Newspaper of True American, May 7, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated May 7, 1839 Page 3
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FJL RNT'?UREISXRWt1 (T!E I J047 teprvtivod at the', Loplsinut Fslothre. Ware nt. tbt I the fhrniture would 'dq til M itattthel articles frothli one-f tht beet and Srgf ttk itw In'the city. W 1 CARNES, 5:31 iernille a N l oP iti le attention paid to packinug d shop ____l___ afa.efetpetee. d6--2w i tY TiERILCHAN S8;. 6iethrtb neat e of lhool and omiscellaneous Ato s ap of luak Blaks, writing bedolettejenpeal n Qoitc, t, & coatnonllt' ol bhuld and f iiald a gd tormas, by ALEX 'I OWA It, SnarS. ,49 Comp st IIC A & HAIL OF ENGIAND--By the i audom recollections of the Lords avd oinp d the Great Metrupoli , 9 volae. 41e lanea and other tales of I,.,eotd 1/ W tI !. traits and torie ofe the I rihll pea -IU l nst receiv l l ai V a r sale Ib t A T'OWA R, 49 Ca(np st E I-0 coile, at aartll e qrt to A' uahliVA 4 ty, ieleiy "ISAAC BRIDGt & Co, ..e - . 2 134 iwagavine at N-I5 casks hams aull sides, for salt by -S DES9--S50 coasks Cincinnati cured in L r e, for sale by i DOtllSEY; at.t - 44 New level OT1 1 L-500O galli n ore nad for soale pri : t Mlagazine st U5--101 bnte No I, ussia, landing boln J Gaston, and ..r sole e by april o a SIIALLL & IllOWN, 96 Mlugzioec at (iALLOW CANDLES-tIO boxes uilhl tallow A . Candles, firale by I B0311) gE & Co, near 21 134 Megezioe st of Jars, Vialt, and, (.[,,__, at wholesale a. woatl, at tt)NNAlt, mar ll Car of Natchez aud 'chait il aloes tit 'ARILELM--300 Molasses barIels in store and for .1.T riO 3 93 Coolllllln at r 4INhE It.ANltKEitt"ltliit5-I doe of bell ti. S ul wotorklilan hip, sent as at til to ibia <maret, p to sale by ABRILAIA.M 'I+1tIEI(, - apill 3 , raver st I PIE-P 15SU conls for sale by RL ' m eril 2 A TRIER, h4 (lrevielrs gIORTUNE TELLEI' OWN ItOK Comly's Orammur--Lelie's cookeIy Bolmer's kby to Telentaqae I'ornr' French spiltlian took Eagllsh Readers, haltand tful bound Wonlostrocht's F'rnch (iraa~ilr Wellt's Waslhinon anlld M.rion Ewell'e medicallr1nn pniaa Daboll's arithmnetiu--Boll rn the nervel Lady's mediocal pocket look Gentleman's meodicol pocket book Malun'e farrier--l'rckelt's rog bok HItle' Inilted Sate.. A ilew and largeo pply toate ,,hevao aaworks jst rr ceaivnal ld opeled for sale oti godl treilns hy t,,9 A 'l'o-a., ,,9,Cnamtl t LUCINA CORDIAL. L - CORDIAL. Il,. IL 1 L' fit, I.'tiD.lg E L'A MOUR.--'Thi Unitidl itatni i Aentlir hI, Luecina Cordial or El Fir of I ,ve, returnus hi graterful aeknnwlederments for nee u .ttlrrio ]at o eii e Mich he has anlrady revcrivrd, nod clisu flir t Ii:tiV Io.ti monials which hav. been senlt him Ic, hlilg Ithe the nI most niraeuloos ,fcaeyv of this hwtiou*,ler mdic:ine. The well fnunded arle utioi i f the Ltuill 'ordial warrants the agent i wthi.rnwiing his loll alie lse. metts; but for tli ibencril tf ithe Iersons who toy as yet be uniware oft its noilre hIl, woluld explicitly' stole that it is Dr. 3ugllhuin'e l,blbited di cnvcri , which has created -uchl a vac:,iti in In,,c--ha i tII speedily reltnres thll virile power.,, lr tley hiver been exhsauted by disease or otherwise, and substarn tinily ren ilvaten tie lroereun l functio s; thlllt it is fili effectnal cure fir the auor ul,-:s; Iani aIlnve il lthat it is the only remedy everediscovered linr tile removal nf impotncyv ine mn- les ln ]urrmulnss i inll lilnent. )ic il Inat venlmly ilvigrine llil s r ilnties, it ii . la o hiln ly lise ful inl gl ret, oltrlllCed, difficult or Ic ' Ii] nIIII .lon, icOntlinellce o llCe urine, Ir invnll r iird tchnrge lteroif, chr, ie erup tion olf the ki, druy l;shil .lnee ieena of the aged &ce. In order thllut all clarsee. of society an receive tnhe tonneli of Dr,' discovery, nIhes Aerien pro relctor in s pla eulsri hlltld tl et Ilt .tlinl strll c be lllill which io l t: Ihni inf orm tin e pride niu, hd i,,i :t d Franle. in;td .in Id I ro iertc . sit, N.e. O(reeats. ]I06nd Mhr. (ibOl(il't .1nrliCI. t harsn radi.und the tf flee orr tehil elEmn Onhir the Nw ()e lcun- slid ti thrIll. tnan Rail Red, Mr dJon Iiampcn ions brew, liht ed inIls place, to Witll aill PIIe - o rhsll lvi , bl-iules with, or wanihing inouloreniiou regarding saild alil oiadll will apply iat the tltil Road Ofice, 'ioydIlrr s rnrt, fly older otf ie oainrd. (Iiglcdlla JOHN NICIIOIio,In aeol7-tf Cushier UPIIOLSTERY &PAI'ER IIANI;IN(; SyTaci Henry Siebrechtl, (forllmerly J. C. Wieks & C'ie) would mean retlecilndlv ionlrm his frlendl ned the public i general, tlt athe tins and is conslant, ly receivinlI a eneral nosormllent tI upholsery tanrtpaper hngcing. 'Thle "llo. i icone g ites a part of his etouli, whidh hr oleras fur sale at wholC s aale or retail on the mnaLt aeconl odatill terns, viz : French velvet and eatin paper, eItent styler ; do htdlfominolt and elolmo, Pnleilelphlia glazerd and unglazed do dor Frencht lalldsecapie, fire boards, blinds, &c. d, vtlvet und rinrstt de do , emoreanas do enlUrs, silk fringe and gallonees n all qualtliets, patternse and prices, worsted Iringes asn aorted pattern. plain and colirtd. Swins auslini latest style plain and rooluated, Catloil drtptiry mestin pilain and twilled, as-orted eollry, new styleo a needle work flr sat cus eionsl fiotetou covers, &c new style cl hell pillera, raised filurea and plain, gilt windoiw ornOmentls If all patterns and sies, gilt eagles hntnal and spears, feathers, &e, glass knob, caelcrt, hair clia, l figured and plain, n lbrie assortment of tovl f r children; large silk oird and tossels, worsted cord and ins. tels, ageneral assorttlent of uplhlalerr niid paper hahgings, eondantly on hennt and fee sale Iat the loweat prices at Non 41 Royal and 64 Custom Hlouse ata. NUB-.-perons in ite city or frot the country, are renpecatfully invited nto null and exanmilne fir S'themselvee. Carpets and curtains miade in lthe aleal modern style, rooms prepared at thie aesqort elt notice, and all kindsl of upholdcatcry work done with neantsess and drepatch. uct3 L IV Glenn's I'erfursreries. Indian D)e, for coloring the hlair ; lenr's Oil, t Russiiais beai's ureesv, pomatur, Michan\'s Fre cle Weas, superior pearl p ider, hltp whi:e, cream of roses, vegetable rouge, oq o rose, lip salve, kreosote tooth wash, cotenc.en trifice, orange lower water, powder puffs and boxer, Atntricao charcoal, neatly put up in four ounce vials, Pres. I tonsaslts, cologne, krenuoal toth ache drops, hair brushes Etalish dressing combs, Indian hair oil, with a variety of other pertumnlri s, &c. For sale by C. J. 