Newspaper of True American, April 19, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated April 19, 1839 Page 3
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IH IISK.l -Ill0 Dbit landing frumn "steoa n tru a V Sion,l forantle b I. I)lliEY. told 44 New Levee i tnY' IAO .- -4 ml icaf ii ator, ftroale by ,o'f 3 m)'L ". IOR1'II-4I Nenw. leea FURNITU1RE! FURNITURE!! J UT received Ite Lolisisno Frnittire Ware I •blte, a large supply foln Neis York and Bia o n. Persons in tio want of furnliturc wontld do well to dbi,and select their art;ils from one of the lIest and largest stocks now in.the city. WV R CARNE; - i " 5. Bieaeilles N B--Poiftielar attention paid to packirig 'and ship ing Frtlnitle, fre lp ofoopeaIIO_ _ . dl-'w 170 COUNTRI Y MEIttIAN i'S. A (iOOD aflnritaent of sclool lad nmiscellaneou LBoioks. Also anpuply oBlaonk lBooks, writinrl and letter Paper, Quills, Ink, &c conslantlly on hand and forn Ile o agood .tnna,lby ALEX litWAlp, mar 18 49 Coamp at Ti BHE BENCH & AIt OF EN(iANIG--y tle S author ufllandom recollections of tle Lords andl Coianons, slid the Great Metro olis, ie 2 volt. Nenal Malone otd oilier tinlcse of relaullll by W ii Carlcthion uthor of traits and stories of the I risl pen aitry, i2 vols. Justreceived and for il e lby m2 . A IOWA II, l9 Camp st • .lQC(LATIE-.5lO alnl fluxoa reeiviiu fe-- to lon S oll per ship Coluillnianldf forsale by m2') . .IHAII. &II BROWN, 9 Mgollzine st CtANILES4- 511 boxes sperlu candles, just recciilad .lJ per ship Orleanst, or sale by mlE4 1 ,.iALL & BtIOWN. 96 Magazine st IATEISTi4 I'l spellilig books, copy books and .I sltsca and for sole by mnl4 t d FIbELT & Co, 24 Chartrel 0t " Pb;llt OIL-1130 cuiks wimter aod nsuamer .noined StlermnOl, fur sale by I IlII)tIl & Co, april1 134. I Millaaile st f)ALL EOPE-11 0 coile, ofnic ra-unr qualify, tir 1 aile by " ISAAC llllilt & C,, Sar-.1 2 - 134 Mlguzine at U) ACO1-L3 naits hanisi cnd aides, flr tale by S ap 1211 .0 IlllitttE, 134 lMaglz.iac t BD ACON SIDE--150 easks Cin.:imtnli cured in Istore, for suleb . (t IOl(aSEY, A.,pril 2 _ 41 New I.eveo 00AY-iii boles Northern, lalding from slip (tan H aInt, for alo by '.IIAL &. ItIAOWN, april 2. 96 Mllluille strfet 1[- IN.SEI 0 Il|-- gltiil-' s i i; store-as o isale -Ll by StAIL . B.I.IOWN, aplrl 2 9W l Mag.zine t .OCAKUMI-tlII lales No I, Ilussia, lulding hloc " LFshin Gaostol, a ond hr snlo byi april '2 tIIAI.I & III()WN, 9G Mlognzine st S -Ar I W tANDt.ES-110h boxes la oul tallow i CLaodles f.r sale by I Blltll) :;l l Cio, lar 2l •11 - nltglnioc cl LAS'A -Jult lamdi frotim Pittli.hir, i0 assortment if Jan, Viuls, Ild lVilllllw (Mlliit wholeatle ad retail, at II IIOrNNARBEL, iar t Car of Naitcez IId' rliopiletiitls at .AItLt tI 3--1111 Miluasnes tlitrltlia ill storeo aiid or dml0' o by .t It ( tI IlE, irilt 2 3w I:1 ... . . . Ir l a ILi lltii AIIAIINAo 'ilt ioll a att vie r Ft april2 3.1 Grvier si j HI- N-$El I-- i-t'E-tii lltiltS--I lid i mf loeaitli 'fulotllttr tlllltlic seat its 0 trial to tlit Ilail-ce, fo 8s28 by A1IR11tIIA M a I'Itit li, pr2I 3.I ;rniter to )>), april "J l ,r a 1 TRIIi4R,4 Irvierst , I I OWN IOOK I Cul , ly's (;lanuiar--lrtlie's cookely |lolllyinr ' key tlo l'e l l.e l lllllI , English I.eadUr, hbmUa.d full bolonr \VnostIrochtl' Frenchll. Orl 4 nllli4 r 'Weel l' \V.Waslhillngtonll Ild .rion 1, Lutd's mned h -al poc)ket Look r, lenllltlv '. ml dia~l:i l pocket biok ll hMason's 'lrl ir-- t ' kt :ki bl'- r k ,llg bok -It'I'44 ' I ail ed "+4"4. 11 A new andlll large sppv of thlle bove work jllust re t: lved and op4md li r -e ,IIon od ter4 s by44 4nl A A'oa nr, 19 Ca'In lll st 1` O}' I'CE OF: 'i'w ' lt II .:MAN'S' iNS. Co. by AT a nel ting of rhue Stockbhblera of this institutim. Snl tile first illnxtanlt, tie filowinlg gentlemulen were duly elected I lit o...u..... if il i ll tio: It I 4r44eet, lo llholly Parker, I I, SpnnGe herg, Jaues F Ilig oe, I I Kilttle. S illl llgbt lllI l, ea + li A W Ilaine, I Il, ernett (C F II .,y, JIN y,.4 o N I , tI 1) S II 1)we , Samuel Stewart. l Andat am leeting of lte IIirectors hedh i the Eve A.i.4; of the 2d, i 4.4t,,, i I I 1George Iilldfd I -was ele4'led President. 4 J , Tratcv, Serr. llru.y, pritl . Ill -l"+IfJ 1f1: L :) I N';I"'1't .iI' I li t..