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April 29, 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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Lis 10 verjxeI 4rre 'YeTa. s ~Tiit, dtr- i yiuti "1 ` It snlnh tlýlnaetanent apr.rite, ho iini itarattnr ý ý ! 000 n raiini, tot eenjjrvmolfa of ta.te. M~uter in hs a psrnnrbtlre q ualiy it remansi, l teo 1.n'eto t»imontre thisdisorder, or t, cr1 eat a !1f se-;'hut..barI.gli v clemsna the rr eral or Ii digestio, n thus benefits the or t to PIer ptt't iti site man bIe rtpprekaed. q"q. ~rfll!T~tblatorse afihe Tnuit Aixtatrr, have aid to Uall-that Uno.1 Cartes ni the dJraso, v ..o Taoe s ,toottieo, theret ton; abort C e, i nlwnrR errs-'cln~a kdr eo "Rrg liabilt to tr~toretnce 'rho. tanegr t' treiporo of te Ague,, to ver' arvd, a'. for II' s Sy rasllorant bernatto too macl, ptoasata to Ii. i tb t5hficeasut vnalrnre, 'rite 'j'tiiMiture is DN at4uch a nsohf able 'rioe, as t, place it ejiltti are VdPrfive leeio that the too. and thetittle are l iiat 'ftlniis Hi witha'rristanve,withlloll *liaiitilg . she astuatd asttiidauco awhich 'is frrquotoly detiled to z1 uopcly rutlnnr d nglllsa tlln .pu SIr u ohh toedioine, thatare daily uoffored it is, o sly bh Dr. John R. fowttd, at hit G.laa lti t rh or ,piladelphin.n Ther " amno tte whattnle aerata 'or thts $oth Wi t ote, ntd trill sed l be the oct'00, at nw lhidelhlA icea'. t '. he had at roetail alg6, 1t iceti fblhe Ap hari"'a lathe cite. JAILVIS & ANI)REW , unv \ Wlotrale troSglete, - ý ý - cur· Cnmmn do'1°hul~to~na aies6pass1)pi and Lousstiana Hotel, i i n ,.uila n t. 1,1 MARY KIIRKLAND respectfilly an. nLa.ue.e to her frionds and the public gene. olly that nite is pri ared to accommodate tll i nt La h albove establishmct, and hopes eefrmn her ' tortion. to render visitors cotmfortablc, to receive is eontin.ainee of firmaer favors. Sbo feels coni. dent rhat pertots viaiting Covilgton during the tummer months, cannot find better accommodations than' ase .an afford the,, on nimor liberal termns. Her house taploaseutly sitoltedd and well supplicd with every re .ensete; the b;lr is furnished with ther mont choic: iaor, &c.'i, a lsrt elhe promttise "s'at iothlii- hall be wanting on hier part to give wtire s atief iinn to all tbho may patrintizo Ito diurlreppi and benuieiaoa [otel. je3 . sttdied undeo Di. Scl.midt of Chtarleston, Smoth Carolina, and fir some years his arsistant in the practice of medie;no nd surCery, has the hIoor to offib hie professional services in this city. Ie rasrces the .ladies nd gentlemen thar the mosta jrom pt attentinn will be paid to the calls which may be made; and also olffers his services to the holderof ares, being rxell acqquainted with tce A iaseau come lb tl"Wsttm, having nttended them i the nogar lIouoin'"Oarli:rston. ThF mous arilntbilious pills n'ter the iollueottion 'of 1Pro ilr Sonullette, withl dirctions, cati be had ofulthendereigned. lThe rfl':ct w.hicl they have prodtil in this iand otlier critu, lha bean attcld withi tile greatest soceca., to which the bel t of raferences ca be given. Apply at No. l(ll aite street. PlO. M'LORING. fluo r LWiY w , 2W03 d S7SA •"IRON.S, &e. irEe OWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. a38 Water, near Bcaltrnan stro t, New Yark, Woinve received the part season, iond are ca,tatntly Srreoiving'lrge and extensrive aldiitioans th te lock of tilhe above goods, which now lo nosits oa' the allowing assootmient, suitabla tl r Lh a eouahur i atnd western markets. Ilollow waore f superior quality, cnuuistiiig oa almdt 1501 tons, viz, Pots of2. diffreint size,. from 2:8 to 50 gallous, Kettlei, 15 sites, frona 3:8 to 30 gallont , iKettleos, 15 sites, froe 3:8 to 18 galluons, lLakpane orOvens, 7 diffcrentloizac , Teo Kettles, i do Skilletsr, . 5 do a- Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spidera, 2 do Orlddles . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . Ii do Wagon boxes frots 1.4 to 4 3.4 iaches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screwsa, 20.00 gross, iron and brass, lromI :8 inch, No. 3n 3:9 incm , N, 24l of a su ecrior qiality and finslh, and leas than Jarno's imported t prices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for Tailor's and hlattormw Irons, assorted., 1O0 tons, aasorted froni 1 4.4 to 201bs, ' Bolls for Plantatioes, sti'amboats, chlurches, &e,. made to order, Alao eateatbeats and other meaclincry made to f Cderr. The above assortment of goods is particularly recommended to thi atteutioa of Southern and WVesterts merchants, and are offered for sale at loae prices, tnd upon the Inmot liberal terns ; it is be. S lived to be tihe largest lld best assortiiit ever offered for sale by any o:e erutabilishment in thu United States. Merchants, by lorwardieg a request by mail, can have a prinred circular, withl description ot'goodA, pricesand terms, fom awhlice no deviation is ever made, fernished by return ;of mail. All orders will receivo intioalae alttenlion. New York; 1838. J3r ---N- RCUI NOR COPMVA N ', " ew Orleans, Nov. 14, t187.I A BOL.T six months ago I iad the misfiirtuie to got e iireiliomaease, fir u iticl I liare lplied to sevre raldoctotorfor.cmir, and they did not cure e, No how on the above li I put mysell unlder tihe cate of l)otota Iluest, and exlatrt hi toa cure air. Siace thIa tine the dineane gqt*worse; a an to break out in large ulcers to tim number3f six or eight on ea It leg, ullt all oves ey faaeo, bru trt, and not able to, aorl: at I: present it account of Ile disease; large ulcer o tstil r ith a or the tLjtat. I atn on.v pattiiwl snell eonfidentii ,nduriho cut of Dr. Huci, if PItia, to be p d) cured - JOHlN DEI.AN.. I DO Oil.TIFY Liat the above etmmnired ditease ie 1 quitl. .e llur-d to ny ewn satisbetlin, for whicll 1 l I.-D'llr luet; aud nmorever I asre oo th ie medi cine I hove taken makes mle fat, and did not iujure .y aultht at all; therefore I adrise tns f low sulffrers to lase no time and apply to Dlr A. Iluet, 124 Canal street, elweaL Dallphlae and lBourbl o stree;l. ltr. Hluet is at from o'clock, A lI, until 4 1' 1.i They wilt - taro. do:tor for thit complnilt. JOIND IEANN, .lli Unvier etreet. If any one wants to seea ae, call at No. 40U diu'rie JOHIN DIEiAN. New Orleans. Feb 1, 183.8. I.'. 14 v lodreE G l ts il e l of l.ivjroet cod lome: bhoudt, i"s plal tip in Ilttl|.r at tih low price of 50 cents each, conltililng the es.t.gtll of three ounces of Livetwort, besi is the m irtlle. 01 manrl otlher roots and herbh known anlaeog I lr ludilc.s as rllicacious ill curing jplllmonary Complaintl. 4 The u .livalled succes whi:h has attended the use of tlis inestiauble Haslelm wt ever it hes been intro a dtced, Ioes hhtinted the c.n.fidrce ano rcomutenrda tionn of rell.eclalbe phy~yeiit , for Ihe care of eouglis, ¢olds, pain n other aid, want of rest, elitting or bloud, liver l ront, &¢. T.i it maty oncerr. Thiisi to certiry that we Sh r proetice frequelotly prescribed dire (iard ner'e Indian IUalsact of I.iverwen a d Ilnoarloned, wlit a decided good effeet: we can therefore, from thle know. - dIo,8e of the materials it is made fro, ancd cbkervatmn pan.sperinee, rrecommen it as a sperit o'plparation orl tl {honafectionas of tImle unga for whirlc it is re itllladed. AI.UlEK I' WII.LI AL3l, . i. CALVIN EI..IS J1. 1. loembe,se uoftt Boston Medical .association. Boston, Ociateobr 5. sale ls J IR1VIS & ANI)ILIE\Vi, ,I I . , t l it ttl I ':, t iti thlt eta 1-.LId e AI a .. r .ienceofte nnedtnahip reanei'ed,ani I- for wile at their permanent \Vritlll Auadtmllo iv,. No. 8 Chatrea a rant, New Odrloon,, ll., th.t., N eNw York, Dluplihilne t., lobile. It ipauticbllarl doesiged firt private learoers, andt .alomli, and is cleluitttd folr pjrtolto ,1f11l I a*. ladies acodl gentllemn are invted tocoll aud ecxalor thesvtstat for theotelvoc. - ieen are given at ,nl ho ltoae a 00 i 0i. .t tlh convetietnco of'all, and to cla.sSc lunltld itl toy ilurl o'tthe city. Ladies whliu prefer itcan receive 'essoon at Iteil. r*wln ref Perore pacyilg trtr of lessr.n ,ral de-ircdl ale4. °1a''" " ' n v- ell as I hey co-h. . II . d E i-4klt , 5U11 o T lt 11tl - S Eeglash de- I-4 bb,l. 4I10 a ,' 1iOPaint Broshe., various size; i aue Vermilli't; 5 hble Ceopal Varnish; 2 Jopao "t I ctonlt 20 packs Gold; 51 do Bilver do; 1It n. Dutch MietaL WINDOW Gl.AiSS ,Ametri-en, E .hslh and Froenh lllOqbsre 4a . nes4 na sizes Cad quclittcs. Bnstunt C rtomdo..-3SboxJeeometsignnco et will be sld low. Alrs,. a enl. soretment of artists' cnlours ad usNo 04 ieeiaritppi T .tnmealthjl)t ostestice.s Ties sltibera ore AoW e .,om4.their fane anie York, end ?IkOeltes.Iu stl, ,e ". {.. ., Im or ttc tf sfMhble Mst+ie Pietes afal tsorIsop. aofl of she i~ttoeat putternd, mb ,as'a.eiad. o-tL pliins ites eand i us aners1 orl newest ord li,,ct approed p jdit*negoa les neateat manner and s rtse, MCsII t hsa Got ru authknoe It I, - - 'A1 "AIN .