Newspaper of True American, 11 Mayıs 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated 11 Mayıs 1839 Page 3
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FURNITURE! FURNITURE!! .U.T received at the Louioiinu Furniture Ware Ito.aotet a large surply fmro New York and Boe ' Pereona in the want of ihrnitore world do well Soattl, and seleet *heir articles from one of the bent and I ageel atucke now in the city. W V CA RNES, d8 53 Biorvillo R N B--Particular attention paid to packing ned ship olg Furliture, freep ofexpense. df-2w TO COUNTRY BlMEICHIAN 'S. A GOOD asnorrnent of orhool and oiisorllneotos . Blrok. IAlso a supFly ol llhnk Ilooks, wrining and letter Paper, Quills, Ink, &c cons.lultly or Ihnl. and for enle on good trinr, by AI.EX l ()WAIt, mar 18 49 Camp ei T HE BENCH & IAR OF ENGI,ANDI)-- y the author of tandom rerollections of the Lords and Commono, nod tlhe (iGreat lerlntpolis, i vrolse. Neal Malone and orher tRles of Irelaid Iry W II Carleton, author of traoia and srorie of tire Irish peu anntry,int2ole. Justrnleirved nd for rlr lby SA 'IOWA I, 49_ Canmp t ]ALE ROPE-12i c.-il, ol eU ierire qholiy, fir Bale by ISAAC I11 IDGIEI (.c, apri 2 t34 Matgioinoe t BACON-15 nak 1 maks ondl rilan, oar s a by apl 12 1 ItI)SR(i D, E,13. I1aganina At ACON SlD1-S-150 caska Cinininati :ured ill store, tiae sale lby I))tlOiSEY, april 2 44 New i.evee; D 9K' ---5011 gatuic, in Plo an nIt a by SlIALL & BROWN, sprit 2 , 9; Ma.a.ini At AKUM.-10-1i balea 'ao 1, Russia, landing tham ship Gaston, and fdTr anle by april 2 NAtI.I. & A.ILOt'N, Ic Mngnznne rt S VALLOWV CANDLES-li-I bIxes annle l nallow Candles, fi,rsale by I BuItIll) . & Co, mar 2 1 t n lganzine at G A SS-Jats laoalilg fron ain t , a' ilteri, aniallnit U e ofJra, Vials, and \ (iilaa, at wnin..anlae andretail, at I.t IIO()NNAIII., mar 21 Cor of Nalchez and 'rnIlIdaains nts SRIIIKI--3U0 )lolassps l'arcaels in store nd tor Scale by l. It (.A1,1, april2 3w 9, I lonmnml At 4III Sts BAN inellClt I iI' -- dui of benili Ia sale ly AII.AI 1 t;ilali,r april 2.i . . .. a... r. r at " i[ Ca5o_ la.'Ia., o hm . ',, tI'.t-ihi t ,,at.aes en hoard ship Liverpool. Ia qlnirn on boardor to my7 I. II GAI.I, i 4l Comp.oi I LINEN SIIIRT< , tl .-.V -S & SUN$Ii:Kll IS. Just received by late y rrivals, an a.n.'rtamant of Shirts Cravnta, Sullrlllr stolcks, (Goven', IaaId ,iaaapnall ders, at the lir.uar, coraer of St. (lhanrle anld Caotmnlun streelts. N. II. A complete assortnaient of W\ailing De=ks, Dresing cases, portable sllavinllg carne in rose anoo1 a&L leathler, tny!; _IItt & AI.lIAN. P ICKI.ES-20 bke and 4I0 llix,', reciving from New York pmr rlhip eao:waea fa r sae,, I)y inc S HAIIl. 4' IIIti\VN, !Hi ,laan'ine at PREBSERVRS-40hl oarean a ceie.'i; firoman Nw airk per ship Oeronee. fBr aila bylay my SIIAI.I.& IIiatWN.,ii ltngazille at J O N F S ' 's li t lri' ll h v -- K it k in lla. ilillu r, Caimlte's Plrenol-ty a aprzhiehi'n t'airea laniay Ainsworhl's I)ia'tionary; I lAcnllglloga it iDev t Ii brary ofinnlruetio onn amusaaetoat,(i vians. A Ilrtllr I stupply jat receivred by A TOWAiR, my7 49 Camp at G RA V~i (' iE nial ecatures--atoukes a heI I tli, I ut r receirvd ana d for sales lIe myr A T l_'I'(tt , , 19 (',1In i) at Si3i. 17C .--li iinlus Jliilkeep, IIodk h h , le. I .4 1brown l t1leti lt ftlO (Grelat a II's,ll ir, dll, anin l o t sreit Folis do, for saIe IbV atay7 I lIIII)( Fa. Co,( 114 131Mtaciizine At ship t .., nl aali ar Ih n h lil7 1RI 111)11 lk r Co. 134 elarohior At Ad belatis asoil low terawa l a inaig f,.i ahaaap in 1lge, lir sale by l ItIe'v, onay7 -, _ Ne Lev,. '% IItSKCY-lb-I l tel'li rraf lntai naana aaa a mala biy iaay7 . IilS , II Nw IlVee CITiACKEIIS--lmbl. uaitaIntaice aaniaI neer cnanlnara, in store. fnr sale by my7 (i DO(l'Sat't,44 New .lvne ARD-10 kegs leaf Lnard, in storr fstaale Ilya naty5 41 New I'I.le emay5 4" New Levee P.PPE R--200 Ib.g. OIr u1 y " - TINIT;--311 pipes ma qr. ,too, ,ore, Ior ale bh mny4 hlnzhin I t CORN BRLOOMS-4001 doz.iu oll, nob r mI. t' Ae Adbb lit li r 11 r mayb _.y Ne tro._. seis IKAR-3O bbla. in good ordel,.t th tl b N S SIIAI.I, l 'RIIWtN, nlLy2 :36 ulglltll·P st ( 'ltH D l' S ST i al J! . . -r119, e - ) 1 LI itn' s S nablltlllli'r ' ,. l-'!'ll .' 'tr. Ablbot' i torts i loll ; .till, l '.i " l ltit Iloi/ Abbil's Vny to do lI d 1i ; l 'l liti t 0 tti Allllotli YoulIg ( lri-lilit lilek''l enl ole \ be, ik , 7 tlll il.m 4am I all y , S BA AA II. Ti Cor- rof It. (C rlea f lo,,lnl lt, C H lT'STl's MClcal 0,tri00lpllTh. I.iU s & 1LL' l all r n ll0 ct l N 11er he v A irhall' .( I ' aglh i ' i I'Inll h" 1"1 IA lll i gesohrid: ursilk !t~ltie:: Iumbr~llad, oude e gl 49 Collult ll li c rtto , lt , byr l 0 gay IAI.lXt "ld lld. aCorner iditl assoritoent of l.lCds aol .I siree ri ) tigde tidrosing caie, rl, olllr.ll l cut-O lery,: anilk ra ad i nf goads. vats ogreat variel: eer n , ecrl ti. : gen. Aloves: dms ie Flderls: aoills o id lllle. goo l A Splenial o ton el lln ofltli e n) e'ri StAID Coth seironer crton olf tihleia oloLer oat by rag tod sk of grssing cuh es, plof t olios , Ialid cr) , cut lery, and lier ich s of Cuoet oos, csular cg dsco i u ovided. Said Coo.ailed lolr ea' oo plu irer. Appstood ilted by toero Faral i oflt New Orl l nlrnY . ENGRAVER AN!) COWi'lNl-ltl-Al'E lhuH S'Nl'R .OFFICE AN No. O1 , COMMON S'la.LEiT, C1T'LL hngro and printe to ardor, lIIIeivaeOiCo, ht'lo a r oyrExloghutebills etladi. Tlhllhl do Irn.) tileaid rion osi .er utnrikesl, attslavi under riii lg h.o vrtua, ofoor tilas of siolgr esa, a . ..-ll Feobll provided. Faid Crd.S pr insd fromt plae nhalrle expral..iec nALE ROt -lleralon s erllc alse itye, oi f lir S lapliy, Ulor sale by o the Wob, & ex stood tAYe severest scrutiny of llillg hst tlwyers ectaioble mrarket, roal (.i o. on dnlylar recolen Idy JOHNy 3 V. GUHIIINYoerectt, r j, t ENGRAVER AND CWOI'N It-I, Al I5 p'IE IN''ER Jr PeFREnAN h mo0., No. 3, , atp , inr stret, rLL ee ingrave ad prie to order, i k F notead ills tilel and iog, and carillds lotril, to soariv ,uid o ling housedeals, dooir platessilver wPi1an, te.--al wys ol layed, an assortment of seoilor. Their nd brtoetll doorig rge wllards printed ro plates already tengraed. IALe "sROy, E-101 coils0t oftle rope, of supellolriaorl i arta il, 0ibr cule by 1 BrtolG e & C D, - aay 2 13.1 Magzine _t T-MEN'I'-.20 bi Ohlhydraulio CIelientlonlid l Io ilib Griflp Gee. Cabot, for sale by oi r may1 3 S&_lll I TNI'_,73 Caclpst nqbI sow issleoumert for tLho radical; cor of Pro Spplicales iol, ayper lodinlg th use of thi eohg eci e on market, u reis oWeo. tseoly, fori sale byndd ayto the ctd s Le r .na ot d)rfcl t res tor.tioap n FAiL & WINTER CLIrlotsNG. t .ho FR oEMAN & O., en. 3e, Magazine street, u are ree under the imr agg s rappli of Fell and it gDr. IoItrs. reeived the decided Rppealtoioa oy CloSir As i Cooper i 1od onreeSir ohiteint reg C larly thrnughot thre ssoreas eir Massrjoelnt einlg Brodif Sir JoWFes Clarh, PlGyseidn Ito Qo proea; Dr ge willw Lecluer the to idsifory to Cyrhao fos. ptale Dr Rigoy. loctor ho St Ianrtholoancosw; Dr ln toOi lntry t le shoer to tllotiet for ale wholale retail, on Seatlcomn, lecturer to iddlsa.x Ilopial. TTd sen. 50 kegs Gcur to itern Cllorloe'd for slyg. iN).hspitol alo A by ipr'll Dlarci, Cauq eat' TO Tile LAD IES. luodl, Le, trument for, the radical eure of Pro Dr lorroau, prosideor Fallig of th e Womb, by ex eral appic, Parison, suercouseding o the of tie o jeDtionable profesoary, is coVefidently recommended Pl obois, She afficted ands the oans -all in perfect restort by prof hellssorJ W ranci, having failS ed ford, rformig cur, fevery in under the most aggravaiy of tede iruy of es lirs prfeceived elsd andecided fapprobatio, o Brodie t Sir James Clark, Phy n tor, thprfs een; lNta ; Dr Rigby, lecturer to St Barthoomews; Dr. Ginth, lecturer to estin Boyd, ilbospital Dri Raosbot, Star lecturer to .ondsi V, osital ; Rober Ferguson, nlecturer to Westmi nster hospiti ly als inby tHe U SDlatvies, Coquet' Blundell , Merrimn, 4 Vss surgeon Kato, &ene N Dr M orreau, presideupply of the Academic R aent ith Dr leall's improfeors Velpeosu, Marjolinia, Pauwil A GCboisrp, S son and others-toand in New York byood ; professor J W Francis, G S Bedford, W D prWilofis. new York, profi. llDel eland WFrancist, NalU John.ill tcNair pre aident Coaiunty Mad Sociey, Lau Blisrens ullo Grayson, Van Renslaooder, Aisald Iray other di Mtin SHIPPING. For Europe. FOR LIVERPOOL. Tle A Ioond last sailing ohip, IURON, Calpt. Roardman, will rectivo immediate For Irhight oll ,01 t bolosotlton or poasgeC, apply to o27 L_ II (GAI.I, 9.1 Cumuluo at FORL LIVERPOOL. The first rat, A I ship C)NGRESS, Cap'. Iioton, will oret with itoediate dco. I tellI. - For fright ot 151 blesa ootton or pootage, apply to aSP I. II (iA 1 K, 93l o:,1o1 It d FIIL IIAVLE. The A I ood loot roiliog ship NOR7'II SlAMERICA, 'upooin Heath, will ove den p h r freight or paosge, apply to up :3a I. I( GAIE, 9:I53O oon of F' A t lat NoVtth.h s i ron, J 111onto n, master, halving par( of f herr cargo en ( gog.