Newspaper of True American, May 11, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated May 11, 1839 Page 4
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t ro fohrlli g vaeels, o rp ehueed exprsely for ': Capt. Miner, Nickerso,, Grry. otb first cleas, have hand. iO tIons, and are of a light Ijdrmiot otftheir receiving oand meiiNargr., uen Dltimor,,at tle city. f : for, ports on tile 'i nd.forwarded by tie nge.ts, RJELLItGG, at Baltimore "hipped will bo ~lvan.ed when pioc of puasegoie fioed at ShO, e b. at quality 'ill be previded. qirOwu the Miesiippi will be taken rpaoaege., apply to GEO. BEDFORD, 22 Biornvillo at. SlUio nvillo st. t I dR NtEW YORK. Of ed Maw York Lioe of Packets rompeai . this line will sail fro . cI Yd New.York on every other Moon.i d tfing on Ith 20th November-and to l )ute tuatlity i1 the timo orsailing, tho ' Ilr L rareitter cnit uffive ships, viz: , aptain 'Trask, to leave on the 20th i L .,lob Captain Palmer, to leave on the .it Captain Eldridge, to leave an the y ,ull Caplain Woodhoeuse, to leave on i, ptain Davie, to leave on the 'The aboiire are all new, of the first class, copper I andtippe r fasteaned, a upwards of 51) tUnei s u,-aere of lihdght draught of water, being built I sa' Now York expressly lir the trade. The price 5.0ge i ed st 100 dollarso their cabines re T r.h most improved and convonientl plan, and Siohod i a nat and eltegae t style - ti nAmple Qres of the first quality will be provided, --and every regard paid to the comfort ano entire odatuiatcion of psenegoers, Who w vill pleae tae lo. St1 llthet no herth can bheeecured until paid for at f Ui s of the leoi.geers ,h slevedra n, e n commanded by captains well TIe inote trade, who will give every al p nrfiecrt themselvos to acornmndedbte. Thme ill ties bowedp and duwn the MisiLs r temboa ni, nd the strictest punctuality nd itn thde time of sailing. i Qwner tof tbhse lhio.a will not be reoponsi. . rbl ota5y leUer, parcel or package, sent by or ar of t unless a regular bill of ladinr Bg n dthor for, at te countiong hoiloe of th. S r ners. Four futher patiular ly I J D noEIN & A COHEN, ___ __ __ 90 Commnn stoi b ItLEA NS &.CilARIjLSTON PACIdKri ' This lit eolo els of h,or reioelt, al Il i] o iiror trio li witb hudaotte acrOiutnlludaiel. hi:r pa,, n-. its, Idi It r ' tl e n a r. ne +{ .ý/i 'I:her will , fl.t eti. ItJvI -..; $n_"-4 nr '¥i rI , v , Itt rcplln.h.,l, )j r i,,n rle lb ,r. t I h, a p fa .Al aI i i tc ,l,.. ... .'i O , i ' Il a ARI& CO'S tioe arid Niaw Ijeri t L i OOclt i' S h'ieps.-- Th iew line ol tips 1* he Ieol expressly butilt to rut bletcle thi ahoy, orts,hatid will bh tiu.d ol" ruitable draft of watrt: aenoetittodatiutia fir passtengers, and evory oltirt ii'be miade t.o give genirol oatis'aelion., T'I 'l5se is Composed of the Fo nlowing ships: •Cltarokee. 415 tons Capt. J Hordlig, SCarolina, .40011 do S Lemirt, Charlestuon, 374 do D Ildridgo, Colu;, 625 de G Barker, LSeaman, 340 do J How,, , tlBomniy, 625 do D ltutphrvy. Thle-abovet lipo are all now, of thre first lao, Sp$rofaslened atdooppered, commanded by mnl experience, lhave large ccommodatiuno, w sop te tladiee cabin; every attelntionl will ý pa i engeto,,od tht vary bCst of et.aoey pro Vldk aomt. e. t will becowed ,:P and down the u , is is ,.i.p. the .s.riet ,pcuntuality .. serred i,, the lime u ...':huad should tlhe regular vessel. be . eI' r.rivg, other sthips equally as good w-;ll i all U110 bc h uLstitded. A share of patrol age is solieit ead the ageotis pledge theml lveso to scomatnoos1iitso mutch as practicable, to receive and forward gooilo by , id linue t thl must moder. to clnargeoi, aId to advaqce all naxpouea on goods llpped, if required. Tihe slips fj vs the 1st end 1611th, of every month.t. For thegt rpnosae, apply to thle agont. J MIRRIITT, (2 Cotnuma at. N. B. Adooveante , ot coiigunte..ts to Messrs. A'. ebard & Co. . tor2l '. , I1 JHE (Getnil tdi,,,,alsa, ofLi.rr'. . t...dilore- t; i. hltul Ia j bottlers at tl low price of St) e .its eat ogt strength of throe outces :f notl Iodinos as efficacious in curing PwliLo ch has attended the une of tlis i io Baleane wherever it bhos been intro ducited,' taineod the confidence and reconntonda ote of tle pheiciann, for the cre of coughs, celda the side, wantof root, spittiog or blood, lier ,. S: may con.ern. Tid i, to cer..v ethat .e have i e freTjlnettly prescribed Mrs (lard err'. nao of liverwort a:.d lhorhoulod, ,ith deided elt: nwe can theretore, finom tih koown le f rial it is made from, and obscrvatmu ands p reonaoend tsit as asuperio" prrltaratiotn oral ton of the lungas fir wlhich it is re t0 ,u A.IBlR'1' WJI. 4MS, M. D. CALVIN ELLIS tl. D. o of it l Doston Medical Associution. B Letbr 2ii. . JA.lRVIS & ANDREWS, 19 (Clll tiat l Pt'hrLt ittlbll s atl 'O ,bblaCoast tunt ,ecei'tt c.-, tut y HEIt.1OGENE, B.,OWN & CO. No 9 Conti o'. GI-Juet landing trattllf Meinr, a mtpttyttf onds, bitter and swero liquorice ro, t, lim J .aM.le onfBrrgsntot, pseoce ~ti lemon jtier, hepnop onery eedsa, Iann, flttke, and slnllo, coatlrides, oi4a0ge flowti water &e, for whotleslte and pitOre eH BONNABIi:t, º' .,h ear Natchcs & Tehonlitoulas at "IYDKIA ICICEM :NT--5 his landing from ship S (le o-Cabot, ud for sale by " :w " S & J P WHITNEY, may * ' 73: Camp st l401IMNS HART & CO, are now reeivnro, '+ board ehip Orleans. Eagle, Highlander, I'oker /alyir dtew ,Fren.h and German play cards; Back Pweom Boaerols; Chesmen, 2 1-4 and 21 3.8 inch Bil etor travelling Dressing Cases; Belt, r mn', end Duelling Pistols- doube and trone; Game Bags; Shot B'elts Powder J ' t lsamr Bottles and Drinking Cpe; g lo apHolders; Cloth, lair, Tooth; l;tU - Orri od Chlorine Tooth Wash: etnd Shaving ooaps, in great va. , Ringlets and Frizett; ear: wrfUltnery lags; Ivory T'o Cushions: d r Garters; Gum E!,tie Btependers; ow r d'BoGnes; Gt Chins, Seals and Keiy ; pWait Bckles; Bracelets; Ieatl lad Chr Gilt and Silrared Benad; Indian Bote.i Sed Plumes Shell Twist; Side and Drcosini h, additon to theirfonner stck oU hatd, S'vry eottplehte, andl will be act l irme, at the aige of the Goln0. ? 1 121 ; 70 Chartres street. 5 balesa loading frl.m Sp solos Dunap, fb r saple bv '. - 1 BRIDGE & Ce,134 Magazine et UVVTI.S--5 Wrel 4.4l .twell otluntondu. 5 fl " tlvUllPl'onr, 3 ceen buckskin •rie, I w sip __t Loui, for sale by in)", <-,.' . 2 1GF~d. . Co. 131 Magazine st ! O cribem hire procttre eCi ;a c, 4h. ri.git of pniting on iren - i y;. They ere adapled to tull, 0 ,Pq. and private dwellinec,otnd cti.heapeans and durnbilitr, std r...and wa'otr proof T'lrme moe d model 00en at iur oest:tliehltenl, .o tt a mrke,Ta'pilottoe cis. . .B CO.', Ft E.L & C ' ~ iil oelnd Liverposl coal. y,. which they offer fur hrivals from REng ,behigh and Pea,-h llsereened, put up in 7 ae--all of wh;ch itolt moderate tiedlle. oequ ;:o. 63 Oieovilla st. tI .tlrelnded to. :',* o t.4 T.Tr. V Q IS.4imwmoa ]icth d& co a now Itr' I frofmi onua ard slhip. Yaeo, and or.utotgl tdhi trot n New Yorkt a N real vuricty oi *pi a theirliue, which togethela with tlheir foremet tk on hand, makes their asenrt,: et veryr piete. The follp wing compose a tanrt, viz: r ell thot, ..o', :;cln, tol:k a/fc essi cconnhs ton do orll dccrriptimtn, in ia rubber silk ani \Vocr'trd elnotic nrorec, cmOtnmon & Clue elastic tsepoeoidcre Ilo Ccoda Iid ioct Ir maltehea, ;eidlitz oweros, powder putis and boxon, toilet owder, pocket cuoks at wanullets, noedie books, shll, iearl, crory and tormocco card cttesu, heand o "hamnts, pkie o-r rul beads, neklares nu orneliy~ees, bed eloistu, bold aeckluees, cutl glcs acsd ctpniuced, ilvr and gnltbeads, Inclic,, hnle, Ibells and pilurngcr ittoi anl Incrgtc pow Ler lnakse, hot belts, borse, belt. pocket od o dteiling oitols; double and singble baerolled rona. owie knuainv, und dirks. scissors, sllears, pocket knives, gu ird chains, and ribblns, waist bcklao riloth, hair, tolth, oail,coecb, rrntob, shoe ,lpate, Iluua nd tio~ting brusalno , Col egte, Floridcn, a. rnellcr, ronse ltd bloy wnter,tasnorto esseoones, and eolrL.