Newspaper of True American, April 23, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated April 23, 1839 Page 4
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itaIy io reelreteyial.i Tta tain l ter ' le t beoda . y i ioteni.ab Sthia I; lanpail the racreat se tuaq nnell aen nna invalid. Itlerl d,~lt,,ltonnd tels thi e seeral lie li all tle 6na annenel' tbhe lesa ote, \_ped ayayy ' ttilin d aft retas. aI vinah "antia gti r ine, i erali, i ,t in as .s.ol heroine tns ndtiue;r, or puli aten oe'!. st eh w lih amednt, and hpeedil farl ar `nuan+ e of forme favorie bhe floes confd. th pen .viln e 'loi 'lin Mi lltu, lree ih Inm al im a reisnablo erine, nba ac p daitiutijn than l eshcap ay hmltn, aofrn , mr lbereales. by h aoe isery p ne!aantl ie, that n ie r ind del liea aihd eilin tho nrisitnce. The danlit t luori~n teg, is vertsepromde, ier ail ailendanc eoe towh o ma f tlh trenie t In ala ehar i ver retleluc 'ily be oic a lined. is aibl pai ann nueialty ennitueld egnit the n tluh a a, o.nal piUdirce. ,n .ra place ity a iere h laery oe!-so that thqR.yl t R wand aehtitu t aurnished witlrne rlie, iladte llphi C. l a. .t, and w ich is nellhe l ise dance, to r aeliae o ediectiy lantioned urge has the opU tfirtl aA tin besgnitesa irithe city. a ur h JARVIS & ANlDRmEh mS, Whollesale cllrugieir, n'" dO. eal'.s, coCi ineam & 'ehlciolraulas ' i asneausippi and Louisiana lintel, r8. MARY KInIIU AND respectfltly an. S ounes to lier friends and the pnblie gene. i y that she is prepared to accomnodate Ithen at a. tabove establilishmnt, anld hopes from her S• rtions to render visitors comfortabnle, to receive of'4'ntit.snces of eormner favors. She fenls coani. 'S nt isht persons visiting Covington during the n dmer months, cannot find better neconmmndations' than she can afford them, on mere liberal.terins. Htar house is pleasantly situated, and well sopplicd r every caonenience; the bar is furnnis ed with , snmoat heoiea liquors, &c. ii short,she promaises 'nothing shall ha wanting on her part tn give entire tiefaeltion to all wit, many pataronize the .i-.iiuippi and Leiaisina Hlotel. je3 I t,?LT hP 2ri i0h iuidersigned. having -. studied under Dr. Sellmildt of Charleston, ouIth Carolina, ani For somen years his assistant ill '. pranctica of mediaine and su rgery, has thie honor .4.+afl r -his professional services in this city. '+a'aisnurde tihe ladies and gelntlsmen that tie tnat ommni tteantien will be paid to the calla which be made; and also offers his servnices to the Siholdern ofelavea, being treill acquainted with the dsitsmscommon to them, having attended them in ni. suaga housa in Charleston. +T: h aanl s anti.bilinous pills a:ter thecemposition *:(fProhesor Smollette, ith directions, can he lhad ' underaignei. Tihe eflct which they have :paduaed in thist and other cities, hasn been attendedll :With thie greatest ateesa, to chlich the eit lof .s renceds can hbe given. Apply at No. 16 .lt.a. miat street. JNO. M'LORING. OLLOW WAnE WVODf1i¶EWi S, Ali IRONS, &c. T HEl HOWIVELL WORKS COMPANY, No. . 238 Water, near Bclkman street, New York, have received tihe past setason, and are cot.staotly receiving large and extensive additions to the stoct ,'ef the above gbond, which now coniists of theL ellowing assottmnent, suitable for the soutlhern and wentern markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of .bout 1500 tons, viz, Pols of 2 different sizRes from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Settles, 15 sizes, fronl 3:8 to 30 gulltne, S. ktl.O , 15 Lizes, frrom 3:8 to 18 gallons, -..t.ailptina or Ovens, 7 di.f rent .izes, ,Tea Kottlesi, 6 do Skilles, . 5 do Flbt Spiders . #i do Covered Spiders, 2 do Orddl, . 4 do Fire Dogs, - 6i de VWagon boxes ,rclot 1 1t to 4 3.4 inches. - rt do. 5 to 7 ilches. S"' -Vo.W ,d Scr ..=, 20.000 gross, iron and brass, from , i '8einch, No. 3 I, 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior S rqulity anid fiash, amd luoa than Jamuo'a imlspoted ricea. - -s SSadirons, arsorted, in casks of shout 500 lbs for lsetailit . . Tailu ' andl hattot's-Iron, escorted. Sash weights, 100 t'Ulo, a-rn rted froem 1 4 4 to I -2011e. Bolla for P'-nitations, steamboats, churchls, &e. Sstlrdo to order, ,Also , stranbeats and other machinery made to eider. Tihe aibove assortment of goods is particularly rgcoatipneo'd to the attention of 5oitherns lnd Wetlei a ierchants. and are offired ir oisle at h:,w prices, -aid upon trhe most liberal terms; it is be. Jitewd to be the largest ind best assortlmeni;t ever pffered fqr sale by any one estab!ihliont in the Uni(ed States. aerehlants, by forwarding a rquirest bry m:ail, can hate a priared circular, with dercriprlon of girlds, plic aniid termsa, f-omir winch no dus atlou is ever made, furnished by retulr of i mail. All ordert will receive imlnediate attentionr. New York, 1838. j-.3 NOIf 1MROURY NOR COPAZVA . -New i Irims, rov. 41, 1817. . bOiT six mentlhr ago I had thie uiahisrlUlie to got S" oerei diieuai, lor whiich I have applied to seve octtors for a cure, and tlhr dir ir t eine eie, so iow , f th alove date 1 out iyself usder titi. asre sif lhstois itbet and I exlpect ir a to cire mle. Since ithait time 'ire direlde got worser so as to irroeak out il large ulcers to the namber Oif six Or eight bn ea h tic, an( all over my face, and sore tllroat, and notable to work ait lie present lin oU Iaecon lst of tilhe disease; large i ler on the righlt side of tihe Ihroai. I an no, iv pltlrig oyrli Senfid etly unlderi th cure of Dr. Hluer, rtf laris, tobe perlectly cured JOHIN DEAN. febl4 tv So CER'PIFY that theiabove ientioned ilisease is S1 q qita-well cured to liy own satisfactillon, for which I Slla Dllr. -lnettand nmoreiver I assure that te It!lldi cia Ihlave aukelenakes l e teat, anid did not hiojrroe any tlavrtl at ll, therefore I advise my f Ilow sullerers to lese no lire and apply to I)r A. Hlet, 124 C.alol TIrt btweea Dariuptlllllr nd Bollro slrecia. lr. -rHttI.r.,ohome froln 9 o'clock, A Mt, inil 4 P ll. :Te wti~ns a trrie dloctor for this complaipt. JOHtN IDEAN, 4i (Gravier strret. I ainy one wants to see ile, call at NI. 411 iilaovi, JOHN il.,iN. 'erew Orleans. Feb 1, 1838. fell 14 ly Init Ilnieriro of Liorrwrr orirt Iuud re :.ard, is puIt up in bottles at the lowi price to - ll etta: r oniallahing the slireglh of ttlr esollntrr oit "Lweiwot, besi'les tlhe irtuea.ol nanov odi.r roote ill 'herb known among h e as etlicacious in cering - eiulronary eenelalslliit. t,- asm.'un'aivlled sucaess which has natended the 'Ire of thii aineatimable Bolel.i wherever it h~a beell illntr-'o S.-llduced. has obtained the confidellce lnd recolnellllndel .-aran 'oarelieetrable-lhysicirans, for the crre if rirllhgi, e'; hrl paina in thie aide, want of rest, spitting oF bhord, ' Iivlrcpmplant, &c. T' o iom it may cncern. This is to certify that we ave ain our.practice freqlouetly presceribe rs (Ginerl -er's Indian Blalsm rf liverwor a d Itloarhllrnrti,,w Ir i decided good effect: roe can thereore, lfroml trhe know a' ll6 of the mateitals it is made froln, slid Oseirvtioni uLdxlerierew reeommt d itr aSlrlllerew" lrtpllralltill eral those ullectiore of the lunAs o hr wli'l- I i',r "maaandeld. AI.BlgIL ' WIILlS .Il, M. D. CALVIN EI.LiS M. ID. Memcbe., ofl ti lBostu Medical Asociatieu . Boeten, Octtber .25. S eMaleby .JARVIS & ANIiREWS, ib, i9 C n oretatl faoieirtulr s era led ]s r Md re td t caill n i.nlllet cts OLl eAR'8 Science of Peermasus p ereived, and I FoIJ r male at rl'thelir penriuanelt ritrng A:admiies PP.? 8 Chacrer alrait, New OriceaIa, 18119 rliirdway Nwr York, Dlauphle a., Mobile. - Itris ptrietlarly eaiganetl for private leaorier, ant acIhmail, and is calculated fur persons of all ges. ljdiee afdgentlaemen are invited to cll tliu er.rtaille ltheyJlet foar theuloelce. er"aii given at .tch houses as may snilt tile eofill, and tw claslna Inruied ill'ay iii r e wharprefer itcoon retive Ieaoro at Ifirroron ref ,rierepaying .rae tre oflesaono ar desired - .l-attsl, "" '' . 