Newspaper of True American, April 30, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated April 30, 1839 Page 4
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St the Feiroand Agee I tred wnahrmein the iPoi.c fir 'iib0 ha cr cR In c4cd1 of 'reeling a5 ' th I o c tag a Vee.I Sr f ian a enyjdeatt~riohs aid Ioiun . a la; taken with+ the ,t +l'e. eiat Sa t, or aged invalid. it lre stipnregai sinttkedi tone an dactivitvy Iestab-/ 1 ao npoeinnaent apetite, by iorating loateali oi cgrer nrerlish to the enjoymenl eiof ante. `Io rplar ilig a pitrgatlve quality,it renmiie Sisii }`bhwe,,nls t incpreae this disorder, r to create ibeaosc, hLo tllraugltly cleanses the severalri S if dg o; and s boenefits tile sleet S toverother affetiooll it may beoppretreced. o arre ilifu.e of the Torli Mixtellre, ,have , c a idic asl the umal causes of tie disease, - 1'oi t apedainy syiptnms Cof reton; uhnllreac i mnil he remliem thlere is always crea 4 ; Ittrmeeerd liabiliry to rcclrrcnre. The danger dtmrisnep ofte Agne, ln veryevyhlct, for te ill on become tom mach prostlate to .er parali6a reo hith medicino, and speedily full a vic 1o~i oc hi enoissit violeiie.r The 'onic Mlitire is Sa teIh a reasonabie price, as ti platc it withli 4r, t cer ne!--uo that tlle poor andi destitutea } t iseodwitl aiasiatauce withlot soliciting Prfodp tenido e willehi frequently dcaied to : .tmel ncdtautlly hbestowed. heioe o re.s.cily cnluteined gainlst the tsp isa it of ibis miedicine, that are daily offered apatd idy by Dr. John R. Itowand, at hi .z I lir mikestr,.lPhiladelphia. ° fhe ilgnribeir arc tie wholerale acent for the I elern .anter, and will sell by the ross, at Phlllel Iric.tes. To be had at retail also, t the retjhearis ill theo ity. JARVIS I ANDREWS, • " . :o,. ' •· • . holesale I)rlru giela , o rC o imn & Tcho itoulsri a :+~ikiiaisappi atd Louisianca Iotel, - ainIRON. i. + $iS. MARY KIIIKLAND respoetfully an. Snonesa to her friends and the public gene. aMi lt that -he i predlred to accommodate thean at She ' bov establiloshment, and hopes firm liar llrtiitn. to render visitors comfortable, to reeeive lt cww.tannceo of former favors. Site fcnls confi. dent tit persons visiting Covington during thbo oummor month" adoact ind batter aecomniodation-s othae.. l~ na' on m3 o liberal terms.. tlae: 1biyoa N o cim ad, and wello anpplied with ev 0,airala a bar is furnishled with th aoante liqiors, &c. in shurt, sie promise. suteaotling shall hb wanting on ler part to give Sstire satisfacotion to all whlo nmay patronize tihe Miskissippi anti Louiiana Hotel. jo3 lidersIJC..Tl i undersigand. .ivicg studied undDor Dr. SeLmidt of Ceharleoto., South Carolina, ad for 1omo years his assistant in tile practice 0 medicine oand surgery, has the hIaor to ofer hia proflesional services in this city. Ha inatues the ladies and gentlemon that the most promipt attention will be paid to tile calls which may be made; and also offer hlia services to tile holdora of saves, being well acquainted with the diasse comnmon 10 tlihemi, having attended tlrhe ini o haqger IInuse in Charleston. .3Fhlkctino anti bilious pills aterthe composition of fi.sor Pmtslette wioth directions, ccanbe had Jof i mad ignod The effect which they have prodmned in thie and other cities, has been attended with the greatest suceles. to which the beut oi. iefereces coan be giave. Apply at Nor. 1tt Mlog. sine stroet. JNO. M'LOIrINcG. HI LLu itv WAr, t . dU SCIoEWS, S AD IIRONS, &c. T .HE IIOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. O38 Water, near loikman streea, New York, have received the past seasoon, and are coantalotly receiving, large and eotonsivo additions to the stock of the above goods, whichl now consuists of the ellowing assortnment, suitable for the authern and western markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, eoolisting ol about 1500 tons, viz, Polt of 22 different sites, from 2:8 to 50 gallouns, KettUles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallois, KeIUlos'15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakelana or Ovens, 7 different sirzes, Tn Kettles, 6 do Skilletrs, . . 5 do Flat Spiders 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . 4 do Fire Doga, . 6 do Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 43-4 inches: -Cart do. 5 to 7 inciles. Wood Screws, 20.0011 groa, iron and braess, from :S inch, No. 3 to 3:9 incb, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and less tian Jane's imported prices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 Ibh for Tailor's and lattor's Irone, assorted. Sash weights, 100 toui, assorted from 1 4.4 to A0lihe. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. lnade to order, Also steamboats and ether machlinery made to The above as.ortlent of goods is particularly recommended to thi attentioin of 0Southern ad Western merollants, and are offrered for salt at low rricer, and upon theo most liberal terms ; it is be. liaed to be ile largest and best assortmenot ever . red for sale by any oiie establilshleont in the United States. Mrerhants, by forwarding a request by mail, ca. have a prined circular, awiti description of goode, pricsand teronn, from which no deviation is aver made, fornished by return of mcil. All orders will receive immediate attelntion. New York, 1838. .Ie3 NO ass'"I"T NOR COPAIVA .New Orlecns, Nov.11, 18:17. A B OtUT'tix months ago I had the misl'fortune to got L. i clretldisease, for which I have applied to save. rul doctor fori cure, and they did not core tre, so now en the ahove date lI t tmyself uodter the Caole of Doctor Huot, nld 'ifipect him to cure toe. Since that time the disease got worse, so as to break out in large ulcers to tl.h erlr of nsi or eight on ea h lg, and all over Imydi; ql'pr, and not'aoll tio work at hi preeenif.., o'h uieoUnlpf. the disease; large tlcer on the right aide of atn throat. I at nos puttiog tyecelf lonfgdletly mderthe oaro of Dr. linet, . Poarie, to be perfnctly cured JOHN DEAN. 1 r b 8e 14 lyr r 1 CEIRTIFY that the above mentioned disease is 1I .it well cured to my ewn satisfalctih, fair whith I thot I)Dr. Huoat; ond mloreover I assure that the medi cine I have taken makes me fat, and did not injure tiy ealeth at all; therefore I advise my f Ilow sulorers to loceno time and apply to Dr A. HIoet, 124 Canal etreen, between Dsuphite and Bourbon streets. Dr. Heet is at home fromt 9 o'clock, A I1, until 4 P M1. They will find a true doctor for thlis c nolplint. JOHN DEAN. 40 Goravir street. If any one wants to ee mre, call at No. 40 li'viclt JOHN IDEAN. New Orleans. Feb 1, 1838. feel 14 Iv lHE Genuine Indian Balsam of Liverwrt and ore Shound, is put oip in bottles at tile low price of 51t cents each, contailing the strength of thlree ounces of Livenwort, keeiles tle virtues of many other roots and heb known amongl tile Indins aos efliecaciou in curing pulmonary complaints. The u oivalled success whlichl has attended tile tee of this inestimable Balsamt wherever it 11s beeno intro duced, has ohtainedr the confidence and recontnendu tierofrrepeeatble phliclians for the cure of eotghs, eo[lis; pain m the side, want of ret, Pitties or blood Iin coapioit, &c. To whom it lav concern. This is to certify that we have itour praetice frcquentlyv prescribed lfrs iord. lter'O Indian Balslmt of livcrwort a d Iliirhulnd wi Ih Sdecidred good eect: .r can thereiore, from the kllow. lee of the materlals it is made from, and hrlervatlon .fs Xlprienceu recommend it as slierie- preparation i oral those alAections of the lInns ro ethiUh it is r. taitonlded. Ai.BER'P , \Vf.I.4 AlA, MA. D. CALVIN EI.1.,IS .1. D, Mentbe s ofth-r itoton MedicalAssociatiotl. Boston, October d. sale by JAtRVIS & A NDI)VIWS, Iti. 1J C n( I l, litll 'Iiloteitlllas tar "OLBEAR'S Science of Pccmmtoabip receivedend IJt ootrle at their pertlmlalt Writtlg AcahleitiC No8 8 bitres alrw.t, New Orleans, IU9 iltloadway New York, Dapbhine g., aIohilu. lisparticlorlIy dei*oed flr private letero.e, ndl sehoMl, and is calctlated for persons of ll ao.el jioean d gentleolen are invited todall and iexami e the sy.lom for themselves, Icoetao are given at soch hoee aso moay .ori the i ecocveniette of'il, 1n to lassoes fulrmed i "itny-part 0f, th city. o.lkda who prefer itculc receive lesscons at theireoWti ref . oI.daooea. Pe.amepaying • o aro ofhessola oredesircl .o aIioottlh " iO " 010 c S ell asitey wish. S V~i' 40kega,s, I - , ' 2011 do 25 " S "goglidt do--25 14 hbble. 4110 " , 100 Patint Briher varicua sizsee; I aen Vennilliol1 S 5 bils Copal Varnilh; " Japan. 