Newspaper of True American, April 27, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated April 27, 1839 Page 2
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IS IC hti,, ~in, A~ t -. i ... rt .G R IA NI.SS. o. . . I A~~rtil... .::, "17 ti Atll~t M Sl... .. 2 .LARI ALCFS. ~Apil 26, 16:14 $bpignsq.., Raubbuiu., fr.. Stondonj~.'ll. wwbik tej'auit Pltsi. rd-Ithtt .hlp R f mom~ 'r w ~s * ihrlrluliu irktu. 'lit l id ena hitney, Tult."i Wolf, Hitcthu~, Ptts,:l.q t,tt N oot '.&ubip Ausu.Cudt,4duufA'trutsh , Id asfomNwY t, ttuP. Ted Mhut w.Stuvu.. MIII toy. frmthtt '~t~tsu, wth. th Subkte. Ihtabsuut Pilo tt Ad okt hip Autrn.' h.Pou leltuh ar c Fuithe Slul~o ,tlpt. Reports Attin intittI Tow umut (Itst ilt.t, Liktet~uu. ftttt ashaig oe Miw itiatut Ttt tui t., Adut (t p tA 'Apot . n hng i gh EXPORlTS. C ANOOM. .P., ship Rl...eII..Coeo.,. 493 hL. I,,n'ar co, Ii a 3Mee s dder sk lIin+ . Ch . 3 do healr akin, 600 doer, limn,. lIAVAMA 7..V hhip Moj.tkC. .C51(l, In ball,,,. . .; ........PIIrll~lqus EuphraV··..t:a a0,. 1511 bv.rrPela of k DI ur. A. u 1.1VlRPrOL-Per ship Queenl Viclur iu.. Cargo, 2557 bole, t 11 otton. rtrunkr. F, PKWACOI):;A. .'erseho David Wolf-ens be] rest. III H".8ILR.'.Pn'chr Amlslis..,n ballI~t. it 524W YORK..P.'thip A,,I,2urn..Ca.go,, o,.,r ld mmci:, r'" tsKla. In 1undr . r Anlir l, 111 , 10 ' .141ARLEBTON.. Per1Brig Al .11115 &c (ilk. g AO & rAc's.169.. Il and 10hl*do rice, 42 2121 t,21211. , 22 I221111n01- l *oo, A Harrill A.,l o. P Tate.& Hopkins, J H Fiaid ,0.r. \1,,5+,11( 6 Sllgrron, Cl J It Dangerficbl, J IIIJJlertol, calll order.; 4,REENOCK. Per ,hip 51,10. Vitro., 30 Inn, pig Iron, l9"n kegs horrinul. 2h h·mmrr'- a lo6Jtl)O, all,] mer. P f Ia c tS Ilgll' a D&ill., A & J DroI ol... town A r,. I. t ,.- J C~ll, ArmAour, L.A h. 4 k,, Walker, I , Ginnng, a lc,. v, , (PIROVDENCE-P er brio0 1 (1.o S.ll,. .,, iii u, dles hay. :I .Allollth1111..,y 1,,, ,1e 0 woodsl, i et,, P Vi'l. nPeed ITnqI..I Ip It I' MARKS- Per r·rllr rhglla-it- Ugrg 3l ba 1elts cot ton, unlne no hour i t. RECEIPTS OF PEROD E (1It at Malrtinsrille.. Per Itenlllrr Ajax,. rCreo.: 3 1 Bala sugar, I Ifrll, hides,. A k irnrdie & rn. f 4 6,01 , ·11011 J It Piou-hieli A P. Silo CATolsda's.. 9.dl,. F&llai.. I .AFrlllll & I ..1 br.l V Parry 4 ro " hd, nnJ 2 h 1. slpn r. Pea rnl.. 4 r~ load co 1 'III horn,. R 'rnetl e $t heir. cotton, On, 0", r w nelllsllr tll.atrlin4villTo PSr oIlk.2 Jnr P.l ..C, , Hn7,l7 l ntro.I ''2,,mp I~onaa ll. 15.FIIymoAle II,. . ,i,21. IAlllla.llllll.A A .1102.205 be IIA lm.PI llnyO',"nlll A MI o,,1..A 3.112 d,. It SIl~lSo (S A~lIyId.. A lliv Oe ,,0n'21 (2,1,.. lilt L.. A· % '.: J . 33 his potato . I -hint (,,,T ,ll.R bonn, , ;o1 I. d. A Inrc nbLoned,,Isu.drl&1, to vower W nI,1.1.11, 3,,1I pas-e I~uuir~ills--Par steamerr Guy Sheehy~.. CarCo. 9 Ids Prk, F2 .Awn CW& R9a. 32 d.Swt2-,-l.y J, 0 cIAI co, G'',.,k, lPl,1 D Cha'w da.a' t J'Ala'r4( p2Iok. b&,.1.An, 2llaltA co , ro 6 ,de, n i fulhgols, 440 coil, rope, 297 pieves I,,,0,0 or Kirkmaun, 1 0 Ahlurllthy & Hanna. I his andd 4 . ark, boon~. IV G Il1ewe k I Utstalns&Moa,,es, 16 horsel, 1n1 . lot 0V11,Ikeos a o l.rI. hoard. stea.lo r TnrWatt ..ICurv, 7151.. poVe,. A 41 Waaa.W 4 ar.,.i 5 n,-0.n',,, , Ji.a!Jwin.G' 1,ll f1,ur,,1 r.tAm B'utl, 501.Wd e- 4Ally, A tlger.o.9, 20 1. 0f F I.4rn .e, 10 1618 but. 1 W 1 00 . orAl'. CONSIGNEESI: Per ship Auhurn..WoIad & Simmnn., I Auolll* A Jargatr, ilAsrfoitR c1,TO Sh.AEC. E& nl,,,,.l.. Ihold.t, .0 II. A t Tompklins o o, Forsyth At Lime, ink. I A ltlo~rma n, 3 A I, 11. to,. Pop.', Pop.: Powers J 2.2,111 ,i S.1,,l.Tlt, 1Jue, &1, IsfyA DI l&A11.L i P HFoley, 011110 k S0(IulAI ale. A F011,. Stetstron &r Avery. H It 1~ k on.\\ 11' It Kerr, lil Lrc. J II Wildta. E Wohan. a John,, A W10d.,2 AIIbe. R Gr..... g 1 ., J VJ (;n I rk. N C A1,s F21er, J 0 Hell. J C Werner . co, ii MMrth it to, Smith. examenI c,,. Klrlrnlan. Abeornethy 4 Bennis,. Comstock, Ilydr. & on. 1V W F,: zier P Monett, 31 I ain_"+ 4 to. AC.W SolarsSorrlnca 4 Chllulmrr, R Hro ert Or o. H HoCnnh k., Beer. Pra2&rt. ,',,1. SitI11A9 D ,ru Browon R1)'lnvanmi,"r O'Ferl. DeaRtug. 4 en, C 9 1,...111. 6orip .t rm. l.oelkrrl. Fe~ln r. Daaneoo.. WV H \1'hllloc·k k Co. D Goldsmith J Call, Rilsks A co, A Grant A , r C lb, .,,, C:ummins & Muir, Pollard a Green.I F MI Weld & n,' T 1V Smith. Nuve,tt. T'urpln & Watt Walto. 4· Kemp, .J 4V !'tan -"tort & co. J W Dwyer, Peters A" Willnld. Deyi. 4 Hobert, i 'l'ook'4 Barrie. WMhiling 4, StarkF. Ye.lm.n & on. Sickle J& Co. BWander.111,cK, na2 Valriht, LT,,l,,,1, llh n A (Alor ma11Dt col M ,Ld. R D o W,,. n, JR 111'..5,, I II Quick. sTbhorn 4 tMlrrath. A E Crt, Sly ,llhl. Rchtds ,3t on, 0 Beallow Jr. Dwight & l'rowbralge, A Dalollr A co. Bordersl 4 co, W V~nie J.' Godfrey, L~aurie k SRlall" Tylor A a- I InJ DllenreLts nn & Sle1.,,,, \\iialloo 4 .hba'1 1:11: 1 .,do.,, Wutermnn & WnolIJ V,ireo "o 1.n" t .loin F,1",. Q~i cay, Fal Clak. W M422 all, G- Ik Do~ oil. IRai,,.n, 1V, III - "eo.Opdy'-e k Cotrico, E~luws g co, Uackllr. Slanrool 4 co, J BP'ied and order. PIIEE3RNGI1A 11 s teb m er Ajax.. 01 D2, l r. l 2 F. (110 . C 1 5 h go.llllg 3 Ro- n. E Colmeatb L Durnl. J Ho, caa Ad fr21121. 14 0A i1,,luw. W Roch,"I, G Wslre, L'frlbla~hrt, A '1'hanert, M Hal a! Dart J J Women. lser brig Almem,-.1110r Peachy and daughter, 611 Morton 4 Lady, Pallas null Rain.. MEMEIORANDAA 8h~lby lef'1o aiavilla an th 19th inrt. Uht1, fdhogll. 7 fret '8 t.,Qlliqtlplsud, ad felling f Tulr T. W. COLLENS U{iied States' Comittisiortr. to Appointed by the Federal Court t Nea OrlIina. OFFICE No. 11.9 CitllyMoN STREET (Exchunge Hotel Ih!dings. ki S AID Commisioncr takes aidavi;s under an bvl "" irtuetoftlle Acts of C(,ngressa, paInaied 2'bth Fbrn ry. 0182; ltn March 1817; theJudiciarv Act of 1;89 ad otheer acts of Congress, in such eases made and d prvided. Said Commiscioner has coneiderated eoper;enco -and ruses fe re, of caption and certificate hicih hl, II It the severest scrutiny of the abtlet Lawyers • piapril _ _ . JOHN V. CHILDS, . ENORAVER AND) CfPiPER-PLATE PRINTER I NRo. 3, Camp St. WfILL. enerave and print to order, hank notes. 11 leq tif exchange, bills of Ildicg, diplnots, iireai. I inle and visi:in. cards. notri-,l, clnaular ,ond no;,otihg houae seals, duo e sIllnaejilver wonare. dr. -lwaseon -and, n assortmtent of uilver plated add brays door I p.ema. PS Cards printed from plates already engraved.l. I non2l I WASHINGTON iA LL ROO- 1 Dress & Masquerade Ball St. Philipstreet, between Royal & BHilbhn. . JFilE Manager of ihe ehove named Ball Roomgnl te M't #., ful to Ihi friends and thie public I'i tbe uinlr. I l'lled pantrounge hesto ed on him ior everal e~enoes reIapptfully ifocrms theni that the eetabli.hment hac beoenlatged for the ameusemeant of viitoit, and uiI'i dergone homese repairs. The bar will be surplacsed by none in quality of liquors,and lhe Irestaurat s illb i I lept by the ablest Iesatuaroat r mi the Uni'eiu n,.otes. The room willre-op' on baturdtaiv even ng 3rd ,of November eat, byv a GRAND DRESS& MASQUERADE B31.I.. and will take place as usual eerv Mlondao, Wedlnes day antd SJtulayt oivning, during thie ce.on, ilih ch w'il and on the let of Mnay, 1139. N, B. The er.ate.t attention will be paid in ktn y. ang perfect order throughlout the, as -al dons last soLtU. - ' oar24 * iIJUK' II.ANI) SAIIT-5l0 i slls i uii rei r I r Tok, Ilanid nlr ICl Iereel d per br g Jilonls, for sole, if immediaterly u plied lr Iby ap 17 AH.IAH FISK, 57 ('ommornes R EGIOES-A likrly fiaee ,o Virgiil Negrmi i. (31 N in number,) of .ocellent rhneaclr, ndd hr t e I.,t the e yearn on A iotton estaIte in A rkalillnae, r Iia (ofn.r ad for the purpoe,, of cloeing lie effairs if a " 1ttslsmship. lThe negrune may be ai.o nt thle iier of ir .:rieca Betietnt, 18 loireau sereot. For ierns an ply to A L ADlItN & Co," p. 18 _6t _ _ BAank Place "' ft :l'l DIC IO.