Newspaper of True American, May 16, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated May 16, 1839 Page 3
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GRAND REAL ESTATE LOTTERY OF PROPERTY. Situated in New Orleans, TO BE DRAWN ON THE lst DECEMBER, 1839 IN ACKSONVILLE, Fia. Under tih auperintendence of. the Comninsiloners ap pointed by tie Lergilntive Assemblv of Florida. CHlIDT ,& HAMIILTON, Managers. 100,000 tickets, at I15 ellem price. 1,500 000. Sellinm prirm ('20 per ticket. SYLVIBTER & to , 15 Broadway, NEW YORK, M.ol Agents. IC3 The ereetpts of thie sle of tle tickets will be de posited In tlhe Canal, Union, Carrollon, Citizen'nand eonmolil(ted Bahnk, in New Orleans, in ine name of Louis Schinelt jointly with J. I. Perrault aeoully Cnihier oftflim itien'a flank, nmdl A. Baudouin ac tually I'alier oftle Comuolidaled hank, Un Trinles, as per eat uullA bbmfre A. Maoureau, Esq. Not. 'Pub. onlh t d May 1839, and the Imlrpeieis tratsferred to tIe above menioned entlemen uioncnmlnered, as Trnteco, for tdi security oftlei fortunate prize Iol d6ra. In New York the monien will be depolited in the Pilenii Bank to thecredit oftho above naoned b City Banks of New (rleaus. Tie Pitublk are referred to tie actm passed beifle A. Moaimreatt, Esq. Not. Pub. it relation prtlieh which emnelrace lia resrctire prites ltis Lottery. 00 PRIZES, as hfllowsa I Prize-Tliat megnificcil thllne story brick building, known as tllue AltUAD, in Magdline street. lmecauring 286 feet 5 ihclm. 4 lilnh!s on Magazi,ne at. 146 feet 6 iches on (iravi!r streel, and III fnet lI inclhine i Nnt.che at. This building produces now e rent ofe37,000 iperinuin, and Ibing in tile minost louiriitig part if tile city, uppreite threr.e hiiks, and in time iemidinte neiiehborliood of tiem St. Chatles ea.n the c'ity llotels. Its realts will, i ra very few veyrrs b increased to fl8y tloimanod dollars per antnamt. IEsilniateld t (i 0,000 1 Prize-'l't loant four stot.ylrick li illd iug known tas the (CI Y IIO'I'EL, forierly lilhoap'a Itotl, aituartep ai tilta corer or Cinp and Cluomtnlll it ueasllring 162 feet oil (ronlnOl mlt, end 146 fet 11i imehles (in Cetllp st. This building rettle now for $ý25,0010, ainlmitmirl ihe Immnmest cemmlrtml part oftlIh city ca shortll be irm ren ed to thirly thousandn dtllare per am. "n"I" e d e Ea lre m amt $509,000 I Prize-'l'h three story brick dll lliang IholIAe, No. 30 ml Ntllrz eet aIreet ndimuining lloe Arcade, intretl d nl 12 blnatred dollars. Eslilatiled at $'0,000 SI'rize-Thle tilee omsory brick dwnorling bemse, No. It, aemjmining No. "1, o:, Natchez street, rentld at twelve Nae hea st, reole at twelve hI1d rel dollars. Estinaled atl e $20,000 l P ri orner s ,f Bat in anl Cloik, Ol iniat In Basin dieel, e41 feet front tin lFrlnkli street, by 127 i.etl deptl, mt ltllottlllmmiuse sermt rented at 6r. teon mnlired ddllmars. EKateimmti(.(lt 1)0,101 l'riz--Tlle t10imlling I clite No: I4 nont.h e0ii t 7c« ruo r of IHra nk street, Ineg. urilg 31 feet 7 inches tin lhuvin or 1l 7 encihes in Freniklin street, by 21'7 le'l 10 inlteime im,)) lh c (,Ctim tlllltls t treet; renterd I5 fifteen hlnldred dollarse. Eltimted at m 20,nO0 I Prizes--'he wo, story brick iwelling Illoiue No.339 ln Royal mtret, Ihetween Ursuline and Itospital streetsle, ,m - urim,2ll1 feet 8 incitmes le Itmyal tr, iby 127 feel 14 i ties im Ilm l; rent cl at $10210 per annenm. Estinated at $)5,000 t Prle--250 shsred Canal Bitik stt:k, at $101) ealch, $25,000 1 Price-2-lll) lllres Ceommercial Bank stock 6100 each, 62,1)00 IPricz--15S0 share Mechanice' and Tra ders' flamk stock, at $100 elach, 15,000 3 Prizes of 00 shbares each,, m ttnBhtk, . .5,0l11U 2 Ptrites of 251 ) elge 1)0 Prizes of 25 mmGas Leighit, 5,0)U 2 Prizese of 15 " Mechaiec,' tnd 'Trami,rI' 13,000 .0 Prizes of o " Im ouieiam.. St.e,. 2)1,11.00 10 Primzes l 2 a fire .iglt, 2,11(u) 200 Imizes of I lm" " mkof Orlaonme, 'O,lll) 20)0 Priazes of I " Unin flank of SFloria, 15,000 It @halll be at the optin mFitll. wimnmars Ifl Irires mm) bank steoks, either tI, take lio stock tseef or tili lar luer liohcreol in cash. MO3lt Ol. I)RAWING. 100.000 tickets, froml I ro 1(10,0110, will ih put in one wrhu l, rn(I n 011 pri.'e., withlthe blanks, in an llher; to every niumbcr a prize or blank will be drawn., until all O'm pris are determlinel, leaving the balancee of nlan bor a iii e w.el--blavke. Ord (rfiers arfle above lntiel will lie recerial at lhe oflia nodcr tile Verandahn, c.arni.r (f .r. Charles and (nljoln.ain airee.., unit sit No. fll Chartra- stree-r, New Jrleka avllr, Flaro Aplrily , 1839a. i malr. llll Ith conial "~r./i, t pool l call(V onllell al l r file N a . 11 llr fITTV'S ic inlrP Jdricpr.lrdnco Loarner 4 a- aotpn iree t, grtUS & ALAN I wo) rIIA esct..' fll callle ans. 7 A -naltaInt will be l vlied In t, lke to Fla ricll Anol ,lllpsenedid assortment o ladirous n iud ents tri drawing. lanks .villd, l Ap, a. or. oli, perf ry, c t cIT T . Medical J erispr vdal i rce Appoi by the Fderaln llicole, fur sale at d 1 o. 1111 Ca O)p O sreet, hy (Fxchl ngf H e LEX. THi ing w) a . Sai Corn i sionrer las ni adi Corale erinee , a ratgnll of catiei nl cof aralicra, teilFc tehc Ctaluel a x, 18; A IN 1817; K Act T l8 o SH &ALLANwvoure ld cr repy ctf uh l call awer a n tt h JeONV o. e aEmorllAVl m lANDlener's liCaa.lln irtE N R eRnlllricN I Na. 31 Camp St. t Im n l u nsaid(n. fai hionable litana fl ollta : l injIt cl. lr: silkL nc(rati and Inerint ld or diirli ak notillawer, I cuhri anad silk haindkerchiefs: black isd fancy c, - a vaty i1 ; great variety: stockas l'every descrilytion gain elastie ln couton csupeaderi: siilk conlar an Id Iloread al:i.t, C itIitaokin g loves: umbrellas and caneris erold Al u,-- plintdd fsorent poladie and lr gentsgv rid SngIdekI. IdrOPE-i caesil prt olie oper.fumer, cut lery, nall rich fancey goods. lAppointead iy e Fedeor al Crorl ia New Orleans. OFFICa No. 109 COMMON S1TIEli'T, (Er.hIIa nge Hoatel Bialldingali.) t Al) Countria.iloner lakes ntfiav ito I saler an leby virtnuy flle 3 Actso J.,,, rei, pansel, 2l th Pnllrti ary, 18t820 Iat)lnrcl 1817; theJndiciary Act of 1789 aed oi-ctn oE Conlgress ia such cases inmae andeI provided. Said Cofnri.inr Itrs considerable experi ence i JOHN V. CHILDS, EN HULL'A ANI)ERO ABCO(PIER-I.AL PPIORTER Xe. 3, Camp St. .ILL enaew iandptrum int foorder bank noures, of ro p ofetu UangEr, bills of ld thng Wombdi , 1y eranx jtil nble li v si: cards, intlari , conladtr ad reommin id hose fili, door pla the msilvenr of are, re-alwyton to hleltillt aiortmet n r hilver plaled ao d brlas don a P' cu, inted from pe alreay egrav edated circu. c EA. RIt LI rc-- coils e diale rope o baturio or Bir Aa-tly ICoopr of Londone b ; Sir Bnjaiin C IIrodI- ; Sir J UIC i draulrk, CIytician to the Queen; Gri lli, ileo. Caboto W miner rpitale l; Iltsbotl am, lectur t Londonu , 3 Cho tal; Roert al Y- Jr Sweatman ilecturer to Middlesex h te Vegal n-luiibdell, Lee, frlont elp .rgeo. n Katl s, & al by layr M S&o Jp P Wo ITNEY, 7A 3 Cud e R it e FMine N CO., Pars 3, aind A r to zite ustreet SaD' rleii poeg thssirs Vslpepl o Fall a in Pauer larly Dubois, S o ile seasot. Their ssr New ort being larg willediablfy in theo uniiuly of trchaelify of til? e~ualry, nt tiH seort"I notice; for sale wlholesale & retatil, on accuIIonlocatilg ermns. INew York, pro. Dela ttnldr and Franacisd Jo h.r ale Son, prsident County d Wociet, aur Cea ullt TO TiHe LADIES. tI1 HULL'S U'I'ERO ABDO)UNAL SUPPORTElI rsi nw instrument edfor thoc radical cure of Pro Napsus Ulgri, or Falling of Marchthe, bCyrus by r. inl application, superedingDr Tho useBoyd, of tGilbe ub jetloinable Stearns, iLud confi.dentw, Kmly rVaco Pmeded to the afflictd as the ioanei rer perfect restoerntios to health, it never having failed of perfornming a Care, even under the most aggravated eircumrntau ccs. It has received