Newspaper of True American, April 27, 1839, Page 4

April 27, 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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ýýI '1;U11 b, 1 r .Pui~nga Y~j INýHlsr~,inr, ara It h" ie~tathe'l Vai Ilie :.. .ý ! is IQ, t aea ·ilaa 13 v la if tetaln g ý,p. y t a ithe ttiat li he mge. beeacg.a l e ra iaale ' Cewil ·tr. ' ' !t ;. atnuir It tatie l with ttu: A alum safe - larHIheti itatagrdaI invald It pc ~~ Crttetaea the ereral or aee ther tatletlo aB it mttv be ttp)tea'eLO~ . t t all tha sanal c attesro the eo d treara, oil soon aaeetpej' s ttedp tints uaIf anttr vheaeaa by ,Uhea ,,o, eanedie, itore a okays arllrsieqLuetinl reuie1~'I rer~urerte. Thbe daerr and"_ attt eof t'ile Ag li, ja 'eray t io t, rer lie bar is II c j - a ,, l gteo vs l tl scli I)ult'lmo,, - '.:·iata> a ta r!eat atti ih at to ta each illaeeaett b e ictatlc 'icliree ' lt sijturtler dii~ eau, ano tride, t a ts pelea Iato it hia ofth r oer alihtetialotl, telitab eaprlal drtiag lb.. -i O atetatlte wubiyf ae req atllaeti eiea to ae 0-6 ttee relyetalympnAo retttaaa herad. abut aeaathurn rE eI e=, a thee(O a wasr riaLa Ir liatent -il aeon hecom aoo mugchpatt s tle t '" 11.qit~lto reve l whit h tedi:iute, altat ate loly alilheaid u, -b t soot , ran ri nata, ait i a thee tehe a tleonRie ayaawta fitr l) a atih 'V.4 e t'lal, ea eluil e by the aesto , t tla)t I ba A path rll . .J.cIICuI nd gi t 'er it ia lly il le silly by Dr. John R. Rowand, at tub [.abara JA atnt ty Piadla A i)RWi Jbt %'ti & ANDREWVII WhaaVlalroale t~larle, ct r Tlciaaltlýtttt'k icuroroiira~luvri .C"icb ri vv0linee reiccre. I~,aT S.jon MARY KIIIILAND respectfully an. pounnces to her friends and. the public gene. ally that lshe is prepared to ocCUIommudate tihemI at h ahov oeltabltshrncit, ond hopes free her xorteions to rentder visitors, to receive It gOati lsaneo of former favers. She ftls conAfi. sent that persons visiting Covilgtrn during the rnmer morths c, elinl find beltrrr ccmmladtiorrs tihan rhe e.;n afford them, on mare, liberal teros. tier house io plaeaontly situated, and well supplied with every conlvemience; the h:r is furnished will "lintoest Ihoieo liquors, &e. in ahuorshe promises taire gatiltention to all whra lay patroaize mile diseteispitnd L siasturra [lotel. j.3 +1 '!'11E PUIIL C.-'fie und ridsr;ittwd. raving Is tudied tinder Dr. Set idt ofl Clharleerato, I m~ayti Carolina, and for norno years Iris assistant in tle pratice'oof medicine anid urrgery, has tIbe Ihor -eo offer his .prfesrioanl services in tllhis ciry. It asureb thie Indies and gentlemen tlt. the nlIIII, prospt alttentien will be paidl to te calls which may, he mode; and also olfrs e il services to tre 'halders'of/ilaves, being well acquainted with the disosse' ommun to them, having attendecl them in lie sugar house in Cha:rlerston. Tefamonu anti.bilious pills a 'tr the cempoIr t inn of Professor Srnullett., with directions, can Ie had of thlh deriegned. The rI :ct which they Iave pro.uoed in tllis and otllher cLirieas, has btn attrleidl 'ith the greatest success, to rwhicih the best of oibronceos clan be given. Apply at Na. ll1 .11a;:t. silo Strrel. JNO. M'IOt)lING. I iiLLbHV W il-E, - WoOD SCR.IWS, SAD ItRONA, &e. 'llE HIOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. S 38 Water, near Beakman strrer, Nerw \urk, have received the past sriaon, and are cnt.stantly racoiving large and extensive addlitionll to the stuck of the above goods, whirh now cnir.ists oIf tie ollowing assoltlrent, suitaible Ir the southrrn and raltern lnarkets. Hlollew ware ,if srperior quality, consiisting of hboot 1500 tons. viz, Pots of 29 different nizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gullrs, Kettles, 15 sizes, Troai 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakepans orOvns, 7 ditfcrunt sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . . 5 do -Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Orlddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, i do Wagon boxes from 1 1 4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inchees. Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, fronm :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, .-1 of a slperior quality and finish, and lena than Jatue's imported p..ices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs lior Sretailing. Taior's and hattor's Irone, assorted. Sash weights. 100 tone, aneolted fromr 1 1.4 to 201bs. Bells for PlLntations, steamboats, churches, &c. ~eado to order, SAlso steambests and other machinery made to order. The aleove asorltment of gnnds i, particularly recommnenrdeld to tiae lltteutlol of Soutlhern slid Western merclants, and are offered for sale at law I prices, and upon the most liberal terms ; it is be. lieved loibe the largest and best absurrleC t ever oelered for sale by ally one establislnment in the United States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a prin'rd circuvlr, witil descriptin of itoeS,ol.. prices and tormls, -ol whllich lo idvratiou is cuer I made, fnrets d by return of mail. All ordb will receive immediate attention. -New ~k,,1838. 3 N ew Orle:ans, Ni. J4, 111"7. A BOcT diix mniths ago I lad the misfrirture toI get sa scret diasese, for whichi I have iapplierd to s,re ral dectors fir a re, and tie dl not cure nl,, r i nOWr ei the above date 1 put Irraef lnder ithe rare if ItIrIII huet, towl Iwle ttr n Iiue to eure me. tillre Ihat tiroe tne dir: cn et worsre, str as to break out ill blruv rlters to thage.ijer of s'x or eigbt un er II leg, eari all ovqI my f uhd sore threoat, and not able IIto work ait h I pressent imn on aecotnt of lthe disease; lrrge Ileer nr the right side of thethroat. I ar n le pulrtring l)y~,:f confideqily ulider the cure of Dr. Ilert, r.f Poria to be p.i$fdtly cured JOIIN IIEAN. fe. Idf 1 I )O CERTIFY that tie above melte;ont d deisese s SLqu well euretd to e ewn eatifuctiotn, fir whi:h 1 tinnk 1)r. Hunt; and toeoveuver I asl are that the mldi cine I have taken makes Ie flit, andl lid not injulre my oeolth at tl ; therefore I udvis, my f Il.w oiler,rs to. ose lootite and applt to IDr A. hoot, 124 Cun,.l .trect, hetWeiD Daupintl nod ou rblo streeI.. r. Heet its t hbane from 9 o'clock, A 51, unttil 4 1' 31. They will find a true doctr for this cempiaiut. JOHN DEIAN.40 Gravier street. If any one wants to see me, call at N,. 4II (;rvie, JOHiN IEAN. New Orleoan. Feb I, 1838. ftI 14 1v ST1IIE Genuine Indian Balsaem of ILivoerw.t otl a Id e bounld,is put tp in bhottles at the loow price of 51) cents each, contailing tile strtgtlht of three otLnces +,o Livetwort, besi lea Ilia irteets (tf ltlllv other roosnIIIl Ier h o known nilln the I Lndian s sefllicacious inl curing putlntonary coltlplaits. The u tritvalled success which hals attended the t'te of this inestlmable tlnsam wherveer it has been intro ducedl. has oltained the eontideoce and recotmtnoed~t tions ofe(tlectalle physicines, for the clare of ct'r.rits, el ie 't.1tje side, wtt "of reef, spitting or bloodh , T'1o ii niyma cncern. This is to cortirv that we voein our iettce frequloettly preserkib.d 'r t (lard uaor'S tldiata riltaI{ ofLtveroort a d ohrthmm , wI, ill a decided good effect: we can therefore, fiom the othtw ,*tdge of tie materials it is mstela from. altI clt e .ttto ls, xpetrittce, rvejPaiovlld it as a Slloeri'" ',rp • ,np ortl those akofliun'oef thio lun.e flrvliciti it is rt • .....etnleiY. AItItI.r \V[I.It.lI Al ,1. D. CAVIN . l IS..' 1. iI. - e .aelllb f h o B l ostn Med:clical .-:t ciatiun. muleby J.AVIS &:kANI)Rt:\\ Ys, . , in l|,, t i l': t :l It tb ' su iIOIIlIEAIL'S Science of 'llntelslle l irteive,{,1I d Iv for Rule aut their l5ro ent Vl, ,.n, . l, i No. 8 (llattres sot.:t, N rI tOrlean, it;.t Illlhl.,.v Ntew York, tatlt Ihine at., .leiltt. It inltartio llaily deoit iledl lilt privrat I;li.:lnr,, anld actIIlS antd is eletlteIhItrett feepelnsull ol. l les. Ltldio onlid gealtletnen are ilvited tIo call alli x;ullill the syaste, fLr theit.lvAt s., l.essolll are give, at asielt loueos s H ov ;avo ttt i ronveilletvo f all, alnd to cJlaselootvo illtd o pirti of the cily. I rLiels wlio prefer itcanl receive 'eso-,tIs at their own ref ctdettcei. Pr eni g e3 at re oflestsons cr le..ired I o attal,'""''. t eII oeltasiy ot-lh. J - If i. :IEA bbli, Itflu l , - >! • •- 40 kegsll0 . .0 U11 do 2t5 oEIlloh ldo--25 1-4 bbld. 4110 . . 