\A KY--t'olmniini a-n -ex l.i ~/ ion of the terms, pl:nemes and til jects conns cred wit. the exteral ordeer. seatcraenli,mrIli, ri and ii., .gs adljhe Proletanit Kpieeapsl Cbhurchl. , ith ai espe cil ernrce to the church in the Uniled Stotes. by the Rev -Wm tanton. Just receivedl cd d fr ale bh pill 1- . ALEX TO\WAll, 19 Canulpvi. # .E ub cliber tbge leave to inform his Irienlls l and the publie,-t ha havinog obltinim from the Conscil of-the aeeond Muniipalitv te. use of thlat irtlirim !f gro~und eiuated in Canal street. heti en m•I lsne a.d-Le.eR etrie,s,.for ihe Iturpoe' inf ffeting of sl' t, ofeero-rees and Itulky article., is now ipreparted t mmlIe theni every u-Weileeday eid Saturday, at 1( seclook A. S. commencing on W' next, the lOtb il as " -A"l liited gtdd sent for sale and not disponed ir, Io io reimnovedby their reap clrve, owners imi ediilely S E.trlhd.lee or iot aliu there a lt eir nalu resk tant a-dilll"l uh~~se . u.1g s.old to the biddiar. : . i saf(re.eioo aill ano- taoe place every hlondnv : et"'oelck A.' Mi t thloaitian clar ire . nI 'Cebit .",t tlisn . o,, 3tnm fh B t.iAC .IE C(1a 1St. 1tECONOMY0 QO NATUK rFep'ait. S ,I ed ust lu...te n a Latile prinjcipes of modern ' 5Istaen,.h iby. itt l wha,.faOeti six ttlute?. e UIain a.f Williai n.ampuei ,ip leding particllars - ·Ji s nerme in varilius pIrts ,'f Et~irop,; bhis i, '.. w iosotae ditngca.olat tle Inittinil;,i in I.ihon, So " saisl.y - -* . AI.EXl'toWAli. ] - . C- l Camp ard Comm, n ets JI;TP PIIli.ffATION-S. I. .PEIHUNUDOCK, by the eauthor ,of RiYe Evira. ortra No.h V'sWife; tihe Prince ,by the ,. othotoflbe Heire s; tOi Itli. *d- 0f la bV tohsa tthr'ntf crao Slick t the \Wu "*I h ywa Elis, (late Sarehl 'aiFnebo 1_tl o ,` be inp.tlal , h in 8 ettd,.rm aut l". W._aor-.f. Rnekwoodl, Crich . ug111r p b aown "'iLweis" ff Frhke.eteard; Civ. '" 4la 5 imone, antl nt of (iun Kiee,. Mele a".lIln ot$e ·.ther.Aoaseage "nd lPicaetra,-Po.mnt Jy tnrhiamls; ' a.tin Kyd. lby the autlhor of l.filt. • oso. Hmgu nag , by wol a grsts vriegtyit ni.oel tno. dsv In fotoneeontill wiath this fliee in a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE 010,10 POtEFIOIOG.V OF. I l rhe Pamphlets BSank Checks dol Catalogues Bills of Lading , Labels, Draoy RSceipts, li legal Notices Auction Sills, wi Dill Forms, Show Bills w rib Siii Circai rs 'sh And eerry desriptlion o(Job Worek thos re May be required. 0 PI1E"I'RIIE AMIERWB\. N LIIIl SkiS CLIEV jnIsh] 4t5'N. Its, esutrI e uv J~eea s te:iar g " FP FATIRtUL AND BOLD. lII NIW ORL EANS: th SATrUlRl)Av no IPRilI. 27, 539. f I'nn.ns.-We" ItIVo ,4' tht lItest ditto,, LIt Sthey contl'ttienlittl t ofintrest. Anlttlntotlso bl theo1.1119 of Holie, Ivoolted c ed selvereotnn Galvestono on the t15th, naitinone of tlhl.nlynetnls nnd bnno reoognined nod if flleod $100. r, IlTe OGI etntun (0fw ayns of a r teent explitiog eo b 7"has~tenmllust tt.'orreu' hlas just returned f ront n Irilr m uotheI 't'rinity ri toVer. e asendetd no fsr i.n Cntoinn, Co talin,,n ur hunlldred miles.,nnd linunl III itlieditnn to tIlse nnvieuojln. Coito lergoatoll is ottiif opitnion that he could hnae goatnonnch fattrter, lhotd l"e,. Iin tlhink., and e believe the o1,itiotn in omtn.lluhInt thlle d T'oisty inthjlt beot otrenm fotr Onaigation ill TeaOn. C nou land hingr thie i btonk is moteilt ot the het ohatoc. ter, in.tersersedat I oiane brakt.. aond ht~nvoyfnreot Id colll t w mod, Hel, hickort'. oak, pine, tIodao, &cn. lThe H' Con,,, bruIgot! doton line nl evilne,.o of floe lime and Il sl2 s totdntthe etner ofowhlohtntnontth ootded in tiltio t Cito', nod tIe letter, it is'puo.ld, no bh odvlotnoitgnnntno ty used. Cool also.n, uunt. mi *Oiuh os ,1.n.ititten ois of thn'lo'rt inityoad it' souos irlereio itnnhivivil soul ot l t ouiluay wouVbld apsn it actsl list the ,apllply of this ilt, .e tau niesi*Urur \ would he advanutt12eou11 o nil Pallier.· 'Tllre i. pt tops to letter ctll.t IHo thet tIhat on uu tltoI'rimtitdocoidori..gtlhe etnvt nerven at ttrklet, (f it is oaltooreiog that so tonyoo persloew'hnOtngt open ,laotnitiuttolnove lithe.t to orololed thtioportontot1 tih n·I'L'blic. At present, we lean, :hltore, i is rapion yidio dineo; blt it oilinrnceo on error oent xtt nt u ' couny, k thot a g.entnolwflc u1tnn1elnte lie tlite it hsrtito tlio Iioe It. poi Marion it is ca0 uhle if otttppuotitt. n- teamo lonnota( of 11'n r.-'I'ltn Nuimt Itutlligoo in cnto lototh tO Iloorn fon oh ihmot end Naoy (tthotno le tlint a cvloili·eo..oaoild o site. popone oif r-,.titg .,...,old devisingthe1w-tPrions and mtonlels furooteono iesl f ,oer, thrlee ol oltich wee.. ootlothorie ii aloo vason- ottelan te seOunoiii, Coogocon. 'Itoebnili vo itrt. niod oloji. It. C. Itn,m , itll 11,. ito- S Il n 'n ,heys I:lql n~ll11 NaP ll ( 'o I' ruIV\t (, nod; and . 1eI1I s It lnote sd Litt rtll, Noool Cimtttotnio ano dIe MrlnIo tnell, eoointe, rif tie ('. OO. titn~uoliit. I-tltn n Sttn. Keolil i, i tttrt I~lfth etetottof tltt 00 7T.e t.,.n.rir.,ne ,s'g uidona inth ie finn-I Imlir, undtenr ot ot.. Io.Iioo ( ltro oin -ivedwhiie t.ittl.,lmolt., iaf,,tott t'- I li n -fle IIll hd,"r uni hitI iIP er of the American ship E.-li +P, it (1'lull· BI (1· ttno, and i' 1I ue N iatel s-"l snit1 I l' in Iotttitiit, in~m- tO tnt ito Iltio r to Iatplae I 11e of Dixon.. fonrn itlib tlel noMr. ilintitten, too ote i toll remini Nc~w Tuto 'oto, Monday .tt innittg,o..d t.. I on, i tinud untttil ner Inn'oloCk,, henlltlteCourutndjottil Ie o t ItI o'clckt yeoetclmy ttttooing. II is supposed Ihe cenans of 18l0 ,ill shrlow a poepIln- of lion ill the United S ales of between 17,000,0111U0 uld h 1,000,00l0 . Iu 13:), it was 1Qi,866,I.20. p Extraordinary -t Resuscitation.-ln IBangor. Maine, a child five yeas of age was resusictated, after lying three quarters of anI huur at the bottom of a well wlthli ten feet of water ill it. The Bostone Libel Case.--)r. Thompson was sen- lo ne d to pay a fine of fity dllfy ar and cost, fromn which I he appealed to tile Stpnrir Court. II Na:w THEonR.--A scin-titic correspondent of the d New York Era makes tihe following plcpositions, and i says he can defend them if opposed. T'heis Ist.-Neither th- earth otir aly nther planet is held in its orb, or moved in its sphllre by tie attrace Tl'hesisd.l'i-Th tides are not produced by the ntrae lion of shlet mootll, D lThesis .--The imagnetic ieedle is not nllrtcedl at i all by a reaI or imniinary pole, ty) otd ta iw yrds. it will be reielnlnerol thatl the moon hoax oriicnaled ti with Locke of lhe EIra. Who will listen to another tl htambe, o tlthl qtarlter. 'he monll hox was prtlly Ie '.lll, blut ratlher wire drawnl and marvello -. Irelanld's : imposition on the earned worl, of his own boyish pro- a ductions as Shakapeare'e, although ingenius andi alt evlncing great genils, " tdamnedt him tot everCi stiug Ifane." Ife sunk inll nc's opinions, "Like sarse tat set toin rise no rere." lit Tir FRSitt FIRE.-A little girl two- years of age' i dnchtter of Jacob Irtt, ofl)erny 'I'owalship, Mimlin C(o. e penncvlt aria, was burned on Ilhe 61t inst. hv he r clothes tuaing fire o much as to occasion her death. Capt. Hileri , nd a ptit of the crew of tlte shcip fIIs kissan, of London, who were spokena in the long bnoat Io that vetsse by brig Amazon, arrived at IBoston front Surinam, arrivted safe at St. Vicecnt. They w-tre 3" days in the baent. IsctcrAN. r.-The North Americanll sarT:-"Siece tihe aipprehensiln of trouble with Enigland, our Is.L rnlce Offices, with a proper regard to the interests ol their stockholders, have generally declined taking risks lin long von)'nce, i. to the Pacific anld Indian Ocean. O)lie or two (Cnnon ships have been dstained in conse quence, whil.h we pre.ume will now beo despatched." I State of oq(firs ocn the Meline Boundar.