Newspaper of True American, April 24, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated April 24, 1839 Page 3
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NOTICE. lll E ttn4eeoigned, curator of the vaant otaslte nfr J Jlpoll Sl nth,, hereby givee public no. t ice, thn me maidt Jon. Smithb, wlhose nsuoe in we 'now admioiater, a Curator neforesnid, died in the Parish of nennordln in the year 1837, in blwhich Prioh.hio tuece. lioe Wan'duly opened. The undersigned is ignorant of the.pleo of birth of the dleeeened, hut known thtl ie Ihlded in.the neighlmrholod whin. g lie dil for about twetdy_,year i'o*!diately prior to his ldeah. Address of the Curator, New Curthgoe, Louniinoa. 21q.3g "JOHN PERKINS, A 1V PUBILIC e't damon par lei Sousin6 CU, (nrteur tL. pour lnpropriblt oe Joephi Smith ,l ce da tont eeua.qul aunt ritbreree, qggi v odoginielr.g in dite aueeession,. Le dit Joseph Smitoh Ootlrilt dinoe In p. roils de Conordin en l'anoeo 1837, la quielle p-t irse Is successio etoit uun rteto . Im . eooRigllo ignore In plne de Innniesnnce du dit Loneloph Noil, gtonin ii et sertip i to Is 16obd6 ba d.gkgenurk daolg le voisiange gin SColncordliat pendacnt sleavigll onnbea prcctBdentie nmort. 'n'ddreser a In Noruvelile Carthoge, JOHN PERIKINS, April 20, 1.39. FURNITURE! FURNITURE!! STUST received at the Louinioa Furniture Ware S hose, a large supply from New York and Boo on. Peroona in the want of lornitlure wolld do well to call,and select their articles Iroin one of tIie St and largedt. tucks now in the city. W It CA RNEY, d6 5:1 Bieuville a N B-Particular attention paid to packing and shop i ig Furniture, freep ofaapenoe. dli-2w TO COUNTRY MERCHAN 1'S. A GOO1) astortmet of :lhool anld noiecellaneouts Bloke. Alo a soupply oa tlank Iooks, writing aind letter Paper, Quillst Ink,, .c cltllalllly on hand and for sale ol good trione by ALEX 'TWAIlt, mar 18 49 Camp st T HE BENCH & BAR 01 ENGIAND-By the author of Random recollections of tile Lords and Commons,and thle Great Meltropoli, in 2 vols. Neal Maluone end other tales of Irelacl by W Ii Carleton, author of trails and stories of the I rilh peu auutiry i2 vaol. ust receivedl ntd f ar sale by m°1 A T'OWAR, 49 Camp st X LK R0 PI--l-0 co)il, at eun.rfi1e quality, for nale Iby ISAAC IBIIRlhti & Co, april 1,34 iMagazine st B ACON--la eacke hma anol siden, for salt by apt S lIltlI)U E, 131 Mltlgneitlt at B ACON IDIES--.15I ,asks Cinionali ucired ill store, for sale by G IHIt)KdY, april 2 44 New I.evn INA iL-D 5iill 6uiloir in s jnt' Tuintr al L by SIIAI.I & IRtlOWN, aprit 2 96 Mtai eiejtrfit AKUM--I II1 Irales Neo, Itussia, laudillg hIm Sip Gaston lla Iid for ale byI april.l SllA4.1.. & 1IOWN, 96Mi nazie ct 1ALtI.OW UANDI.i--!1111 I,boxes Inollld allow Candllc, fi,raale by I BID11) 'K & Co, mar St 131 Magazine at U SS-3uat lattdingy fron i'itttl'ur, otn ceoortmatct afJaro, Vials, atdl Wi :dtw (It0, at wholesale andretail,s a H IiHNNAItEL, mar 21 Car of Natchez i ll 'chalitoulas eta ARIKELM-31i1 Volnas.e barrel, in store .u d Ior Uthle by ). II (AI.E, AISINS--B4din lo t ri'n a ir. h', ful b .I l .. april AIIAIIA I "1'IIIt1B, : (iravier st OAP-Busurn No 1,--i2R I; o i--tre, 'to r calm S hy All ItIA 1lI TIlI:lt, april2 :4 G(;rvier Pt 'T tlllNrtil IIA.NIiKIti:lIiE-.v--I dcc a'heanti o satle by ABIRAIIAHM 'tI'KJF1Il, april2 " 31 tirovier st L PI-15- coils lur eale CtI serif r2 A 'TIttEtR, :d ;ravierst OIL'TI U.sE T'.LIFIt',' OWN tlibtK outmly's tiranar--l.eui,".' coiokey liallntnr' key to 'S'l llll'lLite Pmryt's French pelll, htt English Ioendlers, haifulid full li hu Wutlastrclht's Irelh ;ra nlmlur Wnet Wll. a higllto n tdit M.ritnl Ewrll't mediel ctot Jmnitu Dahioll's aritllmltic-Y-ell a the 1erves Ladya' medtel Inokel bcok (GPlntleallm ai' e dIl lit I pllsl'kei Ikn ilk IMason'a farrier--'rncxkett' ?e tg Ietbok Ilae'.s tltitei SIaloe. A iew and larget an , ly loftle taloe workt jelt re ceivel and opened fir .le onl atll tcl Iy ,129 A 'l'tacti, l49"(Cant, tt --- l'!C"1E 'i:F `1' PII(EJMAN;'S INS. Co. A Tn Ineoling of tie Stockhollldrs of lthi ititatio noaths fis'*l inelllet, the fblloincr gentleviou were duly elected Oise: trx ol' lhi iny itliona GLrorgr IlBedlurJ. R IJiruonet, Arijiomsy lu'okr, L Spideabeeg, Jimes F Iliueor, I Knoult. 9 tiillingl am,lnen. C F IlMey, J N lawtlhorn DI S eweea, Satmiiel S.lewarl. Andr a mleetillng of the h)irectors held on the Ev.e. tai urge ledrtl wax aelerted Preident.n ir S Worud rtilfl h cilittor o1f illostei. Jonies ltocktou. Inllector. \Ve.ncl.s, Iliot, &c. aod f I. T.ecy, Secretary. aprl "1 liýtiiF.U Kli IA CI- lltPAGNI : l'INY iJILA -i\CK TIES PO)I'ltRS, Ik Il Nouvelle Orlealls. A I.'Aa.ll+e rlsdnoldorilpllra lie isets luo I lU tiln, teune le premier couranlll Ia iOllllllllll FtaIln lul as )unllleor le rele om(lltlllgnie :- ieorge. lBhleird, It It lira ati, An thony Ilrkli. I. 9ldpogrealrg, t Ii' lti loe J Kntiilv, " i (;illlrIIuhi siII A W Hlille, II I. C F Ilor.vy, J N Hawthorn I)I Deteev, St.9wO n. .. l.'Asseirnlllie drs lDircteurv lanue le oir dol se awdo coulrlllt, George Itlefunl fr uit eanllll I'President ID Wloodruil: Inlperlur des luisoni, J Stirkinl Inllspteur do th tylIeIIIX, etc. Avril 3, l1f E I. 'ItAi'v a 1 S___ ri, t riiBro AACON, lALto enddal PORK-dl lh. CoL'uii oi cnred Sids and SShoulders I20H) kigst firsl lanliln Lard 100 brlA Mess ITOrk. Ir sale by apl 5 ST'I'ETSON & AVEilY, Wto t(ivier . t SAVANA SUGAR--I27 botes lavaona wvitoi llgor' r iln do do brown do latndlhNg for -ale by atg9 I J P WIIIT'PNI Y, 73 Cronl it SPIENDID LONDON BOOKS. With hNern B. l or En .rngam r. M ILTON'S Paradise Lost, illletrated by Juoh I Martin. Viewr of the HimaltlarMountnins, in India. elect illustraterd Topogiphyv of Lolndon. Miniature olssic IbIray, in 5:3 vols. olnlance of iatnre--Pora' Gems She book of Ilovalty--l.a dJates do Byron Andrew's letreaa in flowver piniiril. SUyNn Gaillery--The tlaldet by biss uShnriila. , Cyrlopeedh of popular songs The book of Trades or c'relo ut useful arts. And a variety of splendid annuals, albliis anil works anlart ond literuture. E JOI NS Ac Co, a29 car St Charles tild C.lllon oet ICHOLAS NICKLEBY--No. 7, b and 9: also the hfirt six os in one part: with a variety of very inteasting bookh,Just recrived;for sale lby 7 o A 1to AnR, ,I9 Colnp st OtLNANs' LIITHOGRAPHIC i'It INT O FiCE, 5. Magazine street, oppohita Bau:ke ' Ar W GREEINE tales pleanure in atnouneing to his fietds and the eitiena of New Orleans, that lie hIns at length brought Lithograaphy on a piar alll eolllper plote printing, and fron tie facilities the art Ias over cutoper lnate engaving, he can execute ial orlee reintruoted to Iinl, ai ole allt (the eo.nrae of engraving and nearly as cheap as type printing. MeIrtaottls ishing cireulars relt not int thI'ir own ..