'i u ell arahey wish. v,, - -- .3IMJL BtLOTbMlp.l. _,, , - ·.'- 331* Birto~itr.It ~: L I'4 keg, 100 E gioa hd 25 1-Ibble.l00 lIfi at~ l~rgnala!rioua amien, oS pal Vprnih, a. Na 1 BP- a 1~iSal; iam nd Fr. ech , ·aneaaapd nEriflan ' !2t to rn do a110.I~ttttr, gttegntgent ill be maaaortthaan:e artiintns" clours and Wr. ~\.~QA'lEp, No 16 awl .frost 1R ,$. )'r *lib tar notes t ý 4.ML~i*jYi)P V ij~l. /aha'nna ta tana -at p r, And Mfieisiaipfai g Nqi': bi aaeiveed at Iu partpom dliaconal for geode, ,n .s O .,rFanra. . jale-w Its mk }Pt t ýtr kt, gppiite the poet-ouice. a. " ihaIpaio .e@ t,4a*eiving from their lac in ew Yaka t.d will keep connaIanly on peileimortwor .ff arrble Mtanti PFrcoa trpsrnd ofIhe Istnt pt atterns,, 460 li mi ltof-lIalian. Incapo aiai 14 : f 1aipan Zilnta Tromb and' Maua 'iiTaha and: dlpjed andl'laia htll#.nd lintad.I 46Whti}an d bonnaoary stnon, pli ert *r .a t ra:iydrn~ain Oearnl'n anat.Plheanr. i C heiar.maaqatlar ith~il a planet alaadbrpmnna of a daa4 gIaIDiiln e14ljLnnd aaia Imm nna~agts` Il,n~a aon pPraan4 jiaiter".. 1` atMA awinitaa l. Idstthe St IaIte. rvefirst ratiivatrkhaaaer. in I m'l K (AIN & '11 )1tlfI) SP-eirock taliatiore Packets ZaACKETS FOR NEW YORK.-Now Li.o. B It"--Tyr sail punctually every second Monday I) during tihe season, full or not full. th e "ship Orleans, 599 tons Capt. S. Sears, Con Ship Alabama, 474 do C. C. Berry riea Ship Arkansas, 627 do ES Dennis y r11' Ship S rtuga,. 542 do WV athaway, II Ship Nashville, 540 do 1) Jackson, er Ship Kentucky, 629 do J Bunker "'as Tihe above rlips are of the first class, coppere vier and copper fastened, and having been built in New a rm York expressly for this trade, they are of light Ceer draft of water and almost invariably cross thle buar cn ,, without arny detention. 'rie commanders arc men| '. Y of great experience, and the ships will aluwayu ble towed up cud down tihe Mississippi by steambolats p i They have handsome fuirrnised accommnodatioes, mro Sand stores of the best description will always bIe no" I furnished. Tile cabin passage is $90 without _ is wine or liquor, and there is no liquor furniushed to - Cli in the offieers or crew. For freight or paslage app'y re on board, or to H C AMES, 48 Camp at. U ' The ships are not accountable for breakageh o l V to glass, hollow ware, marble or granite, cooperage of Ino tin, or rust of iron or steel, nor responsibie, tifr any din 'd package or parcel, unless a regular bill of lading anm is executed therefor at the office of the ol:ts pla is nov27 loo NEW ORLEANS rNe BALTIMORE LINE OF ue I'ACKETS ler This line will consist of tie following vessul, which have been built or purchased expressly ithr or the trade, viaz: br Ship Seaman, • Capt. Miner, crr n. Bark Mary, " Nickerson, ha .- t Irail Ferry, now ", Stevens, an at " Soloimon mi altus, " Latham, I ar Brig Arclhitect, ' Gray. stn. en These vesauls are of the first class, hIave liheld. ni f. somen urnished :ccoanmmodations, and are of a light iv eo draft of water, so as to admit of their receiving and tim discharging their cargi rs in Baltimnon, lat the city. s" Freight will be taken for ports on tihe Clhesapeake :d or James' River, and ftrwarded by tie agents, Ii Messrs. CLARKE & KELLCIGG, at aialtrnore; s expeinses on goods shipped will be a lrmvaned when tO required. The price of passage is fixed at 1iU, I for in ample stores ofthe h at quality will be provided. ri ISteam up and downe the Mississippi will be taliken g on all oecasions. n, For freight or passage, apply to ig in GEO. BEDFORD, vil or nov27 22 . lienvil'u st. th, he FOR NI'W YORllK. er in [Louisiana and Ntw York Line of Packets ] T'll1; Ships composing this line will sail ifronm pe an Now Orleans and Now Yorsk on every other Mmii- rot ad diy-conenlecing on tile S.Ut Novemrber--and to i vi inourethe punctua.lity in tile line ofsailinig, thll Hr ol line, will hereanter cotsit of five Ships, viz.: of, Slhp . Tzoo, C(ptaini Trask, toI leave on lhe 201th i Novclmbr. s . Dlh lecembher. . Ship Vik.ibirg, Captlain Woodhou'ltlse, tol leave oe l ilm , the 1st Janary. Y jShilp I1issioaiii, Cliatin Davis, to leave onI the if J15tth ,f January. lit Tile above tire all iew, otf tlie first class, coppetlr I ld dr and copper mlmu.tenel, and cuwards of 51,0 Ionla D hIrthen, are of light draught of water, t eig builtt of in New York ixpr'esly f; tile trade. Thrlt ' price e I If passage is fixed at 110 dillhrt: their eais are l fitted up inl thile aim t In prved m nald coloneicht `U pla , and tini shed i in a i it and Ilh,.nit slyle- Amp;e stores of the tireat quality wtll bho I.rovided, and every rgaord paid to im c,,mfort and m ni r, '" atlisflctioJ n of passe igers, who will leave take no i tilr Ithl t no berth con be, sr'et red IuntI lp id fir at i1 tile lrFee of the eoisignels. t 'I'reser vesselsarci commanded by cuLptiilil's Iwellam exp'erienced in te trade, who will give evnlew atl aI . will at all t imes be towi d t p slld do)Wi' u the t lm(I. is-I . sippi by strll'lllnil ts, a nd Ithe sltrictest punct uality n I observed in the tlime of sailing. or The owners of these sli s will not beit responsSi. ,d ble hor any letter, parcel or package, sent by or 't aput oi board of thbti, tl.uss a regulatr bill of lahding oIne signerd thllreor, at the counting il olt theiI agent or ownersn. Fo. irl frthr particIulamr upaily tta L rim J It BEIhN & A t'ctHi.'N, lto n v 7 [90 l ,l lllOllll eeI Th1-e Ths licer con,;t, ,, t d +' e, =. e ,, all .l e'l i sli er d I , I ,ri',l r,,il r S IN Iitlll'r r I:'lS es.; oi l r rdI 1to Ill l llll, w'ol o IV,!', ,,'",; I , r% av fI t ; le ·lIr'i, filet S rl Ih, sr l.11 ,- hI ar ll n n` li' ibe .l the If r alt ,: Int l , if r i, r." II, t . I h e ii I, is,, v l i. lle. rrlllll : lritir ii " ll ,lril ; r n, ir r.atrre. l C wi 1. 1. ' loti. s l I .r. I" r c\'lli J. Ailltl + itlm l .r, -, r Ir + rp rs;ra , nply tCi J. A. IiAR LLI 1. & Coi, i6l (:,meo ft.1N,"f; Oleans, ur ll. ' I a 'lBAkO& CO'S iustin and New Oricrua " Li c of Packet Ships.--Ti'i new Ilr n e of shilps has been expressly ibilt to run between tle iabove ports, and will be found ,of suitable draft ol' water: aceconnlodations for passcntgers, and every ellbrt will be mlade to give geneinal aUlisitietion, iThoI line is composed iof tlle i lowig shlips: Cllrokee, 415 tons Capt. J larding, Carolina, 4Ull do - S Lemislt, Charleston. 374 do 1) Eldridge, (oilunrliainia, 645 do 1i Barker, Sealaman, 240 do J llower, Bomibay, 6(i.5 ti Ii Humphrey. The above ships are all new, of tihe first lass, copper faitceed rnlerppered, commanlllliided by IInI of great experiencee, hve large ireelccolllod,ri, "ns. with a selarate ladies cabin; every attention wiht: paid to pa-sollcgro, anld the very test of stores pro vided for tLiftr. The packets will Ie towed up and down the Mii eiesippr, and the strictest punctualiry il served in the time of sailing, alid should the relglar vessels e be detained in arriving, oilier ships equally Its good will in sall cases he substitutedl. A shlire of lpntron age is solicited, anlt the agents pledge themslsvces to cecommodate as onuch as practicable, to receive sod forward goods by nsid line at the losL moder ate chliarges, and to advance aill uxpelses Un goods shipped, i' required. The ships will leave the Ist and 16(th of every month. For freight or, apply to tire agenot. J A MIRRITilT, 82 Corrmmon st. N. B. Advancements nade on consiglune.its to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. nov27 $ "t AKi Iico HArtl ateeC, tre iow roncle-in lfri l on board ship Orrlros, Enigle. lliillainrii, sikerI lelry Andrew, Frenrh and ru n rn lay n r hdes; Ilic anmmon lloarde; Creleilssm, 2 1-4 oirdl 2:l-P iniih Ilil ard lils.; 8, , 10nd 1"-' iclh Ilade hBowie Kolire: Leather und oilther trnt line I)ressing (lrcse; lelt. Pocket, Hlorsemm' s, end I)lollinlg Pistills;double andI single bnirrelled Guins; iamrue tas; Shot ihells; Powder anid Pitiol Flasks; lirirun Ioritles nd Di iriinking (lis Peerey on Clp s nll C(al IlIoldler; Clothd, Ihlr Toothi lnd Nail Brelsies; Orris llnd (Chlilorie Tooith nasolh looth Powdere'Toiilriulld Shivilr r nris i if) p eeii vi, ritte; inrig Hllir Braile, Rinlleti nndIriierlrlte+; 1I'rlnr rilToiir riPoiwder; Iflier- lHogs; vlery i T- rlr ;sls' Prtirel Slides nr CGrterse; tGlnic Eh!aiC tir Srisenderr , Powdlr Putlltennld loxes; t ilt Cllins, Sels ai u nd Keys; Ear-ldrplle; WeVist itnIkls:; rIlclets; Ilead Necklaes and Chlius; Gilt and t iilverel Beadrls; Indiian Ilheilds, R.ell anid Plllles; Shell Twirt; Silo rnl Dressir e Comlbr;whllichl,i adirlilnionis t heir flormner stock on haII nd, aelkes their nasorrent very comrpletr, lld will be *r ow aed on lileraI lterlns, t then igI Of the t(IlIlen Colfb. i'3- 70 Cl2rtres street.D I Ml-IN.Sub -rilers, Age s fuCr lr e t.e nie ie e i f -- '. & l. Bitvllcr, EShrflle, Errland, hvre jiust r.ceiver , very extn.lsive set of hll' p r.