Newspaper of True American, May 9, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated May 9, 1839 Page 1
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Piucik 12', CENTIS. NI[:Y ORtLlANS THUiIRSDAY H1ORI~NG, MAY 9, 1830. Voi.V INor Terms of the Noemospepe3 Press or Net '"Orlean Sunanl touslyi.tgret3 t3 3t ll nu mli'oi)30d, I"3 ar the PrI'nprletors, 1l oan lt. 1311t of Nlarcb, 17 Souscltprlors,--Twelvt IDollars for thl d:W pn or atnun, paynlhrlo saoi033ly ill advanc1 too dollars for th1 toi-oweakly conotry paper, nIva lI one your in 0lvau0C1e, wher3i3, 3 ilV3 r3lerOne3 i0 3 ive3n, No0 a ibsriptioal oill hb discoontinoud il o rrcrngr11 . csttled In case of di 'c1antinatllln e, one week's i d omriltr In ust n0 invarna'y given, prcevions tlI0I xoolation of sullcription. Aonyotorlstoo.-3l0, dollar per 0t10.r0 flr the fir.1. i ntartion, andl hall that prico folr achb 3 l.bStiltrt one: .sr lterial alteration froa tht e original advert0-n canl will ba thnraord s a new on,. YOKtoLY AotvEnTlofisOlot,-rhlhatnt 3lll 'l'a'ecl.0, orly dollaorf EIglish aloale, nIld sixty for bth InlOl fgsane IlnBlks, Insuralce t rices, fm other 3 i3n0ir ipublo inastitrtlroo, fifty dollars in Eng33ish otnly, and 'ilghty for both langluages; Ship rnd Stenmbl. I Feae nbr, or Comalisnion torhanlO siNlxty dollarsO i REnglish -k an d eighty lto botth lungulages. MnAnRIAOS, OatTLtitY NOTICES, and ortirlco all nag tthe atrantion of the public to sales 1 propert3y, cnt.s of patsengrrs, benefitas &c. &c. will h I Inrgc3i one dollar per siq.are for ti o hfirt insertion il uac lan tCo oMittATlO n, or, orf anry p,3rs3on a natureo, whno admissiblt., shall be chaorgoed duotbl, and in advance. A deduotion of twct ry.rve percent. will be mn3he tn Aluctionteors, Shero, Reg sters of Winls, aad r Marhols ut emoe of real astute, publisled3 in Iuh3 languages, end O0 percent, iln Egslmh lono: t per cent. ol sales of other proporty. AuvOnc'rteSM.aTT at of Iath dire(t line of bdu oin Ie of tte advertiser, suth n0 lAgoa, a tiotl Pilot plantoa lolla snle, rtnnaty slaves, stray l ninals, &e. &s . will be charged for sop3toly, and a rt i be 3n'li3uary rant.. AitVb TISvMnE NTn not soeifcal at oainlll wiltl hle ibleishod one month, and chargedreon nwedil , .y. No advrotisemoet. of 1ebanknt31.trs wi ll phe L lisn I nalay case, unllles paid for r, 3l3 to iiit:otiOn, oir psvnlent goarantoeld by r e ptrson in own. 'thslreo'atid other pla0ces oit Olllntelnnl, ailvertitla0tn daily.'lnthe nsonlt. to be hlenrgld $13ll) hor ll3fl.lli 3-. Ions, and Sto0 in Iboth langllncs. All oannouncmentsooaf o tll1dt's fr pnli3t0nl ,... will be olhrged doubla the price of other adtcO.- Owingttll ta 3ils.........0 l ......talnd byntlyrw plah 'r) .prorpietors, tbheo v bau0tc3 to the 3)nl;3met .flta 33l,, na"es of persons who.... 1........t.. hnnl InuCt , lllii. withiln one muont aftenr pr)t0 t lt3, it onl llb It,.3,3' hnown (so far no pnracticable) 1to c30h oathlr-t-1hI3y oh)i ntlting th t0aelves not to a,l13rlia oCr priynt flr I(.b telinquentsunlels ill case ol adlvance paymentl s. (Signed) J, C. Do 0T. ItOMEl J. IAYON, I'. i. R!.A, oItIN 0.ttSlotN, I ills idII'N. IVIeely Picsh.--\Vc t13 3 0er0i3n1d33 to3T !3Libh toy oilti alto condiltil. noI, lil3l its rtey ore t pltlicnblo I33 l,'3 edtl ) A. 1. l.AtV!tl'3f'rf, otitersnlls mat, IE lans Ca III, govt j i, _fd; . ilTAY'S LIN1IN'I'tNT.-No F.o3.ti ).... ois ex L tr.ordi3ar3 y el) 3lliet l o0 lll't.ill on tll t eh e E3 ll of scienoce, and E30e invC3nt3L3 l o i0 3 03',hal.d Ilidi calll0mn, tIe introd l0 , t0 of whichl3 t to tle pfubhI, ,was invested witlh ilie uoleniniiY ol a 0doallibed Ibqulaf, has since gainad u re)ttl.tiotn nllt rallu:l0 d, 'fully oustoining tho correctness of th) lnlomented Dr Gridloy's last oolnfostiln, that " le d3ared not die without giving to posterity 11he30 1l3t3 o l itf 0i knowleodgo on .lis sulbjoct," and 1i0 lhr)03foro bJquonatlhod to hie friond Iand attondanlt, So)lll0on flays, tile aeret of hli dliscovery. It is noWn used i lthe prhln3Ipal ) ho)pitals, 0 and3 thl privato praclico in our co0llltry, lirst and Illolt .cortainly for tIe cure olf t0he 1nl)'e, M1ld oelh c!)n1 0ively and otffootually 0 to balllh credulity, UlI)3'3 whore its eflftelts ar witnessed Externally ill t..o following cnmplai)ts: For Dropsy--Creating extraordinlary a00orp3o0)33 at once. All Swellings--Reoducinlg tlemn in a fewv hours Rheumatism-Acute or Chronic, giving quick1 Sore Thront--By Cancers, Ulcers o<r 3:o I3 . Croop and Wlliuollg Cougll-E-3xtcr3l3ly, and) -ever the Cheat. All Bruises, Dj30irne, l1nd Birn0---Curia; i:i a fow Ihours. r Soros and IUlcers-WhOether froesl r long standl3ing. and faver enres. SIts oporntitii0 3.pol adlts 3 .0'i 033331hr3 in r3du3 ing 0 lnlll3,3 lgado3d1g03t1i.... -.3 tig htnes of tle chcat by c3 3ation of tn lll ",, . 13a been ourrisi)0g beyond 1 conIltion. T0h031 eOllnmon roiark olf tioU wIle have LsIdit i in the i ,lhllt, is "It nels oIlie a 3 Chr)ll" TIIIE PILES---' h 33 priec, j1 is re'3nlll3t:d to ally 3 .prsoil wIo will use a botlo of H1y's Lt333333U3. Ior tlo Piles, and r0)lri tho ompty bottl) wit3o3t3 'fIoing 0ureod. T'lhs are the0 posilive orders o0 th proptie3tor to tle Agontls; nd out of mantly Lhou. .,ands sold, not olne los br.on unsoo ccsfal. Al lV ighll itascrt certifcattes I33 any Icl0tii', h0ut .prefor that those wil sell tire )rtiol0 ) h n.ld3 oe. Ilhbit thle origittl to parchaloro. CAU'TION Nonlo can 0 e genuine witllol:t .spleudid olgraved wraplper, on wlich0 is lay lalll 3, and alsotllht of the Agent-.O LO N IAYS. Sold wholesale al d rqtail, by CO S'l'TOC, IC & Co, Now York, atd by one Druggist i eveory town in tkr Ullioll. For sale by the WileCsale Agents, aner"" r of1 fUomIlnel & 'ilichopitoulas 03tre3, n-and o tim7 .Apothecarioe gontorolli'. )3)0 NO (1tUhl, N'i V'.A ]'R. JOII NISON, lllie I ill vI , strlit t, can I flee Ihe praetilce tol tie trettlleult of Velireal Oicase, in all its iltrfettl iroae. )r. Johnson, froei a residere .of lltny yecrs ill [irs ,ilnl inErtope dev ted to teiltre;tu lrl of Venerel liieabe, ald frolu hitps rl extnsv, Ie u rhct iw e it lldt part cllu r Itrlluch y tie lrllutediun, guarantre ed sl'e, speeddY and tlnetunt culre. to Sorl.b pctIIzms It areT I bleldwith any oflthe t ollwing diseases, viz:- .nnorrl'lllea. (tllectl, Stri,:tues, (hl illr tu, Ratibos, N,1 Setitil iVcikakies, AlII;ctills oflthe Irlleri.l, tlo '" Loins, Urethra, rrotrele tilued, Sweltled 1 stiý.l'.=, irlpliutns nI tie Skitll, nere Tlhroat, l'aius ill Ithe h tJoiti the numerols syttmptoms wliich gol 'lly fult Io hls diseae. lReceat eured in two or thret days eileet'iti tt( ' use of lMercury', inltrrepliun tr rau I stiuejit o eru- hr lion in the mude of linie , ig. I t A nediciln to I revet tVenereal tisease can e o .inedi ulf Ir.JohnsIeu It it front the recipe o' thet ltuaronLarry, celebrautrd aletlh SurgeuM, atd wat it nued by him during the tverul citeumpite ii wthilch he I nerved'ans urgeon ie eral inlhH irelnch Army. SSold by Dr. Julbltso, at his oltie. 