Newspaper of True American, April 22, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated April 22, 1839 Page 4
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i ia , ol ?J t t ' " 4itpnn w}ith the ntimont rete lfllttendatedinvalid, It pe ',tnseqeegtlv the celectita ltl tOnls ad acli sivo. it rmub h ltli4. ;ihtleqalh ltitreteeias LeetlS disorder, er to ererate i lnley nses the .everal or h thas ,benefits the stl S aeetiouts it may be oppres.ed. S re fotlmTo.R..o jaixtunre, have ie u.aium l onuua of th d.oease, n iyetlp3 lt of Fretutr; whereas bye m n remtlAe thre pc i, alwas crea anesdiibiliiy to relurrence. The dalcener releee ithe Ague, ip veye avid nci, for iles ronn reome to muech. proretate to es lilit tmetelt, and spedily fall ta vic Simtceesent violene. Thie Toiec ixtiare i. o. renisoteable price, asl to place it t ihi evry .nh.~-o that tih pet r and lmdatitute lke tned witb ahesitanee, wnthout elerilitng tliedetee which is rrrequettly ldeied to very reluetantly beatowed. ree.iercls, t..utilned againset thler spe fitsh i cidhednie, that are daily ffvered I e1)r t John R.- Rowand, at hise t,ý Q'Philatelphia. e9 .ihn o hlelale a.emits fher the i d will sell by the erner, at pbl l:e'a be hald at retmil alo, at ts oa-i'b inthe city. " "JAIRVIS & ANi)DRE'S, Wholesale I)rulrists, 1 t .'.. . Cote Comnmen &. 'cTcbepitoulasc telisippihand Louisiana Ilotel, anetetlnn. LIt SMARY KIIIRKLAND respectlolly an. mpnounes to hler friends and tile plublic gene. * " 'tehe is preplrcd to accommodatle them at nrve'-tablilehmctt, and hopes frem hler Lohio relnder visitors comnfortable, to receive l ljnanOeo of formenr favors. She feels cotfi. hit parsons Visitinlg Covigton during tile monthc, cannot find better accommeodotions S"he can afford them, on more liberal terms. ,l oSe is pleasatitly situated, and well reupplied eyery evonvenience; the bat is furlishled with stehoie liquors. &c. in slhort, sle prmnisesc t noething shall bt wanting on her part to give inie saetflion to all who may patronlizo the aipp i and Louisia..a Il otel. je3 THETP BLIC.-The undersittnd. having on ''"... l,':endor Dr. Scl.midt of Charleston, Carolino, and for sonme years his assistant in tlc or medicine and surgery, has the ho.or in professional services in this city. .1 e Indies and gentlem.en that tihl most ` _tieon will be paid to the calls which . made; ,'nd also offers his services to the Wo er faloaves, being well nequainted with the stlilt'comemon to them, having attoended them in Sii Louse in Charleston. Ap ous anti.bilious pills aater the composition !inIi ,jt r Stnollette, with directions, can ho had . tdereigned. The effect which they have ired in this and other cities, has been nilttended with the greatest success, to which tile best of S nees caanbe given. Apply at No. 166O Maga. ; u treet. JNO. M'I.ORING. f:.l Low WARF, w-ot'OD SCREWS, SAD 1 IRONS, ke. . ýHE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. SI ". 238 Water, near Beekman street, New York, Shae received the past season, and are colstantly ol ...eivjng large and extensive additions to the stock .rf the above goods, which now consists of the ilvpwing assootment, suitable for'tlhne outhern and It Swestero tnarkti. Hollow ware of superior quality, cootsisting ol ii about 1500 tons, viz, i O of 22 different sizer, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, fi1 l tt.ies, 15 sizes, front 3:8 to 30 gallonst, , Kttiles, 15 sizes, froev 3:8 to 18 gallons, A S akepans or Ovens, 7 difftrcrnt sizes, o S'Tea Kettles, 6 Io It Sukillte, . - 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . 4 do Fire Dogs, . i do t Wagon boxes from 1 1 4 to 4 3-4 inchesl . c . t d G. 5 to 5 itonches. b i Vood Screws, 20.,000 gross, iron.nand brass, from u M.inch, 'N. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 2I of a ,'lerior tality and finish, and less than Jalone' imported b Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 Ills ftr It '+s ytailing, . + +oilor'n l and hattor'r Irons, assorted. S.8isllh weights, 101i ton, assorted from 1 4.4 to t1b hie. Bella for PIultatlions, steamboals, churcheso, &c. moade to order, Also tstelnbeats and other machinery iImade to irder. The above ansortment of goods is particularly e'.iNcomertndecd to tho attentin o of Sottltern and Western merclhants and orte ofibred ictr sale ,t lotw '.Prite, and upon the Imost libe-,l terms ; it is heI liavd to be tlie largest and heut assortlment vn:r otlered for sale by any one establisrltntle in the UIrited States. Morethants by forwardeige a request by mati, canl have a prin.ed circular, with dtlecripttio of cteonis, priceannd terta, -onlt \vhIch no deviation is ever '.ade, frnisahed by relturn of Ullil. All order will reeoive imnltediate attention. New'York, 1838. j.:3 N- MBROBuRY NOR COPIVA ItlW Orleaton, Lv. 14, lt, lti7. A BOUT six monthts ego I had the tmistiotrne to got .Y a sacret disease, for wlhich I have altlied tlo evs Iel doctors Ibr a cure, and they did not cure tot, l eow ent the habae date I rot nllf uonler tln care otf I)octut lt ,andl expoct ltim rl cure ito. Sinle tlhat tints s-sllotal worte, w tl Uro to lrck out ill lurge illcels 0, k lhteu r of six or eight on eaolt legI, 0ud all overc '"r eand sre throat, and not able to work ntt Ihe iesenot lima oil account of thile disease; tltge lcer oil ilsrolht aide of the throat. 1 lot nolo putting Inyabell eenfirently underthe care oflDr. litter, of l'Panri, to he prferetly cured JOIN DEAN. r 'f s 14 It 1* T41.CE.iTIFY thant the above mett;onedd disease is tUa4 tl5weltl creodto my own satisfactiot, fior whilch 1 t Hliot; and moreover I asanre that thle medi p l have taken makes ate foat, and did not injure ,oly qiAlth at otl; tberefore I adviseo o f Iloaw sutltrers ito I e nosiln estdl apply to'nDr A. hiert, 124 Conol h street, between Daupltle and Bourlbon treetl. Ir. S'iag alonle'from 9o'clonck, A f, util 4 I' 31. . e t~r nd ~ tre dotor o ter thi cInb aotoit .ot h e nown. a" JOtHN I)n AN .10 Graviner s ctrier. oner wants to see te, call at Not. nl traevileo rg4cre rot JOIIN IEAN. ary "'ea$'.Orlpans. Feb 1, 1838. t1of 1 ly af E Genumaoe Idamn hr itabletot 01.ioe'rro'trt l itooc . h otd, i pt tipo a op in bottlesr at the low pri:e oif +1 r n eia each, contolgtillng the strengthl of three mo llllle II rwort, beat lea thles ir at-ts o-mary other roti s ani ta kolawn among thle Indiast as erfaleciuso ill curing p_ lulmonary complaints. The uttalsoled succeass which has ottenade tlhe ,Ie of l.i inestttanittle Bnlsom whereverr it loon beroit ollto nj ti.oad has obtlOttoee ttl ..ol.fidnnree ..o.ol I ........... 6 at+dofresbeIalctablgv physicians, for ie icure of ctugils, hl·slpaoin tie tiode, waut of rest, spiting o0' bood, 4 . llive'eomplnint,Le . " To wbtsm it ltay cloeerno. This is to certify tllnt to' d.: a k ein ourprtaet ftrequttoltly Ireecribed Srs (atld-o rtd Indilan Buollal of Li.verwort a-nd itoarllto, l ithl o deaidcd geodi etect: tce can therefore, frtmt Irho know tedge of the materials it is l mdo fTrout, and observation a ", xperenueo , reommorend it as a oLonri" prtierliotniel oral those atlleetioon of tile lu0s fr whliclh it is re amcosen ded. AI I tI' W lLLI MllS, 1. 14. SCALVIN ELI.IS M.1). Memebees oflh. Boston Medical Assoeiutioo. I ' oston, October 925. taleby J.ttVlS & ANI)REWS, " _ I __ _C ultrloto tt ',ttoitoa s s tag I ;· - --'------' -- - - _____ ---- -~~- I OllAl'8 0oieoccof Peottolllnlip receiocd, od~ p, rM snin t their jtonoaoeut WVrittoy nclalroiic * Chptroa rIroat, Now Ijoloona, 1250 Iticadway i ft#i~erhcDOvaphitw ot., M~obLd..s *twia pntiotlorlyd coigored Icr pri itre leoarllro. and it mblbeklersl ii cataulated flr peeaaoo ot oll ilgro. c Ljjesausd; gootlcorasl ro iovitod tocoll oadexoloioe t~b~s~yeosin urtlietnoolroo. J'eenaW e give atB ea·ch bocooaeont ILV ooI ttbe U i snoveis~~id(ete cl1 snil (and claisco frto.edl ior cy port S' Itprefer itoca receive losococ at thecir o~a err ~8i~PDJo inC e oel o thcy ech.. .3tI~t tI1tOTI~ttg. 2011 do 2.5 a En~Itih t 25Z1.4 bblr. 4110" 100io Ventruobth*i,, veioCo I neon Vorotililbtt ~abhol,CCai'Yaroiah; /oinell, riceo~, ~rg~ijolt nod erItnll -? nw~rirneoileond qttnuitie. 