Newspaper of True American, May 15, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated May 15, 1839 Page 3
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GRAND REAL ESTATE LOTTERY OF PROPERTY. S Sitnlted in New Orlenns, TO BE DRAWN ON Ti'll I )nt IUCBEMER, 1839 IN JACKSONVILLE, Fla. Underr ithe superintndlenc.: oa the Comeni.hnelsa p. jtiletcd by the Legislative Assemblyl of Florida. S .(iilllti' &(IIAASIITON, Managers. 100,000 ticketa, at 15 richeme price. $1,500 000. Sellinl prieu " $ 0 per ticket. SYLVES'ER &. Co., 156 llroa t'lrlav, NEW YORK, S.ole Agents. She rTheeilts if tih salte o. the tickets will hIe dIe mited in tile Untalr, Union. Carrlini , Ci lizen's.l Consolidited Htlllki, in New Orleanll, illn tlil na. o Louis Schmidt jointlv with J. It. Perrault anceally Cashier oftihe Cilizcil's lBiik, nlld A. Ilindtl ii ac tually 'allhier ofithie C:nltlidule(d llllnk, Is T I ees, as ier act passed ellb li)e i. A. Mtzurelllt IsNt.Nt. Pillb. onlltte 2d May 1l39., atd the proplmn ties tIlllnierrced It tle above mentillled gen1tlemen uniticumberllt d, 1 T'rtutees, for tihe security oftlp. Iorlllllnate prize hol dern. In New York the mnenica. will te dep-iited in lhe P'henix Isink to tilec redit ul the abovhe mnuied i City Banks of Nitw Orlaultt. The Ptdilic are referredli to thei a',tt p Ie lerte A. Mau lreae, Ey. No[. PubI. ii r.intil it p pertien whichli ell.ticei the. rcspteclive prizs ill this Lotery. Lottery. 600 11 1~ llll li i ini lnlt i1n 3 aicllotl do lli- ton v eLk buildin;lcll,) nomi nt the llllkillAl lil ill OMni1 '.lzllne S 1IIt 1113t. I'el 20ng 'U feet fIt 0 c 4illlin i t 1irott ISt. 146 RaPIjq 6 inch" ,it Graii-i Slicer,1I sti llot I I f i11 incihes ,it Naxileh Lent 43C 17,0010 '1101 living111111 l in tileti t 101 oolltiig part ý;f III,, IOnly ro pot. i the din I I'ie ilot ienittlt e u I-II-t!- ll id ofthe Its rlelinswll , ill ull Y, vl , I1-1( , 1,1 increased ill tinyl doman-1 dir irt; nIonelrofli'III· (slolmyllt$OOO endt 141,1 itt $710 n,(110l I'lotteloIrItl lm l tllit I ck bull d. f~ier-ittertlet 11wh1117 IllotlkPllt- doe Ilnone, N 16.2 Ieon (11 C 'lln SI t end 1146ghe( ll -teit 1,tn atnd bin l l d leitne, -lit.1 Id n~ot 011 4 I Petge--it r twotl'1. 011110 ilok dte liallg 10111. e n suie Iatl $500,000 I tinte-'he tore. s1my tolokA doelliog hoose, No. 30 on Natchez Streetlllr I .nt lt l detu ttllum i Et oltlelt at $0'0 III untd 1100111 "I at $20,000 S11'rizo v IIIe I t. llloe.I, lv loIi0k dwe1lling Feoll kIll, No. It, oly117,feet NIlt 19,ittt Pri. Illlt zelt ,1 rentllled "if I 01)1 rneddollars. I Flellfatll d nt $20,1, fast Corner 1 I If Min end Co111mi frldut o1 INo ioll miec, .1 1 feeI tront (in Firmiklin stcreetl, loy l27 feet depth nil II Cubtinlm s street1 11; wnd11 11 fil0 teen hundred dol llarS.lR Estimated a~llt $ý0,1'0): Prim-The ~ ~ dOlln I jcNt oll olring 3,2 rvet 7 inchellt (in I:IaPia str 32 frvt- 7 inches ,i t Fr itnll din t lIIeptr Ily 1*27 fe0l I w dil epth.r, 1 ItCum. 'f"!:1 1,11M, ; 111110111 1 1 1 01 f "- dre d Emi, led It $20,llll ll e-?)(000 No.*g in i III ii- 111111 t I ,llI'clee 1'011.11 $10 '71 , -1 1 $11it 11.0 ,T 1,,-r0W10 SPrimi--Till, A ires Can.[ ll lll,ýk Stock, atJ~c $ 10000 IF', 1, 111,11101 1Pite-leno olulO s Co mrca 5,04111 oc It o n I e'riv' 5 S1 11 T I tie rs' ofIllm mock o ,I 0 1 IllAl On 3 P~rizc. iof lo) rnvll 'I 0rizie-i or I r, n ItOlleOl'l M l1lIl) o1 I zei % .nC r 2 Ifa,; llght. itll ý" II, 1110140 2 Prit es of 1 . I I nod e en Ill Itn rlllknIok.Ile o Ill toko1 nl Ill 01 k 11,11( 001111r~ 31111ir5(I 01('1 ll(mIIr lt 3'l Nll 10 t 11 I II 1Priz1,1S -11it 2 I. 1110 1 0111 'McU PII zeI sor I It ii,," f 11 10 01110 "O nll Priz- ur I Vl·I~llllr ni."l BI no k"'l 11 11 0l" I110 4, I.. I.t "Itlll llelI nllll. . il oflw01 " 6 IIN . value 111 thro in 4 l.04h.I o 100.1100 from I [I, 1011"'i it, o (IIU~il ill I n pill ill (tile1 Vw, ptivTY ls )-rc dm lvalll iný l ill , ! Il dam p I , I· ~i 1( 1111 W MI \ I tI ,&)K<, . . ,l 1111lTTVil M.dial J .i b -r Ink *1 s ay I u asnip d',, I.,,i H AZ A \ . I B US! & AHI i ll e atI I m sor lr of ,a'i. tll.y .O hu, KI a ' en, ,1 n[ w iir '' latn iro i 'It~, - ll hlI e l ' I 1"11 'll 1 - a trs: silk tr ol Cl e l n , i r sý h cir-,ts an d1 nrlr : ri Col li n I ll ie : b l l .' I - AIto , -Sll,'.ilid l al.r ,'t of a hl ah l' I a I . t[ - lery, I .ir V. Cll yS, ENGRAV A.... 