'Ihloe ,eroes .having any affecttiot of iienerea-I IIseRse, enil tbht taking sea voyages. or remotuving to the eounltrv, woutld ,du bll giving Ir. JuleJohnsn ai call, as proper utedi i r Ie'hrl dr aure ill the eshortest tilte cnn be lpt up w.itls mirfhen directions fir their use. Sasieopen from 7 it the morning until 10 ou'clock t c ight. ABEIRNTIIY'd DYSPPI''IC I.IXIRR. lDr. bortthyt th gruteat ofti i'tt!i lti s tirLso:n wa opinion that tit -ntt of the di:la . tlh t allu, snankind originate in the siam'mob. Tlli, Elixir wasa: lielr tty him ith thtie itt1t tu Iryeuetdettt etLc:lul ill tit priatte and puldic Iretit lie ulir netrils Ifr tei years, for the re tt u ie fnl f dsdisc s: Losus efappetite, luntlety, iitetuten ot til .tutto itcl,'it t ine tlhe tile, lieavi.ssof thle Wlell ae iucli teilitn Itl sleep, lrregulality utt the BlowIel., and in all casnes where luditgctitn or a habit i lbunld to ,exist. This mledicin mest not;-, .ullihetl almmong the host .fquaek nostru uani i eltwbut're tle plublic," ult, it ie h aule invention uof te lllelst llld tnii s t Ctlllintf surgeolt Eureln ever podllted, ied t ll .Etred t t f Itelerut ltllet iutt wErl Ieurcnased bIy tlho ie.Iltt ftir a ey largc e e um. It is aLgretaale Itnd pleunllt to tile tutec, cea tsie u ltlild llper ilett.ulya k eeps tIhe bowclt free imtlurts vigor and etreligt to theo el.ystullt, and elturlutlnee- t thle ielind, and itfe, batitles reulntitess he lte ost cullirlld tase ot )ysltelpeia or ltidigestiu, uand llrevetai u re ltirll itL tty Alturajpte.rd. NW Yoaltlllt AIugIst, I23B . :35 Mallsntrn sheet. SIR:.-litcounequenco'd'ieadi..g a selenotary lie, I ihave buee troublil, nltor or It--, witlh ,digest ti, t fir len yeurt; htr thle lue theeyeatrs tiy enffOrings it:te Ibeeninuplourtttble. I hliave tiid several hysiullyae , and a neat nrofqllnek etloileine, wilthlt deriving uuiy iltluetit. I d:e1ituired of ever obhlitig ntlly erlillllll relieftc Il resigted ittyself nhiti hltltele desttair I iwae te'e dell hby ltany frlenllstl tir Aetetellthy's Dtynlitlttc Elixir. I have tiow tittished tile IutIIIt lbr Iel.u aLd kOW itu t Iow to exeirceee e V ity l iration of its ,wnderftl virtner and the inlrcle ititIt perlrnledl in eturit teo to tlluhat health which l: t nigh l.t fltr vet. feld t hule a lndenu ttulttl o ct u selnd exeen-t y thancIke ilrtoeu Iblerin,.e yon Ilaveu e erred lyv re n.lriug mu to pelelte health. l rnlllaliU yours, " " JCOII InltNIhOt. r File agent has ia hin Iritse p loon sere h:lendred tls tlt louials siml r to the abolve, lf tie exuttilrallllry vir tioeue tis etmediline. Sold by uppuittttllltlti, t lir. Joltntit's. 14t0 Ilernvill tnreet. tno. 5 STEEL PENS-Felt's Nos. 3 S $ 4 prosl Daniel \Veator 'pei Fell's lare batrrel pn " Cpnree largo fo Perry's flat sprug 5I .do sall do do 3slilt Io Windel's lailies do dl doubelle ptent do iuitmriel Itteble putett .do Gilllo bainrel do di N liUoull do Aond Gillct' Conliltrereial, fr Cile iit D)VID-FELrT & Co 2t Clartres lt, ft6 N_ Slitio_ ora _ la_ l -tIl-OMCAEa S 'I' TltlutMI IE'TERS, M It;[O" I COPEai &e.-Jeust reeeivtend nt MOr satle by Wie. MbeIelnt coener of Camp and Common streets, g ""lueralltloent or" Yurveyor'e Conlpa'""ls, MlAnthetttical itutrleutnt, Drawing iatto. Spuing Divid.dal prmg Bitt Pent, leery Pre tractors, leary,1iales, itlllter's St.nle, Glnts.T1rianglat, Paralte Itlr, aliernerupee, Tlertmotllrte, CnatQti'.Q.O rat, urvney Choint, K '. ' a.h : heanlt and c mlp 1.l 0t asshrltlme.t of sub..tanntial NUIIIIo Y. C& I N o. 311 (ihnrflre 01.0,1, are r11 i shlo llnal 10 clmothing. Th iy hin ileh the aII l ni ui o the pudblic as then'y ria wor"l llltl d in saying h strangers and citiwe+ns 0c l1 l urnio l theliil psrv6 m rleu udvantagleusly inl ilny c.Ily in th. N.;1. A few r,, zn elegant ivory nv h llhe unlt brelt', Irwo, :12 to 3fi itnches. Al-, a largo lot w +i' t n, :ki.. bl xes, v rio,. sizes, very low r0i0 Tiil . II.I( - . I.I* l:li ll'-n le ilatory -fo r r. e 1_1 i, . r-, i.rlh ous hair friom this tne, 'I o k and . IiIv 1 Io i, 1 .lv o li nd cii rt: illty, leviiylg the skinll t.i ".,r ol "1', : l if,,,11 tt a' tl, ,lpliomtii o . A lrtU , +tply .l-t r"i, ld oIto loazttoii'. a' I'l110411 & ALI.FN, I, I":1 I.',:'' IHotld, ca( r St (.ha lrleo L C lnllll ll st .1IA . \ ., 10) 1 il liim Iet/, l I GC1 har I N h'1 .1.s, 1. li0 dl, y received ai s all IIssotIIIInen l1 1 . . 0"' I I, l " ,1 1 111,u1il blreaM li , set up ill the m ,.n l.t. It . sa le 11111: ý 1,11 .h Tip Alexalldlr IfriI II l trI t ll , for l u , .rih Iittsburg Cu.ll, in sulull quar r 1 , ,.,, a Oill- t , f' lnk Alle . 7 t3 ii .1 , - Ti'1119 iuli(;re was S v uprituor alotI l hasn bni sil ectc Ild II, ,r I, f rvnttlitn 1~r 1111 1''+ars in 0V,: ,'y ,', .v '10r, o1 ai ,, 1 n s, .lea, of the l di . I 1 , i L vrnil i o ti ,i ,,li,! 11c0 i 0tll , l liicv, 1i S,'l'i . I i i , , all th, 1i~e ,1,1 h ýll ' , W I1C, .,ilt : , ' ," . ,.. 11t r c, c1 l from l ti . s, , a!.1 1,h , 11:itr,, 1,011, 1.t h , ta:Il It illnt, thtu st<J n "i ~ l h I i ' 1i l1 :i-i t 1' ti, c 11 l - '11 ",", ,+ r : trlicL lo d r,11,,r r trjr1 et l i, l 211l, ']'h.1 19 It 9 -.c11 . 1 ' It I rir,,te t,,i i . red. only , 11 t to sa l sy ,Illi,,,n r 1i1, redl ll T"he lact is da1 ly 1 'o1 i hnin !'kl' 1 k ow l , ' hdc, of th110 pro ri I rs o its b ai r1i '.i ..lom sIrn n .1: l fi aci s in ciIs ol l Il e Iaoll nr d f1 -1i 11/1 rti . 1,) Il u \ r v(u, all nlri d l s r ,ll l Itim , II h .h ll t r lds, r-penterry Ol r 1111I 11til ,yi pri o m h., tl yT 11lbe ll that t11 %,:: 1.1 1it, o lV y t ra d 1 t ral ! Y l m'n'ir'' n... l1, III. u 0on 1'11 Ils II- 1 il l t1 1 ;. 1 ,1 th i I)h 1 1 l l ' -"y :1 ;il, r Itr% i 0l0, 1 1. I h i r o I· ' ,; l sl l' l 1v 1, n il v .' have 1.1d n If L In 1111 ~1111 ,I.f :"110111 1111 411 fis lino lt 1 l'l on II' 1 I m" i - i I loll ritl N, r l ih, ll, t , i Iw s ir ,tI put l ip i phil l clsen t h nt l y notlli 0 Rllll l h d0. l, t.,l e l 11 111e .t lit livl IIF, w, 11 SIII" I% It bl hlI' III 1 St'' l t','i '-I. ii tII ' I , naki it l11 ,tch he 'h11 laple-t 1ille, n1 l 'r 1i ere to lhe publ',. The aliv,, in, diino . o, woii i d rI to iy oul r A \i ,, l , ]li, ly 1 1 e;1111,, 1).11 i1 A ,polthrcurv 0T i Nro 11,";u, si Nl l(:\, " 31 1 oll IC- l ), 11 lili'0,lll'; /,Th 111 I I l lo i ure; a '.I . 3W hihe II ,-, 1 111 lil I',e pI.L";I tome lli 1I t) L ," ho1 1 : 1t II, a 1i,,, u111 h . a e 1i l1mi hInil,0 d 11o01 1 0 iI, ) 0t .tllih n i T' h1. I l ,h l : ii Ip f Ill 1 . I 191' n 11 I, . - Ri- ,; :l 1.1 l, II t " I I~".1, h , lby 1 1t1 . 1 Gnu,,rdhl i. Ju1 t t r e v'd t11 ,10 I .t1 1 t b1l, 1.'v d1.'I +- ' i ( . ' 3,1 3' \' 1h- 1-'mrq. st1. F'ronm Mtobil (.