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April 22, 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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( PIUce 121 CENTS. NEW ORLEANS MONDAY NMORNING, APRiIL 22, 839S. ol.VI __ . - - - . . - ; '-'- = -- - -. - . . ; - = . -- ' " " ... ".- ..,.-., .--.. ...; ~- . I..--, . . .... i,. ý14` "1 ý . 1 II I .. .. . . ... . . ... . . . . : ' .--,, . - .- .. ...n Y . .. ý . I - , ; resma of the Nemspapcr Press of Nero Orlean unanimously agreedto at an adjourned meeting of Sthe Proprirtnr, lield on the MIthl of March, 10?7. 9cvOSOtaLPtNOS-l'wtlvO Dollars fior Ihe deily pr or anyuo, paynhll semi-nununlly in advance: ten dollars for lo wri-weekly couutry paper, paynale one year in advance, where no city reference is given. No Stbsctription will le diecuntinued until arunsrerge are nettled. in cnase of di continunani, ine week's evtice d treritlag mutnt on ivnwruab:y given, previous to th niatiolu of subscription. ADve.t'ralsleNu.On dollaer per sluhre for the first ,sartinn, and ll"lf tlat price for each subsequert one: n. material lteratio from the original advertisement will be charged as a new one. Y t.Aiter AlIveairsts.-Merchalnts and Trra!ers, arty dullarn fort English altne, und sixty for both lan aagen . IRanks, Inur en OcitIce, nn other simiar publie nstitution., ffifty dollnrs in Etlitsll only, wan' lightv for both languages; Sh)ip anid t icandteit Fe lers, eoluaiuaieniou merchnnts ialxty dolle' in Englishl no, and eighty or Ioith Ilengcges., OBITenARY NorTtcrs, and ertieles ecll ing the attentiin of tile pullic nto sales property, oardn of passengers, tcieit.e, &c. &n. willt be hebrgea ens dollur per square for the hrst inscrtion in eaclh Inn uC soentA' T lotns, or Advertiseinets, olf ny pereon aIll nature, wheu admiscilile, shell he charged denalle, and in advance. A devlutlion of twcetiy-live per cent. will be miade to Auctioiert SherMit, Itegisners aof Willn, and Marshals ansnlee of real entnte, 1avl|idiedl in Ioth lnngiuagens, tsad 5so per coCt. ill nglih alone : In t0 prI cent. onu saln of other proitrty. AoeVnKTIScMNTS Out of tih direct 1ine of huulens af the advertiser c clg, uich , egin an, d plants ion tales, runwuay splve:s, stray autniUals, &.-. &lc. will be charged for seepn,atelv, and nt the ordinary rates. AnenVTtTIaeMNTY slt ltweifind u oii tlhlle, will lie publlied oens ,ninth, and chnrged actcrllianoly No advertiseleits of hunkruptcices will he pIulished n any case, auntes paid fcr previnous to inserion, or payment tg lltrlnee d e eh rncctiileleriweOu in tuWn. the tren nnd other plncees of sinlatmement, ndveorlitnig daily or lhe ensun,s to be charged $101t fer ilnglitl a I nute, nld $150 in tIoth Inguneca.s All unuou nie enets ii f calihilits efr IOlliteonl .I oi. will be clhrged douldie the price of otlier idvertise menats. twing tlo th iiaitoneeiloseleniieiiilcl iy iewopnapes prirIie oern, tlev linte ine t the c hiioi that tle olaeneu of ieresau whoIe nccountsliive nIIIt ei,,lllld ,witilauine ilontni after rtrei.ntiiin, shall lie lInde nouwl so far aspratic eaIlie to telch, othl.r--lhl . ,atI!i gieing thelmselves not tl etlertie or tprillet Or such: dalinqnelt, ,inlesS in Circe it adencce puypntita. Qnguted) Sr. R110MIS J. IIAYON, 1'. I. ItWA, J. :. lIltENtWF.RG.\AS', JittIN tIlllyON, It MIt.ltlN. lVl e'ly preoe.--\V, l".- p|ceriic.Id, cý reec to nde by ttte above condiitii , nas trit ii they nreap~litile i t arlv aopers. eA t. le l (,. gned) A ytt N 1 x hscrrlptions are taken fu,.r h'. Iri :Is li 6 iloetlh$. |letern Itl iii i ll, ie HtIitlli Id -. i iMI) f1--1101 l ti. AY'S I.INIMIEi'L.-Nu Fictioni.--T1lis ex rJA ordiSleury clteuiicll i:nnllinitiiol, thie resullt rof scince, nnd thoe ivent)iv co a cch!htal-ld i cli ail ciie, the intrdui'lt nl of hlichll l tithe pl)ie: was invoestel t iti he tolelirilly Oi a dnclilled leoquest, hi uince gniniid i riliiittltien inlparalliliehd, felly siuatining lie currnctnuie uf tlic l(lclittd I)r Gridley'. hlt *.efion, theet " lie dared nut die withlut girino to posterity the Ieuefit of his knonledgn nit thil s iljc.l," aiid lie therefore letqueathcd to his filnund ani atteondllt, SlomlutR -lays, tie secret of hi discovery. Itis nev uasedl i tihe rinciipal ihospitals, and the private practice in onllr crultry, lirst anl Ilinoi sertaintv fcr tie cure of thie Plles, liliI so uxtcn _ivoly and efflctunlly as to blittle credllity, ilesr where its etHccts are witnlersdl Externlillly in ti.r tullowing conmlllaiuts: For I)ropsy--Crcutlng extrauraditiry absorptioni at etse. All Swellinigs--Reducing tlhem in anew hl url Iheinutulisl,--Acuti or Clironlc, giving qlui.t a sa _. .,. Sore Throattry r;aincers-. v - 1. o Crop nanri Wlhooptg oagh-i-lxtcrnraily, and I over th le. Cil. All Iruile., Sprains, and elurns-Curing iI a i few ioure. Seres and Utirrs--Whetler freesl or long; eta dirn. nnd itevcr oreas. ss Its operit r n uponr adults and children in rlue s irinitir rarlt ennlalllgy, ror lo,nlnttgr a cihrlle ':dl: Igr Itnese ratl tihe dial a!y l,rentiemr or tl ahltia partsa has been surprimrrre benyond ceormt io n l e , rootlt rlo ark of tleAe intre ale url rt in th il il flleeo i n~It net oancle a cheln sa." 