Newspaper of True American, 8 Mayıs 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated 8 Mayıs 1839 Page 2
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I Clecinea iApiC.........26 I Lo.;.;0~iluisville, Ao ...........47t -. . 'I. Lois , ..I . .723 two ...9 lSIerpcel.Mc... 43 d p...181 Peelt F e b. Feb . tc 14 I Iondcc. M 8 s . I .,i , ;;..·oeee 2...... ..... nC :(1N' IVKW ORELEANS. `CLEAISA 7 3A. . ,.ýr.:~s.y ,, p '" May 7, 1631. ," 7 ,eel'd Liek. ti t l terpool. R Heath & rn t, r Chicm . ireiepool. A LAddi c.n c I ~UecDidasicueclti,'orLeeepcci, 20slr ipyrp jrrY. icor flbroher,. 3W Zacikri r co -'ýie i.c8Ir eICimore, J W Zc.ICri. 4 * !".h Halifax, Cli CK clnmiIc FXrU. cAcro oie Pccrolsc, 8sIeeC, Nowboypoet,- Stool., -.", ': -``-ýi~x ARRIVALS. SL y 7, 1272 C78'Ce )ic icNE pac. hceicg tcwc.I et 1, Io1,p, e i orrisbarCqCe cScrI, Ihe ,heig. C.. Ii, 6i1. 5 E.lenc.V.,2 epcrte;I,, WcclNu y, end ht 'ceeith slip Wlllil'1,'ell and CC.ftbe i 22 ehe6 i8hi c., C 10 A 51. Ies stShip AcstIita inside the bar. C .'tauet h ci 1U4e.Icc'r ce~bat~c b 1 1 I 1131, oo SW pore having (0,00,1 In b LptbD':Mola. Cleve, andrig Triton, rflltrlled to 4Eciepe." laetll baron tIhe tLh I iaC. 5p4hleg IC. Cinght lic8 the ba. Notihng nee' t Sbek. Tomas.ifem thePassee,.heving toe.d to s, brigA X. ,18 trccepcet arhr Columilla, v l 6W5P tereie~d tothecity with ship Herald. of calia.Odea,' tfrom Hlace,. 12th Mrch, a. e pFG i Iae,6dayefcrom Nante.,It 3 t{ tcal ApAacehi ol- . to micter. oIBks85 da om essina. to Joeaph SLeeae IS dysp froe Thomeston, to 1060 `t Wl e Relizr. Reports a ye4 p, aic.e ceanv. Left the B.lla McFeelcddi Degethb. irom Cic.IeeCji. agtheqttec.4Pohe uIce LIfoalte Mýtnlyer e;fom Fulton. ',221, irom Of Ledis. Gik kselle.aiiwlc, irem Smaithlaed. N e llc,lehmfroe Leuisville. ae Wausington, Quacriea, ire. St Louis. . EXPORTS. 1..Psee ebcpJgtlilel. .Cergc, 1466 Ccxlsa 2021c 48 hds fb 84 ton logwoud dP Potdseac. Cae. 824 bales cotto 330 " - obnt~ri:100dried hides. . 2;.Qf : .poareque Dala.,ago,1243 bales cotton, 131 Ioe owocd. 7 d cCC,,2 R,.Peh~ir ;l..Ca, 172 Us toeacyo, 2.2 IIpips stcves. Z Imeebrig 204 hds scge., CO CC ' ig aaas.Cargn 1191 his flour, 114 b'1, 34 beit,2cikC bhaes,12 dcb Ibeod, 8 begs eclchIeNryJ.Ce. CCCgo, meICl lotC frai,. b" mssccudy, lofee, rice. our, cgage, hums, eeelae~prcvisbeec Ac. L .aric. Gilde..Ceege. 150 hiC s .or, Bore, bads bacon, 3 do sciar, 10 46 e ugr, 5 do pork, and lots mor IMPORTS aIlwe.r b p Wm Tell-Cegeo. 28 eease, lota fuit, to ,Ltdwig..Codgo, 1100 Ceske Tie. to BAIRN C*clgo..iltt.brlody, ehlinl et tetdlet, teerhea tnd odchnudlee, NAN7Z~t1er~awe~egpn.Cerlo. Idr wine, liqones, ear dlkdrygopda. books, E wore, sardinesl bot rceeecdu, mtlltnery, lekehetand merchtlt APAMAC , I EPiec Bthr Oione-Cargo, 10 ble Bel, to UOBWIPTIOF PRODUCE Arecruogtme.R04.07..Ctc o. 66 ltdto nge. 14 S t3 tg. 76 b ole. t. ktit toe 1 b IIld. nt~er,,tdg 51 b7t 6 tt. Bcenes ,trder, IWctg.t IStcirc* moltes... Lmbetlt & Thetop mpls - Meter'. elc mlot, A Roger. ehltet..Cecgo. 174 bhese cottoo, .. nder Noenn.e & Wright. Uaditee..Ctero. 1571 sacks corn, do.Conely4 Elder; oil boleklkt tnsend a,561pigii, 370 bgs ot. e28hlepork. 0 e>.~bew. Godfrey. Laeedi & Sttall. 40131. 33kgep lard,') It corn, 1e2 do corn, 55doo ask, mereoltd!le, to the owner on V Weohigte..Cerg1o, 140 b1 t pttrk,i leqolt. Iged, rThaye i co. 102 Ido b. , .' 6. ead cattloe nd0do i .p Dees. P o -0 Cltebkville..Ctgc. I4 thld tohe h* 4m .,S9do, N t JbDick, 1 do. A 1. Addi. -Y, .0,35bela. 4 cotton, Robt Auetin, I I x ee Nofolkl..Ctgo;e5l icac. esLggintt. &e7eatleF. -Fsklin & Htndttttll. 131 i ow,SS0ei!t .ette" 201 pieesltteg : - hae 4 Thmpon. 4 cuts rope. Og ;''?ý a l yiagr, 36 d pilot bread. W Romeo~ 4 y. Jce~adfsA 00. t4,sble eiltlhbeyowne ot 1ý:.7eragmet Mc~rland..Cargo BM bb pork,~ . k -OO: 30 be e1 Mb . reoc 4d his t~;8utgm lJ kegs rd, Mnhlrd & Biger Peetoyt eaib. e heon. T Tthy, 30 bid. hbd btecn, eed etttdruit. 11'il µtµ ied & w, bSo fleeour, Ityde & f9.A e, i Smtitlt Geehtm, P Me .Ilu ý W e Meter Boyd. Ford. Iltlote. ,4ec.11 l Featw,Grey,TFlge end Rob. .; .Lyoeb. Smith. Settle,, Hotmte, ..H P Saith, Ctarbe. G G Holdebip, J CONSIGNEES 4.ce.h . Lttdee, Ilegcdom 4 Camste. F N A flt ttltty.Codevterdenlla Leetoje, Steaed elotty. Dege & R.B d ad.I H NMortenstein ,C:~eilad&Eimer, J T Lagarsune. J Bar tee & ce. Hyde * Gelcrirh. Renounee !t elrtih D *e 4-N Altard. Dlltho & At. se Jots, rotheebPRous.eJSC trnel er ,,.. aed rder. . - .J Leatle. S Crell.t, HIenry end #Seindley, A tirerdie&*. J Ltar ; `A c. S DeeltrW. L ebtat UIlmsrce. St Iiileeodae, StA Otiill.. MLe - Devon .0o. R Oloniag Jr cnl 4 rotbhctJ Albeet, F Vererle, P ~* egr. - UN' ORANDA ( ýlll.,lhtplae anl intermediate Oorl b of eke Oto, r t1 i t O LE N t S WEIDNESDI)AYr M AY 8, :. Tb.eCmurtl of lthe Slend Municipality aee nccupied lust l I niht prinrlpally in bthe eletion of oators. The followin~ lth list of thoase let.l: John Glbon, Secretary. J. Cathoun Comptroller. Th Tionm Soo ,r. Treasurer. .e 4. Jh. Pilt i, surveyor. :h II. Grant, do. Austantl. g t R. M. Crter.