornaln of Coomerece ta tht Ithe Supireme Court of the U. States, at their last aesit.a in Washington, decided that in ease of a vessel being voluntarily stranded by tile Laptiai whto snllwie in inlrant it aril-from a gale of wad--fron lisre, or from tim ha of a/n anemy o1 r of petera-the cargn hteings la asnd theveel beimng got off with partial ajury, sIk carso shoulk d cotribute to aard painlg the daLnttas Orsest of repairc nenoutered iby theaaipowavsi. Tihediseainas of the local eaourts had besen vatiouaou the qUestion; it is now setlatd by ilne higest judlicial trirltnal i the countey. rita ptsn. etle 0on whaicthetaergo i toads hable to a absae in tli do.ia ofa.e veusel .in sach canes is ideinatly thkis .fit til. , enu rap ad the danger ineaerrj su much t'wtb lts afe /tle oftbton gaeoetdi. to sa visu I as for to e.f thes ,i,; uad tsuaca . ,awold ha unjust far ime k .l a . a tae oOas itnm hasord to ha kerins Ike iatttt.e=,.-&sl s .. Mid tdistilSetpstflat f. aa. sw . d iead Iers, Agentjatte a tdaaetnollrierwht tatdt tisteallyheea tegiatlni publig dutie of titettwt i prmnmt charagter. and-who ria had e mueh itnutem in gitifg a happy 4rection to the aflirsn o-hisa cuntry deaervea to beha received among us with riatifiction an£ neepeer. Standing high in the estimatton of the disia terested patriots itf.Now Grenada, he comes with letter of introductio from asome of the beat men in South Americe; end, like, them, irigenlnously declares tlhat th example of'the United States nhs exnited a powerful influence on his views and eonduet, evenfromm'tly tide. Having been repeatedly disappointedl for some years,i I his plant fer vuiting thia country, hy'a aucention of ( urgent and unsoMught publie duties at home, he ha atl ready began to inspect ourt inatitution of benevrolencne nmd education with the enthusiasm of tlantander and Mosquera, and with thm diainterested intentions of pro nlaitig their introduction into Columhia, whose political institutiuns have been moulded after the plan of our ien Lopez i. on the eve of journey to Plhiadelphit, Baltimore, nand Washington, and designs in a rhort time to visit New England, porticularly Boston.-N. YE. E press. A TRArTOR tN CANAD.--Tlle following paragraph in from the Toronto Examiner of the n7th ult. Very M,·enrioau.- t Itas been currently rumored in town today, that a sereenat in Majter Meirath' corps of larcert had been taken tp, charged withi being in ctrrespondence with the "Patriot hunters." We be lieve that a plan of the city,garrison, &c. was fotnd in his ponressitn, and letters offering him a reward for firing the Governmeolt louse and olther public build ings. It is said that be was hIolding out for a higher suim than that offered. The papers were discovered ac cidettally. He was enaminted yesterday before the Executive Council for a considertble time, and has been committed to jail. The affair is creating a great deal of excitement. The Madisonian of the 27th tilt., oniateni the feulow. ing prediction, the fulfilment of which would excite in un no aastonishment whatever: Mn. VAN BURno AN iA NAkTIONArn. Bin.--We ven ture the predietiunothat before the next regutlar session of Congress, every one of the exective departtnentn will hare at ito head a thorunghtgoing United States Batik advoate. We go fuorther, and say that in our opinion, bofore July, 1840, Mr. Vtan Buren will Itmself, Ise the open advoeate ofa National Bank. Mr. lvtlh, Mr. Poinseit, tMr. aGrtndy, (and we believe Mr.Pauld ing also.) have been the oelan and avowed advocates of a Bank of the United States. Appoinotmeets, nn foreign missions are talked of, whioh will dispose of those who are opposel to tle iand,ur a teank; wereby tlheir places can be filled with snoh asre fhiendly. It will ihe reollected by all, that at the extra session no one was more bhitter aginst the dmioistratio, nand treated its members with more sareasm than a certain Senator at that timne. fros a southern State. No one (ati extepting5 Mr.Pretont) went filrther in favorofthe ank f tile United States ani in betowing praises on Mr. Biddle, Itton did this satle Senator. Notwithstand ing all this, a ticht elhange has recently been wrought, and this same United States Bank supporter, tlas be. come a napporter of the admtinistration. Ve ventee in prophesla , that this e atine getlemen will have placed in his hands the seals of the Treasury before summer solstice arrives.