'orT.W.COLLENS. P..riR AppotlaL al te a" alr rtl t a aewa Orlrans. Fl. ofAI)E N. alEilt StTd.glla E oi». , nT'I 'eri n Sar (, i . l a' r t u lt 1 I, 7 ,t lleut I' , , tA 182A0 L ; I I1s 1F l 111N ilt 1! dt 1P. trill;l;AN &o, i CO., Ni. :1,MiagaIIic atllrel t, Saitd C 5* aai'n t aloe .r li u l, ani.llerahle fxera env'e ; I la Jd i il l l altiti anol er I l lielt .ll a nih li e i sltrd the slver cl selon llly o e illr lll. n , yers.t in april 12 JORIN V. CHILDSI), n. . ENGRA HULL' ANI) COTI' Allt-PLNAl SUPORTI'I 1 lapsI Uerave, or allint of tl, Wm te. lly ex S a aofetaliage, lbilr of lsling, dt plo.,u s , o reu, testinae i:ar y t i onIi:i . la. ri I, t.t. la ir.dlr o litg pI hto te fflicd, asr Iplante, ilv r are, re. -alwaystio I lat ad, nll, it anenver hailvnr hiled oad brafir dor a caes. I cias received tl> deciled approbation or i na, l ll 1 ASi Aley Cooper lllf iLool llri ripe, of B oupeiaio eDr Atelt , Lcr lr n lly I Rli iiGE & C ( , u' pitl; Dr Rigby, _ 13l1 r to St Mol ilne ws; (ariflih, lcltureaC o cailir I llW r Hospital; Dra Ran sboham, lecturer to ilondeon hospital; Robert in 3ho & ital Ialso by lry Dv, 73Coqup est Blundell, Lbe, Merriian, surgeon Keates, &c. hly -Dr Morreau, prlulesi ln o, ll ,oi Acadeie r ovayale S ta b le C uak , l , h i . . I f, . "a . 4le b y i mpfeay 3 W F & J P \lS BeTNid., M7 proap rst -or of midwifery in thE univ-r'ily of the cify ol FrAidnt d sociySll at N York, p&ofe J It ('ltina, Duanlo rill Tollillto I, llillelleut S itg larg , wiSell alllll ow, Kisalltllaiy, Vachrlt, Pfrowr, thlhelcotry, at lte shorl.),att illaeea rir 810al wholesale &retuil, oa auicianall intlalg tales. SA r, l, OlBo 4 ey Bltar, Ahlaor Houalre i B'at 1 a 5 11J k ltlI2NEY, 73 C.alp it TI) TIlK LADLIES. D)R IIULL'S U'I'IWO ABDOMINAl. SUPPORTIERI r I8 ew iaonstranat for the radical nure of Pro lapo s Uateri, or N allig of thon WManb, by ex ternal plieaviln, al an Waring tie use of hlle ub jectinable pressary, is ton fido tly recommlended to JIl afflicted as til meoans ola perfect rtban r.,tion to hldthl, it never having Ikilcd oaf perforaling a curo, evea under tlae osta aggravated circuaaataa eas. It lias received tie decided approbation ot Sir Astlry Caoper af Lonldon; Sir Boenjamin C Brodie ; Sir JamaUs Clark, Physician to tile Q.Leen;i Dr Ashwell. Lecturer on miidwifary to Goy's [las. pital ; Dr Rigby, lcturcr to St Bartllholoaews; Dr Griflitlh, Iecturer to Wesatai-ltar lHospitol; Dr RaunsboLhalui lectlurerto Ial lonln hospital ; Robert Fargusoan, letlurer to Werlstinister holspi, al; Dr Sweattllan, lecturer to Mlliddleseox hlospital. and senior accouclaalr to QUaaai Cliarlotltc'sa lying. ; also by Iliury Davies, Conqtist ' Blundell, Lee, Marriman, surgeou Keates, &e. Iy Dr Morreau, president of the Academllia Rutiyala do Medicine, Paris, and Accoachalr to tile Duchles D'Orleall ; proaessors Velpauu, Marjolin, Paul Dilbois, Sa srn and othars--and in New York by professor J W Francis, G S Bedlord, Ml i) iprosa. aor of midwifery i tlie univcersity of thle cify of Now York, prolk. Delafield, and Francis, U JLohn. *ton, presidentl Count MAed Society, Laurcns Hull president mid socieityState of N York, pfars Jas MeNauglhin of Allarv, prols March, Cyrus Per. kiat, Duano--Drs 'Tleos loyd, Gilbert Smithll