Newspaper of True American, April 18, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated April 18, 1839 Page 3
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.AT IIITE IEAD ed .-Union Company white J n linseed rt L ti&e ntw lnding Irnln slip G aNd Iepnblibin, 500 kegs Union Com any while Soe ostmen 6 ewia hilndelphik wlt pasent a in sol re 00 eg o Lore ' Ph ilt 4elphma am i all, 100 gllns Linteed oil of sulnrior qulity, in tie4es and btorrela for sodi b C. .- • JARVIS & ANDREWS, A8 corner coCmmea l ol Tchoripitouhlna t WA H tSKEY--ItlI hhle laonditi from e nn . rS t . .nioenoforqnle i"y .i. I)OIISEY, mi/ 0 44 New leveo ri" .lUNItY BAGS-40 ales in store for uale tby .F .mshr2T O DORSlCV, 44 NewLevre (FS OI- Guit galls I i UIRNITURE! FURNITUREM-! J UST reeirved at the Louiseina Furniture Ware S o hobe, a large snupply from New York and lioa on. Persons in thIe wano of firniture wolld do cell to tall, and elcct their articles from one of the bent amnd largest estcks tiow in the city. W It CAr N S, d6 pi5:1 ienville N --Parlicular attention paid to packing nnd shlt Fipg Frnolturen feop of.eae.n f-w - 1TO UOUNTIIlV i.IKtCHAN .l'. - A'GOOD as0nrtment of scliool eand miscellneous Urih: Also supli o Illoank Booksn writing -nad letter Patter, Qnilla r Ink; r&o cnolttarle ol hond mnl for sale on good Inrtis, by AIEX 1 WA n, mar-18 49 Comp ot Moinr of crio o rdnl -' BENCUH $ BAIL OF ENGILAND-By the .: .'.lthor oflRandol recollections of the Lords end Cotmmeons, end the Great letropolis, in r vola. Neal Malone odl other tales of Ireland by W II Carleto, anithr if trails slid stories of the Iri llitIeu -anltrv,i vols. lustrtocivetl and lhe sale by ein A, TIOWAI, 49 Creop et (JTRCiLA'Ii'E-O j-ulheres rruuig fo wf Boo toll par ship ColubiiA n anrd lr salye by mSi StlI I, & BIROWN 96 Magazine ost Si ANI)I.Eh- 3 boxeoas slern ecadleo, just reoeii d L cr slip Orlenn, ior sale by C te. IIALL l I .N& 9I lgaingoie st 1WTEIII4TC.IIt'S spellirig huooks, cory book:) end slate llifndfor sale by am14 D FEI.T & Co, 2l Cllrtres et ,L P . .1 - O .l=il cooks woter n .t oll moer .ei..ied 1'a Slperm Oil, for sale by I IIltItit',&. Cu, april la Mleanzints st 'J cal byh ISAA C illlDll &o Co, onr-il 2 .1-34 Magazgie io t AtONlJ is he s -irtlli r or ole by a Sapt2cOr ' l I4 RII)DGE, i:l Mnugter e set , ACON SIIISK-15o0 casks Ciecinnuli cored inl ; t ore, inr salely . 1 ti 111tEY, april - 44 New Ievee A 1(01 helens Nortkeni leling lrom liipthtio: SeoI, fot rale by SIIAI. & IBROWN, artl 2 . tIl Mlgazllne street 14iNT'd L') OIL-kilt gotou n inrrttidiitinl oit aPle A"by , n oSllAtl. & BiILOIVN, Iprilt •Ioci Maloain tor cKuiIred ill hls Nu I, uui, landing lihl slAlVA Usclsln, elnd fior ultb by til IIS \Io lI & III OLWN, Sirl Mgcine aes i-DALL-OW I ANIlOUE--lOtl hnxee. boold tallowi " Coorleo, foirsal y I B11Ei : 1): & Coi mar 2 eld. 1:1 M:guPiit i e at • C .LASJust l-dini.-from Pt',ittaurt atn a.(a'tllulit G of Juara, Vials, alnd Windol (tiha,, at whlOCsaleI alId retail, lt It lut(iNNAi E I., mar 21 Cor of iNatcez and T"lipiluln s irts it maluri k 2 3t.... ' Comon l., _llS --titNlbo brrel- ir. h leyt , Lh d tal ap m10 AInt'tA '1'18 r It li i trit f itole ver iy t \Jil l w irtlr ALAiil, Ieat I Li r IIa :I t eol to [o Is e ly ABItAIII.\ II 'l'ltlll:l, --1LAI call I [orsle l uiaril 2 ' A TRIERl,_ A le enrovileo 4 n 1,AG TIIF:I tO Oit'rl(eeer 0 k O I -U .I ill i t -I . ,fiiWN -~ I hltloulot't key ro 'ytl'tllaoei roine oir V1 ol2( selielln Lookk igllitlk Itetiler, ailfutelld full bo elun Wleiteo l Frelich tirl:leldoer Wtotitc tedlicitls itiit ttrioet l)abltllie aritlhmctieo-Bell tee Ithoreor Loidv'e medltial loerket book Ociirlcilalliitiureilicil il ttwank no MlsOIl'c farrrin-(Ceikere' a rillg ho litak.n leniltd ltotse.. A nlew and erge mllpiy ofthlle bove work t jio re ceired nld refornmd for uae oi cgiid tterils Ity oth. Al Ttevur, 4e9 Coiuli at - -0Fl'l;ICI l [l : 42 rll:StIAN'S IN. 4'o. T'ra tuetint oe the Steclkolllera ll it is tiitia on Ithle lireti inetrrtlRteull hlowing gentloement were dIs lrelehd )itec orro l'tihAn inlittitl:ion F l lge Muelllern, A IV ilirtllo, 11 L ' lt (:,' I" lizey, J N Ilawtiiurn |lDS |)er ew , allePcii II"w. A lat i neeatilln nl ILe Ilirolr, tl the E -, rinepf u lfit Id il'tllltt, (,eorige IltllirtI as t .rte il Pno it i lt.e ) It lr$ll . lul , InulVe Clr of I lu.1.,... JiuetRile, -Ai et ItlrPeli stCell' Itr.iul . m't ItM In \Nitcrlle thico,,. tI ltl et, ie iicninallll fiouiooicllloa Flaea'lctit.te lit oirrs nie ocii U to lague t :--i ti It It 1 Ilnri il, Antdoltny Iarker. 1SI ngke Ieerg. I, Bistc( J tttl, ttlttg. l , A \V IlVIiem, It I. Ih'miut" C F Ilneey, J N Ihnwrolri A LAsa-emhi"e die i rocteurs Itle:et I erlici die lcondo co) urant, I) S Woolodrfoifl Itnipeter Ihs t l J .mlc'klol, lisncl21teu ior n vtl aIcyx, etll, Avril 3, 1l 1 L" 1. TIAl' A-CON, I.AIW- til 01UiK--1SO tolo Cu cotenti JiJ coured Sidet tnd Sr loll ,oe 2(lt10 keg frirst q ttlicitt In ld 100{ elt is Me I'ok, for ieoale by apt 5 -STETSON & AVILY, ON Uotviee at lAVANA SUGAR-_7i |ttxe.ellelnare wihitcu i 'go 40 do do brown do los.lig, for -ale by mn49 S & J 1' W IIITNICY, 7:1 Cuncp et - SPILENDID LONDON BOOKS. 1i5th .Superb Bteel Etgraeoesge. L.',llTON'S l'ardise Lut, ihllrtrtaedt bIy John JN Matine. View of the litnhiyc lounteciis, in India. Itlloioture classic library, in 5.:1 vol. iReronuce of nfteeror--itorees Clero The hook ol Royalty-Lee deime de Byron Ailrew'os ressnns in flower paiinglirg. Ilyron tldellry-'rhe iledert by Miss Sheridon. And a variety ofe1,lendid oteenlr elli.os end works ci art and linerature. F. JOIINS &f Cu, mn9 " . cor St Charlesanid Commonaros .LJII lIKKYY ii bhrrel ohtitkey, h.ttdiug froee .V etn .renr Fusilier,ilfresloe Iy nih STETSOU N & AVERY. 