Newspaper of True American, May 9, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated May 9, 1839 Page 4
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lo i t he Toniu Mifx fl ppielseda f tenorie SVege - a elltcrlscaapeicec -2ka eolh the utmost safe iraId ineaelid i t pIt seeqecntly the cotteti w tolhcetahtt eetvjty. It ecte t.n sPtitltet, by ivigoreting ltjh t eejoymeltuoftnat as u3trgatier quatirt it-,te uai retliis dhisrdere r to oer ii ly tttasttec the sevTlt l-ee Sthas benefits the ssrtem ot o it may ble oppresslt t fthe Toui; Mixtire, aive lal CauSes of the disease, ' mton ofrretrnl wlereas by m bmedies, there is ilweys crite -tiIt tttiCurrelt Theo' danger cce Ailsth e, is very avid nl, for hiteno too mucll prostrtate to Fatt eine and speedie y fill a vic inee The Tonic P'lixitr is S bleprc lce, as 'to ple it e irhi ad -7 that thlleptur and destitute *ech d istancll witlibu it soleiciill ý hiihhi frcqueotly denied to 1 r btrly baelowed. ily esutinnod igliintlvt the Rsp ledicine, that are daily offered °' I b.LDr. John R. Rowand, at his r+ t to Philadelphia. e- 4 -i.i-Wholesale aen:lts for tle . nd will dell by !lh egros, at .--'a be had ci retail also, at h e ciW cs is t t i city , , . :-. JAI & ANDREWVS, u . bi Wholesale llrutgiste, 'n mlnia 'I 'cThoI ir Ile8a en: moors .S 'l'chinircnll H s M RY KIIIKLAND ropectfllly an. ono' g s"1b tohter friends and the public gene. o' iL preparied to accommodate them at = ,ti? b.lishlment, and hopes frim hIer r ,Js'l.rder itors coomfortoblc, to receive ffoaetor f.vors. She feels conil. S ersons visiting Covi'igtin during the tho , calnot find better accomnmodat ions 'nafford them, on morer liberal ternms. ,f=*l boob8aqplaosantly situated, and well supplied 0t'o0SyAnlninr; the ho r is fureisced with b ib , &.ml , in lshort, she promisesO wanting on n her part to give E s intis 1ti n t oll wrmay nlpa ltronizo thi ppiand louisiann Hotel. jc3 i deor Dr. Schmidt of Clharlesln, it and for some years his assistant in t of medicine and surgery, has Ithe honor SIl ,professional services in, this city. flu mrns. theI ladies and gentlemren that the imost promp attntio will ih paid to the calls which fbl a 'wers his services to tll bel boiogwell acquainted wiit the E Irn oa:otlicm', having attended them in a linens a, Ciarles.on. o ate anti bilious pills :oer tLle coimposition e' r Snmollette, with direalions, can be had Silt sdursigned. l'h effTct whiclh they have. S}iolltf on this oalI ollher cities, has been attendedt ++,sil'i"mgreitest successtowhich t ho lic lie Ilost u1' oibe cals iiob given. Apply at No. 166 .Mla. inf 'strcst. JNO. M'lILOlINiG. fi LT1VW WAJE. WViOD SCREWS, SAl) U. IRONS, &o. Ili 61OWELL WORKIS COMPANY, No. r cater, nean lckman street, New York, a etivet tl'thle past seoeon, and ere conlstantly ng large an xltrive additions to the sriock tlto r ,e oohsl, wlvki- now consists of thn l noga ntl, Itable io the southern and 4 eroiuof superior quality, consitinrg ul lO'Losi, viz,, dcftenrn d eiaeat , 'from 2:8 to 50 gallons, ', assusfroin 3:8 to 30 galloos, ,itp I15"lzes,. frol 3:8 to 18 gallons, apia or Ovans, 7 different sizes, e les, 6 do k .llet"s, 5 do S Sir . 6 do iove 4ldes, 2 do Odlsl, . 4 do Fire . -og, ;' 6 do In boxe froma 1 1.4 to 43.4 inches, SI do.,5 tO fneheas. Wood' ScreW, L20000 gross, iron and brass, from dton, N.. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior 1y.y d a inish, andlless than Jaron's imported ooi snorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for ia. Y d hattor's Irons, assorted. 8it`W igoht, 100 torns, assorted from 1 4-4 to loll for Plmotations, steamboats, churchls, &c. A .a.. itheats soand other muachlinery made to o assortment of goods is particularly tloainsdsd to the attention of Southurn and sea ,ri merclhants, and are offered for sale at low prisO on thoe most liberal terms;it is bo nevtg ,"lnte.o largest and bcsta'ssortment ever tered4., fsale by any one establishment in the 1Me . lorwarding a request by mail, can have a p . rcelar, with descripteon of groods, prices aot . oom which no deviation is over made, f rrnish y retfrn of nail. All ordeoal ~ oivo immiediate atten tion. NssvYqt~~.'3. NOw ! BY NOR COPAIVA ONow Orien, ls Nov 14, 1837. A OLT six m4dtha ago I had the misftotunt to got Sa secret diroeare fr which I have applied to .a.c .al doctors for a enre`g ndthey did not r:cre rlc, so nlow on te above dote t put myself under t care of l)ocro, dluet, and I expro;t to Core oer. Since that tiote the deoegl w Seao asto Ireak out in airge ulcers to lthe nomil rf ex or eight on ea It leg, 0,0 all over ry foe, a trot, td not able to work t ho treoer tih o gto. oftt of te disease; arge lr o th e itrot.I am noy t ptot.r g atyef coi o athe carp of Dr. lluct, cof P urit I be pt ltred JOtitN DEAN. Y that tile above mentcelod lisease is Stt ad o ty own eatistintioo, for whicl 1 Ite a a, orever asrure that the atedi ne y e fatuf oad did not injure my eatn Ila I advise my f llow aulterers to iern t . oapply to Dr A. ltet, t124 Canal weet, b gupltgtr ond Bourbou streets. Dr. Dlet is eIm'nY otm 9 o'clook,A A.t until 4 P N. Obey true dlotor for tlis aotplaiot. l' a JOHIN D)EAN,,10 Grivier o trett. If aiy t to see mte, call at No. 40 (lravine .1" , JON DEAN. New . Feb I._, 1838. ftl, 14 ly ri .E tpuedandiao totnottt of lriverrltvtd tlula eput top in bettson at tthe low price of 51t o r tationg tte strength of thre ouncesi of ive ee thie virteas d many other roots isid b unb eat the indiants elfficacious in curing e no pa ioeotttrnte Ib . , omplats. tiled ~ueroaes ltooottttended he nee of mlel ti nee alnd recommaends Iet 1bi phlyit-a'. for the cure of roug'hs, S teide, wnat f rest spitting oi rloud; * et'ma on aere. This in to oeeltiy itho we m npraettie frequently presoribed Mrs Glird- iBsamnof Liverwort a d H oa tittodwitt ' eoect: ..a. .n tierfare, fiom the knoo. fro4, a, ad 0cltntelo, , tt ihb#vo' it is made from, had s tseo rion oe da-e.titooi o the rtlun.s fitr which it ais ret m d AI.BV+KI' W11,IAIo MS, M.D. B " ALVIN EI.I.IS , i. I). Mtriine, ote lhe Boston Medical Aesor;ation. e g J.tRVI.e te ANI)iREWSn tt - ro1v n orll ttosse I i Ditrir* atr re dt, l Sieae orf Peolenausip receivld,aoid for t bati" pcrtaumeot Wriltm Academies (ht.'s'rert, Now Orleans, 13d ltrovdw"ay, oelalphiye wt.,oobil-.. St*l'l'daigue. itlr private il e a rtrm s, d n ittedfr perlous of all apcs.t l are . .invited to cll ua d r...nil _,0t ech hnoud e a.....y l it, th,, te.t I lasMs frtnted in tay part .anm receive 'essons at their own ref t" ""e , rae afleas4 s are dotircd s:" i ar vell as they w r h. 1ll t erarM id e tisetno e. of artists' " olours aind PNo Il ti 1 street. JUG IIU - Itanore Packets IJCKTS FOR NEW YORK.