Hsoatk, Stearns, Lunlow, Kissail, Vachelr, Power, Grayson, Van Rensseolar, and matav otlher distia. gulishod plysicians in the U States. A G Ioulla Office 4 Vassey st, Astor IHouse N York. lI A constant supply of the above iastrumnlts, with Dr Hulll's improvad Trusses for Herais, will be kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, AG Carpontelr, Natch6lB; Stone & Marsh, Wood. ville; Booth and Mallory, Memsphis; W D Wilkas. N5vSosmerville; Haill and Waslsinglon, Nashville; MoNairsy aad Hamilton do; R L Bliss, Florenes Ala; J C Spotswood, Athens; Irby and Maotin bHIPPING. ror Europe. FOR H1AVIE. Thle A 1 and lfmt oaili;, ship NORTHI AMERICA, ('plnin Hatlh will have de- c patdc. For fireighl tor r AN-T'.!, .(ni lnn t. iTh A I lot t an.ilin.. slhipt Nlo hampllt , J. Milann, tlnmtir, ain ui. n;rt of her coo rgo mo. no d, will hoove .1,n, " lhh. orf'rol ht ,, pa ,e apply tro S & J 1 WilliN. ,. oot'73 _ 74.Cmp 1ot (i " O it I VRI. The A I aii pl mI. rior shill NItLE, Capt. I 'lln hard, will reooi.e de aoth. For pns sago oily, apply t.o If tGAInl illy lll . i o t n o tr l it I (lt LIVEi r ll mAi I hi AI al l Vorol .or t. i'rio r lhip. A iEX- , l Ar., Ap Alll0til 1a I frN, oo n ' alegt l A vr _ _„ _N'.J»1_Rsit 0 _ i00 , ,"Iol"l-f n. Forfreo htufT whichi, r i ,i" n I yl t y293 Co mon m -t A. T] A, 1 ,N L In . II Der..,1, SI"elwr A , Ia 'nd I 'rt il i.. hi . . o rp..... , " i t., I Iloi tiH I, ,i. llt ha ll i r ' ht n ' t qoolt oi 0.r, i J .'i'lll '.*..t'9 i' "lCt 1l V. ... . ' V Ooastwis e.o HO ,on Line ?n of a 0 1!t . loh o' s loo thnmil of 15 tih t . ha , n 1'hll , n Lornn vo wr it 1too o il ls .lt.t Ito. , 1 I,16I,1n1 I tN, ., Kt T b.lo w tv, I .e o stwinp l s r e . o onn nn l Piloi t wlopt ioo aoond ro r. ioototo 0000 ll t oo ca ta on Lom l toO ito bo w t he it t iftoiol o rit orhoo e , Iaoo it A C PO er rN oTh ln -- milot or I ahoio . Now h ItKr sth , a , I , i O ltol . o as too, p IIivo hr rp o o a o ll , non ,m -i ll m0 oA boaird Nt f 3i ioto ooil 1 I o L 1 " F) OR \11N-W YiK. l e t Tot i o tail oo e horl , i1 1 1 tl nIIot, .lo p k t th i h t i l t tog I It o, on1l or, o , ol tttoo-io ll .to l. h oto too t Ir rieht t r iltorto FAR NI iil YORK. tooIt, 'I'm hoil w tllt ilth. lot'ilo ,,* t rtoo lotoolot too I Vt)( !,t. !00 g0 0011d01 toft lot tooiiht!,r p a a 00000 Rpoit, & tot 1.,rto I1n Fo ; C amll lI t too t o & J Ir.1 - i illlhril i I i 0 t boot Co too'K. l-r l', _-il onooo t hnv doo i h. Ioo t of-vig ht ir . ' S E d oIlln lir 0 7ti h Otto S & I to It , W :I Ioo r IT : l ' l iy too Iil ll t I , Ilt I lNtE , . l,(.livl l+irg , a+,l€. Ih;vA hI laX l."1. NEWV OlIFEANS ,. Straa and alrnit Bi. t if akery--Walta s aind Ia a -, s It-lt at I. IV. Pri dlard anl Tagart, Jr. < ; .. ...... .i r0 I'lt Plo. N . . 1 I'r-Pi , i ( .. . i. i l. l , . . . l . .... - Su. .lr IniII,:. i a Ira *l | ; \\'anal r | i:ra.disl . firm ri'. i y o,,: to klt(p ii tiny cliniate, being I r m,- ill: ill il llad )ll lras strelts, will r.e ive Sirollm t alt.ilti.o. Siallk kag lput ul ixpren ly I'r sa llivy illt. 15 Iov CO'T ION CEIRCUaa(ms Wh.. " 7 'A P3 'iN I Nt ( I.,t I Ir/at I rIdl it ana 'l Olatat, aIt . Ca( ,-"tir li I.i...o in St. Chi rl i E han, f( ,,r, f Gr(aaer St .) ,, at T R 1 E A/Iicla.N 'IilNTINt OtFFICI, cornl r If I'i rs, r ld St Chlarles Stie , i ill b n promptlaI atta -da d la./I -a n 01.. -:1R lF:lI R EIVE:D FRi 50 7'.is , 15.10 TIYVT. T ( il t , lBy thie Pal:t ci, No. 5S I:la.azinie shleeta New OrleaInls 'TOBtE ll ANt AI' iCTlTi it.a IN NilV YO l 11K. )In"'l iTMl: & C(. CO S(. III: (011,' PIGESI,.,--I),,ll G(SIs. For a tiole o: in oI .i 'a' t nit a I oe on ead Sw lidal , udi ng i Itn sa-tai nIn i t. Sta S d, aith t1tdie ., a ults, a . la' t Ia In ., vrs , or / /ttl a a] For a slioRl (;ill ofi 1 0t sa vs in I a 1 t li lder, orI It0t saws in tl