4ee-rgS~i hennea,etoneigecet, will he ef~m o a tthittl' enlouro ond Ceatqolrsoa3nn f enetiupleoaitn 110 ott nlfce bneropttIV eevingfr from hir lcie ndotO f rblo Me~teo Pieces feints oal I o6 dolb$OiOi td Pla~rto.. t hor With pphilpthid eor'taroo oh( np~ p'law, tornion nn4unJ3~io'~1o*I ted rrodt sppyvetvo jicitoreer. y 4% tnhiaov-t~itt icatnor ·, atar 00 te lehaiir firtr riteacurba,olr to 1i- ork d Baltimore Packets ACKETS FOR NEW YORK.-New Line. R( -:rTo sail punctually every second Monday I1 II during the season, full or not full.., .tey .hi-p Orleans, 599 tons Capt. S. Sears, Cumli Ship Alabama, 474 do C. C. Berry ' Pira Ship Arkansan, 627 do ES l)Dnnis oter Ship S 'ratga, 542 do W llntitaway, 11. Ship Nashviille, 540 do D Jacsona, per a Ship Kentucky, 629 do J nker "'ani"' The above ships ore of tlhe first class, coppere virre and copper flastend, and having been built in New wtras York exprsesly for this trade, they are of light scne draft of water and alnost invariably cross the bar rant without any detention. The commanders are men .l of great erperience, and the ships will always be F1 towed up and down tile Mississippi by steamboatsl Ino Tr hey have hnndsoma futrnished accommodations, '511 and stores of the best description will always be pl furnished. Tio cabin passage is $90 witllout a wine or liquor, and threo is no liquor furnished to C11 a the officers or crew. For freight or passage apply e on board, or to II C AMES, 48 Cunmp st. ][T C The ships are not accountable for broanage of V{ o glass, hollow ware, marble or granite, cooperage of now tin, or rust of'ironor steel,nor responsibloftr any dini p Iackage or parcel, unlenss a regular bill of lading ind in executed therelor at the ofllco of the outs. plat is nov27 loo NEW ORLEANS Ano BALTIMORE LINE OF Ian PACKETS. ter, Thist line will enlsist of the following vessels, $ wh'ich have been built or purchased expressly lir tor. the trade, viz: b. ra Ship Poaman, Capt. Minor, are n. ark Mary, Nickerson, h:n e. Irad Ferry, new , Stevens, anll at Solomon Saltus, , Jatham, Ihr er Irig Arclitect, I' Gray. a r T'l'hes vvsels are of the first class, have hand-. sl fi. some urninld :cconmmodulions, alln are of i light wi to draft of water, so as to admit of their roeeiving and s dtischarging their cargoes in laltiniote llat the city. - Freight will be taken for ports on the Cllesapeake td or Jalnes' River, and farwarded by the agents, th Messrs. CLAItKE &I KEILLIIGG, at Baltilmoor;. as expenses on goods shipped will be adtlvaune when ie required. The price of pnassge is fixed at $60, for tv ample stores of the b st quality will be provided. y, Stoeam up and down tlle Mississippi will be takun La ig ol1 ll occasio:s. vti la, For freight or passage, applyto IP in GEtI. 1 EDFORI), vil or nov27 ti2 Ilionvilc st Ih ia 10R NI;'W ' YtI*ice t. h l Slitpi s cIni por ing thin lin wtill sail laIn pr on NOw Orleans and New York on every other lonr- ro nl day-cteningl a on tilhe 2011 Nov lembellr-land to at litet ill I ts pta tte eonsiitt nffive ships, vi:a o Slluil Yizoo, Captain Trusk, to leave on tile 20 h w ga. Ship Lnoisvtle, C(aptain Pualur, l leave.I onl the vi I 4tth Decemtttr. lD Ship eutsville, Captain Eldridge, to leart on the ti 1811 Decemr/ to* Shipt Vilkslhrge, l'ain .i Wuoodlulstt, In leave on n irk, thle lt . IllI l ear'. ty hi.p iessiesippi, .apnain Davis, to lea on tiell ilak 15i t of liatl y.i the Thie above ioe all ntew, of ite firstl elve, ecppery ted d and copper fIl .nil. ;, a upwards of 51i10 tuns Il wiurhen, are of l iitg' h retv., f ainter, being built o in NNw Yrk lih l tlcl he f rl nt r:cait. 'pite price I i piahva e is aitd at ll 0 dollars: their uaiins are. ns, ttied up int h t te neat in proved ni Ionvenin i t Ampl ve stores of thie first fsiality will be ptevtdc i.' atdnI every regard l4paid to tie ce,ifrt t oll hnrtire satislactiont of pnIlIingcrs, who wicll please lake an. I lice dhat no lh-rthi can be se-cured unttil paid for lit " the alle of the consignies. IThe'evisselasics are cauttltded by captains well r experienced ain the trade,, i ho will givi every aTllt. I tipp hly stealtpl tcs, av itne staicteth panctualitty rit, tiic sttelr l in the titet of sailing. or it The owners of these sihi;,s will not be responsi. rtie ble fr atiny a. ter, lparclI or package, sct lIby orI Siagent or owhers. For frther plurtieublr apply to r J I I:N & A C1tlI1N,1 I to nov27 9l0 l'o atn atI +I- . till I . ... .. . t t ' li-.t:: t IO. N , "\ t-'- .l'' \ \.i & t'A I-I',I"Tt)N P.CKETS i l,' ' l h lt 11 I tlrlll l l 1 wi l1 hi, fl,'lll .p 1mh '. , r I; 1 . p 1T-'ro'rr-, v " f llit " rllt i' t n'l , t i-v wll H .l" lit- i l i 1 sh.p: e . [,rs n I a ne d nno: tl vn i1,r Aiex Mis il p1 n ' - , + od N, ' I an- ,t I, i b rI CI l 1I h,",tI M.vOr+ ,w:, . 'OlIo, ilowti firl! .A,! ~ , & (', ,iles rl rt , , , ,a.ter. t e ! r~ C ap n,11l..I. l . Th!e.'n u .ps l, )ll lr. D~ ]lrip A l t, en , d. 1).mnn , Ilee er. of Ir, Blr\ R"gir' \,Il lnr9us,.I. Ailib rs. m ,rrr. nn Ii F,,r frlght ourp s ra.e,aldv hro . A. liARL I ll. the, &C-, GI Co mmoon st. N, v Odl1ncs, or 11. C he w Mord ni.Chnrles"~n, ne. I fre r 0lVIIJAifi & G'Ci Best- aul 1i E w CN rv i) 'In J Lie of Packi, Sliips.-'l'lti new the of ships has been expressly ibuilt to run betoween ith ab'ove ports, and will be found of suitable draft of water: wi accommodaltionls Ifor ptsscngers, and every eflotrt 'will be maIlld to hive gent-ricl tsaisartlion, Th11 i Ilno is comlposed of tlle fob lowing ships: Cherokee, 115 tons Capt. J hardinig,o Carolina, 400 do S Lemlist, oonl Charleston, 37 do 1) Ildridge, Columblana, 6125 lde (; Barker, ,cit Seaman, 2410 d J llawoc, foune ioity, G25 do I) Ilooumphrey. ti Tile above s.hips are all neow, of the tirst .,lass, qill I copper fasteoed and coppered, commanded by mten ock of grent experience, have large a;cconodations, whi' with a separate ladies cabin; every attention will be d0ase paid to pa'.scnlters, and the very .ost of stores pro gent vided for tlhem. 't',he paclets will be towel up and down ito e Allis ioi, sissipp,, and the strictest punctualiy o! herved in olee the titme of sailing, all(] should the reutIhlr vessels Cre be detained in arriving, other shiips equally as good tirq will i all l cases he substituted. A share of patron- toe age is solicited, Cut tile ogentto pledge themselves to pIn ccolnlodal; as mIuchl as practicable, to receive t anll forward goods bIy ,id lilne at the milo st ltod lr. Ito iate charges, aud to advance all expentes on goods jet o l shilpied, if rcquired. tI" ''loT shipo will lorea the I thst and 1l of every iL f moith. For Ireight or pIt-i Co, apply to thle agents. i .1 A 31 FRI ITT, 8-2 Common st. hoo - N. I. Advanlcemnets made on consiiglrlllts 'to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. I gla ncL?27 _dot i : ~sltctVU o lAnltl Ho lito Isit- rOli' tl.Iirh.l i co on o d shiip Oalriits. Font, lIitithiriier, itokrr I t " ottn omll, Boards;Ol; ('l no- . , 2i' 1-1 `Itit 4:1l-- illh i t S n ne r a s ,, 0 i I t ver d p t o ,I w il ' I co, 'i ,elite r a ttit t erti t trit e bltito lire+titn ('tass; Bel. t i Pocketoo or tt th d )li l' l rtb tobilile nd ernt ingle I llrrell d ottas lle- lagt Shot tlhel- tpowder l id P )rcad Irmlam litles luld elhiilnkilnig Capr; s: cad Pistirett -atoko; o it tot p i titig pittnt Peousc sion Caps an o CIp loleders Cloth, liar 'roothl; en Toot, Iowioe;T;oilet iand Itoai 0oapsi i ion i';ile vi l ts rie v'; Ittg Htir t roit , R inlett ontd Fri eteo tiear' ' le Sand eTiler Powder Ence I; or Ivory Tre'b Cishions e~llt ald Potcan Slhes no (Gi:ters; (;nu Eilastie S' lndlomers; ' 0 IiPowdtr Puil' tRid ot e;oi t ,ltil:, Stnlt io d I eyV; oti l. " E r.