0 Ok Gold Leaf; S& Clilver do; 1 w teh Metal.' ,lG .SS;'Atnericcn, Etglieh and Frnh rgeoao oise and qualities. row o--bOhlho ,coluignu;eat, will ho ! * caortonont of arietos' clounr and S- W 8CA'I ES, - 1? II Coaul street. iieoaolitlfor goa, oetbet, oppneitebh pot.oioe. Ire now . n fom. tobeir ratd t .li><! eelortment: arbai '+l-aitlo Pisece ,odr.mnehip, and of the latet ue To a end and lintgel, d eeooe, ploter OVemnt and Peaster. t . leoid+ arortament of rattoand R watoIgio ,approved tenro. "j Rork d Baltimore Packets DACK S FOR NEW YORK.-New Line. L -To.sail punctually every second Monday during the season, full or not full. Ship Orleals, 599 tons Capt. S. Sears, Ship Alabama, 474 do C. C. Borry Ship Arkanans, 627 do E S Dennis Ship Seratoga, 542 do W Hathaway, Ship Nashville, 540 do 1) Jackson, Ship Kentucky. 629 do J Bunker The above ships are of the first class, coppers and copper fastened, and having been built in Now York expressly for this trade, they are of light draft of water and almost invariably cross thle bar without any detention. The commanders are nien of great experience, and the ships will always be toned up and down the Mississippi by steamboats They have handsome furnished accommodations, and stores of the best description will always be furnished. The cabin passage is 590. without wine or liquor, and there is no liquor furnislad to the offiere or crew. For freight or pass.age apply on board, or to H C AMES, 48 Camnp at. The ships are not accountable for breakage of glass, hollow ware, marble or granite, cooperage of tin, or rust ofiron or steel, nor reeponeible for any package or parcel, unloss a regular bill of lading is executed therefor at the office of the elits. nov27 NEW ORLEANS anD BALTIMORE LINE OU PACKETS. Tils line will consist of tile following vessels, which have been built or purchased expressly for the trade, viz: Ship Seaman, Capt. Miner, Bark Mary, Nickerson, Irad Ferry, naw Stevens, t Solomnon Saltus, Latham, Brig Archltect, ", Gray. These vessels are of the first class, have hand. some furnished rccommodations, and are of a light draft of water, so admit of their receiving and discharging their cargoes in Baltinmorec, at the city. Freight will be taken for ports on tile Chesapeake or James' River, and forwarded by the agents, Messrs. CLARKE & KELLOGG, at Baltimore; expenses on goods shipped will be advanwed when required. The price of passage is fixed at $6(0, ample stores of the b at quality will hbe provided. Steam up and down tile Mississippi will be taken on all occasions. For freight or passage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, nov27 22 Bieonville st. FO[ R NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets i '1"!.E Ships composiang this line will sail auin New Orleans and Now York on every other Mon day-commencihg on thie 20thO November-and to insure the punctuality in the titme afeailing, thil line will herealter consist offive ships, viz: Ship Yazoo, Captain Trask, to leave on the 20th November. Ship Louisville, Captain Palmer, to leave on the .lth ellccmber. Ship Huntsville, Captain Eldlridge, to leave on the 18t11 Decumb:r. Ship Vticksburg, Caplain Woodhouse, to leaoe on0 the oa1st January. Ship Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of January. The above are all new, of the first class, copper do and copper fastened, and upwards of 500 tone hurthen, are of light draught of water, being built in New York expressly li,r the trade. The price of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabios are fitted up in the most improved and convenient plan, and finished inl a neat and elegant style - Fmplo stores of'the first quality will be provided, and every regard paid to the comfort and entire iesflactian of Iassengers, who will please take no. tice tsiti no berth can be secured until paid for at the , Cl ,u. of the consignees. TI.:c, v ,m .,.:, commanded by captains well cxpericu: .i the t..rlde, who will give every at tettion and ieert t.ieAnt:vit to acommodate. Thet will at all tiunes be tow'ed ,;, .ind down tile Miissis sippi by steamlboats, and thle strictest punctuality observed in the time of sailing. Tile owners of these ehips will not be ble for aly letter, parcel or package, sent ,v put on board of them, unless a regular bill oflaliing be signed therelor, at the counting house of the I agent or owners. For further particulars apply to J D BEIN & A COHEN, nov27 90 Common st I -..\l.l. .._ nov27 90 Common at ,EW' ORLEANS &.CHARI.ESTON PACKETS 'his line consists of Ieo ur vessel all of the first cloerd and copred and eopper fast. ened, and of about 200 tons hurthen, with handenme neromnmodatitns for passenger. These veasels are omn manded by caplains wet experienced in the trade, who will give every at tontion, and exert themselves to accommodnal theI shipper. T'hey will b. towed up and dow ,lier itissio.ippi, and leave New Orleans en or before the 10th and 15th of every month. The folluowing vessels eompore the line, viz : Brig Arabian, Charles tGirdon, master. Brig Ceapt ant, J3.. 'rhompson, master. Brig A Inena, J. Do oner, aster. Barni Roger Williams, J. Allihers, master. For Ireight or pa0sace, aplyv o J. A. BARILI.I & Co, 61 i nCtmon at. New Oileans, or .i. C M,.rdeeni. Chiil.os,n. ert I I Oti BAHD & CO'S Bosato and New Orleans -- Lile of Packet Ships.-This new line of ships has been expressly built to run between the above ports, and will be found of suitable draft of water: aceommodations for passengers, and every effort will be made to give general satisahction, The hle is composed of tle tolowing ships: Cherokee. 415 tote Capt. J llarding, Carolina, 400 do S Loeaist, Charleston, 374 do 1) Eldridge, Columbiana, 625 de G Barker, Seaman, 240 do J Ilowee, Bomtbay, 625 do I) Ilumphrey. The above ships are all new, of the first , lass, copper fastened and sopperod, commanded by mine of great experience, have large accommodations, with a separate lades cabin; every attentio will be paid to pa sengers, and the very Lest of stores pro vidled for theme. 'rho packets will be towed up and down the Mis siejippt, and the strictest punctualily observed in the time of sailing, and should the rotular vessels be detained in arriving, other ships equally as good will in all cases be substituted. A share of patron age is solicited, and tie agents pledge themselves to accommodate as muech as practicable, to receive and forward goods by said line at the most seoder. ate charges, and to advance all expenses on goods shipped, if required. 'hlie ships will leave the let and 16th of every month. For freight or passage, apply to the agents. J A MFRRITT, 82 Commosn at. N. B. Advancements made on consignmenets to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. nov27 . lsitescao itARI t' Cot), are noew receivillgirol on board ehip Orleans. Evgle, iliohlenter, i'eker leery Andrew, French and Gerlnasn tlay cards; Buck goacsnon Iloards; Chessmen, 1I-4 aned 2 3- inch Ilil arnd Ialls; 8,9, 10 and 13 inch Ilade Bowie Kaiveor Lecather anid sotler tracelling Dresiang Cares; Belt. Pokebt, lloreeteau'a, andl Ileenliag Piatel; doublee ned single Ibarrelld Gun; Gamue lBttg; Shut Belts; i'to der nd Pistoal Fluaks; Iaenm BIottles and lDrinking C(e, ; I Porc:eaion Caps and Ca Iloldersa Cloth, flair, TothiW : and Nail lrtneot Orris cacd Chitloine T tih WashI. Tl'tMth Polwder, Toilet iyd ShanvinT .:oaps, io great vs. riit; long IHlair Brailds, Ringlets and Frizettes; Peanr anf' Toilet Powde FeriEnery las; Ivory 'Tui Ceslbions: Patent SlidesI or Garters; Geem E!astie Su.tlpnderd; Powder f' l B anld Boxes; Gihl Clinsl, Seals and Keys;r; Ear-drops; WVaist Buckle:; Bracelets; eadl Necklicer antd Chains; (;ilt atnd Siisrrd Beadlla.; llidan lietlds, Ilells and Ph rnes Shell 'rswi: Side andl Drr-in I Comllll.;whieb,in a(dition to their former stock on hetnd, tmkes their assortment very complete, and will he sthil ew and on liberal terms, at the rign of the Golden I Ceteh. ie'i-tf 70 Clfertreea strrt. 1IIII I ul-eribers, Ageis fort tile extensive Ittenr of ereived a very extelnive set of nt1' i Itiu,ce llsitine ofe Table and ls.s;ert Knives of er description, Pen, Pocket, Di aun Spear point lniheso; liziore, S'isi sor. E-lce Iools, &ec. & &c&i. whelhIte reric Irepired o exhibit to tile trade lor nrdelrs. T'ertb and cuOeittiteiS .ill be made ktown at the time. me16 J.11. BEIN. &t COIII'EN.90 Cnerenlt ot. NEW.' G000)S. CI.MMONS, IIARTT-& CO.-Are now rceivniig ktmr lship Hluntveille, Eagle, Merry Andrew, lllghi ander, French nald Glerman double head plvaingcarns: ster,bet and pocketrkrt stols; ptien, rihlwd and split eusian capse: cap Ihhlers; eassoirs, Razors, pe:. Yes; Gillott' eommercial and other steel pens; Vio es; Violit strings; shell, ivosy and torten ollbs; waleters:a k, bead anl leather ulasest hair bnaidis, front andt ask ringletst negro pul s; German and French colognee water, Rowlands eamrascer oil, imitation dqq amique and beass oil; porteabe desks anl dressIng .ees: pastIe blanking; sttimeand toilet glasses; eonvex.