Newspaper of True American, May 6, 1839, Page 4

May 6, 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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'IlNIC M1xr tlRE, [ PecrAe d eA e. A I' 4et x hereln thle Tonie Mix. ' thtlia 3nn teied. of tronting ~it est Inc. e bon a Veega. d any eleterios and poison. Its taken with hen itost safe. nt, ot aged ia elid.- It pce .dtsentytc1teqnenitly thle conetitu ' ed ttln. anld acet.vlt. It estsb. nhtd embltlt fappetite, by i'i loratnt I1 treiIah to thi enjoy tetsa on tte. rl ptiriatqe'l o tvi renhs ns ees.l in tltfie this disrer ar.'or to r tecie Iairttghly cleannse the everal or ' fccheictio it ,y be oppressed. iRne ofthe Toutne 'lictu,, ilha esual e et0 of the dosweusc, aii. reaede, there is nlwns cre alte to reentrrence. 'rie denter Itopnc oftoihe Ager, is verter ctid nt, fe" aeco Iwctt tme t too murt ,roelrte to tt. wvith maedicinre, nd spCnedilo ftllc c vice bctceeanta violenaTe TheI' i' lta, istit ons a renaoenahbe prict , ~cta plec it Kceti"t arery neso tahat th e poor ac n eetmlj €io "hie head witheloistanee l\ ibt soliccitine h ttentJaaee wite h is rcth qttlar ti dtenied to eery relelaantly bestowed. h tp ropic o la peal t olenrtt d s gartst n tite t!,r S titfe o' hia eedeioae, ihat are daily offered e ,P'au thdni bd Dr. Jonle R. Reaend, tt hit p rrat e ,t , w ihlia e da ial s i. be p bear atr the wihnlrales anetse for t he .eoal e, a ndves e idn well ali by the w., at -- li iriree'. T'1' be had al etail alo, at te Apoithecarins in th d city. JAIIVIi & A\DRIWS, r o holreah Chrr-.,i't ti " Co.C" o Iton u t 'I'elinpitr s kM; e' ' anippi and Latouetja a 1outeie c'tVIN-ttnN. Tr, 8 MARY KIRKLAND rnepetlfcilly an. * nouncer to her friends and tile puMice goea -ally that site is prepared to accommodatte tahemt at S.ha above establishment, nod h cs fth t Ie Io fotUe.tnscto render visitors ctmfortaicle, to receive Ibt-ineanee of former favorn. Site feLRs confi. .dit:i thait persons visiiting Cov.tigtn d'atrit tle .:heioer monthls, ncanol Fletd better Cee, tlcecu.t io haen n ahe can afford them, on more liberal cr:;. I i "-era house is plea ainntly.eittated, andt well aplclicd ,:ith every convenience; the her is furnitched wilt beha moat choice liquors, &e. itn heort,tle precotcec *i at nptlttng shall be twnnling on her pcrt to give a tti' eatalifetion to al who may patroiz.c tIlce :imiaaljl ipppi tnd Louisiana llotel. jc3 t.- audied under Dr. Sel. niit ot' (Clnareoth, ULotthCnarnlina, end for sonte years his ani"tant in bthe practice ofamedicine and suragery has thce hi,c.ct to offer his proessiional services in this city. as anaures the ladies and getlement Itat thlie tCcl p.-;pompt attention will be paid to tlhe calls wiich tIP4y be made; and alsoe otfers his services to Ith t-ioldeei ofelaves, being eioll aequainlted wict tice L n Cn]omont lthe mltothe, hIvinlg lattended them inc ,-limb t gar Ihouse int Charleston. T' The fanouse anti bilious piils a Iter ticec oposrtion ofProf'eeuor Smolltte., with dircctions, ecacl bn ihad ofttla underaignnd. Tih cliict whiei. they ihave tnroieed in this and othler cities, ihas beet ctltnclcec 'with the greotest suecees, to iwhich the of lbenfernces ean be given. Aipply cat Nc. 166 laa. sane street. JNO. ML'LORING( . H LUT WARE, (ZuRI eJL( s i, 1 IRONS, &c. HE HOWELL XWORKS COMPANY, No. S 38 Water, near Beekman street, New Yurk, have received tlhe past season, and are co,.stantly . belving large and extensive ;additions to the a ni k of the above goads, which now consists of the - allowing assostmlont, suitable for the southern altnd western markets. Hlollow wre of smiperior qoalcily, consis.tio of about 1500 taos, viz, :Pots of 22 dilffrent sizon, from :8S to 50 gallons, e: ttles , 15 izes, from 3:8 to 30 gallcIon, Kettles, 15 sizes, frov 3:8 to 18 ga;llolns, f.l.akepans or Ovens, 7 dIfflrent sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillete, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do "Oridlles, . . 4 do F.ire Dogs, . 6 de 'Wagon boxes front 1 1 4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. ,Wood Screw. 