^ t'll;llayinllrf f t'ale ndll D)esert Kilives of e derie iptsl, oslien, Pocket, Ditk, lnd peaor pouil iavrsi; Izors, t ',i s sot. KllPe Tool m a, cr. c.. Ac. whierlcthey rre preplre os exil to the ntrideIor orfers. l'rno anlid crndirtionis waill be aralde known tl tie llreu. onl J. I). B EIN & A COII eN.rll0 Coon st. ý' IMMONS, ITAR'fT & CO.-Are now receivil " per drip Hisiivirllh, Flgle, Merit Asllirew, lih ander, Freneh io Grmtan oile Idwh i r avticails: sler, bfIt nnil picket plistals; tlhiai rilibed ni sulil eo.inol eras;nl esl hlonlers; tciss,.e,- I:Izors, e vers; illotl' commercall ai d otheilror steel lells 'io rl; Violin strings; shell, ivrly a ed hor comibn; sr al'rs; t, bead and leather prses; Ihair bcirid, frillerl ..rl nek rlineleru negro ll i frsr CGerline o1in Prr:riih coilgrle water, ilowlacds macelssel oi!. inihation do ifs, ilne utirll essirsoill pa o le drass snd dreoiig rulst: plerst, blhiucangi stalRa nld toilet glarses rornvex cnir'lsin sim - i Cpal glasr n stenil viewl Inldian Ierale bellilnd l iilllr I .eortleoi; whit- twine; toilet saiI shvillng soap; tinilec owder, eincelte rilath lballs seeill;el satin arrafirrirs; pool stalildll.rserw eo rhioos; falrey bead -elidins neckll car tilliard brllr; triket books sintd wllelles I fCerm.n hnes; tLIner strs.p ur- n are1 evolllnOvel .lI) nlastic oeslleilernlr , galitrsdorii tcllt luhioclfr iriloihrr sit ie riee (·e CesyurrFe, Ar. re. Tihe aloe iii auli:itnl Io in ll flnrlerl s-cik of fallcy ceirler, nmksonrrr iassonlltmet Vi-yi s rilhli-t'h'. sird ns tlicnsale or rirtail as I he sig Ifi (heIoldeIIr. Cils l, i .h . .n . f- irA str. F rf NEW% lit.le for perolnr mltroubld with de.aril,. (:alled tal oeu r T'rlunrl) I,) llas junst bo ln re eived, bl ihe fii1r. icfii hi . srr - !ighi a rtier ni iiil-.tiinii h U nin vot-e ie dilrritri crolr-eld Lo libe e"s,. AAnr ore .-ho fllo ever reCie r hirgeu r VII.o.enrsrowhi-raerr delr prnson, IIIunle l blli illar lte dieilslisy il oilu hnclerllrniell rxpeliornrea ilo:h Itr ailemelvlennd thlle ili stibandoien niluiroclrsi-l^leifllbrltsf. Ity tie h e itlo tfia fla "'ruit I e dthi-n ohtij'iiu ii olirrely nrivhln ied. The tuet rrepteirol huse -I clari s ,0- alrlllirfll iichir dobte elrtel Frlrv rte.le..rcIEr of, oCo"ieoi andrci r11 t al e trr.+ tý!ups~ lem.+rtl rys}'t o.Sa o _t lC·EL 'LXY 100K UINIiERY.: Under the Picnayune Olfife, 72 Clap st. SRONBElIA'& OWVSON beeg Inave tlm'ialrm I} their customers nll tlhe pllhlic generall' I, en they have reliimoved llhe estabhiehment il .. 72 Cimtp street, i ntnediately under Ihe oflice oa lie 1iieyune--whe' i Ilthe are prepared to execute ail oraid rs in theiriline. reerive+d from the North a supllpy of pn. parand materiale ol'.n iupelrir qnualit, for the manuature o1,f illank Iln,ks. they offer thir wer vIceFs ,t mcrrh lnts and lthera, who may mwish ainlk of thnl kind ; and having the ndlva.inge of several ya.l' s experinren in ilat line, Ihey are un'ildent ofr iving satslaclion ta tihose who a mn y Cavr ther' with their customr For .lintiei, Iarchitlels and others, mnps and plans, will bie pastn d oi linen. varnished and mounted in.lthe nleatot lalnner, & at the shortest notice. Plain and fnnev hinding, in all its varieties nt. 36 Charres street, Ne w Orleans. W 31, SEIIGI':ANT & Co. Importers of French anad Enel'shi Chinn and I.lrthcn ware. are tlow opening new and rich pntlerns of bireakfasa, dinin nnd ten services, 'oilet sets, picihers, lIll and coffic eeps, :enpiaots, suars, creamsa, bowle, plates, dihler, tIreens, wash basin an' ewores, loot Iahs, rea . et , Rich cult and plnin French andl Anrrienan gl.s wnrre-- hblels, champaitnes. lemonades, jellies, hlea, ianine-, cordinls, cenlrae hanlane, Idoaites., tumblh.e, lpreserve d.ishes, celerlees, pitchers, lamps, lamp shald and glasses, candle shadoe, sual tel lers, ietc. Silvern plnted, bronzed and hritania wnrei-enns ar, Illaq .r stand.l , eakc ht kets, candlesticks, brainchel s, o, In.O lns,ladict, f: 'e and lea topnts,s ullrs, crelam., Inmps, Ilpal,nned tr; , n ltral slali n ld I ha:ginr lapstinle ealaPry, German sliver yspoins and lork, luaethler nillrh n great variety iof aricles haar fliiiily us.e. h1crra'lints, planters, holntls, and SItallllllilb , furnihed w ath yods at tile alll t ten sonable prieIs, nnl puked so as ani be cueoveyt d iwnlh salety to ' :l pirtl ' he coun ry. A_ nA' a nlthrie, ,trs' .hs.o are. n, a T H.. . :i li. iiA LIN. f a rte F'a lm bile tn Auagustn, O;e . ry i,anves Mobile every day at ,hree +'ý . r-sa n', hock. Ip a per US grail but foIr lunl's I.ndlng, ahove ltnkel.--llthmece four pla.i canches Ia, Penslaoln-athllilenl steampllboats to lagr nie, i here the hland 'ille is resumed l-:lhence va Ma.lriann a and larwnaville, Fnid. ralinblidge. Pinderiion in, IIswktnavtlle. . SaundersvieIO & lnnds. vtisle toAugsiiasn, n, aennectling regularly with the r'ail ralim (irs o Charleston, n el tile steam packets I Noiw York, Nnrlolk, Philadelphia, etc. 'l'Theau t m aIr a, the hest for the service, and the II\'naviga tiolo reL S a lr ndvaantages ia In cant he l)founllld upon any stlinbllout route ill the south. I ern region.. The great improlvements l tilhe route hane ee produced by tlil cminstrlClin Ut lify miles of nwll road, by the proplriltor, viz : fromll I.ran ,o n Sli.avl I ire lavo, nll n it ofi Santa Rosn BI y, to lIrn'i 's 'a ery, ni the Clihatnnh'och e liver, tel mil, s ahovC than ,a' wl'.ard Or I14 'above Cedr Iulll,; \ h i bv the i na1. l iitnr l i l ll li ii river, antd Iar e : ,,ltlllll det nlions, ald m ore r eI' 't'llll' ill m l t verI illt lcros In at the ('owlntr, are entirely rant from laria'nna darect t, i.!.tt .. , lg s " , d (.· l the rullndahmll r,..d via l ' lt<i, nrl ilira h,wg lthe i ,aa lltlcs rnoreat allln onc iia da . AI l nI I trtl 1ll' ll sll lw,, herre Ft re, every ti r daiy a Ia II ., rnt'.', vi. a P .rry to \a'co.,, G i. ann. ca in ill .i the Iai e In Savannalh and I) Ill( Iu., [; 1*4 1 G A eanal Irslnhara l phl, s reigularly be ween i alrinbitle al, Api A o'llai' hiali.e a . T' v + I lti r asaiahi h i o( w itnl w ,' m + t on v'F t ,. ir h,- m teI or A,sula I - li1bi.e to Pensac,"l.t-1 ,-id Rol e--Dnrn, alhe * t11 i ' l la iii ii i Iai d ; i i . iiy itl 1a a Ib aI ,aI i I IIe a ''ll ,imi,,' , at h l. 'avin ai ll , I ' Xi ol l i ,,i l is ln, l , h . IIe 1 l vli ld mIf ,t i It +luh C 1 L fl l ll u "0.r.'Jl' 1ttll2V 11 il, cl,'ia I a n l a.,r iN &h I rn. S - i tn ther," ,I ,1 i l,,in U r1 t i,.n l I ,,1 tn . i il (a , I.t a ana- o ,'. t.l. c I. r + l n r l r, \\' iohP ll m . ollltl I'h - hn l.r lA. ni tic lt,,. t,h ith e scI, zIrI In It, a New , 1.r i a . lii ia , l 11 i , ! 