Newspaper of True American, May 11, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated May 11, 1839 Page 2
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be inlaier So the cot iehtmay ) bInhai thate bank ll beg 1rotesied, norcharge dam St ·'o , s one o the parties to ted in the best possible sale ftre is bound to the sellers for my . tue.tOur readers will bear in rainrgenment was coanonmmated to-day, a tradlays as eyroneously asserted in mome er' The negotiation was broken off ji tt ey ,reort of Thursday evening, aoy 4 altorough sto a close. T Market to-day was dull, holders being o dto ogler made. Some few bales bcif y those whose necessi ies compelled :i e T reeelpte continue light. Yr.;il.aeIat ofl May, the stock market H u . B. nk Shares going at 115 9 8. Sterl tl 8 3-4 per cent.premium. Cotton trkitrirnna from the examiners into thelse l . ank give that institution 17000 in in elreulaiion. Sftlement of tse fnances of Texas will column. NNATl MARKET... May 1. * ltotitod..ald ralob. dull, $50. wh..Tke haa240jesfat hardly oqlull to tlb demand, t} Lard-laaunoorable enaqiry i. made tor thre or. holr llpalinr on advanco in prkoa. ddlineo 9ldaadobbebato. Wquote Pork, mo. s $aoa851l0 l0O 60 prime $18 0It 50. Lord 9jto. T ulhoStitota my he considereddull, at tQ, faor ..Tharsotrbsargralaetwthorreoguaaotry demand, mwlthoooahooo, viz: Rio l 3yi l4, Hana 12014; I lo.Ia; N..0ia hde ho0 impraved in price. ill roedily ?a.lotal o Woqaota b0b10c;Hievana Whrt 1a4 toIdad Sa o. for orolooblo late, to 55 by 1bo, Hltouse 65; scares. 1Toboao.Ky. No. 1,1 . C la ............lay I Wabielgto. April.....2 rdo ............S Cincinnati, May ...... *do...........31 Loijile, doa.......... 4 . do.............3S. Loui, do ..........23 iena do ......... ...S Liverpool, Mar. .........28 S Tax..) lay. I. Pri.. Fab............... 29 o do. I"........ Loadon, Mar....."...4 1 !1br ' =o ' .Iti.4 . 01 .ar .28 27,... 3 Havre . ,23.....~ : ?PORTc OP NEW ORLEANS. CLEARANCES. May 10, 1639. U 'hip Pareocrtee. Delirhm: fr Prarliagtoa. Hllter Bp aeaoomsr OtligoaaMogtoltorll, for Carpoarhy, -·*Fernandez If Ruiz MahEOiyrnthuro-Maeoy. for Prroacol, Mn.tRa ' Diadem,4lillug, for Providencea, Nhlar Si bb Sonbý"A Trout, tor Cap. Meoturodo. S"' JRob & o Steam .bllCsiEho Carson, for Gaboeston. A RRIvALS. abotARRIVALS Mny 10, 1039 "Tow:0 baLitudda., Dovis. foapa the SW pa, hbarin towed _ pa Coaoora aad Rl OIawa, erbro Emobem and Dolph. t the ciltlyith shlp.Plalmyra eod St Ja,,rro hr Henry Clay and ancy. Lett the her on the tait.,st 6PM. Repott othin: ofthe bur, and nothing in -the givtra 'lT'o boot Toaeorean. P~aldiag. from N E pot., harvig 'aF wsadown lighIt, returned to Ihh city with echo Butterfly and arqold Loll tho eliz.n the 10si, at 8A I. IRpaorta % ns 61ld i lalr t Ih ritver. I7PahrllapArnold, Swau,froamtooMrkl, to ,J W Stillwel CtpI . ii ra iC ookan, 7 day. frot Harvaa, In hailel, to oph t l itloo( oo wet,12th le Marh frrlo I.iverpool, to a 4" J Vtr''si ow ob, W~rlght, 50,3 hllrs fromo Glactirrolo Oahr mEJoloet4 Fogg. from Havrola~d instlot, to theo :,a rhr', rr eon Clay, P'attarra 10 dayo folm Topittlar, tWV y. P V opooad Rto rfy. boyv . from llallpao. to mttlor. MBhr rllr rlly. Fora.arb. fromr HIarna, to Mltier. p ' a mlaoarAj:,.xllir t,4fo St lMatinsville. 7 btaotor Virltahur.; Poauro. from Louiaouilo. :!, tdar·ImIer. fl ar~ oline, ':00: YazoO. +<.'_ý ¢ 0tamr IPriaweee, Lortfier. from 8t Louts. S obotr loha DIrican, Bula44d, fYoaoCinci. - EXPORTS. PEARLI¶ISTON..Perohip Poroorereare..Ia ballot. - " -CAMI'EEACHY..Par obr Diligencin..Cargo. 4501 hilaflur and oomall ^8aaL':aroe, toaco, copper, .- totro, dry aoda o, PENSACOLA a.P roobr O ynthuo..In bolla~l PR '~I~OVIDENCE..Perecbr Diadem.. Caro, 1100ack co'q', 20 tons pig iron, 16 boles cotton, and 4 bl· mosal MUAIURADO..Perrhr Sarh Ann.. Cart. smll lot, beef porflour. buattr.lard& I obcco. SALVESTON.. Par sltam ship Cuba..Corgoo smol lrco tbh--( "aovo, hardwarolemons, clderr .4loodc & groceries. IMPORTS. AVA.PIrshiip ballast.i~MRS :.;".er r66'4W E Jtr, Cargo, 077 tinge coiff,, 0boxr el24uer, lots sexnrc., swet wears aln xruittoJYJYLxordio.J3I Cal-elloM 3 Lope.,J F Vlis x co, A P giray& co.IV F ViFec,. o, Cx. U(, Lopeyrealxo, JRebortw 4..o, J Cock. . yncxRog Gray qcxiBogart Itnoihorn, , PPovl ehr Oxttcxcfy..Carg2, fruit. sC0 or scho Henry Clay~Cargo, 1700 quintals TTYAEAfAS ..Phe rch Fxney..Cargo. 130 hds xugar, Fol lain. Belloeq & Dqole,, flail 4- Bain. LIVERPO. Fehip tl, 41,000 sit.ies. 10-0 '16> x,o. tin plate.. 207 Ic.,,.. hay, 001 ng stloesc .. ixfma o 17 .t·,IiI hompers poixiox., lots hardware ixoiro collnjlgneel. OT MARRi .Par tuhr Giov Arnold..Carlo, 15 hbalc'xcoton, 15 tiserx.. ice, 34 packxo.. dry goods, 7 blx benady.442xc1tx., JWx Stilwell4 co. RECEIPTS OF PRODUCE Toned Pc amerr acsl.. Carxxo. 54 bxle. x'lonoN i d Mcutt Jexnhings & co. .i1 do Fosylth & Lic..e 1. - axuckxevS x.a coxedo Armour, Lak,&Walklkc 24 Bichacn & M 5x dod owr on hoard, 12 do G,. , heo5 do xwner on board, 21 do x llxxx, For 2doCxxo B..arext,37dx Pcyruxx, AciciAe & co, ,S4xsh Pomeroy Sall. S MartI ,bx..Per.ta.sroe Ajax..Cxq.,, 45 hdits sar, & D.I.I.., 59 kid.. Lambert, Ilienr & ro, 100 hld" "heron bxard. 's ' Lxi.P.. tar steamer Priocex...Cexrx, 68000 ml. bacxx, .Acla.2. 1l000 acx. cxn. 2 Edmoanon, 5110 sacks EU21 ,4lhds tobao, P At J F~eg,.xon,3 do Giodlrey, loea Sm.ll, 5 cx. harob x ojed & Biorox,. Ib2la, otton J4 1 stt. Jenn & co, dS4'lin w& x, I9 do dN -1J Dick +'_# Key , Robes, 32 9H Wallacx 4- co, 19,400 dolli ,WMcxInso.. uihI*..Pe stexcmer Vickshx.'c-Cargo, 179 ld. tcbxc Addxoa &cc .2O,6dxA H Wallace & co, 46 do A Prioe. "bohling. 2322 coils rpp. Ogden & Southglha. 128 going axdlfr7xla pe, WForktall, Rom295 ci9eep, 30 pa lckexx..cwner on xxlxd. ' c..Per steamer R odosy..Carxo, 0l hds sugar, God . A larie 4 mall. 15 hdeuugsr and 56 pat" cotton, Mar.· P2...x&x cx, 47iiales mow, A 22 Vcerrt, 7 bdx sxgxr. lad.r, McEoxx & WrilhL Istac.ti '.Persntemer Jxhx Dunxxx..Caexc. 400blc four blf pokt16 hds bacon 4 bhx,13 b's xxd 776 kegs lard, 9 txpsaeOd Ogde x xouthge, te x rcx.ask. x sced, Harrioja 4" 94 kag. lard, Loyet a Amxluxg, I hi, whixsky, owxx,',n bcerd. CONSIGNE ES P, 'sip Ot Jcm....Richardsnc. Wxiccmxc * Wxood, S Mcci c xo.Yeatxin xx,! Maxwcciell, Gxxaxuhoxh 4. Davis R &J Cu Ius C Commackh xnd master. PASSENGERS p.zpr Uiaxe Rodusy..Ox, \Vhit. 4 Lady, Cxn Sprigs, tlr SEdxluJ cSrk,JMIi Roder. , PareliP Cxba. Me, P4M2l., Mr. Lopez axd xon, C Lel.,,, ," N ,UuqcccotxH.x,2. O(akiy. Exelog sxi ,,cx'x, Willixms, .ya. born, Turpic, Gixcnd, Jenningc, Curry,.Glcxc. 'thcp.oo,. Mxxx.Jcnoixgx1 Mill., Wxxxx., Whex pr, U e..cSpeax, sod xh.. MEMORANDA '1. r Slemmex Gange sxwgd down frwm Ntch.z, shcip FxIete, Tme following are thc Drawn Numbers of tci, Louicix. clottry,Class No. 32, for 1837. 58 46 64 70 48 69 18 59 1 24 39 10 THIS DAY .e . 8,000! Hlighest Prize ! sad 50 Prixes of $1O. Tickets only $2 ! 2 + " 73 {17ao~l llb rs-l 2 Drawn Ballots. IiOU"If3IANA LOTTERYP he Act of Lxg-xclature. Chxpter XLIII, x'hS7Il82,CIxcc3P ifcc2530.cxledrxcec on A ý May 11, 1839, at 1- x pastx6 o'clock, P.D31. 4ba Exceuge owlc, St Charlex at. .Q IsE & Co. Sxuccesors to YATES '' ' lxi ,105OIJVk TVE, Managers. tSCHEME. *Iruat.t amountixgi to x $94,35 i2 -Hatve I-Quariers 50 lcg xibeixforp$0,wxrrntcd ix di $'4 aIficketo ior,' 2, errxned to drawx u k'. poli;S 24 kxei4-4b ea 101, 4r, to l"xke, apply at Vire mlangers Office, 36 Caxc! shlpeet.'