-Alitorey. f J. B. Mark, Notry. y J. R. Butler. Wharlnger. E. Lafonta, Clerk of tho Reeorder'a Court. id Wm. Deao,, Collemor of Levee duoe. 8. H. Turner, , do. Taveen,, &e. r W. IL. Whoeton, do. Ihacks, Drays, 4e. ,'c . Hawker. and Pedlars. Wm. O. Wara. ,Cllector in for breaking up Flat I o Gll.. Parker, Sergeant at Anna. Cemmissarie... 1.t Ward.. W. R. Willis--d. Ud do. R. D. SRnrry-do. 3d, do. Henry Kelly-do. Pt. I ay'. Markel, Wm a M.Carter-do Poydra st.J. C.O.O . rap. t -. S. lHarpor, Captain of the Watch. at H Crane. Ist Lieutenant. A. J. Fallon, 91 do. , iter, mf Jtssrnader and Fltram, Sergeanta. READFU L A fIIOATP ACCIDENT. "hirly liver los-abi one badlf.rue..Sd- t her. uligly, i,,jured.a . e steamboat Gorge Cllier, which lav atthewharf I oppir ite tle Custom Htls., to ndlergo repaire for somel Stime past, loft thii city ol atlrds y evrening !ast, be re tween fiveaned ix o'clock, for St. Louir. When near c r the mouth of Red River, abhout 80 miles below Natchez, c at half past I o'clock a.m. serious accident occurred, th which proved lldreadfully derluctiv of human life. The I pialon rod, which works in the cylinder, and by which Sthile engine is propelled,being attached by a key or boll which passien through the tea head, gave way, at the rent which received the holt, and being relieved from the immense weight agai st which it had to struggle, to wan driven through the eylindelr head, and gave free roonolu he steam to ecneape. The aft doors of the o deck r l were closed, consequently the effects of the steam were unavoidable upon tle locuv tenentes. The 3 stands w.ere thrown from under tvo boilers, but the concussion wsne not severely experienced on the eoat. The most of thore killed and injured era in the Ierths, on the deck aft of lle boilers. So sooun , the occident onecurred, many rulhed forward un onrciuslv in tile face of the danger, and exha!ing the heated vnpour, in ra tlnttly perished, or lived to linger a few houro in indes. cribale miliser v. It is suppused, thal bltween 0 aind 51 peronn, were. co rcalded. Thr clerk of the Collier rates them it '4, consisting oifdeck passengers, and partofthe er w who r tha retlired or "ere tlltiolnd olt wUach. We crosued over yescorday to dre the Cull'er tnld eximine tlle extent of lier damge. No e.plosion rern.a It to havetu!t.on p!neO, lit the inmense fioree of the sud nd den ruplute of the piston at liae key, thereby disuga nd ging the whole pro pelling from the mnhinery 'r. Iy which the bItnt wnn moved, impelled fram thl e s'rews to h cylitlder head, anld der.uged Ihe boiler stolds, tliere to by onilnga tlrntl tIof hIented vapor to oe0ape, which r'was filial to il who cle in lleOllltract wilth a.llnd were .,,x onn el to it. We have rearcely ever seen a more beant rending spectacle than the dreadfully scalded yet eking out their few-brief hoars of maddening misery, who are yet on board the Collier, antl whereevery attention and kit,dners is paid them that could hbe expected, and which mnay tend to lessen their agony. These are aged mrothers, with flces and hands and necks, and every portion that could come in contact with the hot air, dreadfully blistered and presenting a horrid specta cle, calling for the lost nes whomn they will see no more and Inrever. There were strong, stalwart men, calling aloud in their misery for their great protector to relieve them. low noble did the fortitude of some of the fe nolesn appear! 'The fair skin had been oreled and crisped, and the bright and lustrous eye had been quenched, or tihe irritation had closed ip the swollen lids and shlutt ortt itewortl'e light. What must have been their agony-the flesh falling fron the red lips thlemselves becoon ing of sudden soft and readly to fall and leave the " face divine" a Ihrrid spectacle. We cannot conceive how the accident might have t been anticipated. We dno not remember to have heard of one ofa similar kind. The steamer George Wash ington came down about ant hour nd a half after the accident, and towed her down. Every assistance in his power was promptly'aendered by Capt. Q(narrier of the Washington, than whol there is not a more amiable, attentive, high minded and honornable officer on the western waters We take pleasure in according to Cupt. SQuarrier his just deserts. Below will be found a list of the passengera, who have died and those who were bad ly sealded. The accident occurred near "Tunica Bend." NAMES OF THLOSE WHO DIED. T. J. Spanulirig, fireman, of St. Charles, Mo. i, .'ns Brooka, deck passenger, residene unknown. Wm.Bluke, d,. of Boston, Mass. Crisaen Herrinh. do. Germany. Mrse. E.Welsh & d. two lhilrlen, I, New Orleun. John O'Brien anwife, d -ek do. New Orleans. Seldon J. Broekqu , do, Poland, Ky. Johnl ded, ndo. France. I avidJ. Inso , rio. New Orleans. 