11 I . a. a na . rI asa~i l .it ,ri nieh, , ll h ,l I a'r, vt a l'n t l ., i Ire8 ila .li it iII his city I hr inin g a general ai lni peal D no benetl . Ile is now rece, ing a lull alpply on liberal term' To a 't'y dr.g'i t , and l t nhos, o Ill, Inl n(r, It ph .siclans, llerc hants and plantlr, he wll off'r induhenllltl such ls have never be. loro been rlfred in hi, city. His lin ,ltion is t d 'a strictly n iaiii. l rlu business. II, r tcek aill aol n i e ca . ll or, aid inn at few [eke will be rea vi ' busin, . a' ll'a'ers ianm the ontiryi, and lr n laerc anta ( t' I- cit' , receivin. such orders will tlie p nnmptly atL nded to. o,'t "3 No 39(Carp st ]-l/'If)I*:SAII'1 ]NI) I!' TA IICt(.otI AND VA S II s'rl l(lr:--r t thr sign of th, goh lldn ScomlbM, q ('H hl:nes se.trer. Thesubscribers have re ci(v, . iolli~tio o "b thcI'irlrevionl sto k nn hrand, frill roe.0,L 1 pIe rrorrlil rr, hrh. 1tro. r l orherr, Ilttkirll o R lr sses, ('() . I - Im'..irr shl.ll \'r'.lht and lain tll 'k,twist, gi.illhd Ihck, hlom, round, drsins, side pull'l, curlnnd nWck, llr:aziliunll colhs of evenr description amIl I]ogst whlich iar s e Mllslnill I )tters, Ivory colllll of every " .:lrliptin , hImyII h ll derP--ille IIud I nc kel*.t, tn; crIII(! with R. g mlqlrl.nll rcrr-o r rlrl(. r of rl',llllh rIn .rr llr i c1 . I'ttFI'.'MtInV-Cl._tgnl , L'etslhr, (lroido,honey, hay, rseI,, :lad lor.ulre llowr wnfler of feversIizeand dre.o uripi l. n pllll atllll' C'olo ne, extrllt of lirgallllot, Inur soaps of rll kinds, shnvig do! in cakes and pots, er'ni sop do, Woard's voereable hair oil, ' earts nd oo n ti qedor . i rstl n')ll smIellin llg r rnl-l lain alnd r perfulned toilet p( wder, pll arl rdelr.e', powr tel" lllb allboxer po I I ll m o o n i t ll' l p o ts a n l'o ll ,o r nrl I Ii i c l o rl n e to o th w a sh I l n:\o\ e.Is. wil:,: : i : gel nlllrt llt ; o l .l1\V'lt.LY-rso ootr ol' oe I!rrstt mn ost fashiron ble s!"ot, consisting of' white and red c'rnelian, tp~r ... Ijet (odrops, sel t in lillgree, breast pinus of a gr t ll " e-IIII tV of i"lilcrlllns Wlallh e ihlllllillmm n g ill g llld silv+.' ~Itikles, silver thim ilh... sih vr and gohl ,t .ils l urd in unt ro m chains BRUSHES-Clotrh, hair, ]nlst ,crumb, henrt'h,floor, hflttsyth,olh, tl plfate, orllll, Nail, shaving, shoe and L(OOKING (. A.SES--(ermrn statinatnd r toilet Mlas.,, ,gn~itvinrg d.0 Frrnrdh d'eressing glosss, homne h,, a+ tilbl ar ahi',iV o hl'th r kinls notr enurlll terit l. .ANCY A AND VARIETY ARTICLES-French lllll llr A lerio'in )orlM le Ideks rot.l dots illog (ctues, a. mel vory rilch aIm lill linislit' .ro l rl( IroI Tk d i )rlr rt rilr tres sin crases with ,d withtlll music, musical Irboxes, Ac cordin o rvariots kinds, iulins tn uitrs, silver ando crayons,t rn o edcoKsguns Iuripistolo Witih r d witrhout fli llone llll son na k ies, ll lra ors nill l ( s. issors, thibilll les, I., lle i', li.Silns, I' l- rlorl, s.teel nnall cllmmo' l sper cp u rctr, wto'vt bor s tnd w,1l,,ts 1,h vIar, n kinds, Visiting nnd A dllerirlla manufaliCturellslls iitjrlyrgr'itrlll b soxes, prints of various kinds, Siuntders' elonicrv' 'I E·lllllliizc, ll'', ll iUl ldo's,11,d Ilawki' . tr strops all ntlll ld rors, lor wtll hes, t ! ar).r slttree ioll , o errllllasks, cu n ndll p'lln seerd bends, gil, and silver r'l , rrknm elasticterr boards, dice, optical vierll, jewrllrOrlp, l ,colbo match esid dlrinnll g t ull psL' with t.t grat variety o. I otr kllh ttrli lie, all iercnn rit will .rhre.ld ior 'h ilnlor aity fnhcepnl cel on .2 mllrllolt s cadit. Iu I t131 ONSt, & n.5. 111 711 Chartresa ig LUt 1' oledicrl olll oly aouis onn 'lthmotsis; do. oni l dol dlettilng, .lle Ulhpply, ore'd Itr, `un .ER31 oilt-100 panlionr pure winter in A7 Spari Oil, inl callkr lllrlt,for tille hlb JAiRVIlS & ANIDREIWS, lrholesalo I)rtgg tas, eorner C ( nmnon and iTll hp r'i.000 \alor, tt'etrl ot ery, &n.-A tilenuod anlle of colrogue, ut up eixpressly for the retail tide; il'i Ithe purest F enlr Perfotmere, tntbro ren enery varietty lor ioe toiler, for sole by acrt RETES & DI'I AN. T1 .Cr ontry 7lelrclilallr a nd Planters.r Neg.roolrl cl , th bll l ilet, lr llrel , Ir n.i el s, Iorw ll ohIrIvaes, clreks, lirnens. calirers, Olrandkerrhl els, &r &re received nad for Osale !w r-y ont' -ubscri. bhres. RI'A A Co. Sn ry r. o"r C(nr 41r C; toitret nrh r . t'rs Clllr, N.. .4 Conde stmrt, rrr'ere'r Ianllrr n nod '. P'rhrrr, keel ser c'orw ontt ron tad, or ,rolr -i r r-asitrr ofr nlos Ionl nodntrr"no Wnrd sierr, ol N'w Y reror'r man elrrIor forntero'. wo n.:r 1, l no.r, wich he will drepoe 1l at ver1 rrrr I 'ro.' 'roe. twill 'he'c:r I o ttend. ilic' to L S SE . OUR AN EA ttoMAILE .'AIltt.NA' t COLOGN W.ATIER 2 cares tro-ree dof ths seoturtior Cologtneo'atee. just1 Iee.e..¢,.t'le l id for s'meo' thIte doe or tihort. l'rttl:' Also Americnustal nrtend o'toilet pwderse, owoer nli O anrlbtonxrse.orI g on. f(oiletsotroopeetUostootet watro. ull, milk of ro, llrlOtir cldr alm, eatrc I lr, I Imok, rpallllml, W'.rd's vegetable ir oil, pOlnltll n'ellre e gri ts', Irlrr .Olhelekrdrr, rune aoo rlne teoillelr, rlol'sl ,l ,teel-i ei reolotrll e IoI p ertme ottll s h i tr k. eredtu hl rol , tdliu.d, t trIton O, Ch nllrloe Or r, i tti o t l wtott l i naiitl., (hrot r totlt th It!nd flesth brnutwhe togetr r wt itto 'ro addttioerntl netrotn fotohiosobls ,toi tro n e eoout'.od jerolrttoroll osle leow t wllhotetse or lrwtil 4n e, . \,' Ih'd. h1, n llro nb l BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING. OF EV0P,' DEt.CRIOII.TI, ct lPEEDILY, UANDIOMIt |I.Y AND CHEAPI.Y EXII:U!TEtD to AT THE OFFICE OF THE PI True l/Inmerican, S'T. CIIA'ILIES STRIIPEF', NEAR POY'DRAS. CHAMPI'LIN & COOPER, tO CGROCEIIS ANI) DE.EALERS IN PROVISIONS li AND FEED, ir No. 79 and 8" Julia arfeetr, New Orleans. an i~'Shil anld I'niily stores pul al. mir 5 or S(1ill .i AN A FURNITURE WAREROOMS I" S Na. 53:, Bienvi lle street. of W ILII' tI II. CAINEI", would respectfullly in fror It l friitall aldll Iho Ipublic that ale is :oo stanlly receiving froua New York andl ItoIton a goal P assoralenat of Farnitoe, such at nloltogany cllira,o sofa s, I ed-teaIs maple, InI polnted chairs, Inample fnd c cherry bedsteud., nahopley and cherry tables (dPll descripltion, bureau., eailets, secetaryr, writiaug C darks, wardroes oof mlhggany Iand cherry, wash IT ostalnl, looking glase, foreathers, bedding, &r. d&c. Nlt. Furniture packed for transportation with great it care. rolv13 tl FRED WILKINSON. to DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL Ur LOUISIANA, tt FPFERIS his services to the pahlic i:n tle depart- A a mets of Surveying anti Civil Engineeriag, ltb .J. illwll ow l and coluntry. Froil tnllliderulalc, exlaorinsce ai o his profession.ol da bya prosoptonens. d tlidenii itncu 'e exec ftion of busija s elrtrlsateld to hitll, llhe o )es to at ~ternt and erite a sharel ol'apulhlic puatrolle. lonwil' !alo moearutre antd alcuulatetlte toaolltellt of wall, ealn ex 'ations. Odlice Nob 8 rh:rresstreel ,secoandaloty .-BAZAAlR. j VUSL & A.ILEN, NO. , EXCIANG. IAOTIL,, 'orner of 'Nl. CharleH otrl i loan trli ,. tNEW OItI.EANS. IMPORT'I'ERI amst Delders in French mod Ergliha Prso'lla r o; lressillg Cclae.taul Portable l oks,I Ctlltlearv Ilosiry, Glsoa s Slhirts, Stlocks, Ulnrbllas, l Callesra;lod Fallty Articles . t McCOLLUII & DOSSiY, 1,Factora & General Commission M.erchants, MOIlit, E. Refihre in Newi Kiirkan, Abernathy & Iloanna, I Calatrell &. Iliaky'l, I Pape, Poers & Co. bl JOHN STEWART, No. 5, Plaltl Slrheel, .1aew lork, CO:lIMtISSI)N lIEtIIIIlANt', I t MPOR'TER and dealer n Ilatters Pilshes and '(I trimnoings. Amplelt storage Iany e had on mad clrate erms, radevei) atlttpaon pIaaill to goodsll orward r' itel eeneest-- p e ncT rs. I.arue & I'rovolst, N O. n rooD- I233-ly A CARD. CHRISTIE & SINNOTI'T, 1Wholesale Gr,,ers and (Counis.i.sli$+on .rr.shadls, Nt O. ` C(oao io l S.lacts.a . Irhl a ans. 7lJ :rticr laratteatiat paid to t tlllliag atp of Svakulll bot tlrd Shill stores. BANK N(FTI' ENUIIAVING. RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON IAVE .pk ssd a ao a li,- ir a Na,'s I rlerllo. por.Y ig eI .tt l al aIlvantaeaa sl ah their hont.use ail l S orw lk, lout aaste p aaaaaof a'aoai ninaa ain tIar i ag Baai :atata a I;,rI1. ii 11" !i'rl O' ll :i1111 E l l T.'(ll tl, i +lla ' Illa tll.,'a+ a ilt l IIa Ioa'g', C aaIaI1+ li'a IaaIn lillliltaa It p IIa' h ý sail" .al IIIr .sap' iso I aa11c ,ll ii' rIof ipossii 1 to ,i, a a hl l ho.l a c all o'h'a io ,and .Ill r'ta ht 'll'l II:11 Irllit'." ,:; '11 1111 mp'1 " ,- 1 ' r tI. I( .ll rm ' . S.'llll'I Blt)Ji lt &l (\ '()1O . P+lSS t 'r. (ll a,''', 'osasa s . llI N 'at O. Cats SI Ili1 1 AN'I', N.. fF, I ,. , J. 1'. FIt IAN & N l .l ,o Alllt t hltq llarl elll' r Illl 'V l.'