\N ' I t 4, ir4,4 c '" B ,'lord,', r It II 44ru4,'t, A. W II adI,- II I. Ilh siln:I 4l SI ,,, Nlla.1 N I ,r NI .I) 4S 3 14 ,% S li.e wll. 1 '. A I.'Ass-1 a.,lh , s D )ieu: 'tea l a:llO le suir do se Condt~e co lrant, [ con l-' c Ihdlitrl Olait nollllltll Prisdlt t A4 ,t rttaNre jl A.O) N, &I.. -.11111 a. , l 4l.- 13 11 hIb ls CIIr,.ml i ' -i 101U +t, Mess Tur,,k, lIn r Ia ' " l p15 ,TmI'I rN AVI , SigH vier t S AI-AVANAv St i Al:lt-:17 o.. I - (In+. 1 III. ... lle 4'I do do brown do Ian4.li4g. f1 -4444 p'.,9 44 .34' l¶ I rII V I V, 7.1 CfItlp t 444 SPIENI)iD LONDON litIOKS. hi II'ith Suprb Nhe!, ):r .n lx.r lrts M ILTON'S IParauldis, illustrated by John LMarli,-.. View.s 1 the Ilinulay ,'a M lunti n, in India. Select illueltr d T'4oiorr1phy 4 of London. l Minitture elas i: libranr, In :. t vols. )Ro1miarce of 44all4r44-Fl44 r44'4 44lie4s The book o r 1(.alt-I.'s do mers 4t o By4ron Andrew's ,-es4as n ll4 a ,,lr 4ilill4 n . i Byron (Iallery4--'lhe I)ilc 4 by Mis Sh4ri.lan.4 Cyclopaed4ia 4 of p,).l.r k on4Pg d l'Te hokokl,'I' 4l i. reh 4 ll44p44l nr4s. And a vltriely o '-4p4 enl 4 nd i il4t4 i ls, .lllllll, s and works ol a and litelat .'r. Cr JIa )Cl4 ' Co," . m29 otr St Charles and Contai,)ns xts RISKKEY--hanu Ierls w,.hi'k'y, landing friom W stelamer 1 ,sli4 44hr s4h IRY4 SINSEI(I) OIl--. N 4sks r4cei ing from Ne4v York1 pn er slipll iisisspi n it1i ir stile by t 4425 0Illd IA " Il4OWNil4, i il'4I4.4zile i4 .T NNESS. EI TI A II t'O--7 hhId1 tl a i'i l ,11 I li J. ty, hdig titnl stelintb(,al t IIIml·tn eL Sale bly t VENISON 1IAMS--2 4ll all l 44di4 l44iner lV 144erior sale by AIlIIt.IJAM TRIEIR.1 anpli __- B Gravier 1 1EACH IIRANI)D--1 barrels hld prach brLandy, J olr Ill(EAl) & IlARSTOW,7 hlick4ll e lle NICIIOLAS NICKIEIIY--Nos. 7, antid !i ulso very intere tg buoks,jut r4ceived;fli4 'Pale by :017 A 'I")\VA|l, 4! CauIll4 st ORLEANs' LIi'i' il;I1Ale 'KINii OF FIC[E, 5I Magu zine street, oppl sit llil:ks' A\r eltde. W GREENE takes pleasurll e ill 4 4 nnn4lll4il4 g to lis4 1rienll4s41 t44 cit444 n o4 New"..(4 Orle4ns4, th4 t 11he has alt lengtI b4oughtI Litliograph44 onn it tpr 4ith (4pl4r4 I4U4to prillting, a4 rI 1i4, m !44 444ilitie. th4e4 art hus over corp44e r lto elnlinvilg, lle can execul:le nI orllderg entrustcll to ile at oe IIehalllf te explles of egl nvillg and nlearly as cl4w4p as type £ 4 prI4il4g. Mercha (ul ldngl'irculars e nut out in th -ir own hand wri t 1ingca have any ,lluatitv at It few h ours svtle, uIh s a has hIereotofre givn en eral s 1tisf'tion teall h oe most respee ta b conm ission houses in this C rly. (iGintle ell i ,sirlous l ingi Visilig our lusi calledin at hle ilice :and see lspeciui4e 4 4. Feb. I, 42149 N B--ilunk notes neatly executed, and circulars4 printed at one hour'4 l0ule.. JILLIJS'I'IRATEI) ebbilim of Jaamon thie Paarioa', l6 e1sfraniI Enlgtiainee. Memsoiso of Chiarles Mlathoews. Coionoedian, by Mlrs. Malllseas, ill vola. jt IrOived at d l l ts isle by ms r 21 ALEX lI WA It,. 49 Camp as IUNNY BAGS-Il0l Ibales 20 buashl gunny begs, il storenand tor Ha a by all J.'IIIA'l ER & e.n 7-Poydsnstreel NEWV JEWELERY. W.Ml BELto ICbsrlrrea stresl, has this dyv receiv ed perFllip saratoga,50 dozIe Anamelled IBreas ,pins, whioiet 'il Ie stoired Illtoi tl re or pedlnrs cheap cr thas eder Rin ic ,.thrsd' inl tist ily. A l)doseis 'chased Rings fall , 5W. togellthr will, 5.agresl va rie f sj ea ill Gill \Wot bk, onooiotiaZ at IIerllor, Iniogs Es' OelnslnnlS, I.oobells, Chains, &e. 'Those in want will do woll to xinelli h Igrea gross el . p.S. Old Gold and Silver 1anted. Il NOT'C"- -I' heosbieriber avinglsollgbt at auclion the Apslhrgaey stoyrsesflord fmerly by Willutn };vans-Tehal' i Illf P t, rppl)0iio lh..tll-gatlo o market of Ihef~d rlulljeilulity. shove tell tl i s --b egs leave lie pldIe I san in Ii cos qtr Wtn tpu4e rd sl tll o na t 1 an jesediniaes amnd ebsltetis It55prepstiol en bp baisi ,511 tanliV there, r& pIhlisispresohjariplisne-pIInslllffI, 'lip Jsav aiil Inihti '' O C;L .