'i'll. I'll. 1dt-lir anny, dir r,; ,mendlr to anni - Irersl wiho will use a ket tl at Irviy' Lru111el the l'ir thi I'all ae d rature tirerrlntpy brttle ert lOitll bain. cereal ''ll c, are lhi iosiv.orl esll' fier e tilehr pr I tO tile Agenl,; anr r t Ita t tI) 1 tu s slrd , snll. nlret oll r see rrieuenee'tl. \V r migI lllinert rrtelleelol. ro allry llylrie , brt lira prefer thaIt whie, r lle anlu , t r ·h tl, hld erd- Ikte tibit tire erigirat tto ptrcharrn en. CAUrlION-Nun clrr be genuie n ie without a str splendli ougraved wrapper, on which is my name, I atlr and also that of the Agents. Ol Oi N I.rAYS. b Sold wholesale and retail, by C:OMS'rLOCK & Ia Co, Now York, and by one Druggist ll every town in t-,a Ulnion. ' For sale by .ti Wlholesle Agents, corner of Com.nen & rtlehouplitoulas street, cad by tlre I oara Apothecnries generally. J1 I30 l--It.UJoltlNS(.N,)Iirtica I| lit, I 1i " tri ct, cn nJ finelab Irractie to thrC tll trentre lalt e tIreTl Lisease, ir all its drt-rca fr.a r. D)r. Juluesoq froml rneidllo " of illl nut vylers ill I I,,s Ui ns in Europe, deoted to Ie treolt nif Venereal f .i-easeslo, and tire i dIs presendt atr0siyve practiclIre ill Ilnit prrliair r d lralrlr l e l thle pdlt e'si onl, gurartllltrreo il sief. rlidy rrrlor ir'cllnnl ct tre i rarle Ipersona n llr l roubtd with anily of trle a llowillr diseasesr, i :- Gotorroet r bile is, St in eiree, ierraCh rars trlarirr, Re rrinra \erbikress, Al r-riulr ftllhe Itlartlr: I(i.. reya, ial .laiat, Urerlara raruotrls nilllllllt, welhl ' etieler , s Erlptlirnstr tile Skill Sort Throatr, ParirS ini tire be Alo thea nutrtrous symnlatons whllic!l generally ferlow cni his l i a tere. Itecerr cwaes coreld in two or thlrea drlys without tilee t o e of Mercurya, interription aron busienss, ta reaor air lit inlare anlode af lir ing.te A ledicinle ta, prevellt Vcnreal Iticense cara ie ollins tained af I)r. Jhlrn. It is licrei the Irecie Of ie taI ttaraln Larry, ai uebralte I[renlatl slrgeu,callld was i ased ty hins dreing ftheesireol carllpauins in which ie r. servedas Suron lerl i t rench Army. Solda by iDr. Jolneson, at hia nlice. TIloec 1persons avring ally aledftion of Vea.real Din asna, 1arl ekbUt tinkiag sea voyagea or reaiovinlg to iro countre , would io well Ity givig i)r. Julilhrtl a calnl, iat proprmerreldi Wines for their elane ill tile slirtlet ime m an be pte1 u with writtei directionsi fai their itse. lace open front 7 ill tile altrilrg allloil t0 o'clock a t c AERtN'rTIY'S IDYSPP ll IltIt. de tie. bortethlv ti grmost of Ig o Iai C nt reir a leg a rtn pilonral thai esr-tenthe of the diaetaee that aitmea maa.uind origivnale in Ieh teanrsatll. 'l'iic. Elixir IIlase uecd by hil with the mrst unirerdenetleldl nalccesc in 'tie pate ai d public ral eti liar r pwTerls otf forty, c yeanr, far tie srelevrtl of Ihe frltiwiong dlreases: Loss faptiteiar Flaiatlaercy, Iliteutii a tt tol noallPall iI taeirle, nsi t its ifStilli aho tl lelo illlti ilitr in il leep, lrreg rity of t ie llll,. l n illn lil case wihere irirgri or iit tie habit ii lon t exist. 'Tisn niediei mllust otrt ie nalrrarCicel onIII- lhe hlst efqoca k Iaostrr I noow Ibferor Ia, pululic, aIs it is tile sole oiveatio allC Ce atleat aund t e icairie agerorn :aroitrm evtera pIrllllcei llne d tlhra srarrter f llrlpar1 t i ti watsenaucad r. y the reli.Cl Lfr ai ver In rce llln. II in ugreerirnaa Iirle n pl lcIt tr tlhetnc.tealrcls a lllrilI slarer ieot.arhvey kee s troa buwelr fi re, ilnltr. vrigor Ini(I eltrela glt ta thIt -LStermllla anll eieeterlnhl es a o tile l llilrl, tlltl a litaw brt:ler relntivI the nl.t 1colllrnitd vanes Io cvii (r Itlditeslltln, Ind i)ree mnaar retrn a lI it slly Sl.l --t l lCOnalrlcennclIeet'lliiad a selellttllm life, I hlave beent Irou lll, llr or Icsa, wivlll lli.edi lelm lfir teiI years; 111r ilhe lain three yeatrS, tmyatlrlniingt. hIaVe beeriicetprrrtreble. I Iae troidel severcl lysricinl?, and a alaorarof lretek nadirirtca, withetlt deriaiag cay ellretit. I deaypired of ver oebtiitning nv ilernelllloet relietr aldi resalgned lyself totllte inst Ilrllelrns despair I was persaodedby . , ay frienldt to te Aberlrethy'a Dtsreplmlc lElinir. I h.vae nno flinished tlhe fllih tu-. tIe. nrl klnow Iot iLor tan expresr norI I rlirtlilia of ils wonderfl virtaiet aial tlhe rlllnuele it hillr pelrfrrllllll iir resatulrring Ia that I hetlltrh wllilh l: I nglht lot ftire eaer. de" Itll Itrlalfal' dozen litles ie a eaarinderepl atel ttanrsrirt e leneirge con have a ie-rred lb re. slorilg aer to a1"teaCt health. I reein wi'otes, JCOlt MD0N9IOE. Pfe cait ari in hiie trarererti nsre thudrrlaled teO ti nio l simil r i r res rtthll r rrrdinnry vl r tilres of' lthi cinIeiP . ioeld by upprrt.intaeat, nt lDr. Jillno1rth m . I dIt Itienvile street. rarv. 5 Conglresi large I fierry' Ifrt rt i lacg oe dio smlll tdo di 3 slit ito Vhldel's ladies io di dinlile palent o imei.i' I DoIrblle ialtenht di tille's trrel do do Nnrtilunai do And Gill's otmIrraercial for slitlr net IDAVI I) FEILtI' & Cio, 3i Chncetres ci, feb N Y hltaioairs llnt IlitNPAShRS, TIIEltOti.rI':Is, .IItItOS St:()Pit , &,.