Newspaper of True American, May 1, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated May 1, 1839 Page 4
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-.ifit he -llnp, a re-| H whl lb n iP tfellll ilil~rilit- I 4,nlin tiviv. Ipterab. dL .'i rin te,,v ihtitatorinf st teg lijoynlll.l inte. ig patnitdotvitv, it rellais ta .this- isorler, r creato tiirglv nonarse the sverotl or O tbo btneoof Iliatc irem na l cih u a nt to a dlote dý , Iwi niethifil itifi nt r. e li itir o L. iitiO i ll nBi ll lrllel: w terllr by of sai it ieeieaborn is nia taed to au 4 l'i m tm roo-rroncn. '1b ifantr T i! fitiAgue, is verey ,ii, or, for ilje Rier eta omod't at s t rtl mc'i- roil nto ato it ::ci e- The T, ;; lixur its l tef i ille price, asnlo ploca it a ili. hII ~ ane.-·dtht the por lnd deltittre S-arelOituby:, ! All cioot Iitott*oalieiti, g ite si&! tnto fit|-l toIrqueutly denied to Sa lllv ht eo n c tall yi tllo ali fin j leierndtt aie daily olnored 1 'ltr.- lol R. Ieowinl, at his e o ef wrn t oI achu icotmo ae'nte for the st'at tednwil s ilt si fn by thoe gros, at Ih ei . Tt be hald at retail alts,u I Ir ie till city. u Sr dARItVI te ANDRfV¢W, Whoilrrle a rtoieilt. non Ceoinnom n & 'l'cli1ntitn'tfnnI f 71.; bi'ilfl s-it houlsinnul lotel, " t "MARY- IfRKLAND resieotfllly an. I. - h ; t.e1'. r friends cad the public gone. r lllthilbt ittison popared to macolmodato thllea at ltuo ahoe.iteh.lbli, ostont, and hopes from her rioltiooq iO r.o.ele visitors ecornfIrtblc, to recoivo ` "pn!allitsca s , efondior favors. She fools confi. that porFsonl visiting Covington during tic I nisnmer monlhtfcaunnotfi ll bettor accomntodsaio s i "thaanshe san na rd Clieo ,.on s re liliral et ino, . Ifsr.booms iashaiantlyj aituatedlnd 'bilell supplicd w 'withiaseorya E' yiiae.ethe bar is furnished with I be lioitt Oliiehioiioros. e. in, short, asie protnisis ".I ttl sin oah l wCanting on her part to give .t ir. satiatofatioll to ,l who may patronize theit :.l .sniippi hnil Lioisiatt tiotal. je3 · b'rn' uliUr[fcTn uaderoittad. taring · i tul under Dr. tcl.midit of Catrlestonr, o;'lith:Carolna, and for Tonlo years his assistant in v ho perotioe of medicine and surgcry, has Ihe honulr I to offeg his prclfesionosl services in this city. Ali moinona tlie ladies and gentlemen thatln thle ilst p- iiii 1 n wvill be paid to thIe calls wlhihll "ia»ermadlindstdalso ofceros hii sorvicrs te the r- hflqdpofelaves, leing well acquaniited wit tite !#ltois'o lmois totbliii, favning attended thlmo in selfugar lc s cne giv Charles at . Iton. G s~iefaisirooe anti bilious pills alter thecompostionN Proffept<,. fo Snullette, a ith +directions, c.ti bIt tad pfjth .!doareignoeI. 'Thte cleIt which they have prodosd is Lhtisand nther citien, hits .etz ttLriiudh with Ohs. groatost succesn. to whitinh tite-,n-oli'j seforeiicea can be given. Apply tat N,). 66 Ml pa- I sien?,iorsnt. JNO. M'LOIlNG. JITEILUW WARRJWOD lAUIEW,7SAID! IRiONS, &e.. I 'HE IHOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. : 23:,*t~ier, near Beokm.a. strueet, New York., h·se ir,.vod the past sensoi, and arc corstantly i resivins large ansd extensiveo additLions to lthe stock ri eFl tloe above goods, which now oonsists of tie ellanving aseso tmneu|, suitable for the nouthern and d westeo markets. , - R o llnw2 varesof superior quality, conirtiog o il .about 1.0tens, viz, a O q$f ~ rfibrsnt sizes, from 2:3 to L50 gallons, i - ettles 0eLti es, from 3:8 to 31) gallons, pi"./ t sg"l inese frors 3:8 to 18 gallona, A h U pOagr Ovens. 7 difthrernt sizer,. Terna Kettles, 6 do M-- jl~ete, . - 5 do t Fltliders . 6 do . Coveia Spiders, 2 do S Oridds~ll . . 4 do S Fird.oigs, . 0 do tc Waon boxnes from 1 1-4 to 3.4 3inches. w Cart dol 5 to 7 inches. si W.od Screws, 20.8000 gross, iron and brass, from ol iifocih, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior . uality ind finuish, and less thani Jalo's imported bl pries..- p \ ad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for bt reoiiling.i ng. Tailor,'a nd hIattor's Irons, assorteod. :ash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.1 to SDells for Plantations, steamboats, chulrchcs, &c. inadn t oerdetI SAlso steiBbeats and other miuhlnelry made to order. The above s ortmnent of goods is particularly I rcomomended to:the attoltion of Southora aril W4istern Iierelants, aitd are offered for sale at low p prIisorgi- Upop tihe most liberal terms; it is be. liviiopd'to the lsergest and best ansortmcnt ever Sfor sale by any aie establishment in the Il tar.disg a roquest by mail, crns have) rular, with descrilttloof goods, priees.r , em whch no dviation is everr made, i l by return of mail. All ord il reiivo iimmndiat attentiorn. New Yorl56lS.q.- · 1·' I,, Nose Ysi6nr.Op. p3 .: .ow Utersllss il v. 14, li]'ia. DO(T siT moiaths ago I had the risfirtune to gat I a sn *er l~rse. o f hich I have alpliId tin e ral d,)etorsfiheseurrr, arl they did opt cue me, so row on rme uabocadnetet! tIt inoylf unrier th crte of t)otun Hluet, and I e.nrent bit to cuearel,. Sire Itha time a the diseueo gotworge, so as to break out in lrge ulcers to rhu nsr roeih orihtt el r le, i(ll r oVr EA i *ey faceersjsre tiroan, ant i not ble to work ait Ii. pFrosit trtimripr olUtofthe disaie; Ilargo lcer oIr liltrb .h ftiitii6t lam no~,i potillg tnyslclf t be pr aatly te r JI U o N lIEARN. . e etnCl?. , ,- "JN -tr 10 Cl RTIFV inl thte sbOr menttoecd trlieroae is l quite well ceursd to miy own tusanifcli, Trfr wrlict I I ersIks l)r. m Itoe at Ino anes [serlasiru that the mcudi r. d .sine! et tkorab ulraste im fat, are I did nrts injure'ty I mslt setrlrrefure I adviss ery f Ilw sufferers au a isde n etod a eply to Sir A. lIore, 12r 1 Canal S ie-ib W aest Datritllo oarld Inourbnot srreots. Dir. s- at lsooe from osclock, A Ml, urstit I4 .1 .: ."'Tbsp mi|Jfnd trie doctor tfr this complaint. i' JON I)EAN,.l Giravior artar. r a llhreeewersrlp ·tp see roe, call or N:,. 4liti raaic ai'w(r errieidtal io, e sr of clira -ol/br - . ml hound r p in borinole a t oirlt l pridce trf n) •" .eatei shah, aseoeeitmilg tbh- strengith of" Slimeo eorncr o~f IvinerI~cl esi trust L ier a it nrany olherr roots rlld -kerbskLnowa aoungt Inr diian as fseaciouas ia curi crg ..pnletnoar. complaimis. thsalrLe success whiel has ortearert lie rn r IF i i ehsll drhlabt I.talsm svererer it Iris beer intrwo r., dssead. hIashtdtinred the eontidncre snd recorrrorerlr r tise of ffgbelbo phtysiciaOns, for Ile cure of eougils, -; colds0pe rf.ln the nidtOe, want ot" roiari, of blood, Imore ish and French S~Tolwomel|tamyc coserr. This s to resertiy tl wclr b, . practice fr~ucntly prucsrihedl nlrE Gard-, d ++ r~a I~dai~nSltaorrs atfLrerworr a d Iostrlirrrrd wit ssr" .i redrcld ommal ebfect: we can tberero, fnol 15:, k..w- I 5 4 e n, Jiesgo.ett rrtorisaLr it ir made rir rlrrid - jlrrllrrrrO o 'i l~l~~~in', ee ai eoieatioossf it Ire hlrrrgriirrutri'cJlr rr icr . L t"` ir l) tht~e fc~tions of tilt lhasgs thr wltic t ] is reni XL rteromun tas sir,,.r +rio I " AI.VIN Et.IAS t. S . lembes of rIe Boston Mledicarl Assreiuriunr. I :. Ilotsto, i~rltsr Ii5. r' •.siery JttlrVl & AN)tREWfiS I 1 L +'+,Il. 19. in,-:,,:i art I e. tra srti ar ots s is S ----:-+-.--- -=++- .... .... .. .. t h1tLuEkIOr ISj r'orrrr iccrr Prurrrarlip rer.civcrrt,,rd iI oro .lrre tlroir trorrtnraanerr \',Vrirlrr,- .r:ollacricas i o., B Clsairso eroat, New tIrleaos, ln, rIrrl-'adw ay I Nwv Vorey kDal)rtlilrb st., ollrilo. a. Is i-p*retj.trtlarJSdasigned ,I't Irrr itt leaer atr-trr I i'c+- .letoh,.o.rli to ncslroltrp.r.aoaio oarll ritpr. c tesl'tis end geoslerer. loareaseniiodtrr call rsarr ,-autritir .-lsIso e aiet fnrthserroor IaR O I ssssj.ram oe n saeh hoerre eanray rvtrrrt I eop I pte nrtit e 'classes fnrrl ior own rcf ~noinrmnpmvleg s; -i rsea eflt~rarlree~rir - ttt lll +l.llis tvwlh tiresiaaira c e,2iiri O 3I SiLlr(sea Var~i~hls n, o". .rBtOTcf'r Rhh nm Prsf - C rrl a nnrafflh1rassseen son eat, wilt be - t 5rstoiinS;aloetaot sfaetotmrU q~rlass errel jg t '" q~ *-hw -SCA'S Er' ;rc~i opli flF~'~np ~ od~)Cn sirsee. i tjsesall lisrianilrrn i ss~ iscosot for giorde . e/t $ummt andl aim aa . poatoi' mn. at(j Ipir taee: andbam ,,Jmhwntier w ~ithaainddaartamiamtnd kdpantpa (in itt and ibaam t tai endbeun I *titan. amaster raule Cntet ad Plaater wiith a splendid aenortlnaert at ?ittd'l in ti~e nd Uueeia iron aad camtnpproved ternn, eo in the es --t · Iraunrn an,1 a Citel t tw , p tttrat rutsworkmo t ' l l'.V tt ACKETS FROQ NEW YORK .