(l(irrors; oile sat glsane ael views; Imlian brads, hells and pl':tres; et.dxrleon; whit-swine,; toilet and bhavnlg sostp, tdilet owder, esmette wash halls; scented stiln asllhiols; pool stanlds; scre ell cushions; fancy bead chains and necklaces; billiard halls; pocket books and walletts; Gcrmlan honess razor straps; fine and common gum olastic nua.lmater ., e.alters dot Bells lucifer matches; ail ver :eseils; tCriec,':L &e . &e. 'lite above iu;.lhution to our former stock of fitrv article, makes nor asser'tment very complete. For sale Wpleae or rretail; as the sign of the Golden Cemb, 7 i orttse street. ' ln2s.0, NA fEWarticeforsperes troubled with deafnees, 1. (called lthe Far Truapet,) has ust been received, by the nse ofawhiel, the Slightet articwulation of the ht-. man voiee is diestiv caareyed to tihe ar. Any our who has ever neon blsgeCa on onvene with a very des p.rao6 usuatl ee Inlly sieustlle of the dilieultv and em. be .gsrut expeeieoeed 9.1tl nv tisemselves and the in diuddals en ulfohsnateiv silkted. By the use of the Ptr Trumpet thlis ojectioa is eeirely obviated. The smot seepliec haves always a ndund their doubts sjefom having used s TeTreipet. For sole at TF OUIOVtJS, F-seyestns.oessseeet mmous oct S Ckhas.n streets suler the EtIcsange lsttei, , f b 13 BOOK UINDERY. Under the Picayune Office, 72 Cnamp st. BRONSEMA'& IIOWSON beg leave it ifform their cuseloers and the poblic generally, then they have removed their establishment to No. 72 Cnlmp atreet, iluntediately under the office of the Picayune--where they are prepared to execute all orders in their line. H icing received fron the Northl a supply of pn per and materiala of u superiur quality, for the manulacture of Blank Books, they ofiler their ser vicesa to merechants and other', who may wishi work of that kind ; and havine the dvoatnge yf several yaara's experience in that line, they are conlidentof aiving satisfaction to those who macy feJvr them with their enstom. For notaries, architects and otlters, maps and plans will be pasted oi linen. vornished and mounted ill thle nearest mtanner, & at the whariest notice. Plain and fancy binodinctrin all iats vnrirris nl. I CIItNA G(LASr S E AR IlES, WAIRE I1 i oRE 36 Charres street, New Orleans. I. TM. SERGEANT & Co. importers of Frenchl t S{' and English China and Earthen ware. are I now opening new and rich patterns of breakfast, dininog and ten aservices, IOilet sets, pitchere, te I and coffee cups, teapots, suars, creams, bhowler, plates, dishes, turectls, wash basins an eweole, toot baths, etc. etc. Rich cut anrd plain French and American gelas. ware-gohlets, champcignes. lenmonades, jellies, clarets, wines, cordialse, cenirei how- Ire, docaitters. tumblers, prese ve edishes, eeleries, pitchers, lan ps, lhmnip shade and glasses, candle shados, salt cel lers, etc. Silver plated, bronzed and britania wnree-caru Stors. liqur steands, cake h:aketb, candlesticks, hrancehel, spoons, ladles, coffe and teapots, sugars, creon.s. lamps, japanned trava, natral stnnde, alnd hngiin l lamp, fine cutlery, Germann silver Jsepicne atid forks, iogether with gereat variety, of .ricler for fsmtly iec. MerchalUe, planters, holt.l, al d steolllhoatea, fllruised will gotLd at le tleot rea-I asonabile prices, and pocked s" as to be conveyt d with safety to any part of the con ry. Al In. pttril eenrico' oln sw Are. n.,o a THE FLORIDA LINE From Mlobile to nAugusta, Ge . leaves Mobile everdy dy t three o'clock. p e per Ur S mail hbot for Hlall's lscndlne, above lnkely,-thence floor post coaches to Petsarolan-thlenco aeamioates to [,ngrlnoe, w here the land Ioue ie reeumed-lhellee via Mnlritnna and Brownsville, Flo. Un:lilhtlidge, Ptndertow n, i wkinsvillc. iaundersvirile & &Luis villeu'toAuguoai, OG, connectlin regularly cviih l the roil road care to Charlheton. anl the steam - hackets to Now York, Norollk, Philadelphin, etc. The steambnats ore the heat feor the servi.e, and the navigation presents molre advantages than can be hound ulpon any stamboat route in tile sIutIh I ere rogtoe. i The great improveilents in thl route have been Sproduced by the .onctrccltti oI lifty milesof newi. road, by the proprcietors, viz : from LaGrange . o , LaFayvette lyoa, nn armi of Sant saIosa By, to a Iryant's Ferry, on the Cha'tahoochee liver, en mih aubove.tllc Cow.lrd, or 14 Aoe Cedar Ilutf, I I whereby the naviugalin ol the river, and the con sequent dcitenio,ll, esld more recently tie in nll Sveient crossing it the Cowlrted, rev entirely avoided, lanl a line roadl froil 3larianttn direc to BaHllbridge, tlastad ol the rotundaburol rud vbt Chllttahl ollchte', lesenill t ihedisane l bout furl y oiles, and incrvaoing the facilities more thal Al.o, a branch line of two horse stages every other day fitsn Ilawkinsville, via Perry to IMace, Ga. connecting with tile line to Savannah ans Darien, Geo. A mail steamboat Plies regularly hbeween Bainbridge and Apelechiroln. Travellers wishig to reach any point on Challehooehee or Apalach: cols, can take steomboat at llrownsville. Mobile to Pensaennl-Land Rou:e-lDuring the time occupied by the repairs of boats, the proprie. tors of the Florida line will run a line of four horse post coaches every other day between M..i htldeand Pensacola. Passengers will leave Mobile at 3 o'cloclt. p m in tli U Slmail boat, and proceed to Ilhll's L .od ing, where a four horse coach will i o in wailing to conlvey them to the ex'cellcnt house of Mr. Charles (lull, I 1 4 nile distant, where they will fild pleasant Acoommnllnodallto lur the niglht-leaving next morning, they will l rlve in Pensacola early ie the evening, thus avoiding the discomfort ul night travelling. h , ,c at thle Mansion Iliuse, illolile, and Go'. li".,' lHotel, Pensaeolo, where els himust be ,ecu I rvd' STd'OC(IT'ON & Co. nev l Piano Forte Instructlon. Wt iliianl Smllh tenders his services to the citii sees ot New Orleans s a teacher of the piano Sorte. Mr S havill been emoiployed svecrnl year la a teacher of music in private famlies i llB stn, and als ool severml of Ihe female entillorles in Iti vicinity, cannot but hilpe to meritl iheirconlid ence. lie is permitted to refer toi liv Dr, Meslubs Sterlon ti Avery, Hedt.rar'o n. Ganieir. For terms, &c tpoce apply at ilce bookstore of Alexander'ower,,9lo CI.I, to-1 act DDrl.g and .nVdinrner. .1 B Prevost Ilha Icated hnimselfl in this city fr the purpose of transactiCng general Wholesale 'Dru business. He is now reeivingl n( lll 'pply ol Iresh and genoine articler, whlich lie will cell on liberal terms To city druggists, and those of the in-rtor, to phyoiciu s, merchants and plantier, lhe will ifl'.r inducemrents such its have never be. fore been vflered in this city. His itenenlon is to do a strictly legitimn te business. Hics stock will soon be coietplete, and in a Iew weeko will le rea. dy for business. All orders from thie countlry, lln fromn merchalts of iI io city, receiving such orders will Ie promptly uttended to. oct 2 No 39 Camp st ~_ Ht1.ESALE AND RETAII,COMB AND VA W RIETY STORE-at the sign of the golden cotmh, Mo .' Chartres steeet. The subscrihers have re ceived, in n i.liion to their previous stock on lnod, a full and comtplet. assortmcnt of articles in their line; viz: eolhbs, perfutnryv, Jewcllr, brushes, l. cking glasses, tvllcv trleo,, .. . ,)cl.sietilgi. part Its follows: C 31tl -to-toisc ehell, wruvthet and plain tuck,twint, qnilled back, tt, l round, dressing, sil: purl,; curl.and neck, Brazilian combs of elv ry description amongst which art some Meiccan patters, Ivory combs of every daesription, horn, dressing and packeht, tngeller with a genrnal nsorltelll toflrelnlth and .htmo,rieac . PERFUMEIY-Cologne, Lavender, Florido, honey, hvy, rose, and orange flower waters of every size and des crilption, eanmlloratrd Cologne, extract of Ivraamot, lancy eoups of all kinds, slm.nig do in cakes euna . t, ereanl soal dIn, Werd's vnegrtalc hInir oeil, hears and an. tiq oed. I rcetou's smelling colt., plain and perfumed toilet pwder, pearl lpowder, imow lepnulh and iloxes po olttunuin pets and rolls,orrIs antd elrline tooth wash and rowdeol, with a generalnssortment of JEt\VEi..tRY-la-nt cf thN latest lind most olthioen IOe Oetts, consisting tf white and red ctuclitan, tope.'