Newspaper of True American, May 15, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated May 15, 1839 Page 1
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PiucF. 12,' CENTS. NICW ---ORLEANS WEDNESDAY NTORINING, IMAY 15, IV8l. Voj,.-VI .No 1953' T.,.agfill Xse g IY'J Prs NaRff N io ~ .0 ten Chono,, ,,, s--- - - 0 s -sn Ag 0.0 i Tersi of the .feinsp pePr Press of Ne:o Orlenla - uainiuusl l i agredl toi alet alliotir.airl aIlceig )i' the Proplriotlor,l I ld in the 13l11 of, 117. SusBicariaiO. u.- l'walve Dllrs flr ll,. d ily pa or :, a bl eai ie o ni-c.lin .lly ill atdvanI .: teli dollars f [i"e h i.aeekly collntlry papr, ptayahte oln year in, alvulllce wtlere. ni tEcty rtHfericna is given. No i tbin:riptio will be dicoentlnned nlti errerllcgs are settled. tie case of di coltiatlnltlle, pnil week's lllice if, wNilaa a.illt.el nat ilivarltuby givenl, previous to tll il rallioll ef RlasrCiPltiaSn. AvV Erilsin.- t. l dollar per .anallre for IIn first asnrtiln, nd Ihall thaIllt rice for cach sihIeII ir t i le: aeU ,ilalril alteralion Iro n the original uadvertilllelll i a chard uo lilw onie. Y.A LIe variier 'Isc.--clrcl~,tis aindl 'r enl.. orly dlollars fiat Igiith aliIIne, n"l sixty or illll inll gdanqpe l aks,, rialre. (ffl:Pnllad ollwr militia publtc ian .liulinat, fifty Iallao r in E.n.o lich inlll, irvi tIghly for itho lang~tege.' ; l ,hi unl Steanibloe FCa are or Cotlnissioilln tiLLertiahntit sIety dollaer in Eliglill or, tl cightr v lete h (aTh lanogiaie. .iR iltlatsae, Or.+ hIe . N.ratcs, anl altiele nail in tlam alllii oInf tile tpuilic I als c Inr iprsIifrty, pea dollar per square for tie frst illtrtlion ill each lan tCOccMetrcaetOV9, or A ravenrtitemnta , iif ny person &4 nraturo, when edliaiihAle, shall ]t charicged double, A.. dluctio aof twncety-five paricenta. Will be iad. Into Auctionta ers, Slherill, Itegisl.r , if \\'i!llisal e 'nllral t on salae of ricl estate, pnilliited in bolth iaII.tLIIilal, sod '50t per calt. ia Eonglish alone: 10l P r tccia t.uuil ,al. of ot lr Iproperly AuvErt;.ao'.Er.Ici'as (ot orf th dltrpIt liler if tllsines otf ik adverltiser, ucht us legl, e nalll t lllllllu itol sales, rnna. ay slavtes, stit anllllii Ct. &Iit . will lbecairgeld for ra.ately anld.tit hP i lntiito try r -lel;. ADVERTI.rKtN'rI EN TSiat peCiieltild Iot toinl, wilt be jueiblh d oalle i entl, alul e rlltr gc dl alc(lrli nayiy No adverlttmlcaeii of l.etkru.Icieoi will Ill p,ielishwd ne aly eitae, liAesI flid fi)r Itreill ir inia prlil, or -dalty artte reeoi. ra ta It-craced $100.far inAW eisc a tOhac acld $150 ill bIoth langila!m. All anliaalltlJloellel ()Ie " itililitt' foi r pllliltcnl oa nsf will be clatrged double tite pricI oUwiir itadveieti Inenls, Owing ttr le, i ltlt lnaa elo i it. ntl ill i i bIy ntiriipap tr aror fllro r i, e hý halve Co olni toil: l.'I lll ctlll lh Ill ..lsa of personll s. whole illa(:l)tlll|.l lw l I ,oau t ll 'll b 1 llid within nle alionith after renelltllolioll, 'I I ba e lllIllI Itiow.l (so flr at prelhic ablte to entl h,,, t : y - )il a lhag ttaelnallvet not it) c.avttloc or 1)llfll t uch tlinItulllets iloeless ill case l ofatcoare Iitivaiiii.r (-igalell) , C. ItF tr. I1UM1 ,i * J. IIA tiN, PI. IP. .,\, Joll.IN w;ItSON, LI, )I't l N. tay tair shlovie eatiailiilac, Ks liar ic twy tire apjiticatitar toa a- anter, ta itti . 11ro (iiinod . i i.(, i Lettertlr..., .III , t,, h++ I ,I l, p - ,t ll. tl .E 11It 1, 11l)0 D)S. I AY'S LINIIN'T.-No Irlocr, -- his ex traordint ry chii tatl ctnilt li ierr ,, of mcieice, iand the iinv Unt r i , i crluhiot ,d In. , cal tiera., the inltrod lr ' nI ( i l.oi to Lho prt,.. wan invreted witr tite soioru1tty ' a Ldr.loitbed i besuns. ous o, " ii -O gln areputil inr ,.rpllried I jYlfo staining th e oorrectness(t Ila i ' 11.,,11 Dr Gridloy's last confeossion, thlt " he dar' ILL die without giving to ipsteority tou bour:fit ,ti h1ii knowledge o thist tlli subjecl," antl he thlrelior bhJquoathed to his f'liend and attendant, Sdutooi.Un flays, tie secret of hir discovery. It is nnw used in the principal hospitals, and the private practice ill our country, first Si,] iitro l certainIly I;hr rile culte ofl l the I'l h:s, alnd to :xt l aively ani efl'etually as t') It nl!e credhilt , IIIII!, where its ellects are witnessed Externa: ly in the' Mlowing collrplaiottr: For I)rolay-Crotaling extraordinary absorpti,-: t ollctr. All Swollingis-Roducing thein in a fIw hi)ur Rlhaumiatisani-Acuti or Cilrollin, giving qrllok O11en. Sore Throat--ly Cancers, Uhrers or Cor Js. Croup and Whootling Cotgh--Etxternrlly, all(nd over the C he.t. All 1Brusses, S, raein, and Burns-Carit.g io sorose anId II; h: -ih-\Vho':', rI; Is: long rlrotliing, atld ivvnl -:r-t . Itr op rtfion.r p nittre o adrllts alin olhilidrt ;1 i ros d i in r i lhite oullli . ltbgg' n, l" w', hoL gho rt I figh tic ,' ov W, lie chl,-tA y :ý .. -e L,, lirts, Ir.. been r irrletm l o l.:yoi . pt .. mni.toii ralart of" tni. I1 i ' ' ao t o PFle*, i:l h:as. like a, hatnnrl." TIHEl PIL FC,-'T. iri - - l tl.lsnduu Ii stly liert! o w¢i wi illuw I i t ,,! l ;t oh i !lIi.ý , lllllw Ie I for thie :'Iles, ari! !it reitru t ie I l y i i I IotItrI bting co rid. 'ti'hos i are it' p'oiv (I t he proplioter to tile Aginlts; Iud oiulmyt r llly ltou. stands sold, not ono has bt;en 111nces (tl. W, l. ight inlsert certnrlltle to ILI lly)' or le 1gth 1, b iu prefer liat litioa who, s:ll the article, should usI d hrbit the eriginal to por sel r. CAU'TION-Nonte cotar be genuine withrst a splundidsngraedt wrqtpr, on whlc inr o iloy noeloe, and alsotllt of the Ag'entis. SOL()MION IlAYS. Sold vihlesa:l and retail, by CO. 