Newspaper of True American, May 13, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated May 13, 1839 Page 3
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FI U N.I. RE! FURNITUREII UtI. i~d~wied pt teo l.oliniano Furnittre Ware o.'ghie, a large supply ftorm New York and Boa ht . Pet'ono In tio want of. furniture would do owell oAti ;and tleot heihr articles fromot one fJhe best and 0gset htoaks now tat the city. W R CARNsS, d. g 51 Bieonvile a ', B-Pnrtlculor alltention paid to pockiog nad ship I fig i'ulul troop ofexpense. d--2w TO COUNTRY M)EIICIHAN i. 0A. (OOOoetrenttt of ahloolt and nmircellunenue .Y'1 : l bka. Also nsa oppl eof Blak Hooks, writin, mid idtter Papor, Quills lntk, &c constnllly on hond tarl or sal on good terltn, by ALEX 'TOW A t, Torir 18 491 CotLp st .EHg BENCH & BAIL O)F ENIAND--By tile L author of Randoln recolloetiona .of the Lorda and Watmons, and the treat llltrptolhs, illj VOlS. Neal Malroe and other tales of lreltad hy W l Carloton, oauthor of trails and stories of the Irish peu iantry,in vols. JoItraceiveld nld for osate byt t o2$ A 'TOWAIt, 49 Camp tI 1A ALE RUoE1-i0 Ro1s-, -t eu.lopeofr ,1oy, for Sslte by ISAAC BRIDlIE & Co, aprit 2 - 134 Magazine rt ) ACON-15 easks hrIk s and sides, for sale by Sapt 40 1 IIIt)Uitl:, |it Mlagn oro st B"ACON sIt)EiF-150 uasks Cineioeati .cored int anore, or rale by G I)tItSEY, April 2 44 New Leveer TN-.-D-tOtL- -i-" gut4os r natome tn tar sale OIIALL b y& BOWN, 0)tet y2 fit tlDlngp io. at Soprhip Gastonf nd for sIe iby april2 SIIAl.L & IILOOWN, 96 Ml.nzine st AI.LtOW CANDI I."-1(00 b eIIIOIIxes munld fallow 2 Candhs, fl,rsale by I BI-R ID'iE . Co,a nar 2t 13) Mangotzitne at - . S. A S-Jut lanloi g fromo Piltttlur , an asso rtniclt n of Jar, Vials, ttnI WVildow (ilane, at ,ntttteole and retoal, at iNNA , l ar , it Ctr of Natchez anti 're elIt,, als sOt a iA REL l-3 alotnn sses barrelt in store and t or sah lv to I, t AlE,t april 2 i 9 tttt at lo` smle by AlItAt t M tl'l t ie board shte i Liver oo l, .ntitire e ht art or t tmy7 I. It (Alt.:, 93 C:inminI s_ 7 IN- N -t i it', .t1i , ) 0I ., - USI'':nI tli.S. . ul i ust received ly l te rivasi, nltsen ortal·lut of Shirts traVIn t,,SLt1ttot c iurte, iiiI lOVl, ne d , n derse a rt thelltio on t corner ol St. (iharlr e ant Conlllel, n streets. N. I. A emttplet nast rttt.ft ttf W\ritihgl t Desko, Dressing cases, Ittilrttt t, t vi 11tatt inll Proto weoto t lesthtter. tty6t ItS SII So All..\N. toet. Sit ilt 5 tt Iv SNew Yt ork r lhet l l (ttt .ty .r its lr , Itv, lRI - l 0StIIA tI.. l rrO tN, 91i tII,,o ,, i ri ,.tltVEt-t0to i' t ec, , o, i .'.,'v ,+'ý i tter ship Ocoiie. for sale t J ) '"' Nnlht r I 'll iickI iAI+ s Il u , S (Coall o's I'I, P ii , ;:*,,,,' , ' i "- ",.1 ,,i i (ny7 tt, onton att rw ilstor y7:c (.d I t Il 0 i iiitt' N it n , 't;,t(tt N" tIIoo /om[l't0; i 'll ,l.+ .') ) ti il u \ tlt'rS itO 'la, ,0tl sttt toioil/ , , ,t 1 , h,11 t l n y t Loot TO;11 1t . ' oal , i t 1. ttti t it , It i'tt tt to I ~ ", , S()tl.t 15it K4, I t t I fto1'' o , alil I u Ini A A l l i v ti. I fettner of t. it tt 0;l cannn trtt etot i, l lll n i. l , ry l.P 0 + U n ,SF ti k I atIt, I nltoo n iootiti FYIott t .Sr . t tt Setttw I.t, ll tt ,",t t tiono i 0,t1tt t iealtw, it tal Iotr to ilt'. 1t' tto K it ll.l . , it1,,t i1l , lltt 'u t l it , tioo ,r trl ickt r-., AI)u 1 lenttd k s11re1 t t, ofit t l ia , uit guit l-b ri Iat ^ E - lt re-'2111 h aes f or s olion, perfumery, cut - tttNg -teenll tuntt 'otl , tlo, oiiotil, hoiotttloot ot t -ry, and titeo tntt 1 g to mt. may I 1.1. , n I`\J it-3l till I .IW , Illlayt. Ilf 1 onW e Jc, ,i ll t l ·i)'S 91TI' EI \' ,I", .l.