Newspaper of True American, May 10, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated May 10, 1839 Page 4
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O Ceapt. Miner, Sltu, " Lhtham, rhit it, lý - roy. Softhe first clas Ib h hand. OoImeh ~ modatios, anl are of a light ' o'iL1ferio uastoadmit Oftheir receiving and t eir ogua in altimore, at the city. till-e taken for ports on the Chienpeake Rlivar and irwardd by tho agepts, . ... rELLIIGO , at Baltimore: n lnon gooialiipped will be advan-,d when The pri of passage is fixed at $00, Seof the at quality will be provided. in opand dowm the Missiesippi will be tuken p tj.: t, ,er" p Elde, apply to GEO. BEDIFORD S" "D2vi z.onvile o t. R NdW YNRE mp and YOe R roeotoy Ner York Line of Parnk o t b tcom g this line will sail from a and NewYork on every olther Mon d a l.eamenqlg on the 20th November.and to -iosorethe 'mnetoulity in the time of ailing, the hta'wll, hereafter oonsist of five shlip, vin: Shap tozoo0,Captain Trauk, to leave on the 20th f li~ 'la e Ciptimbr. n Palmer, to leaoove en the Slip t ntville, Captain Eldridge, to leave o n the BhlD- ombr. Slip Vilmabqrg. Captain Woodheuose, to loave on the latO anuar . o .hip M nsepa tCptain Davi, to leave on the anusry. Tlab o .areall new, of the first o, copper d1 anil oopper faatened, and upwarde of 50 ton wen, ae of lig ht droglt of water, beilng built Yor k:expreualy for the trade The price f ptneoge ilixed at 100 dollars: tlhir obins pre tutted l itaye moi t ioproved and convenient pland ihed in n and il ia neat nd lgnt style - Amplc atorm of the first quality will be provided, and' every regard paid to the co,mfort and eotlire sat alumien of pissing r, wh will pleasc take no. -- TVtb Lobee ,th can l ,aacu red until paid for at o.,he eo tlie consigneos, T lhe Vedseols or commanded by cptains well SeperiT.nced in the Ltrade, wio will give evern a tetlion and exert themselves to ac . .. . . will at ill thee belo l to n umedame. Th - e )€towid np and down the MisiSi. jippi by' neamboao t, nd the strictest punctualilty 'ekeerved in thie tie of soiling :'m' ienwiners of tlhose shins will not be reponsi. blo*far any letter, parcelor package, Pent by or pt on boird ofl thelom, unless a rogolar hull or larllinjg be sigad'tberelor, at the counting hiuo ol the ogemor owewer. Forforhller particulars apply to - n- J D REIN & A COIl LN, ---'-.. 90 Cummen st -- Util Cumtoot stoat orot Ol; .ANS S&CilAdt hES1'ON P.iCt TS h Thisne lio oosirinof iftrveopt.a uIl thlltfrst t'lapn, eooyperod d n pd ip opr laSt. Si ande, and of aheml 2tol ns Itom rlm'oe on ~t avlrll hnht.lne seConlmodat, ,o for p.'enro I ,o . r"hee vetials Ore eoon) tIItd.d hy e t.,'its 0we l rpa_ x crieloeed in the rrde, who winll H Itoe.v. t. nferok sd 4'er 5 hiomest ar to oCa. JtoH,,oat n I, . opPr". 'Ihev ho " tbood I;, o nn d no lto liet iqsai p, apnd levtr New Orh Qot . I, nor hreo She I10s1 alSt 15t1 of evcry m,,lt n . 'The ft Jllstt o4lE enI e om adpo Ioo d 11li m , : T " rie r"ien, l have.i s i . rnh, toaster. ';l arg ainpmne. J. B iTllom; pe n, t uste r. l nrig.tlnoers, J. Donner, manstr. T'e rkhag'r Willi sm,,tJ. A lier nomnthr r. Fr etoiht ornpasere.e,ntppu ctl J.A. BAREL In & CO, C61 m.moon et. NO.w Ollonns, tr C. C I i -- __ :+_ _.C n . . o,. i ] OMIAIIU & CO'S Bsto ttad Now tUrlcrUt j U. Li;n of Packet Ships.--Thls new ltoe of nips - han been exprestsly built to run botwaon the abotve peorl and will be found of suitable draft of wmter: aes"ontodations for passoengers, and every effort , wi be mode to give generol sotios'lion, T'hu W i en i compoasd of the hfoloning ah ipso: v S herotloe, 415 tons Capt. J Irding, SCarolina, 400 do S Lomist, Charleston, 374 do 1) Eldridge, Columtbiann, 625 da G Birker, BSaeoann 240 do J lItne s; T Ber:ulhay, 625 do D l umphiorey. bits pvee ships are all new, of thh e lirst lanss, io pro fattened and coppered, eomman o d by omen O* ecit experience, hanvo torefo ccomtodationso, Swtl.;},2 haute ladies cabit;; evory ottentit.a, bktro p t0e, tengore, and the very. tec t tf ;artea pt vialeE'Dthem. . . Tue poac4a will be toweJdop and down the Mits eisrtppt, hoa_19fe sifr.iicst punett,, i iy o' served in the time of sling, and slould the renetla vress rn 1 hbe d6faincd ii oarrving, other sitip equall as onodttr wit: in all canseabo substituted. A shorn toft ttro l tit ago issolicitod, and the agents plotedge themselvs to i scoenmmtotn li. vouh as pronatioabl , to receive and forward igods by toid line at the tost ttmoder. hr eta charge,. andto advance all espotes on goods I"' ahippeJ, ii require. d, The ships will Ib N T tthe lot and 16ft of every maoth. Fur froightatr passage. apply to the J 3 A M RRITT, 32 Cant.omn at. bN. B. Advattements tmode on consignto;.ts I l to Messrs. A. C.OCai mbnrd & Co. nov27 do CI E Genuine'India Itoalsam o'f Iiverwort and Hore-ti Sbouos.,.a i t up in bottles at the low price of 51t cents eoat iinlg the slrnegthi of thoree ounces ,f Livonrwort, t et't ir tues oI Ina ota iher roots and herbs kn.t o.o 'tb e Indi.s as a ficacious in curing ptn motp o nplainpts. Tht.u led success which hae a tteoded tIbe le of this itead able'.Balsu m ewherever it hav been intrao dt.eed.iftaoblined the confidstne and reeomomenda itons oftrelnahtlephysoicane, for tie cure of eotons, colds, poaid tie taide, want of real, aspitting of blued, eirer condo t &c.t f o io w jt may concern. This is to oertify that we h o ve ta lp + lc ec e fre qtu e n tly p reM erib e d M 'rs G nrd - ar' asam of Liverwort d Iloarhound, with a decided-p effect: we can therofor, from the kllttov lde of ftl.tei it is mae from, and tI.Iervaton and . eftaperk,+. recommend it as a s tlcerio- preparation ore! th illeao of the longs for which it is re :ems .IhBERfl't WIt.L MS, M. D. S CALVIN ELI.IS l. U. 5 bef s of hs Boston Medical Association. Coata"October 25. ,tby JARVIS & ANI)IREWS, _ -. 19 + m:nou em.l fein.trit'.lna sis rI:W z|'Y.-TWO) IoblaCoast tl0tn received ut.u IUr , . l.enhby lilI iOGENE, BI)IWN & CO. -Jtd No 9 Conati s'. ' G -ast landing Ireat Meninr, a suprp of ao. aed,. bitter antd sweet liq.orice root, limo ,eoatnn oeflBergnmoot, esnoence tot leoton juier,ltProp ct atary seeds, manne, flake, and satoi, caotharidro, .brmomra, raene IloWo, water &e, fwto ooesale atnd retct in stare of " I BONNABI.I., -m1.9 raor Natchez & T'ehonlitouatn ast H 4' D KA V L1C CEMhNT-ni hi olaoding from ship G • Ci O.botdmd for sale hs S b& P WIIiTNF.Y, may 3 73 Caloop et I3YIMMO1NB HARTT t CO, ore now rceivnog Iron Son hoa.d ship Orleans. Eagle, Highlander, Poker ,hlsy Andrew, PFrecllt and Gertman play cards; Barck nsmmon Boards; Chessmen, 9 1-4 and 2 3-8 inch Itil n BSllse 819,10 and 12 icneb tido Bowie Kniven; Leather atd other travelling Drmssing Ca.os; Belt, Pockebt, Itor'eman't, and Dt)uotlling Pisotls; dotble not ohsle barrelled Gens; Game Ilogs; Shot Belts; Powdtert sd Pistole Fluk. DrIma Btontle and D)rinking Cups; Poentliatn Caps snd Cnp Holder~lnflh, tlair, 'raotl; att PýIJI frusbhe OraOnne a.t Woromn TTroth WVstr T.tlt eawdcr' Toilet and Allo.Stoa os, in great Vay eriote long lnitr Braids, Ringlets and Frizetteo; P'c.r. and Toilet eowder, Emery Bags; tvor 'Pitoh Coalnomtt Patent Shites tr Gtarterir Gom E!sotic S"Ittn)tLdero; Powder Ploti anod Bores; fit COhains, Seals ant IK.ees * r..drape; \Wuist Buckles; Bracelett; lBead Net k!locer saei Chains; Gilt rsid Silvieroed eads; ontlitn fleost !toel and Prtnea; Shell Twmist; Side and t)reosineg Cop{bt; wtehit dition to their former etock on hatnd, mates their a.aatment rery cenomplete, and will bie slt ow . -ditbhal term, at the sigt of the CGoldren CoeS.' t125-if 70 Chartres etreet. sU3BtA StJ ETIINGoo--15 baleo, landing frotn lt astp'Jol Dnallap, for male by 23-i. , '" BRIDGE & Co,134 Magoazie ot *boUtt-'t'mtCo.4 bales 4.4. l cotrno.tod-- 51 a les 4-1 twillted Lowll con 3eoto. Sas buckskin i tr 9), laetding from elp tStl.toouin ftr ttle by t9 R 1 3R11t)GE & Cuo.J31 Mag.zile st 'l 2 RON., F6-TTJites enrihers tone ptrocuror sate great enopense,. tt right of tonlting 0n irn ;qt'fs in chis .i .. They ar adnp.ted to poublr bntao*el7., Wlir iuse., and privats dwellin_, oand ombintie st one. riehespness end durhbdilt', nnd a re pelrfilty lire send wter prof. Terms mst tboh.ttin,t and a moedl teen at our estthli stmeat, 9.,pa'sit. larylemnrl(el Tehepitnnlsaas,. "+. Crý. : E B COGS tELL atl o _. .'