--loni eerrons. A lauglable story, entitled, " te 011d Clock," wlliche appeared recently in a New York penny paper, and which has had quite a run, appears to he but a variation (not an improonment) uplln the following older and nmuch shorter story of THe BAOBYR OF DONEaE. A gentleman, posseasitg an ntomntlon sahare of wit and humor, tad occasion to lodge for tile etight in cn pany with stale friesds, at the inn of a tow whlichl for certain reasons, we skhall denominate: Dutne. Requiring the seroees of a barber, he was recomnmended to Vallter I)rot, who was representedl as cot only skilled in lhot profeaaion, but excellent at cracking a joke oi telling a atory. This fitnetionary being hiethwith introddced, mIIde snell a display of oral ond :aotlnl dexterity nas to leave on tilhe mind, as well as In btholv, of his cisttmer, avery favorable itlpreensioln, atd induced tle latter to invite him to sit down to a fiiendly glass. t'he circula tion of the blottle tetnded to show off the barber in th happiest mood;lttid tile ftecetiou m geatltena, otnid tile general hilarity, tIun addressed iito: "Now, Waliter, I engage to give you a guinea on the following terns: That you leap backward ntil forward, over yoer clair, for the space of hIalf an lhor,leisaurely, yet reguairly, crying at every leap, 'Here goes I, \VWal ler Imin, blarber of IDnse.' Btlt shoald you ttter an ithig else in the titie -pacified, yeu forfeit tie reward.' Walter, Ithouglh no, duolbt surpriead at the absurdity of tile preposoll yet enuideriag thow ealy lhe might earn lit gulinea, and iito itlrobabillty Ihat oneh an oppolttu nily woutld ever again preseelt itself, agreed nto the stipu. ltltions. IThe wnlcll was stt, anti the brlber hinvitg stripled off iis att, leanling witlh one hand on tihe backii of li chaIttIr eoltomtmcell leaping over tile ent, oniformly repea'iog in li.n exulting tlte, the words prencribed. After mattler hadtl gone oni thus rmoolhly for about five minutes, dle gentleman rang tie hell, and tlas oc coated tile waiter : ta Iat is tile lenso, sitr, yoll insult me Iby sending a nad fel.ow likte that. instead iii enoding le a proiperl trheb,as otn preteleledl ie was? Barber, (lealhogl)-' Ilere gos I, Walter I)rn, barber of lunsr.' \V'ailter,, i don't kouuo alint is tile matter, I never osaw hint ill this state before. Mr. Deron, what do you neat? ? Barber--' htre goes I Walter'-Waiter, I'Bleas aie, Mr. lIron, recollect these are gentlemeo, how can you makeosuch a fool of yuurself,--Barber, there goes 1 Landlord entering in state. ' What thle devil sir, is all this?' Tl'e fellow is tiad. How dare yotu insulto gentlemant in iyv Ihouse by rauch coduct I Barber, hiere gtw I, Walter Dron-- .' Landlord, ' l ay, Bob, run for his wife, for this can't lie pnt tp with Gentlemct, he mat is evidently deranged, aol I hope yeva will not let iny Itotian be il.jtred b tlhis busine.. 'Here goea'--WVife, (plntein_ In) '0I1, Waoler, wet' lthis tltat'a comne oaer ve I )n vont mlt kel )our sill wife?' Barlober-- her goes I-.' Wife, wee lilg 'Oh Walter, Walter, if ye core tilft r tile, tnind yolur h bairn at ImIItietiand coin avav with rnle.' Brber. 'lhere goi.s I, \VWl---. IThe litltct.d wife llol clhtpet. her httllsalld rouid tile teck, ool ledttlig 011: Iil n elfac an rhtually us to reist hli. flrther prooreo. Mucll did lipo Waiter strnggle to shake eo1'his liuing and uinwe lceom sa pnse, btll t wo'i, no o'-hits gUlloling was iat nn etll; onnoid y-u for at idi"hoti' lie bitterly exiclnitted. i never could win a glinea so etasily iit riy life.' It it ° only neee rv to uI add, ,lat tie ex ;Ialien that ithme. ditainle enst.el, was much more ar ltifactory ito nil a lot thta thle bnrber's betler Italf, and thtt the gentle. te, resttred \VWalter to lia isual good htumor, by gen erouslay rewarding Iis exertions with thie well earned guinea.