Newspaper of True American, April 24, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated April 24, 1839 Page 4
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talyt ý,0huebt- te 'Ia nict c-Mit. ", plhi ttt ~ toante tr cdittecclw ' treating { 3 attetfrae ttttcee~tv dde te rioen. Alit I ceette I d e i R e tt l I . With tie, e nt II afe ii Iaiteiudetec6ne, or e .e ir talied. I In c i4tlitzatta-tatc~dedti~tc. treenl the. cut vit £ Ititti to~~ tetlu.t ntsatriete,' eel. etaete blatCI M.1alt t otra t cc -t'te, by c n, cceta ccingC i ctot i t r o the. enjoyt icctht of te.ete . bite icraoieugeb tcs cliectce, th ec'erate btla dead ticdi tccehieuv the ·erlrol ur \}r alld tlrtlr allelits 114 r~sivnt tt 'lt i mcP c bie pprc"ned. etell e. lice T ilirtieece, lie syl~l d muse, o f tier l: tw"RI·sn u v are ,aped aay alettpnecea ucintt~ern chyo ' aatttccicettflrta reneedicd. eon" it hee, n +n iueerea detlinh tiity-lu Iecuillnstar. '!'hr. d"llroar c Slibult t leeaaeiiacchll'ttec :ee cuc'cehc 'vthe' de, for irtwill eAcn bac~obtec rancitcch leeucticetC to Wtllttat ntthceie'ean.cet.1ceiile fell a t icC altch ieteannt tiateilftht''ro I' i iitinra ir c sumach aeeetecenltaitpri.t, ~ In plaeeo it ci hIl, aessab atf aecv e l -e:-- that tll-u rp nct l c l'titore by fatoeaiabd..iie.teirte, hetai eeltnlllcilct cc and attattacca whichlt fiecplcntle tivnied to r oraeata very ceacte Ccttly batncc. Inbloia aracei p ettt c ctl teed genictt rihe t f.ý1eataaaunitnic ulthfittiaraade dc, that are eeili eyed iTtlapeapatat itchly htDe. Jebh. n. TiLteetnd, li hit h ".1 efý1c }ry ttie tic em-ec r tin e >,t'waaileta . io., andc wll ccl thy the ecec ti 9'1J'io~i e,''4btt hitt rtt rt~tl' u1=),i t "rth 4p ( nlxt the cite, -f cr t'eeecect I c1ice ca, Misetasippi andi Louisiana lIteR, ,.. vlNr.InN T,4 RS. MARY KIRKIILAND respectiflly an. S-nounces'tii her friends and the public 'goe. ally thtit ho is prepared to acc or,:tdet therm at hi ebhope netahlislhlpt, and hopes fr In her olertions to render visitors comfrta:ble, to receive Ic ontinuanee of firmer fiver. She freels conl. dent that persons visiting Covi"gttn tduritng the ummer months, cannot finl better accommdatiotns theLan ns ean aflord thetm, on mtre hberal erns. Ii. hone s is phlsantly situated, and well erupplicd witl every eotvenienee; the bar is filrnirdhed with most choice liquors, &c. in short, she promises thLat nothing shall b, wanting on her part to give Stile sat isfaction to all cwhot may patronizo the Wississippi and Louisiana Hllrtel. jr3 O t ilE PUBIJLIC.-'lie uroderrtened. having Sstudied under Dr. Sel.onidt-of Charleston, Sosith Carlilna, and for somR years his tair.tant in the practice of nmedic;ine ntd urgery, has the honor te offer his professionnl servlres in tl city. i He assures tlin lnadie and gentlemen that thi e Stwit "$empl attention will be paid to the c:llri which Alky be made; and also tll2rt his nc tvices to the holdenorofrleleos, teing well nequainted wit the dlaesomnonLo toetmin, havinr g ,rtrrded therl ir :ia eoper Itnoto in ChiarlestO 'Thefnnmtous alti bilious pills arter the composrtion .ef Profeesur Smulette. with direc irronr , e:ur b had ef'the dnderiigned. Thlle eftlet wChich Ihov hae produced ir this ain otherr ctires, has been attelled with thie gKotest oecess, to which tih host rof Ieforeunce pitbe given. Ah;lly at N. t166 1tga sine street: . JNO. hI'LORING. 1TLL--OW- WAE-i TW CoD SRlt re, \D SAD IRIONS, &e. T nliE I'OWVELL. WORKS COlrPANV, No. 238'Water, near lickmalh etr:ev , New Ytur i, heaves recoied the pa.t sernvont ne l , re cuostntly Seceiving large uni exteonsive additions to te slocrk of the abouF goods, whichll nrow i cinsri:-s of ,l ellowing.-pso tte.tnnt, suitable eto suut::n :wu c tweterln markets. liollow iv'ito of superior qnlali y, con/sting ci about 1500.tone, viz, Pots ofi.2 difftrett sizer from e :8 ton 50 gillhn., Kettles, 15 sizes, fromr 3:8 to 30 gealih):, Kettles, 15 oizes, fro, 3:R1 . 