-Now Lne. l S--'To sail' ineutually evary e seond Moiday r during the seasnon, tllt or not full. Ship Orleans, 599 tons Capt. S. Sears, Il Ship Alahoba, 474 do (. C. Berri l'tw Ship Arkansas, 627 do E S Dennis e r Ship S ,ratogn . 542 do W lH.thaway. Ship Nashville, 540 do ) Jacksco, Ship Kentucky, 6219 do J Bnker b The above ships are of the first class, coppero e ' and copper rastered, and having been built i Neaw rO York exproesly for this trade, they are of light ser draft of water nla arlmost invariably cross the bar , without any dletention. rThe commanders are men fa of great elrricalco, and thle ships wihl alr ays be] towed up ard down the Mississippi by steamboats plI They have handsomn fuirnished acacommodations, and stores of the best description will always be no furnished. The cabin passage is $90 without wine or liquor, and there is no liquor furniahed to Cl the offieors or craw. For freight or passage apply an board, or to ' II C AMES, 48 Campsat. V The olhips are ot accountable for braakage ata glass, hollow ware, marble or granite, cooperage of no tin, or rust of iron or steel, nor responsibla for any (i package or parce!, unless a regular bill of lading ;IIl is executed theretor at the tlice of t ,he ul.t. IPt nov27 l1 NEW ORLEANS .anl BAL'rT1OREt LIN eI oF PACKETS. This line will consist of the folloii;ng vesoolfi, which have been built or purchased exlrossly lfor I the trade. viz: Ship .aman, C'at. hllner, Bark Mary, Nickerson, I " Irad Ferry, new '" Stevoers, " Solomon Saltus, "' Latham, Brig Architect, r" Gray. 'rhese vssels are of the first class, have hand.! I rsoe ftranilhed :ccommodations, and are of a lghtl Sdraft of water, so as to admrit of their receiving and t discharging their cargoes in Baltimorae, at the city. Freight will be taken for ports on the Chesapeake or James' River, and forwarded by the agntes, Messr.. CLARKE & KELLItOGG, at Baltimore: . eapenlas on goods shlipped will be advarued wlhen required. The price of passage is fixerd at $O0, fi ample stores of tih b at quaihty will be provided, p Steam aup aud downda the Miassisippii will be t kIn L oi all ccasions. a Fur freight or !ipasagc', apply to p aaE ). EDFOllD, I taov27 li tllhenvil'c st. t FOR NIW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets ] '1 IE Ships cramposrin this line will sail fcoa New Orleans and New York on every other Man d day-conllllllnrlnig onl tIhe I20t Novmbeir--alld to Si l u phre Ih l pun itualty in tile time ofalr ilitig, tho li nei will h.irai ter coe si t of ivar i 0s , viz: • Yui ,b 0zno, C.iptdi T'rask, to lease on the 20th S November. SIhip Louirvdlle, Captain Patrler, to lea;: ou the 4th l)ecemer. D Ship Ilunsvllan, Ca:tptain Eldiridge, to ale.e onl the 18th December. SShi, Vickiburg, ('aptain V'roodholusv, to leave on a ' Ship lisili, t aptain Davis, to leave ol the iI 15th of Januaary. e Tlho above aire all new, of the first class, copper d j and co pper fnatened, and upwards of 500 tons I , urthen, are of light draught of water, being built 1 in New York expressly for the tradlo. The price of passage is fixed at 10f0 di,lara: their cabias are lilitted up in the most improved and convenient plan, and finished in a neat and elegant arylo - Ample stores of the first quality will be ilovided, and every regard paid to tle comfort and entire t satisfleli.i u of -ias lCngers, who will please e take no. tics th :t no berth can be secured until paid for at the offco of the consignees. lThese vcsrols tIr commnanded by captains well experienced ill the trade, who irill give every at tenlion and r:xort thenlselves to acommedate. Thoe will at all ItnrC lr; trrowed up anld down the ilissic sippi by steamboats, cnd the strictest puetuCalty observed in tihe lie l of riling. r The owners of these ilti; s will not be responsi. d ble for any latter, parcel or package, sent by or put on board of thlem, ulnlaas a regular bill of' lincg Sbe signed therleor", at the counting houe of the agent or owaners. For farther particulars apply to 1J D REIN & A COIIEN, Snov2a7 90 Common st I a, i,; ORLEANS &C[IAII,ES'TON 'ACKEI'I'TS a This line consrais of I lurve.sel,c ie al Silthe first class, opp ered and ropr flart. ened, and of abonr 200 :rans borthen vwi lt handslne naeomrnodatimns for prassi n elrs. Id Thee vessnels are erommanded by ca ,ails w. re rlion, and exert th[mli, be.t. e c I, i an t. h Srhippers. T, y %;I b, toa ed pi and d.,n t!:e to!,liisssiapi, and ,ci avea New Orclarns on or bAI orra tehe 10th nnd 1501 Of ,very month. 'I'h,1 [,lloes tog ve cls con lmp.,l- the he' -,"i I ,i a Brlai Aral;iarn.(lhatlels t., raon, master. Brig (.alqann,J. 1. 'T'l omnptn, mster. f3rig Albenn, J. I),,alne, master. Bark lieger Wlhams, .I. Allihers, masrr. For reight o rpa caoe,aply t. J. A. IIARELLI &('r,,61 C,,nim,,n at. 'New Orltiae, ar c1. C i--' - tri l . in - S ). LiCAtl) & CO'S IHotoln and New OrUicans SLi a of 'Packet Silips.--Tfht new line of ships has been expressly built to run between the above i ports, and will be found of suitable draft ofwater: t accommodations fir passengeers, and every effort will be made to give general entisinetion, The lhe is composed of the lo lowing ships: Clherokeo, 415 tons Capt. J Harding, (:;roliln, 400 do S Lemisl, Char e.ton, 374 do D Eldridge, Columbiana, 625 de f; Blarker, Seamnn, 240 do J lIo vr, Bomrlbay, 625 do 1) iumphrey. Tihe above ships are all now, of the tfirst o lass, copper fastened and coppered, comnmandod by mni:mn of great experience, have large acconmmodations, wilth a sepoarate lonie crbin; every attention will be paid to paIsongere, and thle very test of stores pro vided lor them, 'I'lh packets will be toweid up and down the Mis sisaippi, and the strictest punctuali y observed in Lthe time of railing, and shlould the re:gular vessels be detained in arriving, other ships equally as good will in all cases be substituted. A share of patron age is solicited, and tauo agents pledge thelrmselves to ileroInIinoote ans mucIh a practicable, to receive and forward goods Iy said line at tho most rmoder. ate charges, and to advance all expensnea on goods shipped, if required. " The ships will leave the lut and 16th of every month. For freight or pasnsae, apply to the agents. J A Al FRIIIIT'T, 82 Common at. N. D. Advrnmenota mnade on consignllnlu ts to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. niov2? , r....-., e tia' asO. cO, re ow recotvlngiro i Kt on board ship Orleuns. Eogle, lichllander, r'oker lewrv Andrew, French ind Germ layi ly cards; flock gonntln Boards; ('bhessamen, a 1-1 and 23-8 incah hil ard loille: C,9,10 und I.! iuchI hlade owieun Knives: Iraher ainl iother Irtratling Il)reseie ('nsee: Belt. 'ocher, lir=iuron's and nunrlling P'i.ita: lo:ble andI sinole barrelled Gunm; G;ame ange; Shot Melt,; nPowder sod Pirtol Flunks; DI)ln Blotles and iDrnking Ciri; I P rc:coion Caps and Cup tHoloers; ClIntmh, l rm, Trnth. - rd Nail iGrlehs; Orvi eaad Cblorir Tooth rl 'osth" Tothll Powtr;: Troilet c dl Shnvin Soups, in great vas rits; long hair !raild Tainolets and Friettsr; Pear. a (toi' lel I'ow,i,. - ro , - i lIt,rv T .b (-,l bitus' I'owlier luli* id + 1111 tte. t e , Seale andI Kevs; Ear-drops; maist rueo.-, "; D.i.; i eadl Neckhlen and Chains i l; (ii a d l ct rerel Rea ; I - " ldina l euds, Helle . nd Plires; Slil T'.ist; Side r:' .reesir Cobr.; t. hiclh,in utlitio In their norner stock ,loou ln, makes their wsortlment very e(lplet e, and will he s, hl ow .ud ul nlliberal ereaf, it tho igi sf the G<!tdlo,,n 1 ,,,nb, 11 C harlres etn~rt. f5111-. Seth.r.iers, Agents f,. r thr etensive huen. of I id. & u , Butcher, Sheffield. Enr'laod, hve just e.eeived a very ext-noive set of ,:1' , s, c1,,nifilln of Table anll Iesrsrt Knives ,-of a - description, Pea, Pocort t)ilrk nil pei r poilnt inivt-s; Iottors. Sci,= tors. Ee ldge'al, Ae. &a ae&c. &xwhihtlihey rn: preo iredi o exhibit to rlie rrtnlet iPonii. Tcrl. and coullditions will e Iade ktwn lit ti tileo. o onr. it16 J. i). BInN t A C(. II·EN.gO 9 m0 ,ln st. Ni l (;.)til . S IMMONSB' . IIARTTI't CO.