-cl, will have. !PStpatot. oar treight or p-000)1e opply to .3 & J IP WHIIT'NNEY, t __ ___3 74 Cnlop at FOR 111VRE. Thl, A I tod sluperiolr itp NII.L, Capt. Sllooototrd, wilireceive drapotIh. For uts . sP.ogo only, apply to I. II (IAIE,K ° ono5 93 Comoaoo at t FOR LIVIiI'I :'L. _-- ThtoAland very toperilorohip AI.FX ANDOIACapt' 'Ioaor, oall takre 2510 bolce of oottto. Forticiglltof twhich, or pas'ru-, t tapply to I. II (IA.I, lI°y (93 ('unonouo tP t Coastwise. FOIL NORIFOL K & RICICIHONta. Thke ho~t +~ao ilioo, ppacket c ooCnr NILE, Copltoit nWI, will havo. Itllllcdieatr dooapolh. I.F'.r freight of 151 barrelor pacaire, haolog Oir II' 1 11l'dllltlOOOiu, aply to Capt. 00bard oplmsiie Aorlc e'orea or to 54 & J I' WIltI I-NKY, (iCaop at FOIL NEW 309RK The A t paokot shp ItIInt1 Capt. horn-" moaol, 'sll havocdesatoch. For freighltor t 0 0O-RUl loooio, prod1 01vono/odatim"o apply 00 booS ýpollitea~lho Vogeodolo ,oarke lv to u & S & J WlIIII'NEYp7t Cooro at FOR NEW 1001K. hlloeo's Line of Packets. IRegular I'aIkcan-m sail of 12111 9(ov. 'I' Ae crnplllerrd anlljd cop1r fI'1 d pooh.L ship I\JIlANNSAS, F: S Dennis, musterhtP havin part ofl hr crrgo ellgaed, will sail 'sai) l prompt depaltloh. For lhlbaolalnc,,tfPeight, ora (11100 ge, hltvilng sluperior 00commoldalIljl,0 Iau will, ntb room'-, apply to tItw cOajptail o)) 1)o))d, two tier' bel (hc Vegogotale itlarkot, or to A tOIIEN, np 3 o !i1 :lll Cnoun n s1 FtIC NIEW YOR1K. Illl.ora' Los .5f P'ocets. To ,'ol en flie 11'11,. *oL 'Iocelogoor, foo soiling patoket oldip t.(U ISA, I11Iuman master, wI~ ill salil nabve For . frelght or ' pas -agohollvollg lllrilr aon So0 to1 the ptlllll 00bad opst tIc, Vvgetabl. lomarket or to A C(ltN, FOR NIEWV YOII1RK. Now York amtl ;NetsOoJll'c1 lin'. Thei Ik uoperior I ocket ohip 0 a1'ro , Capt. It If ,, l)oo1ig10 large ,orion ohl'-rcag e'd and going,'llIulg sIe will ha1ve curly lio1,oel, flo t freghtr .r*Em nooocapploo bltse or Ia I Il-IL lll ttIH.AOV mayS C3oooo t FOIL N'EWa l'.ORVISL. ~['he A t nt toilill oilp CINCINN (I, I Anwlll, Barstorlolo, onoo'vo, a 1111t o to rollaga ppi oa I O"odl Sy RIAD At). It ttlci0't't No.7 look (he. IL) NEOV YORKI. ---- 11)ply to S & J I' WI tII~t4 fOli t )bli.1 'l-'t M I. . ai. . T'll new, eil,1siling Ioqrlze CIIANlTI ( 'IFI:Ie, i roo., ol..,er, havlngsno t in P .her crgo tin !)Dur, -1 o ltve lespa tlkl, l or ibailn e frieight or llaslge, hlnvl, god IllCOllllnOldL tios, apply to J III'IN , Illuy i 7.1 Come s1 resp Apply to BAILY . MiltI , or Savy i. II GA -:. l t ole fiolowieg g;olod.. IIA'' tt --I oleskF silks, as sorlted size anul n rhllto . ilkt r i k lll'. e nid Spi.llcid 11111 ,oi , .t . "1i ' :l1, u lls , ,e .r ,S and b. rills. . i 5(i di iei,.i . O. A l rer, f leork Ilt.. E sd s:ooresi o ( il d i t , , , ,,,., h no. IT) I k I f llIIiik iod iNRlll K Nll', 1'lltK, -' 'i.h-- ofrii, (lllro, fr. 1al $6 e'I Il, llor $940 t, , F 'lort, io'nl:-o - ickaick, I'o 60 o li Avr s SSpeor mo, or 7t000 p For I.l f oil sowt n. slitd., n' i$ pllllry' olu., oPlaid ad V 5l0e 0 Cap, Ior io. of'moo ,as onldo. 40 moos ins r SINGLE GINS.r,. lt iS-Slll I-ll $ 0a llll .ll llll I t ll $8II h s I lr.nLllo.--ilwk wnd olfolrr& :1. Olila roo I wh.,,-, o3i000 0ilk. ilk I.ln. krclfi ls-wI'.,... fters, &c. 1$0fi 0 '. Ii .r.lolln h s aws,l t r I l .l lll. frto r s, '&ol. 1$ r dv ,ll . 0 ral1, Noo (1000cost and c 1 r lc' on New t' rll prs. The .sul orilrs whIllke doirei, for seouierns, wsp'rtilad lt lice. tse; tllllllin Frnti h i lloll bhig tolllot ql WilISlI v. CO., Naval, aMililiry, ad0 FUaitinable o lat.ers, Excllhage IHotel, ino.' I St C~arlentl s xCrlA GU y orN e 11OJT n--l bro .le byon tiol niors , BIniiGE, 131 Mg gatCzoins s JlO.,Si S'o IP TE.o VT GI'TON. A Gin gV, ly the Patenitee, No. 53 laazihe stre d., New Orleans T1' 11B 31.NI FACTUI{FI} INN EW \Y YORK BY ROBETIT IIUEI & CO. sire lii otorges for witose soroioe wilt hr extro, hui SCmoIrr. Os PRIC.ES D,.&le Gins. Fon ra double till of hO saws or cuore oil e tach o cylinder, o nllkillg 160 lo il tile nlaund, with lieerlr, lauds, &e. at $6; persaw, or $950 II0 For a Itlesble Giwhen te 60 as gi a c)orliders for or 10ot saws intoile stanl, lfredes, &ce. a Sper w, or ion. So00ei s o S 5Foro. o w of 4sw s i.on o o e, I oSw s in I stand, at $6.2'5 per saw, or 500 O0 For to. of re thaw on tot. 40 saws in wi slaI, lt te6.50 per saw, or ir0 00r SINGLE GINS. For a singlec ltiof e inaws ol more, with oni e set of lederigs, mr , &ks. at $h pe i Ssaw, $480 00 For do. nf 0 saws with leders, &e at $6 s of 50 len'sw, 390 00 For do. o1"40 saws, with feeders, &e. $G 75 .e t h saw, 300 00. or ido. of 20 saws th lle frdlt r, of c. a t$7 50 per saw, 10 00 Extra teeth where desiredl, for fcodeln, eupplied a t10 eents ale ; ti(e number ofteeth beino about equal o tB.e number o wsl. Onefor set of feede ofs, it s to sidere howeverSt will wear out two o three sets of b sows. Extra saws sppNli ed al t0 eltlls eaci. l planters ill any of thesea s iLtows tile Cotton IpIla t ti nc States, at tie thoes prices, thclageuls uiylng the lr'htn aO thie some |Nliin New York, tand becomin, re spn.biahle for tile annmnt of the (;ile . A & lBo wigt l tl willbe seat with tile Gils to p it them tu wlore idel b sireL; tle charges for wlhse services will bi extio, bat moderate. Iroi rnnning gea trcan also he ordered whereHdeilr s, ot reaisonable telins, but will be tomrmed eotay Horst power, omfar y desriiptio, caLn e IrTreLo d Witt like tcrls, Small stenom egines cae also beo dereidn f de "ileldl. ilisdlesronle, wlhen planters give orders for Gilns, thvv shouhl acEo epsny them with their views in iegarl'I to tileen e o Ing tien je sawsl bleasts, brusheso &e. It is ii nned tiey differi . opinion. Solne desilre saws of l arger dianleterthaln others. The most nullmlnon sin-• is 9 or l0 inches; , . some wish then 1e2 inches. Saiv h wish 5 or rowsi t brshes oi all axle, while iothers do Ilt walnt more tlun 4 at most. Some wisll saws witll 8 orb, teeth to tile illcll, while others wsnt 1O or II, SliW n ueh dielrepney, we, prefCer thi should, a tile time of giving order,, lfuorelsh a statement of their wishes, and the tmanulhetltrers tan fullii them in ever) p articular. \Vhere it is left to our dlserelion, we sllff : 'L lake themn o2l t noh. jlt moderll stld fo prontoll lall. Sti order Aat I;eexLsuted, frot thetWlle it is received, w in the space of eightorniue weeks,nlld the Glill in ithat ,lie plaeedin the hands of the factor. To be in time for the next crop, all ordeirs ought to be in tlth hands of t ho msnufaetmertahy the first or middle of May; exuept or jclantations where they ar'elate in ommsning in" to picK or gin cotton. N. B. The Patent Right, forany oneeof the eetton i . it g .v ing States, will be sold on reasonable terms. 1 7 rL3 6 U A EES COiN--eenslsntly on Ilanld uthl Ior alse f byIALL & BROWN, apt 16 96 Magaziee sr GEORGE C. CtlILDS, ArToRNuY AT LAW, .+ ILl. attend the Sttpremle Coutn, and the I)istricl ý1 Courts, of Herriehurg,aad saont of the adjacenl Sonnies--Ollice at the City of Hoston. 1-Claims oil the govermment, either lor Bounly Land or olmey, Will le undertaken and pren ptly attenlded to either for non residents or residenls of l'ens. Address from the Untied States-City of Ilnustor. to the car, of S. Ricker, jr. ('l'exos Post Office Agest I , New Orleans. 3m mar I lME--150 bbls liloe, in store and lor sale by !J a2 LAIDIA\V, ti ,amp st [ILUSTIRA'TrK edilion ofJnmrs on the rasatsuti i.lplenlid Eno ravinma. Mi Memoirs of Charles Mathews, Cemmedian, by Mrs. e Mathewe, in 2 vola. just received and for sale by " n mar 21 ALEX TOWAR, 49 Camnp st FOR NEW YORK. JetW kork 4 'Mc' Orle~n., Line. A NEW LINE of pckets has been establi-hed to ruat between Neat urhlenns ald N. e Yulrk, to eolnsta ofive first rate shipaa, viz: ShJip St. hlarv, , W V Forter, w.ater, ' " Republican, J G RIusell"l " Auburn, 1l P Ilurfiy, Tl' n abuilding, Tbea shipt wet ll btaih in Naw Yurk'a'anaaala fir hllta trad.; ar: of a lhght draugiht aoatao. araaI wilt not .l J suhjert todetenltion at tilr liar. Their na,.rolaninadations forpaasenrger coamprise all that mavy be req.uired fori tcoaaliart alld convenalaeace; n;d fheir coialnanalcrs aar Ill of ex, linca.o. Until tIaeo pIi I nrow huildirt; arP >.oplele, two first class tlhis wlill sulpiy ta eir Ti greate't punctllality ill he observed inll the tiap of sailing, and every reasonable ace.umnlodaltion ex adiled to slhippers and passengers. or lfurther particalara applal to iMssrs. Jolnaa aJ I.aden, No. fi \Wail street, Naew York, or to jat IIPETERP LA DL.aaW, hO Camp at FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packelts.] To sail regplatrly as advertised from eaclh Port, IlE line is at this amomenut c'aapaosed of the, fitlow- a Sina sahia, allt a maore itear vesrels will le ptton at all earlv d ll a, malkiala ala. a LIaaa lar aelvac itll allh i: will all a f a'nt baaala alia chie'd frana llaia la rt eaa very h.eek at llat l a iar yPar, thata at ralar a i raallapao fiaa t iliaea far Irnsaportaiuon and ait th itrrata rar ,ffii.h Slhi IYazoor, Caanain al'lk " lis-issippi, Ilve·ho " isvide, " Allen. l aaraaIo Ialaahaway, " I amtaavilla., ' Ildridge Salkeslartple , " Pullllr The albove aslip are all olf the fl t rlnas, coppered andl io r fIl stened,(, (If u light |lattl I11 of water, sld u bllt iI Nr-w York explens-ly fir the u tl'l with uilrgont h ar.lnmodartiont Ifor ptlls ngrs i d illcuillllaId by aible al;d erax lieaallacd iaslters. ''llJi prire of patsage is fixed a at $1, withoull t wita , or ligt or+, alpletl stoles in evety otr)el'r partiular will be provided, aaral every atl tiaat a '.esa la i nt( Ie eanalfart t lhoaa, laanaa, tao am a l o ill iaa I t. r. a 'h sIhips will at till limes b: rlow,, nt Io nd dawn tlhe rivet, and tatI greatest pulutata:ity observed as to a their day sailing I, Neilther thel ao'ne'rs or eraptnins of tallacer a'arla s ill be re-ianlmbale fir je.welry, Ialliaa,, plecia sal. s,, nil. v.rr olr plate ware, breaklae of" gcaas, hllow wlr, e alrblr . or granite, co.pruge oal in, test of i ,t or stl. r for tny letter- parce: l ilr plcknrla -rat Iby or at Oil toard of theaa, unlaas. r'gtlr bill,a oaa cladtg are tiken ilr the samer, til thiea valae thcreofexpres.ed. Farl' righlt or paawate, Iuala? tt mar 21 JA1ES 11 Ill." .IN, 7, Ci 'Hpi t FOR NEW YORItK. 