Newspaper of True American, 16 Mayıs 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated 16 Mayıs 1839 Page 2
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city.Winitt lllla I II tl r Mmlllr plasie apot t Minetom d inolte l that city ere itn r-ilidwas 'in progres g irest it. . iet al d, tid houre thy were dletermi SArnrsoilliat doemnd for the staple .le upon tlh spiali Interests a mt, Nl ee hos alreaody had its Intended efect in . t. Today a to of o btle good fair . t kltre tchkiter ina MaIe ter houm hy an oaet, at 17 i, Itt a dealind oft of a cent, on the prie of last aek l a tl at the holder of cotton will bear up n od retit low a i lt owellklnowi that the erop has ntorly all *o s ,' heard. A determined stand hb the Inltrest it whosea . .h- kbtorthecotlt In this country and Enllland, will h ltthe Manchester intereit to Itit senses, ad make ilt tl as S' rilddle dd, int th ca of the iank of England. that a ar ' ag iluetat commercet ill always ben unprodithle thing. A lot fltO blut of middling quality, ws tlso taetin to-de y at S he re. nelpli toatele to a extretmelylight. The Nol6 cOttolnare going forward with rapidity. In a weeik's time ltry will all diosppear. n PRenny ar nTe tlhat ltightness of the monyo mar 4,tha bili'ta ed very ta ualy some of our iatunchest hout u. IWe know not what another week may bring Iorth, hat a few days will tent the character of the " hiiun that are to be." Tlme is no change in the uionsey market. There we a recgared from Matamnrat to day $21,587 In specie consigned to Messrs Darrow, Hale, Alganzil, and fMurray. In Pennsylvania, tlle SOae loan of$l,200,000 has Iben taken by somo of the Philadelphia Banks, at 1-8 per cent prleminm. Co urs.o of the Exehmeaue. (I ROBIonSON & co., EMCHANGE BROKXRS,) No. 45Clmp Stret. Naw Orleans, May 15h. IINON, $4.774.81 for I .sterling. PARIS, Sf. 25 S V. 271 fr I U. S. Dollar. N .tEVYORK. st iht. Iol p. c. premium NEW YRK,«t6day7., IJt0 p. c.disiouno U. 8. BANK NOTES. 131 pr cent. prnm' _ *0.TAEASURY NOTES, par @ 1 per ct. prem. & Ilt Sorvreilns. : : : : ( n 4 Is Spaiibh Doulalooo I If o So 17 I 75 *ealosin. ! : : .5 1SI 75 Arnedean Gold, : I p.o. prem. I trfh o Irt uemrreti uik W tUif. (This Day, May 15th ) ln.t..................i.... 4 a. 3 S p. .odie. Dao ra teh. ....... ...5 6 do Do 6 moMPotl ot ............ It do Do 1t do do .........t...1 i do lRer, (<pele paytin bank.) ...........5 o 6 do Unlon Bankt....pableo I Au ... .... 6 7 do do tiam Post Notes .......... l 15 to GranedC lL ............. ........ IL. 10 do lAke W.bhliLton................... .25 ®t0 do S Co.. anod I RR k ouVicksllur...... 5 130 tlo Do do do Irol Noti....:ml Ci35 lo , PklofVlrlhlur, .................... 45 5) |to Vickbirlt Wtter Wrks ............. 1 Cat . do Tomighy............................ 4. 150 do Citistlls'nhk. Milinncn.............5 2 tt do Coamlerrell aI'nhk, Clll h,.......... 10 0 1S do BINd.o. Ink ....................... 50 @65 do Allabama..8tpel payiI (Bank ........ 4 0 5 do Itate B L.........;.................8 10 do Teessme. .......................... 3 35 do & ,Ohi.,llinois. Indian., K,,tucky adl Midourl, } I @0 do Arkoamei, 8 0 10 do Tes Trmury Notes................ 55060 do Clintonud PortHudion.............. 15 Q20 do LmlOea DeIt. d416dmon. May ............4 I Wahinton. Mye ......2 , ew York. do ............. 6 Cincinnati, Miy .......... 7 Philadelphia do ........... g I Louisville, do ........... a . altimre do ..........6 1St. Louis do .. ........ 7 .l.lranmd. do......... Liverpol, Mar......... 28 S".llomel ('Tieu) My ...... I Paril Feb.......... 9 B*sto. do ................ 4 London. Mr ...... 8 NuLhilie do ............ Havre ......... ....23 imEM99" PORT OF NEW ORLEANS. CLEARANCES. May IS, 1839. Ship Pickering Dodge, Hollrook,for Lierpool, Geooro Grean 4- fro Barqin B Mealek, Garvis, for Philadelphia. J D Denre Br lBrqeo Tinamlre, Wileon, for Laguna. R 4r J Currell Bri' Malt., Rrotmnnd. Pro. de"un R I. Mirse. .ShrElperimtlt, Nickeron.,GlrveLton. J It Hlle Bahr Ameaon. KellyI.GOlvelon, Muter Blmte Packet Now Yolh. Wright, Gelreston. Bogert Illawthor sBtear Madison, Solt. St Loui, Moe r I - ARRIVALS. ;*'* MAy 15, 1839 Tow het .lon. Riddle,from 8 W pe. harinl towed to ei hlpiRothKbild, brig Ui;lr., bchr WetLhman end Neptloe. th L e baron 14tih oll., t 10 A M. Ne|ortlnutlbhi in Ith r, t iver. S Tow boltMolican. HIilon,from the plaea, h.rinl towed owed to Me llhip Repnbllcan. and brig Laurel roltrn.d to helly with echr-Corine. Let the N e pI. on the lth Join., S1hOA M. Reporl noobiel now. Tboicbr Aleiailder in heL rier. Tow bonlludeon. Davil, from the paile. havinl towed to *tslips Baoaar and Conglroe. brig Penreverance and chr r .Ola rlerlluted to the clry witL ip Virleina. Leftba her on 14ItL t noon. .ohr Neptulm, Hirtlts dalyi rom Havana, to malter. agebrorine, Htllcbock, 38 houn.e rom Galverton. Ibleu Virinia. Here), lith March from Liverpool, to the 'ikre.eoFlroner, Hobron. from1 Molile. S Ar WatchAm., Murry, lth it.L. froCm MIumorao, to Me.. ter. loamer, Hlenihal Cerwell. from Shreveport. Steamor Wathingtlon,, r from Lnfotrche. eenamer New Albany. Molltlonm.ry,fronl Louisville. u nmeer No r York, Burge, from Fort Ollhlon. EXPORTS. LlVERPOOL..Per ehip Pioksring Dodge..Crlgo, (1OO bhlee cotton. IlLADELFHplA-Perbsrqe iB lMelie ..CCrno, 196 hds es S ar. 141 hdl nroo. Wlt c ckleercd corn. Ol do whutt. 15 bdl tobacco, 1167 pig. lead, 313 balee coeon.T7 asliiea LAGOU!A..Per barqpi Tlinarso..ln aIllrt. PROVIDENCEP..rbrit MalNlitl..CLreo. 1X3 bales cotton, o 18lte ro., 2hillb ioe, 7 In at d 56 bldld lad. , o snoe corn, 4 blile beef lideg, I dt deotekit.. OALVUY BTO. .Per acbr Elpeilmnet..-aiero, mall lotl whes. oer. Blour, ge, wiaee, sulr, halrdwerr and iron. *...«..*.P«r clchr Ameon--Crgo. small lots cofolei rict P t bootl Id ohoeue, role, hardware, tea, sler S htiskey, potatoee &c. ..............r PMelrk picket Now York..Cargo., Io priot ini mu triall. bacon, lad, ealt, and foor amc olpr. IT ULO .I.Pterteimr Madieoa..Carlo. It ece, 1 crat hardware. IMPORTSB MATAM(.LAS .Per cor Wachman. .Carlo, 950 bidu, t, 11+._. wL matter. HAVAItP' a plue..Cargo, ritll to mawer. aALVESTON..Per Icbr Coriml..Cargo. 38 blu otllon, i bli pecwor, 1O coils eordage, to mw ter. LIVERPOOL- I'ghlp.Viriii..Crgo. 1100 coke eil. ti OBaLE ..ebr lhr I'errerce...Cargo, 43 bls rum. 104 bhli coffa . 4000no et lumber, Wood a Simmonl W R Foedick ad meuter. RECEIPTS OF PRODUCE Lodl.rille..Per eteomr New Allbny..Carto.350 ti1 pork Ilemm I heid, so pioees blei.og. (Ge ftuottonin A ro IllNrclddihr. Alien Aeher r co. I box do Win Hulhes lOre boxlino eId ..t5 olte roipeq.(ll & Soutlgate. 911 =Mcr JVirenr *. f I>, umerc.bodM, A Louree, *0 bx. s-I bOl eoes owner nlbord. Sret fiibhon..Per orelomer New York..Car.o, S boxe, AIe 1Clrthe. - UBrtopert..P«er tomeMr Honibll..Corleo.. 12 balo rotton ' -,ll MBld- 17 do wurot * Cobb. as . I .rrLo..Perltlmnero We.hinllton..Cr|lo. 15 hdreuler .Blbemoue.PHllGa«y. li hlbluaeor. Shlilolsum. L.m. hLh*Lk ThnniM| .! l hdsilzrtad 4 balleolttnn. Wm Ho grl. IS bh' mie O Pope. ower. co. 1.i3 bl molseo. 6' Imply ble, 30 hiie. A H Vernnrd, i baIle cotlon, E Yorke mnldrin o on Iooad. PABAiNGERS. Foret ler e New Alltay..Col Illderon,. Lowno, Nohl. Woartlheosu..Old, Davis, GOlier, Shkmhe.J H Prytoa. Ji r~wl Jubnkavir. sot,. Jhn.tob,,. Per oeenmer Now ork..MNjor Lewis, J F Domeron, Sharp Ralph. Ralph, loyd, Perry. McKay. MEMORANDA S Uhip Virglnia poke o the lt ilst.. in Inte.9. 