\ - %1,\ 1, 1 " 'in unl,,'a l i .,'1,<. I ' i'arh-1,"r Abblo,' ('ulrll,'l S (,-";+il'+,* I+',1 .il E m IIty , , Aibbot's \V'.v to l , I i..' i i h; d "ts IIt.,.h'l, Ilin Abl.h , i oil' llt t' l, -ti u ll ick'. cnml, ,,,. \ 0. , k-, 7 ivo, cll sI II, tol luutift, t ,, l ,rl,'1 l Iu'olii-o, ,ir ,'ll s a ,i CIerll at , yl l '(t.r l t, by n uti t. . .. . . . T W. COLLENS United Sttes' Lu',onseloer. Apointed tllby tile Federal Cor t tNew Orleas. OFFttIC[ No. (lol C)lMMOIt) S'I'ILI.t'I', (Ex.change HIlatl Inldihgs.) S AID Cos, .ioni r tlkek ulfdnvilo uider notl by cvirtn, of the Acts ofllgrgs, passed 2ý'th l'hru, ury, 1Il)t; Ist Mtrclh tl17; Ih lJudiriary Act of utliJ d oti niCt of Coungfs. as, il such cases tlumd aund provided. Said UC oamioeisehr has onidertale exp~srlene; asd iuses f rms ul oaptitl mlllt certtilcate which Ihar stood , tie sverest scrutnl y of tile alest I.awyers. p JOHN V. CHILHDS, ENGRAVER AN') C(OPPERI-PIAT' E I PRINTI'ERt Xvo. 3, Cnap SO. W TII tengrve ead prit to order, batnknotes tillsa Sofexcllaugel, ills of letiug, diplolas, tuarena tile and visi:ing care. n.taritl, consular .and countiug house eals, dooer pl:t'e, silver waro, A c.-nlways c hand, an assortmfent ulo silvert pited and brassu dor 'es Cards printed from plates already engraved. A OEr--I(){I coil, of ble rope, of superior B jq slity, tr sale by I BILII)IGt & Co, 2 134 ag aist E)EN'1'-0 bin hyd aulie Cement, landing from . ship tico. Cabot, forsale e ve ay 3 "S & li' fVIIITN EY 73 Camp at 'T AY-~2nl ales I lylandiig ltsosite the Vege 11. table market, frem shilt Gee. Ctoauo, f,,r sale by may 3 i3 & J P VIWHlTNIY, 73 Camp st J p. FREEMAN & CO., No. 3, Mugazine street, Sare recei)itg their supplies of Fall aud Winter Clothiug, ned will culltiinu to receive shilmient rergu larly thrughoutl tihe season. Their assorttoent being large will enpble then to slpply mreohants from the countr. o rue thrlotl'e t etllice; fur salu wholelsalo 'eiuil, ou uccotIUUiatiUlg telteus. tUITrER. 50 keLso Gnihcnlutter, Intoutlnto et for sale bI 1 -3a as L'\ IItITTNNE Y,73 Cnlep at TO T'rHE LADIES. IR HU!L' u U:TtILO ALIDOMI.NAL SUPIPORTER I iUlS. new i.strumncut for the radical cure of Pro Slapsus Uteri, or Falling of the Womb, by ox terial application, seporsoding the use of the ub jectionable pressary, is confidently recommended to the afilicted as the lmeans of a perfect restor.ton to health, it never having failed of perforeming a ouro,oveo under the most aggravated circumlstanl ces. It has received the decided approbation of irAsetey Cooper of London ; Sir Benjamin C Brodie ; Sir Jamn's Clark, Physician to the Quoen; Dr Ashvwell. Le.etuor on midwifery to CGuy's lies. pitl ; Dr Rigby, lecturor to St Balrtholomews; Dr Griflith, lecturor to Weestmin-tor IIospital; Dr Ramsbotbem, lecturer to ILondon hospital ; Robert Ferguson, lecturer to Westminster hospit, al; Dr Sweatcman, leOturer to Middlesex hosplital. and senior accouchlleur to Queen Charlotte's lying; in.bospital; also by lHenry Davies, Conquest Blundell, Lee, Merriman, surgeon Keates, &c. by Dr Morreau, president of tho Academie Reoyale de Medicine, Paris, and Accoulcer to the Duchess O'Orleans; professors Velpoeu, Marjolin, Paul Dubois, So son and others--and in New York by profeesorJ W Francis, G S Bedford, M D profos. sor of midwifery in the university of the city of New York, protl. Dolafield, and Francis, U John. ston, president County Mod Society, Laurens Hull president m society Stateol of N York, profs Jas MoNaughton of Albany, profs March, Cyrus Per. kine, Doane-Drs Tlhos Boyd, Gilbert Smith, tlosack, Stearns, Ludlow, Kissam, Vache, Power, Grayson, Vatu Rensolaer, oand many other distin. guished tysiciaos in the U Stalts. A lG ull, Offlce 4 Vessey st, Aptor House N York. - oT A eonstant supply of the above instruments, with Dr Hull's improved Trusses for Ilernia, will be kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, A O Carpenter, Natehez; Stone & Marsh, Wood. villa; BcCtlt saod Mallory, Memphis; W D WilkRn. pon, Somerville; H.ll enid Washingtgn, Nashville; MoNacray ancd Hamilton do; R L Bliss, Florence ls; J C Spotewood, Athens; Irby and Mastin SHIPPING. For Europe. FOR LIVEI POOL. T'le A I nod fnot soilitog ship, HURON, Colpt. Rolrtoln, will receivt imto t diato - despatch. For brighlt of 2011 bolro cotton or tnngo, apply to g27 1. 