Newspaper of True American, April 18, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated April 18, 1839 Page 4
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a . tr itearitcty itmeod cp hva. 'IntJ; a latIr~ mteeost iuo. sss ttt inv iej ,'It ýý sje enjulletl\s of trste 'hceqeolittti.trmtmtm p iisnrder, or to creole .1l8a 8t:Witwgttv tliuntitrs therseeril or -_. ~ thin( beafiis the P)Ptolm s S the: tt beIpprece d. flo oitoeOfthc Toii fllrtt tr, hiave ee _duual co of tilte deroseu, 4 ,t; i pedrbov~svml t(ta: mieserteu by o e~ie modits., thire. iscl crer-t 4ttttleid to teulrenor. Ttteedoterr lb e opusoif tliam Agae, is very evil: ta, for I teet Winsot. teetsrm too mitch pretlate to s aitilheeeliittte, ced eperdity fillt Vic 'itch ices lit tvitthttrt The tot Iýi :1 ictitroei 'Ue .YS'.u a VslalO lbeI',· j inic i It e, ae s to e o it e ihiit u thtl t :-w i thBte iot.t enretitute ' nit n ritu ee,;vllcnl o licll ll MRi tare ipol tich s tir(io deellcd to t0i4tte aet reoertte osutnetr-d gecet the also iuuitmtah of tltsotmditine, that are lbily utTered nly hi DTr. lton IT. Row m', athis 4t4ilýtee oatre the oheererle Rcert ftitr stie Buote+, ' tit will ell bhy tie ersos., t In.lthF rior. ' T be hod t [retail rte, ot Aitain ApoiheoaP itii ci: JARIVIS a ANI)REt.Vt, cot- Ceeeex,e k 't'CeieteertIns cot'r ioutrma.' 't'citstlrru, i astppi LLouisiama 1Otel, "'ri-no anTN. On .MIARY "IIRKLAND rerpectfuilly ano . ouneps to her friends and the public gene. S Iftha lahq se pro ared to accommorlate tIem at nipon esstahlisumnant, andt hopes frim her I to render visilor comfortablc, to receive 18 40 oormer favor. Se feels coni. at persous visiting Coviigt3on during the anme months, Ecanot find better accormnodatiors can tforr themn; on more Ihboral t(crto. g . leWP-I.asetly situated, and well rupplicri itrh e'eareveaoienhet; the bar is furnished wi:t Le~gta. lce ligqlers, &e. in short,sIre pro mises " !. shili bt wanting on hoe part to give lirinf to all who. mray 1ratrouizu' the pand Lruisioana Ilotelt jr3 SPii U[lfEi - :iT'o uiiesraitgnr . viUrJg "trudiotdd -n4or Dr. 'SO)l.irdt of Charloston, ^r Crslito, oait for some years his aslsistant in :; ia n p tr o of mnriadicinro ard s.trgery, thas the honor ;, l4" aisr ptrtro ionnl services it this city. 'eP.c. .sae ladIle nd genitlmen that the mI 't e titartion trill Ie pt id to the culls which .`` po'ruupadp nial also olrr l his serviesr to the Itr , being trell ocquintreld cwith the . qnerrilo ri t ihemur, luaving attieded threm inr r oaisenuaq i i p oorrarrrston. • neg.lht{ bilious pilts a.ter the cmnposition - " osirr-S.leltt... citla. directiorns, can be had tt a.hunders aped. 'IThe oiltht which they havet S- roiea'ba]ed inr thiso odther cities, lt irbon utLrnded wi thtile greattest .uctaess, to wthirh the benst at renco tn giovua. Appl' uIt Ni. . 1f t Alugu. Stirt X JNO. 1t'LOIltNG. *ttL'--..F. AtOt) OO t Av.R t , liAD aIRtONrS, i.e. .'.r" ýgll :'Ai SVE1L \VWORKS COMPANY, N-. IttrvHaar Buchman street, Ntw York, "x..,riciv.tthea't".l.t season, ntd are constratly 'o eivtingl ligelnd 1xlonoivo addritions to tahe r lock cih th boe gpda, whiuti now ' r..ists uof rt': ' owing ueso. trluant, suitabl o Lr the soul rern and -' torwlupe..wr of superior qualily, coauisilir.g of client 1500 torap. viz, PtLs 15sa.difFirunt siz.s, fron :.0:8 t p gilongr, ."Kttlers,' size., from, 3:8 to 1-,1,litns, S Ketlei, 15sizes, fiao, 3:8 to 18 gallons, BItkp ras qr Ovoens, 7 dtfrt totl sizes, * Speid rs . (i :waglO b s fro:le 1 1 to t s3-4 ihe s. . t t-do. 5 Lot 7 lhchs. .' "i,~ d Scr.'cv, i (hll) grsa, irot' aal brasc, firo . '. .Ielh.l, le, 3 t 3:9 iunh, No, 21 a'. a -uerior flliy thd ftinsh, nd los than a],titoe's impo te Sa I.i frops, its, ured, in casks of abut .00 lbs fr S.apl wirag'rhts, 100 ti ne, ausuit.d lfrom I 4.4 to ..)lbs. ' ull.s for Plobtations, steamboats, churches s, &c. nalde to order, ". I Also atreamboats and other umachinrary rmade to i. rie ahove assortmaent of goods is particularly 'Ad . i i)endtcd to tIm attention of Southlern rai laent mnerchants, and are o.fer'ed ur sale at lowt 'rier" oand upon tihe most iter.l terims; it li beo. J " b54'T1 Le iroe largest and best assoritmet ever{ $ oyrptftp.. sale by any osu c.ltablieirment in tihe I ', by Itrewarding a request by mail, c,.a raope aprn'.td circuler, with deacripttottu ,t'godr,u pricessdil trmue, ('U- which no deviation a 0eve mna4e fi'rtoistod by Faturn of uInt. S Altl orders wvil receive immediate atclntion. ea'0 0.0rk, 183 . . '3 , WI MER!URY NOR COk'4iv4 0,sew. Urte.'ao, tolv.1, 1L':Z. j CJL T atno o'lth ago li od hou olttliatruu to gtt n eretStlinudoe, our,, Inch tlolI have lto lieoo to ·Ii re for a c qoure, tool tllett didouottrot ttuvo~e t,ttt bu ahla itodate 1 put tyoelf unelr thu care of" Ilouwto IUptiaaI. eat tot hiulls ttottuirt Itt. Sitter` Ittof tim thedifetsoRot wo'drt, so us tIo lrtk out it lat'gue tcru totitoathitter of satr xr eight otttt It tog, awl 1 over 0ttily-tatluu stre rtrroat, ao l ott obluto 0tusrk ot h pro rr tttgwotr aecttout of thw dtutotse; too uulttt to. the ght "ride of UIP tho'ti 0ru Pu. 1 oin Lu Iutitl sr}'el cpd Neatlytttder tiy c ur o r, lt tIo bje !0orrtestlut outule JuJIL\lthAN. r; fes'j'14 Iv " J'it IVVglit ilie abuoFe o entr:Luc~l 1.eeansa !, ýutn ell caet~dto sttt owt satitcliutjfu whitutl t i1 t hot·k Its. Iort1attultttuoueurrer L arus reCtlint th'tucdi _;" uij e f have talcbtt outloe atut fitt ", iln, nuest - t. ane81d1t a ll, eohut I tttiti Ittt f liuu 1 Ileoa to }ojgt ao etoluly to Ito A. Iltot, 12 Co Il Ietieot, eornsto I)tutpttiutuLunutu ubl toutitutut utuur.It Hos:fitlet oaobottto trat 'Jtt'tluutt, A tI, ututil I'i 3 Iray't oy oltto a ttttan dtor o ur ci o on -etsay one wanto Fob!, e or cll th utit tt -it ., let.Or huttt, I, tttttI 0r "' r...sntm oio ttttatu g theietrergth of thtroe oft ecs f tattttttO,,ttitle. ltbtttirtto 00,t~tt~ I mn ttl Ot"tto cu :i~ri~ta"i oing R ij r1! Ittdihnj as ellionoiuus ill cli~~ogi Thtttti 4sttlfrtatwva1set w itiuh Iastouttoude fieto oil {:-tbt~i~.aeeootti;ts htlotottao olteretor it ionlet oo :4'onet~j !