Newspaper of True American, April 25, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated April 25, 1839 Page 4
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ir(Z' i iýý1\Itrý1M1 X ý'ltt{F., I } 04"1* Of b tlt 'Veeejand Ague. M, Ivditlcocred herontim lootulinx ' O ,I uttrieo to jIehrordiloatorIed. of treating s ltt it V Anne: toka t he egoteotl lac Uho n a Vegie ..Mb' t cnad fetfrm anyttsgletoryio,,0at uroti ie 9 gtn)tt utsohr dt"mv reo taenis itt h th~eooe ts at tpate. b iellsoendsotoifan:,ttr agtod inqlid. It rie to ttsthj oa ie oflh, ;itrnoleo dmioly tore cnnntiut fr n alien re aiai80 wonted tun and ear ivi!Y It retsb· 0tysrlet hroi, iyidprmntta etoitoe ty h~ irerertl.or ~''t iýt laPtth, an iverot a rei, t thon teooelto ireoe r r oternctir it mov leo appeooed. ItNftdenlsafcrrthe ire of the To,,lt , Mlxture, have * tlot tl oil the osorgi ctooses f the dorerse, :tbEýh f orttee xwy remifodleef there I tlsna ove crer '5~4~ifeteaed i itthjlablty to orrcUeeoc, ce..'h da err oft*Aqlert relopeoeoif ite Agte, is orery oevild or, thre tsterar oll soon leecomoe too moult ttebto to Alablre so rarte , ro orlhtre ., and oreliily fal hell iuso trnch jit.te0,o01 Ovdoout 'he'e rde I doMritur is Offerd at 11g1 ares opahle price, as to place it li ithil * the .ch ofeer or e-e thatteporo ddettt t fheeby frnitl d wih fNielance, v lh R( solicitin wterrqnd *tltildaeoe whc sfetet dl~ied to them 'ro eryr'elrrctontty heotoo'd. o. fo u rs e.Pectly tl d r gorrtrr tttir oate.- orths joedricrc, loot oare Iily offered far sale: - , r i~ll~: 'le''l~c~lxuri UO t d only b) Dr. .Iol,,t R. Rowolan, et lhis th ·aehor~ry o, A --s~kele II·? p~l'hi nrl ruapitul Soui Western starte ., and will se ll~l byhe rope., atl the Phiti presice, 4.,tie had at retail alo, untofie Apothgoorion ithnt trttl. -. JAiIVis & ANDREIrO, to orllo Whoeioor trtr ei.,r car - Coron & 'eho ijro , ,e lenyt car Cao Mi as.ssippi anal Lutiaun o ý tohte, a LouAsianY Mosey. evtrr.nx, rba IRS. MARY KIRKLAND respeetftlly an nounees to her friends and the public gone. ally that she is prepared to accommodate them at he above establishment, and hopes frnm her sextiona to render visitors comfortnhle, to receive a eiohtinuance of former favors. She femls confi. dent that persons visiting Covington during tile nemmer months, cannot find better accommodations than she can afford them, on more liberal terms. Her house is pleasantly situated, and well supplied with every eonvenience; the bar is furnished with im most choice liquors, &c. ins short, she promises sase iothing shall be wanting on her part to give 't Itire satisftetion to all who may patroalize thie dimissippi and Lroisiana Hotel. js3 eIjb-P l'l1P1llL C-Tire na daroignod. having studied under Dr. SceLmidt of Charleston, ou ath Carolina, and for sorme years his assistant in thlrpractice of medieine and surgery, has the honor to offer his professional services in this city. He assures the ladies and gentlemen that the most prompt attentien will be paid to the calls which may be made; and also offers his services to the holders of slaves, being well acquainted with the diseases common to them, having attended them in the sugar house in Charleston. The famous anti.bilious pills a ter the eomposition ef Professor Smollette, with directions, can be had ~of the undersigned. The effect which they have slocued in this and other cities, has been attended WhlId the greatest success. to which the best of seferenees can be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. aine street. JNO. M'LORING. , I lO -LL V A W-Oli -OibClIEWS, BAD IRONS, &e. TILE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. J 38 Water, near Beekman street, New York, have received the past season, and are corrstantly receiving large and extensive additions t to the stock of the above goods, which now conasits o' tihe ellowing assortnment, suitable fbr the reuthern and western markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of ehout 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 22 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Ketiles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakepans or Ovens, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . - 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, .. 4 do Fire Dogs, 6 do Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20.000 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inch, No. 3 to 3r:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and less thran Jamo's imported prices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irone, assorted. Suh weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to ' tlbs. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churchles, &c. inade to order, Also steamboats and other machinery made to e order. The above assortment of goods is particularly recommended to the attention of Southern and Wstarmn merchants, and are offered for sale at low * nric and upon the most liberal terms ; it is be. Jieved to be the largest and best assortment ever offered for sale by any one establishment in the Unated States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a printed circular, with deseription of goods, priesand terms, from which no deviation is ever made, furnished by return of mail. Allgtders will receive immediate attention. NeWYork, 1838. je3 ew oIeROU ,e N.e ov. t4, 1837. A BOLT six months ago I had tile misfortune to get a scpret disease, for lwhich I have applied to sere raldFtorr for a cure, and they did not cure toe. so now on the 'beve date I tunt myseli unler tlr care of Doctor Huet,aindlexpert im to cure rie. Since that time the diseasegot worse, so as to break out in large uletrs to the number of six or eight on ea eI leg, and all over mny face, and sore throat, and not able to work ot he present tl.e oer iceeonnt of tihe disease; large iler oil bthe rilght side of the throat. o am now pllttiog rlybCltf sonidently underthe care of Dr. Ileet, r,f I'ria, to be perfetly cured JOHN DEAN. fe 14 ly I1DO CERTIFY that the above rlert;oned disease ir J .slts well cured to my own satifrctiein, liar which I thank lr. Itarel; anl moreover I usosre that tie mredi sine I have taoken malkes nme fit, ad did not isinre rrv ealth at all; therefore I adviso my f ilow surrferers t lose no time and apply to i)r A. relot, 131 Canal street, between I)Dnphine and lourbhrr streels. IDr. Huet is at hse from !t o'clock, rA 1, urrtil 4 P 1. They will lind a true doctor for this complaint. JOHN DEAN.d40 Gravier street. If any one wants to see me, call at No. 41) Graviar JOHlN DEAN. New Orleans. Fet 1, 1838. fer 14 lo Sbhoand, is put op in bottles at tile low price r.l 51) ceqts each, containing the strength of three onces orf his~ei, hlsirdes the virtues of many other roots and hisbk.own among the Indians as efficacious in curing pulmonary complaints. Thoe uariivall success which has attended Ithe rer of this elesstlnable.Ba lean wherever it has been intrrr dored. has ltainred the confideree ond reconilelrlctla liens of respectable prlysiciaos, far tie care of rsngios, tolds, pain in thie aide, want of rest, apittirg or bloold, liver complintt, &e. To whom it nmay cencern. This in to cerlrv that we have in our practice freroently Iprescribed Mrs G(rd oer's Indian BaItls of lverwort Fe d lI onrlhsd, withir a decided good effect: we can heeorebr, tarom tie knsow. ledsge of the materials it is made from, and t..serratrot doa a.erienee, recommend it as a eulerie'e Iresaratirsrn oral ihose alectious of thre lunce frr wicth it Is re estrsndet. AI,BFIltt W Il 1051, di. ri. CALVIN Erl.LIS . D. Metmbe of the istol Sledircal AsslRciuTioit. Poston. October eL5. salehv J.tRVIS & ANI)ltEe'.o, Iit 1El5 . , , 1 :, ' rt ithe lie aor D OL nEAJ(' Srcirnco ,-TP:,..nshi,; rereivurd,odri Sfor ealeat their perseolet iVririry ,t.irc:tstirs No. b Cbhtre rarorlt, New t)rlears, 183 Ilro.idway New York, Dauplline at., Mobile. It is particularly desigred fA r Pi.rar IcrerleianT Fand mhldoole, and is calculateI frslerons one all tes. ladies and genlemera are invited io call and ,aorsmie oel system for theA S.Clves. Lessons are given at nsck Ithates as e av ellt (h aonveaisnce of all, and to classes fxrlrted l u ei paru t of a. cit y. ledldes who prefer itca receive 'estose ae their own ref sidenees. Perses paying e o arae ofl sirlle nru desired e sto , "'"v t e neat is sall sarle, wrtlr. H.iHlT E LEAI-.hbbhse, 15)r Irsal..i.; . 40 ikegs,l10 , -00 do 25 Eglish do--5 1.-4 hbls. 41110 . 1I0i1Pint Brushes, varie* sizes, I case Vermillion; Sbbls Copal Varnish; 2 Japan S I " Coech " 2fi0 packs Gold Leaf; NI don Nilv-r dA; I0.t do tButeh Setal. L lWlIC fiSi)W .sd, Anttricn, Ergtlisi and Frerlhr _llhtletoas, venous ea es and eualiaies, . Itostm L.rusw da.