Newspaper of True American, April 30, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated April 30, 1839 Page 1
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____1. _ ko--V FW9W Nnc 2 C.T.REW ORLEANS TUESDAY MIQRNING, APRIL30O, 1839. VoL..-Vl No 19111 Pnic... 12. CENTS. ________________________ _______ ------ --- - ----- --- ~ ------- --~- ----~-----c- -- - Terms of he ewospnper Press of New Orlenn unatnonuslv agreed to at all adjourned neetinrg of the Proprietoror, held on the 13ll of March, 18:37. SucntCR rloss.--f'welve Dollars for the doily pa er ann Ii1 payublde naeni-anunally in advnnce: ten dollars fur the ni-weekly country paper, ipayable one year in advance, where lnt eity rl.rencelc is given. NI a tbstription *ill hb diseontinued until orrearngras re settled. In cose of di continuacer, one week's notice in arittng mnst0t , invrlab y given, previous to tI ap|irtion of suhseription. 'Ao Vltrtsl 0.-)lao dollar per tlotere for the first fitrltn, and tal Ithat price for each hubleqoert one: an) materil allteration fronm the original advertieromenl I will be charged ts a new on"e YgotcLr At vraoscvo.-erents and Tra era , ry tarty s f English alone, and sixty lo bothtl Inn gutaas( Ithuks, Instrunce Otoiece, and other imlln, nuble ttttitttioan, fifty dollers in Enelish only, nn, tighty for buhit luot:rge ; Shit, tad Steenbo,. F.. ura, tier Contllllisioi iorelhnauts irty dollars in Etnglioh ae,and eighty torhutlb langlnler. ARa.ooontl, )bolrtell c NOTICES, and articles call. ing thn alttontio of tlei public to sales a, property, cerds of passeongers, enefits, &c. Sec. will in srm I ane dollr pr quare for ti. brhet inertillon ill each lan uae. CoUMI:xI.CTIOtnR , or Advertirem;ntl, oC any ,ernoll As noture, cwhen r.dmissible, sheall he charged duble, and in adveance. A dedtution of twentyt.cte per cent. will be made to Auctioneers, herifrL, Iti.giternof Wills, and Moarshals oil f r* L ý n"ioxr it, other property.· "cI otherT pj oat f th, tdrelt line of husiness I.f , ut. "f. t ,elm end plants iot iho, runoaoay slaves, stray animtals, &ue. &e. will he elhuaged for sepna.ntely, and at the neditary rates. ADvr.oIcn MgaeT not s;weitel an to time, will be puilished one month, and charged aecordingly No adverlinemt nts of bankruptcies will be publishled n any cuase, Udlles paal fir previoue to insertion, or na.e.ett gouaranteed ,by a repnuotitle peoron in town. 'IIih trCs and other plaorn of anmsement, advertisnif doily .r the nrnon. tn Iho charged $1031 fer L"glisb a. Ioit,, and $t50 in hoth[ Inanfetne. All announccimcents of candldnlia for pnlitical offies will lie charged double tbe price of olher advertise oyenta Utnng to the immens. loaI . un.niacd by newspaper prnottorpi tithe have cman to the conelunion thlat the no nen of persona whose aeecotlt bave ont btoeu pail wililti ttoe monnth after prsentntethn, shall hIe made knonw. (e far as praetinblce) 1o eacl other-they obli. etiog thenoselvea 0ot to advertise or prillt for snoll ttillqu.stt onlllens in case of ndonnee paymients. itignndi J.C. DE STr. ROMES J. IAYON, p. P. REA, J . C. tENtDERGAST, JOll, GIBSON, s_ ILLMSDEN. tVig i !I'rerse -W\e. flh tnttloersiced, agree It nalbdle ty the alove cousditiotts, an tar aus they area .iitatlll to (icu cir A. B. l.AWRENCiE, 6 No isubscriptions aretakenfor less than 6 nmontle. L.etters mast, in ill cases, hbe rtest paid. LAY'S LINIMENT.-Na Fietion.-Title ex `[ 1 trtordmary lltemial cotmposition, thle result Sof science, and the invention e a eohlebraled ntedrli Ical mn, tlhe introdu,"t n of which to thile public was invested with the solemnitty l a dneathbed bequest, has since gained a reputation unparalleled, i, flly sustaining the correctness of the latetticed SIDr Gridley's lant coatfeasion, that " he dared not die without giving to posterity the beoefit of bin Sknowledge on ttis subject, and he therefore bhquoathed to his ftitnd atd attotdaut. Sslonmon Hays, tie secret of tis discovery. It is new uged in the principal hospitals, and thle private praetice in our country, first and nosi certainly fCtr tile cure of athe Piles, and so eaten nelely and effectoally as to baffle credulity. unless where its aeffects are witnessod Eaternally it the lollowing comtplaint: I For Dropsy--Crouting extraordinary absorption I at otter. All Swellings--Rtedaucin them in a few hours Rlheumatisn--Acute or Chronnie, giving qutley " tae . eaSure Tihront-By Cancers, Ulcers or Col s. Group and Whuolpng Oough--Eaternally, and over the Chost. All Braises, Sprains, and Burna--Curing int a few hours. Sores and Ulcors--Wheltcr fresht or long A etandlng, and tevcr saltres. Its optrations upon adults and elhilren in redec lotg rheauntatie aw:llingl, ant Iloo.nin cetlt'o ttlled tightness of thle eltest y eloaation of cthe ports, hlse benl surplrisag hbeyond coceptin. The ettlonon rotnt rk of those Wlo have lused it in tile Pd., is It acts iklt a chlarn." 'rlit I'II.. 'S-Thie ,rice, 41 is retundod to ann a • arsun wlt will use a blottln of Iley'. l.inimentt irte tile Pile, anid return tie aclnpty bottle Wilthont Sbeing cared 'rhose are the positiven orders of the i Sproprisleor to the Agentul; and out of toany thou. ,s antds sold, nlt one ilhs been untsuccesltul. " , W't tnight itsaet certificates It aty lent:ttt, Iut prefer that those who seloil tie article, slt.:td er ' lthit the arigttlt to prchaslt rs. CAUTrlON--Non can be genuine withonutl a splendid engraved wrapper, on lwhilh is ty natme, and also that of tie Agents. SOLOMON~ IIAYS. Sold wholesale and retail, Iby CO.ISTOCK & Co, Ntew York, atd by one D)ruggist it every tocn in to0 niton. For sale by tOhn Wholesale Agents, corner el" Comon.nn tt . "l'ctloapitoult l street, sand by tit Apotltecuriaes geterally. i_ 31l O. Ctli fE ,NI) IA TR. JOIINSON, t)lli Ie I0I lie..'ill nterne, cat fines Ils practiceI h tthe brcttlnent otf fetllcrel itoeano , to eII its itif. ratt C :001. I)e. Juhosnu, fcoo olsi doleeto oflnnlly yearn in tin.. pitu a in turopet dvuoted to the treoltllltt tof Veercal, and frum tues Iresutt exteusivc Illactic: ill thlt particul...r rinc t ,o tle prf t, ulrion, guarutr et r safe, aptec.+dy and ceitlea cure l to stlu pnrlto as aret otoutlad withloay oftlhe ttl luwiug, vir.: Gouorrbnemth G uobs. ui eoui,:oo, t.llunerea, |hubs+, elttittl \%eaiukues, Ait.lionlt oftilt Itldder, Ki'idneys, Loils, Urethra, P ots illl weat l l i, Swelliedticde, EllruptiOln Itn the Skint, tore "IhIurouLt, lo ill tihC Juints; Anl the ,umtnarousynmptomt whictll generally fullnw hi di. sease. Itin Iliocre.rC iLcelll eases crlrc l inu wo or tlhre. days woitlhot tlh se of lereturg iterttrptinot Iro t hlunioasne, r altera tion in the Ito flfi .ig. A melitn tto preeatl Veneroeal I)iorease con tie tib tanned tf llr.Juollt,n. It is Itlll tie ,coipe of Ite Itaroll Larry, it lslelratd :orecbh SurgetOnol q wan nted ly lthi duriug t'ee a.ertl cl.tipui:oln i wittch li' nerved as iurgeut t.neral in tlit Froech Aroty. uSold Iy li. Jitti at . tul ll; il ieo. 'I1ow ptrson hnvlle any aflo.tion of Ventureal Itiaeee, antl Piout tlatin sea voyage. or t rent i lgt tIol t.t l touty wltla, do well by givie g )r. Joitttot a call, at proper meIll.i Tt;ilta for thelr care in the sltr'eot tlle cutl ie put upi with writtetn dlreoetat C ,L their c.e, itic upeiafrouit 7 to th in rilltg until tO u'nluek at igltt AIiiitNT 1I "4 Iwdyrr[C I.1rrn. api ei'm that n e-lllethi If thli Iletl ce tit it eiht'f ,eenlubd irigineti ill li s11111ntll n. 