+lo 'sobrrioere hove eotain on d a, epa0.eppty tof Caeoelanot Livorpoot snlt, n tb loa+ f'. " or qtliiy, which they oe'fot Lo.,higt .tnh Peach jtl ibei t' "i sererned, putit in - pesly for family ue--ilt of wIc+ j. I , of a blo ,toat no. ler _te tor h Mtnlhoe, Ns 0 i oatnville nn, B , UolrI.E. l Pwh rog40rown S -I-15 caes NEW GOODS-Simmona Herat & cs art nw I 0e ieiidrOm son btard ships Yloeoo l and laratogef's tliqntm croerdia, from New York, a greet vruiet Col goods in their liar, which togetier "itlr their fThRa stock on t.nd, malkes tberir assortr ci ierrc.e ploete. The tollowingo corlose n ort. viz: t eillo ,, hlirti , oldr, tuck snd dilresil cnii)s ilor di, of anl ,il.riteiolr, In-to dii rubber, silk nol orr.ved elwhtic gopr .n 'emocnro & flnl elastic Scopllrers, o re d .lo Irml r n e pocket botoks notd oallroi, nedle bIooan lel, Ie, irl ivory and inO rcco cnrd cases, heaRd ornament, plain co ral beads, necklaces nil ncgligees, bIrad chainl beaid necklaces, clt iatcos and ladin, edenil rvr adrl giltbeud', Incla berondl, bello nnd plumesi; lpiol and largre piIt ccr lasks, shot belts, Ihors, belt. pIrcot al dlieilin uiatolr; double and silgle i'rre led gunc, Bo. eir knives, iantd sirks, scnissrs, sei.R" po kOt kno e, tr nrl chansi and oilonls,i waist bueklrs, clotl, iair, loirl:, iailromb, rumb. lo, ililate, floor rnd in ngilg iiroxoa, Cologne, Florida, lavender, rose ind bay liwrter ,assrte essetees and exranctsl, Macoas, .r bearo nti oer iid Wrdl'a- c geoable halir oils, g n mi t'illt opsa o lnl loes rilptionso, Indie' oal ghrtetmis' desrakl and dressin ases, hair riegleti, friecrtts anod rlicis, plain, fancy anil muasical Work boxca, plain and cilt, ligroed, cot and rest iottaon, pearl nd ivcory scird shirt xistUi dds, gold and silver 1encil cases, tooth lick alx tweezers,rlotedI 'cnd gilt locket, uiinirture do, sil're, brass aii steel Itimlrles, hoos nlld eives, hlir pinr, imittion fruit, blk and redink,ah o blacking, violino asil gisin rs,ribbed and ploin percrosinn caps, linen twiler, sccntel csali ena, gohlinnd sill or lace nod fringe, lattar paper, game bags, rinding wTip, ruwalking canes r laynlgcals, fin gold, plataed nd gilt j onrllr &s. The above, together with i. great variety of other arti lea are offaied iat wholesle or retail on acooniuudxting trmns. N BN Shell comoi, repairadl jI 1Lt Lt 11 MA1, Iloose, SigI, lLld t'iimIrxIll SPaintere, No 3 Carodele Istreet, two doors from 1anal street. Imitalions ofr de ollowinig woods tad marbles, ex ecuted in a mnsterly mannoer. woont i rtcnncs. Mahoganry, Egypltinn black ind gold, Oakr, j(finl i Id Antico, Curledl o, Jasper, tlCaledl Miir., Illoidi Stone, ilirds Eye doi, t ]riby Graiiite, Sltia Wood, l'eitoema, Itir Woodi, oe)re or Iurdlello, Yew Tree, i alii, Whitit. Coromandlle or Black Suonnsal anti roctlla, Hlose \Wocl, Ameri cn (Grey, Ash VWhiet Oak, ie, t ic. Curledl lstm, S..oielexcs to be seen at the shoel,. fants, oils., glass, cpal vsrnish, &o. or rlad ndllor ale. cot 'ItON,STEI,. TII :AVY GOODSl--Iln, c asre . nd bundle ilom'oll nosort"ct. Iloo0, scroll and rod iron, nail rods anlt ploglh monuls Colt, German, slher, blisteraxi, sprieg, sheet cnd Croweev steel tollow ai'e, cut ind wrought niails oid spike, Zini, block tin, mill an grind xstaties salt keiilel Clhiai cablllr, rlnlcors, ho Ox, log a, d trce hlicis, corn mills Anxils, \icts, llxinlnc.e xiDa IlIlIws \i're, seel ier iti i hlilI I iiad idiot Cacl, and cookring sores Amci Iowlii's andli olher stlcelso loll shovcls Ilook no illlii hiiges, diloo in windl lool nks C (:olli r ln ts,bIt lihtlCi pa, Emi lber lil(c's l'alr"d nwlll fi iM:l cn llilig:, lienllS Si twine Ilolt and ch llilleboi i copr; Ncltll storoL aills, Ilnilreed iil spernl eoil A lill ll't,:n icmnt of hardwa-re ,o sl sip eli h~yrlT lwa) aoil ainii, alnaid w hllhhicoae Mli'l f:r i lfe:it slelhl L- I.A.YTO N & Co. f5 1 iOlIlt e. -c I NI' ortiole, forpersons iroublcld wrih dl-+.+ r1 (vaeii d Iie a Trum ,+,thll liEr L.RTAllet nric re, -'liovoleiletodielt Iii, it'loii tire r. Ai n iwho, tlhs iever Ielen nlhlltl t,~ r'OI)rsr Itiih a e.'rr, dt, a eico, a nllsl he rli e o i lit diliicult, llr d ln-l l'rrlalnl lt oxpeie'od h to ItemOsin.I n clud hlie i lii, hi tl Fo lit lu.ut ntiui t.i t uoihl , ,l., !I'v t lie ^ el' tii t Foer Ti'net thip.o i tiot I, colire ,.,li irtui'. Th e rnee sceptical hlcve Ell" ux., n :clculdrul tlhir duitr . a"ter llcing ulsed iltxl'l'ruipit. For 8l-,ol ci 'P I: GIlIOlN', Fanc 'store, eoirler of rC,, olul, o annld St Carles stroets lder tle Exrlcc Illotel. fieb i3 ( c' i il .... i...r..rre re ulv, d-for co oills, be opil 17 i itIAI.L r, Ihl:O\VN, 9(1 ill zineuc I OAF SUG Ill--various rll uali ire, ronsintlv in -_1 storte tnd f,,r saHl by SIIALL, 6 BlW)WN11, tinr ri) 91li Illanil le fit o l, 'IIl:IUu' CIu u, \NoNINr HOUSI AND SIGN PAITWTIEP No, I" CutUp stret Whoesacle IDealer in Ptiile, Oil, Va'nico-lu" Irllolehr 1,(11i \tlilcdc, and t'ie'ure Oilo'o Nc. l0r. FASHIONAIB.E:' CLOTIIIN( 7 IN.o. ON, hxsrees ixe erss tAVf onotnuleee hiioni erverv c-ie rirlel,3 m i ' llf co f slhliormll s, stl y ` tyl C _ -1 : ;lil ile "L ' filli ¢i- ill- d t7i, , I =--de4--11 r B.q. i FOIL7 11, Tlt EETIl. /l E stR I ai4l d rc Jll u, n ray, constar litl h 4renli , -: dmuanl f lr i., is eff:, tuc reynl iv pt peit,i and pn: i r se:ative of thi tllt,, has ihluced lhe s ubm iber oflbr it to tlhe Ar i ritnn pbili. Arrai n:tlats haeyt been Imde ti o et'up ,r s1 enis i, ll the p:imc ia l e tie eld r to t;. i tl leiiteh' c a , sr o 'S to ph:e ite tle the reach -i thc c ccc l tl'l' hk:lc tc In LI!k-t r thit letns h of nil hb , 'l'a,,tn- he . " ltlelte, iit h -a itt'r fi'.cd ,, ctd.,I i: :,',te tc and lltnent re irf. It als arre I s ti e ds car i , e'ti " teethand rehrveis lhal srun'ess vlichlo frotl'Ptd renders it stronc tooth u,,less The applienti,; o and remedy are imtice, iicnocentt, .et r't unilet ant; ancd the large nnytte r of resons in citieat seectiet,',s of th Idrcitaltscry etroc m tece tile bt eof t al. re B ieready io ber h ier tier itul ic i.t ,Id) their teclhtltov to its nc mr 5 Crnlled ntes. It is a Indian re tery olan -ted tIe i itizd tArend es the mlost vahlable diseO rV " Priie $1 i ttr bottle. Sid. by Orre I Le in e r sei-c d.en whie Wol V Hats, for sale JoN II GR.AIIAM. ,p I . IV IIITE LEcAD-5 n,, .,11 Ibsac ..h; ll 4 kegs, 100 " 200 do 25 " English do--_5 1-4 bble. 4110 " 101l I'ait t rshu svarious sizes; I tcn Verctilliit; 5 bhls Copal Varnish; 2 " cl l "Ja 20 packs Gold Leaf; 501 do Silver te; 100l do Dutch letrl. WINDOW GC.AIS,'Amenrican, Erglish and French 10110 boxes, varilla sizes and qualities. oIlerorne ..erown do.--500 boxes, eo.tsignment, will be old leer. Also, a ieneral assortmlnt of artists' cnlours andi ools, tfr sale by A WV SCA' Ed, No Iti Canul street. N B. Alabulna ntes taken at p r, and Mississippi roes a l " tr received at 10 per cent discount for goods, or illl I ,tr of dtebts. .it. I Iw JARVIS & ANDlIIWS, WIIOLESALE AND RETAIl. DkALERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DYE STUFF'S AND IVIN.DOW GLASS, p Gorner of Common ced Tehupitoulosr rtreets, NATFillAN JARVIS. JO11N W. ANIDREWS. A large upply o Garden Seeds, warranted the growth of 1837. ANDREW SMTln & CO., respectfully inform their friends and the public in ceneral, that they occupy the new brick shop. 219 Tchoupiouhnls e; street, where they kcep1 constantly on hand Copper, , Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, of every description, cI sch as copper t ltcii t, kettlesi, I d ip'riceps, tin bath ing Ito r, nlid ril canS, of all Forts ndl cazes, andll all' other brass casting done at ehlrtiet notice I Grate bars of every do cription, sech as steam. I hoat stierups, herg chaioi, sc.roer' bolts, ar I ollher kind ofstesrnhoat work, such as chimnreys, breechl. e., ateam pipes. i iThey will also .i- li' kind. oif out dooeer work, ; such na ziP.c, copper and lit ric ling and guttering, as &-. 'lThey ahnvo and all oeller kinds ec work in thei clr lie of business, they will execute at the shortest notii-ce.. c dd7 EIAfRBOWGA TE SPRINGS .,eeln( iU.tei t'r Ie'c s .tI c'Icctl elllllh THREE I9'S Jot'R..i':Y FROMll NJIIV T r IE prelcriertr ci hi'. e.tablishmcnt cs the plea . ure of nno inq IsI frle tienlle anecd litet petltI 5 in geuere l,lt.rt rle will I' ine rc.tlicc.s ly Ilhe firi day of I in May to receive vi'itrs. li ewill al3o .rate foir the'b I oefitof those at a li-tanee. that there Ihave iern litre' improvemerts nmade, and eIthlere nowI .,inie on IInlt il rapid progress for olUnpletis,, whir, will ealll'b the, subsrcrher tol arctntnreie a Iteh iarg'I r Iltinber I hun 'n herrtott , an. t i, t a.e .' r i lc, f b, t er.r It IFcnit= ctrtn Ic tec ItIetIIIIIIIItIIecl iie tc iroe ms, Cr d ýnre who arfer earn have large rabic'' t:etach e'cet I. e mai hruildin, -e It is d seeeed naarr te ,r t cytlllnt in paictll tar of tie cllr ct, or el thew.:IIIn, teI iths IPgenerally I' e ird tiat they are ict ihcrior tcil the etre lthri-yi rost atd \atering Pr;icer, will ie fouend at rhis. r e ni h nll.ic that elis irt ieof tlrl , centitlrvy liorel.e, I I, esltengiged, anrd will be intbou.trnt attndrance atl rn Spe riNes durinsg she wlh. r sCaso. Snee lsrctilte will avail Ihimelfof this openirtsenin I in returnirg eis n'feigneld thnka fer the rery liblerel snpport given him last Ier seO, nd epeCe ite hiee cextr h tiou i tht have bm .sat i pin ineone and exrllrdllil I Sthe ncrermnods'icnr, to merit i lieraI pn rlneml Iti i r presentearo.yr JNtl CAI.r J 3 cr3 ; t i, il. 