Newspaper of True American, May 2, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated May 2, 1839 Page 4
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ruti s CnJdiisiaes di (hi the ttietwoai sitoe il the conrtisti setaitl. It iitab. ftoeuistisentsoftrnst. a'ft 4.ivtalCt Yam~nins be3u d it~er o creol ,i.t lessa the erevrsl or tibenefits, the ,iitisi iit siiy tie ippeeasel. ' t holte' di rsewn, hvei d eattoq ii f the dieeee", 1hiihhla5hfetiirs whereais I'l o fiss is eIlit creII- t. :tes'mrs,'i. The idisger 7 iie Agpr, is scis et d, nt, for Itoo much prirstmetslII er, anidspeily falle s ica f ito iro Thelasis li istire. is hteprice, as to place itejili LI Iti' llit tII porrsd li'rirtitte 0 staucebliot soliCitingL ,t ot is r~~equ :,tlv d: pier d to thuralitt$ity bressari'. i'iitiit.auree diily wealrtd f Jgte II R'iioed, ntl is i' 1lllhhiditp liii tin s'holeenlr ree av fr 1le t e!< iil 2 will sol sIe rr er Is', c 50 h i r e hIlleilitirticilt nlsoll! it 8 A is the ity. & ttttlit I,, , ,ear C Ol~~lon h ·In L 't'cI 'I Iins and I.noiasiinn Iilutejs . RS. MARY, 1MKgIb iNt) reospecfilly son. IlNR tOepeo is her freends ard tic public gFlc. 1ty tih tVsiinptepared to iccommiodlite theisat eablishmcst, ad hope Irai ce "a:f hjn t ho ender visitora esiforelns, to rI cciieCI i~k e fe iu iis.eo Slfo' e is. sh onfi. ,ieq thins persons vi rig CovinigtIn doiita the dttConmereoCtis, csaotfind blitter coaratiad cice s tee "i. "hl te'o therr, on mieie Issi:rar trerlttrc. .rIoqeipl sosntly siultlel, soila rtrai plie vy econrCnione; Etilir hbr is : , '.iUL \ with St Choieo Iiquors, &c. ill sihoi, icte prioaiisee shall bh weanting oa hr pint it girte ,`'"iE hir ne eSisfaction to all stho miy ietrollin the dJmaastsippi and Lotlusiana Motitil. i ' stundied undr Dr. Sctnuidt arcC~h rIjIe r etimti Crnltna, and fer soise yrari hie aairlsitat an ", ,t ePpraetjtO of mndicirn and s~iroacrr, Ian tiht hooey to '9oi his professional rivieri in this Cily. f Ianitie the tadir rena grttlemaen tlhat tic' lib at mpt-ttop'Li~or will be pail tIo tlle cails whlli sIng1 -mba~sde;lid also otserilia slacicic t,, th mpihotro'rlasvoe, beineg sell eiaciiaiited oil IIlte d taseepeismse to theim, hotvig elasilt, Ihero in itst- snug hesos is Clierlesisoe. 'Ithefanioos anti bilious pills oiler li cioep::I ion l c *TPeofosanr Siilledllcli r, \ re ( ions, siCL [e Ita offhe undersigned. lhisrll ct wihlich thial i,,t produced in hits ed ollier cities, ecus bhe,"n t:-:, re aits ithe. a suessB i totehai , ice slciilee , I'te ir oforetbrns r sees e givase. Anlacly.:,l N li l N l1l::a 'iitS Ostreeti iNi). srqp mere:.J\U. lit ff)HIir. IRONS,. &c. T]IlE HlOWELL WORKS (')'PTANY' , N,. . 38 Water, near ihetoma stre,,t, ; w "Y,:, have roceved lto p:iLt r.e soer , alo l d ,sl:s ! •r.eqivitig flrg6 and extensilvo addfitions e i lI:..e.l f Ltho above goods, wlfreh nrow e orniettc t tf he • loorind gassortment, suititblie for the .utlno 'ler l e lrd e'Stern markots. bHlowT wad o of superior quality, cons.isitig of •boutst0l 0 tons, vir, PotaooftQ differsent sizes, from 20:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, f'rool 3:8 to 30 gallone, Kettlleso, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallon, e. i . ep or Ovens, 7 diffironl sizces, Tea Kettles,- " do killet,, . . 5 do S'Flatfpidcrs . 6 do Covered Spi.lere, 2 do, Oriddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . I doe SWagooboxes from 1 14 to 43-4 irce. Cart do. 5 to 7 ifchels. Wood Serews, 20.000 gross, iron al brass, from i " :inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a .uperior vality and finlsh, and less tlra JaTo'no imle portl priesn. Sad Irons, assorlad, in caoks of oabut 500 l3 ffor rotn.iing. Toflor's and hattor's Trone, assorted. sl hweightsl 100 tons, aerso ted from 1 I..L toi 9 ".Olbs. Be ols for Plantations, steamboats, clhulorches. &c. enad to order. .. .,i-cs. -et The above assortment of goods is particularly recommendecd to the ottention oo Sof etfhern and Western morcrhaplts, 00nd are olberd fior- ae at lowr prfloe, aend upon the most liberol termts; f ifs i,. .l~TosiOto betise largest and brst assort ront over ".rOnhred for sale by any one ostabl!ichmelnt in tlthe 'Otloed Staltes. :lerclhaontsby lforwarding a reqnesit hy mail, can have a' prih'ed circuhlr, wilth detcr:r, tit.e or ,,otds, preeoaondlOrnss, from wlich no deviation is ever 'm d rsrsfniloed by returei of mail. Aiobdr're'will reccive inmmediate attentiot. nl~~nYNOlICOPIOIVA trtNew Urretrs, ,Otn'v.f4, Il C17. A BO'T six months sgo Irad the rtitltrtuo , noert diesase, fer thich I frveo ejlpled Itt er00. ot stofeor aeoe, orrd the did iot cure IttOterrii ti; on tnisolsqvs date [uit myself unrrer ter I:ie llf tir)e" ,t t blt~titd I slcriht hiss t, citre rtr. Since llit t the dise tgot.Wsolse, as to o tbreak ouftil large iu lelts o the nii r of six or eiglht on ea h legf, ni alil over nts..od ere-throat, and not ablu to waork at he -pn sltrftl act nt of the dilfeiee; large ticr' € t she jgstjgrlnof ,thethroat. I am no t eltlifir toerif" es40l!'telder Ilin csre of fir. fliter, r·f if , " lobe bnrretly oured o113 )E1 A N. And OEPFiFY thrt the above netlotrion eer.tir i I .