Newspaper of True American, May 7, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated May 7, 1839 Page 1
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PRICE 120 CENTS. NEW ORLEANS TUESDAY MORNING, MAY 7, 1839. Lo.--VI No 148 Terms of Ihe .ewsepnper Preen of New Orleae usuailtoalP agreed to at an adjnurned meeting of Sthe Poprietorr, held on the 13th of March, t1?7. g uassR PTuonks.-'welve Dollars for thedaily pa or aneset payable semi-aunually in advance: tee dll e u for thte wi-weekly country piper, paynlle one lw il a .vancee, where on city referenee is given. No a bcrlptien will he diccontinued until arrearnges are neled. Ia cane of disenntinuane., one week's notice IL .rinas mtnt on inrarablby given, previous to th eiration of nnbecript&on. AoDvetTesue.--Otn dollar per square for the first neertion, and half that prie for ealet subnequer.t nie: Smaterial alteration fromtn the original advertisemrnct h be charged a a new r ne. YUAa l. AlnvnlnTts.a.-Merclantt and Tra'evr, rtly dollars for English alone, and sixty for hotl Inn gaIes Bll anks, lnsuance Otrice and other imainr pnble Iantitutios, fifty dtlltre in English only, anti i.aght for both languages ; Sbip and tenlbothet Fo, -rn, or Comltssion merellants sixty dollar il Eingliash n, andeighty for bothl languages. kaaUiSra, OntIeARM NOTICtS, and articles eall g the attention of the poilie to saiten of property, eda of pasnegern, benefite, s&e . &e. willbhe eleruetd me dollar per square for the hret ilsertilon in eaclll nn F'onllstlInCATns, or Advertimetnnts, of any perean r nature, when admnissible, shall be elharged deublc, oud in advance. A deduction of twenty-five percent, will be ande t.t Artnleaoeers, therie, Itegisern of Wilts, and Marshala an sles of real estate, platiased in both languages, s-d oUWlr cent. its Inglsh alones: in per cent. on aicns of other proeirty. Asrhe emat. . nn out or thr direct linr of buiincss of the advertiser, suh an legal, nuetlion, anti plnats len sales, runaway slaves, stray animtalst, &e. &ec. will be harged for sepoately, ani at te ardinanry rate,. AovlarTIseM.aNTs not secified ao totintte, will be Ibhlkhed one month, and charged ecordlianly No ndvertisemente of bankruptcies will be publishedt * any case, unless paid for previou. to insertion, or pvamenlt guuranteed by a responsible person in tows. Sb.e tires and other places of acnncaennt, advertising daily asthe season. to e charged $10t) foar L.glish - lone, and $150 in hbotll languaces. All announcements of condintits fnr political offiesa will he charged double the price of othiler advertse ianmln, Owing to tile immense los nsteainedl by newapnpr porpietors, thev hlnve comn to tie conclusaion itnt| tihe en-ns of persns whose accounts haves inot be.- pail within onns ostnI after preeutation, niall he Isatle bnown (so far as practicable) to racll othler--lhey oali gating tllimselves not to advertine or print fIr such deli .l . .antt ui.n less in ease ef cdeat ce . . . ent. c . (Signed) J.C. lIe ST. ltOMl. S. IIAYON, P. p. IWEA J. C. PIIENIIEItGASt', JOItN GIBSON, - LIUMSI)EN." IlVeery Prree.--We.ii Illndere.ilted, agree t hillde by tis abilva conlitittns, aos htr as tlery re applicaNb, to weey*l papotrs. (igned) A. R. IAWI1RU'CE, SN athsc o oriptions are t ta teen ttatt l tha t montho. Lltteros tate,i ill entisee. e Potstl taid. II;MMOR tIIOII). AT'S LINIMENT.--No Fiction.--'l'Thi ex H AYetliSary ellomieul contlpitit n. ab. result -of saiencla, atd tili i ventin oa a celulratmld owli ,cal nsi, thie introdant n of whicht to the pttl,tt waru inveeted will thie saolmnitly on a dathllbed hequet , has since gainted a reputaltion unparallled, fully sustlaining tie correctness of the latncttled Dr Gridley's last confessiuon, that "he dared not .die without giviug to posteorly tle bentfit of hii "hnowledgo on thina s.tbjoctl, and ie therefore bequeathed to Ise friend aid attLndant, Selomona lays, tIle secret of ilis eiscovery. It io nnw used in tis principal hospitals, and the private praatiee in oar country, first and mlst certainly for tle cur o tile plf ties, a a so eten lively and effeotually as Cto baliu cretdulity, ualass where its effeets are witnessed EzternaUy in tkn bllowing complaints: For Dropsy--C.ating ezxtraordinary absorption at once. All Sweliagst-Reducing thiinain a few Iours Rheumatisn-Acte or ,Cbrouic, giving quietl nuan . -,i Sore Throat-B.y Cancers, Ulcers or Colis. Croup and Wlhoping Cough--Extotnally, and over the Chest. All Uruisos, Sprains, and Burns-Curing in a few hoers. Sores and Uleors-Whether fresh or long standing, and fover sores. Its operatitps typon adults and children in redue ing rheumatic swellisng, and loosening eoughs and tightness of the clhMst iy tlelxation of ithe parts, ,ha been surprising beyond corceptiuo. Tlhe ,eommon rlnmark of those who have used it in the Piles, is " It acts like a charmi." TIlE PILE S--T''he Irite, $ is roinidod to any person who will use a bottle of Illy's Lionoent for the Piles, and return the empoty bottle without being eared. These are the positive orders of thie proprietor to the Agents sand out .lf many thou. oanda sold, not one has been unsuccessful. Wes might insert certtltcates to anly luigt'h, but prefer that those who sell the articlo, should on. habit the original to purchasers. CAUTION-Nona can he genuine without a .plendid engraved wrapper, on which is my name, nod also that of the Agoute.s O SOLOMON HIAYS. Sold wholoeale and retail, by COMSTOCK & Co, Noew York, and by one Dlruggist in every down in tho Ulnion. For sale by the Wlholesalo Agents, corner of! Common . Tchuoupitoulas street, nald by tite Apothecaries genorolliv jo30 Nt) GUILE NO I'A )R.JOIINSON, Office i10 Bienrtilll etr,,et, col fines h.s practice to the treatment of Venereul Diseaee, in Ill its diltirtent orate. Dr., frot a residence of slnny yearsit lon-d itale in Europe, deuuu.ta to ,htrerntonst of Veiereulo heasaes, and trueo hi a levent exltensive practice in dsat particular uranch el the profession, gularantees sife, spledy and efferIal cure to such persons as are .toubled with any of t.e following diseases, vis: rGonorrheiea. Glec. ettrbtoten, Choeree, li ullos, Semlnal VWeakness, Alrtctions of the lladder, K(idneys, odine, Urethrn, Prostrate (tlnlnd, Swelled 'l'stilesa, Eruptine ons ithe Skin, Soe Troat. P'aina in tihe Junes' nsi the numeroassymptlms which generally follow hie disease. LRecent cases cured in two or tittree ays wilhoit tlt us of Mereury, interrsptiun treosL lbsinoas, or altera tism in the mode of living: A medicine t, prevent Venereal Disease can be oh Oined of I)r.Jobuanu. It in 'routi the recipe of the Baron Larry, a celebrated Frosl:h Surgeon, and was used by him duri ng.e sateeralecampent sc in which e merved as murgton.o.nm l in the Freach Army. sold by tr. Johnson, ot bi olffice. bosee persons any affection of Venereal Die.seas, andl bout stakiagea voyagee. r reneoving to ithe ountry, wIoid do wei by ,ivleg Dr.Johimenn atoll, os proper tedr sl for theocute ins the shortest tittle cnn be spit up with written diyeeiesa fin their rse. Offcespenfrom Tin the morning until tOo'clockat .lght. AIIEiNTIIY'$ DYSPPPIC I.IXII. Dr. bhrethty, the greaot Iof ilStllirhs u rgatiu ono opinion thdat ino-tenthsa if the diseiases that nafec resat'kndo riginate h thea stolochl. Tli. ulixir th or used by hint with the must telpreedelted eCe:nde iII priat d bli re s fr upwtrda of forty yean. for the aretenl 'o he dlwies diasenese Los. ofippeptite, Flattleicy, Distuetioni of the. Seo. Webltain dn the slde r Iae.vies u of lte Iead snetI lii nati,m to sleep, Irregularity of thle ni ,it and in alt eases whore Indigestion or a cua tiv hintt iD foua d to exist. Thin medicine mut not be amtubheed laoncg tho Ihet ,fquaek nnoerulnhnpw before the pbiie, n.s it is rte pole invention olthi ablest and most elrcieltific surgeoan Eur.nm ever prndoced, and the secret of plptmrintr it was purchased by the agent fir a vely large sum. It is agreeole andl leoasaoti o the to-tl, acrts l a moitl aper ient.atways keeps the bowels free, impanrts vigor iatn streogta to the systemn, and eheerfnlness to tile itilltl sod a few betmld remtves the mrst ei,tfirited eases tl Dyssepsia or indigestion, oid.prevents a return at ally Suture period. tNaw Yonrtl7lt Augae, 1838. 