Newspaper of True American, May 16, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated May 16, 1839 Page 4
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r & ]t3altimiore Packets ] I mRLANS An BALTIMORE LINE OF t PAIKtIE 'iS. il .-' ina will cnnsist of the following veseola, 6 t- Ihve bPen built or purchased expressly fli t hihfkhte, vil: h ,8tp.eaman, Capt. Miner, , eor.vv4 kl Mary, *" Nickerson, 'i * rad Ferry, new Steven, . Solomon daltna, - Latham, S.A rig Arotateat, . ** Gray. -. vem lsl are of the first clas, have hand. come farniihed rcoommodations, and are of a light iraft of water, so as to admit of their receiving and nlslledhfgni their cargoes in Baltimore, ut the city. 'Treglt wil be taken for ports on the Clihrnperak or Janes' River, and forwardeld by the agents, MWers. CLARKE & K ELLLIG(G, at Baltimore: i *O.mne ean goods shipped will be advanned when -rteiidd. The price of passago is fixed at $1UD, s.ipo stores of the b at quality will be provided. tbam up and down the Mississippi will he taken Sbtll ocatsions. Forfeibght or passage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, nov97 22 Bienvillc st. FOR NEW YORK. tLouitiana and New York Line of Packets ] TIE. Sthips composing this line will sail from Now Orleans and New York on every olther Mon day-eommenoing on the 20th Novuembr-anid to Inmae the punct~clity in the time o 'sailing, the line will hereafter consist of five ships, viz: Ship Yneon, Cuptain Trunk, to leave on the 20..,t November. Ship Louisville, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4th December. Ship Huntsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on tlhe l8th December. Ship Vioksburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the lat January. Ship Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of January. TJis bove are all new, of the first clara, copper d3 and oopper fastened, and upwards of 50 ltone Slurthen, are of light draught of water, being built in New York expressly for the trade. The price no passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabils aore fitted up in the most inproved and convenient plan, and finished in a neat and elegant style - Ample stores of the firt quality will be provided, and every regard paid to the cmirfort and entire satiefietinn of passengere, who will please take no. tle that no berth cal. be secured until paid for at the offce of the consignees. Theoe vessels are coinmanudcd by captains well experienced in the trade, who will give every at teniton and exert themselves to acoimmodate. Ther will t all tinlce be towed ulp and down the Missis sippi by steamboats, nnd the strictest purctuality observed in the tinie of sailing. The owners of these shii.s 'ill not be responsi. ble for any letter, parcel or palcklge, senit by or p t on board of thel , unless a regular bill or Ilaing be signed thereor, at the counting house of th11 agent or owivrs. For firther parliclllars ilpltly tI J D BEIN & A COI)EN, nnv27 90 Cmiimnon t NENW ORILLMAN & CllAltWT' C : IN Pi\ tI'Kl:'l: his liv e const , e rll s -i' ,tlt ll *a e 'l!e first closu , eoptI, pvred at,(I d o,,- r it1 ývejl, and of 0o uIit ... 0 w I ,:d 1 :_r0e0n with hands mle te.clll-o m tiilt ', r ' p .rFclcr T'rhie ve ses Is rre cr:mnill;irldld lby culIo: c S , i' experielre dl n ii e fli rale, t liwho i li iove iev r'; II teontin, anexert tbhriserlv es ito aicrccrni,, til ship,4err. h etil ,,l , 10 \di u w i MiaOisr p, 1pin1d leEve N'ew Orielons ,n .o be lo the ituh aan 15th lof every milth. 'T'e fthclwil' esoelas compouse iheb hci, via : Brig Arabiar.,Chtarlv (, rcdon, master. Brie C ,apaini,J. B. T't omp'ncc o, cmcaster. Brig Aluetina, . Dl)aner, utcsilr. Wari, Rig r Williams, J. Ailiherse, mnster. For Ireight or porssae, oviplv tco J. A. DAI.ELI .Ca; 61 Cmnmen el . N.vw Oilears, or 1l. M'rd.:eli. Chtrcle-sIr. nt I I e a . alilo L OMBARD &, CO'S Boston and nJ Ucrlnaor S Lie of Packet Ships.--Ti new line of ships has been expressly built to run betwoen the above ports, and will be found of suitable draft of water: acemninodationa for passengers, and every clbrt will bie ii'nde to give general satisfaction, The lise is composed oftho tb lowing ships: Cherokee, 4j5 tons Capt. J Harding, Carolina, 400 do S Lenmist, SCharleston, 374 do D Eldridge, Columbaian, 625 do G Barker, Seaman, 240 do J llowee, Bombay, 625 do D IHumphrey. The above ships are all now, of the first , lass, wopper fastened and oppered, commanded by men otgreat experience, have largo accommodations, with a separate ladies cabin; every attention will be paid topa-songorn, and the vary Lest of stores pro aided Jor them. 'The packets will bo towed up and'down the Mis aissippi, and the strictest punctuality o served in the time of oiling, and should the regular vessels be detainedin arriving, other ships equally as good will in all ease be substituted. Ashare of patron ago is solicited; and tmh agents pledge themselves to .accommodate as much as practicablo, to receive and forward goods by acid line alt the most moder ate charges, and to advance all experca on goods shipped, if required. The ships will leave the Int and 16th of every nmontih. For freight or pasingo, apply to the agents. J A MEFRiITT, 82 Common st. N. B. Advancements made on consignmoiits to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. YulHE Genuine Indianu Balsamin of liverwirt anod lore Shound, is put u|) in bottles at the low price of 510 cents euch, containg thestrength of three ounces f Livetwort, begi les the virtues oi many other roots and herbs known among the lndins as efficcious in curing palmonarn complaints. The univhar successn which ihas attended the nse of this isiiatlni Balami wherever it Ias len intro diiced. has blitined the confidence and racontnalcda tionas ofrespectable physficians, for the .tore of rougihs, eolds, pain in the side, wunt of rest, spitting u blood, liver complaint,&c. To whom it may concern. This is to certify that we have in our praotice frequently prescribed Airs Gard noer's Indiani IBalla ef Liverwort 'I dloafIrhoud, wiath a decided good efect: we can tlerefbre,froim tlie know ledge of tle matlerials it is muad from, und c servanon *'nda xperigenlf oi reoBmend it as a iiperle" frpaniotion iral t'lafle eetions of the lun.s liar whichl it is re emimendedl. AI .BKlt I' VII.l AMS, M. D. CALVIN ELLIS Al. ). Membes ofthie Boston Medical Association. Boston, October 25. saloby JARVIS & ANIREWS, It ilti 1 I r Tall I tVnionilat si nnWENI'y-T'WtO Ibla<;oast I;u'. rWeeeiv'd -Ua / J. sale-y G EIMUeo GEan , to N & CO. may.8 No 9 C(mnti t. ' 'L ".: JusG lanil,, "-,al ,, Mnessi.., B.l. .lv nf J t. c Flon ks;, bitter notdtse livut rint n ropt; Juac.eneOane ofBergaat, essene oil lemion Juice, livnmp snd eaiory ses, aniona, flake, and seall, e atharidT , brinmtone, ocrange fluni namte &c, for wbholesale andI iareil in stlre or ; H BONNAIE I. d9er olS aor Nalclle . & Tchionlitou is at SrYDrokA UIs.C CEI EiNT-5 hllis lainding frtom Ecip rlGeo Clbot, and for sale i S & J P VWIIIT'lNEY, S may 3 73 Coamp st i 1.1 1o MONSr IlATT & CO. are tnow erepiing t lrn on board ship Orleao,. Fitele, ifhlu Ciier, fultrr endryAndrew, Frentchne a IGer ateanv en1 c.I; Pia apion Boards; Chepst Ro ll, ' 1- allndil 2:1 iloinlc ilt Ileather andtl otber traicllit lr eanein Caems; lBrit, t; *rd Balls; 8, 9,'0 ad 1:2 ichll blaiel Bowin Knives; Pocke , ors nlanmo nd Datelligas r Pistols dhlo nltt loand barre led Guna; laite lingi; Shot In.'t ; IPoI nlr a Piatol Fliaks; Drain Bottl-s nd Drinkint Cnp Perctuasion Caps odi Caln Iolhd"i ih Ilati, hoair, l. h aM saill larusle;t Orrs C(ulorine '.oth Wash:ri Tooth Powder; Toilet ond Sloingi Sonp, a, itrpt Vs. t rinetn lnrg flair Braidn Rline letsr l ol Prii e; ller; andt aT elet PoIwder EPmery Sce Ivrry lTuli CAus.iio n Fateant Slides or Gartr. ; oiBlit !a tiec rsnit au I.. S Poawder Puffsad ansd Boa; il Cl, Se ad Key Esr-dropf; Waist Buckles; firanrlets; iead Netklbasc aod Chaiins; Gilt and Siivered Deads,; Indian luead.i Bells and Ptlumes- Shiell Twist; Sia and Drlrsinn Combswhichic,in addition to theirftat our stee( on ha.d, makes their nasornnenti very conplete, anr will hlitral sll ow and an libentl ternis, ast She aiga of the (;..?c]u Coinh. i25-tf 70 Chartres stren.t. RUSSIA SHEEl-.F--t ) teLs, landing t'rial abhip Jotlm DuoTlnp, fi,r .sale i I all I llUlIDt)GE & Cl , 134 Maceltzi ne * kOMhESiTrr-S-S b'es 4.4 I ,irTeli cI ottiiasl. 5 I-l halen 4.1 twillei Lowell cotlon, 3 c.wes bacikkin c istipa., lialing from hip siSt L.inl, fr r Anlde by . ny9 ., I hIl)Gl f & dCD. 13J1lsgazine st Rarrenmb o t, onhe rletiaeas anrd dranbiliti, endi are 0irflt Sf AIre and wtlter p(ctf T trmas in la khwp, n ad rmodel seen at cur estalishnieni, S eppotiie St. Mary's ocnrk e, Tlchapitt la «i. S rg . E R ror.s t s'. & rrc - -t ~clac.