Newspaper of True American, May 7, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated May 7, 1839 Page 2
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t oo eofit ~uaol 10 hyeooond ,olloo.n 000 ,8 oldo 1Iit bootfdeooly 1 d tp'rillr tote.. ' TS. 're oooto he the chlojotpiby of S, 4fooveo. l3.ship, by ohio oft VII oolloh will foil2.4 soo ly on0 h. 'r hoo. oooftbho 1,1.l. up in theo ,ohoooo lo-doy in 0h40yooducmo f0it lo fovoooh,. the dealer. not vroo op when ho gettiong ofmoooy up- it S t iof ol thot th.e ho mouo t a 04 h Utooeoo hoo d4o f day. does t i dboe qt ff.lithe sixten batiks were 61600011000040 to Ato ourse of ooo oook'. .theoommooolol comon o.4y woool b to. 000000. 'fhth the. h ich t wouldho . etl6hoe hiproodoe. ond 0hi. ouorse 6in04 a i;il% Ihooo V00 all smoothly. Of 0 tlooaoorirt buhinoeo pap00 oafoot meohohaooo, ybii 0412 rnImioe olf it injo lit. But thbo B1. ) qd .ifs nrrow policy that the1ir st440men0000 $ 04ie ahablis 40of broto 004.0e000 se0m to ite, to Wo.I5o414oopoioo the weekly aottoing doy. unew 'lat uourrooo pyope world. The 6a'aad lafflmpt00 inoit, 4. 044. onlly ,poolýodispooition i dv y som o t oothe o. a0014 high 0 3 powsihlo, b,0044, fcor of ;theirospekdeto them. Others agagi, m4ore sltral'yo 'thl. figoo ofi o.pooopr tt. Theor 00e 00w t4o - "The bIo0unotely, and the prioes of 1828 00nno0 Loooitoole o the reeolt ofthemoootitng of the 4 0 (itialgoa' flank, to-day. They were call -hOlha they woold accep the law, 0 k, r0p*eive intolernt 8 par cent. o04.0,l tor~t no a Oh6 oolothj7 t0 ootaoblioI lovaoholo io ' tile rttead qfgqfieoo soo to gro04 n loIongOr ti44e t0 r"ogoolooioo othe 40rt 000iu0 of bonods. i totoc ploco in Ohnrloolotoool otoioo4 olboo of 04 Book of Ch.orl040400. TIhe y1 .y .4 Co. doeooood exc0040g4 04l the o o nh d tit..easooohierols o the .400440 Tho 140.>tbai o4WIat 04400n re0.lvol to coce diooultiop " o ;uthor otott. a:*it... .tooa 4h 0 aboveao oOoilon 0 Itoohur thOt n moooo'g to of the bhnk,, iteresoted in iliaoNolte *jooc'oiotion, ;·i c this obtenino , oo take jo conoodaritioo the pro : ~ odoo,,oiNg Ur. N. the mooo y requred to eto him out SLootool lO.Ioe. e~thf. e.rl ....... t23CWaicsihingtati n, ,A piI ..........o . ;.]W .v.. IC.i...c... i,00 ......2. . . . I.ouiroil44, olo...... 20.... i7Iiooo. . N .........."61 S t . Looks do .. .·... 27 ...... ... 2 lavorpnnl, \lur ....... 22~' oxas)Alrll.., 16' Paris Fel ...........·....2H " . Alt7. ........ lit London, 11......... ... 22 " 4ý~ =` e Isdu ......... 271 Hvre ........ ......2dJ s ýU :OI NF NE W Ol F4J EANS. CLEAI6ANcI2. M May G, 11E30. N P" Cum-ly it to l ao . ?l'oa* Pa Pbiatl.htlvi, Ea fi, C·adi.. NPcitOIY&o O "'1 SKap, K .for itwincar , tiouldr-iitth tllf aCollinsO Br'Golve-tea, Nest~er stn --:rtw ~lle. s eyor Mntsmnlnn s, D t lllrnith n+I y Iff l, urir, for Vera Crux, J CloJ(, y t A lb ARRIVALS. a S ..".°S ty 6. 639 "gtua pa, heaoo,, from tht posies. having too , I.tlug. bol Charle. Joaeph tiodchr h ile, rNt 14,188 cy Ot=Ihib, Edmund I'nshit, .oltia Stbin. a..,' the ftr on thet, Oa, tat lP l. Rlopitat 9! ( baor..2 briob in . he river. a6aatd f~uklulb.IEOjaatt, from Livertpry 7th S1tr, S)Ic rom Haoata, tat ittI, to R Giithg ll C VlaoyOoP Mtttta. itt to Mastt. Ir 20·i. 11 4.y. Iottn Naw tltrkl to Steoete.. It" 8 day, trom Natturyportt to tlotar. .llaygttd, from Pltquemiteat. tt ..a .L al Rifattttody. frotttt LatI.. GaaBoggs,. from L~ouisville. ti ' Porter, Dorsey,foram 3 Ilartintville. at EXPOR1TS. L; Pa-l tp C 'omttrct. .Cto aa, 11 4 bha a t- a " the, 50 ba7. door skin., I do bttllo tItolt, 61 htlalboboco, 7074 uIckt corot, 12:1 Iht. ptok, 2t iabdbartta , 1It cask. bhan, 30 too,. bulk pork, 84 baby. cotton. Par.h. ine ..Cllrpa. 8887 surks orn, 927 n ptp t 7itoaatI t it tmatottttto, 17 balet It std 2aotstsuatr, 5-t3thistork, 729 a ld. `do ham, iO atitpiy hasks. - IPrboig M raa..Cogo. 1S 64. bobbacco, 21,000 ft .[area. fE ORAB.Perar Dolphin..Csrgpu lot ire, lays, tin 1 assotraddoy good.. '" ," PotPrlts Etahlot..Cgeo, .atll lots tobacoo, 0 SenoI. wire floor, tthaira, dry goodt.. S.P46ah ahNI d..Caogo. t35aatck corn, 1000 a( . I.. . t~fo ,Iotumbr iotprovisions. grotaoie, ,okeel ao hr Creole. Cargo, s.mal Iore wine. sL. . otainjow gla, fa polat, ahot, ahovels, hottl &Ye. IMPORTS .Per chip Edmund Perkiht-Caroo, itt E wa~e b 8411.,. toot, porat., lota hardtnre. i. tot, .2.1... 954 baoa rail road irotn, 01.32W ilo,,., 6 whiattay. hooady, tOO7 boa tin pltat., 1It0 htti. - ld.e ahttt iroom.3I0 Baot6 sall, -IS tit, contain 11 :66Jtl,'dollara tn iporit. iii.. .Cý r.aogo, 01 bta -o1ie, in aot.i, 9 Rarsll, JII Flottd, A Fitk & rn J R Giles, J 0ekaro. e1 Lopea. .jtI Oltoohod, AAter tico,l sd S.ctsrp . l81 bta potataes, 28 do 0 M+ ~ BW..Peblr ottaaO..C.g. lilt It,, It taif elt lakat. 30do piclbai eod 9dt. t0O hi. ap. .. 116 da potaltio. 150 boa hlerritiga Stih ban. '.a - o".a. .. n s t sto r. l a *brig 8gtSpaiktaC Itr tot00 aono rua atottol. bay and otrchtadise, to A (itani a Y s *ooJa Baoilltt, 2nd SIluoltitilily tid t tor - RECEIPT ,OF IRODUCE A Otaar Gao Phteoo.. Caro.dI b1ita pook. ciloott.s te.d ropa atd-it 16 pat.t kati. A .6.21 aa o. hSntsek olheStetslo } Avboy.7 bli .ooao on boeaot. arltaala Liltlo Rod..Cargo. 49 hod tnobtroot .6ottipt, lt01d.. C loati, 37Lka Intd, 4 It,. ha .a baad 2 t.blaoo.N&.IJ lik. I.00 .,laoc. .thos. aerchandito, A lVn',,o rn6 6h s bra-a 4Ia, aid pia eaod I p. ipt Kennady, t14 It 4t) he n tlard 7 000four. ow Iattard. 11oavjl Pcao attIXo tI'ttItt-..Ctrtoi 62U hitl rk atl.1y , do. lIol5 6 ttlatt, IS ooear mii lims at R JB loucbrie & cu,. 75 da1 F.11.1u, 8n1 _ a..11moa, 0 puotbhons rult, Ji F Mllen, aun PASS1ENGERS 0 l rLttle Rod..1ao..tll. LFtontnn, A Clouatia. Oy. Gilob-lol, `aein Bi.ooa A Wumttok, I1.J P. R(Ooag.LD CtsaO. Catat. " R. p8 pat..J I.a3Lramood. FFtoiI, J Alliton' d.A HtLitermort, M Ftadettd WCorrit' tlliaohto.J lLo avendoer 0 lltoad. Davis, teltlI 8GDoveapoat, GOe Lood, 4 Patrick, -Ale Portat..Ml.nlama Stlltrt, Iay, Slttiooa fB t tlIay.1 Staai I) Ilny. W t D R-e. Slosa, * A uU.PA d.BraltyUta'I'alttt., 0 Root. R Cda. I_ .ohIab Jame. Robiti. Butlb, 1 L Andoaotn, W 0MELMORANDA a i 8 o Y fot. fsllfooot the libiotm of the .hip Rdllt'd .alao. sty lbt am. of Olivo Ltrmond, of 2lottto, d.oooad. FOR :MNEWi YORK. ` ld' tLiltta t Packets. To Saatoon the 181. incl. ;, tit ttttilnt ritcket ship I.(OU -- , iot Wtttoer, will tail - i, l. ie. t :glttloO-tag o tog,, Itcsaving aotltrritr e lplyto t a Caplaia on briard, ojipoaito 64100 or1 A COLWN!, 90 Conot at N iJKr YORK. 1rV i to New Orlean tilaeo O, 9lpt~rlO Poobet chitt Aohnro, Copt. lugb a largo portion oit her cargit 4ýd aod gttiaogon niord, she oill hovt ofhr r lao topa.Sg0 aoyly on hoaod or NEI'ELt LAIDLAW.A ~ abiCtaltpat ?r.:., Il . PO.IL. 4w. Alfit nailaing ship Northtapt I. J tIana itia.ter. avting part of bor catrgt 0n wýtill a oicitalch. For freight or ý+ltl~y t : Ota I WHITrNUY, 74 laiit I rtood abutr hc Nh P11,, Capt ·· l ill rtdeooo do. to'et,. Ptr pa01 ,appty to LII GALEi. .93 Cottltlt 00 _WLV POOL. 1'han Al and vatr suparior ship ALEi &PQ)IRIA00 tqntlIOIroaa pan take 220 tale. 4titlt Farfoaigloef which, or piotagt-, r;"' -: I.H GALE, FOR LIVERPOOL. 1 ii oI ailing chipMAY uyc`Flem will have immedeiate de ^f uF11 balsa, ar ptlaago' L F. GALE, 93 Ceoteoan at -barqueIMARINE, now 4tii . Ideoaf 10 rwover. Said .bif I 4 ma¢} well fotlt in evory {o . AILEYA MARCY o ~IIGALE. Oit,; I E LA "Ia rtJyfa ~ ilin1111ISA the trilo or lid0t LI GALR c onuday ýIWI CAN.