'I'IlNCHAIID, oct 3 corier of Canal and Bourbon ets TO TilE LADIES. DR HULLLS UTERO ABIDOM INAL SUPPORTER SITHIS aow instrument for the radical cure of Pro J 1 apsue Uteri, or Falling of the Womb, by ex tornal application, superseding the use of the ob jectionable pressary, is confidlently recommended to the afflicted as the means of a perlect restortion to heasth, it never having failed of performing a curo evon under the most aggravated circumstan cas. It soa received the decided approhation of ' Sir AstLey Cooper of London ; Sir Benjamin C Brodo i; Sir James Clark, Physician to the Queen; Or Ashwell. Lecturer on otidwifery to Guy's lHos. pital ; Dr Rigby, lecturer to St Bartholomews; Dr Grifflth, lecturer to Westmillnter Hospital; Dr Ramsbotham, lecturer to Iondon hospital ; Robert Forguson loecturer to Westminster hospit, al; Dr Styeatntan, lecturer to Middlesex hospital. pad senior aocoucheur to Queen Charlotte's lying.; also by Henry Davies, Conquest Blundell, Lee, Merriman, surgeon Keotes, &n. by Dr Morreau, president of the Aeademnie Ranyale de Medioine, Paris, and Accoucher to the Duchess D'Orltasns; professors Velposu, Marjolin, Paul DubotlfiaS sun and others-and in New York by prolesor J W Francis G S Bedford MI " orewYork, proLs. Dollfield, and j stoI, preislent County Mad Society raesidenat ed sodiety State of N Y ~lteNa~gSton ofAlbany, profs Mar kis, Duaso--Drs 'Thos Boyd, Holick, Stears., Ludlow, Kiamoo, t4y son Van Renesullaolr, anrd many gulh ld physicianos in the U States. A G lull, Office 4 Veassy at. Asto York. 3 A eonataut supply of the above in with Dr Hall's Improved Trusses for H be kept by SICKLES & Co, A G Oarpootr, Natchez; Stone & Mars viUle Baoth and Mallory, Memphis; W ran, SomeryiUe; Hall and Wuithi tt g i M. aye and Hlamittou d s; R L iib Sptwo. hn;Irby, fbHIPPING. " or Europe. FOR LIVERPOOL. A Tle AIcoIIIvceyCfit siling,ccc new q gCc FANNY, Capt. CowcelI, wilt rccivc i cs e lias despatch, laving ith greater 1 art of hter cargct rietgo d. For freigh i r passage apply to n`,7 L. I1(tAl. E, 91 Ccccecect st FutY i~tVEttt'f0i1l. The lfce A I chip StttNtY. Copt CownE, wc'illtlace.(twish indittedeepatcch. For Ircigltt of 110 I-ahes cetice or pasoagc, apply to 1, II GcAfE, PieR LtVLII'Ot1)L. t The A I and, feet sailing chip, ItUit(ON, Capt. tluuocedou,, will receive itmnediato deccpaech. Fer heightt of .0l bholec colt:+n or ipasage, apply to til I. It ti. fct., 93 Cc, mmont t F'(ti( LIVERtPOOc., The first re, A I chit CONGRESS, Capct. Eoton, will seel twite itootediote doe For treigct of 150 bheh, costton cr peecege, apply to oiL? 1, 11 OtilAtI., 931 tttttooo e Coastwise. FOR NORFOI.K & RtCIt1OtNt). T'hIte ocst sailitto pakeht schooncr NILE, (eptaint ItI', will hlat ttotocdiaclttdespoclch. Ftr lrei~ghtof l5-1 heicore, I t pooce, hoovitng lint.! ualcllllllrhldu o aiply to f ept. on board opposito Ancgle ctots or tct S & J I Wttl tNEi', u'bl 73Catoetc IFOR FRIGIIU I' OR tIIARI LI. A The A I test toiliog hrigl 8011t, Captteitn Fowler, 20 llltttc regcie, c'cppetrd oeorllc - .o.i. cr Iccccrecld--,cccsico'( Iitoegeo teifi lcsd ill ccolcccrtccycy in t ohew 'ays to lst' infieltt. :lo cirrit 70(l1 ilcol coprec.ecl cstuto. FOR SALte ot board the botve b'i --100 barrelc JI` prime rume, W C Poapblcrad ; ocd 20 I'inoecpae. Apply on board, opposite Oicsilt cd 1lunici pelity. alil - tll', icSlttSioblecccoltitrot tolt,., Ice foilotcictg Gtoodc. __ tIA't'c-tllf( oeoce c, ittoeohFsilcli, cc snrtod eize. ant! briulllR 1O do hbestNet dt o i, 0O ddo te Not do dco 100 t sexccbest No 3, csootc'cfcsizeeoand hriccce. 20 ado Iltosee, oa suprior article; 51 i,, t'itcc ciutr ia; 11ffdo EIe tra do 20lt doc Irttth net flic tltocce; 50 duc Estcct Blactc Iitc.ccco, 10f( deu llttsikrct &t Cctcey ictcbcrctcdfcnd n trrow brcns, fur Leteetncd ctoontry tcsce-; dudc All ranks oflctlicry ct&,navalj Chjapea us; Is Chfildrens silkitecfd Ilcccin Iletts,oil oizes. Caps-cI.Fct, (Ltter, facr Real, .Nettccccitlcclscc, acnd haiccSere, in otctodozern cases. Settlette. Clothc Cccptc-P'ichick, o 'clta1, Ascil's Ient eloper~, soh topl· Fc,cce~t, cFogc~, Mlilitary undrcfoe, ftc Leaothelr fcccccgiccg. fcifdfen'tIFaoecyc'i tarccc, Pield etttd Vaicvt Cocpe, ttfuettto-Seia Jilk ottd llothtbazice, of tihe eatetst IltnchItos-.oilk ccci cAftncc. oVlilhitcttf l ic ttiitii·, i -ti t clk . nilk Iltun ltrrcl inl,-I'un oe anal Spitulfiehj+ ISr Ille lill PI ii iul.Il i , .. and )I 11enI doubl e ii dry ge nii. ,ftl chi ics elt t . ,,'c ll c II ;i it ccc elf t dt mv~ie, cit~cctociit and clmtte wtt New ctt fccl: totve,''l sý+bscriinl, s will take t Yltlk, illl t .... silllr, w+ s era I'eI xas I at kel"+ t c cc i ttm ccns, ulc) t I h fI t i tctotf lctt. 1l tctttiiic tcoto, Nkac Ycec k, m, ttttti .sne+ý o~be toee itc-,caottccnd Frenchi t'l,,ci,.c bfctc 0 citt11 v. COf , :NataI, Military, oatd Faciitshiionbe lte. 1f:xcllote gra(el, Haul -I $t C~urrleslt s SPLI)NDID ENGLISII BOOKS. I LOAII': GElYldI sllllndidhlcdored Iluats. hIt Itu tlllce of NIr ltPe, od do 1 Finmdn s Laods-ipe luhtratoinls of thel Bible. I rtm G nllerv.i3.6 plates ' .t onodesosll Vows oly the lt hie V 'i:ws thei ITLS -ool Illtiti-h f',es it l .nl lo.d bi lndi).-p t Jus receive uad fur sale Iy n A t (WAR, a t7 om-nt ('tlnt st t VALUtAttiLt E'I;N GL -si -I:dITIONS. I, AITI'r.I:.S o,'tGeologv. S,1 i o tl-lingswi lh works A f .;illbonll'a mllistellu llnleou wolk. l i, ' w. orks-- VYavrrl , l(oule) pIrtuitd P'urry's aLegOll y cau.iael--'ow,'r wo-kt . 8' s Ilo.g.'s t'd s, 8 vols-- - ir (l- les (;la nudliao (Gollllith Alnimallle NLrure-smi--hll Cottages Ill in jl 's I, o i ., hieuCn l dtni lm ll trv ·t . J11)t rtri.ed adl, stin ln tI Ilty A TIt\V\ It. II2 -19 ('tlnnl t st XtIIAN(I' ON ltt ST-tn Nt-fur uan. by 4 t 'lllr23 I I I C G1', 1411 \r^guanourst .IONES' P. ,I TE,'',T C) OTTO.,V (;I1:. it y l lthe I'Atltnc, No. .i \I: ;Liltin e street, New s 0n ll_ 1. p 'T'OUE 1.\ANNt I'ACTIUIIIEI) IN NI\V YORK BY I.U IaIB T' 11(nt : & CO. SC. S LE OF PRICES-DoIblc N Gns: For a doable Gin of U saws or more onI echit nithlt foeftt , ,ns, &. iat 6presaw, ort $90t il Ftor-a DouItle |(in of 60 sa vo ,m at et'limler, oi I nl' saws in tes blIt, lenders, &c. a S$ pcr t aw, or 705 00' SPFordo. uf 40 satwsotn do. or OI saws iu at stalln, st $6 e5 nper saw, or 500 00 Fordo, of t lwson dso. O40 saws inll a steual, .lfj5.30 perw, or 2t0 00 SINGLI, GINS. For a single gil of S) saws or imore, with one set of feeders, bnldt, & t. at $1t per S ftt tn$.18U nt Is ord. of 60 saws, with teeders, &r at $G S it per saw, 390 00 d For doi. of 40 saws, with feedters, &. $6 75 lpe' saw, 300 00 Fo Irdlo. of i'20 aws, with eedtrs,'&e. at $7 it 50 pt r saw, 1t51 00 Exatecth wlere desired, for feleders, suppllie a ~ ill cets tatlt ; tile numlllber ofteeth beltnr aboult equal o tile ntlnber olf saws. Onle set of itcetelrs, it is ont Ssidel1d bowever, will wearu out two or three sets of d sows. Extla saws suppl ied at 8i cents each. The Ginls ordered, will be delivered to the agents of planters inl any of the sea por.towns of the cotton plan '5 thti States, Ii tihe alhoe prices, thle age|nts paving the ;1l'rie;llt ou tile same i'ontl New