Newspaper of True American, May 2, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated May 2, 1839 Page 2
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ý. .?ssTg'.... Y a....;.. ., R9 v.... .......9 '4 'May , 1639. II Conl.l _ a -- io. H iet .,-. flJ Whitey s y 1, 1271 SAII·h PI k..a to l. th .. o( d C.illon, to Ite ML.. ' 1 ýoai trb, fohiIllinois. 4Iomira .1010cburlg. nr·fuurcha. 81101. Cargo, 1.35 haio of ct., hlrt 35178 balioaiiu.. A I CorinthianCa, 3122 bbl. 1435 Pe8tlgt729iea.,C C. hda aod 8 o..l. to. a.oo ,4 u1'9ahi d iices bee, 90,167 Ib. pork, balots. ; .40t mpIy, caskh. 4", IMORTS VIAi 7 t t to. 0 b.,80 W r, d bl, mo, 8 R.,h0 ync4 ano mooimr. ply 1~t CA 'P~o..ohr Dioddm..COago, 50 hdo sug.a. 1ý d'ý dar.. olasses, and 19 ba~les cot E Pfr 8 OF PRODUCE Mae* PoCrn . fo 6.Co 2736 273 . I, hooo.D 1 ,b: 14 N.Flaonl, 1157 do, Oi.oo I blo. liii., -" 2'm123 eotoi.;TO.,rot. Odo, Armour,. Liie 44.Ia hadI sack cofee, Lane Fontaine 4 co, 4 do Leobolt,?, 0e1 4Donneogn. li do, W M IIBeIe, 6 do, He.ry J! ft~homo L.rt14 Jtob.oJl HN".wy. Li0 ig P01te3me, Commodors..Corgo. 205 bds bi. pooh, 3178 kog. lad, J PDunn. 0i* 0oo Nooi...Caogo, hd. pule. 50b00 1w g I~uiu du. CToiedano, 105 do, Lambeth & 8b; hirh...., Ab..rnhy a Hnn0..00,22 do, Recb. S; b ,r 5011ooo.Odo. A M..... & oo, 90 d, A Rier.. ~_ ,2 do, Adams Whftail, 4 roll. Ioath., J 1. mebt·Ot Wllhinetoa-Cargo. 40 bhd sugar, 2lIb 1015J80 I1.1i rattan, P H Gliloway, II bd. sgs,, lv Laoonoo,8 hd,..t.,,.d ial, mo00. W D Bioert, " o g..oIIeih A Thomnwo.o, 53 hdi..,'.7 hii mm d8 o cIC,. 4* Wright. 112 id. mo0100.. Col *KWuae'leub.Jlfno. AHvoVe. 28 hi. molass.e I. Her. m p 2h01007184,oo.At RI·ordi. &so. 5 pines altibog.. J lJbaiitlal"1 bbl n ,9r, 1.1. mol3.., tor to.iiipiooi 0410iu WI;FVM on board. 'PAS8ENGER8 *1mO0r Cornrnodoo...CoIC Morgan: 8i0liekhIlo e',6 hoi.Do , FTdmmoon, ill., Morton, ao.toell, M.. Oy 3*2* & ib*14i, U . MrsVimd.r 4 fIaiy. `s etitngp of Council. SE C O-ND, MUNICIPALITY. , TUESDAY, 30ih April, 1839. The Council met pursuant to adjournment press ent Hon. Joshua Brldwin, and all the Aldermen. The Jourfal of the preceding meeting was read and approved. A tommb.ioation was received from Wm. H. WJteaton, collector of taxes on hacks and drays, nr4hawskernsmed podlare, transmitting a statements ofCmoaiesecollected by him for the quarter, ending the S3Lt March, which was referred to the Finance Ciiimittes. Petitions from R Terrell, ,labe Barney and H. Pears +,wgte read and referred to the Committee on, Streets ai4 andings. One from.A. Board, whereupon, the rules be. sI dispnsid with, it was Resolved, That it be permittted J. A. Beard, A.ktineasr, tdOsell merchandise at public auction, on thev ieantground between M ,gazine a reet and levae and Canal streets, on Tuesdays and Fridays of eadh wieek: provided that this resolution may be resonded by thias Council at any time; and provided t that msidJ. A, Beard sh II conform to the Police regslations, requiring the side walks and streets t not to be eneumbered to the inconvenience of the public. Mr. Peters, chairman of the Committee of Finance reported the following resolutions, which, the tales being disponed with, were severally taken up tead adopted. o ReTslveI, That the Comptroller be and he is herebr authorised to sign checks in the name of the reasurer, during tlhe indisposition of the let ter. JResolved, That the resolution of the 12th March, 1839, authorising the Treasurer, in certain cases, to receive pomnissory notes in payment of debts due this Municipality, be applied only to such debts ap were then due. £erorved, That whenever it becomes necessary to bring suit for the payment of debts due to this Muniopqalty, the privilege now granted by certain orditanoes,of makig paym'ont in notes, shall be wiihhelf, and cash only received. Mr.. Caldwell, chairman of the Committee on S~treo*.,ano4 Laa4ings, made the following report aceesopadsied with the annexed resolutions, which the rltlling dispeneed with, were severally token up ands l ptet. On the motion to adopt that in r'-lktion a he opening of St. Thomas street, Mr. 'raret alkd for the yeas and nays, which resulted in Meesr.'OIldwell, Gloyd, Hall, Lockett, Peters, Rodgers, Sewewl, Whitney and Yorke voting in the afirmative, andt Mr. Froret in the negative. Mr. Caldwell, introduced the following Ordin. naeet which was read, ordered to be printed and tande' the order of the day for the next meeting. REPORT .Ofthe Cominitlee on Streets and Landings. Your Committee beg leave to report the fol. lowing resolutions upon the petitions ,eferred to them. 1. Petitlon of suandry inhabitants for opening St. Thomges ireet. it. of Depouilly. 3. Petition of Bonito Davilla y Toledo. Whereas-application has boeon made to this Council by John H. Hilton, James Rainey, Wnm. H. Avery, W Bogart, James L. Bogart and thir. teeq- other owners of property in the vicinity, to eo be opened and continued St. Thomnas f-ain a straight line from Suzette street to i.olation street. Be t therefore resolved that notica of said appli. .stitea he given, in French and English, in the aeeA rican and Bulletin in conformity with i.adot if no opposition be made to said pro a.ppd smprpvement, that this Council will proceed o said street to be opened and soutinued as sd for by the Memorialists. according to the i lt of the act of the 3d April, 1832, regu l hi ppening of streets &c. within the limisl city of New Orleans, &n. lveds That the conduct of the Wharfinger mong:to e obstructions from the wharves, tintlaere in violation of the existing ordi Sannesiva prticularly of the-lumber of Depouilly, e fr linhi meriting a complaint against ham, de. $: ee ii 8l approhation of this Council. l I ved that it is inexpedient to grant the pe. ition ofaBenito Davilla y' Toledo to erect an awn. S t the head of the I erry s hnrt: JAMES H CALDWELL, Chairman. i7 ~ B B. WHITNEY. S: ?" S. J. PETERS. . AwOrdiinance creating the ofico of Assistant Sur. S vyor, and defining the dutics of said officer. 1. -Be it ordained. That the Council shall an. naolly ppoint, on the first Tuesday in May, a suatt i person as Assistant Surveyor, who, before -on the duties of his ofice, shall give a bond with one or more securities in the sum of five thousaneu dollars, tuntsuro the taithful performance of s4lies..arut shall take an oath before the * Mayyor faithftilly and impartially pertrmn all such dilties. His slarjrshall be one thousand dol. iaer perannum, -LIBe it further ordained, That it shall be the t othe al su ietant surveyor to furnihl to all pofiens requirig i$ the lines and levels of lots si. lastedi wthjs .ilnitsof the Municipality, with. eat.any ungaeseey delay, and also to furnish at tie vequaes Of elpha pLeprlae the lines and levels for side waellk s alt be made by individuals colfor. Nably with tlheAMinasces, and to give certificates Whea seuch side walks are completed; and the cer. tilhate of sid-asittaont shall be deemed sufficient 'evidenoe sf the lines, levels and work described thieei. T.lh.copensation to said assistant shall be the astep! that fired by the third semotion of an erdinaneeapproved 14th May, 1836, fixing the S dehli s ehb serveyor. . d* the surveyor. That .it Orher ordained, That t shall be the a ii of said assistant surveyor to make S aid. etraens to the treasurer and Some due b individuals for re fav , enees, or other iMunicj|iity for account of aidw returnshahlbe made by said r 'Wi* hiýday after the au trasrer thetjcoh b.o made; and it is torequire in writiLh mradiately on the grificate or the nu delay Ilah-trty days fron atar to the oeri..g of Se p!i exces of P h beboond topay a e of eight per '.erso returnod, pro. reona a id g te the Sthen the e It the surveyor I ht(one to perform all p y be niods &*tte t~ e ,t pvri e.aofoehils; .ndhe mld, Ith llneppr'oba.' w 1nof the 6ommittee of-streeti al landings, emr tar plnyf whenever in their opinion the public inter. of .at require it, a suitable person to assist him in or the psrformance of his duties, with a salary not o wxceeding one hundred dollars per month. tra 6.