the decided approbation of Sir Astley Canoer of Landon; SirotBenjamin C urodo ; Sir Jaime Clark, Pyaician to lt e Queeen; Dr Ab lwell, Lcfcltur on midwifery to Guy'se tNo. pithl Dr Rigbly, cl'i urr to St Bartoloeniaws; Dr Gril arth lecnturr to WeStmintner Maospita ; Dr ileBooth an d lecturer t M London hoe~ital ; Robert Forguson, lecturer to Westminster lyang.ia hnonil, alt Dr Sweattnan, lecturer to Middlesex Ia- .atal. and snior accouchleur to Queen Charlotte's lying; in. ospital; also by Hal ry DWavieo, NCoaqa;eit Blurdell, Lee, Mrriltan, durgeon Keatli, &c.Fby Dr Mlorreau, prnnident of the Acdntamnl Roayale de Mndicine, Paris, and Ancouehlr to the Duchesa D'Olcasa ; professors Velpesau, Marjolin, Paul Daubois, SB son and others-and in New York by professorJ W Francis, G S Bedford, M D profes. saor of midwifery in the univerniy of the eify of Now York, proft. Delafield, and Frani, UJoln. aloe, president County Mad Socielty, Laurena Hull resident nired socilty State ofN York, pros Jas ;lcNauglhton of Albany, profa March, Cyrus Per. kins, Diann--Drs Thos Boyd, Gilbert Smith, lopaok, Stearns. Ludlow, Kisann. VachIe, Power, Grayson Van Renssealaner, and many other disltin ,guiloeal physiciane in tiI U States. A G lull, Office 4 Vesosey at, altor Houne N york. SX A conaltant supply of the above insltrumentnl with Dr Ilull'S improved Truassn for Hernia. will be kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, A G Carpenter, Natcheb; Stone & Marsh. Wood. Ville;' Booth and Mallory, Memphis; W D WiWLa.. pon, tSolerville; Hall and Wuhington, Nauhville 68k, - _M1 and Httamilton dq: R L Miss. FaLree bHIPPING. For Europe. FOR HIAVRE. Thl A 1 antl fast stiling lpir NORTH AMERIFCA, €cpltain Ilealh, will have den polh. Far freight or p larogr,apply to a. 30 Ih II GAIlE,, 913 tatt,;aoon so paasoge ipply to &1 JI I WHITN" Y, l Tle A 1 anil rsL(rinr shipNILh, Capt. lan .halrt, will re rceneborlv itt. Far pae sa ge osly, apply to t L II GALE,oo mtoy5 93 Conmon at FO, I.IVER'lJlI.. The A 1 and very superir ship ALEX diafcutttn. For iriglciof whaich, or peage All IagdAntrly eerttoalirr, can a bi0 bals ongrr. Aplyt wh on bor l "rr i g .13 9I (Idlln , 9l Comron st . .' FOILLIVEItI'Oul.. I'nasagc Only. SALErI 4IN, Coa t IorrVy, will hrve ill.e A llitdes r t atietI. Fr toolzen only p vly to1 In m 7l 93 J IT lUllu (lIa l st Coastwise. FOR NEW YORK. Iolitrs' Line of Packets. RegulIr Packets--to sail of 15nit May. havivg hPir cargo sn i io l.oartl, will Hail Itle VgohlTle 3olarkbet, tor o A COIIEN,T til13 N1o 911 Co1mnmon Pt FLOIL0NEW\V YtLll..n^ogola-r ilcket. lolmeys' I.inr of I'o"kett. rhTo s IIill i the - lth iInt t. pCet Ahilt OCONE, Lynn, , nslPtr, swill 'Inl an itlovf .tu l. Fil 1'reilt or amagi, avii I ll ll e nllh I lonlllt itioltr, with tatll em \.ot., apply It I a1 i oi 11 i ilL ard, tIwl tierr below' til vo getable nIlArky, o.rtt A COlI INN, it'Il Ni 90 Commo7lln o t 'OR NI.W YOVRK. Now Yotkam. New Orleulo lino Pollk t , ,f Si, w' nrdn y I'i ll int. t llrfy, Ill.vit. t large po rtion (of hIer iargo e', ll gagged tortil goingt on board, will stil am labove. FFr of' freight oy r pollabsre alrly oil Ibtoad oltpooie le Mlitit, or I, 1t I.AIIIAW li; C lllllo t Thyl Atllll ra oy I1,oI t(..ll-n1ioo oIpparoltllll l lilr stelr ' lt ilogt, roA , .t ( o tti<- a t littilt d i iib r will lie Iti ken if'e-rly a,1,lientittt i tol+,,! on ltoart m l. mtay 1:1 NIP.\V Y11i1. T.. 'll A I Imek(.kIt Ahit I, I \Ib I% 1 of t. In an f 0l , Ih e I',I·l I O''tlh .r reiht or . l~a.++n.. havrill, grill| II,:lo llltll l loil)lo s; Iap'ply Ill I u,.l lll-ýh l, lh.- Vv d,.)I .l . oilnrkl ImU' t, l _ln S & J . WHlw NElYV 73 C(aml,.p _t ITO Sn. o he It. 81h. insl. Ih aea, tit, filtot -oiInitl Itakoket ol.tip 1.1 I.o , "l'rt..on ooaser, will sail -. . b.y-. Forll fre'ighlt or nlln.r ..g, lavilng sll perior aLC cIlollllllll l olllm l lllapply o i ti Ctll)t lf li ll iitn on ho d , opposite tile Vegetab lo lllo lkat... to A+ (ClI)II IN omyi 90 Colnlllon t hOR NEW YORK. f'lle A I fto hip CINCINNATI, Anlldr w Ilarlo., fIllunier, is nlOw ready i. rec!eive wirgo, and will Ihave l :h. . ur ftl'i o rl v I lr h ll r Iv ,it to tiay2 Itl Alt & IIA IUIII 'V.. 7 f. ah.k Pisrs''. -lr A o1 6,.1 ili. .tgth.o All)t, Caoloino . l+. .will h t ,I,.v + dý m.icth. For 1`ihit or piuasage, S&uv I I WI I IM aY i t tlO ...'r lit ryltt 'lhr ,I+.w t Co 1,0t sii 'Barq'c 1CIIANTI ullay I 73(I nlAol t s y .I III NEW ORLEANS Steata and I'atent Bi.scuit I akery--Waters and Illlmian. Ni Ma.9 i i, ... a. e Ih e cl,.atrnic Itail Rocd.) rpit S and Navy ilronad, Stla l. i'd Winte Riscoit, Sugar, Butter, Midf'rdl and Water Crackers. All the nabve articles are warranted to be of the irs' quality, Iand to keep in any climate, being completely kiln dried. Also,-l(lon dried corn mneal. Orders left at G. W. Pri-chard and Tagart, Jr. corner Mgazine and Iloydras stroets, will receive prmpt attCention. Saiall kegs put up expresely fer anmily use. l5nov COT'rro. CIICUTLAURS J RIN EDt with the Gtreatest R.rpdition, and na 1tyle insurlpssed in NEw (til.ANS, or else OcERS lfft at CoICOiPTrN Rnon in, St. Charles Ex lhanle, ( Corner of Girarier St. ) or eat T RU E AMERIt I AN P ItI NT IN G O FFICE, corner of P'oy"ldras and St Charles Streets, rill be A_ njar23 I ltII)DGE, 131 Allgazinest ORDERS RIECEIVED "FOIl .JONES' 1aT7'EN.TC07CO'TTOV GLV, Ilythe lPatentee, No. 5.3 Magazine street, New Orileans TO ICE MANI-FACTUtEDI IN NEW VORKBY ROBERT HOE & CO. , - L SCALE OF PRICES-Double Gins. For a double (in of 80 saws or moe oi cach cylilnlder, cimakiiig 160 aws in the stanld, with feederri, halds, &c. at $6 er nsaw, or $960 00 For a IlI)ule till of 60 sa'vs i oie)limder, or 1~0 saws inl the stanIII, fea'ders, &c. a $6 ier taw, or 720 00 Forliu. of 40sawsondo.or 8 saws ina sland, at $6 i2 per saw, or 50U 00 For do. of t trws on ilo. 40 saws in a Stand, et i.50 ier saw, or 260 00 SINGLE CGINS. For a single iln of 80 aws or more, with one set ofleilers, baids, &c. at $6 per 1 saw, $480 00 For il. of 60 saws, with teeders, &r at $6 90 r sw, 30 00 For ito. ofl4 saws, with feeders, &c. $6 75 lr sow, 300 00 1 For do. oft) saws, withl tec'trs,'&c. at $7 50 Iper sw, 150 00 Extra teeth where desired, for feilcers, supplied a ti cents enah; tile noi'ier oflveeth bein ilcabout iequal o tle Inllalclr of i'aw. Oice set of liCders, it is co. sidlered however, will wear out two or three sets ol sows. Extra saws s i ipied at 8O celts each. The Gins lord,-rlcticd, i ill be idelivered to tlie agents ol planters il a llo)' th sea plrt ilowi ol the c-ttooli plan- I ctii Sttaes, at tile aboae oIles, til agels It)in thke lie nAl oan tile an"eoinlli Ni Yt onll, tlnicl hUcOllig rel - spl.asible fr tihei aIni t of the (;ii. A t.;il Iwright willbe sent aiith tile Gins to uit tlllciit lls i hlre tle. f sirld; thle charges bfr wlhoe servicesvwill le extra, but b modlerte. Irolu nnlling gearan also he ordtered wlheredetriied,l on reasonible termns, iut will lie carled extura. Horse ii powerofiny, descriptlio, cnll be tirnishr l Oil onlike tellls. SaUll steam engillaes can also bi e ordered it de Sired. It is desirabl, when planteir give orders for Gins, thme shouldaccomopany them with their views inl regardI to tilecarrongemntol sws, Iretasts, brushes, &e. It is inol they tliffei , opinio. Some desire saws of hnrger dinieter thai others. Tile most commllon size is 9 or 1t inches; bL .some wish them 12 inlches. Some wish 5 or 6 rows( I bruses on i an ale, while others do not want more tbaa. 4 ut most. Some wish saws with 8 orJ teeth to the iclh, while others want 10 or II. Vc ich Iliaae'panece c we prefer thliy slntllt, at hike time oflgivilg olrers, fillnlish n stateeIent of their i ielnes,a tlctoe lloillnficinreri s call fIltil ithem ill every - U'piieular. Wlbere it is left to ouldliascetinl, we shall lnake thel onl tle mosti modern lill apprioved jilan. Al ordir caln he xeculed, frol tke tinle it is reFcved, ill tile etince ol ebht or ioine weeks, lind tile i in i. that tliac pihnedill the bhads of tile 'acitol. To be ill ltle far tile next croi, all orders oughtl to be in tIe hands ofi tile lcanulattur lry the first or middle of 1ay; exlept or lantationos wherethcy arelate in .couna. c ing to p,11 !or nl ettolW it. N. I. lThe ltatet Right, for any oneof tile cetton r v 2ilg States, will be sold on reasouable terms. cc 3 8 BAID)EN CORN--conlatenily oi bahnd, aii r ,ale at 16 96 lu ag t GEOIRGE C. CfILDS, ATTORNEY AT LAW, WtJ ILL atteld the Supremei Court, and the Distrier Y Courts, of Harrisburg,and some ofthe adjacent counties-Office at the City of Hounston. Claims on the govermnent, either loe Bounty Land or money, will be undertakn an] promptly attended to eilmhr for non esident or residents of rexas. Address frona tbe Untied Staten-City of Hunstoe. ito the care of S. Ricker, jr. (Texos Past Office Agent I New Orleans. 