'lt,_ u Nc S4 Ctnde e.ret, bertee.n Dumer in end S' Philip, kre' s cnetrntly on hbetel -n extensive nnrestns'nt et.fbnte anted lrogans, aend thier, onfNew York men lfeeucre, for men r, lerle Sand children of lil nes, whichl he will desprso of at very moderate pri's. . Femlie eofthis erq rinsnee on eendinean rderl sill he.e their rwishes etended to L S SEOllUR - t BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PR.INTING. OF E.VERY IIICI(lPT'ION, PI'IEEIII.IY, IIANDS)OMillY ANU CIIEPIY EXEt:IEoI) AT THE OFFICE OF THE True- .1naerican, ST. CIIAILlES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. A CARD. - CIIRISTIE & SINNOTT, Wholesale Grocers and Commissunta Merchanls, No. 7 Cummoan Struct,Ne , Orleans. IYsPtrtieollnar ttctioo paid to th,utlting up of SirnII boat and Ship stores. SAMUEL TOBY, * lcrtrhanrdise Broker f Commission N.ferchanl, 113 (Oice, 36i. Camp st.-For the present. J. P. FREEMA"N & CO., IPholesale Clohlung Bnsbfaukmeut; No. 3, ilagazine street, T1AVE cnstautlly on hand n large supply of Cloth '. ins, calculated four thee country trade. T'reir as. •ortaent biong large, merchants fro tshe country can be supplied at tlhe shortesat notice. oct4 BAZAAR. BUSI d& ALEZN, NO. 1, EXCHANGE HIOTEL, Corner nof St. C.v, rles and Common ts,. NEW ORI.EANS. 'MI'ORITERS nnd Dealers in IFrench slid English Srrutnrv I)rD:esoing Coades and Portoale l.snkc. Cutlcr., Hlairry, Gloves Shirts, Stocks, Umabrellat, Cnnesond Fancyv Articles. d5 K ENT'l:IIY, llii ais, .nIl Indiana lank Notes, fir sal. by A tRIE:R, may 3 74 (;rovier at JE. VEL.IY, AT WIluo.ESAl.E. `JTM. ltEI.L, No I6, Chartres st, hi. thin diao ty Secrirrt flll neortmeitr of Watches, Jewelry, Spoons, SJetrcles r and (ilnas Ware, they will Ib offer danit tie tiinrrLtin'rkCt prirc. apl I DOYl .aL & hIAr, IEALERS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, N.. 3 Canonnri.Er STRnE.T. cO FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. II Chartres street I|tAVIE ncotnitanatsuply tf eeri rattrle pertaling to igertlemn'sa drese, ct thie latest style, at New York prlcra dei 21 ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING EPATA LISI1M ENT No. 53, Magazine Street, (tpp:sit IBanke' ArcOde. It1i,1.3.11 GRElEI'VE, PROPRIETOR BANK NOTE ENGRAVING RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON Il AVE lpenid ni office in Niew Orleans. po(.ses.inig 1 .1 equal alvantage willth their hnasc in New Yoik, Iler tlh Ilirlt,'l.e ofolngravin- tm:n piinlilg Rank Niates, Ihado, lllls of Exchng.l , Ccrtitliva'e of Deposite, (Che:k anl other U np rtalll pwer.r, requ:rine security ngaitnut I,' rgenle.; nud have mnade ainple 1r .2isir fr Ihi, snaf keepi.g lt' all ,liiars nd im ressln; enlrtrt eI to their ciei : their spe'i enls embrace thI e nils of I over ifhe hIlndred htnki_ instnutions, and esli order wvill be eveltelld wilh prtlpnlllhIde, nmJI n the lsnull ermts. Oltice, corner of i nol l (Xs iul srret . _in7--r1 CIIAM PLIN O ( OPEI',i{ GROCESt AND Ii..Il:tlt' IN 'ItOViAIONS No. 79 nod n3 Jliia street,, New Orleann. .',hS vip ma'd Inatiy storos !lat ell. nar 5 FUTRNIUURE WAF.EROOMS N,. 53, B'ienr ; llr str,'et. l''7j IL 'II "P. CAlIrNET , iouidt respectfully io. S• is fri,.,,,Is anti Ihe puhlie that he is eon nstantl i from Neaw York andl IRstun a good t l IFtrnithure, rnsh ait mahnganv chairs, soflas I mnl d ndl painted chais, naple nnd cherryv hbedstctinln, hogi and cherry tiables of ll dr le on. bureaMn ; iiil;eits, secretl rys, wriling' d, wnkrdr rl tit mlnlhogant l arnd cherry, wash stn oll~ glasses, leail helu , lululihlog, &c. Rc. 'urnlture paekeoi for transportttion wvith areal eli r,nol3 i kull I i, ; , ii.iS " UIlRAN PE COMIPANY OF NEW UiLCANS. SCompnan •r. now pre ! So w 'uiling, Canal setrt. E I, TRACY, Ne-. (. rl.). M. . s. 15 .1.. ,Serr rv.. d rLI) COl'P.ER- - u iau ol,! Co; tr ral by ~ . ll II I)EVII'ltI-UX, pl;l I 5 Ti, 'hio lnl,ulo s 1.U11,1ITON & AS1'INAI.'t SOMP1'OUND DTONIC M11XTURiE..-A spccdy and c, ure fitr the Fever and Ague, remittent and illteritten t it etrs; preiarilI froml tI e ori rinal recipe. Used w,:!.t eonl rnt and uni verstal suere-s m, 1832, by persons of the highest respectiai:iht ie this city, as stated in th,, anexed certiioali es. 'T';is medicinel is higl:hly reromalended, and has j beien ixteIiuivliy Iusi 1i1 Ite abonhvi diisoea0e with uca distihiguisllchld u ucis, tlat tlhe proprietor of thei rinie has leen indt.cid to orLa l: to Lhe pui. lico in its present firm, in the hope Ithat it may be thle iitons of rilloein manty of thonl who are rutlering under the scouirge of outr eountry. It is a lte;dicuie possessing great virtue, anld wien used according to the directions has never failed of effecting a cure, even in the most obstinate stage of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, and persons of thie weakest stomach, and children may take it willth impunity. I strcngthens the digestive organs, cretulsa an oppclite, and seldom requires moro than one, or ii, obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor arsenic in the medicine, lnr any thing injurious to the humlan constitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its efrliccy, that they agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been takan in aciordanc3 with tile directions and has not elif:cted a a perfect cure of the fSver & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleans, at his wholesale and relail drug and medicine store, corner of Dienveile and Char ses streets. For District Agencies apply to jo5 T. W. SMITHI. 48 Conti at. f11 PENSACOLA MANSION HOUSE NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. /ru llscdseibccritanving p rccltsed the lease and fcr nitureof Iltin itcell kattan nsntblicblcccnt, from Nit T'nylr, the lIte propriet or, will be ready to receive vii teen by the 1st cl' April next.k Nu nerou and rosly kn atrovrments will he found in tice sar gtissnin rat' tier' Iscai.s Haouns. Nesw and wlaore sac IsIlnU nits Iliting rCcsneC will ie cuilt, and war b.tie 1 will be providedl at all holurs. A stable will bIe utcrled to tllhe house, willt good accommoda tions fiir nes n and carriages. list rate Iorses and carrtgaes will also be kept for hire at nd.lserateprices, alld ail and row boats, witlh personsn to manage then for thus one lviiters. Ililiirls aid slct aslu, entl senally foull at wtatering psaces, will also n e frnsisted, and so Icnduted as not to interfere with the cutoliwl acdt acnt laasi cel nt atirl'stnailtl seatitton fih and qnieif tsite hoseudas. Tn nines nd licquoras sill she t the beat qalitly, and to ensure anull spply of is,a aeergo ias already byed s dered, whicl will narive aboa til te t of ralluy. Mri, Fredsrick Blaernerd, Misit fosresly kept so popular naisi hotel atWicngton it', will conduct tnol ho ell for he e.opriator, sin, cwith salh oir tenftdently sasnses thle rich eb.of liet yeor, n1 d hishfinds :13. erully, that the i" sieey wwieng tr enible atti ioan; andt therbby "x Fe'toL lti' : n. 1 Tl RO Facilac on ' IIT ru .cll l 'dei.:·rou of tis hese are itoo wtell viw irnle rivhdea .: N rdrl de-ceiptics hire. The Tes I'ste' ambo l C ',am nles.lsasl s. tntilor fe thnn e, ,c Micclie cc tie Ft liittlt aeeiC'sOLOs'clsthe uAiTie'dur. ron; the snlnhri~le (ifitsl cillimate refrcehed:~ constantlyr dee Ailn Atei ns's tattnith hit*csalest lsesasn rothcc ciii' o's thetr.,ct sref lie 'tic' c Inithetteig uitteiig ipel'cl -sau stierss ice aitiundnnc cud leiisasiey ocihe ei-u , tilh Iec tirc cissst' cteouncd; and its praotimty coills' hci 'c,,tct Ie atire tstscissie, l'cs cnc'alclshe pet. ass'se lieral othtie 151er it" it:e classicsudcies, its a I1e·nlhl a mt delili:l lful Mllln ··rr et~e'rt 1-1laqi rate boats will sit i list, n 1''"1a rt rol a slid 11n ilt, sadwill ratril c ims sdable lito tos Ile pomaungr' feat tlir N70 chartee belt"a . N BI ANOLID. rii' e~a al. .:tb icigccctretceteisi I f. (.eoti..n..o w ",:dring to meals.g roo~ms folr their il'as n rfedicts thec pmel~tor 'tea l'saatsatla, tie V "er .erli 'I Tsylousthe f ermaerpeoprieor, at Net Or lea n.;.rrr p '1 Na".cd m e lef-1 Air (; iisdlnc, PjNAlllin, Pcq., Li] 'jish itn Melt l,,iiI Tnylocr l' Era, Eery is Nea, tesmc yccnissttntsccireia" psen'S nt ithe " ae l~se!, is plsced at (Geo Wbleitmat'e slits" odesl Each sg,. FL ORtI)A ROUTE P't+ ciNl' O~R, in ls'r.stlltln s desironu of ltnilsf.test'.lotirh routs e, via i'rusncola, t~o Ilre Nurdlnr· irfrnnen~d that irsi rate bohas will easellnyle run fess. sishiis to is cnln, neonine Mobile arct i etstcnlista rew othits dray niels thn let oCtac'U,. G dsi'gcss ill alwaya be pe. sided ras lice eitnSs'heePI tues in t''ttiisess tislsbke pascenspes Iea I Clobiletisttts f tihfailure osfe homsbs N II ARiNOID). Thei sesete t Chlancpion isaves Mlabile tier 'enes ola bitr tee et feb'2 Iv IAN NIA IPA FARINA'S COIOONE WATER `.' cses ree of hibis nilseise Colttoe watec. jest received and 1 sall ytht, ozeit or ci'ltt battle.