4 Dederiak Groe, do. Germany. Dederik Crossa, dt. noston, Maas. . oseph B. Rorseuil, da. Bostoun, Mase. Joseph Lawrencer do. Park co. Indiana. Peter Smitit, do. New Orleans. C arIotte Fletcher and brother, dock pas'grs. England. - Bil"h, firemnd, unknowa. d Six persons whose n~eas mre unknown. LIST OF S'tAI.DLD. S-- Hus elmonger. deck o pas'gr. of Germany, Itadly SMrse. Herring do. Germany hbadly ''he~. Fletelher wife, do. Englod, ballth Frncis Bunn & wife, do. urneknown, slightly Francis Serunelly, ro. St.l.mtie. do Thiomna Butler, do. hnknown, do Isnac Boney, do. do do Alfred I)ais, dek hroand, do do SJohln Browne, fireman, . iadly , James Ml)onolld do. no do Five children of Adam Weolridge on bhard-some of them badly scalded. Slave of Thor. Johnston on Imord, alightly iratded. lsaue Idaed, deck passenger, of France, badly cald ed. Stokes andl Miar are to be executed to-day, unless the clemency of tie Governor be exercised in their Sfavorn and that he as ample nd good reasons for diniln o,. in manitest. Tlhefunislment oabout tube inflietefjoexpiate their offence, in so disproportioned to the crime, as to deaere the namnof barbarous; and although it is the law. Sthey have been impartially tried and fturnd gullt -it, yet it should not , e literally executed whe no rseriously in conflict with oar beign inast i We understand, moreover, that e the parson upon whom thia nutrge made, a not only willing, buht i dot sentenar respited. Men-yin an Ssrnment, nd we hope it will so favrorable er opportunity SLotghlter-makin a r tihe Camp fr o bri lieve tlheseh-. trade nond tl ducing. I ,funny ria. cite t q Uoite. t a et r iuflld bftolgi ga the" Inter ol ltI Rivera p; 0 At. lith treatyof G.Qhl t thq British Comnisionoer oftl emandea .ddt ua sln q hat Greatl Britain should D during all attat-liere, y an equal right with the T people of the United State, to navigate "ih whole of mi"' the Mlississppi river. And'strange as It may now 000m, p t is a historical fueot, that a majority of the American go CoanisnimOere were in fl.vor of grunting lit most un-I the reaereoble and arrogant claim. It should he remo0 a bored however, that the sd ol Napoleon had then net I -that the glory andl power of (Gret Britain were at the their zenith, tlhat the news of the battle of New (hr. lean had not reached Europe, and that Ith American ,. Commissioners h.d but little grounds for hope, while thoMe-of Greet Britain wre big with confidenoce. But I the morstar spirit-the grent champion of"e Sraean's IB rights," wan a membher of that memorahble Council, and wt peremptorily refused to sign any treaty which contained N. the conceded right of Great Blitaiol to navigate this n "father of water,." In this sItragglela Mr. Clay had not liko Gen. Jackson, coton belgs for a breast work, nor a murderous Kentoeky riflemen to level with the dust,I d an opposing foe.-No, it was a open ofield fight--Henry Clay against three rlehds and the masters of Eure pe, rnd the eonquerorr of'Nepolesn. At this day the Iear 5 hundred steomhoote, eeelusively American, floating upont the Missioiappi, tell who won the victory, and throw a lichering liglht, on tlhe dawnitg value of that aelt e aant. If the gratitude of the nation elevated Anlrew Jack. ont It the Presidency, for defetlding bravely a single ety, in a single enggemnent, what toeasnre of thanks i shall it bestow npon the man who saved in spite of the too willing ent.reseien of friema,, and the determinate nrrogance of a powerful oneuy, a mighty river fhich N is yet to become the prolifie mother of a Ihundred ci ties ? From ie CAarlithloe Courier, April 29. DESIGNS OP CHARLESTON. We have, from time to tims, devoted our columns 0 a stotement ol tihe prngres of the works aomnaseting Atlantic ae.-boeerd with tim Weut and Southwesrt. ae ele y app .toftad/at b.-..vh1 4'6ionral Interest to e citizens A . A trrp, explanatnry.of all tha improvemento Wlsitit our hltbbring State, Georgia;- tile State of Alahama and ite rerritory of Florida, to now to hbe seen at the office of Mesorr. oerrey, Waling and White, and from Ithe glance that we have had osit, we feel no henitation in eoying that it presents a volume of inormnrtioqkthat cattot he Coo minutely studied by nil clan es iT our community, for it is equally intereeting to all. it Thie subject which it wo;uld seem chiefly to Impress, is, that a diversion of a greater portion of the cttlon tlade of the South, may le made' from its preanet l- f h memus and uncertain cluanaels to ame defitite point Si upon the Atlantic ea-board,and the map would proveO, that Charleston can offer sich inducements for thIbis con. e centration here, an to ercure tte confidence of all par. h n ties interested. The moints of chief production. we find marked down at Gtllter's landing, utpon the Ten Cn seae--.t.lO0 hbales; Mlontgomery, on the Alabama- 'C 101,0,0 boles; and St. Joaeph, ualo the Gulf of Meo ico,--tl,000 bh.les-we presume this means, aso many N hbales as we wil seend our merehandise themre to redeenm. To this orount, 300,0(l0 nore is odded front the'Interior e of Georgia, akirng in Iall 7111,0t0l hales, thle nnual oe cotton producrvion thnt toay h. brought to tihe Atlalltic e hby the'Altoamahl river. Thre emmercinl power of one million of hbales of cotton, equol to forty millions ol do lllarse, will he fully ndequate to time purposes oftrade, t not only between Eorlope ard the South but far e to greater portion oft that atreent Erope and thre West; t threhthough this map is iltended to fix attention upon mthe important nhje ott df a cmmenhatior of cotton; the di facilities el' tlrowing ote merehnndice upon t e West is clearly explained ir our favor--even in eoro'tndintine- L tion to tite rxtensive works now in operation North to of ulIb 4, .V. mt st ctlofe, upon this