stand, i Ed& I er, &Te. a 1 .1, nll alw . ot ) 00 A IFord o l oI 4tlws ilon o.i or 18 aaws i6 a la sta , p .t .s r sw, 00 0 Oa F lor d l. of toIsaw, l i on dotll. ns wsa&s aill sta ndr at.r saw, or260 00 IU ,INGL1, EI; I NS. For a ailen aaain ofl'Srl saws i r tnaainrl, with a - las a la;ln aaar anlalaig a$a8a aaa _a n Ihe set of' eLedrs , (hands a & o a't letier Pagyn011; I For t. of alln sams ith litdelr. s, nlet s6 50 ltr sitw, 390 00 Fir do. if 4i saws, with a sfeederis, &c. $6ill . i r 75 per saw, 300 00R Ba S ilo do. o(tr saws-, awith Iedalrsiir '&i. at l l$7 s 50 I per' y SAW 50 -lili Extrateeth where desired, for feiers, supplied a Sa0 cents cai; tie liandier of teeth beiiln about tequala I r oi he nlulbr ofsaw. Olaneet of feeders, it is o ishlered however, will wear out two- or three sets of Sas taW. t xay saws si pplied at l0 cenl eaclh. The Gills rldelred, will bLe delivered Ill tile lentis ol cri i ulntes in anl ll the sea pIart liown i thie litlla plan- iaT Stla state.nai thealle I iaitc Iathengae"itllS ii)iI te i, Ir, i , Iit oil tle ts a ti i tlel.l New Yonlriand iecolulras ne-| -i a a.t.ible fth ilr e anull of tl'ihe i tls. A IIun riglt t w illbe sent with Ihe Gio s to Fut themi1 up I.tire lde. i/ siredi ie chalrges for o.hsiae services will be et.,ln but be SIrOl ing gearen al o relle whe ire, ollr easonle tein, bulit will le lcharged extra. Horse in lpower, oally descriptioun, can be iLrnishel (I like 't SternUs. Sila ll saln engines calln lso bie ordered it de-i a liata narnol. ia-: slnat aaa laraa l Ini. It in ndeshlr le when liluntear's ive otiieSrd eris s i s ll.Vy should accmullpany theI wit h their views iln ,rega stoatgearaangmet-l sawrs blbeasta, brushes, &c. It gi i is t lil they 1ditle I opinion.Slml, .o e esi' ilsaw' ol a larger ,t16eterth The olost como.on il y -z" - is or Wl ilnchles t, . sul a iash thin 12 inches. Soni wish 5 or 6 tetowsti Ialshes o anil ll ne, wile ethers do I ot iswant ssost. that 4 tala lost. smite wtish silws with 8 a Orteeth to the inch, whaill others wan tlO or II, Wa at rah dilalsntnu ntweprefner they slhouldalt t t5 e titme ofn givin a oa l a tsu. n l issa s sptate o tnt h i r t d wilies, md the manufacturers can fuilfl them in ever i IarticulAr. Where it is left to ourdisretion, we shall aklle hl ol tilhe mst alrln.l ani api.vtsedl plan. t in tlhe stpatce ol t raa, woI kt, anti thle Ginl ia, that - Sllll ll e ll I t o11 Ihe fiactor. To be illn ti .ie s la- tile next caol'a , . s. ought to he in I.e hanlds of ni the nmanufacturui, i.. ,. tlrit or mhidde of May; exveptl . a!liplantationslw x.c h ,a areilate in coalunlcinllg to Spick or gin colt Ir N. I. The ia at RigMhl,fr anSy on eof thle cettou - rt gw iing Statesl I be soltd on reasouaable terms. I BAI)IN CO, N--conailltlly O lu a i alnd r %ale I 'Y GiltGE C. CI llS, Ana 1"6IrtaV AT La W, A. aILl.aenl t . lhlCts eme Court, and the Distrit (l Courtsai llaridn lsg,and soleoill tali ldjalcent )Y coniies--Oflivt at the CitYll' ion H ston. 3. ulainso onl td v nnveeni, either lor Bounty Lanul of or amoney, will I- ,Un liata an1t I promptlly attended Ia to eitlher tbr noas asaiaentnatlin residents of'a'ex-as. I ll Addrest.s fon tia United M.atns-Ci-nv af tiaslo :. asto tilhe car of.5. -ticker, jr. (lexas PostOaltice Agen i 1r ,of ilmproved construction, in framies co ilclal, for n- laly --411 d Taivoli Circle f sal Lby ISAAC BIsID(iE & Co, 2may 13S Magazine st ERM CA D.iO ES--6t t b nloxes speti (ra ndleas, N Bt'lb rdtl brand, fbr sale. by I BRI DG E 1 LCe I y tru 1y Magnzilnl." AK) & FLtrURt--501 keg- muperhlr hltfrlnrd alnt n . 