\ l i ) b in ) to Algn t. (+ lil t n flia l ,l l l; 1 h~ l ., Xi ,i , : . . 1l h ..l",i l .lM n :t l Ii., .t' l !r :.. o"+ , .: 1L 't',,. ]: H'.,, ! 't I ,ll,. , 'l , id \ ,.h ',. hol1 1ills, to Aug llS C.1 A'1. 1c; i yI.,rt II h.l. s t ii.ý . t sa -\ . hile is iin Ilo inl el r Lo i )l' el o t1 pr,:'eetelnc o c, by oth< tl!',at- :tl ILt1{. tll IA LINII' I s[,t t ,it v,ý" "'rn, ami tn,,; r onue co, Ie - Sth.ollhol utIl d fI ay rr.P w' \ II 'I 'uTArI y ur u:iLi ;olf tlrophe shollo i D olll'. Tli... t| (·1 New Olil' .1 Mai paL is lrlared 12 y this ro ll t.11. 'e \gel:ll)s for m'I+ull m.irIIa be a tlhe st-Ith "r',l C.)IIBII ',.· ] Thi e smooth, hard, 9.:':dt:i , :ads:.,tek rita ,still: ",:tilr' a,g . .,e;en.t e tl 11 iia ; I soneatite ti I', allire the t latItTr spted, cerlatli , col1ori, :II al a,+, inlg :atyit'; connectedl s it w" re," withthe liall lIto l (CIrhleslto, S. C. andl the ste:un uckiets to New 1.,Ik No trawlerhs can 'ah Ntew York ialm Now Ortlns 16 I M le -I .sl-- ahi gtaii iill. 0, '*hdtalta ucih e, Il'h idai, wt l. ,e a 'r vel ile ,in o n , a y l. all T'L s la t, to SI .lo ks, .I huJ the p Ito c t.wl,,s, a',, t o lo:nchs llime lia kinsl l (0 ione ,I (N c i il3 ohlertmi Ste-Tien, lg.ýrit.t Io oahebs. S'L' I I+'I'1)NS &l c'o. tu (iA14,"a .ll tsi, l thse Mobile 1 *)istanl,., New ()rh.lals to \11'.ile, 150 .:I. ca Mobile to Aiglitle, 5.41 i AulgstIla to sChitrleston, 1Is " or Ihalaston to Naw ri'k, 'SJlt- 190 Tiule, Netw iOrlea to Mlobile, c' holurs n Mobile to Austa, 1:2 " Ai Augusta to Chail'.ton, /e 5' Chalelstoe n to New aork, 8- :958 M.ak1in" 1 18 mifles per dav. or 7 .:les per hlour, in,.he. N. I . I hl i leave to ifaorim the publict toithi kl bridges ovcrthe (Chatahnokehswomp rn d liard l.tbo, p:t creek hae iil0t been completed ,yi the gnrrl,al gwl\n1 mnell (Ihle i yie obstcles oe1crating agallt this se ' speedy route ite thus.h happily reorrcd; nold I have il S pleasure oflllllvrng I nll travellethate coah s,. waler route from l'lnslatii Ciedi r I11u;, it is ahdmit i, led by all who I vI,r passed through it to be iunsurplssllll ci SillnUtics beatuty and safiv. iThe ridge I shroutlel itGeorgia have also eenecpairetd. J MI C IIAl.EIt ALLIGAI'OR LINE.- . . Mobile to Augusta, via Florida. o0 Si- F Leaves Mobile Tuesdays, Thurs. de . ly day, and Saturdays, per ihe tr splendid steamer Champion, (ex. s t cpt ill case of storms,) to Poesacola; thence per Ie steamer Lo Roy to La Grange, and thence four sr horse post coha, s via Mariana, Bainbridge, Pit. it deiton, Berriro, Outlaw's, n.d Plerry, to Macon, G t ; thlnc vo Milledgeville, and Sparta, 1o War. roento, theI-ct per rail rodu cars to AOgu:,/a.. c 'li Chaitmplon is in splendid ordor, with nowt lo,per oil, ra, coppered tal ppl r fastened. C The le Roy has bce.en thoroughly repaired, her i I acoomellodatiolo are as handollle a any hbo t. I Th e boou ifl Santao ia ls Sound, aim CnoctUil i to watchioc Bay pirescent the mostc interesting stecm na. vigation in tithe Sath-ibeing at the sametme a perfectly land locked. S .li Teamls are not surpa d on any route i ite g tcom tfy the dri.vers, to ea san, careftl and atteon it tice. - i " - -.. i The bridges heiretefore dangerous have b en r newly builrt, o that high waters do not intoer'ro. Thoe eting houses have been mostly changed, ao and ar now a gd as any rood in the Sonth. y It is geerally known that the excollonne and hardness of th iroads enai the i te tams at all sea sons to mltak` groat sptd. Their snoothnl ess so curea the Iravci:er frotm the ordinary fatigu of tar iugo teravelli.g. S the Lino is now c rryitng its passengers from Aug.sta to Mobile in fotir days atd twelve Shour, orr to N. w Orleanso in lour dayssand twenty Shours. Going to Augusta, the lino is six daysa r nd soevei hours. T'h. tima aelually employed in Y' travelling is the s.alno as it the other direction, Lut ti- the diffurence of time on the routa, is caused by at day being loot in Pensacola, w.ich, however, is t well repaid by the op. ortunity it givoa ofsoceig .i thie Navy Yard, tl'o old Spanish Forts, etc. The cc- traveleor aloe sleops at Macot, aid agtia at War tentont. This arrangement will cntinuo till LIt travel turns northward, whne tih line will be the s- L8A1n fmro Mobilo to Augusta, as it is enw in thi other direction. )r. This AlverLisement contains a plain stat ntent of factse, the accuracy of which thbt proprietors gaurait.tectoeach passenger iii tha penalty of hii t stage far-. Maps of the LUnc may be seen at thile Lx hane Hotel, Ntw Orleans, and at thie Maasion Houstr Mobile. Fare thtrugh from Mco bile to Augusta, $17 50 Tihe line extetitts, by abranch toi Tallahassco. Sat Chattaloocht,:, tho lino couiects with the all steamboat carrynig the mail to Apa'achiolaht aind - St. Joseph's. S Offia: at the Masion IHoause, Mob.le. b m17 O COs WICK, Agent, Mobile. U GA. It & 05k O.1SSuSS-150 tdle Sugas, 'ro Ih.0fl galls aplatation olave the ar sale by ADA31S &. WIIITALL, s5-2w " 67 Gravier at G LASS-100 bozea o sto for salro hr se6 SHALI. ,& BRsWN 46 Magazine at 01['ATI Oe LOUI;IANA,--Citv f New Or. Icalns.--lie it kilmwn Ililthat this day Iefllro i, Joseph lltnzaken tMarks, it a ntory pulihc, in and for the city and parish of New Orleans, State of Louisiana, aforesaid duly commissioned ann d sworn, Personally c'tmo and appolrod iMosnrre. John Stevenson \Valton-John Ilall and Archibald erown lein, Carpenters, Iransaetiotg .nbsioess uns der thine stylo and firm ofJ I all & A It Iein-lP-n. jamin llartrod & John Hulghes, CatrpenteCls trans. clting, business uindr thelllo and firm of IInar:od & llugho.s-Jolhn Tollolns O(sorne, Mark 'Tlhomaus, i Freronan Annablle, Joepti Wilder Davi, S.amul.i Morrison, and a1)llin InbcoCnlt Clarike, all rcaidonts ofilhin city, who declared T'hat in conformnity vwith an act of thie Legisla. turn of this State, upproved no the thirteenth of March, eighteen lhundred nod thirty-seven, notitled = " An Act to aulhorizo limited or anonymius part. nerships, and to regulato the same," they, the said appcarers, have agreed, and do by those presents agree to eater the following limited or anunymous I partnership, under the clause and conditiols fot 1 lowing, to wit . Art. 1. That the name, and style, under which a said partncersli is to be conducted. shall be, "''Theo Phlloenix Tow float Company,' anal that the place whore said company is io be locate 1, shall be inl the city of New Orluans. Art. 2. That tieo description or kind of busineso or industry, to bn carried on under said lsyl, by the directors shall be to estalish anlld continue to' run one or more Tow Boats, fIor Ihe towingofvles' sole, rendenring assistance, carrying frcighlitil lps. anRIger., and ao y othenr bliiiness whlch nJiy be law. fill for iow boats to perform. Art. . That the amlonoulnt of thel capital of said elnlpany, stal! be one hundred thousa:nd dollars, dinidlod into niie thousallnd shares, lo one lhullred dolla-s each, and pay.aoie in cash. Art. d. Tlhat tlli nuames of the partners, andit the ainniout each plartner has r intributcd, is as llows:od I Said John Slephcnson Walton, eight hundred Iald thirly-livo slhar'es; said J Ihall nnd A It llin, sixty one shires al Ill arrod &. llughe, iirty. one shlara; lanid John trhimn s Oibor-i,, irtlrl eln haret s; said Mark' Thoan, ten r.hares; sai d Free. oian Annable, teln hare. ; said John WViler Dla. vis, ten shiarels; aid Sai el lMorrisoln, ten shlare:; ind Daniel Iltabcock Clarke, ten tshares. Art. 5. Thalt thin [:rtnaa r;rhip shiall cominltnce frolll the dae Ireeol; aill(ri .maine shall aotelnilinate its operationa s n iant wind upII its cowern on the thirtuonth of Jire-, n:ighteen hundred and forty. three. Art. . G. That tlhre lshll hb three diirctoIrs to transact til) l:. eiss of Said come ! y, ail,n alin t-r it: ;clacverni. Art. 7. 