- e ,;spsenrtueroleip exissting belweenl lha lietIaoril'Ls, ualber Ite firm of Ysrkb Ilrotbere, ass dllsolvsil by il,))IIunl rolaesle n tihe 7Ish Febrlary, lllR lThe nnmlnof ty, Orll will be used hb Edwerd yssris. Il uilntiun oa Int asliirr, E YORKE. PpliP11 PYORKE~ . DEPOT OF CELEBRATED'WINZS. -ONr'PANT'LY on hand anld. rngiSlrly reuppleI Swith the inMoat.eelebrated wine, wartlrnted pure I iqpbrled, Cordiole, London Irer, &e. • RIIIENISII WINE. ., .. SOld Isteosnalld rein Wier; grteillli'ger • Our Lady's Milk; Johorrnnioerger; Rnldrhinldrei Sparklil lrcok; ' Domn Flask, o "18 9-, Hsrkleirnse, 1827; Mnrerbrlrnmler; sGralfenhlerger hlareeren ieinoe RloinliI wine ni sesr S - : I5Ollr DlATlX W INES, Chlltenn Margaux nrd Chnkeoa LaGltte; I.anrose Leovine; Pulner Margu Superior St Juli er ail St Errlrilirtr Sr Erreil e olalI. J ier, e sXCellet ble clar.t A row loalfhsoghesrlo of S!rJ ulean Modas WIIrIII~lo~lrald I1'~ wiNbs.~ur lerllitarege, Soll'ro, Ilrseso rld (Graves DEIErT WINES. Genuile Ls l ,ls l Iortnllr llg5lle 0 -llscnt CIIAMIPAIGNI WINEIS. Whit sand Red, rillrv nll! )ll Ide P'rdrix llIllIN I)Y WIN ES. * tRomnnee, ChanIbelrelri , Clus dI Vougeot Nrirsr Sporkling llrrrgtrrrdy mar Ill E 'G E-- l bbs lanldilg ICr l. . rlln blllllt rt I.tlliol for bGS-4 b AHIIAIIAM TIIlEII, mar 1|| 31 (;rIIvip,' Pt Ill 6 31 1d:'lll' (llU lllI I - JIll ' ' r~~lH iro rrl)O '.d lrrriolll L__ -'. Ihe followitrg goodrd. IIAT'S-lol0 clsas moleakF silks, as . , 1a r siz r 111n rhillr . l110 do bestNo dld o h 1111| do dr No ' do do 100 ens lesrt No l, Ol1ot.'I oies ani brlIlilllO. 0'd iltrvrir, aor perior article; 511 do, l11ara drrt .)1} tbl 15xr l lllc. Illutria 2111 do lack toll Whi:e Russom; I bldo MIskor rcovee anod ,eeundtry tlorOd I kr at k, lune ri broad and unrro~w o do All rlrlkso flrililarty I&s oil rl (rhllelrlrei ; rdo Cllildrens silk and Iks sia llli s, I 0i ' .05 Caps--'ur, Oter, fri ,Sheal, N'traO, MAslral, antl Iharr ,Se.rl, iantlrer dozen errae. Selrrrle . Cl.rh Itlrer--Pie kie k, Poulilsh Avril br t shrlpe, rolt rrrp, rl., e's Iorage, Mlilitary unrlresrs do I.learer Ilongnog. hildrln's o oncy 'lorbasr, PIlaid snd Vlvet CaprS, Irrel,, Irtrerro.. Srtoeks--Sltr,Silk and Ilolllbsz ier, ol tlr lle lotest rtvlea. I)'mirelle --silk andll conttol. . tlilirry I'lIrrPs, rilerd ilk. Silk Ilannlkrerie lo-Pullgae and SlilolfirlI.h Hanlld hl es litr altiters worod cnrser , doeolrle for drr g(Ird . TIII t vrlre ullol s ollpriro . Iltr,.z hlock, .udl( .11 fl thle Io tsl llrronr, oll will bIeO'sl lL l rtlrvlr ll oi ooeeollrr:rsr oodolrnrgroror"roo' Vrkpnn vllller, witbl I:llbl end charges Oll New Yolrk pricesa. Theb oollbrcril.eers ill Irlke orders for osdll lerll, wo lern llld '"er ko I trlork, Osr Ire IIrs .e ofA II Iloosilp & CoI. Ilat Nllrrolrfe tllrerr r ew re lrks lltl re tke, nrd rtl rl r r l s, ihl, o rlolioe. (ie'rllfoll nod Irrench II saltoh loItIght. rIr48iss' &.I.O Naval, Military, arnd Fohiunbr;ll Ilslerrn, oxehange Ilatel, novi4 St ( ulllrl a I hAnlRCH-1 alld hlor sale1 hys ea s ognerAdI.. fe I Il)WNh96 Mearn ivrst Ai A (;AI{- - l ri s q t l i i te (o1;1h11 V i9 r T ( l" 51\1~1113 slOrloo l lgllrl ine 100 /0 1 tire") I CI111 f ll. 19ae1+\ ol .. Ir I Ingn ,m '4t l A III' S- I n ,h t io0h' lreIlfo0 S lu e ol i t r ky s 'IIA s Ii. & 11 9 Nic SlllJr 2 9I lb g ngnhn at 11911 I;I CI.OTII N( I ) 1,1.nII Ceses, c (,,) IIn. n I* it.. |I JI P ssO-l~llrlr·11 Itn Ing I'rllljlll Slli ) (* Illlllllllllll ealv by I crier, w l will(dlFll it r I .m n t r s ar N:tc. . . ... . I , n _, l a .,st< TXC } A)J l lG r O tIlol s le llto su'ailleli,;n pr e lIAII I N'r .r3 or II'SllolG,1V Mrl: In.r R 11 A111N1) - Clotl Cl a(11i l - I J . - ', 1111 llIl blllsol l l1 rl, C anl es, li ndi f lll i l, f l u t n hll nelllrll tI l, Inor 23 i aaieo 1'1' 2hl 1i1' t smb 0i0,11 Ib i Mlr i .1elt rs,' of i ( 11 1 110, AIt I t t lllr lll'Sr I I ein l lllll le 111I i f l 10 ( 1111 5111 1ku111r01 1 111 1 1 a d111 G 11l11I 1111 r o r 'tII 5 11111T 9 1111hn1 1i l1t t Sl 1 1 N9 F Ji O E-In' T1 oN ·i I - 11,111 11011 1 n MA m r27 l ItulN~ltE , 1Teopn Ma=zn t i P N I I )sk i \ TII lity I Inr. AIN (tll IlandS1 i f )1 1i I'Io hlhllon1f I r jII ll I j l I r itJkIII n II lytli IW l L 1. To 111b Ih Ill'91. 10III 1u1, by Jl lc I with1 11011lb I I g L Ts ) o ll T lllT uIin ,.J1 11le -I n 1t d 1tro 1l0 im r N I Hnond , biter 111 ' 118 1lnrI b rh I A0i17 111111r b ihIo Fl rtouslo luhs or 11111 11011 lv r I 1111 i lIl'Oll l l , 1r00lh 7' r Ith nrsaw h i Il'llls, 111i'n 1 11'r,, '9 I8n99 , - 11- ,pr111 I r9il'i9 11101191' Iil ig a I t11 , 11"19"II 1,)1AI' ;: 199 ,et +h~b.. Ij 11II- Iltt( T 9111.'