--Sotclh paper. at A CARD. ha I WO Retail Grocery Stare Keepers can bea orco. 1, . mudated with well furnished rooms, boarding, , lodving, washing, and clothes mending, by immediate tioo to Mrs. II 0 STEVENs, 8 It No 161 Mnagaine at WtIltKS ON SILK. UNT DANDOLO, on the art of raising silk Worms .enrick's American Silk Grower's Guide ohb'a Manual of the Mulberry Tree and on silk ;dward P Robert's Manual; direction for sowing, transplantina and raising mulberry trees, etc. i Mrria' silkraisers Malnual aomatlok's Practical 'Treatise on the culture of Silk .tmary of thela principal Chinese Treatise oapon the Culture of the Mulberry, and tie raising of silk worms IE JOHNS & Co. 118 corner St Charles and Common ate FOR IRENT. A two story hounse atd two story Kitchen on St John street, between Poydras and Hevin S street, near the New Market. Posmession to given on tof Mlav, 1889. Apply to i 7 R ChANNON, 12Camp at following are tlhe Drawn Numherp of the Louiaia. na Lottery, Class No. 21, for'1837. 59 26 52 62 55 44 29 16 1 40 39 60 iT sHIS A Y. e X10,000! Hlighest Prize ! nt Two capital rizea of $10,0(10 0! each. Tickets noly $1 ! ! 75 Mumbers--19 Drawn tallots. a LOUISIANA LOTTERY. Authlorized by Act of Legislature. Chlatter XLIII, pasted Mlatch 2l 18128,Claws 22, for 1839, to be drawn on I'hursdaB, Altil 18, 1839, at 6 o'clock, 1'. AI. at the x, Eaclange lntel, St. Charles at. it D. S. GEGOtRY & Co. Successors to YATES & lcNTYRB, Managers. RICH SCHEME. 27,814 Priret atounting to $189,0711 STickets $4 00n-Halves $2 OO--Qoartaer $1 00 t Package l 5 whole tickets for $1110, warranted to t drawat least $48 00. Packages of 25 Ilalf tickets for I 1 500(, warranted to daw at east $24 00. Package of 25 quarter tickets for $25 00, warranted to draw at leasl $12 00. tf For packages or single tickets, apply at d le Mlanagers Office, S alB 35 Canal street, itnt to Camp st. IN EUIOIaES-A likely force .11 Virginia Negroes, (34 SIn numer,) of ecellent character, and for the last SIltree years on a cotton estate in Arkansas, are nw offer. ed for sal for the parpoet of closaig the affairs of a I artnership. The negroesa may h seon at tie house of oir Saten caBennett, I0 loreau street. For terLm, ap. d ply to A L ADDISON & Co, ap I6t _ 92 Bank Place SH AY-2OI bales Northrrn Han, a nai1.pri;a riakrI SItl tile Levee, opposite Suzette street fi,r sale by ap 18 SHoAL. 6& BROWN, 96 Magazine st E LOUI--80l lharrels auperfre, and 201 dao ione ' for ale hby Ii DIaIRrSFY. a18 44 New Levee W H tl0KEI'-Y200 brrel rectified, in slore tar sale I bhy G DORSEY, apl18 44 New Levee rltHE memlers oftlhe Atmerican Sun Lodge of Lou r1 iaianante ordercdtoattendda meeting rhis Eve ning,at 7 -2 .'slack, at No. 9, S. Charles street. By order ofthe President. G IV B, apt 18I Secretary. -lirawingf h Grand Satae Lottery, Cleas 30, etra. 5 38 63 64 31 17 49 70 74 365 43 Numbers 97 32 75, The Capital Prize of $12,000Il, was sold at the offtiee mnra r St I.ooin pal (Charltrea at, ill a half licket, to a r pgntleann front Alabama. THIS DAY. Capital Prize, 688000! Tickets only 2 00 GRAND STATE LOTTERY. P CLASS No. 31, Extra. Auhorizea by the Legialaturem of the State, Ta he Drawn Thia Day, April I, 1839. at half past6 o'loeck, ma Bishopp Hotel Caenron st, a I)AVIIS& Co, Marugern 75 Numbera--t l Diawn Ballots.. Splendid &eheitme. 27,t14 Pizes, amnountin to $96,858 Tikata 2 00--Halveas $1 Il--auartnra 50 eta P'ackgeaof.25 ticketanfrm53 00. warranted tl draw atlnaa. j1. dhares illn prpmti0.. Fur Pselagan or iazgle T~lkel. np9lv atr all At Managhl nit.a 16 Chantrra a, Rt.tint mlottrf~aitaktity tredt:tr)yu l bjI: 'r" :. ;ýýt "ap'Il • "t " BRIt4altt& uo, !np#qh4nliat. nnaumIaamklt' I j7 BENEFiIT OF ·R. a7J3ROV}'IE. Ti" e esr $, Apri. ' 18, l Will be .p,.ocatd the coandye ditto RIVALS. : Sir Antlmpv Abehle,tu Mr'IFrren Sir LuciusO"'rigger " J E Scott Aresr, SI B.own Faulka,,d, artn " Capt Abuoltoe, 0 Barrett Mrs Mulyprop, Johnson Lydta asoguish, - tMrs Barrett Julia, Orne5 A•ter which, a new farce, writle by ageantomn maofthia I city, entitled • THE CiLD CLOCK. Squire Ilarvey THE Mr. Farren e Doury Lwe, J S Browne Mrs Harvey, Mics Jouse Overture, by m Orchestra To conclu de with, the. mu.ical farce of THE REVIEW. Calet Quotenm, Mr J S Brownr I.etly MlTwuoter (ireee Lucy, Mlrs Harrison St. Charles Theatre. FOR THE BENEFIT OF Mr . S. B. ROWNE. This Evening, April 18th, Will be presented Sheridau's cotedy of the THE RIVALS. Chuaacterrs Iy Messrs. hi H.Burrett, Johnson, Greene, Barton. G barren. J M Brow n, J II Scott, unlt J Imrowne; Measdames 0 H Barrett cnd Greener. After whiell, a New Piece, written by a Genrtleman of this City, called THE OLID