-at tx Camp ioratixg from, coaxa Load MxFar for calcy G 120115EV, "4New Levee - e ahekiah u 2x n toxre 44 New Levee "-435 bxlx at the inspectiox in 44 Now vIe. aseabocag sad Poachxxg,. for Pile -A T1.0TR4R, 33(ra 'e wet. 'welved Aew gexcs 'tc o e eryr l tii and SF02.T &s Cx, lF24 f t xcrs bat ýgJgrCp Cprecaxtex; taal xb 211 Aomnbrqxe lt'ikE AM EIRICAN. f UTabIor Y ass as ila nl , * IAITBEUL AND BOLD. NEWV OR LEAnNa$tr SATURI)AY MAY 11,,,i389. t-. y The Weekly True American will be issued to-m. r k row (aSunday) morning. Single copies 12)1 ernt,-by i- the dozen, $1. Subscription price for the yelr, only to $5. Call at the office, Exchange Reading Room, St. Ie Charles street. We have advices from Hlouaton from tihe first of I May. 9 Public opinion in 'Texas is loud against the project of to some unprincipled speculato to to muggle slaves from Cuba into the new republic. The plan is to fit out vessels from New Orleansand to land the slave. procu red from Cuba on the U. -States side of the Snbien. tg Hence, the work of a moment would tranesport them io to the Texian terrilnry. Luckily, however, the U. d States Government halx appointed Captain Green col lector at the Sabine, and given him force enough to pmr. et vent the slavers from executing temir purpose; yet we rl- have been informned. n mhost undoubted authority, that an the smuggling of slaves is now going on in despite of ne precautions taken. We hope that our vessels of war in will be on theim lookout. The H untonians are violently opposrd to removing ill the seat ofgovernment to Austin, because an article in the Constitution pledges that the capital houhld be Houston till after 1840. Ifene half be true of the coun try in which Anstin is placed, it must be a new par-. nd, die. r. Geeneral Donglass was to meet tie ho.ile Indianeton cthe lat of May on tlhe Sabinre'and conclide a treaty with theam. Cordov,w when last seen was fifty nmiles for westof texar. He and his party were pursued as fur u, as the Rio Frio. This chief being so completely frue. 1i4 tralte, it was believed that a treaty would soon ie form iey ed will all the hostiles. The fermnelrs in CGonno lee sn county were cniltivating thnir land in pence and by safety. There is to be a grand sale of lotsinl Austin, on tihe ist of August next. People are mroving in nall dinectiono towards the site of this new town. IP. S. Cooke of Blrazoria has been appointed Serer 2 tary of the Navy in thie place of iMemonucn Hunlt, re 4 nigned. 'The crops in Texns promise finely. 29 Two stealners are running regularly in thenI Trinity It trade. The Samn Iloustonis to ply between Gnalvensto and Annabuac. The fnlanees of Teexua, at thie mno)rmelt, are perhaps more intereating to the cotmnercial eonnumiy tthatn any other subject connected with the new republic. A late Houston paper throwa some light upon this topic. It appears from if rmnationa obtained at tile Treasury doe partment,that the whale nnmoutlof pf per money iFsu a ed by the government sine Rc irs firnlulrio is $1,098,458. r The last Congress of Texas prohibited tie re issue of this paper, when received illn payment of governmlent to ues. iThe amountt absorbed uder this law is $198,15t. ra ltere is, therepfre in circulation $900,000. The whole of the funded debt, redrteemahle at the pleasure of the govere ntert after 1842, is li(i7,80)l dot:lrs. TIhe Samout of military and all other scripi i h the Innds of hr individualists $248,P01t. Supposed claims againtst tlhe e government Ilt audited, amount to $7.3,00il0. Add to Sthis the expetases of tile civil list for 1839, $100,000, and rawe have the suam of $S1,900,000. The tlnavl antd military as expensesare not included in this eaintlate. This is a II eavy sum of money to be paid or secured Iby a people Soat yet using their energies it the cultivation of the soil to and scattered over an irmr es.t territory. S But hear htow Ih debt is to bie met. Impost duties to for the present year, $9i1,000-Amounts to be collelt ed for land does, as shown hy returns made, $561,000 e -supposed artorunt of direct tax.E, $.O0,0l00--sal of oI Iltr in the new cityof Alt nAtilln, $5011tl00-s-le ofr Its in tialvortet, yet to ibe paid, .'5,.t,0tOI-sae. of lot. in the city of Crlhoun $r0l),0ll)i0--om kinl in all $3.0 18,00 t. It is lrged ftlrhor that the liland dues for certi icateeP ither issued or to be issued this year, will exceed one million ofrdollars. As the potenlts lir leands hIoirtofore disposed of will subject 1110the ae to a tax, thereafer, it is eronid ered that the direct taxes from thils source will amiouni to one millinn. In addition to these estimates, the fact cannot be controverted that the govertfirert owns 10O or, Iillions of acres of land, more thlla hall of wlhich is as to fertile as soil need be. Froml this source a certain reve ,. nte must accrue. f, Now this looks very satisfactory *por-pacper. For ourselves, we plare Tlxao.-j oi higher ground than i- that assumedl by the compiler of the above statements Every year, capital and enterprize flow into the new rerpulic in a ratio far exr:ceding tihe settlemrt of the recently established States off ihe Union. 'rhe pioneers a. will go furtler \Vert to m;tke room air the new comers who will proceed at once to Ihe creatrio of t"realtih by a. tilling the soil. Upon the agriculturalist, sait all the k- arts oand prpuits of lilfe. - A new spirit will bie infused into the body ptolitic of 'txro . One silgie crop of cotton of 100,000 bales witll do mre to bri,,g real money into tle land, and there to keep it, than all the loans ,I- feirted for years to colme. With tilgetillage If the 10 earth, commerce keeps pace. T'lie imposts will in cs crease to suchtl an extent, as Foot to do awaty with tile ra necessity of direct taxPe. T'he reverse of the present Ifiuture of thigs in Texas will itt acerlain cono:rquence of theextensioan f agriculture. 'Tihen Texas will not impoverish herself hy buying the necessaries of life in J New Orleans, but shite will send is her surplus i rodu. r. tions and carry Iack our manufactures and specie.- Br Not, therefore, until ourt neighbor shall have a surplus to export, and her government !shall abolish the T'ren r sury note systemt, can she expect to lie relieved front rl drbt, and to Imiake ler paper circulating lnediirln equal as to gold or silver. Thait such will very speedily iei the n, ease, the most stipetfirial observer uIII admit. The Conrnittee on Elections ill tile New Yorkl Sc. arte, have reported against a registry law, as being Irun I constitutional. They recommend the passage of a laf w requiring proofs of a right to vote, and emaking the r, interference in elections for the purpose of precuring 1 illgel suttffrage, a mlisdeoeanor. Dr. Bird the author of Nick in the Woods, is out Swith a new novel,mititlc--"T.he Adventures rrf Rubin r. Day." We are right glad that tie Doctor hais nut sau fr fred his ink to dry it the stand. The New IYork Assembly hrave deeited not to erect a Monument to Clinton,on tllhe ground that all their great men will be entirled to a similar provisrion. An excel alent argulntal forsouth fIr out spending the people's ltonoey i H lIrt weather is upon us in all its fervor. \Vear tinit Ir cluthing, eat lightly, and keep still,-the only way to r, enjoyment in this climate. n. George Hullaad'a CatI seems to take with those whose hours hang iheavily upon their hands. Of the entertainments, we would not speak critically. They r, are not intended to be ser up Us a standard in the t.hea trienl way. They are a sort of lot-weather, wheroe oe may laugh, mnore at the manncr in which a they are served up than at the things represented. Tor live, laugh and toe merry, i tlhe mtotto in Grurgtc' Camp, and his soldiers are fit osujecta to excrite our risaibles. To-nighlt, two funny Farces and tile fatras. Mr. Ieed, of Ihe firmt of Ieed & Barstow, has been IchtosenCashier of tie Brunch of the Union slank at Cuv ington. S Tom Benson is on a political mtissirn throughour tn Missouri. This hard-money prencher fllds it more astdt Il. more difficult to tiake thre people beli ve lie is a second ,ioolofon. A few years mllre and lie will silk to his level. 