Newspaper of True American, April 23, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated April 23, 1839 Page 3
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i9LB iauernigned anralniu of the' vacant- estatenf , .i c..phBhthh deceosed, hereby gives putblic q no tice, thl d tle acid .ao. Smithh, wtawuc.ceKioj we'io w adliidster, an Curitor nforroeid, deie in thle I'hnrinh oif io cuirdis -in ithe year 18J7, in whiech Panrih iic sieccs. ni0a was dilyt t opeedi. 'rhi undersigned is ignorant of thepcal i orf ileeed, but knewe that li la.l o the neighborhood wht ha died" faor abui twenty yIare immudla ttel prior to his death. landlsn -of ith Curator, NeW Carthage, Louisiana. ."`21' 3t , .. JOJN PERK(INi. A ViWPULIC t rsl tentu tr ar A Snuicig Cur9amtetr ,1 pour ta proprirth de Juiehih Smith,l6c.dh, a touns raux qui anot inntrecena, qu II vu anmlnistrlt ti dice .succession. Ledit Joseph Imith imonrt tden Ia pa r.disae de.Concordia en &atnnoe 1837, a In qellte pa rosae Issueccssin n tait Uoverte. Le sonItnut ignore la place de In naiseanie do lit Joseph Stih, main it ent certain cnu te dehdh a dtoaourh dens le vniinnge de aonscordi pealant lea vigt linnoea pree.dentsa an mor. S'anddreuotr O Il Noinitle Carthage. JOHN PEIKINS, April 20,1829. FURNITLURE! FURNITUIRE!I US'P received at the Louisiana Furniture Wore iJ ouae, a large supply fiom New York and Bos on. Persons in the want of furniturr woild do well - Sto call, nd Aelect their articeta from one if the best and Siargest stock m now in the city. W It CARNES. di- 53 iienville a N B--Particular attention paid to packing ad ship I ng Furniture, frenp ofaexpenseo. d-2 r- o -OUN`IIIY MNER IIAN afS. A GOOD ascoruirlt f soof alnd micillaneous t. Books. Also a suiiply ol Blank Ilooks, writingý and letter paper, Quills, Ink, &c constalntly on ton and far sale os good terms, by ALEX TOWAIIt, mar m 8 49 Canp st HE BENCH & BAR OF ENOIGLAND--By the autmor of Random recollections of the Lords and Colmcons, aend the Geat Mlelropolle, in it volt. Neal Malmne cnd other tales of Irelandl by W II Carletnn, author of trails and stories of the Irich pen antryio 2volis. J usareceived and for sale by n*25 A TOWABAR 49 Camp at ttýLE ROt'E-12cilcl ol superfine ijnaliiy, fur i sale by ISAAC ItIBItOEL 8 Co, april 2 134 Maguazine a SACON--5 casks hamstond o ide, r sale by • apl 20 _ I ll I)(llF,, 134 Mlagzine st " ACON- SIDES-15 caske Cinci.nalti cure in - store, for sale by G DI)tHSEY, apritl 2 44 New Levee I LI. ten, for sale by SHALL & BROWN, april 2 96 Matgasine stireet SI- jfL-- l- ll ac in astaeerrnlfr sm a v l bSHALL & BROWN, sprit 2 96 Magazine rt O AiKUM--a h alesl No I, nusiu. lomading tem thi, G(ctoni, end fironaloh april 2 .IIALL & IIBIOWN, 96 Mauenzine t P-1ALLOW CLANI)I.E.--lIIII bonas m0uhl tallow Cndler, hi.ranle by I ItIlD'iE & Co, 2ar 21 134 Magazine at :ASS -Just Iendting froni Pintsb nrg, ani a ssort ment of Jars, Vials, nd Winmduw (ilBas, at wholesale and retal, et I II I(NNAIIE.L, our 1 Cer of Ntclme, ndl Trhlapit.,olaa oa B AEl L-- -3-11 MItolaseao harrcls in store aod ior s)ale bh I- II (AI.E, ap ril " 3w I.. 9 1 Ct 'om mm, n st A ý3INS4toI ax4tu ieolmone,.re fr sale toy 11. elrl _ AIlllt.l 'IlA I TlIE, :14 Grevior st tOAP--hiiim No I-'.'O10 I xen io Otire, for lt. .y ' AIIItAI A11 TI:IEIl, napril2 3.Grcvier rt III ,-l It.A NItKEIlIttIll I dh z f i he i (J ful workltm-hip, cllt ue Iia rii l to lii molclke, to cole by AlILAItAItM 'lIlEli, nyril2 . .._ . . :1I li;rvier st I-11 cull; fr su lIllu :t, sI lr L oril2 .4 '1'lnll-l. li :lt,:,' s es rs lrr t Jllhnar's key s(u TIsble queL orolVae 'Fre. sI' lIlin bok L Wsanotrochl' Frenrsr.h (ralllltar Weem'd Washington and Marion sn Ewell's medical campaniono I)asoll'a arithmetic--Belll the nerves -: Lady's n.adical poketll Ilok Gealemanl'rs mslieal I.a:ket mllk Mlason's it rrier-C-trskeat's reg book I P li:e's Unilled Stat es. A ew and llarge slply ol'thellb bes works just rl- lby ceived and opelsed foI r sale on gold selnas by s, ssdS A 'rlaval, 49 l. pmlt t . - FlC oF Ti: PIILEMAIAN'S INS. Co. t OF NEW I OKLE.ANs.''I A T a meeting of tihe Stkholdlrs of this instistitution int tihe first illstant, tih filbwilig genalelmen wite. N July elected Directorsofsthis inslitatin: Is Gerge Iledlord, Io Anthony la rkrr. grab . S9yne1'tbrg, Jamee F tlscr, a', I issnettle. S: ill~issehel nei. I - A ,li .. I. s Ill 1 l.n St.. II C F Ilos.ay, J N lissre ) s Ilt'* , ,lIIIIav.Iis l(vlTri . Alne rt e iu ea Il I r e n te n l: n g,4 slefl(ed "ai .h.+''ed baal'v. nt. t) S i. · .Ilr tf, lluld etor I l1mea, l F1 Ir , S.crn a teY. ari 4 I II11k 11".1 IA s:sfhl NllC I.'1'INUIS L t II D Il:S sllll'll'lS, Ik' lI lltui lle I)rlesns I A Io .t naecu'"If de. I,,Io: pril ull d"l' so Inst- - ti-ii {wll.l . It prrllrll·l ('l0ll'11 I ..... 11-"110[1".(' e NE .ir, , Ih.,tcnll , t. it oniy I'trltel. - I. SIpagelnbet, J PF list-,e . J KIn Il e, 1 ;il lmne , h nl, Oar TA W Hlaines II I y J:t A F I l v, J N Ilanwhera A Il'Anss eilisle des I)irecteurs t se lc soir do ae etde coa lrant... George Iedft'lllrd luit nts PIresdent ' Is jls H S uNIsrusls'Is Nel'ste Iur's 6nlsttnd a I stllekturo , Iasptalesr e des voiAseCX , etc. Avril3 tl b'9 I n4 irue r I.A ON() , I.AIs) nd I'OItK--5I hhdslts Casesallti I curned aSides lid Shell der 201 T kegs first quality Lard 00 brls Mesns Pork. aer Vale v n jai aplt 5. il'ETS(lIN AVE , ~a 'Uravier at LIAVANA SUYI AR-l10 Ilasas whitea gan ' bri 4 s0 d do brown do laldisg, for ,ale by b re mg9 S & J P' WHITNEY,?.ICasspaIt SPIENDIDI LONJG L BoOKS. With S .uperb SBelt mm s-r.s. CI '.rl TON'S Paradims Lost, illustrated by John en III. Marlin. Views nf the Himalaya Moaatains, in India. etl, i illustrunal 'lopograplly nf L mdont. Miniature classic lilerary, i 5s e vols. Romance of nature--llora's GIet A rhe book of Ilo tally--Let dames de Byron d Aadrew'slerssas inll liwar pslntlliag. SByrma Gallery-T'Phe Iiadels by Miesa Sleridan. Vy ropaedin of papular songs The book ofra'di s or c'rcle o usaeful arts. And a variety ofarsplendid annuals. albumsa and works at art and literature. . JOHNS - Co,. m29 eor St Charles and Comnmn iat * ]ICIOLAS NICKLEIIY-Nos. 7, 8 and 9: alsoa l' the first x noa in one part: wttb a variety of nary interelstilg booka,Just received; Abr tale by i s l7 A 'UOW A R, 49 Ca map at ORLEEANS' LITHOGRAPI I PRINTING IFI FLUE, 53 Magaine astreet, opposite Barks' Ar W " GREENE takes pleasure in announcing to his I IsaJdas r the ebtiiees of New Orleans, that he has at IesgllgtbrghtLilstthography oa a par a ilh copper plate pllntig. and from thlbe failities lthe arnt Ihas over coapper le eagavizNg, he san execute all order enstruated to lsisat nea half te expense of engraving and nearly as ssla p a type tsrtil"g. I Merahants wrailnag Cirulars seat out in th'ir own bend writing,eau Isave any qansatitv at a few haurs inotite; or they willfleeaeseted fr tlheI in a lIsautiial icle, saskh as has lhe fretfr given general satisfaction at all slse stlats ireslsl e olna issl oll holees in tlhis ally. (iestlessen dsairous ofl' baving Visitilng or Busi sans Cards finished ill the best anlassr, aill do well br 'cllig at lie lfilee sliand ae speeilleas. Feb. 1,18'J39 'N B--Bank notes neatly executed, and circulars, v ;ptinted at onehour's notice. I.LUS'TRA'TED edilianof James aon the Passiortns,16 - 1plendid Enravinesa. Oleoirt of Clmrles Mathews, Commedtian, by Mrs. .olathew, ian I vols. just reeived and for sale by aIur Il1 AI.EX T"OWAR, 49Casmp st A:.cLtNNY. IIAGSI00l bales 20 bushel gunny bags, h i-~store and flor F y e r h -all J TIIAYER L& co. 74doydrs street "NEW JEWILEIRY. MI.M.I. BELl, 16i Clhartlres street, isa thlis lay receiv -" .al4 psr hltis Sartogag, 50 dzus. enamelled Breast laPte, wthicn *ill be oflated tn thre trade or pdlirs elseap ,r thlssa ver IAbefore sffered i thlis acity. Also 50 daren Schased Risgs, of all patelnts, together with a great sa a riatv lcshap 11 iil1 Work, constiogofllBroaelhes, Rings EFtr llalasmIttl, Lo.ketls, Chains, &c. thoste in want ,,will u wellato eXaltmine tlls great nesutmelnt. P.S. Old Geld and Silver asnted. apl 15 s ARCII and AI.COHOL--Colgate' Sltarls, 30 boxres; BIah's.Aleroll;sal boxes, fr sale bys _apI 16 Ucorner Cts satn and Teaapitolea ate j fssreale by ARILAHAMII TRIER, a9 34 n Grarierst * iEEit KINS-2blIs s lasndissg host steast boat ., lter,fur sale by A TRIER, 49 34 Gravier st -EAN-10 bag Englisah green peas, landing front b srrque Clhantieleesl, Iorsle by a. i All. Ar BROWN. 