Newspaper of True American, May 13, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated May 13, 1839 Page 4
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S RE LINE t)0 |be following veamls, 'pºiaied expressly for SCeapt. Miner, S" Nikenrcn, ewc' "" Stevens, •lehe · e Latham,. ý ... r. . Grey. ofta in elaw, have lhand. inttelopc, and are of a light oadmit oftheir receiving and aie in Baltimore, at the city. -r pott on the Chosapeako r aforwarded by tile agents, & ELL(IGG, at Baltimore; shipped will be advanced when Sef pusoage ie fixed at $0i, at quality will be provided. a .te Misiasippi will be taken S..S., Gep. BEDFORD, 22 Bienville at. E WYORK. sa oiw' York Line of Packet ] this line will sail fro .oe r oen every other Mon en the 2Oth Novumeri-ard to ntuality in tihe time ofsailing, tS i onsiq of five-ship, vi: the tain Trask, to leave on the 20th e faptain Palmer, to leave on the SInCaptain Eldridge, to leave en the g-Captain Woodhouse, to leave on .lUpP .crt'lafina Davis, to leave on the nary. o ll new, a f the first ela, copper sto fatened, and upwards of 590 tons f r liaght dreught of water, being built rk epredaly f.r the trade. The price O It ge is fixed at 100 dollars; their Coabilg are Sp o mnose t inproved and envenieat a lre il hed in neat and elegant style y eI tm of the first quality will be provided, regard the ome,nnort and entire Is n of asengers, who will please iake no. lbe ot berth can be secured until paid for at icf the eonsigneoa. {'Thes ela a re ecotnmmanded by captaitns well > ptrfenced in thie trade, h w ih l give every at d tesnarixortthemselves to aconnddoate. Ti ev t wllftb llatimena be towed up and down tihe Missis. e teambnhta, rnd the strictetpunculiy be ed in the tlime atof siling. pntliy rownrs If theto p hie willno be rcsponsi. 7º1o^fo etter, prc~l ~or package, sent by or oarl d ofthem, unless' a regular billof laing ig ed therefor,e t the tounting homI o of tihe 'ivt d7wer. For firther particulars aplly to `°" .'° J D BEIN & A COIIEN, SUe-E;A' 90 Comtmon st O NbV StI( AitlESTON PACKETS L. . Tbis lita conoisttofl urverelr,sll ol "ie.i:tl, c irs elnr, co perd atd ce;,rr .. et. .. enedl and of t'' 200 uo ,lo eurthcn, wacih"tanaeop, en ica mmodetinne fn r tinengert.r Thlrlesie vessels ore ermmandy d o y cnpiains wel 4: rieeed in a ,lIe tit t illive n ery att ' o'nl!'ueend 'net t themselves to ncculnlntla,, tet * p1,ehPt f.. "'Thev will b t lo 'ed l,' and d.wn dr ,Mi·.i ts. ., and ae.... New Orleans .... or bclore " " ,Aimd. 'enn, J. D..ane, nlne,.r. - 7, -·.Ufi. er ~r Wiillinma, J. A\lil ere, m l r .r ir: F. or p- seke, acepl tI J. A. BAIItLTLI B" -ie.Ci. e,,al'mmnn sr. Ncv OQletns, or !. C ',NI D & CO'S .I.oto . .....t '.. ./. N iU~ 4KD & CO'S Ilotsn anod New rfuo ri10 f Packet Ship...--Thi now line of sbips haiien expreay built td ran between tho above p ad will be found of suitable drft of. r: ation fir pnsengere.oand every fort So give t..-oerl satisaiutiou, The S eompo.eaj of the f:lowiag ships: S 415 tons Capt. J Harding, O - Orolina, 400 do S Loeniat, S Oharleadon, 374 do D Eldridge, Columbiana, 625 do G Barker, -.eman' 240 do J Howes, * h Y.' 625 do D lHumphrey. , Te..+., bovo ships are ill now, of te first lans, rfastene d ndoppered, commanded by men qat rience, have large accommodations, I " parte ladiescabin; every attention will be P r aesngeie, and the very best of stores pro .T h.; eta will be towed up and down the Mism atasipnlfsa the strictest punctually oblnrved in the time Lng, :and aslould tho regular vessel. ibe detin arriving, other ships eqqally as good will in .t. e aubstitutled. A share of patron. age is molilit and theo agnltpledge themselves to eoeonimodtlt aL much us practicable, to receive and forward bgpda by said line at the most mnoder. ate hi are , ido advance all expon-es on goods shi'ped, if requirwd. The ship ej!i!4vethe Ist and 16th of every month. Io1 fle. or paseege, apply to the agonte. .. M ERRITTo, 82 Common st. N. B. dyd nmenta made on consignometa to Megr. A 6 Co n Lcents go the strnMith of thcre onecas oif i k bare & o o oan d i virtues 1 manyy oher ruoots and era ;tlb Indians as elleccious in curing - ld acceess which hos attended tie use of Chit bd Ileem wlerever it bns been intro do ad the confidence and recolnndn tin table physicians, for tihe cure of coughs, tee t auide, want of rest, spitting of blood, To t concern. This i to certify that we have retics frequently Iprescribed ifrs Gard ner' aamotItverwnrt on'd Hearhosrod,withr Sdo ffet: we can therefore from the know g telal it'is made from, and cbsetratlon reemmend it as a e peris- prepourkion oral lios o r the lungs Ir which t is re AteEaRP -,ILLI AM'I S, M. D. CALVIN EI.LIS Ml. ). of the IBoston Medical Association. molby9 JARVIS & ANDREWs, ) trm 'nout tlaI flirh oit nlif s tia I '.EItlIO:NE, BIROWN &c CO. _ _ No 9 C(oati st. onds, bitter and sweet liquorice root, fin e ! "Brgnmot, esrsence.i lemon juicer. rnp a ry Sea:s, connca, duke, and snall, eanl"aridra, t1t, ea luow.toter &e, fur wholes: lo and S t BONNAPEI., i' . er Natchea & Tcellnpitrulas at . K PRA UL ICCEME:sNT--..5 bhs landing froni oliip Ge, Cabot, and for tale by fl. :S & J P WHITNEY, .:at "+y" 73 Camip st ;": UI 4ON I HARTT & CO, are now receivig frogr hbd ship Orleans, Eagle, Highlatnder, Pboker 40t1 Andreawv French and German play cards; Beck. Ptiuteaea lard a Chsmen, 21-4 end 23-8 inch Bil li l 8, tO and 12 inch bl'ade Bowie Knivesr 4 eahr travelling Dressing Cases; Belt, mn ta, and Duelling Pistols; double and idGona; Game Bags; Shot Belts; Powder Fleas;D Dram Bottles anii Drinking Cups; Caps and Cap IHolders; Cloth, Hair, Tooth; and, W'l Brasbhr Orrma nd Chlorine Tooth Wasyl 'T ader, Toilet nd Shaving Soaps, in great v: ! tirlredda, Ringlets and Frizettes;.Pearl Sal, and Boexes; Gilt China, Seals nod Kerew FI; tveope; Waist Buckles; Bractlnat. Bead Necklsera end Chair-s Gilt an d Sileerei IBeaers Indian Bacuds, Bella alh ?llumes; SIhell Twist- Side and Dressing b.h,i adrdition to their former stock on hand, m rt.otvery1 complete, and will Ibre old -'ilral terms, at the sign of the Golden i2S--tf 70 Chartres street. i I tlt E t & (,.15.4 .Iecrnairest te-ti'flm'Cn he. 4.4 LwrEf re ottnriulr., 5 -414willeA Lnwll .gonen. 3 .care buckskin st,' ehirilt tLous, ifr sale by ' 1 . RI tI) & CEr 131 rMegazie st p htre sareri.herave prouere, Rf * ptar s; #iethe rilght of pin o irn -;rorf ty',i..fs r oi'' i€. to pubrth vihteg., worebotei.,, ani private dwellinrsrrd ia onRe a p ..rr.ea.. and durobiliry, anrl a ffitl)''le anid warer prorf. Ti rmt ore '"ise ,nd ad modal teen +or res ountil efi, .M ait,,. -'.S.lmrrTchaebpitulea a. " r ,ý". C oNBP Et I, i Co ., .r)G rtuer to v !e o cruneatunlly cu d a tarn lypp Dine)nr andl t.;.erpn,.l cool, !n r10 .nqi17, , wAuih itey offer for '! bi4p eraivala from Rne d,.thggasI4 Lehigi and Pearh bstik And screened, put up in :amily ugr-lul of hP c be most moderate terrsr. en no, No. 53 Bionrille $I. ly attended eo. - 13,& 46 l.rn.r. 1Mtb onla druwn ginn~~p~lmlenrnn Lenlahe o cur s (ne b B-Simmon Ilartt & co are now 1re Tmtom Mibcartdchipo Yaioo, and luiato le S t.tlfdlat, from New York, a great vlmety ol abnol v their line, which together with their fomret tack on bnld, .nakes their asstai ent ory,, plate. The following compose a part, viz: ell twist, t.,ar.ti;ne, tiek and dreossing omha, horen do ofall descriptions, In dia rubber, silk and worsted elastic garters, common & une elostic suspenders, Eoco foco and Lucifer matches, Ifeidlita powders, powder pllffs and boxes, toilet powder, oeket oos and wallets, needle books, shell, pearl, tory and morocco card cases, head ornamects, plain co al beads, necklaces anl negligees, bead ainns, bead ecklaoces, cat glass and plain,seedilver and gilt beads, Indian heads, belle and plumes" pistol nod large Ilow ler flaks, shot belts, horne, belt. pocket and doheling tistols; double and single barrelled guns, Bowie knives and dirk.s sisore hearpoet es poket kiv, grd chains, and ribbons, waist bulkles, cloth, Iair, tooth, tnail,eomb, rumb. ashoe, plate, floor anl dusting brushes, Cologne, Florida, lavender, rose antd by water,noasrted essentes, and extracts, laccaesnor, Iear, aoti,t,e nd Ward's ve getable hIair oils, shating ad toilet toaps of all des criptions, ladies' and gcttlcmeaos' desks and dressing cases, hair rioglrt, riozettes anid braids, plain, fittcy andl musical work boxes, plain and gilt, figllred, coat and vest butteas, pentl and i-ory shirt ido, irt situddsl, gold and silver peneil cases, tootlhicks atd twerserr, elanted and gfilt locketo, ntinintnre lo, silver, tras tuld steel thimblres,hooks and eyes, oair pils, ilmitation f'uit,blk and redink,shooe blanking, violins alnd guitars, ribbed and plain percusson calps, linoen twine, sented eusb tens, gold and silver lace anld fringe. latter pter, gan. bags, riding w'ips, o.alkint