-.tif boxes, eoerrigrnent, mill ire Also, a greneral aea.m mraeot of artiste" closlre as el ooes, for eale ,ly. A IV SCA'I ES, ... .. .. - No ii C]arrl" street. N A Alit bno coes taeho 05t a rc.tad -isais•ippi eea :t',, r'.ieied at 10 percent disount for goond, pa , , _.efete. je l Iw 'P.I~S !ib~ ar ,aow rpceiyiaeg fromotheir fe. tLud a Fgenael'. !esoro tst ,erteule Mantie Pisees ofsuperlor worka p, and ortho lutalt pstterns, aged. h a,. Italian, Irish and Atgsraeastmeo. AJss, Moeeaeonto, Tombs and (deesa 8105,S /4led plain alia and linele, .s(4f ahe.tsleeoupdary seoos. plaster usas y naollesoct cand Plaster. at m e is m rtes, and Ilasia Iron aigs oM to,:weest enmdmdoet approved patterns. Z4&gj00dl ei e io the nearemt nmmaer nUd at tile ,'aOwP e." Tty have first rate woikmen to Ijj 'AMES KAIN & S'rROL'D. .M TYorkAr Baltimore Packets PACKETS FOR NEW YOfKC.-New Line. k-To sail punctually every second Monday during the season, full or not full. Ship Orleans, 599 tons Capt. S. Sears, Ship Alabama. 474 do C. C. Berry Ship Arkansas, 627 do E S Dennis Ship rr.tega, 542 do W Hathaway, Ship Nashville, 540 do 1) Jackso,, Ship Kentucky, 629 do J Bunker The above chips are of the first class, coppere and copper fastened, and having been built in New York expressly for this trade, they are of light draft of water and almnnost invariably cross the bar without any detention. Tle commaneders are non of great experiacce, and the ships will always be towed up end down the Mississippi by steambeloas They have hen dsomeo fcrnished acceomodations, and stores of the best description will always be furnished. The eabin passage is 9190 without wine or liquor, and there is no liquor furnished to tie officers or crow. For freight or passaIIe apply on board, or to II C AMES, 48 Clamp st. * The ships are not accountable for breakage of glass, hollow ware, marble or granite, cooperage of tin, or rust of iron or steUl, nor respolsi.ilU fitr any I package or parcel, unloes a regular bill of lading is executed lherefor at the office of the oc ts. nov27 NEW ORLEANS Nn BIIALTIMORE LINE OFi PACKETS. This line will cnnsist of the following vessels, which have been built or purchased expressly lbr the trade, viz: Ship Secman, Capt. Miner, Bark Mary, e Niekerson, I' lrad Ferry, new Stevens, it Seoomon altus, " Latham, Brig Areintect, Ce Gray. These vessels are of the first class, have hand. some furnished :eccommodations, and are of a light draft of water, so as to admit of their receiving and discharging their cargoes in Baltilnorc , ti the city. . Freight will be taken for ports on tile Chesapeake d or James' River, and forwarded by the agents, SMessrs. CLARKE & KELLO)GG, at Bnltimore; expenses on goods shipped will be advaon ed when required. The price of passage is fixed at $10, ample stores of the b st quality will be provided. Steam up and down the Mississippi will be Lken gon Oall ocenioni. For freight or passage, apply to GEO. BEDF'ORD, r nov27 22 Ilenvil:est. l"FOI NiAW YIIIRK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets ] TI'l;l Ships composivng this line will sail from New Orleans and New York on every other Mon d day--commencieg on the 20th November--and to ineure he Ipunetualitly in thIe lile ofsailing, the line will herealcer eonsivtoflive ships, viz: Ship Yazoo, Captain 'Trask, to leave oi the 20t11 oNoveolber. Ship Louisville, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 41h DI)ceember. D Ship tiuntsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 181h D:cecmher. Ship Vikrelicg, Caplain Woodhouse, to leave on k, the let Janteairy. ly Shipl t lisiippi, Captain I)avi., to leave on the : 15th of Jaulary. 1o The above are all new, of he firslt class, copper idit and copper teiftel.ed, land oupwards elo 51i) on hurlhen, nre of light draught of water, being buill hill New York expressly for the trade. The price of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are fitted upin the nmost inmproved and convenient plan, and finished in a neat and elegant style - Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, and every regard paid to the comfort and entire satisfaction of passengers, who will please take no. tioc that no berth can be secured until paid for at the ofice of the consignees. These vessels are commanded by enaptains well experieneed in the trade, who will give every at tention and Ixert themselves to aconmmodate. They will at all tunes be towed up and down the Missis sippi by steambniats, nnd the strictest punctuality n observed in thie time of sailing. S Tile owners of these ships will not be responsi. Sblo for any letter, parcel or package, sent by or paut on board of them, unless a regular bill of lading I be signed therefor, at the counting house of tile agent or owlners. lor flrlther particulars apply to J 1) BEIN & A COIEN, r nov27 90 Common st A EW ORLEANS & CilAIl.ES'rON PACKETS This lia consisls of Iour vesele, all of e the first class, coppered Snd copper last. S rened, and of about 200 tons burthen, y with hands o. e aceolmndaltins fr pessengers. id Thserevvesels are commanded by enplains wel w experienced in lu tralre, who will give every at tention, anil xert lthmselves to rev,,cnomimdaln : ICle r shippers. 'They will b, towed up acied dwn the e Mississippi, and leave New Orleeans o or before the 10th and 15il1 of every month,. The following vessels compoee lhe lIne, vi : BIrig Arabien. Charles Ic rdon, master. Bric C ,apman,J.Jl. Thompsnl'u, mastIer.. lBrig Alimena, J. D-an., masteir. Bark Roger Williams, .. Allihers, maseer. Fur lreiglht r ipasnee, alply io J. A. IIARELI.l & Co, 6bl ChlIcon st. New O(lceans, or A1l. C Mccrcldrei.Chalecevn. act I L M1BAltU & COM'S Boston and New Orurlsea S Li of Packet Ships.-Tli new line of ships has been expressly built to run between the above ports, and will be found of ouitable draft oat water: aecommodations for passengors, and every effort will be nmade to give general satis:.ction, The line is ceomposed of thelo fu lowing lsips: Cherokee. 415 tons Capt. J Harding, Carolina, 401) do S Lemist, Charleston, 374 do D Eldridge, Columbiann, 625 de G Barker, Seaman, 240 de J Howes, Bombay, .625 do 1) lHumphrey. The above lships are all now, of the first lass, copper fastened and coppered, commanded by men of great experience, have largo uecommiodatione, with a separate ladies cabin; every attention wll hobe paid to pa sengera, and the very Lest of stores pro videst for theist. The packets will be towed up and down the MIis sissippl, and the striclest punetuali:y o'iserved in the time of sailing, and should the regular vessels be detained in arriving, other ships equally as good will in all cases be substituled. A share of patron age is solicited, and tne agents pledge themselves to acconmmodate as much as practicable, to receive and forward goods by eid line at tile most moder. ste charges, and to advance all expaense on goods shipped, if required. The ships will leave tihe let and 16th of every month. For freight or passage, apply to the agents. J A Ml ERRITT, 82 Common at. N. B. Advancements made on consignme;;ts to Mesn*n. A. (. Lonbard & Co. nov'27 t. isur.arri lisA ti.c 1 . CO, are Iow rlelvee g Iron Son board ship Orleans. Esglr. Ilighluiler, st'oker levry Andrew, French nad German play cannrds; Back gammon Boarls; 'lhessmen, 2 1.4 and 2~1-" inrh ltil ard Balls; 8, ,9,10 lnd 12 incb hlade Bowie IKnives; Leatherr anl ether traielling Dressinl (Caoeso; Belt. 1'ockeb, lluroemai's, nes I)oialling I'itole; doable erl sint'i barrelle,ld Gnu Giame flog'; Shot BlIls; P'owder ntl Pistol F'i sks; 1)ia::ll Bottles aitl I)rilnkinz Cips; Pere oeion (Cape and Cap hol.der; 'lofts, Ilair, Tooth: Ioil Nail Irt.shes: Orrist.d Chllorine ''loth l'nash 7' Powder; I'oi'le!t nlid "11Villn eo~l 1.s in ,erect vII ritn Inhl'n Halir lr'dti" Rinelets and IaS rizettt Peart d rl Tnilet " Powder; I 'merv I lce; INv ry Tue Cu;shions vtaient h,,esl o r Glrter-: ttl'. o E!'ttlie S's.'afleon: Ear-drop; \\'aist Buklv.; Ilrareletfs; Brald Necklhn'e and ('mi i Gl,tih andI Siitcrro end s I nd; lInlian IBetels-, Bellle ran, I' imes; ,hell "l'n; (1 t; d'.; ; a ld 1 r,".-iue ond e;whirl,,idn l ditien e their I;ltr stCk n hnIll,ll makes their .sortme nt ver r Ol ll Il,tn , Ild will .le Ihl oiw slld en r lilern I ers, It the .ig af the e lolden rer ived a very extensive set of pn' F, consisting of .1-`1,e unItl iessert Knives of e "-" dearription, Pen, loanket, INilt, nen Silear poi"" tl nlveso ; Ruzollr. SHis •ors. .dge T','nls, &'e. &'c.. &c- * hi'h they are pn. r ,lpae o exhibit to the trade for 'rde, s. Tcrml< and , .nditions eatle J. I' . l Io'IN l A . C)lhl'''' N ol.eillln ot. N E- - G i J) )f S . ClM M'NS, IN IIARTT& CO.