-Be it further ordained, That the first, second ful and third sections of "an ordinance creating thl le office of deputy surveyor and prescribing his du. of ties," approved 23J May, 1836, be, and they are hereby repealed. ORDER OF THE DAY. P' The resolutions allowing the District Attorney 01 a sertain sum of mnoney for certain services, intro. b( duced at the meeting of the 8th instant, being in thi a order, was taken into consideration, and after dis. a, cussion, on motion rejected. s( The Report of the Special Committee, made at If the sitting of the 8th, in relation to resolutions for the reliefof the Now Orleans and Nashville Rail Road, being next in order, was, on motion, post. poned. . The following Resolutions, introduced at the el same sitting, were taken up, and, on motion, a.- c dopted : Resolved, That fron and alter this date, any Commissary, Collector, of the different branches of ; the Revenue, or Officers of Police of this Munici. e pality, shall be prohibited from being engaged in any business, in which any part of his timle may be a, required, to diminish his attention to the duties of Ip hisi office. s Resolved, That any of thd aforesaid lffi rrs found in contravention to this Ordinance, shall k, be immediately discharged from ollffice. On motion of Mr. Rogers, the rules toting dii. pensed with, it was - Resolved, That the Commissary is hereby in-. structed to notify the owners of all uninclsoel lots, C. as well as of those which may be in want of filling ti up, between the Levee end St. Mare and Robert. son streets, in the First Ward of the Second Muni. cipality, to have the same enclosed by the first of r June next, and the filling done by the let of Octo. b her, under a penalty of one hundred dollars, and in to ease of non-eompliance, the Surveyor is hereby ' authorised to have the said work done within thirty I t. days after the lim ted time, at thle expense of the proprietors thereof. On motion, the Council adjoernoed to Tuesday ,. next, the 7th May, at 5o'clock, P. M. JOHN GIBSON, I "- Secrelary. I _N1 TIlE 'RUE AMERIC AN. aUI'TMI) HY Ja B ai salhaOnf FAITRVUL AND BOLD. NEWV OR LEANS: THURSI)AY M AY 2, 1839. [7Pelsone who do not receive their papers regu larly, will please let it be known at the Counting Room, corner of St. Chlarles andl Grvier streets. The irreg- p larity shall be reule lied as soon as possible. Punctu- pa ality may be relied on, t EXPRESS MAIll. -\Vi' wo.ndrolus cllndescrnsion nail kindnes-, we i,nvc been permitled to en joy tile privilege fn a express mlail bet'ween New Orleans and Na:ll, vill-. W'lln thll malil was roc to Lotisvil from this i cily, nearetomplilshng the distance in five dat x,the pa. - Iage charg.l wa's 75 cents, or triple postage. Pt It is time, tihe Express very frequently failed, and letters pro quo the quid had been paid, were some ten and even more days in finding their way to their pluace o of destination, yt it was morecertain than thle slow tl imail,and the imlposition of having to pay for a promised th benefit that was not realised, was submitted to, without ci mnuch complaint, vben the express was withlrawn, but e aupon the application of numerous persons in thin cilty. i and Nashville, it was permitted to be continued from I New Orleans to Nashville, the original postage for the dl whcle routewas eontinued. Ifregularity were observed 't and dependance might be felt ill it certainty, even i though it be a heavy tax to pay for a small benefit. a But the implosition is felt, and is very annoying when cr the postage is demanded in advance, and the express fails to comply with its part of tile contract. lThere should be a different regulation of tih charges on this route. The express has been suspended one half of the if way, but the triple postage is continued, as ehen tihe whole distance is performned. The fact is it sllould not be requirad in advance, or if demanded in advance, the at difference ihoul be paid back, or charged to tie nffice tl rnct*iving it, whaenever the letters do not reach their destination in the required time. It is hardly worth while to call attention t this sub. ject. iMr. Kendall daes not think it wortlt wlile ton i look to his deparetent. lis cares are alone ne awkened and alive on the subject of Locofocoiam, and the per paltuation of Van BHrmniai.n QUEEN VICTORIA AND HER LADIES OF IlONxOl. We believe that It. Shelton MackLnzie oe Liverpool, is the gossip for tile New York Star, and a most indus- a trioua "snapper up of unconsidered trifles," he is. L "Rumors light as air," seem to fly willingly into his net. There is not a particle of Cout scandal or Green a rom talk that esc.i: hitn. tie it ever "wide awie ke,', l and las nneye fir everv thicn In literary matters te h is up with tle time, and iflle does nt . f." indulge itn I long and prosy political, speculation= e. 'it0 s asil up the movings and dointgs of p, .ient and thei- in i.try, and prophecies as welt as tile beat, a.d "cmost c learned Thebhan ofthem all:' g Ve relish Ilis le ters fir their variety and tile insight l they give into character of those whose names are fae. iliar, but of whose indiriduality we harv li:tle know- i ledge there is aliegree of spice in the petit scan dal he retails, which is quiite a bo boen. For inslanceei the following will give nsome idea of Queen Vic's Court c and the girlhshness of England's puissant Monarch. a Lirerpooe, Marceh 22, 1839, The scan maeg I alluded to ill my letter of 13ti, iass explod.ed, nod the tale is this. I.dy Flora Iliitilcngs is in tihe suite of tile I)uehess of Kent. This younll lady through weakness ofl habit, gt swelled in her person, t and asnlle ire coecllded tlat she was nwkwardlV Ltn- J ditioncd, nddnig shut Sir Jamnes Clark. tihe phvsieirian,I was tile gallect. The (.een healrdt the darny. saw Ie lteration in llhe ladv's, size, and htItlily sent ia le-en sage forbhiddin Iher to appr ieair her presnlrce,anei ann tier message t l tIle De:heas lf Kent, desiring the pro ftigate on he ear nwnay. Lady F'lorea asked why she was not to appruach the Queen ; tile arnwer waplain- d i}' givre.,and tle lady Flora f"inpedtacliingtlan thin slhult he said of o lnsting!" She instantly sent foerr brother, hle Marquis of Hastings, anil the ilucrhesa of Kent demilning all au dience of te sueen, aeked who lad spok the callm-c ny. It was traced to Sir James Clark. Tlhe Quern seeing ematters growaserious, eonsirlted Loiid Mlelborne and tile I.ord Chtancellor. hee Inrlnes f Kent ad rised with the Speaker, whoe rerommended\her to all in tile judgemrtent of tihkeluke Tf Wellington. The laqain of alicttrngs arrived, saw hisissiter, dent Sir C. t Clarke and Lord B. Brodie to examine hert ,ad withi the exerlupntsrv statement oflhese eninrenl ti edia men 1 in his tand, waited on tile Quern, reproslaied hrn bit-I terly for listening to slanderers on hisn ister'e ' e, ani I vart uarrowl lestrained Iimself rote iesuahfing I.rttl ,tello-trnee in tle lReal nrtenrte. The Queiene in tear. rrcerd tortulrnce trLwands her favorire, and suggested flint Flora tantiigs sel uld qluit the Ciur u her lrelthi ta ten et-tlirhed. The Mrine s u- n. "tn , itl-it woeualitrcotir n 1Itrlentler-!" At ca-t toe ovrenItl should ncle ,eeeanv her to church the next Suandiv to ' I lhew her Meje-tv's opinion of her innoence. 'llThe larlquis af lHastinge demanded lmore-a persontl' ex preelllon of regret from t:he Qeen, and received it,l el-. nenlitulgly given as yor n may any pp e)rin. Tle Miarquis l Ilta.tins, ibelieving that the t .lancer had been prr*pogall Ilhe , la lhio,,ac, of I'avilt.ek. I I eonslltled oollr Iliafatlcer' fr'iedn--a Gene, al officere- on the prepr.iet' oti cl al'ergiag titc Marqi., ef'i'u av, toek. 