rcaes,platytu. stds, fins god,plated atd gilt j6wellv &O. The above,.together with a great variety of odter arti les are offered at wholeleeal or retail sanacotnmtodatitg, terms. N II Shell coml, repiarad l UYL; In MLAY, Htouse, Sig,, ald OUrnan-tn aL itters, No 3 Carollel street, two doors fieu Canal street. Imilatiots of the following woods and marbles, e eeuted in a masterly ttanner. Wootts. tAAnntLE. Mahogany, E vption Idlack.and gold, Oak, n(;in.l and An,tieo, Pellatod to, i Oriental or verdl antique, Curled tIo, Jasper, Curled Maple, ilotol Stote, Birds Fye do, Iteby Gtnite, Satin Wood), Iotomae, Ilair VoIod, l)ove or ttordello, Yew Tree, Italian White. Cormoltolle or Black . Sinuo and tIloetells, Hose Wolf, Antcrin mo Grey, Ash \flite Oak, 1 ke. &;:. ne. otnled Elm, Spoimenas to be see, at the shop. Paints, ails, glass, copal sroinis, &e. on hand tdlor sale. m - RIION, SPEEL& IIEAVY GUOOS--slit, square and bundle iron, well assorted. l0oop, scroll and arod iron, nail rods anld plotgh moofls Cast, German, slesr, blistered, spritng, sheet uld Crowley steel Hollow ware, cot and wrought tails andt spikes Zinc, block tie, mill nd grelel statoes, salt kettles Chain cables, anchors, hoes Ox, log aid trace clains, eern mills Anvils, vices, ilatammter l b,ellows Wire, shleet,pi anl blar leadl; ahot Cmal, and lookiog stoves Attes, Bloeiletdt'sand nollerspnalresall shovels, ,a Hook and plate hiniges, loer,.tI tllniOlwnw hooks, Collins, Hunts, Sill p', nald OtheIt oaxes l'art1 anid manllna et-lge, lites and twine lolt and sheatlhing nopper; Nantl s01es, Paints, linsrneed md spertl oil A ftil assorlltnlltt l Ilolfardneo and ship ,chandlery, alw ey) s on h andl oorl which arc ull' red f r sale at w hI sle salle or retail, oil tilr llost faltoOlbdtle tnlnlts, Iv m4 LAY\TON i Co. 5i3 Old "rcvee. I)IAFNES:. A (ralled thl EarT'l'rnllet) I. loot oee' "entreid, llvoice is diesnlllotni, ne;et i to the alor. Alnl ole who has ever ine o illlgett to, t.oloe ol.with n ePrr e eI r.ol, inost e flloliy- Stll, l I"t, , lleofhe difilt ty i ill tlnlt e,-ie,,edlll l otlh It-tjveat l el n-ca,,,,, I Itte lividualo so uIlntottol-otllj Ilelt,.. Ift ' the itne o rfite For 'tirumpel tIis obl,jetion is etirelt ,i-iteTl. e onntaetiCtel llthonul .nY e "ta mtttdiedltntirtloultntalte tatliig used tilldti T'npet. For silent TI,' GUIfN'l, l'ney store, nrnlter (of t (.tnUtt an i.St Charles s.tiett ttlr ;erl ExIdtu.', Ilolel. tel, 13 tl)ItN llll.,S-Od)ed reedi,.fi,,,I r Iorn , ills, t ie l l apI 17 fiIA1It. & IItItWN, n96 31gnziac L s otore andt fr saleh lt11" oIfi i lIt NI ear '.!1ti Ulllug, :iii e st _ trl'ne p Yc tI. . . .. .. HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTE.I Wlholenule I)ealer in Paiti, Oil, Vureitsl,, Ilroulhs, o:ill \Wtidow ad lt'iitune .lP..e , c.n FASHIONAB3IE CLOTHING. ROBI.%'SO? a' GOOD I L*r, INo. 6o, Chnrresn a Srel, (ho e Door below iienville, IAVI coentatly o hand every article appertai hg t gentlleen's driess, mad in te biest many , nor ted oteat Ihitlt nhble style, hllicet they otltlr Iur an cash,at redeed price.s s, decl--l1138 be - S(iN'l,1b ulE'S o BALJ FOlR THE TEE TII. Tll Eestaldlshed re lllttinll ulld o nll t ly:r t Jllelte, I1 demaned for thlisll tooll ll rttlnedy ofp)uL ntd plr in servtive of the teeth, has inducted tile subtcriber otiher it Io the Anor ieae ihlij'. Arrangemenets he been lede to seplv agents ill elI the pri Ip cili a n tovt i, n tiret U it,'d itltes, so oi to place it i11i 0 tile reach ,i ttllose ttllJ il g lllid likely to .ulle r thit mue ho rltseteihg ol;dl nlcit, 'i'ooth - blle. i eve en applied nlelotding to directitllons gi, t n r. bottle, tit never fale tii o attllir inllune ill l- a di d lltnllttet relief. It ulso atlestt s Cile dlCcetv to iehtiv teeth, ttttd relieves ehati soletest ece c.le,' t freotll realdprs a nlltllll: tootl llsl.tss. The uplliaioa anId i rell r dy are silml:le, illllnnocent, ai not unpli stl ; aI rivalled qtnlitles. t is ll I ndia remedy, obtained t iegtlarlv an:l elpseeti pctdlv and ar e reoCritd lt C tile c t ili;e t world hs ttie ,t a able I dt icuvrrv 51) redclate ete woods. tf I'liees $t per bottle. Sllh b l JAIlIS & ANDREWS, ng ur 5 iCor Commnnnn and ' llittnllans tis. of .O L I-IA't'S, itn cases--S L' d izen -ltite Weo V Ilnts, for sale JlHIN II UCILAItA. - ap 16 tJ, % HITE LEA)-D-5 ihbl, 150bs l ach;i art, ^ 11 e,, 1) ' . . 20CC dA E t d- Englisll don-- 5 1.1 bble. 1110 " C t 1011 Iet Ilrushe, varios sizes; I ecne VerndlliC ; on 5 hbhl Ceopl Vet nish; "n Japan " ' 1 " Coach "' 20 poacks Gold Leaf; 5st do Silvetr do 100 do DutC h Metal. WINDOW CG.LASS;,Aterican, Er.ghsh and I'reech 1I(l00 boxes, varnolos sizes tntd qlulities, a Hlston LCrowne do.-5-00 boxes, cotnsignmciet, will be old low. r lso, a general assortlment of artists' e:tIols aend tels, for sale by . W SCA'I ES, No Iti Crnal street. o. N IA. Albitma note taet n at t p r, and et issiesipli notes 'la Itl receivedtl at I0 per cent discount for goodd, p orilelsa . lt o fdeClt . it I Iw JARVIS & ANDIREWS, WIiOLESAiLE AND RETAI. DIEALERS IN UEDIOINES,' PAINTS OILS DFE STUFFS AVD IVIJ.VDOIV GOL.A SS, ip Corner of Commolon and Tr lboupitoulas streets, NEEW oi.i,EIA.s. NA'rIIAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANIDREWS. A large upply o Garden Seedts, wrranted tie growth of 1837. C A NDREW -MITH & CO., respectfully inform t, Ctheir friends and tile public in ceneral, that Ithey occupy the new brick shop, 219 Tchoupitoulas street, where they keep constantly on hand Copper, 1, 'in and Sheet Iron Ware, of every description, d sech as copper stills, kettles, and pumps, tin bath. ing tubs, and oil cans, of all sorts and sizes, and all otller brass cating done at shortest notice. i Grate bare of every doecription, asuch as steam. boat stirrups, hog chains, screw bolts, and other ri kind of steamboat work, such as chimneys, breoch. s; on, steam pipes. a; 'ilhey will also do all kinds of out door work, ;i such as zinc, copper and til roofing and guttering, &c. They above and all other kinds of work in c their line of business, they will execute at tihe s hortest notice. de27 d HA3.RROWGATE SPRINGS enl lglltEoerv cll.lnmty, .\Alabamanla. THREE DA 1'0 ,JOtUR.rI' F It0.11 SE Ii n ORLEA .4',;. IjiE proprctletr of Ihis estilbisbltetnt has the lea. in genelal,tlnt he will tb in rediess ty tie ti.t lay f i 1av tu receive vipitera. litewill also i eate Citr the lt6 nett f ibtose at a dittattee, ohat there Inave bee Iarg, imlerovemeets nai de, tond itrs. nuta.i goineg ttl in i -r pid progress for ompleltio:l, which will s ,ile tir SiltbenNter to ac:eoennodtte a CnCCC' largere nle ber ttlle CC -.lctrC,te, and lt tile eaniC thne tu much bttter,. S '. :d lie cao ie eetlCOellltCllldd tllil good r'CCeea. or tore ,,l ho preler un have large cnabi,rs detached fro, It is l..ted ueltets arm y nt e .cy oo ytllotit in;lrllt, nd lt if tl e ' character of these waters, litrt ios gettalliy belies'd llat tllny are no illterior le ant, in the Sotlh ern Sltyes. All the .aitnneniiII tChaCl are eoenettll.l' ltuond at, Watering Places, will be f.und at tls. ~if. r e best inuic that this part of t, cousntre affordsI , I s been eagoged, and will bes in cotnitant ettelldtCet: o hICe Spings aurinig the whtole season• 'l a lie hnbeibet will avail bintlself of this oppnrtlnit v in retruitg hi unliigencd thlaks for the very liheruI aeuiporce'CivCen him lntt seasot, tad tcl:ees Iy itle xuer teins tlsat iare betn ilade in iCmprovingtwad ecttdexiittg the aocommtodations, t inerit ia liberal petrunage tihe emunseasenn. Ju iJ URAM. L SS GGOiR, No 54 Condo street, between )uansjn eand -Se Philip, keels econstantly n hindli oan extenalvne ss~artenllnl ofthots ntd brogans, and CthMesnfNew Ytrk manufteture, fornmen, wonlen I and children of alil see, which lIe will dispose sI at very mtoderate prices.. 'Fatmiliesnof his arquiaCCane ott rendlineeaen cri,. will have their hilinas attended to L S SEGOR iI J0 4, landing Grm sip Ohio and John luella, sMY bv' . I BlRD(oE, ,o. ter:.:. sT~i-- JZ9.