*s brh U ra 'lltac +- *li.VOc t tict.yillsl)1 Jbind a larse nappliv f Coannl and Liverp"il col, 0i' balk. rf *ilprrinr qlsiiry, whit h they offer fr 0 1U, in Ifl i( sa»l purclinsere. Als'ep"'lered he the first arrials friarm REn loia-hdiil thiN rc hn Cannnl, Lehigh and PeNhi, Mieaoilairi Coal, brilken and screened, put up in kfgidlsrelolprerilv'ftr latnily usa -il of wh:ch Ifs r.ll latslicnerf onr nhmnrnsti n m r terle terni. it f*c A tles at teheir ,fich ;, N.,. 53 Bienville 'e . i"r srttw.'*tW lll be promptly aft irded tno. S* - t c .. . B. & A SOU Ir.r nU 'a,45 - i "i r*its a i I ,in , l per, iar 8.cIe i.Y r e C " , Rt , & » RObW . S, 5r Marecpno il l" ift saI« « -glr shii. Jcirrn, fin 4-4 be hwn a-uj. sfaj. loading froms aiip ChUbrllon, forp alebi S -;'lI SI BRfii)GE & C'. i. F) B w' stiTH1 fI-ISIscBa isorted -uaannerr ll,+jas.sfinig Joi ...n shls. 'I,.arecocn, fcr sile ibv K I F" I i , m,.r+ f >,ss NEW GOODS-Simmons Hartt & co ar now re . I l ceiving from on beard ships Yazoo, antid Saratogal tndbrig Concordia, from New York a greal variety ol gaods- in their line, which together with their tonrnet stock on hl.nd, makes their oasorsreCutvery J- pletc. rhe tfllowing compose a part, vi: t ol teist, . ride, tur.k and dressing cotnhs, r do fll d descriptionl, Io- - dia rbberd, silk and worsted elastic sarters, coannon & ane elaasic sl., cnlers, loc6 faro anti Lad.ier matcohes, Seidlitz powdiers, powder itffs and boxes,toilet powader. pocket biook and nvallert, needle books, ahell, pearl, ral bends, necklrces onl necligeae, head chains, bead necklnee, rot nc all c pliloloeeds alyr and gil beads, ldian loLds, Ircl ll pan lnunie; pistol snad nlrg pow ler laskis, litr belts, horsr, eirt-pocket and duoiling riitolile;Ioubleandoingle I!arrelled gnats Bow'ie khivea, nd dik. scrisso,sltears, pclket knives, inganrd cbains, and ribboen, waist buckles, clot, hair, tooth, nril,comb, ;rulb ashoe, Ilte floor land du.ting braslaso Cologtie, tloridea, laveder, ros andl bay water,assortrd essences, all exraictrs, oM ccoar, alae tiqe, and Ward'r vce ceitale hair cils, t lling andl toilet soaps of all es criptions, ladile' cnd gettlealons' desko an draesing aeras, hair rirltierfi.ottis illd ibraid, plnin, flncyadll mnisial wort boxr q, pilaion id gilt, figced, coot and vesat lltrio, pearl Rld n ivory stllit A llt studdIl, cold anod rilvel .ela l cases, t pickna and itwetersplaed ltid gilt Iiocrkt, lriniAture GIo, silvere, irats . steel tAimbles, hooks awi -es, bshir pis, imitation fruit, Ilk lnd redink, shoe black in, t olicns tli glitnar,ribbed sod plain percussionia s, loinen twine, scetred cosh le,gold aSEnd IIer AVe ll f Rge, latter ler, mglirI bas rGidnin ip , wallig liirsplaspingratids, filn gioli, pl lat otidd gilt j@ori c. i r i Tie above, togctlcr with ' great vnriteof uoir eati I.S are oftreild aIt h.nlesalc or retlil 00 cccouiiiodatieg NIl Shellcr eolla repairdi tainE & M1AN, Roer, Sig-,ctiit tnI tick, , i ct d c ord Airi inll, I lainterll , No C(arindele street, two doors rom Cinal i street. i llntionls of lie following woods tnsd marbles, e eclt illns a unster!) mlptner.t ogaully ii'ptul, black ndIll gtohnl, Ilk, dis o layarnd Antiec, pItll nl do, (liert ll or vc lie, (iuttled hdo, , Jner, ICol'teld dl,lpe, !3o li rstonei, jBirds lri)e do -4, E llbv an'llit er Ilair Wool, i I)Oe ol' Ihnrdlrleno iuw 'Lue, i11uhi thlrte,. (:oronlnille or l endk sioaila icnd lh'ctella, Rtose; \Wood. Au i,,ir'll (;ruey m iii bidlet iilitl a la on' d. Sleni ts to fel seen ýt ilt . shOi). pani, e(tuls, glass, olopl varnish, &cu . Olll ro.ll [Illh jId spikes loti 11iand bundle 1Ir well asso\Fed. 1), lu,,l unrit rod iron, rnil rod-s;ill plough N m Ioulds Al it, %nrs, blisctcvd, spri, slieee anll 'ire, ce etapl ioland ilI d 4 artc14 iilil pi r i ial, block tin, ill anild sies, uil tele Oxl1Ie-ccuuueIlltl! i(iiiiii .c411 Mcilec al n couliicc lstoiies llook aInd llltC- IliliTAM, 0grs, doorw:i Willmbllll holoks 1 SCn.llills Il lis, ll l l llrlrel f rict o lic , bL e I' "a lAilid \ Illilla .ll: ihi, ,, Ils : i dI twi:le c Bolh,!t : ,s! s ltliihh;g l ' r Natal[ ziloros i nt Hll P i ' h, i iltiroil A flilll assrtntent (dI ail'd1 ai, ton sbil, rhnIodletL Aw l ul o o iuil :u, ld b yivre dle r1" iil ' liZ w ]dE', I l q ll+ ).iL!Ll ll_..llr ( ll il. bnl l llltl l'll l Io ruetI ! l i iVrL I .TiIN K, Co. q)ihol.'I "e. i i iE noiei n fIr p t "i.oos tr,n d Dl i ,ilh.t l..i lye l 0oi'Oi Itl i Iciccaill to 1 etc- I, Olii, p lw o.l o l Sti, '1 r .11 lld I 'r rlv of ill. 110,lvI A+ so lilllbrhinu ,ivhc,,I.ii' ,ii!mc? lbc Iit fh isair +riinioilii e it th oo is -tiril) oviawd. The i hving used 1. ''t. For sale at R( T Cll]l _ ,.NNt)N, ncash, at rcduo- lVriC BA. Ll FOR IdT1E TEET7'. rllI I d e tli shed roo I lntlltioll Itd (onti.ol.l I h ll ll I ntet T "loInd fo-" thisoff, triaAl roittl' tofia, aotot pro se'tooai ve otf the taeth, has indutedtlo the suiscriber oier, it to t oe A tmerino public. Arranocments h, and to wns in tie I nited Statos, t o as to place it ithi I the re-a r tho s t a kly to suffr this mos h 0arassin of all aiche, Totol th... Otl. When ' ouppli) t te, u I drecltlionts tiven on b bottle, it hou toeo r Iotot Ioto Oihbrtd inl me dialtn ot1 ai nent relif. It als o l'rest t oe dIlt.V Inl l oteI tiv teettllan d r~l'evs thflat solen1ess 'hichl'sll fhereleqntl r (nders a itoic tooth nslt.Iss Te appliantion and remllled. are si 1: l, inn-,ent. 1in 11 ot Unp111ea nlt; ano i l Ull tlitm ry ell.ole, hi'o the use, Btl Hali, tire ready to ilatlr (ia:n tile public god) their teslimonv to iats h - rivllt ed I ,talities. It is an Indian roemet y, t o. l ained .ingl ar uly anJ unexp vct cdly, land oru be r!ei'arl dJ by the civilized woild us the mnist valuable diicuvery redmnll of the w I.ds. 'lice $1 o er bot$lt . Foa d I- v JA41 IS & ANDR{E\WS, m tr 5 Cor Co-mmon anl'Thalhiooh ota. S.V ot, I. r, in c.aasloa- i'nleli whi- \o lV Hlts,orN 1fo 1 .. I1 1 1A,. ap If; tl ITE LEAD-51bids, 1500 ]bs Reich; IV 4Il ke , 1i 60 Enooliali do-5 I-1 blbl,. " 4 loo1) Paint o olottsh , vari0too sizes; I caste Vo trmilli o.; 5 blls Copal Varnish; 2 Ja panl)ao " 20 packs G;old Leaf; 51 do) Silver do; 111) do IlDutch .ieti l. WINDOWV GI. \LS,'Alterioan, Erglish and French 19110 boxrs, various siztes ta d qualitIs. Boatoor browa do.--0U boxesle,coullig;mto e:,t, will be Alo,it a noeral assollltment of artists' enlours and uo ib, lor sale by A \V ýCA'11 ES, No Iti (tulal street. N B. Alob unno notes tntkenl at np r, andll Mlissiippi notesw 'tt received at ill per cllt disonullt atl Cgoods, orilllla litoftdebtsh it I Iw JARVIS & ANDI)EWS, WIIOI.ESALE ANI) IlETA\l. I.lIII.ERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DI E STUFFS' ..D IVND)Ol)lJ" GLASS,5' Courner ol Colollon and l'thoupitoulas streets, NATI\ l .\ N JA RVIS. JO IIIN W. 11ANI IIt . A large upl:ly o (o Gartln l IPpl.. itlrrlll.ted tilt! growthI N R EW i 0lll & CO.. rospocol ll ilrno r - their friioods aoo l the polthl in 0 t mo rlo . thnt. they nootpy tho new brick ono o , oo 19 Tornpitl t street, wholeo they keoop constantly oll hatond Coppeir, Tin aood Sheet Irol \o'are, of o voit &oscriplt:ot, n s ch its copp r~ stil!s, kettlos, and p, inpot, te batho I int n ILI , n d , i l] al] s o11' all sorts ain "iz and all totor brass castinz done at htortett nwie . Grato bIro a o" every de cription, soch as steanm. bolt tilrllup, ing chaitni, screw toNts, anl other kind of'stoarmboat work, Fuch as ch+limnoy,, breech. ue, 4tvtlam pipes. They vill also do .l: kind s of ot droor work, sttlch an- zinoc, copper and in roofiio anid gaRterillg, &c:. They ablove and all other ki0ds nl \work in their line of busincss, they will execute sI the shortoest notice. d r700 HAIUZOWGATE, SRuwaGG 7TIIEE" DAYS I J00 'IdVEY FRO".Jl) It'" C)R /I'l. I AVS. rF TE proprietr of this estatblishmpt has the ple'l I ir t aI noullill to hi, trien t clld.tmt tile ,pu lic in ge .nal t t hl e will bIe it rt'adliessb the fir.l Ilill, of M3c tw recoive visiterm. h, will aleo slatlel lbr the hb Pe lt o orlh am lit a di-tnio, Itll thcre oloo a beet n lartlo I im rove lntsl IIIIItde, Il Ier now ll goi ng o tiedll in ratpid proomress for omp letion, ll ill tle th . lSlr.ber lill a iccol uodatl 1 illt h Ilar er Il lllluvr thln hereo olllFa , tllnd at tlle ýlattn i i e to n blllt ttletr. SFano ilit call tIo tlolooltoll llool ttl ito, g(too 1 er thope im!lo 1- le .;, rIll hlve m-,.t Cai s 1 luthcl floor til mait, "itllhling. it is U eeuled i lllie-tlry t P-o - mk00 (yi Lng illn prot on Ior of the chtarnetoor o, thloe 'listo , 1 it is o.eteo ltn believed that they arn aor inio-ir to anot ion IOllte S i ern States. All Ithe aOstmeot thO t tire voatitorlllll lundat aerido Plag Iceso , will e funtal tt ohis, T best music that this pan , -it I - 0 co0tl ry iillrds, rs0 Ioa elngaged, and will bIe i on..tnlt atlted lt ce l ntLe spri dorg i h i I nw]ole to eat . i1 I8tiitwt l vail himself f this op pnrtunitv in returning his ntae ned toanks for the vonry libter:I aopport given hito last season. and hopes byI tae exer tionol that have been omadio nl i:n rovian anda exlteing thie acclnodaltionsl, to mi.'rit a iberal patnrnlage tho presea seasoan. JNO l CIA.11. L bEG:LUUR, N, 54 Conde ret, tbetwel n IDunonin and Sr Phtilip, kieps consinnIlt on hand an I xtenive nrs ortm00nt ofhotls and brogana, and lohoetlofNew York manufacture, for ren, women I .1tnd Childrena of aol are., whtich te will daispos lof at very , oderate prierp. Familisot fhis at qintaer otn sen din an or tor 00i0) hara their wishesoatiended to LI 8 kOttoR a0,aloooaItax, ottnltloalaatashptholol,aaone ohnlaIDoolot BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING OF EVERY DESOILPITICOI. 