-."and writing,ean harve aty qultittv at t few hltom tas notiee; or tlhey will le executed lfur them it a it eutit l style, such as bis b lurtofore givenl general eatiefctioll to al the most respecttale coltailloss Ilollses inl Ili city. iottleiuill doirnoua of ilavilg Visitijig or Iluui liaes Cards inialshed ii the best ilninr, will io well bi salling ut lie Itlion nlid see peci. lsi. Feb. 1, 1I0I9 N B-Bank totes neatly executed, and circularse, prilntd at uont hour'a notiec. SLLIJSTRATED edilii of Jttes on tie l'aaionrt16 s1plendid Enrurvines. Menluirs of Charle. Mathiew, Contmnediee, by Mrs. Matlhew, i 2 vole. just recerived and for sale by ierlar 21 ALEX TOWAH, 49 Cllu l at UNNY BAGS--10 helen 20 bushel gunny bgea, lit store avd for ean by ll J TiAY ER & co, 74Pnydrsn troet NEW JEWELERY. MiI. BELI. 16Clhartree street, has this day reeeiv i d per r hil' Saatogia, .50 dt.elUantellcd lhaeuat Piia, wlict will be offered to the trade or idlare cheap or thsa ever before .lured in this city. Also 50 dozen hlaued Rings, oifall patenva, together with a great an. riety of cheap Gilt Wurk, cenailina of lronuaclle, Rings ar tlsnameusl , oketllta, Chais, &c. T'hos ill wantl wi do'well to exoamle thlis great tssortmeat. p. S. Old Gold aid lSilver wnulted. apl 15 STARCII ndil ALCOHOI.--Colgte'n' Stalch, 30 bones; Baelv'i Alebhola,3lIinox, for sae by apl 16 cornoer Connon and Tenapitoulasta I . fivnsale hy A tKAHIAM TRtIEB, s9 34 Grvierat E KINS--J bales lavding Irovn ateeai boat J HoBer, for oule by A TIIER, e9 34 Gravier al . 1-0 bahgs English green ipeas, luItditlg frol - barque Cintlicleer, lorslita by a.12 SHALL & BROWN, 96 Migazine st NEW PUIILICAT'IONS. "le INDOM and Geoiu ofShlakepeare, by Rnverend 1 'bholnov Pride Conversation v.n Nature nvd Art, with cots Sterling and Perreddock, or the High tMinded, by Itia onulor of"'l'relaueie," eRtc The S1,irit uflhe East, by I) Urquhirt, Eft. i Elvir, the Nalbv's Wife; iy Mrs Monklnad - Sir Wtaller Scott's Works, with a Biography, by J G Lockhbri, comiplete in 8'volo. Jack Sheppard, let nmlber, a roisnne,Iby W Her. neon Ainawerth. witll luvOo raue illustrittlon Niaholas Niokleby;, pniaber II. . JOHNS & Co, all 17 nor StCharlts and Commeon at 1t l.0EI - tonie Elish blilstered Steel, for sale by "ap 20 SHALL. & BROWN, 96 Megenlse at --Ti--1i00 bbhl. linve. iu Isae and fur sale by 4J a I* 1.1)LAI, A 6, O6Camp at " A 1.C 50)- . hht et Ciuriotiili cured tair'i. L "Ji e TT1 AYf3r soy l by. - "e l 0 " TiTJU OLN&AVEKY S3Grvierel CDEPOT OF GELEBRATED WINES. ONSTAN'I'LY an hand and regularly s.pplied with the most celebrated Wines, warranted pure aportnd, Cordials, Linadon Ieer, &c. S HIIENISH WINES. Oldest Leisten and Selin Wine; Steinberger Our L.aiy's Milk; Johautniselrger, Rudenheianer Spkling hock; Doam FlHock, of 1825 Ilockheiiner, 1827; Mareobrunner; Graefenberger Nlerenstesinas; Rhenish wineglasses IOKDEAUX WINES. Chatesu Msrgaux sald Chateau Lafitte; I.arose Leovitte; P'almer Margauax Suoperlnr St Julien sail St Eutilial tA Esteiphe and St Juint, excI.lleat table claret A few hIalfllUigheodi if St J linll Meduc WIIITE WINES. Hermitnage, Ssulerar., Bumars rind Graves DESERT WINES. Genuine Lunelsad Frllllllll Musant CIIAMI'AIGNE WINES. Whlite and led, Silken and teil de i'erdria RURGUNDY WINES. Ronmlnere, Chamberlin, Clus de Vougeot Nulls, Sparkling Burgundy insr 18 E GGS-4 bbls landing from steambal t l t Loui, for Sosle by AIIIBAIIAMI TRIER, mar 18 34 (;rnvier st S THI-E Sulscribero siler .u wholullue the following goods. IIA'TS-1-00 eases moleskF silks, nas reoaed sines and brimes. t1OO do beit No I do do 100 do do No 2 do do 100 ael srbest No 3, assorted eizes and brims. 20 'do Ilaver, a superior article; I5t do Fine Nutria; f54 de Extra do 200 :1i Black iunl Wlhi:e Russia; 50I dll Extra Black tRusan; 100 do Muskrat & Caney flr broad and narrow a baste, fr L oee sand csuntry trade; Sdo All ranks ofmilitnryk &avlll Clapealls; 11 d C(hildrene silk and Ituais llo as, all sites. Caps-Fir, (tter, far 'enl, laNtra, Murskrat, and hntr eSnl, in tro dozen rases. Sealette. Cloth Canps-Pickwick, Polish Avril's hat shape, ,iofl lap, ',.,,pe.t, ForaSge, Military nindreso, do Leather fracging. hildren's aney 'Irbann, Plaid and Valvet Cape, ptlltlerra. Slacks-Sllll, Silk and Boombasine, ol the neatest slates. Irtnltrells-silk end cotton. SMilitary Ihlalrts, oit sii bik. Silk Il andkersctehiet-Pngee and Syltilfielde. Iand(Ioxes lilr hattlers, wood nies, bllde fir dry goods. 'ITel above LIIIds tolitrise ia I ltrs , sck, alld Ill aftllelaltc ,[ )Rllrltln*s, anld will Ibe t d a| o . it smnlnl a.l v , with (cosi t and I llariesa on New York priies. The subscrilnrs a ill take rlders far southern, weilerin a aii Terxoa Ilmrkelts, ir I h sehoiie ufA II C;oMsip & (Co., lst anllufactllrar New rYork, soiatithsbllortsest paosible notice. Germllan nd French Plushis Iulg.lll ;tSIIs' & CO., Naval, Military, and Fashaianable llatters, Exchange lintel, nov14 St rl s I'TARCII-1.-i hall Lxes, Iluding fruem sthip (C lar. Sllleagie, snd finr alea by mar l Sit 411. & BROWN, 9 M#Inn.inel a i OAFl SIlO .I--vi olaa Iluliia , lconsryaliv ill store ant fr sli e ly SIIAI.L s IIIIttIVNE, our 29 9i 3n1 gsie as at IA''CIIFrS--A largen tll.'tel i reeived rld for sall ; by SItA I.I. &.ip e BtH t \b N , nimer V. 96 Magazine at S t13tMEl'I'IIING 9 hases, iailiip li.iang tc t"lile nseuiraiiell, latding frlii shi i .iithlnhalt loreay liy I IRitl.,E & Co m itr 23 1:1 t l i nth ie it i IqiARItST N, NewTI-Iemgliri fietihol .....e+ 1 ", le,, nr -il i etrno ( lrea , aye be ali '1 i, til I)rsd by l nbrilr, wt will ss oif it int a,.o taling tern,. Ii II NN A IIt : . iilar 23 c'r iNastclie alldl 'rtiilnlutilHs Isa j XlIIANi. I (IN tSOS'ItsIN-fiur sate tin I nlil . .... I])(; I"t , 1:ll Slltgslrii e I l SI FIRM ICANt)I.I.;:S-' Lotef2I llniii spern S lCandlt ., tNgllll ifonll ship -tII hI. is;il, (nor iln giyllri .l lI adlttsi-ll i (I, EJiN Is. 111111 r 11 11411111 n l i 11 itl.) roI, SI 1'hualitP slai tollnitaii su. • ttN ,V--.:,',, sks urifie I r urI e, Iundu'' froln 1-'t. l • in, fur" whuh..ale - .tl1 re+tail blv Iu'-7 II n Ir)N\NAI"I:1:T,h1leupitroulhlsti r II": JIIt 'I':-- l In e, Innain l '7 II I, INN 1 BI: II., TIchuuptnitl . st I) ACON ll Il:S--lltr a . s.. . rir it e ir iirNai elm-a riel, in store and fur sale by (, . I, 1 Y', manlr 7 i4 New I.Lvr. U 1 )'.It N Ibrwt,, out atod Prterof ,treat impm II nl ll,Ior al. ',l y ..ur"+'7 - Il;A I)& I AIt1'O)11,7 BInkkPlace NEW iftl.AANS .N1 N NAS IIVII.I. Ir.t :Il. 110AD NE" AIIAN III;N''. f~T\ I.l Il.conir will leave tl lie t e atll t h of i caetil nfr ee,vvery d, lt l :l. M.I anl return at 4 PI'. M. exept Sui Uday's, whnill bhe will I )r " i t Return fl A. l . . I I'.91. 1Ii3 Clr lor lrivt i rltie s, provI,"11d the mnumber sa,.icient, ilr l reen s dwn li, rll ouil onie dy)' j2Il, a18.l JAS II CAl.1)WEI.I., I'residenr. IIOl T'I PAI'TiE'NT Ftil AItMl--Just reeiv.ed l ter ts hip lls -ims , ,pi, hfrr R\ew ' T rlk, a nlr. e s;i. sOrtlwll l'rlicrlr lllle, and belt Pisr tln , inr sle l t tour 2)8 ( A1'P & CI. Charles htel DLLUl.