York, aud beconling re Ssl..anible rti tie amout of Lte Gin. A Ginn wrgit' it uillli sent with tlh Giuns to put themt up wl lre de siredl the charges for whose services will le extra, but w molderate. Irloll rulnnlillng gearean alsobe ortdered where dlesilred, s on reasouable tcts, but wilnl be charged extra. Hors Is tower ofasn y desriptiou, canll be n urnished ln liike terms. Stan l stuu eltlgites call als be orderedtl if Ide d sicndl. t It lieesirablv, when pilaters give orders for Gins, they should ecompany them witn h their views in reg'rd Ato tlar o lugemetnot saws, bIreasts, brushes, &c. It r tis fu nd thcy dlittt , op)illiOll. Some desire sawt of Ir lger diameter th:,l others. The lmlost common size Sis 9 or 10 inches; i . some wish them 12 inches. Some wish 5 or 6 rows tI brushlles on anll axle, while others do li not want more than,tint most. Solne wish saws with 8 or r 9 teeth to tile inch, while othersiwant 10or It. to W uchll discrelaey, we prefer they should, it t the tie of giving orders, firish a statemnt of t their k wis gts, and the ilaufacturet s onlllfll them in every ispartoular. Where it is left to ourdiseretion, we shall nmke them on the most moderll ad approvted plaun. All orlder can le executed, from tIle time it is received, in te se dtofeightt or line weeks, and tIle Gin in that liatine pilaccdi tle hands of tile factor. To be ill time fr o g tile niext rop, all orders ought to be inl tile hands 'io t il nmdoitietureltshii the linst or middle of iay; except e, o Intationt s wlhetore tlhy arelate in colmmoucing to Spiet or giu cotton. SN. i . 'lle Pat n it tt ight, foranlly olle of thie celto s. Itv inlg States, will be sold on reasonable terms. is AIN'rT,01t, , GLASS, BIRUSlES, &e.-Juset I latldillg from sllp Constitution, and for sale-v 16.000 feet ott-ss, bet quality, fronm 8X.iL t 2f o3X2 ns 0 kegs white lead, pureo 350 do green pailnt, in 25 libr. kegs; 24 doz japaned tius obr sigus;60fl0 Ib0 lithragni '°6 doz aSplendid 000011 grouud b'ushes, also of0000 ulld 000 do;'! cases croeme green ill powder, superi6r article P do do in cans; it large assorttln t of nash tools of every o size ad qutlity: dble peatils' r urlist' fat marking lbrushles for nerce.llutS arist's colors iu oil ready ppre pa ,fredius usx ,fitted :'p t ith all necesst.ry brushats; cd artist's tools, &e. ed Flake alUn eitUiy white; 60 eacks gold leaf; white on and yellow wax; gn11 urnlbie; indt at large aud choice as tit &u., for sale,wholesule and retail, at the Iowest prices,-, of by MONItELLI, c 28 58Cap ii st. COTTON CIRCULARS Ir PRLNTED with the Greatest :r pedilion, and Dr n a tyle usourtpased in NEW ORLsEAN, or else sot where. it, Onroas left at COnP rIts Rtonom in S'. Charles Ex a. hangs, (Conner of Granier St.) or at T R U E I AMERICAN PRINTING OFFICE, by corner of Poydras and St. Chalns Sitreets, twill sle prompill attendoed to. bl . 11 M BOAT BIL ! I 'i FOR NEW YORK. A Ner Yorr k u Mer Orleans line. A NEW LINE of packets hIt been established to run between s e r rltana and Now York, to conestt offive first ratle ships, vize: bhip St. Marn, It WFuster, nmaster, " Itepubllica, J G Reusasell " SAulttrn, Ii ' Durrley, n e buildmg, Thesr ship weore built in New .oh k'exp'ossl f orhtehs taude;are of a light drought al 'rmre, mnd will not e.. suliteet tudreention at tilre lar. Their iarsCOUrlllordrtiots fori pssengers comprise all that sav be retqlired for collmfort Lad convesmU e; s nr d thr COllllllders ire Ilen o exp rience. Until the tship nw l) rl iildilg are to:rpleted, two first cltas ships "ill supply t:eir plant . Ti grlente-t +punctualityv ill Irbe observed in the titlr of soiling, alnd every rcuasoauh aeccommoation , odnred to sh ipp,'rs and prlv+engere. or further parli:ulars npllys to Mtskera. Johnson *J IJ tdeu, Ns. 8i W.II soreet, New York, or to joa PITE I'IR I.AItDLA.W, 66 Camp st FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of l'ackets.] To sail regularly as advertised fjom each Port. Tr' E line is at this tmoment comporred of the follow S ill ships, blt cr movre r er ve.rele will Ie puton at an erly day, nlrkirrg ht' trllrrllrsr wrelt's in oll , il:h will lllro ,frer berir dlslr tllrhed flosr llis poret 'very sorbk 'hririg ihr year, thul llrrira r nlrl ir frrr il f ilities foir rrattrorraiio,i arr d at lre lowest rates nfiefiglt. Shii Yazoo, Capltnin 'rask. Al issiiaippi, I" .uiasvio, " Allen. - r Srtoga, t l atlhawoy. I1 untsville, " Eildridge " Sllakeepeare, " Palmnr 'Thie above ships are all of tie filar t :lass, coppared art1 roplrer fiteslaned, of a llht diauuehtl of water, anl] brdiitill N w York expressly for the trade,with elegllt accolnmmodationlls for pasrgers and collralnded by tale an;d exprlirnreaed Iiators. The price of pasage is fixed at $911, withoult wine, or liquors, amnplla tores in every other trriculaur will be provided, anld evlry utentlit given to )omote tile comflnort atllose saiittng to and fro inr the lire. The shis will all at nltes lhe towed tIr anlid down' thie river, aod the greatest tpunctualiy observed as to their day of sailln e Neilser the owneirs o contains of tlhse vessels will Ire reallourible for jorwelr, lrinllion, preciots atllro e il vse or dlated ware, Irealtkge of ginsr, hollow ware, marble, or granite, coopelrage oil tint, raust of irlon or steel, or forany letters, ptrcel or prrrksr easent by or luts lI board of them:l, llr rtIS.egnlslr hills o' lldilg aree taken fir the same, andl the vanlue thereofexpresded. Fotr freight or pa1slglCe, appli to miar21 J A ES B3 IIUILIN,74 Cainp st FORI NEW YORK. IIOI.MTES' ILIN' OF I'ACKET'S. 1"slnil .evoery Moatday f'rom part. IThislshlri Packet haIve bsew iscresed to slev rn firt Fhi sll, col inetig of r Ship IAs/rille', Capitain W rood. IeAra. Cat, plai E r.i l elnn , Alabmaar . C(uatltail . llry, Orer Ship, -- ai n NS S ler+ A'srr /rit jr, - lstraill "1" 1 r ria. tal r Iris tr.l-rlltr ele ofl' lilrt dr rtrg orf wsa )PirPr, td alm inrilbli cro ie bar wi. ut de .tors e r Ship ---t- will 'l \l o ldhe uise. 1ueery tirton ihi d trt.he e mfv are. of ihelt drugtio of wo lion 'fI her paoiet arte cobnliaded by Cnlptitln .oul ex Irrneresd ill lle Ii adr, and will alwas xert thelselv.s to aetnlrmol;,to. 'elrrt will lrt ovI he towed up a lnd down the rrter, rid sill pl tlllpll sail a' advortised. They hoart hiplislanely fullllihCc(n ICCsLhid r li ie-, d i, ol, D tlmo esa f tIi first duali tl will ui.ay.s ie furni h icb and every tetioe Illd tia dt the comfuortr nd satiafmrction of TIre piere of the cabin is flxetl at tll, wihholut wille o r t gl h 1 r . For fIraner rparticulars al: ly to A COtItFEN, lvO C.ll ,, nrmn r r reset LT'lt'htr hiire are not ocerlra'lririel filr lltrroaklg. f sills, hIlholw w~irel , murble or ~illerrt r co rreIn e. o'f til r t rlust ,fitun or steel: Ilor respalillnra irle tir attn racka.le or pIe l I01" lon d IInl , r Irr leqr a relsllr s ;I 1 r tllf dlllttg be sigr drl therel itr, rt lle ,rflhc:wofihe lar ents. - - or the Interior. FOR [1AYI'IU SAIIA K1e, star Peekc(. c6 p The 11oicid 'e. eteamboat r - ili-;4'"BlLi bA1 N'l', Jc~so har ma stier, sill Ie:ue Nec Orieans eveiy Wed.. cIIadeu IIii o'cck Ai . 