.e jet eardnlrp, set in filagree, hreast pius of u grew° St. ty of pateents, watch trinuniims-, gilt and oiler cackles, tilver thinmblae, silvernad guld pu t isls and gltard chains IIRUSHES-Cloth, hair, nust, ig,crutmlhearth,floor, tat, flesh, tooth, plate, comb, Nail, shaving, shoe and wh it ewas Ibrusheos. LOOKINGi (GLASSES-Gerntra strilns ned toilet elass, mnfiong unve d French drecssig glasnas home, a, whh a varieivt'other ki:nds nt ellueuleratcd. IFANCV ANt) VARIETY AILTICLES--Frent and Americllan portale decuk, illnd drs.simt ricssonl very rich and finhey, finired hutdia work bwxk, uand dre sming iset'as haitl nit tllt llller ci, mlstlil: hoxes, Ae erdinats o lvariousl kinds, s illio atrd gUitll, silver iud plutld ltueils and lead,wonodp encile ritr carpenters ooal aenl vonll,:tllenth cehlt~:,o ::lnad pistoIls wtith and witlut eases, lum ssiou ing's, nesp rC l. a Ltp chargers m nipple screw arivers, .ollt iwllt._alne lugs, paste hiackhlI_ 1(o tea sette, Ildian heltd rtftvnery kind, ells and prloe; i nennd tllmmnn kllives, rames |ild scissors, tilltR des, n eedle, pills, silver IltelI, steel and colnlt v leith . ples, pltket hooks nul s wnlllet: oI various kiinds, visitiug elardle.d cnrd lcaes, playing cards lf French, Gerlletl A nd.r t lllo ic tln llltfiaenrel d,,lls, illltt'aOnll Trllit, sail boxes, lrtIItII ot vuLrinlst kidll ,l Se llnlers' I'ulllllel.: t ', E.Tllerson'n , Iiiltllltll'd :sld Illnwkil's rctor teraes and eg:tellic l:lltedirsl,, li tl:c d l neckates, lc , d we lt l-,r drnpesttv wachlesa, iendc hloet.powder fluslk, erU: cnd plnn rer;d heid, i.tand sihr do, ;lo m ela f tle suspcen do, caul oatel tre', phiti andrl Cn-,Il od tnes, Il:catrlgatllltn ho brdo,dire, optio:ul viennroe,jt. wlcar, .,eo:octt ilcteh eanld drikitg ctups. eith a ngret v riey ol other ellti eon on 12 tuuuthls credit. 11 I I .II IC"S, &t co. d4 70 Uyoartresst. FLam bhllttlie g, a neaw sunpply, te'd n Iv lt A IOW\, 49 Cnm SI'EIILM OIL--15t gatlits pure wiomter n Sperm Otil, in casks and Ithls, fur ale itv .IAItVLS & ANI)ItFEW, Wlthlettln Drugg sts, ceetrer C mtnon oad Tchap Ins slre els, nor|', (tlennone W lter, L'rrltltery, e c.-AA tlrllutld nrtieleolf coltlner, put up a prrsslI, or the retail i trlie; nIeo thle purtest Ftentlh i'egtlerv, ,I t!lbra ain' every variety lot thle toile,.r n ie by artr 2 .ROEs & D'LANI. le Coutntry .Ii ants nec tIlnty Negro cltlhbe, late lanele, Itnsee, lowerl chtks, linens, ralteter, Ihandkerchief:I, SS. &e.received and for sole lttw iy ilte sueberi. bern. IOTIA & C-. el. eeorner Cnal nendl Cirttres ut L S SEIiO'II, No 54 Collde street, between Dumlnain and SI Philip, keeps enntetaIly en ihand etl tnensive tnsettlllttnnt ofhboots ed brgots, end shner, ,f New Yerlt manfactlllr, for mlen. women anld children of all aees. whtnh ie wilt dispose of at very mtoderate prie.. Famtliesofiltis etquintane on eendingptn nrder will have their withes ntlended to Ld . .GOUR * RAN MlARLlfE FARINA'S COLOGIIP WATER 2 cses inoreof this euperior Coleog water, just rcetived lntid for tale by the dozet or Inble bottle. Also Ae:rtticn and l'leteh toilet peItem powder sfls and blHxes,Rshaing and toilet soratl,cs te e wash halls, milk of roses, cosmetie cold am, extr nec o muok, kpltlalm, Welard's vegetable hl oll' pomatm, snt :ede perse,Floedslaventlar, r Levery wcotoat I'rteen.set's esait, Ilarsilles perlhmer.yEks. s. ete ible a lilquid rueee, Chlorie oand rsa toth wash, lotlt, hsir, tooth,utln and flesll .,o , together with an additionl supply of fehioneblorn and shell cembsa and jewelry,tloe eate low net Isale or retail by SI .I1IO ,.t r &co ty 6 " . , BUSINESS CARDS. TOB PRINTING. OF EVERY DEcOclrTIC . dPEEDII.Y. IIANDSI)MELY AND CHEAPLY EXE:1CTED (a AT THE OFFICE OF THE True .IAlaericase, d'l. CHARLES STREET, NEAR I'OYDIRAS.. rri'3 CHAMPLIN & COOPER, GILOCERS AND DEAIERS IN PIROVISIONS ANDl FEEP, No. 79 and 82 Jlila aireer, New Orleans. QjLShip and Faily stores put tiap. mar 5 LOUISIANA PURNITURE WAREROOMIS No. 53, Bienrlle street. ILLIIAM R. CAIRNES, would respectfully in tfrio hisIl' feds and the public that he is con otantlv receiving from New York and Bostol a goald asortreir of Forlitlare, snoeh as mahoganyll ehLirs, afan, '.edrrtead manple und pointed chairs, nn.rle and cherry bedatead-., nlnnmhany and cherry tables ofall dcscription., bureaus, oile,.lt, ercret rvn, oritinog daesk, wardrilra of mahloany and cherry, wash sronda, lookhirg glnnaer.,fathrs, bedding, &c. &e. NIl. Furnlture packed for transporlatiou with great enre. tovl3 FRED WKLWLIONo. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL Ur LOUISIANA, I FIFERS his irricesr to o the ublic itl the depart Snl/ ntaSof t urelag and Civil Engineering, both in town and country. From onsiderable experience in Iia profesoion. and by promnpltesar and fidelilt ill 'he oxecultion orl' blusiness entrltd to hin, he hopes to mort and receive a shareroflpuldic palroago. Ilcail' alon measure and calculate tIe ontenlrl of walls and exravalions. Ollice No Clh:artlresetret, lecond toly BAZAAR. I vSI d& AIL.sN, NO. 1, EXCIIHANGE IOTFL, Vornrerof St. Charles and m.omnlon tl,. NEW OIRLEANS. Il'MPORTERS and Dealers in French and Engliah i Perftium.r; Dessingi Caron anld Portable Ittsko, Cutler., Il'oiry. Gloves Sldirta, loek., Utlbrllnae, Canes,and Fancy Articles. d5 MIIcCOLLUM Y- DOSSY, Factoro & General Commiasion Mlerclants, bMOBILE. It efrce in New Kirkab, Abernathy & Hlana, ) (Cnldwell & lic/,y, Pope. Powers &-Co. d8-Itm JOHN STEWART, .10. 5, Plajt Street. nAew York, COMMISSION MERIFCIANT, IMPORT'EfR and dealor n Ilatters Plnshes and .: trilnalinn.. Ample ltolage mtay e had on mod erate tern, and every attention paid to goaod forward ed to his care. Re'elliel!: SAlessr. Larue & Prorvot, N O. Ciosaip & Co. nor'? 1831.--ly A CARD. CHRISTIE & SIINNOTT, if/lolesrale r;roeer and C.nantisron t lerhIants, No. °7 Conmoon Salrerct,V tOrleans. 9Ij'Pnrticlanrattenlitn ipaid to th iulting up ot Stvaml baot aUd Ship stores. nov'2 BANK NOTE ENGRAVING, RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON 1 A'E olpeld all ollfce i Nvw Orleans. poassering 1I equal adlivatnges rith their Iouse in New York, fur the purpose of rlngraving a, piriaingl Bnnk Notes, londa, Bills of Exchange, Certificates of teponite, Checks and other importanlt popers, requiring securitr Ilaninst Forgeries; and have mIade ample plovisian for 1i in afe keeping of all pll0teo and impressletIn elltrust ed to their care; their eppei Ia en embrlcetlhe noter of over fie hunrled lhanking instlltutionlls, and all orders will be eercuted with promptitude, and iun the usual terms. Office, corner of ioval & Canal strert. ni--rf SAlMUEL TOBY, a.rlerchandlis Broker a Contmisont J.lerchant, dl'I. O ficeo;, a np t.--For the present. O. II. 111I. 1 . 51H/I' BROKER & COMMISSION MERCHANT, No. G3, Po}dras Street, NEW-nRLtLN$ " . P. FREE-MAN & CO.. I'teolesle CIoirg IleastZUlshLweest; 3.. , l1agazine street, ' AVecnstantlyou hand a large sulply of Cloth i L i, alltcllted for the caultrv trade. Their ans. sriorent heia lig la'n mrrcIatoi from the eountry can oAES IIN MERICAN & E-GL.L lI CROWN GLA.S, Ne O. 'Aarntr0.ET STRrty, oat FASUHIONA1'DL CLOTHING TAYLOR & HAI)DEN, No. 1I ('hortre. ellertl SIIAVE ne rlli nelt )sply I f eeprv article lrnltal,inc i to1 entlcniill.n, of thle intent otyle, ael w York p.. . . . . J. B. Ross SURGEON DENTIST S No.33, ltoyal strert. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTINGI E1'TA tILIS IIM ENT'', No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Bunke' .recadv. IVILLl..1 GRI EENISE, PROPRIE'TOR nrrl J H. PARKER Commission and Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FItONT'r IEVEE, Ur aTAls.. Nonw O :ltnt , Felt.2. JARVIS & ANI)REWS, WHIIOLESALE AND RETAIl. DIALEIIS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DY'E STUFFS .dNI'D WINDOW GL.'ASS, Corner of Common and T.houopitoulas streets, NATIIAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANI)DREWS. A large upply o Garden Seedss. warranted the growth of 1837. It(OIERI' CLt.NNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTERI No. IS (:amp street, Wholoesale D)ealer in Paints, Oil, Varnislhes, Bruhe.s, om3:o Window and Picture (Glr &d.e.Ae. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. R.OBIX'S .1e* GOO D WIl *Ne. ON, Chartrea strIeet, Otoe Door below Binville. T IVFE conntantly on hand every articled pertin E i ro tt ogeletatt-nn's dress, otelo in th. bela mcn., oI.r a ond tot fatkhionable style, which they offer for cashr at rda I plriCos. SIS.IURANlE COMPAN'Y OF NEWi ORLEANS. l'thi Company are now prarred to. take * RISKS AGAINST PIRE. No. 24 MIuassot's ltuihltlg, Canal at,ret. EL T'I'RACY, Ne', (tlleaus, Mar 15,183,:. . r,=rv. ltI'lCE'---rhe mrtnership of Kelley, lMason &Co S of New Orleun l ; .luann, tnrriei &Co..,t" Natehcz; nd Illrris, Kelley &Co., oTf Iodney, to.t dicsolvend on hcL1st ll dola ltIst, by tlhe catl of nlunuel .1 Mlson, I s u0e of tloe uretors of the firms. T'e oo l tir.inued ouroiving partnero, w.ill be eharpel witthe sIlln ! aeti d e loo.g e s id lbtsines s t Bdlown: o"o M allno, llurria& Co.. tt Natchez; and Ilorrio Kel h' ctling nfthe hu'nitotso nolKelley, Maoon & Co., at 'n.