1110 Pint ruselws, various sizes, , Ie ,.. eriailltt t; t bblsCtpal Vartialh; "Japan -t " 1 Co.l, 2t pelto Gold Leaf; 50 do ltilver di; 8101 do. th• dt Metal. WINDIOW GOLt., AoAernean, I,:.ghalh eand Frcvalh i -tlllbtolhe, vlrutote sies and qualittie." I4lttnt L(tryo .ni--540 boles, tcolgument, w ill Ie old lO.f aettt a' e olant e,, AI' wo shirp, and of thists- colttrs sli A 1W SCAlt, Ent, lonoJhl(atnl estreet. #r• , fl!btl- ta tmithiet, ate:t t and isossip i S~'~~ reoi.tea at l per cotdhltatei t for gno4;, a .to -t ,e -f i i s Rua fe 1i "(C oetotuhois the Wo cen tita reseire fronner t theirf -Fau--e I w tl dte po oiantl o -tand at Ieottt, at soMr t tllarhlo Mltla Pieeei - rl, 'r t wiirktbnship, cad of the latert patlecnt, .i of Ohir tk C gpytit, Italiane IrisL antd -- aa. ilituali. ýt;o oPOUta UltTntbh a lid ( ilietoulid it pain lo sill and liultel, I wmoabliomlil ,MLt~l0bitnd b.o,,ot.lary atono, plater I o e P ,.RI.. i ft& idraolie (:elniLt and Plalter. i g fair( iithelre .ili a splendid anssortnlt oI bi rr---.mi .id ciptu,.-eo a,,ld Ruasia Irale,, t.Llte lliat a4ail thiltea clllalltltor and at the rla/tetttil%.¢.-_,iLehm fiiat rlate ourkmlt,: la rA& i AiN &r STROUD. '"Jt I'ork & Saltimore Packets iAqIETS FOR NEW YORK.--New.Line. L-T slai puonctually every second Muaday during tine sconeo, full or not full. Ship Orleaiis, 599 tols Capt. S. Sears, Ship Alabama, 474 do C. C. Berry Ship Arkaians, 627,do E S Dennis Ship S r.toga, 542 dIo W lHathaway, Ship Nashville, 5.10 do D) Jacksrc, Ship Kentucky, 629 do J Bunker The above slips are of the first clies, coppery and copper fastened, and having been built in New York expresoly for this trade, they are of light draft of water anl anlmost invariably cross the bar without any detention. Thie commnanders are men of great experience, and the ships will alays bey towed up and donw the Minaissippi by steamboats They have handsoome furnished accommodations, and stores of the best description will always be fiernished. The cabin passage is $90 without wine or liquor, and there is no liquor furnialhd to Ithe offiaere or crew. For freight or passage apply on board, or to II C AMFS, 48 Camp st. g The ships arn not accountabl: fbr breakage o: glass, hollow ware, marble or granite, cooperage of til, or rust ofirn ootr .tonl, nor responsible fir any package or pare,:!, unless a regular bill of ltiding is exacuted therelor at the office of the Oetts. nov27 AA A NEW ORLEANS no IHAL'IMOI LINE OF PAC"KE TiS. This line will consist of the o fllowing vessels, which have been built or purchased expressly lirn the trade, vie: Ship Seaman, Capt. Miner, t" Bark Mary, " Niekerso., S lead Ferry, new ,, Stevcis, t " S olotlon Saluin, " Latham, Brig Architect, i. Gray. These vessels are of the lirst class, hale hand. i sitle furnished c ceooulnodatilonsl, and are of :t light draft of water, so as to admit of their rceeiving and ditcharging their ciargoitte in Jtiltitote, at ile city -breightt will bi: taket Ibor plris oil tlhe (;hleaaeile cor J;lnles' River, and ftirtarded by tih agents, AMeltirs. . CLARIKEi & KEI.,li;ii, at lBialtimore: I expentses on goods shipped will be atev;alreted wlhn required. 'I'The price of pssage is fixed at tlilt, aliple stolrens of the b st lilahily will be provided. Stleaollll lad downi the Mississippi wvili be taken g on all occasions. SiFor freight or passage, applly to G 1' . IlEFI iD Ii., nov27 2 Ilcuvil'e st. I l l l i'ltl NI'W YOlKiti. N(Louisina andl New York iine of P.icktIs ] d;day-colillliencing on the 2I0II Novembel!lr--illand to iiin ir 111h piu leithty inll ti - limii e ofs.tliin , th in-, will lherealiter c nsib l'l 1,i lce sh ip, : i" Slil' Y.zoi, l (iptaii Trak, to la.vC li the l 210tI Nonveubor. lShip llte, (Ipl.,in Pal't er, to leave o the lit li )tet i lier. Ship I lllsvl.t , t:iptaini l;didge, t o lea vel th I hi, V kbt ' ptain W iootl'iuLi to leave oi ri itll l.,t ,IlIII.IPV. Y' Ship ilir ee,-,ir, iplain Davis, to leave on to 1 hit ,f J, ti l. S 'lle'hb;ov iareaill ni, of he firt clss copper r : land copper t.i Iello I, .,,li un-wardis of, 5!!1 I tns uithen, ire Io hlght drought of wlatr, brtilng built in Nuw York expresslay tir the trade. The rice Oif pssage is nixed at 100 dolllar: thieir eabis are litted upI ill the mollst in'proved and eonvenient' plan, and finishled in a nleatl and elegant style AnlIle stores of tho first quality will be provided, and every regard paid toute ie cnfort and entire satisfaction of passenger..i i will please take nto licoe tht no Ierthl c" aeured until peid lbr at t ilh c e cf' thu c ".i i ,i a . T'I' vessels art. . ltdled Iy captains .well exlpericiced i the t .. alwho will gi ve every at tention audl 'oertltheinelvese toic ccc tdutte Ttte" will at all lah es be toil "dip and down the 1i.i.s- i siipi by ielabniib si lnd tlie strictest pulituality t besirverl ili tihe ity of sailing. l'lhe owniers of tlCtes Ships will not be revponsi. hble for aly letter, parcel or package sent by o I put oil board of thIlil unles ic a eigblbll of Iading be sig:ned therefor, at tlla coulntinfg house of theI agent or owners. For furthler particulars apply to J 1) DEIN & A COHIIEN, inov27 90 Common at AFib GiL L & t hii.\iii TO-rN PACKETS i nedi, and1 of about1I 200( IIIns hlUrlChe, 44t ith. cisir n re c tics [cr, itesc ecrtsl the hall es sllm e lllla c inrI[I 0S i't cplai I.I . li J 'I f'+[2c vt'$..l i, rt+ V.'tllllrllnllt++ Ii hi. Cillililtrl $* \i t. lxptrienced io tie tc udc , who willgive eviery cat elllti ll, ,n ndi a l \lerr th-nlvlI res tr at lllllll,,dlt ll I shopper. ' c le" ic ili I, ti, ' ti dicic ltile ;, and leaIve NAw Or:i: rans -c c)r b:Uore Ihe i0th and 15:h of evtrF Ilty ml . TIhe taJluonll ves 'l i e rlllc c Im e c1 ciiii , I i e.I e : Brlig \abla,( at's 0 rl ln, a .. B}riU C ,apin a..i., II. Tlhompsn ) , ltt' Big A ttll.ena, ., I} nn,,m' all[sttr. lI rar [Rogtr \W lhatus,... A :lile~r% .s, tr F,,r treg ii , rpacc i e ai pl v h, A. I A i i-c r i. h , h. Nnw Oiic r 3c.c C II ~ ~ ~ ~ rr Iccclccti Ij Ot I AItjl) & CO'S, -otohnj an!, ,-Oril SLi c oft Packcet Stips.--Tlcrc new ilne of ships has been expre. sly bilt to run hetwvee the aboert ports, and will be found of btuitalelm dratil of water: ecollllodatiolds tir p:rselltor, ancd overy effort ll Ie caetl o lo gice -ceicec sai atthetion, TIc hcm is enrcpco-,d cfit cl ihiwi-ig ships: Cherokee, 415 ton. ' Ct. J F!ntinglrttL, iCarolina, ,0c1 do S Lenilgs, Challetbon, 37h1 do I) Eloridge, (hlumb:ana, 6:25 d. (: Barker, Seaman, 2,10 JI |owve,., Bombay, 625 dlt I) lcuphrey.w Tie above slhips are all now, of the lirst .lass, copper fcistoned ialld copperd, c ommanded by eIllo of great experiene, hivo lar-, crge accommodtio, n willt a seatrate ladlh'e C·hil"; every atteCtit[, will I aidito pla-llnger, andthe crvC LCest of stccroc pro videc ior tioe . ' The pabctc will bi tcowel op and down the lMis siscccpi, aild the triceCst pnoctuali y octerved co n tle tilnle of sailinc , ccItcl ChculhId ti rcoui: clarc vessels bo detained ic arriving, ohoer ships equally as good will itll cii caei be sulocsttuled. A .hare If ipatron age is aolieted, aoc£ ton agnts pledge tilemselves to iccoOcllcOodate as IIucib icS practiicable, to receiveI acl forward gcodii hy o id lione at Itll lost tnoldr 1t oiccpges r tci iodvance all c xpec:ea on goods shipped, if reqirced. Thle shipc will leave the let and G16thi of every molltlh. o, freight or pas.oee, apply to thie agente. J A MERItRtITT, 82 Cotorn at. N. iB. Advatecements madoco on consignnle..ts to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & ('o. novt27 i c'tftMlc 11it I ccr tc . , are to , recenvlll roe eon board sicit (trlincic EIogue, Iliclocctir, Ioki.r Iery Antrew, Fe rliice II er CciItr octo r Cicinoci; Bloek-i *aion Boardst Chesiei ( c -ic I-1 and i2 3- icth itil ciard Balls; 8,!i I0 an 1c inih blade i .iliew, Knivccc [lto jorlil C clllc 'iiccrcc ire l ltc icel,.if - (icc t -ic-. iiih. singlc he - ellted Gt.u+ t;tGme lBa,; Shot itett-; Pe,,rdhr 2:ul Pist .l IhIakv Ih+ra HIottles uawl Olilking Cl u;l, ~ is [Lrc,..elcu Oups uwl r'p Ho lhehre; CYloh, ]trill, 'T<)th: aind Naidl B'rtsh 's: Orris ard rhlorine To).tl \Wash TI1olth lolwde, 'l'.ih.: T il le] and jihe nll l H p )s ill' rit* ; l-ng lair itoris, I'.oitin s llll Frizi thi ; Ptar Ind rtaiht P',wd,,r; : merti liaz ; ce ,rv 'Tc b Clii ,,l. ii cl ,)v. der Pro'f. cud Ut·,x, it;~· h t.