Newspaper of True American, April 26, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated April 26, 1839 Page 2
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TUtrSPAir 3J April, 1839. o -il tit' pursuant to- nojo icnme It H not, Jl.hsn'HlHklw'n-.l|.tmca'dr; and nll oicrodi.'of the pieoeding mooting h,,ving eJonrder lIM before th'e $uro I a notie 1i eiing of the o.edituri of l. G. Buokley, te'atb.eAttorney. Alan, a opy of a decree f " Conut in theo 04e of the New an Prese vs. Municipahity No. 9, end a t.n tle~phtition of Mr Watson, which wa. aduo. motion, the rules being dispenseo wblde.t That the Treasurer refund to Mr. W *t,' the warrait.'f the Mayor, toen dollars, pdr Iiha as floe for running a dray without a dIpltr number. The weekly Statement of the Treasurer was :i'bmitted, showing the belance at the leas report to heebeen $3,320 05; received sine. $12,896 -6?; drawn from tihe ('ity Bank, 4,398 48; drepoani. tad C ty Bank, 4.,616; Erppnded, 86.236 76; eoets redeemed, $5,996 062 balance, $3,766 52; Pelitions, from flrittingham, one inton Toledo and o. frmn Depouilly, wore read and rolorred to the CemTeittqo on Slreets and Landings. Ofr pr.~l4igiutbothamn laid on the table. Mr. Petor, as Chairman of the Finance Commit tee, reported the following resolutions, which, the rules be ng dispensed with, were severally taken up and adopted. Resolved, ThI t the interest on the bonds of the state, received by this Municipality, under an act of tihe Logislature, approved 18Lh March, 1839, shall be paid by this Municipality, atthe pl0ce fixed on for the payment ofthe same by the endorsenment of the Municipality on said hands; provided the itn. tesest coupons of the state Bands shall be received by the Teoasurer of the State in part payment iof .the interest on the bondo of tie Municipality, gign to exchange therefor; slind provided far. that, that this resolution shall only r main in ierse until the payment of the boede of the Muni eipahty. Resolved, Thata note ofthis Municipality at four mnonths. for Two thnosand and for y dollars, be iteed to J. Leods foriron columnu fur the Vego. table Market. *keolved. That a noteof this Munielpalityat four months, for eighteen hundred and ninety sevon 71. 100dollars be issued to the Orleans Navigati n aompainy for tolls on timber ratted through the Ba. you St John, for thb conntruction ,f wharves. Mr. Caldtell, Choirman of the Committee oil Stmeti and Landlnga, made the following report aeaesmpaniel with the annexed ooslutions, which, ti rules being dispensed will, wore severally ado ted. The Committee on Stroeets and La'dings, to hoem wasrelerred the following petitions and communieation- Fetition of Henry Higgibot' amn, Petition of the Renters of stalls in tlie Poydras Market. 2 Communications ofJ. C. O'Grady, Beg to report thle following resoluti'o -: Renolved, That the salary of Ilenry Ilig inbol am, Inspector and mleasurer 414 stove and oith or materials, be and the same is I ereby fi ed ut .lsty dollars per month. Resolvred, That the Surveyor be and he i" here0r I. authorised and instru ted to erect a permanent .ownig upon cat iru c lmast r n at tihe east end ,d.Poydroast Marketl. Resolved, That the fourth article of an Ordi nance under date of 231 October, 1838, regulating lthe order and manner in which tile banquettes or nootways within the taxable limits of tho Second .uonicipality, must be proceeded with and coin. pleted, be and the same is hereby repealed. : Resolved, Thoat Wharf No. 1 be, and the same is hereby appropriated for the use of vessolo navi. the can by steam. JAMES H. CALDWELL, - Chairman. SAMUEL J. PETERS. BENJ. WHITNEY. rr;N.. WeITNEY. M. .Rodgers, Chairman of the Police :onmmit tee, made the following report, accompanied with the following resolutions, which the rules being di.pensed w th were adopted. The Police Committee, to whom was referred the resolution respecting Koyno tables and too pin alleys, report, That after careful deliberation and examination of the 13 keynoestablishments in the 2d Municipa. lity, they have arrived at the following conclusions: That Keyno is a regular gambling game, played with cards, and for a pool which is made up beforo the game commencesa-the amount of the said pool 'being regularly made known to the parties play. n.g at said game, and being subject to a discount of 12 1-2 to 20 per cent. for the use of the person or persons acting as ownersoof the implements used in mid game. 2d.-T.hat the persons generally frequenting itenh establishments, are either v,,granlt or peraceun without visible means of support, and in many in.. aneces minors from 12 to 16 years of age, or young smen whose occupation in lifo precludes the possi bility of their having monis at their disposal to follow such pursuits. 3d-That the game itself is necessarily noisy disturbing the peace and quiet, which should pro. wail in a well regulated neighborhood. 4th-That it to sedentary, not promoting healte ereffering any inducement of the kind, as in the aess with ball and ten pin alleys. 5,th-That it is in direct violation of the laws made and provided for against gambling, by which it ieforbiddan to gamble for money, or the equiva. -.nts for money, at any game of hazard, &c. YoifrtrOenmittee think it unnecessary to enter iito along dissertation upon the evils of gambling -Ithey.eould simply state, that the game gene. rally lccupies about 7 minutes--that the pools in their presence have varied from two to ten dollars; t.he price of a card varying from a bit to a dollar. The'playing is continued from 9 A. M. until 4 A. M. Instances have come to the knowledge of your comnittee in which individuals have played 70 or 80 games without winning a solitary pool; and on the other Ih nd. the keepers of the tables, are neaking from 1000 to 2000 dollars per month. The solitaFy question therefore presents itself, who .ays for this ? We answer, the conmunity at large, who are plundered out of doors to fill the pockets of the keepers of those dens of infamy; and we eonsider that we have no more right to lIconse saah establishments than we would have to grant lieensee to the pickpockets who graduate from our prions, upon their paying per eent,~ge upon their gains.. We w.uld therefore recommend the following I resolutions Reolved, That any person or persona keepicg a Keyno Table after tire let day of May next, within the limits of this Municipality, shall be liabl to a fine ofone hundred dollars, Ier each and every day or night lie, she, or they may be engaged in keep. ang and permitting any such game within tlhe pro mises occupied by said po non, r parsons: Tr e fine hereby fixed shall be recoverable before any Court of comipetent juridction ; one half for the benefit of this Municipality, and one half for the informer. Resolved, That the Recorder is hereay instructed to have every Keyno shop, or gambling house ofany description, existing in contravention of the law opon that subject, immediately broken up, and the keepers, dealers, and parties interested, arrested and heund over to the Cricminal Court. As regards the ter. pin alleys, we would state, that ten.pins is an athletic game, depending morn upon practice than upon trickery for its sueeess It is urged by its advocates, that it is a manly ex. eruise conducive to health, andSprlcductive of oIu evil consequences to the morals of society. Tihe great annnysnoe is tle soine made by the rolling of the balls-it is a gamen however which we be les is tolerated in all the nortlcen cities, and in. -s-s of gambling upon it, as far as we can ln.orn, eery rare. We think, however, thattieu alleys e-.ld not be used after 10 o'clock P. M., as the er might then disturb the neigthorhiod-nor sourld new public alloys by allweod to be , stab lished without the consent of the neigtl:hors.