150 bills flaur, landing hii day frnlll saleatler Per IQ iLrsale Iy SIITCT N & AVERY, alan fa 8 t.rav iensl In FOR NEW YORK. AAWA A A A NEliVLINE oflinuetti lifs b-11 Nrtnloli' nd 10 / Li run beiweren Neas Orleanot and N-N Yorkk IL) coffiv'I mrs Ilrt rate silivo,' v-izf NIlipj St. Marv, It Vt -iW Atibur! to Iff 11 Dull", 1 *hemeshir ,- i builtilly N wc -1iii ly Gorilii,,, Irlide; for i col n lifflit drittigh 1111 if % ( at er, mid will 111)l h.-I fbrlons-tjgýýrs t-oli(· prisc fill that onto ' IIlv 1w 1 lill' :ý:pir J.ll o i cNc liti v ttclin he - N " Al cI IC' llildn'lar FMItd 1% it I ttll!p ml ii pi y w i r1,iii Ic"II fI.c c tll-gritio llltp ,,tlld rk I ill lieit I ill the tIlve ofiii ieiji-,,, and every'reationable to-comillidati l ex r leIL hp rt c - ilc I I ci,,v s (rfI th pac , nllcc, mo'od II.) Jo - Tici' 'iit; If pcnccg I cII The'! $8",~\il I'cid 1 11t j. , ccp II c d l l I ly IN.lll% l N ill '',l Ik I cclii ''0" ?icIlll Il"l ll lw l ' ll Ill. [Lotti,ýlia nlt uu rid Ncw York Line (if Pit(I kos.]1;(:iltll· To til rgidrly(i c~e- I'm I.~*l~ ":ýl :,au~: 1 I I hip I I C I n! iI " 11. 1 F, all rm.',. fly c Iday, ' l', I cl. CI 11110".1. t"' 11 it ,It, I, i ct-cl o .4U m 'n v, i icnn I l.'± 1dor'ililI'i 1 1Cj . c l iwie ek ll-, ye.rIA,1 i ii IIItI i NI fur traaq1( ooit aliot11 aud ILI the l u%-t fall" off Iil ig it, \II litll'lil."I-A ri '11w nb-"lil le Oli p ·R ure a ll f Ih,- Iii I I+ v $111p5( Slr :11 roppr --f to HA L 911.ll( 11. il*ll111118 III' ace imodatimis ~r liw p--eng( Ilrn· and I, !,ndc·-.(l toy ILI& I :r lioilIourI~ l mplustoirs illl l i-vcrller Illv oth illil-r I I.,. ix,, ided, amlP, s evor, alwetimi -6 -m to w,,!he.S* Cd I to to fort ot I,, it I 'to ill dw li - . I .161s w ll I oi lim , I,- t w.- 11 . ...Ill it, I N l't , n il er, FOR NEW YORK. 411 1101.MES' LINIK OFI' .PACKETS. ;' t¶I(.I aoil Ita~lolltl,,|iy o'"¢ Mo't,,la lay fi-o,mv'Ih prt. orsa, t . In tror S , i' NAlabama, C apHAini (AX 0 r. 1ierls'hiu . , ( a|in J 1:al l e r, N ' ll* ' , i 1 i i \ohl ,.olIo I to I. A hr i, Cn tai I a ll .h .A.. .. ' " I pth, ...Tr I .r . , , .... . . ', .Sa - - . . ,w ,,,a , N. .. A',,w [, hip ---- (.i uN, N1, d ,Is. TI l th ol 'shipo art, all of tht fir-t ,1.T, olpi'red, I n \\ e l )'llal~l .l, -lt'l t Ir' l built i li N Iw Y ork ex- I Iri,ssiv lir this iritrdo - h v ala e oo -iiht daiaO11 t of wa - tr, a d itl l .t invatria.l h cross |lle bar %itl'out I ti itl |i or th e Intritor ''v l h lO e f i I d ll o l. l .l '1 .1 , r lic O ls, ill 01. ti f e Iii 0 -, All t ion I i ; r liquor. .' i, AII S OtN It XI o 'I IT 14 , Alit, Il i , nt I O IN'. 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II is TaI , t--th it ty aretkilr en in illmner l ble istances to o 11 icor their vil nd th . .. . ....I had o I' of p w ey pills III CI T L11EN Iq:u I iT I)Y IllTlly ieI L lall llll l ll l i il ll Jl. V I'" I I i c A a f 11111ruct- la ll iF Tl ll ).Y iO i llrll or toikl llryAhlc t q null ii ll k h III lll0 ir havil lie d it ' hrL seill t lllll th". -,,, vc l t c l,,lr h y I lIIInor -I 11 tollllll l' ) II·ll theelr ir i III1d h lrll IIf lil l iii pr ·p -t; l Ihl, Iplh io. 1 11, lo or noII,.I r .i . ......ll .l..ti p .ii. 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Io t lo iio b n ll it I 6 Io t ilt er aIIt itt !crie , l i n coinllll elqllll nceh of ahl ny Ill linfr na ity in tr leI II iorio.h . ii, tol.r . d.iii . t.. i.. l t, ttiou it u -r moly e r;l. ..•i Call Iu,',lto e otit .ir o a irt t a ri h - ,ot. in- intyrodtr ,d ot lori o -o y of t oo or otke uty ottihr iriiii' i ooitr, to 'ho tiat, o iti t ir , u, fre tg k dtty d I t tiitttotitiot i firot iliocsroo il tit. u! i j i ci pi oier, lot ttiy tliosocooio mdeiouukinoloou e ooolirootd ood C;o 1;111Y i.1I I .i , I ik . l , ~UI Iý 11 - "I , it r I ~ ~ - i , I' toittoltigotei s 'ho tld t -ro h irty 0a0 t .old ly tto Sli. ri. iofl Itoe aroois ofocosaid. othii hh, dAy of Moroh, A. I. 1 -1833, by vittue ofoadooree of tide Coont, octidooed ot the lilt day of lichl , A.D. l , o o roit roti lt