--Are now receiving, K per hip Ilntsvillr eEugle, nirr;v Adllw,, lih mier, IFrecleh and lnerlman dlIl h!,e 1dNV ltil etay s: : ster, and priket pistols; loain, riaed iand split cussioa caups: cap holders; seis-ira, Rzorst, tnl. yes; (;illotl's comnercial Sndl other steel pens; oi in nas Violin stringas; .ell, ivory ardt horn combs; k, head and leather purses; Ihair mIetds, frolt a;.l aek ringlets; negro IlfU's; Gernman udel Prechell ologue .ater, now lands mnaceasser ni!, imitntion do; antique and bears oil; portable desks and dresslng lacs: lout,. bleking; staliallud toilet glanses; convert mirni oal - amL glart and t iev.; Inian Idin r aorb, bells adl .liut's: euntnera. wdat-wlae;" toilet ari nans iag orL*; tonilet w.nter, ee stetil wash blaotli mseCoenin.dl r sbInionsi NEl stantls; rcw cushionst ftany bad ichains os,. ,I ..., I ril.i"inl LIuIa; ,ae.|ai hooks l.nd wi tttnl ierarr hiroresa renorritttinr; iane air-I coolmor gulpa Sa tie sausrnler, ga o sit c ;rriiilis laoifor erntchena sit ve.r pencils; C o,,s, ,ae. -.," .tThe av6inaddiii, to our fore 'isntoek of funny n4oeilen nakesotr asrtnent veeririatne. or e o l sle w t hoteale or retail; ai the sign nthe Golden Cnnllr, 7 hClaortre sreet. n aei.o. A NEW nrtile for persrons troubled with deafraa, (c.lled ti Enr'Trumapet,) has just been rcueived, by the nm.e of hlebI, the* slightest artieultionu of the bu Snioan voices is diulrneliv conveyed to thn va. Any ble Irho Ia evera !k ebhiger at oonverse with tn very dor t' r-Sn, r =b lf r!ill otr t6he nmlutty an d m. o al o fan S and sthe iia -diridusliso f br nrted i By thi use o f tla 3i'l rumpt 'i oljrloui enotirelyoUvoiated. fhe - '. woeptWiea % tvila I a a W ,trao d tlher soubts after I F '(;tUON'S FPasv re Ri mItli$C. r ,on. and St CLOrlIe strCee.ts =adoIar tG: rst X lintarl. f h . .BOOK BINUERY. Under tle Picayune Ofilce, 7- Camp at. l iRONSEt IA '& lO\VSON bi leava ti ifirmn SIhIrir cuatomer nnd thie pultic cgnerally, Ilhti 'ey lihave remiievtd heir etabin hlhllelnt to N",t . '7 3 tntp strct, ic lmucdii el lv under the olfien of ii e i'tca-yune--where they .le preparedi t txeeute all orders in their line. 11 ying received from ithe North a sup ile of Ip.. :er anid raiteia'is of a sI perlir ltml yi , fIre tlhe eiunotacture of iilahi, Hllioksi they thiir ter vieis it) merchants and ether*, who may wish ctork oTf thalt indi; acud hnviner the advacnage of several yanrs's experience ti tiint t , li they are eitilident of civing s-ttehaciton to those who may f.,tv rthcm w ill thui r r u llt : For iolnrice, lrechite-cts and others, mnpsx and plans Hill bie p, stild on I .en, varnishe! and moutlled ill tile ne-Litiut iinlcnetl, S at tlle .lhi rtest noaice. Plaiu and ftnec hindinc, in all its vrieltieas l. CHNA ite l he-kEiAtll.1 riN Atihi a' :16 Chunrre sawr -r New O(rlteans. r IIPM, SRiGlEANl' & ,Co. importers of French ca n acod Euihlsh Chinl and E[artlhe an ware. arl ilow opeily lnew anld rich pinterenl of brcukrulf d dining nld Ite aservices, toilet sets, piluecher, til iiand coetle ueps. teapois, alugars, creamcs, bnowles, plates. dLshe, tIueCIens, wah buainl and ewes, - lo ti hatll s, ece. etc. Rich cut and plain French and America: glass. wure-gobletl, chalni paigner, lenolllldes, jellicr, i care', trine-,cordalh, centre ihoi-lee, doeanters. I Uiblete, pre: erv.ed lllea eleries, pitchere.t lne ps, i lalp shade and glasbes, c:0u]e Sahadoe, salt Ce - lera, ite. I ihvrr plated, br.nzeld and brita'nia c'arme.--nrat - tire, hliqulrr sinde, cla e l ihekeCts, ce:ndt! icks, branches, s;, ons, ladidle'n l Ii nditaplt, s arn, crlellns. nnps, jaranned trare, astral sallnd, and liangtne lampllfi e cuuciitler Gc, tinan saver spiituns cnd lucks, togetuec r with a i reh variety n f,irticle for ferutly use. .lerehall ts, plaiuter h, 'ri l , and stealmboats, flurlnihed w:Jh god at ithe imtt l ea oleuable prices, and paitlkeld s as to bl c ri-vey)e d withl smlity t" any plrt el the county.ll :Aln. nl hrls rnlels'.· lanit-ro. n liZ THE FLORIDA LINE Fr 1o Maito Au.ust. . G;e . SIe-nves M31loblet revr day nt three - io'hlock. p mn per U S mtril boat , for llall's La, itI. i ab- i e Blilakely,- tl t e c. n tir pi Lt eaoches tIo Pu:aleola--thlec a+eantodlts to n L"grlite, w here lhe land ilonl is resumed-.lhence via Mn tlllln anin l [lrewntsille, tFl. -iahcilitldl e, Ptnde'tow, n, II w nlw tsvi!i c. Sn,,,derville & Louie. villetoe Augusta, t.t, eonmcecting reculnily with ,' the r il road Cars to I h('lirleston. i n, the i teanl i:a Ikes t o Nowi eork, NerItlk, P ilidelphia, etc. The sleamlllblelte 1 ire b lr,+ bet lo the service, andll thIe naviation e presents miore advantaiges than canl be found upoi any stcenluboat route in the shuth. ern retil. 'he reat improtvements ill till.e rt have been n prluce,- lby the conraulctiol l fifiv miles of nelew roadl, l thev propll teors, viz : frot L 'G+ ra _,,e Oil o ,nl v'ay, . +i'.,,ou, o arlurn 1 of :onto Ross liy, to ia HIl't.i 's Fe8r- . . , 'III Clini'h. JI. e. i e tiver, ten m ,baah ,.v th,'C iv. of. or 14 labevetCe dar l; Ini, h i w.hereby the navietL i -n: of the river, and e lieP cnl. l eLtqnl t d. leitions, alnd mi re r II ert int l he inc in veient e hrssic t hlre owledl, re reeir.' ' avoided, and it line rd firon ;Mariana diriirt c to lainbridg,' ions i,u1 it the roundrboul re d va C rhti-taoti hc-tee. li s .i r th dhta ,nce about "crr n miles, and iner- a mg the tailities more It-l-n Ie Aero,, abran line ofI' two horse stacnes every other day fhli-n Ilawkinlaville, via PI',rry to Mciaric, ;r Ga. connecting wilh the tite to Snavannah atnd as Dariene Gao. It A maur steanmboat tilies regularly between ae Bainbridge anil Apalnelhie-nts. Travellers wishi:g e to reach any point on Chatlloochee olr Apalacltt il cola, enn take steolcnbot at at Urlwnsvl;e. Mobile to Pie nsaclu-Lacund Rol.uc-During the d time oecepic by the repairs of bhau:, the proprie. Stars of the Flo"rida hIne will run a line of Inr Ih iorse post coaches every other day between Mi'h Sbitle aid Penacy!ci. PbsseCnrPTs wIll lecrOO 5elili itn 3 o'dcl.k p m, 11 in Ihe L- US mll ll boat, ,nd proceed to llillrl Iaied int , where a luur lhorse coacth w--l i aitu cwarlit to yt,,convey tCem to the exedlent houseof lir. Charles hall, 1 1 4 c mile disi ,tlt wh-r re Ie ey will find iptcacnlt nrcnitllodllions for fihe night--Itavln next m orning, they will nite in Pt.e.ta ln r i w ,t iin the evcen ng, thus aivoiding the discrullort e t r.velling. r Oilic at tihe Mianasiln house, Molile, .ind CI. elins' lloel, PensaciIh, w here es a's lostb -em ,u re;. STOCKTON & Co.i nv I it W illinam S. lth tenders his srvices to the citi. Szens cof Now Orleans as ti:acher itof the pian ,l forte. Mr S havhing been uemployed several year eI i teachier of inusie in private funlllie inll .se n, uand also it s+everdl of the f!,na!, seitlti csla s in its S 'itl1v, Canloi t U I .il but to ei :h itr h l. n . li i is permilted t refier to l'es Dr Ce l .pp, itbs-e SSitson &i i .Avery, IIt:nhI rciun S. G(:ules. le, Fr leltems, &el iaplyuI a t he buoe.stre of Alexacdter'-' er1.,3C (m iteo-r 2c Drugs anod .dI Cococ. J BC Prttnet stns, lcrlr ,d hiiiiia ci In1 this city lot ti~a p rt'"i:c oi crnn.t" , a oinl tl hojo 0001 0 1i)r,:" boo-coon. Ii e Ito roceoiving iaul oopollio i rIIr o nd oooo'o, o~i ooi,owhch i(-eIl o oIonlihdrnloetooic ooo city dr oo+gir, nd ooi scsoil theiit tie t pi~e obo, meroochants cod p1 loo Ile i lo-l r h o conI·E tclo ouch o haveoneo, r be. looroo h or, ) n oohreol In this co. Hits intentoni isoo, 00000 s~:'lv"i; ;;anooe oonleoooooc. Ilocco.ocko 00011 soouln h~r c i tpletr, on11l n i t few week.r will be ren dy fu I~r l-~nrlnesd. All orderrs tram~ thle cnuullryn nd frio I-erchannl ofoco i" o ir, relt iving such urdei' willi hr proooopoyo uotteooo to. Wct 2 11 CnnI 3O VA 0 2":I'Y STiOI{RL-at the sign of tlhe goldcn comb c '1 Clhloru;ostucr. o ' he aIohsccloers ohave rc .oe, l -to o ottocoooooooostoook ool had, ofuoll ,,Vid t oo,,lpc l asso rtcohc a of arctil it'i their lino ; viz: c-ombo, pcrffcJo..o... Jooollociooolh*, loclkingo gloscoc CO~lI BS-tnrrlhcice shell, wroughlt andl plain ntckl,tuwint, chil~elled -ck, lusr ro ooc, dressing, fello 00 curl and (01k, tot0zilio conlolI of cooolotyesocrooI'co amongst whichleta solmIe Mexicancrpttor, Ivor, cmbs of o t0 cry toescrotiption, horn, Ol.ccorosi obpockett ote withotoot grttera as·orrl:, ell ofl' l r cccIo tolA crirnin. I'Et RI III I[Y-Cilogoc, I ocooodooc, Ficcido, honey, hay, ruse.aml o"C Ilr bow r woc,'r' of every size occc les. Oripotiou, cllmpolroocooteld Colcgcne, ext0a0tof tIorgooooct, facysoy vi it l11:'11 r d, shring Ic in co'co and p0ts, crc,,n, ocido,, Icuroo'. vroc'tooiob hlarjnilI,c o corad on 101 codo. Pcc',ooon's ocme'lliniog ,lolcyI o,,l plIiderfumed roolct powdoer, pccr : owder, blow0 Iter puils ancd boxespo 00ut 1n m pot, anld , rll000 oIoald olrcinec tooth otaslh wll td oooooicoooothl it ocoootaLSoio nCotooCoof JF'oIE'L:LIOY'-coon oofthcn. latest1 od 0,0,m1t fohiona lle setts, consistinof othito nood red corntliooo, topj1o 1 jet ardroplc , sct i0 lilb.ccgleoocooc 1oioo',s 0 t gre' ,tr. ty of opatteroo watch trio.:ooitCo, gilt still oWilv^' .tckle., ,ilscllriothlmles, iloer ndlololp po, oilotolgd guardlclhciain I3RUSIIE1I-CIoti, hoair, dbst. c,co'urtobRlto'oioboor, lot, :lest,, tooth, pl0t1, cooxbl, Noil, slhaving, shoe and w~hitewash b~rushe~s. LOOKINGO (GLASSESo-CGcttoooo stubs and toilet glocss, mirugnoifoiofoiicool odtorrulotlo drecing glaotoo,hooooe dlo, witho it oriociv of other kintds noo t tnuCmeratel. 