Newspaper of True American, May 1, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated May 1, 1839 Page 2
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4ý. 5;Adhps,.l3n.f . . , ARRIVALS. Sý" "2 ; may 1.10.'}9g~ "Stol Clar, Carel.9 freot Prai',obh Antboapa., to the iot. a iidooo 'D~ih'lig, fito. Grmnd C..iiioo. to tho Ile.. Il Oif, t~mp * Pormmoso ftloiooro. from Ilinol. >"^Htgoato,iNomrl Ha) good, from Oiolooo.u. SletteM. Winbobteooo, ioooio. from Lof~uoho,i. EXPOtO' IS. IHA5'R1F..P 9rI, CpRe o rt Otlot...Coigo, 15.7 M, t, of cot. t ° d` fVER1 i* iudHOlL L.'oPM~ "shit~~6L p. otC -1tb,,,o,. .Cargo 1476 balt. totbto, '&3O DR 3%7 0IROr tbig Coroitioon,,Cotgo. 3122 bbt. .i ICIMOND..*tr~tl, ,NIlo..Ctgo, 0 1. anI 8 cateks to. levi,, s a .40 a tot,.ces bef. B9,107 lb. porb. 28 bol,. mo.. 40 empty coko. IMPORTS 9A'NKI I'Pt toy CIoo..C.,1o. 80 hd. sugar, 8 1,1. p o a I.vuell. And touter. OIOANR CAIL) ..Par .ohr iNddm ..Ctgn, 5i ha. sugg Asd 49 tleresmolasses, and 1 bale ot'o IRECEIPTS OFP RtODUCE' Bseacii, 416 do. IM Platen.. 857 An, Slnnn y hr " J box, Hiles ;r WW~tro~m.n.3 roue,. T Rem. 2,to, Amolur, Lakeo AW tkor, 44A dond I t.,kbnop, lne.Footaitte *mto,4 do l.oobii, Foote R Dooouneit. It do, W 01 Iole, 6 lo. Iearoy .! R*,*., 14I has tobacco.] H llrwey. Looriocbuo· Com,,odor,. Coogo. 205 bdo I co4o1OUblopork 1i9 kerg. lrd,,J P Donn. OQplooh91o..Peo t.omer Noto.,CC g02 lids Pog., 6561x0 h9ukudPTot d. W do, Lzbogt. & , amp~o., 1tiS iffou, Abilh Iloyi.ob, 20. giob. 3 aty.DNPcy.4do. o a Amweeco, 99do, A 01,a.. Y alcr U··.ar WhilllI, r4 rohlo 'lotho,, J 8l1 *I~efotioot, Pot tdteamo, I' I' thootoCiigo, 46 hds. bgr,, II bit ,nlno.:. I al5, 'orlo, P H IInlilocoy. It hA. rcoge. Henry k Laurao.. 112 Itds otter,,,oAcd I* mo.t, W Bogort, 13 hdo e.e, eIt·aboiLo Thom&.otn... st ld. suoer.7 h7 It. I..m.· RglpiqI, hloknnt 4' WrIiht. ItSa bl moio..eo, Col. hCjoo II bbi molasse A HI Verret, 28 hi. toole. I. lIt,. :08o,)tt.Ooeo.oo, A ioordie &o co. S pirto. cooeinog, J Tined..A hhth nd I bbI~near, 8 Ids .molasses, for to Illiuuort 03 bale. ,oo., owners o boatl. PASSENGERS P.r stemmr C('otlor,..CoiSS Mortoo, COpt Seilick, Io reoman.- Dowoog. *nndmn, o ile., Mlorton. Harttsll, Mrl 6y" iihequ & family) Mw Wiotdor 91 fetoiy. -.--r--- -----. __ l_ -ieeeiftsgu ot eoucisu. { iiCI) MUNICIPALITY. TUESDAY,.30h April, 1839. -The Cduneil.met pursuant to adjournment, pros. L.t Hqn. J.eshua B idwin, and all tile Aldermen. The Journal, f the prewleing meeting was read and approved. A communication was received from Wm. H. Wheaton, Collector of teoes on iacks and drays, and ihawkers and pod lore, tranumittiag a statement of monies ollected by himn for the quarter, ending th.e $t March, which was referred to the Finance Comiettece. Petitions from R Terrell, Jahes Barney end II. Pearson, were lead and referred to the Committee ohn Streets and Landings. One from J. A. Beard, whereupon, the rules be. ing dispensed with, it was Re.Jlvcd. That it be permittted J. A. Beard, Auetioneer, to sell merchandise at public auction, on th vaiminti ground between M gazine n'reet and evee attlCnal streets, ol Tuesdays-and Fridays of each week: provided that this resolution may be resminded by this Council at any time; and provided that :aid J. A, Beard sh 11 conform to the Police regobldiopa, requiring the side walks and streets not .o be encumbered to the inconvenience of the public. *. ir. 'ters, chairman of the Committee of Finance rptied the following resolutions, which, the roles ini dispensed with, were severally taken Resolved, That the Comptroller be and he is hereby.antthorised to sign checks in the name of the ''iensiures, during the indisposition of the lat ter. Resolved; That the resolution of the 12th March, . 1839, aathgrizing the Treasurer, in cortain cases, to r¢vcq p j niassory notes in payment of debts . -tl p .,In. t, a lied only to such sa.eterere then due. I Resolaed 5That whenever it Iecomes noeeasary tobriag eslt for the payment of debts duo to this Mluniipality, the privifege now granted by certain ordbince,1 of malItng payment n notes, shall be 3Mr. CsldwnelL .abaieea. .,c .1.. ('-r.... -". .an . -.s"v mn.a lilu,nl itvneo.,idtob.rY o esInmdLandings, made'the following report agnlpmsanie4 with tle annexed resolutions, which the'roles r jpgg.dicpaheed. witll, were severally taken up- and depte4. On the motion to adopt that in r aton to tile opening of St. Thomas street, Mr. Freret call d for the yeas and nays, which resulted in Mennss Caldwell, Gloyd, Hall, Lockett, Peters, Rodgers, SewseI, Whitney and Yorke voting in the alfrm 'tive, aand Mr. Frorast n'the negative. Mr. Caldwell. introduced the following Ordin. anier, which was raad, ordered to be printed and made the order of tim day frn the next meeting. REPORT SOf the'Cmmaitltee o Streets and Laindings. Yoqgr Comsemittee beg leave to report the fol. loweng resolutions upon lhe petitions ieferred to them: ". Ptltior of i Ly inhabitants for opening St: Thomas sire> "" o *. Petition of nlegopilly. :a Petitioi of Benito Davilla y Toledo, a WIlereas--applioetion has been made to this :Onpunil by Jlohn .fl, Milton, James Rainey, Wm. r. Avehy, W Biggart, James L. Bogart and tliir. E!6en. other owners of property in the vicinity, to aoone to be opened.and . continued St. Thomas Sfreet in a straight line from .Suaetto street to ta.cnation street. jt tBenrefoie resolved that not'ee of said appli. bcat oq b given, in Frerich and English, in the True American and Bulletin in conformity with law i and that if no opposition be made to said pro posed improvem.ent, that this Council will proceed o cause said street to be openedd and outinued a is prayed for by thle Memorialists, according to the pr~y s .e pofie act of the 3d April, 1832, regu -ating the opening of streets &c. within the limniit of the city of Now Orleans, &c. Resolved, That the conduct of the Wharfinger in removing the obstructions from the wharves, remainieg there in violation of the existing ordi ciances tind particularly of the lumber of Depouilly, so fir from meriting a conmplaint against hi, de. serves the approbation of this Counrdl. Resolved that it is ine ,ediont to grant the pc. titian of Bonito Davilla y Toledo to erect all awn. ilg at tim head irf tihe Terry hiar'. JAMES H CALDWELL, Chairmnan. . WHIT'NE . .. f.: S.J.PETERS. - JAq Ordinance creating the offco or Assistant Sur. veyor, and de6fiing the duties or said officer. 