+, 1CCUeasKa IbeCo, onti bIa, and W\Vrd', voe getible hair cils, shloge acLcd toilet -ucps ot all i l cripticns, htlirc' audl g ictllemen' daek.i o nc dressic g ceos, chair ricgli, iizicutis c cd lbri slo, plain, lhney cdl muicdio work bo,,s, plic, i cit g lred, , at ld rest lbtthlos, Iearl c hl iony' shirt t iido s nlrtnldd, gucld and sitoer pencil cses, toocllc ksl ond twcoereo, latetld cnd gilt Icciketti, ciciccincc ci, oiltni, o lcSos od st,:l *ltilnblcs , hoonks cni c, sn, hair pins, I oilttiou fruit, bll and rediink,sice blccckiig, violicls and gnitrei, ribbed and plaln percussion capse liulii toi iic, 0ccetUd cook lel ,gold and ailcr lace ond fringen, lattcr porter, gaoc bar piT, idicic 'lc, w ttkilcg calnesopl)'nt.c aide, tice gold, tldto l ncd gir: jibrllrv &c. '1'hu abovc, tcceclber with ii rcet vnrietyi of other arti tce aclie oiirtid c: o iliesle or retail on sdalticg N II Nlrll cnmbl s wrp ir.d 1) I'ainters, co 3 CallrOlein stret, two drms lrr' StnalUn , ui e'. lnlctatolts of t!ae fonlloilg ods :rod orI.iear ceultd ilo a mtoclSl ti) caim rei.. wocosls s Mc nnLcs . tmicngaony, Etuvnticoc Ncck ,clh gold, 0Itc , (;i.cll tIc cI .cccrco, Pocllard din, )ricunt l r vcnrd acticqce, (Cutlreh.d to, o ,hrsi sh r Curlc'd l.ýl:I, I;h, e Sralt, 11 !, a I c ii hrcet t lair W\Vood, ,t Dle ,c Icnrdllo, Yew Tree, ' hal While, (:rcOlOnc lloll e lr Tllck i' i:lllci l ]bcci! cc clla,) Itose Wo\od, Amuri "",o r( of Asl, 1c Itle nhk, too & . ic gl;tlss, ollcal o Ili l u tll] d o l~ i kiO lislt: , m 1 t T IRON, St'IEELC IIEkAVY c;')c)lt--llut, squarce l intd bicdll iron, well asnortetd. IllitO , sccoll a td rodl i,, ll, cail rods ulci ,tltctc S Iioulltds I Cst, ('ctnncln, Leat, liilcrct l c sclilc.; sbeet ani l :'row~h¥ sil]l fl lllw os e, cot tto.d wrought tn ils i llk(s 1 'Linc, bhurt ti, ('.ill ,rod gr1inl hittiteS, balk keIlll C caincc rabl,c c norsill ,e inocs i Nllx, Io{; 9 d L"-:rte thalns, co, rn mills ,/,cIs, d ei s, c cllli:ilccct cIS ct : llcl c ill lcttls r Nioe, s clpi, g: ,* saut d,.etb, acd c cc,,ki cg soloe, ol Aiccs, cIti l cgand':., cll crcc ch !mveiiae d sovl I'ai 'd ca t .Xlm illa Icur,:. 00, Iilws and t lin th tltI A l icc ll, uo ii I) cp :.Lcc Ntca l o Ic'c.t ctila i 0Ia Itlls, i l"t :l l' Nl,:'m nill IA fl,111's.[ntlue t of Idcn re noc sic cc c !Clccic;l h i Il % s cc InncIi.clll clcl i ; l' i ccc.* ct c c" r it$ i t od n)1' renta i, uo th c litcc Icsxi o, acid,: olrs, I,y S iccic c ..c c I t'I ' ) ci c & Co l ;i 011.1 Ic e. :. (c:ic ed Ih cicicnr ' c'cc crl i, ., I r 1. b.) tl iit , 1I' th inon on '.% , ld , I - rlii :,0,, of lilt ln Sonl.ll voice o (illl i thv c:. ,; 1}il: l' , l t bl" O ilar. Ani; onolltl ' hllllas !'tl. Irnl'l Idiii,' tr, convei".c" a+ it a ery w'rv a t Ionl'lfISsi~col t ,.Xler 1 1 ii n ile 1' 'i t e . c ac l it c, il-t cclr T :llll r't ibi, ccciii Ie cnthelo imnd. 'c I," i c i olIetNtlc nh a l:o ls Or lml,,,It t i icilo, .ix e I 1' 1, (t\'i1c 'N' I, nNl iiilcgccii . I stn r, and f r a:1', l, ;t l1, . "I ';1t')V'"!," troar .'!1 D .11",r' an^.i ".. aCIIC.. AND SIGN PAINTER Nu. 1:. ('atnp street, VVholesal. fhraher in Ptaint: "i, oil, Yurnihes, !;rushes; n131 tl'idow iand V1ie llls e. e ho -FA- IONAi i~N C31. CLOTHIIING. !No. (04, 0('l"f1re - tl'l, - A F con=.uoe tl t in slnnd every nrticle al, pert in .41 1 Oi ll 7llllllTll 11 : 7 1. ler Iy ~ rll lt e plu dlltnlen . r "il- ilthis itn I rt "--. .. . servs ive of the Teeth, has indtecd-the sth rbtc r oilbr it Ic the Anwrican public. Al r uItimlents hav been mllde to uily, v lneems ;it all thi e i lill~ i itl cii andi tun , s in tile foilitl t . o n. to it ithi tile re c ih 1 tio.i ,allit ril :- Illd i!kil to tsuilir this mno: ll"r ,singo o all :.ll achr, 'I'lrllt -llllr. bottle, it be.. i vee .:i', i llt i ie t l: tt , lin lent reliee f. It 1 lso arr'ert the deie in lefltiv teetil, and rtliervel thutl F,,r: nese s vllith p r Ie 'lti-lll i lan llders a ·lllllon ) to h -,:lens 'l.e all; li'ati,,ll a llp Y rctllPd ale Pitli.el i i allll ,i. I vI itt L cn'iCf:Ilt Itlt the la1rgo lllll l''r of p)rsonlll ill i .t1 ' l' t tetlilet of th c untr,, that have air, nti , ely t't, erinrd -tu h deli:hef, ill u fllatrv etT I+ hroml t l he a-r" oI f tiln, I p , t r* 1r;ad to ioar (trl the publlic .;,oil) their to its ut-ill rivanlled q h t+ e . It i.s alu Indrn r,;m ldy, chtaimnd eingdulvy anJ onn xp evtdtvly, ttld iltn I+; trear h./ Ll the cih ilizred wild as th!:e u.t valuabLle discovrrv 0ro o %e13st; IIiN wit3. r L'ice $1 tler `i "oldl by J \UtV\lS & -\N!)RIIVtW. nor .5 (or llmll i l d 'Tl t.Int l itoulus -ts. ( U+O+tl. H:-'.iS Ili cans-gib -'urel-, TiThe W+oo VV' hst,for sale JiII 1 II;ItA|EAI. ap Ili W IlTVE LE t-S bble, hil 1li tech; "11 Le.s, I tJl Enolieh d.-25 1-1 bhlr. 1011 " ll 1011I aint [111llhlb ar us sizes; f , I, ('i, nl V'l, nish; 1 1' C. S0 d~ : . I 10i do li; . WINIOil (..4, ,r - rt eel d Fore'lh 1000 box-, ,, n u , rlnll. se. re I qualmres.:I Blltlon leh, d,.--11U ox,>, e,,lignie nt, viil be ,r Als.n, Firll isi. ort utilli of artirtI' colonrs adlli coe, forsale by A IV C1'I .11, No 16 CIIIII o tr1·t. of N I. Alibuna nei ts . s !r l ill I r. hild Mlsine sipni| nlotes wI L' received at 10 per centl discount 1ir Goode, , Olilll I C , l t.lý tto3d. it I Iw JALVIV S &c ANIII\RI'WS, WId IVtlOESAI.ELE AND TAII. 1t:ALEIRtS IN IWEDICIN+S, PAINTS OILS DYI STU'I'S AND.l) IVIN OiV (;L.l SS, il torner oa Ceoellnll sild T'houepitluleo streets, NA'rAIIAN JAIIVIS. JOllHN W. ANI)ItELWS. A large upply o Garden See !. larranted the growth oif ih7. -A NDIEW - SMITI & CO., respectfilly in,.ftrlm k- their friends and the publiie i oleneral, thai ii they occupy tihe noe, brick shop, 219 Tehoullitouhls s; cstret, whore they keep constantly on land Copper, t, in and Sheet IrolV Ware, of every description, n such as coppelr stills, kettles, allnd p.ump, tin bath. ler ing t , and oil canll , of ll sorts anllll sizes, and all other e brass caetinlg done at shlrtet notice. G1 r..tle ha'rs of every de-criptinllll, sJc i as sltant. boat stilrupsr , hog chllllls, scre1 w bi.It.., al I other r kind oflsteamboat work, uch as holinlleys, brouc!l. Irt: or, steam pipes. The; ''y will also do ll kindl of oult door work, scih a, zinc, copper and tiln roofing land guttoerinc, &ee. They tlPI- eltnd all othe ilr kids o worlk ill l shortet nl tict it,27 !0n ( e1o lletii v witurv. \lalnl , e e, IIARROWGATfl SPRINGS TIM EE D.I I JO'l11.d'le 1 F 101 rEIV 0.1 4/.E A.'S. k i genv ial, 3 h1 lite will Ie ii 1, dele.alv the7 tr11 ,ine v l f kinltv c o ieeiv o vicitenl'. Ilh il eitla :tlll liifr the u ',. aefit of lhse uat a it i-tn II hter, . have ben :.r;.," : imiirovemleta eade, u:lildll'l" Is " .. go;ig ol :1i111 ih Srapid Il'lwre .a I fir 1'o,1pllil llle \o.ic!i wil e n1abll ih 'e' snt 3scr.her to ilu l ollldll e ii /11 th Lar.e.r il;+:ll r t1l:l S herertoliue, allll it the ,uLn thlie touchll better. r lamilie can ~h"ue accomiidalted c iti :n-,d room-, or id tioe lh il lpelr .ta hlve large eabi:,i teiachlld flui t I h 11 ,a1111 3 uii± . It is dee i ,l 1il3le.ecn e1.ry tto :1a- anythig in l rtiel t, lar of the charaeter el tbe,'e wa:litl , for it ias gerlit'slty Ie lieved that tlhy are 3 ot intnlirior toi any in the. b oIith 3rn SerlP.. All tine {,hihe1!ll1llc thua e 1 ei3 erl3a:l3 3 Itaii±ilat Wad't133h I'lc('s, wil1l Le 3iu.LI at Ilis. 