Newspaper of True American, May 9, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated May 9, 1839 Page 3
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U 11'VRNLTURE1I I -. TNl6i|veda tfte ollsiotta Fumnture*Vare I d kf w, £ large supply fLom'New York Alit} Boa S--o Peieloio thoewlh. of fdrnitures world da aell Sto.tilfMi d blect thir titlse from one of the bestanod OI £fhbseltow In tlhenetp. W K CARNI., I 5:3 Bieavil. a N BPRtrlicular attentlon paid to packing and fl.p i1 FU l(toro, freepf ofoeaopeese. d-. 'OUNTRY MERCHAN I'. SGj6 ortment of rhool and misc llaneoruo II Kt, -Alo asupply a, Illunk Bonuks, writin _ 'ltiePr, Quills;, I ob ,c .ct.olllnty on hantdo tar 18 4a Cotnp r rpAE BENCH & BARL Ot . %(lll.A ND--By tha ".attlwr looRandotn reoollec i ., of thle Lords ant Cootsmsoand Ihe tIreat Mrtrbt...,., i2 n vols. NMI-.MalMone ond other tales of Ireland by WV I! (Iletom, author of trails ahd storlee of the Irish pea smtteyie2 vola. J ustreceived and for sale by 5o2 A TOWAR, 49 Camp st , AL E R 'E-- 10 coails, of superfine qotelty, ifr D sale by - ISAAC IllllDGE & Co, april 2 134 Magazino et B ACON-15 casks hatt andl ridon, for ale by AplC 20 I 1RltlI)(;E, 134 Mlagozioe at ACON SIDES-150 casks Cincitlnti cured in Sstore, for sale by G I)OItSEY, aprl 3 44New Levee I 00gUllon in rle sul for o ale EE by" - llnAILL & BROWN, apri 2 " 96 Magazine at AKAIM- 100 bales No I, Itussia tnding from bship Gastonlnd for sale Iby april2 h p IHAL.L & BILOWN, 99 Magazine at JIA, LOW CANDIIEIS--I Il, boxes nould tallow J Candle., fbroaleo by I BILID ;E & Co, mar 21 1341 Mgazine at SLAS -.Juet landing from r'ittblurg, an oasnrttnnt of Janrs, Vials, ard WVindow ilafs, at wholesale ond retail,t IIt IIONNAIEL, mar 21 Cor of Natchez and Trcltapitoulas sis A KIAELIS-300 Molasses barrels in store and for D sale by L I11 (ALE, spril2 3w 91 llCommon st HINP:NSE tANIDKER(:HItFS--I doz of beuati S ul workmalnnhip, sent as a trial to ttis moarket, s olo le by AB 4 rAII ir t, spril -__r I Itl'ii-610tt h ,mpers of Rgllag pootottC on lino IT board ship Lverpool. EnqlIire on board or to A my? I. H (GAIE, 9(:, Cnmmnn a - NEN SHIRTS, (tLOVKNliJ & S I'ENI)EKS. Jl st received by Jnteo rrivnle, on assortment of -Shits Uravots, Snrommsr snck, Go, e., vnod onspen .1st, at the Bo.ozr, corner of it. (,hartoi .nd Co.mmon 's,-eetru. ots N. 1B. A eamplewr nasortrent of Writing Desks, o -Dreslingeases, portable slhving cnase in rose wood & Iibuther. myv6 IUll & AllAN. -ýKIt.ES-2O beug ooad 40 nozon, rn vitang fruot) - New York pe.r hip Oronre n lr by my SIIALI,. I IBROWN, 96 Maonollonet ,t RE:sERVS-40hoxa Treceiving Iarn New York F per shlip (eonee. fItr ile by ti my 81IA.l, &IItItI'WN, 96 Mgazine a tih, NES' Natourol Pl-o-hp Kiaoil G rnntan or, bl Combs's Plhroooltgy Sporheroo Ibre onloo; Ainsworth's Dictionary; I'tcnlogues o Donil; Li brary efinotruction und amuemeont,6 viu. A further supply j at recivd by Al 'I tWA, my 4' Campt R aAVr'mifTioll Ie otoroa-.otokeon-tt te Chet, -1 t seorlvl ed ant for ahli by amy A 'IOWAAR, 19 Camp at with M AN-r-S -i F lo J tbroo, lndn thead 4.4 pool i ow. OI Sthrring,5a0 to Grot We\Virle, do, 0 do .I l Gri.t Falls do, Torale lv ti rmyl I BItID l. lI. Co ,4 InT lagaine at al iROfiANS-t10 en ea kip lgons, tanding front ialp St. Loofis. for I o h eyV Snv7 I tt111t1i.: &, Co,..'l3l naio.o o nt LI'ATS A iAcoo dt tuE'itin lhnto, various mqunitioo 1.. broad ritnl and low ncrowr s lading from rhipl iSt. Iouin, for ao.tby J. Ii lG Ii & Co, s my? 131 Mgnrine aton the I 1-2 is tting sot teto nl altioten m o' roge, for sale by G )OItLeVY, - may7 41 New Larne 41 HI4ISKg --1511 btls retif k d in alrt, for salte by • may7 (G. DORSEY, 41 New I.esee CRACKERS-bOltrn butter and water crackers, di store, for sale by oy7 G DORSEY144 rrNw levo toy? eOr I to ARD---I 0 kL.u leafLardo, in store,for sale hy AR- . tG t)(ttSI Y, mnay 44 New l.evOe E - bgs for anbo I, Slmay 4 & C BROWN. 96 Magazine st AhtNE-3 poitW s and qr. do io n nlocrn, fltr c beio r mylyI 41- 4tI & tROWa 96 tlogine at ft mFN15 ipeshrown hlerry, very si otior, for - sam ay SIIALI. & BIIIOVN, may 4 95 l areAine et CORNr O.S .B dor. is tarr, forn ste t, 4 may2 4.1 New evee a /\tK-Yo bbtn. itgn tad orner, ttr ote by SSI AI.I. & hItiIOftN, mukay2 3t,1 uoionin rI e 1t UtflIol SyI'UDt'IN'f'. OtANIAl t 1 Todv s .nlballlll t lltol 'trteactrr l Abbot's ('Crn,,r Stone; A.bllot't Fnamily at Ilonmo ti' Abhle's W ay to do rainet; Horna.s Ilatridetihli Abtllnt' Young Christ . on D)ick's comnlltete te'l ka, 7 vylulmet r lllsiab Mtiores P I trieotD tions, tfon r nh lle o 19 Ctamp t, by Iany I AIEX. 'I'\.WA l. rem . t...... Mlt:rItC. .ttniotr nKos I, il ITTI"$ Medlical Jrisllrudence J Litnn'o Sultrgery; nill on lthe Nereo AtllralIl'e tC1iniqu. MIedicnle, for sale at 49 Callpt btl'tpt, by may I AtEX. TI)'WA It. BAZAAR. Corter of St. Charles . Conmon ssteet, a CIIANOE MtOT . r.. B USr! & ALLAN wonld rsopectfully call the ot tlttiofll o citient and strntgern to tilteir tetltjtet, aseolrlntt l (Gentlemseo's inen hirns, tld ci, rl,: with Itnn iron.. fashionablt lihen rontls: linlel cot latrs: silk, eotltn anti morion tlidor shirte alll drawer: cambrin and silk hantdktrchiefs: blak ttnot falcy f in ivats inglneat vatriety: motks of every detcriptintt: guot elasItic and cotton austebmlers: silk, cottoll tltld tihread gloveR: aellt hoskln gloves: unmbrells nod canes gold C Alo,--Splendid assortment nof tladiea and gents Iwri tlngdesk sdreessing casea, port olion , perlfnlery, cut lery, and rich fancy goods. novli rnited Stales' Conmmislonaer. Appointed by thie Feleral Court ot Noew Orleans. * OFFIC No. 109 COMMON STREET, (ExchangIe Hltel lluotdiegs.) AID CouunisiOner takes o ffidvits under nol by U SvirtuD of tbe Acts of Cuiogress, passed 2 'th Febro- 1 ry, 1820; lst March 1817; he Judiciary Act of 179 and other acts of.Congress, in such cases made and li provided. Said Comnmissioner Ias consniderable expriene ;or and iuses of caption alid certificate wsllich htcav stood the severest scrutiny of the ablest Lawyers. i aprill _ i JOHN V. CHIILDS, S ENGRAVER AND COI'I'ER-PI.ATE PRINTER 0o No. 3, Camp SO. W ILL engrave and print to order, bhnk notes, bills •of exchange, bills of ladig, di, ilomue, oercan. tile andvisi:ing cards. uotsri d, consular and counting hous seals, door plates, silrver ware, 4c.-alwayeon - hand, an assortment of ailver plated and brass door P 8 Cards printed fromn plates already engraved. nov20 7 AI ,11 ROPE-lol coils of hale ropes, of superior qua lilty, for sale by I BRIDGE & Co, may y 134 Magazine st EM ENT--2001 bis hydraulic Centcltt, landing fromt ship Gee. Cabt. fcr HIsale by F may3 S & J P WHITNEY, 73 Coreamp st -AY-,11 brles tl loy, l ,,odbok oipitrr the Vegc Itable market, from hlip lio. llbot,f ,r saole by F may 3 i & J P WHlITNEIY, 73 tc:anlp st tFALL. & WINTER L CLOTHIING. 1 j P. F$EEMAN & CO., No. 3, Magazine street, Sare rioei itig their supplite of Fall aid Wintter Clotling, and will cii.uthtao to receiCve ehiintsi recgu. Ilrl thbroughout the oseason. Their assortment being large will enabled thos to supply asrchaoels from tihe counlry, at tihe ehlortosl nIotice for sale wholersale & reail, no accommltating terms. ep2 _ BUTTER. 