'ISTOCK & Co, Nev York, aud by oo1 D)ruggat L to ervery rtowan ill .baQ Urriono For sdlo by tIhe Wholesaol Alr.e.nt, corller of Coi non &.t ''rthortllrtoulaL struet, and by Ihe Aaltiierrieo.g genlrallv. RIt. JI IItNSON. , rltire I Ilit vil. : str'ic' , c n. I 81in Ills, prac lici e to the l rcratoldt t 1" Vecrel Diipase , it ll its dit: tr ,iit frl i.q. Dr. Jolason, ftlroll a ri ide lll:o tllfrally years ina Hli-. 11itls il r.rotpe , dievoted to tfler tryr,,,t nt of VenereIal liieanrm,ted fCtu hris prlfesill vt olcrivo lra(uitlce ill chatpartioultar riallch of rhoe rroh''raai, guisra,.we 4 safe, and alicr lultl 91i llt r rtr R cr h r Pt U a L troubletd Ivlrtl llly of tllh ftllowinLg alireane v/- Gonorrilea, tileorS, Srtl;rnr Ca, C t rr.'eslC., ttunir,r Semiral Vetakles, . rt'.Ltiorts ofthe itibhr r, miid , Lins., Urlihra, Priosirate (flatri, r wteltd I e.fsit:i, Eruopioau ioi1 the Skinl, Sortl Tbrout, Iaiont il the JointsI Ane| thi nninlrousty myllotnns whilc gelln'ally fUlow hi aniea e. e ltirases curýed in twie or thlree dayto witholt trir use of leciury, interrnei ll Ionrl bit illSs, or altera don in ihelode oflivilg. , A iedun tao u prevena Venereal Disease can Ie oil tcained uf Jr.Johnsoal. Ic io from cite recipe o' Ihe te Joarol Lary, a celebrated Ftrench Surgeon, anti war il ,red By i duriring ttheoeral cIIIpai'.as in which lhe G S.srved as Surege, General it Ilie French ttirnly. a, oltd hv Dr. Jollusoo, at hiu tllice. ThoIe pferoaolt S -. n.atlre.ti'on of Venlloral Diseaoer% clI iebout eaavoyages, or reanlivigt to tr countly, would i.'tl b) gcving tDe. JullatLo a aitl, os proper lei-ori or cir cure ill the slcorilrt tiLile tean be ot rti rrth writroli: dictions fill their usie. Oflic.uia frofat 7 in the oaurning untl 10 o'clock at ce ight. et ABEItNTIY'IS DYSPPPIC I.IXI da • O~il~a lon [iltle-[enshl .. o sli dise+ases that ulfee mankid originate in t"iit. eanuihl . 'F'li4 ilixia reu, re used by) hill witl the iltolst unptree,.dentod siucss ill its privat aid p lirie ar lietir e tr irrr rds of r rl ?'oer t yier., cur hIi rerrnr al r f hlt.' h I lltt' rt hit R: a .r l Iifllij(:tite, Fl itlene%.. l)Iitllli,)nl :ll lll- pC c.e ts i firiin r to I tI v o fi'lete t eiht ad r . d iiri I-rr an illn to sleelllrregularity ol the lHoel.,r and i tlls cases where Illtdigt'till or a toesive hIabit it aoluI to) ecci. vil r'rris nmedicieio i tntlaoelnt ite nllulbeled iollnlllt ItIOte e. aor tltlk notarlilallla now I s h fbre tIle llýlie 1. it i, fht.. sole i nventio re tht re r ables tttot iter Imlo , -t :0t'' " - gen c. Europe ever produced, luid rhti secret , I,;.l:ll. ite ti map: Ic"haloselud hy life farit Ir a vety hlry l. I -reeealre aullr ilearillrt ti tihe lta1te, anut sl Irild uter no J•lpltwao keero" illth borUito imter l tr vir and _irEdngra t o the yostellr, and er cllec'i tllllt. to Ih litl ane a few blrtrleo reltnrives thi eir1,t eotlllle llad (eneot iall Dys'ethpsia or inadigelialio, ad plreveonts returo rt ally orutre period. e a Nisw Yerg,7thll August, 1338. in, -5 Lfridisoll-sl r r et. lHearU--econa.reinec fieadcirg a rienllturey lie I dLave beei trnleued, ncraeor less, with o ilooftr tinll c Ilr ion years; Ior tIho la11 three year lly HtllerialgR hIt. eeaitenlsppLtrtablo. I hcave trod onral o pb.ici l lld a nlttberofqrien k ledclillPos, wilti, lt leriting ally h benefit. I dilsllared of ier ol't, iiill uigaley rlernaoel o hoi eulitef and rr si.r ilell illyvtlllu it e int mr t. treotr)as de.riir or j (l perrisuadle by oIlllory firalld IO1 trt dIrJMrorqly'. oet ,Vyctprptic Elixir. oI hlave, llw tished tic fotll IIth ti i oudesars do r 'tile, prout flot -et. ca rlkeiow aio howI to et.ireO "lyl I ciralion ir f itr wonderfl virtues ad ihe naeiac le itir peielnerorntie dol s'scatritg ini eotiat tlenhllih which i: I eight Iot rafir. erer. Send e half a dozen baoIttlers i w a and rfelr the coy thanks for foe hletio-rs you have G n terred hy re- tra ttoriag raw to pDaietl heillll. toll t o cllcill vourt, tra lrotcl mONIcOE. c 'he anellt e ,n ill hit prrrosme.eion mee hnuldred te4 ooeiliter tti t aclie aairyei, Crfiletoiastliltry ietr 11edo; of ltis I Uedi lrl. Srlt hty tlpuirtir cuitet r at ). Johcsoerrr. 141 )tfei avilr rtllt't. irrr. 5 of sIto ctuT t t a'lte 's al 'f, rltt r 'l a go Cangarec large o ierrye' flt ·I~tg ot, do aroall do do 'elit ito Do Windel's ladies do ito doublo tratenlc to rimprial D)oc.lri paternt do Gilletes Inlrrel d do National do And Gilttt's Colrinercitl for sate at - DAD FELT & Co, i Cha'tres sc, fr.. N V tationllrs t Ir "tec CI COPgS, &r.-Just received anild for sale by Win. McKean, corner of Ciinp nunit Ca iroen otrecti, i g eaeral aa uatailnta o cur yoSurvyr Csaplllaesa, J Mathematicael htlramre.ts, Drawing Pan.. Spring Divirdends,.prmg Bu.v Pens, Ivory Pro tractors, Ivory Scales, riltnrter'e Scutu, Glass 'i'rebanglso Ptrallal Rulura, Mie'ruacoitre, Thcrnrremttaorr G Career& Oha(ouras, Sllrrey Uthalicl, +jea. a " Taper,. 4 NuKltiS & Co, No. 34 Cliniorr nt ct, ret ro. criving daily from thewr hnMoo in PhIllad,.eliia, nll eleanit atlnd ci(lpl.te assnuri ent of sa.lii nlniinf ind fashlllonab clolhinLe. 