20 000) gross, iron ntod brass, froml :8 inch, Ne. 3 to 3:9 I:eb, No, 24 of u Cuplrro, quality and finish, and less than Jams's imnported prices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for etailing. .Taslor's and ITattor'. Irone, assorlted. Sash weights, 1UO tols, uasotted from 1 4-4 to b ib.. SBlls for Plututions, stealnboats, churches, &c. made to order, Also steamubeats and other machlinery made to .. The alove sneortment of goods is partioilarly 'A6pomtnmendrd to the attcnt:on of Southtern :,-:1 alcWhatirtalynorchalnts. and ro oflofered Sir sale at low -ites, and upon the jnosit hhler..l terms ; it o .Le. ivd to be tie t Irgest and best asoorte:::t ever for sale by uay or: cnatatbtisnment in the t~od States. orelants,-by forwarding a reqtunt by mail, ctil lad&-p prma'd c:rcul,:r. wiut deicrip:::tin of :ofis, prieesand terms, t-omn which no devaltoion io a:er madb..isfrnishrdl by retctrnot' of l. Allorders will receive i:n:t.-hiate :tt:entlion. oNew Y.ork, 1838. - 3 SIW ER N URY OI COPtiIVa an l lie I:I, ,\tol, 1. 7. A rta egi-et di.:ous., for .: hilc I :tve .aIplild to seXe eal doctors fur a cure, a ld thte, d:l Idlt c:renl: - s oli, r:i: Hueta etaud 'l.t ot bio to cure nle. Sillce that time the diLease jo worse, so as to hbr-uk out in luree ulcer. to the nnlsbir of six nr eight on ea It leg, ua:i 1ll ove, eny.lace, and sore t;,ron t, and not able to uork at he preseot Ihlnt a ccount of thle diseaseo; il. re ancer Iao the rigglt tflenh thr.t. 1 am no r puttro u:.:.ylI e-fident derlthe care of Dr. lluet, of Pari - to be peed oared Jul O, DEAN. 1.2{ CERTIFY that thle ub-se :motont;uoled dsor. i t's'rs welleur-dto "tlv o s ntio'ci ,n, to:: \ f , D)r. lioet; asdl tmore:ver .:s re that tl , I have taok n I n kes ae lit, llld dil not i l ,, lth t all; therefore I advis,: 11 t" lltaw wti..ll,. I noStinasestd 0i ply to SDr A. Il e:, 1'l Canal t, betweons Dsu1:tllst old ulloarbt snlc:,s i tis at hault froln 9 o'cloek,,\ 10, u::til 4 i' i;. will find a trea t Iocor for ths corir tplit . " JOIN D)EsN, i) travier sreet. sy oni wants to see moi, call at N,-. 40 (irlact::, JOIIN I,:;sN. .w .Orleans. F.l, , 1.0.. fel. 14 ly IlE Geuuisa Indsn, 1Islamu of I.iaerw.ort anud itole '-ound, i splt up in botlacs oit tih low price ,f 50 ea eOh, conltaitng the strenuth of three onces of ivawort, hesi lea tihe : irtuse of mansty other roats and blt ws aelssong tle lndii.sus as etitcacious in curiog }ry complanints. SOlndalled suecess whicb has attended Ithe rse of nle' tsmabeee Balsm tslsentever it his been intro .i"gd .has obtainedn the confideonce and recommundla " i"'ofrefipctable Ilysiciantsr, for Ihe cure of t ouznsi - ei, pain is tIe side, wusl tf reot, sliittn a: oa blood, lie csomplianl,,&c. ,e nhom it may concern. 'This is to cerTlV that \,e Iqoaspur proatice frequently prescrribed if-t G rul.:t spslsdtani Balsain ofl.iuerrt a d Iloarhltnnd, itll I drecidedgood effect; we cn llhereforetinol the know ° eof the materials it is mtad from, Iand .hserlvt,:lon and1 xoperstae, recoomend it ans a euper;:I e e lra. t io ori) these fllectione of the lUllt ftt r t hlhc it is re emosnded, Ahtlltl I' WII.LI ".\ t, M. D. CALVIN E1.lIS M. SI. Menobse, of tse Bostonat Medical Arsciatiot,. Boston, Octeber 25. salaby. JIIltVIS & ANIDRIiES, Its. U (Oet.: C 1'OSS:t:itlsc sr. T(Oj.IiEAf'8c&ience of 1'euntalc ahj receive,!, and ! forosale t their perimCinis Writc,- 1r \.( ýai-·· Io. 8 CkOrres atrost, Nrew t)rlcers, liiJ llr.i. l rry New Yerk, I)anprhirc at., Jluciiu. ftiaparticularl) derigned Ihl privat anr. and scisell, ard is calculated tiU( firp, rsou. ofl pr-cr Ladise and gIentlemntarr inv~ted to call ree d PX:uniu tlesarsale for tbesrelee e. Lemoas are give at arcll houses c s mas suittrle " rrieue of all, ald te rlcsees tIrncd incanyc part who prefer trCan receive e'eonc at their lee- re '-tloeseea. I'ooaosw paving ci re fleccoe r er desired1 o' ute.!......" t+ '.ilayll jigiheywl'h Is acK HI(O'PllhN. j P1' LL -Shl, 15)11 the cacll. 4u kegs, 11t0 201i do 25 Woglih dec-05 1-4 bsibl. 400 IO Parit Bruahe, lariou- sicers o Vee.a ril ljrrll; 0 .Japean i 1) C (oac 5 Ipacks Gold Leaf; -1Qdo Silveredoe 00 do tiato 'Metal.: k dDOW GL.k1,'Acerdracn, Er-turh ac- recash AVOaros, arious WllCe and qcalriee. s Won eLeam do.-.