Newspaper of True American, April 22, 1839, Page 3

April 22, 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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NOTICE. rIllE undersigned, orator of .tie vacant o ltate of 1 Joseph Bemth, deceaed, hereby gives publie noo lice thaio life said Jea."mnith,, who ealuccoeieo l we' leow ilrhninelt, os Cairoer nforesaid, dlied i. the iPar ill of Coincordiu, in the year 18371 in which Pariesh hie au'ccr, -ion was dlly opened. The undersigned is ignoront of the place of birth of the deceased, but knows thath e resided in the neighborhoodl where he died. for' alout twvety years immeditrely prior to his death. Address f the Curator, New Carthage, Louisiana. . S.ap241 t JOHN I'ERKINS. A VIS PUILIC eat ennai par le Soatis.h,Curatler Speoor In proerihtb de Joseph Slmith,;(dcied@, a tons cnux qei font illlhceeee. (l.eilc Vadminir,.l In dile succession. Lodit Joseph Smitlh monirut dlans i pa de'Concordi, en l'ann6e 1837, A In quelle pa roise lanucesrieff Pnil ouertie. Le oiieigndr ignore ln plane de la enisaniee do dit Joapfh ,ei,h aii it eat certain qne ito tldcd n dBmour( daes le voisinageo de Concordin pendant les vingt anuibes preodentll ea nort. 2'addresser . Id No uvlle Certlllre. JOHN PEItKIN, April 2f, 18319. FURNITURE! FURNITURE!! JUST received at the Lnouisine Firnitlre Were honne, a large supply filon New York and Ioe on. P'ersonsol tole wanf of frniure wolcd do Dell to call, and relet their erticles from one of the betl and large st iecks now in thie city. W R CA RNES, dto 53 Iienville a. N --Particlnar attrrention paid to packing and ship ing Frnllilre, freep ofepense. dL6--qw TO COUNTILY IIEIRCHAN 'S. A GOOD aseortlellt Iof s.fool and miscellaneous f (looks. Also a suippIy of thank Hookk, writigg and letter Paper, (Quills, Ink, &c constantlv on hand and foranle ol good tlorllws, by ALEX 'I'OWA t, mar 18 49 Clmp st TIAE BEN(:H & lIAR OF F.N(;I.ANI) -By the Sattuthoralfanndada reaollteetiona f thie Lormfannd Cooanttnotant id tihe (;reat tlelraptliainr2aoaa . Neal Mla hmIt e a .aea other ttaler OF Ir elat d i t y WV II c •Carletom, outhor at traita amid atoriea of the Iri a pea .satrv,ile vols. Jsmatreceivcd and frVr iale by iaQh__ A 'I'OWAII, I9 Comop at ,1-i)kM Ott-30 cosko winter mad r-ia o - N perni Oti, far rnotah I'BmIllCK; & UCn, .prji 3 134 Ma.r-ala e at ~ ALE ROI'E-t20 coair, at Irateeto a~aaoity, far " 3-Bain tby INAAC ItItlI)ItE .UCa, apritl 134l,|agaciomet t ACONtJ-t casks tai motol aidra, far aria by S~ o~pt 20 I tltlltttE~tal Magacataul atu AC.IN 8LI)ES--1itm) aiaka Cinrinnti cured in ctlra, tfat ale ay t I)OIl,,ICY, april 2 44 New L.evec H AV ttt t -Nor i herN , latadia gfmrcm ahia ca l toa, fr roale y NIIALL&tit tIVN, a april 2 96 iMamazine treaet rrdnsaElt 011r, ll-5110gatitac oatnit aabc~ att [a m. It1ALL & IttIIWNI, VN Sspat12l 96C Mugagoii at -IAKU1- LOtI) le0s Nao I, Ituiaa la.tliot g tarnl = J ll, C.h l nsb, neld for sale by altr i 2 S 1IAI I. & ItIIOWN, 6 Malanzine s t YEIALtOVW (OANDI.I,--I I)I} ltara a nhata lltmiat otw '1 ~lu, L."I ^2:?sn e J CtunaIitaf a lalles, mrah y I hull) IE O • mar. 2c . I aga IN e sta aijria-~~'tatmoli~attItatmdPi aa,atu: an o atarote1n -adrecarmI It it' 1(1t J l I iolirlll ~ olr(If N lehe all " l'ca invlcr sil mamm $i t Citel MolfsNoi arrem ima stratt t d Ior i aria tine Iy .l II tEA.l , apri2 S w 9I1 un n t Al 19 tt1rdlc1oao to ala fem i litM 1 t a llrl'-. i A Il All r- ItI Itdie o :3sl lIy ie . tbol-.llqllnd .o J '-'. ll ne u o r lerlra nuared!'s.rlwlL 1h usur 1 Wath II O4knim It'atd 14-I daaeima saw:teba utatm il Cmtmp rclmi taU ariab' arihimetiA-lello H rI ne el (t Lfaldv' l t Iplltclf t t rii GJi& lnle an2ll' meatmtmml pmatient maamaoem Matdota't irmey-ta iraackat'o runghook t uaka Inr.IaItIIard atell bs ard A r· nw nd brrg; mly plg oflle above·l wrkn ilart ra~ s eiv l al % ird odned le e pI Itt a tliI A TiI':L :t, I (r~nier*l uPERICO F~ i 't0: I..II - t- - INS. - . . .A T lllra m dc ing l ii r-I . ta . itsL a thlliR inti i lalothll/irlta rint iat -t, eidi aenwl it lomaes e duly lacaatead iaea ar atImC taictb t 4dA ateaatan om eaiil p~aneta latmb akeEw L tAata.|l e att.-.o r it' r h I o i l. II lltll rail ,m g ipa r ila (;r1ti inaI r rt - 3ata l ti .ttiea ,litteaie..otacftttaa|ll'lisca~a DP~tCM~tIIICI)tII1a INS.11*1 ia , itg ar.~alma ttean aaitiecr ah ai tlta ly cimtedl s latraetm m emaalm r ,ic ti neriaa . A (*ll-n nIeinuillC Ii .d~lrslirlt'I llld uosilk ~ r r i C"'llla oll i ri e~t--ll el'. Ulltll.l It I oll time iiO*tm i'Jivol llldi~leli01lfo lil In ,. ll,.l| l..ii olay n· AlaTY IV i oti It laeka nn, A 11 il mit e% Direc tr acteta ird - conde corlu Iural ~ lre edird stnit C lllnound r. iden SV IIo ruls InltctmItoa m ia Atnt It kta, I Spe ta ate l Nats o n ret. c Ii A~tea I.AfLIacdcoo cIairkdtrtlrmt Its cW ra aieilstana l . 21u00 k~egse l~le:irst lhilqua lityLa iun. Jtaac mtea , tE t f i (elart l Yca atr. ot 1( II Ilru c,.' t : AVA. A Sl G R - a a hitcaidor e l avina whtl e I elC ilie L SatH rapholi ohnn. tlln. , InAture tlaib II toI mvorl iTm' le aa aI kh af tu mat ti e craonI s mama 1) S lokw l qteu Ihli)'P@ S.Lilie wl'll lrl. L =c A, ttai l . i tale maraio tahIet n herale l Ib~i ,Xlle 7Jig,< lil | ) ~ct.. \lmIKl, laq~llni . Lo(-IS~llll rCHCI;. UI i, elld TiAil a td aca lekee A11) IV g llama, Itnic I. A In I I alr-ey . o Jl N l am e orar t aII' nA lite rattu., p c IlSt Ch .mr la ml. li lt, A. L a Adetfltin HItIt.t EY, i,, c t eamdc atai ota PIaoa "rL al f tOiat t imrasalear htaiiitaat taif H laaiatt teutaeiaaw anInitat S.l ai lillll itruld~ [fI lll.yllilr :(llplly , |el ion on.~ lllt(, A- ia,it cb aln i loci cimcaalrS ta a et. vln II cored II i l haoldrmeiarlt A'~ ~o TIlly~ly-L v Ilrkl~ei denm acllae Isa. ta faa ao t, Gilllna t A fiW ti4I7 ilie atIIar IDi ln*ll aoa mlmire U F ma iata~li tlag frtw I I ar oi J ell o r ise Sleet a geaaamlloga M ilT ,IN IVoeadaoi tamat, h i tootI~irletata byi.l~l Joltsi Aviema o time Iltiasoa atirat I, TIsAC Ahtaat ac_ aloaac .lacac, ja 5:1aai Iimmaaoaedafaotorr-Faeonl'sGao Aaaai0 e gas' lurrota qimitlataritaitic 10ttveraa ttotaena P- rkmc ortaleam by isSl riaa 'pl~m aaa a cimt 5 TaaT t( t at ArafataIaY i n. r mactoa tlltlma iarlda. Eostii NSam &CaJm traliteeo nature barteraorlt momaGentt ICH1OLAS NICKLEIY-Nos. 7, 8 and 9: also the first six nos in one part: with a variety oP very interesting books,just received;ifor Pale by m17 A TOWAR, 49 Camp st O RLEA.NS' .ITHIOIlIAPIII PKINTINOG IF FLCE, 53 Magazine street, opposite Balks' Ar. eaW GREENE takes pleasure in announeing to his trieads atd the citizens of New Orleans, that he has at e. ogth hrought Lithography on a par with copperplote printing, and front the forilities tle art has over copper engavlng, he can execute all onlers entrsted to cinm, at one hldfitho expense of engrving and nearly as cheap as type printino. Merchants woling Lirculara rent out in th'ir own haod writing, can have ansy qantltv at n few hours totiee; or they will bee eecuted for them in a heauliirl style, suc:hl as has hIeretofore given peneral satisfocitio oall tie nust respectable commiassi houses in this city. (oentemoen desiros of having Visiling or llni. nGts Cards filished in the best mannor, will do well by callin. at lie otlice oand se l specomens. Feb. 1, 1839 N tB-oank notes neatly executed, an. d cireulars, printed at tne Lhour'm notlic. SLLISTRA'T'ED Aeilinn ofJates on the Pasino,n 16 sp lendid Enrrovihs . llMemoirs of Charles Mathews, Conomedian, by Mrs. Mlthew:r, iNtl .ol j st rpciveld anid fwr sale b o mar '!1 ALEX T'OWAI, 49 Comp st ( UNNY BAGlS--10I) hales L0l bushel gunny hbags, iu satore and fir ra r by all J Ti'IAYER co,. 