* flt l l Ih, I' llll.lll ll' .. I et; +tlpl'li'.'d .it iltC , 11;1: .t Iots t,. SUI blot DNT IS I l r :.a l i :Mtl' IN oOoO o La - toa" l r -. o r0 . FASHIONAS iLE CLOTHING r 'I'AYI,)I & IIA1J)IEN, No. 1. I r h Ir i . Nr i, .- ee IIAVIn uIt lll.shl l l' ply a f every fra llto l a it.1'g1;11,,i to aetleI 'a d,', , a t ~ t la h e I d ta'al-, , ul "NI' w Yl o k, apri'ers _"- ' sa a s a a . ' 3. oss 1Ra SURGEON DENTIST I S No.13, I. al aostre t., ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING t 1;TI.: , IllSIlllN IT, No. 53, Magalzine Street., Opposite liak.s' Arand,,. lI,'Llt,) ll.tIf GR \IEVF, iuROPIi'ETOi7 J H. PARKER . . aCoaollltniS.aion ntrii IF'ao''ortaril;g Malerchaont, No. 6, "FRliN'I LEVEE, a't1 TA '.iro Is. s, Nr a ')'-'atsF "-tab . WIIt)ltLE\.tll' AND IE'!'AIll I)t.tIERIS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS ) DYf STUI''S ...V\D INIIV GDO I.(l.IS', aotlrner ato Conmlt on :ato Ta :hl'ltas toula s a treets, , NAIitAN JARVIS, JaiJON W. ANIRIEWS. A large alpply o Garden Seea.s. wurrantled the growth of 1837. R. 11UII' CLIANNi)N, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER' No. 1. Camnp street. Wholesale Ildltr in 'aintus, Oi, Vantisher, ruhes, a :sla ioaiow nood Pictarc &. &. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROBi.. SO.JVI A' GOOD I.V, S INo. 6OS, Clhartrea Stree, iOne Door below liienville. ta IlAVa conmantlly ol halind every aricla ai pper.sla c da ,4-81 INSURAN 'JE COMPANY OFi NEW ORIEANS. 'J'is (IComp ijl' aire now pirt redel to ttake RISES AGAINST FIRE. No. 24 Musson's Building, Cannel steet. E L TIRACY, New ()lleull, lll8t 15.1:38. Seretlary. N lTT''ICEl---'rle ittershtlrip of Kelley, eson &Co . of New Orlean-; Rlttmmo llurri. &(n., of' Na+ttchez; ud H1rris, Kelley &Co., of Iloliney, wo dissolved oil heItst of Mah ltst, by loildeathl of Su+tuel A Mason, oe of thtle partnlers o thlle irlns. The undersigmed, surviving partner,, will be charged with Ile selling llld cloling .tid business ane follows: LeviC Iltorri wsill atlend is t the settlitg of thle utiuesots of Masonn,lhrris&i Co.. it Ntttehez; a.l IlIolris, Kel eo & Co.,st Il(ldue; aed Ilerv Kelleyv will Itteud tI hle ettling of the bi,.isms ofKe'lle, Mhitson L& C.., at New OrleansT. 'ITe nmes of the several firms willbe used in ligeidltiononly. 'hose indebted ti stil firnlm nre enrnestly requested ootme forwnrd rnad umalkecsrly settlements ndl tlIhose h0+ing claims will please imest' ut thel without delay. LEVI C IIAItI&IS, IIlENY KELLEY. New Orleans, June 27, 1837. F RES! II;AIRDEN SEED-I) The subcriber begs to express his grateful thanks to the pub, he, for the liberal support he has Jeceived since he conrmenced bulines, in this city. I.ilng sitle pro priotterof the seed store, 17 Common stlrele Ile ii not and never was sagt Ifor oany itnolrr tneedt I vender; ineilther is hle nlllleetd wtllt iv htutse ill this torntiry-bul lie sts*res Iitf Ipublic IbthOt heIs corl, tinsllt I every deptittlllnt of the sed bulSu t lIss, in ihe diltlrelt ountri es o fll I:1 lpe rel equal 'o that of allty house in Ito n Uoitle t ttts s. he tt.t prts s,.etls, plants, &r. from thie uon-t extensive nlld respelrtlble nrselrre and set l .ell Illn France, II-l|lla d, I: illcnd, S -o-land, anllll d the no thlere talteu - .nd it wl ili a1 all aII te e Ittis lurei l n Iti 11s I5 tli stuIt.l., tol recUi ., IIt aitditt lol I t IIn e presentl SlikS . ltarge :t. vals ,l itv ry ih si riptlit n, ret llt ) thel s I l o I tll l; also, i rtted l tl Ire s, t all kind s. The publhc tlll, rely on liIn illn tI lull rns sortllll.lue l r i_,vry arllr le in itl eed i lll, .lI gt.enull ine quarry, and irupored meirct by SVin. )IlNN. V. T , I S. l l'h' S-T-lhe Subti criber, ito Itisin lt yo rsi bli-hed n varn rish leartoe in .\ etw otrleans. is redv to.pply lthe itts tnt te tl .tlpubl'ic is general, by dho:saunl or retail. Ili' prices ure mtternlte, andl tile qtulit iis of hisprleduel lperiorIuoaiy ever bruughr Irt tllt plance. 'lITh ge lllleiat tt nploted lo asupel lluur lin ItI iiuutiftnll itV111tf eens'Ii Ic' lt' "tll of sil ext oss ive td llllslll eallt c;il'lhis kin dl ill t '.l. I 'lre 'hosu thltp,sed to a tll at lhe oUtlnenr ti Nlt'hez Istel 'tl'olttituiitlas ics, .Irall bie ptasnted with a lai, as mile of ully vatnish lt.+y may wi ts th Irv. Atnrsnesethe urioe tl entnhNo.1,wrh.tohittlrdot ric l. ct.tnege noon in hit Royal college of Plhysissnss Lonidono. It!. original Vegubhle Hsgeial Universl Medl lte, prep;rer by W siLki'in, nsl. oentler of I Roeal College of urg.arhs, Licentiate of Aplthe-* cay'asUompany, Pololuw i tolt Court Society, Surgeoll on to the Itoyal Union Pensionl Asociatillnl, ILoanaslr d Phae, Waterloo Bridge, and Perpetual Pupil of Guy' vat Iat St. Tllhomass's Ilospai s, London. Ti This valuable smedschie, the result of twelnty yetrs' g experielle atl tellarallelel success ia thle extetsives a anl ligllr Irespeetoble 'actliee of the proprCety, Iltro tisell by llte lheully nlot nobility. :atl is now ilotrodudstrt to the notiee of ite American putalic, at the earnest so licitation lof a numriler of geltlemen of loltn and higih t standi.~ in the professioa. It is hoped, aon s relimi- e nnry step, to check the evils and fotal consequences si arising from the use of the numerous and deleteriouse v nostrum.s loisted upon the public by the aid of lftbricated t profof sotmiraculous eures, amo oither frautds, bya set of et mercenary, unpriniple d lspeetetderst. so tosally ignolosa to at modieal setne., that it itpossible thie mosttrous fr dsilsiosn cn any looger go down ellhi hie intelligent ti people tl'thiscounttry. These pills, miiltd attd agnseg blet t n thleir nature, shoald lie kept in every family in eases of stdden illness, for, by their promptt :administration, i cholera, eramtls, spasms, fe'rrs anst other alarmHitg complaints, whisiell totn ulet prove Ihtalt, ltny tlie selid Iv caral or plrvented. nilhet, all those who vahlegood lealth, should never be witllout them. They are soli' is hslo piekets at 5ti cents.$t scl st2 each, by Tevery respea Itable drtggistt htkseller, and velonro fmedc teelse ii till Unitedl States tl ,I lte Csnadas, with eopious directions, it with: estulnonials of protfssioatl ability from fi the follot g eminetllt gestlenlen: Sir Anst Csostper, J AberL'thy.yJames Mlhundllo , MI. I). . ack, I. It., t .I. Aston Key, A. 'Frampton, MI. 1)., stlld numerous others. The originals may be stea It possession of the i General Agent, by wllhom the medieie s i imported into ti this countrly,I atl to whom all applications loragencisei must be laude. . JNO. IIOL 12EIN, 129 Waverly Place, N. York, a Sole Ge(tci al Agent for the United Staltes, Uc. I For sale hby appointment of the eriginal tprolrielor. Iby SwaI* & IlioTetic, )hRuggi~ts, No 1 Canal sItnet, (.tuese Agent stor Stlahee of ll.ouisieus. jutsSl b i ENItY It KIfE n& No ,N lagazits e , treiet,le receivigl from lships Nashvlles , I.oaisville I ielllll,, EgsE:Ig, ltland other late arrivals Irl :hi St.tllelt eities, : large and new tselteted aisnsrtmelnte It Iiln, Iloote, shoes tandl Irrog:ll:s, consitting ol'rgerllllesin's line callt ard tMoroco loos. do sd quality; do bulttst, andsst stout w:is peggtell ustolIs ariniols qltudiies; lleln's tille alldf seal asi MlorncesC l or Itllslll.s nl b brgal ullckskil slhoes, Ibrgnsals ant llppeis: men's linC e alf asill kippiled leggeld soll.esl I rogns; lu boolts; do stoutll kip and wax 1pegged slhoels a il brogans; gentlemene's best quality cal'sewed shoes, 1 I,o sans and Jack Iowtliings; do calf c ullad .Moroeco i" lekle shoes andl blroais; do calf, seal anlld Marolo: I tlian shoes and sliptl-.s, (o calf ,talf allt scat Wllgs, niew article; flo lilne c tlf, se:. stl l tlalmeoqualrtert itsI hoys', mises' and children's IpeLgesd aIt sIlewed t br oganls, all shloes o" el'cesy quality atil khil. a Also a genrtlll tsslortllel olf men's stot war and1i eacs t hrogass atlt slsst, otsgether w'itb l1,tat ipirs tgr laost quality, russett Ibrog:tan, nailed in tt I. ks, made expressly for plactation uset a goata its rtaellm of mnul's ie and stout kip russrts hr·1 1n.s, a S tw articlt, ll 'r a :ttge qUanttit of all i~ i'crlort alii)t it re, sset a.:l wax hrllgalls. Lllies' line ca:,l; seat, mnoroceo aod graino el y, andll pillpll sle sIhoes; dI fin Frullh \ orccut i ill kil riun I s.l kind s nd qualities; sdolstnrillos:Iba nsi ilt t ai ittles' II :lll o td Io(Io'ls. .tl 1is.s' billi':i. ll e hlltlil It In gats. Cthildorelst colol'd Mo cuco ml luting bro tl ulatll baools, ke. ,nltleel'silnetl',shionnblh. lMack nilk hots; dlh black In Idrub a bster do t1 :t stperior quslith; do ial.hon .ll llk thnssia h a:irt iappe i h i'tis, a new nllllll .ti h. Ydt:d :YthII La e size lants ot dillertenl q alities; di cthihs lle '. . 