'Plhd e.lixir eela yerc b I m fe lie h teii efbl m itiprmented sucl:i ill Lc n prlivate ndi I'iel 11e. for pl d of forty en~el, Ifor the relll. lele of heeollu ebee mleet :lltet cedes mfappitr , Irlyee ellllcyDi-liI den o [tie dlom chfeiin l;tl l eln '. II nesiw f the Aced anal ieli-t cnne irn t end"b Irglaeity oII fte lo'ely , hrnde litel Bae ial rei 111:1ellill tor Ibe In-en, ven Ileet 1, ,l t -ftptaek nostrums now before th bee p nil a it-i tllt Bylle ipeintion I ldIitinllr, nl molellee einlltilc urll lelly Eeetpe ever prI)!·IHUCL'd( road tow . Ieere of plelpillili it Wei purehn4sed bIy tielll in lilfr a I ly lagere iin.e, I oree tblen ull I'eetlind, tol the ie, actclii Iis uild apetf kennt.etl ltltkee hell. bI wee tieed ilnta l plyveor lee IhtreieellliC li thae ey 111W. unit lclililbel it tlh bIll. enl. end fel lens rebreellI n tilehel lms a lsirllil ll eas ll elyet elk!o Indigenliolnl, d pYele ieee e retelr nIat IIo t uIure INISDIue lstr 1"oeull(th August, 1 3-3E. -llen t ll n telellI larotrerlilic by jljlelltlllav lif, I ave Ibelen to ubled,411 t Irleneln , with n lece!. eet fl. ten years;Nfor the Iaot three ynea.s I. et. Tiiti 3. henn Itwen teInppeplttblt I nel, tried l'eleral phyeicnisn and e uhlil lf t dLiek dedicinle, withleltt ler ieing ny Itc hlil' epaed ikver b eainina perll m anee rcAndf, Gnd resihned C tyeelleerleni, o ,et Iopelee deele ir 1 was peraunldA VID euY frier ds to Irv Chnerltetne. dysOpepti Elixir,. l ihavel now llhdd lli feeth beete c and know net hoar to rapeesrr Inv I t Oration of lie it Wee. Meaeanvir muesl afd1B:' teilrale it , it pertilnae , in restoria~o, m e t twtht health al~irh I: t night netl lilr ever. S i, ll lie l halt a dozener bttlestit E. mod excet sty rhieL Itineteletaid, preeY iUavn k ,c irred Iee re leering yu to perlen, helllth. t JCO1 iIONIROE rt'e areelt atr ie hie pnreeetion erei hundrid tiee tietonimte s imilar to the aboveR, of the extraordinary vir t oss of this medicinet. Solld by appointment, a(1 t Dr.· Juhnalnt', 1411) Itinnville street, rev. g PE ESFl' e5143 4pe anitlee Websterbeiere , Fe.t's large barele Ceuu'gress large erry'a fat eprnge , do am all ill u 3 lit do WYinder's ladies do do doubhle patent dio imperial Double patter d ol Oillet's barrel do do Nationaal do And Gillot'e Cuertnereiail, for sale at u.\vIn FEE r & Co,, 0 Chartres et, fee Nk Y StainoerR Hal 1011 PASSES, 1'I1EI(II )I EI'EHs, ItO !COPESJ, &e. -Just~ received cn.i folr male? by Wm. Mc~ean, earlier of Camp andl Unlnlnne streets, r "eralsasol~tment of 5ierynyor's LIDnIpID-.e^, Matheetatitml rrrslramrnte, DIrewiny 'sllr. Spring Dividendsi, hpnng lien Pens, Ivory Pro tractors, Ivory Scales, l.-mater's Stollen. Glass Trianalss, Paralel Ralere, llicro~enprc. 'rhsormellrt,rnr+ Camemra Obsreurns.Survaryl Chant prase~' a Typal, 1c, UtRKIl & Ci, No. 31 Utihrres at ee, are re. aeiviing dnily fromn their house in Philadelphin, nn e'eganr and complete assortment of substantinl and 'ashionabln elolthing. They invite the aliin riun of the public, as they are warranted in saying that strangere end citizens cannot furnish tIhe.l selves more advantageously in any city in the Unioin. N. B. A few dzien elegant ivory handle uim hrellas, Ifron 32 to 36 inches. Also, a Inare lot whirefpine packing btes, various sites, very low T U TIllE's l(jepitrintiry, fur ra moving.n uperlluous hair from the face, .ecck and anena, with equal saf.ty atld certainlty, leaving tIhe skin finer and whliter lth in beace thae apliatiion. A Irosh supply juite received at the lazanar. i'-ll fUS!! & ALLEN, I, Exchnnlge lintel, ear St Clarlen & Cinanmtn at uILLEitANTr Itl ur;Ifl.-S- Wiltiamn Bell, It ;iher Stres at., ha this lnday receirvd a nsmall assoI iuiren utlarge ennnellel and inu.aic, e. t up in lhe era aiylt. FANCY MAT'I'CIIES-- ish bentilfl paintings, Icndiig from ship Alexuadeor froLn siremen, fur ale by A TtIFIt, fekbt2 .4 iav 'zi 'e t ito ipsl 3nhki'g C.a np. t. IJrnt I ty .1, 1r;3j I St etr;k afl C. b+heigln mraon r.dsuced this Cagn SaL M i)L Fmnrinfi Pitsnbueg Call. i asteall quare tie, tn itisir eu tilners. O pnm rers cenedr the Gtas Office. Bank Allev. ja31 r Ii WELl.-LES. Sec'v. B LUNIIAI'S Di.OP.S.--'hrsa rerli:nie was diccovered by the proprietor and hns been hub jecmid to his careful observntion fr many yen e in every veren y io panctice, nnd all the dieanse. of theo ii.:-ilied Arnercan climate; and it is nor given t ttile publllic with the uItinl i confldenec and believe ilal il is, as mist clearly set forlh in the papllhlei nr accoimplnyinlg the aerll, thle hrest mei. cine ever ithrwn within .hn renach of all clanes. ,f saciety. It is wivth Ihe Frealest proriey civnia in all the mnlndije wnhich nllirt tihe human ra ce, frni thie etrablislhed ient, that, l.lrn taken in thiii,, aton mnaehr it as tanecor in, i ctrl tle statle 4 hes st ni lW nied lhe lnunreP ti the delpnas, lher as an emetic, diuretic,sudorlrfi inexpiectorn ,,rrirperrer itedicin. That it is renely whatn it purports ti be, needc nulya n ril It Peatlsy hlip lmas inllrednlous.. The nIet ilndasl)' rnning to Ihe knllw idLeP of the propri i ,re ol its beneficinl and savingll ef;cela in cane ofI thie na e' and f er,v billiio I, ryphill, i.rinr v lca anid ,ar n 't ,v.cre, i .fllr inz , vliollt l II dy eeeverry nr f.lx, dy.pipyis i r measles, f.iday TIlhem thalt Ihly art IllI ot il' niy rnll tr in nviarily recomtll ndlllnl. it, butll hry n'e ralled upon from n grnata oldtl d vll mt hey owe nm I.t humanl fatnlly to say it 11ll, try i, nand yno will ler no plc tirain ony io all we have a id rn lhe RuhjeIeI. The ch-lera itself, the wr"uat scrnree which he ev, r uitled our cllithry, lins been ncc' ssfullv ean quered the proprietor ill thirleen .nesre wilh the use ul (isa inll lcmille (I nly, ni itlh ut relP tIe i f n sinllle ptina'it. Thie medicin.. in prea.tnred only by docIr BIURNIIAI & DAVIS, ii. Louis 3,tasa"ori; ann is put uip inl phinlis tarh aectcnupillir wllh a plain and distict dilrePtion, and mlinillllrnr uhbi'ut sixty sl ee, ito be lh d lr apventy live rentIt, whirh milakas it nlueh the rheanlpet iiiedltine ever offered ito the publihc. The Intediinc ii srl ' wholresale and r(tail by our Azeiti, li.'nry Ilnnatirel, I) ugiet and Aplnhecary Tch' ooltl ulas eir' et. NIe i)rlenta. I\EW MlSIC-0-, Ntnlive Moai; The trI'rIInr vt (tat "tL)l . llti rn+'lln l FIro t a llla·l11; \ai h.r 1)r1pnir, tn ainttnrlnter; Trht Whle II 'tie of tire Pep prer; 'lTheioi om rlll t O 'LoVIlh art tl*lr ti e, u) n by a isit Si ci I ill t grnanlld Iuoinrintlc I) rea r .