1IOI.MFSO' LINE OF A'.:KIKE'TS. /11) sail l1untclnllv every Yalaaalaa from aaacll paia. ' iThs l.ins el t I tutkelar Ihve heta i:aretsed to a t - a ita first claas Shiai, cntaa isrirg ofT Slit .aa.rlahrilla, (i ll(lila t Waaal . .rkaaasas, tcaplain I' Dennis Alashriaaa, (a a ain Vl t l. OI.raa s. (:aptain ra'rllllll, ickal a Shrip -- Capltailn I'oaktH. o ' rh a alll a /'al" aaaa Ihis'aaraaal or i lt r I.U .11) ;wreL /aataaa. t 'tahe lruaaat an. a, iatra aior e itill - pl N A Ola i he lllll e ships a a atll oaa ilie 11,irsa ,tt l strae.L htr parcr oflaa ahiaa ia ta xed t aa , rt, a t la l a ina e li o r. 'I", abarthaetar prticulars aai aa to a Aa t la R N tar tart aaaalie tr a ie, and tnr lll a ll a a a aaa et a lra il m at' ia iaaraa {atoIata ra. a'a.tlaaailla l a llo Oaa II. e upre et onTfilh, sheri aar ta allarcnaataal I;,aal aaariakaa aaatt par r a v .flr don fr l h llr ib le f'nr and fi at talrlsaartr aotfa the an iafaxed at $3rl, ihu n For the Interior. FOR II.\YOU nA RA I lleglar Parke. l, I d,!)5,so I p1' B enl gr . stentabot • -will I[,-w, , yNrw )orleono every \\-',l e al ul rIl e'chr.k A. I1. lire )uavout . nra&ever' Sn. llt ay a lit /Il, lck A. 31 takii l ne ,a - ,:otv, on l,l For firigr. ht or . o. g I) . , y to Cu(pr. larI 51) IIns aBIB ) tr 0 } dl do ~r.t l po n 1 l o blur CO lln t)'I /ll p l l.t ,l/) AllI :9 n:10 dab pN'SAIIs lnor t S no n i r Ole, - past indo 1)114 I 1 1, IId do I i 'L rofoir. lr d " 1 "II. do i1luIP jln Illl GPi) I l I t . l,,o ':.1,1 " o sl t A Io itRl' ihr fIP i1[* a 'ery .1lllcl · ialit' Iinidt will be s • liaw," to los lc--uni- Iy IRi-A I 'AR,.llo, I,1 cnted to Henry Iturrel, lr,. , canno' rd by G. P 0tl nmyVr ier of N. w t)rhlnns, received w ilh the , reatest u p lIBtuse at the New 1ork concerM , t " 5 I. JOlNs , en ,oll c_ rer lSt :l9Cualei & Coaliton tct I T 11llt':I.IAS--: ; eI.cs Almntiaaul (:ingianm Cm fron t BIr /BP i iinrBSr a b n,)he l ' IBb SA b )y la I /B"llt C Iir"T 13 11N ,llt:a ille st. u/ ')17 clLi, ANO & CAoln I)I .LTN /l b Ib L ItUAD CaM_ PAbN BY. B R.AI O IIl NS I FOt l ra11 WI E:K DIAS. Frinl Carrollton. |h"S Allon rw Obll ns. Ihorse (.alr t 4 o'clock, A. M. llorse Car at 5 0'lhck, A. Loeolllolie 6 I.ucllllVlll 7 . )- t " I n " 1 " "' ' " I0"711 'I I Il1'l'O II t7 Afcrl10o'clock a Crcan he obe ned by aying 0 doI t lapi inur tle Tirili. 'ITIIE JACKSON A)ND ,iCOUI1Ie: SrEI.N.:1' CA IS Iil/e c.c , l ,"' . It o f oj/' lockdA. At.d . onh o I ill At roll I'il.l 7 'l'Oot[ tlhix c. r will m lllllellcl rIg lllllllll ev *r,' Ibol f[om1 Ihl:r hc.d ifJu..nol rabtreil. Pbernilli. t rillg bty le L moolllo nei d JIIut r /l.- I om vcr w-ai llll k , I as nIo im y will he i tke I b iB' i l, c, / 3o3r I ClMicl S. w Orle llllt i d tl o ullyr l l t 1a1 Il/ I lll)a Co ) Oli,, 'oyl'r0 slree t ia iI t CIIAR II A , 1 t ii /a 3n lik iPla BIAll )ir, rller'o St. 'l/h ales uald (.ol/ntl mll 1rot 1. 1 n'- . LUSII & AI.I..iN. 1'E -eis lt CiInp 7'TS. o ..c e Banl C ll.eckl H ill of .llding, AuclionI Bills, 1 ' ,phltl E, ' 'how ' bills, C ctn. lI D 1 :4 Mlogn. t&c. I* .)l )Elb:- fror th5. lb e U an /d crr ;y other mlert cription n ldera1' ' j reca ived li Coun pling Room ofi .U__ A'1.5.U B 11" i. NP.i Crntipe I c Ir lE,: ioe r u resl , r B. Treet, or a Ite Ilrllltin IA iceB/ fb o" i'of odra. and St. Chlbrles a'BBtB , ind eaodijirl .BIoi cll rl Ju' AlLANrs from the a, ' ,'.r l WinlAthe Uiced ..stlo/c, hve jns fjbeen add//, Ithe (:reaedy railt-ld .o ee Insn 'itablish err l; --and (IR,,ri. . Iile he epecued7s 0I 1ow C 1hca)3 I Exlrrlilh .i.y and B 'autifully, tit ut ltI uther Oflfce in 1t e Cl di r .L ES AND MOVIEENTa'mp. Y3 A-,or . Pee oum Ne LLI'ateli C lor .rded, , a espBBctalc. rlrer ice Ie rig given. 3.ral 17 9ll `il o itolIns aMer oemphis, f lr Side by Innr"0 ' G DOII EY, .Il,'N.'w Levee, bI y lu AD & tBAlR.?nw' , Ih uk & laBhe a nsso7 I bn'In../ for sale U AnpI X I BRIDGE & 'o 134 MagIzine E t I biadc. %Vhiek, 50)*sk l'aeoll Sides; 50 cake. Blacnll Shoulderso 10 Ilnes. J Alll 7rOS IBI n;I.I.d/ N, 74 Camp ato i B$ V s tteaer I iO# fur ontOi by Ii)JtORSEY, l -'} ' 'TC ifl"t, , I Glravhr A. I IFI.: rRiSF, IERII S-- uI-1 received It sule.lillr l article oflife ,Irerervers ºi Ilhe Balzinr, i hea ,oce -Lick , el t, w i fir ture, ss . I I.lUirOI situcTed hi a lml row ecltable part r o.tilhe 2 tlunicipally. I'lisselSlOl will l p vlrl li ".:, 1isl. t of May, Addot n ItI plst ofice! box N., 477. ai 19 -I.I ." -1i0,,0 casiw -o inn L.ime, lending I'rom sli I" '.rilvi'lp , for slale S119'10 S J& P'VBI'rNI.:Y. 73 C.ainp at i'lll'l .Cri`pet~ndid t Bo it Bus- io r liar Sal bly ['y J t i:.- -weel p;hT\In wine in qr casks, in sreun, 5,,- r c by .F~1,\F &. B t IISTO\V, 0,25 ,7 Bank I'luce S. aeb. . ; 3 Q ai P' \VIII'I'IT EY, -I J AV 1 l a 11 - + d Ini r hip L.uuis vilfle Mt., I¢) .AL ,LL & BROWN, ' . a r/iN,, 6 Ma.,. in.. Stre. t I+,,i LI+. " ,o+,i,.. TRUTH IS MIGHTY AND WILL PREVAIL. IT is a factthat 150,000 of Sarmparilla Blood Pills kove p11 n sold durinLg thIe u paLsx monlt v It is n far(t-tllrlt theLy tire tnk'!ll ,I iouunrerubl-bI illsnIIIPE to · pills andv uwily JUL lledeile', by whoa, ccyI. illc elodlallpuud. vIt vlil v. u fleet-'Picot all c . v"I'. 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Cc. bp il I firer-')'hnt the S.5.115.i lil, Ill.. p 1 "1 are Plll liml in 1II1 I" ·". le e Il'uocoy py alrlar," o~,·1 I -r}' ll·,lllnl rlrlil r, rn~lplny lug c l, box ol' IlC~II< I,) nod 31 ey are I L LIl tIlv Icoutm , ac in cI-i.I r uilvlvl l piv ' SrAtillos dIaII o I IIll il Lrpl o lllp III tvI.e Ijuanttty LI ro, c: kru the syl tlnl w much 1l, rUI-t of 1 1 lt11 Ou rgatllll ul llle, I glc c* - "'%' lI Alocostitbol ,brn,., r SIcrl ,vmrcuyr known to It, ul~lerd llchut I ll 111 .11,1 ·1111 food 1I1I1 11(l11( ,: 1 curu I lihau 1Itidtl , hl y of w Iol~l~ul·· - !,c he lllos coo WII r of rho not Syrup :la ul'aar,. , plllcrcrl.,,i sl al ll c tlcrc b to Cor chiell.,' bll I i l tlllol. Sb Jo ]. Itr tlappe t - h h,. l gIratoi Sitsh * iiiiJ nl Il llrn trlitl. ur.l'1 -Il nh, utl1 Ma- n tllle 1.,I11 l tya n l ttylrI, I ie..t, , t It rorPll r e a r l lnr ll ll i l' ttI Il'nnailclr.a l tllhIn al" r a a1u. lll 'lall l al t Il attralll} . d ti,.I , (lfer l e, t o ty hirtl (- 0II Ii.11, rll lpatilla I)ila ll t 1ria .l i rrtll l al ,. rttytllg at hlllr ' al t I adpMe e -ll lll l tta t r tr l. at n t k * I l rr tlan , rkIIIJbl ; ii l ,,l i lu AL 11rW Id h k , l r I 1 r hlll Vll & Tll l o rorlll y taka h i ll e llorply rhou n+- fT Sral taty- Ira.tI & ,tIta al It i~t W, ell kn II rlh,.e ta .u p n . 1, . 1'. 1 1at " 1t nea1111t11a b nIt lI I 'l r i n, hav . ti o e, d l a t,," t tOll ' n11o h1111 siy.loh . ,o ll .1o d ., w llllh ril a lllIlnl' , . i. lll 1 ltt .a k3Tlld . paa l lltr edn....oi rn wn lll, l t hi s dhl lly illb 'llOII, 1Jor"ap , tl Intar - a rk-a-alli at!I, h oar y l- b ,'lh h rna oril l ,e rdl o" ll 1lll1i1" r.l cl, an -tu f t ot ol, . 11ah 1 o h L , ii ,II, 1 1 ,,A'rr t.l.r.t. i ii ,- ey- tw t nl, -t, , , i~ ar ttt ,.r, aim Ie' rI I all ca. alitUlI or taelr)i t trt l etrII ta . i , h.rll ti.sItI,ttt'. I y, e, itliam tlayt , 11d 1u eA +++/llt PI thl tilr se u, 1 of t u a l ll., Ilnl" i rth l u lua ecd aIlmtorlels fatlore , t A"t ison Thlotiilmd tlacrr ci l, 1Io r alt Ri rt i Brll all , Atl d rII ilalN ii ll ,II io IpH. .i~airn t ', arI rli ' , a l t I ' or.t lIt , rti ,ll I.t. i el , Ri ,,I t & ,ll I ,e , -, III a ll tiJl'.. ,r roll rla lt ,, ýr 111. x-, . I, rl: r llr ., ... 1' " ' I the 11', d,"r, l oi s ,, , .,ti 1 lr , tt It l ta b r itr, , Jlrt111 n 11, . 1 wIt ro li ,1diy C re ] loa, and & Jo e th . ,iuI te Illbrr ,rll arr . t l h I tI Ilrlc throi l c Itllly, w t al b ill. "a 1 aIrll , c ttorm it tt -k t ctto i oaltl f atI i 11oil1aat ' ,To ur the parner. Iiit ii i i a t r at th i Ito, AJtrt rt. i d cao - ormty ll wl' il a rtlfi nance hl o f thelq rCeiue cil o'f uinL'Pa r11a , l1'1 ')ILLe & . 