-Now Lin. u '-To nail punctually every second Monday during tli sasaon, full or not full. Ship Orleans, 599 tons Capt. S. Sears, C Ship Alabelma, 474 do C. C. Borry Ship Arkansas, 627 dd K S Dennis Slhip Srtuga, 52 do W Halltneway, lhip Naslville, 540 do 1) Jackson, P Ship Kentucky, 629 do J BIniker The above ships are of the first class, coppero and copper tistened, and having been built in New York expressly for this trade, they are of light draft of witer and ahnost invariably cross Iho bar wjlthout any detention. The commainders are mena of great experienc , and the ships will alaays be towed uip and downi tihe iinissippi by sltaliboants I' They have hlandsnnle urlnisheld aenidounod.nmions, and stores of the best descriptlin will always be furnioh:d. Thu cabin pansagco is $90 without wine o liquor, andn hre is no liquor furnished to tlhe ioffi e or crew. For fieiglt or pansage nlly ou board, or to II C AMES, 48 Cimmp st. Thre sllilps are not accountablen Ir brealknge of glass, hollow ware, nmarble or grasite, cooperage of I tin, or runt of iron or stoel, nor responsible for alny pIckige or parcel, unleir t regular bill of ladingt; is oxancuted therefl r at the otlica of ate el ta. nov27 NEW ORLEANS aso IBALTIMORE LINE OF PACKETS. This line will consist of tle following vessels, whie have been built or paurchased expressly lir thb trade, via: Ship Seaman, Capt. Miner, B,,rk Mary, Nickerson, a Irad Ferry, new 5, Stevers, " 'aolOlmon Sallus, oLathalm, Brig Arclltcct , Gray. Tlhes vessels are of the first class, hiave hand. somne forn.lie, d ,cconenoidal aion., nd are t a light dralt of water, so asa o nddt ol tlhir receiv ing nd dlialar inriin their cargoes in lialtiniore, at /Ihe ily. Freightw.ill be taken elbr artlr oin tIll or James' River, nod fimrewrded by the agents, Masars. CLARI K E & K (C, iat Baltiminre: axpntlse eso goods ailipped will be aldvianod when riquired. 'Thle prico of ,as.ange is fixed at $(l, aitploe s etl'les of lthe ha olltywuill ha pmrevidel. Steam nI oad ai lown tIhe Missinippli will be tliCen oil all o(caniors. Foer f'iaight or passage, apply to GEO. BEDIFORD, novr7 22 Rlnvil'e st. FOR yEW Y(RM Y . Louh binna and New York Licn of Packets ] 'lI I ' Shins coaipo.i-ii this line will rail l.eam Neo 0¢ieos ansad New York onl every oilier 3hmi ay-c r'nelling on thIe 21th November-:l- and to in liure t pinitiality in the lime ofisailing, the li will h realer i c ,sislt of five shlips, viz: lShip Yaazo, alptain 'ilra.,ik, to leave oai the 20th November. Ship Lui-v;ale, CIal'in l'Pamer, to leave oli the 4111 IDecem i r t. Ship l Ile ville, C aiitinl i , h li id g', to leave llo thei Shipa Velurn, (tipeim m 'iodmous, to leave onu the st f r: tir cbire 'Ship hmssiosipii, (iapti Davis, amm lemon chi,' i 5l1n, d fii ll I. et Id . A Ile ,l) oe i lrei all ne fi tmu aliy c ill bi t l s, iTider and r n .cra Iid, en toil, and l;Trls o' 3!0 tireUns hli iIit;, I f light I i' r ) },l of wui at er brio . iiiili SNit a dii i o.lit sals, wir wille trade. 'tao e no i i na ssle cis fixcd , ll 110 dlarsll thlpaid cabnrs art ilttertielld in tile rmst iimproved neild enve et phlan, a liid fnsein aunReit and elegmantey T-lc rAmple store of the afirt quality will be plovide, ad "every regard pid to tim cmforteal nl Ientire ,tiei onlcti rs of thasem sg, hoin will not be respono. ble for tany n r, ear be secured uctil paid sentbr at putol borle of tle a, unees ular bill o ia I These vesmelsire eom0a1oded by enptains well experieleed in the eradei, who will give ,very al lemulion siad exert thIllsulves to aconniilate. Thai' will st all aiiies b towed ,i anll down the Missis silppi by steamnboats, sud Itme strintest liUnctuality observed in tih tie' of sailing. The owners of these shipi will not be respsini. bla far any letter, macnm- or package, sent by or put on board oh themem, unless m reagular bill of hamlini bo siglned therefor, at te counting house of thil agent or owners. For fulrther pnarlieulrr apply to J D 1BEIN & A COHEN, nov27 90 Co-unuon st / EEv U11 1.N: \\ iire I,l·:STN I' ciiI:TS "'s liTO ,:uuaiste (I I l Ic [(ION. PA(:,till u( A rue,;, ,itad tit uhnutu ''UO tn ~rhn Teeeono 'IC oo TOIr," O 'OTOTOTOT, b pniTOTTTOOT u-eiTrF Iomoooo the otraOe l o TT iloo ' i ioOevoerT.. f eutiin r still exert Ihetn selves to nlJ ai m Crpr' if, Mis~issiipp", art,. (cave New Orll Taus In or hutorr· the101 an 11h f 0evry month. Th'I'le feluwlo ull vessels comet-e the !,ticII1I, via. : flea, C -,-mr , J. B. ' C'n oCTO OOOTott cuter. Bri(TTTT0 AitITOOJooi tier, oooToo"er I BJ r;, R11g1 r OVt :CU 6Moo (T. Alln TOer 0at 0 U (iiot souleTcooI oloryTooT o lNew I or il.oo o Lir~ .o lot- (.roo! , ut Fte OOOI. 1 Iha been eIxTprely TTill t To run betwen I theabOvO pOrLs, anrd wvill be founld or suitabldraf of waterl tcrom on Inloti for .oisslO To, and ever yIi effect will b 6 made to gOT veTgeneT l c o itiorlini, 31.6; Inae ison oprott T o t oompooed r tottmiig s abips Ctoiotoke, 415 (ott Caop't. J tarding, Carolinao, 410il do S Lototict, Choortlerton, 374 do It Clolnridgo, Coloooh:un, 635 do (1 Barkor, Summna, 240 dot J1lluomee, tlombay, 625 do 1) ITOp ltorey. 'hle aboveo chipTs tro allncw', of thle fireal 'oss, copp(er faste a00.0000nd 003jTpercd, commantdl d by emen of' got]o expcrTTnce, hiave large aTcc00TTonoda~tioonh, f ojihel Srtarootetoloellr cotioo;oeorryuttbtcillotool oIIthe puid to pa0'o.Teogerr, and (ho very tCet of otoroto pT0 vided fur thetm. (lou packots will be tTioedl up anot otoownto tte Mio Oissippo, anod the oitosiO-t pmtUTtuOli y u0 norved it the time of oailin, anood slhoruld the reTrlulr t'eo00e be detainedt in arrving, o ller ohips eqrullyo asgouod will ill all eac0 s be SUbstituteOTTd IA .barnTOfI ipt ot1TO ogo is solicitod, 000l Lito uogTTT to TtT:tg0.o thIeTmsTelvsO oe 'caTOtelolloto ae ouch as pracTticoiTle, to receiv nd forlaord goods bly sid lino at thoe oouso t odoor. to cloarges, otol to advance all 0000un:eC on goods shtipp0ed, i' reOqucired. T'he shlips will lceve the oot and 16tl of every month.l For f'reight omr 'assent a, pply to the agettte. J A M Ft(ItITT, 82 Common o t. N. B. AdTvanoemontO s made on to lossrts. A, C. Lomobard & Co. taoo27 tao ut ootu, HAM I o n C), ore new errcnivimngyo on board stop Orleano. Eogle, IlighlotTOOOT'o-, rr leery Anodrew-, Frencht and GoermanTT pla y oooto; Iloeook. foouoflum Boorlds; Clhessmen, `: 1.4 OOnd t 3 -li iTTh (lit iurdll~ Ifalle; 8 n, 11) !tad inch blade 1PI o··:il Kni t e;· .entheh l~r and utter le rtry elli lll ·Ir ree'il \ ('o we ·1,11 Pocket ilur'~ntun', tine it uliiag 'i-f 'a, d lnlc an jindlethttolle 0,9,( ; Gmolt' itlnn; Sthotool!l tc ; Iouwdrr ita itoorl Fla otiooo tOTmottthiTT lo riooo1 C upT s tom, EICI l'ol*, dc Itooatloo\ Iiltool.. n· feetoglo' oootn-cho tint((ooi lnooloo t(ooo'looth ir aodl 'btot t3T'T Irctd lTb al(ld·r r. 'I' mlt attodlolh c lrl,; t Oar, hair is ItoTT t .'' r fe I COO~t OTTIT t colo I' TT0T''O (' O tooT, ' 'fo andTT '(ttl T'nd-r; 0 Totl (iT ;or'ful Io TO' ('an r en t ol ooor tcartel;I;o GTml]o T ir, ot rolt' tooT ; Eaoe-odoo;o; on- 0..olt. ola ItIonl'o- Head ot.'Ooo ca To hll~l ·C; uti:,e; Gilt n11"1 piicaes; Llulldo; Indian head .:,1 Bella "u ulll Phtat; Shell otflist;okids (OTTO OTOTI,; tOlmb TOT thi TTTo' riTU In their form0r0000 ek on hand, otaleo their o owti vnt ver complete, :ati will l", oldJ oweoood~ oeoo'o iioooldoooten, t The sotooTO' oftooc GoldsT ITn Comb.- l r 12r , -tif 70 s ( 'ilarlrrdcl ultr i lr. .'inat rooe rjv Tom8teo00 fat"rle ryoTTTITT booo ne, C t1'. &Tct.en lor h OtTOer, heleT do fot oooohotejus .