- Alo amed c cn milbF'rcscr toilet p'wll rs, powder cds i r t' roes cosmtaiclt 'itld elasti, entr ee rn l4el, lke Ie, in ird tgctilec itsIs ehair ol, pceae do pcrP , Florinei, Ib asendur, rose and boy asesrs, lresst n' melt, Mm iieillea perl'uaery ini truenka vegets blifd edlliiid rsauge, Chlosine sad fiesle tootil wash, cloth hairtaolnht nail nd tesli cittbs.on, tgebther wish an additiecel stippI of feaelcbcnble (mtrtc and shell esotbe and jeaeclrslsee alc low ae wholecale arr retail fly SItMMONS, HARt'T &CO, jrtly 9 70 Chartres street. Royal College of Phyuijeans, London. FI1HE original Vegetable ly'geian Universal Medi . cine, prepared by W Miskin, Esq. MemIer of itle Reval College of Surgeons, Licentiate of Apothe cary'stompany, Fellow of Bolt Court Society, Surgeon to the Itoyal Union Pension Asoeiation, Loancaser Place, Waterloo Bridge, ntd Perpetual Pupil of Guy' and St. Thlonas's llosiitals, I.odon. This valuable medicine, the result of twenty years' experience and sln anralleled success in the extensive sod highly respesable prablice of the Ipropriet, patro nised by the faultv ind nobility, and is now inirodluedl tothe notice of the American public, at the earnest so licitation of a number of gentlemen of long anild high stanling in the plrofession. It is hotped, as a prelimi nary step,-t check the evils and fatal aousequences arising from the use of the numerous and deleterious nosruams loisted open the poulic by the aid of fabricated prooesof miraculous eures, and other frauds, by a set of teaeeenaey, lnprilsnipled pretedlers,. no totally ignorant ol mslieal saience, that it impossible the oonslatrots delasisn can any longer go down with tise intelligent people ofthiscountry. 'llese pills, mild and agrnealla in their nature, shoild be kept in every family in eases of sudden illness, for, by their prompt adlmiistration, cholera, camps, spiasmis, fe.rse asid other alormitg complaints, which too often pronv ftal, may be speedi ly oured or prevented. In lot, all those whoi egood health, should never be without them. They are solh' in packets at 5 cents, ad eah, by every repee table droggist, bhnksoller, and veneloraof medicine i tslit United Statesl id. he Canadas, with copious ldrecition, togetler with: estmInonials of professional ability from the follauoing eminent gentlemen: Sir Astley Cooper, J Abernelthy, ames hilldaell, M. D., W. Back, M. D., J. Aston Key, A. Frampton, M. D., and aumeroes others. The originals may hbe aen o possession of thde Geleral Agent, by whom the mahelicie is importedl into this country, and to whom all appltionioas Itragencios must be made. JNO. HOLBEIN, 199 Wcaerly Place, N. York, Sole General Agent for the United States, Utc. For sale by aplointment of tihe original proprietor. by SWAIss & BaUTnra, 1)t'uggints, No Il Canal street, (enrerr Agent lbfor St.lathe of Louisiana. jul vS l PItItY II LEE & on, No 4Magazine street,are I Inow receiving from ships Nashville, Louiisville, Kenisicky, Eagle, and other late arrivals tram :lie :lI.ern cities, a large and new selected assortment leids, Boots, Shloes and Brognats, onasisligg ofgenvlennc's fine calf alo Morocco Itoats do -i qoaliti; do bufl"d, asd stout wax pegged boots o cariolsqnalties; men's fine calf seals asm Mloroea, antps andl brogans, blcalsin shoes, lnoIans rom slsppe ys! men'sflne calf alnsl kipped egged a iocslll Irogos; do hoots; do stolt kip sail wan iegged shoe sld hlsb aos; gentlemen's best qullality calf sewed slios, Ibrogans sald Jaek Dowlings; do calf and Morocco i. nkle shoes aild brogllans; I calf, se and Morocco, I alion shoes iid slipi-s, do eslf, buff ants sest waig; t rew article; do fine calf, seLt] aml morocco qlaritet irots; boys', aisaes'and children's pegged and sewed h. ogns-,and shoes ofevery qualnity and kind. Also a general assortment of men's stout war and r*nt lrogiis and shoes, togethler with 1O,r paier togro boat quality, rsselt lrovgas, nailed it'. tit ioLan,, milde ernressly for plantatian nor; a good as. I risovittof mov's fine antI stout hip povsett birganis,ia w article, anl a nrge iuantity of ani inferior quality ra soit dilt wax brolgis. Ladies' fine calf, seat, mroneen and grain welts, amt piimp sole shoes; do fine Frlenh Morocco anil kid rnm nel',il slilppers; do rloa sioe, with anl withot liheels; i calf, seal tlld stoot leather hootevst do Prvnella sher I tall kinils tIiIqlllalities; do lastilg brogans; in galte.r e'alsl lbxedl Iolotees. Minnes' lastingsliring slaoaesani st igas. Childlen's colored Morocco o drl lasting heo 6 ist alln boots, be. . tentlemtitieni altshionable black silk hats; do black sn Iichab beaver do l ao sauperior qlality; do ini itntion !i.idot tinimi.loiii n l nd irrow i.irioi mrei's fine drab atd bl. k Iotesia a o.t niltsped hats, a new article. Yotths' I:O ;E size ;t:,t or different qlu:lities; Ihl chihhdren's M "1'sl a o ei)y'L black andr drbl wool Iiia o" various allse ies, withl general iassortmenet of boy ' alind men's sI !rals. 'l Ils assmntlenll will be replenttisd lh the arrival of cat It packetalrom tile noore named cities, tal of which a ill he sold on accommidl:ting terms. ant i-tlf NO .Y"ERCUIl NOR COPAIVA 'Irt llSiletS, Acie. I.I, 18137. SABOL[ T ei h o rh ag I had tho ncistilrtune to gitl i k a n-cl'lt lic.esrt, for Pl hi I ithve a;lplird to seve rl doctors or a ecure, and tihey lid not cirO oIe. so i ne . til te :iliae daiee I1 iuit lyelfl uInller ti: erae of Dotor, Iluet, nid i ellpet bin to cure Im. Sinlce that time the dlisearo got worse, so as to hrerk out in large n lcers to the numnber of ix or eight on ea h leg, and all over ny life,, and sore thront, and not able to work at IhI prresnt fiat oil arellrot of the dieaose; Inrge ,1eer on tie. tigiht side of the thloat. I al co, Ipntgi ioeycelf confidently under tihe care of Dr. ul et, of 'aris, to be peretetly cured JOHN IDEAN. felt 14 Iv I DO CERTIFY that the above mentllonell dioease s quite ulreto i onil satiiolfeti ll. for whilh I Illnll s' I t, r Illl 6 .'-injllre Ii v ll; thereforlr I cdvt-r. l f Illw siv fel. Ii lone no lime ed ai ll n I)to r A. Ilcet,.t CIanal i .lra-t, etw,.nr llocyh: anllo d Bon, rboll triets. lit. fleet i ite frloe 1v n'il'orelbckA , ullil 4 P 3l, Tltiy will fid a true toletr for thi comln tiot. JOHN I)1..tE(N1 (;enlvier streets If any one wants to ee ile, rcall ait No. 4Il (-rnvieJ JOHlN II 'N. .e" Olealnls. Nl -, II. 1 i105. T'cfill, Ldii.,,n RO'I.t.TT'S TAB S to, O tt 1'i t '.ST: T lO l . hlie ii new' al;d<d ,ll Averag I 'linln,: tlclnla, I tltr , t l easy melthtods lfr fnlin lll , lho altrge lil stoi rage, notes of hald or bills of g.nd, , when nhr chased at difl'trent dstes, en ditlirrent credits, and" tn b Time 'Ta' I., the best Ihat ent he eontritvd. or that fi gure~s Can ,r nuce within tite s.c consend emupIs, and sizc ot t. pe. Ain a;'verti.:ment in thebook is in nearly the folllow I T Iht high distinction this work It.s ,'et,. t l'onigl lith te: legislative acts pleftixcd to the title .r pie, s a te conularnl:;tihn in itsl f, so t emmon., and so conctl .ivce, ih t nothing" is nlecessary.. IlOr( thII by'a of alu crtrlscnt~nel, to givea condcns(,€l vinw of sode o'f its pe culirities:ns fcl instnane, ltoe lleocst is been mnpts. d firom,nid comptared witlh, whet is equiv nlent to fouo teen sets afenalulationie, examired in the press thirty fioe times, and prilted from ttcreotype par es terted thirityy-one times, f'om all which it most be evidcnt even to the skepitp (eFecially oni thi pe.sonal ofthe de tail of proof in tthe l4eree) that.thew 'ook most tIe arith notioally infallible, andt i cool slation ofthis ,ei iefa prenum ol'two Inte dred asl lfto dollars, is now ofiner. id for the detection nf an error ofa cent is the present or fifth edtitiont, as exlpessed in the preface, eaklng five lair'e irtmi ons tieerel for the same error sioe tile fter pnhlieation in the year 1802. iOne of tho mosst conppieuoas feantres ofthe tables is inthe arrangement of the Time amt