1 , i l IlM reoil therlc r' , )l,. d . d b yi) LIn -r,d ite..t. J ld iutn t nad n,,r . Maria s try ta t &e i ir t \ h -t y' olb L a y it to s .laIt wnh llfll lil+la lhhmo n it llli - lrrie y., , h I d1I L1tc ]n I' t nll Ia ,tls have 1,,- tg d , iiialblo i m.d'us errr nrlp.y ar1 : r ' i tP. Ilwel Adr 'Cro.1 . ArIt. 1. d T tho nomell &t icl i , II .4 t a ahiiaII i prtill li p i t ior, ll i i ir ctal de ' iral a1· 1 at . ae,.r : I Irt Malh rat (a tl t rairtall , II aj l br ila ;. al city af t- t ia r,, S ewi Ottla e i l'La Jlr. l", S llli t rlla, aacl trrd wil bi i aI t Stabll i ,ttta d clt,,h J itn'a . hiara, I rall iabra Call .n llll r rlllall , rtC | lltri r 'lrrg jr liabar lto rau ryo , n tra adr (tlibra t, , t, a i cotr nI r , and f o I h 3 . ': t own 1o . vessel io, v ste Ir g e tl ira: h rtay o .rrl\' diry, CI ItIr ,W, 't.r, P nr 1acr Faa larre rrillrlla"11 iatT11 t (ho a, lllla lr Alrtlla T airk iryair ll t alram lin t ar dte oe , Itai Lait' hl cglaa i rthad'lll i ad twinny a1cth an, oilltrs, a it sta .l rdi d icuo wio iarn d ,llld hr arr,, hnlind h . a dlpri Earrltlrsgi t+ t Il a a r 111 t 11 ' ,, rllwllc l l lllll iratiy dOll Ia'a-a r t h lhare - in a ,it II thl Cal. an a 3 ale lti llr l Inta ri id e fI r it pth I, ati o tlire srar.rt dollay - ap r ,r ar rt 1a 2 air, a1tm, ii iyn ade, arit. i perr aro a aka o lir ngnlrea ad "ar St.-ltrry- Ma-II cSbatir [ alr tt- rd-J 8 alicii-U I I. saley a iytla. S & Ii i Vta , a13 i ra p p c ar-aina st by h t t itr lrarr t ir ag ara I, atrirr irtonit,, iatit rrria g S lmo'l a Ic ac " ll's c I b . till t (rh iv at ll ta, s- I l-,r-t Ir ad ha imn l ta a Iar11 Iiali' Mar, a An' . hat n in ta aaariIIIr s ."& bI rdo 1at inc,t byirt a sh ere ' ara, sta ti ba . ioe echta ltn ia rsllr ti c t Ians.Ir o it AnownI , tiaart thar day bclura ir , Joseph wtle rtken loiards, a Ilotal iabli, il atnds r f nr th iay of ha ew ao rl arsc atlao ot Lauisiapla, a .br sai', 'Illy ciula alsi d liro al i a s niorn, Persontally critai e anI d apptaartd dles irs, C(harles Diatmond, Mgnroc riobitailler Solreaomor [ligrry,J:'itaa. aShrtry , rirtin Deyle, ito illitt ad Esdacund i'turner, Jame Addiso n ThoA olas Ickrell, Robeert aor Ha , dAhon r hasr, e , p a S ( I)x, tli&mm, jr. oeyartv slreae -y, i AlexandrI Gibson, JscphrClainc, tAugn osu h Wlaitzl , fIrber t Harey Charlis Jactus .3rris Ciartr, a )mig rl Cldr IW.ati br e, Judala Shai. S"ll)lle,all residentlsofit ,s c.ty, tv io declatentd : tr or tii Sale. , llrovcd onS 1. 1.I. of 1rth, Tairltli hund nd and thity sparn, rititlod aat adcy 'I To althrize liar ited or litol vao u prd tur. shiPS, aud to reglR to th sati ln" ( Klrt all o ino Lnuo Tformrily ai ar prsli .ca oa tale Councils oanldnli ' ap rtlidy idtnlh rcr Io, o m atis olsr , ptacr ti n tr e seAond d ly o r J a nuar f ir , 1iht rccn hodrrc d la ath rl airtynin, for th ir pnro o t etablishinl, a farry aniar Sta. IaiY non, thake t aid cons dl rd \ih tsre city ofr t L lavclt e, T shi ey shP rsaid ppaarers hanave engasrd, a rid dr M lby t DloMe , tors y grt e to itllr idin iltu dollorrTur es anre conditiens P an, owidn Je as, w lt r : rer ARobert. a. hreal thn nAmd, Ins shsd tA." Ch C. hant A, 'ue SI. aniryrg Mairae satr i dl , C obelrt J relall SlIan , all the paih s whri lti .tyhaid co, ie:lar is to tLrd otsledp hinl C ho ins aee sity o f sae Alalsris . Are o .f hat thl; dSs, riita ione , or kiud ot boM ci. ehtess, o. industry to b s carried o under s:mitd style Sy the dir ie'urs, shanl bmi , to eanoblish and poatin . lie to rnl ono o more sl:al l ferry boals, in con formuity wih Ithn ordinance of said Con nici lalily ipulibr tvy , anm d fbe r tw, thowing ol vcsse d or vssehs or the transpora tho of niero!rlandi taiehingur uf or down or feross tiL rivtr." Ary.3. That thsa a ount of h iav capital oh rsid by tho privilege ofinarceieg the snarin to fbrlylowiun sand,) divtdad inno two plu:idrt n hearh s oldonr hur, . dred dollars achdt, paylble as folows : Thirty dollars per sharm in, cah, and thle halalnco Sat ths lollowrilg period., from the .. date of, the Tenl dollar y' per shear , at 6 y day.. t 411w1ot: y deollara n er reborn at, on. hiunmdredy alli tw coty d says, At' 2.ty dollars per shcri atioo k d oofnth, and Art. o, Thutryh ntnno s ob thr e partnners, asnd tyle abiout deacrt partshr hallb ctllloisutabi, is as eln eSaid Csrluoes Diamond, tenl fhrey said Munrco R obirtille, winh lecn slrdi e of said Soloon Ilighr, thirty shas; said Jme s Sheo lyo tell claptarl o said Mrtin c a oyle, lel haree s w said t Vilha ll Edilrsw rourper, ten ohsrl ;saidt Jamth Pat tonr, tn hares; said Addison Thomas Ptw kroll, te shares rn; sid Robert Hare, tpa shares; said An B, Ctx,teo sharen; . T. dorlingr jr. tan shares ; aid Robert Brha. k e , fi dolar iids lp e . s iha on, five shareh ; Saideph Chaind, fivt shares j said Auguatoo Roitile ni... .. re;sadSlatn ih Witzol, iSe shares; said Robert floev, one share; said Charles JaIcques Perreau Fonterrnan, ten shares; said Luis Adolph Gunst, one share; said Williamt Morris Carter, two shares; said Daniel Clarke Osblorn, two slhareso; said John Shryock, live slaros; said Idward Cooper Sloane, five shares ; said Joseph Suett Sloane, five shares. Art. 5 'That this partncrshilp shall coimmInce fromll thel dte hlereof ;tllii the same shall trllinate its rpr:ationl and wind up its cuncerns on thie 27th day of Flsbruary, 1814. Art. ti. That there shall l.e three directors up. poillledi to transact tle busiless of sa d companly anrd adollhster its concerns. Art. 7. 'lThat the powers with which said diree. lors sh:lil be vestd, shall be to lect from aumong thellslelves their own President and fill all vacarn. lrrs,t amld a Imajorry of whoml shall have and are lher by investeal wtl fll power to rocesve and pay all monies, anid to dol, or ease to be Adone, aill that is rrqlisite to tile conllisllltlg of tih businelss of said coampty; and thie I'rslident, by and willth the consent or a inajtority of' thie I)lrlretrsre, is uIIopaow. ered to issue Lthi ote or noles of the company, for all demlndlls, plrchliase-, or contracts oil behallf of said compa) y, (cuanersigned by at least one of lthe Draeetrs) to accept all right.s, privileges and soflrth, is rich arI bIre s d for by a miajority of said Board of l;rectors, and to conIey in like Art. 8. That the lime of dura ion of the service of said )hirectors shatil ibe for sone year. Art. 9, That ' whell tlhe -aid comrpany shall have arrived at the period, whes' it is to expire, all the ell:rns and l;thi'ria of tire same shall be woundld stp aintl liqtidated by thr-e e osatlissioineart.ehosen by ithe Staclkoltirs, and selt ced fiuru their town bodiy. Arts. 10, That thle powers to be Iexercised by tliht Co rn:slllll usnr rustl wisth saidll iquiatlionl shall be &irilu's, tot- wl:-T'o r-cive acd pay sucht eur, sums.s :smay bI due to ur by the comtpany, ;aed g v a i, . aa-t cqtlittalcel or 1acquittannes therorr, h r iroprty of said company, tiltr - - il,,ss-s , bIy 5,byp5 d5e iacttion on such terms :.mSi a, , ,.- - t- t het I'ly seem fit and Art, I Tf the "le:ar proftll , after par, - n :,, es lit' tihe orl. pIaty, shall i t slo kllold urs, srlui . rrii llll, ' !. ,., I per set i t. of the . soirot e ,, . Art . 1; Thal a g , , t, :, " ,: t: tr ltock. IilAdrs a ll s r tls a:.d , , I the Iti e (o 1 '(, tiots (i t i- :... . iE t-s' : rotes t iastch sit-s.khnhir sbhi t ,: ril. 5, ar mattyr rhtv etll+ o the wvIell re u.' rii,, .:',r;'t.t'r lOt contrary to tihe ltregirL g s ortrir- , irto, liand tist rlles asia l n td l Ir:tllatio 's st:-o. blI de oIur ran ted thle tlive' lra s of tile .it. Ol.t-' lialkcct SIta ll Ferr C sir .nv; arn the nrsa .:t be Insdini on the said strokh!oldhrrs, antd the.. pIectlve hri s or assIgs. Orieans, afrssanid, this 7t1h day of" Februatry. 1839 in presa,-te If' I)nriel J. Ricardo nrd Jrlhn Owansi witnesslr s of lawful ag., and doeriailaled it this city, whoi hereunto Isign their names, together witlh Haiti partis :tad Illte said nstlrv. Original signed-JIdon hyrock, . C. Sloan, .iss. S. 0ltr-n, Chialiras If-anoudl, S. flih tls, Robert lfry', A It 'sox,James S1s.eisy, August ,n.:. , C. 3 P. Fo'ttrtsrsnt, Alex. Giasrtn, G Cli"'.. 1e . Rftuit,.ill , 1)C (t.btornis L A G sstlsl, Rot erl ftlltare, W ITu 'l'trscr, Win a I'iwrser, Jwssst-s P.lttoi, 'lTus. Darling.g jr. AT I'ickrell, Robert lreabkey, Martin fo) lf, rf. .1. tcardo, Jlahn Osoea, Jos. l flarks, olitary psbhle., I certlify the freging to be ai true copy of the origina acs t rxtatr i ln ts y esrrnst regiastr. . Il tlith iah'eret f, I grant these prs'.lesn uosder lily .ilalre an: d rcal of sti-'., at New Orleans, 1.