& 'TROUD. ]ACKETS FOR NEW YORK.--New Line. S --To sail punctually every second Monday laring the season full or not Full. Ship Orleans, 599 tons Capt. S. Sears, I Ship Alabama. 474 do C. C. Berry 'Ship Arkansas, 627 do K S Dennis Ship S rmtuga, 542 do IV Hatl.ay, Ship Nashville, 540 do I) Jaekso,m. Ship Kentucky, 629 do J Bunker The above ships are of the first clns, coppero and copper rastened, and having been built in New Yolrk expressly for this trade, they are of light e draft of water and almost invariably cross tlhe her without any detention. Tle commanders are no en Y of great experience, and the ships will alt ay be towed nlp and dawn the Mississippi by steambeats Theoy have Ihandsome furniashed accommodations, and stores of the beat description will always be furnished. The cabin passage is $90 without wine or liquor, and there is no liquor furnished to Stihe offiers or crew.. For freight or passage apply on hoard, or to II C AMES, 48 Camp st. 9 The ships are not accountable for breakage ol e glass, hollow ware, marble or granite, cooperage of tin, or rust of iron or steel, nor responsible fir any package or paracel, iunles a regular bill of lading is executed tmerefor at tli office of tlme ells. a nov27 NEW ORLEANS AND BALTIMORE LINE OF PACKETS. This line will consist of tile following vessels, which have Ieen built or purchased expressly for Ship Seaman, Capt. Miner, Bark Mary, " Nickerson, m lrad Ferry, new ,, Stevens, a Solomon Sialus, " Latham, Brig Architect, " Gray. These vessels are of the first class, have hand. s. some furnished eccommodations, and are of a light e draft of water, so as to admnit of their receiving and 5 disclharging Iltheir cargoes in Baltimore, at Ithe city. . Freight will be taken for iports on tie Chesapeake d or James' River, and forwarded by the agents, h Messrs. CLARKE & KEI.LIiGG, at Baltimore: expenses on goods shipped will be when required. Thoe rice of passage is fixed iat $0, anmple stores of tihe b at quality will be provided. Steam up and mdown tihe Mississippi will be tiken g on all occasions. For freight or passage, apply to n GEO. BEDFORD, r nov27 22 Brenville t. I 1FOR NEW YORK. S[Louisiana and Noew York Line of Packets m t'ilE Ships composing this line will sail Irom n New Orleans and New York on every other iMnil d day-commnencing on tihe 20th November--and to Sillmure the punctuality in the timle ofsailing, the il lin- will hereafter consist offive ships, viz: Ship Yiizoo, Captain Trask, to leave oil the 20th November. Ship l,ouivi!le, CaeILtai Palmer, to leave onl the S 4thi Decemlbcr. D Ship Iluntsville, Captai Eldridge, to leave onll tihe liith Deeilber. SShipl, Vmksborg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the let January. Slip Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave on thel 15th of` January. S The ;hbove are all new, of the first clans, copper d di and copper fiitener, and iupwarmds of 59,0 tolln burthen, are of light draught ofiwater, being builh i in Now York expressly lmr the trade. The price I t passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are titted up inl the most improved and convenient plan, and linished in a neat and elegant style - Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, and every regard paid to the comfort and enmtire ratisfactlia of passengers, who will please take no. lice that no berth ca be secured until paid for at the olFce of time consignoes. These vessels are colmmanded by captains well experienced in lte trade, who will give every at tention and exert themselves to acoemmn dammte,. 'They will at all mImnes be towed up and down tile MIissis sippi by stealmboats, and tie strictest punctuality I observed in the timte of sailing. r The owners of these ships will not be responsi. i Sble for any letter, parcel or package, sent by or I pat on board ofthem, unless a regular bill of lading be signed therefor, at tihe counting house of` the agent or owners. For further particulars apply to J D BEIN & A COHEN, nov27 90 Commnon st E'W IORLEANS & CHARLESTON PACIKETS I This line consists of iour veselt i,all o the first class, coppered clid .pper fast. ened, andt of about 200 tolls hurthel, with handsatne accommodations or Ipssrenlers. These vessels ore commnalnded b enplins wel experlen'pl i tie trade, who will give every itl tetlion.and exert thenselves to sc,:mmdat.: Ilh. r shippers. They will b, tlowed up and dwn the alississippi, and leave New Orlieas on or before the I10h "lid 15:11 of every mouth. The fIlllowtig vesstes comlpo.e tile line, vi- : Brig Arabian,Charles G rdun, master. Ilrig C inopint J. II. "l'lhlompson, Itrir. Brig AnIere, J. Diane, nueter. Itark Roger Williams, J. Allihers, nlastr. For ireight or pansace,aplvy to, . A. ItAREIh.I & Co, (i1 Conmon at. New Oileans, or AM. C Mltrdeeni. Ctllirtslon. ort I SU lBARlD &. O'S Bostone and New Orlmens . Li c of Packet Ships.-Thb s new line of ships bes been expressly built to run betweaen the abovi ports, and will be found of suitable draft of water: aecoinnlodations for passengors, and every effort will be made to give general satiutcetionl The bine is comnposed of the fo lowing ships: Cherokee, 415 tona Capt. J Hlrding, Carolina, 400 do S Lemist, Charleston, 374 do 1) Eldridge, Cuutnaibana, 625 de G Barker, Seamano, 240 de J Iowes, .lombay, 625 do ) IHumphroy. The above ships are all new, of the liret t lass, copper fastened and soppered, commanded by men of great experience, have large acceotmlnodations, with a separate ladies cabin; every attention will be paid to lassengerse, and the very Best of stores pro vided for tihem. Tihe packets will be towed up and down the tMis sissipp, atnd the strictest putnctuality observed in the time of sailing, and should the regular vessels be detained in arriving, other ships equally as good will in all cases be substituted. A share of patron-. age is solicited, and the agents pledge themselves to accomlmodate as much as practicable, to receive and forward goods by snid line at the most modor ate charges, and to advasnce all expenses on goods shipped, if requirced. The ships will leave the lst and 16th of every I mothll. For freight or passage, apply to the agents. J A MERRITT, 82 Common st. N. B. Advaneements made on consignme;:ts to Messrs. A. C. Lmabard & Co. nov27 ~'.j .to HlAtt Io * & CO ,are now receivnugrrot on board ship Orleans. Eagle, Ilighlander, t'oker leory Andrew, French and Germanu plty cards; Back gammon Boards; Chessmen, 2 1-4 and 2 3-8 inh lIil ard Balls; 8,9, 10 and 12 inch blade Bowie Knives; Leatller ant other travellcig Dressing Citses; (lelt, Pocket, Horseatan's, and IDslling Pittlot; duoule arid tin-le barrelltd Ginst Game Bags; ShIIt Belts; Powder tud Pistel FIanks; Deam Bottles and I)rinkie, Co p)te Percsenion Caps and C(:i IHolders; Clotht, Hlir, Tooth, Sand Natil reshtes; Oreisirted Chlorine T,,ooth Wash l'ool 'nowdter;'l'oil.t and Sllnvinar Snaps, in greit v. rieet; leog llflir llntiIrt, l.inglet il al Frieittst; mPearl a.d 'o(ilet Powder; Emneryv Bs; Ivory 'tuI Cubhianl : I Pateint Shr.e cc Cn...ters; (it,;t Elastic USilopndlers; Iowttr Puli and tioes' (;itCll Chtinsll ll Se l d trevs; Ear-drops; \'citist lltnkle: Bracelets; Beadu Necklaces andi Chains; (ilt atd Silvered Beads; ltitndi Beads, IBell. anod l'lles' Shell Twist; Side atid I)ressiun aComl,;which,in tdiition to their'tirmei r stock i ,n banditi tonakes tIhir as.otteIIt ofvery compeI) teiP, mid wiill Ie snold ow tlld en liberal trnls, lit tin e Eitt ofthe (GO! lenll CO . i -tl' 7t0 ('htlrsrii e trei't" Ii HIll t.eit rtieri, .'geitt |ttr the extenoeve iottie otf S a ltti'her, Shietld, En-land, Ia jii t tceioed a very extestive set of o.n l c .i , ciosiitnll of TaItle and tIteertrt Klnives of " -, devriptio- , I'Pn, lPotet, Itik, titd Sleicr poitt lotians; Itazr',, itor.,-!:e I'oiit ,&.e. & whilch lthe re Irpuvwd Sexhibit to tile trade e or ord'cis. 'Termis stind coldittiOll.i Sill 4t, made k.own tit the tittle. itt J. I. IEIN & A C011EN.90 Cotmt n, NE' (GlOOS. hIlIMONS, I ARTT& CO.--Are now rceiving per ship Ihtslville, Eagle, Merry Andtrew, Ilih-ti lanttr, Frencht and (letit doubtle head le vinr cards: ster,i lt sUal pocIket pistols; paeit, ribbedd Ir split cussion callp: cap holders; seissrs, IllOars, pen. vra; Gillout's cormmereial stl other steel pets: 1 iO ts; Violin steintgs; shell, ivory stied homI eonh:s; wali"irs; It, bead and leather lnrses; hair braids, fironl nld e ack ringlets; negro leftFs; tGemanl and FrncI.,h cologne water, IRowlwnts rnaceasser oil, imitatiol do; antile I slsd bears oil; portable desaks and dessnllllg lases: past blacking; atatiaand toilet glanes; contvex mirtot - op eI l ghlases and views; Ilialla brads, Iellsatil tltelltaes; costleon; whitr-twine; toilet land shavingl: soaips; toilet owder, eosmetie wash balls; icented aitin erll.insOllt pool stands; screw .e, ieons; fatny bead cnlaits and necklaces; billiael uadli; pocket books atd wallette; !