74Poydrs street NEW JEWELERY. "1,M I. BEL., IG Chartrressteet, has this day reeeiv V Ied per ship Sannlogo, 50 darn. enamelled Breast * Pi.sw, whim trill to oftreil to the trade or rdlars cheap er than ever btefre Iit.ered in tlhis city. Also,50 dozen c hlsetd Rilg, of all pntause, together with a great va riety of ehelp t ilt Work, csniintagol'BrotelCms, Ritgs' i -i O n+ineunte Lneketls+ Chainh, &c. Those in want will :do well to exaoiae great assortment. p. S. Old Gold aud Silver wanted. apl 15 STrARCII alnd ALCOHOl.-.oCnlgate's Starclh, 30 hob..e.; llaeIl,' Aleo,hol',, bones, for o.ts by L ARVIS & ANDRLWS. apt 16 rorner Ctmutonanti Tclnspitoulns ts 1 A'T'S--hW bushels latlui:g front steater Hoamer Sfor ole by ABRAHAIM TRIER, a9 34 Gravier st EER .KINS-`, bales landing front stoeat boat ltlomer, fo, sale by A TRIER, a9 34 Greeier at p.51-0 bogs English green pass, lauding frnt bshlrqse Clhantileer, tor stle by alt SIIALL- & BROWN, 96 aogazine st S NEW PUIBLICATIONS. r~i ISDOM and Geaius of Shakpeare, by Reverend r oltt:UtS Pride Convervation i.n Nature ant Art, with cuts Sterlitg and Perruddoek, or ite High Mindetl., by the anthr of ' Trremai.e," etc The S.jiril of lh, Iy D Uirqohrt, Egq. Elvirs, tihe Naulmh' Wiie, ty lis Monkland ' Sir Waelter Scott's Works, with a Biography, by J G Lookhurt. etnmtplte in 8 vols. Jack Sheppard, Itiru lml.., a mrsnncey h W Har. rren Ainoswtltth, with tluaerola illutrlations Nicholas Nickebly, tumnlYar II E JOHNS & Co, apl r cor -St Charles and Commiot at ap 4f 5.IALL &L BlROWN,96 lItgiSian. DEPOT OF CELEBRATED WIN EB. ONSTANTLY nn lenil AlnI reguilarly elpplied withlIke moat celebhraled Wineu, wa-rranted pure mporaed, Coreiale, Lenaon heer, &c. RIImNIuIt WINF j. Oldest Leisetennd Stein Wine; Streilmerer Our raklv's Milk; J rulhknirlerger; Iturdenheier pnarktline Hnek ; inen Hoeck, nf 112.5 iecklheiknener, 1827; Mureukreo enr, oircelen eleger ,t Nleretnacilet; RlLcnilh wie glssene iOILIo'AIJX WVINES. 0 Chaten Mnrgauxnlted Canleln Lafitte; .ornce Lecc iet; t'ulennr Mo.goux Suoerior St Jolien cSt Renmiltlen Stneipke aendi t Suoidet, exeellentt eillle claret A Few Ikalfhlugheudu of ctJuliet Oiedue WItI'rlti WINES., S9no ere, Ilorn, .nd Gravec DEhSERii WINES. Genuile Lumelnd rleonliSgr e Mluscnt CIIAMPAIANE VWINES. WVlrite and lIed Sillhcrv anel etil de Perdriu IURtGUJDY WINENS. Romnnee, Cknohlerrin, Cloe de Vouegeot mar 18 34 Grnvier my 'u'IeI. Bl ckllllellredy u nearr a i .Utl tlee following goodls. IIA'TS--100 cases moleakF slilk, an Ssorted sieize ant! hrlillR. Il)l~l)Od mstNo do do fll~ o dll No " do do 100 (Sce-l bes No 3, dIng lorled sizes nlicd S roltll. ~ ilrt.eei Fi kn e Nutriant;n C hA-r Oter,-lu oel, enolrnkF ruber, ond i, irto dokeN dos do 15000 d do dee Nu ..eke et a0 l Iteap-Pckckk Pol \'lish Avri's ot 11 Mekntt euoev helar road nedieCerrow bRn o , filr Ie s.avned bnellory thde nt " 'ee Allrlceks ofailnteryio nuce lle * -lea r dn Chihlrsilk den IEur n s Idt ,esite. Cp--urd Otler, efr nel, l ut tl ra, lluit , a n nr xeel, intr lle osese.edrery erod Chetht Ca oe--Pickwieck, Pliei Anril's nat e o tlnpe, e n o nt lrp, Ferref., Foroge, Nilaiary MIlrdreI, de Ieathler etogleng. hildreos Fancy 'ilrltmes, Plaid and Vtlera ;cipe, I're lleh lcllnerrc. Sltlcke--SYloe, 5ilk nod Itllnbaoille, at eke ileatleet .lvlee. Ucetrellas--ilk cnd cetenlI. Ititirery in; cntelr, eiild cille. Silk ilnclkerclnielc-locngeero lnd .Spilnlciehlm. tunneloxeccee r leelecre, enecel CCOeC, dtnhllrie ,dry goode. T'i nlerece eeeeecl comnprise a anrge eteck, lnll cell ift e lnturt i t ernec, ail will beehle l at a io lnull ad anee, w otlrIfn d mrl.aat e sonunuNew Yorkpriees. 'l'Alt? e tlbcarihtere willrllke orders ic eno~lchertk eceeracn anec 'rlCAelnnrkoete, Ge iee oNlkeer ia II tiosip &Co. lIn Nlanifaelllrare New York, nitlle or t rcer Mee ee ;agn ilclet notice. (ierllleUlc end Frerch l Itlcclnee tececeglee. (;cttSIl' t, CO., NneRl, Atilinare, canl Fahionalnl Ilinterm, Enxelnuage lotel, nov1l 4SteCcltrlele 'rAItCi-l10 noalf Icecac, l ecacling frohme ehitc (air Iemnageene l leir sle lc y iloreO 0 StlAl.I. •&fBRtwN, eogi lorn.crsetce U OAF 511(i Alt--v.riecn qlnailier. eOIceetlentv ill Tore ank ond t.rsoleIcby SIAi .& itt ItpWNe, - I m d aen~ a in .oth e eles f I in tci l gonrieree TcA'crIIES-A lurge ieie el jlent reirelle tond oire 1cle by nilIAII. & BIlhti'N, inlr .(I9(i ,.l~g a~le st I Q -Ul1 I t tI 2 Care pCenortinnc cL , ST de.Cc~o-Ienkladigr nee Iceelieg iee nl r cili I eor l Icy "I ]t lltttE d- lee Sl" 1 ) I.t New :ngliE l ith loelrneyt' e IM. Illlne cI " ede t I lrt tieltl I' e t1.l1t It tlr el l einl u nllu llclclrlte cr, e f tlec Ionp. ec l J ihti theen md.crc ienr whconet w llec d ispo e (uf l niecei,' 'elltul ell elnl ie Ii 1B (12 ItII': eonr 'n (n r Nutl lee nel] T'cTrhnpitOnl ce tc S tIX(RIANiF ON Il()S't()N--il ein e Iic . M us I tIltlltt(it ,, ilt iegwzi rnee t S P M1A CA Nlt l.tii--tn plre* 22 9qroviel q Crcsier eley Lud, Le ~ htudilg ' hip (t(lttthncFlnfr 1e le can e I i t cere.cCc,, N Atr :I In +C i.lneeCn Need l cnieeocllecl eeclnl cei I ce Inc (.rle· eec nIIt enet, l il thlenra dnc t heeI en l ne ll r hI nei eel el v ni c e IV cilet kIc.' no I'l dea. - grc icenl AndtJ o+u' ,rctn'e (c)ltl- N ('o, Itoe\N ( 1)9· lll t'c·leoleeenl cellll~9 rdilNI,rulu llrua l -4. .,_,Ir., h.'yhing fOrom. (: 4I *i7 II ltctNN~clt~l(t, TnkfchiIelcue I it) tbtu l~eo iIji el ec,,, tcie c, clim . it 01J mlit| I J IN'-~t+ allt NJ 04,eitiy l Lt|t: i1 l. .lA'.I ++ A Clr6r . rrr Ii u 1(( i.+ Niew IIIl.,.ve. j - l cm, l,. mh' 9 (")ii' \N. !..VAttic -xNI;"I~iENT. 1 Pi llI llccc nuecea e nunlllrenceetlice I leleeenen nIcte feenen er( I tccelh teern c~re'e e clPv.yot - A. it. cudh melteenle I Pvcctli lltetcec " S1OLT'l" PATENT FIIlE AIMS1-Jugst r.c.ivrl LJ per s3lhi Mt.iaiipali, fraan \ew fork, a hIrpe us rtlnplt 'lll of ll tn IRiltc lind helt Ilistal, lita oar l8 It ISS'.l \, Cu. St (hariea Ilitel I, DKRUIi-Just laudng tatr h1 Man.i', a suppIl of almolads, bitter and sweetl lia11nori ae rant, alime juile.esaaeltaarll lrgaalllot l, taa s slne l t Illlalat jlliet, helll and ln, ary sttld, iIln Ia, I ullke, sasllllll a lllllarntida., Iril atllalha Iralgte Illwlt a taeter .ee, lir wlt lesaule nil, realil in store of 11 INNAB:I., a119 cIr Natcllhez & 'Tltlllllpitlulas at NEIV E LAW IOtIKS--~l'asdn- Clancery-re orts,, .. vohlu ie in lnlle, also aiu nddititagl sup tly of Clhitty'scriminal law-Stephen's b a pleading, Ilr k enboml reportJus rat-Jtreceived ad l Ir sale by MnPJ A 'II"WAII, 49 Catolm at ý, EI)ICINE1--A full ad large supply otmeddlcinra Simaported by the subscriber frolm Erope atnd tir North, lnstalutly lo hanlld,nlld Ior sale to country dealers and plnulers al the lowest terms. JAKVIS & ANDREWS, mt9 car CIonlal Tcllolupitolnas at I'ALIAN A wiug Sill-Uaa a small bale re Italian SSewing Silk, lirsale by P'E'I'EI LAIIILAW, april I gi Caaln1i st LLOl- 1 tll superfauine; 5tt du fine, it, re . fal sale lly lI)IRSEY, april 3 44 New Levec UTTER-lI) lkeg. slluperior Western KReerve But ler, for sale by IG. D(IISEY, april 3 44 New Levee ( UNNY IIAGS-5 balaes in slatore fir sale by aprl 3 IG lIIISEY,I 41 New Levee IIIRT'ING-150 bales of Jackson or Indllllan Head Shirtings, or sale lay STETSON & AVERY, april3 88 Gravierast SIL a and lavna COFFEE-3l1l bagsa io Coffee, 1 of prime quality. Also 600 bags Ilavana do lir sale on litvorble ternas it lts to suit buyers. Apply Ia STETSON & AVEAY, april 3. 