'r- e i best nlutic that tlhi piall o"f Ith counllry alltrdse, . a a bea eng.ged, and will bi eonslllltt altedllance aI the 1rt Springs drltlle ilhe wnto,' sea.ura. I hliecui.iet will avail Iicnelfeof this oppnrunity in returning his uinlignued thaInks fr the very liberal I utnporlt given Ilio3 lalt easoil ell ld I nL ) os l, tile exer-i h iout tIhet hare Well o!ads in itllli'olivilfr and exlendillg in the accolllodntionls, to 3erit a liberal Iuler.tge tlhe nh preent tseason. JNU C 1RAM. Il. ud3 LSI.IEGOUL , No 54 Conde strea , becween Dumneln and t8 Phillp, ke'e-s conetantly on hand en Zleniivo neairtlllll'ent of hoots a4d berIganon aed nthneef New York manufacture, for men, wolnen d ch eildreno oF all neer, whlich ho will dlspese oi un very moderate prier. wraYlliieotlhis el qilntanee 3n eendini an orler will haevshl iwisheu s ati!etdqtl'o L8 SO GOUtI well et nieale BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING. ceL' CEcc DLSCBPT:.iifc. )I'EIDII.Y,1L ADSiM/:YI AN CtLY I;XECITE' AT THED OFPIz OP THE True .Iamerican, aT. C!IA.'LES STt1rET, NEAR PGkl1LAR. cc/i A CARl). RISTIE & SIXNIOTT, Iho!/cese Grccts and Cocnuliass, I..criaa.ic, No.7 Cuclntleo Sirnetl. ' Orl-cnue. Sica l r l bct u nc ai d to t uing up o. SAMUEl. TO'Y, "3lerchandise Broker < CGo.anm.son .Verchaul, IPletctsar e I7olhIng 4 stablisCt-mnt; dll:! (i/Icc:(l. ID,'cip cc.-Fo l (1ic lrol I,: L , IeRIEaMAN & Ct. 1 VM ecnste.l. oh:al a Icare upplyof Cloth . i. hg, citle.ul ted thr thPe colnltrr trlad.'. 'Thteir tl. I ouIntullelt bihlc larCe, uerchcnt.l firm the Country can he suu :lied at thclehortIt notice. cccl DAZAAR. bUSY! &r ALENR, No. 1, EXCIANGE IIUTEL, c.ortcr of c l. Ch tcs an Common is,. IW\1 UNi!.EA NS. MIcORTERS anti Ie),lers in -cri- Ih c-id ne/. h pU riun 'eir-; )c'e ,i . Ca-ca ald 1oral'chc e -,k Cull ccc/lcn I:cll-v Krt tcs. ' 5 IC'' :2'Icm ER AUOi & lli CI G Ci TI. L N ,l Iccc-Icr cr lce. FASHIONPD.L. CLOTHIG 'IA\ 'lOt & 11\1)l)EN, mXc II Clec. i ,l(rh .]',L oI;. 'har r . ar oth v 1 11 d coas i/cc /i'c),, e tch, ci " 7 Yitr I e ,to fliphr wlstea Iletll o t laes ml ,,"i u.t New Yo ORLEANS LITHOGHAPUIC PSINTING aM RC.N&I:T:Aindsl t;I: .NT G[A, Xc. 5:!, Magaziou Sterle, flI;, 'I F S.I I0 I # ir. Are TlI. ccL .1. K J/tf.\/, El'h' ii;'?/:Tim 'RAWDCiN 'IIGHT ATCI. I & SESON flo 1 t r inO a . I \( ll l t e i. ' IIeI a lr et en t i l | .terl" ut .tlllll hc I LID- cus e l" t'x el'V ill t hit e n.1 't . o l fil+" |0 uKall 1'rllfl'*,;l'.l'b dt+i I\1" h' Iit.t mr '+III le, at ..;t'.,,-Yo ' l 1ll :l'.8 "~~li: 1, IIi1fi II1llll*I'litPft` .1o t S i R '.T A c L I IcNl 'cI; )iNu c ,* o. 5 , ttcaeim/ c'treet, l Ie . m csbe t c i . st , ' ttee O.i le clIIi(L I.? '·i:i)'~ ctc~lr i -i Ic',! '-ct''-:. cc,: I/ic)11·1 ce. 1icc Il~llp III I 'l\ I+. ,i \ III & Ill. l iI'1J I"T BAKN'!)'I. i'tI'A[N. nU: IU'T .RHORI LL'ic i -c c 'lc ui d re ', " :'Iena ' . cIt c-IT /-' 'cT i r It..esO' Iic ttttL t p . . i: e , l%;h cJ~) x+ ir theiprthati.on wit grear41 k P i~l ]P I)+1 )(+e o '(,,+rat it+ lll I ii I lt. .I I Fo:: l,)m~l, .II .t" ,;.cdc:,ic,.eiti-cct 'cc O c t-cr~ t-, 'iM UAN%'E C IOMPA.NY tl I bas Compant urc. n ' c rci ard to take RISIES AGAINST FIRE. t, -c. N :L X L TR 1 ('} I miudi[ I heer , e up r;l I c i Tl rhaI ( h;u"i A . It s'TlTON --& AS!tI'ALL'S . . O MPiUUD) TONIC M1IX'+I'}' I.-A apeedy I and ciaiu cur tfr tlvu levUr and Aque, renllttenlt all d iii :ermi ,tt t tfhvrs; pre .rutl rlcom c the origmail rlicpe . Used tlil iinlrlellt alld unt versal suiee+ m 18]34, by pers!ns of the higciest i n l'cctabillty ic' tilts city, as slated il the al .. a:id iort icteis. Tols iediccian i highly rceenuilomnd, and has +himn iexdt ively usd a in t-e1,1g , at i; dsc easi,, wiith ouch dtinguthe aid surccss, tht cI i propaielor of the reep g as b cLi ind ced ito ( t ir it to tle pull-i liet latahi il,. in c lc ia tl d,, a Iiit c iait ay ed i t ii allnis of rll hivit g I: iniy of1 those waid i are sulaerilg ii er ti 'i n sco.urge oI , Cul ountry. i ta li i aigecictiiiaae )La grc vid-u ac, anci "wheci used accrd-ang to thli e directionl s hl.a nievr fai LLId of e lcctinc a care, evln. ill thiie lont ohticatllae tagei of tie disr der. 11 is not at ll disagreeuble, alndi Ipersons ,of the weakest sltotaeh, and children may t take it with impunity. It sli engthli s the digestive t organs, reatae a. appetite, amlnd B0ldoll requires A Ie' thanl one, or in oitinatr iecases, two bottle to efofct a cure. Thar i s neither mercury a.1 i" arsonL t in th' e nidicine, nor iay thici in-c utiou to tim hIman con-ctitlco- . ie, proprietors are corner ofl il- ILhii alla li iiicrtrcs ,teets. A, OIVEIi, cole tgnt for Ne' .ir-an- , at i For Diblriet Ag.-cies apl!y to je5 T. W. SMITlr. 48 Conti st. PRTS.:C Ol, .v )iA SON HOUSE. NElh ICITaY, Piii_.\ l l.C FIIItE subscrihci rhavchc : c n-c i.,ael tle lasea and for aL nicltc thin wei i h ii, a na.;li hl- eat boLn 1cr 'T'avior, the laIte p ., .rlc r, .ill lie iudJv to receive ti. le, c -,- 1cte rt April ci.ct ,.,"l. . -, ,' I " tly lalt, eltllls wviil e fotl d in Sthe a Ir.c.c, o:. ` , iiHi i " , c M ,erc. New idn + more ruimln ha L 1z 1 till be built, imd _ -iro 11n h Ill R.11 I . r.utteI ut la houra. A vtatl eh+ will uh InIiaii:lc ch I t ti c+c , a with gcicad ao cmmoda tiolcs f lc ilol-r e all id ' c cr, 'a . I'i st i tal bIlla t nd cal'rriige ill hee Iet ciciclhqmderate pricesi allc a io tcOitIII teL :Is t to i iia re with tLhe comfoirt "tnd quietol'the hourderr.. Thu wire'snd hquors will be of tile best ccaliiy, i cd to cccicit ii a II ll h' Up l a cice a carote h ci clrc idv l,"e c dau iL cid, i, h cic c will aric r. btc tt tile Ii-t ii c iiL." -lh' FredehriIk It:rnard, whao firlnerly kept so popular it ihotel at LVa.lullllltoll icv, will c ntacil this ho el for ' the proprcehtor, Lwhoi, cnith en th aild,-onlidetey nesuresI S tile t:ail.le of Inst yeiar, ac nd his frie dll gCI erally, that Seity will reclve iceryv pl.-ibie atteLntcnl; i aid tilheiby, extel c to ;ar l i iacci oe.acl c ali o u d i y c 'ie ' · i cal icIc tlltgc L ic t a hI ollu., are too w.Ill klmwi to need i lenlgt. eed de. criptlil h-re. cTce ilctsl thlat l'ernac la is tlie naacll station of tile Gov l-nlln : thlle gnranl rvule +so:wsi of thle Gilf squad run; the a:lal ' ri,'y o ilse ci :atl;lae rI rt'sheJ constantly dtl t thn slmminr I.months by the coolest I reeses liun h,:' Guh;, the beautyl of the Lay and the neighbouring itland- and riers;, the ab hutnee and dclicacy of the IC-h with ic cai t1 h il ci clle . a ibun, cntc-n its p xlo iLtI tai hi] I,, t ~t ,,.,itlth,-ll l etrs, etvt '.,,itnn ohla the pr;. -ere r ovt r l it ,c Ir se l - i latiudes, a a h ,lil tt cC dif -:h c ,l Ittl - .cl.1 Iratl-I. a"rot late boata .ill ru", br.iewe Pehueola and Mc bile, uud w ill at nil times he at11 to taue tile passengr,. li. I ia Il ic N ev UlanuIiLoc-s. Li NB ARNOLD. P(',"ns;e.,,t a, Feb 15rt1 138.3 l -. tntlrmI n wlhilg to ene.cgi rmli f.+r theih cI't ir. t'.in ade Il-lac the pr, ri r , ati c it'ie n co , iewrl 7"i ay Lc"', tihc crctiic prerict,' r lt io," ri 'T . ; bri , V.- . ,r t (hlhl' [ a!, : l !i, Ecq., c Kibbe, i. ,loh0 la, S T '1' lo. 6', C" t' l:en, L-q, in .N . I. i t", {, Ln.+i rl, o re) e p + N tl it A fnlCI i pe r -ca . ",t e uc ie . e i f-ldl, ii p lac_ -+l a t . e \ V'h ittllall, ' £ Ilth ile, :d :e Charles ERi .xch .ne ,lfl LtA !I!DFA IROULTLE lFOR NEW YORK, c ce ravi llr ers diesiruse Ii l c hinic g ihc Ic'l ridi t Ioute, Ist rof M.v. Good at ges witll tla ya l e plrovidel' o a the htab elsieh r to be in rendl in t:, tm lu.,e paase lgaers frou e .Mobile, in cate of the failute of the I a bunts I Thee ateiinhott Champion ltac cs Mobile lac 'eniai n musk, kahlne v ble hir oil, pouw+k l Itu: ,i r- lEAN acARIhca FARINA'S COcLOGNE WcTiIatt m h a-sei d i per of, I lorida ivenllci, roe gnd bu ter, jas, rcecied nclld firi cale by t cicctcii icn or i clgca aiti:. Also Anericean ainllci!pii rmta i tiaet ,w.le's, pe-rlier bluis ndl cex-a, Ulcha lc acad toilet cc a is, c-sede wab, baclc, iaiilk of rccel , cttayllelic cohd ircac-c cxtr acc oi d !' 