-cantr Ihotics razor ntrati file stItt setisssoe gunttt olastkh tispcnders, gartearsibt BellaLsaifer iishetob; ail net' l}en;ls; C.eyoes, &o. &,. te asbov inetohlitio our farmer stock of fatcy uttiles, neakesoqer assetmet verey a tplet. Fr sale wholaende or retail; as the sign of re Golden Cambl, 7 .hrCltre tstret, n,8F.0. E ai N sertiele for persns troubled with dreafltes, S(eslltled then Ear .trusseset, has just been received, Ik me te ,f n chh. tl shlighbtet asirulstin of itel, Ie - I aa'i[voici is diesmcuv retoveyed as the car. Any one - W1~ ia ever ,ltee obliged tin 7e'.me wilh a eit >r deg erlpti, oust be fulIy sell itle i f hilsdfialty art er., trrtsaosspttperieseneed belt byv themselves and the in isltuals lie onftuflaaen .licetl. By the ae of the Sr .rmrepet lthIs bjseiaiois eirsal y tsb.iated. Tlhe sn.t~pti..l barnlooavs ;l andsale ahir doub sllier lstil( aedd.Treaaprt. Fo er T Fle's T F GUION's, Feta-rme e.e.rme of of.etmon ata'rl CharlesnFtrnert ni,.r trih lclloat s lHotel. let, 13 BOOK 8IINDERY. Uuder the Pieayune Offie,. 72 C:a'p Sh. BRONSRA A'& l.OWSON bere lemon b i .frm Iheir customri sre and the pn htic generall yt., ihey hlivu removred tlheir eiatlbhlallllement l Nr.-i. ulmp stree:, i'lilledictli'+ unlder tile oilf.e of ihe 'ieayrne--where they are prepyed to execute all orders inl tileir line. l lieirl received 'frmr hlie North n osplaly olfpc. )pr nei llmalteriini nIf n aiuperilr quhlny, folr thl aenotactlrlrric o.ur flflnk, tley ofT'er tir fieie vig'n io IIeLrcha'ntsl aitd o'ti'te ,Wiho inuy vieih nork onf1l thalt li nand havinll tie ildinaorage of naverel V.,ltis's expelienc e in thal lire, lhey are r enlidelrnl oif eivineo s.tlfcilllan to tholu ho minIy ae vair iherai wIah thr r cusohm. For ,ealnrie,i nrchitectl allid othlers, nlrps nnd plans ill Ier raasled ol Inen. venislerl andi miounted ill lre nealtost allunner, Jo. a tihe horrlesl inca e.+ nPlni nnd fale hvinllinr, in all iii vnri.ies ul. SCHINA I i Afr &EA'l'flllN AIV~tE cilRk S 3ff Clharrea slmlrrr., N ew Orleran. ,T'. SEIfOIANTI' & Co. Importers lof Frenchl carlld EaLrha ll Chlilrn nid Ertllren wore. are Io openrllin. new alld rich paltterlls fl brekfal, dlaline nrd te servieeP, toiler eels, pitelhers, te and coll'ee elps, teaplil su, gs, creamne, bowle, plhter, dirherp, ileles, iIWaist basilul and e+els noelt tallacsf, err. etc. Ilal clr ill ll plain I'renclh anil Almerrieaonglass wi-ar-lfhlero, champlaignee. lemonaded. jellies, elare's, iler, crdinls, celltrre howles, dloealllners. IUmlleerPT preserve aOi'rIse, eeler'ee, pitehlers, hlnips, Iilatp filildu and glaicee, ciandle sliadolie, sal cel ler, emc. S.l'vr-r palned, .rlrrnnlzd rnd ihrifani ranree--earn. irc., liqarar eanulld, cake iluslkeis, elld!rlencks, bralli~n: , sloon.a, ladles, d IffI end irepotsle,ugnrs, ererrans. Inmpr, jillnnled tries, alrl salnndsoand Ifloalilm. 111,lltl line elrrtle, Gerem lilver ra)rrir rad hraara tfiare.h etafah rin ren l vn riea y r f, a rticlea I Ior fantlyr n . i lrcihlllanis d ilerdn, hifte, n nid *erhnlbfis, lfrnised wlh nds ant thile Iloit rea * Ponible priees, anl I'"' ked lo as to be colnv,.yed Swith satlly i nyrc pint , Ihe coUn ry. d Mn, nlral rllfliara'iel el.a'aarp. ncl2 TH a FltILDA LINE learara Niarraife ii Augustn, Gon. : Imlaves lnfire evrr daiy at three a o'cck. |p I] per US alnil borlt ), r itall's I.Lnllr., nlrrove Iflakelfv.-tlel,er foir itplet conchsc tol Pe.saeolni-tlhlic; nlrmnlholtlls to fIa[ir llrre, w ahelrn th Ind inrep ie resulllned-ihence via Nlanana.a1hi nd clr,,wnerville, Fflh. Ilinbi-g Pacderlorn-, IIrwkiaVsvillnfe. icedervle leroil&L.uaeis. v allertorAe'ii, uic, nneeintr regirulflfy nirli L' the rfir rrrd aiir c no Cllurle. eson r aln r t re n srem packets ir Nowr Yurkf, N.rinik, Pnildelrrphia, etc. lhe sn e' llabolir s a ire thr n Iatr for r tile service, IId tile navigalion preenti ailrre ldf annaoles thIs n enll be fclllrd uaoiill ny etrimUllca il t r tniCoa ill tIe s,)uth. ere tl'.ill~.. 'rlie raI a ilfrmaroveelllene in thia rnllte have ieen i produced by trhe cnn trucii n o r'r iaa rf Ilfiranif aew' raaf, by the aerfirietare, viz : fror LfaGrf ange on a I.Foarle vIranolola, a 'l erm if Santil lnnos ily, to la Bynia'c Fearr, on.'ifli Chiarmbc fnrcire ricer, rear ilus arif ,,vr hf e awihrif, or 14 riibive Cndfar Il;ffa I wherneby e tlnavillac on c lle river. ned rathe eo sa.lflar a eiant a ar irla d mrf r re nIaPre Ifl er ian e). i i ev ient i crrssillr e t i ire friarVfirlt, . rlf e rlllla rly awvoihd , anidl a liha r', d I ror l i rlnri ia d r31ri Sto lihab brisl<. ,, t+,stan, n thtelI +, runnldtibutt re. d 'v'm fChllfatih ',he , ai.. i, 'lt,. h,; di.. ba e l rll nrll f, a 'l a a d if ria lain tl r fl ellircs ra ri re r Ih aii a Ollfo a i aare. i'ill. inlflll I 1~ ait I~lhcl~vl illU jII re' i ,llll il:,l nll u iar in l ih the lia n , fli aval'n h ara' i af)o rar iraalo I A l laile ar i trli1aa e li, fi re lularln le w,'n ' ai la anh Akar irle . ara vfell, rf whi a a i reaniah airy foit ra ra f.inaailrrhrar o fchu ar ro arira' - c o lI 'tin Iria s tr Ol ;ou l t l it li r o Iw I l le .l l L o obile to i en Iia cila-I calld Rou e-l)rine' tlit. time oepnier d i ,a " f te rrepff aniair fa c,r the proprire aore of ahlt 1 ,"ida Ihno ' ll nur a line ot i urr linor nae pr .oicihes every otiler dacy befwranac MI.' fatil.'ncnn Ie sco [Passen.Prs wall lteave ,+ bl e hi t, il3 o'tclock, p us, I Ihe "raorll bfIi, 'ana arocen d ara n Hn I I'uda me~rlwhere ai fotr hiore ecouci w+ili ol Ill wahitrg to r'c.ine'i th.nin ta ihe f exa.iellfnct faaaunenf er. Chlarhes cttnv.eyti- viII t iu ll a citlrIlen ilrtitutea 31' Cll harlei ' iall, 1 1 4 m le di-stant, where they r-dl ftid pleasant ac:coalnnod.llls for the niglt-le-Iaving next ornnrfing, they will narive ia PeFsacola early) ihi tie er-enlin,, ihui avoeidlag the diecorurIrt of rlilht tr,veHllr in. O(lice at he Mansion llinse, Mloibile, andGol. lius' loatel, Penlsaiotln, where seais rmust be sevIa red. StICI'TON & Co. nov I Pianlo irtr Itlrurtr/roa. William Snetih teltdcrs his services to the eiii, zees of Nrew (trleillls as a teacher of tlhe piano, forte. it r S havllg h" n emph.,*y*,d sa veril years aste ieacher Of I -lu ta e il t ri tIva i ,ntlile s ie l l Irlton, i viclnitt, cionteiO but hope to merit their eon llid ite. IIe is .lrliteitiId i rtlefer Io Rev Dr CIlpp, Mess SltoIn \ t Ave ry. rll... rson &, Gat.,mes. l,.r ierllls.i le plit-es- apply at itle beoukstre of Alexander T', iot. 49l C ell " t ' act 2 Dru[,..vs ard .lledc'iner. J I I'ri ve st hi- lwealed inisI lf In this city ltr the purpose of tien ctig t tenerin I \Vhilesarle I)r t bllrianPe . lie is ntow receiviner n lull s lupply ol ire.,l and ncnuite n erll.le., which lie will sell1 1 liberal ctt i T'Io eily drIIggitl, an those ol ti i lre r, 1ir tt l pl V icltlly n IntP r r hlllnts llla d pla terire, he will ol , r ind eiItlellcll'lnt1 such a hnave never Ibe fore llbeen ofll'tred 1.iii lhs city. Ilis itllention I to litnri strictly leai tiaiae bttusiness. Ilia stock will SoeOn fir eon plete, and ill hi eew wreeIs will be rea. idy flr biillellsa . All orders Iralll the countlry, nod from tlmrchlants ill . i- eity, receiving such orders will be pr.lptly atlt nded to. oct `' hNo 39 Camp st IIOI."ESAI ANI) Rl'lTAII.COilt AND VA SI i'T'Y .STORE-at the sign of tile goldenrt :ott, Mui ')i Chartres steet. The subsciribersr hIave re ceived, i ia tiliton to their previois stock ntil iatnld,a full asnd I:o ln et l assor enlltllll oft' articles in their line; viz: conlbs, lerluiary, Jewellrv, brushes, lacking glasses, inic -artirhr-l ,i i-.carsintion ila part fits t llows: (ti)l I*S--tlor·i r shell, wrougaht and plain rtlck,twist, qrilled Ihck, lop, round, dressing, side pull; curl and netk, I'ae.iliau trnuls ofI every rde.ription itamongst which itre amit lle exie pll tter-, Ivory cosnllli of every descritllin, h)rit dreasinit intd packet, tigrt'ller with a geaeraloa-et ioIne o fel'rreiih rItlllt.lleriretr. I'GRFl'UMIILY-(Cologne, LIavender, Floirido, Ihney, hllv, rlals drll uege llea. u erwafers of eery size andl dea :: 'Ill, pIllllorated Cologne, extrnct of Ilereulllt, Iln y . Is u l:tl kindh , shavitng do ill cakes tail rota, creat coudlll/ \nWard's vlegetablell hair oil, hears and un tiruedo. I PrestonI S inelliig saltl, plin and perfiuned toilrt plwddte r, pierll nalWtler, jaow ier lllllt and hoxesll po nulltlull in plll nts rnll.sor.i. and chlorine toolth wash anl tlowl lll, with ita greraltnassrtllent of JIE\W Eli.In.Y--.ol of the latest ind iIost ftshiona lil settsi, consisting of itlliie and red cornelin, taopr A. Jet eardropii-, l-t in lilalgee, Ilbrelal rils if a grett 'le, tv of It!tli , wt llltl hl trillllllillur s gilt Iand1 sihe nekte, tii-elt tlhimhbll, silver all geld pt aiols and guard chainl BlRt 1 I lS-Cloth, hair, dlust. t,crunibhrearth,loor, lat, e ala, to, plate, cunlb, Nail, sliavig, shoe andl wlltew ell I trllh 1:s. IOOIKIN (lt..t.iASSES-Gcrmain statit and toilet glnasss, iilaii 'rlit.tilo. Fireinch dretaing glaamI honlae Ido, witi ilf iuriIy of ortirller kinds not enlllnclertild. IFANt:Y A.Nl) VAIIIETY ARITICL'.