ý"l1" From k JOUU QEgassoN. a right AND BOLD. red a 0 R L.EANs : relied, - - Mr. Il STUEES1)AY M.4 AY 7, 1530. collet, SPorter The care of Keyes & Roberts vs. Nolti, put ilt on presen of Saturday to Monday, was continued by consent of the -Tl'r f- counseol to next Saturday, atten o'clock in the morning. The a he This day, at nine, the case of Yeatman & Co. vs.Nol6 e evb ho Iomes up for bhering. The subject of Mlr. Null's (ll in. speculations is becoming hourly more interrestig. New ti prol " developemen's are expected, and fresh incidents crowd- to W. ing thelmselves into the foreground.' York. If the Whig party is bound together by any principle Til iti strongegr thn that which is directly opposed to the sub s treasury preject, we doontlknow the tenetso o our faith ; oit% e and yet there euie journals of repute in some parts of the orlee to- Union, that reject this article of the 'lWhig creed, while ho. they proclaim thlemselvee s e coadjutors :n the cause of ing the party ! e do not underttanti thii . lowing hot and TA or cnld with the same breath. Tie Richmiond Whig in a Capt ots, luttg.artiele on a sub-treasury scheme, avers, Ithat"it lat, o. is ao.' nre child of legielatlitie, l heh may hte tied ,one r ear y its and discarded the next!" and that "it does not infringe wel to upon tthe Constitntioln!!" As Whigs, as men, opposed otre in toto to the preentl corrupt oadmtinistrtion and to. rcor thei, odious principles, we, for one, repudiate such con- 1n th e'ii eiuons no these of ith Richmond paper. It strike at Iorit of the very roolt of our purty. If Whigu are to believe thei the rof noracle of tlhe lichmond journil, they would he mars "P Ipy, consistent in dissolvig tihe bon:ds of party at once, ad 'r two sustaining that quasi monarcll, blurtin Vun Rluren. port cnot liut thus it hin ever been with tile opponents of Jack-. " son and Van Buren. They are doomed to suffer from ela e the traitors in their ranks, from men who affect to take tlh 211. clal- lend in public opinion, but who play into the enemies othe l hands. T'he Glpbe hans already seized upon this declsa ol ration of the Richmlnd WVhig, as a proof that tile hated ohan u-treastry scheome is a wedge ill the man of the op OU position. Thin avowal from a professed friend, on the A ieto rve of an imlportant election is most inopportune. hit lent The if the Whig really believes what it sayv, it ought to haul En ithe don is irntme, utid subsititute thalt of" Tory." tt The It is never tho late to warn the people to be on their af: tingguard gaioint the insidious attacks of the enemlie rf Ihirty. Theo advocaes of tile sub-treastlry s^ltomt le l anog have never tired. They look forward to sugooss. nid, lin the people owill not come to their ai,., they, are now, ii Sout trying to sow the ereds of dissnelsit in tib.iVhig party the beetuse, ill-judged cxpressons it favots lif their echemes full fiot neo h.igh a source n11 tihat of thie Richmond .a I Vhig. If Virgint: leould go fhr them, they will polt th -... i in tinmfh to to the-e vc l" ' cits of the Whig as HI ..* -27 poof poAitive that V\n,, I his doctrites ntmust del . succeed. l.ot tl:e \4` . of false friend.- t S H "'l:cooere are many i, to the it ry is fteanc d 'berties are forever let g one the " I ? ,et ctire- took r f 'or of the 1' as.s and J. thi it. Vituil, Diectors in thel Cue • iaci al.;-1 Ieaeon was made I'riter. The Mayor sent in a u;_- vet sage reeolu.edig a re.risioa ofe the tlr,11, c hcllh, af ter solne dizelusiOnl , was sent to a special enlcmit'ee. Among the reec umenldatioins of the Mayor, was one i alking tfor au iner, rrc if the dues tpon vera:l.. In i our opinion, they ale high enoughl . Two hulndred co wi pies of his message wcere ordered to ie printed. sin We have been fn orel w ith a copy of the ilmprove- r lnents in setting sugar kettles, b our towasmao, ir. it Maun:el White. lTh'y ale celculited to produce the most benlccial le~rlts to tile plnters in the saving of nf time,labor and wooId. Every plallnler ought at once ea ply to Mr. White fi r t l he pvilege of his patent. At g, a convelnient opportunity we shall give a detailed ac l counlt of lesre improvenlnts, accompanied by cuts for the purpose of enabling the reader to fully understanl de them. Air. White's incatnion i' not chimerical. 'Tile Is sugar planter at first eight will be coaninced of the I complete praciicabi.iry of it and of its great advant- dc ages. The death of Mr. )oane, late ''reasurer of this Mu- r nicipality, has thrown an estimbleb family into the nIi cdcepest glooml, whill the colmmunity klowirg hlim tot ba ' an honest niun," feel the licslit regrer at so oun 0 fortutnate a dispensatiO. Mr. wits un'versaTly respected, and served his fellow citizens faithfilly in I' the discharge of his hicii:ial titi,:s. Whlin such menc a" he lanvo the thoany pathlof thi life, there is one coi Ssoleatioe--,ey leave their work behilld thetm. By raferefernceto the adverltisatlent of the Grand Real Estale Lottery, which is corrected in this day' s Anmeri. "an, it will be seen that arrlangemelnts hiave been mtadll which c ill r nder secitre and sail any money which may be inlvested in tickets, ealid ncaranlee the delivery, unic c umbered, of the property,t o the favonrtes of fortuine. Mr. Addison, editor of tile Opelousans Gazesle, in wtrmly eegagcdt in a dispute with Jacques, up on the subject of the Atchafiasya Rail Road. Mr. DL id it6 is ieported to have said that lie is opposed to Ihis a roid, bcuseeo "so manlvy d- d Americans will cnto e I here and ruin the coun.try.".h..,f this, Mr. Ad?. : *p- gives him a severe dressing, and tells filcl that he is per. i easnally siswaerable for all that appears in his paper. b We care n.t what Air. Duprei thinks, so that the rail lit road in question is built. Tie books for subsceiptions aere opened of the first instant. If the I.ri;ialt Navy wihc to embroil England and c tlhe United States : ,t , tilerc have only to persistI l, in fring into our a nl.crci:t vi.; ca, acter the manner c, in which the sloop of v r, let;iotaned .n another co lultn, attacked the packet Washingtoni . The lpeae as able right to sail upron the high a as, is as deir ; us os us our libertice on laend,nud aly offence to our imarilt', inentional on not, if ripeuted, will rouse tlhe America I" Fgle frol the repiose of Ipecle, to avenge the wrug. Ti1 fhere i. no sectional fi.licg t our havy a ud inn n- itle, thlank lhccten! l'enterday llmorninig, ate understand, in conoequlence cIof aMr. Kirkham's buamp of language having lbecome enlarged io each a degree, that tlse elan of ctht organ, Sth thtonge applied to D)r. Coll~r terms and epithets, . by ino ini lle s pleasing ti his plrotuberancof. elfastecln or appIobativeness. The e latter, feeling the humpsa of aes cIbutibeCess and destrncliw'ncess swellilrg to an al tea mlst unprecedented degree--indeed so much o lint he W could hardly keep his ihat on-called on Mir. Kiraham and demanded an explanation, which the latter gave in thet sh'pe of a loather strap with a huge buckle on ale,the end. Ilia adversary, not to be backed out, pr"pan'd hIlaself also to "buchkle tol," clme up to the scratch, and drew black lines aroundl Mr. K.'s organs of order, nueic, &c. What faither dcvelopecmnts took place, we dii nut leare. Tlley ate pb.hlishhlg, for ith first tihe, at \llhelig, °e" Va., a daily paper,T"'hl Gazette." So we go.a site t 'he tunncel in Alleghalcny enuht, Md.,thraough whir It the Chesapuake sanl Ohio Canal i iintended to flo, is Ilerly dune. It is 3e101 fret through solid rock, and 'pt. 360 faet bhlot the aillf.,ie. By the way, we lay state Sthlatth3 cu'ad is i operation withl:n thirty miles of dor Cumberland. Every StSte in thet Union is improving its mealns of intrcomnnlilcatiotl exceptlt e lctlthfil l.uu isiana. , J en- Illinois has put off the election of Representatives .or t Congress till alter thls new applttiounmant, twhen she a will have at least sevitn IlucrnLeors. 