Amounts, which for expiteditins, trofrence ondcperspieity, with the help ofthesite and index, eornot be excelld ;i anil the .aty ty and ease with whielh le in:eroesl can be lfountelo the extent of gtneral btsiness, itltont douhlilg of sums is lesidrs a eonorenience so essential, that in te estlmnn. tion of some oi the most competent anthd plotenalbusi. nses men ned pablic offlcerls who hane tda great use of the work, it has been disti.gishod by the I oltoable appellaion efofa "master pioece". Ald consideriog the infallihilit' of the meitlod otigi ally aldolted ih composing liki work, ani tle extrcnodluinary number alo variety' ollhe examinations, and tests of eryr eliion it has pnssedili the preas, eotwilatanlding the whole itt i stereatype, consideroig. in hlIrt, the positive aeotraoy seJcuredl iy the npreedcnted means enplos ml, the vo tlmethas ueenr hildup and eml hatically tyledl ''the most wonderfla hook in the wnslk;" most certainly no sit$can nomes figure work of the same extent, whoch sinceal1d eginntingo creation, liashad the same nnam her and variety of tests in the same onomber of ediitors no, nwrone half the number, as is clearly shown in the lie ~c.r ateit antd tanldanl, it as been tried anti pee oev rly all the lank and pnhlic otfiees in the Unhtl States, and by the public generally, during the long period of thirty-Sfe rearsc, yet m eroa ef tihe eal onlations has ever elien fend i print, altonhgh continu ally n challenged by the offer of very large prcmiuml. The is fact expressly adopte by al theeorts of law l sevral oftle States as the "' rate of calculation forataeute ittersrt," as lso by law for bank interest, r conoding a the book is sced, and as e ay be seen in part, by me names of the sscrit.bers, and a few of ihe subsequent iurlhasers, l a the list atthe ndlr of thl book, is in Iossesiiao el'every clots of citizens in every quar rto of the UnIited Sotae.. It is moreover well known that, ly its resily crhe.k, it ians so ofte detlected large rtors, lotg ofter Iltey were emade, even by the most carefol oill most competent aritlhmeticiano'i tt its nsefiitless, antilhe absolute te cessity tifir its use Ihave hcen exCensiyely insisted, uio so evltdcnt, illeed, Ilave been its ndnloltnges, anId its saings, that, rsverrl yerrnsagi, whilst the flrst edlition waseocarce anll ot of print, a great t.wtlitor of second hand Coll ies wet sotglht fIbr, some to a gre t distanioe. nnd poll-erased at various prices, as thev eould occasion ally boh picked ip tit fro'm $10 to $25 per copy, and somne persreton hare reeri.y doclarelld, ad instances coult he quooed th:t1h,'y would n $S't5o $100, and $500 for etpy, tf'notto he lald frr les, antlsn iniliidual in the lttter instance particvlarly, ha vig at the same iime rthibited latistsecory pieoal',lto seerarl personspre set that to him lit was reotly wrorth that monieynsi Sore tlnuogelh the sicingt of his teor valatble tinloc, he being a l verr rich mail ad in ilhlic office. it is lik, oise worllt)' of niotice, ned indeled propor Into Olnire.,, titot such is tie nature of ague wotk go'crt.sly anti especially when of tIhe extent aln importance ol tlhe:sao le, tioIthat id' this ,bolok or itslike boot Ioepar ed illtllh usual milllnner lolle, Iby Lie most collltpctnt coalcuhlttor ill the worlf, n:dil tdfinri ltlIf pitrilcd most oA nt'ottfy ilht tis' h tis w u t or lctioi (i f if li t to hol etsO it wotll, almost to a erltafily, harve ltln soll ntfliflt re ferenee,nl dlear at any porec, ils tfoe potr fic' dariieo I:rlli eopltitns. lint so lpoct fet nd vaiahlee ii e sireoltyl'pe pilates if iflls Wt llftll/ot, inor, ihItI to rollle them, ithlleir numerus allll extraordlinaryr xalninia tio,nogenst Ire, fior tie gent'ld hene.t, II'y ale (li td.lrrtitsemnor t) constantly kertt in a plle of fpeeiil s:l'oty, excCllt while ose I in pi lntii. Amplfledirections to lind buthl banks anci silttite intor est with useful totes, follow the i.filcoa, lwhichl, in this lll as in the two lireeeding editions, contain oiuelh il tlel'lotion rolocrnlong thle t.o lao fl lodes ofnoalput iog inter. sta, tee af gtae, oe. It remoins only to relnlrk that, notwitllsltodling this tloneonmmly costly work, whllhi ntuaathllletiad before interest tables were intu'othlcd in iollarns and ceolas be 'yendantallmnnae, litt heen enCxtcnsiel' .l st liberally Spatrnisel it haas not yet no mulclh as Il i With interest. tee heavy lose of nasrly fier thoullnd dollars, besiles six Teara ol time fIolr l?9t10 180n, sustained oil the filrst edliion of 76i0 aopiesf,:risfeg eliefly from its poblica tio nllt hat tilte, at an iliier pr ice,) Itn sy nthinig of oltlpentttlon or profit lifor almost a lifeu-tie of tire, toil, sill saecrifee. Vlherefor itie a lthor still relies ol the dfisaernmett and generosity of ,s public for a ionatinU: attee of preference and o atrorge. PFar ale by the Prineilpal Jlooksellers in dtg United Statels. THE FLORIDA LINE From Mobile to Augusta, Gen. N leaves Mobile every day ot three N o'clock. p m per U 8 mail boat for lall's Ltndtne, above Blakely,-thenoe four ,a post conches to Pensacola--tlhnce atemho1,ts to Logr Inee, where the land rusts is resumed-thence 11 via Marianna and 3rownoeville, Fla. Bninhtidge, Pmndersowr, lh.swkinaville. Saundereville & Louie- c villeto Augusta, Go, cnnoecting reeularly wilt the roil road ears to Charleston, and the steam packets to Now York, Narlillk, Pniladelphia, etc. The stesallbnata are the best for the service, and the navigation presents more advantages thln can be found upon any steamboat route in the south. ere region. The great improvements in tthe route have been produced by the construction of lifty miles of new road, by the proprietors, via : front LoGrane on LaFavette Rayou, an arm of Santa Rosa Bay, to lIryant'a Ferry, on the Chatsahoolthee river, ten miles above the Cowolrd, or 14 above Coedar Bluff whereby the navigation of the river, and the con sequent detentionsand more recently the ineen venlent crossing at the CowLord, are entirely avoided, ond a fine road from Marianna direct to Bainbridge, instead of tile roundabout road via Chattahoehee, lessening thedistance about forty miles, and ienreasing the facilities more than once aday Ales, sa roneh line of two horse stages every other day ttnm Hawkinsville via Perry to Macon, Ga. cnnescting with the tr4e to Savannah and Darien, Ge. A mail steamboat 'li regularly between Bainbridge and Apnlachicol . Travellers wishing to reach any point on Chatt }hoochee or Apalachl cole, can take steonoboat ao Brownsville. Mobile to Pensacola-rLand Route-During the time oecupicd by the repaire of boats, the proprie. tors of the Florida lito will run a line of four horse post cobches every pether day between Mo bileand PenSacoln. Passengers will leave lbohile at 3 o'cllrk .p m, in Ihe US mail boat, snid proceed t1 flall's Lnnd ing, where a lour horse coach will Ie tn wailing to convey thetm to the e)xcellent house of Mr. Charles Hall, i 1 4 mile distant, where they will find pleaaant accommodations for the nighlt-leaving next morning, thley will arrive in Peenacola early in the eveninre, thus avoiding the discomfort ol night travellitip. Office at 'tre lMansion lnuase, Molile, tnd.Col. line' Ilotel, IPensacol, where seals must be secu red. s STOCKTON & Co. nlo I 'i.oso forte Inlstrlwslton. Willitam Smnith tenders his services to to the citi. zens.rbf Now Orleans as a teacher of the piano fort.' Mr S having been emplv'ed several years as a teacher ,,r munse in private families in Btston, and alsoat several female steioinart'teo in its vicinity, ennnot but hope to.. merit thEirconfidn oe. lie is pertmitted to refer to Rev .t-tIlpp, Mhvesrs Stetson & Avery, lHenderson &. Gaiesr. For terms, &c please apply at tile booksore of Alexander Tower, 49Comlpt oct '2 Drugs and .llfediciner. J .,evost has Inltnted hIlllt llt f t this city far tile purpose of lransacting a general Wholesale Irug bhoiness. lie is now receiving a full supply of Iretb and genuir't arlilles, which he will sell on liberl terms 'To city drueo gist, and those of the inlerior, ,t phvslctn , nlerchall:lnts and pllnt,'rs, he will o,,flr indoctrenlts such no have never be, fore It en offered in thlis cit '. Ilis interntion it to do ne strlctly lei itimntt o bhasines. lhIs sltl ck will soon be compllete, tnd it a few wr eklts wil he rela. (iv fir business. All orders tro n the c,)un.y, and from tlertlhntl. ofl t i" iy, ric ivhilg such orders will he protiptlo attended to. ct 2 lNo :19 Cat p ,t E/-llnlA.l'EAII D ThllCOelti AtIt ) VA . IlETY S'Tl'OlRE-a:t thre igan of twih+ golden conlml, lt 'I Chart'res steept. Th11e ol!), libers ltveO re ceived, ila i.lition to their previous stok nlo hand, a full uld ottlll lt. ansortlllOrnt tf articles in tlhir line; viz: cotbt,, ilfIeitntt'rv, J.w'lloe, brulshes, Ilrkieg glasseo, C1)91 I1S--tort tise shell, wtrtttolt tltn plain tnoktttirt, qiiiolled bck Ion"l rootndt dtllti, il, tneull curlalnd neck, rlrazilian crmbs of every descvription amongst whlich ilotr Hpal wexieran plterl, Ivory conmbs of e Lery dascription, Iora, drelstln and po cokr, togeher v'ith a ge'neraoI stsortlllnt of tretllt al A1 mtriln. 