{tilfulpea the"Ctsnfdluce aril! Icennnlm~lllla - - ot , otutttbjsootohre pllyoilolot., for Ithe ut iti tof 'e,, Celt tttUan ta IJoe.eidlo, to-ut of reot, iitlltoi o' t .0,d, '' .var oootpipotit &, TE 1o tt tvtCtnocrac. fThit it ho In oerb't, tt t-i harb't rvotoafu0't~uty ttroooouttru uttut (outi °01yvkir s otttttf tlo ueutor re.o uttuitu Ige 4lou "r. -rtý( ot~ aa t of ,ttttltutt'u i mtuu, 0 10,1 i to i rc1 '!ti go ft ochotsthemmthtttutfurttstutot the torne. ahb edel vaot n,,hiti as a jai '. I4ro 't~uai o I wf 4oeficiu f thie Lulina fir witieir it is re ; CALVIN EtLhtiS st. h lhohe.e of Itf hlttston Moedituti .Aooociatito. S-Doetoo, Octtoer dt5. Saety J.ItiVlhol&ANLflEkSI VS, to",-'' < tot. 19 (: -ttt-t t11 f; 1t'ttitto~tlto i WiAR'SScece of i 'eromnnalotr rft t ivitteood lfero leat thtuir WVrt-iu Acullamies 8 Cliatreo aroot, New t)rleatt, 1 ho ololdtutto ?4 Yoerkh,)aooltoiuti st., lbil ':ithparttotdoelt doutigooti Ito pritoto lo~trtor.aoui soohaclat and io calculated for Itrsons of oil sze.s, I dhsoaod genotlloso are invited tsooall tnd taomlneo tou frthenecs Lýiare giten at o houses at otto rsuit t ofstlo, and to clas~ee forttesd in any part o ha prefer tcao octan 'esatne at titeir owtu so " s ttaapeaig a*tn Arto of iaeruoare atesiredt * tt·ata tthaltt els t ohy -1! ~V'u UIOTII Mt. rn.i r,. .$ "·' -,Ispun '-O{titoe Gold Leaf . do trly~w o; M, 'e di th tttl. "; I, Wi(r itotutItAttrertto Errtisci satd Feuuoutt P~t .estasrnandrloualtirts. * tatutuow dot---iottutaeonauigatoett, will he ;·ceer4a a neqti ot drht t cAi t, otts ond e.iiju aeiy ` SCA'1Eei,. " N, lq Iti Ctsooton "I l.A rtttdootgs9esialitonn ef 40 i eandMisspi t 'allrat dtoant fhr gotls, ,,` , ag UC P Woatnosn. .ý' " from -tlirir Jac t~ft rep contsntly us flin Totohot nond I Ut l4*ttiNO i leo#.vo tthiolo siahe 'Ae t !mobaey shorpa nlnd 'irt ` dd~ittl~i.º'rtirt sd ýRdrltiala, Sp eat ota a tmJ -_s~lf~~ tSticrPac. PAilcbttS FOR- NEW YORK.--Neo" pounctually eveory sooond 2ondoI h eir etsmon, full or not full. ipOrleans, 599 tosli Copt. S. Scrsn ShiAJpl.Ihlmn, 474 do C.C. O 'rr Slip, 627 do E S )Dolni Stop ft rctogn 54"2 do IV flatiat ii)ay Ship Nanoliillen 540 do D) Jicktona Ship Koentucky 629 do 3J Banker Tie abobve rhips are of the first clnes, coppero nd coppier astenod, and having boeen Iailt in Now York expressly fLr tius trade, they arnC of ligha draft of wnatier and almnost invariaily croos lthe bar withollt aniy dl'ltntion. T Ihe cOllmanlallldli aill. i of great elprinielo, and the slhilps cil n al n as bh' toied np rnd dllwIl tie Anississipli by sltallloah s They Illvo hi indiro In *iicttnlrltird nccntcIniohla ao1ia-, nnil rtor otf thla Sect IleSCciIPaliaai toill taiytaYn In furnished. The'l canlin paog.r ei is $t' withu nl wine or liqlrn, andt there is Ieo liqalar furnistllod to the officclRa or crew. For If i'aht or piiiFcai0 I apl on bhoard, or to fI C AMIES, 48 Ca/m1 t. Tl e.lilins ro nt aoonoahhbli for broakage ot Sglas.e, iollow ware, nmarble or granit, roperage ol tin,or rulrlt ol'ironor steel, nor reoipotoaliblo fair arly package or parcel, lllleo l a reia uhI " billof llding is extcu:rd theielaor att the officr naf thu ellais. teovr7 NEW OI;LEANS An IBAL'lTItfORtE: LINE hF P 'A CKE ETS. This line will co.,.tl of tile filloaing vessels, whiclh halve been built or lairclllcd expressly tii the trade, tic: lhau .lianlnat., Capt. laier, lark -cMary, Nicrkerson, + d ["erry-, Iw i Sv~es+Vcli, I c nti Ol caltlu o rithamn, Brfirg Arclhtect, " Gray. 'aThese vessels arno tfahe first classe, have lianld nsonme lrnitihcd ,cconenlidillntioa., a- nl oe aif ia light draft of' watlr, so asto adlllit of IIitir ltcerivir l illlll dl.Iiliorgil.g tulnir ca r,.irn in Ilaliiatolr, ott I/a city. Freighlll aaiaitahtbela Tr perls on atiat (Cii.:oaal,.a0o or Janes' River, lnd ihrward/ol by thLa :a' .',11a, IMoscr. CLARKiE & KIELlAlGG, at P!aliaaaaaro . expenasns on gnoan ehataiped nill ho aaalroaindi whiinel carequired. Te ierice aof a is fix t sul a nillpie saores ot llhe h st qIa ly will bae rh rfvihh . a iaaal aittlind owa the io isiasieia a wa i 0ua l kl For tcaigh- " pacrcage, attllyl to I l-GE. l I' (1,O RD, i noi? 7 US Iheilie t. i R7 Ni1 K I ft roantara n tatN n thie I0t -.aa I-a e111 a.r aaiaa ctaaaa a iaa 1 i lin w l o an ilto, ilClll illll~ l~illeltll SIrl YII. (lime (~'I.F\··i~li., 1\h. hn. will a ',.oa o l0 a -n hips, v : a hip Y , .zo ta;a, ata r. li to aa v a . at e -' th 'a-- acaiI-ic r.aa~ alln Ship L, -can C apiaaaa . ' n. t, to Cao a lila i, a l! Il )aacoaLIaa. Ship t l 1 I .h C tat ia Waa o.Iu ., ir to lraona oi l ahit -a a tai Davi a o lntot e oen tia Too bve are l e, of the atra cla aopper a-'a- -lc a ndayrC :id ,1: , of Dll ! tll. I(iir~lhl' lt e e~l' l lgld r iiiiiri.a tl ilo'W D r bll ll it u ais. ari'lo a or ata liaatt 'a + In'roe ¢1 III ~l f: ij-i ? L':~·iS . .t 1 l i1U Ct.ll ll'.llP Jlw ir eail. (11'f .Itd pi Lh , .t iC!i h. ov (:,llt]co ve ln ttaplant atd itiard o in . ril a ot h -m, a -ores of the fir>t qialay wta-lie ploida d vil ry i"l r egil.,ard p old to Ihe c 81,1)' ll h hl - .