11 (..AI. I, 9Jl lltootn at FItR LIVEPOOL. AMe, firtrAte, At I loat, oll hCONGRoE-, Capt.I Lutlon, will mooa t witll imllrndiota da* Iletrll. parighlto.150 bores cotton or passage, o pply to 00120 L. II GtAtE, 113 Cooeroolu t FOR 1AVIRlEII. Tlt'pA 1 anli fiorli tsoiipg Nhlpot NORpTH, wil loon, oIC 't'trj ot Il t.ll , wll h otve dosr aomt opp reighy or 8 & Iag, apply to 111 ,30 I. II( I G L, 93NILmmo o t FOIII.IVR0000-1 Tho e A lofiostsniliy2 ship Northampt "n, J Man~,llln, master, halving palrt of liar ulrgo evi A will havr. IPspreoil. F.rfreight or ANT ooooootoppl tol & J 1 l WHITN Yi may 3 a4 Csllltwat FOtE & IVIIE I T'Ih Alot oooodlj, tupri t o tipNIt L R, CNpt, R Cptito 11.1, will eet o'th Fr n. io osagotlly,i oppl y toI. 'pt oIf GALE oiy5l 73 Comoon Ft FOR I.IVEILK. -____ A I'Io A I aln verl II upl.o sh Cno Ip AFLE A\NI)I(A( II ·lrllACop CI111 , cn mk 2110 bolosa o cottonl. For reight of whichl, oI r pF, ioilo s Filily NE .V G,11.1: maly 2 3CmmnN Coastwirse. FOR NORF~OLK & RICHMIOND. o lu itil iln o taket ChIIo r NILE, C'ptIooiotog .t1, will hvo e IjI) [.oooho'tledeh1 , t c-. Foor froight of 1t51 oerrelooisogpno firtJohoVIng. toI fhoe Cml otoojoply I o Capt. ,n bolar, opptosit AOgloogtores or to rl & J I' to 11 AItINFY. ty1 7:JOOCmotooooo o OU 9 NEOW VIK. '.'llr. A I lkt shlpogol oroI H CI pt. 'INOI aloud, will have d llloltlllh. For 11017 111 or Aoodo,'oolvit, lgul ar mli timos aplo oil Guardt oppooSIo to VIo lle Itoo' (,r too n1)7 o & J 1 WIIl'I'NI·::Y,73 Canip sl To Sail oil the I rIh. lest. 00 lio ele g nnt, f'st sn0ili000000nek10ip I00)U - IlA,'I'runlllin touluerC, wVill Nnlil nr ubrl V'. Illr fAt Ith o Ilor ps-'t' O having t r'orh I 4. 17)11 'I IV I ~Ot ( :(1III* oo012k. os~opl 7, the oo CpanI on oard Atti s 'h Vg lblo nuk, o r looo~ ooto ofAooooo1oooogoo, FOR01 NEW Yclil-.- - AVi The A I Ii t olllg~ltlo lINCINNAlIo,g, ._ýr111'e e riro, at,.] will IIl1lvc ? Iletll. *1,.IFlr pO too 'I . Ip I VIIIbIo 4 00,0- o FOIL NEW OOK IN It 'I'llh A 1 f ist yllilillg' Ilnp l) a ti Ph lot,,, 00owng routof her 10071 engaged pp ,0 110 1 to 01 .0. S I & J ' WVIII1'NllY, I Il l Ill I oo o'ooooooooN . IIl~ Olo1I? ~lj~ ll.·Il~ Sb-o 'lilelt troot Iiooool W Ill 'tqy-IIootooto 'ooo I'oiot tool N (ov II oo'oool, Noool:.ster, holIvj Inmosto ol, heoogor Iloll lro, tonol ard o il o avl I wtoor Crool r All t olo loooooo orotolo', oroo ooorrooo tool too & .I 1 (Ilooo Dooopooly hil 7.ltoitool. coronor Ml~ootoooitloootooh d l'foyol o n a ro.i.,1 i ,o'1V oooo Poo00,l t lbOootioot. 8oolllo ho'gt ol ool'00 11 PrIOvol litr /Illtiooooo COTTON CIIRCULARSIC [CT PRI' I ,'tl> wi th, /e : lr e rp.p ior", and na ,lile unsorlpa...,e ie. New toti.lO-s , or eotse wvll re hfl at (;oatrrris, Roow in 14. ('harie EI hn i*, f a'm.,e('r l f Goarier .h. ) or at TR RU t caratr ~f I'olvldr t and it Cllarlhs S lerto, swill be prronm / ht crb lln,! d I,. Ti i +.u.I , ri,'r+. lltr ut weh hlianle . he f, lltwing good,. I. 11. '.IIA : -Il( , a ' u l' . , ilks, al s uri ' size'- an t' hl ,,, ,. ( i'j ,oe n Ch- rt No :(tt , al rio n i ,in Il .11 . C ,s '1Fu, I~' : 1f Urr, at ulea!,ur -V e, l, r lt, . 1, " , too" .o.r a, i et , l ello ,ol l -to o ' Ikllllt i l, Poll .a A il vito i Itoo o lllslo . lll t 1 it , Ito st. rluli lnfr ]i.i -' ,id e, 'u ftry nsted ; ,,iootooI/ooitao,- i'nlnnt Co ........ olo i All rm,, t llko'tfi llo lotiotl ' tlt'Ittltio.t't . n ll., I'hhl n'l - silk l t u -i (,,lps--/ !o". , l' rr, e r o ololet , o . , L hlotih o.olo .-- i..ot ic , o 'uido Avril's has fllootootea l , oollll u illg. i l r oTho oiolloo. .ooosloloon coomopoioe otn lorol Soiok, o hilr 'g Iftlsarncy 'Iurh and , hill an dl V lvet C(ll , V soluk.- atinr s 1kill tak d o trr lzio e, of tIle r d netet tes1:c::.ookt k .o o'b lootoost. to Y II Aoi AooSa Lo loice. tello- anil d rel l' o CO., Nilit al , y iilitor, nll. Fk i oa sIttoors, iailk I ,nngo Slonil,. IS n t tllil inooxe loooib. t tit' l fr drygo odie. T l, id11,v gel4 l+ e ll rife is larg st oc(Ck, lUlll aill Ste at lt , ill t t iigCEtIVE d vyte I'ith cllote, No. 53i hlartgines let,c irk prN . lens Th TO 1E SlANI FAO'ITUttltI IN SKIW' YORK iSY ROtlERTI 1lIE & CO. SCtALE OP PRICES-Doublde Otns. P For a doullle ll of RO tans or molt oil ecllo cyllnder, sraking l60 iitns il te stold, with fenltero, toao r, &c. at$C ih oiswo or $59601 01b aFr a Itoohble tiio of 10 a sos on a notliodor, Nor 1 a lws il the stan, alindersil . a er $6 yrsnaw, or 7000 - For cd. ofd OasonEdo.or aws i tel, stand, at t.t4h ler tow, or 500 00 Fnordo. nf 2Osoawonswoto. 