1. for Iate 'ni o&oeveIy euud i nocok A. Ill loinig In:cat lw i 'mndiiy'. bieiio in:itt"t sor a g aipply to COapti. eirt on bnir.l or to P 1,5 oDAlMS & WIIITAI.I. t^ 1J 0 b NtidtS COUNrlINd ROW S3 dii lihi ci ii ecu ii 150 rlo r, unit 6 D""vu )wi ll e Infer lin i't11i 1. doieif lii de l .ite do 1510 do CTt ell prat 75 do, nlsolinee1 luu do lilt) do i'., rp d ill iii baniittpost 1ii eioi llll ei~iiiiqutis idiil Allu ie Ig i iiiiii e i sold~l lue, t close a CU itilt, ti; bi lý1:1 Int. :iii' L1 itte-- tcii le byOlimBuite, lamn SIluatl·." bureurallr!-w'ur·ds~ll L~V Miss B I:sBllo, dreli Siate it Ilelb icy cIiin , E1-q. comnipioued by (. 1' Sn uont i iiiiiiiist'ii iitaiiii ruPeieiilsiitiiihe grciiitei al. it Ruse il' heus New ,ork cnueeils, 1,t1. corner St Clorlesei&i Ciiutnul sts Utut ItI iiuinS-:ii iiiiiiiisi'ii o iii Ginhaumili ii .J Irti cnpiiug ii iiiijtpleciiosleluiiulit cuidinge nný12 1:34 3lo~nei1"e st. NE1 Vi ulL) AN-n & i lItMItI. l'UN 1111.'I ROAD flean Carrilliiii. I Piiiuii N Orleans. Ihoreie Curiiat o'ilotet, "1. MIllrse Car el 5 e'Flnck, A. Lii, i'io 'ii. ucomoli 7 11 111 1 SAfeer IU '."lor.k 11Curcsr be obtainedI by paying6 10 do lure lilr thP q·1 lo. t '1'lll: J.he`KKjSN AND LACOUIIL S'TRZECT CiESO 1,-,C .I I ii cud Ciiist ititiii liojC tick , A. i. a id run I eIuiddy. , Dolt past 7 o'elouk iris vac w i l l cotntaenllcu `smotel every null Houllr, nold conll l ls throughout th Ie day snalil tl o'elo 1'. All. fo hhe fnko lct Ilee-att gems by thle Llosssotlv s must provide themselreves with Tickets, as no noseyac will lie takea by the ,,e lister,.l C Ilicr N·, Orlellla and Carruloll lo, 1uil (tod Clolnpin), Po)'draic stset. JOiIN IIA5IPSON. _______w __ Chlilitig. N.O IC R.R I ItNKN e: liNRIS &lule. bsospldrro-Jiot re 1 A ceive t by Irate a irriv ei, on n llolnent of spiiii, Servats, sunsinyer stocks, gloves, and -uisii'dis, nsi the e eBizir, .ourersof St. Chlrles anid C'eeumon sitosoie. o a22 BUSH & ALLAN. TO J.IERCILJ.?TS. Bank Checks, BIlls of Lading, Auction Y Bills, Pamnphllets, Show bills, Cata logues, &cc. &c. k I(j Iit·:RSfb, the Abose, me l cooe othier de, rat rs' sof EfPtIN PING~f receiooed at CssputtsgI R ofL'IRUEt AMIEiII)AN," ii Sc. CosostsI. Es It C s,' Iroior setoe, or altte Pri'tinig .o l)Riieo, couer onf Pso i n soil St. Cblurles g-eeils. Exbunsij'e and bsifclifjl tBooBe and Jos Foutsl 'at / rut thie best Foundries in ikeL Unitiedl Stesiec, heeojut been added io tle alreedy well-stoiked Estiiblishlimen; --isl Onions trill bo execuied as Loi, as Otieupli, st Expeditiously osd Beautifully, as it ony othor Dtlice it in the City. 15 - -__________ ____ e) 1O lI11OICIER.S (1N' PAlES~tT l.EVERI D11i'ir~i id ES AND MOV'EIMENTS. tn. tIey ac n iten to receive ordslrs le First Qsuliy y It ish, n ithe hest pý salle trans. Paiiittns horwussled, on a resphctushie retierene biing aptioa Hr 17 : ACON SIIDES-SOcalluis , ieinnatu croiid, lans tuen from stemer s luletjitt f ir .C ale ly s mdr u lo-tGbsiC, II Nets L.evee b, EAIENT-llsiliiie in liii) Reuiet forstile ib' 0 ar7 SEAIIS 1. It-SeleIW 7 lienk Tide, PltSiK3 (l:ANI)tIL.ulea bu . rtebta, - SJ nsselold bcuds, for sale bn aptI 51 BtllRi l 5e 15C 114 Mno soil Id FI slubscri ber ttieo d lur iale I110 biuto FltiiijdO 11 illsWhiskoy' 50 casksk Lena Sides; 50 oslk Bnustio huusldoers Tboissksoi'ouuied Hams. spill T'HOUS IIBITILLEN 74 Coup E I' steamer t sEmpress, for sale by (: I)t)ItrEY. dpi"b ___4 dNews Levee R!ICIt-3b late, rice, lis i sa lip A I1 ill"R, II Giorsec it L I""' PR1ESEI1VERS--) t TI.o:ii d U. suiaetioll article of life presetisrs at tIe. huzou lilt B LL Ci iiii TRUTH IS MIGHTY AND WILL PREVAIL: IT T a nfact that 1,000, of S qarsaprilla Blood Pills have 1 boon sold during tih past six months. It is a fart--lhal they are tlkeu ill inutlnreroblo insallces to obviate otll .onrrset tile misclliovou andd Badeffct of qgnacl pills aldi utber qiack tllltdteis, by wiich mlltay livoe aru e lndlnered. It isa tlett--Tl'ht all qutck me liclnes contain millnerp l ot mItler try, vhich uvck thlltk ' Iiut t kill or curet " and Irust to th'te effect td i " tho or il b W|.b & Pi S a IlCt-- iltiiti Itmro , tUqPIiii aud foreignT impostors crall llhelnseves delur+,thattthey ll ily AIm ea t'gctUtbly itmpose tllhi vile and dallgerous prelprution lilt the pbllihc, carilng nothing fir tlhe coun.equenace, so that they casll olly pocket th-ir ttptlil gitn. It is a fct--Thlllat thle u i t. and foreig iiptors W llO noew infel olr COllltry kIltow nthillng of tlhe natUl't of lledl iseilbe, cllhk ley. about d lsCase ttt ItUIsIIllldi .ytlbllt. r I tt fibufilt--'tlhty elre plt ll iilrlrly eIlotlti i tthe follow-I iulg disensos, all ol which are imaore or Ices .aused oy ttnpurlties t b~tyil BY-N1 .l ililliilb.s(III1PI. of the blood ind altnimat t utd. flaey 5tRheumatic fflictioltt ; Ulcerout sores ftlhy bI se,t t roal Scroftla; Erysila; nll body JTu STce; [irtblur; Scaly eil'uptils and blottles oi Diseases of the liver, skin, tile skin; i !luuan d glouds; Dry and water pimples, and Fain ofthesltdoe, along the psutoles of the face mlnd of e Sback alnd spIne, over the thn body;(i regioni of the leart aid Tettorand ringworms; ton hlal; Sc ellilug alnJ hardetllg of tlhe Inwrod 'overs, had rustp in glallds l' t:+e neck, ithlle i the -Ul~tth, tel breath; grons, breat, Arc Flxtulcney: lndige.toou; StolOItCb co~ugh;l; WonII of npetito; I.-Lrrcuplmnpullt Sour ellrclioll and ncliditiesuf the stoool:ltb; L\Ylltrbl'l b,&c., ILECO.MIVENID''OI:C FACT:: : It is a f.ct--Tho only proprietolr nld IolhUmfctllt:+r of the Sttrsa)umrllla blood pilbs. oI a regular physclran it, well a. npoth ecaryl, ·tlltsteld by bhe Iost ciebrutcdph.'sicluns of the Ulnited Statesl. J)u tors Physlclt, (Jhapmnu, Jaeksot, C ihs.llu Deweels, Iflirt, dallnl,, flul'nrr, Cro., &c. * It is ,t luot--'l'hat tile Saorsparilla blood pill, am rlompl,;r ed I t rile r .tore f hlally piIVsta~ialI., an o+el) oftit lt0 reco t iletdeci y +y iy lhrau;:o.h, t fh U aLutel.. (See d Iec Oililol ace~ll ipml ying ecl boa of pills,) Ii i , t t:tet--They illbe ;llllloped eutlir'ly ,>f y:.rgtnblos, nnt thley sru waltrlotPd tLu oetaullll io Iilrcury or ouilllltli pre palration.. It is u fart--Tllyay lah taki-li by tIbe mllrt delicate, nud nlt oil age+; without restraint of ,+cupoal1arie or hrU- ,-..; "dmihout fearofltaking goul di without change of dielt o rellaint fooits telnperncc atulg. It is. at;tt--'They will not by their operation, wliicll may be mild or uative, necoIrdlg o thile qotltllltty tllktell, wooken thl system so tu lluh as s iltlo of tile purgati, o iltciciile g ncer- t ally d o, It is a fact--That th1.y ape t!.e most effectual PULI(IEIE1k O 'T"LE BL, OOD. ANI RIENOVATOR OP l Tilll S1STE3 E ver discorrred Al~o, conltltultional disinases, produced by luereury, cr t Ilh l llirals, i+ tihe cL seqlacii of aypbtllhs, loos, Vlelial[, &t' &e. , It is ,, foet--That nover in a single ilnslunee have tley been nollowl to hlr-. "od, that theIy did nlot prlldtc-e a good rll.ect- curlllng tltl.Uolld., elnllly of WllOlllm WOr Ibefore coniderod inCll |=able. It is a fct--that. one, box'of. arnnpari l pills nnd ollobntllc e oftlle CueO m)(llllld Syrup ofSrarnprdllht, isll uIClellt t to core any, ull'la "hour dt.l~etes. I1 is a flcl--Shllld be Ie.berved,Wl attleeonly plnce they can e obtailied gelnUine ii N.. Orlions, 1. ito l CustmOlllbO s.trie:t. L ba|.ril I IL Nou. 96. BLOOD i BLOOD ! i BLOOD ! i t I t. Thle vital pl'Uleplo (Life) is contalied Ill tho blood. B, J+lood Iloakos Iblod. Ld. Every Illnig ito tile body is dcrlved folm blood. 