- o o"er eteut o stolwr sh(Tuoo'lol oct retotr.'g o l , &c. the' oo.t-o,&o t0001 ' wepr. ; o etibitto ttoe troototoroortooo I foooooo roodi will be sdee faction oootseotioe. to! 16 t. tOHNE & A C('trl{Fn'9YOITI'oo `IIdtC\9, ItART i C' -Ar0 boownooe r 1._ furc it TOnotso-ottrvlli Po to nMr Adol. do *ooroo I ogltT oolo000 110~p .ooolooo ~wto toot ot to sot erI'rruc, and erna ebt(: ead p ivin ^_:: ric ti t oooo astpt~ookot pis~ot'ols pooorbe + n ai .cotts~ottooocupo Ito~loe't 0~c 0000 00 5 orc, lo"n aflcs~& toct ooO o 0u too. s~ooooo stteon' *itooryooeooltor noo hctu rs kbradoooto tottoot puresI:oaitlobT*desf oTlt :otd ask liotogtqo egroo puffts; iertnoaioorooo colo!1'ono Moein tbrou,0 portatoe desks anol desotog attseovoo st 'otr" til odtie gass ove irr;0 gLoams sooi! views ao ia booiooo odo, brits ando I. ses !crtooooen wht- twie ooootok0at~d shaooing snasm tie b5oderao~sooc~io swosh rlo toi; ascentd cooi) a5oooloot; Peetesotoots erun'ooeooaiooos;fanoeytmad chisat uOaotottoes; bottomr bal, 01 ockekt hootks stoo wales Gesoosoeso stoe~r oo -ot1:1"";fiooeotonoteonnoooo goot oslusoto soeptomleos, gootcottooo Bolts tuosftes sso.Otoooo; sit' Creyosos, lco. &.c. ' bto afeinadditintoio foroet stock of lianocy artioles, n olksouor oao1senttedtv oosuot I . Foot sadle wtooletlde r rsettoosl; ste e of tbsGotdettComobo.7 LMtsoio e stsreet. eodll.T0.) \NEWV q e ferpereetta troubled owiol olfasoons, 1k ' ilia Eto 6r'l'rumessp boa jus teee receiveod, by then ott ado ' ta, heslightoes rtsicuolation of shot toot Pa)vte u dsilor-ct~eyoto s toe ilsota. Any 000r. . sRI~ va a o oaoetwsese Wish a cesy dee ýtttb fully' osebla of she slifficlty and sos. eacecesetd oeltsby A leteess andl the to dttdtane enlloreesoc &Mtd y the use of slhe Sirt ttrospt ' se-osjrotlose is cenirely olsvissed. The smeetaeapttolbO aoaaaceonnoeodsadterdouoebse ser 1toeyIleesA47eoepes2 Vpe eats at TV$ýý rotd gesaot Closets. asnesse BOOK BINDERY. Under tile Picayune Office, 72 Camp st. ]rRONSEIA '& HOWSON bea leave to inform .. their customers and the pubalic generally, that they have remloved their establishmeot to No. 72 anmp street, i'nmediately under tile offiee of the Picayune--where they are prepared to execute all orders in Iheir line. Ihaving received from the North n supply of pa. per and nlatetials of a superior quattiy, for the mannfacture of Ulitk Booksl, they offer rheir setr vices to merchants and other', who may wish work of that kind : and httvine thle advagcnue of severaLyonis's expetioene in that liln, they nrc confident of nivinr sat.sf.telion to those whoit nl f aver th rn w ith their ncust nm . lFor ntoltriea, arciiitects and others, reI aps and plnns still iie pasted on hnen. vannished and iountcd in thie lcartost manner, & at the hortestr Plain and fancy binding, in all its varieties nt. ail A "L"M & EAiT' WAhIi nT'iuRE' 36 C(htrrtes street, New Orleans. )W1, SIRGEANT & Co. Importers of French iand ]Enn.hsh China and Earthen ware. are inow otpening netw aid rich patterns of breakfast, y dining and tre services, tIilet sets, plichIs, teea g and coffee caps, teapots, ncitars, crearts, bhowles, platne, diches, tureens, wasi basins an' ewere, l int ba th , etr. etc. Rich cut and plnin French and American glas. wart--toblet, champnraigncer, lenonades, jellies, clarets, ines, c erdials, centre bowoles, ldoaultrre, tumblers, pre.erre dlshee celer;es, pitchers, lam ps, lamp shade uand glasses, candle sihadlo, salt cel ners, etc. S tllYer plated, imnzncd ani britnnia wer,.-ceer tar ', liqu, r stands, cake haskets, elieins ralrIIh s toons, ladlles coffeeaend Ieapos, sos crenmr.. ienp., .lapanned traov, astrnl standr and hanoinr Ilnitns,fine cutlery, Gcerman silvep and larks, together with a ereat varietc a'rticles tit f.miiy use. Mereirihat, plnler.t.t Ist and steralroais, Itisrciied wih gnods at, the mi;st rea - solable prices, and panked so as to be convcyed i vilh safety t any pt t hlie cnun'ry. AM, a it heernreh-'bs-ware, nct o d Autor iornl1eat.ri T '1'1 Ff/l.RIDA LINIE ýý'' .c .'r-,i r. ,,nil e t,, Auoau si, ts . i'or'o l tavs Mobie every nay iof hren It - ie" o '.- u',ok. p nio per Upc S etdil hu for lolll's I.inrdiro, above Ulakely,-t-.el:ce four lpot eC lches ltt 'e:15ci1suei,1-t11 erro I'Pent m tho it tol i t'gr nic"'e, iwhlie thie land ioirs is resumed-,hence via MatIlanniti and ilrtwonsvirle, 'la. ninhi dgte Pht hrlui i In, liniirnasville. , undersville & r,, i vil!.e ii gyUtin a , ( tt cocnIteelig ireuinolirp withii iithe rci rii d cars it ) Ct arhisian, snip the ste~ lm ackels to Ntow York, Naoltlk, PIiladelphin, etc. a'l steramboal t are tile best for ihe service, and the nllavigatlion ptesert iutis ore advanlllgenstilan can be found upoli aly steamboat roue in thle suth. The great iiprovements in the ot ,top haive been produced by Il tie cnaltrlloili o fifty i ller of In w road, by the prit, vi : frotIn l(tii ratne on o ayliV tie lityoui an' ntie of Santa Rsa ly, to Bryanl's Ferry, on lIhe Clhns ,nh ',ei, o iver ten milts above the Cwiord, or 14 above Cedar Bluff, w ishe el y the navi latiton of Ihe river, and Ith coln-. Siq ntl p etntir oiis, t id ir ore reclnly the inc rs rveient a ressinu at lhe tn owlt'i rd, are entirely aviii,;n n i a lilne rtoad front .larIana direct r t~ rlai ltd .",, s io n~ otil el the roundabout rood v a t'lhttll nllh ,ll e,, les cninir Ilhedl I cl l l n " aBs un forty imiles, a i ,r'rta l,,¢i t Ilhe acthtles more than L r i " I. neei P w l hit s leIn c to S a v a n n a h a tn d l. Bainbrid.e and Apalachial. ''ravelrs wishi i I. t to rea.h any Ioint om Chatnhoochree or Aipilac: cola, can tare stc'otoa t at irownsville.' Mobile to Pentsacola-Land Ro'e-)urin, thegt title occeuped by the repairs of boats the proprie. e tors of the Florida t ite will run a line oI four .horse plost coachlles every other day between )1o. bile ai d Iensacola. Passengers will leave Mobile nl 3 o' hlock. p t, in icthe U S nall boat, arnd proceed to tall' Lan.' . int, where a Iotir hurse coach will I Rne waiing i I colveV ihen to the excellent houae of ) lr. Charlaes lal, 1 1 I.4 mile distant, wheru thiey will find PIleasant accol: nodlllll otli lll for the nlibt- leavingt next oring, tiley will arrive in P'ensacola ea; n y hi the evcniii i ths avoiding the discoPmfori t (t o nihr mtavelll n. Oince tit Ithe Mansiion Ironse, otil,c and C.!. lins' lotl, IPensarlr, where seats ir unst be secu rel. S CKT(N & Co. nd I S e iano n nIrle it eltatrriotnhii. SWilliam SH ilth todels his services to the ciii, yzes af u New Orleans as a tencher ul Ilh pinni forte. nir 8 ltaving bben emldyed se.veral )eat8 as n I.acher nt n huic in private tac liist in stoin , and itl at sever'al of the f a'l e eat ri esi're in ils vieiilit', ca.n cnt but Ihopi to i ini t tiIheir ide'n ince, lie is enri.tted to refer to ire Dr CdeorI, Messs For terlm , i Iplease apply at i lte bookstore of tAlexander tite'ier, c.49C.t antct 2 . . . .. ... . .. . . .. ... &. . . .. trite . . Druir an,drl .redictneE. J: .,.vost ha loealcaed hitiisult itt this city tar thIe Ir maoe of Itaniactiny a gEueral \\lsri salec 1)r' hi -; rss. it is now recevln a full supT ply l Ir, h inlI t uui,' artin rtles, which hr will sel Sin Ihherl 1 TLo Cily drsigs isle, a tnd Ih.ur Iof rlie, r,1 ,1 'Is ICinians, Imrchl nts and rillrn-r he v1il a , rld.r ilducerle, rts such as hle never be. fore peen ,,tl;,red III this city. His intenlL l s. It) It n i5 !lcti' leu.i nal LIr, usi ss. ,ls ,tock will i;t(,11 Isr i tlett,, i! in a few "rake will lie rea, dly hr bu[ iul s. A! I ordelrs rolll (e coullntry,andl l frot' rlll all tnlll t i- ily, receivinr g such urdels will tb, pr.-mp ly atninded to. orsta N 39Carilp at AV t);I{ A >~L ± AND RETtAICOIII AND VA VIl I 'tl')' ) ''OUll---at r1e sign of tlle golden atilil,,"h.i ('htI rtr .r,,rert. 'l'lhrls crlierl aa ve re crkivcd, ill,: a ,Htilln t Ir(irtr w \viots stock oln halil, a fl ll and)I (,oin11,,· ni1Sp nol t if arlticles it their li ; vhia : combll, perlfunry, Jtwell-r, lbrules, rlokillng glassrl,t aies ' nrtii hr-,t , . osistinr t in part n iS fi llows: (i ll --l Ile-t r n tll r1 u t a ntt d ar! plits, ta Iktt wi st, Ilailled hlutl,, lure r.ndl, dressing, slide pull curland ic,,lk, t-rllxiltl i , -lllb of e"rley i d riptin. I ll ongst whicth iar sOn lle 31xirlt ,tterl , Ivory olll s of every dastcri t alat, h ,rnl drcitiig tnt paacket, tigciter witti a g-+lratl POtarlaent olllatenalul Ata ulllrinnllo. h yli .:ll td ft-rn lalt, r , taaf every sie lalln i ds ri titn rlrlhrtird owite aradr,d ctrnlittof tnopur t oa tirat irt r il krel, tltbrtaita nit litt tf ihreto,! ma laura sps ofI n d-, late k, holib, Nao in, takes i nd t t creaoK so do, ul.Sd'R E vr-Gtrlen attir ile toilet n tir, dle, lstlu's snil,ll"rtrg sanlt, pilint amd araa Iorune and pwderi a portoable desks n.d r ll's in ases, soxea po ivert rich oar '- lrisatd lld chs orinlr alxes toareash iand iCSde. .h1 it genoral Irsslti uSialnt of o A J1 I.'