1 s-Be it ordained, That the Council shall an. nually appoint, on the first Tuesday in May. a uilitable person as Aesiatant Surveyor, who, before entering on the duties of his office, shall give a .booi with one or more securities In the sum of five thueasr dollars, teunsure the inithfill perlfrtaunco i ':b.i duties, and salajl take an oath before the Mayor ,toe'itthfilly and impartial y perlfure all such duties. iet salary shall be uoe thou.sad dol lars pierannum. .- le it erlther ordained, Thlat it shall be the duty of the as istant surveyor to furni.h to all persun. rint. g itlhs lines anl levels of lots ci. -tau te 4 thalao Imts of the Mulicipality, with. . Lq tnaoeccpsn 'delay, and also to furnlish at (bhe rqueIs of'sah persnso the linesn aid levels ler aide walks Aboutiga, h inade ty individuals cunlar. sniably with .ta. ndiael5s, mand to give certificates whlsnaasuche wV.iare eompleted; and the car. tifeatl of easldsisltat shall be deemed sufficient evidpce on ltollie.ner leovelso and work described thiereLa. Tie cihseusatlon to said auisetant shall be tleupapi ..atlU fied by the third eection of an ordieapn ae praged 14th May, 1lb36, fixing the dities of tu a t-srryor. . 3.,4o it attflhite aeihOd, hati it.ahall be the exclusive daj slis4a.rnt surveyor to make exat esel na to hes treasurer ann - i ntl Ue I by ea indaviduals for re. r.pavig, fenoe.. or other I Mu iMipality for account of i*ratteursbhall be made by said aseii~t - twilthini thirty days ilter thel f +j s r eq wok4 lqt+tM .s _,e; sod it is M d ' iein wderitn o ifor all- suc ex'es of S rp else hi tenbound to pay l4rs rf htafl t at t.e rae oef eight per Io no e h n h r ti rol n ,are ;oD1iR0 0VI* DAY. the se.lutn.o te .Marleasg ndtlt iostrie Attorny a insasn spiun 6f ssitsN r taiw, fitimns,.stro. *l absrt al n..tiistisg of 4hse.8th .idateth-being in is |ars, teastakeq imntaobossideration, and after die. I eeuion, on motion rejected. The Report of the Special Committee, inmade at the sitting ofthe.Sth, in relation to resolutions for time relef of tihe Now Orleans and Nashville Rail Road, being next in order, was, on motion, post. poned. . The following Resolutions, introduced at the same sitting, were taken up, and, on motion, a. dopted : Resolved, That from and after this date, any Commissary, Collector, of the difllrent branchds of tihe Revenue, or Officers of Police of this Munici. pality, shall be prohibited from being engaged in any businea,.in which any part of his time may be nrequired, to diminish his attention to the duties of hix office. Is Resolved,. That any of the aforesaid uoffi car found in contravention to this Ordinance, shall k. be immediately discharged from oflice. On motion of Mr. Rogers, timhe rules being di,. penned with, it was 1. Resolved, That the Commissary is hereby is structed to notifythe owners ofall uninclosed lots, as well as of those which may be in want of tilling up, between the Levee and St. Marc and Robert. son streets, in the First Ward of the Second Muni. cipality, to have the same enclosed by the first of June next, and the filling done by the lot of Octo. ber, under a penalty of one hundred dollars, and in case of non.compliance, the Surveyor is hereby a nuthorised to have the said work done within thirty a' days after tie limted time, at the expenso of the mroprietora thereof. D On motion, lhe Council adjourned to Tuesday next, the 7th May, at 5o'clock, P. M. JOHN GIBSON, Secrelary. :: TuE TrlUE_ E A NItII N. Egll'E'I' D 5I)1 JOsll t.|l.ON. FAITI.VUL AND BOLD. NIWV ORI LEANS? THI URSI)AY 1 MAY 2, 1839. [[7' Persons who do not receive their papers regu* larly, will please let it be known at tihe Countlinig Rlloom corner of St. (lharles and Graviir stri,:et. The irregn larity shall bie ramPilied as soon as possible. Punrtn-e ality may lie elshed on. Exavarss MArt. -With woildrmli sondescension and kinliness, we ohave been peI itirld toi enjoy theriil pri.e d of a express mail between New Orlentas ainl Naorn ville. WVhen the mail twas run iot Io.isilt from thit city, arr'colplishine the dirtance in live das, ithe po. t nge charged was 75 :ents, or triple postage. It is time, the Express very' frequently fhiled, and letters pro qu tile quid had beetn paid, were solar ten and eren more days i findling their way to their plane of destiination, y.t it was mlorecrtlain than the slIow a mail, and the imposition of having to pay for a promised benefit that was not realised, was submeitted to, witlloul n much compnlant, when the express was withrwn, bllt upon the applicarian ofnulnerous persons in this city. and Nashville, it was peraitlted to be continued fromt New Orleans to Nashville, the oricinal postage for the whele route was eontinuted. Ifregularily were observed anrd dependanes might be felt in its certninty, even thiough it be a heavy tax to pay fir a small benefit. But tile imposition is ilit, and is very annloying when the postage is demanded in advance, and the express fails to comply with its part of the contract. 'There shlould be a different reg;lIion of tilhe charges onit tis ronte. The express has been suspendad one hlalf ofr tihe way, ibut the triple postage is continued, as when tihe whole distanee is perlfrmed. The fact is it should not be required it advance, or if demanded in adlvance, the difference shouln be paid back, or charged to the offce rerceiving it, whenever the letters d not reach tlheir destination in the required time. it is hardly worth rwhile to callattention to thisa subi jest. Mr. Kendall does not think it worth wlile to look to his depararnt. Ili carearere alone awakened and alive on the subjeot of Locofocoism, and the Ier p of Van Bursenism. QUEEN VICTORIA AND HERc LADIES OF Ienolr. (We believe that R. Shelton Alackunzie of Iiverponl, tchtton effi.l" er ' . Ine-'T , .-' .' 1trias "snapper lip of unconsidered trifles," he is. " Rumors light as air," seea to fly willingly into iris net. 