'th te is r e atli. cit tb rqite I Uld taki i ed eoit ofhe tile i'hd k van of t lle t estion alid ito h herl, w chde e ha dupted, n athorized, believed Srr, dlef rdeul them. All lIe, retllt was il fihe egttnive, elei thle Nlare lielne of 'atl'astoek retes aiithe arcrreilred phro-antor of the lit, ce ih lartuiae of IlWatinghs \a Senldeld of the Queen that she be bdisminTi, e and Ire the im1ltter is now. Th-e Icadv Flora II stingi has hbearn supportrd ttrongoiit - this "dUialer invcicainnetle" n the Dacn chea. of Kent. lThe grnvacie ni tIce Quten'8 dllihe to ler i lihat alsoai iits tice Cotoirove to whale the Qalee icas taken a vehemnmnt d-l ike. Thie real case o l Mis I)avv'a brcin, s lapped nee.s the faet, by tre Qeen. was thla she wans rtirlnlg iher Pe ghles and tnucheod her lMnjentv en tice lhotenldPr. O1 r Q seen has a pretty spirit oa iler iwne. Heaven help her hurbaannd! We hare Louiiaille dates 9 tihe 25th of April. No change in the market, except oa ltil ae aric of Wiskey a --sold on the 24th at 13 i-i4e.-Coffee, It. 121 a 14, tR. a i1 a 14;--Fler $5,75;-IMolnasses 45ite.;--Sigar 7I; Tobaceo $i0 a Il,51; 8 a 9,5; 5,50 a 7,r';-- Whi.hsy from wagons 43. Six feet 3 inche, water in the tchn intel, end falling. Our Cincinnati dates are of the 2h--Siugar 7 a 8; Molaslas 50 a 55;--Whiskg 40 a 40 It;--Bulk Pork, Shogroad, 7 14 n 7 1-2;-Bacon, round, 8 1-4 eI .1 i AnnblMaRIeotaaett.-A tire. Eleenor Knoeles, at Jerryaburg, Ohio, was a few day sitnce srrested and I ihpritoaned on snspicion of havig killed her husband. IsfIhn Kaowles, hy admcinistering arsenic t himt. TIhe P Cormner'sjury pronounced her guilty of th at troious ract, and aha was fully committed for trial. SaOreana( Ct.assLtei-A slip front tile Norfolk Bean Io eno. aentains an aecount Of a depluabie disaster, far nished by a letter frt-n the Frying 'aa Shokala, dated 15th nit. whiah eoantnmnaiates the intelligence of the deawniagif OQaPt, C. Oadacr, of the nhehaaar Wasal insgoa, ot Nasffllt and fonerhaelds wha were out in t t-eirlbcat, laylng ac tsed6a fa tIhe purpose of pret-rt tag the acbknnr waisb hadneauek eahe shoals.. "'Dtn Colt7CE'* e1 ptreL Ctcd fetevllnAtoks. ' -ter. Collyer, at the ITfihtce of a utabaer of pett' who are ansions to acquire a more intimate aqeqtidn tance with the mysteries and principles of the scienee of Phrenology, has determined to give instructions in a course of private conversations, in which he will ill!s- l trate the system, and teach it practically. Dr. C. is fully competent to the task e tihas undertaken. He is learned in the lore of phrenology, and as a manipulator of crania, he has few equals, and no superiors. app When in the New Orleans Steam Navigation Com pany to be organized? Such an investment must be one of profit, and by no means ne hazardouts n might be imagined. Only reflect a moment on thile profits of hll the GreUt Western. Our Eastern cities reap all the tion advantage from Ocean Steam Navigation. We long to see a spirit of enterpri's awakened here, that will trans for some of those advantages to this point. C: Dr. Huet, of Plilnlelphia, has prosernted Russell Jarvis, editor of the World, for a lihelQ i having Pj charged the Doctor with picking pockets and ruining cal constitutions. o' atr. Joihn . McClung, of St. Chnrles county, elo., was Insrtantly killed on the lot insitant, by heing tstrcr o tire head by a nionch of tree he hiladjust ifelled. L [N YSmun. You mean by a branch of a tree which was just falling. T( IBltwer hns written n play called Richiteu, wilch in ,i ten days passed through five editions. Strong effo-ta were made to supprens Lady Bulwer's n-v-el Chevelny, but they were unavailing. It has been put to press. The new lord ihould have been wiser than to wive a blue. So A lnrge -portion of the village of Ogdennhlurgh has been destroyed by firse. The loss at the fire at Ogdensburgh, is estimated at iI $701,000. ri Dleatl ntfhe ion. Lather Lareenre. The melancholy na ci'ent wtich termitnated tlieo life of thion. Lutiler Lauronce 1 Mayor of the city of Lowell, ald brother of the lino. Abbot Laorence, nmnber ofCongress, front Mnaschusetts, is thoe noticed il the Lowell Patriot: "Mr. taurmenec , in cOIIpmrly witl a friend, wrent into the Tluilrillr reently oecupied as the p tning mill, which is no fittrle up fI rne exteresiae git nsmil. The wheel pit mo called. was oeaon, ltn explined to hil friend how the machinery wag to opeito, le chuglt lhi foot in a rope. whlelt wan extended aernss the egdr orthea opeingand as precipitated bhead fore ileiS ia distanlce of'sixteen feet. tn a perpendicular descent.. Ills loead coming in conret with the iron curb of the wbaee at ti ottonl of nIr pit. Ie waos inrmedlaely taken out, shoct. lgr ttnglncl a.tnd perfectly ksnreosem. The beat medical aid was clledbtin he lived only about half an hoer."' r. Law rcnee ws a distinguished member of the bar of Middlesel Ind ha held nlt y rersponible public oaffice, one of which was Speaker of th a il e oe of Reprelelrat v oe. the New York correspondent of the NItional Intel says: The Brtliile Qerin will start fir this city in June, perhaps befoere. 'he Great W'otean Company ere pre paris to build an iron boat larger tlnaoi the Grnot 'el. tern. l'heGreto Western Coepanty have divided 9 ier cenr. fir tle past eal'. She Ins possengers olenged enodglrto fill her well ip for lntny tripe. In her next iiip she is expected to bring ont soe of ntile Iriisbih Wtite 'eouristo , wh climbh Alpine heights, and out walk French diligenIes. There is far them, in W\Vst ' 'll Virgini, at nndiscoered tourist-land even we Aon ericans we not of. 'J'bese rtettln olipns soon must trn aI tire tile greot tile (if English travel. The Irice of passare oinnt and will go down, for the packet chips dare lending tire wny. Nor SLoew.--As a terin of crse wan a assino alongnne nof the railroads a few dys since, under fll heandsnv thl enginrer observed an old woman running towarde d the train fromntn house he wa about passing. worlig her hands nd ehibiting great anxiety lest tiler train Sslould go by without nstopping. Supposing thatn bher errand was imrrlant Ie chekede the locomotivel and nmoved slovly nlong intil the old rwomen (who lad run lirsrlf nearly- or of breath) gredinlly n pproahed within hailing distance. "i Vdl, am-o o n, cried the con doctor, r"what do yo weet 1" " wont'' replied tile d ale, screer:ting at oile top of her voice,r " want to know if you want to hey aly squasherl" 'JThe e tay r thre steam teas pat on the oocoolntilee lfr the rext five oiles was a caution to lanld trtlaes,--Boson Trans n cript. 'tihe mranner in whiel tihe late pacific news from EntL land has been receivred universally thronghontithis cncontry, shows, rery conclusively that tiloe "war ifrver, iif it ever existed at all lere, lohas ertircly abrtedl. There seems to be a general pervading desireClhat there aol nul tie no interrlption to the rpeacefil relntior.a hich now rexir between tile two nations. Young and id, ricet and poor, farmers, nreechanor, mochonics-- al join ill tile hope of peace ! There is something pleasing in tllhis spectacle. It i ronsoling in the philantlropist. ~iurelv, in this respi tile worhl ihas improved in theie "Inlltei days." ithio ti-May we not hlne that the feelingse expraee A tedo side of tie Atlantict may Ie cordially ec- row opelsr d ltenothrrn the bright prnrpect wl. ad hereafter rbefore u, not be obscured by a mine' IAlra. Oat. Lnrrcx 'aeThe Ep .ai's) Diemocrat of thIe 2SBt ut ,..ays . h . ,.- r. .y figt last, we had nasprcim..n if enlstsoPi.te ir"eirennl oItYolt" i RinIRtilu ofhe Soieh hernogeh cremenil fo c dny nrtwli oeeaidor'1 in e.' r ore!gh.- A nocng student belonginp to tile ,'Lne-Fo, bllege, on ljiR rertri to tihat inntirtutron fro... n ,c,.ing party inl rhe b.orough, wt reizerl by s00cc is ot r dozen of cbals in liguise, on the irsihkill tidbue, "and, after being run ontil lie was nearly out of breath nitd linu, they cooled him off witoh shiwer of tar and Stlanish brown.- He reacihed the college in n deplrorable e light, and the next day it took several hours to rensve thne villnnrmas compound front his head end body. A ", now aria :f ch item wiig-rfiv". 1ý, 'J;ii:3t1- , s(,'`rent i was the terror of the Irior fllow, alcr his wenaknese ho great finm the effects of the running, thalt it was fearcl st ocriiusinonreqrtrnenewooldronsoe. 