--On the lith imtt. the \lainll troops wiee to return hotelt from the Aroosltok, leavine a g.aid of 200 men with Ill land agent behind. Bootll have been thrown meros the river to prevent the cit tilnher frolt going'dltwl. 'The New Brunswick militia wetre to returll n ihe 1lth, Ileaving a guard of 90 nlel. STATE I.oa .--'The Secretary of the Comlmonwealth I' o Pennseylvali hal giell llntlie lat prioposals will be received until o'clock, p m on Thiursday, the l h cf I April, instant, for a lon ofl $570,000, at 5 itpr centl, *id $0,l0,, to be appropriated Ito the Fraukhn rail road; Sreitnhur-able by the atate, at any time after the first of July,1814. SStock su.b-eiptiol books cf the new Souhern Bllank I of Kentucky are to, he nple.led on the recond Monicav in May. The inetituti-ac is to hb devoted to the of 'outlheKrn Ke ltuy.cvcotnonly knon as tile Green ^ Live. r toulllry." A (-I.r.-The I'oftn a atinel anyl, il-at o iiday r i.ght, al fulsio galllle olrmpe '-ced from thie lnorth eust, which dhid cocsidernrle dah lgc e to lhle flnce, tarees, &c e i, thisvicinity. The shipping its ounr hartbr snltered hut little--hut we fear reels a rin the coast hoac Cil- - ct fered sime." A SeN LiD.a: BY His FArTlE.--A man I amlel iI iof lilos .,t Smlllelrst c lounty, P,. was out hellopping woodi S a few days illnce, with his so, i y tf chai I hu 1It years ce of age, when the latter ancidettllly struck his axe o.n ti stone. Tile father became soni enraged, th lt lie strulck rd the lad reveral blos with a Ialcdepike, which caused al- clmat iall:ediate death. ey Onto livic.-The Cia.tcin ti Post't i lia 18ith iit. a hw, c the river iseltven feet hove low water mirk aild cie rising slowly. At Pittsburg, on tie 15th m.t. seven rtna ie water ill he channel." an We do not know how much credence ahldub be at a taclaed to the following aragraplh, from tile Phliadel lt phia jp'rit of the Times, of the 191h, an unsc:rllplous lie tco ftco penny paper. We annex it f.r lant it i. r worts : 'Iv Most o Duel.--(it Wednesday afteraonl, there was tt gottn u itere cili li Bread ilnen, ilon the arrival icf lte r. cas Ibetocean (.mo lcinre Elliltt cI the UtJ. Nat. en and Major .e Donahl, of It appears taut hi they were fenlow pastsen ern ni the noame car, lI(Itllgh unlnllowr to ench otherl In the ctourse n f tile cenver snlotion Ih c M.uor UseIIddce ialting languageII toa h, i tatona cdnffit et-i ,lnlpnettg Whlt CoamOlllcdore P•I. n lit ass ichlude;d. T'h latter, upon theirarriail at th ilrpot, nlade himself known it- .djor MelDlonaldl, cnd ir th rw him ranlt which li, Mlsajor declind accsleting, Supon llicll Comlimlore tlliolt insisted that lhe hnould rn, recova hi card, nolena oler,, atl illhe at tilme , suiti is l Inlle itttici o lu tl wad,' lcdlllnPent.d hetlthoring him until In i.nck.hinluIatly to hii heels. thinking an doubtl,, that if le whio fighits gad runt away," dnc. . It was hortenr .ahipered, and only whiipermd, lhal t h ,,,njal'.hlc- yeantrd y ohubptenaed tproaurcge en, ugi it. - :e'titt wky lh awl hIltnd, ini .eallccgelt " t Yzan, Ctrry, April 10, 18.19. Il To John ibsan,i Ednticr ofthe True Am rican: a j- eatr Si-- ht..tslu dlil. rnm yoa of tlI.iintportiau in S rt frtatiun ar I have jIitll arrived i hre in thae-nrelnnr SPntriek.Hmra, Irntc V-iekcburg, Iell ttin a gn"ouer lci '1 (lt.tei ddr bn ai iellai,) ioaiti leral.le Iliifie., hlink S.... . irw.. na t irfs e thenlll-, cllc lJc i y un at)lI a, no. rheteretw, to make a ot t'tol'ornrooent'OtI ,ttttlo it f.,ll you th: . aon, City ls boen ftoir tle lasttfutlr dl.o lik.ea o'illage in an'uproar, eaused hy the euddt n dis.ppearane e oel the Tetller of the (''ohlmecinl Rank tof ilnnehe.ter, - ho departed from thin tanege on last Sun day,takion with hi. good funds, (not ?Mississippi post no'lasor B'.ratntont mon"r,) tltlmtuuting to, to firar as t'r Inined, twelve tltnmlsand tldollnrs--$l.,0Ol' U, S. m)Ioney. Thel very high reputation which his family (who residl il New York,) sntlain, and which ltle tns heretofore done, deteros mot loM giving Vn0 hie ietr,o altholugh in a shelt timne the o.rld lst hot.tltvei d tthrel t flt twoolltd lII|t voul wai., H11 hna been henrd of at Vicksburg, whe re he n ripped for our city, and from lthence no tdoubt he will tilftor England toj join Stwartwot & Price, &. co, who no doubl , under his present ecciltmeto they would l'e pl:ain( to ree ive, nd nmake .fr ihenu intonst reaton Ihble penciller by the toay. Anotlier item I would give, oertrrel a fe minuintes ago. A Mr. Markham, tirlng aggrieved at somtne remarks which a I)oct. taorey, (hot I retlltt,) hand motde olfhilt, neotttted tie dlotttor i his oufice and deoandtled inmltedile nto satlsfnetio. Ofeotrse Itigh words arose-pistols nnd ilotie knives flour hd ; the t rest,,t of ohlirlt wna that Markham was shot twicet in the left side, and his life was despaired o. Mlarkhalnl, tntrmted to fire filar,t. hnt his pistol snOppling lie received Dorsey's fire, upon which Markham res rt ed I his Itowi.n butt oas too late, on he received Ir set's srcund ball, lust os he wao in the act of making. lthlustit t iorsey, who Uan,' off" unhurt. Thus we do tthitos in the staple Slate, and should I receive vnur thnltke for this epistle (after coorrecting it,) and thie iTrue Ainerican nl Jacksoln. o mv atrrival there, with aeish fir lte to eo .hed, why ttent I may give. vl the o.ingq on at th e LCapitolI. WAGNER. On 'htlrtday evening ilt.. Celeste took her henefit nnd had a rerametd bhouse. Sheo redlio eoi vet expectatin ill the dr ena of The Meother; was rapturously encored ill the dance of the Crneovienne, but did not repent it in ooneequence of the In' ore te had to t undrgo. it tile Itayadere which wallo follow. She never appeared to more dvlantage than il tile beaetif.l Maidl of Cashnlre. anod datced d oti played with greatspirit. Just nt as lhe twns rnlc'lin g the trial dance slet I slet with anll r.ident, rellning Fl ntl.l l ail into her foot, but dl not sufur tIhe aIlloytllnce though the palt it gave her e llld not Ie rontcrlelt, to maor her exqulisit plntomimne. \e hen tle curtain flil she was celled out with lnud plau Sdits antd raocfully acknollledged her gratiitude to tile New Orlennro pilblic. "Takle her nal ti all, we shill not look upon her likewstHIIIn. Wtheroevr Ishe ay bend etr steps i tlhe tpur.ltts of eor profesint. Itly' frttlle ntd prosperity Iattnl her, otdld y mt lhe enjoy theaIlth aold Ctlongth to revisit us neat is tston,ad llrenw tlhe spell which her Ecoming ever calst ' otllln s[ t . '[el 1'rtleTRl('tt..-linit thle theallicail repres.cnltionR can bore, anid Ithe Season will be. conll.ded, and tllese ed i aluorces oIf rational noluselnt will be suspended till ag Octobter or November ne1t. The nighty ari appropri. r ated to beetlicierien:-And first will be Mrs. Ilarrett's, whih will take place this evCienn,. with the sterlicg ai Coitedly of the School liur Scandl, cast in the very berat muner--IMr. Blarrett playin-g thfep Teazle, one ill which shs excelin. If wen were to in- the stance any Imrticular scene, in wlich ti cs she appears par to mnost nivannil, Ce shoultd point int the scanndal- eil telli'.Ig scene with iMre. Candor, Sir Benjamin, Crabtree, the Sc. Iler name is n card, anlid her merl need not he fir dwelt upon to call a good house. dnn To mnorrow eveini'iig wiill conet ledlet se.aso atnit tit St. (lhrles, thie perlilraInces wmill be ior Ithe benelit Cike of the stnite mcnger, Mr. II. Gi. 