96 Maeazine at NEW PUBLICATIONS. • ISDOO and Genius of Shakrpenre, by Reverend ' "i- .l hoDne L'ride SConrersatioun .., Nature and Art, with cuts lSterling and ('erruddoek, or dte High Minded, by the author olfM Trelnlnr," etc i'eIh Spirit uf lbe Est, byv D Uriquhart, Era* Elvire, tiq Nalth's WVifet,y Mrs lonkland Sir % ealter Scott'b Work, with a Biography, by J ,G Lockhart. eontplele in 8 vols. Jack Sheppird, let nulmber, a rrnandeby.W ar. rltnu Ainsworth, ,iith numerious illutrations N*icholas Nickleby, natmber II F JOHNS & Co, ap 1i cur St Charles and Common em t ýT7 l -u Iit :l n 'ltah bliteft ed e el, for by S.p 20 kHALL & BROWN, 96 Majasine st .T M ,--itThl lbb limue. in store and fore cty '_, .aO ·¢ 1'_ I.&DLAW,ti6C Cmp ut . ONSTAN'rLY on. haal and irs drlily sppliedl . . wint drtI mot nelabratid ,Wi~p, wa rraned pure I - pad, Cordials, Lonttdn ieer. -. -n apoiied REIIFNISNI WINES. - SOldacit loialeaolcal Santal Winle; Siliailteeer Oner I.laty'n Milk; Johuuuiolgergr; tudshierieterr • Sgir kling (lae k; 1 am huck, of 1825 Hckkoeitmer, 1827; Marncbrkuner; iraefenberger Nerenoains Rhenih ine glsnes. to . " IORDIIAUX WIN ES. .ap Chatenau nrgsuxald Chateau Latitte; L.arose u Leovitte; Plh,,re Margnux , Iupnerior S1 Jallen nead St E.nilicin St ei eiphn 4nd St J niinc, ex crell at table claret * A few half hota hendg r f rft Jnlien M acdic WIIITE WINES. Hernmitage, Sauterne, arsae naid Graves DESEIRT WINES. Geanuinel Lanl nal FrL nlcilgnn Mnuact CHAMPAIONE WINES. White and Red, Silhrv nd (toil de PIerdrix ndlgUNlI) WINES. Ronlancee, C(hambhertin, Clos de Vougeot i Nuit,, ,Sparktni Burgundy toar 18 E GG--4 bhla landing from soenoboat Nt LoEie, for s sale Iy ABRLAHAM TIllER, mar l8 I34 rnvier st T'IHE nultc rer a otr a the folltwing gods. IIATS-100 eaesr mulesknF silks, ai sorted atiae and brims. I110 do best No I do do lt0 ddo ao No do do 100 ases Ieast No 3, assorted rieR anld hrinan. p 0 'do IBaver, a nuprior article; 50 do, Fine Nutria; 0al ado Etra do 200 .do Ilanck hadl Whi:e Russia; 50 dal Exate Iltlck Itacmes; I10 do lMhkrat&LConey lurbractd and narrow meg bncts, for Levee andnsouutry trade; anr , do Ale rnuksofmilitary . a..a..ChtrCsp.a..s; do C.hildrsns ll and Russia ists, all sires. Caw--Fur, Otter, far Real, Warls, Muakret, and hatr ,al, idtwo dozen eases. Sealeale. Cloth Capa--Pickwiek, Polilsh Avril's hat chape, sof lop, Fonrest, Forage, 'Militory aalresar, do Leather ftngitg. hildren's Faney'l uiaasa, Plaid and Valvet Caps, Frecak patterns. Stochk-attn, Silk and Bombasine, of the taltet - styles. Umblhrellas--silk and anicotton. Military Iloatae., oiild cilk. Silk Hamlkarchietst-Pong.e and Spiralfields. andboxes For fhatters, wood aasesdoublre for dlrgooads. Thl above gmd. colpris a tIc arnand all 5ee aftbelatest potlesni, and will be snld at a small ad vance, wich cost and rchnrees on New York prires. Then eahecrihers wmilltake orders for oanllom, weamete aeno Teotslaallarkacllt fare the monlaeatA Hl Goasip &. Co.a fist Masnfactltrern, New York, and at thk shoarteit maonibkn nalie. (incrman and French Plusllea bughlt. bu tit.SIInS & CO., Naval, Military, and Fashionanklo lsltrra, Exchange Hotel, novl4 _ StCIllrles Q rARCH-lt10 Itoif baser, cing fnto abilt ClaocrA ate gmngne, antlfralay ib mar oe.n0 SIIAI. &I ROWnN, M nziMfniteat aP j OAF SIO(;A--vnrinus quanlities, contanlyol in .i l e ind finr aenleby SIrALLe BKR) WNE, - unr ft car ol ilMp agitnoinanl t Innur"=) S ....... 6 Rmigaxi.m _ T r 'IIEts .A Ilrge in.o ice j st cr e eti c ed end or A i1h1 ranlahy 5L1sAl.l. & itlitiW N, tricll 8. ang6l3Th totlt i st l1iI ;l :lt Cl.t)TIIINC. 9 caner, can iriaic[ a elm aS pleat ire nnoltlat, landiag fralal nh lt Coaulaatinatu to l I ry I IItItt a Agi e ([sy I y ' Rll)tE &r Co, _mar . 3h M azem---o na t I Al I('IIIlIeiN'e s Nl I:ngllirt liCtiOclclry. anailn p sar e at hwrq·li, prcse Thi ille book of tl pasions, tbr JVa nesKil.AplN.u Ii lllr L?.l eolr rl { 1(1 11('l and I 'm..i11n sis hu IM l I C P1 I attn t r cal i hll n e, alt It n ofessor ialt lart 'hay it hRb-ri e r , who wil- dil, u it rul , tiltar Itw:ur Nathez andt'a'haplou h .ac tt-a aaltataNg itrata toaIotof IINAirI.l -mo aceIl atite, HARTati Inalitankatinae T .XIIANE ON I1OS11ITON-fa .ole lay J 4 RI.A I I HRIGE, II1t M11naihe Rot Q1aPERM1 CANDI.Ef--:Ia boaes Sd qlaality perl i C. tantdle, hdailld fe n shp ol uie p ilntiaa .r fn leIn mar r i'tl v aTte oarttt r aft inee Sat i T'tI-N(]%;I'I.TI'S--M .....ira orl'Chrier hluI C Iihtewo tlm aaIaIaIaltalael hV M iri a nttlien-r, iaaf nrIa. h llalaatk ailtlthe Ius.nialst iy Jaluaan, *itlli plttIelllh 0 Nentl ilaltae, Inl tlllar tolroole Ihlelcl stliaIr, Illt e t uthlotr ttt reua lcctlouns o n he a Sntal adio K n, tite Wiiarl af the sen. ,y preinoee In grnlanlali. ad Anlld r iluantltiaa, E JOHN Co, ,-tt, St (bohelle ndld Cimmon o sia I (iNki.;.-- acko toleriliP tllansly loadin.g raint Cu ER ha. faanl"tlelenalC nI ral-lil by ulli2 II II iiNNAIIRIIIllTllklallalq P i t . tIll Jilt--Iil ..... .t.t ..n . li , . . . tI a.,, ta s Iatanilrlley Gl. lifa-wlenam i]- | ()%IiIINlll I~r,+l,.".iX lk lta l : TI\otcJl l, lill) Ip Li attt Ita -ati, Ipy liKr 7 Ilt &;Air. IAIISTiiW, 7 Ililk l ien. N ItV it t lA.. nI',tI N iaIVI4I.I.t iI?.!l. Itt) l alt it Il N 0t. NI- %I{IIANt;IK/lI-NT. + lt I lcititve. l atti' Ih Itepto t ca aIh n ai t -I1' I t1 ahai etae, a nlatta alto 5J(alt· tcntlalte atatata tee ottlla ta llt I1 , t8:ll JALI It CAII)\VRI.t., I'resatht.r.c /ýS.'I"S PATI'EN'[T Fll. AllMS- Juct recinted J per slip 1, Misaiatpi, from New 9vrk, Ia large ns 't setaot ol tatntI Itiles tnd Ibelt Pistols, for saIe at io our 28 (:ttSSIP & Co. St CIarlthI. lslea ab Di.ttis--ut .ndrtug tr, , a supily," of J alm.ntd*, bitter and sweet liquortce rrt limt e , juice,e sante ,.