'There is not a particle of Court scandal or GrCee room talk thar escape him. lie is ever " widle awaken,' and has an eya for every thing. In literary maters lie is ip with the time, and ifhn does ntot often indulge in long and prosy political speculations, he brieflr sums tip the movings and doings if Parliament and the Min i<try, and prophecies as well as the Inst, cand most learned Theban of them all." We relish his lI tern fir their variety andi thin.ight they give into charateitr of those wb lse inelules are ftlin. iliar, but of whose indiridrltulily we have li tli kntiw ledge there is a diegree of spice in tinhe petit srcn dal hie etails, which is qutite i bna boo. For instance the following will give name idea of Queen Vie's Coust and tire iilhshnbiss of Eagland's puissant Monarch. Lierpeool, Altrch 22, 1839. T''ltscan e an I ailluded t in my letter f 1311,, hns exploded. andil the tale is tlis. tede Flur, Ilaci ga s in the suite of tie Duchess of Kent. T''his yeitne lady tlrougln weakness el rabin. got swelled in lieper ran,, and asoie one eollcllded that she aen awkwaardily con ditioned, adding that Sir Janes Clik. the, ewas nine gallary. Thie QIIten IImld the story. iw ti e lerlation in thie lady'st size, ind hastily sent In rPe erge forbidding her to apprer in her prr.e :ee, a tn oo ther message to tile Duchess lf Kept, desiring tihe pro fligate ;n be seat away. Flora asked wahy ahe was note to aproach tlhe Qteenh ni tie rnwer was plai. l gitveul.andble lady Flora fulaeed, xela'riagd th. this nshould hbe aid of Inastinags i" Sihe insealtlv sent Ir her birother, the Marqti' if Hastinigs, and the I)actes of lenti densdioAli r all t dienee of the Qureen, asked who had spoken tie clehir. fnV. at was traced to Sir Jales (latr. The Qae' a aen ilg maendcr gnow serious, cneatulted lord Mllb rlore andl the Lord Chancellor. The Ducei s (of Ketit ri. viaed with thSpeaker, who recoauneded her t call in tie judgement of the Duke of Wellingtoca. Thle e Marquis of liasings irrived, saw tis tinter, sent Sir C. Clarke and Lord B. Brodie to examine her. and with the exculpatory statemrent ofltese eliiurenut medical en I in his hand wac-ied en the QIuean, reproe, bed h et bit' terly for iisleni ito slanderers on his sister's fanlre, and I vrerv narrwlv restraineil liinelif from insatlling Lend I ilellboirnr In tile Royail lpreosenl,. Thie Queen iIn rerI rred ilniblraelorre t.,ritis her favorlle, and s.gepter d riistla.dl'Ply Ftrt linsettgsheohli quit Zthe Cartrunil lher hacph ,t asri to retabiiledI Thie illoarqis sn., "ti ,lint would 'oo firi tite slandier,!" At let.l thfir Queen rsail shre wtllhl receive L 'lnd Vi( an tr olle, tintid that .lie aluol| ticnt lll',IInll hter li ehllllrCeItl liPnet Suindlllllytln InI aew li r MJ le-shr'. pi oileletl lhi e-r iPllesnl. The Me ro ui tof tlhli'ugs de,,,anIled Iore-a- I nPIFI hal Pex preettraitfltegtrel eIt rI,' (ueen adRll lret.ived rli, vnlol unlwlrllngly Riveiri a 1 i a tnv supo slri. Th'le Mahqrirs ti ll f.tinas, belieeilig till., e Fin eanl in'l i nn Inr.llogllei br/ thie ,.l tellioln,i. r. l ail-torsr. conit htiedone or li . fatloet'o 'rie d--- ille ante ol ni er tinI lte pittrllietyofri ' o coaltelgilig le Marqe l i.n 'i f l'tins trek. tire ardvrie eas then ine .llsrq t i ehnahl he asketlifit' hlhaknowa llnule repotn :tsl, ti1eitlill e tsl if le lrd, lwhetrher .si had adolrted autho rized, elievel o in'feldeil thenm. All rite reily was in the r-gtro'e. ant li ilter ll aoiioln.s o I S'nvitok reniains ithe a 'icth:ed plorntitor of the lie. Tei itaiqui of Iluatings bsr ilemaitled if the Quireen tI sner lie It slisre 1, InIl It re ihe natier s nw. The I.ndv Flora II stings bas een tree pr ed throhnlrit this l"delicrle inwe.tiealhniti" iib rth, IlII. ldrtecsf Kent. The gravaetnn Ithertb1rr's dtlbkt n tn ivr a that t hte vine l the hiiriyc, t wham tie (tere basn taken a varem,-na di-like. Thie real cause ol Miss Iltiv'o h,,ing slapPeI eri-eo the fan" by t ,( lern., ra a tillr the wn, Irligir It h eve glade and toaoed her e.Jlitrenv 4nI the nhiaoldeP. Oar aeon has a prety splirlt of ler own. lleave hell her huaorilt! We have I.oerisille dates if tlhe 251,h if April. Ne Echangain lhe llarketr, x.epl ;n tile article of WlrirMl.. --odd o Iahe 24th ae 43;--t'of'e, II. 12j a 14, Ii. II; a 14;-IFour $5,75;--.llnlaeoaa 4.t.; 74; $ 0 a 11,551:8 a 9,5.; 5511a 7,li;-\llhi-k.v fraI .agona 43. Six feet 3 ichles water il rthe clt,,- a inel and falling. Our Ciucisinnli dales are of thiae 2lh-S.uer 74, ii ; Ill niatidebtna, nh sMdooailha t deulerh g syrosm 4ean a t-ch.o* qlaatlaots. :are .oti fe iofriofeotn erlaweskdlum ae anelbtarha. wills frlmA rthe lre dofapnotagysad sea meriptlator Drmatti.fibA ltaow equue raladho sepriore . lhanidaeitoheir Oft iea . Wosrl am t igatinn Conm lpanytao ltegatirtndT Sckuoh an aestmensat must he one of profit, and by no moansa o hazardons as might weimginhtdl. Only relect a monnat an he profits or SIe Oreat Westert. Our Eastern cities reap all the advantage from Ocean Strea Navigation. We long to tsee opirit of enterprie awakened here, that will trans fer sot e of those advantages to this point. iDr. Huele, of Philadeltlpin, Ihas prosecuted slieell Jarvis, editor of the World, for a lible, lie eaving charged the Doctor with picking pockets and ruining ronetitnttions. e. Johe n S. MoClungof St. Chorles county, ie., f tet taotoly killd on the i Ie nsh iRtat, bi beingateruok tot Illthecadbya o cllto of a toes he-ltd'jton felled.A You moon by a branch of a tre lwhichll war. oist falling. lnwer lrain written a play called RichlHu, whichl in Selle ay panerd throlugh five editions. Oiroag effo to were mnade to suppress Lady Bulwer's novel Cheverley, but they were unavailing. It has heen put to press. Th'e new lord shouldl have been wiser than int wive a Idue. A large portion of the village of Ogdenlaurgh has been destroyed by fire. The loas at the fire at Ogdensburgh, is estimated at $70,000. Doa sf1he Hoen. Lather LIorence. The mselancholy re rilant which terminated tlhe life of the Hone. Lothor .tarwnce ,layo· r ofle cilty t Lnwell. and rother of the Ion. Ablot L oarace,manlobr ofCongres, from lManachusetts, is thot noticed in thLe Lowell Patlriol "Ot. Looureee. in enmprry with a hfied, went into thae oo u for anork crresponde g t mill. The el Nailtoal Iotled. as oenl, a elnie to hls friend lo-the tachinery pa tolop'toIhe carghltlhistfoot in a roel.olhichoo.nte.xlenred oro e thle rode o hlle topeninoand onu reriplnit ed, herad oit tolh,. Io'li iartatrs oimtern feet, i a pecrpedistlar lsc int.. phltslaod coong i.,cotloc T ilt the iron eu llr tIhe olel atr it. or I aof o ponit. sIt nao i'loediateel token out. shock ;llt t Iol o ct ill rfe Irotl .eosloalr Tle lest In edicr tid ottcoolledl,utocth luotd only albot haithfc boor." Oir. o.w. of t a aur dlitiotsbed snlher of thle bar of Middlosea. atll abs l.teemltellon in r eO lt lnlic olc o o te oltilhic s ltko rolalo Iiolloesr of lrpire t uitt iy l e. i Inh Ntew York eorlrelpolndent T hie Natloail lIntd . Il'le Ilolilt Q'r t w ll starti fIoie l.his ityn slotr an prtin to lltoillln iros oroet . larger thint tlr irt W oI . 