15 Mladiaon street. Stat--l conerqeeneoefleading It sedeltary life, I rove been troubled, iure or len, with Itdigetiiiit firr stea years; Itr te Us1et 'hree years tay aluffelings have t.seneleolnl,rtitble. htave tried .evbral phyecimt,, and a Umtisberofqtebk tndicnete, withitm deiaie'g nay benefit. I despltred of .ver obtainig atiy 'ierwnetw ! eliet and rsignoed mytself to thie italt ltolpeless de-tair Swnas p.ruaded by many friends to try Abernethy'a -yspeptic Elixir. I have now finolshed the foulth but It.nnsl know not how to express myli s8 atirni of its wondeful virtuoes and the miuraele it his performed in restorh'g e it t hat health which 1: inghtt leot fir vern. betld ie half a dozen olttie as n a and exrtet y thanks fitrtn me blessaigs.yoi have bou rredtly re. atorng stle to ptaitu Iehaltl. i relenmn yttern, JCOll MlOhItOlE. rle agent bas in his possessioin save hundred tns timonials similar to the abtee, of tho extraordinairy vlr tues of this medicine. Sold by appanitireuit, at D)r. ohtoaton's. 140 Iienviil strert. iov. 5 NTEEL PENS--elt's Nea. I, 3. 4 pens SDaniel Webster ,pee. Felt's large barrel pen SCongres large do Perry's flat spring do do soallt do 3 slit do Windel's iadies do ,do, dotble patent do imperial Iouble patert do Oillot'e barrel do al Naionani do And Giliot's Colnmnerril, for sale at DAVID) FELT & Co. 2I Chartres st, et - N Y Staiiooers Ilall rIOMPASSBES 'P0II.IitIOMgTEttl, MLlt;:ltOS /t COPES, &c.-Jut. received sai for sale Iy Wem. McKean, corner of Camp ant Commenn nireetr, g eneral asosMomet of Surveyor's Compasesa. Mtlalmatic. Itrltnrrmante, Drawing Ponn, Spring Dividends, npprag Brv Pens, Ivory Pro Ivory ScaleGt rester's tebles, Glase Trianglos, SParilltl Rilerr, blicrenpes, Thermometer, (Cauera hwiOb.-rne, surrey Chailrs, .~oresTaC STape F NORRIS & Co, No. 3U1 Chartres seeel, are re. eeiving daily from their house in Philadelphia, an elegant and comeplete assortment of cubastntial and fashionable clotling. They invite the atten tion of tile public, na they are warranted in saying that strangers and ciizensa eannot furnish thenml selves more advantageously in any city in the Union. N. B. A few dozen elegant ivory handle um brellas, froln 32 to 36 inches. Also, a large lot t whiletpine packing boxes, various sizes, very low n TIEd LADII'S-Atkia,,n's l)tpiltuery, far ca . aovillgoLperflalus l air frolnt the nface, nkc nod aras, with equal aftuy anld certtinaty lnaving tlhaekia fiorr anl waliter tits bee tlin alppiilatiunll. . fresh supply just received at the Bazanr. ael IIUSII & ALLEN, 1, Exchnnge linotel, cvr St Charles & CUninme st LIe(iA NTIA' ll., CI r It-- IVilliat Bell, 16l llar Stree at., nhas thi day reeived a snall assortmlvnt Sotlrge enoaelled and mnaUdic brcnstpius, set up in the ern stYIh. FANCY MATCIIES-W-\ ith beatiful painttiaasd, Inndiag from ship Alexander from Bremen, Tfr sale by A TitlEIt, Sb ' 3d : l. a nzile s - RN - -D IJEPA 01'PxtTl meNT', aGa Liclt flnkfi if Coap'y,'Jreoaaory 311, 13 a IrIE Sti;k of Coko Ireing alh rerduead thir C L Ian y will funriY Pittsbarg Coad, ll small tier to tIher cultoAmers. rdenrs received t tlie l Gas Ofllie, fnnk Alley. ja 31 . 1' \Vr t.,:, fURNIIAM'S DIOPS.--'l'lis nedii discovered by the proprieti r and has )cct'd so hi, corefol observnaria for ma isa every verivap oi pancaice, and oil f ol riseo liverriied Aanerieca clinate; a given to sire palalic aill tie aartaa.s cofi bhliev tlhat it is, as mnast clearly set f anpapphlen accunspavyingthesare, ahe I cine ever thrown withiln le ranch of ail snciety. It is with the grentest prs lriey nall tie mtaladlies which afllict tile hlran r the ealablishrd lact, that, whao takc : -nl . I anch it ncrsaccotrtding t i v t rle sto r e it t. Ielch and Ihe natura of the llsean,, r, r an an cruleie, diuretirc, a doll llerltic, expe 'ral.'e ',t r a' r arlea lmedicine. nhot it is relly whatr sr s:rp rir t as hre, n red aolsly)n tria l it aniraly lIhe ,n s. iicl The Ineat is dlly comning to the k.. ete, si the aranrr iriss o1 its ienrtllivcll an d ses a 'ff l'sr i in caesei s1 thr tui ' veannd fever,bills yp lrue, ner. v us anti s alln[i i vorn, is llu.s' t lent sc lde, 'dy :~. r r ix,' -yspe'l)-ia or nsle .unln Ilhem ,I'at lry are not oilry warranted illn w.., r a ctllllellthllrr It, sIsls tllay na'e Iill cd sIanpri frotIs a sI trv iI dhl htwich tey owe t the humnion f amilyl to any In all, try at, and .you will hear amp le i t tri sly tIrnl l 'we have a .id osi Ilhe su',jer l. The chlfera iselfs tine worst 5crle which hs ever Vlslld uIllr llllr'y, has been erllh ss a I h: l ' (crn I 1tlred 1 th1 II ).p rIeto'r t thir l, i caslls witho ia: c hi ,is nl esl l Iat 1 n l al', w.i hbout tlt I asa l s1rn e it Pli'i"lll. |'hIh llle dlllllr i t lie arel d ool y II d i t a1'1 ' Rt'INIl. lI & DAVIS, S,. l..,ui \I ,ss, urn; and i, putl i; o u l ,hi ,ala n lihnccolllllli led wlth a l.plain nald (lltinlt directlion, anid c tillllg ,bothll iXI) th ear, to be had lur sevtenly live Ients, whl lok's it much l the cheapest ineditrne ever oll'red to Ithe Ipublic. Tlec albove ledicine is sa'ri wholhsatle and rttail by our Aentl', Ih.nly lUi nabael, l)ugrist snd Apothecary T'clhrup.tosulu stret. New Orleans. ENTW VMlUIC-O, Native lMustic; Thic Convcut a! SPlrr ai ro.tin. g ras vill. I sla;le; ?i sa r I)t.. ', ier e h tye,,) ,, a thle he'a!a sull glnshs in ti .ll. 1)tra ltoasnans e; The Wlits Il-,rse of Itae Pel pers; 'ein colllse anll O Llvtrhou art lrear erp, ullo .by iira. e tiI in rhle granlld It atlurntic Oper( a .A ilhe; (Iol d i ig I w t'redlll for hlilll'l''o e let all a t..tra; Co e to Ire at llnr lliluS ; (Pt sJir: rc t'r h llllO)as ss li ls; . 'I +rsa.c's - o I' t n ta like lscVsc irrarced wr lIs ebuhr'p'Lv T 'l.'narre- Ruytyl t'ulzrea, ih ,A I lechs (l'.IUin I'c'lt'crls'u Cllurt inualrille . Juo t r''aeveds l ard sac -al' ir d,19 lt C 1lbY"'J9 ('sasp st 'S'lllrljl:CU IN FIVE AND A IIA~eDA^Yn, PFrom Mobile(i Il(l nlllman) to A ulnstaa i . a i) t;dulleali Ili,.er aURd Rla.y lu i dair i lul;,, col;llt, s tl e tc i via lariunmn, lii( hattllcimhrl: (formiIrly.Im v lnii \tVet. non,) lihimmbmlmlge, Pjlmertln; Iilwkimsviihe aned Iroui:. ville, to Augu\Sm. A passengee.rtatkinhis seit at 11i. bile is ill mil danger of ei.g throwIIi ut or Iosinm g Ii' mirelelviene h other Eclllictin ilLatereslc, ml the LOaml. DA IINE is hIot ot concern, aIid K sllllerfl" l COL Iree throughaout, lad may rely wrTu ctAinTr upon ht arrivallt AugII. Is ill tim lll C llti i , I toillh.l l all miiti I hml i cl·r slllll ait ally seaso lln, l l I ILl Iu1ne 1s s Ion mu Lt lreSe-. allllt - Iltvlle ehouel icu.iT. 'li ;l metr Nw iOrhllll mMai is carlilel I y this mreoute. lhe i gt s I l t i Ollllll tion, T1'emmns, Clanches a: I l.iveras :. I noti surl;a1ssed tile suthllerl CIIIIIItiry. The smiiooth, hd, natiuri ro i m s, the salfe anld inlter altimim tmie tl'avrelr spemdui, miiahil c, com fmO rtumi. l gleis ing vlriet); connectedtlas ii i remu e with the laiRl RoIll Charlestoll, S. C. ial the mItl paickets Ilo New Ylork travelers clll ra >h N.