0PEE11.YIIAND OO0E.1Y AND CHEAPLY F.XU(!UEfEI' AT THE OFFICE OF TIE True *'lnericea, is.1. CIIALRLS STREET, NEAR POYIORAS. no23 A CARD. E & SINNOTT, Tfl7okoole Grocers aind Comnui0,o. `Irohanlo, No. 27 Conit.on Strtlt,Ne % Orleons. ai'lpoarlictieouoottoelon paid to tb lotting up oI Sowam boat an. Ship stores. Uov2 SAMUEL TOBY, ".2erehandiie Broker 4. C.onmnmsion Mllerchant, 1113 office,16, Camp mi.-For file present JT. P. FI-,R71 M & Co.. 11h.olesp CIothing ReIaibishowili No.3, Mlogoiuzin sltreo, AVE ccustata 1 ohland a langosupply of Clot, ing,, caklte~d for ioe coount'lryodol. 'I'heiroan. cor .,ot.b....gII,,gO lrve, ct,0001il, ftuln the couorv 0'a be si pplied oi tfile shrlorot notice. owtl 5AZAAR. 3US IM &J"LEN. NOO. 1, EXCHANGE HOTEL, 2orner oJ'S1. Crltrl esow Coloomon als,. ONEW ORLEIANS. TmlýýlVr ns Itoo Mlaro i Ir,.otb lid Englilk *Prlollmrc; t1oesoilog C(Aveo ;nd portolle If sks, Cotlerv, Il liml.y, tGlovui SSihirt, Stocke, Ulmbrellas, Caoll". ould Finv Artiele.-. (13 KENTUlCKY, 111i 01'i, an- Indiona Hook Nolev, for &de by A muly 374Gves W 31. BELL, No 16, Chttre, Ititobus Ibi, day ro cr1011 o foilll[ asllooitm of Wntelivii, Je`lory, 0100111 3(slortltloolll ll 1as Wore, y wyill lie ofTfe o1nt ,la! lowvst malrket prllice. oall 1 -_Tt1,h.E & ivl[A1v D)EALE.JS IN AMIEIIICAN & EINiGLISII CROWN GLASS, Ne. 3 UAR1,1;llO.0t rSOIOFO. Vj I F'ASHIONADLE CLOTHING TAYL OR & 11A1DEN, No. II- C uiLO.t re- 8 E1re (IIAVEl nlltall saitsllpll If "0cryl tOIO perlml-ting to grotlolrtom odro, of tlie lootet slole, atNe,, York i1 _______ r ORLEANS LITHOGhPAH1O F]INTING r'A 13LISI1AItN'r., No. 53, Magiozoto Street, (11,1 sLlite Banlk.' re a ollo. WIIA MI)3 1GEEAE, P'RUMUEIT101 iI rl b1- UtjK N Ol E N GiI AV ING mIWmwON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON _ VIA V K 111 o I ailllkrfe iII N- Olirem o w-ll, ijl II zllul advlalltglei s %,itogro d10,1 (1 i e in Now 1111 It, (1!0' I ,lle llmore.ofllelOveillng aw 1olillgq Ilan Notes C;ýUlllk, Bill, of C.'e lmnal, Cerlifiva·P1*( IPrlll" nf Wip-lite, 131 (,ililiq u I. III IIIlI, maCo tiIIm e I IlEpovis Iof 010110 Ii 01(I~ll 01 11 111110 I~llidO 11111(11lb1'IIIYelr1 ý ýIIn G rlll'a ,1 till en1 '113ll 111111 tie lmud'1111 1ld I 11 illz inl lillionl, m1id1 1111 rl-,r i ·ll lvillk 111v 111, litl 'll-, in I '~ill tllC HIIii 1111'. Ollie, mruv~lllrr l w . ,li & C lid ,Wi I, V C.IA1MPI. N & COOPER, (il Cl.. ANI DELE.Stl IN PiiUlV.iSONS 8 No. 79 a:ud 22 .hlia ýtleet, New Orlenn. fl-¢ Shi anI Fi.-c ly itores put up. mnur 5 . . l illl S ANA FURNITURE WAREROOMS N, l. 5:1, ilie v ll e strlet.l .1II hI ..I CAINIES, w eled recyetfuliy it stantlv receivi flri k Noew York an Ic I sto n a go toI assaicl ofFtl lcch cii mticlily cehairs, ccit, i CdIlellfs ciiil, and lentd chairs, "Ci i ic e anli.d chlerrv ibedsteuic, ,moahoally anld chirr tallies of all descriplioni, buIre ln, iilets, secrettri , writing deks, wanllji es of' lnllon tllai cherry, i wash1, sknlls, Iolo kihp gla sisI, f& . Nit. II'urniture packed olr transportation with great INSTRAN ,CE COMPANY t OF NEW vtRLEANS. This Compl:llnv are now pretanred to take I RISKS AGAINST PIRE. No. 24 Mussoii's 1Iuilding, Cnnil stet. E TI'l.ICJY, New Orleilec, Mciv 15. 1232. Secrocitro. I-6) CPl Cilt-3 t ol er t ie by kkrJI 'i 2 li TIcpitonlac s RUtIITON & ASPINALL'S C 01M POUND ITONIC MIXTUIRE.-A speedy F l ind coi cin c furO for the Fever anld Aguei, remittent and intermiiltlont fevers; proicared fromi the original recipe. Used wAh eminoent and uni v versal uccess .I. 1832, by persons of the highest 1 reslectabilitv isl this city, as stated in the annexed g certificates. Thics rledicina is highly recomimended, and ihas beell ecxtetcsively used in the above diseases with suceli distinguiscled tsueess, that the prolprietor oft cthe recip is leeln indluced to ofilr it to the pub. lic in its present form, ill tle hoe that it may lie the cInlso of relleving mnainy of tlhose who are suffering under thie scourge of our country. It is ani medine possessing greatvirtue, and when used aecordcing to vtiI directions has never failed of efifceting ia ltre, even in tile most obstinate stage t of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, and t persons of tihe weakest tomach, and children may take it with impaiity. It strengthens the digestive I organs, creates all appetite, and scidom requires I morl than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottles I to iffect a cilir. There is neither mercury nor arsenic in the cmedicine, nor any thling injurious to the hitluian coestitutioni. Tl-he proprietors are sa well convinced of its efficacy, tiht they agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been taken in accordance with the directi;ons and has lnot effected a a perfiet cure of tlie fever & guie. A. OLIVER, sole agent for Now Orleans, at his wholesale aind retail drug anid medicine store, corner of Bienville and Chartres streets. For District Ageneins apply to je5 T. IV. SMITH' , 48 Conti st. 1 A a PENSAC(IOLA MANSION HOUSE NE'L CITY, PENS.%Ciil.A. IE sculhlcritelr itevieicg lcrvhesed Itie ltase lnd fcr ccilcrecl this well known astabce illllshic lll, Ir lic l iavlor, the late pI'lrielor, will be ready to receive vik leir. byI tile st Mi' Alril next. Ntuellcroa and costly ilproveienll will be found in the alrlagellents of tillie eln liHouse. New and more e c lllllllodilllls I hillhing hlcecSe8 will ie a ll il, anll warln b ills wi li ie provided at cill tiiir. A stable will be attached 0to tleu IJ1PosS, with good accomlnloda lions fOr horsies anid carriages. First rate Iorses and carriages will ult bie i kelit or hire at nloeernte prices, filr th use ol'vislitiro. Hitliards and other amuselents u-sualhl' fiolld at %i itering places, will ullsobe furnised, anld .lolhcdlcited :i iotr to illllt with the comrt II qilleit ol thle hicardce,. Thu wines land liqtirs will hie. o" tht be,( tllily, lilt( to e siiri i t ill c tup ti ci ice, in carg I ha.alr i bc ordered, wic-ivWill atirivs I lalout ie.I qvut e nl cc"I. IMr clroirick BiCll Ai , c ls forlmrlry kept so poplilr I hi c tl tat i "ii cciiietclc cit ill tviiclc tlhi.i Ity el fior v :ir of last %far, arlid fi..ud aeaelaly, that "hi' cut it (.l Qcc-cuevice ibLie vt.iiticoll; and thereby Si l, a. l i l li es ir tit . house iL IIII. are too well i k -i to nled.l a h-lolz.ened di - cr ilc ticen I!re. Til i elh l t P 4l i te rl cirg st tnail statilon of tie Si,.'iýi lllIe virl C re ilzlII Iii i' IIo tll iIG llcsqul S11; the t I it., ciat lieli ,tl uie d tllY du-ii i li. Ih p 1rlý l 1, i I1111 of I V li t bal In i lle ighboa rirgs iscil ti iilers; iho abidiici ld hdelicac y of tihe lilh 1 ilch th' \lAter ls .bound; il icls oprtoximlity tothe b,ýt S tllelli tlarklts hive fin,! ola il, pre, h:'iv l - ,r tila ollrter Il tilesi ll II tIh e latitude.s, as a i th- llli hfli l il a ntlic erretre it. i L.', ate ot till r c c between Plensaeoli and llo hlin , ill at If ies bei alel t take the paseiigrs N B ARNOLD. PF .xi icFelb 15thit,1838. [IlT Gntlenlln wikhilg to ernago reotis for theit funilicii cii ean ll file piricit-i', at lc nacc la, tt r 31r ivrl T Ta.y olr, the ibifmer crorietor, at New Orc. iileatn .cfrenes. T SInfi V-5, MirC (ihccllni, i M.eApini, Esq,. It. ii biv, in ,lob le Se I i T lor, ' Pi 'e, ESq, in Nit. 11 -C4 letter her, to reeeive elonIIIuneiictioills fir peIl-,i alt lie hoe Iotel, is plaeed at G(o Whlclitemal' oliice, i St Charles Exchet.ige. FtORIA ROlcIiR FOR NEW, YORK. ii frravcller, diesireus or taking die Iilorida anee ieavhlz .\laile filit] aenaola iviictv I riherliteir ii IIlet of Mie , Good stages will 'llivay he lrvided 1 l.ce o hecrll cc il ricaillne-e ii i. fccrcer -Mobil, ik cease i itie Ifailure ofthe tontics N II AhNfOII). Thi aellenhontC.hamlipon l.enve Molbila for i esr *EAN MARIEI FAIIINA'S COLIOGNE WATER i s ie of this superior CologUe water, just received and for sale by the dozen or single bottle. Also Ameriean and v ,rench toilet pc wders, po wdier S nd nbloxes,shaving lnd toiletl -,lps toneie Lall, iallp, milk of roses, co.retic cold cream, extrne o mnuk, k,l 7halri, Ward's vegeacle hir oil, onii tnn ceI reini de pcclce Ithcridtcktiiveiiltr, rwie and bay wacerse, Ire 'i dc, L il epierftntry i ll rnkn c eset.o c le I#l liud rol-, Ciirie and Orri.4 tooth wctsh cloth hair, tooloh uaol ad lehl tciec- telher wiih Oa yle 7 of faciorsicolit horeand shel by I SI.NS, IIAI &IT fCO, -ily 70 Ciartirio treret. - fit--. I - -. 