Newspaper of True American, May 13, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated May 13, 1839 Page 2
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. nr We.,llf will lct n . ahege gash. ene of the ±itwen os. old oecrpor Q i hhl. Hiendrods of the n tlos nduostrinenly elrculate S. h .e g p by men who wihb to oill etwho dei.reto dol money. The tl 1 bill in the Sepate, has only served t Lt. sation Tochae the political on it fall elertiona. the delteminlatto 0b0eaie to be fehooite wdesd of in .e.are more lerl, bat no reliance was lley. lee capitalietm were not very slldil men debhiig ahead. The spring .r.n of Mln Woedhbry relative to the trean -He sny thaime these re now out ofu ld 4e1 od tire mw ieo, unde the at of thl g a. eaggrepgntt of government o4 tUm rS tentO days after the opening, s kaVeeed thow samie time lst year l .lpi forb. the Int ten days of April, r smst. ima this year 40,Ol tellwhig from ear Sunoday morninlg dition, .cle of a.ainr yesterday. Satlrday Evening, May 11th. 6siig djrfb ao. t half million of dollhar, be i.dalnmt then enoe tUlnod by a largo . et , In 'etnlemot of its afairs. We ae eedry tb whee amount was paid. and in b l reasal to discount by the banks, to t wu done in the cotton and bThe eoatione were for choice L and M t t ood air 17 to 17j; fair 16 to 160; middling e d to 15..Sr Toenneense, she etremes were 17 I rTuohaco. arnmw.s.l tlo 1). We . ulItaiaIa ofthe staple anlelue. Sugar b .a.In9 on the lerve Hagingl to 3: Rope o 4n 3 to Corn l0n m 68 Flour 6 6a to 6 e ,0 ,S.Alae. ntmele, 13 to 14: Lard B1 to It: Rice 5S t Y lo htrabled at par to 1.2 per c0t slil ......... I Wauhingdon. Alil...... .ek, dn. .......... Cioin ati, May ......... Sdo .*........31 I.Iouisvile do......... 4 ol ... 3 1d. 1.ois. do ..........23 r,,l........... Itlverool,,l r Nor.........28 (7 a1xs) May ... II Par b ............... r1'. n ....... "...t27 ll .....2... .23 I I' OF NEW ORLEANS. CLEARANCES. Mny 11, 1839. loLsLr, lc Nowtpork,. Mtertt It i (on Iltoipmoo, LnlrtaoI rN.. Yo,.' S L-JP WI$ktoy dIti reoo, L tonoi, for Liverpoil, Aist alec ' sebnttesu, oVtsi,. for Havre, LHs loslon lkllr flieo, Carol ,Asir Wmttrannlill , Mort., t "'I.i Irsnrel, Lunt, fTor New York, l Rndfmrl hl i--Nrbir Atlontir. Wheeler. fmrRalvesn.. ,M..·ar U Jig FrAutlli, Smith, for UaIlimore. ARRIVALS. "`- r buiLa t Pont Rd I~imbo from the 439 7ohoM tnt, tYobn~~t hi pasose, i,,; owel ero.ibil bresla,. retlotd sts Oity *ilh br shipl.sry Hliss. Ea.tdrlo dd irhr W.lcott Left tht N E hst eor tho OSA Rprt no vessel in thep ooloyo hstthoil t river:' tihrhk -lieh Smith, 58 days from Liverpool, to Go.. PS1erd. 2dys from Aloiloiqos, toC DI l41r~~omelMosh ad'ýpl orto the Mae ..WUeIoqoi.tApinor, Sdo ho.. . to Atstcr. . 4g Jsooj.JMoKenslefio Atloakpos, 1o Wood y Si.. ~"As9 itsiit Pblno. Itiotot fnrom St tIl..i· - eil-sg 0BcrJkesr~ lldl. Powell, from Sllanchertcr. sapirr Ellen K~irk map, Iles. frm Nashville. 16»ma Rillinul. Wr~t, fromll Itnyou Sere. Oltoitos. Alriltic. Pnrry. from t 'o.tatooioi. lusoso, tiotioore. Ltntell, lnrom Optloust.. 161Y16iar T,.be. Cius is. P. to Nsichitoihn. .gti Pitt l Jonis. Scots. from t, ield. M1al O Empre . Rosooll. from Wtot Port. 'EXPOlt'o. ~ 4 .1V29OOL ?ser3Lý,Trrgnj.. .Cogtt 4980 isitos of cot " .: Per skip Cogr.. ...Corgo, 1465 boles o. c.o. Yon. 21KW ship ttsasot..Coigo, 591 her. Ier.d 10.906 pitlslod, 44 fads tobacco, 26 hbte. cotot..n ad ar·. r..,.P.I f0rig Lt.rel..Ceguo, 172bl1pork. 9 hal do *1 VRE..Pershipp Cao. 1546 balesh.itoo, 105 At on. I bbl mhrthandise. TTE E Csnr gClm.. Cago 1890 polp., 120 bee eu 3D his park, 3slskqooclt kegs nsils, 16 A P nstrhbniW.. .Clsnou. 430 bhdr , 3ee 0 J1V- .'Nr cheAtlanlic,.Cargo. sndry small lots 4is tontigsseo.rtobacco. all VRA (3RU .ne btlig CJo Fotnklio..Csegt, 250 holds og.r, IMPORTS LIVR '..erhip Harlry B~liss. Cargo, 115, oarr. wate, 5 tierce. porter, 16 ca... sheet copper, p01 tons cal. 110 hCO. oo lue. *IIAITTINIQUE..P. brig Edouord. Cargo, 310 piper and 1A4N cases. ios.e, 0nghi liqUO bog 0It c is ai estse to order. RTTAKA·t8'..Por hr Wioh:ont..Cepo, i2O0 hd1s1. pg, 700 Oldb o hlasstyii.iilh~l oh toe VERA CwtZo Ire, Adnis ti..Coego, in ballasti Cuculu. ~pren steCon.oo og.9 stoto, HIA*Wb.A &(scikMarquis.thCargo, 47O bo t0lo tte, ISttts ..5'st s5..oon 'Ricsrd..Ca tgo, 130 pors, 70 do Ih pI e, i do whiskoy, I0.UU bkIo posk, puest SFSOF P'RODUCE M Wsy~Ho ir* · ietsseYC m pdriosic..Cso, 610 his pork, A Per meemer~ck...Cargo 26 bales cotton, 380 o.14oA Ropesdie 45o, p. bides Liger re t 40or l Aoisnd nt timeous EI.o ihms..Csrgmt, 132 hteolot. ton Q O.4p1.oo itoogi lDenolols 3opAL ,:Per ire r~t,7 ahd olu.obooo.t itales cot ?ttsmoe oo.OtblosoosoLs, ntlr oot . 1`4"ao 11bd 'a ,slat Wa Pb...,, o 01 hit. sugar 41 sn,0 n Doon, Arc7ad it. coDIossome ' bdoios doN tIi.e o hu d ly b llood baon, oL3ohd Emio ..C·ro, 1107o DO pork, U e ods. rape and 5O0 pWigls b doilsti Ogden W . lo s.. iRdo I f aiou s , ad 1 f od r gnison t. 4W er on board. .Psosmsr tttk. ltiirtl..Csngo. 1161 hlls 4aac.5 piKU barging, IS rolls rape, :15 fee Jshesoa 4 eq 7 hds tobacco. Vil ballsl ot siitoMt Y fon k o,W21ble cotton. LCurnnce 4 4 ,S Wblaiets7f ru t Donhs.n, 7yso. Frito, o,. aitdi tob4k o., N5 AJ Dihoot os tobblo, sur, Pit. to dstbo, J D D oboadn. Pesnteamr Brillimnl..Cgo, 39 bolep cosod. IO Sbsto. 4 o, sLa.obo1 Thompssoo. C1 do, j R ee R doourdn a Ral&, do Caldwell 4 N ,4orader.Moeallol & Wright, 4 do Ha~rrison, tos w d Foisisr. BIlsoq E5sis, 08 Dhsls. S s * sundy smll utidu I loIadry consign P.or m dssa odtikor H..Cdaro. 6 bole onot. U s4' co I BudkgoWo.antt DioN. 6L Chew,2. 8 dý Wteas euReyalds, Byrn E c ,6Conl· Woa~ea liwner.St. la.L a o, A II Wallace,4 ILtotW0idyy 4o co. 48 Lambeh Ds Tsodpson,1 LaiShsod 4, 01k, 14 elps, bill beer, Pickettl 4· hook, sun owner abord. sG sItl mrI sooms..CECar, 3sst pigsoo d. I so.k 9 ,lt'Mtcas Oadflrs Laurie{ small IUD pigs lead. 'l t btu, 4. (tk· bco, i 4. bit tobscco. C Do. Iead J s wgkoy 4 o. 4W) Henlhow A Rod. kcid. Folldi·. I&eikcqIt I~eoles, 56 hisdor. W I hid lolo, oslo o. tJoytoy, s hils oby. -ý,L wt~kds dalNkndo A Trier. llfaakaeut at Walker. Oisdlssone~ P- s511r Welactt."Clgg Bowles, sold to Lambeth and %' ^'" gtdn~srm nprssa..D.ECDrairl.MeanD Porter, A " Miis `,Pfdo.M[mo, SW irk. Vanay. Il~alrd. C ·- h. 4XeY so. L Usable Itayky W admen.. May. MEMORANDA ýLsolk oboe. e dosao. Loft Louistlle .OW ' . . shtFoh4ot tokve sailed toVo. t ? ^' H MARKE 1S. '?; - - _lEW YORK MARKET. 't 'ý - Iletvday. Na 4 X4 Mehvebeemn dd at p~ peend; Tha· .bec 1056 9( U det withbml coeuhne. The .b b.,0 41 o ee11 bales. ,7.1rds !e"Ar~oa lol owr. Pinlu 2406 tons t0>13. 4 coos ad .null low at i ,. w. knees ben soldl l9S .T Itye is "5e41.,58.., ga1 oePneullie Hemp .id.Sfie(kI$t5h6m Nontrvideo Hide. at ri at dl.eeeeue Camera, londip. ` thl or; brad 54e. 5 me # .I e mti.o.. welftll ,o-1.IMaJO ridea.1o. Mlpcql. bslueso I. m ole., be. t.o .. fip art,n ofin h ede.IOO6 bde rRieo .4364 'i. demaod. but we w t OWrol. No rbee to, 4& t&lIlrolM atalut41 get i tied,.4mo. Braedy ebiseey bare hem quite 5.. Ii..n eag. .1t eteP eOe.. N. . lint.odobug Tbceuo of Whal. p jpir' oibctiieceiied by 58 4 tNe5 pert of e Carda, Nom. i .$j. 4 ý a 8 ~ 11~~! II 'ýý.w' I I I Ir . ?AZ P LUZ AND 80L.D N.IEW OR LEANXT ha MONDAY, MAY 13, 1839. The Virginiaelrection, to come off on the 2d ins,. of May, are more important than the political world ap pearsto be aware. In their result in ivolvedl, in our opinion, the question of the contlliuance of Mr. Van Buren in power, After the strong and noceefanfl opposition of the administration senators. last winter, to the hill lrtt- Pr ing interference in elections by the public of eers, ttiloes r0 not require any treat stretch ofiolaginatlon to come to t the conclusion, that the whole power and influence ot the General Government have been thrown into the party scalein Old Virginia. But we are not left to the uncertainty of mere inference in this matter. The Vir. ginia journaln come to us loaded daily wilh accounts of the most shameful corruption and unjustlifiahle conduct on the part of DMr. Van Buren's friends. 