't'he aff'irmrde at great stir. TIr chief trgess wias waited upon hy the ciolleR e prinecipl nd soille oft thlie Irustere, and mot frigid invc:ttigntin took place on tile peronas of several - nrolng F'oulonian, who tnero sustrected ol having iensi t Iriled iis lynclhing elrir. Notlhng. howevcer, wan eli rcited for rer tini', ind tbe clhief burgess, nl tile reqnrrt of 1I' tlltlutlees, was nln thi eve of issuing a hanldbill, I o.ti-rinti a reward of $1011 for tine nlicptrension of the In elirit, when, Ion! and ehold!i it wan anrcertainrd that sonte of the stodents theomselves had plnved Judge lynch tllupon Itheir own kind, for a8rae fonelnd irjcry,n ld that or IEa.neton larks we-re inntorent. Here ns a deo is nieotrinit iindeed! As r non as it was ancertlaned that is "it "wuie y'or bll thatIt ore m oy oxl" the college dotnor ly sid lthant Irh facely could pettle tIre nalter ce ong h Ihcrnloslvei that it wes nlerelv a boirth caper, ,c.. but JI. Juitice Heckmnnery very propterly refRlsed ii let the affair i, poeas n li;thtl, no' tnhath' investitiogtt n had con Smenaned, and Ibonnd over two f. Judge t.vneli' deputies - to answevr the chlarge at the next April court. CLERICAL OIINION,-The Abbe Mlolol, Oxpreoirng II doubt to I icholioo Ihow r tosi mOn'C would aave the soul, tihe oadinaOl rbpled, "Pho! you're a blockhead! -ao manIy as it wud tIake snow balls to heat al oven." Geltting redy to :(Mlrry.-A "Iloveyer" in tile lowe couIntry writes to Ihis A wcoihoeot do,,oo CCIIth, that his propcl'ctOar floodC, end ItheIoe clears on an aIvrage $5 a day by pitcclIg dollari ! BANKING CAPITAL OF VIRCINIA.-TeIO total in. crease ofcnpiial by tho ants of 1837 a1d 1839, amoulnt to sCCIethiOg over seven milliulle ofdollars. Whenl h g1a0 1000 fole inol effect, the whole capital oil) he locaoed as followCso lRichlmond, $ 3685,0110 Notoblk, 1,18,000 PIetesiburg, 1,001,0110 1.111 01,100, 871.802 Wheeling, 1210.11n 0 01jiI,110,r, 085,3,000 IO'lderlck)burg, 700,021 I'ortI11,I, 0350,000 illarkOville, 1)Mecklenburoo,) 2110.00 ICIC vile, 330,0IH1 BucIat lell., 3110,000 t)hI'Cle1I,,,, (Kollol lho ) 15(1,1100 Foomwell, (Prinllce EdotArd,l 20)1.000 Cltnvillu or )IICarlotteII vI, (Aiholho'e) 150,0110 Al. ngflCIl or vnIns IIIn, 150,000 FiolIIeoIh, )SOffCI.I.,) tln(1 I.c0CICI)C(LCC1dCol,) 2110000 Chlarlestown, (Jettcraoll.) 210,1000 ficllllel , (Ilaampl~ihire,) 5°5,00(1 Ste 21,6,000 WaNrrenton, Faurior) 150.1)111 11 ellabug,, (Blroks,) 163,0110 1 PNrke oburog, (Wool,) 100,11110 \ lorgquotoInI (5lnnoogalinl 130,000 $13,573,8"1). FOR HAVRE. The A I andi OupeI'io ebip NILE, Capt. SBlanon)ard, will receive d)lfeetc1l. Foer pus saCge onlly, apply to L 11 GALE, l'lly5 9 Colmon oC FUR LIVERPOOL. Th, AT I and ery soperilor sh1ip ALEX. ANT)RIACoapl T,,rner, can takl 20)0 boles of c.tton. Foe lreight of hich, or possugl, aipply to L H OIGAE, inky 93 OComomon FOR LIVERPOOL. 4. The A I aed fooailt' 0410 1) MAp~IlS LANI),Cape Berry, will ilveimdiate~he A 0l10ch. Forboigho of IO l0aleo, or paNer., II'ply10 L 12 GALE FOR SAL.E-In 0clo100onre0 One third of the barque OA IBNE, ,,N SIinig 00 on he opplosie aideo o th river. oo - bngqle Cs tauncsIela0 w,11fIarell, i, respject. Apply 1o BAIlEY &"3IA10"r' 0 in,, 2 L H GALE. FOR IIAVE, To seilol Fridoy, tho 111th inot. poitily The Al ship REPUIIOLICA VWileon. SahecnC etill r10eiv000eb Ceptoin coltoo, nn freight, eoooiomodit ISlbel assengers. Apply to tbo captein 0n hoo four oeot may10 PE'T'ER I.AI9LAiV FOR LIVEIOiIOL. Cop at The A 1 and reryfast waili A1.LERI ON; Capt Torrey ,0IIsip'SAAC 101te despatet, Oeoioo lt ll P ooarit o her 00arg1 rogeged. For balance f fmOgl06 p U 93 Commonn st ID''lJ m paeklC t chip I UI( deehargo Iler cargo, oppelite the getabl Aeý1 1ot Cbeeeegue will pleale attend tolb wee 0*elrxaed { may t A NN O PO SFOR NEW YORK. 4 The A I fast sailing ship CINCINNATI, St Andrew Biarsow, master, is now ready to receive cargo, and will Ihave depatcl. For misght or teoasge apply un beard or to may 2 REAl) &, IIARSTOW. No.7 Bank Place. FOR NEW YORK. T 'e A I fast sliling sloop AID, Captain Phillbrok, having oatos fher cargoengaged, C nwill have despatch. For fiaight or pansage, f apply to S & JP WHITN.Y, at nnay I 73 Camp st YFOl B 'I'UiN. S Tile new, fast sailing narqae CHANTI .1.C~LEER, C Thomas, na.ter, havning mnost of h-er cargo ou board, will bane depaetch. For 27 Ilonce of freight or passage, lhaviapg good eccommoadao tions, apply to S &J P VWHITNIY, may I 73 Canmp t dt r't bhip Geo Cabot., Capt Blackler front New York, $ is now discbargin$ optlite the Vegetable Market. 2: Consignees are partealarly requeted o attend to tile Ic receipt of'theirgoeods. S 8' J P WHITNEY, may I Agent I] tE Members of the American S. L. of I. F. will 1 teeat ttheir Itall, late I.vteemnSt. Charles Ar cade, Tahis venaiig, T'IHURSDAY, 2d May, at 7 1- 2 o'clock, trecisenly. Iy order of tile President, J. G may ` G. W. B. Secretary. GRAND iREAL ESTAT'E LOTTERY OF PROPERTY. Sitated in New Orleans, TO BE DRAWN ON THIE Itt DECEMIIER, 1839, IN JACKSONVILLE, Flan.. Under tile sperhiltndenece of tbe Commisiioner ap. Idoilled by Ite Legielative Aseambly of IFlorida. SCIIIIIT'1 & HIAIITON, Managers. - 1011,000 tickete, at $15 8sehmen price. $1,500 000. 2 Selling pries $2l0 per ticket. SYLVESTER & Co., 15il Broadway, NEW YORK, Sole Agentas. liP The receiptls of the al of the tickets will he de posited In the Canial, Union, Carroiton, Citizen's and Coesolidoted lIanks, mn New Orleans, in the numes of tile Trustees, and the iropelties transferred to the above mentioned Comeainsi i ear, unincotmbercd, for tile secu rity of tlle fortunate prize hIolders. G00 PRIZES, ns follow.i : I Prize-That magnificent three story brick ibuilding, known as thie ARCADE,), ill Magazine street. measuring 286 feet 5 incl't 4I linhs on Mngazine stl. 14i feet 6 inches iin Graoviter n ee, and IlI fCeet II inches oi Nn;cbes nt. This building produces nlow a rent of $:47,0i10 irannnum and lieing in thie most Ioirito ing part if tie city, oii posit t llree baniks, and in tthe io iii'ditel i 'etiblburltoid of thI St. Cthactlr at the City Ilotels. Its rents will, in a very few velrs lie increased to fifty thousand dollars liert alnnum. E:ntitmated at $71 0,000 I Prize--That elelint or toir y brick build iug known as the (Cl.I'Y HIHOTEIL, formerlv Bishop'i Hotel, situated at tie coleeerof(Camp and Common ste, iellosnllrog Igf2 feet i ('ollnlolln t, and 1411 feet 1lt inch's on CmInp st. This building rents nonw for $25,0110. and being in thle most centiral part of the city, can shortly be inlcreased io tahirty tnoentuad dullnrs tir atni t nE Estatotedl at $b50,000 1I Prize-The three stiry brick dwellinr blisne, No. 30 on Natchez sireet, adjoinlig lth, Arcade, reated at I1 Iluidlea d dollars. I":stimated act $10,000 f I Prizoe-Th'le three storc brick dwelling S house, No. 1i, adjoining No.20, o'l NaItchez Freet, ralled et twelve aindred dollars. Estimated al $20,000 SPrize--The three atory brick dwelling thosne, No. 16, adjoining No. 9ID, on oNatchez st, rellled at t a-.lie bund. red dollars. Estimated at $20,000 I Prize-The dwelline Iouase No. 23 north. east corner of lasin andi Coutom-. IIholluse sltelts, tmleasuriog .40 feet rll tonta Basin itrIe, 4i1 feet front an dFrinklil sireet, lby 127 feel deptih ii C(:tlll.tmPouse streetl; renllted aIt fit' teen hundred dollkar. Estimated at $20,,00 y 1 Prize-'The dwelling Ihouse No 24 snuth n west corner of Blasi street, mIemo uring 3]. feet 7 incbes on Ilasin 9t, hundred dollars. Estimated at $21t,0i100 I Piize--The two story brick dwelling house No.339 on fieval strear, between 1 Teral ine mad Ill.spital streets,ntrleas Sfrie"21 feet o ii F:!