· ` ' BDUSINESS CARDS, JOB PRINTING. or 6rVERY DESCRIPTION, SPEEDILY, HANDSOMIELY AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED AT THE OFFICE OF THE Trice prnerican, ST. CIIAILLES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. tn23 * A CARD. RISTIE & SINNOTT, SVltnolesale Grocert and Commission Merchants, No. 27 Comoron Street,Ne Orleans. I Pnrticularattention paid to th ,utting up of 1Stoatn bout and Ship stores. Dov" SAMUEL TOBY, i .Merchandise Broker 4 Commission .Ierchant, dli Office, :6,_Camlp st.Ffor the - present. dJ. P. FREEMAN & CO., lr7.lesale Clothing Eta61tsl seImt; No. 3, Mlagazane street, I. VE constantly on hand a large au ply of Cloth . ing, calculated ftr the countr) trade. Tl'heir as. sortiear being large, oaerehahts eirot the country call be sucpllied at te sheortest notice. oct4 BAZAAR. BUSH & ALLEN, NO. 1, EXCHANGE IIOTEL, .Corner of St. chcrles and Comnmo sls,. NE:W tORI.I;ANS. 5Tll'ORT'ERS and Dealers in French ma,d English SPt'rfinlery; Direoing Ca-es land Portulile D)esks, Cutlery, lticiery, Glicer Shirta, Stocks, Umbrellla, Caaneeta Fancy Articles. d5 SEN'I'IrCKY, Iiii ri, aind ladiaena Bank Nole-, Sfor sale by A iTRIER, ov:3 74 Grl ierst JEWEI.ItY, AT W OII)LESALE. TAI. IlIELIN, No 16i, Cllttre st, lhas Iiis Iday re S eivd a Ibllu assrtamet of WVaters, JeweIry, Sp tono'rSpectacles al Gilass Ware, they will be offerl edat Ithe Illwest market price. p1l 1 DIEAlR IIS IN AMERICAN & ENI;LISII CROWN GLASS, No. 3 S.rRFr:T. of FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, SNo. 14 Chartres 8ireet IhAVE it eloust sulp1ly tf every article lertaltng to geitbetet)lec's dreos, of tile latest sityle, at New York pr ices_ d_ c 2e.11 ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTA BL1SIIMENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opplosite Banks' Arcade. Ii'I.LL.d.11 GIREE,VE, PRiOPRIETORl it rl 1BANK NOTE ENGRAVING RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON tI.AVI: ope ed i. [lie ia N.v Orlhals. ss ig - equal advantl a aith their Ilhlse in Newo lYaork fir tile par ose ofee greviig and printing bank Nlces, IUledl, Biill i of Exchlbge, Cec lilealea f Dteposiite Checkb alnt other itllmolllnt plillers, tcqlring security against Fcrgerirel Iid lr oie ailde l le hptvisioan for Ilh." iafe keepilng otall pilies nd imllressionsll trust edl to thleir ctae their speci lls rnhPllletlree notesR of over lite handled hunkinc instimutlins, and all order will be execullted wilh llproUlllpitud , analI In thi e lnuul trmllls. Otice, corner o Royl & Cniall stt... CIAMPL1N & )0 C l)OPEII, Gltt)CERS AND I)Et l ,lII1R iN PRtOVISIONS No. 79 and hJulioa wtcet, \New Orleans. [E -Ship aml Fmn ilv stores pI t p. mtr 5 FURNITURE WAREROOIMS N,. 5:, Hienv lie ip'e. S l.'. i ,1,1i R. CANES -. 'I ,n rewpctfill, ia. r f t rlcml h lyis ri . tat he is - u -.uorltl.,:,rc«:..1- COFFE,5,l.gfhO\'cIa . air', s., ac 1'r; Iprl III E ulas llllIliPt -- ncprrv h ttost na ,., inron ttnv ane hcherre tables full veript ionl' s c bureau1 , byi e s, se t hree, rifi , d ioks, wlrd i cise of n,llIttCv oed iherrun wcs1 vinds lhkiene Its, feathlr, h1. diCo. , \'. \. Nit x rlt iL-rlty paked lil trlo o.e r Lin wite h Tre it ISURiiiiN &l COAiPANYI UNF NICW t)RLeANS. t horig tls oclpllv ir noed pro clonrtc to tanke RISKS AGAINST FIR-. No. "24 Mussof'r Uunhlimng Canal tewa.r LD COtltIalt--ct0ti lbt ol,i r I ttir isole by Ice tiectia of rltertig 31ttttt 1cIlV cite are saufcritg oadtr tie accrge oftte ococttry. Itlis RUSIl'I'ON & ASPINALI/S a OedPOUNe pD'Oe N C gr IX'I'IIte, I' .- A speedy t ancding o thl dicrec lir thae vcer anled A ofII remittent and intr, eenit.t fCers; prontiared from of t original recipei. Ued with emingrent and i versnl ces of 183t , by persbn o til higiellcr t rcspte it ilit in this city, I stated in the undigesticxe certificates. " Tirgs ll dicine is Ilippetit," nd o ldcd, alei has bronl extcasivcly uscd ti tile alhlvo tlisetse witllh im lrecie has e, in ndubltl oflr it to both pub. lie iffc its a resent re in t nehe ie that it may be ile olavll ed of rocving icny of ,those who are sufferig undr tice scou every ttl uur eoutry. It is a medicine possessing great vir'tue, and when used according co th directions has never failedl of ellinot aeid car, evrf in te luost obstinate stage A. of t o disordgr. It is nott forall disw Orble, and persons of tl e weaket toma du h, and chil store may rgiorgans, creat an appcetite, al seldom rt uire. more Ithaln ile, or ill obetinatt cases, two boths to eflbet a cure. Tl'here is neitllhr mercury nor aorsne in tie medicine, or anly thing injurious to th hurman constitution. Tile pr8prieCtrs are so well convinced or its I·lioacy, fthnt t hey agree to retied the price of every bottle which Ilhas beo rn taken in aoeordatneo wit the dircctions and Ihas nlot effttcteld a a perfi~et eurd of file fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for Now Orleans, ut his wholesale and rctail drug aid In edicine slore, corner of l~ien\,dle and Chartres strOCts. For District Agenenos app!v to c5s '.. . : _. 531.1'11, 48 Conti _t. I C I 'UENSAClLA MIA ION HOUSLt. to fIIE anbsx Tiltett'ttVit pats:lalut the leae lend flor ad 1 iuro tass'tt wel Itteuan tabl.lent, froat Il1 I'Taylr, the late protpriett, wll be lrlead to rleaeive vit' IC;6 IIy the 1ot rl April etixt. Nmneroaa and cos tly i1' coltly tta will he found in I'. thee atrradgements ofs 'I mor~e Coll] anodionls bnotllill; bcuses will lie built, owlr wan bt. ill.b p toidedat all hours. A stab~le willI tcthed to thle Itluse, with goad aecoumtutdu. atrn ftr horsets uttd earriages. Ialtarate ihrss aund carrtagas will al e bekept tar hire ast mlouderatepriees, tad sail and row kntot,,with pereonl to manatge tlltet fer the u a cfviotcrar. lilliards and llher amusaenaala usulally found at , aultring· places, will also be luntislted, and ru conducted a s nlot to illtcrlere w~ithl the collortr sad quiet utlte boardtler. Thluatines atd liqutors will be, is the bestltqualty, and to eneare a Lll supply of ice, a curgo hue already beun ordered, wlhichi all a;rive aboutl thle tat of May. - lI-iFetdecrick Blaenarl,tlho formaerly kert so popultlr ItL hotrelt Il'usl ettoaacity, wll ',ttjl tt this hlo el for at tlhe plrtpielor, ulta, wIlt sclLh ali eetfltdently asuetreu is ithe visitofs oflaut yeaer, Ind li'i 1'ritsa generilllythat r, lthey wtill receive LLLery I',aible aettentios; lnd thtereby ea.V "ctl oiige general aitiiILlacin. ro '1'lto local advantatges of l to h Iouse are too well 'u known to ineed it Ii I t. oed a aeriptia hrt'e. The facts ti-at Pensacolla is the largv'at naval stationl of thee Cover u ler tihe granerl rendtceous uttlte (lul'squad. ý" ran; the salufnity ofits cllmate refreshed conslilltiv t) rtit te summelrlr mouthlls by? the coolest I roeroaolii-co elte Dull'l theibeIILlu' of tthe baytl dtheneighibotrintg it latlILdl riers; tile ultttact eatd delicacy ofa th I l~slelcathttatlrattttehertujt'a PCLJactt tatllu it', to matI best Southern markets, give Peencnln tin pre-I· p (etr LInI'tve r all otier pllces In thelue latitudes, Ld a a F'rsi rate bloatstteill ttLt'letw'et·t PuIleniacolLaand AIla Ibile, andsill at all timel., Ite all Ito Lake tile tta'seLvtger - i frm ttil New Orletans blatt. N 1i AIRNUi.D. Ptllaae,!, Fbll 15t11t,1 :18. [J (ieatlteuen wiilhitg to eseatge rotsttt fit Ilfrit 'tutmilies, c'ttttlddreee the lorr1prett· , at Pensacoa, o 5ir Seat vl I1 Tayloe, rhe fltetr IeipL ictor, atlh.v Or; II eateird, ecsq, r C 5'stsnu, itI teittsq., rutl Kit~ tin o e 5'1'i'itaytorr 1' UnituEal, iL'Ne,s it ft '1ht-, , to reiadts e tt tlt'tta' t etitit flr Ier ltst slrI t e I:oe st ruti clilatited atie petepreefrat I liCe, 51 It CharlesCL ExehilglA ' FLORIDAln ROUTE FORn NEW YORK.~~ Ij' Tu llera desirouI, of Inkin. athe Floridtt rtt t te, vit -'estttlo,tt-tale Norths , atss Intu thitt t Iratte hunts will cat nstamll run Irn. Mobile to IPenacola, 'leaang erile atnld Pensalcol evertirther dseuafter the t te .tlbbcrterto et ina rtltailnes ta tat passtengele fro MAble, i(ttrean of th I tttA lad of the boo N II Afy'nlD. Thlle steam t Chhamp~ion lunv-Mobile Ier Ptetttt onIo a icll'se a arwek t ltr e It JEA~N 1411R E FARIA'S COLIOGNE 1'd'l'E R Jas Ndasesttire of ttin supaetrior aolsrtte watert, jalt r...itey atd'for sale by the duz,"n or ll' ' il uthii .-i A~lso American and l L'rellrl toilet porwders, p~owder ruffs alnllll)cCP slto'itt, and tolilet dllillP~eoauteuc rods11 balls, milk of roses, cnrlneetr. calf crust7l, exIrtte t comale da prone, Flolridal, luveudnrl~ rose anld buyv wmrer IPresf rt'r *Rll~t, AlorseillP: pct jlllm(·y in tru~nks. vegem- ! cl1tl)111r, tiswli, ittnd itesh !trulet ; lit ttttder witht ,audditional ssupspIlst of fittionnale kat t n nne snlei combs anti jeteolr);,lilri sol low at u I holeaole or nr toil t i!y G 711 Chlartres street. ))1 Ut": titiLLN-lei Glhrier Ioa~iiin indigo bll I ]º luding ham .hlip Cttrlsa , o ateb aylt _ !