35 Caradori'in concerllfyiug at St. I.ouri, nd piching U p the odd chtauge of the artellnrr . -4 Sculpture is looking up itjiae entriii- A Mr. IU IIs!9 a- t uiinnti ati. his works tre highly praid.c. The Court of the Assistalnt Vice Chancellor, new! created by the Asseably, is to be organized int Newr r Yuritonlhe first Monday ,f the June ensuing, for IIe hearing of all causes of the fourth clasr, whethert te ile r calendar or not,, prrrils '!,ey are ready. Thllis court will materi+.lly nas:it in tile d pi. -ntiiou of iJustice. n ,riwould appear that the Erir t':ai.i interest defeated the Erie Rail Road bil'. Tihe fillowing rote wil ex pluin;-the lames in italics being Van Buren men. S Ayea--Mess ra. Diedi~eon, Fox. Ftrtt. a Hull, Hunsa lathter, rlttitdon, Jolton, II. A. Livingston, E. t. Lde Lirugitoe, TaiIlndge, Van dlnke, Verplalck, \\urks. Noes-Measro. Bearrdsley. C/ark, Edwardes, Hhawknat JoCe, Lee, Maynard, Mlosielnv, Niahols, I' e, Pecrk, PotPaereM Rdmiaer, S/erlioa, Speaker Ii'ryatar Iterltg, -27. We aere glad, for onee, chat poliice had no finger in tlis mtatter. ThaU. .shipp iadependence aend brig Dolphin .lerr e at Montevideo on the 51h of March;--the U. S. ahp Fairlield at Buens Ay. e" Mr. Frost oF-laftaCat-l e e, hradiesAt. Wal. t It ofthPFRcldRim e p+ltgu 4i, ass.s J Ithat Wallace li t best,an intoxicated ioet, heralding !aw his own praises, and wanting she character of a brave rity Uaan. w it asp The Red River has been fuller at Fiher's Prairie, ib' during tile late freshet, than ever known, and yet it has De not broken its banks. Fromnt this it is infrred that thie re _ channel is deepening. Cuptain Shreve is busy remov-. lot ing the raft, having made a loan ol $8000 fr the pur- tin po*t frot one of the Araansas banks on his own respon- fee sibility. fe Those of our citzmes who visit the North will find tihe Globe iotel on Broadway, removed to the new ye granite buildingsopposic the old stand. The Globe an has been long celebrated fir bIeig one of the finest do of Ihoues in New York. For our own part we prefer thle e Astor. Coleman & Stetson, we hear, are prepared to ye of entesitin their Southern friends in better style than a OR ever. There is a solt of welcome about thesa gen. I at ldemen, that makes the Astor seem like home, to u- --------- th1 The Havre packets are said to be coming out full of at German agriculturiste. No rijection. U. In Lower Canada the lhave wisely determined not to li- hung any of the convicted rebels. It is too late to be om clement row. The blood of tie mnurdered in 1. Cans we da must be aton'd for. Revenge is in the grasp of the tat Canadians themselves. ai of at A Providence palmr assrts that at the present highl prices of rotton, the Yankees can0go to Brazil and int- v ng port the article so as to compete with the home produe. n in tion,even after they pay three cents duty,per pound. It be Guess they'll soon get tired of that game, if the South- r 111erers ind it to their intereet to accommodare aomle few rao of the You! ce spinnlers. The two murderers of the Captiin of the French ship t on Alexandre, that put into the harbor of New York, lstr Mty ay, hve been fouund guilty at Brest, in France, and lee fur cotdemned to execution. it iv. Congress ought to pass a law making the tile in cir. a t erulnation equal to the dimes in valuet and the piccvillonsi d lee equal to the halfldines. These anti-federal coins would in that event seou disappear, and with them tihe terms e hillins and sixpencer. n It has just been diecovered by the public ofNew York that the Comptroller has fal:en ilna a great error in the g re engraving ofth notes issued by hihn to theefree banking re- institutions. They aresot similar that a counterfeit of a one will cause all to be sutpected, andl tle baking up- 0 on tile genine notes prevents detection of false bills by ity thlse nice marks uIsualy inserled by eenravers. It is tn proeposed to inlvite contm:ctiiun in this respect, andl to let the bank select its bills instead of tihe Comptroller, us now. fps rey A Rlv'd Mer. Spnuiling in 1812 wrote the 1rmnon are Bible as a historical romance for the purpose of ne It clntltin for thel aecielt mounlvds and fue.s :onetructed de- in the Wr et'ern ll ntry, and givig an ucount of the eu- lost race who were supposed to have built them. This I 158, book found it, way into, the hands of a Mr. Rigdon, who of conceived tie project of founding the sect of Ihe Mor am urns. So much for this humbug. SRecorder's Courl, SECOND MIUNICIPALITY. I Reports of Day Police and Night Watch, May it, 1 l39. l tf \Vn 11 rd. John WaIdlien.Johu IR1Lneeen, W lichaord t Ie l, arlrested fir Iieing idrunk and Bund sleeping in andIlenr Hortel, W'illiam Barry, arrested as dangerorus anld snspiciou.s person-cu- lluitted fur th irly days. is a JI oh. rrhuu,,t nrreted ,I an inLcorrigible vagabond; colnmillet d lirei 6 i ontlhs. Geo Cmp, rer. llr r tt,,, a n arrnnt for dlirsrhiug tihe ece I r,] r -cr Lanreire Itulm,Srtep I Mcll)ertmot, Sral Ciiltn,i 'ies JasIt n erleetel itr disturrrbing ili pence-nlu Sperson uipperin to puroecute, der.rllrged. Sperso~n ue l. 4 lntotvorcoutd,, ulsrllrgrwt. I- SlT A'TI OF LOUISIANA--Ifrst Judicial Dis. )trict Court--lhe State of Louisiana, to all whom Stheselpresent iro s " elllO, Ureting : S Wlhoreas, A C Ii acl.od, .1W Broedlovo, Wi'. t iam Mackey,l and l I.overen havillg purchasned r at a sale l ade by the Sherdlt of the Parish of Or. n loans the lpOltertt hereilafter described, have ap. I plied to the C ork ofthi- Court in whose office the doeds ofanle were recorded on the 24-Ith, 211ith, and 27th days ofApril, A. D. 1839, for a monition or I adverticmeont in conformity to an act of the Legis Slaturd of the State of Louisiana, entitled -t An act 0 for tile further assuranc itlen to aurchasers it s judicial sales ;" approv ce 10th day of March, .. orofore, h.ow yo, and all persons inter. ested i~he -, ro cito anti admonishodjin r the name of the State of Louisiana, and of the First .n Judicial District Court, who can set up any right, title or claim in and to the property hereinafter de. w scribed, in consequence of any informality in the ,, order, decree or judgmel t of tlhe Court under which ! the sale was made, or any irregularity or Illegality in the appraisemcnts and advertisements, in time, e or lmano ar of sale, or for any other defect whatso Y ever, to show cautei within thirty days from the day e this monitlon is first inserted in the public papers, d Iwhy thie sae so moado should not be confirnmed and f homologated. y The said property was sold by the Sheriff of thie is Parish aforuar-d, oil the 27th day of March, A. D. Ce 1839, by virtue of a decree of this Court, rendered on thie 5th dlny of March, A. I). 