'st ; sau8ilts. M arseillea perl'une'ry in trunk, vegeta n he r ld liquid 1lte:. Chlorine mnd Orrih tooth wash, elotclcairtoothalnil andcl lesh crahe; togelther wich an adlditional supply of fashionable fern and sheil combs adml jewlr Iy, r*ate ow at wholesale or rrtail Sby " bIMMONS, IIAT'Pl-&CO, ju!y 6 70 Clwtirecstre.t. j I .ri aItI.Carii fro b c ('hurleto, Roynl ('ollenre of Physieans, London. lifE origoal Vegetable I lgelan Universal Medi I cine, prretnet by W Naikin, Esq. Memter of 'he Iioal College of .Srgenol, Licentiste of Apothe. ear'sn(tomltaoy-, Fellow on.Bolt Caonrt Society, Surgeon h. the Itovol Union Pension Asoniatino, Laocstisr PHero, \V'torrio triige, aind Perpetual Pupil of Guy' alld St. 'lhIias's lflosiditaals, loaldnn.o 'This valuable itediCine, the result of twenld Years' expcrivlice ,nml uo alotlel ,I success in tihe extensile atld hItglerl i ltlile iractlie of the iroltrieity, utrl tatisl, by itlle ficultcn ild iiolilctv, and is now illrottleet to the aot ice of the Anlerican licl i, at tile earnest so licitatio:' fa ittmlloer of gentlemnl of long and high standir;g in tl., prolession. It is hoped, as a prelimi nnry step, to clieck the eoils andli Ilsi al nollueilces a.isitg lfmha llll oe li of thle nllneronls lit o doeletetios rletllelrl llsteodl ipon the ploblic by cthe aol of fibrietetd proofs of mirtiulous loetls, ad n otther itaulls, by a aet of tt't'uelll.ty, unllrilell ted pretenders, so totatlly ignotnllt of mediael scienlce, that it imlpossible tile onstrous Ldelllln ilal any longer go down withi the intelligent peoloe oi'tile coutittre. 'lThense pills, tld anid agree. le in lltict ir tire, lino'itl te keillt in every fitnl" inllases ot'sll·]leld il iless, t liy Itheir plroit slti titisttition, cholela, clamps, s ilats, f|. . drr Hlll ollier alamih.g cotuplilai~u, Iii t of lloe L n al, n11av be slleel.i y cured aor lreveltelotd.l liatlall tlios who vie lgoaod I enlth, sholld u.o er b withlout tlhei . They are solt ill potiCkts at St caitl., i-ljtl oi ecltll ti eve'ry T'esIl, table hlrltads,loonkssclnc.5,i'and lelndoi'oft linetiin is tfla initrdI St..ct s t ItI e. Cninlolaswitl col oLtioiis dietions, wiltl i estlnolials of proleaional ability frott thiti I n ll. i. elnill ell tllle Sir Actine Copler, J Ablcorthy, .lt.s iccIttetltlt, Mt. 1)., W. Ilek, 1h1. Di., .1. Aston ll, A. InFrampton , I. I)., and nuitlnus othlers./l'he originls nh:i lIe seen n possession of the ln ( l elt, by i whom thile: nmlleice is iltiorted ilnto 'hiS tottit a'Il to whom a ll apptliEcationIs loragecicL JNO. liiil.'11IN, 19 Wavnelr ly Plaee, N. York, sOle iCielCr.:l Agent for thet Uitied States, Uo. 'Fuir 'lo b" e'lpointmelt of the original piro rietor. oby &,AI llatrutir, ili), No It1 Canal street, Alltt u tr Swttthee of Louiinina. jult vii I 1 tii It I... & co, Ne . .Mapaziae street,are i:,ow receiolng friol stlips Nashrille, ILuisville, i;(oi:ekl, Engle, :mlt oitier late arrivals tren ithe "l.c, cities ' inlge:;ltl Ilew a eletlell assortmeilnt ;.i a, B[otsl Lroglnan, emlsirliltt tlt gelt l v sllltl lille calf atid tloroceo boots io t' ttiinlly dotl bu0lll, alldl stout wax pegged bootl o nriusllll hs; metoli n's flena ctll' soal atud Slotrcoat Il-. o pelnllI and hiro:i, bIuckskin shoes, brogalllns ant t i lllI. Is: in'sline ei:|' ,llt kippeld pegged siloesalnd I roe:ns; do boa.ts; dul stot kip tttt oat ptgged shoes a III ti;ll Igtol imtti iits t quali ty caffsei i shoeso t lkle sllhoes a:ld rlllogolls; do call', seal still .lroccon: 1 .tha. shout and slippee ,., do calf, buff antl seei walIs, a cwlwtitcle;i dio tia'e c elfl s uetand mt'rocco quarte, ci$s Itt "i'ti i 1ncn1 tttltdlhlreoittn pegged ilad t owoed t'. "talhs, and 0shoes oelescry gunltlvm laldhkI, Also it gbencl tilsslrntl t of ienl' stout was and r tht ~0,1us uind sihes, togehlier with 10,000 p1lir tIot:g-O to li, Ilsstt lt t tbrogans, nailed ii silt I nlks, ai:l.e teye.ssly for i)tliitiI I use; a gvod nas Slntl fit' l lilne iand stout kip russett iti'rogLais, a w artist-,i l gI e a lquantity of all itierior quality " 'ict' nollls| tIi o t.e. Lotlics' tfie call; soal, moloeo ld ttlgrain welts, anil plimI sole shoes; to fine l Pr "'elnh ilrocco l cill kil run t, i0l slippeltls; do iroi shllos, with alltd withloult Its; . calf, seal and stout lather boitees; do tt runell shoei a t ll g etsl tilllo'tols. Mlit, let'l st tiedlgsri l sllnsihoc at glnS. (Chlotdrii's colored Mlrelcocu alld Ilaistng bro 'it iltl'lns i-lnthilnhale black silk hats; do black a I11ih1t, be:lvter do 11 li slperiolr i ality; do imitation . il:ll o; htin .lll III) wwr w brim l l n'lit s lisle dit 'Ifaild l. I.10ki0 ilII t 01 nipeI bats, a Ilewil arlite. Yoiiu hs I- hn ) bo's W!ble :and drab wool hIts of v'rious t 'tshh, rni )1 g rl ., ssorteonto" bofLys' auld men'l aI Is, s;.i~lmi Int, µ hi1 be rlcleisWhd Ilt the arrival of "ii I pact itu n.l. tile u eor ul ltt i ll l ies, all of wlhi)o II l) sold 'tn acoo ll)llllluod : Ili uill Iti-f no-a r i-ioR oiio iv. I IA . ti t t-r 1 , eti rL,. " hius I e tia l id 1 e lire to e r -I n I, r oter I, lti did aiot el me oi now i j el l t c. urll e1 ,"-11..:I h Ill e Hlit nlte , .b e At ti N eI. I I[1, li-, 7 , I ,,r-e, s1- ItL, t. hr-]: out ill lagre ulcle . Io itie 11 iliil:, - r 1f si.x far rightl tiit e i [) If g, d all ovPI la' t.,',, anml ,1sr tlhrnl, itn lild t able n towrk at it.e tu h oi pi-'' oltto1 cured JUIIIN DEAN. l1c, Ii 1 ) ln R C'l.irTIF' tha.t tie a0111 tttiud dlite ai is i tlllllk 1 r. Iee; and moreover I a1s.lre th.' the nedi ine. I have Iaken imakes Ie lit, and tins not injullre iy a Ictltll l.t ,.l t Iteretli lr, I advise. Inv f ii :"e sufferers to ! IIlct i% :t ihne Ionlli 9'cloek, A Mo util 4 P ti. I 'hey will find a Ittdo:tor for this eolNtihioet. JO)IIN J)I1N,I (;l.ra.vier street. If any one wants to see me, call Nt Ni.4II (;avil JOHIN )DEr1N. t'hw flr-.,,, l.'1 , l q, If . Ivii ' %/Ti If;,h IdOfiNt.oF' RnOYl.ET'T'S TAlII.IS: OF IN'T.ERL T'r: S 1O is , w A4tltd :l A 'verlget 'l'l eU Caleutla tor, or easy mltlo.ho] 1'-r finitilg the av'ragt a ime l lotnge. rotes ofi h hool r hills of gil'[. Iwhn u'r-i hc, 1.d t .lll ,luent IaI es, -n . liFfiel'nt el co its,l and ti'r at "i. :.o nts; i lbgesi a useful aid coi i plete i ianking 'T'ilnd Ta' l', the bet !htot 'a 1, e eontvi'ed, or that fi i i , e pr :tleh within the so e con.ld . .mpassI anlld .iz,= dtt t, pr, An a' t isemcnt in the book is ill nearly the follow. "I' tli' itslf, so ' e'lumonn, land so concl r silt, I hltlhinll is nlce. i ar .Ilt rllotle than l," ay of ald "I'1 fll l tlll I t;i) cnlrlllnsrll t t icw IIm o P of its pt - e lu'i ii s: 1s i'cinstn olle i, the I ltelr l , s s iven cothlo, d fI'on, nut corartdl "wit.dl what is equit vlentto l'oel' Iicn set.n tllatle, ex miute in the pi kinth O five tihoer, :.d pirited Ir)m *otereolype I ates tested ithlirt\y-one linles tio ell which itmost bsi eiidelnt eve to tie skti (e. el tilt, ti Ic Oi tihe ee- I td " proof till the orefoe) thct the wtlrlk is Im nlitl - I leth oally inall n, and ,l sl 1eolh'lmot On of ]his beli.n a fis mli.n f tIw, ro lured and Pifti dolai, tic s now offer elim c'- ll lhle lt lir of alll e tlT o O cent ill thle e lll o r onlh t altillt, nm bx w,.se aL ill tle shre owaneI ttIhlngfire .areL.e pel"c !in s -e'arly2 foll the can le er'm'or ainceth.efirst i;cic i in.thSites iya p li 8e112. lly duin thd ()lon f eIo most eonsit al-v s frentsy et of tle tables is in he l rr:Mnge cltt o' ilthe ime s l e Amo r, whic