+es oa ltorl et, by 127 eel 14 n: lces i deptIlhi rent toýeilat $10tse per annnuntt. iPe Esimnaled st $15,000 ri'-20 shares uCanal Bank salck, at I eltitan oiid t iii ie--150 sharen Mechanics' and 'Ir'a drls' acsk stock, at $1100 eoch, 15,000 ii'rizne of 100 shnares enc, (ity Balklt 0,11i) nl' of 511 " I'xtlhoige,. I1, t Prie. of 2. " (. ans Light, 5,0011 SPrizen" i a' " " Mechalnisn' olid '1t d r' :1,00(1 Florida, 1,000 d Il shall enl e rat I I.e ,pt I th.n! of prig,',s of e .llolk sIocks, eilheI takO ta he stok itself or the intar e ,tlue ltarecl illu atl h A - t If liMODIS Oi R.tIsR(ING. 100,000 ticket(, froet 1 1, 100."i"0, will be put in olne itI -toel,anl (01i prizei, e 'th' thl lainks, in anotller; t t t", t or nuotber a pire' or jlnk ' ill ie drnawc, Lntil c ll one ir', are 'deier'...... l.ea liate b; lat ne of nuuta il i tilne weel--b :elLe sI (hdeNe la - office ldrorlhe soas Etel.oley ailel .tke nrcico I te C- Commoun ai lie 'eVrnand. b, co rnte of St. Clharles nd t irlnt.ii' m.n, ca . at No. 104 cih r.eessret. Nne , II, trute. . poIst . ,P.rmptly . .wiirdud. Orders frnnt Ihe hr Jacksnvihe, nla.A J . id I We i . tei-_ --",d - - umhb paf'lgp'e ad Illbe proviUded to take to Florik a nt drawing. gray e densiroua to witness tm i nr Jo r I otoilc . , i'Ia. Ai ".. rag fjr'lS 1t( WtEIr' 1839. ianyl1 in of iuproicd coacn LS- 40esit Iloiotitc Wtacetc, Bale oby ;uetio, in, frames conplete, for ca y/1 2-4pd J OTT, py 2-4tpd Tivol Circle .1UNNY yBAGlS-30,0 lal .ids, fo ny SAACA BRIDGE & Co, sa eA v ny 1 1 n I i neyt S Bdr bead dfor robO boxes spe'r0 Candles, N m~v 2 ahy Itll l lDfiE& Co eelpS sl'varis hrnn. s, 1'2 s, .32 sand po tnd m 2 I IIll ando qulities, I for le by . ) i( i.1, 81 S. OL c 1,:34 Magazine at Coutrt. OF O t -First Judicial District Jenn is ptrste C l: ..i.. C rors.. Thie rcession of ile insol vs l . r del. Acepted , toe Colr fo' "'A p oOery Clvihn ee .tis orlered that a O tlo tin. he.1_, 1 I o hit c' editors. p ie s r at t o h offlie 11Tii ,I o d reditocr do take on M nday, he 13t r ouon tsr. notary publi m. 3:-"' ., Pay nsta nB0ANCk tM.fartile pusfllrpoe ofIl , nn, . , o'loer, A in'k01vent; alndin ho eaertill g0 tie odinlrsof said agi islthie person lu co. or tw Ient oiadrie pruce oedigs n eanollu s issi .2 --' L ID AW 'he N "e D iy ; our i n, t" "pelr inr ured., t.e p Lt,.r our vle Journfie ade thea Cc in-a CoeCrt ali rsNid, -lti n h eI. ie , Je dge o f theu r c ,, r l .t l Uv, 11319. I e it ,eif t lerki . 8 3 r ol wllde ao nP 3 PE3.I LANC, Dpt l" L a ' ro Ioo lll{ I..ý ool.t Dl; ll'.l . Gr ' re ier. COJ Di0ric j10 ,o q'oo0 olcort ollc ja sretD enaly f the ln oTihe a8ih Arlr, t lln n atpn e nsi or ine s iaony r aion Ci"ta hO-i- tw r e cor p ater ofih tai Cearcu pt eentot Isat~ a . ,, .uilr3s bl nrat if •it u .,tv" e, oi~l d he u In et8ic e l h iheo th i p I,- hnib dra dl 10et0.0 Foooo, Ekq. Iufaair. -- is l nandn ,r di O 0FEE- bag om.h trtldreqity clonble ns, ho e n will be par ee cid f lrim i reo n an martnl 90I f Cmm11n rnt l dIll he (oretern 1t , r. t3wet dtlolnr, Jogf dr. I n31 r s P. I.AIDLANC, DibJItb Droffler. AI :CI Oi8 REW~ARD~. - A "{DDo he moringr of tte 28th A'i, ito E w l Alealeadnr, c mn c ly rolled le l o. dae 4 rerer. , rourer th' rbiddiag wrhen npo. bro an the isshout5feet8illooe r in ahight, ncot buill S.iy % llWhig bllt lndye ae pli. h tilooke iboe avertie tres°tinc n anIt su0 ntel ppoodl ie s mtorned oo the JoytI b metiONed, r rond oathe sprvicemoalt 1o0 hrpe _l the nestero 0ountry, ae twenty dollaro if iyr lioe Itaa or lliOslitlspl P'E ERl LAIDLAWV, Il 1oeOrleane, may2 ,-JThe Ndcrthc Dailh Courieruthe Doily Miesaori cblothn, the Loisaile Journal, oand thle Cincinhati Doily WVhig oilt pleane pulh thell ab'ovoe advortie. met lthreletimesok td send theirhilafor poylmendolroth office odath Tree Amneh"an ot N, w Oclenae. ""& 'gOITYDOLLARS REW1ARD. A RSCONDEIi fromh the serirry of bhe sluberier, tihe negrs boy JIMf aeed abow t lT7years. lie afoloalendfr make, perfectly rack, cith large rye, long wiallge ald rtthio thi ck protrudi. g lip, lie Apeako both h E-glish-- w nd Frenoh lleniageo, n od s at vrry intrlligent4bi laodtitc probasblte er eildl ndeaior to leor the cite, as he w00 frequetlly obGererdlduring --e day hle l..ef' fGin-gin --rderk which ase hyrrifJwih isttl. C0 laulsof vess'ls ancd strenm boatn ocrer'¶rby farOarnrdl fl to acboro, uarryelr col d id sloae, undeI tJellererestlPenntryof the la.. ThIe A oI e reoNrd ill he gin for IRis nlprensialon, or such t nfrmatio utod ll tale irtieuory. WiM REA, Illayl-Iw rorner of ltrvaoi& Cirtunnat 11 'S-4 hIs lauldilng frocm 01t0amer h'odolio, for es y A3IL~AI-Atl 'IRIER, _ cne _ 8 rocier at P ITCH bolle. in goad ordc'r, hoaer 01101 IlA0.L & BROWN, may2 1 3 Mag" ioni, st. COFEbago Oo.toatro cofhfee, in 000re, 11o0 eal. byFEE H~AL.L & BROWN, moylt 30 Magazine at. II' the 000cmccer aye Noea. 2115, 485, and 37 do eot return their RrceipttQ for goodsa taboo frane ship A r kansas, tbey will bce proaarciret immediately. 0. CbOF1EN, may2 90 Corentoa At. Thefollawing are the Drawn Numbers o.hie0eand. tate Lottery, Cls 5.2 52. " 71 75 34 27 31 O0 12 11 40 17W 8 6 THIS DAY. Capital Prize, $8,0001 Tacnett only $0 00 GRAND STATE LOTTERY: DLASS No. 53, Extera. Atlhcerizod by the Legislalture f of hit State, To he Drawn This Day, May 2,1839. at half past6 o'clock, nt Bihpl' Hotel Commn n at. S DAVIS & Co, Mannagers 75 Numbers-12 Drawn Ballots. Sllerulid Sbheme. 27,814 Praies, amounting to $96,858 Tickets $2 00-lIlves $1 00-Qtuarters 50 cas. Package ol25 whole tickets for $50 t0, warranted to draw at least $2.L 00. Packagesa of 25 half tickets for $20 00, warranted to draw at least$1 00. Packnge of 25 quarter tickets for $12 50, warranted to draw at coat L$6 00. For Packages or single Tilkerl. opelt lay 2 At Mlanagere olffic 16 Chartres atss The followingLare tle Drawn Numbera of the Louisia no Lottery, Clean No.27, Iar 1837. 49 42 61 8 "2 51 64 51 28 40 55 17 TIIlS DAY, $10,000! Highest Prie ! Tickets only $3! ! 75 Numnbers--2 DrawI n Ballots. LOUISIANA LOTTERY Authorized hv Act of Legislature. Chapter XI.II, prlnted loalelah . 1828. Class 29? for 1839, to be drawn on TllltrRday, Mlay 1. 1139, at 1-2 past 6 o'clock, P. l. trecisely at the Exchange Hotel, St Charles st. D. S. GRIE(;ORY & Co. Successors to YATES & McINTYRE, Managers. SCIIEIME. 27,814 PIrize amoanting to 14.5:934 Tickets $3 00l-l1alves $1 50-Quarters 75 cls Packagesrof 25 tickets for $44. Shares in propor tion. For packages or single tickels, npl y at The Mnacgers Office, many 3l Canal streett.nxt to Camp at Lt.Ull-514 bit landing from steamoat l.nube, for sale by G DOItSEY, any2 44 New .evee ARI--I00 kegs leaf Lard, in stare, for sale ly Iny2 4,1 New Levee DG DORSEV, tav_ 44 New Ievee fuir t-30a bbia. ia good ardor, faar rle by 1 SHAI.L & tRO\VN, may2 36 Magazine at. STA'I ' i )LOUISIANA.-Pari.. Couro t C for lthe Parish andl City of Ne Orleas.--Present the HIolorable Charlces Slaurai, udge. April S7ta, 1839. No. 11,771. M. Duhose vc. his Ceditoras. The suasion of property by tile pelitionor ta herrby accepted by the court for ihe benefli of alis a t tore, nnd it is ordered nlat l nometine of seid lrreditors be hlld at tiloe ffice of I'llN . laclste, natnry aItlalaa, l 'luesday tie 20th day of May next, llent ald lthee Ito deliAenlte on tile alffillr of tile pettiioner, an i tile Ineanotioeall pceeding at illa pla arop elrt i-al, per son are staed. It is falrtelr ordered, tlal Chlons. 9I. Caroievia, Esq. leo apllointed to raepresent te above traaaitlar Ily ordar-ef tollt. Clerk's Office, New Orleann, April 27, 1839. may 1t- n . ARPIANi PIta r,, Clerk. TAT I)Co I. I.1OUISANE--Coui d.c 'Panroie ipoar ln poraaisea 'as Ie ile Isa Noavelle (Orladuns P'resecnt I'llnuralalo Cliarles MaluraiLa, Jag-. A.vriln7, 1839. No. 11,771 M. lal-ore va\ ma oe Laricr.. i.a ession de lit praalaili , ar to aletati-lmaire ial ae,'aeite par Ia Cour, iaollr bIniaie dae eer crrta'iers et il eat ordonlar qua'uAe siecralleAntt de Balts eran. Tihre, st t tenIuer nu butreau dra 'li. .acorate, e aire piallie, mardi hI 20 Mai prrocllain, aro de dali6rrr ear lae ofhire du dit petitiolnaire et pendant er trnems talates poarslaites coetre It prparikae srea Ncispendues. II atel pies ordoonn qua Charles 9. Carwcoiv, Esq suit iomln polar rfbpraeenlee Is dies ol6anciers. Par ordre de n ('oetr. Bureau da Greffa, Ic Naovelletorlk a, Aril 27, 1739. ac t A14NI) PI'Iafel', Grefier. Say I 81t.lL . IIItI)\WN, l96 Stagaaine et LiAND Iv-An mvuie of r nlerior Iranloc viita ge ro if 180, for saie i ay ShAI.L & It(O\V N, imay 1 9t MagaTilo e st aOAoP-21 Lox lalaaiaa i'e bcanI, Ior cola by -:v I S1ALI. & IIROW N, 9 oon 2 at NEW I'UIII.ICATIl'ON. IERICL.ES ANDt ASI'ASIA, by Walotr Savage P Landor, E rq. lTh CLahinet inicsater by IMr. (;ore, authoresa of llIe "Illg agri ln Tales." 