-droP ; W\ oist B ,i'tkh o " B racelets ; B ead N eckl ..... 'hts s!ndtl ilt." CGilt and "ii-rut ed; fo lelotdot Ibdoi lleds, I lie t i iI .t oP t oihell '- ' Rimt : Ito i io tot I)reoooilt Cn t in wi uhe .,,d h t herhu'lrnlr.mple, F eo r wiTn h, s o to itlteir i is t i cotnorll to t etot an d Wt. ill It Ids,, tIow ttd on liberal tert n , or the ci·nl nf tfi (:olde to 'I Iti I yotol.. i_ -tf 70 hartr - s e 0 I`111E ibtI.horo A-'oents ihe i olto-ieo hoo'e of et e 1\V' & i. [tluteer, nOI~fiiehl, T iud, hive jusmt I Tnblr it., D essert''ea e.. ".... dr'rlptiprio , t'r'ot ellPocket, llrkR aen sper pint Ilnk'ett Razors, Slv. rotsEdgef o'ols,&e. &c. Ne. whirls whey l rep irepared o exhibit 'o Ithtradeloorordei s. 'T r mllseend co ndilionsl will Ito lcu illotlnto ooothe tloo cI11 J.10. l.l<IN 10& A (tIE\.l o 190 ln,n . t. SINIMIOXNS, IIt1'IT CO.--Are now t reoiviatg c erhili hitI ulosvilht Iaglo M''eri-'y Andrew, Iltih- ... stdcr, Filolltoillloailld German <Ioebte Ito "ll' lit'i i ils siter,Iolto a ud porket l lpistols; plhi, rio ted iid plit tit I cutoio it c s; cap ou ldterl ; seisso rs, |Iizol'o , Ioel. I Ii Yes' (hilntt'o coommrcial u ed ot her steel pens; \'iou . ns; { ,i ol h: sit irh s; ;shell, ivor ly nd horneco ns; w aif l 'S; it, ttooutotlltuher par1tses; hair c loiiiis, frolit i.tti oai ock rihi:.leIi it, "-: - :-T',; Cerooan t di French cologne wnter, It'.otlnlnl.s . . .- . -"1. imitation io; it ille e sd ht'tiloo oii Ioiot'l+ ,', . li.eslolg cases: Iaot si blaekinl; stliti innd t .. "; LL';etct ti li'iri'st olp an id -a i o g;les t l view is; i [tllt t L it d . itt llt l iatllplu,'; b oowder, ttontetie w:0oto ittlt; soettled malint 'Iihois - ipooi rol oim;,l etl. .t, o ,teliot[ ; ItImto Itoold luh 'illS ll ' s, necklacePs; I lliar'lsll o lo ; cpocket ;lloks and wloledts; ;ermanl ble rears; l m s.llll+; filie anllll elolmon, l rillli oLa, olooic o,+nlotl's, htli'utcs ltit ills lueilfr e:ittllhot; sil bi'. - el to,'tltls;i it'yots, Ne. ot.' le.i ''lite tloce ii h tit ell to olltlt foli-ter s ckli of fatito o crlistcaos, micks orulli":teoltltt ittcw rclillhlt. Pot lt o t I w!ns oit l r r ro il as the o ig i of th t hle od ccn mlli, 7 ee (hit .n sactl. a -. . olt . _t. "cs, .----. - . I-11i'.l Ai. - coo I, NE\ " artilea fiurItProoits troiubed wiith deanir'to, iand o'illeI Eor'lTronloitl) has fto be- t' recuivdl, GIto h theto to,' ,,f Itiel. tIh, lio; s ts olotiralutiotll o Ithe hu oer Ihertsvlc e i isci ctit- ctco )'eds to in, .ur.A allra A llt -ter.. i1u hasu ever men l i.Lltge· Ito veltIvra wlilh a vet# rIkai Ir I ) llott lcit hoo frllv iea tible of Ihso diffiiclty llid eln t i t "rneotrr rlt rxperich iood Itot hllOOv i ule vesl tid I h ino - ivid . ' i .' fio n ,rtuna l Div i fl 'ictd. IB v the u ea of oha " F 'n r raIllrp t tbli r oh j m 'tou is e stire ly rllola te d . 't l' e th eae ! " e.,, a laaaw atasv| t tn ovi I. .ndularl their deult aliei It s b , ued L , Tru.t.. o ,o r t a coil OtlcO i " , • , - .`t· . .!. -:I mt BOOK BINDERY. Under the Picayune Oflice, 72 Camp st RONSEMA '& HOWSON hee leave to itfirm J their customers and the public generally, tllnt .y lava removed their esltablhnennt a N". '72 niml street, im' tledtiately unllder tile olffice or te ale iaynne--where they are preparep d to xecute all ters in thleir line. HIIving received from tihe North a suply of pnit. 1 r and materials of a superior quallty for the In anufacture of Blank Books. thley offer tlheir rer tees to merchant and other', who itmay wish rk of thai kind ; and having the advsagage of GRC vereal vets's experience in that line, they are nidenrt of eivingl satisfaction to those who may voar them with their custom. For a.nnries, architects and others, maps and nns will hbe pasted on linen. varnished and FP eounted in the neatoest manner, & at tle sheortest Plain and fancy hindina, in all its varieties nl. UHINA (;.AS. EtARL'ltEN WAILt N''TOltl: sa.or 36 Charres street, New Orleans. rofis, W 1, SERIGEANT & CO. importers of French cherri and English Chinn and Earthen ware. are descri tow opening new snsd rich patterns of breakfast, desks Itning and tea services, toilet sets, pitchers, ia Nta ntad eoffee cups, tenpots, sugars, creamslllee, rbowle platea, dishes, tureuens, wash basins an. aewels, rait baths, etc. etc. Rich cut and plain French and American glani. DE vari,-,hlets, eltampaigner. lemonades, jellies, 91 clare's, arines, cordials, centr" howle, decantiers, ri t umbllers, preserve dtishes,celr'ies, pitchers, Il ll in, ltlap shade and glasses, candle shador, salt cel- exlc Stlerr pinted, ,brnnzed and britania wnrrs--ra al for-, liq,'r stands, canke hekerts, eandlesticks+ exca lratlnlch es, stane, ladler, roffl'e anid teapose, sgara, bnt relns, ;llamp, spa nnerd trays, astral stlannd,anti hlnttning laimpsfine cutlery, German silver spoons ind lorks, together with a greai variety of arlicles Ior finely use. M5rrchnnts, planler, hte, ls, and tembonlals, furlished th gaoods at thle imot tea oInable prices, and packed sa as it be coveyrd wllt salety tn any part ,f llthe eoull r y. Also, notherrics' gassware. nta 2 T'HE FLORIDII)A LINE Caa b.,From Maotile to Augusta, Gao. ,leves lMobile every day at three cae o'clock. p m per US mnal boat for tIlil's l.'ndtne, above Blakely.-taeltc, four Feta pst r coaches to Pensarolan-tienc salealntloata It igr.nlle, where the Inad rlute is resumlled-thence via Mllatonn and Itrawnsville, Fla. iUninblidge, Kit' Ptnderlown, IIt'wkinsville. Saundersville & Louis Cal villrte Anugusta, in, ,cnneclting regularly with I'ap the rail road ars e t Chatleston, nnd Fhe stenm packets to Now York, Norllk, Pailadelplhia, etc. The stealbants are the best for th e service, and thie navigaltion presens more advantages than tan he founid upnt ally lte'ablloat route in thle s'utih. em retpiat. 12 The great imlprvetnents in the rottoe hnve teen prindeed by the r'ttnstruclion of fifty miles ofnil t ewf nt rond, by the prprietors, viz : from llaGrancnge on aI.n,'ea.tte fnavlle, an arm n It Stanta Roan ltty, to Ilynnt's F"erry, on the ChaRnlnooache river, ten Im aleabove the Cowlnrd, or 14 above Celdar tIlulti wllerehvy I;he nnvigatil ol tlhe river, ntld tile cl.- - iPlent' detenlllti, and more recently the inhein vetiett crosasin at thie 'owl erdal, iare entirely I 'Vlid. and a line road from lariae'at d'rect l17i to Bainbrid e, Insteand it the r)oundalld oull)ll rlO,(d via Cl aintho hie', clesseninit. ihedisetaance about f',rty miles, and iacreasiag the facilittes altore tta n Sttt once a day. Alro, a tarah .lile nof Iwo horse ,tes every. Othe.r day ftoe II wkievlitl rle', vin P ray tl Mat"'n , (I. Connelelin. with lihe line to Savannals andi i3d 1) .t en, ien. A aclill n llS iteam t alits regllaerl lie' taPeit Aii nbidttl te and Apatlaehi'ila. 'T'ravnll, rs wishi ti r to r eat ll a ny' p.oint tn Chattahoochee or A ntlalh --t I coln, call take steo..nloat it lIrownsvill '. ChI iMoblile to l'Plnsacal,-I ia-nd Ril I en--lilrinhl t h 'e aIle ttinlIe ic up[l d b'l y the repairs of hle , ,the p riet.e. ih,'e alrTs a. l al'l F 'lerida IaIe ,ill I'n a tli ne t l, I laur . l llor'epostco '.'chesetvery olhenr day etwtev IIIt,:. ova a 'ssI ntess will lei 'e t at l ail li 3 I'i a t. p m1 c it t he l'" l S I bol:lll t, aa prt ceed it e Ir alla t ll a i ilt, I, Ih re n Ioi t horse allch w lle r io wct g to cver temn to thie exc:Ioln holtme of ,lr. Charl e, lHa lli, 14 mile i leraan t, whi r l'e lhey d ill lit d t 'a t econodons tcr ile night-leaving next Iliorra ng, they w% llt ,irive to iens e . sl , . 'rt) in ,h,: eveniný, thus avoidin the dsl'omfort ill travelhn_. Otlicet at lie 'lansion lloust, MobIile, and Ci1l. lins' totel, 'ensaalt, ,,here stan's mi us be t se u I'red. TI'OcKTO")N & (I',. i v I I'.urn c /+,n-t I/nrctil'on. W illiam Stcilith leamets his sarve''s ti tthe i ae,i, teatler . Ilr tmic i private it a'lha rs i t, lit n, " ntl alao . severlt i thl e felale lnt r '. lt vi,",cllt, c n t .i i but hoIel tta Io c ti Ih,•ice nlil-h' el.'e Ht is " tpeirtunt d ti r,fecr to Ie'v DI it1 ''pp, ,leas,t Se"e, so & Av, ry, II atIthrsn . Ge'atnces. Fr termsa &," l aleapply at the et Ahlexander,'r ' ,, ( e :,4(ii aa st' DrlcZs and .hedirinit.. 