-Just landmg r*te Mes rw, a sr, y-- I i lltermouals, bitter alld sweet liqtuorrie root, linmtl juice,Icire olhlnlite r tn, es.Ouce of ltmon juice, hempll and cat.n°l'eds, llturllI flakre, raid smarll, ,alllhnridel brintoe, oranlge towat water &c, Itr wholesale fwld t1ai9 *er Nall &'llI 'c ' nlltpiouiln st NEW LAW -lititKS-EdeaC'o (:leCtary-rejo--s, N `.' volumes ir oine, als, atn additiaonal entppry of Cllitty'scrilni,,al law--e ilie.'ll'S oa /leadhlg,Ilcrhck enboaauglh's repurts-Just receivedl and tar sraule by 2il _ A TIIWWAIt, 49 atCamp st * EIiICINE -A full alnd tar e supply LitnedieLiiC li )illoted by the subscriber frot Europe and the North, .onrlantly oa landaud fur sile to country dealeta and lanter the lowest ter JARVIS & ANDREWS, ll29 car C Tao aon ' TIehopiloulas st STAiIAN Slawig Silk--e smrall bale real Italian I Sewing Silk, forsale by PETER LAIILAW, april I g Cmll p at f LIUTT.-II-0 kegs superior Weater Itecerve But l3 ter, fur sale by G. D(IItSEY, april 3 44 New Levee UNNI' HAGS~-4l3rbnla, in store for caltchy aprl 3 G DORSEY, 41 New Levee I HlIR''ING-150 bales of Jackson or Indian Head S SShirting, Ior saleby STETSON & AVERY, sapell3 88tratvern at rl7ITE IIiEAN--7 bhet landing froln Steyttha p Vandalin, fur stile Iby ABRAIIAM "I'IIIER, aprl I 34 (;ravier at WISDOM AND G;ENIIS OF S.IAK.i'-EAE, COMPnraItNIP Moral lPhilosopl, Il lilleatioas rf S.'aracR:Iter, Pailillgs ofNlnlre alndI tile PaInsilnlls evrnl hllldred Aplhorisllis and l,,lmeallaaeaaa plieaua, 'with llOas, &e;. 'the w hole Illlkillg It 't'elllhok for tile lPhilosopher, Mloralist, Sltesmllan, Poet ald tihe IPaillter. "'llloe pirit ll the East, Illustrated ill a Jourial of Travels thoplgh Rlouneli, during an eventful leriod by I) Url lhalrt, L.tsli. Jual received uall for s alc by upril 1 ALEX. 'I'l WAR, 49 Camp, I.L) MALIEIRIA-1lW drzen Bltalkllbn' Madeira, il e Ibr sal by LEVI It (TALE, aprl I 93 C.allton at H AVANA SUGIARS-27 boxes ahtile, and 4i do brawn angars, landigl froln schaoner Warwick, I tr sal l by tie J P WIIITNEY, a9 73 Camp st COFFEE-- I) bags Mlanilla and Rio coffee, for sale by SIIALL & uRI)WN, a_9 t 9 Magainie at VAI.UAIII.E ENGIISIl WORIIKS. NEWTON's Principia, i two volumes 2Wriglt's C.ulllelary on Newtnell' Principia, in 2 vuol's Practical and Scientific Treat-.e on Calcarioua Mortars and Cementsl,in l vol. lSmithl's Panorama of Science and Art; embracing the principal sciences aInd arts; the illethodt of wora . ag on wood and melal; and a Iislellaneouas el'c tion of uselil and interestmpg processes and experi o antsa, il, 2 ,,I, wiril illUl'trative engravillgs. Iltta'in l8Matlealatical Tables; calraining thle cola ltan, blypetrllic, alld Logestic Logsrithlmas. Alal StnPr, I angnts, Secalta and Versed Siues, both nauticrl and legltritallie, and Ithecuplllte descrip tiion and use of the lubles. Silnpsrin's Doctrine nld Application of Flu nils, in 2 vals. For sale by WM ,leKELAN, t april l cur C'arpnll t','a t P ICKLES & CA'ISUI'PS--7I1 rllxsu assrted IeC a klea and 1Tooaio st su lar, in ltlre aid far lille by a9 SH A LI.. 81I 7IttWN, 9l; Magazine st C E NTAI N'1'-untnal and Illraulic cetnianiatir ale Sin lots to auit purnehr-ere by al3 REAls & LBARTOW,?7 rlak Place S OIt'-IER-Londonl Pller anid blra, sroa , for Ssale by READ & BiARS'IOW. al3 7 Blank Place ge WLL-ngarwll; e aii tlr e eachc, ii oe Vý tar sale by READ & :It-tIS'1'OIO , at3 7 Bank Inelas IANTAS-20 bales t 4-4 h..w sheetlin.g laading 1 fram ulship Naagnnaett, fur Pale by al3 I BKRIDI &I Co, 13 Magazine at a OTHING-13 cans seasonablo clotha:s, landing Sfrem Naragaansett, far sale by a14 I BRIDGE &Co, 134 Mugaine at S I aE--700 caEks T'lhlannao Lime leadiag from t sip Peruvian. for sae by a 2 3 .s . J P. WH 11rNEY, 73 Camp st (()ED-- . of bead ticks ofsuaferir qwsa. B lily, for sn lbl HA AI. G.--8 •,Met in a i, A TRIER, bHIPPING. " For aEurope. FOiL LIVERPOOIL. Sv n Paa.ade only. The new flast ailing hip I)EI.II, Capt. I A Cmcker, will hvre irnmedimi ilepesptchr. hla r m'upa, hagllg lil aC.mlaltimnmi aldy to S & J P WIII'INEY, opt16 73 Capn!m t - - IL IIAVIEK. The A I andl fst sailing shiip NESTt)R, Cnpt, will receive immediate te-patri. p or alahnce of i cilt amrl'sg,'. pply ltO _ lpri . . L 1_ I;At.v, 9:1 C,,,,u, At The A 1 and lt sailinpg hii AI.I.IANCE, Cap(: tain Ifully, will receive imnnlediat. vls. c p' tch. For fr'ight of I111 bIale ol crtontm , of p toInalge, apply to L A (;AI.E, april 2 9. ommo(+'Ollln et ti FOIL COIK.e Pmaisge only. Thy ship CRESCTEN Cptin Blls, , will Ilav innediatle ie lpntch. I, or pastige, a i gaving good laccommli dalilll, l llilyin S F it I iAI.E, IVJtPl llllll OL The A I new faslt miling ship CHIIAR.LES, C1pt. Colin, will mlieeIi Wi ithmediate le.I palchl. For freight if o10l bales cllotli, or ipastii, aUpply to L1 I GAlE, opril 3 93 Cmoimmni at FOR IIAVItI-. - S 'Fli A I amnd fit railing ship COIIO. l ANUS, Caalitn Tenney, will anve inme- a ilianedeililorhb, having Ilii grcter iarlt of lher cirogmiimg'di. IFur freight ol 1111 bmles ctton, or pals. mage, lpply to L II GALE, ipril 4 9:1Common at IMolt II ItIEAUX. ile brig VErIgINI)N, Captain Pirrkrin, all ,20111 bhles cotton Ito ill ni. For freight ml mwhichl, or iatengrl, ali iy ii apr.l4 I. II AI.E, 93 Colmmon at F1ltl I.IVEIRPlTOl. a. 'lThe superior A I shipl ZOTOFIF, Cap t. b Merrill, havinig the greteilr palrt of hr cargo ai S gilgel, will ilniiilliii dispmltclh. ior a ireigil f 100 Iulea comttn, or pilmsme, alplly to I Ail I I IrA4 I. 9 Colllnon i)Ll c i iltmianee oiimly. ii In i I Th ndl h iP I L fiilt liill ICu rt u EIINIIlKtl(l, Cupn 'FhrohAlt"ltl , will hlave A L dciplull,. olir llslime oilly, havl ill llulllme ci Ilhvin g nll her mreio ieonged, will .,ill l illn it di . FI r Iltl: nI only, apply o!l blloniu ll itd ipooi 1 I i tlN ic lli' li I, r at FOI IL I1 It. 'I'lIN., The 6in+ -:hoener SEI"I'T:M\IltIII, Capt. unnll , having the lmaot pi rt of i hr Iirgio iengl ik will ii et wili desipailch. lFor freighi ll r i ltimgllg' apllly to the C ptaill ll b loard, opoite ''riini lmhr Im hiui git to II~! .St'Ild'SO " ( " AVI:tY.8( Grivicrr f IThe Ali and lst Ianiline hII au . rq LA. I'NS, Capt ill M rrill, will halve inm in + l' Ii i i llN iill ll llt i li ilil i lr ,i I l llg Ili dilr l tl i 'drepII lrld or llh uhove pI rt, hvng il el tlIItLtI mimi n I.p .... . 1 i, he l + C III AIIIF ;,r I lFil II AVlIaeI. .-+ The Al 1 ;out sailing-hip IIANOVIEI C4pmi II iriuiiui, havini' g ithe, mhai ,, ThAt ared r I ih t , i on ll recn..with i, ; ,l., u r l ag., nlply to I. II (; 1'l i W iti 1 (i m 111111ml a W ill , p t 19 1 l Oi l It Coastwise. FOR NEW i-O1K. Packet lo the .0 I-t 'May. Louisiana sli N.e Fork Linr e uj' I'arlt·~i . Ca rin lutll iway, will li t ve hIIe port as t I - ol rd F lortrn ,i ht or p Illser ll, ha iugl tec f tllleeant l ''o l 2:| 7 I ( 111 Iam "t I , Ijll i . The Price of Pasnene Lc this Line has been reduced 'I'teelegust PaIckt Ship le will follow the FOR NEW YOOR.K. Re;.ultr I'als! for Monda.y the. 2.t, inst. In me i, of l'ucketo. 