4th. All oo£1..ttutiuo. arc radic~ally thile.0nc 5thl All di00a: .+. llrle fronl Imlpul1lty ul' 'the bluoel, or ill orb+ er words, from aerilllullmniot hlumor,. l,.loed It tlhe body. Glh. All tilso blllnmors ore c rlxied uol', tle Ilhl lrd }lurified atld Imdlld hnalthful by the saisaper, la that aIIlIlllates with 71h. Vegeltnble purgtltves alout tssi'ilatc with the blood. IIPUR ITY ,fthe blood is w ll known to be olne ofte great i of l'dizenr,. SARILSAPAIIII,[A Is wltl o llOWnIi tll ItI the iostflflctual, purilier oft bhlotlheblood l ll d d of the ln s ( syateuI il extoten,'e. It is the: pl'llcqpal Irmedml a.cant in all I J.,,l,-~ail,( atholicono ll, t other pt eparatiuon. It to usoh,.., thlrlu lu to I clllllllc41r t oII Its vil tills: h iley, lnio lln wn [I ItlPVII Iy 0l0e as every tl ...p, r is tilled with ud~ertl nltlellt Uillpel- - J Ilit %V S I Iit +lo .,tsd e tet el a prot e., kllrXl ott o ly to Ili""n -,l;' whrre:,y it in t ll I/olh:m wit ,, r well klUu i 5 tr rdal a2 yC1. with uLt drct rI iu [ll; Ill tl ruets u1'lhP lr M liu rlS, l r lllun ig . (rsa/l + rtl+t .,r 1+lend l' l,.. W ith ih,, t:.lrp: rill ti . earlni broo*'da .l o l~ d o pu'b'lutl IllU· r e t lC by it, .af,'t gradl i +l ly . ,n ,,stt ipere, t iby earrirs oil " te gro~ .ntrot morbidl lluliioilu u Ill-ll ll tiro... lu bhlood by the s *aarlsnLp la. 'tlPhll pill. do aint purge. u violeutly as IUmt pIls do. whtich pros- t irate anld redulce ther system.. reI del lulg it moure Ilallle to it ease, wlrketlllung thl: systelm; l mlld making dis:cse to take s, troung., or., ilolld klillg or desttIyg thdlltllosands; ill sallmrt it lu~t be . e tt hat purging,; to ,iioely a..l in 1110do , tuhit nle llhllllLCrtIrdE by quaeks lld oilrelgll illllplorr 10 e itS .,m y I .....ou. ......eir ......eul.... as merury d tam. orals. brom the l circul tace of tile .eorsprill bing ioi d oed inl , Inleillng eaoy . tlo , ano d o v, ellie ll, t fr curl, Ing I the 1til:l tot le I. cn) I preparatl ons of thI e sarooloalrllht tohey lust eventually take the place of all uother prelrations of Iloth Ie lteoregoing h1vt elicited numerous testimonials ron plIytoc lu ulnd ,lthrr, which ,e o lllo iy tile direololl, alnd are eunlidelltly reeo llnleded in rheunat;IC ill'rctaiells .1 overl tle region f the healr l tod lllt o oh, lil ,id ver s, baid t.te o the io uth, lot h1re1tol, at. letIIop ioldigslio , W~lllt it Ilepntile, sour terutl lOlls ulland relitd y of tlhe stlltlch, blet euu t dlr ,e of Ih. nosy, throa al, bl,dhly, raly oralptiolli altl blotches of thle ,kltl, dry ttnd waterv pIr uples and |purtlels of lhlr ae lJ od, totter and rlllagworia, aWeoIII ·ing ard elliogl of tile glanllld o tlo neck, Il tile ollin, breast, &e. e'llAlch. cougllh, liver cos nlap llt, wo a lr,l el,, ahd :1a l tile whtA trEain ofdlsa-es roultlleAg roeat lipurity of tle ,Iood, cootalltal Bel dleanse )lo, tted b l dy bIeor ol.aei cralx. moIrt e icalot.a pi, wlier of the blood Ii, atlwer o sillu sI ar aaor5 e lu. ',tl'ece, it 1... . "theu ifall physici ... re............ it . o . ...i vl hIrsll", nht Ibutler cvadoece t:,l awe have of o ts l tder toablo e1u [" gi n lt. hIlol e(I og Iblnlle , ', the Iolt remarkablea lull, e.r IoIllouP m a ered by lmral Cr)l1, Sl,! ol,oi ,-ul- d sItallo o , NI) !lo (mUiOcl Haiotse street Ne. (r;ca.,.. (h"'' ll()oh ;Illla d illl WI tk"illtiml, oelOl lllta, e uliOllr O tlhe sin, .:rt Ilmg of rlr glltelud,, I alcllue.% d &Cara ,, \ Ile ma sr, un+ •nu) td iu~tage A., l a utlie oitlO lt bV'Ip lioga J3"m Pattouding lhysican omasny Il e onsult l R ld to 10 HA r, Auufrom 2 h to3 Bt l aIi(l f.o, i to L D0 al Ill evoci g. C(obt )l.';r '.?l'Exn~1d' GiboTNO. J h- : ,Alt- ttS. C . A Isx Italls I tel, Srt (:hallos st. a llr I 5 if rll nllr ccar nr, 1 kill lngalks, ]borne, VioUh's dll chihh'tqa'a bEwial(n in- It' Sllopers, n e lndigpu. froml shlin a2 l raceslnld, tsoir t0I1, s hy w lai 1 1 ; I1 (;: & ('o, 13,1 31ita zine st l.ou,, & h I'; 0 t V--p 5 caskv dath.h 13 oi)rels put ti iell b10ddle, lanldil',r fl v n Pick t ,ttleol, arnid fior sae bIy JAILVIS & ACN)ullo\VS, alit cu r (b10 3'1, o c 1, e hOllt l pit onllaI ts i I UI M .Il.h\l(t. tlud liquorice nodI mauot-1cases scfin'dl'dkey got, J tabit:, 5 do liqht once hnrede, and lake lat I i, olllotl o r sal J bv j tIyV1S & ANDRilEWi, or E o. o 11 a 1.i , p t'llEt" hl ,-Juslre &g eoe, od SAlt l.e: uI OtL-r too,1n0tor01 - ni ciotoofog per barque Chanticleer, for srol l by o1t3 StlAI I, & l IaW\\ N, 096 %1onzho ot 1' Ic6:1 LANd IneIS l Lolles JoIs pn0te00t, anll 9 fir sale by SlHALL & 111iOW\'N) a13 91; J1aesazhee st I tiA iiS-Ayh)0110 Pritfciioe (eigoro, hiu 1 l9oihr bowxs ) fhorsolo biy ISAAl U 1R1iec &1 Co. apl 5 131 o Ilaguzi ol st . 1y UNNY BI\GS,--'25I00 Gunoy 1Bas, . l21-02 and _a1 3 bushel size,, in Ilole ntl oll'roh,, for sale by oor'i.i I IR1DG)I & Coo, 131 l1ogazlae a sTATE OF LOUISIANA-City of Now Or. loans -Be it known, that this day befolre ow, Joseph Benzalteso Maork, a nlotary palelie, in and for tshe city of New Orleans, Stole of Louisiana, aforesaid, duly commissioned and sworn, Personally calnl and apenared Messrs. Charles Diamond, Monroe Robitaille, Soleenon olighl,Janes Sbhoty, Martin Doyle, William Edmuonds Turner, James Patton, Adldison Thoman s Plckrell, Robert Hare, Ashton Baber Cox, Thomias Darling, jr. Robert Breakler, Alexander Gibson, Joseph Chaine, SAugustus Wltzel, Robert Hoey, (Charles Jaqoeos I Perreau Noutterm:ua, tLlus Adolph Gunst, Williamt ilMorris Carlter, Daniel Clark Osborne, Johun1 Sphy. rock, Edwin Cooper Sloane, and Josephl Sott Slene, all residents of thlis clty, who declared I That in confortity with an act of thie Legisla. ouro of thie State, approved on tie 13.h of Maree, eighteen hundred anld thIirty suvel, enctitled an act PTo autlhorie liluitcd or anonucllnoLs partner. I ships, and to regulate thie sato."' And also in con Tormily wi h an ordinance ofhlle Council of MCIi, eipality numbelr iwo, of this city, pessed on thle second duy of January, eiglhteen hundred- and tlhirty.eino, for the purpose of establilhieeg a ferry nnar St. Mary's Market and conuected witlh tlhe city of Latayettu. They the said appenrers hove engaged, bald do by tlhese presents agree to enter ileu.thco followig licoited or anonypuous partnershllip, under thie claus. es and eonditiens fiollowing to wt : Art. 1. Tlhat tIhe, toe, titla, and style, under whitle slid partnershlip is to ho'-ecnduced shall b, ThIe St. Mtary's larket Sletea Fore Comnpany; and that the plae wheroe the said cor tpany is to be located, shall be in the city of New rlaa Art. 2. 