oalter stbject, sonnr sur to )rie in learning thlat Macon is the poilt int Georgio to h which o er a rtehtion ehultt d be ttn+dl, in considerotirn of the hearvv trade withi the West. Tllis point, MaconCtt is tiarked dowt 1010 nties nearer to tile Telnessee .o river, at0 Grnl r's Lariing.llhrn Atgusto, and we know thlat t, enterprising citiCze of Ilrron, Mr. Buttr, Ise ti starlted a line of beiots from or wlharves, thltwill land "- in Maeon in 7 daysr, one hundred and fifty tlhousand dot. i ry is wor,.t .I' good., and bring hback it leoss tite, 600 bleofocle o it ir, arnd t $2 tir lsle. , We were also surpri-ed ,it flni that Mnenr is but one et haedre.d trnd fify iles froIm Rome, a city lr the ex. p "h treott Western frontier of( Georgia, and utpon the steam re rnvigatitn of Coosa river, which flowo witlhi Ihirty five ra forty nileo of the l'enersce river. From this fact we learo that Charloeton in nine dagi, try throw 'g her trade, for tihe supply of thIe West, tpon staean beoatst 01 on tlie Great l'ennesee river, ald in less than eigdeera et monoth from the present time. This nexplais to osn it why tihe Merchants of Cincinnati, Louisville and St. SLotis, have bhea on loukewurm on the subjeet of our td rond to the former place. rThere i eern onmere imporlltl pointtlhan rMasos, inrrked down on the Oemulgee river, the eastern termi nus ia lino of rail road of sixty-six miles, connectingr ot the Atlantic with the Gulf of Meaico. This road may e be reached in fouer ldays by our stera boats ad in si d 00 toeight hours more tlteir freights te transferred loothr il rboats ol tihe Flint river, and in 4ti hours be upon the Of Goilfot St. Joselrrh. c In adlditiorr to thies olrlet for trade, (wlhich we would flerl tile safely valve itu all our importatiotns, for weo SInay let offRay e mnutr ofrsclrplus uporn that great rent ervoir, the Gulf,) we have the sixty mile road branel;ng n at the Flint river, to Columbusor , and the point before ren feerredl to--Monltgomry. on tIle Alabhonama river, and tihe whaole distaoce frorm the Ocmulgee River to the At e abein, '219 milee--makiag as Gen. Bernard reported to - Congress, some fourleenyemrs ago, the most ilepnrttt I all tink ofnational road tllat could be constructrd in the t Uoin, conllrectirg as it lines from great Sottlern rivers it sit short a distance. We allude to this fact, for it c will Irre rmelmbered Ihat the Uenerral CGovernment in ird telnded to conetruet this work sirmnulilnreoUSly with the great Cmotbnerland turnpike-hut the Creek lndinlls held tie cotttry till within ti lost twelve montohsl and t - t layed rhie work uetil the irrternral irtprovroneot policy rie was abandoned lby tte General govrnoentmt. We trrst 1 lie tihat the Sotib will srmr awake to the adoption of tile ne, la ofimproverrent laid down tbr threm by that distin gulshed elgineer. And we are haI)py to find our rel he lowtuwnrsmn, tGeneral Blriobane, -o pupil of General et. ilonard's, Irs ertlisted Ihimselfin to important a seor. vice. We rnly want time to nnderstantd these things, of and we feel saitisfied lhat Charlestlo will not be back. id- ward in londig a halnd. e. Silk Bounty ia Malnsearhire..-From an officil documnent, pebli.hed by order of the L.egiislature, we find hat since the panang of the act of April. 1836, to encourage the culture of sik, there has been paid from tile State Trtarury the following amounts of bounty, For 1836, $85 90 1837, 187 51 1838, 350 52 1839, to let SMarch, 397 99 Total, $1,021 22 The largest amount paid to an individual was $159 39. Tle amonunt orcoonn raised in the same time oas 7 68I pounds. The amount of silk reeled and thrown,on which the bounty was paid,was 821 pounds. New Bedford Mar. Extract of a letter from Glasgow, dated March2 0,1839. ATLANTIC STEAMERs.-" We feel highly gratifetd to inform you that tle keels of three steamers of 1100 tune snd 420 horne poawer, are now about taeiag laid. No expense will be epared to make tlhene boats equal to any vssels nw atollat. Thiy are intended to be run be tween Liverpool and alitfax twice a month, nith a on tiation fro the latter to Bo and other steoamers from Pictou for Q create ooto,.lr a greater Stales, hut an iminese rail rmade, by whliclh toe arve in Qarhee. toIn aeht steam to New York. Yo here, after extendin tile e naoalemith Mesnre.W a. sire and succes Tit After Voa 0n the 1t0ti f' " Did iYlia n yu cmy directeon abot the ellivry Did you dno it.w'tl kna't underadli on thte vuhjet.d TheBroker ddeei'i.eblh the otton* Ile only elu And marke it. Yeatn a ee. hd a weigher of their own. Ie When did the weighing commence? Pert wea weighed on the Ith of Aprl. at the rate of At ofr 60 lets. e day, and flnleed sot Snday the 9lt. tat Priday the largest lot was weighed. Wae all this cotton in the yoerdi IPat wa on the tHiee Johe treadedp, otd oledlng when I Ithe twer maded) Mh of it w on emplettd on the Iae. W wir trs uee th wanfe.rered. Abouthe ,kth or . ril i believe. An entry ws made in s the book oftheyard, it not by me. Who applioe I to yot fhee I eeeiptt SM. Ir reckmne eled me for t ont the 1oth, I called ton Mr C BreM, feond him out, and as e was returing met Mr. Chase, n wohloe me e receipt ft 7l3 uhp.oebject to the order of Mr. SIet ~ ,o er e form furnished by Mr. Nolle. I was applied to Setdey by Mr. Reckman for enother receipt, whereoo I bi snaed by himsff. , meet withbim me ths aered rwhe Ir. Dra ee gre him tee d y inform Y eatman te & eo when the reighing weh SNoM. The tlrouree i to send the fetor eon acount of e, ele-.whleh Is neverdoe till the list throagh. My parteer , etmT hale. however told m to., when the job wt -- Idi med. The transfer, yem say, wa mandeon the 20th April? SIt wais. Leid Mr. Yeatmen instruct you to make tihe transfer S Dd he intruect you te procure the receipt for Mr. SNol ?t Neto.