'heuy invtii li e niten lion oC tile pulllic, . Vihey ari wan-rrant id inll ianiln rllne stran iurs anid citizens caniinot furnish ihaer .lvsl, nu;e advaRlrageously inl an.y city ill Ot' N. I. A few d nnl elegant ivory Ihniidle um brellus, froml 32 tor36 inchehs. Alo, a large lnt whilt'plltne Ipluking hboxs, v rioui sizes, vetr low n a Depilla orn , i- rr n tiviinlg ioitperflious buair fri'om tlii fac, iin l< and R 11 ii t wiiiiin ith equal lty i lod c iiawtIr aic i [iiili.e kini li il iiiii ililr III i i inlin re tit unidiialti uu. 4 A ireish supply julll Ir.creired at lle ilizanir. Ii-I BIUill & AII.IEN, I, :xchalli l Ilrill, ir, r I Clh rle-s Colill on t it i'lcii- cc IIl[-tk:0 ;-ii/tcin (ci, 10,1. r S l-!s st., hlal this dalhy rec"ivd'rii t ln ull l otlrn e nillillllld Iand ml ic I.r l ns, 't up ii t I lai C (lr~ip Ail r- Al 'ehll I- train -i arnh, fiu. Hlsaleiy A TRIElt, fe-it.2 :?.I aiiaiL IZii st tlien., their clhm "arloii i r LI t ho Gai 01rice, i1mn Aur hv. O~ttll Wv G Vr I II.,, . If'y, i lRNilAM' l) D ()l --''is+ iomeicihu wa r, dlc<verl d by the proprlmtr and has lien suit 4 jectid to lis carcful oh.servation for I,;:a your . er evy ry ve rie'y of Pnjaelicve, nll 11I tIe dinod all , oI vih ,liver iti A rnllricall (hlinalll ; nli It it IIt't .:v. tv I the pufi l ice t l, with O iwh Ilti t (,)rllo l ,~l ' il+ l Pu blivL. In! it i, i. III, mo a ciear iy s it I fo)rtll ill Thu i pIo hlu ':iani) athsi a , rhe I ai clin eni- i i cine rver I irn w in t li thi tl(e rTiArnc4 of nll cl -eC ,Iu a'e ily. It is wi lh t alil Lr i-,h prolaic, v iv l in th nll tI , imn;ll idi- 1 which Ilnli Che llllille i r m tIil t l ft t:i-, fi-ciilii ,i Iii 'l I "ii h1,-n Ifrl-n ili+n ilih tIo h l sl it a u r o.ll , inll ; i rI, r 1W .itate oi hi . unia - nill i Ih liid the i tumilm th, tl - -ia . . ,ili i ir iii uoil sJ ,ni ll dlI ). iu li , d lr Iif , +ilt m r,, ll il a , r irpl, rl t il mil ldiei e. 'c I a t i i i rvalr y li at it p ltrai, rls to ll- , l tI ol'ed o. i- ' , a l t a,) ýt ly ii te II, t i cr. h Ini Th" fi a iiit lh' m'u o ii. t O ih, kila -,- I h ., of Ith, vii lprpri 1 r ofi ltsl b.,a rlii- nil d p ;r inir' , I l*.c ir ili a I Pin P at m1 i i ii iiu i1 II V r ii it! ilii i l Il i i, cllll llll t iai I ' , avi, .4 i - ti I v ' 1 11' lli, . l it hur I i I i- t3 . ., ii i il l i . , Xi i. \ ,all t, s i ( ii . riiin, P 0:t 1 ` 1 4 , t ; 'll I ' I i S ti lla i 1 ciI I k i Iu i ' asU 1;i, I i 11'h l rh iN ''' . - 44· 44 I'44444,IU: 111 2':: ,, Y .... .4...... -'L", ~ (4 1"44,..... i laY on lh ,ý 11 ,*.-, Il·Jll 't.· ·I 11·1·111.1 1· I." Jj."ý J. 't, ·iIl ý-.t IIII 'ti ll· il 11( (11: M 1 iit J-1 vt-d a II~-··I; l:ii lid I Iv hv/·11 (.1il .I 'It144 I';!' 4 1 4'41L, 4. I .4'' PrmI N44 ll.'lc (,k 't 11mu '4 to Align ta I , w!", w, 1, A't '''" " 4' .' 1444, 'l "ad IIA)I -Cod., II 4ri4 44444 'c44( (4444i1,4' 444····~' 44.444,'4''' '4'~~ 444 I) I·'~ ·i·~' -'~:·lr ·i: · n':-''' ··'.'44 ··l;lret,44''' C4,.u44, 4,. a l·i .l~l~i~;isl ·\ililll- pt iIItt li) 4,4 '1CR 1( fit I 1,5'y 4)44A445'444 Mal4p tNf.4',rk -43a1 t,444 The fl \ -o d? ý1 th, , A, "' 4 iowr I lllliql I I:I!) L Mi li'l k. S old Ril coll od .o. l i [h, tra ~lllv ilc l 1 1, plea 0) ; - m'-w ý., i - o it!, fl"llll I :IJ o ,',,','', . . I h I44 , ','',444 ,,%e d k N :"Avý*-W . lJllll gl% ., 61, 1,, 12. 1Y L ilt. % sa qt )·Iut, I and TaM ot sl 'Ma(IUk · h 8o i post aho t IIIic 11- .-hah from: (4444444' &"4 .0, A UG ViT A, '20th kill 14 1 ICIII·L I1III·1IIC I i'm I I In~jlf"9 Iov~ Dilan- N - 0 l--r to i ie Allll ~ hile to Atigusia;I·.V;11 11 ll 51111 iI 1 P (444 (444(4l 4:,04, t to \ , I'm It ' 180 Time, Nis; j1 w Orllel e an i llll ,111'ilp, 129 houre a'H11 A.J."'ILlleI 11)9Ita t o chavlrf b l I" vm, I· SJII· I Cila rllesion to N C ', y (,I k, krl·; - -IsJ II rli i %takinz Mg miles pt tr da3 . or 7 wilesa Imh I it., ~il ; u loco t, (01C. [%I)' ob llL~simle op l-Iti t, a (ns I i 8 all Ho s('44U44444 s, 4ar o i fr o e 4 si t, '4 44'4y4AI% 444havepassd thoug it ill bt4 e 4,44,4,444,4444 [t i4444novelties4liv4i(l44bull4s4;4(44). Th i'44,44'4g4,'4'4444,44[( fl,, n t~e lo44 been 4',4I -c4.','-,"4,'44".4JNMIC B(AKRC ALLIGA.IIru LINE. Mobile to Augusta, via Florida. Leaves Mobile Tuesdays, Tivers. days, and Saturdays, per the . sploodid steamor Ch.ampiol, (ex. cept in ease of st,,rms,) to Poisaeola ; thence per steamer Lo Roy to La Grange, and thenco four hlorse post coaciies via Mariana, Blainabidge, Pit-. derton, Borrien, Outlaw's. ad Perry, to Macon, Ga ; thelco via Milledgoville, and Sparta, to War. renton, thllnco per rail ro:d cats to Agu.tla. Thu Chiatampon a in syplaiid ordir, with new t npplr baoi r., coppteredaad ad per fastened. 'Ti op I'oy lis heean toroughly itreaitad, her acouolmoitilllns are Its handsomle ia aatlly boe . T timh iat ifuil lSta Roýa Sound, aldt Ciacta. watachi Ilry prenoalt thlu miost mAil erting stalll na vigatiuon il tim 8:uiih--e: ing at the sainlltu e perfectly land louked. 'h' T'alli' s ar not ourpass, d on any rlauti ill the counltry ; the drivers, to a lman, careill and atte. tive. The bridges heretolore dangerous have Ib en newly built, so Ilat high walors do not inti r ere. , 'lTho ratig houses lhave been rioaly clhageid, alld are now as good as .ni any raidn in the Southl yIt it generally kinwo that tie exc llence and hardness of' the roads ecable the thne Ltas ut all sca sonls to nllke great lpoeud. Their smloothon ss so. cures tio travel or oulm toh ordiltary fatigue of I stage travelling. The Line is now c rrying its passengers from SAugusta to Mobile in fiur days c ad twelve Shours, or to N. w Orleans in tour days ald twenty i lours. (;oitg to Augista, the line is six days nd seven Iours. T'l tiuo actually employed in travelling is Lthi same as i . the other diroetioa, itut tlto dilfurence of tima on the rt ute, is caused by a Sday being lost in Pensacola, wiiuh, lhowever, is 'ell roptud by tsle op ortuoity It giveas olseiig at thl Navy Y.ard, tl oeld Spispish Firts, tsc. 