88 Giravier st W IlE BEANS--7 brle latdiag from sleatmatl Vandallia, for sgle ly ABRAIIAM rIItERa aprl I 34 (iravier st I WISDOM AND GENIUS OF SIHAKSPEAIlE, 1 OMPISINi Mornal Philotsolphyt, )elinealions of Cllaracter. Pillnlitgs ofNature anal the PassaionS iaevn tnallradi Apblorilils aad miilgcellanealala piceas. with oliasu, &e. Tlo whole tlatkiag a TIra Ilatahk for the Philosopihera , laralist, Staltesman, Poet anld liae Painter. TlI, Spiril of the East, Illlatraled in a Journal of Travels tlaoub Ilauaaeli, during anil eetful period by D Uaqilhar, Esq. Jial received ia atlfar sale by 6 april I ALEX. TOW aR, 49 Camp at Srl bAIRA-100 dzen lluckbu 'as bAldeirn,. Sfor sale by LEVI H (GALE, aprl 193 Clalnllaan at - J VANA SUgtAR--27 ltles tiit and 401 do lraawn slugars, landing from sclltoller Waraick, for sale by S &J P WHITNEY, a9 73 Camp ast COFFEE-150i bags Manilla .ad Rio coal e, for sale by SIIALI, & IIIOWN, a_9 96 Mlagainte at VAI.UABLE ENGLISH WORKS. It EWTON'S Prineilia, il two volumes L i Wright't CaUlllletenlary oil Newton's Priacipil, in I 2 vole at Vital's Practical and Scientlific Treatise oa Calcarious llortars aalnd Cerntes, in l vol. Smith's Paararuma of Sciensce and Art; embracing the principal sciences and arts; Ihe methiads of oar. lag tin woad alnd taleal; nll a ialiarellaneoruus selec tion of usefal and interesting processes and experi laestis, in 2 vile, will ill lstrative engravinoa. SHuttoln' Malltlellatlical TablLes; atonltaialig ie coam aan, hlyperbolic, and Logoelie I.ogurilatas. Also Sines, Tloull tS, S..lcll attd Versed Sines, bollt nnutiar I ani bIgarithaie, atid the complete descrip ltiO and usa of tlile tables. t Simpson's Doctrine and Applicatlo of Fluxinna , in 2 vols. Foraleo by WM ll)KEAN, april I cor Camnp anld Cmnalnall t L ICKIES & CAI'SUPS-7-II bolxes assottaed pie Sklat aad Tomato catsua, in slars agd for sale by a9 SHALI. 4 IBRUWN, 96 Magazineo st d EMENT-Roman mgl Hydraulli cmntal, for rels ia ltois to suit purclarerl by a13 RE4IIl & BAIrIyOW,7 BankaPlace ytUKlKlK -Loudol Porter and brown slout, for saleby READ) & BARS'IOW. a13 7 Batik P'lac W INK-S--wel Malaga wog in qr eaulka, in -oe, lor sale by READ & BaIWMTOW, a13 7 Bank Place ANTA'S-t bales 4-4 brawn leeting ; landing frot ahip Naragaar l1, far role by a13 I BRIKIDti.E as Co, 134 Maglazine at lItl Naraguaetrll, far ale by all I RIGt.E & Co, 134 Magazine st bHIPPING. . Per Europe. FUO LIVERPUOOL. Pnl*nsae onlv. Tel new fast nailing nish I )LH I, Cpt. Crocker, ivill hove imnrediote ldesptlh. F or passage, having fine aecru lltdltioen, apply to & J P WIIITNFY, ol1 16 73 CUmp at _FOR P LIV -RPOOL.. The A I flRst railing slip OSCEOI.A, (nopt. Child, will have imhmediale desrptch. I.or Ireiglht of 30I haole, or pssage, apply to I ROGERS, GRAY A. Co or A & J P WVIII'NEY, Anp1l6 73 Camp street FOIL IIAVRE. Th'le A I nod fasR t siling hlip NESTOR, P Copt Moes, will rcceive immedlate Ilesltch. Fur Iolalce of tieiolht or potssnge,npply to upril2 I. 1 PAI.,E, 93Commoan et FIP10 IIAVRE. The A I ntl fot sailing lship ALLI..ANCE, Captain tinley, will receive immediate do-p iotlc. For fright of 1110 Ialet of cotton, of pIasgt. , apply to L A (iGAE, op9il 2 93 Common n t FURL CORK. Patssage only. TIhe ship CILSCENTI, Cplntain Blls, will hve immediate delntel. For passage, mhaoving good accomlt odtions, apply io 113 : _ I. Hi GALE, n931mi|Iir 1t I. 'rthe A 1 oew font snoiling ship CIIARLES, (Ctapt. Cotlin, will mHeet with inmtredinte deo. patch. For freight of I)1 Iboles cotton, or n-apee, apply to 1. 11 GALE,AI fpril 3 .93 Comtol st IOR .AVItI. +. The A I and.t alt tiling sltip CORIO I.ANIUS, Coptain Tonery, will have imme dinte despatch, hnving the greatner Iprl of hlrr ergtetoogedl. Iorfreight oxl 101 btlesr cttno,or pt. sage, apply to I. II GALE, npril ,I _93 Conmmolle t Ftlt IftLIoRI)AUX. S TIe brig VERNON, Caplnin Perkinsr S wants21o b tIdesr cotton ofill lp. For freight / - wot wlloict, or passage, apply to apr, 14 I. II GALE, 93Ctommon s. --- Foil I.IVKIO'90OlF.. - - Thie superior A I ship ZOTOFF, Capt M'rill, Ihaving tile gleaterpart of her carrgo - P gaged, will Ihave ilmmedliate despltclh. For fieiglht ,f 0(Il bales cotton, or m.,snge, apply to april 4 I. I (tAl.E, 91 6totron t FUOl (GI.ASAOOW. Passage oly. Tle A I nndl vervy flat sailing l mque ,EDINILTILGII, Cli,, 'Theohald, will Ihve ,,- despatch. For pasnsge only. having handsome [accommodtiotlttt, alpply to . It tAI.E, nprtl 5 93 ('ornmor, a FOIL HAVIYER. Th iToine .hp (I.UAI)lUS, Cupt ScoIis, f a l co engoageod, will lahill in ten dn.*. For Passai0 conl, aplply on board opposl" piteo ipos.7 3d1 ul icionlilo 11 ti 119 S'I'Ew'll JON n"AVERT', 98lGrnvier at FIOI IlA.IR.RSISON. I D~oane, haIving the toast paI~rt of her cargo) -Eli, cohoooo i*;rCllll e S·J'I'F:NRRK,· (opt.· eogeged.d will meet with despatch.lell ForT I glerglit or passage, apply to tits Coppl I an bonrd, op01it 'I'ri 'til"ar bloidi gs or to - 9 T 'olO1N & AVER\', R8 G3rnvier P 10kl I.10l.RI'POOI.. TIh A I and fat atoi n: barqe I.AC SRENS, Colt ill Oorrtill. ilIlnhaeim - A 1t.droplet or th Irtl rive prt, hooong the g~reater~ puttof her rogaged. Ft F tolr baane of freight o Ir passauge, applyl to LHGI. x1111 91I Cnmilllnl p FOR IAVIIR Tle A I and tl.ast mlitg~hlp IIANOVEIOR, fi Copt I halvt Ilnlgl tire . treler pan of Pr 1It7 %0rgo1 eogago "d, wi moot mill nicer with e d despatch. For frightu. o lf 11les catollnltor[ oot(, tit tip 19 1 93 Comtol st pr FOR LIVERPOOL. Il Til ThA I nd first saling hip DAl.MA. I.. TIA, Cnlt 'inlon, will recicve imlOIOtrc loolotch. For freight of 2(10 bales 1otlon, e or pos~o pi, apply to (.hlP, to apI9 oastwise.1 FOR NEW YORK. The TA 1 hil, ROBERT IIOWNI' Chot Mano'f'lll, Olllh 101% wants 151) 1310 bales rot. Al ton to olmlllete lher cargo. For freight of or oiooSao, apply on bord II pl0l0le file Orleolo cotlao 01 I Po'rot 0 Ia1.AI) & BAR'lS 'I"W x211 7 onnk plo.e, oPh ~s mla ;ri t'. t silng01;. io~ bails Pl llolmlr r 1' ) t 911 ,K,(:nllt ··IlIhU IIpLIoI, hiving mostfo herIoc go Cogngetl will rocrivr in hatell~flt despatch. Fo ~·r bnlnnille of height o Ir p0,000e, I. H GALE, i all 15 931 om ma 1:( llllnn PI Flit NEW I ((11K. IRegular 1-l'ur for MondIyl t'd insti Iloloon' Line t 010r new f,10l lolling pocket sh1ip1 GAS. l'OON, Wlotlltllrsv, ster, will 00il1i1 M10l-1 ,lo v evullg, tle, 11111 il et[. I, o+ reighti or Ipllrallr , Iulviog lecoat urea olmnrln. bos, apply toll III,! Ca1lif. ml0 board, one tier below the. " 1 \ePelnble ; tlrket1, or to W'cll N 0 opto. If, l~l11 1''(1()10l RN, No 904n IlolollIl at { 0'f'i le1god schoonerI :IVlAllRrI('l Captain 011 sageappl to S & J Io OVIIIIlNPA, 17(a11 BALTIMORE. I A Hawks, will1 have01 0)011l. Fo0 r feih0to Ior 110+0071", 1'IIng tarnished ' heronnnodalions, appl toS 5 J P W111lN1'.', { ______ 73 Comp slt FOlP B1o1'l'( IN. The toa", fl%( sRiling blarqile ROtO10S (:0 l.ltI(o1ltoio 1.11110, (100n 1l h halfher rg eno~·agngdd~ oll will haive despatch. For a Its- lae e.I freigllt or (1x001g0. IIpp1l0 7 t fl all ei&JP \liltr'rNEV.73C9Cs pel c - i10 I.IVEIlP(rOt.. IThe A I an Fi6.t1sailing Phip ISAAC IIlCKS. Capt. Ioetero, will meeOt with d medialtle IlOslultrh. For freiglht of 200 talo n v for 00001'r, 0(1(1 to 1. I (.ALE, al:!O3COmlllot( 1 t 1oul. FlREIGOT'I' Olt CIIARiTER. f . Tho e Pi'0111r first clas s0lip( CI.AUDIIS, i Copt Sicltir, of tile burden of 2000 oaler cot- 0 ll, is now reoady to