--Jost receivaed uanl four sale hy eW. Mleoneoar-aer nf Camlp and Caanoiea srrecte, g e lne r l isorllt tltll o f S n nr .ey o r 's C L.m plnanr s Mallltnieatnl lastrfments, Drawing Pana.c Spring )ivbientle., erprag ie lv Iens, Ivory Pro Ivtrv Sealee, io-t" rr'e Sae-rs. Glaem Trinaglar l'arallel RtlersaieMeienlcar~o p rtesrmowanrttra, Camrrat Oreetsa.r nSrvcvy Clainsa Slemr" it fauif , 4' ZUItltl.. & Co, Ni. 3t Uhnartren st,et, are re. ceiving daily from their house in Philadellphia, an elegant and conl lete assoii rlllleln I snhttlltanntll l and nlishlatinai le clothing. They IIinui.e the allen tion of the publlic, ns Ihey are warruntnd in saying thai strangers and citizens ennnn t lurnish thri . selves a oio dvantangeously inl any city inII th Uniona N. B. A few d izin. elegant ivory haniMllc um breltia, front 32 tI 3 i6iincies. Also, a l rne lot whilu[pine packilng Ihi xtis., various sizes, very low T 'l'1T 5 I I, I .Al I i ,kinnon's- l piitniltrya, f ir r. S moviinillg tlperlnon hI ir fromi the lit'le, ueck I.d nnllle, with elllltllF nl' lI t a.i:rlillltnt IbeiVit l n he kill finier nail whilier Iii iii lielirn i tih tijii ati I. A lash supply jllst received at thlle lananlr. nil IlUSIftiettI &.L., I, ,nxcthnnge Hlitel, cr St Ch(i len & l'lntnr r at -E i ANl' Ini ay l it isi- Willim l intell, IitiChur Sfrets st., hIue this day re.eived a smllall lleertmlllltnl olllarge eneillell.ll d nli imoilic nIrasti.s, iset ill the ern sttvl. ANCY MATCath S-With-hl h htitil , pIainntin, Sinallltgt fos ship All xa:ldePr flrom lBremni n, t fr tcalt n A Til 1ii , (Inst Ir n'ti. lnntnminir C intt il'n nn'n.,tt qrI .1 i t I t;;3 th,111": 5ie, i. i" Cotin being nittlit .inh nt n-,,'dnt li (;ll 1 lliny wit .ll Ilni ih I'tiltetirg iall, i ln .l l IuIIr lie-, Io lhelr lln .tllllsr . discovered by the iproprietor ald ,has Len ll Ito ev ry vnr _l' y ,1 plaiciICe nM aIll tIh dise sI, Rof Uh I liverstll l A leric nl cl llnnlt; n ,il II Is nn t given to the In blic wiyth Ithe ICtelar t l tfidh/ n II neld bjealiev n h t it is, as mit st clearly en l, lh In hIi pamphl, t accom,,p'ying the same', the hbst . rdi. ci tne ever thr't n within he reach of all !c notiety. It is with tIIie elatl st pri I priI ly liv ll ill all ti eh n ladies which afflict the Inlan r cr , brolo the esilblihllted lfal, hi t, n i h.ha tikl n In o Ic etllc mach it aets aeco rdinll to theI? "ole of i tn sn a -i a..i and Ilthe n:iture ul the disease, hi! at alt inl Itidll,, diurI.esudorific I t pec iornl ll, lr lt ,rlet medicll n. i' annit itns rly11 a ', i wh it po rp rl lt. hi, neds only il inllin t Io .i.ely the illlm t in lrl lhlll . The fact IS id ily ralnll thl lhe kaowth Pn l 'I hI proa l pr iirsi iits k n li.ial nd t. r w ll'lcls in iln9 Illtheity inn lltlhn lll n IInhnI u nt nun-n ldysI,,te.rry ior llx, b)sp pI -ta ur tl o ll I m a . ' thein that Ih) are wi lt ' oly it',rr nel Inu wannIeIv S lrc e ll l. it, mul il y - ill ii- t l llld l 0 rlillllm Pll1.e ii dlll t, I( ll.: l h Ih ir} (.ee Itl l 1 ," llll l:r , I tell i e It isay I t allt, try iI, ti - on " ll ll WI: . Ir altiIple t os I o iv I, a ll +v, . h le .. l n f le l w iv .I tlan ith n ,J iThn inr- ltlIIn , the n v-m st In nii - e- hin h h r, r . im 1id oit t c oi r, t-hasb , .l i n 1 int , . fl llllrr1 t II,. II:IIJ I tIII)IV II" I . g l ehll thr , I d lt ll, ;Ii l thmina- Ia I Inrnire onnI inn .n11( Iu i I-hl u j' itn ir, o Sl, ,ll I. T h, 1'· Int it" ll ulll ti 'i in I.-n i ., , ;i h ,I)11; ,s I'y'RN fIIIr I \ IA t , I S, UI h. I , ,u l " r;i- It Ti:.l "ln ,I h.,i hll MI - itln: in m n -ms ;l ' I hnn lIhnI e mi i l, II\ Ihru, lll ll, (nn . u-i-n I .i n i r n u i. i ll . a i tn r llI itn i in I hil In II I i tin'l' ; It\' a paitt lh lh lllakll is It ml uch t el]I chelplst. t llledll-'llle t\r a'l lu rller1 d i thein e i r TItic ni l v min, i retinea is cnulnt l 'hnh ' and rtlnt y o r Ait li, I.n y In wln thn e , I)tulnn t c d A oTl fll c ry t ''ll; t ld r-, NNnvn. l)rlli liTI' 1 l5'-(t, Nan uri.d\ttnn i; Na e'niuerm II i l It 1'tsi , in ni--n , n- ll h ; N .enr tti r, i d tilll. i r ul I , lre lon t ltn lll h , in h lh n l -l tlutlu O l.nv, h lnit i m '[ ir r lllt, sit "p i - S I ril inin r ninn l i . t1prlt untl he"; Ii nd Nii'i 'i'l.nieitngluta tin I niiI ln nti ' winn, r s r in; i lnlnh . iInehi II tin-nm'd; an't-, inn, ItI e m in sn Sro .; ,\ I i i. ,, 1the I-te si t .'ien , - Iiin ' II i UnS t,'I; sh, Im l ik' nn !n inn nl n uith.'l o lhm t Iha t r'" 1n I, hlr .. i ,l nl'n]IZ , I, Ih ittn r-nni ,; n-,nt l V'I- i-rn--tn.l' nl tIII I i( a I-t.I', 19 I '+tllrl ct s I.od ao? a mlmil' .ii, ola Illl'l i,, I(IIII 'i, 1.l'. n' :Ii lt S ; 1 IIit I N.:l: t it Ihll , lio o "ti. io iie:uo nI :tsl (ell ! r S' ~ At:' A .i ll:tsi I 16 ll l ll I. tl t( llllell CIr an . 1 1 to CII IIa l, oinll I( lJ ( "lli·" : 11 twint .lan'1: , h t e li, 15110e ly 0s il i N b hile is in ue dal.;/r 1 o "f I ,1g t owo 11 r ll or lol hi"1ý 1hn 1·:II 1)\ IrIe I i i. IIIh I e he r I " e Itll III,:1" , 1\.11, :. "I 111i" h , 1. 