`ltergltot, essaence oI lelttn juiea, ienulp [ and canary saeds, iannn, flake, dnd matl, calharide, aulls brillstae, orange Rlowe water &c, fr whlloesle nod retail in store at I! ItONNABEL, tlbs ear Natchez & Telttpimulas at lEi L.AW H- OtKS-Edena. Clhancery reports, N 2 volunen in eie, ant a dditiolnal suaply of Cbitty's criminal lew--Stellel' on pleading, n rock enloroagl's reports--Justreceived and fer sai by bu lir9 A 'I'OWAIl, 40 Cmnp at i ICINES-1 lull and large tpp. otf-lTedicila - 1i ilmpoted by the subscriber from Europe and the Nnrtlh, coanslatly on hand, and for sale to country dealersand plnners on t lowest terans. JAIIVIS & ANDREWS, m9 car Common &t T 'choupiolaa at n -TALIAN Strwm ilk-uOne sIral bale real Itali n I Sewing Silk, anrsale by PETER LAIIDLAW, april 1 g6 Ctlnp at OiUto)R-i tl]0. i sauperfine; 500 dl,i nle, in atare for sale by Gi IORSEY, april 3 44 New Levee bUTTEi -40 kegs saeriorne Westetrn sTeviLlt ter, for sale by G. DOI1SEV, april 3 44 New Levee ijUNNY IAGSb-35 ble in stare far nale by G aprl 3 G DORSEY, 41 New Levee SHIRTING-150 bales of Jackson or Indian Head Shirtings, for sale by STETSON & AVERY, april 3 8 Gravier at IU and Harvana COFFEE300 bags lio Coffese, oftprime quality. Also 600 baes Havana do fr sale on avorable terms in lots to suit buvers. Apply iso STETSON & AVEAY, april 3d t88 ;rGveraet a '-1--E FANS-7- brtl landing 1fron eleaintbo" I Vardali.,aior sale by ABRAIIM TRIEII, april 34 Gravier at WISDOM AND GENIUS OF aHAKSPI'.AK E, (OMPlISINiG Moral Philosophy, Delineations of J Charneter, Paintings of Nature and tle Passions- fr (even bulldred Aplllritml and mllascllanseou pistel., with notes, &c. T'bet whole mskilntg Teat Book for the Plilosopher, Moralist, Statesmlan, Poet ad thile Psainter. T'lie Spirit of the East, Illultrated in a Journal of Travels tlllot, b iHuamei,during an eventful period by I D Urquhart, beq. Just received and far rale by april 1 ALEX. TOWaK, 40 Camp at it oLD MADEIRA--100 dlzen Blnkbten's Madeira, n forsale by LEVI H GALE, S aprl I 93 Colmon s t U AVANA SUliARed-27 bnxea hitei and 40 do 1 brown sugars, landing from nehooner Wrarwick, for sale by S & J P WHI'I'NE., I aO 7.1 Camp at t FEE--li bags Manilla nd Rio offee, fur sale )by lSHALL & BRO)WN, n a 96 ilagazine at ft VAIUAIILE ENGLISH WORKS. " t rEWTON'S Princiia, i two volnllrn Wrigbt'a Calentvry on Newton's Pritlnecilpia, I 2 vole - Vict'sa 'ractical and Scientific Treatise on Calncrions 00 Mortars slid Cilellte, itl l vol. Sotilh's Panorama of Science and Art; embraeing the principal sciences and arts; the methods ol work. ing mil woondand netal; and a miscellaneous selec tion of useliul and interesting plroceses and experi ments, ine ttle, with ililstrative engrrvingo. Iutton's Mat lemtical Tables; containing the rnl man, tvysrertolie, and Logeetic inogrithms. AlsoI SSinesa, i tel ients, Secants and Versed Sines, bote n lautical ana logaritlmnic, and the complete deerilp tion and use of ithe tables. - tfSimpson'a Doctrine and Application of Flhxione,.in 0 . vols. Forasleby WM ItlcKEAN, april I eor Campand Ceaoltn at SICKLES & CATSUPS--71 boxaes assrted pl ad kls and T'onat catsupt . in stor and fur sale by a9 a SHALIt4. BliRUWN,96Msgazinte t 1 EM ENT--itomn and Hydraulic cement, fur sale by t ots to suit purcbareera by st. READ & BARSTOW, 7 Bank Place OK'l'E--Landon Porter and brown stoat, for a alleby READ & BA RSTOW. b a13 7 Bank Place Inr I NE--weet MatagV EsAe In qr carkkt o aire "13 forley aaLtEA B SOw, al3 7 Bank Plaea AN' AiSA-t0 balsa 4-4 brwn sheeiiaf tnadina 1 from ship Naraagnaasiia gIasb by l3 .1 BRIDGiE-.&aC, 131 Magnieat st at CLOTHING-13 cas seseAnetable cltsig, landing fran Nfiagraaetlt, htr ral by Sal1 . 1 BRIDGE & L'eo 134 slag.arie t "- S-i-: HIPPING. " For- .erope. FUR LIVERIUOOL. P|snaoee ohy. The onew frot aili.. g ship. I)EI.HI, S Crocker, will here immedinate despatch. for p~ti aesage, having fien neoon Iati tiot.n, apply to J. & J P WHIII'TNEY, opll 16 73 Cop at FOR H AVKE. 'rTheo A I lnti flont niling ship NEn'TOR, Capt MoAes, will rceive animmeditedi alc.a tro For hbalance of fi eight o r pasage, apply to si april 2 L7 (iAIEr,9 iacmman st for F(l IIAVR.E. can pjeasse apply to L A GALE, p1161 il3Common st toe Fap tain Tenne, weie eimmei w FORL CORK.. Panr.age only. The ship CIIR"!ENT, Captain "kals, will have immledi to d o ,ich. For pa~rage, having good accn 7t unliae,al alv to apr3 f c I a AI.E, 9.'..ommon at -- 3 IKt LIVi.VtPt. The A I new fihOsniling ship CHARI.Eci, Capt. Coffitn, will meet with immnediate des Spatch. For freight of 100 bales cotlorl, or pansage, apply to L H GALE, april3 93 Comnmnn At FOR HAVRE. , The A I and fant sailing ship CORIO-V a I.ANUS, Captain Teney, will Inaveimme wi diatedeopotell, having the greater part of ier we eorgoengaged. For freight of 100 bales cotton,or pael -age, apply to L H GALE, sprit 1 9; Cnmnon ot -FOR ItiRIJEAUX, The brig VERNON, Captain Perkins, wants 200 b:de cotton to fill up. ior freight of which, or pao.age, apnply to api 14 nI. I GALE, 93 Common t FOit .IVEP't)Ol. an Tihe superior A I alip ZOTOFF, Capt. m ,Merrill, ihavag the greaterpart of her cargo n lenngaged, will have immnn ediate despaslcl. For or freight f 3:00 bales cotton, or paosage, apply to apil 4 L Hi GALE, 9{Common st or FOIl GCLAitiOW, br Passage onaly. C' The A I andl very fast Mailing barqtte ni EI)INBUGII, Capt Theobald, will have t despatch. For pastageonly, havintg handomen t accntmmodaltion,applyto L H GALE, natl 5 93 Commao its FO IIAVRE. t Tle fnee hil CI.UAUIUS, Cnpt ScnLie, t Ihav ng all lter ceargo engaged, will esill p in ten days. For npassoae only, apply on to bouard optlosite post 7, 3d tMunicipnlity or to 9 ' S'EI''lON , AVERY, 88 Grenvier st FOR n HARLE'I'ON. - 'f.wi fine rchooner oEI'TEMBRE, Capt. Dnone, havning tle most part of her cargo engagend. will meet with deapatch. For ieight or passage, apply to the Captain an hoard, optnsite Triangular bhnidigs or to al SB''F.'ESON & AVERY.,8 Granier st FOR I.IV;RI't)I)L. . ' Te A 1 and fast eni ing hnrqne I.AU RENt, Copt inn tMorrill, will ihve imane I it dilt despatch lor the l ove port, Ihuvll.g tihe creenr part of her enrgio eingagell. Ilor iahnlmc of freight t nor Ipassage, apnly tno I. iI fiAL', n- 0 9i Comlntnon s FOI-IAVR I.. ' The A I non ll d otl Stail I1t.ti ' i ItANOVRil I, Cnpn tennr D oa,r ihving lte greater prtl It1 t a1 er targo engagnd, will meet with imtedin'te d, <'nt I For froight olf 1`51 Ialnn cmlin, Ilr, Sll ily to I GAL E, S p19 . i 9 (5,nIIIIIIII nst FOI I. IVEIII'OOIL. .e "T h,' .0 lail lii It silh lgp hil l11: '1. ! t i, . TI.., ( Ca t \Vhio ,. w llll ricvive hutled'ate I I - iptch. F r I t ill of 1111 1110 IL atItI g. r Illsagr, apply to 1 ,AE, I , 19 ' 93 ommoi Pt! C oastwIse. tI sr - -- ----.Wy- ,dwn FOR NEW YORK. Trhey SThe A I ehip ROBERT IIOWNE, Chas. otore Mansfield, master, wants 1511 to 300 boleo cot- very ton to cotople'o blr crrgo. For frertght PO..t, ur passage, upfly on board o~tooitet the Orfleaoototon ' I press or to IIkEA & IAISTIOW, or li ou, 7 Ihank place, FI rThe firt ros.t antii fant soilinrg Ialtionre Cl tuili schotonr l'OKtiOK, stt.trhupsn ct r htling ast f fhe r .:rgotengaged wilrc or ri Ml ' 15 973 Cto roa n st ' The good sch mner \WARW\ICK, Coptin Corlis, warno the tIllk fHlltfhorreerf to root plete her ctrgo. Fo r Iresghlt oIf hic or pas aag, apply to S & J I' illl''NV, I ial 7: Camp ste I.. t IlI. ItAIT! eMOR. re ,P The A I l ,k Sarao Oa , at . i:.AthA, Catll sn Ilawhs, wol bareih d arhe. For freigbt or r ont .t:J ptyt ge, hloitting furrl-h-i tI e mtdatiuns, upl y to S : I P %V't'NIY, Saplt 7olt ('tam pst Ir. eh eftttt- A. kt s P I 'CANe iew, fist iling barqe reit.htf h CI ,c o'ltan o plar, ha. p llfw11r1 r u.r o r pp o .si , ar d l , .l I i i A W , lh.e i it t . C a 'm 1 ~ t -'t . t.o11 g oul ttlr to1c- 1 6 t lt t'o5 t r tm A Dove mll etltetfito, p r ine I l 0 Fri ll d.1 oV t I' net ,:C, Io l ,I 'flie A I ...... Ii ...... iln .... . I SAAC, I o':A.