Newspaper of True American, April 20, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated April 20, 1839 Page 4
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l.. it .ire linse -- n ll orh liei id idier cw r ii aitbI n ho mtlh ano eli the ts eotilor arlli.e o h is e tees swi the otidte-. rothlereluctantos t mty be oppressed BfrdlliPT lrd ' rl.p ,ostiqo lsitre, hove 5Iri ell tlm uirl Caus riF the di ease "" he diease, oped a5y symptoms of return whereas b a e sliebili to rse'hrrelle . The dangor oltrpstes to lle Agr e iss vervpevilhut, for ill sos eliscometoo- moael prostete t t etirh medlicne, and lprisdil fall a vhc o e n vMch a reasoneble pries , s to plnera it whrein : OIqery one!--so o lnt tote peor r s nd es titule i .lttedanhet whih aisteuequetly t dit l C ti e very reluctsntly bestowed. s h s ca nnotly f n bet tion er agco m m odti osp la Of tliais lediin, o tht .are daily offered - usred npl, by Dri John R. Rowand, .s his loveriberntp le the waolresle e.ites for tile ber. d will osellby the p roetO at , ad,,.Mi dsi swipp h anti Louisiena lotelt e MARY KIRoKLAND respectfully ans ". hounees to her frionds and the public gene. ' pthllat se is prepared to oaccommodate them at S ie .bove establishment, antd hopes frfm her SJliiitiOn o to render visitors com Irtabl, to receive . ciintainuanice of forner favors. Sd e feels conti. int- tihat persons visiting Covington during the r .:onft months, clanln find better accommodations : he can afford them, on mere liberal terms. S oui is pleasantly situated, and well supplied ml vt.i. very convenience; the bar is furnished with ;h 41-.L.'. t choice liquors, &b. in short, shn pronises ' 11iiothling. shall be waniting on her part to give ree s·alisfoction to all who may patrontize the and Louisiana lotel. je3 ', a I f3 i undersigned. f aT hrefw. hav0, . -ltbidied under Dri Scl.nlidt of Clharlesion, ' b th Caromina; and for some years hris assistant ill Stijirictieo medicine and surgery, has Ille hti eor " ntsi s his professional services in this city. Sli sotl sthe ladies and gentloemen that the most n tion will b paid to tih calls which ,tty. de;s and also offers his services to the g '+ loledar oa lovfs, fbeing well acquainted wltll theil S"lo dt common to thoe, having attesded thur in It lsega 'ohiouse in Charleston. The fame s anti bilious pills a Iter the cnmposition ifke fessir Smolletty, tith durecions, can be lhad iftiis undersigned l The effct whichl they hiave Ltuud ig this and other cities, has been attended itth the greatest t ucest , to which thle best oti erences can obe given.. Apply at No. 166 !aga. H6 >. WARE, tv ýiiý"sci etREW8 snf' IRONS, &e. 'HE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. -L 238 Water, near B3oekman street, New York, have received the past season, and ore cor.stantly e tseeiving large and extensive additions to the stork Sof the above goods, which now consists of tihe Illowing assortmont, suitable for the souther, and " western markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 toene, viz, Pots of 29 different sizan, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallosmn, KRettles, 15 sizes, firve 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakepans or Ovens, 7 ditfferent sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skille, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . 4 do Fire Dogs, - 6 do Wagon boxes from 1 1-4 to 4 3-4 inches. Curt dIo. 5 to 7 incles. ~oebd Screw'., 20,000 gross, iron and brasrns, from S : inch, No. 3 to 3:9 iclh, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and less than Jame's imprted prices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 Ibe for Sretailing. Tailor's nnl hattor's Irons, assorted. .Basah weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.41 to b01bs. Bells for Pltotations, steamboats, hourches, &e. made to order, r ,Also steanmboats and other machinery inade to wider. a The saove assortment of goods is particularly irecommended'tp the attention of Southern and WestorAporchants, and are offered for sale at low 40plr cer, andptlon the most liberal terms ; i is be. 'lieed to be the largest and best assorltmnt ever 1 hred' for sale by anly one estlablisllnl,: l in tiea dittyej States. Mercshants, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a prln'ed circular, witl description of goods, prieesand terms, f-omr rhieh no deviation is ever msade, farnishedly return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. Je3 N911 U.ncRRY NOR COPAIVA - N - ew urlesos, Nov. 14, 1837. A BOU" aSý;mBadnth ago 1 had the misfiortuae to get £]bar serel disease, for which Ilhave applied to seee ta.ctorsfor a cure, 8ad they sid no care mle, so oaw o the above date 1 lost myself unler tihe sae of IDoctor Muet, and I expect him to cure ule. Since thallt time the disease got worse, so as to break out in large ullers to-the number of six or eight on ea I leg, and all over ify face' and sore throat, and not able to work at he preent ttne oil account of tile disease; largo ileer on time.rght side of thaliroat. I ain nowa plttiig myself eonidently undert care of Dr. Iluet, I,' PriE, tobe Perfectly eured JOIHN DEAN. feb14ly . - r DO.CERTIFY that tile sabove menl;ouioerl ciseas is S.Iriits well eued to e1y own satistietioe, for wbhic i thak Dr. loteB ani moreover I assure that the ,ndi , 1se Iove taken mtakels mne fat, and did not inijulre my S neltlh 5 aill , therefore I advisn my f hlwv sualhrer. iI: Isef.o tiue sand sppty to )r A. liuet, 10-I Carnal a . ebetween Dauphine and Bouarbo sirielos. ler. E .Hse is at houme fam 9 o'clock, A 31, until 4 P i1. ST by wdill tind a trhe doctor fir tlis coamplailt. JOHJN IDEAN,.1o Gravier stret. If s cn yotfe whants to see oe, cu li No. 40 G aicr 0 New :-- " 1,038. JOHN DEAN. New Orleans. Feb 1,1838. feb 14 1i HFUlCEH GOnuine Indlain lalsam of l.iverwi.ut mid Lihe : hound, is pt up in bottles at rhe low prie of 50 S"seawsah, containilng the strellgth of three onecoe f" Lielwort, hiesaldes tih virtues of nmyan other roots aod e e known lhong tile Indians as officacious is curig p aleabntry Jcomplaints.ii The irivalled success which has o a ttededilte rtae of dis inetlnmable. Balsam wheeverer it hi hieel intio bihas obtained the confidence and reeimemida , l reslpetable pllysisians tbr ihe cuer of cOunglls, Sn k the aide, want al rest, spitting al blood, --Tobw*oqit play concern. This is to certify tiit wie bavIn oiehetfce' frequeltlypiresribed lirs (G,'l ae'rl dtan'Bahnm ofL.iverwort a d hlo rloind, wih a e good effect: nwe can thre'lbrs, f-rom the kllow le lf the omaterialsl it is nmado from, hcld u.lservam Mdhaln.e recommend it asn a soperio, prepario ti, Iteal those atlletions of the lung. far wlticl i it is rr msned. AI.BEIt'I WfLLI 401S, ML. ). a CALVIN ELLIS 1. D. a . Membes of the Boston Mledical Association. BIe-iton, October 25. sale Iby JARVtIS & AN.I l.Si, I- b 19 O ? :noaan nd aio loe-h lta asus T"OLBEAR'SScienc ofPeetnnraipretrnere, and for sale at their permaneot Writing Academier n E . 