'I i-- - c ll lon indign 61- 4, o: cc. I cih.i odillIgill. -161) ||t i rl-ltn. hR I s -toyaliCollige of Physienas, London. HIE origanl Vecetable Hvgein Univeral Medi cine, prepared by W Miskin, EZq. Memier of tle Itval College of Snrgeons, Licentiate of Apothe cary's;onmpany, Fellow of Bolt Court Society, Surgeon to the Itoyal Union Pension Asociatimo, Laneasenr Place, Waterloo Bridge, and Perpetual Pupil of Guy' and St. TlThoms's Hospitals, Lonidon. This valuable medicine, the result of twenty years' ex perioce anid ulnpralelled success in the extensive ild higltl respeettble piretiee of thie propriety, ialro nisaed by the faenlty and nobility, and is now introlduicer to the notice of tile American public, at the earnest so licitation *f a number oftgentlemen of long and high standing in the profession. It is hoped, as a pelimi flry step, to check the evils and fatal couse<tuences arising fiom tile use of the numerous and dleleterions nostrums loisted upon the public hy the itd of fabricated proofs of miraculous cores, atnd other limuds, by a set of mercelry, onprincipletl pretenders, so totally igItorant ol mtdical science, thlt it impossible tile monstrous delusaitn cl an y longer go down with the intelligent peoile oflthiscountry. Thei- pills, mild and agreeable ll their nature, should be kept in every family in cases ofaudden illness, for, by their prompt atlministration, cholera, eramps, sl8tinas0 , fe' re nlld other alarming Eomplaintts, whiich too often prove Iotal, maiy e speedi Iy oired or prevented. In lact, all thos who value guod lealth, should never be without llem. They are noh' in pckets t 5 centt ce , $1 audl 2 eaech, y every respee table drolgist, blksareler, anl veldorof medilcin itl tit Unil Sattes toI Ie! Canailas, with COliout tltiections, togetler with: estimnoitls of professional ability frton tile folloitln- entiilent gentlemen: Sir Astley Cooper, 3 Albenlelly, ,lnmes BltotIllAll, . DM., IV. HBack, NM. D., I. Aston Key, A. Frampton, AM. D , and numerous others. The origilts may be seen n possession of tie General Agent, by whom tfil medtcihie is imported into this country, and to whor all applieations for agencies must bhe lialde. JNO. iHOLBEIN, 129 Waverly Place, N. York, Sole General Agent for tile United States, Uc. PFor sile by appointment of the originall proltrictor. I' y Swn & LOTIIIIot., )Druggi,(t, NO II C( street, (lenerP Agent slor Staithee oft I.uisitns. jl v8 *IS ltY It LKii. & co, >N 3 Nlapiezine street, are ' r.nw receiving from ships Nashvile, l.nisvillr, KeotUllck, Kagile, ntll other late arrivals trlin :1th S:nthern cities, a large antd new seleetedl assortnleut II a sin Boot., Shoes andll Ir'Oglns, consisting ofgentýletmen's fine culf anttd Moroco boots *Io 24 quality; do bull l and stout wta pegged boots o warioisa qualities; menl's fill cal el' senl aldl 3oroct rhap pltulps ail brogails, buckskin shoes, Itobrogs ans shlpelss me'slline calf andl kipped Pegged sioesand( I ogl ;n do boots;t lo sout kipt ad wox .gged sales I ei brogons; genttlltett' best qtality eoll'setetd shoes, ttogl.ans all llsek I)owniills; Ito calft nil .%loroceo i t.kle sioes aui brogtns; (to elf, seol all1 Marocco: I dliall slhoes anld blliltn.s, d1o ctlf, uIff uI n seat wngl~ atew article; ido lie clt', se:.i tin(] morocco quitartet Slotl; boys', Iinsses' nll childrel's pegget and Sewell tL ogans, and shoes of every quality and ki l. Also ai gttnelral assortmenlt of etlln's stnot wal nnw l e.ltr Ilt'owals :trl shtets, togelhelr with t10,(0M0 pltir hegro xst quality, russett brooans, nniled if] 1ht Its, nkmadte extpressly fior pl:antation ute; n gMod uO s i rlntelntof men's file antd stout kipi russett Iilrans, a I w articl, and t a rge quantity or itn lllenfior quItlity rl sset ot waix brgtls. Lndies' line ctalf', t, morneco and gain wielts, and P -a sole shoes; dl fine F h2ie .h .Ml orocco anld killd rin 11'nol. silltpers; to I-OIll shoes, with lt11ot Wilhout ieels; Scnltf, seal ;tllti Stlltl ht'ittter boolet st (10 tIttrUlla sllatet itid riett b ootees.' l aillgsll-nsh{usll., ~t gaons. Cl.liihel's coloretd Mlolrcoco ndl tlsting brlo . Usiandi bhoots, ke. isentlement'stillefishionnblec Ick 4ilk fhats; do black I tn hdib betverdo l a sulllleliol lll'lity; do iltlation It rnm elt; brod mi: t narro' bt'rillt it lille dratb tIh r q:k linessia slhont oallppl hats, a 1,w Iti.c1. Yo:thIs Jil ;e size hats of dillerent 'lnalilies: do chihlilren''. At ''s anod [,'lS black aUd drnlb wool ha:ts It .ariloaS lu l es, % illt geeral assortment of bo. bSlaid neiWs e !:t s. I Its a's41Lnet f ;ll be rel 'enib'l -d h) the arrival of ;, pockt.trathlLlacanoe naamed 6tic6,Il of which Sill I b sohl oiln t eolno odatitllntlillt tel'l. at. ng 1 NO MERCUR NOR cOPAX IA New )rie':,los, Nov'. . I'I lI:t, AtRn k sin u1ago, I Iati. tihe isltnt'itlite to eelt Attn stcrel di:'teas,, itr wthich I have talplied to serve.t ral ildolors il'r a colte, Ianld thePV didll ot rate ileI.Fo llow oil tile abore dailcL I ,it t illelf inaler Lliq eale of Dl)elena lluet, nt. I expec:t hintl tio cure l. Silce that tie1me title llis:el got wore so its to brebak out ill hlurge tloer to lttt tlllltllert ofsxor eight ore e att t legoltl ttottrt lly ieo, nlld ore throllt, nlitd ot able tI work oit Ite P)resent lillllOl ,taeount of tie dlisase; large th:ert oi tile rig]t tie r tilt elthoat. I 11n noo plial ItIt4 eltg eoofict:ntlv snderll f ule t eoflDr. Ilu tn.l' t ris, to be perlebtlly cured JOHN Ilk ,N. feul4 l - DO CERI['FY tllat tie uabov, mrnleil lease is t quit Well eird to mtv own salister tion tthr whi- I I C ine I hiave 1.1kei mlakCs eat, 6 . ll,] fid util tijur In) a nhe wall t ; tll'cetl',ro adtiste my Ih' l[w sulltrerc to lose o lil., ullln it ap ly to D)r A. Ilucl, 12lt Cllalll i -trvet, hetvi. no D).11 lillw- anld1t il)llrhomll strelsL. )r. I Illet i u at f t111 ti tit !9 itc.,e t t\ A t, ii eil 4 lit 3. I'liev will indl It tltlc dortor fo)r tli.t (tltc litlut. - JOiHN iD ll N 11i ray et ttre't. If any ouer wants it seO e, call ;t N, ,I i JOHN I-: IN. rtw Orl' nn1 . I'r'l I, I: 1 R. fb I I v 11 T7e i7th Idtlit., RONt.(t': 's rALES F01' IN'TE:li': To ohiehlt is l u iltl: d cd -t Avrcc'tge itle CIultla. Stor, or emlay ivltlodls III fRrliiiti tIhe av.Irage litme iVll sor':le, nttes of' had 01.or hills of glods, " bhc Iour th u c ed alt dillen ,l d:les, -n ilier-:nt credlis, acd f , r variosr l amlom;its; besid :u1sttfill ai l C(lll te li.king Tiime Ta'le, tile best thlat can he collltrivedll. 1or that i glre cIan pi iltce withi thie same coutdesu'iol compass, and size o1t , pe. An advertiscmunt iin theblook is in necrly tile follow ing words: I 'lThe higl distinction this work has received throlgh thile tel lugisltlive acts llrefixed to tile title Ipg:le, is a rle eonmlllend!l:;ion inll itsulf, so llcommon,, and so1111 oncll sie, tI tI nlllthin is Ileesisry morle than by an.of ad vertisement, ito give a eondtleased vitew of soll ofi its pe Ellliurities: as feri instance, the Interest hs been comllls. el li' rom,ind ct1ompart'd wiih, what is equivalentto four lecll s sets f cllclllaltionle, examiued ill tile press thiltyr five tites, and printed Irlm ,tetrfeotype I ties tesltee

thlilllyt-onlle tiles, frlo atll hllicl it I uS t he evident eve o the scPatt c (ePt eiallt o. h e ol I tl c l - t-lli :Ll" i, lof ill tile lef-lee)l( tiatu tile weulk intist Ie t litt - itaeticlly infllitlce, atd in c ionflrmation of this tbelif'ta premitll, of I'two huleadredt and litv dollars, is now oflir ell tl ile deteetioll of' anll elrror ofa cent ill tile llestll or ifllh editioll, as exprssed ill tile prIlllce, lmakil fite laree prentions offered fio tie stelllt crror sietlle first ptltlicetion in tie yeanr so2. One of the most calsiicons feattres of the tables is inthe t rtratlguement of thie Tioie iall Aroults, whllic for eclpediticlils, eo'fl'ene onilt lelispielttity, wilth lle hl, ortlhe side tioll intea, c.lnoti be tt cellcc d a;cu the sait'v ty and ease lwith whiich tlie in:ercsl callo t e found to tle extent of geteral htslliness, Willlthollt (hdlllllblill- fsills is belsidts conlvellienclle so essential, that in tie estimn tion ol' somheoi ile most cornmetel.t a lle.tleal busi ness Ilen alndI l ofiu lic , elrs who havle madle grat use of thle worlk, it las Ibeel distinguisihed by the honolble n , itellatio l efofa "llaustler tioe". And considerting the inf:Ililility of, tlhe mnethod origimally adapted it, comllosillcg the Wolrk, tllldtlte exttltodlilltnry Iutllber. andl variety ol'the exaiinatiolnq, ali tests of every edition it haslt'pissedlin [ihe llrll eotwo tittlittdingtile .tilole isin stel'eltylpe, considering, in sllh6t. thie iositive :curney seculllee Ily the