11'1 1h ,111 thrlllo.uail , l Bll Boy rl'ly IT ll I'IIITAiNTY¥ I" IIIIIIpI I il lliVu:l a!\u .staa i tile. spaeediti , i h. I u' gh all .'i":"th IIO hIII s ouhl l i " lee 'r.. 11. 11 ()tt. ll .. I s :ll l , l t tin,,, k-no s, ia'chesonal 1) e : e, so ,Ithr. ciu.l , h 1 11 t" The s oolth, hafdI n ura:ll l 1 -1'IA , the .llfe and ins l i i anll'et l I lnl ,h il i I ll, IIII i"'l'll ll1 1 1 , al t hl l lai-cl r t T ! 1 lll1II, t rlallll. llr ~f r, llll'l l l rl f II . ..I Charleston, S. C. :i the ste:o, ptikoets to Ne~ YeaI :il Iitravelers c noll ri'eI ,l Nlew YlIro New il' riknI lo'l i I.)ASHn II Ir*A-\\ihingncIIi iti i N). From C(Isr noochee, Florhda, we hate h Il:.i.1c r1515 one to illedg"erille, :and ne to Mao.l, lightll wo bor ,. oaches. ST'OCKI 1')S S co,. reI Acoilrs'.i, '0th Jun). .935. lilce't \ltlniOs Iiouii Sin \lM!ile lcl i )il:llln, o, N ruw Orleans to 'hl-ie, 1 50 .ilt I Mobile to Alugusta, 5in11 " r. " Algstl ito hAillhf'lgiloi I, (ChA.lelnn to New \'rk, 9o40- IO (l ,, Tin, New Orlea to MobilO, 2 hoIurs i, Mobile to Augusta, l "! . l o AugustiaIr to l rlelton, It h:larlesLton to New l Yorkl, l i- i58 t Mlaking 1 8 miles per dayi or 7 i les per lllio', incl 111ux ,ive tif aIlltsllitigeisi. p iaio IIt N. It. i bigo lh'ave to inlorm the publicthat lil Yh"11 britge nver the Chatallooek wilu o ,d ollHrdl LAbtlal creek have just been clm pletedl I y the general govern menlt, (he uily lobstacles opcrillngg gilllllstl his l d' llns speedy route. are thus happily removed; 1nd1 I have the St, pleasule olet-llllm1 fromn trellers that. the coahells,hor. ls, drivers andl ,oadls arcite l o ( halint ollde; and as1t~ tirl water r'oute fronm IPensacola to Cedr IlhI, it is aldm i r I teil py anll wao ha patos,)d I 'Olh it toc he l " csuros ps t lilmvclics Ilctlllte sbie y d sl lv, •d The bIldlges Ihl'ocugl ie Georgia ha y tals bIeenlrepair:ed. .I M C IIAKER i IALLIGAI'TOR LINE, cot r Mobe ile to Augusta, via Florida. . C.{fzir Loaves Mobile 'ruesdays, Thurs. r days, ni Saturdlays., per ttr t c r 1='. spleldid steamer Championli (ex. pro it cept in case of strmns,) to Polsacola : thellce per i steamecr Ie Roy to La Grange, and Ihece four horse post coacin*s via MaIrianl, IBainbridge, Pin. derton, Blrrien, Outlaw', andlll Perry, to Mlacon, et Ga ; thence via Milledgevillc, and Sparta, to War. rentol, thellnce per roil road cars to Auiguitla. Iil in The Champion is in splendid u rier, with new o' Thi lto Roy has heen thoroughly t epaired, her ' illýecommodalils aro as handsome i; any O,,. l Thei beail ifsla Sa1nt Rosala SIa , and C.a.lta. pratootie 010'kd watchir Itay prer elnt the illuo t inte rcstilig st*IlI nrill. iIl: t perflectly laill locked, tas ihe i 'fh' Tallls are not slriisid on any routo ill the Scountiiry ; the drivers, to ai manI clrotil and iatten il t ive. sl 'The biridges hertcloore dangierous have I en i rt r newly buill lo that high \teilrs do llot inter ereo Tho ratling hiouses have beea n t oslly chaniged, r Sand are now as good as on anly roal in the Sulh Ity It is generally known that the exellenco anlld 1 hardness of tite roads enble the teamls it all sea- i sols to make groet speed. 't'heir l.onotlln, Ss sl. - cures the travoi or froiu the ordinary lauign' of 'o stago travelling. The Line is inw c rrying its paosengerr froml Augeta Ito Mobile in fiur days il d twe lvelire iy hours, or to Ntw Otrleans in Itol day illld twenty ol hours. Going to Augusta, the lino is sti da:ysa ir lndo seven hours. timelo ctliully ciployeid io Y's travelling is the slane as in the other dirletilol, I.t ' " the diltereoac of tilmeo il thil i, ete, is c:aellidl Iby it N tie day being lost in Pensacult, w..ich, however, is lor- eolt repaiid by the op ortunity it gives ofnrci'.g tipt the N~avy Yard, tle old Spanlish Forts, etc. Thle re- travel:cr ulso sleeps lat Il.lom, nold aain at 11\\ r tenton. This arriangemnnt will cntinun till the I travel turniis northwiarld, wlhn lthe line will he tlloe e- a-alel froel Mobile to Augusta, as it is ii ,w ina tlhe ir other diirectioni. ''lr. Thi Advertisement cont:ills a pl in tllat molilr 5 of facts, the aceuracy of whclh! thcI proprietors gauralteetoueach passenger ill th: penlly of hli ren stage fare. o Maps otlthl Line may be seen at the Ex hangll: o Hlutcl,NNcw i)rlea.s, and at tlhi ManiouI House, Mobile. I In Fore through fromt Milo to Auing.ta, $17 50i ' The linl extends, by iabranch to 'allahassea it Chatltahnooea, the linlo connecls with the tll stcnembot carrying thoe lail to .palachicola ailid SSt. J.Tosep's. Otli a at the Mlassion IHouse, Met lto. lI, 7 O tOSTIWICK, Agent, Mobile. UGAII. & MOlc.S5i'rS--150 lahiil Sllligal, P o 10,1ililit lls ololaalea- , plllliiiOll u ihlllrs the ftr elle by ADAMS & \VIIITh I., fll-w (i7 Gravier at , ,-lOll ,homes in slellfor sal hr rfti JSi \1.1. A& IIhtR')\N,, $I lagaziniea t illAT -:' In. ' lw ANA-l icirii Cocirt for tli I -ariah nIul iteiiIIcf N,.iJcriea sIIB-l, i all whcciciiie I"te''lltr sha'll lls f R uciing \III(.I.aI' ,Ismst· Copeland Parker, of thfllis city, Mavis~l purehnllrd : it a nlt? lnd! l v llcwlr tt & (:enlla, pallllil Nueioces tecfc'hieiiicit ' hed prprycii iaie uci j'CtdiiCit' n lih i totheP cI erk iii cl, oui t teill "I nmoi yot itileeuc,riity in iii rteli,',iii, ccc tio l an ict of file Intineof ll , ,fi .1t( of lllli~: lnll, emiiJ(eI "Awa it f ~ll the sai, ," approved the hlclticy f l,,lird', I'M. No~w, tnr~r6for , know No,, rued all perrr~luua iutretrrenl, hemt r Ibrh ried nuel lcrrnelv i-chc alo o coiurt, who cilt setullv rlet, lidoie duils in and n th propertA I) l 'ririi e - iilt icti '-4 aelt cri liof ay mforln: - in -ie'iiicn o l Vioiei- & judillet 1 111ot , uIdccwii-iciucle- lint icas fete iuiirecnyiioia7 iaiyir illreslrty in thlie ii,,ie ii i uicil v sl cdi-'l i in time. o~r manure or If Hole, or fir any othe11r deb-e~t whatso-l ever; to show causelii w thin l1/1 II I dots From the day! I It,., MollInitio e i oral inrtede in the pnblie nite's "b the sale, so II tdi u i ' leei lde licei c iii niir ,Ii[ yilii 'I'lla said prnprrr t nni .llll by firer naccliolnrr r nflrre s Id tn ic' li itiiie,, of 1>,i n ~ii li-ciiii, A .I211 by vcirie of n deerve of this moult, re nrr,"d oil the Lai1? ·-):d- dny ol. Juy . D Witt, in it aaitentitled \llr 5 : I'ia Vance vs Ilk)II creditors and the c sr eliturs al' Vuncr A. MI!I iller, NJl 111,9111 Parker IPIhllllliilll. purcb 1iser C or tire, Illici Ili 11,707, 1:n( It', f Iil e 10 )1ia cory Dote of J 1; Talker, dat ed Ihr.rnlllr cc ~ )~.I 1IIII-ii·rIII(· Pi-I IIIIIitiiC ll)n( II1III !IIIIV II 11 I 8:33, lit the ll 1·Ildr of nud endorsed by'lP Jab,, Mi, talll, at six a dill a I irr dote, fur sixII lit u I)(II nodfilydola 5. 11 tla l Ili,, tlllP'i .I nlet I r'th .dor, e I by the 'no wl ut~l 11-1, It i Il~nlh . ufi," ;r for the -Rene IIaIII11 :1. 1 it the pro , is'm,*I Dote of 11 '. saa eIII. dutctld n file1 at eiehtrro nourbs nfo~rlint(' foth am ,,Hut t Pir In the promissor yf~ little of the se, H r, ll1' 111 nn the1 sIu Ieeidn In lcti,,iii* ·,: c hdIi ccEIIceI-P(I( bII t at r-ix months aher little, Ice six bunilred and il~ll fily dttl :,. in the (prllulwo v note el' fi le -now, crated nu theII I1I rotor d ny, m the ti l del I'11` lll t I eodo I selll IIY file soma, atU m el- it nl ,ls afield,,, fo~· Cr the sautell narmlllllf. sl e, dll fofit,.ee DrIn ccci-byte ;Ar",n ill II te di io r 11 i-elf I. dolt'. 11ii ii ' leo. ii,, iii i i IIl 7' . I t, III, prmii (III.. ,r , note of t he same, do led o n th e11I SI Ic," ot'I, t Il orei , i'i III'ii Iu lulii-P III-,' li sree f six mamba after date , iiii. it -c-'u u l]!l d t ,I In Ihr I Iiui- t iti ililil of file i i lll dated o flip same d ay, I11li file old, r 11f nud o1111ior11nr· by the same at: Il Iwelv 1" ioull,, 1)'iI le Ii, ' iie lO t. li. I , ·iiolut',fIecl?· iiaii·idito cdiutee sait' 'dIated oi se,,i lie ia,i ioi-the oii,-r if slidi ciii-,e Idyte sclii 'II ··ii Ilii lsi hlia dled Ililiu'- litiiit- li'll n 1. In ihr I,...... Amy ?· lI~tI! of the ,nmr, ldlill~' n likel Is e li lin , ith i rT 11I- .i ''l''loIotI r-c,' IIi, - ailm- ;it t. ll rite nth , t . ld .li siie a ,ol" l. it, In ,,o," ,,,, t r ugly of Ili,! may Lard ' (I 0oo the =n' oe, l d,, t o tier 1 ,1 ,1 of null ( e 1111 'I, ill IIb i me at ri_"ii, e," i 1i-,,, Mier le, tii l l.P unl ;I1111 1· 1:3. 1 to ', 1- r pr li--soTY note r (11 Ihu sitar., dated o rrn ihr. a 'lie Inv I" I'c- 'iii li I -iiclof uud em, lo l,'d by th ," ,el six tooul h a ,,foot Jute, for six I;I *I Ilunlllll'j mad fifty. dal s ll.+. i 4 .Iii fit, -i , rII v I ii', nii ' i tile,- ame, liiieiiiii'ii i Ftlll v," 11loolli after dale, fo I III atnI ,m al , 1. 1:,. In file f o r etel 1 1.lil11 i I1l)1 1 oll the,. n male day, to 111-1 or ter it' nod ,it lo·lled . ," am, t ihtr"I, 1ntrlaf dte 11 bsam uoont Ilirrt l In the prortr note of Ibn -me, ,)11111 I:L(,ll nn rho)1 it nm. I\·~lly, to fill, rd-'a nod e1111111'1· P~l by the some, atJI ,111 si 1 11s 1 t i i l 11 1:n r date, for six I mnd r Ct and fifty del 17?. to f· Iile romi+=orv a o'e of the same, d )IIl ool",i on the. II1 saa edo,.I I be of der a 11~1 l od'r wed by III,- illllT1 lrrrII , n( I~. (ll, I IIIIIl ·ol: I 1oo lI -or Doe, doted 1 1( ,nmr dot' I ni~~lPl rr i l etoe., i ,l . , o n of e111. ll s III III· ) )lll I·1( ell.l hundred11 -1 it. SII1 Ir lot, i, , liLo I1I bounded ItI· 11. I'1 1h· 1t· as,1 ,I I '.·111· . il I..,, ., ~"i, lie b,"- Boot it, St'( iI~h~oHl a site, 1. 11 fi !neb1' l, .li'eu-orel; l1( , ·?. III ~r~il ll Ile, 111n n·11111) [ie .'1,1. ,I h r , ,rIII I· i I II;, III (Ir Iid' ·r ~. Il. r ten, Filtl- i ii..' (·II II *i''*i( I_ I~ ~ . 1 iiii 111.*'i- i,' · 11· r ii (1\,i1·i I ,i ii i i I' ll" '\ l -Iil-q. Hi~llll,, :Irll- il' bl/ ll 1·.'d 1I CTI· I I I+ .llllt 1,1r, 4" 1.(ll.:'ii111 H. [.i1. il'1 t .1 J~l .if.·l~ "tllt oll il;l. · ' l' ,l ;tI...lI, t. h. Pilt;i . ]tl h l lli" l 'l l h· /I1 bII %+I ,Pl lt'bI:II-I·· li,.,-,tl l'1I:1i, 1\F ll:m-r;r,, i,,;·1 t, ~I\, ith 111I lb.* ! Ii1 Mr'.,i )Ti il-i(· Ioa.. . ll Idli d , s lr lo e SIIll ii e r. •I - l;alil l' II1 I - h t" ( ' hi iii i iil i i mt i Ii m n - i l n Ilier . NI na Oli i ii t t. A v fii l ten. l i tw a rpi th Ill -I" itwlllllly 1 n,(1pr-I l I' I vi Stran11', aii I, aIn, I IiP.] ] II naI iI lt ++ IlBa li it nIHI' . an l hl I rlth ll- ilhi. i,,,ll nl in,,l a. ll \lt Y I- +,ilk e IiI Sar liittap, iii r ari nail Wu l , a thr tnn v 'i , "In ll, the i fIb inar, h Ani , n - ar iitailr , l in afthi vn inii qIIII tlit, ail inh 11 ap ii an y h, c llllte, kllng I.