oill lewldiil.ns, I'lo f 'eeEaCnde pelsle. y ) iielli l te eirit thI of tle si, :a index e:11111o be ex.elle;i i and tintr saity It IO iosie wi wlticok the inelioesl cani Lt foutdleothe Ixtet of .lner:t luinses, tlih Inlt dlohlinl ol f st oolms i Ie id, ls COheVier oll noll enlll that ill the ll hea ti i ollrlf :n r e lit i m olt c olllt tl it d i)ltiei i busi of the iwori, tit lJa heenill Cistinguished b the hoholab o nlllainon soil) f' hvait; lel c lle ..iy, onslleringlie onie ht.l'gl ll Tlile i;-ailoralt, )dtestsfic orefir edition Si:aso i'Lci lt te i lg ssh edti ilhiioafollc g the t.ooule io in htal'tty clpe, cnscdrelol., io t s1.61, s he positive aeeitaey si o all 'e I the ll litecllnted llennst e rllol oil, tnhe to -most wlnd ' otd ok i tile wublk;" msoat certainly nn ) coton 01 ll Ihtmli flre ethio orfh ndssoe ext een , whiil inl the cl obeinisncl cpaOtilon has had tile samn e sum olbcrild varityv f htoiest ill tlte scloe iottlebor of editors no, ni.r olo itall'thle nmbero as is learly isen l thiile 'fit0tre ee. to]Id i l d, aslest anki soanodr , l a iths eeotried tnd iLrelel in tlil tlel thile snlu aon putlllc lfee intlley i 1 ti to 1 )us al bee a rn h ll lic gooully, d 0uring the )lon lpe0iod c 111;tc- ficit . ,llk.csyet ltoerrlorof theCal. et cdlatiohs les etl b~etl, I''otin in prilllhon-h eel tinu I 'lly ehal ited by the oller of very Iloe preinmilms Il t i t eresly adpted by all the eour Softt li t'\'l..'Iol to'he 1. ate as the d lae of icultlon for lltne iltulest," :ils llso by r liit o r ballk intelest, tllOellleil.s the book is LSCdl, and as Iay lie sero nll o i r n't, y.,iT Iltentle or he gtluri lbersnit, d fe of Ih SuEbisie ent)t Ipllltlsers, i'he bcit tlle lcend of s)l book, ti i isin /otsesi.tio ctfeveey goss of citizens in every quar. 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It sii llloleoel welsl kllowo that, by IS rearly check, it cats so elu detected Ilg erliiors, Ionl1 fter tuhey were C m/ ell) 0 0 oell the most a)lte 'ul t atl most (omlptelte ii 'ilntesr cis, tee dit y so ge nese, ad th. e absolute n essino honr it.lcnt , hav been exeniyely insistberd ann ti sot evidenl, l.ccel, ilhav been its adlltlngel, and its nl sivtigsc . ltluts sboel y.:11astg, whilst the1 first ediliest V, IIScSt'|Wee, anbco ) ult of lll'lfc dreom hulnddr olo rs esollle Iln(l:lle lopies mere soult 9 for, smllle to a gee t dlisteane. o7, iptl 70 r ;sitd ,it :iOis g lieel. iy tfioe its ttteablio Ia 01 lIt, pLicked l at flOlll $ltlto $25 per copy, ndier solme lp''SOIIS have retellt n dettclare, a i instannces o- rl'c],d hr qoted tlatt they vould Ipa $J.50, fI(00, RIII $.51) . tio a t tot II ne,tt be ha der pi~ less, to at illsividuag iine I.xlhtllltd etist~clory goalldl' to Se r ial peroan s|reoI e e.,t dIo orw;ih tile tlfillo o" l s el. vi ts ablte tilor, eIle "'1 b."ilg :, .el ivi ' ul n :I:, in Nl bliC offiie, II tolikawisevoltl u" Iof nonce, unl inlldeed Iroper to se ilte:t sit: los r Ikel. onie f stll sells'k .Irl1dls' :sl :s.speteoi:dlt "w hen of the extesct aind i ao tsmee o, t l. e ft ids, lhlltss f [: lhia a osok osets its like r e ls prst ls r t PI o oekIo ll. ell eeoheu dn lllet+ In, lmst UId inpte.t ".' tO; · , i h will , ah d al llll erl b"- a,' In'ri tt, llt OSt s, Icol~l ditou ui] ll . hisd ln corl'l't.lhll . ofll poo" slheets, it wol hd, +.h rlle to a eeI t Itlly, hl.e WIel, al ' L filor I. - Loh. expll a E 11111i. ]hllo e.It. Ira]| a iuable have lho v l, l c , ; t y 'le p l a n e s o f l i s wo -k i h e e. l , i t h a t t o le e l le 1t, tll .l htll eirmndu'w l Ll s Xllll a t e ullOl.ri slr.r xIlalmi - t( ii;::s. .. illat ti: _, fn' t ill' [emr taIl l benetit, they are (by Idntrrulti.enell.t) v.)la l y(e( kept in |oit place ft" special n 0l t?, v ·e·l t , whi.v I"narc· in printing. .ot withll usefl sates, fillow tile'cfeo, which, io It, btis 4ithill :ts ihe two preeeldlin editions, colntaill mudh inl Srllatisunll coleellig Ile two ]awful ndietsll of.uolnut i,-nlllter sts, tee dhy "s at' e. see, l iv. titiii€2111liiic)i ost o rk.tic whilh witspuliShed bll| eforiI THE FLORIDA LINE 2 From Mobile to Augusta, Ge*. leaves Mobile every day at three S o'tlock. p in per U s mail boat for Iloll's Leading, above Hiakely,--lheeae four prst ciar hes to Pensaerola--hrlenc satemhoats to Ltogr nage, w here the land roote ia resunmed-lhencel vea Marianna and llr..wnsville, Fla. Ulinbbidge, PIrderitowi, lirwkrtasville. Sauadarsville & Laisr. villeto Augusta, Go, catinreering regularly with i the rail road cars to Charlstron. anll the lsteamt tackets to Now York, N.arllk, Pvilndelrhia, etc. The saeamlboats are the best for the service, and the eIbviatioi preeitsa more advantages than Caa l be found ulpon anly steambloat route in tile south. ern regior. The great improvements in the route have here prodoced by theconstrectina of fifty miiles of new road, by the protprietors, via : from LaOran.e ona SLeaniyette Bayou, an arm of Srinta Raito By, in Bryatt's Ferry, on the Chnrtahooechee river, tea Smirlta bove the Cowlrd, or 14 above Celar Ilutf, ' whereby the navigation of tie rivier, and the con erraenli detentions, and mire recently rhe incon venient crossinr at thle Cowilrdl, are entirely avoided, antll a fine road fromll Mnrialna direcl ueto Buinbrigep, iistead ul the roundabout ralid vin Chnllahoirocliee, lessenain tiIh' distance sabout firny mriles, and it:rtlasing ihe facilities more thul; onco a ndy SAle, i ernach line of two horse ralges every other d.y natn Hllwkiiavlaie,,is P.rry to Macoa, i.;I, uvi, necting with tihe lirnu to Savanllah iand aDarie, Gent. A mail atellltoatl Ilira reghll;rlv between Bainbridge and Apaltaclicol. 'Irav Iih rs wisl:irg a to reachl any polart oan Clolarlon'heu ior Apa.ochr c.ln, e.i trakPe sitrole .oet Iai 3rolw ville. Mobile to Pensaioela-Land lRout:-During the time occupied Iy the repairs of bates, the proprie. tris of the Florida lite will run a lice of ltou ll~r'oe pret coaches every other day betvetn Mou hilien'd Pensaeola. Passengers will leave M.hilt at 3 ro'clock p m, in the U S mail boat, and proced to Ilnll' Lland inr, where a "lour horse coach will Ie in wailing to convey them to the excellent huorae of Mr. Clrarlhs flall, I 14 mile distant, where they will find pleasant scltiOltlodtllonsa for the night-leavitng next molrning, they will .rrive in Penesueacr.le ter in the evening, thus avoiding the discoiimfri ul nilhlt trivellinu. Oiice at lle Mans.ion llutwi, MtIoile, and Col. lin t' Illtel, Pensacl'l , where ensas must be sea red. I''OCKT'ON & Co. nyv I PI'ao Forte Itnsrutrlon. 1William Smotrih Lteders his servicets to the citi. zena of New Orleans as a iencher o0 the pilan forte. Mr 8 having been emlply..d several years as a teacher of music in private uitrnlies In B t slon, lind al so wrn ll Ivrlf thefelllnle elhilnrei esin its viiltvy, canno t ibut hope to merit rtheir ct n.dll ce. !I, is p etmitted to refer Ite elv Dr CI. 'l', MS Steiaol n& Avery, Hllenderson & Gai'er., F.,r terlms &k please apply at the boukstore of Al'xanldr'Tl'wer,49C I imp at at 2 Druges and .Aledicinre. J ev..eot has lnhated Ihtnsit i I this city i)lr the purpiob of Iranictllr ig a enteral o\Yllllleale Drat b.siness. le is now reevIaini f a full siippli ol treash anrid g'enuie arti.les, whclh he' will sell on liberal ernti To eity drueaggils, and those ol the interior, Iat phyi iclans, lmert haints andl planllt, l hIe will ff r ind lce'nots sach nc itaie lraver lIe, fore bieen offeredl I this city. Ilia iot' tront i+ tto dont a itiely legiimate b eitnesa . It l rniIk till anon be c'ltnlre, cal tII a few weeks a iv l :a e rlll Il Ifr bu illsne . All orders trlin illte 'ourtr lll frln lmerhantl otl ' i. 'ty, reevivin;g such ordera will bi prot. ptly attended to. aILrt N. iNoCamrp t I OLEr? ALF AlN RETAII.CO).l t ANt) hA v 9 IlliTY STORE-at the sign of tile go:ds:l comb, io i Chlartles stet. iThe suhcriber, i hat re ceived, ina, .rtiton to their revious sti.k on ..d, a, full and conalplet. nsortimeint of articles il their lile; via: combs, perli'm r, Jiwellr., brushes, Inckic g glasI:, lI'turv :trrlch, "v . r,-tYcnsi. tit in i mit ac liflow- s C()i I- S--i rt,.ise shell, wruihii t ahl pium IiI.Ccki it, I q rilled back, lon round, dreCssin ,., site pa tll, l ,d 1eud net k, Brazilian emohn of every doa rir tiun amlongst which arc soe itlMexiean prtter,, lvol y cuntt e,'rv ' dalmei tiIon, orndre i lll and re t' teeIcILeer ith a gent'lU I ti usrlnltlltofl rench ll trld A tnlricllt. IP'1RFI IMERY-C-iohnec, l.aei.ide'r, Florido, honey, Iys, roce, and orna flneower wafers of every size an i dc- I crl'tio, calllclcmrti d Cologne,, extrg.t.t'f- lcrgal , t, a cre mumps of :IIl kilds, shaving del in cakes sait ,)eta, crceln soea do\ Ward's veCetable hair oil, bears and al tiquedo. I reeto.'s sielliig salt., plain and perfRln d toilet powder,pcearl ipowder, po ler utll. clld ilxe.s pui. 11astllnlin .uts and rolls,orris and hlolnriua tootth wash and miwideli, with a general aseortmienlt o i J.