% 9J . I 9l' 1, 'l'll9 lt.ll t i 11r1, I il ll .lell l l 0 i 0r11h . 1,1 I , I:I I 1 l l l t I f'.'. * I 1i) 1 ,1 1 . 1 *010i l'lllllllll 'I:. ,111 1 0 ,lllllVll4ll I' 14 I hl'allll 5 111,1 0 o ' I Is'V1 I' I II rllrI I l l' i h '11· 1 , I 110 r \'. I'. W A I{ I """ -% N( ;i" ': .,1 I ' " N T. " S i ,llhlll ollrcn I d L . tl I 1,.I 1111 991111 Illllr llll i~ 899 I 1V 101 oI 115 I, o 11 110 0olls 0lglst1 5l0lo118r11 'll 0. 10 Ia . M. A". 1 1+)9 111, 01111• 12111ll:M'IN -A .\ kull llalge -pl (llaPoIoIs t·."IUII ip 21 Ito aln~,bl'~ibr l111 ,1)1111!*l I1 Northl, colllat lllly .it laved, mu.ld i'ur sole to ·uunrr? · dcul2ra,' d pluullrs u the lowest ta.-lo, JA.1 &18 ANIRE)\V2, 11`1) Il'I r :-21Iltorba &i laorlrttg b,,ots lb ,,rl,,,'rl 'k"pioiInollalll' ricell odig front rcclllnen Black h awk amt I nto sale by mle? J "1'I I A:3 1 1, & Co, ( UNNY HAGS2l5,cr 1011 U u BII g, 22 "_' 1..2sol lol I Illlll.F & Co, :31 \Ii I j Ci 411 iingoto Cotdt-,ltol ,ooooadffrogyy V.urk, iI fill Bruce of tcrr uutriur do uble 11·odd Curds, for slldeby do'naoro LO' Lby IA VII) IFEIL & Co N Y S8,liolacrs' Ilull, apr4l3 24 Chartrca 'l TI Al IAN toin ilr smallle Iei.-tIndian Sewing Sil, flor ale by I'ETLER1 LAIII188A, april _ _ _ _ lIly F L111'tI-l 01 Gsrlo aupaarllllld; ie8 ido suo ! l bt saleby ( 111120', april 3 44 New Levee () l'UTE 10 kIl gs suIlb rior r Westlrln Itl.erve Ilol Liý er, oir solo by l.IL11SF1, pll:lll 44 Ne Lrevee U I II BAGS-3, bolas ill .ollltt' r sale it a11101 1. Wi E 11 1Y, 41 New' ,ee S 2hitiolga, for 1,11l1 by STEITSON & AV I 113, (11 1 n1113 _ _ 81 1)1 at~o lu iI,,,a,,, IJ(FLI2K-3Ollbllgak I~i~,Cir IlL f pllrilar Illolit Alin (i1i1 bgsl llooam Ido IIu sale 11i bovurobls brltla ill tlol II allil hoeYr.o. A1,ply t STlLTSI'O'lN & AVERY, april 3d 881I~verA , lIYKEY-28 bbl., Wlding arom strum ll imi W Nurmtonllsfur stile by VT, l 1181 tb t 1111.1 ~ ~ A 'rIlFIEll,31 8tvcra OUL1 'I'S CI b 10 artrl sixes re or,,le by SIIL.I & BROWN, 111!?5 !Ili Magazine i t I b. I11''112 1112ANri-7 ItnIr i, lling fro,, 011111110 V luldolr, lot ,aeo by AIIIBAIIAIIM IRIER, aprl I 34 G(;rvier tot \IIJL)() Ahl) GENIUS OF 2 1l tUll 1IO)II'RIISIN I M ora Philosophy, Dlneais of 8 Uo..) Cl r, lailgtinag oflNaturret'd ath I asdins :even buolrurld Apholrismlls andI Iutsccllnlullrus p IlirLs, withllllr l , &. 'I'Iwhole mIllknillg ITextlllok FLor thile Pbjlaolllpr, :)loralisl, S80111,ma), loet aol he I Painter. - I'he piriIf the East, Illuslratell dll i Journal ,l 1, Travels lbluaslr I ,,1ooli,dm iug nu rocotllul ,arisd by 1) Urrlllllrr, ho-q. Just received mod fur CIIII. Iy ALEX. 'l'(tll'V, 4, Camp 1 to /LII1 2llA15KllA-.1Ol d,OzelIll0Okbbll i' l~l odeilt, V. brr aole. ty LEVI I 11.42, ,t aprl 1 93 Co1'.a sot, i A AVANA SUEiA 2-227 i aina wlhlitel n140,IIl I U bala I. sulgars, latding lfrtot hooloeo'r Wrptick, forr sale by S & J P WIII'I'NO2Y, a1l 7.4Campolst OFEE-!50 h11ags 1lsit anI Iti , f R , aN 22l. 4logOtl'~ ·s 'n VALUAIBLE ENGlLISII WOlRlKi. N E4'I'UN'S Priltlilpiu, ill two volues etN riglt'il Cammleatutay on Ncw'tol a Prilripiu~, inl Ito 2 vala Ie Viral'; Porattical an,,d StioaieC 'Iircraire oa Cttlctritjoo in Morturs a,,d ttatnls, Il 1 vol. al Saill'a P,,,arotan of liencr, alod Ali; emahraoig lit II' prilvielpl sciencesanld arts; lae metlrod ofwtor.. IM In tn wen~d nod metall; and i tmiseellaneous ficlec tips of usefl anid interestilng Ilrocerere mud exp~ert wantsa, i11' vole, withl illllrstrutitve engravings. SIlaltaa's Mltlal.liteal 'laalt a Tab llontinng t1h1 coaa la al, bypmrbaoll, and Logealia Lagarilbtha. Ala ,II, S inbo,'I an10a10, SecanalnId Versed Si,,aa, bat ry, paatinl I and logarilbllla, 1 and Ihe colllallete 1es1ril ard tiol sala sae 1f 1e tlables. Sittplto'a slDoctrine and Applicaliorn oa IF'ltitro, in aole. ForoslaIt WM ll M EAN, a1111 1 rat Caalp andaCoal1la mm ammm- m ia . ---, - . .__._ SIHPPING . roa Europe. F.'O LIVERPOoL. S • . Pux+a eonly. _ _ The new fast iniling shi, 1)F.I.H1. Copt. ".]. Crorker, will have iltnerlisailtrre ptch. I ,or pasange, having fin1 ntc nIIIdIIIIolt apply to . J!' \I iHI'NE¥, opI 16 7;3 Cninup at FOl & LIVIJl(P( I Y Capt. Chlild, will linve imil eilnletiP d initeh. I+'or lreigh~t of31" 0i holhe olllpl llnt ige, a ply to l{to(;,:lLS, f1ilia YA o," (o'ri SJ &e J 1' IVI II'I'NI":Y, plll1i i 3Culp streetl The ] I In fia c nling lsh ip NES'I'OR, I CopI Alolies, will rr,:tive iliiitoilhlledIh!