receive carggo, eith0er for f Looml 71 or Havbre. Apply to Capt Sooloie on board l I Pool 7,51 Olunicipally, or1to. . e 11(1 3 STIESON & AVVERY, 8 Grvier at u /\U S AT1Oh tlS, CUJNrIIOGm 10).3 B IANKS, &oc I 1.50 r0e0ms1, Amiss0,' Dote mill letter paper, fioe 250 do do sluperfine 1 1511 d0 blue colnlOrteoOl post 511 de ohite do 150 do green poet 75 do0 woterliord past do 150 do suprhine ate ~wriling; 101) do floe 0p11t10 201 do, floe roa0 do t' 20 t1o mtediotm do 60 po bankfolliopost e All of which are of a very sllperinor lality, and will he I sold low, to close oonatgnment' by m15 1 A 4OVWAR, 49Camp atI it EWV ltl'lc:by Mtnooorier "Hoste, Boorlllan, 2 ,Haste," barenrolle-wtorod by Mlis Ettello, tedi. I coted to Hlellry B1arrel, Eoq. eomptooed hy G. P. Ma tllluvrierO ll Nw Orleant, re0eived 1ith1 the graltelt ap e, pl 1110 at the New York concerot, Ft E buIINS 4. Co, y mlI carrer St Charles & Collnaon eti LT 70(I I.L.AS-m icaseoMintuaadGilgllnam UIll. I. (,oellnt oolnloirillsng Ollllla lOOtl)ltsllllt,(Oladitl a fruit, biog J Pallmer, 100r sle by ISAAC IORILIlE EtCo. 134 Maeazioe at. COM1PANY. of AoRRAnG0lATS FOR 0HE nWEEK 110. Froom Ctrrolll. Pton.Nom Orleans. It.r Car to 4 o'cluock ek.A. M. Martat 5 o'cl.ok, A. 'LOl~nololllitO " lLocootllniv 7 ' P.1(1~)ILJ. Ie . 8 .. . 10 1 I "" It "" I · I P.mI of "" "' I'. M 3 " Lt "'I 8 e . l eone o'clocka`Clrcall It obtained by paying 10 do a, arsfor the Trlp. THIE JACKSON ANID I.ACOURE STREET CARS It OLerClaCal tlreet nth ojcleooh, A. M. and, rat0 hou(rly. At calp(lort 7 'clock thisl car will Oala1lle0e runn1ing every list( lo hoonloldontlillthIllroughoutlthe day until5 Bo'ar1o I. (. it, fromnLho ond ofJaolkon ,treatl. Perlslon oing by the LoolllotlOt must provide tlhlreelret wlthTicketr, a no money will 1bet0ke1 by the lollto.toot. Oo[ie New Orlean1s and Carrolltot Rail R1ad CRol tnlJ-, le 'onyd raolroer{. JO)H1 HAMPOON, S 111011 Chiof Eog. N.04C C L1 OND)ON POR PER, COJPPIER See 54 l(casohLondon oorter, 7 dozen each 3,0 hlieets, brasie00 cOpper in 500 pieces Kentochy bapging 12(0 cello lo bolo rope as 150 do Russia rope 100 do norlhero do is 50 baslkets Heidrich lhatoppog, e For sale by CHARLES INCHES, o11116 1w 59(iGnier s rt' GEORGE C. CHILDS, a- ATTORnEYAT LAW, t 11. attend the Su Creme Court, and tte Dlistrict I tIt Court , of Harrioourg,ond 1oo 110f the adjacent pO counties-Ofhice at te City of Houstn. Claims Oil hoe gloverlllmet,1 either for Bounty Lomt 2 or toney10, will he undertahen aid promlptly attellded to eitlta for non residents or resident of l'exao. 01 Address from1 the1 Unlild Stteas-City of Houstor. lIa the care of S. Richor, jr. ('tenon PFot Office Ageoo0O New 0010(la0. 3mmar o 07 FANS-1l( l bbl, lan ding fr(om teambanl t St Louio B or sale by ABRAHAM TRIER. Ile mar I8 134 Magazine P L IFE OF CARDLINAL CHEVEtUS, Arcllhiahol L of Iordeaux, ho the R~ev. J Huon ltohbourg, ex pororooooflhthology; troslated fomi the French by RbotM lWlsh. Just recived ndolfoOaalh by 10116 A'I'OWAR,49 Cmop at -e TO MERCHANTS. EYAIERCHANTS can hove IlAtor tpvi. CoaCt. og 1.05 o~oWekfof one S~to NOTwa~bllalnUIlbopmo g Compdang Rootot of TRUE AMERHICAN Pauroono; - Opoocr, St.Charloa Eochaoec aajnuiuy the Rolo. 05 1010 Roeti 01 Cooloco ofonovioo street, Snot h~e Point iigbOffico, rorct-too oflovdooaond t.(Chaolooottc.oez FOR NEW YORK. .h'ew lork % rew Oriea.u Line. , .i A , NEWJANl;fp.cketa has been established to pi i Ull r letween New Orlellla nd New York, to ie coullslstol'five nra ruate ships, vi: Sllip St. Malurv, It W Foster, nlaster, t Republican, J G Russell " Aulllb , II P lurfey, " "- new - boiling, b u i t Ii b u hil d n g , Ttlrse.eseo we e built in New .s rkexIreosly for tlbi | th trade; ar of a light draglh of water, "iid will not be sublject todotention at the linr. Their aucommodti sne for a sernerera co, prise all that mllay e requirell for cr eio aifrt alol covenience; and their couninders are in omen tI ex p dnen. Until the, shlipo now building are | co:,pleed, two firat class shlip will supply I:cir K Ti greate.t penctu.lity will he observed in the Jo tile of sliling, and every reaonamble accomlmodlion| ) ox t nded t shlippers and passengers. P or further particulars apply to Messrs. Johnson J IJ oden, No. 86 Wall streei, Nw fork, or to ja"' l PE'TER IAII).LAW, i('6 Canp at FOR NEW YIIRK. [Louisiana and New York line of Packets.] To sail retlarly as advertisedfrom each Port. T HE line is at this momlnnt composed of the follow- . Ting ships, but 6 nore tiew versels will ie putonat an early loay, oaking e I,i nonihecr twelve in all, which will allow if one beiPg dispathlled frto this port every J, week ilrini the year, thus affritdiog promlpa t fleilites fir transportation and at he lowelt rates Iffreiglht. Ship Ynanoo, Claptain 'l'rrk. " Misshisippi, " Itreke. , I.oisvi,le " Allet. Soraooga, H llhaway. p 0 Huntsville, Elllrildge Slhakespeare, , p allner The o aoe ships are all of the firost lass, copperod t anid oppre filteret,i of a ligllt draughl f water, andrl built in New York expresady for tie trde ,with elegsnt aeFeomsllatloos for passengers ald eonllalNdl by able t .rtl expetrieed IIIasters, n The price of passage im fixed tl $i1, without wine, or liqiors, ample stoles ill every other parlic.lar will h ke provided, and overae ttention aivel ItI prolmoe hoe enomfo o tIhose pasrig to and fro in the lie. The tlil~p will at all tine lie lowell uip nail down tile river, nd tile grealest puselletliliy oblirved as to their day of tniling Neither the owners or e aptyins of iheoe vessels will be respsible iofor jewelryo hlliol precious stones, sil r or eated ware, retikage of gloss, hollo weae, nses, or granite, cooperage on rit, rust of iirl or t teel, or foran letters, parcel or pmekaes-eat by or piken for thie same, iiil the value ihereofexpressed. For freight or prage, apply las 21 JAMES 1 HUI.IIN,74Cop st HOLMES' LINE OF PACKETS. en fret claso.9liipeai'ntiiioif Skip Nahirle Cptpioo Wooi. ,tAlabo ma, Captain : CC Berrt, Oreleas, Ciptaoin S ears, Vieksburg, Cnlitain J 'unker, lantheo. Captain Aohl'hy. Nashville, Caoliin Wood. L-.iisa. Captain 'rnimnii., Ciptain leaviit. Nilet .Ship -- Captoain Woodhouse. Vee Ship -- Captain Nichols. The above ships are all of the first clais, toppered, sili cppeer fostenied, ailn were builk in New York ex p pressly fir this trade-they are of dliht draught of wa tr, aid altioost invariably cross the bar without delen 'l'hest packets are commanded o y Captnins wenl ex it perreeued in the trade, and will slways exert thetiseles to ucennoiolhute. 