-aat aa itti .aaaan eges Ih a ila pat aIt'a a ,l-a- , taaa l t b alt ll aaa ra -a un.a tilaaaa paid ltr at tit ' e ,,' t m ini n ded by 0 uai aa I 'a1 l~ aa-aagahaaiaaa~l I 'lianaahPa aIt-'~ I aaaaa tt~ll I ie. hor ani b le~hrs |,i' e: I ior 14" a g.kl~, wv~ ]7 ., : or a cre. i~ r h r ti h. allal)y ha J in ITN &. A COiHN, Sal30 Common at ol, '\ iRLl':N. 0 ." t Cii I .iiESTO i N Pa , ifil l ,ne 1, and II ahant Qt t si 0 ,,s ! -=. ,,n. witlh h lia SenlS ie te1irl' n odazti-,ls ft 1r,.1 "'e'l;so ;. T'ils veseld ,, d ,re sn: d, s sporlr, ~,el x,-r cn'enr , I i t, e il ride,+ I 1 o, i ~ 1, I ,. ie everI, at uts-cs ts eeec sm da e i;,' t i . '1 1:.I . ,il . to \ .+l I l'l l Iso . 111,, 10ih1 uu ol 15:h . f c.,+ r 'Th; e' !·iti. i', i vcs.+. \ll. h n..e 1,h ,. it io ,,: , St I 'C l 11I... ri. , CF- hi1 . , r ,,c .. . . lJ I '.iiri Ie S La 0 on;' Pacle.t NIi:ps.--T r now "ne o1 !-hips has bteen ex.r-lr it to run , ui, il v ports, and wil1 be foulnd of .table!, draft d" ,t z: acconmi odatsiovsi for I;, , is,,n rs. and Cverv enurt Isi!l bes lo " io i evo s : 'erl sasIe 5ai i, 'l he: Ch.n 1 k5 e, '15 ti m Is Capt~1..l e !,rins , C trolma, 4,f) do S Lenus i'.sl sti,..on, 374 do l ), C( surlts, anoa, 625 d<o , (( ; 1 lr k, I Seam,,,an. 219 d' .1 tl ,, The abovse , shis e all n-w, of tiohe ti t , ti s, coplper n'tesl tl" n csceppered, co'l : lldan , by t,uri Io great sxtelshner h,s,.. lsarsse Uc.c tur nlt wn ,h , a sep rat-, I,sai, s e e:leis; ,very ,tt- :nti ,l : t, 111 , ,,,isi i hS ut- ileri , n ti ts he very s , e, t of st Orce p1 u 1he- . p'ackets s will b-, - to,! up and, down the ,l i+s i n, d the slriroy,sc t pSn t' i y o et t i rvdd ines ei d I, n si l r i'n , o:s , r tsr n hi l lt ,, T s .su ! ! - St ill all cass n : ith . A ,at , i.: 1l So ' "J 'os . se 0.0t0e0Civ.s to a 0c c Oill cti s . s nl::c!l us p e:ctic:iable, io s rcet' atlu ol w.ird gmood, i, y s i,l iinil at tIlis m t nl d Cr. le cl rtl; g s, a l to aia a, , ll ex'pin-es o gloods shPipek , if Icrqs- , i The ah'in will lave the l.t an. il6th of evrv lonltah.e o or i Issg!t r pr ll , s e aply to the ialgnt.. J A l1e e I. SI "ii , 2 Commn o, o in t. sas . II.ti o 'els . lelcLe's Ilu on cl oniellreI.. to M i,+seo. A. C. I,es,b-rd & Co. •ss s-. . o l iitAsl, ~- , Lsis ,s ',r n w t5cs .ti isss rlo -"' en hourd chip (), Ormes. Engle. si.,Hhb~,-r, l',ikr IsIry .lns s ti F'raeo nh nd G, orman pla, y s arNa 1se vs. (00.mnn Ihmlrb-:; (0h+.vme n, s 1-4 eiad 2s si-t iis' sit Lenther nnl otier tr: telli , s Drtes sin e ses-: es. Pockel, Ahr e.em l', tosn l l ie tie Patal, : ds u blev s Ul sin tale a Irr , ,d GIr w ; uh e t ; :' ; S hot d l .ts Io-w le d Vitl Fl rcks; [;;vi f,)ttl-t awl 1)rinki++ Clip.;;, sireid l, ('cupCss md .,, ldHal If ' - lail-, 'I,- htl,. Tooth towder: Toilet s i nd hlo vi0 ,on p., in ;reNat v,, riety; long lhair )hruid, l insh't; and F'ri'zct ,; Pear, aO r e T o ile t P o w d e r: th n e v 1 t " ; Iv o r,' T u b C o ,i l ou, , e n d C h a in ' ; G il t a n d ;i i , , , li -,n d ; ,,d ia n , l e ,d s, , l Ul i u l,. iieO ; `lot) Twi,: 0i le < wd I)re i C om b,:w h cl h ,in l dd ltiln l to the hir f nm r lrm :k fi . I . ,akes their a.sor-is nt very' compill t, nnd will be +eh1 ow aud +n liberal lr,.s, at the si h l of ltho Co!,hrn 0i S uS rgi tr5:e i , eceivetd i were i, t ;ilP ot of ivr r:t , crim-i-lhx,: nf P 'cis t. sit.' I c, itn, t :,rue oinh I',ii",+: e tusi ,'.."i- tors.l:.!,, Ton s, te,. .,,. &c. %%!i, h the one t',.:, ,. I -"whill I . , it, r .1. s) . s -^ I:'s t se ( . i t" rk Irig ts; o ro pul'l . eria, e mii .es !,, wi rs ;, Violti; str a, ,,si e-ll , il iltn ios sos sitt 1 And Let'a ell; l eldl!;Ilst d ] kv. an.l dreslln. c"..,.: ; ,'L bl.-king: s llianaud tsoiet h - ono.s s I, - ) gl:1.. Se' . shl Itooie ; hilat in, :!, h lissg .:I 1,1,., s eo-n,, whi-twis.el; toilht ,o d sho.l t l owdir, u 'isa lie5 wash Ialls; s.sottsl Sdinss pjmll atsdsa sscrew .aashiot s; bties l iaelo ns :o neckJ:,hCo ; hillahrd ball., poc'ket mooks wlll w.dletls; sernm Sisnes. ; razor s.ltp; fine and common s irs+ . olsatise so s. s dscrs. gal ier.s i l; Ullsl ass t hes; i lAe .enls; drey ose. dec. loe.1 T5e -sh ve i-s sot aliliitll tO 5ll5 fst'rns st o 505 f r wholau le or I 1t)i,)) as the sil of the Golden Co+th), 7 NEW nricleforpersons troubled with din.-w-, s c alled the Ear Tae umpet.) has just bekn rsc,.s e, Sv theo nIees of which,-the sas lihto artiulalla m of the his - at voice i ll iv .rve.ed to the oar. Al "-i,, wo bas la ever sacs sshtlsogs aossesaaerc.c with oi vor. dai Isoinna asl a lt he futly aea.iillt os ilia difficults -sad eIss 1sserar.'ams.s a ejseptai eta-otsailly IhtwsAla veis ate,! eobli ,liidalelai ea unlielUsmtsst eliiwolct. Ily tla usa f it .. ll Elase Tcrampee. this esjsP,,te is etasicj asvisasei. T"ae l laiotI..t eal.aeeefhettsyedaaaelid lsstiellradaItotfttIk 4!li lst#ý1 Fl ,"oa Va!n l:1 tý'+Aif EY~siXt4* S 1.BOOK BIISNDRY'& ' 4 tethe Pidayune'Otlie, 72 C-ilp sat. -NSE1iA '& 11OWSON bei leave to infitrm .. .rcustomers nndI the ptlllic genernlly, tlag die.t imv remlnved their estabhllehmint e li Ne..72 tntip street, i'lltlitdl telyi under the utii.e of the Pinl unlle--whi they are preptared to .xeCcute all rl ers in ltheirlineu . A tling received frotm ithe North it h upily ofpi. Ier and naterial of a euperioir qunality, fr tihe tnitliacture of Bl.c k LookUs. thy offer Iltl ir rrt ViCs o ItielrbshIts Inod ther', who mayt wiush work or that kind ; and huving the ndvauiage of everal yars's exjprieor" e ill that line, they are elulidnt of ivinll sa:t ir'i.ltion to Ihose uhto umay fvor ith wit thei ir ust, m. For n orries, nrl:hitlcts and oithers, mn;-s and ;;lanns sil hie pasted on linen. vaniitlheld and irt ited in the neto t tlanner, & at the ehertest Ploil and fancy bi;ndini , in all its verietirs B l. CllN :\h;L ". F it\ ltit:dN th' AtitLt i:LhE .li ('anrre. sirriti, New Orleans. IW T, SEI.G.,ANT & C:,. mporters of French uld l·I esh u Chiina and Iarthen warce. nre IoLv rpeni·. w n, l ' r ild h ittl erns of', dnin . eTld til t nvies, t, i!tet sets, pitheh rs, tit' nid cul'ec - enps, lmt le, sugars, crerams, , v'le , Plai'. li-les, itteedsiE, waoll basins anil cici'o, I ,n ia ll . etc. e' ,!. itch cut mo 'nill F'reuch tnd ndAteltrican glas- I woer-_hless, cllhnmp ;gncc, lemonadi, jtIliier, mb; r,preerve dshseelerces, Piii lihers, Inmps, laip eahod and glasses, candle sha!eu, slt e e: lert, ite. Sliiterlplnted, r.lnzetd an britalnia wtlres --ne..i tore, liquor stands, rlke hnsleh:s, e:anld!lesicks brancthl , a ,one, Indles, ti , en d tot pots,ap ; lg r i crleals, :imps, ,alantud trays, astrl s;unid,i andi an-ine .lmi's, .nt' cutler.', German silver sfoons I and lorks, .gt ether withtith I.grutl vnlietv 'fricles Ir f lltlt - . 