-Are n.w rece-riig t- ler ship Ihiltsrville, agle, Merry Adr" w. t ighi :ndler, FnPllch ,dn G(ermallns dotuhle iend inlvinueuer,.ls: ster,ts ahild p.cket pistols; plain. rhlxwd at(d split cussion cupss : clap holders; eiss ra, Iazors, tIsn. est (;illott's commercial and oiler steel llels; Vie ins; Violit striles; shell, ivoal tlI hern combs; watuirs: k, letil and leathlr purses; hair hnmids, frnt :,.d nlck ringilels; IerII' puff lls; (;erlnn i and Frrench o clrlet water, Itowlallnis maeaisser oil, imlitation do; :alilque and bearsmoil; potable desk ad d"ressing eo as: aIst. blacking; stattillaod toilet glases; nllv. nlillsas: op eol glasses and views; Inlian hada, bellsaand plunes; ordrleon; whitl i wille; toilel ald shaving soaps; toilet olter, cemlentie lash Ialls; sremllld satin cushions; pool atlands: serw ellhiollns; faller head chanies and neeklaces; billiard Iall.; p,oket i;ooks and wallclus; G;ermlan hones; rllor s strus ; ini e all conmmon gIm ulastic susmllers., g.aesetdh; Ilells lucifer matches; sil ver eneilt.~ Cteynt' domtre. &. T'iel a iove ili to our former stock of fancy articlesmakes our assortmenlt very c ,nple ls. For sale wholveale or retail; as the signt of the Golden Comb, 7 Chartre strelet. nmes., I NEnW rtile for persons troubled with dea'ne s, (tailed lia Ear Trump .et,) ha .just bee. received. by tlieue of a hiet,. the Jligyleltarl r ulutimt of tIIhe In lan voice is disltrci .:.ere^d to the v lr. A nl/ (ii wheo nls ever it-en oilsd .c . (converse with a very desl sten, musitei fully saei ib'le of Ihe diliculty tiid ePi ebalsnsletealrieneal botlh tv tcesfi vesatiul hlle tia dividuals su nafrrtunan9tv afflicted. By the use of she Ear Trumlpetl this olde:tion is entirely onviated. The en scpticaln have al ays a nd ulsnl their doaubt aifte having ussed tile Troilp ie. For sale atl v'' F GUION's. Tnhev rtre. Icorneir eof "sorlno and St CI akl alC 'ret Siher s t essd s.'e sot.l Hotel. !h 1:1 BrOOK UINDUERY. Under the Picayune Oflice, 72 Csep at. RONSEiIA'& 11OWSON bee leave to inform their customer, and the publie Rgenerlln, the' they have removed 1heIr establishhment to N,. 72 Crmlnp street, imnediately under the ollice of the Picavunre-wle.'e thley are prepared to execute all rrlers in tIheir line. 11i'ing received from tihe North a supplly of l. per nod materialt of a nuprrieor onaitly, for the msannltture of Blank Boeks, they offer lthir n ert vices to mlert hnts tand othern, who may wish work ol tiha kind ; aid having the advanange of severnal ya:lrs' experience in that line, they are rlafidslnt of eivinll setifacitlon to those who may f'tvn them with their nustml. 'For notaries, archileCts and othlers, maps and plans will be pasted on linen. valtnished and lotinted ill tile neutost'mnanner, & at the shrtiest Plain end fanc hibniding, in all its varirlies nt. ClHIINA lId&ASS& L' a I'll EN WAKi L tlURE 36 Ch'nrree salret, New Orleans. WITM. SIRCGIEANTi & C,. Importers of French i11 and a nlulhsh Chiln and Earthen ware. are now openin new anil rich patterns ofl breakfasi, thdinine and tena cervices, toilet sats, pitchers, ten andl coffee upsl, senpons, stiints, creamsll hilwiet,+ Ilates, diLhes, ittreens, wash basins and ewers, foot lhaths, teC. Pre. Rich cut and plain French annd American glass. ware-aollets, chnmpnaisgres, Ie.mnades, jellies, ilarers, wines, cordials, centre howlstl , dosll1lers. tomblers, preserve dlsahes. :eleries, pitchers, laint ps, lamp shade and glasses, candle shades, ealt cel lerts, re. Slvrer elnaed, hrnlod d nil britnnia wnrec-caw toea, liqunr stands, cite bseshnls, candlesaicks, hranlhhes, sp'one, ladles. t,fi; end teapots ,ssgaer, rcrenne. lnmlpe, japanned travs, nastral snds,a and haIOning lllamps, linte ilelry, (ermnan silver solon and Ilrks, 1icether with a glecn variety of crlllee lir fainslyl use. terchatnnts, plallters, hot Is, and aleollhat ts Iltrlished wlt goods at the m slt; rea sonanble prices, anll pin, ked nsi as ti be conveyed with salety lo anny pirl fC sthe coun ry. Altra, nonhell nrie' nlnsawnarp. n\ _ TIII lIRlI)RIDA LINE Fer'.... Mhnilc ,l , Attuaess, Ge-.'ns Mobll c tvery day at Ihree ,,'clhlck. p in per U S mail hoat for Ilnll's I.ndnL, above Blakely.-thence four pist conches to Pensaeola--bhe'nco Slasnllclnts In I.grcince, where the lad ItnIse is reSllued-hence va Muaiacnna and irownsvile, Fla. ihainhtidge, Pindertoiw s, II iwk innville. Saindersville & Louie. villeto Anugusin, Ga, connerling regularly with ithe rail rolltd nrts tol Ch rileston, and the stenm Ipackets iit Now York, Noarlilk, Pailadelphii, etc. 'J'lle slen lllbhllt are tii hest for the service, and the navigation )rPsenLtl more advanaIn es tlhan ca he fould upon any t1e1 aihuar route in thile suth. crn regi'an. The great improvements in the route have been prlduced by thie contlrulion ol fifty miles of new road, by the prlprietor, viz : from ',nlrnnge on [.llil'lle riavcu, aln arm of Snlta Rolaa lis, to 'nryan.l' 'ery', on the Chesnii oochee river, sen cnles above the Cr-wirtd, or 14 above CCedailuff, Swherebly the nv'igatmni o the river, i nd tshe co s qullnl desiglions, slid mnre recently Ite incon vn ties1 eronslin ai t lihe ('cowiir-d, are entirely :llidelll , ll11i II linel rand from anarlnalllil dirlct tIll lHiinlrile.", inis-eatl i ths rllllndaihl urut ron d via C.hllanlhlca ere lePsi enille r Ill, dis lrncsee alb'iiit fIriy n l'llIf and illcrtasling It H fae lltles Ilore Ihan iace a litsy. .AlrI, i it hrcn'hIi line of twen horse l a t ietnC every sh. r day ion II ,w kit svld',", via P rry to .la.lcr,, 1a1. canntel'ling with the linu to Suvanns ah alI I) tries', (ies. A mail steanloat Irens regularly bewelen Blinbridge and Apalnclhiiolc. 'Travellh rs wislhii'g to reach any pintl on Chillthoochee or Apalacbt cola, enn take steortont at Brownsville. Mobile to Pensacola-Lauid Rou'e-During the timse occepied by the repairs of bhats, the propere. tors of ile Florida line will run a line ol four h srse post coaches every other day between Mc bile and l'ensaeola. Passengers will leave MoIile at 3 o'clck, .p rm, in the U S smail inar, and proceed to leull's Land= ing, where a lour horse couch will to a n waiing to convey them to the excellent houe of iMr. Charles Ilall, I 1 4 mile listnnt, where thley will find pleasant necoindlllltidn for I he night-leaving next morning, they will arrive in Pensacola early in the evening, thus avoiding the discolmfort ofl [ighit travelling. Office at the Mansion IHoause, IMoblile, and Col lines' I[orel, Pensai'rln, where eans mnust be cecu red. STOCKTON & Cs. ntov I Pinso IF'rle Instruclion. William Smith renders his services t to the cii. oens of New Orleans as a teacher of the piano forte. Ir 8 having been employed several years use Iracher of music in private famsltes in ,aston, and also nI seaveral of the feolale seminarnes in is vicinity, annot but lhope to merit their confidence. IlHe is permitted to refer to lRev Dr CIl.pp. Mcessi Stetson & Averey, Hlenderson &. Gai'ues. FI"r terms. c please apply at tile bookstore lo AlcxanderT.lwer,40C1lmpist lct 2 J I r P ,ar- st 1i a:+ I,iaed hitusi tf If hin cit for the purpse of trin-nctinug a genertl Wiholetalt IDrt rue ltbusiness. tie is now receiving it full supply ol Iresh and giuine arllies, which hiii will sell on liberrnl teri ToI city drutoriaie, and Illosel o tit interir, to plihvaicians, merahlnts and planters, lihe will IIlf inllldiet'imenllts Itich as have never be. Ifre been ioflerd t it tll city. Ilis intntion is to tio a strictly leniiimate nalailness. Ilsi stock will soon ie complete, andl ill i few weelks will be res. dy for blusilness. All orders Irlln thle enunltry, and frnm merchlnli of to is city, receiving such orders will ie proniptly attended to. oit 2 NtN 39Camp st W IIOL.ESALE ANDI RIE''AILCOMB ANDI VA V EtITY STORE--at the sign of the golden ceb, Mllo ) Chartres steet. Thieosuscribers have re ceivest, iria liliotli to their previous stocek on hand, a fillI aid conplet: asortmiiient of articles in their line; vis: combsi p]erfnlllry, Jewellry, brushes, loeking glasses, fllntv irriirlec,hi.rstiil in ilarl rt s follows (COMiSd--tortoise shell, wriinlht tnilt plli ttck,twiist, qrilled back, lour round, dressing, side puff, curland nelck, Brazilian inttlbs o every descriltion amongst whihs arce some lMexican patters, Ivory enombs of every dascrit tin, Iorni diressi ald tnreket, Iiogitlter with a genell etIie-rtlilet nfIt'eani nhrntr AsirieriatI. I'EItFUMEIIRY-Cologne, I.averleer, Ilorido, honey, hay, rose, and ornire flowleer wafers ofevery size and des cription, l iiliith d Co lrllne, exrtract of rIltR llO' t, ltany sttp is l kinild, sliaving do ill eakes anal pots, ereal .l d o, Ward's reeeralr' shair til, bears and an tliinedo. PInrstot's stelcing caltr, plain and perfilned toilet llldeer, earl powder, int I-lerpnff and boxes plo iritrnl in pots nd rnIlls,orrts and clnrilasn toolr wash allllnd n iowals, wit a general anseenrlot of JhtWEI.I.lV-eise tIllthe liatens nd anst ifaliona Irle sets, eonsitiig oif wite nd anred eornelia, tolaer i jet earIdrops, set in lilngree, brmast Pins ofta S gre' I,' tit of 'ti'rlian, Wiateh rittrinn str gnital stilse' .tacksle, ilver thillllrot, ilire lld igull pa tells iiand tard chalint BitUShE.I IL-Chlt, isir, tiutor. te,erti b ,hesrtaltflnr, tiars, t, tooth, platre eaon d, Nailr shavingahoe and whitewash rushres. 