11 ' h 11,t it ,ndil, regllar paeket tliipl ' N.,IIIIII.lE, A -Ii c A Wood m ritllr, .L.' wiltalls ils ilbve. Foir tlh dalne oif frelghitl ir pl l-Slel l]ll hoe -'hgalit a, a" IIIIIIII datimlls, apply to iII,- ('al )llll eni board, IU tlw r n below lse V .ert'ble sIniketortu A cil'1EN, F1)R NEW YORK. a3 ilIll1, tiif -To Sail Posihlvel. o Morrow Evning.ll ill I ilatl m lltll enekct ,.hip iA - iiiiilii' , \dVhi l le % m si illl oorwilil tiioiigoel lea-e ft, I evere tomorrow evenint. e I.,I.Tr pr.e s ' chl, ha,| l , I orrow I o ýere ill IIi I - l ll ..l 'c·· 1I1II? hl-ll llOl t O I -·LIl -lIt>.'llllllOIlalill l. ltt l l/Ir 'l eln t',-t, \\" 1~ \'l ' Il ICS, upl '3 No90 Cornnol -t ._ FOR NEW YORK. Th. e Aw, I slhi RoIIlIiT lOf%'NIg:, Clis. S1\lll-19 II Sl 2 m:l ' t11111 .. 15 I It N : ollll 1 1 Ica tho eorIlal h1h e hr 1:110llo. For Iroglll Ir Ipa- og, ul ly o t Ihard ilg l oite I t.rrelsto collu n plel.t r in I MAI llNiE 7 hi A'l') , HI i ksllllll i de .lal:ll For bPalllv e et l , o-eil l Ilr 1p8 1a1.-t I. appi y ar (. II %I. i. n,, totll 1Ig, !):1 l to L H 011 , St . - FOR ·lr()SiORK . I· Tl 03.I goo ell iler c\IL 0IW aoICK, Cl1pain. li, wia tI t ie llk of ec bo nll o rrels to c n-d sage, apIy toI S & J ii WIIIT 11NEi', - , . ... . 74 Cmip i t FOI NEW V 3WRK 1FR BALTIMORE. SThe Aleg pcket hr 11OI1 .E PIA,a lpt A JIwk t, will hIve deirio eh. FIor freiglt ori It stge , ld ail foll r 11 ls edtII I laccl l . Olloiu nl , I kt10 d73 t ratp tt '1 A ew, fi s slrilineg brque ItI O IIS - 1 CII l.I), (aptain, a hal her rg etloged, 0ad 10ill have deepatch. For ba l oine f. i . oi o litr pasg r a ll. upply to all S & I' \"1'I0'I'N0 Y. 73 Ce11 p d t l0ltO LIVERiPOO Nl. 1 'The A I and fast slilie g ship ISAAC I HICKS. Capt. Peters will meet witll illl lti depatlch. For freightt oft200nleaes ot ltr llfl.age, apply t to L H 1Aiwl 11, atl 93 Colalllone st FOR NEWL YO RK I PIcket tf\Vdedliedav O lel instl. Loaisia and lvNew York Line. Theln fine fast aoiling rocket ship I.OUIS VLIIle Copt. Allen will sail as above, hlov ill a it orliln of lAer cargo now o1u boaud. For freighit nr lassage, hnvilng suplerior ecco iinolral tina, apl ytote o Iloteron ben o rd, opposite thle ege table markea t orto JAS o kUI.LEN, ap 22 74 C.llln street. $The ate of passage by tlhis Line hls been reduced to - jTilte packe.t ship Saratogao , Capt lnathaway will - f )llow tIe I.ouisville witll l uick deopaltcl. - FORt N EW YORK - I New Yor4k tod Niw )rleans Line. - ''111: Eew A gegL At Nhip TtARIttINT(A, ('atlain SltltT h will sail as abve full or ro0 ifull. For flg.l'r 1511 N.ales callu, or tihe bui tlhe.eol ppLv ano boorl i.r to a`2 0EI'ER I. AI!iI.AW, Ifi Catll street. l'lTe elegant A 1 packet ship 11E PUII.! o CAN J 9 Wdson For Iraighn of 511 k, balea cltl or passage, haviolg sdlelllid for oish olCeolllllodaollol, App.y to Caplulll Vildon al board, opploSite toheMillt,or to 2- up PE' I'ER LAII)IoA\V, 6"; Camp street. I.' ren se, Alnitrs' D,,ve taill letter palper, lfne 250o d o do superfine 1511 do blul e lommllelcial post L ill 51) do wIhlite do 150 do ereell Ipoet Is 75 Wo water lillned pot do in JIM do fIne cap d 0 io ofine ronyal do s 20 do nlesdiuln do "i. f)l Ito batk fdl io post All of whichl are of a very Superiur tualit, anld will bie a. mold luw, to close a coIsigullllle lllb " I II D .I A 'I'( W A II, 4. 9(*lllp lit PIlasle.,' iarcn'olle--words by iliss Etelhl, dedlli clled lu Ih[,(ry) Burrel, Coq. I..lclipiied l! v . P'. 41,a 2 noovrier If New Orlenus, rrelved with tilO-gleatetl ell. ipaae alt he New York colcerl(, t E .JOIINS & Co, ml4l enrler St Charles C olllalon sis 'y L M IRPI.I.A--:32 rs se inMolu, and Gingham UC hrellas, colnprisi lg n collruplele llad$1rt lllllll, la,.dille to frnn =lbrg Piiner, tor sale bly ISAAC Billt )1E k C.14Mg Ie. NEW ORLEANS & CA.l&ROI.IL'I'ON HAI,,,11 RUAL. t ,+{II ' ANY. RIIRANGEMMNTS FOR TIHE WrEEK n)its. From Carrollton. I o11 :'ew ()lis. Horse Car tit 4 o'clock, .A.M. llonM Car at 5 e'!l-ck, A. Socotulle i Lo. llOliv. 7 - I.' ." ii ,, i After l0o'lcluck a Cur en, be obtaied by paying 10 do luno for'tim Trip. THE JACKSON ANDLACOURSE STREETCARS at street atd ojelobLk A. M. and run hourly. At lalf sIt? o'clo0k Ihhs ear will ,mionleo rulmiu! evlr Iball hour, lunoltinue tuoughout the diy until S o'e1o P. M. ld' ec eiu1 by tel loaatlob.+mmut provide IIntoalr wat~ir oo fo wooy oil li taken by the oldwWru Oraur cu d Carrollton Rail id. -. utl Chief Eql. N€. O ý C;'. R . R FOR NEW YORK. a Nre lork 4 rr Orlears Iine. A NI.' IINE.o"packets fIes been establi hed to p A NrUll 2lwleell Ne O rlrell nlld owV York, to consllelstoffive first rtle lship., viz: Ship St. l arov, It WV Fo.ler, master, " ei ubldicon, J ,l Itusell " Aulnurn. If P I)urfey, " - new .building, Thr~e aill. were built inrNw ]lork'exprtooly ft r bttis 00 trade; or a Iogldigohtodgh of woooer, atd will noot b oubjoot toodeteuwoorr n ol trho Ilt. ''lhoir n~cou11no1fnliool ' Iorp'ar xngers +Ouljlrin all hllalt llxyV lell req uired f r [cLoufiort inad oron nlenle; and hrIll.o.r C tre Tle o exp roeflnce Uo de.rlt is no eache tite. r e:opleterd, two first coass ooips ,ill supl0y 00eir it Tpi grlenet tlllrtlo.i y o.ill lie oboserved o the foo tilP, of Rhlinllg, ullllI every re le: i a Iodll all tio :xl , tded to shiplpersand IirllengersP. or further porlieulurs opply to looirs. J.ohnson h J LlwdellNo. 8 WIIIlareei. Nuw York or lo jot PETER I.AI i)IPW, !ii Cun) e lh FOR NEW YORK. [Louisian. aed w York ne of Pkells.] To sail regularly uao oldrertised fjro each IPort. T HE lile is at Ihis amOlllf eh.ll o ld of the follrow a ile shim s, llEtli llmore IIgewV r e.[!, Will le. c Il ito tB a an eIarly dIy, mkillc IP Ilthnuer tweelve il ale whc will oalow of oneo tbeig dise toohed lioa tohis pot every weekh durino loh yeh r, tmls ofooding promptl ftcilities Ior Ir ororanelution erd oa Ihe lowelI rules of freiglo Shilp Yozoo, Ceptoin 'l'mCk.o € l lis v i ,l e , "' A lle n. u t Srool.i, I IlatollmW 1y. 0 "Ilontsville, l Elofridge , SlltkepelloreC LLt, Palme 'lhe above hipls are all o Ito foilo f clahI, Coppmrtd f alnd olllper f.ltlltfll , olf a lillt dirollloghl of WatLer, nIi l built inl N-w York oxpresolo for Ithe Irmleo will elegoolotl ncomo ullllolll llll fr pl se llgero und cuiiroiloolded by bleto t anl;I expelailnleP l Imllasners. 'Tho prite Iof IshllllCe i fixe iot u, wirolll wilne. ir liquurh, -lll - ple o1o1+ il every ith .rr p IIeCUalr will S rovild , l otid Iver ll tillil ro il e ll Iio i ioII te Ith comort h l hokers arp to aned hvn ini th lire.ll e Rsllil will aln l line be ta wed lll ai ud dtln thel river, ll te grenteotal pullllt lllity obervd a i to Iheir dy of ii N itohller 1IIo ownero f or etllo ill ofo thee vi.soelt will rI r f rther war1e11 w I r s pilk olw ol f ily h.tio llw rel, e:1 cnlrlll , oir o rlllliotl c, Prlne or l lill, rust oo f illlf li ,IPO, llr fhor ln letters, p rcel oi r f llltlhk nr . -eat v by u o out n otorotrd t Io rrell, ulnless rPoglo r billy o! lIo dino o redoo Illtlk n flir ItIe samile, oI111 the valllue thllervofl..