3 II Prevst has Iecaed h el Illn this city the lpurpose of iransncting a telnral \Vhlesahle I)rug( business. lie is now receiving a Iull supplyte to f tresh and genuine nriieles, which he will tiell n liberal terns To eI'n y druggists, and lhlo of the ittrir, to physicians, merchants ai nd plant rs(, he will ilt'r induceme: nts such na have never hbe fere ibeen iiccred iito this eily. His intention is to idn strictiv legitimaite business. 11bi sock will OR soon e oiipleter, and in ii few wrek, will be reI. d e tfr b siinlet. All orders Irmin thie country, nnd In'le mercllante ol t i- city, receiving such orders will pr lmptly attended to. at Nii 3iCamip at 1'V i cESAL AND RETltAIl.COt113 ANDI VA SI! 1'Y S'ORE-- t tihe sign of the golden Col eonlh, 'Mo l 'I Chartres seter. The sibscriberr have re iei in., ilitioll to theirpreviol sterk in hald, l fill a c e o: l icssorltlet of artiles ill their lillln; vi: clobs perfani'ry, Jewellrv, irueshes, lIocking glnssell, ' f nevi erticle ,e ".l iccnisti o itn part es follows: c(:n.lI od -tWrde e sehall, wrought old plain tnek,twit, hilled ,kthc lor, roatnd, dresiCi, ide, pull, irle and clc:k, hlrn+iline elhmbe of every description almlongst wl it'h ar s ae lxien patters, vere Ivoilrn Is of teery as cilnion horln, drclesehig lend pecket, togelher with gPlerll Ilsrieirtlnent ofrenai i h o A lhteSlII. 'PElI.FUEeIY--CiCnlo Ine, lavelh, I'lorido, hconey, hle rie unl oelang flwer wacnFer of every ize ani dew cl e iplt, c lophnlierl Colo, ne exttreactof Ilergle llotil lalne asops of:dl kinlld, sPu do dilln coakef nrLd Aots, crean soap do, Ward's veetablelh a hir oi, bara mand AN Tli rdo restl'ellle meillieCg lt., plain Iand icrfined tolt pwderi pea rlr,ea l r, h III pill , and Ioxes lso Illllllil ots and ll rP ortl und lehlorine to(ithe was std nowIlre, w\ith it generel issortelltI of JiI\WFI:l,llV'-somei ofthe latesnl nt n mfithinten , s , ct isting of white aCnd red rtruelht, topee .r n jec re e rlpl set tiiiiecee, hlti nstltcof a re. tiid to. c'f ptlrs, wtchl tri llelnge gilt nnd nilv" .aceklCes silver hibles, iliver ad golh pt nails andti guard chinlls iltltUII1 E.t-Clth,i hair dust. tcerolhhleettthtloor, lint flelsh, tootl, plate, eoml, Nail, havinlg, sioe odl I.OOl)tlN GLASSES--German stltin end toilet i glass, nlgifi ia and iFrench tlressil glasses, heione it,, with it rrieiv of othler kinds not elnuerated. ec II"ANVY ADI)VARIETY' AIRTICIES--Frenheh eit A ntiiiall Iportaible dcek |lnd dressini g eoses, one tes r iic:hl nid lielyic finished ladies work Ixeaiini dres- - si; case ithllshaid without nutsic, lusiicail hoxes, Ae oinic Iva'ione iass, vioeliicns and gaiters, stilvere and Splad kpenhils ol ,de1dswod pencils fot r lrenomrs ard cr ayo iis, naenll r cl cks,gii s n dtt pi st ol s w ith lanld withoutl rases, t SsiO eli is, )ereltmIsI n cap t, hr"Ors, nitpie sc:rewe eHlrisrr, h<t beh1.*gl ... hagst 1as.te.. bhlkCiling,toy tar etr, nlino tleads of eVerl'ry killd, rells and ldtlmet fie anld rcnaiici kllivtes, razors aIe d , cissors, th nimbes, eedles, picll silver plted, stecl end eoitlc n scpelcta hles, pIckt Iboks ialcd walleltl ol variolls kindsl, viiting ciard antlr cerd ases, jilnyitg titclds of lFenIih, tBerttllltl anlld Al lelcit ll ttltnrti ttcli ae, dolls. illlitatioll c fi uit,ns t boxes, prlits if carious kindc, lttlld*'rtl' ItOlceray'e, 11llnern o ":e, Hiltlaw's and Ilawkin's razor straps and eltlic hoines, dirks, lfilnlu Itcad nleeklekes, drl with t-r drops, toy wit, per cl bltltOns, powder Flasks, rut slid Splai rrdi l Ibeads, gi lnil sitaer rin, gllln eiaslic sllusen h der,, d carters, plait' l c-d swordl eesies, hekgaaulllcllnO bars dir , (eoptiel vieilene, jcewshiri, laeiece iatch L ceitnltlinkig uis, iii ietp with it great vaIrietyl of ither nrti Scles all ofiitt II wihll e isold flr cash or city aecelltlan cc e tt I " o ntthts credit. 11 II dl.11S IO I S, & e o. d'l C170'Ceaerre. It ..OUIS' Mediical Blto.k--Loaeitnn Pltlitis, do. oil L- ihiidlettli g c a ee'd I by feel A 'I O\VAkt, 49 Cam 1.. I'E11 011.O--1510 glliOii leTO winter d 1Spr' pr Oil, in casks snd lihle,for sdle hv J ARVIt & ANIIId\VS, Vlelic:leD)rugg.lcstn,ctri Ccorier te. l u elrad ltenp ! lelcetr et%,nrii it earliele rifolone, putI lip expresly Ifor tile retnil I tilde; ale.o the purest Fr.enh lPerftnterv, rltbra elsng every variety tor tile i filt. Ior daetc Iy octer2 cr REEd: & D'LA'fG. C ''o Country Merchanltst inad 'lithttre.. ti Ne ro cl itthsi llniheict llle, le , Illl./!%s,owll eleir ti n_. , c h e e k s s,h u et . e a h h ann.lce r ch i sdt , " &tecritcilred uild lot saled Iti l,e uhi'ctllhsncri. br,"s. ")' tJTI'A '& C('. . n o ,ts c o r nl r C a in l a n d t'IT i r,tc c t til I, it.i- It,'l Ni, 54 -o it . .... er , cur . e.. . s' D :llaiill antlld ! i hillip, j rei.) on(nillfl " tl hand rtillis , ,e ,c.i , i (; I lli i lr i, lri n i ,ie IorIt ittl· W lllmen c). and ehdIrI oUI.,1 after% witfch IEC willt dispose ot .i t vert' mode ;ei,-'s,'. t dp Falsll sie nf hlis a qrintne ele ten rend;np art nrler o, till h livetheir wishes atterlded to lt I S SI''i)Ut J II..\ ItICC l ARI- NA'S .OILtGNcE WATIER et iJ i actre Inereof this sunerior ClotIPe watler, just I, received Ictdl fr sale Iv thle ldozen ur nilgle bottlli. i Also Allceritau nlllll li'ench toilet pv.tderet, powder tl IItt llltId tlax.elhtneing sal tiletl I(ptittr Cntlpoeloellh wth it ll, milk ,f runsr, ctlttnetir eull crett, extrttni o I c- mliill, ke" inlha, WVrd'n vegetatle lnir til, pomettltit, in- ,etedetle prit-, r Ieridnllhveidarr rnee ndtlbey wtters, PI Pre,' ,:, aN slts, trceillet perlutnlrr itl trunke. ve.oet hie ile' atd liquid toint, Cthlorine ttndt )rrin ot trh wah, it el -ltlhhtirt.l thnitil t.d fleshcrnll .;l togelther with |r ulditio&ni i upplv of fnshionnolb ,Itro and sheil | comhs andss,. i •.l.litr conk low at iwtluteslýer er tail BUSINESS CARDS, Roy JOB PRINTING. OT EVERY DEStLI:ITPTIONt, ca' tSPEEDILY,IIANDOuELY AND CIIEAPLY EXEt:I!TE o ' I AT THE OPrrFI or TH e, True smerican, * ctt4 ST. CHARLES STREET, NEAR I'OYI)RAS. exter and Is tei!3 wised CHAMPLIN & COOPER, titthe GROCERS ANID I)EI.ERS IN PROVISIONS licitt AND FEEl), tarti No. 79 and 32 J uia street, New Orleans. nry LStShip and Family stores pnlt il. matr 5 arins LOI.ISIANA Ait PURNITURE WARDROOMS tl0'r No. 53, lienvrlle streetl. o a ILIlAI It. CARNES, would respectfully il- ttau Ifrm e is friacds and tie ptblic thate hr is co eo atantly receiving from New York eand Bleostoen a good tl asslortlment of Furniturel, such aR Itmaoganl y ell ttir, rofa,,l edsteett snstap anec pin teed chints, tecpcye and htt Ir cherry bedsteoud, mahogrny and cherry tables ofall ch descriptiutc, Ibureau e, *ntilet, eiete , tee eatu losks, w a tru oFe s of moehognvy as d choilr D, w a sh sea nds, locking glos.nrfentters, bcddiig, &&e. &c. calt Nit. . erniture packed ier trlsportstion witib 3great irt care FEUD WILKINSON. togO DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL Ut LOUISIANA, the CFFERiS his seirrtes o Illt ptublic in the depart- Atte olrnt lo Stirverit asnd Civil EEngbierilNg, both J. ii towI and coutrtV. I'tom tnsiderChle experiencein othe his profession andtby promptesroo ad fidetitl ittt Gee exutieron of bslesst ettressited -to ick, he hoes to th enrtes nd receivd e shnrtn Af pubtlic putroteto lie wil' mtr also t euseore and caeunlnte the t.LOrrteste O Wc l .t nti eexcavattios. Ottice Nu (:ltrestct rereet,secondc atoty eack. je F - .i ZAAR 1} BUSH & ALLEN, o. Nt I, 'XCtHANGEi. ttT:l.,t ce_'eorner q il. Chries ad Croemo sir,. et NEW ttOIl.EANS. tIPORTT.S an Deolers in Ferncllcll oid Englinh S eerkllllrryv iDerssint g Co.: e a nld iortalle Deskr, ace Crierr, Ion.rier, Gloves Shirte, Stocks, Umbrellasrio Coese a Rsd[ Fainc Altieie. Ad5i S McCOLIIW & DOSS1 I lT and r t he ind lc tor & Gelt ral hiomissi oneercan ts, ln ni MOBI I.E. I P~ - CcadIrell & litkyos .e It , l'ope ,sa P rer, & o'o. I lid JOHN STEWART, c a Nc. 5, PItn Strecl, A.te ork, ti- ClinttssIi)N II C t lCtIIANT, I I I'O Ri It net dte ietr lntters I'luslle and t ' l ?n fI.ri 1. Alliple sto O IC IlllYe hlld till tilDE|+ i e r trne tercnse, sld evrr) Il ttcllomn Iraid to gooercs forwrel, Ct . el a to his c lare. IT oil Holereeers:-- I pi ,to Mlessrs. Inrce C. P'rovost, N O. ',, Iuo,22 183g.