'lon.te litetot Woterllo Cownmpa. Itoe ditidod 9 plr 'ot,, rnot-e loot toor. Slon o a'l engers onogaed Iaotoh railro hr nittwll oat flriomandy telp.n hedlroot' Strip shC isexpeted to blringalout cot..e of thlo .ritiolt his 'anneris, whioh cliotlo Alopin Ie eigls, otns ototl land b ut ntan ee'llet PIroo'' ships soon lullo t t utn I r I tt Ir e ifroat tiol ' o nlo l triot toel. I' Thle ri t of otootlantoerol eill oglodell, far tIle iocket oslipc ar ro lthlilet IIts tooy eain siihngo Ne or iwo.-A.ot a train of ars woas o laui along one frh raporilroars a linrda s uillcee undsr fll Ilhesldv, the huainpe r O werved an old woman runacning /ownri toe topi frotlnt a ootLe Ia e was o oua t piire od bll w looltet' hltlr totnlis otottohliiling greet osxietpy let tloe tria csolon go by wirltott I tslppit. uoppoeing tlotot loer etanll woras imporlo, lie lloccked the locomoticp, anool tleorel sltotly aolg until tilre oli ooobsd owoman (o ad r heroelf tearAly noti of lreath) gradlooy vppr'aclhednl wilolh hailiog diatnnre. ' Well, tmni." cried thle crt rluc ntr, o'otiago yotlo wtptlc "I 'clo. replied thet scumo, her andthi g a it pretopect her oice, i end to h.lke if ynt woot to lobuy any soqaltes?" lo 'lr riete tht tIPt.ri was tot Otl lop oi)t'to eocrt I f tle oteat fie toil s was a cotionT to nllit lurtleso.-Ioloa iTs.'on crnijo. 'Itle .litetotnr in. ltilotolt Ith late prif neaws frot Ene In'llllne oeren r Iceirvd oivoersally Illtlrgloount tito coutr, siolws, very eoncltsivolorl, tAt te etor fever, if' it evrr existed at all lere, lo entirely antatedl. 'S'her henlf to he i1 general erveldinsg drir th ttllare sha ourt ll ore no interrupltionl to the peoanefl relotico., telowhl not xtll lr behwe I tile ntot naolns. Youlng otld col, rich loh elope of prece! 'hrloo is solectbig pleasing ill thi aspectrclc. It io .oneoling tn the philotlrehdpith. rcely,o n iste reosprct, ilte world hat imrovoed nh there "latter douc." le iwe not htopl tol.ale feeliarps expresod ot t11d sille o the Atlantic, h lio te w oreatlly nripdotnted on sthe ltuler, olnd the bright prospect loicol low toelnes holoer us, inlot h obscred oy ae ingle clotsd loeoifter. [Ales. Gas. Ltcdtrtc' Tts-'i 'itd'arlcs$.Po'o f lopttocrt of toe 28o1 alt. nys:-Oin Taulldpay igllht lotI e hr to a eiieiroo iof tle nutohern nlltseioent illed locchig rollclnod in kol'rn ra rdtiltotlt trirollT0 1iyr i0e1 ire. oafi. htl ie bllle eritwitlt,. A nold#, atotict hselollnginc to Ib Soofitvetrt. College on lis etrct. to thItt icOttclocon fr'oto altrootleinlg oerly io tile bmlotgI, tons eizecll by ctoe hille' dzc 0 Ihf c 0olls in atlicst tre tle alokll hridge., Iand, aier blilg a llll wntil re i\o nearly out ofi breytl tndot lilkp ,hly cooled Itit off ilto a solar terof to ilwa oi boron. Sir racloed tle tcollege in a detplrable Pldlht. 1td tlh cntnh day it took everallt ors to ecamoue 00000e toilltuoiscompaoud front his bhend anol body. A hnew ueolt calotlhe was nearly ruined, oad, great oat he taterror of the ploor fellot, no.1d his seakneos to grott from the effects of the runningo, tht it was feared seriocl c reoonsquencer woeld rgsue. l'he ll affairad a greatorlit. 'l'lTn chief burgess was waitld upon by the college princill antl sooae ol tite trstllp, and a motoo rigid illnvtigatilon look place on tle prsons of aeverel yoncgl"a nan iaond, overi woo oluspeltedl oyelt' g insti toted a lis lynching thloir. Nothinx . howeverr , waon l'n oit'olel'ooeoole limte, and ithe chdlcbiri'oeg , tole rlequtta of tlo trastoat, ta o'n too hre orfIsuoing alhandbill, Iofning 't reward of $1110 bar Ice opprehltnoioa of ithe collota', wlht, In! nolltlteold! it was aroereoined tlhot s lao, of limo ataudcons thasnelnes cad ploged Jadgo 1l.ytt' Itpa., tlaCir own kind, forontotop fi'antdl lojoceyInd tlfatootr Eo olon eork e innoenrt. Here was a o es Ootoooeot iodeed! Ao coon at it was scocctoiard that saiolletotRI'o facolty ctould cttlrle thle t lltr among JoaitioC Heohooo corn propecly ref oSed In to Ictb atffir pass sro liohltly, sto' tlat thFo io'erigotiot had ean' IllencI. and bound ovecrtwo ' Judge Lync.yoh'odeputiea to answer the chltrge ol ilhe ntol April totorl. CLERiCAL OPI'nION.-- The. Abb. Malin, expressitg a dolbt Ito Rhrlieo hlo w l unnc olanas would tave hih .soul, lire a 1,ioul replied, PIt,,! you're a bIockhead! -as many as it wI1ul take iown bUlls ItolieaI all oven." eettiag ready lo Marry.-A "lo'eyer" ill lae lowie u couatry writes to his sweetheart doan onlth, tlht Ilil prospe'fcts are? good, and that hle clears on an average $5S a tiny by pitching dollars! BAIKINI-. CAPITAL OF VIRGtINII.-ThC total in crease of capital bylthe amts or i837 and 1839, amounts to somIoething over seven moillioti ofdollars. Whlen the Slaws shaoll have gone in(" efe', the whole capital will he b located as (billows Ij Richmotnd, 9 $ 3685,01( I i Norfolk, 1,18,000 I Pcticshurg, 1,2211,0Illl Liochliitc.. 871.820 .' heeling, 1210,118o Vi, icoheatorr 885,000 Frederickblurg, 7110,101111 1'orisn llll l 358,0(10 1 curkavill, l(IechklcIlu,,ie) 2(10.181180 IIciios IlAelI3iaa iSO llO 150t3 1110 1 1'h ~Isms,, (1:)(111111 050,1111)1) F.illlmclont I'lttlclcal, 2,0,2180 I.aesbuolg,(l IIaIUtII,) '111100(1 ( (:IrlTIC.IwHn, (Jehlr ,n,) 210,1 00 lIe ,,ime, (tI a hip IcIre,) 525,00:1 Iý tonl 21aqi'6)t,0l1t 0l 11'ttrrmttno (FHUuloier) 1'11.1810 \s vlslIuii,,o. tlnohi,I tl61,01O I'irker~r hhlle. \\11 1111. 11111,11110 $13,573:1,821. lOll HtIVlIE. 