}t Urcic e & C,~I Royal College of Physicans, London. Hr.fH orignal Vegetable Hygeian Universal Medi l ine, prepatxel by W Miskin, E.q. Memaer of tie Royal College of iurgeoes, Lienetiate of ApMthe caTy's (;ompany, Fellow of lolt Court Society, Surgeon to the Royal Union Pension Asociation, Lancaster Place, Wterloo Bridge, annd Perpetual Pupil of Guy' atd St. Thoms's HILospitals, London. This valuable medicine, the result of twenty years' experienee and unparalleled success in the extensive and highly respetYable practice of the propriety, pateo nised by the fculty and nobility, ntd is now introduced to the notice of the American pnblie, at the earnest so lieitatioa tf a number ot'fgentlemet of lotg and high[ stanling in the profession. It is hoped, as a prelimi nary step, to cheek the evils and fatal consequences arising from the use of the nnmerous anti deleterious nostrums foisted upon the pnblih by the aid of fabricated proofs of miraculous cures, and ether frauds, bya set of mercenary, tnnpricipledl pretenders, so totally ignorant ol m.leical scielece, that it iipossible the monstr._s delusion can any longer go down with the intelligent peeode o'this coontry. Tiese pills, mill and agrieeale in their nature, should be kept in every family in cases ofsudden illness, for, by their promn administration, chllolera, clamps, a pans, Cfe' a acnd other alarmtion complainta, whlich ton ofcn prove ftal, nmay lie speedi J cured or prevetled. i li ctn, all Dhte vaoloe good Iealtl, should never be without ithelo . They are soa' in packets at 5 etons, c 1 i omt .2 each, by eyvery respee table dliugglat, bgi oselhc-, andl veldoof medicinli ia tilt United States Il lre Cnnadas, with eolpous dl eotions, toegtl.r with: esatanaoils of p ofesaional ability trom the following eiinient getleen:coi Sir Asitley Cooper, J Abernetly,)lmes Blundeltll, M. D., W. Beak, M. I., J. AstIlo Key, A. i'aou pton, M. D., and neuerols others. The originols may lie seen n possession ofthe Geceral Agent, by chaoi te nd cieni is impoorte into this rountry, and to whoo all applictiotos 1bragencies must be maude. JNO. IOLIIEsIN, I29 WVacerly Place, N. torok, Sole Citeneil: Agent for tie Uliteld States, &oc. For sale by appointment ofthe oerigi l pronietor. Ity SWAIN & Bonraictit, l)roub'itsio Ne l nl Cnalstreet. Ceroot Ageint tier Stltlhee of' Louisian. jol vS ji ISIIIY It L.EI: eo, Noa 3 tagazlne street, arei nI ow receiviig from ships lNashville, Louisville, Kenotlcky, agle, andl other late arrivals train :hi " . .t ern cities a large e a.d new scletied assortlicl Iti., 1oots, shoes aod Brogallns oasitilng ofgent cemeo's fine calf atnl Morocco boots nd 2 Od qlil.i; do ibuff', Oil stent wax pegged Ioots a a'riols qnhlilie; men's fin n calf seal all MloroeAc rhr, lumllps nti btatogenis, buckskin shoes, brogans ant slippelsc men's fille calf anid kippel pegged slioesanih Irogaeiis; do boots; do stout kit, nol waix pegged slioes o Id brogans; goetlenieo' best quality calf sewedl shoe, , andl Jeck I)octilngs; io calf ani Morocco SckTe shoes and brogans; do ealf, seal u nd Morocco; I tdia slhoes taililiptpi-rS, ilo culf, buff' anti seat mw.igs, alew article; do fiue calf, saet and mh roeeor quarter pots; boys', misses' andl clhilhlre's pIgied alnd cowed bh ogans, atl slboes of eveoy quality atd kindl Also a general assortment of men's stout wax and renit Irtiogils and shoes, together with 10,00)0 patir ogro bust iquality, russett birogans, tailel in tile honks, madle expressly for plantation use;i a gaol as. retmcul of met's line atnd stiut kil, russett rboans,it Sw article, nd i at tge rquantity of On inferior quality rt siet al wtax br:oogals. Ladlie' fine calf, seal, morocco and grain welts, and Iptmp sole shoes; do Iline -renebl Moroceo sadl hki l iI ro.dnd slippers; do roan shoes, with and withont heels; l calf, sea;l nd stout leather bontel.s; lo P'lunella shoes I ftill kinds tad qualities; o ltating briegais; tio giiter. .'ad Ifoxed bootees. Misses'lastingspriig slutesata I. aulas. Chlildltri't colored Mlorcoio and isltilng bro h iituamd boots, &e. rientlcnie,'stfi'efashltoinble bhick silk tlts; dIo black tn lltb beaver do of it isupsleriot qtlity; ' imittation li ra.n dlo; Ilrold andltl naritO. brii naiti 's ie it Itb:) altdl til: hk hnssia sholt malptlpl tats, It new atticle. Yoctlhs' I:ue size lats el dlitlrent qoaliies; tti cildren's. .[|+'n'slllad bcy'a hIback wtll dau wool Itbns of various slTu tcs, witc bglt.ral aissotulltltt of boys' nuld lnUnI's u has acsaottnt-tt c ill tI repletishttt bi tte a"iival of rat i ttkethonlt tti le eooae anletl .ities, all of wllieh Sill be sold oil accotluttatilug termts, aug 1--1t NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVA Nvew (triosl, Nuv. 14, 1137. AO It r six ntite o I t ae tll the mlu sfoirtune ti gCut rI d xctr fr 11 urlllr lu Ile, dll tt ut ' Cu mg nI, now t oil thle .shove date I pult Iany.Cf lier ti h eae n t lof ot.t.1 lte',uld It'tex llnlt ttt., cur I mo ttitce tit t timetg tll Ibtt ,liu t.,ut c rout tl 'er , solu' i t, bta. r l t ilt a rge utltee tolu ItIhe managr Io six or ei,_'t til a It ieg, amtnd Nil over tid e a, allt d tllPl urr thr'oat, all([ ])t atlt c to work at lie condet tlv llderth+, ~a'er ,d'lie" I ll,.t+ t'Poriflr s + ' 'to Itt pity ctiredl JOIN ItEhN. Ic .1ly 1 DO, CER''Ir' tIrr rirr airre romrhrronelr diren ,t i quhill well I:cred to 110owa suti fi 't - I i, fr whiclh I tiurk fir. Iurrt;ainl nOreer I assrr,e that the t edi (riv e 1 h a veI t lle dukl, re rlek , tlfl t a rd i ill I I' i' j rre m y wealti at fall; therefore I dvrse, far f Ilf r11flirers tro Ioser1noriead rpply to Ir A, Irluct, 12lI Canrl r I t.reet, Irtwr n o b lr. pllrtDri a Il.rrrirr srreesr. lr. iIllet is fit hom frDll rr l r )r 'e lI i, ,: A lrul t 4 A 1l. ] 'hev will fitnd ia ,ole, dmc~lor tfor this compllaint, JiJlIN IttION,.ii Grvrerstreet. / f ailly) olle wallt to se ile, call rt N7 . 4(it ,;lprvirr JOHIIN 4,E N. - Npew t)rlTenns. e I 1'. , 1 ( .l fl h , It 1 v JUNO' O'bJJI.Je1ýl I'Tffr~i72a.iiiY0( F:tI"'LJ t S"r. e "i/h I'dilii' rr,f - ROilriTT' 'IT'.tILry .(O IN'rtII lET: , rao i hick is ill rIeri all Arrrgre 'Time Clreula. 1r ., for, or 105~ nithod fll . 1/101 t ire llll l aveage ile t, tn snrr.:r, notesof fir I or bills of'goodIs w e .t u t ' chased rt dili'rellt (,' rt hicet ari'iflte elt'redits, 1ud1 r ' r re \arirr..orrnnfos; hrsidectpixrl atlrd cortrplete Irrbkileg ort 'l'itrij'h rii, the iet iir.t anbe rhrcor'i'ed. ( that fi'r nd Pllre s ca ll pr educe withinl thle samelC cunde~CSscud UOIonlpaas, Is A rrrlis nle rlrnherbu is inr neatlj tre follow. of l'lrfrigh dirstire'tirl tris wo'rk Ios reerrver trtourgh . tille tr ir'irrlirre aeis prefixel te t thetite page, is a e he ornnndr'.,trio ill itrself sr r tni nnlrl,, , nul so conclu r sive, Ih t othillng is nererss.ry mllore i b y wily of ad is rver'tlsenelt, (t give a con(lenled l. ii:w of soere or its ite-r. e'rrlirlrriiese::afl instance, tie Inrttert hars hreen ionpasr eI (llromranldrl comr larled illr , what is eqivaeletto four of fel'set ef dcualin',exanliued ill thle press llbiriv gr ire tirrnes, :r,,d TriCted rtom tr rel-ype l'ares tested ad Ilir) ye-r e tliiaes, lirom :dl rhirh ittrusrt be evirdent y evrrell Ito (he skeptic ('eicalty ol tie Ir.roaol of hde le tetad of p l' .'fin the irrcl'eree) rtit the werk "i st her o'irh rIroetirally inlatllible, :,lll, in ellrnirltion (o f ths elisfa ,. sIpremniln ot'two lnlhh.ed falli 3l, Oi dollars, is now oflbr o elltifr thile lelcetiol .1' el.-rrror rfrr cent irrire rresert op oflr ifr critirr, erpr. .... issd r,,sri .ie pretilce, ma.kcngfive rp rr e IremiUllS.r h 'dibpri orpr the ame erlpaor sinrce the first I dlli all olin i n tlre 1'80r lI2t". I. Ore of tir rmol erns ir , frtrres of the tchble is rn ifithe ian"r:llgenlclt 0ll 1hu Thae and Ahlnits which ,,rL ~Xllerditillt, l, rorfretrr o..... iersriet ity, wit iehe ic. oftl sirlle antl inrex, eaolllt be erxcelled a; l th sally rt iyati ease with which the i2rer'si1 irrib foUm lt, tlihe rr, exten g of generalr' brsirIeSs, wilrhollt rirublirg of,,lims ibllhs eir e ronvernirne sir etsseltiri t Ia l, tile estlmar till of'arhe oi tihe motr eolrrietlnt ndi prrrteral busi. tess men t dll t illlte orl'rr t tllro hllve Itriade glren t ie - of tihework, it Ilrs heer d(listriguisicr byhi O ilarorrsrre

Sappl'irlrinn effa "master pe " .rir. Aciri rotidriig hie infrlillhililty of tire nieriol origiallrry adoptedl in conrr osir ng thei wl k, nt lld rlhe crll"i llrrriber rrri larrity otltie exgnelati onr,ir, ltestsofrevertvedijion it ihas tisse rlrn the preos eotwilrillhsrlirng ielrir roe i ill Ir rel rl'rer, rnl,, l dellg in sir611', he Ipositive accuraccy It secrrretl iy the rnrrpreerjrtel t'eans emplroy cil, tile vo iL- n rerrlis bee hel r tirp ar elphattierliy styled ir the most wondeirful hook nht thro wslkr" most cerraino, an in rmlllrn ilrnmolr figre wcork ofthe saoe extent, chich rd since the begrilnlnrgol elation has lad the sale nelm 1Ihp11 erd r ali variety f til the sane ntcmele o "of editors; Sno nO'One hralftie rnnlber, ai it clearly sliowe in the d herflre s, est anti stanlardl, it has been tried tlni It rederI in nearly allthie hack and ptblic rfices in tie unit Sltes, and by tie ptblic goneroallv, daring the d Inr period of thirty-fire rears, yet noerrlor of ihe cal cld, altions has ever b fele rooi in pn'iet, alhongh contiou ill ey challernged by tihe ofer of very large r.lmiums of l'lhe in fact eXpiressly aoprted by till thesourlts e oflaw ce rrerlral oftthe States rs tle " rate of calaulatlon foratalute itereCst," as Iso y lahtw for bank interest, or ac cordigas tho hook is used, and as ray he seoen i ior irart, hy rtie llcesofrthe suhseribers, and a few of the e rlubtlSllernt plrlr sers in the list ait the cll of the book, ,I is in pontesiln eofevry clots of citizers in every suor-I Y te of the Unit ell States. It is Inlrrover well kloawn that, by its rearly cheok, lII it ir o ofelseua etetted harge e'rrorrs long fter they were h.e olr, evell by the most callll cod Imost eonlpetent .arithmetieianls, at its stfulless, arl tihe absohlte ne :essr yelor its osa, have boeen extesiyely insisted upo,n so errlcenr, ihlcerd, leave biee its arvarrltages, anlt its isa:tlngsg thtlilr, seerl ye ii-sagqlr whilst the first edition wits s"ca'ee, an(' oiit of n'hlt, i great imunber of second | ril t t klrs w r ri llrll ito, seltr e to rr grc t (litarco. ailld prcral.d 11 alt vlroll I " ces, as tlhen conul occaision tl a bly I r picked rlrl ti'rtlll $lt to $15 prer corly, ln s e elelp llon i lilmle't I rcc n.y d elolreid, rlll iIst. eI C tr o- nll r lie q"oel d1 t titrhe'y oelrirhl iayo.