1839, in a suit enti. tied Carriero & Borduzat vs. Bucilanan & Hagan, to No. 17,401 of the docket of this Court, at which it sale the said A G Blnnchard, J W Breedlove, Wdl :e liam Mnackey and fI Laverglo became the pureha t sere, respe.ctively, of the following property for the lol owl t" amoulnts, to wit: A G ianechard was the purchaser of the lot of ground nllIber Six in Poydras street, between Camp and St. Charles streets, measuring twenty A flour feet six inches front on Poydras street, by - ninety five foot six inches deep, for the sum of seven Sthousand one hundred do lars cash : three thousand d nine hundred and forty four dollars and fifty cents, e payable the thirtieth day of March, eighteen hund. rrd and forty, and the balance in two and three years in notes satisfactorily endorsed, and bearing lmortgage-and if not punctually paid at maturity to boar interest at the rate of ten per cent. till paid, without any right to retard payment, which the said sheriff acknowledges to have received in his notes, payah'oa s above, with Jonan Metoyer & Co Iand N. Benoist se endorsers, and reserving on the above described property a special mortgage until the final payment of the above described Snotes. J. W. Breodlove became the purn haser of the lot of ground number Four, in the corner of St. Charles and Poydras streets, measuring twenty four feet front on St. Charles street and seventy. eight fret tell inchies on Poydras street for the sunt Sof a even thousand and one hundred dollars, paya. t ble as follows, viz: One tlhosand dollars, cash; four thousand two Ilulldred and nineteen dollars payab s tile 19t5h of June, 1840, and tihe baandes in two and three years, tn notes satisfactorily endors. ed, and hearing mortgage, and if not punctually i paid at maturity, to bear interest at the rate of ten per cent. till paid, without any right to retard pay. ment, which tlhe sheriff acknowledges to have re. ceived in his notes payable as above, with John Mtinturn as security. with sp, ci ol mortgage on the property sold until final payment of the above de scribed notes. YJ W Brecdlove became, also, the purchaser of the lot of ground number One, situated next to the i, St Charles Theatre, near Poydras street, measuring I, twenty three fbetreight incites and six lines on St. cI Charles street, by sevently eight feet ten inches in a depth, together with a four story brick house and kitchen thereon, now under lease until the first November, 1b39, at fifteen hundred dollars, from thence to the tht November, 1840, at two thousand dollars per annlum, payalne monthly; for the sum and price of sixteen thousand dollars, payable as follows, viz : Two thousand dollars cash, four thousand five ithundred dollars, payable the nineteenth day of June, eighteen hundred and forty; atd the balance in two and three years, in notes satisfahetorily on iI dorsrd and hearing mortgage, and if not punctu al y paid at maturity, to boar interrs R.fneR-Hina. rity, at the rate ol tell per ct, tit ihout any right to retard to' w, temtloand which the sheriff ao. Sknowloellto t have received in his notes endorsed oh. inturn, and payable as above, the re. served special mortgage on the property sold until tile final paymentl otf aid notes. Williaml Mackey became the purchlaser of the lot of ground numbered five ou Poydras street, be. twenn Camlp and St. Charles streets, measuring twenIttyllbur feet six inches front on Poydras street, by ninety five six inches deep, for tihe price of a seven thousand five hundred dollars payable as follows , viz: Five hundred dollars cash, four thousand two ilhundred and alnd eiglty three huin. dredths dollars, payable the thirtieth of March, eighteen hundred and forty, and tile balanco in two I and three years is notes satisfactorily endorsed, atl bearing mortgage, and if not punctually paid at maturity to bear interest at the rate of ten per coent till pain without any right to retard payment, and the sheriff acknowledges to have received the caslh payment, an.' :. helance in hIis notes,tlhe two first to the order of J. , in: , a.nd the last to tire order of Gooee. Buchanan, and uy ti!lahl endorsed and pay. able oas above: a special mortgnge is reserved until the final psymnnt of the sait nlotes. It. Lalvergne became hie purchaser of the. lot of ground silubor three, next to tie corner of St. Charles anld Poydras streets, measuring twenty.four feet one inch front on St. Charles street, runoing back sevouty.eight feet ton inches deep; for the pico of six thousand nino hundred dollars, pay. bse q follows, viz: u.g.oi cand dollars cash, four tlnusatud two hun d ,iorren n dohtars, payable the nianteetoh day &te*eg'lesgon hntndned ted for.y, attd tite balnace in 1 two and tiree yeets,in notes etiefactorily dadttrd an 1 earingmortpige; and if not punelally paid at matrt rity, to hear Interest at the rate of tan per cant. till paid, witiout any right to retard payment, and the Sheril ncknowledse, to have rceived the cash payment and itr balance in noten of II. i.navergne, endorned by C. SDerbign, ond payable as abnvc, and a special mortgag reserved on the property sold ontil final payment. - And said Iavergne became also the purchaer of a lot of ground nombered two atljomling nuombar one, ai rm tuated in St. Chor'es etreet, meaauring twenty-three fent eight inmcl e and tsi line on St. Charles treet. by seventy-eight feet te il.cheO in depth, together withro a four-story brick house sod kitchen thereon,t ubjelt tou leo uIntil the tbirty-first Oecther elghteen hunded - and thirty-nius, at te rate of two thlusand olltlra per w year, payblel monthly, at tin price of sinteert thousand to acd one hundred dollars, payable as follows,vit: Two thousnnd dlollar canh, f Jir th.nasnd five hun deed dollara payaibe the nineteenth day of June, eight es n hundred cnd forty, and the balance in two and thiree t Iyeasr, in not. sarlisfctorily endorsed, and benritdg it mortgage, and if not puncotualy paid at urity to bear interest at the rare of ten per cent. till paid ihout any F 'ighlt In retard poament, and the Shronff acknowledges to have received the ceab pvtnent, and the balance in the notes of said purchaser,'endoreed by C. Derrigny, tf and payable ans iove, and a special mortgage reserved Io the property iold until final pnvment. Witness the Hen. A M. Buchanan, Judge of the ft to Court aforesaid, thlis sixth day of May, eighteen o' be hunlred and thirty-nine. my l--r4tlps P. LI.1BLANC, Dept. Clerk. ti l1 TAT DE L \ LOUISIANE-Cour do Pre. e nier District Judioiaire-L'Etat da Is Louisi. ane-- to los ceux qua ons presentee concernent, Alttendu qane A. G. Blanchard, J. W. Breelove, William Mackny at H. Ltvergne 5yant ahltd It i t no vento foile par In .Shetriffide I paroiase d'Ot. is id. 16an, lea proplrit6s ei.aprse detritee, me sent ad. .