88 Gravier st T INSEED OIL--3 csks receiving from New York Jpernhip Missiesippi and for sale by m25 Hsi AL"P BRO 0WN,96 Magazine at SiNNE9SEE TIlTACCO-7bhdof m i equalil aty, landing frotn tealpboat Hlomer, lr saie by ap fi AREA LIAM ''RIEIR, 34 Graterr st VTENISON IIAMl2 boxes, landing from rteamer V Hormer, for sale by ABIAIIAM TRiElR, rap 6 34 Gralier a E1IACH BRANDY--O bartels old peach brandy, . far sale by al27 . READI). & BARSOW,7 ltarkplace ICHOLAS NICKLEIIY-Nes. 7, and 9: also the first six non in one port.: wtth a variely of F er nteresting books',Just received; lr rnle by * ao? ~ A Ttit'O R, 49 Canrp st d'. E ANhS' itIf.l' Iio;ltAPelt ilI iA'. Ti. i OF V SF CE,-5f Magarinen street, oyposaite Barks' Ar W R .BENE taken pleadure ill annooncing to Ilia lMeedci and the citiens.of New Orlearns, thrt lie bin at ieogthbmro llUllgrtiolhy on a par with copper plate prning, and oita l tk b ilitie tIbe art has over colper littreagravina , Ireeon execute all ordere entrusted to hinl at one hltafhe e.pnse of engraving and nearly as cheap as 9ype printing. . Mrrcitasta winldrg Cireulars rentout in their own laand writing, can have any q.xantitv an ar fw hours ,otinebn or they will be excutd forl the in a beaatiitl ýstyle, suchl art has heretofore given Gsreral atlisfaction Itoal tie aons rTspctable comamission toseeas in this ctr. Gentleamen dsirouasof having Visiting or ilosi ,ae Cardn finihadilt Ite leet inntalsr, will du well by neall at hre office and seo npe jmeiia. Feb. 1, 1819 N B--Batrk note aaly n atexecuted, and circularr, dprintedat one houae' nolie. T LLUSTRATE D edilion of Jantes on tire Passionsr, G I.tplendid Engravinea. Memoira of CharlaaMalltews, Contrediaan, by .Mre. Mnthrwe, i 2 volsr. joat rceivedntd dfor anle by mar 21 • ALEX T'i'OWAIr 4Capsat *UNNY BAGS-tdO i.mes 20 bushael.gnnay taga, al " J TH1' AYER & e o, 74Poydnrs street NEW JEWELERY. SM. BELI.,JfiClartresatreet, hIan tblia day receiv S ad Iwr ship Saratoga, 50 dozn. enamelled Breast rips, which will Ire ofiered to the trade or Irdlars helap .r tlha.eer beforr offered iu rids city, A 2lso20 doren chaed Riags, of all patorara-together with a great va taet of eheap Gill Work, cnasietifgflBroaebeaRog Ea.U.r rnrmerta Loeketta, Chai.lrt, &e, TIlosell waIrt t will do well to a;entilm rtis greantaoortmenrt. P. 8, Old Gold adl Silver rantler. apl 1 OTICE-TIa e raublscriber lrvingl utg at arrelion 1 Alpoltheceary store ownedformerly by Willam t.via.t.ahapitalonlt at, opporsie the Vegatabli market f the h aluartcipa:ity, abrae IDelond t--baeg leare to infrarm plrvaieiat anl the public in apneral, thal he Ihas pt this aetablishrnart under the iredhtion of an abln al mott otnmpetant apothacary, ani that the beal tmedleisr n eld cemical IprearatiOu can be fotimlati i hre, ph tmins prescritiorns pal tp careful uuile' dv nilýhtý 'pu r. ~DEPOTI OF CELEBRATED WluE$. -iONSTkNTLY on hand and renlnlarly tnppled wih thenmoet celebrated Wina, wairrnted pre .nporid', Cordl iL, Lontln Ineer, &e. " . ltRHt.dNIl IVINES. . Oldoet Leislee nnd 5mm Winse; rgtin icer •tr L ",Iya Mi"k Jahatt"intt"rgon Rodnetterne ce Sparkling Hcak ; Dora Hook, of' 182. IlokhNinr , 1827; Mie oobroeoer; Oiraefenberere t1erelisteioner; Pkh ilih inI.e ne . tifIOtD)EAIJX WINES. to Chatelu Murgnux and UhaleanLtafitte; .Larose Leovitte; Palmer Margouu Su erior St Ju lie aln St Einilion RSt .eoih slid St JuileoC eclltttable clare A few Ihslfkloglheklod UfSt Jaliit NtCdoC WillEl' 8010105. leralitnge, S.aotlne, nlano ord Graves * iJDEOEII'T WINKS. Genuine Lunel anll I'Onltlgln Muscut CIIAOIPAI(NIN WINES. W hite and BeI, ril h'rv a id Ito h de Perdrilx ttUIuJUNi Y WINES. - Ronmane, Chambtertin, Clos de Vougeot Nuits, S5lrkling llrgulndy mar 18 EC %--4 Obhi loodino frcomn tetmontoot St I.otie, for sale by AIIIALIAIA TRIER, Illr 1, :14 (F rlvie r c tc t -d' tll. oca ot ir c ithltttle l - the following goods. I SHA'S--tI00 casesr moleskF silks, as - poed n ice4 lon btrinn. I)lO do OcstNoa do dlil 111 dor do Noa do d2 I 100 elases best No 3, assortd ien nd tiillritds. O'20 dlo Ileter, a slllprior arttice; 511l Io l~ice N 111r,10; 201 do SExkrtr d o 0(HI :hi Black lienl WYhi:f Russan; 511 itt olxtler tlttok; IO0 do NlMskat & Coloey hia ronad Id narrow nlrns, fior Leve.o a ld conttry tradlte; dI, All cooka ofolilitonry ti ..oICl ......w - Ito Chilhlrons silk odlt eittiu Ihall siOes. Cops--Fur, Oter, fr Seal, Nunta, Mnusratl, and hotr S'eal, ino Lra dozen cases; Soodellt. (:Clot tbtps--l'ickiek, Pulaill Avril's hat . iilto , soft top. ' F(,rst, [or~li F1.tnetl,FcuogcC Mililnry ondores, di, I.tellther Ilcgittgg. hildreni Ftney 'Il urbultus, Plaid and Volvet Cups, Ftc.'Ite, Jottlecns. te.ik--eSatllk ailk nd Bouliazine, of the neorest styles. Ulrella --silk ann Inott.n. S tirt y I'I .1 1 t1101 k Silk IIollllkrcl:ielo-l'on.l n, Sll allielllAIs. lHllloxoes focr Ilha tlers, wolold cases, 0donhlel fer ldry goods. 'oiloe t Gtr a, goon I lre o prti a Iar soetock, tll(l till cf t ilelttv sl Iltlttrc tt, ,tl tw ill I,e sl ollld t sall ed vootc, woitlcoost iloodllkaroea on Niw York prices. 'Ike - colto'ri rsnwtIitkc ordocs foe cootdthil'nc, Islerol 001t titan·I ,ooclkc~te, for ItoC Ototto1· ol' II (itolldij So Co. Ito; "exStootfckenc.Nonirkl osofA I(ottka locto.,totlllt .Islnl~tlfletrer%. New 5 .lrk, firll Ilit th shI(Ir l'Plt possible ltOtiCe. iPrlocll lltd Fren'oci t'lutlh'I cIo' 111gkt. (iSSIi ,lt& CO., Navl, Mlilitar, anid aEshionable Illtiers, Ioxeolne' Illotel, tnovI4 SIClrllre s LII-1 o, laineding od r cIipC I)y mnr 0I I Aelt I &III iROWN,9'i Milor.ineost - OIAF 50(1 AlA--olr oton 1lllle1, fitt(e(IVNIl i 1 e tllt o rtd b e b y l 2 A 1 i l5 1 I tW N lE , IIlt 5t €.11; Mtgonihlot SA'I'CtIIES -A lnrge ittnxttit't j'lt IcooEIVE old for l ailt hly p 'If ALl & ittltI IN, tou1Sr I ongnztioe at tJ. lttEOlI CL.OT'HINGf 9 ica snl co1mp11ri.intog iemo I let nl son lllt la nding rll t I lil i:o thllll tl llu I~itns~,.Sy ItlllIltoOOOIt:.' 1313111t.nni lln e t l 'lltARlI)ON'S N'lo tltS IEl l. Iittinmorv e ,', p. )Ilalte ill foullr Itlts, firr sale at d a : ·l·ll'll lll rice Utr' tat ill 111111 and( Ittlnlt, 1 01 hy W1S Sf,IKI.A N. a JM F J iJtC :- -.'ih ls a.nd I lc o 1t111ijol of toil arlilo A tAl 1 ,i0 0 1lllr Wleb l w lll oit )I .ill"t o it on t ,itwtJen lollnit'll. 0or Nthil ti i 1 10'. 