$li, $i, crrlri $.It00 r t 1rr1,1rlriv It'notto be hiad frio lep stor .I. irdiiVdual t hi the lat'er titrichrce pir'lerl.'ly,-htoirng it te-Sarrre tire rxllilhrirei saRiliactieory Irlrafo( ,rostotlel i'ertoslopre enibthat tlo him it was reIily worh that r minlr ey and lilll retho gh tr thh e r.r rig ofihis Irev v rlcable titlc, he en b lrio IT t" rih nlialml ll ill " llhilo li.ef ' I Itlsib i. .t nfo,' rire, ol hideert proper Ito thnire rt s oIh b nuh i$ thie nltp te of figlle wo'k ghlrotlly and nsplecially wlrCl,,the hc oexet an( imporlance ol e tll r tii tirll r Inirnnerclolle, iy thle mostl oinperert e,33.yriggl,-sinthe world, llid Irtetl.rlltorls Irri,..d tmost r rcrrtniri a liderr hit$own correction of pr'oof.ireets, it would alnlcst oto a eeltalrlv hrve hbeei tnafr for llre p feielc, ,oid lear l t aia y pl'ioe, as the prefiree tiariiel-. hrul rr exllhlns rt rsolperfe ct and vniuahler have tire itereoyipe plate of thi work htlbeen ilrae, tlihat to seeorer hemr, rrtithr lrlltr errus and extr'aordliniar examritr tioens,against fire, for ti,! general benefit, IThey aerr (by rr-lerliserrent) enrrslrrtly kept ira Itlace ef speeial saftryll),excret while use ltn piriting. -Anrletir'ectiorlr to find iulb hbaks and statrte iTro- I. st rihl ursel'l sotes follow tire prefaeo, wliechr in this p fith as ihl the two )treerling editions, eOritain muleh ir- - feronatirin corcenlllng the two lawful todes ofcotnput- It lo. inlter its, tee drys of grace, kre. s It relr:sll ony to remark htltro natwkrr hsir ndrng I is ilncomlronly eosliy worki, whlieh it'caSlrtrlighel before interest tablers wcrer illro;tnorc.l in ioll r's nd i celnts be crnd ) iaalnalmtllee has heet soetlensively anl so limrally h patrlnised, it hles out)t yno mollch as iaid with ihnterest.o oe Ileavrloois of i'carI7yInr tholilurrstlnd(I dolh.i besidsO six tears iII limle flom I'7- to 1 8115, slstained o0 Ithe fIs tr .rdiii lof 700110 .illires,:araiehin riefly fronm its iubllca- IL tloll arlir tlirlrC, ac itii Irler pr.tee,) to •y nsriog of at colilentlltion or rofllrtlir thInsl a Iile-tine of care toil, annd laerifice. 1'll\feord ile h01itnlhnr still relies on the Ii discernlllenlt and gcerrTosilv trlfte tpliohc for s onlhirur NI I lce of t'e'ereice snd pt'o"fll ilre. 1r saIle hy the a I.irsci al Bookshllrs it /ee eniled alesl. ('sLt' 4I'A't'N'L' ENT tli. ARM.S-Jurt resrd h l per shir Misieispi,rti frllo Newt Yolrk, a Isrge .. .sltntos !.'a'etl Ilt itedr f.o lttli.lrls ea, r a ires at "', "- "- n . " . r.,. --- - - - -' , . . ",. THE FLORIDAi LINE From Mobile to Augusta, Gee. - - eaves Mobile every day st three fo ols o'clock, p m per U B tusi] boat Sfor l sil's Londtng, above Blakely,-tlenoo four a, post coaches to Pensaeola--theno Iateamhooats to Lngrane, wrhere thelandroute isresumed-thence Svia Marianna and Brawnsville, Fla. eUninbridge, SPindertown, Hawkinsville. Saundersville & Louis. SvilletonAugusato, Oit, ennecling regularly withl d the rail road cars to Charleston, and the steam . pnockets to Now York, Norlolk, Pitiladelphia, etc. I 'rhle steaneboats are tile best for the serviei, and i- the nvigation presents more advantages than can es be found upon any steamboat route in the soutlt. a ern region. d The great improvements in the route have been of produced by the construetion of lfty miles of new at road, by the proprietors, viz : from LaGrange onl us LaFavetlte Bayou, on arm of Sneta Rosa Bay, to tt Bryant's Ferry, on the Channhooeheo river, ten le miles above the Cowflrd, or 14 habove Cedar Bluff, es whereby the navigation ol the river, and the con Sselluent detentions, and more recently tile iolleon Svenient crossing at tie Cowlurdi are entirely Savoided, and a fine road from Marianna dirret Ito Bainbridge, instead of the roundahout road via Chattahoocltee, lesseaintg the ldisonee about forty i miles, and inoreaosing the facilities more thian , once a dey a Alse, curanch line of two horse stages every J other day ttem Hawkhinville, via Perry to Maecon, G, Gsonnecming with the linoe .to Savannah and 0s Darieh, Geo. be A mail steamboat plies regularly hetween to Baoinbridge and Apalachiiola. Travellhts wishing to reach anv poitt on Clhanttuahooebee or Apulnachl cola, can tuke areoanhoat at BlrownoevlllIe. lMobile to Penscolaul-Luond Rouo-During tihe t thne occupied by thle repairs of boats, the prolrie. tors of the Florida line will rtn a line os frur Iorse post conches every other day between Mo bilenand Pensacolo. e Pnssengers waill leave Mobile at 3 o'clock, pm, e, in the U 8 omail boot, and proceed to llall's Latd. Ito ing,where a four horse coach will Is In waitin g to eonvey themn to thle excellent houseof Mr. Chanrles lall,. I 4 mile distant, where they will find Ia pleasant accommodations for thle nighlt-leaving next morning, they will arrive ia Peonsaeoln early iml tile evening, thus avoiding the diseolmfort ol at iglt travelling. a Olice at tie Mansioun Hlouse, Mobile, and Col. s lins' hlotel, Peltsaole, where seals must be eau o red. STOCKTON & Co. nnv a 'iorto lorte Inslrucltoun. 4 William Smitlh tenders his services to the citi, J Stzois of New Orleans as a teacher of thu piano t forte. Blr S having been employed several years na teaeller of music in private familes ill BStto I and also at several of the female mlllillnaries in its I vicicitv, caunot but hope to mteril Iheircomfidenee. He is permitted to refer to RIe Dr Clapp, Msesrs Stetson & Avery, IHenderson& G aintes. For terems, &e please apply at tie bookstore of AlexandcerTawer,49 Clop st act n Drttgs and .Nledjcines. Jlh revsst Ilas Ioated illlmselt lo this city for the purpose of transactinag a general Wltolesale D)rlu bIsiness. Ile is now recevinig a full seaply of Iresb anl geicnuie srtitles, whiclh he will sell on liberI ternma To city drugiriie, and tIhose of Stile inrerior, to phlsicians, lerchaoluls and plantesre, hlie wiil -ff;r inducements such as hIanve niever be, forI- been tifared ill this city. Ili inlntmion is to do a strictly leeiiiaoe business. Ils sntock will stoon be complete, and ih a few weeks will blie re. a i fur business. All orders Iron thie cicttlriand Iroant maerchanls of t' i city, receiving such orders will hr protly altcodd to. I out 12 No30Camp o ty WTIOI.ESAI.E AND) RETAItICOI.I- ANIu VA VtItlI'Y STORE--ot tile siaga tf the .'" .. eomnttltM ) Choartres etarrt. tliroct--'cl u '..;e ltt rec caived, iat ;lition to trirprvrer: -t Stllk inI handt , a fAll Und comllet. Iortl netir 'of t ;a:lt ls ibl thiir liln.; vie: mevls, peri...,hr~, Jewellrh, brushrliincking glasse:, fletryo Itrtile-rei -t-t-aivtbm. ill Itirt as yt lllclfIl* C :i;I),311--io rlolfc sl.lrl .rll t and das11 1 Iitlkjlrit; I till ttt-tr t l elici, mcticcI itcosi l . id pi.ti calrlh n dt oIleatd olrhilirln e tltldba e eirv da.rtililltoade n d -gst which arte: slmle Mexican latotaf-, Iv' r t'coeitis of vetrt dlerettl conitivln irt ofic irell an l . t, il rn lir ctoiil a l'Lltlt'U h Cllate--coh , tctler, lshcridn, Itttien, critiooi, lnLorated Colong, exrltlotaf ItoetioIlatI taltlu sII1ctl'tctll ktmctl d LoVtIig dtc ill Iacles cItIclld cso Scrc n a r tt al. h r'o veiStallh halir cilbitars nn, i l t Ior mder, un r 11nely IoUwthedla ni hrk blnx l.i ple titniilt tcatettnttwit igad oihloultlttitttitlyef ottr,.l ltclyolr anlll rllns nrrlr pait lllorinle tolt wahs all cccc wr o til cilte p etrei i to lc IIiS ctatlllltllt U v lt citctvlrcomot nvttaetinrcltoretttttafdPisr, hml Ju t mtnt ofthr alshtths-taod ocseit rfiohnia ble rsrttr, colbislil~lr. oT whlite: Rall red eorneleiilmll tllpii17 .. ndc tArvri i otte t tinan.ut.liic, horllSc ih ti taliti e rl iS. metat t-aeo y-, ll et itt n liltrer, chre tn) toitia c , i d o -ar-e' Iv of itllR-tt ,r nvtiI trilt ilt i itte o III r Ic ,V ii lt ilv·ers tli h grrs, sihrn anc d wolld li icils a al gn tminn tltttlIE--tc ItIt, hacie, loust. ie',oredctihiarhitto blnsl, la nice, ptltca veOn.,b Nail, ehaion t h-i n wctewsn i. mrtts cret. ll crIIo ig o i.t-IhNt h t t;.ASIE:t--Gerltnh httiltLIttl t~ih ..lasss, tmmgniTifin andII IIrrnchI ,Iresillg Slassos~l b1urnt ico, tilb n iSii v Itc'col eroi i lld- li lli I +l r +,, t"AC AN) A{i' 1' ANI)'l#.1VS--, r.n. Wi-I h act I rttlt filtiic.hcd c tiIori c Icnttsind I . o 1 sin lt wilhl d r ilbnici ~ltci l c iviid . l Ict III tI i c.IL hllt. cc .e c -cd - ativano icitct lticiar cc kinatg, giolilni antd rtairitIcI, cihlcr nidcci hil eid pencils tlcctliurliiwlod I tttll ctil c lee it! Il.ilrR icitt l - - -tr-aiatatcciicctttrtl t e atck tree-ncitcdils,] ilhto- tlno iIo PIll fin ra tlc l oaaaai ait-, vitcalo cil vt-lao-at-ao,Ul I id altcl slta, tlctichanll cil ct o tl'ttatin ltittca I iao I vtttclll tg I firmad C11nnem01 knliv,.s, rozo'rs aud1I Y(.irsom-sl Ilhimll Il-ed[PsI piLlv , sil ve r t Islae d, sitel nofllrnalln c it·l1tlL. clesI )Ilrlclit booliks a1IIn' llllcts u| Vtl~iOII. killdlS1 Visltllgp ci!Acttrd iidc-ard ctitttttiitte-,c, ictilg(!