'Their mode of ht onllducting the canvass is in complete ncrordance witll a t the doctrineea. '. party. Misrepresentation, brow. 9 beating, and brih.. , re their weapons But, tlhnks to a free press, the practises of the party have been so to r thoroughly exposed, that the people of Virginia have (I I, turned an turn:ng in etintenpt from the unprinci- be pled leade~in a faction who etp llat nothing to attain " their eni It re;rfiUe however, to be testedl whllethr the delfc. lions from the administration party will be sulft ient to defeat its lfforts to secu re the ascenlauncy. Theltapathy of the Whigs whelnever they are most requir d in ele a tion conteats, frequently serves to neutralise the exert fa o tiohe of their leaders. We may safely calculate on ts inactivity of at least one-tenth of the opposition. The Conserva'ive strength will,it in true, supply the falling off on this score, and being directed by such men as Rives, Garland k Co., this corps de reserve may do much executhin. But the motives to action in the three r parties are so widely d.Kerent, and so much in favor of 0 b the Van Buren faction, that it is impossible to foretell ft e issu the isue of the battle. Backed by the patronage, sup it ported by the countenance of the general r vernmett. and fighting for the soaile of victory, the' Barenitee It have to contend with the people sho, enlisted on the side of correct principles, and forth to con quer unidertmeasureCsnontic lces, in such a cs e, are in favor of the men wo. pers. Iooking therefore, to the desperate eflo:ts of Itr Van Buren - party, in a minority though they maym actually be, we 's greatly fear lest the usual indolence of the \ ' will let their opponents have the victory. T3 There are Ihousands of reasonUs, II Whigs should not relax a single ny ing contest. The sub-treasuryo / .el thloutgh Congress if the mot)/ .tor.y. - This contilgency is well Again. the s0ccess of the Vanni ,lministra. Sion a U. S. Senatonl to,). next alx yeart , nlld thus t hebi to theoenr of liar in Vnn eloren she old d minn for another Olympiad. Wih tlh i passg of the stb treasury bill, will le llIparsed 'll the 1fir winds of I heaven all control of Congress ovcr the exectllive of the r natio:,. Wilhtlhep .po- ol [his odions bill, all lhe o enolluey relations t I o. a nagoitkelt project uriternal impre', - . '. ! :lcalro en lup. All (things are known anld Ilt ill the once empire srate, and ,hould the Whigs anl CI.e'lrva'tiv. l ,llieOly yield til,. i possesion oflthe SfllIt gOivlrnl enl in the hands of tile ' Valdals la h now ruleo at \Waehingtln, fthe old dlllliiO Swill le the near, t tlrov'ree 1 o tho I nnocrlt where he D may fied his parasiteslilc at pleasulre, and coneort elletoes for tile snbjlllgati of ulthr soullhern sovernigntics. I he u- Whigs and Conelvatives h,i the alnlllnce of power. it in .Udnl'tIed on ill halonl, in Virginin, lul until we hear tile tildings of victory ill their fIvr, we shell dreadl lest their usual su piiencs will ta:e their elnemies colIqu rore. L.A'rlIt l"f1tt.l1 CAN Ill The ship York at New York, frotj itilPligonce lip I f " uth" ol' ! . l. I lo Clhln'ir S .. nt~ o tllK iitia on hl oie: lld of Llecemnlhr aol tais has been the ca:us why advices hlve not been received in thin countly from Ch(ulina since the .3d No 0t- vember last. A M1r. James had lben caught ill an at ol- tempt to smuggle olpiln into Canolnl. lie was expelled Sfronm the port. An opium dealer had beenl conduocted ad to the ground near the factories to be executed in prc deo snie of theutiangers. A riot was the consequence The American fag staff was struck by order of the Consul, and the olicle lcharged wills the execution dri 120 ven away. I The Hong merchants refuse to lsand accilrity for fo ots reign ships unless the Captains will gonaralee Cthnt r, there be no smuggling of opiull,. T'lhere were nearly twenty cnroes afloat unsecured. Exchllnge on London 4s d. fThe Hong merchant who was the security il E the affir of lnes, Ilhad beel compellcd to wear tihe cn or, gnl, or collar, n most disgraceful plnishmenet. ald The new ropl of teas were all ill market. nn,l ae said f- to Ii shorl of rle average of tle last rlie Years. Yollng moo Hysonns rde at 15 to t0 t.-Gunpowder and imperials, d29 t 3o2 t.--So:chong 16 to 11 I. OUR WVEEaLY.-We are hapopy to say tlhat our oeek ly edition went oft yesterday morning with a rapidity even exceeding our most sanguine expectatioon. It will continue to be puhlished every Sonday morning. The next nunelr, we will endeavour to make complete. It .'ill contain acareful review of the state of trade in this city, p;epared alter the manner of the Englia h joutnals. Terms of s;bscription, five dollars per annum, payable in advance. Orders received at the Exchange Room, St. Charles street. From the Sunday Edition of Weekly T'. Americas. The Poland arrived at New York oni the 3d instant from Havrr, whence she depoated on tle let of April, bringing Paris papers up to tie 31st oftAlalch. Great dullness pervaded the Ilavre Cotton Market. The aggregate sales of tile week ending April Ist did not exceed 1600 bales at a decline of 1 to 2 centimes. Of this numbe, r were 1056 New Orleans at 111 f. 112 f. 50 c. F'ine Carolina rice-96 tierces were sold'at 38 f. The holders of cotton ask an advance of 5 to 10 cen times. Stock on hand 60,000 bales. No linistry had been formed up to the 31st of Malch. The King had propo.ed to M. Thiern to take the Lonu don embassy in order to break thlough the plans of the Centre gauche party, ol which he isa member. Great sensation pervaded the ranks of his party ot hearing of this proposition. The great difliculty now i:, that Passy, Sauzet and Dultaure will not enter into alts ministerial combination without Thiers, and Dupiaj I not go into the cabinet if the Duke de Broglie and Du. chatel are members. We snupeet that this opposition tonmen is only a cloak to cover the real objections. Mr. Campbell, the postmaster at Louisville, has not aneceeded in explaining away the charges of peculaton against him. Gen. Duncan McArthur. formerly Governor of Ohio, died at his'esidenec,near Chillicothe, on the 28th of. A pril, after a severe and protracted illness, Post n"ten of the Planters Bank of Miss. altered to notes payable on demand, are in cireulation is the upper conltry. On May Id. Mr. Bleaker auctioneer in NewYork sold real property to the amount of80 000 dollars. CUSTOM HOUSE COLLECTtOR. Denis Prieur, an honestman, has been appointed by hthe President, Collector of customs for tile port of Or eans, totakeeffect from the 30th Jnoe. STEAM BOAT AccIDENoT--'l'e Etmpress which arriv ed yestelday brinks ictelligenae that thie S. B. Mediator had sunk at a wood yard, above Henderson. No lives s were lost, but the cargo will Ibe greatly damaged. Iler guards were under the waeer wlmn the Express passed. ATTEMPTeD ROBBEnVe AN*D NoAino EscarP.--The Vicksburg Whig of fhe 711t inst san --We learn from a gentleman jtal from C(linton, that a Mr. Veiser of that place. started from Jackson on Friday last just 't dark, with $5000. About a mile from Jackson he was fired at hy two men, but missed; they starlrd after him on their Iorses, sid one conie so near that lie cut the pock. et-book containing the money in two, aoll cut through his coaon several times, ding very little injury except one small cut in the Dsh..I le suLcccedo 1JtFlr yMg.i. his horse about two miles in tleming them behind. The Arkansas Gaznot'e of the Ist says: that the river is low and falling. We are inseblted to our friend Capt. Russell of the Empress for the latest Louisv'le dates. AVING CARDS-Just received a few gross of very sprior French cards, samt very thin anod ,firnlechba by - I FEI.'T &c Co, ntl0 N Stationers hbll, 24 Chartres at REss-ESC.npyiieg andl Notarel presses, on hiand k_ w o.BRltehiea' patent lever Ctopviog presea ; aih .rew aln a large ,artetv otnltaril preseen, firat rate artiel ea and f ,r sarle by DAVID FELT 4. Co, N Y Stationers hall 24 Chartree at . NK--Just received from barqote kael. inri fJol o n and ln Sadi'lah.k, anI r nale by SA 'TOWAVll, 49 Camnp ti IT7~ :" . w Yoeb~ila.f law oreallinoe TDurfay, haing a large portion of her cargon engaged nod going on board, wdlt soil as abhove. Foro rem ninder of freig sIt or pasage aply inst. board oppositqethle Mint, or to P LAItDIAW i6 Campal st The Aubnrn Ils culrlllrdious