3mn nnar 2 -F Oldiiiti WIlEELLS-40set Hoisting Wheels, I Xof improved construction, in frames complete, for sale by J Oi T, may 2-4t1d Tivoli Cfrcle SUNNY 8AUAG-30,00 in haltes and bluidlel, foa G uI caby ISAAC BKIDGE & Co, may 2 131 MagsRine at PER CANDLES-60 boxes apere Candles, N Bedrod brand, for sale h y I BRil DOE & Ce may 2134 Magazine at L AC KD& Fi.,OUR--i kegs Salterior lafllsrdaut 150 iobbi flour, landcing this dav (tait steaeer Per. isan, frleei by TSTFTSlN & AVERY, ! &1 .. .68 Grat itnst FOR NEW YORK. A &A & 'et York 4 Yeew Orhans Line. NEW LINE of packets has been established to ruil between New Orleans and l Ne York, to conststol'fivo first rate ships, viz: Ship st. Mlary, It WV Foster, matter, " IRepublican, J (; ilasell " Aulburn, II P Darfey, for lrasengersa corrise ll thaut may Ire reqairrd tfr rdenrfisrt ai eonvcilellcs ult tlhr eofran dlsr iln co:rilelei, lao first cnlasa shilps ill supply ti:eir Ti, greatest punctu.lity will he olserred in tile riler of ranitile, alad evrery reasonable anccUmmiodtlionlI exta ndaed to shijp Unrs nd pashaisengrs. or further particulars upply to Mw krs. Jothnstn a J I.rtden No. 8f Wall streei, Now YIrk,orrto jae PETF IL II)LA W, i Camp St FOR NEW YORK. [Iouisiana and New York Line of Packets.] To sail regulatrly as adverlised fromi each Porl. rt ill lille is at this molliient olollessed ofl' thile foal w 1 illLE shi)ps, lllat nall0 Ie :, ver % .ls will h,. e ll ol lIit ail lIIrlV y dlly nllkokilln Ilro rnnrl)er rIr%'lsr ii: ill III, Ill :ll wil a I l v f o ionit beirsg ,ispat 'tid fr'ol n Ihis poll every f lr rllrn s portalliil 'nd u itli lua t t rl lll rlsr rlfneiht. b ial Iadspi, Catiini 'lisk. " M lrsrsissipp, ' l ,hP " lonisvirle, " Allen. Rrr'r rnrrlrtrrrafi s o r fn ' grsarr n r lll r couorrrrrilerl by urile a In t i l kim ml'erle! i t ]llllllr r "lie pice 'isf I ria 1 iixeliat $10, wailop wipre, Ilr I u lpeurri, riiryls trri' Ii li ll rll U, hll 'art's t inIs r rli uld, s tin, r ilr revrly ir d r i lar irlrh r wIlli aln the greatesat praclltlisity oblrrv'dr as tuheirday of eI'Irher the owrru Trs or crinit.l of thise, vessels will e res. , po sibi le (r jewirey, 11uli la , eciuI II ll l onei, ril srl, org pisira, ragi' on isa, rust of ion or strwsl, lr rfi any lerlers, parcel or packagrllcs -et bIy ior thiI lonsrd 6llf them. unslllsl s trre up larr illl, 0! ludig arei lie r th e srae, manl lith volsi ervlfexpressed. Forr fretigt or.usupe, r al' rs I) ollL tar f rl r U! rl:Sll / ti, Ce% erMrr ir S)lyli fri elat i p rlt. IO.M''tc' IANE Ol1i I' A'KET' . Arktansas, ialupain E n lenir , I(rralons. (llpllta.lllnC C12y Nashrille, Ca lill \\ta . Loit. Clprtin Trulallnr Nemor Ship --- rCaprni %V itlhose. Nesr hip - Captai Niol:r s. 'The ashoe hsliopstir all l the first :uAiss, eaICreal, e loipperlPslerFastelne, lsInl al u ir,' lt ill New YIork ex. prcssl it trldjle--lthey asre 'lr'litllt drtlorIht of wa it'r,'ntd ahrlost invariably cross l in bar without detlen ti.n 'I'liese packets are cornnmaresrll Is (Captains well ex Ierlencedl i ll the traden, nd will ulwlai +exert theslllelves t) nl('cmlllll odlllte. The' will Ila HPys hlI! tlowed Ull and down the river, antl ill iriir(l- llil am advrtisied. They hars a Illllllldomlllely fUlrllisl r 'll rnllllnl*lllltlls d storrs of the first rrrlity will ahrirs I- flursrirll.l, ail every ritetiol paii to tlthe comfUria' and sltisfirictlon of I rrisstWern 'le ric of the cabin is fixed at :ki, withlut wine ori rther particulars al:p1v toni A C OIIIN, t)il ('lC lmn air e t[i-'Jthe ships are not accounttUlrte ;ir Irsmikage of class, holllw walre, marble or grallllliler n lpelrll ge. f till or rllut ofillon or sivel: nor responslllllble for mi11y pInekae r :arrlll puton bollard ' unless it reuhlrir lill r flr i ng l bie aifireugt iloresir, at ilhe oflice oif l~ie lorrors. for the Interior. FOR ISAYOIU IAA RA IeguLlr PacIk, t. E.(. aII t lojde.nhil I,04asisngtr steaanlbo2 t l " will Iý! ove New ()rlepdrn everv W d-e nle'dt at Ill O.'clok A. 11 . IIr Illavo Slam&kseverv tltl ly l o t I ls o'clock A. 1 kiilg ill llL dos n hon bokrI 4r too f2.ih5Ait DAMS" & VWIIITALL' 10 N 'STI I1ll'NF4tS, COiUNI'ING R( .10o l SBHA NKS, &o- c 15,0 rea ltlo , Al'o i ' I vl e V mill letler popr, fine o11I do l, ollerfilo J."n (10 Iltll cilllllicltial plost 9. hte do 150 d ll ulrel IA lt l ill oII an'r ill poat do l ..rm do al eitr Iiori . . linthg o lft) do A .4 va. d o A L0 'o do cated to Henry l2I rrel, ,q. .. "on .sod by G. P. Mla pluioooot tilia New olk conoerts, il corlier St ChIrles & Comlmon ts LL2AS--1 cases Maron uand (giighno Un. A I !,r`ll s, lo ln ri ing it col e1lte syiil 4tillttt, I10 Hldhl froY ligr Jl Pahr , Ior til u lby ISAA' 11t I(Il2 'F' 0' |iinl-. 1 N I134 Malu v r ,line st. COMl PA N Y. a itBils, rio ll to rl. I Fll l New oirleal * . A RRII L LA N E & N AS IIF R I IO N I Dil a InO A 4 to r r at 4 o'clock, A. M. Hlor Car at 5 o' cl ock A; : Locolotive l" " L0co4li letv 7 "M 8n "J1|. " ] ,,rerri n l ) " C <i'iii \ U P 1 "3 2 It p ll "t 47 " i afte t n lck a Crcan be obtained by paying 10 do lhn r IIIe 0 4CTillR THil.' JAl*KiON AND II.ACOUITS SITREETCARS ! I 2.e K Ca ll AnTl ste .jIl:k Iet , A. M . iend rUll orly. At etufln t h7 o'ch k thio car will cOlllltlle Ulllillg every half hllr eld clltilu Ihrol t day ulil i l'clo PO . 0l! ftlllaet the l tl. o Ikt4.Orl 1 4 . lcet. ot aPe4ll tilg byo the Locolotlve I ,l Ian Yve oth.e emselvr es Sv ll' icpkets, as no lo will I e tuiaken t hle calo inetos Ofi,- NeiRw nll. . be r.oltol Rtil Head Cavl iY, I Poydras traeet. JOIHN It Al PI iN. ] S eivllS, ty a0nt a iurrival, a4 0ra4lt4nlent n 4 slilts, h i t N s E r fcin lo reTS G l o rv e s, l r r e - 0ul ity cravats, Uf eor stock. , gloves, IIi.nd u nllders, at tle articlive. l ate arriv als at the antruapl 17 lll er e, E or oo. .r0 l lll4l0I lsreet4 044 a*_ _2 __ IIUSHI & ALLAN 1 lank Chcaks, Bills of LaOding, Auction B illsI, nOAphlet, Shobw bills, Cant, lolgt ls, &ier. & . 04 1P 2 RlllE:mR mfor the Above, asl every other de 't eription of li'IlN I'irN(e 2ge receied at Co4 ll4llAN Io of fI'ILtU: AMEIhoIC I onI," ino S In. ('uIIlr S E..I CH KNE, 4i doo4 r prol4n4 Gri04 vir A treet, or fie Irintiog Ii fapl7ce, corner of Io)r 0- nnd St. (Illus 1 trales. at Extcusire and beautiful IoosK anod .Ioo FOUNTS 1, front lhe best F4oundries i, tle Uoitdl Stotes, 4., vjus been iE-del to Ite alreaga w ioel/-stiukel lik b, is t ret; -and 4(IEs rwi2l beexecuedt s I.ow. as CAheaplyl, g4ctlil2r ly od lcutifCul I, a4 40 1 3n o7ther Ofice I Au S-r650 orwurs d ud on a rel lal e reflrndile bhfurg 4 B al by d S .... np , I SA ACII EE--7 lalcks lcinli r r. t thille irn l s 04 Bleni B llol. for FiALe QROWN m4 E4.I I 'r-- r llui n 9ii l Magi zineb 1 i44r07 "IIEAI)& IAtanlsOWPl IItok Ploe ---1U:1(-1 bI.K-3 0 0 bo8es 1 i24l'l4 « 043dles , a . slort aed brindo, br sale Ie . ,O N a _l S i BRIDGEI , & Co 134 MIgazine st1 4Il[it oubh.rihle oferr lor 4 ale 1(4 2402 F2hl ur 15U 2 z bid Wlliokoy 50 casks Ilneolll , 42es; 50 cosks ' Elo:o i ioluldcro; 10 hsks M«hbllyl0aa d 4 ltll. , oprl I '110Ile BUII2EN.74 Carop st i steame r e, llress fur Siale by fo I)Osal EY, I2a 20 GD 44 New Levee , -.