~ tiloti];rnr t c titt iattic an pt LIIadoSctao illillll-eo f'tliI, Slln ]loxer, Ill'liltS; id+ various kindsl, Snlrllld¢.rs' f'onmt, -uV'n, Enllllters e leii m' nmillitiaiitittiolttii m' s i 'iet or otrllt lltld inelonet, dirks, tnlicy Iceud IloCkolcaCt, do with u-tr i]'11 ). tov wmmrlelle, |etrlltitt Olsi powdler Ilabk. cuoalt plain meted beade, Gih anther doa, , s In d ladtid" SPe - Iders, altic garters, clulln itlmd sword Ltlmera, Illckgohllllgon hboardl, clice, oitticul liacnnte,ij nwshtirpst, ]ocalca: a Inc cliit i esouad deriikil tetitt, witlh a great vtlrir.a'- att Otlrlt. acti cleB all ofwlmii.h will te sold tar sah or oily acepttn. ceao n 12omtmanth craclit. It 1tIAtltll-e 1 : o. a 41] Oit Ctartreash sI 'l·EII.M OIL--150 galio s pari a inlr d i S (erm Oil, iu cnahk and Idls, tur svalt Ily JAItVlbttIl AANltltI\:q, hldleala l)rItggottd, corner Ca)llllcion uud Teiot) Its So reo ls, 1.r S Cologe Wa\\'ter, P'rlumery, &c.-A Spledeld rticle of cologne,plll ip expres'ly for ttie rcel il ie trnde; also the purest French Petrfumeryi, emibra s iclnt evt variety lor the tollo, c I r sale by t 2 111EES & D'LANG. tA ItNI.,'lS-E-'iiec ilwscriber, having lat Is estI. S lished It vnrlish nlnnfactort inl .ew I \ rlentc , is ready to suipp!y thII painters and ithe pull in general, i byhv rolesale or retain . p ld r prices are moderate, n I d tle qmuality of his rep duets superior to anv ever lroug Sl oplace. 'The rli ' le tihe i tlyllil llC Ilias beOn I I, to"' ln i eln extensiv ieslabsement of thls kild in Eurnope. 'Tls diSp.vsd i t, cll st tile corner of .altchez an Teibnuilouuas ssI - salln li, prenteil willi a faiih IItple of lny earnlisI il I3 ady Rish totrY . oIIAllt IIN varnishlles ire the o clcb No.l , warreed nor to flhange ee in heoii n i watnr. Te black arnvoli for slore n nd stealll Lb -iriuinies. The transparent varnisll withlutn sellll, h hIe. e8 II IJNNAIL. d FLOUR--r10 ending te o tnlieamr nldepend ielse, tie 'r D)ORSETI, onl3e 44 New Icere. s.terenn's Rrazor Stropas--''lirec eases of the genuine article, j els received by oct 3. REESE & D'LANG, 18 Camp st lMissouri iproP--S0ui coie l issouii bale rope, n made all of hemp, in etloersnd for svle by n 3 - cOm ER'R & IIA\e THIIIIN, 63 Gevtller i UESi ARDEN SEED.C Th subseri ber - begs to express his grateful llanks to tihe pub - Ie, for the liberal support he bas eceived since he commenced business in this city. Blinig see lren prietrof thle seed store 17 Colinlon street, Ie i enot and never was oginle t lr any nortlern seid tvender; neitber is be connected witb any house ill tills country-but bIe assures lo pnblic Ihat liis eunnections in evary departmenl nof 'e seed busi. less, in tile different couuolricsofr Erope are e1qnli o thiat of ony house in tie Unsitsi :alas. lhe in. pTrts auedr, plantse, S&r. frii I te tir, exleaniva ' and respechuiblc Inurserls i laolsie lall in Fr ince, Iliunlnd, Engil an, Sncotland, ild tIe a t ther, siates-iandit will at all alilne e his intrrrcsI, a it Is is study, to reeceiv, iln adldiin t I prsen I stock, unrge arlival of every lideslri1ptio, really le 'iroa ilt it 11138; also, engrafted froit Ire, s, of all hids. 'Te plublihn my rely on linding a fllI ns s'rtaent of every arlilcle i tin seed lill, of genus ou quality, aid imported direct by -Wm. DINN. 1ýO TIIE PUDLIC..Tlhe uindersigned. having studiod under Dr. Sclinidt of Churlestonl, Soutlh Carolina, ntd for soute years his assistuont in the practin u omIndicino vd an surgery, has tile lhonor to offer his prolessionnl services in this city. lie assures tile ladies and gentlemon tlht the moot prompt attention will hbe pilaid to tis calls which may be made; and also offers hlisa services to the holdhnrs of laves, being arell sequointed with the dliseases common to thelm, having attended thet in hle sugar house in Charleston. The famous antli.bilious pills alter tlhe composition ol Professor Snollette, witlh directions, can be sad of the underaigned. The effect which they Ilavo produced in this and other cities, lhas bon attelded I wih tlhe geatreaest success, to whichj the best of'1 eefsrences con be given. Apply at No. 166 Mags. dine street. JNO. M'LORING. NOTICE.--Tbe partnership of Kelley, M.. &Cc o & of New Orleao. ; Alason, farris &.Co., of Natchez; nd Harris, Kelley &Co., of RIodley, was dissvtlve, o.i he2lst of Ml at last, bIy tle deathl olf Saue A Masoan, A one of tile lineers ol tlle firils. lThe undersigaod, survivinlg partners, will be charged I itl the. settling and closing said business as follows: a, LevriC Ibarria will attend to thse settling oft te businoss an of Mason, Harris& Co.. t Natchez; ands Harris, Kel- a ey & Co.,t Italnev; and Ileanry Kolley will attend a " hesettling of the biasnosa of Kelley, Mason & Co., at New Orleans. '1The names of the several fions will be cused in liqaidatluanoly. Thore iadehted t lmaid finse s earnestly requotedi cI accine forward and makeearly tloIeiatene u aen d th se m having claims will please pVeIeut them without delay. | LEVI C IARRIS, hi . ...fENtY KIELLEY. • . . Ž ' D OLBEAR'S Scienee afPenmanship ieeeived,and Sfor sale at tshe permanent Writing Academies No. 8 Chatres streot, New Orleans, 18 BIoandway -New York, D)auphine at.,Mobile. It isparticularly designed for private learners, and schools, and is ealculated for persons of all ages. Ladies and gentlemen are invited to call aod examine the systemo for themselves. Lessons are given at such houses as may stilt tihe convenience of all, and to classes formed iu any part of tie city. Ladies whlo prefer itean receive lessons at theirown ref sidences. ' Persons paving a e o rs oflessons are desired o attoet*, .;'"s".s sa swellaashCywtish. . .31AS BROTIlhR. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, FOR FEVER AND AGUE. T EN years have not yet elapsed since it waso - first regularly submitted to the public; but it Ihas attained the highest reputation; and has su p. planted every other medicine for the Ague, whterev. or it has been known and appreciated. Already I thas it been carried in every direction throughout the United States, and still realizes more than could have begat anticipated by its most sanguine friends. Thousoands of persons have not only boon relieved, but restored to health and vigor through its agen. 1 cy; and they now cheerfully testify, at every op portunity, to its derided and supreme efficacy. It is composed of such medicinal principles as are 1 calculated to renew the healthy action of the stom ach, liver, and other important digestive organs, tise loss of which harmony is the immediate cause of the disease. It is apparent also, that it produ. cos an entire change in the condition of the systelm, and certainly destroys the native liability to relap ses of the aflectio. WhVlen theo Ague is attended with any other complaint, the employment of the I Tonic Mixture will not interfere with tlhe treat. ment of tihe other disease, but will even afford as. slstance by lirnishing strength and vigor to the body during the course of treatment. Theose who make use of this medicine may be assured that there is no Arsenic, Barks, Mercury, or any other article in its cormposition unfriendly to the Ihumans constitution; being entirely a vegetable extract; and they may have additional confidence in the use thereof, when they perceive that it hau the of-d feet ofa gentle laxative about the time hnlf a bot. tie full has bcen taken--in consequence of which, there is no part of the smedicine left to linger in the bowels to cause obstructions, and other evils, arising from the usae of many of tihe remedies non offered Itr the ecre of this aftcetiuo. It hlas been 1 used also as a preventive, by maniy who were sub i jeet to a periodical recurrence of tire Chills, and it has invariably warded off the npprehended attack. Obseroe! The Proprietor, fully satisfied with tihe unparalleled atd universal success which Ihas cn. . atantly attended a punctual and regular use of the Tonic Mixture, in all cases of Fever and Ague, itels warranted in engaging to refunrd the price to all those who have tuken tile medicine in strict ne cordance with the presriped directions, without having been perfectly anti lastingly cured. The subscribers are tie wholusale agents for the South Western States, aend have now on band six ty cases of this medicine, which is warronted fresh is and genuine. For sale at tile manufactured prices ( JAIlVIS & ANIMll(t.