1.OOKI ISti (l.ASSES--.lerinrn Ptatis and toilet talssli, nlcsifving ad F 'rlenc dlressing glassas, hone dir, wit ii vnrieiv Iof other kinds not en ratllll red. IFANCY AND) VARIETY ARTICLES--French and Aeiriaata Iorroile drks and dressing cases, eonit very rict eantl fillln, inisiut ladi e l work brxe sanddreas sitl e ales with ulld wit holt inie, mInellcal borles, Ac crtinrst nulvarinoa kitls th il iis aond gitars, silver ilnd pluted prenil and lleinds,wnd tencils for eartraers and craonr,a lllntle trint n,granlteitii pistRls witl atrd wsthotll ra-ralniainericelkli s , lltrleniii ceapots loeise, npple he &0.recdives, sh ndt b orlts, nin, bog, satll blabkihi Ihoi l e t Ihdi, d. ns tl sete kilid, hello Ia dlit r ies, ineluud slemian kili\v, ruellr' Cld snis Ol'd btllPe, -ucsa, p ilin ser Iilied, kt'eel nsdtal i 'ensi sie, tioerkI Iult snil islei it t eirtoitsun, kind - viriring erd:i; sortld cr' IIII. aIrinrg euaIr fIL' Frenh, l'lllltll and hllldrelll on ll tl 'ee , drhi c ll, ilstii lla li lls l s i l oaxem, Ilisll o vahlio lls klinance on sdns n elr'lv', Eillnteitietieir , illtitllls d Rta attind inkiito arita traUs and ders cl gaerian, pluin and -aoi lle, takgiuuo.i bi ,lad , dtiu iptill nvi 'rs, has nn' ie' lr , l i at , t l ltl d'ill ig il . i ai t itlh great S rcieter ottl tr arri ehrc, allt of ,vit+ h wall be sold lirorash iry el celltun ePs ial 1: illOilh credit. 11 il SDIM(IN,' &' co. j 1)1 I"' Siedicul ttr ln-r-ut rtirin 1'httrii rtr. aril I .iiudtile trilig, a slet slttl ', ire'd lliy l.A 1' T)tW. lt, 19 Cam ` I -t' lB tt II-li galionn paie winter d Sinpinperit f til, a nscks tind bots, for nlote a J A ItVO & ANI)ft EW'. \VUls l tl tan goirli res nnt uol . Ili anad 'lolTcIap lot. stre, etsl. in o I ' slo.m ts.late, ltuti.... t-;, te.-A ,ind lohtrliiotut rtpa l prspprrly forrrlte rehil t se; : so r ihcli a Ip res F eunh Perttert, .lbrta clog every" variety flr the iotle, for n l]I by pr 2 i1ti': & h)'[,A'dC. 't', oti+ tri ,iheichanitr anit tilnters. Neri Ilhes l lankets+ Manuals, litnyes loweil shirrtrinaur caleklu I naeleS. eaetier, I initkerahi ult ,. &lk &creeived and tor sale tuw by Irlte s alcri. hr s. ROThTA & C,. Oaf. n, coeorner Canlll t noi sri rtreac rl L, S Eitt)tUI+. No o4 C.lnde slrile, betwetl Dornin lnd si Phitiilurermeopnetndily snn hand a t xrrll siirve tlorlm.ntu ofluos ad troansa. andt soe,,o ,tiNew York lalafilnrer, ior aaen. womena liad ciildren of aill 5sr, nwhich nlo will dispose of at very nodetrale priera. Faro lies of his, a qintance on mndin g an arter will hove aheir wttlhes attended ts I, S SEi&OUR J EAN MARIE FARINA'S COLOGNE WA'-FT-R 2 cases rare of this asperior Colohag watrer, jat received atd for sale ir the dozen or single hattie. Alan Amerieaa and lF'teacst toilet pjwdsrs, powder sttitkt, ketrtinrn, \VWrd'i vegetable hair oil, poatasut, e,.riede Iarae, Faorida, lavradar, rose and bar waters, I're5rnt'a salts, Alarseilleas perfutery in trunkst, vegeta blhe ad liqeid arone, Chitatise adlt Oris tooth wash, caoth, air. tomrh, attd iart, trhrutes; together witl Oatlt .ilititrttl staitpitn of fa.hionable hort and shtlt etitilnl aaid jes'-lrt,rirrrsale l lw at whtoleale or r.tail by I SIMMONS, HARTri &co, jit! If 70 thas trees treer. BUSINESS CARDS,. JOB PRINTING. IF SEVER DEsOl ItTItNN LPEEDII.Y, IANDISNOCLLY AND CHEAPLY EXECITED t AT TH OFFPICE OP THE True .l/aerican, ST. CHARLES STIIEET, NEAR POYI)RAS. tna3 CHAMPLIN & COOPER, GROCEItS AND I)EAIARS IN PROVISIONS ANTE FEED, No. 79 and 8D Julio street, New Orlean.. [I'Ship and Ftamily stores put up. tar' LOUISIANA FURNITURE WAREROOMS No. 53, Hienvalle street. V I IIAMI R. CARNIES, awoul respectfully it stt f ,rin I frioud std the t public tsat he is coe stantly receiving from New York and Boston a go I assorlatent of lFasriture, tsuch s sattlogat vl eseirs, .oaias, Ledltends matple and paitted cairst lnaple and cherry bedstesa-, tahogsny anld chlerry tables tfall escr Is, e reaus, to lets, slcre rvw, wriing daslks, wardroltes of maoalsgay land lcherry, wash tatsnds, lookiag glasses, feathers. tedding, At. Ac. NU. Furniture packed for transportation with great care. tovi3 FRED WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL Ur LOUISIANA, OC.'FEIRS hi services to the public ia. the depart lr mete oI Surveying and Civil Engineering, both in town and country. From onsiderable experience in his prtsifesin an. nd bs tropttless astnd ielitn it Iuhe esecultio oF bausiaes elltrallsted to hila, Ihe hotess It nmnt stad tecive a sharl of public patroage. Ile wi tl alt ineasare and cnlculatt lIle s.astelts of walia anet excasations. Office No 8 Chartresestreeleet,secod ytos hack. J"t i BAZAAR. US1TH & ALLEN, NO. 1, EXCHIIANGE IIOTEL, orner of St. ChArlres and Comtmoe si ,. NEW ORlIEANS. I MPORToERS nld Dealers inI French aead Enagliah Prerfitatary; I)leasiag Cases and IPortablel I esk, Cutlery, ItaIleryl, Glore Shlirts, rStock ,, tlatarellts, Canlesaad Fancy Articles. d5 McCOLLUM & IOSNY, Factors & General Commission Merchrants, MOBPII.. Refere in New Kirktann, Abernatly t e lannas, ) Pope, PoIters & C'o. d8--lI i JOHN STE'I'WART, 'No. 5, Plait Street, .erl York, COIMMIISSION MERICIIANT, ITMPORI'ER and dealer n Ilatter Plushes and 1 tritatatigEs. Ample storage may be had oin ta itIt crate terlllm, and evere tntentlon paid to goods fuorward. etd to his rare. Ilelertsteaen: Mt sa rs. Iarue & Provost, N O. noaii 183- ly o. A CARD. CIIRISTIE & SINNOTT, I I7holesale Grocers and Cona isstiaa 4lerairantls, No. "7 tt:ouantn Street.- a ()t'l/aans. Y] Ilartiaularaftentian paid to th utltinlg up of Stan bll sui and hip stores. BANK NOTE ENGIItAVING RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON 1i AVE tpeed an office in New Orleans . ipsses i.a g equal advantages with their house in New Yolk, far tile tlurlose of engraviag aanl printing Balnk Ntes, Banda, ills of Exclhange, Ceralficaes of Ilepusite, Checks and other important palters, requring securit against IForgeries; anll have made amtl ple povision for the safe keeping of all plates and illlreanilr eltrllt I e(t to hl therecre; tleir apeci ara ens embrace lte otes of over five hundrel lunkinu institutiotn, and all orldrs will Ie xrecuated with eracaptitudh, aa d lt fle . uul terils Office, caorterroflaoal & Cateal stre:i. " Jy;--tf SAMUEL TOBY, a..lerchandisc Broker 4 Conaatmisson Jlferrhant, d13 O .fiee, 3:t. Comp s..-tFor tie present. O. II. BLISS. SHIP BIROKER &. COMMISSION MERCHANT, No. 63, Po)dras Street, . . I'. FRIEEMAN & C0.. Ilsleasle Celosingts Estflsltement; No. 3, Malaziln street, j AVE constantly on hand a large supply of Cloth i it ne, calteltell elor tlhe cmutrv trade. llTheir a. Ssortlllellt being lare.t, .aercahaala from lllth countll y canil be supllieed at slle shortetl nolti., Del L E l lA a I)EAI.EtR IN AMERICAN \& INtIl,ll[I C( OWN IGL.ASS, .. . o. .3 GHq o ELCT trTRrE ,ar FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HAI)DIEN, No. 14 I hartsr-e. SItreet IAi nt taaconstaatauppll ,-f e.srrsianttloe ',rrainin toI ga/ttlcaeaat- dress,. of the atesat Sty ae, tatNe- 1a msl p sala- ItWit J. -. Ross SURGEON DENTIST R No.33, ival strieet. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING E1TA'I'RLISH l lNT, No. 53, Magazine Street, (Jpposite lInhk' Arendu. IfILll.Al (;I REE'AE, PROPJRIIETOR it rl J H. PARKER Commnision and Fotrwardin-,r Merchant, Nn. 6, FRIONT LEVIVE, LP nTAIRS. New I lrnsel, Fe. . JARVIS & ANI)REWS, WIIOLESAI.E. AND IIETAIL. I).\Li.ERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS 111'E STUFFS j.A) IVINDOIff (L.SS, Corner of Comlon nlld Tchoupitoulus streets, NcW" ORI.ENS. NATIHAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANIIDREWS. A large upply f Gardee Serll.. warranted the grow tlh of I137. RO)I/IEIT' CI.,NNI )N. ROUSE AND SIGN PAINTER' No. 12 Camp street. Wholesale elieer in Paints, Oil, Vurnihe ,, Brushes, m:ll Window and Picture (iea s &ie. &o . FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROBIO.SOA &" GOOD I00 V, IN,. OS, Chanrls Mirsee, t)l e Dimr below Biienville. AVE. cotstantly on hanl every article appertain I. ing to gettlletmn's dre.s, unde in the best reni. ier and mot fiashioanble style, which they ofler to cash, at redoled prices. de-o-1I3IN F' lIt '" ,1 I- N Sd INSURAN 'iE COMPANY OF NEW ORILEANS. This Comlpnv irs now prepared to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No. 2! 