'Mltrchall ts, phantela l', p tle Is, and stlr'lllni) ls, Itlrnlished wl :h gods ai t tIhe tIl;Ft v eylt s nllale priu,:, tllll p ,lk d Fa ils to I Ie co ,veye'd llth sc I ly .t. f, tport ' l ih c. l ut , r). A' s.., "o· ,'sra... , l+ . ...\~....... n Gen, . l tout Moble u v-rv iuy at three -. i hk. p iti eer I! h u.nil heatt "i t r hill',. 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Ill tc , :, "qu cnl t'lll tl tim I l , unl in re t rec y . the il rel vl, t lt ti , . :it7 l the l'ow f ,r,,+ , ri ent, lirelyI ,IVill , I iil li i ]:, . ri- i i "itii Iiiii' ' t n 1 dirt i ' I iH,,-I 1.i 11, t',.'- 'i a l .t thel rl u:idl re ,tol v u o Il , dlld i lev1e',Ilg the lfacill:es Imore than . Air,, a t..nrai,, l no 'f iwo him e :t tce,. oven' thr :y i, 11 v kit evl:e, via P try , ar...i ! i)itiii, i l.ti A i, c. - n: al ,s1 rc..ub,.rl.; be woren i 't . a ib e ." I t i lllluoueN, i i' ,t o u ,0a i.e hl u e t c ',. n -,c,,la - I and I.,,n e--I) Iran, the (ii , "",l ,, cI I, it, t i, o l 1 ,:: I , M oi. li, I I. a rnd rl . I 1,I, tt ',. Fe ,r I ui goe, h r e ll un it lim e "I, I'h ,, it ir t ' il , l to i vni ;i!ir c u ittwuu l h \y tIJ - -- - ":'1 i'S. :! ' C')N to' (:o. 1 it v I l tha, i m ,:'.ls ls o. r' es t, ohe L ci , z) 1 1 New r (f 'ut r n as a techllr It the p-an1t n1 ie. 11r t luit vil' beem.It c ;il,)" 't , e'veral h alo a,,.lr oadr a N' l iiii1nlte. itll privail InIllIIIessI. I i .,'on, an ! also.t s v rl i i ii Ile -i nl i s imin It in -It's • vi."inlt , ca' mist bllu II ~,t to m erit their eoniti-hflnce. i1 i I ,, titi i d I, t te tr I totR DI Ci ,lt 11 s ' I, - l n .- ... 'ry, l i .ndt rsotn . gtele. i 4`,l f li, r.t I i ,,, + . It l' rrw)o t !l'l.':,, td I:Iic , ,:t I.v I to thl s Pity Io,. S.cit t P,,1: ", o 1 In actln a lll l il er l \\'ho les t'i i -l , 6) 1= ' sI. li e I s,. tl., i rt'ec , 'ivin_ l ll, upp It, ) , Ih erl ¶l t o . ,, : , . . 11c: t ~ 1 , I1 h1 1· Yr , i'll';, h tiX's cm l. to1it Ii h it I . 't I t t l ti - I I: wi all , 'r indCe.n i, sv such n.. , h.;. : never I e. l, lr" been ,.f i n in h O tiL. ,, lls i'lh' loin i- 1. týt l , dr y lenI; lim : 1, l i ns ,ss, 11II~ nt,,' wilt soon+) Lt. "11 , "(' ; tt, tl,1 ll s I c w wxeeks \ +la be rea.i 1v't tr bu-i ": t, ...". A 'I l e +HIordeio I,.. , Iho CI)II!I !" and. I ,:1 t pt;'tt a itt :tdtdt to. S? 'N,) 39' Canpt t l It.ETY S'Tllit|.-at t1e }eel of th,; ,zo|de) cotn:l,'11 ' Chlr+,:] ; stomr t. T'hr siherribrr, havre re V+il? cll, :'1,; ;:.!:tim to th'irprei - li in sto,.k )n Ihat l,it f ullt uL1 (runls i!P-:. n-Ctl li.l0tn ll of o iltv oI il t, hrir lino; l iz: roi?; +it- 'l tlii l ., ++'+ . \ ' lh'v, {i,'Ill ? Intli.g glaLes, , Llilll'lll j PI" ' II :+,,a . , :I ',)t] iý llmi; l* l n i +-I tl. hdl]OX :t'+ it+ ) ': lli. l, l . hell, i rtttIl- and n ,lailln tucltw:it. 1,.lled hab<Lt I.,ouI hlvu: l.drla ', si pmvcll }'0 l dlfl;lla d iil Xiiiiiiitti iition it'ti," v, h t" M . tntt o puttr,.' i ,1 eonv'-mbs of eviery i. . '-t oii pak toi.t'hr with . Ii l,.+ý il tit-u i l-t- i tii llfli1l IadJ Ilne Io, l (o I',I" I LI El 1--( ',t ne, I .Lnen hr, Flhrid,,, honey, ,; 'll llllti-: or w f1eI . s of ,ev irll t l td tluto s a ptt )al. c ,l i cknl+, sill, lly "$o i.n cat es I lltad , c C,l' lll l <i ) t,, ,-lllil· Itable ii" Id, I t&',, illll -.o - fn 1: .1 :: -'0t :l "rllt,,rri- and t l tvio, tooth wt-o J i\ L .[.| | 21--,,:t " ofthe+. labt't sld Iol st fuihione 1I Lin , -, sit i , tio i-L So" t t,, : , , htri i titmtisd, it ila! civ- ,ckle., * i!:, Atitor i-t, i mi.l t or c tll t I ctoiisi uuId ttw&r Ij;tu ir I'l li, 1lS-Cui th, hii iot iitti Irtu rt t old l ,ha,'th nthore h tile d -u, tcl l ru , ' , ol b, .t uil, lhand' ni t , hoo and S]'ul u idh l,)-lit. - u,, u u L.O)O)I-ING 1 i t S. :< -G:rtl. ' ,":- r ttia udl toilet r .o , ntlnif ing plalnd 'ench c dro .in; blnur's, Ihome dn, t, , s h ý aui,,h" o' o th ar kiw ls not ei1uo , late d. rl'ANt'Y AND VARIETY ARTICLES-French WILlAlnw:itcanll poltable t,'ksand dressigel. s ves++ome very Itc ud li y rv4ishd ltdies work I oxe-t dentl. s ,in;; ctss wish whet withouLt 1lmtusic', muI iel boxes, Ac or itd s L, la +ih- k vrl' ki, nail,]l+ sut , gt ll .e a itr and, Ielat,d },en l, atd ,rul-,lod ptnclt anlort.rIn ,+,lx ers -ald cayotl p ete iloil ," ha, llt, l. isol, t l s ,v ilnd v,'ithout e -.-,r i m ;l-onr 1',L ), pt re'l.-ai un l c ut o Fr' eln.+ nip le 'cl ew + er rdH-! il'n! ''it o t'i Ir ll-, ' hht+e kirq to y hro,', I lest 1 , r out btllu t to oiri lrttli khds, ve· ntitn Lt tiln, 'vii t rd 00, phi aing ciaver of Freui:.n c etiii. hox , s. -utli (,1" v itn:t kind swol drrns' Poneleg board, dic, opticail ;in , jewsharl s, lovoihto match ce on 1:2 olnl tS credit. B 1t HI 1 1( IS, & ,'o. d a{-1 (,snort roost. ,, } u i t !'