linplteeelittlelt etiealls lcitot noil, the %it lumethas heeo iteld p o ,l nenmphaticallv sitled t tihe most wonderf'lt d book in tie w,-alk;" most ceiraiel" i. manel can namen figure work oftllhe sae extent, \1ctll since the beginning ot creation, has had tile samie nun Sberl ant variety of tests ill the sale numlber of editors; no, norone half the number, as is clearly shown int tile Irelhre. Iesides, as test anil standard, it hLs been triedi and prceeel in nearly ill the batik alnd public ,fltices in the Uited States, and Ity tle publulc gotlerllly, dltlt'ing tihe long period ol'thirty-fiu el rears, et no elrrollr of ilh lal ellliollloi s llever b'eell foundll i rl't,1all1hong, h conltiu Ially challelgcd by i tile otirc of very large pllrinis. S he book .i iut IheexprtesslY adopllltedl by all Illtheairts oflaw cl sevicral ofthe States is Ithe rate oft lefulatllon I tillualllte ilterest," tsclso by law for bankli illlrest, Rec~onfing Ps the 1-')k is .usEd, and :is R-oay hev seen in1 I.ri, by ns oI,., ilhll lle, nod a fi.w of the s bseqtcet lltr:hasfr, in the h' t i he eml of Ith book, Sisill <:'m" er-i. n ereltl r- lla ss f'uitiz lls ill ev) ' Iry qma It is lao leovcir wCell tknwl that, tb its reatltc cteck, it hlis so tltte detecttd large ettrrors, ltt t'ttr tey re t lcc even bc , tie most relllil amll oiI clent allrithineticiin tat t its ,'etl, i t e abiiuhsolte iet celssity lor its s halve beLen extenIvly insisted pltn, tso e iellnt, inacee , ltuet bcel its u ilintlgi s, t 1att its savings, that, s'cevrl y.:ors:gt , t t ilst the fir. f editioll was strllee, a nll l of prillt,na greltll hllll ur of secondlll ialld colles u ele slght lir, slne to a gre t diislatce, ndili puicrasid :it vtrio is prices, as ithlyt couldl olcklsiotn illy be licked up itt fioi $10 llto $25 per coply, ui E'nl , persos haItlue iecll..y declared, nl ilstancllles could ,e qloled that they wo uldpal J. .50, 4t00 al$ I $5t0 for a elopv tfnotto e It'l ibfor less, unl'.c individual in he later instance ,partlevildy. havi tit the same tille rxhibitcd satistctory weal; to st,.del persoas pre sent fin to him it was Ially worth that loney and lolr thlough the sailg ofllhis erl valuable tie, lie buinig a vei ricdllt mou:lliii in p cblic ftce. It is likcise Iiti.i of Iol cellll ilindeed i.proper c to imlle ", that such is tiue nltiitlle of l'igit ulorlik generally iiiand a ciillc y wilell of tile extent and iititporauIi oft these l los, ilit hall this hook or its like b, flittrepar ed in the usual manner vllotný, Ib% the most to.lmpetent eIcllatoril . ill tile world, ai l 111 afteri a ls I tleild iostt ciuttioin,&ity u t hiso cii'ortio o il.llof sueets, it would, abont to a cirtaiiy, h:- li-ii inksoel ftir re ittceciytii picaes of thi s u orklleen o l It, that ato eellce l1hem, wiihtheir uni extriirdlnariY exminiiiinl tiolsil, lainst file, for hli geerlial be1itfi Ie arei (t)by ladvetiserlentl) oiaslantly kept in a pllace l" special - ltcft), excitc. hiliale It I i c. p icillg. llklole il.etio lls to r1i11 both lallks andlll statulte iltor est uithi useul notes, follow lthe prlUacu, which, in ithiis fith as ill tehe Itwo prect'edil, ediiolcs, contain much iln feilrs:lai.n concenlg the two lawfl lef m oufcoutlllt aug ifllpci 'ts, tee fl t cacg Feeeo obis It rellhins only o I Cll ik tha t,l Iotlwillhstllinading this llicolniionily costly wor.k, which wsUlublihlled before t itlerest tables were itronduc.d in dollars and cents he= ye2 .dauallte , halbell osotecliveh so libeorally r patrolised, it lhas not yelt so much ils I'i l witlh illntelrest. tee healy lo ssl f ealrly 1ur" tihousllld dollars, besilde -ix years of tilne fi'o111 179 to l805, sustained oil tile first edlitona of 7t1 ao loies,":,risir.g chiefly lirom its publllllilca tioli at that tilme, at all uslnkw, priee,) to say nothing of .ompoenution or profil file alost a lile.-tnc of etlue toil, stll sacrifice. IN bletelle thie sitothor still -elies oil tihe ( I lissernlent wll genlrosity of the publie for a collilut I anll of pl-fel'elie alld 3 lUA ljolle F". L sale ib the Prittril .l foksil/ers in the Unflted S.',tes. 1 C44"I,'l" PAI'Il.NT FIRE A1It\l--Ju4t recý.ived J per ship illiu isspi , fro)nt New YCrk. n I-l.. ·o J _ ý , , n or, 14P~., r p ~i·ti~ THE FLORIDA LINE !Fron Mobile to Auguob,Ge" . lroves IlMoblic every day at three . o'clock. pm per U S nmail boat for Iiull's Londino, above Blakely,--te0nce four , po,st coaches to Penaneola-lthoc'io ertnomhouts II Lgrncei, where shelaond lote isresumed-thence t via Marialnne and lir.winovillr, Flan. Dainiidgle, Pinderto, n, Ilowkinsville. Sanondersville & Loluis. villentoAugusin, Ga, connecilog regulnrly with I the r;il rond ears to Chanrletol, nlod the oteam kackels Io Now York, Norfolk, Phithdelphin, etc. T'he steartboals are Ihe best for t ne service, and thle .nviguaion presents more Advan'ages than enn be found upon any steamboat route in the sauth. ern regior,. T'lhi grent improvements in the ro its haove heron produced by Ihe conslrucltion ol fif y miles of new roal, by the proprietors, viz : froml IiGrnnoe oni Laayctte layou,n. al arm of Santa Rosa Btay, to Bryant's Ferry, on the Chartnhootchree liver, ten mtilce abolve the Coowl.rd, or 14 allov Cedor IluIf, whereo y the naviatilon of the river, ontd tire con sequent detentiotns, anud meore recentlv the incou venient crrossinog at the Cnwfordl, anr entiretly a voided, and a fine rond from Marianna diroct Ito BuinbridgeO, instead t theil ronlndabout road via Chntlahoullee, lesepeilng the distance about f(orty mliles, and iireaosing lthe facilities more than ollnce adoy Aloe, . ,lnnch line of two Iorse stHges every I othoer doy tloo, 1o IIwkinaville, vii Po rry to Mteon, (ito, .tinnecltit with tho line to Savannah and SDarien, (en. A ninil stearnoilnt Ilies reguliorly belwern B iibridge andt Alalnclhieola. 'Irnovllors wishiillg Ito reach any pointoion Chalnlllllooclile or Apoaluchl .olc, oan tohke strololloa t tlhowntville. ylobilo to Pensacoldao-Loond Ilou:o--During the timoe ocnup-e byo Ioli re(ptors o t o ,IIIRFt tlle propriv. onrs of Ilh Floridal IIne %ill rln a line of follr litorse post cochlys ivery Olihr daly _bl.ttwen Moo hile and Penso colll,. e Passenoers will leave Mo.Ilile at 3 oo'lockt.p nm, in IIhe U S mnlil bo , ll l,nd proceool folh s lo I nlld ing, where a four h rtrse c., c.1 %Nill I it in wni1ing 1,) convey theor to the excellioti houoo: noof lMr. Clhnrl.s Iloall, I 14 mile distant, wllre tiley will liol ; leann toi iccolllllodatllons ilr lithe niglht-It-having next mnoroing, they will arrire itn Pensacoll I enrl0 it I!lhe eveninltg, lt1us avotidinll Itho dlSncollfort Iol niilght tr.vellini!. Office at tle Malnsion iHouse, lMo,.ile, nod C,,ol. lion' Iluoel, Pensn,,o ie, wheore FonR o ne s0 be sevc rell. I'TlOIIrlTON & Cto. nillv I JPiano brit,"c Instrarion. W illii Sorrr lS ter nders hilr st rvices ti tile cir i, zens of New Orleairs al ir tentrhrlr t he piani' forte. Mir S hiav'.g been emply,'d sveral vrni ns n teacher of in .sic in private lanmilers ili B ason, nid( also lit ieveril of tIN l elfiale st-linllati in ITS vicinity, cannot [but hope h, inr ril Their confid n e. lle is p-ermithed III re frir toi Itur v ir I Ci , IIL, r ' \ r I Stelson & Avery, h, IerndI, rs, n &. Gai .. Fr Iernris, .e o , ase aIllly, v at tle bookstore nf c Al cx n'rrrirrrT1..wrr,49 CU rpi It ot 2 Dragsi and .lhdrtnrne. JR .,,vo' t r. as br r nr ed hir eir' itrrt thim riry 1,rr ilhe ap poe oif Iralr nctrllr n it Lrral W hrIi le 1)rrrL buirr; ,-ssr. ile is aw trer eihri,, a ' l. .pplr of trT< h sit llnd urnui - a rt it les, % 11hich ' eITT' " 11; I sol I ,n lihcr lt ttortl. To ci ' druaui..t., ad thoise - ; it- interior, it l ph l sicians, tl e ri it ari d pIl nlih r-, ie will or ff r iWue el,:cll suclh - Iha 1 ne, r Io Ir, bImell , WI-1- In thi itv. H is i - to yror e nes 'A l i' ior i'rrr dyry oirrrly A edt. jTlIfi l1%A 4114\ h RIT41 nosiB ONO 4 ' lTa tl t T OKEv h,6 ill -ate h II n'I . , ', It o1l: 1 ooll her, ,'th rrr'tr Iat rrr, I, rr bri\rv. Il. -v rr I d~V I~ir hol.hp~v is. A 'I it,r 1, P In- !; III, t ,+t \ Hit, I o'rri, r''Iy(rrot I'rrrl~I rH 'rurr'', rra' r rr' tl' Irrrrrl ry loll wrrrrr pr rartrr rV, itI llr' I .I rri r, I la-hrr rpiatr'hIrra'ro lle k r" N N , mel C.. which 1 Y 'I'ORE-at are siox a (I the goldmtverl coralk, r 'I Cil ariret itevvrr ll TIr.oicriroeri I I. cei ptd ill., ;,ltio r to rtheir r, , rill slk l handit fill ripdr io ra t, c rp. ihortu'r gt or lirotf, in thr eir Iir , pni e i trrfi try Jielhr v, ' hrkrnrrI h - fidno.v r - , h lit, rt asd I m11ow hi C6.)]11 ,--Inlrloitc ]thell, anditlh i l uii .hii ... l it .,l'it clistll 't Fi, oi4ti'- o t arei' ni l , ornrll I " ind net kr r rtzilrin I hirlol f evero y lpyo i' r i , on ' ro ' wh i ' a re ri ' 'ye orxr'ie puttr,, Ivt" p 'N onl + of iv daesription, here, lresrsirng ao r ,ilit, rrrt'rr irr %hio :r gIri ew' l ai'r f r entr r i o r ir'lr A r o'r i anl. IrEIri"r.' ri rrll tr-- tI''', rr'e.rr ,rio ri oh rrid r, I., '," , ANRFMEY -C - VAIT lTC neh l iiF' -,rl r rran ie Ih ,rw r .all,rs f'rry dn iz t n Irii ' ( tr cri'lo" T '111II o"PI l ol i rrfl' cxtra,'t of ,igr llltl r Lal y" 1 . i l y l. l 1i .1hSF iivilg do i rli IIIi tr C ercI'l.11 f l hlso p o "trdllll" voea lalbh hair ofil, T,4111P lll II th Will'til. I urutolll' s ;1iting p ll., plain nod p ornlll 3I E Y-o- n,! "'ti lat'- ofIl ., l . iir l Ie wTrit" ou ,n 4whl i' . Ailfrlr' askstiCr Iioyt i c l eardro p a, Set in tih-r ive, hl doasi Iiin- (it' it !,'-, 4je. - rv .1' gtt-irln S, w linh Vnlh:'+. < nill h. n k sil gaun .iT'i' r ihi silr n n'ir L,.Il I .ils Lrriirrrl BitrdS, dIce ES optw l vien, ha whai" d ocloc rt [till, .f2l , tooth, pla te, ct Ob, Nail, I .,, nig hioll I ih'iithw r ih rirru'r-. ri r irrr' pF.rn', rr O iliA S" rri-iirnlrrn 'rior ra n rtrir oi d 'r , lrro a lirr\ ir an d riic' h hr .lriryd r r ir'rrr1a, P rh rrairrra , ir.rr tarrdiairh I o'lrl' le r iriro rr'ioolt llr th'rr . A'NAiY ANIDi VARIrETi Aii c P Eydre, n--,rcrh i 12 A c in vryovinh I oril' h 11e dt1ri l1 ( .Io O ul ty 42 7(jM t& r rrD~ 'orN. 