-We peld therefore recommend this resolution: Recelved, That in future, no ten pin al.ey shall iteslablisled in the incorporated limits of thea Mu -e1ipllay. without the perlisaiiu of the Recorder, whick perrmisehen shall only beagien with the con. OsO in wrniarg of the owner and oecupants of pro. ps.e within two hoondred feet ara.tnl the pro-. ppsiloeation, undcai penalty of one hundred dol. Isp. That fromnt s after the ist of May next, each es9doery alley shall le closed at 11 o'eloak every e.iht, under" a psealty of twenty dollars for eac l de v e ry ol 'e r s . • As t tth i.tctitin of N. Bergen, Superintend. eat of Carts, praying for an increase of wages, we wooldS recommend the following Resolution : Resolved, That the wages of Michael Bergen ts.incrsed to sixty.6te dollars per month, from DAVID JNO. ROGERS, C h'n. ..i JOHN HALL. q; tOCK:RETT. A psIitpi, flom L. i. Gale for Cuat. Merell, fke* usiiiao o.t a-flue, lad me the table. L O siUstie'.tls Coenoel ailjontled to Tu0eeday is Ohe il0* April, at Adiee'ptnhlk P. M. - - JOHN @i 8ON, se"reitary. wIgary. AVANA'loUVý-rNwsp H*mju .cu', i tt¢¢A TJULI 34 fierier at -Riuma. mad Hlydrmaulic ee~t t al I1!aukPlace 1W **e potltJ( 9pr adiAo a P "N,73Camp 1t prbm aaalam l dk. 1J.r * ( SCJiMMECi1AL I.nteil . . ate.. hrlfptOn.-Aprl" ...........i8l I VLc hipee n. ApIril ....... 4 aw 1o rkd , da .........f...o.. 1 1r 3 ohc r. ti e Apil....: ..... t .dB, e, do ..........t. I .livillea , do ........... 7 maltimore do ............. A1 t. Louid. do ......... t6 b Cvreih, d D ......... I .iverslol. Mar.. ........ t Hov slon _(l7 xos)April...... II I'hrls vel .............. 211 BolaIll.Alpl 1.......... IId odou . Mar .. ..... A.n 2b a.livtilde do .....eigi . R'Hp..' e.. i ..e ....."l....Ie 'O I'li OF N:iW O)IL,E :i1ANS. .rCvsearom dp e April b5, 189gn. Fel. Ohio. Mhileu, Philad elphia, N T on.ely &e. co Skii O LCKol.(:bh llld clvPep ol. Rols.. .cl.y & co IALrFg AtI..l, Pr.."r.. bSel..ifiei (GUerin & PouVerli `vbr Comet. Bathes.. T·*lveem,,' J Kohn RoElr Gool IntKret (;areslio a, for Itch1mnnd. Prescott, Jones 4. e cehr O Winr. 'ilson, A .mckhnlm. A Ii.nfear Fchr 'Pacuurill., D!ar in Ilnlirax, Master ichr ..n, ilurrowb i New Ye k, V . .tnr B1',p Mnry EClilahetb. Idrrlea Penr... In ala.ter I rlg Cecelia, lluIlnll. Cmplearhy, J 1, Zackarie 4 c APORIVAI. April 25.1e1r9 Tow aort I'aenir, AnalhnaI, from the N IF. pss. havielg IOw edR to N.. Iips e,.Rw A Id rlako, retur3le to tbe ce,ty ow hrbalue, hrlg. Alfred TIyler. nllid l)o5l I. Left i4n bar2rd, a inldlllbht. RPports nlt o'll Odt e b.r Oaebrlg ii the ri erh U A NSteamar e lt. WVilla. flrnl Il ."le , havie, l.o e 2.4p InBAT It 5 IOl. REpor ohe teilI oil',he barllln. i rqrno P rll.PPer illams, Pr e li.. n ,riZ EmprePs Ir.r. AL;Ed TOrNdd l.o iRo hel ter, e ildN 3 ol..Ier b.ili ,uer o .t tbe TIw Iolt YOic u , Ii lon, from N F. ps.. hving lowed in rea hlarqli b Rothel1.1d bIr .An.lOrasa4 d tllc 1ilieo r lir i and schr Kit., rPptur.ed to ithe ily wilh bCigue Roler . i'i.nle. and brlUg.·lige unu Pernverancn. Loat the bar on 24th at p In. rig o1thn ber anl ehr inside. i'rl barq e 'Abve, iro-dfoot, al dy il from Liverpool, to H C (:ammaCk & co. RBiO AlrO 'rylr.. Carpllenter 0dihys fCro, I3o6lon, to the muter. BrIIg Douglas. Plarker. from I.avaa., to W.F V7 - ier p &o., l BarqueRoger ZVllliam. AhleRSe 7 days fron l.avn.a. to master. si i Perllver.nei, Dunham, I2 d.ys froA m aephimre, to lWblridio & to. p;rig ll.ia. Rayiond. foi.m Alimterdam., via Cowes; . o. Itter VS . tP.1th Fel'y.. to l i ..itr. .telam packet New Yor. \p pri -ht 44 h o r fro1 e G.lve..lon , eta Sabine River, to Bogert 4- Hawthorn. Stea:mer Ciuderlla. Steph'. on, from Fort Cohrp:e team,,r J Dupre. mordoll, froAZ Okelouu.e. Ble1111Pr Monarch, FPlleltnn, frmn Laievalll e. kl ..aier ( &inies,, Carlhnd. frolm Telluln. dtelmer Levant, L eur llee&, frol B Pdyou uNura. EXPORTr.. PIlIIADELPHIA..kPer slip Ohie..fCarlo, 131 is porks 146 ldugr. Lea-8 pi .s I&,d I4..p hi anll sT7, hif d, I4ar4g.11 I.Is lohVe3o. 12 resk. sh,-i ulers. 83 Ildle an119 lerces hron, 350 hl flour, 6i .acks corn I i8 elplly rshk' .IVERPOOL--Per slh p Oscas, e.Cargo, 206 boles of cut SACRIFICIOS..Par bitdrti u '.rul..C"IC 9i : hl, r ur, 3O0 dn isincu., 1011lwrk.. (60 kegs lard. 35 hIs beef, 44 bxao hee,.e, 60B d -etl&., 7 ls flee, 3 do oi,,oel, 6 n do vlnegar lota mustard, pepper. beesw; x, -:lh, tc. GALVES', kihr Comeet..Cr. sI aill Io.. coffee, whlskey butter, paull, eigrs, aluuldnrs, nails beer f.our, re. 1. . RICHleO D..l er.rP. r ItMr.Mst..iCargo 73I h1,. b ironp II 1ix-i tohaco, .mll Iot..Msugar, offitb, pod...o.. Imuckerel anid nlcchltlldlze. STOCKIIO[.M-- d ersvhr () rllr..Cnrgn 16 ton, Ic"wnond. P8 hhd tlollaoten .ms.44h lds tobarco. 113 raes le "e n o. U . .Cu.l blpe p.t'Ie IIAll. 'ABX..PePq . hr TuSnlr. ilul.. T.rd , PS 0 fur,518 & ,ckl crll..e41 do wheat. sNEWP Y'O.: K ... Per ahy S.i...,Co, Si9 roek l.... , 15 biI. SPI:UN C()I.A..elI. sloop & ury Eiizhellh.l .n hialla.. LIVE'1PDOI..C.&, l id Buik.,Wrg., . 47 5a4h..ett 1015 p legu onesN3&3 9 cDick b I1,1, to H Ci ami.e & BOSTON.. Per brig AlfrnlyTArir..largo, 3i 8 to ice. Bow-I di i ch lde n Peou. IIAVANA. Per rlg DoiulesI..C.. rn, . 5&p hp, ler., 7B9 Id..s cAid .. loti ears ae.d LAoit to J Tlay, r P IIo B ldculu. D&peyre . co. Alilu & Treenult. 2 I V Zlacarie , d o, Kofn, D.roo & cd.G. dfre B. .4urie T am.ll. A el De Mirand, Clrriele, I-.. roll oe . S Littl efiled. J Roberts & lo, AiDel IpAVANA.. .Peor l.rqen gr. V ipi.Iu s...'ar.o. 512 bXseu I igar, 781 b[ag cofee, 42,1100 .egars, 10 h)l atout,2 tiereP. hnnev. RALTIMORE.. Per brie Prlevrnie ..q&D . se. oSi, l..nrted mer chendize to J C lsisnnn; J IV Zcka rle & co, Cirmen & .pcleahon,. Rirhnrd.lo.. pe. rman A- Vood; .Vnlton & co. J B Field; Collnely " Elder; J li.lau 6 co; Armeur, ISake e Walker I.ockerl, Fenre & Donne-an; A Grnt ercoe JA. Moore r Clarke. Yeatman s co. G H Abr. Dowell. Lum',eth & Thnmpson. J H Field, AI.. hard 4 Sigersnn. E J Johns 4 cn, Bgeret & Hawthorn, Heihawv & Rogers, Mlerrifield, RECEIPTS OF PRODUCE i.oumvllle..Per eer.IJ Ylonarch--Cargo, 15 hd. toba.m eeo, itarkey , Whlittlngham, 3 do, Roelr, (ir, y 6 co, 1 do. A L Addtsou A" 1o, 19 do. J A Frehman, 2 bsM- roCtten, 6 paekt deerekisk 16 hl1 pork and 10 keg. lard , S IV Oakey & co.50 ha whiskey, 0 do eggs, 100 dozen chteket], the owner on U Stale. boIrd Monarch. Bayou Fara..l'er eenmcr Levean..Cargno 6'1 huat crnttonl. Fr, uin, Belilocq a Dleoles, O6 do, C 'toted,,,,, 29 do., Le n bath A Thlnpson, (i do. A I.edux 4 co. 15 do, J R Piouehi & co, I0 do .1 Rivard,. & :o, 6 do AI Cameron, 6 lo, (G M Le0, 2 do Frankhll %. IHouderso,, 30 hdi suenr, 11 Ibin mnlas se.,Gourdin 4 Bent,,50 ble molnsses A R va die, 9 do., Ii~n helh & Tlompson. 4 bag. wool, Godfr'y. nrlnu . 8'1.e, 1114 kegs lard, Caldwell &Trufaut, sundry bxsand hibs owners oa Tchuln..Per steamer Gaueel..Carte, 74 bales cotdoil, Ben. net Ferrlduy.A. co, 14 do Burka. Valtt $ co. 149do s.nd 122 plotlghs, N A J Dick, ib2 les ,'ellen. Alnrrifield. Penrsoo & no.I do, Connor 4 (;ridley. Tdo, Allnn Asher 4 re, 13 do, 3rownl 4 Crannhow"" 16 do, FO svth 4 Lnrrl "'k 4d do, lugent rurpill 4. Wat, I do, MLerrent. Jealllny·s & 00 6,1,, Brander 9leKenna 4 Wrrlllt. 20 do,F De l.tznrdi " ren. 4 ,ill, N Icorx Anderrnn 4' co. 311 do, Armour, Lake A. Walker. I do, \1V A Real, I0 do, Laurenre 4. Chalmer. 17 d,, J Hioeilil 15 do, p HI (alway, 47 do. .V Ookey & en. 14 do, G IRergert. 3do R f Beek, 40"do, J T Cran, 11: do Roh.on & (;no.h 14 dto, Iyons Harris 4 co. -9 do, s artin Pnar~,nu 4 c 19 do, t w Boflert,31 lxi end 4 hlf do tobacco. J C Hulley. Opelouses..Pur steamer J Dupr--Cargo 2.15 holes cotton, t lahdssugar, Polllin, Bellocq &, 81 baltes colOl, c Fort Cualee. P.,r stamnr (infn rell. Co a .. '4 Imlesent oen, Nsern . Tuupln 4" Watit; 2o10. T l Rr rbon. 99 do. COlo. uor & Gridley. 17 packs peltries. 2hales snisk, root, I halo hoarlkinr. I his bear's Oll.qi4 beef hidea.. J Ui Savillehourne ,1 parks peitres, 4 hle. buLdo skins, I, Dohben, 6 packa pel" trial, 4 balea cotton, Wo31bey & Montague. CONSIGNEES Plr barqua Reger Willllr.--.oaeph (Cockayne. C N Mill f Vno Wycl ,eo, Cstillao C:1rke, Cuculu & co, F I Db Indr dien TIo, O gee1n0 & ce, J y IY Lab'rdi Geddes, flop{, R ro. sing - co. snd others. . SASSENk ERS Per hl.. Doegie.l..J Than,,l,.. 3 TBeaure. Crd. J M Rollood. Por ete',.or GOagea...Oeml Whitford. A Dunoan, JTuroet.. SA G Fohoghy, B B Eskridge, R MttC~all, Bliie,, IllIloy, A Mtilan. Pert.. otoott \o~lrh.,,, tRoll... Wooney. T 3 Ttottho ,et Era ho',, 6Dyr , hhilips, J. 