· hiIllll Ic llr vl+llll 'r l-tII II ~ lli~llff trt'i t% .I 1f l+t. throe I IIII ( aaI illp llls r 1 ice. Ne Osl I .il . hrillt |, 11. $ n h+,, dll \ lr,+ h 'e l +tP,,ll IlIII- riJ~ 11·-(ll~ I,++I+,H II ·:jll IIt, all ~ n ili ''l I ' ii (,.. I Pn ai ii h gI it._ +-" 1IlII·. I, "WIit. i41)r I!:l £rlnl J I d,,'r?. l l~l~lrh'Pll, g ~ NEW ORLEANSSS Seamiipn aIindPIiaa nilCPiiy Biatery-nWaiirlanid Iin ii' .ni .n\l l 'c t Sugpr , Butltr, ,Mil" vnd Wl teihr Crackers. AII th~e aboave artiecle sror warranlted to be of thle first~ qelity, ad ,, o ke" inl alny clim tre, b -ing ! ctplre.l yih l rird. : iAl.o,-" iln ldried corn meal. * iii Th, k.hl ni pnii phu mri'i,'nh P". Wikin e, OreI. r, leflilt a, . W. Pfric.l hatr d andh T a'6 th J.vr. lorl nler 'l-gi ltlne a d Paydri srees, ' i ll rcliive i iw Ip, d ah.;ptlo lweiot, h S a;ll kegs .ut| u p, exprerly for S lrfll (l li+ U IIItlrhl~ ll i cll" I,,hirli', I |ii ll ill aliii nllyli u- 1 111x!11 h5 0ll 1'l,')· Itll·?liP+,illllll {)It+I.'IiIII .J'l~illpll+? |II1 ,+\ iF I J ' ilell1:1 ::~ 1 ·1 I.Ih hi n lion i r )iiii l i t d I r m e IaI;I III iril miii n alsie md111 Irv l llr d c tIe I: ia fl ll in ll: ; ,C l hIrp f 1)13 e. t eelll P lhll Il -il i.i Blipit ii an I it ) gil w l ti o l)I l l ly Ii ( k.i Ith ta alis te aer nit il ,ii V aitile r - an V E er aneil 1 " ll lllr l .11: \( lI LL.I·I III·I IIt n. IIIICl r l l Iii eiiinmil iiiid i Il mumor:I (llar, ti li-nile I nmr lllmRi l ritIii.i IN 1Pt nd a PiLi ieadSl and W i ne i t, gr I tei li r, Ml, by iuai mult r rac ers i A mPEl th iNIe l rii ic, nrt xmm iiiiun it i h firs u alit, ii'iil kcei i umuuuulayc lium teuhi nr co itely ki ht "a i IltIliti i iir I i I 3 Wilt A inPRl~INIAN ii i liyi i It ,-i alii-ii min drie nuiu eal . m1:ei uiiuilii nun muiatli Orde1 trs le n a t ap. pV rih iurd and laul , I u , a o NerI MagazleI e Ii ,y a Is t leI le \umit nmlinis ai, iNiiiiii nit m riaiiuii r' ' 3l1t m t ioulnalalur m iueis , utua expesii l ' fri , '1'€)· TIlE .l~k i i t I ' 1 111 iN S.'tAO\f I;\' P I, 1. I8 Jl p II eI ' it eili o I h - -l i naill lllnle Iurn, mllll anll mne I Ii: s>menirs ih tollllad wit al d iiDI r t l Ct ill ( lilll k it, I C ORN.) all r I t lia at ll- u u 'ihinIiit n at"n t.ubr ; ,i l 11,' perft'n'llu uip lh llar r om Ithe tho ll.c" k tll ¥nt rllnsh wlith n.i i 5 ~l elAy an CIn It1r .. llela n the inlidi llinllrd 1rfl mul rnui j at inar ins mli %,+ i n a dalmm p tent miiiiiit m~e~ a l, elIf'||im -l Pui S ol,. ' d ¥,- A II· ; rl (O 1 lER,3 Ju liat it l l AAl. IIIt DiG. it Ci, l I1ti I CChain c m,,limiruimmrmh.'I .ia ilC. TE.,1 PE I)H-Junt Irecived 1 I ewII gra c illlors I" s t t I, an+ d Pel r'* hv i%[i, s! I toll'Oll to a I lll, fll to,, 1I , ur,',+ ' ;VI tlll E It"I brit'+ tit . boldaeinlg Irin Pill) Conslulillt oo, e11d for P--vJ 16.000 fert oif la-r, be St qouality, fronl SI\ 1i t ) :t\ 301) keg. whil) Irld, pure; 135U d2o greenl piut, it 2j li)br. ke_;s l 2,| doz 1 ' s.n.cdlti t. r I.o ; 1 O . llibi.ety; 6i dozr. epleldid 0)6N))0) gromdl ITrunhr)-, also I1'0):aH) 3ld 000 do; 2.slles :rolnl, green inll Ie\dl; euperior article t ll'ii tn clls; In lrl.g 'e Ilseo .l lllls l ))1)o 6 ll lo k) I P l 'e.e. yr part.:ih x h+cs, uli ed :"p wIith all .nces. +,ry blll.lles arliel ele t ools, .. IFluke and, I(,nlnity wihit" ; GII anllelio $lhl leaf; white and ycllovw wttux;ut atLie; nr d It Ialh ta 'll ', i irfl, nvi - solOl'ltt of p3i0t6, dry .roeo.r oil, hlrlwnihi, varni'h, &r., for sale, whu.olale le d r.tail, ath[e lowest pri'es, by 9IO)N~t t.1.II, li.95 S R b5oVED F .ot - - )i)~le)ll RI61;)"I)t611 F' 11 JoNES' 1 TI:'T CO TTO.V G I, Ily the Palelltee, NIo. 53 Magazine street, New (rlenns r 'TODBE .lAN F5A2'TUlIEIl IN NEW YORKl BY ltUlII'IlIT' liOE & 6C). SC-.lF OF PRICEIS-- Doule Gims. For a doublle Gil l' o( soaws or InIe to oeach y)linldelr, nlaking tO ss in tie stand, with fiedlr', Iands, l&c. ot (ji per saw, or $900 00) For l Itie,)l, (:ill G l o t savs In ( ,, lind-l0 e, or 1')1 sows iln tli stallnd, Iceders, &e. a $t6 per mws, or 7500 Fordo. otf 40osowsondo. or I sws ina stand, at SG ' 5 per. saw, or 501) (0 Fr dol. of 210 saws on Io. or 0 oaws ill a tlllll, Pet l.50 per saw, or 26f0 30) SING1, , G INS. For a single gin of 0 soaws or more, will oneil set ofl'eeders, baslli &e. at $6 per $180 00 For lrit. of 60 saws, with feeders, &r at i$ all per sawy, 350 00 IFo lo. Illo I saws, with feeders, &lc. $0 For. lO. ol'21laws, wilhliellers, '&e. at S7 501 per saw, 15( 0I)0 xllllra teethlwh' t le'siredl, for f'dclrs, supplied a 40 cellts eal; the oftteeth bei.n about ll-noal o the Ilumb' r of saws. One set of, it is t on silcred hoIwever, will wear out two or three sets of sows. Ellen sox S .llet)liC. at 80 e,'lus mt.'sr) The (:illns arltred, oI Ill be. detrllvtor, to the ageCnts it plaoters in :nty o l the ma. port e swns of the c0ih on lll I ir" bSltlles, i Ille i..lllile x l. )'ts, dte ag.t' s 9il. ft theI e loso .Ihl' o thi sorile l.lot .New Yo.rk, ndl b''e.o.oh I. r' s ..,s .tllllle il lt- e amlti lilll ll e 1 li t e(l in. A ;hio .rii.t will he sent with tie Gins to p,.t thcm tip Illere de sirl ;lhe cllll'ges e'n 'l l ose services wi ll bei extr, butl Sron -Ollie', grrener, lso be osl ere) where desir)d, powero, hofa1 desiptiol, coo be tirnishled on like trsll. Slmall slalll ellgines call also be ordered if de sired. It is desivabl, , when planters give orders for ;ins, tthey should acc.lll pa, Ithen with their views in regard totlhelarlaollgllKrnmtli. saws, rteasts, broushes, lc. It is r(und thely diffetr I oplinionl. Solnue desire s6ts of larger dihlelertlltan othlrs. 