40 saws in a tano, OlNI 0.50 lO'er N-fw, or Otl, O SING I. Ii GINS, F.r asingle inot I0a il notl;, 11 Mgwith zi ao.o totnltnhErs, IoasCtIVEatI) Fo,'l saw, (480 00 ythe Pate. f e0 eaws, wtdNo. 53 againe se at $New rles S ROBsr sw, .90 O. For a do of 4i o sws, with feeders, A. $ech $675 per aw, 30 00 For do. of 0 saws, nidlf ol IIrs, elln at l sxtand, at w$3l5ler desiw, feor , 0pli o rhe .bofeI of I0saws Ol. o s4e0 saws , i i c siltader allt r, ilrl s or w ee Io Fora single gin otSO saws or more, with e one set oof'tooers, braid,, Oo. at $6 per sows. $E8xt0 swasotpli co at 0 cen0ts ant. Flordo. of io sawso, with oe deottine' toe teo ts to t oters noyoo th tot to o t ottoatl For do. oible 41 swst with feederso (he. A f5ii oigtt r willbesentwitttioinsto pt ttenout \3hore It siorlleton. el c g saws, fowoils ervics willbe . a tra, bh Ixtlo'aUteli iwigrel n desiredoe onfelers, wsoldeitl, i ocl ucaslabl; te nrllto, but will be c ittrged about. Hotla o heowr, olall lesuli o tion, can be turnofeia, it is siere. Showeveall r will giear ot two or thee et if de Thet iesiadered, w ill be delts ivere od-o the iogr (lla s they sllotllld taol n ttheo a wi ll totilhe cotton plrega tothe Saraotneonthalo sawe, Ielsts, btusle ageits, Ac. It islut.sible oln ite lot ottlit oilo Somi eo. A I oia nwnito aIstger ctiaomootaot'et oathroa. 'sTtctmoso comooonoo izno-! will orbe se illces L .so lle wish tho m 1t iolles. Solu e d wishid 5 or h towse Ilsor whose aoni e will e extra, n tto mot lateanmore th.o,4at tost Sooe wian snws witt t oloteOll 0 ito li e ionmat, wiluhe oter ed whelte teo I.ed WoV utLisncrepancoa, wetnnrpor thot shonyttltdt done time of guiing otrdrns, flonoist a sootatemnt of tthnio owisaes, ouad t.le msa but urr ill n lie lit ed exlram ino e SIoweriular. WIeel it is left to ourll isrseion, e Oaloil u nakestoemotontth omost modorno ant ap-rveot iolan. Steon oldl allr c be g ounolted, oali lnts he Oime it iot de - fr te neat oroia ordwte r olultl to gie ord te hinr lis n the mashoul uaccuollily te f irstr tairles iof lay; regarl s f luantaiots ttrenl they re late ain omatnoiagt s to picrginter t otrs. The t o. ie It N. r. Ill Piiuhenst b t slllt,m fani Iy onef tihe coettol g ing Satroes, wsill b sheold on rnasuaxlei: ohes d A n alEN COe N-nctnat ost nSot. holls, saws with or le orteeth to le in while othe& want ,0or II. a' 16 h sre we er gai t GEORGE C. CHILDS, Arraoasa ar LAW, ILL aste Itd h ulproem Coutrt, attd shi Diatries e tiCourts,giing rridS lur a slom of the r odjaceht wisheti nd the ilnatue City rsf anollal h.en i eel ar iaimr hee it is left to oher difor tonty Lnlld Isake them fron theid most modn ad proritly attlldn. iti theo silare er eit r nsidenwe or et idr lt e ,f in s. st to the care of. Rickear, jr. (tea Peos Or. T e Agen ti in New Orleas. r e of marll inNew Orleans. lis mar . FOR NEW YORK. . eto York 4 ew (+,Or'les uI,*nc. A NEW LINE flltacketr hul- en establi-hed to run between New Orleans a|d N.ew York, to| consast offive first rate ships, via: Ship St.h nlrv, Jt \v ,trr, n:ater, " Republiean, J (] I(us.,ll SAuiiurni, I .' I)ur y, new (building, tnhaese shilJs wcr bIuilt in New Y.Irk.,x'pln.. fIr tlin tt'nd; r,: , n Ilfa lll d'. ght of wagi ernDIn wi ll nolt in , subhjctodetentlllin t tllo Illr. 'n hlir ni.i illl l Iiibe s nbr tmesngiors collllris all ' hllat ill'V ,u I-+,tlllrll or Comfort / llll Polvyllleo l(e p an r I r cofol t lllll t fil .sl erle(· ill:i'oIeted, iwa first tlIrts lohps will suly trPil Ti 'gretPte-t punctuality will be ob.serva'l in lia. tin'i of tniling, noI everIy rtnsonabll accuwomn t et illed to shippileri foll Iarseiger'. or flrtlhr iarliilnra niply t ,l 'earsn. Johlllson J dl. ,n.den, No. lt \Wall street, Nwo lurk, or to jaC I IT'I.'Et I,AI1I.otW, lii Camp i - FORI NEW YORK. [louisiana and New York Lile of PtlcZkets.] 