apparmtsots for steer age pasangera, of ahicl a limited number will be tu ken if early application mode on board. may 3 FOR NEW YOM.i. Heltnes' Line of Packets. I Regular Packets-to sail of 15th May. i A The coppered and copper fastened pack ship AlRKANSAS, E K Denonis, mastepr, i iaving iter cargo all on hoard, will soil ci positivelyon the 15th. For the balnee ol freight, or passage, Ihaving superior aecolaloodalotinn 4 wit, state t metns, apply to tile captain os beard, 3 tiers below Io the Vegetable Market, or to A COHEN, t m13 No 90 Common tt t FOR NEW YORK-lRegular packet. Holmest' Line of Packets. To anil on the 25th instant. I'The aiprrior ncopred old enpser fastekod paEcket ship OCONEEI, Lyons bltaster, will osil as above staeted. For frelht or passage, havinos excellent neomnmodntirons, with .riate roomsr, apply to the captain on toard, two tiers below tie ve genable market, or to A COIiEN, 11t14 No 90 Common st -- " PIssenoeerogoe gotint if I, tpacket shit Repbl iaasu, for HInve, will pIleese hlr it tnod Ibis afternoon ( llodny) at fo'clock, at which hour s steam boat will be along side to take her to sen. Two passeolgi rs can yet be. ceoent llloamei. a113 P ,AI.AWI.W, li6 C(amp st FOR LIVERPOOl.. Tihe A I ship MARYLAND, Capt. Berry, can hsndsmnely acenmmodate six cabin pas sengers. Apply on bonrdlor ti m13 I.Io GALE, 93 Common sat - Ni)'I'ICE-T-hs lIetter bags of the ship Nestor, for Hlavre.ndelrhip :iidney, for Liverrtol, will ea taken 'erm Ihe Merehanto' Exchnge and tlt -n bseibers of rice t 5 ,o'clock. P. tM. tnl: I, t0 'tALE, 93Common at TUT recrive.d a I,:;ge assrllllnllt of sonloer stocks aJ of varioue. Iaterens linen shirts of fise qualiiy. GOSSIP & co, m13 Exchlange loteli, St Clhorles t EA O1TTO eIL--For eIh restorstion end glrotih of Stho Hail, giving IiealtI, k.noty andi prersenting its fulling or, rs:l at WM. BEI. L'SP er13 No. 16 Chartres Rt ORILERSl1.-\V ASINGTON GUARDS.- 0 New Orleans, Mey 13,11139. - A"l'T NI) sprcial neeling'rlis Evening, at 7 I-2 1 n' at the Artoory. iev order, ,1113 • ' M COfORE, Ist 1ergeot ('1 ORN--il bsllhels in lile ohipping order-afloet, S/ni l flososle ly J"I.YAVEIt n cor, sit 3 74 Poydroaet S SPL.NDLIID CHANCE. - - - nlVE SOll) liy pbClie no-tios,, on W\ednesday ihe 1/1th iisiUtait.l 1i o'elick, h weil known Coffee I I oseorigil FIREMEN'S II\LL, ill St Chnrles I irees, doig n xcellent Ihshinesn, and sill prove aa Roiil3tageciisosprio o a r.r rsoP will sioll Cal. - italhit bein, only two d ts f'rom St Charles ThIoatre, inond in the FLIIll will dIIo uwards of For llondred Dol Inrs per week Tb e only resoes fr parting wilh it is a desnre to enter intonelltler busi nee tl3--T,,is.iC..Is. IIAIRRY HUNT. ItOf -..O 7 bl, lnling from stseea boat Sanas. tie, " ale by G DO.iSEV Sm'3f 44 New I.evee EII'1. ANI S-.-0ii rlOls Ibr sole by l n 13 ti D)tIhSEY. 44 New Levee SINV';) ,tlL il0 -llisle prilie Dothi l.Iilsed O0 4 in ore onsol fir sels by J TIIAYEIL & con ni', .74 Poydrls st ct i ' .%N(II) i I'--I-l pile. llnllsiel Gin. in slore I el fur slel 1bo J1 TIIAVE:R& Ico e mi3 74 Poydros rt IIIl''I'NG PAPEIl--20O re;tiiii doubile asI 500 do-u single wrapping psier. in scire and hri sale liby .i J'TIIAYiI ' co, sa ilN h b llllll3 Al 'rlllE' 3i 1 (liil sl3 i tl le n13 3 11 31 i.avier .it 'e IVI.NI COFFEE--5i 1 biseg in ,, sre inien f,s il la e hy A 'l 'Ill. So11 l ,a 91.(Ii5 lil.nzint It T n lS,-i01 'si,., e;co.firi sole i SIAi 111,1L & IIROWN, l I Iultlillizi ne st L llE-13 ho'ihi'nmanis'. i-tier, i 'Ring fom 1. brie ,llw.. ,eld Iorssle l, - S ml.'. i' J P IWtl I'NEIY,'7 Camp' ed &J I' WHITrNE m1ll3 7Comp n: .H H YDItAUI.iIt CE:MENT'-100 barrels landing l''ruin brig Emoald, ilnd for sale bhy 1 _ . S& J P WIHITNEY, 73 Cat;y at he -- - -Nci'fh. vi' iOR sanle, a lot of Hon 15 in nliber, jntl arrived (rfil le.eitucky, slitnhle for saddlle, iartess tnd plantins, ewhieh wll e sl on tll illli niestr ti Fllt o purelinsers, by alilvinilica slhe table of I l Kelly, I a 18"lnii 11 (rayrieeslrcer, N. O. I JACOB JONES. N. I. Also, at ti, saillE slnile seiiveral )lr of line Ii nlntlcid'llnrsesi of dllierellt diceriietiOlls. Also, si'l illn e and uly i oryses IIlit wtill lie sold iat prices liIt i iil plena hoe theIht wisllh Isurclitn. m13--4It iV Ft KI:I..Y. m10:1--4t V H KELLY. The folloolloig re the Drawn Numbers of the Grand State Lottery, Cn.s :if6,. 53 2 61 f3 3337 19 II (63 18 75170 THIS DAY, Capital Prize, $15,0001 lTickets only $4 00 GRAND STATE LOTTERY. CLASS No. 59, Extra, Althllrizod by the Legisfature of hIli Store, To he )Drawn This D)y, May 13, 1139. ilt half past(6 o'clock,at Bishop's Ilitel Comnionl lt. S DAVIS & Co, l.lanagers 75 Numbers-12 Drawn Ballots. Splendid Schenme. 27,814 Ptises, amnunting to $192,133 Tickets $4 00--lalves $2 011-(lQarters $1 Cortifieate of package of 25 whole tickets for $10l1 Warranted to draw at least $48. Car ificate ofpekollgc 1,125 half tickets for $50, warroanted ndraw at lefsl $246 (I1). Poekane oi 05 Qailt 0r tickets nor $25 00 war. ranted to draw $325 For Packoges or sionfo Tickelt. apnlf Mll113 At tMalagers office Ii Clnartres te $iLOIiJ-1l60 barrels for sale br G Ilt1116EV, m13 4I New Leve. `V I FSKEY-151 bela r ronle byv i (nif G t)11)91i.',44 New Levee .O-LO-I NE WA'rElt--S 0 dotzengenu, e, ia store far sole hy "A 'rtI El, 21 24 'Gravier st - 1iIE11 ST'rl.I(iKNGS.-1O dozen Intdies stock' . llngs, in store for sale by a4I rA 'TRI.TR. 34 Gravoier st NIEW l'UISI.oI (3 .'l'---" pERICI.ES AND ASPASIA, by Walter Savag eI. n d er, E sq . flie Cabinetl fliiter, fly Mrs. Gore, authoress of file " ll ngarian Tales.'' E JOHIINS & Co, MIlny I eor St Charles & Comnmon ste ýI ·E I F LO U) S IIOf ANA.-Pariah Cou rtfl,o thle P oris1 nand City of New Orleans.--P'resent tle lHounorable Ciharles olaurain, .1 udge. April 27t1, 11139. No. 11,774. f1. Duolose vs. his Creditors. 'The cession of property by fIhe pellttoner Is hereby acreplta by tie court far ile benefit of tis credi tors, nd itr i ordered tha1 n meetilf of said creditors be held at tel office of hll. LaOoste, notary IpubleI, on Tlluolsday the01h day of May nextn thle and there tn Ne.liberate n fllthe 06 ttir, of 0e peoitioner, andi in tf. meenllir, cl l roceedinlg aeailst his propoerty nd per son arf.tllyed. It is furlther rdered, that Chas. M1. Carwiovi, Isq. he oppoieloe to represent tCie above creditors. Ify orderf Court. Clerk's Office, New Orleaes, April '7,1839. may I n I31w ARMAND PITOT, Clerk. TAt' IDE l.A LOUISI iNE--Cour de Poroisj poor ls puroiase fl ville dlo I Nouvelte OrOldt.s Preseot Il'unlural, he Charles Mlrurain, Juge. AvrilV7, r1839.. No. 11,774 M1. Dforse vs ses Cr6anciere. La e0s0ion de In profpi6tO pfr foeletitilnnaire eel aeept6e par In Cour, p4tlr le obnyfice de se ecranociero lt it ese ordonnc 6 eluns consillllelot o e o ndiml cren niers, aer0 Il0e1 sf bureau de Pli. I.acoste, noltnire pnbli, IlOltdi le 120 Mai prochain, nfi d 11dflibfrer em 1 oaffoires dn dit petitilmfnaire; et peodoant c telnp teutas porsnllites loetr ill prlll rIle sera skspendiel. II elf pius tllfdollnn qlfo Charlnes 31. Corwoioi, RoE oit l 11010 psre rIlpre1entor ein dits crfanciert . Par b orde de Il ('llr. ll0ren0 dul GrefiT, I Nouvelletrlf.fns, Avril 7, 1839, 1111 t AROMAND PI'I'T. Greffier. N. O. & 3NASHVIILE RAIl. ROAD Ci,. S PRING AsnRANOEMENT. Commenecile en Sunday, 5111 lnoy, 1839. IllIE Cars will leave for the fIiIEAT PIt IIlIEoo . their rf0tes to tile Bayou Tigllyue, every-'doy iII the wek--s follows : eport. RetuIf00. 7 P.M., 10.. 11.. 4 6G 'i Exnlet Slfoldayr, weill the oaed will run as Lfllo6s0 DIepartof. J een. 4 6 P. M. mny3 JAMES It. CAI.IIWEI.I, Prejident. SOTICe-Mros in II. IMvereux, Slanlfre actre of alol, Ceiollpr, ond n lec iron S100et , &cc. Iu thise dby foken fi1to partnershipf J31111 f0.0000oe. life 1,11si fies fot thee future will ,e n.onduc1d under tile namv 1 oOl11ri D LI. & Joh.n ,Daereux. 