%pIre+_.ed. Itoorfreioot or Ilotagoe, apply olo mar .I J AM ES I H IIUI.IN. 74Cn (?mp Lt FOIL NEW YORK. 11OI.MES' IINE OF PIAUKETS4. fI\O R ool oI tolllctililly evoery Mo-lg fv fro e hlll. t. Ipt rt Ar-Inosx, Iaptluin 1 I'S Minnin, Aloboolooo IPlOlltfin o / C Ilter1v, J Itro ohro I', Ct min ,hl h .oo . 0'.s0000 , t lo:lih l Ioio . *Ol re 0 opo:'h o Iy. oo .. ..'r,,,' Ao:, --0 (0ll0lill oIollololf c. 1Thr . lwlho h l o s 1 oi , ar ll ofthe lflot tol o 0 I 11o1oft oieo . tol l++ plv f eel-fooIIo noor o- fol o ' bio lt _,, oo ,,_. r. - 1 I tor, ntl - ulio- tt hlvariablyo ,, leOoo lito ar bo lhuut t'ofo l- o liol o t 'Tllto s Il0ttkP.o lrto (O llllllllloled ho I Cnoootof lis well ex o oeroio elf if the t ro d, oo l o t ill o lwlf \ to exert f heno r elve r so Sool'lll d oe. 'lThe t rill flltov R 0 b it, a dt dllwe the river. allld will lp llllltlV" snil as llvertilsed. They havle I ellli-.llllyl v f nlonshed nc ( mn dnlmll th n l id itlllv s ·rf IhII lrstl( iillitY will alwna s Ilie-urnilishrd, [ilt] every ' lfo ioolloll Iolid Lu'til e cUmfoi rit anlld o uo.ato o o'0 it 'loPo lorice t o of 00e 0 0bil is fixed at o Io , without wine or iillor. IFor furtlier pali lartiC alr pil to A CI1III';N, I0I0 Otýt a ,fll fC ollll Rlll e l t I"f'1The' ooip iort 00I00 l'00o a 11fr Ii'oakolago ot o 0or i'll` f litof o0 se 0 o l:t ooooooo'ofoooooo i1 1o 11. alclal0 llo 0n or fo fllroe Ollptfoo bonfrd ioof i lls 0 f i0 roo fLoalr Lbill Itflotolillg f si,.l.l Ih-relfo r, nt Ih ofo r o-lfi- o ofhoo' IagenltF For the Interior. FOR ILOUISVIL LE & CINCINNATI. Sllt ellllllhl llnh l did, upper cabin sleaier A r h Ing r redl' e i k r I'I 'it N a in gt..loe ll lBreein, nv per inan . ,rsn t ov hern. c rpu e.ebacrd, will leave futang uituhr ta ihr lond .orts ln 'l'uorscied et. r I elr I llllll n lle h itAHI n ll - lil llt liilln e Bual to any h,,t , the /lert, wacr, ppey te Ci on llltr e nll n111 b er atell l a I , In. be t wa l t ree to il fl IC .IIA'1'SON YN: AVI", 8 . Gl'vior ite -FORIIlltBA ll S1 ... .. ./ tIa. I IN' trkc, ( .W I lItlI.IXT .\ ,I .1.. It ........... w il.l I.n irevel, ann Lriie, every ined l-d ils u o ml ly i' vl k A.11 . fhi |ll' on u r i'l , vel ry : . lda' oI(lr In II 1orIn , I i .1I1 iCkc in cI. il e d C iIn o r1 ti y lYo i i r . . . c ii t r c ie e . pplyn t Capt. I ourt oI otn ueo r to msb ch he a o I tll At XlA.NIII ll , NA'l I'I. IIITJllEgII - 11. IItEV tP ItI'l,,, ItIlt't IN &i J INEIB,;+ llot, Ile lllll he latocl h iaeaelr SO TII A 91 cencti lltc'sijlty.ccail thlele and iiit-rediate iorts loit i ceoio-m ,cthytltric41hhiiinc , aite)('cc , l . i'orfrehnitld or piisoge, apply inll board, betweIInI C iI.IIII nll huise lnld Cotell srfre, . a Ct 'rl ' I io LEE & Co, and .i l 28 &d 9 New Levee -N. II. lie Alulce hs it ie upper chin, ll slate mneen, aind eilers aecon modations equal teeny tlreuteclirly eade.l t A ll A ILL 'll ll MIII llt .IF S lrhllTukih Ilce, li srilgninlicrlen cin o ir red tih h lei, ce l wlitbskt ero. e Irniw., , le iingle apllicatioe tO nc perlnllcninllt brIhlenl, v llryil tea c lplete l bls ck ll ti out eslantihog tither t i.leds or Iblelln, just rnceivedI at the Bazaar, eirner St. Charles a, Coli streets. fell Exnlage Hlotel - L S. 'ARILY, Dentist, repectflliy gives reut Slice, that he nln he consiolted anuleally in New realnsi duartionle l lelei of Fheruury, llerell nod pril. His lesalllllct ill ill pactlice, t Lreo , heneiv - aoid amechanirl delrtrents, s ciuurpantted ill this fete Jflienc t ('enal slrent. 1 e firt six ntcerhe il one trner, with a viriety il very iltlrensting books,just rocciverl end nfor Ilne by ,nlt A TOW. It, 49 Catmp at CARD TO Tlle L DIES. WG ILLIAM lBEI.,, No. 10 Ci.trmees street, enin ues nt puchslne old hrok loJon selrs, old gold or silver in any inill wlcutevero alldl pay the highest price in Orleans. Lnadies who may have old fashioned gold jwelrv, viz: eat onllalllelsc, ehaits, nlelclcers, buckles, inger ringsl or ill ast any articles of the linec wite:t i yIcing die and cino ue to lielni, ca ll nacchge tlhe uclos t gold advnsnage, bly eclliil a Mjonbonve. N --Vaslcles, Jewelry anidl Sneteclea repaired in lthe brest innntuerr-clnrges alloderale. Ja28, I959 BAZAAR. CorNner of t. Charles S, Commoa street, EXr V R nuII r noA. l S rTEh. B UiU! & AI.LAN wouihcl resiecttill ccll the rt eietilnllmtfciliztelist truelnciiigi. luithircntllislen eseoriullt A f Gentlemen's Iinen shirts, o e ins ibrme, with rIIl Itoulls. I hoivlndrtl re li on l'Hcc is: l lc ci - vlrs: silk, cthc and Mill ryi nedei rhiisl ll t rawlir.: calnllmric ult silkli itl ieln:d black antd JnillNv eril valt ill gretl varievly stocks i) evenV de r I piimlll Zill o I elastic ain d uoll etupendersli cl ttlnl .ltid FlreacI glohesi ieltc hic killn gloves: umrllelbrsl c an ld .oldec I liiutlln ed.l d Als; C-Splldidd n Assortmlent oliadies and remite Iri ntilnesks, dressillg clses, redt elio, pMc.ile.rypl cI. leiy, and rich funcy goods. m nol I IHR IIUIoI.e' UTiERo AIDOtt lINAI. SUPPORTERO T HIS new isttruinent for the radical cure of Pro. I lapsue UCteri, or Falling of tle Womb. by ex. ternal application, superseding Ino nso of thie ub. jectionabie tressary, is confidently reeomtmended to the efflicted as tile means ot a perfect ronsltortion toIn healthl, it never having failed oft perfiorming a clre, even under the oast aggravated circumnstan. cesn. It its reebiVed thle decided spprobation of Sir Astley Cooper of Londotn I Sir Benjamin C I Berodie Sir James Clark, Physician to thle 4Qkecr; I Dr Ashlwell. Lecturer an nmidwifery to (uy', lies. pital ; Dr Rigby, lecturer to St BIarthiolotlews Dr (Grilfith, lecturer to Westtiint-ter tLospital ; I)r Rlnmbothant, lecturer to lIon.lon Ihospitai ; obert Fergkson, leclurer to Westttinster lying.i il ospit. ral; Dr Sweatintan, lecturer to Middlesex lhosIital, a nd eonior arcoucheur to Udieen Cliarlotte's lying.; also by Iluenry Il)avies, Conqleat; Blulidell, Lee, MLierrnimann, surgon Keates, &e. by Dr Mnorreau, president eof tlhe Acildemien Rnyale de Medicine, Paris, and Aecouecler to the Duchess D'Orleans professors Velpomal, Marjolin, Paul lDubois, in stn and ethcrs--and in New York hy professor J W Fraaeis, G S BeOdfolrd, M D priofes. nor of micldwifery in Ite uliiversity on' thie iCy of . New York, prols. Dulafiell. and Francis, U Jeian. 