'o sail regularly ats irdverliteJiied j nom e ' Port. an rAlly aity, mlV lkii , i, o1 ) 1 " i ulll, o hi.' rwill lro oi, niti hi. isi.tlo ol froom o hia pmi t wry Ship Yntmom r Cey v tlll 'orck. wenk ninrir tihe pIn, til jilwthug prompt facilit i s " ,Misai+ippi,, " p " Lo ivile, " Allen. , r:llrtt o t..r I l Inthnllway. 'Ii II n it, vlle,. E lhri d t SShlatkelpeare, Ille liThe aii re smill et r nil otfilt,'mit e',.ioit ti'iroi built ii N i w York expres-ly thor tlhe I td,with elIgilt eeollllmoduftions Ilr irglr ll a ill conol llldlled by alle im price ,ifo pnosni. is fixed i of .i'1, without wine, Irlillllor lnlpll str irs ill evry otth.r i mi lien lo rwtili hi provid dI, 111111 ivii r tiii iitet to piiir i co 10ort of thine pnin, to not !t in th" lir. 'T'e tind tihe gltlatet punclI slf:l itly ,h-crv,"d it to tIi'r dlly ni ntailing im . Neitllher th owr llvrr< r clltnil of th,.r, vrs. tlr will be responllible for jewlI ,lry, I lion, pe is 1 i sol 1, il, vlr o I pIllted ware, I reoil,,rG + of htin:., hollow wvr,, n rlic, l ,r gl nllie, alt l ' o rlY. , it ti Ii ' on It r steaIl, or foIr i lly Iettr',I IbreoLt '.r lpnckoc'rll, "r. illC oy r tllkeln fillr tilt, !aLm , fo l thtre v hlla- thr1 o ."xpr, ssllr, iiel. Imair I p .. 1 t: I I I I U IN.l , 71 {'wml)p t FOR NIW YlORiKt. 1101.311:S' LIN. OF1' I.KT. /l ,() rod,il .......llll.y 've ,, ,hi ? due lint: ... ... p,, t. h ii l l.n, e i l'n, .i i ,tn io :rr . l tu il.v i i nthn, i ,lin S i r rim'ulsr , 'llr hill " '\ Cn niod. 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I(I1I.I . l ;( 1h11,1111 )111h.· ,.l-i; rl:-ll -lhlF t+llJ I :·ll l llll. ,I th,' LIII .llllhll 'I' dl"E " " '1.; l-r l ··, II'I'I b ll llll lr iii ! iii 111- rl11i11 l lllllr ('U 11 11.1 ii. ,h l ll - ,'l -Xl 'r .\lli PII . vr•I ..,~lllll . lh ll["ll lil rlhll. ,t I l ;, ii.:i. l t . i I, t.U l, I i. h'l ?*l 'I.I[ l-'fl+Q-' t m1 1iii,.i i I ,-lll~ \. fI) IIIII IIll (.Ufl :,- l '`'rr ? i ; I.,i iJ~ , 111·. , i r l, . -il i 'ii /'I J +I',i;, ,i' , 4 l·,-;i,. i' x - , I ii,,,, J . ll-ll hll' I'I-+t t,111 tl 14 C.r,'l I i (','~ 11-1· "- /· '- , l :, 1 )I~ .. 11 11,+.II 1; 1 - 1,,' . \ ."ll~ ·,',,,.,._, ,,='+I,,.,, ,:, :, ,,,~,, ,;~,+.~. 1:;.. ~,..~, :) , i - ii( l i s ".-- --.+i, ,,, - ~ ---III111 lt 'I'ATI'h OF LOL ISI.\N.A-City of New Oc. lutleans.--l it known, that this day beibret me, Joseph lleizaken Marks,a ntlary puilbh, inl and for the city of New Oriorllcs, State of Louisialla, aforesaid, duly cotnisat iined and sworn, Personally catllae llll appeared lessre. Charles Diamond, MIIonroo Rtobitaillr, Solottn aIgh,Jailst Shte Sy, lMartin Doyleo', \\'ilhua Edmlundei Turnitr, James Patton, Addison Thomas Pickrell, Robert flare, Ashton Balir Coa, 'IThoeas earlintt, jr eRobert Itrealiey, Alexaltnder G.lbsonl, Jusacph Clailne, Augustuss W\tzel, Ioeirt Iluny, C('harles Jacques Pertrcau Fontcrman, L l Al. .\tl (ulst, WVllllalll 1Morris Cartecr, Dneiel Cu('li Otiborie, Jobn S3 . rock, Edwinl C.oper Salllnl', anld oIeph SiuCtt Sloane, all reireLnts of 'ttil' e ty , talo declaretd 'That in conflurmiti ith a a ct lf the I gisla. lure of thi- State, upprvr ,", ore ,ho 13th of larch, eiollteeln hundredll l anil thirty svi , ulltitld an a t l' To authorize lllitle or aonlllol partner. ships, and to regulate L itl e sa ." Av. I also ill cll lformtity wi It an ordinca'v ofa the Couinetl of 1u t cipality nul'ber two, of this eit, pll sredl o l the vsecond day of tJautry, tightetn hunttdred andtil thirty-nine, flr tthe pnrlose of calabhtllting it frry nnar SI. Alar's oal.irkt anld conullll d i .iita t.te city of lafay).tte. They ei satid appearers have engagnd, , ud do Iby three prei'entis agree toi ter in a the follwiirng lilmited or attlonylm uts Ipartlnh hi, titw e ited altli .es ,l ' , . '";l'r . , l -wayq to a It : lai. I . e, title. ai sta L, tunder i ht of ', ,: . ,. to "L , :o ntreo d shat l hJThe, .t. '1 1 - tIt, Ferry C;o pan.; and that the ir t, . aid company, it to be located, shut; ' l ' . SIn w ( rl'cains. A tl. 2. That ti ' .h ' .r kindl of