47, lonn. 83 II,Prtnoeh lip of wr Cr.tvan, loaded with troop. bfom Cule oed to Melico. LSome day na tr ship or war on a erlilin| - from Cuba to Jamiea. ' «i----ii-- i«R _^ ii.wi FOR I.ON1DON. A . T'he A I (fct sailing ship ST. JAMES Howp, ustler, lhovin.garl of her car iLgoeg.ed, will have do.ltotch. Forbalaolnc rfmig ht |pomget apply tI, may 14 1 & J P WHITNEVY,73Camp SNOK NEW YORK. . Passage only. 1a The tet nailing rhip HILAH. °apl. I Hammond, will noilon Saturday neat, wil Slak cubint nd steerage psarengers, hlvinl mcmoomiodatiotm, epply an bordnl at Postl 53, 3 lipty. &d. J P WHITNFV, may _ 14 73 Catop n "tTThe owner of Dray Nom 1513, 851, 63, 99 ae lI. are reiqmuted to r"turn receipts fir goods toker f4 bip Ocono. A COHEN, Sy90 Comonm, , JAt'-- boxes just received for nal SIHAI.L&PIROWN, 96 Magsaine ot S.R PITOH1-60 bbl iteore for sale by iv 14 dHAU. & BROWN, B96 Malegimne AREIWARE PAPRI-e, ream s liapdweua Pa sp emtoe 4 d formi, b i J THAEK&Co.74 Po.ydra u s TONE.'e-4101 yared"s l egging, lading from 't Lawro.o. . c e i2l. br i. , 1 P WHIrNEY, 73 Camp s - Liom a Ilin, , fore, l .WHITNEY. gi aut in taoei Sf er lE 'VýhwMii lo PiEI 'TRUE AMERICAN. --s RAITuE BH Jemit al*R tON. FaITr"Sm. AND BOLD. NEWV OR LEAN l p THURSDAY, MAY 16, 1839. Maurice Cannon entered upon the duties of the office b to which he had been appointed, viz: Receiver of Pub lie Monies for the district of lands subject to sale at a New Orleans, on the 29th day of September, 1833. He continued to administer them to tlie satisfaction of the government up to April 1-2,1836, when the Examiner for the Department of the Land office made the follow ing certificate upon the books of the said Cannon. S"I certify having carefull) examined this Register of Receipts from No. 19 to No. 550 inclusive, and have found the number of acres and suma correct, with the exception of a few discrepancies which have been aor rected. New Orleans, April l, 1836. Signed-V. M. GAntCser, Examiner." In the course of the same month. Mr. Cannon resigned the office of Receiver t The Government permitted him to remain in ollice tip to the 281th of October, 1836, when Mr. Carter took his a place. It will be perceived that Mr. Garesch6i on the a 12th of April, 1836, was perfectly satisfied with Mr. Cannon's accounts. On the date of his cectilicate to Sthat effect, the whole amount that had been paid and deposited by Mr. Cannon from his entry into office, was $19,381,42, and ihe whole amount of sales of pubh Sli lands was $49,072,16, leaving a balance in favor of the Receiver of $309,2. On the 19th of June, 1836, the law authorizing the entry of certain lands in Loui _ iana,by virtue ofspecified pr.-emption rights, expired. There was then no legal receiver of public monies, Mr. Cannon having resigned. Hundrilds of persons were in the city of New Orleans, prepared to pay fur the lands in question. A convention of thle Commission . er for the sales of these lands, was called by Mr. Can r. non. They were of opinion that a book should be n opened for the entry of tile purchasers' names, lands, S&c., and that the money should be received by tile 0: acting receiver, so soon as the Register shoula certify Sto the titles, they to bear date from the 19th of June. From these sales, the payments for which continued to be made for tilhe space of nearly four imotlhiis, Mr. Cun non received the sum of $283,183,22. The Departnrent continred to recognize Mr. Cannon as the receiver of monies after his resignation, as appears from orders is sued to him from the GeCneral LiUnd Office to dishurse sundry monies. On tile 3d of September, 1836, Ethan A. Brown, Commissioner, commanded Mr. Cannon to pay to the proprietor of the Bee for advertising the sum ol $311. Mr. Cannon wishing to dischierge himself of the res' ponsibilty to the Government of holding its monies, wrote to tli department that lie was ready to pay over all the lunds in his Iands so soon as his accounts were properly audited and approved. His req:lest was comrn plied with, vz :--His accounts were all audited and approved, and on the 17thl ol Decemnier, Mr. Cannon paid into the Commercial Bank of Aew Orleans to the order of John Camupbell, Treasurer of the U. States, tie whole balance in liis hands, being $278,810,83, and took receipts ofMr. Duplessis, the Cashier, in tripli cate. Thus terminated, as Mr. Cannon thought, his connection with the Governmcnt, satisfactorily to his employers. But they who serve the corrupt adminstration, now in o power, should remember that they serve a junta of un. 7 psincipled men, whose sole object is to fatten upon tile 7 pablic purse and punish those, who having received 8 oappointments, do not cry huzza for their masters. In 1 the report ofthe Secretary of the Treasury for 1838, an 23 the authority of the Madisonian, Mr. Cannon is set a cldownas a defiulter for $278,840,83, the ex et amount of the balance paid over by him to the Government, in Decemherl836. The Madisonin published Mr. Caný non asa deraulter to this amount. Mr. Cannou dis proved the statement at the time, and the Madisooniant published his reply. Nothing further was done, until to the 8th January, 1839, wher there emanated from t hi General Land Office, a statement of the ditferences oc. eurring in the adjustment of the accounts of Maurice All Cannon, late a receiver of public money at New Orleans from the 21st November, 1833 to the 30th Junr, 1836. or Had we room, we wouldl give a copy of this statement rn as furnishings specimen ofthe bungling mode in which or accounts are kept at Washington. Nearly all the items charged against Mlr. Cannon in this statemeit, bear date previous to the certificate ofMr. Garesch . Mr. ta Cannon received from Mr. Garesche, an assurance that b the report olthe Examiner had been duly made to the ed department. Here then are discoveries of errors, even to sflerthoexamination ofMr. Gareschb. Nor is this all. !-, The department adjusted Mr. Cannon's accounts up to ithe timu he resgncd the seals into Mr. Carter's hands, to and in virtue of tlis adjustment, he paid tilhe balance he h leld, over to the Commercial Bank. What must be the mode ofiadjusting accounts at Washington, when errors are discovered more than ayear afterwards in the a settleme-nt ? Here in a sample of tihe mde by which our rnlers and their under officers do their clut to the Sappointees of the Government. Th'e statement of the difirence is avowed to be up to the 30th of June, 11 38, andyet inthat statement there is a charge made against Mr. Cannon for a bill of $311 paid, in September, 1836, to the proprietorof the as Bet, on the plea that no voucher had,been transmitted to Washington. Now, would you believe it, reader, Swhin we tell you that ite (late of the bill made out by at Mr. Bayonagainst tile land office here, is the 6th July, 1835, and that the date of Etham Brown's order to pay . it is 3rd September, 1836, while the ldate of the receipt of the money by Mr. Bayou's is Septetmber 24th, 1836? Yet we have the document lying before us certifying to these facts! The amount of the balances against Mr. Cannon, is re $41,798 47. The department then deducts fromn this amount nearly all the items charged against him, mak Sing 30,539 19. Thus a balance of $1259 28 is brought against Mr. Cannon, to recoverwhich, with interest from t the 30th of June, 1836, a petition was filed on the 18th of February, 1839, by the U. S. District Attorney in tile to District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, against said Cannon and his surities, praying that tilhe defendants be cited, and after due proceedings he con Sdeamned to pay tle plaintilf tile snu aforesaid. Soice time since a report of this case appeared in the True t American. M.r. Coaon produced vouchers for every item hroughtt against him, and for once an honest man prevailed against our corrutpt government. In the Globe if lay 2 is a jesuitical article upon this SCannon case. It avers that in Woodbury's report, made in January. 