'FANCY AND1 VoAIRIiIiY ART'1ICLES-Frcech nood Aoooricao pert.l I0 (orlcko sottol dlreoing cses, sooo. toerl- ricoh mid inOly fInishe'diro work to okooooddrce SRIngP cases wnith iota w\iithout m usici~, musical boxesI:I Ac. 00 lc,'o000000 0lot to k olo, otoolinstill(],, gouitasslv r n plated pencils lct ot; loodsud pencils for carponoctersl00 d ceyoun/uvut otooootool .:sod u loto ithlo anlod wllthtt 70les, t0'00''.0000 c001,-. 100t-vu00000 cu c arer01 ip l $ 0001'W 0000cr, 01h00t .l c, lt0,e 000000 hlots, 00000r bltflootgo tot otooooett,, loooioo.oloooi t0eoo'c Co veykol, elols anod poOes nocdleooc, pino, silter oic.toli, otcl onlod euolootoott,;oo-oltuo cleat pocket bookv and wa~ \\.llet, it \a'ioun kinds, visiting~ o'oid ooco Atica yiou togocc, ollo imttol'cc ruit,0oootil boxes, 0rint00 otl' vooriooo Lionol, Sootoorrdocoo'omerle· Cotootocrootooc, 1(10000000 a llatooicios razortoloosoacnd metacllic o oljtoooOloton'ylooood nctkloacs, olwthooott'-. d dilli" oy altciP. , pearl buttons, pDowder lluslts, on, nodd 0001 0,000 bcoms, gil otd silve JOoo, Zunoo elooctic .aspencc loroc.noogaoters, plat Vi00000001 co canol bc~aut b 01000, die:, a1 ol oiO000t 0 i 0, j 0l0J o Ioh? , loleotmo 0 atch 000 :Irinkmo cups, with 0 ;;rol t vars., o o0000 Vi01 leat .:.: · :willooboolold bitccloati oi coitytoo'oplan ce ilI .1's ... Id II .1 d'olS, &. O ol il lCLooortroct. i _e- UI:10' lledl I,. c--L. o oie Ioln l h ioioioIto. Ott I bhldletikbig,0 0000 . 001,l0. .. Coo lod fo I A T'OIVAIO, 411 Cumno 0 I'EI1 1 O)0L-15 golitotO pure winter d. S po'rmOil, ioo 0 ask an0 o iloscfor stle by JAoll&oofor lIAlOVIco & ANDuRI-oO toIotleolo 1)rtogg.otocoruor L." minioon otol 'Itloop l~otoooeo %Vooto, Io'orooooo-t, ooo.-A 00ooteoooo crttcl Oof eilotoool, IUtoool t exprsl o fot the rettil 10001e; oal,, fto 'ot-ct I' tealh Potrootmers' coboolra scneevery vatricty I.or f1,0 tootlot, orosite bI 0000 n IEES oo& D'I0ANC:. 1'o 'Iboll t 1 totto oooootanl l PlFocros. Negroclooth o, lankeLlnel, Ilnse n1100 hitlottooe Ot choks, lineoo. ttoliooooo, IaooooobooloioolA, &e Bic eceived cond lot sale tsty by tlldoooloocri. 0 bot ROT'I'A & C,,. ort. ce nootr Canol and Cioltrltr to I) 1,:] CI(I.tJU, Ni t 4 Uotdde s0re00t, towootto 0Doultoln and Si I'ioolobor'scoootantly oon bulod at ,00t0000s000e 0000t000toe ot oot .taud oloogo.ooirand ehlooo,ooINoew York manuoofactureCitrtottn. wop men atdl cooldren olf 'oCeeo, whoich tIC will doopboou of at oery mtodertotItsi oe.. Foocooliosoflhioo at qoointo 000 0 seno ineon orderlt will hoooe ohteir wishes ttoended to L S SEAOUIR J RAN V IAILIRFAIIINA'ii COLOG1Nk Wto'I°bol , coases more of dolt oooperior Cocogcl water, just I, reeoiood stool foot sae by file dozen or 0 icolo Fottlo. Also Amoeriocan enbd Foench toiletpotwloer, powder ruffs anld boxes, shav·ing and toilet asoppsceoalllctl wads balls, mailk of runes, cosmetic cold Man), extr ac u muek, kopbolota, Wrdl'o veetibolol oir oil, poooontool, ooceotclde proeoo, tFbrida. Ioooolor, reeoland bay wtbers, I'reootac'o onalto, Mlbomilles perfutmery 110 trunks. vteget. ble r idtliqoid r0u0e, Clhlorite ad Olri0 tooth wash, loh, hlair, tooth, nail aoolesbh 'ottcloo together with on doldlitional otply tf fooshionbab foot and shell combs and jocelco too to. lowt otoleaole or ro-tuil by - I316b0tN01. HARTI &CO, oly t 6 70 ICbceo .t troeyt.. BUSINESS CARDS. I R JOB PRINTING-. ,,e OF EVL:Y DECRI)-TION. cal, sPEEDILY, IIANDJIO)MEL.Y ND CiI:4I'LY IEXL:E't:Ei to AT THE OFFICE OP THE i True .tanerican, 'ST'. CIIA'LES ST RIIEET, NEAR I'OYDRAS. e' CHAMPLIN & COOPEI:, tot GROCERIS AND I)EAlI.IIc IN I'RiOVISIUNS lici AND lii', ala No. 79 ind ,_ Jlulia ateer, New' Orleni. IUL Sip Itred fmadT stories pliitp. n- r 5a i - - LOtl111,I N A -- ot SURNITURE WAREROO!IS I. N,,. 53, ilinvdlle str,,et. fret, hir fi ,lracin tle plh rllric tlhti hr a aa do srlatly receiving front Netw Yolk nnd lloston ait good I ossertTnet ef' Ftriritre, 'arCt ir lchtllltllry, I slofal , led-teads :nniles stlll pll~llltla d l blil., maLP (Illd cherry bldateadt-, tall..len nlr d che:rrl Iables of all c' descriptlunri. iureaui, " ilete, i'.CtarVs, writi to desk,, worlrol es of elahogany allll cherry, waoh In rande, loaking glnari:s,!etlihrs, bedddllg,Sr. & c. &c N3. Fiurmiture packed ti ill aporprtartin witlC great iC FRIED WILKINSON. to DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL Sr LOUISIANA, ti 'FEItES rlis ermviees to th.C plulblic iCe thb depart- A menteolf ýttr veing andd C,1 Engncincrng, both J. itl l nlrI yletllr. rlio oFitaherrdleexl perienletu 0r his pnrlfl..i llh .andl]bll y p l rlll rllll |llld 1 fdrlil\ ill lhe ( mlllrit II tll ". eeL, e a Ol 'cu, of" , lllh. pulltrrllu a e. llewil' r cvatlions. ODfice No i Chartreastrol ,seereundi toly Crack. .ja7 I ...... BA ZAAR . SUSIE & ALLEN, Nn. 1, EXCIIANGE INI)'TIL, aorner qf St. CA:h res and rolenor ae,. NEW ORLEANS. II'OR'I'TERS rnd DIelers in French ard Engtlish CI rtrlrrfal.r; Il)raing CIa 1alnd l'ortnille Itock,. Cutlerv, lr.iorry. GlVret S.hirla, Sioc!rC, tirmbrcelas, l Cones,and Fance Articles. rl McCOLLMlI & DO9VY, Fanctor & General Commission Mllerchlants, blOI31LE. RIfere in New Kirkeran, IAberialihy Ci& Hanna, ) Caldrell &. Hicky, a Pope, Pewers & Co. da--l n .. .JOItN STEWARTI , , 5, fllt Stlreel., i!rw Yr!k, CtO1.11ISSOI)N IEIRCIIANT. I lIPIOR'I'EI' and dealer n Ilairera Plushes and I 1 trinlllilng. Ample strlage mary be had oii rlod Prate terml sl d every uteiiiin paid to grelds forwaerd r Rad to hi care. c learr.s. I.arue & Prorvo-t, N O. (eGossip . Co. Ii irno .r 2 iC::fIS- ly _ -A CARD. CHIRISTIE & SNE'NOTT, iti'/olesale (roarers and C.otnaisser.rt Irei.cantla, Nao. i7 Cullu'nll Sreet. . tAulleas. C P' utrtietr larnirentin paid to ih *l tling upti t o eI i a t ad Shrp oers. BANK NOTE ENGRAVING. RAWDON WRIGIIT HATCH & EDSON 5e I AVI: oned ian oillice in New Otrleans. posses.ring 1 equal advantages with their house ir Ne:. 'olk, Checks alind other iltmpnlalll Ilt prs, lllllnring securit nhe agait Forgeries; nu Ii,, hllver I tgP ill tie outrvisinn fllu dbrth kPeeping n' Iall platys IInd impressian entrust ie to their cq e; their eie c rt n r Illr racetle nutes of over 1 re hundg e ir Ic B linit nll. ins titoi mr is, anld all i order C will lb Pxelllc d wile i tl nr arcplitude, al' i the. usrll al iterls. Oilie, cr rire.i 1it' layl & Ctunel atler . SAMIUEL 'TOIlY, e."lerchandise Broker v3 Coniaisri on .Nrerhantl, dl3 OCiceC , ii, Camp aC.-For the presst. C SfIIPBROKEIR & (:t)JMISJfIOgN MERCHANT, S No. 63, Poydrac Strrit, i. _ zc.,,:wr-nr.l, . S, . . FI'I'EMAN &, '(;), I0'hotalte n lotlfnA Ef a6IthfseleI ; No. 3, .lllguzle strei t, 1 AVE constautl oni hlad a large anllply of Cloth ý " in!,, lca l:ctutd fuor lhle countryr tradei. Their es. e sortunent beingf larrel. wrrchants front the comutry can be supl:lied eIt the shortest Ioti:e. l I)EAL.Et IN AMERICAN & ENILldIll :"')WVN ,LASS, if . No.o C. O sw,,omere,- r .ir.s:: r. ~1 S No. 14 'haortr.. NIrrt r IIAVIE r errlias l int 'pprfir r re ' utIl 'r t, inl