--French and Alertican portable deska and dressing cases, some very rich nted liaely finiahed ladies work bxaesanddrea. sinil cases with ad witithoutr latsic, Inusical boxes, Ae cortliiians o Ivariol kilind, violins and gllitura, silver antd platertl pleituil- atrd leid.t,waod ilpencils lr carpellntrs andtl tcraymnls, Ianutle clueIs,guns ad pistrla with anid witlhout e.i.esr, ,rrcussioni e l i i c c lu r eres, nipple ser.en drivt r+ ee hIllut iu ltrclltt e I..ti h paste lr lacktiel, toy tionsell e, iuIdii)li YP uas o't* elv kibud, bIll, an paeiillll , rellei s, pit s, ailtr itai s:t, e inde nt llit Uhi i lr Itu l ei, IpIc t h ietilllk UI ritll tn o1 it evariOels khiril, tiiYtirtg alind Aillr.ivLlll illillllllw ltuli dll. ,+,r do~mS illlilntuill frllillt lllI Iboxes, pr i ll a rll. Iliol kinds, Salnderse' Pliinsllll Ielltli, lI el' IlilInaiar ntll a ,I;wkin raIzor 'l ra ns nd dre,,ir, lo rile, Ita ll ireratrl b ilitrr ii, rowder aiti c llnt end p flans a1crt1d breads. ilt ,,d silver d, gc elah..ItaLsei ,terriaud tarters, plainhld tlword tunes, Ibackla eet boards, titr, op-ti-il vi'nnesrjehweuarpi , lt enict I ch ic1 (yriukieei.llruuit;r, wiih u.lreat ttt rete-ral other irti 'e- tie In itiiallis credit, i 11t Ii dSl3M i , & ceu. Iti .ll i.i\ t II ' 'Oi- V:-in I (t,1ttt aa 'I 11 i7ll.-- iit 0lin purr winter rat 7 Si`rnl t 'il, ill ca tin t 1 I lloi tor iatl bi JAK1I ds & ANLiftllE\'4, \hInlesd !Irugg at ,eoruer C suuon and h'ctlp t 'oline vice. . prionllrv, &co-A aalt, i tlar tllle f rol ..e, ut up l cxprte. ly for tlhe re. il I ade; alt;iie itinp:rel - ach Perfmtterv, - br- - clng re otvr arllty for the itleo, for sile by o ( I tIdrCS & D'LANe;. l int rIie illr anils nd Plnntlers. e aNegro ,t oIs, lanket, l reutel.*, hnseys, lowell s i i. ,. hrek , lilllns, rlllicore, Itltndkerchiel's, &r &c rreci.ed ai letr sale low bIy ilie subseri. be.s. ROITTA & Cr. oct. corner Cananl and .ig Ciatro at L tS ~C, ut'rl, N i, .4 Conde stretr, betwen Dualnl antd Si Plilip, keeps constantly on hand an aexteell.r neornrullnlrll obo1ias caid brogant, and slloe, c f New Yrk lan uetafaure, for imen, wollen and ellldrel of atll le, which lie will dispose of at very ioteti-raueoprticLrs. FeIin olil~aof.tiis aq'llinlanceansenldin n ereler will ilve the:r wtislhes arrended to L S SEI.OUI AN AkttlE PAARINA'S COLOfNEwATEi - 2 cases rp e ore Of this ai.1erior Cologne waater, just rece'iv-d cod frar ealt It tle drlena or i %glc lnttle. Also Americaln td ll :ench toilet powters., rnowder i lflt solid boxe, hl,|l ill; llnd Ildlet soup-,uostlartc wul~h allr., milk titi rtes, c:'latlllttgc taltl CLt rUI, extr ane i .iusk, kephalos, Ward'a vegetable hIlair oil, pomatunn rirlealle lie pteal Flrinla. luvendar, rose acd aiy walters, Presat :are alt, Mllarseilles rerfucllry in tranok. vaeieta-. le r id illnid oiutO, Chllorine and Orric tooth wash, clothihair, eoth, cail atd fleth brausltes; togethelr witl ac lildltiatIl lttplly if frlhionable lhorn -iadl hell .lnlabs and J. lrtcltfr)r talt oew at whoilsale or retlail by hl3.lIONS, IIARITT &C, J)!) ti 70Chartres strect.. BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING. OF EVERY DEeRIPTION, C CPEEDII,Y. IIANDSOELY AND CIISAPLY EXECt:IED t AT TE 91PFIP0 OF TH e True .WLserican, NT. CHARILES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. m23 CHAMPLIN & COOPER, GIROCERS AND DEAIERS IN- PROVISIONS AND FEED, No. 79 and 82 Julia street, New Orleans. 1i"Ship and Fnaily lstoma put tp. etr 5 LUIJIlI ANA FURNITURE WARUROOMS No. 53, Bienville street. SIL.IAM IR. CARNES, would respectfully in ,irm los friends and te public that he is con stantly receiving from Nw Yorkorad Boeton a gntd I s'rartmoent ,f Furlitrore, nltch as mnhognov lhir.s, sofas, I dtends maprasle ad Ipainted clhairs, tople end cherry beduteesi<, nmhognty and cherry tables of all deacriljtions, bureaua, ".ileats, secretaryr, ewrti.g drks, wanlrul,er onf mahogany and cherry, wash taands, lIookhtig glrser, reathiera, bedding, r&c. &e. Nit. Furnture imaked iar transporrtatlion with great corr·. rtly3 PRED WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL Er LOUISIANA, `thFFERS his serlvices It the public in the deparl 1 meents ot Surve ilog and Civil Engineering, Ioth in tr,wIn and enuntrv. From onsliderable explrience in his proftesio,. and by promrtnes, and fidelilt in ,he i execltiont of business entrusted to him, he hopes to nlernt od Ireceive a ahart of publieiptntrage. Ile tril' also nmeasure and calculate thle coLtents if wali. sand exeavarions. Office No b (ihartresstreet, second atot, hacrk. jet BAZAAR. pBS di ALJEW. NO. 1, EXCIIANGE IIOTEL, S'earner of St. hA,,rlee and a1 Crro sas,. NEW OILIEANS. ' MPORTERS atnd Dealers iD Frenhel lll English rerfruntrtr; Dressing Cases saod IPortalble IDesks, Cutlery, Horsity, Ghloeas Shirts, Stocks, Umbrellas, Catlesnrd 'antF v Articlesr. 5 McCOLLIJm & DOSS'Y, r Factors & General Coammaission Mer'hants, MOBILE. IRefere in NewO Kirman, rAernartly & Iranna, ) lt &I. lirlt., Iope, Putera & Co. r18-Ittr JOHN S'TEWART. No. 5, Platt Street, Nect. fork, COSIf1IISSIItN IMEICIIANT, IMPOIL'I'ER and denaler n Hatters I'llsheso amld Strimmings. Ample strrage tmay be had rnr teod. erte terms, and every attenton paid to goods forward. I ell Io his rare. Itelerertes: Messrs. Larne & Provost, N O. A CARD. IlCHIRISTIE & SINNOT'T, IIl/7Ics le Grrers and Comtmissrr, r lerrs hnts, No. 27 Comdaon Street, t Orleans. .llPorticlarattention pai]d to Ih Itlting op of Sta n it..1 and Ship stores. BATrK NO'TE IENNGItAVING. RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON 1 IAV op;ened en olfice in; Now Orleans. Itosses.hug i .l eqale alvtnltage tiith their llol.e i Nw Yolk 1,i flr thre ,pr rose ofoengravig ull I prilting Iank NoRtes, IBlllow., B ll r r fxexhange, Certilihole.o Iof llepsitr, ICheks I.ll other imp ortant paplers, reqllring secllilsy Sgintat IForgeries; alld have lmade ample povivsion Ior the ialte keriinglll pll patesn Iand imllpressions elntrust erl to to air re; their specs i ens etIbrac tlhle itnotes of over fie ndread, ba lkine insetittio, and tll orders will/ Ie exreclltedt with Dromt litude, Stl on thle uocalnl .r.,s. 0tite, c. r lr al & Canal st.. -t -. jri-tf u SA lilEL, i' IlIY, °.'ilerchan,hlie Broker .f Commission .terrhanl, dl:. ')ter, t3i, C'amp s:.--nor the prnesen. o. If. Ih, isS. SIIIP 1 ROKERI & t:OMMINSII(i.V MERCHIANT, No. 63, Po)dras Street, .I. P. FREEMAN & (20.. Ilhoelrnfe CIolhiug EnItablbiheseuln No. 3, agazille street, . AVEI: cornstnltlh on hamd a large Su'lql, of Cloth

I . in,, calcul.ted lir tine mcntlr trdo. Their an. "Otn'lll bel I g large, lere' t orlonll t. tlhl collllll r ( cillm be supplied at the ehorlet uo . trl) IiEAI.I'4, IN 1a ERICA. N \& ENi;tlI C1II. \'l N ( 1t,\W f No. :; CanoRlEI.: rrtve r. o FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAl I,(lt & IIAI)1EN, No. I i'ihLarsrs.'. tIrert SIIAV' 1. llprIIt iFLII spllllyl e I fIver.' nir.ll llel p rI'lll"l'lll .r (. .o _e.lellln'll'o di-,. ' . th l e.4' t t S, . 4, a 6\,'W' York prime,_r _ _ ',' d ito SJ.B.Ross SURGEON DENTIST 8 No.:13, Itloynl streelt. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTAIILISIIiMENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Op()posite Hanks' Arendl. It'ILLI.41.' GiREENE, .IROPRIETOR C H. PARKER Commission and PForwardling erchant, No. 6, FR)NT ILEVEE, UP STAIRS. t, .IARVIS & ANDSREWS, t W IIOI.ES.AII, AND RE'AIL. leiALlERi IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS D I'E STUFFS ND OIVINDOW GI'C LI SS, Ierlner u (Col on l alllllii Thoupiroulus strarts, r, Nk:W OI(IIFANS. NATIIAN JAIRVIS. fJOliN W. ANIDIIEW\S. A large aulqy o Garden Seeds. wa rrantled the growth of 1837. RI()HERI' CLANNIN, . HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTERI No. 12 Camp street, kWholesale )ealer in Paints, Oil, Varilhes, iBrushes, ,n3.I )Widow ald Pi icare (;jlen &.& u. FASOIIONABiLE CLOTHING. RODIJ'SO7VR GO OOD UPI, liNe. 4S, Crnr.m Slress, One ioeor beltw Bienville, %l AVE coastenItly on hand every article it llertlhl L g i+g to geltlelen'o dream, Ililde in thi tleot ma. ier ladl ainio faahilnable style, lhlicl they offer fin cnsh, it edled ed pric.a. Indecd--183l .LItNih EN'S INSURAN E COMPANY d OF NEW ORLEANS. This i:Comlpany are now prelared to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. 