8 Chnre atreast, Naew Orleans, 18 Broadway M JIwYork, Danplihie at.,Mobi.le. St.atpurticaarlydeaigaed for privnte learners and aalbanei icculated for persons oft all agrs. edle and hentlnemAn are invited t call and eanmine areo gven at ach Iloudes as may snit the fall, and ta elasles formed itn any part prefer itan receive lessons at their own ref e paying a.- e of ae..on .ra deilred *agal .l '-t' "i well asthey walh. .a .33" B ROTII.R.. LEAD b L3 AD... 157 I' . ,ntl; P " 40 kegsI00 , ,, l9i) do 25 a alih da-l-.454 halsa. 400" ll-O slit Brnults, varioua aizes; Sease Vaermillion;a h fk'Dutch Metal. . LASB, Am ericAn, Etglial and FTrenoh afzes and qualiesa. boxes, coasignmeatt, will be tefartiata's olours and S .. AWS CA'IE, J•c " Cantn arrtr-t. - . Jiab . aqaenotea taken .at p e. and lMisisasippi be- ~ivea'at 10 perewat dcounnt ftor gords, i;+iil ^ý o dtlebts.. " je I w CAmerhInom.e a seea,'Oppoite the poat.oftiire. , 9 +i0aea a enow rec.avilg from their far o- I+' Y;utktn will t tp ao.nlsntly oc a, toeral ;eotfM lbl Mantle P ... por IR~and leates itptteprna, .ba +t i+-:- p t, Italia6,,a Inch and bar with p apletdid' epae'+at of apd pl:;ii eratea and hIoaair Ion .leat aual mnet approva. patterla. a ithe neltet tnallnoer attd at tihe They havfirst late rka,; to . Tliy have wk. 'iZL ' Ae I .Zi2:1) fr altimore Packets PACKETS FOR NEW YORK.-New Line. lL To sqil punctually every second Monday during thle seasoi, full or not f uill.I Ship Orleans, 599 toas Capt. S. Scars, Cr Ship Alabanma, 474 do C. C. Brry Pi Ship Arkansas, i127 do E S Dennia r Ship S uratoga, 512 do W Hathaway, Ship Nashlille, 540 do D1 Jackson, Pr Ship Kentucky, 629 do J Bunker " The above lhips are of the first cless, coppero and copper f.lstened, and having been built in New York expressly for this trade, they are of light draft of wautr and ahnlmost invariably cross tire bar without anly detention. The coimmanders are men of great experience, and the ships will always be towed up and down the Mississippi by steamboats P They have handsomeo furnished accommodations, and stores of the beat description will always beho furnishelrd. The cabin passnage is $90. without wine or liquor, and there is no liquor furnishad to the officers or crew. Fpr freight or passage apply oe hoard, or to 11 C AMES, 48 Campo st. The ships are not accountable. Ior breakage of glass, hollow ware, marble or granite, cooperage of r tin, or rust ofiron or steel, nor responsible ihfr any package or parcel, unlous a regular bill of lading is bxcouted therefor at the olitco of thie or is. nov27 iAA NEW ORLEANS ANn BALTIIMORIE LINE OF PACKETS. This line will consist of tle following vessels, whiclh hav bean built or purchased expressly for tire trade, viz: Ship,, Capt. Mltncr, Bark Mary, Nickerson, " Ired Ferry, new " Stevens, SSolomo. Naltus, " Latham, Brig Artchrterl, " Gray. These verscls are of the first class, have hand some furitished :.ecolmrodations, rand are of a lighti draft of water, so as to admit of their reeCiving andit disclharging their carrgoes in ialtilmoie, at the city. Freight will be taken ibr ports on the Chesapeak-e or James' River, and firwarided by the agents, Messrs. CLARKE & KELL (iOGG, at Baltimlore; expenses on goods shipped will Ibe adlvan-rd when required. Tie Iprico of passage is fixed at $60, ample stores of the ib t qruahty will be provided. Stearm up and down the Mississippi will be taken on all occasions. For freight or passage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, nov27 22 Bioenville st. r1'OR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets ] I'Ili Ships composing this line will sail froml n New Orleans and Now York on every other Mon d day-commencing on the 211ith Novelmber-and to insure tie punctuality in the litime ofisailing, thre line will hereaoter consist offive ships, viz: if Ship Yazoo, Captain Trask, to leave on the 20thI Novembor. Ship Louisviale, Captain 'Palmor, to leava on the 4th December. Ship llunlville, Captlain Eldridge, to leave on the SShipt Vclrlsbuurg, Ceplain Woodhousc, to leave on the lot January. y Ship Mlississippri, Captain Davia, to leave on tihe 15th oft January. Tie above are all new, of the first clars, enpper dir and copper f:irtened, and up,wards of 5!r ) ltons burthen, are of light drarrught of water, being built in New York expuessly fi r the i rade. 'e price of prj sago is fixed at 100 dollara: therir e:ins are litted up in thie IImot III proved d and crivr'iir.t plan, and tinished itn a :tlet atnd rlhgnt siyl Ample stores of th, ftir. quality willI e providod, rad every regard paid to the comfirft al entire satisfac tinll of pllse gelrg , who will plea.+,e t::Ik Ino tici that n, herth can be secured until plid Ifr at the olese iof lithe conigiries. These vessels nar crlnualnlndd bv captais well experienred in the trade, w ho wvili give overy to ten!ion and r xert theimse.lves to r orlrnrt dat,. Ther will at all times be towed up and down tile nlissis silpp by stcambOi ats, and the stiiatest Irulrltualily orobserved in lle tih e of sailing. r The owners of 1thsli shipt will not be respnnsi. d ble for ay letter, parcel or package. sent by or put on board of lhn), uniles a regilar illl o iilding ri be signed therefr, at the cun0tin.g hioute ofl th agenot or owners. Frr further partiarfi . r )pply to J I) EIN & A Clhl EN, o nova7 90 ('.n.on it .V l :lIlI ( LiESTniON PACK!ElT in- 'l",' li''. ,onsls . Ihtre..ll ,of { i he r lirt h e as-, cI ,p t erd uilp ,, r L ht.h w.rt bll nrlrIn s i-r. ', , i , ,. ,,i ,lt ",, ,,, ,:,;r. . t'x I, rig Ar,'ni i ,..,u lmn- c ll .,n -r t'n, l aster. 113 .tin n -nll pnuld ihlnn?.',n-. l I Iiri II,: 1 aI( . t i Brig .Alprea.r.r 3 inunnour r Bar. , i g ill. ' i ,i. Allibe r 1 . mi'r ,n er.t For freight or phunrr anre, aliiply to r.1r . LA IIAELI IOiCln p'.C mrl un h.n ' N:ew Orleans, or Al. C Il r . Al;, CL atroow, .s( rf, ItIaster. SCLOMBA i& COlm lst. rn r ands, or ri. Cr Line of Packet Ships.