'Tlite will ahlays be towed upu and dlown lthe river. and will p'tmpily ail as advertised. They have loeidoomely furnished aocoiniuuoitions,and iitines of ihe first o.ality will always he furnishird, al a' every ilention paid t. the comfort ad satisfaction of passengers The price of the cabin is fixed ot $80, without wine or liquor. - Fr furhier partilclars apply to A COHEN, inuoai " 90 Cotuulon street ItirThue ships are not aecointable fir breakage of l hio, kellow wuire, marble or granite, icoperace. of tin or rust of iron or steel: nor re) plosible fir any package oor parcel put oii hoard, i u lesi n regular bill ofludilg be ignede hlerfoir, at he olieu oftiiflie iagenls. Ior the Interior. wed FOR ItAYOI' SARA n Regutir PIarkl't. s hTi' splendid leS seneer sleablollahnnt ,t.J+ --sm B;IiI.l IT .Leese lHart meater, will I.lve New (rlenna eerv W\ed- ern nelv nt ilt a'elock A. 1. Ir Iltann Snarn&c &every v Sllltrdal v aitr 1I Ie l. k A. 1l IIIeIIIe e 1 c lllt ownII l Sutdely" F[r ..ight or passage apply to Capt. Ih-r, n. 5r MS1 & 1VIIITAI.L pL FOIE AI.EXA\ 11{ I A,N AITI)lI'O ICIE:, CA M PTE., ei IREVEI'OItR', FUI.ITN & JONESBI)IO'. .A fl rhaniangr r rer hair on thile head er ,Satl a Ablamia, Feluae,u ster, will Ns " leave for il above mat intermediate A Lria ILL IEEN xMAItoth1Fi)'i'S 'trkish Dye, lr mchuigalgrey r red hair on tie heaed, ii wlisakere, or eeC Iliaiolrs, a single applicaliol, to a r erlllnelll Ilrlwn rarvin. iona cOiplnte bh aloCli W nst stehining eiltlr Ijiaist or li lel, just received l the Bazaar, coraer St. C hlarles . nllln streets,. lIlUSi & ALLAN, fe8 Euxchhange iotelcl i l. PAIIRIL', I)Delistl, re.pelictflly gives noa l r sleice, thaI lie may bh conaelted eanaelly in New IOrleans, il rilng he Illonllh of Felrunrvy, Mlrch lende April. IliRs a maS iiet in t ohe praclice, Ir ILulon, whose professional skill o nd experience, both ia tie st.rgiconl , and mechianical deprlaelnts, is unsurpanssed ire this oulllre, will relaie Iprmnollehtlv . Cfei office,59 ('anal street. N ICIIOLAS NICK.i LE -No 7,s d 9i all 9th, e a l afirst six nlembers in ne Iirenr with a variety al very ieteresting books, jest raetived and for sale by m12 A rTOWAR. 19 Camp st CARD TO T'IE LADIES. W ILLIAM BELl., No. 10 Chartres street. contin L s net putchase old bhrken Jawelr, ohl gold or siluer in ane fors wheaever, and pay the highest price in Orleans. Ladies aho li y have old fillshionaad e old jewelry,

viz: ear ornamel, s, chains, necklaes, ueklea, finger 1 riags, or in fact any articles of tie line, whic is lying die and ofno use to them, can exciaeng tile salen to good advantage, ly calling as laeove. N B--Watches, Jewelry ond Spectacles repaired i he liest lanner--eharges mioderate. Ja28, 1839 BAZAAR. -- Cerner of St. Charlers o Conmon street, EXCrrAto e nor OTEL. . B USl &D ALL.AN weall resperctflly call tile at trtloin of cilizeals anl strangers to tbeirconllet g nssmelloen o GentleMen's linen .hires, do cambric, with linen irunts, fashionable linen frmnis liRlen ci' tree: silk, eolinn and merino under shlirs an drawers: cambri and silk handkerchiefs: black and ficyr e a vats ingreas variety: stocks l'evera dleriplmo: giat elastic and cotton s spendiersl sllk ction and thread of gloves genls hoski gloavesdl uabrellas and anes lold hfi Also,-plendid aenortlMent oflaidies and gents Wri lnag desks, dressii cases, to rt oli , pe r) er fser, at- lery, Nld rich ftaniy goods.f ], )R tUl.L'S UTERO ABI)OMINAI. SUPPORTEIR 1illS new instrument for the radiaal cure of Pro. Slapans Uteri, or Falling of tile Womb, by ex. ternal application, superseding the usa of tle ab. -h jeotionable pressary, is confidently recommeided id to the afflicted as the means of perfect reatortlon to health, it never having failed of performing a 1 asre, even under the inost aggravated cirHunsetas. can. It has received the decided approbation of Sir attley Cooper of London ; Sir Benjamin C Brodie s Sir Jalnes Clark, Physisian to the Queen; Dr Ashwell. Lecturer on midwifery to Guy's lios. pital; Dr Rigby, lecturer to St Barthlomewsi Dr i Griffith, lecturer to Westmin-ter Houpital; Dr Ramebotham, lecturer to London hospital I Robert I Ferguson, leaturor to Westminstor heepit. al ; Dr Sweatman, lecturer to Middlesex hospital, utsd senior accoucHeur to Queen Charlotte's lying. ; also by Henry Davies, Conquest i at Blundell, Lee, Mlerrimasn, surgeon Keates, &c. by Dr Morreau, president ot the Academie Roayale de Medicine, Paris, and Aeousher to the Duheess E D'Orleens ; professors Velpesu, Marjolin, Paul Duboio, Sat eon and others-and in New York hy professor J W Francis, G 5 Bedford, M D profes. sor of midwifery in the university of the cify of Now York, pearol. Dllelfeld, nd Franis, U John. 1 atop, president County Mod Society, Laurens Hulli prident med society State of N York, profa Jae MfNughlto of Albany. prOfe March, Cyrus Per. kino, Doane--Drs Thos Boyd, Gilbert Smith, Hoeack, Sterns., Ludlow, Kiesam, Vnhe, Power, Greyson, Van Rensslaer. and many other distin. guished physieanes intlhe U States.' A G Ilull, Office Vessey t, Astor hIouse N York. I A conatant supply of the above instrlmnenlts, with Dr Hull's improved Trusses for Hernia, will i he kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, - A G Carpenter., Natchez; Stone & Marsh, Wood. villa; Booth and Mallory, Memphis; \V D Wilkin. son, Sosmerville; Ilell and Washington, Nashville;i lMcNairay and Hamilton do; R L Bliss, Florence Ale; J C Spotswood, Athens; Irby and Mastin, d Ilontuville; DuBoseand Rofl; Mobile. spld lo, A FALl. & WIN I ER CLOTHING. J P. FREElMAN & CO., Po. 3, Mogazisestree, - Sare s ceivrag their snpplies ol Fall and Winter SClothing, and will :ootious to receive lehipwsts regu larly throughout the seasoln. Tlheir assortnment beng large will enable tiens to supply as.m rchants fonm the qounlry. t thse shorteas nstice; for sale wholesale &reitil, on aCColnmumating terms. ep".9 INElhhSE 'I'RUNK,--Jut received air nassort 0man0 of the above article, prevontativeso agina. massa, with peculiar bras locks, wall adapted for la dies dresse or for holding papers &c, 'iine extremely ght said hess:uose. br irse at GiOSSIP & ao, fii6 Eachonge hotel ist Cher s rt TRUTHII .IS. MIGHTY AND WILL hPREVAIL. , . T i lact tht 150,600 of Sarsapailla Blod Pilln lave I hLoeas sold during the past six mouths. It it aht-tbhltey .rn takent n tilUtlnrtdlrle ittanOes Io Soblviat nd ltcorrect tile Iniscthietvou and bad eftecltS of t puck pills and other quack medicnler , by which slulay hives are III eandugered. It i. t fact-T tyl all qusaek me lielnes contain minerald or mercury, which quacks think '"illut kill or cure,' std trust to tlhter efi't i'"lll;t or mliss," f.l li x a luct-That numeroul quatrlls Read foreign impnnlor call lhrneselrfs Jurlurd~thaf they Illlv Illcrn cCrc:tllllyy mpuxa thehr vile anid dan.ogeru I preparation lu tl;e pubIIe, uothinlg.l r the colnu.daei e .. sont thahey call only plutket itll,.r aqllt gain.kip It'is fact--T'hnt th, qnacksL and foreigo t~l)-stors win new ilfest our'onllltry know nathlng i)( the uatLr¢ of Ulod- l clnet, iul.ik ies.. lnlidt dile s of th Ilhna;i ystentll. it i n fiL t-They tre partlicnlsrly e :ic tslo. Iltie follw ing ,lisearel all f which s are IItlre or h',. cauned I,)' impurities ofthe hIluod lnd ailnto "lhld, namlnely- a PRheulmatic uffiectuin; Uleerous sores nftl, "n.oelthroat Seroffula; Eryiipelas; nllld oiler; Jntndlnte; Heartllnrn Scaly eruptious atnd blotlces elof Diseanle oft. e hverku,kin, t kilne kill; hbllsoand gland.; Dry sad water p)im."s,· aItnd Pai. of the.idit. alog tie psutslre of the o . .. ~, 0l backTnd i piiei, tvt . tle the body; regimn of tIhe heart Ld Tetterand ringworms; I i.e......; ....llins.. ams l .ards.. g4 oflt Ihe Inward fevers, fiad tarts in glaude of the neck, ill if, the mouth, fiol breath; groins, trea.t, &e Flatulency: Indigestloo ; Stlomach conlgh.; DnnlltiftTpeilte; bivhrcA mplailt Sour rllctiou and aidiliesnlof the stomachl; .laterbra.k. osc. RECO RMEN OFATUIHY FACTM : It is a faet--T'he only prnprietbr mid malUfaeturer of lithe r() Sarsapnrilla blaotl pills. is a regulaor hlyslcian as well aas lmth I EEary, attel.ed by the must celebruled phyitltsillts o't le UiRted state., is Doctors Physick, Chlapman, Jackson, (eileon, M)ewees, ifears, JaItes, Ilorsnr, Cole, &e. Ir is a Ihct--That tile Slrsaporilla blond pills err emloyVed in the practiee sit ntinny ph~yl~tlllnl, sail very