\liiei; (;lind Nig I 'l hlu''h,"m ie n I I nI. lllh itil I e:ca, nut ' l-, p],111 n Il ickl, Wvillng,bs II le.t.,"ll ; C nel)llll. i . tn' ,ii llrl ill itfo rol; A Lit-i oli ;lI tti tera( l it:e, by l ItI ' IHu l ; s.h watched for hIic ; I'i' ' n o ti l ii' ii t Ii tm; ao I n It llonlrllill t )1'r lh IP WOilllr-+ hy tll l)l, ilht; 1l']ir. " ~ bI um sllll like iii own, n rra it n Pn II)t nin lt y hllhr II 1l Trr. lItm'l na'rlrzer,' 1h ,.1 Flerh,'; tfrn,',u Vi( tuln ',i r (f t (l nIIr'llea. Ju. t reeLied na l 1h" -'h' h'v (Jilt Itt \ e L i , 19 'amp ti From Mobile (Alibtlnlmn) it Alclglil W AV I. Melbis every olher EIxt, imNl,.itelely niter titshe arrivdl of the min l from New t 1,.hal, per Ith, stlamboat I:MEINI'K, to lflnkelt, eloncll t~ o Ii 'lOltsC *stalmri'.ls (1er Pel',ntcol liny, iSt tm.c unmultd itli ;tita inhachlie Itier and laiy) to i em r 14ila', coaches tAetct via aMarianne , ChaI nrclcher, (i.rnforl \oIlllt V't . non,) llhinbilge, PoIdertoni,; mtw'kihnilhltanl Loi-. villes, to Angtlla. A nI g rt'' tak1In1 EII sent ;t it SIn bile is iIn to Idper of hieig thrangi oi t Ft r lning hr ' tpretre n ef e e by Iother enillicting intr'l.ets, "'' 1 IIi.ll1 1) LINI. is billt in oncel: , (.;- ad 1), · ("olr en i ithroughout, and maly irely wetinre tlt'i'v'' Arrival at Augusta i ii time lpecilc, t h,, ;t all t 'i th. e tanl at any svaionitiinri1itrtrcn tint ," '1 Ii ii l .,; - rophelshoutll occur. Thi," (.Grest New ()llelws tlai is carri l;y this i onie. The Agi,',i tI i :..ti'ilnnt tion, "i'tni 'is, r :sch.Is anllr i lr i n.c l ar, II lllpSil the solthern co hnltrvy. T'he t.olth, haud, w~iaNi roads, the sNli ail inter estingl.- r navigatio1ndlllt lillls- o tli : onL'l)l llllllolilda n, alfiord thetli r aspeed, lcrtitl y, coomrt 1, and a p1leas ing v:rlirty; on l cied as t were wIith the Hail load C~harlestonl S. C:. :l the steI:,i p.a.ket tino New Io'rt tlatnvers :l Ic'a 'Ih Netw Ynm'k lti) llNw Orllleans snn "is iIt tigMc'-W\aninhgtnitii citty int. iFro1 Clatlthoocllo ee, Florida, we L en a Ilra.C Line via ,nivey and h TallntS asee, to St Marks, 4 lor Spost coitihes, a9. thiln Hanches l om tl llk Iainill one to .\lilledgetille, 'ad one to flacon, hght two lh r oaches. STIUCK I"ONS a co. (Olilcent Maiou it, llous Mobile e!istalce, New . rle.ans to Mo.ile, 15( mil S.lbile to: A.Igun l, 5411 a Allrlsla' to UhII:llestlu n, I tfi Charll:lllstoll to New o\)k, 90- 180 L'ilme, ..w Orlean to Mobil0+, 2.9 houlrl Mobile to Augusiin, '2 " Augunt:l to Clharlestonl, l12 (harleston to New York, ti- ll58 fakinrl I mnliles per lay. or 7 n11,l pe IIltr , illlci five oi" aI. s1o|lvgee.II nor II)) N. II. I bke le en to illtirra the puIhille at tit briiges nove the Cih'ltahonukeswamp nradlI ml lle Ilbo creek lave just been conliltl t l' tlhe ;enel'al 'lover'n ment, (the aily ohstaclel operatinllg agailt thiu saife anl saeced) roulte m. thusi happl ly lriolllvelld; :Lll have thI! llcnaslre iftle Ining lfrom intvellersi thit the coaclhes,hllol ls, airiversallnds arell of the flilrt hllel.; a:nd to the water route lfrom t'eucl.latoull .tCedr itllf, it is almil. ted by all who a ay: peated tl'rolghl it to e uils.urpassei I unovelalies hle auty l n safelty. The hidtges tlhrouiti Geoagia have alihei cct r'tptaircl. J I C IIAKEIR. ALLIGAOIR LINt. Mbile to Augusta, via Florida. LoWav;s Moblile Tue' d lys, Thura. daays any Saturd.ays. , per tie p codid :teiinr Chamdirn, (ex. ecpt inl else ot' t r I,) to I'd s:colt ; th'nen per steamer Le fly to ft Grang.l and thle ell fi r horse post coaaeit'. viat Mftrian:i, U i nbrilge. Pill. derton, lmrrisn, Outia.'s, a d Pnrly, to lMacon, G., ; thetce via Millelcdgville, and Spyarta, to WVar. renllon, the cur ipl' rail rod ears to Allguet.t. Thel Clanip,no a in splendid order, wilh new coppelr btoiii t, o Ilperii and pur Ifatenedl. 'l'e In Roy ltl been thoroughly rep.ailud, her c-onlllnodatione are as handsome a a ,y be o. 'l'ie bia irful Santa Iosa Sollnd, and Citieta. watelhie t'y present the imost interesting stean na. vigoation i the South--:.LIug at the aotIllUnt perfectly land lot.ked. ITh' Teams are not surparss d on any route in theI country ; the drivers, to a tiall, earetul and otten tive. I'he bridges lheretotore d,i.;ternoa haiv b en newly built, so that high walters do nt inttr ?.oe. Thl rating houses have ben oaontly elhanged, and are now as good as "n any rnod in the South. It is generally known that the excelle:nct and hardness oft the roads enable the toans ut all soa solns to Illke great sped. Theuir smlootll s sno. cures the travei or froln the ordinary f.,tigue lo stage travelling. The ritne is now e rrying its passengers fronm Augusta to Mobile in four days and twelve hour, or to N, w Orleans in lour days and twenty hours. Going to Augusta, the line is six days nd seven hours. 'lTh time actually employed in travelling is the samon as i.i tihe other direction, but tlse difference lof time oni the route, is caused by a day being lost in Pensacola, wiech, however, is nell repaid by the op nrtunoity it gives ofecei,,g the Navy Y.ard, tIle o l Spanish Forts, etc. The travel er also leoops at Macon, anld agai at W\ar. tIlton. This arrangement will c ntinue till the travel turns northward, when thu line will be the a me front Mobile to Augusta, as it is ir w in the other direction. This Advertisementi contains a plain stat meat of feits, the aneuracy of whicl tlhe prop;rietors gauranteo to each passenger in thll penalty of Ihis stage fare. Maps of th Line msay be coon at the Ex hange iHotel, New Orleans, and at (tIb Mansionlr LIouse, Mobile. Fare throutgh from Morbile to Augusta, $47 50 PThe line extends, by abralnch to Tallahassee. &at Chattalooeho, the line connects with the steamboat carrying the mail to Apa'achinola and St. Joseph's. Otfoe at the Mansion IHomse, Mob I1. m17 O BOS'I'WICK, Agent, Mobile. Ul G it R& 101. ISSS--5ll0 hhds llugar, Ii.1100 galls Molasses it--11 Ilaltalion ihive. the ir rnle by AI)AMIS & WIII'i.tL, c"--'.w67 Gnfrevlcr st 1 .lASS--lIIO hoze, r in alsn-totes r at' ho' GeW fai Si of.1. 4 RttRtan ', ; Lt;oazirio t STATE OF Li' ISIANA-'Parish Coirt for the T parilh and city ufi New Oorleans--to ad whom these ple+.erfs shall cl~me. CClnptll." pWherena Jaes C; ead Prker, ofthil city, havin purchased at a ale imadebid Hewlett c & enad,puhli: uctirneers of rhi. cilv th" pro rly erein.fhr descidi lcudhoa acplied to the clirk ftl hi- clrtt, Ibr a mo die or nidveiiiieeno in ccnnftimity to an ictof tl I.eegi-' laturerif the state of Ltuicanie, saiied ,Anenat yfir tile i ccrcicnce of titet to pirehmaaers at judicial raler;" approered tle r lht dan of Malrcl, I834. Notowe tlrcetire, tnwo yer, ld all hpicaslll ititecactnd Iere nnre i.reel . ciedadcd ititort. shed ina the cnace of .lie iateilt, f tisiotna anti of ile fiset judicial district eiurtn who ian rst ne y rielt, tis or alaii in and to tlte rthvilate hlereloterie deribed, in heeonsenes of ny Infilrmanltv in alit' orde.r decree or judgili.etnuf the uiit ,linr wll.fel the sale arns a d, or oonv irreegularityi r illegalht in the nlar isetlnoent and dmereioeimntie ie time orlnoialer of oale, or ier any attter leftct nhatio oe vet itosho anusa w lhil thIet nl daa from he day ti n tontitl ip trot inueted in thie putblic poatert. lt tihe ale ato te ahduald nut e conlrlned and henmo iofaltd. 'iT s hi a idmple ert m ail Iry tie aneliteneerc aft 'c said on tlietllh ilt dy of ttD.-echir-cA. It i38. hi virttie It'a decree ofthiiaceurt, reolterd on th te 23d" lad of Jdla. A. D 1838, in a nilit etititleil Wto Vanc ca v"i creditrte and lie a-e,editrie of Vance &r Hiller. No 111,961 if the dacket of thi orceurt, at whinse the sale eid J C I'arker it:aea ni trcrhnaer.fur the ie pie ar s1t1 , py ith en ittasnilnrc fotlnwnei, am7: I. In the prolnincorn note of J C Parker, dated lthe 281h tietitlere, h18, In toile oraldr of ni entiroteia iy Jrhn tMiihelli an t in mntiI licr date, furnr x hiu adersed atld filny dldicre. 