Newspaper of True American, May 10, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated May 10, 1839 Page 1
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PRlcE 12.2 CENTS. NEIW ORLEANS FRLI)AY HOIRNING, MAY 10, 184.9. or,.--V o 1o9 'Terns of the Newsp'tper Press of Newr Orlean unanimounslv greed to at all adinuned l o.otlieg of the Proprietors, held on the 13t orf Marcb.h, 10:137. Seuascarrto.s.-Twelve Iollrs fr threddil pa ar annuon, paynalo sro+i-:lnuially in advsnce: tel dollars for the tri-weekly country paper, iyiabl om year in advance, where no city referenoe is given. N' * ihscriptioo will be lidcoctinocd Ilntil errea'oges nr nettled. In case of dicontinuoane, oIne, week's notiet s reritng must oc invanrabiy given, previous to tr apiration of subscription. AodVarT cs.o.-pr'lti llar pr etttre stnrt for the firs marrtion, andI dltl that erice for each strltcquc:rt ole: n) mrtetrial all.ration Irom tle original adverticomen will be charged ns a new one. YeAR.LV ADyVERTISEtoR.--Mercthnts and Tra'err arty dollars fit English alone, and sixty for both Inn g er s Banaks, nsrance Ollres, aned olier simie, Apublt lotitNtieoO, fiTiy dollars in Eaolich only, an itglty for both langtroe s; Ship end Steetamboat Fee ora, or Cooatieiinn moerethnt aixty dollars in Etgliahl ne, ande igl ty or haIth laogungea . MIARnIOnro, OBitrolon NOTICEn, rnd articles roll, ing the attention of the ptltlie to snlea oa property eds of passengers, t nclitoa,O &. &c, will Itorearg one dollar per square for the first iosertion in each tan. gunge. ColeMMoatc ' on S, or Advertisecntla, of any perol,. Snactuoe, when adlrissible, sa tll be charg'd double, and in advanee. A deduction of twenty'five percent. will beo ade to Auetionteerat herife, Kcleii rs o f Wills, and toarehanl on sales of real eatet, pr liltesed i bothrl lalngoge, sod t50 per cent. in inglish alone: I per ccet. on s0ale of other property. ADV lTISEMENTR onut of the direct line of Itusitieor af the advertiser, sach an legal, evction, nnd lantlo ioe sales, runaway slaves, serey tiatilc, &e. &c. will e clharged For sepn. tely, and at the ordlliry rates. ADrt TISoeMEeNTS not specified at I to lile, will be Itobished one month, and ehargedc noeltringly No rdvertistmelnte of htnkruplcis will bhe pllilhrd Saony eare, nlea paid t ir phreios intio rnserto, or paTmsnt gttranteed by a rno ),mills 'rrIprron in to.w. fler ihos and othci r places of ttatne'lnet, ntlvortislng oily ..rtho ,esarot. to hie rhargt $1011 ftr Ionglish a lone, and $150 in Ibothll loanoUete. AI al Cllll ltr ore 'f enfliditotts for .tlltl'ctl om.tfe will he charged doable lthe price of otler adtvctise Owing to tlt itnctetoe 1otel cttl Itetinc bynewpspaper prortietort they lave comento the cr clutih tloan thli nalets of porsone wh.wse oel.enlllott lan itoit be plid witlin one ioned after tre'ttnletit, shall ln e l adt knoew. (ao for tas ir ichsle) to acot othr--thiy olti-t -stingt theaal t I vrti or print for snuch drlitquaots i unless i ease el ealvan, e paOrolT ta. ow igi ned) J. C. I Et Sr. liO tII:id J. DAYON, It. I'. I{EA, J. C. PI'l:NIIEIRAS'r, JollIIN Ilt.SO.lN, Vtceky Pie ss.- \W e. tii,' ttlt hritt ttd, mit tt to ade hy tie tllOve colltiutul oar i t 11o iy a. tplicibyle to weealev ptpern. (I1§ No l suh+:rilipthion are taket ftr h than o i ouths. [TAY'S I,1NIMIN I--Nc li t i--'lh e traordinary eiletltiecl cOtp t+it+lttttt, the tetm',i of siritcer, and the illvO tlll +1 .: i nlobr lr.ltl iitli eal tmint, the itrt retl; , n of whichl l t h, ilbl,, was inrented wii ril ltn)!tltllltlttyt tI a deittihtId aquest, lta a l sin e . gaiitd it aeputation Il rllr lerl, fully o stalillitg rIten core.cttutt ' itt lilo Illllltlttd Dr dridlly's lot etoalhtsti' , t ht " hel d,,r'ld not die without giving to post,'rty the Ilm(qit f" 11:1 hnololgo owd tia t this lobjci," ttld ib thtrotitrtJ buquoo tlted to his t'iicrt ll ttllli ; i atttldatt, nollunt Hays, tile seccit of hi dit tovry. It it now uot-t it trie tpro.'i11' hitt)itals, and the private praetice, it tr tt:uttry tirot and ooise certeinly for the cure o" the I'1to, "I'd o eaXtten sloly and efoctuaolly as to, b:oilo tr;ilttty, itle.p whero ito effects are witclnt.scd Externall y io tt4 fbllowing complaitts: For Dropsray--Creating extraordinary absorplica at once. All Swellinga--Roduocing themi in a nfew hours Rheumatism-Aoutt or Chroeic, giving quickt Sort Tlhroat--BIl.Caoers, Ulcero or Colis. Croup rnd Wihooltlg Couglt-l'xternally, nod over tihe Chetr. All Bruisen, Spraios, andl iirnse-Curite, in a Sortes and Ulccrte-.\Vl ltehr or long standitg. ailrl fever crcs. Ito operations lllIro adttt i!e andll ehlilj in inr t ,o.. ' ing rheumnatic swells llog ", aoo tIt.rig'i tti"ttt :od tigitonet of tite chel.toy ,l,xotito tel'" the lirtn, ihas been surpr iotg i. e o, tl eottlltttl'lly . 'i't," ,octmnn rcooarkr of iatiteo tt I:tto ust:d iIt in lc Pilea, it ' l. tets . ;t .: iltl.t il. + THIE [I. Eo--' ll. pitleT , :t' is r01 isi i to any poerson rwho will ru i tttlel, ,tf Itl.o '' llil ll: r lt I for the Piles, tind neout'n the ictyty Iltt wi hoi being cilrrd. hloues t u itt 1tih pitvOi ol!ll.rlI to il.i propliotor to the Agetott; indl out of llalo y lto. and soldIll trot owoo I::ir bLvote i'acýr,,i"'ol. W 1' rightinr t c trlll oerl t to I )' loy ie L. tl bi prefer that tllmoo cho sJI thie aritittl', ltlllihl u", hihit tht erigitali to torehei,.ers. CAUTION--NItii can be genltin o wtltut t splondid ongravod wropp,tr, on whllts . lilmy lltl, aod alto thtul of itch . Ageo. IA Sold wheolteilo r,.! ret'ail, ty COl.\l ' '0K & Co, New York, aod by oe Druoggist to every .town in tko Utun.. For aalo by the W;itoleranl Ag.onte, corner of Common & Tr ooupitopula etrLct, rnd by itie Apothecaries generarlly. je,1 -R.JOIINSOet Olft: It)e ltieC ville strIet, con fines [us praca,:e tu the trelrtonmt tf ,'ellnreul Disease in Oll its dlff.,rnt (fr.rlt. Dr. Johnson, froml a rcsillellce of allnnoy yelm l Ins8 illas in Europe, duvoted to tili. tretlnti of Venereal )liseases, and froln ini Iresent extensive practiee in that particular urosacll of tile ol,.rsion, gunranTtee a sate, speedy and efleteal ciure to nmh personsm a are taoubled wth allny of tie libllowing dinasen, vi n: Gonorrlnoe, Gileele, SUtnucties, Chpnoren , [lubm.. nisninal Weakness, Ait.nti..n oaftle Iinadder, Kidi:Aye, Loins, Urlitra, Prostrale (laud, Swelled I sticles, enrptions an the Skin, Sore Throat, Pains in the inl the nunmeros sympntoms whic! generally (ills. fie disease. Recent eases cured in two or three days without the uas ofatlercryt , iultcrr.pti.n trtal lusiness, or altera tion in the atdie of living. A medicine to prevent Venereal Disease can be ohl! rained of Dr.Johason. It is fin tihe reciph of the laronLarry, a clebrtted Frreetn Sugeon, ,nd was nused by him during the em veral c uopsini ill whiceh le servedas Surgeon Gininral in iht, French Army. Sold by Dr. Johlson, at his ntice. rlhoe. persone having any affstiou uf Veasreal Disease, antI soeint ~i ong edii voyages. or rtemhiig to tile icountry, Woell ,ined by sli itiug iD. Jolonn a ecell, as petoer Inedi e tecure in tile shortest tin e can be put lip - nd awriett direeolins fi their use, Offine open from 7 ii tie morning until l0 o'clock at ight. ABERNTIY'S DYSPPPiIC I.IXIR. tr, benaethy, the greatest ofi r !i i s Cari t li, s wa pinse! trilt nuie-tentlhs lf the diseases that sfter manlund originate in nie stmonlh. tl'hi, Elixir .na und Iy himn with th tie most unprecPdelted nsuetns ill tis private ad public irancticn for uo ards of forly yearn, for the relllinl of le followaineg dieanses: Loss ftlt