- reoss6 n Getffe de cells toar, oet e acteson de ventse fatrent enr6 ,istrds Ie 25 26 at 27jour d'Avril do I'atrde, 1839, pour un avia conformtment Ion sn eato do la Legislatour de I'etat de Ia inouiiane. inti. di ip told Ates pour eonnfrmer las titros des acquereura l nox vente, judiciairo;" approuvd Ia 10 Mars 1834. It S u'sil soit ounu, at outs den pronnes int6rceaes otsd onat par co p ente om au om ar de 1 iett tde la Louinian et do la cotr dou Premier Diatrie Jndi. cinireqni pourraient avoir droit Ia propri.t6 ci. - i-. apr8. dna rite, en consanequene d'un dfautdo forin Ins Ipntl'ordre, le dtere on lejgemetlde la nour, on u tc vernol diql In renA G 6ti6 aite, ou de touts irr. gulrilt6 ou ill6galit6 dens lecstimation, I'nviu os To r temps rt I mode de Ia vento, ou poor une iantee canse queloonqao, de faire voir, dons trenoa jour I dater de In publication docette avai,pourquoi tla k vents ninsi ite no serait pas cofiotrne eat homolo the gu6e. P ih ILes ditoe propriltos fureut vondues par lo Sheriff, iof ausdit a 278me jour de Mars de l'ann6e 1839, on tipt- vertu d .un detot do cette Cour, rend le 5 do Mars bydo l'anndn 1839, dens I'affaire de Bordnzat contre tis Buchanana &. lgasn. No. 17401 d dockueet de cotte Coer, t lanqulle a Svento Ice di a A. G. Blanshard, J. W Braedlove, ler Wti. Mackey etH. Lavergneae souet rendus no qstrenrs reapetivement, des aropridtda suivanles pour le seommen ci.aprts sptcifid, savoir : n A. rG. Blanehard, du lot de terre no. 6 itue I c dane lia u oydrs, ntrenr lea rue dou Camp alet Ited St. Charles, mesurant 24 pieda 6 pouse do face I the rue Poydras, ser 95 pieds 6 poeies de profodteur, Ii1 inpour in sotrno de $7,100 comptant, "$3944, 50, vile payableos I 30 do Mora 1840, at Is balance dons dio x at Itros ans en billets endosess b. astisfaclion - t portant hypoWtlr que,'et'deviit porter un intrdet an tacx de dix pour eot juaqu' t paisment, s'ita nos s•ill pas ponetuollmcnt paydes 8 serta dierdancer, scate rterves d'auaun droit tde retarder Ie paiement, cn qto le shorif recunrtinu avoir recn on sar bi'lrnt ill, pRyablas cointur ii aot eusdit, endos0d0 pan Jonan, Metoyer & Co, 0 t N Benoiot, avon reserve d'noe Rl. dypotlihiquc speciale cur in ausdito proprlitt jusq'.k gin pai 1ient final d ns rauslits blillets. J. W. Breedlovn deviutt i'acquireur du lot de O terre n. 4, formtant I'eneoignure des rues Poydras ye. n St. Cllarles, mesurnnt 24 piodede faco b In ru St. Clharlcs et 78 pieds 10 peaces Ie t-i rue Poy.o dras, ponr in xommes do 41I, 100 prayenyle conuo tIle sit, $1,000 comptant, $4,,19 payable le 19 tde Junt, 18411. t Ina balance duits doox et trois ana en ttt, billta endos k satiefoctinon ct portant irypothb. quo, at tdanta I cas qi'il ne seraient pan ponctuelle. mcate piydes liur chdoanees, ils dcvront por. tir oni iitriti au tanx de dix pour cnt jusaqurk I )is. paiemeut, stns ancun droit do retard do paimenet, I emto cr qio lo shdriffrdconnait avoir rece on sea billets ptyables counttitl eat susdit, cndoetds par John Vi. -Mi yinturn' evec hypoloeque sapdiale our Ina propri6td tied vooduo jitsqu' & paimtent final des susdits billets. )r- J. W. Breedlove devint aussi l'acquoreur du I tp. lotide terra uo. 1 situ6d prba ln thdatre St. Charles phe prs Ia rue Poydras, meyurant 23 plods 8 pouces and at six lienessur la rue St. Charles, et 78 pieds 10 or pouces i pe ninfdeur, avec 1'6difiee on briquea at la gis nsine qut e'y trouveont, saujuse I un bail jusqu' an act premier novembre 1839 . raison de 1500 et de a it clue 6poque au premier novembro 1840 a raison rch, de $2,000 par an payables tonus les mois, pour le drix do $c16,000 payablep comma suit; deua mille tar- piastres comptant,quatre mille cinq cent piaatres fin payables le 19 Juin 1840, et in balance dans deux irst et trots ane an billets endoseds a satisfaction et giet, portant hopetiteque ; et danss I ean qu'ile no solent de. pas payee ponntuellement t leur dchdaneesa its the devrout porter un inltirt au taux de dix pour cent tch sins nauun droit d'en rotardeale paiement, no que lily I ashiriff roconnait avoir recu rn sos billets endos. tie, re6 par John Minturn et payable comma ii eat Ion' usadit avoc la rd.lrvo d'tne hypothlqite spdeiale day ur la propridtt vendue ju qu' at paioment final des ot-s dits billets. to, dits billet,. nd William McKay devint ]'acqudreur du lot de tonre no. 5 sur Ia rue Poydras, eontro los rues pu he Camp et St. Charles, ayant 24 piods 6 pouces do D. face a la rue Poydras sur 95 pieds 6 pouces do od profondeur; pourle prix do $7,500 piaotroe pays. ti. bias comme suit: $500 comptant; $4277 83, pay. n, ables le 30 Mars 1840 ; et la balance A dux oet ch trois ans en billets endoesos It satisfaction et poer. '1i taot hyapothbque: et dna lo cos qu'ils no soient o- pas ponctuellement payds h lour dolldancos its dev, ho root porter un intdrot au taux de dix pour cent jusqu' ti paiement, sans aucun droit d'en retarder of le paioment; et le shdrif reconoait aon avoir recu en to comptant, et la balanceo on se billots, les deue ty premiers a.i'nrdro de P. Irwin etle dernier a lordre by de Geo. Buchanan qui lea ont endoss6s, of pay, on ables commae i eon susdit, aqee lo r6sorve d'une nd hypothbquo spdciale jusqu' au paimeut final deadits to, billets. id. H. Lavergne devint acquerour du lot de terra ee no.3 qui to trouve aprbs I'encoignure des rues St. ng Charles et Poydras, ayant 24 pieds un pouce de ity face at n rue St. Charles et s'etendant t 78 plods id, 10 pouces on profondeur ; pour le p.ix do $6,900, he payables conmm euit: $1000 comptant, $4219 tis payable Is 19 Juin 1840, et la balance It doun et Do trois ann en billets etdossds a satisfaction et por. he tant hopothbque. Dan Is lo nan qu'ils no soient pas go ponetuelloment payds I leer dclthances, ilt devront ad porternn intd6rt au taux de dix pour cent jusqu'b paiement, sans ucun droit d.en retarder le paie lie ent; ot It slhriffrconn ,it en avoir recu lo com, it. tant, la balance ea ses billets endosdsa par C. Der. ty bigny et payable comma it eat susdit, aven r6serve y- d'une hypothbque sp6ciale aur Ia propridtd venduo i jusqu'au patmenl final. a- Et In dit Lavergne devint aussi l'acquereur du h; lot do terre no. 2, ndjoignont le no. 1, ottua dans rs la rue St. Charlees, ayant 23 pieds 8 pouces et 6 in lignesdo face at la rue St. Charles sur 78 piods, 10 to- pouces do profondeur : avon nne maison on briquse ly e tI 6tages, et la cuisine qui e'y trouvent, sujette a an on bail jusqu' au 31 Octobre 1839 au taux do $2000 y- par an, payables tons lee mois ; pour Io prix de .e. $16,100, payable crmme suit; $2000 comptant; In $4,500 pay able le 19 :de Juin 1840, et Ia balance lie a douz et trois ans en billets endosess aI satisfaction Is- et portant bypothbque : et dens le cas qu'il no soiant pas ponctuellement payds a leur 6chance, of asi devront porter un intdtdt au taux de dix pour be cent jusqu'a paiement, sans aucun droit d'en to. tg larder ls paiement : t le sh6riff reconnait en avoir it. recu to oomptant et Ia balance en billets du dit in acqudreour, endossd par C. Derbigny 0t payables nd comma i eat susdit ; avee rdserve d'une hypothe. rst qua speciale sur Ia propriete venduejussqu'i pain, ,m sent final. nd Temoin l'honorable A. M. Bucanan, juge de ia Im cour susdito, co 6 eme Mai 1839. as P. LEBLANC, tlmai Dopute Greffr.r. 00 MAYJRALT'b OF NEW OLtLEANS. of TIlll pri.e O Irtell flour to-day is $7 per barel Sactonding to the tarifln tilre bakers sall gtve da. t_ rilg the ensuing weo (frmo londay 13111 iryat.) .y .n ees of0 ]rad tir a ~.Pi B. 'the s.a-f.o.o,, d quality is ured to weigh 25 per cent. more, viz: 481 ounces. ht IIy 4 C GENOIS, Mayor. c. FORl LIVERPOOL. ad Posage Ofat. S Tihe A I ond vry fast sailig ship IaAAC e. AI,LEItTON, Capt Torten, will have inme Lil di te despatch. 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Ilryllo Jamoes L. ilort nlod trirteen notrbe, neres of r nreriy irll tile vicililty, to err e to be di opene od continued St. Tlrrornsr street, ir a straigrt lille front Suzette stroet to A lnlre ition ltreel. sre lie it therefore lResolvedr, tllat ioice of' said aplice. St. tioon le given in Frenlh and in Englirs, iln tie 1ItL e American Bulletin, in corroriorri with Ir w,rlr d thr t ii ads no natisfectory opposiharn ie we lde ito fair Iroposed irr 00, ptovelert, tllaln this Counrcil will pIroceed r elllro e said 219street to be opened ld cnliouo d as is ravert for I the meo nria ists, according to te provisions I sofI th r t lol3d ril 183, reguilillug the oelrie of streets por within the IiolIs of tie ciry of New Oreiorn &o. pae Signrd ent JOSIIUA II.ALDWVIN, Recorder. dAtIRErABLY toll te rregoig IlReoluion elotice e s hoe- iereby given h iat it i Ilire Ilelrlie of tile Coueci of Em r 3lnmlinilllitv No. Trwo, toh open sd conTirnue St. lro. lOerie orn street in straigit lile frel Suzeore to Antnucin tre bion satreet. duo C. G ENOIS, layor tnil0 nlr y i ilus39. du IAYOIAL ilC'E h Y I.AXNI.o.g. KORLEANS. eann Coeseil deo la reuuiciprenlitl No. deer. it 6 B erute du 30 Aeril, 18:9. 