11n':m I ) s hltcIll , I l drabI Il ,t ,I hatiS I' i :llt su Il'tt'es, witts entlr.d ' alsttnttis b't ' s tsa msn Ii his asstli elln n ill be. repleishud b) the arrital of SIl be sold onllll t Nllitlll ngllllrllsl . at11. h--itI Il i; l atN 1' n t . i.5' i it '.2 F I.'0 lIt T'1E "' .: iT 1'/ e rrvai ve " tit th , I ha ini. . le.s , ' Is,' .l-,,l r it 5ti it si s t e Am,'ti,''s sbslis. ,lrrstt es'srlittt hllv l ,, ' s:: "' n'' , ,s ' 1ti' I ,,,sis .is .11 Ihe I n,. i5' l ,ill In s assI ll cIt r tlls ' I, nll.s tl i i I + t i s' sillln p a n olt A 1u I,,,llh',tt h n h1 ,1 , , ni~i t le , -ilhr irl e alll ll riFi i imar I I -.1 r i rIcsi~p-.ts,' ll '.I sit , 1,-s It'i ran,,iH i'l' ,to II t 1 l-, , r - tiht rson l,' he. h b,1 ti, Ilal', i -t il I , - i 'ti el t,, as., . 'ed .ln t anI, 1r . a nui m l i , ll t il li - i , ",sil .y i i lsii, Ih. Illl'r l11 lll, .l . i ll Illfil -n 1 1,"` ': Ill -.,, lll , II ll) , ai ' Ini s p n t11 i l inr n1 n 111 11" ,hl thI, it us t1-'"I ssti S1e1r, a in t tierli' . . ~II Iun , t I re..:.",a o , fnt - , I, .'l i li :ll .,clll I, s,1 " I esI, . I . ll4 : l.1 h Ireat u t .e . ·:, ~ tll ie l u I etsshe slt i:ln re tin n 5 i n th most, n 1ob t Ina1 1, Itg I"r on1 rot , o ,. 'th lb, 1, 5'I 51 '5acv 15n fI , kii s tt t Ith sin 1st n I It* ' '5 AnIn the\ d1.g i, ir nle a ll. tl , \ ' in o b;--1 i1" c ,.11, ýt olh ' I so . !l o I hll ' , h. 's c 1u 1 .. r I I i t " . . to the ann1 clot til.t"t'. Th pror2corsa ( 'tt)\ .llllN li 'l'( IX it' I pTyI'I :.-- -. ( I nt al ietl ' . '.i er, t,,Klr tl,,e Fever d Agul, A ,,I'I . LIV e 's usile a nt ·ossa i a 'ar l AI I a sst thei origl tal r t '.ll', l itcdr l tI t /m iI l oll r llli cer iio e ll!lsn 't aai l sn C rtrss u tts' setlsrtls sIill'slili el Žsnaae's str h l sttt I.roii ilhlsil l. ties re olsla Ilsn l. l n he o otr I 1 ii i. ' Ii ilt itctirs plrit'inl ttl' l r is lhIhope Iss istll ns'y 1e I ese mtans of rest rP i an aIty of tille,, who ariste Iulteriag Uals'r thet tsos rgaa oat1 t?. II satnt tiltr 1 at stlttstlllcssedtsae p aisl llaggeaaost stllts llut'ltl Iiheslud arsorsiistg tol ttsea thrections haisan littvsr fillsi of effetllg urot, ve tle most obtnat a;rtase sna tage of the dif's Tor. It in itt at alln direllront, ildst - ersoansto ol'he wcakbet tstsuacsl, tt lilsl llhreu Say take it with iumlpnity. It trenogthaoes I.el dgeolgrVe .orgeslls, ereatns ait appetite, aond stchloin requires one thIan aote, or itll obstinate casts, Coca bLattts to effect al cure. ''thero is neither Ocurv Ilnor. arseni in the msedicine, nor any thial injurious o tIhe huullsla constitution. T'hVt proettll tort are so well eovinieod of its efllaey, that Ihey agree to refund ulso price of every battle whlieth has been taken it aeaordana'o with thie dirn.ctjatts aslnd has I! not elt:eted it a perfec tenro of liba foyer & apua. A. Oi.IVEII, sole ssgertt fur Neow tretrase, at his wi lehsale and retail drug and medheasa slore, earner of Iliesslole andss Chartres circets. ts For District Agencies a 'ls! to je5 'T. W. SIt'I'll. 48 Conti at. PENSACIOA MANSION IIOUSE NEW CIT', PE~S,\CbOlA.. ihit: itbsciber lhavitg rclhsed tie le hsent .fed Alr F nitearelt this well klliitii aetablileelrlec ,i·ll el Tavlor, h late et opricltr, will be ready to receive ti te'ti bc the lit ct April t eat. Numerous i anl coily ip)roIvieiiets will be founld i I the alrrllngemelnie of the Mllsilon Houllse. New said lmore collliols hatnllll houses will he built, ean warm. b.,tlh will be provided at ill lors. A stable will be tlltachedtl t ile ihouse, with Iegood etiiOll.ld tiuln for horees luul carriages. n'ilnl rate horslles and currtuges will also be kept tillr hire at moderate Irices, land still uid tllw Ilouti , witlll perio.llll+It tenage thell -or tile use of vldlt<ltr . MilliUrdLs milld otllhlr alnlp melllt'llt astrally limul at ++uteripe Ilaceas, ill nlice be furnished, wUll( ayle ohlucteI :is nlot to iiterf're ttil ii e ii't tld l tuietoethe hbtarletrs. ''U wine antd liquotr will ice it teuro Ihas alreitd I, iie ordered, t hicI willt arrie lbout the ti l iMay. ' AeMr relderick Ieirnird, who formerly kept so populnr a hotel at Washington city, will cotndel this he el for the proprietor, who, with such nit[,coullidently oassure8 the riciiere oflust iveer, tod Ilis frielnds gelerlly, that they will receive every possible attention; antid thereby ex tecls to give get:rul tetiehclieun. 'lie local tilltititigees olf Iit I hotle are too Well kniown to need at lengt. ened deccriptit.u hitre. iThe ltes llat Penaecolnl ii the Iargeit euval tittinll of the :euverntllilet; tle general reendte.vos of tile CGulfsqead roil; the tllubrilty o'il elilt te refi'esllel ie:ollSlettlll du titlg tie sulimer mlloltis b tihe coolest I teio rite Gulf; the beauty of the eIav and the neighboulrinlg elandee anld rivers; llIe eullidance ntd lieliecey of the lsp willit which theo wters abotloid; !aId its ptIrltility to ite best Southlern markets, give lPensnela iie pre "Pencet over all other plcesa riI these latitudes, as a helltlliy tnnl leliClhtlll stIumerretretit. First rate boatt will rali between PeInsatioull and Mo bile, and will at all times be able to takthe the psentgers from tIhe New Orleans loats. N B ARNOLD. Pennlloeli, Fb. 15111t, 8188. - 7i Gentlelllen wihing to engage rooem for their fnlitille, ca adldress Ilie lprotriotoi , at I'enlethnl, or Mlr Sewell 'l'lorler, ,he former peeloirme, at Ne.v OT.r learns. References. T Snofllrd, esqt. %ir (utlllm, ft MAl pil, Eeq., lt. Kili'y, inl Mlob le; SIT Tylor, P 1 Ren, Esq, in Neti Orleans. u. I' i-. Itteitr bh, to receive cnueeunicatine1 for perses t iIe bove hotel, tois placed at lieo Wltitllnui's llice, 51 St ChUrles EIxceh ige. FLOlRIII.\ litlOUT FOR NEWl YOIRK. Ue iTravellers iesinusof the olienit i t ohetlt tilte, bats will cotllt i ilc I rn frllon. lo1n ilhe l Penialiln, leavinle Mobile and I'aeoboeol -rtv -ther (Inv allier the eet of Alav. (the k . ki wi tly Ouys Ie prlOviIdet o, 'ibe bce S e icon a.cde., of evlc. disenorciptirl, etbil, i c slltvllte il t tLe oll', ied ttt ti lte Ltti. N II A+NOld). The sterahat Champil onl let ve siloile foe r Pet ANIll) EW .M[ITII & CO., respectfiully tOl'erm ý LLtheir friends and the public in :o.eral, that they occnpy the new brick shop,2 19 tehoupito lasb . street, where they keep constantly on hand Copper, Tin and She t Iron Ware, of every description, uell as coplpr stills, kettles, and pm lps, tin babth. other brass nasting done. at chortelsttrotiee. Grato hars of every de -cription, e ,=olh as steath. Loat stirrups, hogchdita, screrow hrt, an I other kind ofsteambtbot wbik, such as chimne'ys, breech. Te ny will also do all kinds or met dear work.I &e-. 