CLOCK: IltuE RHE floes-THuR. hut: CooUE. To uconctde with Coleotnao Farce of THE REVIEW.C ap117' et NEW PUIILICA'I'IONS. W ISDOM Iud Geuiue of Sholkearp., by Reverend YV Iolnes L'rideit Conversation tn Notaue sod Art, witll cuts Sterling and Perruddock, or ,the High Mitded, by thie author of"Tremaier," etc The Splirit oflth East, hby D Clrqlhrll, ERq. Elvir, tite Nalhob's Wift, ly Mrs Monkland Sir Wlater Scott's Works, with a Biogsrphy, by J G Loekhart, cmtplore in 8 vots. Jack Sheppard, Ist nultecr, a rotunnee, by W Her, risen Ainswortlh, with numerots tilutslrotions Nicholas Niokleby, numober i E. JOtNS & Co, ap 17 eor St Clhrles ad Comuon o ts IUARASOSI.Saonl tt1tBRE.I.A 1- I ceases t'ra olo anl d ýtnllrellaue, new atd lashiousble styles, forsale by I BRIDGlE & Co. il 18 134 Mnguzine at N EGRO SttT'I'ING--t0 hbaleus - and 4.4 Lowell SCottcne, tbr sale by I BItII)GiE & Co, ap 18 " 131 Magazine st THE INDIANS' PANACEA. 8OLD BY & P. Sickles, aVe. 40 Canal St. 1'OR the cure of rhlcuttism, scroftil or king's evil, gout, i' taticea or hip gollt, illlpeat cancers, salt r eUhm, yphl htie and mantcuritl otseeup*, :artietltrly ulcers and poiutut atthction of the hones, ulerated throat tlld uoatrih, uoterst of every description, fever oores uad toterool at ceses, li.u-. las, piles, scald head, .ulrvy, biles. hrolllc sore tyes, erysip elat, blotces, and every variety of cutaeous atbcstlln, oCeTu nie catarbrh, hud ache proceeding from otuy oed huiour,o pahlll thent, olnal, slitd tdyslpin arocediego lifost saritioll, aficliolls otf llts liver, chrolic isll inlathio of tthe koitoyc, oand geuneral doehity caused by a torpid actis o t' tie veseols of tho abkill. It is uhsgtlotlyettoliocts ito rptovationg those counsltltlu s which hlltvo been bhroke dowo by loiUditciola trcataellt or jott nito irlegalarltiee. Ii lloeural tero it i rce tomloeulrdd to all those dl.ubaos whleuch nrae ' ie o l puri te of to blood, or vlttlael ttotle humoors, of whaltever ulae or kind. Bome of the above compltints aity require some triflig as sisttlaut applicatluon, which thie €lreUltaEtanecel of the canse will dictate; obut I'O Iut gellel roloedy or pllrllctllr to ruameo thle ecuse, the INDIANS' tANACRI'A willt generally be founld .u. ficinnt,. TO THE PUBLIC. Hlow trte it is tll.t lolder physiciaa , n thoeir oambition Io excul a their proloesso, exploure tite visl tiottuot' teence by the ai of chellnotty, anetoi k out ew retlludlltl ugell., is short, eo orrie at ptrfectua in tile prteaice Iy cls.0s of. art uloes,--eutlrely itereook ilod, as bcoentl thheir noeleo, the rich tad ouultesouoo lore of landlelssle tlth oae Attlghty has cIastled to splti. out of tit etarol i every cliiC!o Ad Iluow touch more ruOe is it lhat wailie te Aulericuu I'Il...nlIall InkUhs to forsugs coutrleos for many t ofhos oatol o stIIIIIIIII Hud s,. sory artlcle,, perpetualytchanging is theytareoat toehctates of !wahlne or fully, he is sllrrullunad I his ownI country with alota tndlb proetuu sol Illedlcattplnts, ,tulfltt touts.wer ay indlcatto) In disease, or to cure any eurable .tsordcr; ani yet hell tttgorallt Of tleir virtues, tnd they are sufufeed to ewaste their cweetoese.Ua the desert air.' tt'eet of tegietablt moilcits on the system are tom. purury-tha s of mselruta llotiso. Th pformeer eiirt thller ao. fttstand peae off-the louser, moercsuy in prtesculatseat tte a rcally upon the orios, tecucpoattg the boots, o td soil-UIs mu the onssttution by a e slo and sore du,,enotiu . Thenoucttulytt rcittolucy, atot uAFETY is vcegottab rt . medise nsinetoseenl, maytt stttttttthy etuycorasg toe on oeuit pralines ells the eouderi, or, to briltg it ors t icnt . etstely r deer turOn observatiton, the Indtilt peatic hith thatoftedhtbt.. Who, i e A tooe , hue nt nun or beard of repeated instaoesee ismos.ta dcrsipo, uoprhteao igi tlle unlelIodaa, tby cuoens of her s itpleellost ucales h.t of Seticon the most rapid afd atonhgs ceuroes, autcer th Matedt Maedi e of the co ,mont psoattou, dioeted il thtte satt notlltft tootasr, bae failed And who as nott betaneurpsrd at tho eropfeuo, any dioesio, utd ur tbe alootoet total arh rllolo of r collmse disease uonlgthel l iWhts oo verloeard erof In oiua with a consituton brolen and ruined tby t trrtmeont od TAnd oo a doubt otats tout tlls urpray steutooot of th le uit. age onl.u nuls to tho e o he ilis ile ntIt bo of tllloti a he IFs,. -lodly oytaooi.hsuloroooetgland e ot o so,, ole tedoa wolhiw h he, toootstu ati. '!'lia tsottoottog dtotst'oo' 000 soucess, is a afor ex. o sw reioosuioo ofoteos inuiote superiority of the codoopl too taole omealiof Ltos whicLh itoil hat crealted Tore besuC t w hil llldrens, oer toluo lllh tihlt pride . t acd roart o lantu hots otvented. - ro.u a long residtece amoen a portoio of thoe ·brigtsul ito habitants of tt coudtyatyiosllod. 