\VF:LLIY-sc-n ee oaft latest tend mest fishiona. ble setts, cmnsistiing O cf white and red cornelia+, tinpu, i ' ict eardrope, set in flagrae, hreaRsl pius of a gr-" ,r¢ Iv of pae:-. ec. watch triclulli.o, gili cad' tlckle , BRIUSIIES-Cloth, hair, dust ee.crumb,hcarth,ilhor, hat, esh, tooth, plate, comb( Nail, .-'aving, shice Sid w uitewnorl| hrnesimr. IOOKING (;I.ASSES-Germcn taiia ancud Icilit lass., cailge.iftin h and dressineg, ollle FANCY AND VA1tIETY Al l1ICLtES-French sincy cases w ilth snid witho It IIiei., . Isic, i l boxes, .e rp .trld pt alcir ell ed :,incc d I rnll. in r j l " l i'c-. i . d tl oii nayr. mltlen e s ll eall,,g attll nll p p to)lt "tILt'lidb s ldlthutt easli, Defclsiion caps. pcr,'.ladk cup rhc er-, hle Idre pyc'i\t y s, sho I eilt, c.a' lc bu , , p a th , Ii c.iu'., toi tera smits Indllialbeads ofl"e tcy bLaud, bells,;\lltl a plllln,, filennd colmnnlll knives, ruaz Ir culdl t sc r hO IS, Illi i lles, lneedlbes, s, pin ad stilver pad, l tld unilla c uspeca. le I IIrckt uckc and waiilletu i i l c ariwis kidls, isiting crhan aelacrcas iciila g cirds .i 'ni,r ktlghuitnu. alid .:.ner ic.dle ll tial tentulej deull.s, i lnlt I nat Il lt.l i boxes, prltn of varirltr killnld, :au: drllldmr.. I OllPI.', Il,.lnmraleo's Hlllnula' ansd Iorvrill'8 ri r str i an ap nd ilielic hiclnee, dilr flncy bead necklaces, do wtith d .r drpdetoy watches, pearl betonsh owler P lerlsk, emr, a-d Splin seed headsgilt aid cilver i lc , gclll i.tic i t-.. rtll-. i diora, lld garter.s, ilaui and swoi d cine., backgatllnioni hboardsl dice, opticalvienesijewsci.lcli, luoeco Icillthi sinid dcrinking cupg with a great variety ul other arti cse, all ofwhie ih will e hsold fior cash or city acceptan, ee on 12 months credit. B i1H 1.alrI.:St, & .;o. 411 71 (ilurlrcei. `"ll OrII --15UthU galiolr paurre winter d cSe fn.N Oil, in cnkr acd ihils, ifr ale Ib, JAILVIS&. ,NIDlEW',., w' Drugg ait, corlni r C. malllo l alld ITchmap lts silreP It. sI. I 1 .'Toitglcu \at'ucr, |trlu-iac-, &-c-A ,ic..Ul li oT troingne, put up IxprcsIV itr thle iltl'l! trade; alo tile purcat f" enah Pt rf~lmrv, .lnbra cintctvery variety iot the toilsi, r Ir aih' by c . R lItEI'S & D'LANIt;. IV A iiNISIIES--I'ho Subicriirc, Iivn ila It el- a. h ccishcd a vrninr naianifacll Mr in w I rlci-ih is renad to lapply thm. lailterea and Iho public ie gbelIril, hby ihn3letal. or &ta il. Ilit prices 3are iuiti'.rliter, .aiii tile gatii. of hi es i gsu riiir tio aei u y taIn eit bruitc ' cIi Ille lfori teorv II bean s it Ih llh'Itd eli iii eXcilace . et cablehlnedllt i this kilid inll Eur. p. ''lloe. disps .tl Stic enll at tie corlher of Natceaz aunil chcllccitculls it, slcll be ph.el .d c ithc a fair catciale ii f C uv varnisc h the to try. leangse thie varliihers ari th , conelr Noi. , wrralnted nor IO e h tng e ell ill beuidiia as nler. The black varniu fr 1tores an ule aleal bel ,- cthimnieas. T ho tansparent varnish withot elle., &, prtc. na8-. II cr th N:\t Ie.I. 'F LOUic-3-00 anding fI an stcamer Indapend e5lce, ale l Sl]I!.YV id m'2:3 44 New clner. i [In i'tsl I -la r Siteos--'!rli.oa, c-ae the - genuine article, jilla. rceie d bly I - oct 3. REESEI & D'LANG, 18 Cnamp s 'tis lii......., iaoi r-OUIci ca li diea 1 hle -raea ci made all ofhmpln. alinre, c nd for ate" by , n 3 FOGERT &.IIA\. THORN, 63 GuC'icr sc I|EBH ;ARDEN SEED-'--Tee sullhst:llet kbegs o express his graleful thanks to the pIbt. Sle. for the lihcral supporl he hasaeceived since ne cncitmencd buinccicIas i. i city. lBeing s,-lu pro k, prietorof the seed itore, 17 C.umlon strt, ct hu t c not and never was me c iiin r any r ortlheirll seed t vel ter; ieilher is he conneced ith anv i huse i Sthis country--but lhe nssres the pnhblicic thit hts oi connepiOns inl evercy depirl l eic- f ll IIe sed bhis.c mllms, in Ihe dlfaletll if1 l. lupe are eqial io that of ay hcu se inC tih Uaeitedf'lats Ile ic. pl. p.lrt auds, plan.e, &c. trol ihd elle. .i Ixeilsiivc in. id recpc iptl-ai oierlcs 'in s'eslyii- iien l"aa.ner I ,di liincd, Eglanic, Siii tluI. ted ,ca ni therIr. " e it.:e--l.nd it wrill at i l clues i bP Io s increrici, a iit O is Ilia sIud t , ic receive, iiI addi ol Is. rsel . et t i stork, large nriical .f evry d.iacc tli t., rieNll- Ic trie cicth ii- 113I; als, egraflcd frfit Itre s, Il ail i lIi on qoahty, acod ifn,.ed dir,'ct iy t | ' . I)iDNN. N• ,.OTILE- PUB IC.-TIu undersigned. having o studied uude Dr. Sil.midc of h Charlcactn, Noth Carolina, ali fiir soma years hia a..sitail in tl.e practice of mtn ierne nd scrgcry, ha the ii.clcor cct to offur his pr esaiscl ervces in thuis city. ii Fin .aanrcc tlni ladics cud gentlimie n tliau the iiat i. pci- prompt attention will be phtid to the calla whichl - may he madce; land also oThcrs Iia services to tihe hie ioldcre ofiacces, beiilg wwell ecquainicd with tihe _disceases ceunmcue to tltcqic, having ciimnded ehtlnl in hie ougar ihnuso ill Cnarlesto.n The Ihnfoua cnti.bilpus pill ailctr tihe coimposition oI Professor Snltullette. ith direction, can he had aia the undersigned. 'inh ieiLct which they hiave ale produced in thia and olher cities, llae been cattended II- wiith the greatest suncess, to whlich the beet of' t- esrencet coan be given. Apply at No. 166 ,cag. sine stre . JNO. M'LOiIING. ii N OTICE--Tlh partnership of Kelley Maa.n &Co a e eof New Orleian a I ! c rrii &ii., l' Ntchez; Sen d iarris, Kelley s&Co., of R lney, was diss,,IvcI c l he21l sof.lav lat. byhell death ul Sacluel A NMaaon, at. Jne of tha parianers a .lie 0rllc. lea The undersigued, ntrvvin,. partners,w II be charged ita withihcccetliig coand cloeing Saiid usinee aafullows: LeviCi Harric will attendtu Ilthe eettlig of the businessa of of Macon, Harraci Co..i Natchee; and Itlarris, Kel iiL' & Co;,at Rcdeeyhic HenriyKelleywill atied tc b lie sottlieg cof t bse of Kelley, MaIl oa & Cu., at New Orens. ahen ofd ,Mserel ,mcu wilbe SThese cdcite cc ,.-ue are -ptmci . t .a - j acmingf ..iohqIt nec7ly i DOLBEAR'S Science of Pontnoahip recived,nd Sfor stale at their permanent Writing Acoaeomles No. 8 Chatres atret, New Orleans, 189iifBladway New York, Datuphine ot., Mobile. ltiiparticularly designed far private learners, and nihoels, and is cealculated for peroons ofail a ec. LHdies and gentltetan soe invited to cull and examine the systemn for thelaselves. Lesnons are given at seh bhouoes oas say ailt the euoveoielac uftall, aid to classes funned in nny part of the city. Ladies wHlt prefer itcull reolve 'cssons at their own ref sidences. Persons paying o .*u.s eufle ssons are desired o atterl, 't . «:C ' t i ell asthey wiv.[i. *i .3SiA BROt(1ih.R. ROWAND'S 'ITONIC MIXTURE, T rEN yearia ev not yet eolapsoed ai it was firstt ruglarly snluaitte.l to thei public; but it has attained the highest reputation; and has supt planted every other lmedicine for the Ague, wherev. or it has been known and appreciated. Already has it bana carried in every dlrection tlhroughontt the United States, and still realizers more than could hatve rbetcnlgicilated bly its s.tae tinc friende. 