\ew York from New Orlansll LEIS TIAN I -I tA mTs'-\'aihingllmoi city ill 2. Fro'lmn Chatahlloochee, FIlolrida, we Ilhave a Ir llle Limn via tQuincy andim T'allahmssee, to St Marks, 4 hr post coaches, also two lBranches from tlawkiusville moe to .Lilledgeriller, adl one to M.,oi, light two herl oches. ST'OCK'tONS E .co. ArIas'TA, i0th Jam. 1835. Olie at Mansion Ilouse Mobile 5 ')iatiance, New Orleans to Meobile, 150 mili Mobile to Augusta, 541m m Augusta to Clarieston, Is '3F Charmleston to New l'uk., 980- 180 Time, Niw Orlean to Mobile, 28 hlour Mobile to Augasta, 13`2 ' Augasta to Charleston, 1'2 m Charleston to New York, 8ft- 958 Mmaking 1 i8 miles per day. or 7 miles per hour, iemlu live of all stopipages. iov 10 N.B. m bleg leave to incorm the public inat die bridges over tih Cihalihoomheswamp cnd lard Iabiol creek have lust beeI enmcpleted by the general gotern meit, (the [mly obstacles o(perateing against this safle nam' sIeedy rouote are ths halppily removed; anm I hIave tit splenuire ofles mung from travellers that the eoaehes,hlr. its, oriivel'san d oads are o thie lirst order; and as to tltm water roulle Iiom I'ensaeohlm t Cedar IlluR, it is admit. ted lly all wlho ve palell tl.rolll it to be cnsalu sslrei. iu illlveltlies. belulty and tafety. T'le brihllges itmugl Georgia have also beenrepaired. J M C BAKEII ALLIGAIOR LINE. Mobile to Augusta, via Florida. Leaves Mobile Tuesdays, Tihure. days, and Saturdays, per tihe splendid steamer Champion, (ox. Copt in case of setrms,) to P,,sacola ; thence per steamer Lo Roy to La Grange, and thoeco four horse post coaches via Mariana, Bainbridge, Pin. mdrten, Berrien, Outlaw's. ad Perry, to Macon, Ga; theIne via Millodgeville, ancd Sparta, to War. renlton, them co per rail read cars to Augusta. The Chlampiun is i seploldid order, with new r capper bothi rs, copplered and c ppmr fastened. Thim le e Roy has been thoroughly repaired, hlier 'accoimlod.ltiocmS are ais handsome as nlly bo t. 'lThe beau iful Sallta Rios Sound, and Cicncta. cwatchlli Bay presment the ilmost interesting steaml na. vigatio ill thi South--bming at the easnetm.nm perfectly land loked. 'e 'b1 Talams are not surpasep. d on any route in the n country ; tbh drivers, t a man, cairuul and attel it tive. " ihe bridges heretofore dilangerous have s eon d newly built, so that high waters do not inter cre. 'Tile eatinlg houses Iave been ilostly chalngled, Sand are Ilow as good as t llanlly raid in the South. It it henerally klown that time excellence and hardness of the roads eunlblo he t temls nt all sea sons to makle great speed. 'l'heir lmoothn, as se. I cures the travei'er frls the ordinary fatigue of stage travelling. The Line is now c rrving its passengers from Augusta to Mobile ill four days ai d twelve y ours, or to N. w Orleans in lour days and twenty hours, Going to Augusta, the line is six dave r . d seven hours. -ti imo actually emplouyed in travelling is the eame as i, tile other direction, but tile difference of time on the rcute, is caused by a day being lost in Pensacola, wiich, however, is well repaid by the op ortunity it gives ofsecig,, m tlhe Navy Yard, tlie old Spanishl Forts, ete. The travel:or also sleeps at Macon, and again at War. tenton. 'This arrangement will continue till the travel turns northward, whenm the line will be the s.smne from Mobile to Augusta, asit is new in the other direction. Th'is Advertimement contains a plain statrment of facts, the accuracy of which the proprietors gaurantee to each pausenger iU the penalty of his stage fare. Maps of'thn L:ne may be seen at the Ex hanga Hotel, New Oilrlseas, and at the Mansion llHoe, Mobile. Fare through from Mobile to Augusta, $47 50 The line extends, by nbraneh to Tallahassee. atR Chattalsoochll, the line connects with the II steamboat carrying the mail to .\palachicola and St. Joseph's. Ofleo it tia Masnitn House, Mobile. ml7 O tOS'TIVICK, Agent, Mobile. UGCL tt & M10l,4SSiS--150 bhhds Sugal, l.IIU)tm galls Miolassem-- m plantaltioa iiave he or sale by ADAMIS & WRILTILL, eli-2w 67 Gravier at C LASS--100 bense in store lir sile by * fe6 ,1111.1 . BROWN 90 Magazine st (1TATE NA,-City of New Or. 1 leans. that this day before nme, Joseph Be he, Ia notary public, in and for the cit of Now Orleans, State of Loisian uly commissioned anid sworn, Porso and appeared Messrs. John Stevens John lall and Archibald Brown ters, transacting busineas uns der the m ofJ Ihall & A B Bein-Bon. jamip ohn Hughes, Carpenters, trans. r der the style and firm of IHarrod &Ifu Thomas Osborne, Mark Thomas, Fro o, Joseph Wilder Davis, Samuel Mor anio Blabeock Clarke, all residents of declared ormity with an act of the Legisla to to, approved on the thirteenth of n hundred and, entitled uthorize liited or anionymous part to regulate the same," they, the said ve agreed, and do by these presents r the following limited br anonymois under the clause and conditions fobl it : hat the name, and style, under which rship is to be conducted, shall he, "'lhe ow Boat Company,' and that ties place id company is to be losate , shall be in the ow Orleans. That the description or kind of business stry, to be carried on under said style, by etors shall be to estabhlish and continuo to tor more Tlow Boats, for the towlogofvee· rendering assistance, carrying freight and pas. era, and any other business which m sy be law. 'or tow boats to perform. rt. 3. lThat the amount of the capital of said upeny, shah, be one hundred thousand dollars, ided into one ltollsand alshares, one o ulndred la's easch, and payaol ill cah. Art. 4. That tIe naties of the partners, and ilce amount each partner has ci ntributed, is as follows : Said John Stephenson Walton, eight hundred and tlirty.five shares; said J HIlul and A B UBin, sixty one shares ; said lHarrod & IlHughes, forty. one shares; said John lTh.inas Osborn, thirtoeen shares; said Mark 'llihomas, ten shares; said Free. man Annable, ten shares; said John Wilder Da. via, ten shares ; said Samuel Mlolrison, ten shares; and Daniel Babcock Clarke, ten sharis. Art. 5. That this partnership shall commencee from tho date hereof, and the same shall termLiiate its oporations and wind up its concerns on the thirteenth of Juuo, eighteen huiudrad and forty. three. 4 Art. 6. That ithre shall be three diresters to transact tile irisiovss of said..oupaly y, and adaiil,. ter 1ia concerns. Art. 7. 'That thie powers wilLh wlhich said diirec tors shall lie vctedi, slihll 'Ce to e.IE: froe m aiiont tlheiselves, their ownl presidnlit, ald li' all vaceC , ries, and iIs i-jority at whoml t eie t ha ivil e and il' hereby inv wa'd with full poaecr to rieeive .,,it pay ,ill muonis, arna to do and calue to he done all that is reqiuisite to the conducting of tihe business of said companily-and tie I'reidet by and witll the consent of a mllajrity of the dirt!ctors, is .el. powered to issue the note or notes of said coinpa. ny, for all demands, purchases or contracts on be. hllfeofrsii company, countlersinecd by at least one of tho d-rectors. Art. 8. 