> r h idly If Fl'buary, 13J9 [Slignedi] JOS. It. MAIIKS, apr2G Notary Publie. I5 ' alA I: IE LA IOCISIANE-Vile do dla i Nouvello Orl6 ns, aujourd'llui devant moi, Jooseph Ienztken Maroks, notairo pdblic, dana et pour la ville ct paroisse do In Nouvelle Orldans Etat de la Louisiann dueoment appoint6 et jurd. I Ont personnellement compardo Mlhssieurs Ch rles Dtncnd, Ilon oo Robttaillo, So'omon I fligh, James S lehy, Martin Doyln, William Ed rounds 'Turner, Jamles Patto', Addison Thomas oPlckrl l!, Ro'oert Hare, Ashton Botaber Cox, Thonmas Darling Jr. Augustus Witzel, Robert Iloey., SCharles Jauques PI'rreau Foote rnon, Louis Adolph Gunst, Wil.tha Morris Cartes, Daniel (Clark Oa. buorn, JohnL Shryock, Etdwin Cooper Sloane, et Joseph Suett Sloane, touo rdidant n cotteo vrile qul d6clarant. Qull cton tormnent i un note do tola Legislature dt, cot Etat, oapprotvt lte treizt mars noil huit cent traLtle sept. intituld lln naee " 0 pour autoriser les Ion ociatioes liitdes oil anonyutrs et les r6glor." Et aussl tcnlthrlllnet t uil ordro du conscil de la se. Ceon Muntcipaltilt6 de cttto ville, passt. l doux de Iaonvier lil buit cenoots trentocnrut 0pour 6tablir un Flrry pie dI u Marcli6 Sainte, coo)li 00 oen o trodo at !tn.ignnut par ceri qu'iis s'aecnrdent a tformer nu assnociation a onymllo ll l oll) ll il it sols les clauses oolt conditionsy qti suvent. Art. to. 0tu0 lte noo 8soon icquel cete coin. p.lgico sera condtlilt,, stra-La Cotmpagnie du Ferry : VaIpeur du larsh6 Ste llM riie--t. la place dol cottoe Copyogtcie serlatada t villto do la Nou., vello Orleans. Art. to. (dnoe I ai'tirn et et but de cotte Couot pagnite scent d'Llbir et nLcltre on onnuvemllen. TIn ol plo-ucnl's F. rrs A vaptur conftrmnelllntt I'ordoret, tla scouolu e Mu ticipa ald et ol u atiltiter toa trant portal ion ties Illarchalldises et rmareotqll e lea navirre dans toote lcs tlirections du locuve. `At. 30. (duo lo tnontaot dl c.lapital dte cott Claolnplcgnoe scre do vingt Itlllo lpiastros, conser vatnt to plrivilege '.,atigmeniolter jusqme qurao'e IltUllo piastres, divis.n cuo dux Coelts actlOlns do cent piastres clhacuno playablhe coonnoilt suit. ITrncto piastres coltltant por action, et lo recte tai ltemps c dessus nomntisd do la dato du frag I)lx plastres par notion tt soixante jours. Vingt piustro s par action ta ectot vnogt jourse Vingt piastres par action ti siz mois. et Vongt piastres par act:on t o neuf olois. Art. 4. Que les nmeos des actionnti e, et la Iltllttunt do lours actions sont, savoir : A tot llt Ct s Do unond, dix actions; A Monroe ltubitaille, dix ncofacttons; ti Sololauto lig:l, trolte actions; .t James Sltohy, dix actions; ti Martin Doyle, tix actions; n Trner, ix actions; itWliooot.cooo ,lcr, di s. t Jamcs Patton, dix actions; a Add son Thomlas Pickrell, dix actions; It Robert luare, diz actions; .\shton Habcr Cox, dix actionl; A Thomas Dar ling,jr. dix actions; A Alexandre Gibhoo, cinq .,.. tions: it Josepi Claine, cinq actions; t Augustus Wotizcl, cinr actions; Ai Robert oloey, h une action; it Clallcs 'Prreau Fanterntan, dix actions, it L ous GCunst, unio action; tA Villi nt M)trrs Carter, deux actions; A Daniel Clarke Oa. borne, dcux actions at John Slhyrock cl..q action; A Edtwin Cooper tloano, cinq actions; a Joseph Cooper SIoane, culOqactions. A t. o. iuo ecotta association commoneera do cltto dat cet termrinra Ics operations do vingt septt Fevrier, 14-1. Art. 6(. Qo'il y aura trots d;rectcurlpour diri. ger et rogler lea atfaires do cottlo Cotplagoni. Art. 7 Quo to pouvoir dontl directcurs sc. ront vctu, sera d'dbro parmi eux utl Prdsldeut et do romp ir toutes la places vacatetos ct uoot la ma. jorit6 et- vetu du pouvoir do recevoir ut do payer tout goent or do flore tout co qui rst req nis, a tin do condnire et d'adntinistrer les alttires de Ia dite Conlpag ic, et lc 1'tdasidout avce lo coloucll cl.ullt di do lta miajorlr dt d'cldturs, serote U v dc u Ipo.U voir do nlt:nru Ies 'bllocs s de la culomlgnie pour toutes I Olldllora l on cltrts on favcour do la dltu Cuompagnie pour toutoes leos tde andtlos ou contrata en lavour It lo dlte l'ompagolli., cocutro golt par au mloils, otn des dirct'u(: s, d'o ceptor Louts Ic droits, ntilegnos do ql:e pourratc contracltr la nlajorit6 du con.tll des dCreodt:lars, et d'oxi.dtlLr u I'lle.oc Art. S tQal la duio : du survceo do chauluo di. recltur sera oll all. Art 9 Q. c quuand lrte Conmpagonie era:arrivd all turine do sO u o epiratclLn, toL Uolts sa s all'tIres to. runt Ilqliddes par trolts Colllllj·tuLsaLtres CIus par lea actionnaires et p.ltrlni eux. Art. 10, Quolu o puvoir dout neront rotus Ics Comlllllssaires qU00 o t coi:cra la dl to liquidation Scra colllmo suit, savol, -de rlecouor ct do payer touto SootitUoC qle dare htt OILpgllie 00 qouli ut ocr:t duo, du donn6 et do reeovoar quittance pour cola, ct dt vendro la proprS6'o do cctte eompUgnio co vento privdu puchtlt olI solous leo ternous ot coll. dot!ont qu'llsj',geroot avantageux at la Coot. pagnio Art. 11. Qto 1'.. paieral tous Ies six mois deux actiollaalaI lcs divido:ndes des proilltuel apres toutes lIs dellupses Iat Cotpagnge, leseroant toutes lois dix pour cant des proli;s pour loa csual ties. Art. I. Q t'lo tno assonl! a' g.tlndralo dos or tiou.tiles touts l s gs Io rc t"g-ulatitoos n ' Poigard du toul, a des ctctiontsopour l:s edicies, o Ia o tnm. brs dos voIes qotLe Ichaqu antia . 'aire doera donner ot toutes outre echoss regardant to cien Gotr droe i Col1pagniuo do tn tvighttiot, loquol sore registrd sur ieos tol actiontnairous t lera prlnclpaux hdrttiers ou crox qui out dhit. Fait 'at pas-d on men Ctudo dansa I vill do o la Nouvccllo Orldtns co., ? di.rier 1539, to la pro scence tIle lalJ LRioordotJ t Johl Owns tonloinls d'age reqttis, d toaLran't doies et appoaant leur sigtattraeS ol ateo 1al diLs pertli .o moi lo dot tlottl r0, Original sign: 4S'trcooka, E C Sloane, 'Joroph S Slottc, Charlts .I+ctcncd, Augustus w0tzel, C. J P onottetruan, k ;itaun, G Ctaine,Munro Ro. bertaille, LD ri bornto: L A Gunst Robert Ilare, WVE 'Turner, Wo l tartbr, James PattoU, Tho.tus Darlington Jr, A.ltakroel, Robert Braaky, Mar iiu Doyla , D) Jl.Rkrdo, Jit Owoas, Joseph B s. Ilhgit, Jamone' .e hy, Robert blocy, A. B. Cox, B Marks, .jdrspublic. Jo carl te quo cooci ost une vraie, copio de leigi. nal ns6rr dauo. toeas r6gistreo. En cotse foi j'accoroe eea prdana sous ma aig. tnature et le seeau de mon o ee a la Nouvrlle Or. l-ann co 28 do Fevrier,1839. Sigad o9d JOa. B, MARKS, Net. Pub. TIHU INDIAN'S PANACEA. BOLD BY C'or. f Natehez and Tclloupitoulas eta. TOR tIhe rore orhceumlatism, ecrofuln or king's evil, gout, 1' ciatiru or [lip RnUtr incllell'Jlticncerr, .all rhile Yn, nvp ,l Vliii and lllacurlod di~eun:..t Fmarticulairly ulean. aild palailul offeclo llo ot o t lo bour. , ulr rato o throato altt IotIrllt , ulcrtt ,f every odescrltolll fver . urea altd nlltelll .l t.lceses . tu tns, piho ,.cald ihed, ncurvyo bilie. chruoic0 sore eyl:,, or'-lp laI, tLlutcllt o -llllo tt ty o art-ty of1uot lottllttta oud tlIo aI hIIIr tic ct1o rrih Ilod o l:llo e prt-l.otllltg I'rilo o lly acrid Iluolllotar , Itnill II I th; ntulllrlI, alld .lyr ,,p )via procmedlng from arlrll L la ll. ali,'cti onn of lh ¢ IIerr, r·lllllc illnJllrllln llull ..I th}, kldnev,. 0001 gelloeo;o dllol Illy o utttod iyop tatrIpo o- ttiOll of tite to .eloi a|' the skil. It i"'I. I plllt l . lliea Iou,, III r ll(1vatllln, tho.s -lltlltlltlauus aIha'llI' It~v. b,'ll b lre al lauwl, by iiijm hhciomt tl r tlllellut or ju rifle anl eg lurui¢r( u. Jit IIi: r l Ie Lt It alp. .(lllr llu ll-lt-d ll ll II th .. h'a. J mhidl w i rlher frllll llllltllrltlca l'tllle Mud, ul T itaItaI U the honor., of wlhatever IVaInIe Uo kind.l ,llne, of the aIhoyl ' cnmldaiolt+ ma' reuilui. · ol rle ti dinlg an dlul'llt npphcatil l ou It., ' l a e r i llll(Ir of' rtl e cly f e the t:IIIlt, th*+ INDJA.;S' |',oNA(_'EA Hill @txll rally he 1'Ulld +'U f icl lt , r TO TIL PUBLIC. olow Irll it Ilta t ma odern phyo hl·lo. I tl thirt oo mltiOe to excel III lhl'lr prul.+.oluu exphore tihe, atl fielId-l~ .Clt'mc by. tIIU illd f cho~li .ld y, I to l tt e out Ilev rolt l mttoott Uotllt. iii . oor(,t to urrl Itt prtit .t trl llt 1 thItrt e off Sllr |H el art lon,l. - l ynllI ott erloo k , to lld 1 I0 t. 01 hellP Lth thi rllOll c, tit,, rscll .tIJI I c IUIIlI:41+ t f u()+ Ut whclllth u"fle Ch , htll. .hlll.++[+ thao o tl tU .u Illr uut I0 ' tIl i rl l Ioh gt ot a o itry tlle hoo III o o tlloIv' trotl I ' tho t wil-- title tulortlltl olo).tololl lhUk. tI 1'uru ýgll lj(lllll , iiidiii)t o t tt t t l to f Ol lllot ot llo .f id t eC0 - iory ort tolo., ior kol o d' o C tttoogi oog at they ure .o t tio leo t hoooo of is~-haoll or tlit. ll-)' he .ulrrUolldrld il hit n.l cu i iry -1 I1, rnll s I'll41, luu ,r f' 1,,, 1'll dllrtd plonk, l , a >II uIPI t all- er sloy illthuatlOit Iit dloo noor, ul t to 'urre nnt t llrtlt llo,ht ,rt t t r Ain yet Ii, it, Igllrult fthft r tt rlu It:,tt oi llo arlr. tito -y l'eoo l to o w t tr Lheir nweetli,;.+l un tip dreret ,air.' 'h,, to ltil lO t u'elt vo ett l It tolttoi lt, oil the .tri l t irt tto ll pIlrt.t-- lhlo t itoot t ttllltItt tlllt tg. it' l)iltO er oox- :rtlllr o l: I':crt . ,I Ilia+ oI+.- Ih. la tr, c1li clleutrIl " pars. rll otlt r .,r 11 t.he I tlll tty ti l tti - t .i J t :ItllVpo l tLoo-,lsere l lllllm , tlc hI) +lllto llto t I, d loo ottj o t I.oad c ie lott .ooou. o The d l llellilolgle l·,ll' llil irIlIr",+ nll)d l l.AP:LY tl vI· I l.,:'+.