30 hi OocheaLtrulttnr,i ttdlnlhdmd fr sale bI Uj TER. 8 sd J PWHI''NEY,7J Ca p d t TO TIlE LADIES. tlB HULL'S UTERO AIIDOMINAL SUPPORTEt I HISnnew instrutment for the radical cure of Pro " Ipsus Uteri, or Falling of the Womb, by ex -trnal application, superseding the use of the uboh jpietioagile pressary, is confidently recommended to.t,e acticted as the means of a perfect restortion I AVsealth; it never having failed of performing a aren, even under the inost aggravated circumstan ore. It has received the accidod approbation of t Sir Astley Cooper of London; Sir Benjamjn C Irodie; Sir James Clark, Physician to the Queen; Dr Asltwell. Lecturer on miiidwifery to Guy's Hos. sital 4 Dr Rigly, lecturer to St Bartholomews; Dr Griffith, lecturor to Westmin-ter Hospital; Dr Jl.msboLbam, lecturer to London hospital ; Robert Eargoson, lcturer to Woestminater hnepit, aJ; Dr Sweattlan, lecturer to Middlesex hospital. I sad senior aeeonlsheur to Queen Cltarlotte's lying in.thospital t also by Hgury Davies, Conquest Blandell, Lsee Merriman, surgeon Keates, &o. by Dr Morreau, president of the Academie Ruayale de Medicine, Paris, and Aecouclher to the Duchess D'Orleans I professors Velpoou, Marjolin, Paul Dubois, S ason and others-and in New York by professor J W Francis, G S Bedford, M D profos. aor of-midwifery in the university of tie cify of lew York, profe. Delafiold. and Francis, U John. ston, presidan'goouaty Mad Society, Laurens lull president mad sobiety Stto of N York, profs Jas MeNaught, of Albany, prbfa March, Cyrus Per. kins, Do Thos Boyd, Gilbert Smith, Hosnk, Stearns, Ludlow, Kiusam, Vacoh, Power, Grayson, Yan Renssalaor, and many other distin. guished physicians is the U Stea. A hlull, Ofic 4 Vessey at, Astgr House N York. r A eontastt mppjlyof the above instruments, with Dr tull's' improved Trusses for jernia, will ,be kept by S ,CIJI yS .& Cb, N Orleans, A GO upeater, Natheba .stone & Maurh, Wood. vills; Baooth andlallor., WMemphis; W D Wilkih. ,!Somsiville; WHlt m 'Washington, Nauhyille; d; a E ard amilt 4o; R L 81M. Floreance i theas.; 1 jt d Ib·a bHIPPING. For Europe. FOR LIVERPOOL. The A I and fast sailing ship, HURON, o:apr. Irthriban, will receive inmmediate c L Ior lreight of'00 bales cottln nr psage, apply to 11f7 l. II GALE, 9;3 Como oat FOR LIVERPOOL,. Thl'e first rate, A I si CONGRESS, C tpt. luton, will manot with iunttndiate des F or leig of150 bles cottoll orpanssge, apply to 00 p2c7 II GAlSE, 93(Co notlont ft SIt HI VR.T .. . . The A l fast s ailing ship NORTII nJ .AMEIIICA, 'aplain leath, will haove des- c parcel, or freight or pnlsage,apply to alp " . tH GAI.E, 9:Cmmon stat jO YVORIK001.. T A I and vAery fist ailipg ship ISAAC ALL ' Cpt Torrev, willl hav innte S ,lirta pate, havil tge rlater part of her oergtellgoged. ar balance of freight or plTsrag a p ply to L II GALE, S W 93U Commoa t F FKJI I.IVEIt'0OOL. f-gThe A 1a"st saolit ship Norlhampt na J laoonn,, nan t'r, hlving part of her einrg ena S a g:d, witll, have e lrspalnth. For freight or I pahsage Iply to S & J P WHITNEY, tmay 3 . 74 Camp lt _ he__ I A l' oal prrior ship NILE, Capt. o lRila eril wiolt terace despatchd. Fr pas. , aTl. ne. Ialpl0 t L HI GALE, . J may " 93 Common pt Cs i'Oa Ii -11E1t· l't)OL. olTh+ I and lap v superior lhip ALEX ANDIt.l\ . lt Thar n.r, can take 2110 bales t of cattoh loor ol which, or, Apply Into 1. II GALIE, Imay .i i t ('Ollleoll at FOR NORII( 1 & ilLdL,\ItONIt. 'Il'o fsot mian, pop el schoaeor NIL.E, Captain UOll,oill a,.v tmtarliate , lO,,tlch,. , ur ireight of jlt barrel+ o., bhaving b te accmnmnmcldatione, aptly to (.'al... Ln hlnrd oIp posite Anlne stores or to " & J , Will I'NEY, i a'24 73 Campt, Rt S The u -A I packeo slip 14ILK.I-- Capt. Ilulam- b endol, will Ihave Ialoptolt. Fer freight or , panlne hellrinal ael at ,ruoondationa" apply ou hoard opposite tile Vgeohll manrket Itl to tly7 8& 3 P WI I''NE,73 CatnnP t FO[ NEW ORKI. ' I IPackeot of\,,hdliesdv, 8th linst. Louinsianw nd poew Irk I.iae. tI'lnhe s toerior laLt wialling soacket sh;l I|UN'rSVIII.E, Captailn Eldtil." I I lively leaves as a ovstn tel. 'or Inreiglt or passagoeo , hlaviog 1,,lant ac,, ,lolnod tions, apply to Ithe omaster ol1I .ool', oPe ,llale d,. igt, abl Allarket or to J I IlUl,' I, nly7 I , t F oll{ oor\' N t oRK. Ilonlnn's' I.r " / " au/' !arl '.. - Rlegular I'ock,0ls --to, .adl of, lhy. The n,,. sr,I oid A , opoahr Iastoned pock Si AIiIn\,Ni.,s, 1"; I Dnnis mister hi g. ptot ; ht car e llgo ll gged, will sail wilth pnopt doplolto. I'or tile baloualcol fitrth, or {passage, IJavilg sntllrior aecoolatlt lio ti l ,llo.o. Pate, roalot, apply to Ithe capltain ll hulard, taln ier,.oItw thle Vogtlable Market, ar to A tOIt.N. apl ;0 No 10 ("Ians .hat - - NEW YOR. - -T. Holmes' Vifn ,f Paoketo. 'To Mnel ot thle 1b11. i000 Iena, Truean gilaalerr will sail aw aave. r or llright s r pafrgi Iilnving tol erooionr o. 100el, s 10i0lls ill 1 oly o Lo the ltoIo ill lnooonor d, loploooite the Vegetoble olarkntor to " A Cl)IIIIN, mayfi 300 CoooIpo et FOR NEW YORK. S NOw work aloid New Orleaos lane. h I superior I'oaikt olhip ACuburt, Capt. DrFevallIIg a lange p.tio, oof hor eadogo egagdan go beltr, se ill ol dp tch ve farl diglaotl, lop freiglt or poase ap lp n ,1n h2oallrd tr ttz y 3 t2i Canok, tr FOR NEW YORK. STih A I1 fost sailing shipAl CINCINNATI, Andrwo, |d.lvin, tlllooter, ia iroo nready tro &reiv chlrav oJl till ohavo daespatchl. Fhor nay 2 IlEBlA & IIARST()V, N..7 Illtllk I'lacn. .. Tim A I fastr Raiiil tl·ol,mo Ali), Coaptainl Pkilln,,otk, hlovitg Iotot o'her lonrgoaengoaoo, will hIve desaaopatlch. ur f;ai~alf or FalSaogt, appll to S & J 1' WHITNVY, .,hy 73 voap ott T. ''e new, faost railing lrquie ('CIIANT1 '1al i CI.F.IIt,.c 't'hOnto , Io;oslir, hioing mIal of San = ~herc'rgo honard, adill hi.te dei.nch. for on I tIaira fl-lii-ig ( 4 tIo nae, hll0Vill0d rI0 d n(iti eoitllda- it tios, apply to S & J ' \WIlll'NIRY, -. tlie tir I f it baerque M tINE, ntowl ricig iio the opi tsithr' ide of the river. Said Ii.. i-i ror o r tl dl llI iii rtll llld ill ever Aespll. Apply to 11211.'V & OM\IALCY, or may2'! I. II IALFr . the followling good-. IIA'13'-I0 ceas.s mhl'.otikF rilks, as _ s oretld sNize an+d briew. lilt, drt ht-or No I do d. Alt 11It)o do No 2 do do colt I00 ioses le'ti No io, sriii rloireo nt slid rilto. 20 ado ieavoer, a ouivi iur arli'h'i 511 do lin Nutria; 50 do Extra do 2101. do Ilak tnd "hi:e Rulsoia; 50 do lx : Ilack Iti-sat i11 100 do Muskroit Clonllr r broad nilld ntrll ow i llls bruims, for Loren and tlontrrade; " d, All rta ks onlo litar ' Iavli (ti ihap ns;i ; 1 " d i Childrens silk anid lssiia I tsti i ll sizes. l Carps-Fur, Oiler, fr rNel, N.utr,, lhtesoral, and 4 ohar Srtl, in two dozen caies. fro Se.lte. Ir. Cloth Capst--Pickwick, Polilsh Avril's hat oihaipe, soi0 top, NF, Fit.orl, Forage, liitary undresrs, dI I.eather frmogiog. 1 hildrea's Fney 'I orbtale, Plaid and Vslvet Cups, Lo Frehirl ptterni . Stocks--Si, atSilk and lBomboazine, of the neatest styles. Unlrlll rla-silk and eottoa. Military Ptluoie, oiled silk. Silk Ilandkrchioels-lPongee and Spitalfildts. Bao ox "b s for hatters, wood cases, double for dry goods. T'th aobove gioods comprise a large stock, ittll Ils of ihle ihltat pralteus, and will be sold oat o smaiil oi vller with cost nod charges io New York rierl. 