1838, document I I I. page 9. the Ial. ,sane aainsC Mr. Canton is stated al $1371i. II;w then Is is tie discrepacy to he noccouutcd fBr hblrween this a, tatemenlt althat dateld General Land Office 0 2uth of Jalluary, 1839 1 IC ite lailer tle goverrynir0-t clilllS a Sbalance of $12t39 ,28-in tite formter a biltnce c $!376. iWill tie Globe explaini it cannot. Ih a only a lat of tle wretched systcln irec .iling at t'ashlingcton in tile mode of keeping accounts. lIu t the lulobe says that the suits in tlhese cases of small balances have len institu t ed to test lcwhether the duet were nomienal or real! That i·, the government settles the occaunt of one of p ls officers, and tlellt, wheI it diseovors what it believes to beerrorsocecasioned Iy its own iegligecce, it har rasses tie late officer Iy a Fuit, to discover whethler it has properly performetd its duties or whether tile officer Sin quection has been Ihonest. And .hen it fitds tinat it has had to ideal wi h an h ,list man, its strprise in so great that tile merest shuffling npologies are resortrd to, Sfor tile purlpose of escaping public odilm. W'a have In. sot done with this subject. The facts are now before :e tle pullie, and they are damning to tile governmenct. Let every man read and ponder. MAntrcE ACCIDENT.-Schooner Watrlnornn reports that about the lot instant.lhe schooner Albert, of Egg Harbor, plying between this city and stalamoras, was wrecked on the bar of the Braosos St. Diego. The schooner was a total loss, but the crew were auveIl. Gov. A. B. Roman and family arrived last evening per team or Wuhington from Lafourehe. The New York Spirit of the Timesatustail the promise of tll saterp-iringeditor. It contains a great variety, and the camber before us, hau a very cletser article, remniscent of an gling sports, in company with our agreeable townsman Locke of the Picayune. We like, ourself, to recur to earlier and joy. ou houn, when the mind was ready to receive pleasing im. pemtion, and the heart quirk to repond to ail.rances and ovideneer offriendship. Wehave trolled slong the margin of many a clear treamlet which is mentioned by the loving an ger, aad we have lot forgotten the delightful imprusion, thea imbibed. 1B COLLECTIONS .-A person whose whole thne it nt oeuepiled, would be glad to receive tih ncolroti of a merantile or other house for collectiou, which is his preoset oouupation. The list of referancea can be given on application to lhi office. may 14 G UNNY BAUd --30),() Gunny beeha, for tale bv may M S & J1 P WHITNEY, ;5 Caamp st I ME-900 okas Thomaston Lime afloat for sale y 8 &. J P WHIINEY, 14 73 Camp at. T -4ml bbla Hydraulic (ment, i a P WHITNEY, 73 Canp at 4 barrela rectiledl whitkhw in toure S G DORiS SY. S' 41 New Level Ptocn gu t of ConIiU. SECOND MUNICIPALITY. Tuesday, May 14, 1839, The Council met pursuant to adjournment: present, Hon. Joshua Baldwin, Recorder; Arloer. men Caldwell, Freret, Hall, Lockott, Peters, Rod gers, Sewell, Whitney and Yorke. In The journal of tie preceding meeting having ne bead read and approved, I The Recorder laid before the Council petitions and citations from the Commercial Court of New SOrleans, in case of Peter Cleary vs. Municipality ,, No. 2, which was referred to the Attorney. On motion, the following Securities were ac. cepted:- : For Thos. Sloo, jr. Treasurer :-Menrs. Layet & Amelung, A. P. Gray & John Goddes. f John Calhoun, Comptroller :-Mers. C. Ro selius & J. M. Bach. SJoseph Pilie, Surveyor :-L. G. Heligaburg. b H" ugh Grant, Assistant Surveyor:-Charles )imond. * William H. Wheaton, Collector of Taxes on hacks and drays, and hawkers and pedlars: r -Andrew H. Clayton. - S. II. Turner, do. taverns, grocery shops, S &c :-John F. Miller. " William Deacon, do. Levee dues:-Joseph Landis. " E. Lafonta, Clerk to the Recorder :-Peter Cleary. " Win.. Warnock, Collector on dues for break. ing up flat boats :-James Joles. " Henry Cranr, lst Lieut. Watch:-Wm. Freret. " X. Gannon, Sergeant do. -Wm.Regan. " . D. Rosenda, do. do. -Sm'l. Kibourg. " Win. R. Willis, Commissary of First Ward: B. Mullen. . R. D. Barry, Conmissary of Second Ward: r. Peter Cleary. H" Henry Kelly, Commissary of Third Ward: John E. Hydo. A communication from A. J. Fallon, resigning the office of Second Lieutenant of Night Watch, Swas read and accepted ; Whereupon, on motion, the Council proceeded Sto supply the vacancy by an election-on counting Sthe votes, it appeared that J. L. Winter, having received seven votes, was declared duly elected. e R. W. Elliott received one vote, and M. C. Ful. tlail one. Proposals for building wharves, was received from John Grant, and referred to the Committee on SStreets and Lanings. of Petition of tire owners and residents of Carroll. a- ton, was laid upon the table. o Do. of John Minturn, referred to the Commit in tee on Streets and Landings. to Communication from F. Wharton: when on m motion, the Recorder appointed Mesmrs. Peters, Sewell and Caldwell, a cominitteo to examine and receive the digest of the Ordinances, made by Mr. s' Wharton. ', OfJacob Lovy: whereupon on motion, the rules er being dipernsed with, it was re Resolved, That it be permitted Jacob Levy, ane. .tioneer, to sell merchandise at public auction, on id tie vacarit ground, between Magazine street and Levee and Canal, on Mondays and Thursdays of each week, provided that tins resolution may be rescinded by this Council at any time, and provided le that said Jacob Lovy shall conform to the Police ad regulations, requiring the side walks and streets li- not to be incumbered to the inconvenience of the is public. SPetition of Perseverance Fire Company, pray ing permission to make an excursion with their engine to Mobile. Resolved, That permission is hereby granted to "' Perseverance Fire Co., No. 13, to take with them lie on an excursion to Mobile the coming 4th of July, ed their engine and tender. In Petition ofJ. O'Brien, laid on the table. ,n Do. of the owners of property on Bank Alley, re ,t ferred to Streets and Landings. ORDER OF THE DAY. "t The report and resolutions in relation to the N. S0, and Nashvillo Rail Road, being in order, was on n- motion indefinitely laid on the table. s- The fol.owing ordinance in relation to the duties an of tie Printer, being next in order, was taken up nil section by section, and Mr. Peters having introdu. e cod an additional section, making it No. 3, the samre was adoped. C' AN ORDINANCE relating to the duties of the ce Printer of the Municipality and the Secretary of no the Council. 16 Be it ordained, That hereafter it shall be the du. ,u ty of the Printer of the Municipality, in addition cl to other duties now required of himi by law, to publish a detailed statement of the proceedings of Sthe Council; also to attend in person, or cause or himselfto bo represenoed at the Recorder's Court, Ir. in order to make and publish a brief account of the rat procedings therein ; also to publish all advertise ihe monts emanating from officers or persons employed Sby thii Municipality, connected with their public Sduties, such advertisements to be signed by such of. ficers or persons employed in their official capacity, to and published by said printer the number of times I, and it the manner prescribed by law. Said print. he or shall be bound to translate, at his own cost and be expense, all that may be required to be published in Sa language different from that in which it may be b written and he aliall furnish to the Council twenty Sfull and complete copies of the Ordinances and ch Resolutions thereof, in pamplet form, without any he unreasonable delay from their passage, in the same manner and form as those heretofore furnished by be the public Printer. He shall also furnish all blanks ot required by the different officers of tirhe Municipal. of ity. ity . Be it further Ordained, That the compenss. tion of said printer is hereby fixed at three thousand five hundred dollars per annum, payable monthly, rr, and in no case shall the Printer claim or be enti. by tied to receive for extra work or otherwise, a great. ly, er compensation than that fixed by this Ordi. ny nance. of 3. Be it further ordained that the Printer shall 6? be elected every three months, to wit : On the first Tuesday in May, August, November, and Febru. 