01 gallons, Bakepanm or.Ovens, 7 dorrrnct sizes, Tea Kbttles, (f do Bkillet, . - 5 do Flat Spiders . G do Covered Spiders, 2 do Orlddlos, . . do Fire DYigs, . da Swgoto bc ah;r, 1 I-4 to .13.4 inchesr. r.- ?,000 gross, iron and brass, fr)om 0. ( 3:9 inch. No, 24 at' superior -' .i.d.i is, and less than Jamrets iLnported Srons, assorted, in carks tof about 500 Ib feur t9 and baottor's Ironr, assorted. "80Ieh weights, 100 tons, assorted frolt 1 4.- to Belle for Plantationt, stenamrboats, churches, &c. made to order, Also iteambeats and other machinery made to order, . a.bove assortment of goods is particularly reOihnded to the atterrtio of Southern eaud Weairitinmerchants, and are offered for sale at low priceseand upon the most liberal toerms ;it its he. leved to be the largest and Ibem asstorltmnt ever ýferet.+ for anre by any one establielthntot in the United States. Merchants, by forwarding a request iy miil, can iave .- print'd eircular, with ldescriptn of goods, prices a..tterms,.f-ot which no doevation is ever ole°ýelrttnished by return of 'g.lifbere will receive immediate attention. Nev.York, 1838.. ir3 NeOn.Yorl, 1838. !3 DID IIROURY NOR COPAIVA inew teh'o:,nt, ,\.. 14, 1 ~: 7. A UOCT six months ago I le he tite lslt.,nte t, gcI .f'i;cret'diseuas, for hilch I have a!;lilld to .,ce _.ldgtlors fr a core, and the? didl .or cne trt' . so lon en.the above date 1 put ,yself under the cre Icto I)uDo Huet, and I exlltrt him to cure irae. Since that tihc the disnlee got worse, so as to break out in large uk, j , to ,tlt number of six or eight ni ea ih le, and all over ny flce, and sore throat, and nut ablei to surlk at It -preuift tliUll ou accotut of the disease; lare Iulcer oil .teriglt'silde.of the throeat. 1 anll , I, t ttttne elysLo t eo dullylI uttdrtlie cure of Dr. fluet, f Iare., to be perfectly cured JOifN DEAN. feb 14 Iy -a DO CER'rIFY dhat thlt bvehltat eltlttt edt istett ib 1 quite well curedto nt eon satiolitrite, for wle:i 1 thank I)r. Ihlunt anl moteover ut',lttre thOl tht tt etl: eineJ.h te tak.t mtates ae tlt, and t t not ineturf my n.altil at l l; therefore I advio my f ollw sutii rtrs lose u tlahe and apply to I)r A. Illte, 1:1 Canul a"etle' Ietween Dauptlllt aon d ltoutlrll tr;. DI'. Hioi is at ottme from Jlo'e'tcit, A 31, uati 4 1' 31. T.hey will find a true dototr for this complan . JOHiN )DEAN, Ill (lurler treetl anyO one wants to see Ime,l all at Nt. 4lt ;r g.r . l.rleaan Feltb I, 18t8. I ly Geanine Indttn Ilalsuat of l.itttttet t mid IIL: e . d,is pat ul in bottles at tlhe low pt-ic ,f "10 ,containing the stretgtih of three ounces t f Live.wort, hesi le the virtIes tI many othier roots and . . knouwn among the Indians se iicaciuus in curiu" _hlihuoary ct.tplniets. l riveld success which has attended Ilt e n:.c tof si iuestnmahlIn Blsnum. wherever it hke been uinu duled, has olttained tle conflidlence und irecnllnelu tiels o('respeltable lphysiciaie, Ior toe cote otf out n, I eslds, pin in tile aido, want t" rest, =poittig u" blotd,, lireeeomplaint, &.e. * To wehom it may councern. Thisis to carliCy that we hlve in our p tacttco frequently Iprtdedrib "d 11t il- tti ouer'. Indian lxtItun tl'l.ivertaort a ,I ll'arlht;ttl, r il Sdecided goad ifect: we cU therezor, ioltt:1 tlw Iow.' Ioidc ge of tlhe Itiatirials it is made fromt, od beet va tl eitt xrieriteee, 'neoutenlt it es a sl00 ril* · prelmn ulU :Ail those atleetiou. of Illto lutts for whirh It i-; re amuende:l. A.:It I WiVILI 1 .11.D. S , UAL.VI F. El.IS 31. I, Bo atthLeber l". wit ,L1 5 LVIVel\ AS!,R!:C\A i, O.IIE'AI'.t nce of Pttottetahip rectevctd,ttt, folr tId-al. IOtalnelt \Vi' rut ..Ca~detllac' Mo, 8" untres t, New t)rlte.a, l;A IotIlti d, "-qw eork, Urni tttsre t., tottlt. fIti apeottt:lhrlydesigaed ti. privote lear::oer lltl eleolJ, ant i ctlrh+utall.d for p rsnPr ot1i',l rr..e _ u se turd rgeelteutewi are litvial toleal un t etatnitt Suyet for tlle:n,:lvehn. . iare givou nat h littltS as a tiv ster thttte Stiltvellacsutn.'lln and tn elotsse forteld ill i)" partIt .ff-tle citye"l ,t -ndktes iwh prefer itcau reeive ensosat at their awn ref ublances. - .,. ,jratas paying a n ,re of lsono nar desireJd "'At -ah.i ft, Isa e.. " ll east hy wl'h. I40) keg,', IO, * " . Puglisl do-95 1.4 tibir. 