+ r o f i to- o Toooo-llilll~ l o st y -tiooto-oty lloo Po y 0020 llti topot Ioit to sli'll1t pru tlre ,l.h h. lte llO dl tro tlr IU ftpu rll) It n IIIII'lllle d, Ottiroltll-OItor tour to , f it -e, r m, tle t lllldl I1ttt tr witht that ui thi e 00 li0 -ll. 0 'hOlll 0 a , lllllll0h n.tlioktwltl t lllrlh rd of]'rf' II f LIIII I+S .A'hllll +UI III. derle ld llIenIn. llld al r t lll++l to ullll lrar~rlle h -d :ro, Iy" llll';t )ll ) wltll "It. r ilnc lth ndi , free1, +I Sltoot theotitoototo id O(toll od ototoottoti oool++c re.,*ertoooo tlrl tolot f toIdo tlllll a l ti. ot-o of i tt t.o UilltOt ll t hta .llllt + i Loto tlt lll ((·I II. r llll ell Illhmen anlhd ) Alodd byle l II , need .ti n o lth ·( 3llc l , Illr. ,tl- ll d ' tlhr y wblc the l hll l at ah o I. hlltll f, el , ll ll clllefly us11( 8 L to III· I1 1,r! pmad i ao -Ito itoit f · it. e , tl ,l Uophl; lly.J1I dimse +o J tl llto 0 fito- te tpr o ot oft to-i oai toot Ot to tootli Ito11r foo Ohooto loo hn-t«"o otoo Io too he fop li to hi Io otll o to ll tO ti o t l thos lotollh rilt e hloo b .t t lltotuo d hoo f l+ II ii t . .at. ll h o!n, r; allry' ll and ri ll lllt:llld l y Il l I lr ume lt ,ýld: eiiii pi l lluh l:t of 1"hl. llU t i It. l ll' eE15illl Ii lllleU Ihlrrlrvllls t 1 ',( t u l' l lr Irma I - oh (l and ' Ih helr l t+ i- I 0i'relyll h , h to rlhl .0ll Oal O weirI p l i efpr Udu. saol tot - uplotloo o tt u loo . odi oe i oltou otto tooto, ito -tot rr t I, lif u. an r ,t r,, e lls, h -ottudol h 0 d c tt t r the0000000 i ,I 00 fit r 1 ted, ;In uth 11,-I p-1,ti andI. cnflltofo tr eoald t iouto lono ..o c fdot Hr0000 Iyo-o rooloi-odd.oo-o I000- Io,1+rooo l.ooor tf r Illt p oprtion o lt too IIoo po hlc, xill hbc ,Icul ,;itl c tiao r. tillhrt h lld i ii p i t tllltl(I a la~ll l :;I.e e h ih I +:,<,y cllo :.. Yll.,, l ' ll l IIC.IIv , oflhtdr I . t lhaf ed I'tl II r. U l whot t rt e o l-ln dlt r t0'he h U., oIfrul C,,11111 lot t.rod. o '" o t . . ittihtt t tt lCo000,0p000oi i 't1t'u tstth wil ll i a eof mcluahl V ,,l ulur.J, u.lthe liau,t .. rlot n wudl+ cuestr e truyi,, tutrl., o III of l to otur r lur;I l ax ,r e t t t+- IIo loio i Illoeo to ll t I t Itno h, h o ll 'ollhllljno n t ti:,0 rl u a r bItl ,:lo· OIvl o.t pLto t orro tl oil olle hI.oll lt glhoot oi l .u or oo r ' 00lh0h n It I it h0000t . 00000 toO 0000 ito to ' p 'hy 1lr ++ r c1 e r. Inl h JW ]nk all t o h le u usa wfill. th'Ia, t( it tJuo ot - ut heoioot y l d t hin l t hOO tt o t r4 oo it u . Ott it. ahaevll cllev r~cllll . v i lll lll'ucl hls e Lth td t+;hlw dC- i I too liutotti tolootloo h t t itotto )l~tl+ '|0o 'tooooio fttt-i00otot wi 000e0. l It to o ntottiyo I~ot-ott ofoogi otr itot 0ooo0n.000ooo pr rtoitoototi ott-l Inrl+lldlll fo ll.l. I tto: u h eif r I ul1 ltll o I 00l 0 abo lttII c tooltl lt0oo i l ydr u to health mighl h e 'i 'oi. lh ll. t 1-1, a. iolii+ d II3+HIr ll dv thin ll ellllyI" t l IU flrl . I,\'(: y'~r nnl b I Itl, llltlV it loo ,It oo-otii e r altety hotit d lhiod o othoe 00t0tu I' f I h to he t 0L0:l0tood 1. h 0le0 . I0I0vo . t e l r ,I. I. 1 k s+ loltllu 1.1 "hu itabll, a ll Ill Jh." +lllr lot + +ieuhl llllel nuJ ru ý l v 'l, g prI,rol' l -II-tu"1t,. J AIA '0, P. gc,*u A, ,AAAIt4A .,, Al.,., onprtui te, AongI i1 ,ii , , ,.- l p', l ,:ularly t , e I cllA lO a.t:, whele Imer Aur ~I,u, iý, doe-, irA,l! k~ol a,,A *o aAIIe.,stA, .IA ppyA.*AA fhile hollmes, ,,Lar s llAIgAnAf ulders, er;ujgeAlA nl Ah,,A6AllA iti. orgi a,,, Ylc Thl1;.> i[ c pl,,tcly rei sullO S, Ull d iiineli caeca + 1.:I Illrl y c.rl iL: ll,' ll' .l..;it's alld effects of,|llln elurt,, fel rr lte the e,)llctll l hns ll, t lld letlven the puret llt L Llllnd d ell. Inf rllapmldldtl..l A Id tu AlcerteAd sore throat, A h;;lppy, e,, .us Lae fei t l less upprent, elgvlll zlnuot Ilnllmedinte rehel: 'nkll.u I. proi.per doses, Ihe Iodal.ue' Pnacea1 operatees it, n ,Iterative, and Jealcrgent; u diphnoretic diuretic, flulluxatlre; autanti-rpalI .,danod dlldye suoiteIes a. in prop 6,16, it. a U Ilul.Lic aind elllllllaluuoge. (Grerll er xlrnorsL"d, lt l£creae.s aI[ the seeretlOnl nhtl] ,, lel nl.ll 14,s I u llo rI. tie atunn h," ,lld I' eXC"t cLOu iltu tLhe9lUlIn Igads n particular lUlilr. Fror i thlan.e +rihelllds its o}err iuollr ullly he ulldelrst1Od , l'Flo, I ledwilllh Ites IOnall)d higlly tel'ill iu Ills , t nllybi- t · puua U-oes nut her,: specifr~cied, uad at has been lard .,fit ,olldlul' l su(eeds,. as 1 Slrl! st. u llu i p, urifer, ly o ell iw hllIe rruhl.:l. to u i 'ItI A ll OlAill ' I I leA llld Wc a Oa LOllstl lulllllrl reul~ll'l IUcW v'lpgr. Sucll pOllOllu w ·I do well o u.eI I I~ :.1Ius dere d accene lsry h PIIIl,1 ll l tl+lk e taIk 1 tn ia sIll do e, wi lltu t i+ i llrlll.+ ll t.+ l upa II IAA h lessI!, IlleA lsPX I II t , A ctn! ,,, fr .aura aac.h nue8, Al tIC .ll .. CI' dIS. AAAlk 1.kS IIP40 Sralnkhr ollowiwng certificatIs, out of hlldreda salar, which ight l procured, are gi'el to hAllw the led oI lhlllI stn I ,ACI rAA SI'ullUuile t IIi t1he v"lrilols cll plllll illtb IhctlPlll Illllltinlln d;i Itnd asuo to exhllol, ill tilse Illubt .lutl.1¢lory trulllllerI it. .U'prTen rly i or jI ...... . ryla, . , LL.. u, ,IA.e.1A ....- , L CASLS of IL I1IE, \' illiSI A....I. A ... . '"v. I I5 l0 .3 . il,,lA. I la. I nL winlg erall d ' l.A h.I , .. '... ,,.,, Ir1 Itl, . Iry A ntl wether. |A ll ll tllke lr N , ,, i AC'AA A . .. AI I .IA A ",d I colll4dellyl, rAlil lll, I . 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New folrk, Se pt. il), 10110. r Thi" is t ,',thal t ill fil Fll ofl 115, I wu s.*zad wlth t wllhoa ILA AA-TA e faIII whiI AA'A wards 1b.erated, ' lly l',l l l t o" r, f Ilr. 1lh- c - d ]I+:,ln hen ulll er rlepla'teAI lhlv,sAo .a, rlle, tlII aAIA.IU IlCCeAd nl y Al i.rylll.ed Al lh lw, ll+.A It llA bllr l ',l ,Wll,, llfA, ll , 'A ' IIaAlIIA A U i'Il.ll'Aqil. II A~l.Allll ' AI tl IWly l t lAl. IAA 31" ,,d,, l lll+ P u oia, alln vIlwht Ihth lits ier'.111, I'ahohk loll, we ,ith IIIn terL 1i lIAllAAi. DA,+I.nlgl , ff u. , x1hih1 hIad ,IIAW ec11,n it hurthe PIl~lAIIIAAA,&sIIIA"IIAIAAlF IIAIAIAIAaA AA~tl gA IAIA, AAAAA~IIAAAAilld tilt.r II(1 · rpltltULId I yI ill 1111iit i8, . 1, Y i h Is 108 i Ald ale Al' tnll jUllll. .l ,'III": IA,, l ' , lll t1, all a It , AllliAr to I.y ox ,l I lwll i t 111 to trlle y +o srar u Last 1:, 81.tlorl, ullJ gou sllll r- t'' rl.., I An,"w lll lltnls il llto I l g,llŽ tllilAd AlyAllr piA ly re IlrlMll, A.ldI plll d11 lil, t. 'l,,.hAlArA heAAllA il a I..... eII rr, I. , kI.'AII A ti, .Itn,,o , h ,,A a,,,,, , , i ,i h ,.hed, I'or the lellelt I Aftho Ae w ,o are sh ll'erllg iller s - iiielr .rould hl.ou r 1 hlitAA .IAtI . thlail. lII 1 tlyA I mI Iy k \w hill has. rulrald Oils . ll h ao ,11 ull',"ro, ev.$ery tlhlll blul.t eath A, Al ,u ,.11rdur, 1,h Il~l.lll l2 IAIII. I the ,lbva yrAAl A WAI. AINMANA Chantlesntn IA, A01l.l d I ,wIs.+III clld 111ye r wit aur r UEeill f ho leg+, til.y f C.A A lleAh.I wI.illll h..A dlA al I'yiAAIIIlallAeiI Ialuldl efctaiaI pain II flu: lag .11 1814,I jofot.( several em tent phy-irion· usell lc I llolrr As l I l'u" 11, 1,.l nilhoal Ilsrllllllell Il;,lclt. it .'as'I ohl, l'to s~t1 aar ls efc aIre.lA ....IIII. MAIIt.lA IA'I A.IW SIIAC. 101 Market t. T EA AIA E I'rIA EGET'I'AIIII.IS, AN INFAAL.AIAIBLE RE.I)E FOIL IFI'At'NI:SS.--The greotl slleerP , hcih halll. .tte iAd AIhA.A AlphAlAtAllU o" tills V.lllnble rAlAAdy ill Lln A hu.drled a.i in thle \"VclulillteTr D)irpellnsry (l"'or diasaeae of lte e 've I, ed ear) hor which .Iol6111 P'.fattnt he bu en 1 tL1 ed b'y A. t'IIaylor, 31 I, frOllI the lli.lh iA ovlhll, Ut, Alull d tit hallio ll It 1,u, r~llyi;+ed olns th1e I.t)yal Aelldelny of MlldlclllO ill Pfursl, tl. well tas 1' I tIIII ll) llogwig Ilr lie ntll e ln Ai r .llher e Lil, SA r Astlhl, CIAoo r, Drs Rosrlx, Clurtis I rilkAtI Itl A- ,. Knlig, Aurnit, R. aI hA01 ; :th'e artis ald ll llrAeonllAmInh, r A itllll III nledicul sui.llce, who have used Ullt rctonlullllln it. id 'lie l ,.Iiio ihI; Yega tuhil, A lllll holl.t f lllc e And erl,.rl L rll , ,iltl.,NI ep PpU e y introdlu tllnlll iItlu nlltlol l . rrry llllll.ryaill I0:urop A l ,I, lAAdAu.A IiA rrI IrlAesll ed ito I)r'N y-II A lfl ltlA:111 pArAAA~, cICo AyrulAUlyllOA l t Ioh A,ireuln ll Aallrca . Ah cerlt tinly wilh which tile ;Ullta 'rgbL',lltldll x+1colt .OlillUally Aipped cnV I.i lteA.t ad Ihy aII.IA Ih u AAlllda. AlAiAe tllA rpAo-A 11111,o11, of li'll, htr ir Itlljl.ll. I: oultsY t llilppe Kfill of stl I LFl~luh, lllld Irrl .l~ld I~iIIP Uf 1Ihe lclEliallsl C0111.lrld oI D~r Trnllnlr th1,," t it "le Louurury Allrl~ to fhelr llnjestles, us is rec Olilellnl, , llr tole ll .Y..t r eTll)r.d Io h11nArll. OrV herwns11 ured Ly ill. nplpllcntoil, of llis le., tnls l n d ltGo ', AIet;lhllA. Tllese prlf ll ir w I Ahl A llA AA1 Ilhlbe ruic t to A ,AillAur;igA aII Wuholr 0 111.1.c unIlit I I e AlAll Is I a Irl.A IoAol A,) cIa c IAA iA i aply Mr ree' . AAAA'lll lll'. AA.AIiid IrII.A-C6 IA I AUlllm er .II red I llA im ,.alcubl+c, a, rs 611 us Ul the pf iceqml ctos of tie three kung Ituehr,,yhof lI ;,a 4t1) llmore or Ies deafnere resrmed to tIii lr~ll11. h lllly , uolle U hea 1,u J hltd hlne cull naUrlbl ' li, r ycrl l. hl tbll} l y ofl'Iyul',% ( Fro,U e) .''6 erter rl.,lureJt o e fnIi aw s1)3dasila .,l r . t th.las ll.I'ill" I Jtlh ltll~r Ir ile peFJ f .R Ue . llt i htii Ii thl nu llut ul'l sl... iloiA ,AlngIA II li)r ll .......... A hA Lad.... I A'Apl, llt h ,f lile Ihcy CAAur AA ol'AfiAlt .1mcA.y, wF will AA , mit the fll oAinA g A.e. --'J'hr, Blee· JahnKll, ln Clll ofIJ)i hIIIn's Church, llA llAlrht,,Illr h Cf , udI b llA III VI AAlll AAAll AAld IAItAiA could InAt, hcaI nll, ad UIIIInA i'AIteAll yurAIAlAnt.IAtAAIAllIIA. A h l.AtI Yth lllelA A rAI u all .t. ~igillll hlllIora l~ll)p (f)ears, dunrng wht h e tll,6 Ire jlp del d to inllly ctlel rlalt.ll Aerials nlld I'|;yail tu , n vIlAI lAltlAAAd AUll ApdIAdle.IAvery Ihillg IArIIA IllAiAlA AAllA A IAud ll.ores. wuII hltll t1I," ]"l t belodlw if rr lo f. Itr Dleke reeum Il.leAd A11A1'applied iAAl'yAIA1A IaA \tegeilAll Its i..I utllige yAIA0II rlrlnlIIAAA A.AAL I AA!AA. I10lI 1111)l(1 1~h: eowell xa ever he til. For lurtlculalra uof thiis ca,,, Loulldon aleI duurllaNl IbrAc I 15 Dlr AiidruwiA Al' o I AdlllllurgI aIAyAA oteAA lln Dl r T..iA ils--a s lily 1,2 11, 111r AA .a IAi the A llIAl.