0top, prelident County Mad Soeietsy, Laurens llull plroident trced society Statl of N York, pros Juas iMleNaughton rf Albavy, rOls Miarc, Certs lPeOr. kltcs, DIalc-tDrs Thius loyd, Gilbert Sinith, losack, Slearnis, Ludlotc, Kissalti, Vnielio, Power Grayson, Van Renssalaer, atucl iaicy other distill. guihlled plhysicians iln tihe U States. A G alull, Office 4 Vekary st, Astor Houls N York. [I A constant supply of the above ilnstrllltets, with Dr Iiull'ai improved Trusses for tlernia, will be kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, A G Carpenter, Natchez; Sone & Marlsh, Wood. nville; Booth and Mallory, Memplhis; WV D WVilkin. son, Somerville; IlsIl and Wshlington, Nkashville; MoNairay and Hamilton dol R I. Blis,. Florence Al;., J C Splotswood, Athens; Irby and Mastin, Uuntaville; Du Bose alid Ruff; Mobile. apt I m, - -OlllIKlu--20 iibln, laniikg roan strals hbs MlkailliJl,fur :C a!e l y m14 A TRIER,31 i.lavier at .= __, . ., - .l.1 Is MIGHTY AND WILL o n PREVA.IL. I .P thlt ks000 of Sarsaparilla Bland Pills have enlIsold dalrinllg tile pU six mutk. If i. uf ut-t-at they. are taken i a. er, le ixunces to obviate and correct the miscllevous Uma I*I1 ,flentl of quack pills anal Itherluuck msedicills, by wiclllally lives are ii .lu ersd. It i. a ract--Tlht all qluack me Ibeonws contain minerael or mercury, which q uack tlhiuk . nmuokl ll or cure," and trust to Ielr iffl.h ITollor i Mies." ih -in tct--l'illlllnumesou qlsii adiii fIorclsn imprs lor 9011 h.llnaelvee iJtolur tllheltahy illay .ore lb:ct lally Impose vil ulnd danlgrous, preprntion on the pullc,,y oathis, for Ihe c' , .o halt Lhey call Ini kel th., ir unJlllut alm. It 1 a flulet--hl'lt tile quIlack... I forig ltl whol now illll lur o'uollliry knlow I..Hagll ottle Ilteumrsl' II " I cIIIorI. lllL k s c. llllallt Jlae(..c Oh Ito. bno y.t.lhlll· It i .it iase--hT ,.y slre illlirulilly AliC. II, i rll 4 thfllw hng dra-e..,w all oI'whc.l are mal~reolr le.. "~u Ju.d o). itoi ,l iel .lli ie h o,gI .lnd . lyllllla.l llld o Illle lys- S sI'lflhlll; rru0icti, li Ul.lross hllrl bi),if ih.; gisilif ihsi ~ 1111 is,,) ) ''1,,,Iiis'i2 J iall'll idse; i r lllrll, ; Scaly erlllltlll. lllld blo, thus lI llibreas ostldfe hver, ,kill, the hLku; 'bllllealld hgallll.; Dry Iand wateIr pimples., ud Pllillnloftlhllellhlde,, lloRg th. pl ll I or thl: tefce lll uf Iack llad ione, ,oer tie tlFe A holy; remlol f tile heart ilnd Tettuolllld ringwlorm.PI; fmurl. SWPilin nI f h.ird-lsIf o1 fill lyward feve had tte- in 5 i fl e laci k .I hi.lll .. ii tie the oa nthh. 1Inul hr ;l nh-r; I hire., &c ,,, lhs ,,Tll , Clll , v, .,h,. Sour fructlOll aid acidi ie. oi the -talll.lclli \Viterbr.Ii, c. RE(CO.JIENI)A'UI'IY FAC'T'S: t is a fact--Thle only pr.lriet. r anld .ll.lllllflCllrr iof the lSatillr..lihl h.bld pilhas.-i rP iirig fl jhyeunisl s wlII ,, alpth ce ih, ettlstetd Iiy the nllOt celiur,-l Ss, c, i.u."i e Ult Ulllted Stoles. PURnr ) IFSIERS (iF '~l~l~e.1114 Bi9lOW)e·C. IUe Ilhmt re Plys(."k, f.CIl, l i Jackion, Glhsou, Ddwe, Hlere, Jasles llrr, .I.- ' Co.!, ic. , Itm s ,, fact--'hlt tile Sar~alarill0 blend pills ore emloyt~ed in ll the pratip lf pll|lllYPllbyhlilallA l.ll:0 very +troiigly rrco iu Illnedel bly llantly tllrlollglhlout tile U Stuteu." (Sum dileCuIOIIs ucriolllsi eH.llIux of poill.) It is :a luet--Thy are c(orldnlp-dl ntrely" of vegetable., und they are wll rlted t cillsalll lt.) Iisncury or a ullll pre-l par, tim,+. I is u f(Ct--They smay he taken liby tIIe nn I,'cate, nd 0t allages; without retrsiill ut'ueculsatls l s r Iillshlsl.l; WithoUt fCl roflakillg cold; without change of diet ou retlt illt from lolnlesrill , e;ll lg . It i. a.,c-'.rhey will nt hy their operation, whch may Ie Iadd sli ilealive, cagrd llg il tie qUInstikty.t.ds, ..i.h.L. thlle syslel mo Iso cll as oiust f tiLe litr+atlve mladicll es lracer CIll) , doll.i, I' , I, It l. i f.lct-That they alI..,ke.lle d is.le . el, llsl, . PUR{IFIRSa OF "I'Jl}: BL~OtJ). ENOIlINVATOr()I Oil TIIF: SYSTEMI I E ;er dlecu~eredl Abu. '.n.lii Utsd..' l ,h..:., ivsdryl by ii rciry,, ci the nlllllr.i si , or ii hi. sli f lec, ll h II 'e.I ,,, s , ,, rller l, &C &t'. It i. . l. o t-Thal ll0.1vr inn mI ng+lelt ie~llll rp hirt( they bio''L k llll ll Il. no-llel le t rIle dlalll noIt rod.. " . . J cool d d llt crlg tiily . siidi, a" of .h - lefre cuu..d.. 'd IeU rulrlc. Itlr IIt aCu--llilst oir I.ox' ld'Surr aparllla pll iollll and o0" [otile o Sf lllll lld . rlp ol'Sur alhl'.lih, iall Culi lellt tu car' sliy )f Ile uhuve illrace+. It I a lilct--llould hi ob++rv'el, lhul tle only l!hwe tilV cm, V Obutllllllcdlll Ille ill NI. N rleanlslI I,. at C·UItU lhhll l ie , . PI.L balerll 1 tP Nuo 9!i. BLOOD! BLOOD!! BLOOD!! !.' 1et. The vital prlicllil e il~ll.) i) , lllloulllu ml III the bluedl. _. Iluhol lllake. bhloo.l :1dl. l+very hlhlll ill rthe Ihoot is derlvedl hUo bloUd. Illh. All con I.IIIU[tli , are r.ladle lylh lhe a;.lle. ti b.l All di.cae ae+Ir..c f'roml ,minilury uJlth, bloed, or i t of er word..,rolll firllllmlll.Uc llllllur.. Hoh, lled tlU the bollJ. ,ilh. All tke~e hlllltrb , are carl'lell uIF, lhe bllldl plllif.-d 1 ..dl lulalthlful by the -....... ard ....t .. eto.oac.. wit . . 7tll. .Vcg t.ably purg:itis e lUIlE s. ia ilate S ill Lite blood, 11]' r ItITY ..fuo,lth hd i. wlll kllwI,,l tobe i he I1P rlle bgrP 'tt caule, olfdlelmoe+ S,t .]',.A'A ItlI.oIA i, well kaulutoXl b, [+ thie ,iio t i,'Ilya~ fll l purifier ul'Lh l (l, ll l~ IIIII++11 1 lof' he+ Iii iiiii Iv+aIt' ll I OX ++ el0l . It is the ie rlll e ll:, l l. llil la o l llagenl iii Ill 1lullael:as,l~thohcunll. a lll lther p)r llr"1xnuoo.(,l I, +.i.. L Iirrelil. tollloml nell t onii t vnI t , llttl, ; .hl"y ,r:I ihP++l tIo 'IV -clle l .al),L er isl. ilh'd Wl~ ll I rly wtb.1d I(·1II1olu u " Ir , araotJell* l llfll 11'yu ) r1ar.hla ex vtr., , ru ,., \. . Ol \V I. I a ,1..',,I h. l d ',+.., 1,1,,,,, n rI ,111++p, I o - . Illn 1~a.,elr, whu h · i t t III Is 1"'1, Itll Inlnv 'r III xnf m, h l ,'ll'H l1., n Ig, -lthtoutl d rl i II. fll. + ir ll,+ l I+r - ir-Ilkervie u lhl0 I.-lll l nl odd 1'." oo1g , ,llh Ilu o, I" lfivd PI ll . \ Ill . 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From thle Lir,,un.talloce of tlhc .lrstmrilhl l.,:ng inroduced, ill ilia, Lallg ea+y tol t tke nuI onncolrlt f"r ' urrn lly u tlhe I krt k1t or fir tar,"llio n. it b g hbit. tu breaka,,e alll re tll: haft! , lllllta lllS llroparliliunl flm C l lTlll lrl1· L tIIP nli" t cvI ' e lll y ta il- f place 1.l'lall oulllh r Ilr"lp:lralllll 1.'" |tl, tr lhe ur1 llro i lll hll\ l phell} i r11.Ullllii.l I [r~llll pIs~(· it'lal l il +i1.1· Pr+, + 11 4 I ;LE( ll ty~ll 1111* 111r+'<'ll11.U ;It+,ll ,ir,. ,'tlllliIclll'l'· rlCl)llllllll4,111 ed + P.I UlII· I. it+ :iI.lll ullV - shlll, t~lle+'Itl:;1 Flnll+. /11110ltll : {ii" ll++ Ihh.++ ahm 1: the :l, k illll l""'l ,ver lb-e recziun I," the hllrul ld uoll ll ll:lll nllil uua li.+ a'r. s~llll Of'll lelilr:, rl~lur i, rUI.tLI(IL illlll Llh'lllht)·' id" lht: Ltl~lllilCJ'll illel:rlls bllreoy., tl lh Iane. "llre;ltlulrl bl_ a,111111:) ies J,-, hl]. .lll,. ,l1.cht. 1 tl'l .ill, o r:, iud wthery I Iii fii mbai d k ) 1 gh s1t,"tle I th.1 I r-giultlt 4 r I(:Lttr hi,"d r llla.WI) rll.I , ho 1 IIa !olr ll, - hllllar d r tile l llll,,: i fo u h, ltel i+ b ii th, I luOlll, old+ag lt onc. I rl blllht,'ll I , dr II11111 lllld wa tle rllrll . u1u1 ll .11 the a II,)1., trwill ul ih.