4 Tic A I and sltjiricir shiIp NIL, Capt. . lsBI~ia'liard. will cctciicibcaaott. Eioc lon-. oag i nly, Olaply to L H C(ALE, an,, 93 Commosn st -- lOR LIVEIOIitot.. The Al anl ccv ntpccpicr chip AI.FXX ~ ANDIOIA.Capti occ, tots take 210 balet ,ifa,ttutt. Foc fCriglht a which, oc paaagt., applly 1o 1. H (,ALES oay 93 Comoii it 0,111 I.IVEIIP'JIi.. Tile Al onl tact itoiling chip MAIRY I.ANI),Cnpt, Herrv, will havre immeadiate de spatclh. Foe Otigtt of ISO tilce, or pasaage' apply to I. V. GALE; msay I -li- Cslllnlnn It FIOR SA - ---t, stt on tcocrn OsnR,itid of tlcsbntone MARINE, ow. - -ni* n the a stspait sc ideof thi ncie. Soid Sos out iltolutc attit well (imnd itt eery utgly ttt BAILEY ¢ MAICY, ic LHGALE. FuK HAVKE, iFridy, the 111th iat. positively. a Al lship REPUBLICAN1, Captain Sheoon still rceaive about 150 batn freiglhl, & acctlantttdataour more 'a Iltecaptain on beard,. or to :ISEtt LAIBLA W, 66 Ca0np at IVERPOQL I cocy hint noilianE lip ISAAC pap Torrey, will hvea imtoc. cinog lhn gcotecr parct of sec of knight or linoa a p LH.AL 93 Conmonn at is new dinolsargiag HlMack. Coomigneaa siei{ a KR NEW rotUsC. S Ar6M6"Aislh.tailingsleop:AID, lapuin ilreoerr i . gamal f her eargo egaged, w aill: have i htear. F'orrfie ht l or mo~ge, aply to - +.l: J'-P WH ITNt,: mavy I 73 Cap at - 0 lFO IOiSTON. S The new faot ailing barque (.HANTI lt CLEER, C rhoman, noster, hnaving moal of S . her cargo on hnard, will have deslpatch. For a b frane offright or passage, havill anood nccommoda tioa, apply to S & J P WHITNEY, may 73 Camp at Stt bhlir Geo Cabot.Capt Blaekler, frome New York, is now discharging aoprosie the Vegetable Market. Comoigneea nre parliculrly reqrneted to attend to the receipt oftheirgelds. 0 4. J P WHITNEY, S may 1 Afgent SrlFT E Members of tie Amnerican S. L. of E. F. will Snreet at their Hall, lute I.vceulnmSt. Charles Ar. cade, Thi Evenig, T'rHURSDAY, 2d May, at 7 1-2 o'clock, pr'cisely. By order of the President J. G may O I1. W. B. Seeretary. S fGRANI ILEAI. ESTAT'E LOTTERY OF PROPERTY. Situated in New Orleans, TO lIE DRAWN ON THE Ist DECEMBER, 1839, IN JACKSONVILLE, Fla. Under tile saperintendence of the Comemiesires up Ieinteld by the I.iltve ace Aserllblv of Florida. C1IMtII)tT & IIAMIILTON, Managers. S 101,000 tickert, at $15 schellme price. $1,500 000. Selling ritet. $20 per ticket. . SYLVESTER & Co., 156 Broadwar, NEW YORK, Solo Agents. IY The receipts of the sale of e tickets will be de posited in thie (.anal,.tUnin Carroeton, Citizen's and Coneolidated Ilaiks, in New Orleans, in tle names of the Trustees, anrd tire properties tranriferred to ire ahve mentioined Commisesinliere, unincnarred, for tile seu rity of the fortonateq rize holders. C00 PRIZES, as follows: 1 Prize-That magnificnt tlorre story brick building, known as the ARCADE, in Maoazine street, meeslring 286 feet 5r lncles 4 ines on Mlgazine at. 146 feet 6 incles on Gravlr street, end lilt feet I inches re Noachea st. This buildling prnouese now a inl tile most rfloerirhing part f tile 'ily, ttpposite ithrete iaks, and ir tihe innm,.dit tiirebrlborhoed of thie St. Chatles ale the City letels. Its rentsr will, inn very fewt years b increased to fifty Iirhosnnd dollars per innumo. Estimtedat ot $7( 0,000 I P'rize-Trthe reint lfour s tiov brick lbild. itre known as thel (T'1IY III)'EL, fioronrly Idllar '. Hotel, irtiated oi 0 the eorner offClllnp and Clmmto seP, renlrrrlng 162 eerltoil (lllnrlrtn aend 146 leelt l iniesh on Ca(rp Ar. hias bliiding rents e mev for $25,0)10, nlld being ill tile iorst entral part of Ike oilty can hllrtlv be increasel to tllirtlv Ino it dilero pi.r nn Ealistiaed it $500,000 I Prize--'l' three sftov rick dwellin, eSeP, Noi. :ri 0 Nhri0ez e treet, adjoinirig fit' Arcsdte, rented tt It Iittndittc dollhir.. Eetieotre t o . $0,010 I Prize-Tite rhtle story brick wellintg Ilere, No. I8, ndoiiing N,. 1120 oa, Nllattl tellsreet, retoid nl two ve Imndret dollars. Estireated at $20,000 I I'rize--Tl e tshrestory brick dTweling bouse, No. I6, ndjoninig No, 19, on NoatlleZ st, rcltletd it twtve hltld red dollars. Estiteated at $20,000 I Prize--rhe dwielline houser No. ,'3 nortll east corler of lisi nill Cuetoln Iolse setret, Ileasoring 40 feet fron, t on Basill street, 411 feet front n o Fr"nklin slreel, by 127 feet dep llo (.llotnltlllose lstrnet rentd at flo'. teen hundred dollars. Estimrellat ed at11,000 1 P'riza-The diwelling housee No 24 south west cornmer if lnsin stert. maen uring 32 feet 7 incees on Uatin st, 32 feet 7 inches on Franklin etreet, by 127 leet 101 inches depth on Cu.e tombouse stree ; retnted at fiftee Ihundre tl ollars. Estit.ated at $20,o00 I Prize--The two story bIriik ldwellilng ilnseo No.339T on Ir yAl strt, e etet een lUrevline andlt Hrepitalslreets, lneast irigl 21 feert 8 icres on Rloyal sr, Itby 127 feet 14 in ehas il drepth rrt cd ot $10211 per ennun,. Eslilated at $15,000 1 'rir-250 sohnres 'anal Itank arck, at $li0O each, $25o100 I Pri.e--2t0 shares Commnercial BaRk stobk Solirach, $21,0100 I Prize--15i0 shares Mleclallie ' antil Tra ders' Iauk sltoek, ot $100 each, 15,1011 3 Preiloefl0It lhsreca ack, City Banko :o, ,0t0 0"'Prizes of 51 , " Exchanhge, ItlIl) 2 Plrizes of 25 , al I.iglr, 5,000 o Prizes of lr " Mechonic' ncnd . Trader.s' :t,O1X - pri+r , . . ,rn ter 2l,00 10 Prizet i 2 " it;s I.ihl . (100 200 Prizes i" I " Iltttak of Orlent' 211(1111 2011 ltizen of I tl " thiltn Itltik of Flloritla, 1M,000 It shall bie t thie optirl ofl tIIre wintira of prires tf bank sntocks, either toI take tile trocek el rf or thre Iar value thereol in cusll. I MODE1 Or.1 IIRWINCG. 100,000 lickets, from Ito 111,1l0O, will Ie tnt is on wheel, nod 4o11 priz.-, with tie blanks in alltlher; to every nnlber a prize or bllik will be drawn. entil all ote prizes ore deeerrint, levillg tihn brlllaece of ntul. beern ill tihe wheel-blsores. Orders forthe above lottery will be recejeed t Ithe office ondcr Ithe Verantdnh, cerner of SI. CIIhrlen mil Cunoon etrele, and at No. 104 Charlres street, New Orleens, ndt promptly ftrwardrd. Olrders ron te Sotntrpy, posrt paid, containng ramittalnces ifor thie nit Ser of ickels reqaired, nldressed to NCIIMIDT & HAMILTON, New Orlanns. SRfA steamboat will le provided to take to Florida sure pasengers as may be desirous to witness the Jacksnnville, Fla. April, 1839. may I U OISTING WIIEELS-40 set Hoisting Wheels, r I of improved construction, in frames oomph re, for soleby J OTT, amay 2-41pd Tivoli Circle (IUNNY BAGe-30,000 in bales and Iundlet , for LU asleby ISAAC BRIDGE &Co, may 2 131 leag zine r t S PI r eM CANDLE--I oes sperma Candl es, N BdmrdPbrand,tbRr sale ly I IIII)GIE & Co may 2 131 Miagnzinsrt rrOAACC-IJ20 boes., 8 1,2 a, 3S.s and - pond I lumps sf various breds and qualities. fir sale by may 2 I BRIDG.E d Co, 134 Magazine st Eý' Court, Jean Iaptisle Coils sa. His Credirtora. The cession of the, isolvest's properh, Ilaving been accepted by tle Court for the Ibnefit of his creditors. It is orderesil tat a meeing of his said creditors do siake place at the offic of Victor Foulon, aEq. nntarE public, on MondAvs, ihe l3th of Mlv, instant, at 10 o'clock, A I l., forthlrpe seof deliberasting ei tIe tffairsof said II inslvens; and in tle meantime all j..dicial proceedings Sangainst hlis person and propel v are stayed. WVitness thIe lion. A. M. Bucllanan, Judge of tile I Court aforesaid, this let May, It39. may I P LEJ.LANC, I)epslv Clerk. E4 District j'liciaire- Jean Blaptiste CIlR a s e, CriansienlLs I.a cesion der la prolprbts di I'insolvahle aynnt ie Accete r In Cour potsr le brnefse de sea cresn ciers-il est ordorle qu'ur. rasaembla ellent des dits cre.unier aura i I~lesl ndi te 13 Mai eotrast, A dir In rartin, al hsrenu d Victor Faul a, Esq. na sir public, alin de dclierer stir leas .iniresau deit insolvsble et pendant re temps tens praoer judiaiaireaconre sa p5r5on5 e rt Sa prnpriltr sonl suspenduen. T -nin, Il'bnorahle A. r1 Buchanani. Jugs tde Ia lite Cour, ce ler Mai. 1839. 