busI. tCss, o illdllm try to b' r,,,i ., " l; style by the three, .rs, shall t . !a it ,-'ltsh a nod cantit. le to run oneo I Ilore et l,,. t'crry .q al s,, t cvn1: tbrmitya with the orldititllc or .iad ae'i iitali'', Iutlllbr two, land fIr the towing of , eaa or trciger. or the trlnsportats.ol t o"' IIIerc.talldo:e eithi.r up or downl or nacelts the tIIVr." Art.3. That the aimountt of the capital o anid complllany shllall be twentllly !thousand dollars, (wilth tiht ptlllt egu oi' ncltreasling the ttllle to tfrty thllou sanld. ) dtllivt:d o1 o two hutl:ltdre sha.res ufoltO busll. dred dollars etch, payable as tollows: Thirty dollars pelr share int ca he, atnd the balance

at thite tllo\iing periodse, Itfrom ihe date of th' s prF.te ts, to a it: Ten dollhtr per ,hare at (GO dayv. 't'rlenty dollers per Ihare at oo hundred an twenty day's. 'Twrity dlotars pIerc htare at six ltmonths, atnd Twenty dollars per th.lne at Htlec tnilUths. Art. 4. 'lIhat the llu Iaie ILof the ptlrtterS, anld the amlount each Ilartalcr hasa cuulrltbtid, is ;a fcl Said Charles I)i.u',rad, ten lh.nro,; said Munroa Robltatcll, ieh.,i'tu n shtriesl; s,id S.loetion iligh, Sthirty slctrel.; .vi I J tnllel Sheeh ly, len hli es; t;all| M artint Doyel', ten tshart ; ,aid "V il hi ti ldi und, l'uraer, toll share asaid Jates Patton, tell shares; said Addisotl 'Thlomais 'tekrell, ttln shatcs ; cai)l Robert ilat,, tetn schtaes; andtt A. D. Cox,ten shares; Ssaid T. Darling, jr. tel, sharet ; t aid Rubeat atea. key, five shtae6s:; ca Alex. GIbson, five share ; said Jes.e.h Ciattn, ftive lhares; said Augusltu Witzel, qon shares; said Robert li)er, one shore said Charles Jacques Perreau Fonterman, ten shares; said Luis Adolph Gunst, one sharo; said \Williatl r Morei aCarter, two shIares; said Daniel Clarke Osborne, twro ihares; said Julo Shlrynck, five sharnes; said I'dward Cooper Slunao, live ashares; sail Joseph auett Sleane. liove nhatr. Art. 5 IThat this partaer.iqap tlall r eaaaaaene front the date hiorrof aed tihe tme rhall te.r nat. its oaeriatl anid wins d idp its concers oaI thCe 27th day of lFLebrary,1] .I8l 1. Art. ii. That there shall Ie three directors ap. poinie to tr'ansact the busihess of" sa d compan~y iaod adatlte liaortir at ar c oor l ndo'ta.y Art. 7. That the iponera with which enid direr. tors .hal ll he vePl:d, hlall bllie e e to elect ir anlllll LthaIoes'lv's theeir own 'President urnd till ad v man. cresil, nlld i lllmljorl',y of whsorn shall lv( alld are hier by Invat,!d r rial '111 aIIowr to resh lyv iner d oilo iai t a'li(,aiaalll ta 1 r dol, oar c;aiea to be dollo, itl thlat is rnl'as ita!', t ha aaaliala o f tinof Clae tJ a allaIesa of raid caaitaany; and Che lrrasalerat, by ar'id with th consrrit oal oiatOi aelitv lif tlie irlmeaire, ir cepliw. fredl ta itean Chlu nltlr or Ilotes of thae CaaIIIaIIay, liar tll aiielaaai, apairaiases, or coatrict a behalfOa o' satliad clll)itliy, (laaiai rrii'.ijll'd Ily at hearh otee of I alea Dirrectors) to aieaata a' ,rglhts, arvilager anadl saaiarth, which may be. aontratlred for by a majarhay oa' said allaard oa" Ia'rtctrs, atod to aoaveaa iaa aklit lnllll ir tine pan e. Art. S. That the lioane of , :rio o sither ervice ol eaid t)iraltaiors aihall be lor oa yeai r. Aat. l. 'T'hact when thn !aid cal'' amra' siatl have ] arrtved at the perioi, wa a ir s a et'l' +i', lhI ooalrn nll ,'ll l 'irir of tile i alr lr shaIll blie wslai 1 i|[ antd F1lrfidated by three ensurllnlissiolt rs chl'lten lbydl tha O i ol t ll raali al t I .elected fr ullleir . ll Art.i. .That ale alwele C h rxreirclsed bly litheiI Colllnarni ion! rs nt s Pi tl'l~i ell \t th +'thl liqi idtlh hl .n hall I ie L li Ibllolts, i o wi'i -To l I 'i ila ay lu I 11111 r uml n o, a a)l y be I lla to or bly the coiii anirl, li I l gae aad a tae alalilli llc Llitall oti r i clll littai tllaria s thi rtlibCr, ald t .i I ll li a r iloi rty of l aid i tlolllpanl , I tiher tit ]plivate sui+ fr hy lb\ile auih on . ci h Italll lld c adli Itt l aar l t eol t u i ly aleal hi and aI ""llviah lP, I~llll ··Ii·~ ohl :)1) L\· II Arl, 