'fThu wends thi preponderanc'e of empire fuom tli East to the Weost. apt. Ohio a i.l, after 11o1, be the Empire State. Then, pa- look out, for the Capital of thle Union to be located n at omcwhete We, i of the Alloghasie. - 'There ale five steatmboats plying regularly on tile ales Wabash above the rapids. , t 'The nmiil betweeon polousas anli Alexaadlria has "-- been robbed. The ridecr tIa been suspected and at tLY. rested. Only anotlher instance of swartoutistm. de- - ga' The District Court is now ilat Juhsplo on thle benclh, int Uiut laotel. Nothiit ' sew rites a treadanuce Said sue" ai;Ai 4t Ix ro Ielatas is nout under thet !ed|(an iV . J. Porter, of the apirt of the TimeS. p From the sample of the first nu!pbr, the sportsman has e a right to expect awork every way worithy on the sub ject to which it is devoted. The public has long wan- hi r ted aorreet registq of Turfdoinge, which could be fron relied on. Since this work was under til direction of my Mr. Skinner, the racing world had no calender in a covnulient form. From the known enterprise of Mr. Shir Porter, that desideratum will now he supplied. The derv, present number contains three engravings--Ilrkaway stree -Trout flihige on Loug Island-and English Eclipse. N. The article on Trout fishing i tihe very best ofthe kind rcc we ever read. The racing cale der i eomplete up to the meeting at the Metarie Course. They. who wish to proclrv this capital workneed only send five dollars m to WV T. Porter,editorofthe Spirit of the Times, New (] York. P The great maich for $10,000 that was to have taken plnce on the Raleigh, N. C. course between Boston Ali and thle Queen, is " off" The Quueen paid the forfeit of bral three thousand. slp cFr6l tlhe Wilm'tgton N. C. Chronicle. S The Iron Seanmer.-Pl'h iron sletnmer tc e Rosset, aCapt. Wumberaee, arrived il our harbtor on Wednesdluy it last, frot Ilnltitaore via Nolfalk. She expcrieneed a N ic very beaoy blow off Lookout, and worked rcmntrkablvr well. Tlhi being the first iron built steata bot everC Sseou here shi attracted crowds of visitere. iSh is d owed hvby Mr. G. B. Lamr of Savannalh, whut very y eo. ourteialy directed her to touch bhle on her way to that poll, tar the plrpposa of givlng a pleasure exeurslon o rtell inhabitansr Wr Vihoit~roo, wbic:h was mode nnt at 'riday, as fr uf s mlvitille. A great numober ioinced he the parl, whoexpressed hiigh grctification with the St. re atple lItlvitien mudo for th fe r e joymjlt, and with Sthe tbttlilty and politeness of ith,,, Captain. The Ie l.osetr was constructed h allltimore of.vm i. portedl iron. She is J07 feet in lentlb 24 feet 9 i cnes k- o widthl, with 7 feet 9 inches depth of hold, and menrc so:res 1S0 ltons, draft ofwater light, 32 inches. 'Yl Sn heiets ofiron of t which lrl ltiel is , pnl.teed. arc about l 2l by 1t ihes,and taloot t^ i. tIlick, the ,lia .ert.y e.h lee other from 2 to "t1. inches, and are thickly riveted - togethor w th strcng wrought ;run ribs, running a tritverely, eighteen inches apert from atetn to atern ted _ tP OUTRAGi BY A BIlRl'lISH SLOOP OF WAR. the P'hi'ladelphia, April 29. it Arrived, hrig h.asohingto. 'l'ltlteen, fiota New Or iitua.e Ont tice 27th intt. in lot. 3720, loe. 75 W., an El l EltiialtI of war in sith to the westwtad itnnding to tl Ie t, tI. lwed our eoloars and hauled them down; teir afir clhe gIt on our weather quarter scell bore away for rf ous, and rtlning close ItI, iretd a uosket-did not kaow what -he wanld--shivered our vnrds obet [e fired teo h. lienlket with a balil--aferwrds came up aloongide d id, and aicleCd to know if we had aty colours to show hintm Tbhe packet ship Vazon, of New York, was in i w, co., and brig Perry, of Seuthplrth being clo=e too at ty the titna. oml ARMY INTEiL.IGCeNCE. 3 St . Aeguliarai April 1l.--cen. Maeomb peased til do1 the St. Jloitt otl tle.rlib e tins. to Fort ielloi; Colonel la Harney 1 i tll loceed roee farttt New Smyrna, in or usl dOer tojoin Gn. M. t Foart Mtlellon. Pre i-tinaries lof a treaty of pece hating been en- I erred into wlth the Sellinole loliaos, the. General com tuc- eanding io chief direeet that, shoul d any of the eneltiV ever preseen ttl.mselves at the umihtary posts, t!he he treat ed with kilduec, and sulplies of food Ioa issued to than. CItht. Mlllcke'e comnamly (3i first itfontt., tnnder look coniI d lof ieut. Cox ie. e lrdred tJ tllhs pn.t to rT. ere. itrc crpty B Ifurtlh artillery, under Lieutenant J. t)'; liln. " thle ij r Chu rrhith' it uxanmina d tl tl;f t . .tn d he Mimi al. ..,, 'i; ;gll i of hidians. T --Tm nelli.lbnct, Ito been received i 're, etotinc that two n -whie menl , ttrld liene negroes were ikPl, illit i iell lnear N wlanl.sville last week, by the Indians. at-, near N, wniasvile last week, by the Indians. F'rom the Datoln Illoue Gazette of N aj y 1. A liNElVOEr AT THE PNITENsTrIANr -Abl t twelve o'clclk vestmldav, ,alnsa.rm was gisen of a levo t at tht+ )ell p .entI Iry, ellid we Ilhetell ela out il,,nlodhultl yV with a lum'! er of tle citizens, to theil ceNe of I:nnft l sion. The attempt was pot up in the wheelwright and saddleri' shllp, by thlee of the coll\icls, Monro, loMura nI ray and lierce, who enddeuly seized two tI f thle gourds - at that post, knlllcked them dlllIwl, and thlllluh they re. slited ttnnofllv, elceeeacd in reltilng their pilstols froh them. The captein of ihlt gonrds. M. Cllnp:in. and Mr. Isett, clerk, were fired at by tile villains and narrowly escaped being killed. Mr.Isett then wound ed Monroe in the leg, Oand the captainl and some of thll, guardi scee.,ded in ehootin. down the rinlenrler, Cu lurray. Ily this time, beforen tile insurrcetinn had spread very i ar among Ili-g rest, a nolerous conct)uie of citizens. commaended by Col. A. datlt, appeare d oin der armsll at the enitntiurev. The convicts were then f brought out Nnd raN geN tinposite tile armed citizens. and in tile area betwenO thlien, Monroe and Pierce re cived a severe whipping, the punishment which they deserved. 'Il'h promptitde anti energetic conduct of the citi ezoN, no doubtj prevented tlhis al'ir frolm Ileinig a gene ral reNlt, anl very firtollnately too cnsidering tiho nu mbher of convicts, tl'ir calNcily andl inclination filr ischilif, and thie conmpratlively delenceless statl of h publlllic arsenal at this place, wlere ars llanld am lmlllliln ore keIOt in Igr It Ih nNdnaiOee. t'lh convict n arrta wa shIo t throglEl h IIit ly nndi so hlndl alllnd received several wounds in the head and neck. _It is _ Ihought that Its wilt not recover.I Recorder'e Court, jN SECOND MUNICIPALITY. b Reports of Day Police and Night Watch, re From let to 4th Ma I, 1839, Henllry Watls.arresled fbir distrbing the pecer,--bound o lver il the sllal of :3 i0. y :' homln Tacitum, Ja1,)b Fletclher, James Shav, Th'ls. M}c| Kitnov, Williamn mlntrl,JnieI l mbartrl..','hus. Mullen, Joihn DOfl lHenry Aislin, Jthnl Mlrry, Andrew Mnlahl, lIENard Prontz. Mrs. KJiAtv. i Rotelet Inl:kin, Jamesl Jhnston, Raltph Smlith, B S. Bll!terworth. J e11111S Kelly, BI. Ilorn, Stephle (llolinl. ,lichael Fitzpallilk, Fdwar od \Valshl-. r resnte for bine dirunk, and distolrbhie tle peace, i and unlldr luslpiciulciecumlllances.-Discharged. John Simnlll, arrestetld a . lllngerlus and susplicioaI cllarocter.--Examlnation Ioltponed. - . Johnl Rogerl' Dlliel Carroll. arrested as dangerous n ld CN auspicious Iperlsns.