st rongly retunn meelndad by manyv tihrluuh.jht tihe U Slates. (Sue dllnecltrul e.siglpanylgllt ilc box of pills.) It is I iaet--They ere enltlempod entirely of vegetable.,, and they are wrlted to contidlld lhe mercury or tmtl pre It is a f.ct-They may lh tkils . lby ti ... t Ieli cate, nd nt allages; willhout restr.ill ol. oct. up.ln or husI'sy-; I llthoutI fearofsahin: edull witholt chanlg of diet or retrlait ll ro I tem"pernte eating. It is iatYct--Tlley will not by their operstion, whiel may e modd or active, a.cordnlg to tie tity taken, wttey tle system so ilueh y . s lop t of tlpe p1 rtive Uleldicit setllter. It i I fatl--Thsti thly are tte most e tRelnal PURIFIERS OF TIHE BLOOD. AN+D V RENOVATOR OF THE SYSTEM Ever discovered , Alto, eonstitutional listses, rotd l scid dy tlercury, t. the Illrnlllerl, lg tile tonseq tlue i of syphilis. luea, vtutrilt, &c &c. It is a flact--That nve i It single illstanco have t.ley een known to et, ed, thai they did IlOt prlus e s gsod etllel- curing tloulld., Iilallny of w hallm were before eo11 dered :nl- NI r It is a fact--l thallt onP bo nfSarsaptrill Idll+ nnd mil Ibttle Nof the C tlllp tstd Syrup fsur.aIparltl. Is ll suticent to ctret any of the abuve dlimites. It Is a fact--slllold be htlbr d. that the only plare thPe can Sobtained geouine it N. Orleans, is t Custollmhouse stretI. ibba:l I : No. 9.11 BLOOD ! BLOOD ! BLOOD ! ! lst. Tile vit.d prmein pe (Lifo) Is contallled in the bloal. 2. Illuod llle . bleal. Ii 3dl Every thing In Lte bddy is derived from blaod. 16 4th. All onnstnlltiou& trc radically tile samne. ,PIth. All diseases arise front ilnpllrity of the Ilood, or in h:ll- Ih er wordsfr~mn -rlnlsontou+ hUlllUr. lodge i thle body. 1 61hi. All tllee humors are carried Itd, tile blood purified , and mllu,+,ealthful by tihe sars...,r,,a that wi..h I be III ld. 7th. Vegetable purgntive  alone assimilate with the blood. I IPURITY ofthe bland is well kno.n to .. n.. e mI s . . re. eausesoea of eier. SARSAPARILLA is well known tobe h the moot effectual purifier of the blood and fluid. of tile hllman c system ine itenee. Iris thlrprlncipal remedial aigent in all °1 Pso -.u,Catholieons, and other 'preparautou.. It is usele.., T therefore louomnmnt on its vllhues; they arn known to every t every newspaper is filled with advertisemenlte ofprel- ih =ratiot s of S:at apariila extracts, syrups, . A. Dr V S I Itas discovered a prate s, klnown only to himnelf, Ig whereby it iarombisned with otherwell known renledlnl agents as without destroying tile virtues of he aresnplrllla, and llrmilg j Sarsaparilla or Blood Pills With the saraeplprlllhl is colll- i Idned a mild and gentle purgative, which hy its eflegrct dual ly and almost hunperceptlbly carries oil' tile gross and morlbld c I. humula separated from the Idlad by ll. barraparllln. These f pills d lint purge so violently aits laot pills do, whilch pros. "I' title and reduce the systelu, render.ig it llore liule to dlr- I c..., w..kenng thle system. and anking d....ea .l to take t" stronger hold, and khlihlg ur destroying tlhonuea nd,; ;n .hurt it must be evident that purgiugs .s violently ns the pills do o' 11 thatllHre ulnaetured by qlucks and foreigu imposturs are as 19 mlrhlevous ill their conlsequnee as amercury aud otll. r ilenl i eralhS. A Frot the cireumlstance of the saraparilla being introduced a of in pills, being easy tu take alnd conventient folr carrying thII1e ill pocket or far travelling; nut being litble to breakage, L as are the bottles containing preparations of tile sarsaparl~la thev ,,oust eventually take the place of all ether preplaratluns of t sllrnaparillae. ý Boulth the foregoing have elicited numerous testinlnial*s t froln physicians uuied othlers, which alConIpany the dlreCllUl, , (if and are confidently recomllnllded in rheulmlatlc fl'eliols, x in scroful, ,erysipela, jan .,ldie, heartbur, dJfseases of the liver, ire .ll ollnesald glandlls, of the Ildea sellig the back Ilend pslille,over tIleregiun nf the beatlt and tlunluclh, inward f(evert, had teste of the in:uhol, foul hreuth, tltlteunecy inldigestion, Wllnt el .petile, s.ur eruitlons andl| acidity lei the .tuoruah, Isa alceroua allrr es ofthm nII).C throatUl ttltl bdy, .C~ly FII nptlIIIllS uhd blotchres f the rhillk dry and watery ilia desSlled pussles ti mf ths fae alld body, tatter sInd rlnfgwa'lrl1, swelhug & !thrd ening of the landlls of the nieek, In the g'ltlns, breitt. &c. .tIlla.llb .Ulllbr, liter con:pla dar, waterbrash, :l.d all tiLel rat whole train Ol'ths.e(C resuUtintg fro,: imputlriy of tile blood, ncotitltiua.e diseases promucell by mercury or thlle ninn tl r:v ls. .. ....k any r ....allyoieian ti ............n, bill is tthe nolot eflieccious purifier of te blood ! e is ,x rer will .rr earr 111s cufie i to ..ay then iallrt pbylieian$ recommend it so uni versally, what better evidellnc we have of its inyaluahle properties ? Numerous eert ficatee have bren received slid referenle.. can be givenl Ito hundredsof Instlllee S ttl" the mIost relmarkubld cures ever performed bv Intdlcllle, err Sold Wllohale alld retail us No ii Customl Iblose street, rill N Orleans. ate I Tlloe afflicted with rhetlnlnsnt, srrofuha, rruption of , ihe 'Is krill, sweIllLIg Of thle glainlll, ,ilercnrial dlr eur e., ,.c lU1ly "or c ur1 Ir at, adwell n agcs sof d ..... gland11 i a pooi:il su a g hy aIpplyigl as T : Tlhe ottiring Pllysicinn nlny Ihe ollrultd froml F to 10 _eC A A, RLd from.... to 5P.....d ........ to 1..... the ........ ye epil4 u l t IIE i'eablic aire reslaeclfully indbrnled litht rter aboveI t J.- arlicle. cltm be seen and flue for sale at Gt).'.;S' 551 I 'ed Co. _x.l,,_t,. loltel, |t C:urltr e,. . . .--,5 i. .D iororcn, and king, I,r(,anlls, I, ,vo., y,=,)lhs anll 11 ehildren's I,,oguns; men's shppers, ec.lndidin fronm `i, ship Naragans nl( ,fir r salelby a13 I IHII)iE & Co, 134 SIlazestI C 13,L'&C 1 & PUTTi-i i casks alum, 12 harrels pn 1 v in bladders, landita~ him P'acket S-rttt , nd h ead far safe Iy JARVIS & ANDI)IEWSO. at 13 " crCon .mo.. . "rchCTelcitolla. st. hl 1tUJt AlAtLIIC, atd liquorice and moaons"I ca-es Ilne Turkey gumrallibe,,5 do hlqorieelpeac., and th lake nlatlans, uand tr sale hv JAILVIS & ANDREWS, " al13 corner Common &'rchoulitlos stl th J IIIIAB,1 BAI.LS & C:HEC:CKS,-JuIt received a Ssplendid article of Billiard Ialls and (Cerks.. ih BUSH & ALLEN, ' april Exchange Hotel,car St Charles &.Common st b T ARLEOM OIL-oI eIo s- Itleaici, rceiving per ur lI barque Chanticleer, for sale iby at3 SHAI.I. & BIlt)WN, 96 Mgcziner st I PERMl CANDLE --60 boxesr JaudSd's plest,aid f finr sale by SHALI. & IIIOWN, h at3 96 Magazine t ht IGARS--20,000 Prineipi Cigars, in quarter hinrs fitrnal by ISAAC BIII)DGE & Co.. apl 5 134 Moar.inmi at FOR 'r.HT. A two story house atld two story Kitchen f. 