+tliltch. 1u or ul hitc of li-hl nr 3ii p t. to iriil . . I. H IiAIR,9_ . ,lC_(oliuonn. l _ ,'tilt IIAVIIF. 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I +' w ill iiic t w ith Iv> II h. Ii - ill , t hillgh IIi r ,if i .,apl~lyl., tlh t the, ap i n -it lll il marl d ,IIll Olpei I + '+lri tI titulrb dlhig or to n!1 S' 1I1'SI' .I.N &t AVEIt']II.til (Jr ivhr-t l-lilt II \ViIn. ' ' l'-it elega shitp i llt lilll PAN, ('u taii h S.1 li \\ I: nlu, will -rPill on r heilm, I hlh, hli t penx .mo. Iler uocnm wditioJm~ll !,or I>,l~n;. gel+.r l, or t II fe fir<t oider, nn I everly utthulll nt will h. p Id to tlei " ( rlon For freig t oip Il :47fe, apiplly 1i to ltil Vi'lllr, pll cite theill. illt, or Ito I I'E'I'FIL IAI liL. , W , I _l I_ ip r I) l i P pt rele ,- P- lhe A | I. and f t coifhin hnry ue I.AIU ltl:N5,. (;. it l hi ,%ertill. will hlive hnnie y -- l dt.+;i It'l ilie l des at lo t , i bll* h v pio t, hllingill lihe g~reater part of hnc cr elidl( tengagied. |*orl lma t,:,rr of I'reig~ht 111 litlit. i. ll ll, ap ly "o 1. II ( 1. ':, 1i10 Fit I 'illillO il -1 Coastwise. FOR IALTIMORE.I .iA., T I' first r ht6 lac-arr.hl-1 sail(hr F':ultol'e or a l ' II II to l II i Ii , lI' 15 _:931 o,. on sI t or rl FuR N1 \\ lrIlK. I egular la. Ie t for .lllh day,'.d iut. Sll ii.s' Line" g.. "r ti Sew ih,- ,n lb . pa cket 'hii Al A - I T('I\ON, Vh d 1ttler v, mr eIlr, will Fail on Mon day oa,-nine, 1m.! 'in' t. , li,,ll., appI t,, 1 , (Calp.. o ard, ier ,low t Y "g atnble it rkel, or to \\ l ( I N, .. , 1 NI-\ YOIK. -I.. lalcket of .Mloodn vn:d itlt. ,t 1.ois.nsrr amlrl "vw }'r/,i l.i ii . 1 -T h' T I allit -n l h rlli t nll 1i'k.I 8 i noi II 'ls (I I The p vk,, ship Svr(1 Yonr t lineha. uy, willor '.1hw h e l , ,-fh ' -otll h q u w,-k ,l ' s t rip _. I' Iti II( L il 1r.. 4 Th, _.1 c m, h.b on ,r \ I} II- K, (tnh l n , I. '111. 11 llr lt ' 1 11 J h .i S lllll il I .. I t' - all h Il l hi ('n I 1 1, sore I. vi ) phIo l ti p ,o rn l r,:, ,' f l iituh wl l its" fa ,, l1 , l to ,Il, J . lle \ I I' p , e 1.,a lit II rh ' I lm t'll \ IL . , . . l ter cIr a ., For fr ,ei ir t ol illF l or F r ar11 S ac e l,, apply ho S iJ I' oClh, Nl , o at t ll h l . rk l, llrt.l I _Ii t a. i a- f13k ,nil! i.,' lbl -iin e . In iin V t - Ol._l & T Sh ItiAhr IIO IIFA.I C apt i. i.x h n H el, III. lhai e s I t. i r r Ir . ,-- nit. , I,, ,g g fll ll r+irhl 11 1( fe w t ,nt o f ,dII* ,' [ I y T O I t,' J IF II'I'NI'IG73 , 1 Il pl tII ( Il l PI) Ilt P OIe llln Its Ii t N EW Y IIK hl, I , i t I l'e iir io " IpI'nir cl l I IIIV, i |n n i tIiiA iiI III fi iilil Il Fil r vhi ii, . 1pp t o SR r ine I ' witin Y,. . 1.l l 'n l I ily Iin :fi lcun o 1i , r r in Limi u Idh lon r lrl di f i- t ( E)all " - I, i ' T ank"m pnlacie119 i 'ii loii It in I II arIo I n l IIIl ITh e IA N .vI llul ilhIN .F·li.ltln II'lA O e r wu , 1 I n'l . a pnil mti I nt!. 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Itar LIit IfI ad ' I \ O & IIePA I 151,- II aslll :iY)illiti' D ,,"O c ill letter pa\lper, file 1, u lt n,11 n i ' Ii Fl lll lhe 1,rln . 1511 do lihtlle oet'llri l post | , 50 d. hile Io or 1.50 {Fn nnre nOi post i 75 do er lined pat d 911 I d i royal d A It f0m0 r F'u ri o nlii .llillhl Ld ii F i rin' ltbllI nk ili i n I lo t I *All ofpnnhilhireoi t,,,r nill .fnliilrlyu e tii ' lluli i d llie r . l,r - iib Islo iw lt c o s e a l c ll I la l ln " iud rlll . l `t r "riiii ln ulr ii'iilV l, 4.'llrlllr' Ii un r I S ICI ul nIW 8l. n,11 ', r ,ii -lunui nri rr- " IIIi, e minalirra , " C1 Ita.t " InOrli.i'lll eiwdtrr dl Iii i.l B tlhim IatIilo di-n, i I'nlralted hi Irmn. 3r, q. Iopoe I. P a- LO N nouvrier f Nw ea , receied Ifmlm th N Rgl liLttp r t hlease ?I the New York Cre'tIK •71 t"'I ml I crrier St Ch llrles & Col mmon se s l" - 500 1 : mLn.. -1 c! es I Matonny ang d (i ngg U " 1 lre l l m riRini n co lee d il tl , Mindin SCO .INI n'rliin *b ARFin ni IiTa FOR THE IN,11 l[0 E. , 1rrnIll 'nrr o ih i11 ew Orhn i. "i 2 I I W E WINE- Ill qr naiL', nitnlier i ri0ln, ii f, l ,rr rr . "ui ill. r l" "l sl I II S J HALL i BROWN 96 -agazine a, . toR NEW YORK, " New Yark h A e. Or"lca. Line. A-NEW INE ofplckels Lhs been eanhlished to runl beltween Nue Orleans and New York, to coll~lInlol'8rr V flrat rlae Jilip., VIX: Soins St. re ip, It WV Foster, master, " Iepulteane, J (; It.usell " " Aeler, |II P lureeyt " - nehieh t I'i rsg, tmrad ur: ,,I rl Liplht d(raughtI Il'.sllter,'ni wlill I1ol [,." uljee tt llletelg liol e tht IUar. T eir i .ecOllllll ltillOi for pnswenll rsl to aO' Irise all ltlat IIIHV |he rel uirel(d th}r colfliort aint convemencllV llt;lle n their" c mVml d allrllllllel r6 l llenl of erxpl lianlce. Oilul| lte 'hip n-o.,w blihlin,. ule crapleedl, lteu hrst slet ehit eill sueliy tacir Pin plao J .