--'rThis new Ihiu 'l ships fins been expressly built to run between thea arbove ports, and will be found of suitablo draft of water: accorli odations for passCnlgrs, nld every effort will be made to givre gneral satisraction, The hine is comnposecd ofll fo lowing shipn: Cherokee, 415 tons Capt. J Harding, Carolina, 4011( do S Lremist, Clharleston, 371 do 1) Eldridge, Columnb:ana, 6"25 doe G Barker, Sealran, 2411) do J Ilowe, lionlby, 625 do 1) Ilumphrey. The above ships are ;ll now, of the lir.t , nas, copper frlstnelld and coppered, commanded by mluen of great experiernce, haveo larige nCicommulodations, with a separate laudesn chin; uvery attention will be maid to ir.arelcre, and tir very best of stores pro vided for tlnrr. Tihe packtla will le lowe,l up and dlown the Mlis sissippr, dd tirn strictest punctunali-y ro-served in the tirme of sailin,r anti shiuuld the regular ,-V~nrsls be detaineil in arriving, u:ier ships equally as goode will inll ll eases be eubstiluid. A share of patron age is solicited, antr tle agenlts pldgel thelst.nnlves to aceonlmodat r as lmuch r practicable, to r-ceive and forw'ard goods by n ir line at the mosnr inorder. tle charges, and to advance all uxpen es on goods i shipped, if Ivrmuired. Tli' ships will leave the rst and lollt of every month. For freight or,.g,, apply to nth agrntrs. J A .EIRRrI T', 82 Corrimmon st. I: ! '. Irl::elrts made on conlligner.;rts to Mer. . . : ofn.'trd & Co. rlo:', IS t., lUl. IAI- l- ' ut ri ), arr, now re-rrrr-nnrcun I. on board ihin Orleanrs. Feu;.ir )lihlanlirn I'okPr .lerny Alnrwm. Fnlereih anld Gernm-c n pmiey cardsl: l.erk. rnammon loardsn ; Cihesnn. 2 cI-1 and 2 3.R i - hn Iil onard Blulisr 9,0 and 1rinci innhlrdetBo ;r,;inn i.,: lenther and other travelline )res=ing l Cases; ' , it. Pocket, Ilorsrman's, and Duilling I'istols; doblie an sinele Ibrrelled Guns; Game Bags; Shot helts; lo dr; and Pin(ol FIlasks"; Dlliram httles and I)rinkirng (Cups; Perc:ie cn Caps (o d Cliap I oilir-r f'C oth, Ilaiu, I T, m ; unid Nail 'rnshius; Ornisn ,nl Chlorinre fTooth \Varhd r nTooth Polwder 'i'onilenrnnl .Ilnvine Sonps, in grut Vlctr rict:; Iing ]lair cBraidl, tinllrets slid Frizcltres; I'ealn and Toilt Powder; Ennmrr Bagsl ; Ivorr Tub Cushion',' Patenrt Sides r oIiarter;r G;Ir ,:lm-mii- r.rplinrnei?; Powder Iols anid Boxnn-; rilt Chains, Seals u old ln.e,.; Ear-drops; \Vrist Ilurkl.e-s; uirier-sn; Ilead Necklcresi anti Chains: Gilt aii Siin-red BIadI ; Indian Beads, Bullu and Plunes; Shell 'l'isit: Side aud liresring Combs;whicnh,in addition i thei fnrrmer snoek oil hand,u makes their assortnrlllr very complnlete, and will Ie soldlI ow end on libIm lltl, i'r t tihe siicn of utie Golden i -omb r i-f 7ri Charuren .rt-e , . riil'E 'nu?.lri' A..r r s frr tAhe' xti'n i IanIn- s.,si r i \V. L S. Butcher, iheiildi, Enrlarnd, innuc jnsr eceivd a very extI('I veivP 1,1` Iet"n' pl l r t;;ns, c aivhl2 I Tahle and D)ese-rt Knive.s of er .... d!reriptiltn ],el, i Pocket, rind llurkld Slinr mohll crnrine'; -rn- ersi SeIn-mr nors, uEde 'Tools, &c. c. . whnlill the an - rni pared o exhibit to the trade tor onrd-e. Terms aod conditions will le nadt k'own ait tle tioe. milfi 3. I). B"IN A COtlEN .90 Comnmon st. I.hIMnl S. IIAI('I"1' & CO.-Are noc rceivlig 1..':r ship Huntsville, Enagle, MStenrn Amh.r w, lligh adr French a1nd e-rnlinan diiiule hu:er plnvinecards: I Sater,int and puocket pistols; plain, ribbed an.l split cuasio,' caps; call hlderh; scissors, Razors, Ipentl. -ser; (iillott's commercial and otlecr steel pens; u ion os; Violirn sttrinigs; shell, ivory anlld hOn ori;ll ,,ll| -r; k, bead and ilether pnrses; hair hraid, frn nfirrt r I Rak r-ingle; llegrn-o poulls; German and Frrteh water, Rowlnllns nlceatsser oil, imitationl hl; :,lllll uand bears oil; portable delEss aid dres;og, caw,.: 1':,t blacking; statimandl toiler glanses; eolunex irills; alp cal glasses atd views; ltlitarebt:d*, bdlisa e, p|lutmc; ccoktironu nrwhio winlle; r l.i!iu-n lll S. lin s:!I; tulet . mwder, clglniuonmonetrnbic asu ' l inr' I n nln shin- ne; pool arnis; screw eseri.,a"4 .tty bend chr is and necklaees; billiard b:,i"n' .rnot at books anld wn' ilts: Cernan lones; razor strapl; hlle antl comon glll olastle suspelmers, garlersdoi Bells lucifer inatclh.-r; sil r., peneils;.C-eyns, &c. &e. The abovecin additioin io urr former stock of Ihey riOles, mcakeour aiak lrlmennt vtiry e-llyn hlmtru. l'or saul. wholeulle or re(ail; a thle sign of tilhe Gldt Comli, 7 .lmrtrre sltlrel. rn.s.O. A NW article for lersos troubled wilth deanrnss, (called rhe Ear 'rralnper,) Inras lust cvo receiver, Jurlrte on of whii.h, tbr, s!ighsl artir ulalionr of uile hlu aoice is disuncllv c;nu eyer i to tle var. Any onn ' who has ever .t oIhirged n corlYero with rl eey den oororo, oout be frulily aeai le of ni tl difnicultr od rim. borraolanltexpcrirnredl buit) hy tileolneives nd boo in ,lvuioholo so uafrrooia^ev By ilre use of the Ear 'ruuImpet this objection is eltirelv aby rited. Thle mostraoptieplllhave alOr ayi a. inrned itheir doulbt alier Ihving used hi l Trrumopel. For solo at T F f'(I )N'S, Fancy srorecorsne oo n " ni.llleni all .it Cl.alr-° rcrnnt', rLaerrn Ebotu i:nI a (lowl. Al. 13 BOOK BINDERY. Under the Picayune O!fice, 72 Conp at. IRONSEIA '& IHOWSON beg leave to inform -) their customers and the public generally, Ihtl' Icy have remnovd their estabrhhment to No. P uamp street, itmltrediately under the oflice of the .ieayune-where they are prepared to execute all rd) ers in theirlinr. 11 Iing received from the North n supply of p:e. rer and matetials of n superior quality, for the Innulacture of Bhlnk ookls, they offer their ser :es to nlerhantotte and other, twho may owish tork of ttat kind ; and having. tre advagpage of everal yesrs's experience in that line, they are onfident of giving satisfaction to to those who toay vorr thern with their uestont For notrlies, architects and others, maps and plans will Ihe posted on linen, varnished and V nounted in the nutost nmalner, & at the shortest to ice. V Plain and fancy hindinr, in all its vnrieties nt. rtlANA t:lt..\S$ & EA:\ I loiN WAItE tiTE, as 36 Clhrres stretl, New Orierns. sofr {.IT', SEitRGItANT & Co. importers of Frencll che nll od tEnut!lish Chintll Uod Earthon ware. are den low opening nelw old rich patterns of break iet,' dos lining an d teo services, toilet srts, pitchr s, tei n ra ictnd collee iui s, teapots, s.i ars, creams, bonlc,. c, r plates, Jidhbs, tureens, wash basins an. cwes, o t, bn:hse, etc. eto. R:ehl cut nno plain French and American glass. war<--uaohlesi, chatmpaignes, lemonades, jelliesr, ( clarets, wines, cordials, cenltre bowles, t docntelrs, tllblte rs, prestervo lishesceleries, pitchers, lailps, ltnp shade nild glauses, canUdle shaldoe, salt col leri, etc. ex Slvcrr plated, bhrnnzod and britn:,ia wares--cner" t,,r, liquor stllllds, cakoe hI skets, etllldlesticks e lrnll i , cte)tlll lal, coflto on r reIud teapoter tig rs, d o crerans Itmps, japanned trays, oastrl stands,and hanging la.ipetline curitery, Germlnn silver spolons and forks, together with n great vnriety ftarticles lor ftntttily use, M1erchnnts, plasters, hort, s, and steumhllotn, furnished wnhl goods at the most rer ,onahle p aries, and parked sto ts o be conveyed withl safeoty to, ny port of the country. AlIe. nirtirevrrtls' elns.ewarr . nrov 2 TH'E FLORIDA LINIC : t+ oIrsves Aloble ivery day at three toi-- ,.