'lososmr no atoaro with thtatstlloudy o, sur of some of thsir st na sccswtful prcally oollers,tho teprptur of oThe Itndisc' Poscei,' hcquored a Ualedgtle ofc euin of the fb t puoerful o o d favoritte remedies.l i FIoaltteoe Oeastleod sa uch s twere ltstaetlicoso ancd aop proprtte, and after varto us expeetrusts ts teet thet peino plot a sotl renogt, the byas ombioeo thlt iatioe fom heret pre p tecotd, as the ott pbc h and btenhsohol for thte purpose folur whllrso Ilt romomlsended. 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Goutettlly eoprtoedoe isleee -a all th1 sretponuredti cureticies.oiea tone to the otoftuh, and Pllenes iatho ti thegooett. so ...eito-.eri _itoue. bes.o.. - hecs ltIltttttoltitotototestiottoaltoy toe seotereesoil. Taiu oleltlttllt ohtttee soullto satly annhty.tllh tui lrty utbiy ctoatve erosso tots qoesotet, ott it ho. hotn u se. oct t voDer rusGhua8gn rlesa ul utoa, No.1,y 183., use weathe !njeot tOoeoarea of the oeac, ulod ,btat eothat, totei o t the hoot et ho etoct1 pertot ne o eoet heath ieetdoteeet is tter yl v llall tot stot uathetiry auouietda. wtttotctweeesttitattssosest itwmuebtetiostimoat ot aetpose, o nd isafcrIlettosooroethtt euoerahuthan hoosottsttot triub. thaftolotugn teetlifoate, sst of houteeta elittea, thild, etiglbtbtproeourst,ottueoauuotoaso tagshtcugofettheatnirs Pasatec, an the eoeioutcetouttita.o choroto utasattoned; tud Iatcuctcchobhtiuttt.Lienosttctcatslctaryotctoer,;satpoeiorsry VASES OP tBEUYtATlS1ht. Choettatot, Etc. tO, t8te. Daritcsth lstaritaearatad pstncttcnalaiteitttatah aovet aereeeeotd dt*aesciacrhealuouis ou.tscitsod by ett.trtlure bat reutbee. t ute tub, desso tlotaortr an otutiog thut cit huttaut s lhe Oudlaucs pausoso rtutoredm toot posteotc beltch, cad I conldecdly socosantt is tuct taalIitasty ctttioat. JOltS FtGIOtUSO. tn·ur Charloote'y MaYrch 217, !rY)9. I was aintd,ashout thre yeasaince,with a dit~esasing rho. attm,noauaod by taking a eovera cold, witte under thinflu. ence of mercury, and nicih ban dinahibled tne from buLine nearlyeversaeinc. During thi poriod I have blon a patpoat m the Marino Hoapital, in ths city upty ards of bur month., adndnely Ihha enoan length of time in the taltlmoea Haspital, and tried almost evey remedy, ith littl benefit. On the fifth at February lut, at that tiam otrcoly a'bl to mo'e about upoa crutches, Icomametad thoe usa oltio Indians' Panacea In one moantih I f ad mysasif ttrelnyAro from pain, and a tuoe hap PY to state thatI1 cooatdaer tmyslf Peofetly wall. WOi. TUCKER, l3Manhat at. CASES p3F SCAOFU!LOUS ULCERS. Nao York, Sept.10, 1830. This may oertify, that it the Fall ot Iti5, 1 was toned with astrollill in my neck and face, which afternwards lentend, &. became large gltatly ulcers in muy occk. After trying several phyc~ciuur o I. it. adv~ atip, want ttPbilhadIlptaod pilaed myaototaer tht atre aaf O. Phtyic and Bneth, walo, after repeated oalivo ioi to no elect, I wa pronounced ultterly in. ettenkl. Au esrrdIto teak twety bottlea oSf S aim' pa.. cmt, and eight bottles of putter's Cttholioon, witll no noterial benefit. IDapai pg oluliit, ohilh htd now become a burthao to me, I retlurnteditmyporeuts in New York, in II1, and gave roPt hagoetolingering death. hearing of the grist suesa Pmtls I , howevear i c ias ila to my own, I wataapersadea d d try itt tsa lat resort. Toetry greatatte. prize, aswell oassatisfaction, tnsoto foatd nmynelf rtapdly to. aoneriog, 'ad upon Otking ltven butltah tile ulcers betted, sld I bhecme perfectly well itl the twntmot0ohs, and haee namainted anoevr sin i. 1 make thi slotOment, and wjit it publiahad, ftr tte bloneit of tht.e whoato suffering under ai milserofolubnor ayphtilitic tieoleta.o that they mony know what hoe cured one wioa hta oullod atany thIttg but do.ttlt, & whocaonslders hio lilt svtvd by the