'Pe:rson. The highly for interesting comedy of tic' Ecaglisihctlcn in Indin and theou tmeln-dcriclc of fie Pi'int will e prodnlced, in thel latter of wnichll pieces r J. It. Siolt bis kindly volunteered Pearsonl i noil ld and Olng tried livour- n irs here. lie is a citizen, all ll ie r,.specinlility and F nIrbnity of his pcitnle lift and domlestic relations'nR aI leid to li general exeiellenc. al aictor, hve made him so many friecns, ithn Ih clil will be fCe.elnail l i rankly a,'kn, wledged. tOn Monldav eveiingu the little camp will he oI nued nr thl nighit IoniI. Iltr Ie polrpo e of eminblg the itendl of Mls. (;reen, a mI,ast meritorious and desnerving ctock necres-, to give that lady a eonlplmenletary benefit, in ncknowledimcent of her ulntiring exertions re to plenae through a laborious season. Such a bill will be piresentedt as will pleasc thosi. fotd of novelty and of nlloe csolid entectainnllllit. M311. (Geenn'sn fiends have been altive and we shall be exceedingly disap I' pointed, i they dco not secure ntIr a full Iouse. Willh her benefit thi e theatrieal seuson will be terminated. [tcOM UNSICATED.] ]UI" Dona't f wgeti-IO-niStI i. set parct for AIRS. I L.RIZ.F T'I" IDFc NIccTc'. iVre hear tlh the Motnt amlery G(iuardll ill Iliterlll, and thant the Louisianr. .ileme will also Ibe citere, to a mIIn, aIn citizens. The lovely beneficiary is entitled to ion warmest support. SIhe n ani artste, who, lby hieI adoimirnlle pernmontints of clihntnorgies bout, to the hutan f eliins. Iler Ladycl''anle i nui'qunllh-d ItI nn otIIer living - actress. Go, theln-all ye, wo love the legitimallte dl'alln, and can feel thei iower of'beautty and solll conil Sbilled" il one faiu creature. Tow hontPi'nt, Clarke, fron the pnatce, haRing in tow tlhe t packet ship Auburn.C Capt. Ilurphay, p om New York, when ci wihin l 2 mni'ea of the city, ollapaedna onf her Ialtue, which carried away part of her boiler deck andi chiimneyl. Captain Durphey ofthe ship Auburn. was oln board tha low bota at t the time of thenceidolt, and by the fulling of the chinlnery. C ilnt e o f bhis logs slightly injured. As soonll it wanl known tin hnIecity, c tow t hosat Grapillliwc s n depatnched to bring up r th toi o til unlltnd lllln i and as shle wa frll g allIn tIheani to the .vere ne of the deck hanldsl, ini m d A.. .tlkaolln, a lnlai orf t' Gertnny, whin in nthe acl of hIlaling up acbucket of ilater fell overhoaurd, and was d Ilonie . t'he boat was n ilne, ately i Moi pped, nodl tho yaw I .at I . hi+ u.-Intltf us hilt bet*re it co fld , Sti cin mulcte nicntic nactncuthc iticould p re in hlim t ihe cIl leth c Iin l IeIt hiinm FOiR LVI'IRP )nl,. b The Al and ve i tiii sonilinge, inew arquee VANN\ , C/pt. (Couell, will receive i nme n diate despatrch, having the grenair I art of her , covenw en ngdul, It illor fIeiglh I Ior al. ll f I, Flit II.I VII{Potr T'e fine A I ship SIDNEY. Cnt Cowen, S will m er twill immediate deslnlclh. l at For freight of flS I anes ettlon orne pna ge, toapldIv to I. ( :.AI E, FOR 1,IVEI.I(Pt.)L. The A I and ast soiling ship, IlIURON, r Capt.l Bourdminn, will receie iintediale II Iur freiglit of 2ti bulc centttn or p.saneg, apply to It Ofiit7 I II ( ci Cmnincc ,t ka t l, IIV l-' - l .. I n. - The first rate, A I ship CONGfItlSS, Cnpt. Enlon, will m:eet with ininrrediate des- I FI ' freighit f 1530 blles cotton or pcFnge, n.pply to I nl7 LII dAIl.E,Sht 93 ioclncnnt I be - 'tackrt sibp .jUaURn, fronm 'ew York in ,linsclar. a in ingcp'l lo.tce Urnlllls n ti. Clnignieea of cargt willii plenaseic ulntld itll ihe t t I the teeipt n f oielr goods. he a2I II.AIDi.A\\. 66 Camp at iat \INitTh-l The cabitn pasnengern goi'g to New - n. Yon , inti Packelt sIilp S.trATUnA. CRptnin Hatha-r Sway,, are hereby norifed, that she ill poilltievel leave theo Levee ln TueIsdov next, cite 3,111 inst. 6 (t'cluek, P. M, at. wicle Ihour ;nssungers will ph .s e beon boh, d., 'lh shi ii culi accomlllnetll at .ew uon re uen llt are now tit engneed, a.'7 b hei II chip Ciscus`NAr C (pt. aursrow liom Livel f ponl, is dinchargine opposite tie vegetable market.- The consignee tf31 ons salt. t ill please enter the tsame, or it will he ated it the iciblic kior l a a?7 RLEAI) & I1(S tOW, 7 IBank Place. Carnaip t. Tieatre. 1 MRS. GREENE'S BENEFIT. ¶IltttEI PUBLIC arerespeetcflttll innorimcd, that c e clr ciiiiwill ttciii cI l e ncl )ili ' 't :9nit , Th'e tr will e,}elto ro nl, (1'n 'onplin r te tl h (clle a an, otl r ll entertainmllllents. a6 It " lo, Boo: ' Now Open. XI IIANtE ON Pltillndelphin, fi rsale by -I. -,7 AD \18 &. \VH1 1'ALI...7 (irntier st J - following are the Drorawn Nutmbers u( Itha .Gr'nd dlate .oltlrv, CIass -18 I 73 II 65 27 lill 3 66 3 6t ' ? 15 19 STillS -DAY. n Capilal Prize, l20,000! ''ickets only $5 00 uIk GRAND STATE LOTTERY. CLASS Noi. "45, Extre. Alltorized by the Iegislature 1of" Ihle -lt;Ilt he )rtlen T-hin Din, April 27. 18-9. it. at lhalf pas 'fin 'liock, ,ti Blh ps n oirn l CoUllnmnn et. S DAVIS & Co, NMuingers 75 Numbers-12 D)rawn Ballons. feet Splendid Serhltte. "27,811 Ializes, nmnl ilt.- to $22.,590 lTickes nf t0-IIalve $2 50--itarters . $13. l iPackage of d2i wholle ickiea for 1 3 warrante to d e cdraw at Iall .60 (10. Pnck.lee oF 25 hlnlf tickeats for i2 511, nrrcntt-d to dnw att le t $111 0 0. P.ekage n Oi nit ,ter ickeIs for $31 25, wiuantlted to draw at Sin lenat $15 00. For Packages or einglo Tick, Is . nalv at a':7 At iM nagers offic 16tChnrtre sta -- SPLENDID '--ENGLISH BOOKS. - e LORA'.i GI(M1S. splendid colored pla.ts. {o l Iecmnnce rf Nanure, oid do til tilanian .lnunlaniuic igh lllusttaiionus f Ilylon. 2 vnls. 120plates inr- iilen's le a.tlnscape Illuetrations of thle Bile. i211 plates lrynn iaillery. :3i plate 'it 'ub1I esncs ViPweo ct ihe llimn an Viewsb on tile he i l i ng, li.J I'ri ela i1 splendid bindin WA. l ,id Jot,: .ireidd u l.d r sale oy p \ iA tIWAiR -n 49Cacnp et VALUiAUlJE ENGLISII I(DIT'IONS - IK I ART:.LI; WonVllers f Geology. LJ Cullingsworth works tiilhtcc'r iilavcehtlliicn inaeka ti R ' t uIIcaInr nkea-W.VaVellc(aale) cirtrenls in I'nerry's I.eendre eahbinec-cnanperce nornks. 8vs )hulcgi Id le, 8 ccelc.-eir Chlas- ilanndiilcu . " Iddsmilh Aliminnaed Nalturm--oith on Coulgel Knox s hirunry fthe relicmnnationa ncet v tensr's bicgrnlalienl dntitr cV &e . i- Junt re'eiced nwl fir cnle Icy A 'FOWAIta ner • 49 Oil 11an1 a" b i I eme. nn.lll a natece h ST. CHARLES THEATRE. 0 l.sal Night bhutOne. . BEN EFIT OF. MRS G. BARRETT, • 'i." Erecaiag, April 27, t Will be presented the Cordy of tlie j SCil)lI. FORl. SCANDAl.. W ilhh tihe following Powerful coast. ir I'Petor l'raozle. MrJohnsonn I'hsrles Surfaler, G HIrrett Joseph lrfaee, BHarton I.dv Ten Ile, Mrs G Barrett iMrC'andour, Greene a A New National Dance .' y .MId'lle Ravenol After Which the favorite Farce of Dr. O'Toole, rHE IRISH TUTOR. Mr Burke To Morrow, Burfit ol Mr Pearson. MAYJR ALTY OF NEW ORLEANS. [ 'TI price o' Irsh floor to-day i $0675 perbarlel Sacorneding to lt ltariIff; tic bI.kers rshall give do. ring tlie .,suing week (froll Mondnv 22d i.rlt.) 41i oel eea ofbread for Breed of tile sPeonld qlity ill required to weigh l5 per cent. more. vir: 50 oulnee. loe april 27 C (GENOIS, Mcaor. $2. icWARI. 