'lloe. OP Pnrnkh, tto..lo', G I,,mnnd, Dlckarena, F A Lane, Wan sad all, J WhnotoJR Sanford,. -Sanord , McElroy, Willoo,. A arker o Boner Wtihno,. .3 .tMcCaubtghno nd L.ndy, 'to. file Lot~o, CtoDotaed, Itt, Choon, Mat..., J B Octo,.,,,. B ft lotiHt Itrrn B roy lim . OltoAoI itoI ,yI ~ t~ ft Dry, Hnnron Morton, Smith Kornlgny, J B Moore. I Persnoamr Cinderella--Aleln ln, -McConnell, Heonaea· Btrove 11-noeml.alp btu rho. Askew, .Oktnoetl ttdul.o.llt ttea, Ca, us. Peotlty,tOugot, e.16. MIEMIORANDA. The UtA doopattl brig Conr, t. lint n G H, Coam mendecr, rniled from N~ E liar. for N llrk, on the 24th instant' at 5 P At, itoh ?2.701t0 dollI topecie.on beard. Brioug Doglaec pokee in Iftt2, 10,long 83. 210, brig Lt.a.,4 dayesIene bound to. oton,. Brtg Perseverance spok. on 4th aet.enp Monoe. hence for etcvll. 0avln s1prun her rudder, was, trying to put into Nor folkc for napell The packet Columbie arrived at Galvttetn, on the mornint oflhol kIid 81. Charles Theatre. Last Night bou Ont., BENEFI' OF MRS 0. BAi2RETT, tRS 2ii'REr'rT Io, tlto. honor to intferto her friendt nd tole pobliciotinthat h eoooeit w., II take place Otn SATOrUtA V April Il', 18:1, whlen oill bin prtetnted the uoiiodlled Comotdy , 't ot SClHIOt. FO(Rt SANDA.L, And the Fneorie Ijrce oo 10T 1 NOItDY'tO cECtEt. .23 2. 1dm, Book Vot. (-pe. For Plot-,t FOR Lt Vtll thINCINNA o.. '1 he Iten itiot, upper cabin oteamer PERSIAN.Citt. Jtil k tvot leave fu~r the abat~e aid ilnterlacll a& n engaged , will 7gcnaort. . oriii nextoo'ur ightett it pssnoge, attumtOltldutio, equal to any Doer ot ti e io water., apply to Cupt.tGren otn htirrl at I'odottoe treet ohntfor to .22 STET'SOi N &c AVrhI21 88 raviror ot FOR FI11.iTIN, StIktVEPOIptct' Anot all intermediate L.oodings ot. Reel Rier.'. t he etoee hboot "tOSOUTH It A" for Fatllon, Sntrrveport nod all itttetotdiste ltenineti te Rod Itouer, aneog leit unoovtidably detai ed, will pnsitielv leave IMa tihe ahbov tot SA ItiltI)AY Itttrtipn. the 27th at 10 o'clock, at wthit lih tt panecegee. are requotod to April 25, 1839. For reigiht or passeae. Itloinpgltpttior occOtIItoate. tinne. (cabin aiill instat rooll) apply on heartettoposite Itjotte'jliest. or ronit jioei~ol iptt THOS. It, LEEK. 2i" ~ 1 .ot8 so 9 New I even0 FOR NEW YORK.--PcACET( f MONDBAY, OoTH. Looitoet. tOad Neewo York Line of Pockets I I'lE eutpotior ftot toiiting tItil, 0%A'IIAJOA atel. Hathaway, till pnottivopiv leave the levee as abov tat~eod. Having the goreter paor of oecargo etageed: Fot freigtt of tlhe bolance (K pnttege, heoittn elegant uttolo totottion. t apply to the taouer ron loaolropoitte 'he vtgeteble Markoet, or JAiIIES R HULLIN, 76 Camp street, The price of paoeage by thit line I,. ben reduced to rithe P roek ship H untto o ill e, cattain Eld ed g e, ill suoeed thaeSaeatogo lta thteottoney toawiog. 'pl j0 PEHICL- ANtI ASPAS1Ai fl alhr ovage- Londor Es, Athe rican in Parr, hit Jolts S onpersnn: Rlulnance uftbo Hareml by Mies Prde u " n al r FnlMeitian Manuel, Ped. cuts; trutteliaiet ,, talesoat the For Weet, and other tperim Iy J. K. Mitiltral, M; D., f i sale by ALEX. TOWAR, y1FY ..... 41 t Clpt htope.oe I ISlelM. t'ratt, ObONaTjj . p g 00nala, ho-mtaelte o~.U~am batte nesa eees'R42. OrHthtrd VYweveb Moc ilha steoe; wilt'plteare e in kooofutieeetLO *.. ,i I P WV1PTNF¢1', .eja. -'_. I . I1i1R C "._Ly'.:.s --" .. ... ...z _ hIi aletetinn with this lhine r a I0iENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE FrOa TItE PRINTINt OF Pamphlets Blank Ohecks Cataloues Bill of' Lading Labols, Dray Roceipts, Legal Notices Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circulars And every drscriptin rfJob Werk that tonn be required. TIIE RUIE AMERICAN. aItII'aEsc'D tY jtb" * | tfi Nfloa . FAITR'uL AND BOLD. flIW OR LEANS." FRIlliAY APRIL 26, 1P39. NEw YORI ELECTIOet--CAUoES OF DEFEAT.--It preferoreo to any opacilaoinor, of our own, we tranafer to our eolumns, tile following article fioro the (ourier adr Enqo'rer, which affuord a succinct and complete explaration of tilr cueras tiat Itd to the defeat of the Whig Moa or, 11r. Clark. Tile I.oeoafics need not crow over their victory, although trihey achieved one. Their triulmpb o e appreh.nd, will hlo of brkofdurution. The Whigs ill be ha oooed, and when tire great figilt eoues oil. will arm thmsolve ien aii their panoplr and will ,o bottle with stout hearr and tile energy of men iwho kL:ow they are iperfIornig their duty: The Recent Defeat-Its causes and consequeraes. \We aoonnuncrd vearerlay tile drlteat ul o tis lrgs and hle I te Loco Fooa ill this cvty ; andl it ow ,econr:a our duty, however sunrleoaaot i Iay be, hri. iy tr ponlt oit Ile troues ot our efedra rald the rltrti.c it s to Ihave up(, tile lutour eftortr of oar party ol IOlle Slate. 'l'hoe who are f mililr cirt rf tIhn prpior. Ileed lot be told Itil t we are ri the habit tit sreakirg Ior senotilents frankly and hlorratlvl, oond waoo, we may, alid that wr are as reudt todei;uuu , a whig who will no acot tp to trhe ,riufi.riea Of our pary, its a Loso Foto h hoas hno princeiples, but whose Ionly ubji.cI a I owser aod tile " srtlls ofofale." We acordolingly proclailed to the \Whlgs of New-1 irk, as it wa r duty to do, 1rthat 'tohe e lllitnted AARION LARK we ohould ilrvl StallvnuIt only ie drleiarerl ir the Mayourlty, mbu as e r .Ultli, lose tile Corotoo Coocil.ri boov aiter day, and wrel afier wreek, we reiterated trese trelolaioro. arlr endleavuured to rotrioincrear Whig frientdo ir rt 1e ohU jerct Ihev hadlil viev--rhe re-rorraliotr f\lr. CIt.Ao, would Iraoe ...rur! to trhe beat hopes o tilhe M lill utit we wrreo and ergued ioril. rrAlr. CLAe openly avowed Ilii delerrtiuluoro Irot "t o, be aii oil tla sefr,' (arn useiehis (II oo.ard) rot if Irot rtrmintred, ti) lase tile rlnp agrirllolt Ire purlt. Affildavils of tiease f cua were at IIII ndraoady trro be aubmilted to Ilo \l ig .uorillorllllrt Collnllsrure htbut a mjtrry o Ihat rody, in selad of uellung sLuch declaraLtU iU itself'luffie'eno Cautse IFOr rejertirnr, leoltved to plrce hi in IIonaotionI at ral n lld eorrh) l.aild. In ohurt he 1%\ lig tarty were l tucnted Iith power--berlieved iltey hallbult o willr ramd l,nt t i I w0s Inw--illld ill thle Inldlless ofotle lo-. rrornfr forgot tle rmerus I)y wltich rlt,'y ol.inred, rln tilt s:rrll rehce to iri iprles tlrrrgl wit Ch ti t alle they coI ld rreatn heir aaceodeuev. They were told aol they khew. thairt rMtr. r LARK eo p irICl.d i llaou, le wooo:doartav irgtiri oth party nor leei tllno fourltho. sand Foreignu stes, lot It would othel wise lt: li.t ill its fllll; they were well ui ll hollar rite feelirngs of the corll nIIaIII we:ro!ppsod o run lgoo any oran aili t le for the ofiice of triayl; utrd tl eI ktew to hait there rooe a utne.rsal feeli,.g i..rvarrdiigtrl clt..e.. riot io.r ravr gord o ipohice nllgietrureo lr..Clark iighrhave ierll, lie hadd dnoe much v hi el was eah:ulated to brnlg lnto diorreu:e the offuice of C.tef .llogis.r.r of hoe com mercial enporiunl ofrho Uriou. All hlese frtoa were klloor, but tiey were al dlisre gardsd; and Sir. Clark wam place! i0 norllationragainst Ite advice of Ihe rest frleeda of toe Whig pary rw ho pointed to Iris relativlya s.oll vote in 18:i7 ad ';,8 ani tile various cusars, wlhihi, wlhet concentrared, would, it tilre fiot ploe inrite ,p liooition ' wiere otheroise rtbere would have been little or toure; aod seoodly, ia sule daltar. Wa lid ittr personal leelirg to grrlll'v- we kllew of no circrosoronce wrhich could ib pussibi lity be construed into cause of persola olence agaui -t r. Clar:--to its he had been always kind and r, slpecs ful--bt cuoscirriuo as w0 were, of Ilia unjustifiable con duct ill thle caseof tio two Frenchlon kidaplped from our shorer, nod ofitoe Ioalural nd universal hostiliry felt towards hiun bVr our Irish and Gcrlan population, in conrequence of liis cooluct to tire deceived but inoo cent inoigranos who arrived here last sumnoer, we deemed it oorduty to user every tnna ill our power hr prevent, if poesibre, his reiominiatlon, and the defeat of our party which would ineviably follow. But w argued alid plead in vain; ad welltel rrlotilonted, wae rllire at once o hris eslpport and usd all our exerlilUS to t .uor" hiteleotirn, O tiel