tlod Cooriorc &Iloodootovs. BuoaniioAo ilogotn Bto (No. 17,401 of tI ot dorlort ofhdo Coon i iat 01 ti ottid oll II o llll lrd,' Ihlt;t llol o , l lI id liI. aI'llo yod lL vr o hncaid ty t. ttl urlch PO0 ,,soert., rep o f thoo ftnito f:otoai, g I. op..ercty ltrli tio ah Ihh mu nt I , rt lo.I wl: , ,. ",Iw ,U. ~ld u~dy I ,,Iter ;l ltW IIL- ou, sw llo...", , ,- I lUllllill;tcd thL. piclooocf 1 •ol of pr tilorotiot nouttli Sox ini Itiytirtut otit, hotiorro< ' ttAA dSt. rltttI t 1trot, ototsoriog tieooy oh 0tfoortfootosixitchtot froott onl'odrcsoteettrotlty .1o-ioty fi.f h t 1 it ncii docl d p,, t.irtl oo the u -1o hi) b I so'l,%" I1 •I: SIll I -, - i, ,tl t,, [ll W all plo11 I a1. r,11 o ...........l I' [llit ,,l it I- I 1,.I nitiundrIedIti1, lbAft)'fitto lto.. ol u iolytcrrtto,0, N¢,.%( I~b iall -tyat. tlio thiclioth liry of . arc.hi, riglteer.i tuo.- c ig rdottu lfortyi, oidtiioallttt. li tttotd tlir. O f0 I1 .y.. ot stiiiot t c. tr.... .........t Idor. , t tb rig too gobotridtrs iftti jttii rte ftieilpercet ioll~r~3 pa A witoa!, t ight to 5 tt d p.iy. . t, . Ithe eoljoid 'heiffj'oojwi rulgostobiv ortrcrioed it iios anoteo, pilt o osobtv i w ioioo Motoor & Co1 It I 1, %'N. .li.o i NT Itto r tL iI'l ro ri tg ,c i t i .t i1oi dresrihod ptoeifullrty iloi, al ll, ,m oitgg t .i . ill li li;tll p ymoiot, tof tt h oe I ,I ual. od; . zS I I r. E'll :.1 1 :, 2 I~h l ,t .ihir , st. 5lli. t S 3 A. W. %io0-1i . ft-,"oo-o thto put l oiti the l I i of gor -I, .inttitr Fo r, it , I- . to h It i -121..i:esood f'.ydori- ottuoto,orti 1;chihh', IiS i . .,, ; alo ,4l' -hlppr- &'. I.],tlillg imluo qul sI uirj7 lra. n., ' iL C ht role' strhot 0 l I .] o o 1 I I r & ( io, I', r 31:lz inest i :t.i .... pal -AT I, rolow 1s. tIAN. A Dioo. . I t'o - od two t, t .1 - '.0 uliot oo dotaro 0jtrict y ourt-h - 19th of.ýlt o-Lo I ialia, to a'I Whlu these presoetso shtt , :cole, . ;.titr- Av ,NVhere,-, A C I llaiwh Ird, .| %V lreetlovo, \Vi Ini Mdaed beying ot ivvrgg o d if a pturcinhid lot al Sidalt mat d by thit Sho ,r !tr of't!, e o iriSt! of ( ii. et jtor cool. tidl gold, woirhootoony right 10crelord toy mta , wli c t the sl e rtllt acklwr d. scri 'do have p-. opoied toticl eC C oftlii- U rt io vhose tollo hto toe 11-1;! (l's f le wvre re-corded wt. th.; ý_l th, 2 1hl, I'd e ui 2t Mintr 00s oc'Aprii, it. t. c-i 9 for I itoati on tor - al v e rti ree ,o r I el i y tI I ; Ilo t e I'II.h t .I is . 1[1 t i taud irtbe ,tt of L,mi-.l, t o , l tillt d An tol t oe foSt lhile further i-otrov, tot litydr t to prt, ns it itgr jtcialty st. fret rigvtd ithoe tMIr lhry oc St. 1634 •: , andC'r-t, h r o ty ai t it r n it te dipthtl, togollior oith o thor toioy briok Iioooe ttid Nokitw, theret or, oW otdr k lino ulrnl tet firit l-Novrtitler, 1bl t. til jtiron hundredtt to' Ior, fruit estd ohec toi art e loet No eitIo-, I di at to-l olilliouil i t dollare I O tu, payle ie 0 ouinatll;n lofothie F st ui. J ud piialc of trit Cotr, whlo can ttd dolar, poaygbl, 0 t iuidor ed ioll ot uo thle ltoriiry herentolhlr d. of' JSun,tueighleenohoodrcdolidIfort3yi itodithoblan~co t ib tCot or t , ilr 3Ottrune, e t ot in i otur toa i ly oi tkt dorderd trl tIIItlttg o .rttg tL, odif undot pocl'u t poiloe ot Sl oit! ilit tlt ',Vgu artl' or ibt !, lt- lity h o iu l