tC r dres.l tht.le iat,'st sr 'le, Yri' r . lr J.fD.lseo SURIGEON DENTIST i B No. ::, Io a, il iret. C1 ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING , ETI'A ;I.I,"\1 IENT, id No. 5i3, Magaziine Street, ( Opiosite Cirrks' AreClda. I O LL:.3.I "G E ENiE, PRJORIET1i ir net M ~aaic St~~t 3 3 . PARKER Comnmission aud Fiorwarding Merchaul, No. f6, FRONTI IEVNE, 1P STlit. Netsw "alenti Frh.'. _ JARVIS &.ANDIVE \ S, WIIOLoESAl.E AN[) iEfTAI I)rDALEiRS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DYE STUF'F'.SI.VI ) IlVD1iDOI' GfL.JSS, 'corner of Commlllonl d Thoupitoulas sc:eits, -NA'H.\N .IARVIs. J(HIN WV. ANtIIE VS. A large upply o Garden See l, w urrantced the grow th of ti337. ROBERT i§I>NtCIANN .-N, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTERI No. 13 camp street. Wholesiale iDealner in Paints, Oil, Varnithoe., rushee II:l \\i,,d w and Piet ure I (;I s i c. e. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROBI:SO.." OOD ILo 1 INo. 6y, Charre.ttrslara, ii,eL Door elow Biienville. j AVE constantly oi hnd ievery article acpertsin- i LI in to gentlenee'nt dlorn, Iltni ill tire be, man. Inor and dmost fiouinnable style, which they offer for cash, at redllced prices. de-- -- 138 INSURAN'E COMPANY OF NElA oR.lE.NS. Thin Companv are now prICar i to tak..: RISKS AGAINST PI.E. No. 21 Iusason's Buldding, ('anl,. I. TRACY, i New ()Mieano sNii 15.113:1. . ,._. _ NtrTICE---TIe pkartner-hip) nf Iilcv, lnSon &Co of New Orlean ; 1lasn, Illlrrh ris Co., of Natcheo; i larriinKeltl &Co., of Rodneo , was diss.,lved om lietLi nfa nv otiin lit, br tileo death of'S uel .I Masoni, iie of the partiers oi the tirns. 'IThea unilersiined, survivinlg i.rtner, w ill be charged with thl setttliig and clotiiei sa:id I,usiineu as fillow-: Levi C Harris will attend to thie settling of the busineso aof 31aui o tlarris& Nalchez"c nd IlHrris, Kei ee & Co.,a ode,; l, Ilenr , Kelley will attend to lie setling of the business of Kelley, 3hson & Co., at New Orleansl. The, une. of the several ,irg will b.e used in liuidationonly. T'hose ialrbted ill siid tlirm are elmte.tly requested socoie forwiard andti makeerly settlements; and those having elainm wrill-ptos Ireselt ithen withioutdelay. .,_ .IVl C IIARRIs, HENRY KEI.EIY. Nerw Orleansn, June 27, 1837. F RESII GAIIRDN SEED-'The subscrlber blegs to express iis grateful thanks to tie pubs he, for the liberal support be hlnsieceived since ne colnlenced business in llll city. Bulng sale pro priestrof the seed store, 17 m(;itlu street, hie io not and never was agiInt folr any tiotlltern seed vender; neither ias he conancled with lan house in this contrry-but he assures thIe plublic that Iis conneltions in every deprtlment of the sped bueln Iess, in the different countries of lEurope are equal to that of any hluse in the United iclates. lhe inl. pirte leeds, plants, &c. itrl tihe nost extensive and respectable nurseries and seedsmen tn France, Ihlland, lElnglnt, Scnsoland, ntd the no thern states--and it will at all imes b he is inreres, as it is his riudy, to receive, in addilion to h present Sstock, large arrivals of every description, really tie growth of 1838; alsta, engnatled fruit ire s, of all iklids. Tihe publoc may rely on finding a fti a slrtmelnt of every article in the seed hulre,o genu ine quality, and imnported direct ym. DINN. a \VWm. DINN. t ITARNISIIES-Tlle Sulbsriher, having lately elas blished a varnish sannuiahctner in New Orleans, is r ready to supply the Painters and the public in general, Ibv holesalne aeor rtailt. liI, prices are moderate, and lls quality rf his prdurlra superir tio nuay ever brought to tsis place. The gurentlrmnn emplovet to superintend , the manufactor aris beean ;t the hbad of an xterlesive ertablisemeant flthis akind ill aurupo. 'I'loae diaps.asl to csall at la gEorrtr of Natlchez arnd Tcholuplitaula ta, i shall er lsrented with a fair sample of any varnish icolnch No..l,wtrrianted nor to changa even in boailim water. Tie black varnish for talrcs and rteain bw :ti, ,itr es Iht trannnparen srarnis iwithouitu sell;,4 Royal Collegle of Physicana, London. 'S LIE. c rigcnnl Vegetable ulygeinn Universtl Miedi T tne, prepared by ,V .Miskis, Ecq. Memuer iof l the n.oal College of h orgaens, .iccatiate of Apethe- j cav'sl(;ompn o, Fell owf olile Court Sofiety. Sur-geon n ,t to ithe inove:d Uroi PeIssion Atoeialtiio, lao.ea er ielmi Place, \VWaiteelo ilridge. cmid P'rpetl Pupil iof Gty' conjn coil St.Thoonns'sllosipital, LntIon. T'i Thisn vmluall medicine, the result of twenty yelr.e' gre exslwtrnce aodl roiimllrleil scccens ii thle extensive un t oatl highl epoietnle plcftiee of the prop rieli, iatocl- A nised by the Ireclttv ctel inohlilith, ldl is no illodteto-. lg, to the notice of thoe American Iedblei, at the enematc so- 1 iiciltiou of a nlmber cigentlemen of oInc and hrish tile usetaling i te i . It is holpo., as a ,elinti- ore e ry atrel, to check tle evila and nc veory o~m l ive 'ising from the use of the nimerous and deleleriou i g ve ncntlms toliistd npoi thle piblic Iyi tie idl olffhrlaticdl clli rolofisof mlitihmtoi cures, .ni ioe ttfnmdsv by a setof edl Ilere l.nry, pretendllers so totll iilgolot ..i ol mthdieal science, that itmposibhle thle VnoeolS fsl: delusicn cll acoy monler go down wlth tile initulligeli thi, Ilenl. e nolthicoiuntry. T1ht,. pills, mnild mlI agre:olle ev n their ture, shnloulod he kept in cer" Ihmilin oile toe i ofosudho.n illness, for, Iy ltheir plilolct iticnicirttlcl..i, ite clolera, EvramIp. sIpIRulds, |"l'ls sIIVI other Ilciollcg Irc eotonlcailntw, Hwiicli tonm tolice i-ovne tatal, cei Ie sptrei- ic Ivs credorreiveeiled. lni Lct, all thoselict vains ligacil or ;ealth, t eoloilcI lei bi t c c ithout thel' . P 7cie N e sol' I ta, r in packets nlat 5l cent Sei 1 ,u el n$ch,, every ron es, te ctable druggis ci p,ksic n mler, o hendriofi leiit l ie . t si t cUnited StaMles t I Ir ,calcxs, tuwith cnlo irs lt nealsrt, i iegtlner A,"i t: -rSlllnnllicIas of Lprofesioi jl ccc bilitt iro fo ti fitleio in.g cniceit gectlemn: co ir Astlic C.o per,' , Aiecrnethyc , cecchilcc clcmt, , IN., .iiek, iD)., l l. Astol Key, A. rnlicaptonl M. I). d c .illlel'a r' tllers. Tle orlicgicls nay n ie c ni Iw s.cct.cs.l of tile ist (eloneil Aget, ibiy cwIochn the lnmedil is iniiilc ciitel ill his qUitft., and'to whoad ill aplpliautios lolnbpCged ia eos ilus litie ie.II in c ll o JNi). HIl.IIIEIN, 149 Va.nerln Pclace, 1\. Yoik, a Sole f;eccicual Agnct ho, tilce Uiiniet Sotates, tc. t For sale hv a:lointclllt of tile origiiil plinceioie ci o Iy OwalunIs . lmiic't, Ihe-ggiial, No II CUicai stret, It, (InewIcI AgetIl llotir Siticicce ,fl L )iicllltla j. l a * Ii Il' Y It !,S f cci, No J d. ta, s,,e,,tr- cIn t nw creceiisicg finom shipciis NnPhv;le, Ilds ill,, t lcmllckyc cn Icc le, anll other late iarriinls trnl :. 1 S: elllel citiccis ce. ig cit new tc selericcisclci Ioheut I l I .a.ix, l oots., Stoeu iid a OnIIIInrgn s conAitlig of gen.leccnrloc fine nalft uenl Motet bors I' ido 'a qu:ityi do bclllct, ad setolt wrxs pegled Ibots cc , euio rtics le , liedic ; Ile' flaoe u ll'f sca l l i ori lccc it nb sll.c Inclls nics broganis., tckskicll Itselc llOas hplceliceso'n f hne call ncl khiiccd plegeid sntcsamni Iroicm; sio Ios; do i lnci t c Ii ctkihll Xdcco :wiggcl shoe. u Il b1oI blgaca, g; g ictlenel' s bctcllcllc lit call setcc llc s. 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Itrn l,ll i er s lll o ic Oal an Shoes, hwil lll witl ut he culs; It c ll o f, seal icci s lether c ot ter; do I,·I'?Itc la scl co I tall kleds aeent q ualils; to lasrelht bagis; aril p ottr- a cand ckcietim cces. Misses' ismt cicgsc cinlc. ioe ic, c cgcnis. 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Arraollgollc, s lv r ii nldll S oe ill u in cpciv cc elcs icll cil the IllccI icit cili Ii iond ti ll- ill tile United itats, so ae to place it Ill b thie rec c icthoe o lciccring itud likely to nuiLcr tchis Iosi it - ilrtatis g of lcl aelle., 'Irclcc-aic Iee. lWhen ap iced aucording I,i directiiis giveln onal buttlce, i never a co illiln llcm I l r i cer t si trc to h cel , l s s T h e ilo a rl it ,b rei edt, arel i"e . ', t 9 innoenit, a not u pIc- the' i ; cndli . cIe ll gae ti illlt, r of irlle s ilc diille .clc - . cllcl thi ieno llcc l hel Ite : ler adv iexierle ccid 'l h dIc l-uhe n it lind sai uitry etf r't- Ior! he, i fe the, ahl,, ore rvtt t L I to b,,ct (u hi e pucc e eli em.. ) tcc r ted t e r cl i, to ilc tac- u licthe cmued cculidd ds the mnac l vcccc lc discsirc ccc i t itluIn l cti r iP WI cds. ct l accei $1 te In rtle. Schl by -f Ilc t 1, l-l.