1 H DEVEIREUX. JOHN DEVEREUX. SAl'lrlesof indlllhIento Mo In f foreux willf please cll d set cnllne their cotitllo., ollrd thoe clviulg cilna wi ll-Oved nthnmftore aetdllsllhent e nv 4 D 1RLOR ORNA. EN'IS -n a 1prie 1h1, ~ 1 1(U1 Scuriosiien , for sole only by Reb s & D'fyfge, anff 0t PlouLlgh's Mu1s0eum. All telre Iorlnfoents consist 0 f the m011t Offlene lid spfcim0ens of oflin.inloy B111 I Eurpe0, Asia, Alricla, a11,d 0fr 11n country. App'·" e nll o tes a 60 dinys wi he taken at (1 IIAMIiERTIN-161i blco If hore fIr 000le13 G aR22 A TIRIER, 31 fIMENTO-f Of bags flimclntlu prime qualify, ill r,8. J 1, , IUI .1, 74 Coap i, B RANDY,-An inv of lnoperine Br0 ettage 15 of 1820,Tor naleby SHALL b;OWN. N l, may I 96A lagzite et IOAP-20l boxe Mahrit's brand, for h' . may 1 SHALL & IRO N, n.eet SIE-tI000 bble Thmt .iI and for re I J saleby l S& J P WAI' 'Y, nmay 73 Camp a lo SkLIKANl: ' i.ITIOGRIAPIllIU PRINTING OF. FICE, 53 Magazine street, opposite Bloks' Ar- fe en. i - W GREENE takes plnasnre in annouoneing to his e Iriendi and tie citizens of New OrlenGllsrtn le , as at l lergth biouglhtl .itih-grlphv on a par a ilh coplper latei pl'tiitillg, int froml tien, litilitia tile art lins over copper Y plarte e ngrlin t he canll exete aIll rdlre eotrarstrdt r or in, st one lalf tl expednie of engravnIg and inearly s clkeap as type printing. dr Melrehakntsawsshing Circulars sent out in their ownr hnnd writing, can Ihave any quantity at a few howrs Y notice; or they will leext ctedt for themr in a Ieauiiuln atyle, nucha haIs leretofolre given general satisfaction in toallthe Itnot reslpetnale commision houses ill him nts city. iGentalemnen dralirnus of having Visiting or lusi- to tis Cards lfinished in Ile test miannrwiloaril do well liIto cllition at he ,tfie anlid nee speciniens. at Fetb. 1, 1839 N B-lBank notes neatly executed, and circulars, irintd at one hoar's noliea. NEW PUII.ICATI'IONS. W IS.DOM and Genius of Shaklnr are , o y Reverend 'I hnnomrs, Pride Cllnversatioll t.n Nnrare nrtler Art, witll etts lterling and Perrnddoek, or ,lle ligi Mindled, by lr antllor of" Tr'emntine," tce The Spirit oflhe East, y 1) Urqoliart, Esq. Elvitn, lie Naolin's Wili;, ly nMrs 7lonklalt t Sir W\alIeer Scolt's \ orks, with n Biography, by J G I.cekhurt, cltpilre e in 8 orll. Jlck She rpard, st nt her nrommtnce, y W Hor, Id I-ircn Ainswonth, withl nnmerous iltlutrtiottet Nicllolas Nicklcty, inumbcr t I F. JOIINS & Co, I np 17 - en r St Ctrles ndt Coninon t tnt -'T. 'OF nItUISiNiA --Pnrinh Cirt, or.It t Parish aondr City n iNew ()rless--Present lte lon-l m rabler Cltarlt, Mmiatn, Julge, No. 1191 Isaacn Eaionuel in acluoal cnstody)t. Ilta h Creditarns. Upon reading and filing tile piriio n nd oliedule it this II case, it is ordeled thait a eeting of tihle petitioner's cre dilrs do take place in olren conrt on nMondlay the 97t a tofrtlny instant, tle nnl tiherie to shuw ems, if atny d they have ,r can, why Ihe said Isac Etlno unel shouldt not be diseharged acorditng to law. It is fili'her or f Idared Iltat'lt. IIntt, Esq. hbe oapointed to reliresent the I nbsetlrlereditars, and in tile ntanlmoe nIa proaeedlitgs It gnintsl his pereon and property are tnyed. Ily order of lie ':ouro. Clerk's office, New Orleans, May 4, 1819. Iny tId AM AIANI) PlITO', ('lerk . *NTA1' D: LA I.lUtI 1ANI-CCour de Itworiote, U, patr ln Poroiese et Ville Ie ta Nouvello Orleans' irceirt I'hunnolle Clltarles Mlairian, Jge. -o.11791. olasac Emnnel (deo teu) vs. seF cr(inciers. d , En Ilantl et p eiant In petition hit etition nI schedule dltns ce cas--ll erlt ordolln q'unao nsscnlhlile de er'.. I anciers lrn lienl, on pleine .ot,lr. Llldi hiit7 Mtoi eia rant, onlr dtelorer les roirons, r ilb ci iat, pourItlai I t e(dlit Idnan Emanuel no Rera it a libhrh salonr lia It, ct iI aplun nordonn qitne R. Hunt Esq. toilt nioIIl pourI re. t p'rcsenocr le e crbanciers nbskene, et prendant ce leaid, i totie procedurc eolllrc n persoine oin procprii('tlc nera aeuspi ndui. Par erdre d I Ia Coar. IBuantn di grefe, lia Nouvelle Orlkanso, l4 aItil 1839 i my td A. ilTU'', Grefirer.e NEW PUBIILICATIONS. I1IE Littile Frenchmon andil lis ater ltl.n, witlh 1. other sketchesl of lie tilies by I' Miorri with elthin. hvb Jiltnson. Pascalc Brno, a Sicilian story, edited hr Tileoidire - loik Ito wlicl is appelndet d lil'e Atonement a lstory iy TIh*inrlre Hook. Nutnler 12, :ielolns Nicklebv. Numers 7 and 8, sketches bylioz. Clarke on tile NMlbervy Tre nod Silk Worm, and on thle prodnetinn and mauul'Odctulrc of silk, ehelllished re wilt appropriate elgraivinga-Just received nd far s:le by W AMlibKEIN, _ly6 c.r (oa-p 8, Com_... sse !T L. BR )1,'' I' Patlnt P/ifiaru dttanete- S010 irtoeri can fit at :3 ilii.rivile srei , Patenl l'laiftre ltlnnei ici..,lorior to ane ever altered in tbis city. f, I If 1V It ('AINE1 . or AXCIIi1NGK l. I 'iliiifV-lr tIII'r[I,l INiootilic, c Ai . av" .,& ,6AI... )\ , 9 1agai st SLOUISIAdlA-A-Frst Judicial Dis. I'lwto.'e oatf Lou isinua, to atl w)hom tlhse prir ents shrll conme, Greting : VWhereas, A C Banchard, J. W UIreedlovc, WVi'. ian Mackey, and (l Lavergno having purchased at a sale made bhythe Sherdff of the Parishl of Or. leans the propert) hereinafter descril ed, have up. plied to the Cerk of thi- Court in whose office the deeds ofsale were recorded on the 24th, 2ith, and I 7th days ofApril, A. D. 1839, for a monilion or S.i. -tisemoent in conformity toaa act of the Logis. lial. he State of Louisiana, entitled " An act r . . rther assurance of titles to purchasers at judicial sales ;' approved the 0lth day of March, 1834: Now, therefore, know ye. and all perons inter. ested herein, are hereby cited and admonishted in the name of the State of Louisiana, and of the First Judicial District Court, who can set up any right, title or claim in and to the property hereirnalter de. scribed, in connsreqncre of any in!,rma ity in the order, decree or judgmen lto the C(,urt under which the sIle was rade, or ally irregll arity or t:legality in the appraiscients and advertisemlets, in tilll, ormnonear of sa'e, or for any other defect whatsoi over, to show cause within thirty days from the day this monition in first inseared in the public papers, why the sa o so made should not be confirmed and homologatcd. The said property was sold by the Sheriff of tihe Parish aforesaid, on theo 27th day of March, A. D. 1839, by virtueofa decree of this Court, rendered on the 5ith day of March, A. ). 1839, in a suit enti. tied Carriere & Borduzat vs. BDuihanan & Hagan, No. 17,401 of thi docket of this Court, at which I sale the said A G B'anchard, J W ltreedlove, WV I. liamn Mackcy and 11 Lavergne became the purcha sers, respectively, ofthe following property for the fol owing amounts, to wit: A G Blanchard was the purehaser of lila lot of ground number Six in Poydras street, between Camp and St. Charles streets, measuring twenty four feet six inches front on Poydras street, by ninety five feet six inches deep, for the sumn of seven thousand one hundred do lars cash : three thousand nine hundred and forty four dollars and fifty conts, payab!e the thirtieth day of March, eighteen hund. red and forty, and the balance in two aind thiree years in notessatisfactorily endorsed, and bearing. mortgage-and if not punctually paid at maturity to bear interest at the rate of ten per aent. till paid, without any right to retard payment, which the said sheriffacknow'edges te have received in his