-Hir bo kcscouigccecn, cill be Als a feneral aesorcetment of artirst' cnicrs and I 11ae01aees 4 ~y A IV SCA-t Ce5, ,. ' A ý l\,t61'arccI .cc-te. ý Mt-b:ma note1 taken at pr-sd r 1, n ieo;d ; -lieA aair-lved at 10 per crant discacnt for gooei, reP ,teetf debts, .I Ito CHIMNKi Y YI'ICE Waiicsocac,: S asre now c uiriu from their lIr ý aw York, and will keep coanttanly cc jbaeofaartsent ,f Maeblc Manltc Pt. c. Orinw'meitp~aad ci thc lateat p"trc'o>ý Oitdha best Esypt iahFt ttahall Iri-k aod soetbis. Also, Mlonere eTr;hE cod ooee, ocon ir~esscpkrin sills ndvlttcc, hellfso sod beaudaslry te~t., kl;,br ltlfydlealie C'oeoL and iater. t Iept~i r: 1,ralf a o cidree 4tsr aoctmnsc &f' soloks ad'lfsdsia Iroe s ° lisa p'ts erisot apfseavel Ilr-rt oareesllst oaD laafest IDnetrrr cnd at trjr si*01Lt Th. ' 7 les ,, arla tQk5Osto Lc tiff !'"ý· ý ?kt RROlU 1 st York &'S4altimore Packets PACKETS FOR NEW YORK.--New I.em. --To sail punctuanlly every second MoBl iayS during tile seaso, fill or not full. I Ship Orleans, 599 tons Capt. S. Sears, 11 Ship Alhenma, 474 do 0. C. Berry ' Ship Arltansas, 627 do E S Dennis Ship S ro tagn, 542 do IlHathiaway, Ship Nashville, 540 do I) Jiclrseot, Ship Kentucoy, 629 do .J Banker The above ships are of the first class, copperse and copper rilstened, and having.-been built in New York expressly for tills trade, they aro of light draft of watol and alnost ilvariably crot . the bro c without any deteltion. T'ihe coiltlanders are alan of great experience, and the ships trill al. alS be towed Iupt and down the Mississippi by steanlboats They ave thandsonme furnished acctnmodatltions, and stores of the best description will always ba firnished. The cabin passage is $90 without .ine or liquor, and there is no liquor furniohed to i the offieere or crew. For tfreight or passape apply on board, or to I1 C A31ES, 48 Camp st. The ships are not accountable for breaiesgo t.t glans, hollow ware, luarbtlo or gi'aitte, cnoperage of tin, or restl ot'iron or sterl, nor res.ponslll tl tr any Ipackage or parcel, uilleio n rga!at biil oIf ltdiag is trcOau:ed thcrior at ttl offi of tho el:os. nov27 IA O NEW ORLEANS .\As IALTIMORE LIN1E OtF PACIiETS. Thli line will clonsit of the i,llowing vessels, K which have been built or purchased expressa y lor tie trade, vit:a Ship Sonmna,, Capt. Miner, Bark Mary, " Nickrsoe, " Irad Ferry, new Stevens, S nlt,,mna Saltlu, ,Latham, lThes, vessels are of the first class, Sl:ve band. Isome furnished lccosmoidatlor, and ol;, nf li.hts 1 draft of water, so as t ladr it IIf 'their rnCivi,,g.lid d :e rit ig their i ar,,ws iu Iltiinule,atth e cit. F,'eightwilll be laklel 'llr ports on t i l) (; lu'salp,.,k or James' River, and tirwaried by tIn .g'nt' , ,l'rsr. Cl ARK E & IIKELLtGt, at ltalhimnra rtiird. 'Sie pric' of passage is fixted t $li), ample stores of lth bst qualty will be t'vdietd. Steam iia and down the MiSi:silppi will be taliet, on all ,( .+casio s. For freight or las'toage, apply to GEO. IF )ED i OR, l n vv 7 22 I e,11,vl'o n.v l lIol NEl YniRK, SLuisian.' and N,,w York L.ini of 'a:kts ] I i Shi'ps ,nt l an'ing this line will New Orlean andtil New York on every' oilther Mi day--eoimn,'necig ot the i 201th Novlber--ind to Stinsr the lli puni uat. liy ill the time o eii'ling, tho1 It,' will hercm tser coasisto tlefi , ships, viz: Ship Yazon, .Captain T.ask, to leave on ithe 20tl November. Ship Il, silv'!le, s Csptanl Paln ers to leave ott the ,dllh el cember. " Ship luntsvitil, pth v sin Eldrisge, tlo'ta ve on to e S hip Vtresfiirg, urpitin ivWoodhouse, to leave- on t ile I t Ship iiipi, aptin Davi, to leave on the 15the f Jo.1 vtt . The ,l' ,r~' arr. ell new, of the lt st la ss. cpppier d i and ,e, r t il t' , ' . l " 5 . ! 'ht., ar ,f hiti Ih' ht of swv, r, M. hg iih in Net. Y,,;k ,xp '.-r I I r t II , trI le. Tl o price' ni p ,ssn_ is fix, at 100 d'llar' : their ol' ine r fittssd up in i,, ll stI i s Ill proved land c nt velnintl ' i 't, aiind l seish, ii i n s1 tl ssat and tlegant stilt' I Ampl lows o i'l first d o ly llb i t l l , and iry leg ord p .id t o lt c rt its ts fl and e ntlilt~ 'ts'til.'etiun (it pas hsng rs, whlo inill please lake ,n. Sc th n no ,'t an be secured until paid for at the ell'o (,f the. itrisi'lees, lIose v,'--oels l o enotmanded by eptninsa well experincd iln Ihe trade, twho will give every atl tenlin and ,xert th(msclves to ' coimmnndale. 