- - 'oi,,ck, p n pedr U S mril teont for lill's I,*ndinn, above Blakcly,-thence four p oet coaches to PYesaeola--tIlenco steomnboats to Lngrfnre, whel thie land route is resumed-thence via Mariarnn and Itrownsville, Fla. Baintlidge, A Pindertownrl, 1 wkinsville.Suondersville & Louis. villeto Augstar Gn, coneecting regularly with 1 the rail roart cars Ito Charleston, and the steam Iuo:kiets to Now York, Norltlkh, Pniladelphin, etc. 'l'he streabontsoarc the best for the service, and tihe navigationt presents more advantages than con Ibe found uponl any steaibuot routo in the sotth hertn reeiote. 'T'he great improvements in the rmute have been produhed by the coustructioen ol ifty miles of new er rond, by tile rtprietors, viz : from ,aGraene on nl"Favotte Bnvutn, n ars: of Santa Rosa DIy, to Ilyunt's FIlrry, on the Chaitthoochee river, ten miles above the Cowlnrrd, or 14 above Cedar ltiUIT, whereby the nnvirgalirm o the river, and the co- - s -quent dltenttiolns, anld more reeently tihe intnt ve rient crosilc ut Ithe Cow ord, l tire cntirely rtr idirt lant it irno ratnd frti rll u riartr a direct tIn Iainbri,_e, i:s t d ofi the r-unidabout road vin C rhatahobu re.:r, Ioes.orir t ditiplace about ftory niles, ll ilcreasig the facilitlle mor thuun Air,,, a Ibrtnh line of two ihrnec staees every ott- r day f lru II r ki esvelh, via P, rry it 31.p- o, Ca. CIoeIttoC'it - ai/t thie line to lSavalillltt anllt l)trien, G... A nmull F tnmot ro-n lirs regtlnrl t hote worn ii ri e tantd Aoit!nc hiioit. 't'rl veill is e ii -irt : g t ti8s olf II* e l tl. t!ia lev. wlt I rfun t i lillne U Iln e h·r- tIo~: "eL. vot. e C ry other dity letwetr llo , - bileud d P ,l'ietnce , S'ossen err t ill leave I ~ ilrat 3 o'-lek. p - it il ith ; th m il I bll l al, tI0 proctdC i io Ih, ll's ind -t rii wh\lv lr h t t, wil- l I,. it iorll, tg r 'i t c ,nyr. .,(,1. to she rac e t: ot heu-eof 'ro t . (7 tiartt', h0ll, I I1 oItle ditslltii snte ru they ~i|ll f1i ' 0 d ellvallL.t e' ,net3 l ti llee1 u s for the I ii tht- leavell mi xt lei ormllg,%, ~e iy il e i n r i l'eiesnacola earl) Ii- the tVlrtnt . tit s - vntl. itn g tlti dis-ceLifort lo nsdh: tr.ive liti . Ji>' 10oo-e' te, -re, lre mas Usi be Ttl. lNT(IN & Co. it 'vt I ',lrono Il.,,'te n,,.drutr ,,io cWill-m-- Srit er rI vrd to to-ti or ttr, titr nt -to zyens of New ),leans ae ai tn t. r i he Ilane I le . Mr . hl i S t.,lhl ee e.,Vi y u ly d s, vtral ei ts es usa alle-:- ,-- - i r- t i plivate lil,', ll jo .rn, i 111,. alt io t at vi eTle iot ill , t lliac t , smeri t i, r i tn l t s Ite IS i - p re etrlle Irt rIter te o .t v I)r Ct i pp, j. A issrt Ste:s.n & Aver -, tnlldcrson & Gai lee. Fr or trms, &e pleti e apply at the bhoakstore of AlexunttderToower,diCntist o t iDres and ..ledieinrs. J B Prevost ilas located himsell nto this city l~ thie tpurpo-e of teransuct ing a general Wholesale I)rTl business. Ile is now receiviin a ull supply a Iiesh anold _enu ine oil'les, wh lel he will sell 0n liheral trleima To cily druggist:, and those of riie interior, to physicians, merchants annd planter-, 1ie will u1!', r ir.luc :nients such as have never be, iorbeen het elrc in thies city. thines ocntion is to do n sirictly lee itiniat businesso . iros stock wnill soonl be comiplore, Itml ft it fewt weeks wtil be rt.a. dy Ir bu iliness. All orlers Irior the r couLllntry, an friuom tnerchans o! t it i ,iie receiving suchi orders will ir pronp:ly att ndd to. oct rd N,. 39a Camp st '" " - ^-' ,.,. i." ' '"" ."' "'. " oi.7T i--Tfi `ff i7 11OIESr NllANIJD IID: ll.riOllB AN! iVA ilmivrl, il a i.lition tl thl irn I rvioi i l stiI k oI n i n d, a fill al mei* i tel lloasso'tlenllt of artit' es in their line; viz: ulmlbs, p y, eri .tn, lewllly', brui ls, , locking glasses, S limey lln1rtieh's~Y , . .oll . \(i+tiu in ln n llm'vll s: i' .11 l9--ln nrl.innil shell, writi gli l and pl Pl lnI u t'lw iit, chilled aiik, long rouln , d ref sia, side pull, e'rlland lneck, Ilrzin 1 s ofllll eIIvery diecrip tion amongs ewhich are slme llll ,"lxinl titters," Iv41- tcombs of every hilntiii tinolt, Imra, die'-sng ;nd pfkell, l .geder with a PIeIs Il-\ t tl oit Y-Cologne, I glender, Florido, homey, "IoIIll.l rand slli9nedll. ierw albrs of everv ize. lnn des ri ption, clllphorulted Cologne, extract of rgl'll l ot, rin-s noiu d, niarnl, .nglnili hnir nilnl, hear. rnnr fin lit llll' ,.li n el'r's ,lnidililll sil, pnlni a1 iI prf nnl uud ntaItU I i n I I I ant t u lind lor rs an i hll nl i h inne m oIoth w ashni niid nownrisl.n-n iti n gncrt..nnlu..InnnninnnnnO. .ll:E11\\ lllY-sone of the itest and most fashiiona .ble setts, onsislin of whillt and red corilian, inil topr jet lrdlros, let in ilIgree., breaII st pin of ai grent -,ne Inv n itl' In c , . ini 'li h t, lmli n m ilnn, gi ll nn l -l I .tckles slvier thimbllles , silver luld lldd pt. lt'ilt iud guIIrd chaihs IrU -. I I l S-Clotih, hair, diut, Tln, nemmnll,hlrtlhfloor, lin :lr.lh, tl.mlh, ilale, comnb, Nail, nhaving, shoe and ItiLOOKING GLASSE-in s ermi l stali andl oilet glass, uu. a ha'i I and lrnnch dresinig glassenn onn, In, mmit it .ii. rii' .f mIti-r kiI-Is not eniin ii riit'ni t-l.c IFAN IY ANii VAIIIiTY ARTICLES--French and Am.rlican prtable d,Ils land dressing cases, some very rich aln finely uishied hladies wiork xiiestnl d ldres,e sinlg , It' wi t ariitid wit lioit unitinlefi, musical boxes, An - curnlhdins i riosni Indl, violins and guitars, silver annd ,lt ted ,esll il ;tdlel dswolld pencils for llillarpenters and 'nninhanll-nn, nlunnclneuniil iani pistols with tand withmut . ". trln'l hii c Innip Inllnl nion irp chnin'gnrn, pl nipl nrii nin, s nt lglt:n.uue Iags, nsnle hlnekig,t~oy t II setts, lis h d oI i l .. ry kid, bells and pilnes, iclund roln , ,n knives, riazors mi d scissors, tl i bles, somnls, pins, sllter plllrd, steel and commnn Ipettb cursi Uale yard case.-, plot ing cards of French, German and A icanlll manlll i nll 't , dolls, imitation f luit, snit dr'ops,tov watches, areui uttnls, powderh flaks, -ut and clie, anll ofwln It wi ll l sohld tir iush or cit. ctuptan ce. oil 11 alltuthal credit. 