. ' , , il n 1'. ) , ( :ve1 +. +I.:: ". I , -l! ,-1 ; -,1 ,-o .r- p-, ' r.,, t. ,, - - ' t 'er: tr: r, in c'.. . ,1',l hi .f -:1 " iV R -"E:ES & I)'i,A'NG. . '(., -, -, kl,. It , ,,,han, a, I .I.I...... N 'earo il ] u , l ankeii s Ill(+! . 11 *Rll'lFs tll i F, nwt'll \-e . ," reciv,.d and i,,r F:rh Inmv tie Ih.' s,- Lscr: I,, R(..+'.\OTTA & C,. 1o'."tr o o, ,ual alnll C Itrtres xt i, ,I i, i>, NS. 1 (.;, e str. .I, ietwee Duun:.Iln :ard , Philip, k,",e c'' 'tltnull}"+ on hand ln -x' ai+ .n tllnill o, -otL hilllt lhr . nPil 9 L:ed , ',c, )"New York mI nuif' turll fu mul1 . ~omen oinl i l oif tll ! ' % .;, I c !o wi ll d.e|pU e of S ,it ' s n q, q+,1nlanPceo rent npi lan ,,r will l . 'v., ir tises ul-,ded io L S :iE'JSO+UiR 1,t:\ \-IARIC AI.-itINA'L, O)1,0G.AN lf.-TER Ireveis ed :u.d for =be by ande, d rt or ti.t+ ,ott -. , int , - Cllaltitri* e n ETAT I. E LA LOUSIANE--Co ·.ola Pa .1roilmo pour l. paroisse et ville dd la Nouvelle 3)rjdans-L'rtat do la Louisiana, a tone coux que ces predonte concerneal, aunlt : Attendu quo Jama. Copeland Parker d cottoc ville cc ,,yaitachtd6 b. ue venta thite par Hewlcett ct Co a na, Rrncatlta.ura publi.e de coelttLe vllela prolridtd P ci.aprbr decrite, 'cst adroend cu Greflf do ctel lt eour, por ulna nvis tonlormnldenant ta un acto do nla Legislataure de oI'etale a louisianr, intitutad 'Acte : tinnur Cnelinmr les titron des aequerura neux vetlce te judiciairc ;" approev6 to 10 Mars 1834. Qu'd soitl conlln, et toutes itrsonnes intdrcsa6as onL par c a paresatna soimmd an noa de 'eta do llt a Lo Lisinane ct do l cnur dnl 'aroisse, qui pouroaient avoir dreit t na prpri6d ci-aprbas doocrte, cc consequetice d'un d6tihat do Ibrioe dans l'ordre, Io docrot ou ce jagement de Ia cour, ell var.u duqutl lt vnento a e6d laote, an t de toute irrogtularil6 ,u lld.;ralit6 dans l'catimation, l'.avis ou Il temps ct lei mode dz la vcnte, ou por une antre aeuse qu!colaqnqe, do faire voir, dails trento jour a datar de la publication de :ettc avis, piurquni la veeto ailsi aitu ,lc turnlt pas confirmlioc eit housahoguda. Lia dite propridtd ut venduno p:tr tes surdlts en. canleurs l d 2Lmo jour de D, doo.dr o l'and:61: 18:18, on vcerit a'n ddcest do ceott C. ur, rendi le I i 23 le Juillet ldu l'antdo 1838, dans l'albture do eVa. i Vancesus acracie rset lts rdanritersde Vanceet t Miller. I No 10,961 du docket :c cltto Cour, laquello I vecote Io di. J. C. I'arl.r b'est retndu acqu.dreur t pour le prix do $11,700 pcyable de ti manoaioe aui. vantio avnir : 1·I. En un b;illet de J. C. P.arker d la somnme dae bSGJ t I'ordrn , t nndosan plar Joti Mitelc~,1 prtalnt la dltt du t 28 ddcomb o 1838, e, Iayable 1 six ,mois. bo. IEn n billet da s,,sdit J. (. Parker do Ia m!,mccs sonne, . 'oardre do elt endoi d par le sndclitl Juh Mitrchell, do la mutic date, t payakble a doene I moas. 3o. En un biliet dic susdit J. C. Parker, de In Imomae solnoe, A l'ordel do et endossl par le su.dit Jolhn l Mitchell, do la mmnu dlate, at payable . die. buit mnis. 4o. En un billet du susdit J. C. Parder, do lIt *eomcm de $i650, a I'ordro do ct PldOsnd par c sus. cIit Josn am tchell, do la memo date, ct payablke a six mols. 50. 1En u billot :u susdit .. C. Parker, de lan .lmne niUllllne, l'ordelro d :t aldoSd par le .·lit I Joli Mlltchell, de la memno date, et payakble douze I utolrs do. I:n un iilet du autlt J. C Parkeor, do In mre haoomll'le, Pordreo de, t elndOsed par 10 susadi. Joliac. litchll, d la mu6,edale, tt paytble dilsuiit 70. ] uan lbillet du ~u dit J C. Pariker, do la ason ale $6.30, t l'ordre dcl, t endoead par l1 rc~ iit John Mltcltl, de la titnu date, tt payikbla six 0a. En it billct du susdit J. C. Palrker, do I.l manllle, sllllloe l'ordde It et LteIonL.d1 par l eusdit Johacii Mlltclll, de la mcbo date, ct payable at doana aoii. 9u. Eu un billet da susdit J C Pairker do lae miome solulme, t. ,,;rtlre do tt enlldls..d par In Csu tht Johm ilitolicil, de la mIac.innc dato, et payable a aihxaluat moils, 10,i Et un billet du susdil J, C. Patrker do a sone i $650, a l'ordre die ct cudor par lc st.i dait Jou Iitchelll, do la ieac, datel, cLt pIayable six 1lb. ]ci uc bilo't du suadit ... Clarlcir, de la I mlelnu solluue a I'iirdre doet elldntrii pacr Iiu bu.ldtt Johi alcicc.:,ll, doa la coine dlate, .t jcaV.ybiL a douse it o ls. { l.e. i: un iflet d anusdit J. C. Par:icr dio LI mle lno SOlulm e, 1 I'elrdre ( . of e dlltosat. liar 10 s1us~i i It aloeI Jicl 31it hall, dc ia ,c ate, et lpayahht e dix. 1I3. :n a, ildlct du cuooit J. (C. Prttkte, d- lt solt111 , t0 d 8ltli130, ia l'tardr'e die e t endlel d I 1 r Ile .,*. dct ioiU Astch'.1, ti l' iutiei d tie, 1t payable A ex d 11. El tlI hI.i et d tI o u. al.t J. Cli, Parker, dllo i. I:·UO OIIIIII,, ic c UalI Ilo, tc.t eol.J.CP p,,r e I:-IIl*iL .o Lchn l I3 . i uol , c. I uiin ib a c l,, c i ii ai Ih clln

loo. 13.t un billet de : n-ddt J. ('. P,,rker, do t! Jo)dtn 1ll,(cl,'l, doi {a II /ine dtt., ct p ya to a < tl. . Jl,. l a u l hi dall 3. t i (o-tl t'd . . P]rcIk cUIII.' d' |i 1 {IL L t il hcblt l ll - te II11.1 r 1, U sZ (ii l a 3l .t ,l, d . me date, e. l a, abl a 1ii I, icc: tillt dLi aauc J, C ParkI. r, t i: l nIU*I: l, , , /t· t'ordhtw at , cccisi par ]0 stn.iid oIoae .M ,tll, d me. datei, et payable a dinze I t. I-u un unst d exuodit J. C. Paltr dc i. m niem sun; llinel a ti'crdr i d a t ili d p.i lell t itodL alcIc htll, alo l i. t Ia Nio dale, u poya'ie a dcllx0t tooues--tt'rant tonx.cmble lat mediqte: hunltin do uh.. : a u lie., hopt. cent.. iia trts )icrnrptin dot, pi.ttrii . o dcpr.s lo'trasc. . 1,a. I', c rtl i o t deucc da te, e.lt0dal e ;:1 It2I'tu.t iib ur ,.u ko t, ,gu6 i ri N . d, .,t a di Gar os tr:..',. 001 e p r~~- le:, *o.,,, Tc ole , tno6i,: cccl t io, u 1)p bdupu Ilo outs-:, Ii btr rl ig ue para:, ,: 1 0h.'