\'1'\. Icr e ,'en us-he;, dm o ' en h-ite \ ,oa , o ¥' lie .lr.r . le JI)dc i i NI L Ilt i.I .1. c ,,o, ocaccanacca c " e i ani1t w .lth .]i n l( IIt r p;r ,, F,:v sr a dglll LI S,. tttl it uud r l ac6 . .I ,,I*, I I ('.,% isr ; prvi ''r,, toI, ullo ire acciccl c, tic aI tl~ lrl ic.nlc t im imd., iid nor ll ltn lgl .1 llni u icc r xcc n-lcll ,l ,! gl o' y p n-,cli.c Ic c u i h. i - hr Sto e huIm.titnld c ueost,.utiohat TIe1 proprietor oarf the ,. c envi cedl i elled t)n , te the t rie it is pree, t fuorl i te p ho1pe Io.y t it ll 'l 1 , I, (3 lell al a ofi rel.evinlg mnllly of" th;,ou~ who¢ are ictlccrildg ucclc:r tile ieourgc o iicl ro(ta.itry. It is na IImiclcellle pousessing grccc t villue, uni c hen tLsd Saecurdkmg to the directnls il:h ls nevr fati ld of n etillg a re, oven iIc the Ilof L IIbI illCr l e suge I of Lthe disorder. It is no ntrt all . ug r leaeb h., and pasois o tle waket etoilllacuh, and mIcidren m, take Io with impltcy. It cilrcyhuis tho itichgrvas organs, ereatu an n ppotlte, and d . hhr m v retr uirt n in iori n , r ic obstinate ca.i , t o ol:-l Lto e'elVt n curd. Thero i l nehr menrcury nor re.elcl ill tice rpedicinc , ilor lcy ilhingc injurious no t IcII1I iC constitutlion. Tccc prpri tucc l t.ce n so well convinced ot its clth:iae, theet Ihey a;reu 1 ito refund the prce of overy holliela which ilas Ibcc - tkall ill acculdancr wlic h thc directi;oa aid hand inot eturted a iclperfec cure of lhc liceer i& cgcil. A. OLIVER, solo cc ent for Npi w Orleccc , at chis wholcale and retaiil drcug and In Ic l 1ce slore, colrner o" Inlevicie adic Cartrc Ii Stljrec ic. -- nFor District Agenclcisc. I i, to ji lin. Wi ao I'Ind'I, 1c 8 t Chn ti at. PI'.SACOLA MANSION IIOUS i NEW Cl'rTY, PE.S.1COLA. rlthI aoubscriber hloeeig purloehlte leo lare aod for Siltllreclf' thiJ well ..ltushll to olabliohltlltifco m t laylor, Ith late proprietor, toill be eadV to recivet - i te. by tihe lat t . .jril next. Nuuwerous aiul uotly imlprovements will be folund ill tile arrlnlg nlliellts Of thie .lllaitll l Iolrrcse. New clhd Iore cOlItoaudinOII bathilng hoouss will iha buIilrl llll i€arin b tic, will be pro idt tti hoers. A stable will bie atluchled to thilll Ise, i t ith go ncelunallll Sfor lin heOres anRid carriagesll . ("i"81 Ilrubs and c rriuzes will also be k,.pt lillt hire at illiollerato prile, ti and eiil Lend row t)ollter wsith pll.rl.ll| to) IlagllillleL theilr | ifor IIe ue oltvi+tlor s. I. illi, iA ultd Ioelnium llllllellll uttuatto olund at Lntering tlnet, wrill lsobe litrnished, anrd sthcodutIedl :1as ot to ilolhlerire with thie cothiir nod quietufthle boLardur-. The ine land liqutors ill b e of the betl quallllty, a to C:luUrl ll t ppIly oft ice, a cargo has already betru ordered, whichII will arrise the pro iir tor, who, with such aid, olfdetld 1l}' it teu s the v11 a ihe . of hIs t year, aund hi frielnd ge lneiully, that I r they will, el:leoe ,o ro . p.illd~ilentlon 1i and thereby cxlent. s to gibe gnt rt[ sllieb l. 'he Ilocut adva.tlltge of tI a hou. ari too Well ilOaW t to need i h .ir , A e d l d i:-rtii. i ll 'l fht t-it wctllll~tola i tter ouin d dvul sh rtlleti l of" the (iOVure etlllllll; l the ge alll rketllll ez!, ll of fle (i hll.qrllad rot tile t:l tbleii ofis clill;l te eli-tuhtl ed ols llltly do ring e l,, er r illll ie bp e the c.lh etI re i -t ra- ln r hel Gtull te beaut of tohe biure dt rt ighb olri l islaln, ad ll a riers i e u edaulee stil, eli y it ell' the froh withl whih the an tes abot U ld; '11d iAR proLxi .it, to tihe l t outhelln 1lltarkets. -ivte 'teacola lt tle tre 'fee vll erat orl othecr plarce ill these latitodes, s htlthy n litod delitihtTll aulnlllorrrtreait. ice,rt iltle i th s ill ru bEx etwe,:, '.o lll:o ul ld o tile, and will at il tlesr o Io l to take te he pa.ela gtro.s frunl itha Nt. Orleanu boatt. N It ARNOLD. reI-'eola, Fob. l 5tl, 18:18. ]t (ientlelmle wiChiig to engage ruroa for their !eane. Rle·lfrences, 1'r altBtlrdt:q,Air C ullithu II M:Allpin,l I.q., llt. hib ilacn tluble; S '' Taylor, lt P le, oEmS, itl N.. TP S-An letteh Ir, to receive hellllllaUitttdol for iperott at toie :.bveti tel, tis Plaed at t et Whititatt's Afliee, 51 St Charles Erx:h-elnge. vin Petusa.ld file North, are ioflrled thale lirsl rate the ilcaerlber to lie il Illilleas to take ntIto tse.grsfrai Mobile ih case of the failure of tetioni chs. oThe stenluotNt Chamo pio.a Ies Mobil for Penar tod twice at week 1I lr, : I v u Ditete tro inhIo(g.. t , reospoetol'a y eforin Ao thelir 'i.inds land tlhe puhli in cenral, that they occupy thif new brick shop, 219 Tclloupitoulas street, wlhre they keep eonstaPtly on lhand t opper( Tin nd Shoot Iron Ware, of eveory description, sueh os oopper tills, kettles, tand pInIIps, tin bath ing tu a,i and nil cans, of all sorts and sires, and all other brass casting done at thortes notice. Grate tare of every deseription, ltoir as steam. boat stirrups, hog clhains, jo rw jo o loAalid other kind ofste.mbhet work, snOba obJite ,obrs..h. athey or . 31l titro of out door wokor Ssu'h . o0.tpper d a u o oofing and gItItering, .rio tt thove and anll other kiods ofe work in ,lrohraoiFbus-ntest they will eoatote at the t to t t ; ..- '" '.T$6-.- L £.'.-7,'[ .JNSTPUBLISHEDFROMT STEREOaTYPE PLJATEST '1The b'ht £ditiorof i ROWLETT'S TABLES OF iN'TEERE9Tt No Of10 whinh is ncr atlte:d an Average Time Caniebul Stoar, or easy melhods t' hfitding the navenge time We, on storage, notes of hood or bill. of goods, when otr. by chaed at different dotes, en difltrent credlits, and for vaoinurn mounts; hsidesite usot't'ol nd oompleteo Banking ,he lTime Taile, the hert ht oha n he contrivedl. or that fi gure cann ptr lce within the samne cotdetsel compass, nttl size of t pet. At a:verm'tisement in thebook is in nearly the follow ing words: T The high distinction tins work hs 'received through , the ten Icgislative acts prefixed to the title pkge, is a re commend.tinn inl itself. so n.cmonn,,n at so entoclu sive, th t nothing is tecessarv more than by way of ad Ie'velioelment, to gi en conlllnotdl view o sorme of its pe- in ttcliitin' fe's:ils frinstante, th'e Intere.t has Ieen cOmt))so (Col ed i'nm,nal. comprred with, whet is equivalent to louro- lil r.en seltusn'eaulatione, et.xmined in tthe prts thirty- ro five tines, and priited frotm tereotype plates tes.tti ito thirtyty-none tites, from a'l which it nmt be enident IW' even'll tle skeptic (e.teeially on thu le sennl oflthe tic- P, taIl of prtoof iln ite prefere) that the werk must hie ritih- h it letiet llv inuldlible, and in etonfirmnstn oflthis Itli.foa Ilr prrmiu;i of two humnlbttll ttud Iftoy dollars, in now offer- W etd l'r he detecti,.n at lrTnr of a cnt in the pretentl it or fifth editiml, as expret.sse int tte pttfl.c', talking fire 'l t1raIr t'emolls flt'erctl fir ttei ate no s c'er since thi e firt Ne lhhlllicalion ill tlhe ) I Stll il. I ()toe Itho mnost cotnllatie'nlc: ftatures of the tablehs is Silthe eerl'llltltltllt Ifl te Time utd Anll tslll whiclh it Sforexpdititons, t'rlenen id pert'pienit , with tile help of the side a:n index, emcotl he excelledk and the salty s ty and rose with hicll trhe i:erctl caln bte fmtnal tothe extent df o neka l blsines, wh-iltllhot ll ling orf stlnl is btesid s : enliovience as essentitl, thllt in thil estlitU- se lnoll llrllllv I tile mlo tt compertlnt land pralctal busi. no SHLrSs meZ(lll a lllli|1 c llii err w'h hate lI tdegIi'rll vlt vC n if t1 Wllrl'k, it h:as bl enll qisti lgaiallc b . i lltho fitlnolnble ppellat!ltln efofa "nster lpt l.ce". And considering the intdlitility of the mtlhtud originally adopted in coheteion theonrkI nook etlll 1 1 illllt Ionitnoe' all t miosite t''n t rCt'ttiinn, tn te tt te onootetto1. .I h'tarie t ol r the xolnlttllillil :ont, at tents o(it'vcry edition itttr' lhasl .s linll he Il .tet Inlln ihstandii ti e whllole is in l sten 'l't , ennr ll I ne hm 6,l1 g. in hul1. lie posittive nll l eiyll e) fi moge Ias "er. lhld ett ,lt'a' catly ttt led " nht t f m1ost wuodr i'll blk tIlll the wtvlik;" most l lertlaillh, l.l ante, nLL.Iiamra lll k f llti same, extlnt, l .icll h since the betgitting of cration, has hlad hile ame nut- - ber lllm vaIriety of terl' inll tlht iae lmber oi f e ditors; t ino, nlllr'one hlllfthe umblr, as is clearly hitanll iln the pr.ece. cl Ilesides, i s test tnd I nImlallr ith ls been tridC dll tpreced in nearly !ll the hank and puhlic tf.i,cs in tlhe IUnI.i1 Sll.s, Iandil the lpblic ginerally, durig the long pecrso of ttirtl t -ve ',s ,et l.n errt r fi11t e l cmlintions hNs r Ir hats foutnil in pri'inal thro-h contil :dhl chbllengl d rb,) the o il'rr of vtit:le'terg' toe prmIU lcll S lThe bmI itn f t e)xpres 11. adopted Iln I' llt ,he ourtl s ofii t'tl stleal ofthe oo St:s 1,h Ie 1 rate of lcullatlill thia'wlnltl ilte'lr st l Isl"SA o by lat, fin b nik" inlltfrtst, aecol lliing s the boot: is slcd, lld a· s : r t.i be selll till Ipartl, hI) .i lln lls of tIle sbll sclr" r, a ll il f*w of the -sellhlent purl ' t'sl,.l inll he, It atIlh c ',:ll f ih E book, s-in 111f, 11s i-l ' r. Cfre H .ssulo s eitizeus iin ellr) quat te ofn the Unit ell 51 .I.. It'is moreovr well klnnu hat, litb ilts realt check, it has solttt udletcttd ]:rge errr.s, flortrm.'