10 ATTENIU que I'rllplieaaion at6 tarite A one Coll seil par JolE II Ililten, James Raiey, W II inc Avery, W Bogart, Jelles Lt Bogart et reeze antres pro tb pribitlires debiens foneiers rlrns le voini'lege, ilor lare 000 oevrir et conlillller ell dreite ligre Ia rue Site. Thlrrnlrl do depuis In rue Suzette jusqe' a In rue do I'rAn rorin. at r t Eine. n . ee II eat ren conwdoncn rLsu l qne I'avis lie a drt ap on plictliun, suit dooir, er anglait et, frranuris, dans le Vrai Amerie et le Bulletin, ettfal orlferomt ii a oi, et o qone si oipoaitiol Ai snlisfeire n e ieet lfirte r I'arE. Ice, lirution, Ie Conseil ordollera l'ouverure et our erntlinrrtion dh l dire rue nacon le drenendo t es peti, e. tionailres et confonn.eent sox I'acte du oir 3 Avril,3, 132 rgularisoeut I'ouverture des rres daun lea din liroltes die l ville de Is lNouvello Oribant. A00 Sigae ble. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Renerder. Eli accordance ave eis rsolutione prc .diente, nvis ain eat tdontr i de I'inaention do Consil de tis lunecipnlitb No. dene, de fnire euvrret cotinuer iht rue Ste. The. i na toe an liane droite de 1a rue Sozettc juerle' i In rue del'Annuouciatirn. C GiENOIeS. Mlirer. rolI Le i Moit, 1839. r_ UNNv AGSil -tfioio-l mieen 1 ny bito noy lrgs, S ill store and fr sra oenr - tel all --r"I'iIAYER& c. 7 IPoyrdn street do. a-- JE WEL-fE W E1_ M, BEL., 16 iChartresstreet, hnas this dr v receiv rn ed per liip d S earrtog, 50 doze. eleltellrd Breast Pies, which will be offered to the trade or pedlars cheep. e r thanz ever before ofbred iln Ibis city. Also 50 dozen chased Rigs, of all pattans, together wilth a great ven riety of cihep Gilt Work, ceanistirlg o IBrrrrches, itinge Ear Onamerntre Locketta, Chains, &ce. Those in want AC will do nell to extarilne thin great rrsortloent. mc- P. 5. Old Gild and Silcer wanted. aip IS AIC'ARCII alld ALCOHiOL--Colgte' lSterecl, 310 nt rboxes; IBanch' Alcohol,30 boxes, Ior salo by JARVIS & AND lt\VS, ter Ipi corner Common ann Tenepitoelnssts IV I lHOLAS ,ICKLE3Y-:os. 7, it and 9: al-so tile first six noe ill one patl: with n variety of very interesting books,just reeeined;flr enle iy 1r7 A TOWAI(, 49 Camtp st Un ACON, IAitD) rtd PORIK--IbU hlldi Crniciniati 1 cured Sides aed Shoulders 2000 kegs first qnnlity Lnrd 100bris Mess Porkm. fr sale by apl 5 S'ETSON & AV EILY, ic Urvier st A Card. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC EPTAIBLISII MRE T, 53 MAGAZINE STREET, OPPOSITa ANK'S InCADrE. hes GREENi, ttttrnn hie aincere tIlnks to his Sfrir de and the phbli of New Orleans. for tile patronate bestowed on hilnt for the Ilst two years,. rll jjbegnt leave to assure elli thlt all Orders conllnitted to hir charge hleall re pnctnallv aittered to; he will as usual, keep the offie:a openrdtring thie sumner, and shall ire always readv to strike o0f merehrlt's circu lars, buniness and adrireo cards fRneret notices, mpse1,S plans, and drarwings, e every detoriltioen, at tie i- shortest notice, and on the most reasonnble termns. Being ansinted by artists tulerior to ray other etablinhl nmntr in the city, and fromt long experience in the lithll phbe line, he leeia confideant of giving entire. N B Aputheeanes ed4,Lgirte' lalels enae.tnld in oe as med style agopopnpe taelamein5, ana at tete ".amp St. Theatre PI ILL OPEN ON THIURSDAY 9tih May, under the Direction of MAr George Holland, ail con tinue open every evening until rfulter notice. The Perfnrmnnee will onsist of DRAMATIC ENTERTAINMENTS, Un *AD A GRAND) EXHIBITION, Imported from Englnd at an himensu expense, nnd never before etroalled in this country ill dithe extent nd uintgificent davelorement of its OPTICAL ILLUSIONS. IETFor particular see o ills of the dlly. Doors open at half past seven--lerformance to com, manes at 8 o'clock. Pt rquette seats $1--toxes 75 ct. 4 may8 6t Ln TRVE AMERBCAm OVPPIC. C tan In connection with this Otlice is a the SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE dei rt FOR THE PRINTIO nG OF Pamphlets Blank Checks Pit . Catalogues Bills of Lading It Labels, Dray Receipts, A. Legal Notices Auction Bills, per Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circulars e- And every description ofJob ~ oVrlk nl Smny be requlired. of ot OFFICE, lKltiEmi.t iS -INSUIIANCE of COMPANY, Newv Orleans, May 4,1839. of jTHE Stocklholders tre hereby notified that hek .L eighth Instalolent on their stock is due puJ pay. teable o th eixti of Jttte 1839. n'y9 E I. TRACY, See. BUREAU I)'INAUILAN('E DES IOMPIlItid, De La Nouvelle Orl.nns. UES Suuscripters sont prerveins quoe le 8itne in. 1 sItaltatutel lutr souscriptill est dc n Ie tt pyale tI is Gittme dil juin, 1819. E i. 'Ti'RACY, t t9 Seobleire r OTCI-N- -f-V-E . -.. 1 .OL'tE & Co ore just received a ctpply of uwr h b .. anti ilntproved cooking tto,.e, soitalelfor ntct n al, boats atd blbarding houset, .f IbtC following pnlltets clk ittilsrtgh alhevt iron, 10 boilers each, suitable to og cook fur 50t) persons. le, Coleman's Louisville pntterne, soid to be the best I oat everinventaed for oteam boat. Gleason's pnteltt sttlto kitlhelsa. ne Wilson's do ko for fantlies. SJamoes' do al Conical premium do, &c &c &r. f 1119 om j)RAZIERR Cr)I'KHE-J tt reneivot, i etotle 1 U cnases assorteld from 7 to li0 tltcets, 30 X 60 inclhes S LOCKE c. Co, tm9 tf 8 FIl'ront iLovee .nil!' E YOlKIE, 65 Camp st I M E'"iiPORIK--4,0 bbl, fr s.....lhe y m 9 i AMlll.S, 483Coamp et S ARlD--2-0 kegs leo laid, for ale t .r. g I 9O H A9IEi,48 C.amp at t FRANKLIN INFIRMARY p- THE pulc arre rerpeetflillyiilirl tlhtt tms ina stl e t',titn is erected on tiltr most inlmroved plaltt, natl tt1in an airy ltad tmost ittdllirald stitttnint in the lillllIr Ot Frunklin, upon tilhe roilh Iud, one mile flrom the Mliasi S hetbuildling is large es-I emottcotttolditelvldiviwded for into anlrtlllent, litr koeepls neparaten dieflrnt clastes. and ldltetllet dint Srttn. t t ilTe jitt lttit O ittn nilpli" I with oe n rsti skilhtl ritli tell live le, intd fellltttle rUt.t, tRll spetilking tIte va trios noll ern lanlgugces. 5 for Private rollons taoy Ie had lY lgenltlermen at five dUo lars per day, iniltudinl attlletlnllht, &Le. Terns ill tie norditiry wardsl, to dollars per day. ng Slnv t also twto llorn. S latll Pox in the hrdiory nnrdls, five dnilars. tll canittl surfgilal olperotions extrn. S'Ihherevidsnt rkesniiai is I)r \Vedtlettnn, In wohor tn ppllenititu ,lr .thiusnte, mostt Itt made. ntor to )r C I l.ueemtber., No It lattprrl straet. npl!t lv t n ll.tIRl t-RNAll.EN IS --re atti bentlull cllrlis llenies, r sale only by lrees & D'laange, r and ni Pt 'louh's Mluseulm. to All thlese oritnltlents consist of the most aplene In. did specitmens of orlthtlrlogy Irom Europe, Asia, the Africa, and our ownl country. hin Approved nlot nt 60 days will le taken ol 'h L!' IlY''plI'IIl'l'N-tll 1, cccce ct . for Sde by ore )11 .' A T'IIIELI, 31 Gravier oI Tl IATFI LOiUISIANA.