'to on St John street, between Poydras and Ilevia . lstreet, near the New Market. Po-session to given on let of May, 1889. Ap Olvc tto al 17 , R CLANNON, 12 Catmp st C REGO)RY'S ECONOMIY OF' NATIU RE,explain i T l edand illustrtedt ol th rilci ies, of modern phiisoathy, in 3 vole, willt fatly six alatter. Ilemoirs of William Satllnlt;in, iulttding particulare nfhisadvenltures in varites parts of Euller e it; ia IIo. fillellment in tile diltgeuns Of thte laqtisltitt in Lisblon, d&c &e, For sale by At. X T' tWA t, ld Ii car Camp and Cotalmon .as F URIIK'aS ISLAND) SALT.I'-5(.I bushels sa crir Sl'urks Island Salt, toSt received per brig Jme.s, for tale, if immediately ap lied Iar t tv alt 17 AIIIJAII FISK, 57 Common st 1 EItIltOIE A likely force at Virgitia Negroes,, 1(1 11in number,) of excellent clnrueter, and tir thie litst three )ears on a cotton estate ill AL.rkansa., are nowa Ler ed for sale for tihe itrputee of closning the tflirs Iof a partnership. The regrtes tmay bie eeln at the hlluse of 1r Seneca Bennett t18 Morea stnreet. For Itntets nia. I Aly to A L ADDISON &.Co, ap 18 l6t Si tlank Platett SAYJ- tlll bales Northern Itaoy u Nlulmli.r altlt'is on itle Levee, o lsite tnzetta. Atrer, for sule by ap 18 SHALL & BRKO N, 96 Mlagazine at DOMES'tICS-30 bales 4-4 lidlneex and North- 1 oro L brown she etinglatnding fro ship Senatllor I fIbr sale by /SAAC BI tlI)(; E & Co, 134 3lagazine et tTR, .S~f a.i.-ll of Slaer's orbined, corn shel tI ere anti ginders ad italtir fit plantation litet, in atore.faor ts leby CIIAMPLIN & CO)OI'PR, I1116 7t & 8 .ulilnl t Sn1AL'--StI hbnes tSotap, James otiul, .liackson & 8_ Truwbridge, and J A Morton'st, ltr sale lby api l I BRIDGE & Co, 131 Mageaine st (j rSIIN BUTTERk-310 irkhis, iutl rletived and G fur sale b) SHALL & tNtI)WN, april ti96 Magazine at AVAN4 .6tUAKdR-450 tilta ind in tore, fir su a'e by AIlBRAHAMI A 'IDE R, aprl I 34 Gravier at -AILS--150 kegs Boiston Nails, for sale by .pl 4 BRIDGF. & (Co, 134 Mnaenzine at 9HIK I'--b cases men's strltenu uttOll allrts,.lor aila by SHALL & BIOWI\Vt, ap 17 96 tMagaznine at - M ANNA FLAKE, lirge and arall, landing, to be sold by the case, at New York priters II BONNABEL, apl 4 comer Magazine and Taiapitloulasttss n ARLORORNAMENTS --Rare and beautiful curiosities, for sale only by Rees & D'lange, and at Ploughbs Museum. All thesaornam nnts consist of the most aplene did specimens of orthintlogy Iram Europe, Asia, Africa, and our own country. Approved notes at 60 days will be taken nl OFFEE-72 bags Manilla just received from New C York, per ship Orleans. for sale by m14 SHALL& BROWN,96 Magazine ts I TA KCH-100boxes starch, in store ad fosale b. I a9 SHA. L & BROWN,S 96 lagaaine st IOSTON NAILS-200 ke.s, assorted eriae, for L ale by 1 BRKIDGE & C'o, ap 90 134 Magazine at lIt KLES-6- Lboaa-, fr alebvt ap it SHALL & BROWN, td6 la.ez.e sta BOSTON. RU .-(10b brrelB :ailoson Raain, Iandig (omn .hipp Culotnbiand, and iar idl by " . ai: iG Sf & J P W liTNE Y,73 Camp-i U NSIA 1? HEE'I'INGC -20 baels, ofkap.ueralorinq k itI, landing from ship Forul,l or sale by mar 18l ISAAC I1ItllI)I &8 co, 134 Maga.znei st (I a'IIll N tI 1 a( s Satiei llca onr (olhbgl, onalpri aiang it good .lsna rt0tal.aal ll landiniFagnala p I aOrUmtnl blr ytle y I ullilts &t Cr,, f .11i 1:11 A li egae ine sl q I1 R(lANS AND IIO('I'97-- C mnr .e. cotln b ln' llmald Iddovi It ,(n!hv. ki:, Ilr.lyw, .f d fineaal kip n td calf RIou t, lla lil, rlIiship ItI, t1 AI l a.aip a car I A 18 . tli E l i: &l Co , 1 li :lu.gnzIne iNI'U" CAC.STI') PIT adil,] CC dite:h Na.'ign lor, alol H IIL.n n lt n lltlo io Ar\al l ,Lr .nl f 4IntlI, by S I IFET &- C., 24 tha, aire. at ( '1 1 (: I. l' .-1 \ iT dra liac ae,. ntall s d a l e.l i lred y l . ,la-r . tor sale by is " & J I' W'lIII'\EVY, 73 C.napAl , 1 g FFET]--II lu n. , on+ Oil... a tu e Yor ly TA I.-- la 1kegn L c t ,er rai hd As,,rF sizes, ht nd ig f l6 I, l 1itl, &h C3, for a le 4 I ay 31 -iX+ t lh ' . fa Y,.wII I wln· ad . ja. at l tia rir i 11un1ing Ironb e mari, II.A n C. - -r e 1vu i ll . r p, a te bl k MI ing Norm b0rune. Sinr sole bd nrl ati l 4 I HItll E . Co, 114 Mal azllll at a l. 4 44 w I ,... a iAIh:l-:,L+S-- bNbl, huler unllalyler l.els iii ) atare. I" satle by . i a t l 1, ', B) l-GAI +fan-i Lao l.dat 9al mik prtews ) il laken I.a cuinateraa, .alva rat a ut ItrIi .N.Aa'aNk.'f ; r lu i re, tanetrl a aaa aa nrr Nat,. asadl a Tbclahnamsl, pis /1.11 1a IA Cs-A5011 .ld Ilthar for anle bIa Iaypl 4 31 H il)lVEI '1i Xa6Tl laptllalaa+t. '1 OilN-'illll bushel., landlig fr.o alaana lP Hoater, tlrasale by AIEAHAIA II IlAD I1, apl6 31 Gfl ir st gXCIAsi-% ON t l'.%,b tor all at rll rosin al .alag iaon .hiI Chr. re S- l*lnega, alld fir sle by innt I 9 1 &I, x 111R1)1W9N, 9G 31agnaz.a -L.iV7Y 1-i.9 iai. lI,,a aad ba;dla. far.ala -- by uLn 4 I tl lllb(E & CIo, 134 Alainanzrl a NEI.\ O(ILEANS Ai..D) NAS.IIVI..F It.11. i1OAla API:t. 3, 1839. EExtract frl theii Minl.a'a of ali , iiroee.dings of atia a. RIoal, hell this dha'y. - Ralrel, lThat tl ia onlllaa. nl .11 Ih loaIekh.lde,,a, oawnillga lae lne11h la Jar- shares, w11h r'a fu. e to dia rin bllte thPiir storka , p.rsl .t Io it rea alaution ander datae f lheilthll day aof achal last, an al-li as thei nallea oa alnl ltllals who lln colaellt a o Ill dialaibhll thir sai ,l k, be pab iseJA1MES HI. CAI.DWEI.I, apr 4-3t aailyrna DEAFNESS. ' T'l'A VElGI 1TAIIILS,. AN INFALI.IRl.E REIMEDY .T FOR. IDEAFNl]SS.--'l' he greatsacctlt whllich hs atltlelll. Sad tila apllll¢llla If Illia nalanble remedy ill aane hllladrel aaas intllahe Watmillsler Dlspellary (for diseaea s of the ee IIIaad ear) lon which I.ettala PI.l| aa ae ha ell b ltaaihad Ily AI. Taylor, 3! D, from thb Englal'b lar.allmnllt, anld the aallaion y +t Ilt a raeaiyed from then Ioyal Acaldellly al3ldiule ill Paris., i- well as froath Ihfollowlg maedical g.ntlelen Mr Allnrlse Illy, Sir Adtlay Cooper, Dir Rioala, Calth., lrabe tad L Ss if, glaig Aurist, & a. and other l rf+ta aaad auraeag , inlltrlor to OrlP iv metdieal, who Ilana alad reollnllana ed it. The felllo of the Gotta Vaetalilia, thrllughnl, Fallse andi b 1(.ertlltll, ettstll its .plerdu Illtrodll ctlom into slnl,,t .rtcy - callanry ia l'uroaae d a ad allllareas' wera plasdlled+ to r a ul Ior fronm all purts, colllrefullt ortl to the v reutml ;ll ancs Tle aa-certaillyblitlhwl h Iha (autta 'e.elgtalllll l war COa llaaa hlly Iaplllietl Cnalln be ltlall by n..1ya thlllll*ll. ls. Sllla the . luall,, of I1Y., Itheir .n jeais a.l,,i Plulipe.llne ig iof the Sara ballau, all 1 .Colld KilldK g of I1. Ia iallga , clalller led ol DIr Taylar thetitlealla nlulrarya A ra s to A hea r laa ete, saPrec. onll lPpee for ta Illaally a laared to hrg utlerwlseuled by the l applatnllleai oftll lun, n tliect (aildttl VegPabids. 'j'olso n-I rOts olral'oyal Iavor twiIIa hie hlopa be lllalllla t ellan aa rna n aIla1 w l i llldt n id wth dalalalaa. a glrllla fr nyOllly Ca ao ep l aII1.s rellg rot ady. t lI. .mtu..I'turls ayld trtsus the t luu er aerrotsd himh its ine.nlculaelr , as e a ll o thLe prihclptlt let , uf thr e three kilsg-lu, dihar a ll Ill t e ilty of Duliltn 40t morn or cs. deNafrotu rrsul ou Io R.lrlntrs t yhilll ,u ftwhosus) hI l IIEl ct hLlu ftr:0yls arll Ps ole od wholm w6 or 9! y n:r w of ag andllll . N. Ia the h t i yers, Id36(i thle bye, Ielurfld ll lll it th p south ol Ftl& I C u w 1rrc al ( t. Ftorlu proo o il.s eicy, 'e wwill subnit tillu f 4-4lLuwnleull --7'iis Rt Johnl Kllgt, cUrlit of Johlf. lhllllreh, M anUchlstler, sll u becoe ut nest, frons solds. tlt hllt coul rot har ls aud to'slll , fit'e .ll yarl lli.tlrt. 