ground tlhat le wam entitled to Ihe supporl of the Wlig party as tie regularly selected rep reettaliero ol ttheir principle, without retrence to krr perionoll qualilcaioaos or tis debkleoble ascl. !I Cot men with not less than 15,000 o our tfellow citizens ohi grieved over tile folly if Itou stakiog m our all 00 all unpopular individual, e Irsed every eforlt od mleo every cxel lilln w Ilch it wih s em poihe to make erel care his ctle'ss; bti l at thlte sa til e willt a ,ll c vlilction that we rwe' lhboring in a hpePess ca ster. \Veelir te ectirt, r11 rs rer. ':rite itnttotrCr o" eotoe Spolled, proved how aiilhlftlly aord ngie car r cinvri tlollt u O Oicy, hare tie \VWhito party laoltr.od. Nrevr did a pprtv exerl itso:lltoule zealoullol. or tu ore patlriotic i.l~es; but n hu nature is'hwvav the Iaonle. Thilltre who it Ih;itr s a Imllt l o id as r peoplo they lhiiireI iprrerconted-whelher tiere rowo or wrs otti causer hfil Ithelll0g w0 will not stol to onquire-tould inol anl wol h Ilul r be pereuadrd t, vomie-ir iicketr, anl tfv thli otleatls e Ilor not Io theoR nJb eo r thousand cotes whihwuh an othr oeandidate, o uulid hnve beho east for rie Whig.; and then, insltead oflicirlg defrated as we have been. we houlrld rlve carried the cityby not ites thio air ,ollRoad nmajality ! T to our friends at a disr.rree. who Irove a right ro know wahy we have beo n dedenle in tris city olheo they had a righl to alliulrralte a signal triuonph in this clty, these faels ale of the uosto itportarnle. Wt e exope.rene no plaure its giving tiem g u fhfl l y; and wIuld ifoe colld eouaiitiltly with oror druty, nostr adly srppiress them. Whigs ofior ciy will birar le-tirony to the truoh of owhat e he h saio ; alnr n o w to ItI lo cthore Ifoour defeat is hIlls Ilproclaimed, the nr t qoostio is-what are to be I the colirnequoc.c f iur overllhrow t 'rho reispose to rirh quaetion, if put to out Whig friends, woulIi be ay thngir bhlt i)romp Or uotunatout. iWe. houweelr. ho n hrtlo ir a ibr an sweino it We know that already in every Ward .uored ofIersone have proclaomed, thao almhiogh they tuled agaioit us at tile recrtelcrcton, tihey will im fonund active adl zoalous i loar 'nuoe ill the ruturln ald r n00w piredicoatht if our froeods in Albany are Irue to tleromsehes nd tr.h purty, ald o. r rioendo in tines ity . irrue ai cooilatory coIurs. towarreia thoee oo have tepororily beei n forced I inti ririieturoln, we il ih n tite fl aontestt retrieve our wlost gt, annever over our reneies oa iotesignal slid rriulmllhn victory. Tha t o e m a hr largle maojori ty ori ale ort'-, nto Oonre aiqited wirl our poliltia cart ranni tn;n rpan it he Iltulireld t rha ui wre kaot etipora rely nos, our oseendanotvr inooonreqaenc of our making iat Ill tnproeer t se ofovicorry, erd treglroting that ilasectr for publ: opiniont Iy waicht aoloe awe ob.ained pe.r. wut we have sern taught y valuabe legman.a Expienwhce -oleorly puorchasdioperrineo..IRt very p'aioly taght wil, that yin the irocir of power we iodt be anoust, and as regourdlol of te righto aod ferliogs of tie penlle, an We ever have hron oIparo oirtediog far its foooriysio. it hoa taught h, tlilt lro oamle conctreet 0 a tron-the awlme nrc tr to imliyg road prrkejhatitoeel h hio epreotfttl n Coemororerofo oarecy a oo y f oinhmftory Icuuru Hlll~n1in 0 n il orirxa ore oofolarely ., oeusaonr mieroiorhoaoaacondooo.j. Annd thlie 10 a iraooa mhiot ii 00t orolYke ofoo:oe 0 thiorritn hrt h eloild oakt ard me holrle filor Io he tlreorrledod hpoet irird iml Alhsnv. We toigino, if otto tpooe Itroecitted very setisafatoeiiy di* mollrsee rho1io troe inrro l oft inohe epoe the rceat oa. toot f oeertoio ro oarnetas of Air. Coarpteriiaeflaek; hot ma miii foe the peaeo.rnte etly Ollroe that it doer mat hen.l'e a Whmig .horoltrar. ta Ippiy far, mnatrol lam the adriec of a leodiog ILooo F ora froaneo ico to,; titi r Ia orgeed to llre iiedlrllr rrrotorel a tirlle Statr odnrlilll tcotttra tUiei; feirrrd thortlii irrreerioelrv roohe or falliegt m.I~oiur illts el ae . Tho Ilh h*-an~ ofll wa re r.O tailiog rnift irtin eiiirrioalrr. rhlotrgit Iriot, rr, ma aer trot disilllrteree o .el l ot all o r. llllr rra to 1[e resole nlhe Faollmotrl,e. Pr olre I r ig iorrdoa olrraan etl o0r Irilulnpb) id eer~niu. . "TEAI. Bnar AccIlOt:T.-L..t evening ae Iei.rned I hut tlhe tow' olt Pilot collapsedl her flu, a few miles below this city, kil nll the captain of iirt canel she wUs towing utp, and soveal others. A number of person.i were badly scniid.l. W'e clip the following paragraph frout the Conrirr of lasn evenin : More Indirection !-We inderstand the LMexican con rll in thic cit veatertdav rerivred a letter frm tile ol lecto- of , lohle.inloruir; Iing hil tha rthe elcicr (ic eril Jnknnil ad just arrrived at Mobeile tindelr tiunII etamn eawh in:ch nlihlt i req h ire tlie ar tion of the cNlepl. The GterIl Jack-en iS one of the vessels taken tip bh the Fedlrits at 'itimpieo nt, icoey tr opri and ntuni lina oi war loVersan ruz. The General Jackson had canoni. ap,·der and muskeh , withll a ant of Irlaey put on board of lher by iGe. lMexia. leltead of aulding tIem toiir Vera Crruz, ae tear the capt. turned aboht ano nrtered for lobile. 'lhia art will prnatly emharra the ederalist.r itf not defeat thena, mid auccoutts for Gen. QMxia's inactivity. FLORIDt.--A entiter to Savannal Georgini, ulde dlan of tie M3ill tlst. aya : "1Ot 'rTuieday Inle a party af cur niteintta, among whtlntrn were lo e broiler, tell in with a Ionty of Indiana near Newnateiville; nr.d gave them n drubbibig." iGEe. Scorr.--le ildelinig the iuvritaion to the New tYork dinner, (in. Scott itale the following tmaly ob. ervation.--He rid. " My position as a soldier, Iirund by peculiar tiea atid dutiesa to eounlry and gmaornlmrit -the neeasity of aontinuing itinerant. know b ot how long, and the dlngaeaof eeming to rank, in violation of military propriety, cteh hnbaoru--,ll have reeeotl ad. Snaniahed It to taapt to paullileea'rtinalat.i Thi Mieblig HHaa of it tin del. nialy lponaed te bill from tie Senate for rmating tbe nlat of (4oveamtent frotl )etr,ir. Johan Qine, Adran lha aceptlad aen invitatiun to delivnr rb Address before tie New York Htsnlrieal S a of Z Win1States.' .7The frieadof the fseutiful Mrt. Barrett will gladly em; brnmesthe opportunity a'edad them at the t Charles, to- u morrow night, of testifying their npprehation of this aterlint artale. H.eri n hlt, we predil wl ha o bumper. Thn on .ly peraonatr of Pnuline in the country will have no cnne, judjing from the intnenttaken by so mnyp of her friend., to fnd fault with the disrimination and Liborai ofthfiOtleans public-. te haer that thn he box heti rapiy lling up. Let there be- "perfec jam" on tbe oeraeinn. J. D. Johnson ha u been elected Clerk of the Crimin Cn(out Uf St. I ouit, by a majnrity of 259 over all com-rn petiorsn. A man named Irving was killed on the Erie Canal, noar Lockport, N. Y. by a blow from a cran..-L-ris eille Jourrnnl. Was tits crane a bird of the grallic order, a maehine for raiing weights, or a siphon for drawing liqouer out of a cask? In either case, he was an unfoltunate indi. vidual. H. Hastings Weld, whomt we fi-al knew in one of the Boston papers, and who has since been connected with the New York Soun, in about to bring out a new paper in the empire city, entitled the "Despatch." "Thle Times are very bad in New Orlneage," eid one loafer to another. "They are wore than that," rae ponded the third; " I di- Itear they had stopped esto gether." "Well, I don't know what we shalldo." Willis i abhout to to Europe to write a new set of "im. pres-ions," for the Corsair. We do not know a better hebdomadal then the New York er. It is good in its oripnal literar) department, exrellent in it selection., candid and strong in Itl politis, and fair in itse critiqu.e. Beiden, ite stntesicel end nore depoltmeotl ere fret rtte. The trlt of Dr. eaec p. Vaeghan, ,efora the ChenteiLeld Vs. Snperior Cnort, charged with the murder of Waiter H Pleasets. terminate lol the 0th in hi acquittal. PaIsrtAN PANTALOONe. The Philadelphia Spirit of the Tr tea. ays "The Parisian fashion of pantaloon without pcketxt, re all the go with our Chseut street blnoods, just