1 XCIHA tGE t in Ils'l'TN--for lsae Iv i' rtnltr3 tI IRIIt;I,131 MIt lttgillnet t IsPRIl ft C I tit ('-58 ,110t0llhlnl, 0 r.Ile 0 lby ac lli, llt)l · ('r, blt 011 manr?3 i~~ 134 H~l Mua ie t SA'TIO' I+T NO()VI·I.TIIE.'4--iMo r+C I fl htlhs MaIt +.- them.I~i Jane usei enI'l~'lshv Mrs inthew.,,in. vels. The botk Mi tihe ras+.ions, bL Jut nes, with spleh!,bdd 11(I 1 1·16rl~l ,itru *'i·s NL I ,'3 Ihs ,tiber i t tltn d I t i tl(,b1 11 Carh l tot. 'n h itao lo'r, hv t le althor l reiC'llect101ons I oollt 0 ,o'0.: "t<'Oll i. lo(otII . tO 1 111. 11 Il 7k t 1 1 l ot \1. l" th i s1 ., 11 prI , lsor I gra Ulll. Andt other notvte+s I: .I INm. ob(', .ltl.;+ 1)1:~l il r. ikt |'[ lljlcl..ill+ {'lnlllllll~lli +.)Is t H "itNO klt I ttlto o1 t • • k.,I, f lt mtil,,il tlnllln l rchliel, hy" rcl il()lI Illl l If I olNNAllITttl'o h ihs . I atlon, Ior sol, I ." N I"V (III.,N AND N .Itt Itll. IOA 3 )IIi N .eltl titllo. li ;oI Fli'Tll til I. . t I) md tort .o o tis ("tl fInto,. voot oirth'I onroovol hd tht ii011011l' NuI,'II 0111 IN',ti:..~ I~tll N tim fts I n f lte Itt. (181 (`111l.T':S PA'ilEN FIRE AlilS-Jus at eraived sor lllen Iite litI Ie: II( brh lllrtol, for a h" ial I Ga;---sl landing Mrs-in, a saupply :Ir amII o fnIl. bitter a ln sw aeet litluorit rlot, lim,. ,ni a o,;aare (s allrlallla CSa lclrat a iTt le Imatt jlli(te, blll) ii 111 ullllur- aellas, mllllli, llake', lulid snullal, Clllollhllrl de, retail iu stola II INNAIII, no ,r Nnth.e,, & Tnehanpill,, s a tar i'W I.\ islotlK-lEden's ('Ihanery reporta, ia o llT , re ora s ill oune r a cll a itdi ,r r al ply tf nl ' A 'I'OWAII, 49 Camnlp st p tL l ollenrd dbv tihe subscriicb r Ifrl ELarrop and thI North, onalatlrly on hand, and fr tale to counltry dealers and planlters on ait I wesl , rlalla. JA1VIS & ANDIREWS, I 29 c nr t'on,. ,n. "&Ibelhoupitnolalstat la i1CE l) caska iprlamCurrlina rice, landing fromh LI schuooler Black Hawk llhit fr sile hy in,? JItlA\'lER, & Cu, 3 llburhel sieas, ira bales aull blnlla, for sale irby lur I2 lttl;E: & Co, 131 tMagazine a ýRiii\C ll in~rgT Culdas-Junarl aaaed lfrot New I vrk, a il groce of , ery suprrior double head Cards, i Irsah, lr dazen or ar re lby )AVII) I EL'' & Ca, N V e tatioalera ' htlla, april 3 i'4 Clartres at ITIAl IAN 0.teinat Silk-flun anal! bale rean Italian a I Bewlng Silk, tiraale by PE,'EIE LAIIDLAW, pril l g6 In, Ca nt - i I_-- -a2t I rl s superlhle; 50 do fine, iht alr; f I aar sale by G I)ORSEY, april :3 "14 Now Levee I 1 I.'1 TIE .C- I kegs superiu r W e stern tpserve Ilut har, foir sale by G. DOIRSEY, april 3 44 New Levee tLI iNNY tAi8d h-itais i tarar fn sale by aparl 3 G I)OI(aEY, 41 New I.evee lIIll'I'NG;--151i blra oft Janksanr or Inlin, Ilead `llirtin-losfr saala by STE'TSON & AVEIlY, arasal 3 UU iGrairrst R 1 and Ilavana COFIEE-30ti11 bags flo Colee, of primle quality. Also (illi bapa Ilavana do ilr trsale on favorable teralls Inoa to pull buyers. Apply ta 5'I'i'I'SOl N & AVEAr, lapril 3d rm oo;rovier st W InIiKEY-2-L t bbls, landilng froml steamn boat lfn aaramt,for sale by m1t4 A TRlEl,31 G( lavier at P tr iOULiD CANI)O ES-- 75 Ibllreassortd a sires re ceivrd Ir RallBtona per ahliip Coal laianler anid or sale bly SHALL & BRIOWN, aprl 1 14 Girnaier at aWISDOM AND GENIUS Fit- aii A I'i ARE, if OMI'lSINIsi Moral IPhilosoly, Ilinal ioPrns iof i Character, Palnaings i fl Nt are and tile Passiun- is even hundrod Apllhrias l and miscellanellous pie..e., i- wiath talOn &c. 'I'ha Rlhole aking a TexI Booak Inr Sthe Philosopn ler, aMorlist, SrelnU o, Iese and tile Paintcr. 'Ilte ririlof le East, t llhrlated irn a Journal of STravels Iluounh lR.laeliduri, gun en catful period by D Urquhart, Esq. J at receaived and for sale ly Sapril 1 ALEX. TOWAR, 49 Camp at O61 t.LD MADEIIIA-Ulrra-- da'en Bti kbuatr'r'ladeira, ar oarsletby LEVI H (:ALE, ' aprrII 93 Coluaon t at t [l AVANA SIIAJIS7 I(axrra alaitean-d 40 da unL brown sagaur, ltadilg frolr schoaonr Warwick, a, for ale by & J ' WLtrrNEY, a9 7 3 Camrpat 0 COFPEF-L. bags Mlanllla lad rlio colee, for sale C by SHALL & BRIOWN, a- f9 tI tl Mlagazine at at VALUABLE ENGiLISII WOIIIKS. npl NEW'T'ON'S Prilipia, ia Itwo volulttst -. L Wight'ar Comrnarury on Nl.Wlo'sa Prlacpila, inr it Vial's Praclioal and Scientific Treantie olr Calcarious t Mortars aldt Cemenlatl, in I vol. Sanitlra Panorama of Sciencra and Art ;emlbrahlng the S prleinial sciences and ltar; Ile metilods al work al ntg ain wilrdsll tlal; anll a risnallanetus aelec llt ln ol tuselal and interesting processes and esperi at/ tlalta in9 taft, with, illlltratlive eagravinlgs. to Iluttaeis Malhetatiieal Tables;i aenlaitiag the conl .e lonn, tiaarbol rn, aed Lagestli Llonilhtsha. Also an Sines, l angantt, Secants and Versed Sione, both all nautical ad llnrithmlnie, and the coanplte dascrip. l- tie, and ama oathe tahble. ul- Sitnpran'. Doctrine and Applieltian. oFluxaina, in 2 aola. -Foial lay . wM Iat)l..a N, april 1. '" 'or'Ca6Mand.Ce m t "it SHIPPING. FPor Zurope. FUR LIVERIt'00L. Tanr~ner only.l The n.ew' fart selling ship' IIRLI, Cupt. Cracher, will here imnmerdiao olerplallr.. Fulr passage, heving find nrmor' eo'loll11i 0, apply to & P VWIII'I'1.1V, -2P 116 7:1 Gump el FOI7,LIV7iIIrOOi. * TheA I lias Fojile' "'TiP OSCFOI.A, Capt. Child, will have o,,,rele desprrtch. SFee Ireight of 3911 halo., ar passage, "a'p'ly 1to " 3 & 1 J I'VIII'I'NEY apt lf3 73 (`tll, o street Fur Lnlunllc o,1' tici8II1 or 7.11oapeytlr FIli IIAVRIU 'l' la, lHo;leoI,b,aell N SI 1)11 c A 1 and fastit suillq hoAll Ip ·IANCF, Captin flale, wll revePIVe immediatetl due I"'1':I,. F'ortieigl, i of 00 hales' of 0 1 1110 o spoil 2 93 l'a'r'" slst F IFORl COIK. P-ng only. IThe rhipi CREiS'1ENT, Cnti l ill ll nl, cill lao,, i, Ilodlol ,111~ I F ore pca., wIl,,! i h l,,ave oelel els tellor havingl: good uecommodntious, llr lIIIII to p1:1 1, II (:AiE, 9I'l3l6 mn I 'rile A I neol Otalnl nip l CAll L1111. i Cpt.Ci, wiCl) iaoledino l le' Ih. Faor frglht of1 1111 bales colltto, or Pun.'-', lappy to II F S'IloA I and lo.t -oailing, hi ip1 1110 I.AN11S, Capon Tens e,,lnl1 will have.I imna,-l· dialte'lrlt lol, hav'ing Igrater url of Ire cargarao op.1. Forar ci,0,f11t11 hlm lottoo,,t r par O(g,'ll to1911 Ic TAIE, AprI 9.S N.'lmmmn It I~ 1117 11117111AIJ\C A 'I'lle 'rig. VFI1SIN. Captain PI'1rkin', wan;+21111 bale, cotton to fill i) o 0111 oe w Wll, olr 1001gr1, pp11ylt1o epl4r III i 1 11111I I v III' 1(11. 