0 ary, or in default of the election being made on those days, that it then be made as soon thereafter , i as may be practicable. his 4. Be it further Ordained, That it is hereby ,-. made the duty of the Secretary of tle Council to furnish the public Printer, on the day succeeding , that of the meeting of the Council, with a copy of a" the Journal, in which shall be inserted a correct ih copy of the proceedings thereof, in order that the Ihe same may be by him published, and within one na week thereafter to furnish to said Printer the date ie on which the Mayor may have approved the Ordi nances and Resolitions, that the date may be an. Snexd to the sanme when printed in pamphlet form, "e and also in cases when Ordinances or Resolutions ue ofthe Council have been vetoed by the Mayor and Cry persisted in by the Council, the date when the an Council persisted, in order also that the same may appear. 5. Be it further Ordained, That all Ordinances and Resolutions, contr .ry to and inconsistent with the provisions of thin, hb and they are hereby re. pealed. Ou motion, the Council proceeded to the election of a Printer ; upon counting the votes, it appeared that John had received 9 votes, and was declared duly elected. liea, one voto. Mr. Peters, Chairman of the Finance Cummit. tee, introduced thie two f'llowing resolutions, whichl tile rules being dislpned wi h, were taken into consideration and adopted: Resolved, That the Treasurer pay to Varumin Sheldon, on tihe warrant ofl the Mayor, the sunm of one hundred and twenty five dollars, for 500 feet of plank for the u3o of wharves. Resolved, That the Treasurer pay to R. Me. Culloch, on the warrant of the Mayor, the sum of three hundred and forty seven 53.100 dollars for 119 2-3 yards of flag stonj, furnished and laid around Poydras Market. The same gentleman also submitted the two folý lowing resolutions, which were made the order of the day for the next meeting: Resolved, That tie salary of John Calhoun, Comptroller, he and it is hereby fixed at four thou. sand five hundred dollars per annum, from and after t'je first day of Jane next. Resalved, that the salary of the Treasurer be and it is hereby fixed at three thousand dollars per anniun, from and after the first day of June next. On motion of Mr. lall, the rules being dispens. ed wilh, it was Resolved, That the Surveyor communicate to this CJuncil, at their next meeting, the cause of the delay in the erection of the Vegetable Market, at the junction of Tehapitoulas and Annunciation streets ; and also the delay in the repairs ofthe St. Mary's Market; and also the delay in preparing the Horse Market on Baiin street. On niotion of Mr. Peters, the rules being dis. poneed with, it was Reaslved, That the Police Committee be request ed to report to this Council, at the next regular sitting, whether the Commissary of the First Ward resides in the Ward, as the Ordinances require, and whether said Commissary is or is not employed as an offieer ofone of the Courts of this City, in a capacity that is incompatible with the performance of his duties as Commissary. On motion, the Couecn adjourned to Tuesday next, the 2lat of May, ii stant, at 5 o'clock, P. M. JOHN GIBSON, Secretary. G OSHEN BUTTER-Just receind and for sale by G tOKSIEy, tmayl4 44 New Levee OAlS-ift leems ars, --- - may 14 & J P WHITNEY, 73 Camp at )IaAS-h10 bags English green peas, landing from S`br TEue ClAanliYer, lor Is eby ala2 S4HALL & BROWN , 96 Mlagazine st ACN-1 hiid of Ciueiruiati eured sides and shoulder,,for sale b 231 rSTETSON& AVERY 81 Greanier a -II tUNNY UIAGO -S2IUO Gunny Bags, 1.-2 and -X- ibndiesiies, ien bales asl binmdleA, for sale by marm I BRID3E & C-e, 131 Magazine a Camip St. Theatre s OPEN EVERY EVENING, Under the Management of Mr. OGanlo IloLL.Ano. N The Performance will consist ofr P. DRAMATIC EN'TERTAINMENTS, ro A GRAND EXHIBITION, Imported fonm England at an immensn expnsce, nnd never bfore equalled in ltin country in the extent nd malgnificent develonement of its aR OPTICAL ILI.USIONS. I IPFFor particulars rea bills of th daIy. ani Doors open at half past sevn--Performance to com i mence at H o'clock. Parquette seats l$I--oxes 75 ct. . may 14 5t FOR NEW YORK. L TheA I fst sailingshipCINCINNATI, Andrew Barstow, master, will leave on the Bi-3d inot. For freigit or passage apply on ( board, opposite tilhe Vegotable Market, or to may 16 READ &. HAISTOWV, NoT Bnnk PInce na N OTlC:--Missing front shlil John Dunlap, 4 cases I honc, emarked George A Wleeler, W-F.r any - information which may lead to their recovery, a liberal reward will be giren by L H GALE, may lial0it 93 Common t - LOIJR-200 brli landing from steam Loot Tiber, L in store, for ole by C ml6 'G DORSEY, 44 New Levee SLOlR--ll00brls lnnding froan teni boat Colum-i C I' bus, and fur sale by G DORSEY, mV m16 44 New L.evee WIISKEY--. 4 blrls Whiskey, landing from W steamboat Tiber, for sale by mnyl6 G. DORSEY, 44 New Levee * iOTICE-Tlicourtnerlrip lrelofrt xili in I' l this city. under ilir m oln Read A& Blnrliw, in tllia day dissolved by muotaaloansent. 't'ie irme of tile firm will hereafter be uaed in liquidation only, wlhieh - will be attended to by Win. A Belcod, to whomi all oc counts are to Ih presented for rattllemeut. many 1, 1839 WILt.IAM A RFAD, r m 16 IIENJAMIN BARSTOW. I A CARD. , " hall I lay perjurv on my soul ? d No. not for Veniac.' SA MOST ingilnr and exaegerated version of an r affair wrlich occurred between a Willian Kirkham anl mytselflappeared i tile Loisiaianiaal atile mornig of tile 14th inst. purporting to have been reported fr Sthat I aper I. Astheed there it i4 a tissne of the imost extravaant fa!shoods erer presented for public perusal : Kirk ioam d ays, tlatl I used abusive language, ol which he ll-. mediiatel turned to leave tile room,. and I then seized n him, gave him c stabnover the ey. and retreatedl!" The p fact, of tile case arrere rapl thee--lhnavng indertrootd tha t th said Kirkhalm was in tile aIbit of uring eur riloa ltanguage wlheo speaking of me, t determined to k inow the" very bead arad ftrrit of my effa.licg."- therefore enaled to have, ifpussible, an amicnable aldjuat tn ment ol the affair, nd stolp any further mnisenderstand ing. Having arrived at his beardlig house, after wait i* g i tire drawing room srome 15 or II minuler , Kirk. a ho t a o ide his appearance, I announced myseifand was r. ablout nating tlre salbject of bv visit.l wrlc he tctea R blow at lly liead, whilch I gunarined eof and gave hint a I qaid pro .q--a crack over li 1 eve with in v fiot. KirklTrnm'sorcans ofcanuti r tan taking tile ascend 0b "old womanish rencontro," had lno the said Kirarn been gd guilty of gross and fllagrat minrepresentalions bly #e arieting that 'l salbed him wioll sone instrualent w* ith irent to kill." Ratler unfortunately for ea no witneos e were present. Bir BY BACH & CALHOUN. to W ILLbe sold onl Friday, May 171h at 12 .'clock, • at ire City Exchange, il St. Louis street, two m valuable Alaves: y, IJON, aigerd 27 years, fully guaranteed, a good team. star,hastler, &c. FRANCES, a Negress, aged 18 years, a gor:d house servunt and chlild's nurse. '" Terrm--One half car.h: balance 4 months, for ap. proved endorsed note'. may If IDRAWING BOOKS. ' OO'PER'S Drnwing Book of Anuants in Art of Flower Paintina inn water colors ntarding's Early Drawing Boeok en Farlaanr's Juveaile Artist Till's Elementary Irawirrg Book Andr'w's Lessor inat Flow I'er Paintg The I.itle Sketch Bnlk, let anr2dd series he Tie United States Drawine Book, jutr received and for sale lby ALEX. TOWAR, re anny 16 49 Camp st Ol - A CARD). I)OBINSON & GOOD AIN, (68 Chartres street,) lib respectlully inform their friends and the public geherallv llhnt K Good vin,of the above firin, will leave for New York abuet the let ofJune. They invite thuse who may wisl garments inade to their measure to call ead leave their orders previous to hat timle. _may 15 tlj B ACON SIDES--150 caka Cia .i.n.ti I...uel,. lor ha y by U I)OIRSEY, may 14 44 New Lev"e ES 1.E."F- F-ihnih ifh bls, forli le by may 14 i IG D)ISEY,'44 New Levee. NK! INK !! INK! ! !--Jst received twelve groce ol very superior doz Ik, packed in one dozen boxes, for sale I r 'ec dlzen or Croe, by )AVI D FELT, N York Stationers' Hall, may 14 21 Chartres st. WILLIAM R. CARNES, LOUISIANA WARE ROOM, may 14 No. 53, BIENVILLE-ST. NEW ORLEANS. 'StE -5 tons English bliutered Steel, for sale by