.VEI.I.II -.\'- iole of'the latest anl most fishina i t, rOnstll.til ofiwile.and red tml silatS, tolpear iaO I,'t , , s. ll " lilagre , )i r d ta t )pill. ' .2 wf a gr a .ne lO .INGI rtIi , iASS-ln rauan static ano toilet ,lassa, ln afuiilll at ll a 're tah tlressintg glassoa, holto doa, with a artveicv ofliter kils not en merar ated. Fl.ANCY AND VAIEU.TY ARTICIi.tS--Frenah cad .aoni'n aortaable desks ad destain g aases, stoe . . aid 7ita Untrtrat ia . tvery ri . itt 'l-r ,inel lsh dtit s ia n Prhaxesadt oires r o vurios t kin, a vielis d guitars, silver a it nci vn t l ra adswod t ll" letS Il 'I olS, Coulltre .Ches tllarell ils wit t d wita h ut. ten sea hss, li,lt alnkets , nnelr kie, bIs a d · aelnowll hle alir! ceivelt Iaird, raier and sissos thn lsbler" Iaritaesr, a hrlas, a iioall ttel wtIItr lilllll lllr si ein-d IC, r c keilt luLk; aUd waIllet. uI v:triot Iiulls \isitin: ctri- . ornr Cmnri pIl I in tarails nl Cha, lrrs at Lnd AeOlcau No tlictre dulls, iit beti iweSnu iiiaii atrit.,iti. n i riat ii toiilda , lrrdr t'i 'IiIoat ar,V'S DL loin:' and lSt Pilip, kand s constn razor straps tnd nal tnrive horn-,di'l.l, sIit bradoots nIoekla Irlloa wit iroe!,aif a l, iYtrn! arttonsuc l"r o itmks, or enlld bhca r id Ct i' I to tlin nnI i .wntt ttlcal ,:r iicaigiitr l 1,tntrtd li It-e, t aietl vie ann iljewriharpis, lticot or- atcth eal drini ct, wit reat vart other arte. ife lt fI hail at t a-rr aiquin rrncn.h orhit accep at dill have thdir wishes 7t0ended o L S SEGOUR YJ ttaordleritag, a niew atsiprly, red by fit A F COLOGVAIE i TER rIc i se '11 re f31 a.i-tP. galio m olra winler ( d A7 Amtricar ad i eaks toidlet pfor sale owder - - .reul. IlTergg ats, t.' (.'. u")lcl Uetarnd Tcban r "mse a c, uri YPairiaary, &ea.-Aarilenoi 1o'+ ,If c.,hrc purt ulp t axlr.s.y for aite retail cina evero vyaity a or theaaaile,, for sott iy ,et '.Rthi'I' & I)ItANI. 'I'o C Outat ry Mlecharias ald Itia-t1turs. Nerrra Iuhri blanlkets, it irlsr Ithcslw11. .riritiusr ehrcks, linens, rlaica-. halnrdkaralnels, nae :t rvcettlvd alld at sal ia Ita byri rile lbscr;. Iras r ROtiTlA & Co. oM.o y or rlorn a atad uiClartrelis st L S EGItItR, No 54 Conde strerti, between D intain and hr Philip, kearas eonsiarnat on hand aln i xtonsive aastrtatltt i tofI ots tad hrngoris, a,:d iliaes,af New Yaurt rnanufaraurea, for metrn, Worn ran ahildren of all are r which he will dispasa of at very taOdrate pitiara. Fatiaesofhis orairnancesoneadogaann aarder a-ill hato rheir wishes atoended to L S SEIOUR _J I.N ,411.11 FARINA'S COLOGNEWAWjtTER 2 haaos nerr of this superior Ctlopta water, just receiaied aod ft rtale by the dozen or singto bottle. Also Atoerhirno sard Iteatrh toilet puwdars, powder Ir unr and boxan, sharing aondtorlet soaps,a aaoeti wash balls, milk tof roaer, castetic oul crnam, eatrar o muak, kepholt, Ward'n vegeable hair oil, pomaturn, nmrraa dls'pemr, Floridao, lavedaor, arose and bay wtens, P-scaau' stat, Mlarsnillo perfumery ira truank.yngo. ble i liquid rougea Cl, moe rnd Orris tooth wmla aloth,.hlia, tootualail rnd seat, brunhes, together mn-il an additional supply of fashionabl horn and shell combo and jawelry,for ealoa tw at ahloaale or retail by SIMMONS, HARTTW *00 JOB PRINTING. OF EPERY DESCRIPTION. SPEEDILY, IANDSOM.ELY AND CHEAPLY EIXECUTED AT THE OFFICE OF THE Trule .Snerican, 'ST. CIIAtLEfS STREET, NEAR POYI,RAS. CIIAMPLIN & COOPER, GROCEILS AND) DEALERS IN PROVISIONS ANI) FEElD, No. 79 and 81 Julia scarct, New Orlcuns. Uj'Shilp rnd FsssiliAtors put op. tOlr 5 LOUISIANA FPURtlITURE WAREROOIMS No. 53, Bienville street. WvIIAIJLAM Ii.. (CAItNEIS, eouli respertfully in flrm hris fi,'irud. and the publbic that hLe in "eou Etantly receivi-n frol NIewv York elid Bostnll a good ,ls tril tsFiitc tul'' llititse, neCh lS lll.eOSud lle CsIsd irs, sofais, |ed chtads amltpi dl nII pallt Clhtlirs, nuaple nnd chieerr bedeteud., nntlheaeny and c hcrry tables of ll Sldescriptions, bureaus, -,ilits, sccretarvs, w riting desks, wnrdr.ies of I6;aLOgelly ld clerri, wash s'ands, lokilig glnrcsls, festherit, ibs'ddisg, e&. &e. I Nlt. IFutrittre packed fior transportation with 'great rare. tlsv13 FRED WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL Ur LOUISIANA, £I"FERS his services to tle public isn the depart l`` ents of Sturve il t l nd Civil E engincriug, both ill rlow I and counllt . "L' Olll oot l tidvrl.. exp5ers encle ill his profession. antd by prolpinev llan o dlisl in the exerttion of busilessso eOtrstled to hislt, iie Ilpesl to talld ' ecir. shlare of pllu lic pltO.lllge. ie wil ,Eis.o measure and cahlulate tlhe oeltcnts of wallt nllss 1 cI.t'siltlrs. Odiceit Nu 8 (Chartr'esstri eer,aondstofy ", haek.. je7 BAI ZAAI1. s BUSnl & ALLEN, d NO. 1., EXCHANGE IIOTEL, d 'orfer of Sl.S Ch :rles awl Common sis,. NEW ORILEANS. MPORTERS and )ealers in French ntid Englisih Pvrfimmre; lh )l'eeln, Ct : es ndillli l'ortubl e lDesk.s, Cutlery, 1deciotv, (;lut:, e Shir.:, Stocks, Umbrtllas, Caies, ' ull A t llt r es. 0i IMcCOLLUlt & DOSSY, rFactors & Genoral tomtmiss ison .slerhants, If rel'. in New Klirk ns, .Iberothy & allnna, Pope/,, -Poers, & Co. - -JOlIN S'\ - .WAR .... .hs. 5, Pl/ll Sireet, Alrrw York, CO(313ISSIi)N MERCIIANT, IMPORTI'E1. and dealer n Hatters flushes and rilllllnillg . Amplell stoul ge 1t111 beh had ot tllild-. crate tr ti ltLudesl ) aittltlol paI l to gol ds forward. l'cleileues:- I e lsl I. Latlon & l'rllnst, N O. (tissip. ACto. A CARD. CHIRIS'lTIE &. SIfNlO'I'IT, t fl!csatle Grocrs and Co,,n, missl 4Ihirnls, Nol. 7 ('nlllllll Strect. "| , .I lo ns. sPrtil o atttion paid to t, ltiug up of Ste ' il b'otst Id Ss hip Sli.lts , JlA I NOTI: IEN iUAVE r F.AWtoN W OGU' IIHATCH I. "EDSON _1siAVE opleniedI ss spiclls in News iranls. psst-rsing ell e rt lvnltetgew* ihilh t ii r h.lnte i n N ' lok, t is, . I Os i llri os r os'rslofil f i I psili h tis g Ban k NtI e sosisil, sils sIf I' sr haslss , clsliloha *'s Isls i tc, Cllheks anidl other lib i rlUp nl ei ilwr.% lre qi, 1 L'1tIl eCrue illh ag. ra ndt Ioi'ei; ¢roe r I i oIr | de pt eIII lon il IUor lsssfesnT keepin ll olsnil slai s lnd iIIsot eelllls elltlrSt 1e 3 to theiir c m i s t. tthir pi ei r llhllle l e B s of over fi've hr ntls,, Ibls Lk!n illCtssi lillln, and ai l t orders will Ls ls, r tlled l with 5 l 5i5llllllslsP-, tils I ,lt d he sI I Si O. II. iLIt:O SSI ME RCHANT, No. 63, Po l'rtt.s street, J. I I'. Fl -lAN & CO.. II'pIoknple ClMhiteg Eidslabli.osu-o;Isl; No. 3, ,llagazine strelt, y . AVE consnl ,t o, nhadul ;I u.t ,n i Iy v of (',loth 'o l llr a :n illI mlee, t llltg i h rc la l n ?· I1, c1-1 ti r cIa, ll l I . o ,: i t s, le r a r t: h r AM3ERICtAN & IEN(IISIl. 5 CROWN GLASS, N & .:i ' llX}4,,l.l;l"- rFIIV T. -,i I FASHIONANBLEL CLOTZiING TAYILOR & JIADI)IE!N, S No. 14 CIi rtres I rri l i v to priotl elel¢i n si dro.s, of Ihe lates t , ir c al Nw s-,s1 SURGE.N DENTIST . a No. 3, itloal street. ORLEANS LITHIOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTA tllS I t EN'', No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite irats' AMind'. 