400 t I .00 Paintt B hc, vaeritou uie . I.e V illettnlt hO? b Yin Vrarni.h ; itilver do; utch Metal. G aGnoS, At hrtt e. logl el and French S. wa d. 1 uib n iu:ret, will be Ceadotli 91 I.tws' cAoh.- nd .& idaiuntior gtids, b : tolreiigjeotai their fer t ouu.ire Pieeen Anln h and. S lt aUr pntinern I ".j.+ .", it rate wurkiten to 'N York d& Baltimore Packets CAKETi FORII NEW YORK.-Now Lln'. d-To sail punctually every secuond Moudayur during the alon, foli or not full. t he Ship Orleans, 599 tons Capt. S. Sears, (;on Ship Alahaman 474 do C. C. Berry l P Ship Arkansas, 627 do K S Dnnies d Ship S r luga, 542 do WV 1Lthawny rhi p Nislltlie, 5411 do D Jck.oi Ship Kenrtick, 629 do J BDnki'r 11' Tii al ov,i t hip are of the first reiss, coppr.oe V he and coip, r 'tsleted, and having been built in New " York ex, row-Iy fi'r this trade, they are , f light drift of watler arl lomet invariabhy crnts the bar oithot any det'iition. The conmumandters are mw n of great xpr. , nie, andi the sliihips we, .lay i. toweid p Ind down the Mississippih by ,itunhbats [li tv have huli'sonto iurnished acconu nodations, and siunre of the bct descriptionl will always [In , furnishald. The cabin passago is $90 withouti wine or liquor, and there is no liquor furnislhd to Ct the offi'ersor crew. For fight or passa;,oe npp'y Son board, or to [ C A lESt, 48 Camtp st. ilThe ships are not accountabolil or hrlbraikagc oI D glass, hollow ware, marble or granitle, cooperage Iof Lin, or rit of iron or steel, tor respiiiblle iir tov I package or pLrce!, unlnes a regulr bill of ladiog is execiited therulor it the ofllre of the tl.l. I i - -1 ov27 t,, NEI ORLEANS ;,n ItAL'TII)ORE LINE kl Il PACKETI'S. li This linoe ill cmnstsl ol ti fllowing vrsvele, i which have been built or Iurchr.ed expressly ifor ,t tl.< trade, viz: br Sblp : amanu, Capt. Miner, Bliark Mary, ' Nickierson, , Ir, ,' rry, neow "* Stvn.s, it . Saltus, "i Laiil ha, ILtiq Archttcot, i' Gray. I These! vs:lS are ofl th flirt rclas, have h:on. ' t" *ome furni hed 'commotltioun:;, and are of a light i Sdraft of water, iin ai to aidmit fi their reOeiving roili t hscharping their c lares in ilaltimor, attle ,ceil . Freight will be taken fur ports (n the ithe+,sap..k. <t or Ja:,es' i';,.r, Illd forvartled by te agents, hI . Is'r. CLAIIIE & KELbit5O:, ait Ialtinore: eexpenses on goode sh:pped will bi advan-ed when Sreliaid. 'i tiw pir.oi of passage is fixed at ,60, In i utjple stre itf hIe' h 'ii qoal.y will boe provided. St L t, ' , . n t l u -I ss ippi w ill be t ke' ip g o all nl iItiil S r fir i r ,.. apply to' nov'27 :]2 Dl hvil'e . iI 'e .. .. h ii( N - -V u .i. . ...i i [l.ouisiana alnd NeI- Y,:i' L:n," oru, ?'"kls i ii ie Slips iur .oipr i, thi s hoc wll -all fro.,N p New Oprleans ad New York w, ecry oiLthiir hM- i . ty--.oletc.ig oi i 20th NIoveltlr--,*:J L S; hip S Y n ii, (', ;, iT''r r.k, to lavo cn tht 2i th hip ,u h, C.tptain Patenr, to leave on the v ) Ship luisvi i e, Captuin Eldridge, to leave on the it ltih Iec ,r. t ip 1'Ji/ . l is lr, apitain 10' oloouse, to leave oni ii. the innt ,Ii I.,r . 'i S ;I; ,li ...s e iPi, , i 'P't:in Diavis, to hIave oi tle t 15h of JanH.iuv. t t t ;., cpr I: ,t , t l 'a id l''d t of tlu -on, rult.nh , o f light draunght of water, lieing bnil u Nin w Yok rxprs~i ly for the torade. The price 'il pass e is ifd a 10 dollar. t cabin are or •, Iilt up , the most in proved and conveni[nt c 1'1 n, ' tt h i, hed i.i a meat and elegantstyle An:p:1e stores of the ti " t quahly w ll ie prot tdedi. a oii v.,ry leg rd paid to lthe Coll fort nilld retire o e,,lit O' itieu o I' i'ii ii rs, who pll pl roise take o It ;tco lh;e t I ,, I[,rlhl e ll be secured until lald for at , f, 'i.te v-srs arc: o ,mnaul dd (.; caplains well n e pcliec,,d ith trade, t ho I ll giv, every at v .': il; t E I. ; II o .s h l" I ow a . " I d o w n th e 1issi n - I silplt v itu'b , d the strictest punctuality , i ohisrvi ' in the idUl: tuf uoibing. J Thie o ,,nerr of then,,e .hii, s will not be responsi. :I : It," alty hlter, I,:a e,1' or l. icktige, . ent t'y or put llo tlonr,i o lll'llloeuu sa regular bd of lad n Ir b lie .ig e th reltor, at the c ut lllllll h ou of the li agent or ownlers, For further parlelularv apply to r_ J 1) E1IN & A (Ct)IIEN, to not:7 90 CuUommon al c.'