'iThat tie time ofdurution of the serve ice ofsaid directors shall be for one year; and that an electioni for the saime shall be held on the first Mon. day of July, of each and overy year during tlhe ex. isteiee of this partnership. t Art. I. That when said company shall have or. rived at thI peIrriod wioihen it Is to expire, U1 theLo con. corns and affairs of the same, shall be wound upo and liquidated by such director s s may be in ollico at the time. Art. 10. That the powers to be exercised by the Directors intrusted with said liquidation, shall be as follows, tu wit :-To receive such sum or sums, as may be due to the company, and give ncquittanlce or acquittances therefr, and to sell the property of said coiimpany, either at private sale on public auc. tiol, on such tor;as andl conirtions as to thei Iayly secl tit and advisablo, and to piay the debts of said companly. i A t. 11. That tlhe dividends of the clear profits, otler paying all charges and expenditures of thi colnpany, shall be declred arli paid toTlho stock. holders, on the first Monday in July of each and every year during Ltl exishehce of'this partnership, first reserving ten per cent. of the profits for con. tingencies. Art. Thaat t a general meeting of the stock. holders, all rules sml regu atiols na regards the aclbetir eto no es ecls eto kholdcr shall give, and anlly othier matter relative to the welfure of the colum. paly. not cotulrary to tih, |orlegomc cOmlpactf shall bu enteredd ito, aed the reles ad rulatio.i afitore said,shall Io deonem.nated the ,' lly-Laws of the Phioenix Tow Boat Compall)iny," and tirm shall be imhndig on the said stockholduors ad their rcspec. ieive heirs. )Done and pirsed, in my oatco, in the City of New Orleuas, oforesaid, in presonco of Duanel J. i icardo anid \V. Ilassurd, aitRaesos of lawful ago and douiciliated in this city, who hereunto sign their name, together with said appearers and me, the said notary, this Ist day of April, 1839. Original signed, John S Walton, Joseplh W Davis, I tlarrod, 1)DB Clarkeo, S Morrison, F An. nableo, A B Bein, John Hlughes, John T Osborn, Mark Thomas, John Ilall, J WV llssard, 1) J Ri cardo, J. B. Marks, not. pub. I certify the ftoregoing to be a true copy of the original act extantin mty current register; in fuaith o hereof, I grant'theso presents under tiy signature and seal of oelice, at New Orleans, this 23d of April, 1839. JOS. B. MARKS, not. pub. apl 29. 9t LI AT DE LA LOUISIANA-VIaIu Io i o Nouvelle Orlrann, dovant moi Joseph Bonza. bken Marks, notairo public, duns et pour lu villa et parois.e de la Nouvtlle Orlt ins, Etat de lI taouisi. onc, ducmer.t appoint6 ctjuid. Out personnellenent coniparu Messieurs John Stephenson Walton, John Hall et Archibald Brown Bien, colleguso ncgoeiant Icurs affaires -oua lu titre et folrme de J. lfall at A. B. Bein- iBenjamin lHarrod ct John HIughcs colleguos nego. uiant leurs affaires sous le titre ct f.,rnm do Harrod et Hughes-John Thomas Osborne, Mark Thtomas, Freeman Arnahle, Joseph Wilder Davis, Samuel Morrison, ct Daniel BabcckClark tous residents en cotto villa qui ddelarant. Quo conlfurlmde nt a o n acte de la L6gislaturo de cut E at, opprouv6 lt troize Mars mil hiuit cant trnteo sept, intitlnd on acteo "poor autoriser leo as. sociations limitdos on anonyme e les rdglcer," coux lea diatatdmnoins out eonvenu et faiont pa, cos prd. sPIes a outrer la suivants asoeciatioo, Ilso. itce on anonymo sous leos la uses et conditions qu aftivcot snvoir. Art. 1 Quo Ic nom, titre et style 0ous liquel ceto conpagnio soera conduito, sora r La Cosu. p nio do remorquo Plhoenix," tt Its pl sto du cotte ('ans.g nie, sora dans la Villo de la Nouvollo Or ldanu. ' Art. 2. Quo la description ox I'espdco des af. iaires ou industrie, itre condu es: sous ladite style par les directours, aera d'dtablir et continouer courir nil o deux bateaux ds Reliorque pour to recnor. quaut des Vissealux, adalut, portanlt fret ou passa. gors ot quelquo autro afltire qui sorait juste pour les baleaux do relUorq.ue tt executer. Art. 3. Que to montant du capil*ado cetto com. pagnie sera cent mities piastres, divi~d on uoe milles actios do cent piastres cithaquo et payabilo compp Art. Quo lee noms des ectionnaires et to m0n. tant qlue chlque actionnaire a ountribud cat commote A du John Stephonson Wa.l'lo, ut ct ca tctute lactions; I J. Ilall et A. 1. WBin, soixanto ot n netions; t Harrod et IIugfies, quarante un actions; a Thomas Osborne, treiz, actions: au Mcark Thoman s dix actions, I.a Joseph Wildler Davis, dix actions; a Daniel ii bCbeock Clarakr, dix actions. Art. Qua cetie compai tgun coter one.ra doe crite dale, i t, r ,e ora les oper.:: le tronto Juin itd huitL cut ularrante trOicu. Art. . QL lvt ya t uri ili d.Ic'e.are po1'r con. tracter les al'tir, s d, Ia dito cii, r;a cli au..iaic. trer seo intit6ls. Art. 7. Que leas p.uvsaire t e c:rn ·tJas fles directeurs, sera d'liro parml euix uaii 1'i..-tetl do romplir toutce places vacantes, it loaut la Inajo. it6 aura et ect vetu avec pouvoir do reoaoir ot do p ayer toutes mounoioe, at faire i causer & ctro fait tout qui esat req uis It lo conduisant les afflires, do la dito compagnie; et to Prtxident par et avec lo con. sent do la majoritd des directears, cet autorsiso do donaer sla prouiseso do la dite compagnio, pour toutes leo demandes, achats, ou contrats, our le part do la dite comipagniecontresign6 par sa moins un des directeurs. Art. 8. Quo la dur6 du service des dits direc. teurs seraun un, ct qu'une election pour la msmlno sora tenue l premioer Lundi de Juillet de chaqu ann6o pendant e'cxistonce de cotte compagnie, Art. 9. Quo quand cotto compagio ser ora.r rivdo au teimto do son expiration totes Ine atlires seront liquiddes par lea directours en offices on oct temps. Art. 10. Que Is pouvoir doanscront vctuos les directeurs confids ven aIn dite liquldation seor com. me suit savoir: do reoeoir touts sommo que dura la compagnie at donner quittance pour to mornme, et it de vendre la proprid.d dt la dite colnpagntie ctl vosut privdo on publiquo cosmme votest propres at avisble lees directeurs et do payer toutes lote d I eans de Is compaognia. Art. 11. Quo lee dividendes do profits spres avoir pavr toutes charges et d6ponses de i com pagni e-oront deelardes et pay6es & lea actionnaires to premier Lundi do Juillet do chaque annede pen. dant !'existence de cette cotnpegnie premidrement reservant dix pour cent des profits pour lea casual itds. Art, 12. Qu'& unoelection gdndrale des action noires toutes let rdgles at regulations & I'6gard du nombres dos votes quo chaequ actionneires deera donner, et quclque autre chose relative a le bien ttre do la comptagnie seront consid6rd, et lee rdgles at r6gul lions avant dit sera denomindas lee "* Par. lois do Ia compagnio do remorque Phoenix," et Is m" mo acra obligatoire ur les dits ctionnaires et leurs h6ritiers. Fait et pass6 en non dt ode dans la villa de la Nourelle orldans, en le pr6aconce de Daniel J. Ricardo, et J. W. llansard, tImoine d'age requis et domourant dana dotte villo qui apposent leurs signatures ensembles, eves les dit t6moins et moi, lu dit notaire, ee premiere Avril mil iuit cent tronte Iuit. Originel sign6. John S. Walton, Joseph W. Da vie, B Ilarrod. D. B. Clarks, S. Morrison, Anna. ble, A. B. Bein, John Ilughes, John T. Osborn Mark Thomas, John Ilall, J. litssard, D. J. Ricar. do, Joseph B. Marks, not. pub. Jo cortifio que neei eat une vraie copiede P'origi nal acte extant en mon rdgistrel on cetto fol j'accorde oes presents sous ma me signature at le seeau do mon effice a Ia nouvelle Orl6ans, le 22 avril. 099 9t JOS. B. MARKS, Not. Pub. 'TATE OF LUillSIANA-Parish Court for the SpuIris, uni city of New Oorieaus--toall whom tlhese pteslts shell eniie, gieetie: \Vhereas Jatne C rnpelnd Prker, of thils city, having purchased at a sale mtdetby Hewlett & Cenes, public auctioneers of this city, the property hereinafter desei bed,hats applied to the clerk fithie court, br smonition or dveil setoeltt in eonfortoity tsitn act of tlr I.egio latire of Ihe state of Lui.ouos, entiled "Asset for tlhe further assurance' of titles to purchasers at judicial salea" approved tila Il)thI day of March, 1834. Now, tierefure, know ye, and all persolns iterested herein, re hereby cited and nedion slted in tle name of the state of Louisiana, and of the first judicial district court, who can set any right, tills or claimt in and to tile prnpelt ereinaiter decrihed, iii consquence of any iifinrmoolty in tIle order. decree or judgreiltt of thle ert under whtch thle sale wait made, or tiny irregularity or illegality in thIre tppruiaoenent aid advertiscients, it ltlle o lis.lner ofooale, or ftr any othler defr:ect whlato. eoer; to slhowv cause wto tli tlliirty de fron. tIhe diiay thie 3iuiitiin it first iteeted in otlae publicdpa ie,-, 0by tile salo o Ill de should out be eoulirteid and hetno lucuwld. i "'i.c i f Iroperty was ..ut l by the . ei.t.neertd , ~' , tile itl a1" of l),eetbr.A. t. ItAc a L .by virtue I v 1. r, mlror, ntt, alter date, tur sith day of Jul,.t AIt Ie lm.nt.l Irte t I thi e .tsame tpe an thi. ?".10 ,; :.ditor , .