-I I ed it h e, a ,iust valu.dblll rcmrdy It1 enls.. odeellm,, ur •ng front owreree I Slohlhty adll relur.nlto of thle faur, pt .'uet by cell, nd i w •11 enlulh:U ,lt i to hlu ,iii1ch g'ood, aid ih.+li ,Us'l um tCl enll ii i1. IaelAr,A . uJi, )iugrn lll t il I)t lllon, i w ll thI of t olhers, iio o1 i ,1 be d.Ill Ipehlltnd t +hu u h111a have oU.lll u aAs tllh Is v Aultlll AlrhAovg A Aly. l f A A A IIrIJllllAraAAIAofAII.AIAIIAthll, Ill i, ill ,AItler oa Dr'aC ylAaA ;cludes gAIby. .H g"rl eas IehAII pc O P o I fd Aitled. V A iAtl:, Y. I.AeiIllA e a cheAp andllon rAAA Ag. lier Daulan. urilAl fllo. 111111a.o-t ally rnllAe. A lalyie gcWiArllA I'lld "t i olle atix~ boltla lrudurl'l pereclt cllre--:id ill u lll llolu ni s c1 .ell n s,~tll il I .ii} o1 a, tlll f11. .tree i h.t la).l e uhr drl .les, ll 'irAAAAla, AlAl AlllA.;dII wit JA rA AI rliln Icclh s 1and. a IlAAIAA·lhlr ~ AllAlA roselAllhA llll IaAB llllll uoth(lrAAebllpllld wlh I11 rinllhlr bel tl.: T l e-ylptolll. wrll ,.reual; anIel diiiid Wlhe illAl1 VIrael.Airalele"rdd tIi ! Iha nnf Iel l ( at alah .-s A l.J u~lf IAciAAIIAal, AAA lA I ,lr l a1.ll nkill at r Ta riu l' a GuAta Ybrglnabllla a U)s--1 IA a e1mpiloyi)IA all my akzaudlal l1lts tar finld ýlt t useful pr l.1rlllull for Ihe tel6e1 ua cure o' le)la1, oIId | IIlt d lelsllllly utirp n that I IIa.le ICtI'er ftlllld ena llalla roado llo anA liaUl, selcaB.Ouv at DIe!' - Ii Illroo (:lt; U V·t"ll lul,, YOuII may depalhd llpn il, 8l83. he, for I Ilv eolfll expcrrlrllt, lI iha [ht ilpossesl. every virtue that i aiii Jllrly etheribled to Uay mledlellle fr that diuty ,IIr.xi - clylln. | ere tlell yo meldt It ieiuu of .uporltl¥1iivAi.- B cy iiiid ofint, itulli va!un. |l, , A Ni~r toll of Mle End Rdad. war .y year, oieted c with denfulI attlaor Iryilg every thing ·le',...hl h. ar ouT,3a I. her ilhytlcidl could presCrlhe, one Iwtllu of Dr Tsylor' Gutut \cgeluhtlt relieved her considerably and before ahu used the third tauttle 'hi wan perfectly r.""e~d to the esu-, of her 1 T1a,- 4 Fal rin io. strcet, who wlt. a lieurenant in the 4"4d Regrllment, was ,truck deaf ol the plahts of W\'aterloo alld hfrs telqllled su ever siLnee. Aflcr tbo Ine of oo Liottle of outlus Y gelllia he was ýlerfrctly cored. Ilr Geswl of Cr mb,.rwe ll.wo had boon 14 yeln dlaerivld of Ithe sevoe of her ing was quite cured by ulingig Ir bttlt To the ag': w ho uta l meat cmonlotomonly ,lidled with daaptt this pre ,P188t 1 will indeed prove a hlUaUln, ln it hx se fra, quently cured the wunlotocuf , wheO no hope fremeuel hrd" I ben n on iclppted or derived from oUhr wep. .11 To thone lBhtetd with deafae. artsinl i'omsaeld, th • prep )aratun utlyl prove ievaiunhle an will roY~r· UIIq W bear .I',ng n meUM .tv.u o tn.e , scientifie prioeiplay aprt tom ali n itdrisu fd ill' 1 ,nand In vial l eaar ire u01 r'elliOIud eioa wi hllillllll 1 Sbapp ::T i t p'o" reef by be dep t hose W pouig r o hsvelm ioatfon llnltaaes to be deptivel of t ur.. ar tossreulay e n retai 00 M at o.9Curtra IewH Itr etNwran April( SPEC'IFIC $ULUTIOI :.~...;;>,' A LL who are sufferingl from 1EtitL J. aeh as OONOItIll)) A (J.IET8, "r. 11tltIPATION OF TPHE I- - B, RA, PRINITRAT'E GlAND, and ala D[9 IINARY PA.SAGEUE fAINl IN Tak. S ILulnhn o, orfrmll (lnnlrul N~ealkwsl gF 1 ) s i.lurbd flint alts, vGollblool Wh all'. I n,# tr p1rrretly eodlcatoo the .l hoveoo ia o muoa.a. lto .Oi. T other, odi ia.urlally improve thle c lo.oiaotioaU ao healJnI,naol ,ooaonansa o .lg.lohno partohnrl aalo boIjN{ o ae, Iby dl.,ae or Il j' r ntreatnmeo. In foot, ti@ i . eolo be culpurl ar ol.t.1d it In'* poitiytly .Aur d0ý pkr ·II· ltlllvllli offenr all Weir ul~dinldl·tos' ye MIJ~tý1 i Dlally .lperedil sile use of athosenoj'aol m oli n.-- n'o ,nta.'i't rpeu,- L. , Iaoao.ooa o inrtl n It It, a hlliol l tooti a numer.u- tefal.oh.nm! rloh 3, M..flg'l 1I.. t- of tI,i .orhlilc.yUad.l tile Ea.t noitl We. mlll.tllA r Ic.h, 4, A llullelllca ll o f tolf Ilo.gho-t ;loldiloo!d.o .|lolo oot.,On, alll Aorio tostoanny t..ts,,aotoa .roriaian.o: -yg Ilulraol pld reo I ll dh el h erlu l tilll. ol.ont'l to an"y ,lile Wlh cl q.l ro hlre ,illy rl.hedy eo,lu, to YoladOn d . ll.hi0k II ult . Alter o llio I,, further ,ha lola can le lnol aran - t holt lJdil g a Ifew of Ith e erllnoate., "1 ILve I~rrsrrih++d Y,IIId ·51mac *: .oWt i",n to-e.orl ppa fIeais h, burllng tlllllcr Urethral Di.¢.harplr,· mid Ilto ull 01r00 1,1 t,'oo loet. oil ,,llro d la Inleh.hrln er llul e tIhlnl ohI MIanP hll*L-ore, ullsd theirgtlreral health wlo louch llaprov. rd. II. I.EYIA. 10. : "l.alllrner on Mldwifery, nt'lnrtnlulenw'o'hl.pitalL" Ir tl-lorke II oprec.rCil.J Yolod'- 1p.'eikc lotlttion, ton-' y Iohllpotl I ,borllng unlder Uehlra I-oll.lro,.ge, .d ilnvria hIy ,,oll] Jl toeo" wr*. lured i lllUlh loss tlne Iha, ho had pro SoUslyo Lhorro.ol, o h.lll. l.g prop1tol llo ,f CpCoa.iv, aad t .f ilo"ooo it i. a rrotl.lldy a llll.l, aliad uue tal.t h toLuaudo In fllure tu. prc,rrihbe for his patienta. l.oonoo, Do pa t.rr . 1831. DIr (:oe hereby crtl.ieo YIIaIIII'. O.jri.C BllOa Souio s S 0oI,1 olliCoo,,ol, reoIovh, iad l0aoothat rolaooo UreOthrll Din a. s tho.o.ay prep ...obo of Copnioa he.Lha ever pre aerllhrd. · lThe .lay+ ran be obtalled only at No. 90 CutomL hoPte s1, it Noo Urleuolo. MaEDICAL CARD. AND lIMPORTANI' '0 'J'TIE AFFLICTED WITH D4.. _ TRIEATISE on V errl )].eaie, Connorrhan, Ceit alnd Stricture, ibleuding pructtcal obs..rvtnious on B.mheal . oakoeo, ;lrgsitog froo early nhloeo ro thlot all persots cn Ulltllll ill o IIallleh cure with eae, secrecy lll,. It i,. a oollaochl foct, that thoIIlallds ll voltils to the Ve' llorrIl L)lseoo , owillg to tlie Uolllfatooca of ilHierome mo,. who bI) thII use of thalt de.lly tlui..l, Mercury, rulen Ike con .htloutla, ido. cai.enl l. fe otioll wltll :oltella. on he leal,, faee Illlhobly, dillllm iln te.p..ght, .oienotlhleoooo, daoof.e, oh sti.,teu glret,, ad nodes ou talb.t Hln mer, till tit leng~th s gl +ral dlhl,lay lold decay 0of tLe c,,.otilltiuo elllos,. anld 1 Iool.l.e y .etoal pat. a lii'l to lltheir dreodhflulferinhl. IlRIatnS PUILIFYING r PECIFIC PILL, A orroail.o,slf, af o lle le tllo oedy remel.dy ever disoeoe.d for E11,. )rllloell dlll Cotord elol lloeolOore to vonel l diasasegota. ulrIlll, .fle0to,lllCturos, selilalowukllornu1pins ill tlle ,ilin, oll'reliul ul'tllekldlley., groel, lllo,.lop, loaldehil,., rrio ,uoh tl fl lad i ,, o'r u,t lt. ra.,d oattpr ai4aoeo of iao uri lir l0,] gl".lolryrr ll.l ly p eoralooi0a lroeol cl ,, lln tle.lhl rlpaee ',f 11 ,, ,days, ey o..r xllallt pill livr Iior, . i llt ,ea.l e crl.yrolld oaqnty. " t'ly. 1 l'l illly Wlth whleh tile} are co tl .i all 1,oll,ln-0Io, cml 1he ln11,11ud I llall. y lno;t1lSa s ')'ho lec0li, lIll, lIoot ult ctrv l tit le ,l illilollo l piOiO,. popi. flylg l hltlotI rugr0 -llowhollonl.o,,ffltll0,1.. olly oto n ly reove0 thie iiI.Els, but renoo. le by th'lir eltion the differ uelt fotllol., ol tll tod, exo.lalll to he roo.oor humor, dlad Ie-r lllll"ler e I,0lll1 0l0d pol.rcppl.lhble :0 to oloioel l toe 11oat 001 oolctr ol III lllloolo lllio dooolltooal .IbLh ooflhey Illa'++, lrrl lltan- Illl eeury n ,or Orlly thlllt Inr.l, anal allry io tlok o.. loll tlleolltel.a nosfloopio olA ireOO y. Tey to quire no re-trut1 oat dietlu-osaof lite, or hioblloraoa or ofial uses., hilt Ia'r,.l .t 000l~lle cure, x.110,1,0 the least nporllre no the alti,.nt 't uuy Icr:.od Whel the siglbtmettsualoiril, may exist, . l!1 he well to Ilaoe ,oa.e to the Spo¢hePplls, foT, w lirllO I hell b:ltro tlhe all,l, illsoloade it. allolappar,:ll it ort s on a.ct.r;lll IrOc'lrl.e by ItlnOvillg the aeploinulltelofetally land . l:r,:lly Il,,r, l o',,rry, l llreol:. s e oo t'lo to, dire ta eOir tu ind io th... dreadful del.ilitie- srinilng f, m tlll toot free illd Indies 0lllnu')o lltll'tlp ls oo f thle. po:+lo., hI' ono o11(1 n llly oolon sign a 1m0 nl·u, train of 0000nn0 oOaetioa.., sad ronntlao lis rott 0rl,, ni the ele; Vlieg 11. lOLl.eoiili., ao' okf no0o, Iowekoau .l 3 d olay oil lh Iblldi aollIse r, ooeoi..ojllg foos of im gina 0I j..lglolontol llelmoar, ill0iflerelco dAlI ursio l a 0 r atll 1'I" . bob .1('lea tif 11..r own ua,,h.,applo o,,I doljaor, W ýI 'rr 1', .h ." c - llgl0 ll. I p ti authoro of t'l'll o'.'