\C ' tdo lint tit t o ro tt t t t .SAll oi:chtt topor qofJ Itrtloo otr y a e t- tt edir t, de-tr i h. Fo r Iroigo t t-fr i ir i:il . .,i to , otl lty t to ote r O s nmt I, oIfIp (; lr Fc ' I t 7l Cottmmonr.t. st r - . . FilO NEW YORK. Pcket o rf eedao, `T h inst. oNewYisir and NIew eYorka Iar. t T inem filolest stli packet shi .INTAS-, A -la to ,a I locka Cpt. Alln wall s pIoll ue i ll 0 doh- t f fot. nF p or eigh of h or t.go n-w ni boird. hl tio ppy to I th e o . hoard e Vege ap? I'E74I'Ek AIILW c Ctoln street. I T at of passage by is Line s been reduced to rA Td packet ship Soloo aratoa, Ctpt eatoaway, wille folhow the Louisville with quick dlespatc li. S ONew York and Ne m OrlenS Line. TI E note elegant Shilp TAROIeNTA,bho { Captain S laitb will soln saove full or snot i bul rtl, o ftpoitpl on boerd r to e 2 op PEI'ER LAII)LAW, 66 Camp street. S FORTN IL t VRUNTII. K. Ot b RANKle o-n leg rp did fOr I.50 reams, Anies' Dove mill letter paper, fine h 250 do do superfine 0 t150 do bluh e ommercial post 50 do white do 150 do green poet S 75 do water lined pact do 150 do superfiino eap writing 100 do fito cap do 9 do fine royal do id i0 do inediltm do Is 60 po hbunk ftlio post ct n All of which are of a very superior quality, and will be v aold low, to close a ongslgmeat; bv el inl ot A TIiIVAR, 49Camp 1 g EW MUSIlc by Maloaerier " Haste, BormanIe, S11 lHaste," barorolmle-word. by Mit. Estello. dedi st cared to Ilenry Barrel, Esq. compowsed by G. P. Mt- tl nouvrier of New Orleaons, received with thlle grelatest l.- I Splase atthe New Yolk eonoertl, EJOIINS &Co, at m14 earner St Charles & Colmon sat *U M BI:FLLAS-32 eases; Mantuaand Gigham Um-r f lrelll, ronltprising a cotpleteassotrtment, lltding fram orig J Palo rtir sale hy ISAAC ]RIi l tti.E - . rt2 134 Manealne st. COMPANY. I O ARRANOEMCNT FOl TH15 Woilt VITs. m Carrllto. lm New Orleans. . by lors Car at 4 o'clock, -A. M. Horse Car at 5 o'clnck, A. Locomotiove F Locotlotive 7 tag 8 " eI 9 " 10 - It " " iMa, " I " " P.M 2 '. " P. M 3 eto 4 " 0 Aeoh, Arl0o'lock o Car ao be ohbtined by paying 10 do lora for thle Trip. .t THE JACKSON ANDBLACOUROE OTREET CARS - LolVeCatalbtreett stojelock, A. M. outd ruut tollrly. At I ale olf aost7 o'clock this oar will coemltllon runiog ervery Iall hour, ,od cotiliue throughout tleo day until o'olo P. M. tt trai ttlh end oJekoon streot. persons going by the Locomotrive must provide theoselves with Tickets, as no money wilt Ito tokell by thle rood utort. OteoeNew Orleons odd Carrollton Rail Road Company, I, Poydrae street. JOIlN IIAIPSON,. novl Chlef .lg. N.O 4 Ct. It. 0 OUNOIN lOIR l'lD , Ct tIIn Ef 8' ttr casks L.ondon plortcr, 7 doe,,oeach the 3::01 sheets, braziers cotpper te.- 500 pieces Kentuckry Itggitg leo- 200 coils do ale raltio n.- 150 do Russia rope 100 do northern do ot,. 50 baskete Heidichk cratppngoo foo Foir sole by CHARLES INCHIIES, boto ott ew 9 (Oravier o - GEORG;- C.HILDS, in 9 ArrongV ATr LAw, SIL.. attend the Suo relne Court, and the IDistriet ton t V Coorts, of Haonieurgand stms of the tinjcent - ounties--oftftiee st the City of tltnstto. pt- Clams on 0t he goverrment, either tor Bounty Land by or mooney, will hbe underaketn all prouttly ottelded at to either or non residents orresidreuts of rexna. salte Address frot tle United States-City of loHuustoc. to the car of S. Richer, jr. (Teras Post Otfieo Age-no' S New Orleans. 3mI mar 2 for " EANS---1 bbl landing erom steltboat Ltuio Sj or rale by ABRAHAM TRIER. s mor 18 134 Magaeinet t / I OF AINAL CHEVEKUS, Arrchbishop 1 J. Li.(Bordeauxo by the Rev. J loen DIubourg, 00 S!p.ho,.af tfbnelakt; smm the French by ' Roblrt Walsh. aet reerlveid snlo foroal by tdi[l m16 A TOWAR,49 Camp st atr INEN SIIIRTS3 Glasei. & Souppnders-.-Jost re. " Li cave4 by late arnvalso, an asostment of ohtitt,, ding crarvats, sunmer llstoks, glase, and ossponders, itt the Bazaar, corner of st. Charles lad Common sorel.-.. tit o a.1 1USHI & AILLAN. .FOR NEW YORK. .New lu)rk h rwe Orlenas line. obvia NEW I.INI' of plekets lll been etablished to pil run betlween New Orleans and N-w, York, in conats ol five irst rate ships, vip : Ship St. Mary, It W Foster, master, " Ilepublican, J G Reossell " Aulirn, II P Durfey, Ell S - new !he'ir - building, - n Thrse nllil wel N built I New io ark'expresl fo this to tirde;; i of a lighllt dntlught ofrntler, and will not bit obhject to detenllloa t the Bar. Tlleri .eoummodaltnls o foreps.ngers comlprise all that may be rlliireid for colmfirt and .onvseone; and thePir colesunda ahre s iai, men Of exp rienee. Unlli thile sllips now ibuildlig are it c po:,pleted, two first class ships will supply ti:eir i plat + . Sor I r greete.s puIIct!naIlity will lie observed in the Jns tile of sailing, sad every reasonable accomlnaodtiIin esx, nded to shlippers and IpassengPrs. Pi' or further Iprlicolars apply to iM-sr+ Jonsoun F b 1 J I odes, No. 86 Wall street, Nw York, tr to e jai I'ETER I.AII.)LaW, 6i Camp It FOR NEW YORK. ski [Louiiana ned New York Line of Packets.] war To sail regularly as adrertised from each Puor. It T IIE line is at this momi nt composed of the follow- 9ar ing ships, but 6 more inew vessels will le put on at al early day. mukilng thIII number twelve in !I, llieh I will allow of one beisg displ athed frt Is, pe,. every Jat week l ring Isti year, thuls itfirdig prompt ftlcilitiesr t er eransportetion and at thie lowest rutese sffeight. in Ship Yaioo, Calptais 'lTrN 1as. Mississaippi, " Itel. Siouisvile, - AIlln. and - Saratoga, Ilatha wey. p u lntsville, Eldridge I Sllahkeseare, " Palmler It. TJie above ships are all of tilhe irst loe, coppered fear and ropper fiotened, f, ai lilght draught ,of wnater,o andl r built in N w York expressly for the Itradewilth elegalt It I aecminmodtyions for pashengers and esotllllallde by able t and expeirincted masters. a. The pri e of passage is fixed at $9(1, without wine. or liquors, npla stoeics in every otler partioculr nwil he provslTe, ald evrv attention given t pllllllote tl a omfo.rt.l those passiilg to anil fro in tile lit e. Tle sWlisn will at all inses be towed ulp nil dowit tih river, and tile greatest punctualirty observed as to their day Iof tl sailing k Neitler tie owners or cantsinq of tlhese vesels will be responsible for jewelry, I;ollion, precioai sstoes, silt kt vet or platedl ware, breakage of glass, hollow wtre,ta marble,air graoite, coperagle o stin, rust of irtn or ra steIt, or fr any lettorn, parcel or prekages -eat by or I * t uoilt ioardat 1 he, unless regular hilil llo arerfii taken far thle smne, ulld thel vnle thllereofexpresed. Forfreight or, apply tI tear2. JAMES B HUI.I.IN.74Caolp Istr FOR NEW YORK. HOLMES' LINEK OF PACKETS. O sail innctuilly every Mondly from enill Islsrt. Sr f 'rhis lii- efl' ackets have bele ienreasled to sler-o Jen first aelao thlipsttl, sislislgif Cit S Slhipt Nsltrillta, Caplalt Wood. i teArknorre.i, Caphin E S Ihtinis, Orh)elnts, Ctiptain i Sear., t l'iksbur.g, Ca 1tain J l:onker, N'atshille,. Ca lsin 5h otl. il Itlsta,. Captain 'l'rlllmtts. ir eo ee, Cllsptl in l, lll. s Netr Slip/ ---- (:I tnl itt 'tln odt e. lt At', Ship - C sait,m Nieltls. t' t' I ,I oall Iestrl e ti l l o f tietl l firs t a l s , (Ie t)I aere d ,I - ilc.saahr Iiirelrods llld s wer. iphailt onNw York ,.t - • I tltL:"' v hlur Ilhl lr.