'ILL!J.1.11 Gi lEE'', Pl.dOP.IET'IOJO nrl S II. PARKER Cotlmniss.ion and t I'or,'nrd in g Merchant, No. 6, FI'U)NT' L'EVE, UP STAIRS. JARVIS & ANI)ItI' WS, WitI.I:tAtL- E AND Rlt'!'Aill. )IAtLERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS l)i'l STU'Fs' .I.VI) WIN/,DOIF' GLASS, S, oltner of Common and T: hou'itioutls sttrcets, ,i:lw outcaNs. NATHAN JARVIS. JOAtN \V. ANiiiiEWS. A large upply o Garden!, onrnUllteid tile gro th of 13;. ItO)litt'llt CI,-AN NIN. IOUSE AND SIGN PAINTERI No. 14 tCamp stet. Whole.tule Dealer in I'ilt,, )ii, Varnislts., irtitshes, Io:tit W\indow antd Picture (Ilass &e. &c. FASHIONABLE C LOTHING. RO RBl.SO.s' o V OOD8 IPIA7 ENo. 6i, (hnrtres Clre', (hne hDoor below Bienville. AVE constantly on hand every article aiportain ill t o t' gettlICe 'lll dreI , tlula ill theO best oatlo. tuer nulld motst litshhlloable style, wh.ichl they offer flor calsh, nt ireduced price:s. dre4--1 ti: IN SLUI4RANVS COIMPAINY OF LNEW ORUE.i XS. This (:mpallllln are litnellw prearl'dll tllo take RISs AGAI n Sr IRL. t h o - 10 i t o.,t o No., 2I. lubsnot 't Building, Canal sotet. | () New n. tv l/.1..l']3. - _ .ctret v. T oIC(E---T'he plr'tntr .hip of KIellh, i1tt o n &.Co ',f New Oriean .; ,in-ton, llorri &oto., otf Nathelr; 111 Illlis. Kelley &Co., of Itoldller . as disslove,' onu ih21st of Alay bln, byI the deatth lo uInal A Mtsoo1t, "of 1son, 0lurris& o., ti Natchez iuud Ilarri' Kel so & Coo, pttltodnev; ad t etrY t tlleo will lutttl d to llic se:tlit, ,tilooe h nil1e11s 1'Ktlley, Mlot'ou & .,n iat New Orl)tns The lmunes of thIe seve'ral fra will be iused in lidnidationhonly. T'hest iuoo--boted tI,,oid ofirlt are elnoUollo,, rotqoltt.d tl olllrti, to t!.alo, a t tli go enrly soitt[tl t tent o lo , tiesi having claims dill plese o tresel ntthi wiooutdey. IHENRY LKCLEIY. New Orloeans, June 27, 1 w37. 1 78E(1 G,1RDEN SElE).--The subscriber hit gs to (xprlss his grateful thtltks to the puhU I.c, for the liberal support he has leceived sirnce he commencel d btlsilleo s lto this uity. ntosit sole pro prtieltr of the seed store, 17 Co i nornll str ct, htid i niot alld never was agenlt for allly t lorlltern seed vehder; neither is he conotled ,f any otottse ill tthis t e otnly--!tt hi e asstulres tie public Ihat his cnnections In every departmnllt of ite secd busit ness, in the dillh'rent countries of lC, ops are equal to that of any holuse il the run:te, Stitates. 11 1ts por:ts aed,, plants, &cl" from£ tlhe mlost extensive and repectable nureenlAs and seeJslllis en bo roce, [lourlu d, toglandI Soi-old, and the no thsern states-and it will at all titoes be his inrcrest, as it is his study, to receive, ill addillnll to bs present stock. large arrivals of every description, really the ,rowtht 1f 18138; also0 , engrafted fruit trets, of all kinds,. The public may rely on finding a lull es sortulent of every article ill tile seed itnelof genue ins qualty, and impurted direct by S\VWm. DINN. V ARNISIIES-The bShaeriber, Ihaving lately esta V blished a varnish manllufaetory in New ()rlea.-s, is reudy to supply the painters and the public in g .neral, by wholesale or retail. Hlis prices are moudetrte, and the quality of his prtducts superior to any ever brought to this place• Tha gentleman employed to superintend the Utalulfaetorv has hoer at the of au extensive oestblisement ofthide kited in Europe. Those diep-.ed to eall as the comer of Natchez and Tchoupitoulw tin, shall be preaented with a fair sample of any varnish l y may wlsh to try. Amontgst the varnishes are the w. ... - varnish for stoma ad , Royal College of Physicans, London. lIIE origonal Vegetadle ltgelan Universal Medi I lne, preparcd by W Misklia, Esq. Member of tii Reovl College of Surgeons, Licetilate of ApQLthl-e carn's Company, Fcllow ef Bolt Court Society, Surgeon to the Royal Union Pension Asociatiln, Laneasoer Place, VWaterloo Bridge, and Perpetual Puopil of Guy' and St. Thomas's Hlospitals, London. This valuable nledicile, the result of twently year' experlence atoni unparalleled success in the extensive nod highly respealtable pnractice of the pnroplrnely, patro nised by the ficutv na lnolnbililtv, and iis ow iltroduced to the notice of the Americomn iblic, at the earnest so licitation of a number of gentlemen of long and high standing in the profession. It is hoped, as na prelimi nlry step, to check the evils and fital cllnequences arising from the use of the numerous anti deleterions nostrums loisted ipon the public hy the ail of fabricated proofs ofihitaeulous cures, and otlher fnrauds, bI a st of lTerce ar, nllrillniplell ietendelsi eso totallg iglert of mndical scienct, tnhat it imponssible tie mnonantros delusion can any longer go down itn the intelligent people of this coutlry. h'lies pin lns, milid and agroeele on their nature, should hme elpt in every famnily n enses ofsnaddn illness, for, by their promptt administration, cholera, cramps, s1panlts, fe',rs ond other alarmineg colnplaints, which ton olioen pron e fial, nmay be speeldi Iv curedl or lprevented. In Ilot, all those who value goondl IHealth, should never be without them. They are soh' in psckets at 51) cents, s1 lma1 $2 eac, by every respec table ndrnggist, bnhkselhnr, anad vennngraof medicia inn til United States, I:l Ibe Canallas, with eolnions dllrctioos, togetler with: estnnnonials of profeissional ability fli'a tie follou ill eminenntn gentleeno: Sir Astley Cooner, J Abel.nethny, James ilunndCl, Ml. I)., W. Backt, 1. I)., J. Aston Kev, A. Ftumpton, M. D)., and tunmcsros others. The originnls may lie seen in posseion of lthe General Agent, by whom the nandiclina is imported into this erunllll, and to whom dll applicationnlforagt ncia must be notdte. J.NO. IIOLBEIN, 120 Waverly Place, N. York, Sole Glnac eal Agent f'or the United States, U.c. For sale by appointment of the original proprietor. by bwAsi & SlnostatnE, Dluggitts, No II Ciunill sitel, r.ener Agentlsfor Stattlhee of Louislana, jul 18 I ElIIY It LIEE ' co, No \ltagaiaie street, re lInw receivil. liegfm ships Naslritlle, Louisoille, Kenlnlnnkll, Echan other late arrivals troml :l . n'the n elptine :, i nrge anid new socleCrd assoleinCtenit l.rsn, Iloots, Shoes andll Broglllan, aonsitling olgnllnenmtl's liene Call a Monnoceo onils do 2 qu.. ality; ido hull'd, land stult ,:ux peggedt boots n nearious qnl-itices; mnelt's o :nl sani and n lurocet ho* piups anld brogains, n nn t ki, lshoes, brogans ant tlllllp s: mn'lls ilne icall and kilpped p.egged s sntl I regans; dlo bootn ; n do slotli kip an l n ix pnegg edI shoes anI itnh:nlns; gentltlenll's estll qlnsali call' senlied shoes, en'nLai. inn1 . lnk nOl)nwitogn I o c:l' illlf .ni AinenE s ntlecsihnes and n bro1alln;) anit s enalt anld .tlenincaon I Ilnl n tll I nnnS ln linlt.s, Ia ciall, innl nll :II nnnn wInnIn s, a new article; do fine ctl; Cf, s:.l end morocco qllarte letts; boys', Illies'llll drt il;heigs1 IedL aind sewed ibt oans, :ml shonsofeery quality aennl kindl. Also a generalll ssortllt olf mtnll's sloult w allnd r:l broganIs ind shoesl, togletherl win 10titol plait. uglro Ieat qunalit, rIoIssett brongans, nIiled inl tin Illnks, nlde expressly for pinniein l use; a ol d o s rl sset :loll] wi"x hrnl11en. l In rinsenoi sInen- n nline an o kip uset Ladies' fiti cal seal, mnrocc llo ll grainwellts, nlt pilnp sole shoes; io thine rl.l ch lllrcclo andlll kill rul rI'Illl sll iperls dihu Oa shoe% , ith lllS al. . itholut hei:I I lill kinds nut tplalitlics; d. lasting brlgals; io gniter n and nlxed holionen. Missel' linig sunin g shues, n ait "iis. Chihlrenl's colored rlo'coo. cud lasting bro .4 usuid bouts, kc. 0-tlln'tlllsi.inen -Ishhinabei hl.eck silk hats; dI black min Idirib heaver do ni a superior quality; do imihltioh ni il'in-i do l nroad na lln lnairrow b in t inimet's fihe drb nl il bhi:nk llnsiu shortnappet hats, : n u an'tle. 