1 [AS LOSTD yesteridaiy anferoct, o. thie eppoeite rile of the rliver, bevreen tie UpireI Ferre, and 8 Villirci Planaltimi, 111i dollars, lacd 2 of 50,new etnilci n of ilIe Caol anld lrkig CoIr)ronv-10 hills I on lck rof Orleaos. Tile finder wil imclh oblige tihe sublaroer hy leaving them at this office, and receive thle IabIvere rard. t april 7 ( W"OODlEN WARLES &c--The Suberribels-Dave i ii st re willow cradles, cholir, biralets, Spitltouor, &c &e wiehl they offer low tochose corlsigment. a_7 SHAIlL & IiRt)WN 96 , .enziarst -- HiO'S AFRAID Kunt!, The way the Capitals are sold at SCIIUYI.F R'S is a craotion. Golto no other office. fir thie Capital. The eCapital of $111.100 wrs asol in the oluisinno, (Gregor's .lotttry) that woas drown last evenig at tile I-xclhange Hotel, at Schrvler's, No 10 Colllr-st. 1 2 3 1 5 6 7 i8 911 11i 12 48 51 43 "4 27 262 15 11 311 22 60 '1 The Ticke.l 3 48 51 wase oll, in a Packace, to Mr. De, ofCieinont i, Ohta. Mr. Da I cag hloghtl a Ticket cr Schuyler ill Cit'tirtntlti, onad Ihro.rht ii to Ihe examlined, which was a Prize of $10. wlhic.h hle inlvest, ed illnl Package in Iltevnrine', lotteri, in awhlichr polk. was the Prize of l$1.tl1110. Tlis ia ir, IlI hrIItiahtrg; Mr. lie !.ong is well known-in Cincinnalti. This is i publislted by his own cotre-lne. N\u. 111 CAMIP-STIREEI'T Sap". 21.--2 is the place+ rl1lE Aleriecl IFlower Cinledrln Directoryi. Clltr ai. . g practical dircirans for itle c:llotre of plants ir - the lower garden, hot house, green house, r ,ems or Sparlallr windows tir every mIan hI ill the year, with i des-r cription of thle plants iost desirable in enac tilth naluret I iof trra il and the estill:lion best ad lllte to their grow th, e the properseaeolo for translllltinrg &c. tustrutions e fieret.lillg a ihot hoise, green hotuse, nod Inyilng out a filwPr goaden, i lct it tibl.. of soilr m.0 ..OntRgein to ltihe iloa tl rclntai or d in the ao rk; the wheit tianpter d i oeithi erl, S ergte oranall gardens, wilth intructions for prepe linte 01 the s, i r - lro.. .stin , plt anl ino , prolue ing, trai.i.rg lnd fcruiting tihe oropo vine, wih descriptious r,fief hest srrtsi f lrclivotiong in thle ou p.l, air. Jr . ree iveI and for are ' hbv AIEX. 'IOWA, n pl~(i 49 Cm.up street. I ,d ISlSdl~rU l,..,,oisip No.r..g...oei, oneo raore, hi.,, r. cnl critee, mnarkedl R G e, lh, C I uootne ca l arkedl V, whoever hia the anos, will .Ie's'e give in f l,r.,tinlm to i& . I' WI'ITN , 1 SIT(O'I'ICF'--'Tle prprillrres of dririo No- Iilt'0, 1 0, Ic 17:34, ,811 nu1t 172 ret tre i etiA , to re .Ltr theoir rr f receipts for goods reerived bly thre ro lthle ohi, TI'art lint, ,withot del Iv tn e'!"! I-'.'I'FR 11 D\I) I.AWV, ,I; ('anen st a orill HF V-100 Id bhls \hisk'y, honlding ham ie steambo, l l'cero.iao, fTr E ,Ie l,v ' g ',.2 I. . ( I).IiIi.., II New .Leee. P llrI,'EIl'S INK-Just received fron llurq.,era Chanticleer a lnare invoice of Jo.hnson and u-t raot'a necs, book, andjob ilk, al tJr ad le i y ihy '22 A 'I'OWA I. 49 Camp st tlli [3 ROiMANS &' 11h) 1'-26 calses, prinm kiip hbaro I al: ait ra a sizP, and'ing f'rolln ships .ohn Dun lIp and Ohio, ilar .ale ah 22 I Illlt(iilD & Co, 13 Ilag.a:nert. SU.S1i.\ IIf,ýl"\'IING5--5 bales, lundnlg frolmt Sship Jobn Duinhop, hI r salh Ihle 0a2 IIIIII)DGE & C(',134 lagarineioa Pt LO;10 -100 berls, i. sater.', Cfr nale by FI i4 Gi IIOISI'V', I44 New Levee V TiI-' 1-Ki-Olnbarrel. ina store, for d.' hcau'te "24 (- DO)ISI"YV, ,4 New Lrvee F I.OR-I16! hlrh Ils llagag fro ast,'lbaiot ChatJcel. Ilur aa d a r sale by Gi I)(OISFY, n24 44 New beIs,, 01 AY-109 ilaw Narthen,lani i. ing from brig Alrce f oppositl post No I, sncn, Mul )nlaa lil' , antd fir nile ha SlIAd.. & BROWN, T AltD) & FiOlIiR--500 kaegt lp'eaiar leaf lrd aind 1511 hlbils flor, landii. thin d;a froala stPaa er Per-t · sia lbr saleby STET'SaIN' & AVIIRY, [1'IlINCII 'Ilning i'ardat-J 't~ r'na'ait' fr Newa t'York, a ful'l grace of very sutp rilr double hIlert I Cards, fulr aot bh dozen rnlr . iehv april 3 21 t nrtres sa t

1TO WINE II Ct'1IIAN I'S. F11 '\IlE Subscribater beg to .aie, that he ca:n an,'w t I forward i 'le eSin IIESLEI &. ('Co, .of lthbei, ail.] to . Mr. FIEll . GIl.isli L , of a'olgllfie. IrdrI r Ifrm ni i.e ielrh a s funl shigents of 11tha0paTne~ a nd Hon. , larc' t to their ,wn cori nlgnment, and under whatellver label th v may choll-e to desitgn, thereby P Ciliig Ibett tit. ndvantutie of iprrthlionla with tn l r own Ibrands. An the eput alin. of thea woe s!hipp e h' the above houset, has been so lanu and so fly a. Stablished, paties na.y rely on receiving the very be.t qualiaty pisaibleat .leir v.rious limits. r To lhouses residli'n where there is no direct convev. alice from Havre or Ilnllerdam Ihr lth shipping of die wriles, the sub.eribcr will receive anld forward the sname wilthout ally allnrae of en tanission. W DCU'I'HBIIEiRTS~ , 14 BIroand st, New York. Soal impllorler ofrGiealer's Clhapnagnes ul I.ocks in the United Statea. 3i Iaw IIn C IEilWING 'l'I.IIACCO--0 boxes cbewllig tubac Co, il store for sale by at3 A TIRIEI, 3 Iravier st - FOR SALE. A LOT OF GROUNID on I)rlord Str-et near tie t rcorneroflNev Lvee. This lot will be oill for thirty Ive thundred dollars. A LOT' OF GIrtOUND in frolt of the I'si, withll a two stora housn on it. Thii lot will be sold for two thoulsna d five hundlred dollars-ifoinlnediatle ppliention be made at No. 93 Camp st AI.SO Will be sold (to first applicant) an interest in three lots on the corner of Julia and Philippi as. Apply as above. iw april 23 1 O\)DN Brown Stout and Porter, of direct inmport 1I atios, for sale hy Innr 7 It.AI,) & IIARS'I'OW,7 anIlnk Plnce NEW ORLEANS AND NASIIVILLE RAIl, ROAD e COMPANY. NEW ARRANGEMENT. I. 1T l.leocomotive will Irave ila D pnt at tha foalt of SCan l str1ret,evrry day at B A. 11. and return at 4 P. M. except Sundan' , wlena si will DPPart Return 8 A. M. 1' P. II. 2 "" 4j , " " ,. A Car fo private pnrtie, provided thi nnbher aufficiant, will he anal down the roaad On nae day)' eVaOUi notice. jil, 183:9 JAS II CAI.DWEI.L, Presidelar. COI.T'S PATENT FIRE IARMS--Ju received Ip~ r thil flin.isn.ppi, frainl eav Yark, a barge an. aortlltett afI'entalll giinaes ilnd balt Pistols, flir a'.le tt iir 8 (OSSIP & Co. St Chlarles Ilolel a ý UGS-J-,lnl lnd, tr li..'-uI 9lleý.iar, . sail1 Iv of ailanllttd, bitter and swaeet Illlolice root, iile juiaaa.e.enalce n frlarrgnmot , aesl'ea ol lemon jlira, bnmlp alnlltl see Nittaibr. mna H ke, nand small, llhnridt, a;briulstoa. , orange fltW'-. a later Snc,lir wholesaal ant ' tlail ii store ofII I)NNAItI,. Itl'.9 r NatcheIP & Tachlnpitmulalns t N EtEW LAW 1l(OOK-Eahn's Ct lnc',ry r.p,.,ta, : volumlle. in onil, olan an addlirit nl at llll of C ilty'serinlinal law-Sep-lt ebni'a in pleanding, rck I rllouIr i'T ¢ repnrtn--Jost rleeived nil Ior slel by and)9 a\ 'III tAI1-9 at'nai at LA'TI'EI' NIOVLTIESlb --Memloirae fChlalall Mal TIlewk t' le a maIledie, bya Mrs .lat llatawilln,a i vola. Tle liook 1,I the I'll-ions, h? Jnlnen, willt splendid Landon aa-ru vil... N) .l lTaae and .other tlalca: nf I elanl, by Carleton. Ilench and liar, hlv the authlor of reculleclit s of ihli S Captain Kel, ihe izurd lf hle tea, b' profe'ssr In . grabham. Ald otler novells, 1( Jl IN . C', it'd?7 cur, nt t'ha ha and ('tlllllaton sl F O1NbI'-5 casks pulrifid hblney, landlng fromn Cu' t'7? IH IIONNAIBEI Tehontpitlas stn" lSI.E Jifl2E-In caskl, lnodinlg S111 a7 II BONNAIIEI., TIlnoaplntl'lta at Ar A) ON SIDES--I160ealts superior 'lcinalenti a- I a red ill al tora andl bfor sale by i. nl.tE ', at Iar7 41 New Iaever ICIIARI<ION'"I a New IFnelit llictllttary, nent plate in four parts, for aale at anbhcriptit.t price by M\V.1 )ltFAN. aiar 23 aor t I Campll aid Cllmmon sst LI[E JUICE--5brls and 30 demaijohns of thlls urti' al, pure and concentlated, ha ie Iall lalelv ian portedt by the ubacriber, illo will ditlpsae if it on it' ir. dntlini rt sm I. H BItJlNN.AII., nar 2 a.r Neachez and l T'eapioulan rts ElXCHANGE ON BOSTON--for sol by mitatril I BRIDGE, 13' Maganzinest PI'EiRM CANI)IES-58 bmaes d qualilty sparm -CanIlaes, landing fron shlip Colutabtena, for ali by I BRRIlIdE 4. Co, lmar 23 134 Maressine at LOUR--15l00 barrels, in ine shipping order, fu i sale by