- et) lro. lTre nai s gote fu the several irmns willbe uc.oj i liioidation nlly. 'ilohr indohed t.l said firma are oearnetly requested o cuaoe forwaranld lmake curly aettlelttent; alnd those ill.hin cluimns s u;I] hle presetll them wuitiout delay. I.EVI C IIARRI.S. IIHENRY KELLIEY. Neol', Jane 27, 1837. F I E'SlI GARDEN SEED.-- The a tthsecr ter no tio-gs ir expres is grateful ha to the pure b lie, ilor the liberal support he has oectived asire ae comtteoled Inosiouess in thi Uitry. dllittg aole prn prot'ce of the seed store, t 7 Colomtllot c lstei, he i lnot rallll erle wus o erlt tltn ansy northiern seed eonder; neihner is tle omeullotied ewilh any houre in tlhis rou, try--bu he assures tie public that his col:ooreetiena in avery dep.lrtrlt:rtl tof ri seed busi. er, in the dillreut clrtttrie fttC Iofrnup ore equal to that of ary house in tle United Staten. lie nt. ietrtt quaiydo plantse &e. frorllltr the u0 etleusive li edd respectalle nurseries sand aseedslrtel ill Francet, iUutlotd, Eorglanll, Soolatld, and the no itlera alttes--nld it will at all linmes be his inrtereet as it is lis ntundy, to receive, it addition to hi present tlock, large arrivals of evrry drecripturo, really the growth rt 11138; also, enrrlraf ted frut trets-, of ail indto. 'The public may rely on lindtg a lull as sortlnert ,r every arrtcle in the eed itrr,of gaenu inn quaolty, sld imported direct Iby ot Wi.. I)INN. V AINISIIES-lThe Subocriber, having lately sato blislied a varoish uatnufaett-rv ill Itew iOrIClanS, io reoudy to ltprly ttrla liutelrail the jlublic in genueral, by wlnalate or rettil. Hils pricen are moderate, and tile quality of Iia pr.l.cols arlperior luary ever brought to thin placse. ]'ho.qlrltleman etlploenei tt superintend tie mnnuualory htos been at tihe Itad of an ertesrive ttatblientet of thilftlid1 itt Europe. 'l'oose to call et thie orner of Nab .ead'choupiloultta stna, stall he ptrennted with a.fair armple of my varnishl they may wish to try. Amnogat the varnishes are the eahllh N,.l,rwarrtied rot to clitngOi ai hailing water. The blotk varnish for atorems nd stera buce Royal College of PIhylean, Loudon. a I rf IE miponl Vegeuetlb I ein Univeratl Mdil L sine, psqareat by IV Mi kin, Esq. Memnoer of Iit Roavnl College mf Sanrgeona, lioentiate of Apothel eary'an ompany, Fellow of lolt Curt Society, Surgeon to the Royal Union Pension Asoclation, Lnasater cl Place, Waterloo lridge, and Perpetual Pupil of Guoy'. and St. Thomas'ojlnlitals, lanlolnt. This valuable medicine, tile reult of twenty years' g expeiene and unprtlleled success in the extenosiee at highly reap'etable practice of the propriety, patro nised by itKe fi clty alnd noblility, nod is now introduced to the notie of die Ameriean publie, at the earnest so licitation f a number of gentlemen of long and high standing in the profession. It is hoped, s a preliti nary step, to check the evils and fatal eoualequieaes n arislng from the use of the numerous and deleterious nstnarmsloisted nlpon the publie by the aid of fabrieatedl proofofmiraculous cares, and other fradis, bya set of ineceaary, alnunprinniped pretendersl, an totally igtnorait ol sntdial science, that it impossihl le t mmnnut s delusiam can any longer go down with the intelligent a Ieoale ofthiacoantry. T heos pills, mihl and agreeable in their natuare, slhdd be kept in every family in easls of sudden illnes, for, Iy their prompt administration, cholera, cramps, spasnts, fe' ".' aIl Miler alanrmig complaints, wllicl too often prove fatal, mny In spetnli. ly caeldor Irevented. In fact, all those who value gnod health, should never be without them. They are solt' in paket at sAN cents, $l stad $2n each, by every resee table drnggins, bookseller, natl vendorof mtelicmne ian lt United States, I -le Clanadas, with copious ti etiontl, togetlher with. estsannials of iwofenional ability from time rollinog eminent gentlemin: Sir Aitley Cakoor, J Abernethly, James Iltandell, M. I., V. llnok, M. I)., J. Aston Key, A. Franlpton, M. I)., .nd namerous others. The originals may he scr n ln iosesso of the Genenrl Agent, by whomi time meldcine is imprteal into this ttountry, ani to whlom all applications olragemties mutll e made. JNO. IIOILIIEIN, 129 Waverly Place, N. York, Sale General Agent for the United States, &e. For sale by taimointcant of thIe eigiail:dl irollretor. ly SWAITS & Ioi I haoT ,l hnggi.ts, O It Canal stareet, Crane AgentS for Siatioen- ot Linionitan. juot I i tlI.ltY It LEIK U& eo, No Jatag:azie streelt,are r.nw reeiving from ships Nasthville, I.taiville, Kenlaak)m , Eagle, :ani other late arriv:ls tran :h' .-tlhera citiesn aiarge andt new nn leteal assortment a lhir, Boota, Shoes and BIrogsatn, annislting al'genlenaana's tine calf atl lornecco boats do .d qnulit-; do ball'd, sml stout was pegged Ioots n arimnoqtudgties; menl's iu calld seal andA Motiaoc, "hru a aunpas niau brogans, buckskiln shoes, tblgais aait shplipelItas: Imen's fle call and kipaled pegged nsoasucnnt I rogalis;to botia n do istlnt hill ansi wan ieg4mtl sihee ewl br.hgast gentlieme.a's Ibst dualhiy ml' ifietlai tlioe, I"golman and dack I)owningst; do calf andl Itoremcnat I ekle shoes and brogallas; o call;, eal and alare.a I allian sahol and aliplmp. ilo calf, bllff aill sert wlgs, senewarticlet do fine call; sel and nmorelcoquartel aots; ihns', mites'annd children's ingged Mid salwed Logattis, aal shtoes of every qualitt and kind. Also a general assortment of menL's toat waa tatan r'n Iirogtans and ihltei together with 100ti0 tt air agro bust quality, russett iloganis, nitled ian lti 1mkis, made expresly for plantation iuse a gatl as. e telmnt of men's fine and stota kip rusielt birae', at mw article, and a age quantity of nt inlerior qualiti r nsett atld wax btrgaias. Ladile' fine calf, cesl, morocco and grain welts, and pump sole shone; do finle leatch .lurocco ratl kill run r.n.alslippet; dlo toan shoes, with amid witihoat leell !t ealf,l set al nstout leather blotaels; ldo Pruaiaella shoi. I lall kindls a quattlitiets; do hatisting brogasa; lno gaiter. a and foxed bootees. Mlisse' laItiugopritg slholsanil, aIt guts. Children's colored lMorenoo and llasting bro. la luntl boots, he. Geoflenten'sflinelfelhionlblh black .ilk Ihn't; ti hInc n itldrab beaver do ta a superiorl iqualitya; itt ilailalialti at ranm(do; hl|a and llrrow brimn men's lille draub and :I :k Rulasiashort naltped hats, a nlew article. Yoluthsn la.n e size hIats ont different qualities; do ehihlrc'. .Ait nluUd bc)'sa black and drab wool hats of anrious slu tins, with genetral assortment of boys' anld mItll's 'h11s assortment will be replenished by the arrival ol e atcI Imeketstrlm tihe nsnve named cities, all of which nillt . isoldll nacenommlating terms. aUg l-tf AaallLNITAGLE' I.14LI FOR THE TEETII. r llEnotrblitha reeputation nad Increan; Ideoand for thio efetloae roanaldy or' atll and ptae f ervative of toi teeth, has induced tile u t.crnber offer it to tihe American public. Arrangemeonts h I lbeen mads tmo iuptlV gents in all tiae rincipal eila nad talwn in Ihe lnited dtae.te, so an tlo pnce it ithi the reach of thlae auffering and likely to asufer this naot h arnetsing of all uche., 'ooth-ache. a When applied uucor deg to directions given on bottle, it Ilat neover tiled o aallitd' illednlte atnd aIlnllcnt relief. It also arrests the decter t lv defetiv' teeth, and relieves that mereuessa lhich 'al Irequentln rendlers a etrong totle owsles 'J'he applitcUl antlll remedy are simple, ianoatent, all Iuot aunplleaantt; al tile large number of Ipersons in different sectinls aof t I coluntry, that have air, adv experieuled llt:h deli]ghtu and alutary elffects trtI al the tu at Ie t , IIrP old to bear (Imr thee public good their tctimn . to it - rivalled quallitles. It in all Indianll remedya , btainld cingglirly adm a nmeenrna.tdla, nld teA he reegr lh! ba the ca ilated woarld as the toatt vltauuble disCUvera rclmaln lat the wlnods. Pale m1 lir r buttle. tlahl thar JAtt'Ir &r ANDICat'*:WI. tmir 5 Cr C im.r llnIII Tl'lyll t illlt "It. to if RUSTI'ION & A. PINALL' h t I OM1POUND TONIC MIXTURI.-.