nt alnd allv'erti-e siLsty in litile i o Nla , ortniy, a thio e oS tee per ct, olwtefeout to, g.t s e- o to a u h y -- iCrt il titet l oy toltis mionitioin is lirst inlserte~d In tht publ~ic lpapleri, t er v!,hy tire sa c so mlade should nutL be Confirlmeld and ,, hlnohlgated. t 'Iho lsaid property was %oil toy tile Sherill' of tirelt Parish alforesaid, oil tile 27th d ay of M.oarch, A. 1).bi 1839, by virtuo of a decree of thi.i Court, reodorcd 1 Loil tile 5th, (lay oflMar-ch, A. D. 1t!39, in a suit Cetit, tied Curriere & Burhlizat vs. Bucaianm & lag au, • No. 17 ,-101 of' tio doýýk~it (if di's Ciour' al, which I SaI l.OIelsaid A I(; I It l In:l do J %V 11rcedlo\', WVit ig! lialnl Macktay aud [I1 Livlo-rone becamle the pirllelia tiei-:rs, re.-pectively, oftlit, IO'.:owirig proluerl) for lthe to] lt ioglll "inl"lUlll to wit : SA G WMIaCha~rd was the purchroser of lie, 'fit of gI,,, it "l other Six it% lPoydlras bltecet, betw\een ,ir C' to { i t ild St. Chlarles S.treets, iniiii~uring twooity Sfeur feet six inclivs Front oil ['oydras mtroot, hoy U 'iinety" five f'ol. six inochles doep , lfor tlhe mure ofl'utilIM Sthousand one hundred do far,, Cashl : thfree tile sa id i Irhne hundred and florty folir d1o hars ond fil'ly ceolts, n 7 a~yal).c the, thirtieth ,lay of March, eighteen huand-1.C Ig re an dld forty,, and tire bl ti~lle(! in two and three u !years in notes satisfac~torily endorsed, :md bearing 1 .I.uortgago--an~d if' not lpunetually pAid at ouniturltyp tol bealr iuttcrest at tire rite o~f t~elil, p r Cllie t. till plaid, t\without anly right. to retard p|tyiy~lnt, CChich fth,! I aid slierif!;Ilchl~low\ edges inl have, received iii hisU noes Iloly.i)al) 0, as 111iOyt', With Jolnan Mctoyer & C2o so anud N. llMnoist its endorse~rs, and res er\viog oil tile, abod~ve described pro pertV a site ral llmortga\ge vi lrtlil th iulein l playiltclt'of tire above' dusmulited ii ntotes., is J. W. ltrccdtove !.ocreirt tile pur baser Or htil 't lo ot' 6rou,% in,,her Y~our. in the c,,r,.-- (w I St. d ._2u.ltlkiZt anld 1',,ydrý, t ,r-,ts. o isu zirnjr .,,: .1 fi tlLq a.,, C.(7h:,rlos htrt~tt Con ,d ,,~t: ei -l It tinO t,!!t lil-. ," cV,.d alirpe't ;-,r ,h .l it o; eve~n thitlaiald ll~iia h"! loto reX0,l-ltars, 1' ya. aq, ..... OW. iiu i I ...... .. ......ta doiiOt., UA#b , : ifc', livalid two ,. ,It- 1 7 1, nlin ii, I dol .a& . )r payeetoi the 19th if t*Jii* I' 1 -4 . anld tI. LJ I1: r L CC), and bearing tmortgage, and it' iioL im- iai l~livD n pa~id at mlaturity, to beair initeres~t at i1h3 rate oli loin st i cr cont. till paill, withouit alny right to retard pay. - llent, which tile sl.erifr lnekllot\\Ldge- to hlnvo ro. or eei\'ed lin his notles play'able as above, mith Johln so ,l nturn its security, with sit ci .1 innirtgale oil th.- t property sold until final pllla)iuct or" thet Uuboo del scribed note-. 't J W Breedlove heealale, also, like litrchlaver of ' tile lot of' ground nuumber Onoil situatted nooxt toI tire St Charles'rheatre, ,near V'oydras street, measuring twenty three feet eight inches 1111-1 six lines on iSt. ýurCliarleis streetI, Ity s,'eventy ei~ght fecrt tellhinches in de;pth, togC:tht~r wil)-th fin ir stoty brick house and kittlhen there-1u, new unider lease unltil tLho first i-Novemrbler, 1is39, lot fiftteen binudre~d dololars, from thlrlOnc to bhe ist Novemlblor, 18 il, at two thiou~arod dollars per anuiiill, payable ouunthly ; for tire seint aduld price of sixteen thoUsaud dollars, payable as byfollows, Viz : '1* wo thousand dollars Cash, four thousand five T.,hundred dollars. llayable. *|t# ile ntoeenlh day of' Jiilo. oiffhtvel h11udrtubc ullt fourty; and t~ire hilanot.e knowledger to haveo received in his note% endorsed by John Minturn, and payable as above, the re. served special moortgage oi the property sold until the fiual paymenlt of' aid niotes. Willinm M ckey Ibecme the pirchliser of the lut of ground nulnbered live oiI Poydras steiut, be. Iwelll CAIIIop and St. Ch. ls trserCts, IneI ll'tv iloi twenly-lbur floot six irnches fronIIt ois Poydras 1 tr'eIecL, by rvi ,ly.livw six iochw.i devp, for the pric, of sevion thousand five huinded dollars pl ayblo aW follows, vbz: Five hund(rrid dollirs cash, ronr tlhoulurdl two hllndri-dl al en 'Ini.v'' IIsnl ilhty I" hu - rt lh. r, ll y,)ill' thI10 thiructli 0U iL:LI4 !o o, eighil telln ill hoiid rId] fi.,rty, a Inrd dth b l:J in two aCd three yo rs i 1: tes sati b t.rily i or I , ae d Itarlllr g I-lbll. ', I ill I' l; t rInC:U LIIy 'p il at , in ourity to u.o r il t.o al lt he rate I " te n or .pl:c t t I till p id wi thlou t liv right to rutard -liuy m t, alnd I IIhI , shiriff Is' a k;ow.i l,, in IIve ree ivi t, ih c-.h, Slpayntl i.'Ildw IL .. ý i.h, ICt%011t I. 