- r. well corad'to mt own retisfitrifin, for rwhiih I .r tibiobl)r., ienat; adl moesover I rnsere tiret Ithe ieet 4"- rlnplaeen tleeseo msdb te fit, end lid n.r injure tite bls bonho fo'om 3o'clock, A 01, oritl 41 P f1. seswtll fled a trile doetorefbr thitocorirp trios. - JOIlN l)EAmN,.IO Grtvifr tereet. If .ay one waonS ii see me, etil at No. 41i frml if:, - ians. £ . JOIIN fo:l'N j New--Yren.eb rh 11831, itti l i t hond i put up in bttles et the low price o1' So ceaas such, containing tha narangif of at'ree ou nceso Lijynart, troalefas It, virtues of many onythe rants ;Iond hcrbltto wnmaon tae Indiann nntfeltaaoiooiu in culrio; pu~huonaty complaints. e Ojrtan~rda sucaess whbich liaa atteoodf.d t c user o thit8'inehtuaabf a itata.m wherevar it 1,,,s been intro. dueaed, hiaoalteotana the confidene and rrconunenda -tiioa of rpaectaba pfrysieina, for the cnr coli!ln· 401 abp fnjae aide, awont of rest, ayritiilg o blood, tiadrcothptniac, &. -'a'hano l ay f conaerna . Thtir is to c- tij, tlot iava*oanrpractica fracqunonly 8rnrcllbotolrd Oa s .lr fart'talian Baleoe ,ato,,erworta od firoui',n+"n,1, ,;1 eidrmidedlrgood eff~c: we can therefore, I'rni the 1.""-i~· to-Ilý cfthe nnteriuld it in n ·.l, r or, n, it I h-v; .: ý:,,·, nu ' naatoxhnicn, CrcIll lrU. 11 d n ,lill l a. ,t-.t a a can;ý oral ittiose atentions of el1d Iv:,,;; I it i+ .Wulaada.l. Ai tiItt tO t f tt CALVI~N El l.lS ;il. !, Meonte.a of th't ilstUU Medicato ,d I.1 t s, ",, If nton, Octaobr 25. itteb &itt)iitt 1( 19 C Iu, I 1 ':, (i l T'hPLUEAR'S Rcircaaft'o.,,.nono L for t ae tet thir tnoooo t'r .No. -8 Cbatran ai wt, ane Ode., lI .Now York, V)aoophiae at.. ttobif.. dtispyr~Cic~tlarlt,ýteaiboed fi~r p'iitr Ire .,..;,. sectr oaid, lintav* fldjoematgaed 800 forOror 0oo a "I'd all 0 enldnw aro iar~ted t", ;all .u,.I . Illillt tlatyte8atnfur eettfaanaal a. Ideaostol Ore. grvift of earch Intooor 0 aeauoftqand to la s it atnd an afnaynft ?rwaarlE ~ .."ea, hat.,atO W bb. J Ifto tobttt It, ii 2lttt d, 25 ." 00 thOls, ; sins, vitmud cFanua ce: - ,2t1 ftatna ýtJaaaf. .. ±. v do. 9-MetaI. i3;'Amery a.n, Entlishi nd FrooVnr aloes atd qualitins. ac.5ttOtJ baxeobnt/ nte , vill · 4jlsorntaaent of tics'trtnl c:ra e"n 0 4W t.:;I,t . If ~ I~q street, y-. A ad Niieiaisrll~i. PICE tt aoaoet. e0, 00 -jntthepoel # f taeew reaeivnito freon the'ir font Ia a ill witifaep enaaanlly ri~ e r }.rtae ·ac arbte.8(¢an a0 Ponaanb ' ewti dbiatta tataatpoottaens, Frg jaýlp " t. "Itdlifa, Irith u.,t! _ ý e eTsýl ar~llta lut i alttaataeo atand, atrr j .. 6 tb t t edpl n r it `nki* W- Iron RWtlt5 twOit 4)*ue Padtterns In dauq_ Iii~sa : n el;Jh 9t4ataatlee. f = ea r a te vatoknae to 5 AW A1ff d .oT .ROUP "' irork -m L Baltimore Packets ACGKETS OR NEW YORK.-Now Line. r---To sail punctually every secood AMrnolday during the season, fulI or not full. Ship Orleans, 599 tons Capt. S. Sears, Ship Alahama, 474 do C. C. Herro Ship Arkansas, 627 do E S Dentnis Ship S ,rtoga, 542c do W liatlhawany, Ship Nashvillle, 540 do D Joekhono, Ship Kentucky, 629 do J Bunker Tie abovha bhips are of the irst class, coppeore and copper costoned, and having been built in New York expressly for this trade, they are of light draft of wanter and almost invariably cross the hIr without any detention. The comneionders are men of great experience, and the ships will alw-ays bc toweod up and down iho 'linisonippi by steamboats r They have handsnone lifrnnished aeconmmodations and stores of the best description will always be furnished. The cabin passage li i $911 without Swina or liquor, and tihreo is no liquor furnished to Sthe officers or crew. For freight or panssag. apply on board, or to II C AMES, 48 Camp at. SThe ships re not accountablec for brcaoge o o glass, hollow ware, mnar!. or granite, copcrage ofl tin, or rust oflironor steel, nor resoonsible thr cany package or parcel, unles a regular bill of lading is executed thorcibr LLat tln olicio of the outs. no?27 . & &l NEW ORLEANS 'ri b iAnI,'iiII lOI. LINE .'F I'PACKETS. This line will consist of tihe fIlo' etg vesrsc!.el wliclh have been built or purliauscd expressly !ir Ship Seontua.t ('It. ,Miner, Bark I.ary, " Nickeron, " .ral Ferry, now Stvc.lles, S lolnon o Saltus, " antham, nrHig n ArI ctniecl, ' Grc y. S'Thes, v,:eca are of the first c'las:, have hand. " omae turnihad ccommndrlations, and are of a light draft f" water, so asto admit of their recivin g tand cn nlina'fing their cargoes in i alnlin , a' tl e city. Fri'ht wild e n taen for ports o thn e i hnsap:t'keo or Jomes' Iier, anr d mihrwardd Iy t!ln agents, h'l.