notes, payab o asabove, with Jonau Motoyer & Co and N. Benoist as endorsers, and reserving on the above described property a special mortgage until tile final payment of the above descrboed notes. J. \V. Breedlove became the pur baser of thil lotof ground number Your, in the corner of St. Charles and Poydras streets, measuring twenty tour feet front on St. Charles street and seventy clghtfeuet ten inches on Poydras street for tile sur olf aven thousand and one hundred dollars, paya ble as .;!llows, viz: One thoilsand dollars, cash; four thousand two hundred and nintoeeon dollars payab a tihe 19th of June, 1840, and the halance in two and throee years, i notes satisfactorily endors ed, and bearing mortgage, and if not punctually paid at maturity, to bear intere-. at tile rate of ten per cent, till paid, without any right to retard pay. maent, which tlhe sheriff acknowledges to have re ceived in his notes payable as above, with John Minturn as security, with sp ci t mortgage on tlhe property sold until final payment of the above de scribed notes. J W Breedlove became, also, tihe purchaser of tihe lot of ground number One, situated next to tile St Charles Theatre, near Poydras street, measuring twenty three feet eight inches and six lines on St. Charles street, by seventy eight feet ten inches in depth, together with a four story brick house and kitchen thereon, now under lease until the first November, 1839, at fifteen hundred dollars, from thence to to the 1st November, 18410. at two thousand dollars per annum, payable monthly; for the. sum and price of sixteen thousand dollars, payable as follows, viz: Two thousand dollars cash, four thousand five hundred dollars, payable tire nineteenth day of June, eighteen hundred and forty; and the balaice in two and three years, in notes satisfactorily on dorscd and bearing mortgage, and if not punctu al y paid atrmalturty, to boar interest friom matu. rity, at the rate of ten per cent, without arly right to retard tne payment, and which the sheriff anc. knowledges to have received in his notes endorsed by John Minturn, and payable as above, tile re. served special mortgage on tile property sold until the final payment of said notes. Wdlliam Mackoy became the ppurchaser of thile lot of grounii numbered five oi Poydras street, ew. twenn Camp and St. Charles streets, measuring twonty-four fiet six inches front on Poydras street, by ninety-five six inches deep, for the price of seven thousand five hundred dollars payable as follows, viz: Five hundred dollars cash, four thousand two hundred and arnd eighty three hun. dredths dollars, payable the thirtieth of March, eighteen hundred and forty, and tihe balance in two and three years in notes satisfactorily endorsed, and bearing mortgage, and if not punctually paid at maturity to bear interest at the rate of ten per cent till paid without any right to retard payment. and the sheriff acknowledges to have received the cash payment, and the balance in his inotes,tIe two tfirst to thle order of J. Irwin, and the last to tihe order of Geo. Buchanan, and by theml endorsed and pay. able as above: a special mortgage is reserved until the final payment of the said notes. H. Lavergne becaume tbo purchaser of the lot of ground number three, next to hhe corner of St. Charles and Paydras streets, measuring twenty-four feet one inch front on St. Charles street, running back seventy.eight feet ten inhelas deep; for tile price of six thousand nine hundred dollars, pay. able as follows, viz: One thousand dollars cash, firr thousand two hrn dred and tiuetren dollars, paynab:e re h ainetersth da Jaur, eighteen huadred ead forty, ard the balance ia any, to beari ret at the rate ,of tin per nt.s , rol r peidr without and right to rs etard pment, nnd tie herikR r-Nl acekowtiedies to have received" the sash perin t l r ntl i yearv ntyaches fret ea e eihndort, taderkerninh J the balance in unia of II. Iavergne, etloted by C. n Derbigny, and payable ea above, nd a hspecial eotrtggeord And said Ia.nergne became a, ithe poroL.h r o a lotIof ground numbered two adjoLning numbertll, eri mluye in trhar's stryat mireasnring twenty-trl r ie l fet eight lonrt.ras end six linos onr. Cheres street, r tby nseventy-eiht feet ten ie cher in depth, toglher ith a,' four-story barik house and kcithen thaern, asubjet to n lease until the thirty-first Otober, eightr ure Anred e and thirty-lined at the rate of two thouand dolmelara per year, pnrla mLidl rely Iette pariedof lxe toiion l)Ueinid fi and onaehundred iooarr, pryable at followst vre: Ton t housat dollars ca onfirlur tioree fieve hmun- u aen hundred and forty, and the blonnre in two and tree t yeoar in notes atisfactorile y endorsed, and orearie d mortgage, and if not pnctraily paid at mturrty to beari interest at tle rate of ten per eeLt. ill pCid without any right to retard pnvment, acnd the Sher,0" acknowledges the notes of sid porehn ser, endorsed b Ca Derfiny, on tile Iroaerty snold until leal at nvmetat. a on Winess tlhe Heno A M. Buchanan Judgln onre a te Court afiresabd, this sixth day of Mlay, eightren bundred and thirty-nilrr!. srle my Ill-4tlpe P. LEIBLANC. Dept.Cltrk. el t r ETA-P DE L\ LOUISIANE--Cour du Pro. mdier DistricJudiciaire-L'Etat de aIn Louisi ana- a tous ceux que ces pressutes eoncernent, salut : Attendu que A.G. Blnnehard, J. W. Broedlove, William MnEtOy ot H. LavergnO ayant neheta6 I E rene vento faite par Ie Sherariffde l paruies d'Or. Idane, Ios proplridtds ci.nprei detritee, so sont ad. t, rod noau Greffo de oette Cour, oh len notet de vents frurent enrd -istrds Is 25 26 at 27 jours d'Avril d l'autn6e. 1839. pour un avis eonformdmont ti un acto do Ia Legislature do P'etat de l louisiana, intl. i0 tulo l' A 0sa pour aonfirmer Ins titres doe aequereura Saux vntes jldiiaire ;" apprordv6 l0O 1 Mare 183d4. Qu'il soit conna, et routes personnes int6res°desa . sent par ers presentes aommns an nnor do I'etat de j SI Louisiana oL de In cour do Premier Distri Jndi. at viaircqui pourraient avoir droit i. Ia propride ci aprs do-rite, en consequence d'uno dfaut de foroe dan l'ordre, I deoare ou le jugementld la eour, on A verlu duquel In vents a did6 aiee, ol de toute irre s. gularit6 o0 ill6galit6 dana I'estimation, I'nvia o lo temp cat oe mode de Ia vents, on poar une antra poin eause quelconaqn, de laire voir, dana trent jour ii root dater do Inl publication doctto navai,peurqoi sla tr voent aini fite no serait pas contfirmne ae homolo ner gu.e. pap -Le ditle propridtdas fureut vndues par le Shdriff, a suaudit a 278ma jour do Mars de I'anr.edo 18:19, en aCe vertu d'un dderet de cetto Court rondru Ie 5 eo Mars or e de I'ann6o 1839, dane P'afoaire do Iorduzat ceontre Buchanan & Ilagon. No. 1740L du docket te eotte Cour, I. laquello no. Svernte lea di a A- G. Blanechard, J. IVW lreedlove, i Wea. Mackey et H. Laverganes senot randurr nao qudreurs reapeetivoment, des propridtd6s uivants pour lea soenalesa i.apris epdeifid, savoir : A G. Bllaneared du lot do terra no. 6 situode done I% rue Pyrdran, entre le rues dll Contp ol it St. Charles, mesurant 24 pioda 6 poueo de face rue Poydrae, sur 95 pieds 6 porucaa do prof pu-ur ia soontomo ne 7,100 comptarint, $39 it payableo Io 30 do Mare 1810, et ta balanc, it rdiio at tremis n.n e billets eodose6s it satisn et portent hyponhthque, netlevait porter an i,.tOrdt ean nux do tix pror coat jusqu' i paiorment, e'ia no bs o oy stnt par pototueIllment pydas it lell a :sdlhancer, saln retdo ns d'atrun tdroll do retard er lr parieont, co qure to shariffreeonatitt arvoir recen ss bi'llets n payables cnmmte ie eat srsdit, endoseda par: Jonas, i Metoyor & Co, m N IlBenoist, nvec rit-rve dro l.o i dlyprnt.rirqe spderolo srr le solalsdito proprel! d jusl'ar oaieernnt fiual d(as rusdits hlilrs . ets. J. W. BIreedlovo devint i'aertreucr dle lot de etrre no. 4, formant I'eticoignure dee ruee Puoydroa r t tet St. Charles, mesrirant 24 pieda re fr co t~ne, Fr SSt. Chaorles e 78 pieds 10 pnrrcese it ta rite PIy.o dras, porr In roe oinre dir 1I, I()0 pryanylroe r1orret strit, 81,01)0 complant, $-4,:13J ioeylbie io 19 de Jrtr., 184li, 1I li balOne.n, dta eux et Ltrins a r ont billetrs s o d o 6a :itlalctios eln et i rtnr tn I tlrthe. qr, et onor ll1 c;to qllil no serraiellt cn ponetuielle lert lcr yl)t ne It lelr deitirtneea. ils rctdvrnct or. ir d nt irll.riLt otall aux de dix pt lr ct t jtrer' t nt p aien ol, sa droi t nrt i rret;ltd tr pr illlrlltt or , Ir que to sIh rrifrr6crmarit avoir reell en slea bllets a tpyables ormioni reat tusdit, rndosors par Joli . Muitr vurlo' evec iryptrlotqu spdciale sur la proprdiWd ar v trndo jusvr' it paimonit inial ties tusadit Iillleto es. Jr . IV. Bcrlirve devint aussi I'acrct6rr-ur du rie lt de terrao t. n 1 itud lrras li thdaletro St. Charles t'eprs la rue Poydras, 2yuran 93 pieds 8 poucs ftl et ix li.cmesm r la rue St. Cnar'en, eL 78 peads 10pad I poes doe proferndlr, e lc I'ddifice on riqdcu et la or ciin0o qtl o'y troioent, ellele A esn baiil josqur' a i t premier n vethbre 1l39 s iraisaon deru1500 eit do cltlte rdpoquo att premier rovermbro 18,10 t raisror do $otliu1 par allnt pyaydo touos lea raos, pour io v drix de $16,000 poiyabltrp cornoe suit ; dr.ux ililu e ts e upiastres nooltrnpltt, qlttro ii'aen illrl cerot piastreird Sayables at 19 Join 1840, eo ir baillure dits deux It et tooarr psen billet enrioss6a- satoliairclion rt f Sportent Iopolo elqu ; et