'IThe etst comr ion size is 9 or 101 icllues; . somre wish themlr 1 inches. Soille wish 5 or 6 roiwsr l brushes oil ll Baxe, while others do t not wan lit moie thn.414t most. .onic wish saws Iithll I or1' teeth to the inch, while others wlat lld or II. W b . s oll disirtooer, wee prefer hlbhv should, .t t i the littlP of gtilhl# ordelrties's, lirIn Iit (ilt st leLIm l l f thllelir i wishles. rtill hle ilial ilt rersl cn lillll thrI ill el ry partih lar. Wherre it is left to ourdiscretion, we sh-ll Sma,,ke the ll n thle mlost i) t n approldll lan. In order can ) e, )xct''led, hfronm the tine it is received, inll te spalcc o· f eit oi n1hit.eo w'ellks, and tile in in that tlimu ]a)erdin TI e hllands of the -atelor. T"o h ti i lle fll' the olll oell, al orderI ought to lh e hin l iir ht· rds of fh,+ inotlflitirertvv lthe first or midhdle of )ela: exrptl ior lata|iloln:il s w,-here thety aIle llat in i collllmullcilg to piick or gil o.ollOllo N, II. Ilh 't . .ntll Right, ror aly loe of the cettoo [ il" 5in Saties, will lbe sold oni lretSou, lter'IiS. LC CINA C 0It IAL. 4 t4 .. ea~t Ilr 01'11· /11 al,! 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Phiell's Compound TriiILI TO PILLS,' im t \' iiirel 'egptaubli.] I i nu' and tahuIable Mm'dincine jbra all Disease,.s ana i a substitute~!: fr lur'/, as t r'alhartlic in 1l 'eers I amid all Jiihdaa il fl'c/iorsl . ! l ulSrnE 21 nlliu r l ill Piiiigi a COtiiiinaiiii ulii f a nri ly dJl 1. I:)l: kll t .1 1 lahlleo ubm ta.c, ,eatrenu'ld T olun thl 'Illllto Plalll ; wlth ultlll.r vegvtable .uh6ltlut"' (,vntteh have ben", liol nl it ni odui &dLm:.. t. iltaei'lit,a, balnandlali be ntAIlter ali ie ilil L liauniill lalal lU em'tIr dlnl, r etll . 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Piroln G 1 Liop)we Ir, ti R (C S, PhSylici.o to iles l. \larvlebonle D)is ,e,.ser,. ilol. liort tlelslUl' in lt0th myo teoetiottt.yto sthe o -lie 1f11 1 nllof ll, Irr l: il , r.t s llh n thel Iyouo etl filll ltesorve, il al atpllellt re.arld otu th you:llla|r e.v.ilwnseinltll ill bligiilg it to surch .in-. Fro11 \ Coo1r, F Il S SIoge:m Il .y' llo iThe Illlifol sluess whll'0ll ils ated.'llltethe oltioio tlrihlng yo0ul .cihined lom ly I a ltienlts aoflicted with the tlittr diC.,ases, hIs ln ,ille s . isti etl |Ite, il it has rolly t lo knllowll tl h trly t 0l|;i lt.l +llt., (lot the 000ees0 you 0o well dtlcloe, o lmlly anill tI.1litil rl.p y00 o for 00our vuh00111 1l0 ltirl. Fo't llSii A Cooplle.,l I S PI iC ., -&e. t. 11i01: 0 beenl itllllOcel to 01 0oli totllet ilt .leveeIl .cals ofdilent (olorroll a, wlih lihad hlitherto Inltled etole'l l'rSeri tioll ( inlitl l b0 lo , hlltaving fttldll s sure ald speedy culres effected by it, io a few itays I Ifel myself i tl"ty halld to that I now in fit) prat tice both public anld private recommend ailt (ise 11no1 Sother, r oml G 1,0 Blair, IM I), Pll)siilal to Gyll's IHo pitsd. The strict test which I haveri glue your medicinl Siamong my patientsl , alndl its hinvarible sllcer, Ihuis fit, will ind.uce me to lersevere in its uic,, ano I decor it buhtoallt fjllloli. and of dluty to I1d nll) ifetle tl eai Iionill in1 olmtmelnlltiotn ollf il.hriluets. 'Fromi I. T.Thompson, i l) 1" ' I. S L. I relli you my sincere thanks for ti e nbhlllle pr selnt of your IExtrlet Ilr (lle cure ofl ilmnllrrihta, ke.- I feel gritll hlttil Ou havI e at Inlst trl lolt medicinei S101o use tlcllO will 1prve a desiher1al0n13( leIg sought ftiw in the nedlic:a worhl--a ure, speelh nllad ei l'el c.ut ill r:1s 11 ,IIIr h allllor cl: as. It alfords ml g ll .at plel sulr po imblishing to the woald the valuable 'Intalitiesofy our \ere it n(ec.patye thle propriehtor elaill erlie irnish ilan leslni lials qttlalls as comlulelln0lllry as ti' i, i111e0 b1t Iu(lts tIat it glrelt suoesshlliltherti tle cl i exlpensel at widch it hals lbeenp emilred tr ill I(' eit greatest reomenlnleotuion mong if trerirng public" , One recollmmendltin this iprepiltio. el.js abov-e l all otlher is its lnet1, lportall a nrln-plut pllt ill t-ll ilede in which it may he taken, bei.g buth easy till plea 0llt-its totelv uttlt,wilth oll, reooirltion ill diet or colllfillnemenlt from business. Travellelr ep eciallly wolid filli this medicin+le highly uselful, anl oullltl ive to be ullltproiddltt ith II prllilltiOln Iosstes.ilg thel all utllal 01ges lhih presenl t (.one c00nbi Aecnlltliltllill.g tile tdellIieitc ion