'hi. soubcrilers will take orders for eoullhern, weesern ld oil Texas itmarkeIRts, fir tilhe house ofA II iosaip & Co,. Iu tot Manlllufellorer, New York, arod t oir sILorLest ossiblti r notice. G(eriiman and French Iltshes btighl. GOSSIP '& CO., Naval, Mlilitary, and Fslhilonble Ilattere, lxcihaoge Hotel, rnovl4 St Charles s I- XCHIIANGE ON OSTN-f-r oale by mar 23 1 BIRII)GI, 131 Mlugsisoest cr ORDERS- - RECEIVED FOR BI JONESN PA TENT COTT'ON GOI Bythe Prtentee, No. 53 Magazine strleet, NewOrleans TOBE MANUFACTURED IN NEW YORK BY ROBERT HIOE & CO. SCA1LE OF PRICES-Double Gins. For a double Gin of 80 saws or ioure on each cylilnder, making l16 oa.ns i the staind, with Ideder t, bd, ad, &e. at $6 per saw, or $001 00 Fer r Iouble G;in orf 0 si vs in a eyliidetr, e or 120 saws in the stand, leeders, Ae. a $6 per maw, or 7.20 00 Florlo. of 40 lawsondo.or saws ina lo , stld, at $6 t5 per saw, or 5( 00 O0 For do. of 0 laws on ldo. 40 saws in a stand, er56.50 per saw, or 260 00 SINGLI, GINS. Fora single git of 30 saws or more, with one set of eetders, band,, c. at $6 per 0 i saw, 480 00 to I For do. of 60 saws, with teeders, &r at $6 90t persaw, 300 00 -i For do. of 40 saws, with feeders, &c. $6 75 per saw, s00 Wo I I For do. of0 saws, with feeders, &e. t $7 I 50.per saw, 150 00 I Exta teeth where desired, for freeders, supplied o I0 cents each; the number ofteeth being about equal o thep.umber of saws. One set of feeders, it iscon Ssidiered however, will wear out two or three sets of Bows. Exooa saws rappliod l 80 cents each. The Gills orderedl, will be deliverel to the agents of planters in any of the sea port towns of thie cotton plan ls' States, e theis priees, the agents py ing the I S+hi oa thle same frorn New York, ant biecominag re I spl.ible for the amount of tIle Gin. A G(in right Swillbe sent with the Gins to put them tip where de Sr ired; the charges for whose services will be extra, but r modernte. rt Iro a runringgearcan alsohe ordered where deiired, on reasonable terms, but will be chlared extra. Horse power, ofany description, can be turnished on like terms. Small steam engines can also be ordered if de sired. It ildesihrble, when planters give orders for Ginls, they should actomnpany them with their views in regard Is tot oearrangementol saws, breasts, brushes, &e. It i is ifound they differci opinion. Some desire saws oft s larger diameter than others. The most common size i is 9 or 10 inches; to oa ome wish them 12 inches. Some i. wish 5 or 6 rowsot brusles oi an axle, while others do of not want more than Oat most. Some wish saws with 8 a. or9teeth to the inch, while others want 10or It. l W oUElh discrepaiey, we prefer Ithly sholtld, t Sthe time oftgiinrg oders, mfurnish a stlatement o their I wimh, sl d m the mansufilurer cano fulllil tirem in evelo h, particular. WVhere it is left to our discretion, we shall make them on the most modern and approved plan. An order can he executed, from the time it is received, " in thle Ipae ofeight or nine weekas, aml tre Gin i that titme plaeedin the hands of thefactor. To he ins tine N for the neat erop, all orders ought to he is the hands of the masnfastureraby the frst or middle of May5 exeept io, or plantations wherethey arelate in ommnecing to ill N orin cotton. , N. B. The Patent Rit, for ny oeof the cotton SWirt l tes, frillbe t old oa reasonble ters. Is; BADEN CORN-tatossl o ban , sidt foer -a lee as -y SALL & ROWN U(~asla FOR NEW YORK. .N)ew York 4 te Or"Leas Line: NEW LINE of packets ha,; ben established to run between New Orleants and N'wt York, to conslet o'lve first rate ships, viz: a ship St. Marr, It W Ftlter., mat:ter, Republican, J f( Russell S " Allb'artI, II ' Durfey, " ne Iibuildtlg, These sti s wore built in New York'exprcsrlt for llti; ur. ofl a iligt draught of anlet, enl awill It Io a, subject to detetllltn at the liar. Their aecoltlllnolditions a forepasstngers comlprise all thlnt ialy be required for comlirt anltd convenience; and thairl conItI tltods are it atren of exip rcince. Until IhI slip l n lv biliag atea uco:pleled, two first class ahips wtll sulpiy t:eir pl''t gectest punctuality w ill he observed in the titr of sailing, and every reasonablel accmroatdailtiot ext naileld t slhppers and nRoeatg're. F or lifrthcr pirticulars apply to Nlsterr. Joltsoo SI ,Lowrdelln No. Uii Wll street, Now Y.rk, ortI jail F't'EIL t.AtfIII.AW, ii Ctamp St FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packetls.] To sail regularly as advertised from each Port. TII7 E line is at this moment compnosed of the follow Sing shipseftt 6 more Itrleo o esrelo will Ie plitoll nt .rl early dav, rakinag Ilt nulabtler twelv: ina all, tllich will olita ofone berig diliapattlettra hs l rl eveart vry week idurin Ihv yetlr, tho tflfording troutl facilities fir transiollthatin and ao tile loweit rtesr if'foighls Ship Yaaon, Ca rtuit 'rotRk. S I.Auivile All. aatratga, Ilalharny.. " Hursvilhl', " Eldridge Sohkeansret i Pa|later 'lhe above rshlip r aall of tite fltat:laes, eopperIdt al oper I~tsthrle ttl of a li ttl druuahrl if water, anid bilt in NIlW York expresily fc r the aII ,with ui eaent ueeolleollalitlls Ibr Ionusuengers andy CumunIItlded by aexIC and oxprrlle a ed latters. Theo rice of pnsoage ia fixed at $981, wilhuut winr, or liqutoro, .alnptlt trons irn ttry oltir erlicrlllr will be providod, tod evera Mataltetoa gito tto ialloItOle he o flllilrl t r rth tire ta rsi t o Arllta it I lire. '' h le shlipis will at all tlitl e'I be lmwowd al anid dolwet thi e river, lad lte gret paaL. uneotnlity utserved as iu their day of sailing Neilher lloe to nvra or eatltlinn of iese vessrela will be roesptttible fitr jowelry, Iltlito,, prrr:ittrs sltesr, ail. vcr or Itladll o l wre, Iirenkage of alosr, lutlow wlre, arble, or giatite, o l )porg. a ite int , rn 't of i n or tetl, isr fitrOV letro.r par'el ier ptakit gc-e t Iby or tli,, I t1c ii rllte, t!, l th a vltallre hrcltf'-x llr cstted. Vii froeir oii, ias.agt,, apply t, : i t ltl / J ME. I a S I" IIUI.I.IN,74 CIaI p t t FOR NEW YORK. 11OI.M5.11' LINE OF PACKETS. 110o sail ineltally ry .ol day f'rontr et atchll port. S'lthl I,tn 'ell 'aketl have inereaed to +le, cll firnt rlo Slhip ,,(onsititliog if Ship Atratrille, Cia atitt W'odl. htloator, t lilotill Ei 1 Ih' ll:' t, Attltutoit Captaiu C C Iloot Y, Orlctlr , (Ctllli ll ,S i na r I'irhxbar, (o" aptaill J l:itluer A'astrilhc,, Co 'lain \totIt. Otaulgee CpailltitJvilt. .New .lrih ---- (atllrain \oItlolthoore. A'trt Sthip - Captain Ntchlts. Thte tintf t thips are all oflhe first ,ht-, ,rppored, l.p per laislleaol, aad Wealr built ill SINv York ax sslv for iibs rri--tllrey aro of' iiight Irltlgt of wra m nd almost tivsri abllv crossa Ite liar wtlthout deotea e " pockets art, cOlllnrullllll IIb (Captllilinell Ell ax e ic loe h trar,nnd wiill it iisiexirt trislvr.I'. minodote. The., ,ill aleovo be t wcd upr anl S river. mtid t;i. ptrtIpily" sell as advUrtised. a Ilattloislnr ly f'rniihed l oIIllltlilltoill n(iti ,a t i le firrt rqality will ualhsavs he furoii.ilv, atd tettie I lttrd tif t ltfortr l alrd sdatiafactiort of i 7 tl ' rite cafila is isxedl at 1, wtittllout ine or it itr particulars aplly to A COIIEN, ain 911 i.liCiiOti sareet Fre Its