<1- ,··! ·\-', ·\ , c tIliv-!l Eur-dh, t ); \Val es. - Bu:ll'k : I' t 'h'<:;l e I ed ttl .N(I kl·t,;t's : nd Cchaist Gih acIl ritrd citi'rdo licc-iaol tl-is cu'ni) obl,s;, -h.:, I~ l alh lrh, . rci, is +l I;+rl,. +ttlt rllq htcllh. · ne ~lla,,I CI 1 t I I~tr :t4t, l't 3 :C n~ll i lll.,,r .i~)I(ll rlll,] (.1 EOJ+'il] 1+ - UW allhJ en lill; ternll oz , i lti ol: doi the n a lt len I')l TH. iub :2o .f 7t (hnlrs tI,, t iclc l'ooliicirllccri-. , 'ii+ * - ti- o1 tvlriliiot-i iil ut " -" \, & S. lhlthier, .vh,'lrell , Eaihmd !ulle )i+I ' c ,c , c .(Ii c rciii .!lm l'al~lrs; am l l ll I t., r al n I..)qx,.s )r~ , . ..,h r lll m w!l'ml . Tubletl., laind , ;Tlltl rt ' Kniv lt o i i' i "" - ccci lcit- cii cii,, Jr c-lc[ ..c ' ll t. I.', . tCi i .] nr r Ilill01TONR,m~eo l :Islln * ru·F %(1)) 1eno re<ul o"'xrI.hip tor t aille, Etld e h M, rlllry hIllh 11C u hl idE, ilccrc+c niot erhan i lale hcih, cciniii ster, h it amiu pm km~et, pislnl plan, rbedl and slitcl c st ; .I In Iie IN c i n .\l 1s() i lE,i IIii,, ai. .. i et Gi ccll cIic-i cm erch i ac ii th cs e I. ' 1. * onR shi llie il..s hll, Ivoh r lariirnd homen ih alli.r cEiii 'iiic-cpr cii,- i-~c-cc- ic- cccin ritd Ir· Ilc ++i tic c lcciiui , rc 0 a ,)d olher st,.ul, cic cVcl rk, head aFl- d leathl l-tre hair hi ls, fr t ,d ,aek ri',let; iegro pnts; G'erm1 ll Flrenl- h c-lcc lcc en.t+er, Rolutieillll nm eac asser oil, mitatiton dll; nthini~ leI iiiii he+-tll ,il; portab~le dleshe a1111 di.sPlyll case: past blhocking l arianloli 11 toilel gbu.,es; cellniex' inliur-ilsl op enl ighesss andm views; hndialn htuals, hellsalwl itlllleP! -Mardonl~~, white" IWinle; tloilet cod shain ig so0.s; tailo1t owder, cr¢.mllile wash hi[lls; s.llee e .atill entlhionli3 ionl siti'c ,scw ii siC s;i li clad ' hiiu[ ntckblLes; billiar,! bali,; p~ockyit' "hooks tilt wn+!ltqus; efrncmiocesi az r cgic tic-cc-cc- an gu m ,oJ,-..'.., rL,. .Q?4 'J ele'z;". rsTr ',,; Blls luc: fer nityises; sit. v(.r pelncilsa e '-, .,c. &0. - "'he aborve icdl itic cio oir ficrmi . Sc t ck i lIcy witlchll ccoi eltlititmtihgeioiieii ottlcccoc t'i Pcr]eolioeer |chirter n ictriet, imnci .nc , •Ni;.Wl artiele for l<rsoIns troubled with slea'ow.<, nian vooic i oc d hicich cicov cii-ee- o chib. car. cc opct •.-he hals ever lee.n ahidgedtol 141(nvle.rse wilth Ii v, el, denl ecrraigcmentcexpei.o-ed llotlh by themielves i ed c h, ic dividuals so ulnformnlil-v afllictefd. |Iv the use oI the -c+cr Trtrlt iiic objieedicctciicctirly tcigcpted. cThe ctci ceiticcl hcveo alcii ac andoed tct ir drtp ic - fi e cc-i t ue d e i tc rut i tiic " For a l Gac. T.nto ab~rrner io" cic . tonon anc, St C-kare ci rect cticcl,r itct.tchmocrocccctcet!,n l e .t h i,_ BOOK BINDERY. Under the Picayune Oilice, 72 C.,mp st. I RONSE\IA '& i HOVSON beI leave is inform llheir customnrrs an tile publ;ic gnertlliv.,th, they Ilhave rernoved th,,r esslllhdhlnhetl to Neo. 7i (.ta astreet, i'mmetldiately under Ihe u.oece of lhe Iuicavune-- where they are ip'bpared to execute all orders in theirline. H tning received from the North n sup; ly of lm. e.r and materinal or n -uprrlor quahlty, for the imalltnnllutre of BlInk Broks,. they offer their set vices to nlerchntnls and oter, who 1may whlt r work of thatl Iiid ; and having the advangtage of severtl yiols's experriece in that line, they anre conlidenttof iving s.tsfacltion to those who allny f. vr them with their customii. For ,eotnies, nrehirests and ethers, maps and plans twill be pasted ont litnen. vt nilred aIntd mnntled in the neatost imanner, at the lhrltest e lirOtp. SPlain antd fancy hinding, ill nll iti varitirs nl. n ClI. A( .IlAc k E. A x1'11|N LCWARC tt'Ui'B 36ti Charres sreet,. Niew Orleans. .. M. SERGEANT & Co. Importers of French W antlld En1ish C(Iht al Eand artheni ware. are If t..lw openin new and rich paitterns nif breakfasi, y lllinn and ten services, tlitel selt, pitlchers, Ir g and cull;e :eps, :cI)tIs, sugars, crtmnrs, bowles, plates. d'hesl , tureenls, watih basins and owesir, flt Laths, etc. eet . R ch cut and plain Frenlch nal Allf ricall glRass. war-g-lbhleis,, Ilntolnades, jellies, clarets, ines, etrdials, centlr+ htlr e, allllntlers, S ti t Iblere, preC rei dshrt-e, celeri; e, pitchere, lnampst lamp shade anid glasses, canlle shadus, salt (en ter+,, I c, S ve' r p'nted, ,'L" Zed ;,Id britania ware --eF- as irn', lihqur etaned, cake hunkets, enndltitlcks,l bran is e 8 llnone, Inilli elo id trspits, sugars, creains. Intnps, lpan.led trays, astrna snnds, and hantittln l slll, li i tleri . erlltnl lsever spo.iiins and horks, together with a n re".t variety bfcrtinles itr l'tulll y t.e. It .ritlait , planen ters, Il , and t narnll as, furnrished t :h gol t s at I ile rost IeN 1- en;able prier s, lon l pal ktted sn asith be conveyy it t with safety t i ny l part I f tlhe c tLn r)y, S A'sn. na i ari,' 'ul tn tna' t ri . not n THIE: FLORIDA LINI,: . ..o. li . . to na . tini l o. ._. j T. I tlvre ,Al·bidc evert- tiny at three Ift 'li= 1111, i 'tihit i,e tin 11 .er t l!' tiee fbonr oast couches to I' J'l.otalt-th olco ar lambhnts to u t ",grin""e, w here tihltr nd outtte is resumed-tli rce vi A1la ,1n :na l Id Br,,wn-sville, Fnla. lI1 nbr ide, IndUlertn , n, II to kinsville. Saundersville (& l,,ise. vilet,.Angusta, at, c"nneeiin. reeulerly witlth t the rail read ilrs to Clharlhst(,, and IhP a!eae n atI ls ,to Now York, Nortilk, Pilardelphia, etc. SThe steamlbnls aire the hs for Ithe service, and th navigtion rsents more advantauges Iltrau iat ie founl d u oi al lly nit aut ioalt route ill the south. iern rrm Tee.. Th"le great improvements in th~ rou te have been it prodit ctd! by ti e llen stllltit on of ilf IItlIIes f newII r ,tad, I nt, i ore, v;z : fr-m " Ll ranll e on i Lila 'ii te inalet 0.111n (:l'l l ant Rosan lier:, on ive t lt t , t e h. e, w rd, or 14 ahove C'edar lHoiit Sih e!v t!: Inav'i .a owU o: the river, and the c'.tyel , : ,il lil :ll i o l f e rT.llludabou rl , d via Ie ,nn ' t:ierl r e 'tci unce a t -cty i .it oa i IIni t lll II ele iaita i h re.lrye etelni , bh, r it, ,.,,, II at ~tt sal J, via P try to 3ln r , r i. eonul lt b b tihe ine to iSavanahi ant Duenn i,' li ' A 1 s:" At ' * t i ts reitularl te wrei B ' tai llsde an t A,,ah,,.f",,fa. 'l m iaveil, rs wiish 0 to Ieah Ila pli t tn l ' h'il t th,)o chee t ri' Apialac it colia iea ti i'str losten.o tt a iet ow i-svdle. .Mlubile to L'ensacle,,--Land Ron e--I)urin; the time o enL c, l by l he rPairs ,f b a', thie pl. Irloe. toers oft [he F*' ,Hnda hine tall In a line o l four horse pst eac:.ehes every other day betweei ..11 bil al, d l' ns i'll ic . Passengers will leasve ,Id ile an 3 o'. lck, p m, I in the U in maul boa, amnd prceed to lhall's ind ir , where a iout r ,.nrse cillh't wil 'aIx it 'iii ing i t,,convey them to the excellent house of dIr. Charles 1xall, I I 4 tille istant, where the. l sill i.d pleatsant accom tod aII o, I hiris the night-leaving nexI morolog, they il[ alrive t I [ensacola Carl), in the sv1ing, tAus avolding the discomfort of r O()lbe at the ,Iansion t lhse, ,, ih,, and Ct.l ]inl' 1 elo'c, P'enlaCo],, where scats must be len Se'- T()UC IO'I't.N & Co. norv Pirtner i-rie falrrtoroaoo. \', ~!illia~i, S111f!1 tenders his sLIrvUl e O ill r iterll, oros Moo INew (derai',.o Ialr taher ool-e Ipan,, forte. hlrr l having been v1·III/lIIYC s o VPr/ ! II1I1 as a ivuY cmr of t u11( 11 I,-i llali( :tImile C Ifll IS CC an osa oc"r l oirtir , oglri Ino I'I iifitv U IIo bu honerro II Itrtiro:h ir cronliot, he Io: is crrorirrd I.rto tetoi Re IDr Ci * 111 CII S1,I.i Atcrrrr & lio rrI-co & [IIUrI Io e -Xloor.-,r or11 4iil~orrrrroG F.rtI'erm., A i-'r lrae hro l ii'ply a toe hi u ri AI extol,- -- -r1' rroiro,,,-ihhiroIoiot'` ill1di 0l 0"O1U"( 1!15 ff1110.0 /1100 h\lill l.I , ·1 3 l'rrv I n , ,ly hIr nororo, I oilod Ir:." for Isle !-hill .Q rI l it aenrrn 11l W it. UP BII \\-il IC rc lt n;n .+ 11 , i s flan',, c rIin T 'li llUCIII : II fil nllpi , I ii-i Ion cal OII', r cit rio, , nor. lhns~ of le rlrlor . II'·'!l' ': I . *-.,,,,i ver or. I ri ." . rr , , I e,--re o~ 'ir rreorr,- 11:, II-l:,rlllno h itII , I ~ a , n e t t r, I,_,,,,,e, hl ono.,- I a , ,- , , r io ill soil,, Ior oNit Ill Ia !~ i w I 1W!! AN ' t 'A ,iv t~I :\!1 or,·Pllll.