4l,.. 10 , " No. 12 Mueaso'o Uuilding, Cuannl Is,.er, i New Oilelns. May t15.18311. ec.retary. o V- )TI' rtriralhip ..f Ktllev, 33 aneu &Loi of Now Orlean l; .ilaon, llrrir &C. ,or Naltehez; iad llrris, Kelley &Co., of Rlodney, wa disls4lved on lr h.lst l l2 l y ilast, lve ile death ofl altuol li A M30tsu4, I le of tlie parllers of thei fir, .. '- 'ithe 1uderignedl, 4urvivihg partners, will 'e ch1rredt I with the seotliig iand closing said if llows: iLevi C itarri. till attoed to the aettling of ite ,busiies of Mlinlls, lharrios& Co..,tt Ntilchez; sad Ilnrri, Kel 'ev & C&o. ,il I.tdled ; luld laenry Kelley will atteld to he setlling ofltll business4 of Kelley, Mlatorn & CoI., at New Orleanui. T lile allle oUf Ie eveoral linru will l1e used in lihidhatiOIaoly. 'IThale liildebtPed Ill "sid fllrlllL are eirnelitly reqllesed ocunle tilrwolrd and lake early oettllmentse all e' the; e hating rluiis will plelus. irant t tlen whillut delay. IIENII'Y KELI.ISY. New Orleans, June 27, 1837. tEil : ;ARDIIDIN SE:ED.-T'l'he subscri,er l' hlgs to express his grateful Ithalllks t the puba lie, fotr It lberall support lie has Jaevcd since nr COiiUcommenced lui4oesa in th city. Iellldtn sole pro irielhrol the seed store, 17 Colmmon lcll et, hufis not alld lever was oagent lr any norlilrn seed vender: noeiher ise he connecled alti anIy Iuse ill this ontllllry-but lie laosuorl tlhe public ihat his co elnletionsin e every dep;ariotmnt of Ile seed busis niras, in lhe dtllerent counltrios ,tf ulope are equlll io 1that of anly Ihouse in the United toltats. lie int. p.aros a edo, planllt, &c. fro, tle Iomust xtlenive lind respetnable nurserict slnd see mllllen ill France, llllotlind, Etglaid, Scohland, and the tin tither Slstates-anld it willet all tilltes be hi i ilnres', as it is hii sltudy, to receive, in additlion to It prsentll stlock. liarge arnivale of every descriptlion, really the Sgrowth of 118381 also, ellgrafted fruit tres, o all 4 kindo. The public may rely 0o linding a full 04. soIrtriet of every atile ill tlte seed ll,,of genu. ine quality, and impotted direct by It n Wa In. IIINN. It TARNISHIIES-I'Ile Sullcriber, hlaving loicv oela. V blished a varniih ilnfaallcltoy in New OIrleans, is roeadv to :upllply the paintlera nd in I o pblic ill general, Ib It, wholesale or retail. Hi pricen ires mioderalte, till Stle qualily of tin pridllcti nulpriur Ii ally 4 ver breught I to tlhis plce. 1'hlt geotletuln omployed tou tlperiltanlI ih, Ithteaol'etorV liad beenll at til hbId of uta .Xnlleiva nlislioenlmut fClia khldiu Europe, 'Il'sos dinlltwad ito cll cl at ts corner oNf atin end a lTchilpitoulas sln, II shalll It ire.aetd with faeir s.sipls ot ittyv vtronili II they niat wish to try. Alunglls the varnihes are thei ii coach No. I, warranted no to clanoge even in boilina water. 'The black varnish for tory , eand ,tneam tL i hinmice. Th'l transparels vurnit withourlllall,, &c. na 1I l tE. Royal College of Physie ns, Londlon. llrlXi. orilnel YVe ahble H lanel UtivelMal Mledi 1 - ei Inelrd byV ,,Mskio, Eai. emnt·imr of r mae litwal Colleg of MlorgeLon, Limentiale of Aimotite ecry's ioom ny, Fellow nllolt mCom Somley, Slrgeon o, tIo tohe m it'i Unlion Peonsit Aoimimtiton, ( Lnmtstc r CI Plane, W IVeloo Brlige, and 'Perptlul Pupil of iny' , and St. 'Thimnas's ll oitol, lmleon. t This ,aluolhe meitine, tile roault of twenty yelmrs' exoprlenne and Ilnttralleer no suceee ill tile tenmive m and tihiglm reslmet.hole Iclioeee of tile iprotilety, ptro tilted by time foelte end noolilitv, nod in now introdloced totlhe lotice of ihe Americln ;illblic, ot tile oneet So lictamtilon of a mnumber olgentletmen of long antill ,ih m snding mldite jlcofeilon. It is holmet, ao a 1oreltioi ns." atep, to iheck tite evilos nml taitl coauolmeenc anrisaingfrm tile use of the inumoerous nod dleleteriotl nostrlms n loanteld olln tle phlic my time ai of faIbrilomted Iproofsof miraculous cnres, nld ether framois, by a et of omrotleory, utriripled preteltdcrlst no toally iglmemromm oi mdinlal acienmce, than it iipomoible the moontroun mdelnsim on ally Iomger go down with tile inteIlligeInt dpeole ofthbi comltry. " hsese pills, mild and agreeable in tleir ntlue, should be kept in every family illneases d of sudden illness, for, hy their prolnmpt nminiiistrltion, II cholera, citimi, .loIp m.%f!ia rso am othier alarming I eome~mlnimhts, which toI oftmillet imon lfotI, tnsy me taleedi mly coedor lmrevente. Il .aot, all tllose wIo vnlu nogod healith, should never Ie withlollt tnimel. Thley are sol' I l1 in lokesot m moenta, $o1 lloln d eoc, by every twapc tIuhe dlruggio, bookaeller, ood vendorof medicine in tin - Unitel tatesl m m in Cnmlllas, with coiousS llllenctlos, i with: esllmnoilials of plrfteslonaii o siliht I'lim time folloin emimlemt gemmelllc.n: Sir Antlcv m mCoo, , Aimetm'mtoib, domes lI~lnnmeli, ki. D.,'WV. Bomb.k M. D. SJ. Aiston Key, A. VCmmopitom, M. I)., and inumoerols oothers. 'lhe originmos may It sece m imea.nesaon ofthee e General Agent, by homIi the mldicile s iinmlorte ilato Sthis cItrImlly, aIdll to WllOnl tll apliication Ioragencies Imstl le malde. JNO. HOIIIEIN, 1'29 W elrly Plen, N. York, Sole (;iei'e! Agent Iblor thie United ltates, L .. For ale by apllointment of tile miginal prolrietor. by Swatr L Ilnerlutml, I)Iimggims, No II Collli street, (.-etle A tellofr r Stalthuee i'l.noisollne. jul8 !1EMtiY It LEE &. mom, Neo 4 l)mgazime mirent,arc n.w receivilcg from shlips Nashlville, I.ouisville, aetlthckiS, Fog, oanm olther late nrrivli tramll :he :tlern eseiir :. lage ano Ilew elrort.l asooltmlllent I I!ii.em, Iootl, Shoes allnd lBrogotmn, , anotinilmig oi'gemClSemm't hile cml" IfImd bMeomoCo lmeots di o d rlqualnit; do bill'i, alnd stolt waix ioggeI Ioots n - rinunlsqllnlti ies; noem's fiino enll' saml Ilid IlorimUe Ihm.. enmmllml Ibreg.oons, secksnkin shoes, lngnls am sh tre, s: men's flue mmlf omd kippem imegi d i hdesmut I rognllls; de botsl; dro stOllt kip anti wnx legged sihoes Sidr brognlls; getlltlemllen's bIst Illmlitiy call'.leli slloes, Iego n allllS .lllo.k I)lwnlillgn do calf iei d .mmllOmlcro i hemicen shmem aimm llmrimmnso m o i cm1lm s m li iiot.mlcio I adinla shots ital sitiimm:st, do emil, bml"f inn sm1m wiIIsi .mlew article; Ilo lile callf, e..i llllid temmoroceoqmll:rter moms; homys', llmitSes.'nIIl cllildlelnl's piggel sii sommtitm .hbgaots, mmnd shoesotf every iuamiti adi kite. clamt milroelln mIml slmmet, iC m rlmmm with Ilmimm) maim. RIgO mest IImnityl, russmtnt rmIgOiuIs, alehd ill I Ilnks, lmlade x.~esslv for i ti e god s I rtmel i of nlll's li; ne ll stilt kill rnsmlstl Itim lllS l rs mami a cmgo quaimmity of aim inmeri+mc mumimlii. Liulies' fime c:ll; stl, Imorocco m nd gmlimc wemsm : Im pimm oll i slihos; doI mii e .unoc ita.mllmld kid mmmII 1.11ii slipmiers; do roemh mhomes, wimi aiod withoni hmm else - iml;h mmimamlm stmmmmblmhher mootmgims; do Pruntlla shoem kl lni ulie i Ins121sro n , quite ; b F|ll(; il liclllmllmll:tlicelm; o lill0 bro g ll lS I mllmltllmim ' ut *gmlls. Cliltrll'si olormll .cOicee .li ce imsitillg blrm - dent'lemlen's lilkefshionablet black silk hats; lo IMac* lit nletlrlPlo; 11111:111:11~ 11:1IHI)( ll~ll'~w ill)l lllt.l;+ IJiI(.· 111.;111 :11111 'I. k lnessiala1(.r ,1bcmci hce ts. a ii\: cle. You.h" i;e size humi e s mmm IC L ille imimm ml. ti t.lm ; i ll cI l ihc ll .llii. hl l' s, wilt h tim mi l ssmiL i tin' t i l. of im mm iii mm 'u. l in ms I sii -" n ! ..i ,s. 'I hls :Issmisn lllhIllel p111\1111 l't'nisih.e hs the airriean of I a hs packethi rall I lll lllllea e Iiiiii tl:ties, a f11 1 II wll ichll I a* ilI be soh i llr limm till lll ill m tI1liIIc. aII Ii - If m . .Immli imim 'r e ; +m'im. . Ii Ie .q l .."ll( 11 /,'0111 € Tl'II il !+ 7'1'.'1";7'11.illl ·ii' S lmit m i hi s I Illll , fi . li lli i Ir 1 I9.4 OR THlE TIEC! l if cr.mluaive iii hl IIt .II1, hm I ir 1 'ii h iiI - i-b r ImiIIrI it iito the mlimimm l m im li'. irillllrn mell. lllla b e l h t iti d l,,e l mi l lth ,im i t' l + III1I1(II |U·llP.: II ht nil- ++llllt. 11tl.1 lle+? In(.1 1 It~l+l lhl~t\ mlme reimmiml 1 ilhmimi . liii i s mmii lilm* ly Itiicm) m e mi i - dhi- x mt I ilIIInd I m.l. i m11 1111 1 1'4 1- 11ilmi m lem m ij mmm r ler o. 'a at a ,Tih' p'lllplli(at |,) ir 1in .'io'n. r: bollev ir t." IIII VtI l IT Il(ll T~lliL ,i ,1 i( iH lllll lL . itlhd ll. (iiI1I f mI l im mt m llirt, mimf. It i ll ic +t. ',. ile 1 'I. iii h f.liii tv,'I.lhll 11111 r.lI,,,, IhIt(11il I-I'L'III+.I· \' hl('il£. ) I'r1 I·l11ll riil l'ih"r mmmi, IllimllLei, ilIme i ll m Im I i im Imi cll lllllm I IIIi i ii rill]~id .llll v II l}., l h'ol·X)P . lIII. ihe 11 +-' .ll ' ll1 h+(' r I.