1 lueson' Ie lildlng, Canal ret, t. Ne.v ()Ililel. MoInv 15. I33. Scrrtnre. t il'lI'ICE---'lhe Ilnertllcrlip of Eclley, bl8,n0 &Ceo Sof New Orlenl ; Maisrnll Hrris &Co., of Natchez; tld lllnrri, Kelley &,Co., if Ilthdv, owads dissolved o h.21's ot' laov tit, by lie lienlti ofSaimuel A llation, jnll ol the p rtnllcrs It thie fri- u. T'he iuier:iioed, ei. iiving partners, will be withltheeeliliifnd closing l o ,id Iiioieei iltncdlw.: Ievi e Ilarris will olllld 1 tile t elItlit. of thle hliineeo of MIason, Ilrris&-Ci.& Cot Nitcheiz; and Ilerrie, Kel o & (h llt |,tllR le; alind !Ilelrl" Kellley will altlllld I. eiettling of the Inuess of Keliley, .lat.i & Co., at New Orleans. Thle na'ells of lie sdcveral lirlns will be used in lil li ti oloillvo . 'IThose illdcbted said Grmi nore earnoe.tly requlleted ocowe firwnrd and nll ileearly e'tIcttllelllmt anid thIose hatving claims will plenae plretnl them wilfiout delay. IIENILV KELILEY. New t)rhlans, Jule 27, 1837. F IEES1II ARDEN SEED-The suhserIber .li ls ts roxpres Ilis graleful thanks to tlhe pub. lie, for the lilbernl stppolrt he hans Icetived sinlce lie commenced dluines, il this lity. B ine sole pro prietlrol ithe seedl tlore, 17 Commnlon he i not Ild nlleer wai, atItll cr any norlhern e,ed llnder; nll lilher Is ie io:ln eeed wilt allny houlllse in ie. tottntry-ibut lie aitiur s the public thnt his connections in teory deplrtnt rt of the seed bi+i eos, in the dilfibrent 'countries of E iluope are rqIeal 'o that if soy Ihoiuse in ttic United Silits. He it. partis s--edd, plants, &c. from the illotl xten.lve aid retpelthle nursero s anlld setleoil inll Firnce, Illalnd, Igland, Egld, n anlid the no tlheru stlates-nd it will at all iles ble his iircrest, ais it is hits iledy, to receive, in additllln to Is hIrsent stock. Isrge arrivdls of every deaeription, reailly the ,rrowtlliol 11138; Ilso, engrafted fruit ireto, If all kinds. TIhe publile mty rely on finding a lull ns srtlllent of every article i tile eed l1 ill genllu ino qualtiy, and imported direct by n Wem. I)INN. uTARNISHES-T-Phe Sebcriber, having Intly estal V blished a varnish manlltfctor, . inll ew t rleatts, l. ready to supplly tlti paillters land thle public in gelleral, Ib wholesale or retail. Ili plrices are molderate, snid aife q.tlity of his pr.dutel superior to ally ever brought to iths place. i'h genlletalln emplored to superiltelnd the mauusfoetrvltos hben at Ihi h lad of all extel:eiv sitelihtrmnllt oftllis kitld il surope. 'I'huer diopo.oe to call at the corner of Natchez and Tcho.pitoulas eit, hllall Impretenld willt a fair slauplie .l any varnislh thely oas, wish to try. Atlmal the varnlislhes are Illt osach No. wsrgmlted not Is r ehnge even s hoilina water. The B'lck varnish ftr torsos anid leall Inle thimlics. Tl'o tlt.sparct Voleli o tilh etl Fhitll , .t . 3co. a8 II &shNNAB Royal College of PhysienOls, Londont., VfHE orignal Vegtable Illiietn UoieLsa lle di o e; oltoirod ity IV iskin, IoI. Nlemrlec ci p the .lhee College of Siergeonc, Liceeilnte of Aolhtoie eary'euompney, Pollen oflnlt c :occrt Sloclet, Snrgeog to the ]loynl Union Pensien Asciolatmn, L-onoocoPr Ploie, Waterloo Bridge, anl Perlretuinl Pp'il of iGuy' cod St. Thomas's Hosplitls Louilon. This vanlit le meileine, tile result of twenlt yenrs' experlenEe alnd uoaralleled success in tile extensive anitl eily rehleetoible prctiee of tie proi, iriev, imtro - nlsedl by~ thle lnellliy andc n~obility, nloll is noaw inirodlnet.14 toith noltice of tile American hublic, at thie elcalest sl licittion *i f n umber ol'gentlenlen of long ndilhbiih Itnnlng inl tile rofeesion. It is hloped, as n itrellni. coy" stepi, to clenk tite evils ,ncl fotol ecomejineneoeo arising tfrom thie ise of the numeePros cid deleiterious nosrnums loisted llupon tile Ilt c hie the ill of falrioated proofsof minaeulons tCres, inld aoilier frlllst, by set of errentary, iunl!nihleitled pretenders, so tIolly ignoltlti ot meilical slence, that it iltpossibl ie theIOllttlc c delusion can Iny Olclger an down ltith the inclligent oe ole ofthis eooitry. 'itesen pills, mlih and agrlenlio in their nature,e shld hIe keit in every ftotily in cases of suddenl illness, for, Iby their 1tromn.c t acmliinistrntion, choler., eltamps, sam, Ipe.oa, r's ntnd other alarmilnlg complaints, whlich too oflen prove thoal, may be sileedi Iv eared or preveliteli. In fact, all Ihose who vtlne i'tgo lieltllh, sdiould never be witloute them. They are sol' Stable drltggist, iLfukseler·, andl vend~or of nled~lieile ia tin q Uinitled Sltest | I ,e a(:adns wiitl h eolpieOs ell'ectiols, togetlher with: ctllaoiao ls of iroeissitonal abilitiy 'rfil the folie. ing ennitecnt gnu ietleitt Sir Aitlee Cilipet, J Alenielholt, .anlaoe Illitlunddl, NI. I)., IV'. hitek, MI. I., J. AsAon Key A. Iramptont , MI. II., ind intlerolu s others. The origils may e selen n PloEi sioll l tile Genernl Agent, biy whoe the ildiieilie iintllorted into thils tullltrv, allnll to wihol ail alipplicatiollt fi, :lgeltcir mult be ntie: JNO. IIOLIIHEIN, 125s WVerly Phlee, N. York, Sole otlleti-ll Agent for tilte Unitid Slates, &e. For sale by apgl)qilltnilent of r tile glitel in'oicaler. ity Swote &3 IcelnIrcT e, I)l'lei*(t, Nit it Citlill street, Croi.e' A ientlfcr Stlthe'ef ILaniseillot. jl vii IR ILY It Lik E & e, No I etytolie otioet, itr c r.nw ieoeivilg fronl slhip Neasilvler, It.luisvili, Kicutiogk, F alogi d othi r icti rrivtils r rmn "h, -:oIietn citiest a itge aricid new seleled stleorlltellt tl;is,S Bools, Shorts inlll Irulci, uo, conseililly of g'lltlenlll's ile ciil' tif I r Nollceco loits oI P 1aniqualiyl do botltPd, antI sto' t wa peglcced Iiots o varhous qnulities; men's fille |.If se" lland .11 .imeelct h mo ictttmia iiill e u liint, buckskin shiioes, iiro-tis il hliltio s: a etl'ait n lule cill' alil kipled ll tt''i siutloeslltt Sr ,t nl elI nllo bot. l o IIOIII li lllclll II11C''X 5)tHlt~l illle! Iroi;tc; lo boits; io s!ott kii i oecpt 'apEggeds i'cceo a l brogans; gentlm'nen's best ge lnil toelell oei it llceis, Iolginll i aid Jelk Iltiwcilltgs; Ilo call tnii MIlIcco i eklle ille alnllllltlrigali; i oelfti sealtil %l.tlnt .cc I*litian shoes anlll cilipe ' o, tc Ci, tl h il t ot'l tol s igsin n le atltile;i lio fille call, et.l imucl Inoticotl qtlotilel mil; Ilets', misses'anid dildrelt's Irlled lid blcuiI bt n oglns, ; cl siles o ' ever t . iltli t aI d kii .I. Also a geneinll oe;ltnt ecl le l.n's so lllllgt i-lal Ihmks, e lie cn ylPs slv Iolr illlllldta u n tiei ns .1 :is * I' of mnlll's line'. alid tntki p ruiisltn br i-gaii<, * w arllich, unt h ane lqultity of tl inibrior spunhl. rl uset Slid wan lirCIgallS, tlltliea' liut eIf, . tail, mnroeto nll tilli w.CitlR, tIttlt Ipml sole slloes: i(Io ille |ieo, h tltlaraco:iln kiill r iN.tedt slipt els; dl o t nii shoes, wih :ii ith ll ll illls; i n lllf, setal ill s Ii ilhiflther IIoot( s; do it ruindl:( shio s. i lc h l kin llulok i t lalitiesi do las Iin l illl s ll li t .I I iglligns. Cciiic ren'i oeitred tMot co titt Iostitg lbr - 111101~015 1111 1 411 ellJ booill, '.c litleintl'stiitihiotntt k tltit ck t ilk hate o hhck n I mit' .atetlt Itlt'r t It iteit li lI Ilet l ali) it tt.i h lim its rnmmdo HilaCiil aindI linll' hrhm mtnu' th r ihdrl. :,,,1 h 'lIk Rllel a shollllrt nlila e b! ts, ll a nilie ar l ebh. Y\' lhEll ilu e size hilt oril ittlr.n qulitdiesI ch 1 ihir'. i ii'an i il 's hlackab dr h wt ill h:si io1" ii , I jlx U "l0, Hli5h g lelnral aortI*IIII.IIIn dof bIller' l in'n. i s ! vap. s I h|als intsslillent will he replen.,isl,, rl Ith ii arrival .f pacu mketsii'onstinclanlose unmled .hies, all of wihich Siiilllab sold on neeom lol t II Intn•. a 11 -1- .. . " - . .i T EE1T\ 11,i.'. tbo 1·a1 I Iielaldihede Rlllli·TlCnllll ilr(ld I1*ll~llill·l illlir ll-;n. dl~lnlb ll I t1'1111·r 1, Il. ltl nll reII wd .' lii servative Io" ite Ir. IIh, ha ; im incdlll "lhe .il i-crll.,r oifetr it to the Anw.rienn pbhii,., irral.n,,neemn luivl heen m enll to rr ou plv nlgelts in a111 lirl te Iplrl louI .itii, iiil( tolwlil in |he nItlhd ,.altes, sit a. lto ihur. if lh I .relll*·T I (l lI Ioelll: ~lll~al.r* 1I Ill hl , ll .iltl.rlh lllll I; iirc lis v lllZe l' l i q'I( illl,., T llllil-l'l 1(1 1le. l: 11: 111 W hi en iIeI .lh'd ileordLIi l Ill ilil'el; lltlli F ill ll lli I bottle, it hlals nlever thiTHk itll llirllo III llli id muenlt relif i a ~1a. .rrest.s Ihe iI 111air, il J,.l' iv telh, ali relhive.s ithI e F or(iOen Ilifv i'leb 0 I t.lil* llll riullers. a ll'llltr dn ItoLoh Ii..l,.. Tl'he li l Iilll remedy urn shimpe, inlnoleii, til i al till d ' aii n 1, the large il i number f ll rllll l l, L 'ill. |' rs Iht t *oill tr i ti at hlve al r, adv IxIpwI llrl -ill. delli, hll'Ife ria lld ..alu t wry e Ic t i'm ii,, ,n , .I'dia Ihdl., abroinrf'd lto ea I ,)r l ht mbi 1111· \h1i 1)111* Il l I11 ]l p ce 8L LL'r tllt(ll l.% ,II V J.\I{\IS & 11)NI)IW'\\., mnr 5 Ca C1}" innlllonl anId T1' tl.,in .,.. s i I I~ .11, irle uses C, e( s n I t a I l ) n , ' t.JOMl')NIlTONI) A hllXNI'I'll.