re not aecounttl'ie fir Irakalge oft clssI w are, malblu' origRTlliti,(:(iigictiFe. of til or rut or steel: nor respinscibe lini" 1)v pnckage l a l t Ioarod, alrtless tt re.oi r bll fladidg beo oigiiii ts i Itt ltie iliac of itI , r the Znterior. ifw Oil IiAYOIJ SRA csAin egialcc Pci/ad On The spllendid p Iassenger steamboatm whol "' BILLtIAN'l', .le-ar flcirtoaster i e cia uecdcli cll kA. i1, t acr ini-vIcI nRI&cv'cc Ic rru iiilactitIii A. 31 chilkuil u dc nsl down )It nli iiliy5 l'ri p aa cjiiiylc liii licil ____ alia\A &'1 111i ltl )11.151 i conl I~ 151( 1 r A mll leter ciii fii e 250 do cn lp i e I'II do ur a *u eRia pe l 7aiiccbca'ieo lcciccc~I j"1 1)11 Alt, 01U ccccc i 5t1 cc bite t 6 IAc caci at \cic v.II ' c tc ic t 'cilia Acc, I i 611111 II Alliiccccc Mcccii 01c 1!f pci diaci" a cip i Iccaic~icig ~Icicai ()irlcch' icy 0 itl c.A e 1111111s 6,1 ( NF.1 t.ltAN & ul 1 a 1 1 A !.'ll du ttCO ll' l.N I fiic ll tcbaitc'cicpo.t II Lc l ic Li I i " ItIe e oi alit , llb e C Aolcchlc'c'lose ccc igccb itic by ps N I ll: cIliclc yr AllND tA T lla t tEr au 6 i 1.111e L or ol le-wo t v d. 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Ii siipteamer ccsprs, fr sale by Ulcs RSEY, ccl , 0 44cNew , 1cPee 151 I).CF:-LO tiOrces ricefrgalc i c ap:2 A 'IIIIERt, 31 Gravier it ft LIF PRESERVEa S-1u-t rsceiired a superis r ae YV article of ife preasevers at thie BaIST, ie catBCll & ALLAN\ Mee (lo 'r0 8 A handsomle brick dw~elling, with furniture, I - s (if reuired) situated inARS-43 s res7ectBa lae par at of ehe2d .Municipeity. PIotysesln will bet Cccsgsven oile let of Mty. Addiess It, poet office box ," " N 477. apl 19 fal IIE-I0M0n aska l'hulllsteo Limte, landin~g froml an. 1J strip Yeruvinn, for sale byE,13 L tae sale by ALEX PJWAH, , of up 18 49 Coup el apt / i :A-60 chests soucboug and puuchone,~e landing. I from achr S3plendid, from Boston, for sale by ton p 1 A 'rltlER, 34 Gravier st Ii~Ne-Sweet Malaga wine ha 4r csks, in stare, Wr for saleby READ ds BARSTOW, 14 ,x8 7 Baa Place (inARc-(-gy) oars superor gtlaity lsigIý ad for loan 5 al by TVY x2 Cum a I ? r~~rsu TRlU'Il IS MIGUITY AND WILL 1' PREVAIL. ~ J Ti. 4.: tIm: chtio,WOt o3 Bm'.·.p~rn4a .81:od Ptll. hnw. *) pil. l·-tlr 3:3:4:1::4::31 :n:Iii,3' bykc 3:-l3:l3laalrll ilxr 3::al 113g333l.l lral IlIidiru nlLlJcrcal~lu: b.:l::.:3:lgal3:,::Idou.;rllae [by mltr ncu ly mue i LII:l3:33:333:3::e ul:l.dlisot:: it uiu3::I.3:3tl ll'3:rb~ll3:4, 3 e;r lu Ilthulgfo h ,,,:,l,3ue~ujIcc,m r ula le al ll lc~ SIt':at Ilc-. 1,13:31 hIlt. 3 .:g.:l ud 1:113:3:3:: 3:3:3:3:11,, :p.:I i Iliin..h, i ,t-'wl,3:t 1Ir: S3::t3:l3:3:lI 1,1,:3: 1.111: :3:3 3:IIIIUy3:P1I1 3:13:3 p::mtinu::l'l ttuull yplly3:ui3:3: l 3, 33::u13 3::3l3lemlby :Iluuytb.:u3I:::. 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I spledrd article of IBilliard Itllr anld chocks. IIUS11 & AI.IEN, april Exchange Ilotel,eor St Clarla ieConllon at emol TIA itoEM 11.-10 (unes lie lnl at reciving per t ir Iý barque, for sramrley lie n13 dIlAl.L & I& ltsWN,'lfMr gnzinest Janl - a fir sale by SIIALL & llIILOVN, ht J l13 lid Magazine ot l'ic (1 I(AllS--2i)lilt0 I'rineila Cigars, ill Illtter hoxes r I;raule by ISAAC IIIll)G CI &. Co. in dapl 5 134 Magazine st tiol VWi SUNNI IIAGS--25,100 Gunny Ihlogs, 2 2 1-2 anld i i _ : b hel sizes, in bales anid I, nrllr., liar sale by . omrrd I BRIIDGE & Co., 131 Magazirle s M.r bor T~ATE OF LOUISIANA-City of Now Or. I loans.-- o it known, that this day beflore i*, et Joseph Benzaken Marks, a notary public, in and Fe for the city of New Orleans, State of Louisiana, aforesaid, duly commissioned and sworn, go Personally came and appeared Messrs. Charles lamond, Monroe Robitaille, Solomon High,James ro: heohy, Martin Doyle, William Edmunds Turner, si sIes Patton, Addison Thomas Piclkrell, Robert jar e, Ashton Baber Cox, Thomas I)arling, jr- to crt Brenkey, Alexander Gibson, Josephi Chaire, do Ad ustus Wltzel, Robert lhooy, Charles Jacques Cr Per as Fonterman, Louis Adolph Gunst, Williamr do Morpis Carter, Daniel Clark 4()n;urne, John Shy. y rook, Edwin Cooper Sloane, and Joseph Suutt or Sooarie, all residents of this c ly, who declared: Cr That in conformity with an act of the Legisla- er ture of'ithi-.tate, approved on ihe 13t11 of Marchb, ir eighteeon hundred and thirty seven, enlitled an act 'I To authorize limited or anllvormuoua partner. ds ships, and to regulate the sameno And also in con e formily wi I arn ordinance of thie Council of Muni rn eipality number two, of this city, passed oin the second day of January, eighteen hundred and au - thirty.nine, for the purpose of establishing a ferry ro nnar St. Mary's Market and Connected with tile c Scity of Latfayette. Thev the said appearers have engaged, and do Cr by thies presents agree to enter in o tie following sC limited or anonymous partnershlip, under tihe claus. to 1- cs and conditions following to wit t Art. 1. That the amas stlt., and style inder t r which said partnership is to Ire conducted shall be, The St. Mary's Market Steam Ferry Company di and that the place where the said company is to be located, shall be in the city o l'New Orleans. Art. 2. That the deceri;etion, or kind of busi. as it noss, or industry to be carried on unelor said style to hj by the directora, shall be " to establish and contin. t se ue to rull one o Iore sleam ferry boats, in coa- tit formlity wit. the ordinance of said municipality st nurubtr two, and for the towing of vessel or vessels ti n, or the transportalson of merchandize either up or ,d, down or naross tihe river." lh ee Art. 3. That the amount of the capital of said us company shall be twenty thousand dollars, (withll the privilege of increasing tihe same to forty thou- Ie mr sand,) divided in:o two tIun ed shares ofolao hun. dred dollars each, payable a ullows: Thirty dollars per sharo in cash, and the balance at the following periods, from the date of these s Spresents, to wit ; d ril Ten dollars per share at 60 days. si he Twenty dollars per share at one hundred and ox twenty days. 'Twenty dollars per share at six months, and H Twenty dollars per sgare at nine Inllaltlhe Art. 4. ''hat the names of tile partners, and the at amount each partner has contributed, is as fol fr lows : Said Charles Diamond, ton shares; said Munroe Pt Robitaille, nineteen sharesi said Salomon High, ni thirty shares ; said James Sheehy, ton shares; said Martin Doyle, ten shares : said Wilham Ednusnds r It Turner, ten shares i said James Patton, ten shares; ire, said Addison Thomas Pickrsll, ten shares; said Robert Hare, ten shares; said A. B. Cox,ten shares; saidT. Darling, jr. ten shares ; slaid Robert Brsa. for key, five shares: said Alex. Gibson, five shares ; agtd Jusesly Chains, fva shares said Augustus witzol, 6fe shares; said Robert Iloey, one share; said Charles Jacques Pdrroau Fonterman, tan shares; said Luis Adolph Gunst, one share; said William Morris Carter, two shares ; said Daniel Clarke Osborne, two shares; said Julohn Shryock, five shares; said Edward Cooper Sloane, live shares ; said Joseph Suett Sloane, five shares. Art. 5 That this partnre,hip shall connmencet from the daste hereof and the sume shall terminate I its operation and wind up its coneerns on the 27th day of February, 1844. Art. 6. That there shall l.e three direre'ors ap. pointed to transact the busll es uof sa d company , and administer its concerns. a0 Art. 7. 