\V', Wholesale Dr t.egirt't nov27 car Commnlrll a 'liollillaotln -ret. Malltssilsippi t)td LOSits iait lotesi, r,:,, r- X ir ,,s. 1.1 1SIS. MARY II( LAND reeLspcfully an. t nounens to her friends and the publlic gene. ally that she is prepared to accommodate them at oe above establisihmeicrt, and hopes front her r ertions to render visitors comfll;rtable, to receive I continuance of former favors. She feels confi. Jlent that iperaons visitinor Ci-;..l.. ;: ; ,.g the utmmer Ir- .:.., oanlot filtl better ecoillrimmodtl:ioil s , tce can afford thetlll, ion mortl liberal terns. lier hiouso is pleasaontly situated, and well supplied with every convenience;, the bar is furri.led with tti most choice lirlqors, &c. in short,she, promises rat nothinrg shall bti , wanting on her parti to give tirre satislaetiun to all who t ay patrouize tihe i' issipli and LO,,isiara Ilntel. J e I1OLULOW WAltR. WOO)D ,SCREWS, SAD IROtNS., &e. /ellE llitWVtlEL, Wt)ItIKS COMPANY, No. 'l238 Water, near hltriman street, New York, have received tihe past season, and iare costantly receiving large arnid uextensive additions to the steeck of the above goods, which now ecnsists of the allowing assorLg a ent, suitable for the southern and wrestier markets. Ilollow ware of superior quality, consisting of ab.ut 15110 Loner.s viz, Pots of 2t' diflthrart sizue, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, t Kettles, 15 , 5 from 3: to 30 gallone, laltlles, 15 sizs, froml 3:8 to 1 galluas, I.lkepans or Ovars, 7 dlfierett sizes, Tea Kettles, G ldo Skillnse, - . 5 do Flat Slpidrs . di do Covered Spidere, 2 ldos tOridlels, . . dtr , Iire Dg.e, . i de Wlagon nonxs from 1 1 4 to 4 3-1 inches. ('art di. 5 tr 7 inlc rs. 1Vrrd Snretwst, 1).ti grtoss, iron and brass, fros n :S inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 21 of a supIeror quality and linlish, and less than Jalau's importedrl Sad Irone, assorted, in enasks of about 500 lbs for retaoilirng. T''ailorr's and lattnor' Irone, assorted. Sash weights, 100 Lons, assorted from 1 4.4 to 201bse. Bells for Pl'tntatirns, steamboats, c. urches, &c. made to order, Also steambeats and other machinery made to < .arder. The above assortment of goods is particularly recomrended to tihe atrtelston of Southern and Westernt merchants, and are offered flr sale at ltow c prices, anrd upon tie most liberal terms ; it is be. lieved to be the largest and best assortment ever offered for sale by any one stablisinluent in tihe United States. nlercllants, by forwarding a request by mail, canc have i prin*ed circular, with description of Groods, prices and terms, frome which no dIviation is over I mrade, fnrnished by return of mnail. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. je3 .. OO .00K iN iEl"Y. Under the Ptatyuu Ollice, 72 Ctmp st. BRONSE \1A'&U IOWSON bh2 leea to inform their customers Sn I the public generally, that they have reimnved their establishmei t to No. 72 Camp street, i lltediately uander rhe oflice of the tPicayune-lwhere they are prepared to execute all orders in IthPriline. litling reetivwed from the North a supply of pa. pr and atierials of a superior qualaty, for the minnulacture of hlank Dooks, they offer their seti vices to merchants tid other, who ilimay wish work of thal kiiii ; and hItvliin tlie advaguge of several yanrs's experience inl that line, they are etonfident off civiltng satisfactiin to those who mitay falvr them wilt Iheir t ustln. For notarie, architects and otllher, maps and plans will he pasted on linen, varnished and meounted in the neatest manner, & at the shortest notice. Plain and fancy hinding, in all its varieties, ni. IY*t1,.I Subheribeer, Agelts far the extensrive boiae of i W. & J. BIauiter, Shellield, Eneland, haove just ecived a very extaesivS set oef ril.tie, earnatlillg of liable aitd Ilesert Knivesi oh o it." d.siltii, Pelt Pocket, Dilk, and Spear patilnt ia les; iUazors, SaCil aore, Edge e'nol., &. &e. &. whiih hthev e re r1ao sll o exhibit o Ille tirade tor ordee. Tcr s end coaditiots will lideiade keown 111ati t ite. m16if J. I. IIEIN & COIN1 .N0 Common st. har str NEW' mvt3-3, SI IMMONS, IIAIRT & CO.-Are norw reeivcig ship Hlntsvillel , Eagle, Merry TAherw, Ilith anleir, French snlll Getlan dlohule ltcd Ilavinge cartds ater, i it ad ipocket pistols; plaitl rihbed ti spl t cuasioa ealps; canl ihtdlels; scisss, Ireazors, lell. les; (ihitl's coltluercit alad osIter steel tens; Vio Rs; Violil striangt shell, ivory and hor coatis wafersu. a, beal andt leather piues; hair brais, tids, tellti ackli lillSes;I i .o Inegt i p :uf.; -e ' n = alllnd F'll:h aalo l Oglle "alreys It nelauds c lor ales, oi, +itowltiOl do; c atiqu e si nll leaitstil Ilportihle idreskse tlll riesalntg case s: ilpst blaekitg; stctiamid toilet glh.s esa; EttOIIitX tliat"ots oe el glasses and ttnsices; htltl lit ils bells and ipltes,; cclleOr l whlt ,lWile; toilest itnd shttvitttg Oas, tolilt owder, clsele Wrlsh hlls scented satin lrlis..nsl pool slatil; slaeW etlsliols; Iallev lend ehins lil necklaces; billird ball I,; ipocket unoks ad ta :dlettsi aelnman holies; I-:tzr Grl em .;Tle llll Omlllolllglinl. elastic ati511ttl etar, gatiteilt io; h ells Ilcifer matches; sil ci ver ipetmils; Creyllh, ae. &le. T]'lie a hboe ill lllittli t our folnle stoi k otm ftllle llicles Illkes onlll :piasnltlllllll ce ellllll .. t o sl rwholesale oyr etli; its tle sigr of he . outfi lden Uh, 7a Chlsoanhe steeit. nti1 l CriN iit EA1el & t viiN %V71i, 0U 36 chaartes, lrrine. Nei, Oarlerlis. W \I. SEIRITGE.\N' Cii. ilpolriers oaf Freneh s and Enlish Chienn andal lnrthenl'vare ora elow opelilng new nlid rich itllterls if hreakfase, dining and tea servics, toilet sets, pitehers, !41 and lcofftie cups, tenpate, sagars, creallls I,lalc, It plates, dislles, lurcelts, walh basins eell eere, fot bathll, etc. etc. Rich cut and platin rrench and American gla,. ware--vohlels, eh,'llnampa.g ltelnonades, jellies, clarets, 'iller eorthallc , cenlre hOlw rll, dOelllttere, lulahlerst prcrerve dlshcllcelelieri, pilchers, Ilalnp I Ilmlp shade aud glasses, cuat.le ehatlld, salt cel eIisl, e. i Silver plated, bronzed endil britanin ares-eas. b tirs, liquor siands, cake heskeie, cnndeslickls, branches, sliltoas, Inldles caiffec and Itl)lelets Uugrr creams. lamps, japnnerd trays, esiral einnd, innd hlagieg lalpsp, fine cuilery, lGernlan asilver s ulns and forks, toaether ateth a gte ll Variety filritreles lo faminly ace. Ilerchaits, ililllcer, iita n Isl sind stiasiboals, furished vil gelda at tlhe lost rea. sonablh prices, tail packetd si as Ito b olivey, d witllh safety t nl part of oie counery. Alam, aprhlheenrirs glssesnre. nare 2 'o Coantry Melsrehanls and Plantersr. Negro elothlla, tlalnketll fla iellls , lal e)s, lowcll ehirtiuas, cheelk tss,litens. ealioer, hadkllerchiti-l., &- &&,eteseud sliad lat sal low by ihI sullscri bare. ROTT'.I'A Cso. I ct. etrllr (selanl sad C;alairs-e sr _ A. - a MAIN ARRANGIIlMNT Northern-Mail, Due Every Day of 12 M " Normes Ma, Closes Everys day at 101 A. M .. Mai. Due es ery Sunday, W dnel sday . te ' a.h'l, Frldny by P.M. b ay a c Closes even' Mndanyy, Wadoostls oweln a Saturda, iby 9 p K The Lake Mail i ate every toevija Tbursday via aturday -by 9, P.M...... " .ia Closes every Mon"day, Whdnadaya - TIMES OF ARRIVAL, DEPARTURES. DISTANOE. &c. of the Express Mail, betwosa Mooile and New York--leavinsp Mobile daily at 3 P. M. Northwar New York daity ot 5 P, M Southward. Arrives Arriv Northward. Distance. Time. Return'g Mlontgomery, Ala. 2 pm. 198 n's 98 h 2lin. Columbaus, G. 111 81 9j | a.m Mfilledgeville. OnGa. 2 1383 14 2 p.m (oriubil,,. S.C. 7 atn. 163 17 10 Iraleigh, NC. 5 215 22 I brcreono Va. 12 m. 55 R61 a Petersburg Va. 10 pm. 83 10 9. m ichmond, Va. I am. t1 8Fi ,7 l'erdrckibori-, 8 67 7 11pm. ii pa. 61m ,Vashington cty, 21 pin. 61 618| nllimorn, 6 38 4 04 Pbhiodlphia, 6no. 100 11 2 New York; 2 pm. 90 8i 1.305 143 h. ".'Sd i 3 Northward. C(mnith 'nuthward, the time is six hour ees; bitng5 adays ana 17 ihours. 