'l'hit the with which said diree Iols shall b,, vvetr , 1 0 11 1 . ::t rglrol IntlO gst tlhe s nelv n, e their ,vxi lr'ih- i it, and 11i1 all eita, lnd a i .jlrit'y " II rh llt shall Ihave and ari hllreiy mlmy :a ,n.ath full power to rceive and i pay ell IImoinis, an, to do aid cause to h done all that is reqilslllL to tthe conducting of Ihe business of said coillany--il tllhe 'residenlt by andl wth i tile consent ol a u ,onjority of tile directors, is un pi"ored to issue Lhe ine o notls of said compa. i ny, for all demad n ri'r or cn.ntrals n,; Ie. hal' osaiid coipiany, cu i,*td by at least one tit' the d rectos s. # Art . f.lit thel timel oftlur:ttioan of tie service ofsa'Ld drectoera shall be for lilt.e year ; anl tint an tele ion for tihe sale; shall tea held on ahie n sn t .'n i. day df.auly, of ea.' and overy year dIrinl tht ex. iote ta r this pti iartrre haip. Art. 3. That when sani comlpany chall tave ar rived at tihe period whnt it its ior expnre, all tih con. cleslland llf',tlr f Ilia aant.m , nal, ll be woulllnd u and liaideated toy uch directornass may bu ia o.i,co at the time Art, It1. That the powetrs to be exoercised by the lircn torsn intru.sted wills sait id liquidation, shall e.n s fI,lloas, to wit:--T'o rlcreive sucll una or sunms, as mally bh d ll to the clnanllll iy, and givel .n qllilm anri e or acqulitln es th'leo'l, aind Io sell ile I prnplrty of . slidi. an"iy, cither at sal. lan pnal 1 i ;Uli n . inl, ion , e lr!es ;,nd I.ohtlms asn to tIl trh l m y .oi fit alnt adadvc.le, and to pay tile debts of leaid i A L. t1. That it r divideondsa rath cleiar prillt itinr-ll:ali.:o all n i:a nn'nra and n xlnon dm tura s n ,l'fa ; oil ., Bl ll -hall l e det rl ,,tI l1n ill td i tL l, slock Ih l ters, on the iret \liondiy in .nly o lnn ah alnd e'Iry ylt:r J Irtng the exi tllic of tin.ll : 'llUE lhip, firs tls.ervingn tell pler cent. o tli prolits lr c .I t10ngercies. Art. That a.i a genrnrl meetln of the r oc-k holders, all r tie aland rngnl altnni ala tegalds thie number ofl no es each - tl khhIer rIhall give, and any othei matter relative to the wtIlltr of tahe cn1n. pantny, Iint mcilnrary i -h 1e"y ,oin;I cmpactil, shall bli entred to, and the t s maore. s 8d, h ll he d ns, ituated the i. -l-,,0w0 of tlto ' nlnra ni To'a IaI .,oat o UllLny," anid t hall be 'll the said ,toclkbholdors and their rc Lee t'i\ bei'llis. Done and pliled, i r ie i the Cilv of New Orleans, aresralid, ibn presence of ]DaniI J. ticniad and \\. llIasserd, witnesses of lawfniful age and dminicihiattd in this city, niho hereo ntt n sign their inas, iogethir with -aid eal tiiiarire.n aldlna, the nsaid notary, this Ist lday of Alrni, l')i. Orioinal sgeed, h. ia ': lon, Josnh W nable, A 11 gi, John t lughes, Jobg l , Mark T'llona, John Hllt, ,I W 1a. . .. carde, 3. J. Iarks, not. pub. I Certify the firugoinng to be a trie of the original act extant in miy current regisit n faith Srleaeof, I grant thoe presenats under or y nilaure ind seal of ottice, at New Orleans, ti l.l of April, ]b3l . JOS. 11. MARKS, I ita ub, op n l .1_ Noilve OriSins, devant lni .JIsrph Jnz,. lion Mlarlks, notairo plublic, dins et pour la tlll et 1 parolsse de In No volle Orl6 oins, Etat dll. ouosi. 1a,le, dunten;t appoini eo.i,':,. er1 Out p-rsonnellemoeat comlsparu r ls ieo J hln Stepllellson Walton, J.. n Hall et i A ibald c Iron ILeon, iolopgues negocianlt Icurso i'tires l t stoo le titr r et i raie d, J. Hall et A. 13 ll n- no n IBetjainin tlarrod at John Ilughtes collet go. ciant leurs aiifiires sonsl Il titre et irlna d tlnrrod et Ilughes-John Thomnas lhorne, Moark lunas, lFreemian Arnable, Joseph Wilder Daviss, Samuol I : Morrison, et I)niol Babcock Clark tous residents ce on cette villo qdi dclarant. " Que conernemoent its en acte de I:I.iLoislalunre do let E at, appreouv6 loe tize Mars mil hliit cant trento sept, ietitnld un note a pour autoriser lot us. sociations limitldon anonnynme et los rdglor," cour s ditst6moins o on u et faient par cos pr. erne conviont h oer la suivinto association, ,lnI b itde ou anonylu a leo cla uses et conditions qa Art. 1 Quilae Itl, titre et stiyle soios 'lel cltto cipa.niic srg conhlioe, scra -Ir Lt Cum. .t Sl,.ite d remolilo ihoa lloei," ci lAt lp l t: do te tie ia.nlipagoinie, ea danis'a Vl!e de to .Noill O:r Art. 2. (iao la(d.ecriisTiot I'Terp.t: des of. iaires out industrir·ets codr to--6 sous ladiite style par lus directcr, ' at d'taliir et continnlr co;rir tn ou deux , Ry1m;uf t t..olorqle pour !to Irlor. quant des v . ; i, llltllt, irlant fret n pbesil gors at iqio",'ot ;i,: dfltire qoi serLt julsto pour leI bateair, n i'o it n i oxuIntr. );F,. ·. wI. - , l" ,r , c 11 tae;t, i l de '-ttite com-. pag • 'as ra , oi, t. n ,, d vii "n tit e m ill ce action: ,ic c''llt ar - , .. et ptT .blo comlp an t. Art. Qua.ih, l \ . :.t, cl le mon. tant quo chaqltl, . ,,, et co O A dl; John Ste h i,'i, : , ', . aIt, trento co actions; lA J. Hall t , Itlon A' actions; a Ilarrod t I it Thomasa Osbore, traizn , , ., . n dix actioins; itJosepllh i \" ..!' i • ., , , i, n Daenial Babcock Clatrke, dix.. , Art. Quo otto . "..;; -,. cettodateo , t termtinur ltos operatit . ... , pc ittal uit cent quarrant torols. Ju Art. 6. QaU'it y ura tr n o s directours o I' .,e-e c tractor les allltirts dela dito cotupaglni ut a :.i- I trer tes iatcirts.t Art. 7. Quoe los pouvoirs dont scr:a i IOts leS directours, serad'o!ilir pIarii cox uno Ptl cih.nt,ct c. de looplir toutes ilaces vacantes, et ioot I t limalj de ti6 aura et eat viett avec pmltoir do recevoir at do de p tyer toutes monlloies, ot thtire . cuser e iotro fit o i', touat r e rqui lo elndoinoart Ion all.lirs, do uI data cotpnlgmle; ct io Prbidint par et av,:c h, c tr t seal de p ajoritn dtis drctrars, stt autori eoI pI donalcr la prouslsso dle Lt date compallo , (ur oet toutns les deallinlldei, achats, ou contrats, su anrt de ladlte compagni econtreoignd par an:u . ,: I c des dirreteur.s Art. 8. Que la durd d srie de, ' < .r.. terrs sera on illn, t qu'no election p,, : I 0in, ao a er tLenus to preniur Ltindi det Junll, dt ,! ;i i aln6d pendant l'cxistoneo do clltt a. ,, .: or, e Art. 9. Qon quland cotto counip'L.n o b.'