-Comittled for 30 days. D:ED. On Motnday the 6th ilt., at I I eforo 10 A. M., CAPT ISA:A.l DONE, (lates Treallsurer of te 2nd Mlnicipality.) a Enatiivofl; totEn, assatchusettsA-egd 53 years. Ili fRiollde, als accquaintalces are roeseetfEully invited to attend hisefner el, ° at Ili late resideuce, No. 149 St. Chlales street, thi mole r- t r ing, at Ill o'clock. TheN Roston papers will p'eae copy' the above. May 7thlb, 39. FOR NEW YORK. ' The A packet ship ILAI Capt. Item li mend,w il have dpapterh. For freight or . i b rd , .o gvin tiend accmmldations; apply onl board o, i ;" ,"'th" "rganthie market olr to my7 ' t P \W'HII'NERY,73 Camp at RN - - . -:'v YORK. IPalcke: fWe1dnesdav, 8th inst. :e Louisiana antd .ewb York Line. e . I'c Te uo;'erir faL sNlili, h packet slitp I HUN'l'SIVI lI, C nEdridgli e ridg I ii tively leave es above stated. it. For Ireight or passage, havi:,g elegant actomnmd.a. In tillll, n pplly to the llaster ol board oplplnsi teIe Vegot f able hI rket orto J B Ull IN, my7 91 Comp at ie FOR NEW YORK. In lones' Line of Packets. Regular Packets--to sail of 12th May. hilThe etppered cad co per fastened pack silt ARKANRAS, F S Dennis, mDatNer, rhd having )art of her carbo engaged, will sail , with Ilplot desptchlt. For thie bElalo et freight, or snasage, having speroler necommodalions with staut roos, gtlltv to tile captain oit board, twe tiers helow cuthe Vegetable Market, or to A COHEN, "I 30 No n0 Common st FlIL IIAVRIE. The A I and first sailing shit NORTH AME1RICA, 'aptain Heath, will have den patch. For freight or pasoageapply to aIp 3ni 1. It GAI.E, 93 Cnoltmen at FOR NEW YORK. The A 1 fast a.iling shipl CINCINNATI, lll AadlreI Barlo w, ltaater,, is IOw re.Ady to recee.N clrgo, nnd will hIave deitleclh. For l"fiehlght ul IIlpaage,1apply oin hcd, or to Nf Nmy 2 READ &. LdAIdRSVOW. No.7 ll'ek Place. log FOR NEW YORK. Nu- Thte A 1 halt sailing slnop AID, Captain Philrook, latving ,most of Ner eargo engaged, miill Ihave despatch. For fi;eielt nr passage, apllply to s & J P WlIITNI Y, et may 7'3 Camlp st she FOR BOSTON. h The new, fast sariling IBrqle CIANTI CLF.ER, C Thomas, :,.ster, halving mot of i:. ee earg on hoard, will have deslitoch. For aOl, anbee, f freight or passage, hvinglflleod nl.clinoda toil iones, a ply to & J Pi'WiII 'NIIY, h y hoard o a d tI timel st 4.,h r^ ý 33 ·IfrLb,',e W~i~;i.,: r P-OTATOS-.600 hampers of Englsh potstom on L hoard ship Liverpool. Enquire on board or to my7 LHGALE,95 Common st 1 []NOTICE-Dray No. 897 is requeted to britng his recdipt immediately of cases marked W, hauled from ship John Dunlap. f my7 IH GALE, 93 Commnn st SPLEN LINEN tillRT'I~, ULOVES & SUSPENDERS. Sit Just received by nate rrivals, anoneartment of Shirts revuts, Sumrmer atocks, Glover, and Suppen- P.a ders, at the HBauar, corner of St. Charles ond Common Oata streets. N. II. A complete naesortrent of Writing Doaks L d fresaing eases, portable shlavhinecase in rose wnood Iesther. m; BIUStIi & AlLAN. Bill o ICKIES-20 kPeg and 40 boxes, receiving from Stes m New York pcr stip Oero:,e, for ole bo y 'my SHALL BDROWN, 96 Magoazine at w DRESERVI1ES-4 Oono receiving from New York As r per ship Oooee.e for aile by my SlrAt,I& IOtt)WN,96 Magazoine st o Jt)~E' Nalural Philnplty-lKirkhloto'e iGrntunar, ( Cnomhe's Phrenolny Spurzheiot's Plhrenologv; ; tH to Ainsworlll's Dictionarv; I)telngues ot Devils ; I.i- I of brary ofinstruction an amuotosment, 6 vola. A frthr er hin supply jtst received by A 'WAIt, my7 49 Camp t tlook GRCVISl' Clinical I.ectures-Stiok esn rh Chant, , t rec.rr eived and for sole 0 Nut A 'I'OWAR, 49 Camp at \ut My AN''AV S--50 Iale Jclksoo, indian tead'-,4 Co .Ir . brown Sheetingt, 50 do Great \Vretetrn d0, 50 do the pr Sret Falls do, for sale to whvt my7 I lBRlID.E t Cto, 1324 l.tahie at Itys ry IhOfANS--II roases kit hrogatns, lalldilg from --t t ' ship St. Lucis. fors le by th ot t,7 l BRIDti . S(, 1Co.13t4 Maioyzoie tr or "tt1 AT't'--13r ee drb Rustsin hats, cariont qualitih No. I e t broad rilms and low crownn ntlitng f ott vhip he St. L.uis, for soalo by I BR t:Gt{fi A Co, Upon ilh 11n7 134 Maatzine at case, lim t i t -t.1.. li l tluding fr.o tto eno i, t . tiaton tirr toe L Btog,, fb saleloty (i I)OUStI'Y, ttit1 V ta. ta7 A1 Now tevee thto o [ HISKEY--I150 bIbls reeliled in aler, fot r raoe byett o may 7 ft. I)ORSE.Y, 44 Nw .cevee absel ctt IACKERIS-50rtbls butter and water crackers, ugnoi tedl it store. for role by in my7 G DORSEY,44 New Leven Cl e he followin arc te ttiartw Numbers of the Louisaa. _t S na Lottery, Class No. 2t. t r 1837. \ 69 5556 70 16 30 fI 2 13 52 8 60 r 'THfIS DAY. ing Capital Prize, $15,000! Tickets only $4 00 dane wo; 75 Numberso-I Drawn nBllots. anB nor LOUISIANA LOTTERY ritt Afred Authltorized hv Act tftlegislnture. Chapter Xl.llI, 1lnt aide pasted Match 277. 1828. CI,..: 30. for 1839 t, Ie drawn on ow Satourda), Mlay 4,. 18311, at 1-2 patt 6 t'clock, P. P t. toot t n preciselv at the Echangel IHotel, St ChIrle elt. Suc Sat I). S. f.I.i(;ORY & Co. Successors to YATES & IMcI!NTYRE, Managers. t SCHEME. 30,316 Prizes amounting to $199,200 P Tickets $1 04-1-lllves $2 03--ua1.-ter t. I. or- Package of t25 whohl tickets for $104, warranted tot -'ty draw at least $43 00. Packreos of 25 Ihal tickets for en$53, walrrantt-dl to d rgw tt le2t$54. Package of , 5 qt1ttltert tickets for $16, twarraotedi to draw at reli For pac';ages or single tickets, apply tit ed 1" Thhe tuntlattrr On',, - c m y I 3,1 nlal street. it "t tn CInin st de{r ARD-150 ktgs leaf Lard, illn slortr,t f ,l t li r o rJ. T dny. 4,1 New t.c.':'c a l 'EPPl Pt--. r. forl .O ." TIn t i"4 co,\t.t.& Iltt'tVt. OX Tio tziet, t lt rte 7diIn-- ll lpiOe.- and qr. d11 . otettl,. tItrl' I]V th 'y 4 Cay st .L Al L X9 TO't lntt . r ctt i- a 3610 l i t reak R N , h 6 , now tttete dingt "ee N - p.7,.. br-,.-,,e;., triy Clara,., lire r s Od(IITRN BIOOtIS1dz. in etot i, frr Snlr I tti I rot, tStti tte ; .wtb o l ttttte Et, l brimatyr2 .I 1 New a r ol ve to, Ar t Ail--30 bbls. in good orNder for Iale ti b tt SanLd I fHAL 1 r'R(IWN,. alur. o2 1.1 Mi azrzine St rdI1OD D' I STEDCNT''I MANUOSAL :C'I Todl'a Sahbotth lchool Te.cherd t' e n Alatnt's ('t, r SIO JPI .hlolTN Fa00 mile N r ne ct Acor t's A l yl to dll o ood ilHorua's hntrnductio o ad Abllnt'l Yotng Chrtstlan Dttti ick' c l ttplete \Vtolk,7 voCltlntes Ihhnnna Motore's Private Devotions, flr sale at 49 lerCamp t, by u hurl mny 1. ALEX. TO\VAIt. 4tott(- " AI'EDICAl BOOKS,Ai tlyt Ca IltttttttfMcdiialt t Jtplltirud tc te it. Liston' Surgery ; Iall on tIle NIrve, rit c ro- Andrtll's t liniqu, Medicale, fotr sale st - 'y 49 Camp street, by to ay LIAE 1o IEtt O oIt. t - . tiY'-10 ,o.'r, fesk Ct,,Ia -to-toy,,,l .lc , gele- 1l fro hri e Cltra fin" o tlupassmfotale hv 9 t&e J.\tRVIS & "NI)o.:l\t, dt a. for o24 car (:olntnu n nod 'r~choltpitnllluq ts n. it ut. ' Ol,'T', P.T'ENr ' FllRE; ARMS--.i st received ly and anortlla t of Patent IteiRs niud belt l'isnol, for s le alt L P al m ln d . . h iltt e r a n d sw .el o ic e ru n t, lim e n julie,, eS ¢lr of 1rrgtnol t, foot jli'hn I hp an c ann rp seeds, tl,,mononn k, 1as d sanll, (,ill!lll nrid .a, brimston l'. rralge floe,) 1t w tier &c, 1 ',11 ,,lsaltle cudt / e tc h , retail in st ro r o f i I t NN A I II': ., - 1m.9 'or [.at.ahez & 'l'htilnl tllh, tI at i i--nd ALP. R OPE--I101. coils of l.;nt ,opt-. of upior-i Sonslitv, for sulehb I 1(t(;l+i , 1.. ... y 2 •:1 - . lagrinr . _, 'ion. EMMENT autic I , CeLeLh iillSug t~It ''li+e. C Slip Gie. Cnbol. fer Sile fy nlrry, SB J I' \¢ITNEY,7I 7at Cul lm S liltB 11 ta rle market, from akin lion- (:shot, ler auto I b • _?may_ .........- .< l p_\VH''NItIyN 73 t:'no , It |r ENT'UCI(Y, Illii,.oi, adl I linn Bak No-, i I for sale by A PRIER, I. _tni:y3 710 irnvhor º"Ill EN IY I lhla Caaot lIuut o arei,~ ad nodlug I may 3 i N i t. di SLASSE --19 bblsjLst recied and fur l by I HE RIOGENE, BROWN & CO aynv No 9 Coell st T LUN'C'H I.EC'IE U If N L IS-Lere anonmt listory o ! of our Lord ad .aivioulr .lesus Chlist, by the Rev. Henry llunt, A. M. Rector of Uplper C(hl-am, aml Itle Fellow of Pembroke College, Cambridge. nd Chap-. Slain to his grace the Illke of Richmood, i "rasi. _ Alsto lectures upon the list rvy of thle It P ostl oPul, by t- tll sale auto. I Tl abov trle now Wlls ailnd very