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L 0l)II., MANSION HO)USEI NE'ITY, PlgNo.tACOI..t Tat the1? In prr 0000ietor, w10 stao eto'ide rert, 000000 by thle 1s~t of Apr~il next, 'trlollsaId costly i mprovem ents will be founid lCt 'oooo'oooIo'oooto of too MIanooioo Ilonoooo. to.New uni1 tocolllleroiiul bathing ht. uses. wt:Sill ho built lied rool oolls will 10 proovidldot at oll oooor. A sotooal oill be attootoaoht ltotit Il0000 toito goo 0 aaceoonnr 'du ionsfor orst's unit ell riril-es. ("it sl rule (torsos and 00000ses will alooo be ep t00 ir hiro at orhioto'o tr Io ri s, aootd sooillonld row00 lbooto, ooitto 10cr-or to Iooloal 'thooom for thteose 0 f toO CIC. Btiiard't ant ooth r 00000 00000000 osrnllyll lituodl at wrteurilrg· lle11sSr ill ai)Jllt0 llrnirll ed, mudoo to iototooodute sntooliooiobo'oorfroiilooblt :lioyni and quiet u(~ thle boarder:.r 'I'll( , wine= : 1. d q lls w ill he ll the bect duallity, amt to llslur-. ;t ' it, 1 )1. of about Il. 1'' oto tlod, Sit' I-l.rrdelril k llllnelt rritt'n fi.rlr;-: . 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(oodoosrgeoitlooatooy be0 plotovideld o the tOattOCI t1 to1 001 00 roooodiooo too Ialse p 00ert Mloiie, ihno 01 Ilof lthef 'ure of Otto 1000000 N !S AlcOlNt.1 '1'the lsrtambot Chalmopion lovleso itloohilo 10o1 Po',oo ANDREttW oMAITII & CO., rrospectful~ly Inormloro th0r frioo ond I andthelpblir ill eneral, thot tohey ecouy [toe oew brik shop, 2190 Telioapitolal street, whlore [tory keep o loIrloool~y on hand Cnpper, TIm 11nd1 S10o0t Irnt Ware, of every drlcriptiono, oooch as copper stills, kettlesr, and poolops, till hello. log to' s, and oil cans, of all lorts and aioes, ajod all otlooor brass cooling donen at t aooottt notice. Grate bars of every dnocriptinn, aoloh as 011am. boat stirrups, long chlains, screw bolts, and othoor kind ofoteamnboat work, auch as alaonnayn, brooch. ar, steam oipee. r. 'They will also '4 dIkiode of out door work, suCt ae note, copper s in m g and grte . Thyoer kindsf workuo JUSUBLISHDfFROM STEREOTLPL, The tLh Editionof .ROWLETT'S TABLES OF IN'i'EI9 9T T O which is now added an Average Time tor, or easy methodse " or finding the a otime b on storage, notes of head or hills of goods, w!oeon aui chased at dlifferent dates, on dilfferet credits antd for various amounts; besidcsa nstfolt and complete lianking Time Ta'de, thie hest that can be contrived. or that fi gures can priduce within the samle condesend compass., and size ofitype. An advertisemient in the book is in nearly the follor ing words: 'lhehighl distilctlio thlis work has reoved tlreghr tile ten legisltive acts prefixed to the titlpage, is commenatdtio in itself, so uncommon, ty(I so eoi.l sioe, I t nothing is necessary more thln by way a - vertisement, to give a eaodensed s~ ewi ontsoal..rl . ellioritles: as fc instance, Ithe Interest hs been a s ed liomand ctonmpared with what is eajuivaertt fear I teen setsetf alitliotle, exaiminedali i p pes liy flive times, and ptrinted Irnm ttree te late stet thit'yty-one times, fiom all whliclh fmist be cildent even to the ske1aptic (c.petially tilt sotat e lite de tail tIifl'ot h palatrt itarhee) thnat the s-..itst I ast ilt smetically il.allible, and in eonfirm lion of this teliefTa premiui n of two ahuled and fifty tiollars, is n offer I e for Ie detlection 0tf an erIoltr a cent t iinaesent or fifth edlitita, as cXltipessed ina tale. t ia g ftie tea1 reti tallns altlred fo, tie .nae rror sipo l ae ilrst puhlietio in lthe vent 1802. One of tio most consra ieton a featues ofltl tables is in the trrangement of the 'ilmne nld AnonettRs, whiich foat rtaelitiats, rofetrre n, pereispleuityrwithllyllell efthe side alnd indl cn, e, cannat i ta cellled nl the salty ty and ease wlitll a icll the i/:ieretsi can ie foulnd to the extent of gtr neiPal businst i I ailittt .lltlingsof suttns is besilles a conveeiert e s seta toft in talwd estlmn tion of some oi the limt eteti l npeaet cal busi Saees Imen tand ptlie who htla de m le iat tcue of tile work, it hals beele st .-siegia tlo the thnoai tle appellstion ertufa as. e cet " And oneesiletri- ig theinf.lhbliliiy orf Ihe nat lcal otin aloi alotet i acomp-singe lto weolk, anto tile exit-atliui a aty r ueen an variety oi e niexanestit) si tnd tesa oe evely e litio it 4iasiased ilnthe esti s, S i twithlstal ingthe e -lole is io stireotlpe, anasialetnt, n sh of tile posit ve aeuaraay seclre;l tv tile tlre tenttl t, ns emtpllo orl, tile vo ita mole las hi held tap a erthatically styletd " tiie most awonltifaaltll ialtihe wlok;" lmost aerltainly na malena I:lmesl fllg:e -wok ot thle atnmoe tett, wejilal since tt t gil ina i ngloit a eitioalcih iasd the same lume bel atie siaty f tesits r et i heaIm tie nuebetof e totans lo, n ,it l i ae h a:ilf lthe lbel, I is cleaily sihown i t le lBesiellt, 9srtet ant et.a ithras been trieda nl litreed !i Beal all the ni al pulblic lffies iln t st:ei , tnatlas y"IItl, iara oe lneail dlat i g the acolations hags eiriand bt print , a ial, na asat- ol i alh' haligtti ht thie lf veal so t'io a paretag i eius. lhe ia lct % ia rIessly apted by he ther oreis of llw el Seal it ofth'.it "ie ilte u It' r of caicu l tion i'r.talntll, i:ttrst bl,"s also by law for ba, k iteres, aco Ablilltcli thte bhis a llSed, ad as y 0 y 1 e ile i ill1 pIi', hy .,,e limllu ithe slhbs i crlhs, and AI few of tlhl slbs ne llt la lllls crls i llle ist alliUlld ft tha sook, |sin ,osessn et:reVy) chlass of citizens ie verl Ior I ar tiao l tae Ullta eLi Sltles. It ii rlolele I wtell klwatn hat, ib its alea olt heck, its a-is ie dtcIict-aarled I:,etgP e-ras, let aiftlSi they wire natic, a-av ha thle a ost car-tdll naol most colttperttot ,essi i its l s, bt : le, bee s t xlert it el iaslted r lll so aatrnilnt int:c,1, have beto n its Ittra-n: g'i1, II h its sayn% t, eA %erl, ill*aSn , whilst tlet fiIr.t e.ditlio was J4arce, u.nd ot oi a rint a gteat an a- p of ceecal iamnwoublles a ci- to-hit tinii, state ta t--e- dit te. ialld ar ii..eid a (l t on i ices, :As Itle couhl IC:lsin altI ex l ki d ns :I t o ta Ilt to $a25 leir capy It lll lplr ll s e :ll tis wr" kll. - elaer c, tld into lne 'e c, ,ltIbe rlig 11 , at hewe s iuld e't 1 radin, eO x an$Io a ll f Il i cp , It mott i .i al L.o had nr an,' :dt-al i nm to r-ill it 1i1h e" l it' I thli lts t ,hepai thi , aui t clltt , th i tai t thexlnil tws prlceshng TW ti os, prosseIi - ,tnh,<. a tont"'v Ithi s1mltng ,f his I.1 tdlolbl ine Ile. a tat tau t u Ia Nut tarich I It i ..abai-r.eL i o ai-ei rit ilall Ika -i.,t t.l of all i.ic, Cilll hideed propt i in t arenI: t ill ul l tCl ili te ate Ina li-cl r woik .ein rilly e!uncono in ahely worlk, Alid alaac ds a aiut-tli d laosl tltily is ' hLson ris "twer i tntcLd In ollfs mIcet bhlet i ]atl-la t axtlitt . Ilt s t pa l tic l thlt Inlledt ii illlllalr e Illie r ltle t lhem ll in.hiitit n he.nts iA~d xtll- aiu d v eli- a -ll - itillnl l Tstr t a oas tir eo al ieit l benit thI y ael ( i li -y di.r.., eit ax i aritt. ue o I th in p ulaic tgna. u ln l trel r aaac allin Io d LI tllll lli i a stail e na t t r lei'ntI i emlen ig t ll t hlell ,J . Ilall ful modlies of l' nlllulplt h I irnii i fS tly t reintali r k lil, otet s~ldii aiItts ltlic nllilUil c at ilt a ork, l " t8A -tt t i l 'pi n, in arcItat tables wereal ittothlsdin ill har- s a nd etl s l e nd I.ialn a , has i ui sokext, el and s l ... ,r l r y ieJ hesty laos of cndl, Cm- liN sy Wii Mllh'rl. hwside, ca titi ac t o itati:-taitv, aticlY I t utu ,a - a i l.a:7 -iaat fr,," t a l lt -I I- " t t , Prit a ic- tt , . , lt a ta t Sch"c l)+aalcrs-f \Vmlaena in t rilIl. Ell iA-. 