. o - it rivo aun teilno do soln expiration totes, is i :e o p snroet liquiddos par leo directacl, o'.o s o er"ot ct v temps. SArt. 10. Quole pouvoir''or r. o lt v:tiS leo s direnteurs contids aveo Is dit," i, ;.l, t1ll:u i"-r t coUn. p to me suit savoir: de receeoir 1a-IIti rto 1e a -1 dura la compagnie nt donner quittotno pour l Itomene, at t do" vendro la propri6td tIe loa ,lte compognion n - vonto priv6o on pnbliquo u.,stuno vlenlit propres at t visable les dirceteurs at de ilavr toutes Ics d6 nit e asde la eompagnio. Art. II. (pt dieidmetirc do prolftc apr,4I avoir palid toutes ch'lrges ot c dtpenset de lI: eoln pagtli eroon t de lardts atit 'l., it, Its actionnaires In premier Lundi do Juill,: t dr. r hageo lnneta pen. dgnllt Pexislence to cctto. coLllp:lgrli prioelitce renltllt reservantl dix pour ceut de. prolu poulr les ca.ual Arit , 1:2. (Ilnc : i no cti.eo gc 6 ralc des p ction naires ta c je s uct rt lalr ,s .c 1',urd cdu nombres di,; votef lUe ch?1 ; o actiovtnai; . evra dmnAr, et quqllue unlr, lchose rcl:ci,' a le tien. 6tre de la cmlp gnie seront uonllid(i, at les rtlest et rfdul ticns avant dit scra dcucomit lct. s " Pr. Ilcia de I.t colmtaglieid rcorqllor u Pl o nl,"et la mIre sc!ra obligatoiro cur lts edtslactionnfliires ut l'atit ct pass6 ell motn it idei dns :li ville do ItI Nouvelle oriltans, cn 1o prsiconce dtc Danie1l J. Ricardo, t .1. \V. Illssard, tLimoins d'age relni el demnourant das (ite tt. ville quci cpposee.t icurs sigtttl res custc lllbler, r\ cc les dit tl6 uits i f. Inoi , lc dtt l.otairu, co preclierc A;vril ctil Iuit cent trentc Originel signe,, JThn S. Walton, JosIeh W. D. vis, i lHatrrod, 1). 11. Clarks, S. ,orrison, A.a. blc, A. B. ouiln, hlchn Ilughes, JLhnc T. Osborn Mark Thomas, John Rtl;, J.chtisard, 1). J. Ricar do, Joseph B. Mo'll:, not. Ipub. .lc Certlifle qu, ceci est uec vraie copic de 'nirigi nal nate extant ell snltc rdgtstr.c; on cett tlot j';jccordi cOst presents sous mLa ta signature ct il cclatit du ion ltfiice It la no.velle UrlCdln, le 22 avril. cli 9L .JO. i., . Pub. LUCINA C Ri1) 1AL. 17 I l tll) I O v, I .t L'L 1.\1" Ws I,'".E LIXIR l)l: L 1,' \t t r1.--T; 'r t, . fr' lir b.n :cc('m, i, l b ii "x t o i. 1 r, t '1 idi i,,clc 1U I:a hll I Ih IY ," , t.i r, ( :iI ll n i 11 n '-" I, 1:. 1 11' " to; - 11. I"l".t; l:,"; l:. 1 :lll,.l h ,I:I raI " 'l li:i ,,, ti ",'L' I. Ih, di, ie ". lh . b·ll .f r ,l I, llbti llllll I (i c f e i' Ii,, .rl ' ill' r i tll tll.- a" n a, 11:.I ;1 + ni i t , ' Ii '1I,!, ' I lr p iP SWuN Ith n H e, Ic Ii -It i r pcr·l' lh ,rt, re, Ih.· ci'l, : i\\,"r,, ul11tlle thhlry I,:e',-t iP(*l eýirt:,"-hrl b. ,lir fr or ul .t , g b-ran ci'll t c. l cll l '" r 1 pr com fICI C rrtc c cllll 0l"ll It, it i, aIl oil'cl ll h l ', ir h" 11r Illuo.r allbu " III',1 II01,%,: aill ll t it i Ih IIIN I Ih tl'll tryi ,e ove.t hlr Illd r.o ltr ' |an - ld ,1I il , t.':o , itll llue - c ,lr ,1 c alc c lccll i l l' nll c .. t lllr 1I, ill riiitl II, ,-II 1II'I. ' · f h l, iII , llr i llu jlM I"4 ' !1-1 g.'-' h,'ccrcI~ chruic : eicc Iruh n ul'Che kill, dcr;lei.A ,.llc enc1 t l of It '. l ic 1 t l tIlll , li,:)ovely , i!l . ,rilll " pIt crie c cr ecc t hc t tie ic ;udlhl l gtvI l Itc , l ,hc ic h u'llr s l,; ·l o i llx i (. h it tl . rs l t , a t ,lu,' ,: It '.:'...' . .-vhici i le.... t ......... hlef the p it' l.. .d f, it m Tilt' aho.t c rltl"lt tI ifor £11+ lit t,1- nlll lr"ltii[ 0ll' iil0lll1 cct No. lci 'l'ov l ', .tc'Oct, iect g .\],'' i I a lllct t 'clct' sts, Ncw trici,' . ml't; ft ii l lV' <lliY S I llN t E 1Ci ( L lA )N, los . .la L' I, ilt ,.II.It'' t o l II ,APeR IIANlgIN tjt't IoRd i lhe "ry r :t . .ebech Ih r ae, ",ly . :, \\ w s & Co,) !lt ellull lst r'.* 8:''t'ol ltv t irll, r h"o s h, i enf s unall. 111 lihe I I e ui e ititi o t i ht o ti haI i tl i (:ii It lll. at wot ay r teittat ti r't o tId uIpho tirI tlt lapr I,'ltt , n . The in lht ing comor) c-s a eos izlctnch velvet aid satin plapltr, latest p.p ; do p 1all1 1 I CO1 11tOl nld t unlilll ll ' o ',Ill aill'o hit s lt zed [hol 3't 11ed :. ,"r,. I n.Ii hd cor Lr d.'1 fial L u -illi tol ( ;,++st. .ll tt. - r ttttll.t t ttt) . )NI5 • d IIttln U it x Oi ll tl tntl II I( jlel" I pulu erns rill atd-ze g~t agl' balut Ltd tipeart', fath jt aI o l iIt l iiti lbs, SIttitt , hl ir n ltlh J, rI e l d id 1 a iie i7-ti t oi I douidrt r t 'it 1n : Ilare silk coird a, d ts( ls, nwuo.s d ctr rd l ,d Cai. I w . alid , c1tI isI lt llt t oif ll II indll le p r I (j it : o i n'v s un.,CL, 1tr hot. o mi f, o al e at i ht , , ll it; r o ttO ltit ri t tNo , ta - In it It SaL-- i.e ,s s in tile city or I,:n tle colnLrt ar+ rc Lt, clctlully iilvited lo nail r1lid rX' llll lle ItI ,cu g nol. lrln vei, t raoals i c i'ttr e t] sit ttlt t tl iort" i dUne with tneatics and dtet spatich. oi t 3 Iau nla dttt , for t ,altnr g t titt l.t r ; Hr e s Oil b rinsl [Lord'S l'le a ol Cot wim llw t o rd 'd d t e I * .aIsha .tointi i p -ar t ,ow 'r, Ih tI'llla Ic . i ,i r 1osts, \.gella le roug 1, ottto it rlst, hp salve, l pt kreao ii' tooth wash, I calh ,i dltriic, s orange eI hure of :," I' neatly put Ilk$ill u out vlas, Ptr1 1 o'fS. in s. les, aleosI t krea nt ntiooth ucthe drops, hal ira bru.hes, E, tlit h dr ssina g co bs, h Idian hno r oil,t tit l ta vtart y of ot heo r pei rlutt ori es , t . t A or sale a Ot it ta cornar r o Canal s ut d trur a tas tilal ian, lea ' k"l t to o l d 'h :is:= h ;t, nder-, I h a al .l m I a t i , t - siN s in T iy or to I o untry, a ,pet ll tatullu to mat'F n.iti ha do oi nt tin . i "It 1A n aw tard | dra: r i oI to atI V wnlto rkai jite t dre- v cit teintur(, u ol i'., i rl tior te ta, a L t tl, 11aaa t ta atI 1" "Cf Lad tu tna i t ,ii r oteCiat i ti rta t . a -toissro pour a n. o roisso at vil ela Not3uvlh " a Orldans- .ttta tdo t t ti iinott, , 1 tt a lt cun qtair !t'tl rAt.ohanatt r it q .J ot r lli tl.r. i r " ot do cete vilt nlee ; t y a qtan i h hteetat n o i, a , t ate o t ji ta .a . 'astI, it ait oalt ' 1'r [ ae ,. !coldfu .. t i',,; ,' " , ' P.rin .