-Paralh Court lor the a- C Plrislt an (il of New (ileansl.-Plresent the llllnorable Chlarle ,lralil .iluge. A- April 27th, 139. oen No. 11,771. A. IDlbose vs. Ihi Ctellilors. Tile cesion of lroertv Iv the elilloner is hereby nreepicted by ile coult for ihe ibeneft it his ielli i tS, Iorll itlis ordered ltht a netein of said rreditirs be tihe held fat tile. ofeic of I'lhi. Iaeuole, nllltllry pnbhe, on cr, 'I'ucly tileh Llll dley of n Inexl, Ilrlte lsd Ithee to Ce liberecl nOn Ite titlrs ofe nb I, prilicner, di ihl Ihoe ineuaniuheall pr ceedn i ar.g lcel i his ll rellrl I pr SiTde alre e ttved. ih is crlear lret red, tlel" ('-,ur. 1 . r rd r. lli et be I ,i ai l, llle te . ep.rce.t tihe abolv. lt, vediloree IB orderCf Court. CleF, 's Office, New cOrltelns, April 27, 1839. Cn'l lll]3t Aw I.MAND I'It 'I'T, Clerk. o l pol inl aillloe t vill C In N le l OOliIeI O(ar-ll I'lesre I'hlnr,,ra b ll C In th eallc le l irl,. n et , tr. e Nu, 11,;7. A1. ier eI 'eo li'l n icrr . Lr eae-iduut lao ou p vieii r p ir ellib , iArilr7 v1sl Imlc" e i lr Ill (oII, I r Ip ii tl le I I lie d Ti'rl"elllller.s of i D rt -rdoniill- 1 b'oe is 'ueln nionrit de dilt c gri e 1eir, , P otxe. n !llllo r ll v illlc l c1U b i ijie, iet , ilnl aire t o ain hliC e nn i le il Nlai i dcttn ain ted li(,irer siir a lee n, 'ir I I tili lllt l e ; et i ll ldlllm t'tl fo ter, (ro te, pl llrs lliles r.oltf.' III I erl.r l'te PIU se llSI s endlllts. II esl cicpl. oldiln6 qec ('ON res ,13. (11 rwe.j, Esq. i t s uillll ll In' " L:r ri'rI .Tsnlcr '. 'ilni t " l.' lic lEirs Ilel Itellle de la t llor. Iliirelti du GileNs, l iT NllOvellRlci'llleln Avril27, 1O39. nil 31 AILIANI IT''1'(''T, tireclilc'. Ili AnDY-An ,nvoice of slperior Ilr.rn7], viu,;,ae f 11i, or il by ShALL & IBl(\OWN, t Illlly I IIi llgll.e ille It Li IIAP-til(0 bexer Mnllllilrll(i llllnd-, to csle biy illne 1 SHA.ll. & Iot IVtN, 9ti Maeanzie le st Iu E I -1000 bcsi Tellcls inIt llnoutin lte id olt h salel y S J 1' WAITFFEY, . lmay 1 73 CCllp8 IV' )IIENnI'--IOU bags oiakto, perie quRality, in Sstore and for saoe oIIw byd it . 8 Jii e lt iI ILIIN, 74 Can ,t cu- N. 0. & NASIIVII.I I". It'lI A ROA C.. SPRING ANN ICtIEdEN O r. oil Coeltneein tnlt Senlliuy, 51h1 IMay, 18319. icc T iE Cars will leave fr thie tlIIEiAT PRAIRIE, oe id ttheir routes to the Bayou 'riglyue, every day itn y le week-a-s Iollows : ite Iepnrt. Reater. eci 7P.M. 10A.M. 4cc i nId Except Slcduys, when thie cars will rtn s fallows: Depart. Retlrn. S 6 A. i. 9 A. M. of 12 P. 2 . M. o 4 6 . 11. in Lmay3 JAMES II. CA LDW aEI.L, Presidelt. ~OiT'lICEe.--Mlartil I. levereux, Mantcfcturer of 'IPcc, Copper, end stceet iron Stoves, &c. Ihh Itis day taken in to pttrmershlli Joll Deverelx. The btsi eess for the fitllre will e condtccted ucder thie ielllte ol Mleartic I1. & Joln lievereitx. M II DEVEREUX. SJOIIN DEV EREIJX. C l9 9j Perscns indebted to i Ii Dvereux ill pleae cell and settletheir ecetllltn, cltd Ihouce icviug -clai s w cill prle.ent tihec for c scemettle ac. lcay 4 t g RI, ANS' l'I'illtiRAPiA l 1IIIIN'IN OF lFICE, 53 cMagazine street, pllpsitte IBanksI Ar CU. X. W GREENE tksc iileasure in anttlnouncingl to is Ie Iriends atnd tle citieees of 'New Orleans, that lie ihas at ee eagth brouglt Lilthogrepicy ol a pl lar N iltco p,r Iputo 6. Irilegu and froei the acilcties thie rt has over el oIper etcate engctavlng, lie eeal eltel lle ci older ectr.lted to ti. itim, at one haItlfthe exletlse ol'egraving and nearly as di checp as typleprtlilnlg. ie tlerecihants wishing Circulcrs sent outl in thir own hand cwritig, call have elcy quanttity c it few filure notlle; er tley will be execlted for tlhel ic a hetautiilI stlvle. sclc Is clls heretofere givecc general satisfaction via tIell los ost resleeltabie conlnlilswlc hoesea ill tlls l eily. (utleolilen desirous of Iac'icng Vieitilig or cusi. c. Iiess Cards filnishedl in lice best tcnttnr, will io well by c ecllhg at lie olffice ancd see peeiittees. Feb.1,1839 N B--lHnk elites Cealy executed, cccd ccirclars, _.ri.4.-t iit Ine :oiir'n e lctlcecZ - . - NEW PUIIIIU.VI'IONd, - TISDOM nd Genius of Shakeperei by Reverend "i homlleqS Pride i- Conversalilnl ,.n Natuae mino Arl, with ellts cnd Ierrudduoek or sie ligi Milidec, by I ime author of" efl' Illllile.t c ic p T'le Slirit ctll East, ll D Urtlililel, Ei . n cElvirt, the Nalcll's \Wiile by Mrs MonkllCtiC Sic Walter Scottl' WVcrkc, with a Biogrelpih, by 1 J G Lockhart, oelplhle in 8 vol. alc Jack Shiepaerdc, let numel,leel a ronltlllce, by W liar rson Aciswcerthl , with tlonerousllclcstrstiolts Nichola Niekleby, culcber I I 31 . JOHIINS & Cc, aIl 17 Ir eor SClures iC llent Cillloll sN s t18 ShIE . PENS-A Papa riaý aarurlme al e cpi t ea I y ilcs late arriva lsc• cu iitilg inll ,rl of E " FEL.IS PEiJ., on Crds,. Nie. I, 2, 3, ", of Double Ptnlet Perryanc, on Cfards. G-reat Western Pel, on do Collpeslatingl do do SVelcigilt do do Quieetll, for Postilltg, dc (Consgre. do do Webster do do at Skinner do do G(illctt do blarrel Icdies Pen in boxes, ald on csrdsi Wiilcell do do asserted qlualitie These in want nflltealc ve by Ilcegnccee card or boc, can findc tle most exleesive aslormeltt in Orleaelns ot a241- DAVID PELT A" cO, 24 Calrts st. I c *iEE-R IN.-ý bales Inaing from etll botlat Sloier, for acile by A TRIER, S 9 34 (iravier st S lUoi.OUGNE WAI'ER-5itu dozen genune, in slure t S J fr sale by A TRKIEH, c21 '24iravoler it r i Sý yTOEGKiNG$-i 1 tcct doaen lcdies clock. 2 ingc, in store for scle by vi a'" A TRIER,.34 Graier t w 5NEW iPULlcATIONS. j)ElICLI AND ASPASIA, by Wlter Saseg j a he Cebinel Miniser. by Ms.. i ore, eachorea uf the "' Hungarlan"i'olee,' - E JOHNS & Co, Jecy !I co Sl.,ltt & Commuiel ate dRAND RtEAL h TO IE 131 T l i " l)tb.. t.p# 1.?/Z. s b l39" poitntted by theeoioltveo'A&bnlM ' ol irda. 1011,000 tickets, at $t s "h.m price. 1 00 0i. Selli.,t irb'O $20 per tloket, SYLVESTERIL & ci. 156 Bmodway, NlW VYORK, oIa* Agents. ' [IT The reoeiipta of the sale of the tickets wiii be dte. posited in the Canal, Union, Carrollton, Citizen's and Cocsolidted Banke, In New Orleans,. in the ncme of Louis Schmidt jointly with J. B. PierraoIt teasIly Cashier ofthle Citizen's Bank, and A. Bap a ui noa. tually ('ashier ofthe Consolidated Hankl kiltt'rtelees, as per act poased bletre A. Mazureau, Eqs. Not. Pub. on ths 2d May 1I39, atd the properties rtnferred to - tile above metioned gentlemen waieuanclk.d, as Trusteee, for tile security of the fortunate ptrie hol ders. In New York the monit will be depoited in the Phoenix Bank to tilearedit uofithe above namned o City Banka of New (Orleans. 