'that the descri,,tion, or itd of busi. t ness, o, icndustry to be carried on uno r said style by tic directore, leell ho " to establi and cuuoltin. .ue to rull oe o mnore tal fe te in f'orcety withi tlthe ordicaneo of 'nutnb.,r two, and for the towieg of 'tlce tralsportatslu of erha en, or cross tlho rieor." S Art.3. 'That the amount of een pay shahi be tellty te the.t tveiege of eUe. flg thd son d dlvtd,.d in .wo bhuod dred ollars -ecl r aaptblor "rshore Witzol; fle shares; said Robert fIoybiheshare.; said Charles Jacques Perroau Fonteirsan, ten shares; said Luis Adolph Gunst, one share ; said William Morris Carter, two shares; said Daniel Clarke Osborne, two shares; said John Shryock, five shares; said Edward Cooper Sloane, five shares ; said Josepuh Suett Sloane, five sharee. Art. 5 That this partncrship shall cormmence from the date hereof and the same shall terminate its operatlon and wind up its concers oni the 27thl day of February, 1841. Art. 6. That there shall Le three directors ap. poinled to transact the business of sa d company and adminicter its concerns. Art. 7. T'hat the powers with which said direc. tors shall he vested, shall he to elect from among themselves their own President and fill i :,' vd:tc;. cies, and a majority of whome shall have and ai hereby invested with full power to raeeive and pay all monies, and to do, or car.e to ho done, all that is requisite to the conducting of the business of said company; and the President, Iy and with the consent of a majority of tihe Directors, is enrpow. vred to issue tihe note or notes of tele company, for all dematlds, purclhases, or contracts on behalf o of said c.a prany, (couneersigned by at least one of the Directors) to accept all rights, privileges and! soforth, rl y be ec.ntraected for by crmajority of said Board of Directors, and to convey in like I manner the sanic. Art. 8. That the time of duraion of the service t of said Directors shall he for one year. Art. 9. That when the aoid company shall have , arrived at the period, when it is to nxpile, all the concerns and afftirs of the ,ame shall bre wound I up and liritrid.ted by three commissioners chohen i by tire Stockholders, andi selected from their own body. Art. 10. That the powers to [ie exercised by the Conrmissirners entrusted with said tiquridatron shall I be as followa, to wit:-To receive a,ol pay such saln or seas, as may be due to or by the company, and give and obtain acquittance or acquiltances therefor, and to sell the property of said cormpany, aither at private sale or by public auction on such i terms and conditionas as to thm may seem fit and advisable. Art, 11. That the dividends of the clear profit, I after paying all charges and expenses of the conr. i pany, shall be declared and paid to the Stocrkold!- I ors, eemai.aonnully. First reserving 10 per cent. of the profits of contingencies. Art, 12. That a general merting of the Stock. holders all rules and regulations, as regards theo time of elections ofofliears anrl the number of votes each stockholder shall give; and any other i i matter re!ative to the welfare of the coreparly, not contrary to the foregoing compact, shall be etred i into, and thle rules and reirglations aforesaid, shall i be denominated the Blye*Laws of the St. Mary's Market Steam Ferry Company; and the same shallr be bininng on the said stockholders, and their res. i pective heirs or assigns. Done and passed in rmy office, at the city of New Orleans, aforesaid, this 27th day of Febrtuary. 1839 I in pre*nce of Daniel J. Ricardo arnd John lOwen,, c witnesses of lawful ago, and domlicilated in this I city, who herernto sign their names, together with said parties and me said notary. Original signed-J-.rhn Sbyrock, E. C. Sloan, Jos. S. Slnho, Charles )iamond, S. liigh, IRobert Iley, A l Cux, James Sheehy, Angroat \i'etzol, C. J P. Ftrrnterrao, Alex. Gibson, G. Crhai',e. MI. Rtbitaillte, 1) C Osborne, L A Gunst, lRobert 1I ere, WI F Turner, Wem M Carter,JaLrmes lrtor, Th'us. Darling, jr. AT Picekrell, Robert Breakey, Mairtin Dniylst, 1). J. It.cado, John Owens, Jos. B loearks, nctury rpubhc. I certify Ihoe fregoinrg to be a tor copy of the origial act eaxtanrt te my carrenl regaitrr. In faith wheroof, I grant itrse prsents ulnder ly signature and seal of ofice, at New Orleans, llis 2811t day of February, 1839. [Signed] JOS. 1. MARKS, aprlG Notary Public. 'lTA'r DE LA LOUISIANE--Vllo do la P- Nouvella Orid ,ns, aujourd'hui devant moi, Joseph Bt:tozaken Marks, notalre public, dans ct pour la villa et paruisso do la Nouvelle Otlians Etat de la Louisiana duelcent appoinlt et jur6. Ont personnellhamont compardo M essieurs Ch rles I)imcnd, Mion o Rlobitaillte, So'omtn fligh, James Suchy, Martin Doyle, William Ed mrunds Turner, James Patton, Addison Thomast Plckroll, Robert IHare, Ashton Baber Cox, 'Thomasi Darling Jr. Augustus Wilzcl, Robert illey, Clharles Jauqnos Pdrreau Fonterman, Louis Adolphi Giunt, Wilbuom Morris Cartes, Daniel Clark Os. born, John Shryocki, Edwin Cooper Sloantt, et Joseph Snett Sloane, tous rdaidattt on cotte villo qui decilarant. Quo -aonformdment a un ante do la Legislature ce cut, approuv6 le treio. mars mil buit cent tronto sept. intitui ul u acto , pour autorisor los as ociations limitden on anonynue ct los rdgler." Et aossi conltrlllnlluet at uta ordre du col.ell dt la so. con a Mutlcipaitl die cote ville, paos6 to dcux do Janvier mil buit cents tre:nto neuf,'pour 6tabhr ttn Ferry prb.t du Marchl Sauite, communiquat t avoc lato vill do Lafayette. .es ci dOasus pairsones prdsente se sault at-orad et tdmoinanot par coei qu'ils s'accordent t former unu association anotyont ou lnildeo ousa lea clauas tconditions quitrtoo nt. Art. to. Que to no:n stout leqtul cotte cotm. pagnie str couduite, stra-La Ctllopagnio du Ferry i Vapeur du Mar6td Sto Marie--t la place do crtto Compagnie cora dans la villa do it Neu., c t volle Orhlao. i Art. to. (Qu I'alf.airo ct lo but do cotte C omlt pagnic secont d'Otablir et nmtate on luiouvema. til ou pluiecurs Frrts a vapour confortlurlluint ih I'ordr t e la seconde Municipa 116 et pour lacilitor la transportation des