Did yme tell him t elt you Iad got the receipt for h N lb? rNo. Is ityour practice to transfer cotton sold by you ae broker ? It ir, and to enter it upon the blank hiook. Do other. punrse the stame course 1 They do. Whet is the objeet Of the entry tor the information oftim th ,*one Pe.e el,,.e. kw the purhe 'l tlaen r.o,~by the broker? Either him or his clerk. IIs this the first cotton that you have sold for Yeat Sman & Co e No. Ihave frequently acted for them and trMneler red their cotton. m.MR. ButR wes celled. e By whom were you employed to weigl'thie lot of it coton ? i By thhe boom of Yeatmnn & Co. I began to weigh it es thei6 April, quarter before I o'loc.k, P. M. n How mushb did you weigh the first day? S About 300 or 40O bales, and continued to go on as faset as the brokers nearked. I finished weighing on SSundsy lIt April. e, When del you make your return to Yeatman & Co.? I mode my retuen by weights, and my bill for the la broron tbe lthot April. SMR. AnDtnsee called. I You ere a pnrter of r.Cranl tl Did Mr. Yeatmaen tell you when thie bergi i with y Nolth was made? tNo. It Dilyou get orders from him to weigh the cotton? I did pot. I got my orders from NoltA to mark tie 'o cettoniI e Wholosed thle bargain with Nolt ? I Mr. Cram. e, Whendidtlrou begin to o.rk the cutint? On tlhe 1611 Alpril,ottd fitnied elout tile 20tlh. 1 put t; ithe marks T US & T C T upon the balires. te When were tihe 1500 bales landed from theit Rae te do ph ? at I do not know. I marked part of tihe cotton on the LeveP. It t Whot inetructd you to enter tile eottio in the blniolk - Ididit of my own accord. I have been six years a to hbroker, and I did ill this ease what every other lbroker w ould have done. Ni otlher dolivery than Ihat which won er made in tote ease Ias ever been Ilttde by me. SMR. PERBAUIT wto celled. W Did the bank advance the enlount an stated in these n twoi drafts to Mr. Nolt opetn the cottonit td She did, and to secure thie payment of them, the po - licies, receipt, &c. were handed to the bank. D0 Itid you isseR the orders for tile catieo ot board the Diadei;, ? tO Time bark generally is.ces orders for iall the cotton C. pledged to her. an MR. BARNES cotled. Y- u cerry on a CottCen Press? Ido. eWhat portion of cotton was in the yard belonging to s Yeatnan 1 I know nothing of the bargain. I had begun receiv. Sing the cotton when I was told it was sold. . Are these your receipts ? r One ou tlem was signed by me. The others are right. I heard the bargain was closed on the 16th of n. April. - ow many bales had you in the ynrd' when the first g receipt was given? S.About 10 bales. The balance came in fromn day to x ay, and when IIl was inel gave a receipt to to the factors, fee,. nYetrnn & Co. 0e When abroker sells, does he enter on tile yard book, the transactinn 7 S The yardclerk makes the entry, anlthe broker signs o it, Thecotton is then considered tollong to the pur. Schaser. , Sls no other delivery necessary 7 e No, there arat instances where nnentre is made in d all trnsactions, but is overlooked, antl there is no I- difficulth. to Did vcotl evr see this oder ? (bewing ano nrrrer from It Nolti to dehiver to Detulirstot & Co, 1[1tO lbles of col se non. it d id not, and if I had, I should not have honore'd it. it as I knew all the cotton in the yard belonging to Mr. a- Notb, lhad been seqtestered. to Did Mr. Yeatnmn order jou to sign tile receipt in fa Id vorrrofNolt.? - Ie did not. y To whom wou'd yot have looked fRr all tihex st penaes incident upon tie cotton whiler in your handt, to if any had occurred ? 0 To Yoatmau A- Co, unril it was oll. 1- Are these receipts (showing two in favor of Nolt) at commonly given by the cotton presses ? . TIhey are ort. I oever gave one h efure. , Then the btyer does ot usually exactra receipt ? S lIHe does not. He is generally content with ordinary delivery, by transfer lI awavngive a receipt thr te fac tor Ir thie notat, if lie asks for it. In giving tie re al ceipts to Noltd, however, I dlid nohing mnore, than I vt wonld have done to any other parties, Iud thety asked to for them. in By whrat anthrity do you grant n receipt in favor of y, the whelte not instructed to do so by the seller ? By the eusrl eustom ofdelivery. Tihe receipt was ntonltn exotenion of the transfer. He oftsen came into the yard when the cotton was weighing, ond asked me how I got onn? Wan Ie with you on Saturday, 20th April I cannot ray. I informed him generally how much cotton wee delivered in a day. 59 You consider weighing the same as delivering ne Ido. ad Messrs. MILLAUDON & FaRFERr were then called,but Is. the questions