'The - travel or also sleepi at Ma3coa, ead asntae at.Warr toaton. This arrangament will cintinua till the travel Lort oitorthward, whlnn th. litle will be the a tme fro Mlubile to Augusta, as it is njw in tahe other lireetion. This Advertisement coititins a plain stat moet of facts, ftIe ncunicry of whialh thn proprinters gaurmitetoetachi passanger ill tlh pcialty of' his stalge fare. Maps oflthe L:ne nay lha seeal at thie o.tx hallgei Hatel, New Orlotaas, aud at thla Maisin tlo Io,e, Mnobiln. Fare through fromn Mi,bilo to Augusta, $17 h0 Tihe line extends, by a branchs to Tallahassee. at Ciltaalloollo.e, the linte couloects with tile steamboat carrying the mail to Apa. aelicola uand St. Joseph's. Office. at tile M.La2ian ilinse, Mob:lo. ml? O LOSTWICK, Agent, Mobile. U G. A It & a1.ML %8:-r46--150 Wtls Sigas, - ).n10t gulls Molasse--m plalllali llleve the ar ole by Al DA3S &. WVI ITA LI,, ci--lw i67 (anvintr at G LASS-l-IIO litzes ill ltore for suob: by (nit St11tI.L, 5a tBg WN 56 oagaainesi &'TATE OF LOUI.I1ANA,-Cjiv of New Or. Ialos --Ilo it kown that this dj;y behfore im, Josreph Bnekeon lMarks, it notry puabte, in and ifor the oily rnd p rish of New Orloahin, State of Louisiana, aforeai I dtuly coninissioned and swornI Personally aid appenred Moirrs. John Storvnson Wailton-I.h)i mtill andl Archihjald Brown Bein, Carpenters, transt:ci tin lil;no, s uno ler thie stylo and firm rfJ HIall & A t leoin--Blo. jarnin lHarrod & John Iluglles, Carpenters. trans. icting business under the otyloandl firln of iIrrdrl & Inglhiu-John Thominal Osbolrn, Mark 'Tholls, r Fr.eoman Annable, Joseph Wilder Davit, Sat'ul Morrison, and Danic lubcock Clarke, all residtluls of this city, who declared lThIat in conformity With a n act of the Legisla. tureofthis Suitate, approved on tko thirteenth of March, eighteon hunIdred and thirly.-oven, entitled "A A Act to authoirizo li ited or anonymous part. nershipo, and to regulato the samre," thly, the said applarcrs, lIave antrend, anld do by those presentRs agrete to enter ilt: fiollowing limlited r anolllyioon p.irtnerrhip, under the clauso and conditions fol 1 r lowing, to wit . Art. 1. Thatltile nme, anld style, under whichl snaid partnership is to be conductlid. slhatll be, .' The Phonllix Tow Boat C.oIimpaI y an I that tI place whore said company is to bo Itcate 1, shll be ill the d city of Now Orleans. Art. 2. That the description onr kind on btlusiess or industry, to in carriled on under said ityle, by j' tie directors shiall be to establish arld colltiu to run one or mIore 'Tow Boats, for the towmigofvrsl a s,,ls, rendering pssintance, carryigi fleith uind pIao smlngtero, alld nlly otlhr l..illes wlhic! Illy be la\w. lihl for tow bouts to perlbortm. Art. 3. 'Thait the auounit of the rrpital of said r eiotmpn y, shalu be one htillred thosanld dollars, d liided into one Ihouand shares, of one hundred dolla's each, and piyatic in cash. I Art. 4. That the nuirnet s oi the partmri , andi tho atinoiunt each ipartioer hats c nitribuhtd, is as fionwsn : Said John Stephlnson WaltVm, eight hondred and thirty.liveo sltlrne; said J 110I and All. I lin, i Ixty one sharos; i id Harrt & lllgh8s, forty. ione siharml ; -rIild John Thoma .,L bor w) thirTen shares ; aid M5ark Thomas, tn shares; said Free. man Atnnablo, toet shares ; said Jumhn Wdlder D;i.i vis, ten shlcirus ; aid S;mllllul Motlrionl tle IurCs; an:11d I)dllin l BD.1LCock Clark,, tlvll JhS . Arit. 5.'I'That thit pIatninrshipi shl l a rt- inence fruoll the dat..1 I:l.of , mid tithe seIlI shall tLrmlillnate i i opu tlotio n ail iwi(l il up i nts Conc oris Oi tilhe Ihirticitl of" JIune., tighteitl huidCLId .nd forty. _ three. Li Art. G. Th' t there hal bei three direotors to oli i tlnlact till Il Sillnu s of saiild coIpa y, lld adlllill I Art. 7. 'Thal the powrs with which said d;rec !! Art. 7. T'hatl Lihe. powtits vlith whieli said dire for shallI boe v fted, s .llt 1 .,l Ir.s . frolln t a on gstr iu nselve.s, theiri otwn pre-alnt, R tr a 111,ell Ve-41 Sciist, i llla d a m iijoity of ,.rlI bi l :it hai u and are I I ereiyy iy ied 1 vithll full pt t\er t, rv:ive and I . t all Int , Lna to do ali cia.,s t i hc dolle all Ii t isI' req . it il tihI Ii c ii tiin g of tI it bus insriI s ifl sid tlcallllli'-- lld th lild Ily aid wlthl lite cons.ut nt if a it;.j,,rily oif til di r , , i tpawitrd to lic ttLe noo O r ott.s (t' .t Id cuOnpa fly, for all (delllandii. p[I ,asi s or . ...tracsLs o11 he. 6ita Ofl'ar d ompaniy, couutterirgu.d b!y UL leaUt uone Art.. i lir tiS I'M: l i i id i orduration Of ilia Frvic dty ,i Jl'y of iach al vely yc, Wi lrt M..n. ec +dlhis partnterihi .p. Art. . Tlhat when said rcolptaily shtil ave ar. rived at th , period whon it It :n e.pire, aII thi' con. Ceri.s and * the saine, hall Ie wovund up I1 I liqUidited by such directori as ay Ilia i ofihce Art 10i Tlat tht powers Ito b(le eciit'd by the D)ir voiru iilllllltldJ ill .adlid Iq ull: iltio , ihal bh I u tlulohw, t wit :--To re,:leve hllLll nl " ls or lunis, as lloay ilc due IIto t C collilany, and l give au(illit nce or ac ullittall s t ri unt d I eli tihe prp rty oft co'.11'ally. .I i ýl. it,', , lt l t:i i l' . Itd cim" ciii pr ibi Ct tyivit' y li, o ie iii' plt ia ittl iiý . i iau l Vari aol Tn11y zi;. i I paidiiy ttltr debtofa illdert O.. th . fllr 'it l d t tl, W ,' . A;.l d i tove ly .uring f!, xil.Itel.i. orthis l i )neri aip, fir. r-urv+ag tell per ;',: ut+ oftho p1,. ti for c( u.. A rt. 