. tet: I.:: I he d aIl p. a. driv, l is t apei' attiaIl a tu b uci , txc.i . i ,..r i, N o . 1 , rl I ' {It bompre iieo' L, . tuis, at nici'oP at alt i ; , tic e I de th e i lUO .'[ 'ru,,e l St oP , sur ~l 10.:l 1l pi u deil irfliarcar dcc l e uheelct m i ,leiii l a tituti. lom .i t ,rtes ns a t Lot ]vatl'on, etq tou. lelrl\,lt, tsy U]p'uivdgsh apar au , ,. 10, d I l~o~c's d {',t~e {.t Irat cii'nuu, Iitlii c0Ii l~iiil dI{ l!cd~ li-iaiu'iiccs ptzi,,it~l:,a I i (,tel a , too i; tlhu cigllt: lace l'3it uDel utt.H~c c ~l]l[ .t~tons ct tu a le. rol, t ol r cv a jo t ccc.iirll 4,. UIn utn, lot do tel're Fit'u1 danrs stldit faubu rg, P0, i;r dp pir I, No. 11 at, 1'tiet bur, [ put , o..ot - I t rattlr 2 itts 7 po a d7 ot otd '.l·r i tli,: 1 :.. 'T'tml5 aa , uIlr l' t) leds ( h)d pr, th i'rwi tr lIs ln.g s p r ..l! tes, t l, lr urt - gl=iai ; n,.sumttle tout:s los 0e .1.o raton. et tool u t drr,:!s et privoe cs y app trL 1ao:lot. 5 , I.1 arotor lot do toitr rt ilo u dts l s u.ldl I Ilul.aurg, dIsa!gnd par I,: No. 12, t:.0 li.ot blrl,6 par .: . d4 ,0.s mi:n, et toorottrr I'oencigouoe des rce Or. t''omo eL tlo.j min, meourant 27 pitedo trol 'ouc a rt 1 1igloes r tie to Lt oil St . I tUIU;s hure cotl pletdt do Irouf.n.lour it do fteo ht la ruo Ill0 j otlli, l te Lt, l O.lrto altglaio ; eneetUII oblo ttutes I, an t6 i,,rations, et Lous ler drolts et pn lvi',ges y toi, UIt lot do terro sintudo dans It trmeo f u.t "tgo dt:iouio. par ir N. 13 do I boro6 l ar lue I)lll 0U,,: h, oesuiuranlt 27 llnoods, 10 pIOI(rercl "1 Ihtires dot foe t to ! ruo o.atnoUin, so" 133 ploeds 7 pi es rt 4 lignte d: proluldti:t r, tiltre des Ilgeor Ia.lrtelo-, to tout, Io ore anlglai- ; o tnol0ul u toutls It-s aullioritooios, et tUoo lte drotts et privi g',r ye tlotoarttlrttt.ll Aoy-i quo to tt ot appoerLt do plat dres.d par F. WViluinson, d06umtoo arpouteur gd'dr~al.t dt ctot. Lat, dttt It ofi De-rtebro 1839. ant"e.16 to un acto au grrelo ofa1.Vlham Young J)ewis, loto to O.t.omt jour de Jalnvmr 1833, 1 is susdits lots 6tant dus tub. divisions des lots Nos, 3, 41, et unCo partio du Iot No., 5 uaioi quo,il nplprt d'o I)lan dresd tar Clls. F, Zi.1pot, j pu1I vonyer,d.d to -1 r4 16vter 18tJ, et 10n0rx a Ultn act,, tUo gretl| do witolll Youlg Lawis, daoi ie 23 do M.ars do io mmne annta. Bureau do GroiLer, doe la Nouvell Olio tes, 8 Avril, 18:;9. av10 J. OLLIEI, Dep Grollier. TOTItCE--'The prtnorsot ip of -iietv, In. s -n &Co Itof New Orltran ; i.ron, tlarri- &Co., of NItchehz; tot Itonto, Krrioller &Co., of Iofodney, na i dtissolveod 0l0 htole t onf attv bstl v tole ttllh ot -t nooul o Mtouon, nte of tho parthneuors ot tftirtrosl. The oiodersiioed, 00rviving aootnere, .til te cltoto d With 0l9. tilldht to dlI Co it t .lil t llSitr.s a Idlu ;: l.evi C I Lt 'l'l- , ill ntll'llld llnl he -rtllil-. o lthe bll(,il ess otf I-so, tlatrris. t:o.. ot Noewhlro; mInt Ilrri, Hel ev & Co.. ll todnro oil tl Io rv Kellor' t twill tot(:lli or h 'o se'tl;.o the ftoi l in o Kt t u llctv r -ont li& c , ti !N:'w {r"almi . T .i: ,i e m(·,tst of t[oe o-ocroo0fi rlt tI illl 0, l,":I i ll i, ln:ioe il llt . Tlo-, e i':-- l d ltor ', i l .r olltoo c r .tl l l l ll.ohi ) Iitl - ;0 ,'. rle aint . 0 0t l . llllll to ll thoo, t seo ha".,i , " il 01 ,." " t doth t oo- da 1 itlltt , Ji: 2Iooo l , ali t r1) of ain h us (s nlot e olrritrt c oto I t ol too!lll h, 00 oros o dt pl nt t llotc 0000. n,'e m t ren I I , nl ,.r!n, ! a ls n ,l L, rll n, a ul: t, o ,) p.,l er, fI a1, nit l aotio Naltes te i it doreo t~ or- ol r -ndy, .o -, o. to rr aoil to : - rOtent si 0,!.0 0 ;0 u ioio,:" is io coeono ( I t o 00il 0 0l,,au- 1 in ih~s cok , ulary u o~- lt ot IOro.ooi S i!,0 0 pl a l ,l is r 0u0r o:I rol r al. o I , 00 i00l 0 0 o i tio" i o -e , ilt oIl0, l ontoh uS i tor Iroolnd .ointtS. l:" I.r:s s.ed, " r lto to, o.. fr, ieO too-t oo . .,e alld rot.tll ,ll orster. I-d bot1tmnloo leill o e, ltlloto d, -'l itd, o o laudt onlnt e. ilo l . l -Ilt tl It Wil hall r t eI s be is iv rcrtsn , al s it is tIoo illly, too ri too-, o adtilhn 0 ,0 , h o ; t stok, lerge a rni.'o als a ot ',ery trtrlt io retally too ro t o tih 0, l o; tlso, O.O.itr rd fruit ire, ,t of all ki or,. 'taor potblo mty rely o0r inartg a ltl ais. srlm If of t't ry ,orolori In0 tooe r.!o-I-i 1 t o I ge. , .1 ioe .nuloty, aorod ;:tpourte :,irioct ,yo Vto ag.t tt iNN. thA ltoItorE --irho ioat otpitoto, htaoono ion yt esvt V hliotd ir vtrirt oltotoooitiOetorm 1 oen 0 t Ol-eaeo t, is relly to : e tyir th r pttih'ro ao l tot publit io o geotorol, hy slo cle t dto or retail. ri:t s no-t io.tto tohl, an t'it quality of hitort.pettooto sperhnrooatoo eur roouzhl Ito t/Iis lntoor. '|hlo gentletoot eCloohvtott l toos o e toolt thoe mtototeoryt to beatonit otti h:ad ot otto otrotivo t eobtliartornt of thit kitod ill thurope. 'I hote di-ttood to ttll to the eotaor o fNtthet tutd To. lsno tttt.thloal thall to poreooteJd !olt a taip k.otdo ot" aoo$ otayrlht netittnyowla. ttktiorye. ,Ioa .toootteoeoaollt Ott t;.-a r Royal College of 'Physicans, Loaidbli'. I 1 iH original Vegetable lygein Univecrtl Mcdi Scine, prepiavl by yW liskin,iEsaq. Member'l ' Re Ro'al College of Surgeons, Licentite of Apntthe cary's aUolpny, Fellow of Bolt Court Society, Surgeon a to the lioytl Union Pension Asocintion, Lontnster Plice, WVateton llritlge, tod Perpetual Pupil of Guy' andl St. Tlthomtit's Hospitals, L ,ondon. 