4 .":At 1, Ileuse, t.ed, ;Itl raitnavlt,. I 'air.i" Na 3 C(emt le btrwet, tio doia's lfrm nmrimtlons of the fuollowinl, woods and mworhbes,ex centcd iun i masterly)e manuar. wo11nu. M 11 innL:E. au)gty, lEgt ia-i, I lack and gold, Olak, I (n :la nI1 Alitco, Pollard do, Oriental or tscurd tI atte, ( let id do, ,hllt a tr, Ce'lva, llatik, Blhdod Stone, Birds aivie 0., Itiuaby Cranite, S:tlit \\ood, i i tll ti llla . il SI[hir WoodI , )oi.& or (idtSllio, Yew Traei , Itaalian Wd ite,ai Comlma e or Black Sianna and Ilmctrlla, Ri(S.t .'iod, A ti alln Grey, Spelina n to bie seten t thel shop. l aints, oils, hlass, lcopal varntish, I. ot hantid lat for s tle. "RilII E!!L& HEAVY GOODS-ilal, square "" eill t-lllldS aLed Ml, dl ion, well assorted., (rlan, slhear, blistlerd, slpriillg, shllce and Crottli ll steel iHollow ii l e, clt ald wlronht nnils and spikes Zinle, blok till, ll ill ld grind stones, sid( ittlCes COxlll ; d tral " Cllhains, corn mills A utill, iea FFs,.F tIl.n ltnesand bellowsI Wire, Fshel,iLig ilt balr I elid; shot Cetal, and cooking stoves Arnes, Ilowland's and other spades sllld shovels ihook and llat hinlges, d loor and wiandow oluoks Collills, Hts, -alts p at oillt lher alIltis l'ar'd al nMauilla cordage, linles and twine dloltatld sheathing col ellr; Naval stores I'aills, lil:saed t n- d slpem oil A lill assortment ol hard ware and ship ch:andlery always o halnd, and which arlle offered far sle at whole sale or retail, on the most vorable termllls, by m4 LAYTON b Co. 53Old Levee. I:\1V WGOOl)DS-Simmllns llartt &a co are nowd're i cilvitne fictu il tn d l;Iealtis Y skazoo ad iarltogSlj aldlo,'i . r nce'iln, from N nw braki n r l va rie t ey ia l ,unds in their llcaes, wlidtotittia Ital their I.rerle, '1'hn, ltlow t ill r tru l arne oI! tr, 'i l: r, e rass a rll o etlt.,r: hi tli rllbbelr, silk lind ....tll' .l rll tlj 'ioltPl', eoitl n n &L fine eladtic lpeanletaars, hao airo tnd matyhes Scidtlitz pawders, iwlal rl pallti r l:lan, tihoil wder, pocket bookls nt) tib llts, 'edle blooksP saltii peiarl ioot and oinlro I co card r'l:,(' head nIF I Ilrni,. pllilln to tal beads, t iec huesit ea e -ieavce r heead on it e.ali ticklacei , cat etlat s gilt j lcv Na- - it el. India ba;t-d, hellt oalid phuaiot pislt l nd blre vpw ler!eit:tks Jlhtl belt, aoeit I lr , aaaCkUt aalld aa ilidg .t oto s; t oab ellerFdsinele balrrelleeonts., l3lwll• ktlive, Nid dirksl seirstlrl , ealltt ar priocke nivsti guard clcliusl nlld rIslllgil, wuist bucklesIi , clote i t air, toIa i Iltli,.Ollb • rumtb, shoc, plate, floor aud dusting Il'a.-hes, Cologne, 'lorin lat rrler trole atli eIta litatltsorttt t s: tlltles all X rxlrael a/, ;ctreasslr, lul , U'ti, l nlt,;1; tlLni WI1ard'l, ve getable hair otils, siaRing Iti ftoiet soatat tofall des cril ons, t-direti' andite gell avill ls deskte tleet dre si-z aseit huir roeget frizaste, aad braitsata, laite hnet lagea musical work boxas, plain and c ill, llgnred, amt ntd ves lltttns, pulli! aIllld ivorry do, sItil tntudd goli aid sitr penc fil cases, tautii, lcs si aill twen le fted r.l gilt hlokeu , a iuiaiiltlte e tii , -itht ler, t ms ld sterl rthimbles, hook: and r". ^s, hair pin, imhlttioa f'uit, blkr and il redi ank,s te bltkiidatakd, vi il nd gaitd ars, ibed ntie llil pr(eerllclan aulte, lilltle tabille, etcellted lrs begs, ridinwi t ;aits wlking rat h cunesplaylorngas, liea gul h, tttitt d and filtj w rlhly &ern. 'T']l abIFte, toetalerwieIle IIcant Vnretlii i ooler arti e.:s are f l'red at v, holeeiat orsrealtil oa aecoisag satlng 'N Itat Shell Coblic repairets;g ZIAZULPOWGATE SPRINGS f jtlllllslllllso l e IIIIiV, il ..lalelatl:L. TIII;GE LI 1-,8+ Jlt)UUI, Y F·ifO.11 N'VEIW b IIa E ses rietF;rl f ties s esotalishIt ne t has fihe pl.o t sure ,e alluo!uouarhg it, his li-iends anld Ito publie illn elnalltltt belo will Ile iae reatlilletsbvt fierst dayn of 'I t -cie f iy icrb eits will a l also slalte lina thels - elit osrcngo hits at nlistsrsII ohat there llnae been l-beet inllprurvelmt, l elilc, and ..ll e.:, Ihl %' o owu- ml l tldI ill rapid Irrso ress for leseilloCliOlc, hi chI wil enllRble th blobser.,er to b:enot!lnlltte a Stcllih glrger ansber lhait leretllftlre, alld at the etaino timne maach better. 1l"autili : e ll be aleollllllodtate8 itll good rools, or llloae wsho prefer car Ihave large cabillns dtached from thie nal buildinIg. It is deemed ulm.semcrpry te say anvthing in partncll lar of the ehracter oi thes*e watos, %for it is generttlly believed that they are not inlerior to env in ithe South. ern States. All the amusemlelts that are genareally found at Watering Plaees, will be found at this. T' e best Uiusio tlhat this part of th+ country lbrds, Ia, beers ·0%aged, and will be in coo.lueot attezdane atýe Spkrhap during the whole season. -1 lhe +pbbiwt will avail himself tf this opt nrtunity in rlurning his unfeigned thanks for the vary liberal uprt +gen biln last seaso. ,d hopes by the ee. ti0o n havte -meu m tade in ihp viug and extemding A'o uketMai, cey atIl . 1105 of try MoatiliLq'ý \Vednaoda Coaslt id Sahtrdlay by 9, P.M htLt Dke Uo evd v y i hursday, a via Closes every Monday; Wednesday T EXPRESS -MA-IL.. TIMES OF ARRIVA81 EPAR'TJliE DI STANC &c. of tle Exprebs dil, betw..ý Manila atlo Nv` York-leaving Mobile dail. at3 P.M. Noi~ war New York daily at 5 PI, M Southvardt Arrives Anitat Northward. Dl)iallce. ''the. Ieturn'g tMontgomerv, Ala. 2 pm. 198 m's 23 11h 2m. Coloumbus, o. 1 9 lam Milledgeville Ga. 2 13:l 144 24 pa Coni .C.. 7 am. 163' 17 . 1. laleig it, N C. 54 215 22 12 aorrenton, Va. 12 . 55 i1 n I'eters uro, Va. 10 pm. 83 10 9am liehmoklo Va. l ao. 21 3 64 1 hilodelphia, am. 100 11 2 t New York. 2 pam. 90 8i Notwrd ( i 1305 143 It. or id 23 Northward. Coming iauthward, thetite is six hour ore; bhlng.i5 dos antl 17 hours. fENI) 00AI.AS REWARD RANAWAY front 1069 Crondelet carner of Ilevde streets, o, l the night of 30th.of Augi t, aod wao seen lhe naxt mloorjnilgi Poydrls street, nsegro boy named CIiAIAIES, about 17 years of age, oat See or tlhlrealotsin heigihtrl, very ok, andl has an itped imrent in his setechl, oe of his laog is sore, o beasorioo by a recent hurt; he hd on when lie went away a while Scolton olr lirn shirt Dlid white cotton itlatnlorm. Maslers of vessels and steam boats are cautiolnd a lgoinst receiving orharborig said nelroi as well als a other .errsous, as Ithe ttlmost rigour of tihe law will bha tenforced against then. The above reward will bo pail 1 frdrliering hie into any of th e jails of either of the municipalities, or at 169 CarindelHt, corner of Hevia I Nste, ra pt ItT o l'l tTthe e itnersip ahretfore existion I llA Fder fil f Dlboios Garretaon as Ie dliso lved. 