werean put so inaudibly thst we could not hear them. We underetood the gentlemen to affirm that the broker usually deliver cotton sold by him, and 9. that the custom of dellivery was in elrecs the same as that elicited in tile testimony above given. to Mr. BC N being called, did not know of a genert ns al transfer look existinmg in any cotton press, unless to perhaps in tihe lower one. le considered the system sY of givg receipts to the purchaser a new one,-at least - one to which he had not heen used. a" The counsel for the defendant filed his answer, and sr ,,ked for privilege to bond certain cottons in contesta Several of thecounsel of the opposing parties then reposedto let the matter lie over till Wednenday morn |ng, they Ieing in hopes that aome compromise would he elected without arguing the subject. Recorder's Courl, m. SECOND Camp S. 1'iatre IArt LOPENON THURSDAY 9thM'-~e, Ee r I thpireetion of Mr. George Holland, ancon; t time ope, every eooning until further notice. 'rie Performance will consist of DRAMATIC ENTERTAINMlENTS, A GRAND EXHIBITION, Imported Glm En-land at antnm nsna expenar. and *aer before eqoalied in tltieouatry ia the extent and magnificent developement ofits OPTICAL ILLUSIONS. I2'PFor particulars see hills f the day. Doors open at half past seven-Performance to corma mencea at 8 o'clock. 6tParqaette seats $1-- oxes 75 ets. may8 li f - TIOB AMlEBI|AN OPWPICE. In connecrion with this Otice is a 7 SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE onR TiS PRIaTING OP Pamphlets I Blank Chee Catalogues Bills of L r Labels, Dray recJ l Legal Notices Auction 1BillPerm., Show S steam goat .Bills 7 \ilE Little Frenehman and hie W.ler iLts with h. neer sketches of the times by GergeP. Morris Esq. with estchings by Johnson. S rketehes by Boa No. 1 to 8 incltaivo, received and r- fir sale by ALEX. TOWAR, my7 49 Cnamp t Nf ICKLEBY No. 12- Pascal Bruno, aSieilian stry i ~ by Theodore Hook, Esq. T'e lpoetic wreath a selection Item the British poets. The Choncologist let brbkm . Juslreceived and for sale by my8 A TOWAR, 4eCamp et a YAPBR--Cotton sampling paper. Just. recaivmed a I fine lot of large brown paper, suitable for catton brokers, of Waterman'a MUnanfacture and for sale by amy A TOWAt, 49 Camp at - The following are the I)awna Numbers of the Grand State Lottery, Class 34. 12312645 1543 41 713231139 I THIS D)AY, .9,000 Ilighest Prize ! Tickets only $2 50 ! to GRAND STATE LOTTERY. CLASS No. 34, Extra. Aithloriazd ly the Iegisl.tors of thu State, To be Drawn Tits D)v, nMay 8, 1839. at half past6 o'clock,lt Bishop's Ilotil Connmmon t. S DAVIS & Co, Mnaugers tIt 75 Numbers-12 Drawn Ballols. n. Splendid Scheme. 27,814 Pizeos, nmnuntino to $119,688 to 7Tickelt $2 50--Iales $1 25--Quarters 3eict8 Packages of 25 tickets for $62 5). Shares in prupor k tion. For Packages or cincle Tickrets. apmly a May 8 At Managers ofnce l1( Chlotrel sia I store ntd f ir sale l rw qlbyiS, in cr8 J .b HIULLIN, 74 Ca.pI et e Thi. fulowing are t, ii ih ,,'ltehf toie ,.toU na Lottery, Class No. 30, tr 1837. 30 38 60 13 23 71 4139 20 70 19 9 TO MORROW. Capital Prize, $10,000! 'TI'kets only $3 00 75 Numbers--I2 Drawn Ballots. LOUISIANA LOTTERY Autlborized hv Act of l.egislalure. Chapter XLIII, poasted Mallt 27. 1828.CousO 30. for 1839. to he drawn on T'bnrldad May 9, 1839, at 1.2 past 6 o'clock, P. M. precisely at tlhe Exchange Hotel, St bharles st. U. S. GI6 E(ORY & Co. Successors to YATES & MclNTYRE, Managers. SCHEME. If 27,814 Prizes amounting to $115,934 iTicketl $3 E0l-Halves $I 50-tularters 75ct Carlificste of package of 25 wlole tirckets for $41 Ceriificate ofpckage ol25 Ilrlf tickets for $22. Pack. age o 25 halt icketl fr $ l I 'For packages or single licklet, apply at 'I'The langers 17)iltn, may 8 3. Canal str t.n,,, to Camp at N TLNEWP UBICATIO .. I E Little Frencm'nl, ,n Id lin WriWter lots, wVitl .1 otl.r skrtlhrn of Ith tioles by G ' ,Molia willth etchings by Johnson. 2 I'asonl Brunu, o Sicilian story, edited by Tchodore '1tedoreI,, Took. sot wir h io o plphtoito the to nement a story by Numnber 12, Nh'hula,. Ni(klrhV. t" 5'umbers7 nod 8, skelches byvl!oz. ] Clarke nn Ihe Mllberyv Te" nd Si k Wtr'l,ta, d on 1.1th1,' ,rleoinl and nlnf,,oo toeof sfolk, ,ll ll'llttIs r. with appropriate ellravillngs- st e eiv. , 1 d1 o s:le Ity W\V 1tKI'AN, I SRmyf (or Camllp ( Ca.tlottllt s ITA E OF I,(tluJyl.NA-I'trtoltt't.tte- ,,f le' o,,,rableChorl'e: Maurian, Jlle, No. 1191 Isaac Eoinaeo l (i acual cutol ')s. Ihia lon readlingand flil the I tio, al shdle inlthis liloro do take ploce,. N lopelrln, oa ll lodo Iho 27t1, of luv illntl, th tdAl tre P11,, c o r 0 Iw mC , if 101 they loavc or c, a l h IIt hl sid IsauC Eallnnll, htld1 1Y lnluthliclhlargsed aOcttoru Ih lhw. It is fartller or tared lthat r . o lT t, Fq. t be appole Inti reerseln Ile e" iseall eredlilnrs, lud inl Ithlle inati all Proueedlgs d oagainsl his person andt proprty are stayetd. lyr order of lta t 1u,rt. Clerk's office New Orleans, Mlv 4, 1831. of myf t ARIANID PITO1, ,Clerk, t1 A our In Paraise lt Ville Loe In N,'velle O(rleans' Sresent I'hunorable Chalrles loouriao, Jutge. ti. 11791. Iosoo Enanuel (dftenu) vo . soa t rtanolera En liInptint p opnosnt tt In piti