·: T~ll d+1' 1e1 y a.llre , he l t unnlnn nlloll l ir ( l1111111. Ii l. l II res ol d ,II thil . oI tIo iilld th mii ,, m- i hc m+m,,. mim l,' dlt N, 111r r, (·ll (l l il lilll41. ll '1 ','htt'lh,11 11111'1L -t+. ! | 'Jm IIN II liii ,\ ll.\ ,.. mmi mliii miimiiciiimmmiim;mm 'ISlITll(N & -AiN I .Xli,' . . I ' Stl11Iit.'N It iNlt: a1IXT I'i.i-A .pecdy S lnld cl. t;.il Guru lrr tibe Fever ;ait:( A"ut i. rmittel t illlll iliier iit l I vers; pro il f .to orig.tnal re. ,". lI'.ti:, . ".!!r c te ,11ll llli :nerex nit 1 ~ 3ý:, 1hy ptrcit of the hlighi t respecta: ll it h I i i I s c. , as .srtld in tlIl, ,ia teix k certili. ic ls. "rhlT s mlledicilli it, highly reroliilded, ali has boien ixtenively uSii oi thile aibve d.Ila, with such distinguialhed uiatieci, that thlie prloprietor of tle recipe hail beenl ilidrced ih ol;r it toi the pal. lic i itl presenit formi in the hople thait it niry bei, th nteans of relievinig nary ofr thie who aire suffering utider the scourge of our colnltry. It is a illedlclll I poessing great viltue, and when usedL according to thI, directions has never failed of effectinug a cure, even in tihe mlost olbtiiate tarll of the disorder. It is not at all disaglreeable, anid iersons of Ilue wceaket stoltaclt, atll children may talke it with iiipunity. It strengthlens the digestive organs, ernteia al aipptite, and sCdoml requires lore than olne, or ill obsainate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither nmercury nor arenic in the medicine, nor any thing incjrious to the Ituman contitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its efficacy, that they agree to relfuld the price of every bottle 'which Ilhs been takn ill accordance with the directions ned has not efi:chteri n perfct cure of tile fever c ague. A. OLIVEIR, sole igent for New Orleanls, at his wholiesale aud retail drug anlld lnodicilie rlore, corner of Ilienville alnd Chliartres streets. For District Agenllie apply tit jel5 T. \V. 1IJ''11, 48 Conti lt. PENSACOLA 31ANSIO)N HOUSE NEW CITY', PE.NACOti.A. 7'3IIF a subscriber lehuig iiruielllld lfie icere a"ld fli nilurof thllis well kiowni asaiubblIuiluu frll ii lllLr 'Taylor,ihe late pro rietir, will be ready to receive ti. leri by tile ilst if April rlcxt. s Numeroas aid oustly II pUrovelentu will be found in sile nrrall.uglikcti of the halesioi Ileoau. New crit I leorte Oliiiiodious buIiilrig cuiseilec will h lb ilre l a Swarmll bth, will be iroarled alt lil hours. A stable t" ile ltl lte u l t lill: wlith good u nlicceuiuiui dni. lions for llordes lld carrialge+. Iile rate lrses ira d clreriges will alito be kept fur iire Ut lilerntu priceers, Inrr rilil ulrd iriw bIlults, c ii ierreils Illto nasnge theli for Ir, true ue clvi1iturs. lilliunlars lind cubel rnu.enlents sutlil foultial nl ltrig places, will alo iiue furnished, and oea lcmineted as not to interfere with fIe comfbrl ltead I niet tit Ihe bIorders. Thel'lni wines tid liquors will il' Frederick ilttrllartl , wrlo f.rclierly kepl it poll eliar a hotel a t \Itwullsh ltluloll Cit e,wi :Oll dall alid i rils lirI le lol'l t year, ulnte d I r friends gel erl ll., . al. lhuy will rec.ive uevry polsible :rterronll; and therelby ir iiili i i io give ruuiid eot riruli ui lia. e ''Ir locatl iiv aull pa s of ith s house tire too wi l l .II Sknmolw tto lteld a Ilei.t. Pneid hdecripi( n !ire,. T'ile it tcls tllcit ct'ni cI is the largest unvl l ta)lti of llthe Gvirllltet; thel u eluera l rIrellezliou of the tiillrqund. iroi; the s.lubriiy of teo iiini o rueirclbed cOiiinutliv dl -a i to cle best doutlern lmlrhdts, ive 'el acls thile prce ii fer..lie oveir lII Ihe r r lacs i nll I -e latitulles, as a Illeallr weri ll dielig ticil tUlllule r nitrel i it. "d ri ltaw boallts ill rii i brLetween Penlienrln Und ilo eil, e ull c ill ii lll tile Iii al:l ito take tlhe lpasseiut er [[7 tientltll·PII wishing to englnlog roons for thei d tiP Yi·i tireue1 t ll. lh +I rececrilntr, l uienultie t, r SArir Pirscwcil T"lalor, tIh Iormer pi)ouprm ci e al Nle .v c rre eean el, ile : ui P8.n: ofsrcc ticiie i i I N R IliWil ritkulere. Mr C )IT llmr , t It .,r pin, tily,., ir.. Kii ,y, il rin lel t '. Taeylor, lie ii c, EIlu, in N, i'- tned IIti IonI , rec.civ ieusrlcriut.uion it persoil at lh c lru e . totel, ii plele, at lisa Wliitnba e tinet, i iid lt c:al i oal ra s ndllr.r n l iJr 'Trertveler miiriiii of Iteiiup tie Fluida re iute. vi ellstoir latllu, thle tie, lalre iifit rellelrl, eirltep huats will nll llh rnfrill. Al,ubile t,, Pnllisa coia, leaving Mobile iiie eid iculi el eve iher , rele il h tat oi lca. Gt e aic wcillnl auyud ibe piratv ilde t h iI i tie stu.r'br lit l be ii ei'neiecs ic lalke aseu.r un fra iMobile, in caae of the failure o' il hn N U AirNOlt. lre steaunlun i Cleit iirii e.tlumec labila tar lene tuli lwilie n werlte I . _iI A NDREW SMITI C4 r -; e& ltre -eiliuljlyeiforuel thiir friends ard thi lublie in eentrral, that tiey occury thll ir rne i brick uhop, 19 Tcliourpitoulas - aireeL, where thley koei eonstlanuLly on liasrd Copper, iris cnd Shoet lroin WVare, of every description. such ae copper ctiles, kettles, and puiptn tin bath. ing tu' a atd oil canes; of all sorts lad eice., and all atLler ibrnas aeting done at inerteat unotice. Grule. hlsr of oery daer-lrtier ilt, e'h is Actate. boat slirrupe, hog chiins, aiterew .bitt., ac aliteth kind ofateantbout eorkssuch as mirinlttep, brtech. d s ttet u pipes.t..' e aThey willj.eoe i ell k|rds of oet dier work. ent uce a-I , hieppeir mad Liu roofing andur glterilig, &.i.. They anees anld all othier ihide ci work ir tlehflino of busiriers, tiluy 'ill ecellnts t tieI I wotvcs teutike. dc27t JUST P'UBLE[SHED FROM ISTEREIO2)0 P PL.ITES, '"ie Filt EIidition,.f lROWI.ETT'S TABIES OF IN'fERIST:. FTO which is necw aded an Averge lTime Catlena-t tor, or east methodls for fltding the average time on storage, notes of hand or bills of gnoos, when n111- b clhauld at kdiferent dates, an differenlt credits, and' for varlits amonllts; bIesides a sel'll and complete Ranking 'lime 'ra' le, tile beat Iht eal be contrived, or Ihat fi gures can Iprduce within the same emndesetfi compass, a ind ize oI'tL pe. An ai:veriisement il the book is in nearly the follow ing words: fihe high distinction this work has receivedl throgh tie ten legislative aets prefixed to the title umge, is a re eommendationl in itself, so ncommoon, ai so econelu sive, Ith nathing is necessary more than by wty of ad velrtisement, to give a condensed view of some of its pe I eliarititess for inane, the interest lin heen compns. fed from, anti oompared with, what Is equivnlellt to four teen selsel'ealeolalione, examined in tie preasthirty five times, and printedl rom stereotype plates tested thIltytyl-one tilmes, firom all which it mlse be evident even to the tkeptie (espeeially on the pe.sonal ithe de Stail of Isroof il tlle preface) tha the r wrk must he erith h, metleally h.fallible, and in onfirnmatlon ofl tia belirfi Spremium of two hundredl an fifty dollars, is now ofifer ' ed for the deteetion tf aon error ofa cent in the present Sor fifth edition, as experlcsaed in the preface, making five Slarge preomions iferecd for the lme error aiceethe first i pnhlietion in the year 1802. (hie of hoe most nisicionua feantrea of the tables is e inthe arrangemet of tlile T'ime tlel Amontlst, wheleh for exlnelitits, rotlerence oulpersietity, witll the help Sotlhe sile nllll intldex, Eallttol be excelledrl al tihe sdily mtoll rose with whilch the in:erctl cao bei fi nI totte i test of guneral blininesu, wilhont dmltblilg of tancs is beslids a eonvenience so eseactital, that inl the estlmn Stion of 1'mes eIthr most competent and Irite lrel husi nmes men andt philie offi, rs lwho Ihave maice griaot use of thle work, it Insa been dlstinluislh. l hytine htontnble ppiellation lefnt "mniter pioce'. Anld considering the infsibilility tof the methol originally adopted in comlmsitle tihe work, andl the extraor nluary oulnber an variety onflte cxaminations, and tests of every elition it lias pstdil itlletier its eotwilhtlsmdiot tihe whole is in stelrolrlle, cenidnterIt , in salhlf, the pnsitive necItiecy seiored l Ib the lllreetntl ued mans enplloy ml, the eo rlmehas "been he thl nlland emt htblieally styled " the rnmst wmodtefrl bhook im thle wuslkt;" most eertlfhn no, tnlltes nimre figIlle work oftl e e i elent, Illelh ainceltihle bergiimllgl creaiCtion haslhadltihe stnei tnt ber and viiney of testsJ ill the send namlbero of edtors no, oir one Ilnhle iltnulbetr, as is clearly slowni ill tile 'flreirc. Rtseshl, attest nod etandard, iltIs been triedindt iruil Ie i ilyh il hr knit lic imelcs ill tihe tree Si. tlitis, at bY thie itblic genrllny, titinilg tIe liti)nal i$lilse itr ht Iorund in rit tieont gh sont i - alh' elhallt-igitlid iiihe ithli- oif tc 3 I"Ie litrmiiis.t "l'he boink.jl la, ifitlt el reit-aeti iildhtrtyl i al teiolrl nflaw el severnl oitlte Sailes Is tile "mits ofi e:dnlttlon lIe-.tiatue inll-reet,'' a "s:lsv by itw for tnik itterest, tiectntrilngas tile took is uedI, and as w.ay) lie eeun illI illt' IIl .. ei iium onl if tlile ilarilber,, anidl If ewi of ile st ieent -vinI sts, ill t etlist tie fithe bk, is in pus1 eSs9n cl'tvte l.t usta If c:itiztns ill everti qlitt -. 