ireatly execulted, and will e Isod vtry loto I, ALEX. ''OW\VAR, muv3 49 ('ao_ _ streetc SClIh)I)I B1(°K,' cheaip blank tloot,, llll i.ll and letter plptc1r, qillt, &c. &c., ta large r llst rate ssorltnent for sale ow by ALEX. tO'A l, tlmay 49 Camp m-et, ]y Y f1 |A U ILC C 1Nh lEN'rT--.h his launding fl'ow slhipl .1 (ito Cabot, aud for oale Iy Sa & P W1lITNE.Y, luav 7, Cilllla at United Stateoo' Comtiaio,tyr. Appoinlrlt by the Federal Curat at New Orleano. OFFICE No. 109 CO31ONI Sl'PREET', m(ExcLnge Hotel IBlding=.) sld illtor acts of Collnglss, in such cases mlade alnd providld. Said Contmivsioner has eonsiderable exp*rience; tnd uses firms ofcaption sad eertilieata whieh have stood the seovrest scrutiny of the ablest Lawyerst -- -- J- HN - V. C HILDS, ENGRAVER AND COPI'ER-IPLATE PRINTER jor No. 3, Camp St. "tII JILL, engrave and print to order, bank notes, tllln • of oxehunge, bills of lading, diplomas, netrcan tile and visi:ing cards, notorirI, consular and cortnin-cgc at loose st:ahv dovcr latet, silty r o a nnt t ,. -alwlt vynr hand, anl assorl'no of ' ilrer placed and bras "door stll i'-l es. ,s- PS Cards printed from plates alrea'ly e"tgroved. nov2O TO MERCHANTS. l, [AMERCIHANTS can have a BEAUTIFVL CICev o ILR IPruCek of atfour hourn NOTICE, by .alsn at athe SCompting Room o TRUE AMERIIICAN I't.PrrI n: e, O' n ctcr, St. Charles Exchange, aljnuino the READ INo RootM at Curner of Gravier street or ati the 'int ,in ing Office, corner of Poydras and St. Chmrles streets. gJ P. FIIEFMAN & CO., lo. 3, ragazinto treet, a are nrceising their suplplies of Fnll and Winter 1 Clothing, and will :onltile to receive shimenl t reCgu larly throughout tihe season. 'Thir ass llbllrtenat bein Stlargo will enatbl. them Iooto stulpply I rent Bi of the coo ntry, Ct tRe shrtoort tce, for l Ier whiolesale or Lretail, on cecodlltnoaating terms. F arleN COo I ogsretrto . t ttt arl ao ic ive e a nd fo r 8o- ar Aeta 80 kegs ru ohe; r tro 9 lMagazine f L ' e" Sg 96 gusrz e!, tory.,g c ' "'?" 'o 't.r!,.1 twtttl a.> o TR UEi A MR1. Nl ,lCEIC LO n OýJi-KS dk ':3 ' C aEWVR ' LO' In conneoeti ' Otllce is a TO B SPLENDID AND EXTE fRTMENT OF TYPE For Ti oF Unti Pamphlets .ra Cheocks Catalognos iof Lading Labels, ) Receipts, | Notices . ln Bills, Bill Forms, 'tills YL Steam 'Boat Bills s And every descriptlie erk Siai posit mny beat Con Lou! NEW PUBLIC " tuall IHFlIE Little Ilroea'lahnn and r'ot,, willa pi J other ekatclhes of the litle 'tris with i etr cllinge lay Juhlaiou. tlhe l'aocal BIltm, i Sicilian story "hIaodre Tro Ilook to whichb In appended he , ,jury by der 'ITheodore Hok. " In Numnlbcr 12, Nicholns Nickleby. P, i Nuhmlers7 aid 8, skethes byIo: Btao lk Clarkeoa tlt M lulber 'ruee and t\ uid n n ,dthe a roedaction and ntlnfctatllra o, ashoe A with approprintc engravings--Justa I .nlie Ie mTy cr Cam L A OUIS a P Parih, uad City of N re ( ileon orableCharle. eurtinu, Judge, No. 119 Ioouc Eatonunl (is actual n hiln nCreditrs. Upon roading anl filing lh .etronataoa e or st rne,it inordr ald lal uetinro. flepot fltmy iudhAt, tihO ntan thttal to lowet llv ave Ar canO wr vla E ta Aid I cesnacan aiath'icl,,rthrd. l Eor ccanrdi to law. It in rired thaat Il. I-[ttt, EnJm. be. o)puiated tar ioltbse at credilra, olld Ilo tilar i tentilntao Ial I eur, aginathia ilroroa atlyd prportn areetnyed. Sly oarer oflthe :curt. Clerk's otico, Neaw Orlens,. Mly 4, 1839. It_- f td AI tANDU 'PITT L four tllnroe el ot Vill. dn t Nouvello ( 1t preaPtT l'hunLtrahl (Charlena Iatrinua o, Jlgo. r.117I91. Isac F.rn uel (dhlaenl) vr. snca i1aroy . En flaunt et laranaaat ta petitiotnar Irtition at , ., d00 an. cc es-I- e.t rdonnh qargie atsllt .oIae des ' toacierao aura lieu, ela ptinite cour, clt Ic 27 ati A ra ltmt, our dLclarer lea raina s , ll t ra'il l t, almr ,qllaaaa lit ls:.,.c E.l nlnuu l noe srit tpn li l~r' sclr o In loa , r , .III, plus t ulllota q olt. Itlt. Esq. soil Iaroata .,(' otatr ir n on plberr le Icrblaaueiers nbeaibae, e't pendan o ltelntad,' r1. totoe plroucedura contrc alt pcrsaono ou prprl't16 sara suslr"hluo' E Par rtrod dP l a C ur. naoenu dac grail,, a I Nuivctllo rl anlls, r' ', I ltia 1833 nly Id h. I'i'rI'o', (Grlirla. 1,800 DARA31OLSB raiIrdlBRELLAtfS-56 craers, com L priciaga general atoraaat of toaana;a aarnd Ging l ham ar Umlhrellna slld tl'rasl, I ew naald ftallionaobl Sfor ":tle', lunding frolllarig Wio. lolrry, firrsalta hy c yf na' I BIIIII)GE t Co, 134 ,Harzanie st nt f Vl.OL'r fIINC,-15 cattt sea-eranable, taatuamg, latding t frotn shilp St. I.stlir, far sale Itv tIIy, I 1I.II0)GI': & (o, 131 ngoazitn.r at a ' )', f rt ES'T(t'I--5 baesr 4.4 I,·laarttmom.admvs, 5 nbales '1-I I+,,iletl I.wn dli collic... 3 a.<-s buckskin __ ril.ty , hmliaag it, t shrip t Lori, , ur .tl t by --Oa tat-ltu Iiancla har talrc Iv II y ti LIt'RSE', .*4 N'ew Levet a' ta ý UIrI't.a: & I, tlt--lP0 kog, ord :19 -do suta - - i rior \V3 sleraIa lI nt'. lfor nate Lv tie[ m , 6 (G . II I Ia lt a E Y , -i t N ,'w I - r t I Ar . ( ,N S[I)ES-I-- I a.... . in .. .... li,. salle blv ýnriat N (. & N aotlV .t~; It 11. Itatl It tar 'rlttan AIoiAamE aalr. a ;t Catm aacin ona aaunhday, 51i ,t.llv, I1't9. .1t e altrltltrrf tR alIklot SthEir rmtle h tht Bayou Tigruyu' eveCry day in N to week--as follows: It7 i. 10 A. M. 4 " 6 " o Excort Sundays, when tih care willTllu as f.lows: ion Depart. Reln . SA.. !. A. 31. at 4Ito l lanv JA1ES it73t. CAIIWI.1., I'rasd, m.. 3 JaR11S II. CA.Inl.wbl., I;.r;IIet MAlA' )IlALlY OF AlY 0oldl.IAN> rIrtHE prihe f Ireh lour to-dav is $6 874 perhbnel • := aecordiug to tile tarif; thebtebaer enall ive de. q : dog Ihle (lsnin., week (tItan \lendeV fint .no ced cl'brendl t;,r a b. 1ruead of tlie s ,1tand € ualeo ic .0 re lured to weig-h 15 per cent. aore, viz: 4b 6 mlcc. I tttity 4 OC E,)IhN llt ,r. L'00 T1."PICE.-3.srtin 'II. D,,eeru, Iltleufc.t1rer of '0ol caLl , pr and s h8, Rhir k 1 irolna Ives, h,.c. hai thti, day titnll t i ., ot tarlnel ip'Jll th t)everetI T h.1 uIl a i neeu for the flultr i ll be ctonductcd under the unme of Olatil i. . Jo.) Jelc euabcc . h ,r h I j ..!.\1t i N .\I) 'i1 "V'q It JOHN 1)08lUllX. [L • uI - in r ol.m I i .""Ia.t a o]- ter I [ rOlethI r , A oluea ,r ad ·bont bafI ll reuehini W- ( till lteeet fth arsttle et a I).