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Iur 1o t Ilot de terre Ilit. 1 itud pi-i le tlc 1 tre. S!i. 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"y" ibeis mca e ll suit : ý,500 comlptant ; 4277 ,8:;, pay. d ables ,l 50 MAars 18l) ; et la btlance h deux ot F I trois us otn billets eindossis ft aitetiontu et por. Stat que: t ole d ls to Ilo cal00 s lqu llt to soint itpas polut(.itu llConio t pa)o it, lot elIC s iltl s di tv. . S lont polrter lill iniO 1c.L tll taux t0 dix piot r o llt i jusqu' it Ipaielelnt, suits lCllu llu n dro it d'e I etarder t le paio , cnt ; t tle shtorifl reconoait ell avoir rcit lremiers ti'ordre dl e '. Irwin c' der'r'lle I'ord e oll ( GLoo. ot tohitlanl qui les o t nt edo.st6I , et pay. o ables lcolMt il cs susdit. aqoec 1to ritsrvo tlnlleo ld 10po th que spot 6 ile juI .o' a ll paiu'e t flial deI ItsI ld IL.Liverglle deviono afo qD, tlIu lot do terre 5O no.3 quti so trouve o'pro.s 0 no.igltoore dts rles St. t- Charles ct 'oydrts, yallt 21 L ds till I.Ouce I fatce it p rue St. C(hath.s ct setendntot t 78 pieds I(all '10 pouce1 sll nproetotdecr : potur c po.ix do (-tG o t, o payabls coolum ui 1000 I coe o tlt, . Ic (I0'' d, payall O le 19 Joiii 1 .O, - il blanlid ince i1. l\, d L .t Strois alln oltsoll billct ents . t'a satis01Lion ert potL. tant hololtlbeque. l])l . t I '! cas I o''ils I'no i t pas o ho pouctlh.ollpot payo at hour i 1t.Ct'OS, i.s delroent" l porter:n i6r.oL anti tax (th tdix t iur cent jasqu' O D S Iphie onlt, %ausanl tn 0 droit tl ' rotarder 10 .tic- o, ed ilnen. ; ot I lclfiffroecon it onl avoir rc L cofnt t ent, la b otanem on ses billets endns I ptr U. Dar. 0I , Sbigny et payable mo1t it "st susdit, avo c rtierve I ,t iW1 d'n1 hypothbque epl a lceUM sur la prorIa' 6 veLndlue -' 0 c ' o ioeoid fi ' Ial.d $ , t o cit,, r . 0 vit aussi l'dacq,lureotr duot lot I I ) 0 "It.:h I "', t o. , -, ! lo o dacus I ;i o lic pcd fj7,te o la o ie . ctO harleo ,r 7 pt Ito , It-it. ! poui:-t ,le prol ndenr, v eu n 1o m is}1.1 briqullZAIý in e o l eag 9, et la cu.o : tt ll , y trtO .vt lt, suo jotto, " ct ull b uoil ' u .' o 31 0 ' e lc . au tauxo d oo 4 t. o r o o eo td oat m' tbohety W 0 potyth.r'x S 1. 0, pato IafefrmmlO si:t $oU0' comfattpao' Y- $41,500 la, unit; h. 1I 'd, , 1J 4), elhtla b1 .ti t , a- . dcux et trolt s ans en biliets d o ,s , t Utin n ot portent hyp ,theque : et dans In caa qu j !,i 1 h soilent pan ponetuclilteunt payds a Icur dch6ance, I 0- sis devroont porter u iotoi1t au taux do dix pour 0 cent nu , ItA lelmt, sans aucutl droit d'on t. f 1turder Io p ticnent et to shetrll' reconnait onl avoir lie rectu lo comnlOLant et lA bmlance en billets du dit I 'g 0 acquileur, euoots6 par C. Derbiguy et payables o t coimmoe il est usdit ; avee rcrvo d'uoe hypothe. I I que speciale st la propriete venduo jussequ'a pae. 'd muent final. rst 'elnoin 'lionorabls A. M. toichanan, jug( e Ia Dill cour ttoufite, c 6 nto At it 1639. gu lot ai DEl pULU0 Greilior. tI 4 Ig \ NCII Pliein, Cald,-Just received frim New % ; ou k, a IiIl, rov'e ol %v ry suprior du bl head ce D.Vi) 1"15.T & Co, N Y Stalioners' Hall, 11- nplai ' 4 Chartres sl 1 ANS - BO ',--. i aes, prio kill bro. glh t p a ,i i, for -ale by THPI I-NDIAN'S PANAUF~kA. C'or. I'N;;tcllLl atld Tclioupitoulisbts. it FOR thl(1.IIIL'ý o I'/1i11I:I~~-l~l~ 11111)1/1 1 -.0 7111, run1.11 111 l·- i(.lllill 1I(. -ilIIITlili. I that 1 II. 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