'I'hl tlltt lols htss eellts grsitU - I ally luwlrl l l ohillllOtr a l llluer of yearp , durlup which ie t tu e Isehu ~pli+. to nlr,y celehratedld A sst Pthyisi s ias, n lloo oortl stt d a1appll+d eurry thigil their [ lllited ,hill c l,ul[ nuogegt, wlthmotL lllA OlhOw onf rhehf. tr ol ake rncum in ldd ill Iplied Tylr' G tta Vege lTh anld tronr, il l to tel w he rl d ItBt r u el : s ecOllul bo llll IIbtsi could hor.l a wel aIsner tIe tlird. For ptartcultar of tmllls. e, se Lutrdoll t o 11,,1 J ourlal I'r oct :1l,5. I t A Ptdrws tt uf :lllUl, syn e tiueu Gott \heCstabliu-in iiv p31i lt'lel, ae wenll n, ill 1the IlOt pilal.s - fitsd it os be a illmlit vttluwlle reme eaeordeafs iJlrllnS from nerve|Is debllty tllll relaxntuisuul tilte etr, pldaued by uoltl, a1ut well enlculatd to dt mult good, all therefore recmslllllld it to b gelleral t c, being Col lts ill s ly Oulilln as well s th.sI l of osters. so one wall hs e rlsapphuincd who tsay have A est un to uoe tsil, v:luahlP dlts1 ciry. Lt r Jllss of lstlthbill, ledlotrdu his r, ill a letter to Dr Taylor, oellld by syillhg every Iorl;ts tr peoples wil find i tlhe l tsa til s ssgethihssl a ,mlsat nsisd viluable u remedy for atlnlllss uOll n I Ifoi) alnbo1lh. l r y. . I kI t gel r elll y r i tl l itn o l , I l .lll ]ene S e. [ .. .d.n who s e lllls ltltP lly Lt re, le rllter dstalslot s . for Iy lllly d waI Ialltd wh k ruinnlilg rOlln tLe pare ,lld a a Ip'Ullhlr olllld reslelllnhlll m tihl unllt thllld]er iito mlpll|lsl ie with tflop rangi. 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P nllsoS A n.Brtlll Iof Mie Ent Roadl wnl Itllstl years cliot cld her ihytsiieau l eouhld prs,cribe, ons Iuholtle o Dr Tayslor'sGutta oallelhlsl rehsevetd her olliderably nlltl boresho uued the A thirdlaultt she was Fcrl'ectly reatored to the sellme of her 'Thisslbt, 4 rskriSstn strrs, cs who wstsu irue; ain n Btle 4l2d legtllnpts, u.aI struck deauf ln tlue pltuns of Waterlo t a Illohs remallllillnd so ever elll.t Anr Ithe use of ooe bottle of Gtatlln .'esta'ls hs lie wse putirl:Lly cured, \trsituell illorueall. who ull besii t4 oare deprived ouf thle .e of helrillg w it rels.sspII br usinug six bott e, '1'u the agcdl w hi.m mn I el.l e1,n cIiosnly'.licted wilth d"itfl|P r titht- prePItllO l will iiiieed Ilrol ', II IIIPsl l , I~t hbt re- p slltlt lursd ths w )rsotu'ultss, wlhhuIIIi hupe oucr.scry had ts been nllltlplltritted urdrrivellc llll r thlller ;llm.o s TO thouse atlltsd ulswith deaflles urlsilsg sruml cold, this prep. arttllon mlust prove illvaludble anId wltl rerore Iheln tohear iln ig IIIn E e ases out of tel, ThP G pltts Ve'setublhs is prepared in strrct aeordlnnr - with scienllllt f rine s ItFsctrl r omT sll aliplrlslxll nd it uwill be funsd sil trial to curry its own recu llllls lldpt llII with It is the happylscuts it s tlllllcsa by restorllg to hssrlllin who hape Ibeois ssssufurtu.Iate Its to be dpritedc of that .ese foreb many ylelr,. Sabi whslesnle adll retail os agency at No 96 Cuslom Ililse street, New Urlosllls. aprl 4 PARASOLS utl III IIE11 E.I.A---4ut ..ess - snl llllt UIIl rlll u. w ulll IslliOu ltl[lr. +.Ir, fursule by I ItIlI)sE, & Cu. np 1A 131 aMllaganllle at i 't.ah)u ussillt I IAsp-l itlsahl. a-i stnd 4.4 Lowell L ( :c iot filrult ieu I [ilslIsi: & Cu, t np 1 1"lI Msas.ille st LMt1tl1rit ts 5 is.ttIs - l.e-ts-iu ; tot.s ,, . uelsuubstststu Islngu, cOunllsrisingt niui extensive uuunrsrsnutru, utlsable for lhe lotlltllls ryt Itl ity tl se, Aslr s ale Y npl 18 I BIIuII) E & Cut 134 .Magazine at Ot'NTs IAN.hOI.O, eus the artr of nrtising uIlk Kenriutk' Amrieuan Silk Grower's Guids, ('ob'ua Imuttual ft tlse Mulsberrs ''r-el us ssilk ldwaurd I Rlbe u', Malutl ; litesti. for uowru ins rntslplauttgsll. salt raising Inulberry treses, ste 1 Morrie' .ilk rlu er.s s Mit l l'omslosk'u Iuras'hsal lalise ultl tb cullturlle of Silk Surlllllllv t Iae pr'ucipnl Clhiese Tl'rcalise upion tie it'ttuss tl e . ullllberry, and tlhe rasiing of silk wuruut F: JUHIS & Cu. sp IS corner St Chaltlesand Csommon sat W INl--Sll v sMadleira \Vis"uu lrunnds ul Inu..bhu i .tru and Csllli, in piputes, half pipe-, quarter cas.k lald octaves, ntitle u to(enre, fill slie rt op 17 [ lilt II)I' &r Ca, 131 l a .uiie It -- -:T-i\V -LT, .'-.11 T1 (S.', r IlE utsstuce .foslte Haremt,lhv Slis Parduloe, uthor U sl' thle Cit of tuet SuIItsIn,";-' in 2 vtol. 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Jlareae IolO here t ,eclfied, uuid It tIIl bell~a Q. tlb :" wollderlul .tlcue~o l a L|,rlllg Mild ;i F.II iiurdlcr, hly tllord' w~H111 are LUb jCEt to cornIPUlIII11 td" IheC FIUlle~.l, r.t wu.e CUiiII-I _1 tutll~lla require wlw vigor. Ilrleh Iler~ouu . ll tJu w+,fllto I~e Iw twnr~lhrrubultlcs ili'Hllall ,Io;,€. Wlieurrer a tiUt i·ltli i Ir eutlalderret nicecrnr), iIiis Pillarea, trkli~li a ,mrl "11114¢" will anlrer nl it. Imrpuaen, I ull uuh [e~ii1(a [ lll. ll le- el4lm+ = l . ill a Iar moreT abreeab elall~tler. thau theo Lull lllr Ill 't. drlllk. :i '1 hl folbswilt Eceriff.ates, out of hnlldredr ·imilar, whidt ,_might beprocllrod, KI e irlell to hu w theeffetur tmldul ;, I'tllscal, In tile r'ltriour colllllaillll tl lherill~lnrllelultdbed itud. ,,; aIulu to ehll~ltl ill tile molteutlbllctory uls~ner isl inglrt r~lly, .,oler the ryru|,. Ill it c lltrlll ula ' ' , CAPSEJ OF RH "UQATIS].L • Chorlust E, Nov. IS1 Itr." Duri.g tie last winter and sprinp , I wa, ilaiLttd s toh very uevre .d dAlltre:lsing t euanintl occasioned by exs t.ure mn bild weather. I now take great pleaure i.n tatitg. kn.t vio buttle. of thet Idlao' Piuues reutored me to iperrlrct heil slid l confidently reommend it to all ctihirly uilictelod. JO1N FE.OGUSuN, kilav.t Charleston, Mlrcl t27, IB1a. I wrs eeized, about three y ears lie.,with c distresittg rht. stlhli cntied ti,) takig t severe cold, wlloe udder tle Itlnu elti oiE Tlruer), Tid tuhlich han disabled te Iuaobli bnn.nM nearly ever Illc. Durilm tli peorud I hlave bpeS a nponbr in tile mlariee llupitul, ti ttlhn city uo.uardd of thur nurlto, ond nearly thie .er laength l" toe in tihe i.ltlmore Hapittl, iid tried almlot every reimedy, with ithlllehnfit. Oi tilt lthIt ia February last, ua that tuite cearely alle to mova utuu upto rutwhea, lsoclnlnced tile Cue it'the Iiidusnp' PyUttce. Itur nlonrth I uilld tysi e tlltlrely free from pain, und nout tow np-, Ipy to SlaFt t Ieti o dr I Ine wtyu llfjrieri cly well. c WVId. TI'ULKEIL, 13 larket .1 CASES OF SCIRuFULOUS ULCERS. New York, Sept.10, l3e0. Tils In ) cetify, that in the Fall f l5s, l was mtld with becanle Iregeglttly ulceru s It my ueck. After try.Og asverl phlylcltll. to Iul ad nartge, i wnet Lrhilrtdeltuia, and plcod My.lf uder the cureoflDrs. ihyrie sud Beach, when, fter repeited anlstioluS to uo eeet n I was pronounced utterly 4 curukle. Afterwards tiumk twenty boultles of Staim' Pasu. cia, and eight iothle uf Ptister's C autoliou, with no material beefllt. Despililg oflfe, which, had Ilow be ume burhkad to ne, n returned to iy iarent ill NeW York, inll '1S, and le myself enl r to a litBering death. Hesrinng o the great io ces. of tile iUd ItI Psacea, however, iut eoiu llllul to my ouu, _ l was perdumled to try it, an a last ureort. To my great ur - preE, ua wail e sa rptifctio, 1 lonl fouund mytsel ra ldly re covering, and upoil tuki.g seven bohetle the ulcs healed, nd I Iherams perfectly wall in tmhepeurse oftwo montstl, ad have remtined so e ier sine IL mnuake thins nstoett, nod wit Ito published, for the benefio fthoe hoare onufertng atder li milsr scrfulous or syphllitlc ofeeetions, that they oIny know. nhat hu, cured otte wilto tU tuff. red every thng buthdeath, who considers h sfie saved by the A aove yr N Chnrlenton, July 12, 1831. Sweasi.flcted four year wsth all ulcer il the le.g, on.ibno ally auerttiiu.iuted wtll esyslpelmnu llunlmttntmn std etro livs p ne bll, tle l Itp d nllhklejoltit. Several ettetl.t p:lhymiau exerteld their bktll upout, i t h withllu t ,l. tluuient Ilenleit. In teetn. c r five Ootler s onl Iti tth Irdll' IlmlltacE uate erfect ure. MIAKRAREI' A. ,WEST, 121 .Marketng t. 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