· 'Ijt g.rte-t pulleen lity till ie obl.rved in the liu, ef ailine, alud eerYet'r c e mi o lltd' tiotl exT nredo Pli) hpln .r IItl telit t el.I t & J I., de in, eg N . l strei, it'w al<erl' tlr to .e e I Ii 'I':Tti I I. I.n \IIiIe. ,l\Vtei ietette) 't IhOIi NEW Y()RK. [Louisiana all New York Iine of Packelt.] 'o sail regularly as advertised frtm each PorE. T l"E lille is at lllia mnollnslll t:',tllplo)' ',l oIf the' fi~llow i.l. Plin-ips, bul tl nmre nlew s ee-lns will he puton at eiltl tn a Ll+' eilhlz i tht l'lV ll h is nl'tever wlek tlrillt tlw yenr, l t h1 u Ietc l i liIn,. Tr lpt fl- cililie.p .tc trnp l. ert'liol t ntt l tt t tie e ItUi Ct i tleet e li'llit e lP : lei Ynzooe, Cal tain il'rl tk. ,, vid e, " Ale. ,, lU'I~l~u ..r, " 1IIIthaway • S hakeslpeare, ,, ulne "|'he nbove Fhi ~lr arre nll etF etti telt t: ete letnpr teellll PI r fll.'tt'h l f t l li!.tht e lereeettht tte Wlttet, eel e etbutilt i New Yoirk expresly fit r th Irleae ,with elea.ll atcc ni l ttodalt il t ions for p tssl.ere udm conu ld by able al;,l ex ..r~i,...,d ll l[lnlcru. TN . ric tl It t.tle is fixed at $te, withon t win' . or liuors, a uat ull res'¢ iln evterv other particular w tll be: pr v, ell ad~l I ePrVT ulttlltil.l lci~en t.1 Irlllllutn tile ship will it all litnes h ~Iw al u, all d down tIle rivwr, aRl ti e gnreate.t IUncllttllily tob)..erVe:d at' Ito their dy Ill" it eei ii eel I Ne iter tIle olw.nv r. or eaptain. of thlese ve..elP 'ill le res licmrjle fl~r j,,wl~lrv, Jllliiilll, [ll('I'i~lZ!'i rflll)el'I, i. mnarhle,argirallile, covl erage Oli fil, rus.t ofl iron for steel, or for any letter,r .areel or pnwknees -ent hy or *.iI I n hobi rll ;i n thelt, u nles; re el.I'r Lill of h It di- t are ekhel tltr the! ei i tlll e etl li, l e ti ' tin e thtretf-expresed. VIr fighterpassi or lasrale, aply.IN7 t, 110lll 21 JAI II II U I.I.IN, 7,1 L LMt ) K) lil ttv etFOIR'. NteW YORK. 1|O1311'.'' L.IN|E O1, PA('K|ETS,. (IV lir..t . I tee t l'tht lltee' le t Chip .\eehit//e teltieeth ccii. Ierkeensas, ICaptnin E I I thei, S Alabtam,. (Capihin CC ("]erly, orleaI s, C 1(:.tlllil l.1 Iirk ue...t , I aptu n J t ker, lanthena, C.aptnin ,\.hd y. Nasho.r/ille, C]antatnh \\ ood. Louis/. . (aplltain TrnilniIH (hor Sne, Caupai ,.voll . I)em ett e , C pn .ew ,Ship -- ,llliln Vet dhouse.i Tlhe Ilhn~vt? .hi I. are nllo i .fe first clill*, mlpper nd, prtess Plovr Ihis Irall,.--they arn of iight draughl of wK t,'r,a alml lIl st1 illvriublyv ceros t h: Iar wlthout dete;l ThsllP9P paekets nro comlmalnllded by C'ap]tnlilS well ex pIer Ind inI i thae ' aeod wiilltlwat h exert tcetlselves Ii tellllrs, llP lodiTe. T:ll '; wVill tl(lll.f . 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IITt iN l & cJNrIi;lDRO'. la L ILL ~l " s trr, ill t'ea ur s c sarer iiiii l h hir iuna, i I IIl ih e ' l:rn'i ll' II c ll dl.a eI Ily bo e noll i i l clII ai , t rni thlh + vlidu.l-li7 1eU.ll turdy.ll. ' !doiiI. oi I o',vi h) k, p I . For Ii ,. II r ,a i's ,., al,,', tu e o,, ; oi , t apt Ill 17 +_ + n.lll l ! '_- Vow I/ v loe hll C"ilaiii e gry~r o t nell. ar l in I I, I h',; r tn rl ellc nt I wn t i uryitine tni c h1unsurpe bo I nlI,) 1.ih I INo u ' \ , w ill - e i i 1 ( 1 1 :1 1 - )ll o +l l B i i n bi t eII , f-r-- ?LT,.gi-d-er . n -o tie Orbar, wi, t a vrit.- y o CARD 1I) TIE iiLAil:S. OIr ilvl i'r iii t iieiil i "eIvi T, Te yoIlr y eii, Ilighle oi A I.ri l. Il. oclliotl ' I d t he ilirive d gold jcclre, dleand ofnor l n e oto t ,lic v 'xclnu kalsec iiii tv il li ii'th l ie i lri a li"lll l i ci. il od l repaired ii s hn r. in, , . I/A AAII. Cf rerofl S. C )rle (o, ao n s tre et, U.Irt i & n i lt l i lllll , itY ll t v ri ty ol er iin Iter ,t Aing o ,lia , ) oIs t ived lln d for sliues, h - inlA. r \ It, 19 n'alnl It CAR'ti TIlE LADIES. lT ll.ILL . 