-Vu " aan .1"lIletl,. No Iu,9il -l lr ty~" ,fnt,-::hurt. r w b h-:I,'hq , t1.,a-taiJ C atrl . iton llnth . toler date, for tIe 'sa a ,7auiount 1. ,In rte promis--ry note lof th e sameI u, dted n the xnltl 11e ',.it',-r , 1.:eI t ho theer "tire-d1ad e h,! sed bv i J it Mlehell, at six h a fter datll.[ te for six hundredJ tard lilt do.llat 5. In tie promissory note of the same, dared on tie snaoe d tv, t the order ofand endorsed by thte same, at twrlve months after date, for the mene almount, 3. In thel pronisory note of tile same, Idated on the ! I dilv, to Ivti order of and endursed by tile same, at eiglteen monthafter date, for the teamount 4. In tIe rmissry note of tle sate, doled on the slime da, Ito the order of nd etl.oroed by the aetme, ait ai. monthds after date, for six hundred and ifty dol oare. 5. In the promissory note of the saine, doted ot Fite Sae day, to e tle order ofand endorsed by thle tme. at tIlo e mlllnths after date, for the same anount. 6. In the promisse ry cote of fhe Seoe, daoted oni the iatell dly, to the order ofaand endorsed by the sllO, at citelten montho after date, fotar the sanie amnount. 7. In ttlte romtlssot note of tte eatone dated on the leiote doy, . the order of and r nl oed by tile sat n e :t ooni nomths after dane. for six hundred and fifty dol I. In lthe protmieory note of the aate, dated on the dnllla dlv, to the order of and endorsed by tile sae at t wel, monllthle after date foIr the same amounl. I tile promir ort note ttof li, eatre, dated on tile SRlldtatl, to tctert oruder nfesd endrstett by te name, II si.x ..t..l r fteer dute, fur aix houndred and fifty dot, I1. ln tile promistery note of t slome., dated oe the iaetdiy, ttheiorderofl a en n rtsed by ete esate, at trh. melllthlis aftter d mtefoer Ihi same u irto lrwt. 12 n tile proteis.rry lote of itr, Cante, tted on the amt , ae a, toutordelr of aunlendl.ol ed by the ta. tc, at nuth nCI oIIeltis atern dalte, for thie ean .lll l le 1i. htn the perosmisory note tfthe oa.tlll, d.ted on the same dla ,, tIh lt orderi.l and etlnOrat d by rte amtie, ita .itx molhs attl date, ir six hutldred ilad filly doht 14. It the protltnasry totne of thte ame, dlatedl Ol the oare tdtyt, to lte i trdr of and ndersed by o ie entlTe, at twele mIt tht aofter date, fr ke uoor- aotnut,. I5. to the prtOio.nry tnote tf the samnoe dated n teO nnr.e drto, tloite ont , enjtrlh byt te oae, al eittetinantht tnafter dote, to the oatre atount. - "16 Il tie l ttd of edha ate,, dothd ne the tedleo Oftlohcorlher. f Ld a.ndrt*il by th e Same, ait . e, ontles ... ater dne.T, foer si touud res otd fifty dol tnuvt d ayle, the rte r tl t tnde t,rsetby atle a eontat ts celve tmntl s, fier ate, for th n se llle o ee. tiL. I hlfnao pro tteory ot, latus on lt e sntme da, te letplree ttinc f tote property as gvea in hto jndiaial ettoveyanlc, vi : t. A certain tot fgranott lr, nmetar igttotnte'it ite stoburb Sauter i, it.tquore bountded hy St. T lnloat, Itttjatoin, Tohopitoulas and Selaette ate. toanurina twenty.six feet aseven inctes frott en St Thotmeas treet. hy .lne ttndred feet deep between paret et "ines, alt Itt.tliah nmeasrne; togeiter wit allt the imlprovemeta rightn , to oys and prayiieges thereunt o betlongtg. r 2d. One other certain lot of groed, number nine, at ttuat. in sotme hatrb, in square bounded by the same treels, easo oaring tawelty-six fret seven onehes froet n St "l'hons street, by -,te tutodred feet dep between tarallel lines all Etglist measure together ith all ttll tervetol, enlrghts, ways and privil ege thereuanto e 13rb ong. 3d. One other certain lot ofgrotund m nther ett tUe - sittuVhe ill tate suburbt i squarn bounded by the same ireeeatt, ntretsritg twenty-si feet, nevetl inats (ent ten r St."llr an street by i te I i tdred feet deep, bet ween trallel ntt ee, otl Engliotb meastre, together with all the tttmprovements, rights, ways nd ptiege tlereuot .e. Oloeging. 4th. One otlter ertain lot of grountd, nUmber eleven, situateo il ite same shnbrb, in sqtare hIounnd by the s eaten trees, nealluring twenty-oixl feet, seven inches. fiontt ln St Thomas atreet, by onetetndred feet deep etween parallel lines, oll English measure, togethei with all the improvements, rights, ways nttd priviege the.rentllto belonging,. i. Otte other cettain lot of grnotl, nnntmter tweate, SSituatlte n inth n tsubantrb, itt sq.nre.ounttod by the ttanto street, and formlng thte cole er of St Th omas and Benjamin rrenet, r ntauring twre ttyievett feet t iree inches anted for lines front oi St 'ltho naa at, b ne tItndred fet t ndeep antd front on Menjmin o tret all Engtiatth measure; tegethter with att the Ittpetovetments, eig hts, ways. and privtlles thereuntt belonging. t. One other certain lot ot gtotttc, tutt thi teen," siltutte it tile name antntth int ttte etPttro tttttnded by tle atltC streee, measuriOgtennt. t pol eot feeet tet'celt. en atl toer lines frott on eiate itri ry Ir, tone bond red nit t.thrty,tttree feet ,even incht s atld fitor lines dtep, ltetwnneeo aral'et tine, all Etlttsht meature ;to ,,t..ther c*ith all itpnoe,t-eme, aighats, ways attd proiv. i Oe to tterent helntft e fong. fit woettn per taten teratn y P. VWilki nTadeull tv surteyor generat ofthtis Stateetated the "+26tth dtuv of r I)eeeBer,183t8, anexead to un .ot f Wt Vouog eu ew e dattd the twte.tysixth day of Jan ary, 1,39, heitg nltttiniics of lots noumbers three, fitrand part of foive, a per plan drawn by Catrles F. Zitttpel, deputy city sur rnor, dolted the purlh doy o Fehrntar, 18341 and tnta texed ti a act in toeotfice of Wa 1 hung Led, at. atry ipabtlictded the '-3d day of Match, " the t ah e year. S Cletk' Olftce. New Otteans, April 8th, 1819. ol, t 10 J OLLIE, Iteputy Clerk. a Fi- 'Ar i)E LA LOUTSIANE--Cor do Pt. S urb.ns pouolr larpsuote net ile de ta Nouvelle Orldnou-L'etat do t Louisiana, . toun aeon quo Ses preaoente concernent, Sahttt I Attenlu quo namc Copeland Parker de celot villa nyaot enattt a ttne vente faite par Hewlett at CVt tat, oncanteura public de cetA.e vlto,ta prepril6i Sci.oaprt decrito, e'cat adresed au Grofio do cctte coor, pour an avis cotfornadment b an tcte de Ia Legislature de Ietattdcla ILouneiaen, intituld ,' Acts pour nonfirmer lea titree den acquereure tux vontes jtdieiaire ;' approun tIo t0 Ma o'it conu0 , et toutea peronnen int aI presentoe Dnte d t dote l otot, t a Iota die eanteurn ea vntto saoir a. lo. Eno re, to $650 I nt portant Itad six i John Mitchell, do la m6mA date, ct payable a douse - moai. s 30. En on billet du susdit J. C. Parker, do la m6em somme, a l'ordro do et endosed par le susdit t John Mitchell, de la mnme date, tt payable a dix. h- olt moile. 4do. En un billet du susdit J. C. Parker, do Ia Sommo de $650, a I'ordre do et endoes6 per le sus. I dit John Mitchell, de la memno date, et payable a I six moile. 50o. En an billet duo sudit J. C. Parker, de la I memo somme, a I'ordro do et endosse par to susdit John Mitchell, do la memo date, et payable a douse 60. En an billet du susdit J. C Parker, do Ia mems somme, a I'ordro do, at endosed par le susdit t John Mitchel, do la mnmo date, et payable a dishnit 7o. En an billet du susdit J. C. Parker, do Ia Ssommo de $650, a I'ordre do, et endosed par to sus. , dit John Mitchell, do la m6me date, et payable a six mole. 8o. En an billet do susdit J. C. Parker, de la mime, omme a I'ordrde do at endoesd par Io saudit Johm Mitchell, do Ia meoro date, et payable a douzo mol, 90. Eu an billet diu susdit J C Parker do Ia morne somme, a I,ordre do ot edosnead par leo suandit Johm Mitchell, de la m6mn date, at payable a dixhuit mole, 10o. En on billet do suodit J. C. Parker do Is lomme de $650, a l'ordre de at endoess par le sus. pit Jon Mitchell, do l memo date, et payable a six 111oi0. 