Li. IDORSEY, vs ap 4 44 New Laevee , BERGASIITand'Leen Oil, at i\ew York prie e . it takeli Ly eanater, apply At Soe " c H trINNABF .'S atoreln .aprl 4 narnaer Nat.llts ald Tbhnpitoulsl slq i[tOO ANS. AND BDOT--m. I-e.litm eontawd   M n'x ltd Ioyya Ixlqutltity kijt B rlapia ul i at kilt and calf Buoltr,finlii'a from ship bats, ilhlpby tsar 18 I. IUeP 4 fntlIljblsssit OL'D iRAI--15010 p1ds, .nld Ir.i rn sar leby o lid 4 M II -EVEIF.UX, tTrhlapitonlan st 'OiN-at-2000 briushelan, inuding' fron itener iter l i • Ser 'alehv 1AIIbKAHAM TI(DBlIt, J.1 uad " fit n ri er rt CHA IION IItS'"IN) , het n l : - Itlpl 1 1ll(IidiE &g Cut, 134 l INi li, Crle I li, l nlll dI Ir i t ait by llalr19 SIIAI;t. & lIIOWN, 9 Malnaiiine BGUNNY tAGSo i rlesand bnnles, f.r taleby b G apti 4 1 BRIDGE & 'Co, 134 lnnaurine at BLUNT'S COAST PILOT and Ilowdiich Naviga a8 D FELT' & Ca, 24 ChtaitreO at 1 lENT--Hvdranlii cemllent and calcinei plant a8 S & J P WHITNEY, 7i3 Camp st COFFEr--Ol bngs Hantiala coffee. r sale by aN S & J P WiVHl'TNlEY,73 'amlp at AILS-:UI kegs Boston itails alarted sizes, land ing from ship Senator, Inr anle by at S & J P WIITNY'IN , 93 Campn at fASTE BLoACKING--ti canes paste blhckitg Norcross bralnd. for satle by ilt 1 tRIIDGE & Ca, 134 lgniaie stat ( ' ANUFACTUIREU 'TrIlACCO--15B) noxa, 8%. 1 e1 t I, , an 3!i, iofvarill brands and qualitiaes, forante iy I BIDliGE 1 Co, BC AliE(KRi-5ii bhta huntirr an war httmart ir aSt Tire, tir alle by GI litittlm , .april 4 44nw_ e USIA US II E E'I'INO S-2 blea o anp-rior qual I , lnitdimnte from ship Flrtan, or ntle yhv aallt ISAAC BRDGEr &ec, 131 5lignzi.le r t iC.OTlINGi -lil caner S itcnmer Cllilthiig, lempri FIal n good a .sPoratilne, tlilt lang r i illi allle Ior salo by I tIrGEa.l Co, a111- 131 MlSnaille et 'I'ON lti--Ino e barrels atn Rum, landng a fin ill itp CIatuiliuuln, ai1t h for anti- i ni mat . " 7 J IIITNE73I.n IIEIICAAL It iOKS. UL'i'FR ion Lxnerthia or C('lub Flnoo (nell SSalitt on mtl e Artereiesa; Bani 'a Aallnlltlly Poriket AllaloiNt; Kitlear on the ear It.ilte i olllote Eve; B-tin io letdi-a t I./hrnri, It' vi ls. AJ ig's Ier hiidit i ihe r I'ractice tf t eidwifery Iloornane' Practice, wiuth miany oeti r vahlaitle Medical Bootik, fr ale itn Ieh ilnr, rlit eerontis , atent. , bin n p `'l0 AI.EEX TIiOwA t, 419 ('C at t tI'IIeetaan etFniaeRil~titrrctivnal treeiam Print a nnd Cme.merct1. nia .rina .nit .n ..a .news rinllatg - io. Paper ofnsuperir qndaliiv and of thle o Iloiwlg l izc a l2 3 i-chee 2 A ex 3i ie h 2fi x 37 27 x 4'.1 " far cd,re b r pl OI0 rALEX TOWHAR, Ni; 49 (tIatr aI J L. tltttHN"S Patent P/lafin-in Blnacere --uirn. Sati crunebton hd nt 3 tiernville th ent, Pt eit inint- I o laln h Iln ta es, lult.i tlr to lilly evere intit city. i li lIt ('AIt NI' . iRith hr S, Isl trs, A 5r all es, n clieaan sinl la l eu Xt ivta I ,mtt h o it I oI II n'i and r ,it killt nlll a llr l ti r o e kill t , Irit 1e tlitoft' Il ni r 't; u t ellll en nluse band hlaie s Sbnrs, Piinl anti .d1i a r; chloh le ns ine=, rogan ris and .n k M. tie, Iito aeah hy in apt i I BRiIDIGE & Cio, I:1 3enI Kn heat A Clral. ORI.. AI /II 7"HOGRA l'lllr / EPTha. It uiII S ill I7', 5il .IIZ/ .I TI ' e//i.Tt 7"ri, Il .i "N U (tII F NI. rtru t llt. i nhi i tCietl-itthnk I hisI - a 'ritt t .i, n ia t ith-r ihp le of i eW ttl-lt I it' ,r eII, p b tronee d it i Ill , |or Ihe ia lt Iwo v.',a, nll tIen titi-ei , t tl t al ritI t tiii ,h t all oder. ioII ll ,ittll to 8 ~h .i e llnharge sh llIa lll ilul ~ llcdhild tol; i t --it II II a i t tnll , kt p tiii l i tirre pan di-,uelu tde i er11 , laei i n It ahnllt ir u iIr iia v, a IIo aIrklkt ofI) limel llre n ll o l - el ra, h|l in"l-i l. ,lind Ilhl l nl -tllnll lil lli L 'r , mlllirp rFatislacli on. a- N tI A taillhe n/iren and I rti e gieii t.. t .,tlnt rax, uetd in nt i ao satyle 'Ia i: riilieitltuiet tigetll liig, tutd nit tiIt Illirdl of 1th4l explnse. )J'v24 CA RDi Va l[ PRLINTEI) at the shnrtaet Noierr , an the most u elegant nrmaner, in Black or Colored Isxs, on namel- a at led, White Flake, or Plain N rhead Cans, and ahi Prirrrs ery reaaomble a TI'tRUE. AM.lilCAN OF to, FItCE, corner of Poydran and St. (Chole a t. orr Several New and lieaantiltll Fcnllts of atY'Pr hare aln just beern ad led to the Estahliishment. dl Orders receirred at Coplltial Rloom, NI. C(harles E.chenge, 3 dl door toe (htavier st.,or at the Printting t Oicle cnratr of Poydrf a & iaSt. Charles strrets. h ..... ..-=rl. i II ar I NI'n PAN aa..a".\ . i r1llllSa medima e int blaet highti aurces ful ia tha , the c re of the foilowttm . lis.,nes: doptp-in, lier o diseae ,iditlgeston, tao -a ta pentte nl Itont ni lititle, of I taneo'l aI- "ruptins, re ulonhry Svlahi!i, hil'llere : 1111 I lse, erPIernII dehilita. aetd II Ither l r mr urity .f mo k enl; i' i. n '- -o . a mlendl ed as n "prinl and fill tiedicinel, hi r e t . 1 p ailred e, a tia italo I tll I t ai .iatl eta Ia -ga Ie l ak t et t tika ', r .mhline il s i l l arich ro linl, wIU Il Iaeing lata .' a vIt o lhh, lalllla I- t tine, tnay ht: toke. a ith 1 ,rl-tl h tal i " h) , the lt n o A a at' l l p t t Cer-ta.a, aalatll A aUl Ipllv of the ahmte,,d an, fin r ' ht I, b1. t Slt'liI.I:- & C.. Ita a it +. IIf-lI 1 f11 lar II t.IN : ii..i.i . . i..n fir. .... h t e ri El t I & a j.¶; 1uj ,ba tta (inett pat - l t\It .., I v.. , "\ . t I S - 7J he|,,x . , "wrt' p tw I oh s i ndii TomIat Ien , il .o r 'l I ib L s :le b 19 I 1S 11. I. ra. . al.ll. oaWN, ; i lll- ba itl ',I \'"'7 I.-- .l(I iblh. 4 tea w ht- e ,l l al:3 I Inul ) Lll;a & Ce, I:3i Mi aene at ili)'TIi(Nt -ii at"a, s e-inable- clt tht .g, lundilg hn lJ fron Natragain tt, fa r a la 3e by o1 all I Willl)GE & ('o, 131 ,iaca.azii. at L Ill-711 casks Thaatennaa Lim laading ftrum i la tulip I'eruvian liar Ir.alei idp a3 S & J P 1Ill NIP'Y,73 ('amp atl I E I) 'lICKS-21l baiea tf bail ticks -tf l.ra qtu-gt , a lily, tfr sale hvy rt.3 " 'TTSt)N & AVERY, 8 Gr.tavier at pe a'IIIP A l GN-8 ,bunk ets ia store tar I. I a-- I iTRIii,;14 Iarnaaer at a ai24l SllIALT. & iIOjliOWN, 96al nzine at " R1 U and ilarana CFllE-30i bugs Coffee, l of rieo aqualita. Alio f5lt' bags Ileavana do or eale o Iarali ble trn inr ll I aot ilttt Iltua . A , plylt to ST~I'ti-iOtN & .I:AL"Y, I at24 8i; (laer at C l 1,1 -i.\li .lt i -lalt0 tn dozen I aln kban's l \ .ladei ra, a9 !7.3 Camp at Ca a9ri I %I h IAzinc at I A VAtI.UAIIt.E 7 ECNGLil. Wtl iKS . t i 1I Ilarew nt aegatli, ilring 1two a volumeasc r phi rig Ct b n a P \\ Illn' Principia, i Vitalt' I actical a aid Sienti rtc Trea el ' oln uc friuale ortars sld C meot,i ll. a Smith's Panorama o'f cience i Arlt; embracing te p \Vri hteipal s cillceriaaili a ri; ti I metodIIS Prh n la,- di ut o wood Iliad Caaaaara; eaa d a ia.,aa llaea P ae elapa lat tiotn of useful and ioteteatn g processea oad experi- tt Vi ne ts, till 2 tl, with ilIlstr ative engtav lCatca HuIltt -en's 31stemtical tr aa leti ; containing file tnm 'Mora, hylterhs lie, and Loge-tic I o.Pnrllll.. Also U i inel.ll 'la ant llraa facenter andl Art;erl Siri,n tbleh p S no iec I and logarithmic, nld lte con ple i te deserip. p f I lion ara a la e of taIC a iate a t nataain aa pnl I l car Cth amt eng, Cala ln at . d t EDICINES A fllll l and la esupplyl of tedi cine J a imnpoted r b the anrat ibecr nloll rllltrope anl the llf t I aaaaaaa tar t lr lilllalr ratlar perset l , North, cntiantely lon t anlll and f1 r i e llle to colnaryi I ra l iraat.d planterl oi thles. ib tonI r a. mt29 arar Common &Tai tapitalt aaea ,^..r,. F win b n W l Yi I. in. EIIIC IfIS AIa-Il aedl larea ealaiaiy a',fttrieiaae a~Ert oai gt nliaa p at ilrrlt Tear .r rihanAteri rgs lauer Inestolr t r ill tit , ;ada a r as aei nttt n aa aaalh.tauleia t `tr : .1 o aprl 3 . (n