- E\1 .(-,lSTONPAt1;'TS Io 1 , 1 Vi a:i", co< dper and co per fa t. SPnedn , alllt l aol, +tt 20o w',ns hurlheln, willh handsu e ... .... .. d . . i r .p:e.r.. .er, 1 d l 'h e te v sse ls ir , c l ,)llllllp mall d b , c alnll l l; S t e l Pexpcriiietie, In ! Ira, who ' Il ;lue every At t leution, and 'eV l ihe Nles to n tc u Ir tdal t e Shlpern . ']'h, u y ",11 h. love,,d pil and dewn I. i :, / S' 3,he .pp, id have New nrb tn ,,n or before 11i0 IIthl 0I d 1311 1,1b tvlr, ill Ith. The foullownlg nn v. ssels w . b,' h., , iz : |<rl A rua!:', , C'h ,l!n - r~h:n, mia.l r, I, ! Bi, C ,slim n, J, IL Toon,,,n s , , n, ,ter. ,.li ,: , l r \\ r',, i,,,., .. A h ,lls t'+-a +n'-, vr , • F,,r r,,ight , ar , t ol 1~ ,J. A. 1:AI.EL1i, * I ( . 1tri )tt-& t (ti U's-iton dn, .No iroito, L eL of Packet Slilps.--i']' I.ew lie of slii s Ihats been iexcr.tes il it to r iun !etw: thi tbhor ports, and will ib hl nd of slull aleu draft or" water: ecoulmmordatio.s h. paIsscaglo rs, nd evrd efl brtr Ci lllto ci.a, r 3 g d. .i i" , tie . iii'eee "tt li Loltrorit g liii o Icnlln ~·L ois CeI ll'r~~a Cl- r htian .411; do 1 IIiC,1, l. liio titi , 37. di o i D ilhri o el I l ~oml y Ii ;°II'~ . 5 i <hl t1 (P LeI)I.U r ro.0 "T[he abote ,.1.,1, are a;1~ iew., o[" the l'r..L la~ss copll r t-i' e m lit coppred, o mriteit oll l e btt inll i etx- r-i er', litve large Iteeotiti tions, wi tllh o e ittlle li ]i .lbll; every titl e tiii will be I u d o tl e ra, ad tie very est of stores pro hge di 6letai ed, nt rIII tle agetllh hs equallydg tlw s to mioto. i .oklr ieio r eiht tig lge pplho t n to r il s llgetiii J A 31FRR:1ITT,b 80 Com~mon st. d N . ll . Al d vant n li tlll s d eil:+pa on cot i tni trotto oito t irsar. A i C. Loo uob i lrd C o o o.h oi , rt harge litodty to i aneioo tIetsisttioilgood hi oud . i eOOlgo tIrtIs. Ert, urliedlsarrot Itod le ry .ldrewi, I much nod Gernl s, (;T heyII!I) Iord.'.i: thek~ evenn one s Clh 1. seti t l -t and mIeIIR or evry ardI as; ,9 0 nd >istoh 16!.e B of Koveop tisOlt~l.~o I 'toorighitor p-s-euro opplyetotiltosgesto, SA MFlLITT '8 lol Isois ,t. d. I ni V!.. i] ;itlr ul t I0.1 rl ltlll d O i nk11 \l i nl lle. t.+ .t . . Ii.%zti I €. iil. .a p o h o uI I VtIIu to, I jth iT st,,l,1 ] .hm .:; rChe rmm. (b i-. ne T :-oinh l'ib Lo~etere\ C lsiulieid&C br ii '-Ž7 - lottleii rlsr 'tl t ce- i- si it bor- r-ott 61 --bol ittrte l n Ill ll. 5 ini . 1 - i h h I i I n , Ii i torsfide Too I&. nE.s &<. w bich they s!e prepar* A1'1 ii1mi l l Jid I-i 0Chuh P s C lIOs Si , R'. CO.-N- sI 'lli t' .lr L irt:, S rl t r st lioL tie , El1r0u , ti iiisi Ae. lil,- ,iL I rt rhit I w oh o ke ro i tl lirsbdaw pi s't ui n .,'.- a', lilthr-; silss lh, Ilaoehs, s ei. Ih " es: ,ill ; tt '. FommIN r.& tu io tl: rstt lhI .,el s: i I ias.; Violin, . i,; s -ll,, l·~ iII r lo llCII b +rn m .; Plo.i r ' , t .dI a) " l th erfI l' •u&se It-Ar b rlIoti(ll, "o1-t a s l h it+;; h a.-' ,ipik. E rte' | ti ;setreuc i---o . Sar.ter, Frlo lnd m:,lesler oi'it mit nnt; i do; attisslle an. bh-;.tnil; po,,,rile Ide ,k tnhe sI r sing case: pulh blreLkig, sttHo e airl .l t I .kls etisth; l co nl r i iillss; op.