__) l__)Tu lV.a jB Newi\ Yo. k ~SttoelitlUL tlII 21 arlrlT eat PRANELIN INFIRMARY V5111E public are reollectfolv infrmcd int lois intsta 1 totion I, ereceh, on tile IlI061 ill)mlollls t np ad pio , ald aIIt inl anl airy otnd iiosl udhairablearnorlttonlIill (1l| futnbour I, rankldinuponle Fihe raihbnd, one unlle Iromz Ue .Missis Thle bailding is large an i mostonlennliotsly dividedtl b iltlI t iPrtlllen l8 fl' keepmln separate diffeleet classes. , ced dotTerent disenate. T'he itnsatiuon is supplii wHith tln moItl kileul and attentive lal- and fmale niee-, lld seccing tiee v ( rious looetan languaecs. Private rolold inav be lnd by gentlentell at five dol la-s w ir day, i eludi tt atnllude i, e dr . Taerm ill th. or0 iinn wards, t~o d llxnr per day. Slttvos nlec two d)olladls. Attlcll |'l~n in File Ordllte r\ warda, fie dllhtrs. Alleaital Rca1"il:tI operatIlns extra, Th'le rrsirlenF plhssirlal is I)r .Vedlblrlalll, to wbllnn] Rplplit'hlti~na Firlhl~lll leufllJ01 IIH b9 tu.'tdo,' or11 Io I Dr C, ailpljlltlttigi Nio 17 f.rallelttrt trecat ltl,1 II - p I LOI.O[iON ,\ 1 E.o'I S -Rlle atil t).atittul cri;tsitiies, lcr sale onlly by lIeesa & Dl)'lang, and it P.luth'a ,A useum. c All theseuarnatenetsll cosist of tlhe most splene It did specimens If oralinalocy troti Eu-pe, Asia, pI Afriea, and our own COulntry. o Apprvced nSea at 60 days will b sakhen c l tat ,.SN OIlL-l-G iaile hie 1 i. tetuc d I1 fre .ale bc 611.8I.1 & IIIIIWN, oall li alcz:lEt e aell" Sttl \1,1 & l811)WYN, 968 cgcc,.,tie Jt A 8KU 'I--t0le lates ,Na I, 21t0, cc 2 [ruassia oakttct i h eltore anll flr hle s pv l ait I 181.1. & IRnOr,, lia~nelne t t , SARI)--2o linge primo srill' larl, in s c' ald or i . ale by J ''IIAY.I7G & Co, t Hall 71 Ptdlara. d o j , M\Io'IYItS--d5 bale, Gieat Fallasie l I-I t Ibtn l P sheleting andt 5 hlyal Jaeklal ait t-h 4- trw sheatitg, luattdig foma shial Charlesltu, ftr C tle br P all I 1 IlllEi,7 Pc Co, '"S IIIJM.I E{.ChI'I'I IING--15 clusea uxsirled ,m r elthing, alaodieg rFt aliip ClrolteeILo, botaof hby all i IIIIIIE ___ , R lato NEW ORL.EANS Steam and'Paltenl Bieauit Bakery--Watcrslaad H liillman. " F No. 69,C toroule (neor tie I'otee.ltartain aitl l 6d g r 'Pilot ail Naivy Brectd, Sod nd \Vi8',oe.aeuit,at L Sugar, lutltr, .Midleerd ad Watteer Cerdkers. at All lte abttve irtlielees are wtrattedtl Lo bl obea Ite firPat quality, and to keep in any cltituc e, being completely kiln dried. Also,-Kiln driad corn meal. Ordere left at G. WV. Pricihcrd and T.,gat, Jg. corner Magazinu and Poydras streetscl, will recuivo Sprompt attlntlion. Slnall kegs put up oxpresely fur e amily usu. 15nov itb R tIE-.i a oxes hAiet bhcanly, fr sol b: Iy SIIALl. & Iill)\V.!, 1 all 9i Mlagtazine t J AVACOyFIt'l77L baga IceldiegvI1))·ll) IU ville atl laor sale by SIIALl. &IL tt)\(VN. - el I ii6Alnat.tztee t i e ''--'1 baleN eOt bi-rat hay, ereeicitn t heall 1eW :,o k, perf jlnp I':t, jillt ;,rid r sale bly II 8 \..& 8L IltO\VW,96 Mlagazine street le Ladp .:lanit.tate's ttomjoltad Chinese S.etap re oltenlldea bi thle iladies I bludrid and ibarles Innt, itnded royahv18 notihtyI, the pressa, and th - tigatile balance tof all Iltsa. putc nleintiec Is aultieiad :F and placed, thi efliencey ol Lady I. ,) lanttalg's conmound Chinrse saup be)l td ns pici) oa to) etter or ric woria ,imnples on thle fae, sll butj, Iln, eruptionl prickly heat,Fa ofllc. r .s of the skina , tie Ihealing qualitias ,f this soap t ill son erdledicte. Itic reonulltt, tend d as an Ct eletollitt shaovintee soep or omptlund ftr ftbetl,'. nees, for inoittilfyttt the eomtple.ioe, remtnttvinec I freckles, and ilmpartilng reihtllgf ei i delicacy tI tIhe complexion. 'f'he narisacrntic dlaliilcio of a O ntl and white Il ltd, is wih mutny 1a objic of od aOlalde.rable itLret.I. :Elposureltf wtrree hltIttc E id he nellck Iae and h't.nds belotCOIe lllmied or hard e.nld, anti thle invt nitn/s 'f moodernl chrmlslry have ti- bee rendered aubse.'te;.t ncat merely Io hel neces. tt sary every day artsul Ilt, but avet It) its luxuries and ele_.aneiCs. Stld wlholenala and rtciail at No. 95 Custom. etaousest. Prcea S1. - l G'·EOltGE G, C`IIILDS, ArroRtOvNE AT 'LAW,. b.y ILLattedtlhe Suplele Court, and the Diatrief C ourts, of Harrisburg,and omta ufttle adjaceal ea coulie---illiea aetlheCily of Hacston. ClainmaOaa hjq.gbeerauomeaat.ither Icr SIoualy Lall ator reaahey, will la undaeraakic at prompaly caneudool to eilhear for abt reaaalaad or anidtlu" of CeJxas. far Aoreea hmthLaa Unitedo;Siatater-City of Huuatoat. to tle care of a. Ricker, jr. ('Texta Post Oicea Age~to New Orleaals. , m mar 2 - JeWELR, AT WeuLI.C6Abl Bpcpunr l~elwh¢- and Glass Valre, Fhevnil NOff ' the Iow-.t carket prie, pl I re* . memAlt R pt REAL tSa t LOTTERY OF PROP1itt A Situated in New Orleane, re. .1h b TO BE DRAWN ON THE 1st DECEMBER, 1839 IN JACKSONVILLE, Fla. _ Under ite smperintendeace of the Coelnrnisinnere ap. RLE pLinted by the Leginletive Assenmblv of Flurida. sCHMItl & JIANILTON, Managers. 100,000 tickets, at 15 eclmenn price. $ ,500 000 tron Sellirg prise $20 per ticket. ing le SYLVESTER & Co., 156 Broadway, NEW YORK, iis tha Sole Agents. usual lI Tihe re.eilt of the sale of tihe tickets will he de- tare i posited In the Canal, Union, Carrollton, Citizen's eand pand , Consolidrated Ianks, in Nerw O(rlears. in tire nme of sitrle' Louis Schrlidt jointly with J. B. P'errault - cually Using Cashier ofthr Citizeu's tiank, urd A. IBaudeuin ac- met tually Cashier ofthe Consolidated Ileek, as Truslere, titrre as per act pnafl d Iaue A. .ltureou, l,:sq. Not. Lu'b. ri lituhe ot d May 11139, and bthe prpertices transierrd to N tre above mentioned gentlemen uninermtbered, es as g Trurstees, for tie security of the fortunate prinze hol- tir de New Yolk the'monies will be deposited in the Phoenix ehank to tile credit of the above namted S City 0 Beeks of Nrw Orleaneus. 'n 'e Pblir are rerred tc to the acts passed before elegan A• A. Orzareau, Eaq. Not. Pub. ic reiatio to the pro- ted, 0 Ia erties wltch embrace tie reillective prizes in tite pric oery. FICE COO PRIIZE.., en followsc : S 1 Prize-That mgniiet I ll. rn story brick just building, known s tile AIRl(:AI) In', in Magezine rfleet. measurinming 286 feat 5 inch el iec4 on Ml n azine s. E itt. 146 eet 6 ilchee on (iravieerteeR , Osre' and tilt feet 11 icb.rns oai N.ekhes et. '"lie hlildilg produces now i rent tft' 37,0110 perrreul n,end being I in tile inte lolristinge part ri the eCity, opp-itce threr blinks, ald in ti.le ieruo diste eirlkborhoed of ti tr St. Chirles a nr trhe thiy IHotels. Hol Its rents will, icn a very few vearse be incresed to inty rolannd dollars iper u ael. Estir teted at $ (0,000 TI --'Th' t eleent four slaty brick build- rcrL iut known as rthe ('ltY VInITEL, tr, ' rrlrerly BIlihopa lat t, elited r t 'e, I r nllel inr l 162 feetl on (atmni ono , dli rand 1l frLeit 1II inches ,I Cump t•. o T'lls iutilding rents nln 2 for $25,000, m nFi t bcnie i tre moenet rte l part C 1 itli cifty cn borllra r e iecrceasedtru to Ihtlrty troueand dllelr l r a.' (.I u l , . .# m . E r ttnu te d a t $ .0 0 ,0 0 0 i sera hlluse. No. 30 ou Nthenz strseet, adjoining the Arcaded reted at Ie I ret - hurdrid dollanr. Estimated at $.0,000 1i3 Prize.-The ikee story brick dwellingIue rrrIrer, No. 18, sdjininig No. 20, o Io~um t(Nthez street, retued et twelve e en ig lt'10d dolb ilers. Estittred at $20,0090 il 1I'rize--'0 ,three story brick dwellnl a at l1ro ' No. 16, atdjonirig No. 19, ao Neit et, reltd et twelve butld- ac 1ding rie d'- .trunr. m e iti tutnkd t $20,000 II"I Po [ie--l'e dwelin0a lhouse No. 03 north- soil eat csto cr0 erf la sitnl and (llll - bk le tree retst, tla1slrrai 40 10 ret lit eki l tfrol in casiln utreel, 41 feet tOll n rnklin sreet, by 17 fet deplh i n Cllstni lll llntus la .ll; r enlllt eld I f Of. tern hbulndred dull''. .trilltcr ed at $ 0her O - 'ro- 1 Prize--Thcl it wlling bti t NO t ute4 snd, O iiImelblle re re ante ae l fl itfteen e hnhlided dollare. Esttiteteld at $20,100 I Ps ict--Tl Itwo "tot v brlck dirllittg houae TI No.:139 on Wlt4ynil street, between Ily in ourinlere e etIitsiti:"tris on latnl or. brv tt-ctp Tiir rlet crc t lnle a. by 127 t,,et 14 in tars n deptb; rent. cri at $1020 per enl:llrn. t E-istim aterd at $ f15000 1 Prie--e 0 allres Canal Beank e sck, at los $li1c, $25,oO[ I rizc-- lll rshane'sn Commlercial Beaik stock SI $tncll , $20,0110 l. Prizea-e c0 am Ii tcch ccc 'I'a - u tiers' tlelik atock, at $1100 eckh, 15,000 I3 Prizes oI 100 shares Iach, clly 300ll5l .001)I r Prizeen f 2.i (ins Ligit, 5,000 c"n2Icizes of 1 e " eelritaiis' and c ' eradr' 3,000 lit i 0 Prizes of 0 ' '" Lo uliilllno State, 2itilIO tO 10 n c riezav " " elol .iclt, 2,1100 ,or. i 1(I P1',izors o . 