I)nUI(SEdl 41New I steee d at 'l L ISEANS-7 brie Ihi lh & ANgtirIoEal,l april 1 .34 ravteelt at - OM1PA ISING a oyral Phtloa ophy, et elin tins of - Ch-aracter Paintings oNamrll- ai l the Passions a . il e I l ith losoiP er, Moral lt, StalEsi , iaNew and th I a I Pa llUIIrII -I tep al itei Ia. l rat. r lia tilea The t irit of a lr Eaya, Illstrar i a Journ 1y ofT E Travels II rll*IRueli d gan venl period Iy I at 71 NNY lleai4.d st rhaiacind aae far rale bA I eaprl I ALEX. lTW , 49 damp l at TORN &OII.I1S - 0 of r la hr's cnrohied, corn lehe l t li /le and gPinders ailablie rr pluntai h use, ins- a' satorluiiaralea a CHAMPLI anS . C& lPI"R, ah hS1 BUTE-.3l, _lkln l luet lued andt t ap I nranter at 'l ``i iriJS AN1 ItEalth pI, Et il aJuraI &t aTroerig.h Aperl. d an eai aaelhper I t far&te 1it) ta HA Iai IIaa WN, a lapril a6 Pi.rll t ai a e l a t Ira3nrer. 1 3( ar e ia raa leay rHaigrrAaLL prrdly I l e I9 J rrairWadalt h argrlh n pa.r..alnr I l"X'" row a os a1 4 .,a "I a- ala rfar l n. - I2HA...L . & ill rP a. ap!" I ' 7&13 )l.gstae ai PGRICL.Ea ANtASPAjt ,t; Si Wlter'lavacge Lald.r Esq ; the A-merican it g Saile br Johnl;t..mancoflitle Hareia, a j by Mite Pardee; Lalu I queetrian Mata.el, with cuts; mcribe tnlecision, a atle at ihe Far West, and uother poemsaby atd J. K. Mitchlell,l. M). ,fr tale by lean. ALEX.TOWAR, atthe, ll 26(i 449 Camp t taeei. eriel IIAVANA COIFFHE1--8U0 baog, Ilnvtll neeo tee, in Noat, H. store, fir aste b -. eto 'al3 A 'lRIER, 34 Grnvier'sl TI (' EMlENT--tlaltlan ad Ilvdralllie eAmnt, for salte I 1 by READ & 1iAISTOW, . n25 7 llank Place 1.lin )OT'A ' OtLOl'l-' 200I .nls e atern pIolutes, ln. ding i I frntn shllp Nile, tr sale bv 2l5 8 & JP I' HITNEY,I73Cnmp st daoe AY--; UU bales primei easlern t hu, tliadm l, and Iy 1) L forrsle by S k J P WItItI'NY, A a25 73 Camp at ncel -I..OUtI-t-I(IO blrs.eli superflne. anl On do file, 3 Ie Ir sale by N IutmISEY, L. ae6 44 New l.cvwe 11i SIITtSKEY-:tI.l bblls re.iir in oretr, fr esle by S 2a" 6 I ;. tIt(lOlS lY, 44 New I.evee - I"r Jtlreet, ha" on Ithatd a good t.lpplv ofghl g d a sil- 71 AIlt1(k) bales,, landing fromt brit; Su ' t AlllA k lt S-1 N .n d ik Inane lig frs Ilann ta ro g J Volansa anflbor ale b aI2.6 ,I lll, a: IRRLOWIYN, 96 Mnaln rile at . i -- VOL-UN- EE- FIRE. c N 1,-7. i. , T '' on a n iunl maeting of miln (l mnany held a, I tbir Ieg Itlon eCan F]tiid:y evenig, 19t11h April 1839, the illllfowing pe.lsltsll werte e'letled ()flicera to sarve theensiang year, to wit: I tgI. S l)e'.en, tForeme,,flll .Georg.e. . ..hltl , A . oft1 Roert 1. , W o ,Sc d ,Itor ,' l', O. \Vurlittk. Secrtnrv.etr pril2 3t aV I VA lt t AI I, Scretaery 1oId WVE'lI NURSE.- - tor W. oTAVTD-. A wtt nulra. flr n child Ix cinaotlh Ia ohl. None ntad allyl. bLit llaaltyhv ani weall recommended pereon. n!5 :}39 Cminl , corlner ,lignzine t t - gU .-nY i1'iAS-G0il0l ,, nmer, tir isle by T It IlYlE &BRO, ItATI' OF t)tUI.IANA- tParlh Court for tll, PFarlsh and City Clurt of Nl.w Orleans. Thie Pltate of Louisilna, to all whlom thlese pre- . Ssents lrshtll comeln , grlting: 'aVi Whreas, Amblrose (:opperthwaite Fiulton oflllii ty. ci y, having pirchlisld at aala sa e lle bIy Ilewletta & Co ,nl, public luctioneers of this city, the pro. ant perty heleinilter der.rih,l, a anlpplied to the clerk of this court for a nio ion or alv rtineme t, in I ," i c iforllmily Ie ni ilct of' theologiei tlalro o Itllh Sllath tn of L,.lisin a, entitledll ,n act for thelL flurther an. I t llrance of tiiles to p rc'..aser. at jlldi l.l alea," I'' approved March 10, 1631. S Now, tllnl.,.re, know y.e, tanl all peronns inter. osltcd hIerein, are hereb.y Cit'l and a d. nni hdi in the unano oia the Stabe of I,,Uisioa,,,, andi of the is Parilh Court, who can aset up any rcight, title or tIh claim il and to the property hIrelli ftr tdesrield, id in consequence of nyl l itl.rll.llty inll the. oror, I to decree, r ida. t tl the il, ro' ieu nderi wl'hich the l I 1 ia leI wI I madeI , or n yil irl gnt arity or Illegality i S hle apptirnl ulelll and advertliselo , itn fnltoe mninlter of ulle, or for an, otlier dob.eut whal.o+.e.r, tl : " to show cause, within thirty dy r I'romn te da y l.. ths m net lh n Ia lihat illwllel in the pihllc p.ipers. i whiy the sa so imade should not be and tuoge ire The said property wnas nold by the anlctioneers A lralloresoid ol tile 28th dtay of L)eceolmr, A. 1). 1938, ,e. by virtue of a dfecree of this courerellerod oln thl 'I 231 day of July, A. I). 183S. Ill a suit enltitled Wian. Van.e, nvs. his crltitors ealnd tio credatoas of Vance & MAllltr, No,. 10,961, of the lbocket of this oat court, it whichl.; le the said Ambrose , a. tu.ltoll el- acanioll lt r plurcha) , r for the price ol $15430, piay. l{ is rollw.i.,a to Wit : 1 t. in lthe promissory note of Amlbrolse C. Ful. F ton, datledl the ...ll day of tfaeelibeor, 16i31, to tlhe order of., atl arolnoraed by lotn Watsont , at six tace ilonths alietr dale, for eighlteen Ihured and s.ixtee dollars, Untll two.thilrll cents. rles 2d. In the promllllssory note ofl Iho snnoi, atldl - oiln on the antll~cly, to the lorder ofl, and endoll.rsed by the allle, at twelve maloltsa alter date, fr thl e amlll 31. In the promlissory ot, ti of the sa.Io.w, dated nl the lame day, ito iI ardorr oil anld entdorIedl by the tlhe t mle, at eogitoeen mI nths after date for the 1 liner sle aenllII t,l mn togethller alhe sa.noe..llr.aidol of fiven th)ousand fir hunidred and lts, IJtlinlrs. dtaeelriptin 1i, th properly, as given in. toie a dietil collvey,, li, t, . lat. A certela Itn of gra.nnd nn ,mbr ne, silo I te Ipartly in. f uollllu)lrg Seult nltd sll bllnr ) I),url, : t, e i squarre lIbounded by St. Tho)ai., I.,j.jilll , corner of Si. Thollas nd Novato strews, mu, euring 2ti f el 7'ellen front no St. 'l r'h fl. s drire , by one hullnldr'e'd and hll rteen r.ihot Ihr,. ll : h ts, miud front )on So. ttl ltrt, , , al. l t En"ogh m ire, to gethler with ll the inllllrolllllnt, rights, ways;Ot at nad privds illr untor beloniging. 2.1. ()in oth .i ce'roa I ot aof gro llll oi, lltl I .' i" two, ait at. partly in sa. t.e subuitrbs, 11. squares,ll me Iltasulrlitg twrrllty-..six Ic{ lt "P luve iiche , front oil Si, . T homtrle. t er.,,I by one IhunIIdrted and foulrteoi Isot Ilhree liies .deepl, betlween parallel lilnes, all at EnglisIh nmealir, logether wlllth all tihe imllprove. ,dilg IIt.nto,l rights, wayo land privileges thereunto bit lolngln . a t Thea whlole as per plan drawn by F. W'illinson. trum Itdepl'Lutly surveyor gealala of thlis Stet, dtaed the l26tl day of Decamber, eilghteen htundred lant thir. Sst I tyeigllt, annxed to a an ct in the llice of WVilliam qu. Lewis, notary piublic, bearing dal tlae 26.1 t.Iant ary, 1839, being bulladlvisioit, of Ilt numbllelr mix, it at per iplan drawnt Iby Charlest F. 'Z,,al,,eI, deIpuy city surv.yor, dated the 4lih lday olf February, 1833, et lannlexod Io an act in tllu oli, it the notary a.fre. said, dated the 234 day of SMtarch, of the same year. t Ilearlt 's ollice, New Orleans, April 20th. 1839, oci'P, O1.01 II. COURTIN. Ihr ap24- 3t Deputy Clerk. '1'1'13'.. .. . -- . . - . - - _ . . ETA'I-IE- LA- LUIJIn.IANE. - a Cour do Paroisso pour par prosse et villedo la Nouvello Otrldns--L'Etat do nl Louisiann, a tons coux quo coes prdsenotes cocercnt- Salut: i T'ENDIT quo Ambrose Copportwhaite Fult. A tan, de cetle villO, ayant achet6 i onon venLto faito par Il'wle.t et Crna, encantieurs ppb'icr led eoltte ville, la propri6d ci-apros . critec, e'cet ad droue au groaff do cetto cour, ponr un avs, con. f- rmndmnt a utn Lact de la Ldgiulaturo de I'Etat de nla Louesiane. inttttdd " Acto pour confirmer Ion titru- des acqudreore aux votton judicialres;" ap. prouvd le 10 Mars 1834. Ql'il suit clnnu, et toutes personnes in dres.;dn oint oar cst prdoente - esomnads au nuon d1 I'Eti.t de la Iouisiano et do la cour de panoisse, qli pourraient avoir droit a la pro. n pr1idd Cel.ares ddoritu, on conidqueneo d'un d6laut doe ormne dans I'ordre, le d(cret n le jugement do la cour, on vertu duqunl la venti add alito, no de touts irregularild ou illdgalit6 dalls I'cstimation, I'avis on to tnims ot tl model do ln vente, ou pour uno nutre cause quelconqupu., de lairs voir dans trnte jours, a dater de is publication de ct avis, pnilrqui nla vento atsi fai ineeserait pas conlfirmde et himnologucd. La dire prdopid' fut vendue par 'es encanteurs susdits, 28onoe jour de Dbemnibre do I'auncie 18 '8, en ovrtl d'un ddret do ctllt cour. reldnd le 2 de Jumlet do I'aud6. 