- .pecdy asid eetl.ijo cur I for thie FavIr aind Ague, remittent and intermitilnnt fevere; prepared front tie original recipe. IUe.d w:th eminent and uli versal success In 1832, by pereone of the higiheut respectability in thin city, as stated in the annexed :crtificates. Tlhia midicinn it highly re' nomendid, and has been extenaively used in tile above disuasen withl such distinguished auccess, that the proprietor of the recipe has been induced to offlr it to the pub. lie in its present form, in the po Ihat t it may he tie ieans of relieving mna:y of those who are suffering under the scourge of our country. It is a medicine puesseing great virtue, and when used according to the directions has never failed of effecting a core, even in the anost obhtinato stage of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, and persons of the weakest stomach, and children nay take it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive organs, creates an appetite, and seldom requires more than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. Tltere is neither mercury nor arsenic in the medicine, nor any thing injurious to tie human constitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its efllarcy, that they agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been taken in accordance with the directions anid has not rffected a a perfect cure of the fever & agie. A. OLIVER, cole agent for Now Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug anid medicine sloro, corner of Bienvdlte and Chartres streets. For District Agencies applv to ju5 T. W. S.M'IIll, 48 Coanti st. PENS.ACOLA MANSION HOUSE NEW CI'TY, PENSACOLA. rIIE subscribhar aving lur.haeond ile once and fur nit ure f this well known aetabtliinuient, fromn MI Taylor, the late proprietor, will be ready to recive i. ters by the lst of April neat. Nuineroua and costly imlerovements will be found in the arranguntents of the ,lansion Hoausc. New aid more comnlodlioas bathing housee will be built, and warm b ths will be provided at all hours. A stable will be attrueed to thie hiuse, with good accommtnnda. tions fitr horses and carriages. Ii st rate Ihores and earrllnge will also be kept for himre at umlerate prices, indl si and ilniltw bot, with pe.lOlEii to manaige thrn for thi: use uif viitrs. lillinrdle anR d ithel aitlintlelltr Suulaly fouululd at watering place., ill al,, be Ibrnishecd, uall Fi codllocted ar not to i.terf.-re with thile coluirt ,nd quietiot'the boarders. The winte and liquors will be o tlhe bet quillty, and to ensure a ull stiplvy ol ie, t care has alredyr Ib~eu ordered, whicl. will arrie about thetl-t if Mny. Mr Flredriehi tiaeard, who formerly kept! so poplular a betel at Wanbiigtla cityv, ill contidct ll Iis el feor the Irprirtor, who, with such aill,confidently ulsur'c the siaitee aflsnt year, and his frihade generally, lithat tiey will receive every piweible lrtentlu; and thereby eaicts to give gennral anisrlaccion. The local ivdvutamge of th a hiouse are too well known to need a lengt. eoied detclipli.n hnre. '1'ie fiets I',nsneola is tle lorgastl tval tastin of tile IUvrrmnenl; thie glrneral rendezwaid of tile Gilf suiad. ron; the alublt of its ctiiilate rei'resaheld constantly du tin. tihe sunmne+r months hv the coolest lreeersoli'rio rhelmGultl the lieanlty of the hay and the neiglhbo.'rin island- and rivcre; the uhuodatlce and Idlicacy of thf Soh with wicbh the waters .iound; anid ies prxinity is rite best Snluthern innrkete, givo l'emeiiolm the Irte. fonrolei over ell otlher places iI thllee latihides, ana healthy and delichtful eummerrelrent. lrsi rate bsats will ru between Peireaeoln and Mo bile, and will at all times I e able to takie the pas.vnger from the New Orleans boats. N II ARNOLD. renancola, N I ARNOLD.5111. i ( Gientlemen wishiing to engnge rooms for their Imilies, call address the propriiiir, at Pensacola, r i AIr Sewell T Taylor, ite formner proprietor, at Noe Or; 'can". Roferences. i' Sanfordl,, Mr CC.ltnnt, ft McAllin, Esq., Lt. Kibby, in Molb.le; S T Taylor, P P Rea, Esq, in Net. l 'l-A letter hbeg, to reecive eoinmuhieatltita fIr persolle at te ilabove hotel, is placed at tee Whitmun's effie, 51 St Charles Exchange. FLORIDA ROUTE FOR NEW YORK. S'rmavellers desiroinus of isking the Florida r mue, via Pennacola,to rlte North, are infirmed that firest rate bunts will constantly run fron. Mobile to Pennaonla, leaving Mobile and Penotaola every tither day after tile let of Mlt. (.ioal etagea will anliaya be provided uy the ntbocrlber to be in ratdliness to take passengere fro Mlobile, in ease of the failure ofthe boat N II Ar,'NOl.D. Thie teamhoat Champion leor"es Moliltte or Pea cola twieo a week tfh b Iv A NDEW SMITI &do CO., respectfolly inform their friends and the public in general, that they occupy the new brick shop, 219 Tchoupitoolas strooet, where they keep constantly on hand Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, of every description, such as copper stills, kettles, and pimpe, tin bath. ing tou s, and nil cans, of all sorts and sites, and all other brass casting done at shortest notice. Groto hars of every descriptioe, plse as sleam. boat stirrups, hog chain.a;.orew 'ltltt and other kpdofsteamtnboat igrlk; suchl as chimnays, breech. e., ttoam pips . 'they: wil al~ o all kinds of out door work, suelr I ainc, copper and tin roofing and guttering, e.' Tlney above and all eticer kinds of work in -their line ef btsineee, tiey will sevoute at tlh JU4TFBLISHEDFROM STEREOTPE P1ATEE, The lh. Editionof ROWILET"T TABLES OF INi'ERETI. TO which is now added an Average Tl'me Caleun. Stor, or easy method for finding the average dime on storage, notes of hand or bills of goodl, when nuor chased at dilifrent dates oin dilferent credits, and for varto's amoonts; lesidlestausefal and eomplete b anking Time Ta'le, tile best Ihat can be enotrived. or that ft gures ean pr.oine withit the same eondesend compass, and sIre oft lype. An altveriiement in the book is in nearly the follow tIa woats tiehigh distinction this work has receiver through the ten legislative arts prefixed to the title loge, is re commendlation in itelf, so nconnmmon,,o ani o eonclo sive, th t nothing is necessary more than by way of ad vertisement, to gives eondensed views of aomr lf its ipe clliarities:as ferinstance, the Inotreat lins been tcomtn). ed from,nd cnompared with, what is equivalentto four teen setsefealculatione, exaomited in tile nertathirty five tilnes, anti Irilntled from teretype pilates teslted thirtyty-one tiees, from atl whicl it mosto be evideint even nto tile aketic (enspeailly n tilt 1,e sonnl ofithe ie taill of prmofin tle trefaee) tlhnt tile work onast ie orith eticalllly infalliblte, an in eoni.frmstion noflls bIeliefs premium nl two hundredl anld fifty dollars, is now offer c for tle detcetion l of an error of ca ent in the present or fifth edition, ts expressed inll the pefnre, mnakin fire Iorge ieoemiMia tioifred foe the same error site the first Ilaleatitn in the year 1802. Onle of then most conspienious featuren of te tables is intlhe arrangemcnt of thle Tiime and Amnoonts, which for exlseditit.ns, roference and persnpicuity with the help ofthe isle anl illdex, cannot tte rexcelll . ann the sally ty ann eaec with which the in:terel ens Ie found to the extent of general business, wilhont dotnlling of'stms is hesidls a co venience soI essantial, that inl th estlmron tionofomcoi the mot eaomnetut oinill pratetllnb s-nd nast nlen anll pnie olion ers wnho hne ontide grett i.le of tile work, it inns hrel disitiltiishediin the h olslnlle snitelltion efofa toonoster ioce". Antd Eonasinldeng the inf:liiilitn of tine nlithil omigiuiile alof ed1t it enomlinp te wrlfth, umll rie ilea o'dilll.y roenIe and aiety ol' ale tt xnailioti ull, lll d testa oliery enditiont it rlilsenlin neltt the itas, aneltilt'andling tlie whiole is inn sterntvllie, eLnsildet.ring in sa It Ito e pltive ane teoty seelrel hsv the Ulnreledented nainl et llatit on lrthe vo lume hs t he re held aelt al emlnhnti-nlly anltled " nthe most nnttrtfnnl nook Inll the wvokt"i' niIt t enn .lsiy o I molntn ilamer figllue work oft.t. mlnoe eltelt, whici since tile rbgilnilgnt creiotl, als had tihe samein iOnl bht ansi ntlrit-av of tent, ill thne cslon ntltlnotcr no editon; io., Ilron.e halfthe nombthe, as is cleratl alownt i tihe Besies, asitent net sl itolavd, ithas hee trie, and preedo in rnu oil nie hashk a1 ttuliec -lfites in tie itet Slttr, ils Iv yelle nt atic goteritlly. ,railg "he, long Iterid tif tlhin.