'e lhe Ibr Unitled Situatu. It is moreover well kluwn talt, hr its rearly chaeck, it hIs so Oiiltr detll c ted la ge .i.eioris I ill ,llir tlcy we'e ~adh,, even by the most cardetalm mul mUost compelent aritlmleticias t alt itsi seltltivess, Iln the alhsihit le eessit tlur, its s i, hae been exelnsively insisted Itn,, so evollenlt, incled, have been its sh'altHnaes, mul its Sivinvg% tliht, sevst }alirsengo whilst tle vIest eilitiii wlls $sciirc,l anld oult oi' irint, ii greal lnumbler oi" wrone hllllu colplies were r.ll~ll t1 lsll, oi lle tI a giI le t dishl irce vv v1111I·vevvI igv r llllllitiees as I'V to iltOvl a0llyglIe'iciteu trl IIItIt I 1iil 5 $ilt i.i lv i'iands .-olI14' 111-'III".illC hllv(\· l·(·'l'l'll, t* dl'uhll'tI rl .. ill~illlllT;'R tmII)lllllle( o. d lhllt~·1 11 hl'.11· wrlillllll I"! ..(, 1 '1 { I 1b I 4,5l k Sli' a coL(,., IIf nol I O h.i t Ir I l I s an, . n i l ii . til is tii' llittl' instlneI :llir h'I e u l lily, Inv ing anlw e sa tin.+ rxIhItI , ,I :ljelol' ;l'trIII(ill** to11·) ill.., 1111( .I|IyIhYI I iT nmret1hoingl tlh. sai.,- olflhis wrr, va1.61le tlime he lwing :, wery rih nm. ,, in publi r likce. It ir likie ile: wor.ths of iioi ILeaIIIII m iullll( dII p"l'ro r to insire I, that such is iie ni'lle of viiui work gvnealrl III qeialivi hiiilli~ lit"ih .tvIt 11(ivniiitp'i.viv. tlll~e ta1 In.s 1li:1l (11Im/l t ils hnk I1·ir its like h (I t I I I '.·(111 ed itll fe u ll u nlll i r Il bi tli, IIo1t voint ilet' Eiculathvin the wrh1i i nd l.e1Miuarve H IS 'del icst caiIouiIvllly un el hlis l tlll rorre.c.tion ll " lp) r ol" h11e'sl, it woulll , Hlmnmt ill It a ( I'rt illt , hl:1te Iw.enl) lnlaStll;· litr r'e· f'ltl'(lllilllll Iic m ld it :It a :111 c Il.l'. als It e IvI I.wlle dursll i(ull . brip expl ains. lBut soperlicfut :nal sainablhhtme the AI|IIt . v Is l lte S Inlte th dais wlHrklbeenl maInl(t' that lll o hg( etrle thfmllP iththeir olllll lP rt II $ ellrlll l aolr dis11a1s \ q)Xlllllill: lionsl, n ainsl ;, r'r lthr tIe g, eneral l ut i t1 , h',, I* e (h,. 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( se\'l , ill ittlt < a Ii. gliibs.b t snllll llp \la "lnis, iiaii lllllli su Il' ll ,] JoI s.lij i .lI mR l .. r I al. by 11 1. 5 1'11i \N, ltviiai,isltairileni., Ju+dlrni rusat, timilvtm sIiilrvmt,,t ' hny 1 :s1e11 d st l t iI lilBititMllS 11 w1re ing .. n ils aId I rwublest'! j (.u Alll i l~l)I[P' )i Illtlll+(.l ; imlii ii'i.o , iiiit iiii iii t msitiim s.Ii l it. v L / ),ii , itvy iiil m il it :.I , C wmim a vil aines, I ' I ,isho: I+;I y, ( )I'i+.'11; II I)In ' l k al till dll' ('rhis:d ld. SI .htii slsml'sasimlmm t.tavrn( 8 (l)()k, S I'othhrd sloe Orhiena tor Cairds Fye imi, It by s;r ihe, Snsltin Wovvd, I otolmc, ssroi mndh or IlhAlk hioCa iStl llincttil, Ash hile Ok, A -. r y, CIurhld E'.lm, g l-mimwII s tio he sePIi li 1 thii . shil . l iint$. i ilsi gssalyrvcovlt vivishl, e. olln lllvn dioril. ivehhTi .l&iii vi,, mu Il VsY, mIOIiO -lus I uiiaIriiIiv S Al bllltelt iron, ell asi'ited. Slloop, crll a.l aki viit o irn, lP I rvi o sill l phrngh mouhis C tinl Geinil, ihelr, blivtirtd, spriim g, shi arm1 Crowlc·y steel Iluollow wari , cult alnd wroullht nails aid $1 ikesi inc , block tin mIill a ulg rlnd btonles, Slt kettles Ox, kog m1:1d tra~ce hlains, con11 mills Atils, ices. )linanmersall bellows i W i ret s h ,iiv Ia rlea I vd i h o t "m PAmnts, . townltlld's send otier spades l11 lshovels vle oiolliin$e lnt, iimrndlhe xem an 1 slver pMncilla c toollrlge, i iies iniiid twiilvem r *u I git l iket iiiiiur iiii wilvmiiir vi, r iiimin iimvl ait iniiirgi seet d mviv, i inerm oii m itii oltId asoeini eofie hiaie and mi1iiii iii lelitl in ld mviii S t l an l ua i hu' vliivg ao lign, vlhiivnl mlnau nic, piiviigeuiulvlviii. g1ull, oin laUlll Itel wgitji h ai.r ill le Ir v ale at herle lle or retuil, i v hi ile .e orllat i o vble terelms II m4 " I.AY'.TON . .o. 5,")11. Ohl I.ev it ti Si h " lli l iorn iia rerir r .y HARROWGATE SPRINGS 'tP . +'II vmn11 iiui, v him y Tmiv lle, itl hiiu l . lrllllt stock o11II hM) l.(( i ll::(.1i.P111:.l lht it. + .lrt \l e 11 I'e r. . tp ; r Trhl ITlRl AllaP llllP 1111 iO m11 I .i NE ll, ' t inerlemist , i l, i ldv t imti,,n r ed ieiiiflu , I i ' s - a imgeiv~ul~imi ie lit Hei wivrnIia~lv3 o ilivi liv ith hum' til rh vv il i . vi-l.. k(ii11, S I lmil( l ;il .l. ; 4 i11111+f ,i. vlit u hse it ii uliintavc, thus siivire liun lveben lnrgii in.plwess mint, Ie.o tin. gviand I in mu h Itpiit b .ro rein tr vai.lleti-i , tiI Ih,htt Ivs k i .ll ev ll th, sa sbciaer o aiiinminiaidodti it isiavl taravr umvimilmr tliiit it rIi ihertohe, anii . i nia t e pipe, Ismuti inalt leu1-. ' Isltmu li iielitituni.el sr re slun a p iso in 11 rlienw I t rl.kstivi, It ha t L tI s h lort. i el ihv 1as Ie c inlt i •aitis 1 .,i~qll.;r drll~ll~l e lllId .i~llgle 11rrelh'd L'.I.111, |}llwie~j klliVer;, tt lt(Idi rksi F,.i,+SIIrs, bt-l~ltltr,. l (ke( klliVF el . i ", ~lli. =: e:Ul riSbons, wutiat lthy.kl uieuiiet lltihra t. Itins .. 'S rlll~llt, alll,l·, ]llllte, fllor 111111 (IhD+Lillg lIIllIShl.. C( o,. P,( FtiiuIi Jlng lli t ilraul In t lld t ie l, i l-viit ot llt , u Iim liiv l.'jln iiiiiilr sut ttflltfiP+, .hllnl lspaes1lllatlisv tl:d 11VLIId I o gletrhle nr·l· .ill..; phnvilg anld tilH ;.a41~( I·(s l of I te veri bsl~l+ lllrIlnl.. Ullld [eltl enlill1v dP( k.-J ttllll 111"os lill. etllte.hi ritl IIell(.izl et+rd 10t11(kUl hid. GPl.1inLI fI* (:y ,+ Iit tlllloe..IlA la l IItIII.I lll cg llsle ta il l ttet n llr s l t i llll W: ,"7"@ S ,etr ,tliorv 1;hh' :h b eht lhlo allll r 1111ili I*'rtt t o mlell rs, lillt ll lwi4ll nt: llltdllb - rellorsgtvld 111 +ii|.er lace alnd tiape.P hillr by1sllit er- aIr. tiasitt.s ha'e ive ni, wmskinivcatutestgadanVlU; Isnitit \, grlhl, 4alt..I( anll gilt ji wl~h-., &c. "" Thle alll~re, together withl u eres l~l~t Vlll'e tl' if o1r ,trli l slrsma s ovs!oretl o huntalesvvite or qelill ort Ialltllllrstiq:ll~ll. te l'l Sllll ellltdJrdnrel-lr wrARBOWC&'r. BPBXNGS ..,Jl~lllrllllllel'Y Cetllll\. lAlnlllllltl. I· TII.D:E DA RJ'. JU.,.I.: I,'IO.M AI'E Ir surei iltnllllr(lr lfllt'i ." tl) his I' I)IiIII1. plI it! ill gelleal, ll,+dl lit! will hre i.l rauulinea.. by tll lirsl Ilev uf tLv Itt recl.ive vililer.. He· wil! itldll PII11111 !ill" the" )I nel.'l ot'lho.)a .t I li+.llule, Ihllt Iheare tlllva I~tl~tli i1". Jill ill'"ql~le llll nl~llde, Ild iller l+ iiii111 StliI: ll% 1 in Ii iml, itl p'r++re+ fr rt'ompletionl, whlich will elutdll. th,: ,, tllbcll (+r lu: Ii) ral+.u llllsul lto dl it irulltl hlr, r 111111 Illr tI i111 rtIicrrlullrr, .11 ll It tle n111111 tinlo Iiiuehr I~lt~llr.l. lulllliliu call I~e tcelCCllllodlllttud ri ll good tool sl or LSIhIIP L11 wlloHI ri~llr ll itQ,¥ large cnbhila drnlelre le "r ll h· IJlill iI.ilell i~i~l.Woir t. i1 ll·l lar ofy l~he elnlot:.~er ot IhleaP wvuicrs, fuiti v gI Prally II elil~ve. t lil1 tltlOV are (I1ol hllliria. I, lly ill tile. :.o I i erll Si11111.. Alf file itllluiteullla t I hat alre uelltl'a~lv ,IIesl l~llaic tlllinl IhiE part ofT th.1 coulltlv Irtlnwd+ r. Ialaa Ellgaelltml, m.I+ill bre in .Ohlhlltl oltelltllll~ec t' Iltl I.. llgs tl llriJg b1 whole ae.ain. 3hrkl,'h.atib.r, will arvail hliu.lfofr .,hir o )pn r u it', ntr~lt.|u his iln['pigtled thau~kS fir thJ. YLTtV li mR;l si[. Iorl..|l.Pd~·l hi lasl, ia~iUInd hoUPes byhe eOXerT ion. tlhlrt have been Ittnnl. inl ilptrov qg stid[ e4elldiu ,, a~OEI·UIlodll.UE· t II!eril . lIb~ beaImh- ,llneg .rt Ih .MAll' ARKANGEME NT No.rthern ilt Due Evo a v at 1 A. WCloeern s Every day P 11. I A.a bVeotern vl, or the Ftay, by 1, W P. ill. 69 ~ Cooses every nhnday, WVedneste " Conal, toi Sotrllrdlv,l by 9, P. l1. TheLakeM i Dae every Tl hlny ursday, Tee +~+ ,,+. lnil I ,,,,,+, iv ~) P.MP.M. v n Closes eeorv DOle tday, Wedneady EIH n -r.'---~--- TIMES OF ARRIVAL DEPAR'I'UEI( DISTANCI &e. o0thit Express llil, hetwm., Mooleo and Noe# York--leavi;gMobile doil'- at 3 P. MI. Nortlhwat New York dolly at 5 P. 11 bothward. Arrives Arrade Northward. Disatnee. Time. Returh'g Montgomery, Al. 2 tl,. 198 m's 2311 12i. Coloiiblh , Gti. llj 81 91 3 SI.m tilledgievilie. Gi. 2 133 141 21.. Ia l lumba. S. C. 711i. 163 17 R ATleigN MC. 5I '215 N 1L it Warrenton,V,. 12 m. .55 fir Petereburg, Va. 10 pm. 83 10 9a. 09 lilhnotilV•. 