di:tor Ic le irn'ils noe oirotl , Id Gie p'ly t poetdlruleronlt it letr teoottceto, itl ( devrrot pot irtesr ti irdrd.L au alott de dix pour errir t a IIse narUCt drojt d'en rrcdrrle piernlot, Co qtdeo o.t shtorli reolvlait avoir recll oll a r bllets sr nllor .l ,e s r ar .llo ll Po illldrull in t Ipayarlll r olllllllu ii e at n ldite aveo la reslrve Ch rlle itypulloenlnt s.,8peiale y roe laproperit-lo verldua jur qo' al pn etrtL insl tides hy dits bile kcs. , Williamn lleiy dcevint l'acrtir1.rr.ur dl u lot de Co ti r oa n 5 estir la e- PI)ydtir. mtirre iei erIs pu Ir Ctantp et St. Charles, ayntl 2.1 pIeis ti pnllene de i p face it an rue Poydraes cur 95 pidan i poIerocee dne - profrruolder; poourle prx do $7.510 piantres t ayiy. hie. b mnt cororr suit : e5111i corlttant ; $4i177 8:3, pay-. o1 ables le 30 Aters 1840 ; et la balaorco deux at o it. taoin an billets eondoesdr it satisfelion ret Cpoer. t aont hyapothoque : ot d n le eae qu'ila no soient a pas po notuelleieut pays. it leor 6etoances ilI dee. renrrt porte oern illttrOt rle taux do dix pour ceat juaqu' it priemoot., sans aucun droit I'ten retarder - r ltopaioo..ent ; et lo Ohriff reoonoait on avoir reet e n comptlant, of I hbalance on sor billets, Ile deux oy premiers iti'ordre de P. Irwin titleo dolrnier a I'ordre yde Ge. Buohnnan qui lea oat endoss6a, et pay by 0 is colmma io e suadit, aqce Io rdasrvo d'uore t r hypothque spapioal juqu' noau paimeut final doeadlitsl to billets. I 11, Lvergno devintl aeqedeerc du lot do terro no.3 qoui se trovne nprs I' neoignuro dos rues St. rir o Charles et Poydra. ayant 24 pioda r i-uee do At org face I in rue St. Cbarlee et a'etendant it 78 pieda ro t 10 pouces en profonenur; pour le p.ix de $6.900, e0 ie payablescoemlue .uit : 0$1000 eomptant, $4219 I i y payable to 19 Join 1040, et Ia balance it deux at e Co trois nns en billets eodoos . a satisfaelion et per. w' iAe trn hopolthqure. Dana lo Eoas qu'ils no soient pan ponctuellment pay6se it leur tchdance. ii. devront go porlerun intordt r toaux do dix pour cent jusrqt. prod iemlt, sansen an droit dcn retarder lo paie- I ilto trenl i nt il shrorlffreconn -it en avoir recou Ino oin. 3 St. tan, la bltarmco on seo billets enlossds par C. Der- at Sbigny nI payable comne ii eat norldil, avec r6serve tit d'une bypothlioque pdniale aer Ia propri6t6 venduo rn joUot.tU pa!rnenl final. Et in dit Lavergno devint aussi I'acqudreur du lot do terre no. 2, ad,oignant le no. 1, oAtu6 dans I- rue St. Charles, ayant 23 plods 8 poaces et 6 lignesde face o la rue St. Charles cur 78 pieods, 10 poucec de profondour : ave nne nalsisonen briques e1 & dtages, et la cuisine qui s'y trouvent, sujette I un bail jusqu' au 31 Octobre 1839 an taux de 62000 par an, payables tons o s mois; pour to prlx de $16,100, payable ermme suit ; $2000 comptant; $4,500 pat able to 19 de Juin 1910, et la balance i deux et trois ons en billets endosnds a satisfaction et portent hypothlbqe : et dana Io oas qu'il no suient pas ponctuellement payes & ltnour dchdance, ale devront porter utn int6tEt au'taux do dix pour cent jusqu'a paioment,csaae aucun droit d'en to. tarder Io painment : et le sh6riffreconnait en avoir recta tlo comptant et In balance en billots du dit acqu6rour, endoas6 par C. Derbigny at payables comme it oat susdit; aven rdserve d'ine hypothb. que spocialo sur la propriete venduqjunsqu'a pale. ment final. Temoin '". abls A. M. Buchanan, juge do in cour suesd; met Mai 1839. P. LEBLANC, Imai"u t.toU G(reffir. 1 IAY JII Ll'1_ OF kW LEANS. T.E prhia'e Ir*.as flour to day is 7 per barnel accurdigcto the taritff the bakers shall give du. ring the enasuio wek (from Mlonday 131h inst.) 39 oun ces of bread t for t. Bread of the second iquality is required to weigh al percent. more. tiz: 481 ounres. may 4 C GiE'.(, Ma. or. FO LIVERPOOL.. Passar e Onl!y. The A 1 end very fntt saili rhilp IAAC .Lt TON, Capt Torre, will have i:me ate despnatch. tor pasoaga only apply to L H G.01.1, atylli I93 Common at A 1 SUUt-37 fo t aers a na r wriosugar 4 4 d d d r brown do lra.liurg., for -ale by mn"9 S & J I' \V111T'NEY, 73 oCamp st SPILENDID LONDON BOOKS. ltilh S.perb Sleel Etayranrrgo. l tI-I.TON'S P'raoaise Lost, alustru td by John Vierws of the Ilimnnvn mlounntaius, in India. St.let:1 illurtrlre.d 't'olrraphy of London. Miniaiture classie library, in 5:1 vole. Rlrlloallnce of nature--Firra's Giems llhe book orf Klrr dames de Byron Andrew's ltr.snens ir lower opaiinirg. Ivnro Gnallerv--The Ioiaderm by Mica Sh.ridan. C3"cluolaedia ;f " popular songs ITe brokrof''rades or 'rcle of useful arts. and a variety orrsftedid annuals, albums aod works o art ad litierature. E JOHNS A- Cr, to9 caor St Charles and Coemlloalla e .MJlIISKLYo-tI1tt bbls Whiskey, landing tilrom V steamboat Pearaian, fr satle by o2 6 I. DORSEY, 44 New Leven II 1 UR(-l0dJ Carels for ren et I' roy(, U_ DUetRSEa.44 New Levee UTTER & LAtRD-1i0 kegs lard & 50 rho supe. rior Westernl butter. fr sale by 1116 Ii. I)OtiSEY, 44 New Levee ACt N .ItES-brlUcasks in isaore tirr sale by r, y6 l I)QKbEY, 44 Ne; Levee -pri 2 - of e-N (LO11-0 rre landing from stram .lInt M1cFar P lart in sler, fiar role by ao mtlO G I)ORSEYi 44 New Levee SlKE1-2-5V 2 Iarrels recltfled whiskey i sre TO fV or esolo by G DORSEY, ,o4N LaIS EEKF--<25 Imlol brl at Ihe insprotiin in mill0 44 New. love . LA--5t boxes noehnnog adl Pouchong, for sale I by mill A T'RI RlR,33rnevier t ) AISIN,-411u reixes insore, forsale by mI opril2 ABRAHAM T'ItIER, 34 Cravierst |RObdONS, BOOTS, &e.--2511 oases, aisaprisinre B an extensive rssortment sfsmen's oad blys kip and russet tSroge s calf, kip oand onrocoe hoons; gentle- POr aen's sid Inlies Shoeo, l'ntpe aod Slippersi; rhildrenso roers, brogans and anle ties, fr salre hn I.e apl 4l 1 BRIDoo.E & Co, i34 Magazineas CA jHE Little Frenchman non lHis WVtnr Lat. will I S ierr skbecltces of tle tiaes by George P. Morris Esq. with etclingsa y Jolhnsoa. li Iketches by Bz Nos. I to 8 inrlusivei rreiived rnd for sale by ALEX. TPOWAR, dli my7 49 Camlp st ICKI.,IEY No. 12- Pascal ur nolt a Siriliai stire Pit I y Theodore I ook Esq. lThe poetic wreatb, it Bio seleetion rel thae Boritiash oets.r Tie Chinoceloegit ot boLk. Just received andl for ele by A. my8 A TUWAIr, 49Canap is pe fAPIII-Ca tton sampling paper. Jllst received rloa Sfle it aofhlrge brown pi.r, suitnlale for cotton brokers, of Wateormln's Mannftetlare still fIr siol by amoy A TOWAI, 49 Carmpt at I'.t)M SnAI'd-25 bellriE lANltiaiors EpsoInr s alts, 2u; barrels glaiber roltr, litrala Iby JAILVIS & ANI)RE\VS, o12 eeraner Common & o 'elapitoalaitn sat ting sDesks, various sizes sld tlloercls, for sale by DAVID FEITa'nd co, j8 Newr York Stntionerlr' Hnll, . Chbrtres at IIANINERS 011.--16 brrel browna, in raore nd for sale b) SIHALLa & BROWN, all 91 Magazine at C I .t Itt ElO-,o boxee hePrlies in ;eliidy-fa s-ile by SIIALI. & ItIO\VN, aol 7 9 ali agnine st PAPER WARIEIIOUSE. I A EXANIE 'TOWAt, I ookeller, 49 C(aip at, hoving purcrebarst ste sitock of paper &e,t o Lisars. T'iing Greene & Co, will ksrp rerastntly en Ibend a good supply of paper slitalllt fr oews, book aII job printing, of vnrisa snizes anl qugliire, suler royal, Sroyal, iliem, dlaremy and ariting do. b,!io coerere*il a e d packet Ipst, .aiolas eolotredl rining paprrs, balek anrdo vnrios sizes and qualitiei, dplying dat wratping paper, prirter's ik. tOvre plrinlig ptaOnes, bras ruelr rasess &e e oil eof wielt I l oflers for sole on tbile soat rcoliloaudnet i Ingtrms. Ola taype tIurl.hear. or taken it payament of now type or oither Pesrlaes,, i ms 'c¶N1 fNILtIl F. I)TJAltt-se.ta recoivr aet itavries a 1I very srperpioe glazed ardrs, nsaorted sizes fro n no. to 14, for alrt at very low pric,'ab Ib t1A Its .bEtl & Cs, amv w York Sttlioenr'a ililtl, 24 C(hratru( et I)At, S tand llIlTEI.I tE.AS-,56icasae. r ol leta ean d l'aIraI ads, l tnew sid e l Ilalsti n ble It. ri n brigr WVi. Ilteary, fa ler byal IIIlll(;Fl i& Co, 131 Milagziltoe st tiir, f ar snle Iby ItItiEr . &. Cs, 134 ~neazinrest . ,-- itr llaaaO, l,.,al Iflelilsa Ia o!-. 0 i gerey, Il hi r h b 11 $ fpe . :inh ptil l bI, iVe iadcid elantee t amphaala eil. Apply tle tal aptin I a na d boar, or to n AOAl & WIlAl.I. , all 617 ( .rl7 vr st a C * Il ?