-five Iests, yet ino erlror of it om nl aCi tinns bhi ever aent l'inllt in s t nit -heaoibh t:n . il]I eitallrltg'i it tile ofle ot l esr v hIoge l aitttntI s.t, T'le hInlk.i intllt ahet e enli tsl ed y alnt l lle i ne its ofsIw c aIevoral ofithe Stintt a the "i nletr of cleuhtthnhl for sltatute instnest, no tIto ly Inw for hank itntelrest, acortiigas tinelt Iniok is tied, and a.n wt-n). he rtt it sullelnnollsl pItrt.tse.tca, inlthe ilt Il taIitellc lft IttLinki inis po..etriln rfevvei'S clots ncLaeitiu ill eteri y (ll;. te ,tf the Unit ell Suitlos. It ii mnmtOver wll l known thtl, ,by its trerly clheck, it han son oftfeallnttctl nti lrg e.lsa, Ittg :tiler tecy ttrt etiner etl-nt ny the rllost teo ell t1d o nntat contlletett a'itoldmc tiilunt tiat tsa oseftlnesm, 'a11 the t sote lt ne eesstl lir its u "., have (moot t'xlte_'iv ' Sr inslite-d nl 1',n il eritlent, icrIctI, itanl hrelil i tilltvaitaga, ni t its ill tlaltthat, t IarICt t I art'I enit rlyg , IhliltlR at the Iini wnsr t hitnotr e t, e nlitog of his erv eat lmabe time, heit hand opes eriy sought .o. i .ee i n gi e t dsioffct. e It i ar t n o-aiet prietl., a inhetold totImit to illle n, th.inlkdc ip ati ronatl it lltl o .' re ernc, alll nole asleriolly whlen rleoi itcel e tt nl ilrl liortcllll cf erlt l os ,. qll thal tuhllet iolll Ionl r iit l Iltjl and ftrtI for II enptilf, o IIts lbe hadl for hel, ill:.on inlllliIIdu il in the lsatir ittsinlntoe a R tievlrl) hating t ti the itolt.n lime illl liait ·tisl:,dory intdayl tIlesle lt |lderro.o nspeI Elclthat to rl m ithe a w o~orl t rt, ilh that nits e sind antrie hlgh tnde iting of I as r etic eliotle ttl-e, lit ehl lI very nimisan ar itt hit puli ottcee. !t i likew;ise worthy of i~nlut,, aLnd iiulotll llrq poipi' tn olte i, thatr suich i the latnur c tttiue tonthk gt' nd aindl Llexially when of ILt he exit and illllrlH e lH i lee ians lec s, lalthl this book Its its like g I pleparel -emd in the iusal nioellrcluen ex.te I 1n h mi! pelll lellin ilculator in the wf 'ld, :suthe Iel.eam l l'r ' It IIty d most( derutioely anur hison t l orlkectin a of prof shectt it wet oi alltll toi ltes, tailtO , limsrt lt in Oislf"ll" ire ft deart ally priac, to tlole ttotr,c- doairiril :ina ti n e lpl:ai n. iltnin lalhe t llio n 'ailhible hlof c hei Il1, tillrheltrtt i l i nit c tatli a llt ext u diltitto .ott iiit lrllenrtiwnl) eone.ktlhk, not w inda are taif aeci tI a:ifol)n, ex ilycto l wl , inttii a ii itttliilgt t ti Ainmtedectitint to hoi . buii hbriks ;rad cltshile ror sat wcrotn it hcl s flot llow t li tIc oi tit, titill, inithtif fil l : in te ls iv et.ilin ti,*sll , l itt ,i hc , 0 n) oitt l ial lex llatr o i l tt lisc lt i to ta lawfl notdied of tOltitlnt It at r l lt tiii, a l at :u k u hat, Dil i, tlo anit lg wt hii g t h trtttl) work, hld .st liahie-titotl i t iis alnldcriet thies Mr', refonrel'.d ith dollars aid .elie n t pd niseinm t hao int teol itso mhe ptttintita s Iirtinu: incx ) eiars rat tonelI aindi 7 to I Fr15, tu t:le fi the Ptdrtion ii' ;.tt o piis,urieiig ehi.-f1 t its ( pstir1%ca-ti Prl at Ihat tie, at at Huellooer pr ice slt ) (, l , iSlg o al b s lcriflce. 11 wref ,, Ih it l l rlists, i r uot tot sriiivelittc anld gel5elmill alhe pthlic fir sl5Iiiil: Prith t ail lnktt rlr its tit hie ittlt e t ,s"irs.t The Young \\iib' look,d a uial o imolltl reli ins anl d d ,tttic dI ties, ,,lust rceieI ald Irale by W1'.il. 1'KEAN, Pailater, Na 3 I ar.dcle street, two doors froPm tlaatidea of 'I.c hllowing woods :o'd n.lblells, ecutedl in a InIavtwrly an lllnllr. WOODs. MAnRL.t:s. Oak, titlin siil AAtli, lPollsar do, I Oriemtl o(r verd anltie, (.trled do, Ihspe, Co(red Maplae, Iloold totne, lBirds Eye to, Iarb" Granite, atin 1ood, PIotoma:tc, Ilair Wood, Itote or iturello, Ycw Tree, htdian aWhite, Crmmlandle or Black Sil,na aldl llUrtella, Ioen Woaod, Arieti 1st Grey, Ash Whlile Oak, he. k . toe. Curled Kim, Specimenst to be seen at the shnp. Paints, oils, glass, copal :arlnisth. ke. on halld il or alc. ml It}JN,S'IFEE.L & IlI.AVY ieOUDS-list, sqnare and bundle iron, well assotrtred. Huop, scroll altd rod iron, nail rods and dlough imoaldi Cast, (rmcnsh, i ltar, Ltatervd, spring, sheet and Crowley stel ollonw ware, cu alnd , ro.pht nills ani slikes Zinte, bhlok tin, mill ald grind stones, salt kettles (Jhaia cHabls, adelhors, bon.r On, log at titrone hains, ernl mills Aaltils, ices, H.tlnttars antld lllowsl 'ire, sheet,,ig ian btiIe ILerad; hot Ctal, and cotking satves 'Amcls, Ilot bol's anid other spades and ashovels Hook and plate hinges, door and window Ihooks attllihi, muats, tSltatp, and ether axas l'"r'd ar d .eIlltlila eunthge, lines ar.ll twne llolt iald aheathing racopler; Natl stores A full assorltmentt arndware sod stlip ehandlery, alwayi' oiln hrnl, an.d wlhich ire otlrld) fsr tle at whol. sale or retal, on alilsrost h tol oratilrl tterms, hv ee4 LAtYItN a Co. 53(hld I.ree. TEW\V GOOtS--Sinonon.* Ilartr & to are now 're Sceivasine t1 orm n he arid shipl Yazoo, am, Saratol gadlbrig ('cltordin, from Neow York, ureal vrariety ol goodst in their line, whith torether "ith their forltel stock ont hld, lakes their tuso.ert ntlt veryv: * dpetu. T'he nllwihel'orpoausc pttre.tiz: elltita'rttr. ti;de, tu:k aend ltreci.CLeoa t. hlrll d oratnll It.ripltioas, In. lit rdaber, ilk lnd r olt-ed lnoatia earrter, rolllnrlt & iee elastic rienPldert, Io te tnd rnid Inl.ainr inanl ae ilitz owdcrs or e, p lowr inrltlrs ld htlXe .til . ttt t, I oceket bonksr anld llto, trnetlle Iokt, shell, pearl, Iaver and tiltrcilr cstel ,.,tts heand torallorets, plai co rl lt leaders, rkaces anl aoglie¢eed, bra. t'ian, ,ead n, ekta, rml g lal s slnl nplain mced,.il ilr anl it Ibead.s ldianes, hod, bels ac nd to lumi.: pistol and lilret pow aer fl;rsk, shot bltsi, horse, belt. pDocet and lut ilint a.etielF double tlad single barrelled etts, Bowtel knives, ai dilrks. sessrio, chetars, tocket ktnive, letred ehains, Id rihonsl , waiet hckle, eh, rair, latIr, rIaililt,coll rum. shoe, lte, teITr ec danstinagl hrusas, Colule, Ilorida, lavender, ruse a:ti bay wvter,aeortrd esoeel r ,ri, stlla etxlrclts, llnaccaer, rar, nlti,,ie, and tNrlttl'o vo getahle" ha" oils, shaving und toilet soaps of all des: erittious, ladie·s' and geo.tleaenor' dhedk d endrosint taset, hair riealetel i tt I rit and braids, plain, fole and nmlsica work hoxl.s, dple ad eitt, lgred, rot rall ld vest butt,.., pearll and ivory shrirttlo, lrit sttldd, golt ant sil rtti:ua ,s teolihltcks ll tweezers, ,ltcd ,nd lilt lhckete, nuliaure do, ilhver, Ibrass 1111 stcel aitlidles, hooks alta e/res, lhair pin, nlitatian fruit,blk sid redikalsht bhla kiog, riolins and guiters, ribbed and plain percussion calts, litrn twine,c soeted alush tens,gold 'ad sioer lace ald fringe, latter paper, game bags, ridingi w'ripis, a alking cauen, play! gtcald, llne gold, piltted ald gilt jitelllry &,a. lhe abovte, toetlher with n great vretei y iof tier anti lese re ofcered at whlotsaler or retll cnt unrnttllniating Nl Shelle culobs repaired ARRIOWGATE SPRINGS .%lunagomtltr ctubttv, Ateulltaa. THREE DAl'S JOiUR.'EY FIROJI E it' ORLEANS O AHE lproprietor of Illit estahltlshttent has tile plea sure atiounltantingc tt) hlio tiietdile tttd tte paublic in genelal,tl'at te will lie itll readtiteosa. tie first day of tMa to receive vieiter. lie will also sltate lfr the lb:. nefit of tlose lit r dii'tatte, Iltat thtere Iava blRett large improvements slade, and otllltera now going on nd n rapid prigreas for completion, awhich wil enable the su.ecr:ber to a ncomodtlate a mulchr larger atulber thbant heetofore, and at tile sate time much better. Familie eat he accoalnlatodatd itit good rooms, or tsore Wlto pretr call haIve large eabitla tlelaeheld from she main building. it is deetlated atnecescrry to say anythitg in partiat. lar of the chbaraeter el these waiers, for it is geperunll belieived that thy are not interlor t, atet in the Stoutla em States. All the anancmtnlta that re gelmrallty fand at Watering Places, will lie ful te at tills. '" hest msul that this part af til country elitedsl al spee eianged, gatl will be in ecuratant att,(lulce atrh -lma. re .PaaeC will avail littlrseif of thitl lptilrluaitv in reteacing his Itefiguell. heks for ttt voerv literlt aupprgivet ill, Ini ltat Ceaalttt. ,ioll htoes to tO col'r tione thbat haie .n mLiade iU inllprtvialt an! lxriluding the acro a, t, In r-rlt a liltrtal ]t to.ittlte a. MAIL ARRANGIMENT N .rther Mail De E rv.ry 1 s at 08 A. DIIOmroi' CueE nyratslOj A. 9 Weatean .r, ~F~Duee ,bYunPd.ay, Wdst usda by t' . a- i very Monday, Wednesda The Lake Mail g a 3 t 5P T rdae van Close eovery Monday, Wei a.dy EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, DEPARTURE DISTANCE &. of tbe ExpreaMs Mail, Ibetwes Moile and New Yoak--leaoi~a Mobile dcil,' at 3 P. M. Noflrhwi New York davly at 5 P. hMI outhward. Arrivrs Arrive Northward. Distance. Time. IRettrc' mdntgnme.ry,Ala. p 19 rum's 23 h Iom. Colatabus, Ga. 12j | I 91 hj c.m Milledlgevillo. Ga. 2 13,3 141 p.m, C Noimi.i. S.C. 71 at. 163 17 I ltoair'n, N C. 5| 215 21. 2 Varrrnton, Va. 1I m. 55 0l a; Irewrtbt:rY . lOttt. 21 10 . Flrderie krlurr, 8 417 7 p m. Philodelpbiarr, I;J s i. 0 i3 New York, 2 pet. 90 8i 1305 143 It. or Id! Northward. Comna o~ onthwrd,~thet lime ic ihourl tree; btlino5 daya rea 17 lokra. T'EN IJO.l.Altt IREWAIIRD. i ANAWAY 1Gil Corondell et rne or of levie eareetro ataon iglllt of 311,' of August,l and war open be atrt tItelani in Pnvlrnoc elrret, a organ bay enternl CIItAll.lS, ultrot [7 taetra of soe, ant SIl oi therracllou itn heighl, vert itlok atk d aanl imped iatrelI in Itisa oterh, ona of Ilns lage is anre, cs"anad?,. by a uart; l.a batl ti't tlon ttre went aay a whit I ,ll(lh or lieln ,latrl and whlite rolitn 1Iolaloaos. nlhatro of' vereoic .nnl plelnd Ieoote are onoltlant a geint receiviang ral arbnbrieg eid egro, ns wellas al tatler frsollo, as to tlne ultm rigour ttf tile law will be enforePd igainst tlltm. 