'laTousanllds of persons hIave not olt.ctll relieved, but retaored t., he.alh iad vigor through its agcn. cy; and tlhey now cbeerfully tcstity, at every op portunity, to its doidtd aind sullretme efllccy. I: is composed of such moaeacineal princilles as are calculated to renew tite heIalthly aetion of tli staul nae, lhver, and other itmportatrt diiagestive organs, ithe less oft which haurmony is tile imr nolidate calusa of the disceuse. It is apparent also, that it produ. cos an enllire chiang int the condition of the system, and certainly destrtys, the native liability to rolup sea of the alflction. When the Agne as attended with onyr' ctlher reampilai, the employment of lthe Tonica ixtu Mit will not interfler with the treat. ieUt of the otlher di-east, but wi l even afford as. sstlaco by furnlishing atrength and vigor to tlhe body during the course of treatment. Tiaose wirl make ise cl this lmedicinae tay be assured that there is no Arsenic, Barks, Mercury, or any othcr article in its eompiapition uaariecd V to the Ihuman coanst'attint; bcing enlirely a lvegetable extract; and they may bare additional confideneo in the use thereof, when they poerc,:ive that it has tile ar fe etf a gento Inlxatve abouut the time half a btl. tie full hl s been taeet--iln coascqneuce of which, there is no part of thlu medicin leftt to linger in tie bowels to caus: obstructions, and other evils, arising trom thie use "of many ll' the remediCes now olfetrd for the caura of this atlclion. It thas been used also ar pt rcoentive, by It.iny awlet were sub jet to a lperiodical reeurralct e of the Chills, and it has aIav trIab!y warded oli' tela apprehended attaca. Observe! 'Th P'topria lar, fully nealitied '. ith the unparahlleld tand UntVealI nIV luceess wlieh lilt Cla., slantly attended a Ipunctual andi raculatr use of the l'oolie alixture, in all catse of Fyver and Ague, teols warrnted in eng.iging to refrnd the price to all (1aso wn o iaive ,etl iOl medicine il strict ite cordatrle with the prtcrtlbed directions, without havmg been perflectly ratl Itatingly cured. 'The sutb.tatibern arte the wtiulteala agents for lthe South Western States, and have now on hand six ty cas ofl' this medicine, which is warran'rd fresh land genuilne. Fer sale at the iacu llllllnred prices JAlR\ IS & Att ,lllls\\ , noa7? ear ('animan k Ielettal iip l ,'.at. . lnciciscc y pit ctl I , Iotuiccua hotel, SPRS. .\iRYv KIIRKIK(ANn respcoelily an. . nounces to I, r friends and tl-c public genr. olly that shie is ptrpari ,di to acconltnll.,tt it l at 'to above estaccisimnc;t, and hypes fr )in her txortions o r,'nem r visitors Cotfialtrt,' I , to rc,,ivc t conliluance of' former I:-,voic. S1cu flels conti. lent that pi' 'r. s vcciting C t'i', t' ,, dlrc"cng tihe ie lier mlonth,, e.llnn t filnd betir ;Icco lllllll m i,lis than l . CLl alln r ; till'l , on mllr ,l hb,.r.l t rllls, Iler houso is pl iesntly Aitn lt:. , a:nl wc II scpph ed with every cit v ni "nCeI; iL i . to !c c rnic hed withc the ,ou t chloicr c i i rs, & ,t. inl sh0 lll,sh, pr(o.lli ' "llt Illtltg ll : h. waillltinll: (n her pI rt I to g tin, sau eir 1i- toI all who llu v lltroni": it~ 11 li. iSSll,i, 1111 I ,.o i: a Ihtel. je3. IIOLLU\'% WAII. WOOD l CREWS, SAD IRONS, &r. I .IIE hIllVELL WORKS COMPANY, N,. 2 938 VaSe, Iukoc sntcct, Ntc Ym k. halve l.ceivd the pl>lt season, ond: i irc coni sti.Ily rcvInYlllg ILtrge alnd extletlr, iv hhtlmll o to the st'Ck of the ahotv go.da, w 1, \ h w connsint of the ollowingc ilasCOtcctcnllt, sucitablc fcrT !it ucciil:cern aLind hollow re iof superior qulity, colnsistlg oL I abmuL 15001) tllc.i viz, Potis ofl .i dllucet sceoEc, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettlels, 15 i ze, front 3:5 to 310 gollhon, lietllo. izs, 15 'rcm 3: o1 l i. gall. c,, I ikpin. s , r I. s, 7 dit e'tsizes, Tea Kli thl (, di do Ski, is, c . 5 do FI ,I Spd,rs . o l D,~ .,:l . dr lt1Vc i c I, from 1 1 4 to -13. ict C'es. cVit cl. cc I i, I t tt i i\Vc"i d Scrw-, icc'c n ll gr, ,. ir , Jc ,oI i bru cs, Irmc S." ioch, Nu ci. i ti 3:9 cI',iI oI , CI 1 IIII FII C , l 'h)ty anld lllLU ', Ua lid Iole:S il l 0 I,:C'sH tIp ,iet p ic i.i. ;.u; I rutnt, tassortied, iu c ci cof bc , it 50c lbc fir A rotc it ct c ci T: u llr's and ,at tor'. Irot s, as,,, I tl. Sia , ll t.',t .s, Ic 1) tui n , ;::1ui ted fcloa 1 .i 4 tc o el!ls for P lcntations, steamboats, churches, &c, iIau . to Ii derO A'w stomanbuets and other mnachinery mnade t, r The l ove assortmeint ofi goods is particularly I Ircmnluend-d to thou .ttectco ofd SvCthctrn and IVeslor nm;rr lilts, and ar Olne'7d fir a sal It lon Iprices, 'I d upon tle mosll t l eril terms ; it is bo. li'evd to be t lle lrgesi t land besiit l ll'tmenlllc c vlr I dolred for sale by any oine eta cbh.icnent in c hlo United SItat,. S Merchant , hy iforwarding ic rque,/t by cmail, lca, Illllhave al pll l :d cnullll i, Itvtlh d criptionll of goods, pricsu L orn slll nO which ino c vialionl is Iver m ode, furnished bI y Slturi n (c1'c ii1 il. Aloll orders will reneive inuncdiate attcntLiot. N iw York, 1638. jii3 I OOK lINiTERl' Y. Uncier ihe Pc,canv, O cliec 7'! Crincp st. BRONSEtc A'&tfIOVb1ON b1'0 lcvre it inform ic ir cos&mlllllllr, n I the p ':'"ic gE erllc, I th , they have removeId Icllc ,r e .clcI,.Itc it c till No, 7i 2 A:.imp street, i imedi cily under thi o ic ice of ,h, lord rs in their l nI . lcving ruceived from the North a supply of pa Prllld I in tll in 111 A sup ori quI :l C Oll i hir l e mant lallre of Bi nk it l ks. they I llt r ith ir ser J vices o i't erllclllint and ili ler', whlo ,laiy tlcisl I r l of that IcincIi ; c id c IIi vin tcice l dvc ,Ic of isevera:l t.tls itli( l I e olltr lc Iin that IoI, y are S ltident iul icivincc s ,ilclfcccin to those wlol may fI h wilhe Ihlvirn Illslln l For I., nl ies, l rl cllsl ,c 11(oi c lthcciters, c Ips and iplans will ell pasved ir I olni. v. lnished atnt imounted in thle near s lllilan.:r," l at llthe shllrte=, no-tice. cPlinnnd fancy hindinc,c, ii all ltl vo rlieti s nil. i willlI"Nl l h llbe ,i ,.kn w at i ' ill" ihr i lte.lls'e h lols f 5'. cr s. cnch ' er c hctiit ld Ienhlnl have just 'cetver it Vert, kexh'llvt sit ols nil' e,.,, s .h d istli ol faubls and Iles; s Ik.ives of o'i ds criposn, Pen, ocl Ilk,-t, Il lad Sl ella r pul illnt ier br lilRaor, SiO i lots. 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M hDet ei J I, t o' a r C ay b e ry otf tea tCld e ,ivery Mod.a , Wedaegd T ae Lake Mall DSe eery uey Tlteday, a n yS ryr t MlA ~ ~ llt C J ere C.ose 21 bards Sy S p. M,' Clos every loMolay, .Veaedna y RX8PiiiSS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL DEI'PARTUR, DISTANCE &c. of the Exprees Aail, betw.-. Meaile and New York-leavintpg Moble doll' at 3 P. M. Northwuar New York daily at 5 P. 1 botdhward. Arrvee Aeeli Nortlvwardl. Dlste.e. '!'he. Rte lt!g Mocntgomory, Alo. mn. '108 tm'e 2 h 12 Im Colulmbus, Ga. 111 81 0 3ae Millcdlgeill. Co. 2 133 144! Ctutoitniao S.C. 71 ai. 103 17 I{MlitinN (. 51 215 22 1 ovan.nton. Va. 12 m. 55 at a Peterbot" \'V. 10 pm. 83 10 !at M l lchnlomm, \ a. 1 ftm. 21 3 61j 1' Frl'1derickntp, 8 67 7 . WVshiintn city, 2 pm. 61 6 i p , 1lnltimore, " i 38 41 0 Philotldelplhi, am. 100 II New York. 2 pri. 90 "1 1305 1431,. or 5d23 Nortlhward. Coming+ O twoamd, the time fe' six hour rles; eiog5 days tlo n ti 17 Iours. 1) ANAIVAY friJt 169 Cirondeler comlttr of Ilevi. L' sorcets, on tih aight of 307t of Aguat, slnd was etan ;ho Ilat lnornilg io I'oeldros rtree., a negro buy iumedl Altl (A .IlE, tiobt 17 yearsrof a.t, sail 5 fe or tbeirtilviotlo itt ilielt, vere buick, att id 'htocas Itped inen1tt il iv stleech, one of lis lo es is sore, ocenoiaLed by it recet llul l et [ I lll .tdolttn he went o1wy t white c.xtsotn l r linen s irt ntld white eoiton leataloone. -esIhii r .vooesela titnd ot( tmi bolts ore cautioiitd a giioiat Iecvititg ot .hlrborlillng shitl nlegro, s well as alt oilher ,.arsons, at 1 Itt lnsot ritnsr of tloe law will be enflirrcd sglinl h 'lltk. T above rrtanl will he p heah folr(ltiovr:.tlt hhll iltii t l Vt t tile ilts of'riihr oFelhe l litttilhiiotoiiooo1 it 169' Croiodelcl, cturncr of lievi. stea t. . _ i t t'l:-'' cpin'tnierseil, lheretifure unlating JI lnder the fir'11m on l)lid 5 Gormrtsnn, has bes, lissouledl. 