- ,, d t: +.. ,:a on I t ar oe, s et ou ! ,r du eta l reoe n diast t it u aetint uvoe- .ir r f eIt ston vegeta raa vo n r 0103, na l sull eit S nla nroslrie tui ci.iaopr t doarte, dceontroiene d'a ll l 8t wru , dtvfr uo das 'u rr, lpea d hrcett A: - ei'" len tl ido e, leo llr, n ial uorlt l illl. t tn1,6t v a llr , il ne d e utl, iCoeguli, 6 ,u l os c.rhit d ropls I'cr',i at irn, .a U I u lla Ell'O drets in L IP[Gol: f mbsll, t ilnda haOir, d(III, g . S rolto j lr dar10,91 du a lanokt trlic i da : ttl 1i , r ithnuni litn Jain her ip.r luo e r ( ..o s r bpt Il. prorid l t v3 u r s supayal dii I u. etl e s a rn itilat dil- C . lare do 'n n:.os 'a!8, e' vertu d'un blat d it t1.U t C. R. ,aker di Ioa i. a nttm natulet , i Ir'a Idrri it ardna d '., ar a, nu"dit a. aiie ltr u is r T: 1 ta r In C Ur- v cll i o o d J. (\ t. .r!';r t·, " :':;,'' " .,arelr F o pou lr I pris d 1 S11 I; ,!0 p .yabe tie I I ,.. ..... .ui. 1i l' n un bilt dt i.. Irer ruo ,; sniotrH i me d s te aC.. l rdr2 , 1t ' ldo ti t p, _ ohn rtaclt I. cei"teln ' un bi0not d, t fo udit .. (o . (o l.ker d, lay ct ' m29nos .omnto, a l'ordrede / enllov-vC r I or l sust r o t . . .. . . . . . . . " . . . . . . . a. TA 1' , --I , \ coils I SAl , b C i tc eI ' 2bL John ll.itchnu l, do ;a noi i date, C. pa)yable a doue 30. i .~ in billtl dx. xL lsdit J. C. lParkr, dit h Inmo s)mn, 11 Pordt dot etio dosil p it y e sil 1td. .oi na Mrlucll, de la 0n1me unto, et payabl a tdix hIit moi.. do. I' un n bllit dlu sus,!it J. C. 1'.Irkier, do la soinlel de ,SII;1 , . I'r*dl de et n1deosed par 10 sus. dit John iitchell, dp la meimo, d.ti, ct payable It x5o. En un billet do sulht J. C. Pairker, de la 5illl; sllli ', l'ord leu do et e d Isd I oi ' I cll llsd John l31tchell, do I miciul date, ct pa:.xl a dluziii Go. En un bi lt du suditt J. C Pitu,.r, , Im1tr sonixun, hi l'ordre de, At odosid6 p.i In xuadl Johl Mitchl.l, do .a Illdne dale, et payable a d:sllu 7i. En un hillei du susdit J. C. Parter, do la solllene Id.6 $0,O, a I'ordro do, et endossd par 1 rut. dit Jlohn 3tchell, de la; moni date, et payable i six d.. r non ,billit di suxdit J. C. P.arker, de l: I lime. 1rllllll t I'ordrd no e:t nido.xS6 par le slcdlt Johin Mitchell, d' lia mnxxno daxe, et payable a douz- roix. 9d. Eu in billet du susdit J C Parker do la mcl inx iso01nl, I 1,ordr de et ellrdos6 par rle ausdit Joh)1n Mlitchoil, de ta im.n:n datle, et payable a d(ixhiti 1,.l. ElI in bil'ut du susdil J. . Parkler do la iOtxlllli ie ,5Oi O l'ordren: ct eiI dosxxd6 pr Ito ll.iu pit.lon M1itehll ll do La IiIII dxitet, It ipayable a ix lo. 1n n lil'ct ido xl udit J. C. li'.liker, d nla 1 0e00 ,orurlc a i'r.dri di( 1t xidot6d par le susdit John M1itc',0cl, dea lai mrine dat, .t. plly:iayble a douzo I1Ii0 . 1,o. Elx un hilletd su.dit J. C. 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Parker d I In 0ixii . xiiin, i a i'ordre do t e10ndo d par lfodit Jhll Mitchell, d' li mmill date, et payable a dlxii uit llis- lesallt Lenseiillei lt susdite .u. e0 do ulz mille, s'pt cohts piastres. Description do la propridit d': prods le translbr Sdiciaidre, savoir : io. Un certiin lot tdo terre situx dallns to fau. bour, Saulet, d dsignl par In No. 8 do Ililot b1or n1 par Its lues St , "hom : ', Henjam in, T o houpitoulas et Suzetto mesura1 t isG pieds 7 poues do p l00 ec ,a lai ruei St.'l' uo S, our 100 pied) do profodeur, i entre les lignes ,pare.leles, la tout hu:ro anglaise : inse ixbble txuter lex ain:1ioratiins u00ioi qu touin les droit et privilde (ai x y appartienxl nt. 3o. UII autre l t do teoro siexix dans leo ses. dit i lbour _ x, xixd i I par le No. 9, do lVh1m t boridI pur lie s rudlles rues, i et msurant 26 pioed 7 pIies d11 Itlceo a iuitx d St i holas, si lot) pliedls dlo po londenu e0 tre les lhgnos parallelus, l0 tout Ill,"u01 ilcx.xilx ; eilslas lx; toxlat.ies la n liorati ons el lolls len droits et privil ,pges y appurtenat. 3. Ui autre lot dto Ier situd. dan le sud t :'ubourg, d011,q16-- par le No. 10, de l'tet compris tl 0re s slledstad ,tes rues, ot nles lrnlt 211 pieds 7 pouces do ti e a lt rue St. 'rlzhnlO, sur 10J pied, do prufoudhr entre des Iit )es paralilen, lto ot, I n11 0t1rt uhglaize; .n 0oulo toute lest; all:liOr. atiorns, et tous les druit, ct privloges y app:rton. 1000.ll • t. Tinu antre lot do terre situ6o dins Io snsdit fpboug, eigd ar tle No. 11 d 'lAlet britit par i los eudllites rues, 1t I tluranillt G plieds 7 ploucls dile ace t isa rue St. T'homa, ur 1Ut pieds dG prtfin-.' l Ir tl lntrl o ls neb c's p ,ral elce, !e tout, in ) ure au l :ens nlatlu touLts l.'s anuCitorations et toils I N Is droit, ct larivte',qgs y allpP rtenant . 5.o L talitr e lot de terro situ'S, duns 1l snsdit faubourg, ddsigtn 'par a1 No. 1:2, de I''Tot born6 par Ila sus dies, elt orinant tlligltnure des rues wI St. 'Thon;scr t I'itj a. In, ansurantd 27 piids trtit o poue, as It I. lig tll tltie " a la rue St. ' Ilutt as slr cent pieuds odi polodeur el de latco t la rlte Ben. Dr jinttt, le tout, h ''sure unglui.s ; ett.n bl t ttoutcs J. Ioe ainliorations, et tous les droits tac privileges y a tpatr teane. It., tin let do terre situdo dans In nnie fu.n nourg, dtsignt par io N. 13 do I lct bairnd par les incns rce, mniCsIurant i 7 picds, 10 IuicC et 4 lignes da 1]ce at 11 rue 11 bjmnnin, sir 133 pi.ds 7 pouc s et 1 ligne. do prolbndour, i entro dos ligns paralle At tout, 1n0-ur angliti.e; etA s n!,le toutes I,.s anwaiorations, ct tous les droits ct pilivi Ain ,l t utt : rt t:; pla dressA p ir F. l'tVit lki 7:, 94q4 t16 al t t . .le . al t i 1 t, date ll e 2 . )t etil i X 11I cte ill gretae of WVlhaim Y . ., "tl,,'tn jur de .lanvitr 1e31 divisions des lot . No., i aitsti quil . , " *, ') Zn pol, dlpute ,,.. et alnllex, a1: ull :ll , an gr,. ' I ,ois, datd ic 23 do Mars 1-l t . , oureat. du Iti:. t ' 1tr, d " OUrldans, 8 Avrt. 1139. av.0 J. OLLOLE;..',,p' (lrollir. ýt \littlE I'II\YSIOI.OG'ICAtIIY tlO( 1 = sr. S ,D. Tra" nslated i',)n, the iFe l l h r 'J . t, 1,1 hoi, .1. It, by VWilliam ;r'eeticld. th, 'arlt lot. On11 the lleCessity of .l" T ir ge . I' t ,id. Insttuctiots in-tiu) ting, with i oe.ic I,-, 1' tonnr I einleicily 1)isctoat4 is Itllt m's ( usefu, Iin de: ,t IIdly n l .stinterestling*, ~ rk that \.e hk ev(r nread, It wil bllreak ul it)'or rakles ad il pinstlers, all cu i!a"io n that Ihn;severbeen sanctiomnd by the c 't ' 1-r: I " III . t "i i ttli to t'" (ltl'l tltr . 's '.I ll. s lt A rei t bl ok, anl will hC p" l tve n of nt oo pll ei t Cl I c tihtt, It 1s telt it (cO ai tnIs o Inth raIntlc(e n I:odll, t si t it .II the subject ii' itn e and lI o an Id d'lb )Io'· . bil trhtrcll ll it, tie e():tl n'lolt hII.- bi [ ,itl,.ntrtl clioi w, i lln t'~ ,"tio_: to the nluI lr tmItdll t.t SI) t' ,-'I.r- -Ilt" t 1-',, il." Dr.,s I' ,.. ,so... dannt, snn't. le Pili, II. 'I TLe grIat c:!iclrity of this m poaiti n, espocially in the Northe lio ve . Sc ,proritre brt I tt,: ne,,d to st g iu its fvor; for it ha bn t cilatlly . oit, that it is hni..'d all comparison 'te . Itr d (Ar that has ec " disco- th vmta.l Indecd t . -pt.el anI cetai ': of it o'-. I rate Is hav- tce a.h pa, rance of ntirc' ; ac ic rs, w t tud, corns, I'ver.'rrs, childblait , t'whbite sve. lings, blles, piks, spi W'r and snake bitels &c. imme. diately yield to its upparcntly suptrbiu ,:t inlu ato . l' ,Tus if l-rel ly ,i !)