ap 20 SHALL & .llOWN, 96 Mlagazine at MAYJI.ALTY OF NEW ORLEANhS. IT HE price o Irish flour to-day is $7 per bariel according to the lariff; the bakers shall give do. ring time nuing week (frti Moodayv 131i iast.) 39 oun ces of bread or at4. Bread of ille second quality ia required to weigh t per cent. more, via: 438 ounces. tsy 4 N C GENOIS, Blavor. UT'IEIt & LAIRI-IlO kg.s lard &50 do supe rior Western butter, Ifr sale by my6O G4. I)IIRSEY, 44 New Levee ) ACOuN # ll)ES--LIt casks ioll sre lir sale by 1iy16 .1 I)O1SEY, 4.1 New Levee P RESSES-Copyiec and Notardl presses, on lhand a few of Ritchis' ;patent lever Cop)Yig presses; do with screw also a large unaroty of notarial presees, all warranted fiirt rate articles ani flr sale by DAVIDI FELT Jr Co, plOf N Y Stationers hall 4 Chartres at P RINT' I'S INK--Just received Iroln bairqlc Channtileer a nree invoice ofJolnusoln anil Uu rantlll neaes,boolk, adjol ink, un e fr ualeb l 'a! 1 A 'TOVAIt, 49 CapAnl t OFFICE, FIREMEN'S INSLURlANIJ COMPANV, New rtleans, May 4, 1839. .HE Staekbohh!dcr are herelby otilicid that tite l eighth tInltahent o n their stick is dlue n I pny ablle o il tfil eistll oiJune 1839. 'iy9 E I. TIRACY, Sec. BUREAU D'INSURANCE DES POMPIElrS;, l)e La Nouvelle O(tlnns. ES Sonseripteurs sont prevenus que le 8sme in ls taslat surleur souscripltion et du e t payable on le 6me de juin, 1839. E L 'I'RACY, iUv9 _Seobtaire F L(OR--i 6t bi landing from ataim iioatCtl ncel F lor and for sale by G i)OIlSEY, aS 44 New L.eves OA'P-Boston No 1,-200 boxes in store, for sale hyl ABRAIIAM TRIEII , april 334 Gravier At ORN B111001S--100 doz. in store, fr sale iy C I)OIISfVY, nmay2 44 New l.eve AR-30 bObls. in good order. f.r sale by SIIALL & BROWN, may2 36 Magazine st. SIISKI Y-I15O blis rerliied in store, for sale by inay 7 (i. UDORSE'. 44 New Levee CitA RKEIS-50 brl butter and water crackers, in store, 'or afe by my7 G DORSEY, 44 New I.even LARD-50 kegs leaf Lard, in store, tol ai i L ,U D)ORSEKY, imay5 44 New Levee P)EPPER--20i bags for sale by s may 4 SHALl. & BROWN. 96 Magazin e st W NlNE--3Ppipe antl qr. Io ill sitre, for sale I-e _. my 4 6HI L.Ll. t IRiW'N, 96 MaOainse st INE-0 pipes brown sterr, e ry superior, foitr EV sale by SIIAL & BROWN, may 1 96 Marazine at rI0TiA OES-6aiO hampele of Englsr on I board ship Liverpool. Enq ire oan oardorto my7 L H (GALE, 9 jommrnion st SINEN SIIRTS, GLOVES & SUS5PNDERIS. Just received by late .,rrivals, an assortment of Shirts Cravats, Summer stocks, Gloves, and Suspen ders, at the Bazaar, corner of St. Charles and Commnlon streets. N. tB. A complete assortlent of Writing Desks, Dressing cases, portable shaving cases ia rose wood & les'athr. my6 BUSH & AI.I.AN. ITCKLES-20 kegs and 40 iboxes, receiving from New York per slip Ocon:e. ror sale by my SHALL r BROWN, 96 Magazine at DRESERVES-40 boxses receiving from New York per ship Oconee. for sale by my SHALL& IIRrW\VN,96 Magazine st NES' Ntural P iltsoapkhy--Kirbit's Giramtmar, I Combe'a Pirenohlgy ; Splurzeism' Phrenologp; Ainsworth'a Dictionary; Decalogues ol Devils ; Li. brary ofinstruetion aJ amuiusneut, 6 rals. A further supplyjist rceived by A TUWAR, my7 49 Camp .9 -1GRTVE'Clinical lecturta--- okes an Ilia Clhs, "U just reserid sad for sale bv • »7 A TOWAR, 49 C.nip at --- - 11 SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. W AS beronhit tothe Police Prison of the Second Municipality, the Negro Woman tamed FAN NY, about 35 vears of ago: says site belongs to Madamle. P. Labrre. he o oonerof said slave will please rail, prove propeity, pay charges and take her away. H 8 IARI'EC, may 16 Captain of the Waftch. O-ONDUIT lah geole de la Seconde Municipalilb. une negresse se notolmant Fanny, ag8e environ 35 a'n se disant applteoir A Madame Labarre. a ne ropribitre voudra bie n lretirer en Re ei.form ant l Ini. H S HARPER, i mai 16 Capilaine de In garde B lOGANS--1 cases kip brogans, landing front ship St. Louis, for e le by I tin,7 1 BRIDGE & Co, 134 Magazine t c 1 ALLOW CANDLES-100 boxes moul d tallow I SCandles, for ale by I BRIDriE & Co, mar 21 134 Magazine at 63 LASS-Jut landing from Pilttltmr, an tssortment 10 oAr Joar, Vials, aind Window Glans, at wholesale ci and reltl, 'at H BONNABEL, t nmur21 Cor of Natchez ani rTcapitoulas sts c ARREIS--300 Molasses barrels in store and tor sale by L 1 GALE, april 2 3w 93 Common at FllIE BENCH & BAIL OF ENGI.AND-By the I atlhor of landomn recollections of the Lords and Commons, and tle Great Melrnpolis, in 9 vols. Neat Malor.e and other tales of Irelantd Iby W HI Carletnn, neillor of trails and stories of the Irish pea mantry,in2vols. Justtreceived totd for sale ly tm25 A 'TOWA I, 49 Camp st BALE ROPlE-l_2j coilp., ol superfine quality, for i sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & Co, april 2 134 Magazine t ALLIGArOR LINE. Mobile to Augusta, via Florida. Leaves Mobile Tuesdays, Thurs. days, and Saturdays, per the splendid steamer Champion, (ex. copt in case of storms,) to Pensacola ; thence per steamer Le Roy to La Grange, and thence four horse post coaches via Mariana, Bainbridge, Pin. derton, Berrion, Outlaw',, and Perry, to Macon, c Ga ; thence via Milledgoville, and Sparta, to War. d Srenton, thtance per rail road cars to Augusta. Thel Champion is in splendid order, with now ' otpper boilers, coppered and c pper fastened. The le Roy has been thoroughly repaired, her accommodations are as handsome as any bo,v. The beau iful Santa Rosa Sound, and Cihocta. watchie Bay present the most interesting steam na. I vigation n the South-boing at the sametime Sperfectly land locked. The Teams are not surpassed on any route in the country ; the drivers, to a man, careful and atten tive. The bridges heretofore dangerous have b en newly built, so that high waters do not inter ere The eating houses have been mostly changed, and are now as good as on any road in tie South. It is generally knowl that the excellence and hardness of the roads enable the teams ut all sea asons to make great spoed. Their smoothnt,ss se cures the travei:cr from the ordinary fatigue of a stage travelling. The Line is now crrving its passengers from - Augusta to Mobile in four days and twelve I hourt, or to Nrw Orleans in four days and twenty hours. Going to Augusta, the line is six days ; nd seven hours. Tht time actually employed in t travelling is the same as in the other direction, but o the difference of time on tile route, is caused by a day being lost in Pensacola, which, however, is well repaid by the opportunity it gives ofseeing the Navy Yard, the old Spanish Forts, etc. The traveller also sleeps at Macon, and again at War. tenton. This arrangement will continue till the , travel turns northward, when the line will be the a smefrom Mobile to Augusta, as it is now in the other direction. This Advertisement contains a plain statement e of fiets, the accuracy of which tlh proprietors gaurantee to each passenger in the penalty of his k- stage fare. Maps oftho Line may be seen at the Exrhange Hotel, New Orleans, and at the Mansion House, Mobile. Fare through from Mobile to Augusta, $47 50 The line extends, by abranch to Tallahassee. at Chattahoocho, the line connects with the steamboat carrying the mail to Apa'achicola and St. Joseph's. Id Offeo at the Mansion House, Mobilo. ml7 O BOSTWICK, Agent, Mobile. 