. t.e ' ter A Sjsantt, ttr nt the mt Inl moIt con ptle'N uithllnwlicit tn,: fat its ulseineess, and the tosedntc I. cessity ftr its it,, , L.a,' bred exht.sivrly inistled tp m, i, so evi crget, itnc l'v , la te b trIn t :it! t n itag,'s, itli its , savings, 1thna, sCrvel r tsl, ,Isngn, whilst the Ire tm editimon Iullllll ie s , t e l w (- iIIl|ht l' a.n I.ImI t a gre t dilt'½ce n111 pmrerndl:leld :t ta1'ioli r It clf , aI t111 "r, 1.O d1lllarle iollt 'amt te ic d put Bo4 t et1 toet 5 p ter topa, n ,. s e. I' ,i ha e a et. clar d, :t1d iniI n c : .l emit' ire t tt( d that tlhl ' ll n d( 1: i, t,, ell K t, ' ji0lll i. 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'Ser ) , " pot~ts of 01 ,I is won kllb n ta :, th'IatV r (, diem, -iththeir ornvrres and ixtr:arlldIna. rvaoi.' ttonts.ngninst il't, for the gent-rll ba', fit, tor' arf" (bI sati ), exre lit chile tier I in l'vini1m' . . tAI .hle trrllts t led uh In kf and Pstam into .' eat wetl uoltefl -ot41, fllow the lprefaee, \whilh, in this S1 lh : s in thel w two ire-. .li1. rdi1tnus, 'vnontn1111l IIm h L 1T~(' - h te'ir:mllon .?n.evvl ng tl 1 1 wo I n' la"I.] 1m |de', of ctmlpltil a itig oter ott, tea d.'tsof ii:1 gr ke. It re n..ns l,. 1 t'o ri entm k Ilhl t, ,,hewither swlig lthi, u-' IM-niov lycoel, 10n., which wasublicd he ute r, u e ll, :t tabl r | int., one,. t i,. dolls. .,, a i c 1 1atr n ise ld it hat not yet e, amt 1 a, i , u 11 i ,'r, , . ' d tee lh:: !-s I ,.l l i.,:lt ItI . IhsFlt·ol ,,,l.o'si, I'es ,h' Six ,e..r tn utlot it t11 , "t h l U 3 1 1 ) 8 , t1 n lie Iw h at t l ionua Ih: 't i m 'r, it : i" ih' ' ll' an ."~ In: . I i C i1.ein of 1€ I',,1V.,l/ !; '," le/'t s t t'r ! ,',i i N ,b! tt' i 1: '. "! . .i , r. n a a H era ".\ 1 ' r L 'tl " I tf ! C ,-., f .,...,-, l\,1 i , trem,,,: s it', two, do? ; r, m 'r In.ýl ,.t o;,'o: n, .. followi ; ,,,,lots :1ad unrblcs, rx re ccuted in a matoterb- uau.sti. se :hct n), 1', ptina block :nd gild, of .k, alla :and Ami, , ge lll:,rd (Iv, Orir1:,Ll or %erd an.i'%e, nay ,'aled Maple, Il|Iw! ,*tone, ,,bt, B! ds F.c ,o, I:r by li'N.inae, r H S.,tin \\Hod, |'.tt, hir I hir W1ml, how or 1 cliaello, nor Coii'nie or €!libk sman d ln r Ictella, nton lise" Woo10, AIeIt'I ni itrey, are Ash thile h )ak, kc. k .k. roe, ! (.Urkel Ph'd n, ceatn !e he seen aI the sho ,p. faints, Wile, t tI• m 1 I Ial.\l1"I'I IL& II tt l VY t11lllld-lint, ecuare Iun buindlel ni n, well a; ll-p, scroll nd tod iru, nail rads arl, plungh C;st, (lerman, shelar, blislervi, pllrig, shclt celd Ctr.'l,) stcel Iollow w;rvi, cut anld wrol iuhtu ils nol rtikcs Ziine, block tin, still ail grind stones, sail kettles Chain cileis, lnchors, Ihto s Ox, Iog ii tdol tne tlhims, .oen mill: 'Anil s, Ices,I .m ers i.ii bello s N\'ire, +cet, pig :and br lead; :|hot (lCoIl, and cLokiog stiellllel " tmrs,1 ItoWI nt'1111 l Alt l .erspalesl lshuel : took and pdtll hinges, door atli wii.w hooks [ollll S I l Sl l unt, Shllp, , itllnd otlher xlles l':'d and 1Manilla curdttge, lines ¢nd to ine Holr -ill sl eathing I.itico ;r NItNl stores A .i4. l fuall.alrll' t fi h .ardware and ship chandIlery, always Oll i, 111 Iiani d w lirit ore olt rel i 1I'tr , :II It w hile sale o or Cr l tl Ii it cl' ct t llltt hi.tlt l ter ls, h ni . I.IlAY'I ON k CIL . 530lt I l.lvee. 1 1 I\\I' (i-I iCl)ý--ioIen Wlllic ts tn rl & roter un.ooll se e • vivi tfrom I hunll l r -d whip . l'a ,, Itt iu lll -lr O it iludtsricg (tl cclFlmli fm lcw Yok, it Iarlt variety ill golls in theirline, which ttotther wit: thetirfrine lolk oIllll nl l, sik1, ti i l eI "lr llretlle vet r : o plete. The eolleowiil -m'lll l e n part, l iz: , ell :w it, Otr:, 4id ., follllk t illl d el'gl l lihill, hlllon lli fall thsrip Iin1., I le clila cllbr, silk cic1c . vn; t clacsric , :tlllhoistcll eei flue .leslie s llspendrs, locn hino ald lf u. tilir n tlltlles, Seidlitz powder-, powlde'r pi od e oxil s, oilel polwder, ileht mIn o l rl ! u i la ls , scndlc honk., lw I 1 , hl ' ,ll tlli, isnitula; double uand single barrelled .a111, ]lewic knlves, adt mi :;ks, sIcissllr, ocu tilrkot lnuived, giila clhainos, Liid ti ibl lcltl , twviI cl:ll., clrth, lair, IIt Ih, ntil+.II ibl erullb, shoe, plite, fluor anld dustig Ibrshll Cologne, Florida, lIveder, ls anl d bay Iwatltllllr,ulsortlll l ellenlces, gand Iextracts, . nilI I r, bear, ji tii,tet in Wrd's v gethlce hair oils, sluving iand toilet sops of all dee criptiou hwe,hudr:' told getlllemenu' dek+sand dressuin clses, haiir riegiletsfria~tll and brllid, plli ll lllntev nlU musical workbtie, .l lao gll ilt, figurocl, cai ai vest buitttcc. ltru yrl ttdliieee'chineoshitisthtolddgid and silver pencil uscets, toohiccks acl d Itweicrp, tdted nd gilt lckett, illec do, eliter, bras llil sltee tiliml les, look llll l u c; , hair pini.i Illl, i lltl ti ir ublk and redink,o.e Ilict.king, viulc s laid guitariribbed end plalin pihl willT i Icup , iun l Wi e, v.n'l lllte(i tull toe1gel. d old i iiiller le ait r.ll' gllttor ptlloer, gllle liigs, r'lil.g wclilc., iwlk Iig l ulle.s,pI yUla~y i gcrs, liin geld, ptitd tanid gilh :icwsllre &c. 'tl'..u o ite tcrtllr with i great variety ofother arti ies rlie uoilrlld it woell.lie r rielail in accos lodating ite12li Slil ecoi ta repaired IIARROWGATE SPRINGS .lohugtct t tiioit/, A5 lot n.o. TIIREE DA i'S JOiURd'NEY FRO.1 NEWI i V ORLEANS. r ]iii terprcuietor ,f Ils e-tblullsiahtnt luts Ihe pliea s .llrd u Illsr I lllo.c Il ills r! i ti:ei :tallld tihp public in generltS.t !ie will I ite readin.te.hy the trst du of Icv to rieoive iticitera. lie will also sittle or ithe tie ellat othuus' cit it hetttuitit f .nt tihero iie loo isrel i ru'tneat.u liltl, Ladtl elrls nw tgilt;i I it lid is r uoid sretfeon t'e clloiletilli, "loch iwill cutali the. s hbsoertcr to iuncoiUtlll at uiIi alrger tsnuber tlian heretofoe, and at the linel tilc muclt better, F"tamilli can le l tecmmtolU ted ith good rooms, or lthore who prefer call nave large cabins detacihed from the main building. It is tdeeimed uinnloeeay to say nythio y i partclto ior of tihe larueter of these waters, Ibor it s generally believed that they tare Unt itiferior to any in thIe South orn States. All the amusements that lere generally found at Watering Places, will be found at this. T e best music that this part " i st country roartlei, . beegs engged, unid will be iiicoostant lW ettliacei ahe .iduring the whole easo lia.. isg his unlrigeged thnskis for the vers libertl uDb oVln diiui last nasos, andhopes bs the ener she ocomms blens, to mirir s liberoW pso(rns .l ri pennntosbilRv hes ocod is itpes n ciroi SMAl AR1ANGMMlWENT Northern fai Due RT Dy at l2 i. , liues'Every day at 10t A. M Duo oer rundy, Wednesday rWestern 1Mail, ri ay P Id y troy of the - Closes every Mo da Wednesda Coaa, aend Saturdaynbb P.M. h .eIis DAleil every STull t Thursdy a "Irhe kll. i l.Safurdeis, .y P5 i[.' 11 1 t via Closes every .Monday, Wednesday EXPRES MAIL. TIME$S OF ARRIVAL, DEPARTURE DISTANPfI &e. of tle Express Mail, bosewca Mailie aid N!iii Yrk-levrien Mobile dail" at 3 P. M. Nortbwar New York daily at 5 P. M bouthward. Arrives . Arrive Northward. Distance. lTime. IKtaeru'i nntgomery. Ala. 2 pm. 198 's 03 IfS. Colt rhuo, (in. 114 81 94 3 i.l Milledgellle. On. 133 14 taluin, BNt. C. 7 am. 163 17 (nlelign, N C. b4 15 2 15 \Warrenton, Va. 12 m. 55 0 a Pl',eermu g. Va. 10 pIm. ' 83 10 9a.m i(ichkmteal, Va. I ea. 21 i 61 I'rederickrlmg, 8 67 7 . p m. aehingstem cty, li pm. 6 t'iddodlphia, fi1 am. 100 ItI New York; 2 pm. 90 84 2305 143 h. or ds Nortthward. Coming Sothward, th time ala asi abo less; leingSi days an 17 hours. S TEN DIOI.I.AIlS REWARD. p ANAi WAY lfrm 169 Carondelet corner orf HNet. I sarertt on toe night of 30 hI of August, and wi. seen .le next mornin in I'nyydras street, a ilegro nlmed CHARIL.S:, abrout 1n ears of IlS, n a'l i or tllereanlouts i eig it; very blncksland h an impte intent in his speech, Iooe f lil lcan is sore, neioinOuill by a relent huit be had on kllen se went away I *Whl I; ron oe linen ehirt tad wlfite botton ipatolbohM. i ,aore rl of vecse nend loeam boun are cirmlestu id gi, Rtis rencching orn hrborilg said negro, as well al 1 Sther pt-r.ons, as the umonst rigour of the low will be nl enirced ngnio.t them. 