91Cttns Teuprior A I i 7O11'111, Capt. 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It /l\HlE PuiPi are 'Sl.ctlfully ilfuriled that the above Cu, Exchange Ilol, St C iarles st. rar ,5 tf 1511 grutlllr AniiC s' veI)u sill lilol e Iaper, f111ine t '50 I o uperfeII ~ ljie r i _ .,I 115 .. . . . AI 1PiP 'J 'rt W A' R,4Il~taujp B_ M V 3111311' by \lasultuir i · )lurle, lua hllo l / c ot0., liusit: bylao- kord yila Eotlodendi catedl to henryllrv lurrel, Eoq. comprised bl ly GI. P. Ha nnouvriernod Notl o orllnlccetva d with the grentest op. J plo~~se at the New Voile concerts, i KI JOHNS -F Co, inl1d conrr St Chalorleo&Cotn onncts IiU~iTAI3IRLAS- onosc Motion ond (iin~hoot Cm (nrno 1.i J Pn'lnor, ionr o stsy tSAAC 1l( t li. Un E t.o, I of 122 1: ·lt34 l zInoo lc ' R \ UtL.ENA L CA 16110 OLLUN RtAIL it-u COMIPANY. ARRANGEMENT60 FORTHE WEE.IK A VtAS. Foom, Currollton. I Flom Noe .. Iunit Cr alt4 o'clnok, .. M.,llt.,n, Cure,,'cluck, A. LtOntIIOIIO ti Itnoijn . 70 I "I " I t I7 1 0 1 PM 4 " " " 0 Oi " "'" 6 7 Afnte 10 ,',nok Cnoosnl bI otlinieod by paying 10 do hiro tor the Trip. '1INE JA6CKSON dlt t.ACtII'RSE s'itnEL'rCARIS I.ouvetmodo sorot o1t6 ojlunek, A. . onie rent huoto. Ati If pastn.? u'rlock it,, c ur will commencee rmimoe nteE\Cry bolli hnor, and ontionue ohroughouI the day until 8t o, n . It., t1ion the hotod knnacksoOtreak. Personttgoing by tho I.ocnotttnLs nmust providntlolhnavot will hIkobo, its o motle will e. Ittnkn by he cutlndortto. O lice New OIouoot tai Cartolltton Rod, hoad C6tit,ny5, Ptydnso stroso. JOHNt I1AIIPSON. tuvol Chief Eti. N. O 4 C It. I LONDON I'O1 hEll, COIPPE NR: 53.00asks London porter, 7 duzoo eoct 3,10 oheeto, brzierst cpp~er 500 pieces Kenotuky bLaging '1111 coils do toal ropno 1501 'do Rottos roleo 100 do northsrn do 50 boskets Hsidoickehampalosonp For side by CHARLES INCIO~tS, m16 'In 59r(avier n 1 i ADEIRA WINE-ltt qor cak, nuperior snoicle, jujSo(oqivnd per ship LeImosilin.for salt by .42 SHALL & I.ROWN 96 Magsgoit nm rFOR NEW YOR. aet otl, 4 Yew Orhlans Line. .- NEW LIN lof packets ha. been establi41ed to 4 run. eIlr.wNen N, th'leann and Ne, York, to bonmsl~t o'f ive frst nrte nllipc, v is: dhip Si. atlrv, It WV Fuster, master, i"tepihllixnx, J (I fiuxell " Ai Ailiirlli i lI )lirfefy, DP ne building,. These shi i weIe hluilt iln New YIrkexprssli ir thi trtude'ar. of a light.draught aflwater,'und wil[ stO Jl. rru 'jl, odtr o flhtl1 ) Ith l1r. Thleir a c.coIlm odi;i ious fxrx itxxcPcgerc uIcixtI itallxlxI chY be reuired fxi' ieln ol exp riell:e. 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IIOJi I.MI,;S P' ]'klt INII OF I~'APl ICI,.E'I'SC~ ~. cxl lit x' Fixn l nllll rI o c lly i e ixe all y f Ii' thout h xl 'h ' hips ar.+e no~kt 'accvtbe lbrm inreasaed ofce eliixt'luxx'as .i~ltp oui'.i~g lfhip .ixxtxsille, I+pluxi \\°uotl, All/uxsxe, ixlpiuxi Ite, Ihiherixt Orxltxrrs, (: tlllctll xx t£lriext I'it~sxfur.t, tilttin J I:l'ker, ILnl*tztt Cilptlinl )|'rlllllilll. n)l'Oil~. (:s |+Ii~i UI[1 [,In. o clI. t (t lltilix I.l·asilt. A'era Nhip ---- I:lll nain \Vtmlhllouse, ew .lhlixp-- taittxix "'h~llr Ilnel·lv n]lps crlf ll on~f th lrl C~laso copellred ialc, tilxxI.l!,t], mill wit fill xitllxxixx't 'ttePporx-xi , l tixtixcitix ,r uxll iuli r 'I-tP y iarxtxx lix t lax weh oxx wa-x x T 'thes t xxxxt txxln xtnl+.d by Caltv ti tll ccilln wellex uttlrc,+o flll t! rst.,la i'tv wvill alway·s be1 f'urnisherd, amud evrry I' lel thllll xin d ,i,'t ht eolnlirti x lxd satisfatii on i i ·IJPIm':i.' Z lr~e"= ' f tlC ..... in is: fxed at $80, wilhll ....... or itltlttrx ].rrhrprticulars ally Io A COIIEN, lIiflL+. 90 (:,)llllllIIll R1trCet [LT'i'hoII shi l, arre tnt aee+<nlltl lal e t'l~r lreak alg e ol' etllfl ll, l l~llw warle, Illlttrl(II Or granlllite, ('ItlpllerIIrE F. 'f lilt rllst ,,f illnll I xx s xel: ixtlr r fxionihl e t++r altly' k axei -r xxxrcel puxux Ixxxl, Ilxlexs a rixllilt x illl'ldi' lg be sii l l x'cle'tcr t! utlx il·ix(,'Uft lh i xent.. Sdayl .c h 7 lck NA.l it n lelcoc Wen- d\V n be I sundly F'.o ncight or Isage appcly to (ut. lart o --bean I "orto >12-?5 AlAMS ' WiI''ALI. --Fll FUilItoN ANDli JONiNISClri)Oi.. _ _ r( hrir PIa i' , h Orli Aci l Ther.J ·in , Th s llnre d l ane d o h lenbdid n w i_ ker, t.---. iibl ' .hsoi l ar11 1 iiatio e,' to at t 'alrt rw i ,r , lrlr le ...r t ry Wbov e n d - ' tlrl. i.n.llt l l andl , ep( I ln c, bn I l Vt) th erll , c i; ealt i eltllleck, i t '. 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F'urnIture palcked fi transportation with ret FRED WILKINSON. , DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL Cr tLUISIANA, I F"'"':I L hie sericer4 to the" pnhlie ;;i lt' depart or nert of S,' Cu.inl and (!it i [.:iurerinw , bta h I Ps r Ifes~oln. n v blr., p tlnrsiFr and .fih.tit ill hei exect ltir I o Ns cl ruLXtel L to hlrn, IIm ,l, tL) merit ,and ieceive a s rlut lr." li pulrm , ie wil' also lnl Ell. . alld cnh'ullller Ile fit IItriI o" walt, .iffi BUSMcCOLL A& iLE Y, NO. 1, EXCIIANGE Ilfr EL, :'orll r rf'St. (,,'h'$ ¢.rle d (omnlo sls.. NEW ORLEANS. 1 1'O I''IS and I)ollers in French nod Fnglih Perfuln,'?rv; l)re4.sing CIIu-e. and |'ortal1r Iltslk ( ' u l l e r v, I ,u ' 1.i " , ( ; l o v e ' S h i r t s , S t oc k s, U m hab r e l ht s , - Cunesanud lancv Articles. 