aboveeyrtpp WM. IHl.NSAN. Charleston,,JlytI, 1831. I was aalicatd lour years with not ulcer in t.e eg, .ocaosin. ally ateompanind with etynipelon teta*moatioa lad 'treaaie. pllain ata the t od ankln mJoat. Sevoerl tantent physicians oarttail hleirakdl ulpptt but witqhlt portyaea n bateelt. In toifstae Avobotna attoth Itditna' Panana. madeapnfaonc care. NARUAREI' A. WhEST, #21 Marhat at, GiREGORY'rECONOMY U NATOI SIEeoploi oRdiand illonnnntet on the nicipi'e of tlearn phil sophy, in 8 volt, with forty ilt, t tltaar M ,oire of .Willim Samp tillingiaalutlnagj nflnieodventuoi Wie iestpar{ pol of htrtt ii tI n Anmneat in Abedapgoee of týae-Ta eutatntio Lishet, -4F0&odu ~aned pt' . Aýa@3 'FtyAlýýt, ,4p 16 lop Vwa ild Ci]tmtlno nt TnURK'tI SLA tilJaoup.r t lrlWrd by.efnry It. )oevtlt, n ofForsyth, 1i Gnondwin & Co. and byr tbirm eO.ned. dated New Or leansn, bn 2 1 ai3 pMyahleon 1tli day of May, 1898, at the Mechauee' and 'rade.a' idukt:paregraphed No. varietur New Orlaap, Jan. 9O.i37, Dov L.McCoy,. Notary Public, the note hearn also the endorsemebt of 1 Gueore Buchanan and John Hogan,r. ThEu ote was enclo: ed in aprotuet and petition, and a wau ast frun the Clerk's table, apr 10 . T1 IE Prince and the Pedlar, or the niee. o riato ~ J. by te author ofthe'"Heiressn" The "Merchant's Daulhter,"' &c..'it 2 volr. Publieand Private Economy; illustrated by observa tions made in New England in the year 11186, by Theo. dare Sedgewiek; part 2nd, I vol. a The Many Taleuof the Three Wise men of Gotham by the author of the Dutchman's Fireside, &c Ac. A tnw supply ofJames' Novel tle "Huoeenot" just received andfor saleby : ALEX. TOWAR, 10 apl 49"Camp st. ilROGANN-12 casen men and boys kip brogans J landing from ship Charlebtn, for nale by Ii0 I 1RIDGiE & Co, 134 Magazine at FFICFe TO REN--In Com mt treet, appoaita B ishop's Hotel. Apply to .WM. MeKEAN, apr 10 Corner Camp aa d ComlmlOn a tn. W AFERK CANS--Jut receivedtr, afew do-ns of af Tir'i Wafer Carra-ltoxes 1.4 I--2 and 1 lb. For sale by DAVID FELT & Co. apr l0 New York Statincero' lall,24 Chrrtres st SANILLA ROPE-40 etile, assorted sizes, receiv by ing froti New York, per ship Wrsaw. For sale hy SIIALL & IIROWN; apr0 0 96 Magazine ui. I IN E--13 pipes Slcla Mldeirn, receiving pereship SCbharlueston. For ntle hI lltlALL, & BRI)WN, apr IQ 96 Mlagazine It. C. W. BELL, Altorney And Couarellor at Lati . H AS Located himself in Houston, and will practice inl tlie Suprerme and some of the District Courts of the Republic oli'reaa. Office on CongrerS street, two doors below thie rei deance ofJ. A. Newland, Esq. avll tf lU'TI'o Piacyunr, and alTrue Americau will please publilsh the above rIrtil orbid, and forward Ither accournt ir me at Holsrn on for payment. C. W. Ii. EW PIJIILICATIONc-Niciruioo Niekleby,no II. N Jack Sheppard, no I. Sedgewicbk'wpublie and private eeonomv, illu trated by observatons made il England, in tile yver :131--Part 3-Conlversotiol on Nuature and Art, wi:l cute, in I vol. 'rile Prilnce rand the Pedlar, or the aeige of Brislutl, by the nrior -of the Hleiress, the lerchaunt' lbarglhter, 6r. in 2 vols. 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Of whic a Iet he o cngr a iwI hand tine I blonle diClll one lripenr'l od r wo iwsuper rocyal izis. all SEI\V W\rtctl-1t-erling l'lnre r dackc or ahe hIigih icleI, ce the rther of Tremaine, I)a Vore, ho man life, &c. ina 2vls. Tir Spirit of ithe I'Ecst, illusraledl inulornal of fraveln Ihororgh Ilccnelin, hc I). Urquhert. ic 2 uvols. iThce \\'icc Ict ncld eentoi of S cakccpere, by the lOtev. Theccme. ri-c, in c vil. A le'sclripcion of llclcellc i e in's patent loic'Ootive en cinre, ait'i engfrvinsre, i.alll editint. 'erallsncctcei Iolclh In7mrtitltrru ofeivil engilaeers, cvo2. 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Aolpjy to Caplaini Hare In baar',er to a ' ADAWM8 & WHITAI4., ýh`rwgjratl)a)11iifýif Ite~ f h exe qdU '" &JPV il i' Y,3Gaspe OAR SbiAli-yarioi tq . ap" for. M16 ioaine strnies Agets to 1 t8tte dugar iseeery A B'ENTED heiself last inhig at tile . SMARY JANE, about 1S.O.a f, sedr markoablv white for a dpire, hurt sWoli ej~"l accent o ngressom. t ins up~ d.t . Ihel away by atme white pore . . . 