'rI fr I I H, l T he ladli"c , r er hI.n ,al i d Shl ' tbilli Thor lar k' y h ihr in ii .riw Or., Ac-i r 'irdrin t 'ari' o Irlr ,l. %h i,dhr o i 1 - 1%."i ' 11 1h r al r , r .l .. o r e.'adir .. . IIy p 'lr ' if, r I r ir:llr ! I a. nl CV, 3 , r'ala 11o1 v bo l,-K iVll- l "I m~.. , I:t l ,,][,i.Ihl , Ith l ! c t-c irodu tis cp. ri s & -oD ever br , tomd -l, this p 1ce T hi,1 .e t a ...l.... to supJ nz Io. l'e sth hnuIactierns' r'ie rrti'rrv idr, ir 1.'i iI a r - lilor1nb i llliil o f ko livesi rkn r +r ir l sro ., ior oir Ir a ortdh, pin, trilver a Nt hei .t o l " lr ui" t i, elI,, i oc i mo book., an.1 walivi, of ai Ii . I'. I ,ltP khl:04 L, hi "r &ra r r 'rr 'ird irr', ar rir iar'I r oIf rn'h crrernr ' yr. anrrd Ai ywri h r 'tl f rlilt.tir do lst, iis l i) f l boxen . prn ) o f1, rr %-ntlions kinot t ao h illng ' Iven i t viillV Enira r.' '.i ililheh n'r arn' llas kih'i rrzr r orr '' trets hr lI ructIlli 13 iles',dilrks, fintll' beadll Itiv(-lbices', til --ill €-Ar - ciro i t v' r lthe s, pearnl b rorsr, rwilr flastki, r r rllr 1h1 ce d beads,% qill ,till ,.ilvvir do, 9111ila~i ýLJI.. l In ir lr'. 'gIarteriler, paih n a ndrci tor (a t i n s lllroi o r, 'li'r y rrrrr, rfrr so rr r r ri ii r irorrrr) i .l.lh e& . aill variety el other i tyr i mehs, all o lrwi, h ill te yrold ' or P .ly h Ttlan-p res oli oil U illo crerr it. rr H r IADI;.,", & co 443 i0 'titi a iaAr) 'rir r'" ri-s Is Spertn~ilri eak ean hls~os-leive thole.oalr rngg stsr, eari Cm rnon ani 1 l l i.. s Ireet., or l rri.e f 'lner r lt 0 X r l , Ir l , tirade; s n o tijle pure t F lc h P urf lr rv, l b coin every arietyn l ry dler i r ril o1, r s in e b' Ct1 2 hI FrEIE S &f I) IAn ;. T rIrNIra iiI.y-T ii e iubtr' crir berr hving bir h r ri . I U rr hlrir ed rr arnih &nnnilrt hr. r r i \r'mrr ,ii ie 4 r eatd t111pply the n ltione r. and ihe publi hi.ll iol'Ul li, . olr tle oi r rPr ild , Il- iari trr ar i n o.rate, nd I fie qiuality of+ Ilia pri,doines Tuiopl'n r Iit anly evterbronll., h Ii sl~ . 'raa all intil eIlrr0 o o~lr I nhii.r u tir ri a,; b'llr r lit Ill ri r h y rl hI o rrtr, a ir Ses blislurent r fi rir kind in F droo)e. T os d y r i,,sad IY o cll al the crinle r f c ra rh irr i an r.d l hp tu lu s., shell bep ro eihtd "8.ith ai fair sionhliei . r lif y v arrih 4 y'rtu our of r oary artycl io or to y rya lyr', ot pro 00 c ornorshy cod umorrrtrr iric y~yi hey . Pot t L to Cry. AoaunVso he varnris'r. s ira ihe carte N Irc.,w rrauio d ni to hluirge.eve r it, ioilinor It wiaer. The lrk varnish fur SNoreid ati' Cheii fino ,in ro iies. Tie jrrio rllarenr varnish r ilhon ullis iy, .& &t.y b mardr; cod ao o tio r'NNAIIEo. irriolrrrstt ain , eryrirrgrrri l acqryo inted wyyjiyh th e dioeur co(Ul-mnrr to terdir, Irallg . eniyderid tlel ind .elxeel Ile .Do)1 vy.,'¥ n123 411 Nem, L-",.. Tira yrroc cnii." ioir rib y itr itre caompocrtioo ci Proirrycar Syrryitytta, yr ir diroticee, rot, ire loon ci lirte urrdrrrigrrad. 'fie rAfon! which iliry irare aproducrd in tins ayrd rotirr ciriro, roe born cyrtenidd - wi ntie article, is rucbesrc,yriicitebet -refrce con to givor. 3Apn at No, 1 aip ago. sine ntrrat. JN0. M4'LiJIiNGj. I Made Tifll o i rl rrp, ri to ri n od for sl t & r r, 3 Iii)!i1R'. l'1 & [A k% "l'fllI-:,; 6:1 . ,. r . at'~~~~~~~~h~iI Ir Iiirr- ITrryr v lrrri &r.To Nrir I ad orn ih likatrh l &CoIT rf he , con Iit Iod r ,r , ..... ... ... i i P9 ... ill Ithi ... ,v. Bh ,f I llu s I l,... iT, u-r of tnhe. ed Scirae, ri Cdrrnr r ,i n 'ir , A . hloe e i rIrod nriiv er nu, rrar'itr ho r a r T srrfr'i ,ris , i i td - venderi .oln er isl r oiare r't i oft l'l rolelyia i or uttior -but r ir i ns si hctr , t-Iooo &AL, I hI Nrnrlrr cliln 'io eory tnrrmo of , lir c rof !1,, r 1 ITii heI iil,-, ill file ditf.lelenl (,ll~ll es ofp.iI Ilr en , ' 1 crl into aiiiinyiiorrr vrc t I T. i ll ' e lle ifoia tly h r id ir arile n r I, r h'IIII1r aIn o ro perr ble nlo rtrer i i hrr cIr'cl it,'ycr lloo ll~lil~t Ig'glan . .tllil'ln ,, I Til he lt,, Tiler, a-slatct,--lid i wlat ni11l t1.e11 II..,': hot nir, Is,,% a.+ it 1) 1 hi-', S~l vd , ITT r~wP.cI,, In addi,t ,!) t", h11,; ,.~ ,I sock, lilr-q , tr'ival. "is f every itl,,ariplion r, ;1 !1 . t'.I rllll ,1 Il l s-l lo, fnr~t , q i rlt Ir F Ii all ki,;d,. Thie pl~lieH In;.), irl.t il lil l a 11 la. d solrhtivnt tf c~very artilcle ill I'le feed liInl tof geliil e L aut 1ahtl", and ifnyurted dit-ect I~y Win. DI.\N. 1%r iirTgHE Pic.i--iihi underrsign .ore - studied under Dr. S of(.,rhego Soutih Carolinat unit for settleO yeairs hi. atslist, ilt inl .i rilteo :;f~i iiielid *Utligtry, h~ts the looteir :I o offer Ilia prolotssionia setrvices it, thlis city. It le lassilrie1 tile Jadice and gelitlonoiitn toiat. tll)o nilo, pirOulllt attention wvill be pliid to tile Cdls vWiehC~ inay be nuldrl and algo offers Ilia services to till cholders of~laves, bieing %roll aprqnainted with the diselages clonmton to theuil, hafvibng attended themn in tie sugair housu Iin Cha~rlstoni. Thoe Itla ul~s anti.biliouis pills aliter theeornlposition Il Proriesser Sinlollette, vitlh directions. canl he hall of the undersigned. Tito effect whlich, they have produced in this antid other cities, has beenl attended with tire greatest suiccess, to whihel tile besit of, references caill be given1. Apply at No. 1(66 ,Magar. zinc srec.j NO. MI'LORING. NoT~ici r--Th partnershiof' Kelley Mnillo dtC c of Netw Orleanr-; Mtlsea illon, rris &Co., of Natchez" I til Ihlarri4, Kelley &Co., of It'odney, was dissolveI oil. hel')sl ofi Mny hast, liy the deluh tf Stonlucl A Alliston, onlle f thl yarinersll it'tr i|he fivrs,lf f OLBEAR'S Science of Pernmanship received,ied for sale ut their permanent Writing Acaduemics Ny No. 8 Chatres strout, New Orleans, 189 Broadway Nsw York, IDuophine at., Mobile. W It isprticularly ib.igncd .pr private learners, and schools, elid i conlcllated for perasons of ll ages. Ladlie andl gentlemene are invited to call and examine the systei ifortlieioselves. lessons are given at sch hoti olles as ray "nit the convenience of all, etnl to elhssea formned int any port of th city. Ladies wrI prefer itean receive anssons at thllir own ref sidentes. T Paeerspav ivng e n rre oflrssons are desired oatten.t, -- " a ,sIellasotheynwrolt. .3A . BROlSOTHhR. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, e FOR FEVIlR ANn AGUE. 7 EN years have not yet elapsed since it wasn first regularly submitted to the public; but it c has attained the highest reputation; and has sup. 1i Splanted every other medicine for the Ague, wherev- V or it has been known and appreciated. Alreadoy has it boon carried in every direction throughout the United States, and still realizes n o-o than could have been anlticipated by its most sanguine friends. Thiousands of persons have not only boon relieved, but restored t., health aind vigor through its agen. . cy; and they now cheerfully testify, at every np portunity, to its ideided and supreoe efficacy. It is composed of such medicinal principles ns are calculated to renew the htealthy action ofthe stom tach, liver, ind othler important digostive organs, tie loss of which harmony is the immediate cause of the disease. It io apparent also, that it produ. cos an entire change in tile condition of tihe systesm, and certainly destroys the native liability to relap ses of tihe affection. When the Ague is attended s wsit any other complaint, thite mploymtnt of the . Tonic Mixtu-n will not interfere with the treat. S entc of ithe other diecase, but wi:l even afford as. u asttance by furnishing strength and vigor to the body durilg the couroe oi f treatient. Those who Smake use of thlii medicini may e nassured that there is no Arsenic, Barks, Mercury, or anry other a, rlicl in its eomptsition uulfriendly to thie ihuman co.stiitutioe; bcing eonlirely a vegetable extract; I and they miy have additional confidenco in thLe ;g use thereof, whna they perecivo that it has the ef S fect of a gent' lnxative about the tiettle hall' o. It t tie full has betn tiakei---in conserqueeer of rwhich, there is no pitrt tof the mtedicinn left to linger in .1. tie buowals to caunos: obstructions, and other evils, u arisingi from tih useti of tmany of tihe remedies now oflered for the cuo re of this alletion. It hIas been used also ins a preventive, by maiy who were sntb i, jet to a perioadical recurrence of tile Chills, and it I. hag Iatria lly warted d tithe apptrchondted lluett . te Obarse! 