1838, dans I't.,tflre de V. Vanes et MileIr, No. 10(961 do ieke de cel cttcour, a oa. qult:le vento Ildit A C. Fulton st-'t reindu act*lld. reir pour to prix de $5150 payable colome sllt- Io. En on tililt do dit Amb ona C. Fulton, do la olnmme de $1816, (il 2-3 a I'ordre, ct endoi 6 par John W\Vlcaton, datd Iic 2 Ddeembro, 1838, et payabe t a sx mo s. o Ni E n lun llet dIn susdit Ambrose C. Follon, de la memoe sntmlo, l'ordre do, t en.doo.d par Ie dit John Watason, do la memo date, et payablo a dozo mnoin. d 30. En uo hillet do su dt A. C. Fulton, de la meme olmme, u I'ordro do, et endosed pas ie susdit I John Watson, de la mome date, et payable a dix. lilit m ois feant enemb!o la soincme busdito do ninq mi lu quatre Cots ctinqluanto piastres. I Description do In proprid'd d'apros le transfer judsliuire. 1f Ii. .Ui certain lot do terra ddsignd par to no. un, situd en partie dans ole tubourg S.ulot, et en r partie dane le Iaubourg Delord, clans I'llet compris entre lea rues St. Thomas, lienjaniin Tchalitou. In ct Suzette, ct formllant I'encoignure doe rues St. S'Ihollas eat SuzLtte, Ineauraut 26 pieds 7 poucen do y face a la rueSt. Thomas, our cent.quatoroe pieda, Itris lignes do profondour et f ce a In rue Suzette, at Io tout meaure anglaise. Ensm' le toutes lee am6ilirati ms, et tous lee droitn privile8ga &e. y eppartenant, 2o. Un autre lot do terre, ddsignd pai le uo. deux, situd an plartie daun ion aubourg Sau et. et en partie d Ians le hfubourg Delord. Lt dens ne memo ilot, mesurant 26 pieds, 7 pouces doe fa la Is rue SSt; Tlhoaus, sent quatorzo pids cat trois lignos de id prolondeur, entro dee lign, parallblest I tout mte. ure anglaise ensemble toutes lee amdiiorationes a droits, et priuilegea ye appurtenant. or Aiubi quo le tout appert du plan fait par F. Wil kineon dSpntd arsenteur gd1nral de cot Etat, dat6 stle I6 Ddcembre 18.'8, annezd oan acts ai goeffe r de Wd:iam Young Lewis, nolaire 9pb!1e, dat6 le 0I Janvier 1839. aent subdiviaions die dao pt No. t six,;muapi qu'il eppert d'un plan fat par Charles F. SIunp i d~put6 iayr," Brd le 4 Fnvrier 1833, am, Sa4 an sets as groae de entake mubdit,, latd I *l r rl'l de wla t Iavel O nldsw les ~ ly Bcuaynrs. SOST-t-h the ofrlke of the litrict Court" for tlhe i a i'et Judoiuiol Disctiel, a nlo.srdiwpoid sucob orribed by-Heery H. Forohth, to thiftleoii~ o'orvyli,. -olo4,wi & Co. the m endoreed, dtttd 'y.i Ort . lean, Jjdn. 94 , 1837., In~ylklileton'.1 ao"~,I:8 ci the Meoliheice' w Tenidrc'r:liirs.llkctuorolgrelihei No. enrielor 'Noew Orleono i Jan. 27. th?, [Mvidi I., 5:lCo., 'Notary onblhi;lhe loleliotren li iithd oetnomot or'. G9; real, 'a J nllol Htvg..Uotr. " Tb ,d rue enc ed in a pnteitotdpi'itftll, ol wFslsi o rt d the Ylrrk's ioble .. lat r~i iIE '~eioeo hod7 hoPdlrothct.rriuibftiil J.lbY tilhe oohliie ofllho"iHeirooe tt Tii.hieect' loiteghtlet," di.. hi .2 vole. . " , ." Ihlia ANdI 'Ploo Eocon4y il lntraoted bi. olreero lio n intle flt New Elo rlnnd in r tie a.' t.[36, ib l' hee doe, Atedgoirk; pArtond I vol. Tie Mnley Tleoof Iha 'Phee 1Vieo me of otharlm; liy the aith|or ollhe Dul ol1hiiwio% Flbelido, e dnec. A'.ew avplyl~ of JRamr' Novel the "nloenoo" just nceivaJdand tbr aul Iy' ALEX.,'PCWVAR, " i a uli . . 49 Caotp I. i.E inlg froive.b Citroleelini, tir cele oby I I BlIDr(;iE & o, 13m4 fga.uinlud Bicloi'e IBilel. Ajvply to W.,I. {ceKCEAN, er10 t.iir ercnompoino..>l~otnOti Aet. TAF;I{t CANS--Jiiu reoivoie, lld a Pi-4i1i W of Tio Wofier Coans---loxbe 1-4 1-2 end I lb.. For ole by )A VI) by r ECn' i Co. apt Ir Nii Vork Sltciilnes'ie Ilol1,' nltrtroo ot. ItS 491.1.8 F-OIl.- oiiiI, ociorted sioe., rocoio ig loglto New York, pler eoliip Worse. For aile hpr IIn 1 v MiIA & l inttIWN, i , tIP on bC1 w g r l n N ieoolk cor .. ol e3 pi' f ricn qu ladolt , ruledriong p eu r ah 114.A;. & Btri)WN,.. opr 10t 91 Mngooiie 'I. ('. W. B E L L, Ailornoy Anvd Cooneellor al Leo. I[ A Liilotid hinlo.lf in Iloiieloo, cod will prucir:o Siii lli bI0lStl otaln o nd o enme Flbe lNoric courts olfhe Irplllblie oft'enoI. .,Aice tln r nes s stre lt, two doenis blow the e~i Sjlrd.I. A. wh],T.q. . col if IThl'he tinryuoned e 'd'rleu Aerlcdoni will Irwne 11li h ti ohe I ivo nil Ibrlmid l eb d ti nre v loi i iile at Ili ittl o i li r l .y l . l - l. , - W . Ii. Nll++]W ietU it|i.Idi L.Tf NFAN+ -- i-ilihebsyo-N il i-. I Jerk ShPA pli l,vo I. Sledgewirk' pnhlie an prirvalte eonomof, ill.: trn le lv odervulonl Mudo in Eoglonno, ia the S ve-r t:dhIi-I'oI --Cnverlatipn on l Notiro nlo C w h ,In I w b ciii. r ir pl. . Tllb riere oreinble Pelte C sr tes oeioa of lrioril. hy II e kioihir of the rilror, tile Nlrehoit'. I)bighIor, &. In '. volo. Elvira tllhe Nhaill' Wire Iiy lre Moiiklond, ore ther if V.Ic,.e. Rlninvivnoesr inie onle. olrreiveid aool fhr coletty oi MotICAN, I r ooreretCntmp & Common ace 111.tI1 I,; i-.A'cu. -.--' hit-,], teoeoioii pfir vhii ol-+.l+ YV . criii fur odle by ATit I II 1 lirovier vt 4I.EXANtI)I+l iL fl'AltW , Itotibeellre O't .oitip ci, i..belliu u lllesiihv lllb rlh ilesu ivn ll lIeell RI'Mrties' piiiii.k of +:i .r btnh herb.k.,.de. or the hit,' fircn cli IThriiig (hirern & ' icel~ilc |aOllhin1 the ueiii.uf lo iivllooulilli. 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The Art of hIeiring silk- t, sa, tranaslated fram Ilan nark of Caast lbsaldalo. Gllleri'n Geolorg oatitllattal asid wales, wiills nasa. Gailetol s's Itia leta of sas shlll aniand andraale-, with 11141lSCSa adlloriginlaI lmitre ArA,, aith ill,,,. itialns onlored idua as.alreriir etylr ii, 4ala. Far ala W MlKEAN, tin earner C111 & tiaaiaaaetn a14, 5211barrels ginlllr null,, 1,r1.l b JA1l VII & ANIDIIEWEI. aei'aaer lColmmon & t'lttllllllpitialnaiat r11a4... tA'l?-'r5,, ha- 14110 aiielsý flsour. ' to .lalifas. Naia kealia. A plly a, sn12 S'TE'tSllN\ AVIltV. :I4 G aviasr ` M II DIttLvItE:IJX, ap:l 1 Li' 's'bhnapiisulaa E ltAltE T iUni.iCjeiýON - __ 1I T \l K AIDAMS,hea Alali, tare, b~y Capt Cbnnmier taJltl lbhle a f Canadat, ly the nanhir of Samuel 01ikb N'iabsnac N'ieblelaa, Na Ill eine ,,n 1,3 Nnelnnd, their eneil dtitia and domeaiti. TLJe babjit, by Ellia T-tatHgaariat, b~yJanes '\ 'nplt ila Kyal, by i1gihnai, new anitlien Seat' ' Poetical WurL* in 1 Vel 8 vn, ilia allrcotn alete Aimerisa, ediaion-Car)'t edliion-and other novrellina. E JOiHNS & Ca sitiilA 2 ar CSCarlta andCall mate at ý)1 .IN'r'SI-F. , lbs hnat llBrilliaat. 18 ar ý greee.,l fo liblhick arr P nanei nhill tar gitali, and eit.nlantn eplayaent. Apply to C uip Hart taat boare, or ia ADAMS & W 'AIL. a7ii At Fatiulut. Vaý- Ja ltwesivae a lew gassa (jilela º Eagle,auda erry's datubl patent Sle-l ice.s lar nalbas 1).41115I- r E, & Ca, m. N Y statnness batl 24'l.7hnIraa o EXLLANU K KKADILN Kjt hIa I llpritpiieto bia reahited his Readih atae, i1t Sad thi st. Chaitlen Eacltange, Canner al eat rrr Sid St. Charles atanet, in the saatat auuater. 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