!ted it t1ll renouve an invetratro c orn, or break and oheal a bi:e in live a nys will alla' y as d perfectly cure all ulcer in ttv or ond theo most ,!,po.ate cases of whitte ,.. that caun beu ,t' :i,' :l. have beell d.redd Si -s ttha ti r t... 1:, tl bite ol poi. o ptils its t On orprsing tan , , [o bite ,, . " ap))ed iln . it. t\vers wonderfun that A . will at , ,', and thus pre. vent itt f'o " ' :::. It is lik.wise icn ' V' c ii ii''.! ' ,IXd c,.! Ld .l 1 v greatly lUl t , ny heretof1. idisco. , The proprt~lr 1 5.t received , ccrtillcaters and ot' r document iS, " lito Ointment," upwiards lwhiclh anre written by respectable n t tic ,nAinl y, all b·itatlin.g thI nasni. .to I anod saB "aithetion o. Pro, aedu at 1.9 Liberty street, Now York, and 0 in for salo at 65 al'ydtrtas'.rcOt, Nnew Orlians.' le nar26 If t EDUCATION---I;AENCII and ENGLTSII. lo Mr. Jlames, recenlty arltlved to t is city, I bgs leuvo e t1 to intorn| thc ti 'itens oI tN Odtp eal.n that Ile will I ur. "n . n nacademy )on Monday, 14, J tnuary, anl No. I1 t oulouse sir el1, lt lthe ino truelltoi oil oulh of !both sces) in iFrenh nnd Engliah, in whict he e w, beto at!v stisltd by pMrs. James and Mrs. 0i, Mctt'hr, nwho pealk .ut Ilhse la neuiges witht a prat filluncy a111nd patiIy, ald w'i i '1 iaL ceharge ol the depatmtentt ol the young ladieso an lr. James will gqve hia whole attentlioin ti the dit valrius branches lt I ducnaliti, and flltters histaiejl that Ite -will give entie sstllatlsction to 'thasea wwoI ,I 'a"l, bor hitt with lei t rnfidra.. .. ov 1 flTI;NI;I] I, I. 'I'' ,r 1)1:'Ik AIlk-nn1 l11" 'j1,11 I f. IŽL e:1) nll u IT ri rA-l ,riil i Unll.lril sal f- · r !ca rnl allly and litellml r!Ie tray ll, :lull l l'l 1'.P n, 1 i i iC ll'lll lllr l; IIT*es rr il 11 ! thil Illll II 111In 1 a dult 1 [C I I r1! - I t : li' i, mi .l i : ., n"II1 r Irk ,,lk dll 2(1.1111 Iklllr \111'Il" (il.lf(i CIiS ,1, , ,,, r" W :, \, and-lli s Ia:ll~rll~l to the t, ill in usud uI"ýu"1 n "1, h a Ilrei sr,, Ilr ll, ti'.kt n llc dclg svent icrie icii I 1', r.a-7 liI "..1j a' c.l~~ll I kI d JJ(IIIIICI I , L ;I r da UIIv , 'r ,% 1 t,", 1111 1111 r 1), it lill t:,1. III' 11i 'II I'! IIo rltr du ll ~I:II, Ill U1I SY . Il f II·· iI I ·Ir deI l III Is I.)lC rihll IIII s Ive o I a iIlk i t Il IIr':l"l tit IlseI tII, 1111 1m n Idles u[n'L~i mteses i l'1 i I:1 11 'II(I S~rli 'II: s.ilif l do do l'1 eu LLIIilll! I1 CI\IIT1 du II i [,, o (Id' I ^. llll, i Ir. d",1118( A !r; , I l 5 .1,lls1111111 5 o1: j ...1J11 t, t ',II+I 7'(P11) 'I' ' . Ir IIll.:,G I , .I11 ll - ' ,. llI.f 1 h ( ll'U L IS .I :sea r ed l. t ' /.rt d.,l r .11 I!/ for Dal l hismers a. o to 1 a su1llltlll /or (.',o-'/.- 1s at.+ rl tIll ric i I"rte Iull ! I l n// a tr P , Ih/.. tulull e yllll i +n SI'll `I'.F n uI" i , r I' k I ,ý", ;. )ll hll l oi" ; i,' W v i ne ly l dl- } il I , ...l .. .s.5..l t( . .. . . ,A,.,., .'.. . . ss . ,s l s....i.,,.s ..... A uI5I 5 ,lll l F , ll llt llr l :rl I C Ihh Lr- le 111. o ;itl lll lduiltl l tltR tll: L(. t rbýF.vr ,h - ,.U, *J",.l lol I C, e ;I,-N N FI '. Ia.11 r ' t i I l · L 1 t, ePla hr, f blwlll d :ll lt lI Il ., .'tuhl ll y l i IIIJ n d l- ," ir" \ý r ,l' sto"at 1,1. Id 5er & Cl,,. , Ir Nlllh lhlh ll l LI - 1 1'. 1,l h1 , N ,-,-ll a'lll III Acldl .h. 5 lllo 1+, (5u1L5dt5l1ir 5.r-I. 11 i, int;,+ ul'ald ]ll l:J-, l C', , (/NJ hc. Ii. tliS l55 11 " 5 .511 ' , te5 . ulghl i l, Alrlllhiltl 't 'll -re ist ne d 1 i lll iTh ti ls ll r I 1u t ll5i taitl)ll , ,f bliitu5t tI h~l r 5tllll , ll ', I, r 5ll 1 r u '. A;: sI -ly ll rllll t1 it i l u abu·ill I ll l ll l5l e l111 .1 ,1all l d "1 I l, 1- E l 'Til. i F.. ",1 ll find thwu ulh h/It are th L 1 . l y: ' s it ., I-h lth 1 , I ne l; r -.llylall '- l n- e l rin c o, t the o st f e t nllU i u~n a :tla v ch + but in h liPen l ta i L N l ~ u 55 e'i. I '1' I , ul lr' oitnl Ihl w '5ro pr', for Sl l'tlt'ctll theNtISlti ! l th l-b-l 5l5 ll-a 'h ' -w 1a tt'55 R rt.l 1. T rtlt .l' it, .lll. h II Iu il T .ie he t h I illr os i s r i ,has i I brti ll;; u ie t el . 11'-a i, [it I blls t ra I 5', i 5it~ 5, wall th. full 5' n Nihr ,, ,,1' thr It, 1. tI . 1.i1S , ii t \11: t11 t 11:1 " Y 81l , ,L t u i. t 11 . c5r, 1 III e .I 1,.'r5 '.I'.te-,f ' lll.11.i" , I , 1 k lit lle t.Ie n thenl , r' im, i, t l l, v ,( II, , l . l e :, i.) T h if u , rIC l b, th m.o l I l , u r t iu. ll.r l 11t.o- ,,5 . Ti r.1 ' idly ii lf, l t . 51, 55. 5' l ' r, an l l al . all k 'r'stl is'uI u Ilihl -eS',illed iioli 1 rtnin ll' 5v if t a lia he l'i. aon. 11! ill mia lil t o 55 15 l, al ilc, i ol sel tor .ais o I1 15. ll sl lld itlst1e.l. e i'l ll1ilultlr i5n 11h i5 tellah ilIr i ssli, a ) saIs " r ;".' , h n wiuh i sa plas e tet'a il . S+rbI tilits )itld sI l ilk h d sad ld s I ts pril l h p th ettud lah Il tl5lr. Tl 'hdi tad&'aA'lhdi)tlOS C tlT w Ia l e'1'I I: lUlNlilt lellrlli i le1' te di , 1 , h di w le dig st,-1all I ntI o n'H ,l-ll lii'-!-- iiid for·r· I ,ll(' r I+% ul" . · 3 i lb lctl il, l l 'It r l alto .l a h s his' al l . of as- ick 1ey lO' lat \y h i a, -l r ll ;lul . torl hutl i r t llill.r s I i W ira . -- ' toll 1" rt GRof . :.In L a rSr , IBY. ! 1ac ' 1, A I, lll n, 6 - it 'll r.I A1 n d . 1 l i.e·vcl chIi.<'as Pl eare il r , Dr. b Nen nldll C i ureTri tto ls slll o T nptt el ent ly 6 J. Ii . . L ih f. ytnttt aity. -I vn p in Si N alu ,l o 11, (::nal ,thl e: an " i and 10 'iit.oplrlt wc h t m iact it AgeeteI ,1 brhe w Iw Al , r"lh f la . Ao nd , wi ,,.llto Ag et " rts n l " 4ra r ite t i" a''d ",',t , ý1.." he "li'n n d ion hr vas with t n ose, plai , :r ii- .l t n .. , -, , S n wi h IlI: I'y'lU , be id ofpHa ir ian th nd le . stile+ romn th k)r. II III s i l ie1 tltll l:I ia'1ti d lt: r . a IIw h i lhYt ip f iu d ni illeur, theal mro.Ul r und. ,~ l wta in - h bt . t r iul a t o r , ' . n. r Iln, l .s I . f +.< it + n 11p ni , a ti a. ' b't'll ot "-O. l% t i t tg tll th il t I ,c [t p k 1"n r (I, .el .io ( .,- ,l t l, ' r h) ( t" l tlr 11ha 1 S doll, f iro tlli ,in l . gr yv h (tLtr illt.e lalrlh" i .illy, an It y fnees it r"1" 1, aurl. Nlll ' l()rnllo c n to"", '.,1 II, c . ir'lis r I rspecthL iliv in mI, )ort i)f t virlins u+, Olih';.Ig' 'I I't l iltl, l a lsown i t Iv ihe pi opriet l., S ohert Wil s fi'irtil . . Ilae ,Mayore )t" l'i v^l il.- ti,,+h h1. hl -rtifi c rl ' s-. Inll V seen1 btl ow, to the11tg l .it chatlla 1,1 , ro t' h follow ttý iý ltnl r t il. t Ill Th'lln, hi r-ien,!, llt her, by hv ~tifv l lth t ,, .;i ainr l ) th ti fm nllh i' "oli !n ' i r ,, hxrr'It, .1. O(1Jrlo d e and b:l e Vr llil t I -l h: '"hv rvh.Pn bltl lIionly I lsne --q 'uti. 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R ri, Strgeon to tlle' .eet 'ltlte, I ospital, e j lI e *t .,er on Anatonmy. 