-A loea ie iea j t arorcieav l ldI far Io :nE.sli. lay I( Al. b&e lol i\\ N, sala I' 9 a a '1:1" 9ai l e ar iill ahnte uit tj I t 1.\ I t 11':;' & t1.o to a veayaa N Ifer a e n t ( i h i , aat at t t na Ioirt lh oa I m t Ylllll l ai C lra is 'aanb Iliavali it f ar i lls I a la rJAi fatm i iratattA tt ai a I1a i to ._2 - cor (·1v illllre lc an lid i 'lE l llil oll ll t ISh d . rlIUt ASlSo '-I! a l, jl i a'ed anda''a'al aia clllail ir ,) e I"Vm y : l N N t r onti ti Ra .:I," 'ii l -'l'ii it th h if.f iliTfal n ian - . hI ii'afallllito.aa , tilo .aa, alienlia, ian l c 1n t in i r ",1 th cm(u a dll i ll 'wrt, rII h hirll, i. It is ib"~lllly to nirlllllii lt il iea' llta :, alia' to' Ir e , rae i rllOato lll the leait ha'Ilh ao.'alallltll"ere IaIC , l- l (1111. Th 'a' l el'ei earallltor is niao' i'idaPa ,, all i li I p b.shP ii6 rlile ao i 'aih l a i fllllltll a I a aPr haoul l, 'l, rawili. The a1aanlila l aa ir' If l ii prola-rl' l liaena Itr Wellh r , a ill a,.ia lu Ilr n E I. Ithe alaa lif ehi idlevery I oar. e mlThe Mla,ynbr is l)lo nii ly rte o tlriVill a toll Ile .ia - foliaalrPr, Hla'ligllrntla s faa illifa 'la t ' ricai' seI'erh Sle tail a er dlPllillae'ieI A' elt for he r in alllft.t ltro r , .\ i At aleee,. Srea lnlell s ni tia Iat eliig 'lno io' any liel en itf l iy r 5 B nvillo a, ndo 1b0 iEili: 1 \I' ath-- . ,;.n*,ic; Irlro luir, a 1 araalar.'aliillla i lriri lal , l lhsti I I el i I elt to villirill!4r iI, lr llloif ill of mil" Intihe, trll+t q and mrla iaels lie a frel'al tin illw riglau I'g giailael't, aaand I isa .ha gll. e is atl,t bv illil l ( thld aiis r, d raiaioar. I.l Aela a'aieCt, alasrom h.' 5 fa Ghl'agaw edhiioi. tea a lda e hat la nlii t ,r Fl hy Al IX.a TaW tIi, I- li l i10 in Fre al1 foar ale av o ulll ,I.1,& RWVN, 9 Mlicaziar at S Al l--1 kaeg'- l. ne. latii-l' ,n to - ad i a , " I I hy - J 'I'lI11A Il &.. l'o, Pera nd Type Ageac!, de .AWRtlNCI & 111,1., :;7 CAMP STarE'r. a? toVr iai.t r. tei 'ud it hirge l.'lrllnl' l o[ cut, d taseI , osma l pia a oitibr, breviur, long print er, nmtpareil, jolb 1, pe tltlindil," nlllll l illlilig )recaeo aiiod o. hecr, l taas on hand evra .rillo , reqlired ill prtilleg olbia. Also, t'aOTdASII ifea laiperiar qaialita, in btgs t oftill Ib. " tn9 3N i' P fl \l--2t0ai01bluN Colinlannia i, hlr sliby art ntlla A TIIERII, 31 (rattirN t -i FIltIti Na 5- lll blaxa s floe uia' lie i . . . s It I ait A 111 I rvrr le Colunil alt 'icipuia ' Nll . Two. i Sttlil egf ihe alliof .,pril. 1839. Ire t HRIAS nppllic.tli hlais teiaIa nlat It Ithis ya C Jfmilbv John IIt Ililtati, Jaies Rlleiii oa, \I. I 1. Avert',W . B'yaa, Jetier taa laaeart aal tlirten oa (thereoea':eofpr(Ivertyis tahevilhitoIy, toIcause toabe oIs tile d slod a onllllstaitua t. ta holliii b sree et, in iIt striglt lire from llzrlite street to Aaa llllll illio street. are lie it Ilhereflre Iesolvetl , that nioice e " Haid r a pf lici L. li lae givell itn Frenelh anll in Iiigliehl. ill tile Tlru do Aairictall & Itllraian, in nlatr nifartil' wi i lataiailiid tlnt ii ids eorsatisftactiry apiiton elaeiedte tIo said proposed r illt D 0 Io'tlaemet, talla Ilis (:ollleile will procued m cainsa saidl ltreati to Ile ope;red anll cailur d as ais lrmoed olfr by l ie atiaanarinlists, aceardaliag I the pIroviiriasio o1 tl' t o act o1"3d April 183"., regiiaillag lhe aplelliclg oll trecls e'wiahin the limrts of tie city oifNew O rlanlo- Adr. ins Sigled art JJIIJ\ B.\IDW\VIN, Recorder. t'3 At;REEABI.V to Ihe f oregohinc lueahitlion nOtiee is 15, ta.alliillitliv No. Two, tos open oanl iactinue S.T. I'r- an street ira itraighb line frot Suzellte to Anniicia. 'e lita slr.e. or C. GENOfISM.l yor. rlaD Mlev 11 1039. 91AYUIl.:LIIlI DE I.A Nl.l.Eii. ILATEA . Conseil de Ia Mlu ieipnlili' No. deux. 'Lanee du 30 ASerit, 1839. A TTENI)U que 'napplication a 61 faire ceo Con a nil par John I Ililton, Jamles Iainey, W H Avery, W Bouart, Janes L [lognrt et trize autre .rm Sprihbbes de Lien, fanciers dana le voisiosge, poor loire ouvrir et cotinuer en droite ligne Ia rue Ste. l'Thons depuis In rue Suzette jusqu' a la rue de l'Annoonco. lion. II eat eo consequence rrl'llu quo I'Pavs de In dile ap plication, soil donn, eon nglain et fraelani, deons e Vra Amerialn et to Bulletin, eoefirme:elet l is lui. et que sisillppoition aatlisfire n'est point farle A I'anl. leuration prepoee, le Collreilodollneru I'ouverlure et eontlinuutioun de a dire rue colon le demalnde des pet) tionaires at ronfiormhnment aux provisions dol'ate te d 3 Avri, 1832, rlgulariaant I'luverture dee rues dans lea limites de la ville de Ia Nouvello Orlsane. SigoB JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. En accordance aveo In rdsolution prie6dente, 0ais fat dl0oll de I'illteotilldu Conslleilde n illolcipalil: No. deel, dt firke ouvrir et continler In ruse te. 'I'ho a os e elloe droile deo o rue Suzltl e jlqll' a In rue del'Aolollliatlirn. U TIEUNOIS. Mje. 1l L.e 10 31i. 1839. W1 LNNY BA(GS--I10 Iuleo 20 buelshl gully bag., laU eat aflKend for an by all J TIIA'lole & e, 7.thPoydvrs street ~r M. BELI.,iG Clolrterestreel, hue this day rneeiv eY d per ship arallogn, 5i0 doll. emllllelled 1re0st Pins, wiNch will le onered ol the L de or pedlars eleap-,i r thail ever before f ,frrllr i thllis .it. ASi1 511 dolerr lhased Ringo, of all pTatllSi, Aogeller wiLh a great vr. Ollollletfoo, I ollkelt, (Cllhailln, & l. 'I'lloe in waul will co well to examille tiAs great 0assortment. PI'. . Old Gildndand Silver "lledl. at i15 `v TAICII 11a1 AILC(tIOI.--(:ulgate' Starlch, 30 3 bIoxes; lBach', Alohol,311 boxes fur sale hv JARVIS & ANDILO\WS, apl 16 corner Como anllli TellapialllItarsl IIIItLAt :OICKIEIbY--No. 7, 0 and 9: also I 11 tlLe first six lO ill oee Ipart: lth a variety of very interesilng books jurst received; Ttr oale by 11l7 A I'OWAR, 49 Camp st cuACeON, lAIl1 no1d 1'UI(K--15lllhds ClIIcnnmtli L eurd Sidres and Shlolulders 211110 kegs firs qluality Lord 101 brl Mess Poork. 0:r sale by apl 5 STE'TSON & AVE IY, N Uruiirer at A Card. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC EPTA. I LISI ME T, 33 MAGIAZINE S 'I'REET, OPPOSITE BANK'S aARAaE. W GREENI retullrls his sincere tlllks toI his lifre Ids na the pulhlic of New Orleaus, fur tily tronnee bestowed olelll hieor the lst two yearsII, tlld togs lIo to assure th1e1 that all orders committed to hi chllarge shall be punctluyllt oelldr.d to; lie will as usual, keep the ome11 opeln dri'g tile slmmellllr, and hali be alIways ready to strIike olrllercknl'a circ.u lare, business and address curds fuoerol noires, .saps, plls, and drawings, u every deeripltion, at the akhrlest notice, and on the mo1 t reesonable lerms. Being nslated by ar tiiuaulmIrir to any othler establishll um1nt in the oily. 1and fron long peripenrce in the litlogeaphic llne, hie feels confident If giving entire rafelisctatn. N Il Apulhecariesnad dlruggists' loable exuIutel ill a goo dltyle as .ppfterlate ngeayiag,1ltnd at1 IlIe. thir Of tatw expent jy24 ,. GRAND REAI esFIAT rP . LOTTERY OF PROPERTt. 9 Sutoctil in Now Qrro me , TO BE DRAWN (N' THI otjrOrJ p p:I[ IN JAOtSONVU Untter the m .perintt..dene'r .ofth C e pointed by the iee eisomh f{ 100 000 tickets, at $15 snheet price. Ba ' yeliig tpteer $20 p er-itceto. 