.t Ilmiser-v, n..l the Ilucaussily ofroIl ,11 elllg the fll iti r ul. Illlhrrllg,,er,ll Ire bll.OtuatglO :dello t ile- woo loave lo. a1 way tU thlis doh,, ehve a",I Ieotlllel|'+, 111b(o . I lh:aIdls trelsalll litr! 01 d.'hltvty Orh (|@ficcllnV whether the rOl-le l f olle, uh bo,,ful iptoa,1 tiroe, oooxob.ive drinking or, alt otlher cellle, hy wll,), he hpuwert if the. emntlllllt~ul hrcoul' jelh,,elh d, they neo.r a Orlll -.l'tJ :tl speedy re-Iualltioll to sullhld nlodl vlior ls lhe ol. I'Pe, rv.". ;'elul,;e Pill+ ire well known for the ceralin and o'ecllloo Il:lllll oly of .OnIay,.IfLIDtlll, n ,llyerO.n a rUPOsi p:lllli the h sulec+ elreraltd -ore trltwnt dinedel ose, e to Isle IhPUIIIcII .n II· , scrollI., scorbultiC illlJ glanduhI ar *lfreUe..., local n bd gelerfl deilliy, Iool.eraal p-os iC the hoad.a d lilllbc, depression of spirit., and* all di.YII)C. arisilg frdal a llbl)ll e atile, of te. lood. o 'L'lese Plll. lo wur:y tno Illtre ill llle olJnol of inoo, and c l tOno ll of othp.n,-o so, tnS il A lnona nni d Ig al, o ailoes nllv ylgh of time. As1 be I0 f only at No. 01 CustomI 00 boy otteoojaeto ha nib i 'be ealu maly at o. tuo r;uetoll, terse street, New Orleans. DItOFEtlOIt SI'y.DOUlt's IIYGa'IAN. lIERn PILLB, I ,it thalls, totalul extirpatio~n ofT eta y epdfies aed ·yul ta,,I the , pta,,the dltagaiat te by I lsa, d dae. iao frost t he nnpropler ti auueatc t 1Withl I.h taaitau t e ,t on ventert , tnd dyhiitle irelals, a'litl yhaer ah tio I, nl. intaail kas. ¢c' k., al l,. Itih btg hlawor lth howintg by ahllo seh Io oby abl bee. t tul t i to hhin atalul a de astahtin m-lady. af.'., fi, lap isaldyt t~a ag dt die thi jtaa~o taalThose dis orders Idhtag frha the tomll Da ild itadatt.' Indul. g'at -it Lt'ta, iL Itt'as hityhb Ot tid Iacnlinta Itlaboha a Itrasll of lt..miktd alttioas, tIu t ohoetayil" eit' vhtttriea. an Ilc cuart'tng i at'thillix ul'old agt . a ttha did, dltaainast.e t Pehilit and ttda i i t tat whether lt t ,.naaequehId nao.. fil hlubil· elcnaslvc drinking. nr any otler cause by wild, the po'"er, ill the colletitt tit~ become enfeebled, e fecv· Irm, ruuflaad rpEedy rcetoraioil to sound mal vtllortu· health. Ia ats at tmtttg 1 ,'l t'hYt, thot 'Ibn fat,, aiti to aHtthe ra. ' tatl tdteae, owing to tht e udla.ltaulti of illitera..a.,, who, by uteaae a Illhltaity poison, mati tyb rain telaatl medals at; ul~d when the great DnttEr atcd.,, beam'e Pb. feaso~r at Leydenl University, he conferred tat invalua"l e i e fit u'd'a makid by thle discnreryof his grand Patmlca'afo ý" th cure of this deplorable comp~laint. Never did a dlzoee·Z ,a exaltsacreator aewsatimgjit alusought after ith aidity and'." r i 11n11 with uold i atiag rucccee it' thle most BinautE··d inti icat , t of the delicata olplaittn, for the ctall.f whih the ag ttan to Illon cetebritetl. T'htt aaame of theca piltl thbl. t, i auted their peaedy inmttduction latata.iwte a. The c'(.!ertainly with whlich they ere continually. ""' ." ![tes~eted by manay thousands in foe; er. I' t I·""rr " ,., ",:.ýI !~· r thesy .were the itl.apnrabtgdttal 'tial ,il. t ii ll ':gl dlaier, in all es.ii wheAr the , - 't , ll meinainertn d.d Whatmedi bal dtt~ .a. i i a A i b a tNa "1 r c"ita , IA .I aCaao,t.t Iprogresals L .t oteltt ,, ttttfl,, , itgbworathet'afa~ ban t. yeaa.nt h}.t~ tat thal,iIn.iopiat.iat 'al...wha..atady enpa*' ~ llling the g , ,., 11l , .lone , .,:Ibeirur -o ll ti ltl'ttllaap bta ~l~ adlr t'tltl.I l lttiae· I at'aII· ,tth.ti~l a,.. i,., t, gttidlt~artqtaido..a-t,rttt",, ,,t,,ltaaa. a, tat It.. aay oithr rniaeml, and ItyIbia IIhe ,tIttt , ii ib",. Slagt.ltr d, otd of dt-covhalr-tt y realtlls ad lb. that, , tl dtlgt. oaf !tout ltar diin.drance of ha.,,. affectttt ," ; lcEre aith. nultIl ath Icat txpoag. at that tatL Iatl.It Aany.riad whp the plithtasldllltplatmlayaaiittill bae a tli ai e rel. uri t to theI Ilygaalat IlarlP~lle, for whlen taken before the disease attc mllt utait' appeatjaia, iti , at' ecwta prejveatliv, itgaa atitlthe at'laloltat tlttImt, i and allet, 1,,,!he deplarabls ,stole' in whichl manry person. barer been, whom, visitingl the pro, hpriat,,tfroml Iltle ai a of lMeaury, rectitatt imtpertiyvely no. tattlary ot, ttitlaiath pualic utaist that datgerout !tiasraa .1m a, iljmhlriunely administered. - l'htted pill. stiuld tln a pit orton oha alttalhatint a etLta tyI an n ut ldoUght never to be omi ibby-any erson I, tng It lent voyage or Journey;BJ· their pmpieet en are meet,, tat ftrh II' bltad nor cold a ll injurati t ir quatliar praktalaleat t. ir due effect. o n 1 thnc Ulltil~liUI. "; Sold at N l. a6 CItaw t ouai t.t, NetOat a T11E MOST IMPPOI1TANT HUI) t DISCO VERY. 1 1 A CI.ElttItItAh ,tlate of thet Cambridt ititvtalaity, iau liaaov...d a methold ofeulring himself of " Nenn.· or ,nMlatlr caliatlyt ta of foulcaa years'lduraaton, ant n four ytall hltny hadllataItd 2t0dal0 patients, all oa wyioa he a asp1 Od il wh followed his advise, except twelve, uieattfm benevo. lence rathr talln gall, to taan otlal . Luala pata'at mt.. ei do IaAR)(11 .IP4lhO·i IA PL~LnY· OF Ol HEA 6LTH; OR. btWIt,, todehaut tton.a dtetmt,ttdua al bIo tyla ,iatasaa hadv lipgo, Moody. fear failulre of memclory, Incapamoih T for boss litlta, ltudy',l., restllt tet, irra~oltlien, wttataid'atl, Jbhe. eiisoll, delurlnl aaaelnualalyt ttollutgataalajth' ataeLa.t.aa,. aaaallya.t4t~ are tttblyaby (hitta. 'trtaul dt., II 'da. e re. Corer to is weeks, e"r A'plyttI,.l. 1,1, Citi'ab hous atb N t Oltaa ta HIEALTHI AND BEAU~I. S'lat ACi i PIId, L -a An a miti a e medida ah l ri taFait alt t a bt. td t, and hatiiet al sItgravd ath tatllct , tat ltig tla. eutltt at keeapang tile It, ttmaa and bowels in l r oderla . aaeentt s tganltt, aaaaenttdittalta a t. Ithataallyaa -t,. thlettfll mat paaa;tad iea lthy ltt aL'd,',flauat la.iraai,15 hera case-, Irovedi t uptrior at eveyl time m.dicine itlthe ealrgvw dataaathltltd litar comtb hlbatd, lose of appetite, indigb,, bellLU10 of0 fulIIIOIS and Ulpp1olsion after mea~ls, rhcaluas o brallt, iad nat txcall'aaartaaf l'ratirtit..Iafteraa * t thuaaaa blc, as they gentlly pot, g ad clonalso the bowels, strengthe hhlattaaha, and invigratLa the lanltitutia. . ,eahles who table gatd hIlth y hould laaver be without .. an, as Iaoy.pui' 4,; tt~die'la blood, hamove obatructioul, sod give tha a'ta b aild,,. I'ul, letr, ag' lthy aatd bloataoaiug appt, celrs. EtMII I of plethoric liale ll., to ht arsubr t o I-I mths;gg*lylie . At aplttghttttowdu'.,Cataty c t~prft'a' dtieatat'a.atdbhaptaae -hlll 'Iha1t 7 i jnr,. . of all age., may talke them at tiny tinec, es they 6 not catnaie anlymerculryI.dr nay .ltge that requires eo ha/uelucpt·o. rrelrrcetull oflief. Theyy rllcld e. keptl in every lailyr a. rlnrlcedy ~t coma. of ud aI is,; fora by thea r pr.mpt 'almlu istruttou,, chokeru ainrbus. cramps ..panmh fivers and c lfior p larminsg complauints, naty bc*apeodily cured or preteetedr SaId at Nu. 9Ol Caataa bangaay, Nw lkla aan SAIhEIAataR lA PILL OF 'b,.'TI; OR. DLLOD IiLL. 'I la gt ecelen lia,.il th cy fa r cal reedin all, Id, t ra of rho a ·uac b nl haw. e I'l, tleeaenlaoa ). eylooptr o a whichl are F.~tiveaees, dnlulnl. i FI .pawls. I. a ill' ppetite, ic. C· ee·Joo, gaidtauou, .ease Itlnt,'I ath r musts, dwi,,Jtnwa of theye,, druthgaa,,yan attn., iu tl'" sbtniacll -ud low its, ldtientisn prwlttciul a Lw Lid .rati of Ili, liter, and n consequent'.taL1ity o t'h bw isr, caulilag adi·Oosgml ialltiett of every kllcetitl of too Frarttc will tin Ithal a. at exfle at a.. tluu1bya·kN·LH)*eOI lalce the shitted Of its salutary effects. line elonltma wilt lIt,' y regufa it, strelglh, i healhy action, of th liveal l c6 and Iidnalcf ell rap lly lake I'l.ce; st~d aaataad of llatlws and renewenvd health will be tlhe qik eul t tfktflthst ;/ llclnc, accurdaig to thedcdlrta~e elr ·.mnlnytg c ttle to[ 'Thrlpe pill~are particularly e rsaeiuc ara apemie coughs,~ e cold*, agues, ahorutees sl~reatll tud all tbeteacet ua in the table, thecy quickly restore thle system to its Bgttaeei ate" PC ý'Cr~tlnf of a full Ilald who re lubjet to be'adaehe, Itddl· nose·. drowetnnr·.nd nlgiag ill ruemetr, .ere a, 4'e, ' Sdow u1 blood to the head, shtmld uewar be witties thi~, a ,nuuy ,lungerous rympto the-lll be ea.Uroly cllo. O altlY iedCJ Qly Omitl For femlded thes pelts are most trulY excolie*t; rmnoriob ail ,hatrIUCIIUIU( the disltoslinglien Incitle savery premle.·l with the ix; dajjsiadn o. !girls dullnes of diN ·orau atl~ctoas, blotthlir an ·at., n gCte a iesltlly and juv a bile to o hi 0 Ta mothers thy Course. ol tsefuu b As boa ,Ilodirhna that su beis ,, br' p aye 'kidre ill' all mgrs thedy er ur ua Al a pleasalnt, sets, es . ltti. balttn of a i,'. artluirn n sstratutor buts ' fly regaled! thea doe accordnlý pat taut, (bh ;T-cemaa rituhl bºpa ý tau Le rnquiredl and fur elderly ' pý Ile thho meatcumbxbthlo disiw+ -ae ,,. Set l at Ne. Ibiueafu hapaaat.No *-l LEAD--I gift of load:, - aýrienzi, a nd fi $ e epitr hog practicasu l dit p t;rrile fowr &loK Y flower Ccap, glad a planuto t#%*Al III i -I ~ b~e~"i the all aua ,ýýtpity! a ritý riart111 r r f ·

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