1'I IFLU.Ml111,ll-Cologne, Lavedler, F"'lerido, honev, lhayo t', oan.i ornie nflowr wanfer of every size land des crittio anlp lnnotted Colognet, extratt of luorgantot, ane stoaps otall kindslo, sitavinog dl i rn klltit a.teot, rean -oatlo, Ward's vertttl,l habir oil, bears o td ln tilndOe ttltteston's sotelling suit, plain atd prftlitmed toilet woder, pearl owdt'r, ptol'r ptll wi andttoes pio latunltin Feot andl rolls,ores andl clorite tooth wash a nd wrlcr.t , withl a trnool assortrmnt of JI I\\NI .IY.l --soo e ofthl, loatet nnd motov lounoiona ltio u-t, conslting of wlltitle an rled cornalinl, tol.- .^, Sjet itrllrt",,o rt tnl flng-ee, bhleast pin<l of u o ;tre' ,rot Ity otf lnlttliri, c ,ni.l ttriImni tLs,'i ill ttand slve ,ikw l h I ier r h,nt artslo:nt l wll o r, 't o , itasl It uen-e er chLaill ht ltto'Slll rS-oClotb l oir, lost. olo trnihhearlbtlhs~r lat, tloos, I ote , l pill ie, l nt , jeIlt r, l ot tll ol . tc.v; l trt OIntt.l IIt ;ltttttt' a.AOOl ylK\SS b t tv-- i e'n s tll ll otl nld toilet clnsrt n; lr l moth d c redm t brl]1 tile.:tit1 Il.OtS, t o dn doet, w l th I vrlrriiv ,fothetr krl s nt elt lllr,lteld . I"ANCY ANDl.l) VARIiE;TY AII'It'iA:-Fr'+i lnr d Amlerian po ttl ral h' d-1":.: and,. enter+, Hoolll vlt r, anr··o ald I tl] bll ob -"d i'-tli,,, work h ltx ll) l- d dra-e hst;l; t dlett'so h nl w tthtt't i otot tlt , 11ot ,te, lnoLo. l ilo.lx,. . tt-t to rd imt n o l -t u iol k io d u , 'i tli a nlld 't d . I 'ta l, s ilv e r oa ld plo tod penciltt Ith lld Itt.tvod oel otltr r no , o t tt tt d no er00l00 1lUotseta lo ronlld 11t,11 ral 11d11 I, .ilhlltot! ee.n. p r,,ur islho n le li"' lrin 'lltnrp, tl ,nl rl toot , ta ,ts, liadian I letls of -,,Iv kinl, bull,+ tn ! :ot n s, atrds8 nd curd nases, i din ing ,.rdt nt" 1'(t-h) nI rlnunl cand American nllnlithett re, olls, imnitaiion tro'u , Oina 4d~ 701 Chtartrcsst. SP'ERM OIL-- i00 galions pure d Sp nrm Oil, in casks and b is . for s.ale blv JAILVIS & ANDSRE`.tJ, Wtholesale Drugg ats, corner C mlmno anod Tchap Ins slreels. '-:i " toloatS WVater, Perlnumery, &c.-A aplt.lnult orticle of cologne, put up expressly for the retail trade; also the purest F ench Perfulnt cr, embra cing every variety for the toilet, for ad.l hv oct 2 R[lE S & D'LAN.. V ARNISIIES-TIe Subscriber, having lately esta. blivhed a varnish manufacttor in New t)rleane, in ready to hl+pply the pintrs arnd the public in general by 9ltleale or retail. Ilia prices are moderate and t. lity of hits praducls uperior to noy ever brought to re. Tie gentleman employel to superintund the munufactory has been at thoe itad or in extersive eatablitement of this kind in Europe. 'Those disposed to call at the corner of Natchez and Tchoupitoulan nts, shall be presented with a fair sample of any vanrishl thley tmay wish to try. Atongst the rvarnislhes are the ttaclaeh No.1,wrrated not to chiange evet in hoilita water. The black varnish for stores asd steam hoc eltimonies. The transparesnt varnish without smell, & &c. as I IlntNNAItEl.. F LOUR--00 anding frC t steamer Independ ence, ale I DOIRSEY, mn2 44 New l.evee. Emllerson's Rnzr Strops-'l'hr cases of lhe genuine article, jost received by oct 3. REES: & D'LAN, 18 C a llinniuri Roypn-50 rtile tlianti j h le repe, made all of henp, in store, and for sole by n 3 BOGERT & IIAHu THORN, 63 Orsaler as RIESII GARDEN SEED).--Tlhe tu.tori,rr begs to express his grateful thnlnks to the pt.h he, for the libersl support he nhas Jeeived since re cnmmeoced buinese In this ciry. [h tn sle Il priititrof the seed vtore, 17 Commnnnn streer, hl not and never was agent for any northern eard vender; neither is lie conneled niot any house in this country--but he nssirea the publlic that his connectiona in every departm.ont nl hlie ecrd busol nvse, in the dflberent colntrles of Europe are equal to that of any house in the United States. He iim. ports seeds, plalts, &c. front thie mnot elxensivl and respectable nureenres and seielleten in Franey,. lHolland, England, Scolantd, and iihe no thern statee-vnd it wtill at all titnes be his intreist, as it is his study, to receive, in addition to Its present sloik, large arrivails of every descriptlion, rslly tlt growth iil 1838; also, engrafted fruit ire, s, ol all kinds. T.qopublie itoay rely on finding a full us snrtlment of every ss trcle in tne seed ltllte,of genustt on quality, anatimp,.ited direct by SWnWm. DI)NN. 3 fO TIlE PUBLIC -Tftit dersigned. honing Setudied under Dr. Scl.midt of Clharlenton, South Carilina, and for some years hin ansistant in tl-e practice of medicine and surgery, has the honor to offer his professional ervies in th lis city. lie assures the ladies and gentlenen thatin the most prompt nattontion will be paid to tihe calls whichl may be made; and also otlnra his services to tihe holders ofelavos, beingt well acquainted witll the diseaseos contmon to them, having attended themn in tie sugar houso in Charleston. The fkmous anti.bilious pills a !ter the composition of Prot'essor Smlollettc. with directions, cn bho had of the undoerigned. The effect which they have produced in thts and other Oities, has been attended with tihe greatest success, to which the beIt of references can be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. zine street. JNO. M'LOIING. NOTICl,---The partnership of Kelley, Mason &Co of New Orlesn-; Masln, Mlarris &Ci., of Natchez; il llarris, Kelley &Co., of Itodney, was dissolved oni hlc'21t of May last, by the death of Samuel A Mason, one of tie partners of thie firsn. Tlbe undersigaed, surviving partners, will be charged with the settling and closing said business as follows: LeviC Harris will attend to the settling of the businessi of Mlson, Harris& Co.,t Natchbe; and Harris, Kel. ey & Co.,t Itlaiy; ando Heary Kelley will attesd ilt lenettlig of the buaiesa of Kelley, Mason & Co., at New Orleans. The names of the several firna will be used in liqoidationonly. T'hose indebtedl to said firms are earnestly requesltedl o come fou d make early settlements and thosen f rBeAR' Sci ene aofonmaiahp received, and for sale at their permneat Writing Academies Nod 8 Chiatres sdreit, Net Orleans, 8I BoI Badway Nt, York, Dauphine et., Mobile. It i1.particularly doastged for private learters, and schlols, and is calculatod for persons of all age. Lsllies and gentlemesi are iovited toeall and examine Ihe system for themseles. n. Iossons anre given At srcl houses s may weit the ciiveuieone of'i0l, ald to tlasaes formed in any part of the city. Ladies who prefer it can receive essons at their own ref sidenles. Persnms pavin e o n rs of olessons ar desired o atrlol, ' -an' •a clveil atthey wi1h. . .jtAP. IIROTIIl.R. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, S FOR FrVER ANO AOUE. IT EN years have nint yet elapsed since it was first regularly rsubmittod to the public; but it ioas attained the highest reputation; and has sep. planted every other medicine for the Ague, whlorov. or it has been known and appreciated. Already has it been carried in every dliretion throughout the United States, and still realizes more than could have been anticipated by its most sanguine friends. Thousands of persons have not only been relieved, but restored to health and vigor through its agen. cy; and they now cheerfully testify, at every op portunity, to its dotided and supreme efficacy. It is composed of such medicinal principles as are calculated to renew the healthy action ofthe stom acllh, liver, and other important digestive organs, the loss of which harmony is the inrmediate cause of the dacrase. It is apparent also, that it produ. cos anl entire change in the condition of the system, and certainly destroys the native liability to relap ses of the affection. When the Ague is attended with any other complaint, the employment of the Tonic Mixtuore will not interfere with the treat. ment of the other disease, but will even afford as. slstnnce by furnishing strength and vigor to tile body during tie course of treatment. Those who make use of this medicine may be asaured that there is no Arsenic, Barks, Mercury, or any other article in its composition untifientd' to the human constitution; being entirely a cegetable extract; and they may may have additional