---------------------- . E LF44 PREKJERIiERu--ju-t an ceiRma d i su02e4ric artile 27 li&e pre 4rvers 70 1 ie1 Phraar, I l 4llp 30 eu fl b noads, o fr r, le by 7 . optlp9 iS 6a J P Wi2 1 I NBE, 73 Co al: p st pACKINIt BsOXES--A large 0b ills od order0 fr, ' Sbisby , ALEX 'LIWANI, k ni0p Ia b B 49l C loip st T P K .A-60 essohoog 0nd po044iiebi, landing I t44 44 cllr 4Splendidl, fo le Bosylo, 1kr sale l y for salo by READ & 1ARS1'4''OW, an 2A TEl5 l, llk PhieeIo L I-Ei. 4s04rs supJerio q reclivy. t supdi erg iad ur arisole by S &l P r a IIIaTINE Y, i)S 73 Callp t JAVA COFFEE--71 bago lodina g from oship Louie .villeodkrsoleby SHALL & OWIN, aol 9 4 agozinoe ets 'A6NOI2AZCO--0 boors, 8 a, 12 o, 34 s and pound lumps fm arious bralnds dod qohiio.t, for sale by , ay7 I A BRIDGE & Un, I:14 Maganiso st iGS--4 bi leanding frme 0t4.l0r casudalia, a o 4 arle by ABRAHAM T'RIER. soyt 84 C4a42mp at rI-JTCHoF bbs. is good order. for sle by il d BHALL & BROWN, TIRUTI IS MIGHTY AND WILL PREVAIL. T is a lact that 150,000 of Sarsaparilla Blood Pill* kae been sold during tile past six nnonthh. II i" a I·'--tllttn" ·ro takE a ill il nieradblotch illnes to oblvinto sld correct tihe Illi$o-llillloU/ aI Ed "rof elndck b bnudf l elr-tscir warink pills and thier quack melicine , by wlc ii ulny livel are , d iirhulter.d. It is l fact-Thnat all qusk Ie Iiceans eantain nnineraoq or fl:-erury wllicll quack. thitlk I- inutu kill oi cure," all trust n( thom, -refect In+ "+intor mis.. It rs a ick-- h l Inonlalllernl on acso ull fsornil ito llosd tor stll thellnlsivs doclursthaptthy llea inoe efllailylly omIpoeC their vile nd da busnlrons irepLraliln eo Ir pubtlic, -ring Iothillg tfor tile con f wqmec e U , Ilweht rley call onlly larcket th-ir unja.ttgl ill. It is rf.ict--tha'llt tll.e 1oIY r nllal o.lpt illls and n-r$ wtll Inow illr..l ourcountry kllnw f.Lhatl. I f'Ilv: n ature of ocdi c lle, Inuckll less itbout(lt . diseses ofth hlllllelli I1ylpln It i a filet--They nrnpoar:tnlarly ciallculUt ient fIe follow SrUap ; ryr i clha; onld I Ill; J;.Ulll~et; ll rtlt nrl; Scaly erlloitl.t.ll tlld bli hes .1 Di TIea rs ofl lne Ilf-,t in, "I" Wnilll ll bi-lo ;..lld I l lld.; Dry sI'l w.ter pi llllde, alnd hile ofthaile hn t..long e Iusin latle of ilt. ftae lld Of back end looille, ver the III Ibom y; regionl o te. heart and Tetteraimo rinEworlns stoI111l:ch Sr r ell il n i ln l lintllelolg ol tle ellwlrd fover t bell I lllo in irla d ' of tho+ l-it, ill thl. ll llelolluh, li h brealh grmlit, brc uI &.c Flltul nllcy; Indilgestiols cllnlllEfi Iagl e' W.loot t "f l "lietultil t li to ;l hl Sour uruct oio alld acidliies of iLIth stIuItt-ij 1W'.tYrbllrash,&c. It is a '.rt--l'll, Onl lv proprietur mid nlatlurlc rer olf Ontl, Sar-pani1; 1 Ia hill I p1tI. I., a -galla- phy)lwiau n .- w(ell A-pothl/ `.catry,.ittcst-_-l 1,,y lh a . e,+~uc ll .l :il .... It pb - ,a .1 i !Un te .States. 1l) :Ier. I 'll++ick , CI p n, Jac k-, u, I W ,elo , Dcwce., fHare, J-lnll,)r ., ()fr ,: . &'s It i+ ,ilhc--'l'll t ill,' ,2 lr:l ,11rill a I p+ , ,l l r l. d en. ·,eyed ill tih. Iri l ll l" 1i y ....I...y i ... il...... ll... ý ,t-llll l ly r In (:'vc a - btel l y Illy t hro~upleh ut ti.,- U" Slt-ls (m,,.ý di t.1 .. "'Il ""I:Cl In I1 '·li lyl. llC l It(I1 O1" .ill+ ) tP is al Ij.l",L-- I, hy Ir ' , , lký ir+'l ri I I,), illd th·y lirto wllrnllled t . .C.ilI ll IIU II "'lI lilY E r illliloill |Ire It is a filnt--r'lln v Ilbe tilkl b, til. l Il licm, inld +it .1 1 a e,+; is~itholnt -.tai-inat of'uc pllttan itr I,-nl-il.; an ibo~it IPtlrolfldhill cubtll without ha g (litfI r diet r ctip unitllil front 'cinin-'leilc i n;lig. It i, afiect--'l'ltyl will not ily the+ir oliratl,m nhlichftl y be lnuld itr :mI~v,. illirelll p o ih,, plutouty lt .... -e n l tl Onl Ellac sy I lel sO unitth ais lost or tihe lp-galti-c medicinesl~ goel ally do. It is a ficl-T-l'lt they aire the inlo e IfrelindlI (41H:I..O 7T1111 BLU01). RLESOVATOI11.ll. TiHE' SISTI,1:M1 I',ci r ,di-o-vru: Allo, clotll itutollnl ll Il d uillll , by Il h -I rtyll Of I f i e a nce--TIn nver in a singlehlr lnne illnn eoho I+ tley been knolli U I( lu-ndl, thai the'y hl i, .t pr.luluce ;I good elliLct- curing tllutmanldi, fnmny of wunon w-:c I !farec onidered inclo iiiT inJ 'l .. I . .. .. ,r ...... fIet f i ptilk~ enid c.. b ...... orthea lly omp Syrup of Sarfaiathc( . id.)e all sufficient t - tiny f 11 1 fI- l I h lesyl l i . t is t- . ,. b-,,.ervcd,. I t iit ,yII.- te y . con I , lOlbliln d Velluitlo ill N. Urlenll, iý ill at lC , llht I ll e I.tro t. 1, .l, r I 0)C No. 96. BLLOOD! BLOOD 111,001, ! ! ! 1t. rib iI itrdliloipl. (tdf,) is .In the blot.d. III. I~hm I ia;1,,N blood. I Evc. r[ 't*ery ll lll lniLe i1w.Il) isdri v I1,d LI ltlll G lan ,t::. AI j .1isc; ,ll ., Itt arC rah..lil tH. inle+ Atll. A sll r- fre.ll'rin op lun lty ,lfthe I d ,l, or ill ol h e'r word I,Irerol ; ITallslO l I l .ll lll .flI l II the l vI. 6lth. IA ll the- lean.r , are carieI',l irtll On1l I.,,. 1"prified ,it La fil'l.t ION,!. l I Il m'tll~l~l Il l.l~l~ ll~iilil 7tlIt. Vegetable pulrgL itives alonle ussit ilat,ý % it fI te blo)d. I MPI;RITY ofthe Id~ odl~i fi lll Filllli [1I111 i I:11. orihe ·IreItiC· 311111 11 IT Y o Irthc M onti is , . )';k"" 11 kno -, to I' ln elr c.atcaol`eld.hel,e,. S.ARSA'ARILILA .++~lkltv'(t.b lf! l pail / l l, u lb o th bIi lJ i. l ald lillldolli e*ll:l. .y ell+ll illleI t 'JIIl e·lt,. ti tl r ci nll l£1illl) lllr0 11· I l·F~rM IItI Ili alll 1'in -l - C atu ,(u ln icu lnla t, dl, h r plre.1 'titsll I t. It , In++h. htlqt.+r h WI. lk llllll~ t ile G tSL n lltld+ Illi.'r'ili. llir((Xe I l+l.l,), thereforer I a ...... .... '"t I I" 11"'y "I" L a.'I111.; ll 1~01 olne aclery ,_nel l.ers filled with Uad lrto.cltuealte 4l1-l. el rc~lslllh i".1 ll~lair l~rllee e I. nlii|,. llrcr i., d u.u, rI~s )h I%V S It lI. hc, e Im . itil->, klu ... . ini... ) toi hininelf, lbrelly it i.. fir nl wflled owlh l r wedl kll k ln iulwn ilP d4 Alenllls wabotitl deiou rlloli ilng il l . ililf, l .i'h 1*1 b ri lil , a nd Iglll LIi.7 SIra- pr/l Dr llalood Ill. 'M. l,, ib i I. lr· 1c r IleI- d i u flit ni t a eatic purgative, which by iu l eli:, Il t a ar ly ind ilnlo t nlin irelllow ptibly carries rll' the g l'es atlndl l, h:nll titrli puriated front l lf blood b ly the arialpillir . TheIli. 1 sdllIl pll) go olill) violently as fott pidlls do, II h IIe roll rae d rcdllce1,1 the .q. -tem, lllrenlllrllg Iilng itmorle iill Ic L, di(. rtilI Wl'Uki~lll.i Le he systemlU, tlild I ltlkill+ ma i·ng di I to [litlak lltrrtlter hidr, ullld! klllag tlor destrloying thtlpasnd.; i ltlhi.r tlhll oIir llit Ila fue ll irred b ioray ai , h,i 11igl1. nupamos) ale hutrtIIaI1IIIellllfElllr, lyrr ulpliack, ill fteill ll~llt ++.t rl titl.; n chlot la l' their -Oul-plll elle as itle¥1Dil tud otlelr .l..ln. era ls. Frona ihul eircuinltanlce oftLhe flarspallrillit hi-,~ intr-.dcl,d n plills, ling aly to (ike and convoien t*I t I+ I r ra. l l In Iill rocketI o fi." r tL~,ia-1111; not beinlg liahle fit bro;.ahage, ls are h1 h +:Ltie, plltllIlreparationi, th.e smsai'pl,,Wilait they olus[ efi l le lllly take ftie place (it all otllher preparatlonll Of sar.sil tmri l . hIlth tho fturelglc g have elicited oIuinei+o. testininlatls froi phyl k l N I otleer., whiech pl. lly thle lll rcirr cl , I a lt Itr e cllid nllttly rcOl lellded il rh aUl tiLc niltc .erl-l'.i. eryt.lpClaN, ifi,,dic~e, hli-trtl irh. ,l.' . . teli-~,, .kill' lInuc-ald Nih d, INh, pai ' tll. sidet ahati Ihl. I'.ek and curle' )vr I~ll~ r lle " i d ' tI htlel tnld t'liC . 