now. Why should they not be? They h.rn nothing to put An acquaintance ofoure complained that although he did not find fault with them. he did not know where to put his bands A wag standing by. remarked: "Into other people's, Into he Ollre " By the way that cause oflomplaint is one of the very beht recommendationl. Pantaloons snhould he made without pockets. There is not a more vular habit than that of eter. nelly one's hnnds into one's breeches pockets. General Scott waein Phitldelphia on the Itch inet. Tlhe Alhiny Theatre is about to be eonvertd tont an Epilco-e pal Church. Well. we II e heanrd f hurrhes beingl made place of exhibition many a tie and oft. Farces haee fro. qouetly beett played off n thoem. OTerAm ALIRT aun . The t. otls Bulletin of the 13th says."The General Leavenworth reports the Alert sunk near Polatlend. on the Missouri. Boat a total loss. No freight on bnord.' lStephen Dewey. of.Leoirt.wn. Fu'otn coanty. Illinnoe. of fors IlM) dollars rewardnl r the person of N. D. Woreter, char. ged with hnrin l broken into the Clerk's ,,mre, of that county and rob' ed it nof50 in gold. $140 in silver, end a note on the Ullnited State. bank, plain preesion, and endorsed with the names of John and 'tlephe. Dewey. PUICII)E. ne of the eoldi er at the barrack no Newport' Ky., cut his throeton the 17th inst. We had no eastern slips yesterday. The quid tune. of cour" wores little disappointel. IHowever that kind ofdie. ppoutmelnt ts of such feequeut occurrence, that they have Spobbly learned to abide a day or two on the remuneration tfthe "lst newn." o . . .....! m- - TATE OF LOUISIANA-City of New Or. Sleans -Be it known, that this day before time, tJoseph Benzaken Mark., a notary public, in and for the city of New Orleans, State of Louisiana, aforesaid, duly commissioned and sworn, Personally came and appeared Messrs. Charles Diamond, Monroe Robitnille. Solomon tigh.James Shelhy, Martin Doyle, William Edmunds Turner, James Patton, Addison Thomas Pickro l, Robert Hare, Ashton Babrr Cox, Thomas Darling, jr Robert Breakey, Alexander Gibson, JosephChaine, Augustus Wltzel, Robert Hoey, Charles Jacques Perrenu Fonterman, Louis Adolph Gunst, William Morris Carter, Daniel Clark Osborne, Jolhn Shy. rock, Edwin Cooper Slonne, aRd Joseph Suctt Slcane, all residonts of tis e ty, who declared: That in conformity with an act of the Leg islna. turn of thi. State, approved on ihe 13l1 of March, eighteen hundred and thirty seven, untitled an act "To autlhnrizo limited or anonymous eopartner. ships, and to regnlato the eame." And also in con. fortoity wi l an ordinainne of tlto Council of lMuni. s cipality nuelrbr two, of this city. passed on thie second day of January, ialgteen ihundred and thirty.nine, for th piurpose of esroblishing a ferry nnar St. Mary's M h.rket ad connected with thl city of Lafayette. Tlbv the said appearers have engaged, a:ld do 1 by these presents agree to enter ini o h.a following linrted or nony nous partnership, tinder the claus. es and conditiens following to wit : Art. 1. That the name, title, and style, under which said copartnership is to he conducted shall be, Tile St. Mary's Market Steam Ferry Company; and that the place where the said eompany is to bhe located, shall he in tile city of New Orleans. aess, o- industry to be carried on unler said style by ttie directors, shall be " to establish and contin. no to run one or more steam ferry boats, in con. t fortuity with the ordinance of said municipality number two, and for tle towing of vesselo or vessels or the transportatson of merchandize either up or down or across the river." Art.3. That the amount of the capital of said company shall be twenty thousand dollars, (with the privilege of increasing the same to forty thou sand,) dnided inio two hun:dred shares of one hun. f dred dollars each, payable as follows: Thirty dollars per share in cash, and the balance at the following periods, from the data of these presents, to wit: Ten dollara per share at 60 days. Twenty dollars per share at one hundred and twenty days. Twenty dollars per share at six months, and 'Twenty dollars par lshare at nine months. t Art. 4. That the names of the partners, and the amount each partner has contributed, is as fol lows : Said Charlas Diamond, ten shares; said Munroe Robitaille, nineteen shares; said Solomrnon High, thirty shares ; said James Sheehy, ten shares; said Martin Doyle, ten shares : said Wilhiam Edmunds Turner, ten shares ; said James Patton, ten shares; said Addison Thomas Picarell, ten shares ; said Robert Hare, ten shares; said A. B. Caxten shares; said T. Darling, jr. ten shares; said Robert Brea. key, five shares: said Alex. Gibson, five shares; atd Joseph Chains, five shares; said Augustus Witul,. Sje shares; said Robert Hoey, one share said Charles Jacques Perreau Fonterman, ten shares ; said Lae Adolph Gunst, one share ; said William Morris Carter, two shares ; said Daniel Clarke Osborne, two liares ; said John Shlryock, fiav shares; said Edward Cooper Sloane, five shares ; said Joseph Suott Sbsane, five shares. Art. 5 That this copartnership shall commence froit tihe date hereof and the ssame shall terminate its operation and wind up its concerns nn the 27th day of February, 1844. Art. 6. That there shall L three directors ap. pointed to transact the business of sa d company andi adoinister its concernr. Art. 7. That tile powers with which said diree. ores shall be vested, shall It to elect from among themoselvcs their own President and fill all vacan. cies, and a majortty of whom shall hIave and are hereby invested with fill prower to recenive and pay all monies, and to do, or cause to be done, all that is requisite to the conducting of the business of said compan'y; and the President, by and with the consent or a majority of the Directors, is empow. ered to issue the note or notes of theim company, for all demands, purchases, or contracts on behalf of said company, (counlersigned by at least one of the Directors) to accept all rights, privileges and soforth, which may be contracted for by a majority of said Board of Directors, and to convey in like manier tile sante. Art. 8. That the time of duration of the service of said Directors shall be for one year. Art. 9. That when the said company shall have arrived at the period, when it is to expire, all tile concerns and affairs of the same shall be wound up aid liquidated by three coamisoionmrs chosen by ithe Stockhollders, and aelected firot their own body. Art. 10. That tile powers to be exercised by the Commissioners entrusted with said liquidation shall be as follows, to wit:-To receive snid pay such sum or sums, as, ma be due to or by the company, and give and obtain acquittance or acquittances therefor, and to sell the property of said company. either at private sale or by public auecicn on such terms and conditions as to them may seem fit and advisable. Art, It. That the dividends of the clear profit, efter paying all olharges and espensaes of the com. paeny. shall be declared and paidt to the Stoekthold- I are, smi.saUnualy Fiat ramsrving 10 per cent. I of the profits of eontihgeisnes. ArtL 1. That a general meeting of the Stock. holn ers lluleti o ad regletons, as reanrds the inmo of election s Tf ejes eail the wimber of svotes eelah stoekholder shill gil:e; sad ay other matter relative to tim welftd of the aoepalsy Act centrary to the foresgoingsmasim, sal'bie osnteed t into, end the aul es stes'aegtsh tn.f s asid. sheUi be denominated thti:]Bji.Lnte of thet St. ary '. MasHet Steam Ferry imeessrwt 6sh ch.eqtre hlcl be Iindilagon tb,.,,d to y, t their ee. Done and passed in ay dlitse, at the city.ot New Orleans, aforesaid, this i7th day of February, 1839 in presence of Daniel J. Ricardo and Jobh Owens, witnesses of lawful age, aNd domipilaltel in this city, who hereunto sign their rtnoes, together with maid parties and nm said notary. Original signpd-JdhLn Shyrock, E. C. Sloan, Jos. S. Sloan, Charles Diamond, S. Iigh, Robert Ilony; A B Cox, Jamesl Sheehly, Au.aot Wetzel, C. J P. FontermanaAler. Gibson, G. Chaine, M. Robitaille, D C Oebor.itt A Gunet, Robert Hare, W E Turner, Wm M Carter, James Patton, lThs. Darling, jr. A T Pickrcll, Robert Breakey, Martin Doyle, D. J. Ricardo, John Owens, Jos. B Marks, notary public. I certify the foregoing to be a true copy of the original act extanllt in my current register. In faith whereof, I grant these presents under my signature and beal of office, at New Orleana, this 28th day of February. 