11, That tie dtividends of the clear pre;]l, ftleh r [i iyit l. :i ll ( lar :,s and e lx ,llleli's ll ' th+' Illll. I Iiy, 'hl a i I ia ll o chrlid ia l ri l biiio tir nl llc.hp l-ta I il, iSllliltlll l llt d . F Iaa 'li t rit,. rl et . of th i i lli ' ( :oF c tit l llln lll e il + irt. 1i Thai ' cal'ii'lal l ltar· t'ng of tre Stoll - ill r all t uiIIl at id ii ! i ulatii'i i rI: r ltLil h l te or eh .io s or , all . t rti Sv ii aitesii ea lh a.t l er ihat!l nllll t lily i tll oi ei a~~lllnIoila''11'r ''''a haill~l ll. SIliiarltvr Ilfohlhlr hI thtl '.' tSlltrl u!' tile eoii !il, il·1111 ;1 coitrliry to tl. ae t ig oi ilini .-a hal Iitr' I aaaaltdi tali lf S ilhii ii illu tioi ls Ia li S '' a ii , ha l , afill ket\\[ Ni llll ei"l'lV ll i C IIm ! n ; Itill| thle +.aml e ri)ll h, hnlj ing nl L thIet .PIIUIl rticlll, ers, and hilae r'. portive 8orax ; a* ignr So)ali, iandaaii "l i ,y" oa ....n.e 't 1 city in N..e Orbans, aforeld, thin i7thi day of te"a''ary, te3l ita tre ric 'I 1),ltan l .I. Icarale aid aohn a w.ns, wi ~Itsaes of llw l ago, aiaJ haia'ehlua n i liat ci) L,y who l !a . eru lnt ai t iIIra t ailail sll ' tpliitiea wI It saiil li parie Gs altn 'iii t i swi l tea'r. ()iigy ill a si att:l ,ll th i ,''liyrock, E. C (. S I ||I , Jo.[i . ...ghin, (Chiarhes 1lhinoud, 8. Hligl, Rlobert i](lf -, \ tlfri c;lox, .I l('. Mtl (i liehy, I,14hr t W z l Itit a ill', it ; )llabarii, L 4 1.00cr, lIt el ill 'a', I: I TLrte er , W as I Clli (irtar, J eolall T Ittin, l oIb : ICrhlait , jr. A 'T l 'ickr ala, hiohiert lre .a , lartin Ioi l, I'3 . i I cl ar ii , ailai ( , llll' ', Jit . I lar" , llllary I a l abl a a.a r lisy It, t<rUj lCTinI tl h, a Irte co[,y olf th , Ii i t[ li'i ;ii i ll-ti' i l ' ,,u rvi t ri -t, i+. i r,.lgl 'll~· E(TI U\h..rti,{',· l ] ' arlath.'' i lr ,tlt idl li !+a| ,y .'igl;n h r ,(nlllll d w i l ,u , ,ill,. at N ,".w' t rl'l 0 l .htaoU.laaia o. l " ru 'a, 1- i [l igaii il JU . o . 1Al. K111', nprfiS N uttr,'y l nbliC. Tli xl l" I .e L Iltl~l tiall.LNl i- alle de la J Notvi ell e Olh .ii', uii tuird' ui de nL aenoi, Cuaerlh ttzaket n br at rs, te otalrr p I alic, dalns ct cit la i'h t a' ro,'i da' lt Ntiiu'elle ()rh.,na ,ta t d e a L o u isar na e ' -a e r rt p. r.o elin, t aria r a t"ia ur ' Ch rles a .lrletir e d, I lhn l a. . t li iiie 'i tluin tirah, Jilllils I Itahy ', I nlartia a Ttab I Iiu ,atd . i T ,r . tiaE , .... a P ale..., n . I.h<,,,,ila l'ckrill, A bi tert 'll. itore, Ct abor ('x, 'ar himIli Is I),rlhng Jr, Auffu.tuts W\'tze~l, Robe~rt flo*y,3 I tart ,aUila s "al rreaa Fiate aaan, , iS Ahda ph idtruis iVilhaln Mai rie Caurts, laniet, Clark (J. Ilorln, .Johln S"hryoc , E~dwin t'o ier Sloatll, e2t J ibp ..lett S[loane, touts rcsidant ton cotLto ville qui (d'ie onltrmeifent l un aoteode i!t Legislature a' d art ['let. appra,.leti tr, iz' inar- I nil a uit i e t ltra jt i s 'ataiaihm d on nr on polr autorise: leoe ts oralltionlt liulitd,, onl anontyllme , ' los r+glor." lEt aaussi eor lt arnaaan1lnt at ati ordrun et i tarorsal do ,la r. c ne llo Mnn 'ilab6 ( clttte r 1if , it ll ss6 1t a r d .i , vi.r roll hust cent rii ou~~te libei' [iolor ('talb r !li n arirr a hr o du rar'hid eailte, commuatatiahroallat av.c Ia o ala ihi Lali'tte.i Int association eo lt l+ ti hritic !, s clatu aesr [t c'ndltions q.o i satlll Art. 1). lu. I, Ira,, sons lquel cotto eoin. p' ll s s con ''lhit', s i ra--Li a i " t i gii e dtl lF'rry it Vapeaur (Io AlarshGt Stte .ILaric-- la hi h.t du ( eit ('ompalb, li scr'a thull la nlle tie Ila Noun. v-lie ( rloe ll' ..rt. So, Qu'i, I'tofihire .'t le biul doe , cote. |dit liieanIitatpgaa l Ir t \a aiatr , rris ci lr conft rne :lta' l'or~hrt , e 1,< ..emlet . unicmi,',a sit et p ut| fa':li'.r 'a' li~t )ri . n h disrs er r iipi , les la'i ' d hns t n 'e ri hta'act i rnis d ir tlive. A rt a 'ar I.e rlo anatu iantr ia itlia il'a ei I ns ano sraaaaar.Aiaeingt ast lP poltes ia'aiir sillie plailtrte., divad.t oin Gux coeits itct~ions 1| ta t piaatrt lis chae payale eman aa''e rrenltu |lstres co atalt par a'tain, tet Ia relte au templl. ci tlest$s ItInatelas do lt dale du lfrg li)lx plastres por aectioen oixanle jours. Vingt prtrcs rpar r teiorn ard it vIngt jours Villtl piaorcs o ar actiolr siz mois. et VII.etl lllrers p..r act.on t letoo Iois. Art. 4. Quloe ls rtnrre des actiollil 0, et I1 I dlllllt de leollrs actions ontt, sa\ ir : n11 dit Chi Ilntoorld, dex r ioetrorrt; r titroeo Rbitildr ,, o x norllrt'ollrlls; t ..iclrr llrrl . llg'l, trlte o i ctions; a Jllilcas Shiolhy, llrx actiorsl; M,,rtiil Doyt!, tixo a Jlllroll· I.