l petition Ea sclle h dn eooe ca--I et ordonn0 qu'une nbS mb e. des crr d anniers arnr lieu, en plehmte nour, Lundi to '7 Mat enn rant, pourold.carer lea raisons, 'ile on ont, potuoruoi IT dit easse Emsnuel ne serail pa. libhrh selon la lot, ea il Srplus ordonnn6quoR. Hllunt. Esq. soil nonttpour re 0t presenter Tea crreiers abselloat, et pendant ce temds, 1to0t procodure contre ea perosulone on propriti sera A tuependute. Par rdre do In Cmtr. Bleau dui greff,. In Nouvelle Orlanns, le 4 rai 1839 oom y td A. PI'POT', Greffier. I priising a general aooronentt ofhMtt an1,1 Gin g. t Ime Ultpmrellas and Parasol,, tew nnd foolionublo styleor, landing from brig Win. Henry, forsaln by S my0 I BPII)GE & Co, 13-I alugazino st Vfrotm ship St. Louis, far stiae by in y6 II BRII)GE & Co, 134 lMagazine st OId M0Eý2'ICS-5 hales 4.4 Lowell cotTloades, 5 Ihalese 4-4 twilled Lowell cno1ln, 3 cases buckskin stripnas, lTnd'ng fronm p t1s I S t Lou t, furomle by oy9 I1RID)G1 &L Co. 131 Magazif e r LO -001 barrTla for rtlty b ý.44 GRAND REAL RSTATi LEOTTERY OF PROPdI Situated in New Orleans, TO BE DRAWN ON THE 1st DECEMI IN JACKSONVILLE, PFl4.m ,. Under the superintendenee of the Cotnmisio peointed by the Legislstive Assembly of P1 dCHiMIDT & HA ILTO 100,000 ticket, at $Il sheee rriece Selling pries 620 per tik SYLVESTER & Co., 156 Bmadw Solu Agents. Si' Tihe recaults of tice l osited in the al U i onnolidated Banks,t Le nd l Schmidt jin Cashier of the Ci atully taahier o t st. This building producas now a St. Chanrles ld the City Hotels. st per annum. Estimated at lO00 I Prize-That elerant four stoy brick huild. c ic known athe he (IY HOTEl te he o r Cm p end Cmmon s, tancrieg 12 f6eet on reeter street, 01 and l 4 feet II inches on Namp st. at This iuelhin g rents nofsr 5ew a - Srile , cp nn sre horl Ime, ad increed to thirey nousaily d olllars e a n per nu um. Estimated atl $7500,000 I Prize-Thn tlhreett ory brick dwellingd house, No. 30 on Nathez street, I igdj inhw the adY HOTEL, att mihous No. 18 feet oinin No.20, o de adc 146 freet ll inh, rented lp et. ve un dollars. Esimated at 00,000 1 Prize-The three story brick dwelling Ihouse, No. i, djoin nin he No. 1tret, adjinit g th e Arcade, r eed t elve It I' t8red dollars. Estimated at S20,000 I Price-Th'le dwelli houeory No. ndwelling cast corner cof Hlasin anol Custom tillllrs, , nadjiiming No. 20, ot Nalc i e il str eet, riei reei amim on t t, . e Ien mult ra do duIm rs. Estimated at 6$20,00 I Prize-'rTh thie story brick dwelling I. me-t-o, Nr.r 16, tlailing Nor. , me(t Nrime.h .et irntheda on t lwel, a et, Ur ful 7 inhesanH on Frtnklin street, t uedrui dollara. Estimated at $20,000 I I Prize--Tie wo ilellimv hnk moWolim3g Initi iNo. 3' coer ioulf Mam n tm Cawetom Usulnet and Irlompit, l streets m4esf urini i2m lest 8 i :rr eea 4l lf stfo in t Frbyi 17 feemt 1i i"I 27 ill ledepth; get Ui ammt tmm10ml0 per nnum. fi ttMhd e. Estimacedet $215,000 S1 t PriLe-- 0 shares C manal Btank stck, at y O27 echm rlche demh omi Cm I Prize-2,00 shares Commmercial Bank stock $l00lench, $o0,000 I Prize-- b0 shares Mechanics' and Tra ders' Bank stock, at $100 each, 15,000 3 Prizes ofl00 shaures each, City Bsnk, 30,0110 '2 PisIExlcnge. r10,00 2 Prizes of " s Light, 5,000 2 Pire of ,15 ' " llechlnice' snl Traders' 3,000 20 Prizes of 10 . ..ollisi... Se..i O (1,11,00 10 Prizes, '12 " tias Light, 2)00O 2100 Pizje of I " RFlenk of (Orleno, 20,L100 2011 Prizer of I "" UCiall ItB, nkul Florida, 15(,000 S II shall Ie ,t Ilr o lion , l'tl, r winnltert if prizeR of pallur theclot in cnsh. MOtDIf O0'. IItA.\lINi. I 100.000 lickte, fromln I tol 110,I(n , will he, pi in one wheIm, n IIIInl sI ( liTre, with ltle lanki., in ull nllltler; I every numler a prize or hblnk will he drawn, until all In ,e riSr. arterll i leroid, ieavilg the btlause of num Orders for the levo Inttetly will Ie rntceived at tla ofli"7e underPT IItc Vereni l ,,c 'c cn 111. Cof St le, t ad C++.ltIllll i SIlle, and at No. 104 Chllltre srer(, New tl ttrrhtt, n dl Iptrompltlv flrwcrctll. (rder. fren the .1 lIrv, pos""t "Lid, "o4'"ljt' l nce il lheaun-. 1berof tickete nrt aired, addressed t I t01;1 10,11' & IIAl III,'ION, i'ow Orleans. RI A stelamboat will he provided I nke to Florida esu cl . it'sengers as tmay Ihe desirou to witness the Jacksonville, Fla. April, 1839. may 1 IST'I'LN(: WIIIELS-40 set. . ting Wheel., e t of improved construction, in el t les conmplete, for sale by J OT'', onmay -4td ___ Tivoli Cirele I UNNY HAGS'-30,01 inf 1 l, d lltundle, for Anlly ISAAC II E & C , R I IERM CANtI .E' is Candles, N SBrt. lli,, branld, I 1 I.hIa,:E &u Ceo Innv 2 134 Magazine s I lnmlps lfvariu qeel!ities., fir sale by may = Co, 134 Magazine st QTA'IAI'. OF First Judicial D)istr.ct R. Court. Jtan 1ttpti Ilia Creditors. 9 The cession oftl t's property having been accepted by the Ce Itenefit of his creditors. It is ordered that n tlis said crelditors do take place aite "Oeioee ,ina, Esq. nttlnry public, et Mnidey, ilte 13 instant, at 0l o'clock, A .fnr tle purpose ing on thle tifairseof said itsatlvent; endp t tie r jdicil pr.ceedings - against ieperi are stayedt S Wetnec the II liuueaneu Judge of lIen Court eafreanid 1819. ony I EBLpANC, Deputy Clerk. 