1. ,)IIN9 & (',,, ainy 1 aoe St harules O Conimiw il a 1sE--lK110 lbis "l'lomlal lan Ince, lndin_ and Ior SIl saleby ., & J IJ' \VAITI' EY, In;ine- 73 Canyp il FORl NE W YIIR K.. Ilohelae Liar of I'Pokets. largailo sail of Il"1h May. 'llar rnTell4l'ce Imaad ap aer fastnci dl poak sAY lp AlI{bN r.Am., I. , Ur nd. ala vinll." hll of her aro gm.maI,- will, sil awil carolapt aleaaiatca. FI-r ial- hail iaaC of flreiiht, a placag-, having stpeeia-r c -hant',,, ,laiana o ith i iac rinoma, n py to ala- el-la ai l lla ili atlld, tWio liir: a Ilow Ilas Vtoealloe Slarkcl a ac A If)II'OEN. iapI :I1- N 911 Collllllll .I . . It --- II.tR2VIF. 4 TIar ,\ I aani foli sailing oaia NOIiTI A.ME1 IC.\,, 'ptiaia Ih-all, will have dle p-lch. IFor fraigllt or llaaocge, apaly, ti ala :1-i I. lI ,I1.F-, 9a C nmmoa a i A'- e'P UF \ l(!.vl n. e tfs i lt I~uisinn Pad nA'ew Fork Lte at Poel'Pn ls. 'I. i,,. supIerior fcst sailinlg pcila-kt ship C- 9VIIILSTI ILE, Capt. Eld-idlge, hving al readl the greater lpart oii her cargao boardia will ldeplart as Ibove staed. For freiightl or Illaage, hnvilg eleganat acciaa eolada liona, rapply o lthe imlster on lhoardl,aalalci iils vi cgeta able or co JAMES II. ilUI.I.IN, ap 30 7T CcaI Plaela-. 'I'llhe price of pasacge Ilaiy lise hlas beae rl,, u;:ed to $82. __ i'A " \'I' AS--l l Ialea .1.4 la,,wn Sleetings, laadlaangI VJ frrnnl ship Ferox, fr sale I,6 np 30 I I)EIilID(;I" 1 ('c, 134 llacoaziae st Ul frnnl ship Ferax, faer mib bh - "ll311 I 1I1 D)(i; IC & Ca, 134 Mlngazie rt PlALI.I)\\' CANDLE --ti Imoe. tla llow candl-le, L hrnd l of a Jeekoon O al Tiroelridei, landilg frois shlilp Ferax, laor sale ly I IRIDG11 & Co. aplI30 131 M-agzince ct LOA-I'-aLlOlabx-e. No I Sapol,.I.cia,-le Ir-ian el,1'. Ar'ax, for salu by I IRIDGIE & Co, op 211 134 Pl.ognisc st -IIfISE.EV-1104 Niubl aandiig fria-ic et,..lbuIn SMarclion, for sale Ibv (tDIORSI:Y, 30 alp 44 New leaee 1 n frauip Louaio, aiidl lor eialea lie ay, 30 A C( IEN. Noo 90 Ciomoao al French alhPaacoec, epply on balaai chip I.aGluage or ia L II GALE, nr s - - - Lka "ll.'--9UU barri|M, in file shdlppin, ordrt, fi ' sale by :. I)ORSEY, apl 29 44 New Ivert. I.HISKiY-2au, bbia re.tif,,d i .t.rr. for sale by S a29 , ;. I)ORISI'E,. 41 Nrw I.revre I THEl CABINE'T MIISiATE..-A new Novel by M 9rs. (ove, aull reas of Mother and Daughters, IlcirtafLelhaud, &c &e. Anthsn'a Latin Le.sonr, a new anld vatlable achaul Ihooka. The Ilartmav of th Chtristian Faith and Christian chararter and the cultulre ant Disciplin,,of the minid h. JoaI Abrrrombi., 1t. f. oD . cnl authtor of" fntelhrc turnl Paoers," I'lill8.oplrra of Moral Frelinga, Ar. A& jnlt received and lfr sllt hv ap 29 ALEX. TO\VAiI, 49 Camp st LOkA' S DI(CTIONARY---Moro of thie xplqndld erditio Wil i8 late. l beautifilly colours, just re. calved and for sale at 49 Canp st,by ap16 ALEX. TIIWAIr. COL''.4 PATENT FIRE ARMSI--Just reaivrd Spe lr ahip liariseippi, firml Neow .erk, a IargO n.e ! aorltmeat oflPatnent Itiesa and het Pisrtolas, foIr tale at ra8 r GOtSSIP & Co. St CLl,arles Hlotal D.RUG-Juis lauding bl.naa bsinr. a capply nf ah mds, bitter and .weret l ilorce rott , t lart juice,aocli,.c ,.,' tltlllt, tasenca 8t leama juiei , lae i allr canary seeds, manna, llake, and sminall, cnntlaride8, brimstone, flowtr at ter Ac, r whnesle and retail in amrt ot II BONNANEI, m29 _ or Natchez & Tchoanpitulas st I'AtCiI-t0a ,,I ia xe,-lauding from shipChar ]Iraagae, and fur ale pl' n 1ar I0 I 1iI. & 1R1 WN, 988 Mlalrtinr at OAF SUGAR--various qualiies, costatnatlv in L tore and fbr alea by SHALL 8 BIIVWNE, mar 29 981 Mlaganite It IAITCIIES-A large inxolce jast received and fur JL tala by SAIAL.L & 1iBROWN, lalur 0 996 M9lgazine at CUIIMERI CLOTHING 9 cases, cmaipriaing a camt Spluate assoarttet, laading from ship Coluitmbiata for El by I BRII)DiE & Co mar 23 134 Mlazine at rEIA--i60 chtata senebhoag anti i.nellpa a, luiadina from Pntcr Spleadid, frIt, Balloo, fr sale by ap 17 A TIIEI, 34 Gravier at S OAP-200 boxears, landilg tiromt cht Splendi, iro Sosttol, tfor ale by A TilER, up 17 341 Gravia st T'IA J UA'W CUl1'TTEIt-aontatlty on .md a8 Oibr btyHALL & IIRIOWNVN apl 17 96 lacnzine at S MOKN Ml.l.---Ordrs recrivrd T r -rtiarnmiils, by apt117 SIIALL &, ItOWVN, 986 egtluazit. R EFINED WHALE OIl.-For sole by all S & J P WHITNEY, 73 Carp at SINE-Sicily Maldeira Wine, brands of Ingham, STizza and-drill, in pipes half pipesr quarter casks and octaves, entitlhd todobenture, tr salerr y ap 17 I BRIDGE &l i Co, 131 MlagaZine st NEW PUHLI UA'Ir-)N.,. TIHE Raanee oathe Hnrem, ly Mias Pardoe, author of" lthe City of the Sultan," &c in 2 vain The American in Paris, by Johnt Sandersonat, in 9.uls Itdecision, a tale ofthe Far Weat, and other Penrta, Iy J Kl Mitchell, in vol ;just rtaeeived and fur salt by WIM RIcKEAN. ap 19 - or Csnp .nd aomman O- 5 --85 jti , 1 '- }7o.m j ar tiXAT f1l-ceaace db Rflalbi i. tly lua qualities NI. landing-fmem hiptOha far lorab1. n at3 I BRIIlE & CuI Magazine1i flla:KLEI--gf boxena far sale by I ap 53 SHALU.& IROWN, 98 Magazine at ( L ET"'TER PAPFR--30 case. of uparlam' quality rulad and ldain, latter apper, jant received and for sale by AI, EXONDEit TOWAR, aS 50t Campat D *UtNalalT ltAblt---athiti llclant board. just o eived a few grac very netirl aor ale y D'AV'II FEI,'P & Co, a25 NY ntantioner's hall, 24 Chartres st [NK-C:rmine Ink, justaraaeived lve runa very tine p 1 turs ale by D FELT & ,C, o aZ25 t4Cdarlaest T OAF SUGAR--60 bnrre aS, a t6 it etore, and Ldfor asa by SHAIL & DROWNJ 96 an1anuine streeot, Agetdts to Lafyatta sugar reinery april 05 ,, All,S--100 eabsks, receiving from ship Narragau sleratafersanle be ' apl 5 SI-IAII &I BROWN, 96tiM agozine at SLAs-S-10i Ilxcs lle \Wiandsaor sonup, jusal received Sand 3l snla lmy a5 SGIALL IIICOWN, 9ig Magazneinh at Uicorchiet-lEtndaru I'naater naal brlansana saroll, fe I enlelay IIEAI) & IIARSTOW, a'5 7 ankb Plaei dI, E--s epit eMahg ....... ill pe r.... hain usornee Ibr Isaei lay i LEAio & BA Its'irW, na2 7 R ank Place d&AI1{--6511 aa's snaelrinr qnatlily, jlaaling and fur onal by I l & J P 1' VllNineY, ar H 73 Canap at Mr. GORIIicE l rirlICK e dRbllng reigeaPd tae aaf Fee cnfelief Eingineer of tile New Orletana and Carroll. ton Reil lhoad, Mir. Joheln !lnlaain hbns bcen eppoint ed in lis plac, te wh t n tall atpersna lnviig basiass I wanith, or ishing inlaaraautil arona rdiag fnil Ilail iondi will applyl- at laye rail Ilad I Sh.e a, Po ililn strnel, i ty ai caier talt r a la- laarai. n at - aSitgnll JtlI1N NICIIOISCiN, (3Ishicr CIUNNY BAGS--S,0llS (manny nglls, '221-2 and ttItinvbal aiaeiul Inmle anlla bandlPe i,r ttle by nnleli I Im IItl).I: & t,, 131 mlagaianie a pi'Ite' aInatIO..A sphlaalid av.aolminaat atf aelarh lSra l iar Duenks, vnriuntia a mata nt l iatrn,. Inr .al hI iiVlID EI.Tnnd cn. j Nia ea iark SPtrationanrs' I;lta. S1 Chartreas ..... reden pAmTii, is 1)riWeddrenan ...... FRANKIN INFIRMARY rIlItI atllliel rpl r nfr p alttllne ifnlfor al tr n thate insh i Sltha it erettl on ate no astt inlarstad taltu and in an ailaa nn aaa nati nda-aialrie alartatatain taitltfnn)lar rnnrakli, t rat ta raiha atal, atten naile rfaaantaie Ihisnis npj'li;t. hlgi eatrtge ar aaataatantlia-aalnald lie.v ialvlntl a n nl Cell el -t a k ee lat nlinataaitt ,t awt. liae inatlttllaitla in ltalaui . eit , whhilae nillaI skilltl anil Itanive artml a aid aiemtl n ais at, -nn spkiag tlte va rio i e rattn tltag a al rt. aati omrivnend i ylllla hlley lie haf Md RIglldlen and CVe dol oarna alta', inlethaltitey l noaliaittera