1 ." IILecI oi'trlcnnn, 20,110o er of e 00 Illzrs of I " " Ulilntl Ilnle of b tlis i:luridc, 15,11000 itbu.i- It callb t tie at I eoptih rftlln wilnllrers cf prines of Itlil buit rtlocks, either to ttlke the slcek itel or the per value ltiwreol ie cash. please 100.000 ticlkets, fronl to lQt)11t01 twill Ie pill in one :luilnl i t,-., , ani, 101) l l iz-tl. wilt the Ibeaks, in ailllilel , ; It rv 4 Ovel ber t rize r blank wll e ldrrawrt Irc r ll, i tlilall Itcli c c t "e prli st tre - d.erctlted tIcai Ing t bucanle of i Inu Ieren inc trie wheel---blank. i't irctlle lcbllve I ttlcr v rill hI received rt rlce t-t ritit1 n ollc tse V0r-lldticl o r:crce.r (tf .i. ChaJirlca nRd 010cr- Clctncll lstreel", lnl ll a o. OnltI LIotcictsctircet, N.ew S trlecans , stci rccrlcly fci rwerd,c.tOl)rdern fror Icho .r it llrorc c t Anill. .i.ii t uilnl:ea Ior (clleUinclq b, .of ticlkes rrlier l d. tllltblrst sei to .uthlllli ' & Itl.\iI.'1TON, New Orloins. em insl it- A steclnbat wiill ce povidetl tocarke to "iloride cll,lld Rc htir passecgters as tray 1c i J-sirrus to wirleCas tile itl lr drtwinllg. tliteia Jatrlsrnvilll, Fl. April, 1039. may 1 li"iddl [)1t'I[O (i \VIIIw L -.S-41c set l tlirtirg Wheels, lats, il f impceroved constlaructi, il fralltes elreplrte, for , ule J OTT', fit li cr'au 2--ltl:d Tivoli Circle tIlrcycit ( 11NY BAGS-3-,001 in careo d f lren dlrrn, 0fcr S I aRleby ISAAC Bil]DiiE&C(o. Shl / IV 2 131 lrgntillr e ot n1 y 2 131 Ml gnzinue t SI'EII CAN\DI.ES--Gli iloxes splerm COandles, N Bdf1 mrd braud, for sale by 1 BIll 1)G1W & Co Itn '3lugoojonr p 3 1O 'hOt0I'box l,o'n, 12 8 s,3 and po1nd Ihnps stof vnous hbonds and qutlitiPS, for sole byy ayv ' I lBRIIliGE & t', 134 Maglzine st S TATfi OFL IQOUI-IANA-Firlt J udicial slit'.rct Joan Baptiste Colla vs. llis 'rel, l'he:cesiun ul thle il, s nn ll'' pllt l t hvingla been acceplld by tlhe 'outt iur Ihe l t'r thit f his creditors. It isornlerdl that a l meeting ol hii said creditoro do take ml-ce ,I tile iitca o'Victulr Fnohlo, Esq. notary public, o 1 .Motdlov, tlhe 131h of May, iotaut, t lf o'ciock, A 1. fior ~lo,urposeo of dcliibFtinlg ,o the utlhirt of said illol ll; nd l In tlao meatimt it'l jdicial proceedings agalinst Iia persolln nand I'plropty arnt sl"T'l. \iltlas the lion. t\. M. iluCtllnri, Judge of the Court otoosaid, thin Ist 3av, I;:1 9. ny I p h..ElIANC, Depluty Clbrk. " iAT iF t A I.OUIANE--Lutour du Ptemier SDislrict Jldicinio. Jean ' nptiste ColhU vs sEa Crbanciers I.a ca.obio doe l p opreti, d: i'iusolvable avynt tb16 Scee tar la Cour I I o r tle Ii.bnlie de sel caloall oiers-il elt ,rdol n t (,I,'uhe rulssemblruement del Ilit oEblolcr', lure liell .toillot Iit 1il oi lloroot, A die dll natin. , lnt bretn di Victor Fouhlin, EItq. uoltair' public, nlin do dhlibreor aor tuIe flkira'ilu dii insuaihole et peodnot co temps tous proced judieiaireconlre sa pcrsonnet sa Irllpropibt POInt oUSIoroUe.lU Tl 'ion. i'honnrnble A. Al. IBucinan, Jug. de la diie Cour, cE lerioai. 1839. p. IE BLANC, m2 3t Dlputl6 Greflier. $50 REWARD. 4 BSCONDED on hte morning of the 28th Apnil, a l negrol man named Alexisder, colllnonly crlled Ellie, aged about 45 yoars, rather fhrlbidding when Io Sken to. Ile is aboult 5 fIel 8 illchra in hiet!ll, stolut built with somewhatl band legs. lie tUook with I imen a varie hiio dorsa. It s oupopt ,edl Ilo onuarkubd tnl tit day abovc owntinu:ed, on hniI ifl'mae nlearuboat bohumd ip. The above rewald will be paid for him ifscured inll any jaill ill the west'.rn counrlly, or twenty dollals if in Lo- - isiann lor Missippi. I LR .A IDLAW, Notw Orloans, ctoy 2 TIu'ri0 N'tcnezo Daily (Cuoi.r, tlh Daily MlRstoouri lotepublirno, Ih, L.ouisvillo Journal,ao, IhaiCiiunallti Daily Wlig will please ip',lish tile alove adveltise Inollt three tines ulld sent Iheir bills for Ipament to Ilia cRica of IhU True AIunlrican nt New Or!enlla. TW2IN'rtb I)t)LLAiRS RLEWARID. A ItSCONDED ifrom le service of t ule subscriber, 1 thle negro boy JIll, agod aboit 17 uears. lie is o'lender nmkec. perf'ctly black, with large uyes, luon visag oilnl rathelr tIlck prltrml ip. lie sptaks haboth Ille E~ngls.h anld IPreach II nllgtes and hra= a very intllio nt loouu. It is prob,,ble lie will endeavor Io lienvP Itle otil, e e Io'o ffrlt.ottllv Oblorved dUrlllg the duy I left fixing hi.s uool whioa hoe carried ithereby blno ( CnftiotoiltS Ou ntd..I tlot elnl llu bo i',t e Iherb y ftlroarll dllt to Ilaour or curry oilt' ttid .lavo, ulldte .ouor.urotoi-pettlty of ll,%Jaw Tlw oe lu o'o reward : ill beh givent fir his aprehlUnsion, or such information . as will loud ot, his recovery. o VM REA, tav2-lw corner oft leoavia Circus st e G19:,-4 bi laudiug from ste 1 uu iudrao, ior 1 o sale by ABIIIAIAI 'TRIER. p to _ _ 84_ Graooir st Spi -CH-30 billsa ill good urd.r, Iu r sol by pr CAS , l Li. & fRiOWN, a cu3: .6 lintazione o I tIIsKiE'.i-15-mbru Is i.' n.t-i, fo" s.toe by S 24 G D).IRiiEY'. 41 New IuCyea -il t1 .l-tt-l2 fbolia ltuding from sot'ntlaot Chnleol I r antd uir satle by G i()ISFE:Y, da' 4t 4 New Leve e fAY-Ii ho Northern, lanuding from brig Alice Lor lopposite post No 1, aurod LLu'niciltlity, and fofur ale ho fIiALt. & BROWN, aprt d i 91; Mtngoazino .entu 1 AItM & FI.OUR--50Iu kegs superrir leaf lrod ond L 15i bills floir, landingo this daoy frul leouor Per si'*, Ibur sill by STEl'IStiN & AVERY, a24 8I M;ravicr at SL ENCH Playing Cards--Just rueiwd Nrom New Vnrk, a full grote ot very snopriur double head C(arua, fir saole iy dozen or oroce by I)AVID F ELT & Co, N Y .itaioaers' Hull, S nprl i3 24 Cbhurtreu at BROGiAN, & BOT'S-'26 eases, prime kip bru t aBU ns; extra size, landing iom uhips Jobihn Dun lap -t:il Ohio, far sale by [ai I IltlttiE & Co, 134 Magzinsat.. -'~UMS1A 3 HEETINUa--15 ba-ea, landing futi nol. ship John DtualsI, ire snfla ,n" a., I BRIDGE it de,134 Magazine at '1 0 l ttin--1 tm, ofur rle byh e1t " ( IiILPEY, t"I New Lvc nr u ek W a thti er a or ike F: ' la7 bn iness and ttdrns bid mlnera T fr trIdr awd the peubli of Ntt l aotroonhl otheletsd on hir fo the lot el u t go a t rooe toatas hretn -ItaIll hrJi K, d chanlrrge It.l roheolntooily sttii nett ll I u trl, b eep the orub:o open dlrliD N bl !.e lFre, burineso and addressa etrds fo rlelra o t. d plis, and drawitgs, o every d oetriptlef T h shortest notien , and on the most .Mso.r .t' ' y Being assisted yv artists s tllrori to any Ot tl E mean in the ci., and from lron exp orexp te P' i lithograrphic line, lie feels confident of gtbli4. lp IC N t Apotlteories and drtrgglsts' lobule exeitgo l p e , the CAR S Sty 0 PRINTED a l./e shortest Notice, ind t nl mt bse elegant manaee, in Block or Colored ls, on Enlynsll le- ld, Whlte Flake, or Plain S tbtcd CasDo, and le Pirice very reasonrbbo a TIlUE AIMELICAN OF FICE, corner of Poydrna and St. Charles ret,'. Sental New and Benotifil Foeale of TYe have. jsat been added to the Establihnment. Orders reecitd at ColtitOogA Room, St. Clarkt Exehange, 3rd door frol aOmier t.,or at the Printl6n Olfc cot .r of Poydre. & St. Charles streetn . elot- If .l:k I''( t -tOU ri ss-teo i fo r t ale y . 0 20 A 'RIER, 3r 1 (ruvirrn T lA'r tl)F IttUISIANA,-l'arish Court for the a Pariaslh antid Ciry of New Orleans.-Prosee t the Houoroblo Charles MaiuruinJ aineil cge. A grit,2t 11139. 