'Pils t w'ill'ut all s'lles be town'd np alnd down the Misnis sipli by e aiItr a., ,id tie stricte' t punct uan i ty i birvotld i the itIe of s:iling. Thli otwers of thsc shi s will not be rl.sponsi. put oo hoard of thein,, uile> a r; hulr bill ,t h ing be h ig,,t l th a ela r, a ithe i' oant:i:ln h,.sro a'l Il agnti or owlves. For farther parlicularv apply to ) DEN ' & A COHEIN, nve:7 00 ( hommnn t ; " ! as ` C; Sitti t'LsTN PS ClET,.' t h' i r c, 'ts l f urs< l all ,ls t o .es a ,.. tiBt, l aKis .3i, I te. r l. " '.'. " ve S i ',, Iro v .' it i. A h \.1. I).. -, mastrl. i 5t, ' ti,5 r 1 , ,,,,s J. Al' '''r:': , i 1 -I G ;..I . ;',. C, . .. . - = - L: . n! -'Iakl .I'. --. ' he' nee lint of , bips Las bien o o,,, built to run betiwcn ti porls, uai wdl b e found of suitable, drafi ul w1atc,; accotlllllod::tiuns lr Ipaullscngers, and every eilbrt will be ciiO,' to 'niv, geuneral satos'aitiii, '1h1 line in omposetd oi'tho I lowin g hips: C:heroki'e, 415 tone Capt. J lardiing, CIrolina, 400 do S Lonlist, Chl-i hiton, 371 do I) Eh!ridg, Cobul,)ihana, 6:-5 d 1 .G IDrker, Seamin, nnl) de J lHuwr,. Glmobav, 625 do D i uIsphrey. The ..,boi ships are all nor:, of the thLt ).,ss, 'opp"r I l,.tlnd ll,! coppereid, coInmlll in ed b)V l nll of groalt ixperinnce, haivge ar ccoiunnllod: inlS, 1 .. ..I....h lasl e11 cabi;' every attention will be i'd to )11, o!lrll antd the very test of stores pro 'Thie packl , will -b" owed, up and down Ipe Misn sis.ipl. and the i stricst punctuIali yc II sei rv'd id tin tllnu of ailing, and hllnild the rie!n latr vc·tn I iv detained in nrr"lC , ' hr hipsitiilly as good w0,11 in ,Ial lo:l + 1 inl)stitnllet. A rhti'o of ptirot l bielo ii o',ciled, aled tlee agents pll lgne tillentilonn to' ;lacetmmoldate as much as practicable, to receive nld tforward goods by id line at the lnoto londr. o clainrgi,, ;rill tio ndvance all epeni.r on goods shipped, if' r lryn, vd. The ship wil; lecav the Iht ond iGth of every i putllh. For rueightt or p:l..'ro', apply lo th,' agent. J A I RRITT, E iCoiinion st. N. B. Advu,'ce nenta made odi 0 to Ieossrs. A. ('. Lmb.i:d & Lo. bou-d ship ()Orhlonu. ·lclh., tlihlanmirr, t oker lenry Andrew, Frnrlh and Germanl Iliay enass; Rack Iagntceon Ilnnoard Chessmin, 1-4 andl "-. iich filit ord Halls; ,i , to l and 1"2 inch blhldo. Bowsi, Knives; ILeudher othli , er trlvellilc. 1)i+"'nn ;lta.t "( es- Belt, o 1ete ol re ' i and il) o il; r). , l a, sin (le hm rrl tid Ct. e (.i: n me "I'-; ,h t i 1hi;i P.wi .i iu -l ih,,al l s t l",!- 'lt r ,; ('u . I',' a ,trt, I ("h11 /rio l". ,)) p I I.' 1 r; h,, n ir, 'r,,.'iL . nchielt l tn, ci iev "l'li i t :l ll'n''ii I'h il , C -o.n:i T niilh I i 'l |l x:cf lar id s, l. t ai ' l'ri : ,r. llld T:,i l ,1 w hr,: L.mer) ; :taz Ivory i'Lub (''nob,;",. I" 1'.,1,h, r ful:i inod li.,on'.; (;J]t t'h'fin-. 0,-ol' no,, b v I . !+ ii l; plri.. I t1l; ;rceiI It i p ·'.. rllo' ('h lcn; (;ih ii, `iir, ll ,!; i. ' , !lt lls a ,[ M'llli -: bill l'1 i : P d , . ..: : c'iti l , , h t, iii t ,hn I' tt i l !, rnt t ,,, , . torir .no.rt w t b 'ry onipnic ., t ~.l . .i cot t'tioc ii. ri l oi ilu ut leo ,i th,'1 ,h i25-tf 711 ('hol't, s s -,' t. , I I Il ; ' u sher, , A*r nt f , t l, , t. , ,- o-" I 1W\ . " S. Butl h, r, Shlr,'hl+ l +El n, d, hw.Il ' jest I S tcivaol a . rv N ItIn i i ':t oit . o . s i I'ble m l d si)i tc I lK vc os " - d ri 6 1, 1,1 feelItI, Iliik, nii S'ii ,r Foii i linivi :, Sc'is-. inrs E en 'o ol ic',i'". \ '. ,'. thin h h an: loop: e--I o exhibit to the trtn or rers. Terl and ii rios will o nad.. kn t t, a i (aim itl t'l.' l e l .1.. 1). m BEIN L, iA C Iill:N.90 Coumton ,-. \F'T (I) ono. II\IMON..,,4I1ARTT & CO.-_re now r..cevit ng 1 per ship IhU0stillhI. ,le, .lh- i hirry l I', li-h o,. Frl'c awl cGerao dvi l heeal plntr m ctrrlm st irb It and po, kt t ptn i ol: plin. ilhb' e )t'i ,ll I .l cussion t"NI ; eup IbD 'Ir": ,ci- rs, ]I(:,or*, 1~1. V ys; (iIhlot': c nnwrt, r i: I atll oither stetl. pens; V' as; Violii ltritno shell, ivoryti hn orl e n t \:1b I k, and heather put'se; blut ha i ,: i, f t S clk ringirls; negi n punt1 ; Gler- tan cilt Fr<I i t, ,bone s" le , onit lanli s nelil' .l r' oil, it'i ation do; e l' '' .ni 111 1enr:i oil; p i+Ff:1hit desks ,wl d oecsin .vs: 1,+st blrockilg; stanal' ol | toilet gias,: .cot' ex oi.i en~ oJ, S cul glnsses rnhl sie"wr; I| u li a il a , bs,' 1 l oo t'ds; Iqrdeot ; owhtwn t it e lwi; t n o ider,c snitic wa) hat pool struni; 1 German Iot otstic tsnet n unlesc ma by t Ear Trn OOK BINDERY. Under 'he Picayunie Otic, 72 Carnp s,. BRONSEMIA '& IIOWBON be. leave t