'T'hat the powers witl which said diree. tors shall be vested, shall re to elect from amonga themiaselves their own President and fill all vacan ce's, and a majority of whom shall have and areo o hereby invested wihl full power to receive and pay hi all lllllies, and to do, or caoIIe toL be doine, all that is reqlliate to the colnducting of the blllness of dI said comprray; ned the President, by and with the " consent or a majority of the Directors, is empollw. errdl to issue theh note or notes of the rcomlpany, for all demands, purchases, or contracts on behulalf e of said comlpay, (counroerigned by at Ieast one of ar the Directors) taccept aolt rights, privileges and M soforth, which aty he contracted for by a majority of said Board of Dircctors, and to convey to like ,r mlanner the soatnie. Art. 8. 'lThat tile time of dur,'ion of the service to of said.Directors shall be for one year. Art.99. Thlt when the said cormphany shall have arrived at the period, when it is to expire, all tile concerns and aff.ira of tile same shall bit worund up and liquidated by three conrnissioners chosen by tihe Stockholders, and selucted thore their owno body. Art. 10. That the powersto be exercised by tihe Commissioners entrusted with said liquidation shall be as filors, to wit:-To receive and pay such lmnt or sums, as may be due to or by the compalnllry, and give and obtain acquittance or acquittances a there'or, and to soell the property of said company, a. cither at private sale or by public auction on sucth terms and conditions as to them rmay seem fit and advisrble. Art, 11. That the divideond of the clear profit, after paying all charges and experrser of the conr. panty, shaltl be declared and paid to the roekhold ors, evOri.annudally. First reservmg 0I per cent. of the profits of contingern les. i. Art. 12 That a general meeting of ithe Stock. holders all rules and regulations, as regards thire time of electiots of ol'icers and the trmotr of votes each stockholder shall give; and any other matter relative thro the welre of the comepany, not contrary to the foiregoing compact, shall be aotered Into, and the rules atn rureulations aforesaid, shall be denomlinated tile lyreloraws of the St. Mlary's Marlket Stlonr Ferry Cunmpe.ny; and thi same shall be binrding oil tle said stockholders, and their res. pective heirs or assigins. Done and passed in my oflice, at the city of New Orleans, albroanid, this li7th day of Fetbruary, 1839 in presence of Daniel J. Ricardu and John Owrens, witnecsses of lawful age, and doir:ilatud in tillsr city, who herernto sign their names, together with said parties lnd Ioe said notary. Original r igned--J.,ihn SIfyrock, E. C. Sloan, Jos. S. rloat, Charles liamond, S. lHigh, tRobtert loey, A 1t Cox, .amres Sheehy, Auguort WVtzel,1 C. J P. Fontrurtnan, Alex. Gilrson, G Chrite. M. Roirt,.illo, 1) C Osborne, LA Gust, RItobert lt I re, W E Turner, Wrm 1 Carter, Jartes Patton, ''Thus. D1)lrir, jr. ArT P' ickreii, iobert t lrotalry, r Mlrtin Itoyl, It. J. Ricardo, John Owen.s;, Jos. II .lartks, notary pulllhit. I certiy the foregoing to hIe a trle copy of the original oact extant it my current regier.' lit fauith w\hereof, I grant there preosents under ny signatlure and seal of oflile, at New Orleans, alts 28th dlay of' February, 1t39 [Signed] JOS, B. MARKS, apli2 Notory Public. rI7TAT DE) LA LOUISIANE-Vlrlo de la .-4 Norvelle Ord ins, oujourd'hui devant moi, Joseph Ileonzaken Marks, notatro public, lans et poor la villa et paroisse do la Nouvello Or.lans Etat de la Louisiane duement appointd et jrsr. Ont personnellement companea Messieuri Ch rles Dirrnnd, Mon oo Rlobitaille, So'omtn ligh, James SIahy, Martin Doyle, William 1rd nunrds T'llrner, Jrlames Patton, Addison Tihomase Pickrell, Robert Elare, Ashton Baber C'x, Trhomas Darling Jr. Augustus \Vitz l, Robert Eloey. Charles Jauques Pdrroau Fontermarn, Louis Adtlph (tnost, William 5Morris Cartes, Daniel Clark s-. horn, John Shryock, Edwin r 'oopar Sloane, et Joseph Snett Sloane, tous rosidant 0n cctto vrlu qui Quo conlformr6ment & u ace de la Loegislature oig de tL ELtat, approuvt le treize mars muil buil cent t It troute sept. intitul6 un oatCe ' plour autoriser los as ociatiouns limilGes ou anoonyts t lto rdgler." Et aussi conftlrllltltnt un ordre du conseO t don t se. con o Municilpali6 ieo cotto ville, pass6 to olux do e Janvier nil Inuit cents tronto neut, pour dtublir tt bud Ferry prla du Marcht Sainte, counluniqnant avec bout la ville do I.aftyotte. d Los ci dessus personnes pr.enootcs so sent ae-or ct I.duignant par ctri qtbi's s'nocordent it foner I une association alo)ynnC ou lhnlitt"u sous le clauses It conditions qli sulvent. 00 Art. lo. Quo le noro sons loqol cett co:- l n o pagnio sera conduite, sLra-LU Compagoie duo oo Ferry a Vapour du Marohd SL Marioc-et la place , do catte Compagnio sra dun t vile do tola Nou.. cr volt Orleoos. ,ut Art. lo. Quo l'nfItt ir e to liut td cllo Comtot PI' Spagnie seoCnt d'dtablir et thetre ell mouvetnll!n. ttun o pltuiecurs Ft rris tL vapeur cotoourmn6ont a t'ordro , e la secondo ,Municipla 16d at pout faoiliter la transportation des inarchandises et rmolarqucs t Ics navirns dn os outc k.a directions tu tlcuve. pay Art. 30. Quto to IontantL du capital dte cettle Compiglne scer do vingt ltle piastres, conllear- 0 vat leo privilege od I'uougnenter jusqtto quaran'e lillo pIlatres, divis6d on dux cents actions do blt oent piastres olttcuot payabie colnnlt itl uit. Trente piastrcs omptlant par action, et la reste ,l au ltemp ci dessus nomulds do la date du tfag- It slant. pro Dix piastreo par action ot soianteljonrs. Vingt piastros par aclion a e6 it vingt jours Vingt piastres par action a sit loois. 0et p Viltnt piastres par acton t neuf rnoiots. Art. 4. Qua les noeos des actionnal c, et to motunt de lcurs actions sent, savoir : aht dt Cih D)intond, dix actions; a Monroe Robitaille, dix neul'actiton; a Soloman Iligo, trente actions; a I Juates Shcohy, dix actions; a Martin Doyle, uix actions; ia William Edmund Turner, dix actions.t , a James Patton, dix actions; a Add son Thomas t'ickroll, dix actions; a Roberot hlar, die actions; cur Ashton Haber Cox, dix actions; I Thomas Dar. ling, jr. dix actions; a Alexandre Gibson, cinq .c lions: a Joseph Chaine, cinq actions; a Augustus .1 \Vitzel,cint actions; a Robert lioey, une action; at Charles Jacques Pdrreau Fantcrmnan, dix actions, a Louis Adolph Gutet, une actions a Wtillint I T !Morris Curter, deux actions; a Daniel Clarke Os borne, deux actions a John Stiyrock cinq action; rt a Edwin Cooper loaneo, cinq actions; a Joseph gl Cooper Sloane, cin:qactions. o Art. 5. Quo cotto association coenn0anceor do i, cette date ot tortlincra los opeorations do vingt sept co i evrier, 1844. tot Art. 6. Qu'il y aura trots direectcur pour dirti. gor et rbgler los aftaircs do cotto Compagnie. Art. 7 Quo to pouvoir dont l s dlrcctoour so- F rosnt veto, sora d'dlire parmi eux un Prfsident ot 't tu romp it toutes les places vacants ct dol t la mIiu.. juoritl eot votu du puuvoir do reccvoir olde payer tout gent ot doe slre tout co qui ct rct tio, a tin il do conduoiro