ntarchatndisen at reolarques I los navirtc dans toute lWs directions du fliuve. Art. 30. Qua o tno utant du capital de crato Compagnmt sora du vingt mille piastres, conoer vant to privilege to l'aungmntcr jusq ~l quaran'e mille plastres. divis6a on dux cents actotns do rent piastres chacuno payabie coomunte it tuit. Trento piastres otmptant par action, et to reste au temps ci dessus lloltnds do la date du frag nlant, Dix piastres par action a soixanto jours. Vingt pilatroes par action bs eit vongt jours: Viugt piastres par action atsiz mtois. et Vingt piustres par acton a neuf nlois. Art. 4. Quo los ntems des nctionnai e, ct le iaontant do lours actions oent, sauvir : au dit CIt Dimond, dix actions; a Mlonroe Robitaillo, dix neuf'naction; A Sboloman lhigh, trente actions; at James Sheehy, dix actions; 0 Martin Doyle, tix actions; a \VWlliam Edmund Turner, dix actions. a James Patton, dix actions; a Add son Thoomas Pickrell, dix actions; 0 Robert latre, dio action; Atshtou Babcr Cox, dix action:-; a Thonuas Dor. ling, jr. dix actions; A Alexandro Gibson, ciea:q c. tiont: at Joseph Chaine, cinq aclions; 0 Augustus Witzel, cinx actions; i Robert Iloey, uoo action; a Charles Jacques Pdrreau Fstaerman, dix actions, lb LouIs Aduoph Gunst, ueo actiunt; a Willi m Moirris Carter, doux actions; 0t Daniel Cl.rkoe Os borne, deux actions a John Shtyrock cinq action; a Edwin Cooper eloane, cinq actions; a Joseph Cooper Sloane, cinqactions. Art. 5. Quo cetto association commenccra do crtto date et terminera les optrattono do v'igt sept Fevrier, 18i1d. Art. 6. Qu'il y aura trois d;ractcurtpour diri ger et riglor ta uaffairosa do cott Compagntic. Art. 7 Quo to pouvoir dent t:s diret.uurs 5c. ront votu, sera d'dbrc parmi eux un Prtdsdent et do romp ir tonics les places vacantes et dnt la mna. joritd est votu du pouvoir do reevoir ot do payer oaut goent atr do titra tout co qui cot requis, a tin do coaduire et d'administrcr les afflires do Ia dito Colupag.oic, et to P1.ctdult ave 10o ctonsCa elent do duo tla mjoritd des dtroctours, sora votu du pu-. voir de multre lee billets do la cumpoagie pour routes dcmundc on cuuotrats o fvour do la ditu Coamplagie pour toutcs l:s delandes ou contratls on Iavcur do la dito Compagnie, contre igud par au oiaa, direct dos diroC d'a cpter touu los droits, 'ritilbges do qal poarralt contracter la majuriid du tscit do d os dalrotebrs, et d'ex.-ddeor lu metce. Art. S Quo la duod, du sdrviceo do chaquo di. rectcur sera un an. Art 0 Q . quand ceate Comtpagnie sra arrivie au terlne do hou expiration, toutes sea affaires so. rout hquiddes par train Couumissairos clu par let actioouaires et parmi cux. Art. 10. Qua lo pouvoir dent aeront vetus leo Commissaires it qui on cunliora la dato liquidation era onlllle suit, savoir, :-do recuuir et de payer touto summle qu durst a aolpaggtflo ou qrlt ;ul sera due, de donnd et do recevolr quittance pour col.t, ct de vendro la propriS'6 do cotto compugniao cn vonto privdo nu pubhtq.. sulous ios ternuos at coul. dittos qu'ilsjtugrout plus avantagau~ x a 0l Coam. irlt. 11. Quao '. paicral toug les six moit deux actionaairo lea dividlndes des proitlne;s apries touts ltoes deoposes de la Compagipo , reservant ur csnt dos proli'a pour s c"au-i ac T~glE IIAN'S PAA CEA. ('or. Žfl NŽŽchecz and TaIroupitoulas ats. 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'hurci, "an, leum ed bouum 11del',~n, oldth.,h-.I :litheathaul 1'tu ,;titcn nldi-., ntcce1 l~d11..1gr Fu allyS~omupoahen~ura al ~hr o yue.,dar,. irl Wil henlpl,:A o t ,,," "ell utd t uoet ,it ~h iiU ix wim f~e:;ld i, a phcl ", ". , thng l~ t ,rrJxi~I cro u~g"x wtb,,tth l~et~hJiwof,"hal I, ~ak" som R(A, PIOUTATfE IADfit I' rI.'UAY VArAscULa, I'AINa In ''~ unbr, hrUfroo(ao ;UUU a~nI ; pefel Pp.iidt Ath,., ,UbyU. dUrsuoU,,I.M, Ott,.,., tad IUUPatiabty ttt UUIYE thUPRjPUU IUlrjlttU ntd OUUrttUc ttp rigtUU poLn IIUU tA N~y, UUitUprpIPIPIUats~t, ,1 UJs to td,.,f,.lltp, I. a,ttt dii .Ip Aelty tpUpttsil,g Il UPtro tt,6. iOU, c.,U ttIlttA op.,rru UtCI thiIfftb~ UJOU * PU'Uto,tUlIhU..lttlgllitUo..ty ton -iIiU IU6 HuIUUlpP~tA,,UUU,UU ibs .d ,UU1tJibteEPP ot Ill *huo tt.'.,jttA In irtils .UUtilUSIUI tA. 'La tUUU Il tttei tfttty~.Utltc t IitUUIUSW't* It II ('IU, kUIP iytt PtUlI t~t Y~tUA.UttttO OIItIt hip tto'"UtUI.U U,,UU, U~ tU'i'O~tit htntIIU hUl I~. UttttttY rr v ll UIU~Urtt PtUtitUCUI, lUMy U p:alotoIitU Prct hI.,t...Rtond esi,. 9DiL9 U.! tnl~ltolt Ut tr .,ti., urldUttuI.rl, .,. netwt.brtaiutn U o uIIre u peri~ ur y ptrttUiutt .Utttit.IttRp. U lNp., AN IEDICAL CAUID. " -' SA IMPORTaNT TO f'IlE AFFLICTED IW~iI Di'~ RAP~ES. IA TREATIAEUUnVUU1P.,IntUU,,, (oUUr(tjtlUGIOPI;t:d .Pritt.uOP, UtlttutUUp pUt~iell Ub~lvt.UUUUiUUU#O UqNidiU*'i UU~k~-x u tU~ rn rut-iy autPUU., t tt~ tlPPUUIItpAUrb fl~" Ui It utcuncolittpUU, thnttt.,nUd tllul ail UUiUU1U{6IItV ttrt-to I~tIUUUP, UalFtoi ItttUU ttttitUlnu. of iti~it.'I tlo!~IUUaUL oUUPIUUUAN dtidy Ut,..,.l, MUUUUry,.,UiUI,5l g. ttttllt IUdUpt,UUUmlt U ilttrtigb~t,Uao~einttIIt.Utt dfot,-tn 'Uti yl,,, 1.p1 tiM tppoyUP Uit~~ Utt.ItUIU IUI.tuij ~. It'ttBIy'U P'URIFYING RPIACIFIC PLS ;I t UtyPtet ullti.PttUt.U PPdlFYtBitt~tt .IUU.MIUr~iIU It, Idblltjt. i UttUel tft hrt~p dip, Ut UUUP ntUntI pil ttuP t itUa, *ikett e : r·yiPUPUJIUlitY. 1y ICtUUlttttty ttttt tttIlIt t.,y..P.,U,,UUS. .Ilc~i: IUUlarott~utUU'Ury oi Ityit oP iUUUdttjtt ptottUU, Atttt tUPUIII(1· ttht JiUUPUUet tttbttPe t ruvlPUbytderOt.o tiR YUUUOP UUUUUUUUU,,Illli bydl IU,.,t., UUtU thU. Atifn.., t a; ·i:,ll~l IIlt.tla .'ttUUUPlurliUUo dirttottly. Thtny U.- r JtUU · bu tUIi.. t U byIII II UItttU'1 ti~ jl UII1 tL'PttjlttU I C ttIUttto j ~rI ri r ~itto pU'Ut, tUfttrttttttl SptinoIIIU riI Ut ttUU1 NitbI Ilrr tttttttU Ul tdttPY· i iti).lptUl U(IJIIIUNO, b i~tetkS UtU tiprrtt Ut Ut Ut~, ttUdp~tU IUatP.P, tUUUUtto tt UPcc Ihiwtttude. 11i Utrll t nittOtl~ l~gU, ti tUUil stn oe UU!Ui~nr tot. goih. Ui·l l(pl~l UUAIIlfll~.· ttpUiAttIt,,t hLbtl. . YeiOflRdI.-~ SUt' Ut'rilf.;l? VPUIU,UP niUUUUUUil UUUIU UUU U (iUt W120 .,.,.,t t,,tt,, trr~ tUl UPtUll ltt tt.,blltity, U UIUUUl tU~py t tjUUIU. I,..,dllm I alr: u LII lIlh l~till, UtI oXP. iO dttttte ..tittgP, .,m · i~U tlllttyli trtu t~ttUlgUltj Unti I'C UNU.tA UttF1bi Utll AU r UNOIY~t,,l~ UtUUUUIUI, NnO.ItID nt.