-i A .lply an ;ad eetl.ll cin ltr tl le Fever llid Ag..I, remitteint and initl'rlill ilt lt Il'Mvc'.; preIpalcd hlt the origoial rec.... Used w.llt tllclt al hl versal success mI 1~832, by plerll I t 1 the l llest reslpc ta: bihty il this clly, its state, I II i iltll tx:d certifates. " This lmedicine is highly rorolrnt ndld, andtl has been elxte ns.ive'ly used i Ihe al) v,, disclas with tuch distienuslhed tisuccsi s, that th roprietor io the recipe hala been iint hid to milJr it to the pl'l. lic in its pretlnt form tn the hope that it mnay he tie means of rebrvinlg many of those \t he are suoferinl unlder the ~ierllrge o o111 colitry. 1 Is ua mriliciane piosessing grnat Vtitou, and when usedo according to tihe directions has nevetr failied of eflietin, a cure, evenn il the moslt istinute sta.,ge of the disord,"r. It is not at all th ngrreble, u, ld I persons of the weakest sttomach, lidl childlcna Irtay take it with impnnity, It strengthens the digestive organs, ereuats all appetite, anld snrldoit rPqluirs Mlor than one, or ill obstinute c:les, two lottll to efloct a cure. There is neither imrclry anr arsenle in thre edicine, nor nlly thing iojuioi s to the human constitution. The proprietors ar e so well convinced of its ei:atcy, t.t Ithey agree to refund tile price of every bottle whic:h Ias en taken in necordanes with the directaons and hal not efnelted a a perf'ct cure of thll fever & agae. A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Otrlea, v,olt his wholeaolt and retail drug and imdilcine iore,l corner of Ilienvlle and Chartres streets. For District Ageneies apply to je5o T. W. \|ITIll, 48 (anti st. PENSACOL t MANSION IIOUSE NEICW CITY, IlENStlcIt.A. rIlIEs toscrilier hnvhig putrhisc thlie ci".'' : ld for I itureof' trlis well kollWn t tia ti,-i fiim', lll, .l r Taylor, te ilate lprt rietl r, twill bie iecdv to rr ie 'i.. ter tiy ttie let nf April Uedl. Nu erous alld osll illlllrovr enlts will be flllld ill the irrtngetlettl of tie llllasioui IlouSe. New adllll nmore connlllodious bulling hl:uses will Ibe blilt, lnd warm adhs will be provided it atll hoturs. A table will be attachel to the lriiie, with good a:conllnod tions for horses nlld carrillaes. li; t rae • orses ind carriages will allso bre kept fir hire at mloderate prices arid sail and row bi nts, r illl pIt rson it Ite lltllll tiihei for !II,' t . e of illt , rl . Itilliltirdce Rtll l i IIi Ini lltLnlr l4n Irsally ft u l a l li lt ring pices, will also be fll rnished, and so conducte.ld a not ko icterfiret with tile .mulcrl and uieitofithe irliriloer. Thlls intrro toud liluom will It of tihhenut g talir., nd In reti re i I1l sppl y o1 icor I cro it a Irelo' beacu ordered, whi I ill t ,e hIl Frede.rick Ilnrnard, whlo frmerly kept s) poInloir u hotel aIt \\'ashi,,tml e sc, wl tt ill reo l.:u i thl i Iti r el fI r the pru prietor, win,, w iell a.h irl,. rnni1rn ill assures the vliltls of luti year, llnd his ti r enl t er+ally, hant they will rlceive stery pto-iir irtlltntial; IIId tIhCerty e1 well to give gan:nll lll suti++llot/ie . 'he Ital isul lllU l s 4il tt a hllm s are too well known tl need it d e-cripit l l ?re. 'Ti l facts t alt I Pel aln io the In ro]al- lnt l sta tit n of eh. (i*vrlnllllrn he glenernl redlmanus of i the g(Iull sllad. rn;ll t ei l llltlbrill ofis ' lil tlhe re 'fr ll ed coistII diln ting ilte SlnUlll r l tlll tls hv tl le cooles I ree..'o tom rite ml; et e " leanttt of lt r s y nd the I neig ll'rin ;is ll.. , r 1 )ivers; ihte lIhunt nluu mllldt le* h il+ fill to Ill. hes Soutnl hern lmalllrkels.t, -re . 'enlnelu the pr, fere ar over all titer paces in a he-e lltuhull t , i n a lSret rate bo.l. ill rtck ,Iweet PI'e-,:linl nd Ml. ile, nd w ill ailt Itime ie al Io to rake the pa;l;slg r. frol nhIt New Orlenatl naite. N It ARNOLID. 'ensaneola,, Feb 1 tt, t8:gl. fat iliee, cl llu eIdrden the ItrnplrltIt , iat lte',llillllul, itr AMr Seavll ''ylorthin, rte forenr.proprinr, at Ne Oei lens. Re, fcrenc r., T Sanford. Esqt, Alr t COlltm It, . MceAlpin, Elq., ILt Kibbr, ill MoIb l; S T Taylor, ' 1P tRea, Esq. i Net, Orley as. PI S-A Ilttel heg, to receive elnlllnnio1tiol frl peronn. at the :taboe heel, is plocedt at Getl WIitmn.ll mtliee, el St Charles E,'chl g. IFLORlIDA ROU'TI' FI R NEW YORK. i Travellers desirous of taking c he Ilorida routel sia IPens ucolu,to the Nr lh, stt . if, a nt edtll r t irl tlll.e moits will nestthnll rUet frol. .thAhile It I'itetl. ria i lae it Mobile anltl lenstott .tcver, i Oll1i1c1, o +r i he Ist of Mayl. Uind astage will alvs he pro.vd. , tire snltcrern to t iii talc r low ll, !0r1 lobkile, iu canoe aft le fUilcure f the let, I N It AtSO iL. I The .teambloat Champion haves Moble for Pens i tola twise a week . lh ":; h' I ANDREW M.MlTil & CO., reoporttitly sifonii their frilends ad the Ipulic in I eneral, that they occupy the new brick shop, 219 Tehoupiteulas street, where they keep constantly on hand Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, of every description, such as copiper stills, kettles, and p ilnps, tint bath. ing to' e, and noil cans, of all sorts and sizes, and all other brass casting done at khnrtest nation. Grato haIrs of every de criptint, suoh as stearn. boat sticrups, hag lchams, screw bolts, ant other kind ofsteanboat work, such as clhironoys, breech. or, steasn pipes. they will also do al! kinds of out door work, uc a sinie, opper aned tin ltnfig nd gsttoerin, &S. They above and all other kiads ol work ill their line of bhsies, sthey will execute a. the shortest notice. d,,27 J UST PUBLISIIEDFROM S.TPEIEOTP.. i. PLJTES, 'Ye Fill, b'.dilit oef I ROWI.ETT'S TABLES OF IN'iEREST: T O which is new adHed an Aveige '1em I'ae .teula. eot .. tor, or elS methols ilr fltlillg the nvIra'ge time 1n sto~nge, motes of Ihlnad or bills of goods, when nllor- I elhaecd Ii difrent dates, an diifferene t credits, and fhi nvarionu amonls;i hlIesiden useful nal a coln ete b sanking 'I'ime 'Tai'le, the beat lhat enn be contrived. or that fi gnres can pr,lllee withiill the same anhdoenndesel oalils, Illtd size of t p'. An astvertisemlelt in the book is in nearly the follow ing words: ihe high distinctinn this work has received through tihe ten legislnlive nets prefixed to the title page, is n re ncommendaltion in itaelf, so nlcomlnlon,, lanl mn entlllei sire, Ilt t nothing is nIeeIsan.l more than by wayaof ml ver'tisemenle to giva ena ed view ofi some of its ple euliarities:eas fer instance, the Inte'rest has heen compjas. ecl from, nud ecnmpitedl witlh, what is equiivalent to four- t teen snesel'eIlelculatione, examinleil in the 1press allhirl' five times, and prilled Irom ttereltyle plates testedl thirltyy-one times, from ll whlich it mnst be evident even to tile ake lie (espcilall. ,in tlile I.sonanl ofthe de tail of prooit in tile t liceloni:d Illea e't1k nmst he nrilh- J meticalnly inhllible, ootl in eonfirmation of this blllil'a pr'emiul of we hl, loired and ltfty dollars, is mow elfer ed for the detectionl e' nll errorl of n cent ill tle lrpcsnt or fifth edition, as expressed in thie prelaee, noking fire laosn aie prm lll ilrOreil file thle mia icier sineetb tlio'tt p,;hlica:tinn in thLe y) r 18'2., Ole dI tio most conspiols fa etre oftlll tl e tables is inthe 'orr'glellmict of the Tie ti ani Amolnts, which for expe.itlih. ns, Irofilc'ec.i anid. l 'cllie c li , will tIlle elp otde silde and inldex, ellt1nml le excellled; tnl the nttyv ty and ellase ithl which thle int:eresl i.n11 itnill to the extentl of general business, withoult idoblil, oif sumsa is beside s cmnlvenileice s i essmtill , that ill tli egllna tion of oniec il ,e 1o.' t comipelt mctil pInoeseat blsi l mnel: 1111 t enn llllint oli .('lSi c i who Ililel to r''ati lln e appellaltion ef'la "laslter pne:e". Aoll conlsidering theinflliiiily of the melhod originlly adipletl in eomcosil.g thlc work, and tihe extrollrlina lll lllll l var'iety ol'thle exallllllltins, an tests of c ry ediionll it t.espinassed ii ihe press, ewillelalntiig the wholee is in streot.