o d'adtt intittrer len otalirs lde to dtte o s Compagoiu, ao l tPr6sidont lavc la coost emtcnt at Sdodo do oatjorit6 ds dtirocturs, sero vetu du poll. d voir dtt mlttro les billoes do toa coip)agoni pour toutes demlandcs on contrats on favour ide la dlt Compagnie pour loutes l:s dloaonde ou contrltos nl fatcur do toa dite Cootpagoe, contr ignd par auo noitts, un des dtretcours, d'a cOpter tous les droits, t pritileges do qoe pourralt contractor la Inajorit. du conscil ts dolrcdtctrs, ot d'exptdtler to mlell. - Art. 8 Quo tola dua du scrvlco do ohuquo di. rctour sera un au. SArt 9 Q e quand cotto Compagnie seraarrivo tit d au terle do solu expiration, toutos sus atlires so. Y rout liquiddos par trois Conulitsaires elus par lea C actioonnaircs et parmi cux. Art. 10. Qu lto pouvoir doent acront vetus los Cotmmissairoe a qui on cuodier. o. dteo liquidatio gscra commeo suit, avlt, t-deto rot .ir ct do payer s toutLe seomn quo durla o ctit oul agt ot tu ut scra o due, do dotnd et do rcce~,r qluttntact ,rr cola, t 0r tdo vendre to propri6' do ct .lto It t t .. O I ventol pivdo on pubhq :tt oo, I 'o . toro,:, , l dituon qu'ilsjugrot pous Ott tagt;,o a ." og/pagnie - Art. 11. Quo I'., paij. touo o- I-i .,11- , actlionaatre lea div LYudeS Iatts to l plt , . l0 toutos les dolpones do to Compagai', I. Stotes oois dix pour cent des prol pour o . -' t ties. Y Art. 19. Qa'a une asscmbl6a gdtdrole des ac Is tionnaites louies lea rbglc.. ot rdgultulatan a l'6gard or du tlnl, a Jds eletiona pour Ias utliclrs et le Ilm. I d bres dos voles quC chaquo actionnaire dovra donner ad toutes outro chosen rogardant lo bien dtre do la it Colopagltie do n.tvigation, lequel sora registr6 sur tu les trlo actionnaires at lea prtncipaux hdrttiors on n. cnux qui out doiot Fait ot pased on mon ttude dans la villo do la c Nouvollo Orl.mas ce27 F6orier 1839, n tola pros so 0cence do Daniel J Ricardo et Jothnt Owens t6moins d'ago rcoluis, d6mourant daus et apposaut leur d cignaturel s oeusom.l avco lea dits perti ct1 mot le d du nota re. Original signd Shrycook, E C Sloane, Joseph S Sloanc, Charles ltimonod, Augustus woetel, G. toJ P Foutornian, A Gibson, G Chaine,Monro o-. Ihe bcrtaille, D C Osborne, LA Gunst Robert Hare, t- W E Turnor, Wms Curter, James Patton, Darlington Jr, A T Plckrut, Robert Breaky;t Mar Sin Doyle, DJ Ricardo, Jhn Oweos, Joseph B tt' S. tlhgt, James Sheehy, Robert Hoey, A. B. Cox, uid B Marks, Notairo pubtc. tds Jo cartifle que coci ost une vraie, copls doe l'igt es o nta inmdrd dans mes rdgsstros. itd En cotas fei j'accore cos prsnas sous mn sig. s; nture t le acoau do mon office a Is Nouvelle Or. a.' Idoats o 28 du Fevrier, 1839. s ; SigO A stusb a2 JO. B, MARKS, Not. Pub. TIIL IN.IAN'S PANACEA. BOLD 1 A. (nor. .f Natch z and Tchoupitoulnanta RNe FOIL the esture of r .umtitaln, rrrofilla or Mented evil, gnat, a b'latic.I or hip) statu, Ini,rinllt cancer., salt rh ern, sy rlU- Pr fills:eJ In ez l l ear lr tioc~s..s', ,anrtioularly ulrars and~ panelllll'l e o'UI].tIII :,f" fhe hlole., ulcerated thileat ald nlostrils, ulcers ha of every delerlpt ,r~l, Ir. ver moreed .l'Itar,,al abtecose., liotu- eli sa. pdies, u hld ead, scurvy, bl,.a, ahoc sore oyes, i rya.ipil a oh.,, bltcn.,ho., aid evn'ry vo:"i.ty of eutaiioaU adertili, chirt-au ,cact'arrh, Lead -cla: pruccediag from anly acrid hlllUOllr, a }aml rte fill' ans-t~lll~lII,.11 'S[, lllysr sap. lo rdll, frte,l r.riatlmll, t S.uciiii aOf iII. I.'., ,hOila i. iAwe nIia I1I thba: kdiaeys, Jr uuda u.ierul dumyla a, Lat.d .by a t.rpid thi veomela nat , i" th,; ak~ll. 11 Is '.i ep~l] itv ,flicll(.lO i il r ,lOoUtinl t l oin , coILstlllltllln+ X hlt.'l heee loci, brokea'ai l da l y, li Udic)' a l s truiia la lt ter a aai ii .i lu i rieiii ln rtl'. Jr ge serf lira:. it i , l ia oumnmutdvd it~ all eth,,. ,l,,..nP wt,«h uretc yersl, li, oourten .e of the blued, rititioni ea tie hln-, a taa htia' r r.m, ar niii kind. hl Nale of"ik alive ta tray riiqwire some q riilaga. e- " r~+lutlt ui) heltll~ull+ -1h-1h Lhll eiect 'tahcenof the c,:axe will iu dlctuto ; ul tn sll pre a.'lJ at remledy ter purlifierlor to laa v tall tVl ,I.,, hi, tle INDIANS' I'A A( l ,, i wd beerully La. bi'id nft bitf TO THE PUDLIC. Hooriler it li itht miadarr, playai'iaaal, In theiralnisot to e ael ill thla alhaaioaa, exnd.i+a tiae a ;al fiield, of ncalaiiai byi ths. aid eel' nchellluy, need seeck out r,,ew" rlutledlul llg~ut,, illus - i(l ia t t alurl,, l it iparl l ll itile lpr actice i aum.,I i ol art,-a.l'sly+ ii.iiolik aida .gluix.t, .nb oilleth thinaiiorl, te, eel tilil* riah tdld bauaituia stare. eel llaci i hacha tiaile.imightiily ll t+. Ual .tee I +prllllZt t of|/the eurth ill every cli+Ile ..led noUW eeIcls more lrest :.+ iil hat nw.iae th. allPho l'i tai lau bok, I cialt iio fur oii.aii io hra lnaolcaIIIl . nd 14es Biiry ter cle riiialtuiflllachandiigoynhyni i ihir d thedictntaL. oli a iatlO tr 1'al iagoii iurroiuIdI d r h ii hii ..lowe ,try tin linh iaoaliCUilmIn ,II Jl;oiai, tir ta cure Bnly LUrob iisrdor; inl"lYtl e Nt hie is .nllOrgt uIiti, oii virtueai aia thd aieFL raer.d to g welal ther me-cte-+m~ ell le desertr .r.' '1'h+. cll~e(Aa eef %egetablu medlcinen On ltim syatela nre tern orird'--thn.i o a fi al..ra. hiriy g. Te. lalder eby rt Mioi e i ti h Ah+ t'.ct+ £Ilrd pans off+--th l later, mui curt' ili p,.rtcl mtr, let the 'clllyl) upoln fIt.,- solda, dut+¢ln pt,sinlt the belie., need uldermi lllllk tihe couIatitulioll Fy a .law indJ sutn: dso acrtl nill ThelU ..Ulellllty, ellhlicaiaiy, iiii ,AiFIiY el re hedlca i ..r lllll ..'l, lay b to e.-,iat.d by .llr .lual the, au raefnt iracdieWtli h the mudrio,r or. a o lorinlg it a mvdth. li iifiately ILdter oul own ui.cri'ul*, the Its i praacticei wills adr that of thf whilea. Who, in Alnr ten, hxit+llt~ knlow,. or hoard il el'reni.dletted Inaiiap i harl .... ,le iaer inoid, i ireleludi ii.i as ,n'lIhd,.l,, by iaud i' her Aoolilb rni edJe.i a.lone, ,ii IIda stu li'u. t~dlt ie " m t lt. n mellllB st Ilrl letl ~t~ c re r,~ ill t~ t hel Allll,. skl un dl er,. lts a ';alald 1 issa wifihIti aa t Leea t .llr,..d ad itlilu In goti iar t i,a lild l't ly fil w lih thls lbliob l'lbc., iei. il oitol'Irld nay lidaraaandia ag iditkai,.iiit lt,i .Itlllcllfl o i thrLottl dleure wIIrOI. thel,-, Who hats over heard of ul, I n d elll with a emol~ttltltl, I~okell and r'lllllld by III lerl';Ietlll it| SAlnd c-tll Ildu t f~~ ta r, ti, l h ip apy acxeq,tp lll of lhe+ a+rs- r ag'e P'on, nlet o~f lth. It% +LId the ale.lh of mIi lia ls,, to, i. ni + I. felly oWhlgtoL + ther lOrP ..lnngai ai .iibtr adia which he t lelllld ya? '1'lli+ ,1+tOllll nll+ dllTlle~e illr ;!,s Icecs,I is s~uer ex 000 rellipllical,un 1.0d"tleima lhhle'Uprlurlty .t' the simple and sea sll I i ll ' r i: I, host hla, hi. d ii i tine a r.p tefl itllf , c"i.;e'..n ,ove ioi ....a ....... it, ..i... aaai, ,i,,ia, o b,., Jii,. t l l .t fi t l lr ii. ila d llb 1 lyil t the lllltl,,,d' uI orUll of "'nol ofl llleir hosllt stl.cesxl,ll pro "ti- th Liiii l. , ollltO or" Thle |IBII . hall~lt,' I'n rr rluol' xlr n est taiiwiroinlrt i 1mflh. riii. ebi. ' .l. stud lhif I st rile i " Feriae.l lthree he Iti ed .stub tieiami .oIme- l tlia:icib i e. lllI) ) lea aiLd blFI+IIJLII Je bus I'OlIIIIIII thi ll I h l its,' ~ 'l h-r ,i. i .Ledecd, ani. hlclual porli'. nt bI [3' 12ca tutJ the: { urlp°au tfr I wia.h il is ..