1839. [Signed] JOS. 'B. MARKS, apr26 Notary Public. ITAT DE LA LOUISIANE-Villn de Is Nonuvelle Or!6ans, aujourd'hui devant mot, Beonjamin Marks, notaire public, dane et pour la ville ot paroisse de la Nouvelle Orldans Etat de la Louisiane duement appoint6 et jur6. Ont personnellemnient comporde Messiours Charles Dimond, Mon o0 Robitaille, Solonmon High, Janmee Shehy, Martin Doyle, William Ed munds Turner, James Pation, Addison Thomas Pickrell, Robert Hare, Ashton Baber Cox, Thomas Darling Jr. Augustus Witzel, Robert Hoey. Charles Janques Pdrreau Fonterman, Louis Adolph Gunst, Williaeui Morris Cartes, Daniel Clark Os. born, John Shryeok, Edwin Cooper Sloane, et Joseph Snett Sloane, tous rdsidant en cotte ville qui ddclarant, Que ronform6ment I un actede la Legislature de cet Etet, approuv4 le treiae moar mil huit cent tr sine sept. tituld uni aetc " pour autoriser lee aes ociations limit6es on anonymeset lea rdgler." Et sulei conformdment hun ordre du consell de la so. con le Municipalit6 de cotto ville, pass6 le deux de Janvier mil hubt cents trente neuf pour 6tablir un Ferry prba du Marchel Sainte, communiquant avec Ia ville de Lafayette. Les ei deanus persnnne pr6sentese osenr t ac, ord6 at tdmoignant par cei qu'ils s'accordent it former une association anonynte ou limildo smon lee clauses et conditions qui suivent. Art. 1o. Que Ie noe sous lequel ttell com. pagcie sera conduite, mra--La Compagnie du Ferry & Vapeur du Marehd Ste Marie--et l plane de Cette Comlpognie sera dans la ville do la Nou.. veile Orleans. Art. o.. Que I'ffaire et le but do cotte Comt pagnie secont d'4tablir et meltre an mouvemien. un o0 plusieurs Ferris a vapenr coinfcaroneo t a I'ordrn de e la secondo Municipalit6 et pour faeiliter la transportation dees marchandiee et remaarque los navirns dans tout1 les dirne'ns du fleuve. Art. 3o. Que Ito nontant du capital de cettl Compognie sera do vingt mi'fo piastres, consor want le privilege de l'augmni.'ter juoq to quarante mille piastrees, ,.se, on dux cents actions do rent plastres eneauoe payable comme it suit. Trente piastrcas smptant par action, et Io reste an temps ci dessus nomm6s do la date du frag mant. Dix piastres par action a enixanto joers. Vingt piastres par action a r6 .t vingt jouran Vingt pinatres par aelion It siz mnis,. et Vlnet piasmres par act on X neuf mtois. Art 4. Que lea omae des actioanni e, et Ic mmenant do leurs actions sent, savoir : An dit Che Dimond, dix actions; Monruoo Robitaille, dix nelafctions; i Soloman Illg', trlnto nction.; A James Sheehy, dix actions; a Martin D)oyle, .six actions; a William Edmund Turner, dix actions. a James Patton, dix actions; a Add son Thomas Pickrcll, dix actions; a Robert flare, diz actions; Ashtun Saber Cox, dix actions; a Thomas Dar ling, jr. dix actions; a Alexandre Gibson, cietq c. tions: a Joseph Chaine, cinq actions; i Augustus Witael, cinm actions; a Robert Hooey, une action; I Charles Jacques Pdrreau Fanterman, dix actions, a Loul Adolph Gunst, uno action; a Willi m Morris Carter, deoux actions; a Daniel Clark, Os borne, deux actions It John Shyrock cinq action; & Edwin Cooper .loene, cinq actions; a Joseph Cooper Sloane, cingactions. Art. 5. Quo cette association commeoncer do cetto date et terminera les operations do vingt sept Fevrier, 1844. Art. 6. Qu'il y aura trois dircteuripour diri. ger et recler lee affaires do cello Compagnie. Art. 7 Quo In pouvoir dont I s directeure se. ront vetu, sera d'dlire parmi eux on Predident et de reomp'ir toutes lee places vacuantes e dent Ia ema. jorild eat veto du pnuvoir de reeevoir et de payer lout gent or do faire tout co quci rt rcq ,s ad fi do conduiro 0t d'sdminiitrer cle affaires Ie to dito Coempagiie, et le PrCsidelnt avec ln conen ement de do la innjorit des dilrecleeterr sera vetol du l voir lo mcttro lee billets do a cInnpa goi, peur loutes demandes on conrate on fjveur de la dito I Compagnie pour toutes ls demandeo ou contrata en favour de aIn dito Compagnie. contre ignct p:r al ,oinse. uon des dtretears, d'a. cepter tos lea droitse pritileges de qu'e pourrait contraetlr Ia mojori'e do ctEnslr i des dire(teosre, t d'exl tdletr In mo'ie. Art. 8 Qr e Ina duti: du service de cc'mqe di rectr.reior oun an. Art Q lo qutand cotta Compagnie srat ar.irvc aun teroe do sou expiration, I teilts s a, lflires so. rent liqueledes par trois Commissaires clue tar lea acticnnnairee et parmi eux. Art. 10. Quoe poeuvoir dent aeeront vorIte I Comoissaires a qui on contiera la dtte liquidation sera collne suit, savoir, :-de recrunir at do payerI touto sonme que dour la eompagnio on q.ui au sera due, de donn6 et de reeevotr quittance pour cola, et do vendre la propri616 do catto eomnpngnte en vente privte on publhqua solons lees ternme at con. ditlon qu'ilejcgosrontplus avantagoux a la Com. pagnin. Art. 11. Quo I'. paierai tous lc six mois deux actionaaire lea dividendes doe profintoel apreb toutes lea deponses d la Compagnie, reservant tontes fois dix pour cent dos profits pour lea eaual ties. Art. 12. Qu'a une aesembl6o g6d6drale des ec tionnailes touteas le regle et r6gulations a 1'dgard do ten, ades elctions pour lee officiers et le nom. bres des votes que chaque actionnaire devra donner st touteo outres choses regardant le bi n ttre de la Compagn;o do n iigation, leqtul ora rergiatr6 our lee tels actionnaires et les principaux htrltiers ou cetu qui ont droit. Fait et passe on men etude dane la ville de la Nouvello OrlCas ,e 27 P'vrier 1839, en la pro. scence de Daniel J Ricardo et John Owens timoins d'age requis, dimeurant daus et apposant lour signatures ensemble avec lee dits perlis et moi le dit notare. Original signd Shrycoek, E C Sloane, Joreph S Sloane, Charles Itimond, Augustus wetzeol, C. J P Fontorman, A Gibson, G Chain, Monro Ro. I bartaille, DC Osborne, L A Guenst Robert Hare, W E Turner, Wm Carter, James Patton, Darlington Jr. A T Pcckrel, Robert Broaky, Mar. tin Doyle. D J Ricaroa. Jdhn Owos., Joseph B B Marks, Notasro public. Je cerlifio que coci oat uno vraie, copie de I'oigi. nal inscre dcans man rdgiatres. En oat a foi j'accor .e cos prdcen souas ma sig. I nature et le seeeu do moll ofihoe a la Nouvelle Or. 16ian c028 du Fevrier, 1839. Signe a28 JO8. I, MARKS, Net. PCb. -Is aa- - i ..... . . The following are the Drawn Numbers of the Louisij. i lLontery, Chinie No. 25, for 1837. 48 51 43 I 27 26 IS tl 311 22 6110 1 Till IIAY, $8,000! Highest Prize Tickets ionly 2! ! 75 Numbers-- 2 Irawn llBalh s. LOUI SIANA LOTTERY Autlhorized by Act of .egisltiure. Clhaptenr X.111, pasted tiach 2., 26. for 1839 ,1 be drawn on atrdayaJ, Apil j7. 1859, at 6 o'clock, 1. the irrChetci EI'rhxch.e, adjoining the Post - li cr. D. S. GRtEfISOII' & Co. Sce(essoro ti YAT7ES & McINT)'REI, llllsget,. SCHEfME. 27,814 I'rizesn nlllnotiig tn $94.0: T ickcts $' 00l--anlve $1 (0--(uortelra $0 50 Packages of 25 Tickets lo $50. lhares in proport. tion. For packages or single lickele, apply at The Minnrr.r Ofic.'", a2f 3i CanIal street.i, et to Caei iat NOT'IICE. Pacsen'eee by thle steamer Persin, for I.onicville and Ciencinnati ore requesteil to lI on bloarl lis iiirnin atiI Ill o.luck, t whilch hour sie will Imuitively letIve Poy dr street wharf. S1'E' SON S AVERY. op1 26 W IIO'S A I AID NUR'! The way lithe Coiailto are sold at SCHUYLER'S is a calinut. Gio tI io other ioffice fr tIhe C.pitals. The Capital of $IlliA0 wea soll in tihe I ouiinnns (Gregory's Lottery) that wa dcrawn lest evenring at tihe Eachane Ini iel, at Scluvler'r, N. l0 Cit, p-st. I 2 3 4 5 II 7 8 9 10 i 12l 48 51 43 4 27 26 15 11i 3t 23 2 60 1 The Ticket 43 48 I1 wrns sld,. in n Package, to Mr. De .Long, o t'cintinnt i, Oh o. ire. De long hiuglht Ticket of echuyler in Cim'iinn tti, andl lrolihlt it to lie examined, which wai a Prire of $tI . which lie invest. ed in Package in lastevenill'a lottery, In whlich pck lge was the P.iu of I10.t0ii. This ion huIilie ; Mr. Die nag in weill knwn in Ciiiuc.i tnti. Thli ti published ly his own consent. No. 10 CAMiP-STIREET npc. 24.