11o. En an bil'et du nsudit J. C. Parker, do Ia meoo snote A I'ordre do at endo,(e par le susdit John Mial ll, dea la memo date, at payayble a douze moil. Ito. En on billet do susdit J. C. Parker do la memo sontme, a l'ordre do et endoasd par le susdit Jolhn Mitchell, do la momne date, at payable a dix. bolt moil. * Ito. En un billet du sudit J. C. Parker, do la sommne de $650, a 'ordro do ct endoos par le sus. dit John Mitchell, do la memo date, oet payable a si moie. 14. En on billet du susdit J. C. Parker, de la memo somme, a i'ordre do, et endass6 par le sundit John Mitchel, de la mumo date, et payable a douze mois. 15o. En un billet d, onsdit J. C. Parker, do la memo somme, a i'ordro do et endosE, par lu susdit John Mitchell, de Iaa eome date, et payable a dix-. huit moie. 160o, En on billet du susdit J. C. Parker do a somme dG6:dli, h I'ordre de, at endoe-6 par lo sus dit John Mitchell, do In la mem date, et payable a 17e. en in billet dou naudit J. C Park'r, do la memo lenitil, It l'ordro at endosae par le audit Job ltell. do la memu do at payable i douze 18o. En un unillt du susdit J. C. Pai^.rc di:rrt memo somme, a I'ordre do at endowsd par ledit John d Mitchell, de la memao date, rt payable a dixhuit mnois--fesat ensemble la suadite summao do ol.zt au millo, sept cents piastres, e' Description doe a propridtd d'Jpr6s lo transfer to judiciaire, savoir : e. lo. Un certain lot do terroa situe dan leo fan. bourg Saulat, d6signe par to No. 8 do I'ilet born6 e par les rues St. Th'omas, Benjamin, Tlchoupitoulas et Suzette mosurant 26 pieds 7 pouces do face I la rue St. Tromas, Fur 100 pieds do profondeur, oe antre lea lignes parallelcs, to tout mesure anglais : at onsembblo toutes leo amdliorations uinsi quo tous les droit et privil6ges qui y appartienncnt. 2 2o. Un autreo ht ldo terra situae dans lo sus. Ut dit fiabours, d6sign6 par lo No. 9, do l'ilet bornd r par les susdttes rites, eat mesurant 21 pieds 7 pouaces do face a la rue St. Thomas, our 101 pieds do p:o t2 fondour entre les lignes parallides, lc tout ntesure aeglaise:; ensemble touteas ls alndliorattons at tous o las droits at privileges y appartenat. t 3. Un autre lot do terre situ6o dan le sud.t ar fauhourg, ddsigla par to No. 10, do I'ilet compril entro los suadltes rues, t mesaurant 26 pieds 7 1, ouces do fioe t lo run St. Th'omas, sur 100 pieds do profondtur ontro des litnes paraltllcs, lo tout, I mesure anglaiae; ensemoble toutes lee atmdlior. at ations, at tous lea droit, ct privileges y apparten. 'e 4o. Un antre lot do .erre situeo dansl In usdit at faubourg, d6sign6 par to No. It do Pilet bored par o lea suosdtes rues, et mesurant 26 pied.s 7 pouce do , face h rue St. Thomas, stir 1010 pieds do prfot It der eontr leas igers p .rallbles, to tout, me tire aDn glaiseo ensemble toutoas le am6liorationa ct tous I0 les droitas t privileges y appartenant. U5. Un auttro lot do terro 'situdo dans to susdit is faubourg, dasignd par to No. 12d, tie Ilet borne par t les sus dites rues, et formant l'enceignure des rues St. Themas et Bentj min, mesurant 27 pleds trois r poirces t 4 lignes do fhac" t lh rue St.'l homan sur at cent pieds de profondeur t dret lit;& la rote BUn. - jains le tout, mesuro aoglaice ; encemble toutes See amnlioraior ns, et trus los droats et privilegoes y at ap.partenant o. Usn lot do terre situde dans It nleros fen. o bourg, d6sign6 par in N. 13 do I ilst bornd par tlo a m6anes rues, miourant 27 piods, 10 poaces et 4 lignes de tfce a la rue Benjamin, sour 133 pieds 7 SPouces et 4 lignes do profondeur, entre des liges I al parta.lec, le tout, nme tre anglairo ; ensuolbl toutes les amiliorattons, et tous lee druits et lprivi. le 16gos yo appartennnt. is, Ainsi que le tout appert du plan dressn par F. at W41inson, d6putd arpeuteur g6udralo de cet Etas, °t" dat6 to S6 Ddceebre 1839, anaexo h un acte ac t greffe of Wlliam Young Dowis, dat6 to 26eme jour do Janvior 1839, les susdits lots dtant des sub. i. divisions dos lots Nos, 2, 4, et uno partio do lot oe No.. 5 ainsi qu,il apport d'un plan dreod6 par Chs. an F, Zimpel, cdput6 voyer, datd lI 4 fLvrier 1833, en et annexd un anote, au greftt do william Young il Lewis, dat6 le 23 do Mars td l merme annre e. 0e- Bureau du Grellier, do ta Nouvel!o iu o Orl-ans, 8 Avril, 18.9. e av4l .3. OLLIE, Dep. Groiftr. M, AItlIAGE HYSIOLOGICAL.LY DISCUS. Lh SEltI. Translated lTnI the French of Jean I)u bois, M. D. by William Greenfield. Part lot. On thie necessity ofl Marriage ! Part 2d. Insttlations in courting, with a cule for Part 3d. * w Part 4th Marriag" .Physiologically )isrcased is tihe na. iarsefll, and decidedly the ust ilnterestinig work tlhat we ever read, it will break up more rakes and spii:ter,, and make lore Inore married men an wolen tlun ally publieatien that has eerheen santelioned by the coturl of Hvyme.-La Afonaaleure. This is a great bmak, and will be productive of much good inthe commlnouity. is trie it contains much strange language, bllt than the sabjoet ist ts, excuse, and if thre Pope ard written o it, ie cnuld not have treated it more d blieately. Wne oslly ecay recoamend i its" Ieratrction in Comirting,' to the attention dio all yoeng laIndie ad ellptleiCain tInt may be it qoaet o partnlers.--Lepeti Coerier mia Dameso. Forsblent oil 65 Puvdra sat betwoe blaganeiae and Caimp street. Price $1. HARRISON'S SPECIFIC OINTMENT i Tie great celebrity of this unrivalled l: Cin. posltion, especially in the Northern States, lenaw, the proprietor but I tIto need to say any thing in its avor ; for it has been generally conceded to it, that it is beyond aill comparison tihe b at remed for external cmnplaints that has ever been dliescr. cored. Indleed the speed and eartainty of its ope. rations have tile ofisiricles; atuie rs, aw unh, corns, fevorsores, childblains, white swel lings, biter, piles, spider and wiake bites &e., inicmme. diately yield to its oalppaently sunperhuan,. ilnd. once Than if propatrly applied it will remlove an I inveterate corn, or break and heal a bile in ivae days, will allay and perfectly euro a ulcer in trwo weeksn and thte aost desperate clces of white a swe'ailg that can be innagiimd, have destroyed by' ,, Ie tltln two ittanths.. Ii tIe bites ofpaoi sonc.,. relitiles it, efficacy is trulay surprising, an a even i e h 'bite .f a rabid diog, for if aplplied in t.ian, its po.ars ofat attraection are so wondorlful that tleyawill atcoe arrest the paison, tand thua pro. ventit inn pervading th syshtem. It is likewise speior to i ins heretofore disco. Sof hore, for short for tha lot id MAGNER'S LIQUID ODEN'I' 'A.-II+s been long used. both here and in the north a with uniform suceas. for cleanaine .nd whitening it the teath, and preventing the toothache; preserving the gums, purifying thl, brratr, ni.d rehiving most diecesesto whiech tile mouth is liable in eitherihe adult ot r inlfant -Oito tea spoonlol, mixed in a wine glassful of pure wiler. and sa, applied to tle teeth tin usual manne, with a brtsb, w.ll effectually pre vent scurvy, slid ward of thai t uxcrultating pain, a b, tooths acle. Prepared otly ly T. F. Wianger, Sur-.eon Den. atit to Jteiteltrson Ctlletge, and sold whtlesinle and retail by CARLd I'ON S. Co. 31 Canal at. a ,b liite ene iats for's OdeInrie 4ADDLERY WARE.