000 No. 11.374. Ml. Duhoer vs. his Creditors. T)e aricr lol pttrontnrte by the petitioner s berehy .n epted by the 0 ort1 fr ile It f rfit o crei tor, d it i is ordereol tha n oseetic o said eredtors e breld at the 8 iC( or P1d. Aoronte, notary pthlte, on T err-tny te Sth ,tiny of oay next, 'Iltrtl aned there to delie rate nr Ihe rallflrref Ito ,e titioner, sd in the raualirme all proeeeding rigninot 1hi property and per son are totyodl. It is furter or rdered, tlrt Chios. M. Corwievi, Esq. Io appultled to renetrnot the above crr!di.rrr. It, order ,f Contlr,. Ll0 , k'sdtfir e, W'.EO Orleans, Anprl 7, 1839. 01,000 muI 3t w AltbMANI) PIT'OT, Clerk r1 A I-' DIE Li LOUIdAN-Coaui do Parocie ' Spoar l perritai et ville oe Id Nouvelle Orlbons I'resent I'ohutntrble Charles MIurain, lJgo. No. 11,774 I1. IDulbre vs eas rboanokrs. I.s rr: irn do In proprikt6 par 1o ieltlltlonnaire eat ocr'erb te por l Cour, toar le Iln fico doe oel ora'eeier 10000 et il raorhdonn qu'a ne rseeblelott do ditri tr10. ciers, sera tener n bureau de Phli. Lcoslte, notoires nbllic, asldi I 130 Mai rrch.slrn, afit de dblitrbrer sur le os. liirend d i Iretirtlnnonire ; et pendant eo temps Mutes tt oursnite, contre lI nrttpribtb nrer r stoperduee. 10,000 11 et pitr trdolnb trtm a Chlirles 9. Carweil, Esq. soit rttor6 t tourte -prr .tentE r Ie dito cltaoctetr. Par ordre do It Cottr. lBurernos duit Greffr, lo NnrveClleOr:l(np, Avril 27. 1839; tot 3t r AROIItNfI l'r(' r. reoler. TWUUc A n-5 8 hubt.4r t N. tir Tn ro ur ui e I;y L.A Iray I SHAI.L & lRtttWN, 116 Magerinc et 201 l \ ,Ll)Y--Ar invnoce aftsuperior Bradt, vletego nr1,11'20, r ,l aole by SHALL & BIOtWN, niuv I 96 Magazline oa t :, P--Jlltrrr e n ... it r,, ' .,lr..., t . ntir byh myv I SIIA LL. & h lt)WVN,91) Mngaslne l or00 I)ItrICE I.i ANt ASPASIA, by Walter Ravago Thie Clrrinet riti tsler,. try Mrs. iorer, authoress of the " Ilungarian Tlose." F JIOHINS & Co, irnrv I er Si 'r Mlrles o Common ole ] tl i11ti;0Ii)it Ibbl'lthuicnartrn tirre, latding and for 15,000 4 ole by S & J 1' WAlrtt'EY, t trtrtay I 7S.Csmp st )?5,(100 rD ACtN- CI Ititrie or Ct'ritrrti cored sides sod 1" alonl" hders,fr sralo Iry 000 a3 .l·r.;'l', tN AVRIY 83frlenier t 2,0 I' tl )trLuuNE bA'I'El0--50O J.oen gresgin, to store Sfour eselo by A "r.isER, 15,000 a2 i 4Q 'reeier it 30.01)11) ADIE- STOCKINGS-100 dron ladles stock 10,000 | I irgs, in store for sole by 5,000 ai...t . . A TROErya, 34 Groaver 9sr I IA Hgs, in store for oene ty ad-I A TRIER, 34 Gravoer st, SITEl'..i~ L- -A superior aessortmenteceio ed by the Into nrrtvols " consisting in Iart of FEl.'" S PENI, on yards, Ne. i, 2., 44 Dunln I'ntlt P'rl yian, on Cards. Ireat WVetlon nr, l,on do Compesaeting i do do Ve,.ilt dot dog u (ueens, for Posting,l do 1o1 ..,nn do do do do Skinior do do (illlult do horel Slndi.r P'n ill boxen, nond on e urle mollnell do do a-sorted qooliltae ill wnt of Ihellbove by lhocgrlce, card or boxr canll tillll lhl i mtl e nsive inee.lrllo in Orlean at a2l iiAVID Eli,.lT 4 'c- rn, 24,Cnitree 't; I, E.R IN-L' boIle lelandng frnmn ntealn hat I luner, 19,'. .e by A 'IRI'ERI, 9 34'Gorovier at o12 SitlAIL & Iltl1l\\ N, 91 Magazine st NIW\V PUIII.IC,\AI'IONS. In y oiao"aI) .d nGeius uf hoke.penr,b.y Reverend' Conve.ltion 4.l Na. ior nloal Art, withb cut Sterling nrl I'en uddock, or heo Iligh Minded,.by lh autllhor of" 'ireolnil, r," er Tih Spirit ofhlo l'the l, hv 1) Urqlohrt, Erqq. hlvilau the Nahull,'s \Viii I y 31,a Slonlkloot'l S ir W\uiIer cnutl'" \%Vor, lotel it liography, by iJ ( I.lockhnr., sol pl"le in II vole. or Jack Sheppard, let nm.bler, a,b7 IV liar. rlA,, Amwithl with unmeroua dllstratious t Niehoulas Nicklety, unumberb II N Fe JOIINS & Co, p 17 eor St Charles and Common sic P il5 ton E Inglieo bhL hlerd teel, for sale by u A apO S lAtleI. & BlII\VN, 96 lolganine ·e . I -r500 bblns lime. in 1t e .,d for sale byt e 1 11J P L' II)LAW, 66 Camp at I.LIJSTI'RATEI nedilin of Janes an the Poslions,lfi sp hndlid EInae avins. en Ioi.Lui L of Chrles Mathews, Conmmedion;byd re. . MIthelo'e, i 2 vol. just received al for N tle by ho ltmor 2 ALEX 'I'OWAR, 49 Camp st S UNNY BAGiS--l0 baIles 20 bushel ganoy bags, i iT store and for no h by gs all J TIIAVEII & co, 74Poydrs stieee tin K -NEW JEWELERY. S Mr . UELL,IGC Churtresstieel, he this day recei. Sell o oelN li, Sanntogn, i d toz,. enalellad Breast Iins. whlEn will be ofered to the trade or pedlar cnheep ier than ener before, lflured in this city. Alro t51 dosem bnoed Itiltge, of all pulie n, togelher witli a great vrn rilty of lonl* (ii \Voku rcon-i-ling ol Branchel, oing E. r () lllnintgo Loehaete, Chlnti:-,, &c. Thole in want w will do well io exailine llis g nreo nensorltmet. Pita . S. Old Gld nd 'Silver walted. apl S ' TARCII and ALCOHOL--Culgoto'e Starch, 30 ll l boxes; Bach's Alcolhl,311 boxes, for nale by JA VIS & ANDREIWS, s o1t 116 corner Cmntimon and Tneapitonuloeet O ATS-2OO busnels landing front tetamer Homer for s ale by ABRAHAMi 'l'IR .lb;- , a9 34 Gnavierat N ICHOLAS , ICKLEBY-- Noe. , w aad 9: aim S the first six nos in oae part: with a variety of ed very interestuig bhks,Juoi reeivedI;for asle by 1"il A ''I)WAI{,49Canpsat RLl ELANO' i.ITrOGI.AI'lt-lU l'thlK\TI.NtI OF ie- FI4CE, 53 .lagnaiune treet, opllsito Blian' Ar e3d V GIEENE take n orplnure in annountcing to his It. lrintdsd nsti the citizens of Nw Orleanil, that Ie has at nv le,:gih btolght LiLthgraoolh on a pr a il, capper plats ou , nimiug I t n, Iulll theJitiilies tie art Ihas over copper pluta englavieg, ie can exoeute all orders entrulted to hin,,at oie hlanfll te uf egra'vi.g and niaely.n Pri nll llp an ItS ) printing. o eti ltrentnts wtsiinmg tirculnars nelt ont In their own o- londl wvriting,can hobve any quontity t a feo hitrs th notline; or they -viii be executedl for them in a beaAlolul otyle, such ios hoa herntofore given aenersl atifaectten - Iolllllhe Ilonstrs eslpntable conllniolOl honses LIt hia rity. Geut!nimen deolrts of o aving Visiting or Bsin li tns Cards fiislahod in tile beat merno r, will co Well-by eas clling 01 he olieo nlld see npecilcntto. aka Fe 1, 1.39 N B--lunk iles neatly executed, and cletularsn vo printed at ne, hoour'n notion. ioi.)CO A , I.AIRI a.ud Pl'OllK--1511hhda Cinannati ,itl i coted Olden sod ihonulders by 20010 kegs first qunlity Laid ier lt0 brl.l, eoa l'nnk. for antlo by 'nr apI 5 TIETSQN & AV EIIY, t lt irnavler st tl sSAVANA SUCGAR,-37 boes Havana whituogant a 40 do do brown do ladilag, for aale ly m,'2i9 S3 & J P W&ItI'iNEY,7:lanmpat or SPL.iNDID LONDON BOOKS. SiVik[ Superb .leerl Fngraoeaar. -- IIrL''ON' IaorNdiI Lo.t, illu.ltrated by John Vieowa of tihe Hiannl lMounts i,s, in Iudia. Selncl illustrildd Tlogrslphy of. Landop. Mlinilture nlosst i lit Ll ; i. 5:1 vnlt - atolonone of lalture-Flom'rs (aensa lh'n book of Itoyally--Lea daotes do Byron Aldrew'sa le'snns in flower p.lintlug. 9 Ilyron tallery--'l'he ltaide,, by M1is Shorlden. Cycnlopoedlia of p.platr stllg, ime '1he hook of''radon or er'rle ol erefal arts. and ont a variety ofnllendid atlauuls alhbuts and workU ol at a.d lilterture. E JOHNS 8' Co. i "m-9 eor St Charles Sind Comnntm so or. i NU I'1 -i lh i roprielorns of drovs Noa lB40, 11t8. 1734, 510 nin t I1. are roqoestdil tno rotr their n receipl for goods rceived by thbem froati, t ship Tarnm S lit1, withotll delTy to Sw a'o.b2 l PETER LAIDLAW, 16 Canny at -IT SI¢EY-I00 bbll Whiskey, lau f bm V steahmboat Pernia, fir sale I fy 001 G, n (G. BORE .Y, 44 New L ~e.l bu- P IN'IEK'S INK-Just received from barqne PU Chntileer n large ilroibe of Jobhesoan ad bu rant'a news,bonlk, and ljob ink. and for oate by xe21 A TO A R'OWI O. 441i np en n- ALSI-NS-4,v bxera in aloref, oraLte by [ aspril 2 ABRAIIAM 'PRItER, 34 Gravier at / 'l OAP--L :-t-n Ne 1-100 In ttime, for ,ab. S tyh A.tBRAtAL' TRI ER. co april'. 3 -Grnier a:j