1i 11 i ,11in 10if , & I co. nllh dlettiig, a i nw sp ily, rleed aby fenl A 1'O\IVA'i, 4n Cam .t 'Elihl 0 nll--ll0l gnliInnsn p IreI wllnnr d. . pLp'rn' (nil, in acks alnd bils, for sile lby .1AIVIS & ANI)IDnEWS, WhIIInlleai Drugg stl, corner Cn munon and ebnap Ins5 streeIts· sllr |: ICol ne nniar, mmminumnry eid .-n A sbnln nndi article of colgne , pit up exllprssliy for tIh retail linde; ailio the purest lF aisl h Pn'erfnlUlnnrrv, .nlbra cin, every vn riety or lhI tnm ile . foir sil, by it il .Sn & D'IAN. ' u.',, I:urtll .iclunrls and Planters. NeiPrne It.l's,L inkets, n innels, I hsiys, Iowell shirri _, chlek l , hlinens, m sd li ,, n andn kercI iefs, c . & resceived and for Saill lw hv Ithe subsllcri. beAs. R]IT A & Co. on-. ralrner Cae al and Canr rels nt L .S <I,;l.Ut, No 5-l Conde sirelt, betweenlcl De)ln;lil anld S, Phlip, keeplls ci l all n I aiInd an exti, lnl-iveo l rell lent of i oots nilod brogansa.i.d nhLs, n New Yrt maaii i infa.nI,, Inr men, wumlen lin" ehildrln of aill PIFr, wIich hle ill dnspuse of at very iimodnt.r lle p ll n i e FaL:icsfhis qinlnancen onendine ann order wi!l !iher wishen attended Io I. S h SEi OUR I KJAN .MARIlE FAItNA'S COI.OGNEV WATER r9 cvass tinre of this esuprior Cuhlogne wanter just received llnd fuIr le by I, e dozPu or singl-U l ottl.. Al i Aimerieni anid Ptlenl h Itillit iwders, powder i- ufns dl boxes, slaving and toilet soupl, cosmetic wal lntll, uiilk itf rni!n , 'osniietin. cold nnmrn n extrale o musk, kin pllnl,', m ud' Iriegetanble hair oin , pomaetum, creen de pner, n loria. liuvendar, irose and bay wanters, free" ,:m's sellt. ll uraeillee perfumery in trunks. vegiet i Ide ni r liquid riue, Chlonrine etid Orris tooth I.wash, 'alhik tllnt, (nuinnail and nlesh brushien together witi ".ll nlld,lnhnnllnl nn.'!lly n o fashinilaah fIlorl and shall i.rrllle nilii .ii n lian,l dtn ll! low at wliolenale or retail iyv ' . :IMMONS, IIARTT &CO, Siu!n , . . 7O Chanllam.leum BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING. o5 5VERY DESCRII'TION, ca SPEEDILY,HIANDSOIELY AND CIIEAIPLY EXECUITED to AT THE OFFICE OF THE Pl True uaerican, ant ST. CIIARLES STREET, NEAR POYI)RAS. eXI Inls CIIAMPLIN & COOPER, GROCERS AND) DEAIERS IN PROVISIONS lic AN)D FEEl), ita No. 79 and 8 Julia street, New Orleuns. lJShip a.d lo'tnily stoics pus up: mar 5 ri LOUISIANA FURNITURE WAREROOMS P"' No. 53, Bienville street. Wl I.LIAM R. CA lNES, wouhl respectfully in form hIls firi-oud and the public that he is con stantly receiving fromi New York and BIoston a good Pt asstorlent of F urai lati , slch s mahbogany chairs, lo sofis, Iedsteads manlIc ad plaiterd ihairs, iaple ad i cherry bhedsteaiod, mahtogany and cherry table olf all dlescr on..%, trealmt tohlets, t ecretlrrv , writilng dssks, wardrobes of llnongalls aiv esoilhry, washY srsndo, lookihg glasss, featherics, beddilg, &. e. I. Nit. IFurnliture packed for transportation with great care. lovl3 5 FRED WILKINSON. It DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcRAL UF LOUISIANA, it O.'1FF'iIS Ilis services to the public in the depart- A S llents Ol Surveying and Civil Engineerilg, botlh in town and country. Frolm oslliderallle ex)perience in Iris ipmotssion. ssd by piosniplnes asdl lidelity in llte C execution of buosiles entrcstedl to iss, hi hoopos toII merit said rsceive a shoare Ifpllbli putrollate. lie wil' also Illeauure and calbrulate, tlle Lolilt8o si of ws-l. itll excavations. Ollice No 8 (:ihartrlesitreet,i secondstouy )osh . jr!7 1BAZAAR. ISH d & ALLEN, NO. I, EXCIIANGE IIOTEL, Corner oJf N'. (Chirles .nd Commos ss,. NEW OItI.EANS. IMPIIOR'TERIS and Dl)eners in French and English I ternilttiry; I)s'euiog CoI' sl IInd iortbl Itesks, Cutlery, 1lositry, Gloven Shirts, Stocks, Ulnbrcllals Canes,slnd Fancy Articles. MIIcCOLLU I, & BOSSY, Factors & General Commission Merchants, MOBl2,E., Refare in New Aick.tmn, Abeonathiy & HIannaot, ) Codtth l A 1lirky, , Pope, Potters & Co. d8--1lm t , -...JOHN STEWA RTI .,. 5, Plat Street, .,ic. York, COMMISSION MIERCiIIANT, I IMPOR'TER and dihlaler n Illaters I'lushes and strinutliiigs. Ample l <tornge Imay Ie had oin iod erte terms, andI ever) attentiol paid to goods fsur.rds r ed to his care, teferences:-- I rleosrs. Iarn ll& Provost, N O. (iiJiil & ICa. nov22 1.'3.-ly A CARD. CHRISTIE & SIINXOTT, Whlolesalle Grocers and Conwminsslom ,lerihrils, No. 17 ('uollll.n Street.'N • , Orlean.s. 'Panl'ticulr ntrtle tinll paidt to th Inlltillg up ofti lSteCInl boat iad Ship 7toores., i BANK NOTE ENI IRAVING,

RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON ; u ultal ivtlllt'il n in h I tleir housp ii Now Y ku . * f r tih e B u lr o f tiiir- in g i n - Iin tin g I h tn k N o t , o n, Chtcks land other i p rtlll Illlt papl, )s, tt) :rmI e sI cr.Tllll ,Iioc fllil |" 'g'P III;iiiod il t .all, I- h I n IIi ill-d l ois o il r tlell ic' i'i ,- nn P l ntl, lu I tll l , l it i rItlll uui t I'e lor n r l lundre llllm')we in-Iitnmiun::, mnd all order will be ,' lteeed witlh +n'oit le, i lb' ,tt sa i :I t ull.u{. : , I'alp i t.-lFor ta li 'sll t. U. II. liL I hS. hllBIIJIROKIJ ER & Cill. ilN,'IONII SI ElIIC IIANiIT, No. 61, Ploydran Strt, J.OK. 1 sP. F i.irAN & I c'o.i iGleolrsale C'ilt1ik" Estbllbtesttr; No. 3, ,nla lszine street, I A\ ec t.sil th i, ui! I in itreu e : iii o Clothi it. i . illoi l lI i-i r I , i miti y thlv . T heir I,. S(or nltl lll heln holnT , ulrrlrouutt B'l' r the l counltrly cln be supii lt the horm sI tils . sI AMIERICAN t& l-:N:l,Isli CROWN GLASS, J N,. 'no 3 mtl " ra :.v.r . FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYIAR & HAI)E0 N, No. 14 'htar"'tres, e IIAVE I iiioistauliil pply li f e ier' iLcil i'etnhlinl to grntlentwn's dress, ,f iIte [Int,)st et " li, at New Y'ulk 1 "r e dher .(i J.B.Roas SURGEON DENTIST No.33. Ita l strot, t ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING lESTA BLISIIMENT', No. 53, Magazine Street, (plosite lanlks' Arencdo. I'ILLi.'Jlt Gi IEI'.VIE, .'ROPII ETOR t . H. PARKER Comuissioni anid tiI'trtarding llMerclthnut, No. 6, FRONT!I LEVEE, t'i STAIRS. New Ot .ttit, Fetb. 1. JARVIS & ANI)ItEWS, \VilOLESAIAI .11:1) RE'TlAI. I)l'ALEItS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS IYlE S7'TUIFIS q.'Ivi) II'li)OilW lI,.qISS, CItrner ul Cottunuon anid 'Tl'choupilolto strt ets, NEWO£ ORIEANS. NA'A'IIN JAIt.IS. JitiiN W. ANtitEWS. A large upply a (Garden Stends. ow :rranted the grow th of 13:f7. ROiB'ERT CIANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTERI No. 12 t'nmp street. Wholesale li)ealer in Paints, Oil, Varuishe,, Brusoh, 111:1(t \Vitidow atd t I'ielurto Gss &e. &c. FAS8HIONABLE CLOTHINCG. ROB.OLYSOXV 4 GOOD IP1Y.., INo. ON, CIltrlres Srlt.e, O lloe Door Ioltw Bienville. [A V E" c o l ln lslt tl y o il I il llh d e v e r y a r t ic l e n . elt hl - ,er and most l'shionalle style, which they offer for ash, at retducel plrites. dec4--1331, INSURAN!:E COMIPANY OF NEW OliEiANS. Thl'i (Companv are now prenrted to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. OFFICE, No.24 Musson's Building, Cnal steet. E L TRAtCY, RoNe Orleanse. Mov 15. 