1 This valuable medicine, the result of twenty yets' s experieknce and utnpurallekldv success in the extensive t atnd highly respectable practice of tile propricty, :t ro nised hv the licniltyv tlnd ohility, oand is niow inoti lcd i io tle tlice of Iltl Alneriecan lublic, at thie eattrnest so licintlion af a ntmllber olgentlemen of lonX att ItdIi standing in the profession. It is hoped, as it prelinti n:r stlei, ito check the evils and oittlal conseiluences arising irom tile use of the numerous no d deleterious nIosltrumls Iilsted ttupon the Iphlic by the aid of 'Ihrihented prooifsof micaeulols prlle, land ather frauds, hy at set of IIereL*.T tun0r1inl.hlllled pretendetrs so totUlly ignorantll el r.tatdi ictnciie, thatt it impossible the monstrousi det oinetlt aniy longer go down ' itlt the intvlligent ~attle olthlis countriy. T'lhies pills, mild mid agrecublle in their nattire, saltoild lie kept iI every ftilily in case, ofl'sutiddnc ilhess, fil, byli their prnom;t ndnlmiisttrtio, cholCtra, crlallp, sp Iasms, Ie." '.s 11n 1 other :ltlnilltg coil plaints, " which to) ol'luel prow: thtal, unery Ie speedi Iv eytlred or i rlevletedl. In fliet, till those who tiable giiod li;altl, shoull never be lithoul them. 'TIhey are tsol' ill puckets at sn centll c1 tlual o each, byi eVtl y resncitv' tl!le Idr·lgg~ist, boiksltler, te(i \ lndor o medicine in, ti, United iltei s t I I: (:aHlclnan, with lopious dI'ctio ls, l.togelteritlh, csitit o. atiois iof pto'e.sionti ibility i'rm the lhlf illg eminenlt gentlemen Sir Astley CorpSer, . Aberlewthvi anes illumh I1, M. D., \V. hahck, .1. I)., J. Aon Ky, A. 1rallptoo , no . )'l., Illa o unerols others. *'h't oi-illns may Ille Sn toi l el I oi.. thei (General Agent, by wheo the mteiinet is inimported into this oiutiy, iinlg to i llu alil t licios I o lrgenciesll nmu1I lie nldie i' JI(O. IIOLIlEI:\, 129 VaVerly Plae,, N. Yolk, Sole (i nceal Agent for the United States, Efe. For siile h applintIent of the o.igitni n ieproiteo. hI o.'oc .ot lio't. Ir tl, 1ltgi-nI, t N I I ic t street, .eneir AgenC .for St:ntlee of Lotui, us. jul vj pa ILY It Iota' t i co, anti quame sttruttru l ntlllllack , Engle, a l other i t l ltell ritl llls Ir n h : therll citie. ;, iltrge antd ewtl sele ted Iassortmentlll IH.i., Boots, Nhoes land I rogniIs, l hnslt iligof g telt ull tll tt'slitle eliif and ctilotrcno ntols do .1a lctliy; IiO huill'ld and stout wat pegged hools n nvious qnuilites; meo's line culf s:eal mnd .1loroci, Sih itpi's l c brogans, u1clll.lki Ishoes, blrogansl i . tlnael s: men'silte calf and kiipptd pegged sihoeslme I lan.s; do lboote; do stout kip anal wax peggel d shoes Sell I'brogans; getleeII'III s bst I tlilty c:all.Se llsi shoesl,. I-cotans e:nd JLack tlonin s; do calf tudi Mol'ooe' t t.klesloes l tle tlbrogssl; do ellr alseal land P. a nllO- o . Il.W liotg ia sho ie ln llps, calf, ttinttc llt i'Ol n sea wigs ealesarticle; do tile call; sed and morocco qoun ter rots; boys',loisses' ll( eh;hhWen's egg ed ari:td Siw l L'.o:lls, amt shoesl of evry 1tmlii. anlid kir.l. Also ;i generail l iiassortment of llln's shloutll wax nild r." tltbtias nl shoelt , together ;vidt 1(,0K) pair , b s quality, rsse111 tt hrog sil Iniled in lht *Inkls, ald e111 pressl for phl t:ition use; a godli l :. nItnt of men's linle illn slant kip russlltt hlr.a ins, I w a t l, ;1111o t1 1~g Ie qunilllllit l iiof inferior quality iadies' ftin cll, ucld nt, morocco id. grh|n eits, utat p-1p, Sole shoes; do fine f Freda .1tr'oen aoln kid run I Ilh l kilnds mi ulll l llali Ls; do sin I.brogans; on 1i , toieu , hitii nii ii oli ort ii led Mtn'* an lit i:ituiI iroI 1 ulaull hoofs, k\e. 1I ors, 1.wil geu t r I sor t Ie to ' b. s' :, :I l 'I n's this i will hc rer hul ,,,.,I by he ;u'i' : ,Il iokt i ickailrt i ih l 11 e aild ti s :dl of iihibih : x;;lit ie sold on neemontoll dali I.i% -lil I--f l i. ii. ii . t 1 111: T. -: ; ;. r li , iii li:,i ,l 111 i lll llll l , -!, IT I Il ti. ;itl ,tliii itro 1o 1 t i II tll! i, litll ' I ll t ir ' il ·i, itt111- 'liv t .. . I? lt' ilh : "i', l :p ' l:l, llt iii , I 1 it 1 i llc ;, . ti , . i , Ll . . I t ir a 111 ; i, .i l 'ni, illO,, it T it Ih l ,t"l. <,: i t-,o , 1i; II all' LI Ii inhi ,n t IIL, , itil- it, n . I : ,, .i , i ht , t! I of I, I? 'I ot ·a-I ' IIi, w . . ;.{, l oil t ' h hI,;' o Il l- I r -1 o-,l t "I .. I .... nl , i , .;.lll l w ofl d :, .'iuii'u1 . . . l cr i- >i i t r ni , iii l'v,-iiv i, r il, nti t rIit ,(' ,b t . - h l m, Irr, m'lt I ti,, " ll ll l tl IIt I' W nb, 0l )-m il dill 11.'l.t . ih.11 0+ ,f ll o'ieI'l ntl arilly cLic I rdi, ilw l ll u l ln Bil ,r e d; i,'hi h ld t 4 I ,,' < :l0ithil ; Ihh t: i 11. a 111) l li llll3 l h n 1 ," obvi n cI - SI i let:¢ , boldly. Sol1, !"v In1 5" ('=lr {'+i1 1ll1) 1l1 i :(nor "olrs tnl, ll llll. i- .i.. :[ 01" t't;!'..I ITO) "\'T 1|' l. -;.-.\. :,,. t.. ' -) d all rt l'i. rota fr G Oh 1'"th , " ,,I .r&, il Il r, o hals, tll n Irn. : i m t. I f ..'.' i i.- I: i t.c a c u i. . . i, it , i nl c.. . II, c,: e t hc c lt b.hý p to . .t. .. lhP lims Iof t he n(.l, g to :,y of t1.h, whow C l -:l t I ::d irt-,- ;,, b t<) th0 ' i hx. n,..v,'r fl;le'd of! I-:ket it with ildpunit . I: c tengtl l'lns -h o dli:. ,t" l'or, th- i n o' , or ii ob.l- i te cbi at e , ' i wo I ,:ll c a to cherlh a curo. 'Tlhero is leither metcry nlt ic tlcc in t' li"c e l i i. . , tc r ally c hictc i l' ltucui'c ito the Lhe t:i. , co i ut.'n. Tor, p rlrctrsc;-b,' so e.ll c lnt'tne-d oI tiw lflwacy.IIh.'t lh. y l.lray lo rI fbod the prlce ofu very bottle l whiti ll a n I cka c in actc rdanc c . th thile dircttn.. and has ' not cfi;:ctc,d n a pcrlct ctcure of h. j 'ev'r & ague. A. OLIVER, o!c n.rct i br .,c (hclets, ut his wh li t.ic andt ll rc tail d Ihty and b nc:t:e lciire, c frner of lo tllrvll io and 1 1tic t "il 'elt. I I 'for llltrit cAgeciies apple to ,il.5 T. 0 W . ''l i 19 foa] . i st. BEAACtgILA MANISION HlOU,'i, r 1AT r r e s ~ aib". I lie, Ml I,,v :d for . uour: l' thif well k.oun,. a.. . -ito 'war, Ih n t1r l. ,%r tilt lillte L lrl.ll , mil [be e1ad. to Ire I L-)N 1 i' Nlta /rn, u o tl e i,.l ly : is vrlIni I ie n ill c ie 1undc in itle t'icr, .'