\Ylrrls bo lll; Ike lion rl ',and~Fl IionttourMantao1 t lit-c -to feiin suh or d , or-lr Itor rlir r-rioo . toro-' II -ndo. lroooi - o llcl 2 N" 39 Camp Irtr· Ior oms lTcvr li:riiOLEll, lilr s-lJNPliT·' E11I1 liCO11I 1I3 AND VAih I V llIE!'V S'1'fr llllllr-at the , of rho ;ofrlden rrivd, ll. Ji Louto heiprcio rt sork n lred. al comb icr1t,'n n-n·, Joorlio-, Intrurshos ho-king glassoo, tunilv llll in 51 , ll~l 'llnl i in pa rt as foorllows:t w sl bIb l~lldIl ill i 10'11·lIai~lllll ii.I~l':l;r lli, II.II.I t~lltlll~'*. Bit II1 I lolo·rillo ~-il, aI 1 T -n I o'llr, ihis sh11ell, rI Iwroccht and plain iu k~t 1FIll' I t Ibkl l I orior-olo, Idrert.a~ .ll: pall, cul eond wloi re, 1 o.- ooi o u oe att" rIor vor. y 01o*0" ofrlo verddro ;1(1c ipl i ot, horn, d ertniill a /. 1 11611 11 I gI1IIIeP with u ooiploorr-ooiorr-otr-r('l .r.r-r,- o-otract of iSroporrot, ::tor ,:rop, no lli -n IIinr, i:rc l hIhc llO d ki Oollae tnd ttots, -o-rr5 irisi, do, \\ . [[ Plvir trii lehia ilil,hr e ar.:inoli It Iodetp 01Ordrbr rl -0illdirlplw Il Plpll.l 1runt bojlI o n catutn ruts ndO roll' . oloI nodooI o/i li to tolth t Ithf .TIM F!! ,ol'-=rnsoftlho latest,,r oro nt lrai~olnio tileolt--,,ir- ,o ooI.i ·, ioorot do oll rle-ooolioo, -'oa r "t et III,,,se litloiloalree r~rol,,opitnsn Of reaoo,okl. Iv irll p 1 '1" I1 , watch trimtl jot bll 11111 ti lt l In I o-llrlllo Ill lolj o I! (.loh, air. , i\ irr t.l ,oI oIIic ulo aralItll orIO irt, 'l eh, totih, iloto-, c*omi, Nail, shaving, sho ant I (lulbINt. (·1ASI -0 o -il- eA anI '10100 ohtrlhr ,rd toilet n-u -n magllflfIlo-ri ; I n od -ro i n ileisinilh giufor ol Itorii o11 a h riC i k f oil! lhims Aot ItICIE$ra-otl, *h ANl-rr~I AN0 rDeI-h 1'.! 1'11 iRt-I LEoCO, 01111 0 Wni t, or lle do-o-ll i-loJInln -tkh o oI .c,,rlId i lol,,. Swill, db or, err" , Ir, arr i-r "in, vio- itin anti taloll,, t gl t-- --ni ol lorr .r,,Iiro rr Irr,ril orl- blrroni-, andII .Irrw~h ,ht lieit,,lorria;., p~:ba ~tc Iinn IIo-, Iro I r n I-.ic' li-orI-raOd i'IIII~roni tiu~l clc. pok; :'dl..old w~'ri 10, rllrlroo kind Mi ,od.rr -i -ran , - , pi- in ii o !rn l, he a -~I nI-rn -r I I-ri old l.lcnr li iir·· twoo !III dollsII o I I i ol l tinS , .rSll Mxc."rin. . rill.rr.ri-io Id Snid :I~ ~ ~ ,., Io 1 o ci ..y'. 111m·,c -it Inw·I ' - o ta [Ni) n~rt l-I· -"ccl di Ire:, !lr nl' hO- hlit Iy, dolit ll,,ZC Jr .+ ty r n h-, ral ut'ne p v .r h+k ' r ! to !"I .:;.~`:.',;"u lit I ll 'I.-:oh , 'oun tl l heIlkl - cIUI:,ail ,1 , i:. . ot ro .ad trlott ' tl o l II ll -rc ,,n I - ce-,::l : C ;1,1 th · cr IIIit I It I ll ]M ils:"S , I lal ~ ~ ~ !tl- &~r I'l~nEllI:~· Noo,, II -ir Ii I-rI OOrillll 11110 i-n~in 1111)p~p .1 N~',~r H51~IIII~P II L5SIO 1 gfl:.~ Iý ;, :1.,1J;,,k;-.:i",:n1 COeI i dol I, /tt, -1rt"ran,.:.oofl'rooiltI h,--- oo ý t i.! 1J ]lil t- 1:r, I:I r (:011 a purr , el·· jl d l,7 "ý, ,.., I -it. ,n ii/P ly Ill If:I,, for .u aia h," . I:ol: 'Irr fits I0rnllr i Irota. r C ,orsoIo.b 4rd, 'c llr r000 f c~1'"rnl ,pal ul -lluonl hOorill fil ro oi l t a,lr; ,llll ~o Oe purrr~nr oHat 1 each I'rrt dr , ratbra 08 Io011y11tro 01fo (1L, SEJ OIll A ! CIF:1:53?p WJ'LATFII P11001],.Inn me Itfla nlot jlolnIt~s~o, 1 e0 1 tlt1111J.ll"il Cocl-Iol Hog lloitr Iiro111 hOl I.0l110110110,I \rA"0 .001,1r I, forlrsaloooa.,rorno,Ibhe Wolt~tl, Ie oatl. -~l 01110Io011h11010Il Collr.o40 [IlIII 1111 :':,I,, .N1 ,1 loo 54 108il (hreti 10h ,~lyohI, 001~i an11 " oolh, c v.lonsh- 1antll nh-l oal,d Ill -0ilI-11110 I '0111 ott; m nflli~ttan . fb o 11 e~,11 0111omen ira' very othitsld 5,o ,,bjII ho t"\ tt)!F l.l\AO'rt COIAGNTTWAc0, BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING. OF EVERY0 OLOORI'TIOY. ArEEItY. IIS NDH O4IEI.Y A1ND CIIEAPI.'Y rXECO EI'r I AT THE OFFICE OF THE Tr eu .irleriean, ST. CIIARLES NT'REET, NEAR POYDRAS. CHAMPLIN & COOPEIR, GROCERS ANI) DEAI..ERS IN PROVISIONS ANI) IPEER, No. 7D nad 8' ! lJia street; New Orloann. LJShip and Fomilynnaons put up. nt.r 5.' LUIISIAN A FURNITURE WARDROOMS No. 5:1, Iianvnlle nitred. W ILIAM H. dAIINES, nould ropaerifolly in. fL.rohw fri r d nndihojnobiiotIno he oij n ,taotlv rcerivintfromt Now Yotrand onBlon a good ossorurnenit f FN'tntoiturn, h mn ultogtRm choirs, nofito, Ind-Itral i noyle otllt pointed chairs, mnaple anld eherrv bttsdntntu mnhlogrpnv nod cheorr tableo of all description.:, haoreooo, mitres, stcretarvs, writiu dorks, noolrdlrto no ltnlo~ any unlt cherm, wnash otaoodo, loeki Sib glcri , finite,'i, bt(ddioF, 4.e. &O. Nit. F ntuoreo paoked lill, tranpnortation with greal FRED WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL Sr LOUISIANA, `'i EIiS Ito svicesoto the puilio io tbe dloart o.roamstit St r, itg and Civil oginnringhboth in towon ad nonotre. F rto wosdrrololor'eperience in iso prtfesnion. .0t1 Ity protertftor O l l(idelitt in shd 'ot'ttiu titt' buIoiness otatrotnole t' biro, lie holies to errtt adoorcecnlo a ahnerol'ttlic poe rornoge. oe wil' se mleasulre awnod onhirte the t'orto of t wlr null exrmvatioue. O ii. No 8 I'h:ireoos otreet, toeond mtloty ii----- L:1 Z_ ..1 R.7i BUSH & ALLEN, No. 1, EXCUEIIAO 110Th.IS S'orfer iof te. (.'h, tes nd Co(noitontolX, NEW ORLEANS. SII 'O(ti't'ERS sld Mi, l,'tlro in Frote nilo Enlglish BI Ptrhotl'urin u 11; Itt'ottto:opo d Portoll b linrke. Colt o', IlOio'n, (ilutns Shirs, Steck ,,h, tI(mbre,!I iIIcCOLLIYI & DOSSY, l Factorn & L.eneral C2rqtommission 2iert'hrogs,o I:P~·I.O ill.E. efr in Nt'o Kiel auett, ."er,·rlle t, na Cntltlorell & II&"kg, I'opt', l'ootet'to &to. At3-lwi SJOhIN S'l'I.WARIT, :\,. 5, J'tall Stree.'t. AlenFork, I NI'(1 R'ITllR1 1111 nd d eader it Ilatter in ; IIII rshTs uml1 Itriaolooog. Ampl ototogo wty to' hod nm orp ers ~evr otteo.tiooti id to gowlo forvroed .lcn'orr .Iorto.'&' Protost, S . toddv111 -Iv OOitf A CARU. CIIRISTIE &C SIVVO''T, II/moks,tle G(artew tud Contttttortott Ilrtat'rooP, No.-7 ('ow-'on Streit.'1 " Orleans . l n too'I'n toollý lll tll to it I lting op ot Itt V'. ptoo' U13ANi NOTE'l: FENUIliiAVl'OiN V RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON 1furthe'pttr;etoo ofetogtotiing itt Itpaiton to ket Nothn, Hewita, hula of EoItooaegt, ('eetttien'teoft In~oir (l'tc koottnd ttllher itntntont papers, in tllrine ..:uniny tngoiesttFnntootit'; otill toa n amide atto ple penlt 1 p Swill hr e xeeotrd with onu nllitunde, mid on the usuall C llloll tetcan. Ollie', co tteer iof tnl & Contol sire,:. In;--IF .,llerchandi, e Broker 4. Co,,mniss.o, .terrh.Anl, 1113 l )tli.l , 31i, (t'amp st.- 1Ior tIl prescllt. I i . I I Ii . I SIt , sill'OJIIKR11C 3. & I· COlSRIO.V ST ' ltILANI':1 T, No. 6I, PoIldras Strot, i*solesle florilthi Iiatasto lt J. P.ti'A li tId;lB.i'o -N No. 3, .tlag zille street, l in:,, r ialet tl 1 i .lr ti, oun,ltlhtr n l ." 'I ' ir Ist. sorsi it heint lurze, Iu -relel ,,ts I'rni ti" ,ounlt ry Iaist lie sulpl. lit[,l t lilt hor :-t tro l rt , SI. I

I . N.... 1cI-nvtI:r _ra _ ,fl SA.. I.'11.1 FASHIONABT LE CLOTH0I ING I I 'T'A I()Ii i & Al))IEN, No. I 2 lag ainrrn I reet It'. 1 21": , ., 11, .IJ. ' t' " c r, P u1L P1 Jole t i. i J. B. Ross SUGE llON DEINTIST SAlo l o ,o.33, ll oteo.Inl. ORLEANS L SITHOGRAPHIC PRINTIN lAS L ON'A LE SIC T31, IN'1' No. 53, Magazine Street, WIr L1A 1VEo1l n l ROP'oo r TOR New' ') lo Ts F it. -_' JARVIN I & ANDREWSPAN \VIIoE.I'.L.l AND IRET.11 I, Dr.:LE'RS IN IIDICINES, PAINTS OILS. l'":. S'lUe'e .I.lD II.NDOW ;..'SS, Corner of Common and Tehoupitoulua streets, .1. of |.AI l NiaS. INATow IIAN JARVIS. JO I IIN W. AN iREWs. .A lrge ulplly n Garden eles( . w wrranted the0 gr owthll . R. ,oilI I( I, oIol' l ..ANN l o)N, ..(. . '. ".No. I! C.mlll c street. \Vholetsule Dealer i I'ints, Oil, Varnis her, Brushtes, WI) Window alit| Pielure Glass Ac. Ac. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROBI.SO~JI I' GOODIEI.IEY lNo. 6V, Chiarre . Marjel e y.o , Door be low ienville, t \AVl I conllltntly n hnd every article. i 11 prtuin ( i6 l l( i, I gelltlllen' drf s, hloall e in 0 h0 hest Inils hernd must fashli ahl+ n tyle, hich they ofie tin ;llCash, ll heed o (priets. 7.1..l...p..IF n... -- 6'lf.:- Iiologlo l,,,.. oCu 'iI, oo1oporF.IedIi-; o.I EN' IN-SUIIALN"IE COMPANY OF NE\' ORLEANS. V Thin ( omp21 nv / llt" ti'' '" pretiared to tl ke RISK-S AGAINST FIRS. oi-i it 1.".~ No.'2I \lusso, in ' Ilu dingoCanal e. .oab Newljo ,ls,l Iot ,in . 1:/ i r el ronl. r d io . 