-ly | Ii SA CARD. n.>v ChIRISTIE .I .INOTT'I, a ct Ihoisrtt Gre ocers rotri CCtcissoe slernlrrc s, t ,in No.7 thcrrrrcres Street.N. c ' Itretns. e i ,l 10J 3, ,\t paind to l f I ard r AWDON WRIGHT HATCH & UDSON ,l 1 eqal n~lr:lneltl.,s wilth their house in New IYm k, n I I .r fi r 1 lt.rr tr l"e 'il 'ti p inli: k : , : I c - toer a, hllt s ot Ir x.tlll.r ra Ir rtllirrt 'r or I lM -ite, I C h ee k r. t m r o ch e r im rrrr 'rr t I ip els re ql l rine s tec l lff Sle . .aele t to rc esr Iee oII eleIV' e I erp eeetllle toisi or r1 ri r l r l i rr e r l e ie clt t 'ro r lt lllt. I S I nrrtcIr c :1. l rr e rcll rrrirT i rli b ll t. t' - 'em il +tlb·l e illrtrr of i 1 (· iI, ie hundred b miml ii11r uti rt,, rn r ir t m ! Illli ,:rill br ex e ll .$d wi l lllll lhh' l lle ,it ti ll, u ll' erere. ()Ohe, rrccoel lo v rsal st C.tUe i ire .. Iii " f all g, o. 'I:Ii it I' Iti ', 1 e i tcrr.ier ch.. e l:'i!.r ., Crreicn c., .tlerehenl, Ic , Ion di (l I ( !it .e .Tam p , : .--For t +' r "e.ol et. 11 It. II. I I c , III"' t o i1 i. 1t . It \.\ IT, It t, 1. 1'. Fli "I.'I,.M N & ' ) i, ..\ lliOolcadlrc Clollrl, tsb.lnfblrhl taOl I tI o :|, ,'i, I e ' stret, II rii. I \V , -,+ t l n '. I I l o .- (l f (' h t tol l l .I . II n"Y f1"o trl. r.otrr traill .... . . . . n e t iIIF>¶.EitS IN - DIa H:1tl\.I". I.\: AMm(RIC .\N & N I':N 1ISilt CtROWN (GLASS, N0. I C',.,,oer S.Er ravr.TrT. )1 PASHIONADLE CLOTHING r 'I'AYLIOR & IIAI)I)EN, tie No. 1- lh rlrn A I rrl.t ,e rs: I1AVE" ac, nnstaut nPl s ,f pr, ll h, I rlin ._,,, rI esptl"i sl it plleloln . th, of kilt i. ltest nth le, at N\%" Y r li (orli prh.irs " der .'1 '1'i J.B.Ross - SUIIGEON DENTIST til 8 N.t.33, street. . lic i ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING the ISTA IlSII S 11 INT, .Ilt No. 53, Magazine Street, a I Opposite Iunks' Arote+. oIcc IV11, L1, 11iJ IR'' iA'E, PILOPIETlf 011 i _ n rl of t J H. PARKER e. Ur sT' AlS. to New O" ansfr hFeb. arsL IARVIS & ANDRL.II S, so I VIllOtEA It ANI) REtAIlT.. litt.-11.Ilt IN to r MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS tak )|E S1TUFb'S .IVI) II'I.NI)OfI GI,.' SS, not NA'I'II.\ N JAR I14 cI u JoisN \V, ANI)IIIW,'. A large lpplyl o (ilrdIn S.e'l . ocorranted tillhe growth of 1 LJi. . . R(l I'f'' IANN)NN, t HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTERI No. 1('lICamp treet. P Votleoale I)ealert ill Ith'lts, (il, V uttilt, Ie, rusil.e r U I:I \oilh lnd Pitatuie (tl-o &c. l c. \ \ FASHIONABLE CLOTHINIG. 'l' on, ROSLVSOX." s1' GOOD IUP iS, 31/No. OS, Chorltro lSlrt,' fir Ite o otor ieit w Bienville. t et HAViw coenmAplyl on hand every rllticle pperlnilatl L. i . Iýýo geuleheLn's d. il ll ·, nllo .ll mad, i heO les l n lll Sirt andlmos fiohio ble style, thich lhey offer tfo fin : cash at ledlled pric . c lie deel-e-6 8 SINS iRANn E COMPANY d OF NEW ORLEANS. tn it--- e e 'I'hi Comlpany are now prelred to take ic CRISKS AGAINST PIRE. No. 4 Musson's Building, onnui st. ee. -E L 'I'ItA(Y, l New Ort leu.n ayt 1t 5.1633l . S ectttar. r . 1)'.C-I.--The partnershil, of Kelley, Mnsot.&Co rr of New Orlean-; tMasm ltarris &Co., of Natchez; nd I larris, Kelley &Co., of Rodney, was dissothed on ki -r hclst of tav last, v tile datlth o l Samuel A lMason, ft id one of the llartner o llthe firmt s. e rn- The lade raigtto, survivi otg rtnOr, will he h clrged ll Sthit ltt,-eelltloet l lttd t l lo i llotg odl InlttitPteo ao flloo ~w: t Le. LeiC HFlrio wtill attend to the otttling of the business ri rti of Si e ,t , llorrio& Co.. ot Natchez; aool Hlrrin Kel- is an- e & Co.,at Itlnev; ad rlenrv Kelley will ttrend to 6 !ie settling of the husiness of Kellev, MIlanu & Co., at New Orleans. The unnesot ofte Ietveral firms will be I used in lit uiRdo tion T ely. If OT 'I'hose indelttel to esil firms are eurnertly rqlueoted ocoole forwartle d lUtlhke early settlementsI and those b having claimn will pleu e ias, resent tben without delav. f I. VI C lIA R RIS, S. IIENY1I= KEILLEY. New Orlens, June 27, 1037. "la -RFSH G(ARDEN S.ED.--'hle subscriber - brgsa to ixpres his grateful thanks to the pubs Sle for ths liberal support he toes esr', ter te inc e e - rielnro"l the eed storle, .17 .G.n lmrel , t ot r I n.u tt ard n ttnser Willn n 2.ll ot l it lrt. ' n- Eottd ,vtnder; n tl:i;er is he rtt ei P'tIdI Inll ,n.l a l llle illn ei l ctock.large as r vl e very d el' rtl'll i tlhe+ scd ,all t ,, ct ,,lo, i.lth lle d ltrentt l etrellt Iru.titt re e: qual inl .[ Thll inre llc so sy e ly onlnl aL nll · asll i.l rotant oI a vy t uo in itL ie I'ntteA sliltt i. lIen ,, lrls ,ed ,i pl.tL rll, .,e. Itrto iht ntlot -t p'I IIet Ho eo ttand r tiioole tterh oltl. to.r.i e and III o 'ntot ltptr, I ll.r ine tut n.l dtd, l m od a d lhc a y m. fINN. I UI t n Is e s- lE.-- t wi ll Snall t criieir, hvi: l aIltltre , ts i vtlor I ls b lda S iil, tit rel ni. l t I I lh tlll tlUi i ll ll(elt ad , tIltak lelarge oritilt. ti every dit ro ll ltttlol r tl, iltil tael It tell et I, croe 3r of Nalo ltbt ottd 'frolettilrao loets.a al ki d. 'lttl 'e c m , rely oo limIg a it s.tll of slrlrl l 1,| evl, ry ,irl. inU [hi+ tsled hnc",o a eo[ ,1ile i , qu,hty, t t and it oplted dIrctl tt e by lil r tat oot\ m. toINN. ... ater . ,rlbak twe , a• u Royal College of Physicans, o London. IlIN or igtnal Vegetable Iligeia Uilive srolIe Mcdi cine, preparel dbW IV ikiE, Es. Meol.lle ot1 c te elvil College of Stogeonls, Ileenlitte of Apotle-I 3 ecey'.aomolly, IFellow F ol iolf t Court Society, Stttgcot Ion ct to the iloyal Ulion I'eltion Aseciatihi, LoctlloIt chaer Place, Waterloo llridge, nid llPerpetal Pupil of Guy' varin atId St. TIons's llosplot:lt tt ..oloton. Ti Tllis valuale medltieoe, tIhe result of 1wet3 year's'3 guru experiocee cod rotlallolcd sttoeoss ia thle estouttsislle tand highly respetotbl ,lp.cttiec of the plopriety, wtro- A ioedtbythefattty'ot nohilits, od is now itteotduett lg to the notice of the American public, at the ealctst so licitation of oa number of getlemten of long alnd hit the t atatdling in the profession. It is Ihopedl, as a Pchloi- corn nary step, to check the evils ant fltal coueotett cs sie, arisng from the use of the ltlmerous stial deletertioo es osttturns loisted upml the pohlic by the ail of fabricatedc li proof'sof miraculous ertes, and other frauds, by a set of ed t merenanry, onpriociplec pretetdlers, so totally igi ro l t ee l medicail science, that it impossible thle monostrous fea delusilo cal any longer go lowtn oitll lthe ltlltligeeot tli pecatle oftltisceltry. 'Those pills, mill d oagrolcble ert 1t t eir nature, shoould he kept in every family ln cases tIil olfsudden illness, for, by theirl prott t ladtoilistltiotn, met cholera, camps, spasmso fetr.,,s ol othePr alarmino g Ie complalt0ll, which too often Iloeu o intal, may le sple -cd i Iv 'etloe lo preveltedl. It fact, nIl Ithosc who valhlett otl otI health, shotld never he without tlhem. They tre soht' lt in packets t 5t cents, $1 a t t chltlt y eveCry tatcs pttl tobte drul;gist, hm,kseller, an vetlelotof oneoltcieoe i. tit CTnited States, Il le tCanatal , with copious tdlrectious, in ( with: esttlnonidls of protfissioon l ability frlto for the fotlloitg emitenot gettieontI: Sir Atly Cooper, . Off Alteroltlel, Jam es I!l~unllr ll, M . 