4 TEEL P'ENS-Felt's Noa. i,, 23 pr 4 s Daniel Welbster pen, Ferl's large hbrel pn ) Congress larg do Perry' fti spreog d ino rnail do dt 3slit do Windel's lalies do Itt double pate ;e G li's bfrperia I)ouble pine:ki do SGillo's hiel do do Natilnal do And Gillot's Comlerlcil, fr sale a r I)AVID FELT & Co!tt Clhnrlrt-t, or fe6 ____ __ rnIS _i.: IJ SOMI'AY SES, THEnMOuF''Eits. MICILOtS J COPEs. &a.-Just receivcil and -r f- r- tby Win. MlcKean, orrrer of Caup uawl Common stroeets, g. general seasotIt.Ii otSurveyor'n Coi oipa see , S Nutlteulticoll Iltslrttlnlottt, Drlw1Hing Vlalo. Spring Dividends, Spring Bowv l'en, Ivory I'ro tractors, Ivory SlcBal, Gnuter's Scales, Glass Triangles, t I'arOul Ritler, Microscopen, T'hermonteor , Calnerl Obsctures, Survey Chaiste, . kin *,,,,,- Tal,". j,; . H ARRISON'S SPECIFIC OINTMENT T 'o great celebrity of this unrivalled Comn. position, especially in the Northern States, leaves the propriotor but little need to say any thing in its favor; for it has been generally conceded to it, that it is beyond all comparison the be st remedy for external complaints that has ever been disco. vered. Indeed the speed and certainty ofits opo. rati fs have the appearance ofmiracles ; as nlcers, w.-unds, corns, fever sores, childblains, white swol. lings, biles, piles, spider and snake bites &c. imme. diately yield to its apparently superhuman influ. ence Thus if properly applied it will remove an inveterate corn, or break and heal a bile in five days, will allay and perfectly cure an ulcer in two weeks and the most desperate eases of white swelling that can be imagined, have been destroyed by it in less than two months. In the bites ofpoi sonous reptiles its officacy is truly surprising, an even in the bite of a rabid dog, for if applied in time, its powers of attraction are so wonderful that they will at once arrest the poison, and thus pre. vent it from pervading the system. It is likewise greatly superior to any medicine heretofore disco. vered for the clihfud backs and limbs of horses, for tetters, ring worms, chapped lips, and in short for every external bodily evil that may fall to the lot of man or beast. The propritor has received at least a thousand certificates and othir documents, Lin fav.,r ofhis S" Specific Ointment," upwards of a hundred of which were written by respectable members ofthe Medical Faculty, all breathing the same eulogy and satisfaction. Prepared at 129 Liberty street, New York, and for sale at 65 Poydras street, New Orleans. mar26 if N ORRIS & Co. No. 38 Chartras street, are now Sreceiving and opening the most splendid, su tantinrl and fashiona!ile stock of Clothing they have ever exhibited in this market, eonuistint it, part of the following ariieles; hine, Ibn blackj" black, london brownl, cil on, oliv, londoln setok end ,olden olive frn ck and dress coats; benve, istable and larringiton Irof'. coals, elegantly firnisn - ed;t Incy and plain black co.inm rre aiid cloth' piantalolmo english, and french fancy and plqin silk and selin vests; retl urew market comforts; english and french fo eiy anid p:ain scarfs and hdkfs; chamois, silka-web and gam-enlasie sus penders; chamois,, mdino, lamb's wool, welsh flann nel, silk and cotton net shers and drawers; fine linin and cotton shirts, with linin bosoms, plain and ruffled; ivory pearl and plain handle silk um. brellas ; " Graff'i" premium Gloves-also, a beautiful article of white kid, for weddings, balls, &c.; Sprittlefield silk and randana hdkls; plain, figured and emibroidered Cambric do.; silk, lamb wools, marine, germantown, and brown and white cotton half hose; all of which they offer low for eash,or to puntual customers ns usual. Nov. I sMr. GEORGE M.lRRICK hvimg resigned the of fiee ofehiief Engineer of the New Orleans and Carroll. ton Rail Road, Mr. John laurrpson has beetn lppoint ed in his place, to wbim all persons haviog lusiness with, or wishing inlortuation regarding said Rail Road will apply at the Roll Road Ofice, Poydras street, lIe atder of the Bonrd. (Signed) JOHN NICIIOLSON, ovl7--tf Calbier NURItIS & Co,t No. U1 Cihartres stlel, ate re. ceiving daily fromn their house in Pliiladelphia, an elegant and complete assortment of substantial and fashionable cloiting. They invite the atten tion of the public, as they are warranted in saying that strangers and citizens cannot furnish themn selves more adventageously in any city in the Union. N. B. A few dozen elegant ivory handle um brellas, from 32 to 36 inches. Also% a large lot whitelpino packing boxes, various sizes, very low T O THE LADI ES-Atkinson's IDepillatory, for - moving superfluous i air from the face, ieck aned arms, with equal safety and crainty, leaving the skin finer sad wtlter tIn before the applisation. A Iresh supply just received at the Bazaar. 2iU BUSH & ALLEN, , Eexhnnge s lot i , ear St Charles & Common at EDUCATION--FRENCH and EmGLISH. Mr. Jsmes, recenlty arrived i this city, begs leave to inform the eitizens of New Orleans that lie will open an academy on Monday, 14, Jnanary. at No. 19 Toulouse street, for the instruction of youth of both sees, in French and English, in which he will be ably assisted by Mlrs.. James and Mrs. Metcher, who speak both those languages with great fluency and purity, and who will taLe charge of the department of the young ladies. Mr. James will give his whole ateratinn to the arisous branches dafeducation, and flatters himself thathe will give entire satisfaction to those who I may bhoter him withe siirconfidence. nov I I P 1(prl coilslr sale bT R r kR ilt. a TIIUER,MGmnvierat i ,zr-w-z unlnsm.- v WO e7-rO; B IANDY-An invoice of soerillr Branlds, ir»(age i1 l 1820, for sale by SHALL& BIIUWN, L may 1 96 Alagazine at . IOAP-200 boxes M1aham's brand, lor sale by ae may _ SHALL & IIIOWN, 96 Magazint st I ME-I000U ble Thomanlln Lime, landing aud for J sale by S & J P WAIT'EY, ln y 1 73 Camp a SILLKANS' LI.THO(KRil H IC PRI'NTING OF FCE, 53 Magazine street, opposite Banks' Ar- rua W GREENE takes plensure ill announcing to his 4hc Iriends antd the citizens of New Orleanst that lie has at lergth brought Lithography on a par a ilh copper plait prltling, and from the illt iliies lie art has oiver colper pinto engaving, lie can execute all orders enlrusted to him, at one halflthe expense of engrnving and nearly an cheap as type printling. fr Merchantnwishiag Circulars rent out il thleir own hand writitg,can have any quantity at a few hourt notice; or they will be exreutnd for thllelll in a lbeauliill style, such ao has Ihenrtolure giaven eneral lsatisfction toill the most reapeclable commnission houses in thisi sel oily. Geotlleren dlirolus of having Visilig or i nBusi I ness Cards finished ill lie best mnunlar, will lo well b calling at hbe office and see specimenes. Feb. 1,1839 N 1B-lBank notes neatly execuled, and circulars, br printed at one hour'a ntic.. 1ISDOM and Getius of Shakeealre,lhy Reverend Corversalio Ill. Naltre alli Art, will cuts Sterling and Perrnddock, or le Iligh Alinded, by tbhe aullehor of" 'l'remaie '" etc The Spirit oflll East, by Dl UIrllliart, ESq. Elvira, tihe Nnhloi's Wif, l.y Mrs Monkland i Sir Waller Seutt's Works, withl a Biography, by J G L.ockharl, eomiplrle in 8 vola. Jack Shleppard, Ist nunmber, aromnnce, hy W liar, rison Aiaswltl , wilth nulneroua iliolual iotle Nichlolas Nickleby, number I I bI JOHNS & Co, ap 17 or St Clharles nnd Common sat ITAA'E OF LOUISIANA-Parish Coril, l' tile Parish and City of New Orlcans-Present tile hon ilrable Charlno Matrian, Judige, No. 1191 Isnac Ealiillel (il actual custody) vs. his Upon rsading and filng tile petition ned scbetdale ill this It cae, it isordlere thalli a Imeollg ofe plletitioner's ero- r abset clreditors, and in Ile ainlilm ail proceedlillgs against his prroon anll property are stayed. By order of file l lurt.. Clerk's office, New Orleans, May 4, 1839. Omy6 id A 1MAND Il'lOT,'l', erk. j ovrAT DE LA LOUIOIANE-lollr doie Partinsrt, 4 poor la Paroilse et Ville te lI Nouvelle Orleans' ,resent I',hoorable Charles M Iauriai, J