'hi,,y above ael .il ,othr k lll. i ei Wlke 11 cc cc.l*P +C LiviiIwp.It wii .11.1 a.i, te'LIe.I., JUST PUBLISHEDFROM F STEREOTr 'E PIlJTIES, 7The Fith Edition- rof ROWI.ETT'S TABLES OF IN'F.Ki9T: N 10 which is new iadded *tl Average ''ide Caleols tor, or easy methods for finding the :average ime o storage, iotes of hudl or hills of goods, when or- Iby dinsed at idifferent alites, ei diffetent e reditis, awl t'for variols amoluts; Ibeideosi sa tl ml noeomplete Uniking 7 Time Ta' le, the bhet Ihat aen be contrived. or that ti gueeres ia p r oluee within the same cotlesed conmpiass, iand size nt t) pe. An advertisement in the book is in negrly the idllow ingwordls: The high distinrlion this work ins received throngh the ten legislntive erts prefixedito tihe title Iinge, is a re ci ommendatlin in itself, so lncommon,,,n ane eonilo sive, ith t noltlilng is necessnry more than by way of ad vertisement, to give a cootinsed viiw of some of its pe- M I liirities:ils ifar iistance, the Interest has been enompos- C edl from, and eoompred with, whoat is equlivalentto fouil teen sels ele:detlcatione, exoamiued in the preass tihilr- , five times, ried Iron, stereotype tItotes tetestdl Ithirlyty-ene tial.s, from all which it must he evident 1 even to tile sketic ( nelsroitlly onl tlo ti.sonll oFthe ite tail of proof in the preface) tt the work onlst be nrith- It naetielly infallitle, tad int onlrlnmation of thllis beliefa premiemr of two htllhld and fifty dollars, is now off.r- 1 red F irae deection of an error ofa cent ill the present II or fifth edition, as exprossed in tile preface, mlakintg five I' large prlttnios ftt'e e forit the same Elror sine the first N puhlictlion in the year 18012. (hOne of the most eons ,ieons features of the tables is inthe a:rr.geliet of thie Time and Amounts, whiel for expetliditis, rofirenee andi'ersltienity, wilth IIe helpt I othtoe side itnd iillho , e.mnoo oo excelled ;:roo thtir sotti ty and nse wilit which the interestl can be fonlldto the extent of gieneral Iusiness, wilhont doubling of sums is besides a convenielnce so essential, that in tle estllna tion of some oi the most competent Tmli pnletical tusi- . 4 a ois me o a l Iublic oflitelrs wlto ie malle Great iirte of thework, it Ies been distinguisihed ht lto Innolable I alniellation efifa ''master pioer". And eonsi't.rintg kthe inthiliilily of the methodl origilally adopited ill composillg the wnork, anod the extraordiinry niumber and:IIr variety oftl'le ixamiotioins, noid tests of every editioll it has passed in ihe tprss, cotwithstlling the w hole is ill e stereotype, cnilsildelrog. in shrl, lithe positive nerlue "ey ` selured II the nllpteeedelltd means enlplo oni, the vo- n, hnle h:ls -heeln hll l)h| s a lemplttictllty t itell 1 tIhe1 most womi rrllal book tile waslk;" most erltlsly iii moan can nlm figure work o fthe sane extent, whlich since the lbegiillilgol l.reention, ials had the steli, nmn- i btl la variety (of' tests in the saone l'tnbtr of di)rs; tI Io, nOtlole It'il'lhe l lnuber, as is clelarly sownl in tie ,., tesiles, as test and sllllarll , ithls heenIti l : i Ied tiromed il nt,:rly all the bank end public Oilices i1 the nited SIas, .and tlhv te public. gtle'lly, Inin:l tie long lerod of 'tirt -fie re:'rs, t lnoc er of iht ed-ll t l.tions his tler bienli fund in .nlilnt, allltngh eontilli alhi haIlllegeiIll by the ilft r of o lry large loremiuilll C i l'e in iilct exiprestly adoptedt l l eby l Ieourts oflaw cl ste'it al ofthe Slntks :s the "rI'atl' of calculalthmi forin tl lInt illtresl," o by II w lr bank interest, aeollihngis tI1e bulok is Ilused, and as .y be s ll part, by m,,e m:.s of the ahol eribeort, "nI1 it tue of lIlls shtusqllllellt InPrchL'rases, in l he list :xtin 0end oIl he book, ishln.os.sil:n lh errtty .lass olcitiztlns in i(ler) qua:.- 1 t-e of the Unit l1d StalesI. t isl morelover well kllomn lltat, )1t its renalyh drck, i it has so oIleCdCtcted large rlra s9, lhng :ttllr i1,1 oil',,r1 11 igle, even Irv the tmost clardhll amt Imlost tnllnpeltetl al'it Y e1ticti:ll t-1 t its nll Ife ss, anlll t tlI 1 a slI llllle 0le I ecssity Ibr its 11s , hotu been rxleusirly h"insisted p , t so ll.ct , inllle:ld, il e bren ils :adlhi.gll. uIII| i (l 1avi g4, t nhat, eel 'lr l . Iarsugl , 1H1 i1111 1111i first vdiltion w\11 sarl , al t of print, n gl:t ll Il 111 '1 r of sltclit hand colpiesI wetre smllIllt" str, ll to n t, dltll and l urllra d tit ill,11 s 1 11'1,.r1 as the' O l w 1111 m.i il l ltly hi lucked Op t 1rm $11 to 1'5 pIr 0."1, a1en some persons llltiI O IlecIIed, :11 ii.t siiti~e i(t1t1 sfl iH i.0,(11 . I II l./|llt.. , aI·I ,1 .ial:t.1 .l 1.1 01 11 ,11 Itha y ,i , 0I 0 11511 p k 1 111 1111 111 1 I tier a oi 110, l i nott 0 II b had I 1' l ss, 1,1 .a11 indi d ual 1 , IIIrIh II.. i' h llllL Il . 0 llll It,11 in h e lepll r I l edII l,;ll I r I rll:d , ~I o1 h g h : t 0 ,o"1 l l , a e. lime othll it-d sila l liela " 111r1 ,111, In sI o r:tll pell"r se0 1111:11 to iIl, it we I). l'itchi' 1(n r nthi ;at 1"0","1 11"11 Inll r 1 IIno g \.' tr1111 f 11ai ab1:1 Anu III' ieung a ten1 r1 III II 11111,,1 i ll ; l 1ic 111111i 11 islikewise worth1' of 011'10, nod '0111,'1 1o1,0t1', I' nII .e1, Sh1i t 1u h 1 1 hI1I of Iý "l r k 111101 ne110 ',lit : , i' ai, rrinlI, whit" of th1 , 1111111 :0"1 hu, o lrv' ,1I t s. ih i0 l s, 1 1 11 i, 1111 1 i l 111. , i III . 01 11r.1 ,IrI el i0 the I.s ao1 0 e I! 1111 o.,l h Ithe n1i ,r1 p, 11ii e:11ll,1aII( I 11 1 lIt 1 I lltI 1 ll. .1111 1 1111 111 Itl 1,1 cai ionhl 0ils 1 .,r 1 is i, 1 11 11· 0 .11 1 l prom f11 i, 1. . 1t , , it :wo: d l,l i 111 11t l 1 cJ .i11 it .k, U11: , I I1,11 ,l 11 Ii fi * 11, 11t '111 d i 1?. I ll+,' : I0 u1 l , i .tl 1 I... ll. l ll .II I .In 1 1\ l:.ll 11, 1. I 11 1 1 1 1 .1b i .1 1 .1 \ Iir ,1r i r rllie Ich"1 g h:11:I 1 10t, .r u t, li e' :" (k . ' l t'lltr l , , ll p, rI i1 o , th IIi : I I " 1 1 I tIll:: i ,4 ~11"i L l 1, i 1ii- , .m 1111 111lI - ! 'n:d h i, , 1.1: 1 1111 Ih 1' 10 1]:l 11111,. I',,I nr *;, n ,,t " 1 15 fi n i, '.,.,,,,ll ll : ' lli l "l l l l 0 l I , i. . "I 11 ;.1.. 10,11 ' tlI 1 It ll:ll l ,t Ill ,, sill t I li'll" ll Ihi, .11" ~""~~,11 1. 1 1111 !111. ,," , r' I 'h.. . r -h 11 . lk 1:h,1h11. dr. ·11,,1:11.1 l .I , hl "I , Ii'- ,I' . .. • . . ....: . ..n. . 1 " in....... 11. 0 11' 11 .1111:. ..1 ~111 .11.11 11.. I. I 11 11 11 ' I , A119 , 1 1 1, , ,I d t*'l' h l.:1 . 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(')1 i . t s oilsI tlts t nop t ite,li . o.l\ t nuil o s1l 'ett',nit. t itt yoit"i,1'0itt oI IIE.1VY tOt)4t-t111rt sIi, l a:llir, ( e n1.d h ale. 1 i\, hl l . .Ias r :,:, mklinels, N', ( ; lxt, li t no , 1 11r00 li1tne11 01t trrots, t ety llwicr \V I, ItOl - ora Intit ll Lroe Hcollw i'rell, 1cut0n x]. ah, Zln a:, l lck C n, m :' a llind 1 s s : 1 11., tle W lileO, shes.iv ., bar l 11 so.ilxt Cul'hnd C oi 011, ve1 silo (I I omels , Iola1 hseend o thershod. s nllr shrl s s lhs oil ,rlieh, a lnhich ar \l1er 1"r sale t . le r aJle o ri, on the , llst t.olell . ter y 1 AY1cotON l Co.io53, w1t Leve 1 NE\V GOODS-Sinnnon y llarlt & c-i ara . & ow're gla ceivl froi l ie IlrimA shaipa Yahz, and, Sarul grl Sandblri" Concordia, 6 nolm New fork, it great variety of O nat h lanml, hakem tlheir saartlrent cra: ' r l.ts. 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In riri - t iirnan ,u the pulic ,'till,' to'er,,ve v-itesla. Ia will nn lanm maite liar tmrlo a tIn, maruvina made, sad in-a ers sow goi1.q t, amt rapid progress f al eoelplelinraa-twn l a ill n ag ist lye a subsrr bee to nrlrollllludlilI· l it IsI l ll.vr IIII ber thanl Ierlh air.- tnnda iahfrriaorte r am aia titn Sr uth 'anti~tlar All the mtrcortaaaaduy ilgo Itt-mar, or-al ertl Sfc who else allo Ilaoll large a bi.ll detached from fIlt lanal 1k' Irrta. Plarra, rill a fautal at uiiiri. 'g Iet ideeeuadm l tnal thi part l a1k- aonyhringnllmmrlrmc hlatmetaegd amlth aat hioentifriat tar ala am rh ouh ern Soma.All ile muse 'litat ajaretmenrnall bat rumata- tham thims pat fit-ah cutar ltmara-yliraair been engaged, ands witll b inl cuaJIsat attend lltll( a I k Sliriaeruduriag thre whole season.ll inl returuiu.