1)., V. ll:ick, M . I)., ty J. Aston Key, A. Fralmpton, . I)., antl tlerous ext others. The originals m lay e seen t po ssessionll lt the i Genenra Agent, by whoml thtel medicine i imottted into tino this tountlry, ndll to whollt all aplpli;ations lorlageectes oes must be m:tde. o JNO. IIt.LIIEIN, 1t9 Waverly Pla:ce, N. Yotk, Sole GCteral Agen.t I.t' the UnLitedi Stales, Lc. the Fr saole by :ppointlUent ofl the otigital prointor o'.ct by SwoLt lltttrttotu, l)rtltuggts, Nto L CIt alit street llv I..eooer, Agent dioe Statthle of Looiotaiat. jil vt ho f lIIlLY It LiEE & co, No J ingazmottre, are,,r ttow toeceiving Irmt slhips Nattshvilie, Louisvillt , it Ktehiack, E,Eagle, atl Other late atrials trnm t.,- n S;tlhern cities, : large andl new aclelted :assorttileli iitt lif"', Itoolt, Slhoes andt Illrttgttllo, cotsitling oflgettlletenll's line ctlf atlll lMorocco lblts be do Ed qualiy; do buld, m$ ,t stot wax I'pegged bolws o o arliosllq lllies; riait's filln calf seatl olold IMorc.tCL 1 t.,lops atnd rog..'ls, bt ksli shoes, hl' s al tlgItlplSevalIs I1line call" .std kliiplled pgged shlort, pr1ll tI rogas; do boots; do stoult kip tadl Wx pegged shoes L i ill brogans; gentlemen's best qltlity cdll'sewet i shoes, tot Itoganls dli Jack Iowllilngs; do cell and Morocco eo i aekle shi(es anllt bromllas; dIo ell', seal antd \JoHlwrowe l I diaI, SllOeS Ua lipplrs, t otl, lll, ttf nL seat wIi.gS, lnew atiele; do line callf, set.l and mtluorco quarte oft lots; hoys', misses'llll chilldren's p'lgetld nti it ell u bL ognls, :lnd shoastof every quality .ltnl kil. at Also a getertl assortment of iI tlnt's sotnit W any I: s rant librons atnd slhoes, ttoglhr St ith i ll,)00 pain si uglr best i Utdity, r'lssett ibrogt'ots, ntailed itllt e ist Lhnk., ilatLe cxttptely Ior Illtilalillltt IIuei t gooll ilt- t Stialenlt of mn l' filln . stolllt kl o I S t Il.. :lis, it Iw al'icl , aol : orye quantity ol' ill nllllnrior lita it rt sset :oo1 tax bituatl. a I.odics' lne call, seal, morocco illand graltinI welts, a: m pump sole shoes; .il tin Freilh illllloct iltd kidll rI ci rttloll ip :l(lp l ; to roan1li shlolet mitt h :a w lll lltl bee ; I llll kinds t:sd q ualities; di ttostlilt brogans; tto gtiteIt s ini lixed bootlees. MIisses' Iistilngspring shls.n:llli l at +g:ls. Chilldren'scolored .1Lorcouo :tlill lastingtl - :_ I tilt tt it bIoots, Se. ltlell'sli shion le btk iilk h1ais; do blt t lt " idrl beaver ito of a supe rior Iu:dli It; do iaI I 'It r:amelo; hanll llll mirron brim men's line drihu tool l:_I: Russit abort unppe.d hats, a sett alelicle. Yoelhs' l.6 ;e size hots ot dillcrent qualitih s; do chihhien',.. I "ln':l ll| bi:)' Ibl:ackale a drl':lb whlord hle 11" 111 , al ll , , aill e sold Itn nerllltl nll IlIllda i ,ln.te 1- 11 I" .1.. 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OLIVIER, cole aglictfor Nc'w O)leace, t il his whohliale cuid reillil drilg iilld imielilleie ore, I corner l" I iicltillo I nld Chl rtrei stretlc . j For D)istrit Ageicies niplcy ti je5 T. W. S \i''ll, 48 Contl rt.i. PIPENSACLIA MIANNIO1N lOUtSE NEO\' CITY, I'EN,.lciiiA. rgllll1, aubseriherhavi.n. ,urchasd the lease '.nd fuar .t uitulelf tlls wl lll kno1 1ubll- bmour, from Mr liii T lu\' r, s l ltllehd It lil , will leaC y olu le' ve hi, I " lesl by theile Ist [l At ill[ n xill . Nalll ol s .' d tl osll l o~lh J imrov ' llle will be ftI) 111d i tfu lrr cl i vtcS ofi i ie lul ilsi iii ilouse. 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W Stoe, or cas' mlcleold fr iltldig Ite averlge time Wester on stolge, noes f Isud1 or bills of goolli, .1 .. 1 1- by Cea dchsed lt ollffe.rel. dolte, on diffrent credits, c nr t for vaiollns 'iolllltbsid hldllltse'fu snill comollleteel'.anhlg eela Time 'll' le, tile Ilet lltlolonll hle conrived. ort tattfi gures elu pr hllce within the saloe comdesentld compass, All sverlienltenlt ill the book is in nearly the follow- TIMES in ogords: te. T TIle igll distinction this work has received throgh York tile ten ILgislotive acts prefixed to the title page, is a ue- Ne commendation in itself,; o ul.mmon,, aal d o o eon o lu sive,i t I nlltlillg is llcessalr more than by way. of al i elrtiselllt, to givea cotlllens view of some of its pe- Montgo I cliaritieso fer illnstnce, Ihe lnterest has been eompos. Colu ed from,auld compalred wilth whlt is equivalent to four- Miledg teel setsefe'leulatione, extmiuedin the plras thirty- Cointi lfioe timnes, tn I1 printed lromo stereotype plates tested Knleigi Slthirtyty-one times, from all which it mnst be evident Warree 0 1en to thle skeptic (e,.:iecllyon Itou Ie.sool of the de- Peereb tail tol proofiln I0e prefl'ce) tlht the woerk lmoIust herl- Iictil metiallly infillible, nd in conlllmation of'tllis beliefs Frederi premium of lwo hlunlred 1andl (lfiv dollars, in now offer- Waohit ed for the detetioll el' ofll rrol'r of cent in tile present Bltill or fifth edition, as expressed in tile preIfae, tuaking five Philetl I' teproemions 3flIIrI fr' the samue error silcethefirst New pnlliclation in the yenr 1802. ()ne of tle most conslicullos features of the tables in it inthe arrmlgement of tIe Time ld Amounllts, whieh Noerdt for, rofolere llcld perspiellili , with the help lee; t Softhe side a:ll index, cannot Il e excelledt; and tilt sal'ty ' tyill ase witl lleh the ilwnel'csl etI It' h lotlldtothe RA extent of gennId'l( business, wlithout doubling of sumselen I 0is bIeidhs 1 covtenfience s'l essential, tlhat in th estlma- eC tion of, olte oi 0lir niocc comlpetent and pnllccal busit- named is nes men aind lpublllic oil lrs who bhave male .re uIlse 11Osth of the work, it has been ditilngulishcd hy the honmnhle :a liell ticil Tefolfa llmuster 1ioce". And considering t ra he in'dlilibiliy of the m1Ithlo originally adopted illt ante lollllsIn tile work, anld the extraordllllltuar uumber all gninst It, variety orflll' I:III l xmi1111111, an tests oIf very edition it her hlals li r ssd c1 le il llotwtillhstaning tile whole isill elfore sterlellt l, colsidell i glll in sh1 rl0t. e positive cur.ey fIr del . sec.lrell I thlle unprlllicedente e1111s1 enpl , the vo- muni i" llleh:s beeln held uI and emplhnticlily styled "the lteei t most ontI lll.lil book in the I alk;" tIonl certainly no nllll n.le figullre wolk of the slame elcllt, wllichll sillCe the bellilnnilgol ellationlI aIs il the n111 e n ol- li her anllli %illIif"ty of i e9s ill the same nlu lber of editors; the co ino, nolr nl l;ll l bll'h a hItIoer, lls is cleIrly shlown in tlhe ed to 11 elilreiilPC. lResldh, as.~ tet amI shtldard, it lk:has been trield and l prercd hi nliarhly ill the trnk ind public elllces in the 11s United S t, n1 .l tIelll public glIllirlly during the long period of thir, f-tir re_:ns, vet no errir of ihe cHl- &#S o clltiorlls i:has 11 er l' Olllll in print, alth h llllcll nll - in 2 v ' lnly chI:ill'll'llI the 1 o0t1 chr fveLrI Ilrgr e trnli llllls. C T'he in (ieut expressly ndnptell by all theenurts ofl0 w 10 s:0ral ftlhe S1ates :s the "( rite of e'lclittlton llrl tllt illl ,"lll r L ll Iowy lw forill hlunk illterest, I-t"l of hile lUnit ed Staol It is i,, reolvle well knn1 it Iha11l, 11 its 're1ly check, Rno' it Ins :i' o ' t eIt 'lel'ecte lll'rgle errors, IlllIllgter tl ly were A"ege 010a(1 , 1 ein br she most carell ) must coi pei enl A ,i llilhotd icial", t-ut its ustl'ulness, nod the lbsolhte ne- .Rim: c11 cessity fir i its .". is, l ime bili extensilSViv insisted ill.on, n r, w so cil tt..l in ie lil 'o IIt rll its ldtllltigI, and its |Gillo Ssavings, that, .eterl 'iars1go, whilst Ihe litrs edition chd . w rcl . lt- ollt lof prllut,:n R'cilt IInum l R COll Jil Slel clies were sl Ilgllllt l Flllle to Ia lg.e t distance. IIl(l (d p illlll I:d I 'riii ll0l pricesl1, as they coul oveasion-l sn sll e pl'ersons tl hrt riecn..:l' y clh1red, altll illlnstanlces til IIaIe Iquoled Mhat ithrey woll l l pl i 50,l 11ill , 1 i, '5 ti I lo r Ol , li" 11 1 In.o he ha(:d ':r 'll s, I tt1l nIS I.liidual iR in Ihr inl' iuilsance< lrtiell1c, h1aving at de shr nmc u'v sentthat to hhin it wasv re:l v worth haut Imour a InIi li i h 1( ' t ,111 1 (:i ' lll lll 11111 iiltI l il' ll'.l ill'lli( 1l'1 rilll, Ohnmlh the Illiinl iof hi. I .rv iallbhle time, he ine hII : Inga il 'h .I1HII [ll in publ( 1111 oli ilel I ililpllrl ., Iht ll chI' i.l llt lll iolel llllf %ig. wo k g1 nelll' u. and r s e' li I Iwhen t t11I 1ll Ill lll'l l ind IIlloIltu e ofi d l tles in I"s, ihS" hnnl thir hbook 0r it, like Ih, al preplr al. il Ih- o, (l:lI ilon., hi thc iost n l li le1 toi ý 11 1111 ' i t w , Ici l':1+. "nlh l ~h~; I 'l. Ir i II r i llIII Io t. llt01h l(1s it lC oll ll. 