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Nou 96 Cutont+)l Ilaln+ street Flew. Orea.u. 3Dý'ri,oe affliactd with rheanlia~tlilh scrtrfula.I ernilitou lfý heo skill, lwilllng of Ill-, glanld., :.ruidd~,i~+..' naly yj" The altleudilng Physiciall illayI,.o 11 Olilulited frontl S to l0 111,p'llid f'romll Q' L-) V .31 at,d] rrin 117 to 11) ill the L-anolgll. - OLTIIT: IIAT.I'NI,;+.+ IRI-E-P+ATi-NM; FIElEH A101".+ rr 1 I 1': I'Llillil: alre respei l ullllly inluritrlal' th tfllel abo'Illvr T . "~t iel'. ca'l Il ~'l. se, - IUH a~ I~r -1ac ofIit I:11 'S11I P Co1. EN"Itam'hel)+l+ Ihlel,t C. Ihtlles+ t. mIa;r .5 if I ROGtA+NS' &~--`0 cat-+s. e,,nllistln oin elion'Ilttea' 13l n;, nml klinp rgiw l~, , |let - s, +'ll lun' ,ill chldiih'n.llltlSilnl .9 slippers, &e+., 1llding Ifont a1 3 1 BIDGE~il & Cut 131 Nlagazillest CTATE OF LOUISIANA-First Judicial Dis. p 3trict Court-Tho State of Louisiana, to all whom , these presents shlll conic, Greeting: Whereas, A C !anochard, J W Breedlovo, Wi'. liame Mackey, and 11 Lavoegno having purchaned I1 at a sale made by the Serf of ofthe Parish of Or. p loans tile property hereinaftler described, have aP- . plied to the Ccerk of tili< Court in whlose olfice tile p deeds ofsale were recorded on the 24th, 26th, and c 27th days ofApril, A. D. 1839, for a monition or advertiseament in conformity to an act of the Legis. laturd ofthe State of Louisiana, entitled " An act d for the further assurance of titles to purchasers at a judicial sales;"' approved the 1tll day of March, p 1834: Now, therefore, know ye and all persons inter. ested herein, are herecy cited and admonished in the namo of tile State of Louisiana, and of tle First Judicial District Court, who can set up any right, d title or elaimi ir and to the property hereinlafter de. scribed, in consequence of any iltormar .ity in tilhe order, decree orjudgmentof tle Court under which tile sale was ade, or anry irregu.arity or ' legality intheaplraisements and advertisoaesets, in times s or mannar of sate, or for any other defect whats' d ever, to show cause within thirty days fron tlie day this monition is first inserted in tile public papers, t wtly the sa'e 6o made should not be confirited and homologated. ft The said property was sold by tihe Sheriff of tihe Parish aforesaid, on the 27th day of March, A. D. 1839, by virte of a decrree of this Court, rendered oil tihe 5th day of Marcll, A. 1). 1839, int a euil eanti. tied Carriere & lorduz:at vs. Burhanan & Itlgan, No. 17,4101 of tile docket of this Court, at whliclt sale tle said A G t 1 anchard, J W lreedllnve, Wit liamr Mackely anl 11 Ltvergno became the pullrcla sers, repective!y, of the following property fur lthe lt owingll amounlts, to wit A G llanchardl was tile purclaser of lhe ot of ground number Six in Ploydlras sitaet, between Camp and St. Charles streets, measuring twenty four feet six incles Rfront on Poydras street, by ninety five feet six inches deep, for the sum of revan tlhusand one hundred do lore cash : three thousand nine hundre ,d d forty four dn lars and fifty cents, payab e the ltirtieth day of March, cighteen hund redand forty, and the balance in two and three years in notes satisfactorily endorsed, and bearing Iortgage-and if not punctually paid at naturity to ear interst at the rate of ten per sent. till paid, without any right to retard payment, which the said sheritTacknow:edges te have received in Iris notes, payab e as above, willt Jonau Meotoyer & Co and N. Benoist as edorsers, and reserving on tlhe above described property a special mortgage u•ntil tile final payment of the above described notes. t J. WV. Breedlove boeame tile pur haser of the lotof ground number Four, il tile corner of St. Charles and Poydras streets, imeasuring twenty four feet front on St. Cllarles street and eveonty. eight feet ten incl.cs on Poydras street for tle ntc su of a even thousand and one hundred dollars, paya ble as iollows, viz: Ole thousand dollars, cash; ; four thousand two hundred and nineteen dollars payab' the 19th of June, 1840, and tite ba'nnce in two and three years, ntl notes satisfactorily enclors ed, and bearing mortgage, ansd if not punctually paid at maturity, to bear interest at the rate of ten per cent. till paid, without any right to retard pay. ment, which tlhe sheriff acknowledges to have re. ceived in his notes payable as above, with John Minturn as security, with sp ci I tmortgage on the property sold until final payment of the above de scribed notes. J IWrccdlove became, also, tile purchaser of the lot of ground number One, situated next to the St Charles Theatre, near Poydras street, measuring twenty three Ifet eight inches an. six lines on St. Charles street, by seventy eight feet ten inches in deptlh, together with a four story brick house and kitceln thereon, now under lease until the first November, 1839, at fitteen hundred dollars, from thence to tile let November, 1840, at two thousand dollars per annum, payable monthly; for tie sum and price of sixteen thousand dollars, payable as follows, vio: Iwo tihousand dollars cash, four thousand five hundred dollars, payable the nineteenth day of June, eighteen hundred and forty; aslid the balance in two and three years, in notes satisfactorily en dorsed and bearing mortgage, end if not punctu. al y paid at maturity, to bear interest fromn matu rity st the rate of ten per cent, without any right t, v trrbich tile shetiff 0c. knowledges to have received in his notes endorsed by John Minturn, and payable as above, tire re. served special mortgage on the property sold until the filal payment of said notes. Willinan Mackey bectame tihe topurchaser of tile lot of ground numbered fiv: rt Poydras street, he. twennl Campo, and St. Cha.le t steroots, measuring twenety-lbur loet six inchecs frunt on Poydrs stLreet, by ninety live six inchls det(i), Ibr the price of seven thous4and five hundred dollars payablo as Ifollows, viz: Five hundred dollars cash, four thousalnd two hundred aed atnd eighty thlren hunrt. dredths dollars, payable tile thirietll otf March, eighteeno hunedred and fiorty, and the oaloance in two and three years ii noteos satisfeatorilyendotlrsed, and bearing nortgage, and if not punctually paid at maturity to bear interest at tile rate of ten per cent till paid without any right to retard payment, and the sherilf acknowledges to have receivwed the cash payment, andll te balance in his notes, the two first to tIhe oror of J. Irwin, and the liast to the order of Gee, Buchnaan, and by them endorsed and pay. able as above: a special mortgage is reserved until tile final p rlyonent of the said notes. 11. Lavergne became the purchaser of tile lot of ground number three, next to the corner of St. Charles alrnd Ioydras streets, measuring twenCty.fur feet one inhel front on St. Chaorles street, runnllilng t ek seventy.eight feet tell inches deep; for the price of six tllousand nine hundrcd dollars, pay. al,le as follows, vz: I toII tio(lltoltll d ,li0 r.0 ct sh, fto , for llltr tld Ioor lln d oe I lln od tit'I t l dollar,,t ilellP ttlll- ll idl Iat 0bl 0ri rotor , l iot t t llofr t ll . llln lly l i at II t i - r to l aw t ot the rote of t- rnor0cent. till paid, wier ol r not rio g t to retaoid poo t',, too d the Sheriff ac not, l Ies to rLIc rltellori the ca I)lIl pao nt alld il 00 l Chl le ill notes f II. ILaVeron , oootrlll .oel bv o C. IloerigP ,rll o nd payable Crs hovi,w atol spe oi t lll rtg age re(seVe0d o,0 tle liroperty sold tulllil foal 10 lllolllll . An ll said Lav-ert the rar. n lo filetr oF IIdol- ro 1,tt 0f 0rnld noo oll o lll b l I , W mllltll llllt )l Sir t e, n int, Sl. r t r es s - 0tlt r e rlll ll il l 1- 11 -tl re lll h e frio'ht to oo rIi 0 i0-0 l tol ttI ill St. CIo leoeol . bY t oelll v-Pi'th -I t IIo lo l &lllitell ,hho ,* il h t f Io'- tllroooeIo b .roit ololle mL till Io . en .i rkll. r. till, Ioo t oi 0lll0 lll ilt r I0 tr0 i J (ia I rt, l' e ih lo ldrO ld OmI 0 Ii tous cooux trI, or oIo rot I res u ae l c norucas , 0l0il 0 IVll lllro r Illt t ill'r t roll"0 h't l r torllllll I hdhlr l oP yI tornT, e Ailo cltlIV lit floIt ftll e o, iletl. th ols nloel l rt l l rl oled tl II art It It l,0 r Voiz:t J T o'blll lb n ll doIl· llar, aP.,l, I1,fir til e ls lll il-l. h ion drnei v olll tor i pav .ld C the lilsh iter ihtr l it "r r , t lO . e h re t0cllll otrd rolll t i ol I c, rd i tllll t till rooVu aL d thel year, rl r otr ros s o tifi o riAV elt rt sl , tol do Itoio r r(r a)uIe a.l dUII ouIt eIrll f l all llh aidcl nl n trV to Ite I llerilt mlrd tile r Ine rro ler t t r r l eolll till i00 000 llt I lto rrorntrn1oo tr l r n vis contoen oidmen r rr rir l in to Lretiar lolot-ur lldlto Ie'St r-O d o in Lo lediBei t o lave rtoei c oued tlle toes prvo ll e l i n rhe lalle i hnt 1ar ýclloihl p lnltter o eld rs't d bY C. l0 et00i00 iot Llo o , d4acuvuPo'r'or Jd ,ai t ire, p rel n s vum d i l porailleut.ol rpi d COr t e ioeiroll res l, thi-, sixtt dry ou ' Moto, eigo t r oYrI I -4ItlIis I'. LIEBL.ANC, lh10. 