+oumm.lyllldd Ial "The propn trlJ lll'rr. this pro lrpll.tiel to flip p~lblie, with th !ec~s b, t spegwti hi oc , eaole caplltl t oll'ie o~h,"vit he ist,} eel[ his.lhstll ll uilow l'l. eh i,. e iled I+liballm.' tibia.leill lli;Ulli',I hi uiaaitmd ni'aiiiwybii,ni, w.ho oin.[ Ulldcr lhe )-.r,,oUa "Ihrullll. sad oeuhlltllll + i,t t~ whl,,h II It isppllcable+ ToI air h it wally ar evel tl llll;I hlol e ] si des tiBh l. t u. e i , a dll , Iu II U tilt ee l~sth, uuly r ai a iiiI"'r lii 3 ulmc i ah m.'. l .rilal , t d mirlnri ll ,lbee s enlure to hlelllth Ul~l holl p a. . i,. ' i1a, stet il',:etl . coo, Li. L ii rl i ld ii, uv iiao lly l., lf nce hii ii lly .'iaa i i ithiiuIInii ,Ithe~'"ii , iu.iiaea l h irs caiable t Ieieavnug ica llhtll. l..trmll ,:aces toi iii tid he aa ua ld ril.. l' Plidi . Thi i 1 it lot.. JInii recl.etl~ly ; nld tile, is flhe rpul)tullu it [as of, tellt, d¥,ir t boaIa a aiUi illtr iJed . ii d " It Is DI!y lh- t eet +.:.t . lllI.ic thin pralpiom linmd uiru-i o i td if the lal. a It tIm In Il , l rt ai I ,l ,eal el l sleelli . .iii a u.d ar*d tf .i i i .iji ]ih lee.,uld ii Iiiw , din iilmii llmulai dc r iiii e lh tl ,y ,lne-l l sh I- he. i ei r daiiniiiti, IIs:: g1 II iii u"l A ,uses «"r tlll y lh) eniIr l iiiiDoa i), .amlll perlhap. d l aII oh o i~ii~iiii~i lelll, i.. iiVlli i. . 'hlu. ua,¥i~i iiii[ i talllIui aItiiiirll~anld y m.Ibllll. iiiiii u ul% iiii h id lhe lutii'lbi, tan.l l u5 dc10 . au r I 1i, ,i gpl r u u al' if ii iti t i ysI, 1Tier:ll eel'll of vlhPInlllleul i. lll t colll. ictlnll illtem l ol n gO rlI sLtlllll ;a yplhlhlic aild -olfl'ltsll.u alllcuo,,llll wA hich hnve defied i all othr oll.dltil, l plalid-I ily Its «,i-s.i ii ninwhler i e eal clrlly Ina., huctIH see ILe isl~ly usoed se, Io . d~esi d g puma~ll Itslll JoI Ihiiu lblua , l l ulm rs.a dlolaoi .oda l eel . lh dlgvs- l i e tl ,, orga s, &e. '1'hc.. it ctuldltl]y rl'li-: aeltsnll i lla .ii AI rnIIoII.I) IHnldlcu its the. tllaci,.l ;llld ullerla o'f lllel+lrcu +, r,",l uvtlult.ellsllUhrl cs«unestuld le:+s rtetiep llllalt sounld asled well. c in Fuleii aa inu, aai tII lii.'' auioii i hia u o, i i hai Itd i - ,l, Ia IameI IIa. ia~irralt, gIi idea illiit iniinl, inod, r ollt - 'i'skao, i li li, It' .l iar lo iiei, rh; I , I ii.h l ' llnltu, i operalo pa. ai, 8 'Iterate %a l l l idia aatal ; u ah n ililt iiioiiire ii andi tid l tieii IiiiaI.laiaei~iy llh. m C~~illlmiimuaab~a,~~. iuin.llU IIhia..O.bOllmiii .ll Beiti-a..ama~cadd iaiaiauaiiyfiniii iaiima popraaiinininnaii. mucic stud utnulrnngogur~ 6,;n121flI d It l'B lAh , iI Sb 'robi t Aa'lthe r Ftao SCel'Ulgdiyh UlnEIleStomh. Tilu" ia i ,iiafl ihiliiii been lOdl , u iiii.tiid nal,- Ii 'isnai Laiafi..po tiimaalii'aB'iai.daipiiin u.nmidp ~ina ou t uous,~ec amaiiaaoiliitiaili. Lhirma naine, t d tLlasi~a Lrniiutid Wiih in 05,, art's subl~ll: «t o Cl, lo)Idlll of oho. ch[l t, notd whiol. catlns.u I' talon. a r alalle llliW i- ,L iucih ir l i wll do roll to i eaIuIII Iw.,,dr atlmUo battie ain ii-a ii ioeai. nVlhnier iat d aet drink pr is rot'e'debe. d a.,cea.aa , gias. oiifaala-.Iiedti ia naa aaiallnli , Id to will uulWlrold it, Imll,-its, i , a ti ie, if Iran xp.ela c, a iaiiitiu'n-dit io miaiioiUa'a ali..d l iaal i, tIhaa the Lao iona diyit al mm Ii.folalhawiolg il rlifiemalei, Ouii of hiiillreda iimilyr, wtinh a hll h~glt Lee lrcor,l, sred llle lltol IOux lhow telec i+I l11f InI ldllanl' |'.ll.|'t., Iei the vnnobal cO ,lla i - lhaiayl II" ld ; anlld t t sllu tlee u. allot, iln fle nulllO. L . c;tl Cury "m1a1ser, itb +.|.up r. relty o° ibr alh a-aritii t U dOll(l ne,. b ul n VASES OF RHEUMAT.ISM. t'ihalcAoan, Nov. 15, IS2. Sonaringiiiitodtaimyinte aietlamiakoIa~ioaiaolng ihioimmryini i iad wi.ither. I aia san. te griaiamoeaualin-. uil .l tiadlknt. 'i uo eCbutfelh' of Ilt,, lledlall'n l'.llunce rte: ured 1n14e Its palt'cl ko'tlldth andad io lidctlly ripoat itol. a it aiioniniialnmharly li gld. Ba an riiinii laleli-i, .llld eii .tl, da a ditiaa tto iiii ao pi'On, l ,ll .til nicely~l e¥er i- I BII A tlA ili t ,' A.d I hlaye i.I aI pal III n hr Marhl, llne ilnl, rt tinl. c upwltrdl oi+ lirlr lm~lthsl itlald l.e4 rl+ fhi dlle suallellgth ,f tillls in lhen Itllllimore lle* ,II.I, CCll mLe le tr lhllot every renled~y. w rah hltll lJ,,llfil. Oil the 111th eel I'+,lrhrury heat, alt hat s[lllt scarcely ul~le I(} mouve buut titpel [rulllhl+., l.ulllllml vd thle LI. ftho I B;ilalll' l'lllleea, hl U le llllllh I lluJlll lllt'lll' elllrely f'ree Isumi pullls, !Illld u I 'iii ii b]ull. ti ly tu statn 11ht ,,l LC alrllt ,lolyaJl Porfeclly wall, i \\V!. TrUCKEIR, U13 . rket rt. , t CASES5 OF+ SCAU1"'UI.UUS ULCIItS. h ~ New York, Sept. 10, 1,31. p. 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I.lllccutl howeverF its lrtset. siillnlr tM ly Ow3 ii g- BI e u p,elmtlded [o Ir.+' itu, aeIi ]Ia rorurll. `1'o 11i1 gm-antl sort pees., lllA'luil tas ,Mtisf~itiull, [ a.~l r n f lltl lllylt ll rall]dly Jr. - cente'rillg, mold iieo uiiii .0lll@l.,t, botlrx th~ he lll~craho~lnld, slild d I b l'n , trrlrtly wll tl II theco+a oll~etf twee' mnl thll, alld hav'e leltil, s a md.¢ sa L! r' elll,.l 1 llltsto Mein statmu~lell, talld wish It lllilurru .l'ol'lhl or syplhilei ono ot'iu,,l. lhot they ollly kneOW eeahil a. ~-,ei~loned wll Is. I.,. mhl o', re'd evecry thIing blut death, Si flIt CUlltfidr+ hen hlf saved by atho above ay).ru ha NVJ1, IIINMtAN. x- Chnrle+.t..,duly 1'2, (fit . 3I was affisted foulr _O'erys with| all ulcer ill tho lag, acllniOll Lilly lllU lll )llirld withl e~yympeloue lll itm nlll sl in excrelil' r ix all tlle hule ~Iiii llkle ,fllt. Sro'eral i+Iaiio I tIi aly il taun, s exmtell thlir ahklllupoll I, but withollt ll.rlltlllell hlleait, hl setlli. cltcl lieul hultlle fi the hldiull.' l'uncal besll~de a pelrfectl se..trn. MARG(A]RET A. N'E'STI, 121 ,.lrknt sr. I)EAFN E S. N IT'I'TA VELI:'IAUIIIIS, AN INFALIIIILE REMEDY co FOIL FuR LILAFNESS-The great necusr abtirh has a1ttnad Yltlhe apllpI, t.. oI' Ehig valuable r.l.edy, titl noe hu Sdred ewes ,d f.the ,,tI, lLa.ylE . DiAspen .y (.ur alI.eadi af the eve ",d calr) for which Letters patent~ll Inure been obtained by M. Uaul , aronal tie Gtverl Intdy , sell ta e t CtIaa S It basa raeircd I front the OYto at Academy of .eiCIII in Pa~risal aii welll as from thle f'illut·lllg edical gcntlvnten Mrnl AbarllC IL .ity, SrAi,,l A .l.31. C I, balul..Lt, CurLisl, amko anld t. !9e Ia aig. A ri.y,, at. and oIuaar Iartisd n .lsaubll, inlatoner to3ca .,Ua,..,a,,,,inbanl -al,1tI,.la .bo ha .adllald rcaglI...f..d it. . 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Fo~r parttoulalrr of tlllrcaro, set luudou an Hel~l Jolur lla forl"11-3s ti Ur Atulrt".vt of Edllturg, sva of the litt(ta Vegetilir- -it sr, mly p, score, us well uu in thle hosp~itals-1 bud it t. bo a at mlust ieiliaiii t :mEIId(· to il Csb Ud dCli*·.. T alll g from nervous or, dd:blllty;lld relolaatiul uC tile ear,ptlnlllvd hy eold, and sell al. eellculate.·l to du nlacll goad, and Ilrerel'ura rocomtasnd it to dl 'Igeucr:J ar, being, soli left in ttty opitlllan s wall u that of " othcre, v olio w lll be rllrappolttcd wlt may have oteatiun I. c, "r this* valuable dtrt overy. it, ', Jnuer~ of Allatlllt, Bedfourdshlire, in a lette to Dr Taylor, is .4 z bi Iy eyinlg every class of pealllo 'till'tind to the rE ýk~.t ·1ilia n cheap and valuable remeldy fa~r Dt~alttess " A mast·l:i~lll· any causer. 