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It Ih . not .I o ln , b h a pi l with i lterest. dal' tee htn l l s a, atl c l ie ' hl tIII t ': I dollu'., be l ie lI SnI " , • n,' it S 11\11 l0 t Innpea", In " protit for al ost n li.e-ti.e of lml I toeill , us I " . n! :,el I l i e . . t1 It,1I. · lore eit,, . t lhor ll v 1relies oil time. (*Ti tiol ltlhltll lt. :. : :1 iii1,1,n i , i It , of I I llt, p ic iho a cn tillll ": 1' :," , , :., i.. 1 1 , ' I.h" '1 1 i1. l btieh,r· byll II,,i h li =d I mi rry i! H,'l11us inl oh tnale.I II III h " l 1 ic d S'r O lil n n , ' I. .1. I,( Ihr :...lboronl -.t\ :1 .: ,- pno ," ill I l t .\, ,i' 1,r,.1 I-,,i \v, ,,u , .x..d 'f', ' 1 . . 11 I I . I',,, . .... .. n. .. rl r.l i i ... i;'' :,"/ l I .,7 .:,-=i. i,. b W 11 . 1,'IK I.:\N , p 6 I+;f.lY .% N.. :: \1 \1 ..trt..l, I' Il'o,: n / ll, m l,· 'l'"/:1 oli lio sl oI -I 1. fo.llow , woods:oild Ir-wl' s,ex owl ceulooll i11 :m bk.l·trl Itn tol 101ct I ,-u n 11xt im I ti . d i, of . .toognn, 1 "111'i;,11 black 0t ( 1 1 11g, ld, 1 ouk, (i tiulli , r d Amtco, I LT, (1 ltdl, .lors -r, Iic , odehd"ooll le, Illl llll onei I.i F •'ew Tiree, Ialian While. lIt,. \\% 01, A leri: San (;trey, Ash \\ 1 ite (i1:,, ke. k &eC. (:ioI,'d i',hio,. i lil' glass, rcop, ,nl ish, 'ki. on ho ?1 Ii tar" sole. (1 I I ' ,i ,o I o,,111 1 1 1io 11.r f 1Illo r l irol l i' i 'l i r l rln ol ills and plulgh ('.,,, (:rm:ul, I shel , blis.o.rd, 5sprlg, sheet and lfle (: rowlc\ steel o Pr 1 hllowh wv. a, corcl lIod wrll ght nllails aRlil sPike. pi lisc, bhlck tinll nill lll gri d ltolil, sla kettlen pl (:hail c, bhle', 0,00 bs, rhoe=i ol Aolis, I ics, 1 II.. . 'rsi. l kd ellowys n hWire, she,t,pig "hl bhi lell; ,shot lu ". : I..i lll llrlllll:o I l lll lthe"spi lexa d I shovels u g ool mid I plate hiigs iol, ldoor d olilldow holokls j Colli s, Ilunts, 'h. I ,, al d ll other a es ':r'll tIld . 0ln nil 11o t, Iug-o, lines nlilr twineli i l t all lll sheathin l li pper .I ,r, tolsres. j Paints, ed nlll Il I I wr o , odil l A thll Ilsl ht oll"f hurlll't lw r all i ship chandlery, Sl0l ,o hiand, lli whll llh aiioPe olilred firnosale r at whole s Ia., ,r retail, .. I..l ..e most. on h,, , , ,,i , ,, e bJ SEW (:11)171-Simmons I11Tot1 & .llr, ore nowl're e .1 1 \ 1 00nninfr oI lllnll u .l, s11h11 i lps O 1 1lllOR0, l rli0rtoil It a oill IoII l'o(lin, fllll i llor k, )l d r ,ot vIl o ti oil do. - orilption, Ioio', l n r n tl e nwn llllnllnll o k ailrnro dr esir g0e00 , In i Ih"io,i l l V '.r ll itd o ite rn, writhlltheh' i rl ao r ,Thi n l glin. it il .' e nllillllO I' , ii.:.1 e IT Iwi H t,, r ivdef tn'klll 0lillli s Ils ll. l iiil l, ho lrli do lift1 ide. rlliltliosli i ll - b din r heri," sil and wn'ted lia tir e m lrer . Potlnmon & ch fine rla it'te suspenders, lo t 1ofo aui and l. itir in alhenrl p s, < ldlilz wi hq'. il h,1'. der ll': rolld Ibo~xes, toihll powderrid ' o ei'Ml at u llks aend ,snolhI, ineedle boot's, shell, peotrl, nivory nowd o W t ie Icourd rsehead u iruli l ltse I) o o- l a rI tll " aIlllls ll u 1111'illll llllil1r eit cilll nll tle .",eekt I lcc,,,lam gTXljs p8lll uL I Intlhs d,o.i rr nnd lill heads, I odian hea .s, hell.m lu nle; pi solandl largte pw-Cr i-er llionsl sho hellsslr belt. pocket and extndling me.istlsb dt uhle un . tin,, burrlled g rnis, o wr iie kives, " and dirw.., stvi· ors, s.I ilenlrs Ieket kllnives, glualrl d chains, iid ribbn ns, wais hulkleloo lotil, hair, tooth, 11001i111omnbr r i 1oe, ~I ..lnt, Illl1 llltin , .IIin brllnlll , Co gne i tll xr n.l Ollt IIti ll I\ .in lil, lllilil, lllr'lo 111ln0n Iv. t Ib 11 01 0il0 flsihlllo'illng n toio iI Ile Isou ofallo de-bl c rlitionslll h l li ali tl l len 1 ii,' d .sk.ns anll d lireo.rloyF caes, hair rielhts, I'rirt."l sd tmid.- ll, hfl ain, linte oildin virs hI , l erl tllll iv0Oi'\ rshl l nlilrlo llrt l lt 1110old caul l r lt .111111ui ' rus ll ',orll ie i.rl anld tweeeIlrshll Led ir ll git lo ' 11 1, III rillllllo 0 ,il her 1 rns n lln steel ti1b I ll es1,1ous 0 h 0yes IiI o r h nII lll mititglliOrl Olrul .lk nod r 1,i ,o o.oo". lh1i 0 i rgo, vioi.o, io a idni rtlrs, orbred llr I il1111 lrrlnl.iog rslinn 11 ~ il',stl.tll[ elhcah I1 ,e l d. r i wll sO ,r lart l rIIIio ml0'0l ie ier ti;glll.olly II Llao rid 1n 1 .wili0, w rl i.klooor ust,1lh !ng rals, lineo-l 01, p lhrld Al l lo ad oillh'o l thgl oj(R r .rllO. la tir e o ritrns. ItPll l ie, will h foludlt in i l. i' 1h rI10' l 1 It l ... . I ,nt r0,'ui r, rrrryirrlo o h nIAgo ROWGATE ni Ir i PRINGSrrrdnon .h li ri ndill0 rholp lrlolo . llatl,,. 'I TIREl:'Il1.l1 trill ronoil hioroloF 'F o In"l1innoBtt m. on In n rg il,,r oniitrooed 11 shlioPt nliin has t e pilioR - I, so r iop org nvr .omloo ir I o o io. oirhpol anlo the in bli u I itool l hotr ol oie in 'ielioi i thefirst do.yl i of oli t ut't n 00. 111 00011e' 8, I l l oere ll i rr hel b ien LireI a litn llrv l bllt.auloil, nllill iolletl' llrsow llgain- . roalld ill lnl,i+ progres for Inrl 'liu ellil. will enahle the ho lth nvut' i rhlll lu®.t mnerit a liberal/ patilltlir! tile' MAIl ARllArGEMMENT Northern Mail, Day at M. N ') Cies Every Olday, \trIrn Ad M Weteler Mai Frday, by 5r P.M. ry of Mrhr a 1 If w Wdnesda ThrlakeAai I 8as tner;dv5 fP. ,Thureday, a via Closes every Monday, Wednesday , ..... .- xPaESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, DEPARTURE DISTANCE &c. of the Expreus M a, bitwnaa Monile and New York--lenvira Mohile dill" et 3 P. M. Nortlnwir New York ddily at 5 P. M boulhward. Arrives Arrive Northward. Distance. Time. Ieturn'lg Montgomnery.Ala. 2 pm. 108 n'a 93 h 12m. Celubmhn, Ge. 111 8 I. m r- Milledilgeville. Ga. 2 133 141 p.m Colunl4ia. s.C. 71 am. 163 17 10 a Ileigh, N C. 5 215 22 12 ,t WarrenroniVa. 12 m. 55 *I6 I e- Peterrburg, Va. 1 Int. 8 10 9a.m I- Hiclnnond,Va. lo. 1 3 6 . o Frederickslrlg, 8 67 7 I p m. oWahington clty,2 pno. 6 iI ol1 Boltiioor?,r j 3 4 II r Plilsdelpllia, 6j ow. 10$ ra New York, 2 pta. 9tO. 61 t1305 143 h. or Atd2 SNorthward. ComnginStthwrd, the lime is aix holur lip berinC5idnys ad 17 bours. y TEN iOIL..AIt. IREWARD. lie UANAWAY from 169 Corondelet corner of Ilevil ms 1 streets,on lie night of 30 h of August, and waes seen re nextnrorning in lnwdras street, a negro boy' naiaed €tI1AtIt.El3, aleuat 17 years of, und ,5 feu me ortllereollntoin hei t,very ock,. and lanrnimped iment in hie speech, one of his leog is sore, tiwSao by a reolat hurl;i had on wlln lie went away whlitu ig cotron or linen slirt nid white eotton Iantaloomn.. Mi aostcrs oif vessels end steam ioots are enuationd t geinot receiviog orbihrloriiild giicegrm, nwell nt ala ii oilier perOons, a ho iniOit irigoiiUr of I lawill #11 'ii eaforerd ignsjot tihe. 'thle above reward will belmi· ty lrcdrtlivooeiagn intlo aot otf tiil jails of eitlier of bll 0o- munieipulitieo, or at 169"CUarudlelre, corner of Hevia thle sl~tret sp 00 lqtJlrll--'I--TtIe iililartoerrtli Iterotnllre rxi.jting uiai r iioittlmii firm of Ilulabia& Garreteon, lia beer disisoolved. The oanbseriber will lituildale the anfllirs a thle eolirnr it tille city, eand requirem all pei'eoona inheb - the c ta Iano li uyellvnlta i hiinllOItY, and all tIoeeltaving cinlR, topesentthem for H ettleetARRETSON e CAPA'I'IN MARRYATI"Fs NEW NOVEI.L ral. Rttlin the Reefer,by the author at Peter Slplie, &i in 2 vole. Cui- mier!y or a Winter at Solrloc I1ti-flehl in l.srr Olin 0 hy (Iaoltain Baril Hall, Roynl Navy, F.L lin . in I d. i ord Ilfiibbn a rominnc, ky Allan Ctdnlinglam, I r. em, .rOiripoul ler. uee, wriitn by huinrelif in 2 wl. ' itA Loinpendioos Iliseor n! Pa/j., tronnanlted from tihe oii-tool Itillhii liv Natlbontlel (ireena, in I ol. far rk,, n- No.7 i9 f lItirper's Eloinily I.ibrarr. Volh. 3 :1 4 of II niew wcomlilele alnd uniforl edtition ilf tI'nsbiiglot Ireriar'. ttorks. rck, Cig i' Iretri wear tril/iah I)ieitmary. in I vol, ei r0e Nrren'a Fl'renrh caind Inglih Dictinariry. eit Also--A fiew more crilio of Comnbe't Phrenology i " ietni." I.ore el arvevnr'e Imitipeater ofenprioer i]l ia ,,r, with hlin.,, 111 iald hell ft1 21-4 oaii2 I-t inahew i (filllt's improved nietalic iPens,jnlpaned ppers, wneigblt 1111 c. & c.