lomlolllleit c.litum tu'v of tlltl iL.LI.tell shltge ttll' Ilte diStilte, with1olit olly r t1ot eloigp1e, coltaii.gI filll al aplt i.ect io n . ir c1e11 li' SI(;KLCES s 1re1. OIlr ia'.tll " 4ltl'Cotol stieet. TEfi: IIit RICIIHES OF LIVE' 1 IS lIEALTH. -*"j lN' 1WThat hellli and the ability to labor, constitutes the wealth of the great mass of the pupa'e in this, as in m at other coun. tries. To preserve, therefore, that health by natu. ral aenant is a grind, moral nod political scheme, to I fhilil which, requiroes ou utmost attention. The uuprecedente I popularity and universal ap. approhlaton ahieh this medicine has achieved througahout the United States, tihe Canadae, Texas, tlaexico, and tle West ladies, fully justify Dr. Peters' in warmly and couse entiously receommen. n. tl:hem to the special notice of the afflicted. Peter0 "i lsarn.4hpafest, most effte. inal.., -' .c t. r t. . .:. ,:. d :. . .2f,. ,Pr-, : "-t of t nla'.,dlo a:a cita, tfrt lie ktanct. : ^ Iatl n aa itwa'na, derived from a long anld extenbsnivYa...: - . " `aiil, arrived to t is eunclusin, tihat thet greataod.ptic i niary causes of mnst diseanes'is n d rangemont in the binactions of the liver, or it other words ata in. canined or dtlhnilad secretion of bile. S,o wcll is t;hs ulanderstood, that i iis caomon for persona iO say lhenl they fal unwel, that thely are i an I a.u ., Ill they hav. I i e too tuchlla ile on a ta,e bntoarellh. )It Itle other hanld, whllen the flow aof nl is diatinsl.hed, the process ofl dies ion i imp'erilceau y Iperf,rmi d, tile patient bhec.nea weak and ,iinated, becat.e iinurialalent contained in Se ld talken into the at nacIlil is not proper y et. Itractld, :.ild tie lfn.d is ej.eled inl a crude state. I)r. Peters is an.)l ,,elnt that the ftlmous Hygean ITheory, ' n calltld, that, at impurity uf the blood is. the c:ause o all diseases," is a great elabsurdity. I'ry ione \wa a rc el:ets n the sulb.act a moment, will perceive thalit tnlpurity of'tht blood is a .eon. da y ot a priniary complacint-the tffect and not thle causel olrdiease. W\ler, tal filnationsiu afthe liver are, derangeld, ald the flow of bile increosed, it is oftcn tiakht up by the abser, ent vessels'nd arri ne iinto the irculatloa, and becomes miag'ed wi Ib th l blood, as ill jaundwie. henl tiepatient shows it in !.is countenance. Now this impurity ' t ub:d is c.a.-edt by an increased flow of bile, a il t rvele y it, ylou mOst correct the seoretions o,. th. liven and rerltCre t to a Ieallthy state. a )r. Peterlhals sptl tmuch time in experiment SIng wa i ditf·:r.lnt v ge Clai' n medl. Iles, for diLeases i, of the liver ; and n'w offlcrs his Vegetab 6i;l., ass liao beat, Inot ona.ver.ient, adl thealn t i. ' can thalt lcaln bo prei lred oIr tga eral uno;. I .so IDr Peters fl attrs himselt 'that his lobig esieri. ,, meetlllig with veagetale aoedic:nes has enabled bhim I ltU discover the title a.nd only isubslituto anaweriog - ill the purposes e mtrceurias a withl t anly of their a a- t -tetdlantt eaviin. Onle great quality of his veogetable au pils i that they lhave te allurative pincipll e com. binld with their cat arlic, or oper.ative qualitjes, iaso that thy not onlla clanso the .tomaIeh and buwels lby purging, but they regulate te hb lin.i cI- chaynge tlhe lltorIld niteretiatis, sltrentheliLns Lhe t-deatavie argans, purify thie blood, invigorate the ceullOlllOn, ll n I ive tulne and energy to the uer. ; vns sy-tem. They ai e mnil and tpleasnnt in their operation, anid e nvery salnut inmediate oconviction oftheir % utility I'roam the ti:nt dose. he;cy can Ie takeL Swith lsaiety by persons ofany alge and the feeble, - the ifllrmt, the rervous, oUld tIo dalihate, are a tre ngtlen'"tl by tlheir otper-ation, becaus theoy clear the ryata.l ait t ad lulatarsL', quiet nier.v us irrlta aw bihtl\, and ienvari;bly produce souud health. I1'hi Vcgetable PI are a iasure remedy for jaun. Sdice, sick and nervous headache, lys, epsia, costive. nwil c r:, sickness ofat: e stomlnae, hianrtbutn, all billass a oItipl maints, lavera of all kinds, and iftalken-tthe e" c.nenceament wdll invarlably heick t heti pro. 'a gres, and save.the patient frnit a protraetol nasli dangesosa sickness. They arc invaluable it nor. - at svous anid hylpoeondrical alections, loss ofi .apes , tilte, and a I caomplaiit tIo which femunles alggaoaly. at autject. 'llhey optrte as a mild and apead1 ns4 a at cdarc se a eal d cert:,bl nautedy tahnyr - a. i Since 1 have int, odosnd mnp Vetgetoq tca the pal l.o I lrve rec.aivetl nsnaerous. tin of teir euiperir Irsiaee inocuri ng lin aniny tatrers t:om riUIn rlhysnc n."; ton. have ue. d mtbes p4'mtls rapcsttitee "-Vi and scnasa. - l.. I s.,ght publu-ta mall voltine of drit but.osnaid a it n u sea ary, as atlbs. sa l. jt erro amnoaid ilselt it all wi 1 whlmt.ats. i lb The .bove pills aerians , enitatltna* ' pll. each:P c~,- ·n • -.0 Ailia Panse, 25 &n-SO ean}ip s. n lt I)rtggiast. and country ineesiast p ,I , w.olla's or retsal. t Dr.t- c€. a1m3 p I othc .a, . G5 Pa.yd aes ictt bnt4ii it .o '"ll ew Otlse+. ` 111

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