+l-i,, |+[o111I·III i11 ,tlrll. o|"III i h II,. ,.'to+ '.'. .. . d, d ....... I.......d w ) ......ur '.u ur 1 l, .\.....- .. 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F I I H I'itlic: are respectfull ilirillllned thta the aib.te _ tartichs mllt be Pe nttllllllae for s ale at (iO) .SI ,%, Co. Exchtttage Hotel, St Charles st. nar .5 If i&OGlt 5 &e-210 cues, - r. nisting of mer',, rol it llrocc, and king Itat nttbo, tturiia 'I i children's itogtatS ; m, 's m shipper, &t. ]aldib- tram shal Nal lla lltlgttt, tiltr sailt by a 1: I ItIIItI)( : (' Ca, 134 Ningainesa t rL Ii & 'UTT'-i'Yci sk-k alm- , 12 barrels pu vt ie bladdelr, landin.e ilal 15eket Strlta, alld Ibl sale by dIAINVIa & ANRI)IEWS, al:3 car ol on ra Tlehnll)itultat atsa G I UI AtAIC?, attd litquorice and Intula-4 ease fiant arkey gnat arabic,5 du liilql'ricelaemse, and lake ntam n, atad far scate bh JAiLVIS & ANDIREWS, al3 corner Comlnllltll &l'chltlllilotulas .xt SILLIARD IIAILS & tcIIEt:KM,--.Idl reciavedta isplendid article oL IlilliaId Italls cad 'thacks. IUS11l & ALLEN, april Exchange Hotel, car St Charles & ('acIIIIuon at ..ikTEio ill.-111 Dxes iala i nil, receiatag per burque Chliantieleer, for eale by al3 SIAI.I. & It& rWN,i 96 MNagazine at 1 PERIl CANDLES-60 t.. e.t dita sitet, tnaid ' far sale by SlHALL & hilROaWN, a13 9i6 Main.azine at I GdARS --0,00 Prini Cigtrs,h in qarter Iig xes Sfar salt by ISAAC .IllLGtE & lCo,. aPI 5 13n4 ateittile at FORi IlEN'1'. A two story hoLuse aild two story Kithehn on St Jahn Fstreet. hetween I'oydrnm end Ih'.ia att'ee, near tlhe New Miarket. Possession to give cn Ist of May, 1889. Apdl. Ia ap 17 R CIANNON, 12 Camp -t - REGOiRY'S ECONOMY OFa NATU IRE,exaplin I ed anti illustrated on the prcit'frpa of modern pirianltly, in 3 eaae, with ft, l six dltes. lermoirs nl" William Snamttaat, it uitding particulars oflliadvcntlures ill varionu ,arta of Elt pre his I:tLt - fittneetr i. the dungreos oaf tile Illnuisilit in .iasbon, &e &e. For salet by ALEX i'(IWAR, aipl 1i cct Camp .ad Collllan at F IUR K':6 itLA.i . ttr-11 -ut SL'5 ,1111 It itmi ritti r s 'l'urk, Iland Sallt, last recei,,ed el r brig James aP 17 AltidJA FISK , I , J cinttan nt i Etli.RO:.- lik, l .,G ,Irit.i js Neigts, Idl n uil Ca,) ol'exctlloa ela uete', a ln ,1 thie Itor p llrt lersltii. TI llhr t e illat u lnt be t a lltI lile ltte of S lr Seneca .elnnet, ~laore ail-tret. For terns, ai ply t A I. AItIISlN & t, N lens ald grlinder u s ,le f dr d aula ,ti o ee 1 store. fur tale y CitAJIMPLIN &e C)ittlER, Icll i 7. nn it & li ` ~ OAP-511Iuxe SuHII Julnerr licnitt, J.inncn L 'I'rowb idge, ulrd J A Mortr', frarl" sale I ttill 1 I IRII)E .. t, 131 Meaz;ne at i` OSHF\ BUtr'1"r El--ai tik,,,, julsl reel.I1 and . ur I tale b75 s IAI.Ll. & . IR'tWN, aprit 96 Mrgazinea at jNiAlp to bet iaitti kt L tiet i att t "-a-XN SIhurt ia- :-i ialacr llae i , artrsfr ct'e by ABRAIAM & ItiIIh1N atirl 1 "3-t lr~tvier st T llS-10 Sth nll Na e ilsll r ila ale by - s inf4 5 HIlIlh;Ei r Co.M 13-Mng'zinehst II-ll-S-5 .an.s Allws , .,.a n,, d e. t .i, I-i ,fo. r sale hy all.1l .. & IIRII\\,N" a t 17 1. ,,. ig, ie at .tANNA FLAKE,a htrae and s all, I.:dm, IU be 1 suld by the aure, at Now York Irieas Ii tONNAiEli apl I carlier Mflagainue and Tnhapitultts st t p ARLLOR ORN A ENT S --Rare and beauntiful curiLsities, tur sale only by RIcJn & 'lange, and at PIouaIaI's Miuseum. All thease rnealllelll consist an the nltsl splene did sptcimrena o" arthintogy tIrua I':uEtpet, Asia, Africa, alld cur oa n country. Approved notts at 60 days will be takn ul I'AttCII--1t Ibres aetarht, ia ctlre ndttt fccr atie by I'3n9 StHA.I. & llbt\WN, 9d6 Magzineit at I SiTcON NAII.S-iO00 keg, assorted sizer, ifor cct sat by 1 IIII)GItE& Co, ap 20_ 131 _ t l l zll atl TO MIERCHIANTS. tJ'MEIItCHANIrS can rave a iEiAUTItUt CilacU Lal attalck Ogfalfomtr hours NorIace, by cnathg at tht Coinrptittg iounm oJ 1'KUE AMERIIICAN I'atraac; Orritr, St.Charlea Excliange. adjanring the I{Eu Ita Ituoa at Crerter ofravier streel, oratl the I'lint lug Office, crneaeof t'oydras and St. Clarlrae sirees. V tARASOL--32ea eh eembeaciag a geateralryart-. Smeet of Para dips. frt, IL.h.p Panlthe.. hor bale by tar. n la C,.t u' 8 13 Magazine a SOSTON RUM-1110 al rrela Btion Ruin, landing .L (rm ship Coluioblna, and for sai. by naiý S . J P WI4I'I'TNE,,73fliampr USSIA .lHEl FE''(iNOS-2Ibale,uof spor quao l. , landiug+ frou ship Furum, torn tule by loar n ISAAC BIII0iIE &. lc, 131 Magazine it lI.OI'HINc( r -le ca,.c SuirnPr ('C)iluhig, clnpri ring c goud assort, I unt, d fndig frllill Fo Irum, lr mle by I li- Ie d &1u (& C, u1118 _-- " - 13.o 1 A! o zina t I J I, GAN . AND I .OO)TS-- -3O casme rlllluicunig M n an' d ovlv q iu killu Br1 g n., fine 1 kip Il In uut0 mll aI h , frein ) F l ru h fii r l by _,ou. I,: ...... . IIt (,o : . o. I ,,Yu 3 .gU...... j) I.IJ.VP'S f tl.l r.' ('1 ,i¶ 'I PIL. OT nd II.,II rI.h Nuvign lt o a lj l lu'i Nauticr l Alinrr , fi,r a le bv al & , 24 [Chrtit&r. c I(+1 llNI T-IA: M d c lttuie nea,, -a , hai 1ea r1 rk i, price u/ fur aisle h " I N ing nfrenl hip .tnlldlln. hitr mle by u' 1 &l Il P WiH'INE:, 93 (Cuiun t INA S'I'I,: II.Ao KINC --Ac I t.e. lurte blrcikil N urcruis' braml Far umale by u!3 . I BRII)GE & Co, 134 M3lue zlrin lt S'jNUFAlIUI I ()u-TIii A;C -- hux x Ii 1l ^, 1ii, and ;3!, ]of vaiillll, lulill d tll I lllhiie!$ li In re Ith 13 )3r l .i , l,8 " . . .... .. 4 ll m - tie I (- Pi le by Ul . lIOrlEe ap• 4t,4 Niw I.,.ve,. u ACii i l R -K b.ll Sn h, utler"nd- w ler- C t e .e-ein ) Im.r., or cult, by Cc I) illi, april 4 44 ncw L.++vlt, 11IRC;ANI IT -iui c .I .-ul il. art Se Tl'k Iricec il lake t Lv c:uli]ter, epply at H I iIINNAI I El.'- iSr', aItl I ric__ c- nl ir culluI I..h t ad 'ch 'ileh tllr eti l 4 P1 It)I 'VEIL+IUX' ',1T phallirllulu. st (I OIuN--ilO ircushel,, nuudeit. fr ii, mtr Iieer, tlI' (r 31 (4,a\li r tl IX i ,II F. tI & I ii+'l'lfiK , 1i4i : ,ig ii ..i. I \l ' Al S I lilit crle a ln cl ,i- l I 0lllr 19 AiI . i I ON Ill l llll iitEN . (.9 (3 ' I " \ \I. ' IIII+ i l Il.ll , AN ll N culih- II.1 lr 'IIh i1V Ie Ihdr apphe:atit i .renll I r - It Vl l llv l'dh r ie-l' i ,, i l l ,l. ,i tl h, l\o ' I tlllr ll +Lh , I r lll ,ulltil ry 1'ur ,::, a.,ll: ;. 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Manuel ; Direction fur Irowing a transfIultilg and raising mIulberry trees, etc o if Morris silk raiser.: Manna)o Col. atnek'a P~ractic~al 'Treatise on the culture of S ilk Suollmarv of the prin~cipal Chinesee Treatise llwnl (litie C~ultulre al'Ilie Mulberrt, and thle takinlg of rt "ilk worms E 1 JI)HNS & Cu. upl 18 cornler St Charles andl Cun,nlol~n eta I W NE--Sicily Madelira Wine, brands of O(1IIehlltl n, W 1Tivza Hull Celli, in pipes, half pipes, ý"nrner caskis and octaves, entitledd to debent~ure, for sale byv to up 17 1 S11IDGE & Cu, 134 Mlgllini l P t I'\ 11 lE llai;ilr.ce ,fde Ilnrelnl~hy Mine Particl, author of", at Ile Cit~ of the Sultnuý' &e in A rol, Trhe :alnico"LLI i;) ('.iris, y John Saondelsoll, :n 2 villa.. sit IIIIIPLisiloll 1 t fill tit th Falr \', ear, and othell r 1.