&c'. ol Jslrti recreivled, ll.ld for alo by .,l I .EN.. lV.V.. I'INNt( CI 1(0R1%, re. 1iii INNOCK'ji I5tKttMR tFl EIDITIION OF DRI o1 (iolsith's Albridliment · i thllo Ilistory of Roale pre Itiitiionpcaii i-ilaiitiiriotf thiit iimui wibehily Ifl n gliich ill tleliXnl nint iililline ( war to the .Iudy o t 8l 3llo l IIiilltilr litI ail rl otvritv of valn ttllle illlo nit iiod eii "lhrptoirFhot. i r weark, on the Malnner - 'tillllm outr l iid nleit iiir j oIf the Iiir. olllln; wilh li ( iiAmiiciiitiiigititiiiilt idihtiirons andiipreoovemenit ilurndI* bni ,xrphibl: s anlld ielnrical Nilel; ari qne li~lllll lilt r.Xlllllllllli~lln I1IC'11 O( i, ll ll" i~llcl eei'ln, II. Iil Ii i ol utll P , i toii lll l ir i ii-rl. r i .e Wiiollil hy Alluirlom - it I ii 0 I.ii ird iin l IWi hlinihs tIKiiNry I' I1illll lirlllll Iii i l I aoll IIiiii Il Jllili t (i L. rI o r I IiI tl Ia ci . lltlle , )l w IliO ij aill II tle yln lil·t' it itilh l Iloliillol i tl .olr i o l l l ll ill Ii jllleId ii 1/111* l il 14PIIl, 1111+1(51)1 l )( iI h atl( Ik~ of %'111ll r11 1 i 1. .lllrlll lill d ,,llllll b ll I l l lr , t llrl l l i1 llt ['llli, ixIhliltl iiit'l Illlllrk s i n I ha1 pIIIrli II'iiiiiiilllltq· l iiii ll tll lllr I I iiei ot iiig ii i Ii h.-r to 'llll tll lil ll ll , rll hy Illllly illI 11 11' II'd (IIiC i i iilto tioriirI ort A II IlinlqoY,i iiiito Alirid.lnec Ilii i ltt·il.hiili'i.'otiillllll.iei Ille tIoIJ I l-li ; mber.elll iiri(· lllihlll idllll ll ih mlh il. ii· llr v lel nilolneIllhatiilia ii idtlii s.l.taniiiiiiiil porc nf ilie ham. Jo-i lll cri,1il slil foe, rots ti d 31KAN ii-iit' (lrlii'riii~tlaisli ndiii (i..onilOl ais. ,IAlWi'I. (:ICl.AMSICAL LIRiARY. SOIlt.1'1,trnnrulnhil ly Phillip Francis, I) II, with i III ll u p llix Ollli rlii i tl llllll i of Ymrimlus u'ii-, li. by liie JIn ni , I i.wh', Miimn' , I)rvdic 'ipe AIIdilion, S"wilit (Ii erto, t Vllkiield, I'l;re,son yllllnn, 4 . i llld l some f lhe nIll)rl e lllll-ts of lIh i'll(luci lii ., wih hiu appendi, ..iwi i ilmlios lrny le idey f ri+l u hlr ini rl, Im '-i 2 ii mI m; vollaml lel nso ll I Ii, w lh a ir mi r ii i . J r1 wo1111 i -vTiiesTh ll. TIII lI 3 1'e.41; T hIe. fIo lllinr of "Iic Plll.r Mary IolI jrmyder;'s .i... i whollllle, n ats lllellnLt "ubsistu, e fior y a-t, in raii... br.. .... b.. . . e . i-enlc.& m Il'h l i'. "t I lt' F i n)11 , . l. l lh lrll, r It 1a h:nr "re lc It"n ' a Ii g'i. i aitie,i . u i I i ny, inl- iia inire finhM, f e 3 Me d1, g'im'd'iemim- if. adhe (lr oill i' u X-t l i f, m i-sfiicffhll l' lllly tif imi fmmtl Clarelll+ V: n ll ll r·i.lell rtract I YI t of I llla SS( I 1 IIsII herlll ot C loll C d Allle InV u k het & ;Iirtn neriiyns ialey Iaync tlermul lys iis sll en. .ini, fiiil--, I'zc Rimnr i ,i-ned Ainermic ui carintin h a e d oi. pire todalS t ll i 'zwaed p'nrnalgmn PowdePrs. Ynei I'lowdern, I.llg a whnvlesunele andi elegant siuos'Iiioi for yenst, IIn rilng brealld, buckwlfmie col.e,cl'" Ilhmi i'e I.'.l'rvesielll Mgmnefiun Apperienl--a iflenna;ll aod fgneif pr lliviic in dy'ispeim or indi-. geslinii neroueilum dehlllri, gidditne+s, headache. cilcily InI Ihe nesuimtc,mIcm hbitual ciumlveese.,. cuin.. VlenueI Erlipl)llOl+eC. Csapenterm's Fluid Eirmec t of sarsaparilla u btl ll.Ill Ihe 1)1o0 Ilo dd and cubel.e, &e. lrti's I'snaoea and et'rnlrfUge ; Bn mrlis an Ilneremsii iil, Opodl.eioc, e. Relilled rlqimriste, jj lba and ftuteisin e piaoe' I'u l brunuolais, N S Pretlie e't carbonic denlrim fiaem chlyrll ne t ul washt, nowdr puiffa and bexes. pceiidice' eenrhlnte dlerllfice o ihnsur mueoih wash ile r llt's eund b.lxes, realticu's senteed and lain ill ituwderi pmmn tollalel crime do Perse, anlle len iwi'r rose, lnvan lller sanil i.nida waterls. of ille hbel qnilies, Rowlland's Maeasminr Oil Old. nrdsre' bmuln of Cnclumbia, benals oil, a eariely or luciler andi other melnchres inddible mairkingo inl ipecrir c Ilaek ink, &e. ~isrm anud relined whamle oil. leay'e Liniment. A Itsih easurlnmenl of ''lorhllrn'aardlen Seed. nel GEORGE JONES. ROWAND'S T'I'ONIC MIXTURE, FOR -I,.ER AN. AOUE. T EN years havo not yet elapeed lince it wa. first regularly suboiitted to tbe publie; but it mens attained thime Iigeast reputationl and has up planted every oliher medicine for tie Ague, wheero. cor it has been Lknown nd appreciated. Already has it ubeo earried in every direction througlhout the United States, and still realizes more than could ilave beeln anicilmted by its most sanguina friends. T 'inousad of persos hnave not only been relieved, Sbt restored , ihenlth and vigor through its agen Sy; and trey now elheer'ully testify, at every op m prtunity, to its dekidani and csprelne efficaey. It r, is composed of sunh medicinal principles a.s re I, eealculatd to renew the healthy action of lthe stem ree, liver, and otber important digestive organs. mc bIs lose of wihicnh hoarmony is the inmediate cause . of the disease. it is aspprent also, tlhat it prodse eg esan entire mlhage i thIe condition of the system. anud certainly destroys the native liability to relap m se of tli affectionl. Wihen ie Agth e is attended, b, with any otier erlncliaire, the nmphyment el the. e, Tonic Mixtuee will not interusro witl the treat mntl i tile obite disease, but will even afford am .mlstance by furelieshlg srengthl and vigsr to the body dMrimg tile cour*n of treatmentol. Th em waho Smake use of this mnadiinc may be eesured that mI there is no Arsenic, Barke, Mercurc, or any other iml article ill its compositlion uni'iendly to thie imumsn d eonmfimvtionm; beinlg entirely a eegemble extract; mind they miay ilave additional confidence in the nd use thereof, Wles telly mereive that it lhas thie i ;I- feet of a gentle laxative about the timne hal t beot nI tie fell has been taken--in consernqene of which, i tiere is no part of the medicine left to linger in time bowels to cnai e obstructions, and otber evils, Sarsing i'rm the eeo of maummy of thie remedies now ig ioffered for tihe mure o this affection It hasl been I used also as a preventive, by mmloy who were sub m jeest to a periodical recurrence of thie Chills, mnd it hs Immvariiblmy warded off ithe appreeided ittalek. ObUeree! Tle Proprietor, fully satisfied ith time enparaeleled lland universal suecesa wleieh lam mon. stantly atmelllmed a piuntual and reeular use of the era Tmmis Mixture, in all eases of Fever mnd Agme. 'lif mels warratmmd in emgeging to refund Ihe price to bmmul those whu have tkeu tlie medinine in strict an. cordanee with the prescribed directions., witlhout Ihaving been perfectly and lastingly cured. thmt Tie mulerilwers are time wholesule agents for the. inn South Westerm States, and hIave now on hand six ty eases of this medicinc, whieil is warranted fresh urad genuime. For eals at tle mlanufantured prices JnAIIVIS & ANI)ILEWS, Wholesale Druggiss,. iy nov cc7 ear Comson k 'I'elmpitoulacn street. thi .OURIL-9uuu aemiiig ri .-m stCamerm Ilmdepend. Ilv ' nce, mle - LI I ISl', ._ I _ .. 44 New l.ever. S Ieolmrs-,i'a Rmu'r Sern s-e-'i'ree ee C eOf the ge uelllllll rllcl, jmeml rmccivimc by itm n. 3. Itl';SMlm & D'LANG, 18 Caicp st V Ia --ucmmcm -el-u-m--a mmme- -m mu. e---- mug mm .,mIee imllm-m-Ji. J me .mea .ssmlllmm l hIamle rbpee mni ilall iOa( t-I I' It.11ml-cI NCre, s 1d h 1r hl f bal t'hi 3 BUO,;W'II' tv j Ai,'rs.T Gtr4,4-.U .

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