nlge. No.11791. lasac Emane (d6i'lenll) vs. see crltnciers. En liaent et posant in petitiol Ilt peliion et schedule I dans ce eas-II ectordonn6 qtl'lne asemoie ll es lcr6. s anciers aura lien, en pleine ellr, l.llidi Ie 27 Mati coI rnl,t ur dlar dCer leo raisll, s'ilrl en it, pollrqloi le di Isaac Emanoue ne serait pas lill'r c sein lan lO), et i palls ordonne quo e . IlI notq.Esq. sloit ommlll11l po11ur re prsenter lea erbanciers aibellter et pendlnt ce tmics, Io te procedure colltre sa personne ol propriflt6 sera Par ordse do In C tour. Buenan dl greffe, Ia Nouvelle Orliansa, 4 Iani 1839 S my Id A. PIo'r , Greflier. NEW PUBLICATIONy T IE L ittle Frenclllman and Iis \'ater Los, willh lother sletchel of Ile t Jimes bIy IP AMoris will en I lclins by Jolhllslla. S Pascan l Illune, a Sicilian stary. edited iv 'theidore look to which is appended tle Atonemeni a story by Theodore IlHok. Numlber 12, Nicholas Nickleby. S NRullmbers 7 and 8, sketches by Ilez. Clarke on ile bualbery Tree and Silk Worml, and 1o the prodo:tion undi mannfaclllre of silk, eblelalished with appropriate engravings-Just reecived ndll for sale o by W AMcKEAN, UST received a large anorlnlllt of stocks t of various patterns; linen shirts If file qIaliy. 3 (;\OSlSI P &.tl, m13 Exchange IIotel,St Clihrles st SEA OTTO OIL.-For the reltoration anld grothli of llthe 10. gi.ving health, bIllltv and prevenltig its falling or, ulld nt WMI. IIlE Ilo.I nn ml No. 16 Chartres st ) UILED Clnp and Levler I'APElI-J.ust reei'.ed ,0 400 renll1s ruleA I.etler Papier, bhl Illueen l hiteaic alio, 450 ruled cnOi, some vere low prl ed, tllilIle lr schools, for sale hv IlAtVI) FEIT &k Co, d ctayt1 N Y Slat llotrl'llo I C 1 arltltalle ORN-00El1) 011us.elin bie slrip ige 1 .Illr--nafl t, llnd fr saledfy J TI IAYE I & con, .ll.3 __ 71 Poydrns st WOlTll E IIIAN-0 brrt s i it r vat J tle 111113 ( I)OSE . 4i New leve IF ..iA1 0l .--10 brls prime ilthkn aieed Oil Siy . slore ahnd for ts al y J TIIAY nli &t co nll __ _ 74 Poydras st I.ANI) GINl-10 ies (ill ill illr [I onlr salel o flIy A 'E1&o1 1ml3 l71 [Poyiri ot RAPPI.NG Ir*PET{%---) joiddble and 5l0 VANo Cilll wrTpinog pu1l r,r. in IoIre and for afals S_ by J "'AYF, & ( , v .lr73 -"7 ,ih M ras at Ssale by 111 A TIr ElI 31 Grvlr t _,V mAANA 8IGAItS-.4AH,)H)D of different qaaliies. II W l store for sale by A T It I E i, 0m13 11 Jiravipr at - sale by A i l ll E1111i, 11113 _31 rliv*r ier, t P 11113 96M e st -AILS-301 Bos11ton l t.ol, e .r ne v by -t iSIIAL, & ItIIOWN it, ma3 9!It Maaziehl l 0. L rFgMa--0I: i0 a siL ' g ,llfl. lt ai Lim , lan ,lio , fronI brig Ludwig, n fr ale Il Iv 0- i"!3 ... .. .iwrrnLy : ,..s 1F LOUJtS-1l00- barrels for sale by ii G iOitSEFY. 'j ml3 11 Nes ILevee W IIISKEY-149i brief l-r sl ~ Iv - Inml3 G II OISY, 41 New l.ev-e C.OLUONE WATER-5U0 dozrn getnsco, in str .J fr sale by A Iiitou , 124 i4 ';ravier at jADIES STOCKINGS-100 dozen ladies stock 2 ings, in store for sale by a24 A TRIER. 314 Graviersl NEW PUII.ICATIlONS. PERICLES AND ASPASIA, by Wauler Savng I Landor, Errq. The Cabinet Miniter. by Mrs. Gore, authoress ofllhe " Hungarian Tales.'" E JOHIINS & CnI, mnI corSt Charles & CoLmon nts S'TATE OF LOUISIANA.-I'arish Court for ilia Pariso andl Citl of New Oileao.-Present tile Ionorable Charles Mariain, Judge. April 7tih, 18.39. No. 11,774. M. Dubioe vs. his CIleditors. The rcesion of property by the pelitiuor is hereby accepted by the court for tile beelsfi of is credi. tor, nnd it is nordered that a olectie of said creditorls e held at the office of 'Ni. Lacoese, notilry 7, lbli, on Tucemay tie 20lh day of May Aext, thel a Cla tere to deliTberte on the nffitfi of the petitioser, ani i toise ealile all proceeding agoist his properly and per son are s yed. It is furtear ordered, lnl Chas. m. Carwimvi, Esq. lie appoinled to repreeo tilhe above creditors. By order of Court. Clerk's Office, New Orleis, April 7, Avri71 1. 3 Ilay I 3|t w ARMAND PITsT), rCerk. N.TAT DE NAS LOUIS L NE-Ctr dA o Pruoiare Ex por la punayroiise vile e I In Noill rune ()fliow: Preaenl I'butoral, e CllMrles nalisin, Jlli,. Amy JAMES ril. CALWELL, 1819t. NOTIC. 11,774 Mari . li vsre, Manifaciurer of La ces.cin de In proepli0i6 pr ole ptlfti-noire est aeetie par hi Cour, pours I lirii,.fve. tIe s0s cranosier.i ei ile s ortroto n q'unue rits-cilcnl e tcils c.u cl0rr PSlellrl ine a ( tca M Ph u. »Iilal uairce p shaic, ui Idi le 20e1r'nTSt-ita, ssls 1 dla 0sibier Olu lel cufiire isl it, etfirtialonly itsy eei & D'intil oe tlluteo ieoursnitesa c a I olnst torissc ser aost sspldlllue. II erat pls oldoohi q loue Chlre Al. arwoivi, EsqI A pprovedpr rnpresa nler 60 s wilts b takiers icr cerdre dela S otir. Iourena du Greol, In Nonvellebirltanc, Avril 27. 111;9. isl 3S ARMANI) It(T, Greffier. N. 0. & NASIHVILIE 1RAlN. IOAI) Co. S PAPER t received . oe. Commencila ern tundiyv 5ih Mal y, 1839. lE Cars C ill5 Cask haI an eilEAT, fr IIIIE,on Stheir routes to the Bayou Tiguyua, every dayin the week-as follows: Depart. Rle.tur. 7P.M. 10A. M. 4 "0 6 " nxee.t Sundays, when the cars will run as fallowsur De Parti. aRetki n. 7A. 1. 9 A. M. 12 M. 2 P.11. 4 6 P. M. may 3 JAMES I1. CALDWELI., P'esidelt. N OTICE.--Maril . I) evereux, Manufacturer of TLlus, i opper, ,sI siseet irol StoveC, &c. has this day taken i to partlersllip John fevereux. lb lIusoai nesa for the future will be conducted llder Ithe naslit oIlMastis tl. & Joha Davereux. I II DEVEREUIX. JOtN DEVEREUX. i0 Persons indehlid to 111 i Deverux aill llease call and settle their oconosllt, ahd those Ihaviug clail. will 1Iraseot them fir 4settlellsent. stdII 4 ARLOSIORNAMIENTS--ittre adli beauiful P curiosities, for sole auly by Rees & D'lnnge, and at Plough's Museum. All theseornonlents consist of ilbe most splen, did specimens of orthinoslogy Irosn Europe, Asia, Africa, and our own eountry. Approved notesat 60 days will be taken ol Y a A TILLER, 31 Giravier st fI-. N.INTOI--100 bags piluauto, prielu quality, in slam nad foIsale low by In8 J i IIUI.IN, 74 Canltpat A P PAPER-u-ault received lwou cases puperlle halue woe cap very thin sUllable for bank use, one do whiste woes, far asl isy 1) FELT & Cio, my9 N YV statloer' Illc, 24 Cuhartres = ACON--I15 casks hatos anti ides, for sale by B apl 20 I1LIISGE, .14 Mlagstzie st OAKUM-- 100 bales No Kuasaia, ladiog lihlo ship Gaston, and fhr sale 9by spoil. 2 SHALL & II ROWN, 96 Monzine s.t FURNITURE! FURNITURE!! UST received at tsi Louiaisna Furniture Ware Shouse, a large supply floa New York and Ilne on. Persons in the want of fsrntuse woold do ell o call, and select Iheir arlicles from one of the hess and Irgeg tucss know it tloe city. VW R CARNES, d6 53 Eieuiille os N B--Panrular attlention ppaid to plckinug sd .lp ilg FurnituaO re e uoat4 cs.- w trC:j5 MESS BEEF--5 hair brl at lie , inL L' atioeforaley .y0 DO)RStE, t mIl ,. 44Newl V* - TEA-50 b ozes onei a i ho t , fdin r n hy m'tand l . a TPitl aa d fM i i ehtldl Ral I SN-4 11o Bni niln e fo a II opril 2 A1RAHASM TRIE, 04 Otr4jIoraa riutchby Bieuai o f rie to Inol eivl Oreei eandle ier male by OIi.n ALEX. BOWAtn 4ioCKIB,b Y No in2- PdnPel firn, ll lotr Il hylThodore I loo EDq. 'in oeIe wreath, let bo it. Jls renocl and ni foir o la hy _y8 _ A TOWA I, iCamnpa t kAPlce byCo o saoi. pling pap. 8 ncl oel receied al line lot oflarge broin paper, satlatho flior cotloa frokers of aby erman'. Manufoetru and fr Iale by am.y A rI'OWAll, 49 Camp at TICKlIEB NAI,' 2- Pac-- l bruno ulinor Eilor I lto , 2n barut rels gluiil fr a ralt , hr P all b JAIRVIS & ANIRIEWSI _in coter on 'I'Al!iWA lulnat stCm. PA DPII-CSlun sempling papern -in Jt ofreneh Wmd ting DllUl, utari. si iro nd p fr, tIll il fo r coll i l brokes, o W s M DAVIr Fcl EIb.r Tend o, jm Neaw Yorl SIntione A tlII .24 49 harcel at IIANSONKL OAIL-IS- barrel lrotn, il lmorne Ean al O Magazoine at SIsIIIIE- barroxls gsliuhera ll, brfordyi i hr y JAVIS & IANDIRWN. 