1i3,. Secreti'ty. N )''IC, lE---'lhle prtnership of Kvllev, Mns,)n &(Co of New Orienn-; Mlason, itarris &Co., ,f Natchez; lid Norris, Kelley &Co., of IRodney, wts dissolved oft Iht2st of icay last, by the ieoth ot Soamuel A Mason,: one of thie purincrs of the fit',s. The utndersigned, surviving ipartners, will he charged willt ther setlling nnd cloutng rsaid bisinessi as fIlows: Levi C Ilrris will attetnd to Ihe rsettlig of tile husiness cf fMnsot, llrris& Co.. oit Natlrez; antd Iorrie, Kel er & Co.,at Rodnev; nod Henry K leyv will attend to lie settling o.ithe business otfKeller, Mllson & Co., at NewOrleans. 'thell nmes of the several ons willbe oused in litidatinottonly. 'Those indebted to said firms are earnestly reqnested ocome forward slid nlakle curly settlements aind thItse having claims will please present 11the wit outt delay. I.EVI IIARIIS, IIENRIY KELLEY. New Orletnts, June 27, 1837. ll:,l i GARDEN SEEI).-The subscrtber begs to express his grateful thatnks to the pub. tIe, for the liberal support he has cetr.ived since ie romo nclted bll.ilt d In Iis city. t lt ing sole pro p1ietrof Ittie seed store, 17 Callnl on stree, llt hi not anid Iiever . a it ent ir niy tin:'rhi rn sct d .uder; nIllhelllr is he ontll t edwl otti I Itl hoolt t ill tIis cout ltry- but Iie itlLsures til ' public th t Ills cotnliotiolin .tvry departmeni t of te seed bIusi less, in tilhe diffelrent contrlies of EoIplle aire equal to that of aly house Il ti, UCledi Stales. Ile iml p-trts s d, plaSs,l ts &ce. Iro, thle minost extensive anl. respl ra.lel ic nurserl-s and be i ltne in F*i, , ltttula.d, oElgland, Saclo:nd, and the no ther states-a-nld it will at all Itles be his itrclrsa, so it is his lstud , I it rtc. ive, in addilioln t hs present stock, lurge ar ivt ls of every dto scriptp n,really tite trowtfth of 1i33; also, .e rafteild fruit ire r, of ail kitids. The pubh i may rely on linding a Inll as. solrtnlllenlt o very rtc cle Illn tuie eed Illn. l genusll tin quaty, ad prtd ot prtetdirect by n Wim. t)INN. V l\ARNIS.I ES-The Subscriber, having litly rsta i ibei a vtareaii nitttibt "oro i New rto.ns, s ready to supply the fainters and the pblhe is genetl, by h.l hesal oer rt:ail. Ii' l rices are tmoderm,r and tie quality of his pre.ducts superior to ncy ever brought Ift this phlce. Th' gentleman employed to tuperintocd tile Itnucfnelitrv ltas beell tt it hltiid of aill xtcelesive octlbliseurintt cf tit kintd ic IEurtpa . 'lbhoe dtit ,lmcd to call at the ortner of Natchez intid Tiehltlitouhtol ase, nihall Ia pre-entld with a fair sullpie of any varnish tile nl" ish tor try. Al InLgst tle varnishe liare tile coacll No.t, wnrrauied mi to c gtleg evett in builina alter. The bhiek varnishk fr storew attlintt eat binmenirs.. Too.tem.n , " -nt . a :brn ·h _ w r , RoyTli College of Plhysicals, London. JU'S l'I E o .tigonal Ve' 'table H 'geiatn :nivers:dl M edi SEine, prepreed by W Miskin, Tho. .,ltter ol ' l ieto Roal College of Surgeons, l.iecl'ste.of ApJlleltr. ' city's Uompany, Fcllow of Bolt Court Sricty, Seurgeon o to the ilolyl Union Pension, L'$itsere alase Plac e, Worerloo Bridge, ndl P'crpretual lptil or Guy' vio and St. Tho'ntas's lospitabl, I.oendon. linl This valuable tnedtcine, the resullt of trwnt yearols' gtlre experience and mlpratdlelrl success io n he cxttsin e n Itns i and highly respectabr e practice of the proielty, ptetr- IAt nised by the faoolty and iioblityv, and is nov ntroduced k to the notice of the American plublic, at tlt so- .1 licitatioo of a number ol'gentlemen of aig and liigb thet stantdig in the profession. It il hoped, ass prlt rni- te nary step, to check thie evils :tid fItal cnlctltuences tie criSiltg front the use of tIe Itllllelmtlis Ittid tiletrteious oert oestrtlis toisted uptl theutrti dlie lh tleoitie ahl ofBtitao itill|: proofsof tmirleulous eres, nd otil er lfraudsb,bit a set o ed f mercenary, untiprrr r ertici prettes, so totalt:iglolrout teer ot medical sciene, that it impossible the tmllstrous ferc d cousio t can..ll.. Itoger go dt ..t . itb tle i2i1 iN t ll.itt peopte ofliiscountr'. 'lhtets pills, nilt ari .t;t:ibh. i vel it te ir nature, should be kept in ele lilloery it.iy It a tslo ofaldenlt illess, Tfor', by tleir Iprotop.;t nu'lititistttr re nIolern, ela nms, spasms, lte t'rs atdi other ti'ill'gi lit complaints, whic ttoo often lrove tftal, tllnoy e stel~li- el Iv cur ed I, .revented. In hect, all those whol valuerulll or f tmlh, lottlU tenetvr ble witthout thet l. Thety ri'ettol tte in pckets .lt 5.. cents, $1 Uod $2 achit, by every P.o .tlre table drauggist, bookstller, and velndorof nmedicihe ih, ht United Sttes t I I Ie (:nlnadaus, with coliiotls ll'Secth is, It togele'r witih: estunaonials of proltrlsioual ability lt i ft'f the fleolwinrg cEminet gtrnllentlttr: Sir Astley Coopett'ti o Abernlethty,.iames Iluudell, 1. I)., WV. euIck, 1M.l I t J. Aston Key, A. Itotliptotl, MI. 1i., otInd numnertt ixlt others. The oit'gi.ilts itay b)eit seen possssion of it" is CGenerl Agent, by wlhonl the tntr]iciel is illpOl'ted ito tinll ithis country, and to ilttlu all aplicntioitts lora:gelctus iett mustlle mditie. nit JN(). IInlltEIN, 129 Waverly Plv ilace, , N. York, Sole (;telral Agent torl the litehld States, h - For sale by appointment of' the olritilal proprietor. n. by Sw.AIN e& IIIOTrEII, Dlruggists, No Lt C'aii street, t) (Glenes Agent trlor Stanteec of Louisis;na. Jul se II EMILY it 1LEE, ` co, Ne 0 :ata.lue srei:t,art s nol w receiving from tshipsI Nashville, Lolisville, l Kenttlck , E agle, ot othcer late aritals trtai :he 'i' :.lletir cities, a large and new sIleted lp ssoltllmU n I l lis, lootls, Shors anlid Hlrogll si, so ' onisliug of'getlenenltll's tlie calf andt Moloo , 1otls I5 do 21 iiual a ; do bullId, uand stunt Sax 1pegei.