3P. I.E BI.AN(, m2 3t DpLtt'l Grefier. ~ $50 IREWARI. SBSCAONDED on the mornirg of tile 28th Aptil, IIregrtll man nael Alexander, coslmonly called Ellic, aged abrupt 45 years, rather forbiddling when spa ken tO. He is about 5 feet 8 inches in height, saout Iuil wirll omarlewhat hando Igag. lie took wish in va rie ty ofclolhing atd will tret. probnbly frequenrly lchange isA dress. II is suppsedl lie embarked on the day ihlbove mentioned, on board ofstme etenatboest hound up. Tite above reward will be paid for hIim ifsu.ttred in any jail in lise western eountrr, sr twenty dollars f n Lou isiana or Mississippi. P.ETER I.AIDLAW, New Orleans, may 2 ltJ The Natchez I)ailv Conrier, tle Daily Missouri Republican, tIe Louisville Journaal, and the Cicinnlati DIaily Wlhig will please pnblisl the sove advertisM meat three timles and seid their hills for paynment to tile oAilice of til True American at New Orleans. TW/.TYV iCLARS REWARD. A SCOND8D tromn the service of tie subscriber, the nregm boy JIM, saged about 17 years. lie is ofslender mske, imrfeetly black, with large eyes, Iong visage and r.ilthea thick protrnding lip. He speaks Imlt the English and French lanssager, and Iran a verys intelligeht look. s .is prolbale he will endeavor to leave tle Eite, as lie was fiequently olserved during Ihedayhe left, tixing his truntk which heearried with him. Csptainst.touasJs and etm heboats are hereby farwarnet not to hahrbor or carry fir said slave, under lia severest penalty of tim Iawn. The above rewnrd will he civeas for his appis assiaa, or such information as will Iad thIris reconery. WM REA, ..mny-Iw eorner of leaeia& Circus st 0 Gl-4 hbls landing fIrotat learner Vandalis, lotr I sale by ABRAHAM TRIER. maynv2 84 Oravier st P ITCH-3e bhls. in gad nerlr, ftr sale by S HAL.L ,. IROWN, may2 36 Magazine st. OFFE -bga aSumana ciffee, in ttore, ior sale by SHALL & BROWN, nmay2 . - Maganzin at. o owners ofdrays Noe._145s. 445, anmd ss do not IrelumnlsirReceipts fotr g.mIs taken from shiup # r kansas, they will eplaruaseutrd immediately. , ay2. . Y- C.' lt.IIL b ?13934284 atIs il o17580 TI 76 34 2r'31 IN 12 114. N17,56 6:' . TI4I).DAV. S eitam Pais4, $,S000~ ''ktrh . only $0S 00 '.RAND STATE tOTTERY. CLASS No. 23, Extra. A,.thrlzoed by" The laltur or I.h State, To he Drawn This Day, May', 1839. at half puati a'olock, at Bishop's Hotel Common at. 8 DAVIS & Co, Managers 1 75 Numbers-19 Drawn Ballots. f Splendid Scheme. 27,814 Pailns, amounting to gI6g853 Ticketa $2 00-Halves l 001-Quarters 510 cts. it Package of 25 whole tickets for 50 00, warranted to draw at leait $24 O. Pxkasges of 25 half tickeIs for *20 ItO, narrontod to draw at leact;12 0fl. Paeksge of. 25querter tickets for $12 50, warranted to draw at leant $6 00. For Packagea or single Tikelht. apnly it May 2 At Managers office 16 Chartres lst The following are the Drawn Numbers of the Loulisia 2 its Lottery, Class No.27, for 1837. 49 42 61 8 52 54 64 51 28 40 55 17 Tills IIAY, $10,000! Highest Prit ! Tickets only $3! 75 Number--I2 mDrawn allotIt. LOUISIANA LOTTERY Altholrized b A mlt ofLeoislnture. Cl.ip er X1III, passed Maclh 27, 188o2, Clasit 2f9. fhr 1 839. toI IPn drawn o Thur.an3, May I. 18311, at 1.2 pet16 o'clock, 1'. M. pnrcialy I tIhe Exelratgel Hotel, St hiharlis st. I). S. GREGORY & Co. Sucressors tI o4 TEd & McINT'YRE, Managers. ·SCIIIEME. 27,814 Prie, lamounling to $145m934 Tickets $3 ItI0-Halve $1 --Qouarters 75 Cts Packagesof 25 tickets fir $41. Sharesin propler tlon. For packages or single tickcIa, apply at d The ilanoiers OlOFice, n av i 3i CIItInl ItreeL.I ,'S to CanII et \IAJUlUK--514 lnl laedi.,g tiaral atrmlmbunt nub l' for sale by G I)OI1SEY, maovL2 44 New eiee LARD--00 kegs leaf Iard, in sore, fiorsale ey (1 I)ORSlIY, mny2 44 New I.eve CORN IBROOMS-4001 doe. in aorei, fir role li G I1)OlSIa', ntay2 44 New I.eve A IA--39 bills. in good order. fur sale Ifv S8IAI.. &'I1ROWN, mayS 16 31Magazin.e at. Parish anld City of New Orlenle.--I'reset Ihe Hlonorable Charles d aurain,.t udge. April 27li, 111.39. No. 11 774. M. DuIlbe vs. his (tedilore. The ei prperl'y by the petitioer s hereby ao acepted biy he court fir he irerellt iof s i red ore, andi i tr rderedl 1thai it leetiNl orf anil irediors be held at the offir e tIf Phi. Lacorea , no tary a lcle, on '"iriedc the 2011 day of Mlnv let, lthen id a li .re ti delilereule i the nd i)ni oT llin pli ioler, ild irll er anroile .iI pparerleing aganinl his l,rt, rly anld per son are .stlnaye. II is furlherr ordered, tht Ch(Ia. \I. Crorwievi, Fpq. ie appoiiiente le reprseni tIe abov credilIr. lP orderiof 't mI1l. Clerk's OfrceF, New Orleille, Apiril 7, 18:1. ay 13 w ARMANI 'I'l't', lrk. . pour In paroiise et vill de liIn Niivellir I)rr.(l - lIreaent I'bionrable Charles lMurain, Jleg. Avril 27," 1839. nNo. I 11,77.1 I. I HDos v s ce C aniiers. S Iaiecs.ion dE In prol"i'tB par Il piailinn are eate cirepl@e par In Cintr, poIr le 'bifin',e ae seorhai s iers i e il elCordOllhi I'niiC Ira.sembleCeii dei die s Irrin Tcers, serea (ent ak bureau de lli. Lacoste, aiitainh r plulie, nmardi In 20 Moa priohain, o r tiii i Ilih. ,rr stir i, offairesdu dit petitionnsire ; et 1endald cc temps mIIler poursilen coatr Is prcpriite sere cisielis i ei. II eat plin ordonn ck que Cliarlei . C rwUivit E. sait iomni pour rcprsieni r lRee i lla elr"ai t. Par ordre dl In )conr. Ilureau di rel', l Niouvelletlrli'ns, Avril27. I89,. mt 31 AIt1N ND P'Il'IT, Grefli.r. .OA1'-ViUGA Kl- 11 hisIkel I. 4, in slo for aii by Lm y I SIHAll. c IIII)VN, i Nl. inrie st B dAN DI'-An ivice of i h ieriii llrci vntae of 1821), for sale by SIIAI.I I I & O\VN . niaty ! 96 Alnna,.ine st ____y I S 'IALI. & BRlOWN, 96 Mliihe ailt N1EW I'UIII.Ic1'\'IryS I .ERICLEI ANI ASPASIA, by a Wiair Salvg I Landor, Esq. 