'l '-- I 'hc I ThprtNotr.hoip ofr Kellr'it , Mason &Co oi f New Orleu ; Mi n Ilrris &Co., of Nnchelz; Ti' honIlltI, Ersi'lno'l, srviving partnll ler , will e ch'lared n it , N tot i nd .lll oin ' ll aid oine . co as . oilows: l.o viC liar','Io wiI aoulh lll Iit noon.,ottl nlo nInDe: b oll.lllt of h.aro, llarrit& 1"o,, Na tchez; and IBurris , Ku l oy & ('-.,at It..dne,; anl d Ienrtlv Kellev will ntteld to lie+. Sethng ollf tI uinm ,.. of Kclle r, & Co., atl \ew t)rhonu,. The aimnes of tie several liro \will be al , t l l li, lni,lIttiul l n trly. those ildt,'ted it, said firms are earnestly requetell oe.o:e. thirwalr'l nld make early settlement,; sad those. tbehaf ! laius .ill please relaen them withoutdelay. HiENRY KEI.LEY. New ()rleanl, Joule `:7, I737. iT RI' G.1 ITEN SEEI).-The subtbcrter begs to 'xprtss his grateful thanks to the pubs hIe, for the liberal support he hne ire, ived since he co nm e . l.d bI ine,, In 1"h. city. lillng sOle )pro prit r , rl he senul sore, 17 Com tl sor l t is lite, i. I not tad never l(."nt hor any nornhertl r ed I vender; nt"i her is he conneell d , hit :Sits h luse in this cot utry-but he -MP0ja+ .I the public that hi, ctnnel, ions ia e'G.+y'departmeur of the seed hbsis ness, in the dlereot co.nteres of Eui.ope ar, equal ,o that of ;..,p house il tir United States. Ile ill. prs s (,l aml s &e. fro:}t the most rxreiv p n,, ro4,r.. h!e nms.e ,.o s .d see ,Ien, in i',anoe, L-- ,hal:, Igl.and, 8 ,o inlod, and thIe no thern .titnc- and it will at all little. he his inrerers, as it is h1is study, to recelvs, in addition to hIs preseatt sio, k. Iarge oir tveal' ) every d r pt- ltlon, really the ern~ Ith o1 I3:lai also, entn ralled Iruit ire. s, of all kI,; d". The pil:c ,may rely on finding a lull nes. sortnlenIt of a very .,r lein t lo to seed lIt., of gmenus inn qua!s y, and imported Jireces by i IIES-Th're l6ac'ribor' having lltely esta SIdihshed it vurni.h usanufactlor in .ew ),rleans, is re.dV to iupply Ilse Interi rnd the publie in general, by wlhlemhae or r,.,dl,. Il- prices ure , odderate, snd I the quality ohi(l l'ducts;U sUperior tll any ever broughtl| t1 Ilbs p e. Th : g lntll lll emia1emplo el lu uperinte-d 'ha ll: presentr,l with a fair 01m0le l"of any varnish they n ia wis. to" ' r . A ilnan l the varni -hes a Im Ihe wgater. 'Te.bshlck varnish for mutre., utonlotltall ,..I Ro yal College of Phlysicans, Loudon. I fhltHE oligmnal Veetoable lviei at Uivamad Arledi-l 'I loe, reloi'll hy W VMtkin, Esq. Memoer rf Slloal College of Suorgolno, Lieotitate of Amotlhe cry'Los amluyP Feolhw f oBolt C;ourt Soeiety, Sugeor to the loyal Uuion 'Pecsion Acohiation, Lometcer c Pluace, Waterloo Britge, nal Perpetual Pupil of Guy' ald St.'l' Thomas's llospitls, London. This valualle mlieicine, tile resud of twelty years' g experience an!l unluaallelel auccess ill tile exteusite a avt lighlyte rcscttahblepaecti.e of the plopriety, patro ciled by ihe facaltv cot nnhlilit, ctul isaoow ilttreoaluoe tothe cotioe of the Amerino I;ublic, at tile earnest so lioitatio .f a lnmber of'gentlemen of longa acnll il salding i llthe profession. It is hoped, as a Iaelmi cry step, to heck the evils and fatal eouse.quenees arsinig from the use of the umnerous and deleterious nosraclms loistedl upo tile pnhlic hy the ad of fabricated roofs of miracllous, and otlher ltsula, by a set of Imaelec.lmry, inlaritelpled .pretenders. so totally ignoreat I ci medical science, that it impoocible the monstroas adelhion can any lcnger go down with the iltelliget t reotlle ofthis colntry. l'hese pills, mild aod agreoahlel t their matre, shlould be kept in every familh in ocaes ofTalide illness, for, by their prompt nlmiicstration, cholera, emamlol, aspoens, ft- rs alcd other alartniug complaints, w'hiocl too often prove fatal, may ie speedi ly etred or prevented. ln tier, all those whil valoe good health, should never be without them. They are solm in packets at 5s cenal, $1 and m$ eclh, by every respere table tsiagita, hmokceller, andl vendorof mediciue in tht United Stilter. I 'ae I ICllIas, with eoloua dllaetiols, tofoller with: eotnonials of iarofssional ability from thle ~ll(wina em~iet~ R geutleaoco Sir Aetley (aaoler, J AbrItleohvodol ts 3IIhmdell, 1. I)., V. Hooek, 31. I)I., J. Astcu Key, A. 'rltnpton, 1M. I)., anld ntmeroue otlhrs. The oarigimstl ay he seen ace opsasiol of' the (iGeet l Alegt, by whom the mdlei,,ie is importred lto this mtlllltlo, and to wholtt all aI*plieltions oIr agenreies JNO. IIO)lIEIN, 1'29 W.Verly P'lace, N. York, Sole Gloet:tt Agnt ltr thle Ulit~d States, sc. For .lle by apllloilltmlent of tile olrighi l pro|,riutor. by Swot & lta'etrtnot, loruggitts, No II CUnio stmeot, Ireorro Ag.e a'lor S;asthto of Louoisica. jot vS ilM ittY It LE'h P c, No 2 loactor. street. mr 1 c:w rOoceiaing 'coo; shipt NasIh;oIt', l.,uilvilh., t Eoktv, i o :ulr, olthcr late orrivl.ts troomn :,Ih oil trll c citie a tir nltEllla aoleo.ttc'd tossortmleat Iciv, Uilotaa, Olmoet tatnl Beagotama, o l!;,i.ill ol'gllo|ll lvllhsllle. E~l' I ll l·OC llro olllR s causiting alet lln.l 'lin' lle all at btIrocl o boato dIo I ua l . ea do ul oa, anl slout wa'l g.e! ell oot enlriollSqu ll~ltes; mlenls lino enlll se~al allil `%orousc t,.'h pmps.1tc Iatln ogats, ,uctkskithaio ec, I royn asn lllltS : ame v's lil.v c al nd kiped tlp o Iged oest:uOl I rtogaurs; g Id tlo 'lo; c aullt kili aul wa'.x ,eglled sloel o- tt breus; gellolokulll's lest i. oUll'iV CatIs lle shaoes, In lans noni Jack I)ownings; ,to en:lr and Mololcco t klo shlol ,lle IollOians; d cal, seal atllll .lotr'ccao I tatia, sltoSa 0. clipp"', ,lda ealf, bollu" atit seao wity,| a le al'ielo t';d lt lbe eall; se:.l uld mor oo, IpllliUte] tots, tbasv',t ni'SieS'oUllo Chihr'el's peyged tllll sctellt t' oogoats, atl.t shoea l 'erv-ry quality ilad kind. Also a e enell lgassre.nla t t lllel' stloult w a'ld ..ll llro.lls :alal sloers, ogelther wloal ItIIKI pt l ogre loot quality, rosoett hl'ogats, totitle i I. ksm , Ima 'lxprtwsslyv for titlltatiot ue; a gaotd s I rtulelll of" llll 's f.lf aotll stoat kip lssell a ,lclolt s, l t a lelil, atnIa tl:'go quatittty of .aat infetrior qitalitt aI ' s lclttt ott l. blat o llls . lolie.s' fin calfl; srtll, maoco aal ganilr . lls, a. l plm i sohollo shoes; ,do lne Fri hco id kid Iru vii lslilela; aldo rt:t. shoet, witl .:nd wtheitlot Io.I.,i b culfI senlI nii slolllu Inthll erh |ooteelsl do ll.Un.:ll. shoe I hlII In~lls lllnl i lllll i sscsl h l laq l,!.ll i" ii "1'ril:i'l' I. oatf"I caota r 1" kid lc. l .att ,nlitie s; tt Is ha l ita a ,it.. slgi.'taItt at g'alU. (thihhrtet'scoltoo'lt1oo,'nao tlastaint hrta - hlita Iolall to, hat'. ,;enld'ente 's lin'ftshionalmhh !,;l:k silk hats; ,Io Ilack iih'a t lclr eIaerh) at a surll e i:ity lo imllill I ,1 aml l. io i s. l optlo rl lalrOw brm l. c, ine slldi ulell Ii: k k-nelsi IIhol't ap ell l an,.l :ts, a! new, aricllle. ¥1o.lis" l ii; soehil on ato lmniltlltit l mlls lot u hllrtIf. .1 t' co a t L1'tad ,abt 11.1.4[.~ COH t THE 1ISTEET. ir'llllt V o th. |te tll' I, lhll inal !li.O' t 1111 itto t ;l itat ll .r it o IIh e lllrl2llll Iy l l". Arrjlj lle llle lll l I v e tll' oaltttIal' Au ll.boin i an ' io oa ti sh.' fr thi rlol w Im e reliesl on ilCCI ll llllill a rrellt | lltlh deny Imiii I-II" IIt.110 II,411 Oa 1,1,0 [11" TI'+'I I. aull II E..ullpra a i·IImh, UI~IIII', r ll''' b- l l'O iI .,' (ll -;l dl'lll' .,lrlit! |r llll, il Lt;,llla)( l ll ni ilv (f1 II IICllill IiI irlll I Iremd ivr o im IIei, u,',. t p.- .lulH sr I.n 'Ililll ill' 1111 IoINll ' 01I1011 i. l ni 1 11 . 1111' llIr tllc,1 rell'lr (I(,] I)II tI'i t'I Iii . ti ullt ' lllll' l ,i ''lll'l it l it llt i t ii I. Illlillll l ilts illd rinlilil~lll rl i.. I tI al++,,PI I·II?· llrrl1t lilt~ )1h'c Il·ll lh'l;+.'ti h''th,' ' " '"'' llll rt '''v+: "h"it `;r'lil '''P! ,!il'". ~ .t*' nth'` rl' cl , lv (ii'e [IillliP (IiiOtii tInIV ll u hls ll llt Ill1 (·(1r h r"lh ' itblc 11>1)1t tlllll ti1i lil lll,111 il. Illl- t i , ih lllo ht f li. OiI11 (MUNlNI TIONIC M IXTURE.-.'I A sp-edy - and etiii nuro h.r the Fever and Au, remitltent and uln,,rlo r it nt ib er.; icpar: d Ilonll theI noriginal t-roi 'l . iL-n:d aw;!l 'n l a Iic c versal Iý e ls in l:3!3 , by persons e! the hi it'"i r npeclht vell e, tveat tin', t:, slated Io the al.nnexednC col liicates. 