5 TA DI tANE-Cour du Premier Districtc jl Jean Is vs cea Creane rs La cession de de I'insolvable ayant bth neepeeple parI le bneRfie de ses ernn ciers-il eat of le rasselnbllement des dits a nc e le 13 Ma ollran, I di dl n atein, alle Victor Foulon, Ersq. nlaire publfinude ur le afleairs I dit inelvaeble et pendant ce preOEs judieiairea centree personln.etl nelatsuependueI. Tb oin A. 0 Bchanan Jugs delI dine Cour, ce mo3t ILA O ice corser of Poydma & St. Cprso o*'i. noel-(f 1b oisI- e Ompa lRiatm y SnL22 A TRIBIj 4 (Incie mt STATE oF LOUISIANA.,-NPtlia C ,or it iy b ,i , Pariah and City of New Olelans.-Presets Ihl Honorable Charles Iaumin, ,udl.. No.11,774. M. DuaosOse his C rieditors.. The re.ion h61 property by tlM petitioner a bn*n y accepted by thl court ifo the b senfit of ,L& be ore, and it is ordired ithe a meetiln of sa.d erdt0ir held at tim oic of Phi. Lamose, notary publet i Tareday the 20th day of May neat, then a h ,b o dolihberon n0 the airs of tlh peltmioner, eai In 6 meantime oil proceeding noalast his pLopety sad M !" son are itnyd. It is further ordered, that ChAl. N. Carwievi, Esq. he rppeinled to rproesrnt thne bove cmrdiior. Tly order of Cout. Clerkis OfI&, New Orleams April 87, 1839. may IS8to ARMAIND PITOT, C . E-TAT DE LA LO IdAt oule arous wolr Ia paroisse e ville tal. N4ouelle Orltana m'reueit I'hunoraWe Charles Muainin, J om., .0atn L I.I7, 183d: No. 11,774 M. Dubose vs Ise Crel mr r. Ln arinelo de In prpripebi par ittionnalre Ot nc rept6 par Il Cour, pour to b.lbfice do aes rbololela e it ot ordonlnb qu'une raseemblemenl de diulr crbn cier,, mr tenoe ell bureau deo Phi. Lncole, notdlre Ilmblie, omardl l 210 Mai prochloin, aln d db6libmrer our leol nfaire du dit petiltionnaire; at iendant ea tempo loletei potlraiites contre lo, roprlt1 eran senrpsdue. a. II 0st pliu ordonb que Choarleas M1. CarweIIt Eq, ouil rimtli piour rbmprbsntelr Ies dits ebancnlsl. Par ordre de II Coai,: IBurc.s du Greffl, Is NouvelleOr.ensn AerlI8P 189.2 oil It ARMIAND PI't(T, a0k3Oer. ' Ii oay 1 SItAI.L d& IIR(tN, 96 Ma riane at . N.A fDY--An invoice of laparilr krandt,'vl ntae Sof 18.20, for male by SHALL & BROWN, may I 96 Alasines at ýJIt)A I'-Y21I0 loa.i.tbaha m's brald, or sate e y 17 roy l SHALL & IIIIOWN, 96 Magialosas NEW /'U II.Ii!ATION8. I)RICI.LEr ANDI ASPAdIA, by Walter Savsage' lenders Crq. 'The Calbint ilinis*ter, by Srs. (lore +uhorets ollhe t Iuugllarin Tales." E JOHNS &. Co, may _ cos St Charles At Common Its rI -IE--000 bill Thomasmon Lime, Ip in o for J.a sale by S & J P WA1Tr , ay 1 73 CmpIat F AC IO -111 l1 , it. o i Vn .0.. .Inu a  SACO IN-lS fhds of Cineinnat oured ides and B. shouldes, for sale by o23 STITSOIN & AVERY 83 Gravlr at OLOGNE WATER--S0 dozen gn uine in ston Tr ale by A TRIER, 0 n24 24 Grevier at I ADIES STOCKINGS--10U ooen ladies etocu S gs, in atore for sale TRIERy 3 r a24 A TRIER. 34 Grarers at T 'EEL. PE'NS-A uperior.assortment receLed by 0 the lte arrivals cons isting in part of SFELT'S 'Ef, ont Cardsl, Noe. I, 2, , 44 • Double Patent Peorryion, on Coarda.l Cotllmpeleatilg dio do V0 cVnigt do do tr loeens, for Posting, do Lr ( ongrera to t o Webster do do nkinner do doo." - (illoit do Ioreltl' I.ladiro l'e in IomxR,, ad on crdf ., W idelrl do do assorted qualities Those in wooa of thetborv by the grace, card or box, 90a ftl, the wost extensive aosormeolt in Orleans at ao4 DIAVID FELT 4 'co, 24 Croteost. EER SKINS-2 ble h s landing from steam l looer, fli, rele by A TRIER, 9 34 Gravier a Ee )EAS.-- bags Englilh reen eas, landing fron b harue Cllnticlecr, toreleo by alf2 SIIALL & IIIOWN, 96 Mlagnaine st NEW PIUIILICATIONS. i ISDOM and Genius of Shakepeare, by Reverend 'e 1 hbode Pride Converatiot an Nature and Art, with cuts terling and Perrtddock, or tile High Minded, by tie author of" Trematne' tcte The Spirit oftlte East, by D IUrquhart, Esq. br Elvira, the Nahob's Wife, by Mrs Monklond ~ir Walter Scott's Works, with a Biography, by NJ G LockhOrt, copleat in 8 vole. r Jack Sheppard, lt number, a romance, by W Har, rlon Ainsworth, with noterous illlItrations at Niciolas Nickleby, number II N LJOHNS & Co, ap 17 car St Charles and Common its at 'a EI,-5 tons E.glih blitered Stel, or l y S A' -TAp 20 - SALL &O BROWN, 96 M iagu m " by I ME1500 hbla lime. in store and for sale by af Ljp2 P LAIDLAW,66Camp at e LLUSTRATED edilion of James on the Passalasl6 1 splendid Engravinae. eo Memoirs of Charles Mathaws, Commedian, by Mr. *h Mathewn, it 2 vols.just receiversd and for sole by be mar 21 ALEX TOWAR, 49 Camp N l' nUNNY BAGS-100 bales 980 bushel gunny balgs, a lla store and foresaaby all J THAYER & co. 74Poydrs este N NEW JEWELERY. ýIT M. BELL, 16 Chartres street, has this dlay reale rk ed p'r shp Saratoga, 0 dozo. enemelld Breast Lins, whirls will be offeredl to the trade or pedlars cheap. o er tltan ever before offerd in thls citya . Also 50 doasa chased Ilings, of all pattas. tosgether with .graat va rioty of cheap Gilt Work, cesalliag o roachas, Rilla t Ear Omornaola, Locketll, Chahin a&. Thole WaL 0n- will do well to examisne this Irat aormeseal. lits P.S. Old Gold and Silver wanled. apil 5 dix ire TARCII and ALCOHOL-Colgate'st 8eb, U If S boxs, Bach Alcohol 3 boxr, f l b a J4IAIS In A DRi Ia Is