i..nrm tlleir cusLomners and the publlic sernerally, inn, they have removed Ihe:r estlablehme'I I to N,, 'i. l (Camp street, imnnedirateli tnder the c(lIl'e. of hel l'icayune-- where they iale plepared to xt'cute all orders in thlir line. Ilr inge reeivied frin the Nort h a r npi Ic vf p', per and meretrials off a Juperi-r ahv hrthl ' mnin utacture <o1 [lank IBtolks, they otilrr Ilh ir crq-| 'nris p o Ini rhlntr and I hir, whi' tlliny i iS %troik of that kind ; nol h;,ving the r, dvoua., n ," o sPeVerl'al yoaIs'IR L exliprien th i ln t ii' p i hi' i ,i I cenfidep.ntof ivin stsfelactmn to thoie whou mnr) (.v or c th ilrm w rt!ih hI ciii t tli i Fo'r ntatieP, ar.,hiw~ll, and ,othere map.. ynd plans will b, an'icd i-i hnn. v '.' nii 'hI d o.i I Iv'i nted iv l tihe teat iiit r ea Sie , iii ' e b Test no'icr. Pinin and fincv hndini , in ahv .ariries n I ii thoAic, lk viilii.vby hid hlUR~l one s~ql'- s rlll , N,-w, (r'erhal . a 'IV , SIIGI'.1N I CK'. iiitiriiirs o French ch E nl i : In et.h Chin ali il itrIhic war. arr. e now opening, new anld lic'h h,,tre s ,f herakfl ,+ dlini2t' and lt ervi el, vil yl e 'ai i icll+f hn and co,+fee trip+++ le pto+n ,; sliu,-re, cel ,ii,, howle en' vI vlt dl vpslv , il llie s.',s "'a l tlsil ani o2el ,2 I R :i h ' i 1t al p lt in F r en c h il l A mir ic nl. wnrc--2lhlrte, thbunp ight,,,, Irm' n adl:tl,', j, h p l r h sll ido and glasses, candle .,aio:lo, salt co'- i i~hviiipor iiviI u -rr, liltr leand v, enk l haikt ty t l-,r iq ,,r i '111P II.I.,i (.hll I iranch e 's, vn ,ladces, t l l lhe apit. ''y ai r-, c1lllonm. cll c m Illi uned trall . n. ';ll slnlld l nrl lin in lanr, lin letl r , Germi an li'r il sI i·o.n ln I s, ogeher wI'th n t vari t t f ii ll r h." ,,, u .- . 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(ne Iof" th Inl on=l~ lnlln s ieltrlllle of lrie taol s isi inl the Orrin nl.tofl l e 'e Time altl Amii onil tl1, t i iit N for exlp.ilkii s, rol'i vein and perspicl iy, with the ie hlp lo lrth le 0 il i ' .il ill.'l fh r l ollll on l e ex ll.l I id" t hil- s y I !PC" rlase l\I( Ill hlidh the i nterest an hrle the( I r I : s extent 1If' g.-neral hail lesh , x1 8ith 1t doublin g f0 s11m s i line of i: h e m Irt conipetent nd poi ati-of oa i..'- nn ii h ii oi,.sl ' I i ii il i 'lll'li~ t i I lltii hiiii. ill lllly ii ii i . pes and p hllc t1li rl who lllh e Ihade l111 tll t 11I of the wol k, it als beenlll LiunilllilldI lltho h l illh. i colm si.g.tll he o ark, 11 the ext or I dinuy. bern all " variety o nnlh e lhe III ti ns, nmil tests of every editionl it k h II .sP lh!, dln the 10.In oP I tll IllsIihata li11. thle a h.i ' is ii i''re. l le .oi idi rmii l n it . , he . osiive i ccl fm, h . 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Llu to o' p , kn i bslo r , I l o l' rI th1 0 a t s i , t hl : n ( I II , 1 0, a" v , l 4 1 1 ,1 8; = ' . h i l;-i .e Itnr I, lluf llwli· (Ih0ll t1 b ii. res r Iv lrh"rhe ..k ii l:1 n . oll . 1.11 t' 11',l hw , I rrurs'I h'm. :.l'her dIy 1.110 .',• 1,11.11 :I 0{' l ,l 0. marl ,ih i ll . ll' l tind t i . tl I 1! ilbnllil i~o - t° ,! .!l ..t x0,-6,11080 and th. :ll solaie .e- "fl oi.. l Ii'0l'i'j h sie c1 0,11, 101' ts no 1, 8 h I in pubrx(nli. aicer li i i Rlc , li . i n k e l, 1 0:I 1:1 i a., n i nl ai lle ll, iI I sie i, i'll " 1 ll II, , ol, e ( 1,ll 'i!8 1 ago, I th 1e r1I ol r ,, h ' ý walr ]Jl a iI, I I ll a Ill p'll llni , l gt lll 1 .1 n u o P1r ii , nl, I u d . 11n I 'rlm h -, l onIh, pri e,, ],.s . .11. i : L , 0."l 11i- _ s Ih .'1' rx i,1i, 1 I:( lli. v' i 0 .8 , ,:v ,,l';ud, nod I i'Miu llrI f r i t wi a hi5 , 11 81 1.. b 1' 111 ' :l 8 ll :lll 1 i tIdi hi: . 1i,.- tIn .l I i , ll l s " 1t , i "l 't I itl i h nr , h t , ,'il l l h., l 1 h : d 8 i n, 1 I a ll, t o ,oi l i' l e' . ' o h p e - h ath t i08n 11 x n 1 ., 'h i i.,m l I "tat "el' iI, l 11, h:l 11111h 0llch of lil ,i .r• of h aa.hl tI' me h g , ",Tnlll i': In 1 , , , ril1t .I1 (I 010 in I pn th ,l.i1 n I lii , i., , l ,, I. i,, .,, I.l r l tll lii , to, . 1 io l l M1, 1hm ,n r ,lit ,,- 8-II L4 lll 01 t1o 1,f fi n- 1o, k 1111 " ll II i., and 1 +h ;11H . ,1 Ii . l I iv h1 . l. rl and mq~ll m . il'., - SI1' l'l . In, I I ill', 11, .I hi k \ i . ll i tl b' 1,111r . 1 I jl x1'll*, n, , d ,, l ih] u1 n e(, h. , ihof. 1' i l, 1 . 0 , " r 1 1, lc ,, r h ,, I , ,l,- v 1 lIIII r rt iall ,ll;111" al y Il llh' ,,I , I ,0e 0 ·· ,l " . l toill. , .