-Thl e subscriber, monto. it fcturers antdwhulesale dealtrs in iaddlery a goods, are now receiving by late arrivalo from the north, in addition to their iormer stuck. an exten Ssive assortmlelnt of articles in their liea, atnong which are the foluwiing. via: SLdies and misases plun and quilted saddles, I I.entlentn's dto .pnish do do do M.exicuan do do do Creole do do do Aiter. daol do di English do 'Youth's do Span sh do " do do Creile do Amer. and Eng. hrdles and bridle mii uiltgs, do do niartingales, Plated, brass, and japanned coach harems, do do do ggoandeikIn dot do do du Ba3utahe do SDray, cart and wngnn da Suddle bags, duotle andrs'gie: v"'ices; medr a suadul bags, carpet bags; best Iron Irilli leather folio trusks, brai s nailed; leather bout tip Sdo, nsuried sizes and various style,: hilsers anid pilsol bells; coach, gig, sulkey, twig and p!anrtere crop whips! cool, wtorsted, cottion and leather girtilhs and sursingles; stirhru leahieri ; trunk straps and worst.l rein web; rll.tin anrd oIlaok Itomst; blind bridles and liners; otch cot sll ,,, and bir., and mi le i i lle r ttl il qualiti a; ino. rocco, buck and luifalol skins; iplated braaI and att.l briltle bits of ev ry drsert1.t,hU, tplated. braeas ant ierl spursn i every dei ciptliln; platedl bras and i lel steel irrtups of tvery del crlip. T uel1eir iilth s assotrtina r of every article in their lirc e Fe- I 't lch they oter for vale on s a a o0 'T'hey iwill also e aive alirlgh the year, by pucketl res s pm;t to kerl lfir mrtt I I! : .ill l ] ý ·1 at s.bst al oar alo/nl,a as a cathartic in Feers l rind iall filliIts Alp'cctious. rT IIES r popular NIll s Ih, ina g a tunian, t lo f i ewly dl S AcA.luii Akaiille rSntr.ict cm txlruted eac tile 'It'st fAt,l ; with olther vegedtble ubetamee I tt.itci hav'e L.r foulld t Ie llily la tdu.eil ' elltt, i o Ice liuvbe et , ledht be ytAller alive ..1 I a.larlltc M eltIlI OvtIer discotered. 'l't Ty have been autlldi.llly aInd t anteeiully traed ldhadatceita d I utall t faprultilllu r S alafuhl t D' aitpte, Jatlllcu, Ilil ius diseses, Giravl, Ithumntlixsl, Ca ugllCUoldtal l lsnlldU SCalrl, a.arvlr dili-l., Arl eloltll , Gludulr asa ell the flrluitlioa nii b Itx s tllld t iler itclitiUS, Fi. er and Ague, & tc. ill o U, retilaa A ntat b sitt h lillllatle, uad .d i a Ittrshyllll nlre,, llltl the c.ltt rliC t hall t can be uiced fi r ithoe luclhll'lo . elllae wlll fud thc l. lu Itlltllblth c llld.y for tile , Illc vy: lad TretclIeric lhe blotl I di lll tillIlthey Clls aisP. Itoeul tcr rll lthe diligeri o explosure lU lllt ilibll. c It. , Iuleses. I 1urord1iu iry Fal illIJl' yltig., e e tt Ul L. Perily opI .rot enl Ih et ever otlBrYd. .The le ultiar vl ru. . of cthe ' t'o l .l Plall[ , have fir a le ug timhe attracted tile tolellliol t the Inedlcal profutsion snd the [ lIlh ElaId great ilt.A r tyha bAen t ltrt dcl ti tiae uture de e l mupanyol ito ix iedio illl l t uulle, wlllrch the proprietori s happylliltei Cgo W lle lo grai fy--.e . ll·e hi pilll. to Ille public~ wall the 11 cxlitl l of Illblr b6e llg tile aroser SAFe alld AtLr'*oLE Rf mEDY ..rna DrCO.TfrD. e Numerous i Icerllficale f ures, t j lutnlle who hate Lrtaen theal, Ind lersllleo y orlt eatl l phI, llle:la h have prescrtbed lhar, all conllu r to corroboante thlle opinlo.. T'rh rapidly Itcnreaall - dhl Maelll fr, Hld the I nlli¥1rlal approbation be..lowcd lpe.l thllhl, aR arllu additl al olhilte t,1' their ch. IcI d uset . lall l 3ADNSS hl pr lenltlglhCh article tIo the ablrthlepop tler War illlellte qtl by titl llope lthai Itl a llllc lnl ,leptred Ite Ie url clar, s lllltwlmh a lc1 res gard o o the Lh lllell a tl 'lhreapeu I q prtallrlm l tf t .ltiaver al ettgretl. it, etit tll elllIh platet of thu irta tpo libll. ilg h, iltl. of tit e day, lttth Whicell the coutra ;atLualldl--illd fttilthe tltar already lerlnwOdI upou It by phyalCiltllt and tlters, he nie ju.tiied i allcexpeti ti e t resut i. eor u full r ou.OFlt f a thi ilCerealtilt dteCovety, eatimonl yf, r defi ol eperttati, t . sr eea naiplua, rlalla nay Ie hall glail ula reIn al - yell these pills. llNOe h re llellll wilthlluhe sigature oiaG. I. PF.I.PS Rt. I r, ulepr taritr, lrtlhit Mrrd, nh llin i FOR ;,LE BY, 1 .t' t lllthln , Ge tllteral tAgelel, No. I:t x hn ge Plarr , near lthe lIo lt flce. Also, ly A i I'e ehall hU , A. tJ liL.Le IiY. l J. Baker & Co, No .' Now levan. Dr. A larrahlla, Curlier ls Jallu ladl '1''o'iNlatl Fflu. a ta IJ. Ru., Ltfa ycte ('tch. G N .Mot rrisi.Nt II, C'tllul lrei t a G J Jle., ornler Tivoli CirI, nilEI.7(t i.illt. 'aIe. It tllont litlt.eini taHr At e lll. , t dtritri. la . rtal. rrAelylII.. lnhle pplea liniiiit Ii W I Ut many hhrcil atetet.Ma-avvird!l ai ao'itiie. aen tn atieloanaing" to ltttid tha eilerit-biltw anArsof ttheir eqail.taitii the remainder oif their aci taeretiant ar lloss of propert fills the generous thinkig t otath with To avrit bllthese anplen-ant eire.nlst nee,Oh-rid - t i first application, and aitw he.attet riecitrs it etain. It tikewise prtdufes atnebrowa annd w.hi&keer; .rev&ea the ,, hair tralt tarnind grea, makes it etarl caenlifulty, and y. fres it flroettncerf. ltetnc , ertifidea toL ace, fr'sla a ha .eesaetbilitt in auppdr of the vdrtggittea of Oldtcdge h a e ea tIhe anae aRoert Wharton, Esq. late M ter of ehilafelph Shals Iterti bt bis Ilto h sen eloe ta olalrgh charsn Serof heilowil . ils tari anci iti 11Thr nod,,rreicned dot herlib cietsF th'tl, ett iave ned u the ah, ,of ('hulnubiao tdionv,.re'd a J. Oldaidae. aad ,have ftulnd it higrhly m'rvicellfle noht v as a pre.rentiv Id aga II.Lt the foiling al t AT.ha IIr, I b llkitle Yctal . is-. Lethodiel Mniatir,4-i S (ieoregart Ecatrs TN til lG North Fiftl at.. J HN I' DN t ' TI A..ll ind 1alt h I, I tlUGII iiygt lt: .ý43 South d Ptl. !y. I GI:1m,.r, 1 13 rc h wlr, t. I, ittrr i i tlhan ll th oaf the al,,ve sJ' are inter4. [ rt utell .,llc -eart f a.eI and tlle oither; not . than 30!. nlm, Ms ?ftl the ,Mawwr. I- I I (ollt Iat lh I h ,f 'em n,,.x-ila~i,,ct -Civ " lqlihladephis.a SIrs ,IPersJ' Inlis, Joiut S ~l'rv,, nld Ihlngh M -Care i w'hnose nalnes aire sieedl to the (,hove. certificate ,1t IIhIey Sare gelltllleen of ehurli+r and respllectahill, nlod e i tch ainll eredi h should r e Lin.'n to fl'e sid ce'rtifie.ra . Iad el aasrd the Feel (,l'the city It be:,Lix.d, lhis 1h d'l!' of I)December, len. " I dL IIB. I'Si ROBRT W AI ITON. Mayor. It iI oSEI('E thnl each uirle ofther Gu ineIconl halll " a splendlld ngilravedd wrapr, oil which is rt rex ll en r·e " the Full IfNia ara, &e, e Soli' . holesa .., nnd retail by" the rol.. amet,e Ifur nlit ir bet .€ Pearl ,treet,n id lbym.ta druggistatid'ar )r V lgh he ctnruv.. all InwTORRIS Co. N,.. 38 Cha-lras street, are no,., r r ceiving and opening hth mosl r lendlid,,au S e, in able atock of CloImhinf that dil'lies: blue, btle blaek, je t ll. elui i ltDiraitih. Sd cloth P.Sb hlal nrlilhtr~.~~t u~l JA TPIOND 1Yf fItitbAUºlot O - CINE. lh OItN'S Compouatl xtraot of Copsibo taiylts'as I pooilla -A certain, tote, sand most olfiltual elm Od 1 ever dioeovered for the cure of Goollolthe, (L.OOt " -triutures, Whites, Pains in thie back and oibls, lnto ..i weakness, affcltions kitlniis, graval, surtbnltoio er-ptions, U&. ;I tile ineroidution of a medicine possessig sltlist"fr andl active virtue of tin: one now offeredo to he pbIiic te proprietor hns blu to refer to the nmormltisl reoa0m eildatlona s recoived from Ithe intro olninrl of tl t odes dlcal faoulIy in Enlope, belrviog that it will be dultl ..ltpeciaed robotl its Ilm rits anr: llore fully knlows. '11i . llolooi o ;f jJlaihl, soi eltesllovily tred, hlb lost louch: : rf ins teletit Iro n the ilislike n.lirh patiel tas ornerly lpirel i reglanlitlg its dioltlglstlreu e llste, dilstlriorn prolonoll ill thIe boweli laltl stotioitht, pIol its ih eloitLtlr ittffieicov wheln Ilted itllito inttiotanloiy tite..'Thb Iroplrietll has noIode on11mtysls ol" the InonIIoI, icotlot-v Iig thlt rte Iltloe Active qualnities wnoulrd thereby be luobc imllOe runoelllttroroicsd nore usnfllty odolinishintl tlbo in the plreslelt sate. The tbove moe, cine costbites in glrtlients which are in lith lighest lrepte amoul thle most s~iettific and leamed in itle prol`lesin. 