\ol I tul e rlrd TIra r, dix r IctoLLs. titte r rlllt Ltoir;n, ox ctittol tt; I e, ui, , Thot r cIhikrell, x <I~lactihons & ti obclL Id L rt' ,hz ilLS; 1oshtortI abor Cox, ltx e lctiort; a flrul l)l' lry, jr. roix oatiorro; a Aitlordrdt Gibotioor, eir c-e ioeri: a irlroselrh Cliin, cinr actions; , Ar ustrsll tllrliter trIetioLl ; a Rtolrt [[loy, une ac ; S lh.ris ,]cqtus P6rreaut 'lutorllman, (Idx actiosI , c~tcdlec ellill c leala drer ~ilelrtoo aL.orro Aditpb histttt, too octionr a Wrli on Aor is Carterr, douerx artirotnst it nel Clarki Os itorto, drolx actold al Johlr Ohyrotk citt oll ctIlnlr a thiir Cooper t lonr, tirq acdtons; a Jo.i sn rtll.teo S.lo.ln, tcrr. oatioons. Art. 5. Quo eotte association comme ncrra do oerle dte et tertllicn eait los operattors dt ringt cett "vrioer, 1844. Art. i. 'i l 4 y ura troir doireteur pour dior geL et rer er los aillfires do cotte Colpalnie. Art. 7 Qu.lo lo pouroir doeut i lirtur s I o Unt vlu, rer' d'Glod rri parmi cux un t l'rdlent cet dI relt rjr toutts lres litrlacs vacantes tet dont la ma. ,jotr est t tu doi pouvoir do recovoir t dc trayer totrr gcet r do othre iout reo qoli t reqtts, a lin do cordulreo t d',itrinrstri r loes t loe .irftis d t t it Comlagic, ot Io Prtsidtnt avtc le co etocitot dh do lamajoritt dto dracitourro, ,cra it ht du p vloir Io ,:lulttr o Ilrs olllr:t ro er corillr lagiltto i iuri troutes dellllllde IrrI collratr ol tto realr d8 l dthU Comlnlmgli pour talhes Ibs delmlan oll n cJlletrats otll tllclr ti ia tdttIlt CellilgIlO, Cooltre igu, p.r all ti Itt , Ul t r ies dIC tIIrIeII S, d cd ptlr tule Ics dlrlllrtr , trlllttio do Irlt turerrt coLtrcLrtre' l llo ajorit i clu clrrllr ll ttIR dIrotr lt rit , Ce t d'C I . ,le. r lu ImnIIt . Ait. Q t. la dti:: r du treitc do CilllU c li. rcc furr Ss~ra ill al. U1 Art er a, 't ....d ct..e Conmpagn;ie scr.. ar~irt.e Aett iio 4 oqeoxpiratiol, ootioes sg oitr s so-r rotllll ll trs r'tr Ittrolt (te urriri, t t luO iit Ltr le nct: . ,ll lllgl. PI. mll ali cusX . Art. O10. Qlulo llouvoir edorlt aserort t vtels Itls Co t trrlrtll e. st L t lll i q er tototiter.t la dItr Iillllidotio c ora .r)l .c.rt tr it, SioVOi, :-dt roectrIrt tet de l)lytr I rliio sontlte qur dura lt a oiuOtttittltito rti trttl O CII t tdu e, d done r et u rcev tlllr ittlllltll lc Itour cll,t c i do velrdre la ptrtlrlid 6o de coeln ioullllttug ooil ,.4... i dli, otn ul qaI hilot s l L terat'ei s at c .OL - ditiort qu'lisjttgtront plus rtvelrtogdloex a tl Corrr. tI'"l"il, Art. 11. Qti ' paieral tIrs lt s six t lot is l r teux ;tiLrlll Tlro l·e s dlvlde ndo , ,hs ir rltgltll! Otto ll' toutl s l t dep t s lll'l al s l I C mll algnl e, r0o00rvilllt Ior tutr tit tix eour crtlir det Ol rot g plsl ICeI c oual 4 ro et, un t ; . i. , i. .tlo ll t.+ a ,l,'-unsl +.,' llu lGI1.'L!'lie* I··"l~l~ I , :,,.'I , ·. i lfin.lli, ol :r I' 'llr+! o tro, et erei h l t j rtr iotro o L t i itot . 0 blt, rt dties votl. . rL tolrtes ollrlscl chones rrglrdalot dore bli ot ticd 'I C'ollln,"ipic do In ~igtliilon, leq'lcl wura rtglltrd sur low teils actionl naiie.s et tll pl rllm.llitu. I6ttl'ed r ou ctoux qul olit dioir. lVut et ipa.,d on nioll Etude dans la ville de la Noltvtlle.Orla s tm c 7 F1.rier ld3.), an Il [Iro to D-nc t do lanil J RIctrdo et John teloos Idroinsll Ld',le rCelquis, drlortrrrltr durs ot appr'it nt Ioure -Ignlrtllrs otn-en lo avI c les dits lerts et inoi le S lrl.ioe, Cl irlos l[iCtoitd, Aogo J LtOatterlillr, A Ulbstrn, ( Cro. ,: 2 , i boetadlb, LC Otiolrne, LA (ilnst . .t, , I'lturner.t, \it l.r l lrtr, J.lllla PIo . 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