\c, . ih ,l , lil and l :. 8111 h... h , :l . 5 0 "11 , ' l ~111 :9 ' I olh c "', o lt i ........: .W lh. I- ,> u i tev , 1 h ,, nh l , ,l I,i 1.i ., I , I t,-I i g' Iil n , ."s he Il ' l . h11 Ian , 11 11 l. I .,I, l l,-, 010, li' hill, 11 II ''(.I ' ii hi 10:- , h tt,.: d,,h' l, ll i, ,i , 11 1 1, II :. . i , ,1 d e n 11 - ,n l H a1. . \ , ,' :, h , i " 1 , , , ih 1 , ., !,,, o , n " ;,, ', , , c n· p " : . .1 I 'l 1 1 1 -1 , lv l ',, serIt untu rod il'l' b nulili| r lnd r In l p lough "t': , (;.m: , sheal 1, i hsterv.l, spring, shetL t pIll 'boIII 1 hlek tln, I llt v .ml ll n i .niones, suitsel keltlcas ( aal a<Il.aL" Ni.llat', hois. il, Iop tlo d tbace t ahl s, cor: o mills Ati A l,, 1ices,i lt.s .m neat'. ml hbellows N irel, sh, t,pig Andi Ibar le.. nt C(.,ld, .u.t ellcoki.g s1o\es -Ainw , Ito ul l i 'sllld l I other spdllthessatll ,hovelsI' lnook :d ll:Ite llill;e , (ooI & l.ald w.ill w hooks (:,lli I, Iloot, ,,i: i d Abei , Axe.s I'm.v'd stlid1 .M:,nilla .ldao,,line, m+,l and tSilE , I:.ilnl, lih. or e lll :1 11, 1 sp l' -ll A littsl a 1ss t l, t.ut 1 hu :|ltitll N .ll sto ll , r ll Ie " a:I .:lwn soi ha: , and. wlhieh re t~I l ri d I rsalet. whole-t s:tlu (II' mld ll I lt ml)et lilrl< :I te tn i Ims, hvy il .\Y ON Co.53()1 O J 1 l,, il r fIromfr n It ill -hi l Y11 1n o t il. 1: i o I udlrif ' 'or lia,11. fiol' N I,, Yok, it (1grul vNiElrk o e o s in l 1nil t li , ~ ihllll tovetbtr +ih th ti Ir Ivi r ol, , .',iI ;., ,lt ,, horn do ofna l I.I.criati i lal i - lnaalaa'p alab llland iilil iarr'!aIdaai Ilow(ie. k. ive ,'I df l r .t , ;,il: IIIie ; \lol' tri lll·i I 'L ,qm i<" l, .,toillllllltlll i I orll d holl-t, atl dlr , 1 4 l ." onlg ll.,a rlllal' l C , . rlt'l rigt , t ,v o t (L:lu llt n. brid, pli.n' m l ull y, at n' iml .e , l boo ek ,ot f lie :ire., +,mi b ad io n hr-..lh ImlaI, edi ll, - aoli ' ,I1 -a . h+aln l a 'nd t .,r i '.a' w'r las l:ý,sl-h l ."I1l i I h , t- , b it. .,t k t alu ttr . in. - aiotiigd, i. nhh'il a il, ha iaai< tiilus. Iloaaalit kniveai , mot r(it kii. I 'i s s rr h r. ocket !kni: es,' l p t " s, th u. [It I ribbu s, I wi tisl ,h l.e s, (Io.. l lti e" lotilrt l+ i-i t, l l. loitda, I:tLold'l', rosl e ,llll ,tl hay ~ltitS 1$- - llt e+ etur'll',+m, a dl a trl. or.' ,t s'a++ l', W)dll , so.llIt W ordl ' 11 1 vc-ltld ii tul e hair oil s i hi. t, wi aa I I ilh t ofar l ohaa lthil i cril)ti<,t , lutlir:' 1,1n41 genthi m +.leeI? (I . l..i n drensill.. sl.,l kith ri lts,_ t frizv l h..+ lltr' and hruids. plain, thue y and ot . iitllll work'hmb,,, h ain 11l tLilt, livrvdcod stl vtal ol' ,'.t ll pur | ltld iv ory ,hi1 It1rt , :.+hitt tudtlds. hld Tnd r i'd illhn , la n 1 toll gonitr, ribbed ptl l pIt la l iln l en- Ioncu s, l nll trol l s I, scFelntet| cuu1h aans,,a l 1g iatnlliier lHte tl 'I ata, hitter p te leblar e li', dillin a t w U 'ki r. t all a, . n ad, fla. e I hi s hr er a, uiwitdh i:a larl i a'r othaer i rti pf.Ulaeflt a nd li(It I. l lsa l t rm ctil il b tr il t best .aN i I t o r- o" th couhr a'prim, Ho lu ,,-'v r1$ t 11"o , .111l11 o t,.t. t le m I. . I \ a,'. .1SL " her t, co .n . om.1 lad it, it in rl r itr ntuler thn the sea+o 1 hlJln (. 1 | aIelt.,t .+,..;+.|. J.\t ('R 0\M. MAllr. ARRANGEMiNT SNorthern Mll, Due Eve' Day at 12 lM S Claeoses eivery day at 10W A.Mn o o. f Dan acvery Sunday, Wednday b, y 1yDf the a oe P. , wk.ld " lill ~il I Ga.h; ' am. 3 pt and dllr~YblgP ~ Wed anedaJ LaneD, e ee a lruoerm day Thursday, a The Lake nllI Saterdn3, I;y ,M. viaN Closes every Monday, Wednesdey TIMES O TARRIVAL DEPARTUILE DISTANCEW oo. arlte Eapress 1Mail, bcrawee.*tMonl ennd Ngw YcAk--leovig Mohile dYily at N'P. 5. NortlLwar Nlew York dtly at 5 P.5 M outhrtvard. Arrives ArrIve i larthao yA rk t Dlstatnes. TI'me. Retum'l Col Os. 1u14a. St81 24 ..nI illrlgvillc. Ga. 2 133 1 I4 O p.m i. - 'oicoile i ,i r t.C. 7 1 2nh i * d I n tli o, I * oarGr. .4 22 2 oiVareroen, ma. 12 m. 55 ni m e e 'vtil-eliiri eVn. pm. 83 I0 era. mt tichlnosedol,Vn. alm. d - 3 sfli a11'a'idrlcvkOlicl.g 2 6? 7 -p \Vn Wo ilg olieCiii t a Ia p . 