1 will be paid fol her apprehension, so n /iu B ROtANS & BOOTS-_300 canes, Sextelnsive nsoerl ment of men's and ry ki russet brnganus moens calf anod kip boots' a edl· , l es, ond childrni'su pums , -shoes ulilpe slll, l 5 tier, fr sale by • 1 BIt1 )GE & o, a6 134 Megazihest. CITY, BANK, Now Oileans 6th IApril,..B9. A T. A Meeting of the board of Directors ld tlu - . Day, the followingResolution was unanimously adoplerl;viz SResolved, that all notes under renewal in the lannk, may be renewed until thre irst day of December nest, on the payment tfa curtailment of lTwenty per cent, and tihe usual discount. T'le IHard of Directors e serving the right to tquire additiuhol security it all cases, where they trnuy desnr it neessary. a . a8 " R J" PALREY, Cashier. TO BENT. A comfrflnble diwelling iosuee in Carost dl etttrteetibeth wealO Canal and Common ets. Also. three tenements, weilt a rvetr I A lI t in . itr t. Apply to I DOYLEK &MAYr apI 16 .No 3Caerndpltitet: A Y--211 bales Northern,, landing from beri Mary i Peneel, opposite Suzette ttreet,H d Munictpll ty anrd for reelo by SHALL & BIROWNI DADEN O.OlN--con lliily - han J nod fot leld 1> by SHALL & 1KOWN. apI l 96 Magaelineit l tarn Palel,n'tprrs toe zt.ette-slrtot, for aIhlsby I, tpl 16" ". t1".I.I. & BROWN, 96 Magazie It h1 lllrtr top, nodrnLto order. Apply to WH at.e Iy's Livorr and ti lle yotbleNo. 1832 Geavier at or No 3 Cerondellt st. apl 16 S-lII'I'TY sN iSNTITACT..- nAw sid imp..o veil editiolln .Chitlv ot Contractse leitg tImdls 4 Amerricnr ediionl, tr whichnare Pw oadded coplias enoter ti ile Amnleienrn iecisiones Itt tile present time. By JC Perkinj , Elq. A lrew sIr'iply of Pothier tin ohisblituns toilo Oi SCittyI' IIIrckslonr. Joint rel eived ianl for sae by Sapl'lti ALEX 'rilVAl, 4SChmpat . lt.. Niitnlen ni 'Tongtes and Sounds, in 7 'l 'lkages, andI Iickled T et in bls for ssle by" - S1.& J I WIIITNEY, 73Casmpt -o elrlnen oil 2. bbrt; rnntler's oil, in Gills; oeurs otil 10 bhlsl it store oad ftor ale on reanooasblotene, b. JARI1S & ANDIiEWS, Wholeesal DrggSlles. pil Ill ear Cntnlrn & .Thapittsolueia SAR- 5 brl a ding Iroa sbchr 'hplenedi fio SBosonr for seale by A TRIER f npi g34:Gravir st H LR{1IN4JaN--,h11 boIxes luinding from sneriaplt. pl diDil, from Ilostn, fur saler by A TRl1E1. - Bpl 16 p.tisr Io .' 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Ons of r" Nu rndivi'i,led j ii Ar itnrtiea r IrrrrIrpe Mill repelt fllunt I·nIli.tElriltell tultu-I . rilblllont p,l" nifp.ati* i llthOSe i rrrtillll rlll r t irl' Clillrllln rl ,I Irholy orlerolo tin, ohisie rle II rh r.dre e oslne rr III mur lrrlr in r rlrrr Ip[t iln y has 'lsllcll d; nld oil riel Ilir , lll, t nanme r Uill be thororelte by ater t laorrrrll i Milll Ir it s Ihotlrrs nd all itl -I tiiimii s." This rrtrlublt woirlk enr be hirli of 0 A 'I('(WARl, 49 Csnltl st +."ER(lIIANTS, ('blikk, .nl li persons aithing to lR isijire aI knlleIglCie, - r to I lprovt tbemsolves in the .rl'nrt orf Book Kp,,hlue H ill 8ii ('t'l's BIoI)k KI(inlgi; 're.aont's look Keeping y (dlard's .l'er' I ,. AuL. llsl|t; Ftoster'sdo . Elwerdl' BIllkkeiibk r'p' Atlhis Mnrsla' do and lrtnrtt's Illouk Krepill.g, ior Pale at s fair prices nn they cull a't tles in the cilvt, n AI,.X. T'I'OWAI'd tlonkstoe, pri15 49 Uamp atl e l"1 1URF i ll- ItIC '.I II V+.-l'aatinim. s, eposi ) ,ion olithe term sa, ahruses tooil asl jeet toesactacd 3 will the extornal lledr alarllrl {, wuorhipa uand nsn gee o f thi Ih 'nrolsln It 1, . p ll( I r c.hllllrch wlib a i l Je - is rad rene iit thi lles lrr it, the UIited kSated, by te l.v llui llhilats . Ji;.I rrci.ed and Ier dale by "pill I AIl'.X1'(IOWAII ,49 Ceompt. AII-Ab+i- AI 1III N 'lt.V-(-Lk:EANfs. S llF pills i io l il.ih ili I-ln-y is $61 87 per brane ec t'tifding to ,Ii1* luridt)h b bhkeroshall givte ill rinb Inl; t .nsllieg week (frolm li {l ollll~Jlh iill.) 39 oun ces If ,lirrn' I';r a ie. IlrPld of liea seond qulsll y is regliroi d hi'i ti i J:, per ciru. mure, ri:.481} oncAsa. np(lil (: C ENO)., Mayor. 