2. in .lt itnliccrve note of the came, dated on tlie nme dy, tile ordfr and edTorsed I tIe tiame , tnC at tnie minlntht oflerrelnte, for thie saniP atonunt. 3. In tile pro ' it;ory ntile of te same l dated on the nomnr day, t thl orieder of andil endorsed ly tle same. at ninghtten montlia lifter dale. fir the aninm namllt. 4. It the promIcinrn note of ithe sane, dnled on the same day, to the on.rer oftanld eludred by the samei.j nt asi o tlonlha ater date, lir six ihundr d anid fifty dl lara. 3. In the pormniiorv note -fo tie came, danted on the anse dn, i the arder cnfcd endosred hy ien satre, at toelr e il;ioclits iati.n deln, fltr thoui c sao melllllltn t. hii thee~onica ay th ote r thie aiice, ateldl cil the +il~le daly to tht; o~rer islarndl ellltulrrgd h it,v fJl~?~tnr, at iicte tnnlltee olFr dic, ior tle IgtO iimnt nnr. 7. Ill t or irliinai nnte if the csme, dltedlaon ie Iaidcnl o Iloefd Of oc1 fand erlT.Ited y th.ieSalem, at sia linthlateen date, furoix hundred and fifiy dor 8. In tle pemir v en ter of the ranlce, daterd on toe itslnc day,to tile onletiif and dlrtand itl ile sain at welvn lIInltlh afler lntenflr the nsren tlnutlnot. 1I. I pm Ia, cpr tellirrv tie of l" csnlllc, dated oil tie m el n la y to th m r or d;,r Ilo t elolr o ln d hu m be' th e na lll e . g~lD.ti yIIl llt,.tl~r quatrl e ndor ed b y tif-hete sam le nrine ondentifwani fet,,ltevel le tralton teioell,mtlma olicrc dna, i mal llnleed atduli'tod l tiiiielefe*loiiae I lie in 1 .)ii- otit i ri ci rte i l- . ofc tm aruiin , ni'hrciiti I In the prunnie'r cite if the sann mIned tn tile s oele iltr, tli tile i teor l l - nn t c lelll I te nl, ito icll eenilliiihltcaf-nr dte. ilr ellr Ralie a amunt i13. in lhe ieil' in fe slelR arin iie ,r dnated on thei sannie day ', l mI!lc n o trer fliheollirnedh b tile tIon'i, at iX ment o fter dale, for nix nlndrei e trd fifty dl 1i. i te promireorei ilOtr of rie snac, ltied ri tihe inl e dll, ti lie ierdr "om fe It iin r e the sn r nae, ati t.,l' ..'t' ll th .1 1 lifter n glll f lt Ih lPtyllnllv e felel. i h r. a11 tielr~igthre tnote ilen cihe Ie dtednon linha tecin t. d',tm n pli',mlile f lidenlle r E etl l h i the soe it; I tl thie Ileieovf slidtc lii f -i;t waie llald nil nali tmtle rl ie, t m ie oi 'ctti iidtelilia-n ed I ln y tile In ti, alt) e exl.'e illtR ailnerf date, for sie nlded tad itly doi o ilecoeecife nIttendunuile io n i,-tnic.o nm ,-,'ungice 1i. Iltaon dhfreln.ery norloe nFnhe name, dileido tueli .m llr , Ilar. t)t hl rr IEn trll e lll i+ Feu.rl- . 13 ; t ahe ln It lnemlemn IItl.rhm iner forln nm ile glfrlm nlolullll. i Iii'-tmlu-ih mt. ti e ll i<-or ett oi n gld i e 111 tIh¢ 2,ni+ds'e. t the cnlloer ltf oleonn el-hll' iot(d Ihe l lllllee liti ,illl -iii ((1(11ll11 ( f, er 4liplr fi)r 11he t1( elllo alfl1 llllts 111 ilill'. tll~l~lh rr tl,++ IIUC·iuiO,+il +LIII " eh~ltHc IholJSS~iiid el\.veil htlnt1!lell I)-rt i luli-i d tef t!-e iurPrt'' a o ' iren ia t he l judiial I. n trliil- nl llc- t-i rd lnt , niiilect'-i r i pleoi i -ilmti ' illo i s ' lllll la nlllllite iri t+illnre I-mil , d,,d Im ini I llll,+. I.1:', 111: I1 ·1·(.hlll11l 1t. 11 (l St;ZI·tlP .t.. !'.lelF1Tll+Zl. . twl· IllV-E lK (;'Ce C(.Il ,v l~l " h Iehe. Irmlt Iii l'+' 'h illll .1 gttrePt. Cleh. ' O*11, l h1de.l hNew Irhen+ Aet preel 8arath., li8P1 , all n.: I lh:III -"-e lc.,i , Lh L , ,I 1i ' i rileal y itlo r s rth%' +~ il. ) i; r ilr· ;'1 11 (l(e.P herennt,,l~ el~llllj· Till PIi. - rlrl·I·1n. I-a1)1. mIthe, m(' llmlil lot l 2 -c -lletc o i ncllfIar ntil cll c mii llilln -tinii -oie l bitt. ( aleaal .un mII tc atl, icnui itl a le ,l ,, i . nrllll lillLrl, t - i :,i Pa i calt I- - tati- it(, i ll, i :<t Th ;,,,a+ sir .I: v i ieh ide fe d e, 't,' ei l rlh.I h. e. rtl It.tlit sh IIIlllre, t;ll hr ilh i\I I S1111114 ()lllllH O1111rl1ht++ ',Va., ttltd..(111 )lleges'C Iher(tlt (.e ate ill t- int.lll:le C11[1 a . illr i i ,' ill.di.d ileee.v i 1ic Ilc -itr' 't PII. , 11 t-ol'lrIxillt ' I btm m ,IIP i- lt i.i' - i It ,I I . . l'h, . ;rI +t./lllll sm l.t i lv • 1 -1I1e hnn llllre i'.t . i+'+' , 1I\('PI'. all,nra~ll ,i il nll, l l\ ll':u.+mh ,m-ra1 .. n~l;,,g thr + i Ili ,dlB t , l-ll - --III t- nh-I ,'"" t i ,tl . t)it t n ni'it'cr,,nnd !1it11/i, . t1ot itlice, -i ....... i ,l f11 ni . ...... h i miitrh. i tu .' II.I.. ......I h'ltinceitllh ' Si.ll el ,'+a. I1I 1..'.ll r 11 .~ (r()i-l ,-c in'll, iles u P .+'n I ( ' 'in"re I 1 tita m lt'u . 1iiiii utlcnei In, h ,iii'Pi due . Ii toei-ulun~,~~;~ii-c tnc~·il· bid 1 poc nnt, pl~rnc l .(Ix~.lrl ll \(1114 1111l 111(· 1+,% ell tL Tl,:hl llrh 111IIIIP/L Ito.,t e I; t )Il,. llllh+~ he l,:n.£11.. "II I P+IIII I11 I III rl i-5n.i ) I-c ,ll. ii enrn l llIllt- ilt ,i 11n l l ditn.oli1iieIi'cn ,11 i~n ll ,1-I~i'e,,i-l em n.imic, -iclOitcn'icfe elil + · mil 1al ill1111· the Sq llU' 011 Irh, llin sq,.a re l Il.m.l: bye 'II·I rrll rl lll-I coo r I bIio I ' e Fill. Illf nioct Un lipum e llaoe,'ci. oilla,,fia eel--, 'il't liethor' i [lec~l11e;.- I::l:" f tlr l llll Ir .1 al 'l'h,)n lf ~1a .'l, y Dll"P)P~ i .lr~ l -I':n [- l Ii,.ainre ltzh rw t l l I hd o Jn n llIH, l£]t:lP lr,o ul-l2ia ~clls .tl~ Intnd lll'lI,,- l. cee, fiiicin ti porlcinff. ta, lien t)lellcell hi Cithoa F- Z'lllmInl delnhuto cith cT- neanml. inc ne :'t+. iothcni- foIP Vntuir lentinac-b net- 'Ilnhii, lhotei tllie i 3r1 dc' of tilleli, i-f tine onion -, Cliha trhihi eht-at Oliheonc.nllili stre, 18:19 red nlll 3 itt.thh i iieuc inch. NE\W ORLEANS Steata andPatent Ili.carl lBakerey--Watera and h Hlillman. No. 3. }olaea. (t".a- Ille I't trltartraia tlail Road.) rinot and Navy Brlad, Sodea nd Wine tiscutt, Sugar, Butter, 'Mid nrd and Water Crackers. All the abohve artieleF are warranted to be of the firs quarlity, andI a keep in any climate, being completely kiln dried. It Also,-Kln dt-i'ed corn meal. Orders alet at . WV. Pri chard and Tagart, Jr. a corner M agazile and Paydrae treels, will receive prompt allttetion. Small ketgs put up exprOely lbre amlily T luse. 15nov , , IUST received by the lulest nrtl~ (rui iere, it ' - c plendt d collecl a a f'.Lrtemi' I:rusitetr . pI ints. p lt I t Cls; pail kllives, r'a ot ,land tllel lta witsr co,'orr Ill' !. . ics pIeltbed with boelrv and e varnith ttr do: -Imps of every dlescrip ll n. eltlendl nia'igaly and widtst easels, for pantrait pnttueert;-atetlta''ttl caos oaatof luevery olalr, plen ; , l< every seir r ; v rnioJ L r eillre,, -fa lcollrs, brallte, le~l tLy ita e d I.p, at . Ipehlrid ArL ) .Vl t el ,hiv eoun d n ilt; lc-lo ursa tf -Pver% iltllelsr llU t, bly coke; sign lnld eIrnaawllllll[tl lnd Itll " -, d ill do well to cull at lltt store ot the suberiber which will necolun.odat e t eIlnla ers and iartist, t ,vorablt. .1 ll\It I I.I, ( (eal-r in I'aina , Oil, Varnishl~e and nttacy Articles 2 art-hlea toe,;eVaaIarlat In, 1 aIo-llapi t atx t od jaitr 19 9 .1. .atcine lat "INE AIiPPItI C-II 'ElE a tnl ohen IuttI er iJ tl ft I. anad for ae by RleiA & g A () en v ) 2 7 IHnk -'lace Pl'IER\ CANI S. = .