1 am. 21 3 6i Fr WIdernik l tirp, 8 67 7 II p m+ Wehlotgtonenlt-t, 2 rpm. 61 6i t Baltimore, ' 0ini 38 4l -e Philadelprhtia, 6 am. 100 II to t I aew York, 2 pm. 90 Ei is t 105 143 h ,) .o4d23 It Northwrd. Cotni lo itniilhwanril.,a heiiian oisl)houl ilees; ltitigo dy3A non 17 hours. rANAW, AYv rom 169 Corondelet eornor of byaitS IR atroltnll thle aight of 30th of Augltl et, id woI neon lhe neit mornin. in Povdres street, a NIteg'liy oalmedl CIIARIES, nlooat 17 yenrs of Iage, nl 5 feea sor thlorelbollls iloa,'l, Ver lnmrk, and bo s un Imled l Illit in his porleeh, Oll0 of tlls logs is sare, oen leldIrde by u recent Iliurtt It Ieltl ot whetn lie went away a whllt cotton ot lincnt shrt nohl whiled ci.i0n itotloulilnt. SMestcroq ofn vessels Old cloll bouts are maulio l tq gloinsl receiving or hlrhorig alid nelro, no well na tle Soiliher r ol al r I he alnostiro rigota of the Inw will il iireeln ll'l ginl thelt. T'lthe bove rewsrd will hIs pale ' trdtlrlive.itg hhile int tllany io thle Jeill of ellter l llhm 1 tll eilolitie, or tit I(i 'Corldelet, corner orf Hels, ro oe t. sltt) I ','- e p, lreofore k u isting `-' lilimer Iu limnrm of Dub i &. Giriteo e haqlbler 'diecolved. T'liti ohecriber will littidtl tto Ithe 1rio0 ; the Olllleri thin city, sot requires til persono Inldet. a llo to Imke i aylmetn t t Ihi,, olll , laltdi tillto. oltving it tl ll -7i It 1iAIRltETSON le CA ''I'AIN It ITTt'' LI-EI-W NOVE.L - Rattlli hle Reefer, Ity tilt ilttltor of IPoler Sitlple, ALk in vols. Cumminap, or a Witlllr ot StItoae lloi'flliel it ILowe Ins tvrl, by Captatin Blisil Ilall, lRoyal Navy, F. . 3S, ia I vol. Lord Roldtn, n romtonte, by AllIt Cttinttl.lal I en ,.ep tlot ILe., wtritten y tiiotlf ht 2 vols. 01 ompenmdios Ilioeury l/:I'tal, triottlatel frot tits irigintal tlltinn, lly Nlihlntiel Greene, in I vol. for olilo No. 79 otf IlIrpet's Eonily I.ibrary. Vols.:) & 4 nl' Ila new etOllllIote titd tllliiforln edition of IVasiin'tlt Ieitrt'• Il'orks. Rogor' Fremnh ttl Enoglish Dfirtioanry. n I vol, ileo Nuooetet' Forenh rtdl Etglish Dictionaey. d At.oo-A few mot-re cOoiiet if Coltlhe'. Phrenology " iie oti," *vire tur'eytor'oCtltlt!,eseetflstltwrtor quO n&+. &c. &l.. Jt e It-l tet...i t,o,, d ftof . a. ,, by atUBENJ. LIEVY. )INNO11It'' IlItIROVEI I DITION OF Ol Go(I -Ivoilhh'.. Allrl nl ent of hi IlI etur li e of Ro tI ti, ti hh iI ri,' I ioedtt ott I dtrou tion to t I tII Jt Idy o ll;li tl l t lllor, tIoIt it gre' t i' t o ft-It t vu l ltble ioftr I I nlle rllt ti o, l ti t tt oioitoo tit ' the Rollo etttt; willt nu, II IIare as tiot oll ll ttltt r11 I tti ttot1tl l Ntote;ll tlls elt i t tItI tllllllt ItItIt I'ILt (th c ro f o ileloh- t iOy ll . II. hl~tt. iredwith lhitllV toit, tuv on wlolt Ilya t arlbtn I Ijýl Ol .l e I nealr,)d"l i,,n, i f lit, ( tdsmil h'a Il ury r1t I':li. l l W l, 1 tllloll l fo Ilvll~ i t f Jtlo urli C o r Ito otih llelilh of i' o,'rge '2,I, with n elelti c 1 t ii to the alire Imlo`,. WJLh q ollh ll, fol r cxmno ll llll mtol n o Illla mlld el, oitch toottiott. Ilhtioheh it vorett-y of vtotlb u irtofoa tile ohhd tihrlilltgtoitll ltle workt . Con stling of table tI llt IotoItllllltilllly tuvit.t ig toot)l etia o em lnen pw-ertoi t'ophu is exdUl mtt~rv ies. temarks oi. Ihlte ttit ihrsI, amu es tld Itor tltto t otf te ot. t t Aitlo'to 1 ott....., ,,, ,, ,.t,, ,,, ...i,, ......'.o t It ,A,., (Ih ('.' I tui, ll, E y r fot. totoir le n ii tu y 2o yA ngr A L Iti0rII0tIoi n cd lll1i0ivill nddii I" n . prove .ttt 0Il tot, Ii.ti ll't l t ,titto t c*ol p art - fof the Ais .lull r+crivr-d adl folr si"y h '3,1 3M'KF.AN ia cly corller o·t ttlll -i nld Commo at II AItI (lt'5 ()I.A I A. ICllS I AA ¥. ". . ... I | 4 I ll.0.II' I( , ltrI n l. llad hv Phillipi Fra i,:. I) L, w ith Pi'.., I.d,]t-lr ll/o , I.rhltrl ll ile l ( .Vt lkt l dI P r )rson i'llt 1.:iil:r'x,, ichh oh. +i,;,>, ll" x ,I .;,o oe Irnllmsl h Soollcl i, ,\1 It, Wt ll, u moit ldr ),k l oi. \ tllh ,i b, '1'1", • l rt ll '.; t '. ; aTlh. rh r"'mrhv r oh "filll, t ur ,N , ll. I~iOG bltl" o% IIAVY I' 11j11'l. o orcrr,_,rzd Ih; , Ok r'con "acied basin,. se - .as o ])ru-e. .1cl Apr la'coor, In Ile ors .1. tiie by t',. J Cui, (Icý, er I t' amer r i1 'a''voll rIrI,' I0 'd'rlrirn \Vull,, reap,. c l hlll) nr clg sa P ,drs . n e PI. lr.llt c 'l i ll rt, lle andit ell he f aonr .,I Ie for ir ,es, oners. The ini etre ucok a tart ly shlecr ed. 'Ioile ullntuig ouly are Plar Ill,'Hhrl zPf, YlZ i l'ie fSdi I, .sllllz nrnlrl Sarntiac i Poalde;lr. I' eat i'iod,.rc, hinilg a illllesilme nain elegant qan itiuoae lfor .uor, iII rairing Ibrcad, bickhl.rk al I ds h sorents po g llhou in dlyeprdiin or indi .SI~lu n.'rv.e .ildehlhry, giddic -e, headache. ialc ly o teil I t e allll cJ(:h, htbrl[+ uo l eostlvYeL tIs+ Cole . Ileol erupllon.,&c. Cnrpeaters l'a itd Iyxtrelc of sronaparilla f Sprs ult rII ther rhlct, be dilti r iond cobhes, &e. r IalvllaiI l'ln' rll a liad Vermllilelog, C; lloinh no planeh ver c ther Or ehhe fte Agu ere. ]elied l ,e.rie , jawube and (cl ftiatd ve preee S crit l blle ,ire, N Prineier's carboioc delhr ri I tieP1 ooI: thl hil ' , h,,,h powder pffo arnd bexe, irellticoe' curlie, alc deoir.lice, chllorlre ,ii thn wahl poder pitffo and b.lxan, Pro nice' steeled and plain ,let pIIIowder. pollia lun crelle de Perne, oyanr flax e-. rns, laoi.ocr adll id i, rid i waers. f the hea qriliuic, o i a.tvland'o reeenon, 3lI, Old. rid,,c.'s bali, of (U.lucllhin, beilr'8 ..i, a variety of luc ifr eand i!i rr inrches, indtlible marking rnk li u , ,r I lael,c Ink, &e. pcerm o ad relioled wlarle oil. Ila)n" Lilinlend. A Irtah assoraltmen of Thurborn'eG.arlen Seedc Oer GEiRI~,lltGi J(tNES. IROWAND'S T'ONIC MIXTURE, FaIR E.ERI AdlN AUE.. IrEN years lhave riot yet elspsed nince it was first regularly submitted to tlhe public; but it sant attained the highent reltatioul; and has sop. Ilantedi every othner lesdicine fir lte Ague, wlcroe. or it lioa boeen known and appreeiated. Already iha it bee rt crried iru every direction, througrhout thie Uited States, arn d still realixe more than coald lave beenI anilcip atdhy its nmost sae nlde friend-. 'luaileuora of lioron hrave not only anen relieved, b:at r.l.orud t,, lie.1lib anrd vigor tlarougl its agen. c ai; lad they'nowv cheerfully testify, at ovary up s rilulauity, to itse daid<:d and su prelme effieoacy. It i o urioiise dofe- such Ilodieiual prineiploe as are + calulted to reneo w thie loealthy aotion oftht e atom nc' , liver, Iad ourIe imllaortant digestive organs, thi Io s, ' lwhicih hrimioiy is tire imlenidiate cause of (h disaose. It is llppareort also, tlat it produ. p tea an i lliirl cailge ill the eonditiou of tie systemn. S I aur certainly destroys tin, native liability to relap Sses of tii, atafetioui. Whoaa tlae Age Isn attended l, with ayilaa tear comlilait, thle enmployment al the 'uoic Mixtur roill rot interlbre with thie treat aal|ia of the ather disease, but wi'l aove afford as. .arotalae ly lurrishsliag rtreagth and vigor to th: a bady durig thie aourne of trcataerrt. 'I too who. a i rake useo of tlhi meRdicine may be assured that Slthiere is no Arcanic, Barkoas, lercury, or any othler I art icle i its compoIaiitiii unl'rinid!V to the h Inio ellenstilutloe; bolog entirelIy a eg;eluble extract, k ndl tIhey may have additional confidonce in tim luse thereof, when they perceive tlhat it inns the of hl't i)f a goeltiro laxtliva olbout tI thitre half a bot tle tifull llhas boonu taune-.-ia consaoqucce of whoich. ,there is no part th to IIedicire left to linger itr tUe boweulg to cals obn 0ru0tioalr, and other evils. arising from the use of oany of the remedies now Sodfobrad for tho euro of tlhis uai.ection. It has been. usecd also as prevorntive, Ily many who were sub juct to a pormdic:ll recurroeeon of lthe Chills. and it asn Iav:ariably w'airded Ol lthe aplphllaleded attack. (Observe! TIhe Proprieitor, fully satified oih tiLe nulalrillcledo aul nlnivcesnl uccess whliclh hais on tia:ltly ottiuded It pluctuain ard renular use of the. "loiii Mlixture, if all cases of Fever and Ague.. oHi is warrntedi in engl;gig to refrnd tIe price to all thoie who lhave tokell thie miedliine in strict ac. cordnocu wilth the prescribed directions, without lhaving been pierfectly alrd lastingly cured. T'lse subscribeurs are the wholesale agents for tih a Sauthl Western Sltatre, alnd Ihave now on Ianld six ty casns of thi mlerlicire, which in warranted fresh aiid genuieo. .ur sale at thel Innufoutured prices .JAiVIS & ANDIRLtWS, Whrlesale D), n-ovr7 eaCoioarnn k 'reloalihoulan slreer.. 111oUI i noa--IN fiding f.ra srearuer Indelred 4 1 N +w L. v ,. 0 It oc iro.a-'t'hrre cscos u. .ie, gcnluin, arillcii jlo, recmtv..d hy n:l 3. II , io In D'LAN.(. il Ca:inp sr Nhi-nlmirr iiuilrr-ro i crall .lisslrsl frie eu p, SIII ;II i a ll lf Ii 11hil ,(,1 sii tT ar ld fI o r . le ily n3 Iw; l,'LI'i llA\h'J'.t|ll N, 63 G1lhaql,

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