tleiiti, Fhitalellcy, Dintention of tin Sttnei .acll,Puin iu tll. siJn , I.aviaensnof tile Ilead ao il clia ainil m to aleer, 4Iigaittity ot tie IBowel, anhd i till cases whre lad igestion or a tstive habit in fhund to Tins medleineo m t not oe n umtbelcdi noing the hast .fqtack InlOStrtla ollw henfore lie pllblic, as it is the uos invention of the aihlet and mitli ppointil entti rgetll . nlrepe l ever Irodueed, tld th, secrrt of r iplruilia it Wins ptlhased by tile geit or it vtily Ilurgle sII. It i .greeinle anid liensant ito the tn-ti, ncts i.s a nihd aper ient.nlwnys keets the biowels flie, imparts vigor ald streligta in t 1ystem , alelt chleefmler tss to tilte intld, And allfw bttles remlvls tile irinlitalrmed cases at ilyseleplsinai or Indigestion, and prevents retlurll et atinly Sat sor period. Nw YoRolTI i Auguites, 1831. :f35 MadisoII streett. Stai:-Il eonarlnetncofi eadirni a .etilntery life, I lase been troubled, mire oir Ies, with l.dlietln ifor tn vearsi; lu the last three years iIsy auffsriangsl hie PLeelisnpportabtle. I have tritd severaml iphl.iritllt, andti anunltberofqlnhck iedieinne,i lerijit; nliley beneit. I despaired of ever obehttiii a painv ernlau relie and restpined enyseel to the mnlst hopiless detnpir I was persuosed by minty friendi l tra Abrnlet.lhty'ag Ilyspettie Elixir. I ,ave now finislledh li the I' tih hot.: tIe. and know not how to exper, s en I . iretinl of its wonderful virtle antd ti mineinee it 'tt perlnolicdl ill cestorilg . lin tlihat IheIthi whi lth ll: nIgllt Inot fir ever. need no half a nIheen bottlees, a a and exellt "ss thanks uitr tIe hleessi.s you hane a n erredIby re storing in toplapret hesIlth. I rteinin seute, JCOil MOltslor, ffhe agent hals in hii l n-i.e,+ionm aee hundred teFF timonis aitn sitilr to thle ahl:v., oif the t nItlnrnithlllly sir lien of this medictie. Said by eppoiilntlet, at tI. Jloh.s.e'. 141 Ilienvill, street. nnv. 5 -TEEL PigNS-Felt'n ia. id.. :1 . 4 peans Daniel Welster .:ln, Fell's Irge balrrel epn Colngresa large do Perry'n It prllg tin do amilln d tin 3 alit do Windel's lattice do Ito doubaile patent do imperital Ihtoble patelt do illot's barrel do do Naionai do And (tllltrt'l Cm(3nmrrial, for sale at DAVID F'LT & Co, l Chartres st, (a6 N V Smaioners Illl 'VOMPASSEW, TIHEItIOtII'TNdint, MItcKt(1ai Sit C(lPE`S &e---Jtlst received adl for satle y W.. MeKean, corner of C:aip alld Comton streets, B enersal stru aintm of Survtyosn Cotnpaoser , - 1alhemalicnl Illnstrniraln,, Itruwing Pan-. Sprhig Dividaeda, Sprng Bi'v Pent, IvOry Pro tranetor, -"ivnry Seaen.,ill'tie'a Snales, (lins T'riaglas Parallel RiderS. Microncopnee Thormomenlr", Camara Obcuresn, inrvey Chains. sassu ' , l"apie. ,-c = -- - =.--~ -- ==. .. ... . . . NuilldI6 a Co N,. 311 Cartres treet,e are. r. ceiving doily from heir house in Phiadelplin, an be-ent anod inmlye iyos-osr.iiiit of ribsio nntiol and Itlllsh ollll e tloillsni . 'Ihsy invI lhB allen tion of Ihe pull'lie, ioa leth e ar wa0rran0t5 ii n sayineg that strangers and ciloens cannot furnoh thletl elven Inuee Odvainage.sf';L li any cKV in the Union b. B. A few dodn cogent ivory han,' um broll0e, fron 32 o o 3i i "'In,e Also, a l;rgo lot whistepine plcking bohuxee, vrious sizes, vey low moving superfluousl ll fro n thle face, oio; aed omo, wilh equal saf.ty a i i ty, leaving the skin finer sssi w iter Il is Iseto o elissios. a, ls supply just rereived at the Ita 1, Kxchange o lntl, ear St l ,l Imo st., l.l a thla day receive naIl nmlsrlman ollarge esaielled and oluaic breast , selt up in the AN.CY IA'ICli- th n puiaicns l"lading from ship Alexandor f ii oolo y IE.'i'ito " Gas Light B ainki. C Iv p'yl I89 t . iloiy will 'lriill Pittsburg (ioal, nIl 5<.ll quar liel to so rir eu.nnnre. (rders received nt the Gas Ollic, Iliank Al y,. B IINIAM'S DlI()'PS.--Thics n1,0dlcno we· lhiscuvered by lhe proprielor a t..i has beern sub jecled to his careful observation flor any Ieors in every vsariey if panctice, and .ll the disena, of Iho diversified American climale; and It is noi givesl to the public with the utnllloss confidenceen. believe that it is, as moot clearly et filrth ill hel paolpihll arc' npiiin.ii lng l lseoiir, Io . 11bels mnedi. cine ever Ihrown w'i ilinii thi reac4 if all clouies. if aci lcty. I is wis l Ihe arsess el rnsir- ies iven in all the sto snliles which ofllii't ihe hIisai rece, frI m the restlblished lfrt, that, when t a~i n i nto I e is t, . rnach it actsareoo ri ing il Ithe state of iIl altrl n ll lnd thle natuire ofil the dli.slns, illlr n an ir, r1i. iiiOret , anuo riolfic, rxp5e l0orn5 , ire rp,0'net mnedicln . T t II is renilly whliat it p rports o hiiil , r:ied oolyiairial -o saisly the moii Incredulous. I'ITh lfact o daily sr'aini Ito Ihe knoiwledgel of ibs proprl r I rsul its b nllicial alid e avilngt flects in cass u il lhe alue, and fver, l lllouli , tyl us, ner. v its anid waller 1. vern, tidueat, l vl t c.lde, dyl nnlerly or flIx, i ip la iop , or tnsli e-, aenaely hem Hint ith)y Oart, II-, onllvy Inrrao tIed i I wari l mtC,,liilndlill Iai I, i ll iiiey a'e nlled oln rolln a l-,' ot i i I-l, o' dolt 1 w l L l Ii, ." r the IIIt I:, ull lll 'Ii ay i o ni i , I try I I , l .III w ill tar pllll e i t I tl i .,' Illl wv," ha lve S.ld 1 hl e ann ,tc l. Thi, c!h it i tr Ill , i 'I e W.lis, ,lll ru l, iiii i . lit. N EH\ MII;SIC- - O,, I 1lrve lllu tl· , T I'h c lllnven .1.' tallo'i', 0 l is i 111'h Ili'hisI p ie lPl' r iii roe 's tlls oe: it s I Allltr ,, o lh , IH' i I ', n A iLe ruit'i N II \1 & It .VI:', S,. .'"ura b sri',. l b C o n 1 Ih Ii llii' 1111 1l)· r11 o ',,. l , li,-, it1i i , , iill l i I illIl 31 iii I ) N un' I ,,lie ii I i l -.\11io i'0i ii lF s I i t a a Ihad Inl alvl I so' 'e Oi e'lil'a, Wl i ll tt, s n It ll'llh lh I t h , np"t t fle dl, tih eVe, ult-o d i I V Ii illii. lii e iii, li ll l l I ii lll '' c 1 i1 I i T ]"I'i .1I "I'i --, 's ' ls ", iiii v'lir's ' li a .I i', alllll n~, r rv nla; 111' 1 '; \rw ,r De-.k tr ri ei.lll . )s In " to h ar I ewi s i i' li - , ii :r y ii i S ". ll hIl l n mil u zi ' lo ll 1, l ,uni mle I l on 'l'h I Illl l'l l iI, :i-llI I i.l. l' i. I 'll 1' I'll l I o t,; \ .' l V i' l,~ai ' i , ~, I li -.,.h; .h wuthel I, iot 1'l nt ,l rI'all a mI , in , r 's , .o at jlifor'l .+ g() Iole ' i" ll.l" i1 ii Ih 'Nh,."lul,'ln L ho e like IIis n, o . II . hi',l _ dll for 1 t' htrpe l i hi 's L ere .- Ital 'l ,llr u h .I,bv A r -l'nc lh~i ton~, city in' ' I u. r '1 i - l'. , ' a pii at imi,,i i , FIiii: Al.'ii A IIt 0JA1 :-.' .:t 51o!.ilc (A ~l ilMtllit) to Au II.V l' o "Il Ilt'" v ,"s r il t o,'ii ,Ii ol l c, Nr,", sL lst ai', p l l .he ioll to l 'ille'gehll , nii' onI to Ir Cin, Il thl til IhU l Lchel. SO Ki't, pie 15 '1, i 10'al h ci..l . lorls Cli lll- ih.ln.i, I;5. I{ O nea lnl , ull el Io lsu. i. i. iise 11 s sis llleg, iew o orla0s to 11 o.isi, i 50 iar ll i llolll , 1A t ll ,* tueso. 1t, 1 3h o 1Ris & Asvnto oewo k. , bo.8-3 180 5Disie, Ns' Orlsano to lo ile ( Iourl llobile to Aisg Ouit . lo i Augs . i' to Cllh~ur'ly 12 t ChalllesIon. tao Newa :k, ,11R- "811 i ' tl, (4S miles Iser day. pr m iles per , in u N. Hi. I e;( liav eeo i to ies ehe 1h thu so t e I ih h, o bi'isg1 c cci' olll so Clsnl uolslhe snl'iiss.i , s lloi Loliol dl'le. S.elest, boe ld eositn1le l to ly '"e .s. ,. Ins mol, (lthe i lel s n raVi tineles, thie'nh.i si g, esi .fK t , ali vl.l' , 'tl,.: .,· ,i t"ulh .l,.in, elnov ec;... i .