(t hoots it tlariousnaqrlities; tell's li ll l settal akid t hMoroct ,r Ishee, pu psl and blrogan:ls, bcekskin shoes, b'onoUIs aint sttipet s: ltell'saileo calf altd ilpedi agl ipegged etlot r I 'ogaitns; io bolots; do slout kip will wao ,rged shoes U A. l brogans; geutletlun's best i Ility calf sweti shoes, tl miantis ity ,lack i)ownings; do call' ii d Morocco C i bile shoes uiand brogans; dot c1l', suteal anii i iorot :lh1 I alinll shoes anlii, do elf, bull" illtll unu l..n way a llw artcl e; o line t all, sil0. anl d oroeIIIt II. l rL I o lots; boys', lmisses'and childreo's )pcred sot sliwisUIl bpoilns, ane lshd th. eltry quality n01 )ll i aill Also i general iss.,. ilnt t of men's ,htout wax atn p cmtli itroilns itand oes, togethe' r wit lilIs rslh grito tst quality, russett ot.ooto s, mro ild i iSt ollnks, otle expressly fbIo r p liua ule; an goodl Is. 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Ita- iic, copper and tin roofing and guttering., They .above and ,1l olhelr kinds III work in holeir hIns of iuntucS, they will UXociLt at the JUSTPUBLISIIEDFROM STEREOTPrEr PLeTES, The Filh Edilionf RIOWLETT'S TABLES OF IN'ItRE'PST: FAort UO which is now adlied anl Average Time Cotleul . tor, or easy methods for finding the averoge time WVe on stora:ge, iotes of hnll or ills of goods, whlen nltr.- by ehaosed at dllrtei illnt dates, on IlilTerent credits, null Ftr vlious amolnults; hesidcrsa.seli tll dcomplete Tanking The Time Tl le, tlh biestl ihat ia be cotlrived. or tht fi gtrcs can pr'htoce within thie sle conldeseod ompais, An inaverltisement in tie hcook is in nearly the follow ing words: TI Thehtigh distinctioo thlis work htle received through t the ten Ilgislntive acts prefixed to the title page, is a re comnmndatin in itself, so ilConon il and seo condclu sive, th nllllthing is inecess:re more n ti'' illl by wl}) of ld vertisemeent, to gave a tolhe.ed viewof o mf sne of its pe- Moo culiiities:s fieIinslsn e, tihe Inltelest has l te on cnimpls Col cd fronliiid conlpuretd witl, wlht is equivalentto four- Btil teni sets rf nlceil:ltione, ex:oamined ini the press thicrty- ( fie timels, and iprinted ifr' iecoi i lype plates tested Ialt thllilrtvyl-onll times, f'rm a tll which it lIIIust he evident We evellIo tihe slkep itic 'I'i, ihcilly i oni t i e.sotl folthe ole- 1] nIut .lt lnioo ihl tl r Ill'ler ) iltish tile Welrk o iol1 te nlilti- hti ei'ally inthllibh l, and in confiri'nolion of this ilil'ta Flet premium of two ihundred ndll 11tiv dollars. is now olfler- W' el i the ill elc tiolll f all error ofl ccnt in the icresent lIa oir fifth iitioin, l s x. e rsser t ill tIcm prl'el'ece, lllking flL e Pfli Is'tu 1h''eic l s .sttiId fr'ci' dhe sllnie cllor sinceti e lir'st No dlicltai , t ill thie v'.tr IS St. One of ith most ronstl 'iiieos fltuiiris ollti th i a lle is i tite 'r.riagic cif the Timne nd Amounts, which No i t expdtit ilos, i f trene.tC Orid perspielity, with the hilp of .e side muld index, catinot ue xcelIdtt and the soft'iy 1 t l: ild ease with h h the itn:eiest Cn he tl llul,to the i xisi it tll geiial tusiiinss, vtilhont diniubling oif sums ish sid's a: llll'lii enIce oi e's SEntial, thati iin tile re lll- a ll tion coi 'iith- Ii l 1 c sm tlnl lt l i id pr intlll t cl blusi- , eness t.ll id i lel el i, l iiS who tIIur oliule lgrllll] lilue kof t o wo t:, i Is 'll dif o ti ngi utcd ivtho ho uotubl IR ppeli ntirn iofa "itistcr piniic'". 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TIMES OF ARIVAL, DEPARTUIE bDISTANCG &r. xf tho Express Mail, rerwone Meaite and New Yark--leavlng Mobile daill' at 3 P. M. Norlhwra New York daily at 5 P. M aouthward. iArtues Arrive NoArthasrI, Distance. Time. Return'g Mnoigntrgoery,Ala. 1py . 1 's h 19m. Coluadux, Gn. 114 81 94 Sja.t Milledgevill Ga. m.2 19 14i 1 £ p. SCoiuxlmbio, S.C. 7Tja. 16, 174 J a Iaileigh,N C. 54 215 12 t Warrcnaon, Va. I2 mr. 55 f01 0 Prtcrgabur. Vn. lOlpar. 13" 0 9len RIih.rliaari, rn. luar. SI1 a Oj Frederieksulrr , 8 67 7 I/p m. wlrhliitvgrn crlv, iijyit. 61 1Miairiaaa,, ei ,38 4- 0 ePhlilodelilhin, i nm. 100l 11 t New N arky , ob n. 90 8i 1:105 143 h. or d 23 SNrlthwlrdv . Coatinrg Sritihward, the time is six hour P lesC ; bL till.g days and l" 17 hnurs. . . TEN DOI.I.AIS REWAII). S ANAWAY froma IS Crroadelet corner of Ilevs at .L recons,vun the night of 30thll of August, ad wa roiln thre n rtlnlotriag in P~vdrnt treer, a n bgaro ay rianarli (lilA lit.l20, a Irrrrr r7 yoetr of aeg, tnal 5 fee or thoreinbon~t ill hriht, verylV bleak, and lna an imrrped i imeant in his sPeachr, one of hia legs is sore, oceasionedr by a reeenl hlllrt; hle hlnd on when he went away a wlhitl catti or linrin shiret and awhile cottnn iuntaloune. 5llllterd rrf vessels aind steran honlt are caulioneld a i'.inlst rereiviag or hairboring snid negro, as welln ala i other Ierfrr, r as lre iitmst rrgot r of g hr e i law will Ira rnrllrrrd aegnierrtl ira. Trihe nbav rroarrl will he pIri Y firrdrlivorieg li intai nay of tie jails of eider ovlfhe SIunicipalitiesor t 1691 Cunadvlrd , corner of levi. Ii teroot. *3rt (j .I'l'IC,--'f'he - oalrrrni iir- h-ore-tarr r.eaiing hnder thor rir f tlalari. & Garraton, lne beear " diroilved. 'lThe sbscrilber will lituidtnle tile alairs o i; le corllerll ill this eit, IIaIId requriron all pelrr ons indeb - rra t ra M rulr invlit r hlirr oyi and al tihosehartlvineg tlnilll,, Ira t ri lllr toi ul for aertlule lt . aI niug -- t iARIIRETSON i CAPTAIN t.MA lrYAf'"Sr NEW NOVEI.S Ratiilli ire lteefer, by rlh author ol Peteor Simple, &a iu .'voas. Cu amrinrasr rn \a inr at SRrll ta lnii-fielI in .lowne hoSI'.rra, b Cnuliain Ilutil Ilall, ItRoal Navv, F. L Iord Rohlair, o romner. hr Alrln Ciannilagham, 1 ro rr~trpard Ire. wirilrn bl Ivimself, ill O vni ls. I ornaperdliors rlHistanrffalyy, trnntlnted from thlae k rrirllr I Iahrarr.rny Nrleniel rireene, in Itol.for 'vaiu NOa i af llurper's Eanily Iilirorl . Vols. : i 'I ntl re nrw eomrllre nt d t ni rln edition afl lilshiuraola IJrin'rs |Vorks. iNagir-e' IFi-rerah lhand ia utlieh il)irtionnry. Arirto a Jrri il dI qili flrionaary.in1oW AI A.s--a tw mrore corIRsof Comnbe' Phrenology c-"l~ienzi," I.arSe Jnrovnvr'll (Inmnnsses ofedlll~erir ual r irio, railrlrirna, Ililli..'d lhlil'arr1-4 nd a2 1-2 irrehea Is OrillI',r ileprved uaelrlic I'aejaipnned papers, weightse &e C. &c. &·.. i .st rrceiverl, a.ld for sale Ily i I IIENJ. LEVY. P INN()NI 'S RtM E, &c. INNIoIaK'l IlPOtlVEl)t EtIITION OF DR " oI ,'ob:inlih Abrilarrent .f the Ilitory rn f IaRrme ii Ii i,. is r) aIl I n1 Iroll rleltlliIr to thIIe sltrrly n I oliv riir IIt~tr Illln rrrri +/liiviiori'r.oaforilrlileii faJ e o II urllll il hli tl ri hrriII 11 r'II 1Ir I h r n uLa ri r a Iilii ii irii ,rr il Iiini uir lt i f t ," lh Iromanrra; wir ,rir i IIIrII'l'IS Ililliililllili llliii Ilr i hiii Trir ir l Nlr ler; aR (r lrela I lil~llH I1 erltllllllllltilml It I ra rr11 I e oc r rtetirn. II. hi v-I rarr llllmlh l lll itt.'