11A llTll., No, IAll t(hI rtt. street, ronerl S ties tin itrilh sei tld liroken ,lei lh", ol cl h or silver U r any form w halnge ' tnd pay the highet A p iLr laric ilk lciin ion , lpise' ils, i oh Lole o leu i ich i s iiglvev oi fi,ii, ,ed oreld ewelryi vtz: eat o mit r n r t chavin g + n,. lc ++) Il f klerfr , lil er lciles. it ll hIeII l ar llyrtcles ill the IheI, whric t is llllf iN Bv--Vrt i' -y Jeiryer and SiIetacled repaired i the lieb l, leUir li-- t orIiidi oe ite. it il o I ii',' - -IzIlr. . . e Corer of .eot i, chtirles oi ('Lo iloit ol stRoee, jrcluonSl ,le I'cres r, is cfidstr lll rll lin ihiv itl to w ill h livo ietllds hlluhhiool Inlen bo lllpc es ct vl-I tav •r lk w, .i i .v r . ering tiled i iiles ,oi iIalv .. cccas ivll coder lke reovl e nigvry D iesr cptonictoii elav icu ande er, " .e n l eri:e siccdlk coton ivtlier . Sloves: cttls Cokhe gloves: Lmbo ilo; Sicd cellvo.s 1,i ll l er o r llre assportmi ent o f hetAlie a ld ,mi1 R u l Sillt ; de r, ldil.y , laeturr Accout lirll ,olt eer;, Dct r le, cur to m odesr iic-l r Jliyjioln Dr. Dulbloviokvlis, ii lon rcrlolovdr olivioad cin R Yor t -e r. IIIof i iS Jii'1'r. to Ai r iHte11 rI , A i U pIiO iiiE . l IrS new iiicstrui, lect forr to rlidid l cure of Pro.c , lapss io Uteri, oler Fallnug o Cith W lirb, y ex S ternal applicationl; upers I.lgy h uvir ofi, te oh. jealtioale, pre, ie rr, io co rdenl ic, reco . endeld to thi n licted as the mea lin ofa i lerfcc t rcst hr.tlnli to health, it l arvi r having o 'oiled of ertormiing c i rl Vce. It his received hlcr ded ad pprobatin oitn Bro edic ; Sir Jaris Clr Physiec iaor to thie Quelle; Dr As uwell, Lectuer on myidwifry to Guy' as. 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H11IP BROKER &, (.'O.IlSSIO\" M[ ERICHANT, No. C91, Po+drae Stete, I. I'. FREI.AMAN & CO., 1H"Molfeml- ClotkI1g Est /1 abishr utln No. 3, M.anazine street, PASHIONABLE CLOTHING I TAYlO.t R & HAl,)EN, No. 14 re. l ttr' e I Ir to sentlellmen t lt dress, of ilthte lat " I. s olle, alt New York J. B. Ross e SURGEON DENTIST q N,.:3, IIo nl stree.' ( ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING EI'TA ILISI 11,l EN'I', No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Inh ks' Ar+i :. `it it 11ILL).1.1Al GRiE.VI':, PR'IIOPIIETORI I I r ' , H. PARKER Commlission ands! Fort'alrding Merc'hast, a' No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, is utP STA.lnS. Nee, O "]PhIr.: Feb.9 4 JARVIS & ANf' I:RE'S, MOlES.\I ANl RET'!'.l I' .,IEIIs IN api MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS 1)Y1E S1''FF'.N . WI.O1) 1)1v (1..' SS, 1; Cuorolr oft C'Olnllulloll T'. hullipitoulhs slr t-,, JOllN II . ANDII'I"\V'S, A large tipply o Garden SeilI, waur'anted tihle growth tofl i37. AMERICAN & ENLISII CIO)WN ULAS, ,,,, _ No. 3I CAsRoIxt)) r.E o vinr .. 'iI1Ii EN'S INS.URAN:E COMPANY OFl NEW O)I2A.1N. I2, 'Thi Cottpnlv f Ire now preonred to take 1all RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No.24 MuI son's Building, Cnnnl .t1 1 ,. New rhU r le Ins,M ) 15.113'. ,rtr) R iE'I C I N i iN HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER + No. 12 ('ai p : t .' I Whilesale lt 'h r in PI'a i s, ()il, \arnllihe, ItIrtllres oil:31 l \ indow non l It'l i n lll Dis & . . '" gIF FASHIIONABLE CLOT'HING.- i ROBIi'SO.. #r GOOD 1o.r, r, INo. Wil 4'hsrir'le NIrl,', ,l i.' )o r below ienville, HI 1 '": conshullv 1oil anda every )rlit"I nIu sllli,- ., _I in.' rg "nlletinen's dress, ilnia~h ill liar n ",1tu, n. t i., hter ant] Ilit+. tt nhihlnabl.: tr.le' .h to'h they u1lT 1 il t i' cuash, at redc'ed pir'esI S 'e1'l--1 '-i't ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC OFFICE GN . 53 Alon.azo ne treet, olllp lle I'anks' S ' ',T .l .iSHIl': l) ni r l ithe e l tiO " Ill Of il , Ill"nlI 'I u r drawings, hmrchunts eneninw, tsine.s anl R. adhress ,trnln uof l'. ily e ril ie , ftulllll'lellt Iileu lar :O r deep m N l(lutr ig p or t, lhoce 1% itn dluElh- .lll.l.; I r hlit nk c t" elI rll0 v'receiptIs, & . plihiln(d :itil ,,x C ll. ill rt iachumpand: ll- tin~ilti l sd I , Ib rlll l 1rrl ln' r . ORLE.INAS LITI iiG.II'II EP7Tr i'SII- S y ME T, 5: ..11. IGAZI.\' NT7.l2 ', t la o;iPet cE BANK a AtrAl Er. 