1112 earl Common a Tehoouplitoat OalI 94, gort aintin at A .:XANI)I.I TOWA II, tlon aellr, 49 Canmp , thviin g ncul lse, nr i tind h k li iorn, &fo I sl ei h ne j'I'lilg Grene w n rl sCnill i kep eoalnlly 24 n U nrl» I I pnod itanliy of paper eiwittlltlo fiir ieon, heolk nal job ritin i, of er IL-u sie rttrl q rtuliiee spero r ed rtovl, naieb, iloancil ring o. RAli, eoWm& reia all ieket port, ratinn olred plilig pan tegine a l otard vtlriouna aloen aml qanliliea, plnyiog dIe, wrapping paper, printltr'e ink, typeIrinling ptsoei, beram rule. e ares h.t re lle oF r ie liee fceri for in le on tia mosan Sb SCAnllllHlLL & Wle IN, ld te ,lrlhael or ten in pnymeot ot niew t or i l PAPERtWrl c. AR O A? EXANDAII TOIAIth, fookacllr, 49 Comlp of, I inc; Irne &i n, willn k-pnl intaly an ian ao ald typious of paer l or mabnl tion enws loc anew jb i vry vaeperior glazel cards, nl4erlrd sines from. n-o.I to 14,filr ianr at very itw drie, olty nen ' DAVISI FEI.T &.CCo, BneT p New Ynrk 8latinTor'a ilatll, 4 Clrletres a, l prising n general n.oarlaont of Mlltca adl Ging hnm UImlhi rtll ano i Pi rnail,, new and faetlnnable slyrIc, Inbnding from rigm WiI. Ilenry, fUrsinla hy inyO I ItiIrtl'; & C , 1Il t Miegn itt i1 ' ." 1t.o'ni iN(--15 .a..i......n hnt,,n lntl.:ag, ll5ligll J froim llhip . I.oiiir, fir tnle iy .O I Iltl)i .iE &. Co. 134 Mn.aaine at a, 1IaTCcIKS-A lurgn innx.i iiai inred and far 0 L tel. ky hIIALL & i lltWN, mar l air Milganine at 'I'Fl ;Il PE\S--Ju l reriverld i rtw roia Gillota I glc.lniil I'rrly'a luilile IlPnt n telr pena, for )lAe iV l ') .. vll EI.T & Co, i 11N,.") N Y niliincre hiall 24 Chartren at . IIL ei r Ky l Il lln on ic as d TIie iney, nowIa b dig Ilti heaing finre ni-Wian tlimeiii fnrale ly 0IfOl.AS t.Sl-l- bhoisjlii r('c iild taor ail by l o i EIBIDOGiNE, IlIlOWN & CO ioyl3 Nol9Cmoti st Fd ERICI, RARTOIt-'TI' l is e new and unrful «i lo II . OI nf rliitllornPriily coinig into le, in ner Illern as ell n Mnlhern tlatitudest . II iesdt ilged to keepenl uild sweet, rinell liacsh in thlo ealindry dr S trcioneiii an are neccssorn y ti, lit protteetle t Iroietko ireal iTflle wl.allirelllrinti ltie illm nigr +euson. TlIe Elcrigoralor i J no- c. l.eideedcl it Cidial ooahllo ricle in li eClnn ulfverc good h.o1ewiPe. Tite i Ta 'Ile auheri.u r is erlylnnllty recyv ietg from tih mani. ii i tClllrrt RtFrigeCntoit Iifitrltiteit tIriss. 'rIle libscrilicr t l ipln ilited Aganl for tie oanufae-, c n titerl r A Ptl'ltn. O,.lplcns na I ho Io tefrignratora i u.2llha ..i.n ....t hy e.tion 5I 2ili vil at.. or toII f _ W RI CARNES. ,nV~O Mh Ii (:AlNIC ,--''lh niiienlmnin'a enlelaltor, L nnipreh.Y iling irincii clr , lulo l tiit toblelo ain ho H fvurion t dIlirt nlclia iIo Ininthcn oa lld o il ecaica, itrfol to Mlilwtin-,Ii, I.inpren, nnld Arthaup inan geae rnl, hy Williai (cireca, eivil taeincPr. Itt Aniericna, lron ihlie il (ltisgoi ndililtl. Ireeived liid toya and for all i,y AL.EX. TowAt, Anl8 41 1 BRO lnp el O I--o l4 3 No 9 Contip at llrE ntI.A.ICPis is to noW N, d . u_;Wf-ular kee Acool l kMge s lrnlle Muuc i lr, in til e inraed n J a.let ry d A o nil 7,oi ig1 l m r ydren r i i tt, ~ NEiW ORkiEANS -N P,res wnd Type A'gnenq, LAWRENCE & 1111.., 37 :ArI' STRErT. ITAVF ju.t received a Ilrge snsortment of etals, nonparil, jobl tto. SNlllolinagt ig .rerse, td hIve always on hllan every rlicle requnirIl in t printting oIliceb. AIlo, POTI'AII ouf aoperi-r quanlily. in kegs orith ___s. my9 3I SiI titotN CorSTolim toa tor sale Ihy 1 tilo1 A T'IIIi, 1 4 (lraviar at i EiiftllltN i.S--.i- io irfor ltl by Smill A I' i' W OIIIL viANs.r Cotn, l tf At olunhvilnil No. Two. ittio' of'rati. 30th fo. -lril. 1639. W HIERFAS nlii)'cillion hs lbeen itoide to this Coim unil li John If. llilltn,.llles IRainey, W. II. Averyn . BIrvllot, Jllnlm I. Ilogarl and thirteen bothers,l ow;e, of iroverlty ill Ithe vicinity, to cause tobo lollpeed aid conlinued St. Thol'loa strel, in a straight lin l fronm tzlleItrestott etI Atnniii ition itreel. Ile it tilerefore lestolvitltat otllilce of said applic-a. tlionllho given in alld in EI.glish, in the True Ameorican & lnileltil, in confiornity wit llanwtand that i n talisealtory opioSitolll be mader in said proposed tl-. itoVeolittllitlt tIis Council will procted Ito etuce said street to be opentd a nad continuetd as is prlved for by tho tmnlotrilisrtai, aeordnint to the proiotnons of the actof3d Aril 1832, reguitallg e is teniilg of streets ihItillit l Ilmits of ill ciy of New Orl ondic. JOSIIUA BALDWIN, Recorder. AtiREABI.Y In tile fioregoinog R«eolntion noticeo lIrltv tgiventIhat it is the nileltion of the Conltcil MtI i:ipalilv No. Two, to open and continue Si. Tho los street in a straight line froml Suzette to Annnuci loin street. C. UENOIS,alnyor. ,,il0 n__ y 110 1839. Connril de la Mnl oicipnlttu No. deir. ,totantre rIn 30 Airil, 1839. A TTENDU que l'lnpliation a 6t16 fait A ce Con c mtil par John II llilln, James Rainey, W H Avery, \ Bonart, Jamncs . llognart el treize atir pro iriktiltes do bionl fanciers lans le voisainag, ipotnrt u trir et conlinltr n droitoeligne In run Sie. Thomas depuis la rue Suteltejusqti' a In rue ld I'Atnnoinc II eat all onrhiel nce rsolun qu I'avis de nl dite t.. licaliot, soil donl,, on anglain of franesial, dane Ia eonliinaliesol lae di rilteluN conu c le d .oindt, ti e lli tiohaireon et lollforll lllelinit aI provisionl da t ele dl I Avrild, Il8, rtgulari.otti I'toverttre de rtl lltlit-te t' litlites de it vitlo de in NouvanllwOrltali . - Sigt74 sig JOIIIiJA- P.AI.LWIN, Recorder0. Ie aeerbeoe ine rhe h i]a -dity i terb5.d a'iL awt do 11i d o t tinoleoiti h IN oiteil ins Its A m ou ai tla 1 i Nt. d tnx,tt ihliltioutoit el tt intiliut er hitie l lt o 8718.'il' li ont elt lilnle itoile tie lanrue t.aootnlle jisl A la rilnet de I'A timtntlotitin'o. C (;i~lNt)Mi. Mlairl. uilll I n. III O l i., 18 39. G ix slio 1mud filr on e1 tv ll J 'HA I'e.Il & no. 74Poydm stareet -- - - W r-i- k rT iVWT;iiTt -~. SM. n.El..,liCluilrlrelslrec t Ias this dny rancai SCdl per ship SnrAlogn, 5U Jdizn. enamelled Blreast itto, whiele n ill Ibe offered Ini tlle trade or li.dlors ecleap er thau ever before ofired i lhis city. Also 5it dozen Clhised Rings, lifall platelt, together wit a gretl va riery of eluit tf ilt Wol ,.eanisiin ofl cBrollet RIinge Olninoeltsl , Lockclns, Cliln, t e.. TI'liost! i want will dio well tA examuinle ii greaint,1eeotllctl.l . S. Ohi Gld litid Sil er wlanted, I li 15 TAItCII anTl AI.CtioO1 .-Conlnlat' Stierh, 30 Sboxes; llaill'd Alcoliol,3l hoxeam fir tlle by JARVIS & ANURLWNS, ACO, IARDNG il lU KK 15( ilds Ciuelonali m ICIitLed Sis all S , ulder-a. 2011) ksgs first 1u1ality Lard 100 brls Mess I'ork, For sale bly Apl 5 SNTETS'ON & AVERY, i (fOruvior .1 SOA1P--3111 boera Nuo I s oll ill stlor Ihr cBle ity S&J P WillTNEY - t13 73 Camp st H V YI AUIII.IUC AliEliiT-i1 bnrreja ladiag firom n rig lEnerhld, and for sale iv 11,13 S & J W 'WHi'NI lE, 73 Ciilny at NOTICE. F OR tale, a lot l ifHorlses 15 in nunithirjunt arrired bliioi Kentncky, suitalie for saddle, hrnpes antl plalaionsmhich will heail n trms that will llit purtchaeri. y plo ingat tho sable of W II Kely, 1l.ana 184 Grnvieritrret,N. O.. JACOB JONES. N. B. Alo. at tihe same stable several pair of fine matched HIorss, of different descriptiona, Also, sad di and bugoy lorsesailt iill be sold at price. that Ai ill please hose tllat wisl to purchao-. inl3--lt W H KELLY., Jo L. UROWN'S Palnt Platform Bnlalaes J *Grouaer can find at 53 Bieonvlle latot, Patent Platform BUalanees, suparior to any ever uoffirel in thlit city. fell If W R K(ARNES. EXCHANUE UN L N DON-Fr. b AUAMcIS WHITALL, ily7 67 Gravier at T-A'IL--196 kega isorted l» reveirinl frlonl l lrhilamelpi pI r brig LOllomntor sale b» my7 SHALL & BIt)WN, 96 AMgatlaie at AVANA UitAK--37 Ioxes Havain w liiciti I 41 do do brown do latuJiig, fur ale by "n1.9 ti& J P WIIt TNI Y, 7tIC.ampt C I INL.oik IANUhI.H 1 t H.TS-l 1i 0 l ilon o-ull. Sflork n hil, earm no, n ili t hlis lit" 1 11 . 1,1