+.le--tbey aret . o illt dhitu ht of w..- lv ell, t. e l-d uial tu llvtriubl v cross lie bar wltlhout detaoil - I t eilesi plntekeltoare foneihlllandd slt Csptni tt wtll ex-i .perlneuret ilnl be tradel t alld ill alwlnvm exert themselves tto urclnlnortllte. 'I'tle- willalwyvs be towed ,ip andt t s own the river, and will is loplsy sail as aldvertised.t I ' rhey hIy andsotlmnely furniskedaccoalm inisand as. stores of the first quality will always be furnished, nld tt- every attention paid to, tihe comfortu and satisfatio oft io , 'lie priee ot tlre cebil is ti ed at $t0, wilthout wieet For f nrther particulars apply to A COHIEN, ere F'r he ships are not aeeouinta hle forr breakage of I, 1e'! 'r I'prcel plu rnl, board, IlrnlesoI t regullr bill ofludtlg -e signed thl Ihcrlilr, it ills office of the agents.· ; or the - nterior. 1,.__ FOR BAYOIU SARtA Com Rlut r ei r 1'nePelct. tot i 'T splendid tlmenl t eo' r ter OUtH hoA RI.lIIANT, Jesse Ihrt Ilalst, w0 wh -er ., l U h w ,,,r New ralel l ,i y, \o d- cruo rl, it 1r o'n l .ek A. \m . lhr I onr Sarn & every A t Fan rdhvAn Ii .. rekCII A n1 ti tllnsIt lUrt - dl i sl S t , V i r m i n'. h u po rmo age aply ll to C ill. hurt rr St. trlll NI K Y-o 7 8Iall 9 '&ttC ilsthlell bn iL u er i one at th a iety't A ve"h.5 nt rI It o It t& \t ii 'AL l pro st 111LEVIPtUI t'Ill ' ll I'I.. ON Ir Jre .\1 trI tlet.o nt i SI Ani te r e di ytte forts. Ns ! . l. u.t T thnot laenntr SOInt II A-l to ,he , b Is tnw n st in . r l iatm o eor ts o n th e or passaiia ;,,.i , l ll o toardl belwetn nt bo.ll ng" andiasld A ol' Ill ll It r to Tl l It I'l'ttht & D yo, ACt Cýorne of 2. e 3o I o.o Sew lreet . .N. IS. 'be, ll lnll ei lltm has a fine ipper cahin, alrll uh t s , II oin aollnoations ca qllalo ay bi n itil iln the. trod" . , nirtr tio' n oes tcit. e n atrng i ae i t tle io mete, o t ahvnrrvnt ill alowenrvh l ta nlet blak, wall-h c out elatoihtg tt lner Ise lnd, or i e, just rceiveod li f _ Exchnge t 'All . So . 1'A 1(911, , enotist, rttofl lly gents nriGtr lJI tiet, thatl Ihe. Itbe e otnltedt et atlually n Newt OrleaL, d. trig I.h tonIm hs oa' -ebruary, Morl andtl Apr sil. liS nto oirte inlt t e radi, ur Lovu, whose professional skill and exerine, both i theo tom .ryietl and methednalalt deIartln, tesio usurpassed in thise ob ouatrt, will remasin eran n c realy. fein Olice,51) Venal street. a 1 CHOLAS NICKY-Nn o7, R and9o nlet ..he. .l first, iot nuners in ne tract, with a variety at very interestien hooks, just raaived antd for sate by nti2 A TOW IR, 49 Ctepat et CARD rO TIlE L..DIES. I ls ILLIM a t ELc , No. 10 Ch trtres ,re t. coantin VY t oe tpurtohase old broken Jewelry, eltl gold Ladies Aht may haver old fasonhioned gold jewelry, z ear ornaneets, chains, nehklaove, buckles, finger tingsoein tatanytteticltoaltheline, whiah itlying die and lofno use to trem, can eoxchanltg the ntamn to good advantage, by calliag as above. tN tB-rsWathesl Jewelrey and Spectacles repaired in the besat manner-carge o moderate. Il r ja28, R o m u9- Sron, BAZAAR. gi Corner of S. Choarles ' Coammon street, BiUSh & Aoi LAN wtlll rcespetfni lly call the at assortttnt oa Gentlemen's liner shirts, do ctt ulbrle, with hnen eronts. fashionable linen fronts: linen col- nf ars: silk, rettn atnd merino und er shirts d dr rat wr cambric end silk hndkerhiefs la ek andti fany era- & vto ats in great variety Stin aiey of e Adesripti ona gl elastic andv cntton eUs ndert Ailk, coatton and thread glove le Its hon gloveds: umbrel and canne gold SsAs,-Splendid aaoertoenrofladies and gente ri. o tlng desks, dresingt canes, port oalie, peLfutery, cut o lapous Utelri, or FaLlig of the Womb, ty ex. Letarn application, superseding thle ue of the ob. Iin to the nfticied as the means of a perfect restoretion to heattt, it never having failed u, performing a . cuare, evon tinder the mostu aggravated oirnumetan. ces. Ie t as received the decided approbation of a Sir Anlley Cooper of London ; Sir lenjamin C Bredte, Soir Jale Clark, Physician ton the Qoueen; SDr Asiwell. Lecturer aon iti.Rifery to lGuy's Flon. pitel ; Dr Rtigby, lecturer to St Bartholomewn; Dr Griffith, lecturer to Wentmin-ter Hlopital ; Dr Rameolhott, lecturer to London hospital e Robert SFerguon, lecturer to Vestminster hapit - al; Dr StweatutOn, lecturer to Middlelc hospital, At nsd senioer accoucheur to Queen Charlotle's lying. Colt in.hoepital also by letry Dav ier, Conquestl tl. Blu utdell, Lee, Merritan, surgeon Keatoes, &. by oes Dr Nlorreau, prnsidett ao tie Academie tRouyale do Medicine, ar ria , and Accon o her to the Duottene 'y, D'Orlernt ; professors Velpeeu, Morjoltn, Paul S nis, Sa , on aoond others-and in New York by SproessorJ W Franni, G S Bedford, M 1) profoe. or of midwtltery in the university of the cily of I Ne York, prosl. Delafield, and Franeis, U Jothn. - stun, president County Mod Socilety, Laurensa loll preaident Ied aoeicty State of N Yeork, plofs Jao MNaughton of Albany, prof March, Cyrus Per kins, Doonce-Drs Ths Boeyd, Gilbert Smith, Hosack, Stearns, Ludlow, Kinam, Vaoeb, Power, Grayson, Van Renmalaer, and many other diatin. I guitltod physicians in the U Stale,. A G Itlll, OIllon 4 Veaoey at, Astor House .N Y .IG' A conotont supply of the above inetruttmenta, rewith Dr Hluil'n improved Trutsea for Htertia, will tdtI he kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, tled A G Carpenter, Natchez; Stone & Marsh, Wood. ville; Booth and Mallory, Memphis; W D Wilkin. tea, son, Somerville; Flail and Wathingtot, Nashville; Mclairay and Hamilton do; R L Bliss, Flnrenee Alal; J C Spotswoed, Athenea; Irby' and Mantle, "t Huntsville; Du BoDe snd Ruff, Mobile. apt i Im, eat FALL &- WINTI"-R CL.O rtlN;. ;; J p. FREEMAN & CO., PIe. 3, Megozine street, hop I0 are rtt eeitug their snpplie. on Fall and Winter 103| Clothiog, and .ill cantinue to receive rlhiptentt regu. tby larly thboughott the sainoe. Tlheir asuortment being t large will enable them to supply mu rchantts tram the country, at Itte .horteset notucet for aale wbolesele re. &re atI, en accomtlmooting termsa itt, . ep:lt I the "fi g NtES.KICVRS-Jin t recetted a nupere, r iN article mftlife peeretvers at the Bazaar, a.. BUSH & Al. AN "TRUTH 1S MIGHTY AND WILL Bni *PREVAIL. C it 1 IT Is lba th 10,000 of Sarsparilla Blood Pilpa l avd I -. ai Shleey soid dlthing the ples at i monthls. It ita r.It-th It thely are taken hll. ilu' ftttlbl instancer to t hviite ald coerrect ties nipchevlut std t.. pIrects olll retk It i pills and other q uack hllediciucr, by whIclh many Ilvee are tria elldanuertcd. It Is 'a ftt-Tit all a.k me liclllai contal. mitf.rltte -r Im.ercury, wlhih .quacks tk '" aut t kl ot r curet' uad trus to Itelr efflect t iot or ia." bait ( II d lact--t-'llat numerous quarcks and foreign impostuore 1l cnll t h+.mslves docturs thatthey onaly vloro effect uuly impose their vile and dangerous prep .raIio, on the pubhl, Ectrlug ' !SI tottlug flit thit conestt enter, i o that Sity eall upey ,ocket tI ,r unJust gain, kip at It . t fict--etha tt e quacks and foreign impostera wio mlw i'.ent rtlh; ntry know nlthlllnofhe atttlure of tllaellt In Flass Itl'uk let s nllhut dle.a.s, of tie nlate n systt nl. SIt it a Iaet--They are par' tctlurly ellicaCl0aio tnile follow-1) ing diseasei, all ofwhtclt ,irr noret or les u-et uy itllpalttelr otf'ielm 1 :i And h,.oal fluids, nalnely-- n RIheumnatic . leeia..; Utierou sioresoftita nta-i.throatd Scrofula; Erysipelas; oant hod) Juhldhlee; leartJur ,.a eSaly eruptioit and blotclte e iita se. ofIttllt ver, ski. , tile tklll; u tJune alhd glalldS; Dnry and watelr pimplP'. atil Pain .ftllsdes, along - nt.he psut-. b of .the fIel and of back and spny , over tle tl bodi ; reglon of tihe eart and Tetteralld rin3-worm,; etmnch; Srwellil.e and bArdening of the N ' inward fevel., Ibad taste in gland,, of the neck, ill tile the month, tr Il reath; groins, breast, ke F'htulency: Indigestion; Stomach coughn(; Want uf upetite; li.lvireultplant Sour erutlo u and acidities of the stoculheh; Wyaterbrorh,& te. RECOMVTENDAROIY FACTS: 1t It is a fast--The only prorprut.r aad mhuiluftcturer of the for r Sararparilla blood pill.. ith regular pilyrrciu uas will a. apoth. x.1 scary, attstued Iby the ost clebrtsoed dl) ylern ut f tile Ultited Dt mtlrs Physick, Cio'mito.Jlctotaa , Gibson, Db wei , Ilare, Ft F. JJamel, Iiurner, Cote, ec. It i. fact--That the Sarsaparilla ibood lills. err Pmphpyed al, in the prrrticcof mallyphysl ,la. all:I eery srongy recolu mended b Ly mnY througlhout the UStates. (Soe dLoecttliu accolipllylg rack bX of pill.) tit i t t fact-tThey are E.mposedC entirely of vegetables, and they are warranted to contuin tio mercury or unhnal pre It is a fast--They may he take n by the moat delicate, and nt Ilages witlout rettraint of uecupation or business; without a Ifear oftaking eoldi without change of diet or restraint from th tempera e eating. It Al a etat-They will not hy ealtatlir itmon, which may be cild or active, accordnlg to tile lu.hti..+ .. .eL, weaken ,--s tile system o much as most of tile purgative mtcdimts genel r ally do, It Is a t .fact--'IThat they art. tile tstl ffe.tlual S PURLIFIERS OF T'1.E BLOOD.. R RENOVATOR OF TiiE SYS'TEM Ever discovered Also, enllstltutlontl dieases, tlrcotlee ay mercItry, &tr tie inierals, ir the cOnsequence of bypbillls, ltds, vetrtttl,t &c &e. Itis a fct-That never i a single isttone hase tb"Ii ta een knLown to be used, that they did ant produce a goo'' - earing thousands, many of WhOmll were belbre mOtic, ,- , NE rattle. SI A- Na.'O'itt It is a ft--th1at one beieef Sariaparilla pills and tlpe b Fapie of theCuin pouud Syrup ofSarsaparllla, is lliumclent to cure aly oftlle above is i lttlt--Shouled be ibserved,.taltttle binly place they call e i ltotined genuie ill N. Orlelln iit a CutntOllldlltaie itre I. I Jburil 1 0& NoE 96. BLOOD ! BLOOD!! BLOOD! t |st. Tile vital prlueiple (ILife) Is contained in the blood. 3. Blood nlakes hhlol. but 3d. Every tklng in thie body is derived fronl blood. the 4th1. All ooloStitutions are radicalll, thesalme. 5t1. All diseases arise fronl impurity elutile blood, or in oth- Ihu er words frout acrilmonious hunter. ludied Ins tle body. tu flth. All the,. hunlers are carried oelf tile blood purified Bud Loud,. h...lthful by t.. e . ar. ar.ll....... au.. ..llute, with.. the bllood, ;th. Vegntuble pi urgatives alone uStlalilate wiit Itle blood. 77hlPllT 17rr'" €fthe hblod i" knlown to h lnus of11 tlttl great 1a lcnuesotdlhMres . SARS.(ti'.tll IIAl. t Ixrl kell onll Is b c tile nsoat Ill'l tual pllrllter ol'the hhued ;tioll ld tah' Ilnu In"1 1 at e'l' r.vstillro tclnXlltut i% it its the pen r-tle';i;, ollll .nalt il ,all .... th ren ret C tull o t , Itr t Ii til " ; alley arp r L.ll" tla I . t"u ,l ). ' siteIt overy' unewplldlr i, filh",d with udtlertnsl~~ea o uf prey - at., alratlis "H'Sat I apnrtl •ll r trtlt s rl sy I su s, ,[:.g ttl 1}o \.' S It h siH dn:.),+eld a 1-ro ;en+, lllxt Unlyl to lltln-elf gI. :Irirrlly it lSslr n Lined wit h ori:(r, ?rll kou o ro I l :· ,s11e~ wi1,relly It is r (lllllu Incll wlthnti d ,, .-' -II-t k nu. n ¢lldlsa l plt ;i l; u ItlHJ11t dt'· trto) IIIltl e I rll? iT11SI,+ II o lh :rtapriill +.l ed U11 ,r t~lllllrI U~g sarnrpalrtll. ,r III-,rd l',i,. \\'w h tl.1 .,r.i, mrllhlil cult- , bt hard oi cold l llllld at It't p rg.ltit . ii hlch b it, eIl ¢+t gl'dhtlr.l- c anr t- Iv %, J llIllt tlnllpl -, tlhl'.' eiarsl-- , Iu the: grO\s and a ,l u ttj l . llUlllt i . .4 .-tiril l Pn t stl~l tIeLt Id,.,, b. tihe s. ,rsapular a. TL." c '" c .- Ji ll :s 111 n t p,.rg ~ ....i~le,,ly ........t pill, d,t,. which pro.... I trute . .d reduc the t yntlaa, rclJerllug II lore Ihllu ato dia- u Sease, wtrakllhlg tIle ray.l. oar tnd Iilkllg tllnc.> to lake it+ htrolllolg r holJ ;tlllJ kliling or dler.ll))lag Il(kIItk lllll ; III sllhort T, "n it ,met be evldellu t Ilurgiogs a~ violentlly a. the pI:I? do 1 u Idltlhat ae mtanufacLured by"( qutmk .lad 1)Trclugn lltlU*n as . d" nlI.hklaevoJ iu thlair C lluxlquences as mercury l ulld ther tallll- ' td .ruls. 11 Id From the circumstance of tihe alraparilla belng introduced up of its pinllbenlg easy O takt, tond cnuenlentll for carryllng IU the pocket or for ttuvellig ; not belll Ingolle to breakage, tof are d t the be tlea cuutlnlaag prepuruliuns of Lite tarsp )ardla they emust eventually tuke the ]lace of all other prepralltout of | saursamrilln. to / RBoth the foregoi.g hnve elicited numerous tentimoinlta It Irolul physicians ual ohllPr=, wllhl aeeon pllpsll y the' dlrrcllou. of suid ore cunfideutly recollnlirtd rd inl rhrunl.atle udl.Ctl~l,un w ll s crul'uLa, rrybl )e'a., Jau".dlCe, harltllorh, dl-:-es or'tihe ih. r, Pe aklil, la.bes ald g lt, pain of tile, st m alon tine hack and i o hr nju ou, over th ereg aon oft bu l and n ttonlach, ltow lrd fe vetrs lhad taste of the nouullt. foul brethlt, nl'V, muhgetliul walnit nl |prtule, Hur Prultlonl and eeldltv oIt" the ,tOlhtck, nleerous r.res of thie is--e. throat and In,',p scaly rluptiuon ul thi Itllutc·e, of the sklll, dr)' :std .t1tler) plltemd puta. '-' of the face Slid body, letter .lld ringwornlto swwlellnug !.urd- w esuig af the Glands of the neck, In thle glans, breast, &e. stoIhaclh, coughs Ilsler rolll allt, wntlrbrasi, aiu d all tile nat whole tr el'uJof nss-en resllstllg fronll llllpUrit of ther blods .r constitutionll lltcased |llOi llc cd by Isercats) ur tIleltll.ll Icr .\+k any l,- ;S et able dtlytit iun th,. rlu nlht' , what is the try Pmt1lrlicciuus purifier of the flo ' llu s Ins n ' n r a lll busr- I pantcoa rr unou .! al itt lT~l i,"r it to y rheal f'ull It+Itl"r'o , t + u l %Prnt Ily , wht Lttb er e.v d., +c:;,t ehat~ l d t l+aubl pr. rur l'ea 2 S Namertuus certtf:,nrte i- hay r ren r-6 1:,trltrur 1 n ý"",.ut is ,!c ".t ,, ... iveIn sit~t ",r Y" t lrelt .;,,,~c ,,.,,.e t,, h,,, ,...,f,,,...., ,:,- .£'th,.,~ ;,". r.t,t,. I r lklrl,.t.'.+r 11·l TIt~rnzed 1v . +,11 t illS, " $ StlI hleI--le .ald retal at, No 9i6 TU ul ICemen ous street, i I A- N oOreau.s.I fI ' h. .o al]tchted , Itll, ikh.lanl ,t ntla. .,nreflfl l, P lilll lrf II fIr akllIln , pll hlog of tLhe gllldo . i" pr n al ,hiu t cl e;l-c., .r olllll) +ilu "!(alr. ll LaI UtI deiltig('s nl d eta "d e lu I ut l .UII 11y pl~ldr lu1g tan 'L f The att llhllg Phi}cminn) 10 rlla iol t I'InlPd frolumt It) 11 A a1, and froIl t Lo 5 P 31 nllR fRluln " tO 0 ttill lhe l.Verlllg. ,all tll uIl I[ |1E Y'uillic are respev.lhllly irnlalrmd that Ihne abov 1 articles'. cClll ItP tll tLLeen ndse fril" sale Iat ( ( )SSIP x )ye, Co. l'xluIIeha llotel, St t'hamhn .t. tart S If 1 o lla.nOctl(etl% atl(d killng I regIns, boy,', yulill nld `Iln , (lildrer 's llo' to:. ; inch'Is'P, nil|pprr., .4c. L lllhldng hone 'tst ship Nxttrag.a l e"itl , fils sills 1'y 11:. ai I1(tltll| I & Co, 13:4 alnazine st aotel --I.