'T'ilat it a g., tr: ll ietl; of thi. stock. 1 lly, II1, * t'llloirtr) ' 11 Ir , flor, g'ollng cl: t, tllhlr l 1 lt'lltr d intoil) atsd the rill-s a l rleg.uti nu)ls af tlref. a. d, hal l bi (tol tited t29e I, |Iv- w 1, , lf tsle Pho|nIx Tow 1.1"at Comp .' ... nd 'I'a Mhall be biol.lg onil the said stockhul!drs alld tlo:ir ruspec. tive heirs. l..e nad p.aNwd, in Imy o 'ce, in the Clty of N* - i i atr , s, if-ti , 1, ;ru ... o D; ieU i l J R{r,,d and 11. -1 od, wItnesbSes oif l, `i't all pe I ·... l ....... !-,-,] ;Il iis CiV \s1i 0 who 1, ,, to sigln Otacr liter t i i, aia.:-id Inotarv, thir it4 day of April, ,ir'. FeOc tt it , t.t h;, S Walton J , oSpl W B.lai i ,a)tri, D. h C.rrtk, S M5r.. F Ae i ", o. A H VIn, JutLn Illgh s, Job ". or" Q.l ark ...... I .. 1, 1 J l\ u: vardoe, J. 1 ai ,,i i Srerttlt.he iii c i.t " copy of Ih originall act exttue i at i rc ; ilr, 'catl lea der tlf, I grant t,- i- faa a e t it. ad sleal o otacae at:! - ta l i's tcd of April. 1$39. JOlz , A] K, , not. pui. apl. 9. 9 ITA'r DL LA L.t t C, 'Ic, -I ia .to a. Nouivel e Or'16irl dcva it ti (pllonza. ken Markt , notair, pI; c.di . r !h ville el parolsso dtla Nouvalt, 'rii. , n de lu .lli ;tire, duem lent appoin,, ihl(. t Ont ptiriolln'llo lloa i in lll;tn.i . ; ia n S!ctphosoet Wdalt.n Jub Atrcuibld Brown Rienl, colle:o 1 :u;s _a. ves sou il u lard e ta rll inl (Io I , I t I. . ilin elnjaroia Harrodetl e. i t 1..Ic' , etp. ciant leurs affaires &I t 'or;q te , d . II ,r d at fHughcti-Joohn TI ., 'I 'n ý, Mu .' ' T -ou. s. Frecllall Arnaldo, :r Days, , irz!!el Morrison, vt Daniel ' -h, .: .rk tINs ro;Idcnts ell cette villo qui er ... . Que confurn6,inc , e ,I i L6gi lature de eet E at, applroanv I, 'r. %il fl cant trente sept, intitn'!6 I. -1 ,r aIturier 's a s. sociations limit6es o.: A, ,a les gler," v reux les diatat6noins out r f: faiztlt pa e, pi 5. sells convient I elltr i . -to alsciatl io I. hml. it6( ou IIO yano S t . I: e+ .'u.J:i n.slt €o(I SUi Iv.e t favoir. Art. 1 Qua le f t 'vl so, 4.qelel cotto cOlllllpagiltl, :a :1 i I 'n, c I a Conn. p.gui (I rel lorq, i " ' .," t t I ) till ,,I celto mi pClagniv, scra d. a Vi ie ia NoueloJ) Or. Art. 2. Qlt i hi nr, . I P- t 'ýpa, , dos naf. iaires oil indj trw, ,k :,c coifuif h . ,- I . it.! tyle I Spar losI direehn bola d'jls lir .clolllvrjl nu qr couri. on oil dL brll u I 1,IL e i Ito iorq ,i pour re lor. quant dos Vats., Ix, h A, Ort I.on f, 'It )passa gers ot quelq ,. u, 'tro HIff, o 7..i s. 1 , pour I.: batealux do r.,. que t i,: a 'uttnr Art. 3. Qu mo • ii l lau c:t plUC :atld netttocomn pagn i sora cent illes Ima, roe, d ll' u.r line inillo action do cent platres c'lii, oM 1, ye `,e clllp n iiull, u i c ent plabres C liexo of i y:i eculllp tant. Art. Quo lo norrns ei etclires ir t to an. tant quo aitq e io tionoirt c.t'at!.l Ur Co111 A dul John S- ipnlson " I tan, ru;t to't tLentu tactions; :t J. I. ll et A. I Bain, oiaj tte ut tin actions; inlarod at Hugi s, qoarante. actions; a Tlhoas On.blorno, trlanu a n io I on: r dix actiouti ; t Joseph WVi ur f ,.,: actions; o Daniel Ilabcatrk Clarke, iix acLt, r Art. Que cotte coap gi ao c nm:encera de cetto date, ,t ter,oinera les o;no ..rl a p t Ireto Juin roil tuit nent quarrauto troia. / Art. 6. Qu'il a aur trois irc',u1 'ukur aon-. tracter lea atflir. da d t Ia dita c0. pa!. I itodmis.. trlet ses i.Iatte.;, Art.:. 7.-QIe li. pouvroir dont sora iirt.rl le dirctoaurs, lspd8ire ptaroi oux ua Ptdsodent, et do re npll tou s placus vacallie, it ~.~-o ptruio. td auraet tet tu anve pouvuir de recovoir tot d payntr toutes monnoies, at faire I causer t& Lro ttitt tout qn at requis In lo cuduisant Ios atffires. deo i data cumapagnie; ot le Prdaident par et avvc le can. souent do la rmajorit dos dareetenrs, ot autorsir6 do donoer la prolt.sso e i. dlteu comnaignic, pour toulteals ed,,nandsca, achlts, ou contrats, sur lo part du ladito corplagnie coutrarsigu par au rmoins uu des directours. Art. 8. Que la durd dn sorvice doe dits dirac. teuars sera un ia, et qu'llnl ecectiolr pi.r to in.ltU anra tcuuo to proeniur Ltlndi do Juidlot do cllaqu aulln pondant I'existenllc do cttr collriaagaua, Art. 9. Quoe (Illd conte coalpaglnir sora ar. riva6 aun lino o domoll eXpiratiou tot0O In- alfftailon seront li'a.ddos par Jle doirect our or olffices or out tollp a. Art. 10. Qeo le potvoir dont eoront vblus les dirocteura nlrntido avue la dite liqlid tioan sera cint. me suit savoir: do e evolr toutoe solnei quu dura I comeinpagnie et donnlor quittance pour le riiare, et de vendro a propridt6 de tla dito compagnio onr vetall priv ao pulbliqueo colms voiellt propres at arvisablo le directerta at do payar toutes les dd lrnses do la conmpagnia.r Art. 11. .uo des didend do profits oprbS 4avoir p;i, touues cllarg.ks et d.rnse de ft rcoui pagni e eront elarClres es t payrt.y .l I s actionnaires S1 premier Lundi dr o lJuitlt de , harqu oi.n e penll Sdnlexiilene deo cltot collpegnios