1 lrk. E TA T DE L\ LOU1SIANEP-Cur ti llcre d n'uier Ditriert Ju diciair-L'Etat de la Loui i.e one- it tons eux qolte or s re.eima tin.s ct'oorti lt, Atte ondl qode A.G. latoharo d, J. W. Breedlove, Wli'uat conq, ey et I. Loeavrgnens oytrnt aelurt at o vente id hite par e Sh, rpsde ft pc4roisee d'hr.lo Ldans, lea propridtds ci.ar6ion t. crites, a ste out di e rrl uin Glrefrt de otte Cntor, oruoIr le ot dtte t'reot enre.rstrois lo ir5 23 tet 27jecers d'lhvril dt oannode 1839, Iour nre ire d onforndncent nit ll acto ole la Legislatou doc doe dcoet ile Couisiane, ioti. ttl Acto pourr eollfiorelel titres dee t sqile.qrurSt nox ventes judii a G." laroard, t1 0V lares 1e31. ilurn ritcanne t ivnt, doutes perosoprnns inrvantes Pont par les ps l senies soois a1u nomr (t loetat o A. Loi. siano el d du lotur de tPerre Distrie tui. dins 'i r uei porrasoient avoir droit d are CBprio eti. St. deo ritle, en eonsequernt e opie d poucet do fore i verue Poydraq, sur vent ed6 . ucit, o profondeutos r gularir6 i onlgalit do7,100 coestimation, Pa39s, 5o , ltemps t etrn mode billents endos per lie antrei cuse tuca leonqrte do fetire vir, deor tr unt jiour a dater do Ist ptblication dettojus' avs ,poi rqi oi n vesont ainsi liteLne strait pas lonfires e lboerulo Lesans rdsereits proprltd fdroit endrea per le Slrifent, suodot e 27rcte jour do Mare de eanoe 1839, rel vertu don dderet do cotte Cour, rondo le 5 Me cmsrs do lanoe 1839, drffrecnn aairo do Biordzec t se'tse payables co. ag s n. , en paJo No. 17,101 dolt docket u er celdi CuOr, It laquelle mvents le di a A. G. ilanchard, J.b i reedove, Wil. Mackty et 11. Lo% ergeo' so sont rendus ec qurreours respeetivement, des proprintfis suivanteo polr leo s oeos ci.alerrs eodoifid, savoir : A. G. IBraneard, do lot do' terdrur no.u lot d dns rro rue, Pfracnt, Ctre ois rues dru Coydramp St. Charles, mesuranot 24 pieds d 6 p tene d face r dre Poydros,ur o 95 piotin de l 100 p tay. yle conder, purit, 1 ao00 otan do 7,19 oaymptablt, 3941, ,1de payable 10, 30 d Marces 1840, et ct baroice ds n duxbill t troi s aen b illet eidoss6t orta . tisfoetion et portent hypothUo e, c t ded ait porter on int r6t auter on intdidrl ap u de dix pour c ent jsqit, 'ils aent pas poetatelhcibont payes a tours endtldacce-, saneimout, rsersnes uen droil de retard do e paienent, cc qee to sh6riffreeonn;oit avoir recu en ses billets payables comune il est suhdit, endccsds piar John, Metoyer & Ca, et N Benoist, a voc rbs, rcne dilel Miypoturi'que ciyodlto que I spcdl si r o propdjuqru'6 pvimendu t fjsq' pl final dos i dis billets. J. W. Breedlove devint ussi 'cqur udtiur lot do lot de erre n o. 4,fr ituo npr le i ro e rueSt. Pydarles preSt. Cha rules, PydraL, ura 24 pi eds 8 f( oue es St. six hlines r 78 pirue SI. C0 aes ct i pirue Pay. drix, pour 16000 pyablo d co11, tO payatyle onileo piastr, $1,000 com piant, .119ile cyahib ce s 19 do Jutn, 181 J, oin a 10, t la balance ( dfl ts dden ti t bi l let s nndorosos otisfacton t portant ihypotht. que,orat daes ptoca qu'i ie ser aient pas ils o uelle rct payds po Ituellen anees. itso d nceont pier tevroun itorer un au tax depor cent juscent paionsut, sans ouceu droll d r retard do ie aincouet, ce lie to I stdriffrdconnait avoir recu on sea billetso paybe Jcon Min iur est sudit, nble do nls o iar Joe Minturn' evec l ryitrve l'uno e spdito sre pdl roprdle vendue jusr qor' piincmt finao des susdits billedes. Jdi. . Breedlove devint aussi Ilacqureur do lot do terra oe. t situd apriLs In toadtro St. Charles pros la rue Poydras, mreyurant 23 pieds 8 poleces et six litnes sur la rue St. Cooroen, et 78 piuda 10 po00es de profendeour, aver 'dlifice 0n briquet at hr couisie qro sly trouvoent, sorjets l unr bail jtsque aou prerier avhembre 1839 te raison tlie 15O00 ct de eItto dpoiue au preetior novembre 1810 a raison do .2,009 plar an payables toes les Iotos, poar Is drix do $16,000 payahlep coons seit ; deux milbu piastrei cooptant,iqoatre mitle cicrl cent piastres payhbles le 19 Join 1810, ctla balane tc. darns dcux ct trois ejee on billets edRosSso b sateon eefoltla o porctot hopothique ; et daens [ae as o'ils ti soieot pas pay4s ponCtuelleCortrt bt lour detloDfces, ilIS dovroutpoPorter nn intridcot au taux de dix pour eent als aneeint droit deln rotardualoe paicoeet, c0 qua to sc6riflf rcecnomit avoir recu rn ces billets cordoe. sod par JLobn Minturieat payable commit i est susdit liveen t rdslrvc d'une hypothl.qne 0plrciale sur la propridtd venduo je qu' au pailonent ftnal des die hilltscr. William McKay dovint I'.acquroer du lot do " terre no. sur la rue Poydras, entro los rues pu Camp ot St. Charles, ayant 24 picds 6 pouces de face a la rue Poydras stir 95 pieds 6 pouces de to profondcur; pourle prix do $7,500 piastros paya. e' bles commne suit: $500 comptant; $4277 8:, pay. ' ables le 30 Mars 1840 ; ct la balance a deux ct 1 trois ans on billets cndoss6s ia alisaeltion et por. ta.ut yapotheo'quv: et d ius to c us u'ilts soient pas pocltuIoolineOnt payd i leur dlalLoceso i!s dev. iont porter un intdrat au taux do dix pour cent jusqu' a paicla nt, sans aucun droit d'e retarder 1e paio aent; et to Oshritl reconoait en avoiir recu i It comptant, et la balance en som billot, las deux A premiers ni'ordre de P. Irwin Otlic derninr a 'ordre do Get. Buchanan qui les ont oudossde , et pay ablres conll il en susdit. aqece o idterve d'une hypotheque 6pdciale juoqu' au paimeut final dosdits billets. IH. Lavergne dovint aeqndrcur du lot do terre no.3 qui so trouve alprs C . neoignaure des rues St. Charles et Poydras, ayant 24 piods un pouce do face a iu ruo St. Clarlcs et sneondant ai 78 pieda 10 pouces on protndcur ; pour tole p.ix do j6,900, u payapbls combnc .ouit: $1000 comptant, $4t219 payable to 19 Join 1840, et la balance a doux ot trois aons e billets etdoss6; i satisfaction et per , tant hopothiquc . Dans lo eas qu'ils noe oient pas ponltuellement opays a leur tdhdIances, its devront porterln intdrot au taux do dix pour cent juosqiu'' phiement, sans auctn droit relanrdr ole pain mert ; t I- sh6riff reconn it 0on avoir recu loe com, tant, la balanco on sea billets endosoýd par C. Doar bigny et payable comme it oat susdit, av0c rootorve d'une hypottque spdoialo sur in proprid 6 vuedue joaqu'au paslnet frnal. Et le dit Ltvrgnoe deviut aussi l'acqudreour du lot do terra no. 2, ad,oignant to no. 1, o.tud duns o la rue St. Charles, ayant 23 pieds 8 pouces et 6 lignesdo face a nla rue St. Charlet stor 78 piods, 10 pouces do profondrur : avoc noe mnaisonen briqoues ol a 6tages, e la cuisino qui s'y trouvenl, sujette at on bail jusqu' au 31 Octobre 1830 au taux deo $2000 par in, payables tous I a moain; pour to prix do $16,100, payable crmine suit ; $201U0 comptant ; $4,500 pa)ablo In 19 :do Juin 184I, et la balance a doux ot trois ans on billets cdusaods a satisflection et portant hylpotlhque : et dacrs to cas qto'il noe soient pas poyctuellrcient pa.ys & leur doh6ance, sis devront porter un inlt6dtt a taux do dix pour cent jusqnu'c paiement, sans auciun droit d'en to. tarder to paioement o cle shdriff reconnait en avoir recu to comptant ot la balance en billets du dit aeqdieour, endoss6 par C. Derhigny nt payables coommi it oat susdit ; avt n rce crvo d'uno bypotho. que specialn our la propricto venduejussqu'b paina ment final. Toaoin I'honorabls A. MI. Buchanan, juge do in cour suadito, co G buo Mo 1839. P. LEBLANC, Iimai D'pnte Grtffier. L ItENCH Playing Card.