-. ci rieonl; wllhiriltewin ter ad h avihe t of sh, Gytjs delr, c smie toe s,..ili ler iris eltiLe ithEtlitolrt. tsI (.' Y li ttr ' . hem it tet ie hll 'titt , tr e e t TSl: " ,'* iavry d l ol.; ive t rtli" m e lllr e,' llle'f i| ,cts.Villm I1PiesT-iuegio HuiL~uereulir(le ittI COtis'~l titoel-i "ful'I r o~ * Ilbjlnqlu 't loc~;:..' , . . d l h'+rilimr ltucl ·l'en rerireolrot -treo ele trol'u e lt til .ell bu tlil l I OlP +i)Hl ieo L irth s n o e, cht n", rid k--trtr sri scro. Ae w ot.. NEWoo k rrspitil - ttt'el trtlltlooeled 1 derba;sil ver luesttr (.tepotttrnt,) ho o hO (brrr~fis tiet olir sto tr , :lh'. tt lo t (,ut eo to stu w Io - .se ruFnhroksstrloetrif - oreh lilte-l .10is\ ,l Itwtmlnes t tuilt ot tlsmmlgr ee stles uuolelo l ls V s d, . L h I t~a l an Mlellh.rihltle + har I 'a;l.+ '~l ltlt .li Ubi'r iru-lsirret. mtlce,'tsset, i . allti toetIlll, lind 'E.W on i ott'les o es.o .rleu duleI-'' lt elt ret'r sr - l - ekh; .tedllw,. nl'is I'- g las e- l'en hiotLtw is'l ho~et t est bhvn olt.s roottel, rolpols t . b.rotille was o,:,lh .doevr h O cllioo. wltk, rsenils .toe'os, si~e.ti &o.os ovooo,ers 'rmTheousbhol. dsllysertettrlfof reo it~ko se- Otney s.~ltl~l ~ ~~ tlet.m eotntrtpbse l ,id0!+ tiJ -~l ~triret sctas. opt, Ioro tlt - . snmmrstr~r-trrrure,, adrrft.ri~; "UOK INDERY. Undler he Pieayune O2ce, 7 Crn p ol. BPRONSEM\IA '& l\HOVSON bhe leauIcv irm D their CuP'(ori rs aind til s pull ic g nterrl l' t I:I th te y h a v e r ie lllllv d ih ii" p g :I III l s hll m einl to N to . N j. 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III \A k Iir. n lTEllliX W~lVA:a Ri '446 (nhrea t, New Orlanna. .It , Shi CUG' XANT P Cr. irmporrern of F[renah rrIIW nald nIl.nhir Cuira cd Enayrthth ware. rre H now op)euing inow aind rich liatllernls ofl brealkfeau, dinlin id it r yrv ices a y yiti y s rtrr,, pirlr , rlie r rn , collicre, ps, :e a, yl'ilc rscy, i ire rIIrrwl, I i la " di ht'L e tury r r , y,1 y hwa a.t ns s ari d a eye lt + - Ilare.% a i . car'flul l-ynt, yytrlll'e wiS, 144illterls y yrly -b ad'i r ard ylasI res', t a yylyyy shaydor, salt cei-r S Slir( r p 'ayy, y ar'l anynd brita'nia w -are -- c icr-, jiypy r 'yy, udy . c'aky hiyyakrt' , anrermh ,icks, braneba, Illhi o.f mli, laJl ,.',r ,11 en+ltid Ileapo~t s liugar cr ai +, |,up+, , an. i yra is, a trrl ryrprtrr a id nr 'd [a:) inglt laI ." fiel cut'ii t' y, Gerwl' l h TIt l 'lv r .l: oT),nl fio[tll+,I+~~ltr withll '. a IIea vefrelyt of1 ,I cltel' 1p "111 1%; I. p, h ~rcu rnts, p in ul ler ho rt, and i nI hy , l l turyn'irh d l viy yl 'Iye ty e n' ir''y yf ten i. 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JOB PRINTI NG. OIF EVERY I:SI'KII.IL('N, CI SPEEIIILY.H ADOilLY ANDI CIIEAIPLY I;XEI:I:TrEI) AT THE OFPICEI OF TIHE 1 True dmerica, , "T. CIH.ILLES Sl'REEi'rT, NEAIR POY'ILAS. C PI\ LIN & COOPEl, G.ROCERS AND DEdL \IIR, IN RlOYMIONS c N. A.Ih FE!',EI N 7o. 79 and 8l Juiintlillen , N Orlcan. UITJ"hip and I'nllily stores I ult . io'r d L~illOIYNA d FURNITURE WAREROOMS 5 N,,. 63,t fitnvlly e r . oplr, JI !ILIA3IA I. CGARNF, Wlllnd rnsptftulY ill- h I ,rn blli ri,ji,,odn; lnd til]b ic th t Ip b Ji "iOn l - sltitly rpeeiving frm illw York iii Hostu a good ulorbonno l FlolrlllltfFnnoi h ni , o llblli liv ln:0il o . on .oofo, led~tondo oneplol nodI ,nioelooinC onfI1I.R llp nod " hcoherry bedsteuod, mahon enIy nld cherr' tbule., nll Nil. F uriitoir packed i" th. nSpoltion wih p regat oilllXA, NG hIOTEL , FPRED WILIINSON. .- DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPVL ir UUISIANAA, oI'n. e ot n l .i n r I,, Ih n id n i n I l b. d e'Ol u u I - l c tr ol Sl rve'oinlgf l C~ivI I ,gilrOoiong boh J " hia profraTin n aol bv plnn. r n ainrd lid elin iE hli O i ti- l) d~O bot1 ooo ois ltr oOliC }llllOlll, , , 1,iOO C t0 0 aedr i .; o o n cL 0i n a Cllc llh eall nlie -OltllS Io Wl it I .s exanoolnltl. O olliea No . (A]l: rtl'0. ooi 'Cl'ot d .00t)l i %/ ib.,k , tc j,i, ndni -n ZAl' Ii. MC NO. 1, EXIIOAG OT, Fl- 'ornoer n eS " rl, nu ol oe'o rcti si.. jc31I'OI'I'ERO od )clrs in, Ir'rneclno lo d EngLi-ll i r J or , "a; 1)re'ni..g Co-es nnn,,ll' ,Otl I-k, Collte v , II b-OlHy, Gloo ' P hin sir, Sion.n Iioiln, j·. onllolldI Fao 'V Alrbesi . t FC M~CCOLLIPYIL &k I)O~iSY Iunr i; ,. ior, &t GE , an l i,, n lr i n ool,, leuoh / a0,n . CaHR wlf &" llSIek, vi- n drcl No. o ni n rr·t1* O lens l Pope, 'o. n rs t & o t . ....... b Oa u