prnireureljt rmservait dix pour cent dos prufits pour lcs casual itie. Art, 12, Qu'oL ectios gridralr des natlon naires toutes IN rdgleset rt,eulattlnsa I'Vgard (l1 nolllbres des votes que cheaque actiounairs dovra donner, et quelque laltr, chllse relive d In hiaui 6tre du la comp gnie rsront considsll, 6,ot les r..Us at rdgul tions avanrt ~lit scra denrmisis .1es l Ps a 'r Ioie de la cosnpsugie do ruernorlue Phoenix," ue et mtsso. mera otligtatuiro ur les dits actinnuiresut Icurs hdritiors. Fait et pasvd en nron t iude deans la vil!l o a in Nouvelle orldans, en le pr(,cenco dr D:liel J. Rlicardo, et J. W. lHastard, t.d.ins d'age requis et doeneorant daos dotto ville qui ripposent l 1url I signatures eusensemhle, ,ev les dit 1.oils tAt noi, lu dtr tlvotleilrnr, cc ,resieret Avril mdl! ut rcent trentl Originel sigind. Joh-i -S. ;Walton, Jot.|ph W. D,t vis, It I , rrore, . i. ( ferks, S. Morsian. Aiae it., A . 13. Ioin, Jo,}hn II hl,0 ,h ., J Iohn T . O sb rnll Mark Thonmas, Jru n I1mIIa ltsard, 1D. J. Rictar' do, Joseph II. Ma.trk.s,t. pubh. Jo errtilis quo et une vrain cop)i de l'rrigi nal aete exltXt eo- ll luol as rgistre; tt oi j'accorde cas presevts sous Ina a signatoure et i1 seuosu do rrul oftice a la il o:velle ()rl6alt, iNo I , i a29 DL JOS. . .AmIi(S, Not. Pub. I iit E CORD. t.. Dr I ha ii t i Ii, lei , : rl: ':i~l~r,. ... , I .~ . Il w.T .......R ' e~l~·~II', 11 ql1 led w11: ) lt 111'. Lullllimt Cordid;Il lot, aIth, X til\Ij 11 i I'll -, ''ll- but i dw 1'..It I :; 1: o ,- , ( I IIN ;11 ",-1 1- '1 a", , .: It,, ifl , I\Il~lll .X lli·itl it le [],"Illn it In D~r. Alg lllg W.,t 1CIblllI,,dl dirci-.-l, It JIlF1 (.11l -1~ 111" ) l l - io -T mii sll-dllý lerill f al , fl, - Ord,- I r1111* , ,he;f e illl'-· I.-,-II I h-ni l v hau1, d I ,%, d", -'. "I. I lllllC) II m I , uktIIY IIl fil.11:' 1 Ow fullet - flia11 111 l it' .· ý Ilj. ý lrCl C I uln ill ".al- I I, j,-liI Ciil.l'l;1· 1 1 ul i12ll 0 1--i, :,I I oc I ..(] , pa 'lll f·ill m - CeUI. UI' ·6lll(ý a. aod \ r " 1I~ ililll l L~; ll lll: 1 thil Ill! C , ,, lt. ''I' ',* N im- i ror tal-! ' :, i; I (- ý I,-;; 'Rý ý " Ir. ;E()I ; !:i I CK i Ulc,-g resig, i id thIe ,f. ti' e ul'chi,+If i .in I!er of thI, New Or- eal). a nd U(arrolll. ton Road .Mr. JAI, la,,pso Ire Le' n , ppit -TIl lfi ii i Iitri ,, h, ... c... . t icc i- k , iI Il x is I 'Icl ixxr hangi il l. All I' , 1-1 uii cx- s 1 i l- '-II ý,rt ,t his w,,, k, 'l.h -!I, .N1ý . .u sale of Whol, I. . lle Itl lh I 1 tet nll 1m 110s i. l'l t ti, , S' lixit c-i liilccl and coinxrcxxxx, 0fllai lili-bla Liuil It I ureax nze d' i s'l ll, I 11 _i l I o I tlx'; I t . ' l1 qil nic l l, iiC4 l ls I I Ic tri c>1, S·. 11i s- ill rtlA p atern. p aini a nor td -wetouslu, 1 ayl' n l Cle e a i a , d I , , I t ( (l ýu~llllsho li i i and ai-1-, -- c ilcl v **vri- &c ex % r t-yle i loll piclc rs, rliscd liiurts ti plain, gilt wind - - c na'ei s ,I* till l a crni xid -izec, g.I 'agixs bail "Id I sparsi , lea' lic- s, c, glass knobll s, caselrp , lll r L l-f, liu'rcedi acl , lainS, a lartte NS-lt it lr of toL s c t ICll idren; f r are silk c,id c Ind tassls,liistde culrd li- d tas. i, rs genrcsl ll erit l as ti flll i tii l stero mllld papeli. Ahlilu s, cl sltica I, v-cxi and -ic-fall le at i t- c S,,rtts prices at Nas 41 1-' yal .ut G4 CustunL 1( t- I-i- rs,- ls in tlie city or front the c untr, ,ta raepeelull y inwl d c iit i all . llind xairnl e llr d ers ieve s.i Corpes n.l d i curiii llr s l ade rci the t 1 11 itest g ila drn stnl-, rllor, s I 'cellared at theu sqi t ll ,dc11 u Itri, uc Gi llnll 1 i o ic rix , y h1ri ldrn 1i INd[i .. . Die, for ctoho i t.. Ill ,ir; l . n. . oil. , 71 Rtrians. bear'se u iree ed, poln"u .t, 31the a uns F ir, "u cle Wr ash, susle ric pearl poU , IU , iillllc ra e, cIream i 11 I t l os,, vegetable n otil , o t t niirtd , Ih ) salve, v 1, krel aie ti oth washCI a , ca- o i ,II' ntitice, oraii it licwer water, powder pais and boxc-I , Ae, rican la ch rcoal, n iatly put. i u in four ouIc ce i iti ls, Pres. Ir sautis, c5-olgie, krcosoltr i Ill efhtl ! drops, hatir brushesll, glih dressing colll b, llndian hair oil, ,ills a variety of other perlumerieS , &c. For scalue by U. J. TILINCilARD, I oct 3 corner ol Canal and Bourc on cits ' IIIU. NE' I T.lI.l'.Ili.:I L OWN HOOK , 1 I tllIly', Gravlll Ill xl( tl I l l', -.u 'L, v S-o'.is. l.'r. :h s- li illiil;j I In llll Enli l adollt;r, halhl ad ltlll boumi W :hastro r'h Fr-lnch ;irlu m l+ A teLillE P ail t il- L I be .\ l rI - r ,w.Airis 'aI .! lliti :jt i Cour i ,r tat' 1. Ti d nsIltI1.1tted gu- f th eals-, brynch ean | SIObait , I t.-. bl l llli th es r, l . L l'1 Ikt. hnti lse -al y .!ckt t l iak ge Gb'. illE a stict cl l i coui llg, whok a e . tlat Cupt Mln -ra Ptisioiligicilly I)i-arasxd ia the uit-i A e Ever t r E I I' w ll re ,k u r rakes'I ll ly D ilSIr S gondithet c.'tnunuidy, I i ' tru it eontins much sM iits . iati s ,.,-,ii .,ii, ,ii:i ,i i ii,,i, e ,ir,, D.slte S iutr.d it). ore dilatly. ai e escii reconGre, i-.. Iasi .natctio -1, si. i iuu iil tilige aeItiiai i I plarIru.