confidenco in the use thereof, when they pereoive that it has the ef fect of a goentle laxative about the time half a bet. tie full has been taken-in consequenceo of which, there is no port of tile medicine left to linger in the bowels to cause obstructions, and other evils, arising from the use of many of tlhe remnedies now offered for the cure of this affcotlion. It has been used also as a preventive, by manlly who were sub ject to a periodical recurrence of the Chills, and it has invariably warded off the apprehended attack. Observe! TI'lhe Proprietor, filly satillied 'itli the unparallled alld universal success which has con. atantly attended a punctual antil regular use of the tTonii Mixture, in all ctean of Fever and Ague, tiole warranted in engaging to refund the price to 1l tlose wIho have taken tihe nejdicino in strict ce. - to wilh the prescribed ilirections, without ha perfectly ando lastingly cured. T -ibers are the whloesale agents for the South in States, and have now oln hand six ty can.s 's ledicine, which is warranted fresh and genuit For salo at the mnufalictured prices JARtVIIS & ANi.IlWlVS, IIWhoIlesale DI)rtgist, notv tva__ r Cit'oeiolt k 'I'.. r.ltipietli, teti.I. ta-- siii, P-Z O on ii -tiLoinitint Hoiatel, l S. ;MA - Y . IIIImfLANI) respectftlly .0. to her froids antd tile public A . ally that sht is pliptared to aceomtmodtl thet at lie nbovne establlisiittmelit, ald ihopes fr oti her txerlions to render vriitors cmf,)rtallle, to receive a continuance of frte r tIlvor r. She fiels confi. lent that per:.ons vetilian. Cdnvi'gtnm during the umlnler monthsl, cannot ;itnld better ;iccommllllldltIlns than she an leortid thli,. oi ilore, hboraln terile. i]er house is :l.avantly eitua ,,"lh npad well suplllied with ever' cnlvelniteice; the her is alv isheld wit Ii tlie most choice hqoller, Aik . ill shoIrt, ll r nises "lat nothing shall lb. wantitn on her palt.vit, give stiri sali. .action to all who may patroniT, ". Iississiplpi anl [,I tel. j 'J+ IIOLi,OWV WIAR -. WOOD sc"RIEWS, SAt IRONS, Ve. TIIE IOWIVIL WORK\\t S COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Ileckmana street, New York, have received the past easion, and iarti costatitly riceiving large and extensive adiitions to |he stock of the abore goolds, twhlrh now consists of the ollowinga nsartlnout, suitlable 1.,: the! auitlhe:rn and ,eater u mtarlkets. Ilollow wtrteo "f auporior quality, consisting of abont 1501 Intns, viz, Pots o'2' dilfflurnt sizes, fron 2:8 tn 50 gulltont, Kettles, 1.3 sazs, from 3:9 to 311 gallons, Kelles, 15 i.s, fro, 3:. to 18 g !iions, It ,kepans ,r Ovens, 7 dt',rent sazes, SkVIA.-, . PIIermllll ire l , ti dt 1 . n I ta- fr4 1 I to 3.4 iiehes. rtt ,i i i. S td lr"mv, aisrted, in calks, of t'e,,,"t 5iN1 Iis ',,r ']'ga.ul', anl Ih: tto:'s Ironry, : ... I d. So s't height i, 111 i ton t", ri n I 1 4.4 tei 20.r. SIkils for Pl ittti ,,le,s tile iIats, el.ucbi e"r, E.l . nlale to Iorder, Also steaibt.iats and otllher itmachlinlery tmadle to aordor. The bov aio assortment of gn,,ds is particularly recommended to attention of Southern aold Weslotern mrerchants, and are ofored for sale at low prices, and upon the ioast lberal terms ; it is he. lieved to bu the largest and lestl assortieutt ever offered for sale by any one establihmlent in til United Sitates. Merchants, by forwarding a r,,quei t by, mail, ,ca: have a pri'ed circultr, with descripton of gooda, prices andl terus, f-omn whichl no deviation is ever made, furnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immtediate attention. New York, 1838. Je3 BOOK LINIIERY. Under the Pica one Office, 7 Canmp st. BRONSE\IA '& laOWSON hey learn t, inform S heir cuatomers and tile public generally, that thley have removed their estabiihment to No.7 (Camop street, itnmediately under the office of the Pienynne-where they are prepared to execute all orderr in their line. IIting received from the North a Supply of pa. per and materinls of a enperir quality. for the manufacture nf Blank Books, they offer their ser vieos to merchants and otheri , who may rwish work of that kind ; and havini the edvagiane of several yanras' experience in that line, they are confident of civine satisfaction to those who may tIlrn them with their custtm. For nnanrie,, nrchitects and others, maps and plans will be pisted on linen. vainished and mounted in tihe natoest manner, &at the shortest no ice. Plain and fancy binding, in all its varieties nl. ii t nE fubsnriernf Agents flr lthe extensive holte of w\i . l S. llhert Shellield, Enland, have jllt eeived t O very c.tenlltve set nf m' r ha, conisting of rable and I)seoert Knives ool t -. deseription, Pen, P'oeket, Diirk, andi Spealltoinl kni.e.; Rtznorn, cis eors.Edge 'l'l,&i:. Ae. &e. n iti:h tlhe arc prepared o exhlibit tn the tradne trn otter,a. l'eres and condttions will be mad., known fitt tiel. m16 J. 1). 3lIiN & A COtIEN .90'Onnnmmon St. NEW1 (it)(lll. £jUIMO)NS, hA RTii& I'( tt.--Ae ont eiehhtg per ship llmnst nlt l., P:' nir RIM, A drew, lli ligh jtee hlIt llitntat et pii lols; , lin, rthhe lit t d t n I it resint cttps; sap hiders; ncis e s, Bazars, tn. Sel; (;illitt'n commercial anld oilhr steel pcn.i; i io ns; Violin sri'i s; shell, ivory 11nll 1he-mll nl hs; walelrs; k, head and lethler pcitses; cthl tirh tls, fi.ont ,nd atik ringlcts; negnro plls; German and French coloneie iltIne, oslndltt nlt a casn.lll te oill, nihatnl d. o; ntique nd hearsoil; porntable idesks antid dresing eases: past, bltekiig; st.:ui and toili gl.tses; ti(1n e mI lrs;l npt - cal glasses aiond tiews;i I1ndial Ii ad, h llwd Iplumes; eordll onl wllit. twine; toilet t id sllaving nsps; thil t owdlel, cismnlctie washl halls; saelh.d' satin cIshn; ipool stlds; sllew cushions; Ilalucy hIiead clhlaillns and necklnce'; billiarld talll; plon et Iooks andl wlllets; erman hones; razor stl ; fntll nd conlnnn gulm olastic auslemnler,. garters do; Bella lucifer maltches; sil ect pencils; Crey'ons, &ct. &c. The aHnove in addition to our formenr stck of tane rttiles, miakes nott :tssncrtttent t very c ttplt. For aai wholesale or rettit; ts tile signl tofthe Galtilen Cuomh, 7a i(:llh'lre lttlret. ntR .'n 36 Chanrrn sir.tet, N.w Orlennn. Wý , 1 ERil:IANT & Co. impolrtelrs o Frenchl and ttl:l hI Cihina anI Eanrthen wtror. are now opining new vidl rich patterns of brealkfast, dining nnd te.n serviem, Itoi en rts, t itcherl, te. and coffc cups, :eipn', s,,,,.rs, eveamns, bhowle l, plalte, ldin he, lurctel., ,t'a:h L asin- atni ewurs, foot lbant, etc e tt, e t Rich cut and plain 'rrncll aind A cieao. ware-- ohllets, Ihanpai e., 0 munades, itlis, clire'f, aifea, oerdtcla., trte h leIto, dottlv tE. tullt blers, , ireearvp d!letntenerbre, tpitc ert, htntr p lamp shado and glasses, candle shadloe, salt ca! lets, etc. Sllver plated, hranzed anid britania wnree-ease tore, liqnor stands, caLe htsket,, canlll!eslicke, hronchese, spons, Indles, cffe and Ieno tolls,a.nrs, reamns, lamps, oapnnned trits, atrnl sanndandl hanging lampsn,inuaiutlery, Geri an silver penl. and lorke, togethler with a r.asl anrl.t vilf rIc:!es flr finalrly use. A erchanls, iplntters, hoit is, uant atenntboalts furnished wilh golds at the itnOsl te sonnble prices, nnt packed so as to hb conlvey d wtlh salety t enny part ofthe coun ry. Also, apatthetenritt' tirosnotr. nor 2 T. Country Merchants and Planter.. Negro cllthe, blankets, flannele, Insceys, lowetll ehirliyer, checks, linens, calicoes, handkirechiefa, bAIL ARRANGEMENT Northern Mail, use REer atn It M.A. nCloseEvery tny at lA,.j Al Western Mail, e every Sunday, Wdnaesday b wa of 'th Fridayr by , P. M. Cby , l. nld es eveary Monade Wedenosla .... and Snturday, by 9, P.. The Lake .at Du every TuRPday. Thursday, a "+ "e LtUeattI Saturd", yi 5 P. M.' via Closee every Monday, Wednedlulr EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL DEPARTURE DISTANCE &e. of the Express Mal, belwan Mobile and fNlw York-laaving Mobile duil'- at 3 P. M. Northwar New York dnllyat 5 P. M lbouthward. Arrives - Arrive Northward. Distance. Time. Return't M ontgomery,.Ala. 2 pm. lOa m's 213 h 12m. Columbus, al. 11 81 9 3Ba.m Mlilledgevillr. On. 1 133 141 24 p.m Coilumlia, S.C. I. am. 163 171 Releigh, N C. 51 215 2I 12 Warrerton, Va. 12 m. 55 All a Prtersburg Va. pm. 1 0 pa. m Richilnone, Vs. I am. th 3 6s o Fredericksburg, 8 67 7 lIp at. Wenhington erty, 2 pm. 61 Baltimore, 61 38 4 Ij Philodelplie, B am. 100 It 2 New York 2 pm. 90 8i 1305 14: h. or 8 2 Northward. Coming Sontlwerl, the titn is aia boar leas; eing5 days and 17t beur. 