'The alonve rerwasd will bhe ri titrdrlite.-ittg hie in, nlet j of fla Joll of ritlter of the nnttctilollitiet, or at 1I C(arotdelet, corner of levi. trelrt. lils ll(r'I'ICI-- TheII Ecopallnor..hil, Ilermtolbre ezl~lil In .atdIar lbIt ti.nn ot Ihdt,.ltto S (lonrrelaon, hat baca tliroalhrd. 'Thr eolttrier will lilltidalte tite allaireo tle coneerrn in tli city, At.l reqlltire ail ptrsnn in.lrb. ed to mnake Inymert toin him ,oly, aid all tlteehavinla clanim, to areslot llrln for seltleaelll. Oale H-at It (tAIARETSON. CAI'rAIN 5tAIIAIA'rTI"tN NI'.W I)VNELS Rnlia thIe Reefer, by tie autlhor of 'Peter Simnple, &i in avols. Cumnmine, er a Winter et Schlae. IltiaSiehl in Low. Svtin, be Captain Ilail Hall, Royal Navy, F.L lord Itoldtl, a romnne, bsy Allan Cuninlglamol vo Ohrehpnrd Ira, wriltet. by· itjtoalf, in l2 . .4 Compndiout Ilitmyrof .tlnly, Irnlolnted from tle riginnl heltn, by Notlrlinel (Ireene, in i vol. for raling No. 71 of tlnrpcr'e Eaoily I.ibrrrv. Vols. I S 4 oflha tiew crelmlrte ond uniformn editios of tItohinlton larrbir'a ll'nrka. foer's French nd Englii I vol, 3'* rn ' ,t' F",rech and Etnglish Ditieoomry. lofw more aelies ouf Coltnae I'blrenology "Riellzi ." 'll.lgaed ortatnr'e+ (:tltlannea otfreperaerqco ey ileli.,Ililhteol I!ttlln,t'l< tool-, n "22-2 inaha. iltrtson imroved etallie Ient,alpateaal topers, weight. &c.O&, &Ar. J lt rec'eivedl, Il Frr esle by IENJ. I.EVYY. IINNUKoOCK Rt)MI13, Ac. 31NNOC)''s IMPROVEIt) E1)ITI()N OF DR l o(ldsmol th 'a ts tArItdlgt·nt of tt tliustUy oe Rome ie , nb b rs an Istiletlei Iollthdletlo totde Atn tledy a Ironllls Ili*o, e.ld ar tre rat bnly ofvnlnble infa' IllAlitoa addId "lhrltlo lont Ition wealr nt tice Manro eln Insaatitlitla attd IlA otloilii of tle Rimamna; with ail nnatro. hioegepllionl tled Ihiotoricl Noter; and qaure liot For aeaoneoatlio n at rl and Cof lacl e tion. II. h il wtritahhiratt4'raoiot tloi rOand, b) Alherton P'l'.oct't i2 tttved" rE iliuale of )r 2,uldotailh'a lmstory of Enolno.d, torum ilte Ieanion otf Juliua Cesar to th! de1rlt uof .eaorge l, oitil a orltintaltioll to the yar 112:!. Wit,'lll t lnioll Ibor axetnnsltion at anh end t rsl tt. 'oilr,,a aIrlV of vaMlMable i.funna tion el.atld aal lthreogltth, tile orbd. C~lttiltintg of table l' CtIIIEttllrtttWta Soveraigrt nsot elninent parson_ Ltotpioltn rexal; lt,ry ntotes. Rtteaarks on tile patti ti+tIto.llrHIll oater.hl ofl tlitroga At ati oIDral tlt" tuIsOituti,.u &C.&c. Illu tretd ly Ilbny y ayogoa i align. (;lto'' ELt'errt or Anrn~ottno atadn Anrtltyanet tflett'nh .New "l'reatiao ttl athe Uo. of (;ltlbes. Na. Atll~·ltlnen ll eitio, ttllh otalttitiont tatat ialltrooemeca all. lll I l'Xdti l.I .I1'IIw. dtlrtttonical partoftlle A.. r.'.tll A IIIttllrlt'. Jtt.ttrceive'd . mll foranle by 0132 MItKEAN I' 0 II't'' Ct.At OM'tAtl. md CO1.2 lllRA I iY !r l)RPl+:,lra+hl ht'd It t'lhillipa Irencie, I) DI, wilth odero&tI,v e lb. Jol..,ta, (o.aulr. Siljlt,+, Drvadt l'IlI" Addls'tti, '"lwl CIhollaleono, l b Wakelield, Pdrttat ltt. Illlt t oI otl, aotooasodllo l tll ttlt of lt all tl, Ilai.l-+0 ta-ah I|, , tptltrttc at" uindantt traotle ted be. ClarltCttaltitr .'alltto lI it. 2+ ot,.l flarln o'otlwl IJIncs 'and I'a al"ltorlt"'e Cltstical I..lIartt , knI e llcll, ,1 1, ttillt u Itlt ll,,ir l it Il . .\ Ihonr, by u-, Ilolslot, I:t-.1,olaat ettitao wils'l.ratmtna " by 'G ( liHl llk, i1.i 'T111: iI I'.T; a T.le~ ly tlho otlhnr .ta "lUalhtli hryro i. .flrgt ll. " a tt &le..tlw to dltioll d lDa, SeaILt ctet II Iithto.', "'l'h. Itir ' 'r ..t," e, I.l.'aq veeubote I Itn.lttt tIarn .4 atl.-L. l tor:ato.plllnltall ,t- i. Joltrarrired ynle, t'tittantti rtWl,lo 1 ,l~llhl,{r111 ~1 r-llt 'll,.h£lhllall .;·ii0 nlit hllr ·laer oIIt't.ttIlot" tl'tt.otttlA aoa / 1il: n|llludrsined haInv r`cmern "enced businer. l as a I)ru¢ii-ir aund A.ilhecarnt, in the store ircle an itirrlt-r \\Wnll;, ricr fctluly" solicit s sart of thle IpuIbc pltralde und u renlwnl I the favors of iso former ru .riniers. The nlirei strik of D lrrrn, noll;elle a alnd uncv arlliles is fresh ant iciareiully s.ircied. The f lluwirg only are par acnlari, I!. viz : l't Sni, .rirll; and Sairnlne Powders. Yar t I'.wdver, breing a whnVliesoune and elegant ,l ..snlie for yeasl, in raising bread, buckwheat raeke°, On Llutlt I'a Efilrvreoent Manesnian Apperien.t-. ;l.Ien.t and g-rite puriirive in dpyepel.srn or indi. cii. tlol r navad U delilil)y, giddllnee, headache. .cilify tf thr Ielllnsch, Ilbituial collvecnas., clia. ieo us IIIr lonpi l, c. Cnrlenter's Fluid Ext.rct of sarsaparilla I purihf lioa fir' hi .n &. , do d. aond cubeba, &c. nIaImI i PanrraeI alid VrrnmITug ; British an lI,.rtIor . 'il-, O;~rlrrldh,0 &oe. fRelr'rd L q'norice; jirube And Gan.aluve pallr Io'l' f hrinhs,, N S Prenllrc' carbonic denrin ir.,er clrl)rinn nuth waFshr, Iio'w'der Illlf alid hezeli Prer.Iic''i carlibonl denlrr ire, clhllr.rn tlolth wash polwder i ulfl ind b.ixra, Prenticae' scented and pill IllEl Ipowder, polatlUnl crerme do Pratei oman e tOLe ruasn, I.vl,n er and Iloridi waters, f fhi Iraer, q dlii.i. It-, eli.t' Maceaasr Oil, Old. rrdn'l I.nliiolf Cluhia in, be;it'. iil, a varielt oi hcder naldl ,lhrr mnlches, indrltble marking ink tuprnur hlack ihk, rrir. SpIr Arinnd relinled whale nil. tiny'. Liniment. A lrelsh assortment oI 'Tiurthorrnr'G trdeir Sleds "el 't I;EORG;E JIINES. ROWAND' T'IONIC MIXTURE, FIr1: .E'clR AND AGUE. r EN years have not yet elapsad siuce it weas lirot regllarly nubmittedn to the public; but it has attained tile highest reputatlln; and has sup. Ilanted every other medicile for the Ague, wherenr. er it has beeknownio arnd apprleciated. Already hlas it bl':n carried i.: evefy diroetion throughout thle l Uited Stal(!e, aid still realizes more than could hlav fito ntlliciafrlted by its mInst .ngllllO friends. Thouaand of po .rsons lave not only been relieved. fbut re-tored tor Ire IIh usil vigor through its agen. cy; and they now clournaluly testify, at overy o . Iprtunity, to its domidod aud suprelme effleacy. It is componn d ofP uch m"othnoial prineiplua as are calelaired to renew the healthy nction of the atom. I ac', hvor, and other implrta.l t digestive organs, I the loss of wilchll lrllaony is the itmmediate cause of the disreaseo. It is apparent also, that it produ. cos enu cnt"ire Ohltge ill the conllditin of the system, and certafuly dosuroys tie Ilativo liabililty to relalp sea of tllhe afection. Wheno the Agule is attended with aiy other culmplaint, the omlollyllmcot l th mTolico Mlxtuof will not iltuertre with the treat. inlft of tfr olhor di'ieasC, bit wi I nven afford an Slatrllnc by furnilshing strengtrh and vigor to the body during ilia cnuria of treatment. Those who okn ho use ofA lhii midicine may hb assured that Sthere is no Arsenric, IBnrks, i\lronry, or arry other article in its comlnpsition unfri end v to the human I iconstlitutiof; boiig rutircly a vegetrable extlract and they may hare ilfilisonrtl confidenco in the use thlreo, wheona thlery pereiv tIhat it hias the aet feet ofta gntnt laativo ablout t if tine half a hot. o tic full Ihas beaen tate ac--ii toeaqerlle of which, tlnre i. uo part of theo iloldioine loft to linger in tile bonwls to caulsr obstruntions, and other evils, arising from the use of Inary of the remedies now offtred lubr time ctre of thllis affection. It has been used also as a iprcveotivo, iy lo.oy who wIere sub Ijcat to a Ilriodical Oraourrece of ltia Chills, and it has lv;rrlabhly warded offtle approehended attack. Observe.! T'Ie Proprietor, fully satisfied wit the anparafoltled ud n tunivera sacess whlnich flag con. Sstantly attonrcd a Iunctual and regular use of tle 'T'onlli Mixturem, in all caecs of Fever and Ague. fuels warranted ill enllg;aging to refund lthe price to all those who nto tokenll the medicine in strict so. cordanee with the prescribed directions, without having been perlirctly amR lastingly cured. The subscribersa athe wholesale agents for th, nSoth Western Stiates, ad Itavo now on Iland six. ty casts of tirs rredicin, which is warrantead resha and grnullao. For aala at te nlllanufaectured prices JAILVIS & ANI)ILEWtS, Wholesale tlreggietre nov^ n.Ollln; Co.ann [,a It.Ollalltlwlau astreet. riLOUc,. S et anrding fr a ateMaar Independ. 1o23 -;',t 1I)OtKY, ......3 44 Nw l.evee. 'lha'rt'on's It ir. ir 'r'ca-.,'l'hree "eoaesl of the "enUlilli arlicler jursr rel;rivrfd by y:13. 1If.lF;..i: & D'L.AG Ill; Camp s ' .-n... nh a pi--r'i rale ,lllas..i. t€la roae. m oll de +111 .ii" IP!II:,. i +r itk.!a+,d h ots++ .%-

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