1 'li ' ' SYLVESTEIRt & Co. 156 Blnodwar, NKI YORK;,,. Bole Agentsa I.D 'rho rocirpthe rt trser l of the t.otaete kri e tli posited In the 'eoal Union, Cmrotitn; Ctiibenah'ed :o ; icenolidated Boaksr, New Orletns, in the Puese hf, ;. I.ollis Schmidt jointly with J. B. Peorult o1citnly r Cnslhier of tiheo (itizen'en Bnkr, d A. BUndoei"co. lually t lCshier oftho ConolidstJed Ilanke, at Tt&hiees, as per act passed notie A.. Mnzuroeaun, r. Noth.!oh. ion tit~e 2I May 1839, end the properties traenosree Is the above mentiooed gentllemen ro seumt eot.d; as 'l'rustees, for the security of tie fortulte prize ithlO dote. In New York tlte monriefs ll be depositedin tie Phoenix IBonk to lie credit oftbe above ntmed b' City Banks of New Orlenus. T'lhe PIblie re referred toIn thIe otl pemed betre A. Mazrenaau, Enq. Nor. Pub. ill relation to the pro prties which eomtrace te respectirve prices in this G00 PRIZES, os followse: I Prize-That magnificent ritree story brick building, known as the ARICADI) , in Magazine street. measuring 286 feet 5 inch"s 4 lines on Mngazmne st. 146 feet 6 inches on ravier streetr, and 11t feet II inches ol Nobches at. This buildiog produeos oww a rent of $3l7,o000 Peranmm, nd being in tihe ost fnlourishing port if the lyt, oppe'ite three bkJlll e, and in the intro.dinto nrihilrorhond of tile St. Clltlee nr thie City Hotels. - Its rents will, in a very few vears b incresed to lity thousand dollars per aInna. lort tiintedt at $70,000 1 P'rizeo-'-'ht lep ant fotr tor bolrink iltildt iug known s ithe C:I' V IIOT;L, formerly Bieshop'o Hotel, eitonted at the conenr of Ctnp and Common lets, meonsurlng 12 feel on (Common set nld 14f6 feet 1I inches on Ctmp st. This houilding rents now for $25,010, and eving in thle most central part of Ith city, can shortly be increnaed to thirty thouanod dollars p[tr an. nealt. E+.tisntted at $500,000 I Prize--The three slroy riclk dwelling house, No. 30 on Naelrhen street, ndjoining tihe Arcade, retted nt 12 Ilaodlr d dollars. Esaimoted at $:0,000 t Prize--'l'io thlee story briok dwelling i riouse, No. II, adlnin No. '20 oat Natchez street, relored at twelvo hnntdrerd dollars. Esrlinnted at $20,000 Irizo--'l'he three story brick dwelling rhouse, No. 16, adjoining No. 19, oon Nuttezn st, rented at twelve hond. red dollare. Estimated at $20,000 I Prize-'Thl dwellingt hourse No. 23 torith. east corner oI las inri d t Ci ftom Ilotse sotreet, nensrielg i41 feet frontllll o nB lln irestl, '() feel f ront.on Ieranklil street, by 1i7 feet lPjepth on ( ollb tunloleoue r .Iret; r't'd ,llt 1ir. S .'.e lOto ttd ttlionae. Esti nmted nt 1$20,100 - I'riz--'l'he dwirlling hiose NR, 24 ttttll wet corntr of Iioriot sreol, ntear 1ring 32 fret 7 inches an Ialnin t.r ei flgt 7 ilfthes on Franklin street, by 127 leot 101 itthts detht ot UtlS oI lllh llsh allreetl rellteald I i an at k l roed dollarst. itotamd at 420,1000 Nlo. 339o on ]yal " .rlier, between') S t rIttrlla:in e ill loph lsreIetw, nenn. u rig '21 heet 8 itir*e oil o Royal r, ho 1t7 lr .e I i s Uion depth reant odl ort t101. per nnlllll. I':stnated ont $15,000 I 'rir+-'.5i0nl!lres C I (lltk atoek, iat $1011 eat'h, $o.5,500 I I'Prize--'111) rllhr,, tl(rOR111Ntrno Vak t, ck $1'ricef', h $2n,001017 I l+ri'.-- h50 shl res Al,,lll.,ue' ril T1ral 1 , 'r0 ' i at ik stom ck, tl 11 ' tleauh, 15,0001 3 Prieers of 1in 'herLes, t eath, , 2I0y hnk, 30,00t; 2 I'riz, sf 511 " ".1 xtIhll ang, 10,l110 t A ct. en of t "t " (ilo ttlght, 5,080 I ',izets of m5 b heeniesa' and n , Fl'. Ap rai. ler. myIr. 3 0i Pl' rizte of IIf I.ise,, Stfteler, ,112001 III lrize; 11 2 ' ,,;t. Iight, 2,11110 I Ire1'.liz. lf I Ilnk I'll()rlpn Uit0lto ,r "lln l'riza - of I Uniomn anok of "Fhorida, 1500 It shall Ie at ther option ifttlre wittesrs of prires of - b htllk stlk, either to takrel,th seetk irtelf or tle Ilar UNh Y Bth Aele r 3 iil raslh. o IMODIE t.' ItItA\vtNn(t. tO00v O i,'Ito froe It t ,100t, 10 will be ptteo one thv I . n, si t e'4o,,nll ,, i tillt iill.,ks, in another; to T e , uIoI? l hn r a I riz, i o r bI ~l nk w ill lie Id r w n , u otil n il may ': ritz,. are dterulll, laviig tle btlnllce of Mnnm. er in Ile whertl--blellrNks. Ir' A fotr tilr l thve1th ntIl' o it iltl tI ree tied nlrtl ie M filrr. I.h t p pllolO llll of liln rullrinlllllce fln the i r lo - i sbolo , ti t tkel m to im . th, t i .dlr or..tod I1- A tnlit will ., provided t" take to Fohrida maJ ksouvil he, FIn, Ap l, 183.A9 . m ny I 'r.l)lT v; \\IIIl:fI,.S- 0Ill -1 s-llistiug W hees, I oL Ip.,ved ttolttItotiUi, it, fretrtos 'opl htph, for slit. I, J l'T1'3, a i . t-4 rid Tivotli Cirens S cLtNN IA 3'-0, in b andand ie -d, t mrIlrg by11sah ISAAC IIl1d;E1 &t Co. oil oay 2t 131 Magnzie ol J Bdfrd braind, Inr sale by I llt{ ftf'E & Co - rniy 2 131 Magnzine rt P 1T: IIAIt IbhooooOr,1'i'tr, :ln a ondpun.d I lo ntof various brnoodsl andlquuliieo, for coJu by riley _` 111tt)t1'( & t'o, 1:4 eMagazline at Jlon Ilttptlste Ctllo vs. Ilie ('reditro. t le e e'hroJsito tf hle inolvtot'e propeorty haing been ancepled by thoeortfotr thIe Ilt fir of hiecreditore. r'" it is ordere; thaitn a ieetiog tff hisi said creditr do take r plite t e ot Ito oi f Victor i oulon, ESq. ntotry public, Ie/ on M hndny, thIe 3tlt thf Nln, intnt.,, nt 10"o'clock, A It /1. 'br Ithe iurpose if ldeliter.tilg ni thet sflairrof sanid nelilsvent ;n rI the Inelntil all jtldiciai l protcoedings 'n- ugailltthie peroan thl Iuprerlv nrt stayed. l IVithits Itle Itn. A. 1. Ifeho.anno, Judgeo of the il Court aforesaid, htis lot Mne, 1839. t- Ituy I P l.EIt.ANC, Depute Clerk. I[(Ti'ATI DI I.t A I.tcUlztANE-c our du Premier ilJ -A lDietrict j ndiciire.- tI, to Jeitio BtistO Colln vs weo Creoancioers 'lln Ce... .ion de 4o propebti dr l'ihsolvahle ybjet6r16 facc ole t' par in e'Our tour le hi'fli'e de se0 ereen lost trdione qu'unne rassmrbleoornt doe dilo onreanciers, aurn lie, I."unlile 1:3 Mai ettraot, A din di 'o io, ain, I butneau do Victor Fouhon, IReq. notairo of . ublec nfin do dtlihorer ur le ,filtid rile du lit intolvable ot. e pend'ollt ee temps to s proccs JUdl.:iairaeootre es ia- personrtn ete r, ltttprii th suOll sousrpellle. ''tTmoio, l'tontorable A. M1. Bucnhaon, Jogs de hIs dire CoItr, eon lerMai. 1839. P. I.E BLANC, - 3e . Dlutob (irotoer. - $50 RiWARyl. B SCONDEDon the mifning of the 28th April, a .. negre man named Alexntander, cneemonly aded Ellin, aged abnut-45 eears, rather forbidding who spo ken tn. lie is about 5 faeti8 intels. in heigt,eto ,uilt with somewhat bandy legs. le took with bim agie ty ofelatlhin and will most probably frequently chllange bin dress. It is supposed lhee emiarked on the day above metlioned, en hoard ofasome steleabaoatbumolnd up. 'Th abnove reward will be paid for him ifeantred in any jail in the western country, or twenty dollalC in Lou. islana r Miassissippi. ..'IER LAID AW, New Orleann, may 2 iQ ThIe Natleez Daily Courier, the Daily MisMouri lepubliean, the Louisville Journal, aed alte Cininnalti Dnlly WVhig will please pltlish the above advertise ment three times and send their hills for payment to the flice ofthba True American at New Orleans. TWENTY DOLLARS REWARD. A BSCONDED frllm tle service of the subscriber, the ngro boy JIM, aget about 17 vnears. He is of slender make, perfectly black, withl large eyes aong nvisuge andl ratler tliek protrlding tep. lie apeanks Iotll tile Englich aned French lacginge., and has a very intelligcnt look. It in probale e )eill endeavor tt leave tc ity, its he was f.qlentlyh obhrvee during the clay lhe left,' fiine his treeck whicc he carried with lilen. CalOingsof vscels antl steam botnes are hereby forwnred oIlt it, hallber or cerry offi sail slave under tile Sevelest penanly of tie leer. The above reward will ice given for ii apprelee sion, or cebh infornmatia0 • s Will lead h, his recovery. WM REA, niy2-1w corner of r eavla & Circus et I tii-4 bin iccuding frce . Va ldaila, lor sale Iy AIii{ AIAMJ'IRIER, 'eny2 84 Gravier as )I'C-hi-30 hsle. in good rdr,for salte by SHIALL & BROWN, mnvy il Magazine 7 I.-UI--162 brls landing from slra.-. -diane i' orn and for sule by d J DOI EY, oa 44 New Levn, L7 AY-110n baeis NoraIern, l n ti i C opposiee post No Ic, avnodl hlluie il.iead fur sale by SIlOLL & pROWN april 24 96 Mag ati ne.rsteal, my9 NY FLOU-501 kegs suierihrs lbarre t151 I linear, laeling tIa day frotan eamer Per. nine,, for sale by S'I'E1SON & AVERY. a4d 88 (Icaiave at -.ORNt\UH flaying Cacds-nJust reecvad tram New York, a full grce of vcry eupprior doable head Carls, fursale ydozy cln or grce by DAVII) FELT & Co,N Y Statioers' Hall, april 3 -4 Chartre att J glns; xtra sizes, lauding tourt hilps Jof Dun- lap antl Ohio, for sale by uti. I IiliItiGE & Ce, 134 loiaent. (tAt' PAPIK--Junst received two cae spert . tliln wove c novery thin suitable for bank ne,ora de while wore, fr ealle i 1) FELT & Co, oy9 N I'statieher's hall, 24 Chacrtres L UoI'-'-A pocket book eontaising a seall. amount 1.i al mone, and sundry natoa, drawn p ayabeto D, - vid Gill; andlikewise several letters. A hbeal rewd willb paid for itsl recovery. T B LEE B Co, m9 3t - 28 New Leave EASA-IO hags English green Ieas, manding rot Sbarqae CIhanticleer, fornile dy al - SiALL & BPOn.,N, tG Magasina at . ACO'.15- hha of Uieinloti ured sides sd iehualderesfcr sale by 1 23 STRI'.sON & AVERY( 83 Crnyie i -1 ! · - fimu