'Tlisinand. ein. in hihlayt r' ninmerdeh, aiol anI suchl distinguished sucese, that the prprietor fna ath recip has blen ill d oe, a lnt r n it i . to te lll 'll. lic in its upreset form It the hope hlat it Inay he the meane of relieving maniy of th e iwho are itsuering ullder the scourge of out coutryllll It er a nledicine possessing glelat viltue, and when used accikling to the dileelltons has never ic lld of otfflcting it cure, ev en i rn the ot Stte stilage. of the disorder. It i not at all di Orleeable, atI prsons of the weakest stomach, allnd children may take it with impunity. It alrengthens the digesti.;e organs, creates n i an petite, nd Slorre requires more than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottlhs to elffct a cure. There is neither omercury nor arense in tie mediciea, nor iny thing injuious to the humanll constitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of itnsoilicacy, thei .t they agree e to refind the price of every bottle which has been taken in accordance with the direct ons anld has not etfcted a a perfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OIIVEiR, sole agent for New Orleans, at hi n rhoi1snlo and retail drug aind mn edicino ntore, corner of Iienvillle nied C.hartre streoets. For District Ageniens appln to je5 T. Wn. SmIII t TIII, 8 Conti ht. PENSACOLA MANNION HOUSE NEW CITY, PI'NS.1C0L.t. I1111 I1subsrilbor huiulg rchll.d the lease slllfor nit.i r olll this well k iOWl a t ii +hlll im hl tllll frot;1 Tllvlrl Ithelle1 llnpr ieor, will he reltdy to rerelive sik ter by hellet Iol .1 A pril nxtl. Nmr lllll oull I costly ir. illrdeents will be found i the niarrlngentI oI f the bI'enrinyelin Iiiuse. NeIw aIn mni toren comn dis Ihinna g hir. ues will be builtanin d warim i eth will b ii provided al till hour. A stable will I.e attached to ule iLec, wilih good aenlinodi till's for horses ei i .llll n rrinac Fi III t r o es n dllll rri'llln-is will eilise kept fincihlilre allt deIri- LLn iiricer, anll Pill und row Loi, with perIonll.o lllllnoll plll" n e he forir I t all tim of vll'rs, llilliardt a d l of fclh ei Ilul.,etllrnt nitnlly ili nin ii -rilyn p ,li t rin ill als-no e fllnrnished, and no n-dullle'l, :s not to interfere with the collnln-r i n,'n n ru'i n innn iln di c i.,aiu order,- ,l hitnli . w ill ,t- ti r lle n-'--lin 'n' I'-il e ni n J ln-n-innin'ainn-nn lli."' , Mr Fridnrick It Iha, t, whore formerly kept so poill i at h l tt W1\ lLh laloll Ian y,"il i c dilw his heer"h eo l i L lll ti ti l rim inai ofni e en , nt nd his lBn ' g'eeni a ly, that they wi! ree .w every posribic, .tlou; inld tald i ry e x p ei t'l ' e gI ! ic .l~ ,: r u l ls a lli. n . I l . " The local aLdvantllages IL i.t hosllle ore toll well known to mn.i n hlentn nicled decriptlinn tire. 'The ie illts 1 lat Prl. lllh ie the larg st llnavel tlillon of The iovr innu f; e he meierl reccde s of thie e (i tlesi a cc i r l'ho(lulellllt ehn irllo rlildt' b l elatt ill+ (lr h'hloriU rol IIt ll: liv i itis n'imni- rn crsn allt. tfUlll dn ll tilig l l innnllair oi t nllh by tl a iol .nt lene . l'lanei rilll- nt mn lher; ie I-ti bnnl, an illent.lV of ihi 5ill Will which Ihwl a Will .le' nulll nndhe tis il'l illh to tim bes Southeini n irkets, eiveo Pensaconl lthe ir iloreniCi ' o r ill other places iln these illlltiti, as In b /Llilth l and deliehll' suI ilr n ruirwat . I Ir~t tubout w. \ill rn ,i hlwew P'ndmacla o'd De [bitc, un will at +111 tit ti tiIn . l tl e tal i, ! Ito u e ll ger front Ill New Orleens bouts. c b h : N It ARNOLD. Pmrnsaco[a, Fah. tin-, l:18oer [ ([llntloiien wi.;hing to engago roonse for their 11r (U e+%tilT' Taylor, the blliller prpdrietor, at iel Ors !cans. i S ti ford, Ie, ti h t 1niin n n 11in.1ipinn, ieqm. .t. iy, in lob lh ' T Taylor, P'P RaI' , Esq, ti Ni. I' S-A. t et bag, to receive Cemnnnientlirn-e prnll the -,n e hintel, in pinlaced at Gee WVhintnun's effice, .51 St tCharles lexclrhogc. 'L.ORIAtl)A ROUTHI FOR NEW YORK. Q 1 Trarvellrs desirous lf inking the Florida route, via lPensrolulat, the North, ore inthrmed that firsl rate boras will enlltatly run fron. Mobile t, Pensaela, lea tile' Mobile andl lennnlcolai very other day otter ine t1t of 3It. Gnnod stagee will alas e provide'i n ,F tineu, einmerntnIo he in riuianles int ruke pnaasnger.n r."e .Ilobile', in ecet af tnie fniinre oa thie hutnn N It ANOI.oD. The teanoainnt Clhampion I.nves Mobite for i 'ensa refs l_-__ s week nih .-i I v nthieir friends and the public in tecneral, that they occupy tihe new brick shop, 219 Tehoupitoulan street, where they keep eenetantly on hand Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, of every deescription, such as copper stills, kettles, nand pjnttp, tin bath. ing ti'n s, and nil cans, of all rorts anlld siees, and all other brass casting done at shortent notice. Grate bars of Cvery.dennription, stai aes steatm. boat stirrups, hog etains, screw boltlr an- othue kind ofeteannbmat work, such us thimnoys, breech. ec, steam pipes. 'lThey will also do all kinds of out dtoor work. sunalp zince, copper and tint ratlint -mod guttering, ast:*'lt'hy above and all other kinds on work in ir lineo of businuer, they will snc.,a t i. JUSTPUrBLISHEDFRODESTEREOTRr'P PLATES, Lute Ailh Editlionf - ROW.LETT'S TABLES OP INILRRrgT: O which is new aided an Averge l'Time Caleuls tor, or easy methods for finding the verage time Snstorage, naenof hand or hills of goods, iwhe tar I clhased at sliffevvt dates, on dlifferent credits, civil' f'ne various nmounts; besidlen useful and complete btaskingt Time Ta'tle, the best Ihat can be contrived. or that fi guresa cat prodace'within tile same condeaend compass, and size oa ht pe. All ns.vertiellent in the book is in nearly the follow. ing worls: T heigh disintineion this work hae received thr %gh the tell legislative acts prefixed to tle title tage, is a te cemmendsltion in itself, so uncommon~s ani, so conclu site, Il t nothing is necessary more tllan by war of ad' vertise.ment, to give a eondened view of noe oea its pe Ielliaritiestasferinstance, the Interest has been eompas. ed fi'om,annd compared with, what is equivalcnt to four seen setarfe setoatione, examined in the preu thirey fire times, and privied trom sterenotype plates tested Shivytvy-one times, firom all which it mtst hk evident celi to the bkepic (espeeially co thea pe ansl ofthe dtc tail f proof in the preface) that the wArk must he ritlh aetieally infallible, and in eonfirmstion of lins belief s remium of two hslnored and fifty dollars, in now alter t far vise detection ef an errnr e fi cent in the present or fifth ewdition, as expressed in tie preface, making five larme premicns sfferevd for the name error silee the first pnhiblielion in the year 190t. One af most eonpicuons fe lures of the th ble is inthe nrrangement of tlse i tie soll Amolntrs, wlieh for expeditins, roference okal perspieuity, with the heltp oftheside anmd index, t.nlot he excelledsi and the sftly ty and ease wish which vthe int'estl cao be founl fto th e extentof genelal business, willhont voubling oh sltms is beshid ea conve ience sto essential, that is ie;u estlmva c tioll of lontse i Ilve lvc enompetrnsivl in pnlcteIl lvsi nes itelt nllnl, pulie oRliters who hane mae gsv'int tse of thie awrk, ii has beesn listiaguiled hy thoe iolshte nspellvinle efofa n"master ,lae". A Ins considelring the inflillrilitv of tile ltrisol origins ly ald lptedl ill eomlosing the workd anl thle exwlaol • ta, Il(lllber anl variety ol'lve vx:tvnivlltionsc and tests nof every erlilion it Ilasprsed illi tC Ictone, evotwitleltailig tile whole is in stee.tvlte, eCnstidllncg. in sey6li h the poaniveenteelvlovy ne-urel by tie io.n - p'eedoted means evnplo)odr, tie to hne Ihas -een hIeli uantsoi eto srhtislly stylest Il ve nost o lotrltonl tl lsonk Ie tille waalo;" most certairly i1v van calt ioamll figlure wterk olafe sane vexteit, wolici since tile beginnigsi g creation, alna a tIte same tlim her aend tvariety oif tests intv a nnme onmber f editorsl no, ionl ac In i hise on nmbl'oe, as is Ceal l sheow in tile prerirte. lteosidl, ascs eto an s al sin:v, it has bree tiell rie lreeld ins oerly all the hait n vk soI bllli nes I the ntitiellr Sl atest Io l iv p ublic goierally, dluing ftle tInne priod of t'liirtnfia rerrs, ) n t ntrrivll s(If ile Ial alle evtlemsg ee In' the osiir of very alirge viglsoeeiii Tlhe hovk.ib ik Isact expressly i lptev Ivy all tie ,ls aflas cl aserial of'the Stlies as astle ,i .It etl'cavesislt Iloralnatne inlel'esc'v n into iy lawv for blvk itvel'est, etenlvlsga ls tile .lnek is tllo , stil as any ,e Isei s ill it:tu, bhy o,, ales ef l il sesuhscibees, ilsd a few of vhv slsbsequnte iv'rchasers, in thev livt at ecl s of Itvi hitk is n