+pe (,ollhidil'l'lo igi hirlc, tieC positiie C.Inuracty si'1elrl hv IIt t Illy ireeeett , llrll l enn Illl'min t'lloi tool, tile vo hlme ha:s "llcrl hccld 'ip lild empccticc:ly stt led " the mo0st wnollt lill fhoo)k in IIth wisalk;" Icmost cil.l. ll n l:Io atll Io.'11 I fenrele w'iork of 'the noue extent, lellch sihl0e 11he hlrg).hlli o, rl ·lrioull, 1a1 hailidl tell lirnllllla1111nt tie,' a ll, iI' " ii f Ie s c ill I'i ' llcl' e 1i1c, 11( ' i t" litors c oi, nlol, i1ie ihll iii i et, 11 ber', alis it iS c ,ll y ishown ill the l'.shiles, as tc le i nd siiotnrdi, it l1n hI eln trill ald re e ' d ill a·l 'trls' A l I lh, ho k Iank d I l ( ,lie al ,er's i ll the liitctc ii c1ies, 11t1111 ice thie pou liic goll erally,h l ing the lot . period ofi thl i'-fit, r'ec'irs, c t 0o error. ' IlI rtlld-c eIlaiui:s ha.s r' I.eo, lionl i c irin, :illthougih ecolinco - ally icalltiged Ih I oitiri , \"iI 'cry 1ic e i ' prcmi ium lThe it. Ice t l \ II p .s-h' nllo rll l It' all Iiheion rts fhlnw el sae.cral ollh. Soics, .n the " rite of cA0iltlneon f1:rI slallie l.1 ," s ito.lo hy ot: I o Ii ll t l ik nterest, anenirc'loigcca the hook i asI1e, a as b111 a e1 see. ill itart, Ile oi nm s cl'of the ha e'11 "il'r, 111 .e1 ci l'i felw lof th subset.ient p11 1,rchsrs, 1 1 the lios at tihei rooil tih liook, ,sill ci e 'ir ' ei, l rlll lo s l i citnll i ,s it eI erl I -11 It ins l a,-,v,,r ne11 known that, I its cheek, it h cas i ,,'tileltece i, nicg etrrors, tic a er tihe wenr', madel ev Ie,. - mlh 1iost :ur1fill ond nmost copl,( 'hit .trl 1:i ' hm -1.s [IrI hl , 4 u l in moII s ll.n t lle 111abn 1 e e111 re'ssi1t" It ' its 119'-, h1: ," hob n extl| rly'1 s insisted 1p o, h0l I ", 1ics i 1iicl eic1i0ht 0(111'or, 1tio e it a gc i le d i c 1hic tic mu inod t ioo' l'ri cci, i c I iould te ,,ni' ly hll. o ie !l . 11. 1 . c11 1 ci 911. toi' i .i iproi IcIc , c 0lIhI flrl ll l', e 11111 i 1tf 0 11 " o i l h lle h d l :.' I 1,11 h 1 f 1111di id 1t i h t l ll ntler i- ' nst". e t I ll'·1il' ' ,c Ii I I,(. 1 t c il ll, How N11 ,il.111 111 d nol l l l"o I11I I '5'roa:, to Oo0,n'to ' 'Iper 11 1 ',ol I'Op , i ,li.' t c lc . :ine "111 i lot' ic eiocc i g o m: er1 a lliii Itii lII, I. Cie0 1 llcc I0 1 :11:ll ni ii lo pcr con impre i, ctat schiii thoc citre c ( ole nk gIeralclc nod 1,n I ' hillr n1 , ' 11 " th 1. v nto h.dil: i hpor 'm ,e of ihl,*9 Ixhilt hl tu I + 11 l,'Iill l: icc' , l ciil, c i) .,++,, I i"+ t. e'iI it I , 11C 1li ,ii 1:1 ti k 1 11it111 i 11e tccc 11, i 111 1a - Il ii it11 10hcc l ta, l hlc " a olk l h i .Ii. . most m lpetllen hlhculoator i' the world,1 1 t1 d l, "' usl t r. pritd 11' r st cIuiouly tinder hisowt I rI a tio of proofl sheet s tIiII I ohld , aloi o a c11 e,11I in ly, l e11 11e111 I I1n le 'oit. reio ni n,oei dear i' t o;,e i'i, c h , it el pi , I .- d.n le ,lll. SInrl 11111 p i ici. : 1 t11 ( li ,ct 1 ie taim o le ch:c the stei ce'yl platesl of thi s I' i 'tlii ll, ll ill i111111tt e r I cthem, w ihthheir iin eus c 111 Ic c111111 , i n io s i eii n ton Sllh 1 ii l t oriii i the gell trai l I t' I N,h ll e Ici 1, (.i - i"t r itll m iiil ot- eg, c oti o iii t, pIe fr , r hich, inhih t I 'hi as io ue 0 t 1 pr 'ce iigl c ci iil allh , l h l'n oli. 111 hcerning the two lc'1ih owl t1ie oIii1111p ing inter ,.I . . )t0," .t s :,f gI-1I. 1 ,nce Nr. It 1c' 110it15i 011\1 1 11 Incc ilcnr k1cth:. no 1 1 11 11ogthi ico11 i11.i h, lecc icei lluck i h,, cIicciici a I occl i' I 1iI ti 1111c ,c) e ', c,1 1 cite { l lll i' ,II lllc e IZt ie ol ci, IIII s,, ill, ,.XC0 l,1 hi sh" t.c in i tel , ecl oi i i 1i 1I 'II II 11I l0 1 I' 1,i Ic i !: llc ho s II ., l :,i ot i Ii' a r Il0l 00 ,' - Sllll'Oli 11. , 0 ; ret, ~ :, i ,11 h ci c." 10 i.,, : e o tu I in i o 'r cc nio tn i. e tooih h ClI. 11h1c 1 c111 c h 1 "' 11 o Iciit hh h r 1n c i i, l l . ~ 1 1 hi " i 1 i d i d i , It i 't+ {it11t.1e . `, .,c ii N : ( I,. 11o ' ' . , ,b h, f, s o I-c e ,ci ,in wo s : d neehes,. Pl~ll,¢,,!','I+chci'i1,111 :H n~l h.,s - l --r., prinrr rhick arr gldh, (uk (.rurll: nol Arritarco, I',l a r,1 , Ornriar :,lor lr al .iti,lt, ihrdr IE" . ..o, 1r:rb) rrani!, .l.ti n \\ " rl, ' llval, airr \\ ro , Ihir r iarrr I lrdeln, Yli, r'l' , Ilian W h... (:ol ,wo:molh or Black hiatnu ands lrlrcttllI, iose W, to , Ames i'n iire), Ash \\ hite Oak, kc. \ kc. Spe:cimens to be seen at Ith, shop. I'.aints, oil, Ir knTr l r :r i rI'. a r I -i rar ajrrS I lls-r in t, r r ,rr n e an rllrInrndll irrn, rill r sorte. ni v i lrr i n Hollow ;arll, cut n.ill wsrp t naoils nsu spikes %ilc, I lr k tiln, mirll r l grisl itones, slli k IettleI lChao caell s :e, lls rs l 1 ,Ox r, l t hI a , comr. I illpra.rn sm: ills IL Anll, s, , icets,1 ci5:lt noir. W U.heI tils :Ise l Virl, snlrrrpr r~r rnl I lerad, hot rlrda l, arrrl roking rles T"A mn s, lto lhnml'saon otherspihl sa 1d shov'L Iloo1k si d plate bilge's, doal'o and w'iIIn 'w hol, ks (:Colls, Iloits, p:, and ocher ax's rIar'd a ln ..lan:ill f c -rdagl,, linesI and twine A i ll inssor lmllet of htnl.ilhrre uds!url rla'ller% Ia c l llllw' .hand, i1std whichire il' r ed f )>r' t Si. aletIII whi l -. sle ll or r Iiii I, on the ons fotl allllht. t1i11s, iv m' li I.. YT'IO)N k Co. 53ll I Il.vle. I .I iirn n ,(·j nItI Il., oIr, 'Iips Y l nzo, null ara'toesss nd friu (' . ,llow l j lin N. k,\ i'~r , r it r en wei orrrrll' ir r loll"lm oil l l rlh r h rli, . llI,'h It ~ ,-s l k l ll'll Ir ll , p l, I f hllhill e l , l flc o r aI I n'i.,"in l tp,,, : 11 ,'r ~, ' 'dl . I nt ,ll rrll ll r, .l aIlil til It ,l~- e r a' i te.l. lls . Ien i - lt rl lxr a Il 'S , li urr, r .r1, r ti rl r, l I a ,r., r irrtl l Ir-s, nr ,lil r Ilris l r. I lp l r'- ll l , ri l rr, m ild1r, Ill nIi ' I', la i.. bl Io.. ~o llldl n: I ilth'l.+ bookI l .rlk., ' lll p.rl, i lol t stlloi ll tl ' Iollll l I ',1 -,-, I ll m Ilid (1 I pll h ll a liill o.k Ical 'ell l *Itd., n kl. nl ot till|, I ,'tlic,'ll% IbI" t ',llillT( hI ni r oais' ...... Il.~ l O l-ll~ I ll l p lillu,"lPt. -iillr, a d Bl+<1 l I.,ll.. I Indi r all r l, I.lls r an d iln l l olr- nordlll',. r 11i lr, Il ., blt, ho , edll~,I r lrrar l inrh r ilgr" klol doulb' m -il l _aes, It r l'llp enms, Itnw ,ik eva, ! rrl hlinka. r -i--rnrvt, - l/rrrr,, r Lr' Inn-r-r , i G. iar l r olls.hllir S'rnmrll s r hr, l e, ilo r h il brtldl+ i 1l nnltrlla, IIire-lir, r Or-r-r . h a II rrr r-ll .rlrllil rsrr- i.n n rlll : ime.,lrl l\llir 11 1r, Iil'ltl: llll i, , alllt \\ I'lllm[+d, - i rerr hle hair r ril -, . rhi ging .. ,I ?lili , of mill rr aeri ru I innn" s ad s g n lin linhl, ll il. l Itlld I h+lli rlel ,halI l rlsl l Il ,l' ltth1r nillns Irntl t v r iy Irr trr urtir SIII al br i h o. slir t pli lll ill lll .. I ht ,li· o re , a1 d dln Vest IIuIll Ile · In 1 IIIII' IIII!1 iv pr l'V nm ory .hir l ho, s ill llth',l 111, lrad n l- l pelcil rnorr , rm p tlh n rnzrhltd 'llut| git lntllcket:, II.'Ilillllln t liP:..: doll| , br . +sa ?t l] nilllr il1s ,1 rrr d rt " rr-irrlr a n , nl lion ri . .nt rerlr uk,jinrr n rrhrr kin'- , l iolin. r irr t . it r sl rrrbir i purlll l1llill rl ll Illru !I-l-~n , r llaps, ll l illu l lllllrl tellt a h Iirrr llll IIIr d s 'IIrr j imr. iirIeid Irry llaIlillrr l par llrilr , l blrg,.r,-dinrg n'ri .p , nr ihm rr rrnrrrr-i ji rte-,rpl rryr-rrt,rnl, litans gohd, lrtrl nnl r iltgr j-in. llrvy &,c,. " IlThe Iihre, Itl lh lr w ith it gleitr iiII, i ll llhe r Orl les miyonuntL d tit w t h mlsth ar rlieril on ni.ctul dtin, th, SIat `e1llo i ll ii, ei 'lll h',l ' H& RBOWGATE SPRINGS . llf· s ll oil, ll N cll. n t olfl Wlllrf l alV, ,l i uit. ! 7IJIRIE ji.l IS .11r 1R.NE1 P1"' ! ,( I I I' €)11.1. IAj+ri,.'. r nllli: ,ro pi ntnr oi irr r s n.lammhiul,--. l hrlr s na t jin ple - an rrr ! i ll .ir r .ll'in irlR Inl:, lir II- fI irl. Il r ' ,i'l l tl,,c i ,'t rh te • ll I le .ill -. I slatyI h re tI hel bblV " rnrlelrt nnll r.r r al n ri- .ir , Ihr:1tri.rnJ. ,b j ralv.n r1r , i lll rv l ae n m de r n, ni trhr r.: now in a l 1rnn iaraid n rl' ,arl' r ; r nrln n llv r a'ai-n, aollrl- will a re nln tnh e.anrh v sllh ,l I annrr.1n" l ntrarlll ii h lnaaaa Wt' h tha. mlirlit rar l hnir wii lln ateldln ilhr n od r ienn 1 , o1 an, re whaln laer nni1a111 h lnan.nk inn- t 14 in• t "r Iir n r bruildinng. lnr naf hen mi n relnnnr of lmr e w:,n.,+aI i ,.ir it i .s rn frrn ly mlsiclan. .s plyn n Ic y lbri, xM. iilP 'tll 8i~,lllJ.1)?'l I,| MAIL ARRANGEMIENT' orthern i, M Cls Eory day 1f A, s .Stero Mail. u elvery 'tltndy, Weesdimlay Bjt p o' tl Close..v re y itandt,. Wtsonesld Conat, land Soitrdo/ h.y D P. n.. Il)te every J'trdo Ttt'dety a Tlhle makrc al tsi t lSIor y5 P. ado' , ia close~s every Mondhy, Wd asdald . 'T(Ra gS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, DEPARITURE DfITANGM &c. of lthe Express Mall, belw'- Moollt and New York--leavin Mobile daill at S P. M." N6rthlwar New Pork doily at 5 P.M bouthwalrd. Arrives Arrive Notlhward. Distance. Timei, MItuh'g Montg.nltmer, Alia. 2pm. 198 m's 911 i lia Colutlitte, 'On. 114 81 94 Si,.m Milledgeville. GCo. 2 133 14 1i t (Coiuliitt. S. C. 7f am. 163 17 Stieign, N C. 5i 215 22 It Warrentont, Va. 12 m. .5 fil a Plreeliaste S's. 10 pa. 893 I0 91a. . i1V.. ] am. 81 3 84 ied,.rld'eieh.iiteg 8 l? 7 l pami Wnllhinotosn itt, 24 pat. Il Ill a Illtisittor, Iij 39 4 84 Pihiledelphlia, am. 100 lI 4 New vIork 2 pm. i0 8i I1ilf 143 Ii. nta 242 Norihward. ('olitlg oith*.ard, the tmne i si bour eltss; hi'itie5(loyR oIoll h7 oIurs. _ [DANAWAY from' 169 Carodeler coarner aof aev I treetrs, onthe l ighit of 3 30 f Atligust, od ws seesi iii, seo iseoltl is lt'drhe steets- a+'giatO o# noated CIIARI,.I', shout 8? vesta of atge; andi e Or th ttritdmu ins is lglits very lsekt and hss tlM )Llnt i smnt in Ihis speech, one of iis loas il sore, Ieeea·soed by a retell hurt; hte lod nno sslo ha went rasnla av whia 'ltlli of lilen shirt eald wsilte cettsi ionoilolmtas. Mlsters oif vessels anldl rleam hosts are oentionlmld liest rieeivinlg or iharitiorli said negro, as well as ill other irltt inC, 00e tile tltlttit rigonr ofi thle law ,lll it el'irn~e'd ilgoitit liesm, 'II.'