!c :l tt I- l I i c ,. tl, -lll . o s, .u u. ta tw ,,l! Ino Cl:' riolnl uolts nlll ulhill[ h, [l-es will h 'll hll tall a l;. warel b I ,- .lol I' prUtiel l t llll ll l ours. 1 l.ull I . ille ar . lt'hd1 to lth b"ll ne, wi tllh gi o, alill ol .luntda t II r lll .e i al l cI crrc ,xes. li 3 rati rsl andll ll lrtrila s will also be kept Ioir ire i at mi o L lertlll prices, nolid isu bithit wl.loI . J 1, lll l thIei l till +o ,o lh d 1 or tv ut to i orlidert, twhtu. ith 1arlhril hI ley lwil tle r0 dd to e r u .il e l t uo li and thrVby l" ", laca llr lalils "*:1 v ae or er d u nho o .re too wll nl at P n el u it lot e Ior.r .ft unsul stU of the A, Flr.d. rick; Iaruard, hl o forrmerly ket 1 o0 pils lal i ron;r h te It \ i tl llPl t condtlltill r he lt fhrI i c ot i f - thie prtoe sonr, uao, th such atid'emili tll ,s s tIe Vlll,:l- P . f llent ?p r, Uilti hi; frii .- l~ln(· oeljltlly l they will t Illl.l l .· ile ry illlihl it el r Ill alla d thC nllf v -e c ic. c to g i - c ci c l b t i -i lt c ic li'. Thlle tloal m dwuvre alln i' I ih h . ete I a re l o bt.ll I kInllO. to leel d 1, hngl, end de-t rpli Ig 're. Tolrei facts ( llll. I ll f I Pitoh . Iis l* ...l "a lt? l o hl aI ht u of filt (iow'l'lr , 'll c ge ot I ll | rculdleto: r5 of . f i hl f Bo ll + l ! -n II itcc-ciccccc--,cc T -1 ]tr:lh, o j ely its (cUtlll rollb fshed il, g.htl; dtr tleI lf, o.he , ol f thaelo' .w!, Pn o , i h- ,' in er, i-h .I" , wi h icll c lc," c il l l la l cic I'lc hi:iclV 87ic i 'cr , Ca i cc , i ti ic cit e 'c o richi cc ti cIl he. ctc oi ,rn tc arket, cc l e I,' c tce c'cc ihi .r, ltciiocla lr oIl c tielr otillt in cltil.e c c a citfu as r h t, o t i c c cchliccrlclfl -.Uc l r ltc e P nc' .,ra. i: . h. . si ill rot Iniu,,oio l'ry . t le u d l h, i sro arll oil' o . I a nll i il h, n e i ta- ih, lldllP i " l,,: sub r broh, , lt o h. t , intl, 1 e J ri;,. ;_i )' licah " oiilr . h . falr' on r e ro ol i i. f r .i l tir -cmilt;, at cit ,i" t ih c pi,,r. n. . i . 'n r , ,.t S ir ic ccl o !T t.i ]r, iln t e' ,i pi.tlti it -r, itc lecc c Ur I T r .tllr , Ih , 1 , " c (', ,cc , c istc lc t,' ,:c , c "f per. I ., ITill n v, jet .ohe ;c oar, of ' Ie ,,r , 1ecg pin, , i I' 0,- co e i .I.,t, kettl'o ra , ldo m- ,l l t+ino - 1:,t ng- i, :p i C.iact c u'iccc, t or`, "e Tr: brasIvrh , .,,rot on latii lhtlt n lotrihh fll,, iao icrc.c,.lcc Io ,c rthi,r cchctic,..rrl l t c li cccs, rut.'i Lootsitil will co wl yv rti frI'c e . ;:Ic h.i cccci ti e -c l icccccin, locihc cnd I' oic, c-c-c ,cI otr dncr icer i.-r Ic of,ch od tic c i iI c il.c onl,, ccoctcci.-cicc rie -ub.;crtcier cc ieo ti r le' -i c-cc- s cIn . tc L '>e cce crs trotc -bile, inc c bu. i oi o fcilure of the ,c c ;ic e, N Io ActNOiiT.. 'i'cr s Ci* ccccnt C ihicccl t,.ices Ž,ciie Mo i f 'er cts. I Nllt :\\h ' ,11'1'II b CU., re.- .ifcill icnorm 3l their !iciccis and the piuc lic in cen-ral, tdha they oceculcy tie cew rick shcpt, 219 Tchiupitou.ic ' ireet, Wheiri tley keep cccnslantly olic cacd Copper, Tin and Sitcet eroIci are, of every dceitcipticn, scili as cuppor stllcs, kectite, cid p cmipc, lhic bath :tg (ir at cili , n i all i can, c.i c11 sorts ctnid sacccs, anid all atihcr briaslC-a eaeicgdone at tiorteet nictice, crata hlrcs ofi' eecc-9 daecriiitii l, Siclh ac steani. coat etiarups,' bog cihailcce- screw Loltc, an,] qther khnd ofsoiamaiiot work, aicth cs, hreecl. ce. steam pipcc-8 -.:lt.y wiill ciat do all kilcds o.f ant dctr Wrat,.i cat- s ic, tmpsja r oa.t- i ti, ..i. cccndi guc,,terincgI 'Tit.y bavs anicd Allt other kinds at wcrk Ac I helicie of busine,-ihey wiltce9 ciiiacte at thcii cir tuiicc,[ d,,c'7 JUSTFPUBLISMlEI)FAlfOlSTmiJkorkPLJ LE, he Fith Lditliownf' ROWLETT'S TAILES OF IN'Ek.T NT: TO which is new added an Average 'rime Caleuli. tor, or easy methods for finding the average time et stloage, notes o Ihand or hill of ggod, when anlu' hetert sat'tlif.,rreet dates, ten btiTeruts crettits,.ectl ic varioltutlollnttt1tiSt; itesideatI useful ant complete anking l'ime 'lIale, the lselt hut eCu be enttriCved, or that fi gures ali psa ltace withil the same condesend compass, and -sie of t pie. 'A atcrelisement in thehook is in nearly the follow. 'Thie high distinction this wrk has reeceived through the tell legilative acts prefixed to the title page, is a re cnmme+d:.titi in itl; so ulor mimnon,, aud so eoneht sire, It t nothing is necessarry mosre than by way ' of ad iertisemrmt, itn ivta enandaresd vitw of somp of its pe-. culirities: li fer instance, t ith Interest eompals. ei fltsn,ad enlata i 'redi with, what i, s etivldettto foesr'-i Iteen setsel'e:ll lle ltione, r.inl. ill tle preiassthilt- ( rfive timea, and prited trom t-i enltype lllnates tctrtte-li tlliltytv-yo timales, ronm n'a wlieh it must te. evident even in tile skeplt;c (e'. eiallv on Illu I.e soled of!th. de+ ual~al + riwlnol'hl Ilhe 'prrl:",te) tttt t l teethk tola t Iee al i mletio=lye il d'lAlile, wlld inl ol this ltt' 'lien. . i rntitlum ol 'tw o il1o d I all lll "nlty dy llthtse, is loW ollr el tih.y ll (w dotectinl ,of, I r rlrol'n. ( I c,. ent in the pr.'sl m ora, ifth ediio,,lll a9 exprrs.d it th,, preface, is clnks fr,-s I isel. h'taIII tillstii' ll' te ti.a r e'Ito1" si llse the lirst I jtiliiiC:ttlll illn th e seel I';1". I llle .f th mlost ci pi)tlenl fIrnilnes oftie tables is in tile t r's epinlentt of Ihre 'T'ime un Anaonl, wlhelh fre .+xpe'titi.nts, rll'rle, ' tael p"i s1t i 'esit tt, with hlle iii el of the side :ailr h 1h.× PHIIII{I| i.. t :Iti ..·" ll- IsaIy' ti :ml Itts . 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