- -II Illlxes just re:ivedrl nd crl F~itle by AcI|hlta eI, Ei LiLANCII, , llour 18 :4:i iueirr n d OAL--,76 tonk e fthe best English cnll,well n uited J oatr lctalltlll ,lt le, oCilbonrd el eltt Ah elllt, fr Naw 'iactle, for ale .y (lI)IlIEJS& ll1..5I, a Fplhndid nSoltlllunt of t(ie Fancy lllGoods, llit dle tfr I'PrsErs, caprisingl lalies' ,wrting dde dre -iag ean Ie 11Irk boxer, Iusical boxes, pswif lit~t needle Ibooks oi peurl, shell ulld ivory, card cares nld souve. irb inliad with pearl aU19 tild; pteket buoki.pur tea, ol'era glnsres. gohl alnd sih'er pPencih,, pe.(ll'nlry ol til kinllds, c tlerv, 'll'i" IAZAAR, €L. 29 rot . t Chalrles & (',,,_nn at., I':xt-hin:,! TO TH'IE ILADIES. A T'KINSON'S I)DI'IILLAIOIY, for removintg an peritluou Ilhair from the fitee, neck and armt, at ith aqtaal nfety and certainty, leating the skin finer nld witter than befaore lIne aitpli."alion. A fresh supply jaus received at GUI)N's, N I .cllllegr Hntel, corner St Cnarles and Cmttlalor tre. " at, I; " ]iNE--150 oxesa Claret and Sauterne Wi. iWm store ani folr siall. y jan8 ClIA IIILIN &i COOPEt,8 J JulinAl AL KORIPE-150 cuil Itale KRape, of aslperi I) qatlity, fnr atIc by fnlo ISAAC: IIRIDGOE & Ca, 134 .l,,lZlne -ORN-700 lumholr eton. in staore, for sale Itv S CtlAMNI'LIN & CO',PIER, m15 79 n& 2 Jullia at ao till: L.nve, atppntite taolt l strteet, for sale by Ipll tiliIl, k. IIRROWY? , 9s6 V;saz:mn.I t t A IN'sOILS, 4LASS, bhL'lil'.S, &e.-tit 3 landing trom Phip Constitution, and for paie-tv. 16.000 feet ofglns.s, beat qluality, from 8XI0 t v23X2e 3100 kegs white lend, pure; 350 do grIen paint, in 25 liber. keen; 4 dod bapanedtins fersigno;60001ho lithrage 56 doz splendid 00000 ground brushcte, alsu af0tO att If 000 do; cnaes crone green in powder, superior article d ddod ienne;anl large asortment of sanh tools ofevery sine and qua;ity; sable peecils for artiste; fint rnrking erushes for merclants; artist's colors in read) p re pared,in hoxe, fitled :p nith all necesesry brushet; artlist'as tols, &c. Flake and tlemuitr white; C0 packs gold leaf; white and yellow wax; gum arabic; and a large and choice as rortmnrt of paints, dry colors. oil, turpentinre, valrnilt. &c., foe sale,wholesnle anud retail, at the lowest pricesr, by MIONDEII.LI, a2S 58 Campat. - ORDERS RECEIVED FORI JONES' P.TFYNT COTTO.VG (I |Itlse lPatetee, No. 53 Malazine atret't, New Orleans u t'O BE MANUFAC'ITUREID IN NEW YORK BIY ROBERT liOE & CO. SCJILE OF PRICES-Dobile GOns. L For a double Gin of 80 saws or more oln erch nvlinder, manking I Osnws in the stand, witl feeder;s, lends, &c. at $6 per raw, or $950 Om For a Donuble Gin of G0 sa vs ,s a eylinder, or 1.O saws in the stand, linedrs, &e. a $6 per aw, or 050) W For do. of Orsa on do. or I saws in stand, at $fe 2 peer saw, or St0) 0 A For ti. of t saws oo tdo. 40 saws In a staad, ti $i.5O per wsa, or on n00 SINGLEI GINS.. Foea single gin of 0 saws or more, withlk oner set oflletedre, bads, &he. at $6 per sow, $4k) 00 Fordo. of 60 saws, with leeders, &r at $ 50 elrrsw, 390 00 I For do. of 40 saws, with feeers, &e. $6 d 75 per saw, 300 PC7 For do. ol'u saws, with felders, '&e. at $7 5o per eaw, 150 0 Extrateeth e here desired, for feeders, supptlied a It) rells ena,; tilnnumber oflteeth being abonut equal o the unlber of saws. One set of t'eeders, it is con sidered however, will wear out two or three sI n ts of sows. Ixtla ri~wn's stpllield ai 80 centse 'ach. 'Thle Gins ntsdelred, will be dt.liol'ecleo nltt' at*agerl ofb planter any f" tie sea port towns of thie cotton plan- P linop Stle, ast thie aboe irieoe, theeagents It )ltg tkhe P in's hi oa ths staiter froe New York, sonul heunoestiog re s ·.*sibile for tlhe amount of tIhe (;iln. A tlin twrilght will e suet with itell Gins to put tll ip wllere dIe- ic sired; tile charges lir whose services will he extra, but IJo n nlmsing ge'nr ran alsohe ordereid wherr desiletd, oa reasouable te:nms, hlilt will be eh:rgel eirra. Ilnrse. a powerl, of.any descriptionl, atn be Itlrnllelsed oil like termns. Small steam enlgites m. also ble ordered if de is slll esir:ble, when pl:mtner give orders for Gils, lhey should uccolnanny them with theirl views inl regS.ri L tO tenarrngement le saws, bsreasts, brlushes, &c. It is ft und they) differlt opinion. Some desire sawna ct Ilager diameter than others. The mllost common size is 9 or Il0 inches; Ib . some wish them 12 inches. Some wish 5 or f6 rowst I brushes on an a xle, while others do not want more thne at most. Some wish saws with s Sor9eell ttho tie ioeh, while othcrs want I0 or 11 I ,V ueih dis esro'c, we pvet'er thi shiteld, ti: the time of giving order's, urnish l statemert of their wishes, ond tihe eanotetur'ers can fllfil them in ever) a partecul'ir. tWheret' it i left t ourl discretinm, eor shall l inake tthem o l thle nmost modern and aplloved plan. t .,*n ornderr can be exetrledr, 11om the time it is received, i il tile spie ol'eight or nie weeks, sal ths k in in that tlie placediln the hInds of thie factor. To he in tltlle for the next crop, all orders oughit nto he in the hands of t tih nlanlultctrers by the fir tie ft or middle of ls ;n except p ick or gill cllttoll. . I Thine Pntrent Right, fore aeny one Of th e tton I"c ecitng States, will be sold on reasounble terms. LUCINA CORDIAL. E CORDIALT. tie' ts.ol I . r. t 'E. tlllX DIE L'. o1tentlt.-The U(Wledni ttters Arent ehr teli 'n,,met. ('c.l at or Iel'sr of L,,e', re.ttrnes his gratefuli ankllr'i dentt'tn noae fnr ten 2 tlltrclm atscrOlleeP te(inic : e ni; n anlrcndv neerivrd nad n!i fur ther Itne V les lotunals t tllc hay, l ba n l 'e, nt hellu louchihg the th e i le ltalltmlls rnn'i ltnn eiti¢2+'yl Wt this iwthn 1e medicine.i a n tihe well fnnuhed te tepnnu fIItLn.l il till'. nnllle Cordial woarrntrie.n le arent in w. crtintring hia ilong advertise ments; but for IIIt( benellil of those perso1+s whll woIm,' e a vel be unaware i n' eilnt Ieel OriP W d w ou llelitl sine that it is en lt. lluninn'ceialt dlebete heler, ihich ht n eated rennt etistle in Frl'e.- ithat it S rpeedr rest orn tlnt virlle tpoernt wrnere r hev have lbe'nell nlun.d i Inninesee ior ieitrcw, e ricnd Protll, rti'n' e elete ' ,in e rei l teane t fl'lun ctntollnt' at'nn it i9 an rfio.itihl (oI het ier les co r1nt ,0; h e d nhalhre olfthat it ·In0 Im I i llte,. lind itllFnn ites n in aePe, . t)etri.g tils ns'atllv invlgornr inne qinqlhie it is t lso hiehly ule n fell inel.eet, nbrenirited, dili'ent or painftl ulen'etetn' ona, inl ntineorer ofieb ncriae, or invtlhn'sorn nibcharge TIhe I ol clh oic elelinois oft tie in, doliculesal n :c tions of tie aned \c. JI oreer tIhc iI e casrl e l .,f tlcety ony eloleoitn tIof benefit of I)r. t llllill'si discovery, Ine Annerican proi teietor Iln as eonenietd thlt tihe (lledil sha llc he n ld in bttles ofix ounc5es eanCh, at tile rrdlt'erl price lof$4L hich it le.n than onoe hlt'thie price cnharged for it in .ranc., JO1N W0INTERS HOIe,1)ESViIWI., OI. D. Unitned States Proprietor. The aovne medlicinet is far ale: nat o ss lesaee aln d retail at N. 65 POtoItl street, between .tlhlgazite and Ctoilo snt, New Orkoe-al. ,1:6 IARRIA.E I'lt'rSIOIO(,ICI;',Ie . DISCUS-. e I:). Tl'ranslaterd t¥mt the. Frenh of Jean t)u boia, 1. It. by W\illiamu Greetichtd. Part st. iJo lltnrelsa it'y al llarriage ! LoPart d. Insntluctons incourtlhg, witl a eute for . Part 3d. Part 4ilt ' Ih Mar';ane lhvslhnttIt lyl )iseips'ed is the most useful, and de.. tedll the alltt int'aer tiug work thtato e i ever read. It willt reak tu inore rakes and tpilster, n and II ke imore ore umtrlried nln o lu wonlll .oallnallvy tI pIlblieation tl11,II bsever-ee sa:nctioned br the clnolrl tf It v,' en.