l s ' 'e A 'iT, .,. ,P/At .Nlrnel..Ain. V'r tR'ON ) WI SIiT N TII& ED(IAN IIInO ,O'IUI IItod ealer 0010 Ilnn)r' b hslo ,,, rX Ttl. llll.ll~ . ~I)id i Lve IiIPl~lln I)i| yjl pa llf h) 1 gm 111h fo~ iit Ad Io I1 nal n.b 0"I LC:2r~llr(· :-- ' o.,I ',o, & I'ro'.,- O roi2 nI e n:3 a- ly . A CARD. iA1 ELTOY ay ClIRISTIE & SiNI't'Gi'r 10 Io rho n dsale lnf oker d I SsI+ .1 at , ii dl tt e Sti. Camp sr.l-+ o rl toSir set.h , 1 I[U, I" otnlll bI(lt tlooenn lldoil o ii l l., . nlov'l no,, - - b, . . . L' WDON W.II.T ITC - - -DlGN ,i LI OAVeI , O II.eue ' I' I ol ll il Nexs r ll I Iz ·P lr I e l t~lalp e tl elv l ell~hu le \' tll l their1 11 hnn ie hi N Yol, 'g Cllelr 1112 l li s otlc illtll\II I i g ll I'l "''1dln. 'PLn 'k V.ll i, aprltlkeilll. 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G .OL ANS LITHOGRIPBIC PI INTING IEs'T A LISq lMl"N T, SNo. 53, Magazite Street, Opposite lhulks' \read,,. i iiWILLI..i'i JARI.'¶,V, !O i'PlRc'OliTOR _ itI. P.RKIR Ne o3: len I ch. ,. t.,, . .. . .Rts VIS & ANI)1.EWs . \ WVIIJLL..I. . tNt 1112t'iii. ili 8!.Fii IN iMEDICINES, PAINTS 'X OIL I' ST.' - .-1.,'1) '.VI¢)tIA I. s,'I , C nnlller ot +llltlltlll :CInII h sl holt ilut l8 ts A trets, iii' N I.W i[ N .L i 'N' A. larg, uplfly , a (- tl-en b eds , 1 irthol tile grlow~th o~liER :JII7. N N HOUSE AND SIGN PAIN'TERi N~o. 12 (! t:np str*el W h8 leti e lcailer ill PI'ciitc, (;Ili, Viitiihi i, Icrth she, I11:10 indow .d li, e (ll-) Ac. A ,. FASHIONABLE CLOTllINu. SRoflsoar A' GsoOD IwI r,1 d INo. 6%, t'llrlrms M i nrl,, S AVe, constanlly oln Illlat l cs ery i nr tic ai l 't lill ncrilnlll 110:4 liltbliOllll~l DP 81.)!0 hcll \ lil~l]Vgft IIbYU~· i) c tsh atred clI piie, . . ......,u!8llllc c I ii ci N" i INSURAN II ll COhIPANI Id OF NEW (ORILI,;ANS. e Ill Onnipunvel a i p reared to tk* RISKS AGAINST FIRf. NO.'4 "(Mccsoi'i uingc ( anal I1i l , T it nt'Y, N,.fitai '81 nri& o.o athm IP. 'II· {)l-]et·4llUI·Tlg . i '1, i:L, I l 1.IP!, \· i rl'l )I ·11~il V, 'Ii., ,e tren . t tlctn.I 'i- &8,,, ut Nctic,'fz ll4 ld arris, Ketlley &('o,, of t,,dney. .,, ,li- .In,', on brehcIst of hlav Inlat hy the d..:tlls at Samuel .1t M\a onl adle of the pu rilcert ci ti icth ti tc1i tiche Ic dersiglt t.l c ritich t ini i tiict.ehc will I itt-.ed . t .,ii- tl is ,h s: i iIeviC ulaTr it wicll aiiiIt i to hi,, wtc iu o li l-ill i oi Its c llcIlcrr l.i& 'ii.,ii ii it u tez tand siI Kel lie settlbin ofthell Inta'itness ,f Kli.qhv, 31, vou & (Co., ilt Ne Otrt (lleail.. 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Ill h,'w p I,' i,, i h to :1 h+ .,k .r· L ik hI ,i irtalit - \ .1 i ' i • ;i, i o11 , II. ,o p1 ,4 ] 1+1 h la 111rn u I li ti - Itl'i I , l , tht t ot ol t, I I I t, t \ It, Ihtll,'0 \t, iith ir hll .eh l '1% klliln it'\ t 1l'a1 of I' rell h. to \C n' lt \ h lh I i ll I' h, t l ." I tl'h , I", 1 h,' I 1l , I.;'too i , i l',, r llU. 0" tlm - , 1 11 1A. `i', " h,, I" + :,,"l+, 1. ' K .L I,' I ,\, , 11,, I" ~ , ,. !h,, i, l 111 m. hh . x ,lu!l E ph 1 I I . I: , I. Ail , t,, i.1 1.,l A'.ttm , I '1 i i ". b '. ill l l,, :,l1 it" H \ ,i atl l e, I11 I:I Il h l Il . I t: : A'I, 1 1< 1 S. l rodS ,. & . l I i , ..... r l k ' 1.. n l tl':l I II ' snh llhl, bl :hs te sh I'fg, s ,e. t ul l 1 i teI:., 555 t t.t! l.l.ltt, tI t I II. d IIItIh l" tltst. I till. , ';I'r l'. .\' Ill,; I.. 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Ai, he h i)mu inlll s iiu l u rd geuilaI..rillbed luiell old W V trinhl Pla l ,ce nge, wteill be io d t ti. T hbt .e, i tii at w'tlip, Ialkiutf lt, cou, ty lllrgi: ds. fi g r t le ll ited or ld will r inconteint nttnda;. en Th abov, u t: r with it eeat f rhi p o rf uother ari , inl , l : r d tit iw th lsale or rcl.; (1: n Yrcuu l lrii l _ t' I S him ola ire e . d hoperIy t. or_ - _ i o r i n uO A de i n i n l oiiie n ol d Ilxl n li ,)g .. ; llp an. t 1", ,,,,,b;t .di. ,,...r_. . . 