1':itl drug in the oril lsliot of tlis pr'pnniion inatorersl the • 'itacy of the olher, loadusg-i h n opelrlion truly rios. etoilib.g, lnrl surnleoi!lt tile mott tlloll.or" expr,.tOolI possesing at tile sallle tillle tihe ldvlltnoge 0Ji itrrillg dmiiiat.tll with pertect nlcetoss ill tihe difLrellt rtoge, Iof tihe above dissie. The most enilnent phyiians slid e I"oilr of' tlie pr.seloot ty eo1eprss their dei.d p lrorbnotan in t.ot fotroltp. trillio, ihiltit use in roo prilcipal hospitals antd pblic eII .dical institutlions hils te II, Inld still eoltilosn , cly" ent nsire. it Wi t athr. tilo Ir'ctlt"ly Kit the lctll'ttedo 1)1 Abcroethy its ol relo'.on l aI itionsll anli i.t o tsti llte nutaneotus eru1otion, Arising iolll it dio eetoll ,t tlllu oithtii gestitve ulluiotlts liavitng bocl submillted to tlit test llnd Iexperience of the IItlot Tn.,bratodtl nonollogthe tt ullllit, ilet btone eprIessed rheihh ssi.or loto rof its etxttioooodi;ltry oticy io every aloe ullder their ihogeo I1y adoltiilltg it ontit in tlheo public aind privoto practio. . their oti er.ationsi will be iser ell hereafter. Prepared tby J B Tl'lio.r, Clhemio Loitnolo,. Price n$tl 50 petr lpt. TlEfSTIMONIAiS. From A if Srlmou, Etsq. i 8h, ot.geonmo n Ihe I St lTotis Ih.olspital, nod Let's.. -On Anatomoy. IThe ti: i l hickh ihave b no:et of tno.r preparationll ins ovaritly ofen:es, both imatie alle fematle, in its results have tioved ro hi ihly favoulallle, that 1 It not lesittat irn pronouning it oI of thell most valuable anlld eoifcinuI remedllies ter otilredl t ttie pillhic, anld one in which, (itnto experie oe I can place every reihlceºr whilst 1; tdo.. Inoproduce thoie tone onplearou uittnsusuao lly es periaie'd fnnli copibln. Fironl i It IItlaotid, 1 tO C S, Plhysician to the St I take go r:tl iplaululre in ddin mli y testimony to the v lut role l uo .le of youl. oeparalttolo. , tishingyouthe sinLL 00 n oi so fuy lly deserve, il t an nllerjotUl'd for the lI:tllbolr d slponsel iniculred ill briingitog it to suchL mu pio'to tI' Coopetr, F R r, Sulrgeon to Guy's Ilns Thl e t lifr,, -, - " . i I . ,t w'hniniti I 'hin t . .. ., . .m ct.t , witlls you so wvl - .oi.,.. ., you ot" Fyour valot t p .OI~·l'lf ;··.·'l+ ,!t t ililr ,,1 ,. F. ont `r o 'r.' , fI ' toot . lIvifot boot' oil ,rta soteo rr coot· J.(it evl-J ca .sof '.(.;:ol oiion to.borlhal, l1ol l lhitherto bodfled every Ii':clipti n adoministerel by mo, having found sure and spoed r cuets etlcted byt it in a few days I feel mn scll'io dity botlld to state that t now in ay n iren i tio bLits pullic alJd p.oiate reconlmmen d and ule noss F tior'o Yret G, W Blair, M D, Physiolan to Guy's hio The strict test whlich have given your muediuitn among my patient, alnd itv'ilnv:iatble isnees thus far, writ induce tie to plersever in its use, and I deem it but an set of justice wlls of duty to a(Od tIIy feieble tsti. moltni illnconlnltditioIn of itas virtues. Fron L C Thompso, M D F R S L. I rerOuolt my sin.sre( haoiks for t e haltule Ipl s octfurt of') ur Ktr( fo tinle e of (intalutui, &a. [ feel grathelt that have at ast btboughtsa licliitut ilto use which will tll.roe a dehllbteum tousg iousgl s fo oinlhe meioeao woild--s sure, speedy and eiffctual eore in cases ef the above else It ati'or d me greatldeauuns n pll ublilhlng to the world Ake valuabhle q~S eseu(ss. Extract. Were it nciessary, tihe proprietor could here fisudlh u many more testionaies tqtlly as commeodandtoy aSthe i above; but St Ists thot itOlt.eot suooeslt$loherto tohes .. & erxpene at which l it lhe been p .eored. will provei greatest rcommendallioin among a odicerliog pulile. One recommeedation this peeparation sunjos lhbo all others is its seat, p0o1ta e form--putulr i istI-ttl ade in which it uay be taken, hetln bohusehlfu e 4 pleasntO--its tlstely uat0e, with no ra stieutltti diet or conlinemeut from busileess. Travellers ostessale would tfild thio medieine highly usltil, and ought nare to be unprovided i. th a preu cto n ptmosseosingtin. ad a:ntltages wliiced .e presentl ne co nbltint > Aompallluyiong thiu Mtledicine is:l P amllhlel ehpil tory of the th.lerite stages of thi disease, wishouteFs, or 143aw!.'s 4t, Csas~ltm leet. -THf TIIUE ,I( ICt :S o10- LIFET SiSi San conmt calreI anod thdes ti Slabor, constitutes the weatlth f loi great ltous of'tll pEop!e in this, as in iat ;other ooln. tries. To prtsorve, tiorefore, that hsugth by natW, alt 100nns is a grand, moral end poltc al ehileme to I fulfil wiclS, requtsires ou utlnosnet attentioi. 'ithe unprocedonted popularity and universal ap. approbation whichl this medicine hi ,lohiee.d tihroughuntt the United nStates, th.e Calna Teus, I Mexico, anti Ilot West ldics,' flly.iitlfr Di,. 'eters' in waumly ando t entieslyl eanee dinl them to It special notice of thie i.nmtiedlo Peters' Vrgetable Pi.ln re t e usfesi, nmit eee. teal and economical ruotedy for disuoos e it.iL 1itn1len constliotllon, that lIes erc behsO disMovqi Dr. Petern, tSe invento otfe othl ievaln a ble me da. einle, fromnt i knoowledge of t(lh Itman o ypligyi,. dtristo from to ontg and ectensiv e praticoe, ia?" arrived Pe t.,is ceoeiuouin, thait the great anud f ly. tary causes of stInl disseoasu is ta d0rangert.a ito Ctle functions o rtile live, or in other je tomlo.e eroeaed or dimntishted sccreCit. of the bilos a So svell is tlris ucldlortood, tllatiticastaon Fat persona to eay wlloe they feel utnwell, thatot they ii l ilou+, manning a t hto lhy have too muo h lbile is tilne ,tolnt. tel the other halod wlento thse alo of bile is dinoinilmd, tCil process of dices'ienaI h imporfoetly performu d, the patient whootmehs weatk land emaciated, because suorhlitsnlteontoailed is Sthe fiool taken into Ite o Stanaeo is not properly im .'. of tracted,d i the fod is ejected in a cride atatea )Dr. Peters is eoltddelit that time famnous llygsa Td Itoory, o calledl, that, imptrity of the blo .d Iis tit cause of all diseases,' is a goros aboditye ", L Everyone wi o r.ieset on the eubljet a momel{ " will perceiveo tul htpurity of the bleod is a day Snot a prinmry conmplaintt-t ehaet me d ;ff . tIu calso ol tihcato. WVlle thit flnrtio nof" liver atr deralged, nd thl e lo Iew of bile iucreasesd' it is ofl:n tiikclh tipt tile asher; stt vieesals aid arriid inlo tlit eCrutlatisn, anlrd becomes O ioild wIdi ih the blood, as r in, j'medic. wti thUe qpat#t r l allws it in !.is e,,u,,t:.m*cc. W,. oeliana itpurliy at 'lood is eauoud by Ott iicreased ftlo of liie, and to rtmey, it, y ua usut tcorent liae secrtioes, of the live , ot.rl Orrote it to a Iotlhty state. Dr. i'utcrs tlae olett ltohls osle in ezperimelt.=,. ing wilth dlif'rctt wogotub'e nlediemnes, for diMsease vt the liwer; sod luw offers his Vegetable Pils.. aso tie bst, srlat nvcenieot, alod olosinreat esiji cio ttatoa can he prepared fur greneral uso. Ior. sFPteers ,.ttro himtclfthat Itis Ionsg c,;.r. Tcneti g with ngeta leo medieines his enabled CiP i to discover tnhe true .td nole subotitldtoanssweo , all tie tourplueo of meteoricas without any of theSt" attio dlnt evils. One groaut quality of tia le tcbie tilia ic tItt theoy liaea Itoe altltveo ctrieip o -o .. litlnd with Iheir i:.urartio, of uoperti;ve qu ituies, so tltat tihey not o.tly taloaaats Cilth st aeland t '. h ,wela by purgilyg, tuut they eogulate the liver, hansge the morbhal sloertiats, sotrcnti rls tile diiietive organs, purify tlde blood, invtlgoit. lh e cireulation, sand itr'u tuoe asad unergy to the, m. .or wuoes ystrta. - TheIy low miid asd tpleastat in their operationl asnd c nvey aiIt.ut itmmediate eolnviction olhie..h - Sotility friom the fist Jose. 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