--l./ .llozanturoe. 'flits is a reat t k, and wi'l be producte t; of mtulth go,,d in tihe eolllll ;ll;lly, It ii lull,, I.¢u llll r e sl Imlrl{'l ttliaotten'ungo, hot'hent Itht tanojo'tt o ita mtuo, nlld I t llh t Pop te a td written oil it. ie colld ' o have'o treatld it mollre rtellc tnelv. W e' e0ppa ilitv reeIll nenlrllI t its Inst. netionm s it: Cotirting" to the ,ui'ution l ae all young ladies und eentlenln tlat mt.y he in quest u t pelit Courier Dre I)antes. a -or sale 111 nI l I-t Polydas st betweenll Magazine and i o Camp street. Parice gl. TARRISON'S SPICIFII OINTMENT ' to groeat celebrity of this unrivoaileid C ,n position, especially ii te Northern States.. lear s the proprietor but Ito te need to say any thing in its fltvor ; foir it Itha beetn tenerally conceded to it, that it is beyond all comparison the b st remedy for external colnplailts tthat has tver been disco. veored. Indeed t to speed and certainty of its ope. rati ns have the lappearance of mir;lo:l ; a; it o e as, t unds, .itrus, fever sores, chiltdbltl" , hite sw..' line s, biles, piles, spider a.dt snake blttes t &,. in, . diately yield to its apparently 'upr latm ,t i tlt :. nce tl'hus if properly applhedt t fet rta . in inveterate corn, or break and tieal ; ' tine days, will allay and perfectly curo an tlt" io two wtekst; oand the most dspier. c.n' . -: wR.lte swcll;iu that can ho imagined, '"a'' I' n et.i ,-ll,,ed by it in less than two molnths i ti. tlel'o s .f' apoi soattnoa retiit ito efficacy i trtlt uroartlet~ , an e nV l l the bit e Is a rabid d g, t"r it0' 4 Itt, d in till, its powu . r ' attr 0 ion aro ..'laot Irri that t hey w ,t oncet' arres to psln., adl tina plre. vent tt f .tmproadin tetthoastocn it a lkewitve greatly a ltpriar'o to antr mnoutcl'te l',rI' disc. ve' for theoeltlfed aceks e"ta to ate'. Zt I t tteratra, Tor .t " ri, cthapped hps, and ta short for ,,very externail bodily evil that may tall to the lot of Im.U or beast. 'PThle propri tor Ilas rec",;vd at lt't a thousnld certificates and oth r d, uotllnt., in tlio r ofhis SS.·,citlo Ointtment," upward., of a I undrad of which were written by raspectable memlllbers oftho Medical Faculty, all breathing thle same eulogy andtl satistoetion. Pro .ared at 129 Liberty street, New York, and for sale at 65 Poydrae street, New OrleaOs. mar26 If EDUCA'r'IUN-FIRENCII and ENGLISII. Mr. Jaotes, recenlty arrived il this city, begs leave to inform the citizlns of New Orleans that he will open an academy on Mollday, I, iJanuary, at No. 19 Touloust e street, for tie instruaetiou of youth of both sexes, in French and Englislh, in which he will be ably assisted by Mrs. James and Mrs. Mestoher, who speak both lthoe langlaages with great fluency and purity, and who will rate charge of the department of the young ladies. Mr. James will give bis wlhole attrlntion to the various breaches of oduclauon, and flatters himself thathe will glve entire s.ttistaction to thtose.wh o I 0ma hoanjr him 'with hOair confidence, no 1 W AGNER S LIQUID ODE-NTI- A.-H..+ been long i IPn i. btith here and in the north with unifiorm urcPies. forllnaiienginid whirtning the tenth, and prte ntlin lithe tothacher preservii g the gums, pirltiyinto tll brratt', rad relving tmoist discear tot which te oioetuth i niable it either tihe adult or inlant --()ne tea nponnfl, mixed in a win gln*lful of pure i water. and si. , applied ir thte tc th in usun nmannn tt ith a hrus.t, wil! rffectually pre vent tcurvy, nud ward off that exe-trlli.tng pall, Preattred only by T. F. Wanger, Sur~ on I)-n. tint it Jcoelierson C.tlarge, and eold wnhesale and retail by CARI.ErON & C,. 31 Canal ri. It a etii nnenta for WenOre.o iin SADDLERY WARE.l--'liht atbri bort ', in mnl. I I factn rrs and whl ersale dealers in stidltry goods, are no-'v receiving by ilte arrlvni from tle nnrth, in addition to their forlrlr .stock, an exlen sive nasonritient of articles ie their line, otltong Which are ie following, ti: Ladies and rrla.seIS plnl and quilted mnddles, do a do nCreate n do do Ameri. ido do do Euglisih du Yoouith' io ,'p,.h d,, do do ;rr.olt do . Amrr.and Eng. brlers and tb.i.!l rtitn.rtttiy., I M do dit otanrointalea. Plated. broes, and japanned cnach barnes do do dt, g.-gnt1 auJlke do dio do .o ithruuch e- . Drey, inrt and wngon do SJddle hmas, . n.othle andi L ngle; valices; otdir ncl I sadiln e bag+. b rt.s Is icarpe bl.go; eait :ro, Irbei ,atlher lr h tin rntk hbra n ailed; Ieathertaot ty do, nernuted sores and varilou styln e; +tli:e rrar a.: pistol btels; coat ' :, i, nulkey, twit an d p+it nrra croip whlip: ,i. s orne- , nItoni, and iantta rn gi.lrthaI d ntiit titlllFle ; I l tI n i e ,r-: krn nti trdles oandi wotatei rtitin wel; i nai iand ,,, ln itnes ; blind hridrs antd a t f ; It, h t etic i im , 'Ind ,re ani d a rot rnln r, a i qua:in t t i s1; r ,' . rtce., buck, henr.,becp "rd i lnltinn nklrns; pir, r brcne and t el bridle bts of .ry etrt tt r tii- o plated, brass and Fter! of overy drs frp =.1,; ip lairt, U llt anit il l alrrups I veryde d trrl'I ino t'orotylrr wirit a ernmplete nusrr'rt.ont of , v, r, nrticei .n their laur of hbusiess.- lit of .hiclb they oiler for ae 1 n I nLIeromm (unt, terI s. I[Elntire ly Vegetable. ] , A ne antd intoinalble Medicine for all Diseases, a. so ' Io oI.tll'tofdl' uc l r itel , o e ita hei u the r bt rr . .. A lEn hsllfy Co mpound "l')|letl T · I .S ,T1 Jl o nod Cntlrr M llederl ie dnrn Tittl is nt. At out n o i tut tnd i tnettio oi- ti int, hai e rlit ir to, I itta n aL hea o iou hi- i t hei it an, l Curia iet. o iir b lion tin + llth hu0 I on ow s + ,lull.: d ulsa ,rl Lf l'. lls cul il( '. !hlourll I Iu al21t To gh, ,l ll iu I Ivn t[ il eo I f iti catt l ei b ll. d ty n n I i", , t l ll r n Atire tinl nthI -i e n inrine r i f c or T , r lhir , U lcnalm tl nt n, tiooll l ntn *I ' t-c i irtll' ulil iti t, Jhte ' n tll¢, It rlin dth . t `ru, I h, tandt i no thlllmn uttt-.t tall-ll n diii t t ' i i ,natt.ri i £ urndioan'Flto.n oll ind t* thritte blaletlt , it ll.n hnutto nl kyotaeiid tlltllliin iirit Il.niiii ienliiihtd ito-to ii doveiltd inr, l at l i u l ol r "t"l : U pplld b -ine f l t.i- .it I tr tite p ue -u ld iteIi ewt o t lit t-r ori t InIat lIuIe I a L nn illm attrit ateid tiul itt nllOllol the ititr it I tprn. 'lt lnd the pdbil, Tod grci t ti .reittilr n bort dievewd ti i ite lilnot tr d(` vrlop fl.t l"o itn, inue , il l quA.. It-, '.hla( 'h th e foul rtr J a. happy i ng now;ale Gr hn, per, to tir" publt',. a wih te tll cinn li.a I ,f tll' Ii ng ii It . 3Oicin - ti I eri to. c, i e fun d ao ttite t-tin thitan ntd iattn fotr, ia1dioT i lli. ' itii alr nti n ii. PnPwed I .LI IheIl, tl au * D diio lltl n olall of their me rits altd In ' t/'tl rt: art tn itielltnn tins nr tlle ti tht n puIlnc, t ln propt or wti i XllU iu -I by the. h ppr thata rI illndlrrnuor el2 e , l` ra 11 ll'll ! care, dt a h ni l ' a t Irg:ol tile Cth, ll nlal " l'ht I " thii rrnrc.i ila..Tlnitatili t if ll i dayt, w .b hlt'. the In Ititi i h io i dtiinz u int iii bonn-ed ta - aed t l t-it Iupnr it Rb phyal tlau, anld uther, Iha 1'.1. juto ifietl l ,it n pc ill· I. NFor nn full rrnut cf thit nlerno 0i*l'ore ly, teaqtoll , - r ratl ,-, ol ' hil h .