'l'he Proprietor, fully satinied ithi tihe , .upar,diclod atd universal see ccss whllich has ll. stantly atteoided a punctual and rreeular rie o)f the T. T'ic Mixture, in all Casns ol' FeveIr and Ague, s iels warratled in eingagiig to refund the price to a;ll tiho who Invo talion the inedicioe io strict nl . of coredare with the prescribed directions, without hlavig bIt.m perfectly anili lastingly cured. The sutbs.cribers are the wholesale agentls fr the South Westlernl Stales, lnd hliave now\ o il llad ix r ty cast s of this m)editine, which is warrnuted fre-sh Sand genuinla. For salo at tile llanulittireld ricee I .I \llVS & ANItlRIAVS, \ \IbIciunol Irinvgit,, o , ntv7 e-o ( ...o...o.. tit NtI,'htl i rto In, lwet. S 'll l'.l :. lpl :ll I.9t llS ill.tllo Ito t-, I 11S. MARY hKIIRKLAND rospretafly an. S ,l nc to h,'r fitnd,9 s and the publin 1 gl e. illy lthat ish I prmp rtd to a:ccermnin . a Ie IhI ten itt .,. lo 9,, 99v9t'o l ' 99''91 and hoi,9 s r un hi9 ]er . ,rlioi t . rto l r vior' .coll, r ,r, I 1bi, lo receive l t9illll ont nlola tL 'ell er l vor. She fotls cot: l. Itent lthat ipermons viiling Covil., ,'9 111 i9rtingIL theI 199n0 r n9 nt9i , rOffot9) fi9t9 ..I 99tt9r acc9999s99fnodatt ic th:n s.te can alford themoI9 il omort lil9 e ral ter'ms. (ler house is pI:N santly situateid, and well sol)lied with every ronveni-ncet; the bar is furnished with th99 most choice 999ors.. &e. in 99 ort,she promise, "'at 1othinog shall b wanting onl her part to give itire salislaLetioln t) at1ll whIt may pa tronliz the lissisippi and L oisiana Hotel, je3 i ,IfL-,OW WARI, - WOOD) SCRlEWS, SAID IRONS, &eA. • ' E. IIOW\VIL %VOK)IS COMPANY, No. 238 WVater, near Biecokman trect, New York, have rec(-ivd the past easton, uni atre cot stantly rvccving largo and extensoive additions to the stock of the1 above goods, which now con9LAnts of tlhe ollowing ilsoltlnont, suitable for the southern and oettero mloarket. 19ollow waroe f superior tqfiality, consisting of 9ab(It 150)1 ti9 .., viz, Pots o. 92 iffrt szs, from o.8 to 50 gallons, Keti., 19 szs, fr', 3:81 to 309 gallont, , :orttlls, I- izo'o, ror, 3; 1 to 18 gallon0, U19ll,,'p 9i s ,fr Ovin , 7 u s hlr'l't ,it.oS , 19 Tea K9'ttlot, kil t, . . 5 do Fst Splla ldrs l do , Cov-,rd Spid,!r,, 2 de 9Or l. s, . . do Ff'9 I9,91 , - G dot W m .99 l fom I 1 4ll to . l3- inthes. I l ('rl ( 0 5 In(. 5 to 7 '.,- . \W od Ir, ' -, .0l ýý) ro., iron ,rhl ra. , fIroml :8 i9t99h, NoI. : in, 3:9 incl, N ., 2 1 of9 it superior .1 I9 a ll)d f1116ni;, lad than's imported S9ad I9ro9n, ao'orted, i9 calis of a0hout 500 lob for ' l aio's i 9 ' h atto 1' 9 fron( , as sorted. Sash w ,igl1ts, I)1 t1nS, amot91ed from I 4.4 toI B ulls for Puntations, st,,ambonts, churches, &e. made to order, Also st9eab0at, and other machinery made to I arder. Srecommendeid to the ttention of' Southerln o nd Wdstern merchan9ts, and are or09red f' r sale at low9 prices, and npon the nu9mt liberal t9 e 1n; it i be. I lieved to ble the large'st and best assortment ever Olffered for sale by any 0one eotabli 9ent iln t1he Unitud States. 9Merchants, by forwardino g a request hy mail9, con have a iprind'9 eircu91r, wit9h de.-crip0t9in of /t9olds, prices and ter1ml9s, fi-9 wil9l9lch no deviation0 is ever made, t 9rnish9d by return9 of 9mail. All orders will receive inuediate attention. New York, 1838. j'3 9BOOK IIIN9ERY. Under thePwao.vln. i)111'e, 720 CGnp st. B RONiSE IA '& IlOW\,"ON bh leat, r t- iNform heir en) to\ ner in I ll,- pI ahliv g , i erdIv, tO 9i99y have remlov9 d . r9 i a, hitll to Noi. 792 C 9 ln i rletl i r9ned9iatel9 % u9nder tihe ofllce of til. Iicavnune-wher, they are prepared it execute all orders in iheir line. Il19ing receiv,9 d frotm the North a s9pply of p9. Iper and m9 teri9l9 - tof n -uuperior qiual 'ly, for the, 9ian9incture of I9lank 19ooks, thty ulf9r their ser d vices to mer9hants and othert , who may wi909h work of that kind ; and hlnvin thie advag0-i e of 9 ever0 i y9,ars's experien9e in that linh, they are eonlident of eivinl sattsftct lion to those whlo may fivor thein with thir etihion. For otaries, nrchitects an9d other, 9 maps and plans will be pasted on linen, varnished and tnount9ed i9 the neatost manlner, &t at the shortest P9ain and fnnev bindino, in all bs v0iri9ies oi. il! ri i .cnll dae Ar . 'r . hici cr ' h exterllCT' houlle I .t iof . & .i . I t .hel d nIh i haA e jit te lItu verl' extpl )it" -s't oL " prin, ., %,b m i c. s'ig of T sables iltI c I.sirt KIlcin IS P l -. dt cris cti , Pcen 'oc ,; t, ilkill' lo nlliner ll illt 1llKn)d.h ; ft ,rl* , ,\s . l "i tEr llll l hit .t& . -I . wiill , I 'tlipCcv tre p lre:ared os x hil ,; t ri:. I L hl,0P lel, i .:1o . cr lniland h olnillionlsI I ei!l It o il'. ixa lli 1 r!, ti i l i o ; 1 I 61caill . .I cIv Fcn . . ' lE lll ..lcc li' ll' e Lt s oi - cell e i'lsa.'h iul .c' s; I lll'icnisc ll , rih ti :cllll cl hies; cirl ,; hll ! wl'itvI..i Une: t|OilA | m o S tlii 11 s -lt ; l I ll-lV Us ' iol ll ' ntr sIhtc, illivoll :11"I ru·ll c l"; v alls r; Ic 'lccl head l cn aclchv r in ii's hair I.h','d chi n anicc u Ik kin'I blllgi, I ' ·i'oi bill's;i c Ik(' nilll clc i 'Cnill c oioett ol.ltl. RPIo ll lla . t s .tcilci ; lils i i.lilit loltcc; 'il - e: ci gl.hc sac i; ; C I lrian i 1c. lcm.; T eil ; sahore i :ililm tl i 66t l oIr .olmleI sllck tellol rclcc e, c siL Ict te -Uas It all i; eIl cd cllait(l co s:hld p ,ol s lau! e ord e eta: i o e l l is e signl olfl he Ill ll C nllllln ia , eukihm'll' tllahii'cl ball; ai-'nt icook tit wclca si erina' l li' i ,cic ; rzo.' Sit'c filc e and citl rlll ln'tc t tgll ,olusi. Chti d reqwrv , Blee llsl l l .llhitr nu lch s hil -iTi pe ci lA;lt T' ii cc . &1 at'. .. 'a ff c The ulilh e i n riddi ill 1- lo iUl illrlnl' sli:fo of" fitne .rt' i n i dtaiLs l r s lrvicisi il. se... , e pr:i l. Ic or Itn holate, diorr, Iias the sigw. ftha (it e Cl delllc ier, f(Ol at , t"e i t. A .e tI.. Rich cuStInd pai n A Ti n&c iln mriarica n laf Fr n. c, 'ill. t n- ell tlllll rich t lalttl-rlllt a d l cc i .f and r,4ii e c,'e c ric, t rea llt r ls r l s, I on llelrs , cnmbler, dilpresr, erlecslc., lrs, pit hrs iac I , c c eta, lu.rI Illis, e . c. Rlch v platd, bt n Fi l nrl, ri tani wnr-c'an c gi. rciae, li desr ecndce CikCi , c''ct' 'cccl' i , clreti s, wine.s, ca dlua , ciltren, , iccc.' ,s n r lcrem s,e Ilpresrve dslnelld rs, ars , hl a tn llll , n hi.inp alamde and giclta s, eamclia a dla i esltc I nd l orks , , etc.gricd varty rril lu r f nlly tedr. 4nrnz anltr, hlranrnia, hn -llr , ,ar tira, liqti,r a scanci, tcake ic eakas, c:cii.'att-is, ,reaas. litcn spp i japanc'd Irac-i, atrai sccci t, i haitn ngc iig p.%ilcile'ccie e ilcc la siver ci'c.ccc and iorksc ioethiegmrwih , 'tic an " variety t'faeiaitles lcr fl tll licc p. Mi \ i lcril slCllalt antere, hitC Iii and aweaimbo1s, icurnihtad wilt go.,,d a tile aurist rea sonicible pricts, ailt Ila( kedrl nas to be conve y, di with sai1ty t anv pa rt Ic IIile a ictic ry. %lso, nllactle. ri.'l i nsww r ° i111 . To Countra y .Mlelhawns and Pilanter. Negro cl its. bilankets, flannels,: . lansi c, lOi llv' shiriouls cclk, licn , ralicote-, hiandk.ichiels, &c krc.rucived ad tur sale l,, I t'' t isc, bscri. ~l g j Ir accuserslll, SeeCjCassslI . . IMAIL ARRtANGEMMEMNT . .. \ Due Every Day at 12 A. Vorther Mail, Closes Ever day at 101 A. M ,retlern Mail, F ridy, by , P. M. 5 'ly of llrt Closes every Monday, Wedinesdl n, [ad Satlurday.y 9, P. M. o ( e every n luefday, Thursday, a Tlhe Lake Madil Saturdasy 5 P ,Thrsda Sa Closea every Monday, Wednesday EXPRESS -AJhIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL DEPARTUItE DISTANCI' &c. of the Express Mail, betlw.,a Mooile and Noe York-leaving Mobile dailt at 8 P. M. Northwar New York daily at 5 P. M Southward. Arrives Arriva Northward. Distance. Time. Iteatum' PslontgomeryAla. 211nn. 198 's 23 h ISm. Coluombu , ai. 1 81 9 a.m Milledgeville. Ga. 133 14 p. a Coian.iS.C. 71 am. 163 171 fItleign, N C. 5 215 22 1 Warrmnton, Va. 12 m. 55 0t Petersburg, Va. 10 pn. 83 10 Va. In Itiehmonl, Va. 1 asm. 21 3 61 Frederickslbur, 8 7 p m7 VWnshington city, 2 pun. 61 6) Baltimore,, 6 38 4 01 Phildelphi, am. 100 II New York, 2 pin. 