-.2 is tie place. VlltE American Flower Goarden I)ireetotrvr cotai. Smgt praetical directlions for the cullure of plants in the flower garden, hot house, green ho luse, rclOlle or porlonr windows Ibr every Ion h ill the year, with a dec eription of the plantb moat letrahlP in sachl the-nature lle niti nod ti theattation bet aonptedtlu tcir groitn tth, tile propereauaoo for Irlanelaotilg &e . Inatructions lirere.-ine a hot Iona g,rst Iiouse. agn laying out a flower euden, alm a tdble of il. mtinn congenial to the .h. conatsinad i be.. pr.; thewholo adaptld In eilher rIb m .rn gi d xtith igategOaG far epcmrin lwtlaag tite ehtlt 4 ý.cc vptkiltcc€h, bent aorta lalib n 6.. UX "OWARi, aFI . I 9amp sptreet. BENEFIr Or MitS FAIRIN, ,,N And Positively her lant appearance in New Orleans. This Evendng, Apri e 6, Will be presented the Draima of THr JEEWESS on The Council of ('onstance. Eleazar, i1r Fe Yen Prince .,ronpold, Dr Bar Biabhp of Conelaene, Areche Rachrl, hlrn Harrion Empress Barba, Ciofli A Grand Pas Seut, by Alcdam'lle lRavenor After Which Mr LOVE will give his enlertuiientent of LOVE IN ALL SHAPES. -- ----- .----iýýiaat ,OUtl--t000 burrel superfine. and 200 do lure, ' fir saleby n IoIorSEY, n26 44 New E.wvs -, SKEY-:11Nl bblshi rectill iiitecrfnc rele by n '2fi A Ii. iHiO)RSY, 44 New Levee Sstreet, hlen o Ihacd a good iplplyiof gnld and silo verthilimnbles. Now is vour time to purctnhae cleep. np126 danIi o oArtilh uthe Ire Pot, t t tors, far s lel y p n26 SIIALL. & tItOWN, 96 Magazine cl AJAY-10 0 ttl bartled siandit ng from brig .In ap26 SHALl, & BROWN, 96 Megazincat a6 SHtLL nlit, --OWsN, -6 Ma-a ineet VOLUN' ERII FIRE Cl. No. I. ATnl anLn- In.lille of said (:lapllay leld ti A heir t Enginei lIoneon Friday eeeirg, 19tth April 1839, the htllowinig percotn wcre lectell Ottetrs to arlcv theentittg rert, to wit : I). ci. I)nweec, Forelnni. torgeeg .lchpoard, lat A irlteiet Psige, 21 d orier r W. 0. W 'arnock. Secreairy. W.. T. lipp, Treasurern. alpril2i 3t. 20V O WARNOtiK, Seeretory WET NURSE.7 . ... %lTANTEIio-A wet no se r a rhil lx mouithe old. Note need apply, but nt Iherathy nid well recollllren ded person. Apply sc No. l0 hampert ct. an5 :It PELTRIEI.-32 paunc a .tw Ic g alit nd fl r ita- by n25 :19 CnlItttn , eorliner lagtlleilr c t 1 X(NN titi-i--IUO iin store re r a~l. reinv .. T It HYII E & 11Bi1, 1n25 n Su llcrt nlle, tEnrer Magazine ct `1-SAT'E OF LOuISIANA-Par s Court for the Parilsh ant City Cllrt of New Orlennm. The State of Louisiaiea to iall whe n these pro cSnts shall comet greetitng: Wlereas, Ambrose Copelrtvleai t Fulton ortltis ci y, having purchaser at a sale made by lewlitt &e Canes, public nuctioneer of this city, the pro. party teinacelter descrhbed, has applied to the clerk oftl tie court for a nlonition or advertitenontl, in conformeity to an act of the logislalire ofttha StalO of Louistatna. entitled I'al act f.r the furlthr as. tirance of tilies to plurchasers at judicial sales," approved Marcch 10, 1831. Now, thereicre, knolw yr. and all persons inter. esated herein, arc hereby citedi and ntlnonished in the namle of tie Stlate of Lalmiuina, and of tlhe Parihl Court. who a ti set op any riglt, title or claim Itn an to the prtl perty ernater dsrihd, in ctnsequecre of a tyt it itrmalily in the erdtre decree, or julgmont of th e rn rl ,enlder whil tihe ntle was Inide, or aLy irrgularty or illegality i the appraiseemots nd tlveretisttmt tst, i tiltt or manner of alen. or Ifr ally olther dletedrt whalsoeer, to lshow cause, wtitil thirty days fronm t la cyl.y this monition it first iseorted a tte pltlic paIpers. wlty tile sale so made houMlt not ta eotitlteted and hoetlosgated. The said properlty was aold by thle actionners aforesaid on the 28th day of Iberember. A. D. 1t3S, by virtue of a decree of titie cnart, rendered on the 231 day of I.Jly, A. I. 1838, in a suit e.elitd Win. Vatie, vs. his creditors and the creditars of Vance & Mltier, No. 10961, ofi Ithe docket of thin court, at which cal ther seaid Atobrosoe C Fuluton becanme the purchastr for teo prece of $5150, pay. able as Ifllows, to wit: 1-t. In the tpromstsory nntot of Alltroe C. lFcl. ton, dated the, O2ti, day of lcember, e183,. to the order of, an.d endorsed ly Wata, at six montla alter ldate, litr eightee hu ltndred and nixteen dollcars, iaty.six and two.tlhird ents. 2. In the paromnissory 1ete of the cnee, tdated oln tite titdty, to thle order l', slid eotletled b y tlre artle, at it cln mlonbtls alter date, fr te t. nttc. 3l. In the promissory t It of tile laine, ,-ed an the sllllc day. in tthie order el; and Imllor'ed hy tle, atelgleno tonthc afr tlle fl r the a atllte a t tbrg lll ll te t I hntttllacr thehl clll n lre.ltl ,of fivrie ttett r d Iatt f tt letld amttliFttdollars. h cri pti,; of tie, prr ,.rly.... go . .VO. in tlh .. .. i(i.l conv t taant e a I .L. A trt.t+i lu' of eroelnd ntlt.,i r onr, ritet *ate partly i fll etboce Schit atd suttrtbi lc),"rd, I In t-llare Ibotttllde by St. "That, c, IlctIjlnt n, '[''laTttptuuln ,tt St -tie elctte antl d itrti,g t - cotrner of St. Tlttas satld Suzltt slrects, , - ureUl 2l ferty 7 itllll.s trout Oel St. "Tholis altIeel, by o enl htnt lh and llnlrlt'e teal tI ruit lrtastalit front til Szrett cletel, all Ettlihh ltttasnret, t gather with all rhie ttle.ntrve-etttt, rights, wtyrat anlld privileges thIerl'ulto belgg' 2i. ne otllher ertlitll lit of grottl, n ber tw"o, sllUttt p rtly in fntlr elltulbi, andl itequrte, neanrueag twettyt.six feet seven inches front onc St. Thomas streel, by nce ihudrod uld fourteen fcot three ters dcp, between parallel Illter, all Englilsh measure, togetellr with all the tnpreve. tttantS, rights, weay and privileges tihereutsc be. longing. T'le whole asC per plan drawn by F. Wilkinson, deputy surveyor general of tilts State, date(d tihe 26tLh day of I)ocember, eightncc Icundred and tllir. ty.eighlt, anexed to a n out il the ollice of Wtllitam Lewi. ntltary puyhit, beCarig date the OGLIt Jnl-tt ary, 1839, being sucinvisiors of lot nutnber six, an per pla draw, by Charles F. Zttiel, depluty cif sttrecyor, dated ithe 4th dlay of February., 183, anllcxed to all net ill thie office el the notarly lafur. eaid, dated the 23d day of 3larec, ol the same year. Clerk' offico, New Oil-ans, April 20th, 1839. LOUIS IR. COUR'TIN, ap24--3t Deputy Clerk. Cour do Paroisoo pour to paroatoe et villode la Nouvellt Orl6oias-- L'Etat do ia Louisiana, Stouns cux qua cos pr6asetos conaernant Salut : ATTENDU qua Ambrose Copportwhaito Ful. ton. de cete villa, ayant achet a uone voate faito par Howlott t Cenrooas, encaturs publics de cette ville, la proprlit ci.apros 6derito, sest ad dre,6 au groff de cottLa cour, poor un avis, con. ltrm6soent a un acts de la Ld.gislatura do t'Etat do la Louisiana, intlitl6 - Acto pour confirmer los titroae dos acqudreurs aux vontoen judiciairo ;o ap. prouvd le 10 Mars 1834. QA'i suit connu, at toutes personnes ill rosa6s suent par cos pr6dentcs sonm6da au ono do t'Etat de In Louinione ot do to cour de paroisse, qui pourraient avoir droit a sl pro. pr6O6d ci.apros d6crite, ao consdquea ce d'ua d6faut de fbrma daona l'odre, tole ddcret ou tole jugement de Ia cour, on vertu duquel la vcnte a 606 talse, ou de touto irregularit oa ilidgalit6 dnes I'estimation, l'aia o leto ltmea oto moude de ta vonts, ou pour une autre cause quelconsqu, do faire voir dans tronte jeers, a dater do Ia pubtcation da ct avis, pourquoi lIa vote alnai f.aite to serait pas confirm6o et huolonlogudt. La diln prprdp6d ot venduo par onle aceanlour ausdits, 2861at jour do DDcembra doe 'antre 1838, on vertu d'ull d6ret do cetta cour, roadu Cle 2. do Juillot da l'ann6 1838, dens I'atfoire do W. Vance at Miller, No. 10961 du docket do ctte touor, a to. qutlls 000e etcdit A. C. Fulton blesto rend,, alu-d. rear pour ao prix do $.150 payable cotmo slet- savoi : to. Eln un billet do dit Amb asa C. Fulton, do Is romnme do $1810, 66 2-3 . I'ordre, et onda.