1, . ' MAIL AIRAANGEIMENT Northern Mail, Due Ery ay at A M. Wr Mail F Closes r day t 10M nesday 8Duo orvery Sunday, W ednesda The .lak Mnil ine cvery ue tPay, Tbhursday, a The ieMa oSalurdn3, hy 5 P.M. va Closes every Monday, Wednesday TIMES OF ARRIVAl, DEPART'UItI DISTANCE e. oft Ie Express lail, latw'n Mobolea nd New York--lenving Mobilv dill,' at 3 P. M. Northtwar New York daly at 5 P. M bouthward. "A rives Arrive Northward. Distance. Time. Iteturn' Motoent y, er .Ala. 9pm. 198 1n's 83h . in IColoidlo, o.. 111 81 9 '3 a.mln Milledgeville. Ga. 2 133 144 2 p.m 'ulbia. R.C. 71 amt. 163 17 1 i Itleittt, N (: 54 215 2 12 I"t Vaorcoree, Va. 1 ma. 55 ct t l''. \u. 10 .n.. 83 180 ot. o I- ltichonld,Va. I 21 3 6 i Frederlickburg,7 I 7 7 p m. , i h lV singloll city, 2 )11tp . 61 1 n tla "t oi, 6 38 8 ' O l'lhiledell hItt 64 on . 100 !i 4 .0tNew c ur o 2 pam. 90 I 1305 143 11. or 3d 23 Northllw od. Comtinog :ollthnwrd, tie time in six thour .llI tel; heing5 dot es and 17 hours. It - _ i lN jO[ITh liVARI). .he ANAWAY rlt 169 CIrondeletl catortr of Ilevip s I I streets on the night of 30hI of August, and wats i aseen ,he ntxt morninig int I'odrra street, a tlegro boy • o "htmed CIIAIIIIE:N, abtout 17 years of age, end 5 feo se or therelouts inl berihrvt Ilnack, mntl hasn it illpetd I t ient il his eprecth, oae ol' Iis loets is aore,.a ositoner tby a recet bort; It, hetid on l hon e went anty a WItilt .I cotton or linen shirt and while cot.tton Insalet.ts il ,alstrs o" vts.els an ur sa.etll botsd sle enlllaon q tt , oinol trceiving or iltrboritg said nei., as oweul as all '. r -."Rt., as the rigosurof the o Iw will Ib i enfored ag.aint tl'm. The alove reward will be pni it) f rdtsciv.'I .tttigttianiy if ihe Jails of eitier aitas o- inlniialitiesr t tii1 C,titro deelet, trter of Ievio , Ie slteet. oept 1, I tlluhyr tlh t lir'Ill of cllbois A. pnrretsan, hslther "i- eois-lved. The subscriber will liiuidato the nlfairso, s; IIIIt ePh rlT ill Illis city lld regmeirc. allpe Pr'sona indeb - itel toats.t vltteoll to him olyo, anld all lltohoisevin il ni:; c-+1 It riit,1hjTSON e CAP'TIN MlA 'fiATT'" N5(W NOVEI.S It llin the flieitr, by t llou titlhor l Peter Simptle, &a C(',tt.t or a Winter elat Shl.lea lloi eItI in l.oi." ntao rit tl,'ot.tain Basil Ilall, hvyl Navy, F.1, I.ord Itlrlan, , ralotnte, hv At-fle, Ctamilaghanm,l vo •l. help. or Its tt rI ilst t elf, it, t vIoln. I 1^ l'v, "'" ":,,: listoril oft:l/yy. h nlttlntrl tram th*. ol :} t. |na Il itAI · rl." 'Ill-el ine ns,, an t i u1 wll . tI " 1l' shingltoa Trrini.' I t'o s. ok, ogar' t I ar ch and sngllaisth tiriotarJy.inl I l, 3ve rt Aa t'o aPi'ren r a l Ea,,glishl Di)rlionarly. it Aitso- tin more .,olesd" Comhe's I'heloltgy II ilr, pith hlniull Iilii nr~l I'hlll.oIt`:21-,I neo . I-1 inc hes t, (; iilur' ilm l,'I Iltm thl.n C It'ct1 ,Jnpulnl' paperA, weight. 111 I. l 1ct. &,'.i I J st t ,,,i ri. t d, ita id f sale iy . msl lIlN.i. I :,'VY. 1 (;.hbl- fath- , IIt t n rIIP III oif h vl trt of RintI ho: Jllrh" it I.tpli\(III 'I t 1 iiln.i li:)ni ) i t o £ t ni (ll y ei I I)lliii Ili.t. i , ntiv i { ri'vt ti ri . o,'l I liv rtib t itir ' II'll l lit ,m ll II l o tlf lh (iliao Iit \viia l n :, IIIll I i ell t III li: Nietl P it t e en d l ines t0 , 11- 1'\. l it ll '; ( c ih .n ti)*le II II-t lIrn ,I Irl l. thell" t i ;i.r I woo. l , vii y o Ati tr of o rJ' 1f:il lilol ll· I'lllll IhP ll]. tllHi of Jlllillma( irP a to this ,ll o o e;rt I t!, i. .llh 1 I l nlllllll io to dieao v i i:... ti\\ 1 ,c n i..111 l tr I.lao in III ovI m el; d n nh n or. "l Avl l. I i,-l,h. . a icclll'·i. oif .lllall A itlllpner. ll u Id h Ih :II o h Clil t t al i)t.I ('il) pi ti ll of t he A . ., 1i' .i·hh'1l tin +% N/cl\rlerti "+l* tnll ll. P ill l ie'lit )rsolne (',oi=o,; rxpll.tlnlhlrt lhh'%. Ill'lllklLi- O11 on [lw p lei Iilier Why 11013 11 'KNII. f h ,r ( 'll'u o tt l lt l +, 4 " . \ r o 1 ait l l Cy ad y l eom l oy n l lg r L (lIt, ' I:l. l . T , ilti i li AlriiIII t A l,,rid ney ol rII 'lllr`· .' 11 '1ll~ilti~t' "t II lip` 1 it. f litioblo. Now AIt, l i·t: l , 1 t.oi l iIl, ill l I m Ilt elr liti JI i ttu, e .t - lad 'iv, l -,,h' hy It ll V i I'K iN. I Ii'l+ .