515 Factors & General Commission , lerihantls, MOUlII.E. Refre in New Kir/ka.n, Aberna.thy & Il&mna, ) Cr nalrrel & I&liky, do-din_ - E . . JOHN STE WART, A.L 5, Plat Street, N.Vc . lrk, CO13MIMSSION MEILCIlANT. IMPR') U'TE and dtaler n Ilatters PI'lshes and trillillngs. Almllple stloage illm y Ibe had onl mod- i cr-te tferlls, aud every atteltlolln paid to goods forward I_ ed to his care. Meessrs. Larule & Provost, N O. Gous.ip of- Co. A CARD. CIRISTIE & SINN;OTT, IWholesale Grocers and Conmnissrlon erutants, i No. 27 Co...,on Sitrert.Ne Orleans. rl'Purticularaitention paid to th d!tting up of Stulil bULt anlld Sbip stores. BANK NOTE ENGRAVING, RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON 1 eual advantatges nwith their Ih lu oe ill New Yet r. Bumtd, B IIs ' Exs:hban.'d, Certilicates of lIeposite, aCheks td other illllorlanllt I ersI req lllrillg curInty the st is keepint of nll plates and illpressions ellntrust ell to tlhir c: re; their steel '; rln elllrurcel he mlls of uoer five hudrued haie I k ." entloUtallls, alnd till Urdrs of will be executed with i rmtllll tittde, dllll Olhll l ttlStl tersle. Ollice, co" er of |{oy« & Canal isrew-;. SAMUEL TOBUY, m. lerchandise Broker rp Commissron .Iferchant, o 13 ( )ttice, 3(, Camp st.-For the present. O. I . BLISS. e SIIIP BROKE! & COMMJISSION be E RCHANT, . No. 69, I'oy dras Street, New-nnan -- J. P. FREEMAN & CO., IPholesale Clothing LEstablshment Ant No. 3, aluguzne street, 1 AVE constat; tly o, ha.nd a. large ityply ,f Cloth ry sornllllent Ilillng lar.e, lter.clha l ts liOll thle counlltry can ,if4 - ifififif -- --- 1-N n be supplied t . the shortest notice. OLASNSITRABLF CLOTHING TAYIA)LOR & HADDEN, No. 14 C(hartres z treet oid IIAVIE acollstlnllt suppll y t f every article perll'l inin I )to g .tlen 's drs, of tlel latest style, at Net. York i, . Ii s dHe :'o ) aid J. .Ross SURGEON DENTIST i No. 33, I;r yi.l streer. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPNHIC PRINTING ESTA IHLISI M ENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, . Oplposite IBanks' Arcade. IVILJI.9tI GREEN''E, PIROPRIETOR nr en J H. PARKER n Conlmtissio nll 5.55 Forwarding Merchant. a" No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, I ,is UP' STAIRS. el. Nw O :letansFl, Frh- 2 JARVIS & ANDl REWS, all, Wit)L1ESAt.E AND 1tETAll. 1)t.:ALElS IN 0 MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DYE S.TUIFFS dXI)D WII'NIDOWI GLASS, fr Corner of Conmllo and T'hotluitoutlas streets, NEW ORLEANS. .NA'I'IIAN JARVIS. |.., JOHN W. ANI)REVS. Ti Alarge upply o Garden Seeds, warr.nted the growth aaf of 1837. OY hAlall, IIEAI.EIS IN AMERICAN & ENtlLISHL CROWN GLASS, No. :1 CAarOet.te t.rtcEET. a INSURANCE COMiPANY OF NEW ORLEANS. 1 This Ceopany err anow preeatred to to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. UFFIC.E, No.24 MoIusson's i3lldllg, Canat t,ret. n II L 'TItACY, o New Orleans, May 15. 183.. Secretary. we ROBERTt CLANNOiN, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No, ItLCaap street. Wntotleail Dealer in aintsh, ()i, Varnishes, Brushesat e3i1e 'vWindow, and uictrnre Gle-s &. ,, e. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. IROBINlSO" a"' GOOD HIPIY, !No. 6%, Chartrea Strcee, One Door below Bienville, IT _AVE eostatly anlttIha every artolirele aplertiin l- i to glentsellleen's Clhtes mliode in tihe ietsl oan. tcash t etiteoned Itritcs. dc 8 - - - - - -- 1u ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC OFFICE No. 53 MNlagaznen treet, oniposit elanks' Arcade, it F, Y'I" \ .iSlt|.liar the exeeniulmtit Of tlmps, dials e n ieeelifWeings,, llerliltt' eily e ,lbset Ulle .s n Int add e.s r. dsol'.ic , description,ltmer cl teie lar- on e " e rlnenr I Irllnng tel ra r, ytlele l tr n doIl n pien'l )elsl ,. ! Sank ceockso, tray receipts, &. prillted nlld exlelett d it f iachleeapand: ''edittion sst) I, by tie prpriretnr. I IVII.I.IAt GiEEEN I , IN B ian Notes .ectly executed 1114 I A (ard. ORLEAN. S LIT'IIOGR.APIIIC PETABLISH SME 1, 53 MJ.IA.ZINE ,T'RELET, OPLosrrE n.1. ARS CANE:. " GREENI, retrn tlllls hi illcere thhanks to his ' rire ids and the Ineli ofe Nw tl oranis,.lr tihe patronae bestonwed tein lillnl 1forthetlitlst two veler. alld begs e tee ssu thea re etenie thun ell l s e xeicieuee oted ien is charir ge ehall e eLit ettllll e ll lteltdc d tot lie will a s usual( kee ) tlee u llo pe dllriate tir e n ,ullll, lr, a ll shall be always rlalV to strike off lt er.e llt lt' irc - Iors, tesiaesse e atlled fl-eaen e cards filel.ileeee nlticenr, apst, t tans, 1lld drn3lieS, to ev.Lrv descriiol, a Ihe, ahortest notice, lnl i l o it ll t rea, Tllllllble terIIn lBeing ssiLiatled bv artei.t uperilrtanty otheier eablish. inat in Ihe .aite. and fj t Ol Illle C .ll ll the lithogratc line, the ncels onttident of giving eltire 'entineette. N I Apoitlecariee and etreggists' Labels executed i as goodl style us eoppperpatntelngravnlg, aeed at one tIird of the expense. JY°- I-k.cOg E CfiSi; , ,ff L SlIt attend thie Suprl'ellle COllrtl, and Ihe Idietriet Courts, of tlHurrisbergad setnoen of lthe adjaeenet1 eI enthiee--Ofliee ate tie City of H.ratolt. SClaisna ol thoegovernenlllt either ler Itountv Lenndl or Inleeeee weill Ie undeertaken an I eromtllty Itttelided to eilhar for Pon hsidents or residetes ,, I1'xale. Addrena ,ina tile Uneiede State--City tof Iuuaton. tIo tht ear ofS. Ricker,jr. (TL'exan Post Otfie Agee!) New Orleaus. Sie ltar 1 ) EANS-O bide tundineg tretn stetambnet St Lauis t1. or saln by AIRAHAt 'IgIEIt. reer 38 13t4 Meazine at I " IFE OF CAIRI)INAL CHEVEIUS, Archbinhop i. of Bolnlreaux, by the tIer. J Huen I)oeboarc, en profesaor of theoleg ; tranelnted frotm the Frenech by Robert I Walshb. ultreceveedi andl foresale by m16 A'I'OWAR,49 Canp at ", ANILLA COLRDAGE--A ompilete aatertnhent a- of dlanila Coadagr and Heware, far lde by ly nar8 S&J PWHI'lNEY, 73 Ctampt -T1 -Iu i -s nblk sit k tleasIt Hate or ealaby mar l " SHALL &.BROrNN, et CI gal, zitne at NA 11L8-I 8 kegs irse AI td for late by SHALL & BROW~N,; runr 20 96 Mrnazine at i) USSIA Mil EIEI'IN(;.S-20 bales,ofsuparior qual It it', lauding trom alhip Foruam, for sale by mar iB ISAAC iBRIDGE &.cai, 134 M.gazine Ft 'ILOTHING 6tt caaes Saumner Clothin~, cmtnpri Srig a good assourtsent, t ading rotlll rN Forum, lur s lae by 1 Litl )iE & Co,. i ui113 131 l:Magazine at I I{tt(GANS ANti ItOOTl - 1--t a.e containing l I) Myn'a a d IBlw 1st , mnlit y kin B.roaIl. tldl liurlle !a kiap a tllltll af IO t l aUll '. I'rltli t a thip J ".i tal' , tar altle y i ll) mur [I 1. ttH IItIi' Co, 131 liagazines le l.llI1NT'S :()AST 1'11.1'T and ISowditch Naviga i tr, tlio Utlllli' Nntt t, Atl . allna , Ir asta t ity all 1) F,:INFT' & Ca, 2 It r:ittie. at I EMi't NT-lladhault e aet' mi't d c'ti aci'nedi ll'a u r jI ut /L iof sale byV anl S & .J P VIAHt'I' ,73C\i , 7 C .t of ( .