Iatsec"n el'v .'Ve cltv oSSiizi'l ill el. il: ve n Ise Ullit s'i Sstles. It ist ll'lori' v well kown thit is ins i'eolet'hienhk it hals so nD llllt dtete :ore errors, I linld' :be)te w.'e Senile, evenl by thle most erllel nd s it ci i iel r 11sil riri its el awl she 1 e Iessit it s ust av i es,. ' v sins en i sitl v iosistd [edl rso r'ir t, ineltll , ilas e brell its atlh s ;civgs , aIe ivs eig vi s, r toit TVct'slrst, teehilst he fiost etilio w rs F ullstate, nll ot ol" prinllt, Rsl In IIIgr h 1 tll /o s1con hallld lllill" 0 WI" llne -T hIt .for { ar lislt t :. uill Ircl Isiras lll . i rL e tninas i ic s Ihrv ctul.d ille - ilt l lllliss' l $l(to I$25 - l l v S IpII,iti .0emlln l hthe irr t ee.vldll rci shli i n Se 11a 111 uvrlll n th;11 illh i a h:tl IIH. woll d 1 . .1 ay It llN11, toill lf.,Il f ' . . , ,vt, II ,t-tsi Irv ,h fiTlo sis, a ti..Iv I lits .so iavi lli the a teei T lllv llvllls r Is lra h i levt, viltta thi e si t se, l llar t hl. m it w.Valy reall v .wl wortlh Its v t I . ., . c.or lhV' I hII IIIIi t is e su ig lltiv te . tl.e ale elim ,he i treo l ,l'e. i s uici lllth iS slli of v .l~ i ll s is e wosilk llvle yIrs aold a l~ci ll · w en r fllv Celte llllo ll i i i .i nee nl tih r. hI Ils, ill Inldl this bolllll its l i e s HIll, n 1l " e ll lt lsol I iit cellnl I1'a Iehr I IIn l h eoll ill i allliooll inlll l Ilsll o mOls IvTv l II fiII e d,"ivi ' s slll t Iwi lld v, t nllim s ts I , l iitnir i Ivt.isl drl er lIt il rerrllvn, shod deh sIs net asics , iv (e lIl i t( Im·o slt'e vlr'l Iplt-i s ii" vsItbis i s kls'slllhc IsI', h(lrt liinlo.res lielv, i il v1I, rIII n vslvlls and lilin' Ita IIn l -lil iovvlsvi ganst tI"f Iti g,.li -crtl bei llllta thl. ait (li vlc'vri.isim-1 ) s otis l s ll kiv t in a pit iv f i pepi.l ail vIit,'eXCit "hihl. ow fin i 'vli i s. A055 i.5tli i iv. findiv 1 hli Is i h hl and sl lilst Iv li t witih ~st fll notes, f'ollow IIsIfiltes vif.tieiit.eiih, vise I lhis 1--irIll he tlwl Ilrel i ih iti , l llvlvr i (tmrti:lll'iuc in Ii1.g iiiui t',(I ' I u 11 t l g iit . ii vs.i air t ui' ntiil tirsl' to I'tltttv t ii, vih irisisi ,lav"!iiiii lhii I i l'icst \i)lsb s Wtel.lsv: intlhd . ii l IdI,,h ' :si IIIr' I lie 1ml'sliw, i ii rs vl ii)itihiiioes itis pilowitth i/vi'l',, s 1 i· . x } 1 e 1 r 11 of i ate I i ,n I r toll 1" . ) I ti":,1 oI·,h d t.. 11".f1' dL iile (l'l ii ih!t a v It ii ij oi p'ic i:vc'i5'l: \ l. v ii,!- 'Itr -ir I vs. i, i in '! , liei. "l 'i' i]iv ."iiv.tI :vv ¶:" I,y 1"vi . "i K1:i IN , (minlasions of ,hr fillhwing wI.,o ,s ;I, t Im blu I.s, l. eculd inll aI master!l) l.lanters" wounnll , snllrra. \IMlnatn), I'.et pt it Ia tak ascsI gtI.t POllal do, Irithld or ncrd .lnlhle, Curled do, Jasper, ('urlerd laplh., Blo l ,oAttn, Ilirds Fte 1o, Darby (;nil*, Satian 11 no , I,'toliae, Hih r Wolul, M ) a\,rl Iluraello, Y'txw T're,, Italian Wthit, . (:C ommll te r Ill.ok Siaia acl lr.rItclla, Ios \VSol, Ameritts, (•G.,. Ash \\ lttte ttnk, e. & toe. Curled Elm, S~peimlns to be sell at the shohp. ftints, .ils, Sand bundle iron,. K ll IrasortI, d. I .op, scroll a ln rt l iron, inil rl ds tm l Ino gh C:lst, (;erman, shear, blistere.d, rillng, sheet ann Crowley steel Hlollow ware, cut Iand rought nails awl spikes Zinc, blak lin, mill and grind stones, salt kettles Chbain cablb:s, anchors, hoes Ox, log rld trace Lhnins, cornl mills Anvils, vices, HainIlnera nl bellows Wire, sheet, pig ln liar :lad; shIt Cnal, and ' c lokilg stoves .AnmIs, It(nwlnnd'si and otler spades Ia asthoV IS Hltook and plate hinges, door11i,,,,,Im, Inks - Collns. Iho ts, Shlllt p,:d othr ax'S aI'tsr'ld inkMailla cordirge, Slim:s aod twht * gltlts, linseed sod ts' wv i 'lt A filll sso'itn lt ol hardware oso, l ship chandlery, always onl h:a , ailld whlich are oIl oo ldt ttrsale :t whole' - sale or retail, on the most fitorable terms, by lu 1 I.A YTIONS (:o. 5.1 h()il1.l E T F toW ( slls'-SitumsoI. liulrtt & I are ntw 're - ctuiti o from in to Ho otil 1t o ti t it t ti. : llntolm r i n rig (l onr lin, from New Yark, I r::1il vare(t) ti tllll III Iho ir lind e llh, t ire llr 'illh II Ibb iklli rlin. i rstas ksht tlotlts, hott rssito, i t tit k t , tttt iThe ll iiouln t a ingla e hu.rrII rlsvi l l , tIn Iwi k ni e , olltik lstlot ptl flll o ot r t llth stnlljll l l II -trils l . , l il [I r hlt l e rs il , -, t,, l l t ;and rly t, tIs rlil'l tI I so, Suse lilzr r, pa i d rl ll l d "t r I all, atln. ir i. ,, iliin powem v r, mi-eket , k O plali and i,,:t~,,t Ianl: l ll,. I l. ll.r'rl Ivlly :ji eslli Il(alr . u(. rl .Iv s . i, b hill F ll ! Ilhilt l tlla n - r ll. hil. nl aell , tooithu a kin an1hd eg b twe lez er lsitellalld mt gldilt , rCatllla.· mind ilainr e d ,lihver ar.nd gillteblra , lin llein (ov lx, b llo s an d hliu I tr p ihl m inl hn [ irt, l pow alril' k,,tlhot blthshli r,~ tt lilo l ljlrt slllll tain'Odu rei d) Ili oubr'ltmo single b, ll: e ·lno e sl let knivt s. nol digl'.. .liss, s a rlltll pll koet ktivl., pi erd raiinuh , tlnd l Ib t , oal l o ' I ti ofk s rhlku ,ha ir, t ith, ,' . o,'tt s brl tltll. t1( 1,i te l or s in dlll lIlIt brs(ots ohsot e lntN' Fl tidn, hl tn toder' I'll' , o li l td tlllb uysitv , n'ttril x s.e, lllo, ntdrlil osxtra stgl ae s, Is llls ills , Ililjssia l Wll l', vs llsd r sle ohair ,ltI il olil sto ilt s ofni l oaes-I cripthsso . huissg' ptit genh'tlmtn;' desltotls. drtoIssing etolts, sair rittel1 ,'friqtnus liltt b"ahi s'it n fIscl sI,,d muis al wot klt't o lir, , - lo ill ind giht 1ig ll'Pal ruint no and silv.r plenll e ,l,, mitlllr p kx nnd twe.zi'., doted (ilirb , hooks ll collla ,p hi pir l i ti,, tr t, lk mlil 1 plIin t iprml sint i I hliln , twine,. +ll iit l lll l Hens g ol rietn r ole llie eli b flihem, la er n tla r, ;. pllen l. sure ilg a u n w'l.s, tt lkinl rines, lut l grm , p hblie i hgenerol,tatnl he lill r iwniei sy the & i.r T. y bov, tve h tget r with t .-reill lst o ilo r armi he are olbtred at wholesale or rel muc iletoe1riUc Utting t lu-"" Shel ol comb s repaired Is o t ll bel RIeOd SPRlINGSllh l t a o i (-t. iour In1-- SPuli rilelr : ire ·111rtel a his lll emetiblih~ ,neh t has the r llea stI ui t lasic ilin toitIthcr n of thi ny t os ad itg blin in lgnier tl l. a le will Im e in rtadir.ten iy Iht e t day of lv thros eeive viiters, lier will l hisn.ile !ir Ih br-i Itbsr her oa umtlannu.rgeia I ull l nrii b i thllarllll hlrl re ni',r , awl InIlit the smu lle tinuch betlter. rIho . l Ito nih r callll h etll. large. ercbap tlc fnch I·l'illn MAIk. ARRANUMMMNTE Io Due Every Day at IV M. normeth a M Iail, EClo Earv'v at 010J A. M Wrefera Aailn, ue every Iuney, Wednesday wer ell' [,r Frd 'y; by ,5, P M. c oast, a Saturdat y WP. M le M . d The ake M ats red y via Closes B 'ee R iolay, Wedgneday TIMES oF ARRIVAL, D EPA1'UIU DIP4NC.. &e. eof the Eapraea Mal, betwails MOdO e. (ti York-lesavin Mobile dilh at 3 P, M. No wit New York daily at 5 P. M louthwad. t . Arrives 4ýyp. Narthwanrd. Distance. Time ontgomery, Ala. gopm. 103 Im's 23 hll Columbue, Go. .11" 81 3 2jn lilledgeville. Go. 2 13 14 0p ata CoJumlo ie.S.C. 75 a. 1113 175 10 taleigh, N C. 5 . 215 22 It Warrenton,Va. 12 ml. 53 I I 1 'ettrsburg. Va. 20 pin. 83 i0 0a, Ih S iehnmoto, Vs., I am. 21 3 a l'rederick.aurp, 8 17 7 11 p m. . .hington city, 2 pm. Jlclatimore, 65 38 4 P hilaedelll.ia, am. 1001 II It New York, 2 pin. t0 8J Northward. Comlng Sonthawarl, thlie lt te ii hear l'oie; beiing dsan17 hours. C ANA WAY from 1iil Ceroudeelt coorner of Heele aI tiretlte, n the night of 30th of Auitilitde we seen hec ncet morning ill Poydras slre.t, a t e hned CIIAIkI.ElS, about 17 ye rn ofe a e hin 3 fee, cart thereascote intreialti, erry Ilnck, nilll Istla r li pe itnent in his Nocrc oi, rl r o'f bi leta is slera, ocessols d by a relent hurt; be iho on wo hn lie went away ea'WIl g catlon or linen shirt nll white cotteon intanslOOn. aeister of vessels and trelnn bunt are cautioned a I gainrst reciviiag or hiratrig said negro, na welln all it llher persons, ns the ainaet rigor of tile low will ie eitClored goni t i them. The ,above rewarwdl will be nits Si.rteliver.-ing him int, nly of th Jail*s of eIther ofa is 'ltateipnilties, or nc 109 Carindcler, corner of Iheele Ntnnr(. ... . . . .. .. . . a |q t I 'oIsier lah f.lrn of ulitl D nrs & . Grretil i l dissolved. 