-c par John Watson, dot6 to 28 Ddcombra, 1838, at ps'ablo tsix mo o. 0o l'o un billet Itd sutdit Amorosb C. Fulton, doe l maeol sotm e, ta.'ordre de, t endoboe par le dit Jolhn Watson, do It memo date, at pauyable a douw maims, 30. En ul billet do au dot A. C. Fulton, de Ina meo te omm, t I'urdlre deo, 0t endousd pas to susdit John Watson, do la uoeme date, at payable I dix. huit nois fesant ensemb!e la sommo suaditoe de cinq mi leo qu.atre cents cinqanto piastres. Description do ta propridId d'apres lt transfer judieiaire. Io. Un certain lot do terra d6signd par le no. on, sitnd on partia dosta to faubourg iSulot, at op portia duns to Ioabotrg Dalord, dauas 'itot conpris entres Ies rues St. T'homas, enj.mtin Tohapiton. len et Suzette, et formant I'eneoignlrn des rues St. Thomas et Suzetto, mresraut OG pieds 7 pouces de face tola rue St. Thomas, our cont.quatorzo pieds, trois lignes de profondeur et f ce a to rue Suzotte, le tout mesure anglaise. Ensem n'l toutes les aml6liorati ms, et tous lea droito privilogsa &c. y eppartonant, 2o. Un autre lot do terre, dttignd pti In uo. doux, nitua an partio dans lo faubourg Soau et, et en partie dansle to fubourg Dlord, at dans le memo ilet, mesurant 26 pieds, 7 poucesdo fa a a Il rue St; Thomas, oent quatorze pieds at trois ligoes do profondour, entre des lighna paraloltes, te tout me. ore anglaise; ensemble toutes lea amdiiorations, droilts, at priuileges ye appartenaot. I Ainsa quo le toot appert do plan fait par F. WYil-. kinson ddpnt6 arpenteur g6ndral de cet l.tat, daot. le 26 Ddeombre 18:18, annex6 0t un acte u greffe de Wilinam Young I\ewi, ngtaire pkb ic, datd le 26 Janyior 1839, etant nsbdivisions de duo Tit No. six, amsni qu'il tpportd'un plan fait par Charles F. Zinmpel, ddputd voyer, dat6 le 4 F6vrier 18.13, ans. ntexd o uno ate sa greffe do notaire susdit, dat le I 93 More de sa noiooto all]6,o. Burena du Gr.llier do la Nouvel'o Orldins 2o 20 Anril 1639. L LOU:d R. COURTrIN. :a 25 ifso Npute Fre her. IOST.I.nihe flifie of the Dlirlret Court for the 4 Ficºd4'Jtrok il Dirlict, a note drawn ad roh corihl hy Henry' H..FereIth, to It hie l or iForso.h, Gotolu ae& Co. and bIy thnm nodnredr. i.laed \o w O. leans, Jd.' 25, 187, ptIyltide n 3th daiy cl MaY, 1818, at tie Meuhneies' anld 'l'deors' llR.k, pagrslphed an. variotl r New Orleaon, Jan. 27.1837,, coid I,. McCoy. Notory Potlic, tihe ot hears eirsloe th endeoreln.t of (e0orgc rllchalrrs and Jon Ilogan,)r. Thl. qnotte w to slel: ed in a iroteastand. pblitibn, and wn loetefremtt thciClerk'sinble. tprcl0 11 trclia-do.j-- odlr, it he to.s . o rlcil; '. 1ir the aqIthr of the 'lHeireot. Tih "MerChnlll Doeghtel, &c. tet2 vols. Ptblitiend Irivate Econonry; llatritd by elthrtu iona moale in New England in lie year ltlh, by Theo. done e,.gewirk; tertold, 1 vol. 'lre Malny Tolre of te Three Wit.n mt of Gobthem: cy th. author ofthe DutchlnnnO Pireside, &e Ac. A tonewsupply ofJuamns' Novel the "Hullolr" just roeeirod ni Eforele y ALEX. TOWAR, 1) ipl 49 Camp at. " ROIJAN-IP omwero.i\e bo-'lys b brognse I ltalMg 'coot stri Cbkrleseon, Ot sale by ii 1 I RI1)(;R & lIre, 134 Mangazine at SFPC(:K T R'IT'O H '--n Cotrmrime .1teeto re pr.]l v BiilehopV'sllel. APlyy to WM. MItcKIAN, apr 10 Corner Camp and Common ate. opW Ali t roecereved ur Ceroteo ec " I''m Wafer Ctos--lItnxe I-4 1-2 adI MI,. Fer sale Iby DAVID PEL.T & Co. apr Io Nvw Y\rk SRIrinrcero' allt,.4bhartren st,. l inlg firot New York, per shil Warsawe. For ele by ' MIALI. & IIROWN, %ltALc, & I. RIWiN,, apr 10 t1l Mlgazine s0. Attorney And Coounsellor at La. I AS Located himrlelrf in Houston, and will practice S in tI SItlorerle and sorte of the District Courts of the Repullic ociTeaor. Office on Cong re0 street, two doors Iblow the maei drmea nfJ. A. N onwlud, R eq. nevil I [lt'Prhe Pincyone, and 'true Amrreeiir lail, pleare puldih tire ntolve ucntil fotriid, and forward the rcenunt to me rat Il..rl for r pnryoent. C. W.i. s LW PUuLtCATliONWS,0trc NiAoltjnii& SJark Slteppinrdc no m. I Vedgewi k' mlle ie and private aeonnmv ills-. trnted hev ohservll tmoe lnle in England. in tire i-ear 183:l--1'art t-Coonverstiel on Naoere andr r rt with elats, hn I vol. 'le Irince and the Predlar, nr the eige of lritole, Iy thie aultr orf the Ileiraee, the Merchant'o Illrcghter, &rn. inl e vls. Elvira thir Nlrh'el' Wife by irs Monhkliad, au thor of VII' tnmi iorscencec, in 2 .onl. alrceived srai for salte v Wor McKIEAN, I h - rornlerorf Cernp & Conlmon rin mns, flraile by " A IrIE, II i31t irloier t A I.EXANIDEI W 'i\VAl Irokrhcller 49 1Cmp at. ht -heing ltoeirrelld rite exteejnsivoi ld well nsorted teelk of roperblso hookohs, &r. of the Ise eoIr of 'i log, tileren &r Co, ilviteo the h sleintill of thee. wrnrirg to p'cchrse iaper, tit aol txmntirn of ria oiroek. llir hs erid will .reo) Ceote ally on hIand a fol l rtPrortrlln't of ko Iollowilg nlrtielr' ; Printrig paper. ot oll sizeo foIr nIews ond Ieook work. I llollrlrirf vllrilletr e ler litiee ruled end plain. i':lnlernerl ' led tlrketl Ino rlrlmo and whrie. oaltlh prosl d,o do tirrerl', cerndium, rolve, ececr ro! al. \C\'itng ppejrs eoe blank work. - rFolio Iir-I blrl &r. i.itc orl ve rirriroS q.rnlitie'. If illielh R Ih s IIIIw Oil h nlllld il I)lllll e imedilll i s Pllllr le l i iii ' lli l it . a l r N inlded, y ehi..thllr o lreenlt' i nsFe le, I le i hl - Thomas Ifriter, is I vel,e A t'ieStrioptitre rlei crsIrplnqinieo pae'ii Iojooetllltior enc cllPr, wilrh e erereiLeg Ite lo don editioll. Trsauctiwt, oI Iw letitUiru of c'rivil, vt l .o TIrndon errtioe. 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Lord Sheffield. The. Art of Ilesring silk worm , reanslated from ane. S work f Counat aitmrllo. a ilber' l(;eolhley oEalngland wii l ,e, wlhtbn nlmp Goldaleniih's Ilistorv a ,f ImaiIl fIlld QIuLadrc.gll ale will allnurtrna :lt orli..ginal n.ran dt Ae, wnit'illu.. nlan nolorec.a i a. s:lperior styl, ii 4 l For ,alei at 4 c MlIKEAN a nornier Cuintup. ('olllnnlln t. l,' - lust i rSM .95 barrels lil salts, 20 burrel aghllaa tcr .altli, flr nit t pl JARIVIS & ANIDREI\S I, (intromoie & T1e'houpithulnr c of t7 F.Sc4Ei. WANTEr a tabke IjLi barrelsa flea - to talanx.Nvan Sa'aatio.. A nat lVn COI'lE'ItSON....ttii the (,'aalar at e O COP 00 link old o r ante yla prl 4 I I I)EVEIIJX, - atl .. . cl leapitoelna st iA* K ADAMS, tle tllaali,,r, by Clrp Cl.nnaer SSlick ; B ireol, 'iek v Naa i oen ri c ci lls gnd their o. oial du is and neairn ha r im, bv Ellis goa;to• e. The HuguIPnn, Icy JonI eH t ,ItailaKayd, hy ingraham. anew atpplies trotl'tai'OeaiC'tl Vorka ill I ne 8 cn tte nonlroa. aleate Aer.iii liitioa--Cnry's ea irian--andl other no)velties, JOHNS&.& Co ni.il2 eur .i Chatrle. and Co..rrnou - ta T.D--, Ienolnai Brilli.o. 18 yni Vn orta,, far a.liual $311 tar ma onta. will bae giti,, and contant einpllly-lllr.t Altly to Cnp(inin Haert ola boar,. r to AIiAMIS & Wt'II''AI.L, altl . -- 67 & IR't'EEL )k,.i9Jur t received - , .,w groan .-.ilol ~ E gletal, d perry's double patent stecl iena, for alle by IDAVIl FEL'I & Co, mno N 'Y stlltiallera hull '24 ClI nrtren I EXCiaANOL ILRtAU-I,'u Rtlrla. l: II a rroprlelor i.. re-tiled ilia iRaditig,in tile o.l Chalia ExchIaUlCge, Carlaer ul.iGraitr and St. Charles strlet, Ia tilae tiaetest anllner. Blides all Ilat nrilllcial I opers of the Uaitad .lioeo,a of eaner city elal olutoe. itae Cauadaaa,'erxa and Mlexi a0 aneoallaalvuiaia, tiae roIatl is regulorn and rextenlie ly suppltlied wilti tlelatr EuropeilO palaers, Loydil Liaala., nd Priaa'a Price Cacrelat. Aso awilnl neatly all thl Literlry Per.ludicl alof the day, and has the -a publicatioas aof W l: LoBtoi Ei.iburg, a aVeatiliidater Metropoulita I.eviews ot I llaakwoudo` hl ugozi _le'Thn aorrl i Amnericn IReview; the Sutlihern Litera rlKhuioe bocker,'l'he Aleiaaarl Jourgal at" Stieiee, and Arlta Cabinet Miselllny enlperllttia navyw, (illentlemeii's S att aaaieolell illy lpallla Rri aaatlvllidleienav thae a nt)-ico . ei+wo uariely nlunr, til. ii. n , Ix ton I [l, lapealaIU Lanrat ArEcdeF, ýlST'ABL[IltEI, for tIe eaxpi:to af tiailap, ldlah ai.nd drlotitga, lmaerlaialn eiretlrn, ee.taitm. std cIasfoi icr nl-I e rits el ore#, aia Lpeell fry lld tirobels; hanI I eaatnclnll reeiptts, . '. p aIat+ld iulacut di im -b chap e~ld: Jl lntionlr atrip ths prollli -I t. ,r, "-' N 8 Jio $ oles ,#ate'v eae~+ i t q "

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