-. l II . 1;': i".. I 1} ,1g lla . ;,1 coll.', lt-Id. ll +1'i - "4 ll J 1 IIIt T'axa Y.a A 'atli st 1 tt , lt-300 keI , Ibeton ntili ;anai aId i zey, ltnI - at 1 l i lng r lll lallp Nell tl,', tlor sale b i to al S & tJ ' \'111 I'INlI. . 49S {u n at t e IJASTI'I : Ft LACKING-2I ct se, s pa:tlt II ac, i - S- I NocrIos" brattd It)r stile l t n lJttAt I al ItII i", , ltd .a t 1 arl.1a11 a i at a, fo~r s le Iy€ I It liI'ta ' t ' (','. I|, ill "I Iallt, gtzie atid' n tlll N 4 " N ' new L Nev1 r ji:ltG(;A -l I - allet', amf-inil. u .a\1w York lai, t . npll 4 1olter Na hl "1s a d Tehclli)llll.t"lts 1i l- Itit ,'--1511 p,{re,- ,,, thu.. for ale b ,y lil i )R - (l u hll s, lo , . , .i et m r-0 mer ` I sar e 'or al t t I . t Ct l IA 'Ir t .l a,' a p 111411 1. .11.e;,e r ' i 1and 1r a .ilatWl I I, k Il t i'cT e i (ly I -It , 1 S t39.I Exltrt l fro llhe Mi:u4es of th Ir tceatdings t o II l I tynll , Ithe!d Ihis iS. HR l Nreld, Tha t tIhe na. 4III I all tI e S l c"I.llll I ownili v . l'. Uh althed sh!IIartt, ato r t itt t, aisri hu tilei ill St-tll 1I t l, & -l Ihr tltn ' itl l i tlle 8th day f .1 atch I sI t,.li Na 'I'I a> th al It tilse W o 11 ols e 1l lo to b lst, ribta e t ill ste I e pub- I t, lal a JA11 ES t(iI. l) C .1 ll,, Ir 4--3}t r h n lack ittl ty .aIt lIIc, A.11 h C a lllllall aol tt,,,aatt iai t a 0 r ta-aa ,tat,'a' itattt t 141l ' " r lriC.1 1 "& r -t ttatl 1 t a ta rl'aat , la n i nl llt at Ctlac ll S i Up Ilrl lan I nt' G nr la,, aIT s . i keh la osiN, to Nailsra a Iya ...e 1 At S O il t 1ii t, 'a Ilcatctt it ` 1 alt 4 1 &I ID1U I'l & Co, 1N31 tl, . lazin. e st BBTHllSKI Y-i5 bbis lectified hi ley u Y. fo ~r stle by G, I) ildi.IY, 'lis,s ilhr l inli le lr o I ll eintu res of pri I TheaIlulb so n aby tahtit Ort ' f at' dirk, l'a lel latkert . ls c, titaalall 1 ' Nichlltl muiH t reaei led tlltd Irlr s tal hv aOSt ON 'aa U l --llt 0 l ni, ll 1uan aclit, l ai:illd t ihelll .h i Co hu n i la, ill Ior sl , bh al i ha N &. J 1!P V ITII'I',EY', Cadl)mII t D oA m usA on, s . {J - 4h,111 ti- s ni,l ... .. i ,,rl tlao tboy h e3 l ih i'ii l' llt. nlr3 I hades. u r saltt r a la b .l I A .i S ta lt N al, I , tle t hr " an aId. A. i. . . a ,itt a t,- I N aip) 1 ir I in r all E & Cat, 131 114iun t w t for ule by l IA I G. & (;I1111, 11 -sorll e d.el, an de1:s 1,a ituni 1:I Ei ll ineis d th .her l tle r Ele 1, bif s Fi nor, if I I c el Il t aI'illaan lI, t'c', t v ,. itack a, ' te ,a i neey , Itt Cap'ac' n ,'ayia ta a lheon ofu tlheie 10 e siksortla e, I len ilra N FLVIut.1 ojiteoabis Wie bylir; 3Iouki,,, a duck he!lnttlNo . L \V 11 \iecew~lll ll to be Itr( torpidlrt e ill 8Ill)) : 0ill1 c0,t1. ,iokrrtuu 'e ,m , d .4 t: An ontointi t and ocloibla htlu obooll oo,,ooota. ut Just IrceIV- the ed by.I .\T1 I, Il .gri :li ' 1illeebb i 4 11 Itill 1), El A S IIsi &. li , sup clll~~~~~~~ll? ~ ~ ' IIl~l~lltl totili dlitl~ r~lldril l l itOllllde Icy1,,, 3 11). bolilothollogO., iAN ,tto-,,oTio.j tI. . aoio:oil/ N boo,, tO,, woyah 4,ooI I nd. el l~l o rho u!, 1III· a I' this val uable irrlClllll r do ll 11I " L·Tle- til exe ntll \\'estnun· ter Uo11u1nll it I (fo di-,"-es of the eve lullL ~U lord ear ) for whi ch Pullet 1 P otent lisle bleu tI··L)IIIIII· d by 3 1. at, Tg,,lerog o , 11 iu 1 . o ee theiolo l it prop ooleteet, and (ho .;uIC toil io n f,,,oareiyeo p1 om Roall,, Ag d t ciel , ltaal t .I IIIgt oooiel tw well r uso,,o , .IIOl- fillolw Otng n,,tii 00)00110ltull , 001 nic ,Slor Alley Crooooper, lira lu , C..aoio,, Drake eel 1. bit Iii' U00010l~tittlilt gtileig, A III ill, .ra". end other .dial, sad ,nrgeo n.. uiIIIIIII.JI?. " IIIIU o ll toy),,l so ruclll x Ito ho v we .ll uud I I· ..l i: IP\. it. ma 'Pitt fal le ethic Gann %t-gettIP I I)li de il, lllroebo l I'rttuee tied (1 lcutn, cawedutoio,jo-o l*oeoooo trel'oo IotoIooolulo,o a), I", ico r, Il l ol ooototldoogrlt so ll,,tg ooo dllior,,l,, Dr mt l 'I'c tlu r is Ill, I ert 11)1) ual to lihelOI)01) Aaia) tO.))lao to l ic T ),,pilrcn.alcolb~liiciiyrodalload, iloll fgIIottII) PIB al'lIw h i th o lo to 0 0I 1. ,1)0 151001ý 100 Irpll loyll fojoyt 111 I jco1 1y00)ivlhul laltn w, the Iboo r,,loo,1 l0t1,,u l l' I te oolol t olbi ,jloo lbou, .,)0000gl),)) l g of the s O'IOn.aj.lilbt,,.it Lent III OO g I l 1t100 tIclOaIoloo ooI rto1. olnil r- d 'Iull , o l yho ,ilf Icili,, - lunf h ,,ooo , o r uta ( 0j orti a, o d 1111 te rolopeni, fo))tLlh oo),y, ,,., , 1·11, ,,),llr i I 1 o r.:g o r o to' to,) io,,l, 0)) OliIt of thi001 0111000> t le d hull, \ego n n . 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Ioo t i I case, 'll'lnIo IoIg l 10I001n oil~ l dulrl~lyoioplo e Cloo l, o l o11io ,ol 11 0 , lo t be~ll r+,elle ,n h-el f om cell, it rcu l d nut I h I '" Il a V e bind 1)11 joooIet 0100e.00 oond~io) tlooloo Of1')11 olitoill oo p ig i in n~·11y go uw llg uon ut Iu auu thr il' eas, ur w ic (tonelie poc,1oto siall o--)Oc)e oo)10i0,o ad11,0-uI ,o,,iI) '111111'e git, w fot l0ou),It I Oh lfboyO. 0.h l ll t 1!) I -l 11) I ,0kr 00l 0-i wcudtd nd upp IF r 1.ý ll errr Ii nr, I1 ` IleIwl II,, ,nit ,~ Irat I~rallr a lul llllllll·ri ld i r I II;llra 1g to 1,11111. iha J nut o i~llV a aer· w d ho lle uutl Ir [illll(J hea l n, . w ye ll u s. c l o p I e J(· . F o r l uoo o ) , ', i l l fP io o li , ho l tI 'IOI),O~lilSSnlbI~IgITPllOll,ll 11I·1i1 000I~IItIO)il .C.III,.D1IIIl 1o 11',1 Jout u.u l f.,r til I,:I I._'' l IIIII~I stun - i-1Ioo, 1110)000,0 o ,-,llo)ao 111llr 11111 1e 3IIOArl oI1,l,, 000l ftIII OO- ~II oIIIII,.1 111l.,,~ i~l-1,-0-,111,0,ol(P - dt~ s11lrl,,Ooou loIa,0iIt) )igI th 11011 )il godr.rId b o.i l, ...It tit I,,, ~ill,,.o.oiotoo ,,,Id 010,1l),),,) Il C1 0 111,,,o D1 oylo.Io,,10a 11 ge lO~t,,00 I 11, to l I0,ct ilnloO.ll 0,' )iuu tit ellll) )Ib. o I 1II(·111I I. uuo ! LbP e I1111p1: LL x lit EIUE . he, c T/cllll· e to Ito )It*L oI f anll) ) lo poofndAi r, ilnl .tell,-,- a 1)r T-Ion fI,, m t eillog, n,),o l o ty ru r. I Btl l oofe-ll l. l'of o,1o-O )rrI,)0 l)Og lllO ·lllln JIO1O- l)'OI IOP I)Iy LI i.U1lll·;lll /I Illlrllb l~lll s` e rnr F eut cure-nod to l L c I r l ture uT I~e to,,,ol fbc ntlgslll od-rl)nr,,IIo y ,; , u og o.,c r,, lece.. , fi It' )lloon rililbg. 