a-.. "erulo nyisaer yatly in aPalli d t f latlnra per lay. Slavost:- o wlatar dolnra. Santl Pate ti n tl e frdia.r wards ive dlllh:Irs. annealr, ran, crutiona pr t n e All caao t rthndic atI aareara.lI Ith- r-siint titla nlitmilal i r it emplr land e etO witlai I ll nl llltat tta Ii at tllllll tltll ta P le i . tar Illtt l i .lta lta'a, ant i ltlpar t a reTaa la tt. ttal,1 I, T1l 11in hOIteIhIa. ln it AI'I:NT I taenE SAIlCilI peside; abic -mt A ila litoasnle fli , erm liennie. fii llH~iiciii1,! n'lre,' Ih higl o 7hJ h ste leT ioll- , il . tlr tlTe n ttill 'r -nt "I a I e . hearr titha lanthatthir at-tnaagt-aaentt faar tolely atalalatieg eSirana lCoT EIS''I·lllieye nl.l Co..I ew or luilr ll hl. bes, e arn a a t- o tlat c rectian orader Chlir dist Qality toark, on tale tsale la taill n tr No 9 m Ptatatert roarwar t, an tI anabraateal' eferena- Itaita f iat la . ... . . .. . .. . . . .. .. ....... tha t ll 1 slAC iINlII all laaaa-ba nil nrlintant 1a1 tad,:l taI rU8r1(- glAC() S (ll s u:ielinnaie rls )(d htfn' I. tat. frolitle eltlonn a l Sh llaihi fatnillr a Oa lay fiuar2{ rslc lp It I is rl ]Y, ,,l'Newll~ oileve. I·111~~, 1111·Ii tat\lirll l 1111WI- N~lllll lra C(Irera. c KSIKN't4-lte-l raaaatinttr IInn atab eils lay alr5 A7f i.. lltlll &ar rtltlll 7it. lI 7talinac onatataended IyaTlta Indianta Ninlltadrh nnid Chuatrae Io it tai ren t t-niity nnt yiltay-, a allreas, anal ala gtiytnaataeirnt atblln failal thitagalaaat~itanlainttrnlaa -lainiard attaslid tl-.Iet ltH e tI llnr cy o- Intdl I,. -Sinnlatotge tIut lralfr t.:at llaran tritl hyd llned pariona tr aot-tera ar aita,, t arint Irpes an athe fare, 8InIL IIbil'I (InI· crllpl Ionlll prick vl etlllt ' I1II.ll llt st r.c ati-ta a-tat ala, lta , alan 1ianl an att-aes of alis altltl anail area ernlnalcn. Ita an erannanh-a an a-n Ii l t, \i-t-ttall at tll at aeaaallaaia tanalna, ta-aaltaat oi l n110r l WIIIillieh nnd II s I.IlXlllh llrls rllV rill o ,,le t alan a-ltanrala-c itlat, ltl.iar a ttaa rta , tat- wal l ittta atill nil ta lt ta il ,lttaa- d I,,- il ilat t a,(liar l at ,li 'tat at t-tr h-a a gaentara laa a ala- - n. I ' I I tttinet-le il a t-l- na-a Itt-, it, -- nta, l lanhata.V,'l-o Ietat- I¢ t- t ilta ta p Iatatn eaanA aaatlatav ,aant-aaaanaatcaaI[,, tateel tratt atlaneti - -ll,]vj--lt,.a r actatt - a -, ra i .h i e at-t- tat',t r I- tat ar ,a, tat at i at l Salllr tear, tiara. , l nt - at e t el ralairt , in-fr a-itattah a-t tn . i 1 Ililt~l(:' tat ('o lit. n hi * l .1 II i t tl at,: , Ir-eta,-air altrtatare- nat ii tali a~lTir-a faa II Ifns \\lt il r' l nt:kl i ataR.I~s IOct~ ] " I .11ud3. .k.all.svl~u .÷_ ltlu - ~ l . II I ItI In I tatlaiat , It 1ta nulata sta,, V-Yl tl{-31o l rarr fntl, tatl w t i~ l tli e J ll) Sl lle .It Ai r sh.ttytI. I31 E iA,1 &. (VINTE'R C'Lt' illIN;. tire omit ing their supplies of all and. Winter t CllltlilD d hi~lll iconltilUB to TI'Cpi\ l Cliuullllt s * rlCLI "li rltii heite-Jo. Their 11".''i, g ItiLlI.I1 - IIA inril 7 wi ll ''A 3!" "t" `^ ip iv . l I. . 'rC Il ll _Y 1x11111 Ale o47 ry t"Phevolelnoit19rsaewuls I l0re, 0&. ,. Ih"..--,og'y LIrm , auii. l rrr1 7 I &"'1: .1iES PWRI' i''NEYl 73 tip iin r music of lilt' nieivers at thell, vznnrl~ull uIlr (U n'I2 ALX & .( AIII 77))11'1"1'I:I Ih1 krge\11osh ntintter, Inn tmg and for n lr b 'i'1ei .flir. N.. 14 l17 r t u..Aegnc) S iLI t1 LAAlll IIr, 7.i AniWit Fp L'(f ______ _iate tvitCbmepar f.,,.. f thy !d Mncpliy.tIIoss~nwilb ni1 S&J P' \I'1I'N'9E I, 7:3 ('atop at - * "P AC:K111: BOXS-" rge lot i.s1 oldletr, for sal ancly ALEX' 'I'uAIS, all 13 49 (!strp 13 .11EYroreoeo(~ntN 141 ad12aer -l Iqueste trturd,.heir leePipts for g" ·rl receimed hlr Iboo, o, ront the ehtpl 'I'arolinta with~loutdeloiv to thee all 19 lilt Clumlp at J ELt 11.1II EL C. 11, BELLIII.I, No It), Challrs to r, hits this day re w crivrd n lull aseortmrleurll of \YIIIehllr , Jroelry, moosl~r Sprrtrles~· anld CIII~s Wanre, they wrill bre offer. --,at the nv ll lnwa trket prie~r. nil 1 f S N IIA C K NV 4 N J II l , m , on t -r cmic ker. ii. . itom and liir s Ape ty n13 _:I AVISE Y. NewC Loeve et li. U \ 1 rc.\c;i-- b~ltle glen bog., in slot- mid..M SIfr snlt' b UI.crIl)NS nl~i 41 New Levee eels and lJ 'mhrerllas, nlew anld nlnlhiottable Otylrr, formal- bily Ci 011ct11 .l Co. TI, II u..31mp iv ll2 e1 E t7'INUS-G- holes 7-8 find 1.4 III e& ..'riiitg", fy sale Cbir1iot(ti. &C (ilb ,'. for j taoichi. $30Ink. pe iioh ..ill bei iven, ul rli__ 07 irniriierU..iiI,....i-io..ui,,..iet, byI II.. l..n, tb..llki (iilbTEo Pe.\i-Joov r.e.yl ted u fe. w o giros (.illmop 17 Euglrillld I'erry's donbllla potenlt sle.:I pens. for G nle bv I... m1) FELTi& Co, 1or15 N onaeae hll I2 CIartrs. at i7ESS.IL SVANI.IS-23 tk I0 barrel s fllio~e lpo.., V to .lnti~x, Novo Pcotiu. A t~lv to nl2 UN &''~). S AVE Rtl', 8 Granvier lit 324 salle, 28 brrel giuIb..alloCu rr for gale Iby 'pr. l o Cor G,'r,,. cl itoulastrt _ . I A'191 'UUI.LCATFI)N S ACK AIDMS, thILLS-Illhoor, by Cupt u..iobu Bubdrblls of Is nnrlda , bl. Iti nCor or It, mIs by Silick i Nicho~lAs Naclrly, No 10) aonleuol England, their Ial d GE&C0,and dotueslic ThLe 20 oennl,oby lJet, e now suNppliel I'upto in I()·d, b4y logoe, hot, Prod'-l~ Poeljrrl\ llork in L I vo vn, the nnlvcmnn I'lete American l Idition-CCary'a edition-and otherlr nIOVelties. K JcIllNS & Co aplil2 eor St Chlarles nod Commolln at ý,JEW, NNGI. ~i Ell'1'1UNS UF S'l'nANDlAitD be~n Johnsono's worrks, oltll it llenltoi. of his life and writingsr, by Balrry· Cornwell. Giibbun''n irellnllroll works. with memouirs of hi life sui writings,:, conllpoceed by hIloallf--ilills. tralcd front his letters with ocessio1IluI notes, andI narrutit e, by Jolla. Lo~rd Shleffield.. The Art of Rearing silk worms, translnated from the work of Counlt DandodUII. Gilbesrt's Gaudery or Englunsd and wales, with n mapI Goldsmitlh's Hietory rlf IIa1I and Quaudrupeads, with nueremre sli~d originlal notles &c &C, with illus. tratioon sutured in a saperior styyle. in 4 volt. For sale at 1Y- MCKEA N a 10 rorner Camp & Cottonton sts Lnl0UM SAI:1'S-25 barrels Bltimoe ,ot E altsr, 201 barrels glaahursalts, for sale by JARVIS & ANDREWS, ,tI2 cerlerComnnn & S Tchoupitoulastpt NLUG DRILL 10 bles HnI teon bio bia Kdrills, landing froml ship Charleston, for able by a10 I BRIDE & Co a29 `"134 Magazine tl "i WvQs RDfl0Ab .NOW? i'thay the Capititgt u& ,oid at )CHUYLER'S is a aetlaml. Got to Ite'o iete ufRic tur tllUiapitala. The Capital of ttl0t00- woa bold idihetLoutaiana, (Grlgory'e Lottery) that was adRatn last detling at tim t.cltaage lHotel, at ScohYlei°i NO. O Ca .t. 41 2 3 4 5 47 I -:90 --11 48 51 43 421 20 15-l iO,: 22 O0.21 The Ticket 43 411 lt was ldn I Pokh to Mr. De Long, orCihcitiatii, Ohilt.-' lt:Di Lon utl olllt a Ticket of tchuyler in Cheintbill tilti ld i.ralit tot9eba examined, which was a Prike of 100. which heutanitl ed in a Package in last evening's lottery, in which ptck age ws tihe Prize of $10.000. Thit is no hkitlbtUg; mr. De Long is well kaown in Ciancinattali. Thiai pulishled by his own a nmaPTent. " '%10 CAMP-STREET apr. 20.-2 neai} is the'p!Tllo. lj'NOTICE-'I'lThe cabil parelngere ging to New, York, in the Packet ltip SA.aTO A. Captrait lltahl wny, Iare hereby notlilied, that shu will posilievely ltnce the levee on 'Tl'esday text, the 311th inst. at 6 o'eHloek, I'. 1. at whiclh hoar patssngersm wll.pleast e on board. Th'le ship call acommodate a few more than are now engacrd. ad7 [T'lrhe hint CInclnn.Ti, Ca pt. Baratow fiom Liver pool, is dischargiangaopposite the vegetable market.- rhe eonsignee of 234 tons sal, will please enter tihe sonne, or it will Ire placed in tile )abliA stores. e,7 READ & BAILLS I'OW,7 ank Pltte MAVOIRAl.I'Y UOF NEWlV ORLEAIN'. - "l.IE piie oa Irsah l ear to-day as 6 75 perbarel c erding tno the tariff; the tbakers shall give du. ring the ecsaoing week (from Monday l22d iacl.) 40 oa ces ofIreaad for a hit. iread of the second quality tk rqtuired Io weigh 25 per ciat. more, viz: 50 ounces. prit .,7 C 4 GENOIS, ator., $20 RIT;WA RD. WTAS L.OST yesterday afiernoen, on thBe ppnmte V side of the river, betweea tihe Uppel Ferry and S Villier's Planeatinath, 110 dollarst, and 2 of 50,new ernissin of the Canal antd a kiig Company--10 bills on Ilank nOrlenOs. The finder will mcic, obige the subancrilbir by leaving thelm at this office, and receive tlie nhuverward. 