.I above reword wil l eipaM fierdeli'inelsg lil inti) esit of tie jailh of either aiake umeniipr alite. rs t 1si Cuaentodels, corner of levish N )~l".-The efirta'iisnttrslli Iterettildire oistliag LIudr the firm of Iultis& Gairresan, us hase tiReve .Tlob''la.elriber will lhe1atltet tim alluirae. the 'otee.rn in this city, snd requllires nil personsi lndeb - oid ii thkeo tomets tin him oilv, nld oil thisomehvina c'Isle.. to tre ciit 'h'i forsettleitatt. Ss, I it-,H kitARlIIITSON. .Al''AIN .,.I.A'.VA'I'Si NEW NOVELS Rel ii thle Rtft.~e', by til ailthutr ol Peter tilIple, &6 c'osnigsproir t \ litrer It Slhle.s llifiell in Ino styr , Il It:lhat:d aIosilslll, Novsy, w.L titoten, rmlisntep1 by Alhiit Caunnialnhem, It* ,.,ttpaee let' tritth'e Itititoril, ei. .ri~iil haNNlOC' ht'Nitalilell (reene, Int I ol. fur N1i t Net. i7 iTf o lrlel'sa g'S anrilv Iibrhmer 'li. l .1 IlitIte'llw i mlletn lle stnil niiieom editon sf1 1s~tts0biul.'eoervn's Ifo'tlsa. tRo'eg,'r is'raneb snl ingliarh Dietinar. in I eol, 'rhe A si, t.:f a Iteneh. .rad EsgIit ietiaieiotarp. At tS--.\ fitw isore eu ite if (.lsllet'ls lhrenolosgy "I~ivlle st I lore' ursesor'el' (tltteslllessfa slterlartloa € tietsithltit.its, Iillisel il 1!t1l''21-4 netd 21 I-+nehsa t;i tttlte' i dtilt'rtoedm lie I'enst,jilto'rlsldterr rweighls tt. A tu. r m. JnIet rereitt'd, no id for snle h W K IImal I ELNJ. IlEVY. (826Innintl'S I1)h1K, &re I)INNOC'K"'l IlI' Iltl'I'IISN OF" lDl r ol, tlhil is irtilalterllg IestnflisOit orv( of lmit eellshtsore o i I e'iint~stsleothe ys litet •lsir' stllyeteii'ttrilttl yo~f li'letll illlr'Yt Isnti iitelatII Irilehy a ssa ItIsie, t len tllloltilll ir, ited Ilirlll'.ilitll Iiii s1 ,ll.. U o lo til t nlt a l lo s if . Htlsitil. Atiti lTie ilits itf Jh h Cesars wth ll0l r , llof hialadi ," keli ll hw it ienhti N, 2otes ce1 ll e ie i,,11 i.1 i'lil r'tlllll~lliilll llt lh,· .11 lqli4i' PaP~l seeli',:. II. hll-t~lrale U+itll IlhiriV I'l!.:I~i;!.+4 on w lOit fy At itrlo l'l\.lPc Ic' lIts+lnltrtvcl'd l'.dlitilt of` lr (ioldl h'idl' Ilistury ,fl'hlr laml1111. "iil~ltlle ].vaII~litmn Of Jnlllus C~EI.lir to hl timlh i1f (,('ge i de will . it etetiluilatlo to Isthe yea I11:12. SWiih , ,ll'titlii fi~r exsnsltitllis at tlhe etil at tIil Iislrlh Jit''e e a te Vl 1tt Oif vahluable hlfornIa t lieti m ih thnglitt. the aselk. Latti.tilit Of a!ltle lel' ('(IIII('l-Iti I'1151 Ssoeeeigsn IoId eutiusnet 1Iertoee (Cttiioills t'.ithl lltltry mlilce. Ilenittrkh ou tile olik tii's, ItIttiltiiL lllit Iiteo eifLhre el the oge'. Ao ot tlllth Ih..' (,loletituohiee, &i('. &s' tllatiraetedlty nosy aongss le' ( Io'steerset''P'. . . Asesonis..... .d aoi Aoridgte.. S Ii Kitil's Net i e'e'r taoist on Llit Use of Ilosbeut NSw \ll~icnll'·~litdit wltl addliljitt aot iotmltmselt e 1 llltlil rll P~l~lllioli llf Ihe~11 dslllllll~l~lCII1 parufl l~e Ael ri ri,.a Ahnlll nav.' SJut rel:,e ,lro fors ese ho'hv WSF 1M'KEAN etiree e rsIrcioiiiltlll aodtiJllimomlitt, l ki liosi.tol: lutenleo, .1 I t, hillis) Frillcil, I) I), w tr ·;ulle, &c. h'.' Ibtn Jolil'lli, (?oWIIpV ,\lill,, )lll I).YO· OI lP .. Sill; i o 'ul+. '12l -tItletl, (.1 SS'Vtil eldl;dl I'uer'tit !lr\,;,lII >rl. I1Ic, Snld so e olrlhe InIITCr eliel CI oIII I1UI of II(·( 1hiii-- iiiid ilt luei '';l u-'e,< ', ith e i th 2 .~tiiltoi' ",1 t;it hi# rt t,'d l,r· ('llH' ll~t ll #.·r ..lllltrt. ill IV , I+ lWlll,1 * v, elllr 1111d1 I'l I "l 'irtee's llhts lcl Th 'll IetJlltelisuuIileiII'ltlieY elt. ltWe'tIl, hu Slnllclt, 1'! wiI a It ''&''m t'lititi t'llOr ei "tgt ,it (I l T;;i,+iiil ..l . .. . .I..... . l l . ...... .I!Ih Till- i t.'I1I i il lt..hIt l e i ltiulll s is . "P lle.0 +'.\'l. y ll.+ ll'( l~lldX," .%; I'.. . lllll i le i 0. t,.ll, nl~" .,i url:)11.. 1 ,-n ~,l~~ir ",i,,,+l,;P ''+ "" '> ,Y,,I:'" ', , ,:'" - J t"oI : J c.." ,'l "l " ll ,ol n oll or I'1 1 fl Ioer I v Ih I l , 'I|' . i ti. ' I' .Irlr. trl 'roh i nlllI k,.r, nsp cilh lly si litcit a sa re i p lllllt l+,lr.lni1y," ndn reltewal on the lawvos I h-' Irsle'r cNstI,ii r siII . 'l he nlirae salo k at i r Eo , itor t iei lntl 11 mu ri' na.r le i s f resh E on rtsm leid. The llcwing only are pir Pre .,d:r, ,.,,llln'z nitu Powders,. , ulit I',wds rs, e ut.! n wh.le,,iOie andI elegant i'atnhr yIesiit, ll .es. litag iend, buckwekar lIli I'. I n:lIrv scentI Ma.nrsinn Apperient-n i"rhca..t nnl g rune r, I tr~ ive i i t c'sliep.a or indi l'` lly ,'I uh." altn si, hubit uul costi.enea d, cutsi . Cnrpent r'a Flllid Eilrirt of ouriempnrillna putriin.e lit he o.1i, &c do da nod cubllhs, &c. 1 wnlll.' I)1 nne'a nd VI, r .rilll ug, ; Britislh ar 'Illrrl. niln., Oi el.dnrai. ltRli.nd L "irsn',, j.ijiibe nad Guaenmalve palnte I'i. h ,ustioi ci N S Prreinr'e enrboniec denrtrir fitl,, chiirinnillolh wash, inivdr ipuf. and bexe.,. I'lelull, ' . n- i lllllP i ,lllr e, i hlorI i othll h wash" lpowder 1 iuitit d i oxi., Prenlllice's ceell ed and lllll i powder. polllllm llll n el e de Perse,. ,n, e,_. fl ,. eI, ros, Invn,'enr andl f lurid , waler, Iof ie i.n, q.uiti.., liewln'd's NManeasar Oil, Old. rld e' iunliI ii Coluiinhla, beat's oil, a variety uo li .ler o.n l im ehic, indilible .m arking ink ,perm and leinmdl whaei& oil. lay)'a Liniment. A Irlssh aslortllminl el o' Thurhlrn'a( irden Reeds act GEORGIE JO)NES. ROWAND' '1'ONIfC MW[XTURE, FuR FEVER AND AGUE. r.lEN years have not yet elapsed since it wan J first regurlarly uilunitted to tile publin; but it has attained the highest reputation; anrid has sup. planted every other smedicine for the Ague, whelrv. cr it Ihas been known and apprceiated. Already hans it becn earried in every direction throlghout thine Unilted State'c, atd 1til realizes more tha11n canhOld' have beein inlticiptvd by its most asi ugine friends. 'llousaln of personll haie not only been relieved, bIt t, hue. Ih end vigor through its agen cy; anil thlly now cheer'ully testify., atevery op lortmuisty, to its de'?iddl and supreme eflicacy. It is cinOsltlllld I'f such mesllheinl prIneiploE as are calculated to renew the he althy ect in'ol' the stolm aic'., lhvr, und other ilportant' digastive organs, the i lies ,I' mwhich harmony is the imadullate causeO oe the disease. It is Iapparent also, that it produ. eu an cntirn chalnge in thhecondition of tle systems, and certainly dnesroys the native liability to relap Sseas o th. lie usffction, When the Ag ue as oatended with nlly otlher iomnpllait, the employmll nt ofa thse Tonic Mixture will not interfere with the trneat. iiert of tlae other dt-rase, but will even atfurd as. islt.snea by furnishing strength anld vigor to the Iboly during the couri e uof treatment. Thleso whllo miake use of this medicine may be assured that there is no Arsenic, arkbs, Mlernery, or any other article in its eomplsitlon unfriold'v to the lulnanr Seonslitution; beitg entirely a vegeleble tetract; anil they may have adlditlonal confidence in the, nuse thereof, when theyov preciv that it has tile o' fiect sof a goat n lxative abonlit tiae tiio half a bot tlie Vl Ihas been tatell--in conrsquenlce of which. there in no part of tile medicine left to linger irn the bowels to cautse obstructions, aqd other evils, arising irom the use of many of the renmedies now oIl:red folr the cure of this i;lfletion. It has been used also an a preventiv, byy who were sub ijct to a periodical recurralce of ue Chills, and it has Inv.ermbly warded Il' the apoprelhended attace. Observe! The Proprietor, filly satialied with the i9npar.lulld a.d unlversal success which hlas cun stantlsy attended a punctual and r-nhalr use of the 'lu.i MAlunre, ill ealI tse. of Fever and Ague. Ielas warranted il eng.aging to refund tie price to aill ihose who have tIalenu thie Imedicine in strict so cordance with the prescribed directions, without havnig bmoen perlcetly and lastingly cured. The subesc.lurs are tile wholesale agents for the South Western Slates, anld have lnoW ar hand six ty eaos olf hin meidicilne, whlih is warranted fresal and gL'nuine. For aale at the ma isloloared prices JARllVIS & ANi)ItEWe:, %' hlesaalel)ruqgisre, nnov'7 c,+ ('al)nllllll sia 'elnllalsleulas slret. I LOUIr--'tl. eintiilig fr. . starler Indepaind n:!: 41 New Ieva. L rn','r', Ithai r tr s tihsr cas,:o f the gemine i'rislIs, Jist r'ectr*'d iby eml "1. ItBE..: & D&'tLAN., III Caop at IMli .e, tii,.-. t eo. i .tl.ou.sit hale rtpe. ad- nil ot h, tps ,i storet, and for sale ie 3 t.O:lllt I' & tHAt'rIOiltO l 3 ti . qn .o

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