| I-. "-PL" b' I'Y-- u,5 t~ak almsr, ii lbarrels pubt tI Iv in lladders, lanldillng Ifol P'ackl ,:rat lgn, alnd nO dIar taie by JAI{VIS & ANDREWS, an al : cor Culmlllo .'r chllnpitaollao stn a)nl U.11 AK:\+ILC and lilqorice antd IllelnU-4 ca-set ;ictl fine Turkey gasm arabic, 5 do liq'orice pease, and th is l ak e . m a rtia , u n dI r s a le b v JAAILVIS & ANDREW:`, ree.. a13 corner Common &Tlchouphoaulns sta SILLIARD BAI.LS& CHECK[,-Jue a receiveda I splendid article of Billiard Balls and Checks. I BUSH & ALLEN, q april Exchange Hotel, cor St Charles &Common st tiARl.EM OIL-1i0 boxe Harlrn oil, receiving per a II barque Chanticleer, for sale by 3 SHAlI.l. & BRlWiN, 96 Maganzine st I PFIRM CANDLES-6 0o9xiO JnddiPcn pleiteid ad Sfor sle by SHALL & IBLROWN, h a13 96 Magazine t It C IGARS--20,h00 Principe( Cigars, in quarter boxens I.frsale by ISAAC BBIIIGE & Co. apl 5 134 taegazine st FOR RKHNT. A two story house aid two story Kitchen si' on St John street. between Poydrns and levir s..J treet, near the New Market. Possession to given ou lat of May, 1689. Ap lvy to a 17T Ri CIANNON, 12 Camp t G REGCORY'S ECONOMY OF NATU RE, explain I" ed and illustrated on the irinciples of modern philolophy, in 3 volt, with iftty six ll autec, lMelnoirs of William Snaicpiun, icludiling particulare oflisadventures in various parts of Europe; his con finement in the dungeons of the Inquisitioa il ILisbon, &c &ec, For sale by ALEX Tt tWAR apl 16 cor Camp and Common sts UrURK't· ISLAND SALT--0S0l bushels superior STurks Island Salt, just received per brig Jmnes, for sale, ifimmediately ap lied lor bv all L7 A IIJ A H FISK, 57 Commorn at N EtiltORl-A likely f(re .it Virginia Negrom:e, (31 in number,) of excellent chllarer, anld for tie last three y ears on a I:oiioi estate in A rkall ae, are Inow ,ntlr ed tir sale for tile purpose iii' clinlg tilie atllitra Io parnllrship. The leglles nma be seen at thIt Iluslee of lir Seneca Bennett, 18 Moreau street. F<r telrs, lp ply II A L ADllSON & Co, ap 18 tr '22 B:ank Place I7'ITAl-2ii Ibale. rtherin -lay, a superioractcle 1 on thle Levee, alppositee e sttr ee, tir sale by ap 18 SHAI.I & BROWN, 9i6 )Magazine it SORN A of Slater's c(.aoiilimed, corn shel )rlea tlnd gintiders senitille linr llantsatio use, in stre.fior salie liy CIJIAMII.IN & CtiOPEIR, unl6 7} & ?;.: Julia at i T rlrowbridge, ald J A lMotilois, hie ll"e ly Silii I BHitI'll & t,::3 . ace.'ne a.t IOýSHLk (IU'I'l..I--:i' litklllS jtl ;ictelvedI ani Afitr saile Is SIIAh II&. l i r4W N, 6ti. i lagazine st uprl I . 4 litr _t A IL.S-ISl k,'m Ilesin ails, foir salt ,l b .L nil 4 I itIIItlE S Ui,. 13{1 %ngazine at 1 t11 'i'' -.- cam e s maen's l sip11 tc it ll lrl l, 1.e ile yS.1& Rlm 1 s y I , & iltitW.e" _ api 17 .it.9 maniizlne ct I1 ANNA FLcAKE,large and small, landing, ti be I c soll by lth ease, alt New Yorlk lril.s. II 11iNNABEI. ap I corner Mlngaine and Tebnpitouilu stn ARLORORNAMENTS --Rare ald beauuifol S cursceliee, for sale only by Rees & D'lange, and at Plough's Museutem. All these ornaments consist f tihe most splen. did specimenis of Inrthimlogy Irote liEurope, Asia, Alrieca, andII our Iae eonntry. Appived ioles at 68 days will be taken ti RCH-100 boxes starch, in thire and fer sae. hr a9l SHAI. L ittiWiN, 9i6 Magazime at rO 3TON NAIl.S--200 keil, aicrltd siaes, for Sale by I BRIDGE (iE t', - iap 20 131 llagazne at TO MIERCIhANTS. ar ITlMERCHANTS can have a Baur.vuL Ctacv LR struck offadfoar. hourt NoTItn,y.eaLl.nat il e SG Compting Rnoon of TRUE AMERICAN PITlr:a:NG le Or'ltcz, St.Charles Exchange, a j.liniiig the Rlu ING RIoN n .COracr of Gravidr streale r at the f'int - ing Office, craeer of Peydras and St. Charles streets. S R -AMPAIN--8 .bsk emiea rle tlr ale i, ., aA' I!;,I1ll, :11 Gr;t.,- st B JSTON RU l-tAO I arres Inm Rumi, landi.g • franu ship Colmtnbionara id f li by - *m+i2 M - & J P. W r IT'i'+g-y,I3 Camp a R UI.JIA S HEE'tINGS-2llIraler,oafupnriorqual ity, lamding fronm hip it'ruin, tar ate by -mar 3G IS.AC A lil)li(]E & ., ,31 3hganzi.e . t C Ii'I'HIN(I -lii l0ures Snte,'r Clatlinf, comps Ini ·lrilg a a gontd aiirtltllln, luntlilg fnrntlll hi n irll, b ', 1 } I;134 ll gazillg tI tar IRGANS ANI ROllO'--:I rl rse r onlaninlig t it - Mrn'al llald aoy t 1 qualitv ki, Itr'ginl alnd 1illw+ !i ilp nmid calf liatn,landinn I'rmn+ship Foi'w,, fi r ttll~ by a'f mar IB I. BitIiE & I . 131 Alucnzilres a aliI's ;OAST'r I PI.OT d.,l ltdit,:hl Nviagna co 3 tor, also Ihult' Nntlicl A ullllnlln, .r salev .o al D IELTI & ('Co, 24 lhalret i II FMlNT--i vdtaulih teauent "nd ealeiued ipl+aIt.r lJ Ir lale by aS S & J I' wIIPTNE',F,73 Camp st h, COFFEE-1t lmung Ha..ant,,ine.of, ttrale b I ' uaS S & J P WI'IITIEi', 73 'almlp st AN ILi-3ld11 kheg Ihsolan anils arssrted asres, lunl 11 ing from ship Senato',or rlo ale b, u'l SM& J P WIIt-"I I "NK . II I)ASTE BLACKING-210 cane. pautie lucilng SNoreron' Irand, for sale by lI ANUFACTFEI. ) 'I'OI1ACCt: -15d I'oaa ta, Illn S a l?, 16, and 3dn, of vllaio+ bnrrll and qidalitiei , it fornale by I IitIlt0I & aC, I; an 1i34 91'in.zie at FI(aUR--ib0 barrels, in fine shipping ord, fit tale by U. D011*.1', ajpa4 44 New 49f lweve,'. SICA(:KERILRS-'0 bsbutter h d water tntr .ii in J,' fo risle by (I Di lit 1', april 4 44 ne' I._e 4 S ERGAMiI'foll-i Iaemon . New York prices it taken Ly caniister, apply at " II nlirNNARE.]," Store aprl 4 corner Nacllhe and Tchupitulant sin LIIt BRIA: -151(Hi) apionld- oldl litra for salP by apt 4 M IH ILVEI iL'X,26'I'Tllapituila-ett ORN-2H01i) buslhels, ilaidi' g frt .auinlrr Ililmer Sintnrale by AIIIAIItAM 'Tllt1 :I, apl6 1 ln ier st L' XCHAi\(E ON 1iiS0 'T.",t, rnisalrby ..ý1 a0 1 I BRtllIGE & Ca, 134 Magazine at ItlIN--SU bisn rinll landing from ship (:hurl agnen and fr rale bh mar 19 SHAIL & ItROWN, 96 Magazine .-iU- NY RAGS in blaes and Ilnadler, far lane by " apl 4 1 IRIDGE & Co. 134 Malazine. at NEW ORLEANS AND N ASHVILIE .tAIL RtOAD COMPANY. Armi. 3, 1839. Extrant frtmi th Minutes of the proceedings of the Bottrd, held Ihi daty. Reaolred, That the names of all the Sitokhohlde', owning aove one hunldred .shres, wiho rfe to distri bute their stock, pitrsoant to a resolution uander d,' ti tihe28tll day of Marclh lar, as well ai the 'ine.C ll i ithos who cunnseRlll so to dlitllllllla Ilt ii stock, th In' l ished.JA I. CAJII)WLL, apr 4--3t I.,. G DEAI " A. S. . l:TTA VEIG'. ABI|.II, A'N lI IIIl 11-E II tliY ! 11 . FOR IlEAf NI.$S.-'Th'." c 'I It hl, h tt, (annir te n U brlla 6"'v, l, n .ew ly :. 1 lo. ' le It tale ia h d 1-"llll t"11b: h i I.t , I Ir , o11 1 -,, r 111d , o blr t 111 1 li1110 11 1 ls. 4L .nCoI-e (i at a Bt 4 l lstr for hlr.; lu ll.i ,.I.'l h lol x ..I I r _.'11 l rlh enh1 1 1 , 1ui. .l ] VWl1, .p lr l'I.1.lll h11p p.ll. h- ('l;sp llilil llll kh, I I:lile{It1l ; Ii III *'l 11 ' Irill l h llll.i'll l lllii l lllpll I1I . th'r - . :, ,r ll3 .I Ii ll..llf ll' rlllp. 1 . .I"I I ",Ill 1 r . d )11111' , t I a illd , ,-' II' r ,:llg, A -llI-i , 1-. LLu d p td , .lrI. l E all" I t C.odl l. . i, 1 ..'Il'M I [ Inr lat II ' OIUnI Dlll('dL , n t ellil II l ) o lcl, h lld at .l Io' rlll g -l, l k 'l'he f:Lnnlllt] e flP o h tler I ,I"I!L ldol.. ., ltih ,lghlohllot 1'r;lllV I1ld 1 COlllll sts K g , Ameicilarrlt .t" ,--tk Gro w r's 1 "",.uid ,. coe t lllnl Vo ll l 11 -] l «ll.ll as . tl lgrlll 'lIl lllr t l-ll. . [ 1 11 ir romll hpurt., vl nllara Illal"torvl l l it II lllll..IClo If. lIh III o.