'The Cabinet lMinistler. ly MIre. Goire, ailiihrcs if t le Imay | dt SI (.+ |arIeP.I {.0lIr 11%. Im i 4I saleby & JI' 1VAIT'FRY, 1., R N E'.W YORK. Ilohsxc' Line of I'ac/`ets. lRegular IPacket.s-- sail of 12111 Say. Telle mlpered mld copper fIAtastA If6k hiavin, port ofllr ,.arc 0 ·I,+,cnld, will sail , itl irnpt "W I. h, r if h i e ii, ' i f i cii h, ir rnselgC. buvi. lllape¢.,r i.'m,,.rl ,.httin. -itlllh. 0I1I ,ot%, mlfeV to lre ISclips, olll .,ardl, wit lTir< bloIw le V'egetable 1arket ir to A ((IIIEN, np :)II NI 911 ('Nn*.¢.pun ll ''he A I alli li ft 'ilii' ship NORIIi AMtIIlIIClt, i'aplyin Ihunth, wsl havel th' .0153u__- .. . . . II(;+\ 1.1E:, 93;f Comm)ion et 1'N'r12 lity iMOll)u). Ilxt - ;l inst Iouiinnn nsd ,'ler )'or ik Line of l'nekct. h snperior fist sailing packet sh'ip II I '1'.VII.l.E, Caipt. Eldridge, having al gradylhgeater Iart oIf' her crgi o bard will deart ls above stated. For ireighl oir passage, haying elegant necaminoda liana, apply u Ithe iasler on lbord,nplloeile 'le iegelta able orto JAMtES I. I'I.I.IN, ail 311 74 C)nmp I' ect. ITlle price of piassage by [i lis ine liis Iee reduced t) $80. from ship Ferax, for sale bI) aln 30 IDElII) E1 &Ca, 134 1aaezine at f fromt ship Ferax, for ale by :apl31 I BRII)(E & Co, 134 Mlngazine st ([IALLOW CANDLES-- 5 Iri al cnadle l brand of Jackson & "l'ottbridiee, anding lrom ship Ferua, for sale by I BIRII)GIE &C l apl 30 131 Malazin .st `OAP-i..'wllll ha,,a Nd01 Son Inteeing framn hip re. Sx, for ,e by I BitI)Elli & C,, up 20 134 Magazine a.t IIISKi Y--101 Ilblay ianding fr' m steal boa lneartion, for sale by (. llIlSI+', 30 ap 41 New I.Fee SUAY--150 bales primo New I-Y rk Hay, nanding front ship tLou ia, ngd fi r sale h " ap 30 A COHEN. No 90 Counon st I EN:Sl.l IIC 'rA''OES-ib.O I ,nton s enf supeir SFrench Potatoes, apply na board nhip IinGrange or I I ALE, apl 30 (1 Co ll at 'LOUR-9-I)uj barrel...Is, in fine . pi. or, I p'rsle by (. I)ORSEY, apt 29 4. New I.evec. W HIaKEY--2IH) thl retflted il store, fo sa.le by n9a9 G. I)S)IE,;FY, 41 New I.e-ee HlHE :AI|INFT'I' n11\1+.''E+|---A Inew Novrl by Mrs. Goveaulhoress of Aoluhers aed Dauglhters, Ileirnf Lelwoud, &c &c. Antlon. ' Latin LaSanta .tne. andI baoioh ScloUl The llnrmtntt of lll t'hristiat laidh and (llaristian ellnrater anld thie Iolns ald liscll in',of the mlitnllt yb John Abercr-ntbie, 1l. D. &c. aend aIthar of" Isaeinc tual Powersa," Iilmopherla of Moral Feelinge, &r. &e received and fiar aalP by ap 29 AI.EX. T'OWA I, t!9 Camp at IjLOIIA'S DI.TlIONAl.Y--M.loreof tlhe splendid. c editin t will 58 plates, Itemltifally colours, just a e cened slid for sale at 49 Coamp sat, v al 16 AI.IEX. I'OWA I. COL'):'S PAI'ENT i'r lth ARt\lS--Just received I pr slhi Maississippi, f.inn New Yark, a large as snrtment ol'Pattetl Rifles eandlt Imhistols ;Ir tile iti I 2ar 28 G1OSS'IP & Co. St ChIrles lotel f RUGS-J-ufst n dig, ,,,,.)le;ni.i,, a .,l.ppl fl f nitmt,te. biltter nud swee! liqutorin.e nrot, Jit,, and eananrv sells nlllnn.n, ,lkn , sliad SFllll, 'lltharilT.,I brimlstol, orang dow lt soaer Ac, foIr wholesa le and retail in sta of II BONNABEII., ltllJ l(r aNatcheaz r 'enllnitoulas st TARCII-i-1fl half bones, laudig from slhip Char lenmngae, and for anle In mar 1210 S.IAL &L JBRO)W N, 96M0 nnnitn st SOAF SUGAR--various qualities. ,nanstllnt i. L store arnd tr saleby SHALL 4 IlItiWNE, mar 29 96 Magazine at ,1ATCIIIES-A large iuxtie jiust received and for I sale by StIIAI.L d& iROWN, mar 0 96 Malugaine at sUM.MER CLOTIHING; 9 cases, eomlriing a em' Splate aSanltlltent, laUding (altl ship Colulmni iatta loaidi by I BRlll.E & Co mar 23 131 Magazine at U 1EA- nI0ellt snlanttng and i tnelonuilandingd from acot Stpleadid, frnt, Bostlon, ftr nsale bv ap17 A TRI'IERI, 34 Grarier at OA P--L0 Intaxes, landing lifmn chr Splentlit from tIltton, for nail by A RTIEI, ap 17 31 iravier at "^ ThAW CUrTES-ac ntatly l, hatd and far t, sale be SHALL & BROWN; apl 17 96 MnnazitnPeat SBUR.N MILlS--Orders recedild tar erntmis, byh Sp117 SIIALL & BROWN, 96 lagazinca R EFINED WHALE O.-PFor sale by all 8 & J P WIITNEY, 73 Can p at W INE-Sicily Madeira Wine. brands lo Ingham, Tizzy and Coli!, in pipesl, half pipes, quarter casks and atavea, entitled lod renlure, fur i t by ap 17 I BRIDGE & Co, 131 Magauine at NEW PUBLICATIONS. PIHE Romance ufthe Hnrem, hy Mias Parat, author of" the Ci f the Ste Sultn," Je in 2 vol" The Aterican it Parin, by Johlt Sandenso., a 2 rol-s. Inladeciain, a lain oflthe Fat Wea,, and othera Piems, ly J K litchell, in I -aol;just nreeived and ex maln by -WM MaKEAN, ap 19 cr Camp and Co,mmon at IA S.-, S, Jn. ! 7' s.a. , ale may l 7' 3 Camp at S ap 3 :HALL & ,RO o9a Maga% uine at r iE1'TER IWAPE1-..30 ea'oleullirlor qlu liyt forlmle by ALFXANir Kl. TOWAR - Al,, , 10tc -hsk-, rc m N ,arraap. ap25 NHYlemiunier'OlWNl,4CMhamrree , B [K-Cuiniu Iaek,js rr efife iore *n rmeeeiry fe flDA jI ET & o, Y25 H L & RW LT 6 zCo, n a25 24 Cearres It tOAF SULiAIW br hrren ns+i, as 6 in saroi, end fo.Ulr snlel~ by HtAI.I. &L BROWN, M ilarne inn mlieet, Ageunu mn Lufyinte eangr refinery april '25 NAllIa-I1 oelnrsk reelling fromi ship Narruge, 1,,rlic, for eel,, 1,v upl 25 ,1 AI:. & IIROWNI, hi Mlngoine st "d~-tI i '. sirealim) iihNc ru.Cpjeeil nrceivecl nd SJHALL 4 I IoWN, 96 Magazeine at flO lNt'ew York Sacinern Hmll bv Chartrcs i . Nnlely ItM & IARTOW 25r 7n enk Plaee -h.NE -re anen w M Ieign ie Ir Wqr eWcee, in ome, fIruor nnluy I HvRIAI) &. BARS'i'OW. TO " 7 Bnnk PRiicr .t aMPby 8 &J I"WI II.ITN-PE .25 73 Ca,,ti NOTiC:,. Mr. (;lOAMIfIE &N.I ItICK hlinnrig rentigld the of flve rfelieef Engineer of lie, Nie O)rleans und enarroll. icn Evil licIle, Mr. Jon Hlaenmon e ns ilenhs porlnit ed ill l fi r | wlace. 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Ie lver iYnlelI Naihleitiers, ~ CIereni Ileililnge, Noulh Join, Tre r a c tI, Ri v hrit e li n r ii ti e i nip , r le r n i tl e n c v e l nr - ti leat theirvincOggi'catil iCr solely iePl~lvin g Meters i)Oloti, lleer & l Nc, fe o Ylrk, livinII iiew tl ncenl, tl civ ir, e i i,+, n rl'ei'ioe irdlers fur .Firal Quc lity IIork, iin he Ihr ml luvenibh! keteroi. Plller ll i eorwldlrl·l, on a rcltleioillle reePteci-ilti.l, 1AC()N AII'IMll--ii..lSevks t'iiiiineiici 1 ircd, Inn-l I) ilu Iiro1c1 iteolner eillplliic, f(Ir ccli li - ni ii Ilt)IlSEci, IIINto Ior,+. C' IElEN'l'-ll-vlrclhliv cnil IlcIva fcr cole lIv _) ,,IIrhii& ) i &I lid I& i r_'I',?