-Les Ph o ic v i l s the Insuse selm id dea it y b ea lthe-ir t il le sil-l aawork tihat %s c evei read, It, heLw break ua cajloro irk s lreaid s pehstr, and make llire ,lirned :Ip ie l n ilv n otiiurn trushta v lbakiatrdl ti a r hased eriiteel sitt k .liedll a;tl Iteu t of I Iv t ent--se Moiiteury . Ta hu i a at el gt bo ,a i ii be p adut;e .,e.u . strangelar. ,lut p he , Csm.itse eDi use, Iaorsalueat i.its Pduils st bei--'Os MLagt iat ujul Cutp street. Prik' $1. ti fil itr folmb , ., tsti sII J b +ItiI, , III', II Ii,_ Ia 2 .dio aia s i cro green- e i-ii itsler, sii uplerior artiul dtu do IIa c Is; a tu' aisgtiitien.i'i fsO S It tl s itsar v i - illllllit Ir satlle peoa illeili l for , ti h fl t f luat iar- brulia-s fr Isaeiel ails; aet.A'a colers in oil reenls lre l treII0 I.aleo ti.fied :1-p stll all ioUaastr y brulItm ; Mluke siund itiuslit atnitdte pI tunt;e old leat; % l titr aud velio .aIs n 1111g rbie;ll e ll a t Tege awlll 0+l,-t a isiatnt o lii.tll. Si Jr a cla e, sil, tlU rpesntiiis, iverii.-i &c., f l lfur eslteitv; ale a llrd ilo at t llrnl.r;I - lest by iONll, o1 05 Caunp at. C B1STATE'L OFi LOUISIANA-First Jud cial Di n- ltrict Court. I Tihe SntOa of LouisiLn:a, to all whoi tlceso pro. I h- ent, shall come, gieeling: 't Whlrras. \ViiliJrin Mlac:koeof thl city of lMays. - villt, Kletilcky, having purchased it a calo Made by thlu Shtirit' of the polich of Orleanp, tile pro. - perly Ireinalrif r duecrib.ed, ins apphed to tlie II clock of this ciourt, in wholle offico the deed of sale ra was recorded oil the cond daly ofu' nla.. A. I. .JIW, i- for a monition or advertisement in coIIfoirniy tot as On cot illie 1".'islaturo of the Slate itot Lilcac, r- olltit (d act l jr tile furthor aissuraiTi of title.s it to purchaneri at jiial sales,i aIpproved thu tenCth t dayi of March, 1t31. Nlw, thore:foi, knllow ye, and all persons inlte- / tresodl hrein, are hereby c',d and admtonihed in I Stile name of' the St,toe oft Lolisiaia, and of' illt 8 tirst Judicial DtI trict Court, who can set u) aony a tight, title or cil i anud to the propleitlY hrci'. r alicr deshcribed. in consequence ofl any inirimli ity e in tile orhder, loeruo, or julgolent of tie court on. der hli .thtl''l.o was made, or any irrugiiairity or l clit iy i l thf i le ci-ii ts cilt oid cdvirliStemeltS, i th l t li- , nizlimc sl" S , or l'o ilo y other dohictl v hatioev!er, to show, c losec witlhin thirty days fitomi - he day thi:i lilittoii .. is firo t intcerrtd ill tile plublic 1 ppierI% hy the s'll o d had cul 'ld out be cuoon lThe Sid proprty was "Iold by the S lhril' 1of tho Tparih al'orrnid ini the llth daly of April, A. D.' 1839, bv virtuet of a l'cric If thls court, rcindred l1 on the if dly of ,larlih, A. D. 1t39, in a suit en titled \Vli ham c Mackt v vl . Dior & :Stoevor, No 17,376 olf tihe dockoli ,), i' this court, at which coalu hoe coid illi'rii 'ltocki bicaio the hurchioor fur the prit.: of twI.lItyeven thousniid antd one c lioiiried do!la,, I ,aybr l ,s Illlol ws, viz: ie Thie li'laiser aloolloi g thUe pyil'lll t of ol)r- i i hdt of tiwo nots of ix thtlloullandi sEvo' l hundred pi Iaritd sixtv.fiv, dolairtrl ill] liltuysix cUntI , each to be cT due on tile 26j, of Mrch, 1 10, and Ith btIaline ! pi I cash; the purchiser assu lil.t zn , the .il ol f eight sl thousand and five hilvicef d dl, llr:, I i u i I!, i Ulioni Kink' ofi iooLtoun il-, t tco 'o.igr4, i cent. fromll IL February, 1839, and the bIaluce l,, Scsh, and rusorve a t q)cial mortgage oil tile pro. br ierty mold unt If the "to isi p lid. D! iecription of ptropt ty as givwi in the junici., co l.'llyarlll, viz: The; ulndividid thalf' oftwo certin lt, or rround, togetk er withll all thu htuilin and ii it Slo-ei tld ltdvotaclitge thteruintoii hiloini g, or ' ]' oany ivielo i p tli o 'r'at1o1: i it.' ojooi 'ac ill h aNild iake paF t of thi e !,1ture iu front ll' th. ll" St. Mar'y ot' thi e, f'rcnio"h the lcwer corner U f J li alld New l1!t V .ti.,ets, des ated bfy N -s. N,o, itn io l 'lt , on a plan of II bdtt't delposited in tuie ofie of ,Ihx Gririto, NatiiyI doted the thirtieth, Jil. , 2. hLit N o. il itd1u oriI o f hur . o e t r ix ilite: fiont i li ill s ill New 1L.' 1 ' ,eL ilt u ihutthi-ed titt in depth imore or lby I crotiitate ,it" Jo-, ,ph P ii,, city mllvetyor, (h;ted 31 iir t hli 2 ,:1, 11i.36. It tL i i alt hat i t 11 o lott1'i J dl, ou, to l, 1111. 'i'c t l o'itglh tis r, sev !y I'i. fritt o .t Nuwt , o sWtreet, fly o ..... I reod hcIt Ill ,pt ; all ,m tI , :%icl, %%itjl t%%( n h ill ,li O trl t edr of IIhU btocl t of. va : s tle 11 ...III . Ii ich . . t ll -.11, Judge W, the lIy I I v1--11w P.1, [l-;Il1h \ Nt C ), 1 iht, CP'k+ IE LA 1 I I %.NE i' Cour It, III-Imilcr Jlairtm i Jljdi- lliirol· L'Etat do 1% 1 Wi IIIIllll.- Ltlll CC~xli f ev pi.v tes(:,i cuc ac I Ioav. u , v, d (i Itot I Io A.3,ý 1 , ;30. 0 t tIta01t 0 1 1.6,I tldcto e...I t a-Ic c-ac-vati fo~lu e~reo-a lrcr lu Liti- & rls acqoC - ·Iurm wilx piclic j laii ii r-B ; Ill . rofa it3 t .J. 1411 - S c a c aI alao tIndrac, -'s :It 11-1116: 11 61 VII t,0 (1,; h Lou isiane et tic III1dll i II. Y'rl.I a a ; pa 111.11 Ccaaa-c * - ca fl:a r c pa1 dCecl-c·I n1,1iraw t 1.,t;6. ItlolC011 i l a-oo I.cco l ILIJ.11P r dr, at a II. do' lJ lati ou por unoaren t mo ý,)oi Ir dutl O lli 1,. t d: '1 u i' enu I OU,. 