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W@WWA2B1s/ .: caor. rf Natches and Ton ,O-iR ilt h ,e n.ofrienmki,.,rfu 'lso s eoisnierolr hip gout, ulri.antions i. iphiuitic aod mermarioi diOiseass, rsilfuhloections ofthe bones, ilerateiltolsoti-d ris, uicers of' everec desriptionm , fever sis l jii. ilsees, h .tls,, i;iles, soil, uil. -se sr,.ub.tlS_ 0 icsore ereo, er) silshlis.,tto, laitd crey eli. ll ell onorfi etoololl, otneolc C:orr.nh, head snlihr iii gori ory rrirl lihloroin irr the ortoqmoh jo. repsii proeedlrlinig fromooariuio, thhohtiee t hm l"t €v catlvrJh Itr InIpil lclaein l tli'~~ll €.l'lhe .1.. ,] i's sinc~rlarly rediccious ini rel~rrnovating t e oonet~ .hlioil have belcen broken dlown by i l'udliminue 9lll iv~tiilr il~rregl*illlltus h Iell elml| turllls ii Ii rra i ill nih-¢l1 ill8) a~lOCjl Dlol. dee whihlu-ls~iU frnni imnlpritki4 eloloie blol, orm ioliitilli of the hlumorrs , of werLa ulne or thk e lhove cmlsllilnts may require some tr hillg usisrllt lpllcatiolli, w ehich thcircumtlnOae spL aet will dicl.;' bt Ibr r horieoohiol rdmedy' oi P0l0L5 , o rene - Ib o ll heonot le If oIAN'r PoSsIt fe i . Irl gellel-lih- bC lbt lnd !llmeit~lll." .. .' • " "1'o HE PUBTILIC. ". ;" 7 :: I h. thtr. it is, ihi .iotlern Phe sioin.s, o In . -les' ltilrilI to el4,tl ill thecir lI'ol'esslnol exp·lli~ the willdli. ' ori'.lence by Ilie ah~l of chelritiirV ";inl i.ek mil ner.lll/ ·" nedial agenslls in shrtl, to aIrrve at ePerfection in t he ":L"'iiee Jlv meizlls Of art .Ialo-ll--tnire) J orirlebklill . • Ilrgleel, as Inliellltlcli-~hlu itmoe, the rieh auul ba " •d stlles r medricillo wfhi the Almimghtly eqhas elua.n0il ing out if thoe eallrh iin every cl imei! And howrss Ib. oi(ue tue isitrhlr wilre Lle Aproitln tPhysioiae lorKi to tili'i:iinii nll'riethir femapty of hsis inost eomaanll •ld gorori·ihE y Crloon'Ci. PrrlfleoallY Chaii ins tlth.y'rr st htl dirl'.ltes ri l' ttiillll or· frillv-, he is rolro/le~lC :ti·i iownclunltr writh l, endlessrPlofurlio' l of mediisl.clslrs tlliieiitllo oi illutelr 1 ir llllondso ir disease or th dn.l :mliy cuic.blu ,isolrdl1 ollr d lllt he is illgranlt oftleir vie ' rlles, alIt Ires aie il . oore,-to 'wistethcir herlin o toilh rrrgll-i'l or hi eil.her-rrtse •heie nal nsoens oThe airEtillr h hiheetable medloihietupon theisiet i lorn rr'-ll-ehorre l" nil nrastls l.sting. oh I'nstrss n l i thelir ltl ctr arrllI a ps of-the ltsetr..m..~ lihtl.rler, net chrulliaily uolinll the solills, d phi 'tle IIrrls i rirh Ullrlerloiillig tloe colltosticouti tin lsiO and su'e leslllllettioll.' Trlr-u cogeir allltyrl eflceiirriy tndi SAFiETY offeq5 - Ible rernedi", (,ser lelIllirz, n:" I.n ctimatedly Vonltlm - i rlle rllrirtlill srrllllr- ice Rlh rthe Oidei llli orr i tobrilsl ec - morei immnainedlyll onter our: ow1'ni oii rnbl.tioih, th*1sit aI l rl -ice witlirltl of the whitles. tho, ih Amees, ,liase o kllown,,r r .lrlr eOrellcidsIte-istInese whbesra ,omlie decerllidl, tliipreehndhig fti t nlle llisa, y Leon-li " err si-re ill res l o .r aloorre, has .flf- ihloted the meru ii.p .ahi li ond ishlinc rlrerr, dithe otitesra Medsnt ofrpsd - rllneno irlacticc. diecteld ir l the most kilfUTl has (hilhed* And whlo hits nlol heels suirloiisedtli TI.r'ise eIII Iolleilit y s.ith whichd thehldiaf i" sIrlllrleloreilr rliseasce,:inda Il thehiost dotd aIiis Sol'irnolli en Iciie:le rrthi.tre orl eWho harln elt I ticitcllili\ ii~ Irreir'ii rrorlisio r.rokoli, Othe. jllal~ -l rrrocranIn.d ~iian ith orritthctiitc b Vroke itt roAmed~ oill rtlrllltn A:clril cni ilolllrliexistt hithins hhoply m, e m r pl li . i lll' t h t . s a il;:llr i 'l o n l nm o s t (ll 'e i i s w i .'h i .~ch " Ilksl ofii I ri i I -ir ti, is ciietlry oFiioto tiO, gbniay at st remlewh ' scl hll ichll hi days'll .t'hly satonish. ige elifefrle-cec ill ieli..cs, is l Iirexeiitilhfiteonit of pi " il'ille sllelriri'i o1"f the silullle llIols sti mClf of. re;e hrillch God ies o.iot lled lo. the beoefi4 of r is tilshtln, eir-ri Irh'sc \e hich the lnridie anll theat of man ure i. \ enlmled. ' ' ." "lil~nioro~k till inleralilonelts e thi;nlem aI u)tlmolr tor eLthusl ' tanlcewihtlhe tllheiol s of culreof somn of theirhinosi suIh as .ere most eficncioust atod Wpproh1rates anhl pfie i(s rnore-serr Amenls t- test Iheirprinetol tliuttnt itosra hIe Ihas comblil·ed them in toe Iorm llhere priesiutd,lhi. r-sIt Ie'le re arl beL ccial lot the r lulioo e for Wia gatl : I1 he Irolietor oeslhis 'rempli eto theo P sll . wih the l i iorsnress that lle ise'loel4 ittnhl lIr b . a Iremedy c:l,:nole ofrhlieving mney of ma li.ta.a'" . low brrings, wrho rike suferiilnll un.rtlie voritnii hioulWss noi i oblslilallte COmpIintil 1s tit which It• is" Plilcllable.- Tr aneh il will plreore oft inolculrtlr le, as .thi: liiles srntl iln nllllly caes, the o rlo me tot.orelelh TheItsirls h.Hingsan rIcstoring them onne ninteto t dm~li el.lly l eilss. Th hs is lint oi I re l a( 1 omm tymedyn lll8lhmdli e i nay clr cllc be e ually good with many. otherl mste il ilse, but as one which iscai pble of 'aving life inuny . extii ernle .aes i lch all Iohe unlllulh temedijonesl. Lahl isl i has ine rrlleelll y; anlld hisi is the repulttioun ithenol s I tahned wlielrever it Ires beenh ntrodoeed. ., It iseolyiibout llhre ryer ssicetllhisprelotoseim'su - orlieseell ito lle eiublic: but in ilttt short iptlce r i.iae, - r-ierle eiellidl oigmry of ersolss.iegh befnomi te, t- -o i sllenll delore tlirat -nlh belioeved ltha tlelliivr listwer I relld b, iti hi lii r su. i.oallie i iev I aod l trii e ially - Sllnld erhal I rs all eee collreoh Inedsies-il -ini.. r heru . r evereit isOkOwrit hise.rp melorning ento uit, hng thif atillds the molt subsrtai ltlnall collcitilog proi of 1it . , mei ts. The value f the lllIeed i nosl consieumoiinthllolr l enrd staldintg iotlld syplilic lend s.riofuelusino;etissh.y whi ch almv e ilef l nlil otheir ioo.n cili esJ , a tl