1 have generally found then u, \ I "co, I~u perfect care -and III one turumce L :'; I, "., ." 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MtAIt RA, PRlTSTRATE GIAND, and a1l U ItJNARY PASSAOES, PAINd IN rug 1# Lumrb.g., cir from t.$0 pan r, teaknessIf1 anaured that this l II(J~ble medlGi a Mil u dl ý 1-faclly arudicautr tits shays dixusy saut oq . other, vIid invariably improi, the USEtitrtio heaslth, Had r estoresF to rigor tyhse part tha sUI lg n eel by di~ea~e or imlproper traatalent. lot fret, Yo can be compareTd to it, slid it has positively cared inns uJ vow tvlid nuts after all other me e auls daly to porjgding the usle S there mrdliritlS-ColauE .Turpentbl CubsbA. In ", llitionl to rite IIlloroulU tuetlttnrtlhti pat of l ls NUrldilCU ding thsEstU mlid Wt " icu.4u., l Iesediucl mes of the hghes t KIflRiU l iuu.IIIIIll bearing trslims llyo its it, SWU9 SSad*4fi liulldrrll gonad. rsrav d hn. Cca s ·nmal t~mes oferhd 81U1y' ,.le he: n prod u iey rsealuy eius. Is Yvlasa1 Ilji,: ' So:utio . co Ater Chlia no further v. veu 4 besetLls r but ulldl, g a v c tell csrtifitusus.. 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AND D1I'OILTANT TO T1'IE AFILit.'I'ED WITII mi EAIES. AASES. ':ATIEnl'N n Veneral Disea., GonorrhilmOleset end"o ^ 'Itrrcture, inecludhug practticl obsrvathlluw on aeilid eeeikne i, ei.ieilg fromn earle y yhoetse,o that 'all oIrn) e - onlt~i, aitwooedtse cure, with casssqcreCy gndl slkly,+ ` It i. a Ieleullellly act.e, that thlos.ands lal /viectim t*&e -. ncreal Dleea-e, owing to tie uleeitlhlteee of ttlitrµti'ec ft 's who Icy tile ue of that deadly poio., MeIcury, rlnlc thee..; - tttutn,, san cause ulpratiin ,w~titlebhotel.s te the clmed,e.r sed beody, dinneesein thelight, noise t tle. ewe, deeifeeeee. sIest iI tegleto, and enodes oI tllehiiHbnes, till etleongh ogar erul delehley eaid decay of the c,.stlieeeiiolleUeet, ec. , .mus luhchluy ,i,.ath plnt i ieried to their dreadfulul eeiep. P'ERIItYS PURIFYING al'EZCIFIC PILLS, A emrrile, salle, utd thel Inost speedy emeoly eolreileeeoSv d f the, .ie-erneeeueletand ell'ecelul rureI i veereel ditese,gete zr rlhu, ýletslr rlactorrs, leU.eeI wePIcheeope paleinthe hlee,. ell;.etill, eetelee klneed)t.,grevel, lueebeego, cluldei lity, rrl late )l ithe I,]eldele elr or oltbre. Uted utherleedeaseL of the url liarc"y,frUtlelly pe-.erluiegla prfltelteeureIee theeholt - space,,L el eLte-e dllec, iy e)eie ,eIelel pill for e doe, with a ...eeee. sre)y" mud eaeety. ' lihe cerltinly with whieh they are eottluu ally adleninitele ed, i all eteeiatesed hy mtny thouallds. The . plecl Ie pill. root outi eiery pl tietle ofl intidioei eeoiiltl, pere SIeIel ill teieJr p-ogiress the hole meni of nietd. They oete - ly rlll.ovee Ie dli.see, iLul renoe-.le by itheir ctletio ie dtit.- l - cutlallcetloni ol tile fimly, expelllllg Ihegtroseer homordid . heiieeeeee..eeeecieeseeeild ceed ompereeiptibe - tee eevieeee the eeetoeeteeeepeeeeed ofiiete. e rtesrmhiegi anedeeetetl powers. Theey elteaeeeiedeeeelieeelitlei'eighesesupieio tedisEeeety. 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'fl be lled only tI Ni. hi Culttom heouse stleet, New OrIee. tDttOFESSOR SW'EDOUt'S HtYGEIAN IHERDePILLS I f e or ieee effectual eeelepaeieei crley tpetceec-lee ym tatonetlr tlletilyplile disease, c ulld tle meeeeydoleetellii d 0ronl he n im ro lertloaltlllenl. rc Iee ierilell utreat on tee reele l ed L yphttl dieaee, withii eellseervaeeiee on ýeliuital weeukseece e e.& eln ietelieeg hilletiworth khtowilg ey thosee *he aie or 'he shee IeeelteTee ecei tolllie dreadful etooi devatatieg teledty. t r Deeietoi eolt4etluec to dircct his tlteutieon to hlMote dil Sorders arisitllg from the too Iree aud iutiverimlinalte itedl. ,c galln oPnlle ep ips, l which not only occasionas ia uulnerol i truig of uereoeeleeeeeetiols, hut altoettellel.te ict vntrie t ll i he elervatllg ilnlleilitiee of lld age. In Itat dctreit leti st.tet UIt r,eeilily and i elCeienyee whelherC the coilUeqccei of eet t l fuil habilsl e xEOUive Llriuhing or any othergluse hy whhl hek powers eof llen oellailetioll eeoothe efeeblled, Ihee oatlaLC Ie eterm illd peedy restration to soued eaud 1igel. c Melt. t It taleluucioly tct, thet tbhousatdc 4jvtte Wo "mo x - Id eereul ditoac., owing to the unekeLfuhleei iottDt - ty who, by thent liof that deadelycdoedt eeteem iiomJ tlitiUOn; nle d whel the et-c L Dtc or gtWoedei tim lic leior nt Leydenl Univereity. he conrerre d en invclte te e bee.. fit upon manekild Iey the discoveryole hit grand P.tagLl.r ry the ce of this deplirable complaiut. Nevert did ad.tosee'y i eexcite a greater setn tiou; it we soeght after with awidlty,.atd it used with uedee iilllg success in the moLt eet sleen stuu eate hlle it Ee.seofl the deliete oepnlplailt for the ecurs f withehrs have ieeul to Ineg celebrated. The fiee of these -1ilth.t.. eu tl Gereauy, caused their cpeedy iplroduclonldt o dteeh ry contry. 'lthe certaiety with whleih they Wte im ollliileeteled, ie be attested by many t hotede ule sls " u- lmg the lonllgonlinentalewl they were the . paniod an1d saregsardf the soldiercc lall . ae whliei el(shglegest tclpieii o tI eeetioe was entetained.. VW Is, Co.cll be more aettcpraee than that wlich 01-lwt al, geerultteeeeaectioeli Thi Hygeian Herb ib 1.ttt t t parltle elof insidiou Itoitcn, putlfyilg in thl tt the te whole mass of fluids; they otl only removeeet h etLtoud t relllnnte hy thelr tetiln., the different farete. het teex ellilg tile groseor humors, ut d in e 'elomild ahtid imlpercetible amlto coovieeeO the beost eellt .t4t es0toe - ishpe.llg unee ulleldld power.; theeytitheri tlen met.ury or tlly thelir uiloriel, tind esy iree tee woJthes4theltllhletla. pieiull of dileoverl--they require no ret . -eto diet ld.sa4te t time or hilndrance oflbiiteS, but teffe.t o h leret wlith - out eie least expotettre, the p.liee. L ed when the el elightelP euopiclotU Int y eist, it It ilt ho ereno ee ee te Ite tygeicu HetihPills, lorhe-e t thIe di.ette er its laiel it. clilipearence, it ael u a ale PtMetetiw ro ti.. gthe effeetu.lyeand ot." The dteepl sate i wllicll many petsoee have beet whLqelt viiUelg the p io priteter, froe the uti of Merclury, rdevtne It hpllelietly ei. ecesmtry tl lattien the publice a.alnt thLt diteprose aicetel w hi eiujudlciously adminiltrlct. ass e Thse pills should forma portion of e11 Idialtl hts by tll o ud ulled lind oulih netieetiee oe l etbetbietuehehseeta- tp ont I u ltieng voyaeel or eournty; theirprtpeteiecleet oeylptekte -o eeiehborlee nor oeeld will injure thleirqulity, otef'to doe edl deimeeeilet l thlll ollstilution. e Sod aet No 91 CUtoel houelle t, etNw Oteesa ~ It STIlE MOST IMPORTANT hUM Isco CO VERY. SCLERtGYMAN, Ilte of the eamtridge L . eeh. . 1 ineg discotered a method oferlcng heiteitaloI or Mential uomnilill, of fourteen year' dtterelqi years lolag hld .l)dve e0e0 paliepti g! cofw tyed ewho followed his adie, ee.cett ptwl. ivlene ratheri than gatn, tncure tholr wp, ' e..Id. bLtttil e and exhaluteion, determin ltion ofblehedl .n. 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