11 F N tl6tIt.A~t$tS. IIIAIIII. I ANAl ,AY from 169 Csronli et corner of Ilevne R strocts,on Ite night of 301, of August, and was seen te eot 'nomrning in Poydrs sires,, a negro boy nloiedl I ItAhlli*S i noout 17 curs of ale, onre fehe or thereabts inlheiht, vear hblack, ndil s an imped cnent in hli s)ecll0 olne of his legs is sore, aooasionrd lby na reat hlr,; hlt ad oil wi n ,aIte weni away a wahit eolian oe linen shirt and white calion Iantaloons. Rlltrs of vessels and stent boats are cnautinond a gnist ireceivillng or harborig said nero, as wella all other persons, us dthe otmost rigour orf tie law will bn enfarced againast tile. Th)e above reward will be pal" tordelalivering him it, any of ite jails of either of the mlnieipnlitios, or at 16t3 Curondelet, corner of Hare, stee et. _pt -OTUTICI'-Ti i it;t aiiiilttlhip ieretloore existi---. uI nler tle firl of I)Dubis & (inrmlson, inhas bee dlissolved. The suscriber will liquidatle ti affirsi o the concern io this city, and requires all persons indeb. d to intake Inymeo t t, hill, oly,td anll thloselavin ldane, t'lrr...... lbi .... fr.setletati.t. nuf i-it II (AItR(ETSON. CAPTAIN 3IORIRYAT'I"S NEW NOVELS Refll tlhe Reefer, i)y Ithe author of eter Simple d in ')vols. Cuinminas, or a Winter at SNhloas Heifielil in Low. Sti ca, by Captain BasUt Il all, Royal Navy, F.L .t., in I vol. a,rd Rlohlni, a romalnce, by AlltIn Ctnninghem,I vso Shepard ,iee, wri tacl by iimiself, in 2 vals. I Ctaope-nit lliotcry :Itay, eotltoed from tis OIlg tilllil81 I)' NttInitel (ireene in 1 vol. for liggo" . 79c of iltirer'i , Enaity Lbaary.. al .: &"4 oi tlle neaw lloaltlte and uniform ilitlon of Illa "xitrtonur I, ~ry't 1l'arks. o ter's h,,teCi· l In;rilis! I aol, 3o Nsr;ent's o'er .rey ,rhd English Dictionary. A.s--A o w nul,,e c iesl, of Comlit's Plhrenology "lRlei.zi," LI.~glo StIumirsyr's lCl Ite. ansafoiperiorqua 'iy, ittiih tins, Bttitjirl Ittlsttl.4 and. 1-2 sarltes Glltt' liilnroed ill ilali lc'e ll,jalmoned lpapers, weight &e. A.. &v.,. Just rtretrived, n Id fir sale by 5II i BENJ. LEVY. IPINNOCti'S 8tOSIl;, &c. INNO('iK'( 8 13l'IOVI t) EIt'ITON OF l)i SGollil lit' tllrsri ti l to Illiastory or Rotie tohu, Mh is tllrlixdi aeI Itrilutln to thle StllIdy o IRoml1an Iliolr.v, road It gr v•el v veriet of va luuble infer ation addd '1hto, i fia t iti ll in-yi, on tihe tannors lllstrilull .,* anlll Anatutllili of Clt It romaio; with ns I I llnrll hiSol b ud'ri)to' ~11 • SiaeI Notes' and qees e tilsl Itur cxa uetio) fit lt,. enad o r' eal arction. It. I'..~nlrtei .hllrvle"J.illdII, bi Ainlit Aterton of l".,,.lae.1, fio,at* II. nva-im ,o J uiujs Caesar to th dead, of 11' orI'IT 1' d, with l IIY ll llllll ol to till- vita 101:2. fil, ,1.-ciuo lir :r r,,l tlt ion tit th Ile cud no lion rh-d tb IIo~hIL' , lie ,". I (',l'iistiai of table ,f roo. ,,...." ' ." ')1I: . ...... ,,,,m nod call uot , rrobin , o ... ,,mn+ ry n ,,) illrt. i rlls on lie polt 'lm'r, "< ....... . l " ilý. .... . " o," . Au outline, itc (-(I...+tl t.,hn &.", l-. I x .bu s nted by lll.lly engr"% (u .1 ' I:Lroe-c-r c A1vr1,v1ty 1 an Aor1l-men of liGitlbs N'w Trentlise on c t oh e i of Glabes. Nea A m'i,au edihtion,.wlith alllithio,, s ad improvealent rc.n, a, ,llai I till slrolllllaicl part arlshe A. Juot loti,t ed iid fir saot, Iv WViM MIiItAN liv 2 t , eart ioii f oCul, p anl d Conlron ras "UY" ,,.u..III TDIIS ! ll (:..ldU-.-. -.;_-- r 7 liI l) lhl'icrisl l i-d v l ciii iultrlla u)fI) with ll l ai'lll)lhx, ci t lllg "tlll:' lnllns o various ollae \ e-ll, liu a, Dtidoas B ryan, kc, .. . I a ... motle ....... e .... li .... pnt+';s of Ilh J' I l'lI'['. " l t l +. '' " FI|))+i 'q Jl;; lllli le tronrl· led r ('ir - .tnlllrr <) p r l, io! " 'n •I. IIII vela~ Iasi I,1 1 ' ll I \ i) \i, l .i . a l, IV a ts'o nit '1b •~ , . , i- ttltl11; llirr)+ lh r,I,.llt o. by'r m i Soull ctt,:::.l:i· 11 ,, ,virll w m" ,n m of Illl lllat ol)* by Thal n). 1 ,:;o",,', I'.1., tic~, e ...........lh t .lll ,-u ..... byG*a it on);, r ' .+r._ ,nd+," 3..-., t,,-v.+ e~hrla , "' vale tin 1'.\1"1'.1: 'I1" )R.hv the nmh,,r W "Pelha" i l+ , " W11 51ctI.K'A • :. -,,. . ... :,,2= ..-.' - .... .... . . .. Jjdi()' al l oank, Cissraonasi aserna JJnaodm fn1n tlt.sIllll"llr o:l' l and fr a·M.l IItr lbli'l' i. ItAWr f[I ll rt loortgnod hlrooo,,t rcco l oeroln hosiness ne, Aothcltrtrl , in the state ......,, t",, ar;+..++'J ,= l,,,,?y + .. ned ., 111. J e11, tt, 'r t rner tt Tivoli to ir se anl'tII 'rll, \tVIalkrespct lult stlieila shalre .I. rhC i .tItep a r.... l o Ithe favors ) II b rsler e'tootu lrs. 'lbe lotir satelk ot d Iltuto, Otletottortld Irotv crticles is iresbssnJ oi coilm lly sttIe: .. htefe lollortowigonsly are par wu. 1 Il nlll rlzlld, vat : Ir l're :",da.,rodlttdz .ood Saratoga Powders. e Y rtt PodeoIrst boing a whlesome snd elegsnt tuLktllttO for yeast, ill raiBo op bread, buckwheat en cakLe ,&, Is, Iloouv l ' lloprvecetot NiOarllesan Apperient-a. or Il ao:,o aoo eoptr0I,ttoroslire ril, dyrpepa .or indi ge 0ll', rlerroros debllitry, pidd le-e, eadaches. acdiy It t, storaceh, hlblttluul cosiveness, cuts. eous erutltions, &c. C nrpeoleor's Fluid E'xtract of sarsaparilla f toi ptn rla blood, et do d and cuboebs,, &c. wvllllort I'uaotol Vorutifarg i British an ti Ilalrleht uoi-, Olotdell.eo &c. ltIeliad I..qorie, j I rbe aid Gur asure pasts 'l'ooert I rI)Bt , N s 5Lreotice'a carbonic dentrir o foeg, ehllorino, roth woarl, roor.olor puffs and bexesa, ill Prentlie' ertltolte denlrllice, ehlorlone tooth wash powder lllos and bxoare,, Prenlice's- scented and plaio toolut powder, P)oratrtt crn00 de Parse, toranle 11 t~ e, ros, lIavender and Florids waters, al the retoqoolittoesr Itt lard's .1 reasatrOil, Old. r ro e'. alilol' Colulmboa, botll's ,il,a variety of of luetler aod olther moaclte , indalible narking ink re alcrior Il ck o iolt, I C.e l:pert tr aod refined whale oil. Iloy's Lininlen " A Irrsl asosurtmenlt of lr'hroronn'a (rden See . t 2Oc GEORGE JONES , d IltOWVA tIos TONICMIXREfuigg, o Fo; flra ornt and rure of Jse Feser and A jI5 will bIe readily discovrred hearsin the 'l'on t to i t ore i superior to the urdinary mode of t mg o e"Or ald Ages. In iloe firatjlsle, heingn a as.rsr of ble hlirrcta osd free trmo any destaerioss bad poison Stou ingrrledients, it sauy bI taken wito the utmost safe-. of ever by the letoder tLofatu, or aged invalid. It pr neots relooseof rie diseastcnseun ply the eoni.tim art sthe essaloas Si(tol tuoOu regaiosios wo rred tuse alod eCItonly. It etatb lishl.aosluor ndparael appetite, Isy invigorareni Son soea r givesO t relish to tieenjoymente l attes. Ieng eculiar in hvnga ipurgative quality,itremaina n iti1e bowels h0 increase tlhs disolder, or to create - olerrlioensa,0 bot orotuglly cleanses the several or oan, of tlir^':iot and theo benefits ahe system wiiallll hnicver utiler afltiolost it mtay be oppressed. [ndividals, iafar the Ils ofth Tfotiob Mixture. hay pe exposerd 5, all tle uuaol causes of time disease, oL aid honvet ofdloooyoy yot o[ota ofo return whereas by o tie tse ofllecoltmon oreledio lthere is always eroa 'tall. nn increlas.d liabilily to r.eorrence. lar dasger s of lerru et oltlres of rhlle Aguer, is very evidnrat, faor Ile on .otl rP oii i a 1ron becmte(e ttu orotch is rotlate to Irbearile to rect wila t viealii ad:old speedily fall a vic Stilt) tollto( rlltilsteo toll o Ieeo o Thrs ITonic Mintsre ai ollored at 11sch r re:solhlllo lrice, as tot plneo it within ole reah o e seryn'-eo that tier posor ssd destitute Le ',IPeleiy .li"shotd r +th oitt solrcsitrg It e toi ce ato eni a ceo whiia I frquenetly denied to S11101 et. or e ot vry elily betowed. ite mllie 0ror roqotle cotioned against ite epau • ho. imitatisoon of iot s ediciue, that are daily offered for .ane. It s plretled odlrh Ir l)r. Joio R. Rowasd, at hie .odI.,o'roro , 1,arkelstrr, Phiilodrlp1aii . 1 s Ietlot rlos re tr ile whrolesale agentst fur tlas Sr , sat s 'illollby lhe grosr, at Ph1 ilnrlollrl. Ir orioe. T1, be isad t retoil also,at St ottlle ppotlecuoritn ill Iht city. JAIIVIS & ANDREWS, Whllesale D)ruggiaee, cot' Cooseosus & 'Tchopitoulan s ýY AlRBIF CIII1NEY PIEICE WaaunooUs , i Customhsouse street, afpositeo the post-offise. The ubsaribt r sl are now receiving from tiair faon tories is Nero York, and will keep constantly on haud a genoral assortsatt of Marble Mantle Piecee ofauperior wrrkhmanslhip, and of the latest patterne made of tdo best Egyptian, Italian, rilh and Amornean noarblo. Also, Monuments, Tombs and Grave Stones, tmoulded and plain sills and linteI, marble facings, Ieartllhs nnd boundary atone, plaster of Paris, IRomar & Itydraulie Cemoet and Plaster. i g [lair, together with a splendid assortment al b ass usoutol ands plain Grates and R iuu Iron rates of tire foweat and mout approved patterns. oLettering done in the neatest manner and at the rtcet notLico. Tl'ley have first rate workmen t ·v. nir work. TAMY' AIN l & STROUD. tI.IDPI.L'S NEW WORK, &.--The American i SEugland, by tile audtsorof"A Year in Spait" in volumes. Noble Deeds of Women, in 2 vele. T'he Young Wife's Boouk, a sanurel o moral reli ass and oianesti duties. Just receiv'd nslll forsale by WM. IlM'KEAN, 0;tlt' -i.oioal Bor-rooi+ ron Phtlisriai do. s I hl ohllcttiog, a at.. anpl1, r,'+' b ref I . t" l:vSt lP.4 ac + ,r r -., +,rs o ,rihA