'l'lne subscribmr wil'l qli nilate ats 1afrao the coern it this city, and requires nil poresns indeb - Sell to musi t atoviena Io htu claty, and all thiiehaving Claims, IojLreot ,hl for settlee'lh "ia t nct l-- t H I AIAIETOON. CAIPTAIN MAItAltYAl'T'o NK'V NOVEl.S Raitllia Ithe Ietfer, ly tia auatllar of lleter Sialela., &a in '2 wol.. Cuatainq', or a Witerr ot SSchl.. le laifnithl in I nwe itvilri, ay ('ltjailialu ccil hall, Royal Navy, P. . S., ill I vol. lrdl Rollney, a roinn ce, by Allan Cnnninghlts l vn aliah~rd lir. written by hliimnelf, in 2 v*.l, l Compendious Ilisloryaf tlyl., tranclelnaled irot te erigiual Ithana, ly Natlhniel Grreene, In ! vol. Air I:iatg No. 79 of Iarlrper's .amily I.ibrary. Vatlt. :1 & I If taHe new co mpalet anRd unilbrh edlllao of Iiaahinglon Itrine' ha'orks. aRogar'r Frnchr arnd En.gikh Dietiaaary. ill I t ell ov A'nagenl'a Frenchr nd &enli E Dlctlinary. t few amore euplaoaf CaImo i'sl'hreolngv "lltieni." I.arari atrveyar'e(anaetlese oafatsperir aqd. itar, with asiihs, Itlieiled lallsntf 21.4 and 2 .11 inehes a(ilftcl's itmproved mtaclie Peio,juponedl itelr., weilhts &At. aba. &t. Jaiat ceeaiedi a ,Id fur sale by 3 " BENJ.L IVY . ItINNOI(CK'" 1OMP., c. )INNOrK''s ItROPI) l EI)ITION OF DIR . i -h.iiilclic' Ablridgaernt of tie Hlilture Rolle Sr.lch in lre linxd on a lnlllto 'tliol to tire o tudy o Ilolllll, Ililarllcr nol a lCent voriely of valuable Ifuor ltlillaon "idhh.d ill'incirilc, tlh wori, oI tile Manners r lilti I un1 lllll lll iii' of the Ito)intia; with flu I roll oilap i oln. d wIi s otriinl Notes y and lieui li cllo fl. r Oel UI:llil.ciof t lie end ofll cJI c lla in. II-. liioied didihi hill ii rt nriogy on winl, bn y Aullerto Inn:iiio's Itilprovedi iI :diitip f Dr li thnld lhtls history iof l':eglull, frol I I Invasio of Juliue Cteaer eo ths . 'lef of rlcige Rd, with a acntoiliotl toT tihe yea Wi:i td. 'fili liiiillc lor ecilltiillion t thile sed , I'trh1 retolion. Ilereen a variuty or voluablq P nuforin i ulniddid Illro.eghol the work. Consiltlnog of table i ieontllip.rnlS, Soverel X lo' ignsi ao inili lMo Caiitii s xpiluicacry nites. Reaourks on ie illni Ill , i c114 iiirir.i, lii'enit a '.,, of l oage. An u tline a t i ng ( tUl h+stilt1o w, & ei dc.& . lluotr ed teby nllllll e.llnr (;tva' .ItnIncrsn or Aiirnoioei, nid al n Anordgmes f Kli the's Neiw 'retlij,, ont i lie e of Oldels. New A leilei 'lnril iton, whll, ollitiill fod lpnn ovanleot i ntit ii exllplio I fIII e dn lreluic l lIpart ofthlie Ai rilan AIle wndP.:. JItel repieirl and foer ole l ib \ LiV llKEAN r f rhll o er l'Cll budllll Coi'lnon its tIA Nl'It'it Cl.ASSCIhi. IUiARV. h si l lt ( ' t ,irne la i td b y hi h i llit r cpra .t i I ) i t , ,s ilk ln t el.dlx, eohrmlll!licille or e AUll of vYarhiloiu tlae, .l . bY I.e l JIeo till rI, .eýa Millmo, t Drdll c l l'lli .\dliNiII, Swift lilIII eioii GU Wihn ofIi<. d, IirjIsoI illr It Ilil ~ll a tf.i e lio ltre entli e ii oll te Illf elllb j ll ll.':v , hni t the mlrtldn ,f u ig tve tora n, ii lii l l rfl i c a o i s e im t " i lb til,llS i. l, il i : ' aII t'l . I o . lt t plied.,. it it iii o 'll ir i i's l i i i l itiioen iofei i ma ih lu11 o 1ith rt i it l in ti. i h 'lin t, o tv e i' \nt ', I Ii . Itir ii llt l l Ille Ii e in ills, t y Tl'lte. m oth e oli ith'I ,ctdrlis ei, eoiuiit 1e. iiiai\or aj I ta by aurnihiIis barle . ulatcn eIaed vig S, lll'l... .... . h ti t s...... iih l "Poll. . 'Iny ui t li,' clul', llr l lo tlellla e o ilt Ii.e in lo i" keI i o la b J riie d frl't l si ,ci Ille li i lln coledy blai ira I ie b i l . I c. -li;r ca tio, nd iiou 't sietil,k ii iii. ciin ii rom iiheIIL un mecyoolfte of rbemeinoo e illl lr' l fr i t lh.l".r 'iciiii lt I Ite i in. ic, er a e. n sli evI T ei P r rll ell trll, f.i li ly nail le, ' " ii tl eli ,w . l'CD h I,". .i ch lia, atI If corner of TlVUl! cu'riil ill 1'elericidn uivaerl o ulleii hliciihi a l ttl fi ; l llr pair a irl ctý u ln al d rei wu of tlar e oftlvrs o n" h is ftu,,,tr cunsl eatrll . The o '..lire and Ak o 1Ues 0arr.1 e ,in ennhcioch Icuni. e neirlghnila c.r tholl' s. lti e t e, in i se mi cin, ll nll Ce triaa Ietiluh Ze d, Viz : cIrdai lice ii with e r c ricii ci, wleeA iiiirthounit h I'l* elel, Seulrde liy l Sa rnl n Po' lyder l. it s IUwlb" rs llatrelllt I l wh+lesaOle end elegnt tl.nillne. for ciii ri lWrclu re ld buckwhoat is c lii' 'I l iiiiiT , f le l iiiic ll n ieslan Apperienl -il leall.'d e ll gene I.n i in d 'iel , I , or lendi. elgilln nerv,,us dbll, h y, o idd e-l nn hendnc e. Carpeoiet' hloid ouxtr'ct c(f sarseptrilla f viei r iv i i, h. I ,% e:, it. d till inbiehe, &c. w,'almll'll 0 loioiie d \leolldV u loge ritihm an , i rtiied Iq ni c , j d ua la e po te I iil Iee liiulel N S Pirei ie's ca rbvlti denjris ihe, chi . iiei il iuli, htlowder iiuile fll', and blllrl, I' tlo' claittl co i dt ill t i r li ,c l e ie i, i lloth wasl p0 r O t coll' ad I.,lin Pr e artien o enoed ali plln iinilct powlder, imlntoim cremie do Petle. wae lic i% e,, rci', licvlct or and I' se dt waerecc lf ihe lt ei qil lhlioa, Iowlalll dae o 3 ooaIra Oil, O(ld. r lt l.' :i bu ilt of C ,tinoi ila, heir's til, a variety ci lulicr Irld o hllo iililnlhel, it ndlplhle orking inkl Sp iniind eeliinid whcle oil. Ilan's Linimesnt. A Ich oacictolmeni of 'lhurhllrull'l( lrden Seeds ,L '2 GF. C OR(I JOEI NES. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, Ftel FEVn CNO ACUoE. ri'N yeroo hlve not yet clapad ialnes it was - first regularly submitted to the public; but it his coattaluld the highest replitation; and has aat. plclnted every other mtodiiice for thi Ague, whtem. ee it lha been kownic alld appreciated. Already lhas it boon mlrricd iJn every dlcretlion througl out lthe cUilled Sluies, ail still reicol ino il thao coulld ivco e i lllu icii.ctl lly its llolt tn llcfigiiii n riotind. lliouiulcd of personio aila vo not olnly bholt rolivedr iit retoccd ti. he,llil nol vigeor tlihroughi its age. cy;l cll they nowi clicerf'ily tcesLily., at avery op pl'tity, io ie lcinid cil and utprlueo eflfonuy. It is ucollllti I.ol siio celileiiiial prinripleo as are alc ldiate Itto enew Iho healthy cdnlti ofthe stam e o1, livere nod other importiantio t dige ie organs, til ll lc if o'iohallrine y is the ih occulloat aoiuse ll" acB doc1 . Ilt s cilpiretil alto, tClt it produ. cc tlr coici en i cliige i tlhe Ociondilin of thl systeal. aomed rt:liily tiosroys ti nactiove liability to relap l' of the el cetioilo. When the Ailcgi is attended with cliany other cuiilchitl thl ooitiioyuilent of the Toile Mixtullcei will not icloerfre wiill thL treat. mtelt of the iloicer diicsc, but wi:l even afford an. .niltctice lb lurtisiiug strilleth ied vil lor to lhe bodly uilrciig cthe co'ace of trlctunoutl. ulae le who moako ollc oi hii tliine iay be anissued thst i there is no Arseic, alorks, llerrciry or nay otlhe ll rticlelO in iits conliti i .,L Itorlenille 1 t Ita u snlcle IcistlltU12"; ii cbg entirely a reuetllde eltrallt; iand tliey may llnr additional conulfidelon in th u0e thlcrcu, when thc y perceive tluit it lio the r foot of a gentln laxative alout (Ite tinse bhlaIt bot tie full hls b.etn taken--in coniaquacei of whicha lthre is oli part of thoe cintineio loft to linger in the bowlls to alcilts, lltruotion, laud otlher elils a riinc 'roir h thle ce of ni;lley of ihu remetdies now niftbed fcr ihe curo of thio affection. It has been ised also as a preventive, by m nity who were sub jel to a periodicl recurreinll of the Uhills sand it hes lvhrinly wcordedll lIthe apprlehended ttaek. Oiberve! 'li Proprietor, f .lly salied'with thi Inparollcnd tid uitiveral solues which tila s cu e. ataitly atleided 0 punctual and roeulor ue ofathe' -'ounic llixtore,, in all noaes of Fyeer and Agae, f iels 'arranited iii engaging to refund IA, perie to all tliose who hame takoti Itoe onedicine ie atrict In. cordiineO wii h the presorcbed dirertiona, without liniiig heont perfectly aid lianingly cared. Tire subicelrarr ore the wholesale agents for the South iVeitarn Statol, ond have teow on hand six ty cusi.a of this iinediuoi,,o, wlinch inc wcrranted fa.hls iid genuiui. Inor Sa.o ot otufoslared arices JA.ItbIS & ANI)KIEWSI WholIsale Drlstgilss, o'',.7 arCci" cit ( nl hiclmnii iiulo aoat ea. OU IS iil0aiiig fc i sieis I andepend. nt'll_2 4I New tasve. Eirs,,p'e I |z 7. r .lc>,,--.itie cplhlO at thb I I IIl isi4 : k i)almA-:l', I ca-op s olh-uuuh lci,,,l.i-ilii tci.ccicdlll boll b rles maide .ill .,i tie p p, iii "tlile, el::d hlr slel he

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