'Ithe suhlc.riber will liqtidatte the affatir o the eoneern it, thbis ity, tidt reqriroes ill persolts ildeb. Id IIto, ituke ileVlllctll tq him oil, ald all thosohavine tolaiisi, toijrvulitnt ltenirforsettetllolll. nitag t;-,t IH GAIILtrSON. CAPTAIN MAtII'YA''I'"S NEW NOVELS IttltWit the R.efer by ttt aulthor el Peter Simple, do ill 2 vIo S, Cutomiois, or a W'inter nt Solehss Ilai"lilI in Loa . tivrit, by LClttit UBasil Hll, Royal Navy, F.L 3., in I Ve.I Lord RIoldl,, a romancet Iby Allo Cunningham, I o heppIIard Ilee, writlt v l iimerlf, in 2 vols. dit Cml,tetiotrrs llisloryJ. :tie,, tronsltod from il. ar l Itia: hihan, b1y Nathaniel Greene, in 1 vol. for iug No. 79 Iof llttri'e 's l.atily Lihrary. Volt.:I &. 100f theli ll i ct leotttie nIad uniform edition oif Ioiroshinlto Irintr's lIorks. Rtovr's Ireto / nod Etglist D)iclionary. in e vol, 3v, u;,B its I'e.m i e anld E./ish Dictionacry. AIls--A Iwo nmre ciopics f Coimbo's'hmrnology "litiz I" l.. iris crvYIrIe Comitptses eefsaperor qea ir i th hittt, Iillnd IltHllalsf 2'1-.4 nd 2 1-2 ineheo Iitl'tc'ititproedit itlaie l'tt uljsjtlluittell oppors, weight &e. &ce. &r. III It iCalved, idi for sale bV u;tl BENJ. I.EVY. I'INNO{t:I 5' I1O31E, &c. I'INN1 ('c'.I Itl'ltOtV\l) EI)ITtON OF DR ;,ldmith's AbIdhlintet of tte llitourty uofl,4mi i.ii, lltti ll I e.i i t i t, tot , e b; l ith a; It-''!'at I ils.{.ry' et,,, g;""l. variety of' ',duabhrinfoip.. iiIn i Ion o (]( "Illlole not tt" oh, w . ti the Mantati ltlstitulim t tnny n ,(] ti',ili's, of Ih ReIoman s; with mi II'I't O IlS Liolgl , a hiB 4) ItI an ]listseiCal N. tes; and qteol lios li, ' lllcl:o iiti :ilt fI ctd Of Citch section. II. hltre xilh I!:ii th vir'tiitttaic irluoi by Atheraon I'It i'aii I,l+li iit ifttljitiioft )r uitlttiithl'i t Iliryt or l o,;ll t[ll~ I'l I , itb l , iit of J tuiti C sar to tit* dt;lh" f th ulirttt ;d, itotlb etctittilittio to the yen ltl;t2. \\,,11 'l !,*,,.liots ilr ,eXrtl toatip. at otil iend o tncll. r ,v , l . i ~ t. 'e "ol it Vl:itlv of vlhnlualu ilftrnln lilll t (Iv-ca tbiol Acthu tiltwor, tCoil itgof r hlg1le o 'ti n0010 0lp'[iq, .'crN ·Keigl Iti id elniunllt Nereone t'lpi '" a t exlllm tti n); t ,Itts. Ie, L r t he. Il ao it'rs, manl erslll 0100 : Itlllttlo it If I t fi litt po 0ot llt lle.A tot 2 tttloi tot, . i.C t & i. ttlls daotetd by many ange tit',.'r o A'I nt bOo v l on Aor.dgmee U 0 , li.l o N+%eW 'l'leimb, tna mte Uto ea of Globes. N12.w Jut ll-rcCai~rd anld( for alh' by 1031 M'KEAN 000% 2.1 corner l'Camnp atnd Commlnon ti It3 "1' CLSSICAL LIltARIY. i Ot I I Ii (;i oiit, ol Io I ItltPlli Lrtancita, I) l , witl S itip,1 C .. H iiiilitiiiin~ititcnitt, an eofvrious Ic ', l'. i, Cio I'tv I toll ,n Drydeo i',ie .l\liti'oi, S til ' lttihtettrtu. (i Vtkefield, l;trsta oif;,,.. II toteu m.f ; ih l,., 'llic-t poufta of IIt 'lldll tll"~- l'~jl the , p (] i lt idos Iei s t l "ed 1 b I. . . ll ,,in o4.i. tn'r i, .v .'+I"Cil itt [ o Yf "ioaae ..,ol,.lr , . it)r , oll :t ,ijilite ,it le lii tlotd, by Ti, 1 ,+ It.l ", 1,; f. tlv 0 ,11,,r l , 1 l tole I ly G ato te 3"1'111: ;ii'l... i';.t " ,h.,hy tir,'"0h0); r of "PYU IcL a aa SI'. 1 I, '; I 'i t~ll;' t. ; I ,+ l,e " 1,,,,,, as "PaIllas" .r 4 "'Tie I),- , i _ ,P,I ' ,., l.,,t:/ cL: Ia ool i% o In,. la'l+ , i. -b -+.11 e+l.,"; f"."* ,'1· ,I, ;,,rhiuntl IL.+rlnln non i r ruler I ti I .t l it I thW I' S1'11', rtnl c d httrcnnt, rerteded bull.iPss cns i'' i 1tfil-t A cc. va.r v1 tnit" ilstlr-a +i l J c . Lt t r of Tt v ll ,,t ie ul "I r sn W ll, r ep . eltill1 sal hcits a share U tC l ltnollU relnewal l tihe f.voras ,f hla lTtri r C ttnlllll .i. "the entile alte k at Dfu , loulr¢ e st,: l t.l u t lh cv rnelll es is fresh and ,oarp(uilteu hced. ''it i iowluWng uity are par' o a, , '!i:z ar,,J 'arnti g Powvders. Y, nsit li dr, et'ug a whllstnllle and elegant atiatu ttlrt yrtae,, in rctistg brnd, buckwiheat liu, i', IT, a;vPsceut ..i l aint Apperient-a S,.i nJ tr. . y live I Iysi Pesals or ndi. ;trslh~n, utvlv, us dlchlllty, gtiliitre-e, headache lill ~ IIt l.t tci eeIul cuattvenese , atse. C' atptiralta ['. d Eltract 1 sareapnrillta purilt lit li th+tlue,+, &t kt do 2agd teues,% &. I *"vtllllit r m ', ll cl s a nd V m/rIkll ; rilitih In II,,len,~ a-ie, Ottdedu.c, Ac. ,lin L,q,,,rie jetil) aIld ntmlanslliv paste 't'uleh ro.r N m P~ TI'r te,'r.s urotnicdenteri ire, cl l l II..,r lae , ada piff ald be les, 'r,,uc': ra;n,,c' d-nlrditie thlXieit oottt wash pow der ll,11 tttad t.i.\'s, Prelliicr'a eallted and liin Illtl ipovder. pllUttltllllt crlille do Parst, Ohia.:ct1 -', r se, Itvrndar sfid trida walters, t,i I tiie rIlqi,,t , Iltta tid'a Macre, sarOil, Old. rdAe', h,,at ofC ( ulihia, hbett's i, a variety of lcltler alnd [,hr mnatches, indlitu a moarting Int s1ptia r hllr t!k\, tilt-, c. L;er"uI and reflirned w h-e etit. Ith'se Linimten A It, al ansorllateol o'i]atrlurn'e ar!en See t" oc 2 - IEOtRGE JONES a - iItt w lNt,-'i'ij\id ltX'l+U E, Fit'or wreat ait and cne d of the lPaeer and Agtrue SI'M ailI aoeti.ri. dits, vre+i tler iathe 'Tnic MI - a. tiore istnl crit to the' ordiara intelda ol trealting Seir ad tAte. In tile first pleni, hang aoVege ahle i :xtruntet, td free tliti aiy deteriosa anat poison tIe incrediilctc, it lltalV ie itken witd tite 1to11st safe. aeve h, the enderet ifadr, ort aged inralid. It pr., lit'lll trapeill int dtieaat, .eoaeq aantly the coeatite. a, t s ctin regains ita worrted ltt.e atd aefivity. It esteb tlts a iitii. 11 dctaiet altrlllaptlllttl ty invigorating hCstlh llnahs give·s e reuse, to lheeuj'oyme Isoflaste. itce ii attali ar t ill b ttinau I aullrativequuaity,itremains u 1 ;irtle bowels Iw in crease Illis disrdcer, or to create rltherOtiiaus. at tll thtrllghly e ult tsee the sreneral attas uf digettioa, ruatl ti benlitis the aJays:aem wl ll ttlllever lter allictio , it ltt hbe oppressead. Eldivituala, afer the .r oif tlc Tool, i nli xture, Ilea I,.n expoaed to ol tIe L" : uaI cseaC af atie dseoase, adi il ove ct. l cild s olo,t. a m fnuel r 'wolreea lby tt tt. ct' r'th , ,lttic+. thtet i w always cre e at ireti l . It ali i y t Wi r ace. T'e danger If lietel -,lttttt i thit e e a, is vetr evtid a t, for tile sItatuI, witll in batcoae . Vta m'lc; praoetatam to te tble til r.el witb, :ediin', turd speedily fall a vii ilt] tI -e 6 i " ll l'l,' ilnt violecte T ' 'o To ie %I tlifli is ltiit'ellttitiitt, atltstable ricc, tia taptacet itwtlin it, ,,ei ,h ,ti .. a t. -st . i. . I,h, pttttr cad daesituts ore ttlby a ttrerhed withi tat sist 't e witiht solicittag l Iti il td Ic llllallcat whic is qe inq Iatty delaed to ' letetaulli ernt c.. ctltv "ia ,tiad agaansall etpa. ii itiatic ttiuo. tut chis tdiei,, that are dailyV offeried It iSatelitud ctly Ib ttt. halt t. Itownad, athis +le , .n or' , I.+l:urt iseý"n I'll l ,el ill' l ll iho a t tll: trC i ila i' le +lllletl e L OCnO for tIh SothI t.,- t...ut, ai. d tailla Ill ie y i tie caa., at I'h t,eiljlt a ,,riles. '1'- , be Ilad at retlil -lels,ut t iltiae iAptheari:s in I: cilty. lt-'Ia & lANDREW)liiS, cu r C e( ll l n & . ' l'chE b p io tll n s I "b ARI.I.; CIIIMNEY PIECE WnA€.Nuvu. - (.lutounhuuaus sLreet, iI'ptiite te I post-oats. rr eu riic:rs'r no reeavig frolll their fita tnrir il NLew York, atid will teap conatanlly on and it gentral assorItIelt if .tarbleO Mantle Pieees C.tupcttlctr W'llekiltlltlpll, cnd of' ilo latst patteren Intaea oa thie beut Egyptian, Italian, Irish and Atterctcn ,,arbio. Ala,, Matonum nts, Tombl and 1.rave Sitoncc, Iaruldcd and plain aills and lintels, nlt blc licitgs, Ieal the an d boundary stonO, plastes ol'Pariu, t R.t. ti &11, Icratlie CamOnt aid Plaster. i g Lttir, tolgetir with a aplendid aesaortLtnt el E ass mlounted and plain Grates and P.uasia Iroan rates ofltho newest and Iusat approved patterns. Loletteriing doaut i thea neienatc meuacor and at tlhe rtost notica. h'ley Ilavo first rate workmta t I ' ta work. AUMT" ' AIN & STtROUD,. 1I.IDELL'S NEW \VORK, &e.--The American I SEnglandi, by the authrof tA Yoear in Spain," in vlutinlers. Neoble Deedsof Woeen, in t vols. ThIa Youag Wife'sa ook, a itacuat o moral reli ous unad danesat dtidties. Jest reaeive4 aed foraiae by W3I. 'KEAN, 1 o!!lu'P le1 ' N-Lr-irui 1'lohililh de, o S