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Panacea acquired Isw~+,ý .I g, u ,'see Ira the m oat powe ul aAl. flta t .taiaiil, . 1 I, ý·l11t 1, u," .e I1L· lid Ic I f u. oast et .11 .J U1LI and OU - ICI, ýý,I+, o, and Id, llaJlr 'iii c isalaaau taiiet. teat theira' "nc I, " ~d , s e , .tllI11: Ir C I lr ld I .I1 ltillJ th e n w it., t r m It.. p r - .1 1 I ; I h u "I p lr ef s i c u h , dI.rt e p u p r u i haler. aadai uad.aratio t - the public, with hilrun i- I a-i-. ..., I ti-at ,l ,d1 p la lly a-th i i he raty aitini u~",I) ý,, 1,,, 1,1" l'rehll vlll_ ul aii I, ha111t u f tll o uI d b .alit tt~l(I;·II~i ( l i'ai) ,ge al u LUIt:l auatItII lIp ilastn aiuIa. d~ngudrih .hiahiacariatilldaiirtiiriite t ullllr. ltII)(I(· If-an, nayti adrrdUl I ' sucit r wil p obe of . ,.ul·ll1lu alue As ill, ll l., II UI 1 11: .Y Tilll)VII) cases theIY~. wt. i ., Irf rvh evel11 1011il Ih il CI Ille liut curl rmtoring them olld u to h I ellllrltll mudI II1 LIC )(II. 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I-aun~t " IIcsonB. ult... tune to s e lLIA1·en, amt r "Idl:" 1. suu lu flit! glIuebl . in n IIIr "lll E n del L h.I.IY t t~/rller u I1I-llre It uIII11I1LI llr any be IIC TdII(bUIIId C '1'ht. 11, -d I, ha.lC I.,~ nandtllj Illglllly u I J l I.. uan n pabi cuuus Ia dl.l, r.-ou Inertlru, .II1 Iled, elly itpwar d a of bur uulltb . who ore TYIlc, ulLlllt it1. clephuu. of te ches, ., ,t whoe ubuul alu 1l11 11 1 1 I ell bottle. In Itlll rI it (UI ~l~lld . N'eussss Ad hltdrin ,I)le. c'sm- s, ll. Pattca, ake :1J ou 1 une ` w l lu~wer Al I. prpoe., 1 sur"l I -uleCa It. uxis i, N'r YTlrk, eptl10, 1830. ThI. may e etl.l ilant i thle :11.' f .I5, I wa.s ezrcd pith t aw.lll, IIaa my neck atiu CClaE, AwiVh l anrwnrds ulersaedl , & ble, ny larae .lcor ia my ane". Allter trying sveral 1ph-.. u 1 1.. ads nLuaIg, I wnII atPhilaldelplhiu, and place.d. -+ I, u1der th1 Cre ave<al' UrD. [lyani sc d lIladE nwIen, a.Ite r',lt, .h\ tlos o 1 o ef01 fec, I was irououacedutterly in elad, . bod balal ns Ia'l l anaoi C akhlo, wl e SaaoUUanterial haaatil. D,.- aillag Qffl'la, whicl hald ow rbecomea burthean tu i,,, I relurio,.d toypareits o New YIporka l inia o audgave :a I,- ~h, aaa t hl rug alatha. I learlag of the great auaenea ,f thaI" da.'[a n Paaiaaneu h iear, i. caanes shnlhitn to ay ow.n, I a a. peruanded to tra it, sa a last reenrt. To my great alr lirst, u;s weli aenuliteon n uecM stoun C Iblud myself raidly re 'el oll .iJ upto r taking i . aell h attle tle lIcers thle led, andl I b'Ieu" perel'rtlry vel tt the cure:a ofnatwo monathy, and have emle.,a+d .o eIer ince 1 l m lakn atlia atacent, and wibh Ia al lalalllsh a, ai)thle baatel all l" thus. who are saffnrlng under i nar . rnl'uho or \,hihlc alinaectiols, that they may knwo \\ hat ha-, to rd uale tabhu bus sufle rod every thig but deth, & al h4llan aal aalc IIlaa a.ltnuld by tile aal.e a yrupaa WM.1. IIINMAN. Charleston, July 12 1831. I was .aflhtd nlur ynatrs ith aIn ulcer ill the leg. o vciona ally n ...a a i.e anl aal W ail .a ina alt a ranala at aama a ta d excea aival iLn a aa tile le lald x i alheja . l lllt . raal emnnent ilysic iaan, lt r Il hil a allhlni, iut t .alalaaha mora aaneut lan etlt. In Ae.t ILiAt:aeeT A. WxLI'', i1 Dlarnket at. tel.t lIII --ll-lblla . a na adiaag foman enlmlunr ein It d', Jt fir sale 1y , . lde" I)OIitry, a'v mar ,1 41 Nerw Levee ,' I r ae-, i a, tr IV y i D I.IDlS Y, 1414"cn Lvee . ,aNlll aIn S al. . ,.ak 'i illeinatia cured, land • I Ir2llll -*'ob mer hnlemplbi*, fuir sole by . lar !1 t.; 1I)5RS1 Y,44 New Levee. ',lle:Nil'--illhar an d modRonman iorulre hyvd" 1 .i.r I7 "'t I:.\ a&ala, is'I'Oay,I 7ifank Place I.atly .ll'hatta r'n (KCaaoatpaai Chineae Saon, re "*a aaarlalesd La Ilan ll.daa 1" Maitdrid anad Charles loa, nalrtiv raoala, nal ilily, tah prese, and the x l at-I' haaalnt-e of all thlaaan palhaaa Otlinion. has Shaliried anald pltaeadl ile b eictlemnoy Lady L. +l, gu,,' con, I, t-la,- Chaeae soalp a ea)anad ars t,to for a atter or rilp .rit , Iitn lde itan he face, ill .urn taln, rnipllaon plltl. ly Iaea., and sfflacA IaI tS al le 1a!.'n, lalh helalillua autaitl a af ahie soap t;i ",1naI ertalcnle . It is rl car Olltlndried as a al' ll i,'nlt hllaa a sa)-.. 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