-, his Ilulrigned thanks fo~r the· vlry libera~l i " aucaaat -aar,.!4111. la-1 aemaso, mat irr.laaie ' l~v Ib Il arnn-tatlim at Iianara ,awtaraat'-taataa MAIL kAKiANldbMER'NT Northern Mail, i e Every Dy n LA. v rn , hes Ever day a 101 A. At (lion every Sndliay, WVedaneday WVeslerCo Mail, T F ind r . ml by ay t 0 lses eve n Mla;, Wedoesda oast, ro.nd Salllllva, b 9, P. 1. •'r adil( I)ae every1 Tdr..dynvTriarsdany, a 'ihe I.efadi S snlltred), ly'5 P. M'. via Closes every Monday, Wednesday E-XPitES MAIL. - TIMES OF AItRIVAL,I)EPAR'PUItE DISTANCE &L. of the Eaprean Mail, Irmw-n Moailse ntll New Ytk-leavinF- lMobile dal' nl 3 I'. Al. NoraIwar New York daily at 5 P.ll boutlwnard. Arrives Arrive Northward. Dinsance. l'ite. ltetlrn'g Montgnmtery. Al. lptln. 1811i ' t's 23 Il 1 i1. Coliltnhus, ida. 114 h 81 3 a.In. -Milled evilly. fin. 133 1 41 211p. mn ('aiumliatioC. C. 1 a. 163 171 10 lntlegil, N iC. 5 215 22, I t Warrenton, Va. 12 In. 55 Plerahtsune Va. I0 im. 83 10 9a Va a Frederick:bulrg, 8 67 7 p inm. Washingtaon cly, 22pm. 01 1 i It Inltiaere., 6i 3 2 04. P lliil delpll hin, tit m. 100 1I . iitNew York; 2 pro. 90 Ci is 1305 143 It. or d 22J S Nrlthwarnl. Comling Solthwlard, the timto e is six hour less; being.3 dav.e and 17 hours. y TEN I0OI.1,AIt IREWARD). Ie ANAWAY fern, 111 (Cnroedelel corner of 11et11 s 1 sreers, o Ilte nigh! of 30th of Angall, and wane een ite next inorning ill 'orn stlrn e, e n egrl o lai inmPd CIIA It IES, oaot1 i7 yiatn of age, on I5 f ee or lheretdt uts ii Iei brltiver hlanek, indl ia on tIllo irle Sielent ill his speel i, tie of Itis iaa ais noe, oei"aeioto i lai i rleleit htrll, Iehll on llwhen lie woln tsNay a. ilitf cotton or lithenI shii' itil while elllttt nnlnlaann. ltltrs ofr vef elt andl eleto hola aire erllliltllltN l gI itl .coetivinlg lr IM rlri g said negro, as well as fil etftrteeill it'ln, The nIao ve rewlrd willle I1'tii firdttli -i- h nil ielo l llay t ofi he ojils ofr ihl!r of ll. s .LPtel, rlcpt a I~-iee ii , ii r teli- r e exilillg N "nlt lter lh fi e' f r o il lllbos (&I, r niar ei , h rt . ler - ils+l l., d. The x.llbP i rltr wilhn l lhl ul(n II irn l llhf e i o. h t ll, l o e rl tll his ci ty, lllld re lirel till ery . nin ll i deb - i'd allm k l it wa t ea l ltie t i ol ii o l ', lallth llt ollvig f 1:1 h n1 , iI I Y l, . llt h e r Ihl'Sall l e , + 1 11y . I111 I--el 1 11 I2AIAITI tI'SON CIAPT.IhN 'A Ilrl'AT'I"S NEW N0l1I,,1.1 )aevl/is the tN' b iJ r e h t ltotthtlor of t'etetr Simlte, m&s t'.oianatol r I'rettt Sto a t ht w k/nl i , I Ii letioer SA t rnlil Ito llttltc't.iinI evtt ( ltll Ithvl tItI N tvy, - i. in I voI.I. LordI t ttttttttt , II I It. dttt Ite l t..ll tn t a , g llt't v.i Nhieppnrd ll l e. , wrilten ll., by llnel , lit; in it I o I. IA ('11p·l rnrlli tll/Olll isloryl:o /fn/,i I'lrll d el 1rl1 Ifr m tu I hIn ln! IhI hbIo ,il lirv N i liel (ireei , in l r vol.f)or iqhig Nn. 7.9 of ll/r u - ln Enm Ihny Li ra). VoIls. :1 A (. I of formac l ana n il" i li lrln dl o oIf I I t Isli. I#tt lri ' s It) ors., -ll (.r. ' !lri' l, an IIt'tlIIth tlDili lr llIi I v l '.Io teI'oti',l b' . /"r'rh mi ll red.ih -) ilar ilioarn. i AI.S.,--\ 'w llile re r. oiesof C mlrni'nl'lre weohlkg i l lll . . itlrve r' 1111 l 1 e'i lh'eS 1 o11 flll'er1 lr illq ill, with a.Irlic|, lilllard lh 'I . nil- 1 i I- red~l n ttili,,n im I ..y n fpne l.. i .... . l'v ,Jil. ....... I:.·l iik IJ . . ... piobh .l 1~1 )remir t, no dI f ar io . hrtt0y. III NJ. IIl nt.' , ' i I (ttrt c '.'t . 1' : n 1111111. - "'. -a . C- ltlIt, ' fllt .I t.t. of Ih e i ra t df illt tl. ,.high is pil. ixr,, n+it InI. ]llh~ lion tl file Stnrll to purily me · I (Illseillllj blood, c n I ltte,& c. I 1 i 1h1~ I i 1n-, l rn Irfln I:t l ld ih l mii o I el h l Ihrn iit It, it r :1., oltt i , lo Ith la lr . jloh I, "e, ~fi o i tr, :ll n.-. f iln,, o de Per lI , l l n* f'ilell ow r, I ~, IUni vt olfl I n; I. tI lriId e w lajter fl i; ,, c )i+ ll lilIPlrm li,- inv~ -ill,' of ll ii+ s \. ;+.I 1) t o. I ) . - It ,' ,h It s rn ine n lh of T h rb r a .\,t Ilion e s i-.'. 1 ht,.I ,; ht , ," E,2.,,; it- t Ea oi' ( i" I i IlrlJ l -t. t,-.,h t hi v'.I . t1',hi l vI I lpeirn ta I ' , t + 'il , t..1ti.' t I,, i . II", l," O t i y a"l' ll.ll i o r ldli. All" ~,+ :l ; l l.lrllt,, + l, +% ,. I) II T ',I h Ih a t~p llro ie . X1.1 . \' I i I t (. r . ,. ,% ", zm~i, ,I ,,a rio .. the r 1 'vt i ts (t It 00. nt,l, ir itbyt t 't li i t tt l c tt e alltls Ini, - attt t isty I \11 "hll '(11 ; 1, ' I )(f1, 11. I. I+11t R Y ` Ir 02 i kl , trn:,rr:h , l hn I'i",lh , I.'nl,,a,, I/1, wi th C rpct t' ' x, e ,ttll I ,I I trc . ,f nn ap riia , f v l,'.ilit. I ItII, i I0olil, -C tIt en I , n lodttI , tc itrs, o. olar .\dh1l,..1, l'll'l, I'hllhl tl·l( ,lltb l hl, '+,v.~ it Itc, oetl n, .IqtlrOe: , jtt:ttlta t ttttl f Illattac o f ais .it si-and ta n, N a ettiat ' rarhsicdr stri , i'llt'iee il -,ti "l:tt ilt ai.n ll, tll,'tii-t I ei-t i t ratt ien , t,IL o ot 'i -l,-t , , is- , la,-tt cr a'- tl I'. i, idn o, ier , I'l .'h Il .;,+,Im ,, U Is Ill Ili' l', \ 1+l \"n1(5:11 bv S 001!,:,,, d i wII.N ,,i , , , . ol, . Ilol s ,i ioisni. I A Its-lt aIa, "r".Illit oI Al't ll'rllo eas l , l e ii Seeds (; EORIc ! JONES. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, t'oi FEVEit AND Ac;Ue. FITEN years have not yet elapsed since it was Sirst regularly submitted to the public; but it has attained the highest reputation; and has sup planted every other medicine for tile Ague, wherov. er it Ilas been known and appreciated. Already lihas it been carried in every direetion tllroughout the United States, and still realizes more than could have been anticipated by its most sunguine friends. Thousands of persons have not only been relieved, but restored ti health and vigor through its agen. cy; and they now cheerfully testily, at every op poretnily, to its deid,:d tnd asupreu efficacy. It is eompoeed of such medicinal principles as are caleulated to renew tile healthy nstion of the stom. coll, liver, and oilier important dligestive organs, tile loss of whichll harmony is the ilmliediate cause of tle disease. It is apparent also, tliht it produ. eas an oentire change in the condition of the system, and certainly destroys the native liability to relap ses of the affection. Whlen the Ague is attended wltll any other complaint, the employment of the Tonim~lixturc will not interfere wit thile treat. meent h le othller di~ea.v, int wi:l even aflford as. ostrnce bly lirnishlling sregth lend vigor to the body tiliug the courle of treatmenlt. Tose wileo Illltkhe S th LIItsliillc Iiemmay be ssured tIlhat itlhere. isnII,, iorks, lcvrri.r, or any etller article lints omlsition ntmlllriule d to the hluman clomntitule4mt; being en lirily a eeletoble extract; and tiahey tly avue additional eollfidmllen ill tile Irse tltn itf, whe Lthe y i aereiv tl at it an tile rof fe nt' a genttolcaxetlvo about tihe time Ihalft'a but. tie lin l has boo v tnee.--in cotsiteilco of whiech, there is ino part of thIe Iediinme left, to linger in tihe Ibowols to oeatsr ohtructicans eod othler evils, arising fetiti lt ie Ill"f aicmy of time riemedies now otlbared thr the cur of this alfretioa. It lies been used also a preventive, by m lly who were sub djet ito a periodicaI recurrence of tle Chills, and it iha tlnarlab wardnted elf the apprelhended attack. Olbserme! iThe Proprirtur, fully satisied a.ith the nplarlleld tdll universal secetss ,vllieh has aon. stantly attendled a punctual and regular use ofthe Tonie: Mixture, in all ca:es of Fever and Ague, rels warranted in eig aging to refund the price to all thode wmi IllVe taken tine medicine in strict ac. cordanco willl the preecribed directions, without having been perfectly and lastingly cored. The subeerehcrs are the wholesale igents for the South \l estern States, and have Inow on hand six ty caces of this mnedieine, which is warranted fresh ancd ge.uilme. For a:.; at the Imanufactlred prices JAIVIS & A rNIIiCtVWs, Whotlesale Drci.gieet, nte co Coea mon f ote Tiot l piiab rslteet. SIiLUUIt-ill amitg mI Ii tenimer lnlepend. Ssler, 'Io i lIllSly, ,l ,IId New l.vee. Emerssite Rae r ti;roes--'Thf eae su of the gte onlit unricle, , `, n~rriv, a by ,r 3:. IlE:H.i: & i'L:cl m;, 18i Camp at li al , h -- n ..,, ,,re al. ,d tr le rUp tinot, all 431 bompss,,, rso mere, a d tar onle by

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