~ -s+)orlF'SOPR S\VLGDUIU'k FlYGFIAN HERB PILLSi.. I l for Ith., ctrlctual Ixtl paltiun of every speeleasnd typ , enof, theSyphihtf.t, nd tihe , maydi.ardersealotteele , - 1 liolll the6 illlll.UJ)l l eatmenII 1V ml t lcux b gl ulven atl eat on tenerealand eyyphtudio# disuses, wallrubwrvauuons e ll suit lull a'oakas·, ¢c, etc:,cowr : " ttintlghietsworlth ktlowing by theoettwho are hr hveebeon " ul.el .er to thi dreadful d sld detltltillg hlalady. . lit Davieln conttee t to directt his ettetlil to tbMe dil drers r si etg fron the too free atd iltiscrimnatte gpdlu. gruce tlt tll i passiott, lwhicb not only occasions a rnt ieso lV'te trltul or servour ntlieetionur ·+but o+ ntails o Oi t volalri nit he eelnrvalng imeclilitiee of old age. In that distrelliicilC:atd;;, t chtlht and defitcieney, wethtertie qonseqtlenoe ofWte ful hllitx ecebssive driking, or aoty etltertetue tt which the Spowers et t t custiteltit hteotte ethtnfeebled, he toffes.herm, ,elfeeld speedy rrsltrallu n to sound st d Vigdl me health. SIt tsa nelee. Ihloy tact, that thlusands fall victia e tol thel v,. inerenl disease, owtg to the unt:tjilfttlusu efliUiteratepi4n woe, by tile se of that deadly peitonn, utete e, n tthlooeo . ttho; l111:d when IbO grent Declir eewedd q bheeme lel.= Lte',s r at eydtin Utivertily .he contferred an ileeletidl bse . 1 fit upou u.etnktld by the dliscOlery of his grand PnaeeteT tle cuteof this deplorablle cortpaint. ZNeer did.iheovee, Scxch- a c'reater sensatin; it ttts tought after witih hm tldi tya du t ueltith tuhleeiathi teebtt.e inttemhet t ainnuttetlattt e$ + seacs of Ile deliete e omptainttt, thue cure ,f whbih dey .l bave been eo bnng celebrated. Te f.lle of thes. PIIbt lce- .. out Gertteany, caueed their speedylhttroducetton intotatl/tottevl-. h try entttry. 'ith certaitly wltlh which thy were eonneelillyt ~J ethttiettrtd, eio itl attested by mtny thouslands in faet, duir. tentk te Ioge.tltt nl ett war thely wtere tile intepartetectm .t............. eguar.... he ...lie., inatll cases wh.t the asbgbtest estpiciou on i hlfeclio was eutortliuod. What .;;I b e, c be mnorea tpttjrlate thal that wbith bet gteeuetheh" egllretrltttaletioett lite lygeian lttlerb Pill, ee outee I tttiii t of in tedios poieon, purifyiug en their prege ,inds elass <f dud:t tilhey not only nowtgo the di '¢+ renlovate ,y their actultle diflet Fumtionsy e thena elie expltliug tihe fgrosser ttuorstn, altll itn e maetttn thn t e~ ae tir attseptlaelttle et*lIeptetto. ,in ll it .1 nequal Intl poweri: they nittLteCltehime y , tty ether itllherl, rted Ien e tetaken wAthout tte$h4Ieqe piciu y l' tdi-eovery--thiley reqire 11o rehtrailnt fh e time or Ilildratt llEofb etee, t blt et e tt Cett.e ot ettt atU tI tltgle latt extpauro to the pttnletl At dqaely hh yli g t;ctt t.uspci t tlli texilt, it will be wellII tutea teeo L Ilgleeln IletbPile, for wbeee taken eet ll o eieetet, It made t lts appeatLtneel ei cttlet s ea certaline t perauti e nag ble iot' "lust eferetuel y ae d secretly Q eel -dp Apt inlhir, tnny prirlt haef betCnt,. he le i "detr p i tiner, rmtde Reta of Mtreterry rendersh itelt e cetaltiy tt ctltionl the eubtlic getilutt dht&jiee whetl iljudlcitutly adtt lilietred,e Tlhe pil. . hould. formla . ortion of ao. t by ltantd btul, sd ougtt never aet be onette. - eetygee " lg 1 lng voyaget or their propeeretief e reYlt a i Itterbetltortcoldwlllilljurety elrquality, et eete ,tue UplsiCt Otl the hy(tituliuut.t . Sold atNo. 96 Custouhhouse at,Newre TIlE MOST IMPORTANT. ;f A VERY. . , A CLERGYII AN, late of the "etee rdgett bin ti, ittidd ec e tiete ud tf e et, tilettlreehw tr 51let e C:onpllalt, of tourteeh yeart ' dule t, I ld eeeh yearane Iaeieg had nl ltr t 2elee0 patints, gell ey eaeer l who 1i,l1o etrod Ils advice, exLeOIt twelvtt.iIi fe t bht leer raber than gel, ncure.t teete e v eeers. e ltlnpil et deep ot , tlteltete l ol dteer algo, groundlese far) failure of mammory, locspxliy eteest tudv,&c., restlessless, irttiee wtetle cis te delieion, melateholy, thouhllts of self d t , Lunity, tire., are curable by this ilnpurtalt diseveir. 7e" coII. l' sixwaeekr. /++ + IApply tu N o 96 Custom house st, Newtltieewet, IEALTII AND BEAUTY, TOtIACH PILLS -An t minccnedeic:t writrt e it. teld, ae d elxperienetttas proved tt e fact that eW ittell e to keeplllg tile tloleaeh anid bowels ie n 6, preserve health, prevent disease, and geatslid tMltml rbherlfal elll helth tey old age ftietl eeull el . ePUmee Illll ure adpteletttbein t prepr ted wt teeetpde: ee xtuuct of camomile Iowere, ald tile host oeteeeywiy and tperient drugs of the Mlaterltn Mello. e :fle et I cnaes. prered superior to every ithel.'medfici~e go IM slom " alolnd liver corndluints, toe of'aplrtltte;"lp neution of fulluess alnd oppte peoue after eal,, breath, tid ilt exoleut reletorativeearfltelyexe eat . ble. n, tlhey gstly iu goe aettd cloeanso the bowelt, e ahl tulmhell, lid invigorate the constitutioe.. F C vlue goPd hatllt slhuld never he wtttUtthete, fe fyI the Iduod, reoave ubstruetioen, andl g{ýe thlk fill, cle;,r, beeltiby and MleOtnug uppapmell6 . Neyo pletelori t ltitb wo.alltltjteet Iheo hea, athe,IL ddiL;aQ ieol sighit, drowsllltei, trll ae toe grdeet el t tblod. Ielbe ePd,tltedt ttake them freqently. ChildTren endt t ol" all ,g(+v, tylu akv then ot n ety hlie, ii thll do not j qe any mereur-ty Rae y tigl-edient that reqairet cotleeef rIebtricUtoo o diet. Theiy ehtould 9 kept ih every Od rmeltly iu ca-e of sudden illuer; fore by their promptT ietration, cltlcr itortu,catett mps, h evetly etriet larleing e otupeintt. e may bespeedtly cured oritt a ule llet Ne, 9i Cuetull heeiet, o ew Oeleftt e . t eAUeS.APARILA PILLteete; e 0tteh et l Ti BtAOOD L'IL L:;..+ r. Illt eyc llee t family pill if tt medictie of lfee l "ca lclybar etring ulld$ltorller. of tholt tIts, tlhec qonteu symepteoems yt whiCh areegte# y epa-leee, l eee e dietitlu, ee.L h tadehlegdd fullnees atltr ietal., dlzuiil,.s olf ethe tyeswa: . )tiee to tfe lettnlteeIt tpnele, udtgt Yon I mtenlehat bid ,,tato thl elb liver, and ateoueqgent vhlte ee a elt, thea udlttorg.tti nteut of tvery f uit tee Of wilttl hl 1t1e ,, t excellent pel Utrtiolt.y altIe i, e, bee te'tnllt y teldl jloed. 'l'leo or three de Iniee thel atfited of its te httUry ffbetttl . ,,eehtry r guin iln strettehet i at d lq tiOe , teýel e lleel kdlney will trapt dly take ttt , t n st.e, heat, pain .at jaundiced arlt eat _UV anld rtnewed health will be tiee quit t Theetite lllele tterectarfd etI e i'om cold's Ague, sh-Aorter s,' breath, aed aiLo uriuary- puseesag. md if tlkleu taaf re.l', table, they qutekly rfetu etee edyte om tuo t m el rein, of fu ·ll )elltil eke P*mg1Ct hjea to vedte: il euos. dmwroinema ·d stigam iun tihe ous, ttrlgln Sflow of blood to tbe hea,}, should levere he' l dInhely dangerou eedtl.elptmewilbe peey4l :nnnledhte use. ' ' For fern deithc.e ptll are molt ( i Ilt otht ueteotea, the del e t t.,b the sex; dearesdon of spirlt.. dullh ii:"ions, hlotthn., pimplesr attd's . ao give a ealthty andjevnnilohlm tt theompl STo mutlh. ilety are toafidisl ty mod icin,; thel .t re taken dgfieg pre! et' all ag~s thtcy ore tmequall .. -* t A. apleasatse es'aieldaýtey{ui(i d.ti.uu Rul ... a with ,heust, " require no restraitntf di e o, By rmgulaa.ngthe dose ,,aettia_ to.+_ pattient, thlv becaoe suitable for o t can be requlred; and fur elderly "en lIe the most eum ortr ie eedcs hl Sold 't N6 g¢Quttom hut.. a .

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