'The Pubhlic are referred to thle anct ptled befaite A. Maznrtan, Req. Not. Pub, io mnation In the pro prties whicit embrnc tIte reapeclive iprize in titll €00 PRIZES. as follows: 1 Prize-That magn ifinct trase atory brick building, known-Me the AIRCADE, io Magazinte stresi, measuring 286 feet 5 inools 4 linch on Mngnozne at. 140 feet 6 inchtoi n O(ravitr street, arid 111 feet 11 inchel on Na.etea at. This building produces now a rent of $:7,000 pere,oc tu, and beiag in tile most flotriet ;'g part of the citl, opposite three anhse, and in tihc ittm.diote n-aitetrhooed of tte St. Clhales and tile City Hotels. Its reats will, iltn very few votrs bh increascd to fity tltotaotd dollars II'rize-'l'hatt elaennat four ntyl, brick build in known o s t .le o C Y HOTEL, firmerly Iliithol'S Hotel sittteatd at the corncr of Ctcmp and Common sis, tmeastring 19i feot ot (Common at, and 14i fret III inhes on Ctatp ot. This hoilding rents now for $25,0110, aont eisng i thie oest enlral port of tl¶' city, cot shortly be Increased to thirty thousondl dollars per an. S nue.i Estimated it $500,000 I Prie--'l'e three story brick dwelling ltos, No. 30 tn Nlthlle street, tdjoinitg tie Arcade, retled at 12 iunlt e dlollar,. Estimated at c )0,000 Prize--'tJe Ihe storey brick dwelling iotse, No. 18, adjoiinig No. S0, o 0 Natchez street, rented at twe tl ,cPdrc (iolnrs.t Estimated at $20,000 1 'rize-The tIhree story briok dw atlliig hlt,,,c, No. 16, adjolining No. 19 on Natez- stt reCuot d at twlve huge y red dtollar. Eatimated at 20,000 I Prizc--'l'he dwellintg houso No. 23 north east corner of Basin and Cuatoto house streets, toeasttrino 40 front ,on Basin street, 411 feel flont o Frnnklin street, by 117 feet depth oa Cuntotnhbnat t street ranted ao Af. teen hltdred dollars. Estimated at 5$2,1:00 SI'ri.u--l'lhu tldwllintg thout No u4 south weal oetrner of tasin street, mean. ring 32 feet 7 inches on iun ot, 312 feet17 incesa on Franklin street, by I27 ieet 101 inches depth on Cue. taUtltoUso street; rented i ifteen a hundred dollnro. Estidlated 0t $20,000 I PI icz--'the two story brick Idwelling lobne S No.3319 oc Royal strert, between Ursuline aod lios itsl tlreet,.meae orig ll2 let 8 iinches otn Royal t, by 127 leent 14 icn lcll in deptll; rent dilet $1020 per nnnutc. Esntiomated at $15,0i00 '0 I 'ritn--.c50 sieres Canal IBouk sttck, st l))$11111 ottt, $ ,l100O 1 Prizc-ti1) sltor,,s COllnoertial Ilanok stlek n I Icf t- ,eh, e $e0,01r - no ' Itonlok took, ct $10tl acnig, 5,1row' 3 rizes of 0 ares euac, Ctly Batk, 30,001 3 i'ri 1 of 51 " xcinnge, IOl(l) S'ri ." '." " is Light, 5,000 S'tozeo of 1.5 0 ' lechanict and icradera' 3,000 20 Prtas of 1tO c Lonuisiana State, 20,00110 10I Prizes of 2 tift i s llt, 2,1,00 t01 I',ires of I " oak oi'f Orlens, 0,1t00 1011 Prizes of l " " Unior Bankuof IFlorid, 15,000 It cIsII bie nt tle option of tie witllterm of prices of tu bunk stocks, either to take tie etuock itself or tite par o value thIcreol in cash. MIODE 0I II)RAWING. .100,000 licket. froon I to li0,tlll0, will be put in on, whreel, and 111 pricer, with tile blanks, in another ton rver liumlber n prize or blank will e drawn, until al Sthe i rizes oroe ideermined, laving the bnlance of nu e t o lier in tire wliitel-blUr!khe. t)rlers for ehr auhon a ltrr,. wil be recie i the i 'u k i r u de hr l lill Vvra, la . 'rno;" f Sot. Chrrlenr.o. ii e('.lioln e L l, .d o No. 104 Chaitre street, Noew e ,'lo s, m en promply forwardedt. Orders frol the rootlry, po id, contraning re it ances for the norm b r o f tii c k e ts rr l ,u .d d re e m. I d t I-CliIDr & IIAII.T'ON, New Orleans. SA y ie..ovtr ,nl will ne irnvided Io tlke to Florida lrl rasuc esr* grr id slsmy liu esrirolld ill witness the Jrckhovrill.h, I.Ila. AIi, 3 1039. may I Si of imprr.woed Ronslractioon, ill frnPn e rnr.1ir te, Ior hr sale by J 1IrT1, TiTUF L A--4 Ipd Tuivoli Circle i. NN l3Ain b ,y CIoAAC H IDGE &e Cdo, may'a I31 +lognzin, ae. LS ' 1e0I1M (A, D,lES--f6I roaes sperm Candles, N ltrddhrnd brand,fr sale bcy 1 B I I)GiE & Co 9 aonn2 134 uMaazine rt S'A)l.AIC)-'.borrs, 8I. l, s, 32 and pound I lumps ('f nrious br amnln und q oalitells, for sale by may' I 1 BRIDOI) & Co, 134 Mlagazine at t T OF HlU INA- t Judihial istrict Cbonrt. t Jen lnltister Colia vs. Hlis Creditorrs. Tihe ecasiao of the insolrat's property having been naeconl ed v the ('oaut fFor tihe Irerefit of his e reditorn. It in yrdere; that t nmeeting f hiR said credanrs do take plae at theo of3lc of Victor Foulo, Esq notary public, O orn 9londav, tle 13 in of rmy, ins a t I0 o'clock, A 1i. for ilhe Iurpyose of delileratig on the affair rof said insolven; slind i the omeantirmea nll judicial proceedinga ginihl.t hin poerosn tlid property are stayed. Witrnes the lionn. A. I; Buehanans, Judge of the Coort albrrsid, tliin lst Mlay, 1039. in may I PLEBLANC, Deputy Clerk. in V T¶'A.' 1)I. .A L-Li-UT1IANE-Cour dt Premie District judiriaire- Jenn ltalptisto Colin vs ens Crbanciere La cesRionn de in proprhth, dr l'inaolvnble eyant lt acceplee per nla r'ror roorr Ir bbnbfie de sea enban c rarr-i rat ordollO qgh'unn raertnblemnent des dit reaciers, n ra lier I.erroii ir 13 tai eonrant, A di du nIatn, iureau do Victor Foulohr, Er. notait public, nfn lie difiiherur aur le flitires du dit nsnlrabl rl pendlrlt ce temps itors pruoces Juiriraireaonatrn perrornert en jrrpritib eol snt aspedtren. Tiurioin, 'l'honorble A. M. Bscltann,. Jugs de I Site Cour, te 1er 91a0. 1839. in t P. I.E BLANC, in tt Dtb1nr Grlffer. $50 RAVYARII. SBSCONDEFD on Ihe rrorning of the 8ild Aptil, tr. nrgrr lurn namrr Alexarnder, commonly culled w Elli,. aged nhout 45 rrere, rather forbiddiog ,ah n apo. ken ir to. He in lioutr5 feet 8 ilines inlteight astont built with eoreowloitt bnrdy legs. IHe took with I tin r ty ofcloithin anid will mstr probablyfrequently clig Iis dress. It is sapposer lie embarked on the day nbove montiloned, on Irord ofane ateambohoat bound up. l'ntr above rewoardwill be paid for hinm ifaseured in any i jall i ~rihowestern country, or twe ty dollars i in Lou isiana or Mississippi. PET`ER LAIDLAW, RNew Orleans, ony D ll Thr Nrchez o Daily Courier, the Dailv Misouri Republican, thle LonisvilletrJornal and the Cioinnati Daily Wlig will please printst di6 abtove advertise-. aret three lilnsc no a send their bills for payment to the _ieeoflho True American at Naw Orleans. SABSCONDED from tihe service of the -.-i-lber, the negro boy JIM, aged about 17 -H. lie is ofslender make, perfectly black, with large eyes, lang nvisage and rathecr thick protruding lip. He speaks ltih the Englisi and Irenhe lotena saec ad "aa a very intelligent look. It is probulb lkka will endeavor to lerrv tle city, as Ire was o ieqnentrly observed during tire dray le leftr, lning ktin Irt: k whicIt ha carried witli hifr. CeploinoofrveeoIas nd it-am boats are hereby ftvrwarted not Ir haIl or or carry offa nid clave, under the reverest penalty of the law. The above reward .ill he oiven for his aiprelension, or such informatiota as wilt lead t his recovery. WM REA, sly9--t w corner of Heavia & Circus at E .iGS- ti bls latditg front tnualler Vandalia, lon sale by ABRAHAM TRIER, may_ _ 84 Gravier at ITCH-3Ghr1A ilt good order, For sale by -L SH1ALL & BROWN, mayO . 36 Milagasine " LLDIl-IId brl lndiog fcoI soteambm t Chntiol n or nd for sale by G J9OIRSEY, 024 44 New Levee r 1ýAY- 111 bales Northern, landin g rom brig Alice Soplmile piost No 1, second lneipli and fur ale iv SHALL & BOW , opril&4 96 MIagaive o treet AD l& 1/-5 kega superior leaflard ant r50 bbl f utrr, lading thiis day fromt ateaner Penr siat, for sale by TE'TSiJN & AVERY, n24 88 Gravier at iNSCI lainyg Cords-Just received trom New York, a nfll groce of very superior double bead Cards, for aloe by dolzen or groe br DAVID FELT & Co N Y Statioers' Hall, 4pril 3 24 Chartres at I-I R -AN - & BOTS -'6 csges, prime kip bro gjgals ,; otra sizes, landing fron ships John Dun* lap and Ohio, for sate by aiS I BIttDGE & Co, 134 Magaasinet. All PAPER-Jlst rceived two caeas superfine iho wove caup cry thin sutalla for bank use,one do wtiie wreore nalety D FELT& Co" my9 N Y sttiorn.r hall, 24 Cbartrea S hA pocket book mttioing a atsmal amount ol money, and sundry nut", drawn payable to Da vid Gill; andl likewise several letters. A iberal rewaurd will be paid for its reovery. 1' BI LEE in Co, m9 18t New Ie.~el .barque Clhnticleer, for ea bhy al tHALL & BRO\UN, 96M/g. l ar at ,2J TETS$ & VER l Gp$ . et

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