(sl t rs pil r ,. A riEtt ttrt t 'I, inu.t t tt.iriniature oil l I. PIIIOt'to -1. i t, e..r l.riropr ietor, rttiltr ttd, _ tOinl. FOR It" 5, ' BY, nt A Foile .+on , .o11,1 hal~t. Air. o.t t-.xrhnnngi tlycn, tnr i-,' in to Mif h i sne , It a A it nt-nceh l, Nn t Y.. t t uti n t,, ril J. ti ker & I't, No 77 Ne e tn n tii. na Jon o, ' t e i Ttitni ltn.,, tii -tt. tt IIi AUT- FI'Ie . heN d f u ne ir ie th' ifrt n,'u 't t t ir-.a Rob'ert Whcrt ,i, E'.q. Inl" Mnvor of P i. , ter lf he tiletvit.i eettllc .o lthe I llllnll.f ( onl'll hia dllll l e rI'd h , J l. .ldriero 'lll lhave l.o ndl it hiebly ,srvirb:hle natonl o' n r. pr(.· , ti , tnintt the llint ot f hair but ;eln certain -r. t h.VII. I t)1 ' I'll 'T:I t i!, S tenior, M.ti ot llet tlici'terit St tieecc e . 1e rt _d ttlrh Fiie h -:. '.)IIN t' 1\ti1.1,tt'It t,,h-te' t. i .It HN n tt t i H T IA 1<, 11 11 t 1e 1 ICC he 'r "I i I Itte elhl .11. F ill .'teelso r-th ,. JO)IIN i.ºI) ,Jr,l b. I M.r It IEs known that tree of tlhe atoe t retteiet r n tlhan . l.larl ofll l. le, Id the i!tlr llI' n t l iar Iin ,I. i [t rol the" ll, taor.) a Conintd n so n lth of l I'n,,'vl r-' sic(i'v tllr l e I'hlatt ipl,,c' I, Robert t W hartn. hhav-r of' iI v.ita- ,r l'hib,,,.. hSin, do hI'ereby certit' itcl Ini e ,tttiltei. tl c ''ii i vt htie leI r , Inelten lir.. I lleren F lrel . ll I loch Sct l Il,, I. hoe I TIII, Fre sitnt le 't l Ao rtllr I.t',.ll they re.1e coenteid - a ltc llre tr sal n t I rt tol lr ,lt ,rr ite re ttt i witnt awh.rof I hlave hereuntto t hI and etnlledl the i olfthe city to be fiixed, thi Ic +lt of lvet Inhr, ire. l,. s.] ROBEitl':'rT 'illv t !T'r(;, have,. Oll c'ilt ' thllat reiel bottle hf'th i tte iial ellntl. tepeutntther ttlia wie rpper, on whiclh i eprt-enter silk nd2 Fletcheir st;reet, newr laiteni onIt it ors enalsll .hol rrpech itlcy ottet oliet eteoll asd lhedls Perl streelt, nil ,y .oslt druggistaldil pericrl pent edec- let e teltrtiete. ltJet 1 I't &..ottl, ecllt ls. -rlie Whulestle :oeet li ts, lel ' Orletinnr. ) .. receivin, ,,nd openi ng the n;i i', slill n nti l and fon anhin.ale stolik i leao`, , ' pli. have ever e ehibtesd i len this hr ete, cilk part of tife foli ling article.: bid :, Lr cet i ln, i , ketle. .;nd Slden olive sirllk nd dress coalt heaver, stable and harringetnIl (rock (oats, elegantly firnis'r ed; fancy and pltin blaIk ensaime're and cloth p llsnicalnds enelish k d Irelnh ando.;e.l , l aii silk and asiin vests; real new market comlif ts: I english and french Omloy and plain searfs and hdkle; chanlilm, silks.weh and iin)"el..l ic su. - pendersl,: chall , t merin'iom, wli wool, owelsh flanl nel, silk and cotton neot therll and drawere; fine limin and c,)tton shirls, with linim hontlms, plain -ind rutiled; ivory pearl and plain handle silk umn. heautiful artie1o i" white kid, for weddings, hkils. ftiuredund bouuldoriied Canlibre do.; silk, lnamh wools, malrina r -(emanrtown, and brown and white coitn half hose; t .lof which they uffer l.w forn east!. ot ti puu'li cusroneers c eeI. Nenw. 1 ( A LL Nbnnrp sulcrilie from I1I:I:I'III(.\ DISE.ASESI I((IIATwIS Oi) 'LF 91 .)\5r-, pI.ALI):lt, UltET11-I Itl\ARY P,%" Af;E f'A1.s) IN 'f ilC O~li~lll l~l, ,,)I \i, GRAVEL. ntnll~llrr T nJ lu Z 1la ·l t" llc l l· .,., the coa lt h Ivr arri yiljlir can Ilr cnulprrrr.l to ,1, .u:J 't i!'I- po ~t sty r ''""' ' '''Y [nvu" Ilallr sIIpI~r-rdiK it,.I'r r( (- 1,-e1 Iap~ir (·ll a -ek-eu Ir·,:irlrnrr- C'opnlvn.T7u:·,-,.tlil f: (:Uil,.l. vlrrc urY. iC. I-u 6,Idlltle ,ý tFke uu'.Irrnu "" IIrllu:'.,:, TC'·I r I Irnm all 51, ¢c, nJ ,c llcd Iln r n te a lcl Il*; h+-t rc···rl dII,* In II(( fO - I1IPii lO'ItU il~dllu nLllj· 15;. he VIIs, l ilt',,;,,( i·(ICCILI\ 41 t :,dti:l·E " iin r"I Ihr·r "I I I~rnl rr. "i I. sF. I'r~rl --TUU1? Ynlalli s Wit' c'fe (l:ulinl n "r: rrr] (I e.,als :riicrrnr. eld.;r L "rhral Inr-r iirrer\ and t , n"': r~tnllllll "Lreturpr rr: (1,51:.5)5, r. ! ,Brtltnlutn.·w'. Iln-piGl!:' Or r~lar4: r. 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A t a, .0k t'" CIN I. f IIoiN'.q Compntutl Extnet ofCo.Dtiba and Sam I .i'll:t -A cerohin, afte, a.ld Itnet ItoituIl toes. i yevur discovered for tthe cure of iuot'ur.lett, Cs.Glts Strictures, Wlhites, Pahits in the bhack and o in, setm!t wcalkoess, offectiuis kidloes, gratel, seoruil - eruptiuos, jlc. 1n the otmotductionl a of metdiinte possessing the Ueft anl ctirve virte of the one now 0 oltered to the public, tie pr'oprietor hlios but to .'oler to the onttmemttu rucotl ineaotios r uccaeio'd linom the Inoust ettianen.ftl hl me sd ta cultye int topet, I teliaing thusr it will Ie duly Olretilrt.oA ;l:rli iim at.ire Ilne flilly knowns Thre 8i.lrn ot t t:lp.I t Tl oroettoaI. y lovmed. t it lt mlcli t" it% crl~e t tsoni the dlitlite whihelt -piePtoi rnoterly txps'e. d rrur,'lll, ita disore ltoble toste, dittI'ulalSM ireoirol, to ulotgthule r l tP illfinoollllotatol tl' . Th. Ir-prieror has ,Ir n o tt m er.ti f otie Bela.e, conoti adi thait th, Cor' aiti et, scr,.:titit s t wnit d thertolr be mtghe tno'0. ru.etlt' a.t.d sod lIore os.ltuoI)t atairistersd lthn it it- 0Iteroll ll:l re. o i: toe lo t t ted tilue ium ationl - vig biuts ulliujotote in the l tei t .r repute smorto the most c 0 otutitr amodloo the 'i._- Ue hrof ision, .e:hst dlro . in III " cot e rn o;ui o l of t his prrlp:toi.Olu l :arvanb tIh e(].:owy o ,Ithe c;!o.r, pen Licit:p . t osupcsettiol truly .aStt . skintototod torpaý.inr thertou o nko eootpltirlxttotitlt pse'i...isoltt tilt, s.ait l.ime tihe :lrtlot iao ltl I.ser tloinir;.ld0 with [icrl':t Sucrrs.inth, ithe disotL t i tmn i:t'nc i.Oove dit.: e,. ttihe muot etlnerlt tohysietlhltu d ;to.i (otrs of tihe lrInt oo 1o express their dCtlodd fe Flo Atio , in tk ,lr i " S:+rs..;p rill:l whilsl it uL.e in the hi n tril l heIpichls I .lha velir m e.cdhoil inltl-utionilll l on , .t r -me lr ,iothl tile releh .late e 1)r Alwr estsy in Aii .oi.o.titia :ol;oino os, 1oot to hm.,ooto tttaotetosertttintt, .!'isiing !'reim a dtsi. lterotrll t:late ofath ltli toll tve fltt iOtt. ijooiotg itbo' saibmlttrt too thef test ulldd e.perieoce of the nolst Ire l vr ll mol-~! h 110 I e tltl , tlem hoae lt)resIhl thleir oitortiOio ,f its PXtollatl: Itory efltouiicayc int iot erse their uhlt., hIt RlUttluto it 0botha in tlll outl!c Ittiitt toolt.the. Their att eotvtttiotSl will it.rt'ed o forthoiot. PrttttedtI tt ly Thbol, Chemist lnitlolt. I'lir $1 So erp lott TI'.:T MEN t1IAS, Fmrom . II S.I.mon, Fq. R t3, Sitrgon to tIe St Tt-otot leottooitxl, .lo .