1T' trll which ltee hltave maenee ofen ter repreparation in vacr-let ofcases, boeth enleae 11etntll l enIe , ill itsllestlls iesle preci so higliv talenetbln, let t I dto not lhtsitate in ,:eoeiineellg it nee of cite mnt5 valeale anti eintciaSt. ecnlet eol.teeer otinredl to lee pnblia, andl olle tli whlei. Irm experielce, I ll Ile 1le every reliance, wihllst15 dells nt II'odtIcece the vame onplesanet elteltsusully ta ilerenced frI tl eompiba. - iroeln l II inyllward, I II C 8, Phlysician to the t' \ti,% IbJlllu e iD illspeLnry." e-I fI, t -rt i lelsl. lre' ill alelilng my Lestimony to the ,h et-' t e' leouet preparattnoIn, wisheing you ths al s I oI fully deselrl, ill al ampleet:warde lor tilme So.t! expelus, ilcum el inll bi'iltging it to such elee t'erotle O Utg 1 c It S, Surgeen to GUIy's lln Tie 'he uneif rti lsliccess e hicl has a'tended the admini-' t'i Hog •our utn'd nteeaeoenle ty patlieite oftllieted with ellet "c er Ie lfll yn\ e iliasr, lil ril e til the thatt i lets oilyt to le knowni to be truly i ;eppt'eelattel. Mlay tie suees iyou so - ell desoere , eemply and ispeeily" repay you for. Srom iA il oopenr, 1 Ii.IL SPR CS, c. ko, lieeineg been ildetlele to try your Extract in seveIal casesoll violent (;olnorrhalln, hich haid hitlheetlo belld. evertl i!,eriltion HllinihsitPered Iv me, Ihaving found sulre d s ,eedy curtes teLected by it, itn few ieayi I Icel my elf'intiley Iutl:nd io sline llt I now it my pato le. both public te1 a;d privdte recommend aneld use nol utler. Sronm GC W IBlalir, I , 'lPhysician to Gny's lo The strict rtst which I Icave given your .+meeliUio amion t1t i.lHen, andtl ites vjritedde sucnees s the, will indlluce ie o lierisetere il its iuse, anld I lneeps-io ebut lact el ofljostice ueln of Idcte' to slid y feeblete'ti - imnuial ill commendatiun of itsvirtues. Fro 1. C'l Thompson, AI 1) F I s L. Ilreturn ) nu iy sincere thanks for t e valuable pree sent of your Extrect for the care of GUlorltioen , koe. I feel gnrlefl rlthat yeo have at last brotungit a tlediitnni': ,o use whic lld ill prove a desideriaume long sougtllr. ij thie medieln e orl--a-s mI-e, spiete lnd al eettimila - ill eases of the abov. eluas, It alords me great pleasp il itllislieig to the world the valuable qualitiesofyon Etcl let. Were it neressary, the proprietor could here fti.a manllylt mote testilinotlals equlllly as comemenditory as sit hbot el but trucsts that its great succelshitherto theaet. & explene at which it Ihas been pe epared, will lp'.Owsil greatest recommendlation anumg a tdisering pullic.. Otle recomrmeudltiun this preparation enojyi abo Sall others ,. its neat, -pottab e form-put U ieupetsi- "-, e'r-!e in wlhiheb it may be taken, being botl lay Ilca nut-its testelv n--ture, with no meslietimon ink.di or cc- erocienet from business. Teavellers eissitla8 woull id this nedieine hlighly useful, ansl oua.l.elt ss to bte enprotilded with apn'ep:ntion polsseeini tjl vantages which tile present one combin Aecolnpane yiug thle Medicine s a pampklet e p Itory of ile ilijfl'nrenet stages of thl: disease, w - extra nlamge, containing full a mnd anplee ieeti IFor ode by SICKLES k.' mr_ tI3-en Ins K-{NOW that health and' ulbor, constitutes tho wealth , mnass of the people in this, as in meat otllbroea. tri.a. To preserve, therefore, thatl-lialth by riat, rat means is a grand, moral and politiaelw.,beme to j Itlail whitch, requires our utmostat 4 itio. . The unprecedeonte1 popularity and nninviBp "hp. apprebatitno which this medicine hasai eaed. throughout the United States, the Canadii&. T'reae. ilexien, and the West Indies " .stity Dr. Peters' ill warmly and conseenu . leconlne~i. ding themo ' i the special notice r., 'l,... tI . ", , Petcrb' Vegetable ile tile tie 1 :t efiee. teal and economical remedy t'o . aof ti. e hllttlm eonstitution, that has ever ::en r n-evced. a',"' Dr. Peters, the inventor of this i':. altu;ilh medit.a tcine, from his knowledge of the tý.tman e etoe. C derive I from a long anld extensive s . arri.e, t I ti. scttiicutaon, that the . r. inary catrses of most diseases is a do .: the fuiactions of theliver, or in othol croased or diaounished secretion of the So well is this understood, that it is: W.,1 Zr person, to say when they feel unwell, t: are hil biout, mtaning that they have too m. on the stomach. On the other hand, wha. of bile is din inishetd, the process of digestl imperfocetly perform. d, the patient boomes "and eotactatted, because nouriastIentcontli the l bold taken into the stninach is not proe y treated, and the fatd is ejected in a e D)r. Peters is confident that the famous Ho Es 'ITheory, so called, that, " impurity of the t is the catse of all disanes," is, a great abs 1l Evesy one w!.o reflects on tile sulaeet a will pereeive that impurity of the bloodis a' i da y not a primary complaint--the efferletaode " the causeo oldiseas. \When thei fnetionso·tl liver are derranied, and the flow or bile increasedl,.. it is otibtn taken c uy by the abserient vessels andt Scarriedl i tn tile eirculathot , and becotlts olnsis~eI ; awi It tie bliod, as in jaundice,. when the piati. slows it in !s ctunlt tna.ce. Now this imnseltj ot '.,,d ea e e' d by all increased flow pble, and to rin: ..y it, you must correct the seeortip of the live , and retore it to a Incalthy Istat. iDr. Plters has spent much time in exp.lti~i L inc 't ith ld:irent vegetab'e mediemes, for diseesi of th.le .lar; and now offeors Iie Vegetable. Pi(t': as thil best, most convenient, and cheapest mnedl. CIa. that titn be pirepared for geIteral uso. D)r. PIters fltttera ihimself that Iis long ealteri. motuting with vegotable medicines a.obled-i. to discover the true sand only substitute angsg ' all the purpses et Imercuria s without a o ttet:dant evils. One great quality of his j - Iills is that they have gla t alterative princi e bited with their cathartio, or operative ql so that they not only cleanse then hai st a btwels lby purging, but they regulateslpi , al chtantoe the inurbh secrctions, astctieastl.egs di .es.ive or tans, purify the blood, circulation, an:td ive tun and ese "ritey .te omild and pleasant in thejsfeI and c nvey almost immediate convrctia o utility from the first dose,. Thtly. *ap.n Le Swth safety by persons of any ' thei intirm, the nervos." as alt rengteegliae by their nporotion u, r Lthe systemi of tad humnours, . aia hility, and invariably prudulco l . Iilh. S 'The Vegetabie Pil are a saesrers edy forejs s dice, sick and nervous hoadachedysi.psst, quagi . nones, sickness of the stormach, Ihesatlmns al complaints, fevers ...qli kinds, and if tk eommticncemeist wail '·variably chee.k y gress, and save the patient froa a p dangerous sickness. They arinval nd ihypoeoudrical alteotions, I tite, sid al complaints to which Ssubject. Thely operates aeanil and and are a safe and seetedj 11 children. s: the pullie I haovec ,d' of t'hir euperior efllacy> inlasy letters trm re .l ]a' vv them hii t lablish a analt at fi-saihwft

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