- . i I !, ~sog cri'.e as encl el ., itnBsm st' sss s III. l s il ,,, sh'osl.onule' So. s. ilmshlesull't poln , sii', iNi s l eoii. : Lined vI il elilloy e a lscd al:: olgls it, Co 1 Alie'k% .l lii. ionst m 'lti e's also ltwo Ihe.ll ll,.S i'roml la . knolvill; ies tooc Miiledgesilley and sole o y. c ' ni, listitioe slicare sInlor atlo M:Sioen icslesi J CIe IAKI. I Georgia huve also been reptahred. J AI C tIAKEI ALLIGAIORI LING. Mobile to Augusta, via Florida. Leaves MoilcT 'tosdays, Thurs. days, and Saturday., per the splendid steamer Champion, (ex. cept in caso of st.rms,) to Po sacola; thence per steamer Le Roy to La Grange, and thl,oco four horse post coaches via Mariana, Bainbridge, Pin. dorton, Borrou, Outlaw's. a: d Perry, to Macon, Ga; thence via Milledgeville, and Sparta, to War. renton, thence per rail road cars to Augusta. The Champlon is in splandid order, with new copper boil, rn, coppered nd ad a ppr fastened. The to Roy has been thoroughly repaired, mer aecomtmodations are as handtsoalao an a yh be,. 'nThe brnt iful Santa Rosa SounLd, ad ChIoc. watellie Bay presnt thile most intresting steamu n. vigation in thei S,outh-- eing at the aamotuno perfectly land lathked. The 'Toams are not surpassrd on any route in the country ; the drivers, to a man, careful and atten tive. The bridges heretofore dangerous have b en newly built, so that high waters do not inter ere. The rating houses have been tmostly changed, and are now as good as ,n any road in the South. It is generally known that tle excellence and hardness of the roads enable the teams t all sea sons to mtak great speed. Their smoothlans sot. cures the traveller from the ordinary flttguc of stage travelling. The Line is now e.rrying its passengera fromt Augusta to Mobile in four days a ,d twelve hour, or to Na w Orleans in four day. nd twenty hours. Going to Augusta, the lim n is six days . nd seven hours. TIhl tiatme acuntally employed in travelling is the same as i:, the other direction, o ut tihe diffarenco of time on the i.ut,, is caused by a day being lost ill Pensacola, which, thovover, is oell repaid by tihe op. orlartity it gives el'orcr' g tiaN Navy Yard, the old Spalish Forta, etc. '1"ho traveller also sleeps at Macon, and again at War. tonton. This arrangemaent will ctntinua till the travel turns northward, when the line will be the snmo froa Mobile to Augauta, asit is nw in thie other direioatl. This Advertisroment contains a plain atat .nent of facts, tihe accuracy of which thi prolprzCtors gtauraoto to eacih passetnger in thit penalty of tam taogo far,. Maps of tho L'ne may be seen at the Ex htange Hotel, New Orleans, and hit the Matjioa llouse, Mobiln. Fare through front Mbilo to Augusta, $47 50 The Iuo extenlds, by a branch to Tallahlssco. ..t Cllattalooucle, the line connects with the steamboat carryltg the mail to pa ac.hicola and St. Joseph's. Office at the Mansion House. Mob in. ml7 O IIOSTWICK, Agent, Mobil#. U GA. It & MOL4Sto9S-1i50 hlhds nugar, ld.10id gFalt Moltssanu-- n plltation ,,hove tlhe tr stile by ADAMJ S & WlII'PA'tL,, e-w 67 Granter at LASS-100 boaes in atare for salt bay e6 t SHI.I, €& tRtWN 006 fagaozine at SITA'TE OF LOUISIANA,-City of New Or. e leans.-Be it known that this day befiro me, JosephBenzaken Marlks, a notary pubhic, in anl for the city and parish of New Orleans, State of Louisiana, anforesail duly commissioned and swarn, Personally came and appeared Messrs. John Stevenson Walton-John Ihall and Archibald I Bown Bein, Carnolters, transactict business eill (der the style and firm afJ flail & A B Bein-Ban. jamin IIfroed & John Hghes, C erpentels, trans. acting business under thoe tylo and firm of IHarrod & HLfghes-John Thomas Osbnrne, Mark Thomans, Freoomant Annable, Joseph Wilder Davis, Samuel Morrison, and Dania Blabock Clarkeo, a residents of this city, who declared That in conformity with an act of the Legisla. tareofthist Ste, approved on theo thirteenth of March, eighteen Ihndred and lthiry.sevoen, entitled " An Act to authorize limited or anonymous part. narshipo, and to regulate the same," they, the said appearers, have agtreed, and do by these presents agree to enter the following limited or anonymo.te tartonrahlip, un.lor the clause and conditionsa tl. owing, to wit . Art. 1. That the name, and style, under which sad partnershlip is to bet conducted. shall be, '' The PhInix l'ow float Compacny," and that the place whoI n a t! r'ompany is to be 1eato !, shall be in the cttydf New Orleans. At. 2. FlThat the description or kind of usinessn or inl :t'ry, to be carried on under said style, by the dIt' ors shall be to estabnlialh and continue to run o, ,,r more Tow Boats, fir the towingofveas erol, crdering asistance, carrying freiglht and pas. sengers,and any other businass which may be law. ful for taw boats to perform. Art. 3.Tilat the amount of the capital. of said comtnl'any,htl, be one hundred thousand dollars, tdivde ld olt one Ihousand Lharea, of one hundred dollaas aodl, and Iplyaoi in cenlh. 'Art. 4. That lthe names o' the partners, and ht amounteactl partner has ct ntributed, is as Iid John Stephonson Walton, eight hundred hirty-fiveshares; said J fHall and A B B'in, 'tjone sharm ; said llarrod & Ilughen, oitly one ilmaro; aid Johnl ''hllantm Osbtorn., thirteen slhar; said Mark Thlomas, ten shares; said Free. man tknasble, ten slhares; said Johtn Wdlrir its. VIalt ' . oiarn.; iaid S.u.tI ,Moo rison, ten;' and D Iil Ba ock C(larkle, tell sltares. Art. . That this panilorrhip shall tcommence from tholateo htereol', and thie sanie shall trlinate its oporaiolt anmd wind ,p its coIi errns oil the thirtleent otit Julino, ,,E ' t tutdred antid folbrty. a't. . , 6i II"p, , thret e dtrectore to tr , ".:t ?h, 1 i' c parly , land adm in. o "1r' '1''l t! ", v'!r , hv liech said diree ttors i to ent froll amllnlgst' th ., ... cInt. and fi I .ill vacan i-., and ~m , , .al have arid are -hitr iy In ' , 'i power t I; rIecele and ti' 'l i eeetit t. o doaie ail it. tensent '' e director is out. ny, for il tra s i . hetal ofaid co,,,, t by at Inapt oneo of to i reeof * i i r. Art. I S " I. t. ion of th ervll ie ofsaid dtreeo " .. year ; alllt thlutt an eleatti cn for tltt Joo i ltJily, of cr Lrlin - tIfe ox. ale c le t' "' '"'t c Art, 9. Thal ~,v . lave ar rived at the p i te c.1'1 e alid hapdated bh v ' .. ay be n yh, Art I0 That ,it' ereo ;sed by thto i l)irelturs tittleit I i; i. - l e Rtl wsn , tol witi , o I Ic oay he dn , ,, ,t ce or acit , t' In . r ':pty of eai l c IIItI t ), , t,'i titi ity,- ..... . i .tt . . lion. n sd . .ty,, ..s . ie ,, ' .. t l'j y ",igano , r'.id i `Jtd S pWol r, .e sai totiapanv. A t. 11. Tl 't . l." nl clear prhf Is, alter paying .l 't' aoi!" "t'tothiea el' tie omrigc nt cter fir ts , Mlorde int J 1 o "f :cl and vt c rI ;I + tri oml. io ccalao I l itý: 'a t r'o ncr . nde ng pno s a ic pe s lic,, it tNi e fuio lit at, nt Ur l ia gn, Is. iy w Art, t oll. r w3ih B id al'S 1e sid , otary, "i.s Is .. y ofr A, . , 3t 1 DoIa, N lealrreo, Dorac ll , dns rt,., p ta r A J , , t persnt dTdI hoa ion "lhs ia, E d tH toi ieptrdoo J. Jt. MItkol attecpubh I B ro iy t hea, ficllgaa to .e aalo .art oFl, he orig i al acet rietanill dy ,rrllet A. I, fDio, lDaveisB fIo, D *C.O "F . a ý+ jaatt le par A : ic, in my tither, a toa-,c 'i' .fi .aot hogl as, lnlattian, n l 1.c -,ceMa i.ttara, ApRi, 1t39. Jo. . a . WBiAR.S, Dart, StI, riNoallace Old, dnnyellt ooti Jpoh C ,, , aidn. ktae sark, notairo piblic, dans o t paon la anil tno. duemitt t anp;ineC otjuil. ado 0eal oaoo e, naJt N Oc leans thad a.,i t", On peroAnnBll ent John paru Messione Joohn Ntepahnson Walt, JJ n n llH l t ArcJibald Actd ,J. 11Q l .t a itali et style no leqooub orlgnjnin Haerrodet Join tyughorecollegues nego. eanlet eurs affirus sot e tpoitre atI lter do IItrrod Morrisont, oe Dsniet B VbeoCkt Clark tons tesidenc on c .o villoe oui a d No O a l'rat do o. uApril, 1co rnnnt39. JOS. B. MARKS, LPgi.laur Snt E Marks, no!tirv6 p teize d ars mil po uit l el olt paroaste ep la Nouvell oe rl po, Etat dorier louisi. 