(lI lllIl ,l il 4 he (FI; ulltlhe M'1u0ltrry Tl : I IiIe l>'ail 1. .II l lltie4d c on re K .u Itatl i ylU,1g y a hu. . d1 lt i m llberO the ll .. llrc tl bllo1 tf 1291, thelr . j1lllled16511. lIl lh ,,llf bi ti Or l h, I- ]lf b I,vlnlch, and Ldeopold bIII. of Zie hlalin., rl4o..rled opi llr IaIf t.alor tile .t.1'hfttsillllosruryrlo thelr qmijie"t :ed i~vetbii -l.clb l umipe, p l tor tle aIIIyII t.e11 P.11. or b hLe, IWl 11 ed Iould ·I. bI the b 'ultlrl e opidlti t rit ed er(itl rta tb1 ltl. Tu, tt Ii . f jpro-f, o1f l)]i i11 avor 11 ll he h spe, lie Cl leslln to ellurilgp el who ... flleted wilth deni ral" . .. Wn e fr nm . of. In , a} ?·,,t apply. l GI It lll ledy.1 "r ter hI Lotyln iPats aiI lltnd i1t b Il afIt. numbe1r cu1red i hIl mtlg Wll m uI .. . ell at. itelle l.t... l p al . li tl ee kllC, klog- i ulln.. do a l ls 1 1 l It tn theltyof Dulilln ll60 IorOe or IEs a dawerweer r n sto tl to harin yl,.l ............. w hd ,esot ..cur..blelot tl0 y ..... Ithus' lu t"" eiy of I.yon,.., (Fr..lce) 291 were re ulorl·dE Io,.', i '1' a Ioe of whol wan !L. years el age Caud or tI. 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A Ith lll lt l tdl ret , i t tier . ,, r "Fr'13 tl , I in T le beil: as tl01.1,1, all 2.. v lohh, r4112111 $111 ,r 131 Jn.s 111i1 .rnl g Io w lbol tae. I nlle- dul, a Illprlr, Ileurt--;llld Illour nllst aller Ile n g f.ltlulmall who g nllll, uudhfr nl)y 1car , hllr lluh r dlllder d," l'llles , t peculiar sUlld resrml h ; d r;~uit 11hund 1"1er m: i'o d wll ) hh I' l the rlIgIllOt hell.; alli teIe-1Ty·r lll ,tl , 4 w-e t* rt'i ,ll E lld t fl o ' 1 I bniidual ret1orld tt hiarrl hti I thll l oll. I ru 8 A yudl.ioLuu pnttUlulll lll (r.l.Y I'urlT ,I . 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Thos l orslby, 48 Fa.rrit.S. on iteesl, who wa. a litu'onnt in my td Ile 42±d 3 ..e.neul, ws def nl lh4e plans of slVterlo . and hrs remanted .o.ever tince. Alter the use of ny bo te of Gotta Vegelabili be waa perfectly cured. Ira -lGreNlE ofCalnerwell. who hliad been t4 years deprlvrd of c' the sense of hearing walo quite cured hy uaing ia bottles. s itheaged whe aro moatc lollly afflTted Uwith deafness, e thi prepariUon will indeed prove a, an it hs Ca fre- pu quently cured thyr EraYt of cas, Whllno .hope e of recovery ttld i beet ntulilpatod urderived fronl other Ome4s, wl To those atlhcted with denfuess trlsing from cold, this prep- wi or oration must prove invaluable and will retrore them tohfear ing ill nine ca.t 0 ut ol inll, The Gutta Vegetabilis is prepared in stri:t accordance with scientific principle, as art fi'om all ellprici .lm nd it will be all 7found ol trilal tuarry Its own reommelldalloU wt it it te p1 happyyeffectl it produces by rslonrhg IItose In hlearllnR who have hen to unllfortulLate as to be deprived of that sense for of uan, yearn. ct es old wheloeles and retail on agency at 0o 6 Custonl Ilouse street, New Orioan . april 4 ,PARASOLS ld iTBIIBIIL.I.A--411 raues Paloa. 1 l,ls and Umbrellas, new and lashiooable el)'le, n forsoal by I BRIDGE: &, Co. rea _1 18 134 Magazine at to Rt..IK ..ItI'I'INGS-fill bales '-8 nd 41.4 Lowell Cuotton, Ior sale by I BKIUGE &. Co, tin UMMI.It UI.OTIIG-- cases seusunlble' "I" rn thing, emllllriineg uan 0atesive aesortlll. t, suitshle for the country oud citly trade, for sale by ar ap 18 I BRIDGE & Co, 13, Magazine at WW-' . O.K SK1K. , COUNT' DANDOLO, on the art of raising silk Kenrick's Aotariean Silk Grower's Guide. ier ('ohb'a Manual of the Mulberry Tree and on milk Edward P Robett's Manuul ; direction for sowing ralnmplar,ting and taising mulberry Irees, etc 4 "t H Morris' silk ratee Y Manuel Cunlntock'a Practical Trratise ol the culture of I X31 Silk a :t Sumlniarv oi the prheilnl Chinese Trmatia ilpon Ic. the ('ullure ofthe Mitlberr,, and lhe railing of ,a ilk wuo19 IE: JOHN'S & Cu. of ape I8 cornler St Charles midn Conllllon fil cahsk and octaves, elllilled Io dehenture, line sItos hv In ap17 . I BIII)IGF & Co, I'31 lManoi., st ¢IrlHE Rmnance .fflte Ilhlrem.lh Aifs P'alro(, uuthor [ e L 7 of"the Ci'y of lhfe ýtlltllb( ,'Jc ill c ul{jn lieAt ) tlr., t(It, XL0,---A iarg,"lt ii g-r,,d o1rde,, tor a 18d 49 Camp rt ha the e from the hiL p ' rl olinll withoul delay to the ,ttde.J igg ed. pkTER LAIDI.A%%, JEWELRY, AT WHuLEMAL.E. Miful )ýA. (SELL, No 16, Chartres t, lha Ithin dayre ceivPd a full aesallttlelt of Walellce, Jewelry, ti, .....on Spectacl e....d l;la-s \\',re, I[he} tol he ofr edlat Ihe Iowe)l l uarkel price. - 1I> il, V it .tre nod for sle by 113 G DORSEY, 44 Neyw Levee for sale by G DtRSEY, __ .J Assorted bloods, for sale by o apIl '1 I BRII.E & (Vo 134 Magazine At Sf I-'-iE .subscriber uffers for sale 150 bbll Fotur; ,Stt m bbls Whlkoy' 50cakss Bacon Oidea; 50 chsks Bacon Shoulders; 10 caekseaveassed Hams. aprl l TH-S B I:LLEN. 74 aTtlp .t. II I.U ,..LU H blela s al,mtite, and 811 ýu'.-._ of.Ike for sole by U D'IRS.y. • .a20 44 Neaw itw," "IllITtilSKEY.--. 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Houw t2ro it itl. tlt nmloldro phyicilo, o llherlr.mhrhollt i0 oeocl o tholl prolel.ooll, elojrerO the olo a o fldof , eleea Ior - tile old of eboheitny, sald ieek out new reuledtal o eulo+oi . .hurl, o arrlte at porlbeclu in the prlttio. hy otd tli('a o2u.ll--celt rely overlook and bhLl thef Ir.0* I tlln rilch lld b,0ulleort2 stlore uolloedloiuetthioilnteAlllorb .p hbue runed to apt lne out u[tle2 eootr it eveory rbil A! AdL M . I. ....l Iulliru IronU , IsIIlaiet wool A tile AoIrooI PbysioCIO hrks tol f,r,,go coultrler for tinbty sul M. no t otollon aid2 l0.0. e .lry UiL c e .." p t er pu ul'y c gl l nll g a s I th e y a re tl t edlcd a te ll - of ..-ool,, or folIy, ... .. ..rr.o..d in. 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I cc seized, stoet IthrEe yeacc mie,stei distressing rbu MunI tCosuisCd biy takig a sever. sm ld, while pider the hal , IIircrciiy, aid shis is., disablsd tie mac mlmccma IIeaIii evr .oII. Lurie; this Period l hem bm Js paetic.n ,II ire1,e.,riie lHpili I thiI eiy marn a of f mur motbhs, tiad Derly the smeii, leng5 ,f ati eII tim tielcltsmore ImIepilcI. iid ti rad alnmst curry rleisicy wiissl litil bii.uf i . on ctctmjs of Febelruary lust, aL that time carercly able to move built ope cruthei, Icolmdnced the use o the Inldians' paemcea. Sm.oe moiiIuIt 1 fIoudmii I I enltrely e fsros pain, and am now hap py o IsIlate , I cisier .,,sieli lerlrcli)' ell. . t's;I. TUCKER; 13 MiaLretbt. CASES OF SCROFUI'OUS-L'ULCERS. New York, Sept.15, IIS. Thin maye, ciiiy, hket in tshe Follof l15025, Tm.. siesId cub a awlthug i ytoeekmodlidsce, wiihbtlmtrward. uld,, easmd, 0. became large Ighatly ulecer in my nimek. Alter rysggsmesral pliyciaisio ii, idviugc, I weer tisLmiladelpbhi, red platsd iiiyitii'uider thie scciif Dr. 1'kemic 'id Reaeb, ebe., .ftc repeited alivsmfion f to no fccl was pronounced teelyyWi-n. cIIIkic. Al err dm ttook twreity battles of els',im oess. ccm, asid eight boetles if Pittr' Cgbmelitg,- with mo materimI beaefit. Dlicilpsisig ofl ,f, which bed now bemmem bkdflhien toe. I rnoosed te ey parest. in New Yorkm, ic iSU, Wadgave cy'etl sp tiom liugentg deatb. Htering of the gremttmmtemv Sthe lndlsian, 'paenem, s ,,ever, in eeasei ejilmr cor lIoe. Slccmrcsspruaded ii try it, ea lt rietort-T. mTsy groatear. 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