-ars. CIAilKE & KEI.L Gt., at.*ti ia'ltinre: expense+ on goods shipped will be advlt,,wd wn hn Srquirodn. 'I'uce price of pIassage i firnl at siiO. npl'ie stores of tll h aIst qalty will hle prevnjh.l Sci . n up and down tlhe li wi: be taen - i;O. Ii tiin!d-1'0R1, ( i nici a tluii A ',na .r " ; o ,n- r l n e of IP.:rl ,, ' IEli Ships c ..po i , this line w l sail frm New Orlans and New Yornl, on oery huer :l l day-- omiiNnerninni on I1,,- f2Ill Novne !ei-.;.-Ind to n'`I , inr non oii p c f'' v i t nonotin t n n n ulinl, tlo iini wninni nilln:ill i . t onlflt e stil,", viz: coi 0' 1,1h, Y,+z~l o ,,'l', to ierve on t ,: .2+ h N vc-llmler. c i) i l ) ie, ,. rce S] ' ," i ' l o ah in 1) ;' i ,, to leav o ni th, i Thr a n o, ,r all now, of ite eilt class, coliper d do and copper ihnln"dl, iand d ul,,t.nnards of 5niO tons bu II heu, lre ,of l, ht draught ,lllf water, being built i in New Yorik exprnre;in r the t!nr ea. Toe price of p'tesaeo is fired at l100 doliars: their eabins are i tlw m .in i n proved and o-nvnienlt plIn, and finish ,d in a ,,,,,t and rivlanI atvb*l, Ample stoul s of the lir t quality wl be provided, il+ .rvey l'eg rd ,pidd to It e utn' ntt and enlire i sati,.ciiw i (, p-so who will pleae ltake io. f th atl " o f , ·rlh Il.a iln l I- h ,e . ll "i ld nt, il p a id n iro a t 'J'hc- v--e, ra ,,n manded bv :, ins well ill :tiii ti.i l ite IId I, no d di wn theI i r sppt !o h +II';;n + ste , and the st ieteo t puntctu:tlly olne,"r ned in o tlro Ii'n o i -i inicnli17.. r T':)e o nVlrr, of itre se shit, will not. he respond. be signe.' the l,,r, ;at. theo rentl l eIt( ,." of I'ng .agent or o itt'rs lt. Fr I. n! a . i a apl to .1 D1) LE:..L A -'CuIIl'N, nov27 90 Coimn on ' I scoo of n h tn o a , - t e ieým:.;'h inon iro[ nl:..' ,ni, oi" n .iT "l -I. . 'I l ,r c, ,t t'n e d nI un,-', u ,,- ,,, ii Ion e' , alrs i [+ +-o r ' . t t , lire C i Inan. r. I.. Them .n, mu :tvr. B"r i , ., R e-, J. 1 , 1 n, Ini bs! r. ha: l er oen xirrvsl:. uilit Io Trlln I0'1,i'( 1 ;:,, abore Iccelllll tihis t ]f "l hd'.'rllge ,II and p im|e , oe o i toill he ita Iener gic ,' . aI .sa li:. acc mitno' Thei h sc is cnd li.itic tiet lpinc i erved in C h roliiced. ,nd !,; a~dn Capl .l t.;.h.m .-,s to ('ltccl:, tc,-t , 37.1 do p i I) ri , ("' iana , d to , dvanec a lea on gooddr"r, Si cihico, , itl du , i/o,'e, 13°lcl''y, ;i6 do D i "phrc . The abri .til l atle ll 1i t anid, o 16 hi f i reryt c'opp'r t cl',tcc ai , , eoian1d b- inc Jolgreat ' Fiperiee, ae r, r 2 Coullnllnu l stI-, with a cccpalatte ladle, cabil; iv''cry atentcict w'l he I ''lit' i Tih paclits:,ili l ho t.Jcid pp adi down lti'3l ici siaipp)l, and tihe .itic.,:t punctuality i' orr +'d in tie time ofi sailing, and ci d tt cite t lre t 't'r vesi'l-" i d.' d in arrliving~ , uiher h ipseqully yas rod trill in ail <oons ,· uiii a' itu l.. A share of patrou 'ae ' t" . Ie'tccc cilittcll c practicable, to receive atl ttrwart gootij by s id t tlil it i it l o.i t der. I tn c t llargtt t ndtl to acdvaci ti i a i ct pol rel on goodt hip p ed, i f re uir e c d. lr·, l c 1 .i.llr 'iplln l'l ('ci:titu rtic : c TI Le ehI..z \rit1 uave rhe et and 16 anh of every nolltlh ](i' ateight ot at i s ac p Ie I cl i toic tt J A n ficcn IwTi, m2 {on on st, :'; . D . A t v a rl m n ls r h n lnl..d o o nr c oI !.si : l lln : i to sirs:. '. A, C. Lou mbard & _o, l i , , "li e , -1 ltrli . ll c -:: ,ll ;i " l , , Mc' i ('i i? l,, tl t .tt' , ,'i [' r,' m't il , h t, It I',krm, t+ {JIv'. :zne a", r,, i . 1 t ; ,a -nn u,, .! ,'ti, , I " ls .e i t li" ttr : rill' 11-0 li. - t e l .I ' l ' t-t' ('I, 'i. ' I' 1i ts,:r ti.s 11 f". it ',' ;,t }'. 