31 april27 ILIIN'i" I Cl ts'1' PIL H tti' ieT lnwdiLI-ch Nlnig t r, also luani', N atieuI Almanac., for sate by at 1) FEi &h Ca, 2 4 Clils c tat I Rlrt'TItN ie APiEl--Js I nt receivedl ftioml snips SItew an d riuwa nmerci, 10110 rrianle news Print 1 ing Paper, of sl rior querity olt of tihe Lfolowilg tarle 22 X U2 inches avs 21 x 45 " ' A 24 x 36 ' 27 x 42c r r' r sale ie alt "20 ALEX TO\VWAI, N49 amp a J I.. IttiitWN'S Pater Platefrmin Blanjee.-y ro JL" crn can find at 53 Ilienvilln street, atePntPlet lierat Ilancel, supenlrior to nay revr nlired in thin city. I-11 _ W Rt CARNES-I. tIOi:\ANS ItOT. , &e.--25t cases, ,omprhlinq all rn extternaive ortllnnt ul tni anei' nllto bia kip aend rouat iproglns; calf, kipN and t ItiorlceF luoutls ; gentle i een's and Ildies hleas, I'nnle almed Slilpers hildrnem !rer, brogans anid tnkle lies. filr sole by ail lit I tRIt It)(,l & ("i, l31 Mnganineut A Card. ORI.EANS LIT'IOl)GRAP hIl IC':PTARLIUH IllE T, 53 MA ,I;.IZNE SNf'RIE'l, n"rPUSITC INK'a ARCIIaAf. `[j (EENhrI rtlrne Ihia silncere tirunrka to hi r ri itelIt li an d iia IlbliC of New Orleans, far rtie rltrniineeni·itowd Ol lil fir tihe latilwo earl, reand hess ihnv, ti a[t re thlr thtt Olll rer olamhnilted to Iiiis 'liage shalil Ire punritrlalv llttnictd to; he will at inilln, lkerp fit thiri open duri' llhe tnnllirl.aneand ShIll, ie atItay rntlv t strike oili' rerehtnl'ae circu I tlra , h btlillea a lld hldres rai dl fri r l .lll ieeiO ,Cte n 'alps plllll e niII dniwl, iI Iver descriptlin, at the Sshortletn notir·c nd ill flit' imst reusoneble terms. Ilcing ns.i-lfi dti rlirtis iinilerior to any lllier estnablih. IInnlrt in tile, antllll r In ol experience ill the i ligtheiii lie Ii lIeelI cnifident of glving enlint raticleelian. N It Ap irtiecnriI Rnd lruiglisel' lilbls executed in I, as el1d style i ra colperpllte ingraving, and at ote Sth id ofTt a expaener. jy24 CARDS 3 C PRINTED at tNe slioriest NeVice, in the most I- nigrlm rinner, in ltlack or (Caoledl Isxs, ol Enamel ledI, Illilte Ihlnke, or Pluin 5 tifnod i (tI., aInd 'riles eery reasonable 'I'In. AMItIeHICAN OF FILE, corner of Itcydrli anud St. Charles sta. On-renal New raid tlenrtirl /iieiints ef Typl: hlte Just blen addled l Ihe EstanBliishment. Orders rercired at Colptrine Rroom, St. Charles Erclanrrge, 3rtd dor fruit (beirear t eor a tire Prhintine IOlffi aeaiar- oif i'eyiha & St. (Iharls stretla. C tiS, i,,i:dil.iee lihn beia highly aneeeeelrt in ihe I o rr oIf thle flalowiiig dlertases: dyspepeia, liver Ili isr n a ,i ild igeF .thn m, ]i l o fl' a lp e li h, n trvo ull s a f 'e lt io n e. 1,mllS o]rlllhlll+lno, ~lP(onlrv Syphilis, Merrl ial , s riri., eelllril dPe ilihi , l l Cl id tl oirhlr iIePiiiR e atriaine S fima iImipUlrly Ie " Iht 1 h-ibIdI ; it iii p rILilarinIt rly raelni. f iIt lld iir i n Ir ' ariyi uitt i ill odit hlt, to i renovate is.. I| i aire t'l'rnmitmiienlll i It im eatrtIIP l ngrrnilhle tIo Iteka, re niIblinig it tittle /n riih iirallin l, tgll, tin-ig inrli n teer itill e camposi iinn liii h itakiin whh niih, tii ietli) l iy the itaot deil IA siipply of ItIl.ei lnh riI-c i,'dI nodfll II sale by april tIn 4I1Canalst Ill \11 -ll ll'IN-iili ,r,.es int teem I'or eeyle "y ( . -h! A " li'l'lt, 11 Cliacier at SI 'KI.I:S &CA l'lMin--7i linens acuartced iti i kli, a et a7onto irenip'l, ill lor anil fir ti, by, n9 it tAl.t, ,%. In ii\VN,ti |llllagiaeite st i i Ireon hipie Nnrngelrrai,, or cleh byl Snl:i I I llllt ; tI & Co, :11 Mlagazine ast 11- l -)lTiC.\G--1:t aire ic.,ahnnl,, cldt-iisg ng bie'/ Irinsi rnarignnellt, tlr sale bv 1al.I I_ IIIlI)G(. & ("n, 114 Mgatzii:e at ILtn:-7Iil rh 1llink r 'h iiin tnirll ltlln lndlinig friln e",,!3 a .JPt I dIt'NtI'Y,73f('nmpt 3 " lit itt1KS--.v',inrn hles minL tltsi nfX.eriurtIuarqi i,• it) f oriiiI, bv - nit 'tI'I'rOI)N &. AVIERY, 8 Giravier at -1iltASiP.\ Itii,--,laketi n tin Iso ra n lla , iv J C , _ A '1'ltll" , 1 t1 (;ravier at .L, Itl t ii , r li. o i ne, i tliej ae- SH.AtLL 6:& IIROVN,9 9l galitti st L- Iii andi Ivanat COFI;t'l ,:i:ti i gng I-io, Coffieer 0g \ Di'.Ctii" utisltri Al-u 511 hiigc Hnvnnan iln Itr Initali' oair ivrnain trisre in ts ta -.ii luvrli. Apptly in ShttaON & AdVEAY, atl 83 Graivier at 3ýrIAt1EIRA-1011 dt rTtn s Il buebo t ea I ira, ll er slse by ,LEVI II GALE, aprl 93 Connson at I AVAN- SU(;AI.L- i7 br.-oo whit a-nd0 dolli l browll aulgur, lodrli.g fro r fitchoher Warwick, for sale by S & J P \VII'rNEY, sia , 73Cinmp t (5OF1EER-t5r begs rlr rrillc and IRio collie, for solo • biy SIIALL &^'IIOWN, o9 96 Magazine at VALUABIL E ENI1IIS1.I WVfRKS. . EW1'ON'S I'rincilria, i Pr to voluhls N \Vrighlt's Cuolttellttrc otll Newton's Prineclpi, ic. Sviols Vieas's Proctical and Selonlroic Treatise on alcarious Mlortlrs ild Croelnr,i,, ti ll. S Smith's Panooranl of et.rts and Art; emitaing the principal sciences and arts; the metslto ofl works :g ou woond and metal unl l a rmirelloioussolu eo tioo ol uselfl and interlstrng processes 11ý1 cexperi Iments, in 2 volis wiI illtrutlie ongrcrva.s. Illtturn's Mntlbenmical 'I'ables; cunlaiuinsioghe coot m rn', j)trerbolic, and Loge.tir: I. Loritims. Also Sitlre, tl ngonts, Secants ano Versed Sines, both nnutioe l and logaritmoic, and the complete deserip tion nrd tlo ifnle ttbles. Sioplnm'sl)ocrtrine nIl Applioatimo of Fhlxios,, in 2 erlr. Fore ale by WMI IlInEAN, april I co Cmp and Leoenls st I'ý LICITJ-`IES-A foll ornd lorge astprly tfsnediEines rel irporred I lhe rob cribter tor Europ and the orllrt, olrstnllov on hlorlilllr lfor solo to colotry dealers rrld plnlsers onle Ith ,w i torms. JARI\'IS L ANDREWS, meros cor (SI.ttlaon & Tlhonpiortlas elt O 0r 1'AL S awmgSilb-Vts erosil bdole remal Ipron : Se8wing Silk, forale by PE'It'ER LAIDLAW,. april l g6 Calp at UTl''I':IIi--1 0 kegs supelior OPelmorn l1oserve But ter, for talt by S;. DI)SIISE'Y, aplil 3 ___ jaj ..Lesee S I 15 bols of to r laa Head /p Shrrikrge (or soale by SET'LSON & AVERY, alniI 3 88 Grarier st ;lHI'I'lE llEANS-7 brel lranding thero slemtrlae VT Vcndlir, for etllo by AIIRAIIAM TRIER, nprl I 34 Grovies al WVISDOM ANID GENIIUS OF SIIAKSPEARE, 4"'OIPItiISINI Morall l'illhlsollr, Delineations of S Chotltorllrlr, Piullhlr s irf Nrf r lll tlIe Paslioss rorro lohllldrtr Arhorir.nrs trrld rroolusortaon paicas, witll lor0ti, &e. ' r11i0 whole bliElg it Text Book for tile l'lilouollher, onrllist, S+ttllnsilio Poet and -tile lPointer. tin57ririr tlt tIt tool, Illrurraterl is %Joursol of ;"o i ALEX, TtWo 49 Camp at flUCKE'I'S-1i0 dset s in store and Ibr sle by " all 'I'HAYVIEIt & Co, 74 Poydeas s IT l, IRELI.AS-JuIt rreived a large ossrls.el of tilreto nldl plain uorebrrlla, of verioas ises, lor sche wlolesalo anodretail Ify GOSSIP 8P Co allI Exrchfia hotel, St Chaerlea at SORK-2011 barrels utesa.nd tl110 do primepork, tt store and for clab by J HAYER & Co, all 74 Poydraat - o-a'bc0 c~ks Csarol nrice, r dinag Srm rig EL rabbian and fri saleby all J TIIAYER & Cr, 74 Poa a 5t ý S H --E E T I NG --..3 h b a le s iu s sia s sta s ita ll estoreo for alet by J THAYEB & Co. all 74 P7oyd4 n SuA EKl CLO',I'HImG- c0 -ca -ss se coab lo Sthing, oalsriing no exten sivelloe ortmegt s ailble for Ithe eocatry sad Ciy Iratle, for alo by op 18 1 BRIDGE & Co, 134 Magairne at WORKS IN SIlK. ('OUNT DANDOLO, oa tih act aof rasing sillk #JWorms Kelriobk's American Silk Grower's Guidc Cobb's Mranual of the Mulberry 'Tree and on silk Edward P Robaet's Manural; directis far sowing transplaoting and raising mulbsl tress, eltc II Morrnis' silk rasaers Manual Comstoek's Practlies T' j the cultit of Silk SLummas ry ac the principal Chinese 'Rslatli. 11,lsn the uultue oftho Matlbserry, and the rmaidsia silk woram K: JO5 & Co, - api 18 srmr St Clsarles as Comamoau a ,

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