10 - tnalihin~ri, 0 64 Nato look SNiia.L25Y8 PhNCill , Ii n KW lta. 100 1/! O D iNew YoJ'+ n lni 90 si 105 14. or 5d 23 Norilhard. Comlng Soithwanl, th ia istn is Itour Ii",; liiiSi, byo. sal 117 iiUire.r tIIN ltOl+I,AIOS tIE WAJID. RANAWAY frov 1603 C(araololei corner of lIovhs ao tnls on i gill of S:il, of Au gIust ansrd wat olie ihe rooft ai'eholg in Iayir acote1reen neren buey -ld (ilItAnl.t ,elS aot7 yeoaru of algeli, ina for iir IIhirihoiila ii hoint Iiiglit, a-ov bliiek, and hlas ta mpeyr iiaiatiaiieviorat o of k.inlu nsiae tin aaunable iiiirat in Ilas alleeelI nile of aia ltos ts eret, noaynal i ilr, .ii'e(*ellt hllrlltI le hd iiii Iliiln he westnl lwo a nliikl tiiitia or li n l' f .irt aiti h- Il eatton linat l ons. .l -ltra fll .eoeln andililm iaata are onutionld a go iivi rvcviivilg orliarboriig iil negroo , as well oas all otlhl l.orgi-Ia ate Ilie nLoaaanrigo airaltaut Iutw w Itl b• 0 liilraid ogliinat tlheln. T'le above reward will be Deia lllli ittll t tliuhiaa- O f the jo i n te ato eiter n of [trI tllll I i'ith thaii -uheli, tlirtafare stalng b1ihl f .l of Ili wbl is& ln. 'Glm lion boor e. lie ilinvrber witi liqilihlateth rinire Ih, ,o it t yills , d reqalres sIl t plaou e nleb. aml aoliaVe IaInalia biali-,e ol ndartid nlehaving /ii ioi'aiis ii -tAURR."TSON. ('IlI'IIN t MIIIliYATT,"S NEWV NOVELS /inG/tadihe eefer, vby tll auihiOr al Poter Simple, &. .lno/aiamt rfo oia inlcr at Scliliar ltoi'lehld in t.onne e hitita, h0il(la.tim Uail 1all, lRoyl Navy, F.1.;l diolilra, a rlalal., mlly Allaes Calnninghanm,l 1e *,7:rppltrd i Lrt . a rhtte ho hianelr, in ,i vols. 0o (o'oieioimctv Itlisory of b!y,tner tan luid lena 1It cn'ilhiid Iollhli-lln I Nalhaoiel (ireen, in Iatol. for rh +i.7 ll" rhir er'e R'ain/I7 Lilienry. N.'o., .I , I a'II o llil n lwilnphvto awl uuiriar edition af mllrnsim,, hIrrrinb'i Ia'orks. Ro,~l·,·'r's I";'t'Ht'] a#m~l JliLh Dmiaotmay. in I sla, S3e iYI'IIs.r'thcl lag/febis I~ivtioaaa'p. iil.A f-- c- iiiv aiore Piluii"o of Cainlw' PhirenOlOgy "i ,/. ~r_, IviiTao'I Cmwjioaavesfofpcaue rqua hr. .ithihii/iaia liilliavld Ihlh~lalc Al-, anti 21-2l itarthe ( C iillll'l/ili d aloltbhllv tvnel.ljaallrlnlm ile p larRn weihlltu 1 ·Ileal I'l'llt'irl e l. a 11 JYsBO liy II:1] BENJ. LEVY. OCR'S((I' RISr)IE, toe 5 li Ito alt /0IItIR I t IDITION O. DR I I i- n ihllolllliomat o l Iottirylof Rains b h irlixpo an iaalnoiaoihlivr alatothie ltaty. I iiiiivvtiavt Iliaia-iram IItelaifuii.:tf r YL~a bleFor ll~llh 11.1 ii' "iIIhoIu I ni OIi'- . la-a l the Maaallonu Ilalla tl ii.l all a olr /,uoo. Il o f alath mol an; witl ane I I·( l~il. bh,.rJ~hh.i(: sllld hlIltorh!M~ NI)tes" I ld q lea III)I'llr I.r X:lilllllll hlllll ll,' t'illl o"111 0seach sveti'n. IL. hrI\t.( ii Iiit. t l Ihhvu<lyl o l ,r y At i erlolitaa ,f ie i kltiif, i'lul l u ioi o-illun O a Jl till a' C elsr to ahy ili. --ii f /i ,u/,e. ,,i'ui 1 l/i . tl lllli naiu tile y a ( ·;t ·I I,:·11, 11.5 E l" , li" A v~lb ao i oo iU v bldlu n iAor men tuiiiuai/bl i , ,.. loaliiiiibunibt ~lIl s oaiotin(ahtbes. el ftlll'llt'll ~I ) t',[lll~l llh' I I·aa 1iu n naild a iaaial r oveeu ri, fviiill lli iIiiiiu vI-a ai('.ku i tla poll atI- ' aI-tatl lilll A vitar o allllaY IIdna! MKAu/il Ill~" 7 ctrile o1 {'.lia aiitd i.aillnuumall !iiu ui (llu l', riiia llb hi Iia l i huoima alld l nraa fls )in aLa S I-III1I iu-u-idaal oIlr aiiD lo e by r Wt S(icrEA.NO i • fill I/ ),tiil ll t AM-llif lill* Iit tl st0 ve rou a goal. .%. ,% I~luuoiua/II )I l'liilli/ti, tp-'ruuvle 1)hL eIt JI'., , I' A r~l,r ·, .'41+, if 11+'i 0i ;:ltl,:t,,,p \ kI iehld l'ommo an i baa iiuuib.%-.a., uiuiifaahgvol. ialaoiu ma1uloamuu.ll 'I u I .-ill t lie-a a II 'an, t(rodaae Id pt ()A'`.l·ll l~~ l · d+ii . - -if.l .ihr IP k cl, t'ue aia i Ilhrl " r I*ii lll l /l aii anl' Il utlllltl u tniitl e -I'h' l ',i p,,!lh1 n <,!" i11.tll'l' /\" +lklN . ;.I ibyiu - ia Iii'lli, /l .,i . ] ,i Lil ti lli ll?..\ PI+, ttl' t"ill ,,, ,i 1: '.i ni/ia uuuiua al+ u/i'h l, i'/iitutt ut'u iuiu I ili 1 , r l ist ani 1'1I 1,t. (I,'1 )1 II' h i I I,,"~ .. ..' ,w ,'llh,+r i. lJ| v l tllll~ln l ~"i.r . ,, i , i . 11%,, h1 · 11- . ai a Iii II. a l ral ye dina . ' , .v \.