1oe dation si;mildns on .nonymec tt es rcglor," cux one. dituemet ap ont nvun t et j fi ett pi cos pr. Ocnet pneraonn nr t suivanparute ssition .lon itcpho non Walton, John la l eht Archibald Brown Bien, vollegies nogociant lours affairea Art. 1 titre t n ro o e J. otlatyl A. B. Bonle pgnijt d carrodet John Ilughoa t ollegue negn.t iasit leers atires so us titre at Nflrme o airrod iMoires on, indutriel B r Jbok Clark tous ln residents on ou dill qux b dleu arant.rq P l r. qunt confr Vi recnt. da ailt, pornt do le gislature gtronte ep nlquit, utrn atire , pour etjuer pouer eas bl diattmcx do r "eorque otxeue. pa, e pr Art. 1 QUe notan dro at ptyleo sctso om. Ieql pagnieo sd ren rlllr e PIlin," titit il e!ue dlil clo I ct.on. dr .e..t piastPa chaqae et l, yabl,. .. c..p. tunt. , Art. Qua les toms des actionnairea et le mon. tant que chaque actiou,,aire it ousomm e A dit John StChoulitonii Wiann, nhut cent tienta actions; a J. Hall et A. IB. Biin, soixanto et n I nctionn; a Ilnrrod at Iughes, quauanteo n actions; ah Thomas Osborne, traiz~ c,,tions: a Mark Thlomai dii actions; a Joseplh W\\ldr )Davis, dtx acti)s; at Dnlltii Blabci k tClarke, dix iactios. Art. Quo cotto colpagiull co aioncoers do cetto date, . ttcruinern los operationus lu !reute Juin tii d huit cent qua rrauto trois. Art. 6. Qi'll y aura trois directours jour con. tractor les ati'lir, a do la dito cuamip iglie et aduiuls . tror soe int6lts. Art. 7. Quae I's pouvirs doni. v. is I, direclursr, scra d'6!iri p ,irir ,m, :i dc remplir toolne i l;i s pmaccs v:,tt , . t Imd aura et est vou aver: p(onvoir .i I a - .t payer toutts manonoirs, ot rm a t:s,,'r tout qgiest T, requisA le c)nd iaant 1"., at': : , t die colmpagni.; ct to Poil.dl Piin p, slllt de la Itlidjor ll6 die.i ir,.. i.. donnar la pironmll.aa do Iat hie .. . c, .. Lotes s lsdernanldes, achilts, nu c n iý. ,:: ! i : t doIn ladtto comlpagniscontraaig iid tlt, I dos directsurs. Art. 8. Quo In duor du srrvi r i, tears sera unu at, t qu'lle eleti . entra tenue Ino prlllmir Lnlldi do .tillot deo chlleq alniie pendant I'existonce do cotto Callme gno, Art. 9. Qun quand cotto comapleg i scira ar. rivd nau atiml do son expir;ation ttonos I* utrairtes soront hquiddos par les directeurs ottit ses on cot temps. Art. 10. Quo lI pouvnir dent seront vul los directeurs conntid+ avee In die liquidation sert coit. me suit savoir: do receoir touta somme qde durn In compagnio at donner quittance pour to umitme, ct do vendre ln propri6td do Il dire cotmpagnie on vonto pr,.de on pmsblique connme vaset propres at avisable les directcara at do pyar'tbtesa le dd. naes ole Ia eompagnis. S Art. 11, Qui lets dIvidentdes do profits apri)s avnir pavr toutas chargest et dilpiensc da In cuti pagni e-ernnt dteclartd" et payoes it os nctionnairrs ' In prettier Lundi do Jnil:it diao tuqge anneia pen. dantll I'xistollce do c"lte cotlpaognie premitrcmont reservant dix tpour cent d!o prluits pour es casauul itos. Art, 12. Qtl' olne oletinn'a dt tr; tiotn noires totorqs ltu r(glea at regulations ia. 'Ogard dlt nnombres des votes que chequoe ctitornoires devr donner, et quolquo autr, chose reaarvtte to le h tret d lto comp ,lrnio, seront consicdrd, at .r .: s et rlgul tiolls avant dit sara dtno;atioda !i ' loia do la compagnie de rmnorque P' .,ix : mime sera obligatoire tur lesdits etit.e i t leurs hiritiers. Fait ct p'ral cn nlo!t at ude dans la villlc : Nouvello orlians, on In prlscenan deo :t iltoi"J Ricardo, e J. W. lla.sard, 'ldmolnt i'ab" rr'l"te et domenct rant dans detto villa qui apponrnt Iours sigallnatures nttac lltt.ti, 'taee lee dilt tlllOins tt t llt Iv dit ,otairo, cc Avril mil huit cent trento h it. O:riginl signd, John-S. Walton, Jsoeph W. Da vis, II lHrrod, I). B. Clarki, S. Maorrison. Annac ble, A. B. Roin, John Ilughir, John 'T. Osborn Mark Thomas, John Itll, J. htisard, 1). J. Rloar. do, Joseph It. Marks, not. pub. Jo crttifio quo ceci est uno vrain cepic do l'origi nal neite extant en mnon rgistre; enll caltL loi j'acoordo cos presents so u a an ta srignature lt lo ceaou do aln oflice ti la nouvclle Orldans, to 22 avrel. u29 9t JOS. B. MARKS, Not. Pub. LUCINA CORDIAL. t: a OI t l It . It t, It . I , I,- . 11, t . ,' l. I l il I eE SI'.111 0ll( iUl .-T'l'lt Uini. lI S t.ll~.It I' r Iti e Ltl,] t Culdlrl or I' I'x olr ri , a -P at ' roto i iia g tatl aI rk o ll lctt-l.l l ' tc fnr ai.- ti', itItn tlnl r.. T hia'it iullt, i]t 'lt " I t1 b c IIai . er''t it rr r t,1111 t tihe II"n III · rt1l. II rat. ll,::, f uit hl' it t I I' t , IIII ll . !t n thattt I ~ud a ittat Itti t'oiardoitiaa' iTih t ,llit i tl II taiitttlll i flo.i,:l a it'tt'ti tt l .ll ti i (l; ,. i i i 1t'i , c1i rli Il t aer utl in& o thlltae t kil, i; itoi, ' ic ,l ab - i tn - l .. Iht:11, l lrf tot fI, l it, ,,f Ihm e- tlo ll,, it'I' 111 h no li t ll l n lh l a' I ' I~t~I s. m r cU l' , e lle ' t i rl, I wli atl ih a les tlald one hlt r t't IaallCt i I Irlre .--'hl iit 'Il t t alnol . at, i . or , ulo at , I le -le U11nd ret all ll S l vd . h, r hlll, "', eol t wtlnrli en l in tl ai rln nll, tt C . llap fiaoa'tahotie aanatin a of th e aki tttar itn l. , haIt" , r It. JahI . le a. ionf Ii t rl vll i for plaa, t w at rtl 'pa iia aailn tuii o a$9 withll, L ir h i l. i t iten atir i ri h; agd ulrtt it ( tio twll ,.r tltlN iJt t t , h al ,h di( teL llf+ llw o er l I:u.H.c ). I N nM~I . GI:OT (; ,[..{C{htpg rs=:,itl ; l ty ,.Y & t'APi.ER IlAN"tING ,Tail. . S it. , . echn t,, i tr, ltl J. U. \ I" lt t Co. to t tttln., d n to t 'hs 11tt ni, S , te l , r b ait t oe hri tIII [ is r', tt r ,l elo :2 I t :tn e r , d umr,.to n t al -try .io'i. a . illi . 'T h I t , rt l , >'II llt i ilt ] tn ot w h i II. tl rH1 I o t[t y it lttl g ia IIt . ht;i ' q.ot' ch vetl vet n:ld . olil I.n pe",' t , ' ;% ' !o haliC c o dn rod e .mlll dnl , Pd.;' l," hie gaz. d .n ,I tiazed dot d , Jrr sh t t .p li ba patds l, tnt, t tite do l t tant d wart ted oll d,. IOaoze dO colarsallk hltna , and a ta'oor ,ns o 11 il1 S rinlI , nP ttr t u ed prie,t. ,non teld itt , g" atin - . rr d p t n.pain ttand cout, r 'd. NSi*r ltnirlln fat ldtyrl p tinto and ctrlouatn', cui' r nod tap y torlin tin -nd to ted, r s-tt d f' cotrol aa e, ylae nealu work la ula 4 cuasotonal ad 1 tl N iverl, &er r n in w rte cit or flopll rlte c untr,s I f plua , gil wind.,w ornnunrtll s o all paltern, .I raze. gLit eas les batal nld spears, |ealhe.s, S lass knoba, coasters, hair cloth, figured and I a large i s. rtmetl t of c toys fr childrIen; a siler canrd end tassels, worsted cord and tas. d., general nas-rtinent of uphtelstero a d paper I 1., constanr ly on hand antti fo sale at tlhe prices at Nos 41 Royal and t(14 Cultom N B--persons in the city or ftom tie country, Sre respectfully inviled io nall and examine tar St irnelves. Carpete and curtains made in the alest modern syle, rooms prepared at the srort. dotan wnth nenteess antid despatch. oct. 1, IV Gleatn's Per'urnerie. I an Dye, 10r c o u ,ng lt h flatr a ; t eat 's Oil, Rua no teatr'sreese, p,.mal umt alle icht'ia lent cl| sh, baperior pearl powder, hip wlle w t r, Illrea i ,i vegetable I tuge, otto of rost , hi p salve, kr e t la mo wash, cimlO'I!e dentrilice, oranlfei low voter, powder pull; and boxe%, Antriitn chare I natly put up in lour ounce vials, Pros. . ans rootic( .l kresaolt atnlth ache drops, hril brushe i sh dressing co mbs, Indian hair nil, wit a aiety o ther perlmreries, te. For sale by C.. . T'It'RNCIIARD, ct 3 corner ol Canal and llourt.ot ste 3 tl)Itt l I ;LLr'.aaS ta .n .intll r t -tlotoatoli oylist, It.,IetY Ctdll ou'.s ( .t 'ctulllll-- |+ l ' , y Wtnunttr't key tloo'i'leotttn, .Porov s 'renth io ith'o . I,.tt ';, lisl lheader, hull ,and lilt[ ballad Vat' ,ttitcht's t'ttt1eh ' ira a ,or eI':rw te andicatl itltllo n l nniltl t)a n litil tic - ,il, the o ervos t al.ludy'a t tid toITLatrtt c 0l r" u cbuu t (etoilmlultt llt llllls liCt L a I ,a IkI. IIon . 'llers a' Illte r-- ltro' ketllts b"7:h ,)ad !t.leh . I nitd S. nt,. I A new anl Iurc. P.,ly -f thfe shorn w:.1ks just r, te,' and itli tr d.lio o ti l hratl tttteb r tnia a t attn. nco d"o C ,:0 t i t I 1cTA i'a -I Lt LOUilSIANE,-Ctr .t .l S-I-1oiso poIur la proias. et vmila de la N~ ullul ct+ t)rldans--L'eltt deola, tous ecux qute ces prtlat ntttos Inneertn-t, ha:: , I Attl,' , ' Jameos Copetinlld t ' .trk,- :tr . t ott l ;oil o i.t'ta .tcht it Cld e vOnI fael l l par 1" Il . t, tt Ct. it, ( nr ', pubhc de ca ate vllet' Iprieth ci.aprb. decritt, s'ea' adrns>6 au i'retti ,: e cot|, i tcoin , ptot i tn arisl col thtrttlodmel t A o n act l to ftt a Legislalten do l'etat .l la t lat , iane, inti ld t ,' In pour con. l...r les thet're dos . .quer. urs .ux venta,. judreiaore ;" approilt't loe a i t Mar. 1831. tt t'et snil t eonllu, ta tolll.t persont es oe ont par -e pres etlls sonlllm s a te llU dr 't't do o lo Louiriar o Vlt do a crur du Parniso, q'ti pourttient nvoir droit t la proprit td c.aprcs d . li.te, on cons q'ience (!iI dV at l u do Ibrt,a daot s !'rai ,lti. t ,hcrn:L Clo e ill+tllt t die ,.t 'o tr, e(n1 ver i dul l ll te I vo' a i)t: p pe, ni I de Itou:: irre i: l,tli i u oII:e l la t lo s d l 'sTio atio lno,d ['avics n e nll s t le lo:, de , la vents, ol pour n t amelI al asro ud l otl. n rr , d t aire VOitr, dai+,s troent jrer dA 2xltr do oa publication do yette avi, po aptll i , l tc llt. ainsi faitn ser. ,t pas conliritll et honmo',+lnago. Li di:c proplri66+ iuL Vani;ne par lts sllsd;ts rn. canenollra l 2ilm, e jour de Dctleo bra, do 'anla 18 8, Pn vrrtl d'an d,4,:let de cstre Cutur, rendnl lo It3 de Juillet du l'anlt,: 183, danns I'alttre do tWin1. V.tnrce sea crbanci rs et le crt.tlciors de Vanlce et Miller. No 10,9Gl-dl docket <o cete Cour, h Inaquello ventll.e toIn dir J. C. Parker s'ett rundlu ncqureutlr pour 1o prix del811,)700 paya)bice do la maniioro ui. vante savoir : lo. Eln un iilet de J. C. Parker do ]a sarmine de 18650 A I'o-dr-, at edose06 par John 3l0thel, portant la d;ate du 28 d6ecomb o 183S, c. payable a six Inons. no. EN un billot dll suslit J. C. Parker do la m6mes sutmme, a l'ordre de et endoss4 parle -su:dit t P' --15U coil, Wtr raTll b, 61 solild ,.\. "'RI t'i,',4 f r'v; r,\t s Johln, Mitchell, de la momia date, et payable b duuzn a 30. En on billet d.1 uasdit J. C. Parker, de la mirue smine, a i'ordre do ct endossa par le anesd, t John Mitchell, do ia mnate date, at payable a dix. - bit mnies. 40. En un billet du soedit J. C. Parker, do In -i sornmme do e$150, a l'ordre do et endl.,ss par to sun. dit J.,lan Mitchell, de In memo date, ot payable t wx Il us. 't. Ca un billet do susdit J. C. Parker, do Ia ere eamllu, l'ordro da et endoes6 par Ito atdit ba Mitchell, do la meme date, et payable a douze 6. . utn billet do .oa.dit J. C Parker, do In l n e , Ite'ordro de, et endonsd par In susdit S4itcthol, a nmemo date, at payable a dishuit hI on billet do asudit J. C. Parker, do la mino . "-. 0, a I'ordre do, at endoseh par io ras. ,Iit John ?iitch!ll, de la m(,-o.u dat, , t pay.:!e a eix S..En on bot da' I. . P, arker, tle I tlo.lte, somcme tc I' . edp . .e if :.ios' par le suaidit Johln Mitchell, de l- mott o; . a, pI'ayblo B douz- mois. 9,. En un billet do susdit J L '., k l- 'o in i me: sotnme, a i,ocrdro tI, er ndesB pa. !, . a John, IMlitchoil, do la mm. date, at payeai, achuit 10. aEn on billet du iuadli J. C. Parker to I* somme de ,S650, aI I'lrdre de et endoas, par lc a u pit Jun Mitchell, do Ia molnn date, et payable a nix ilo. E uan bil'et du suadit J. C. Parker, do In mote aoea a I'ordre do et enidoarnad par to susdit John Mi teliel, dea la mnemo date, at payayble t doaze m1oi.. Ia. En tin hilletdu aristdit J. C. Parker do Is Imnome amlne, a I'ordro do at endoari par Ie susdlt John Mitchell, do Ia monte dito, et payable it dix 13.-. En tin un .::at ldu nd:t J. C. Parker, do In soma ,e do li(;50, a I'ordre do et eLnld ,s par le sus lit John Mitchell, doe In mane date, at payable a six 14. En un billet ii sn !it J. C. Parker, d. la mlllom lmlne, a l'or'dre d, e.t triu.o' par o:e ln wldt SIn 31 tceli:l, de ta nrmin date, et payable a doune 15t. E uin billetd i anedit J. C. Pirker, do In me sommnle, a l'ordrt dto rt endou par to lit.r dit,,n Iit:chell, de l1 ,.u. e date, ot payatoe a d:u. I6o. :E un billet du susdit J. C. Parker do a sornle de- liII, a l'ordre d,, et eordor i par 1l ans hat John 3Ltehlill, do at mnemo dlate, ut i-ayable a Rix mnole. i ! i7 . 1':t on hillt do susa!it J. C Pirk,-r. de al l i-amm.elllllll, a l' l(re t ellduud6 pir to saedit Juoli .lliatn1l, do la imei date, et payable ad t..ze 1t?,. EF -n tnail do asudit J. ('. Pihrkeer do Iti ITileI ensi al.e, .i,'ordlie do et l ndald.t par ledit Johnt hMtcheill, doi l nmemo date, et payable a dixhmait Inois-l'IPialt cliseiblile li llaueitl .Unintoe do aolz. mille, sept enlls piiastrus. Dscriptctn dc la proprid.6 d'.,prna le transfer judicinlre, sav i : lo. UL certain lot de terra situ6o dans le fau. boura Saulet, diisigt.6 par 1- No. 8 de Pilot barnc par le rues St. 'Thomlil, Benjamtin, 'Tl'cheup: tulus t Suz-tto mesurant l6 pOtedl 7 poucas do fahe a la rue St. T'l'uo.s, :tur 100 pieds de prufionleur, cltre las lhgllos Ilaralle!ea, tout icurie anglaiso : enI setibbthle toutes lea oatlliorations Illlli quo tous ls drolt ut privdai'-es qa y nppartiennUnt. 2,. Uo ,uttro I do Ic;re situod dans in sus. dit fkubour , d6>rJd6 par to No. 9. do l'ilet horn6 par la ruauslltcs rtue, tat il surant 2; iplds 7 I)OuLe d liace a la tue S:. 'It)ite, sur u101 pieds do p o tulldur entreL Ins hgnen Ipartiieles, In tour ie.urT angl"leIe ; .lensolu!, tilht.i: l aila lioratllon; s et tols le droals ''t priv'ile:, s "v pll) utenll a. 3. Uj autro lot do trre situ6 rtan tle asld t fa hourg, t6igerd par lo No. 10t, do f'ilet c,.npria untllro ia bld i ta rIeIt, .t IesUtranllt 26 piteds 7 ipiuces d: Ice a la ru. St. Thi'nm , str 10 a pieds de proitail r etlltre ds lielcs I )aralles, le I ut, nIncitu re unglaie; crlselli tauttees leas lU6lior. atiots, et tous lesn droit, at privitdgre y applrtul. Sto. UL n atroe !ot d terre situece dans lo susdit fanloutrg, d0-04n0 nar le No. II· I'e ileLt bord pliar le.a el..:+II ruTis ."t a ilwt'ta ra jlt tG pials 7 plouc as do Ithe, a it rut, St. ''hol naa i cur i l pit ds de pr , nl l ,!tcur crt;r 1 lltlq es pI rtallh , a out, in ure in glaise ; c:,vsellmble touLtý Ia sl a .6d ieraLtolrs at tous ns druile et priviigas y atpp rtpiant. 5.o (Ii tee it terratno iitue dl an e asusdit fubourc, da.nguc6 pir Ior No. 1a, do I'i'ut ibrnd par les l S r it s ruo s, eL t mirnllt u t ii lt e ig 1' ure ides i ties lt. ' a'lunt a t te:,j itam . mtsurant 27 ipleds troli plu:', s et 4 ,ghe d l te a I a:t rue St. il h roimas sue collt ipled goI. ( o l i tao fuo t, a o r Dle latrn. ji:,llt l, Itilt t,,'tro ia tah. wli el; he cuti lel toutae ito lcuailalitiat, l t lau iu lu droit ais et pivi.!6ge y atpartenanit. lou. Ln let do terry 8caoae dans to na:nmea f u. bourg, diutigh6 par io N. 13 de I nlt barnd6 par lesa Im.esill rur, mnlutsrant 7 pieds, 10 nouoees et 4.I ligueat do flie . la ru Blenjamin, sur 133 pieds 7 Ipouts . , 4 lignes do prl'fideuri, entre des tignre iara;!e, 1to tout, ito are anglai'e ; ensna bltn touteIs les aelhorations, ct tous leas drits at privi legs pye ppartenatil. Aisi quo le tout appcrt du plan dressd par F. Wilkinson, d6putit arpeutur gdu6ralo do ceaLt llt, dat6 Ie 21; Di6,ubhr, 1839, an-ex6 na bin anto an grct.h of William Young Dewris, dodl toe 2Gtno jour do Janvinr 1839, les enusdite lote ditunt des sub. divisions des lots Nos, 3, 4, et uno partie du lot No, 5 ainni qu,il appoert d'nn plan dred par Clts. F, Zi ,,iopel, u6put6 vnyer,datd In 4 t6vtier 1833, t anlnexd ar t un acte, au greffe do william Young Lewis, dat6 le 23 do Mars de I mname annde. Burnea du Greflier, do ia Nouvelle Orlduni, 8 Avril, 18139. avlO J. OLLIE, Dep. Greflair. | AItRIIAGE PIIYSIOLOGICAI.LY DISCUS I iA .D. T ranslnted fron, et French of Jen tuo bois, 11. 1). b \Williunm Greenfield. Part I.t. iJn the nateusiift o MAlarriage Part ed. llnstluct isn in courting, nit!l a cutre for IPart 4th Marr aingee' Ih si'lltogltt ,lielI )ct'a"atd in the mo+t uo'rll, anld rl:aitedl the mlaa tt interestint g werk that lwe readt, It willll break lup more rakes and i lopinstler, a t o r di ilublication· illl ll tlre l ll Srio i d it ' Ioiia ti an a llll ll of I |lhenl--L Moanteure. T ins is a grat book, nall il l be prolaductoe 'l Irr o Ford in t ic no n II IIIIIIaI it i olu it i',nM :ain e I,' . stratnge Ileu agorn Int 'than the suhlti ' i- its Ir 't.eI·. an'l sreet. d ic , he d n h tr tena giret e alat col it'. V es itcin vlre n ll nl pit u " ln, elrlt Ciatll y i t ll ' Nlort trll Stat , atI ill lle pllolpiltor inat I tile nid to sal y nyl tlin q in for exlte.rntl icoHlt ltacns at bia ever been l zie o. rati ns tavo the a l, arare of $. ir c'rs ; as a r, w uCta, cr vrore, cili, hite !nnlo. IAm ngst~le pl.N, s PECI FI OINTe imeNT--. di ltly gretl to its ce y ntl lin atPnrilled iun. p altice tol f peoprtly i a tilhe N it will rStaleo, acnts inle prprint orn, o rttleal need Ito ni any hing in i it ile lress itn hftw bmen I1o tolln tce ceded on ipi that it iO s ratiyod ale cto priea on thict bst remedy for ixtce. te con plaiats tlat hans ever been dinen.i b" y will at Or, lawn the a pmrTSre ofe pmi' al tahas p re. erlt it aokellcdi ttele: nlsoltetint It is likea.r ra fot r ns e chl dlt ba ckppe nll < flll ' Illmbs of ores, ti . r o atllsi ge,,'tt, c hopp hd lialtanains, thite ser. Ilage, haleu, pale, spider atd itchk hities &c. itimne. diallrty yiel to its apparently S loaptl to ih llu. T.e r Thus iarr t properly r.alcled it will re ou.v lil invctertaicl an, o r drcual and tal il a Tie in lof ila S, iNll illay entlad efltitly oe at Ieudr in two weiek, t1d Cho rit st dresperable rames of \hith iweldling c l icnlty, otl bre, t in (aliln c he noneln I anullit satisitnctlona.e I Proy i. in less h ann tL rontlal. 'lr tl btes of p.oiand fr sile ret ils i.t ~ d iers ' istre t I t Orriine g , l il tI.e, ital b, ilc ,' it rahid d go 11ae a' n ppitedL in timoe, its a Ior tro of ttl a , tlion I lre stl o'ndalri'tl that nhey will at .n arnsn t lanlt poan, lnl l, thus le. ent it le ot e llltpl odl Iht systoen lin i lihe'e atl. James npll' to aiy tv bs wdle tiellrt. o dthe. na'lus brnot hes of l du.littl n and h ctn re oh'l imorelfa elters, ri t, wo.-io a te'tpprd lila-, ot 1 it l shtoet for aev r nete ittl laodly ctrl lint h'ta'; lail to tle lot chc tccnctprlacor hs received it lbrts a thuntnnd ceertiatt'.ttc aln elnah r dueoetalton.s,, itt faver cHain ta balectahr nr'rittInec. rtapocetobln ittnedl ofthe I dlcdtl aeulty, nll breathing the atme eulogy I lit st wi i a, ive et nirte o sattl i tatn th, .*l co lrea hnd at Liberty street: NeincoY r, .rno fur s'de at tt l'a ydr'as l tre etN ewOtt, l Iea ts ahtro6 if ItUalT oI'tN-IFIt l'io. and IeNGeI,31,- iIo i i etic, lmt toth ocos, h wIh c act l eecn c" I V oni po ec.,it i 't 14.ln l nn,tlr.., aiN oc hie T n mlu osnc v'r, o tal g at e l tk hatrillcit.o nit Inh t o+,,ch 'tx e, 111 F,- nleh anal o Enotsh, in whinn lie Wll tot at`:" t ttis o n tt o tin. filtes and 'in] , oi the dep ntillnlt of te young I ou hes. 'net heta-r hem mln i 'h , ttic- t :O fidt..n t. InOt I AG'2 R'I~ LIQlU[ID ODENTI A.-Has Iwen l.rng used. barl, here and in the nrrtl avwith uniforlll al SR.s. p, r ePnsing nd whiening the teeth, .nld prev(rIngli ta troothache: preaserving the guinn, purllying the breath, .d- relIving most dlsre sest lwr]twbk heo miur1 isr l it i n ei'her the -rdult or infall --Ore ca sper.on t!, mixed in a vine tlasstll oi pure water. and ser apprll to thie erth iin usual manner with a brr.rb, tffe's!ually pre vent seirvy, and ward off itht x1uornatllg paliln, the rIotih che. Prepared only by T. F. Wanger, S'reron Dan. list to Jetfferonl Collrar, and sold whohelsnle and retail by CARLET'I'O) & Co. 31 Canal s'. fs stlaE esrnts tfr hW'anoer's Olirnien ADDLERY WAlI'l-The subsacrbero, mann. Sfocturers and wholeale deonierr in saddlery goods, are now receiving by late arrivals from the north, in oddtlllr, to their lorinar sptck. an exten sive assortment of srrlcles In Ihlr ltnt , among lwhich are thae followingl, viz: Itodie- and misses plain and quirt'd saddl.l, o "1n's do S.aniti I Jo do Atrxasn do do do Creal do I ,o d, Amer. do ' do do Enghrh do Yrouth's dto Spiannsh d, do do Creole do a. Amer.and Eng. hrdl.s and bridle mtutntlngs, - ,do do rtartingalte, -. , ' 'a rnss.nd japa.ned roach harntes, do g 'g an n, ilk e, do " do do do B.aruuhe do Dray, eart and taa::nn do Saddle ragi, in. ,le anuiii nle: aolices: itmedial a;idlll bags, Ilrlus Is carj..: :s; IPheat ro Irn tle lealrler roa r trrak , brass natllar . '-other hlnt t p do, atsorted sizes alld varioui ntylr. hirls."s n. piastia belte; coach, gig, sulkly, twig " . tcrp whiip: woolt, a.rsrd, aotltoi .i. grlhos sand aursin.ois; stirrup lea'thersc: ttn straps and worsterd riin weib; tchin nrd hoik nlmres; blind bridles and hinea; S o:ch cult h.roreo nd numlet, o'alar. rot al ll n .l - r . ro co,L, . b ba n 'k, bea.I "r. b '·- e .' bran , a d Ier ' r r l , ,, a< a".r: '"., ' , r . r !or se;.: cn .ccu,. A, , r, S, .rki i rm Ne. l ~.,. "s. s l o ioLU'l:-, DAVIh)orrN & er,, ŽNlr\V 1t 1.DISi ['. Dr. G. It. P'hel's C.omrpound 7'.lfA PO PILLS, a [ rly V'rgtai lr ]i A newrr and inr i:r bla ,i .iUedtti'e j;.r l Dise's. a, o aubstit',ejbr it n, el, t ! t aat-,artric tt - t'eers strd all tht/rtaua .tfirrtiors. II i ipopl- cils r rtb israflu a newly dii t oulrltl Alk lllltlra t.lar i.ct , o ttil.ct t'Ird :l Illa 'l Ollla o 'lant ; a, tth tolalir adg ,Ibli ialb eatlwe CC IoUaavr a idELd tI oldllr ItriU, •ao I'ar Is, o : hei erud to hro e t ha tAt t r- o atila nod11 Ci.thartr l iu l dldlte ever dllco ereI. 'Pullri1 llntS' trlau dUallrl dant, J d . ct ully ttI id, :Ua d , t hirris l .eLL t ,ll .r al rll,t bal h for r dt i trol aa t In)yeprlop~a Jll I r , t ll i;at.artlh, Laiav, tts. Acai traOi tl a, G ttdular t ve Ar, Atmdoter to CaIutagir srar- I :pldcri dlrraes ; to pre ctnt tihe ',rniatlotl ul' Itlhl our anhl hleer nll',,ctoun, I"t,,er and AgNo, rc. nI r thre wat IL'rde ii hut'lltll tEsi, ton and AGar,.,y olr. e t ir o Cn iale Ir n Tetont Cal. he .aea fai Ithr -, lausmlte. .,l t eit s nit ilnl l tI ait Ilellill rlllr " lur tihe S l -: arttyirladiarateller le th eb t llrlelci:le lttr cand Iter to Cullnler atl thte tanitger of axpitllua In Uatio.draiI)t Eil i.atr's. F,rnardollary FaIstl Pihy,i tllr)sara tlsltaVttlyap prtaed at tat Iesrl.i.ver ott'rr.l. Thru ip, u tr vtrain of a ht r ',,nlto Plant. lave fir n anug tilmu ar act ed thri e l tsdt Irtair itla Ith 'idlii prOlt:asrou tead i.a allallc, aid great Ht-,rt.l , bee:101r rc l to tse tule de- = velopPr , , of Its Iof rdltt tl ' lu,,I·tw- . .'cd I ihl. o ILOT 1i iiaptyu rll I b ng now au iae t -.rttf--anlldl i, i n tllls Ii . ipllto tile puis with tie tall'ui olltl"enee "1 ,nit¢r beihlo tihe .totus 5-FI: anid VAL ABLE RI.YLI)Y 1,1.R nIa OVlR|'D, D. L dOU-'u irisurcan , curei,, ftlair tints ~ho have itsuar thiis, anid tsttlrtolry rieral Itr..rill1-r3iiri riwlo iltorlr Iurarctheulti tm, sllt eoa.sur tI, curub iraru, ar s L tln an. '' rapaily turaaaa g drliallrr lu r, P it I te ti' UIII tIars ap Iribalulirll iertatowd ti Itna thIsl , ps as l :rtiolgal ei ld llrti a of their 1llllar atnd U.r lullll:a5 Il presentlrug this nrtin" to ta , ptlas r, dlr prop rflr a wa Itdlue lle*.d by 1nI hop" Eliot t it lll·IdlIcnr pIe ,tired wh nI1 UPr rare, alull wat i a ntrl L rrg·F d,,) t:l,, t:.l lltnc d l h t 'l'hr:ap.u iu ruprope a t sai of .tt aever,,I ing.'Lent% .huutr tais t thn place ofe Ilta rla r t.,,.l e srllrad ino nitf :i," JIt ait, h W llh t. toulltry .i,,,unlds-- all it'ori te(ll atf r ; 'dy tiettiawel I upru it byr l -tsh o alnd i a rld sltltit,,he Jus Juttiedl iriapeitotillg thl, rctulh. Flur n fu:i'il .o llla t f Itli ihltrrn in dracv y tirion - alt, Lsd ' opc arravtlr u , . . em. r l t hI IrrIrmt Ire kar grat, of ,,I who o ,el h.,e-. Ill ls. Nualr n.l' g5aaairs: rlrr tartn i.'"'aLaatre of G. It. tIIELI' ' 1t. a, .al, propnsetur, ttaitlird, ('ari. I: l',,tlan lshe, Gellea , l Agent, So. I IEvchane 'ltace, nhar : ihe P tIuhttti c,. Alto, Ibyt A t Pii)rhalnu, `' 12j.u lFur 15 t J. Baker & o, :o 77 1 ew lCa , ,t , Lr. . atrshaa!ll, Crlier St Jaeab and Thatnpttau trt.s. J. RIoss, Ltayette ('ity. ( N 1lrrion. No a. , Crnal atriet G Jones, otrner Tivoai Circl aud Triton WValk. Srtisa ore trit alih to act as Agents, adddress i Ar.FOL ANSIti-', alhrhoh,, Agl natr 4 tv - ý ,:i - i[:, I N ll[:i: ., R. ALDNESS. A BEAUTIFUTI. heIn of hair i, the arnndrst nrna meal belnning t., t he hmnan t:.amet. ,lw a r.tlne Iv thfe lss of it chllanges the loc lnnnce, and proma turely trines on tie ltpeaarlnce of oldi ne, whirch e.u sO many to recoil at Ibeill t llln.toterlal. nli lelime even to hou sciety to to ottl 'i e "tos and nUtoer of their t ollnitl itnne: thle re ttnni ler of their Ive.anre on eq'o ntllke spe nt i rctiltelneart. In lh-,r't not even thle Itos+ ftrompet r . llr l, ti Crnrotl tthtlkin vt th with thit noave inkin elolnt oa dots tle loes of Olib hair. Iaer arl thewn byth n theotirennttnneo , Otrtlo-iue.e' SIlatt oft 'oRthi mtopd the hair frotongt fi:- on the fIrtt applieatin nti o afetw bottle r e o re it ottnir. It tr trmo turning groay, makes it etrt hcouttrfolitlt', and rtestr elott ltterf Ntlttmoroot eortifillttect 'tt to Ittrt ,st'orttahlritvt in support of the vir'tl e of Oldridgell, I~aint, are sl own hy the proprietors. 0 e' Rd thle following: Robetrt %tOnrton Esq. late. Mator of Pttoiel o t cert, , . t a, nI t hv .el h below, to thie it-Igh cho a r ht: f,! :owit eetntlemen. 1"n, its "n'r~i en'd do hereb t t h I'ti i t e. t t r tie d tll M h Itln r . j" 'of tfitia di-ettered t t .I Oldricet. e. and * tin lNt c.llt f ,,t li ItFttr, bill R tse ceor tlal let. r 11II,rlI. t1 TtH VITCTI:Rn, tenior, l Methodist Minister in t (h, t r! et 'e o' t. JOIIN P INGtls ,'1i Air: ,reet. U m q e l of I 'riea.13 l outI t Id a t. S JOAN e AR1 wl)rl J : 1 rich itsrepet d It oi k oll n that three of I t . te tf t itti tne, arie motr Fre tc to o 111itt oii tote) titn Whoitry r l ofa e, an ilee o to m l l wl' Oil lll 3/0. o elrnfttt n lth coloyitnttttt I, Robert .A'h rtnn. ,Mayor C-0 rite of I' alo, ,. phia. Il'F[Io re v.f ev'l., that I tll ,ell at ,lalin*.l ,,i wilth are entlne e,' ( l. {'t lr Fil`,[ .ep t, d:'t", and .no 1,t i fall ('redit .hould hl e gi.vei to rit avi d cat 'IIY tLe. fith ItV of t. It ltottr, , &t . lti,. t. ;E] :I.St II \ti'l t. lTO , r. Otl.tol inet tnate)ltnh bottple ostl.ek (of Ctline htalI ha-lemh ev llhrrllll wrppe r otn . ir., cnsir tina tI;, rh tt -ll IO\iaellIr l, : u Int3 8~ .h nglish anle Aents, Nw nntl ntis. O I t'RIt ,tt. C t', N ',. :;; t'ha n,ttao . oett, e ,, not, hove.l ev r -nlll Ltr tit Ill I, It arke eonsistlilOt, tart of the following. rs..les: bmle, ltllll black, irt b "er' 1, h I!' b.own, i,,1 ,, , ito 'ttdot n srnoo t" and nl,.en otiv Ir,etk ntt ddensroots;, henvrr enllish nod frncoh foncr ant p'notn sarfl ttnd hdklt ; t hnnt,'s , silko -\wteh and lrg, orlstic os penders: chamdi-, nmecrino., Inm I' Wvooll, we!sh:fl..h nlt silk and cno noat otr tsoond drawerp; fine lintt and citton shirts, witih linin tosoms ri/t m ttd r tfll" d: tvore ea tl a:td plain handlto i . brelles ; ' thattst" pretnium Glover beautiful artr I of w hite kid, for weddin.s.o &e.; Sprttlefihld silk and randana hdkfs figured and eobhroidered Cambrle do.; silk wools, mnrrino, cermantuon. tnd brown or cotton hil( hose: all of wheh the. offe eash,I r to potutot customere ot tstlu. t. I J.k l't)rIi) HiY It, I"AULL' alt -' CINE. S HOORN'S Compound Extract ofCopaiba and Sar Iparilla -A er.tain,sale, and anostelooietual remus > dy ever discovered lfiro thore ireof iototlrhen, (GleLets, t Surictres, 'Whiten, Pains in the back and oinst, eminal e . oeasl affections kidliea, gravel, tcorbutie e eruptions, iel, I the irodutction of a medicine possessing the us.ta I."I vi ue tri te now oFti'Wed to the public, tIr eproieri'tor llta but toi refer t lthel noelttmoUe t'sou tetrr atltons r.eeiot t.d 1io time mot eminent of ttle t ' dlerool faeiulty in iKotopeir beliering that it wall beurlly pp.rictated • hen iao ntctito are , fully known. Tlht allsotll of (Opi oltort so lo-ively scd, h ral lit mItco of its credit frotm lte di'slike .hir patientas olotmerly exlielst I regallil.g its distgeeetble teste, iistllrbaus prelucetl in tile boelvsteil stolltrtll andt its Ihleetuo e inefliciency when r lsed in the inflammatory stage. The proprietor has rImade an analysis of the Baisem, oteeOL ntog that he more artivequaltiie woulltlthereby te ruch nttre conentrlated ad moltre usefully adminisrterd than in lthe presenlt state. The hlove medl cile colnbileein Cl lhtsll i olllalre in tile lhighersl lrutelu amot the most torectifie ank learnedt ita iie prot'etnlmt, b, m dlrug ill thte comlpouitio ftl hlilisprtparaition illncreasesltIle eticely of the other, producing an operation trulf ato lhllhll, nt aIurpabir toitgmll. eost ralgtllltn etpetntitsllm * IlMt't g.vl I t sntilre tille the o £ its beitn administered with perliect suecvts inl the atre". of the above disea.e. Tie most fmllienll ph)lsieianslnld sturgeons " the poreltet rllo exres their deecieti up pro t.atln in tolr, f trorors:;rt'rill, whrilst its use in the prteipal hospitals orl pblih medtical istitutiont lias be n, o,,l still coltillnes, verl estnsive. It was a fav. t'tle roemetly with the celelr:r.ld )IrI Abernethy in all r'ttIrei alrniP r, 'ti nrm i 1tto obstinate enitanetserupttiote. alrit rol li' dielsr ' ordered state ol'theigesltive rfuntionts. Havingu -t e smllllirtcd to the Ist anll experienllce of the - rmust eclehrl,.d rntng, the riuellv, theyr have exprelssed thleilsalitisacti l, of its exottardli; atry efiaency in every aslle unider thir charge, by atdoitig it boh in lltheir public midl priv.,tt. ptnctl'e. litrheir or Evati(ons wcill bi er ell hereafler. PrepareId Iby J B Thorn, Chltmist i, ,Ilotl. Price$l . f5 per plt. '1 ;STI MION IALS. ; i .