0al \; , s'. ,!e n. v .a l :".l m i'. ,u 1 '. it, i'., r it th'i it't" ' 1( ;1 , hel n',c' cc ' , ,t"" v , c+ ;"r i ,' ; i. e, :, i '. ,,, t , , . " ,' + -r. . h ii- t91" C c , A .E:,', chtl . +mPe 1ccitec oc,c .lt'cl " jil Li,.c ec p'n'ils, "rrl,.,., &c. "c.Ati t . .. . " . " wWcg~i BOOK BIINDERY. Under the Picayune Office, 72 Camp st. - 1BRONSEM1'A & iOWIVSON beg leavr to informrn Itheir customers and the puolic generally, thn. thiy have removed their establishment it No. 7'2 Canpty street, i'tlP diately under the office of the Picayuneo-whore they are prepared to execute all orders in o eir line. Il\ting received from the North a supply of pa. . per end materials of n auperior quality, for the manufarlhcture of Blank ooks, they offer their serre vies to illerhnts and: other, who alily wishl "work of that kind ; rnnd having tlie advartl , !e of several yaars's experience. in that line, they are 'aonRident of e iting sattlsfnettlon to thons watho may fravor tha wiah their earstanr . 'For tntiesr, architects and other', maps and - plls will he pasted on linen. v.arniahedl and mounlltedl in ihe nte.uoot manner, & t thle shortest Plinin rand fancy hinetinir, in nil iis va'rietrie nI. Ct1.'tAtt.hea\' .t I.'ItItiN WVAlCh dl ti rE 31d Chlrres stllee, . t. w Orlenna. Is I.A. SERGEANT' & Co. importers of Freneh cl land llta ';ltlesl Clahina anid Earthel n rare. Riar dI now openpling new arrel ich Ipatternls of Ireak'al t, d dlining and o t a ervices, Iailer sets, pitcher , tn antl ctoffe cupsR. te.rpats, euIars, creams, bowIles, plaits, dieltrs, turcel;s, wnchl bIsri s a n ,: a o. r, noI bath. rn v r . re. tchll cut land plall French and Aaal t ricanll al'uas. wart-g- bli.l thai, atignro, lemonadri jao illis, clare.', ines, crdlial r ,orntr'e h ritsri ocni ters, tumn blersFpreserve ish.les. celories, pitclhers ,lnmpl 1 i i:tmp , hade I'ld,. candle iladoa, alt cea- I Ices, rl e liver ' plated, brn'nze:l andi ll rit' lla ni nlal; t ot t- . i h fr=, iiqt r sIndsl , cak.e I ,sketvi , canl sltl cks, ! rn ci es,;," io lls, I ll s, taflI ca e l tll eapotsl.a Iuiar, eteninal:, hlnlp , jap o'lied treal , astral ," ndnll n'n - hanI lo a ntpsi ine rot, .'", erma s.l % i, (- 1n an td !orkits,taogr hl I ratt a 2re,,t varit ly ' oft't tr I (for fi lll y u Ie. ,l:rer hantst p in eter !i at, I l, and sit' ;III IIIS I o., Ir ished1 w bh g oneds at the ,tlolt oeni son'i lle rir., n t pa, '.1 - as t" ', c'oveyed 1111 sahty t I any i l t ?(I It, ro ,l ' ls ', . 'ih' I,' rl a '' li t I:.. n I'. i, , , a1 . amals ic t A orst f,(; : i"ra t!'f , l% I '; . Ia ai l I, 1 ramr gte For ll'; 1, ,n0·.i , cbove I1lakely,- t! ei, .,, foir a at coaches to PeI .ne a o-th ri s tomi hats to in rh.e t i er, hee r IIh de lar d Ind I (o I i resnull wel-, a,'l t ai i' l : !l: a 0n I ? o"." tl e 1Vtii F' ["in. I inh tidg.e I'IO le1 n1 1', if[, kinsv lle. + S ulldtrseville &., is. v to a t. l r, inulsla, (l;I, i-'hll t C int, t re ip a, l, w orllI the ril road ('itr to ('hrlesrhon, rind t!te wtea, a.lkerln ta . il o, I N oI Nrk a I r i k, Pl. r araia''a hia , etc. ali, n avig-oan pa estar, rs "ore aa n a rr'ar a.. atc an ~'' [ le 'n.'. ,r:t''. 'a ' rat' aemr Ior rati t - h ilI Ie i olo ld upon a tny slaiI anIal roI ut in i te . Uit. rll rtn rr,. p aro i't ! ")d . by ltaa'"o' iaror"'irtl oI fl% "0 of natt ad .' l' I, i t o r p gt-' l ,)I . ar Viz : la rt rat'I ], ira i e ret t lltI,I"r,'"te a',' , F I nn tlr:n " I :l~iara o ll ly, bi\ I, , p n I li H wk a r'iis .rrl rt siv'r t n, Si ! n cting w '(it t' r d, r t, e (' r o in h hl II ";''a' 'ltr''ln e 1'r', elv r ' noa' ia ; ' 'ror' 'A ' tt, m I t'l- trod n "ie r> ,,loly r!ie :reill , vlciabi d ,~n I!! Tit c,, T avl br," .i rsl'y to [iai : " i , ,, r m i l lh l r, a .i -I on",t t '"''I a 'lt ' n ral Itlri.h .a " air'd tri et urr n t'ey i a I ,l r ctlay l I , r , i,, t P. I'r a h ae , GIt. cpon cric s ' vithr othirh ., to Savaln ai and ) i l e .1 n, e nG .. a A no' t ra''l o rnr alies t roce tolararl l t lwrn totabrt e t a r Ar ata :'tart tartar!. 'r'at a'ia ta , r" ishta''g I tn leac h n iii" y l O li ('in.:inho cleh+ o it Cth-arlt a - c oln, rota ta re iro i., at ttl rtvn-v:tO li,' h ' t.a I, to ,rar 'a '- ii rattn.o --I aurine Ia r at ~ime uCCnpi' f o IVil a, r m ai tt bo., tdh e I i ora . tl tair' 'a a I 'ia'at a 1r ne w ill tun a h e 'ai liuit horc pat ea',hvt , Iery othl d y itt', Na 111b, a tad, Ir'e.'I. ' 1'.a ,-mvrs '. III , t' l il a ' ri , I in ll h. a U bh.' n,,tlpa ' ed ,'at t l la ' ., t il,, s '. I, t ai t ,llr ý ': 't 'a , ' 'h t 'I'a I 'I w i th t'(' llV tar 11t lhr exr ,,'nt honu'e r'f a'r. a ah'rl r r I, I le nt . lt.u an, rr 'hra r the y It'l' ii.Tl 1 "_ t ta r I.. c it T \. & atin, aa r., s, ea.'l ''i.;t''t \" oa k its I ' '''lllm r : tta 'h tP n rert h ' +r , o r le ia, r Ierr or ith, actreI ot' ' Oriler : a t na i t . lri r o t Ihr ,., I , .r. 