\V7 hlnei Ice-.n lccd. .0I,,n'ic.l,'i (k,,leioiid (7iicfoc ,cilc rc cram+ iiiedd lie ilichInclei il lcndrid anU Charles clci, Indeed rlccclily, icclliilllv, it,. pres, tnid hII ci+iinlvlli c,,leue i( cl" iiiihcgs. liii lhhC oflcniUn hcn rlllh,g,..,.d it nlldl l daeedt he1I~ ,'lticlt,|y 4,[" Iady L. 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Y wny, re hereby notilied that ahelmil posit ely leave the Levee ol Tuesday next tbe hibh lns. tat 6o'chok, P. M. at whhle hour panseneprt wIll please he on hoard. The ship can ul hoeem lnteo e t W lte thei are sow en(tled. ao27 Isol, i dishnrging ospoali the .,getabe mnrket.- rhe ennigee oft 24 ipi tols c i plepee enter lime arime, or it will he plhebM.'l'i "u Pt ltdme. n7T REAL) A A sTDW 7 Bank IPlace. ll f pte r, e .k re t ll yrt -' y a*'P .7 .. perhrnnel T according to the htrl, the ?kel shall giye ie. ring tie imming sweaek (fm Moday 2d ltf) 40 ou ee ofbresd foera hit. tismer am'te ecOmd qality ih rsttiredm It wiglh 25 per cent. n ri, I: 50 Dnee.. 420 RUAVill. epril "t r dF,*NOlSt, Maer. . ~I W AS lOST nealerday afternnne, on tile npposite a id of ttle rivei, Imltween tie UtDpem Ferry anti 1. Villier'e I'llnnltn, il0 dollarIs, odl 2 of 50,new tmesin n otlh Canal and BIllking Cn mpany--10 hills - on Ilnak n Orleenes.. 'rile findnr will cnsrhboblige tils eulmecritheihy lering t t t li olfie, and receive h ttm nhuwereornl. 3t april 27 .U.I'l"S OAST 'ILT and Ilowdich Nviigt -I t, sleo Bltnnt'a Nettleml Atnmellsc, I,r sale my a II FEIItI' & Com, 21iCmatlreant )IANTtINu PAPE--Juste received from enipL ,(rInwI manie Conl lnero, ldom nral1m news Prinl lig Pper, of slstcrinor qIality and nf tlme fu'lowing aitea 922 x 32 insmS 24 x 45 24 x 30 ' 27 N 41 " ferslbe ey epl 20 ALIEX TOWAR, Noi49 Csmp a - L . BROIVN t7at im iie tr r e or Jen Itllt etl 53 lienvale street, Patent PInt ernn Itnlnnnce, sapulor eo naly ever oeelred in this cily. I el W R CAltNE; ,. IOtiesm N, lOOTf, &e.J'2, fr eee, compriaing un extenve Saaortmmenetlitten's nm I ys kipnnd nIese BRm trogamns; calf, hkip nd morcoen IBonils; gentle ine, tmrmgsnd siemi eomllex h Pmlol.U lsli prs;childrenm epl 0)2 I RItlIftN & Ci, 131 Megesinee i Card. ORLE.ANS LI7'II'tOfRAPHI. I':P7'ALIBII ME 7', 53 MA(iAZINE mI'7'R,'ET", oPPOSiTE nX't Acs AIleR. (j" (ittNENI', rmetorts hla sinee 'tllsnkh to hIis YV tim asel Ihe pmlbhlli of '* (l2t'ians. for Ilme nltnmnnmom hIelmowedll mi lm fe Ihie Inei Iwo Years emsi egis lime, tO nsemlre th'l a thlt all orera commitemml m lhi chtarge sshall te npnelmnll itimulde to; he'will en Iwonl, keep thIe .tme: open 'ldrnl tIle ltnnmmoetanlI hi al l te always raldy In strikb mtI Imercknnt's cmrmu Iltre, Iminesxeand ndmlre.t clrds fmnerel nortieis, map., llnos, mnd drawilmgs, I every dercri lion, em the Jthnrlest nolie, andl on tIhe tost roneennble terms. lcinmg iaminjted bv nriits aulnerior eo any otlmer estblislh II msnt in tie cim'y, anl frome Iln eeperience in the lithnlgrlmhin line, he feels coifident of giving emtira eatr PlAtion. N It Apothmenries and dmllrtgget' nlhuls xesm;nted in n good style ns copperplnte seagraing, nmmd et tne y hllinrd tln th expense. jy4 CARDS I PRINTEID at the shortest Nontice, in the most el.rant manner, in BIlacker Colored Inos, on Enamel. itd, White Flake, or Plain S eraeod C1ons, and Pricesvery reaonable a TRUE AMERII CAN OF FIcE., corner of lpydrns and St. Chalrles sis. &.eral Now and letnutifil Founts of lPErz haver just been ad led to the Establiashmrnt. Onrdrs receieed at Compting RIoom, $t. Charles E.rchnge,, :rd doolr fron Graevler st.,e at the Printing ftieir. corner of lPoydran & St. Charles streets. uool-(f Vl11H 1 mflleiine has been highly sucessfttIl in the frnomy e of iIn flowing iseaes: dy ltpin, liver diseane, indigestioa, Ions uofeppeile, nerr s adreclineotr. 'utaa.ltot trn ebttltlt, oleoutdlaro Sypltllia, Mercerial tie 'oa', eenrenl dehility, al. I1U M itr diosenrs arising eIrt impurity of the Ilnd; Kt i par Co.mlnrly rre.l~ e.mIlodso a *pping nd faml itreli.a, sto renovale ie . pnired rI'ttotllttilrno. It is extremely agreeable h) Itake, rrsomtlit Inl tota o rich cordial, and loiag pro'ely n vnaloale rnt pani tint, Luny be taken will) orirfet noafely by the totsnt deli rlalt perslro. A Etlopply of tihe nvolte lr tid rtind fir t r le h S.CKIC.EL4 & Co, DI a., f cito, ( 1 I l ItIII'N-llA b xkrs il storer f nr s lle by ( / oI 2 A 'TIIIK:Ii, I1 (Striter pp n1 ,4 1 AI.I l&I HR 11W'N, 91t Magazine at Pni o Ir i lT t tt tr , ie iot l ti i, itin Iran thip Nne8Grnoa't, lirt tale by r13 I tltllltt, &+ Co, I:t.I Mlogazn r s r firotn Nrainte llnt i for e tlf e Iy .11 I IIIIGE & Co, 1311 Ma.zI.l.e "t SIlE:-7TOl ekrn. 'I'lotpni, n I.hne tootling from, Iohipt I' rrunont.T or Nle h P V .i s & J I'i \ I tir.e.Y,73 Camlp at iEt) 'ICKS-N inter ,I btied tickoe f-tideri or qo I.) lily, f,r tlte bi rift ST'ETSi)N & AVER'Y, s tiravier Pt ("AM P-aI ll.. --8,,ltketo in sorel for oTleI- -b in ,'a A 'I'RIER, 34 rndieier st nfrli WiN;- 10 'rit to Inidico fleotm, e tip. . an l COInlllono. .ic . g FIo i n _L ofprhnoA eualilk.. Alon 5m1)1 balgs revanu do for pole on Invrtirble lerinn in Itsti to mTllt Iuvers. Apply SSTE'I'T'SOtN & AVEAY, a21 88 tr raviar s -1..' 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'TIOWAR, 49 Camp t .UCKE'lS1-u 1 dozent i. o+tore t ntd for sale by • alL J TIIAYER & Co, 74 Poydras at El It FLI. ct j--J uot recrived afrp aortn Ui Taffeta nd plain oobre n. of varon se'inse (or solm wholesalentld retail c ty GOSSIp4. ,Co, aft Ex chants hotel, .St harlea a 014 K-2011 barrels easrod 200 do primeppork. in -- store und Ibrsale by J I't11AYER&CI, all 74 Poydrasat JItACEbian cn.k arutl r-ice, landig trI m brig -.Arabian, ndilr finl bloIy all 1 ''IfAYERI & Cr, 74 Poydlao at *)USO(IA it IING,--3t Bales Kunioe l s tahgl r itstore for dale ly J TIiAVER & Cn 74 Poydroaao I iing, collltrising an exttoaive asortmelt, nsuilablto four the outrt lt d t o ily fid atrdfor sole by ,p 18 - I BRIDGE & Co, 134 Magazine st (- OUNT DANOI.OO, ta tabe art of raliing silk Kenr~k's Aoterican Silk Grower's Guide •t'obb's Manual nf lth Mol rrrv Tree and on silk transplortiag and raisiag mulboerry ree Cmnsonek's Practical 'lIeralioe onokh collar, of Silk Sattmtarv of the pr~ot'irtl Citipes Trtahm tato tllr ulture ofthe Mullolerr., atoto ruining of silk NWOIIIt' C Jt)IINS & Co. •I. apt 18 . car!tr !I Charles ,and P..mmrr at

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