+it l . l',I rrl,'l I (X Ii i t li iili ll nt t(amtod on lo s II itill'i 1 'l.. 1111'. . I i.' ll l."i"A h ýII L lt'1 :,un1l t,,l ·1 'll;+ It irah i% It i ), witht a , \ .: . uV Itr''ll t .I .u-: 'oi, ' llem .i llllr , il rvcs i Ill, t -all,,n r the1 .." I" II I II III: Io" too .Ir t + of IIIl 'c i' , ,t , I l'i, t it.. t, t,. l; i l' l .l' Ill TIh. I· antir inritak oI , Iid Itciti,,tcI. , by 1) cl l,, ' inr , an i itIt liiri o . h t int ele n t l~ v 11 t, ~ en lii, e1 re"in r A "e i ln 1i1 i , i tol ia c . ii I ' Irt t " t .ln r ii ndi. I i .l. ;t ri ti r . cHunLi, t It irI,,. Iire nrae iii, l'titue 'ltlord, neadirric o",e I) I" , we ,;I .lIluget;. I, i, " l.s n, IIn , h , ,in 'tml , ,l; pr, ;, . J ati r,., , ;,,J , ·I ,.l. It.I 1: X' !t. Il r () I. . i o.n ,, cao r ;I fi r e chP o r IIel too I wm as ~er "lll' . Is I a d I ~ N II· h I; s I en", tE d andi I ., let po . I ,pll 1, nat' / s r. e nsellt , e de "s rse, 11111111n fl iwir , I1 t , H v o I tr a,,ill o llrid l w Iatrs. rnl~ ' Iu l .e1 le , i1 t. I el l h, btSll ' ii, al n rlae faiv ry I ilts t Iir httiltr, Thieli c l e itarki kg nk ), i arie l h rliii bhavte ' rIl. lHl s i In ielli Intt Ittti ii, i,+ ,t tcre, hi t t Irrollc nlls elegant i ", It' l for teas,, Ill ro l:Tho brtor , borln hee t GElORGIt JoNES. ROWAND'S 'TONIC ,IXTURE, t IF eR tir::e t A pti e I, ,rIIN yII Iera I, rent yet lopIV , tse ,e n it wands l eirst rtrlgiarly strbiiteid Lo IMn iublie; but it le-s attainedt the Iit eit t r lelputtion; and lacs se. " illy ..I lit,+ I rlnIo , hlo ,ll cll n si t .lIce ciut . I'l ntid every noler I t d tcin.t for .tu e Ag. , wl, relv. t, Un eietl 't eta1i, ta tvI i'audIn stirll telle r tsn could 1tve ' r -n ac' tieceltntl li te i." tlhliig ii' ; e fri nda . hi il tuan"d . to pero l ve , oly bno n relie(yhoa n ve pltd, 'JTo-ll il, , , I Mo Phe rl, S r e letr'0 corhnll l i del ri :| fir"t, chlitroil, l,)h w h,1o i ,der p'failll+iner nday. It b tr,.,H t i c L:t,,l++( dtetllr ti-", v 'her Ue toolh wash nttt ite tihe ow cl ll i llp'tei l,lc n ane s w dlc lr lt1"1 llr lhx s I altclly aticc s fetlled anto d h,l ,on t l tr h ro illlier lolrtl it elig sativ e organs, lta2 llu fal eten i , w lin hari ni y . ntr itnited ditat caser .of t e It rli ,ilse. It i anl l ore lut nlson, tatit prOld eon vt uer" nirt ceangir e iti nIni coeeditioeiof ntta systera, intl tcv'rtaiee ly ihenintt3 a the olainv liability to relap r ud sea o' thlll a r tioin. 'bie tlhe As ue is attety ded lt ri Lt a n li d relin lnle e Oil. hilay' Lint at th. 'Itit: "liehnot n null tin r itnl'ra hjil, tIm trea.h . ba lh a, rlllne or Thdi ourenh, but wir e've(.l a rd Se . lpas;ta laurnialig tre llt and vigr E JON S. hi Iy tdurieg tle conrse nr I' trn,,tm t. Th:es who SIEN years a ve i ot yet elapsedldi y e it wda articl reguln its co litio n unitn t o pbllthe but it h e att ained Lie highest reahutatioe; and hasta blsp ute ro flnl hlan bhnn taenr--ii oeaiioaqcn of which, to t th ed every other l me dicine f ur f to linger in tins bhoaaln to caiast ibhtrucaiont, and other evils, rsin i nt ras herl kaown a ne appre riat ed. Alread iObsernti 'Thie Proprintor, folly eatiafind 'ithbehe T' 'nnia uMxtarn, in all e isee of Fever and Ague. orlanes i th b e prried scrib every directions, witro ul t I, hain liel n pu erfectldy ilst Iii..i n .ly cur ed. . Tie ubscribrn ar re uwtlesat agenta for ths in Souill Wleter Stpes.n have d onlyow oen and lieved, ases ofI b r tred ti nieidillh ae i is wathrough its fre S nld einrulllny . io 1 d.eid at tlde rIneufcl t eard ricIt ctJ t JAlthy s&ANt W ofth nov7 e- Coetincin ha 'ul'mhphiaaar street. a ,OU hver,- anuding ther i a atra sea Inv e organd _ of I i dlisease. It is apparent also, t it it produ. a Eco it , lltir- ' il ane iir the i, is- tiO'lle cas of syste, gn, i certainly desi, oy theti ve li aility o reap It es aor the liimi:t-tio i nl. h .tiloe AgutIlse rpend m n iroie n l ofI npo illrr. iiter ere witholh by

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