+ 11 viiiirmia aravlry Ahrlorta lI ., i .iir a u nl ririiriir Ililiiirrirr lIe Gf hla nilarilr Ib loray riiarlrrmn l irirm;111, lr' hl llaoIirrlllllaJiilirll (lr rxIa rala diith if ii m111.i 1 I 1, i hh a1ii , rirL - l rll itlll tl o thi e lre I lIP' "i l ijim u I b II , l rII irirtro l rll rir rirllllll tll 'il, rrllr ihn .t,' Ir.h. , li e x + norl n ! tinlat thf mIdbl 1 ,illl ii llr i IIr I llltllr l' 1rlllr- .ir - i le rlt rrlk lroiairr frr lr i , , ii, tli i ra. 1 ii l iii'1 1 o r Irlri1. Alllr llls)iarrrg re ii i (ir11 hl-l;llll, ii- . i ia. ~lul ittl d ii y Iinrkmt y r n l r ya l Ii' I -irII'. I; II i .\n l:,l','oIYf hill, r i e. Aoridilnei o - X\III.i iIIh+ I. illiuiiii irllrl lll, i ni a [;" of r lillerrv .r'N ll, .; .\lllt'll, 'tlll ,,bll( I1 II` 1I: 1 nddlllSllli~) It lr ,I Ille ir ve lc ni·I.\1I1I Ifii'(ivrrrarrrirrra· . ri' iied anil fIr sale hl v 1\'3I M'KEAN iornlr orllCilap nlld Caollinrllln Ita IIRllR 8 CASSICAI. IliAR-Y ii 1 I ll I3 ,1 n In l (li hill iA 1.iIIAllllll ll l rill.) i S.t l ,t , A hl is, I ft 4 .I l r llOrs ll nsl, l i , l r illt , I)rdoils II ---n A.5m-mi vaidsn0icf thi iiriireanrminn priota af t I liii' Irdri ri I t IiP ri , \rlk fiR' hr h i i irlln nIlli, ithl a o meiri.m ir of "e £11iiilrrr, lIr , rns lI , I . s I illl 1 i onr i wiPl lllPI i l i- iii i 11i Irytie 11 I I i's rr :Jtll. l ml -, mil lt i ri m " d l Irlrilllll . rll rl ia. '.I 'llr· I :/(I. I ,t" 1a ,I ''tI ''I (( Il.I ll ((·l (I.Ihrtlr¥ I h ITlli' IPnYi, , kn,h iau. n h.tullr orf "li.rIrrl. I ,m oil squii," l it ., liv I ,itiri , 2 rollI xl, plr riiiilil1i 4(rks aftiromcrr \lt" ,rl\ +",t-:i t Itlk e..Sitlrlll(i? , i ;.I,,Le : ,,, ,I,.,.,,,,,, W M·~ ~ 1111(l';. IUItm1~( '| ai \ i . .. . . . ir... I1 ] . \;I). :' it'"<--Ji r ,'a1.1 lAWenn f o Iý't Ill 'l .i n' ,_n I hiavlin, wrlll tl i" teCr d llltsini ss aI s Itrl 2.l- i Woo A io(l e ry, in Ihe l ore -,,,,ý n ý !," N r,. .n , ,t, (111, ,t 11 v corllner of .'ll' llt .rc,r r:lnl '| 1'rt, \I'elk, reap { llhl ll), ys licita n share Stl. ,, pair ehd4,: and a renltrwatl I e ' Iv rs of hl" Usrmer cltonmers. The entire suck 0l 1) ll , TIeitcinesnul d lo llnc artliclhs is Iresh an: {'+n~ti':'++ itd. The lollowing only are par I'r," kdla, ýrt 7 alnd Snarastogn Powders. 'Yhit ; wdt ri, lt inI a wI"holesoe anil elegant ma Estl.n lhoryUast, ill ralst g bread, buckwheat I:thll' Ilfl'rvea f celv t 'I Magnesinn Apperient-a I ia 1.11 an ;ge11 plurailive in dyspepsia or indi. tetnono, iiry us dirllhry, giddlne-e, headache, nat' ll r el , l i h tIlu al cooltlvene , cuta. oIf ,u4 crnP IItaoe, Se. t'aplpatr'r I"ultd Eaxtract of earsaparilla f paniri, the W'nod, c do I, to ndt cubehs, Ac. 1 :1 'l Ptltl l sli d V\'r1infuge. ; Ilritishl an l{+liurd Liqrire., jujitbto and (;i.tniauve pasts 'tiI ith tba n, N S P rticc'u catrb.Atie dentis lie, ,r'hhtrt, toth wilsb, powder pufllfs and bexes, I'r'liro' t' can;lnt e dcl rtlire, chlorinet, tooth Wnsh pl"\'t. gUfs alnd Ibh.ees, Prentice's scented and pellin tout )powder, loiomatunt cremle do Perse, Lnre fll. wer, wrh,, lavendePIr and Ilurida waters, hof be ust qulie,le, It. land's Mnacanssr Oil, Old. rld(,i's ni, dl C tlClumbhi, beal's oil, a variety of Int er and aotir nlnichtso indalible marking ink auprrittr block intit& Sc. rperm and refied whale oil. IlHay's Liniment. A h11 41 assortierlnt of 'llhorburn's tarden Seeds 'ct, GEORGE JONES. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, ull FEVER AND AGUE. lEN years have not yet eolapsed since it was tirst regularly submitted to the public; but it has attained the highest reputation; and has sup. planted every other medicine for the Ague, wherev. er it has been known and aplpreciated. Already has it been carried in every direetion throughout the United States, nald still realizes more titan could have been anticipated by its most sanguine friends. Thousands of persons have not only been relieved, but reotored to health and vigor through its ages. cy; and they now cheerfully testify, at every op. portunity, to its decided and supreme efficacy. It is composed of such medicinal principles as are calculated to renew the healthy action of the stom. ach, liver, and other important digestive organs, I the loss of which harmony is the itmmediate cause of tihe disease. It is pppnrent also, that it produ. cos an entire change in the condition of the system, and certainly destroys tile native liability to relap ses of tile affection. When the Ague is attended rwth anl y otlloher ctuplaitt, tile enrployment of the Toric Mixtluo will net interfere with ile treat. trmet of the other disease, but wi:l even aford as. ststn~ne by furnishing strength and vigor to the body during tile coure of treatment. These who ink, 'ose tl tItis medicine nay be assured that there ins no Arserai, Baorks, Mlercury, or any other article in its icompirtton unfliend'v to tile human itetlituti"n; L..-ing entirely a vegetoble extract; ttll tithey y lhave additional confidoence in tie use tlhereo, t hoa they pertieOY e tat it has tile sf I bct t'a gent:o laxative about the titn half a bet. tie frl Ila been otakei--orn courll c tist of which. tlere is ro part of '-a ntediceirS loft to linger in thdn bow.lsi t ho cars abstractins, and other evils, arising reo the arie of manly.ot' tile remedies now Tlred Sfr thre uore of thin affection. It has been us ao nls as PrevOttite, by tany wvo were sub jet do t pr urrenec of thIe Chills, and it ihas tvariably warded offu tile apprehendled attack. Ob Trerve! .Tho Proprietor, fully satisfied witcl the npralle'led d antd univepral sucess lwhic Itc cot l. tatintl attenlded a tuletoal anid reglar use oftlho Tl'tti Mixture, in tall naoes of Fever and Ague, trols warranted in.engagigr to refund the price to all those wheo uhave Cken tie lediecie in strict ao. eordlnnco wih tihe prescribed directions, without having Imben pertetly arnd lastingly cured. T'Ie subscribers are the wholesale agents for the South Western States, and havo now on hand six ty cases of this nlieiine, which in warranted fresh I aslid gnnuine. For sale at tile manufauctred prices JAeRVIS r& ANI)IttCWS, Wo olerlle I)rhpagits, llOv?7 ott tijotnrtoo bi 'f'tlmupitiuula street. i 1"LO~hlt- entatding ft t tteatcmer Independ. . . . 44 New I.avee.,s'ra R-,t 'r S.r., n-'iT.e n.. 0a of tht •- outte l n, rollcl e, just. rtrctii,. lby ar. 3. I ih D'LV.'P. t III Canrp st ,itl,, tlei, ;-oUJ ..,. t-it .eem.", ,,btle ropes mai eli ,-littep, i .r e n,,drl or XI, hby -t B eL ' ,