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I'la I PiY-tColoh , itn lit, adi l, Flrll hionay, blue net,, r cos,% indl of - owe r an' r s rel' el t .iza , atnd flo - i.flt a. t pull. * ate, cond , "Nail, lhla in , ile I dot IAi)ielro.K I..1 ''A "---Getti-al n tlaita a nd toilet i atlln nrll ainlt d rol f. r ic.I nd chlorin e tool , I Lasie and Aoitm r i.; o li a ' ii ai ra -- lll O' tlllill l • L ItRI' o| the, laitest In lll, lli i-t|ii !hiilo . letarltrrops et in. hlaa i' "'. ' 1',, d n.i ofi a gr's er'le So f elei "'.ll ot, 'l t rilnn:l l . gilt and 2i,' ' i lek i s, 'ilve r thitotbh, l ih nil r tino u.1j .d .. ld lla at ,i ltd fs u0.rd llh ains adRUSIkIEP-- loth, hairh duct licrl·l, oheart ialoo, ht, `.eelh, tooth, plate, coam, Naii, shavhing, shio alldll Shite alsh hrti iie d. r , to. a n l 1nf -- and I" it 'h r i ' gi. s, hea ne '"ANC'Y A D Lt .i-I -'Y \lrlc '$--r reneh i Sp- & Iif ld tien lortablo r tl itn dre l"g ca se, some vo ry rii ,, itI,! t1ir IL, .ti'- ,ll, t I:,,h. w -nlk hoo lt l ti lh 1.lof . .-i i .t d ill i P p P il, lt o-i-i t, 1 . ',: bl ox, A c rd~- i mo, h. i r c' pri a.r c I l pbhilr , t" cil a· ,: I ' d.+"w.,,,d .11 rl.' fr "ar ia ISr 1' an ' r,. , , ; ,.r-, - h I Ih -, r ': h -l a, I,-, . llh.,'" ,i" .,,ov hamiiiPa api i 0 rendinquee j . iN n -, '! i,,,.i IS.'-. ] ; ,l *i ' r " - l . , tl. I o ow dlrll l !il l lt t .i. . l. r, iml, , it ii,. a "'"" it 'l i"d il. 'dm itimclieri oil.l crr "t im , etrmhe o t I, i l f.. wi~ We lr, ie , e ll ttl e biowrr ll-I.: pol, e It i plain > ',d . . :.I t i;. lur , u n, d .i t. - Ir der-a, and;: t o to 't "u l x\ ,rl . , " t. iil u, llllio ý,I I "(, ._h rrr rstY.s. th wash . .l, I tII BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING. d tor Eiray DF.aCaarraIoen, dPEEDIO.Y, HANDa(aI-.LY AND CIEAPLY EXECUTED a AT THE OFFICE OF TlHE Traue tmerican, S'I. CIIAILES STREET, NEAR PO'YDIRAS. CHAMPLIN & COOPER, G-ROCEILS AND DEALERS IN PROVISIONS AND FI'EE), No. 79 and St Julia street, New Orleanv. -STtlip and Ftamtily stores pit tup. mart 5 LOUISIANA FURNITURE WAREIOOMS No. 53, ianvdile st ret,. S1TILIAM RI. CAI{NES, would aeaIpctitfuli in t irrmn hra Iis ull nl o d th¢ public that he in "on satlyt receivinh Ilom Nr.'V York and Hostall a good ,.snlrl'ment o'ftFurniture, sul h al t n1a taogtnv chalirs, laofat, erd.-te ln :naple tfltd iainted chnira, m.ple et d' aherry bedsteadn, nlmahoan and cherry table nfnall d o m: r ip t io n, l nl reu n.s , 1 ,,ile t s, ·c ci e t nr v .. wr hitdu p desks, wiardranelas olf ntlhoanv amid cherry, wash w' andni, lIotoking ghnsna, enaldltrsn, lHaddialg,\r. &ac. Ni3. Furn iture packed lbr transportation with great c:r.r·. ,,-ov13 -FEED WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL tir LOUISIANA, I- I'FERI lais anreiton$l, tIhat public iin bl depart I moluts or Salrveyring alnd Civail Engi. llringl bth i a til i and counlrv. I'ront onsidcrahlc e pr. iece in Ill prt fest i oal ni"l , p pni llt l di ltid iltl ln e exeeuton ot btained s eletl'I edl tt itll i ho tars0 to inerlt aml Irceive a :l hr..of puhlic pntrlaagr.. llI wilt excatatinas. Ollice No I C:haltrestreeabacond stolyt 3UJ5 & ALLEN, No. 1, 'EXCIIANGE liOTEIL, Crnir of St. ('h,,rles and, aes,. NEW ORlItEA NS. !, IIPIOTnI"rES nnd Dentern in Irench n.d English I P!,riana^ra.r; I)Itenin.g Coo aand Portnhle Iarka, (litlPrv. Inosi., a iltnern Sl.l,it, Stoch, UJ ahll ha, Catne, a.d FanII AI ticle. d5 ilI(COLILJM & D0SSOY, 1 a'ctors & GL enral Commission klerch/tan/s, alOtll0,E. cRefre in New 'ilnir/,'ann, ilberrnlth& Hllanna, "Caldwell " llicky fopej Powers n& in. 1JOHN STH:W\VAR', a. 5 , I l, S !,r 'et, . ) I"t1'Nk, COMMISSION MEIRCHIIA NT. S1PO T. E l and lnlhr in Ilnttlrt la it allllt Iri ahings. Amplhe d i lte llV i had in toal etI' t I: a srlll, and ieel'y atlemiion pa:lid to good.; forward. 1; ..+1 il Cr Co. t2I Ri -ii y ll; rs'.alc Gra s rad I'.MnrNsIs Vlrn an!: Nn.'T. 'm7 I'll . ,,f Si re't'st 1 • . l ai. t :tam b,.,t .l :-hi r,.: BANK NOI'T: I1 NGILAVINi, R.AWDON WqIHT IIATCII &.EDSON Checks and other i.., iacnt utilers r aq' rin_ securityi Sagt iiisl l or tel. te<; lnd i hav i a.+ tl l t ision for it sale k.e e I ll t, i a ll plt.I a ' 1 tllit .(ltesi n, eI tiullsl ed to their inilt.: nth ti I c1 t b le itotnl& ti aver five Ihund'.rl h a~lXl iut ) tllht n , and all X rdcrl a ill he atito'l, ,l ihC Ih . il C1otn 1a till I Oar ih ti la tarlts. Ofli|e, oe s r lineoyal S. Canal stie. . dll:3 'i'e, i :;6 :Ili. ( .:I'a t.-i-arte lile '..ll1,llf. ( i. 11. I I S, . .I. t', FIt. I ,;,:IAN & 'I..,, S kotrI-ell lI.l lltla/i. Ilatllbliahanar t; .\o 3,1 ,linlra i a R al r C '.. 'i + ii . +,alc l Mt " lir ill+h,, ''o.:u tt.a l J. 'l',t r t .. , AS. HIG i . ...A^.. LOT. ...11G I ,' I i 11:)\ 'N , I n . I I i , Ii, i iFi, I iii i . i , r i, i 3. F.Ross SURiENiPl /1CNTT'LT R f.. i. t ynl tr ,. O.! EA9.5 .TIICTOC.RiAPHIC PRINITING N 3o. 5I, Magazihill Street, rII1.rU r I', [u~~l;'a C1i ( PARKER Coitanisaioln Etl, PrI"tcrttrcdinl ilerclnuntc, No, 0 , 11 )N'T' IA:\'t':I', I .r : 'ct N",. >.;,h i ch. JARVIS & ANlDREWS, WIIOt':.ESAL' AND I8E'T.ll, Ii4AllEFIS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS i) I: STL','If'c .'I.VI) 'IILJ.OlIf' U;L.)SS, Cornrer of ( Clnnonn nun T.houghoulan street%, NATIIN JARVIS. JOilN W'. ANI)IRE\l'S. A large u1lt iu Garden Seedsca.carranted tihe groe ith RUIiItIiT' LT' CO. NNIION IIOUSE AND SIGN PAINTERT No . 12 I an:n streel. 3'hole-ale D)ealer in I'uihtc, Oil, Vaunr -ha',, Ilrushe.., ciw:ill \Vid v. anod Piecture (iles &c. C . FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROBL'YSOX 61 GOOD JIP.i INo. ON, Chartro , l, Stet, Dec Douor below icc vlille. AV : conA tantly on hand evry articlc aitdt llli • il) I cc. g e;ll PI dress, icncc, il tdiic i'cc 'lulii. heor tad 1110'1 fa t ronble FIo l I, ~!hici they otf-l' for Iach, al redlled IpI '1 MP. llF NEl)! ORIA.'Nb. Ii,,'p , m , I. r d i l, C c , tc FIS:3. Art:AILN r FI:U ' if i. puia rn, ip c i ,f ..c l el,.bCc ilNictic - ,cic Sctl tic of t hlay Alnt oi h lle llc, . 11i-o , lll llC i ll Ill)t1 LI ! lri e i .ll, e eri ti wic .cI 1'!"c.1::0 clltiial e!. Ulvkl v : lrl, l l'r , will bu • l I lllrie ln i the FrlT II' ltur 1ll I/ndI"i Io.,lt l Of111Nt Illlqhle lo '1 i lsot , It m r ii iiiio., n N,1i Nlc .'ez: and I lie -ii locc I cL 'o.,lt iOdlat.; Ioild le i y Kl, le will itci 1 r I he eI.. i 4 li , l I cccan . c - o ie c l ciand ll cldcn i l .r l acr, aillf lly reqtened n ( tt l n. Gll twllr il a. l. lre ell lllll ti , il d e llrhl o s i ltis r ha 'l, dy, v ii llr !ý.ce I hnen i tl t io ti pr h "se h "h tI '' p ll .t l , I' jt to:k I ;l\rg e a riti':N `.'l .,v"J" r---'' , 'v ll. e r her I le anc t Is pl l irt , cu" " t! tl t c !rcnct. i ill en .u t 11:-fi)...1, i', 1 r.. c:,y. u,_. s,,h t!, " ;,1th ri, l t;r e, .,n"e, ': - ronll,."n r:r tt, h ."Sll:,l'.:H.'7.; II :.:l-. '" icd, i ," dcc h ni a.y , : q It. chlly ,th ,'1 ain ,tr :l 1 iri 1 :.u1i, i n,' : 1ener I 1. ;ilcc cc p-c'c !,hi c -lel - ,c ,t " I -3lt i In Fra ,, Ilii ld, , i. .1i) nn I :ic ,ld l hu iuh hrrn aie---i:l \ti1 :' aIl tlchl i ba~e hci irerhalrtie It is Ite dcall , ti ct c.t , ill addid'l c hai cc lc stuck, l rge arli-d liv at every c icecripllici, featly clh crciii ci I " c1:5;; . a e:', n;rattcd fruccit ire C, I ill tt il. IIINN. V' blilnlletl in yacrn cc Iiiiieccleth'I it vi Nc irle;ui.e i. ready Io supply tihe. iaiuntere ,lI ihc puiblic icc geciorl, by ihoil rc creail. Ili. prices cc coditlccci, acid ihe 'culiyc of lia pc-,i cicc iccl elo toy ever broughl to thiii piloci. lTie g'ti tlclnicll eniloiyeii to sicperic cnd I lhe mclufactilrly [tit bioian cIl tie i.ud of ii e, lrsive eoirbliceticc cc of thiis k d in l - urole. 'ihlhie dlspiald ti coll at the cocoier cit eNatichc ilcd 'fIchoupitoslah its, ^h1ll be presoitod with a fair iumple of, any sarnoisl t,':i1ii to try. .tsoongat the valornlophs e.e hes . . coi to chieog eveo is Icillns Roynl College of PlhysicRa, Londdnl. HE. original Vegetable H geian Univelrsml Medi T nine, prlepasef by W MiskLn, Esq. Member nf tIt Reval Cuollsege of Surgeons, Lieentiate of Apothe- f eaty'sComlpmly, Fellow osliolt Court Society, Surgeon o to thie loyal Union l'rension Asocintisio, Luaooa.slr ol Place, erle , and Perpetual Pupil of 1Guy' and St. Thomns's Hospital, I.ondon. les This valuable medilcie, the result of twelnt years' g' experience 1nl ultnrallelad suocess in 1he extenllsiv.e and h)ighly re.lrectable prucaier of the pnletietv, pai'n nised by tIe trfseltt and nolitl, id ilsnow i'lroduedirlI i to the notice of tli American p.sblic, at the earnest so licitatioa of n number ofggentlemen of long and high l standing in the prolespion. It is hoped, as a pr'ellimi- si nary step, to elrck IlI, evils and fhatl rcaseaquenies s' arising frlom thie se of the iiilmerous uil| deJutelriels arost'lsls Ila IlsI olpn the puoblic by tIhe ai n lf Ihtlric sted'l prools of mirlneillous eres, and other frlaods, by a set of e mereenalry, unprincipled wretenderls s o foiully ignorant I delusio en any' lolnger go down with the inilllligellt seople oftl is coun vry. These pills, siil oil agi~ ' le llI in their nnture, shoultd be kept i every r tileih in elsse , ol'sudden illness , for, by their promnllt namintisrtlliu in cholera, eamps, spasnm, fe'-s mnl other iarlin· complaints, lwhich toea often love listal, sinm be sperdl Iv cured or prcvernteld. Itl' alt, all those who: 1 lue I gid liealth, should never be without them. They :are solt' in packets at Sl centeS a'l, $2 each, by eiver icspl. i Itable dtlggist, hloksoler, and rcndolrof oaedieer isi ult i United Sates I bie (anulas, with nollsus tdiettions, together withl castnonilds os l prollsslionl abili-ty il ,h I tIhe follw ino emnilrnt glliemenl Sir Aallev Cluopelt, J Abenlclllv, .ames !uhlluihll, M. D., hV. i:cck, :. ll. s J. Aston Key, A. Isramaina, M. ., aI d s ino n, otheles. The originals say be seen n possessioin of th t(;e tIl1 Agenl, Iby who the nlldicine s imllr ted into this riontrll , and to whlo all applicatiolns for agel sits mISt be nTalel. JNO. IHOTI.N, 129 :asccIly Place, N. York, For gale hv p::p intment of thile origin:ll pnlo arietot'. by Sll:'ll N t:: llinomn:olr, 1)lh|ggl its, No 11 Cnlla st1"P I, I' en'li A'aent I For Stit:ahee of Loislaniq. jill v l 1il.: ll Y It R I.ElU `d co. :vc ' kio,.. .ln . .weet, m"'" ! r...w.. ruiie'ili from ships Nashtilli, i l uissoille, en s cllsl , , anlt l oil eI l ate 's i t:l' ts':lli - "h S he n iti-s :a, i i llrge new seleh tesd assl n llent ', 11leiis, sho s's nol sl'ro iann s, i 'olii ln'51 'l l 'l g'lii inL llll',, ' s li ie alll l ssi i .nd i'i l 1 0e i inlont, oI I y l u: lilty; rdo bIutlilll, alnt stnt wllIx nll 'ggcd11 holl s i viiimos t alitil:s; mten's fine calf sena ald liisrna.c hare li '?llis gil nl IbroiisI, lllll ueaIIk ii i s , brogansal iltI I citpe s: min'sd l k iltl f :imai l I:i ppell p,: ,si NoI ' i' l' I ogans; dlo hools; do aloot kil :lill all, pIg ed shoist A ln brogaIns; g.i n! l'misn'a L .l it, ily cilsusesi :lhl es. IIogans aul l lack I) wIf illn Is;I co talf : w ll ll \,ll.acreo hekl 'iei usies a rens ; i it d l l c Oial oi l 1.Mrtwe" l iat 1i hn, shoia slllllsinsll' i11i " is, s t' lill ,ni I S |,ttno . Sa w i a f l ch 'tIo Iml c"a l , I wt "il l u Ises h " a llir I t. i':Ap' I 'll: i h l t i llt, Ilsr ' siucg, I , aS i t iu ,l 1lot s, nil lifi(I ci'. rs' 'i'lll ol u h i,' :am. 1'.t.11, 1. l !I:w Also a gene:,ld ui t' en t t te lnl's stotlens r' r h'og:Il :s a t !i ors, itoge1he oih 10,1011 1, I:,u' Sgrl ' s'ti qua alityi, rng s i. t togn.I s, I li d il :, inks, mI arlla prlllssl . Ily Ifr hll ttli lll Ili"; g^,na l nL . a I llnel li i.l l l isine : 1'tol kie s u sip[ 1i t h , i, i i r! i l oa tie '', ha ni a tll 'l( lll i y of t.u' is ' rsll h 'rs ,s oah i : r, 5st. s t illa'NS 1'J. ga is I a ie t s' file i el, seni , ' onri and fri:lii i wii ll ls, a,, pl p sol he.sS ; d line I. eh lusi'r'" :'l kil r'ns r o l 1 c d, rv.: shoe>, with 1,,! withh tll s <l ; .-at f'us l I caan I h si. 11s s il .II . I's"hL' t" ' o l, ikiiisinNissili - g; s. ( il l 'cult d .i l esi . o,,i h,. iti I , ,(s ne n , , 'w , 1,, ul'.o:, ,l t b ,l a ! sk I ,I llm : , S l _k 1 tod:, ,h1pv I,,, ts, a :t .l .. s l,1,-,sli t Sitl si' t g, <i h , i € ,orm a ,t of bi ', ;,1' li ',[l s. I his ass'.isi 1 le relp.ihl,,i I 1 ti arlrila l .s 15 .1'1 Ti'1 : l; I '1: . 1:'" ' l. r l i b :r :l l,h d i1lll , b I I t o an i n ai i sei, ,e !:,_ i di ,:m ,Ihi lo ii i, teal ,,I , ' ,, ,, t l i.r al e of tis i Io thi . si ol 'ili' '' ii , ,,,, ole ti , tii o I i. i t' i Ii s , .ir-iis I, t' , h v li herei ni n 'lls th w. ,I ml ·.' ,, ! L In' on ; , 1 i, , ,l"l cakd fawn' in t!. Iptnihy.d : ,, .,a 1,a I-, 1:,1,,r,, It rah, I o l, ' cres -Ialil l m;. ei, ~ t'. mo eh t an o n ,i ,I 11 t'111o1 t a I cIh r (,o1. .' I i; ol t!', it h, ii 1 ('b'fll ,, i ,ili ,i , i,,Is,~ ii 'iiln, r0 .isf, h1 i d , , I h di , ]. ,i i's',1' to'h, ltad i .- t ' ' 'c i . tende' r.. rt :1rilQ !u lit L ..'h'":v r'l'h, a I,, .'i1,":ll; l~ Ill, I n dy Orr y ! . ,1~}ii il, ~,lll ,l , 1 pH l iHIP't . , l h ,rsen ic in t ne ' I I' -, ll, i r 1 iy1"- in 1,h t l ll - l r,;"1=lit 1 r , >, h : ,,I ' ,i Ih , 1,'si s, s tlk l , 1 iin o, , ii n c inldn . . wtll, thi'l .h ~ a i n.. I, , L I s A. 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S'1 \ I'irh nnll "i < Ia for examlnntionn at the eend , 03 :,'h .-wli,,. ' I lr onnhns a vuri.ta f vnluable informa i.i ,in a ih^ ,, ahroth.hi. r tihe worla. Consisting of table it ,d r,, ll,1;pm.\ 113.lan ' igtli non eml'ino nt persogs ('Up'il~l+ 'll I IPIll, i 3ll'nl lltl L t InClnsI'k. Ane t ie pIn - i' e It ,,eI. '1 rs+ 1(I htý"r',l'lttvl r (I e ar0u e. An n tli ele] i i ti ,.. I3 1t3l:- , vllr . ..+I IIIIIi o ratrd by mlnn y senag' 11' pi1t 1's N a " ,,,6,iy ,,,,Ait ,,n' na , of tloridee. N oi fl I i;.' i N ll - ,'W " l r l 4'011 li, Use of (ilnbca. Neo Sr l .,"t:...... t'tlilu.: } (wtilh nhlilioul still tprov," e In t iu' i II~d[ T ll ap :it :lllt 11 Ili-,t a.l olinical part softhe Am • h,,: "e<"r++,"l an. f-)r sale by WMP 5 'KEAN i sI l. ;! l: o l, Ir (' lll mp ln d C o l olll5 o t le II'Xli li'S ti,.AslCAL LItIRARYI. . ( ; i; "" ...... 1 h. I t' l!rl' " I .y t . Fronis, 1I) I), tomb NI " . ]r. l j , t ::'lll, InIn tlllll n Oni.lo la llof riol !".y !,n J~ tll, I o'nI , A ln, Drydon ,e -" .\, , ,n, toad11 i Xnhlolll, I n.W tld, I'orsa.a !It lh, rp~+ N' r , ii[ -;n rl, lf ii 1 ncr in elr 1nle t patst of a it ~s:,1 1 an "lh'lr ,.'.' 1' 1 I. ii io t,.ial: f, II h." I': l..lh ,: ,, I lr II I 1 ' 3tt'lr I INI.E II, I n , " ln ^nr·, :1 l) , ii : I llr i) C" , , i a 'i 'ttelIu t ,,,;,. ,e oll,, - mt ro ,u: I'1I ; i'- i'; " "l',i,' I r,~tl,, o' inor ior r "1 i '^ } "I:' . 10 1t " .x 1 i" t rPrl ,lr l, t !v!at 1e 18s ltn l 'l/ iL':l. "I ' I V I r,[h. 6 r I h, ' ', rm r is, "' Tlh.i. I:'Ilr '" , , , "; 13 a e tgi n I l a i l tet n ' 1 ,tl i il .. 1 t l lIning,1 a1 only a i par# ' A/ 1' an lito, III l - 1"i Ii 003330 arol elgs n ems 3< 1 1311' .131 31 , r ..t li' hr , hnlrm tg P I+ I I a .i t, . \ .s r I I h010,l" 0 A p reo n I; 1!" I 11.: ''I I 't,'r . , I r toIn "(lo silnepo l e o r m dl. on :. I' l lL' ", ll n." 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[ lEN yeirs have inL ytt elapsed iinee it was L Iir4regiarly s:blrnilte.l to the public; but it a th, ut , d the hig t repuLtation; and has ganp. itf l :rid r.f ot:lher mldcine for tielo Ague, wterllev er t Lha becn kia. r and apprecaiatd. Already e ii n Ir.l carried in every direction throughout hn Iivio 1: ilr il prie by ins must aanguine frieods. Teen t ,:s o per.:o~is pr avo not only boon relieved, aured Lt hnhh rod rw igor through ito ageD. r·;and tetI +:l y es teIerfslly testify, at overy op. nrailuy, iro its droidd arII snpreme eitloacy. It /a crunlpod of Iucir lldICinal ifincipleos as are calculatl to reirw the healthy ction afthe atom. Srel liv, lanod other lilportant digestive organs, Ithe los lf niuich harmony is thie immediate cause o tihe disoano. It is apparent wino, that it produ. cos an lntlirn chenge in time cordiion of the system,. and c il:Y (destroys theI native liability to relap, ei o f the ollantion. When the Ague ils attended With siv othnr comaarpint, tlhe nmployotnt of the TI'lac ¶lixtaav will noat intnrfna aith the treat. meat nt'tl Ianher dieoear, rut will oven :itievn:. by Ilurnislnhig trength and vigqr to the I bdy (rni.i thnule Cre of truatonout. Thede who ilaklo aa of thiai merdiciane nay b aaured that t al' e l ri e n irric, lorks, Mlerrcury, or ann.ther articls i in its compaitia unfriendly to the ielnma c inl tulion;, beiig eairely a vegetdble extractl aid ltey iuay uhaea dditruional onfldenoe in the Uis tihrerrif, whui thie y parcneive that it ham the of Iilct 'if fortloe lulrae a bouot the time halfa bet. Itl fall h:ra beon taken--in ronsoquoae of which. tihre is ino part of thi meidici loft to linger in iheo Inv;is toI ctri . obtrultioni , and other evile, arisin4 Yr* n rie ucn of l"any af the remediesnow oflhrad far thia cure of this ailrotion. It hie been used wi1o ia'; it pre:vntive, by lmany who were sub. Ject to a periodical recurrence of the Chills, and it Ians avirerrialy warded oul the appreohnded attadk. Observe! The Proprietor, fully eatiesied with the ounparlloltd antd universal auucess whipli has on. tanotly attendei d a punctual and regular use of the Tonia Mlxture, in all cases of Fever and Ague, telsa waorranted in engaging to refunj the price to all iho.e who have tlkonr the medicire in etrlot ac. cordance will the prescribed directions, without lavll; been perfectly and lastingly red ' bho subscribers are the wholesalo agehta for the South WoVstrni States, avid have now on hand six ty caots of this nmUdicine, which is warranted fresh and genuine. For sale at the nlanutfaetlred price. JARVIS & ANDRtEWS, Wholesale )He'giets, 130V, e ar tColin o adste Si OURI- i00 ailding fir steanmer Independ. Tce, tie J)OIt.SEy, n,3_: - 44 New [evwe. Eu a r-a,'e Rz ,r troip-,'l'hree uoets of the ''llrlu articl, Jare rrnrird by oet 3. IEb.;S & D'LAN;,' 18 Camp os Mi usonar Itnt- rta omie nlissarir hate rape. elnde alI ,f hrluih ti strlne, ad nor sale by '3 tIrOh RT I & 114ha\ Tli)ItN, 63 titevIo at

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