·1I~ 31 --1c(1 ited " . '-- IIII. -:, N. I N- L III l T B - ,.,. . ,},. :.. tl1Irll ~ iii € li]t h" , t. l UW I i ' I .... .1 i Ati, yl e arl i n rle t o r.e Sl I lil. mrf Tivoli 1,"I , , ,·T ·r C I l , la rn"wa aI oI the fnvt rs ,, I, v f,.l flr ,',*-',lmt. r'. Thi e enr ire steek oe I) ,i4, o et· , t'i ol, loo V arQitcles is Irush and. , r, ,l v sI, h ,', I t. The hallowing only ate par" I ', " H,,t. i l,. ',1z alnd Saratoga Powders. Y", ý .P... . r.. hI. Ints a wholso e andi elegant o 'ls. o ll<ui1 asr, ( i1 rals ag bread, buckwheas li, r'. lC:frvcescnt .ll.tynesin Apperient-a I h ,et a.I Wn l . u ta par.. ,iva .d dyspelsaia or indi. ::cl, 111, + II w ", us al- d nar' y, 'tlddraae-P, headache. t ahl ,I thr , t,,an lla habitual c lttiventea , cuts. t'lpeuat.'es F [ l" d Extreat of sarsaparilla f tpart la theaa, boad,&c drdo and cubehba,&c. se",1o, 11 ,ncwa a rd Vrermanego ; British an tIlt.a - ,t -atl=, Opadeld,,e, &c. I in,d l, qa, rner, jajabo ad Guanauvq pastea Taitw hrahl , a N ad P eIro erence' carbonic dentril li,,, 'll trlltr a tnolht wasoh, powder plffs and bexes, rtlltict's iarnilllC delllrtlir, Cllllriel tooth wash powder pufl' and Ibtxrr, Preice's scentellld and I a tll lt powder, lo )Uatnm creme de Perse, ol no.e fl it e, rose, lavena'er and Iluride waters, iaae theamr qrlilles, RIawland's Macassar Oil, Old. rld hl' a anhl o Columbia, bear's oil, a variety of luclter and other matches., indulible marking ink, suplrtor blackn itk, &e. ecrlr and relined whale oil. Ilay's Liniment. A Iresh amsrlnurent of Thorburn'sGnrden Seeds ,)et ` GEORGE JONES. * IOWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, onR FEVER AND AGUE. T.EN years have not yet elapsed since it wasr. first regularly submitted to the public; but It hln aitairned tle Ilighest reputation; and has stp. planted every other medicine for the Ague, wherov. or it uhas enu known and appreciated. Already has it boon carried in every dlroctioo throughout the United States, arnd still realizes more than could hve bWell anticipated by its moet snnguino friends. Thousands of persons have not only been relieved. but re.tar.ed to hel.rh ttnd vigor through its ages. -y; and they now cheerfully testify, at every oep portunity, to its de'idld and supreme eficacy, It iu cot:npotd-' t of sciu medicinal principles as are calculted to rerow the healthy action ofthe atom aIl, iher, and other important digestive organs, ltoe I: as of awhtealu; Iharmu;ny is the immediate cause of tle disease. It is apparenlt slap, that it proed. rcts al oulir, challge I thie ct olrton of the system. atrid certtlyl destroys theo name liability to relap. a s ot thle aoettour. Vien the Ague is attendedi wrth any otller complaint, the employment of the Tn'I'tc ;l:xtuea will not interlfere with the treat. lent of thi other di-ease, but will even afford as. rstsanceo by furnihting strength and vigor to the body during thle coure or f treatment. These who o te.. .o of this medicine may be assured that a thlro is no Arsenic, Barks, Mercury, or any otlhe t article in its comrnposition unfriendly to tile human d constitution; being cntirely a vegetable extreacl atard they may have additional confidence in the Suse tllereof, when they pereoive that it has the f.. f'.ct of a gentiC laxative about thie time half a bot. tie full has been taken--in coosoquenco of which. there is no pa;rt of the nmedicino left to linger in tile bowoli to cause obstructions, and other evils, a arisi n (ron tlh use of many of the remedies now otilF!rd flr the cure of this affection. It has been used also as a pIrevntivoe, by ltany who wore sub I j-ert to a perirlc:al rnettrrence of tie Chills, and it Iruas Invar.ably wardetd off tlie apprehended attack. C,.;rlrr-! T'he Proprietor, fully satislied witit the S',npar.illltd antld uiversal success which has con. I rtantly attCended at I)Unctuatl ard regular use ofthe Tu'lnic Mart ur, in all cases of Fever and Ague, ils warranted in eng aging to refund the pries to a ll those who have rtaen tihe medicine in strict ao. cordance witl tre prescribed directions, without havng bueenll perfectly and lastingly cured. Tile subscribers are the wholesale agents for the South Western Slates, and htvoe now on hand six ty casts of this mredlcirne, which is warranted freas arad gceaileo. For sale at tile mIanufactured prices JARVIS & ANDItEWS, Vholesale Drt.ggista, roth!7 ca Common s Tehoupitoulas street. I ILUR- 00 anading ftr a steamer Independ. II -~ a~---- -~~---- klrntersonll'a Rtz r Slrot,s--'l'hreo cases of the g e l nu' l la I cle. jelst r ecrive d by ot,' :1. REES,' & D'LANG, 18 Camp A o ...p.-..... t. ,,,.s-, ba.ur l ro, e ?mad'l all of ha'm.t, atere, a d Ir sole by n 3 'O,.l I' k tlAtt 'rioliN, fi3 6aeta*s al

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