-Just received frnm New 1ork, a full gruce of very alprior double head Cards, for sale by dozen or ronee by DIAVID FELT & Co, N Y Sationers' Hall, april 3 4 Chbartres st flE NfANS & BO iTS.-tS6 Lanon, prime kip bmn D gao1; xtral sises, landing front htips John Dun n l.ap Ohio, fcr ble by a22 l SW L inE TIlE INDIAN'S PANACEA. HOLD BT ('or. of Natchez and Tchloupitoulas stls. r the cureo irbeurrlmeati-m, froTula or kini'J evil, golut, t 't :latittl or 1.h i ,I'tll, Il .l.tol s at c ittgh'i. U , sut su lI i ln c and lleCllll t l Ill~ ~e Iit; tticIoulIarly : r. UIo d i l.l.llt . OI It Ill ,J. ou- u " lit'h ll., .ltCsr-t l' throllt solld Iloo trils. 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Ih rewo titi lll It 1 1, It eII llljeties L.ouis Phillil,. i e, -I n i, r tile. it.urllh, Iiipd Liiepld Kin"g d Uf .1 gialo llr erletl Ole i rr Tl,- hlr ilh title -ylllf t tr d r ifllr l pir n r t btl e Il, rtf it lp.11l ic h thll l l t, ll' *5 )l it 2 iWl ln ela P, r d fle ul ýl,,il t l h lr i h i l I ilo l l h llol t l lltlt lr e. g aii. ýIllr whI a ire ll o. e Ittlt -l at w it l'l , u lltr-ll o lCrel w ii. ei ri o t". I [,oo I ll on. I1%i aioro dll loll laerh. antl bryl th U llll N I ot is c Il if Dubhlin 401 ret orl Ila 1rt cy at No re r3C t:.ilud to ,l h L I t J l Ill tlol i de . lhll ulWll` h llllr"lh , l;, r y tr or li 9pLle i Ii ll ' ;Ill rs of .' i ,l I il. Uith le best r ' 8 (lll;te -lorellr ' l -llaJll -1 "lll tilhe tt liftlllll h ,I-f P t,, -elll . _ tE totalllllilnll file tlll u tll uberoo] tlle. 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Il "uII· he blil'lle -p ll-n";!I lly J e I r h ir ll 8ls A fNortn I ile '.End Roa,| was inany wr iars adflicted sthi tll, Ile.., l' .rlry itg every d it . he, l;llh It r I,', le ld Y sclilb 1 h - .oItaoer-dly aid before ,ho u d the third bottle sht was erlrectly rct,turd o0 the ball~eo o1 he, I'hs lorny ala r l are t. who a i, rul ers at ilo tid har ra iItiled so ever voine. A fie I h e oath ofuo ,l.ith of ý (juttell Ve etuhtiis lie winll perfrectly cred. the ,en' of h rinlg w. cllia cured by l sl gt hour'e.. baseI 'l itnlict ld r d ivedmil d frol im other r id o n eiralun re invwduable %ad will ircrre them tuhhsoar apby t rllho SPECIFIC SOLUTIOITo A L, whloar suffering from UKRETIIKAll DIH8IE N rIlch a. GONOKKHOEA, GLEITs, aMPtil falWle IRI rATIIN UY THIE KIDNEYi, BLADDIR, URFTTH RA, PILOSTRATE GI.ANI), Iand oil DSlEASI mof Ui. - IIONARY PASSAGUEs, PrAINS IN TUE LWIXo*Nft LhtV » I.umbago, orfronm Geleal Weakness, or Ltioc6l okylmt that thllis voluohle mriliclrse t all tilor -.i&"u pfrri'ctly eradicates tile above diseoi, muicho srr- thll. otllher, and inv:riably ilnprove the corotitutiooa il df l health, tend restore to vIlg.rtolin parts that hoveolm i1gb i!d by dlioote urt improper treatlnem. hIo iect, uoi On""i cll lie cnllluriJ to It, arid it hlia«po.itively cured 2lkoiet-b .io l %llJ iuoiidlil after all other mllediclllol hliore il t.l dii dally .ll I...eddilg Tlie -oau of tllhue injuriovlle til o io. OaIM I.,dll il' o-Co-o-. a ll orpentine, t [uo.chb, MaeroCoh aroo. a. I O oIdilion to the ltlloiro , teo t uro.tnoo al relatt r ll c SIti ,l liort o ll tlhe world,ilclludillg tle Eait olod Westl,A ar icilo-c, Or., nllld Iledloill lelo t ile llilhe-lt. tdllliDl n I PY . l'r-tlillhb,! a Iring le.sitim.tly to itl surpriisingO sOm tsIn flu *lloed po.t ho reward ha. beenl everal time r Tol'lral ptb@ll iit11 woldtoeul Iroudie any reedo y eqcul to Yolarllo d's il ...;uii,.... All-r tisi no further cumnment cn vo inm-r. ,'I hll io rer.rihled Vol nd!oSllirclli Solution omlflil tis lllit llllltg r lUretlral DIi UlIr.i iold Iotog mly o Ut lrolt lll tywere oil <nllr.d in inIrilrIhorieriLnIlhlurlhI hldl ofiir,r Aillere, aii llnd their.eieral health wu miuch IMlroo ad. H. LEY, M. D. "Lecrurer ot Midwifery, at'l"rtholomWo'l Ihopillt." Ilr Clirke los sirescriled Yoluld'. Sfpeilic Solutiol, loob l:y |.icnt. I t0 ring under Urethrll Ditchriles, and ilvorih hIll,11U ll V were cuored in muclllo time thenb Il ol pro vlo tlOly ,]ed, wleli ul.iinlg ireparariotlll of Copot, *l Oill ,," loilloa ito i a rllll.nldy uotquaillvd, nd u on thIt he inloed* ii fuuture to pr:c'rihe fur hie patients. I.OrDO, Doo inhoblo, 1837. I)r ;rn.e. hlrebly certir.i Yularld'. SpMcllic tlolulou U a nir»?t l.Ic.iUCICII releidy, and one tlhat removen Unlt"l Pi enaoo. ,toLr thalnlatiy prcpaiation of Copaliv ll hp IMIroN scribhu. Tlhle Blo>!ve o:n bo olttiuetd Otdy at No. Ia Cltuir oa U Ioo in New UrlEua. MEDICAL CARD. AND 131POITT.ANT TO THE AFI'LILTED WITH DlI EASES. 'A i TII:Al'loitol e eon trlljl oeoi.e., Gnorooi lih.,l lil0 iA ttriotllr,t ilocluditfr pructlicl obHarvatironl on Semi."0 \tlt.ioi.llr , itliI l'rtoln early ahuse., so tllo t ll postiorn mo I itll o.to1111 IIi1t 'to tlitLe cure- witI oI..e. crecy ranr r fl.ty. It tIi ;nil I fllt tly d (too, that rtousanlds ftll vclioill tothe .o. I nlr.ll . l~L·II, tlnt I to the ueuktilflletas of illiterate .ilU !whr,yl »II uroof thatil deadly poilon, Merecury rain the o Oml o Itiottllltl, iltuit t ueIrtl-ir ,lill ot!bIoteli o fa oilel .l.4 I t ud l ly, dlalll i tl oh. iei6 ttloi o iu the. or, ode Olhfn . ltlillate levtL, noi d ellieS J e Ila b on hll.. , till ltltength gr i . lIlt c vlliy ultci tiICV of tile ooelst I itaoi, allsues. and tl r S' li "t't PURIIFYINGi SPECIIFIC I'1.1,1 I oA 'tl'loilo, ticlett, tllll , ollll poedy reolmtly ever ldiaover, ilcr olhr I crllOl"illt lld i cartei vCU.e en bler dii olteiloio, -lpa',l ,t lit id:y , by r ol . ilt p rnill tor a olte, with e.meh . Lry Itlld nlluulu)' '|he +Erlally wiflh wili.I nlley icrelm lnotu illy " lf'n'liui'.lle.lldIv ella he cotled Irlrey nei iuIutolll Tim . iuli ll, i ro(lut ut lery pll olel of inidiou Hoi ira, purlo I s' ig iIu t oilr pnrire | thie whule ulas wfidh. They no. o. 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Vegletabl Pill tre wetI kllown for ibthe certain loo 1 tllelllult iendyof ( +nc Oldaly synllitlp;to Yenereld eroptinev. pIhlo, ill tbo botn", ulcerated oo re throal, dil isleed A ilol hro 1ic our I UeUtlan.I. scrol'ula, scorbutic and gllnldular affectionat I lo:Gl alllld gevrul drbllily, noetural poaol. in the helua n. IIh,,iletl;iou or lilrit, and .11 MinutIes arisiniffrvia a Ti 'o'e l'lllt.i wtoorthy tu pllue il the oahinet of mostn. tnl cat:l +lins shl1" ip' the ill t 1 s, al they will keep gpod in la clloh,;,rae ll1i.. lengi of t1aime 'lhu be bd olty at No. U6 Cubtolll houne stteetl, New Oleans IlOFESSORI SWEDOL'UR'S IYIGEIAN HERB PLLS., Cfor tllt. elbilual extirpatiouu of every spoeieonod miqp atoi Inf tlleypliltae discase, and the Ialoyditorodoornoristo htlornlthe iatltropert ole n toolrh. \ithllech hlx i. gi e a treat on ovenereal ad typoilith di~eaie.s, with el)llr-l'Litile oil . eniaalle. -akne.., 4- &c., goe ilg llinltoworthi klhtiog by tlrOe twho are or hav.oe i ..ut. er to1i. dottd frl tilo devAitlgtiltgaladty. i Dr Doav it.o olltil ue- to direct Ihis attention to tlloo diI ti ariog iraom ihle too fre t atd iudi.oriuiatu Ilotil o.,c .o lttIthe 1rooollt, whhioh not only oasioOlll a umosrous I tof nl' tous ftIlelt iotOl hul ao entil- oiOl it. vaottre All i heenervatilngthot ilitier oold age, lIooatrldiotr,.inirtloa. t ..eiioty and dli ttiec)y, obelhbor the conlequoere of lm.. Itu b dait, excernvedorinring.ooroanyothercause bywrhicL he hpoxers of the eoatlittionr becolo e enfeebled, he oIFenlorm, Caootand oIledy rebtoration to wou d oan %i.oouo kmoboh. It ooooooticoty fact, Ihot tlhousands fbtl l tmo t*111 nertal distsie, owing to tile unrkilfuluess of illiteIoallim whot, rh teaserof that deadly poiEon, mercury, voithltoie " ttlllloni tlaid woheo lhe great oocoor Swedour hloooroP.r. I flsor at Leydoe Uitivorsiry, he conferred tn invalot ible h . i lit uponll m-kiltd by the discovery of his grand Plonaca hwr tle cure of this doplorable complaint. Never did a disoovery SexliL. [, igreater .ensatioll it was sought after with avidity, od uot]d withl ulldoev ihrlg-oucces in the most minouteoltd iioult ceof ttoe delicate eolplaiont, for the oura of Ihlch thL hoop ooea oo [llog eoltohratedo. The fame of tbhem Pilla Itiht. aotoatrlnyt, oooood their speedy introldutionll into a.moov. orycountry. 