'le above reward will be phl fi rdeliveing him inta ltny oy a f the jil of ehither ofl . tmunicillities, or at 169 Carondelet, corner of HeeLk tas1 f c l i - T hlie c n oia rto e r shipi b era etu li, r e it siN g Sntadetr tie firm oe lubois & Oarreton, has beo tlisulved. The spbacriber will liquidate the sfalires Ii tIIc rlnr, in this -ilv, ncI reiiriiest ll pr'eons inthab ed Io t make Iautinr io hilc ollus, and all tbonehaving dlmic, letorecuti itet fore t leioeul. n,8c -t H1 GARRETSON. (',el"I'AIN NStI.RYAT'l."S NEW NOVELS iRnt/lin hie Reefer, by tle atlthor oel Peter Simpie, A&. Ctno,,ino9, or a Winter at Chhltssa lltofiemi in L.ow T't i, by CIlpaiin nlatil Ilall, Royal Navy, F. :9.,lit, 1i vo.I. lrd RoldAon, a romilneer, iy Allhn Cunningham,i ve helppard Lee. writtlen by hlimelf, in 2 vols. I a otCerplinr Iliturydf Ital, translated from t.n Sriginao li h n, by Nlainiel Greene, in 1 vol. tor tti,,.g No. 79 , Itarales'a Eassily Library. I ol. : & 4 oi'tle tw cnimplte and uniform es sdit of I tl atinglotar Irine' r Wevorks. a ire r't mrench nid English Dictionary. in 1 nol, 3ro 'ruagate' and Le.alitoh Dietionary. .1 .il--A ilew more culictl of Coheb's Phre alogy S"Iielli." Sul'rvcitr's (anrdlasea s efsfuperior qu il, awtil; cohics, Ililtalil ll ileof 2 I.4 and 2 1-i el.h. s (;llo~lt' improvd metli I' ens,.j.paod ialers, weights ~I JUE 1 I..,'eivl d a lf .Ida by tntI1 tENJ. LEVY. i 'Is)CIN'S LnROMlIE, &c. I)iNNOC;K'S. IIPOVED) EDITION OF DR (;opl-mitr's ibrninigtit of the iiastary of iua h t it h i reflixel an Intnrdletioo to ths k istil. irlti,, Ili; ryc ano ti great variety of voluable ilSa Il~c titn t hdid cIthr hnitgii the work, onil ti Mlalta hr.:titutinus anl Ailtiqils of the Romans; wrih asn I f,rgac biobrnphinol andl liastorekl Notes; and qqe a vartioll tl exlationllt io a sti end of e.lch seetion. II; lusrawrd with llirdtiecn ieii on wooti, by Atboeton I t'tn. re K's ie l rotedIEdtiutl of Dr (iollsmith's Hiatorl of Ie'nglned, lion tie Invarion of Julius Caesar to tOl dides thi f Ge orge bdI, withl a Ceollinlatiuc to tile yea I":li';. \ With tiuteiel s for examinlien at tile end in Int) 'crtiola.c ilrnlrd a variety of valuablo ilnfrsns ttian iIIIdded thriteughi , tiie work. Consisting of table rof ncltin ,ll ll l Sovlr'igll and eminent Lperamt , ( ticnc rxapilnnrry aotetis. Ienarks cn tsie pall its', l'ri: al nu litccritu of tile age. An osltliles tile iConl-;tutitul, & ilnutrated by manny nlgm I a' (ir' c I:1 "T, or An'reo'ton d and an Aoridgmen Io Ielth'n New 'l'reatise oia tIlo Ulire of Globes. New At ,ari', l edition, wit ailditiuisc aid ca t n tit:, t excltcical oftie astronomical part of she Am rigtall A llllltlCs . SJ n-t rectiied rad far sle by WM M'KEAN niv 2: t rner of Camp and Collillnton als , bittlt'.I Ci.A4SS1AI. LIBRARY. i [ tAClilraenlahtod byv Phillip Franeis, I) D, with n:, l Iu'p llllgt. Clllllrlilltl]. ItratlstlO ho s of various n,ut ,.Ot. I,v i ib luii Ja-o, Cowlaey, Sl-in, Drvdna i',p' .%diic;;, Swift Cllcctertn, U WYkhafeld, 'Porlaa fi tit ai, &,. and calae of tiie inre eainllelt poets of titl " i'.I1ItltUA,%titi cue apnpendix .,f Itidius erasiss I t'd b. Chritl clilaTr .)rt, it,'n v,~ e forllllm vulu nes u iill ltt,,f"lariperr's Cl lsl il barv , 4 n ull , i t It . wc i h ito t a noi r t lt h ...\ tithC l r bi,' F- ito7 'i.t" , ei t i,;i, chili iiiitaceot tti$cr by Uo Til']: ;i S-';Y a T tl e hv lanchlle r of "c Richnllte 11,u, .,oI' trgunl, ," S:., r ,.-w rdltliua, i tots ,....p&La 't. 1b - d it , a "U..a . Pi ti I I , 11t,01; hiocyi v otl, nelll 1 o% P tlro w sale ', WM MI sltd-a h I C(iN .Ii'i:s--:;lS cilthke C:iailUlai nslnil it ' dnnIt-tn hi' d Cta cnv ttnt· iearedhlninrsi I s I)r i-ctti nt-I f Alihveer)t , in the iirta 1r n nb I bi 31" J Sil ',,, lt it Ia connellr Tiveli cli ie 'rat ,n 10'cli, c' errtt-tlull) a.'iuiitsaishvar )f tih .e l~ti n plllrihlllv nlI renewol ail ths fsvuta , ie f, rl' ct vlunnacuiccrcs. 'l'ice eniite ssslk at ~ , reed, I .doe itelll lll lo:lcv arlicles is fresi ai .+ , fully sleeed. Tihe tolhowing only ats pat" [Pie .ois, S,+tlin lia d Sorotnaco Pawder. 1',l, l I'a,',l0 trr o, i . n a itII ritIn e l nll dt elegant ll'n'.itll for yrnae, ic rasictg bread buckwllhet uliltt ,' E+Ffit.'clvlle IIIi l-ianeeac APppetieni-a 'I-t nta.ll ald lt lnlll' nourlicl il d'lysp.luss or Indi. Ses.tuti, ervectn dlibtlity. giddltor, headaohi. act iii tIhe Shnttn.ib, btii til eOstivenllesl, cots. 'ilus. i tt',ua rUpllio,n &c. Ci,t1eantr'a Fid c x elraect of sarsaparila I Iterllt ItiI ici. f lit iti 'i .&C Inc d., sildl caLsabs&o. - twalil'. Paneeta nod V'0'riil.ea .dgs.trJiai as llih lheilled Lqt ,r.,, jiulbea ndal GpCanltve plsla 'Pool'llh iirlilhos, N S Prelltcr' carbonic delztrir niil 5fi-, rchlorin tolllo i wsh, Ionwder ifllf aond bknee, Irr' oelilc's crbirclll dentcirBie, r lie n llorl oth wash pllwder llucfs and b.lcxr, Prenlicae' scellned snd Slai ii toilet pweller, plnoalllnl creenl do Perve, trtl.tnae fl," ea ruse, lavena'ir alld 'lnridi waIers., f ihe busti quhlius. Riowlaud's lacessear Oil, Old. rldilca ballli oi Col uotbis, beat's oii a variasy of Itcifer and itther nlllales, indolible maoking inkt i nup-rcclr ilacl iiik, &c. .perin antd tetined whale oil. Hay's Linihcltsnl. A Irash a sortlneni of "'liluralern'esavrden Soeds "ci '2 . ;EoRGE JIONEs. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, FIR. FElyE AND AGUE. o EN years have not yet elapsed since it was first regularly submittel to the public; but it has attained tile highest reputation; and las sup. planteod every other medicine for the Ague, whcrev. or it has be ut known and appreciated. Already has it beon carried in every direction throughout the United States, and still realizes more than could have been atlicipatedhy its most sanguine friends. T'rousadsa of perones have not only been relieved, but re.tored to heIlstl and vigor through its agen. cy; and they now cheerfully testify, at ovary op portunity, to its doeidad and supreme efficacy. It is composed of such medicinal prinoiploe as are calculated to renew tihe healthy action of the stotn ach, hver, and other important digestive organs, tie loss of which harmony eis the immediate cause of the disease. It is apparent also, that it produ. ces an ontirn change in the condition of the systenm. and certainly destroys the native liability to relap sea of the affection. Whe" the Agiu'e-li attended with any other complaint, the emplmynent of the Tonic Mtxtau' will aot interfere with tie treat. moont of the other di-ease, but will even afford as. sastonce by lurnishing strength and vigor to the body during the corse of treatmenet. These who make use of this Imedicine mnay be assured that there is no Arosenic, Harks, Mercury, or any other _ article iits colpositiol unfriend'y to the human constitutiot; being entirely a eegetsbh extralt; and they may have additonal confidence in the use thereo', when they perceive that it lha the ef fect of a gentle laxative about the time half a hot. tie full has been taken-in consequence of which, there is no part of the mlediaine left to linger in the bowels to cause obstructions, and other evili, arising from the use of many of the remedies now otfered for thi cure of this affection. It has been used also as a prcveutive, by many wlho were sub I jeset to a Iporiodlcal recurrence of the Chills, and it lthas Itvariably warded off the apprehended pttaek. I)bsere"! T'ho Proprietor, fully satisfied with the unparelleled and universal success which has nun. stantly attended a punctual and regular uIse of the Tonie Mixture, in all onses of Fever and Ague. tLel warranted in sengaging to refund tAe pries to all those who have tuken the medicine in strict an. cordance with the prescribed directions, without having been perfectly and lastingly*cured. 'T'he subsoribers are the wholesale agents for the South Western States, and have now on hand six-. ty casts of this medicine, which is warranted fresh and genuine. For sale at the manaIsfaOlored prises JARVIS & ANI)REWS, Wholesale Drt.gglet, nowv7 aor Commen k Tehoupitoulan sere.e, I.LOUI.--eO00 ending f u steanoer Independ. , elite ieD al , ! "--" s3 ___ 44 Niw I;evee. El"Or!e·e's Rzser Strupa-TheIg pases of the genuilue article, jest received by net 3. R SN:,E D'.. ANG, 18 Camp b e n ado all ofhso 2' l 0*. I be n3 tsOG tai lUl.fej(ll: ...: