Newspaper of True American, May 10, 1839, Page 2

May 10, 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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a. 0of cler tem flerotepod tdiaopo tl e roeSlu ,tt tw 41df peiOtoted itto loopee n tkoed wIot tookdoh to, thom. Salt thirt joietapni;ý too thecglloo `Ir~thoee snitotey desteeieho ho tele . h oidte Ak .bold am aillow. the hill. to ý+'<'Q!1ae. tr many hoar. of umture ' rneoo oh.. mgeee the ohpoeres or the etitdtoo, very podetatly declined the pro. th toeellers wero but too happy to earn. for tad oad doacoreeed, tha. they had got them. tl o Aoete U . Trhe thertbreoto In tate quoe, dv t fitt'toldegor the arching etirutiny otthe o.a. u.,, ti e1· tr moen to thice in th cotton orteoney market.. 2 taw boletechaneced handsot ftrm priee.. By oen.eit ie .tho the matkeht will pretty neerly he doto in the Otiotoib. S Latet Ist Dotes. tboetoe e. QOj Wohihtttoo April ....... 23 .i -Ypehd.. ..025 Cioojoti, tpli.......... i h tp ·do o........0 I Lnuiovillo, do .......... 27 K S..2e9t. l.Mot, do. 23 sa do ... ... 25 I.Livepool, Ptoe........22 1) Paris Feh ............. 28 Ap .d.. .......14 trudu. Jler....... .t. 22 ?fsvlr M......... 2 at ..............2d P911'l OF NEW ORILEANS. i .CLEARANCES. '?`7rrloy 9, 1839. S' h C.. Cabiti Ilsor1sy, Io fo t'tano , -t oa CP o Whitney ~ . 1110 seawall, Cr0well, far 6 Winters tlsGBdord 5eqe4, Chs thleso, Thomas, fur tlooan. '.. 8at P J P Whitney S'Mary Pssoel, Lo.ewi, for Cdis, Lewlis A Snel1in, t ry.u Mor-to, for t.ivesrpoo.o, ' C Calmoack h c.o mheAlmy fotRh Voso :roos. M~ano-so Jasosam moootlttoo. stroo-nolt, lolooetore Maste ,. b Bah rCler, Brlnton, Smith, for Hartiord, '" Chnas a Dewecy hhli.tsn, Fish. for Norfotlk. chsaestery sBohr lnhort, Wmo-ot r fl Golm.r for llaltimoro, Mso-,t S Sohr'. ).Moss, Rowe, fur Pe.n.scol., Master +" I AIRRIVALS. ý'. Mao9 9, 1839 S. eaaer Fusslier, Moli,. from St 91retinsrilise Pntmaser Sooranhl. Mar.ti. . oom Whrslig. S tslmerslhtshpeare, Wsri0.,,ryo, RLouisville. - lomser Euho. Edwards. from Fort Tonooon. kitselslohO'h.ottsl Willo-,,s, io-o -o t'rOe we, - Jqhs Linton, Kimblolt, fronm NSithiooches, EXI'OT,8. 1i AANZ.AS.rar hhip Geo Cnhot..n Illsa,t. S 'AI.I. o.r..Per ship i Sonlna.. C(:rgs, 43 los tol, sro, 19.1 S d hies, 9327 slhon ohlo., 27017 snaks lohet. F3 lds, Ltos, 250ls pork, 5.10 kcgs lard, 3O logs .....-... . Jos la roa o ormlnond--Csroo,3 76 lidl, 4 ki cso and 437 il lnsSo. 31oP+fl. ll'sa.Psro.1shr Robsrh Woodruff.. C go 76 larks ¶I. a - - - b whel, l park. I?.TONM.Peeb harqsleChaitcleer..Csrgo, 3GO eg.s nd In to l-A, 113 1 ,oros. .... 9-, ois ot, 344 to-Cf tille oot, 4 a9 h les hemp, 1-'5 hlos tolnco, 47 bli Nu n 1 811 tosr, s 1o054a . o oil oo,"oord gpn . 'CADIZ. Pser brit Mtry Pot•sl. Cargo, 1o,000 pipel .tre, 3110 ohlls tobacco. 'o.1V.5RPOOI.. I'cr ht' p lry..('argo. 1133 hi. rlleo,. A'o+YRA RUZ..P I'r brie I.oln--oo.'areo s r-llt Iots. ofk. 3:` " . ar, lmper, dooss, tos uroituro, blo ko, uaorteol ,RARTPORIs.Peoro lrshroo Carter..Coao-o 11o 7 !roo e ro'toI S Q 1424 pigs lad, I hl fl,our. I blox otclotog. -iOAPO LOtK.oPrsolo, Lin.S targo, to sugaor, nnd t11 S- " hides. ENR-C.OL o..Per r-h, D 51ls.. .Crtgo. soll tInt cn.o. .ua. go' rr, wlolokey, book flour, ouorer, bacro . . t . . hmt.a , rice. molastn5, , r bre:;d, 1ub1nee. Et. ' ZPEIPTS OF P'RODUCIE t iM1pseJtslle..1sost'ilOnmoe t'oibo,. .tto'o. 511 tInrs t , 1,o-tsoo It do A Funoooo'siot, ii do F~ollaio , liooooo 4. b.'er.oard. 'r'.Prlo.9. per rsts5mo9erSon,otnal..oCnroo, 01o Ihls Cn a.H Wn llaPte c n. 15 I d Sibliev, 410, kre l).nr ,Co lode,,l " 4I-' 5ln. -Arlh Wott y olid 3 sllsh ll-. l paoo Iorsin luml. 0 S' er IlnPho ll, I bo le. 01tto1.0o5r i 4 t o. lnrl. 'loteISsrol'okooE o-AoRKo-Io,,-. I.o: ovislr..Parorso- A Ssspe.r ..C|ooo . 80 kOSTaO ilEOT ls1slnWt. 1l soks haho'. 211 lotslbooo J .1o1,oeto, 10 looo 0,0» oolico. ,.OVoIl"soo A Itolayr-soo, I bo 3 1- 10loooo,4, 4 1hl.o ,oTllleon.o.or oIo sfnlox o .ad A PI,. tt., tIlol ,pI.o n -, ·hha pF 8.l ati 4 and k le r p n.HI, Wet, Ti S4', ll5I tI',aT1 n';A tho,U n d, ] l t b 1, G Ioo . src. e rottoo le nt n 00,0 -5att4Sle ltto 0 Wlloo-,o 1't4'eooo-o~ rsalun tos3 r 9 1 - n la. n Iot l' a o l-,. 1 en1 o . 4' -ooRJja 28,1o Rio-h oooool, ·Ao-o ItoN I,,,oooos~ 14,11'1.·n. boj.tes,40ot o ole ofrdoI oo- snr il o, " n, do f tdo. 2000,ooollo-4' shoo-a owner ,l mbh n-(,$,7oee klnldwnd,2o ttrm do otiedosoo.hPr rtahemorr Cncl-n. h Colrn, 1:wii, s llsot 0n to. meuorolSnlto rats Eollo 1Itot. Soo-eo.. Ca llo, o co.m 3dn J t1 Ulnooo. OorstlldtieasT 8i0 al -e cO 6gsk doz r a4in.o- 1i eI Jososer, t dotoooo. olo0 nor on Be-ord. ilIE MWARKERS,ý SAVANNAH COTTON REPORT. oy 4tIh. -OTTN..A-ieolt sinoo-a Ohilhlo ott.. 1838 tol-, Uopltso-, ead1n 'Shstralo o0 . soenoleaoell dot tote saes tiolo, 1718 ,blaslo Uptlla sod tIU1 bale. R. I, coll.,,; loevingo- storo- o id. iEl.sise of nll kon soipinerd, iolt clseard on tbe 3d inp Sfptb1Op balos Ulolod, and 1100. to.'s S I oe-o1r. .We have oTh leohg to notihe week worka e illithe olo to- IntJo rrdo. t.e dmsa-d rll hosilloo rsOd holder, dollio 00l1sr olo I s polaentdaNe-O; he, n are 57 bo].,f h141 to so css ':-BeIsobnd, the tlousol oote SO bsgs, vio: fromo 40 to 49 S'1CE..The o-ot ontinuhsr p irholut vriaion in0 p'rice. hs alle. o lor " oerk oteokll d. to 831 -osh Cook, $t..f l 10,r 0Po-Jlpollyy 4.S lok veryh y tirht.o M, AJLOUtt rPhc solo-s otths eesh horsee an e toro, -o-lto-oootlt 4otflo'oooof B 0morq, rti~j. Coool so$0jat ttioh s foir '}RQCRIwE~St fir businessh hae been donoo it sooar, o-oo $,%C48A Oot t1,6; optaot, N-e Ool-so do-. M7o-. 1LCMA9Englnd too- Isoor coalto-l m. DO-nea on ew "Yook. at right, to- er, .rot pretoo,,o. FRERfHTO.. Tot Lovrpool,&d; to Nro York 7.,cr 4S 1 per hale. * FOR LIVERPOOL. ir. ha A I and well known ship MAIlRY. 'AND, Capt. lerrv, can take bales aml av sail en unday tlthe .th, ihst. aur t nermapasaage fur 4 rn-hin o-oao /err, applv to -... A !V il "on ABn.lrdr6 l1i c. inst.. FOil I.IVIRI'uOl.. Ra lhe Tfin Al sbip SIIl)NE:, Capt Conen, ll'Vtilp positively sall as abovl and caoll orunj, .i dato 4 tir 3 cnin jpnseoger. Apply oan board oppio te post No 11 3I il "ttlipolity, or to Imy8 " I.J, GAL"E, 93 Cosmnoot at STa' Sail on S.turday te I Ith insl. - :,.'. FOR LIVLERPOOL. T" Te A I and retoly thl sniling, new hnrqae VANNY, Capt. Cowell, rtquirres 10 brls to fill rip, dad can .Itantetaly accoommnodate 4 tbin naangers. . eight r passage aplv to .I. A Il AI.E,93Coeomtonst . APER WAREllOUSE. ANDIi TOWAti, Bookseller, 49 Cartp at, Ig purhnae the slack of panpr ac, of lresa)c. ,ul'e t Co, will kCep onsotontly on hnl ad S pl" of paper suitable fir naws, book tld job fvaols sizes an In qalitiesa super roa.l, ro dt; decm and writing do. fl!io, cnmnarciu at) etI htso various colored puirt." IIpoprer, Iblank tc rlslta sizes and qualities, pinying dt, wrapping, papeapfrinter' ink, trvle, prititge piaoses, bramo. tui, saepds0,&eia all owhich lie Itffer. Ibr tale on ite .ut tlmodatlig terms. Stype Ilrchshed or taken ii, payment of new tope articles. lea0 at CA Jut r ttr an invr icr m , try supertr glaned rnrda, nsrasrtd sizes Irom it tao lI for din at a very low prics byc DAVID FEI:T' & Co, . 9 Nae York Strtin, s itoll, 24 Chirttre rt RAtSOLSancd t11 rft .i.L c anto, Cucro .': inrmg'd-general aonrtlneat lf lalu a2 anl Gine Uolltreu Bnd Prastll lew ad . aion llohile I andiig fown brtwinm. Hnry, fira tie tiv "-ny1l I BR1ti)t E & Co,134 tMaaozine st d,, Ii ern; acoannss iabelotb:kk , landing • lp lt. Louis, f-,r salo by p, III(i t F l Coe 134 ii ga zio re St S A Forte stetott hlOt tttitioot, 18 or a "ng',-r hih $31 per monoih o ill Ie griven, "nsid Csta lplymeot. Apply to Co)lain tart to r"', ttirJ ADI)AMS , WiI r'AI ,, - . it67 G ra vi,,-r st AuI'SG -A eglarge ittice jut recewsetlr cand fee ·i r.9 u ola s S"'IIALL & I\Rt)\ N, s.s 80 :96 Mag.zina at c Fiaglsenaod Perry's double patrnt ate I pena, fr ,lsh'bE DAI'It FELT &r Co S N Y atationerla haull 4 Clatre.lta .S~l EY - Utnreteftcar k Cuka ltollcy, now laodiag wO brig Clara lg n Havana florrnle by J tRVlS & ANNlIF:\\'S, -' IIf4$ y' cor Cunamlon atit Uhnollupiltltlas iSt tlHELOIUENE, BROWN &A Ci " s*0yJ_____o________ 9 Coti Cotit i'oit-Tis in o t-,a and Nirtl arti. .4 L.Uif4 a, rcapidly cotting into usea, iu n r Mamoaaan iatilt.rn laitdera. It istlesigned to ,poaEq9 e Ao c idruch dl ies in tlte cidinary do. SJitInc ' t e".s ceasnry tn Ite protected froom tine ,irfthe i ai3tdritrighs salhllleu r aeralon. rl now eotsidleredl ait iniib preoahltr i y tifleerygood hnlotteitb. liot trotScta trom thei welther c ill mole the urlicle every Iar. cIaeustnntly recejvitig froln tae n:ma, b gte R " ldra ofdiffereat prices.. .1I lab ar icappotntrd Agent fur Ithe manlnfe "A Patten. Sltertnt.ta ti thie Refrigerators be nen at my store 53 BiesllVre et. -.,k iIfCARNES. Un-'ibe mrechanic's calulatotn, prircpler, ulrs ond tablen in the 'r of nmuthalemries asd meehaaies w. :ll hi.Enln(ýerrantd Artisans il gee' . t , . ,tFs l enginser. 1et Ameriane S di tiu. Received Ibls day and t ALEX.TOlldf o, "49 Ct tap, at ri , n Rusia J ... u X BROWN,0w 6 Mag azie at I. flacj in store an 74 Poydrl ast linea ag cut., 0$ VaAS. Ia tsaqi to -i93 es Y A"Oi R 0 E1AN S: m FaLJ)AY [4AY 10, 1511. •. The Weekly Tnre American will be issupd frorm this offirce on Sunlda morning next. It will ae madle up of re thenchoicea t artic!es from the Daily, nie will contain a k faithful eaccount f 'sturday'a tIaraurtliora i] tihe city, tip ito midnirght,. Tie reader therefore, on 'lindaty a norning, before he rises from his bad, if he indulgea no a fr, caa have te inasxplressil eae e ferunaig ver the accounts of the ateak's doings bult here anl ahroel. I lie will inae befire him a fril account of the daily terkets, aril if he bet ai erechtan, IP er ni eaily mark out his b.iness filr ,d i ensuing week by ile ex. priermace te part, carefully anocted deawn in Ir week ly ed iron. iuirld he howe ver he fonad of ri-iLo ear ', lhe ean pass by our cliice, aur sc eSneo if the lcrriers, ed nget a uoter ofithe \Watekly, lren hiasttn In one nc tlte deliglhtfi retrenats in tlhe ubuarbs, andi as yo wilk, Sread, thus the body and lind wilt hotil be icpraced. tiThe blers thenm--will hie sore to ;et a 2number en or weekly, lberis in it tnhey will find such ker, tie prduce mlerelllt, nod tile a:kerl will CIour age, lrecnuae by Sitaltary eorning'ld alnil threycan .slid to theirei stern, western and Europetne frienda, a paplr eontei aing alln detrsils of trle misey, ti ton and pro duce mtrkets, ths larticipa ian tlhe dally palpers of Meonday. lo advertsesa, thb Weepklv Trie Amenerica will he aI deiratle tehticli., fire thliy ihase aly iiealrder. lia in I.e Daily end their conmln:catiopns will go imu tihe Veekly wkitholt i h'or ge r snbseriprhe list in Ihe intrriur if I.oi iran pro seri.c to io largr thr.n tirttof aiyjoarrmrrl in tlhe Slate, and ttace wht wishi illnearerlr ee rnto plrrs aive only to a endus thllir cards. Thloe aner islsPd oil Sunday will con ain a detailed rccilrnt of ilh trials arising nfrll tle speoeulnions or lir. Nhlie, the eproerdings of tl eIl Ci.i ciltef te Second ie niipati'y, Illropenll news, a Itlo : / from Florrlnexcl ashrelrelaiveedh i l e i it Ia, olllltlon of tire ii c ney market dily, se litie a oh rntlThns, ori gital poaetry, &., & Tly whllo wic to sl sri Pr'e olly 'rrutm steIi tt d usr n IrIe deilrrtlrotrhley. shall be served faithfully every Se hundy II.I (cIs.Ge plnu rest lag in tie ioruntriy, wishing ti pIa p 'r re m it tS a lfi e dir iter t ill re d th e i p e r sh ,ll h e s e nt tllrl b ta. 'e hive reeaolred to lraker the Wrekut 'f recrnicr.s:r ihr'e" of ell ita eeoriretilorr, aid a.n threfire ab n 'k"4lly fire ile sulatrriprt Io tihe c tw hai i i.. i,ire rin ill , r ir"'rir-driar f Sir C. GreyO , b ir lIobert -. d here, Ilpon thl Illslllllrv ,lUeSii ,, in tihe I ni(ll e at '(. ll These g ade il . a n . 'I f i.r .r..r lir i ri...... 'a..irie ried ..... ip - ,I , I , i, i tief rrd , .i, l- tle a li tl e di ffrnesl l bo t tr ri lr i i r bmdary, h1 w,,s r map pn h lirrl, r y t r irtirthel inl cI; it l, n l it w l d ol lo n I tierI r l i h' ,ti.Ith , h i !eight sl.,ets Mr. ( ;rev wnas for a a ing this tt'l) pt. r eel Ipln th, ta e ii the I nI -ir Sli, c.,h Ir t Peel be' hlie'd ,',t i f mir istr.. wwr ld y..ln to irt h uh ,i l y r ' that thi li i coui d h"r tIIrt ,I it r ir.n l 1i'i-', al ' i i ri i llll mly il pr odirnl ltlnif ,l tnsl tll ta Illrr lllr r . ' t of tllh pr, ilr. tt te RIril'elir i lire Sliirt I t, r e, ,o cerlrierr l herirrl ci Ihr t he m it s Siris .:I t , l i il to rel0'' i a i rt ' cnar iter. 't'r + it oI. rt lr i ln :V drill'cren ...eteeri c.ptirlllies,, ... l leo ..... [d Our neighlow of liseossi'pli, fornl evrry nacuut pp/nr It be ill a bad way. ' p'I u blic i p1. of thnl tatte are antleovoring to throw light uIpon tie saubo je lans of th' pecunio y V diliiCltie's under which th pIlantin 71l interlet is laboring, buht so fr as their lbrs horn , gor. ,7l . thll,, havel not e ine. tly ...o.rded. T he lt m pool io llll t i, aplp(rs to te, bhat the tn.,.ily of the oc lonit roe i, d, ]It over (heii metans of extrieatilng lhenlselves, ex etse . ept by a ;sale of their property. Not willing to sublit , t49 o this allrnlalive--a runtis oll-nld untable to obtain ic.e, discounts fronl thcir hank,, the law is resorted In hv tile iredltor and tie sheri:T walks in ts ao third parry. Thet mal Union Ilank has issnedr in the sh:Ipet of loe ns over thre foi n olholollf ohilionsto f Fol noit.e Illoilloi 'wo'IVlt Oll)lllh Ill 1"111!, a tnd berin t iateest. lt Ibis resnorce is anw eut ll , ai; n d llth deitor i ' Is 11 to Ilhe tle lder mlh'rcio.s of (ile t e W Iltt. Ini F iom clO ilIrilosI Iel' tin's hlll'( bIan h ld Illo r' qoettll:r (Outorlaor Ilt Ill rl 0nl'sioltif I1f ,.te.gisIoauoe 0 for thellr) pooso of proetring th0 ii n . lCeg of a rliWfi lao. In otherl, alt e l0pts hoave l (int l to ntai1ial, forthcoming b:ond, on the plta of illegalit, Lo toa ani kii, rloleto alld carroll eooeliesii thry a. all it n cll. 0 il fon ill coneqOnoeu of lhe I(al, cr ool the it des an1 yto 1ot fe-ling.I of the people. At Jncksno , '25)000 ca s ar0 e Soo tle docket of bn (ircuit Court. Judge AMKillerv Jihs hael tootled toaltenol he coure of the (anl,( is lbillnlmd bly hbOheds. Trlhou of lhe [liil)ll Iuul Bk is te., no ohnoxilon. Tlo add furl to he fire, the Di rectors of o tllut Inthil n i ll fire allit to establlsh a palper alt .lack 1on, to dhf-id 11th 1 ft, s rlves erom, 1!,e atiacks of other contrac s will Itle soeoiuod lit every laolo l oIv tiora fi le IPi thhor. If it l, dolslreoa t sl t prhvllil, h IotI tL nolther rop 0 ',0'(ill pIlOn tO( (1t10i(0e illlalli I ..lOllldLI depite the Iet nllpana c ernln of her bLinks uand poll icinnts. -- The o P of the ft nin uloo I ofk 1 isjippi is n l strange one, blt lhese are the 1O'o s of neo w things. She hI aiern slitg o r ntai lt s ol olilh securio y of ' lie Ior n roser 11 Ihat nexi) ? The ld ol ,lode of banking is I b gladually exploding, and oi n.hold nut Iho s-rprised to he g C I k iill( l.per ipay ble ejtir'ely by the ik bolo we r. h,. l it ( lT .- iso ill I d llt whether the I t ito r tie keelper of thle pio: l , .hoti(o ldo l he ptnoi-hed. Tlh'her used lo bel olllo di.I 1 " lesoi t ian(Is, btil oder tiie ll1 school of ton<. 'c , opine ]hoot the Aceper should hio 'o pOi-h"d. l h h. tlo -g I ahtetd l ,l l o-tre urer--lotiet' IJ (llOt'ai moIPe.i ilt It1o't kPl it, ao0 yo ll woih ec til pe l lil·,villr di .... are r e('+iv- d o f te3dll - and (".... ta Soh tiye '. -hoeo clerks in tile post oi Iler t Loisvillet ,I harve nalilel the Post J1utter to III1 couulur, ' it bad coin. hey ,'hpe hill wit payingll thlell ot alaouil, and dllwoing for lthat propns, od l.arger nl), i ilolt halllnd ing over to 1them1 the (htko'reo c i b lt l to his own pulpuoes. One of Ilh cl':tks i trtes, his fi0llov LleIk. sentt on to Vushinglon for duplicntos of thle re cil t frnihed Ithe lielp tlnent by aMr. nmp1b ll, and wu ,'ilea they oilbtainel a clv. olf Ieo r ce ips front tile loot l eOhoe Depaltne, it 1 end thtil r .or 1ili 0 i0 ilt, bti it lh lley were fille, w ilt a llllll s on ile , ly foExceding the oolooriro they too1 o to n010iv0. U(lb at ptroofsth oh brcuoooohefune thltlhey we'ellot I tlierelore ro(olul(ed iiolo oIe lollr$.= ]eit io be portted, ' tllol .otl lo Ihe eoncluoir. , tolht at the lld of llr n1xt' quarter, they woul! all, a; req ired by .ilr. C'amnll,e again sign tle recei1pts, in blank-which Ithe did, oail Simmnediatalylroote to n friind Ihan i0 UVslhlol, procnre col ies of the stnt w .iW ll "ere a-.,ill i'led p 'or (orel hao their FI inli. s. ()o the o . t l, ine co, - CI ttale d to ' 1. I (Io op p l!, he totfls it, al s o. ha siie done to servoltal CPeIb IIII fI t [he fie.. c dllollg ill I he cityl, butll o ol ill fr.ell li ol. l iothat i.e w indi .ee i- to .o soi, l lbecause ie hIadI inelt e(l ( n(.| l-lertlll , rll, lse S in litltin. ip a Louse on Third rrc,,t, .,w , Main and (. Water. nall,[ 'so in a bona s p1 I! lit,' at (ere se0tlt oc0op(od, f0Ir wIvylio. ( .xps(,, he pah1, Ile, Illloiil 0e ol11 woo l allow h. im o 111 -, 01 f o. , .ih i(00 of not Ieb rhlo to ]l)se. -I o The t.n ot, . f Andtrew T. I0et1 , oprloipI cler0hk, is Follh Iata itr d by Isalc N. IlabI er t, - lther tln.l. tlll, who san,.. rll1n tootlomo l roreiptso in Mk e thd l oom, r o oe Io - itt t t he aver lo d Ii m d eeo ir m tr +, ll filry lm lr I le o J. Ir'0'lo y r h th le i o tl7 . i f oo 1 MOl , ll ho rI e A.ttd.i. lo d o e oocio otfoar. 0r(0 o l nl e i lner, nl edC iititC Oeol l lleolo tt-- Co l loot .Ii l ' I Ie lhtlain of the.o aslrint B.tIa aftl rnkl fIrl. a lo l e a Iha I.lllOo b hr,-J I stl oo " Jobo o, Sort, F C I, O del ll Ct. 1. ·I lo+ C re trl "I0 I oIl l 1Jio tI of 3 t Ih, talooolo hofd drOSnu Lto It Bok01 vlla it lonoljod ot,, W nrdL hsty. nnll o.Rjos Ild friCllo o. Ihnt i tlllieII 11d 1es, tI Ihe deAore to Lkep the ieyoter f ront lb. p bltoo." ot Wo. raoer o tbio the o ~ourtto Peomnoo ootnl l ier I. i do otdlox. Ftl wol il dlrthctiv proveId, lnd Ioetty I'll eA . dally enlil.h hiJ i en n la lori. tio v with the Igger r,,ues 'hu.e it illriniel alrendy becmea matlter of hi-tlory. Waller iraehotr, Jy-. Handr, John Do ar, F. (;. 111rde'll anoli . Huds.n wer,, -lecred Directurs of die l lneh. of tho (tae Light Bank at Franklinl lust W e lna wday. Air. l t $ na ll w ,.tehoaen President. fir -, A wagin Louh·Slln,smr the JOurnal, has written to j *a-er. end flur I1p OItk cf Peoltltne r. and romisee do 'C 610Cl tho whole receipts, and share it with Alnm. "Aall i. .. '• ..-...::,. : -·,,.<+ ',,+ T -o dt .ohintr, belong the spoils of oflice," is a prio ciple carriad out now-n-days. with a zeal almost ineom prehensible. The very moment that Mr. Campbell,thbe Postmaster at Louisville, was accusal by his clerks of embetzz ling the public monies, a crowd of harpies os patched letters to Washington, applying for the ofice.. At the last datesoawer three hundred anpllications had gpne forward! lir. Campbell promises to pot down thor charge of his clerks. Ohl, these days of cortup t i u n . of The Fet otuto beltween this city and Franklin, Atta kapas county is herear'r to, be tuo by tlhe Tomochchi. A boot is to be built to run by sea from St. Martinaville to.New Orleoon. Ths will be an desideratum, seeing Ihat the aoter in the Ptoqucetine is so uncerlain. S t'ho celebration of the senti-centernnall anniversary 1I of the ianuguratlio of Washington, went off on the re 10t of April,with renat hclat. All parties united. AIr. y Adnams speechiiied, and Atr. Bryant poetized. The Courier and Enquirer has an able article on the occa. I- sion, colltriasting the course of our early nlministlratinls with that of the last tl wo. Tl'he age of the giants ended with the reign of Air'. Adaos,-then began the age of I the pigmies. A f'requent recurron..e o tothe days of 1 I, giants may imilce uo f o thro ol' the salckles tafor by such mi n Jackson, Van lre n, i We tate Ill'ne a re in ntnore uie g t rivl M1"" us of ir. Willioam Kt.ennedy, ne0 .it enmbers of Lord IDu hatm's governmaent in t a'nad lie is making Stour of rihe State. Air. Kenondy is the an'dnioro of one of tilhe mest "otwer'oil poems in the .ngliRh lun guadge-te Arrow andi the IMle--and the writer ol se. veral p~,liBitl toorat that do honot to his head and Iheart When tlsch ilerll visit us, their liberal ectitnate of our republican institutiotns w.ill do more to kindle a kidlly ftelir.g Ibetweenl England and America, than a hundred Basil tllols. There is a story anllot ihaot r. IlunleIell, of tihe lirlr of Welles & Co. ill Paris, is abollt to rrotiblsh a 1n-loh of that hose i, Nlew York. Well, ind what ofo it i It olly proves tat this is the couutryl for hir Sisat investr melll t Iof fPinein tltit. ltr. D)olilao ita btoln arpoinlad to fill itr. Rohbiorn's place in tile. I1. . Bllonk of New York. r. l Iardnter of Philadullphia okets his place of AsitaInt Cashier. Copt. ,'rain,'+ nw invntin, the "Adjustable F.era Scrtaor,t" ufor excattling tumps under water, will be in opernrtioI this OeCllilg t 5 o'clock, nhor t l Second llioripoo illy Ferry' , In tihe Olsite side of the river. PerIons feeling al inlerest in internal inprovemcrts, ar inviteld to atte1lnd andl witn e it, opellr.tios. Plhre/lo/,irl .'/,- iro#tre Dercloremrnrta.-gThe cast of colmlllativerlll'ss which otely took Ibetween Ir. troller al c d o r. Il irri.utrr tc: .n tol vl esterdIty nr:ornlrirg betoi lo Roer rge r. Dr. cc . Tr t or-o o r. Ite . of horvic Ibeet ((ora profr . 1 i0l0al envy) in the Iobit of applying his tgrn o f desItrtovoeneo to I)r. C.'s gorol lm..; that bing oi ermino d toIl h.ave It dvelolpeinmet Ia to the why anl %.h'in'er, llif r Doctor called upon ylr, K. who l trell rlill llli I trotlllllllpt to i :i a ll n .eta p on' 1)r. .' ora i. 'l blow was parried a r lrel: our d ulpon Cli. K,' pircepli. ollrqnll i, eCalhI til l c n wee re-qu ed tir npll.irlncc l'efor, the Ur imhiaol Cocuri r o" i lo'p ll,.at e,1 me .+-.,~ ,i , , t o o n I nAm,,'t~in poi'' 0 , 0 0r. oJ ios,, Toooocro ii tor o µh ," s lle . I t, , lpllh r, the mtiil r, ta e 8i n lre ti e n lr , h at ol't h el u, r 000.000 . o cl o I r t,,0n ` o t ty oo r ", . f ,.,tort Rtoysorlllt r e 1 . . i toy. .... ....r.. Ith " ....e.. y aTir e A lmerien + or;id e. l Ite. o noo ha L tllo t l i ngl , r hlnl S t . t ti,. , or e to oic: 00hl, e 0pl0 0, t l a d too o .. 11 1 'e O - too. alooi,'oto coo 'ooo,';i at otalt.oo oof "Io'oo , intoaol' o ,'r' 'i.o .;ot 0J0a , ' Hloot r1l0 hto lhooa0 they x.l l, red x' ithtny rtmbe ofro copier lat a eo asonablo o disoonoot 00p0l the retail price. 0010li -pin,, twelvo ald ii ha'1eenit. 1,, ad'r ý.11 a copie., one dollar. 'lThe Rrltih Q"..n stralr is hourly looked for at New lt Turk. iTheorn lianI fotln I il that city to join itsfforce, it,. - h th oea of thei, Ittti r tnd Ataericrn Fo m Nravgatiot alon (ot o yhpaoI s glot ao n act of incorporalion at last froim tIi ri, INew 1lok Aolrlty. N\a Jplrlpote ill a fe dost to givo a da. flit tailed history of the for oat), of the Ihrra ish company in are' q'ti ttonl. It was folundld r -y ir Juli us Smith, an A e ical in .ex- Iondollannd it M ll be interesting to usto ktnw how ihe rcontri It ti "ve"I to wrlke aIp the olergy of Itritish capitalsts to ,a bark in t aiiln what wsn th a co IIr ,ived so hi.zardous n.l niiterpri as sea ilthe steaml narlgatlon. Look olt for a ll tlen ctng paper. I The stlone diwell'ng lISe It ofMajor Sa \, . Spencer, ii nlufr t late, Greee rou ly, Jl].. was burned down with its contenllt ll abot two rWeks ago. the Thf twloafon ,itr of Shlbyville, h.. has "cut 'tick" or in ote r wlrds paingrl ll ar na of Iltly I'Pri-e. lur r (tilulri ald rese lh" citizcns of Louisat ille on the r llb li tje jct tfcololiz ion, onllhe ever ingof lhe i'd. There are n , .a g ,'rat a n a a'y coloislt ill .aIiint Icky, but they want su rabota, li La n- u nll to Ill ke a ri nht u ,0n the ,l .P t ,wrd . con- . lPgro shl trealllrer o ir ates i as deputy post nmaster . Roa l Brlrdge, Teline seP.. t ld Thero was 4 feetl ater in the cllhlllnl of he Ohio at Pilts bare b tgh no tol : , t'. . ;i i t do the I ,r iters -'' the i'ientnr mear n by cal c. ling Ii t ni'trviat a dento ionarioi of (hriast ians? a of The N,-w Y' .t omlo Erin I il Ro- R ad bill, .king that (ck- work It Slate alair, has bPn rejePCted by tlhe SPenate. her r Ths is lthe doing of tl. factious otao-foco majority in "of that body. a, d ( SECOND MUNICIPALITY. Reports of Day Police and Night Watch, Saiy 8, 1839. Lowls [IB lrtell . i rre ntaed as a ,igllaeraou anda suspteiior Ihe o utli is ean ariald at Plit ot Iwa reaatto d i.Ja rO i -r- "lig-i.. Jan I'rnnwJlo v main, Jas il~trray. Jnr )ccow " , ( ';It Iet,,il, AlltdreW CatSaloay, arrested f(r being is d u mlla,, dis , tar old. Io R ( llylr. Ifir nll lsllllt ilSd B;lery. l.9o u d o cr to Tle fI o r, r t ourt, t an-nllW t tl n o t ch ir.i. ia n n'ltr' I,, arr Itol ns i sr.llll lat rhraie, r, an ot belin able to irnlrie von,:hr, re of hlA .oad co ut llernllll meanl of 1 ro. , ,:u N lil Fulllat rirr, I at r 'r a lll l ,to s. le FO .IOJNI.SlB1"tR(l1 FU,'ILToN, SIIIItEVEPORT, SNACI'(OIII'I'OC , ALOt"XANDIA, bit 'h i le hlcul 8&uilt ann L r '.. ran ' li ot OU''l oa Al.anrI\IA .N F .. . r' I1gtue tmuts,', will tieptort "oI, tle ..i.urt, o, Sturda'y ,tite,, Ih iba..ti aid 4 a li 'or frt'i.htn ,hr having landsme aeenOntntdn IlC ioas (ahl ninl in sate routni , al c Oun on tIa, onpo)ile 1 110 28 &29 New Levee at t--Si L.. al .. , , , o . Slrnl arrylltrAFct 1 tnoc mla nts ola oat al itt m New York o. th best ate rc- ctilr ,; 'o p e a. I Itlst'o.el oft3 3:t7 t ons, l8ia tot kree l,'57, Ibnram ,oml 7pfe ethold. ad i1r is well l"!to) ti it a rivtr eo lake trs de ,a i of ale lizht dl.alght ; s itpasst.nger up1}Oll thle riv r she Cl annlot ;f- hintsnrlet.el.l h.e can carry roi 503 to 600 ballsof cottloll ulmnb ir (lck. ,ly She is otfi·red ,'hr mle b' ilh the furniture `,c, anti ifnot dispn,', of at private sale, prior to th, 1ot of . e nexIat, he will no tllmr day ble l(,rr! aIt an tll ,ll at the St Loets ,hlt l,('itv I,;v,. . . IrvrhI;ge. "xt' S NIC|IOI.sON, I"xrchrge Illrl al-r I[.'YN(I.I)S, B1I' tNE & Ca, III,0 3 .. . .... 9 Canal t. t Fit,, f, b!ota,,St aa th, l ", Nllle -,f I louisia. t Pa Lottery, ('ia-s Nt t ,iaa r I1o7, a" aa i 001! Ili gh'tr. Priz, ! n ',r.( a0 mt.I 511 l'eizs of ?100. ed 'I'ickels on1, $? ' ! sr - ' N77 nhmcbrs--Ii! I hrdwnBallot+s. nd I, OUISIANTA IOTTERY . .\A thriTl~ d It ,.i\( tffl .e i* t re C(u t , "r XI1, I. rl- iaorild .i tI , 11 )ý.( l. lina 18:i9 ti ba Idr 'wn n itt1-" pa 6 o'clto "k, lit 11. U. S. '~G'tl'cit, 1 rrerlz In a- ATES . | & ..IVc I TI"'t i 'i I , lu osn g ' rs. a " I SC I I h,. 1'7:. 7.7,811 i }'rizen tu m h " to a 91,53:3 its 'liiri,, .. --Ilnl.,.s tl--Qtlatra 50 e+$s n I'a"ckagmi ii 'ilik:t aro ntc wrot, [i todrv !1 j I aas ' i5. . c'l'a k gt ir r : 5 q'irt c lic k e ts Sr r $ r 5 0r, i ! 3t2lw~aages or sigle tlicke. tIii n nt ly i it ahd Alan t,,drs O0i,,, . . 4ew Levee .1" i :n mIi 5 iittal btta triaa e iatrocroParcln o rw ile fora ia Iy G pIt/roe'. . by mr0o A "l'l' l.+l, 3S(: rarirr t ( S1)".1 {'[NC CA'I(J),Y-Just re,,rt fi, f gr inll 1) I NY SRttio-rs ht ll, 4 Chartrea at on a fw of Ritehi~a' Putrn)lt em"Pl' L.1 I)Yiuew PraMsP8 do wilh .yraw alsn a--laerg tarlety o. nutariel prines' all arrllriard ilnrs[ rat artalea aatl fnr ilsle by c .,10 N Otclrt'alcr hall o,; L'harnt,8 at S A 'CAIID. r ]- HARO ES emanatlng froin the lPreasury "l.partt o.50neatlof the United Strter, gitnset its cili zen ol every walk, in or private life, have becnae ao ctnm m that hItoa tnoo ersmle d wolrldha ot toip witl his own wolontgs nd oin rtjurs withou et r envrolr, bit for d his oalll of lidelity to Ihe Ulii)n whni lie beeae t llici. oalily one oflt, egente Ittliurse its onolley end defenl sitsriglhts. Ihtoing doe bloth, henovw stands anlo to `patee.t Illlllselfanlust the clhltrge of defalcation nude hy Ihote GovCrerroo, hlbre Ite ially tibfnral It hin, Ile COUN'I'ti3lEN : UiLted oRltes vs Antlhny Drane. rio defendeart, wto was a dishrselng tofler e lle O n. verlllent, Jett tleo arln sonie years ag. To Ilis g llrpli~e nll nlortlifiarle n lie lts been Reuulnancll e o answer the ellhrge of defalcation h his securiti,.s .ierul tneoo esly atrod whith himsnelf, le is indebted to the indlrfgSeore of the court, for Iaovioo Limo to seed for Y books and papers, to disatan paris ofthe coutory ecves e ary Ito threfutaion of the lnhrge. He annoounces himself ready to answer o perificallvy.thel ease is called --jury summoeed-allgatoiols reidcl--oauose oe.ned ,y the diletrict Attorney, etol tihe pleoadilgs belrn--the prolserltion tnken exnletol too Ili ae nswtr--thele Cotirt °rer th\tlh lexeept~lon--hey join isse--and wthat is the revrot i--a mot.ion o .ilnoohiooteoo tle part of oe United Stditg.e Now, whtr in the iftni o' tis to f nn, sn Hlml vie defee LIi(Iil l in co)IlCorlted i--1 nnFIIar Atus : Th, de vtnant has ohieieo oovur moi ndate-T'rl fSlaSas ftimn itself h, t to li;e c ooglt it its ow ot d 01rntlat ., iom oeoll5:r the" dli.grnlon gttenat 0 t o0 Si exr s tre, ill anlil otlpen Courtaond that Caldrt too, to itN'.ne tkie, tlakt t l eot. gehnlea tal trihble, tr ', s tel' o dt hishondtor, nlf Ibselry aittpt Iet sac i fioi..n r the IL,,00,,lOof people torprcotnl in this f t art i'innva only t o mi d111 that h gauntlt was (1rntvn-1 f have puked it up, avd 1 hurl defianle at him who dare lake t floln Ille. A II{(ANE, Inte Asst. i. t. U.S. A. N B For thie trulth ofl what is tretrieny stated I refer rt e r it e roeolrds of the (o'0 tot. I tI t imt A Toto IE!o , 34Goo ravierat I ! l I':tRINS- 90lU-b Lxc's (ao;nl 'l oy m0ilt l Ait RIEr, 34 Grlvier lt Cottttit of tllonicli000 N,. Two. tri g'.. . oi f toe 3l o f h l p ril/. 183 i. -.HII I "AS nopplicnon hat s hee'n ado to llii . V" Coruncil hv JIuhr II. Ilih-n, Ju.lnes Rainey, W. il. Avery, W t. orv or, Jto's t. Itogart aod ilti tere otllers, own ftujftto.l rver i ly tvcn t o t Caue n 0 le lipre llrdoltltleollntoaoin ta ,rhom0 s tr-eet0 iln et s rrt. lie, fron0 IIo ott l tr t to o nllulllatioll streel . Be it Ih rel'P l:; {(P lve tl,,r I n tic of slaid np) tilcn. tninon bel gireln in Flrench~l and i1| E.lllisll+ ill tile Trllln Atlll'ri(elll tn tll lit in l ontlllt l o n to , wit h lawl ln d thatt ii not rtatisfonotnry nlooitooto hIt lae to S0t ipropodl loot Iltlveltle t IIhat Ihoi a (:O wll(ll l w I roceed o cal te s. oid stlrt Ieoltee, d and tida 'ttilled as is rlove. foir lv !0t'. i toll oriulioifiln, tccordill g toI th,' Iprolvoioon of tIt. an't of3d Ap ril 183", veoiitogo thie 00 rOing of s "eets within the limitrf of tt. city of New Orleans te. Sigoted JO)SI1t.\ IILIA)\VN, Recorder. AO;I{ISAI:AIt.' to he lio logooing 00Retnon olt orlice n hcrrlly giellltoot it i the ;0i00000 onf tIh Counttril of 31l niilpnlitn No. 't'oo.- to 0pen oao l tontillle St. TIhn 0000 streot ill It ilratioht lilloe l00 ino to-oe to Alllotciu tll streePt. I. (o r.Mi, lit. toIIt iltt III" 1,39.1 I'Clt folloitog tonot-liro ttootNooutoootra 01 tiloe G nd It State loth'lrr (: nIEs 5n , • 53 i;9 t 'l 53 3:) 3 F I : 'i 1 :36 51 5 10 3 S tili I i- Bai Yi l aI I·i~,lillllito l 1143 ~ J ('itpitel I'.oizen. 81.2I).)! "0'010 ,0kS only , :3 00 (iRAN I) STATI'1 ' .O'1l'lOTT Y. 'I..8S No.',I :i, o r, A otrt ,'; ' ' o, I io l]t i2 a ., hý:d"11 l 'dr~ * T II I til t t oh'f . ' i . I,, flito , I, 4 at hltf I' v iie o'el rl: vii l~i~ho;,l', h,.t+I (Cotlmolnl Pst. 7 N'. h,, -Itt Ih-att ,. too h S. o ,olerO a31 d .81 Il [2.,^11 P'isa,':`, nma otl~u l,. to I1 13,793. 'l'iuk*'t+ $'t 0:)--It:l v,"s "It .5'--tltrt..-r,.r 75i,"ts ('."l lliicat.. il" of u'l".,l,.+ ,if "J : ,, ,, b~ I "` i ,', I ,r C7 i I.'n.- llJ ; I ['+ l rn, ,,, In; ' . ,- $31t,r It,, [l 'l . i 1 ;4,)\ ll - 'lp , k _ e rooI, ttt 000000 001 -lto~ tt,' i l,t- Otto+-a+ l",r t':, aa:+ ou -i,,_'h. T 'k, I- 0800 i I 't n o t 31o, Il _1 AIt ...l ,af l*,r , `lt. lit ['holir~rc,,m. e Is t I.ll'l[A ISIAN.\IarIIaltl tIeaaa-s Panial ibia SColur l I'rUIbate. 'n all whom these presents may conicrn- i(creeng. inn Kl.n-I ii th iat wheres hilliamI Mackay, a re he.I ident o lf th city of a1aynvilli, Iy., has alIpheid to asble tile Raf istnir if "ills, In and aor a el pnr;sh & ciiy ads a o caN v.llhacn;an, nnde lclieiCleL a o tleCaaiurt i- ['rNo tes, in and fr the I'arrli, and cii V Nel Orlean, aforesaid, forn •M NTIlti)N or ADVER. Naew TIShE3IINT• in coaformitv to the Aen of he

lrcls TLuiaintureofthe Siate cntitle "i A et, a r ti he ntion furthera sllranceofnires tl p nrchasnrrsat Juicinil io , Sl ,," jiirovacl ed, t10 ,it M, c ~r hl, ,, , ,.olice i, ade I ICC' ie 1;1 riiiaaaeii iiny rorn ilatciii I i,1 viriue o], anil in Iibedi elle it+II all ;der of sol I rnll at s I d C I pit Irobanes, IIl and Ior tIe pi ri-a anol ,ntr . , . , e le ,l( ta April eaci,',i aho ,,' idIiit Iianirnliadiiairtv elhl, anifl rt'nlldeled in Ihe lll ater o tIie late ea alNlth,, i (',x, n , petitii uf (:hriitioaaiier Ad amt:,ju.Synd'l~ thi e IIcreditors ol said sacaes. "son v, Naiancl , tia dei'eased, atihc order af uat aalc /an sal, granlteJ I•ursua.t iitc de llilcrlilns la ei tig at tle crciilira oa tl, dec ani llhh hhIl and onveed lin thile Ihalrll dlay o Feh rlltrv eigzhteen hunt red Ia thrry v lesLi, ])LfO'e ar i II. II., nas, Esq. Niarv PhIh, noud nso afla r re n atiun on the nilth d af 31 ) UIIlU tclOsillld beli- hllt hilndred cand thit iget, lil r nc ,c, ut I Ihii ahresaid sufc(ession oi te lante Nlihanie C,x decelv,+,Hu au'elp,q-erry hlereialtelr dese l II· ed, b.'lehlUfn to thoC said stlleeesion, ",vl~lc l pr ) 'l p r y a,,,s aljdi = ld i u J sid W\llliiil t ?,1 ck as theilast nad nilciies itididrt eruini ior thi i olnl price ind snin of seventeen tlellola l rnndjllr. cal- Description ul Itheproperty as aivean in lthe Judicial convayane : A!I aond Pingolanr ino taitin loas of ground, dint ioge~hir inith thi tnilddii 'a and i tprovaneines, ._ thrreu. andl all die riglha, previleaos, euslilll, Sways, rvi nlasdes and advnlaea iheneunlo be InaIOllli, or ill anyit ase nallrl.'alnin , nitanic in tiie sulbrb St. larY, ,n this cliay, in ilh squilare boundl ed by P'ucdras, Magazae, Lafayettei, and Camp /sireeis, ai;i designatedi by lihu n hlrs seven tiii ci•.iiha !,i a neerais plan dran by Fiedernak \Vill C, Ilanllsc, l)e lauty Surveyor Goeneral, under dale of the seventh day oi April, one iousand eight hund, air red nld thley.eight anid deposted in the oltice of aa l . (ican, Esq. notary ;ublic fl r reerence; an- w/hehi ~t-o loa ino aioin tact, her, and Intosiru n' cacti inenatynone feeat itrmen italctes atid ,i liae. ront on said P'ydrais strect, by sixyal.taree feetc t lenen unie, Ande a is lines in dptlh,ietween ear. allel liute, fAmerineti niias .] e.] hia 'erats--ne and three years credit, for appr - v d ndorseld noes, secured by speciala mrlgon unlll finai piyiint. C in~l allnld lat~he IntactT juan a nd~ and buildings harern describad, in aoaneqa at, IItarma1 IIa; iii y li a ,er i deareea, r ju di bolreei ed, id undiler a hi cl ite alwas wa at or any irregularity or llenalitiy in tha apprait It 4 or advertis,,ments, in tine and manner fa , Ir franyo.lcercaiscaor dcct, haitnsoever, ar a- by aced and ad innisae d IU in cwiwnt i Iri Sdays fromn theI publiention hereof why tlae ., so nmade as aftresanid, should cat |be confcl m and onologageid ill aeeordanllce willi the ap t ion af said parchaaser. V liaaess myhandand Ihe seatsl ofs rt of Probatne., thisnsaccuad day ,i Say, A. D0 1 - - [j . [ - ] w. F. C. DUIPLESS 3 tac 104i ins lte ster,,i ills. of PAOIolsE h FolEiHA Ns. SCOUR DES PREUVES-Elat do c Iouiriano - "Sl--A tous coux que cola peut neneer Salutit Qk'i soil conlu qua, attenda tuo William MaInc. i key, da hvillido BlMaysvlla, Kectitihy, ca'nt ad reand au ldgister dnes TILastaens, d;ians ct pour la paroisao et la vill de la Nouvelle Orlians, et ex officio greffier de la Cour dos Prouves,.dni.s ct pour ladcitn villa et paroissn, pour pulblinr, di untonteira -orntornsaodaint h UU a aeo d la Ldnialatrle, intiu li "- Acto pouer caniriearIa titreca de.s acqud6rear nux vcntes judici;ircrs," apllprouvd l 10 Mars 18d:4. Avis eat par I, prdsent donn6 s tons cnux qua eela penut conerner, qu'en vertu ot on cxdoution d'un - ordre de vealnic de :adite ciur dos preauvs, dnas at I et ipour In paroisse t ville de lan Nouvello Orldian, on date du trois Avril, tnil hluit cent tranni hit, alip rends dans Il',tire do Iu ah:casion de fihal Natlhan. iel Cox. sur la pltition do Chlrisophel Araim, Jr. Syndic des ar6aueiaer dala I mitL su ceasailul do Ibu i. SNhaniel x ; loqcal ordrd edo .neitt Iht anccardd cotlflrllPuldiont aux dd ,borationls d'une assenaiblda Ides Crea tianeiers (ii di1ntl, dUllllant couIvoqlluO et teanue o tlrois F:dvriur, nail ht i cCIt trlnto huit, pardnvant t sieur II. I. (ca.nes, not, plub. et ausi lyrO ins eiaublicatiois acitmil:a ,r c luii ; h I IRa i .i tar t es rcustalllens u frrn ell vt~ll ,lltt llltchquo a I'ull.-ll le in(.uf Illi t'il hit ceLn troatot hui, pct ur etoul de 1. dito cicecaiou di t u f :i l cin ' (ixl Ii s hivers ticanmha ci aprs diterits, alatrian nt a la te sUcC:om£)l; lasqueaS lire. ad I:. WIllilac Mackey, plus offraul, et t'td[rnior ,.,,.+'.r...... eur ou I 'l llaUin totaledC sixii epi t il a ill, la.l'rce. c)mcripioa d Cla pnropridr6 d'alres to traoler( judiciat.c IDeux lots de terre avc lIs b(tilsse ct an-d iora tions qui s'y trouventcl, citous lea druits, privi negC s, coaltumes, oics, aservitudc, ct avantages qlui en dd pendent, snitdn6 au fiubourg Siaatno Maria do cclto Svile, dans I'ilst boref par la rue Pliydras, des Magazins, Laifyette et du Cacni,, ct d.satgnid par les inuaidros septet lunt sur ui certain plan drean d l par Fldddrlck WVlliamsoina, ddputd arpoteiur gtnud- a ral on date du sept Avril mil IIi t eut tra ta huit, at sdpond pour recours nll I'dudo da II. B.Cmas riel hot. pulb. lesquels dits lots altenanlt Ilua a !'Pautr, racasuronatehaean viaglt at u i dies, terois piaces, sin I gnos do Face h In dita rua Poydras, cur suiranantu treis pleds ono ponseo six lignes de profouduur entrs lignoea parallhlc, mesure friancaits. Conditions. Un, deux et trois ans de cr6dit on billots ondon. dli saptissactio, aurds par bypolhequas p6aislo JAuqu' a parfait peaene. , A ass causse, aoutoa psisaltnas qa ol cc poaur. s, Sroient avolr qclquo rdtlamanTons contro lea Iota do terra ot bhatisos ci dOosnU dderita, an CoEod. rt qca d'un ddfanst de forlne dan Pordrc, Io doea l l nu jugenment do la conr, en v6itn dqucle la veontao 'a .d fait, ou de touto autro irrdgularit6 ou illdga. Slit6 dans 'estinmation, P'avis orlec temps et to mode i de to veuta ou peur toute antre causo qunlcioqia, it onsait par Ion pr6sdntos ciieaa d'ovoir ft dd'u.iro dans to trcntljours, t dater do la publication dui prdsenl dooa s dane los papinro poblicn, too rnisons pour lee. qpiicoes la venta sinai fiito, neoorait pns nopprouv6n et hOmoloogud, coman.. lo domindo ledit acqu6d i- Enl foi de quani, j'y ni appoed ma sighature at 1e hia scean de lan dito Cour des Prouves, ce i' [L. S.] dnaxlDmejour da.umois co Mai, A. D. 1839. t W. F. C. DUPLESSIS, Il 0mni Register dns Terotnsena. Ta T E-OF LOUISIANA-'OaOrt im. te rict Court. S Tile Stats of Louisiana, to all whom these pro. sInta salill conn greeting: SWhloreas, William Mackey, of tihe city of Mayo. nv ill, Kentucky, ihavirng purchased at a sao made Sby the lihoriff of the parish of Orleans, the pro. o party hlereinafter described, ihas applied to the clerk of this count, in whoseo offic thio deed of nsale Swas recorded on tile secoln day of May. A.D. 1839, 00 for n onition or adlrertisnanot in ouflosmity to on nctofthlsa ongislaturo of e St Lof Lonaiina, ni- entitled '"an act for the further assurance of titloes tis pt reOhascr at judicial anles," approved the tenth day of Moarcl, 1834. -1 Now, thlreforo, knoo yo, naid all pOrsons ate. en rooted hlcreic, nre hierooty cuted and admonished is tin Ionnim of tie Stant of Itauleinna, and of" tile I "irst Judicial Distlrict Court, who can naet up any tightl, title or claim in and to thu property hlroin/ - after described, in conasequnce of any informnaliy an tlio onlon, demone, on jaulginnol of tim conarl na1. - der wahicii ttie solo was oaade, or any irregunnrit' or illegality in tile apraisenilots and advirlisionmits, - in tiome, or nianner of salo, or fbr any other hfclct whatsoever, to show cause, within thirty days rhmn thie daIy this imoiitionl is first inserted in tie lblic i papore, 'ly tile sale so naido ahold tlnot bl con. . firmni ad hoe iologauod. ' The snid property nas sogi ny tile Slhnrillf tile 10 parih a dfireaid ot thol tle ( ly of April A. D. S183 i byi vrt.ino.. ata dil.roof Ion noun., r.ndcutl no abe d dayn of naurchi A Ua , wit athnt aiinn Itittod William Macheoy no. Bier & hon en, Na. i et. fr,3 oF tho dochifthy, 9f a this e blr amo inro i. time maul Williamn Itinhy hencaino it ii lre tinner i flir ndte pric e asfii tyoin. ia hlan 'oiyt Nlons p' lundred tloll nth mnalo s no low, vd. sn I' ti In' uhcnlso niesonun linb Llionipot') of o~ ant asetp tinnion lna aYi p noy i, 'at iiaii tl iad and ninlyfico dlolna nod filly o: ccii, o~ucli ho Th ounife tha" ti Mc Id lots a ar o haond, togther wlh plltrchiaera*nolenil n I i i I ravln t .h tnleonrll t aand lii nieto r i, frit if nsion flals oT Lodioi;tinn oath in,: . eien, trune oonl. fcuo lno I. hnroaiznry, 1139 niuma ti, halniol iti ad ae r to t ll~. hatrlsl ,innnnoone oa tn pro lienty ond iiialil mii. a . I Igit)hO, sil alld lie bllullmn 'a " ant ,u ,1,r.lniciii itehorno, .ii " , fi nll O h hilll e m i- Ir in1, iji 'e tiier e ii.lno1, pJ :', al m,' 'IIR niP . I J mi( , ' 1ll l ci.Mrly ofi~ nl'luirn ci'~n f~in' rtsc inelonl:;oanl cll~ hello ni l, Now eoner nlnu'l e ludvilalus u l 'l g NoI rilllou. lii slI i m ll ,oitII , . i luo)), rl l t'r, ) ll uyl " hi' i i u uli , li nuI n an,' i o',nJFi: . of .tuisu'u hi l'uI ci, uAm. ' i. 'Iuuu'u lal .ll ,,o'it'Zulu, lint io a es ii, iff ] i o yi I;I un lcimi. 'iii ."duuim'j iio \h'uI(iDiua I~ium, xrlltJ Ilii ii I·i Ilv Ic·~ilgi aflin Ill IO--Lt e..I:IH.\Nlhn I)'ln'f'Cl'l .i -- Co-r -Il,l-.,..,, .,-._-.'. T - - - .. . , 1 T A T 1)P'i,:rA I, t \N -. . . ... ('ounr Iu Pru pr 1)rsrr 1 Jdicittdiore-l- 'l l l do tila re- 1 ouisi .nn. -. u. .. .lux qu. cos l.. irsrlt, s cot . "erto la ent+- StLh lt Nor fitile par le Sherlff t Il .iss d'OrdasR li pro. it- prid6 ei.nprys I, a lddres6 au groll do the coltte orr, ril In d 01 vel ot enr6gitrolrlf It ooce ho jour do Mai Ie lotIn6o 1839, i onr u0 avis, co. icing rtrm roan t d oun a1 du la L6gislature ir . 1 Etat de : is rla Louisiano . int.t ld Acto poor cotnlir nr l.o it by ritres des cir 11t 1w10 ni x virlrno j ido Irlrotn ; U tp Lrom r to 10 gar. I. a . l,*',1 so, i . ..... .. and t olles per sonle irl s:.1 slllt l ar orr prrfr.entro o of sol otir rte ao ro l" t rt de l ea 0,s,0Ul e ,t dr to rty corrrir ' r i d ir ir .t : ir rr A 6 (C ,:o r Ir'ou d It' d" . r e dm,., I'ort rr, t o ! F es. o In jugiurent la ; Lo r r i n vertu h u I , vi ter er hn d . li , d,.lol t o rre r, il i '6 ,h6 d ins i i rrtirtion ro lrrttI ur, r2 l to t r lr r id, ri s d o r os, oontri, lrr ru . l"oo r No. ilus, t , u,,rrr l e drl e r o ir voir dactL rr ,tlo vursr it h ,o ir r' l r ublieao y fol'l tioll doC c,'t:nis, I)')lllq, i !,) V,'uih. :x11101 glltsC lio Lpr a lil' t o i ropr6il: ltsr rlllr p Ir r 'o ri o $ ri,'ll. b li t l llee d ln to le II ,,mi'Avrd dui: .t llllle 1 a;9 . e r l. tl an'tl I)l' ll d,' will eollr, ru' du ll t d,; . l ars de thr. l',nn16 1 31), l:ms l'fl '.rtir do \Vihltm .\lacke3y : c tr, centre I rlcr t tervvr, No. 17.3171; du t ltI oe, do Pro- e'st reledit "(1ucrtr par b: prix ido ;d7,100 y na payabo oml suit -savoi: : arol L',trrrrro.r asrln:lonr lr irp:o rit rio it roritir do drltx ,Ilel del .i,fi965 56 centsel chaqur, (qoi .erou dial dis le `96 mrs 1810, et la balaece comr ptat ; I'ac. quoreor aroroar1rr anssi l pairent dr la sromrle io d, . .)e Git; a I Boanqoa do IU iole do lt Lotrsianoe ts aveivr aort lnliux lU 1r pour cret a coup nor onl sr le..r rBioriS 1.9, ct la balae coot rptart, eot re. be- servrrtn ir polhotlrb ie p6ialle our i n pro rrilrri 7th vnoodioo,,uoqr art, quello soir paye. rn 1 )esiption do lI proptrit6 t'.prso Ie troansfer i, Loamoiirdi6 ndvisor do doox crti Ihats do torre ol avec outerts ios bilisos et am6rlirlioraitoa q s'y Odr trolert, iislqllo los droils, chtulils coltllllles, of eroritldct, prioldge e.t ava trrge0s 0y a.ppart1at Sd irl'ore irllr ure q eloorurqpo ; 00 lo ot t ro111r(trigor18 or ct lbnt prtio tie oi batturo elt o , ie duo iubourg rc Stio. Mario dot ana oiloe, forrmnnl I'or oignor ir 0 ios barsso dts rues Jule rlt Nouvclle Levnr, or rsirt d6signrd pa iro re tn . 1itt lvigt, our u00 p ta to la dito baturra., r.p:eod otn I'6ttrrr do Felix Itrioa o tlaire, dal6 du 3d Juol 1032. Le lot no. 19 te. 1 suro 41rpi4ds 6Idpooodo focd o In rioe do ola Nile. iLeve, stir 100 piods plus ou nmins d e prror o t cur, d'prs n crtic pPdl6, voyor de Silre, u t de d I5 mars 1oi36i, i Iaratll qu0 cos deoox dite terrains nesinurn t e ils iubl ,, in pi:ds nnglais, 70) plod; do lteo a- I rue la ht Nouvelle Lors rit rrrr 10)1 dio |lrfOrto r r avec l tr l i110 "tio(s onu fond coapital do la Banqeo do IUllon doe I r Loruisiana. a 'Idoin honrorabl .A. l. BIucohanan, juge do la oour susdito, Cn 6 Mal 18:18i. Id P. LE BLANC, Olmroi 4t DIlllrt r rftior. j fil Kt1e\G-INsir o b uiri '01nro inoirg lorr of " O ntboat Perrsi ani, fr rieC) . dr [11'1E l ;t I)OLlb-Jrr rvrrrrrori ry . . Chlntohioor a l rigo orioar oftolg a0r and Lt - atll', nosy s, look, Conrur i n d ohor l tr te bI no 1 Ai trI A tr 4'J o mp Ft I) r't9S-4-- ·IIII, iu., le,,; A liolt bi IA r -ý . V 11,11'-ButnNu d(10 boxes in stoic, fbr talc d S 01 ABRAIIAM Ill!Elt io - pril 7 r t "1 iG r ynv r lt 00 . 1.' ItUSt+; d , ll oorw SluI,, ! rior \\'e Ito lotrrr ,"r s rol }},,v r~ ---I) 0 Ale li ; OLt, otEV, -I New Iie'ee at I1,, Sidh' t A,d ,'shoulders apt r J"E'I'lS .N & A i :l{ , O.tlorooiiro ; I II " d r irrh broownl do lar.liog, 1fro oto h1 96 "_._ _. J I ' \ IITNI'\', 75 C'allm st r13h , uprrh Stlreel trnrtu~ro. t 'i tl:ro\,';s I'nradlnl u Iost, illutraeud bv John 1 Vi, is fitl hloe litnllr va r,, l rrtul n ro i I e tia r r I -rllr iut t ai-r, litrurlrr ru rrrrrtrrvols. ] i Illito olf I(:tll'to-- lI' re ill lsrrr o1 , ' 'Ir,, 1111lr Ilrk Ii ru rl urr--llrs ot lr l itr t urrr I llulurrlr 's l00rrll u. illl wer itr, i ll r rll . " co.di . El.rro-rrtr W.. . . . .. Jr i.'o % I, -ceid - 0 r Ihorlirrlot of p o g,( tori i 'llr e ,s J r Piis, AiielAored tolhrdor lruuirs he or -r 1n-hacoo Si Cfa nrlll pal1n togenher wta r l no- C 1 / rioty hprrehiolt \Skor, 50uroi-tio ilfrooh, rifro.s I Er (r oroo tl~i rrrrhLeolror, to iro trlor det, pri irs cbea ei th(nI verli~rdo .Orel i 14 ityt . AlrO r l diitozn liar Olt nlust I.oerlta, I tainO... no. TL'oru. ir woao t will do well 4) examine this great nss ortr ne a . / 1'. " . 0,I Goild and Sil ......anted. nlpl 15 I 1 hot1CItaflopo Aiorl.ClOI-.3oloororoa Storol,, 311 ºJ boxes.; ,olt's Acobol,3{) baresa, fur nl, by JAIVISI & ANI)RIIO'S, ap1ll G corner orllllolo nnd alol pitnlutlssr to N ,J \i6b.BY--Nos. 7, t ..od , olo h N tlt4 l lnofrt aoryy IA por, ..l n vrrit , ari t? A TO UWAR,I4A 19 n:,.p t tots ;' - c; Catnap . The re I t 71L,o OI'ENoU THUSI)AIIth Mti unde ge , tll iretio r. (lirrge ollond, end on ode tinue open evry in til furIthIr notice. T'hP fo1I nce will nsist of DRAA C ENTER'T NMENTS, A (C N :XIXllI ION, U Imporrrd from Inglnn(, at ln iin.ns exponnse-, and i never hefire eqileu in this conltry io the extent ntd Insignificent deelopement of rit to 1PTICAL ILLUSIONS. [e tJ Fe particulars see hi;s of the day. Doors openet Ialf poast seven-Porformtance to comn imenes* t 8 ohIo ek. may8 6t Irquette seats $1--loxes 75 csa. R . UE AIEfIICAN OFFICsE. ndo It enonnecio ith this Otlice is a in. SPLEADID AND EXTEFSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE tIme .IIOTIl PRINTIGt OF 39, PAmphlets Blank Checks to Catalogues Bills of Lading na, belts, Dray Receipts, os o a Notic Auction Bills, At , ill Farms, Show Bills Stem Be lls I Circulars in m!5 40,61 X, .io Alnd ee rsecriplion ofl ob .V'ork a ny ann be -,qelead. iy, IFilliII-N', IaSUItANCUI. • COOKI OIANIY, or i ew orleaos, Moay 4, 18:9 e i h ro,1 lh rlr k is duec h e t I opy ble, L l Itto nIiton1839l. nI i I j I.I: 1 T ACo , n Se t Ps u 'iTI:XU i)itdiJIN(t:- I)tL ES I'UMI'tL-is , .O i LK N otiello Orlndan.s. SJES SisiI rioir, rstnilot pr IvenlsqaO In 8 lo inl i ll ut 'oi Iii' .tU so tusrii ptl 000 ll o ii lynt ble i n le iti11i d e juL , Iil 9. E I. r lltAiy 2. SitenI( nirMoe It. &C I1v, jllt it.o"'eiovd on tiIpy of ne i i l nll t rt i e ,kiln ..-,1ii 18.,i lit t el r itoil I r ioats and bioit,u ,i0 ll ue. ltf [le f hulhwiut patterns n viz: 1 . t 1 11i . i trns I 'll . 1 nO t J iih o ln l llalll ' tIr( li ill t I1I rn lII to bi t ih be Ap1 ipr lllrpllltrlove ditr ..(t willetak n o L .lo ty tIlLL dot li . n l r /b , if In,) I ~ * l l Il llil'tl Clll lt - - uor,,(: 1t. l nl!t S case a s tlIll lis iirom7 ,It Hl l60 J ) IIlu i h i -'m r r1101 i Ific .' o i-iJ ILL , i Y- )IiI, , L .iI un + i 11 ull 1i 1 A f N aIS e Ill, - - t I o tiK--ll k Ieg i)itll'd li t ols.e ot. Ir•b it i +l • '1111O ýt (1 1+1 S, 3 hI:ln nll'[ 0t r i-RAIYIN INFIRMlit-ARY - - t" I116"i,) i- 1 .11 ... ll t1 1 111 o11 ill l l 111 1, ' 0 d 0 i I lt .ui tlii ioi i$llII ll.uuu IiI ti tt 0I t uIoIlul I o, t Innrtelvl 11 ol it 1 : t 1 ill : 111rll I o ,Inlll I 1e I•i"' l I' ll)lll !,illlll t' (:., I I "Ln .n n I , alu ll' iltl ' le 1I 18x1l I 'h ial- llll l i llli I wlI tillti ) kil, ll! 8xllce ( n ,i1: the 'I ; r ,. t rnu ii t i Lo s )i II NI 'lii i . , oq11 ~1 II 1111 LL I I r(Ia aI dl.1(.mh ll I i Ila l1nr l .1 (l( 1l, 10l 0v '1'h,' c..tllrttlll.,hl :iv 01pple 1 with1t)ar I b),llhl and A l ll P. r n lio ,nde i* na llI n tl np'nkill g 1 1 d t\ I . ri nid li tllll l I; 1 n llll l nll).ll hI lllv I'ur pt I)0 I Anrtca nl 1)ll~n~lil tu1tuwllltri SIi ll.: p -,iid t, I,..wil_ l..ln lill .' L r-.l' I l~ l l:..(I. ',,i ih 1h10,o III , . , il. r io 01(11 1i 11\ ,l, . I I :i.l-. I .l111'ti HII 11111 11 -1:1 .,- lib . t ' (· ill(.llll, t a . -. lie 11]:ll , hit I.l 1., 1, 11 81 1. ntr,< l e-. b r Itl-ll \ ltitN:lrih :Nl I'S --h re 11r, \ ~ nll, I l, . aro:...' . , I 'III V.\IrI ,;only b Iho s nll ilt 1' n I 'll t~l Il 'ild t l, m oanh i 'In . "11,1 rt ~' " ilt :I8 I.1' t' 'r. il l, I " *110 1 son. i Ske i h b- 1, ' No i . . nod fo 11l b .A E X 1.1 1'1 { ir'h i,,,iiovi 111 'olrr 0'ini' i bIki~rn ob'll CII oi dol rrr ioi'iiI.,'iin io dinor, ili Join1 ooiiiii. . lll'*ii,uio D·nkH I).EV(EIIEU. iii oioli,olin', ir noirllnol,rl IIIF· 1i I lli'I Moalgnoiiii'vir'o'1 ul'iii hai~ku' Ar. ii V1fhhi! ikr ''oii iiniiin'igr Iioo-j\( nndiivnoooi7, iiroliinrii iii:,' ai rrni ,rii n ~nii',ni l fir l r irri Iin a w ii'ri°l( n o 'iillfilrr giron goorral onlirinorion rio Ii o l rho lnSiiiri'r.Io''(iiiii) I. 'rIIII'IrICO II bI hou r', i onFroiin d iolleliiiii iiiibrrr iiiiirior, inlh iiowrll by I' vi, II' ir ldscnei~ls NilI II-rkiilotrvniiiiiiyiiricuiiiii nnl irelorr,lr, ' rI 'rI iiiiil (lvii,,,, ~l; r if~lu STliiiir~i',r~,i, by RovirLnad (:·~ rsioilr,oiui N'nlrooiiiclAri, ~iniiiu~ Sr ug111 niiii Pinoiidiivb. or liv Iri~o~l 3liniled~b -t ~cleXlle~l~rd, st lolll~r ·by tornlnroci~vWii n 'ho',n~ckll~ iiiioibvrlII / IS JiOIIN (o ('lo rr ir~lrloror IIII no,111I iiY ljU bl ilrl· viii iiiii'Jii ivnll~ cl l 'le~or l Clrl· I i i. IInl, No ( I :~ll r,~lU I ) ld iioiis l " I'iioii'Irih:i vI',ir'ord, '~CIII S(riolnlo oiviol L 1 onrll,~ r aiiiig, dii \I~li,'hni· ,io do Si'iblnrv dlo do (i;llolr dir hu;rry Indivia Pooh, iii iovop, iii i~n vooirs I 'loniinoiiuii ivi bi' lv,1 gy'c, ,',l('irda ni . loi, Ilnoovlr, in,- roloby A 'JilIER1, - j B~:S-I Illn iii~ilgiY b"'~'r noer, Ieioioiig irnni, Ilori100 Cliriiiruouvv ionr ooIoI i~IIALI. & BhhlilI, i' ln~l 'loiroin or olinirliloro, fr nibl by ii)) on;~'r':'r'.ifoN &AV ERY y (inovunr r l nii huslly 'A Ti;IEBi, 5 AllES;iis doomn lodroi~ orrob -orL'ig Ansoefu uu TRIER, 34 G Sranioror pE~E ANf) ASPA5JA, by Wolirn Saroge l'hi' Cobinor *lipiioivr, hr iMn.0 houre, onrllonrcnrngrbo L1~~I, irjIn &n(ril CiiI·. I3RAND REAL ESTATE' LOTTERY OF PROPERTY Situated in New Orleansi:. ' TO BE DRAWN ON THE let ±IECEMiD.!E! 18390 IN JA CKSONYOv L)E1,' i ( :` Udor I.e superintnndence of tie o t "sp. pointed by the Le telstive Aeamintor.]o SCIID T 151'1& €l4ll . 10o,0,100 ti....ts, 'at$ ,ete., prlon;"*141+ .. Selling pres $20 per ticket. , SYLVESTEIt &Vo., 156 Broadway, 7.W W. DRK,i Solu Agents. Thrio receilps of tie sel of" the iickets t.ill hedte. posited In the lnaal, Un onl. Careoltot Ctireti's lnd Connolidoted Ioonkh in New Orlelns, in the sltm6 of I.uouis Slchidt joinlly with J. B. Perraul seouaIly Calshier ofthe UC'izen'o Bank, slid A. Baudouin me" tnolly t'aslhier ofthe Consolidoted Ilonk an 'I'rulters oa per net paseodl belbroe A. .lezurenau, Esq. Not. Pnb. ntIe 2,1 Slay 1839, slt d the properties transferred to ih ae e ntlentio,'d gentlelten enicmtebered, es lTrlsitos, for ithe soeorily of the fortunate prizes Itol. dets. SIe New York the monies will be depolited in the Pitetix to Ile .redit oltlie above named b Citly Ialok ofl Now (lrlenhe. 'Tile P'tblij ore referred In toie nats passed beLoe A. o.lzlreau, Pr," Not. Pub. i retlation to the pro. perties which el, rI ace the respetive prises In this Lottery. C00 PIIIZES, on followtr: I Prizor-Tll t ottt ifient three story brick building, kn.on s Ithe AI(CAI)F., in Menazine sreoto. ettaeurin 2086 feetr. iithol 4 lil's ot Mpllagaze st.e 16 I fet ft inchee on Graver s treel. and 1II1 fat II inheon ott Nn;ehea ot" Thit buildieg preduces now a rotl ofr:$3,20 lt$tellnllItt, and Iwing i the totoest lourillitg port If the ely, ltypneito three Ihtlik, and it tlt intis tdiatl" Itelobrlod of tile St. Chllto atitt the Clily Hotels. Its rente will, ill t vety few yearh be increased to fifty teolsanl"d dollars ptr ttnottI. IEstimateo d at $710,000 I rize-Th-'fi 'llpt four arlts brink build. iug kown o As Ill, ('Y ItOTEI f'ornerlv Htholin ,. Hote sitoote at ilhe llrhllrroft1llro) and COnmnOn sts, nleatnrotjnfI-i;lolee on 1+nmeon l, nettt 14(i (tt II inchlte on Camp el. I'tia ItillditgC rento notw for $22,010, nntll hinr! in tlme eenlrt l tart citiet~, low eSnotral tort of tlil cily, call S lortly be cnreased to thirly tuoutand dollars per an. 11h Ee'mnatled at $500,000 rize-Th th.tee tory lrink dwelllng hl nen,,. No. 30 on Na chez street, " ntiJtittilg tht Arcado, reated at 12 Itnhled prdolor. Eetnlitted at $*0,000 I Prize-The thte sltory ricek dwerIling htolch, No. 18, adjoning No. 20, o, Nattcz Itr tI, rettod Ot Iwelve Iu tret ollarra. Estinatnedat $20,000 I Srize-The three srw br'tick dwelling hltit., No. 16, ndljitinlg No. 19, on Pouthz et, relted st twerve hondl rid .olitlI.. Entiteoted at $)10,00 I Trize--'lThe t 'ellio heot.e No. 02 northl elit CorllPlr "Ili M till nli Cuteto. ]llllP+: SllPt·lq, elnlls till , 1 40 fret ln tlll n Il) ln:II +ftreetr, 'l l feet front tn ' lllkhlin siteP h Ib' 17 tel tlopIll on (:nt?.tlll blllho++ l t t; .l r ntd 1n t fi]'. re"* hnlln IrIelltt R Etetinntediat I 20,1:8 I ri tiu- 'ie dw llilr g leie NO .4 ont tlh n"..t tolrllnr If lin.ii s elc t. Steon. "llse:r ' l ;1,t i7 inrlb.i n t lnrit , 1, :it! I tt'i't 7 nbefF~tn ln o rt hy 127 hftel I01 ine +s deph. in C t'l. tOolllhl l C tree t e;l ntl.e ld l litl. o ne hll i lr lre. liu ltilrt l at $!O,000 to.:le :.1 n litvn slre, et twel I-'I++Il~iII ald.ll;++.p )iu1 lrrc ,Is D e+ bh I'!7 (,.. I I io Ihr. i-- 1de th; rElt. l cd e t11"!,1 pOSr n$:u1.2 E lilltald at $15,001) Sf'rier--0 r ('n lnllk sh,,.ck, at $1011 vPelIt, $t,000 I I'rize--?ll0 el,,r,. ('mnwllnlciuI P~ank ltack I'riz.+--:;,0 'hare+ M.r-h.l t r' anedT 7,,r*' I kt $hl 'trsene0, 15,000 3] Pr't1', of' }l) s res cue ech, City Bank, 30,0110 " I'rizes f ;1 - E a5change, 10,00 '. Prizes of ; ," tans Light', 50,000 '+izes t" 15 ' " 4lechanies' sand T'ra~dr ++' 3,000 :0 Prize- Or 1 " " Louiainna Slate, 2,0100 0111 rie,.'r ,z , is Ligit, 2,000 ,'lO Pizii of 'Bnk of Orlenne, 20,000 Olu l' ivr+ of Ii Utoino lok of Florida,. 15,000 It riltil lie it liheo option oflth tit.twire of priels of tttllk .h.+k++, sillier lo .ko elir dok ts eif or Im par r -Ietio itti.l r tthtli. et "1li)I)I t)t.' OIl,00'WNG. t100,011t) icet.t., fr ti,, I lit In,1.0; will Io ptt in one o br."I, a d Itt ill) iz ti it Ith liaiks, itn oatonher; tc ,')'',' i,. t l ,rr it l ~ri.-e'..r lbb k will I h tdra ws. nt il all i rPlJ-izr. nro iht nlin+ ,l . vlViý • v hbu l ee u of nlts. ean i ti ltte w ie - l, ,1 . Ordeh.: ,rl]..h v.v+. ., i ,. .il received at film I|rn (tll i 1 ,1c r Ib ', 7l i .tllh o ' llrn o 'l . thre e eos ne w ('Illn 11 ~b *ll b ·if 1" 1 it No. 104 ('hartres streel Now r 0,,tlll, a Ini ttI . I t'q , lvirwIItdi. Otrder. from tioe liiiitiii. ipipid,. t ,llt:titintiilinlnclu o the now. Le r ,f t,,i" Ito l, ir lr,ll . llnm h'rr sa cJ hl I'll131II)I' L IIA.1111.'IO'ý, New Orleons" i n fI ° A stetn+nlhat vlll he provi,+,dl tU take to Florid. Iu,, i-'ieos . s im..y lie d.siro.. to the Juels ,vilh, I'hlo. A pril, 1839. may 1 jt)l i'1'i \G WIIIEF:LS--4l eel lin eting-Wher.,a • liof i eveiUd cooiitallction, ill fraies completet for sale hb.y 4 J OTT, i")"'-4 rTivoli Cirele I I'NN't' ]II ---3. 0(11 fiol bbls'-'nod" bundlrsfor If net,,hby ISAAC BI(IDGE & Co. ___y __131 MIgaointe @ l'PtI(OC.'cjtjjI j --60l inen sperm Candlee, N Bl177 Brdf r h orndtirsalel by iRI IRDGE&Co -a 194 MIagaulns u Ull (tt:--i elan; 11 11 a, 32, and pound J° L n e hlln ll i"lll' 1 brnds1ld quailities, for sale by may 2 Illlll)(D & Ca, 134 Mlagazine at I,`+ 1'n7 6; Ulu I. I·1' .\AF-Firt IJuoitiatl I~tnici all IZl ll t Jan ]laltofule Coina vi. His Creditlr,. The ri 'ilni u2 flIe isilvaret's proIertyI having been ae leId hl el" (hiut fatl ote beePfi othi creditors. I t is ordlere;l lh t a see"tinig fIh hie said creditors do oake pluc. at the i1'cl ifVictor Folnn, Eaq. notary public, on -oda1 lr, ti 13th oi May, instnnt, at 10 o'clock, A licXia. l f 'the iurpnn of delihrating o tha affairs ot said il,,,lv ; andile.. in . ti . iiralntiioc lljudlaial proceedings " l llll' in yera s on p ro peIl rltlali m +ita y e d . W heitles Ih, lon. A. 1I. I uehit' , Judge of Iho Clert afilrosuid, tlls IJit -May 1839. _ ay I P LEBLANC, Deputy Clark. I.ý'rA'i DI-D:i.A 1.f.UI-IANR..-.cno du Preoniec -I'I )istrict jmlieiair.e Jean Ilalptistio Coltn vs seiCr6nciera I.a eto eiea, die Ia propr6tb du 'iosolvableo yint bl6 a.ece; rlin f ta ur pI oe•r ]i Ibslifio de sec er6an iprs--el -lat ordoaoe quguns rassemnblement dat diel 'r'ailcierr, iltit Iel liti i In '13 Mai calrate, I dig adii •itic, nil hiiiriPt de Victor Fouloa, Erq. aebire ilpublic, atfitido dl'libierer our les ..niredu dil ,aonlrabhl et pentlliit ce Ielpa Iila procem Judlaiuira.coDic, al pernoili·rt ta pripri .h ci s otIIlcP aod nela 3 l'locoin, l'lhnorabie A. l1. lucnllaon, jugs dta II diue Cour, cc lor loi, 1839, P. LE BLANC. 2 3t D6pot( Giradflr. S $50 REWll ARD. •.• A BSCONI)ED on the morning of the 28tb April, - l..netr olli al i named Alexanterr,.commonily called Ellil, agidl ibou 45 yoirra, r tlier forbidding wheu npo. Skenlo. ielt,oiliOt lfeet8 inhlie in hciglt,astoulaujil wih somewhat hnndy lige. Iha took with himia varie ty ofclolhini nii will Inou t pronablv frequently chbago his drce. It is liplpnell lie am lorked on the day above Ilellti lle, on bar;l urlfcillle ialatnbaola bound up. The aobov, rewad ,ill be paid for hitt ifoeeured inany jail ine Ihe western cOaatry, or hvooty dollars if in Lou. isinni or (lissisiplr i PEii ERi LAIDLAW, N'ew Orlean% iiIlity U- The Niulch its oily Couirir, thb Daily Missouril srepu blicun, Ihe 1lonlsv llr Journal, tld Ithe Cincinnatl Dloily \higt will lIlease ptiulih tlhe above advertise. mi-eu 1levt ane , ieaudhlu",billc forrpaymcent to lbs o ic.let Ibi. rnI Aleroiuu at New Or-eons. L'l'WN'lY2 11,LIAS REWAR A A4 IS' )NDEI frlilt thle uerrice of the subscriber, tile Iegrc buiy JI cM, iel about Ig yeore. Hen ill n~lqldPlI iul mrlurhiCLY lork, with Iarge eyoelong vuisage InI r:ilthr Il"ick iprotiding lip. Ha coaka lic Ithe Iglialeiinod Frech languagge,. and oas a lery itellliieot look. I sr Illub]i [i will pndeavo. ielvtivee cicy, as ty o l cue f.-cintly iwllnadoaror le lday h lei, fixjin' llis trolk wlh tteoneic win hisi. Captlusei toof eels iiid steam boats are hmrebr fcuirntulicot t, Iblhlor nr tarry off old clone, under lihe fieillly .f Ie law. The above reward will be giuton ftr thi clplurehension, or sutch information as itll lcad t, hicovery. WM REA, a)-- coriner ofHeaviao&c. -iri a ,,--,,il loeding frit atrtiadr Vadali, fo nt sale by ABRAHAMI TRIER, 1 2 84 OraGmvirr at )l'IlI-3 s. in gou order, fic r sale b S .llA JL & BROWN, uo1" %2 3611 Magsine 1.u1ll -1I6! ile,, luheio i Irou cucho Chticcl. I" Ior nidl fur talc Iy U DORSET _n 4 i 44 N out L er an = Z - Op 1 i aepst N'ortu ladig l. .rig A te . oppoure post No 1, scrvlii lirieiph.lity and fr sule .y SIIALI. & lBRO)WNj, ril Z."li 8n Mcgazire street TAtI) & ,I.DUlt.t 5011 egsosupereor end . 5aISi utle flour, hliling htic dasn fromu atour, Per. sine, for sale by STET'SIN & AVERY, 88 Graier at L,ý H P'laeintg Condc-Jnnt meiad Iam Nm ' York, C foIl rucm e torry lperiaor double leal Cards, for alne Iv ;,,lc or ngruee by DAVID ELI' & Co ,N Y Stctioners' Holl, opril 3 24... hprit at u Rl'AN &BOTS:6cases, t .qli b· p ales O, elra oe ei~ , lauding fron bhipa John Dun-. Illp still Oldio, for rule byr 1111l)(iIl & Co, 134 Msgaitneat (Al' PAI'EIL-Jos1 reciivrd two ores suer al Illu woVe Cap very thin s-,-itblerh-ank . ieturies dotbt oefrsl y 1) FEL T & • o, av9 N Y ltnllth,erbll ,4 (Saerr' li-c.-A poket n book ucitaoieg a smoll antan' -.of monov),usl sundrv noota, drawnl Ilts yhls to fe. "id Gill; anid like•r e -.-a . . • i p ewar oill be aulfio I t,8encro.lll ic -t A hr

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