'JO Bi 1305 143 h. or Sd 3 Northward. Comning Sonthward, the timn is iL hour leas; lreins5 lnys ystll 17 hours. T0 I6EOIoTAftS IREWARD. R ANAWAY from 160 Curoadelet corner of IIeris slreets, on lhe night of 301Ih of August, asid was seen tile net morning in i 'oydire street, n negro bos snaed CI A IR.ESt about l7 years of age, oad f e or tlereulmusin is Ilint;, vuers black andl asan Imped isnent in his esleerclt, one of his logs is sRre, sis-aei noi by orecest ulrt;l hhal d on wlhe e went away . whie catlf o1 liecn shilrt and whlite eqtton pantonloona. Mlasters of vessels and steumn boats are enutlnteid a gtuinst rrceiving or harboring said negro, as well an alt ouler pcrsuisi, as tle nitnoqt rigour of tile law will hb enforeed ngniilst tihnm. Th'I' above reword will be pals fordeliverisg him iint sany of tls juils of eitler of the rn oiipnlities, or at 169 Carsdelelrt, corner of olevt N O'I'l: '--T'le ctpartnershli li herotsrefore xitin uNittleriltt litm ofl Ittlbis & OoGarretson, an bae ldisohlved. Thil sulscriber will liquidate the affairs a ths, conllerrn il this city, rils requires all persons indleb - el to mke pnvuosisst to him oly, and ull tlhosuesohavinl clinins, to pres'nti heisn forsettleiohtT. g 8 -,,1 U11 sARhIILTSON. CAIP''AIN M.AItiYATT'S NEW NOVE..'. Ratilin the RNerer, hy thllu uthor ul Peter Siimple, s il 2 vols. tCuonminss, or a WinteOr sst .Ocboss Ilni.,fielil s;0.seL s ';SIv'lu, bv (C isulll Ulfuil Ilall, Roya Navy, F.L S., in I Vol. Lord Rhlslnt, u romunee. Ity Allin Cunningham t vo Sheppard Les. writtern t y hiimself, in i v2els. A (Coimpetundios llistory if srly, lt'uuisllted from the original Ithalia, bv Nzithfiniel Greene, in I vol. for VllinigNo. 79 of II Grper'n ,emily Library. Vols. 3 is. I tiihe iew complets andl unif6rm edition of IlWshinrgton Ifrine's Il'orks. fLRo.,r's French and E.nglish Dietiont.ry.iinJ vol, 3r Nugent's Flrenrh and EAnsglish Dictionary/. A i.s-A iw Imre coir ics sf Cosmse'sl hrenology "iePis I"ser 'StIrvevs.r's Cop(nsses mroseUftstlerior qua is ity, w-ith tisih ., Htilliard Hills o1e 21-4 still ' t.2 inchos t illott's imptoved tnetatlie Pe'si,japaned lsluers, weights &C. &c. &r. Jll I'el:eiv'edt, an.l for sal l e. 1131 IIENJ. l..'Y. I'INN(tOCK'S ROME, &e. 1)INNOtlK'1S IM1l'.o'l EDITIO'lN OF DR _ (;Ollmiil i h' Albrilfg nt f lth Ilistory of Rome t11 whielc it relixr ll Introdrlltio t tIo e titndy o Itotitn isst.ory, nid e gritl veariely of valuabloinfor lionutiOl alh'ld "lhrotui lhn o t l, ' oli k,on l dUl e lllintnurls of 1"ngl.ale, frim tile insllision of Julius Clamar to atl den l i of ttlorge 'ie, wit a cotinrltli, on to ti e tyea I I: i. \\ Ail question t Ilr t llllllt iot t t ot. Ie n u I J relettl l meIlo . B i ldes .r a lstIs of YIvaltit l iafureln in aill, a II. u1dll loue tlihe i orlIte iintSisting It table !of IuIIaIII +,ll SoVewrill. aud euHliueut persans ( o pi u tslls ex 'lra it' tltr I le. Istul.inrks on tae poll tiels, Illlllo il t ai - Silt srllur of thie t Ani . uso lltli le 8hn tUuoli isui&, t&C. ilt. it llu stra t by ony eOng, Gusi' Itisritiry rst oai A trno o sinr. ud on Acridlgmert of Keil's Nw l'tlix, on the oe a" lu(iibo sse. Ne Ainrs it t ditionl, w .itt ulitioum asid ixmlrovooeues y nl irit exellstio'll if thu IastrItouosicul part uoftlhe Amp f Ui ulIIIIII(nlinan . iJtles vstrd iandl firumnle is \by 5 l'KEAN cI , eorller iIsol'ullp nd CommoUiun lt IIAtt'lIt'S CIASSICAL tI+IltiARY. it tAU I tr itstv llip tt P Feis, 1) D, with an au t dlttvi, sst soClllllfltlil s sTiltlUsllllsx Ox variousa siter, &A. tv lon, (Coviey, Alilsin, Drystos PoL, Additi'oll. Swill Ctloittertoi, (i \Vsakelitd P5 I;rsrss sitrs si, isc. isllu ouste tofu Iic ellli:erst pOisale of tI s'lstt lltUsets, Witl ituflt a ,ioutlix It t rtusts andi lt Ii'" llUbtserastt sh.hi l I.irarv T'i' I'nl te dilii sf Ili tlllHl.t I'' Ct.tNK IRI by Ml l , wilhl a moewir Iiflllr o l'lh, ll r bv |T a ,1ie it Rscotelsq., ails itii lwit itisoNrtsoIssi, by(Go TIlE lt.A1 i rite tie ty li.s'uiit'rof Itliolites il'ry oit urg sslls s sssts,it tlsls s.lnopsu in P'AU. 'II )ll) IItv ts uaior o, "Pull,. Thr Ie'llo I)iil " ." &,:, Ili; volnu).n 1 o llUta re. .4 sale .3) \8M 1tJl.;KP AC iN S tir S-ll S ?I k Cic(ll t.o i anil an1 1V li rriorirci ion.'.I~ ricran Aidriraiesn 'I uner i,_,t.nJI havoLi r(ecl*m -eas-ed bllsinese lis . Iriua i-i a..n Aip,,IhI ory, in Ihe lor* ivnt by Ilr J cb t0-I. t[ ie c)rierof iTivoli nir rlld rlrto i, ali, rep., clull sii olicileashare I l itIllc I arir.dge ald lrel ewat I e favors tI r c atmer st, nr. er. o 'Tlie entire altok oa I s, )lllrg d l itclleo il.ln r lIone r urilh, s is fresh and Slrtiflly sl I. rcld. The fllo w ing only are part tertll" alZ , viz : Ire Srln,iSeilli!z and Saraloga Powders. Y .alst iPVaders, b!)in a whri',les.iie lnd elegant tL1'aslllte r yeastl in r:aising blead, buckwheat itllielr's Ef.frvescenll \alIneIsian Apperient-a 1 8t1ra.s nllll n end n ge it p wt liv, ill ridysPpea or indi. restin, nervlus debility, gidiies-, headache. I dily - i a the s rllllncht ab,i ual costlvelleils, cots neou.s crllillwns,&c. Cirpeater'r Fluid Enxtrac of sarsaparilla f purih ine dit blooa, & eC do dr and cnbaisr &c. S wanil'r lanaro ca ad 'Vermriiug; British an Ila.Ie ri. nil, O)pode ld o, &c. lriiied Ltqniirice, joiube and ua- naive paste T'rothl brushlis,,, N S Prenticeda carbonic dentlri fire, acllirinr ruooth wash, powder liffs anid beaxes I'renticeas enirl b ila denlratiie, chilrlie tooti wash ralwder ouffs and borxes Pre nictt's sceInted and rill toalet powder. polnullint creme de Perse, oranige I U. er,, ivenalr r and Florida wateres ol tihe Ihert quilines, Ionr land' l MeasnarOi Old, ridel's alndl oft C lallia, bear'Ail, a variety licilfr aonl o iher marches, indllule mnarking ink, o,,perior black ink, h c. Sperin and relined whale oil. lly'r Lininmen A Irishl assortliren of ITh.rblrn' sGrden See o't 2 - -- GEORGE JON i S ZItotWANi -s-T0MC .TT- -- - For trenatrenl and cure of tie Fewer .' A. ae. IT rill Ile relndil disac.vered a herein the Tanic Mix" t: Itre i sruperior too ile ordinary Ialea of treating o Fever aid Agne. In the first plaice, aVege able Extract, and free ftrnrl any deleterious and poison ua, ingredients, it innv lie iaken with the Ilmullt safe eve"n byir t rae inler hilirnt, or aged inaalid. it pre vaol redlrr Tf lie diseasar. onseltranlly the onsatitu l in rcgaior its wonted tori and arivb. It eatanb I th.. '.ory,+ i l 11Toe 1).1. Irtr'lAlnra aip r tite, by h iaigrratiag h oastolaclali,od i-., i t a t eli r to ile ntlloa aa*te. 1 te howel, itorese thdis disel'ber the creoat rrl!.erdiii.nrr., but trllrr,lrrllv clarsara ibe seaeral or anol of di;otiarrii nil th i aAbnaflits e r)s:ta vitllx h lli iver oth rI tdeliriin it ny lie otpressed. I olividotiiliu alrer h a iriri e pl'csiC MiXtiaie, have Ioen txoed to kill tile ll causesna of Ith disease, all have acnraid ally a yloIrtn.ols rfrrlne irnwlerea byP tll i r wf rkCnllaa.lrlOl reln al, th .ee in always arer - te r.. inrrenmerl l.tAi!ilv i n ra trrenoe. Thoe danger t" irlewlr Itclillis.s olriea Agrn, is very ev it nt, for Il vtiri o w t il s a h1 bco le nid,, ti ruel prestrate to b nl;le In reIanct with , liinc tie ld reedtily fall a vic ti r to Ilcb i ir tit i ..i i inrinie The li ''o i n Mixture is et or ed ill ih11 t r re.-.all aaln irtre, as tr place it %l iihit ti' reach ofre ,,. neer-so t. nhat te .pro. anti desatiute Lre ilernll f.rnie tniias nrastianne,niel i d t soliciting Ire aid sid attendalo e r hiech is frqioeatltly denied to lin ora vera re itclaitly bastowed. TihI. Ildl ..: nr re .lR.ei.v caulioned agrlinI.t Itie .apu i.rli. i.llliritan rid i, n tl a uelioilla, that are daily offered h iin pi'on 1 inlyhtb DrI. Johin R. owwtied, at his l ihor iiry *nark stasIrohiiei rin e f T iie oulsrir trs ain te hssra aaat for alto ' td,;dii price,. ''; be ittdat retail alsoN, t e .\ )oth caries ill Inll city. JAIL 'Ii it, ANDREWS, Wholelade L)rlgeislt, Cor Coouull.'a I 'L'cfholedtulfs a jAIARULE CIIIAMNEY PIECE WAoRHoesE, S aCustoraihous street, apposite the past.offino. Thie tiaulseribors are Ilow receiving Firoa their fae tories ill New York, and will keala onstantly on hand a goneral assortent .if Narblo Mantl Pieces o fsucrrier warkinlnislip, aRild of tile liteast pattern, am.ia0 of the best Egyptian, Italian, Irish and Ainerlean nlarblo. Also, Mnoluialltle, Totabs anad Grave Stoaes, maoulded and itain sills and iinteltr starbl f'aeingse, heartlhs and boundary atone, plaster of Pris, Rloain & Hlydraulie Cament aed Plaster. i g ltair, together with a splendid a:srtinent al b ass nountled and plain Grateres alld aunsia erot ratoes ofthe neweart and most approved patterns. Lettering done in tile neasast manner and at thet rtclast notice. Tlisy aleve first rats workmen to "AI ' " AIN & STROUD; I.IIFtIL'S NEW YWOlK,&c.-The Atueirian 's Englalnd,ly tlm authoro.i.A .'ner in Spain in Nobtle Deedof WVonlen, insi vols. TIle Young \Wife's ook, a lati o oral nrli el oers rld dmoiestie duties. Ju- rereivel and for ale by WIt. 1'KEAN, lL#ra n -narsaail~Wa id d 4 UIi