-e it lAatolly. a'he tio i Mlilitll I hoer ren.ttof oulr Ip ritosto tin e I ity out':.s, both otnll ,t! tro Ptiel, in its lreslllt lit l ,o"Ital Ot oilnlr itlctt t d hit. l llt I to toot hesitate ill ,rl00oo .il it ottoot.fh h the osoatoothttto ndottolttitorioa ittooiiost tver tlii tll tlo1to Iteloliu, attl nole In hllill, ronu rxllpvl-,e. I .eI van o 00.0very0 r.lit.oe, lwhilst it lit cot torotlottlllIe slolllt tonpltl.llt etouats uluily en. Itrn )t: .i It 1 .x -wu od. N It C :, Ply.hy ito to ill bt S.I.c le t '', ) x." 00oi o"nor oil olo, ololn.oott oi'rlhigyotttSl .i,.' it o tt o fou. t" lser e.t t to o tOl . " h:o' t lot. the I:d led Ito lellxpen in'outrled in brighlt:g it to sueh eom - i1hvty l')l'kr .Deli. F rtol.u VI tlunper, F 8, Surgern n to C.y's 11ls The utimtfrm slorrss fallhich hIs at'tenett the dllmiunil t0-n log tutor olll, i O0OO~icaog my tiels ffltictled lwith ti-e nbocr di<r:.rc. Iha lill} suiaictlel ore thil it hIl olly to he klnow*l i hle truly .oppr-oated:' ' hlliy thle ueese you so w(ll daeeloo vo, tmly and speedodily reptayyoq for louo Si.t A CLoo,, F it S P RCS, Ce. ke. IInrig beeyl iodocel to tr' your E.xtloet in sertcet eos's ofl violent t(;uirho!tit, wslich h haloitherto ilssied 0em' pet.riotltion odwnti:ooiortotd by ytte, hloling lomat tsu.rt, d s!ed ctlluros veffected by it, it i few laysl I tlet Intot .;e1fit dIy bound to stIle that I now in my ltoal l tire both potlic uand private recommendll alld ate no other. lo"rm G V B'lhitlr, I D, pltysician to sGuy's Ie ; The strict trot t which have iven your metlleise mnooy o n)o patients. sod its inl:rible sitores titus far, w tol i tduceeto erseve.r in its ie, Attd deem it but :too to rfjlosticr:l tol of lluty to add lll y feerle tetli ino ll in 0.olni totl.ll:tionl of it violues. Fro', 1, (" Thompson, .lD 1F It S L, I re!:;'n oyni my sinlcere tha:lnks rt 1 c vlunble pi#e trltl ofy.oi' th tot o' IC- teor of Gotlrrhtam, ke". I S''Iottotl thot 'ooo1 have nt latIt brought iamttelnicin in the mneltie: stt o ll-an sure, slpedyll and c6letelual surI in ca'rsesf tie sbove cases, It alotords me great pleasure i0. pi. lioh!tg too tlh orld thr ovaoldule qutlitietofyour \Vtro it necestory. . tie proplrietor ennld here furnish m: ntore Imnl.loli;;,as eullly is conlmentlatot.ras the booit"; but)111 tos that its greaot suceesOhitheroso e loe car . I-opense t oic't it has t t en t elPtr d, wtil provteits gtottest rtotmmoo tstlttiotnotontg t disettnting puthlie. 0 *.nemstsoot this preparoltion enjoys rbob e aoi tohr" is its ent, port a ot orm-poll up itn pits-th to.e in tohio h it ntoy hIe takeoo, beitog otth erasy utl 'i I m't--ilts ,(otl tto nture, 0 itloh no realt.itio isn idlet or cronfinemcnt frotm busioest. 'Travellers esptcaleii wou\ h fild tilo medticiioe hliithly tsetllh, ontd ought oeve to be inpll)od.otlod with a ptllrlp tion li ossessing the ad . vihnlg'-s w hick the present one combi~ AuOt:loliilnoving thu Mlclliine is l pamphlet explalna. torn ot'lhe diOthiolor t sta:geI ofl the Ililease, withoult any Ot n: cho"lte, ontaintin og full at.d otoitlt diretionls. " For Istlet . by SILCKLES k CO. I t, l -i:ilaa.i,, 4I Calnl tlaet. " lm1t ' r1i. : -li.iii:t. U" ' itl -.E I - HEALTH." ., E KNOW that health thell ability to - labor, constiuesa the wealth of the groat nasa of the prople in thi, nt in tn at other coun. trirs. To prt serve, tllerrefor, that ellllth by natull. r mean is a gr,no, moral ndt p'.¢iiial ahbemn n I fnldl which, rv:lghires ou ililnnst attention hllo unprecedenlte popultaity nld universal a-p. approbahl. n wWbiih tls mi'ld,uine has Ichieved. ihr.tulhonlt the Uttiled SItaes. the Conldd.a, Teias Malon. and the West I die., fully justify Dr. Peteors' In wnrmly and ceein enItiotsly recommen them o t he .preial olitie of the attlieted. Peters' Vtgetah'e Pi is Are t fnferi. cstnat oa ro teal and ecrnontici.l remedy lb- diseases of the I'lrn'.l con.tltnt ol that ht a ever been diecoveracr. Dr. Petrn, the1 inventor of this ilvaluablo medi. eio,, from l is khno tledlg of thie +illmn sy'tei, idtrive' from a ib long nld extensive practiae, hoa Itr-ived to t is coaluasion, tilat ti great and pri. mary causes ot'f int diseases is a ditrangement in the fnlctiolns ao the liver, or in other words asn ini crossed or dimaninhetd eonretion of the bile. Stt well ii Is lltle ulderstood, that it is o.olmon for persoani to any wleli they it'rl unwell, that they aro i , neaninr liha n they haoc too icnth bile on Itohe tiiIiinach. Oni the lthe i hand, when the flow of hile Is diminiihd, the process lof dieas inn is imperiectly Iprtirc d, the Ipatient becaOLeL weak 'n rii'tt-il, behntoet nourishment contatinced in It.o t1,od takenl ilnto lh at Ilach is not proper:y ex. tnr.iet'd, n! t, Lo t dI is ejoleled in a erllde siate. l)r. Peters is eodralent that thel famos tiHygean .'l,,,rv, ato 0 11h'1, that, imtpurity of the blood it t! e c:,se 1(t a;ll ,hemsea," is gre-at abiolrdity. ' ' rl o Ii , I t, n , lves on the sulject a moment,, ,ill r,,i iht tipourltoy ufthr blood is a seoon" ., 1 'it , pr0,nary ct:mlaiot-ltho ffIect and not l 3ea o ,ito.1e. f'.i'a tihe l iln.tnoseofthe I; ve'r le, di.raltg'd. , and the: fHow of bile increased, It Is adltii nip-l j up by'ho thlt ai.snr ent vreselc aindi , arri.d ilnto trtatrlaul.alti, at., d becomes Iing ell ti it itn htri, as In j'unldlee, when iO tc patient in.ovse it ill ! conllcll el. Now this in npurily of b'o+,d i' c.:u-il by anll eriased flow of IIte, ;',ra II atilt' y it, you mltat correct lthle eretions ,lt'le - i , and r fore It to a cI e lthy tatle. Dr, '!. rc Ito spert muchl ione in exl.,rtnrnt. ing ath t it renlt o as i I d nlst, tor diseiaes l Ihn !Iv ,r; iui illl - o iT ofrs his Viegetabli Pi,at. di ti. Is.t, m.t ennVeMnent, id CIilchrSet aIedi. Sllll I in't c iI h ae lpr, ulred for genelral use. Ir. P,.tcrs fIiatters hnnselfthbitlisi long eg cri. trotling with ,'gl"table lll'dllinao Ilao eoabled hinO ito d'caover ihi true -id ollly aubtn.ltil atiweriaTg illt t ie lto a ' . t.rcuri a wit hout any of thaill !'o (dnte 'lsll. One gr`at qllaitty lt his vl'gltIahi , ills i i that th'.y have' tie alturi.tave priti ptll coeoa it 'illa, heir a;tr!tie, or oleratita quao ties, I I;-.t they not olllry cleanlls tlhe stliomach andli Itwu ir by p'rlging, fiat lthey rgulatt the, ehangi Iltr li arslu b otlttnira0, ltic thni tlu tiie. nttive aOt'o t llrc.u tiry tht b.ooauI, atvigaralte thet I I llnln , til , ltl' time a tia Uergy to itlt tit r. ''lThy ae mild and pleasant ill tlheir 'operation, and a tv'y niim'dlata enlvichtiaol o their ultiityi from thIe tiat daoa. 'lepy can l to takell with saty by l elrso . ftuny age ; aginl the fctblc, tlh ilfirm, thII , a ervoui, and the delicate, are sltrngltlhenoi by theiro iper.ition, beanuse they clear tite yslterll of :'d iuto ittirs. quiet nIUtous irrita billly, and it-rali bily iiproduce asund Ihaltlt. 'The Vageat ih!e PilI.. ar a suro rmniedy ftr jaun. dice, sick and aeorvou hetadachl, dys eplia, costive tes., oft e atonlaah, hlarburn, . tli o comploaints, leurs of all kiands,-na4if tleiuI't,4 couiiencemant wall invariably heo.'9jt gross, said c.av, the patient froat a iqrtti.ata " dangnons Slcknetiss. 'rhey ari initalableh n jic.1 vous aid hypoco.ndrictl atteotiioint Isa N at iite, and vColrijftitfWasit: femaile, ste u S.aij it. "ihey operate as aalis I 'u ure and are a safe and c.otctn iesmedy fur WI ht k Iued chi dren. Soco 1 htve ntodts" my Voege, I P W - thle pula I hrona ectitetDeoma e .l of teirt eaperior .lteaiy iorinuai dn' many Ictter-sto r raejieotaiote .lto et ohave uicd hem A prto auooaoa- a h o !iig biash i taaettti I but c insli a 1it nn.aea isi tie recomiamend itslitg ll lt aWlloi"ocs na The above pills eta in bagtl4"1 - pills each. j Pricn, 25 & 50 eotl p it, rugietand country ma pied, ast wholsa i or ri, tai rt P.. pal adtice, o. l.y. etiu> tsLt, .4- - ad ~tri,! c. otoi'ir t'o c tae .

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