't will liqoidato the affairs o tthe concern i this oity, and requires ail persona inhdob ed Io osake amenot in him only, oand alil tlose hahvin claim, to pri.t ther fourseittheant. S no 8--Tt - II GARRETSON. SCAPlIAIN lIti.YILIAY.T'f'S NFEW NOVELS ttllai Ihe Reefer Ihy tile author or Peter Simnple, rw, ill vols., Cumoings, or a Winter 1t Srclo*s Hai-feold in Lows Sliit"a, by Coptltin Basl Ilall, Royal Navy, F.L Lord Roltdon, a ronnlneo, by Allia Cuaoiolglam, il ro Sheppard, Iee. wiltte biy himself, in 2 valt. SCompendious Ilistloryof lta!yI, translated rroi tisI origitl llllo bly Naoitthniel Gireern, int vol. for mig No. 79 if lorpcr's Elstily Library. Vols. : &LI alofthe new romplete and uniform edition of lleshinGton reninr's l'orks. Roger's Frino h ad English a v1I, leo A'N ett ca l' rench and lenlidh Dictionary. A, ,sA-A few oore coloes of Cmnbe'so' Plrelology "loien.ei." ,arc Sllrveryrr'lr :nlo ossriper ofosulprier qua ie, with ehaih, Billirard totllsoof' d2 1-2 intrhe (ilol's improved metarlic 'clns,joponed loopers, wo.hug Cc. S. &re. oo J tu rreeived, ai.ld for sale by 1113I1 BENJ. lEVY. I'I1NOCI('1 ((GIld, &-e. 1)ISNNtCtI' 1.. IPRO\ItlI ':fl'l')IN OF DR t 1 lnidl s thA i'nien of th lis tory oe Ro toe t( ttt li, h is )l'rtix d fo itll e to ti 'l Ito It e S tlldy hmov 1 lisho', arl aret rnt ovu •tCm of t iom tl nfor tiion d 5d II h o , .lo t1 It h e w o rk , o n t l eI11 t M lle n r I f o sll y arll a r nulllwliao :aI thie ¢len of eachl see lin . IIt. Iouýtsllha w tlls t ilhltltrgrtiogu v t ton wool, ,y Athllerton ','ot In ht totedti Elititi of I)r (iolsl itl's H'islory oftlonghimd, tiom tht Ivatsion of Jul t CUoor Ito the death .tof I ttotrge l, a ellltint.tiol to the yea 1832. \Wit qust-lios lI'r exam atoll t nthle end u each section,. Ilrclt.les a lrity of o luablo inforua tlioo ldded tllrghlt tlthe woIrk. Consistiog of table t of tnutrptlltrot Sovereignl tiol eniilot optersonr Copots lrxtluthr.oel neotes, Rematrks oil the poll tics, lllers and liiteotir e of tthe a re. An otltlines the (l~ustillinc cs. ,t.. dhtrntedby iy eng.k o l ugs. GPUs' o aIt .etrro ori AItnrnONOiY, ovt all Aoridernn orKeitll . New 'l'realis oa tlhe Use of Globes. Net Aeuricer edition, with sdditioo auno itproveoleat 0n0 in ex t latiittl l'the ,ttro omiuoa part of the Asn Jolt received uoitl foebrieo by WlM I' MIAN noovot cortntr o Ctamo p tand Cosntnon aIt I.t GIFtlP'S CLASSICAL. LIBRARY. Ol 1\'e hlorall, I Iey Phllillip Fran cis, I) l with I n ap)elox, cotol:ttillumtig trtlotstot of varitous odes, &.hl, by (lio .hIuI, t;uvlyv Milton, m, Drvdsor Ptoc \ddisO, , .iwit Io I totJ OI iroin, i iWolleld, Iteordot i) tt n bti ttd & ln * tte o d th l le mi areo tinct I lptt of os I'Itl t'ilLoU S with tth t appeddlx Iof .t.dis tronsl. tell by Clri0topbrr 5blll'l,, ill & 2 vIet Cutc •I l. voleneu Sio lletojlti, ., olt I, w+it a r tta oor bL'rtment l tin oe Ie,. netw tditi , witlt Iltstrattouo, by (.o 'T'll: I jIS ; na'irehy tltetTlholr f "li(chalie u Mary otl urguudy," &C., I(?w rdltioa, 2 vole JomNplE I'A'.I. I.l'FlI'(t);by ,te o "ltPlote 'It101)"1 r1 ,,' bnte g l 0,,l[Qi eu lum,.wit., ,d nI t o" y1arsr ar Cottpletil l pse. nste tti waled rr l m t theoplibt Rale iWM MIk: has ti[,.t t u tb, steamrutalti oio and hir suat lant vlllrottttticettt oirethetAlotitoe, ttere l i I ll l ; ,:11'1I A. ItsAW P I' IaI it: ub , rerigned hvin rreeult "ened buosinhs --. U n t)ru i-I, alnd ApIthiecarys im Itile ( oreu wave by Dlr. i eb, tUO, mit lteo ourner of Tivoli 'iele aund "'rtell \\'hlk, rce ueeulll y solicifsa share l tl,e toulc itsr dlesdU and au renewal of lie fa vor Il ;iiJs 1rl)1(1; custunmers. 'l'he entire stank at Utils, omllliteoil sutll olicnl articles is fresh oan carlully stolected. The olhltlowng only are parr l're Soda, Seidlitz nd oe oaratg est Powders. Yeast Powders, bo igh a r .hon lesh e sialt elegant sauotitoto for yeast) its rtisies bread, buckwhaet c i te, &e0 Bullet's fffervecenl ~atgtresioa Apperient-a llesa..ttl and geoie pi urtt oiton iyspepsmor indi. gesttion, lncrvtst debillrt, t giddits, bheadelae. acdity tl l e Sltttrlt, hattbit ual coostivellcss, cutla. tneoso eruptions rt, . e t Ctrpeatet' Foltd lExtract of sarsaparilla f iurit) tg tlie bloodl, at do do te ti cubehe, &c. owails P oianucen end Vermtiuge ; British an loetllem oiio, Ototdeldoti &c. Ietitoed Liquorice, jujolbe and ouen atuve paste ' ootit btrusbs, N S Prentice 's erbonig dentrir liee, c odurin tooth waslo , ottwder plffs and bexesr I retnic' eo artllte dicnrfit ee chlurtae tooth wash powder ipul's ond bhxes, Ptretitcoe' scented and lain toilet powder, ptoattnl creme de Peres., otnoroe l)t 1 or, rose, IUtella!er ald FIlorid waters, of tile best qlities, lrwlontid's Maaessr Oil, Old. lidoe'n btalt of Columti, beal's oil, at variely of Slucifer and amniohes iodrible mnerking Ikth tupeorior blaock itik, &e. Sperm anto d refined w le oil. Ilhy's Linimlent. A Irteh uassorntent of Thorbor Ion'srden Sends oct '2 GEORGE JONES. IROWAND'S T'ONIC MIXTURE, O E ton 0000R 0N0 A0U0. FN years have not yet elapsed since it wars. first r igclnrly stbmtitted to the public; but it has attained tole t., ",st reputation; and ohar sup. tlanted every other muedicine for nthe Ague, whelres er it has been kown aond apprciateod. Already has it boeon carriced in every dtrection throughout tile United States, and still reaoliozes more tlhn could have beeni antiopatedL by its most sanoguino friends. Tioosands of persons hltvo not otnly been relievod. but roitored tt harodlt and vigor throughs its agen. cy; tand they now cheeorfully testify, at every op-. portnity, to its, deided andt suproeme efficacy. It is composed of such medicinal principles as ore calculated to renewc the healthy action of the atom aoi, liver, and other important digestive organ.s, the loss of wlileh hlarmony is toi itlntsdiate cau of tll dihose. It is opparent also, that it prods. cos aut ctiro change is tile condition of the system. and eorctionly destroys the native liability to relap. ses of thoe afi'altion. When the Ague is attended Sowith ilty othcr omllao, in the o ploynment of tie Tonic Mixtueo will not interfere with the treat. tmeet of tihe other dicease, but will even afford as. .tltance by furnithinlg strength and vigor to the body during tie coutrt e of Lroatment. Theae who i ku use of tllis tmdioineo may be asoured that ii tltro is no Arsenic, larkse, Mercury. or any other oarticle i its composition unfriendly to thie hIuman constitution; bcing cntirely a oegetlblc ertraerl and tlIcy may Iohave additlonal confidence in the usC thercof, when tlry pereiove that it'ha the of fect of a gentle loxative about the time halfsa bot~ tie full has been taken--in oousoqi.tto of wlich. tltro is no part of the medicine Jlt to linger in toe bowlst to cause obstructions, and other evils,. arising from the use of many of tile remedies now ofucreod for the cure of this laffotion. It has bees ustd also is a preventive, Iby many who were sub jtct to a periddical reccrrncotorofthe Chills, and it Ilas invariably warded off tlit apprehended attack. Observoe! Tb Proprietor, fully sotisfied with the onparollelud and universal ouccess which has con.. stantly tttendod a punctual ansd regular usoe af the 'I'oni Mixture, in all cases of Fever and Agte. eels warranted in cnga'ging to refund thLe price to all tloso who havo toket the medieino in strict mc. cordanreo withlls the prescribed directions, withouLt havittg beeo perfectly and lastingly dred. Theo stbscribers are the wholesale sgent. fio tlos' South Woo.tern States, and have now onhuoads size. ty casots of thli mtdioine, which is warmntad frelh. atd gconuinoi. For .olo at tshe m.tfaolred prices. JAR'IS & ANDREWS, - Wholesale Drt.giltes, nov27 cor Codimort h Tleoupitoulae street.. F LOUI-3."- otdigftn.B tl. ao.srs erlndepend.. __e_, Iee - UORSE. Elter"t,,'a Rbzr Sitrta--''l'ree ceasea of the gentii rtt istlel, j oetl-reiced by Oct 3. RIdES[. & D'LANG, 18 Camp a Mi.Osouri iRop.-wl coa sL lissoUri s sa.le. .p t at olf htpin lostoread rtl I

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