'TEN JOlIl.A1A8 RI.WAIID. mANAWAY from t16 Carmndlet corner of Helti Ielreets, on the night of 30111 of August, aild waa seen the next morning in Poydras street, a negro buy named C oHARLES, about 17 yeart of age, snl i fee or tltemRabote in heilht, verv bleck, nd hns an imped iment in his specch, one of abis lags is more, ocrasine4 by a recent hart; Ihe lind on when Iwe ent away a whita cotton or linen shirt aid whit el tten pretalnoun. Masters of vessels and stelt bents are cautioneed a gJietst receiving or harboring oaid negro, as wmel as alh other persone , at the utostt rigour of tbe law will he enforced against themn. The above reword will bepail fordelive:ieg him inteo oay of thle jail of itber of the municipalitics, or at 169 Carondelt, corner of Heari, Wteet. mite 1Wtt1'tii--'lc ieolmrtnershmbilt heretoliire txiotine LI under itb firm of DIubnis & Oarretson, ban beer disolved. Thei ashecriber will liquidate time arinia the concern in this city, and requires all pIrsons indob. ed to make payment to him oiil, and all tloeae haelnp claits, otlmsent ltitn forsettlelatit. ngl _--7 iI GARRETSON. CAPTAIN MARRYATT'S NEW NOVELS Ralltin the Reefer, by the author oi Peter Simple, & in 2 vols. Cummints, or a Winter at Schlsls Hai"teld in Lawe Sitvrn, by Captauin Basil Ilall, Royal Navy, F.L S.; it 1 vol, lmrd Ioldha , a romance, Ibe Allan Cunningham,l on Sheppnrd Lee. written by IHimtelf, it t v2ls. S('nnlfopendines Jliltory if Daly, ti-ansleted from thte criginel Italian, iy Nilhoniel (erene, inl aol. for ming No. 79 of lHnrper's Eatilv Lihirnry. Vols. 3 & 4 of the new complete nd uniformn edition of t'olhinglon frrine's tI'orrr. Roger's F'ireneh and English Dictiontry. in 1 vol, 3vc 'ugeot'o .'reneh tc m il English Diclionary. At.s--A fnew mrre eolles of Comnbi's h'lrenelogy "lIlienzi." large Siurveyor's Ctomassees afsiperinr qua itv, with chnina, lillienrd I)nllsol2 1-4 and 2.-'2 inehea Gillett', ieproved iiieilie l'cn.,japuned. papers, weights &c. &ie. c. .tII rtecveied, a d fr solI by in:ii iBENJ. LEVY. I'INNOCK'S ROME.:, &c. ItNNOCKI'S III'R(I'EIt El'I'I(IN OF DR S(;hld'ilt'v iirllridc enl of the Ilistery of Rome In ihlici is prellxed an Ilntivlitin toi thle ilotdy o I Sennon Ilio slldtei- mu ngre it vi•Pt, of vauolble itfor Iintion stilll ed *lhrott+oit ll II wmii, i the Malnner Institutiinil tlAnvormmiiie. of thel IiotIvIo; wtilt nue mlcroia biogirfplhil anll s Iriceal Notes a 1tclndesi livineliefr exm-itilonrlll mtit ie'r ndA Posllch sRClitn.t . (I. Iitl ileil ii ih thirtylim v lliol;:i nli wviood, ibr Albertent l'lxmOrmm' liirhoied ullilEdtionl f ir Gnllcimittlo' ilittory fl'England, hens ISi.. lucoio of Jlins CaL'a,,r tlLh dit-lhi of tiiigcl, " wih li cv+dimieiolini, to thei yea 111".2. 1 ilt questcioni.or i eximui atiott at the end i AiI ie-II oey ii Il+ivlc a ltiiil iif nvaluabille imllftrtll tiotl dhd l tghiii Jii wrk. t;tnsieiiig of table of vOuutl,e , l ' Svtvreigv eandil evlevit mormean (;o luiollva ioplnlory notle. Iteeltrkn on lie poel ti es, Illnnl:l'r, atlinttomom of tile uae. An olltline), tie ':vtiluvova, &c. &c. ilhlnirled by maily engrt Gvov' Et.l-e'r .r or At-rnoruOirt allid on Aoridgmer Sof lcitOul't Nv Io-oTris oU the Ccli+ef t"loboie. New nellriea edlitionl, witII ddilions nod imalrovomeul a ni explulili l'ith, astr.iiuoinicai part of tli A. c roe e . Wt lnnl'lAN cv velie ei Cutllp ind iCoollllon ate 77 Ibl (;emirunmltteud bi idiomlip F'rancie I) Di, with iedi' ",v Iby B1 .lii,io Livnliv, t liltn-i Drvdon I'o .l.liiioni, -wift .ihllllClllOl e (u IiVllOi- IPd ison -imy 11,&. ood -..y.v ofiic ou.... i oe-t. af tI ill.', I) Ii',, ilt thv alopein x -ii tuli n trann s h lblJlllo ,t srlll, rl:lllu nn in12 ,.+l, I;ir)o :,t}" ,. .I.l. l li, -"l c l Ie-v cit',., '-'hI III,,t,,h, 1 tI T ' II t " " ; N It , bil'il n;.illtt, 1 t I , vt'1imOt m`o ,Ii 1 thor, bit'i'et ie , v; I.,o tl', u i..lell-to t.m (itbir,-lri ve t I-IIii 'I'11| ;II'.+':i" by 1 ' of "Iicn l . -- Il ''it k !·): ll nl.\t"t, . /II fit: t i Jo ticn"l, ccnitt rierrun icon ccl 'Vsinci, . io l I III - IIh c rl A ,-h rlrtyi i I, Io thle tOre . nI," I Icy ,l . l e,,I, O nr. r, , n ' e nor er o,, 'tivoli r z.le ti," 'l' ,, lkr , rpctlull ies a l shars ho le ....... p ...............i e ..o . tre . . al f hr f.nirra I, lI's ,):n. clor r 'lst r . i'os h enlinre alecik or Drllns, inelleiteeond loner iarlccles is Iraill an" ,nre lu!l, , Icvled. 'Thile ful!lwih g only are par" Pre Nlde, t.lylitz and S nralnenl Powders. Y, at Poiwders, lin a wholl, come and elegant Eno lltlll r orieasni, in raising bread, buckwheat cahke, &e2 BuulcI'a Elferreseento MaInesian Apperient-a nIdepsndO anblne purgllaiv in dyspepsreaa or indi. estiin, nernoks debllirsy, giddllne-, headach e. lcdily , I he aslmnaeh, habic al eoatlveneae, cUl. noen erupllono, &c. Carpereit'a Fluid Exnract of srsapasrillm f porilto.e Ihe hluood, &e Idon d and eubeba, &c. $wnlm's Panacea and 'ermilu ; lgBrtitish an IlInolenl nile, Opodeldoce, &e. Refined Lqcorieeio jujuibe and G(anmanue peast ''uooth brushns, N Sr Preno lTe's arbonic dentric flce, ohlrinna tootbh wacb, powder plffa and beate, Prentiee'a earhlnle dentrifire, eblolrle tooth wash powder puffs and bixrr, Prentice's seented and plain llilec. powder, poilairim ercnrle de Perae, orange flc er, roer, laendelr and Ilorid, waters, of the boor qelinus, Rowland's M acnrea Oil, Old, ridre's bolmo bf Columin, bota's oil, a sariery of l.oler ani other maathea, indelibie marking ink cperier bilack ink, &e. Sperm and relined whole oil. Ilayea Linislmet A ifeshl assortment of 'l'hurhbrn'saeren See net ! GEORGE JONES - Fortreatment and c..e .of he Fever ae dAge. ST w dil e rlil discovered wherein the Toneic Mix. fue is superior to tice ordinary lodo of treating - Pe Fever ad Aeue. In te first plaoe, being a Vege able Extract, and free from any delererious and poison uoo ingredients, it Iay lie taken with the Itmosrt safe even Ih tile lender tlirt, or aged invalid. It pre entsa rer'haeoflt he diaennse,onaneqenaly the constitu li soon ruCgailns iu wnter otdne ad activity. It estab. lishes a soi.l ntd pEno Ioent appetite, by invigorating tt...soanelh,and gives a relish to the enjyme ntl oflaste. iltinc peccllloar in Ilaving t purgaltr qiualil, it romainla S. tiltehoboweas te i c easne lr is d riter, or to create l.ierdiseesi. bt tborCoglilv leollnesa tieseveral eor Cons of digesoioi, and tcles IonefitL ie ye'eam ,tOll lihtevLer oLhcr it mK.v be oppressed. [adividllual, anf lir thle ofthei Toen Mixt lacre have oren exposed t nil thle ausual oantnarn f the dieasae, lad have Ot:ceLd rticcy telltonllln wfnenirt; whe eao by ll 0 lSr oflhe clnlnl a elomedina, there is always crn 0ell n itcreaild liabiiity to roe:urreler. The danger oflooeil "ioc elnplcestof the Ague, is veryevirent, for tile varlen u will slon bcte lo to mach prostrate to ie able n o reictl witll, m icine, ncil si edily fll a vi tinm I -chlh ileoasnnt violeieoo c'llo'I'm ic tMiaiture is olred it suIce a reasonabe rice, ts iI plcoe it o rilhhi, til reach Il'cleo l"e --a , |ol 1- t c IIi p cir p lid destiluts are Cerelcy fnbiitlsiod wIith Ioishinrciicchn l nolieiting the aid 'and rleedaneo wnthici c ficqtoletly denied ta thlecm. or elsn very reluctactly bestuwed. Th'le poblic nre re..pcclni e.euilcoed against the epn ,couc inlitatnoi, of tbin tnrdicine, thit are daily offered It iplepocred onn b, Dr. John R. Rawand, at hit Lt.ctnic ori, tllrkelb trtc, c,l'hillide lplii . Itdle nllcnrltbees lre thle wllolesale agenlts fier tih SotOhll \Veolerl ate, ani wrill sell by the Prose, t I'hdilnclphi prices. 7'. be Icadl at retnit also, at tcf thie A ,ltclcr ieo ihc tic' city. the J.AIL'Is &d ANDREWS, Whclienle Ltciggiste, '1 rso C'o on &c'tloli & '.Tehopiloulnn a 1 ARBlLIE CIIMINEY PII:CE WAlccnUn, ' Cuanontnlhouso ntreet, porcsita tlhe post.nmife. The seuhbsribhurs are now reeiving frolna their fese torire, io lew York, and will kep constantly uo Ibnnd a geoeral anssortmeton .1i t'hlrhi Mantle Pieces I ol'ouperior workmeanship, cod uf tile latest patterens, nmado of the bent Egyptian, Italiun, Irish and Anloerican marblo. Also, Monurncente, Totich and Grave Sctones, minldod nlld plain sills and litole. Imarblo !eings, hearthls and bcoundary stonoe, plaster of Pais, Rooain & Hydrauli (Lemont and Plaster. i g hair, together with a splendid assortment ol * ass mounted acnd plain Grates and Russia Iron cates oftlhe newest and moat approved patterns. .Lettering done in the neatest maoner and at the rtost notice. Thley liave firot rate workmen to ' t,a woark.. nAY "''- AIN & STROUD. SI.IDELL'S NEW WORK,&ec.-The American i England, bIy the authorof"A Year in Spain," in vllolnum. Noble Daedsof WVmnen, io vols. 'fihe Young Wife's Book, a manual o moreal eli oua and itomestec duties. Justreerived and forsale by WM. M'KEAN,

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