'The certainty with which they were ovlo o -ho l iltilllfetto can o le shattested by many lhousiodll in ftae.di. nigo the o Iog uonltillotod war they were thie insoprbleaom. toooon. olifd otoguar ot the r oldier, in l a b ola whee. the oghttst suorpiiotouo 0 infeeiotri o . loerutnioed, %Whi modi. clu: clll hb more ap ptoroate than that wlhi lba ha gtveeisoh go-!rot .ooalltidtcoill! The Hoygeao Herb Pill, oooIltoevory plrtolc of inidllb poisou, piurifyt.g in theirprol remrtlm w thole it):l, offtuido ; they not orly remove, Ilodiase, obut ieulllale by their actionls, the different fun.tiomaothe bedy-. erlxpellitg the grorer lhlUlors, and ila mbloorilmold oald ilate'e litl e urto oovilloe the rho oorolttolll of their aoto. iohllttg tollot Ultetlolltld powers; tiheneithercortlon mercury o. illy ohr o.lliItoral, Und niuy ohe taken without lhellilhlebltU. plloio of odi-o-ory--thoy require o riotraint of dleloot.ol tine or flild rlAlco of bteoors, but ffeoct tcomplete curo adl-. out le Icalot exposure to ther ptiento At Iny period owhooio tlightPtt opiootooo oI i.Oo o lrri, it will Ie welltotohve recounab to thet IItgian IloehPills, for when takoo laforot the disease ha;i Ilnltlit its a oaraIlLe, i actro an a eertuin preventive, reo t ring the coitolilonto oelectual y nod secretly. Tihe deplorable .tato ill whllich omay personsr have been, whenro itoii ohe pm tritoor, frooo ilh uso of Mercury, rPllders it iloert voely o. lorv iot cualioll tilho public against tLLhat dangerous mioioal bonitojadloiouoly oahniniotred ., 'J'ho.e pill. ohould form a portion or alol medicinoo cell by ole. a od lrand, and ought never to he onitted by any person lo Otg a hokng voyago or journey; their properlil ar osech, that eitllorlh eat nor cold wlltinjure oheirqoality, or prevent Ish due effoect ol tht" oonrtitution. Sold at No. o6 Custom house sto New Orle.s. TIHE MOST IMPORTANT HUMAN DISCO VERY. ACLERYIIMAN laite ofthe Camblrdlg University. hw. i,ls di-,o]>.r.d ,tl illhl.d o.feuring hipnlf of a Nervou *r Mlcntal Cunpluaint, of fourteen years' duration, and n folr .tars iIIvIIg had a.i-ve .2,000 patie.ts, Ull of whomt he hu cur dt wli, fullowed Ills lvico, excepit twelve, otfer fromn benvo ee rather that, gri.l, to cure thers. Low .pirits, nmntmd dillty aund xhi l iini , dll 'ettllninitiont of blood to the head, wr i.l., rclliltlier s teinr, f.ihilre of meilnnory, ilcapacity for htli teps, studiy, &c., restlesstnss, irr.stolutio.l, wreotihedass, iMlS cifiom, idcluion., lmellueholy, tilought of self dlestruetliel, i suany, 4rc., re curable by this ipipurtant discovery. Mont cover i in weeks. Apply to No 9il Cus.tom house t, New Orelnu. HEALTH AND BEAUTY, STOtACII ' II.ILS -A-i eminent mndieal writer hai rremarl k ed. anld explerience lina proved tile fot, that those wbo are tt..titv it, k.pthlg tile sitomacth and bowel. it proper order. =pr1cere h1cnltll, ptcre.t dieaseni, atd generallyattiou reoteat r-cIrlful and linahlhiyv old Uge'; fortt.t .ieTiruble purpmoetheOL pll ll a t I idapted,hcint irepaurd witn thie ulllathte of quiltine eltinct ,u Lfclnjlllile flowers, anl lite most ultoieetorawpbils nIllh tperient drugs of tie llanterla lide,. They Inlei , 1 all cases, proved superior to every other medicine it - oil stolti h tnid liver econplainits, loss of appetite, bdill. eatlo e o fullnes land oppressiol l.ter meals, iOt breath, arid all exeellent restorative afturally exeem t. hill, a tlhey gelitly purge and elcanse tho bowell, itreqthlo thllednlci tnvdhigorate thie constitutiolt. Fetslalle leO villue .onIl elilllth should never be witlout thcm, as they peri fv ln.. Illllt, i-.lllnitn untruetioll, ind ie ite skil a blutir - ltil, clear, he.llllit nlld lo tnqltig al ieatllce. P.oflte o tlent.ric habit. . hl)ir.sulijet to heod c.e, elddihe)s. dim il i: . o + sich t d roa il fn ls, or In e t ei grea t f ew o Ft b loe i to. tide Ilhiii.tnld tai. ill"foreqtNlk ly, Clilde, ll and peroeilue of llaite., ly tliale lhelt Irat any litle, alc they do not conteain ally inlreury or ay itgrtedicent thatI re i iriesi onfltltmelnl rstriclith of dit. TIhey hotuld hi krie t ill every ftantlly . I rele.,dy il. cr, urslf dden illl es i for., y tlleir prompt Idmin istrutiou, cholera nlorbus, eramps, tpitns, foevers atid otlhert tlilllin ry qcuila y it aits the *edily cured or prelntlted. iould t uo. oii Culul I:honre .tt, New Orleal. ii SARSA`PAR1Lf-A PILL OF IIEALTH; OR BLUED I'ILL. rt zII :S ex(rrinft undlily pill is a n atdie le or loni g tr ieud eil itaey ilrcoit r.oting all dieorder of theh etitoich end how I.l i. tine olIot I Ialpt t is lr which are eyttivenel, tI atulell c.o, l.... e ,lo t | .petmit, ic .hla|.i, gnie slsli«m. teoni fulllllues, alfer illnels, tizx ilelz l i-*f the eyes, drowhinlle and tillt ill the ltolilttl.l elj hioaelt, ll.itlttitle produciun a tou I .lllulr f ilhe liver a tinactivity od Ibe blt fl UIg uldorg;aiation of every Iu-fcitll of Ibe fith th ill ill to ll nl eit excell ent prparul tioun by t liwttle orh er iiltllhte tcetetu.ltly retuttel. To tlo thLrtet dties will COL-. rilicllle .artitel (iof its nulltry l-fteclts. The slutlomh lil. Bye£dlly rellplill ils treti itit a ltalthy aentiold fte t ivlo le, els iiold kidlleys s ill rapl dly take place; ald instead of billin• s heat, pai. n adit jall..t.ilc apartea, iettrhngL. tll.e ailld rintllled heallh wtll be Ilie quirk result oflr t tt Slliei numittlllri uh to dirtetth tine l tIcompanuyint esnnt * I'le. pfill aie airtl.ularly elficacietl .l lerst "al!,I Eatie h Mlt ionsX elldi, a IIIIII sao a breathan , 1 ld oil l*bti jlll tbLI urillWar v passage.; ald if lntalt aftetrtlna&-.til. tlltlu tnhie, ethy qickely restore the system ottt.mte ,l W"IiL , tl r" a se , o sulllil i it iamis -- fo m tba1hi itlt. t noe of bloodi to head, ahoild *ever I. withot teLUU, s1,ti dangront symptoms st s A a tht For fientllul these pdhor eamust trati ascribing. ll0"Plilig. all ollutrllcluts·nl resl di olur t lien Icla hol "(I poldva withl tIle 0 sex; tlo.,hllitu oF =kip* dlllnet. of sight, mrvamin aI;ciuOIIS Iblotches. ipluplt mobi tl os llowmanq ilbeL.u4sa givp h Il y ia tkd ju vleiilllega 4r ellimal. Tit !:ulisro then y are ltl l reso amaed. a, Ill::tioille dalteca be tanenl dufing.|regull lulny;uand foi Wdro f:01 itl-toL thl#y -a mellsqulled. dittioal of a mild elmilatn with the mosurtt -l( ,l 694 i reqllire uc resra-eof diet o. 4"llsommtisiW d1Tt. iLt - S'al levit.,y wbrit.l. ait f.or -el rut. iln r th& calboe required; m 'r eil-lyrt p 1l,lo t asy C1-. 1. I. t'ho ilnt comfhortable medi ttl* hithgro l tllhE Ah~lololae FI8wII-Wer 6ltll dea I .o 1 at p rqtc'tieat dirreitillta r the dhlitt Itr pnrlotkr wi..l,11wa hIr(eer u h il this d erlpihm oof lite 'ba In f I]t"s 'oil. pmlu..: ,, ,0% IrtI.,g the grlaps vin-eVs f ,or c ,ltia-uog in t o , l.r t _ aptl' "I

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