¶ II Stlmon, Ear. It , St.rseon to the tL' +ý,:as,a-n am-," It.,, ont Anatomy. l'hlt trtl ohicht I have mnte ofyoltr prerpaltviet in a varity tofettao,s rot In:o le orrti femlte int its iresilts hayt provtre so highly l-iltolllabhe, that I dlo not hesitate in ' n'nolllln:g it o tne of ie most valuhle alnd eflleaecim r'elrcdie es r ofl'cred to trrhe public, iad one inr cl.i., Som experience, I cno pl.ace every reliaincee, whilst it e not prollect le the s te tnplarosant elcttsulatlirtlly seI eerictill tI romll opiibra. l"ronl ti l I 1 t:rd,y.111 C 5, Pihysician t the St Iot, Irb(,.e I)ispLc,,.an. I .ake irle [,plcrtm in hling, myr testiony to the m;ah~le. i..ow,.+s tr or ir,.reletratr, winrlrigyou the {scccss . ou so fully dc's:,ivc, ian nn aple reward lin' thl Itltr.! exp. se inrut edt, in bringing it to such crn :,letl p. I'. V wrln n. I+i tot ti U Cooper, F It S, SureEon to Gotry's Ins. T'he nlif rim r etste.. Mich has ,'oteted thited minih tc l.ll;- .ol r 1 dlcltl u ai,1rlt.g l "ly pvi H lll ielel wills tIIt, lbor.'e dise m hi tl fillt lnit t ri, tire 'toi it ti re tily to lu ki rltlll to Ibe Ittly il;precattd. May the llsuccess JOt so i wll deoat t,, ltuplty land slpeedily repa yeou for y rdot' vlabie pepartion.r"i Frr'm Sir A Cooer, F It S I' 11 C S, tie. &e. Ilrilr g been iolIrtlecl to ltry ot Eottraixtl ill evell eats o.t'. fIeit (;luti.o l'o:rtrrir, ithirl r hatI hitiherto btBfled etlr presi. tcriptio uillhl illistllo , l y tire, iat iLya Iinfund SI and Speedy cures eleeteld Iby it, int few dIlys reel rnilin dutty ound to stilre tlhat 1 now in rly trie ticte hoth public anld pirivate recommendtl aI Id use nUU otll{ei.. Ilrort GW D..air, d'M I), Physicinn to Guy's Ilo pit:d, 'lie strice terst which 1 ittve given your medicinll almo",,- iii1 iiS, eni its invarirble sauces, thus fa.r. will in llduc te ito lerst err'e ti its Isr, aolr I deem It but l i pt olflsltice and of dnul" to ahrl y feeble testi ooiiurol i omnrr etllation of itsvittottus. rol I.C Thomlpson, M F) ' it S L. I it.rn you my ilcelre thanks fr t c valhtale pre et ll'" ori Eutrttct for tio clru oif onnrrttlot"ti. o i1 l itel l iatfuL t ot rivoln have vt la:lt bo:olht a iretlicitr, into alse . hich will provC , ide.iaTrIltu log soht t rllljt in the medical wol hl--d lure, speedy al cl(lclctl etiae it easesr t he above clas,. It ttihi.rdl ntegrIr pleneIur. ir inubliihllg to the world the oaluable qualltiies ofyonr F.xtl.act. Were it necesnsry, the lproprietor could here furnish an' more testnlonialll tiRlaitly aus commnendatrory as the aboe; buttrust hat itugr.oat tuccesshitherto the carl Il t'xll.ste at wohich itt hat been II epared, will llroveilts glratest rchomn:ellnlin nlnonl a discering pll blie. Otte l'tollometlotito titis ltllireeration rl.njoeyls above all olhte're is its Htet, iortal e Iorm--put U in Ipots-th trti leillawhieo it mayrbe ti:ke, bei g bloh easy intd pica-all-n-ins tastel ature, withI no r.ricti'onl il diet o or ulrillinellt firot bisinesl,. 'T'ooeile"sLI espeially ;i .'oulih idl Iis lmeilliine hilghl usotfl, ltil ougitli neve , to e iUrllllorilrded writh pltepilratiolll prorsesing thllead - vrllraogo whichr the pttrouet olne Onizin iccolpnyttlring thltu lcdicinl ist Iillamlrhrlet rexplana tort oftiroe iifftrent let:ges of the disealte, wilthout any e i\tlorllhor'o, tOlniaitig trilll a 1d sod te diireelions. 1io'r otC by SICKLES & CO. no ' lietw.o.i 41d Caoal stheet. - 'I"111 I'fI'II: 101['11515 tin+Lill,'. IS HIIIAL'EiI,, E KNOW that healthi nd the b-ility to !.ler. constitutes thie wealth of the great mass of the people in thi s, in other coun trias. To preservo, therefore, that lieaii'huy na e rat means is a grand, moral and political scheme toP I ' 11 which; requires our utmost attention. Thoe precedented popularity and universal op. opprobotimn whieclt this medicine has achieved. throughout tihe Uitod States, tin Conadnao,'l'xas, Mexico, and the West ltdiee, fully justify Dr. Peters' in warmly and conse entiously reonmmen. ding tlhem to the special notice of the afllicted. Peters' Vegetable Pi ls are tl a safest, most effeo. tual and economical remedy for diseases of the hiuman constitution, that h~bs ever beenl discovered., l)r. Peterr, L1, inventor of tlis invaluable medi., cine, froom his knowledgo of tile I.utn systepm, derivoeI from a long and extensive practice,=aps arrived to a is concluaion, tihat the great and pr.l mary cnouses of most diseases is a durangemunttoin the functions of the liver, or in other words a4ji . crenaed or diminaished secretion of the bile. So well is this understood, that t is common for persons to say twhen they feel unwell, that the)y aro bilioue, meaning that they have too much bile fo the stomach. Oo thle other hand, when the flow of tile is diminised, tlte process of dies-ionLo itnnmperfetly.perform , the patient beerams weae. and emaciated, because noriethmentcontainedoo1 the food taken into the st. mtach is not propery e.y tracted, and ti e food is ejected in a crude state. Dr. Peters is confident that the famous Ilygeas Theory, so calld t, that " impurity of the blood is the canuse of all diseases," is a great ablltrdity.ti: Every one wleo rcfleets on the subject a moment, will pereivctllat impurity of thelo blond is a meon. da y not a primary complaint-the effect and not the cause ordisease. When tile funti tion ofthe liver are deranged, and tie flaw of bile increased. it is olell taken up iy tile alor nt vessels and al'arri· . ino the ,irr tlatto, antd becomes minga ed i h tnhe helt, as in j-mtditc, when t'o patient shows it in !.is countelmame. Nov this iopurity of blooedis cate ttd by ant increased flow of Itl, and to remo.e.y it, you mnlt cartcrt the secretions of the live , and restore it to a I ealthy slate. Dr. Pe.le Ir ho lpei tttttoCh time it explriteet ing with different vegolta et ntrdieinee, timtdi.eaoar the Itver; and now ofitra iis Vegetable Pidtt, n.s t, hbest, mtott cottnvenielt, and cheapest medi. c:an '!t can be prpared for gnceral use. Dr. Peters flattrls himself that his long ex,-eor. mentng with vegetable medicines has enabled hinm to diecuvter t re tr(o and only substittute answring ll the lpurposes lcr merecria s without any of their atto doent evil. One great quality of ie vergotabi. I ills is tilt ttcy it,1e tile alteretlnve prittcipl conm. bined with their eat artic, or operative qual.ties, so Ill tt they not only cleanse the stomanci and bowels by purging, but they regulatd the liter, chanutgo tlio munrrbd secretions, stronoti.ons the digestire oroans, purify the blood, invigorate the circulation, and hive tone and energy to the ner.. voils systeoh They are mild and pleasant it their operationt. and c nvey anluont immediate conviction of their utility front tihe fist done. They.oan'ls taken with safety by persons of any kge ;-sad the fooebhi tite ifirtt, tih nervous, and the delieata, ar. strongthenedl by their operationt, becae tthey clear tie sEOtnem of Iad It tutors, quiet narIvt a irrita bility, and itlvarithly producu sound health. ''lTe Vegtcable Pis are a nsurretnedy for jaun. dice, itic tad natro Imrdnoho, dyo, epsie, costive. nres, sieknoes a to tomrael, heartbntn, t bill bili-s ,omplaitntl, (prers g all kinds, and if takn atth comtnmnetnenent Aliinvariably check tteir pro, grees, and satoshe p;tient from a protracted an, datfget to stlknea 'lIhey ate invaluable in ns to n l..t thypos li aotectinos, loan tt, i ltha . tie, and a l c e to whiante, foe. . f ls -ttos1 Stgp teeod my V lie Zint a.nsed thdm e - • .+ ar.y in n- ri ,. ro espeat to in ther pr i' S poblioh a mbil votiuneo 4aensiler it u anoe e.o.yu ts mcend itlfto all wi.Fol .Jt tlhe above pillas siUls each. Prioe. S. $50 Dpigiosa and seeaty plied, at wesohms orata Q , M pal peffi, oeta Pdsdrasts,.es mad Cnmlj, *s,Ner OePees .a .

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