1 b1 blMr. I gkighiii, i I t h yrcateriula'hercb Ialhylttue Sq ;.li, , 'll ' ie tlla i g ael Diangl . at hallf itllidnv, April I-- 'l'ursieiy, 16 Thursdilay - ---'ridlay, 19. Tirrfilbr the ('ours'e, Slinglr, PIras,, $3-I.al1,v 1ii Iit.'elleman 15 Ilamil" Ofthare 7--l'1,i..illffr It Famnily of fire !l--F.liily of six 10 F'or Lectu re only. $1. S To bIe aal it tle I kaiores of+ J Iletllie, 37 Cthp at. Mr. Levy, t6 CibtrSe alr , mco the hotels. ei3 l1E Starij btller hegn leave tol Strala his frneads Snsld le liublic, Ihla ilialg itsltd lfom the oilncil of IIl Rellrunll! n/uluiipolith the ate of that portion of groiiinl aiLlitrdl it ('anal street, between Mlagaizille sld Levee fli'r., he ri o hr i orap orfelcti egn oales ofirucrtriesa ad hllky articlsc., I now prepare tn sell them eavery t l''elalsdav und ltuirday, at 10 oo.k Air. c. mmeu niig oi,' Weducaday nextlll, the 10lh inst. All limited goiods sarnt for sale anil not disposed of, to be remnoved by their reall etie., iowllur immediately alter the sale, or to rlmai ll tIh. at thelr own rilk and petil all snalplles to be esld to ilie hligiest bidalder. A cale ofiriieieo will also tklle Ills ooery'lMoadny at 10 c'locuk A. It. attlis uuction satoire no. 9 Conti Street. a9 Stew 2 J IIJ BLACHE JOHN V7CHHT.DS, ENGRAVER AND COPI'ER-PLATE PRINTIER, JFu. 3, Camp St. 'I'W ILLengrave and irlnt to order, bank notes, bille Sofeaclauntge, bil's if lldiilg, dlplomaiso meeaan. tile and visi:ilg cards. iltoril i, eOUllusl lad eountila house seals, doer plateas, silver ware,'4*e.-tlweaysan Shand, an assortlent of ailvr plated andl bnau dosor 'Ps Cardprintead Iamp plateanulreadyeng.aved. nov20 I~iVEI.V TILE L&. T. WEEX. : OG REAT AT'TRACTION!I "l;e 43 Orleane Street, ospaoeit se Theatre. R lLILRE respectfillly iltfotus the publil thoe / thec caelalrall. Rlttate of CLEOPA TRA, Qseoo of EgppdL Which tis eedati exhibited in most of thi p-lfeipil acises oftlht lnion, to sbe. lively edmirltbne of many housand viniters,allls arrived in this cilt. and i. now Leing exhibited for n shurt time only, frmes 9 o''clrok A l, to 9 ouluek, P M. . - " . D.'%dmeittunee, a50 cents; Season tickets, $1. a--tf. T. W.OOLLN Uniled S.Ssles' Veommisaonuser.' Appointed by the Feieral Court at New Oreaon.. OFFICE No. 109 COMSION' STREET, S (Exchange Hdtel 'Iihllings.) SAID Cnlsmisioner takes aflduvits a.lider andt by virtue of the Aets of Cngrres, piassedl Sath ebru-. sr, 1820; tatl March 1817; the Jut dlcianry At of 178 and other acts of Congress, ill eilici caies taile ind provided. Said Cmmiesieioer hla as eoidehrable expripence; and lises f rines ofcaptio uitnd certilicate aliiah hove' stood the seoverest scrutiny ai f 'ol ab -" april 1. y l NEW NOVREI.. (h HE Atnerician in Prils, by Joln Sanderieq SLltotnancee f tla Ilearus, by Miss Pal'rde, author of" tllas.City oat Ishe ulltae' a lc. lndelelaol,,a tale of the FPar \Vest, nasl tther'Pommlh I EJOIIN: &Co, , itso 17 aw caerrfSt Clarles t nd Common oit SOUIBLOON l-Spanish ullletlenicos, forlale by apl 17 A "l'tt.ll.. 4 e a.vilert FOi ALEXANI., IA.NACIiull uttp 1;6. AM-TE,' tHR'VEI'O)R', FUL,'ON &L JONF.BOItO'. l. 'Theaullrir, satsuiallbtillh esacllr - ulihtllh Albatnim, Fablule,smasler, will tlenae Ir Ibls te s i nId lsltalediuse a leg. on lststilay,leo{,llt. at 4.o'aleek, p m.. Fat fmeit or lsoseeg% apply oil bIurdei,r to Sl 'i'HOS I1 L.EE'& Co. .'8 mid' . No,,w iLa er r$EA f CRnIP rant let ·ng mid -Ipuuchone, laa~0~;ling a ropt ocllr plendlI, im BloLtn, tLr sa e Iy apl" A ''RIER, 3' ier l SOAP-2liu boxes, laltd:eg lsiut schr.Sblendial floe Bllstot, for sale by A.'TR[El apt 17 __ _ 34 ,Gravter st I.A'1'F: 1'liRll.LOA1ION4. S TERLING & PENIUDI)OC, Iy the atlhr of l- )o Vele, Elvirn.or Ihe Nab. 'I'/. ++ thle euhr of bV~f; ties Priasce and the Pedlar, y Ithe outrllsu of l'e Ileireda, ih Bun slas of Canmeln, by thn autullor tf "u il Slicik" .the We* alten of Englalt, bly Mae Ellis, (lats Sorol, tatmli: uy)3. Jack ShAeppard, Nt. I to hb e lcpleted iooj totlhes by W H AilWorli Essq. eultlor 'if IRmckwood,* Criob sot, data ~ k Rshwood,i' Ceieh'." on, &c I Widontl'and Genius oft Shrkesrskae .Calt Wrner, by (O isam.,, author of (lilv Rtiyi'ia Mejso, chainl, .&ca. Sslutllern L'nseagh Slid. Piailtseii'i. Fasilie hy Mr imln.i CaUltain Kyd. by tla aSlltet of. Lkaitrt tle llRrts nu l, by nlen , w tl)' P R ea . te o m lel - aelar soil e iorvm; j oneoea books, just teoe 1d and fr olae by ap I AI.EX TOWAI 49 Cmpin, S'~~4~ CU g t -.. oortt toe tn tean sl fo apt 17 °..y OH l Matestalsr1i; ' 96 Maeit% Bet o OR I11.ý-Orden ecnirtyj fur orn i ,b -__ _ iii - 17 "ttl( 96 " agseine at aLp. _hllpldid__, n .... i ;n ; iky lfr "ý, roe taro "y , k J P w t 8· Iw·hbj 31&J 7; Ciildifit

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