0 11 VLi:l 1- I l-lr It .J4' vr, No. 17 ;;G clltttý ,r, eilq ele verur Ito led W W',ht re ca clLr. reiI r I110 r 1 o i lmyablc (-mornom m nii --vimm l L'acquerc,. a-maillll Ii, ii ill d'uxS bllteta de ~i; 76.3 536 :.nts in d ,i le 26 mar. ill), e..t It. ba., qidrcur assumall t a.lsi le pIinl, i $b,50 dus t la Banqruo do l'T .n ivc illtdi itll lilUX dl & o poo1 r I lJr. Frivrier iJ 9, et la Iianr e c . Vr llt hypolh-qrr, ipe lal , Vertld , jur.ri''i (I. qpol-ll jlirt p v. DUecriptint do laprol)rid.6 d',pI judiciairc. La moitce irdliviso do deux c .t avec toutes les bItises et allib truuvelnt, aiilisallu l ls dlroitt, -.9. servitudes, prilvllges et ;ravant v d'LlIU uNINmOrte qtletCUh ull) ; ceS . ort fbut partie rio la balluro ei i Ste. Marie de ctte ville, lrlo = plus balse ds rues Julso Lt sont d6Csigids par les nos. 19 el du la dito latturi , d'ir:ud rel IV.. noturrr, datd du 30 Jaun I 3. surer 41 pieds 6 pouccs de thoce a iLev,, stir 100 pirod plus ou it d'apres un cerrtficat dd Josepi i ville, da du 25 mars 1636, 11 dlits terrains mluurent oeselldb] 7, llud. do Loa f (e iI ru, dl I 'ur 10l de lrrUlrlldeur :; ae ' nit fond capitzal Jo la Dlrimrl J. i louisianle. Ta'rnoin 'lihonorablo A. 31. ';:i la cour susdite, co 6 31ai IS d. OlI2. l 4t 1.,, t TI BOAr I 0 "iA con hzve tlhi"r 1. or moreC . I, so ln ill or, B s ,r'kr1 rrti,, 1 I I Rllt 1 S lLIFI S"i l ll l rF ll , brily olnfth - - position, - . y.,, i lh Nortd the pro ,:jI its t'vor ; I is beuen e er th Iatl is b- i a, cImV.,risl lings, biler, diately yied enc' Tihu inveter:e!o c, w.1 aIII Saini.i tinl RIly repti i i,,lm ai , r - e e ill at l ., I t i ut o o ln ,Ir v ,d for le , tLeCeru. rigr {ovety exte,.. ofman or bo, L Ti~kco;;Oj! "...... "....... . . terliicates 1t114 1 r a 'uu.ll ', tr . 8, eieic Oinwiott' upwar,- o'f which wort wrHILnv hb rsl:t ' I' Modical Facillty. all brciathti K.. aMU, andl ntiisthe.tion. Pro ared it 1N9 Liberty stTel, 0 for sa!Ce lat Ploydraos trrvt, N'i, ,) 00ar0 if to iEirm the ci iz, s Nt N iw ( h: ,pen oI academy to M.nay, I,, Ut. sces, iii Frethi ii-nd Et wuil bte ably assisted by Mrs. ALemther, -no speak bth thosc 1ýe greitl duency aild putiit , a0 ltl wiut, oi the deparlltmtni o the youlng i:: .Mr. Jaies will gLAive h Iti wl.i 0i various branlchesl uofedulcaloln, an, I'll -i, Ilth t1h will gil,, ell:te stistaeti 'lI ,1 h Imay llitor himwilt h tir confider :a. lit f " Q l -11 1i I I It ri i ildo l" .1,1M , 'no v·11 · Iw li j" 'ýhI li , wl hl I " ý " f il I pt :- o -~ C% 1! iI aI 1- - 'I' I . II S II XI l I -1 I>e :i;- c""iit I1 i L L lui Go. 31 Cr !.I/: it x·11- 1 A I I II l I - n w I'''' ij I,; ýity 511 u 1.t ill. ch an l!" uiI(f its , ;,'Il I S 1.t d ad tin( .rl~ 10( iI le iI bh, r toi :Io l Imlle 1 i I li, r boo i lit , ,i I i ld 1., \V- N~i 6 f. ite11 Il I ''y l 14 .I 1']1.1 i I1I VII:T l·?~lIIIL·~l ii~l(/ I. i:l 0.1 I11, 1 ··1 11.) it Z111 'h I h-'j· (iTIT~l·II ..·1·1 ~II~I C. .. ... ...... ....... ... .... ...... I. .. ...Ii. ..11 ) t11 (.·.(.1·1 1·Illll',ýý'11_ý il "p p -H et I, - -'I,· I t I'l l dit-'d I!, W - U a t I I, t. III t le~ll~· ''" .. .. .. . S0 ,'oH, £ l tI t V, i.U 'tL' d I Nek0, 1 i ,s kidtkiea, grnel, etubul V' I p . -A CC, tai,., ai, , m lei.,.r .,I ,,Ot Cats I n Mnl. et . erh..C i ... l t e t olo" Il, Uo dlO a bl ItmUli1, Iti o I s, btto ait.tlieot ohi UetLs bc fomerl tI Wte) III f tt" ii flo w 0tth t totot t tile the ttt, t; o ttthsbll tto ort, tottd t t o11 klt-oo wot. lftloe 0 fre-, sat,. , Tih; of- e u|t hl t n.e o atnie. . ! i tt tt Its v'd a i ke atool otc t I ott, .ottttesri t 't tg it' n'ttq e l,to r iott I.t tt o ,pl'aattti on itte le I, liw- ho tI got an pttottootttmld i Ilel ett ther, prl o oottittt an ope ion t eul e anot lirll%, 1 i 1,,.ll it.l)1 o'l tle bl o |l.IIIe 'Id'll*t~ i tl t ac tivOret susIslie n" th e litl be dn u l" I I , , .th e :Il eeI s x . i s it, ""io f'llltaJas ? tle ll t tre ,J , 1 o fU\ n . 'Chei s , Itsll(.l.C~lI ~t!t- :,,llt ,,~ l, t hLI kuI u t' slp6- exil Iolier t i'll, sanie + wh,, t wIu ' aste " +its hi'eLi ll; "'" "t 'lflt ~,e \With~ ll ,urlle IC.-S (II :t ll l l t a.l ,itstage l .ll' ,ll g icatllsar. dI ljll wi, u in I . a, - - a ' 'Ilse it . . I ! i,.tctlh' tp 5llO;.1 , ~e . \ l~x 1s,.( ITE. t\'1 lIA S. I .t I I S5kmn, Ei... . , ': geortn to tit 1t 1 rl: sIIt ll itil l. l -, %)II " li t o thet ich I h;I t' n(. ti on in 4 Sr:ic·, o ell a . c , boh It I aII IaLJe II! "olll,";t, ill its I llits Iai e k ....... al le, I t 1 .1. l a hesit late ill l(ll ; i 1 l ' I I c e l l ti -t1d i''ll.i'l , I , I i C i t., i -lia"t elll 1ilstit Il lif'ts u'ually ex i th I lit aI1, N1 1, C S P[ ysLian to tie ST L I , e 1 .le 1 it ad. 11 ehlh m iesim n- to the h a ,r . ,illf l:,,1 ii n a, ' 'ple' .tlward tt,i tile tl ill-lC il t it bt in'hiig it to such oinmtl i mi-. V.i Ihid, Iris el I t ll.Et Otise vol t . I n..l l. mu, Iii 'hue hi'mo g m patl , litl ls it l ed Iid .Rh 1!li;l .lila i ii'lilly i l i t I'm it 1133 ly "Imral ,i, A o'ini pe, F It S. ' PR C S, &ect. kc., "'"i , been i L ,,fu d to io Io F i xl. il se velal 'Cý's f siolenf I u fmbllel .hS lli'h l ; hidhevto btll, es) % e!c, I-.ll iplioll admill stI 'le bl " -( lilt' Ivi.g tflonl m - lll 1 i i eu t .,'-. d l" ht itll i ihwa IIID i tice bo' il ublic Iid l'priate recon uLI: ll t .tl id Ilse lOll ]+tiNI IW ai"lla, - I ), Phpnici"ll to G-ust tio " T'he tlic!t tWOt w!,:bi I hlive given your ied!eioui tni , ni, patie, mii, .i...l ]s i:lvai , iri. l lltslf us till, will indu ie u e to l iell twlt il it, 11e, uwll I Iecam it + it sid of jusitive I'ld of' flut-% to '10 l e t'es 1 C, I, 'h .ph,,on, -AT 1 ) F It b L. 1l'.t-Ir I'm aw si ,lvrt thalk 1. 1 t t c vahnillale In -I ut" o f- i- xtI, tt, I'm Ithe ,tav ,f 4;" ! t rlol'l; ,x k.. I f-l gl:ld that I'o1 lhime at lnst b on ht R Inedicino i ... will '4 1 ,prove . dl"viiei'rlat ii l iimg sollghtfor

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