(11.11* . by J K )Iliclhrll, it, 1 Sul ; just lee,,"i..·d it I 1 Ir sole _ I 3'..333',333b3-33,3,333,-3-43-33,'3,33333,333 r p ., '' 11((1111: 11* 19 -- - -- - - - - - - of, hnurualt Lurk33,._",wit a l,. a 1s 3( ' 3,3 3 33gllir . 3333it 333d3i333,3-13, n pt, 33,:3,3 333rll 3l3tl 3333r.333lu. 53 d o l3-n~ll~ ads ~ n 3 1F33 1,,3,*f is u Il~ 'd MuichIll. 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I bruan ......... ... ti....... ..... dea0 L: 1,,a lu , hoo,,ar, iiaao ilho aaaonon dint I Jhlhloowina certifatea,, oattof hundreds similara whits aagl.alt a-l nruored,sre t . a o i.. . thet.oflea t ot thl e ldi0j4 l ;tal;I u ii thu vlrious complailts toh.roio oaoationed; aS also Ito exhfl1it, l tIl" most etsl r.l'tur¥lll Jox e , ita aua rknrl t uet tutu s¥rui zl y In Mesh... ale. CASES OF RIIEUMATISM. Cdlbt leht.l, Nov. 15, 1839. lulr I ,s a t hlt winter alld sprnI, 88I 8888lited wlp h Laveery mmer ne uud i.lre: lUug rhlleultnin, ouccslU altdy .ex oharl is Iu~l weather. I uow tube great ple,|bure tu ataltl that ig 81t,.r tifl Ithdla.,ll, f. PUamt re8tUd uic (to pirfect bhalth ond i cultideltl) royunluyd it toba alinniluerey sfi.ated. JOHN FERGUSUN, Kil ll.. Charleasto, March .e, 16. I wal,izcl , nlollrt three. years eil, oitthl daltrseld.rl . rIIIImtl llilutd vinL lllg a uo tore oid, while under r tenle fnce anlt Iercr), larwin g flrhans dianbled dell from busino eall3 oer llltn. D1Ulll t11 period 1I hvie b .en a paliol 11 tile lIlrlllan I1.npltal, il Iin oily up Ut.ld of lour IU oatL ' ,ud luellylg tihe e.lle 1 lo 1 ,I rllle l thie I8 lt8ulolrne Hespit.m't ulld Irled nl Xlawl every relmedy. with little lB.uefit. On the lItL ol Felnruury Ihi, 8 at thalu .crcoly uable to move about po c ruliler, I u,,cllteod thneue flllo Indlaln pa mcea, Irauum tlh I foucn llld endir fe rulloe unrpahl d am now hari I'Y to t81tl I 8h8t 1 cu1ltdenys aelif erlecnly well. 881. UCKER, 13 ISMarket . CASES OF SCIOFULOUCS ULCERS. Now York, Sept10, 1830. 'lli' II:a certify, that ill tile Fulln If1825,1 wu. seitd witb nwllllg ill iy isyok and Iacle, b uit tvlerw ards ul tntlud, Ak 11tu8n8e I.rue 8,81tl uicer ill y111 ueck. Alter trylng aereal tIlyt8t81ll m to no8d111 ltlt8, I 8 Phlit t'lil.idol.iua, snd placed Ily.1f e'udhr the 'url'e of lIra. Physic .and l i-No., when, tlmer repeated 8su8lraltlb to io effect, I 8wa pr.nounced utterly in. cnulrble. Aterwardtrl..k Itwe.ty berre of Sl0ailn,'. aus. clan, mnde ght btlles o t Pler' C~uthoxl d wilth no nlateial llledil. 0,te.lllolje oltlil'e, whihl had now beco81ea b1rhlsi Io mte, I return.ed to Itomyparntt in New York, n 'L529 and gao . layttll 111111 ,t liHgerng death. Hearing" o th greut u8aele of tile ldlllln.' P'llauce, however, iu caues 0iniilal to my owe, I was i8r1ual1ed to Iry I8t, a 1 u8t retort. To my gran sar. prloe, Ui .i lf as satibfatioll, I s8u8 found myself rasdly re. lvotn.g, uu8ld pu wnrkltlg e, en holte the ulcers aheeed, ad I ' 8l8llll1 perfectly 1 .elliu the courst u two uonth., and k -" teml8ied a 8 e ler8oine 1 mlake thin tatemrut, and wishL It Ihubl.hhd,i ter 8e b88et f8hose whoi8 are btearsg s ndler ... WM. MINMAN. Chnrleston, July 12. 181. I waahisted loaur yers withm all Uaper in tho leg, 0clione. allyS accomrlianed with arya pc1tous fa8 n n tin8 a1ud elcesave pln 11 tile leg n8d anklejoiluI. Sev'eral em.nent physiCiana exerted theirkill Ultu it1 but withllor SI I a.88088tI.,51.t In tnIll88e8 ti erbottles Ogthe ladia0s' I'ana8ea made perfaet cure. MARGAIRET A. WEST, ISA Markes at. B ACON SiItES-50 casks irncinaati cured, Ioia.. w illt 1io1 .lelelo i lelmh. aps yarle by S llust e ti I )ISEI, 44 New Levee. tE3IENT--Ily.dranlic an8d 8. nln for Pale hy Jll8r127 IS EAII& IIARSTOW,7HBank plw, lady .Alnlague's Conrlmrnd Chinese Soap re o8mm8nded by the ladies,,f 51ud8id and Charles on,, indeed roallty, noliIily, tilhe ireas, and th aiga.11t1 b11ance 88f all th8ng8. publlic opinion:hes 0ul8glsed It and placed the tslieIenIy of Lady L. Monlagu's conllpoulld Chinese snap beyullod sue Iicion fo8 l te8r or ring worm, 8 .i8pplea on Ihe face, sun bllrn1, tn, erpltion, prickly Iheal, and nffect Ii .8s ol tihe ,,lIl the healingi qualite Uof thil soap 8rill Soll erullea1e. 11 is rlcollllnlrded al an Semollitt lshaving so:.p or coL8pound tfor getle. men, lor beuutil88111 Inhe complexiolo, removing1 fret tkls, and Ilt831rlilg freshlnss aud delicaey Io 'he t',ml l, ..ioli. Til 811ris 8elhcict dlli.tliglt of La l', llsld'ra1ll l, l. ExpoullaUre ,f 88 n, trltllllat -th Ie Ileck 8ta 8 and d8 becollv Inlllt.d r h1ard. toed, 1,d the t t ;ins1 tI mudl8rn ebt0,lltlry have htbtll itrhdered suh elv l l Vleh t lllertly t the neceh. bur) evCny dty 11a,l hlda but aveln to its iuia ris. ,nld elelamlles. So,,d t illcesnle and retail at No. 95 Culsoma s. Price $. al rITI"E public are re+ipetl'.dlv ilt;,rullned that Itlae millt t1titlll i eretled Oll tile tlus itopmvrd plan, and itl Ot all x Si Iand mstl 6firabie slnlllti llllin tlhe fauLunr Fralklhn, uponI tile Ntil ) rd, uoe wllie lruttt the Miulig "all+ "lejirut distaa . .li. TIle institution is auppli I with tie Imustl akilful and ttreatie malole and fet8la1 lUtse, and speaking ,he vs, FPrivilte r1un1) Ile8y bIe htd by genle88 men 8 t ve do8 t i lars per day. idcludglg, n a ttn tt Ila.a, d. T1erw,. i1 the or nlrt ward.l .tu dollars paer day. Slave, 11so two dolllra. .aull a lx in i8te urdinary 1rds, fI 1e doaitos. All capaitll urgical operatlltn.a extra. I'l8e resident h188it1,811 i3 Dr WedtleaUna, to whom upplicaltion .fir uhl.isston must be ndl, q.ur u lo)r C A Luzehobesg,No 17 Iltatlpartl trent. upl9I. 10 IMII'O'I'0RS OFiPATENT L.EVER WATCi. S S;3 ANIt MIIVEFI'NTo. . . -F liIUEI. & :l,. \\ olns e Patent Lever NViaet lll 8an.ltclu8ela, ClIreie IBuildilga, Norh Jaobs 88trel, Liverlol, ioa u u tle impltorters 1l ihe abosve ar i llea lthat tfil soulely suppylyn'MAls r Elet,, He'nr & C,. ,1r Noow , l'8 .aving hie,,a s .a., they re 88 en aI reciie. eaidet s aor Fir, itt Q*e o 01rk, c Ihe Iea p tosilsie terms. I 8Pattens lorwarerd, as: a relpctable refepas-ms..a MIr. tli EOG E 1L.RI. R--l flue ofclhief E.ngi.... of lte 'Ny..y tlun Itil Ruud, hlr Neiar r 8 ed in Ilia pi ece, lu w h1nt all p terr uur hil ai i 88th, or wishhap iaertalulo0'rtghuda Ra aiia i will upply at ite 'Bail Road OtMcaul dcbll+nefs " y aotan ftlhe l. rd.. : lSguad) JO|l |NrCLOL.5f1 .I ht a . 1, Ca.e It. ý lNY B \G$.). . G. t m +. , Ba |4 m9 - , bhel aia.et5 iU buacand bandleln fur pliLsl tbl Lt I RIU;'tr .s r, 131 tt.,g I S rILIOS..A Cia.lid, at of Pemash Ii' fsg Da).t. arlOcau 80Ui }n0 rituer. re lai1s b .b N.. ?ork ,T .,

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