ei lrti hirilyl Sin thlose cises lhele rnierci.ryll~tIa tien r o luvit In lissil. Sas Ir callse dlistlessilg ill the honles, nodes, necll. " rhll ulcers, ilernlgemenl of ihe digestivi orgallns d. "l'hee t c0uiidelltel lrle les, iolllr inrall- cst esr tiOlse . ly elnalicaes Ih ilisea li iiiin tir s ptoritnEtlirf RtIn .l testhl eollstitill allln leawahe pliet mlllin*lld " well. I1 rh e-Ieirtisi td it ulceillte sore Itlrno.t isi h:ir rrl cftleels alre ilot lhes rpliinreil, givillmoirst insllne- " 'T'akcli iu lI', doses, thehlidhn's Paalcea opnralel rr t l rll ooal tle' na l ll le tllitilnl i i disipllerctin , dini rlici ald ax:inI ves, e 1ritl i-ilioorioil and aenohsnet ats d irer ioi rm I rriss, as asiochi-llelaemiegrgoise. Goetis nalllerlolreieiro ilielarclses ollt he secrlting s. ntl eX lrei noll, gHiles lone t Ihe lstomnach, ind exoitesacliho id the glalnds in l parlicuolh mlaeloi. Froo s these pristsi o les ilSopelalileis ilmoi i h ie ulelllt0olod. - Thisilnedicine haIs een found highty usefulin ina ar:llelliO orul dieaseotr Ierle spelCifIoed, nsd it hais snl osed w-ith w-i(ii let'ul scesL o as a SII o a od FaIll . rilier, by Isu wllllH.e i uileL eeeto Comilhinl ofthe cheLsr Irard wIlieose coilietu llroilielluirle liw vigoir. Suoi ptier sltes e ill Ilo wrll to use t so or three hoilies ili mill dtu Tss. \llheloel or t a d Iiet r'illk is olrnidreld lece ets this Pi:( ile in a sml iio.; whili atnsie sir ll -tip I purposes, iln milch less time,' at less oeixpens, anti i a " isui' liiolr.ille e liiiablieenr o thli i thle colnmon diitdrhsitk. n The iimlhing cel'tinaesI, out of; Inllreds sinlihir, lwhich niglir l IIU llerouletld, ale giveno show llrt eI Telt o tle Inllleio'r s Plalllieill, ill 1sh vIeionus complaihtsrnai S entionell;and .oso to e xhibit inr tile most dthiaols ry. maiiel"r itasuol l'lnr tly o the )tniii sll hioe lismse CASES OF: II.HEUMATISM. .L U nII&IILaBTOI, DY1ox . .15,13S. S )Iin hll illrst rillterl a ed Mril, I its ah fflicted wl I ;erelliy s.retve oilddi illsresig rhlirumaitilm, oefsiores." elxootlre ill tad wiaIIther. I ow takeV Selt llesure.r Sseiilig lh tllot six blelehs of tihe lndial's Palnieea, r.l or r mie to rerlict helllih, and 1 colofidletldy recoimmernl i to - all sitilartly atlicted, " is ,O e FEG.USON, Kingst . Citas assno, March 27, it8 I was seCd, thoeut three ' ears since, with a dist.ahlng rheulatisln, calsed by taknllg severe cold, whileuada s hlle ilfllellre l' mercul'y, a.l which has disabled r tentoe busiss neaa'ly ever sire. D)ulring this period have let i a ptlilesin the larline llospitl, in thia do - Upward's of liur amotths, and nearly the same ltegtoj timele l h the I 'altaltt e tsllitda, aadt triedl almolt ." renlted, cith little breclit. O I the 1tilt ofa Fehj.sU last, at that time seetelrl. . el0to niove about upitn a'rlute es, I commented tie use of Indian's Palmsces. I otin montht I 'tied mvsel tletirely lired from last, asi ate oa hIappy to state th at I satuttt's .a pet.reterlyer well. CA.ES 1OF SCItOI'ULUS UICEIIS" NeW Yoei, Sept. IIU tl80. This atte certifh that in tseltnl of 115, 1 waslseiz with a swullilngi isay sneck slld iface, wlicl, iflelrtard dllt eld ll d beT.entn hge(ghastly uleers i my e.eb. Alitclll . y ITg'eveal thY'seian ito taoe alt.litl.g, I wens" to 'hihiulelpn, and place{ fimt anself untler the 'area lrs. PhI st tld It acht, Itttl, ather'repeated tedivations t t ot tlli'ct. I i as pe tnouncel t tittly ioaua.tle. Alseri. wr.ds I took twelttt tllttlesl'Swsiu's Pniaaleaastd eig.t Iatlers of Potter's CaIltholicOtIs, with no material b.Ieial Despairicg of itet, t hid btiel low l ecoine a burshen to mee, I r .tctrled to eey p,:rc.ts in New York, inu'lfat, ult a llttlup to a lilg ring death. Hlearing of tls gr st suaccess of The l!iani's P:nete:es how,'el, in iase si nlilatr to Iy o0 i, I ans ipelsullld t try it. as a laIst n $slt. To m l great·l striret, as wells sataisftioe Zoo flltiund lll nh'stplf alill rcoverlng, nld ULoII Ij see\t'sl h lrkstbu the lcecsllettl+d- an I became per lI' well ia dtle cotlse oftlso mlotlalrs, attld have remllltaed so ler sinle. I oakclltis statemetn tld wtshitpublishel lif ithe Inetlltlt of those lh lllre sufllering uaider similar sllc.loIUs or syplilitihial: ltiotts, that theyi may know llhat hIle ced los whs hats isull'reldetery dtlag but d hahs, :tlld \ Io,,tnsiders his litfe aved y the above sy, Il. ~..l. IIlNIHAN? ClautsTsaros. July 1; 1431. I wasattlhcete', f(oimryars with an ulrer lit e leg, o'. ltsiollo:~lly aco'llaniedl witll csrysitloitos ttstlaataiun .uasd excsive aaslile ill the Itr atd atcls joiaht...w trii) emintenlt plhvsiias exerted tlheiraskill upon l t, hat wit otlll pernL.. nt benellfit. I thisctse five b.Ot - Idlli:'l'tacealr ale m le a alett curel. MIAtIGAIIET.A WE'TI', 124 Market Ap. 12-2 t m Lady .itaas sete's Ceompound Cdinrse Soap re' 'oltmetdletId Ibt tadar, ,. Mldridand Chorles aon, Indeed roahtey, nst' ility, the pree-soa . - iattalttc balance of l lbI htste, tuall.tseopiaoo~a las. i 'uhittetsed ta:1 .n, ptlaed theoitaulcency of sl.d4 1ilBlltag'e t'st c,;pund Chtintne sltap beyeul pichia lot latter oar ring worm, pimplaesan ollhn e snu llrrns, Inn, truption, prlkly a pa, sad tIa I ls . ll the skn, the haulingie qualitis Lof lst a il slon eradicates. I is rescoltIendel ,ollient shavina euLpt or to' pound. Car gesJ. Smen, for beaulitysir Illse otr.tiw eslalt, resvti r frcklee, aIld tnparting Irrhttsllms asld detliisty to the somplt xion.. The ais aic sitc dla.ticlaio of * softl and white hndll, is wih laany an .Oqct Sf .onslderable tclerest. -E.iptEsueto,'IwI c.lissttl the net I face and holtad bi1inteUn ltosi m ur ard aned, sald the inve auioas ol mllae.rl a henistrp th'e bets rllrtdered. suhlsaerle.t io merely to thse snem. sary every. day ar od li1i, but eveo to itajlw{ and leulnatcies. o . " , Sold wholesale anfl eltail at 'No. ( 1 it house st. Prsee $1, S4t~tf-I L3 lar. l 'o sintafr se. SI phi., jrrlemh lu .sto ..c to - . CON S.liES..4 mt i ne (sts sstoot it W .' -ttlr i t A6ý

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